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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Jinn-Long Huang Inferences for the Weibull parameters based on interval-censored data and its application Applied Mathematics 2000-06-19
Hsin-Chuan Tsai Characterization of Stieltjes Transforms Applied Mathematics 2000-06-26
Chih-Yuan Chen Classification analysis of ECG and study on the ratio of low frequency spectral powers to high frequency spectral powers of RR intervals Applied Mathematics 2000-06-27
Hsin-Her Chen Exact D-optimal designs for multiresponse polynomial model Applied Mathematics 2000-06-29
Tzu-Fang Kuo Characterizations Based on Conditional Expectations of Order Statistics Applied Mathematics 2000-07-04
Yu-Yu Kuo A generalization of rank tests based on interval-censored failure time data and its application to AIDS studies. Applied Mathematics 2000-07-11
Ren-Her Wang Approximate and exact D-optimal designs for multiresponse polynomial regression models Applied Mathematics 2000-07-14
Yan-Hsiou Cheng On Some New Inverse nodal problems Applied Mathematics 2000-07-17
Fang-Yn Ju Demographic Applications of Random Matrix Products Applied Mathematics 2000-07-18
Yuh-Chyuan Tsay Application of Java on Statistics Education Applied Mathematics 2000-07-24
Jenn-Dar Chang String Superprimitivity test and LCS on the Reconfigurable Bus Model Applied Mathematics 2000-07-24
Sheng-I Yeh Fault-Tolerant Routing on the Star Graph Using Safety Vectors Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Chiu-Ping Lee Study in the effects of introducing new highschool mathematics text books To Kaohsiung area students Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Jun-Jong Wang Invertibility in Fractal Geometry Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Chung-Hsien Hsu Statistical analysis on the effect of splenectomy-induced thrombosis Applied Mathematics 2000-07-25
Gen-Ben Huang Topics on Mean Value Theorems Applied Mathematics 2001-01-19
Chi-Ying Chen Algoritam for generalized co-complementarity problems in Banach spaces Applied Mathematics 2001-02-02
fu-qun Li Chromatic number of integral distance graph Applied Mathematics 2001-02-13
Hung-Jen Wang Ambarzumyan’s Theorem for the general boundary conditions Applied Mathematics 2001-05-11
Ya-ting Chen The Reconstruction Formula of Inverse Nodal Problems and Related Topics Applied Mathematics 2001-06-12
Meng-Han Li Sums of Interior Angles of n-Star Convex Polygons And Related Problems Applied Mathematics 2001-06-12
Ching-Fu Sen On the consistency of a simulation procedure and the construction of a non-parametric test for interval-censored data Applied Mathematics 2001-06-14
Tzu-Tsen Yeh An Investigation of Some Problems Related to Renewal Process Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Wei-Hong Wang Compact Operators of Sequence Spaces Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Tao-Wen Chang Characterizations of Distributions by Conditional Expectation Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Yi-Che Su Application of Java on Mathematical Statistics Education Applied Mathematics 2001-06-20
Jiao-Jiao Wu Game chromatic number of Halin graphs Applied Mathematics 2001-06-27
Lin-Tai Tang Cracked-Beam and Related Singularity Problems Applied Mathematics 2001-06-29
Kam-Fai Wong A Study on Factorial Designs with Blocks Influence and Inspection Plan for Radiated Emission Testing of Information Technology Equipment Applied Mathematics 2001-06-29
Nan-Cheng Su Thinning of Renewal Process Applied Mathematics 2001-07-02
Chung-Hsien Chiou Compression on the Block Indexes in Image Vector Quantization Applied Mathematics 2001-07-02
Ju-Ja Lai Statistical Monitoring of Risk Factors for VICU Patients through Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Chia-Long Wang Laplace Boundary Value Problems on Sector Applied Mathematics 2001-07-06
Ling-Fung Li Computing VaR via Nonlinear AR model with heavy tailed innovations Applied Mathematics 2001-06-28
Ya-Ling Chen Generalized Boundary Approximation Methods Applied Mathematics 2001-07-18
Hao-Chung Liao Construction of approximate optimal designs by exchange algorithm Applied Mathematics 2002-06-06
Wan-Chain Fang Disjointness preserving linear functionals of the Wiener ring Applied Mathematics 2002-06-06
Chen-Yao Wang Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Twelve-Tone Music-Pieces from Webern and Schoenberg Applied Mathematics 2002-06-06
Chun-Chieh Ko Two Characterizations of Commutativity for C*-algebra Applied Mathematics 2002-06-11
Hong-Bin Pan Structures of some weighted composition operators on the space of square integrable functions with respect to a positive measure Applied Mathematics 2002-06-12
Chihyi Chao Invariant Measures on Projective Space Applied Mathematics 2002-06-13
Shi-Hang Huang Fault Tolerant Message Routing Algorithm on Double-Loop Networks Applied Mathematics 2002-06-17
Chia-Linn Wu On The Moment Problem Applied Mathematics 2002-06-13
Chia-Chuan Chen Face Transformation by Harmonic Model, Generating the Face Boundary Applied Mathematics 2002-06-17
Chung-Hua Hsu Analytic Solutions for Boundary Layer and Biharmonic Boundary Value Problems Applied Mathematics 2002-06-22
Liu-Yuen Huang Fitting financial time series data to heavy tailed distribution Applied Mathematics 2002-06-23
Yi-Chiung Lin Image Transformation by Numerical Methods Applied Mathematics 2002-06-17
Shu-Hui Chang On some characterizations of the gamma and beta distributions Applied Mathematics 2002-06-28
Chiung-Ping Cheng A Study on the Statistical Models of Normalized Site Attenuation(NSA) Measurements for Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) Applied Mathematics 2003-06-20
Chuen-Dow Huang A Study of Inverses of Thinned Renewal Processes. Applied Mathematics 2002-06-26
Chi-Ling Wang Statistical Control Charts of I(d) processes Applied Mathematics 2002-07-10
Yi-mou Li Implementation of an Accelerated Domain Decomposition Iterative Procedure Applied Mathematics 2002-07-15
Wen-Ying Feng Studies on the loop II coordinate structure of long α-neurotoxins Applied Mathematics 2002-07-16
Sin-Ru Wu Some Characterizations of the Exponential Distribution related to a Single-server Queueing System with an Unreliable Server Applied Mathematics 2002-07-20
Chung-Chuan Chen Optimal lower estimates for eigenvalue ratios of Schrodinger operators and vibrating strings Applied Mathematics 2002-07-19
Nai-Rong Chen Exact D-optimal designs for linear trigonometric regression models on a partial circle Applied Mathematics 2002-07-22
Rebecca Luo Jordan and Lie homomorphism and derivation on prime ring Applied Mathematics 2002-08-21
Fun-Zhu Lai GA-Based fuzzy clustering applied to irregular Applied Mathematics 2003-02-10
Ying-Ying Chen C-optimal designs for polynomial regression without intercept. Applied Mathematics 2003-02-17
Nan-Cheng Wang An Accelerated Domain Decomposition Procedure for Mixed Schwarz Alternating Method Applied Mathematics 2003-02-25
Hung-Tsai Huang Global Superconvergence of Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Equations Applied Mathematics 2003-06-06
Jyy-I Hong On the strong law of large numbers for sums of random elements in Banach space Applied Mathematics 2003-06-12
Tzu-Hui Tseng On the convergence rate of complete convergence Applied Mathematics 2003-06-12
Ya-Hui Chen D-optimal designs for linear and quadratic polynomial models Applied Mathematics 2003-06-12
Jiunn-Yean Shiao The Structure of Radial Solutions to a Semilinear Elliptic Equation and A Pohozaev Identity Applied Mathematics 2003-06-16
De-Yu Sun Generalized rank tests for univariate and bivariate interval-censored failure time data Applied Mathematics 2003-06-20
Zhi-Shi Pan Construction of Graphs with Given Circular Chrotmatic Number or Circular Flow number Applied Mathematics 2003-06-27
