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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Ray C. H. Kuo The Research of Incubator Business Model Business Management 2001-07-02
Mike C. Lee none EMBA 2003-07-25
Nicola C. Polidor China’s Core National Interests: A Study of Four Cases ICAPS 2018-06-15
Bor-Wen C.Chien none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-13
Gabriel C.S. Lu Research for Media Information Resource of Political Election-Take Kaohsiung Citizens in 2000 Taiwan President Election as An Example Business Management 2001-09-18
Chung Ca-Ling Novel neurotoxins from Bungarus multicinctus: Purification, Characterization, and Gene Organization. Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2001-05-17
Jai-Ren Cai Development of The Integrated Supervisory System Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-25
Chun-Zhen Cai none Political Science 2002-06-25
Xian-Yao Cai Synthesis of Terpyridine Ligand Containing Triferrocene moiety Chemistry 2004-02-04
Ding-Nan Cai Research on Fiscal Thought and Practice of Deng, Siao-Ping Economics 2005-06-22
Wen-hao Cai Optical Pulse Generation using Electrobsorption Moudulation Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-08-09
Jia-long Cai A Novel Modulation Structure for DS-UWB Using Perfect Sequence Communications Engineering 2007-08-24
Sheng-xian Cai Distributions of Dissolved Nitrogen and Phosphorus Species in the Kuroshio off East Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2008-09-10
Jin-huang Cai the special task force the orientation of role and firm perform Public Affairs Management 2010-08-08
Yun-Jhu Cai OC-MAC: An Opportunistic Cooperative MAC Protocol for Cognitive Vehicular Networks Electrical Engineering 2013-07-23
Kun-jhe Cai Kinetic Phase Transformations by Pulsed Laser Ablation on Bulk TiC in Vacuum Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-29
Sheng-Yu Cai Bandwidth Assignment and Management for IP over DVB Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-12
Shang-Gu Cai Development of Suspended Coplanar Waveguide Filter for K-band Application Using MEMS Technology Electrical Engineering 2013-08-22
Yueqi Cai An Empirical Study on the Returns of Venture Capital: the Case of ChiNext Stock Market in Mainland China Business Management 2013-08-26
Ba-Syuan Cai Design and Economic Analysis for LED Illumination Systems in a Campus Electrical Engineering 2014-07-09
Jheng-siou Cai The Design of a Linux Container-based Platform for Program Trading Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-30
Sin-ying Cai Forecasting TAIEX under Regime Switch Model with Macroeconomic and Financial indicators. Finance 2015-06-28
Ci-Sheng Cai Study of aggregation effects on spirobifluorene derivative emission and application Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-05
Jheng-Liang Cai A Study on the 2-D Angle of Arrival Estimation and Receiver Design in Massive MIMO Systems Communications Engineering 2015-08-21
Li-Zhong Cai Application of near-ultraviolet emitters and liquid crystalline semiconductors to light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-09-09
Hung-Sin Cai Developing the Technology of Hydrometallurgy with Ionic Liquids to Recovery Precious Metals from Spent Automotive Catalysts Environmental Engineering 2016-07-14
Meng-syuan Cai The Stacking of CMOS Photovoltaic Devices by Localized Substrate Removal for High Voltage Generation Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-07
Dong-yi Cai Mechanical Properties of Ti/APC-2/Kevlar Composite Laminates due to Low-Velocity Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-18
Yi-Cheng Cai Forming high hardness surface composite coating on 1050 Al by ultrasonic mechanical coating and armouring Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-22
Jia-Wun Cai Finding Potential Business through Text Mining Techniques Based on Automotive Industry Information Management 2017-07-21
Yi-Jun Cai The Campaign Strategy of Female Candidates in 2014 Elections for Kaohsiung City Councilors:An Exploratory Study Political Science 2017-09-13
Rui-xuan Cai Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Coral Clavularia viridis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2018-02-13
Meng-Ran Cai The Relationship Between Art and the Development of Mechanical Reproduction Philosophy 2018-03-21
Zhe-Hong Cai Designs and Assessments of Synchronous Reluctance Motors with Common Rotor Iron Core Structure Electrical Engineering 2018-08-08
Sheriff Camara Investigation on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Processes and Associated Influential Factors Analysis Environmental Engineering 2015-09-11
Dwi Candra The study of benthic community structure and protein expression pattern of four benthic species in effluent areas of sewage treatment plants (STP) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Marine Biology 2011-09-06
Chien-Liang Cao A Study of the Torque Control on Manufacturing End-face of the Optical Fiber Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-04
Jun-ming Cao The practical value of GCDF certification in China Human Resource Management 2016-01-09
Andrea Carolina The Effect of Bacillus subtilis on Pathogenic Vibrio Control for Grouper (Epinephelus Coioides) Fingerling Culture in a Recirculatory System Marine Biology 2011-09-07
Yih-chrn Cau The Study of the Natural Frequency and Bond Stress Loss of the Aged Reinforcement Concrete Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-13
Pavel Cejka Marketing Taiwanese MBA Program in the EEU Market: A Case of Czech Republic Business Management 2008-07-15
POA-HWA CHA The benefit evaluation of the policy of land value increment tax half of collection --Case study for Ping-Tong Political Science 2005-02-16
Chung-Ping Cha A Research on the Praxis of Cultural Citizenship in Immigrated Culture Festival Theatre Arts 2013-09-11
Gemmell Chad Hedonic Price Effects of Walkability, Public Transit, and Transportation in the Toronto CMA Business Management 2012-07-03
Hui-Wen Chai The simulation research on capital adequancy for banks--study on market risk Finance 2003-08-25
Chun-Yi Chai Human Resources Strategies in Merger & Acquisition Human Resource Management 2007-08-16
Pei-zhen Chai The Study of Yuan Ciong ciong's Short Stories Chinese Literature 2008-12-24
Han-Tan Chai AG490 Inhibits JAK-2 Activation and Suppresses Anti-Apoptotic Action of Erythropoietin in a Rat Critical Limb Ischemia Model Biological Sciences 2014-09-11
Chuang Chaio-Hua Impact of e-Retailing Marketing on Cost Variation:From Activity-Based Costing Perspective Information Management 2001-07-20
Fei-Lan Chamg A Study on the international Financial System of Realistic Review: A case of the East Asia Financial Crisis Political Science 2003-02-12
Chih-Hsiung Chan Analysis of Two-Part Tariff and Consumer's Welfare Business Management 2000-06-13
Shao-Feng Chan The Critical Factors of Service Encounter Satisfaction: Reserach on Restaurant Industry Business Management 2001-01-30
Ju-Wang Chan The study on timing of IPO and private placements by venture-backed companies Finance 2001-07-04
Chin-I Chan The Study of Feed Stuffs Industry Organization Change Analysis---Goodfood Factory and XYZ Factory Comparison Research Business Management 2002-07-08
Shih-Chi Chan Single Jet Impingement Cooling in a Smooth Rotating Square Duct with Thermochromic Liquid Crystals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-23
Hsiang-Chih Chan Acoustic Analysis of Nearshore Breaking Wave Bubbles Simulated by Piston-Type Wavemaker Undersea Technology 2002-07-30
Li-Chen Chan A Study on Active Status about community pharmacist after the Separation of Prescribing and Dispensing Human Resource Management 2002-07-30
Chia-chung Chan none IEMBA 2002-08-05
Kai-I Chan Transmission of seismic waves in the soil media with variation of pore water pressure and effect on the dynamic behavior of structural foundations. Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-08-22
Chin-Yi Chan Identification of differentially expressed genes in the rat brain stem during the progression toward death by suppression subtractive hybridization Biological Sciences 2002-09-07
I-Hao Chan The Biological Activation of Artemia Cyst Induced by Ultrasound Exposure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-01
Yan-Ru Chan "Reaching toward the Ineffable": The "Stepping in" in Toni Morrison's Paradise Foreign Language and Literature 2003-07-29
Hsiao-ting Chan Geographic variation of Niviventer coxingi in body size and mitochondrial D-loop region Biological Sciences 2004-02-13
Yu-chen Chan The Relationships between Pupils’ Multiple Intelligences, Action Control, Self-Regulation, Demographic Variables and Their Everyday Problem-Solving Competences Education 2004-06-23
Meng-Chiao Chan The Relationship between State and Industry in Taiwan Political Science 2004-06-24
Chih-Wei Chan Numerical study of fluid elastic vibration of a circular cylinder in cross flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-25
Hui-lin Chan The Community Activity of the Wei-Chin Dynasty's Intellectual: Focus on "Shih-Shuo Hsin-Yu" Chinese Literature 2005-07-03
Chia-Chia Chan The Relationship between Earnings Management and Information Disclosure in Banks and Financial Holding Corporations Business Management 2005-07-12
Yung-Cheng Chan Robust Remote Authentication Schemes with Smart Cards Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-14
Cheng-che Chan Performance Analysis of Adaptive Loading OFDM Under Nakagami Fading Channel Communications Engineering 2005-07-31
Chung-i Chan The Study of Development of Taiwan Aboriginal's sightseeing Career-for example of Maulin township EMPP 2005-07-26
Chun-Yuan Chan Functional study of Hepatoma-derived growth factor Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-25
Kai-Ru Chan The Research of Standards Competition of Developing Countries Business Management 2006-02-10
Fong Chan The Characteristics of Organizational Change in Taiwan Biotech Companys-- A Case Study of V Biotech Firm Business Management 2006-05-22
Hui-ju Chan The Effect of Industry Concentration on the Contribution of Changes in Advertising Expenditures Finance 2006-06-09
Yueh-lin Chan An analysis of grain boundary dislocations and its indication of {111} twin growth in BaTiO3 Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-07
Li-Chun Chan Wire Bond Microstructure Analysis and Void Formation Mechanism Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-13
Chih-chieh Chan Automatic Web Service Selection for FSM-based composite Web Services Information Management 2006-07-20
Yi-Chao Chan Estimation of Parameters in Support Vector Regression Electrical Engineering 2006-07-21
Chin-Sheng Chan A study of key success factors to innovation management in the aluminium rolling industry Business Management 2006-07-25
Chieh-chung Chan The Impact and Pricing Formula of the National Finance Stabilization Fund: Application of the Barrier Option Finance 2006-08-07
Tsun-shang Chan Factors that Help Establish Rapport in the Personal Selling-an Emperical Study Business Management 2006-09-13
Hsien-Wu Chan Design and Fabrication of Commercial Grade High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Electrical Engineering 2007-01-29
Chi-Chen Chan Caching Strategies for Dynamic Source Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-02-13
Pi-chi Chan The Effects of Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment---An Example of the Banking Industry Human Resource Management 2007-07-24
Pei-ying Chan A Comparative study on Museum Volunteer Human Resource Management in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2007-08-15
Chin-i Chan A study of key factors for a processing trade to China EMBA 2007-08-13
I-ju Chan none Information Management 2007-08-23
Hui-lin Chan Management Development in a Multinational Company: Centralization vs. Decentralization Human Resource Management 2008-02-02
Shu-ting Chan The servey of channel transformation of Taiwan enterprise in China Business Management 2008-06-30
Kuei-Cheng Chan Investigation on the Frequency Domain Channel Equalization and Interference Cancellation for Single Carrier Systems Communications Engineering 2008-08-11
Chen-Feng Chan An Investigation of Formation and Operation Mechanisms on R&D Alliances – A Case Study of Steel Industry Business Management 2008-08-21
Yuan-Hsiang Chan The strategic position of Pescadores and cross-strait strategic studies Political Science 2008-08-25
Yong-bin Chan The design and implementation of push pull converter Electrical Engineering 2008-09-05
Ieng-ieng Chan none Business Management 2009-06-23
Ya-ting Chan Applications of Thin-Layer Chromatography/Electrospray-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Small Molecule Analysis and Protein Identification Chemistry 2009-07-01
Hui-mei Chan Self-splicing of Group I Intron of the Mitochondrial Genome of the Sponge, Cinachyrella australiensis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-19
Wei-Chun Chan Robust Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor Drive Using Quantized Current Regulator Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
Chia-Ta Chan Analysis of microwave crossing waveguide with analytic continuity mode-matching method Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-02
Cheng-Yu Chan The thermocapillary flow effects on a free surface deformation during solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-28
Fang-Tse Chan The influence of low-cost carriers for airline industry Business Management 2010-08-18
Chih-Hsien Chan Design and Fabrication of SDA-based Micromotor Electrical Engineering 2010-09-02
Tsung-Hsun Chan Characterization of chemical compounds in plants by Direct Electrospray probe Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2011-09-01
Shih-Hung Chan Studying on stock indexes return’s dependence:Application of dynamic copula method Finance 2012-06-20
Chieh-Min Chan Operation Planning of Distribution Feeders with Electric Vehicle Loads Electrical Engineering 2012-07-13
Wei-yi Chan Laser Soldered Eutectic Die-Bonding Processes in the LED Packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-19
Chi-Te Chan Trends in the creativity literature from 2000 to 2011 Education 2012-07-31
Yu-Lin Chan Production and characterization of polyclonal antibody against Epinephelus coioides interleukin-Production and characterization of polyclonal antibody against Epinephelus coioides interleukin-1β Biological Sciences 2012-11-13
Jeou-Shyan Chan A Study of the Relationships between Elite Services and Marketing Strategies on the Customer Commitment -A Case Study of the Aviation Industry EMBA 2013-06-22
Ya-Ting Chan Powder behavior upon laser pulses in water and early stage sintering-coarsening-coalescence kinetics of powder in air:A case study of NiO-Al2O3 system Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-17
Hsin-yi Chan A traditional industry company’s diversifying into optoelectronic business: A case study of Walsin Human Resource Management 2013-08-30
Kai-Tung Chan A Novel Comb-Spectrum Code Division Multiple Access Uplink System Using Sparse Gaussian Integer Perfect Sequences Electrical Engineering 2013-09-05
Chun-Ho Chan In-situ study of the floating raft system for oyster aquaculture Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-09
Ming-lang Chan A Study of the Relationship Between Emotional Labor and Emotional Exhaustion of Nurses : Psychological Capital as Moderator Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-01-24
Cheng-Yu Chan Visual resolution limits for images displayed by rotation type hexagonal grids Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-06-09
Kun Chan Strategies of Domestic Type II Telecommunications Operators Faced With the Impact of Internet Proliferation EMBA 2014-07-29
Tsung-Chieh Chan Study of High Performance Low-Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors Electrical Engineering 2015-07-20
Ya-shiun Chan Eulerian and Lagrangian Based Investigation for the Dynamic Stall Phenomenon over a Pitching Airfoil Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-19
De-Sheng Chan Efficient Merged Longest Common Subsequence Algorithms for Similar Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-02
Jun-Mao Chan Hardware Acceleration of Feature Extraction Algorithms Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-09
Huang-Ting Chan The Definitions and Computation of the Two Dimensional Largest Common Substructure Problems Computer Science and Engineering 2016-01-31
Yu-ju Chan Executive Job-hopping and Compensation Finance 2016-06-14
Hung-yi Chan Comparison of haloacetic acids treatment efficiency using Ozonation, BACF and hollow fiber membrane methods Environmental Engineering 2016-06-23
Shu-Ting Chan Impact of Institutional Logics and Social Capital of Private Universities on Academia-industry Collaborations Business Management 2016-06-27
Yi-hsuan Chan A Study on the Disciplinary Beliefs of Teachers in Centralized Special Education Classes in the Kaohsiung City’s Elementary Schools EMPP 2016-07-21
Kai-tse Chan Study on the removal of volatile organic compounds by FGD process for waste gas from coal-fired boiler and iron-ore sintering operations Environmental Engineering 2016-07-25
Chih-yu Chan Effect of annealing temperature and time on microstructure and tensile properties of a cold-rolled multi-phase medium Mn steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-03
Wen-ling Chan The study of Physical Properties of (Co、Al) co-doped ZnO Physics 2016-08-16
Chia-chi Chan The Development of Three-dimensional Model for Iron Ore Sintering Process and the Flue Gas Leaking Analysis in the Recirculation System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-07
Pei-Hsun Chan A Dynamic Slot Allocation Scheme Using Average Backoff Times and Sleeping Time in 802.11ah Networks Electrical Engineering 2016-11-15
Shu-Han Chan The Application of FinTech in the Life Insurance Industry-Taking the Management of Effective Contracts as an Example EMBA 2017-07-09
Chia-hsien Chan Ten Classes of Image Recognition Using Generative Adversarial Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-21
Wei-Han Chan Business Strategies of Smart Metering in The Internet-of-Things Era EMBA 2017-08-23
Shang-En Chan An Efficient No-Reference Error-Tolerability Test Method for Videos Electrical Engineering 2017-09-11
Feng-Hua Chan Machine Learning Application to Loan Default Comparison and Prediction - A case study in USA and China Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-11-19
Hoi-Hung Chan Study of the outcomes and costs of endoscopic treatment for acute biliary pancreatitis Business Management 2018-06-09
Yi-yi Chan Optimal Punishment on False Advertising with Naive Consumers Economics 2018-06-28
Ya-Yuan Chan Vertical Product Differentiation with Network Externalities Economics 2018-07-19
Yao-Cheng Chan The influence of information transparency and presentation format on a review sequence recommendation: an eye-tracking study in the context of programming learning Information Management 2018-07-31
Chao Chan Kuo Prognosis in Bipolar Disorder Patients Received Surgical Intervention for Stroke: A Five-year Follow-up Study Business Management 2015-08-21
Sarawut Chandeewanta An indepth study on the literary works Of Master Xu Di - shan Chinese Literature 2012-09-13
Ann-Chen Chang Application of Array Processing Techniques to CDMA Multiuser Detection Systems Electrical Engineering 2000-05-11
Shao-Kang Chang Microstructures and its Texture Determination of Electron beam-Arc Combination Welded(EACW)Duplex Stainless Steels Materials Science and Engineering 2000-06-04
Li-Heng Chang Measure and Discuss with Stress of Metal and Composite Materials. Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-16
Guo-Chou Chang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-23
Hung Chang The research of Fe-Mn-Al-C K phase Materials Science and Engineering 2000-06-22
Shuo-Tsang Chang Changes in Cytokinin and Gibberellin Levels Before, During and After Floral Initiation in Polianthes tuberosa Biological Sciences 2000-06-28
Kuei-Hui Chang A Study on TIMS’ Risk-measuring Methodology for Portfolio that Include Options Finance 2000-06-28
Der-Yeou Chang Application and Development of Fused-Droplet Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2000-06-29
Chen-Chieh Chang The Comparative Analyzesis Investment Environment between Mainland China and Vietnam Mainland China Studies 2000-06-29
Jr-Wen Chang Adapitve Multiuser Receiver with RAKE Structure and Decision Feedback in Multiuser and Multipath Fading Environment Electrical Engineering 2000-06-30
Chung-Wen Chang Effect of the On-line Personal Services on Store Image and Purchase Intention in Electronic Stores Communcations Management 2000-07-06
Wei-Che Chang On the Routing Lookup Algorithm for IPv6 Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-06
Che-lang Chang none Business Management 2000-07-12
Ching-chi Chang None Human Resource Management 2000-07-13
Cheng-Bong Chang A political economy analysis of Taiwan automobile industry Political Science 2000-07-14
Han-Ching Chang The Effects of the Surface Structures of CuSO4/Al2O3 catalysts on the Direct Coupling of Methane Reactions Chemistry 2000-07-14
Kuo-Li Chang Fiber Optic Galvanic Corrosion Current Sensors Electrical Engineering 2000-07-17
Cheng-Fang Chang Application of dietary b-1,3-glucan in enhancing resistance of Penaeus monodon against vibrio and viral infections Marine Biology 2000-07-17
Shien-Lin Chang The Dynamic Analysis of Taiwan Money Demand Function-Impulse Response Analysis in Infinite Order Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Processes Economics 2000-07-19
King-Hsing Chang None EMBA 2000-07-20
Tzu-Jung Chang Mozart Piano Concerto K.V.453 Mvt.I cadenza Music 2000-07-21
Jenn-Dar Chang String Superprimitivity test and LCS on the Reconfigurable Bus Model Applied Mathematics 2000-07-24
Te-Sheng Chang Export Competitiveness and Taiwan's Foreign Direct Investment EMBA 2000-07-25
Chih-Sheng Chang none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-26
Jui-Feng Chang none Education 2000-07-27
Yuan-Ming Chang Image Restoration in Consideration of Poisson Noise Electrical Engineering 2000-07-28
Ta-zen Chang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-29
Hsiu-Ru Chang None EMBA 2000-07-31
Jung-Kun Chang none Materials Science and Engineering 2000-08-01
Jung-Tsun Chang The Study of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Management Information Management 2000-08-01
I-Ming Chang Reengineering and Development for Executive Information Systems : The Case of Southern Taiwan Business Group of Chunghwa Telecom Information Management 2000-08-03
Kai-Hsiang Chang Digital Watermarking with Progressive Detection Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-08
Shu-Min Chang Implementation of High Speed Tracking Control Mechanical Engineering 2000-08-15
Shih-Kuang chang none Human Resource Management 2000-08-17
Ming-Jyh Chang A Match_based Task Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-29
Chih-Fang Chang The Study of the Temperature Ramp-up Rate on the Warpage of IC Packages in the IR-reflow Process Mechanical Engineering 2000-09-06
Yu-Ga Chang Observations of Flow Dynamics in Kaoping Submarine Canyon Marine Resources 2001-01-17
Wen-Ching Chang Relationships among Characteristics of Organization, Human Capital, Industrial Environment, and Organizational Performance Human Resource Management 2001-01-31
Yao-To Chang Synthesis of 1-Substituted-β-carboline Derivatives as Potential Bioactive Constituents from Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris Marine Resources 2001-01-30
Shih-Tai Chang The distribution of Trichodesmium in the South China Sea and the ecological factors that affect it Marine Resources 2001-06-02
Hui-Yi Chang The development and the futher of the Kaoshiung area. Finance 2001-06-09
Chih-Chieh Chang Utilizing transaction cost theory to analyze the operation of internet ticket agencies in Taiwan Business Management 2001-06-12
Tao-Wen Chang Characterizations of Distributions by Conditional Expectation Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Chao-Hsi Chang Multi-User Detection for DS-CDMA System Electrical Engineering 2001-06-11
Sung-An Chang The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Industry Structure and Key Successful Factors:The Case Study of Securities Industry 1998~2000 Business Management 2001-06-20
Chih-cheng Chang Spatial and Temporal Variation of 18O in the Sea Water from the Taiwan Strait Marine Geology and chemistry 2001-06-20
Chia-Hsiung Chang Designs of MZ FBG-based Optical Add-Drop Multiplexing /Cross-Connect Systems and Wideband Optical Amplification Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-25
Pi-Shan Chang Role of Glutamatergic Neurotransmission at the Nucleus Reticularis Ventrolateralis during Experimental Endotoxemia Biological Sciences 2001-06-26
Chin-Feng Chang Light Emitting Diodes of Heterocyclic Aromatic Rigid-Rod and Coil-Like Polymers Materials Science and Engineering 2001-06-27
Ming-Tsung Chang none Business Management 2001-06-29
Ming-Chu Chang Design of Steering Mechanisms of All-Terrain Vehicles Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-19
Cheng-Kuo Chang Pole Assignment and Robust Control for Multi-Time-Scale Systems Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-05
Chun Chang The Internationalization of Portal Site--Empirical Research for Yahoo! Business Management 2001-07-05
Su-hua Chang Nonlinear Multiple Narrow-band Interference Cancellation Filtering with Inverse QRD-RLS Algorithm for CDMA System Electrical Engineering 2001-07-06
Yao-Sheng Chang Study of High Speed Main Amplifier and Low Power Peripheral Circuits for Low Supply Voltage Dynamic Random Access Memory Electrical Engineering 2001-07-09
Yu-Ling Chang Determination of chromium in water sample by inductively coupled plasma dynamic reavtion cell mass spectrometry Chemistry 2001-07-10
Chi-Ying Chang The Unionization of Atypical Employees in Bureau of National Health Insurance Human Resource Management 2001-07-18
Mei-Ling Chang A Study on the Model of Taiwan Company's Strategic Alliances in China- the Case by CIMIC. Mainland China Studies 2001-07-19
Shih-Chang Chang Characterization and Fabrication of Recessed Multi-Gate SOI MOSFET Electrical Engineering 2001-07-20
Kai-Lun Chang The Explorative Research About the Cross-National Employment and HR Practice of Employee Dispatching Industry in Taiwan --Use the Local Dispatching Industries as Study Cases Human Resource Management 2001-07-25
Jung-Li Chang Research on Manpower Flexibility of China Steel Corporation And Its Subcontractors Human Resource Management 2001-07-25
Ming-Hu Chang Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Three-Roll Planetary Mill Processes Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-26
Wen-Chung Chang NONE EMBA 2001-07-27
Ching-Hui Chang The feasibility study of launching index funds in Taiwan Finance 2001-07-26
Der-Way Chang The Comparison between "Paternalistic Leadership"&"Transformational Leadership"In The Military Units Human Resource Management 2001-07-27
Chai-Ling Chang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-27
Jui-Te Chang NONE EMBA 2001-07-28
wen-chu Chang Analysis of the Competitive Strategies on Coated Steel Products in Taiwan ─ Taking Sheng Yu Steel as the Example EMBA 2001-07-29
Fu-Yuan Chang Analysis of the Current for 161kV XLPE Underground Cable Electrical Engineering 2001-07-30
Shu-Chin Chang Reaction of Diphenylacetylene with Chromium Group Metals Chemistry 2001-08-01
Yu-Hsiu Chang Discovery of Evolution Patterns from Sequences of Documents Information Management 2001-08-06
Kao-Yu Chang The Study of the Relevance Between the Political Electoral Advertising Strategy and the Performance in Television Commercials Among Three Major Candidates in the Year 2000 Presidential Election in Taiwan Political Science 2001-08-14
Mei-Hua Chang The Study of Mortgage Securitization: Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loan Valuation in Taiwan Finance 2001-08-30
Hsiao-Yu Chang Treatment of Gas-borne Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by an Activated Sludge Environmental Engineering 2001-08-29
Jih-Yueh Chang stress analysis of mixed type finite element of circular plate Mechanical Engineering 2001-09-04
Terry Chang none Marine Geology and chemistry 2001-09-14
Heng-Hao Chang Performance Evaluation of A Multiprocessor Support for Concurrent Execution of Critical Sections Electrical Engineering 2001-10-01
Chia-Ling Chang The Research of Mainland China Long-distance Educational development--The Shanghai Distance Education Group Communcations Management 2002-01-10
Wei-Der Chang Some Aspects of Adaptive Controller Design Electrical Engineering 2002-01-24
Fang-Yuan Chang The impact of the welfare system and stock dividend on salary and job satisfaction Human Resource Management 2002-01-30
Yu-Chia Chang Observations of Flow Dynamics in Kaoping Submarine Canyon Marine Resources 2002-01-31
Jui-Lin Chang The effect of early retirement program on the continued worker Human Resource Management 2002-06-06
I-chia Chang Application Generator: A Framework and Methodology for IS Construction Information Management 2002-06-07
Huei-Jiun Chang none Business Management 2002-06-12
Chun-Chin Chang Valence-Conduction Band Mixing Effect In Type-Ⅱ Superlattice Physics 2002-06-17
Ai-Li Chang Polymer Adsorption on the Air/Solution Interface Probed by Dynamic Surface Light Scattering Physics 2002-06-19
Cheng-Chung Chang Application of Knowledge Management on Performance Appraisal and Management System Business Management 2002-06-20
Chi-Min Chang The worldwide economical attacked Taiwan systematic fabricate Property improvement the competitiveness strategic EMBA 2002-06-20
Shuo-Feng Chang A Study of Influential Factors for Customer Impulse purchase Business Management 2002-06-24
YA-CHIN CHANG Sensitivity Factors for Power Flow Tracing and Transmission Costs Allocation Electrical Engineering 2002-06-24
Shin-En Chang The Laser Diode Module Packaging by Soldering Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-06-21
Chia-Ming Chang The Study of Pb/Sn and Au/Sn Solder Joints in a Laser Module Package Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-06-20
Chun-Yi Chang An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-06-24
Hsiao-Chen Chang Equivalent Circuit Extraction of Embedded High-speed Interconnects by Combining FDTD method and Layer Peeling Technique Electrical Engineering 2002-06-24
Yeun-Wen Chang The effect of environment, strategy and organizational characteristics on the performance of accounting information systems. Business Management 2002-06-25
Shu-Hui Chang On some characterizations of the gamma and beta distributions Applied Mathematics 2002-06-28
Shan-Li Chang The Study of MCAS Glass-doped Al2O3-TiO2 Microwave Ceramics Electrical Engineering 2002-06-29
Rung-Fang Chang Customer Load Profiling and Aggregation Electrical Engineering 2002-06-28
Hsun-Cheng Chang Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Genus Capricornis (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequences and Cranial Morphometrics Biological Sciences 2002-06-27
Feng-Ming Chang A Study on the Relationship between Compensation System, Organizational Commitment and Employee Performance - Case of the Boiler Manufacture Industry. Human Resource Management 2002-07-01
Uing-Ching Chang High Precision Fiber-Solder-Ferrule Packaging and Inspection System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-10
Jen-Fung Chang Combined magnetron sputtering and ECR-CVD deposition of diamond-like carbon films Electrical Engineering 2002-07-09
Ya-Hui Chang none Communcations Management 2002-07-05
Joseph Chang On Line Behavior Of Using Cyber Coffee : A Case Study For The User Of Cyber Coffee in Kaohsiung Information Management 2002-07-08
Shi-Chung Chang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-16
Chao-Chin Chang Design of Model Reference Adaptive Tracking Controllers for Mismatched Uncertain Dynamic Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-07-17
Leang-Kai Chang The Role of Demographics and Behavior Pattern in Stress Perception and Approach-Avoidance Intention Human Resource Management 2002-07-24
shio-bin Chang none EMBA 2002-07-25
Chia-Wei Chang The Location Choice of Information Service Industry Public Affairs Management 2002-07-26
Ling-hsing Chang A Study of Information System Implementation process from an Organizational Politics Perspectives Information Management 2002-07-29
Chia-Hui Chang none Chinese Literature 2002-07-29
Yi-Yuan Chang Analysis and Application of the FDTD Method combined with the Equivalent Source Method Electrical Engineering 2002-07-24
Tien-Li Chang Experimental Study of the Wake behind a Circular Cylinder under Excitation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-30
Yung-hsiang Chang The Content of Information Sharing Based upon Supply Chain Type and Uncertainty:A Case Study of Convergent Assembly Supply Network Information Management 2002-07-29
Jen-Yu Chang The Pattern of the Spatial Distribution in Township-village Enterprises─Regional and Provincial Level Analysis Mainland China Studies 2002-08-05
Shu-Ling Chang A study on the Influence of Team Leadership and Team Value on Team Effectiveness Human Resource Management 2002-08-07
Chin-Chung Chang Use TAM to verify the exploration results of teachers’ and student’attitude about digitalized teaching materials. Information Management 2002-08-06
Chang-Kuei Chang The case study of applying benchmarking to local government Public Affairs Management 2002-08-15
Dun-Cheng Chang Apply Fuzzy Cluster Method for Identifying the Spatial Distribution of Pollutants around Kaohsiung Coastal Water Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-08-15
Keng-jung Chang none IEMBA 2002-08-22
Chun-Yang Chang The factors of Effecting the Performance of Idea Generation Support System Information Management 2002-07-27
Shui-Chuan Chang The study of behavior leadership and its effects--The example of air-force Human Resource Management 2002-08-26
Shyh-Ya Chang A Study on the Attitude and Behavioral Intention of Intranet Adopted in Press: Lam8da of United Daily News as an Example Communcations Management 2002-09-05
Sen-Hao Chang A Contention-based Broadcast Protocol in Ad hoc Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2002-09-03
Hui-Chen Chang Settling Particulates and Sediments in the Northern South China Sea: Distributions of Mass Flux and Pb-210 Marine Geology and chemistry 2002-09-06
Yung-Fen Chang An Action Research For The Construction Of the School-Based Curriculum Management In Junior-high Schools -A case Study and Analysis Education 2002-09-09
Wei-Ming Chang Electrodeposition of gold nanoelectrode ensemble and discussion it's property in electrochemistry Chemistry 2002-09-10
Chen-Lin Chang none Human Resource Management 2002-09-12
Amy Chang none Economics 2002-09-16
Bo-Rui Chang Regioselective Reduction of N-Alkyl-3-sulfonyl Glutarimides and the Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Natural Product Synthesis Chemistry 2002-12-19
Yung-Chang Chang Leadership Behavior Theory and Practice-Research of the Case Leadership Behavior Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore Political Science 2003-01-02
Pei-jen Chang The Relationships between Gender, Birth Order, Family Structure, Emotion, Creative Personalities and Technological Creativity of Fifth Graders Education 2003-01-21
Ling-Shao Chang  Studies of Molecular Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkanethiols and Biferrocenylalkanethiols on Au(111) and Au Clusters Chemistry 2003-02-11
Pao-Shu Chang The Effect of Polyamines on Floral Initiation and Flower Development in Polianthes tuberosa Biological Sciences 2003-02-11
Ying-Liang Chang Human Facial Animation Based on Real Image Sequence Computer Science and Engineering 2003-05-19
Hui-Ling Chang The Comparison between EU's "Common and Foreign Seurity Policy" Integrated Negotiation Process and Cross-strait Negotiation Experience. Mainland China Studies 2003-05-26
Chung-Hsing Chang A Study on the Factors Affecting Future Growth Value of Enterprise---An Empirical Test for Taiwan Electronic Industry Finance 2003-06-16
Yung-Feng Chang Design and Numerical Simulation of Wide-Band Electromagnetic Absorption Materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-27
Chou-Nan Chang The Research on Occupational Health and Safety Legal System in China Mainland China Studies 2003-07-01
Ya-Ling Chang The influences of the abolishment of two tick limits in Taiwan security market Finance 2003-07-01
Chih-Tsung Chang The Study of Atypical Employment's Job Satisfaction-The Case of Contracted Workers Human Resource Management 2003-07-04
Ya-Ting Chang The Physical Properties of Mixed-Valence 1',1'"-bis(2,2':6',2"-terpyridin-4'-yl)-1,1"-biferrocenium Complexes : Mössbauer and EPR Characteristics. Chemistry 2003-07-03
Chi-Whei Chang The dislocation reverse evolution in polycrystalline copper during low-cycle fatigue Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-02
Jack Chang The Study of Training Needs for IS Manager's Professional Skills and Knowledge Development Information Management 2003-07-06
Shou-Cheng Chang Study on Product Positioning Strategy of Residential Buildings in Kaouhsiung Nei Wei Pi Cultural Park EMBA 2003-07-05
Fang-Yi Chang Image processing methods for comparing the similarity of fingerprints Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-09
Chung-Ni Chang Relationships Between Organization’s Need for Knowledge, Organizational Learning Strategy, and Knowledge Management System Human Resource Management 2003-07-11
Shu-Ming Chang The Electrical Properties of Liquid-Phase Deposited SiOF Films with Annealing Treatment Electrical Engineering 2003-07-10
Chun-Lin Chang Modified Generalized Sidelobe Canceller with Inverse QRD-RLS Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2003-07-11
Herng-Yuan Chang The effects of temperature, photoperiod and density on sexual and asexual reproductions of the sea anemone Aiptasia pulchella Carlgren 1943. Marine Biology 2003-07-20
Ching-Fen Chang Localization and comparative analysis of microsatellite repeats in human chromosome 20 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-07-17
Chan-Kuo Chang A Research on the Critical Success Factors of Implementing Database Marketing─Case Study of Chailease Financing Co., Ltd. IEMBA 2003-07-17
Chi-Chung Chang Improved Automeshing Using the Genetic Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2003-07-21
Jui-Sheng Chang Robust Control of Wafer Temperature Uniformity in Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-23
Yuh-Ping Chang Studies on the Tribo-electrification Mechanisms between the Metal Surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-25
Chung-Wen Chang The Feasibility Study of Implementing Benchmark Apprasial System in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2003-07-25
Mei-Yu Chang The wintertime distribution of epipelagic fish eggs alongsouthwestern coast of Taiwan Marine Resources 2003-07-28
Shiow-Jane Chang The Research of Lu Chiou's Son of Human Being Chinese Literature 2003-07-25
Kuo-Wei Chang A Study of factors Influencing Consumers’ Trust in Fortune-Telling Websites Information Management 2003-07-30
Shu-Ping Chang Broadcasting Support in Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Local Area Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-01
Hung-Bin Chang none Public Affairs Management 2003-07-31
michelle chang none Communications Management 2003-07-31
Hui-Shan Chang Policy Network and its Application to Policy Making in Grade 1-9 Curriculum Public Affairs Management 2003-08-06
Chung-Yung Chang The study for strategies of BOT development in Taiwan-Kaohsiung MRT Project Public Affairs Management 2003-08-06
Hsu-Chung Chang A Study of the Implementation of the CTWU Industrial Democracy Public Affairs Management 2003-08-08
Te-Yu Chang The role of heat shock proteins in lipopolysaccharide-induced PC12 cell death Biological Sciences 2003-08-15
Chi-Hui Chang Synthesis and Structural Study of Tri(2-thiophenyl)phosphino- Germanium and Tin Complexes Chemistry 2003-08-27
Lin-Ing Chang Business team performance study versus various human resource managing strategies. - A case of computer software industry. Human Resource Management 2003-08-28
Fang-chia Chang Planning of Marine Protected Area and Involvement of the Private Sector Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-09-02
Tso-Hsuan Chang Design of High-performance, Low-power and Memory-efficient EBCOT and MQ Coder for JPEG2000 Computer Science and Engineering 2003-09-01
Mei-Cheng Chang none Chinese Literature 2003-09-04
Jen-Wei Chang DSP-Based Induction Motor Sensorless Driver with Low Speed Estimation Electrical Engineering 2004-01-13
Pei-jung Chang Outsourcing Employee Turnover in The Customer Service Department -- Using the Grounded Theory to Construct The Cause-Effect Model Information Management 2004-01-29
Ling-famg Chang A study of the Dan-shui Blue High Way and it's sustainable development strategy Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-01-29
Yen-Ching Chang A Study of the Critical Success Factors in China Television Station (CTS) Reengineering Communications Management 2004-02-05
Chih-hao Chang Analysis of American technology export control and Semiconductor Industry development between China and Taiwan Mainland China Studies 2004-02-10
Hsin-Yun Chang Strategic Typology Evolution Of SME- A case study of KMC Business Management 2004-02-04
Cheng-pu Chang Haydn's Nelson Mass Music 2004-02-12
Meng-fan Chang The influences of self-directed readiness and learning satisfaction to the intention of continuing study-The examples of Open Universities in Kaohsiung Area Human Resource Management 2004-02-13
Sin-Min Chang A New Broadband Electromagnetic Band-gap (EBG) Power Planes with High Suppression of Ground Bounce Noise Electrical Engineering 2004-04-28
Hong-chang Chang Employee’s Acceptance of Intranet Implementation -A Case Study Business Management 2004-05-21
Chih-hui Chang The Development and Performance Research on Online Brokerages in Taiwan Finance 2004-05-31
Wen-chyi Chang The Study of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for Power Industry- A case on the high voltage customer of Taiwan Power Company Business Management 2004-05-25
Yuan-Hao Chang Implementation of Embedded LINUX with NOR Flash Memory Computer Science and Engineering 2004-06-02
Li-Chung Chang Research of Situation and Strategy Formulation Business Management 2004-06-11
Hung-ming Chang none Business Management 2004-06-14
Kuo-Ming Chang A Study for the Influence of Compensation System, Organization Climate to Employee Performance- Taking Traditional Textile Companies as Examples Human Resource Management 2004-06-14
Yung-Hsin Chang The Study of a Multi-reentrant Two-mirror Yb:YAG Ring Laser Physics 2004-06-17
Sen-Fang Chang D-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression - a functional-algebraic approach Applied Mathematics 2004-06-20
Po-hsun Chang Research on KMS Evaluation-Based on Agenda Building Theory Information Management 2004-06-29
Bor-wei chang Automatic Measurement of Thermoelectric Power Electrical Engineering 2004-06-29
Ya-Hui Chang The Nineteenth-century Piano Works “Barcarolle” by Mendelssohn, Chopin, Fauré and Rachmaninoff. Music 2004-06-30
Chia-Hao Chang An Implementation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer Electrical Engineering 2004-07-01
Kuo-Chan Chang A Study on the PRC's Political Democratization Mainland China Studies 2004-07-02
Chia-Hao Chang The Influences of Thermal Annealing and Oxygen Plasma Treatment on the Characteristics of High Dielectric Coefficient (Ba, Sr)(Ti, Zr)O3 Thin Films Electrical Engineering 2004-07-05
Ching-yu Chang none Finance 2004-07-06
Shi-Ming Chang Vectorial Modal Analysis of Complex Dielectric Waveguides with 2-D Compact Orthogonal Bases Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-05
Yuan-yu Chang A Finite Element Study of the Influential Factors of Remote Field Eddy Current Testing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-06
Ting-jang Chang Analysis of impact effect to Varied shape of Golf Club head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-07
Pai-ying Chang The Design and Fabrication of Ring Cavity Semiconductor Laser and Filter Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-08
Chun-Ying Chang InP-Based Electro-Absorption Modulator Structures Grown and DLTS System Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-08
Sheng-pei Chang Synthetic Studies toward Onychine and Cleistopholine Chemistry 2004-07-06
Chih-yi Chang Grain Size Refinement in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy by Friction Stir Processing Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-09
Andrew Chang The discussion uses the resoure based theory to analyze the competiton & strategien of the ocean cantainer/ization trade, taking "F" company as an example EMBA 2004-07-12
Chih-wei Chang Heat of Fusion, Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics and Morphology of Poly(ethylene-co-trimethylene terephthalate) Copolyesters Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-13
Jing-shun Chang Application of porous gold enzyme electrode in electrochemical Flow injection analysis. Chemistry 2004-07-13
Jui-Hsin Chang Effect and mechanism of atropine and mepyramine on histamine-induced plasma leakage and serous cell secretion in the rat trachea Biological Sciences 2004-07-14
Ming-wen Chang Design of Derivative Estimator Using Adaptive Sliding Mode Technique Electrical Engineering 2004-07-15
Hsueh-Wen Chang The Political Economy of the Petroleum Administration Law Economics 2004-07-17
Ning Chang An Examination on Group Decision-making Procedure of SJT against IM Results - And A Comparison between Group Decision-making Methods in Policy Analysis Public Affairs Management 2004-07-17
Chia-Wei Chang The Changes of Aboriginal Structure of Community Power: Two case Studies of Pinuymayan-LykaBung and Rukai-Tarumak Political Science 2004-07-22
Hsiang-chin Chang The Development of the Exception Handling Mechanisms Based on BPEL4WS Information Management 2004-07-23
Chia-Hao Chang Concepts Extraction and Change Detection from Navigated Information over the Internet Information Management 2004-07-25
Chiung-Yun Chang Building the ICT Indicators and Linking with Economic Performance in Taiwan Economics 2004-07-27
Yung-Chi Chang Parallel Connecting New Product Development Process:The Case Study of Bicycle Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2004-07-28
Sung-shan Chang The research of relationship between recognition of changing in external environment,career anchor & job change intention –An example of military instructor in college Human Resource Management 2004-07-28
Yuan-feng Chang A Sliding-Window Approach to Mining Maximal Large Itemsets for Large Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-28
Chih-Hao Chang A Study of the Effects of the Ground Plane and the Phase Center on the LPDA Antenna Factor Communications Engineering 2004-07-29
Cheng-Nan Chang A Study on The PZT Thin Films Prepared by Sputtering Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-31
Jun-liang Chang Deposition of NiO/CGO films by EAVD method Materials Science and Engineering 2004-08-04
Chih-Yue Chang Segmentation analysis for eating oil market- by health functions eating oil products IEMBA 2004-08-11
Li-ju Chang Remediation of petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater by natural attenuation Environmental Engineering 2004-08-13
Hung-Hui Chang The core competency and career development of the international manager Human Resource Management 2004-08-16
Kuo-I Chang The effect of employee categorization on employee selection and promotion: the perspective of Chaxugeju Human Resource Management 2004-08-16
Pei-Yin Chang The Perception of Organizational Politics and the reason of perception of Organizational Politics For Public and Private Enterprises Human Resource Management 2004-08-16
Hwai-luh Chang Using Balanced Scorecard to Construct the Strategic Implementation System in Military Hospital-A Case Study of an Armed Forces Hospital IEMBA 2004-08-20
Joanne chang The Study of Subordinate's Acceptance of Supervisor's Influence Tactics Human Resource Management 2004-08-27
Chung-Yao Chang Performance of OFDM-Based Wireless Communication Systems and Its Applications with Antenna Arrays Electrical Engineering 2004-08-27
Yun-chin Chang Comparision of Shell Closing between Sanguinolaria rostrata and Meretrix lusoria Marine Resources 2004-09-02
Ming-jer Chang A case study of operational performance of a build-operate-transfer municipal waste incinerator in Luchao, Chiayi County Environmental Engineering 2004-09-03
chia-hui Chang Research on the May Fourth spirit and its influence in Lin Hai-yin’s novel. Chinese Literature 2004-09-06
Shiow-chung Chang Independent Director and Firm Performance Finance 2004-09-05
Ching-Yung Chang A Design of Mandarin Speech Recognition System for Addresses Electrical Engineering 2004-09-06
wei-yen Chang Competition strategys of Taiwanese TFT-LCD corporations Business Management 2004-09-04
An-Chi Chang A Study of Elgar’s “Cello Concerto in E minor, Opus 85” Music 2004-09-08
Jia-Jue Chang System Prototyping of the IEEE 802.11a Wireless LAN Physical Layer Baseband Transceiver Computer Science and Engineering 2004-09-07
Ting-Yi Chang A study of concept of Britten's cello sonata opus 65 Music 2004-09-09
Ai-Chin Chang Public Relations on Performing Arts Communications Management 2004-09-09
ZnSheng Chang China's Reaction to United States Asia-Pacific Missile Defense Political Science 2004-09-13
Ching-ming Chang Essays on Soft Budget Constraints、Top- Management Compensation、Ownership Structure and Banking Governance Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-09-27
Po-Chih Chang Synthesis and Reactivity Study of Tris(1-pyrazolyl)methane Copper(I) Complexes Relating to the Copper Protein Active Site Modeling Complexes Chemistry 2004-10-01
Shao-nung Chang Knowledge protection, relationship capital, and strategic attribute of knowledge relationship to alliance performance in strategic alliance:Empirical research of the Hi-Tech manufacturer of Taiwan Business Management 2004-11-08
JUI-FANG CHANG Changes in the Retirement System for Teachers in Taiwan Political Science 2005-01-28
Heng-Yu Chang Qualitative research on leader speech communication content, leader behaviors and subordinates' trust Human Resource Management 2005-02-03
Chung-heng Chang Development of a Force Sensor Mechanism for the Bare Fiber Polishing Machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-02-17
Han-cheng Chang A Study of Internship’s Circumstance Influences on Students’ professional commitment: Case of International Hospitality Industry Human Resource Management 2005-02-21
Hsin-chiu Chang The research of the government information service outsourcing cooperation mechanism- A case study of “the property management system outsourcing in Kaohsiung City” Political Science 2005-05-06
Chi Chang Neuroprotective Role of Ubiquitin Carboxyl-Terminal Hydrolase L1 and Heat Shock Protein 70 at the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla During Mevinphos Intoxication in the Rat Biological Sciences 2005-05-23
I-wei Chang Design Analysis and Experimental Investigation of the HVAC System in an IC Circuit Plant Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-31
Hsien-hsiung Chang The Comparative Analysis on Operating and Intellectual Capital Performance of the Banks in Taiwan Area Economics 2005-06-08
Tsang-Jung Chang The Effects of New Product Development Teams on New Product Quality: A Taiwanese-American Comparison Business Management 2005-06-20
Shih-Chang Chang Interfacial Reactions of Sn-Zn, Sn-Zn-Al, and Sn-Zn-Bi Solder Balls with Au/Ni Pad in BGA Package Materials Science and Engineering 2005-06-16
Hsueh-chen Chang Incessant Confrontation: Love Laws, Body and Ecology in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things Foreign Language and Literature 2005-06-20
Kuei-Min Chang Microstructure Analysis of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Ball in BGA Package Materials Science and Engineering 2005-06-21
Chi-lung Chang Performance Study on the Treatment of Odorous Gases from Composting of Swine Manure Environmental Engineering 2005-06-20
Yu-Hsien Chang Using Analytic Hierarchy Process to Construct a Performance Evaluation Model for Assessment of Direct Labor in the Paper Mill. Human Resource Management 2005-06-21
Chiung-yin Chang Induction of Grouper Antibody Immunity by Virus-like Particles of Nervous Necrosis Virus Marine Resources 2005-06-26
Shih-chung Chang The influence of major political events in Taiwan on the budgeting for national defense〈1995-2004〉 EMPP 2005-06-29
