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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Camilo A. Espinoza Line Switch Unit Commitment for Distribution Automation Systems Using Neural Networks IMEPE 2009-07-08
Jalal Abdullah Simulation and Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Wind Diesel System for Remote Area Power Supply IMEPE 2010-09-06
Darren Quinn Abetkoff The Relations of Perfectionism to Academic Motivation, Self-esteem, and Well-being among College Students Education 2017-08-31
Natanael Acencio Rijo Capacitor Allocation Study Accounting For Load and Distributed Solar Generation Uncertainty with the Use of 2PEM Probabilistic Load Flow IMEPE 2015-07-14
Jennet Achyldurdyyeva The influence of stressful events and the use of roles, rules and norms to manage stress on identification and performance: Integrating the Event Meaning Management model, Stress Management Theory, and Social Identity Theory in a study of low-status, female Filipino expatriates in a semiconductor MNC in Taiwan Institute of Human Resource Management 2021-02-07
Francisco Adonay Study of an Alternative Dispatch Planning for the Salvadorian Electrical Market Based on Generators Outage Risk and Optimum AGC-Performance IMEPE 2009-06-29
MUFIDAH AFIYANTI Characterization of a leaf-type catalase and its enzymatic regulation in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.)) Biological Sciences 2011-07-14
MUFIDAH AFIYANTI Study the role of nitric oxide in the modulation of ethephon or NaCl-induced leaf senescence in sweet potato Biological Sciences 2015-08-06
Rolando Alonso Aguilera Barcenas A Comparative Study on Current Regulators for a Shunt Active Power Filter Electrical Engineering 2016-07-22
Thi Ai Lieu Nguyen Human Resources Management Strategies of Taiwan-based Enterprises in Vietnam Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-06-17
Francis Alexander Bloom The Ethical Parameters of Guanxi: A Qualitative Study of North American Owned Businesses in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2018-03-14
Juan Alfredo Diplomatic Competition Between Taiwan and China in Latin America Political Science 2009-08-11
Juan Alfredo Soto The Dilemma of MERCOSUR: National, Regional and Extra-Regional Challenges Institute of Political Science 2019-06-24
Valdes-Matta Alfredo-Ecuador Understanding the user intention for mobile services in Guatemala Business Management 2010-07-01
Thomas Jesse Harrison Allen Competition in E-Commerce: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-09-02
Oleksii Altukhov PEO Based Polymers for Supramolecular and Mesoporous Materials Applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-02-01
Maulana Amrullah The Potential Risks of China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in Southeast Asia International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2019-08-21
Feng-Wen An Data Prefetching in Thin-Client/Server Computing over Wide Area Network Information Management 2003-07-28
Chung-Ping An The role of human resource in multinational finance merger EMBA 2013-08-28
Ko-Ching An Fitness or Show Off? Exploring Influence of Fitness Image on Instagram About Female’s Sports Intentions Based on Social Comparison Institute of Marketing Communication 2021-02-01
Philippe Andre Brunet The Development of Canada’s Relation with China ICAPS 2014-07-04
Saiana Andreeva Immigrant entrepreneurs in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-01-08
Pablo Andres Gonzalez Urrego Chinese Foreign Policy Towards Latin America and the Caribbean: A Realist Perspective International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2019-07-04
Garrett Andrew A Study on Canadian Customers’ Attitude toward East Asian Products: An empirical study Business Management 2010-01-28
Wendy Pei Ang Judge A Book By Its Cover? Stereotypes Against Visibly Tattooed Job Applicants Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-07-22
Ngoc Anh Pham Japan’s Economic Diplomacy towards Vietnam: A Case Study of ODA ICAPS 2013-06-20
Patrycja Anna Kapkin A Qualitative Study of Cross-Cultural Differences, Adjustment and Job Performance of Expatriates working in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2017-08-10
Po-Hsiang Ao A Study of Cross-Strait Military Confidence Building Measures ICAPS 2018-08-30
Mo Aqib Raza Khan Studies on the Chemical Components of Marine-Derived Fungus, Aspergillus terreus and Their Biological Activities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-09-05
Omar Aqil Ayed AL-Zu'bi An Improved Version of the Perturb and Observe Algorithm for Photovoltaic Power Generation System International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2019-03-25
Vigor Arisandi Sasmito Factors Influencing Social Commerce Adoption of Indonesian Immigrants in Taiwan: Applying the UTAUT Model Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-21
Jeremiah Arno Sharpe Searching for Consensus in Social Entrepreneurship: Using Content Analysis to Define SE Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-08-04
William Artan Privacy Preserving Billing Protocol for Smart Grid Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-13
Daniel Aschauer An exploratory study on successful brand positioning of a Taiwanese SME in the European AV market Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-01-21
REMY ASTIE Banking on Blockchain: From Proof-of-Concept to Real Use-Cases. Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-08-17
Erita Astrid Congestion Management Considering Demand Response with Multiple Fuels IMEPE 2016-06-20
RIFA ATUL IZZA ASYARI high gain array antenna with frequency selective surface for vital sign monitoring Master'S Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2019-07-12
Wai-Yung Au Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Evaluate Efficiency of Nursing Units: Sample of Two Medical Centers Institute of Human Resource Management 2003-08-27
Grégoire Auguste Serge Lesene Consumer Trust in Food Safety Actors: A Cross-Country Comparison Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-07-30
DEVITA AYU LARASATI Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Systems Department of Electrical Engineering 2016-09-07

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