Shih-Pei Hsing Comparison of Hedging Option Positions of the GARCH(1,1) and the Black-Scholes Models Applied Mathematics 2003-06-30
Jung-Hui Liu Local Automorphisms of Operator Algebras on Fr´echet Spaces Applied Mathematics 2003-07-09
Hsiang-Ling Hsu Robust D-optimal designs for mixture experiments in Scheffe models Applied Mathematics 2003-07-10
Song-ming Yang Improved Accuracy for Alternating Direction Methods for Parabolic Equations Based on Mixed Finite Element Procedures Applied Mathematics 2003-07-18
Hong-Chang Wang Constructing gene network of the 51 genes related to Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) DNA repair and DNA recombination from microarray data Applied Mathematics 2003-07-13
Z-C Shiao Computation of moment generating and characteristic functions with Mathematica Applied Mathematics 2003-07-24
Mei-Yao Lee D-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression-a function approach Applied Mathematics 2003-07-27
Zon-Xan Jiang A Study on Senior High School Teacher-made Assessments Applied Mathematics 2003-07-28
Rong-Shyang Huang Distance Labeling of Paths Applied Mathematics 2003-07-30
Chao-Jin Chou Robust A-optimal designs for mixture experiments in Scheffe' models Applied Mathematics 2003-07-28
Su-Jane Yu Approximation and Optimal Algorithms for Scheduling Jobs subject to Release Dates Applied Mathematics 2003-07-30
Huang-Xu Zhu The estimation of the truncation ratio and an algorithm for the parameter estimation in the random interval truncation model. Applied Mathematics 2003-08-01
Yun-Tin Wang Comparison between Linear and Nonlinear Estimation of Multifield 15N Relaxation Parameters in Protein. Applied Mathematics 2003-08-22
Jyh-Wen Mao The Coloring and Routing Problems on de Bruijn Interconnection Networks Applied Mathematics 2003-09-01
Chao-Wei Chou A Study of Gamma Distributions and Some Related Works Applied Mathematics 2004-05-11
Hsin-Yun Hu The Trefftz and Collocation Methods for Elliptic Equations Applied Mathematics 2004-05-26
Yao-wen Huang The Comparison of Parameter Estimation with Application to Massachusetts Health Care Panel Study (MHCPS) Data Applied Mathematics 2004-06-03
Sheng-hsien Tu Star extremal of circulant graphs Applied Mathematics 2004-06-09
Sen-Fang Chang D-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression - a functional-algebraic approach Applied Mathematics 2004-06-20
Fang-wen Li Radial Basis Collocation Method for Singularly Perturbed Partial Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2004-06-21
Bo-jung Jiang An algebraic construction of minimally-supported D-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression Applied Mathematics 2004-06-21
Tsung-Wei Chen On the Convergence Rate in a Theorem of Klesov Applied Mathematics 2004-06-24
Chung-ying Yang List circular coloring of even cycles Applied Mathematics 2004-06-27
Chiu-huang Kuo A recursive formula for computing Taylor polynomial of quantile Applied Mathematics 2004-06-28
Chia-Fang Tsai Jordan Isomorphisms and Jordan Derivations of Prime Rings with characteristic 2 Applied Mathematics 2004-06-24
Li-Fang Chen Jordan isomorphisms of triangular matrix algebras with characteristic 2 Applied Mathematics 2004-06-29
Shih-kai Liao Chip Firing and Fractional Chromatic Number of the Kneser Graph Applied Mathematics 2004-06-29
Chen-yi Lin Some characterization results related to k-record values Applied Mathematics 2004-07-01
Chen-Hui Hung A Multidimensional Fitted Finite Volume Method for the Black-Scholes Equation Governing Option Pricing Applied Mathematics 2004-07-05
Jez-Hung Tzeng On Approximate Isomorphisms Between C*-Algebras Applied Mathematics 2004-06-30
Shih-hao Huang Model robust designs for binary response experiments Applied Mathematics 2004-07-06
Chin-chih Hsieh Circular chromatic number of Kneser Graphs Applied Mathematics 2004-07-05
Guo-Tai Huang A Study of Control Charts with Variable Sample Size Applied Mathematics 2004-07-08
Yu-Sun Fang Face Transformation by Finite Volume Method with Delaunay Triangulation Applied Mathematics 2004-07-13
Chin-yuan Guo Studies in the electrocardiogram monitoring indices. Applied Mathematics 2004-07-16
Jian-Heng Chen Inverse Toeplitz Eigenvalue Problem Applied Mathematics 2004-07-15
Guo-huai Chiou Robust Run Order for Experimental Designs in Simple Linear Regression with MA Errors Applied Mathematics 2004-07-16
Tung-Yen Wu Fast Symbolic Boundary Approximation Method Applied Mathematics 2004-07-22
Chung-Wen Tsai Dimensions and Integral Extensions Applied Mathematics 2004-07-28
Chi-liang Chen Studies on the long range dependence in stock return volatility and trading volume Applied Mathematics 2004-07-28
Chung-chiang Wu Statistical Analysis of parameters of Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cell cycle regulated genes Applied Mathematics 2004-07-29
Den-bon Chen Classification of the Structure of Positive Radial Solutions to some Semilinear Elliptic Equation Applied Mathematics 2004-08-09
Shih-ting Chiu Statistical model building and inference about the normalized site attenuation (NSA) measurements for electromagnetic interference (EMI) Applied Mathematics 2004-08-09
Yi-Ling Li A graph operation related to multiplicity of graphs Applied Mathematics 2004-09-08
Hsien-kuei Huang Optimal estimates of the eigenvalue gap and eigenvalue ratio with variational Applied Mathematics 2004-09-11
Shing-Yuan Kung Density functions with extremal antiperiodic eigenvalues and related topics Applied Mathematics 2005-01-22
Ying-Fen Lin Disjointness preserving operators on function spaces Applied Mathematics 2005-01-27
Mu-Ming Wong Analytic spaces defined by SN functions with an appendix the density of algebraic elements in a C* algebra Applied Mathematics 2005-06-15
Jiaojiao Wu Graph marking game and graph colouring game Applied Mathematics 2005-06-14
Chao-Chi Yang Perfectness of the complements of circular complete graph Applied Mathematics 2005-06-18
Po-chin Yang The space B(pi) and its dual Applied Mathematics 2005-06-16
Shao-hua Yan Biseparating linear maps of continuous or smooth functions Applied Mathematics 2005-06-23
Wei-shan Hsieh Optimum Designs for Model Discrimination and Estimation in Binary Response Models Applied Mathematics 2005-06-29
Chun-Jen Wu Reconstruction formulas for periodic potential functions of Hill's equation using nodal data Applied Mathematics 2005-06-30
Chin-Han Li D-optimal designs for combined polynomial and trigonometric regression on a partial circle Applied Mathematics 2005-06-30
Hung-Ming Lin On minimally-supported D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with log-concave weight function Applied Mathematics 2005-06-29
Yan-Hsiou Cheng Inverse Problems for Various Sturm-Liouville Operators Applied Mathematics 2005-07-04
Ping-chun Chang A study of statistical distribution of a nonparametric test for interval censored data Applied Mathematics 2005-07-05
Siang-Yu Tsai Numerical Computation for Nonlinear Beam Problems Applied Mathematics 2005-07-04
Yang-Chan Su A-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression Applied Mathematics 2005-07-05
YU-HAO LEE The theory of transformation operators and its application in inverse spectral problems Applied Mathematics 2005-07-04
Ru-mei Tsai Pricing Vulnerable Options in Continuous Time Models Applied Mathematics 2005-07-06
Te-hung Cheng Option Pricing and Virtual Asset Model System Applied Mathematics 2005-07-07
Yi-Ling Chen Mixture models for estimating operation time distributions. Applied Mathematics 2005-07-12
Chia-Cheng Kuo Pricing risky bonds under discrete time models Applied Mathematics 2005-07-12
Kai-Jie Liang A simulation study on quality assessment of the Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) measurements for Open-Area Test Site using statistical models Applied Mathematics 2005-07-15