Te-yu Chang none Finance 2005-06-30
chen-yi chang A STUDY ON TAIWANESE NURSERY RHYMES Chinese Literature 2005-07-01
Ping-chun Chang A study of statistical distribution of a nonparametric test for interval censored data Applied Mathematics 2005-07-05
Chiung-jen Chang Study fo Ni-MH Battery Capacity Management Electrical Engineering 2005-07-05
Yunn-Kuen Chang The study of competitiveness advantage comparative of medical devices of orthopedics ---Case study on United orthopedics company and Smith & Nephew ( Overseas ) Taiwan Branch IEMBA 2005-07-05
Chien-chung Chang Fabrication of Integrated Nebulizer Nozzle Plate Utlizing Micro-molding for FD- ESI Mass Spectrometry Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-01
Wan-Yu Chang Implementation & Analysis of Application Layer Multicast over Mobile IPv6 Network Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-06
Chia-Hsuan Chang Determining band bending of GaN by using contactless Electroreflectance spectroscopy Physics 2005-06-29
Jing-Ho Chang The analysis of the contest of the control of China Development Financial Holding Corporation Business Management 2005-07-03
Chun-ming Chang Establishment of zero-water exchange cultivation technology in the white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei Marine Biology 2005-07-13
Hsiang-an Chang Wind Effects on Water Exchange and Residence Time in Ta-pong Bay Physical Oceanography 2005-07-13
Shu-hao Chang A Digital Oximetry Based Method for Estimating Respiratory Disturbance Index Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-15
Ching-Ju Chang The Study of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuation - The Case of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-19
Kuen-Hung Chang A Study of the Job Stress and the Coping strategies adopted by Directors of Elementary Schools in Taiwan Education 2005-07-21
chi-an chang Studies From Reactant Supply for Heterogeneous Composite Carbon Fiber Bipolar Plates Applied to a Fuel Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-21
Han-yun Chang The Analysis of Ti Nano-Films Prepared by Ion Beam Deposition Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-21
Chao-Chung Chang The design of single phase full wave fan motor driver IC Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
Chiung-yun Chang Effect of Indole-3-butyric Acid on the Formation of Adventitious Roots in Cinnamomum kanehirae Cuttings Biological Sciences 2005-07-21
Chia-jung Chang Effect of Copper on Peroxidase Isozyme Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Biological Sciences 2005-07-22
Chung-Min Chang The analysis on the water resource development strategy in Kinmen -A viewpoint of public value Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Yu-Chun Chang Pricing American options in the jump diffusion model Applied Mathematics 2005-07-21
Chang-ming Chang none Mainland China Studies 2005-07-26
Chih-Hung Chang The Study of Holographic Grating on Azo-Dye Doped in Multi-phases LCs Physics 2005-07-27
Chiao-Ling Chang Research of the factors that family's users buy the energy-efficient bulb. Public Affairs Management 2005-07-31
Hsin-Hung Chang The use of mobile value-added service on effects of news production in Kaohsiung journalists. Communications Management 2005-08-01
Jen-Chen Chang Design of Sliding Surfaces for A Class of Mismatched Perturbed Large-Scale Systems to Achieve Asymptotical Stability Electrical Engineering 2005-08-01
Chun-Te Chang Research About The Laws And System Of The Electricity Liberalization In Taiwan EMPP 2005-07-30
Wei-kai Chang Concentrations and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment cores of Kaoping submarine canyon Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-08-08
Jan-Chun Chang A Study of The Management and Operation of Artists Communities in Taiwan Area Arts Management 2005-07-14
Ming-Yun Chang Low Temperature Deformation Behavior of Ultrafine Grained Pure Aluminum Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-10
Ming-Kai Chang NTSC Digital Video Decoder and Digital Phase Locked Loop Electrical Engineering 2005-08-12
Jung-Kai Chang Synthetic Studies Toward Xylopinine Chemistry 2005-08-18
Po-Chien Chang The Content Analysis of Journal of Human Resource Management and Determinants of Acceptance of an Article Human Resource Management 2005-08-23
Yu-yun Chang A basic research in FaLun Gong practitioner's experiencing and understanding process on spirit transformation Business Management 2005-08-24
Chi-Yung Chang Fabrication of Al-Al3Ti composites by Friction Stir Processing Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-26
Ya-lan Chang none Arts Management 2005-08-30
Der-guang Chang Treatment of Trichlorothylene in the Subsurface Environment Using the Suspension of Nanoscale Palladized Iron and Electrokinetic Remediation Process Environmental Engineering 2005-08-31
Chien-hung Chang Applying Knowledge Management to Requirement Analysis of Software Development Information Management 2005-09-01
Chin-hsiang Chang Use of Parallel Computing Techniques to Search for Perfectly Orthogonal Complementary Codes Communications Engineering 2005-09-02
Yu-Chen Chang The Performance of the Differentially Coherent DS/SS Code Synchronization with Different Adaptive LMS Filtering Schemes Electrical Engineering 2005-08-02
Yu-Meng Chang The Study of Relationship Between Human Capital and Service Quality:The Mediating Effects of Organizational Justice Human Resource Management 2005-09-06
Ming-Hui Chang Characterization of Ambient Noise and Design of Current Sensors for High-Frequency Noise Electrical Engineering 2005-10-13
Hsiao-Yu Chang Study on the Biological Treatment of Air-borne VOCs by Sieve-plate Absorption Tower Combined with Activated Sludge Aeration Tank Environmental Engineering 2005-10-24
Yuan-Shing Chang Small Area Digital Output Cell Design with Spike Filtering And An Asynchronous Sequential Full Adder esign with High Impedance and Conflict Logic Techniques Electrical Engineering 2006-01-06
Te-Chuan Chang Women’s Roles in Taiwanese New Cinema: After Twenty Years Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-01-18
Wen-ching Chang The Determinants of Firm-specific Knowledge Learning: The Effects of Psychological Contract and HRM Practices Human Resource Management 2006-01-24
Jean-hao Chang A Study of Organizational Politics in Managers and its Impact on Knowledge Sharing Human Resource Management 2006-02-08
Wen-chia Chang The family in McDonald's: The representation of the family on TV commercials Communications Management 2006-02-08
Chao-Sung Chang A Study of the Relationship between Social Capital and Physical and Mental Health of Aboringines in Southern Taiwan Human Resource Management 2006-02-10
Ching-feng Chang The study og arginine kinase allozyme of Thais clavigera in relation to tides Marine Biology 2006-02-23
Po-hsiang Chang Enhanced 8-bit microcontroller and its SoC integration Computer Science and Engineering 2006-03-17
Tien-tzu Chang The effects of using illustrated books in young children's learning on arithmetic and geometric concepts Education 2006-05-15
Chao-Chung Chang A Study on the Impact of the Cih-Huei Class upon Dropouts regarding Their Performance in General and Technical Courses and Family Perspective Education 2006-05-16
Chih-Hua Chang NOVEL EMC CHIP ANTENNAS FOR WLAN APPLICATIONS Electrical Engineering 2006-06-01
An-Chi Chang How human resource managers and line managers can improve or corporate with each other to enhance working motivation factors of employees Business Management 2006-06-01
You-min Chang Fault Detection and Diagnostic Expert Systems in HVAC Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-09
Chia-Ching Chang The Relevant Research on the Attitude to Multicultural Education and Teaching Efficiency of Adult-Education Teachers in Elementary Schools in Kaohsiung Education 2006-06-14
Kai-han Chang A Study on the Application of Cooperative Learning to Visual Arts Curriculum on the Creativity and Drawing Performance of the the lower grade in the elementary school. Education 2006-06-19
Li-Tsung Chang A Feasibility Study of Benchmarking for Performance Audit of Construction Procurement Public Affairs Management 2006-06-20
Wei-Pang Chang Mechanisms underlying the inflammatory responses in rat lower airways induced by intraesophageal application of capsaicin and 6-hydroxydopamine Biological Sciences 2006-06-21
Shih-hsun Chang Parameter estimation in proportional hazard model with interval censored data Applied Mathematics 2006-06-24
Ching-Wen Chang Detection of Occult Blood and Trace Albumin in Urine by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2006-06-26
Chia-ling Chang A Study of Undergraduates City Credit Card Market in Kaohsiung. Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-27
Kai-ying Chang Perverse Desire and Lesbian Identity in Lydia Kwa's This Place Called Absence Foreign Language and Literature 2006-06-23
Ching-Ya Chang none Mainland China Studies 2006-07-04
Wei-che Chang Characterization, Crystallization, Melting and Morphology of Poly(ethylene succinate), Poly(trimethylene succinate) and their Copolyesters Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-03
Chih-Yi Chang A 868/915 MHz Band ZigBee Physical Layer Design and Synchronization Mechanism Design of DVB-T Demodulators Electrical Engineering 2006-07-04
Yu-Tung Chang Superconducting Paring State in NbSe2: A Low Temperature Specific Heat Study Physics 2006-07-05
Yi-Wen Chang A Study of Flexural Plate Wave Device with High C-axis Orientation ZnO Piezoelectric Film and Interdigital Transducer Electrical Engineering 2006-07-13
Hsiu-ching Chang A characterization of weight function for construction of minimally-supported D-optimal designs for polynomial regression via differential equation Applied Mathematics 2006-07-13
Shu-wei Chang Toward the Development of Molecular Wire: Ruthenium(II) Complex Containing 1,1'-Bis(terpyridylethynyl)triferrocene as a Spacer Chemistry 2006-07-13
Yung-Chi Chang A Study on Relationship of Private Label and Nation Brand Competition Business Management 2006-07-16
Wei-chung Chang none Public Affairs Management 2006-07-18
Li-chia Chang Royalty Rate and Slotting Allowance Economics 2006-07-11
Yu-chuan Chang Study on fabrication of high performance thin film transistor Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-18
Kuang-yao Chang Enhancement of Coupling Efficiency of Plastic Optical Fibers with Different End Shapes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-15
Chun-min Chang The Approach of Consumers' Perspective on the Evaluation of Elementary School in Kaohsiung Education 2006-07-19
Zhi-jie Chang Transport Studies in AlxGa1-xN/GaN Quantum Well at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Physics 2006-07-20
Wei-kuo Chang Logistic Regression Model applies to resignation factors for commissioned and non-commissioned officers in Chinese Marine Corps—Take southern Marine forces as examples EMPP 2006-07-18
Ju-Huei Chang A Study of Operation and Off-Campus Performing Phenomenon Given by the Music Talented Class of Senior High School:Focus on Cases of Seven Schools in Southern Taiwan Arts Management 2006-07-19
Ming-Che Chang FLASH Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategic Research IEMBA 2006-07-21
Kuo-chung Chang A Feasible Evaluation and Analysis of Visual Air Quality Index in Urban Areas Environmental Engineering 2006-07-21
Shih-chi Chang Blind Adaptive DS-CDMA Receivers with Sliding Window Constant Modulus GSC-RLS Algorithm Based on Min/Max Criterion for Time-Variant Channels Electrical Engineering 2006-07-26
Chun-liang Chang Secure Electronic Lottery Protocols Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-25
Chia-Wen Chang Energy-Aware Key Management in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Communications Engineering 2006-07-26
Lun-Kai Chang Modified GML Algorithm with Simulated Annealing for Estimation of Signal Arrival Time in WPAN Systems Electrical Engineering 2006-07-27
Chih-Ming Chang Study on the Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanism of Nonvolatile Memory with Ni Nanodots Physics 2006-07-25
Chao-jen Chang Error Analysis in Optical Flows of Machine Vision with Multiple Cameras Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-27
Ya-min Chang Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Processors on a System Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-27
Ping-kuan Chang The Study of BZT Thin Film Deposited on ITO Substrate by RF Magnetron Sputtering Electrical Engineering 2006-07-26
Li-Wen Chang Women and Economics in American Progressive Era: A Veblenian Reading of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Kate Chopin, and Edith Wharton Foreign Language and Literature 2006-07-26
Yi-jyun Chang White Light Emitting Diodes of Non-fully Conjugated Coil-like Polymer Doped with Derivatized Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-28
Chin-hao Chang The investigation on improving the content of dispersive particles for composite electrodeposition layer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-29
Jr-yang Chang Examine the Impacts of Structural Changes on the Networking Products:The Comparison of Chow, CUSUM, STAR Tests. Economics 2006-07-29
Tien-ming Chang An Analysis for The Present Development and The Strategical Improvement of Taiwan Free Trade Zone Public Affairs Management 2006-07-31
Hsiu-Tsu Chang To associate leading with teaching the effect which four grade of pupil creates the peom of children concurrently the one that tests consensual assessment technique of Amabile is proper Education 2006-07-31
Hui-hsuan Chang Molecular Characterization of IgA1 protease from Non-typable Haemophilus influenzae Biological Sciences 2006-08-01
Chong-Lin Chang A new 1T DRAM Cell With Enhanced Floating Body Effect Electrical Engineering 2006-07-31
Cheng-hung Chang A Taxonomic Synopsis of Nudibranchs in Taiwan and Adjacent Islands, with Notes on Spicule Morphology Marine Biology 2006-07-31
Wang-Liang Chang Issues in Contemporary Liberalism︰Economic Justice and the Conception of the Good Political Science 2006-08-01
Kai-hsiang Chang Derivative pricing based on time series models of default probabilities Applied Mathematics 2006-08-02
Yin-hao Chang Period Mechanism of Semilunar Eclosion Rhythm of the Marine Midge Pontomyia oceana Marine Biology 2006-08-07
Wen-Chan Chang Manufacturing of hydraulic bulge warm forming machine and experiments of tube bulge forming Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-08
Yung-Lung Chang The perception on fairness of job promotion of the civil servant, the political awareness of job promotion and the study on the promise of the organization-Exemplify with taxman of Kaoshiung Notional Tax Administration Political Science 2006-08-08
Fang-Sung Chang Marketing Reserch of Biotechnology Service Industry-Taiwan Equipment Supplier for Reserch Laboratory IEMBA 2006-08-07
Hsiu-chen Chang A study on Government Procurement Dispute-based on a port authority Business Management 2006-08-08
Chih-kang Chang Characterization of ARR4 ATPase activity and structural states in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2006-08-10
Ya-Wen Chang Non-typable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) has become a dominant microbial strain causing invasive diseases Biological Sciences 2006-08-15
Yao-Jui Chang System-level Architecture Exploration and Case Studies Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-15
Bo-Chia chang The Application of Characteristic-Based Analysis in Taiwan's Stock Mutual Fund Market Finance 2006-08-19
Hsu-Hui Chang Parameter Identification of ROV by Decoupled Dynamical Models with Projective Mapping Method Undersea Technology 2006-08-23
Yu-Chi Chang Marketing Strategies of Discretionary Investment Business in Taiwan Case Study:AB Company EMBA 2006-08-24
Huei-wen Chang None Chinese Literature 2006-08-29
Wen-hsiang Chang The Research on Competitive Advantages in BLU Industry - Take an Example of “R” Company EMBA 2006-08-29
Yu-Sang Chang The Effect of e-Forums on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2006-09-06
Hsin-wei Chang The adsorption behaviors of CO2 ,CH4 and CO on Cu/Ni catalysts Chemistry 2006-09-06
Yu-Ning Chang Metal Complexes of a Chelating Diphenolate Phosphine Ligand Chemistry 2006-09-12
Shao-fang Chang How to make an aggressive plan to retain and attract outstanding employees. Human Resource Management 2006-09-12
Shu-Min Chang research of orchid industry Business Management 2006-09-14
Yu-Ming Chang Comparative Study on the System of Arbitrators Between China Mainland And Taiwan Mainland China Studies 2006-09-22
Hsieh-ying Chang Design and Implementation of Single-Phase Full-Wave Brushless DC Fan Motor Driver Electrical Engineering 2006-10-17
Chia-Jung Chang Study and Implementation of An Active Power Factor Correction AC/DC Converter With No Sensing of Input Voltage Electrical Engineering 2006-10-20
Ya-Ting Chang China's Western Development Program and Human Development Index: Rethinking of China's Regional Development Mainland China Studies 2006-11-17
Yaote Chang Design of Nonlinear Controllers for Systems with Mismatched Perturbations Electrical Engineering 2007-01-18
Chia-Yi Chang The relationship between high-tech medical equipment and health service volume Institute of Health Care Management 2007-01-17
Chi-Wen Chang A Study on Off-shore Wind Farm Power Transmission for Grid Interconnection Electrical Engineering 2007-01-19
Wei-Jung Chang Intestinal microflora induce host defense after burn through Toll-like Receptor 4 signaling in mice Biological Sciences 2007-01-23
Chia-san Chang Study on Architecture-Oriented Project Management Information Management 2007-01-23
Huei-jen Chang none Chinese Literature 2007-01-20
Wen-ming Chang Study of Architecture-Oriented Production/Marketing Management Information Management 2007-01-22
Chia-Wei Chang Standard Methods of Evaluation of Solder Ball and Flux Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-29
Hou-kuang Chang The Case of Course within the Privatization of Public Enterprise Human Resource Management 2007-02-06
Ya-ling Chang The Study on Developmental Strategy for MICE Industry in Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung and Ping-tung Countries. Theatre Arts 2007-02-06
Lee-Lee Chang Self-Organization in a Collaborative Knowledge Network: A Case Study of OOPS Information Management 2007-02-13
Chia-yu Chang Business Management 2007-05-31
Yu-Shu Chang Spatial Decision of a Multi-store Firm under Price Regulation Economics 2007-06-13
Chia-chi Chang The Study of Corruption Prevention and Profits Promotion of Corporate Governance Business Management 2007-06-20
Chong-keng Chang Functional domains of RECK protein that mediate its anti-metastatic activity Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-06-21
Liang-Cheng Chang Intellectual Capital Indicator Construction and System Dynamics Analysis for High Technology Industry---In the Case of IC Desgin Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2007-06-21
Wei Chang Polarization switching during the turn-on of a VCSEL Physics 2007-06-22
Yu-hsuan Chang The Effects of Customer Relationship Management of Credit Card on Customer Loyalty Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-14
Chia-ling Chang A study on the integration of games in multiplication and division instruction for elementary third graders Education 2007-06-22
Shih-Chi Chang Taiwan’s Valve Industry Competitive Strategic Research EMBA 2007-06-25
Li-ching Chang The Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries - A Case Study of Roche and Genentech IEMBA 2007-06-25
Chin-Yen Chang On the Resource Distribution Policy of Capital expenditure in Wafer Labor Industry-TSMC as an Example Business Management 2007-06-27
Chun-Ping Chang Political Business cycles in developed countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-27
Wei-Lun Chang none Business Management 2007-06-28
Ken-Hu Chang Earnings Management, Corporate Governance, and True Financial Performance Business Management 2007-06-28
Chien-Kuei Chang Integrating ferrite process with auxiliary methods to treat and resource heavy metal waste liquid Environmental Engineering 2007-06-29
Chiou-wen Chang A Study on the Related Factors of Life Adjument among Elementary Students Education 2007-07-01
Chun-hao Chang The Change of Constitutional System in Taiwan: The Perspectives of Old and New Institutionalism Political Science 2007-07-02
Hsien-Cheng Chang Investigation of AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure Using Photoluminescence Physics 2007-07-02
Hsu-feng Chang A Study on the Relation of Value Orientation and Migration of Population: The Case Study of Youth Public Affairs Management 2007-07-06
Tie-Yan Chang A 10-bit 30-MS/s Pipeline ADC for DVB-H Receiver Systems and Mixed-Voltage Tolerant I/O Cell Design Communications Engineering 2007-07-11
Zhi-peng Chang Purchasing Power Parity-Application of New Simple Panel Cointegration Test Economics 2007-07-12
Yun-Hsiang Chang A Novel Current Loop for DSP-Based Power Factor Correction Circuits Electrical Engineering 2007-07-17
Yu-tzu Chang none Chemistry 2007-07-10
Lan-fang Chang none Chemistry 2007-07-18
Chin-hsiang Chang Chemical Constituents and Bio-activity Studies of Formosan Soft Corals Capnella imbricata and Clavularia viridis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-07-17
Ting-wei Chang Application of Integrated Modeling on Non-point Source Pollution Assessment for the Mudan Reservoir Watershed Environmental Engineering 2007-07-18
Chia-ming Chang Boundary Approximation Method for Stoke's Flows Applied Mathematics 2007-07-20
shu-chen chang creativity in advertisement and the influences of message that advertisement appeals toward consumer’s interest Communications Management 2007-07-20
De-cheng Chang Analysis of vias in print circuit board using conformal FDTD method Electrical Engineering 2007-07-20
Jei-Chen Chang Modeling Software with UML-A Case Study of Personnel Leave System Information Management 2007-07-23
Su-bi Chang How Different Policies Influence Expected Profit Of the Firm Of Biotechnology Industry Under Uncertain Risks: Genetically Modified Food Economics 2007-07-19
Li-der Chang The Study on the Employees’ Cognition of Organizational Change and Job Satisfaction in Voice of Han Communications Management 2007-07-24
Kuei-Jung Chang The Effect of Switching Costs and Website Quality on Switching Behavior--A Case of On-line Auction Information Management 2007-07-24
Wen-ching Chang A Study of Experiential Theories Merging into Integrative Activities Learning Area Teaching in Elementary School Education 2007-07-25
Yao-i Chang Effect of Ga to N flux ratio on the GaN surface morphologies grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2007-07-26
Bai-hao Chang none Business Management 2007-07-26
Kao-Tsai Chang none Mainland China Studies 2007-07-24
Jui-Ling Chang The Study of Taiwan's Industrial Hollowing-out Effect – An In-depth Observation of Taiwanese Investment in China. Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-26
Han-ching Chang The Agency of the Social Organization of Taiwan Irrigation Associations Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-25
Hui-ting Chang A Study of the Reception of Yu Ta-fu's Fiction Chinese Literature 2007-07-27
Chih-te Chang Characterization of Titanium Silicon Oxide Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2007-07-26
Wei-tsai Chang The fabrication of mass sensor using thin-film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) Electrical Engineering 2007-07-27
Chin-Kuei Chang Robust Servo Tracking with Divergent Trinocular Cameras Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-30
Hui-Lin Chang Formal Synthesis of 9-Isocyanoneopupukeanane Chemistry 2007-07-30
Chien-Yu Chang Inhibitory effect of dimethylthiourea on endotoxin-induced mucus secretion in intestinal gland cells Biological Sciences 2007-07-27
Heng-Jui Chang Quantum Well Intermixing in Symmetric Multiple Quantum Well Structures by Using ICP-RIE and SiO2 Sputtering Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-30
Shien-sheng Chang none Human Resource Management 2007-08-01
Liang-Cyuan Chang The study of BaTiO3-gated pH-ISFET using sol-gel processes Electrical Engineering 2007-08-02
YA-FU CHANG Study on the Influence of a Team’s Emotional Intelligence, Team Conflict and Social Capital of an Organization on Team Performance Human Resource Management 2007-08-03
Chia-Wei Chang The Establishment of Acoustic Measurement Procedure and System for Underwater Targets Undersea Technology 2007-08-04
Hung-yung Chang Game Colourings of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2007-08-09
mei-jane Chang The analyze of arbitrage opportunity from comany merger activity Finance 2007-08-10
Yi-Chia Chang A study of Electronic Service Convenient, Electronic Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention - The case of on-line purchase 3C products. Business Management 2007-08-14
Shu-hsien Chang A Study of the Industrial Potentiality of Science Parks in Taiwan in Relation to National Economic Development and Affection under Globalization. EMPP 2007-08-15
Hui-jeng Chang The effect of transformational leadership on job performance:the mediating role of job involvement Human Resource Management 2007-08-15
Tzu-Ting Chang The Angiogenic Functions and Signaling of Delta-Like 1 Homologue Extracellular Domain in Endothelial Cells Biological Sciences 2007-08-22
I-ching Chang A Study on the Wood Industry Companies’China Investment Management-A Case of A Corporation EMBA 2007-08-24
Chih-chao Chang Analyses of SNR estimation for OFDM systems with imperfect synchronization in Rayleigh fading channel Communications Engineering 2007-08-27
Hui-Chun Chang Wireless Heterogeneous Transmitter Placement Based on the Variable-Length Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-28
Yen-wei Chang Comparative studies on life history parameters of coastal fishes among different regions of Taiwan Marine Biology 2007-08-29
Wan-lin Chang Effects of Relationship Marketing Strategies on Relationship Quality and Customer Loyalty in Online Shopping Communications Management 2007-08-24
Chiung-wen Chang The Influence of R&D Expenditure on Short- and Long-term Return of IPOs Business Management 2007-08-30
Tzung-wei Chang The Effect of the Elbow Pipe to the Guided Waves Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-31
CHIA-LING CHANG Correlation Among Performance System Cognition, Compensation System Cognition and Organizational Commitment – with Organizational Justice as Mediating Effect Human Resource Management 2007-09-03
Chiao-ling Chang A Comparative Study on the Verb "qi-lai " in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwan Southern Min Chinese Literature 2007-09-04
Chia-wei Chang Adsorption mechanism and dynamical behavior of water molecules surrounding icosahedral Au nanoclusters Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-09
Shan-sheng Chang Design of Five-Speed Gear-type Transmissions for Two Wheel Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-10
Ken-Lin Chang Oxidation characteristics of fluorine-, nitrogen-, and sulfur-containing organic compounds by UV/O3 Environmental Engineering 2007-09-10
Yao-ting Chang Experimental Studies of the Effects of Flow Channel Structures and Inlets of Heterogeneous Composite Carbon Fiber Bipolar Plates on the PEMFC Performance Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-10
Yun-lung Chang Exploration of Compositional Analysis and Design of Internet Protocol Electrical Engineering 2007-09-11
Chun-hsiang Chang The effects of wind and topography to coastal current variations at daily to seasonal cycles Physical Oceanography 2007-09-10
Ming-chun Chang Study on Regional Strategy of China Insurance Industry EMBA 2007-08-27
Chin-nan Chang Fabrication and Measurement of Gapless Micro Lens Array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-11
Chih-I Chang Achieving Ultrafine Nano Grains in AZ31 Mg Based Alloys and Composites by Friction Stir Processing Materials Science and Engineering 2007-10-09
I-fan Chang A Simple On-Chip Automatic Tuning Circuit for Continuous-Time Filter Electrical Engineering 2008-01-18
Che-Chin Chang Study of high density lead frame design assemble package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-01-18
I-Ching Chang The Reseach of China Middle and Elementary Schools Finance Legal System Mainland China Studies 2008-01-22
Jen-chung Chang A Study of the Electro-Optic Characteristics of Chiral-doped Negative Type Nematic Liquid Crystal in the Vertically Aligned Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-25
Yan-zhi Chang The study of optical characteristic by different alignment condition in the reflective Guest Host liquid crystal display Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-25
Che-chang Chang The effect of Taiwanese Hypermarketers' soaring power to their suppliers. Business Management 2008-01-29
Hung-chieh Chang A Study on Content and application of Due Process of Law in Administrative Appeal Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-01
Li-Pen Chang Tourism Website In Taiwan: The Multiple Case Studies Information Management 2008-02-04
Chia-Ming Chang The Study of Electromagnetic Shielding for Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composites Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-02-12
Yu-Chia Chang Flow Observations in the Taiwan Strait and Adjacent Seas Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-02-12
Ying-Cheng Chang Comparison of Bird Communities between Secondary Natural Forests and Cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica) Plantations Biological Sciences 2008-02-14
Yuan-hao Chang Performance Evaluation of Treating Chemical Mechanical Polishing Wastewaters by a Simultaneous Electrocoagulation/Electrofiltration Process Using Laboratory-Prepared Tubular Composite Membranes Environmental Engineering 2008-02-14
Hungwei Chang Study on the evolvement of cultural policy in Taiwan through the budget structure analysis of the Council of Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Arts Management 2008-02-15
Yu-lin Chang Explore the connecting blog to the non-profit organization by utilizing internet network influence.-We use Children Are Us Foundation as an example. Information Management 2008-06-08
Chia-Jung Chang Triangle-free subcubic graphs with small bipartite density Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Wei-chih Chang Wide Range Bidirectional Mixed-Voltage-Tolerant I/O Buffer Electrical Engineering 2008-06-25
Chia-pin Chang Research on the Relation between Relationship Quality and Customer Satisfaction ─ The Case of Wealth Management Business Management 2008-06-26
Wang Chang The Research on curriculum satisfication of General and Management Education in Naval Academy EMPP 2008-06-26
Po-Jui Chang Emissions of volatile organic compounds in the Hsuehshan tunnel Environmental Engineering 2008-07-04
Meng-ting Chang Simulating Tsunami Hazard in Taiwan and Associated Inundation in Kaohsiung Area IAMPUT 2008-07-10
Ya-chu Chang Phytoremediation of Heavy Oil Contaminated Soils through Biofuel and Energy Crops Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-11
Min-hueiv Chang Satisfaction and efficiency of Discharging Planning on inpatient in teaching hospital Institute of Health Care Management 2008-07-14
Chin-an Chang Study on the introduction of balanced scorecard, BSC to a public hospital--Jianan Mental Hospital, partment of Health (DOH) as an example Political Science 2008-07-16
Yu-Ming Chang The Value creation and The Operation model of Mobile Network Operator Information Management 2008-07-20
You-Yi Chang D- and A-Optimal Designs for Models in Mixture Experiments with Correlated Observations Applied Mathematics 2008-07-18
Ting-ruey Chang The Environmental Movement in China: The Case Study of Xiamen PX Mainland China Studies 2008-07-21
Kuang-Tsyr Chang The emotional and behavioral reaponse of embarrassed consumer Business Management 2008-07-23
Yen-Hsiang Chang Statistical tests for long memory and unit root of high frequency financial data Applied Mathematics 2008-07-24
Chun-Hao Chang The Wire Bond Reliability Steady in Transparent Molding Compound Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-21
Chia-Wei Chang The catalytical behavior of copper for multi–walled carbon nanotubes formation Chemistry 2008-07-24
Ying-Che Chang Study on RF Sputtering system Electrical Engineering 2008-07-25
Man-chun Chang A Study of Liszt’s "Mephisto Waltz, No.1" Music 2008-07-26
Yun-dian Chang Effect of growth conditions on the formation of the alumina/NiAl(110) Physics 2008-07-26
Pei-jung Chang Predicting consumer's intention to buy organic vegetables and fruits in internet Public Affairs Management 2008-07-29
Shih-chieh Chang Deployment of Supply Chain Management Systems and its Effect in Chain Restaurants: The Case of Formosa Chang Chain Restaurant. EMBA 2008-07-29
Da-Sin Chang Growth of Nonpolar ZnO (10-10) Films on LiAlO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Shih-chu Chang The Effects of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Commitment─with Subordinate's Self Efficacy and Emotional Intelligence as Moderator Variables Human Resource Management 2008-07-24
Chia-Hung Chang Accuracy Improvement for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction with SVM Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-30
Hsiu-Cheng Chang A Log-Domain Filter Based On CMOS Pseudo-Exponential Circuit Electrical Engineering 2008-07-31
Kuei-chen Chang A Study of Village Chiefs Role: A Case Study of An-Shun Li Political Science 2008-07-29
Yung-Lin Chang Distributed Detection in UWB-IR Sensor Networks with Randomization of the Number of Pulses Communications Engineering 2008-08-04
Mu-Chi Chang Design of The Rendezvous Mechanism In The Multi-Core AMBA System Electrical Engineering 2008-08-06
Chih-Chieh Chang Wavelength Match Chain-integrated EAM and SOA Using Quantum Well Intermixing Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-08-07
Shih-Hao Chang A Square Root Domain Filter with Translinear Principle Electrical Engineering 2008-08-07
Hsin-chieh Chang Growth of N-F co-doped titania nanoparticle and applied on dye-sensitized solar cell Electrical Engineering 2008-08-12
Chih-Hung Chang The Research on The Strategy of Building Channel in Taiwan Game Industry — The Case of Company G. EMBA 2008-08-14
Shu-ming Chang A case study of the Resource-Based Theory to the investment behavior and the strategy of MNC subsidiaries in Taiwan-Empirical Research for Chemical Industry Business Management 2008-08-14
Li-Min Chang Study of Differentiation in Organizational Performance after Different Industries’ Adoption of Taiwan TrainQuali System(TTQS)---To Take Phoenix Tours, Orient Semiconductor Electronics, LTD and Sheng Yu Steel Co., LTD as An Example EMBA 2008-08-18
ping-hai chang Multi-Purpose High-Building Fire Protection Management Research EMBA 2008-08-12
Chi-ya Chang The Role Played by Local Governments in Taiwan on the Immigrant Brides Policy Implementation : A Study Focusing on the Kaohsiung and Pingtung Area Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-08-21
Hsiao-Yen Chang Refinement of All-atom Backbone Prediction of Proteins Computer Science and Engineering 2008-08-20
Wan-chun Chang Spatiotemporal distribution of hydromedusae in relation to hydrography in the waters surrounding Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-08-22
Tsung-chin Chang Sexual reproduction of four gorgonian corals in southern Taiwan Marine Biology 2008-08-22
Ching-Sheng Chang A combination of Molecular dynamics, FIRE algorithm, and Density functional theory on structural and catalytic characteristics of Titania nanoparticle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-24
Chiung-Chuan Chang The Relationships among Developmental Human Resource Configuration, Professional Commitment and Perceived Organizational Support of the Bank Debt Collector: The Moderating Effect of Emotional Intelligence Human Resource Management 2008-08-26
Chin-chien Chang Dielectric Properties Research On Bi1-xPbxFeO3 Physics 2008-08-22
Ching-ai Chang none Human Resource Management 2008-08-25
Li-Tzu Chang The view of the marriage by fate the study of the legend of Tang,Song,Ming dynasty-by God,by Dream,by Tiger Chinese Literature 2008-08-25
Yu-lin Chang Growth of c-plane InN with Various Si Doping by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Raman Spectroscopy Study Physics 2008-08-28
Hung-Yu Chang Study of alloyed nanoclusters on ordered alumina templates Physics 2008-09-02
Ting-Wan Chang Welfare Stigma Among the Case of Hope Project Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-09-03
Hsiang-min Chang Synthesis and Complexation of Cp3Fe4(CO)4(C5H4)(terpy) and Cp2Fe4(CO)4(C5H5)2(terpy)2 (terpy=2,2’;6’,2”-terpyridine) Chemistry 2008-08-28
Yu-Jen Chang The Influence that the Stock Options of the Salary Incentive Pay System have on the Management level of Chinese mainland Insurance Industry EMBA 2008-09-03
Chu-chen Chang The comparison of educational thought between "Xun-Zi " and "Han-Fei-Tzu" Chinese Literature 2008-09-08
Chia-Chien Chang A essay on the housing price jump risk and the catastrophe risk for the property insurance company Finance 2008-09-29
Cha-Wei Chang The Quality and Satisfaction of "Small and Medium Enterprise Ministry of Economic Affairs" Public Affairs Management 2008-11-24
Yi-hung Chang Interaction between gold market and stock market Finance 2008-11-27
En-chi Chang Entrepreneur behavior and entrepreneur intention research Business Management 2009-01-10
Chia-wei Chang Category: the metaphysical presupposition of knowledge theory - a contrast between Kant and Husserl. Philosophy 2009-01-14
Yu-Jung Chang The Research of Juvenile Law in Taiwan ICAPS 2009-02-06
Yen-chin Chang The study Taiwan International Orchid Show based on integrated Marketing Communication、Placement Marketing Communications Management 2009-02-09
Yu-Syuan Chang The Computation of Line Spectrum Pair Frequencies Using Tschirnhaus Transform Applied Mathematics 2009-02-02
Yu-yao Chang A Study on Management of the Teaching Institution of Music Education : Case of Yamaha and Ju Percussion Systems Theatre Arts 2009-02-10
Hsin-yi Chang The Antecedents of Politics Perceptions of Organizational Members –A Cross-level Analysis of Both individual and overall levels Human Resource Management 2009-04-24
Hui-Lan Chang A Study on The Management Strategies of SINO-LIFE GROUP in Mainland China’s Funeral Industry EMBA 2013-07-17
Yun-yih Chang The constitution of college town of Kaohsiung---the study of future regional development of Kaohsiung area. EMBA 2009-06-19
Chin-chiang Chang Fire Products CPVC Pipe Competition Analysis Business Management 2009-06-24
I-LIN CHANG Volatility Alpha Fund Finance 2009-06-29
Hsing-ya Chang The impact of Transaction and Partnership Characteristics on Interorganization System Integration in Manufacturer-supplier Dyads Information Management 2009-07-02
Yu-feng Chang Biotreatment of propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (PGMEA) and toluene in air streams Environmental Engineering 2009-07-02
Chih-chi Chang Action Research Using STS in Teaching Environmental Education to 6th grade students Education 2009-07-03
Wei-jane Chang Relational Contracts with Intrinsically Motivated Worker Economics 2009-07-05
Chi-pang Chang The Impact of Financial Derivatives Activities on the Risk of Banks Finance 2009-07-08
Yu-ming Chang Perturbation Analysis to third order of Three-dimensional Short-crested Waves in Lagrangian Form Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-07-08
Kai-chiang Chang The Application of the HEMS Energy Conservation Strategies in Taiwan Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-13
Chih-ming Chang Design of the RFID Tag Antenna to Reduce Metallic Effect of Three Metallic Plates Electrical Engineering 2009-07-15
Yih-rou Chang A Study on Teacher-Student Interaction of Different Genders towards Students’ Stereotype Threat in Science Learning Education 2009-07-16
Chin-jui Chang The Research of Population Census with Data Mining Technology and GIS Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-07-17
Chun-hao Chang Smart-Fit: Peer-to-Peer Topology Construction Strategy for Live Video Streaming towards Minimized Delay Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-18
Chun Chang none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-20
Hsu-Kuang Chang An Improved Scheme for Sensor Alignment Calibration of Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Systems IAMPUT 2009-08-09
Keng-Wei Chang Synthesis of New Oligopyrrole Conjugate ( I ) Chemistry 2009-08-16
Kuan-hsiang Chang Study on the Proteomics of Flyingfish (Cyselurus poecilopterus) Skeletal Muscle Marine Biology 2009-08-18
Yi-chen Chang Leadership of Task Force: Application of Situational Model Human Resource Management 2009-08-20
Chia-mei Chang The Playfulness and the Humor Sense: A Comparative Analysis of the Different Personalities. Human Resource Management 2009-08-21
Cheng-chiou Chang A Study on Profit Oriented Urban Rapid Transit System ─ Take Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System as an Example EMBA 2009-08-24
Ta-jen Chang Feature Analysis of Coronary Artery Calcification in CT Image Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-26
Hsuan-Hsi Chang Study on conflict management between scientific observers and industry - Taiwanese case IMA 2009-08-25
Chui-Shiang Chang Simultaneous Determination of Quinolones in Marine and Livestock Products and Pharmacokinetics of Enrofloxacin in Tilapia Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-21
Kun-yu Chang Design and Application of the Management Control Systems in the Information Services Industry - A Case of a Big Company's Taiwan subsidiary. Business Management 2009-08-28
Chun-Liang Chang Preparation and characterization of Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3 cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-31
Chu-yuan Chang none Economics 2009-08-31
Shih-fang Chang none Chinese Literature 2009-09-02
Pei-Yung Chang The impact of downsizing method on employee’s insecurity and commitment to the organization Human Resource Management 2009-09-02
Kuo-shu Chang The impacts of the financial crisis on the real sector and the financial sector - the case study of the subprime mortgage crisis Economics 2009-09-05
Kuan-chang Chang Growth of ZnO Nanotubes by CO2 Supercritical Fluid Treatment at Low-Temperature Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-31
Chan-chung Chang Understanding Strategic Planning in culture and creative industry-A Case Study of PiLi Multimedia Communications Management 2009-09-07
Hsin-tien Chang A Study of International Perspective on Taiwan Marine Environmental Protection Policy and Analysis IMA 2009-09-08
Chi-lan Chang The relationships among employees’ personality, organizational innovative climate, and employees’ innovative behaviors Human Resource Management 2009-09-09
Shu-ming Chang Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of the Formosan Soft Coral Cladiella hirsuta Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-09-08
Yi-Wen Chang Optimal Analysis of pyramid-shaped microlens array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-09
Chia-wen Chang Tidal Influence on Particulate Organic and Inorganic Carbon in the River Mouth Region of a Small Mountainous River Marine Geology and chemistry 2009-09-08
Chieh-hao Chang A Study on the Yacht Regulations in Taiwan IMA 2009-09-10
Chia-wei Chang none Public Affairs Management 2009-12-17
Yu-Hsiang Chang Compound mutations in human anion exchanger 1 are associated with complete distal renal tubular acidosis and hereditary spherocytosis Biological Sciences 2010-01-18
YI-FAN CHANG Identity Switch: a Study on Gish Jen's Mona in the Promised Land Foreign Language and Literature 2010-01-19
Wei-chih Chang A Research of Internet Usage and Intelligence Property Information Management 2010-01-28
Hsueh-wen Chang A Study of the Effects of Personality Traits for Expatriates on Entrepreneurship and Cross-Cultural Adjustment Human Resource Management 2010-01-28
Shin-pin Chang The Study of Professional Development Schools in Maryland, USA Education 2010-02-01
Wei-hsin Chang Research of globalized media diet culture image creation ~the example same flavor creation is an example Political Science 2010-02-05
Li-mei Chang Selfhood and Relation:Samuel Beckett’s Two Sets of Trilogy and Related Works Foreign Language and Literature 2010-02-06
Pai-Hung Chang The Relationship between of the Name and the Content of Chis—The Investigation of The initial of Rhythm Chinese Literature 2010-02-08
Xin-yi Chang The position of women——Starting from Taiwan proverbs Chinese Literature 2010-06-18
Chung-shihn Chang A Study on the Strategies of Value-added Supply Chain Management in Nuclear Medicine EMBA 2010-06-24
Chih-fu Chang The Study and Analysis of Multi-channel Multiplexing System in Photonic Crystal Structures Electrical Engineering 2010-06-26
Chih-hao Chang Electroluminescence of Layer Thickness, Carbon Nano-particle Dopants, and Percolation Threshold Electric Conductivity of Fully Conjugated Rigid-rod Polymer Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-02
Chien-Yu Chang none EMBA 2010-07-02
Yi-hsin Chang The Importance of e-Convenience in Modern Day e-Commerce Information Management 2010-07-03
Hsi-mei Chang Hybrid Algorithms of Finding Features for Clustering Sequential Data Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-08
Wen-li Chang Research and Development of General Purpose Controller for Underwater Vehicle IAMPUT 2010-07-21
Chia-ching Chang A Study of Impact of Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Justice on Employee’s Behavior- A case study of officers of correction institution Human Resource Management 2010-07-15
Wei-yi Chang A Distributed and Dynamic Cluster-Size Scheme for MANET Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-22
Hsu-chung Chang The Empirical Study of Union Advocating The System of Labor Directors : Case of Chunghwa Telecom Workers' Union Public Affairs Management 2010-07-22
Tzu-feng Chang A New TFT with Trenched Body and Airgap-Insulated Structure for Capacitorless 1T-DRAM Application Electrical Engineering 2010-07-29
Yu-Hua Chang Role of Cocaine-Induced Protein Kinase Mzeta Expression in the Ventral Tegmental Area Biological Sciences 2010-08-01
Kai-cheng Chang High-performance Low-power Configurable Montgomery Multiplier for RSA Cryptosystems Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-03
Chung-wei Chang Nanoparticles Extraction Combine with Capillary Electrophoresis Separation: Aminothiols;melamine Chemistry 2010-08-09
Kai-yao Chang A Study on the Service Quality on the Blockbuster, Jointly Held by the Taiwan Print Media and Museum -A Case-study of Da Vinci Travelling Exhibition Communications Management 2010-08-16
Chun-Yi Chang Investigation of Structural Behaviors of Methyl Methacrylate Oligomers within Confinement Space by Coarse-grained Configurational-bias Monte Carlo Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-16
Sheng-Ming Chang The Study of Sinyi Realty Corporate Social Responsibility EMBA 2010-08-23
Che-kai Chang Manufacturing and Mechanical Properties of Ti/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-23
Yuan-Ming Chang A High Linearity and Wide Tuning Range Gm-C Filter Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-24
Chi-huai Chang A Functional Monitoring System for the Electrical Safety of Biochips Electrical Engineering 2010-08-25
Chen-hao Chang Using Structural Equation Modeling to study the relationship between the sea anemone Phymanthus strandesi and ecological factors in the seagrass bed of Hsiao-Liuchiu Island Marine Biology 2010-08-30
Yung-sheng Chang Flows and hydrographical characteristics surrounding Taiwan from Argo profiling float data IAMPUT 2010-08-27
Hong-Tai Chang Improving emergency department overcrowding in medical center ─ The experience of one medical center EMBA 2010-08-28
Shun-Chieh Chang The Study of Acoustic Propagation and Geoacoustic Inversion in the Sizihwan Bay Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2010-08-31
Wei-chun Chang Study of Disposable Silicon-based Chlorine and Ammonium Micro Ion Sensors Electrical Engineering 2010-09-04
Kai-chun Chang The Failure Analysis of eBay in Asia Business Management 2010-09-27
Wen-Chih Chang Produces the danger industry jobholders to work the values, emotion quotient), and research of the work Performance relations - take works the life quality as the intermediary variable Human Resource Management 2010-12-05
Wei-shuo Chang Voluntary Disclosure of Earnings Forecast: A Model of Strategic Disclosure with Evidence from Taiwan Finance 2010-12-27
Yu-chun Chang The Political Context of Contemporary Chinese Literary Thoughts: the inheritance relationoship between Hsia. C. T, Leo Ou-Fan Lee and David Der-Wei Wang Political Science 2011-01-04
Ting-pang Chang The hamiltonian numbers of graphs and digraphs Applied Mathematics 2011-01-24
Jin-you Chang Multi-directional tuned liquid column dampers for vibration mitigation experiment of structures Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-15
Shin-Hao Chang The Study on the Effects of Carriers Performance Under the Proportion of Owned Containership Business Management 2011-02-17
Yu-Fang Chang On the Perspective of Death in Yalom's Existential Psychotherapy Philosophy 2011-02-15
Chen-hung chang The Certification of Labor Market in Taiwanese Banking Industry Institute of Sociology 2011-02-18
Chan-fu Chang The Mirror Self and Heidegger's Dasein Philosophy 2011-03-08
Pei-Chi Chang Taiwan’s “Swing” Voters:A Case Study of 2008 Presidential Election. Political Science 2011-03-28
Ming-Hung Chang Laboratory Experiments on Interfacial Wave Train across Pseudo Slope-Shelf Topography Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-06-20
Chih-Wei Chang Applications of Mathematica in Equations, Optimization and Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2011-06-28
Ting-Hao Chang Optically Controllable Long-Period Fiber Gratings in Photonic Liquid Crystal Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-12
Yao-tzu Chang A Study of T’ang Vocal Poems and Music Scores Chinese Literature 2011-07-15
Chien-Feng Chang Molecular mechanisms of simvastatin enhance eNOS signaling pathway in the nucleus tractus solitarii to regulate blood pressure Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-07-27
Tzu-hsuan Chang The Study of Synthetic Aperture Sonar System: Analysis of Range Resolution IAMPUT 2011-07-28
Yu-Che Chang Study of a Novel Vertical Non-volatile Multi-Bit SONOS Memory Electrical Engineering 2011-08-04
Chun-Yuan Chang The Digital Delay-Controlled SAR Delay Locked-Loop with Low Power in Sleep Mode Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-12
Chun-Hsiu Chang Quality Management and Supplier Integration-A Study of Aerospace Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2011-08-17
Jung-Wen Chang A Study of The Service Quality Improvement of The Network Deployment Process for The Telecommunications Industry by Simulation Technique Information Management 2011-08-24
Hung-Ming Chang Decision-Making Factor of Channel Strategy of Medical Device EMBA 2011-08-24
Chih-Ping Chang A Study of Business Model on Application Platform for Mobile Devices Built by Telecommunication Carrier Information Management 2011-08-25
Po-Chiang Chang Synthesis and Structural Study of Zinc and Cadmium Thiolate Complexes with Sulfur Rich Coordination Environment Chemistry 2011-09-02
Chuan-Zong Chang Harmonious society's construction way: Taiwan 1949-2008 ICAPS 2011-09-05
Wei-Shun Chang A Video Surveillance Alarm System based on Human Behavior Analysis Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-07
Min-Lang Chang Effects of cadmium on the activity and gene expression of peroxidase isozymes in different Oryza sativa varieties Biological Sciences 2011-12-24
Chun-chia Chang The Influence of Informational and Normative Determinants of On-line Consumer Recommendations on Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Business Management 2012-01-19
Shu-Chen Chang The Effect on Local Promotion by Preliminary Administrative Agency-A Case Study on “2009 Green Bamboo Shoots Festival in Haifeng” by Pingtung City Office Communications Management 2012-01-31
Ya-Shu Chang Leisure agriculture business management - A Case Study of Ecological Farm in Pingtung County Economics 2012-02-14
Hsuan Chang The Research of Participation in Anti-fans Groups on Facebook Communications Management 2012-05-01
Hsiu-chen Chang A Study on the Strategies of E-brokers of Non-financial Holding Companies:The Case of S Company EMBA 2012-05-28