Yi-Ming Huang The Rearrangeability of Banyan-type Networks Applied Mathematics 2005-07-21
Chien-Chou Chen Semi-Analytic Method for Boundary Value Problems of ODEs Applied Mathematics 2005-07-22
Wen-min Jhan Circular chromatic indexes of generalized necklaces Applied Mathematics 2005-07-15
Yu-Chun Chang Pricing American options in the jump diffusion model Applied Mathematics 2005-07-21
Pei-lan Yen The Convexity Spectra and the Strong Convexity Spectra of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2005-07-28
Hung-Jou Shen Non-conforming Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems Applied Mathematics 2005-08-02
Chi-hsien Lin Modeling the Bid-Ask Spread by Option Hedging Applied Mathematics 2005-08-08
Chen-ying Lin Dependent Arcs of Orientations of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-01-16
Shu-yuan Lin Simultaneously Uniquely Circular Colourable and Uniquely Fractional Colourable Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-01-25
Rong-yi Wang Nonmonotone Multivalued Mappings Applied Mathematics 2006-06-02
Heng-Shuing Tsai The Trefftz Method for Solving Eigenvalue Problems Applied Mathematics 2006-06-03
Cheng-Feng Lee High precision computations of multiquadric collocation method for partial differential equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-14
Hung-Wei Su A study of Hardy's inequalities in the weighted Hardy spaces Applied Mathematics 2006-06-18
Hsiao-wa Chiang Distinguishing sets of the actions of S_5 Applied Mathematics 2006-06-19
Shiu-ling Huang Stability Analysis of Method of Foundamental Solutions for Laplace's Equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Hui-min Yang Fourier analysis on spaces generated by s.n function Applied Mathematics 2006-06-20
Jun-Kai Lee Solve some linear matrix equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Ching-Jou Liao Uniqueness of the norm preserving extension of a linear functional and the differentiability of the norm Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Tzu-lin Li Elementary Solving Strategies of Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-20
Jung-Ting Hung The Hull Numbers of Orientations of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-06-23
Min-Fang Hu Bingo Probabilities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-23
Shih-hsun Chang Parameter estimation in proportional hazard model with interval censored data Applied Mathematics 2006-06-24
Shr-jie Jian High Order FEMs Using Penalty Technigues for Poisson's Eigenvalue Problems with Periodical Boundary Conditions Applied Mathematics 2006-06-26
JUI-LIN CHUANG Local automorphism of semisimple Banach algebras Applied Mathematics 2006-06-26
Wei-li Chou Geometric Transformation and Illumination Invariant for Facial Recognition Applied Mathematics 2006-07-03
Yi-Siou Fang A modified impact factor for clustering of journals Applied Mathematics 2006-07-03
Chien-chou Chen Operators which are constant with respect to slant Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2006-07-04
Pei-Jung Chiang A Study on the Estimation of the Parameter and Goodness of Fit Test for the Self-similar Process Applied Mathematics 2006-07-05
Shian-Chung Wu Exact D-optimal designs for mixture experiments in Scheffe's quadratic models Applied Mathematics 2006-07-05
Chun-Sui Lin Optimal Designs for Calibrations in Multivariate Regression Models Applied Mathematics 2006-07-10
Wei-ling Huang Hybrid Steepest-Descent Methods for Variational Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-26
Hsiu-ching Chang A characterization of weight function for construction of minimally-supported D-optimal designs for polynomial regression via differential equation Applied Mathematics 2006-07-13
Tui-En Wang An inverse nodal problem on semi-infinite intervals Applied Mathematics 2006-07-07
Jau-Ren Wang Convergence Analysis of BAM on Laplace BVP with Singularities Applied Mathematics 2006-07-17
An-pin Wey Studies on the bid ask spread component using high frequency trading data Applied Mathematics 2006-07-18
Shuo-Chi Lee The nature of spectrum for some singular Sturm-Liouville operators Applied Mathematics 2006-07-23
Yu-feng Wu The Oriented Colourings of Bipartite Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-07-25
Yun-Ruei Li The Multicast Rearrangeability of Banyan-type Networks Applied Mathematics 2006-07-28
Kai-hsiang Chang Derivative pricing based on time series models of default probabilities Applied Mathematics 2006-08-02
Chun-Cheng Chen Heavy-tail statistical monitoring charts of the active managers' performance Applied Mathematics 2006-08-03
Wei-Hung Li Expert System for Numerical Methods of Stochastic Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2006-07-27
Ho-Pu Chen Radial Bases and Ill-Posed Problems Applied Mathematics 2006-08-15
Cheng-yu Chen Computation of Radial Crack on a Disk Applied Mathematics 2006-08-28
Tung-chi Shih Conceptual Development of One-Variable Linear Equation for Grades 6-8 students by Virtual Situation Test Applied Mathematics 2006-09-14
Yu-Chin Chiang The Graphs induced by the Noncommutativity of Groups Applied Mathematics 2007-03-20
Jyh-shin Huang The Stieltjes Transforms of Symmetric Probability Distribution Functions Applied Mathematics 2007-06-15
Chiang-Yuan Mao Ds-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression Applied Mathematics 2007-06-21
Yun-yuan Chung A Bootstrap Application in Adjusting Asymptotic Distribution for Interval-Censored Data Applied Mathematics 2007-06-20
Kung-sheng Wu Card-Shuffling Analysis with Weighted Rank Distance Applied Mathematics 2007-06-24
Sheng-Shian Wang D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with weight function exp(alpha x) Applied Mathematics 2007-06-25
Chieh-Mei Tseng Applications of Generating Functions Applied Mathematics 2007-06-26
Ching-hui Chuang Applications of recurrence relation Applied Mathematics 2007-06-26
Chih-jen Wang On the invertibility of linear sums of two idempotents and of two square zero operators Applied Mathematics 2007-07-09
Yu-chen Luo Existence of Solutions for Boundary Value Problems with Nonlinear Delay Applied Mathematics 2007-07-05
Mao-ling Wu Ambarzumian’s Theorem for the Sturm-Liouville Operator on Graphs Applied Mathematics 2007-07-06
Yi-Ting Guo Statistical Models of Market Reactions to Influential Trades Applied Mathematics 2007-07-16
Shang-Ru Tsai VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS Applied Mathematics 2007-07-13
Chia-ming Chang Boundary Approximation Method for Stoke's Flows Applied Mathematics 2007-07-20
Shao-Wei Wong Explicit Series Solutions of Helmholtz Equation Applied Mathematics 2007-07-20
Shin-yi Hung Variational Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2007-07-18
Liang-ching Lin Studies on the Estimation of Integrated Volatility for High Frequency Data Applied Mathematics 2007-07-26
Chia-ming Hsu On infinite matrices whose entries satisfying certain dyadic recurrent formula Applied Mathematics 2007-07-25
Hua-Kun Liu D- and Ds-optimal Designs for Estimation of Parameters in Bivariate Copula Models Applied Mathematics 2007-07-27
Yung-shen Lin Complementarity Problems Applied Mathematics 2007-07-30
Chia-Min Yeh C-optimal Designs for Parameter Testing with Survival Data under Bivariate Copula Models Applied Mathematics 2007-07-31
shou-ching huang The relationship between citing and cited patterns in research papers and the fluctuation of journal ranking Applied Mathematics 2007-07-31
Hsiu-mien Tang The complete subgraphs of some graphs induced by rings Applied Mathematics 2007-08-01
Hung-yung Chang Game Colourings of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2007-08-09
Tsung-che Wu Disjointness preserving operators between Lipschitz spaces Applied Mathematics 2007-09-03
Hua-chin Shao Valuation and hedging of Himalaya option Applied Mathematics 2007-09-19
Ming-Hung Lin On the domination numbers of prisms of cycles Applied Mathematics 2008-01-16
Zhi-an Lee On the solution stability of quasivariational inequality Applied Mathematics 2008-01-28
Yi-Chieh Hung A model of Sturm-Liouville operators defined on graphs and the associated Ambarzumyan problem Applied Mathematics 2008-01-30
Cheng-chih Hsiao Approximate Proximal Algorithms for Generalized Variational Inequalities with Pseudomonotone Multifunctions Applied Mathematics 2008-06-19
Yun-ru Huang Viscosity Approximation Methods for Generalized Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Problems Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Chia-Jung Chang Triangle-free subcubic graphs with small bipartite density Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Yung-chia Lin An Arcsin Limit Theorem of Minimally-Supported D-Optimal Designs for Weighted Polynomial Regression Applied Mathematics 2008-06-23
Lin-Feng Lo The Method of Fundamental Solutions for 2D Helmholtz Equation Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Wei-ling Lin The Trefftz Method using Fundamental Solutions and Particular Solutions for Exterior and Annular Problems of Laplace's Equation Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Nan-cheng Su An Investigation of Distribution Functions Applied Mathematics 2008-06-24
Jin-long Huang Nonparametric tests for interval-censored failure time data via multiple imputation Applied Mathematics 2008-06-26
Daniel Ting-chun The Trefftz Method using Fundamental Solutions for Biharmonic Equations Applied Mathematics 2008-06-30
Shih-Feng Huang Financial Derivatives Pricing and Hedging - A Dynamic Semiparametric Approach Applied Mathematics 2008-06-26
Pei-Hsin Chou Statistical Inference Applied Mathematics 2008-06-26
Shih-Cong Hu Spectral Collocation Methods for Semilinear Problems Applied Mathematics 2008-07-01
Chun-shian Ho Estimation of Orthogonal Regression Under Censored Data. Applied Mathematics 2008-07-19
You-Yi Chang D- and A-Optimal Designs for Models in Mixture Experiments with Correlated Observations Applied Mathematics 2008-07-18
Cheng-Hong Jiang Race time prediction for Taiwan marathoner Applied Mathematics 2008-07-19
Shu-Hui Tsai Orthogonality of Latin squares defined by abelian groups Applied Mathematics 2008-07-17
Chiang-Ming Shih Power Analysis of Bootstrap Methods for Testing Homogeneity of Variances with Small Sample Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Hui-Wen Liu Online transaction simulation sysyem of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Jia-Ming Guo Optimal designs for multivariate calibrations in multiresponse regression models Applied Mathematics 2008-07-21
Yen-Hsiang Chang Statistical tests for long memory and unit root of high frequency financial data Applied Mathematics 2008-07-24
Chi-chin Liu Online Monitoring Systems of Market Reaction to Realized Return Volatility Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Cheng-wei Lin A fully mass and volume conserving implementation of linear advective-diffusive-reactive transport problems Applied Mathematics 2008-07-24
Ching-An Liu Pattern Matching for Financial Time Series Data Applied Mathematics 2008-07-29
Chien-Ru Lin Ambarzumyan problem on trees Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Chao-Zhong Chen Optimal upper bounds of eigenvalue ratios for the p-Laplacian Applied Mathematics 2008-08-19
Miao-kuan Huang Optimal Designs for Log Contrast Models in Experiments with Mixtures Applied Mathematics 2009-02-05
Yu-Syuan Chang The Computation of Line Spectrum Pair Frequencies Using Tschirnhaus Transform Applied Mathematics 2009-02-02
Cho-Ming Tseng Derivation of Black-Scholes formula Applied Mathematics 2009-12-07
Wen-te Chi Inverse strongly monotone operators and variational inequalities Applied Mathematics 2009-06-23
Wei-cheng Hung Inclusion-exclusion and pigeonhole principles Applied Mathematics 2009-06-25
Jhong-Shin Tsai An Arcsin Limit Theorem of D-Optimal Designs for Weighted Polynomial Regression Applied Mathematics 2009-06-10
Guan-yu Lin Convergence Transition of BAM on Laplace BVP with Singularities Applied Mathematics 2009-06-30
Jung-Jen Tsai Convergence Analysis for the Gradient-Projection Method with Different Choices of Stepsizes Applied Mathematics 2009-06-30
Yin-ting Chien Iterative Approaches to the Split Feasibility Problem Applied Mathematics 2009-06-23
Kuo-Chan Huang Expert System for Portfolio Optimization under Multi-tree Models Applied Mathematics 2009-07-05
Chih-Neng Liu The average of weighted composition operators Applied Mathematics 2009-07-08
Wu-chung Tsai Hybrid Trefftz Methods Coupling Traction Conditions in Linear Elastostatics Applied Mathematics 2009-07-08
Wei-chia Hsu Error Analysis for Hybrid Trefftz Methods Coupling Neumann Conditions Applied Mathematics 2009-07-08
Ya-Ting Chi The method of fundamental solution for Laplace's equation in 3D Applied Mathematics 2009-07-09
Chieh-cheng Li A simple comparison between the Toeplitz and the λ -Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2009-07-09
Chung-wen Tsai Linear Orthogonality Preservers of Operator Algebras Applied Mathematics 2009-07-13
Hong-da Yen On the Increasingly Flat RBFs Based Solution Methods for Elliptic PDEs and Interpolations Applied Mathematics 2009-07-20
Chun-Lin Chen Statistical tests of complementary palindromes: An application of searching virus origin of replication Applied Mathematics 2009-07-19
Fang-Mei Su Contour sets in product graphs Applied Mathematics 2009-07-22
Tzu-chiang Tseng Copula models with Weibull distributions : application in fading channels. Applied Mathematics 2009-07-23
Bi-cyun Liou Applications of Mathematica in Mathematics Applied Mathematics 2009-07-27
Hsin-jung Chen Mutual fund portfolio optimization for investment-linked insurance Applied Mathematics 2009-07-27
Pei-wen Tsai A test for curvature in 2^k designs with center points and analysis for proportional data in response surface models Applied Mathematics 2009-08-26
Nicolas Roussel Circular colorings and acyclic choosability of graphs Applied Mathematics 2009-12-23
Ya-Shu Wang Local and disjointness structures of smooth Banach manifolds Applied Mathematics 2009-12-26
Hsiao-Yung Pao On autocorrelation estimation of high frequency squared returns Applied Mathematics 2010-01-14
Jung-hui Liu Local Homomorphisms of Continuous Functions Applied Mathematics 2010-02-01
Chuan-pin Lee D-Optimal Designs for Second-Order Response Surface Models on a Spherical Design Region with Qualitative Factors Applied Mathematics 2010-02-04
Chien-Hui Yu Studies on the efficiencies and elasticities of high frequency transaction data of Taiwan Stock Market Applied Mathematics 2010-02-09
Yong-Yuan Chen Introduction to Probability Theory Applied Mathematics 2010-05-25
Wei-Chuan Wang Direct and inverse problems for one-dimensional p-Laplacian operators Applied Mathematics 2010-05-31
Chen-hui Hung On a Fitted Finite Volume Method for the Valuation of Options on Assets with Stochastic Volatilities Applied Mathematics 2010-06-22
Yi-Ping Lin Sequences and Summation and Product of Series Applied Mathematics 2010-06-23
Wei-Jie Liang Averaged mappings and it's applications Applied Mathematics 2010-06-29
Hui-yu Chen On generalized trigonometric functions Applied Mathematics 2010-06-25
Yen-hao Su Trigonometry: Applications of Laws of Sines and Cosines Applied Mathematics 2010-07-02
Yen-Ru Lin Projection Methods for Variational Inequalities Governed by Inverse Strongly Monotone Operators Applied Mathematics 2010-06-26
Bo-Yu Chen Jensen Inequality, Muirhead Inequality and Majorization Inequality Applied Mathematics 2010-07-06
Cheng-yu Chen Calculating Distribution Function and Characteristic Function using Mathematica Applied Mathematics 2010-07-07
Pavel Kocourek Option pricing theory using Mellin transforms Applied Mathematics 2010-07-22