Hsu-Sheng Chang The Study of movie and regional marketing : The cape on the 7th as Example Communications Management 2012-06-04
I-Chien Chang A Study of the Relationship Between Outpatient Preferences and Clinic Traits EMBA 2012-06-14
Chih-Kai Chang Implementation of Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking Control for Renewable Power Generation Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-06-19
King-Ming Chang The Study on Management of Financial Problems among Taiwan Travel Industry EMBA 2012-06-26
Chi-Hung Chang Essays on Insurance Development and Economic Growth Finance 2012-07-03
Ya-Chun Chang The Expressionism in Arnold Schoenberg’s Drei Klavierstucke, Opus 11 Music 2012-07-07
Chun-Hui Chang A Basic Understanding of Taiwanese State Identification with the Focus Group Interview Political Science 2012-07-16
Chin-Hsiung Chang A Cross-Strait Study on Legal System of Assembly and Procession Political Science 2012-07-16
Ching-chang Chang Business intelligence system developed to meet low-cost, high-flexibility business strategy EMBA 2012-07-18
Lun-hao Chang Preparation and Electro-Optical Property of Discotic Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-23
Hui-Chung Chang The Ettect of Personality Traits on the Motivations of Volunteers: The Case of Kaohsiung Hakka Cultural Museum Political Science 2012-07-24
En-Hsin Chang Application of Marine Magnetometer for Underwater Object Exploration: Assessment of Depth and Structural Index IAMPUT 2012-07-31
Hsuan-Chih Chang The Development of Career Self-Efficacy Questionnaire Education 2012-07-31
Kai-Hsiang Chang Development of Optical Inspection System for Surface Mount Device Light Emitting Diodes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-06
Fang-yu Chang Continued Investigation on Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of the Formosan Soft Coral Klyxum molle Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-08-15
Hung-Tse Chang The seasonal trend and characteristics of heavy metals in atmospheric particulates in Nantzu Export Processing Zone Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-08-15
Cheng-nan Chang Study of Hot Extrusion of Hollow Helical Tubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-27
Sheng-Chang Chang A GPU hardware-based method for automatic occlusion detection and optimization for objects and subobjects Computer Science and Engineering 2012-12-28
Shu-chun Chang Writing from Home: Contemporary Native American Women’s Life Narratives Foreign Language and Literature 2013-01-16
Chao-Chun Chang The Determinants of Physicians Prescription Behavior: The Case of Southern Taiwan EMPP 2013-01-16
Chi-hsung Chang Decision support system for assessing the contingency response capacity of marine oil spill Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-24
Hui-Ting Chang Development of Integral Functional Assessment Methodology for Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-30
Jung-She Chang Mary Lynn Lightfoot’s Female Secular Choral Works Music 2013-02-05
Yen-Chung Chang Manufactures’ behavior intention model construction of product carbon lebeling Institute of Public Affairs Management 2013-04-29
Shing-wen Chang Seawater Acidification over the Past Decade (1999~2012) at the SEATS Site Marine Geology and chemistry 2013-05-28
Pei-yun Chang The effect of product placement attitude on brand attitude and purchase intention─using product involvement and product category as moderators. Business Management 2013-06-14
Hui-chun Chang The influences of Green HRM on human capital, job satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Human Resource Management 2013-06-19
Nai-Wen Chang The competitive Advantage of Boutique Hotel based on Resource-Based View :A Case Study of Taipei W Hotel Business Management 2013-06-19
Ying-Chu Chang Synthesis and Characterization of Tungsten–Nitrogen Codoped Mesoporous TiO2 for Photocatalytic Applications in Visible-light Region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-06-26
Chun-Hsiang Chang An Application of Copula-GARCH on Asset Allocation: A Case for Gold, Oil, Cotton, Stock, and Bond Finance 2013-06-24
Kai-Hsien Chang The Relationships Among Medical Service Quality, Patients’Satisfaction and Loyalty in Methadone Maintenance Therapy EMBA 2013-06-25
Yin-yin Chang The Patterns of Economic and Trade Relations across the Strait:A Political Economy Perspective ICAPS 2013-07-05
Hsiao-ping Chang The study of employer branding, internal branding and branding outcomes in hotel industry - from the perspective of Institutional Context and Resource-based view Human Resource Management 2013-07-04
Po-Chun Chang Highly Efficient Class-E Power Oscillator with Tunable amplitude and Phase Electrical Engineering 2013-07-14
Hao Chang Analyzing the spectrum of ECG signal waveform Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-13
Wei-Chien Chang A Study of the Antecedents of the Start-of-Day Moods Human Resource Management 2013-07-17
Chia-Hsuan Chang The effect of substitute numbers of benzene ring on the proton conductivity of alternative sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-17
Shu-Cheng Chang Competitive Strategy of Field Programmable Grid Array: A Study of Xilinx Company EMBA 2013-07-19
Hsiu-Hua Chang IPO Price Discovery Efficiency under Alternative Regulatory Constraints: Taiwan, Hong Kong and the U.S. Business Management 2013-07-22
Wei-hau Chang Characterization of III-V Compound Semiconductor MOSFETs with Titanium Oxide and Silicon Oxide Stacked Layers as Gate Oxide Electrical Engineering 2013-07-17
Yu-ping Chang Women’s Work Conditions and the Effects of Tokenism in the Construction Industry in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2013-07-23
Cheng-Chieh Chang GPU-based Real Time Digital Coherent Receiver for Optical Transmission System Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-22
Hua-rong Chang First-principles studies of atomic structures and electronic properties of Bi ultrathin films on Si(111) and Ge(111) Physics 2013-07-23
Hsuan-Jui Chang LTE/WWAN Low-profile Planar Antenna for Tablet Communication Device Electrical Engineering 2013-07-27
Chia-ling Chang “Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes without metal catalysts” using CVD method Chemistry 2013-07-28
Chi-Peng Chang Studies of liquid crystal Fresnel lenses doped with nano particles Physics 2013-07-26
Yin Chang The Effects of Comparative Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Purchase Decision Information Management 2013-07-30
Yu-Hui Chang Financial Holding Company Maintains Customer Relationship by Integrated Marketing Strategy─An example of Corporate Banking Group EMBA 2013-07-24
Shun-Kai Chang Crystal morphology and models of aliphatic random copolyesters with equal amounts of comonomers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-30
Heng-Kai Chang Light-driven, multistable and full-color reflective blue phase liquid crystal display Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-30
Hen-wen Chang The End Game Problem in Solving Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems by Homotopy Continuation Method Applied Mathematics 2013-07-31
Kuo-Chan Chang The Case Study of Public Order Performance: The Effect of Pre- and Post-mergers on Criminal Cases of Kaohsiung City ICAPS 2013-07-11
Kao-yao Chang The Effect of the Combine Care Intensivists System on Intensive Care Unit Quality of Care and Utilization of Medical Resources:Example of a Southern Regional Teaching Hospital EMBA 2013-08-01
Wan-Rou Chang Optimized Design of Novel Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells Electrical Engineering 2013-07-30
Jui-chih Chang Exploring the NBA Industry Base on “Immaterial Labor” Approach Political Science 2013-08-05
Chao-Fong Chang Power Factor Control of Grid-Connected Wind Power Framework with An Excitation Synchronous Generator Electrical Engineering 2013-08-06
Wen-Hsuan Chang Power Conversion Circuit for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic LED Lighting Electrical Engineering 2013-08-01
Chi-wei Chang Growth of (0002)ZnO films on nitridated (001) LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-12
Shou-Te Chang Chemical scrubbing of odorous fume emitted form hot melt granulation of recycled polypropylene and polystyrene plastics Environmental Engineering 2013-08-14
Pei-Chun Chang A Study of Customer Relationship Management between Contract Manufacturer and Branded Firm – A Case study of T and Dell Companies EMBA 2013-07-26
Shih-Yu Chang Study of ZnO epitaxial growth on the nitridated LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vaper deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-13
Che-cheng Chang Persistent Threat Detection Using Hidden Markov Model Information Management 2013-08-13
Wei-chen Chang Comparison of Population Genetics of Sea Slaters (Ligia exotica) in Harbor Areas and Non-harbor Areas in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2013-08-14
Yu-Hsuan Chang Parabolic Quantum Cloak Physics 2013-08-14
Wei-Hang Chang Correlation Study of Rainfall Intensity and Ocean Ambient Noise of Northeastern Taiwan Sea IAMPUT 2013-08-19
Hsin-yu Chang Women’s Identity Searching Through Everyday Life in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook Foreign Language and Literature 2013-08-23
Chih-Kai Chang Laboratorial and numerical study on the interaction of internal solitary wave with the topography outside Dongsha Atoll IAMPUT 2013-08-27
Ai-Ching Chang From Alen to Alen+ EMBA 2013-08-28
Jie-Wei Chang The thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of Poly(p-phenylene sulfide) and graphene nano-composite by molecular dynamics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-27
Li-Jean Chang The Effects of Feminine Leadership on Role Performance─ Perceived Supervisor Support as a mediator variable Human Resource Management 2013-08-27
Shu-Chien Chang Research on Applying Adaptive Instructional Strategies in Supplementary Institute EMBA 2013-08-29
Kai-Kuang Chang Using system simulation techniques to investigate the key raw material with validity use restrictions inventory management strategy Information Management 2013-08-27
Kuan-ju Chang A Comparison between Researches by Liang and Chien on the Academic History of the Ching Dynasty – with a Focus on the Chinese Academic History of the Last Three Centuries Chinese Literature 2013-09-02
Yu-Hsuan Chang Bonus Pack or Price Discount? Influences of Product Type and Regulatory Focus on Preference of Promotion Type Business Management 2013-09-03
Wen-Tsumg Chang The Transformation of the Legal System regarding the Local Police Stations in Taiwan-A Case Study of the Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau Political Science 2013-09-06
Shuo-Chen Chang Evaluating Public Participation of Flood Management in Flood-Prone Areas:The Case of Meinong, Kaohsiung,Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2013-09-11
Kang-How Chang Mineral constituents and sources of submarine core sediments near Kueishantao Island, northeast Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-12
Yi-Cheng Chang Studies of Degradation Mechanisms and Strategies in Preventing Performance Decay for a Passive DMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-13
Yang-Ho Chang A Study of Japan’s Introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards: Case Studies of Listed Companies ICAPS 2013-10-15
Hsun-wei Chang Comparative Case Studies of Cultural and Creative Industries policy of Taiwan and the United Kingdom ICAPS 2013-10-14
YEN-CHIANG CHANG The Apply of Wavelet Analysis to Improve the Return by the Simple Moving Average of Technical Analysis - Based on Taiwan’s Security Market Business Management 2013-11-19
Hui-Ching Chang The Narrative and Practice of the History of Taiwanese Literature:The Case of Shao-Ting Chen and Shuang-Yi Zhu Chinese Literature 2014-01-10
Chen-ming Chang Studies on the EU-Russia Energy Deal Political Science 2014-01-21
Der-Haw Chang Osteoporosis knowledge,health beliefs and preventive behaviors for elder people in South Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-01-29
Chia-chen Chang A Study on the Relationships of High-Tech Industry Employees’ Proactive Personality, Work Passion, and Career Satisfaction: Taking Perceived Organizational Support as a Moderator Human Resource Management 2014-02-07
Ting-han Chang A Study of Facebook Fan-Page Business Management 2014-02-11
Ming-Tai Chang Using Group Mining in Search of Social network for Problematic Devices in Campus Information Management 2014-02-09
Po-Yin Chang A study on association between male lung cancer incidence trends analysis by histologic types and air pollution in Taiwan Information Management 2014-01-09
Su-Chen Chang Studies on Zhuang Posthumous Title Personage from Tso-Chuan Chinese Literature 2014-05-09
Chun-lan Chang The investment strategies of Taiwan mutual funds: An application of factor models Business Management 2014-05-31
Hsuan-Chih Chang Application of Model Predictive Control for Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Operation Planning Electrical Engineering 2014-06-13
Che-hao Chang An Analysis of key success factors on Facebook business fan pages Business Management 2014-06-13
Jung-chang Chang The Influence of Credit Card Reward Programs on the Usage Behaviors of Credit Card Holders Business Management 2014-06-15
Jui-pin Chang Fabrication of cuprous oxide on the copper foil substrate by high temperature thermal oxidation process for solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-06-23
Wei-ting Chang Establishment of an Object Drift Model for Search and Rescue System in Taiwan Waters Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-07-08
Jui-Fen Chang Investigate the Impact of Inertia on Social Presence, Task-Technology Fit and Students' Intentions to Continue Using Distance Education Information Management 2014-07-09
Yu-Hsuan Chang Rivalry Between U.S. and China in Asia Pacific Area: TPP as a core Political Science 2014-07-08
Hsiang-Chieh Chang The Analysis of the Business and Co-opetition Strategies of Insurance Broker Companies : A Case Study of Tada Insurance Broker Company EMBA 2014-07-11
Ting-yu Chang A Study of the Purchasing Intention of Online Group-Buying Customers in Taiwan Business Management 2014-07-11
Chia-ming Chang A 10-bit Process-Calibrated Current-Steering D/A Converter and High Bandwidth and High Coversion Gain Power Detector for Frequency-Shift Readout Systems Electrical Engineering 2014-07-14
Chuan-Neug Chang Assess the scope of the impact of the noise impact on the neighborhood Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-07-16
Chao-chun Chang On the Study of the Profit Factors to Taiwan Banking Industry ─ and the Effect of OBU Development Finance 2014-07-09
Kai-Wen Chang Investigation of organic light-emitting devices using resonant cavity structure and lasing properties of organic emitters with aggregation induced emission characteristics Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-24
Yi-ling Chang The Effect of Real Estate Mortgage with Prepayment Penalties on the Income Analysis of Financial Institution Finance 2014-07-28
Hui-wen Chang Applications of Mathematica 9.0 in Linear Algebra Applied Mathematics 2014-07-24
Jui-chen Chang Global Warehouse Outsourcing Strategy and Implementation – The Case of Y Company EMBA 2014-07-29
Meng-Chih Chang Comparative Study of Aluminum Complexes Bearing N,O and N,S-Schiff Base in Ring-opening Polymerization of -Caprolactone and L- Lactide Chemistry 2014-07-29
Jui-Chih Chang The Study of Personality and Prosocial Behaviors in Junior High School Scouts’ Students. Education 2014-07-31
Chen-yuan Chang An Inquiry into the Learning Process of Rural Entrepreneur Business Management 2014-07-30
Jhih-Jyun Chang Manipulation of Morphologies of High-Mw BCPs in Thin Film by Solvent Selectivity and Blending Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-28
Chan-Hsiang Chang A New Vertical Pillar Structure for Double Gate 1T-DRAM Electrical Engineering 2014-08-04
Cheng-Hsien Chang A New Extended Body FinFET for 1T-DRAM Application Electrical Engineering 2014-08-04
Yao-yuan Chang Recursive Beamforming Design for Wireless Information Transfer in Coordinated Multi-Point System with Partial CSI Communications Engineering 2014-08-11
Shu-yah Chang Study of The Influence on Wai-San-Ding Sandbank by Major Rivers and Mailiao Industrial Harbor Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-08-10
Wei-Kang Chang Human Resource Management and Operation Strategy of Startup Companies Human Resource Management 2014-08-21
Shih-Jui Chang Japanese Precise Industry Management System - Case Study of ADTEC EMBA 2014-07-19
Hsiung-chiao Chang A Study on the Relationships among High Performance Work System, Employee's Well-Being, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Proactive Personality Human Resource Management 2014-08-26
Yu-Shuo Chang Alteration of capsaicin-induced pulmonary chemoreflex following chronic cervical spinal cord injury Biological Sciences 2014-08-27
Kuo-chun Chang Negative-Chirped EAM-SOA for Distance- Insensitive Optical OFDM Transmission in Long-Reach OFDMA PONs Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-29
Jui-En Chang Fabrication of the Copper/ Aluminum Alloy Clad Plate Using Friction Stir Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Chia-Chi Chang Dynamic Rate Control Mechanism for Real-time Video Multicasting on Mobile Communication Networks Electrical Engineering 2014-09-01
Ming-chi Chang A Study and Analysis on Paul Hindemith's Concerto for Clarinet in A and Orchestra. Music 2014-09-02
Yu-Kai Chang Matteo Ricci 's Picture of Ming-China Chinese Literature 2014-09-03
Yi-Sheng Chang A Design of Palmprint Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2014-09-05
Chu-shen Chang Parallel Charging with User Interface for Buck-Boost Battery Power Modules Electrical Engineering 2014-09-03
Jang-li Chang Managing Value Chain Relationships in Cross-Level Organizations- The Industry of the Four Level Smart Phone and Sport Shoemaking Value Chain Business Management 2014-08-31
Chih-huang Chang An Exploration of the Factors Affecting the Transformation of Conventional Agriculture Public Affairs Management 2014-09-08
Hui-chih Chang A Comparative Perspective on the Politics of Electoral Reform in Taiwan and South Korea Political Science 2014-09-01
Po-min Chang Effect of Methoxychlor on Ca2+ Homeostasis and Apoptosis in HA59T Human Hepatoma Cells Biological Sciences 2014-09-07
Kuan-Chang Chang Study on Supercritical Fluids and Resistance Random Access Memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-10-02
Che-wei Chang An Exploratory Research of Penny Auction Websites in Taiwan Information Management 2014-10-23
Ts'ui-Ting Chang Exploring the process of entrepreneurial learning:Organic entrepreneurs’ narrative inquiry Business Management 2014-10-30
Ting-Yuan Chang A Real-time Dynamic Terrain Algorithm in Battlefields Computer Science and Engineering 2014-11-26
Hsiao-wen Chang Electric-Field Effects on Magnetic Properties of (Ga,Mn)Sb Channel in Field-Effect Structures. Physics 2015-01-21
Yung-Chih Chang Sub-nanometer scale electronic properties across P-I-N heterointerfaces of silicon solar cells under illumination Physics 2015-01-26
Yi-hsuan Chang Personality, Job Stress, Workplace Bullying Climate, and Job Satisfaction among Nurses. Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-01-28
Ti-Ho Chang A Study of the Influences of Knowledge Boundary Spanning on Project Performance in Information System Development Projects Information Management 2015-02-02
Ying Chang The Process of Charity Performance Opera in Shanghai in the Beginning of the 20th (1905-1937) Chinese Literature 2015-02-10
WAN-TING CHANG The study of semipermeable membrane device for measuring the bioavailable PAHs in marine environment Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-02-12
Chih-Yu Chang A Study of Performance Techniques of Henri Vieuxtemps’s Sonata for Viola and Piano, in B-flat Major, Op. 36 Music 2015-02-11
Yuan-shuo Chang A Survey of the Orchestral Ensemble Assigned Repertoires with the Assessment for the Competition System in the National Student Competition of Music from Academic Year 97 to 101 Music 2015-02-16
Chin-Jui Chang A Study in community Participation after-disaster reconstruction Implementation model Public Affairs Management 2015-02-24
Cheng-hsien Chang A Study of Properties Improvement of Waste Tire Rubber Powder Applied to Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag Pervious Concrete Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-05-28
Yu-Huei Chang The Political Economy Analysis of Taiwan Businessmen Doing Investment in Indonesia Political Science 2015-02-24
Jung-sen Chang A Study of Relationships Among Service Quality,Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty for Mobile Shopping APP Business Management 2015-06-11
Jenn-tzong Chang Genome and Infection Characteristics of Human Parechovirus Type 1 Biological Sciences 2015-06-22
Chun-ching Chang Evaluation of Implementing Green Logistics Indicators for Third Party Logistics Providers Public Affairs Management 2015-06-30
Kang-wei Chang Dynamic RB Allocations Using ARQ Status Reports in LTE-A Networks Electrical Engineering 2015-07-04
Wen-chi Chang Investigation of feeding guild of bigeye tuna, Thunnus obesus, in the western Indian Ocean by stable isotope analysis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-07-02
Chih-yuan Chang Study of Business Strategies of Wastewater Processing with Chemical Agents Market-Case of LI JEOU EMBA 2015-07-07
Yi-Chun Chang The Effect of Need for Uniqueness on Consumers' Intention of Word-of-Mouth Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-07
Yu-chen Chang Decision Support Model on Environmental Impact and Economic Evaluation for Marine Renewable Energy – Case Study on Penghu Archipelago Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-07-06
Wen-Hsiung Chang Research on the O2O Strategies of Formosa Optical Co. Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2015-07-20
Ya-wen Chang Can Person-Job Fit Facilitate Creativity? Exploring The Moderating Roles Of Person-Organization Fit, Openness To Experience And Creativity Training Human Resource Management 2015-07-21
Chia-hao Chang System Startup and Shutdown and Power Factor Correction Control Strategy of Grid-Connected Excited Synchronous Wind Power System Electrical Engineering 2015-07-23
Yumin Chang The Relationship of Succession Plane - A Case Study of Y Company Human Resource Management 2015-07-23
Kuei-Chen Chang Study of peatland/non-peatland derived dissolved organic matter-from headstream to sea Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-07-13
Ting-Hao Chang Thermal Desorption-Electrospray Ionization/Mass Spectrometry (TD-ESI/MS) Combined with Multivariate Analysis for Rapid Identification of Cooking Oils Chemistry 2015-07-24
Yi-chen Chang Preventative Efficacy of Microalgal Extract for Hepatocellular Carcinoma and a Proposed Mechanism Department of Oceanography 2015-07-25
Yu-Wei Chang Implementation of the broadband Power Line Communication system Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-22
Chia-hsuan Chang How Legislators Balance Legislative Participation and Constituency Service:An Example of the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan Economics 2015-08-04
Ming-Fong Chang A Multi-functional Multi-precision 4D Dot Product Unit with SIMD Architecture Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-04
Shih-chun Chang Group preserving scheme for three-body orbit Applied Mathematics 2015-08-06
Huang-chuang Chang To Think Value Creation by the Customer Perspective Value and Satisfaction: Probe into Delifuns Lifestyle on the Electricity Provider Business to Consumer by the Model of Online to Offline EMBA 2015-08-10
Yin-Chen Chang Design and Implementation of a Multi-precision Texture Unit Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-10
Chi-pei Chang A Study on Procurement Project Management -The Case of Notebook ODMs EMBA 2015-08-11
Chih-yung Chang The Reseach of Taiwanese Senior Tourists’ Travelling Type - A Case Study of CSC Tours & Travel Service CO., LTD. EMBA 2015-08-11
Jia-hon Chang Study of Polarization Independent Spatial Light Modulator and Optical Vortex Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-17
Ting-ting Chang Is Every Single Bonus from Employer Really Bonus? From Viewpoint of Pay-For Performance Human Resource Management 2015-08-15
Hsun-hao Chang Using structural equation model to explore tourists' revisit intensions in Cijin Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-31
Chun-Sheng Chang Bioremediation of trichloroethylene contaminated sites enhanced by emulsified carbon-releasing substrate Biological Sciences 2015-08-21
Yu-Wei Chang To the Development of SHOP Catalysts Employing alpha-Iminophosphorus Ylides Chemistry 2015-08-24
Chong-ching Chang How the marine midge Pontomyia oceana find habitats egg-laying-Testing of mechanisms Department of Oceanography 2015-08-19
Hui-chu Chang Evaluating the reproduction efficiency of Ag-Au-Pd alloy wires by pyrometallurgy Environmental Engineering 2015-08-31
Ching-hsin Chang 《Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2015-08-31
Bo-yan Chang Rotor Design and Performance Evaluation of Synchronous Reluctance Motors Electrical Engineering 2015-09-01
Wan-Ju Chang The Influence of the EC Platform Service Policy toward a Consumer’s Regret Perception That is Caused by the Impulsive Purchase Information Management 2015-09-02
Po-Chiao Chang VUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Nano-scaled Aqueous Aerosols and Its Implications in the Biological Chemistry and Environmental Science Chemistry 2015-09-02
Che-Han Chang Visionary Leadership and Team Future Orientation Human Resource Management 2015-09-04
Che-wei Chang Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Coral Umbellulifera petasites Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-08-20
Shu-han Chang The Last 90 Ka Intermediate Water Circulation Evolution of Northwestern Pacific Department of Oceanography 2015-09-08
Chun-Wei Chang Studies on Friction Stir Lap Welding of Carbon Steel / Aluminum Alloy Plates - Multi-Pass Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-09
Chih-Ming Chang A Study on Application and Development of Human Resources for Kaohsiung City Councilors Assistants EMPP 2015-09-09
Chiung-wen Chang Thermal Oxidation of a-oriented ZnO Thin Films:Exploring the Anisotropy of Optical and Electrical Properties Physics 2015-09-10
Chia-Ming Chang Influence of bottom topography by meteorology and hydrology factors near Taipei Harbor Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-11-12
Bo-ren Chang Variations of the Planktonic Foraminiferal Area Density from the Gao-ping Submarine Canyon and Northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2015-12-17
Yu-cheng Chang Examining Changes in the Democratic Progressive Party from 2008 to 2014 with Harmel and Janda’s Integrated Theory of Party Change Political Science 2015-12-24
Chia-Fen Chang A Study of Business Strategies of APPs Business Management 2016-01-05
Ssu-ying Chang Brain Image Analysis of Patients with Depression and Non-normal Mixed-Effects Models Applied Mathematics 2016-01-20
Hsin-Jui Chang Exploring the regeneration of industrial landscape of Liverpool with the social innovation and cultural meaning of space approaches Business Management 2016-01-15
Eugene Chang Exploring the Impact of Social Influence on In-Game Purchase Intention Information Management 2016-01-25
Wei Chang Combining Motion-Sensing Technology with Prediction Strategy to Support English Reading Comprehension Information Management 2016-01-27
Kai-Ting Chang More than a gift: Effects of gift promotion depth and product-gift fit on consumers’ purchase intentions in TV shopping Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-01-29
Ko-Tieh Chang The influence of exchange rate variation of RMB on Sino-US trade (1978-2014) ICAPS 2015-07-01
Ho-hsuan Chang The Efficiency Analysis of Economic Development on Budget Use by Taiwanese Local Government Public Affairs Management 2016-02-01
Ya-ting Chang Kelly Criterion under Stock Price Pattern Recognition Method Finance 2016-02-16
Chien-Cheng Chang Study of physical properties of ternary topological insulators of Sb2SexTe3-x Physics 2016-03-30
Chun-ting Chang Applying PMI and Systems Thinking Techniques to Investigate Dream Makers’ Entrepreneurial Decision-making Process Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-05-23
Kuang-Ching Chang Design and evaluation of a baseband superregenerative amplification circuit for variable gain Electrical Engineering 2016-06-03
Yuan-ting Chang The risk analysis of recurrence or death in patients with cervix cancer Applied Mathematics 2016-06-15
Chiao-Yung Chang The Mysterious Third-Party on Mobile Phone: Exploring Users’ Intention to Wechat Payment with Technology Acceptance Model and E-WOM. Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-06-29
Yi-hsuan Chang Tax Reform via Consumption Taxes: the Case of Taiwan Economics 2016-07-05
Yu-Chia Chang Postcolonialism and Imagined Communities in Tash Aw’s Map of the Invisible World and The Harmony Silk Factory Foreign Language and Literature 2016-07-04
Chu-Chun Chang The Staging of Arts Festivals and the City- A Case Study Theatre Arts 2016-07-04
Min-Hao Chang A Privacy-Trust-Confidentiality Scheme for Sensor Layer of IoT Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-06
Shu-yuan Chang Integrating Peace Education concepts in the Adventure Education:Curriculum Development and Implementation Education 2016-07-11
Che-Jung Chang Treament of trihalmethanes、haloacetic acids and assimilable organic carbon in drinking water using a biological filter system Environmental Engineering 2016-07-12
Shu-Hui Chang The Game Theoretical Analysis on the Guang Da Xing No.28 Incident between Taiwan and Philippines Economics 2016-07-13
Ya-feng Chang The effects of cooperative learning on students’ learning motivations among different academic performance levels: An example of Chinese learning in Kaohsiung Municipal Jhengsing Junior high school Education 2016-07-12
Jin-kai Chang Investigation of glass phosphor with color conversion capability for solid-state white lightings Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-15
Cheng-wen Chang Power System Analysis for Offshore Islands with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Electrical Engineering 2016-07-18
Chun-han Chang How employees deal with their bad mood? The scale development of mood repair strategies and clarifying their effects on subsequent working emotions Human Resource Management 2016-07-19
Yu-shan Chang Sweet potato mitogen-activated protein kinase SPMAPK participates in ethephon-mediated leaf senescence Biological Sciences 2016-07-21
Han-jung Chang Lloyd's Interference Lithography System Employing Beam Shaping Technique for Wafer-scale Nano-patterning Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-24
Han-yu Chang Investigation of lithium substituted Nafion with multi-quantum filtered NMR, XRD and TGA Chemistry 2016-07-25
Che-hua Chang Establishing Non-Detriment Findings and sustainable use of the flora and fauna in the CITEs Appendix II : scalloped hammerhead shark caught in Taiwanese waters as an example Department of Oceanography 2016-07-25
Po-kai Chang Distinguishing Diabetic Patients and Normal People via PTT and PWV Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-26
Chia-Hsuan Chang A Study on Measuring Online Guitar Chord Tabs Information Management 2016-07-27
Chiao-hsien Chang Using electrodialysis and membrane hybrid system to treat and recover perchlorate-contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2016-08-22
Wan-hsuan Chang Ventilation enhanced lung injury caused by Acinetobacter baumannii Biological Sciences 2016-07-27
Chun-Chieh Chang The Effect of Plasmon Flow on Deformation of Liquid Metal Surface during Solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-02
Chun-Fu Chang Selective Site doping of Niobium and Electric Conduction of SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin Films Physics 2016-08-03
Chia-yu Chang Star-like of nitroxide radical polymer as organic radical battery cathodes Chemistry 2016-08-04
Chih-Peng Chang A Case Study of Employees' Turnover in a Machinery Company Human Resource Management 2016-08-04
Kang Chang Impacts of Ammonia Plasma Treatment on Tunnel-FET With Poly-Si Channel Film Electrical Engineering 2016-08-04
Hsiao-ti Chang It’s so nice of fans: The Research of Relationship Investment of Facebook Fan Page Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-08-08
Hung-Hsi Chang A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility: Using NSYSU Sunshine 17 Social Care Association as an example EMBA 2016-08-08
Ping-Chien Chang Wafer-scale subwavelength grating formation and its photonic applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-10
Lee-kai Chang A Study of Business Model for Carbonization Equipment EMBA 2016-08-06
Ting-Chen Chang Parameter Derivation of Equivalent Circuit Model for Photovoltaic Panel with Ripple Current Orientation Method Electrical Engineering 2016-07-27
Chia-hao Chang Effect of Cooling Rate after Hot Rolling on the Microstructure and Texture Evolution of an AA1050 aluminum Processed by Cold Rolling and Annealing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-16
Yu-Chia Chang Chemical Constituents and Their Bioactivities from a Formosan Gorgonian Coral Pinnigorgia sp. Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-08-17
Cheng-Chien Chang The Competition Analysis for the IC Design Industry of Taiwan and China EMBA 2016-08-09
Yu-Shan Chang An Ontology-based Carbon Footprint Model for Manufacturing Processes Information Management 2016-08-17
Cheng-chun Chang Ti-Co-Pd 800℃ phase diagram study Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-22
Fang-Chiu Chang A Study of the People's Choosing Behaviors Concerning the Willingness to Enter the Medicare Institution for the Elderly Public Affairs Management 2016-08-10
Feng-cheng Chang Novel Gaussian Integer Sparse Code Multiple Access Communications Engineering 2016-08-22
Ya-Ting Chang The role of oxidative stress, inflammatory and autonomic reflex in acute and convalescent stage of stroke Biological Sciences 2016-08-22
Hsiao-Hsuan Chang A Farewell to Youth: Play, Truth, and Utopia in William Wharton's Birdy Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-23
Tzu-Ching Chang Detecting Malware with DLL Injection And PE Infection Information Management 2016-08-23
Nai-hung Chang The Key Successful Factors of Merger and Acquisition EMBA 2016-08-24
Wen-Ting Chang Distributed Resource Allocation Based On Clustering In Device to Device Communication Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-24
Che-Chih Chang Joint Dynamic CRE and Small Cell on/off with Energy Efficiency in LTE HetNets Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-29
Fu-Sheng Chang Greedy-Search-based Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Emergency Humanitarian Logistics Scheduling Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-29
Yun Chang Will you be an Apple fan?Exploring factors affecting Android users' intention to switch over to iOS. Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-08-28
You-Jen Chang Assessment of VOC Emissims from Paint Spraying in Construct Sites Using Solid Phase Microextraction Devices Environmental Engineering 2016-08-30
Yueh-lin Chang An Investigation of the Relationship among Parenting Style, Learning Motivation, and Extracurricular Activity Participation of the High School Students in Kaohsiung City. Education 2016-09-01
Chuan-hsiang Chang Continuous Investigation on Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities from a Formosan Soft Coral Lobophytum varium Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-09-01
Hung-Chia Chang Combination of Series and Parallel Feeding Network with 60-GHz High-Gain and Wideband Aperture Coupled Feed Patch Array Electrical Engineering 2016-08-20
Chiung-Fen Chang Who’s Participatory Budget? The Co-competition between the elite bureaucracy and the civil community in Guangdong Shunde Institute of Sociology 2016-02-01
Ya-ping Chang Financial Innovations at Aging Society: A Study for the Reverse Mortgage Loan Finance 2016-06-24
Hsuan-hao Chang Integrating Bio-medical properties to predict drug side effects Information Management 2016-09-02
Tzong-yih Chang A study of Rural-Urban differences impact on environmental literacy of clean team-Taking the Nantou county as an example Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-09-05
Chia-hao Chang A File Sharing System Based On Hand Gesture Control Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-02
Su-luan Chang Internationalization of Taiwan Cartering Industry ~The Joint Venture Contract Between Her-Bian Cartering Group and Beijing Bian Yi Fang Group EMBA 2016-08-20
Wen-Chi Chang Effects of Personalization on Customer Loyalty to e-tailor Websites: An Intimacy Perspective Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-09-12
Ting-ching Chang A Vertical Capacitorless DRAM with Junctionless Channel and T-shaped Gate Electrical Engineering 2016-10-20
Wen-chung Chang Study on Expectation Propagation Precoding for MIMO System Communications Engineering 2016-10-21
Yu-yao Chang A leading indicator of the financial crisis to investigate the feasibility of Taiwan financial cycle Finance 2016-10-24
Heng-tzu Chang Parallel Coral Reef Algorithm for Solving JSP on Spark Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-16
Feng-ling Chang The Exploration of Tour Guide's Competencies Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-01-16
Chih-ting Chang Design and Evaluation of a 10-bit CMOS DAC with Truly Floating Voltage Output Electrical Engineering 2017-02-12
Shih-hsien Chang The Influence of Information Security Stress on Security Policy Compliance: A Protection Motivation Theory Perspective Information Management 2017-02-15
Yu-han Chang Improving Detection Efficiency using Cloud Computing Information Management 2016-09-05
Cheng-tsu Chang Synthesis and properties of potassium doped ZnO nanorods by aqueous solution method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-02-16
Ching-Wen Chang A Study on the Degree of Urbanization and Medical ServicesUtilization in Taiwan. Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-05-22
Tsung-Hua Chang The Study of Cruise Passengers Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction-An Empirical study on Port of Kaohsiung Business Management 2016-12-23
Chia-Hua Chang Characterization and analysis on graded interface in amorphous/crystalline multilayered thin films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-05-31
Li-wei Chang The Influence of User’s Intention on Their Behavior of Third Party Payment Business Management 2017-05-30
Li-Yu Chang Research on the Development of P2P Financial Loan in Taiwan - Analysis of Related Issues Finance 2017-06-06
Ya-Chen Chang Relationships Between Oil Price and Stock Market:An Empirical Study for The Taiwan’s Industry Finance 2017-06-20
Chia-Yu Chang Psychological Game between managers and employees Economics 2017-06-26
Wei-lun Chang An Improved Hyper-Heuristic Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2017-06-12
Huai-hsin Chang Relationsips on Junior High School Student’s Bullying Reactions,well-being and personality trait Education 2017-06-27
Yin-Hao Chang Using System Simulation Technique to Solve the Problems of Storage Planning for the Medical Grade Titanium Metals at the Distribution center Information Management 2017-07-06
Wei-Jin Chang Measurement of Two-photon absorption cross section of diacrylate using Z-scan technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-07
Yu-Cheng Chang Analyzing the Correlations of Quiet Standing Joint Motion via Kinect Images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-07
Li-Yun Chang The Study on Factors Affecting Capability Building of the New Start-Up SMEs in Taiwan— A Resource- Based View Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-07-06
Fen-sheng Chang Do grateful customers really repay the company?The influence of customer indebtedness Business Management 2017-07-20
Kuei-Hui Chang My Dearest Baby Business Plan: Brand New Product for Baby’s Memento Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-07-20
Chen-i Chang The Relationships among Work Autonomy, Work-Life Balance, and Role Performance : The Case of Generation Y Human Resource Management 2017-06-21
Wen-Chi Chang A Visual Programming Editor for Industrial Robots Electrical Engineering 2017-07-19
Ying-Lan Chang A Study on the Brand Extension Strategies of Eslite Book Store Business Management 2017-07-28
Jui-en Chang Power Factor Correction Strategy and Supervisory Control System for Direct Grid-Connected Excited Synchronous Wind Power System Electrical Engineering 2017-08-04
Hsun-Yun Chang The factors of using preventive health service in Taiwan-Based on Health Belief Model Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-03
Hsiao-tzu Chang Hybrid Analog and Digital Precoding Design in Multiuser MIMO Systems Communications Engineering 2017-08-08
Wei-Che Chang Thin Film Roughened Surface Effect On Spray Cooling Heat Transfer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-15
Chun-hsiang Chang An Improved Clustering Scheme Based on K-means Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2017-08-15
Yu-Ting Chang On the linkage of internal soliton and surface roughness Department of Oceanography 2017-06-29
Chih-Chieh Chang Fabrication of Fabric Triboelectric Generators using Conductive Clay Electrode Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-16
Hao-Cheng Chang The effects of real-time anxiety-adaptive prompting strategies on English communication outcomes Information Management 2017-08-18
Hao-Jue Chang CuGaSe2/Si heteroepitaxy: interface structural design and solar-cell simulation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-17
Ting-Wei Chang Highly Sensitive Open-cavity Fiber-optic Fabry–Pérot Interferometer Based on Etched Hollow-core Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-18
Huai-Chung Chang The Study of Marine Drug PG on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Therapy Department of Oceanography 2017-08-19
Cheng-Hao Chang Design and Implementation of Fast Guided Filter Hardware Architecture for Underwater Image Dehazing Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-21
Chih-Hsuan Chang Key Success Factors of Marketing Strategy of Private Banking Business in Taiwan EMBA 2017-08-25
Shu-chin Chang The Innovation Business Model of Cloud for Cram School Administration System EMBA 2017-08-23
Wei-jen Chang A Cross-Domain Governance Analysis of Police Discretion: Case of Drunk-Driving in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2017-08-28
Chih-hsuan Chang Hardware Design of Stereo Matching Based on Guided Image Filtering Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-28
Yen-yu Chang Distribution of heavy metals in sediments of Love River Environmental Engineering 2017-08-16
Jin-Yu Chang Spatial and Seasonal Variations of PM2.5-associated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air from Taipei Area Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-08-29
Shun-Hsiang Chang Feasibility of adding Graphene Oxide to remove Pharmaceuticals by Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor Environmental Engineering 2017-08-30
Che-Cheng Chang Study on Optimized Design of Three-axis Dynamometer Structure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-31
Ching-Tsang Chang Electrochemical preparation of graphene (graphene oxide) materials applied to electron field emission on characteristics of luminous device Electrical Engineering 2017-09-09
Chun-Fang Chang Current Status and Difficulties Faced by Taiwanese Tuna Longline Fishery: A Case Study on the Indian Ocean Fishery IMA 2017-09-08
Shao-pin Chang Agenda Building of the ALS News: A Case Study of the Ice Bucket Challenge Institute of Marketing Communication 2017-09-11
Jia-hao Chang Design of Tessellation Unit for 3D Graphic Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-11
Tsun-Hsin Chang A Unified GDB-Based Source-Transaction Level SW/HW Co-Debugging Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-11
Chia-yu Chang Optical Characteristics of InGaN Solar Cell Structural Materials Physics 2017-09-11
Yu-Chen Chang Factors Predicting Organizational Citizenship Behavior - Belief in Karma as A Moderator Human Resource Management 2017-09-14
Cheng-Jui Chang Cuisine Discovery based on Recipe-Ingredient Network and Matrix Factorization Information Management 2017-09-13
Ching-wen Chang The growth, fabrication, and analyses of III-V nitride thin film and nanorod photovoltaic devices Physics 2017-10-11
Yu-ching Chang A Multiple-Case Study of Entrepreneurial Characteristics Information Management 2017-08-19
Wei-chieh Chang Implementation and Verification of the Different C-RAN Architectures Based on Open Source Software Computer Science and Engineering 2017-12-11
Tun-Kai Chang A Cross-Entropy-Based Algorithm for Constructing Variable-Length Error-Correcting Codes Communications Engineering 2017-12-26
Chun-cheng Chang A Study of Water Quality Improvement in Seawater Aquaculture Using A Biofilter System Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-12-28
Li-Yu Chang The Effect of Robo-Advisors on the Performance of Financial Specialists - A Task-Technology Fit Perspective EMBA 2017-12-29
Che-Min Chang Optical Properties and Antimicrobial Effects of Al-based Thin Film Metallic Glasses/Nanocomposites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-01-08
Chin-Chia Chang Which Factors Motivate the Firm Behavior of CSR Investment: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan Listed Companies Finance 2018-01-27
Chiung-Hsia Chang A Study of the Relationships among Employees’ Grit, Career Satisfaction and Organizational Factors: Corporate Culture and Employee Assistance Programs Human Resource Management 2018-01-30
Shu-Ching Chang Treatment of Saline Wastewater by Constructed Wetlands Vegetated with Spartina alterniflora Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-01-30
Constance Chang Recategorizing Hai and Identifying Its Collocations Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-12
Chien-en Chang The Effects of Price Unit and Price Ending of Insurance Products. Finance 2018-02-13
Che-Kai Chang Mechanical Behavior and Fatigue Responses of Cracked Ti/Carbon-fiber/PEEK Hybrid Composite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-21
Yung-Ting Chang Soft Coral-Derived Marine Natural Products Enhance Oxidative Stress-Mediated Apoptosis in Oral Cancer Cells Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2018-01-16
Hui-wen Chang Is a Smile Worth A Million? Influences of Model’s Smile Intensity, Brand-Consumer Relationship and Consumer Self-Construal on Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2018-02-26
Cheng Chang The Comparative Study on Constitutional review of System between Taiwan and Mainland China: Analyzing from Five Administrative Frameworks ICAPS 2018-04-02
Hsiang-Chih Chang Utilizing Theory of Constraints to Improve the Implementation of Manufacturing Executive System-A Case Study for T Company Information Management 2018-04-26
Ching-Yi Chang A Methodology for developing web application by using MVC model and MDA approach Information Management 2018-05-07
CHIH-CHIEH CHANG A Study on Strategic Innovation of Industrial PC Corporation in Taiwan - The Case Study of Ennoconn Business Management 2018-06-03
Chia-wen Chang Integration of Internal Controls and ERP System -Case Study of T Company Finance 2018-06-05
Wan-Ting Chang The Impact of Cosmetics Consumer’s Perceived Value on Purchase Intention: Multi-Moderating Effect of Involvement and Mere Exposure Business Management 2018-06-16
Su-Cheng Chang The effects of social support on new employees' role behaviors Human Resource Management 2018-06-22
Te-hsin Chang Bargaining Power and Financial Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationship Finance 2018-06-26
Chun-Chiao Chang The influence of Cross-registration Policy on Administrator’s Behavior of Land Administration Agent: A Case of Land Administration Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2018-05-24
Yu-Shuang Chang The Transformation of Business Model of Asset Management Companies – A Viewpoint from External High-Influence Stakeholders EMBA 2018-06-27
Wen-Huei Chang An Reinterpretation of Nietzsche's Superman from the Perspectives of 'Superwoman' and Trauma Institute Of Philosophy 2018-07-05
Cheng-Wen Chang Exploring The Moderators of The Impact of Facebook Opinion Climate on Political Discussion Through Fear of Isolation Institute of Marketing Communication 2018-07-04
Yun-Tzu Chang The Sugar-Coat Trap of the Product Placement — Examining How Parasocial Interaction and Plot Connection Moderate the Mediator Effects of Perceived Reality Institute of Marketing Communication 2018-07-05
Yuan-Shuo Chang Fabrication of graphene-based flexible transparent conductive film by floating-assisted method and its liquid crystal device application Chemistry 2018-07-16
Shu-Yu Chang Indonesia's Industrial Development and the Competition and Cooperation across the Taiwan Strait ICAPS 2018-07-16
Wen-Hsin Chang Synthesis and Characterization of Low Molecular Weight Azobenzene Materials Containing Amide Bonds for Holographic Materials Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-07-23
Hsin-Tzu Chang Study on LTE MIMO System in SIMD Architecture Communications Engineering 2018-07-26
Chih-Li Chang Design and Synthesis of Semiconducting Polymers and Their Application in Visible Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution and Skin-inspired Optoelectronics. Chemistry 2018-07-30
Yi-Chun Chang Discussion on the Evaluation of Taiwanese Non-listed Companies-Taking non-public Taiwanese companies as example Business Management 2018-07-16
Hsin-Yi Chang Incident at Scarborough Shoal:Implications for the China, Philippines,and the United State ICAPS 2018-07-31
MENG-TING CHANG A Study on Factors Affecting resignation Tendencies of Catering Professionals EMBA 2018-08-02
Wei-Kuang Chang How Does Managerial Ability Influence the Firms’ Debt Maturity? Finance 2018-08-02
Ting-yu Chang The Impact of Ubiquitous Technostress on Employees’ Interpersonal Relationship: The Moderating Effect of Workaholism Human Resource Management 2018-08-03
Chen-Wwi Chang The Relationship Between Well-Being and Innovative Behavior: Using Bureaucratic Culture as the Moderator Human Resource Management 2018-08-06
He-Ling Chang Analytical multi-parameter interval determinations of the flux-switching permanent magnet motors Electrical Engineering 2018-08-08
Wei-Sin Chang The study of charge transport behavior in multi-doped systems Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-08-14
Shu-Lang Chang Strategy-Focused Organization Establishment:Naval Logistics Organization of the Republic of China Case Study EMBA 2018-08-16
Hua-Ting Chang Numerical Simulation of the Direct Energy Deposition Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-08-16
Kai-Chu Chang A Study of Consumers’ Switching Intention between General Skin Care Products and Cosmeceuticals Business Management 2018-06-10
Tsai-Yueh Chang Chien A Study of the Relationship between Civil Servants’ Training and Promotion Political Science 2014-07-01
Jung-Jung Chang Chien Effect of quinacrine on Bcl-xL and Bcl-2 expression in human leukemia K562 cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-07-21
Chin-Min Chang Chien 2D Compact Frequency-Domain Stencils for Dielectric Media with an Interface Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-01
Shi-Hung Chang Chien Study on the Bulk Oxygen Effect and Reducing Forming Voltage in a Novel Resistance Random Access Memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-10
Yu-Ting Chang Chien A Study of Impulsive Bidding on Facebook Live Auction Information Management 2017-08-17
Chung-Te Chang Chien Computational studies of proton transport in phosphate-containing materials Chemistry 2017-12-21
Sun-Yu Chang-Chan Two Novel Switched Current Circuits Electrical Engineering 2000-07-26
Lung-chin Chang-Chien A study on planning model and management strategy in Taiwan wetland park:Chia-Yi City waterfront Wetland Park as the Case Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-06
Shu-ju Chang-chien On the Assessment of the Performance for the bank joining in Financial Holding Company. Finance 2006-09-01
Hsin-yu Chang-chien Inspection of LCD Light-guide Plate Using Moment-invariants Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-10
Nan-Yi Chang-Chien Development of Intelligent-Based Solar and Diesel-Wind Hybrid Power Control Systems Electrical Engineering 2010-06-21