Dong-Xian Jiang Identification of the water pollution sources through analysis of water quality monitoring data of Tamsui and Kao-Ping River Basin Applied Mathematics 2010-07-26
Wan-Wei Wang Effective Condition Number for Underdetermined Systems and its Application to Neumann Problems, Comparisons of Different Numerical Approaches Applied Mathematics 2010-07-26
Tai-yuan Wang The effects of learning styles and cooperative learning on academic achievement in calculus Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Yi-Heng Lin The optimal treatment method of water turbidity purification in tap-water plant Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Shih-hua Lin Analyzing and classifying the jumping spider of Eugaria albidentata Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Chung-Ying Yang Colouring, circular list colouring and adapted game colouring of graphs Applied Mathematics 2010-07-27
Yi-Po Tsai A Study on The Random and Discrete Sampling Effect of Continuous-time Diffusion Model Applied Mathematics 2010-08-04
Hsiu-Chen Hsieh Collocation Fourier methods for Elliptic and Eigenvalue Problems Applied Mathematics 2010-08-10
Yi-chen Huang CUDA-Based Modified Genetic Algorithms for Solving Fuzzy Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Guo-Hwa Lin On the Shape Parameter of the MFS-MPS Scheme Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Po-chun Chu Models of Corner and Crack Singularity of Linear Elastostatics and their Numerical Solutions Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Fang-yu Chu A Study on the Embedded Branching Process of a Self-similar Process Applied Mathematics 2010-08-25
Yin-wei Lin Theory and Calculation of Iterative Functional Differential Equation Applied Mathematics 2010-09-03
Wan-Ping Hung A Study of Designs in Clinical Trials and Schedules in Operating Rooms Applied Mathematics 2011-01-20
Gen-liang Li A study on the parameter estimation based on rounded data Applied Mathematics 2011-01-21
Ting-pang Chang The hamiltonian numbers of graphs and digraphs Applied Mathematics 2011-01-24
Pei-Lan Yen A study of convexity in directed graphs Applied Mathematics 2011-01-27
Hsiang-Ling Hsu Optimal designs for statistical inferences in nonlinear models with bivariate response variables Applied Mathematics 2011-01-27
Hsyh-Jye Hsu The spectral theory of vector-valued compact disjointness preserving operators Applied Mathematics 2011-02-10
Meng-Syun Syu Structure of Toeplitz-composition operators Applied Mathematics 2011-02-14
Wei-Shiou Huang Convergence Analysis for Inertial Krasnoselskii-Mann Type Iterative Algorithms Applied Mathematics 2011-02-16
Pei-lin Lai Iterative Methods for Common Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings in Hilbert spaces Applied Mathematics 2011-05-16
Yen-Ling Chen Iterative Methods for Minimization Problems over Fixed Point Sets Applied Mathematics 2011-06-02
Po-Han Chen λ-Toeplitz operators with analytic symbols Applied Mathematics 2011-05-13
Ching-Jou Liao Exterior differential systems on Hilbert manifolds and its application to calculus of variation Applied Mathematics 2011-06-16
Yi-Ying Sun Exact D-optimal Designs for First-order Trigonometric Regression Models on a Partial Circle Applied Mathematics 2011-06-24
Chih-Wei Chang Applications of Mathematica in Equations, Optimization and Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2011-06-28
Hai-Tang Chiou On the estimation of time series regression coefficients with long range dependence Applied Mathematics 2011-06-28
Jun-Hua Huang Quasi-Fejer-monotonicity and its applications Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Jie-Min Chen Discriminant analysis for cardiology ultrasound in left ventricle Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Lian-rong Lin Applications of Complex Numbers Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Zong-Yue Lin Applications of Mathematica in Probability and Statistics Applied Mathematics 2011-07-07
Li-wen Kao Comparison of Discrimination between Logistic Model with Distance Indicator and Regularized Function for Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2011-07-08
Guo-Jan Yen A Study of Trend and Variation of Ozone Concentration in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2011-07-11
Hong-Yi Chen Continuity and Differentiability of Set-Valued Mappings Applied Mathematics 2011-07-13
Chih-Hao Chen Fredholm spectra of λ-Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2011-07-25
Tzu-Wei Jen Generalized minimal polynomial over finite field and its application in coding theory Applied Mathematics 2011-07-27
Wan-Zhen Wang p- Laplacian operators with L^1 coefficient functions Applied Mathematics 2011-07-27
Yi-An Jan Model-Based Clustering for Gene Expression and Change Patterns Applied Mathematics 2011-07-29
Yi-Yun Wu The Pricing of Power Options under the Generalized Black-Scholes Model Applied Mathematics 2011-08-08
Chih-Wei Yang Modi fied Genetic Algorithms for the Single Machine Scheduling Problem Applied Mathematics 2011-08-11
I-Sheng Lin Further Investigation on Null and Interior Field Methods for Laplace’s Equation with Very Small Circular Holes Applied Mathematics 2011-08-12
Tzu-Yuan Lin True Condition Number Applied Mathematics 2011-08-14
Cai-Pin Liaw The Null-Field Methods and Conservative schemes of Laplace’s Equation for Dirichlet and Mixed Types Boundary Conditions Applied Mathematics 2011-08-12
Sin-Rong Wu The Collocation Trefftz Method for Laplace's Equation on Annular Shaped Domains, Circular and Elliptic Boundaries Applied Mathematics 2011-08-19
Shao-lun Huang The Z-Semimagic of Some Graphs Applied Mathematics 2011-08-22
Rong-Hang Cheng Eigenvectors for Certain Action on B(H) Induced by Shift Applied Mathematics 2011-09-05
Wen-I Yen Comparison and Oscillation Theorems for Second Order Linear Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2012-01-11
Tsung-Chieh Wang Explicit Form of the Homogeneous Solutions for Some Operator Equation Applied Mathematics 2012-01-20
Wan-ling Hsiao Comparison and Oscillation Theorems for Second Order Half-Linear Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2012-06-07
Pei Fen Huang Aplications of Mathematica 8.0 in Probability and Statistics Applied Mathematics 2012-06-22
Hsiao-ying Yang Comparison of Classification Effects of Principal Component and Sparse Principal Component Analysis for Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Wei-Wen Wu Ovarian tumor risk factors study in a south medical center in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Yao-chung Hsu Minimally Supported D-optimal Designs for Response Surface Models with Spatially Correlated Errors Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Sheng-Yu Chiou Approximation for Quantile Using Taylor Expansion Applied Mathematics 2012-07-03
Wei-Hau Yu Analytic Approaches to the Pricing Black-Scholes Equations of Asian Options Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Po-lu Chen A Study on Effects of Influential Points in Classification for Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Chao-Chun Cheng Adaptive stepsize control in path tracking for total degree homotopy continuation method Applied Mathematics 2012-07-06
Yun-Hsuan Yeh Dynamic Programming Approach to Price American Options Applied Mathematics 2012-07-06
Tian-Tian Pan Monte Carlo Statistical Methods:Integration and Optimization Applied Mathematics 2012-07-10
Chung-Ru Shi The technique of measure and numeraire changes in option Applied Mathematics 2012-07-10
Szu-Ying Chang An Analytic Approach to Approximate Pricing of Forward-starting Asian Options Applied Mathematics 2012-07-12
Chung-Huo Chow Convergece Analysis of the Gradient-Projection Method Applied Mathematics 2012-07-09
Chia- Hao Hsu Analysis of Taiwan Stock Exchange high frequency transaction data Applied Mathematics 2012-07-06