Ju Chang-Chien An Empirical Study on the Impact of Housing Price on Sex Ratio in China ICAPS 2017-01-19
HUANG CHANG-JUI Removals and reaction pathways of chlorpheniramine and nitrosamine-formation potentials by graphene oxide/Fe3O4 composites with catalytic reaction and adsorption Environmental Engineering 2018-08-07
Mien-chih Changchien Development of User Satisfaction as a Measure of ERP Success Business Management 2001-02-01
Yung-Hui ChangChien Local Development Policies in Embeddedness and Capital Market Public Affairs Management 2006-08-03
ban-hung ChangChien none EMBA 2006-08-02
Chih-chang ChangChien Study on an Architecture-Oriented Semi-conductor Testing Computer Integrated Manufacturing Management Model Information Management 2015-01-08
Chia-Kuang Chao Public Affairs Management 2000-06-14
Shou-Bin Chao Inhibition of Telomerase Activity by hTR Gene in Human J5 Hepatoma Cell Line Biological Sciences 2000-07-22
Yueh-Ping Chao A Performance Evaluation of Educational Programs of Marine Museums in Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-07-26
Pei-Tong Chao Thermal Etching of Single Crystal Quartz and Willemite: Effects of Boron Oxide, Defects, Lattice Anisotropy and Capillary Force Materials Science and Engineering 2000-08-03
Yi-An Chao The research that project finance was applied on power plants establishment Finance 2000-06-14
Pei-Hua Chao Adolescent in Taiwan and Japan Drama: Obversation, Interpretation and Consumption Communcations Management 2000-10-11
Pao-Chen Chao Exploring Study for Strategic Human Resource employment architecture:the Example of A Marine Company Human Resource Management 2001-02-09
Yu-Chieh Chao The Influences of the Strategic Roles of Subsidiaries and the Nationalities of the MNC on the top management teams--Empirical Research for MNC Subsidiaries in Taiwan. Business Management 2001-06-14
Yi-chen Chao The sex-role and entrepreneurial behaviors of Women entrepreneurs Human Resource Management 2001-07-10
Kuo-Hao Chao none Finance 2001-08-01
Nien-Min Chao Identification of Pipistrellus abramus, Miniopterus schreibersii, Hipposideros tecasensis, and Rhinolophus monoceros using echolocation call charaters Biological Sciences 2001-08-13
Fang-Ping Chao The expression of TSG101 and RET gene in thyroid carcinoma specimens. Biological Sciences 2001-08-28
Chihyi Chao Invariant Measures on Projective Space Applied Mathematics 2002-06-13
Shu-Hui Chao none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-18
Tsung-Hung Chao An Analysis of Taiwan Stock Market Volatility and Taiwan Warrant Market --An Application of Volatility Model Economics 2002-06-24
Ying-Chen Chao A Study on the Development and the Analysis of Competitive Advantages of Semiconductor Industries across Taiwan Straits IEMBA 2002-07-05
Yih-Wel Chao Dynamically Scheduling Query Results for Broadcasting in a Wireless Environment Information Management 2002-07-05
Ping-Hsia Chao Prototype Research and Development of DSP-Based Motion Control Card with USB2.0 Interface Electrical Engineering 2002-07-09
Yung-Yu Chao A Empirical Study on Stock Market Timing with Technical Trading rules Finance 2002-07-10
Kuo-Jung Chao A Study of Cheng Wen-cho's Tz'u Poetry Chinese Literature 2002-07-23
Jui-Lung Chao Revision on Scolopendromorpha (Chilopoda) from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2002-09-02
Huang-Pin Chao The Study on how Job Rotation affects the employees’ Career-Related Outcomes —taking manufacturing motor companies at top 5 in Taiwan as an example Human Resource Management 2002-12-21
Yu-Hsin Chao Security Choice and Convertible Bond Issuance Announcement Effect Business Management 2003-02-10
JUI-CHUN CHAO none IEMBA 2003-07-16
Chih-Hua Chao Studies on the Steroidal Natural Products from Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris Marine Resources 2003-07-23
Ko-an Chao Computer Simulation of Atoms and Small Molecules Adsorbed in Zeolites Chemistry 2003-07-25
Yi-Shan Chao A Taxonomic Study on Lentibulariaceae of Taiwan Biological Sciences 2004-01-28
Chia-Ben Chao Study on Pathology of Iridovirus-infected Captive Fishes and Gene of Iridovirus in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2004-02-13
Jyh-Ming Chao A study on the effects of the human capital, knowledge worker management and innovation performance: A case study on Biotechnology Industry. Human Resource Management 2004-05-23
Pei-Chun Chao The Study of Brand Image Strategy of Imported Cars Communications Management 2004-06-28
Chien-po Chao Growth and Characterization of AlN Thin Films Deposition Using Dual Ion Beam Sputtering System Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-15
Chien-yao Chao An Unified Approach to Analyze a Generic M-ary CDMA System Communications Engineering 2004-07-30
Tai-hung Chao On coping with the“hospital-based self-management” project implemented by the National Health Insurance in Taiwan-----A case study of an Armed Forces Hospital EMBA 2005-07-31
Wei-Ling Chao Cultural Development of Hamasen Community-Eco-museums Perspective IEMBA 2005-08-17
Man-Tzu Chao Liquid Modernity and the Fall of Public Sphere Political Science 2005-09-02
Ko-chung Chao The Study of School-based Curriculum Development in Junior High Schools in Tainan City Education 2006-01-10
Yu-chen Chao A Study of Network User's Acceptance on Wireless Local Area Network Business Management 2006-05-30
Su-cheng Chao State-Society Relations in Mainland China:From the Case Study of Migrant Worker-Related NGOs Mainland China Studies 2006-06-16
Chia-Hsin Chao Study of Photonic Crystal Fibers using Vector Boundary Element Method Electrical Engineering 2006-06-23
Tung-Chieh Chao The Voter’s Decision During the Electoral campaign A case Study of the 2005 Elections for Mayor of the 15th Taitung County Government Political Science 2006-07-24
Peng-Cheng Chao The Research Study on the Effectiveness of Bearing Management and Its On-the-job Training in China Steel Corp Business Management 2006-09-04
Bey-ling Chao The Influence of on-line travel store image on perceived value Business Management 2006-12-27
I-kuei Chao Temperature Effect on Microstructure and Characteristics of Nickel Thin Film Deposited on silicon Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-12-05
Li-Kung Chao the study of how to establish the culture of knowledge management in China Steel Corportion EMBA 2007-06-28
Tsai-Lun Chao Study on Degradation mechanism of Crystallized Laterally Grown Poly-Si TFT under Electrical Stress Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-10
An-Li Chao A Sensorless Speed Control Driver for Two-phase Half Wave Brushless DC Fan Motor Electrical Engineering 2007-07-18
Pin-Feng Chao A Study of the Relationships Among Leadership Styles and Job Involvement as Moderated by Trust and Work Achievement--Evidence From a Radio Station Communications Management 2007-07-25
Young-ching Chao The study of Competitive Advantage on Travel agencies - A case study of Club Med in Taiwan EMBA 2007-07-23
Chih-Hua Chao Study on the Natural Products from Two Formosan Soft Corals Lobophytum crassum and Dendronephthya griffini and the Chemical Modifications of Lobohedleolide Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-08-25
Tsun-hsien Chao The Study of Ambient Noise in First Seaway area of Kaohsiung Harbor Undersea Technology 2007-09-04
Chih-yang Chao Global-fit Clustering for Sensor Network Information Management 2008-01-30
Cheng-pai Chao A Study of Interactive Relationships between Administrative Power and Faculty Professionalism at National Universities Public Affairs Management 2008-07-17
Po-sun Chao Blind Adaptive MIMO-CDMA Receiver with Constant Modulus Criterion in Multipath Channels Electrical Engineering 2008-07-23
Tzu-Hsiang Chao Price and Volume Effects of Changes in the Index Composition--Evidence from the MSCI Taiwan Index and Taiwan 50 Index Finance 2008-07-23
Te-tung Chao none Business Management 2008-07-24
Su-Yu Chao A Preliminary Study on the Planning of Eco-Port Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-02-10
Yu-Long Chao A Comparison of the Validities of Self-reported and Other-reported Environmental Behaviors with Fitness for the Theory of Planned Behavior as a Criterion Public Affairs Management 2009-04-27
Cheng-chun Chao Structure-Reactivity Relationship of Phosphinothio Zinc Complxes Chemistry 2009-07-17
Ying-hsien Chao The Creative Leadership Scale for Elementary School Teachers: Scale Development and Validation Education 2009-07-22
Wei-chieh Chao Utilizing AFM for Surface Force Measurement and Structure Characterization Chemistry 2009-07-27
Hsiao-Ming Chao The operation and competitive strategy for new LED company in Taiwan-case study of the company EMBA 2009-07-27
Ming-fang Chao Analysis of Taiwan-Fujian’s Regional Economic Cooperation ICAPS 2009-08-31
Shih-hsien Chao Cloning and Expression of Arabidopsis endo-1,4-β-glucanase in Pichia pastoris Biological Sciences 2010-02-05
Yu-shing Chao A Study on the Independent Revenue Capability of Merged Kaohsiung City and County EMPP 2010-07-28
Shyuan Chao The Research of the Relationship of the Poetry Panting of Sung Chinese Literature 2010-09-01
Jen-Te Chao A Multiple Case Study on Post-Merger IT Integration from an IT Culture Conflict Perspective Information Management 2010-09-03
Te-fang Chao Enhancement of growth and migration of human breast cancer cell (MDA-435S) by human C1 inhibitor Biological Sciences 2011-01-13
Tzu-lin Chao The Reserch of Print Media Image Construction and Social Exclusion, Taking Female Immigrants for Example Communications Management 2011-07-20
Chih-Feng Chao Investigation on EMI of Self-Ballasted Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2011-08-10
Chun-ming Chao The Study of Organic Light Emitting Device with a Novel Fluorescent Material 2,2’,7,7’-tetra-(pyren-1-yl)-9,9’-spirobifluorene (TPSBF) Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-24
Yu-heng Chao Study of " King Wu ascended the throne " on "Shanghai Museum’s collection of Warring States Chu Bamboo slips " Chinese Literature 2011-09-09
Tzu-Chuan Chao Numerical simulation of small power supply in natural convection environment Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-07
Tzu-Ching Chao Internet Diffusion of Enterprise Messages Information Management 2012-06-04
Chang-Sheng Chao The Consumer’s Behavior Research in Large Convenience Stores:The Case of the 7-ELEVEN Stores in Metropolises EMBA 2013-06-02
Wen-chi Chao Market Entry and Privatization Policy Economics 2013-06-17
Yu-Chuan Chao A Research of Relationship between Leisure A Research of Relationship between Leisure Effectiveness and Willingness to pay the price for the Kaohsiung Jhongdou Wetland Park' Public Affairs Management 2013-07-15
Shih-Hua Chao Synthesis of Dibenz[a,c]anthracene and Dibenzo[f,h]pyrazino[2,3-b]quinoxaline Discogens Chemistry 2013-08-12
Tzu-Chun Chao controlled efficiency of drilling with a high intensity beam Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-29
Chia-yi Chao A Study on Styles of Expression in Young Children's Drawings Education 2014-06-08
Pei-yu Chao System Analysis and Design Method based on Software Product Lines-A Case Study of Rolling Schedule in Steel Industry Information Management 2014-07-03
Yu-hsuan Chao Market Reflexivity: Evidence from Taiwan Futures Exchange Finance 2015-07-13
Yi-Fang Chao A Study of the Influence of the Archivists’ Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction on the Job Performance in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2015-07-24
Wen-huang Chao Methylene blue degradation on polymer-coated copper oxide surfaces Chemistry 2015-07-28
Chia-Hsien Chao Population and reproductive biology of the deep-sea mussel from methane seeps offshore southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-01-14
Shen Chao The Challenges of Cyber Warfare to Traditional Security Theories-Comparative Study on US-Japan-China Cyber Warfare Institutions ICAPS 2016-02-15
Ying Chao Evaluation of Sustainable Ecotourism in Chiku using System Dynamics Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-06-20
Ying-Hsien Chao How to promote the inclination to donate money among elementary school parents: The perspectives of self-perception theory and karmic- investment hypothesis and the moderating role of cultural factors Education 2016-07-02
I-chun Chao A research on the development and integration of group games for 5th grade math revisions and changes in children’s learning Education 2016-07-14
Yung-ju Chao Study on the treatment of organic semiconductor wastewater by an anaerobic-aerobic process Environmental Engineering 2016-08-25
Pi-Chung Chao Evaluation on the effectiveness of HE biotech company’s new business model with MLM EMBA 2016-08-30
Po-hao Chao Effects of diets high in carbohydrate and lipid levels on growth and body composition of the cobia (Rachycentron canadum) Department of Oceanography 2016-09-07
Tzu-chieh Chao Land Prices Affected By Urban Green Infrastructure: A Case Study of the Wetlands Created in Kaohsiung. Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-09-08
Ching-hui Chao The Transitions of Clientelism in DPP's Tainan Government, 1993-2013 ICAPS 2017-01-25
Mei-ling Chao A Case Study on the Stock Transferring of Company's Insiders Induced by the Change of the Estate and Gift Tax Finance 2017-07-27
Mei-Ling Chao A Study on Development Strategy for Taiwanese Panel Industry-A Case of Innolux EMBA 2017-08-15
TSE-HSUN CHAO The magnetic and spectroscopic properties of nonpolar m-plane GaN:Mn thin films Physics 2017-08-21
Wen-yu Chao Synthesis of Cyclic Peptide Inhibitors for Grb2-SH2 via Ring-Closing Metathesis in Water Chemistry 2017-08-22
Chih-Hsun Chao The performance evaluation of MPI program running at Kernel Distributed Computing Management Electrical Engineering 2017-08-24
Shu-jung Chao Improving ILP with Semantic-Based Loop Unrolling Mechanism in the Hyperscalar Architecture Electrical Engineering 2017-08-25
Wen-Ching Chao Carrirer recombination of GaSe1-xSx layer structure Physics 2017-09-12
Ya-Ning Chao A Study of Brand Resonance in the Digital Age Business Management 2018-01-13
Wei-Chuan Chao Studies on the secondary metabolites from the soft corals Nephthea chabroli and Cespitularia caerulea Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2018-02-13
Chun-Huai Chao From People Management to Organization Competitiveness – A Case Analysis from Construction Industry EMBA 2018-06-07
TUNG CHAO Facile Synthesis of Dibenzosuberones via Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Intramolecular C-H Activation/C-C Coupling of Ortho-Aroylated 3,5-Diarylisoxazole Chemistry 2018-07-09
Huang Chao-Chuan CORDIC-Based Signed-bit Predictable SIN-COS Generator And It’s FPGA Implementation Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-03
Yang Chao-Cin The Study on Oxygen Vacancies on the ZnO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Physics 2013-09-12
Huang Chao-Jian Measurement of the Surface Profile of Sloshing Liquids by Applying 3-D Digital Image Correlation Technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-03-28
Wang Chao-peng Maps Building by RGB-D with an Inverse Sensor Model Electrical Engineering 2015-08-31
Chih-Tai Charng Research on the Construction of Knowledge Management Model based on the Viewpoint of Business Competitive Advantages Business Management 2002-06-08
Suksom Charoendeesawat The explanatory power of accounting measures, EVA and MVA on stock returns: Evidence from Thailand stock market Business Management 2011-08-29
Pierre-Alexandre Château A spatio-temporal modelling approach for coastal ecosystems management Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-04
Yuan-Hao Chaung The suitability to use KMV Model in the listed company in Taiwan-revision of default point Finance 2008-06-25
Kai-ju chaung Research of acid mine drainage (AMD) improvement with permeable reactive materials from basic oxygen furnace slag Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-09-02
Ching-ho Chc A Research on the Problems of China Fishing Boats Trespassing to Fish and Its Countermeasures EMPP 2005-06-27
Li-chung Che Educational research of high educational development of our country of liberalization policy Finance 2005-02-03
Chia-Wei Che Simulation of Modal Analysis of Micro Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell by Finite Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-27
Ou Che-Hua The Study of Schoolbag Management ,Learning Attitudes and Life Management of Elementary School Pupils Education 2006-02-08
Chien-Chou Chen An Economic Evaluation of Cage Aquaculture Operation Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-08
Yen-Hua Chen The Economic Analysis of Public Goods with NIMBY Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-09
Yu-Jui Chen nono Public Affairs Management 2000-06-09
Chien-Wen Chen A Study of the Tropospheric Effects on the Interference of the Terrestrial VHF/UHF Broadcasting Using PE Approach Electrical Engineering 2000-06-13
Yin-Pei Chen A Study of Weber's Trio in G Minor, Op. 63 Music 2000-06-14
ERIC CHEN the IPO effect of Venture Capital Finance 2000-06-21
Chiang-Chung Chen Low-Complexity Adaptive H∞ Equalizer for DS-CDMA Communication System in Time-Varying Dispersive Fading Channels Electrical Engineering 2000-06-21
Nyen-Ts Chen Growth and Characterization of ZnSe, ZnSxSe1-x Heterostructures on Si Substrates by Atomic Layer Epitaxy Electrical Engineering 2000-06-22
Li-Fen Chen Electricity liberalization and the study of independent power plant operating Finance 2000-06-21
Ying-Pei Chen A Area-Saving ROM Decoder and Design of Network Interface Controller Electrical Engineering 2000-06-26
Wen-Chih Chen Assessment of Reliablity Against Corrision Fatigue Failure for Low Pressure Turbine Blades under Unbanlanced Power System Operation Electrical Engineering 2000-06-27
Ping-Sen Chen none Economics 2000-06-27
Chiung-Chi Chen Research of Cheng Yin Chu Hua Chinese Literature 2000-06-28
Hsiang-Hsiu Chen Disguise in Moll Flanders Foreign Language and Literature 2000-06-28
Chih-Yuan Chen Classification analysis of ECG and study on the ratio of low frequency spectral powers to high frequency spectral powers of RR intervals Applied Mathematics 2000-06-27
Jr-Houng Chen Design and Implementation of Secure LDAP Management System Computer Science and Engineering 2000-06-29
C.D. Chen A Study of Competition Strategy of Petroleum Firms under Petroleum Market Liberalization Business Management 2000-06-15
Chien-Hsun Chen The effects of energy quantity to the reproductive strategies of the sea anemone Aiptasia pulchella Carlgren 1943 Marine Biology 2000-06-26
Wei-Hsuan Chen On-wafer 2-D electric-field-vector measurement using single-beam electro-optic probing technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-30
Hsin-Her Chen Exact D-optimal designs for multiresponse polynomial model Applied Mathematics 2000-06-29
Chin-TA Chen Model Following based μ-Synthesis Control of Induction Motors Electrical Engineering 2000-06-30
Chia-Cheng Chen The Study of Microstructure of Pb/Sn and Au/Sn Solder in Optoelectronics Package Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-07-02
Chia-I Chen Sextet for Grass Mountain Memory Music 2000-07-04
Kuo-Hsin Chen Spiking Phenomenon in High Intensity Beam Welding Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-04
Chih-Kang Chen Genetic Approach with Elitist and Extinction Apply to the Design of Active Vibration Controller Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-04
Liang-Chi Chen 1.Treatment of 2-Ethyl Hexanol in an air stream by a pilot-scale Biotrickling Filters. 2.Treatment of gaseous VOC emissions from a resin manufacturing plant by a full-scale Biotrickling Filters. Environmental Engineering 2000-07-05
Keng-hsiung Chen Community, Boundary and Identity: the House Image in Robert Frost's Poetry Foreign Language and Literature 2000-07-06
Jian-Wen Chen Dynamic Simulation and Performance Optimization of Reheating Furnace Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-06
Po-Chuan Chen The Effect of Residual Stress on the Post-Weld-Shift of A Fiber-Solder-Ferrule Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-12
Ing-Hao Chen System Identification for Transmission Mechanism by Using Genetic Algorithms Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-12
Tsung-Hao Chen The credit risk research of consumer credit loan Human Resource Management 2000-07-12
Yen-Liang Chen none Chemistry 2000-07-12
Ying-Chung Chen An RBF Neural Network Method for Image Progressive Transmission Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-13
Tay-Yow Chen The design and production of the planetary three-roll experimental machine Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-18
Cheau-Ju Chen Late Pliocene Ge/Si Record of Marine Biogenic Opal from the Southern Atlantic Marine Geology and chemistry 2000-07-18
Ming-Chang Chen Theoretical Analysis of Ball Dynamics for Ball Grinding Machine Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-18
Chi-Te Chen Study of Superdeformed States in 130 and 140 mass region Even-Even Nuclei Physics 2000-07-19
Chien-Hung Chen The Correlation Between Probability Of Informed Trader And Market Performance Finance 2000-07-20
Charles Chen None EMBA 2000-07-20
Chung-Cheng Chen None EMBA 2000-07-20
Chao-Jui Chen Synthesis and Characterization of Iminophosphine Copper Complexes Chemistry 2000-07-20
Jiun-Ren Chen A Study on Machining of Impellers with Ruled Surfaces Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-21
I.-Tai Chen Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-24
Jing-fang Chen The Poetics of Alterity: Sara Suleri's Meatless Days Foreign Language and Literature 2000-07-25
Tzong-Yi Chen Synthetic Studies Toward Tetracyclic and Pentacyclic Indole Alkaloids Chemistry 2000-07-25
Yan-Bang Chen Exploring Internet Users ’Information Privacy Concerns -Use the Intention-Based models Information Management 2000-07-26
Wei-Shiun Chen Study of High Performance Circuits for 2.0V Embedded Dynamic Random Access Memory Electrical Engineering 2000-07-27
Yi-Ju Chen Huang Yau-Tai's Scholarship and the Study of His Music Philosophy Music 2000-07-27
jau-hwa chen none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-27
Cheng-Hsiung Chen none Chinese Literature 2000-07-04
Chien-Ting Chen A New Timeout Algorithm for Point-to-Multipoint ABR Service Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-21
Uie-Wen Chen A software design of a user-configurable memory garbage collection method Electrical Engineering 2000-07-29
Ching-Yi Chen The Fit Between IT Department and MIS Graduate Human Resource Management 2001-07-31
Wei-Chih Chen Cytological Study of Rat Vagal Ganglia and Airway after Retrograde Transport of Horseradish Peroxidase and Ricinus Communis Agglutinin- 60 via Thoracic Vagal Branches Biological Sciences 2000-07-20
Chien-Kao Chen Technological Innovation and Diffusion System of Catch-up Economies: Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry (IC) Industry in Chinese Taipei Business Management 2000-07-31
Yung-Hui Chen Effect of environmental factors on the spawning, egg hatching and metamorphosis of nauplius of the shrimp Acetes intermedius (Omori, 1975) Marine Resources 2000-07-31
Reui-jing Chen Conservatives and Radicals: Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France and Its Contemporary Critics Foreign Language and Literature 2000-09-22
Shih-Yuan Chen Data Mining in Acquiring Association Knowledge Between Diseases and Medicine Treatments Information Management 2000-08-02
Kun-Hsien Chen Using Fuzzy Rule Induction for Mining Classification Knowledge Information Management 2000-08-02
Wan-Ling Chen Theatre of Power: Conflicts, Resistance and Foucauldian Power in David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo Foreign Language and Literature 2000-08-02
Chien-An Chen A Studey of Silicon Dioxide Deposited by Liquid Phase Deposition Method on CuInSe2 and CuGaSe2 Materials Science and Engineering 2000-08-01
Tzuo-Ming Chen none Business Management 2000-07-25
Chih-Chen Chen none Materials Science and Engineering 2000-08-10
Heng-Chi Chen Studies on the Inhibitory Mechanism of Angiogenesis Inhibitor, Endostatin Biological Sciences 2000-07-04
Hua-Shan Chen The Study of Fused Fiber Coupler Package Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-07-06
Cheng-Sheng Chen Design of Rear Suspension Mechanisms of Mountain Bikes Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-14
Tze-Gan Chen none Economics 2000-08-12
Chung-Ying Chen none Human Resource Management 2000-08-14
Cheng-Te Chen A Study On In-Situ Treatment of PCP Contaminated Soils by Electrokinetics-Fenton Process Combined with Biodegradation Environmental Engineering 2000-08-12
Shih-Fen Chen The Study of Development of Death Concept in Children and Adolescents Education 2000-08-18
Yi-Ju Chen An Exploratory Study of an Internet-based English Learning Project Education 2000-08-24
Bo-gia Chen Interaction between Perforated Floating Breakwater and Wavw with Uniform Current Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-08-26
Hsin Chen Effect of Social and Entertainment News on TV Rating : a Study on CTS Evening News Communcations Management 2000-08-28
Yen-Hsia Chen The Study of Policy Networks between the State and Textile Industry--The Taiwan Textile Federation as an Example Political Science 2000-08-30
Hung-shu Chen Re-verification for percedent cause modes of organizational politics consciousness--Two domestic and large-scale of private finance organizations contemplated for verification Human Resource Management 2003-11-18
Shin-Si Chen An improved search algorithm for fractal image compression based on intra-block variance distribution Computer Science and Engineering 2000-09-13
Li-Shing Chen The Research of Regulations and Competitive Schemes of Telecommunication and Cable TV under Digital Media Convergence Communcations Management 2000-09-13
Wen-Pin Chen The Analysis of Temperature Sensitivity and Load Characteristics of Taipower System Electrical Engineering 2000-12-26
Chih-Peng Chen Microstructure and Texture Evolutions of High Energy Density Beam (HED) Welded Duplex Stainless Steel Materials Science and Engineering 2001-01-16
YUN-AN CHEN Effect of Light on Peroxidase and Lignin Synthesis in Mung Bean Hypocotyls Biological Sciences 2001-01-31
Chi-Ying Chen Algoritam for generalized co-complementarity problems in Banach spaces Applied Mathematics 2001-02-02
Pei-Hong Chen A Numerical Analysis of Fully Nonlinerar Waves Passing Submerged and Floating Breakwaters Marine Resources 2001-02-14
Yun-Sheng Chen Chemical Synthesis and Ionic Conductivity of Water-Soluble Rigid-Rod Polyelectrolyte Materials Science and Engineering 2001-02-15
Jean-Lin Chen Effects of Various Monosaccharides and Disaccharides on the Growth of Deinococcus radiodurans Biological Sciences 2001-03-02
Yueh-mei Chen Teacher Training for The Employment of Teaching Strategies in Critical-Thinking via a Computer Simulation: An Example in Gender Equality Issues Education 2001-06-04
Mean Chen Research of relation between sexualrole attitude, fear of success, and future development of the female officials –Kaohsiung City Government to be the example Human Resource Management 2001-06-04
Yann-Long Chen Television and Democratization in Taiwan:A Case Study of Formosa Television Political Science 2001-06-05
Sheng-Wuen Chen Window Based Digital Mapping And Feeder Management Decision Support System Electrical Engineering 2001-06-06
Shi-Jaw Chen Bid-Based Power Dispatch and GenCo’s Bidding Strategy in a Deregulated Environment Electrical Engineering 2001-06-10
Chun-Yi Chen none Business Management 2001-06-11
Li-Ming Chen Effect of naphthaleneacetic acid on peroxidase and lignin in hypocotyl cutting of soybean during root formation Biological Sciences 2001-06-11
Chi-Zong Chen Fuzzy Gaming Approach For GenCo's Bidding Problem Electrical Engineering 2001-06-12
Ya-ting Chen The Reconstruction Formula of Inverse Nodal Problems and Related Topics Applied Mathematics 2001-06-12
Hung-Wen Chen A Study of Japanese Colonial Education Policies in Taiwan – the Case of Language Textbooks for Elementary School. Education 2001-06-11
kuan-jen chen Chemical Constituents of formosan Stolnifer Tubipora musica Linnaeus Marine Resources 2001-06-14
Chi-Wen Chen IC Design and Implementation of Preamplifier for 16 Mbps Infrared Receiver Module and Reference Clock Generator for DDR Synchronous Devices Electrical Engineering 2001-06-15
Chien-Chang Chen The impacts on East Asian countries by international capital flows:The case of East Asian financial crisis Mainland China Studies 2001-06-20
Ei-Lu Chen The Effect of Copper on Peroxidase Activity and Lignin Synthesis in Raphanus sativus L. Biological Sciences 2001-06-21
Wen-Bin Chen Warpage Study of Film-BGA Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-21
Cong-Ching Chen The Study of Alignment Shift in Flip-Chip Bonding for VCSEL Array Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-25
Yun-Chu Chen The study of Corporation Develop E-learning Business Management 2001-06-26
Ming-Hung Chen The Study of Spectral Characteristics for Non-AR Coated Fiber Grating Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-24
Yue-Shuan Chen Reserch on Channel Model and Frequency Offset for MC-CDMA System Electrical Engineering 2001-06-23
Ying-Chou Chen Study the nuclease of Vibrio vulnificus by DNA shuffling Biological Sciences 2001-06-26
Mei-Jin Chen A Study of Bricks and Clicks -the Case of Online Bookstore and Online Newspaper Business Management 2001-06-26
Ying-Hui Chen The Study of a Multi-reentrant Two-mirror Ring Laser Cavity Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-27
Shih-Hang Chen The performance of the state-run enterprises on privatization Finance 2001-06-27
Li-Ming Chen Vocal patterns in wild Formosan macaques (Macaca cyclopis) Biological Sciences 2001-06-28
Sheng-Tung Chen The Contractionary Devaluation Effect of Developing Countries--A Case Study of Taiwan and Korea Economics 2001-06-28
Yao-Tsung Chen The Use of SDM-PRN Transformation for System Dynamics Model Construction and Policies Design Information Management 2001-06-29
Chuen-Long Chen The Research of Group Assignment in Bluetooth Piconet Computer Science and Engineering 2001-06-30
Ching-Ching Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-24
Ching-Fu Chen Communication Network Performance Evaluation of a Distribution Network Power Quality Monitoring System Electrical Engineering 2001-07-03
Yung-Wei Chen A Preliminary Study on Ultimate Surface Roughness of Hydrodynamic Polishing Process Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-03
Shih-Ping Chen A Rearch of the Self-Presentation and Feedback Mechanisms of Politicians' websites: A Case Study of the Members of 4th Legislative Yuan Communcations Management 2001-07-03
Chun-Wei Chen An Empirical Examination of an Integrated Model of the Factors Affecting Utilization of Electronic Tendering Technology br End-Users Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Hsieh-Yu Chen The Core Competence of e-Business: IT Capability─An Investigation of Its Underlying Constructs Information Management 2001-07-03
Chin-Sung Chen Simulation and Analysis of Automatic Gauge Control for a Hot Strip Finishing Mill Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-03
Chi-Wen Chen Study On Integration of Porous Low Dielectric Constant Material Physics 2001-07-04
Ray-Ming Chen The Conditioned Behaviors between Firms and Buyers Economics 2001-07-04
Jian-Cheng Chen Laser Scanning Transmission mode Second-harmonic generation Microscope Physics 2001-07-04
Jung-Chin Chen The Analysis of performance-based smoke management and egress system in new-type MRT station Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-05
Yih-Ren Chen Adaptive Genetic Algorithms with Elitist Strategy to the Design of Active Vibration controller for Linear Motors Position Plain Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-05
Hsing-Hung Chen An ISM-Band Frequency Synthesizer with Closed-Loop GFSK Modulation Electrical Engineering 2001-07-04
Chien-Hsing Chen Surface Acoustic Wave Properties of AlN Films on LiNbO3 Substrate Electrical Engineering 2001-07-04
Wei-Ting Chen Modified SNOOP: A New TCP Protocol over Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-09
Ya-Fang Chen The Research on Personal Workflow Systems in Support of Pervasive Computing Information Management 2001-07-09
Cho-Cheng Chen Simulation of Fire in Cleanroom Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-09
Chiu-Pin Chen Development of a Customized Electronic Newspaper System– for PC Hardware Retailers Information Management 2001-07-10
I-hsiung Chen The research of mid-age worker's attitude of career and commitment Human Resource Management 2001-07-09
Ying-Chung Chen Web-Based Distributed Computing Environment for Morphological Image Processing Electrical Engineering 2001-07-10
Jun-Guang Chen Thermal, Spectroscopic, and Morphological Analysis of Sol-gel-derived PMMA/Silica Hybrid Composites Materials Science and Engineering 2003-01-06
Kuei-Lan Chen none Chemistry 2001-07-10
Yi-Ching Chen none Chinese Literature 2001-07-11
Ming-Kai Chen Biological Effects of Paramecium Induced by Ultrasound Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-11
Shaui-Wen Chen An Empirical Study on Optimal Capital Structure of Listed Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-11
Mei-ting Chen William Faulkner's Three Short Stories:Chinese Translations with an Introduction Foreign Language and Literature 2001-07-18
Chien-Fu Chen A Comparison of Violin Pedagogies of Shinichi Suzuki and Kato Havas Music 2001-07-18
Chu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-19
Ya-Ling Chen Generalized Boundary Approximation Methods Applied Mathematics 2001-07-18
Bai-Jun Chen Design of Multi-Speed Hub for Bicycles Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-19
Mei-Chuech Chen The Exploratory Comparison of National Innovation System BetweenTaiwan and Mainland China-The Case by Integrated Circuit Industry Mainland China Studies 2001-07-23
Bing-Jang Chen The influence factors of fund flow of Taiwan open-ended equity funds Business Management 2001-07-23
Chiu-Lan Chen none Economics 2001-07-24
Ying-Chih Chen Using UML for Software Modeling-A Case Study of War Game Information Management 2001-07-25
Kuan-Chen Chen Image-based 3D Model Construction Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-25
Der-gen Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-23
Shygh-Shyone Chen none EMBA 2001-07-26
Po-Fon Chen Synthetic Studies Toward Hop Ether and Skytanthine Chemistry 2001-07-24
Kuang-Yu Chen A Study on Electronic Transactions Management Systems in Industrial Assembly Manufacturing Environments EMBA 2001-07-26
CHENG-FU CHEN none EMBA 2001-07-25
Zhen-Yuan Chen Study on the Resistance Characteristics inside Large Grain Media Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-26
Yu-Lin Chen NONE EMBA 2001-07-27
Fu-An CHEN A Study of Knowledge Management in the New Product development --- Taking Transportation Vihicle Industry as Example. Business Management 2001-07-30
Tsung-Chin Chen A Ratio-Based Call Admission Control for ATM networks Electrical Engineering 2001-07-30
Ya-Wen Chen Study of Teachers’ and Students’ Thinking Styles and their Interactions in Instruction Education 2001-07-30
Kuei-Hsiung Chen none Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-30
Yu-Ming Chen Rapid Solidifying of Droplet on a cold substrate Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-31
CHIEN-CHIH CHEN Perspective review on valuing model of convertible bonds Business Management 2001-07-26
Yi-Min Chen Formation of Zr and Zr-Partialy Stabilized Zirconia Condensates by Supptering Technique Materials Science and Engineering 2001-08-01
Shin-Pin Chen Studies on Secondary Metabolites of the Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris and Virgularia juncea Marine Resources 2001-07-27
Tai-hung Chen Building a Multi-View 3D Web GIS with VRML Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-08-02
Rainbow Chen Development and Evaluation of Lessons Learned Knowledge Management System In IC Packaging and Testing Industry Information Management 2001-08-02
Der-chang Chen none Chemistry 2001-08-03
Jau-Liang Chen Efficient Implementation of Morphological Image Processing on Pentium Machines Electrical Engineering 2001-08-06
Chun-Chang Chen Discovering Teachers' Knowledge Map from the Web Information Management 2001-08-06
Chien-Ting Chen Studies on the Metabolites of the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton glaucum Marine Resources 2001-08-07
Chao-Ling Chen none Marine Resources 2001-08-08
Ming-Chi Chen Design and Implementation of Cross-Coupled Control on High Speed Tracking Control Mechanical Engineering 2001-08-13
chih- min chen none Mainland China Studies 2001-08-14
Hung-Ming Chen Effects of Various Swirl Numbers and Jet oil pressure on Combustion Characteristic and Emission of Pollutants in a Boiler Mechanical Engineering 2001-08-16
Min-Lung Chen An Effective Throughput-Recovery Mechanism with Priority Queue in Differentiated Services Networks Electrical Engineering 2001-08-19
I-Ting Chen The Sulfurization Treatments to CuInSe2 Thin Films and Their Effects to Solar Cells Materials Science and Engineering 2001-08-20
Ding-Ding Chen none Marine Resources 2001-08-21
Ching-Yuan Chen A CR-LDP Based Bandwidth Preemption with Negotiation Mechanism in MPLS Networks Electrical Engineering 2001-08-21
Tzu-Yu Chen none Political Science 2001-08-22
Yu-Li Chen The immunostimulatory effects of chitosan and its derivatives on the grouper Epinephelus malabaricus Marine Biology 2001-08-20
Shu-Feng Chen The study of technology acceptance behavior for national tax administration staff under e-government policy. Public Affairs Management 2001-08-23
Shoei-En Chen To Review The Performance From The Point of Internal Control Business Management 2001-08-27
Tsuen-Ho Chen The study of survivor's employee job stress for privatization of government enterprise-Case of Taiwan Fertilizer Company employee. Human Resource Management 2001-08-28
YUNG-LI CHEN Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of LiMn2-xNixO4 Cathode Material for Lithium Battery Chemistry 2001-08-27
Jian-Hung Chen Low Power and High Speed Logic Synthesis with Pass Transistor Logic Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-28
I-CHIN CHEN none Finance 2001-08-29
Wei-Chih Chen The Study of Precondition Variations on the Warpage of PBGA packages Mechanical Engineering 2001-08-29
Ku-Fan Chen Cleanup 2,4-Dichlorophenol-contaminated Groundwater Useing Bioremediation Technology Environmental Engineering 2001-08-29
Jyh-Wei Chen Design, Analysis, and Driver Control of Disc-type Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Machine Electrical Engineering 2001-08-28
Shu-Shing Chen Research for employee attitude in the situation of downsizing—Company A for example Human Resource Management 2001-08-30
Jin-Chuan Chen Research on the quality of work life, job satisfaction and intention to quitof emotional labor─ based on the examples of the receptionists of Chunghwa Telecom Human Resource Management 2001-08-30
Chia-Hung Chen Implementation of Transport Module Controller And Remote Control System of Cluster Tool Mechanical Engineering 2001-09-03
yao-ming Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-03
Chien-Chou CHEN Applications of Anisotropic Etching On Silicon Substrate : Si-molding and Si V-grooves Mechanical Engineering 2001-09-03
Shih-pin Chen none Political Science 2001-09-04
Kun-Yu Chen Austenite stainless in High energy welding and Arc welding produce texture revolution and mechanical property analysis Materials Science and Engineering 2001-09-12
Hsin-Ming Chen Analysis of Hardware and Software Approaches to Embedded In-Circuit Emulation of Microprocessor Computer Science and Engineering 2001-09-14
Yi-Chang Chen The Study of Double Level Branch Buffer Electrical Engineering 2001-10-12
Huo-Kun Chen The Effects of Pay Scheme, Social Pressure, Internal Norm and Organizational Commitment on Budgetary Slack Business Management 2001-12-20
PHOENIX CHEN A Study of Procurement Tendering Procedures of Public-owned Enterprises ---- A Case Study Approach Finance 2001-12-20
Wei-Jei Chen The Exploratory Research of Flow Experience on Internet Information Management 2002-01-03
Sui-ling Chen Researches into the effects on conflict solution channels on campuses in Taiwan - with the universities in Kaohsiung , as an example Human Resource Management 2002-01-18
Jia-Ni Chen By system thinking to study the influence of organizational culture to organizational initiative-The case study of Taipei and Kaohsiung household registration offices Business Management 2002-01-21
Ta-Ching Chen The Studies of the Deformed Nucleus of the Pb Isotopes By Use of the Projected Shell Model Physics 2002-01-24
Chin-Hui Chen The determinants of the use of atypical employment and the effectiveness Human Resource Management 2002-01-28
Chien-Lang Chen The research of relationship between recognition of changing in external environment, career anchor and willing to resign from job. An example of credit department of farmers’ association in Taipei county. Human Resource Management 2002-01-26
Rong-Chang Chen Constructional Analysis of Stock Returns on Taiwan Finance 2002-02-04
Sheng-Jing Chen Analysis of number of teacher in Taiwan’s Primary School- A coinergration Approach Education 2002-02-05
guo-quan Chen none Political Science 2002-02-07
Mei-Lin Chen none Communcations Management 2002-02-06
GAU-SHIAN CHEN The Empirical Study of GDRs Pricing and Arbitrage Finance 2002-02-08
Yao-Wen Chen Effects of Seabed Properties on Acoustic Wave Fields in a Seismo-Aoustic Ocean Waveguide Undersea Technology 2002-04-29
Yi-Yun Chen none Finance 2002-05-25
Wen-Chen Chen A Comparison of the MBA selection criteria in Taiwan. Business Management 2002-06-06
Hsin-Chi Chen Writing Self, Narrating History: Textual Politics in Jamaica Kincaid's Novels Foreign Language and Literature 2002-06-10
Chun-Fu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-12
Hung-Ching Chen The performance of pension fund and asset allocation decisions. To research the benefit of entrusting risky assets to the professional institutions moreover. Finance 2002-06-12
Hsien-Wen Chen Single-stage High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast for Multiple Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2002-06-11
Ying-Chen Chen A Study of The Relations Between Technology Innovation Kinds and Knowledge Management Kinds Business Management 2002-06-17
Chia-Chuan Chen Face Transformation by Harmonic Model, Generating the Face Boundary Applied Mathematics 2002-06-17
Yann-Bey Chen The Factor of Human Rights in the Sino-US Relations Mainland China Studies 2002-06-18
Chi-Chuan Chen Study on laser module thermal load by finite element method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-19
Yan-Hau Chen The Impact of Institutional Investors' Trading on Stock Returns Finance 2002-06-20
Chih-Hung Chen The Temperature Sensitivity Analysis of Power System Load Demand with Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2002-06-20
Li-Chuan Chen A Technical and Pedagogic analysis of Wieniawski's Violin Concerto No.2 Music 2002-06-21
Ching-Fa Chen Some Aspects on Robust Stability of Uncertain Linear Singularly Perturbed Systems with Multiple Time Delays Electrical Engineering 2002-06-21
Wang-Lung Chen Thermal Fatigue Life Study for Film-BGA Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-20
Li-Rung Chen Simulation and Measurement of the Normalized Site Transmission Loss of the Compact EMC Chamber Electrical Engineering 2002-06-22
Ching-Chung Chen Deposition of diamond-like carbon thin film on LiNbO3 substrate and evaluation of the fabrication of a SAW filter Physics 2002-06-24
Yi-Wei Chen An FIFO Memory Design for Data Exchange Bus and Analog Front-end of Digital Cordless Headset Baseband Controller Electrical Engineering 2002-06-24
Chia-Ping Chen The political directors in board –The evidence of 100 firms listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Finance 2002-06-25
De-Li Chen Design And Implementation of a Web-Based Portfolio Supporting System Information Management 2002-06-25
Kuo-Long Chen IC Design and Implementation of 6-T SRAM Cell Using Dual Threshold Voltage Transistors and Low Power Quenchersand Programmable PLL-Based Frequency Multiplier Electrical Engineering 2002-06-26
Ming-Chen Chen Build up Competition Advantage from Industrial Specificity - Using Fu-Yam Wire Industry Co., Ltd. as a Research Case IEMBA 2002-06-26
Danny Chen The Study of International Competitive Strategies for Taiwan's IC Card Industry-Taking VStar Electronics Inc. as example EMBA 2002-06-29
Ping-Ju Chen Numerical Simulation on Thermal Fatigue of a Flip Chip Scale Packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-27
Hung-Kun Chen Study on two-dimensional spatial soliton due to photorefractive effect in liquid crystal Physics 2002-07-01
Jin-Hsiung Chen The Service Quality of Banking Industry — the Empirical Research of Public-Owned Banks in Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2002-07-03
Kuang-Yu chen R&D a Prototype Sidescan Sonar Data Acquisition System Undersea Technology 2002-07-03
Chin-Yue Chen Interface Design of e-Clerks Information Management 2002-07-04
Po-Liang Chen Planning and Design of Database for e-Clerks - An Implementation on Online Bookstores Information Management 2002-07-04
Po-Tsang Chen Simulation and Analysis of Feedforward Automatic Gauge Control for a Hot Strip Finishing Mill Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-03
Yu-Hung Chen Effect of Active Elements on Surface Ripple during Electron-Beam Weld Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-03
Hsu-Wei Chen The influences of Organizational commitment to Organizational Politics Perceptions and Organizational Justice Human Resource Management 2002-07-03
Kuen-Mu Chen Post WTO Competitive Strategy & Positioning in Steel Trade – In the Case of China Steel Global Trading Corp. IEMBA 2002-06-30
Chun-Hung Chen Developing Social Network Analysis System for Virtual Teams in a Professional Virtual Community Information Management 2002-07-04
Yu-Ting Chen Simulation and Analysis on Physical Vapor Deposition of CuInSe2 Thin Film Electrical Engineering 2002-07-04
Sung-Lin Chen The Speech Recognition System using Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2002-07-06
Wei-Ren Chen Fatigue Behavior of AS-4/PEEK APC-2 Composite Laminates at Elevated Temperatures Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-08
Ching-Chiang Chen The servicement's residential compound with residential quality satisfaction and reguirement of refurbishment - a case study of Mingjian Community in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2002-07-05
Li-Hui Chen Ptrolytic Study of 2-(azidoethyl)pyridine and 1-methyl-2- (2-azidoethyl) pyrrole Chemistry 2002-07-04
Li-Chung Chen The Employment Reasons and Behaviors For The Handicappeds in Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
Chien-Chih Chen Study on Dynamic Behaviors of the Golf Swing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-08
Ying-Chou Chen Design and Implementation of Intelligent Battery Charger and Residual Capacity Estimator Electrical Engineering 2002-07-09
Yao-Chien Chen The implication and application of the Analects of Confucius on management Business Management 2002-07-10
Hong-Chang Chen Studies of Elastic Properties of Poly(ethylene Glycol)/Lithium Chloride by Brillouin Light Scattering Physics 2002-07-10
Ping-Jen Chen An ROC Curve Design Method for Neural Networks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-10
Chiao Chen none Business Management 2002-07-10
CHIH-HAU CHEN The Hazard Analysis of Leaking Flammable Gas Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-09
Hue-Ling Chen Design and Analysis of Nearest Neighbor Search Strategies Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-10
Chun-Yu Chen Labor Migraton and Economic Growth-The Case of United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
Cheng-Yu Chen The Investment Performance of Momentum Strategies and Contrarian Strategies in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2002-07-11
Yue-Sen Chen Treatment of Phenol-Contaminated Soils by Combined Electrokinetic-Fenton Process Environmental Engineering 2002-07-12
Shih-Pin Chen Design of Adaptive Output Feedback Controller for Perturbed Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-07-12
Deng-Hui Chen Evaluation of Integrated Land Development Approaches:Application of Multi-Attributed Decision-Making Methods Public Affairs Management 2002-07-16
Ke-Cheng Chen Characterization of Carbon Black Surface Energy by IGC/TPD Method. Chemistry 2002-07-16
Hung-Chi Chen The Research between Organizational Change of the Business Department and Staff’s Cognition in TSC Human Resource Management 2002-07-16
Huei-Hsiung Chen The Nuclear Structure Study of Superdeformation in Tb A~150 Odd Mass Physics 2002-07-17
Chih-Hung Chen Party-Army Relations in the Era of Jiang Zemin Mainland China Studies 2002-07-17
Chien-Cheng Chen Using Simulated Annealing Method to Resolve the Structure of Myoglobin Physics 2002-07-17
Yi-Ming Chen Synthesis and Characterization of Polyimides Derived from Heterocyclic Diamines Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-17
Ming-Fong Chen Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Combined with Pyrolysis for Polymers Analysis Chemistry 2002-07-17
Yung-Tai Chen A Novel Q-Tuning Scheme for High-Q Continuous-Time Gm-C Filters Electrical Engineering 2002-07-18
Kuan-Po Chen Growth of Titanium Oxide Films Using Hexafluorotitanic Acid Solution Electrical Engineering 2002-07-18
Chin-Ming Chen A Study on Interest Rate Risk of the Life Insurance Products Finance 2002-07-19
Yun-An Chen The relationship between the job involvement and the job satisfaction for the staff of the private driving schools. Human Resource Management 2002-07-19
Chun-Mai Chen The Study of Job Satisfaction and Job Involvement of the Employee in Coast Guard of R.O.C:The Case in Kaohsiung Area Human Resource Management 2002-07-19
Bou-Hong Chen The study of anti-herding behavior between institutional and the Stock Stabilization Fund Finance 2002-07-19
Chien-Wen Chen A Study on the Improvement of Machining Efficiency of Impellers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-25
Pin-Chung Chen Analysis and Comparison of eLearning Standards Information Management 2002-07-18
Hui-Chu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-13
Chung-Chuan Chen Optimal lower estimates for eigenvalue ratios of Schrodinger operators and vibrating strings Applied Mathematics 2002-07-19
Chin-Ming Chen A Study on the Residual Stress and the Post Weld Shift in Optical Add / Drop Multiplex Modules Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-23
Rong-Chih Chen H∞ Loop-shaping design for Focusing/Seeking controllers of Optical disk drives Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-23
Nai-Rong Chen Exact D-optimal designs for linear trigonometric regression models on a partial circle Applied Mathematics 2002-07-22
Yu-Chung Chen Study on the Rat Esophageal Microcirculation that Mediated Inflammatory Response Evoked by Capsaicin and Substance P Biological Sciences 2002-07-23
Ching-Chuan Chen Integrated applications of expert system and system simulation for oil-barge dispatching study - case of Kaohsiung Harbour Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-07-18
Mu-Sheng Chen Organizational Learning Based on The Knowledge Management- Reviewed by SYSCO Case Business Management 2002-07-25
Wei-Shin Chen Capaciatance-Voltage Analysis on n-ZnSe with Various Doping Densities Physics 2002-07-25
Chi-Chang Chen A study of Learning Effects of Different Instruction Methods: A Comparison between Online Instruction and Traditional Instruction Assisted with Online Learning System Communcations Management 2002-07-26
Tsong-Jyi Chen The reasear of influence factors on the futher intentions and determinations of Kaohsiung Junior High School students Human Resource Management 2002-07-29
Wen-Fang Chen Internal Service quality Factors of Human Resource Department--Business Managers' Perception Human Resource Management 2002-07-29
Wen-Chih Chen Analysis of Hydraulic Tube Expansion Forming in a Rectangular Cross-sectional Die Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-29
Yung-Chien Chen Depth Dependence Study of Shallow Water Ambient Noise Undersea Technology 2002-07-29
Amy Chen none Economics 2002-07-29
YOU-LI CHEN Studies of Excited Iodine Atoms from Photodissociations of CH3I Chemistry 2002-07-29
Jo-Ning Chen The Development of Knowledge-Based Economy in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong: A Comparative Study Mainland China Studies 2002-07-30
Li-Yan Chen none Economics 2002-07-29
Chih-Hung Chen Study on Amorphous Silicon Carbide Barrier Dielectric Materials Physics 2002-07-27
Chun-Hui Chen none Chinese Literature 2002-07-30
Shu-Chuan Chen none IEMBA 2002-08-02
Ming-Yong Chen The Implementation of Task Evaluation and Scheduling Mechanisms for Processor-in-Memory Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-08-09
Wen-Tuan Chen none EMBA 2002-08-13
Allen Chen none Finance 2002-08-15
Sheng-Wei Chen Board Level Reliability of IC Package Under Cyclic Thermomechanical Loading Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-16
Ying-Chih Chen The study of interaction between boiler factories and autherized factories Human Resource Management 2002-08-16
Yi-Chi Chen The effects of deformation temperature on the microstructural development in Al-Mg alloy processed by equal channel angular extrusion Materials Science and Engineering 2002-08-16
Tsai-Yuan Chen none EMBA 2002-08-13
Chun-Nan Chen Numerical Study of the Primary Production in the Tapeng Bay Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-08-22
Hung-kuang Chen The study of relationship among employee's job involvement, job satisfaction and job resignation inclination-taking Taiwan Railway Administration Bureau organization change as example Human Resource Management 2002-08-17
Ming-Sung Chen The Influence of Resource Characteristics and R&D Strategies to the Competitive Advantage --- A Study on the Semiconductors Industries in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2002-08-27
Chih-Sung Chen A Study of Taiwan Polypodiaceae Frond Venation Patterns Biological Sciences 2002-08-19
Jin-wen chen none IEMBA 2002-08-27
Yi-Ying Chen Prediction of Protein Structures Based on Curve Alignment Computer Science and Engineering 2002-08-27
Ho-Chen Chen Finite element analysis and die design in extrusion processes of heat sinks for CPU Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-28
Chih-Ming Chen A Study of Physical Therapy Referral Model Human Resource Management 2002-08-28
Chih-liang Chen none IEMBA 2002-08-28
Hsiu-Chu Chen A Research on Web-based Learning-An Analysis of AJET Program In Kaohsiung Girls’High School Education 2002-09-09
Ren-Yi Chen Melting Behavior, Infrared Spectra of Copolyesters and Development of Insulators Materials Science and Engineering 2002-09-10
Han-Hsin Chen Constructing Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Models in a Tidal River Using System Dynamics Simulation Tools Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-09-11
Joey Chen A case study of cross-culture management Business Management 2002-09-12
Zhao-Jung Chen A Low-Cost SoC for Information Appliance Networking Computer Science and Engineering 2002-10-09
Yu-Yun Chen Taxonomy, distribution and reproduction of deep-sea eels in Taiwan waters and the phylogeny of Anguilliformes and Congroidei (Elopomorpha: Teleostei) Marine Biology 2002-12-16
Shih-Jhy Chen none Public Affairs Management 2003-01-04
Ping-Huang Chen The Relationships Between Work Sheets ,Thinking Styles,Self-Concept and Technological Creativity among Fifth and Sixth Graders Education 2003-01-07
Chun-Lin Chen The Study of Medical Purchase Through Electronic Commerce Service Business Management 2003-01-07
Yung-Hao Chen Preparation, microstructure, and electrochemistry of microporous polymer electrolytes based on poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) Materials Science and Engineering 2003-01-17
Lung-Sen Chen The Question Concerning Contemporary Technoscientific Rationality Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-21
CHIH-FENG CHEN The research in organization of national health insurance Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-21
Kuo-Wei Chen A Study of Multiple Schemes for Entering Secondary High Schools in Taiwan Education 2003-01-23
Yuan-Lu Chen Research on Workability of Applying Real Estate Securitization on County-Owned Land Management Public Affairs Management 2003-01-23
Dyi-Cheng Chen Analysis on Rolling Processes of Sheets with Defects inside the Sheet Using the Finite Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-01-12
Jimmy Chen A study of CIM implementation and Adaptation of Organization - IC Assembly and testing semi-industry Information Management 2003-01-25
Shang-jen Chen The Social Construction of Singapore's Foreign Policy Political Science 2003-01-27
Li-Yu Chen The Effects of Gender and MI-Infusing Instruction on Fourth Graders’ Application of MI in Science Learning and Their Improvement in Technological Creativity Education 2003-01-27
Chun-Nan Chen Computer software intellectual property protection in China Mainland China Studies 2003-01-29
Chen-Chang Chen A Study on Competitive Advantage of TFT-LCD Industies Business Management 2003-02-13
Chen-Chih Chen Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Ticks and Intestinal Helminths in Siberian Weasel (Mustela sibirica) in Shanping Biological Sciences 2003-02-17
Ying-Ying Chen C-optimal designs for polynomial regression without intercept. Applied Mathematics 2003-02-17
Zwea-long Chen Studies of the Application of Empirical Viscosity Models and Fuzzy Logic to the Polymer Extrusion Process Control Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-05-20
Chia-Yi Chen Performance of Financial Holding Company from Finance Factor Finance 2003-05-27
Yuan-Fan Chen Single crystal growth and physical property research of (YxYb1-x)3Al5O12 Physics 2003-05-30
Yu-Pin Chen Preparation of the Syndiotactic Polystyrene Copolymer by Chemical Modifications Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-03
Shi-Hong Chen Competitive analysis of financial holding companies Business Management 2003-06-05
Chin-Tang Chen Study of A~130Pm even-odd and odd-odd superdeformation ,normal deformation nuclei structation. Physics 2003-06-10
Yi-Ming Chen The effect of HRM activities of sales service business on CRM ─ based on the examples of medical and health sales business Human Resource Management 2003-06-10
Hong-Ming Chen Component Modeling Methodology:A UML Based Tools Approach Information Management 2003-06-12
Chiu-Ting Chen Evaluation of the Business Model in Digital Content Industry Finance 2003-06-12
Ya-Hui Chen D-optimal designs for linear and quadratic polynomial models Applied Mathematics 2003-06-12
Chien-Cun Chen In-Service Monitoring Technique of Fiber Raman Amplifier Systems Using Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-16
Yi-Tzu Chen The research about " Carnaval, op.9" of R. Schumann Music 2003-06-15
Shuang-Mao Chen Pricing and hedging of foreign equity linked notes Finance 2003-06-17
Yung-Tai Chen Effect of Mechanical Wounding on Lignin Biosynthesis in Soybean Hypocotyls Biological Sciences 2003-06-18
Yung-Cheng Chen End-User Computing Acceptance Factors: A Revised Technology Acceptance Model Information Management 2003-06-19
Yen-Yu Chen NOVEL ANTENNA DESIGNS FOR A PCMCIA CARD Electrical Engineering 2003-06-20
I-Yu Chen Study on the Treatment of Paraquat-Containing Solution by H2O2/O3/UV Processes Environmental Engineering 2003-06-23
Kuan-Hung Chen Study on the treatment of ammonia-containing solutions over Cu/ACF catalyst Environmental Engineering 2003-06-23
Chun-Yang Chen Study on the treatment of ammonia solutions over Cu/La/Ce catalyst supported on ceramic powder Environmental Engineering 2003-06-23
Chi-San Chen The study of fabrication, microstructure and functions of SnO2 thin films. Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-23
Kuan-Hsiung Chen Investigation on Operating Characteristics of Metal Halide Lamps Driven by Square Wave Current Electrical Engineering 2003-06-23
Chiuan-Shian Chen Data Dispatcher for Plasma Display Panels and Low-Power Small-Area Digital I/O Cell Electrical Engineering 2003-06-23
Hsin-Pin Chen A Study of Obstruction to Knowledge Management & Innovation of Steel Industry - Taking The China Steel Corporation as Example Business Management 2003-06-24
Tian-Hau Chen A CMOS SRAM Using Dynamic Threshold Voltage Wordline Transistors Electrical Engineering 2003-06-23
Chia-Yi Chen Divalent cation-induced conformational changes and oligomerization of KChIP1 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-06-19
Yu-Po Chen Risk Assessing Process in Enterprise Project Management Information Management 2003-06-24
Yun-Shuang Chen Fabrication of Semiconductor filters Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-30
Chih-Chiang Chen Expansion Planning of Substation Capacity by Considering Load Composition and System Reliability Electrical Engineering 2003-06-28
Yi-Kuang Chen Study of Taipower Load Characteristics and Its Impact to the System Fault Critical Clearing Time Electrical Engineering 2003-06-29
Chien-Chang Chen Chemical Synthesis and Ionic Conductivity of Water-Soluble Articulated Rigid-Rod Solid Polyelectrolytes Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-30
Chang-Chun Chen Design of Variable Structure Controllers for Perturbed Descriptor Systems Electrical Engineering 2003-06-30
Ya-Nong Chen The Effect of Disclosure of insiders' application to transfer shareholdings Finance 2003-06-30
Tsu-Chiang Chen The employees’ recognition and takeover intention to privatization plans in Kaohsiung Port Tug serive Business Management 2003-06-27
Po-Ying Chen Studies on the Anisotropic Wet Wtching Characteristic of Silicon Wafer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-01
Yi-Jen Chen Planarized InGaAsP Semiconductor Lasers for Giga-bit Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-02
Yi-Kuang Chen Hybrid Fuzzy PID Controller with Adaptive Genetic Algorithms for the Position Control of Linear Motors Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-01
Hung-Ping Chen Application of Electron-Beam Lithography to the Fabrication of Electroabsorption Modulators Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-30
Chih-Yu Chen Virtual Mouse:Vision-Based Gesture Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-01
Hua-Feng Chen An Investigation of the Wake behind Single Cylinder under Momentum Interference Using PIV Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-03
Dao-hui Chen Extracting relationships of research topics in information-related domain by analyzing thesis Information Management 2003-07-02
Guo-Hua Chen Maximum Weight Approach for Code Synchronization in DS/SS Systems Using Adaptive Constrained Filtering Technique with Direct-Delay-Estimation Formula Communications Engineering 2003-07-04
Yi-Ching Chen Transaction mechanism and cost analysis of emerging stock market Finance 2003-07-04
Rong-Shin Chen Research of Promotion FTPZ with Key Successful Factors by KHB Business Management 2003-07-03
Ching-Chuan Chen The Estimation System and Votes Equalization Strategy of KMT : A Case Study focus on Legislator Election in South District of Kaohsiung City in 2001. Political Science 2003-07-07
Yi-Ling Chen Functions of human post-translationally modified SUMO proteins under stresses Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-07-06
Hung-Chih Chen The law of false advertising in China -from comparing with the anti-trust law of USA and Taiwan Mainland China Studies 2003-07-04
Mei-Jung Chen Analysis of FDI spillover effect for Shanghai's economy Mainland China Studies 2003-07-07
Chau-Tang Chen Impact Analysis of Various Golf Club Head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-09
Yu-Jung Chen The Study of Train System Goverment Officials in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2003-07-09
Nun-Shuing Chen Comparison Study of Water Pollution Control Act Between Taiwan and Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2003-07-10
Hung-Yi Chen Analyzing the 16S rDNA to Monitor the Dynamic Microbial Communities in Petroleum Polluted Soil Biological Sciences 2003-07-10
Chun-Hsien Chen A Study of Performance of Online Group-Buying Models Information Management 2003-07-10
Jian-Liung Chen LMI Approach to Positive Real Analysis and Design for Descriptor Systems Electrical Engineering 2003-07-10
Wei-Cheng Chen Electrical Properties of TiO2 Thin Films on Si Substrate Prepared by MOCVD Electrical Engineering 2003-07-10
Cheng-Hui Chen Application of Radical Cyclization toward The Synthesis of Alkaloids Chemistry 2003-07-10
Kuang-Hui Chen Study the optical properties of liquid-crystal layer with phase-shifting shearing interferometer. Physics 2003-07-12
Yu-Jen Chen The study of the interaction of spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystal Physics 2003-07-12
Chien-Cheng Chen The Design of Fiber Bragg Grating Vibration Sensors Electrical Engineering 2003-07-14
Shuo-Lin Chen The study of Relationship among Goal Orientation, Learning Satisfaction and Learning Performance--Taking Kaohsiung Learning Center Of National Open University as Example Human Resource Management 2003-07-15
Yung-Da Chen A Study of Applying Framing Theory on Electronic Bargaining Information Management 2003-07-15
JUNG-CHI CHEN The Study Of The Public Value And Strategic Management Of The Heng Chun Post Office--About Local Parcels And Speed Mails Public Affairs Management 2003-07-16
Kuo-Shu Chen Disputes Settlement For Contract Execution of Public Construction Business Management 2003-07-16
Shun-Feng Chen Research on the Quality of Working Life and the Organization Citizenship havior of the Alternative Service’Conscripts of Mobile Peace Preservation Police Public Affairs Management 2003-07-14
Shih-Ching Chen Characterization and modeling of short channel effects in polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors Physics 2003-07-16
CHUN-CHI CHEN A Study on the Features and Issues of Building Public Safety Inspection Institution IEMBA 2003-07-17
Pain-Chin Chen High quality SGOI (SiGe-On-Insulator) substrate preparation using Ge-Condensation technology Electrical Engineering 2003-07-18
Wei-Szu Chen Raman study on p-type CVD diamond Physics 2003-07-21
Yu-Chih Chen A Study of Two Piano Trios by Dmitri Shostakovich Music 2003-07-14
YUNG-LI CHEN Structure of Semiconductor Industry between the Strait and Study of Taiwan Developing Strategy IEMBA 2003-07-21
Kun-Yang Chen The provision of optional public goods by city developers and the stragety between city developers Economics 2003-07-22
TUNG-MING CHEN none IEMBA 2003-07-21
Yu-Chin Chen From the Clusters to the Interaction between High-Technology Industries and Universities Economics 2003-07-21
Jan-I Chen none Chinese Literature 2003-07-21
Huei-Fen Chen none Chinese Literature 2003-08-06
Po-Jung Chen A Research of the Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance and Firm Value for Taiwan Publicly Listed Conpanies Business Management 2003-07-23
Shi-Lin Chen The Competitive and Development Strategy of Kaohsiung Harbor with Reference to the Cross Strait Relationship and WTO Framework-Developing Kaohsiung Free Trade Port Public Affairs Management 2003-07-23
Chih-Wei Chen Low Voltage Wide Swing Second Generation Current Conveyor Electrical Engineering 2003-07-23
Xiou-Zhen Chen none Chinese Literature 2003-07-25
Chi-Ting Chen The Study in Degradation of Ammonia with MnO2 as Catalyst for Water Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-07-25
Pei-Chi Chen The study of problem-posing teaching technique in the elementary school grade two class Education 2003-07-25
Tsu-I Chen Design of Index Structures for Supporting Personalized Information Filtering on the Internet Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-25
Yen-Kuang Chen Research and Development for Uninterruptible Power Supply with DSP Control Unit and USB2.0 Communication Interface Electrical Engineering 2003-07-27
Yu-Lien Chen Research On Attitude Response of Tax Officials under the Organizational Change of Local Tax Organizations:A case study on Tax Administration of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Government Human Resource Management 2003-07-28
Shun-Tai Chen The effect of types of Perceptions of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Job Involvement and Job Stress Human Resource Management 2003-07-29
Chih-Chung Chen The study of writers' behaviorof Internet literature Communications Management 2003-07-29
Wen-Tai Chen Risk Management of Stochastic Investment -- with the Instance of Public Welfare Lottery in Taiwan Business Management 2003-07-30
Hsin-Yi Chen The usage intention on personalized services provided by online bookstores Communications Management 2003-07-29
Sing-Chung Chen Evolution Study from Sol to SnO2 films Using Inorganic Precursors Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-31
Chia-Jung Chen The Activation of Erks in Intestine and Lung of Thermal Injured-rats Biological Sciences 2003-07-28
Jir-Wen Chen none Biological Sciences 2003-07-31
Chih-Peng Chen An Exploratory Study on e-Retailing Activities from a Activity Based Cost Approach Information Management 2003-08-04
Miau-Tang Chen The Research on the Growth Mechanism of Harbor Operation by using System Dynamics Methodology Business Management 2003-08-04
Ding-Yuan Chen Study of Free Surface Progressive Waves Train Propagating over a Random Ripple Seabed Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-08-06
Li-Hsiu Chen A study of Training Outsourcing of the High-Tech Industry~Hsin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park as a sample Human Resource Management 2003-08-06
Keng-Bing Chen The Interface Role of MNC's Taiwan Subsidiary While Parent Company Making Investment in Mainland China Business Management 2003-08-07
Gin-Shan Chen Compliant Device and Behavior Analysis for Insertion Tasks of Square Pegs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-08
Ching-Ying Chen An Analysis of Dislocation Loops in Tetragonal BaTiO3 Ceramics Materials Science and Engineering 2003-08-11
Yu-Te Chen A Design of Speech Recognition System for Chinese Names Electrical Engineering 2003-08-11
Ching-I Chen The Study of the Relationship among Organizational Climate Awareness, Self-directed Learning, and Job Involvement - Taking One International Express Corporation as Example. Human Resource Management 2003-08-18
Tsan-Rong Chen none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-19
Shin-Yi Chen The Study of CO2 Fixation on The Magnesium-Lithium Mixed Metal Complexes Chemistry 2003-08-18
Jai-Sung Chen none Economics 2003-08-19
Chiu-Miao Chen The effect of supplier’s expected cost by using the sharing sales information in VMI. Finance 2003-08-19
Ying-Mei Chen A Study of Kaohsuing Municipal Library's Public Value and Strategic Planning Public Affairs Management 2003-08-20
Chiu-Ying Chen Gender Issue of Nationalism--A Case of Nationalism in the Domain of Taiwan During Japanese-ruled Period Political Science 2003-08-21
Chien-Liang Chen The Action Research of Integrating Information Technology into Project-Based Science Learning of Elementary School Education 2003-08-21
Hsiu-Feng Chen none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-22
Wen-Hung Chen The relationship of the technology specified, knowledge management, global configurations strategy of MNCs. Human Resource Management 2003-08-22
An-Yin Chen The Moderators of Perceptions of Organizational Politics which Have Negatives Effects on Organization-Job Satisfaction as an Example Human Resource Management 2003-08-25
Hsin-Hung Chen A study on pet dog business's key success factors comparison between web-store and traditional store sale path Business Management 2003-08-25
Chih-hsiang Chen The Reassessment of Real Exchange Rate-The Case of OECD Countries. Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-08-26
Ming-You Chen Efficient Algorithms for Computing Shortest Path on Directed and Undirected Double-Loop Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-25
Guang-Fen Chen The religious belief of Kang You-wei (1858-1927)and the movement of political reform Chinese Literature 2003-08-26
Meng-Chu Chen none Economics 2003-10-06
Wei-Liang Chen Session-aware Resource Management in Web Cluster Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-27
Shu-Jiuan Chen Research on the feasibility of utilizing atypical employment after privatization of the Chung-Hwa Post Co., LTD. Human Resource Management 2003-08-27
Ming-Hsiang Chen Civic Virtue, Political Community and the Spirit of Democracy:A Study of Political Philosophy of Michael J. Sandel Political Science 2003-08-27
Hui Chen Asset securitization. Mortgage pass Through-Products,and Relative Problems Finance 2003-08-28
WAN-PING CHEN A Study of Venture Capitals Investment Decision-Making and Performance in Taiwan:A Case of C Venture Capital EMBA 2003-08-28
Yi-Li Chen Role of Annexin-7 in the Molecular Pathogenesis of Malignant Tumor Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-09-01
Kuo-Yin Chen A study of service operation procedure for the Real Estate Broking. Business Management 2003-09-01
MEI-HUEI CHEN A research for the hospitals using clinical services outsourcing management Human Resource Management 2003-09-05
Chien-Hung Chen An Admission Control and Load Balancing Mechanism for Web Cluster Systems Electrical Engineering 2003-09-03
Shih-Kai Chen A Study of Organizational Change for Chunghwa Telecom Business Management 2003-09-03
Li-Ya Chen An Investigation on How Satisfaction Related to Strategic Human Resource Management of Nursing Stuff and Leadership Typology Human Resource Management 2003-09-04
Chiung-Mei Chen A Study on the Strategy of Global Layout, Knowledge Management Activity, and Competition Edge of Multi-national Businesses Human Resource Management 2003-09-04
Yi-Tsung Chen none Political Science 2003-09-05
Hsiao-Ming Chen A study of role, role stress, social support and organizational commitment of clinical nursing faculty Human Resource Management 2003-08-28
Tzu-Ping Chen Role of Skp2 in epithelial dysplasia and carcinoma of the cervix Biological Sciences 2003-09-09
Kuan-Wen Chen Cloning, Expression, Purification, and Characterization of the Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Aldolase of Deinococcus radiodurans Biological Sciences 2003-09-22
Mu-Yueh Chen Active Solder Injection Mechanism for Fiber-Solder-Ferrule Assembly in Laser Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-30
Yung-Chang Chen The Study of Thermo-mechanical Behavior of PBGA Package's Interface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-10-16
Chien-Hua Chen The Economic Analysis of R&D Strategies-The Mechanism Design of Incomplete R&D Cooperative Contract Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-10-28
I-Fang Chen Research on Evolution of Export Processing Zone in Taiwan--The State-centric Approach Political Science 2003-12-22
Ko-Hsin Chen The Influence of Market Transparency on Investor's Strategy and Market Effciency--An example of Taiwan OTC Market Finance 2004-01-07
Shi-Wei Chen MP3 Decoding Software Implementation for a DSP-enhanced Microcontroller Computer Science and Engineering 2004-01-09
Hsuan-Ming Chen Non-Photo-Realistic Illustrations with Artistic Style Computer Science and Engineering 2004-01-08
Hsiao-Jung Chen Banking Development in Taiwan:The Issues on the Structure Changes and Competition Challenge Finance 2004-01-12
Yong-he Chen A Study of Shanghai's Housing Affordability Mainland China Studies 2004-01-14
Hui-Chen Chen Analysis of the Influence On Economy of Kaohsiung Metropolis Caused by the Constructure of Mass Rapid Transmit Economics 2004-01-24
Yi-wen Chen None Chinese Literature 2004-01-28
Shu-hsiang Chen The growth and physics of (La1-xSrx)MnO3∙SrO thin film Physics 2004-01-29
Yu-Chinz Chen none Political Science 2004-01-29
Jianming Chen Determination of relative orientation between quadrupolar tensors with solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Chemistry 2004-02-02
Hsiang-Chun Chen A study of stages of concern, layers of adoption, encouraging and obstructive factors about integrating information technology into instruction in junior high school language domain teachers in Kaohsiung City. Education 2004-02-04
Kuan-Hua Chen A Study of the Implementation of Collaborative Product Commerce System in Taiwan Information Management 2004-01-28
Yen-yang Chen The Strategy of Country Branding- A Case Study of Country of Origin Images and Destination Images on Taiwan and New Zealand Business Management 2004-02-05
Hsiu-yin Chen Efficient Wage-Employment Bargaining, Perfect Capital Mobility and the Policy Assignment Principle Economics 2004-02-07
Fu-Cheng Chen Treatment of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Wastewater by a Simultaneous Electrocoagulation/Electrofiltration Process Environmental Engineering 2004-02-10
HUI-MEI CHEN none Finance 2004-02-11
Hung-Che Chen An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing e-Procurement Information Management 2004-02-12
Mei-chun Chen The Study of Straight- and Split-ticket Voting in Kaohsiung – The Case of Major and Councilor Elections in 2002 Political Science 2004-02-16
San-xue Chen Numerical Computation of Water Tranquility in a Harbor Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-02-26
Chao-Chun Chen Taxonomic Study of Paradoxosomatidae (Diplopoda) in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2004-03-02
Chien-Fan Chen Synthesis and Characterization of Benzobisthiazole Derived Polymers Materials Science and Engineering 2004-03-29
Malcolm Chen Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Activity in Rice Biological Sciences 2004-05-28
Yu-ling Chen A Study on Personal Financial Planning:by System Dynamics Approach Business Management 2004-05-31
Hsin-Hung Chen A Study of Optimal Portfolio Decision and Performance Measures Business Management 2004-06-03
An-chia Chen A Thin Flat Antenna Design for Third Generation Mobile Communication Systems Electrical Engineering 2004-06-06
Ching-da Chen An Empirical Study on The Default Rate of Mid-term and Long-term Bank Loans-Taking Bank of Taiwan,Taishin Bank and Shanghai Bank for Examples Finance 2004-06-07
Liang-kuang Chen The Model of Credit Rating for Country Risk Finance 2004-06-10
Hsin-hsun Chen Experimental study on the propagation and reflection of internal solitary wave from a uniform slop Physical Oceanography 2004-06-10
HUNG-MI CHEN The development strategy of Taiwanese film industry under Globalization Business Management 2004-06-11
Hung-Da Chen Loss Modeling of Distribution Feeders by Artificial Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-06-11
Yun-Chin Chen A Study on Relationship between Organization Change and Job Insecurity of Professionals in Chinese Petroleum Corporation Business Management 2004-06-08
CHIEN-LIANG CHEN Probability of Default and Creidt Risk Management of Banks Finance 2004-06-12
Yung-fu Chen A Study of Strategy Technology Construction on Taiwan For Wire & Cable Industry Business Management 2004-06-12
Chien-hung Chen A study on application of knowledge management to project purchase Business Management 2004-06-11
Chu-ping Chen None Public Affairs Management 2004-06-14
Yao-Tung Chen Employment relationships between international staff and organization from the employees' career development EMBA 2004-06-16
Chiung-Hsien Chen Empirical Research on Importing ISO Quality Management System Nantzu Police Precinct of Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau Public Affairs Management 2004-06-17
Shun-Lan Chen E-Learner’s learning motivation, learning strategy and company’s knowledge- oriented culture related to the influence of its effectiveness of e-Learning. Human Resource Management 2004-06-17
Ruei-Ling Chen The Impact of Consumer Demographic and Lifestyle Have on Purchasing Behavior of Mobile Phone Business Management 2004-06-18
Wen-Pin Chen The Study of Chain-Bookstores in Marketing Mix-An Exploratory Study of Eslite and Kingstone Bookstores Business Management 2004-06-15
YUNG-NENG CHEN none Finance 2004-06-20
Hsiang-ling Chen The effects of MNC subsidiary's initiative on it's mandate of other markets Business Management 2004-06-21
Ying-kai Chen n/a Business Management 2004-06-18
Yun-chu Chen A Study of School-District Takeover in the United States Education 2004-06-23
Chien-hung Chen A Study of Business Model on IC Design Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2004-06-24
Yen-Chun Chen The optimal dynamic pricing strategy for fashion apparel industry Business Management 2004-06-24
Tsung-Wei Chen On the Convergence Rate in a Theorem of Klesov Applied Mathematics 2004-06-24
Po-hung Chen How to Gauge the Default Probability:An Empirical investigation of the Market-Based Approach to Bills Finacial Corporation's Loan Asset Finance 2004-06-25
Li-Fang Chen Jordan isomorphisms of triangular matrix algebras with characteristic 2 Applied Mathematics 2004-06-29
Chun-ming Chen Warm worked structure of commercially pure aluminum under 65% deformation Materials Science and Engineering 2004-06-28
Kuo-Wei Chen Mutual Diffusion of Poly(4-vinylpyridine) in Chloroform Probed by Quasielastic Light Scattering Physics 2004-07-01
Ping-jui Chen A Study on Multi-Objective Cutting Plan Using Tabu Search Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-06-29
Chih-Chang Chen Quality management system for native shipyard to build warships Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-01
Chian-Chia Chen The study of relationships between the quality of earnings forecast of Taiwan TSE or OTC firms and the brand of review auditors` firms. Business Management 2004-07-06
Li-chinh Chen A study on the pilot plan of an integrated assistance system for instruction, discipline and guidance in Kaohsiung elementary schools Education 2004-07-06
Guan-Hung Chen The Analysis of Conduction Plan of New Employees:An Empirical Research of TK3C Business Management 2004-06-30
Wei-Ming Chen Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps with Programmed Rapid-Start Electrical Engineering 2004-07-05
Yu-lung Chen The Supply-Side Effects of Tax-Induced and Macroeconomic Policy Assignment Economics 2004-07-07
Chien-min Chen Overexpression of 14-3-3 gamma protein in human breast carcinoma Biological Sciences 2004-07-07
Kuang-ling Chen A study on the emotional management of the student teacher: A Focusing-oriented approach Education 2004-07-06
Chun-tsung Chen The relation between central agency problem and earnings management Business Management 2004-07-08
Kuo-hui Chen Studies on the economic interaction between ROC and PRC in case of Garment Industry Political Science 2004-06-28
Chao-Jung Chen Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Electrostatic Micro-actuators Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-08
Chao-Ling Chen The Effect of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Organizational Commitment -An analysis of effects of party identification Human Resource Management 2004-07-09
Shih-Rong Chen The knowlege managemnet framework of college labortary - a case study on a technical college labortary. Business Management 2004-07-12
Hsieh-Sheng Chen A Study on the Relationship Between Technology Industrial Cluster and Innovation Public Affairs Management 2004-07-12
Hsiao-Chuan Chen Commonality in Liquidity & Liquidity Adjusted VaR Finance 2004-07-11
Chi-he Chen Development of Inhibiting Materials Resistant to Nitroglycerine Migration Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-12
Chia-lin Chen Influences of GaN Nucleation Layer on the Quality of GaN/Sapphire by LP-MOCVD Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Jia-Tay Chen none Political Science 2004-07-14
Hung-an Chen Design of Model Reference Adaptive Sliding Mode Tracking Controllers for Mismatched Uncertain Dynamic Systems Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Ying-shiuan Chen The dependence of effective reduced mass on changed photon energy by electroreflectance spectroscopy of surface-intrinsic-n+ undoped GaAs Physics 2004-07-01
Shi-Xuan Chen A 2.5V 8-bit 100MHzS/s 16mW Current Mode Folding and Interpolation Analog to Digital Converter Using Back-end Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2004-07-14
Jing-Ru Chen Enhancement of Light Extraction of GaN Blue Light Emitting Diode Electrical Engineering 2004-07-15
Jeen-cherng Chen none Chinese Literature 2004-07-13
Yun-pei Chen Dynamic Constructing Decision Rules from Learning Portfolio to Support Adaptive Instruction Information Management 2004-07-14
Shen-wen Chen The location of Taiwan's FPD industry Public Affairs Management 2004-07-15
Jian-Heng Chen Inverse Toeplitz Eigenvalue Problem Applied Mathematics 2004-07-15
Chia-Wen Chen The Study for Business of Agents of Real Estate in Metropolitan Area for Using Wireless Network Marketing: As Personal Digital Assistant used with Active Business Application in Kaohsiung City Communications Management 2004-07-19
Chi-Tsung Chen Professional Development Program for HVAC Employees and its Impact Analysis -Using SVTC as an Example Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-11
Chun-Wei Chen Research in Structural Equation Modeling Estimating for the Research and Development Performances of Biotechnology Industries in Taiwan. IEMBA 2004-07-19
Chin-Ta Chen Person Identification Based on Karhunen-Loeve Transform Electrical Engineering 2004-07-16
Chen-chung Chen The Study of Development Strategy for Taiwan Laboratory Animal Industry. IEMBA 2004-07-12
Yi-yen Chen A Survey of Job Satisfaction for the Personnel staffs of Courts in R.O.C Political Science 2004-07-19
Jen-Jun Chen An Action Research of Using Multiple Intelligences Theory in the Junior High School English Class Education 2004-07-17
Pei-ling Chen Distribution of the Otolithes ruber on the west coast of Taiwan and its sound produce mechanism Marine Biology 2004-07-20
Li-Chun Chen none Chinese Literature 2004-07-21
Yi-Jung Chen The Relationship Between CEO Management Value and Leadership Effectiveness: A View of Value-Based Leadership Perspective. Human Resource Management 2004-07-22
Der- chin Chen The Investigation of Interaction Relationship between the Regionally Private Radio Station and the Community Public ~Using the Example of AM Radio Stations in Big Tainan Area Communications Management 2004-07-22
Kao-Sheng Chen An Improvement for the Detection of Dominant Points on Digital Curve Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-22
Baishan Chen A Study of The Organizational Position and Operating Functions of District Offices in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2004-07-23
Jin-hwan Chen The Design of a Switchable Double-Action Manual/Electric Wheel-chair with an Auxiliary Driving Wheel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-23
CHENG-HSIEN CHEN The Application of Collaborative Commerce in The Steel industry --- An Example of China Steel Company's System Information Management 2004-07-24
Hsin-chou Chen Performance Analysis of Concurrent Search in Mobile Networks Communications Engineering 2004-07-24
Wei-chung Chen The Low Voltage and Low Power Switch Mode Power Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2004-07-25
MING-HUA CHEN none Economics 2004-07-23
Deng-neng Chen Knowledge Ecology: Theory Construction and Validation Information Management 2004-07-27
Yi-an Chen A Study on the Design and Analysis of Coronary Stents Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-26
Li-chun Chen Molecular Characterization of A Novel Transmembrane Gene DC2 Biological Sciences 2004-07-28
Yen-lin Chen none Economics 2004-07-28
Jiun-rung Chen A Meaningful Candidate Approach to Mining Bi-Directional Traversal Patterns on the WWW Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-27
Chi-liang Chen Studies on the long range dependence in stock return volatility and trading volume Applied Mathematics 2004-07-28
Kuan-liang Chen The Information Content of Funds From Operations (FFO) as the Performance Measure for Income-Producing Real Estate Operating Companies Finance 2004-07-28
Cheng-Hsiang Chen Study of Electro-Optic Coefficient of Poled Guest/Host Nonlinear Optical Polymer Thin Film Electrical Engineering 2004-07-28
Chia-chung Chen The effects of message framing, source credibility, and product involvement on intention to forward e-mail Communications Management 2004-07-28
Hsuehe Chen The Influence of SARS Epidemic of Health-Care Workers---The effective dimensions are Work values, Organizational commitment and Posttraumatic stress disorder. Human Resource Management 2004-07-29
YU-CHUAN CHEN The development of the newspaper- the journalism of Taiwan uses the research of the electronic paper in the future EMBA 2004-07-21
Shen-Hang Chen Studies on the Grinding Mechanism of New Ultra-Precision Ball Grinding Machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-29
I-yin Chen The Study of the Junior High School Students' Gender-Role Stereotypes :A Case of Implementing Gender Equity Education Curriculum Education 2004-08-01
Hsin-chung Chen none Finance 2004-07-29
Te-Ming Chen A Study on the Mobile Communication Market Strategies-Based on Co-opetition theory Information Management 2004-08-03
Cheng-wen Chen A Research On The Candidate's Strategy And Mobilization Of Election Political Science 2004-08-03
Yung-Yi Chen The Research In The SCM Of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry In Taiwan─A Case Study Of LLY IEMBA 2004-08-04
Ching-Hsiu Chen The Study of the Variation Trend for Diastolic Pressure of the Surgical Patients utilizing Non-Invasive Plethysmography Signal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-04
Yu-Ching Chen Detection trace C reactive protein from human serum by mass technology Chemistry 2004-07-30
Chi-ming Chen Die-Level Interfacial Bonding Strength and Fracture Toughness Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-06
Den-bon Chen Classification of the Structure of Positive Radial Solutions to some Semilinear Elliptic Equation Applied Mathematics 2004-08-09
I-ying Chen Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidocyclopentanone and 2-Azido-1-cyclohexylethanone Chemistry 2004-08-06
Sau-jian Chen The studay of Knowledge Management Applied to the Comptroller administrations of Taipei and Kaohsiung government Public Affairs Management 2004-08-09
Tieh-hwa Chen The employee’s Uses and Gratification Research of enterprise e-learning portal ─ using China Steel Co. as an example Communications Management 2004-08-12
Chun-Chih Chen NTSC Digital Video Decoder and Multi-Symbol Codec Electrical Engineering 2004-08-12
Ying-Ming Chen A Study of the Influence of Collaborative Learning in Arts and Humanities on the Professional Growth of Arts and Humanities Teachers – with NanTz Primary School as an Example Education 2004-08-13
Ming-Sheng Chen An Exploring Study on Human Resource Management in Computer Game Software Industry Human Resource Management 2004-08-15
Tsung-Hui Chen The Effect of Temperature Range Variation on Flip-Chip Package under Temperature Cycling Test Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-15
Kun-jun Chen A Preliminary Study on the Reproductive Ecology of the Freshwater Snail Tarebia granifera (Lamarck, 1822) (Prosobranchia: Thiaridae) in Jinlun River, South Eastern Taiwan Marine Biology 2004-08-18
Yen-hao Chen The effects of training systems and the perceptions of training on the job abilities improvement, organizational commitment and job involvement after training. Human Resource Management 2004-08-16
Hung-Tong Chen Union Bargaining,Central Bank Conservatism,and Inflation Bias Economics 2004-08-18
Jung-te Chen The emergences and consequences of intra-organizational social networks--social capital perspective Human Resource Management 2004-08-18
Chih-Chan Chen Routing Path Selection Algorithm Based On Price Mechanism In Ad-Hoc Network Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-17
Ching-ya Chen The Relationship among Selling Skill and Performance of Salespeople in Department Store Human Resource Management 2004-08-20
Suelien Chen Marketing Terror: Gothic Spectrality in The Mysteries of Udolpho, The Monk, Frankenstein, and Melmoth, the Wanderer Foreign Language and Literature 2004-08-19
Li-Yu Chen The strategy and management of Risk of Hi-tech’s Intellectual Property—the lost control of sue for patent infringed in USA Finance 2004-08-20
Mei-ting Chen Long Time Tails of Proton Spin Relaxation in Amino Acids in Solution Chemistry 2004-08-23
Su-Chen Chen Successful Marketing Strategies for Popular Commercial Products – Using Nike Corporation as a Case Study EMBA 2004-08-25
Chung-Kuang Chen Seasonal Variation of Fluxes and Water Masses in the Penghu Channel Physical Oceanography 2004-07-30
WEI-CHIN CHEN Kinetic Modeling of the Adsorption of Mercury Chloride Vapor on Spherical Activated Carbon by Thermogravimetric Anaylysis Environmental Engineering 2004-08-25
Yung-chang Chen Priority-based Multiple Flow-Preemption for Load-Sharing on MPLS Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-08-26
Wei-zong Chen Interference cancellation for cell search in WCDMA Communications Engineering 2004-08-27
Chih-Chia Chen The Implementation of an Authoring Tool for e-Learning Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-30
Shu-Jung Chen NONE EMBA 2004-08-30
Yan-feng Chen A Power-based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-08-31
Jiann-Bin Chen Challenges and Solutions for Conducting Online Live Videoconferencing Activities Information Management 2004-09-01
Yan-chi Chen Stray field magnetic resonance imaging:system construction, sensitivity enhancement and applications Chemistry 2004-09-02
Yeh-shun Chen A Study on the Competitive Strategies of Taiwan IC Packaging New Entrants Based on Path Dependence Theory Business Management 2004-09-01
Li-Chiang Chen Construction and test of single coil double-resonance microprobes Chemistry 2004-09-02
Ching-mei Chen The Expression of TSG101 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
Wei-shi Chen Seasonal distribution of chaetognaths in relation to environmental factors in Tamshui and Kaoping estuaries and adjacent costal waters Marine Biology 2004-09-04
Chen-ying Chen Planning and Management of Created Wetland in Urban Area:Zhou-Zai Wetland Park , Kao-hsiung City as the Case Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-04
Han-yin Chen The Role of yArsA in Thermotolerance of Saccharomyce cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
Jen-Lung Chen A Study on Suppressions and Preventions for Cleaning Out Property Issues in Publicly Held Corporations Business Management 2004-09-06
Ting-ting Chen none Mainland China Studies 2004-09-06
Tai-ming Chen The Dynamic Performance Improvement and Vibration Suppression with Turned Liquid Column Dampers to the Tension Leg Platform Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-07
Po-chun Chen Direct compariosn of analytical and intuitive cognition in public decision-making, in the case of metropolitan wetland park. Public Affairs Management 2004-09-07
Chih-sheng Chen Applications of the Optical Flow Technique to Image Tracking of Auto-focusing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-08
Yi-Ju Chen The Study about the Rights Thought of Mary Wollstonecraft Political Science 2004-09-09
Jung-tang Chen Narrative Strategies, Value Systems, and the American Dream in The Great Gatsby Foreign Language and Literature 2004-09-09
Po-chou Chen Rethinking the concept of time in Dickens's novels Foreign Language and Literature 2004-09-12
Chun-kai Chen A study of consumers' use of shopping bags at hypermarkets Public Affairs Management 2004-09-17
Bo-Fong Chen 1. A Versatile Approach to 6-Substituted-5-methoxy-d-lactam Framework and Application to the Synthesis of Natural Products and Pharmaceuticals 2. A New Approach to Isoindolone Skeleton Chemistry 2004-10-07
Guo-Rong Chen Soldering Technique on Flexible Fiber Holder Packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-11-16
Shing-Hwei Chen Conotoxin overview and bioinformatic database setup Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-11-28
Chun-Chang Chen Automatic Generation of On-Chip Bus Infrastructure for System-on-Chip Computer Science and Engineering 2004-12-15
Chih-hao Chen none Economics 2004-12-20
Chung-Yi Chen (I) Synthetic Studies Toward Polysubstituted Pyridin-2-ones (II) Total Synthesis of Deplancheine Chemistry 2005-01-12
Ming-Ho Chen The Possibility of Promoting Collaboration Commerce for Steel Industry. – A Case Study of Big sized Enterprises in Taiwan Information Management 2005-01-17
Chen-sheng Chen Construction of correctional behaviors by correctional officers and students in correctional school Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-18
Yu-Chen Chen Practices of Human Resource Management for R&D Department of IT Industries Human Resource Management 2005-01-24
HSING-LIN CHEN government budget net inflow and long-turn interest rates in cointegration analysis---new evidence in Taiwan Economics 2005-01-24
Chu-li Chen Labeling Theory and the Care-giving Experiences of Mental Retarded Adults : From the Perspective of Mothers Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-26
Yin-ju Chen Haydn's keyboard variations Music 2005-01-30
Chih-hao Chen Pricing Basket Credit Derivatives with Market Risk Finance 2005-02-02
Shih-Tse Chen My World is "The Heaven"?The exploratory Study on the Cultivation Effect of On-line Game "Lineage" for Taiwan Teenager. Communications Management 2005-02-03
Shang-yu Chen Consimers' Purchasing Attitude Toward the Sales Promotion Model "Pay Dealing and Delivering fee, and Get It freely" Communications Management 2005-02-15
Li-yu Chen The Study of Water Quality Improment and Planning Strategy for Urban Wetland Park Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-02-12
Sheng-i Chen A study of the phonetic system of twelve-rhyme groups in Qieyun Shengyuan Chinese Literature 2005-02-16
Chun-tsung Chen The Study of Innovative Behavior of R&D Personnel: The Joint Effect of Subordinate Personality Traits and Leadership Styles on Innovative Behavior Information Management 2005-02-16
Ming-jer Chen none Political Science 2005-02-17
Kung-Fu Chen Analysis of Fuel Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel Blending with Biofuels Environmental Engineering 2005-02-17
Chien-Cheng Chen The Effects of Organizational Culture, Organizational Structure, Company's Attitude toward Work at Home System Human Resource Management 2005-02-18
Chang-Jeong Chen Characterization and Improvement Strategies of Mobile Source Air Quality Monitoring Station– Using Kungkuan Station of Miaoli as An Example Environmental Engineering 2005-02-17
Shu-hua Chen none Chinese Literature 2005-05-25
Hsin-chun Chen A Study on the Relationship between the Professional Leadership of Principal and the School Effectiveness in Primary School Education 2005-05-28
Kuo-Tse Chen The relationship study of job stress, job satisfaction,organizational commitment toward the intention of early retirement. Business Management 2005-06-01
Chiu-Wen Chen The reception of Eileen change's novel in Taiwan Chinese Literature 2005-06-08
Chih-wen Chen none Finance 2005-06-15
Chin-chao Chen none Mainland China Studies 2005-06-15
Yi-Jiun Chen Study on The Nano-Structured Diamond Electrodes Grown by Microwave CVD Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-17
Chi-Lin Chen none Finance 2005-06-17
Chien-Ming Chen The Chinese Communist Party's Political Succession after 1949: A Case Study of Hu Jintao Mainland China Studies 2005-06-20
Chi-Huang Chen none Finance 2005-06-16
Yu-Wen Chen The Application of Outage Management System to Distribution System Loss Analysis Electrical Engineering 2005-06-23
I-Hung Chen Health Capital and Economic Growth–A Case of United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-24
Chun-Yu Chen Expansion Planning of MRT Traction Substations by Dynamic Programming and Immune Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2005-06-24
Chen-wen Chen none Finance 2005-06-23
Wen-Te Chen How Does The Quality System of Automobile Industry Affect The Competitive Strategies of Taiwan Fastener Industry --- Take The Case of S Company for Example Business Management 2005-06-25
Hsin-Hsin CHEN A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Leadership Role and the Accumulation of Social Capital: A Study of Three Communities in Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-24
Jhih-jyun Chen Design of a Robust Controller for the Smart Flexible Linkage Using Genetic Algorithms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-27
Chien-hung Chen A Class-rooted FP-tree Approach to Data Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2005-06-29
Chao-Ying Chen The Study On Strategic Alliances Of The Domestic International Air Cargo Industrial Members EMPP 2005-06-28
Jueifang Chen A Study on the Development Strategies of the Bank of Kaohsiung Finance 2005-06-28
Ching-yueh Chen Research on the Strategies That Can Improve the Financial Autonomy of Kaohsiung County EMPP 2005-06-28
Shih-chieh Chen Change in substance P-induced edema in rat trachea : a digital photomicrography and 3-dimensional reconstruction study Biological Sciences 2005-06-28
Tiao-cong Chen A Novel Active Matrix Pixel Driving Circuit Design of OLED Electrical Engineering 2005-07-01
Ching-Ping Chen The molecular events affect differential interaction of KChIP2.2 and KChIP4a with Kv channel Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-06-29
Chen-jui Chen none Information Management 2005-06-29
Hsuan-sheng Chen A Study on the Blade Strength and the Dynamic Characteristics of Microturbines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-01
Andrew Chen The competitive advantage in ARC Furnace industry based upon the regulation of Dixion pollution IEMBA 2005-07-04
Shu-ming Chen A study on the Law of Retribution concept and the literature skills of 《Xing-Shi Yin Yuan Chuan》 Chinese Literature 2005-07-04
You-cheng Chen Design of Indexing Strategies for Video Database System Computer Science and Engineering 2005-06-29
Kuang-yao Chen Characterization of GaN/AlGaN heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2005-07-05
Chao-nien Chen Photoreflectance spectroscopy of InN at different temperature Physics 2005-07-04
Chi-shun Chen Consuming Behavior of Little Theaters in Taiwan Arts Management 2005-07-04
Jiun-ming Chen One Channel 10Gb/s Optical transceiver Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-05
Chien-ming Chen JEDEC standard board level drop test on lead-free packages Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-07
Shih-Yuan Chen The Study of Kerr-like Nonlinear Optical Waveguides Electrical Engineering 2005-07-06
Jyun-fan Chen Electronic properties of δ-doped InxGa1-xAs/InAlAs Quantum wells Physics 2005-07-06
Yung-shih Chen A study for merit approved with strategy of IMC--as an example as promotion of smoke-free restaurants. Communications Management 2005-07-07
Hong-Ming Chen Application of two frequency fringe pattern for phase-shifting projected fringe profilometry Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-08
Yu-Ting Chen Study on semiconductor devices by high density plasma chemical vapor deposition Physics 2005-07-08
Po-chou Chen Parameterized Hardware/Software modules for Embedded ICE Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-12
Hui-min Chen Women under Wartime Mobilization in Taiwan(1950~1958) Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-11
Ching-hua Chen Learning and Self-adaptation of the Children of Newly Immigrant Feminines at Schools in Peng-hu Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Liang-lu Chen Study on the fabrication of low temperature a-Si:H TFT for flexible display Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-12
Chen-Kwan Chen Segmenting License Plate in Color Images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-13
Kuan-yu Chen growths of bubble sizes in solid during solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-13
Yi-Ling Chen Mixture models for estimating operation time distributions. Applied Mathematics 2005-07-12
Chien-li Chen Polymorphism of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene and BMI differences between aborigines and non-aborigines Biological Sciences 2005-07-13
Chun-chung Chen The Study of National Innovation System on Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. Public Affairs Management 2005-07-13
Chih-Feng Chen Distributions of Heavy Metals in Sediments and Bottom Water from the Kaohsiung harbor Areas Environmental Engineering 2005-07-14
Ming-jen Chen none Chinese Literature 2005-07-14
Po-hung Chen Herding Behavior of Hedgers, Speculators, and Individual Investors - Take S&P500 Futures Market as the Example Finance 2005-07-15
Kellen Chen Toward the Development of Molecular Wires: Ruthenium(II)Terpyridine Complexes Containing Polyferrocenyl as Spacer Chemistry 2005-07-15
Fang-Chien Chen The Study of Employee Passion-Financial Industry as the Example Human Resource Management 2005-07-19
Su-yi Chen The Content Analysis of Economic concepts in Junior High School Grades 1-9 Curriculum Social Studies Learning Areas Textbooks Education 2005-07-17
Chien-Kang Chen Institutional Republicanism:Alexis de Tocqueville beyond Liberalism Political Science 2005-07-19