Chien-Min Cheng Problem-Solving Strategies in Calculus Applied Mathematics 2012-07-18
Yu-Chen Cheng Monotonicity of Option Prices Relative to Volatility Applied Mathematics 2012-07-18
Ming-Hsiu Hsu Isometries of real and complex Hilbert C*-modules Applied Mathematics 2012-07-23
Tui-En Wang Direct and Inverse Spectral Problems on Quantum Graphs Applied Mathematics 2012-07-30
Han-long Shiu Computing Energy Levels of Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates on Curves Applied Mathematics 2012-08-07
Kang-Ming Yan Super-geometric Convergence of Trefftz Method for Helmholtz Equation Applied Mathematics 2012-08-07
Jin-yu Liu The game Grundy arboricity of graphs Applied Mathematics 2012-08-31
Ching-Fu Shen A Weighted Wilcoxon-Type Rank Test for Interval-Censored Data Applied Mathematics 2013-01-21
Yu-wen Yang Topics on Generalized Trigonometric And Hyperbolic Functions Applied Mathematics 2013-01-25
Liang-Ching Lin Goodness-of-fit test for Continuous Time Stochastic Volatility Models Applied Mathematics 2013-01-29
Shu-jing Tang Topics on Oscillations of Linear Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2013-06-24
Meng-Huan Hong Comparison on Discriminant Analysis Using Logistic Regression and KNN Algorithm Based on Multilinear Principal Component Analysis for Study of Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2013-06-27
Yu-Ming Lin Applications of Mathematica 9.0 in Statistical Simulation Applied Mathematics 2013-06-27
Yu-Chun Yu Applications of Mathematica 9.0 in Probability Applied Mathematics 2013-07-02
Huan-Jung Huang Statistical Analysis in Ovarian Cancer Study Applied Mathematics 2013-07-05
Yu-Che Chung Classification and Survival Analysis in Ovarian Cancer Study Applied Mathematics 2013-07-05
Yu-Jie Huang The Reliability and Trend Analysis of Fine Suspended Particulate Concentration Data Applied Mathematics 2013-07-08
Yu-Ren Wang Statistical Analysis for winning prediction with Taiwan Sports Lottery on Major League Baseball Applied Mathematics 2013-07-10
Wei-Yi Liu Comparison of Classification Effects between Principal Component and Multilinear Principal Component Analysis for Study of Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2013-07-10
Yu-Chi Huang Basic Mathematical Topics of American Mathematics Competition 12 Applied Mathematics 2013-07-11
Zhi-hong Weng Double-geometric Convergent Methods for ODEs Applied Mathematics 2013-07-18
Ching-wen Chen Fourth-Order Spatial Correlation-Coefficient Across the Uplink Receiver’s Spatial Aperture for Non-Collinear Antennas Applied Mathematics 2013-07-29
Hung Lee Control Charts for integer-valued time series models with overdispersion Applied Mathematics 2013-07-25
Pei-Hsun Tsai A study on the integer-valued time series models with overdispersion Applied Mathematics 2013-07-25
Jen-Feng Huang Statistical Analysis of Alignment and Performance for Chip-to-Chip Communication Applied Mathematics 2013-07-26
Yu-tsun Chen On the Convergence of the Radial Basis Collocation Schemes for 1-D Eigenmodes of Elliptic Operators Applied Mathematics 2013-07-29
Hui-Chen Huang Characteristic Functions of Quantum Trees Applied Mathematics 2013-07-31
Hen-wen Chang The End Game Problem in Solving Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems by Homotopy Continuation Method Applied Mathematics 2013-07-31
Han-Ting Hsu Iterative gradient methods for constrained minimization Applied Mathematics 2013-07-31
Ding-hao Huang On the distribution of palindromes in martrices Applied Mathematics 2013-08-15
Zong-Yi Liou On the Cover Time of a Random Walk Applied Mathematics 2013-08-19
Yuanhan Lee Block elimination algorithms for bordered linear systems and its applications Applied Mathematics 2013-08-22
Wen Wang Domination number of Cartesian product of graphs Applied Mathematics 2013-08-27
Yu-Chang Liang Anti-magic labeling of graphs Applied Mathematics 2014-01-13
Che-Yu Lin The circular chromatic numbers of line graphs and total graphs Applied Mathematics 2014-01-14
Ruei-Chi Lai A primal-dual infeasible interior point algorithm for linearly constrained convex programming Applied Mathematics 2014-01-23
Li-Wei David Completely positive interpolations and preservers on tensor products of low rank matrices Applied Mathematics 2014-02-11
Shih-Hao Huang On Some Optimal Design Problems for Binary Response Experiments Applied Mathematics 2014-06-19
Wan-Ting Tseng Blow-up Analysis for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations on Bounded Domains Applied Mathematics 2014-07-11
Ya-ray Yang A Study of Efficiency of Seat Utilization in South Link Line and Taitung Line of Taiwan Railway Administration Applied Mathematics 2014-07-11
Tzu_Hsuan Lu The trend analysis of fine suspended particulate concentration data Applied Mathematics 2014-07-11
Cheng-Wei Lin D-optimal designs for binary response models in mixture experiments Applied Mathematics 2014-07-15
Hsin-Ju Lee The two-sided orthogonal decompositions for computing the numerical rank Applied Mathematics 2014-07-04
Hsiao- Yun Lin The study of r-locating dominating codes in paths Applied Mathematics 2014-07-16
Bo-Jen Tsai Machine learning Classification based on Principal Component Analysis and Multilinear Principal Component Analysis for Study of Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2014-07-14
Bang-yuan Cheng Extending the stable energy diagram of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates Applied Mathematics 2014-07-16
Han-Wei Chen Statistical Analysis of Imaging Classification Applied Mathematics 2014-07-28
Wei-An Chen Survival Analysis for Ovarian Cancer Data Applied Mathematics 2014-07-28
Hui-wen Chang Applications of Mathematica 9.0 in Linear Algebra Applied Mathematics 2014-07-24
Che-wei Tsao Nodal and blow-up problems related to some evolution equations Applied Mathematics 2014-07-29
Po-Cheng Chen Applications of Dynamic Interactivity of Mathematica 9.0 in Probability Distribution Applied Mathematics 2014-07-30
Hsuan Hsieh Jordan Isomorphisms of Prime Rings with characteristic 2 Applied Mathematics 2014-08-19
Chin-Chun Lai Pricing Asian Options via Taylor Approximations Applied Mathematics 2014-08-20
Shih-Wei Hsu A Generalization of the Gradient-Projection Method for Quadratic Minimization Applied Mathematics 2014-08-21
Zih-Jie Li Pricing Asian Geometric power option Applied Mathematics 2014-08-26
Jou-An Yen Projection Methods for Constrained Convex Optimization Applied Mathematics 2014-08-27
Ting-Wei Tseng A Projection Method for Minimizing the Sum of Finitely Many Convex Functions Applied Mathematics 2014-08-27
Yu-Da Liao Approximately Pricing Asian Arithmetic Power Option Applied Mathematics 2014-08-27
Xin Lu An integral base weighted essentially non-oscillatory method for one dimensional hyperbolic conservation law Applied Mathematics 2014-08-28
Wei-Chih Chen Projection methods for the split feasibility problem Applied Mathematics 2014-08-26
Hui-shan Wu Pairs Trading Strategy Based on State Space Models Applied Mathematics 2014-09-01
Ying-Chieh Chung Application of Probability and Statistics Theory in Actuarial Exam Applied Mathematics 2014-09-01
Kai-hong Huang Principal Expectile Components and Power Spiked Models Applied Mathematics 2014-09-03
Ching-yi Lin Importance sampling estimation of portfolio expected shortfall via copula approach Applied Mathematics 2014-08-28
Sung-chen Hsieh Computing the Numerical Nullity of Sylvester Matrix of Univariate Polynomials Applied Mathematics 2014-12-17
Cheng-Siang Wang Statistical Inference of Bioinformatics, Wireless Communication and Economic Models Applied Mathematics 2015-02-13
Huu Quang Nguyen The supporting hyperplane and applications Applied Mathematics 2015-06-02
Kuan-Ming Huang Basic Mathematical Topics of American Mathematics Competition 10 Applied Mathematics 2015-06-12