Chien-ming Chen The Opportunity and Challenge of Life Insurance Industry under The New Labor Retirement System. Business Management 2005-07-19
Chou-Wei Chen Effect of INF1 Protein on Cationic Peroxidase Genes in Tobacco Leaves during Hypersensitive Response Biological Sciences 2005-07-15
Siao-ying Chen China women in political status Mainland China Studies 2005-07-20
Chih-Chi Chen Mining Mobile Groups from Uncertain Location Databases Information Management 2005-07-21
Chung-ying Chen Ecological Study of the Common Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) Biological Sciences 2005-07-21
Ying-jhen Chen None Chinese Literature 2005-07-15
Jiang-wei Chen The evaluation of Taiwanese people about the quality of Democratic Governance--Analysis of Materials and Date obtained from Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study, 2003 Political Science 2005-07-22
Hsin-Yu Chen An Efficient Mutual Authentication for Mobile Communication Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-22
Chien-Chou Chen Semi-Analytic Method for Boundary Value Problems of ODEs Applied Mathematics 2005-07-22
Chiung-Hsien Chen From the Viewpoint of V.C.S. on How to Promote the Function of Criminal Investigation of Police Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Ming-Te Chen Completely Anonymous Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocols Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-25
Hsiang-lan Chen A Study of Nurses’ Lifelong Learning Behavioral Intention and Satisfaction with Lifelong Learning Passport at a Medical Center Institute of Health Care Management 2005-07-25
Hung-Hsuan Chen Computer-Aided Design of Multi-Speed Hub System for Bicycles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Yi-lin Chen A Relation between Poverty Alleviation Policy and Economic Development in Ethnic Minority Areas of Mainland China: A Case Study of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mainland China Studies 2005-07-25
Rong-wei Chen Design of Front Suspension and Steering Mechanisms for All-Terrain Vehicle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-22
Tai-Jia Chen Studies on the Grinding Characteristics of Diamond Film by Using the Composite Electroplating on Grinder in Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Ming-Jen Chen Investigations on the Content Increment Method of Dispersive Particles and Wear Characteristics for Composite Electrodepostion Layers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Lien-Hsiang Chen The Study of FeRAM Devices using BZT Ferroelectric Thin Film Prepared by the RF Magnetron Sputtering Process Electrical Engineering 2005-07-23
Kuo-shih Chen Let the Moon Shine on the Dog A Deconstructive Reading of the Subjectivity in Wordsworth’s The Prelude Foreign Language and Literature 2005-07-22
Jian-Tang Chen Design and fabrication of optical waveguide reflectors with etched vertical mirror surfaces Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-26
Ke-Hui Chen The Study of Assessing the Effectiveness and Affecting Factors of Community Empowerment: An Example of The Regional Community Empowerment Centers Program. Public Affairs Management 2005-07-25
Nien-wen Chen The acoustic signals associated with territorial behaviors in Stegastes lividus (Pomacentridae) Marine Biology 2005-07-26
Ching-wen Chen The relationship between the government and enterprises in Taiwan 1988-2004 Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Yu-An Chen A Novel Linear RF Transmitter Using High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Applied with Envelope Modulation Electrical Engineering 2005-07-26
Guan-Mei Chen Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks with Multipacket Reception and Queueing Communications Engineering 2005-07-26
Han-wei Chen Studies on Discharge Behavior of Electrochemical Discharge Machining Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-26
Lin-Ya Chen The use of Petri Nets to Personal process modeling and verification Information Management 2005-07-27
Ya-lin Chen Lightweight Network Intrusion Detection Information Management 2005-07-26
Shou-yen Chen The Analysis of Large-Scale TFT-LCD Industry’s Competitiveness of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-27
Zhi-Qiang Chen Effect of Voltage Sags on Sensitive Equipment Electrical Engineering 2005-07-28
Wen-shius Chen Analysis of E.coli protein by LC/ESI and LC/MALDI Chemistry 2005-07-28
Hsueh-Ching Chen An Ensemble Approach for Text Categorization with Positive and Unlabeled Examples Information Management 2005-07-29
Ti-Hsun Chen The IMC theory applies to the research of the local cultural hall-Take Hengchun Folklore Hall as an example Communications Management 2005-07-29
Hsin-I Chen A Study of E-learning Training System for Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation Business Management 2005-07-29
Bing-jang Chen The Study of the Relationship between Mutual Fund Manager Competence and Mutual Fund Holding Bias Business Management 2005-07-30
Evalon Chen Research of the developing strategy of the Taiwan nylon synthetic filament industry toward globalization EMBA 2005-08-01
Chin-Yang Chen HW/SW Partitioning and Pipelined Scheduling Using Integer Linear Programming Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-01
Wei-Fan Chen A Study on the Mechanism Design of the Planar Micro Compliant Pantograph Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-01
Chi-Jen Chen Optimal dividend policy with heterogeneous beliefs among investors Business Management 2005-07-28
Zih-Chiang Chen Determination of biological and nickle-base alloy sample by hydride generation-dynamic reaction cell-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2005-08-02
Chia-Ching Chen A Study of Political Socialization of Junior High School Students in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2005-08-03
Shien-chi Chen Research about the Fire Prevention Strategy and Safety Management Plan Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-03
Hung-Che Chen Automatic Constructing of Concept Map in e-Learning Domain Information Management 2005-08-01
Chin-tan Chen Proteomic studies on development factors of pig embryonic stem cells into neural cells by RA in vitro Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-04
Chao-Hsing Chen study on the medical care seeking behavior-an example of citizens in changhwa medical sub-region EMBA 2005-08-01
Chien-Lee Chen Transformation of the Competence Indicators into Teaching Objectives for Elementary School For the First, Second, and Third Learning Stage in the Area of “Person-Space” Education 2005-08-07
Pin-Hsuan Chen Distribution, growth and reproduction of splendid ponyfish, Leiognathus splendens (Cuiver 1829) in the coastal waters off southwestern Taiwan Marine Resources 2005-08-07
Yu-Pei Chen Studies on the Natural Products from the Formosan Octocorals Briareum excavatum and Junceella fragilis Marine Resources 2005-08-10
Ching-po Chen Re-examine the Purchasing Power Parity in sPVAR Model Economics 2005-08-10
Hou-geng Chen Venture Capital Contracts with Moral Hazard Economics 2005-08-11
MING-CHANG CHEN A Practical Analysis of Purchasing System and Its Implementation from the Viewpoint of New Institutional Economics-Example of A Manufacturing Company– Economics 2005-08-12
Chao-Li Chen A Study on Industrial Analysis and Competitive Strategy of Semiconductor Foundry across Taiwan Straits IEMBA 2005-08-16
Yu-chi Chen Effects of Signals from Mobile Communication Base Station and Handset on the SAR Distribution in the Human Head Electrical Engineering 2005-08-15
Wei-Chen Chen Studies on the chemical constituents from the Formosan soft coral Klyxum simplex and an Indonesian sponge Halichondria sp. Marine Resources 2005-08-08
HUEI-FANG CHEN A Study of Relationships among Cognition of User Enterprises, Cognition of Dispatched Enterprises, Personality traits, Job satisfaction and Turnover Intentions of Taiwanese Dispatched workers Human Resource Management 2005-08-18
Po-Lin Chen Mobility for OFDM-based WLAN systems in time-varying multipath Rayleigh fading channel with long delay spread Communications Engineering 2005-08-11
Terry Chen Research of the Mainland Investment’s Business Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises IEMBA 2005-08-18
Li-chain Chen Valuating and Analyzing the People for Willingness to Pay of Food Waste Recycling and Reusing-A Case Study of Kaohsiung and Taichung City Public Affairs Management 2005-08-16
Mei-Chen Chen none EMBA 2005-08-22
Hsiu-yen Chen Ex-dividend day stock behavior Business Management 2005-08-24
Min Chen Photoluminescence on Si-Doped PAMBE Grown InN Physics 2005-08-22
Yen-Hui Chen Diversification strategy of Small and Medium size company - A case study of Company L IEMBA 2005-08-23
CHUN-HUNG CHEN Human Resources Management of Elevating Service Quality of Junior Service Personnel and Customers’ Degree of Satisfaction – Using the Junior Service Personnel of Banks in Kaohsiung City as the Scope of Case Study EMPP 2005-08-22
Wen-chi Chen Selfhood’s Curricular Consciousness: Awakening from Cherryholmes’ Viewpoint of Deconstruction towards Curriculum Education 2005-08-23
Mei-hsiu Chen A Study of The Merger of Japanese Companies-The case study of Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Business Management 2005-08-24
SAN-E CHEN The Best Model of Choice for Chunghwa Post Co Ltd.:Privatization, Public Corporatization, or Enterprise? Political Science 2005-08-23
CHAO-AN CHEN none Finance 2005-08-24
Yen-Hui Chen The Study on staging strategy of global operational center- a L company Case EMBA 2005-08-25
Cai-Fu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-24
Wan- Chen Chen Research on the Factors Turning AM Radio to the Digital Future Communications Management 2005-08-22
Li-Feng Chen Gene Delivery of Angiogenesis Inhibitor Vasostatin for Cancer Therapy Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-29
Yong-Mao Chen none IEMBA 2005-08-29
Chih-peng Chen Comparative Study on the Organization and Management Systems of ROC's Armed Forces TV Centers Communications Management 2005-08-29
Chih-Shan Chen Studies on the Pathogenicity and Pathology of Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida on Rachycentron canadum Marine Resources 2005-08-29
CHIEN-CHIH CHEN An Exploration of Defense Phenomenon in the Organization Development of Information System Project Information Management 2005-08-30
Ming-Yin Chen A Modified EDCF to support QoS in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-23
Liang-yin Chen Dynamic Analysis on floating pier of landing stage Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-08-25
Li-Hui Chen none IEMBA 2005-08-26
Hsiang-Li Chen A study of the relation between community empowerment, social capital, and sense of community Public Affairs Management 2005-08-30
Ching-kuo Chen The Study of Expendiency & Benefit for Consumers Who Procure Vehicles from Second-hand Vehicles Vendors in A Propensity of Asymmetrical Information of Supply/Demand Market—by way of examples of the market in Taiwan & Japan Business Management 2005-08-31
Wun-Shin Chen Dynamic analysis of the cables consider Dynamic analysis of the cables consider sag effect and flexural rigidity Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-09-02
Guan-ting Chen Study of Complementary Coded MIMO-CDMA Systems and Design of Columnwise Complementary Codes Communications Engineering 2005-09-02
Chi-ying Chen Implement a loading sharing mechanism of using VoIP service behind NAT Computer Science and Engineering 2005-09-04
Chi-Hung Chen Applying Morphological Filter to Stereo Video Compression Electrical Engineering 2005-09-05
Wei-Chu Chen A Study of the Relationships among Taiwanese Expatriates’ Personality, Organizational Socialization, and Work Performance. Human Resource Management 2005-09-05
Jihn-Fue Chen The Relationships among Organizational Justice, Trust, and Work Performance in Taiwan Logistics Industry. Human Resource Management 2005-09-03
Bing-hong Chen Adaptive simulation of the hydraulic bulging forming with counter pressure control Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-06
Yan-yu Chen Study on the Fabrication of Non-volatile memory with Metal Nanocrystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-09-07
Cheng-ying Chen A Study on Health Assessment Indicators of Artificial Wetlands: Zo-Zai Wetland Park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as the Case Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-09-08
Hui-Jung Chen Effect of EGCG on proliferation inhibition and apoptotic mechanism of human brain tumor cells Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Jian-bein Chen A Survey of the Longest Common Subsequence Problem and Its Related Problems Computer Science and Engineering 2005-09-12
Ming-Chih Chen Low Cost Design of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm Using Efficient Common Sub-expression Elimination Methods Computer Science and Engineering 2005-10-05
Ya-yun Chen Generating Implicit Functions Model from Triangles Mesh Model by Using Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2005-10-09
Pei-yuan Chen Internationalization strategy study of tourist marketing –for Kaohsiung City Business Management 2005-11-30
Ho-hsuan Chen none Economics 2005-12-27
Chung-hsing Chen An Open Interface Architecture for Web-based System Administration Information Management 2006-01-10
Hsaio Chen Using Mining Techniques to Identify External Web Environment of Companies Information Management 2006-01-17
Su-ching Chen The performance evaluation model for reception clerks in the hospitality industry Human Resource Management 2006-01-20
Chine-Ming Chen Emergencey Operation Strategy for Power System Restoration with Artificial Neural Network and Grey Relational Analysis Electrical Engineering 2006-01-23
Cheng-Liaou Chen An Information Integration Research on the Fairness Measurement of the Policy Outcomes: the Case of Dengue Fever Prevention in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2006-01-24
Chien-pen Chen The research of using employee dispatching in the industry of convenience store Business Management 2006-02-05
Chun-chi Chen A reasch of strategy map and dynamic strategy goal of nonprofit organization ---Take Public Television Servive as example Public Affairs Management 2006-02-06
Yi-ru Chen State-owned Banks’ Strategy Development and Organizational change after Privatization -- Case Study on Land Bank of Taiwan Finance 2005-06-20
Hsiang-yi Chen The value-creation of HR shared-serviced organization: impacts on structure and role in Taiwan subsidiary Human Resource Management 2006-02-07
Ya-Hui Chen A Study on the Cooperative Education of Vocational & Technology Institute and service industry Human Resource Management 2006-02-07
Fang-shuan Chen Construction and Management of Water Environment for the Habitat of Wetland Parks in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Zhou-Zai Wetland Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-02-07
Hui-chen Chen A Study of Samuel Barber's Knoxville: Summer of 1915, op. 24 Music 2006-02-14
Chen-yuan Chen Laboratory experiments on internal wave evolution on uniform slopes and topographic sills Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-01-21
Kuan-chou Chen School Teachers’Understanding of the Missions and Roles of the Teachers’Association and Their Participation in Kaohsiung County Education 2006-03-31
Chao-yin Chen On the ejection phenomenon in Gosselin's underactuated mechanical figers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-04-21
Po-sheng Chen Analysis of E-banking Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2006-05-12
Han-Jung Chen Management and Competency Development of Chief Executive Officers in Major Healthcare Organizations Institute of Health Care Management 2006-05-16
Ku-Fan Chen Evaluation of the Biodegradability of MTBE in Groundwater Environmental Engineering 2006-05-24
Ya-ting Chen A Study of the Effects of “Cooperation-Strategy-Communication Method” on the English Learning of Expert and Novice Seventh Graders Education 2006-05-26
Hsiang-Lin Chen A Study of Chinese EFL Interlanguage Requests Foreign Language and Literature 2006-05-26
Chin-liao Chen A Study of Medical Service Quality - The Case of China Steel Coporation Employee Clinic Business Management 2006-05-30
Po-hsun Chen A Study of Reverse Engineering in Software Modeling Information Management 2006-05-26
Jiean-Yuan Chen A study among organizational change recognition, organizational communication, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment - The case of Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Business Management 2006-06-02
Chung- Hsiung Chen A study on service quality of cell phone─take chunghwa telecom company for instance Business Management 2006-06-07
Yu-Li Chen Analysis of BRAF gene mutation in lung cancer and esophageal cancer Biological Sciences 2006-06-05
Xie-ying Chen Synthetic Studies of Pyrrolophenanthridines Chemistry 2006-06-12
Hung-Wei Chen Synthetic Studies Toward Alloyohimbane and Louisianin D Chemistry 2006-06-09
Wen-Ju Chen A Study of Internet Addiction and Self-Concept on Elementary School Students Education 2006-06-15
Ta-wei Chen Study on Business Architecture Reengineering –Using T Company as a Case Study Information Management 2006-06-15
Zhao-Ren Chen The effect of pension on consumption and education Economics 2006-06-16
Ya-Ni Chen A Study on the Behavior Model of Arts and Culture Sponsorships by Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan Arts Management 2006-06-19
Ting-Yun Chen The effect of organization culture and innovation on organization performance Business Management 2006-06-19
Yueh-Chung Chen WLAN Antenna Design Using Fractal Structure Electrical Engineering 2006-06-20
Mow-ling Chen A Study on the Opinions of Kaohsiung Private Senior High Educators Toward the Policy of Localization of Senior High Schools EMPP 2006-06-19
Ya-ping Chen Habitus and Nomadism:A Study of Programs-Exploring of Artists-in-Residence and International Mobility: Focus on the Strategies of Official Operation by Taiwan’s Government Arts Management 2006-06-22
Su-Chen Chen The research of performance bonus management system by public administrations : compare administrative organizations and public schools Political Science 2006-06-22
Chien-Hsiang Chen Spatial and temporal characteristics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the air of an agricultural residue open burning area Environmental Engineering 2006-06-23
Hsin-jung Chen An Empirical Analysis of Choice of Financial Instruments and Announcement Effect Finance 2006-06-24
Yi-ting Chen Triplexer Transceiver Modules on the Silicon Bench using Ultra-thin Thin-film Filter and Optical Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-06-23
Yi-Ping Chen Downward influence tactics of Taiwanese managers and the effect on their job performance Human Resource Management 2006-06-25
Cheng-wei Chen Wet Scrubbing and Activated-carbon Adsorption of Odorous Compounds in Vented Gases from Food-cooking Operations Environmental Engineering 2006-06-26
Wei-jen Chen Projected Fringe Profilometry using Diffractive Elements Materials Science and Engineering 2006-06-26
Chia-Nan Chen The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Job Satisfaction and Job Performance:Using ING Life Insurance Company Ltd. as an Example. Human Resource Management 2006-06-28
Chin-Yang Chen Study on the treatment of PCB Wastewater by Ferrite Process combined with Fenton’s Method and UV/H2O2 Environmental Engineering 2006-06-28
Yu-shin Chen A Study Management Operation And Environment Of Taiwanese Opera In Kaohsiung Arts Management 2006-06-29
Jing-Chiang Chen A study of electrochemical properties of Ni-CGO composite for SOFC anode Materials Science and Engineering 2006-06-29
Sin-Ting Chen Power Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility Design for High-speed Computer Package Electrical Engineering 2006-07-03
Jia-Hong Chen Investigation on Starting Transient Characteristics and Start-Up Scenario of Metal Halide Lamps Electrical Engineering 2006-07-04
Wen-Chih Chen Investigation on Operating Characteristics of Individual Cell among Battery Pack Electrical Engineering 2006-07-04
Chien-chou Chen Operators which are constant with respect to slant Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2006-07-04
Wei-lin Chen A Study of Six Selected Lieder from Hugo Wolf's "Gedichte von Eduard Morike" Music 2006-07-05
Wei-ying Chen Under financial merger and acquisition the managerial strategies of the commercial banks –with Resource-based view. Business Management 2006-07-06
Yi-Ju Chen Study on Classroom Climate and Learning Effectiveness in Blended Learning Environment Information Management 2006-07-06
Chih-Yao Chen Integration of Genetic Algorithm and Taguchi Method for Thermal Unit Commitment Electrical Engineering 2006-07-07
Mei-ju Chen The Study of Johannes Brahms' Variations on a Theme by Haydn, op. 56b Music 2006-07-07
Jheng-de Chen Fabrication and Measurement of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers and Ring Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-10
Chun-Sung Chen The Effects of Internet on Bussiness Management of Real Estate Brokerage (Sinyi Realty for instance ) Business Management 2006-07-11
Nan-ying Chen Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Isozyme in two Rice Cultivars Biological Sciences 2006-07-11
HSIN-HUNG CHEN The correlation research of customer lifetime value Finance 2006-07-11
Ying-jen Chen The determinants of the banks’ lending decisions on the influence of the“Small and Medium Business Credit Guarantee Fund” mechanism Finance 2006-07-11
Chiao-Lin Chen The Impact of ICTs, Organizational Change and ICT Labors on Plant’s Performance - The Evidence from Optoelectronic Industry in Taiwan Economics 2006-07-11
Wei-Chi Chen The Effect Of Upward Influence Behavior On Organizational Culture Human Resource Management 2006-07-12
Yung-yu Chen The Plastic Deformation and Stress Distribution of Stent in the Artery Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-11
Chi-Hsiu Chen none Economics 2006-07-12
Jian-Cheng Chen Spectroscopic study on the fluorescence of Cr ions in double-clad Cr:YAG crystal fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-12
Hsu-sen Chen Assemblages of epibenthic shrimps in coastal waters off Southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-13
Ching-yun Chen The Study of theCuInSe2 Characteristics and The Synthesis of CuGaSe2 Nano Powders Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-07
Chien-chung Chen The Study of Light Extraction Efficiency for High Power LED Package Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-06
Chao-Sheng Chen EMBA 2006-07-13
Yung-Chih Chen Spatial and temporal distribution of pteropods in relation to hydrography in the waters around Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-16
Wen-wen Chen Investigation of odor and its improvement in Kaohsiung city Environmental Engineering 2006-07-16
Chiao-wen Chen The Study of High Power White Phosphor-Conversion LED Package Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-15
Yu-ying Chen none Chinese Literature 2006-07-13
Po-Chi Chen Development of Post-Processing Software for Seabed Roughness Laser Scanner Undersea Technology 2006-07-13
Sheng-wei Chen Study on the Effect of Blending Alq3 into MEH-PPV/ Short-Length Carbon Nanotubes Photovoltaic Thin Film Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-19
Shih-cyuan Chen Structural response of package-level solder balls due to high-speed impact test Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-18
Wei-Jen Chen Eassays On Strategic Incentive Contracts Of Banks' Owners To Their Chief Managers Economics 2006-07-13
Chong-ru Chen The Influence of Wave Length and Efficiency of Emitting Material by Protonate Mechanism ― for the Application of Organic Light Emitting Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-18
Yi-Fan Chen Post-Annealing Effects of Indium Tin Oxide Films on Glass Deposited by RF Sputtering Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-18
Chih-hao Chen Single molecule fluorescence and Hanbury Brown-Twiss photon-correlation technologies study DiI molecule Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-16
Wei-chih Chen Effects of replacing fish oil with linseed oil or corn oil on growth, fatty acid metabolism and immune responses of juvenile cobia Rachycentron canadum Marine Biology 2006-07-19
Po-Chun Chen Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2006-07-19
Chia-chi Chen The Effect of Customer Perceived Quality and Customer Satisfaction to Store Performance: An Empirical Case of DOLLARS Business Management 2006-07-17
Pao-jung Chen Application of Least Squares Support Vector Machines in Image Coding Electrical Engineering 2006-07-19
Shou-his Chen The Canon of Gufu in Qing dynasty Chinese Literature 2006-07-20
Yen-Ming Chen Semantic-Based Approach to Supporting Opinion Summarization Information Management 2006-07-20
Yu-kuei Chen A Study on Fire Fighting Manpower Contracting Out Feasibility in Domestic Airports Public Affairs Management 2006-07-20
Li-Hsuan Chen The study of passively Q-switched Yb:YAG ring laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-14
Wei-fan Chen A Study on the Role of Information Technology at Knowledge Transfer - A Case Study of ERP Implementation Information Management 2006-07-24
Lu-nl Chen Effects of Fabrication Parameters on the Electrical Properties of Al/(Bi4Ti3O12+V2O5)/Ba(Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3/Si Structure for the Application on Non-volatile FeRAM Devices Electrical Engineering 2006-07-24
Yu-Chin Chen Comparative analysis of plasma proteome in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-07-24
Chih-yang Chen The Analysis of Urban Costs and Agglomeration Economics 2006-07-26
Fu-Te Chen none EMBA 2006-07-26
Ying-ling Chen The study of liquid crystal lens with varying voltage Physics 2006-07-27
Jhih-Sin Chen Design and Implementation of VoIP Gateway Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-26
Chia-Hsin Chen The Effects of Effort Requirement on Consumer Preferences Towards Loyalty Program Rewards -The Moderating Effect of Monetary Cost Business Management 2006-07-27
Bi-Chen Chen A Study on Social Influence Network in Consensus Group Judgment: Application of Information Integration Theory Public Affairs Management 2006-07-24
Kuan-Hsun Chen MUSIC Algorithms in Frequency-Space Domain for Time Delay Estimation in UWB Multipath Channels Electrical Engineering 2006-07-27
Ren-Chi Chen Image Restoration for Multiplicative Noise with Unknown Parameters Electrical Engineering 2006-07-28
Po-Kai Chen An Automated Method for Resource Testing Information Management 2006-07-27
Sheng-wen Chen Semi-blind Channel Estimation Using Orthogonal Precoding in OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2006-07-28
Hung-jui Chen The strategies of the reporters employed when they encountered pressure. Communications Management 2006-07-27
Hai-ming Chen Glass Forming Ability and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Cu-Ag-Gd Bulk Metallic Glasses Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-27
Yen-Ming Chen Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Performance Analyses of an In-mold Stirrer Electrical Engineering 2006-07-31
Kuan-ming Chen The Simulation and Design of Scratch Drive Actuator for Micro Motor Application Electrical Engineering 2006-07-28
Hsin-Yu Chen Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Very Shallow Water Environment:Instrumentation and Experimental Data Analysis Undersea Technology 2006-07-31
Ming-ru Chen Study on Trainning education and career Development of Vajrayana Wikipedia Sangha Human Resource Management 2006-07-28
Han-yi Chen Discussion on the Corporate Governance of Listing Company in Taiwan Business Management 2006-08-01
Chia-chun Chen An Ad-Hoc Gateway for Adaptive RTP Rate control in SIP-VoIP Networks Electrical Engineering 2006-08-01
Shih-chung Chen The Study of Mental Health of The Civil Servants in Kaohsiung City Government Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-01
Shih-hsiung Chen A Study on Fleet Maintenance Management Strategy and Performance In System Dynamics Business Management 2006-07-28
Hsiu-ju Chen An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Agenda Building of Knowledge Management Project Based on the Perspectives of Institutional Pressures and Agenda Building Information Management 2006-08-02
Chi-Yuan Chen The Determinants of MNC Subsidiary's Autonomy Business Management 2006-08-02
Chun-Cheng Chen Heavy-tail statistical monitoring charts of the active managers' performance Applied Mathematics 2006-08-03
Hsu-yao Chen The study on the relationship of the self-directed learning readiness and management competency ans job performance.-- perceived organization supporting as moderator Human Resource Management 2006-08-03
Yu-ping Chen The study of optical waveguide and electro-optic switch fabricated with liquid crystals Physics 2006-07-28
Ming-sheng Chen Factors affecting the buying and recycling of dry batteries Public Affairs Management 2006-08-03
Hung-Ming Chen The Development of Automotive Component Industry in Taiwan:a Prospective of Learning Region Public Affairs Management 2006-08-07
Jiun-Jhang Chen Changes in body adipocyte size and density as well as parameters relating to adipogenesis during the growth of the cobia Rachycentron canadum Marine Biology 2006-08-07
Chiu-Yueh Chen A study of differentiation in Engineering Change –An Example of Implementation of Engineering Change in TFT-LCD Industry of Taiwan Information Management 2006-08-08
Han-Yang Chen The Promotion of the Performance Based on Dual Sagnac Interferometer Hydrophones Electrical Engineering 2006-08-08
Chia-ying Chen The Search of Headhunting Companies in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2006-08-09
Ching-shun Chen A Research of Legal System of Rewards and Punishments of Police Officer Political Science 2006-08-08
Shul-yin Chen The study of the correlation of cultural creative industries and state branding. Communications Management 2006-08-10
Hong-Yu Chen Study on biochemical characteristics of hemocyanins in mud crab Scylla olivacea Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-08-10
Jian-xiang Chen The Influence of New Technology on TV News Production and Construction -Based on ET news(SNG)Transmission EMPP 2006-08-10
Lin-wen Chen The Study on Industrial Strategies of Performing Arts in Kaohsiung City – A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Ballet Arts Management 2006-08-10
Ya-Lin Chen Core Capabilities for Globalization of Passive Component Industry Information Management 2006-08-11
Sheng-Chih Chen The Research of Staffing Strategy in Different Business Units. Human Resource Management 2006-08-11
Yu-Chi Chen Implementation of a Memory Generator and Memory Design in Multimedia Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-15
Jian-xun Chen The Validity Problem of Reverse Engineering Dynamic Systems Information Management 2006-08-15
Ho-Pu Chen Radial Bases and Ill-Posed Problems Applied Mathematics 2006-08-15
Ching-lung Chen A Study of Marketing Strategy of Native MPV Business Management 2006-07-24
Tzu-wen Chen A study on differences of interview questions asked between line managers and HR people Human Resource Management 2006-08-17
Selena Chen The Affect of Intrinsic Motivation and Personality on Teamwork Quality Human Resource Management 2006-08-21
Yi-Feng Chen The investigation and research concerning the crisis management,disaster invention,and sense of risk for the companies that engage in the operation of dangerous goods storage tanks in Kaohsiung harbor area. EMPP 2006-08-22
Li-jen Chen H.264/AVC and Object-Based Coding Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-22
Jau-You Chen An automatic optimization mechanism of circuit block partition for Fine-grain Multi-context Reconfigurable Process Unit Electrical Engineering 2006-07-26
Chia-Chun Chen The role of accounting staff in corporate governance, with special emphasis on their role in upholding business ethics, and compliance with accounting regulations Finance 2006-08-21
Cheng-hung Chen The political-economic analysis of Mainland China's industrial policy-study of motorcycle industry Political Science 2006-08-28
Ching-kuo Chen Solving Multivariate Quadratic Equations of Simplied AES by Using Multiple Data Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-28
Cheng-yu Chen Computation of Radial Crack on a Disk Applied Mathematics 2006-08-28
Chiu-ling Chen The Research of the Asset Allocation Perfomances in Life Insurance Companies - The Samples of Cathay Life Insurance and Shin Kong Life Insurance. Finance 2006-08-29
Yue-sheng Chen A System Design of Chinese Resume by Speech Construction Electrical Engineering 2006-08-28
Shu-Ling Chen A Multilevel Analysis of Innovation Behavior and Innovation Performance: Perspective of Resource Base Theory Human Resource Management 2006-08-31
Yang-Wen Chen Optimization of Code-Constellation for M-ary CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2006-09-02
Li-Kuang Chen The Study in Group's benefits of Samsung Electronics Finance 2006-09-04
Jen-kun Chen Investigation of the distribution of alkylphenol and alkylphenol polyethoxylates in main rivers and harbor areas of Kaohsiung city by LC-MS/MS Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-09-04
Jin-bao Chen none EMPP 2006-09-04
Chih-ling chen The dynamics of ADR prices and underlying stocks Business Management 2006-09-05
Chun-Hung Chen Critical Success Factors for Fire Departments in Taiwan to Implement Incident Management System Business Management 2006-09-05
jia-hong chen A Study of Policy Development of Elderly Welfare Subsidy Political Science 2006-09-06
Yen-hung Chen Theoretical review and compare on Bohm's dialogue Business Management 2006-09-03
Yin-chun Chen WebPET: A Performance Evaluation Tool for Web Servers Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-10
Liang-pin Chen The study of optical property and structural characteristic on GaAs-based long-wavelength semiconductor laser device and its related materials Materials Science and Engineering 2006-09-10
Ying-hsiu Chen Exploring Critical Success Factors of the K12 Digital School Information Management 2006-09-10
Li-chuan Chen The Study of Supply Chain Finance Applications –A Case Study of The Uni-President Group Information Management 2006-09-08
Chien-Hua Chen The Design and Implementation of Protocol Classifier based on Linux Netfilter Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-10
Wen-chen Chen None Public Affairs Management 2006-09-11
Hsiao-ou Chen Take the Example of “Bridal Photography Industry” for Discussing the Key Success Factors in Industrialization of Cultural and Creative Industries Business Management 2006-09-11
Yu-ting Chen A Study on the Design of Auxiliary Walking Mechanisms for Lower Limb Disablement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-08
Jia-He Chen A Case Study: The Effects on Reading Motivation of “Children’s Reading-Classics at Home Schooling.” Education 2006-09-09
Shin-bau Chen The analysis and manufacturing of diamond heat sink Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-11
Li-tsu Chen The Study Of Business Apply Innovation Elevate The Competition In Case Of KKL Human Resource Management 2006-09-14
Chao-hui Chen Biological Sciences 2006-09-13
Chien-chung Chen none Mainland China Studies 2006-09-14
Huang-ju Chen The distribution pattern of the coral-inhabiting snail Coralliophila violacea around the waters of Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-09-18
Chien-hung Chen Identification of the Disturbance Sounds of Neoniphon sammara, Myripristis murdjan, and Sargocentron spinosissimum(Holocentridae) Undersea Technology 2006-09-15
Yi-ling Chen Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Integrated Horizontal-Flow Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-10-13
Hsueh-mao Chen Thermal stress simulate of the Cu/Diamond/Cu multilayer heat spreader device Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-11-08
Chiu-Wen Chen Distribution of Heavy Metals and Simulation of Ocean Disposal of Harbor Sediments Environmental Engineering 2006-11-18
Kuei-Chiu Chen Cloning, Expression and Initial Characterization of a Novel Human Gene ROGDI Biological Sciences 2006-11-29
Ting-Huai Chen Performance Improvement of a PEFC with the Pillared Structured Catalyst Layer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-12-06
Shih-Wei CHEN The Study of The Effect of Free Premium Promotion on Consumers’ Overall Appreciation and Perceived Manipulation Intent Business Management 2007-01-04
Wei-Ting Chen A Study of the Relation between Entrepreneurial Experience and Opportunity Identification Business Management 2007-01-09
Pei-yu Chen Contextual Effects in the Usage Intention of Mobile Games Communications Management 2007-01-15
Hsiu-ying Chen Correlates of Comorbidity, Medical Resources Consumption and Cardiovascular Disease Institute of Health Care Management 2007-01-15
Jiun-Kai Chen Combination of Infinite Impulse Response Neural Networks and the FDTD Method in Signal Prediction Electrical Engineering 2007-01-11
Chia-pei Chen Taiwan's image in American elite press- A case study on The New York Times and The Washington Post Communications Management 2007-01-19
Chein-Ning Chen A Study on Taiwan Civil Culture: A Case of Taipei and Kaohsiung City Citizen’s Value, Morality Cognition and Social Capital. Public Affairs Management 2007-01-19
Yi-Gu Chen Design of Robust Adaptive Variable Structure Tracking Controllers with Application to Wheeled Mobile Manipulators Electrical Engineering 2007-01-20
Jo-chen Chen Four major industrialized countries money stock in determinating the dynamic behavior of current accounts. Economics 2007-01-16
Shu-Chen Chen A Study Of CMMI ML 2 Implementation Methodology for Software Organization Information Management 2007-01-22
Cheng Chen NONE Public Affairs Management 2007-01-29
Chun-Yu Chen The relationship between internal marketing and customer-orientation---A study of Taiwan nurses Business Management 2007-01-27
Hsin-yu Chen Impacts of Diversification on Performance in Financial Holding Companies: Mediate by Cost and Market-related performacne Finance 2007-01-29
Hsuan-Ping Chen Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Nonlinear Optical Polyimides Containing Benzobisthiazole-Derived Chromophore Materials Science and Engineering 2007-02-01
Yi-hsiang Chen The effects of Jaycustomer behaviors to target customers' emotions Business Management 2007-01-29
Yu-hui Chen Diterpenoids from Taiwanese Soft Corals Xenia umbellata,Junceella juncea, and Junceella fragilis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-02-02
Shih-Hsiung Chen Study on a Architecture-Oriented Business Intelligence Software Information Management 2007-01-22
Cheng-nan Chen A Study of the Factors of Business Growth Strategy of Taiwan Pump Industry - A case of H Company Business Management 2007-02-05
Shu-ling Chen Mechanism of intraesophageal antigen challenge-induced lower airway inflammation in ovalbumin-sensitized rats Biological Sciences 2007-02-02
Chien-ting Chen A Study on Problem-Solving Process of One-Variable Linear Equation Among Grade Seven Junior High School Students Education 2007-02-05
Chien-wen Chen Flip Chip Bond Process with Copper Bump Substrate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-06
Pei-Hsuan Chen A Study on Taipei College Students’ Consumer Behavior for Arts and Branding Commodities Arts Management 2007-02-06
Pi-shuang Chen The Disclosure of Corporate Sponsorship and Arts Collection── Tracing the Example of Chi-Me Museum Arts Management 2007-02-07
Nai-ning Chen Financial transmission between money, bond and equity markets and exchange rates within and between the United States and Taiwan Finance 2007-02-08
Shun-Keng Chen The design and implementation of adaptive videoconference topology in Learning Manager System and Access-Grid integrated environment. Computer Science and Engineering 2007-02-09
Chih-Hau Chen The Advertising Effect of Personalized DM Communications Management 2007-02-08
Kai-pei Chen Estimating the Examinee Ability on the Computerized Adaptive Testing Using Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System Computer Science and Engineering 2007-02-09
Ying-Chou Chen Passive Component Wire Bonding Evaluation in a Hybrid IC Package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-12
Yi-chu Chen A case study for MBP(Management By Policy) on the performance of organization Business Management 2007-02-10
Chien-Ting Chen Are China and Japan gregarious? The Japanese academic circle how to regard China and face the controversy of “China as an emerging superpower” in epistemology and methodology form modern times to now. Political Science 2007-02-07
Yu-Cun Chen Effect of currents and waves on ADCP echo intensity Physical Oceanography 2007-02-13
Ying-Ju Chen A study of elementary school students’ perception of the NSTM image Arts Management 2007-02-13
Hsieh-Chih Chen The effect of learning website on learning performance Communications Management 2007-02-13
Shu-ling Chen A study of the performance in handwashing practice among nursing staffs by PRECEDE model Human Resource Management 2007-02-11
Min-che Chen A study of Principal's curriculum leadership behavior of junior high schools Education 2007-02-13
Wei-jen Chen A Framework for Designing Nursing Knowledge Management System and the Application to Pediatric Nursing Institute of Health Care Management 2007-03-17
Ching-De Chen Revaluation of All Values: On Nietzsche’s Genealogy and Psychology of Morals Philosophy 2007-03-28
Yu-Lung Chen Studies of grain evolution in 1050 aluminum alloy during friction stir process Materials Science and Engineering 2007-04-25
Hsin-Hong Chen Employing Microvoluminal Phlebotomization Method to Scrutinize the Immunity of Grouper Vaccinated with Polyvalent Vaccines Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-05-21
Yen-ming Chen The Distribution of Sedimentation Rates Based on Pb-210 off Southwestern Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2007-05-24
Thai-ping Chen Reliability Study of IC Packages with Hygrothermal Effect Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-05-29
Zong-yi Chen Synthetic Studies of Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids Chemistry 2007-05-31
Pei-kang Chen Pricing Basket Default Swap with Spectral Decomposition Finance 2007-06-01
Ying-kuei Chen A Study of Problem-Solving Strategies and Errors in Inequalities for Junior High School Students Education 2007-06-09
Chia-huang Chen The research in The Self-consciousness of poet of Po Chu-i Chinese Literature 2007-06-14
Chia-huang Chen none Chinese Literature 2007-06-15
Ching-yi Chen A study of the Residents' sense of Community and Its Relationship with their Cognition of Community Empowerment — the case of He-ti Community, Kaohsiung Education 2007-06-21
Chia-Hao Chen A Methodology for Class Normalization Analysis and Refinement Information Management 2007-06-21
Yi-Shin Chen The Study of G7 Business Cycle Correlation Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
Hsing-yung Chen The Exploration of the Influence of Guodian Bamboo Slips on the development of Confucianism in pre- Qin Era Chinese Literature 2007-06-20
Wen-Yi Chen Customer Satisfaction, Advertising Expenditure and Shareholder Value Finance 2007-06-24
Fu-chuan Chen The study of regional civic aviation market in china Mainland China Studies 2007-06-22
Kai-wen Chen The Empirical assessment of Portfolio Balance Model Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-26
Hsin-jung Chen System Dynamics Oriented Strategy Management - A Case Study of C Coffee Chain Store Information Management 2007-06-26
Chih-Ting Chen BOT OPERATE PERFORMANCE STUDY Business Management 2007-06-26
Zeng-sie Chen Characteristics of Risk Arbitrage Portfolio in Taiwan Finance 2007-06-27
Li-hong Chen Multicast Link Repair Strategy with MAODV in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-06-27
Shih-Chang Chen Structure Reinforcement EMBA 2007-06-27
Ming-Hui Chen Sex change in coral-inhabiting snails Coralliophila violacea (=C. neritoidea) Marine Biology 2007-06-25
Chiu-Liang Chen The research of Taiwan biotechnology health food industry competition advantage under internationalized trend EMBA 2007-06-27
Shen-Fa Chen Comparing business models of Chinese medicine clinics using strategic alliances - The Success Factors EMBA 2007-06-26
Chih-hung Chen An Empirical Study on Herd Behavior in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2007-06-28
Chun-Da Chen A System Dynamic Study in Steel Industry for the Strategy of CO2 Mitigation Business Management 2007-06-29
Yu-Fu Chen Can corporate governance help companies to attract foreign investment Finance 2007-06-29
Ying-chou Chen Competitive Strategy Analysis for The Third-Party Logistics in Taiwan — The Case Study of P Logistics CO., LTD. EMBA 2007-06-29
Hui-zu Chen none Finance 2007-07-03
Wan-ping Chen Xiao Sa's novel Chinese Literature 2007-07-02
Chia-Hsiu Chen Long-term trend analysis of meteorogically adjusted main air pollutants in Kao-Ping Area, Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2007-06-29
Li-chun Chen The Optimal Subsidy Policy Under Asymmetric Information: On Taiwan Film Industry's Subsidy Economics 2007-07-04
Ying-tsuen Chen Analysis of U-Commerce Business Value using a Value Shop Model Information Management 2007-07-01
Shao-syuan Chen The Study and Fabrication of Ultra-Wideband Optical Amplifier Based on Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-04
Li-Ting Chen The effects of social element and contextual element in social-servicescape conceptual models on cognitive appraisal, consuming emotions and behavior. Business Management 2007-07-09
Chieh-Jui Chen The study on customer satisfaction of chain restaurant-The restaurant of Wang Steak Group Business Management 2007-07-10
Jiun-yin Chen A Study of Taiwan Animation Industry in the Global City and the Role of Spatial Mediator of Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2007-07-10
Ching-Sung Chen Study of an Architecture-Oriented B2B e-Marketplace Information Management 2007-07-11
Cheng-Hung Chen The Study of Dynamic Web Service Selection Based on Reliability Information Management 2007-07-11
Chien-Chih Chen A Study of the Technology - Structure Relationships in Design-Build Engineering Projects Business Management 2007-07-10
Jian-Ting Chen Ultra Low-Power Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Using a Nonlinear Digital-to-Analog Converter and an Error Compensation Mechanism Electrical Engineering 2007-07-11
Ching-hui Chen A case study on the Entrepreneurial Operation and Regenerative Strategy of Taiwan's Grouper Aquaculture Industry Economics 2007-07-11
Yueh-shu Chen Buildings and Trees Extraction in the Overlapped Area by Lidar and Aerial Digital Image Data Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-07-12
Po-han Chen The electronic and structural properties of few-layer graphenes Physics 2007-07-12
Chih-jung Chen Preparation and Characterization of Sputtered Zr-Ti and Zr-Cu Thin Film Metallic Glasses Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-11
Li-Jung Chen The Study of Partial Discharges Analysis in Epoxy-Resin Transformers Using Ultrasonic Technology Electrical Engineering 2007-07-12
Hong-en Chen Analysis of Value Shop Innovation and Business Core Capabilities using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2007-07-08
Liang-Tsuen Chen Development of Ambient Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Volatile Components from Liquid or Solid Samples Chemistry 2007-07-15
Yung-Yuan Chen Factors Affecting the Adoption of a Mobile Replenishment System: The case of Uni-President Vender Information Management 2007-07-16
Nai-Chin Chen A case study on the relationship of business transformation and information technology Information Management 2007-07-15
Shueh-in Chen A Research for Netting Manufacturer K Company in International Human Resource Management EMBA 2007-07-17
Hsiao-Chung Chen none Mainland China Studies 2007-07-18
Ping-hung Chen Factors affecting the growth and settlement of barnacle Balanus albicostatus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-07-18
Yi-Chun Chen Research on Sensorless Speed Control Methods for Single-Phase Full-Wave Brushless DC Fan Motor Driver Electrical Engineering 2007-07-18
Chi-chang Chen Connectivity improvement scheme in wireless sensor network Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-17
Guan-rong Chen Speckle removal from 2D images by empirical mode decomposition Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-20
Hong-long Chen Analysis of Davit Structure with a Telescopic Arm of a Ship Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-20
Zi-rong Chen Defect microstructures of ZnO-dissolved/exsolved TiO2 and early stage sintering of nanosized TiO2 Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-22
Chi-wen Chen The Study of China's Medical Service Management Legal System Mainland China Studies 2007-07-21
Bo-rong Chen Role of insulin resistance in nucleus tractus solitarii on central cardiovascular regulation in rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-07-23
Hung-Ming Chen Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2/4-methoxycinnamic acid Composites for Ultraviolet Shielding Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-24
Chun-hao Chen Effects of partial annealing on the tensile deformation behavior of heavily cold-rolled aluminum Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-24
chyi-fen chen none Chinese Literature 2007-07-25
Chih-Sheng Chen Fabrication of Ferroelectric Memory Devices on Top-gated Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors Electrical Engineering 2007-07-25
Chun-ching Chen The Key Success Factors of Applying Video Blog in Web-based Learning Communications Management 2007-07-25
Li-hsuan Chen Energy-Efficient Slotted ALOHA in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-25
Wen-jou Chen The Phylogeny of Geothelphusa in Taiwan and the Adaptive Strategy of the crab Geothelphusa ancylophallus from the Badland in the Southwestern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2007-07-27
An-yu Chen Bob Chilcott "A Little Jazz Mass" Music 2007-07-30
Shin-Hung Chen Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Behavior in the Knowledge Management System. Information Management 2007-07-30
Chun-nan Chen Electrical Analysis of 65nm MOSFETs under Process and Mechanical Stress Electrical Engineering 2007-07-30
Husan-wen Chen Key Success Factors of Taiwan’s Copper Alloy Strips Manufacturers in Managing Business in China Business Management 2007-07-29
Jian-wei Chen Oxidation of Co Nanoparticles grown on the linear stripes of oxides of NiAl(100) Physics 2007-07-30
Hung-Chih Chen Study of knowledge transfer within organization – a case study of defect management in semiconductor industry IEMBA 2007-07-27
Kuan-Yao Chen A study of how do Taiwanese electronics company develop the products relay to Automotive EMBA 2007-07-31
Po-hui Chen Love and Trauma: Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things Foreign Language and Literature 2007-07-28
Bang-horng Chen The development orientation and transformation strategies of teaching resources center of local culture in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2007-07-30
Hui-chuan Chen Investigation on the dynamical behaviors of aromatic carboxylic acid molecules on an Au surface by molecular dynamics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-31
Yi-Cheng Chen Single Molecule Studies Broadband Emission Mechanism of CdSe Quantum Dots Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-08-02
Kai-Huang Chen The Study of FeRAM Devices using BZT Ferroelectric Thin Film Electrical Engineering 2007-08-04
Ming-Jing Chen 5 GHz Phase Lock Loop with Auto Band Selection Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-06
Kuan-tun Chen The Structure Design for Thermal Shock Test of High Luminance Backlight Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-06
Ru-yan chen Manufacturing Technique of 1D Lens Plastic Optical Fiber Array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-06
Bo-Hua Chen A 1.8V 12bits 100-MS/s Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-07
Jing-wen Chen A clustering scheme for large high-dimensional document datasets Electrical Engineering 2007-08-09
Chien-hung Chen Cost-Benefit Assessments of Distributed Power Generation Based On Micro Gas Turbine IEMBA 2007-08-10
Hung-hua Chen none Finance 2007-08-14
Chun-Hsu Chen Taiwan in competition strategy of gloabl LCD(Liguid Crystal Display)TV panel industry. EMBA 2007-08-16
Ching-hsiang Chen Study of V-grooved Microstructural Light Guide Plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-20