Yi-min Su Machine Learning Classification based on image recognition for study of face symptoms in patients with Down's syndrome Applied Mathematics 2015-06-22
Pei-kang Hsia Some orthogonal polynomials and their general properties Applied Mathematics 2015-07-01
Chia-hua Lin Rational solutions of second Painleve equation and related topics Applied Mathematics 2015-07-02
Po-sung Wu Trading Strategy Based on Cointegration Pairs Applied Mathematics 2015-07-08
Tzung-cheng Yang Analysis of Interval Time Series Data Applied Mathematics 2015-07-08
Yi-ting Li Cluster Analysis of River Water Quality of Heavy Metal Monitoring Data Applied Mathematics 2015-07-13
Min-chi Chiou Profit variables in pairs trading Applied Mathematics 2015-07-07
Ming-Wei Hsu Cluster Analysis of River Water Quality Monitoring Data Applied Mathematics 2015-07-15
Chia-chun Kao A Simulation Study on Operation Room Scheduling Applied Mathematics 2015-07-15
Hui-Ching Wang Analyzing data in ovarian cancer study using extended Cox proportional hazards model (including time-varying coefficients) and nonlinear mixed-effects model Applied Mathematics 2015-07-15
Yu-Chen Luo Periodic spectrum of some differential operators and related topics Applied Mathematics 2015-07-23
Yu-wei Chen Financial Mathematics in Actuarial Exam Applied Mathematics 2015-07-09
Yu-Hsiang Chuang Applications of Dynamic Interactivity of Mathematica 9.0 in Linear Algebra Applied Mathematics 2015-07-30
Chih-Neng Liu Lipschitz constant preserving maps Applied Mathematics 2015-08-05
Shih-chun Chang Group preserving scheme for three-body orbit Applied Mathematics 2015-08-06
Fang-hsin Liu A continuation algorithm embedded in the radial basis function collocation method for Gross-Pitaevskii equation. Applied Mathematics 2015-08-05
Sen Wang On the Increasingly Flat Radial Basis Function for the Elliptic Eigenmodes Problem Applied Mathematics 2015-09-02
Yu-Huang Chen The mixing times for the Markov chain on graphs Applied Mathematics 2015-09-06
Hao-Yu Yang Graphs with a singleton Hamiltonian spectrum Applied Mathematics 2015-10-19
Ssu-ying Chang Brain Image Analysis of Patients with Depression and Non-normal Mixed-Effects Models Applied Mathematics 2016-01-20
Ting Hsu Orthogonal polynomials and their recurrence relations Applied Mathematics 2016-01-31
Yuan-ting Chang The risk analysis of recurrence or death in patients with cervix cancer Applied Mathematics 2016-06-15
Chu Hsu Short-term Electricity Load Forecasting Applied Mathematics 2016-06-16
Zhi-guang Zhou Calculus Problems of High School Mathematics Teacher Recruitment Exams in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2016-06-15
Shu-Fen Guo Sequence and Series Problems of High School Mathematics Teacher Recruitment Exams in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2016-06-17
Kuan-hua Huang Some Topics of High School Mathematics Teacher Recruitment Exams in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2016-06-22
Wei-ling Li Classification based on face recognition for patients with Down’s syndrome Applied Mathematics 2016-06-22
Zhi-Xin Lun On the cluster detection and methods comparison for spatial data Applied Mathematics 2016-07-09
Wan-Jyun Chen A study of Steiner number and geodetic number in graphs Applied Mathematics 2016-07-28
Chi-Chung Chen Bayesian analysis for mixture nonlinear mixed-effects models with skewed random effects and errors with application to an ovarian cancer study Applied Mathematics 2016-08-04
Yuan-hao Chen Influential Trade Detection in Stock Markets Applied Mathematics 2016-08-03
Wun-yi Jhang Survival analysis and finding cut-off points in a cervical cancer study Applied Mathematics 2016-08-05
Bakti Siregar Statistical Analysis of Indonesia Stock Market Applied Mathematics 2016-08-25
Jang-Yo Wang Sensor Network Localization with Support Vector Machine Learning Applied Mathematics 2016-09-05
Yi-Hua Lu The Domino Tiling of Some Regions Applied Mathematics 2016-09-01
Kuan-Chich Huang A Study on the Optimal Order Execution Problem for Stochastic Market Depth Models Applied Mathematics 2016-09-12
Yu-Jin Lai Machine Learning Pairs Trading Applied Mathematics 2017-01-17
Pao-yuan Chen Problems of Number Theory in American High School Mathematics Competitions Applied Mathematics 2017-01-18
Cheng-Pu Lin Hankel determinant for Schröder path with restricted height Applied Mathematics 2017-06-27
You-ning Liu Applications of Mathematica 10.3 in Permutation and Combination Applied Mathematics 2017-07-04
Pei-Chi Huang Applications of Mathematica 10.3 in Probability Distribution Applied Mathematics 2017-07-03
Meng-Hsuan Chung A study of choice identifications of graphs Applied Mathematics 2017-07-06
Meng-Ke Hsieh Methods of estimating the optimal number and locations of cut points Applied Mathematics 2017-07-12
Li-pei Wang Bayesian inference for a piecewise nonlinear mixed-effects model with skewed distribution and heteroscedasticity with application to an ovarian cancer study Applied Mathematics 2017-07-12
Hai-Tang Chiou Inference for regression models with time series errors — Inverse autocovariance matrix estimation and high dimensional model selection Applied Mathematics 2017-07-17
Ting-Chieh Tsai JPEG 2000 Image Compression Method: Biorthogonal Wavelets and Lifting Transform Applied Mathematics 2017-07-14
Ya-wen Li A study on the characteristics of financial network and its visualization Applied Mathematics 2017-07-17
Chuan-chun Huang A Study of the Question Bank of the Unified Teaching of Calculus:Calculus Final Exams of the Fall Semester at National Taiwan University Applied Mathematics 2017-07-14
Huei-Lun Siao Interaction-based variable selection for fractional factorial design Applied Mathematics 2017-07-18
Sian-Hong Huang A study on network modeling with grouping structure among its nodes Applied Mathematics 2017-07-19
Yu-Ling Huang A Study of the Question Bank of the Unified Teaching of Calculus:Calculus Midterm Exams of the Spring Semester at National Taiwan University Applied Mathematics 2017-07-19
Hao-Ting Tsai Short-term Load Forecasting with Multiple Regions Applied Mathematics 2017-07-18
Bo-Cheng Yang A two-stage financial network model Applied Mathematics 2017-07-20
Song-yi Guo Short-term Load Forecasting with Model Averaging Applied Mathematics 2017-07-26
Chi-Wen Yen Stable Virtual Mass Method for Computing the Planar Central Configuration Motion Applied Mathematics 2017-07-28
Hsin-yun Hsu Improving the search of near-optimal solution of vehicle routine problems with parallelable modified algorithms Applied Mathematics 2017-08-02
Yu-Lang Li Interpolation in the Limit of Increasingly Flat Hybrid Radial Basis Functions Applied Mathematics 2017-08-04
Ying-ren Chen Parallel Computing for Solving the Power Flow Equations Applied Mathematics 2017-08-11
Ko-chih Shu Structure preserving computation for four body circular motion Applied Mathematics 2017-08-24
Ching-Yi Ho A Study of the Question Bank of the Unified Teaching of Calculus: Calculus Midterm Exams of the Fall Semester at National Taiwan University Applied Mathematics 2017-09-19
Chan-Chao Chen On the high order methods for Burgers’ equation using RBFs. Applied Mathematics 2018-01-25
Chun-hung Chen Communication reduction problem in Schur complement method on distributed memory architecture. Applied Mathematics 2018-01-31
Kuan-I Chung Dimension Reduction by Non-Negative Matrix Factorization: with Application in Screws' Forging Force Signal Classification Applied Mathematics 2018-07-12
Chi-hsiang Huang Risk factors for patients from endometriosis to ovarian cancer and relation of SCC with survival in cervical cancer Applied Mathematics 2018-07-17
Bo-Ren Xiao Application of LSTM in high-frequency trading data Applied Mathematics 2018-07-18
Yi-Hsuan Tsai Analysis of the relationship between infection and risk factors in Minimal Change Disease and the best cut points Applied Mathematics 2018-07-17
Han Hsiao Analysis of high dimensional gene expression and mutation data in bladder cancer using Cox proportional hazards model and logistic regression via different penalizations Applied Mathematics 2018-07-17
Yi-chieh Chiu Endometrial analysis for optimal cut points and risk factors from endometriosis to breast cancer Applied Mathematics 2018-07-17
Dian-Sheng Jiang Recurrent Neural Networks with Semi-parametric Model Bases for Short-Term Electricity Load Forecasting Applied Mathematics 2018-07-19
Hsin-tung Liao A study of women arts administrators in Taiwan: A discussion on performing arts organizations Arts Management 2004-08-09
Pui-yan Lam A Study of the Industrialization of Festive Activities Arts Management 2004-09-06
Hui-mei TAI The Operation and Administration of Elementary School Arts Association:Kaohsiung Municipal Yen-Chen Primary School As An Example Arts Management 2004-10-18
Pei-lei Pai The Study fo the Festival and Event as a Strategy for Place Marketing-A Case Study of Pingtung County Arts Management 2005-02-16
Su-ching Huang Considering Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Industry Center's development plan from the perspective of Granville Island District's operational strategies in Vancouver, Canada Arts Management 2005-02-21
Chi-shun Chen Consuming Behavior of Little Theaters in Taiwan Arts Management 2005-07-04
Chen-Yuan Wang The management research of American and Taiwan university arts center-and the dicussion of Sun Yat-sen university arts center Arts Management 2005-07-07
Hsiao-ting Chou The Strategic Research on the Persistent Management of the Folk Art Group Named "Sung-Chiang Martial Art Group of Shun-Hsien Temple" in Kaohsiung County Arts Management 2005-07-11
Jan-Chun Chang A Study of The Management and Operation of Artists Communities in Taiwan Area Arts Management 2005-07-14
Ming-fang Lu The Role and Function of Arts Exhibitions in the National University Libraries in Taiwan. Arts Management 2005-08-02
Ya-lan Chang none Arts Management 2005-08-30
Hui-chi Tsai Research on the Dimension and the Level of Digitalization of Private Museums: from the Perspective of Content and Design of Web Sites Arts Management 2006-01-21
Tung-sheng Wang The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication on Taiwan modern theater—A case study of Ping-Fong Action Troupe Arts Management 2006-02-07
Hung-Chang Chien On the Multi-dimensions of photo image: A reflection of the interwoven phenomena of photography, apparatus and digital world. Arts Management 2006-06-03
Ya-Ni Chen A Study on the Behavior Model of Arts and Culture Sponsorships by Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan Arts Management 2006-06-19
Ya-ping Chen Habitus and Nomadism:A Study of Programs-Exploring of Artists-in-Residence and International Mobility: Focus on the Strategies of Official Operation by Taiwan’s Government Arts Management 2006-06-22
Chung-chen Lu A Research of Postmodern Strategies for Modern Theater Management in Taiwan: the Development of "Non-large-scale Theater" as Discourse Framwork Arts Management 2006-06-27
Yu-shin Chen A Study Management Operation And Environment Of Taiwanese Opera In Kaohsiung Arts Management 2006-06-29
Pei-ching Zhou A Study of Operational Model for Community Orchestra in Taiwan-Use CORPS Model to Analyze Qingfeng Community Chinese Orchestra in Kaohsiung City Arts Management 2006-07-11
Ju-Huei Chang A Study of Operation and Off-Campus Performing Phenomenon Given by the Music Talented Class of Senior High School:Focus on Cases of Seven Schools in Southern Taiwan Arts Management 2006-07-19
Lin-wen Chen The Study on Industrial Strategies of Performing Arts in Kaohsiung City – A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Ballet Arts Management 2006-08-10
Hui-fang Wu The Changes and Impact of Art Galleries in Kaohsiung City,1990-1999 Arts Management 2006-08-10
I-chun Chung City marketing using music as a tool-The study of strategies development in Kaohsiung city Arts Management 2006-08-18
Tsu-Chun Ma A study on the development of publicly-owned symphony orchestras in Taiwan Arts Management 2006-09-01
Chyi-Louh Chuang A Study of Jade Seller's Marketing Strategies on Yahoo/Kimo Auction in Recent Five Years Arts Management 2006-12-21
Yen-fen Lo The Choreography from the Perspective of Political Environment –Based on Lin Huai-Ming's Works in Cloud Gate Dance Company Arts Management 2007-02-04
Pei-Hsuan Chen A Study on Taipei College Students’ Consumer Behavior for Arts and Branding Commodities Arts Management 2007-02-06
Pi-shuang Chen The Disclosure of Corporate Sponsorship and Arts Collection── Tracing the Example of Chi-Me Museum Arts Management 2007-02-07
Shen-sui Sun Crisis Management in Performing Arts Company - A Case Study of the Shutdown Incident of Ping Fong Acting Troupe's "Incredible Country" Arts Management 2007-02-08
Ying-Ju Chen A study of elementary school students’ perception of the NSTM image Arts Management 2007-02-13
Yi-chien Feng A Research of “Performing Arts Marketing Platform” in Taichung City Arts Management 2007-07-07
Szu-Yuan Lin A Study on Using Blogs in Internet Marketing of Performing Arts Groups Arts Management 2007-07-12
Meng-chun Hsu A Study on the Corporate Philanthropy by helding Benefit Concerts Arts Management 2007-07-16
Chih-wen Leou A Study on Volunteers’ Job Characteristics, Role Playing and Job Satisfaction of Docents in the Museums: A Case study of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Arts Management 2007-07-16
Pei-Ju Wu A Study on the Role and Functions of “Performing Art in South Taiwan Association” Arts Management 2007-07-16
Pei-lin Hsieh A Study on Outsourcing Public Art Space :A Case study of Grass Mountain Chateau in Taipei Arts Management 2007-07-30
Ya-hui Cho The Study on the Management Strategy for Performing Art Organizations in the Theory of Value-Chain — A Case Study of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Arts Management 2007-08-09
Chen-chen Huang Research of Gospel Theatres' Management in Taiwan Arts Management 2007-08-16
Shu-che Huang A Study of Mobile Value-Added Service Content Constructing Strategies Base on Digital Mobile Platform ─ an Empirical of 3G Mobile System Arts Management 2007-09-10
Su-ya Jeng Exploration on the Combination between Tourism and Marketing Strategies of the National Palace Museum Arts Management 2007-09-10
Yi-ling Hung A Study of the Interactive Strategies between Investing of Enterprise and Community Development with International Festival : A Case of “Dream Parade in Sijhin City” Arts Management 2007-09-10
Seng-hong Chong The Disappearing of Cinema Aesthetics? ─On the Breakthrough and Duration of Film Arts from Mechanical Reproduction to Digital Propagation Arts Management 2007-09-10
Ling-fang Tsai A Study of Planning and Developing of Cultural Tourism Industries in Kaohsiung City ,Kaohsiung County,Ping Tung County Arts Management 2007-12-20
Chung-chi Hsiao A study on Strategic Management of Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra Arts Management 2008-01-31
Yu-ming Hu The Strategy of Economic Development in a Metropolitan Tourist Gateway-A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Arts Management 2008-02-10
Chinghui Sun The Strategies in the Development of Regional Cultural Tourism- A Case Study of Chiayi Arts Management 2008-02-12
Hungwei Chang Study on the evolvement of cultural policy in Taiwan through the budget structure analysis of the Council of Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Arts Management 2008-02-15
Bai-Ling Liu A Study of Liouduai Hakka Cultural Park from an Ecomuseum Theory Arts Management 2008-06-27
Hsing-ching Li A Study of Wu Fu Junior High School Students' Motivations of Participating Music Performances Arts Management 2008-09-10

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