Chao-yin Chen The Study of "The Anxiety of Influence" on Sung(Song) Poets Chinese Literature 2007-08-20
Po-kai Chen ESL Model of the Hyper-scalar Processor on a Chip Electrical Engineering 2007-08-20
Chien-Wen Chen Distributed TDOA/AOA Wireless Location for Multi-sensor Data Fusion System with Correlated Measurement Noises Electrical Engineering 2007-08-22
Hsin-yu Chen How To Match The Green-House City Concept of City Marketing Research – Kaohsiung Lantern Festival EMBA 2007-08-22
Nien-chun Chen Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on the Spores of Dryopteridoideae from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2007-08-22
Wan-ting Chen none Chinese Literature 2007-08-22
Bo-wei chen Study on the Secondary Metablities of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia facile Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-08-24
Hou-ting Chen Design and FPGA Implementation for WiMAX Baseband Receiver Communications Engineering 2007-08-27
Bing-hong Chen Table Driven Algorithm for Joint Sparse Form Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-25
Ho-Ting Chen The Fabrication and Simulation of a High Performance SOI Device with Pseudo-Gate-All-Around Electrical Engineering 2007-08-24
Pin-Hui Chen The Study of Atypical Workers’ Turnover Intention and the Factors Human Resource Management 2007-08-27
Shiuan-wen Chen Algorithms for the Traffic Light Setting Problem on the Graph Model Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-28
Ping-chu Chen A Novel Timing Estimation Method for OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2007-08-24
Ssu-ting Chen Study on electricity characteristics of electro-magnetic vibration-induced micro-generators Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-28
Tsung-wang Chen Performance Analyses of OCHM Systems Using Perfect Sequences in Multipath Fading Channel Communications Engineering 2007-08-28
Bing-jian Chen Design of warm forming machine with triple-axial feeding and Magnesium tube forming experiments Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-28
Chin-cheng Chen Study on tribology analysis of chemical mechanical polishing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-27
Chun-ting Chen Genomic Analyses of the Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequences of Five Alcyonacea Corals Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-08-29
Chih-Hao Chen Study of the Relationship Among Internet pornography, Sexual Attitude and Behavior for the Senior High School Students Education 2007-08-30
Shin-Pin Chen Study on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft Corals Sinularia gibberosa and Sarcophyton sp. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-08-29
Po-tzu Chen Application of A Voice Coil Actuator for Punching Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-30
Jia-ming Chen none Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-09-03
Mei-fei Chen The Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior - A Study of Network Department in a Telecommunication Company Human Resource Management 2007-09-03
Jhen Chen Study of TFT with Non-Continuous Buried Oxide Electrical Engineering 2007-09-03
Chi-Tsan Chen A Hybrid Quadrature Polar Modulator for Enhancing Average-Efficiency of 3G Mobile Transmitter with Power Control Electrical Engineering 2007-09-03
Lung-huei Chen Measure the education and training system project studies of hypermarket the service trade trans-regionally-Take S Company's case as an example EMBA 2007-09-04
Mei-yin Chen Analysis of Taiwan-Fujlan’s Regional Economic Development Mainland China Studies 2007-09-06
Yu-hsin Chen Francis Poulenc Petites Voix's Music Analysis and Interpretation Music 2007-09-05
Tiao-lin Chen The research of policy letting mainland tourisms into Taiwan and its influence – taking complained behavior as an example EMBA 2007-09-07
Ching-chung Chen Study of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Justice, Job Insecurity, Turnover Tendency, Organizational Commitment, and Self-Efficacy: Taking C Bank as An Example Human Resource Management 2007-09-10
Po-sung Chen Microstructure analysis for nickel- base metal powder fusion coated inside the injection tube by using induction coil heating method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-08
Yu-Fen Chen The Relation ship between Brand Image Perception and Brand Extension Evaluation: Package of Aquatic Products from Taiwan Water Corporation as Example Public Affairs Management 2007-09-10
Hsuan-Yu Chen The Research of practicing on Human Resource Management for Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2007-09-10
Sheng-wei Chen A Study of Low Power Microhotplate and Platinum Thin Film Temperature Sensor Electrical Engineering 2007-09-10
Ting-yu Chen Changjiang Diluted Water in Taiwan Strait during El Nino and the N2O distribution in natural waters around Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2007-09-10
Sih-hua Chen The Empirical Study on the Relationaships among Transformational Leadership, HRM System, and Organizational Performance for Community Hospital in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2007-09-10
Wei-kuang Chen none Public Affairs Management 2007-09-11
Wang-ling Chen Find the key successfactors to manage aerobics clubs Economics 2007-09-11
Shu-fen Chen Construction Gene Relation Network Using Text Mining and Bayesian Network Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-11
Chun-fu Chen Using Systems Thinking to Discuss the SMEs’ Business Model—Take A Tutorial School for Example Business Management 2007-09-11
Yu-Ren Chen Application of Triz to the Design of the Frame and Transmission Systems for Bicycles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-12
Yu-Ren Chen Application of Triz to the Design of the Frame and Transmission Systems for Bicycles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-12
Rong-fu Chen Immunopathogenesis of dengue-2 infection in a dengue-2 outbreak Biological Sciences 2007-09-08
Po-hen Chen Establishing the Partnership between NGOs and Local Villagers-Fu Bow Eco-Park as the case Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-09-12
Chien-hui Chen HUANG,Kung-wangs' Poems Inscribed onLandscape Paintings Chinese Literature 2007-09-10
Chao-hsiung Chen How the “Economic Daily”, a Powerful Media, Analyzes Semi-conductor Enterprises and Influences Investors Communications Management 2007-09-13
Hsin-Ming Chen Company Act amendment impact the company to apply corporate reorganization and the proposal of Insolvency Law EMBA 2007-09-13
Tai-Hung Chen Learning of Context-Free Grammars From A Corpus Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-17
Guan-ru Chen Valuing Resale Price Maintenance: Using the Real Options Approach Finance 2007-09-26
Pei-Fen Chen Critical Managerial Activity and Competency of Healthcare CEOs: A Study of Eleven Healthcare Organizations Institute of Health Care Management 2007-11-08
Li-Ju Chen Realizing the Minimized Balun with Fractal Curve by using LTCC for 802.11a/b/g Electrical Engineering 2007-11-14
SHU-YING CHEN none Business Management 2007-12-26
Ian-lin Chen The exploration of Taiwan’s entrepreneurial education from the perspective of student’s entrepreneurial ability Business Management 2008-01-11
Ting-yu Chen Application of oxygen-releasing material to enhance in situ aerobic bioremediation of petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2008-01-21
Shao-Wen Chen A study on co-opetition between 3G and WiMAX Business Management 2008-01-21
Zeng-jun Chen Study on the Strategy of Economic Assistance for China to Africa (1990-2005) Mainland China Studies 2008-01-24
Shu-Yuan Chen The Relationship among Realistic Job Previews, Cognitive Dissonance, New Employees’ Employee Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intentions Human Resource Management 2008-01-24
Yu-Cheng Chen none Economics 2008-01-25
Hsin-Hui Chen The Study of Strategic Alliance between NPO and Local Government—a Case of the Angel House Business Management 2008-01-25
Pei-yu Chen Leaves the cultural industry possibility—— Centered on Murakami Haruki Philosophy 2008-01-28
Yueh-ching Chen Political Economy of Flowers and Plants Industries Developments in Taiwan:The Conjoint Relationships between Global Market, State Role and Local Development. Political Science 2008-01-29
Yu-ting Chen A Study on Using Balanced Scorecard as A Strategy Management Tool to Create Synergy--A Case of Banking Industry Business Management 2008-01-28
Yu-ching Chen A Study of Teachers’ Acceptance of Innovation, Curriculum Content and Curriculum Implementation of Alternative Learning Periods in elementary schools in Kaohsiung City Education 2008-01-29
Yu-Fen Chen Reputation Effects on Corporate Finance Business Management 2008-01-30
Chien-chou Chen A Discussion and Critique on European Migration Issue within the Prospective of “Societal Security” Political Science 2008-01-31
Cheng-I Chen The Study of the ideal scholars model in Ming dynasty essay Chinese Literature 2008-02-01
Yu-Ching Chen A Study on Dangerous Driving Prevention Legal System of Police Officer Political Science 2008-01-31
Jian-wei Chen organizational change, business strategy, leadership Traits, Jingshi(Jingjin) Program, Youth Daily News Communications Management 2008-02-12
Wan-ling Chen Association of Nucleotide Excision Repair Genes with the Risk and Prognosis for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-02-11
Su-yu Chen Domestic Violence Protection Law and the Basic Human Rights Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-14
Yu-chun chen A study on the Development and Management Model of the Multinational Automotive Companies in China Mainland China Studies 2008-02-14
Tzu-Yun Chen Evaluation of Alternative Medicine Utilization among Employees in Technology Company Institute of Health Care Management 2008-02-14
Tai-wei Chen Study on the Analysis and Improvement of Manufacturing Process of Chip Resistor Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-02-15
Chia-Hui Chen A Research on the Developmental Tendency of Contemporary Chinese Marxism Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-03-13
Kuan-liang Chen Negotiating Masculinity - The Reading and The Gender Practices of The Men's Fashion Magazine Male Readers Communications Management 2008-04-13
Hsiao-Hua Chen Batch Operation of Pilot-Scale Salty Water Constructed Wetlands in Dapeng Bay Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-06-11
Hsu-Wei Chen Research on the effect of fantasy message on consumer purchase Business Management 2008-06-17
Yi-Ru Chen Research on Experiential Aspects and Blog Loyalty Communications Management 2008-06-20
Mei-Hsin Chen Inverse demand for breeding aquatic products in the analysis of seasonal price Economics 2008-06-20
Yung-pin Chen A Comparative Study On International Youth Hostel Across The Taiwan Strait Mainland China Studies 2008-06-23
Chi-Hsuan Chen The Research on Children from Third to Sixth-grade about Parent-Child Relationship and Learning Adaptation. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-24
I-chi Chen The Effect of Brand Loyalty for Customer in Publishing Industry of English Teaching of English Teacher Training Activities– With Oxford University Press (Taiwan Branch) English Teacher Training Seminar As an example. Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-06-24
Wei-ting Chen Superlattice Array of Alkanethiolate and Alkanecarboxylate Protected Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Chemistry 2008-06-23
Jie-yi Chen The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Job Satisfaction and Retention-The Case of Hotel Industry Human Resource Management 2008-06-23
Kuan-ling Chen The music idea, music aesthetics and writing skills of the composition JING. Music 2008-06-26
Kuan-hsun Chen M&A experiences, M&A types, and acquirer’s slack’s impact on Taiwan enterprises’ M&A performances. Business Management 2008-06-23
Po-tai Chen Life Cycle Fund Designed For Taiwan Investors Finance 2008-06-30
Guang-jhao Chen none EMPP 2008-07-01
Cheng-yang Chen none Economics 2008-07-01
Yueh-Ying Chen The analysis of the cost in defaulted loans’ ubrogation in Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund Finance 2008-07-01
Hsin-hung Chen Research on Performance of Wastewater Purification Unit and Recycling of Wastewater and sludge Dewatering of In-Site in Feng Shan Wate Treatment Plant Environmental Engineering 2008-07-02
Tien-Wang Chen The National Security Strategy and the Constitutionalism Order (1949-2007) Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-06
Lien-Te Chen Modern Customs Clearance Systems and Trade Facilitation in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2008-07-07
Ming-Yen Chen The Study of Brand Value Creation of Sinyi Realty Inc. EMBA 2008-07-07
Chun-chih Chen Research on Marketing of Functional Food in Taiwan and Mainland China - the Comparison of Taipei and Beijing in Consumer Decision Making EMBA 2008-07-08
Rung-jou Chen A Study of the Administrative Supervision System in Taiwan EMPP 2008-07-08
Pi-Fang Chen Effect of aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of breast cancer Institute of Health Care Management 2008-07-08
Szu-i Chen The Impact of Employee Stock Bonus on Taiwan Stock Market -The Case of IC Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-10
Yi-mou Chen Business Models Information Management 2008-07-10
You-fang Chen The Influence of Music Publishing in Venice on the Prevalence of Italian Madrigals in the Sixteenth Century Music 2008-07-11
Kuan-hung Chen Arc Furnace Voltage Flicker Prediction Based on Chaos Theory Electrical Engineering 2008-07-11
Chiu-mei Chen none EMBA 2008-07-15
Chi-hua Chen A study of value creation in Taiwan electronics industry Business Management 2008-07-15
Chiu-Roung Chen The effect of of clerodane diterpenoid 16-hydroxycleroda-3,13-dien-15,16-olide on colorectal cancer cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-07-15
Der-Shern Chen A study on the Critical Success Factors of Initiating the Supply Chain Management System for Integrated mill EMBA 2008-07-15
Yi-chou Chen The Design and Fabrication of Cross-Loop Cavity Filter and Quantum Dot Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-17
Yi-cheng Chen Model Testing: A Methodology for Test-Paths Construction Information Management 2008-07-17
Shu-cheng chen none Economics 2008-07-15
Chao-fei Chen A Study on Asset Swap and Expansion Strategy for Taiwan Healthcare Industry EMBA 2008-07-18
Lin-Hung Chen BEMS-assisted Commissioning of HVAC System Energy Conservation Designs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-20
Ko-Ru Chen Studies on the Election Factors of the Voters Political Science 2008-07-10
Chang-jui Chen The Study for the benefit of the senior high school student nearby school enrollment policy--An example of the north districts of Kaohsiung City EMPP 2008-07-17
Po-ju Chen A Bometric Verification method based on Knee Accerlation Signal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-21
Wei-sheng Chen GroupNet System Design for Supporting Ubiquitous Learning Information Management 2008-07-21
Jia-Liang Chen A Study of Parents' Attitude toward Supplementary Education Activities since the Grade 1 through 9 Curriculum Policy:the Case of Pingtung City, Taiwan EMPP 2008-07-22
Shao-chien Chen How do advertisers influence the production of Taiwan male fashion magazine Communications Management 2008-07-22
Chiu-chan Chen The Development and Validation of the Gender Stereotype Threat Inventory in Science Classroom Education 2008-07-23
Cheng-bin Chen Molecular Simulation to Investigate Energy Funneling of a Dendritic Molecule - L5AZO Chemistry 2008-07-22
Guang-xian Chen A Study on the Scattering of Spheres and Cylinders Using the Conformal FDTD Method Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Hui-fen Chen Wu-Hsiung Chen's Taiwanese Folksongs. Music 2008-07-23
Shih-meng Chen Video Transcoding Algorithm through Visual Attention Model Analysis for H.264/AVC Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Hung-ching Chen A Model Study on Taiwanese Banking entering into Vietnamese Market: Taking the Corporate banking as an Example EMBA 2008-07-25
Li-chun Chen Credit-Based Incentive Mechanism for Reducing Free-Riding Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-26
Jiunn-Ching Chen The Performance Evaluation and Improvement of High Mobility 3G Multimedia Streaming Service Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-26
Hsin-Nan Chen Concentration Effect of Organic Phosphors Pumped by Blue LED Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-25
Lung-Shian Chen Employing Trust Network for Recommendation in e-Commerce Information Management 2008-07-28
Sih-ying Chen Reducing groupthink problem using activity control in mobile collaborative learning environments Information Management 2008-07-28
Yen-Hao Chen The determinants of alliance performance: an integrative framework Human Resource Management 2008-07-28
Mei-Yi Chen Predictor of Investors' Intention to buy Socially Responsible Investing Funds Public Affairs Management 2008-07-29
Ruei-De Chen The study of peple's willingness to express opinion in Taiwan:The case of the fourth Taipei and Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Political Science 2008-07-30
Cheng-cheng Chen The Constitutional Protection of Illegitimate Children Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-30
Li-chiu Chen The Influence of Policy on the U.S. Drunk-driving Fatality Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-30
Tai-Yuan Chen Non-Line of Sight Identification with Particle Filter Optimization Algprithm in Wireless Location Electrical Engineering 2008-07-29
Long-Sian Chen Anonymous Papaer Review Scheme Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-30
Jia-long Chen The study of the relationship between moved sediment and pore pressure Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-31
Hong-ruei Chen none Communications Management 2008-07-30
Ying-ting Chen None Business Management 2008-08-01
Jie-hau Chen none Mainland China Studies 2008-08-05
Wen-Ling Chen The effect of customers’ subjective cognition and innovation on Taiwan IT brand extension Business Management 2008-08-06
Hong-lun Chen Design of I/Q Column-wise Complementary Code Communications Engineering 2008-08-07
Yung-hua Chen The Research of Economic Effect in Promoting Wireless Broadband Network Construction in Taiwan:An Application of Input-Output Model Public Affairs Management 2008-08-07
Yu-kai Chen none EMPP 2008-08-11
Li-chi Chen A Research of Our Legal System on Sexual Harassment Prevention Act Political Science 2008-08-11
I-Wei Chen Channel Shortening Equalizer for Cyclic Prefixed Systems Based on Shortening Signal-to-Interference Ratio Maximization Communications Engineering 2008-08-11
Hsien-Hsiu Chen The impact of the China new work contract law on human resource management - the case of Taiwanese companies in Dongguan EMBA 2008-08-12
Hsin-Yu Chen An integrated analog controller for signal based A/D conversion Electrical Engineering 2008-08-11
Chin-Shian Chen The intertextuality's research concerning Sung-Dynsaty's poetic and Po-Gui-Ye Chinese Literature 2008-08-13
Li-Chen Chen The Absence of Double-The Virtuality in "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass" Philosophy 2008-08-12
Xiao-Ling Chen Using system dynamics to study the operation model of the English cram school Business Management 2008-08-14
Wen-yu Chen Case Studies of BPM’s Implementation Success Information Management 2008-08-15
Hung-Yu Chen Memory Allocation of 3D Graphics Data for a 3D Hardware Accelerator Computer Science and Engineering 2008-08-15
Wen-jen Chen A proteomic analysis of Klebsiella oxytoca SYSU-011 after exposure to tetracyanonickelate(II) Biological Sciences 2008-08-19
Hsiao-Hui Chen Power, Desire, and Subjectivity in Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine and Jew of Malta Foreign Language and Literature 2008-08-16
Chao-Zhong Chen Optimal upper bounds of eigenvalue ratios for the p-Laplacian Applied Mathematics 2008-08-19
Li-Fan Chen Dimension of Cognition and Perception of Aesthetics on Needs of Living Room furnishing: Cluster Analysis of College Students Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-08-26
Shu-cen chen A Study of The Rice Sprout Song Chinese Literature 2008-08-25
Hsiao-Ping Chen The Personality Traits as a Moderator of the Relationships between Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, Job Anxiety Human Resource Management 2008-08-29
Yi-chieh Chen Fabrication of PDMS Waveguide Coated with Gold Nano-particles and Its Localized SPR Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-01
Ru-Ping Chen A Design of Recognition Rate Improving Strategy for Speech Recognition System - A Case Study on Mandarin Name and Phrase Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2008-08-30
Tai-yueh Chen Engineering behavior of a Battleship Deployed off Hai-Kou, Ping-Dong County Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-09-02
Zhong-Xun Chen Application of constructed wetland on wastewater treatment Environmental Engineering 2008-09-02
Yen-chun Chen Sustainable Competitive Advantance of Enterprise in the Steel Industry – A Case Approach EMBA 2008-08-30
Pei-hsuan Chen Lack of TNF-α Receptor 1 Decreases Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced Mortality in Burned Mice through Negative Regulation of Toll-like Receptor 4 Biological Sciences 2008-09-02
Chun-Chu Chen Dynamic Bandwidth Borrowing and Adjustment for VBR Traffic in WiMAX Network Electrical Engineering 2008-09-04
Ll-Huei Chen A Study of Consumer Behavior with Movie Viewing Products. Communications Management 2008-09-04
Min-chiang Chen Stress and Fatigue Analysis of Roller Chain under Varied Loading Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-03
Teng-yi Chen Differential expression of DNMT3L in azoospermia patient testes Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-09-03
Wei-Ming Chen Study on the dynamics of a moored floating dual pontoon Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-09-05
Hsuan-yu Chen Prognostic Role of Hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) in Breast Cancer Biological Sciences 2008-09-05
Chun-chi Chen A Design of Multi-session Text-independent Digital Camcorder Audio-Video Database for Speaker Recognition Electrical Engineering 2008-09-05
Ling-ying Chen The study of the correlation between relationship quality and customer loyalty─ A case study of performing art and visual art Business Management 2008-09-07
Yen-an Chen Study on Lubrication Film of Emulsion Using Laser Measurement Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-08
Su-Jane Chen Studies of environmental factors and plankton standing crop in the coastal water of Southwestern Taiwan Marine Biology 2008-09-03
Su-ling Chen Beowulf: The Heroic and the Monstrous Foreign Language and Literature 2008-09-08
Chin-mei Chen none Chinese Literature 2008-09-09
Ya-chen Chen The Analysis of Public Value for Territorial Development Regarding Holding The World Games- Evaluate The Effect of The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2008-09-08
Lien-Pao Chen Competitive Strategy Analyses for Security Industry - the case of China Steel Security Corp EMBA 2008-09-09
Hsiu-Chiung Chen Cutaneous lymphoma in Taiwan with high frequency of extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type,and the role of EBER in situ hybridization study in the diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma Biological Sciences 2008-09-05
Wan-ling Chen none EMPP 2008-09-10
Yu-Ju Chen The Factors of Joining Carpooling in The Office Empoloyees And teachers Worked at Junior College in Kaohsung. Public Affairs Management 2008-09-10
Hsin-Chi Chen Exploring Knowledge Spanning among Organizational boundary – A Case Study of New Product Project in Semiconductor Industry EMBA 2008-09-11
Yi-Fang Chen The Boeing Company's Development and Strategies in China Mainland China Studies 2008-09-11
Han-Yu Chen The Business Expansion of Multinational Retail Corporations in China —A Case Study of Wal-Mart Mainland China Studies 2008-09-11
Shu-Chun Chen The Influence of East Asian for Multilateral and Plurilateral FTA Model Mainland China Studies 2008-09-11
Chun-hung Chen Application of Statistical Methodology on Monitoring the Failure Conditions of Static Equipments in the Petroleum Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-13
Shao-yan Chen Fabrication of fiber array by active packaging technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-15
Han-Sheng Chen Preparation and Structural Characterization of Metal Complexes Containing a Chelating Phenolato or Amido Ligand Chemistry 2008-12-26
Kuan-hsien Chen Using Text mining Techniques for automatically classifying Public Opinion Documents Information Management 2009-01-19
Chia-ling Chen none Chinese Literature 2009-01-18
Pin-jhen Chen A Study of Financial Reform for the NHI ICAPS 2009-01-20
Chun-Yu Chen none Information Management 2009-01-20
Mei-yeh Chen Effect of Internet Environment and Information Literacy on Teaching Will with Wireless Network: An Example of Humanities and Art Education of Junior-High Schools in Kaohsiung City Communications Management 2009-02-01
Szu-yin Chen The Study of Advertising Communication Effects on TV Power Keyword Business Management 2009-02-03
Chin-yin Chen Integrated Design of Servo Mechatronic Systems for Driving Performance Improvement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-05
CHIN-LI CHEN A Study of the Construction of Measurement Indicators and the Internationalized Strategies for Higher Education in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2009-02-06
Hui-fen Chen The Case Study of Relationship Marketing for Wildlife Trading Industry: Investigating Wildlife Asia Company Communications Management 2009-02-08
Wei-Fu Chen Inclination to Join Farming among College Students in Southern Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-02-11
Yun-tsu Chen The origin of Fu Chinese Literature 2009-02-11
Chiu-chin Chen Jeans Advertisements and Gender Representations Communications Management 2009-02-11
Hsiao-ying Chen A Comparison of Three Verification Methods for Keystroke Dynamic Computer Science and Engineering 2009-02-11
Jia-lin Chen Fabrication of pyramid-shaped microlens array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-12
Chieh-ying Chen An Study on the Entry Mode of Taiwan’s Automotive Manufacturers in China’s Market by analyzing Cases of International Automobile Manufacturers ICAPS 2009-02-13
I-ya Chen Costimulatory molecules as genetic markers for relapse of Graves’ disease Biological Sciences 2009-03-23
Pao-chuan Chen None EMBA 2009-06-10
Yi-Sheng Chen Study of Two-Objective Dynamic Power Dispatch Problem by Particle Swarm Optimization Electrical Engineering 2009-06-12
Wei-lung Chen A Study of Digital Empowerment: The case of the foreign spouses of learning and using the computer and Internet Communications Management 2009-06-12
Chen-Ni Chen Constructions of Controllable Nanostructure Silver Wires and Microstructure Copper Oxide Donuts by a Surface-Formation Technique Chemistry 2009-06-15
I-Lin Chen The conductivity study of graphite modified by carbon nanotubes Chemistry 2009-06-16
Hsien-ling Chen the key indicators that our countrymen choose domestic fruits have been established EMBA 2009-06-17
Hsi-ting Chen Formulation and Implementation of China’s IPR Policy: Feedback and Adaptation ICAPS 2009-06-18
Chen-yu Chen Study on the issue for Tap-Water supply In Wan-Dan village of Ping-Tung county EMPP 2009-06-23
Wen-chun Chen The match between the consumer needs of pop music and the product attributes of records affect consumer satisfaction. Communications Management 2009-06-29
Yi-chuan Chen Measurements of Air Pollutants in the Hsuehshan Tunnel Environmental Engineering 2009-06-30
Chao-Yu Chen Fabrications and Characteristics of Nonvolatile Memory Devices with Sn Nanocrystals Embedded in MIS Structure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-26
Yi-Hsuan Chen Investigation of Human Neutrophil Peptide in Saliva and Their Relationship with Growth by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2009-06-30
Yi-shan Chen Application Analysis of Gas Separation Using LNG Cold Energy. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-30
Yu-chih Chen Characterization of AlxGa1-xN/GaN grown on GaN-template by plasma-assisted MBE Physics 2009-07-01
Yu-chun Chen Investigate on the electric characteristics and physical mechanism of the metal oxide thin film transistor under different environment Physics 2009-06-30
Tsung-min Chen The Comparative Research between the Efficiencies of the Police Stations of the Police Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government An Application of the Three-Stage DEA Approach Public Affairs Management 2009-06-25
Hui-li Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Enterprise Resource Management Model Information Management 2009-06-27
Chin-min Chen Strategic CSR of Foreign Subsidiary Human Resource Management 2009-06-30
Hwa-ying Chen none Chinese Literature 2009-07-03
Jian-Cheng Chen Analysis of Combined Cycle Power Plant Operational Performances and System Optimization Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-02
Yu-Jen Chen The study of optical nonlinearity in nematic liquid crystals Physics 2009-07-07
Yu-Ting Chen Ravel's "Miroirs" Music 2009-07-07
Yi-ming Chen none Chemistry 2009-07-07
Chih-Hao Chen Human Resource Management Strategy of Cable TV System in Organizational Life Cycle Communications Management 2009-07-09
Shiang-Lin Chen Optical Characterizations for Metamorphic Quantum Dots Grown on GaAs substrate Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-09
Chi-liang Chen A study on the relationship between school psychological contract and teachers' job satisfaction in secondary schools of Kaohsiung county Education 2009-07-08
Yi-Jen Chen Modify Surface Charestist to Produce Zigzag-free Surface Stablized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-08
Lung-tai Chen A Novel Packaging for MEMS-Based Pressure Sensors Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-08
Jia-ye Chen Near-Threshold Photoproduction of Λ(1520) from Protons and Deuterons at SPring-8/LEPS Physics 2009-07-13
Yen-chih Chen A Study on the Land-Use Problem in China’s Rural Areas ICAPS 2009-07-15
Yan-heng Chen Analysis of Another Left Shift Binary GCD Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-14
Ju-hui Chen A Study on the Strategies of the Development of MICE Industry in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-07-15
Xi-li Chen Study on the Early Warning System for Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan EMPP 2009-07-15
Tao-hsin Chen Using EOG Signals for Sleep Stage Classification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-15
Li-wei Chen Liquidity, Leverage Ratio, and IPO Long-Run Performance Business Management 2009-07-15
Hsin-pao Chen Design and Analysis of Cam-Link Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-16
Kuo-min Chen Phase Diagram Study of Zr-Al-Si ternary system at 800 ℃ MSE 2009-07-16
Wen-zheng Chen Photo-alignment Effect in Liquid Crystal Film Doped with Nanoparticles and Azo-dye Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-18
Chih-chuan Chen A Study on A36 Steel Pipe On-Line Thickness Measurement Subjected to High-Temperature by Using PZT Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-16
Shih-hsien Chen A study of the transformation of consciousness into wisdom in Yogacara school Philosophy 2009-07-21
Chao-yi Chen The study of surface optical anisotropy of polyimide liquid crystal alignment layers by means of reflection anisotropy spectroscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-21
Huang-jui Chen Impact of E-commerce Development to The Business Strategy of Travel Agencies using A Resource-bsed Theory Business Management 2009-07-22
Wei-chih Chen Effect of Different Flow-Fields on μDMFC Performance Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-23
You-huanh Chen Intracavity cesium -stabilized 822nm diode laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-22
Jia-sheng Chen Log-Domain Filter Based on CMOS Pseudo Exponential circuit Electrical Engineering 2009-07-24
Feng-Yi Chen A Study on the Overlord Enterprise of Chu Country form Spring and Autumn Period Later Period to Warring States Early time Chinese Literature 2009-07-27
Sen-yuan Chen none EMBA 2009-07-22
Tsui-min Chen The effect of Personal playfulness, Job involvenment and Organization playfulness climate on the Employee's innovative behavior Human Resource Management 2009-07-27
Hung-Wen Chen Model Testing: Automatic Generation of Test Case Information Management 2009-07-27
I-sheng Chen Gaussian Integer Sequences of Length 4n with Ideal Periodic Auto-Correlation Function Communications Engineering 2009-07-27
Ming-Fa Chen Design and Fabrication of A Diffuser Film with Two Layers of Microlens Arrays Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-29
Sheng-quane Chen Low Dropout Linear Regulator & Dynamic Level Shifter Logic in a 0.09 m CMOS Technology Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-29
Pin-yi Chen A Study of Application of SMC on the Sizihwan Artificial Nourishment Project Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-07-29
Zheng-huan Chen Self-masked epitaxial lateral overgrowth of ZnO Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-30
Chih-yuan Chen Influence of the electron effective mass distribution on the application of the extended WKB approximation method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-30
Hou-Lin Chen An Investigation into the Properties of ML-NVE with Channel Estimation Error and Carrier Frequency Offset in OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2009-08-07
Ting-hao Chen Measurements of the Inner Piston Motion and Cylinder Pressure of a Differential Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-14
Heng-Hsin Chen The Study on Germany`s National Security Policy ICAPS 2009-08-13
Yi-Chieh Chen Conflict Handling Style, Acquiescence Response and Confucianism: A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Evaluation of Trainers/Instructors Human Resource Management 2009-08-17
Hsien-wen Chen The Strategies of Emerging Market Engagement of An International Gas Company EMBA 2009-08-19
Tung-liang Chen The analysis of competitive strategies of medium and small sized panel manufacturers in Taiwan : Take TPO as an example EMBA 2009-08-19
Meng-yang Chen A Design of Japanese Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
Huei-Jiun Chen Investigation of the Vortex Formation in Microfluidic Channels with Block Structure and Its Applications in Fluid Rectification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-25
Bo-chun Chen The Study of Recrystallization for Amorphous ZnO:Al Thin Film by Laser Annealing Physics 2009-08-25
Siang-ru Chen The Molecular Mechanism of Nicotine on Cardiovascular Regulation in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-26
Yang-ming Chen The study of subprime loan storm evolution– Systems Thinking Perspective Business Management 2009-08-27
Cheng-han Chen A Method to Arrange the Desired Clutches into the Epicyclic-Type Automatic Transmissions Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-31
Kun-Chih Chen Design and Analysis of Table-based Arithmetic Units with Memory Reduction Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-01
Shih-cho Chen Research on the relationship between the quality of international broadcasting and the listeners' listening behavior Communications Management 2009-09-01
Jian-Ming Chen Analysis of Billet Surface-Permeation and Extrusion Die Shape Design During Rod Extrusion Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-01
Jia-hui Chen The Interaction between Local Faction and Clan Association in Taiwan—The Case Analysis of Tao-yuan County ICAPS 2009-09-02
Jung-hsiang Chen The Electrical Analysis and Reliability Study of Power MOSFET Given External Mechanical Strain Physics 2009-08-31
Ho-hsiung Chen none EMPP 2009-09-02
Kuan-Nan Chen FPGA Implementation of an Adaptive LMS decorrelating transversal filter for CDMA System Communications Engineering 2009-09-02
Chun-chung Chen Extracting MOSFET Small Signal Equivalent Circuit and Substrate Parameters with Four Port De-embedding Method Electrical Engineering 2009-09-02
Ching-Hui Chen The Management Of Human Resource Mode Research Altogether Of Financial Turmoil EMBA 2009-09-03
Chien-yu Chen The Effects of Distribution and Proccedural Fairness on Supervisor Trust and Job Involvement-the Moderating Effects of Relationships between Supervisor and Subordinate Human Resource Management 2009-09-02
Ku-chung Chen Cytotoxic mechanisms of Taiwan cobra phospholipase A2 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-09-03
Yi-chun Chen The relationship of mercury intake from food consumption and hair mercury level of Taiwan population Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-09-04
Bo-han Chen Implementation of Embedded Mandarin Speech Recognition System in Travel Domain Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-07
Yi-An Chen An investigation on self-regulated learning strategies and academic achievement of junior high school students with learning disabilities Education 2009-09-07
Yu-ling Chen The Adaptive Strategies of Oyster Farmers to Climate Variation-Typhoon in Tainan, Taiwan IMA 2009-09-07
Hsing-Yu Chen An Study on the Cancer Related Health Communication of Medical Centers in Southern Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2009-09-08
Yi-Chang Chen Combining Outputs from On-Line Translation Systems on Mobile Devices Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-08
Yu-wei Chen Sliced fluorescence imaging: a versatile method to study photo-induced dynamic processes Chemistry 2009-09-08
Chia-Li Chen A Study of IT Specialists Dispatching and Outsourcing in IT Department - A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2009-09-08
Hsin-an Chen Plane strain finite element vibration analysis of prestressed beams Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-08
Ta-Tsai Chen The Research on the Veterans' Welfare Recongnization,Usage,andSatisfaction from the Social Capital Perspective ICAPS 2009-09-09
Chiou-Mei Chen Understanding the Roles of Expertise Integration and Problem-Solving Competency in the IS Development Team: An Expertise Perspective Information Management 2009-09-09
Yu-Wen Chen Research on the Development of Green and Eco-port in Kaohsiung IMA 2009-09-10
Wei-cheng Chen Studies of the Structure of Carbon Fiber Bunch Unipolar/Bipolar Plates on the Performance of PEM Fuel Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-13
Ching-Yuan Chen Biodegradation of cyanide-containing wastewater by Klebsiella oxytoca SYSU-011 Environmental Engineering 2009-10-18
Hai-min Chen Analysis of Plasticity and Shear Band Deformation Mechanism in Bulk Metallic Glasses and Composites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-11-16
Sung-lin Chen Measurement and Antenna Design of RFID Tags for Metallic Objects Electrical Engineering 2010-01-07
Shu-yu Chen CoNoC: Fast Full Chip Topology Generation for Application-Specific Network on Chip Computer Science and Engineering 2010-01-08
Hsing-Feng Chen Application of Hybrid Antennas in Normalized Site Attenuation Measurements and An Improved Method for Free-space Antenna Factor Measurement Electrical Engineering 2010-01-18
Shih-pin Chen Immersive Surveillance for total situational awareness Computer Science and Engineering 2010-01-26
Ming-yuan Chen Study on Service-Oriented Cable TV Customer Business Management Model Information Management 2010-01-28
Ya-hsin Chen Recycling of Back Grinding Wastewater from Semi-Conductor Industry: a Feasibility Study Environmental Engineering 2010-01-28
Cai-nen Chen The Study of Taoist Thoughts on Epitaphs in Tang Dynasty Chinese Literature 2010-02-02
Hsuan-jung Chen Study on individual lifestyle and occupational choice -examples of coffee shops and pubs Human Resource Management 2010-02-02
Tzu-yun Chen An study on the Integration between Stock Markets in Mainland China and in Hong Kong Economics 2010-02-03
Pei-yu Chen The Comparison of Synergy of Horizontal M&A from Viewpoint of Consumer based on Consumer-goods Classification Business Management 2010-01-31
Chi-chang Chen A Study on the Effect of the Change in Educational Environment on Teachers' Job Satisfaction and Morale: The Case of Ligang District, Pingtung County Political Science 2010-02-02
Chiu-lin Chen Aid for Trade as Public Good: An Empirical Study of OECD DAC Member Economics 2010-02-04
Yi-fen Chen Taiwan dialect investigation and research of An Ping Dist in Tainan City Chinese Literature 2010-02-04
Yi-chien Chen The relationship between High Performance Work Practices and Employee Well-being:An Intervening Effect of Work Motivation and Work/Family Balance Human Resource Management 2010-02-05
Kuan-shian Chen Tzu Chi organization's capacity to research Public Affairs Management 2010-02-09
Kai-chun Chen Relationship between Leadership Skills of Vocational High Schol Teachers and Class Management Performance:A Comparison of Students and Administrators` Ratings Education 2010-02-09
kai-ting Chen Concentrations and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) and polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs) in Kaohsiung Harbor Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-03-18
Chun-Pang Chen The Research of Computer Software and Patent System Information Management 2010-05-17
Wei-Ji Chen Bandwidth Enhancement of WWAN Laptop Computer Antenna Using a Parasitic Open Slot Electrical Engineering 2010-06-09
Wei-Yu Chen Internal Mobile Phone Antenna with Distributed LC Matching Circuit for Eight-band LTE/WWAN Operation Electrical Engineering 2010-06-09
Ching-mau Chen The Chinese Maritime Literatures in the Song and Yuan Dynasties Chinese Literature 2010-06-16
Chun-Ho Chen The Studying about Major Factors of Manufacture in LED Backlight Module EMBA 2010-06-17
Chien-chih Chen The Study of Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s Employees’ Satisfaction toward the Benefit Cares Provided by Taiwan Sugar Corporation Employees’ Benefit Committee EMPP 2010-06-25
Ming-hsin Chen The analysis of the franchise supermarket in strategic innovation perspective—Chen-Lian as the example Business Management 2010-06-24
Ying-ren Chen Derivatizations of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube for Doping of Conjugated Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) for Electric Conductivity and Photovoltaic Cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Yu-chu Chen Development and Strategies of Cultural Industries in Korea Political Science 2010-06-26
Ching-yun Chen A study of supplier service quality in electronic manufacturing industry Business Management 2010-06-27
Hsi-wen Chen Bycatch and Discarding under Species Interactions Economics 2010-06-25
Ching-hsiang Chen The study of liquid crystal alignment in photonic crystal fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-02
Po-feng Chen Variation and prediction of assimilable organic matters in a water treatment process and the distribution system Environmental Engineering 2010-07-04
Chi-wen Chen The relationship among the sense of calling workload and work satisfaction─taking police officer as the example EMPP 2010-06-30
Ching-Hsuan Chen Studies of magnetic and dielectric properties on Eu2O3 nanoparticles embedded in silica matrix Physics 2010-07-05
Ping-hui Chen Action Research on Effects of Reciprocal Teaching on Reading Comprehension for Students Education 2010-07-06
Ming-yen Chen Near-field Modal Imaging of Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Based Active Devices Communications Engineering 2010-07-06
Ting-yin Chen From the Princely Land to a Data Bank-The Mantetsu that Spills over Imperialism ICAPS 2010-07-07
Ling-hao Chen Transgression of pleasure:< Les CentVingt journées de Sodome >break the rule’s game Philosophy 2010-07-06
Cheng-yu Chen Calculating Distribution Function and Characteristic Function using Mathematica Applied Mathematics 2010-07-07
Wei-chin Chen Application of Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Technique on Adsorption Capacity and Adsorption and Desorption Kinetics of Sulfur-impregenated Activated Carbon Saturated with Gaseous Mercury Chloride Environmental Engineering 2010-07-09
Yu-Ching Chen information technology has cast positive impacts and police's efficiency Relate to zhi research Public Affairs Management 2010-07-11
Jiun-Chi Chen Development of Gas Chromatography/Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Characterization of Volatile Organic Mixture Chemistry 2010-07-13
Chun-Sheng Chen How Political Elites’ Discourse Construct the Labor Relation --A Case Study of Labor Policy during the Taiso Democracy in Japan Political Science 2010-07-15
Cheng-teh Chen Marketing channels of synthetic rubber in Taiwan and China EMBA 2010-07-14
Bi-fu Chen The Analysis of Strategy and Opportunity for Developing LCD TV Industry by Traditional EMS—Taking Example of P-Company EMBA 2010-07-15
Chun-han Chen Dynamic condensation, decomposition and optical properties of Cr2O3-dissolved TiO2 with rutile/post-rutile structures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-15
Ching-yu Chen The Organization Change of Corporate Greening and Set up Green Corporate Culture Human Resource Management 2010-07-17
Ting-chun Chen Determination of Piezoelectric Parameters from Measured Natural Frequencies of a Piezoelectric Circular Plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-19
Wen-chi Chen A study on Single Carrier Frequency Domain Equalizer With Zero-Padding under UWB Channels Communications Engineering 2010-07-29
Yu-cheng Chen A System Dynamics Approach to Construction Project Managerment - Substation of Taiwan Power Company for example Information Management 2010-07-23
Chiao-pei Chen Syntheses, structure, and electron-transport properties of redox-active ferrocenyl-ethynyl molecules Chemistry 2010-07-23
Chan-Yi Chen Analysis of Vias in Print Circuit Board Using Hybrid Finite-Difference/Finite-Volume Time-Domain Method Electrical Engineering 2010-07-26
Chih-yi Chen Design and Implementation of a QoS file transfer protocol over Hadoop distributed file system Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-26
victor chen Investigation of fluorescence of Cr ions germinate glass in submicron scale by SNOM Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Chun-Yang Chen Study of Broad-band Quantum Structure Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Chi-Ping Chen UV-Induced Long Period Fiber Gratings in Gel-Filled Photonic Crystal Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Shih-Chang Chen Automatic Detection of Slow Wave Sleep Using Different Combinations of EEG, EOG and EMG Signals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-31
Yi-jing Chen The Influence Study of Goddness Wushan Chinese Literature 2010-08-01
Kai-shyung Chen Antenna Gain Enhancement with More Subwavelength Holes and Dual-Band Design with Coplanar Structure of Metamaterial Radomes Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Jing-yi Chen Regulation of Skp2 by Bcr-ABL oncogene in chronic meyloid leukemia cells and its therapeutic significance Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-02
Ting-Yu Chen Defect Chemistry and Microstructure of SrTiO3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-06
WEI-MING CHEN A study on city brand perception and indicators construction in Penghu area Public Affairs Management 2010-08-08
Jian-cheng Chen Concentrations and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment cores of continental shelves of Gaoping submarine canyon Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-08-09
Hsine-Chou Chen The impact of consumer's willingness to buy on evaluation of firms and relevance of industries – by smart phone by smart phone Business Management 2010-08-15
Chien-Hung Chen Using Trust for Recommendation by Differentiating Users and Products Information Management 2010-08-18
Deng-wei Chen The Study of Organic Solar Cell incorporating Bromined-P3HT︰P3HT︰PCBM as Active Layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-08-18
Yu-hui Chen none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-23
Wei-hsiang Chen Blind Timing Synchronization for OFDM Systems in Multipath Fading Channels Communications Engineering 2010-08-23
Hung-Hsin Chen Genetic Programming for the Investment of the Mutual Fund with Sortino Ratio and Mean Variance Model Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-24
Tsu-Chi Chen Fenton-like Reaction of As(III) in a Simulated Subsurface Environment via Injection of Nanoiron Slurry Combined with the Electrokinetic Process Environmental Engineering 2010-08-25
Hui-Lin Chen Studies on friction stir lap welding of Cu-Ni alloy and low carbon steel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-26
Guan-Ru Chen Accuracy Improvement of Closed-Form TDOA Location Methods Using IMM Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2010-08-31
Fong-meng Chen After financial Tsunami, relaxes research of our country Small and medium-sized enterprise impact strategy --Loans take the small and medium-sized enterprise as the example EMPP 2010-09-01
Chun-jen Chen A New Fitness Function for Evaluating the Quality of Predicted Protein Structures Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-02
Jun-Hong Chen A Study of the Grinding Process for the Optical-Fiber Endface with Double-Variable Curvatures Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-02
Tian-Hang Chen none Public Affairs Management 2010-09-02
Li-Yao Chen Software and Hardware Integration of a Programmable Floating- and Fixed-Point Vertex Shader Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-02
Chi-han Chen The Research of Taiwan Tourism Development Policy EMPP 2010-09-01
Chih-hung Chen 1MHz Bandwidth Switched-Current Sigma Delta Modulator Electrical Engineering 2010-09-01
Yen-min Chen The motivation to use and social presence affect the frequency of media use of Facebook users in Taiwan for a variety of the internet community media. Business Management 2010-09-02
Gen-yen Chen Influence of growth and migration of human breast cancer cell by human C1 inhibitor N-terminus Biological Sciences 2010-09-03
Yi-fan Chen Oracle or Sophistry: Different narrtive discourses in the writing of Taiwan literature history Political Science 2010-09-07
Wei-En Chen The Formation and Practice of American National Interests: From the Perspective of the United States Participation in International Conventions Political Science 2010-09-07
Hung-Lin Chen Heavy Metals in Sediment Cores of Gao-ping Canyon Nearby Areas Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-09-08
YI-Chun Chen The Research of the Business Strategies of Group-Buying Websites Business Management 2010-09-08
Yi-hsiang Chen The Impact of Knowledge Management System Usage on Organizational Capability and Organizational Performance Information Management 2010-09-09
Po-Cheng Chen Ring Laser Integrated Taper-directional Coupler Using Deep Etching to Fabricate Total Internal Reflection Mirrors Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-09-09
Jian-hong Chen Fabrication of high efficiency CdTe thin film solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-09-07
mei-lin chen Taiwan the strategy of industrializing the music competitions Theatre Arts 2010-11-11
Chien-hao chen Vibration Analysis of Circular Plates Subjected to Preshearing Loading Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-30
Shih-han Chen Design of Mould Opening and Closing Cam-Link Mechanism Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-01-20
Yu-Guang Chen The Effects of Individual Transferable Quota of Grey Mullet in Taiwan to the Living of Fisher Economics 2011-01-26
Pao-Chuan Chen The Study of Coupling Efficiency and Application in Polymer Optical Fiber Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-07
Chun-Ming Chen A Markov Chain Analysis of Market Dynamics for Telecommunication Industry Marketing Strategy Information Management 2011-02-10
Ming-hung Chen Heavy Metals in Sediment of Gao-ping Submarine Canyon Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-15
Heng-chin Chen The Study in entrepreneurial process to influence of the entrepreneurial team :A case of Taiwan cultural and creative industry Business Management 2011-02-14
Mei-hsu Chen The research of Information platform migration affect the role of National tax administration's IT staff Human Resource Management 2011-02-10
Ying-Chieh Chen Hospital Superintendents’ Perceptions of Ethics of Health Care Administration in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-18
Chin-Cheng Chen A Study on the Relationships among Organizational change perception, Job Satisfaction, and Job Performance of Industry Technicians: The Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Support Human Resource Management 2011-02-14
Hue-Ling Chen Efficient Spatial Access Methods for Spatial Queries in Spatio-Temporal Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2011-05-20
Peng-Yu Chen Study of high performance organic light emitting device Electrical Engineering 2011-05-22
Li-wen Chen Antibacterial Activity of Cardiotoxins from Naja naja atra and Naja nigricollis Venom Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-06-08
Yan-Hua Chen Experimental Study for the Dependence of Wave-moved Sediment on Grain Size Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-06-13
Szu-Yun Chen The Influence of Store Image on Purchase Intention of Private Label Brand Products -A Case of 7-Eleven Business Management 2011-06-19
Zih-ling Chen Incipient-stage sintering and PLAL fragmentation of amorphous silica with optional Zn content Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-22
Ting-Hsuan Chen A Sector-Specific Multi-Factor Alpha Model- With Application in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2011-06-27
Yu-Hsiu Chen School Bullying and Related Factors of the Case Study in Kaohsiung City. EMPP 2011-06-27
Wen-chieh Chen The China Factors in Indonesia’s changing policy on Ethnic Chinese Political Science 2011-06-30
Pei-Jia Chen A Study of the relationship between the Benefits of Sales Promotion and Retail Outcomes Communications Management 2011-07-03
Jie-Min Chen Discriminant analysis for cardiology ultrasound in left ventricle Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Yun-Cheng Chen Fabrication and Characterizations of Copper Oxide Thin Films by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-07
Shr-Jie Chen Reception of QPSK Signal Using Digital Coherent Receiver Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-11
Li-chun Chen The Impact of Chinese Tourists on International Hotel Industry in Kaohsiung ICAPS 2011-07-07
Yi-ho Chen The Study of Future Growth Value in LED - The Case of Epistar Finance 2011-07-15
Yi-Hsien Chen Investigation on the Physical Mechanism and Reliability of Amorphous InGaZnO4 Thin Film Transistors under Different Environment and Illumination Physics 2011-07-19
Chun-hong Chen An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Designing Broadband Mushroom-Type EBG Structures Electrical Engineering 2011-07-19
Liang-Chih Chen The Authentication Scheme Based on IBC and Chameleon Hashing for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-20
Jau-Hung Chen A novel time offset compensation method for channel estimation in cooperative communication networks Communications Engineering 2011-07-20
Yan-han Chen Tunable Polarization-Independent Fabry-Pérot Filters Using Blue-Phase Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-20
Nan-Tung Chen Reversible Watermarking Using Multi-Prediction values Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-20
Bo-you Chen Surface Hardness Improvement in Magnesium Alloy by Metallic-Glass Sputtered Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-21
Chih-Hao Chen Fredholm spectra of λ-Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2011-07-25
Shiau-Chian Chen Investigation of Supported Lipid Bilayers and Detergent Resistant Membranes by Atomic Force Microscopy Chemistry 2011-07-27
I-ting Chen The correlation between the conductivity of the carbon nanotubes and its growth process Chemistry 2011-07-28
Sheng-Hui Chen Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Multiple Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2011-07-25
Jwn-Sheng Chen The Root Causes Analysis and Countermeasures of Abnormal Welding Quality-A Case Study of DSC Steel Expansion EMBA 2011-07-29
Li-hung Chen Christianity in Jane Austen’s Novels: Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma Foreign Language and Literature 2011-08-02
Tung-Chen Chen The Punching Industry Research for Management core Competence - a case of A Company EMBA 2011-08-01
Shi-wei Chen A Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer based on Linear Interpolation with Correction Block Electrical Engineering 2011-08-01
Chi-Jen Chen Using Different Specific Interactions Meditated Secondary Structure of Polypeptides Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-28
Wei-Jen Chen Growth of (0002) ZnO Films on LiGaO2 (001) substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Mei-Shing Chen A Feasibility Study on Application of Barcode Technique for Mutual Fund Operation Management—A Case Study on J Asset Management Company EMBA 2011-08-08
Wei-jen Chen Synthesis of New Dibenzo[a,c]phenazine Discotic Liquid Crystal (IV) Chemistry 2011-08-10
Jun-Hong Chen The Marketing Strategy and Perceived Value Research for The Tea Drink in China Business Management 2011-08-09
I-ching Chen What If You Saw a Doctor with Babyface? Influences of the Doctor’s Gender and Specialty Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-25
Guan-lun Chen A Design of Turkish Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2011-08-22
Yin-hung Chen A Study of User co-production in Information System Development Project: Social Capital Perspective Information Management 2011-08-22
Ching-Chien Chen An Analytic Study on the Value Chain Integration and Investment Model for TFT-LCD Industry EMBA 2011-08-22
Kuo-Liang Chen Studying the Risk Management Model of Petrochemical Enterprises by Risk Base Inspection System EMBA 2011-08-24
Yu-Chung Chen The Key Successful Factor and process analysis for The Company to implement the ERP EMBA 2011-08-22
Wei-Chan Chen State Development Plan and the Community Resistance-A Case Study of the Village Relocation Program in Hongmaogang Institute of Sociology 2011-08-24
Kuan-Ming Chen Image Processing Technique for Road Detection with Depth Information Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-24
Li-mei Chen Researth on the Value Creation Strategy -The Case Of Ritek Group EMBA 2011-08-23
Yu-Jyun Chen The study of organic solar cell featuring hole transporting layer with rubbing process Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-24
Kuan-yu Chen The population dynamic of a coral-killing black sponge, Terpios hoshinota at Green Island and Orchid Island. Marine Biology 2011-09-04
Wei-cheng Chen The Evualation of the Position of Economic Zone of the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait from the Perspective of Taiwan’s Global Economic & Trade Strategy ICAPS 2011-09-05
Yu-Shan Chen Study on the Sea Level Change Along Taiwan Western Coast Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-01
Wei-Hua Chen Studies on Secondary Metabolites from the Bamboo Coral Isis hippuris Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-05
Yuen-yu Chen The Reliability Analysis of Mystery Shoppers Examining the Service Quality of a Cram School in Southern Taiwan Human Resource Management 2011-09-07
Fu-Yuan Chen The Research of Organizational Climate,Management Control System and Performance-A Case Study of A and B Companies Business Management 2011-09-08
Bo-Hsiung Chen Sampled-Data LQ Optimal Controller for Twin-Buck Converter Electrical Engineering 2011-10-12
Bo-wei Chen Eunicellin-Based Diterpenoids from the Soft Corals of Cultured Klyxum simplex and Wild-Type Cladiella hirsuta and Their Bioactivities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-12-08
Kuan-Wei Chen Dry and wet atmospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at a Kaohsiung coastal site. Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-12-26
Ying-chen Chen A Study of Four Wunderhorn-Lieder by Gustav Mahler Music 2012-01-20
Po-Yuan Chen The System Design and Implementation to Support Dynamic Web Services Selection Information Management 2012-02-09
Pin-Wen Chen A Study of Professional Dispatch Management Mechanisms Human Resource Management 2012-02-11
Chun-wei Chen Seasonal sediment transport pathways and sources in the Jhoushuei river delta and tidal flat complex based on grain-size distributions Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-02-13
Su-Fan Chen Classic Poetry in Pescadores Chinese Literature 2012-02-13
Bing-Hao Chen Design of Shunt Semi-Active Power factor Correction Circuits Electrical Engineering 2012-02-14
Wen-Fu Chen Voxel-based Cortical Thickness Measurement of Human Brain Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Electrical Engineering 2012-02-14
Chueh-Tan Chen The Possible Role of Neuron Autophagy on Amyloidogenesis Disorderswith Lead Exposure Biological Sciences 2012-02-16
Min-Cong Chen Dewatering of Biological Sludges by an Electrokinetics-Assisted Filter Press System Environmental Engineering 2012-03-03
Yen-Shuo Chen Research for polyethylene fibers Reinforced Concrete Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-05-24
Chun-Ting Chen Sediment Pollution Investigation and Processing Technology Assessment of Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2012-06-19
Yung-chieh Chen A Study of Risk-Based Bank Deposit Reserve System Finance 2012-06-26
Bo-han Chen Hysteresis in Unemployment:The Empirical Evidences of the frequent trading Countries with Taiwan Economics 2012-06-25
I-Hung Chen The Influence of Healthcare Quality in Hemodialysis on Patient`s Satisfaction EMBA 2012-06-20
LEE-FANG CHEN Business Strategy of the small and medium-sized panel of the global panel plant EMBA 2012-06-27
Chih-min Chen The Best Procedure and Organization for Plant Construction Project Managements EMBA 2012-06-28
Jin-Guan Chen Tensile and Fatigue Responses of Ti/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates after Low-Velocity Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-29
Chiu-Mei Chen Transition Metal-catalyzed cyclization reaction of enediynes to benzo[b]naphtho[2,1-d]thiophene Chemistry 2012-06-28
Po-lu Chen A Study on Effects of Influential Points in Classification for Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Tzu-Heng Chen Novel Synthesis and Applications of Gold Nanoclusters : (1) Sensing of GSH, (2) Sensing of Mercury(II), and (3) Cluster-Assisted LDI MS Chemistry 2012-07-11
Mu-Yin Chen A Study of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Ten Blake Songs Music 2012-07-13
Pei-Ru Chen Early stage sintering and PLAL fragmentation of MgO powders Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-04
Chen-tzu Chen A Study On The Relationship Among Teachers' Professional Identity,Self-Efficacy And Job Satisfaction In Junior High School In Kaohsiung City Education 2012-07-17
Shin-Liang Chen Elliptical Cylindrical Quantum Cloak Physics 2012-07-19
Shin-Jhih Chen The quantitative analysis of the flow in pulmonary artery of Tetralogy of Fallot patients Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-18
Mei-shiu CHEN A Study on the Relationship among the Teachers’ Personality Traits, Professional Identity ,and Self-Efficacy in Junior High Schools In Kaohsiung City Education 2012-07-23
Ching-Yu Chen Lan-Yu Amateur Writer – Siyapenjipengaya and His Compositions Chinese Literature 2012-07-23
Pei-Feng Chen Research on member types and traits of Gaming community and Opinion leaders - A case study of Xbox LIFE Communications Management 2012-07-26
Keng-Hao Chen Improving PIM Modeling with Design Pattern Information Management 2012-07-30
Shao-Yu Chen (一)Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azido-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethanone and 2-(2-Azidoethyl)furan(二)Pyrolytic Study of 3-Methyl-2-Cyclohexno[b]furylmethyl Benzoate Chemistry 2012-07-26
Po-ling Chen Recommending Travel Threads Based on Information Need Model Information Management 2012-07-29
Jian-Ting Chen End-to-End Performance Analysis for Amplify-and-Forward Relaying System with Variable Gain Communications Engineering 2012-07-31
Ming-Chang Chen The study on diffusion behaviors of water molecules within carbon nanocoils by molecular dynamics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-08
Hsin-an Chen Application of a 3-D Topography Change Model on Headland-Bay Beaches Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-08-14
Ji-Hung Chen The Fabrication and Uniformity Analysis of Low Temperature Ce3+:YAG Doped Glass Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-15
Te-Yen Chen Publish to Youtube quickly – Action Research of the video toolbox building Information Management 2012-08-20
Ling-chieh Chen Strategic Development and Analysis of Food Enterprises Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-08-23
Tse-Cheng Chen ICA-clustered Support Vector Regressions in Time Series Stock Price Forecasting Information Management 2012-08-29
Si-Rong Chen A Study on the Overlord Enterprise of Qin Country,Qi Country and Chu Country During The Warring States Period Chinese Literature 2012-09-05
Po-tsun Chen 3D High Resolution T1 Mapping of Human Brain Electrical Engineering 2012-09-06
Wen-Ling Chen A Novel Multiobjective EA-based Clustering Algorithm with Automatic Determination of the Number of Clusters Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-07
Kai-Jui Chen State-of-Charge Estimation Method for LiFePO4 Electric Vehicle Batteries Electrical Engineering 2012-09-11
Chun-Ho Chen Study on The Application of FLOW-3D for Wave Energy Dissipation by a Porous Structure Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-09-11
chang-Li Chen The Research of by paiwan Author,Ahronglong Salinu Chinese Literature 2012-09-11
Wei-Han Chen Determination of Silver in Seawater Using An Organic Complexation-Acid Extraction Method Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-09-11
Yun-Shiuan Chen he Prediction of the Department Score of the College Entrance Examination in Taiwan Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-11
Chi-Yuan Chen Compare Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty between Kaohsiung Harbor Cruises Public Affairs Management 2012-09-13
Yen-li Chen ‘Korean Wave’ of Fan Culture: To Investigate the Interaction of Fans and Network Technology Communications Management 2012-10-21
Chien-Hung Chen A Study on the Relationship of 7th graders Learning Attitude in Mathematics at a Junior High School in Kaohsiung City Education 2012-11-24
Yen-Chun Chen Temporal and spatial variations of the front between South China Sea and West Philippine Sea waters Marine Geology and chemistry 2013-01-10
Hsin-chih Chen Alterity and the Poetics of Space in William Faulkner's Fiction Foreign Language and Literature 2013-01-18
Chia-Yin Chen Synthesis and Application of Alternative Type Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-01-21
Shih-Wei Chen The efficiency enhancement of magnetically heating and controlling drug release using orthogonally synchronous bi-directional AC magnetic field Chemistry 2013-01-19
Ling-yi Chen Explore the Late Comers’ Competitive Advantage and Strategy of Taiwan Video Surveillance Industry from the point of view of Industry Key Success Factors – Example of LC Company Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-02-01
Chung-ying Chen Low-Emission Engine and Fuel Technology for Motorcycle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-02-01
Hsin-hung Chen Compare the Utilization between Psychiatric and Non-Psychiatric Patients in Chronic Diseases Related Outpatient Department Institute of Health Care Management 2013-02-04
I-Tsun Chen Growth of LiGaO2 Films on Si(100) Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-02-05
Wei-Ting Chen Maximum Power Tracking Control of A Novel Wind Power System with An Excitation Synchronous Generator Electrical Engineering 2013-02-04
Yen-pei Chen A Study of Dominick Argento’s Six Elizabethan Songs Music 2013-03-27
Jin-Kun Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Digital Video Surveillance Systems Model Information Management 2013-05-29
Chih-Chan Chen The influence of consistencies of HRM system on organizational justice, employee's psychological contract breach and organizational citizenship behavior Human Resource Management 2013-06-04
Chua-Chun Chen Development Strategy of Nursing School in Aging Society - a Case Study of a Health Care Junior College in Kaohsiung EMBA 2013-06-07
I-Hsin Chen The study of Factors Influencing New Comer's Early Turnover Human Resource Management 2013-06-08
Hui-ling Chen Development Plan for Establish Own Branding and Manufacturing (OBM) of on-line monitoring instruments/ equipments EMBA 2013-06-06
Ru-Ya Chen Using the coalition game theory to analyze the stability of CCSBT Economics 2013-06-17
Chien-ming Chen The Effect of Research and Development on Stock Return: Considering the Role of Analyst Earning Forecast Dispersion Finance 2012-06-24
Nan-hung Chen Fabrication of Cu2O thin films by hot oxidation process for low-cost solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-06-15
Guan-ming Chen Development of High Performance Micro Thermoelectric Generator/Cooler with Suspending Bridge-type Structure Electrical Engineering 2013-06-15
Yi-Sin Chen Exploration of talent retention factors in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2013-06-18
Kuang-wei Chen Stationarity of Inflation: Evidence from Bootstrap Sequential Quantile Test Economics 2013-06-18
Chen-ni Chen Application of Silver Nanoparticles and Precursor as Printing Inks Chemistry 2013-06-19
Yan-ting Chen Non-Linear Mechanisms of Exchange Rate Pass-Through : Evidence From Industries In Taiwan Economics 2013-06-19
Yong-Jhih Chen Study on the improvement of treatment efficiency for high-salinity and acrylonitrile petrochemical wastewaters Environmental Engineering 2013-06-21
PO-HAN CHEN Investigating The Effect of Ambidextrous Strategy on Firm Performance in Retailing Industry Business Management 2013-06-24
I-ju Chen The case study of the bank's loan for aquatic feed company Economics 2013-06-22
Hsiao-pu Chen Herd Behavior in Lottery Space Economics 2013-06-26
Nien-Wen Chen The Stationarity of Real GDP with Smooth Breaks:Evidence from OECD Countries Economics 2013-06-25
Chen-yueh Chen Nitridation of (001) silicon single crystal under low oxygen atmosphere Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-06-28
Wei-Ting Chen Applying the Eye-Tracking Approach to Examine the Effect of Emotion on the Decoy Effect Information Management 2013-07-05
Hao Chen The Agglomeration Effect of Cultural and Creative Industrial District Business Management 2013-07-10
Chun-Hao Chen Relation of the Big-Five Personality Traits and Job Stress to Turnover Rate among the Taiwanese Navy Employees EMPP 2013-07-10
Feng-Chen Chen A Study of Cheng Ch'ou-yu's Modern Poetry and Its Rhetoric Chinese Literature 2013-07-10
Sih-Yu Chen Single-ended Disturb-free 5T Load-less 4Kb SRAM with Leakage Current Sensor and Compensation Circuit Electrical Engineering 2013-07-10
Chien-Nan Chen Extreme Downside Liquidity Risk、Linear Liquidity Risk and Asset Pricing Finance 2013-07-10
Fu-yuan Chen Scanning tunneling spectroscopy investigation of the interfacial electronic properties across ferroelectric/superconductor BiFeO3/YBa2Cu3O7-x hetero-system Physics 2013-07-12
Chih-Hsiang Chen Three Essays on Political Business Cycles, Political Ideology and International Trade and Globalization ICAPS 2013-07-17
Hsiu-Ping Chen Genetic susceptibilities for COX-1, CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and UGT1A6 on NSAIDs-related peptic ulcer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-07-16
Hsiang-lin Chen A Study of the Role of HR Strategic Partner - The Enterprise of Taiwan Human Resource Management 2013-07-17
Yan-Chun Chen A Study on Locus of Control, Life Stress, and Health Status among Undergraduate Students. Master Program of Health Care Management 2013-07-17
Yi-Shen Chen Heat shock protein 70 expression in dorsal root ganglion from diabetic rats following spinal nerve injury Biological Sciences 2013-07-18
Szu-chia Chen Exploring the Gatekeeper’s Representation in The Expert Review Systems—the Case of the of Performing Arts in Ministry of Culture and National Culture and Arts Foundation Funding Projects Theatre Arts 2013-07-18
Pei-Hsian Chen The Exploration of the Organizing in Entrepreneurial Space Business Management 2013-07-21
Chun-Chiang Chen Research on the Policies and the Regulations of Students from Mainland China Studying in Taiwan ICAPS 2013-07-22
Yu-te Chen Investigation of Electrical Characteristic Degradation Mechanisms Caused by the Hot-Carrier and Self-Heating Effects in InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-18
Kun-Cheng Chen Conversion Efficiency Optimization on Broadband Quantum Dots Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-19
Zhi-xuan Chen The Legal System of the Administrative Supervision in Taiwan ICAPS 2013-07-20
Chi-Liang Chen A Study on the Relationships Between a Disaster Prevention Knowledge Management Systems and Its Prevention Efficiency─ A Case Study of the Fire Department of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2013-07-23
I-Ying Chen Developing a novel multi-functional aerosol instrument and using it to characterize the energetic structures and dynamic properties of nano-structured aerosols Chemistry 2013-07-25
Ching-wen Chen Fourth-Order Spatial Correlation-Coefficient Across the Uplink Receiver’s Spatial Aperture for Non-Collinear Antennas Applied Mathematics 2013-07-29
Chin-Yu Chen A study of the effectiveness of the male endorsers on feminine products Business Management 2013-07-24
Bang-Cyuan Chen A High Speed Low Power Pipelined-SAR Analog to Digital Converter Design Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-26
Yi-wen Chen The Research in the Academia Sinica Institute of History and Philogy of the First to Ninth Excavations of Oracle Bone from the Yin-Shang Site at Anyang , Honan Chinese Literature 2013-07-24
Chung-Hui Chen The Music Idea and Writing Skills of Change and Work for Viola Solo Music 2013-07-25
Lei-kuo Chen Factors Affecting Public Preference for Self-Paid Health Examination Centers Master Program of Health Care Management 2013-07-22
Yu-Wen Chen Part I: Aryl Coupling Directed by C-H Activation Using Organocatalyst; Part II: Tuning Bis-Quinoline-Oligopyrrole Amide Conjugate Chemistry 2013-07-26
Yu-tsun Chen On the Convergence of the Radial Basis Collocation Schemes for 1-D Eigenmodes of Elliptic Operators Applied Mathematics 2013-07-29
Chien-ying Chen A Case Study on Experiential Marketing of Taiwan BangZi Opera Company Theatre Arts 2013-07-29
Bo-Hong Chen The effects of anode buffer layer on the performance of organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-26
Yu-Chun Chen Physical Mechanisms and device new application of ZnO-based Thin Film Transistor Physics 2013-07-26
Mei-Ju Chen A Study of implementing picture books in death education on lower grade pupils in relation to their attitudes toward death Education 2013-07-30
Pei-Wen Chen The Reaction and Microstructure of the Au-Al Interface Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-30
Chien-Chou Chen 1. Direct determination of trace rare earth elements in seaweeds by USS-ETV-ICP-MS 2. Low temperature vaporization for USS-ETV-ICP-MS determination of trace elements in medicinal activated charcoal Chemistry 2013-07-30
Yuh-jiin Chen A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of the Effect of University Evaluation Systems on University Education Business Management 2013-07-31
Chin-En Chen Synthesis of biodiesel using waste material as catalyst Environmental Engineering 2013-07-16
Yu-ting Chen The resistive switching mechanisms of the SiO2 based resistance random access memory Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-30
Shao-Hua Chen The Comparative Effects of Limited-Time and Limited-Quantity Scarcity Messages – Product Type and Consumer Regulatory Focus as Moderators Communications Management 2013-08-18
Aie-lien Chen Research of The Baby Boomers' Intent to Continue Shopping Online Communications Management 2013-08-01
Yueh-Chun Chen Design Brand - Thinkings and Doings Case study: SunnyHills EMBA 2013-08-01
Yun-ru Chen A Capacitorless Triple-Gate 1T-DRAM with Middle Partial Insulation and Current Bridge Electrical Engineering 2013-08-02
Yun-feng Chen Fabrication of I-III-VI2 thin film solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-02
Po-hsiang Chen The research of merging process of the public hospital A case study on department of pharmacy and information management at a hospital in southern Taiwan Information Management 2013-08-04
Ting-Wei Chen Develop a Multithreading Human-machine Interface with USB Communication for Motor Drivers Electrical Engineering 2013-08-04
Ssu-Han Chen The Economic Analysis of Firm Behaviors in The Online Keyword Advertisements Economics 2013-08-05
Min-Rong Chen Maximum Power Tracking Control Applied to Grid-connected Wind Power System with Excitation Synchronous Generator Electrical Engineering 2013-08-05
Jian-Li Chen Direct Near-Field Phase Measurements of Fiber Employing a Single-Mode Fiber Interferometer Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-08-19
Chao-hui Chen Corporate Governance of Venture-backed IPOs Business Management 2013-08-17
Wen-Yu Chen A Study on the Life Style of Family Audience -- The Case of Children Theatre Participation in Kaohsiung City Theatre Arts 2013-08-06
Kuan-yu Chen A High Speed and Low Cost Non-Classical CMOS with Elevated Body and Double-Embedded Oxide Electrical Engineering 2013-08-06
Mei-Chen Chen Writing the Body: Performativity and Possibility in Hiromi Goto’s Work Foreign Language and Literature 2013-08-07
Zhen-Yu Chen Space-Multiplexing Technologies for Visible Light Wireless Communication System Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-08-07
Chen-wen Chen A Signaling Game between a Manager and Investors for Financial Disclosure Business Management 2013-08-09
Chia-Lun Chen The Marketing Strategic Research of Memory Module -A Case Study of T company EMBA 2013-08-10
Min-Chieh Chen Robust Estimation with Dynamic Integral Quadratic Constraints Electrical Engineering 2013-08-09
Wei-ting Chen Three-phase Excitation Synchronous Generator of Stand-alone Wind Power Generation System Electrical Engineering 2013-08-12
I-Li Chen The Current Situation and Future Development of Management Innovation of Taiwanese Manufacturing Company in China Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-08-07
Hsien-Li Chen Measurement of reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy of m-plane and c-plane zinc oxide semiconductor by using twisted nematic liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-18
Li-wei Chen Crosslinking reaction of the photosensitive resin exposed with LED light source Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-14
Ta-Yeh Chen Magnetic field and pressure effects on the spin frustrated systems Cu2OSeO3 and NaCr2O4 Physics 2013-08-14
Song-Yi Chen Migrating processes in distributed computing systems Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-16
Chao-Tsen Chen A Local Modeling Approach for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Electrical Engineering 2013-08-20
Jin-Ping Chen Modified Multi-Valued Neuron with Periodic Tolerant Activation Function Electrical Engineering 2013-08-20
Fu-Min Chen Domestic life insurance companies to enter the low-interest environment lending market strategy and Operating mode – Example For Taiwan Life insurance Corp EMBA 2013-08-14
Wen-bin Chen Sulfurization of selenized CuInSe2-related thin films for photovoltaic applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-20
Te-Chung Chen The Roles of p38 MAPK and SUMOs in Arsenic Trioxide-induced Apoptosis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-08-21
Wen-chiu Chen Information Capabilities, Open Innovation and Firm Performance Information Management 2013-08-20
Jhih-bin Chen Design of Variable Gain Low Noise Amplifier for IEEE 802.11a Application Electrical Engineering 2013-08-23
Shun-Chieh Chen The EMF Study of Zn-Al-Mg Alloy system Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-21
Ying-Hua Chen The Political Economy of License System for Certified Public Bookkeepers Political Science 2013-08-26
Zong-Ting Chen Study of high Indium composition InGaN/GaN quantum wells grown on GaN-template by plasma-assisted MBE Physics 2013-08-26
Chen-Chen Chen The Strategic Analysis of Housing for Senior Citizens in Aging Society EMBA 2013-08-22
Jung-Yi Chen Assessment of Ag-Al-Pd Ternary Phase Diagram Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-22
Wei-Yu Chen Simulation and Analysis of Sonar Performances:The Study on Estimation around Taiwan Waters IAMPUT 2013-08-12
Ying-Lin Chen Study of supercapacitor using polymer gel electrolyte Electrical Engineering 2013-08-27
Ting-ting Chen The terrestrial paleoenvironment analysis of the Jhoshui River Core at the Last Glacial Marine Geology and chemistry 2013-08-27
Jian-Lin Chen Development of Flexural Plate-wave Device with a Focused Reflective Grating Structure Electrical Engineering 2013-08-22
Chung-Yu Chen A Novel Low-Complexity Precoded OFDM System Using Low-Density Perfect Sequences Communications Engineering 2013-08-30
Hsiang-Chen Chen An Empirical Study of Influential Factors on Gold Passbook Price Economics 2013-09-02
Wei Chen Investigation of the thermoelectric properties of Sb2Te3 thin films by thermal evaporation processes Electrical Engineering 2013-09-01
Kuan-Ming Chen A Novel PAPR Reduction Method for Pilot-Aided OFDM Systems without Side Information Electrical Engineering 2013-09-02
Yi-jie Chen Examinations of the effectiveness of mimetic phenotypes of female Great Mormom Butterfly using behavioral experiments Biological Sciences 2013-08-29
I-Chuan Chen Crisis management of reduction of vessel number of Taiwanese distant-water longline fishery in response to international request IMA 2013-09-03
Min-chun Chen Applications of Movable Dies to Tube Hydroforming Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-03
Kai-Chun Chen The effect of TiO2 and K2O addition on the crystallization of Cr doped glass-ceramic from glasses in the system SiO2/Al2O3/MgO Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-09-05
Yi-ju Chen The Magic of Believing: False Memory Effect of Product Placement in Idol Dramas Communications Management 2013-09-05
Chia-Hung Chen Synthesis and characterization of azobenzene / silica composites for optical applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-22
Ya-lan Chen The study of Job satisfaction and turnover intention:the moderating effect of role conflict Human Resource Management 2013-09-05
Chin-Feng Chen Iron Ore Sintering Experiment and Numerical Model Development Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-09
Kuan-Wei Chen Wavelength-Resolved, Objective Lens Based Surface Plasmon Resonance System for High Spatial Resolution Bio-detection Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-09
Han-wei Chen A Memory-efficient 2D-graphics rasterization scheme Computer Science and Engineering 2013-09-09
Min-Jui Chen Applying Used Electric Vehicle Battery in DC Microgrid Operations Electrical Engineering 2013-09-09
I-chi Chen Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Planar Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stacks with Air-breathing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-07
Jian-Cheng Chen Assessing the Disaster Resilience in the Coastal Communities Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-09
Jing-Huei Chen The study of college students' use of social network sites, well-being, social capital and social support Education 2013-09-11
Yi-Fan Chen Tsunami Runup Height of Various Initial Waveforms Using Analytical Green’s Function IAMPUT 2013-09-10
Jie-min Chen The crowding effect of polyethylene glycol and bovine serum albumin on the relaxivity of magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents Chemistry 2013-09-11
Pei-chin Chen A Design of Hexa-Lingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese and Arabic Electrical Engineering 2013-09-12
Pei-chin Chen Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Marine Microbe, Vibrio proteolyticus and Thermophilic Fungus, Asperillus fumigatus and Their Biological Activities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-10
Hsiu-hsia Chen Case Study of Using Simulation Technique in Combinations of Master Scheduling Dispatch:A Point of the Make-to-Order Manufacturing Type Information Management 2013-09-11
Cheng-Bin Chen Modelling Comparison and Health Risk Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere of Petrochemical Industrial Park Environmental Engineering 2013-09-11
Zhi-Xuan Chen Study of optical properties of nonpolar GaN and nonpolar ZnO Physics 2013-09-12
JIN-HUI CHEN Large Signal Model Establishment for different gate length Mental-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor and its Characterization Communications Engineering 2013-09-12
Lan-yi Chen A Study of Workplace Power Relations Influence Self-presentation on Facebook Communications Management 2013-10-21
Chia-Yen Chen The Process of High-Tech Project Management in Cross-Culture Perspective Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-10-22
Chun-nan Chen Effects of feeding on the physiology and color of the scleractinian coral Acropora muricata Department of Oceanography 2013-10-29
Tai-Jia Chen Studies on the Finish Machining Characteristics of CVD Diamond Film Surface by Using a Composite Electro-plating In-process Sharpening Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-10-31
Kuan-Pin Chen Channel Design and Flow Field Simulation of Water Turbine for Electricity Generation in an Ocean Current Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-11-08
Shiao-Yin Chen Testing the mechanism of dispersal in Pontodrilus litoralis. Department of Oceanography 2013-11-13
Hong-Yi Chen Elbow Induced Guided Wave Focusing and Its Effect on Defect Evaluation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-11-26
Jung-Ching Chen A Study on the Development of Sustainable Management Indicators in Shiou Liuchiu Island IMA 2013-12-26
Ching-tong Chen Studies on the Chemical Constituents from Aquilaria sinensis Grown in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2014-01-06
Ho-ju Chen An Economic Analysis of Perch Farming in Taiwan Economics 2014-01-09
Shu-shan Chen The Sorrow for Her Look:The Effects of Envy towards Attractive Spokespersons in Advertising Communications Management 2014-01-13
Kuo-Tsai Chen The wind and wave impact to naval operations in the seas around Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-01-12
Li-han Chen Financial Development、Inflation And Economic Growth -The Application Of The Panel Threshold Regression Model Economics 2014-01-07
Chun-Wei Chen Study of Tunable Random Lasing in Blue Phase Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-01-19
Chao-wei Chen States of water in Nafion 117 investigated with multinuclear and broad range variable temperature solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Chemistry 2014-01-21
Ming-Cheng Chen Analysis of Inpatient Rehabilitation Utilization for Patients of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Taiwan Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-01-22
Huang-Wen Chen Study on light attenuation for outdoor vertical photobioreactor Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-01-27
Yi-Jing Chen Automatic Sublingual Vein Feature Extraction System Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-27
Wei-ting Chen Investigation of the Doping Profile in Stacked Graphene Flakes on TiOx by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Physics 2014-02-07
Chiu-chiung Chen The competitiveness of beauty service industry Human Resource Management 2014-02-08
YA-FANG CHEN A Study on Male Customer Loyalty for Purchasing Male Care Products and Cosmetics Business Management 2014-02-08
Yi-Chen Chen To explore the knowledge, attitude, behavior and related factors of ventilator depend patients families toward the hospice care Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-02-11
Chien-ming Chen A study of OSTC/DC2, a novel subunit of oligosaccharyltransferase, after heat shock Biological Sciences 2014-02-11
Chun-yu Chen A Study of Passengers' Technology Acceptance of Airlines Check-in KIOSK Business Management 2014-02-11
Yuan-shuo Chen Studies on Japan’s Policy of East Asian Regional Integration Political Science 2014-02-10
Yen-yin Chen Understanding the intention to initiate a location-based mobile group buying Information Management 2014-02-11
Chun-ting Chen A Smartphone-based Activity Recognition Framework for Social Event Recommendation Information Management 2014-02-13
Ming-fu Chen Resolving Cross-Strait jurisdictional Conflict: Based on the Principles of International Criminal Jurisdiction ICAPS 2014-02-13
Qi-Zong Chen The Trasformation of Developmental Welfare Regime in Taiwan: A Case Study of National Pension Insurance Institute of Sociology 2014-02-11
Yu-ying Chen Software Implementation of a Data Model Design Electrical Engineering 2014-02-14
Yung-Chin Chen The Dream of Sustainable Development - The Judgment and Decision Analysis of Penghu Becoming a Low-carbon Island Public Affairs Management 2014-02-13
Kai-hsun Chen Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Their Biological Activities from the Aerial Root of Avicennia marina Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-02-24
Ting-An Chen A Tool for Static WCET Analysis with Accurate Memory Modeling for ARM Programs that Use Scratchpad Memory Computer Science and Engineering 2014-03-11
Rou-Jia Chen A Study of the Limits of Parallelism Available in SIMD Processors Through Register Packing Computer Science and Engineering 2014-03-26
Kuan-min Chen Distribution of sulfonamide antibiotics in Gaoping River Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-03-27
Jia-Kai Chen Flame ignition/quenching behavior in tiny tube Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-04-22
Ling Chen Can Negative Group Affective Tone Facilitate Team Innovation? Exploring the Moderating Roles of Innovation Rewards and Team Promotion Focus: A Multi-Sample and Multi-Source Investigation Human Resource Management 2014-04-26
Yen-Ju Chen Speak Up or Keep Silence? Exploring the Relationship between Leader Negative Emotional Expressions and Follower Voice Behaviors: The Moderating Effects of Follower Proactivity, Power distance orientation and Organizational Political Climate Human Resource Management 2014-04-30
Pei-yu Chen The Impact of Social Network Websites' Atmospherics on Purchasing Intention - A Case of Parenting websites Business Management 2014-05-05
Min-Jun Chen The Assessment of Life Time on Corroded Pipe in Petrochemical Plant Using Boundary Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-05-14
Kuan-po Chen Biological and Chemical Scrubbings of Vented gas from hot-melting operation of recycled nylon plastics Environmental Engineering 2014-05-21
Yen-Chun Chen BODIPY-Based Hydroxypyridyl Derivative as a Highly Ni2+-Selective Fluorescent Chemosensor Chemistry 2014-05-27
Po-chih Chen Impacts of structural break of economic growth and energy consumption: Taiwan versus South Korea Economics 2014-06-11
Han-Ting Chen A Methodology for ERP and Process Control System Integration Information Management 2014-06-10
Meng-Ting Chen LTE/WWAN Loop Antennas for Tablet Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2014-06-16
Yu-ling Chen The Research on the Detection of Noteworthy Symptom Descriptions Information Management 2016-04-07
Wen-hong Chen Party Change and Democratization: A Comparative Analysis of Taiwan and South Korea Political Science 2016-04-12
Cheng-Hsiao Chen Establish the Voluntary Environmental Club with Special Reference to Lin-Yuan Industrial District Economics 2014-06-17
Sheng-wen Chen Reexamination of the relationship between Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Differentials-The Evidence from G7 countries Economics 2014-06-17
Jhih-fong Chen A Study on Consumer Behavior Influencing Factors of 12hotpot Business Management 2014-06-18
Pi-chien Chen Dam Construction and Economic Development:A Case Study of China ICAPS 2014-06-20
Wei-Lin Chen The Effects of Reciprocal Teaching on 2nd Grader’s Reading Comprehension and Motivation Education 2014-06-21
Szu-han Chen Dry Bulk Shipping Price Factors and Forecasting Model Finance 2014-06-23
Yang-huan Chen Investigation of air quality and odor from Industrial park in southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2014-06-25
Yi-hsuan Chen Business Strategy Research of Taiwan Lead Recycle Industry-An Example of Jianshin Resources Corp. EMBA 2014-06-25
Yu-Chih Chen A Study on the Words of Mouth Effect of Internet Check-in Towards Consumer’s Purchasing Decision-a Case of Hairdressing Industry Business Management 2014-06-26
Su-Yun Chen A Study on the Small Business Entities Taxing System Business Management 2014-06-30
Wan-tzu Chen Design and Application of Transformer Phase Identification System Electrical Engineering 2014-07-02
Tzu-Wei Chen The Influence of Managerial Competency on Work Engagement in High Technology Industry–The Mediating Effect of Leader-Member Exchange and Team-Member Exchange Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-06-20
Ching-Hsiang Chen Agency Problem, Perceived Risk, and Purchase Intention under Third-Party Payment– Using Alibaba Group as an Example Finance 2014-07-03
Chao-Wei Chen Improving the Flame Retardancy of Polyurethane Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-06
Ching-Ya Chen The Detection of GABA, Lactate and Valine in Human Brain using MEGA-PRESS Spectral Editing Technique. Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-01
Hung-chih Chen The Association of 5-methylation, 5-hydroxymethylation and Epigenetic Modifiers’ Expression with the Development and Prognosis of Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2014-07-07
Shih-tien Chen Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Direct Ortho Aroylation of 2-Phenoxypyridines via C-H Activation: Methodologies, Mechanistic Investigation and Synthetic Applications Chemistry 2014-06-25
Yu-Siang Chen Integrating Topic Model into Co-authorship Network for Recommending Academic Literature Information Management 2014-06-26
Tung-yen Chen Computer-Aided Design for Parallel-Connected Epicyclic Automatic Transmissions of Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-07
Chi-yuan Chen The use of NHI rehabilitation resources of children with autism Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-07-09
Chao-ming Chen A Study of Operational Management for District Hospitals - A Case Study of Shin-Hua Hospital EMBA 2014-07-11
I-ling Chen Factors Influencing Users' Intention to Discontinue Facebook Information Management 2014-07-13
Ying-Jung Chen Molecular regulation of metalloproteinases (MMP-2, MMP-9 and ADAM17) expression in human leukemia cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-04-25
Chang-Yu Chen Synthesis of Nitrogen and Tungsten Codoped Titanate Nanotube Prepared by Hydrothermal Process for Photocatalytic Applications in Visible-light Region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-16
Yi-Ting Chen Using force plate to assess the impact of exercise for elderly people Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-16
Michael Chen A study on management graduate students’ sleep quality and its consequences Business Management 2014-07-17
Bang-Ying Chen Early stage sintering and pulsed laser ablation of CoO-MgO binary system Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-16
Che-Chung Chen Construction Management of Large Public Buildings : Perspective of the Engineering Consulting Firm EMBA 2014-07-16
Hsing-Lin Chen A Study on High-Tech Innovation by Real Options Approach Business Management 2014-07-20
Pei-Ru Chen A Study On Key Success Factors in FCCL Industry –A Case of T Company Business Management 2014-07-17
You-Yi Chen Simulation and Analysis of 3D IC Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) Arrays under High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-21
Chien-Ming Chen A Study on the reform of Civil Service Performance Appraisal System : Political, Management and Legal Approaches in Taiwan ICAPS 2014-07-21
Wei-Ting Chen Fabrication of Photopolymerizable Silica by Sol-Gel Process and its Characteristics for Solar Concentrator Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-21
Jun-Long Chen The study of liquid-crystal Fresnel lens based on optoelectronic film Physics 2014-07-21
Kai-Yuan Chen A study on the localization strategy of Japanese companies in Taiwan- H company as an Example EMBA 2014-07-24
Wei-ni Chen Determination of Ge、As、Cd、Sb、Hg、Bi and Pb in cosmetics using FIA-CVG-ICP-MS with slurry sample Chemistry 2014-07-22
Yi-jiun Chen Characterization of Amorphous Carbon Resistive Random Access Memory Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-24
Li-Ju Chen Exploring the Relations among High School Students’ Self-efficacies Toward Knowledge, Attitudes, and World Views of Disaster Prevention Education 2014-07-24
Yan-Jyun Chen Gain Enhancement Techniques for 60 GHz Antennas Electrical Engineering 2014-07-26
Shu-Fang Chen The operating strategy analysis of social hospital respiratory care system-A case study of a local hospital in Kaohsiung EMBA 2014-07-28
Han-Wei Chen Statistical Analysis of Imaging Classification Applied Mathematics 2014-07-28
Wei-An Chen Survival Analysis for Ovarian Cancer Data Applied Mathematics 2014-07-28
Ming-kai Chen High efficiency power management mechanism for display on mobile device Electrical Engineering 2014-07-28
Wei-Ru Chen Chemical scrubbing of odorants and VOCs emitted from metal surface-coating operations Environmental Engineering 2014-07-25
Bin-Wei Chen The Deveopment Strategy of Biotechnology Instrument Suppliers for Small and Medium Enterprises EMBA 2014-07-29
Hung-hsuan Chen Mach-Zehnder Interferometers and Micro-Racetrack Resonators Based on Subwavelength Grating Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-29
Ching Chen Ultra-Compact Polarization Rotators Based on Surface Plasmon Polariton Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-29
Hui-Yui Chen The Effectiveness Study of THSRC Operation Organization EMBA 2014-07-28
Jui-fong Chen A Study on Job Knowledge, Job Satisfaction and Auditing Behavior of Hygiene Auditor Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-07-28
Po-Cheng Chen Applications of Dynamic Interactivity of Mathematica 9.0 in Probability Distribution Applied Mathematics 2014-07-30
Chao-nan Chen A Study on Taiwanese Enterprises Entering China Cold Chain Logistics Industry EMBA 2014-07-31
Wei-Chung Chen RSP Based Message Authentication, Anonymousness and Private Communication in VANETs Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-16
YI-TING CHEN Digital light processing system based large-scale, multi-domain photoalignment technique and its applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-06
Yi-Hsuan Chen Investigating the effect of Internet virtual community awareness on social marketing-to encourage people to use the vehicle for example to obtain electronic invoices. Public Affairs Management 2014-08-06
Wei-ting Chen Decision Mechanisms of Human Brain: A Data mining Approach Information Management 2014-08-08
Ying-An Chen Reduced content of silver in conductive adhesives incorporating N-alkylimidazole derivatives as additives Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-08
Shin-Yue Chen Use EEMD to Study the Spatial and Temporal Changes in Chlorophyll of Dongsha At IAMPUT 2014-08-08
Chiou-Hua Chen Study of vascular patterning mediated by CoupTF1b and Islet2 downstream targets Biological Sciences 2014-08-11
Shang-peng Chen Numerical Analysis of Ti/PC/APC-2/Kevlar Hybrid Composite Laminates after High-Velocity Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-11
I-Ting Chen The Impact of Job Characteristics on Job Insecurity- The Mediating Effects of Employability and Substitutability Human Resource Management 2014-08-11
Chih-Hsiung Chen The Study of Employees’ Job Satisfaction— The Case Study of Company Y Human Resource Management 2014-08-12
Jhong-Yi Chen The effects of two-dimensional thermocapillary incompressible flow on surface roughness during solidification. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-12
Liu Mei Chen A Study of the Co-development of High Thermo-Resistant Substrate and Debonding Processes EMBA 2014-08-14
Ning Chen Thermal and fluid flow effects on pore formation during solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-12
Chien-Chia Chen Prediction on the configuration of CSMA–PCL amphiphilic copolymers by coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-16
Hysuan-han Chen Study of Hot Rolling of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-18
Ching-yi Chen The Influence of Supervisors’ Leadership Style and Employees’ Personality on Organization Performance - The Case Study of W-Company EMBA 2014-08-18
Jian-An Chen A Study on the Dynamic Behavior of Hammer Type Micro-actuators Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-18
Hsing-Tsu Chen Explore in Shau Lih-Hong's “A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers” Chinese Literature 2014-07-20
Yi-Yeh Chen Strategic Human Resource Management - The Case of Traditional Industries in Transformation EMBA 2014-08-15
Shiow-Ying Chen A Study on the Vegan Movement and Our Government's Policy EMPP 2014-08-19
Shih-Ying Chen The relationship of daily moods and job performance: The moderating effect of employee assistance program Human Resource Management 2014-08-18
Nan-Fu Chen The role of spinal transforming growth factor-beta 1 on neuropathy-induced nociceptive sensitization: effect of flexibilide Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-08-18
Chien-Yu Chen The Power of Time Perception: The Effect of Temporal Orientation in Tickets Group-buying Institute of Marketing Communication 2014-08-19
Mei-Huei Chen The Organic-minded Management in Corporate Greening:Theory construction and empirical examination Human Resource Management 2014-08-08
Yi-Shen Chen A Social-Marketing Based Survey of Perceptions of Idling and A Quasi-experiment to Reduce Idling Behavior Public Affairs Management 2014-08-21
Tien-chu Chen The game of hiring between a bank and financial consultants Economics 2014-08-21
Po-hung Chen A Delay-Based CMT-SCTP Packet Scheduling Scheme with Consideration of Cross-Layer Information Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-22
Wan-Lin Chen The nonlinear optical properties of graphene by Z-scan technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-22
Yen-wen Chen Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Behavior on WFGD Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-22
Shin-shou Chen A Study of Multi-objective Genetic Models for Stock Selection Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-25
Ya-chun Chen Studies on the relationship between autophagy and apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma-derived cells Huh7 by treatment with ABT-751 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-08-25
Chia-Chiuan Chen The Competitive Strategy for the Zipper Company Entering Global Market: The Case Study of W Company. EMBA 2014-08-25
Chih-Hao Chen Recognizing Emotions in Short Messages for Instant Messenger Services Based on Coordinates and Trajectories Information Management 2014-08-25
Yi-fang Chen The Research of Mythical and Supernatural Stories and its Culture Content from “Qing Suo Gao Yi” Chinese Literature 2014-08-25
Bo-wei Chen Die and Process Design for Heading and Threading of Hexagonal Socket Titanium Screws Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-25
Pi-Shun Chen The design and development of a novel micro-structured stencil for high precision printings Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-20
Yu-Ting Chen Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of electronic structures across nano-scale domain walls in multiferroics Physics 2014-08-27
Hao Chen Characterization of III-V Compound Semiconductor MOSFETs with Titanium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide Stacked Layers as Gate Oxides Electrical Engineering 2014-08-26
Wei-Chih Chen Projection methods for the split feasibility problem Applied Mathematics 2014-08-26
Wei-Chih Chen First-Principles Studies of Thermodynamic Properties and Dehydrogenation Processes of Hydrogen Storage Material (LiBH4)n Nanoclusters Physics 2014-08-26
Rong-Yi Chen Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Stern Tube Bearings with Misalignment Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Yu Chen Extrusion Die Design for Tubes with Hardness Gradient Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-31
CHUN-MAO CHEN Understanding the role of boundaries spanning in IT outsourcing project management Information Management 2014-08-27
Chuan-Pin Chen The Design and Development of Near-IR Fluorescing Semiconducting Polymer Dots for Bioimaging Chemistry 2014-09-01
Ya-Chi Chen Exchange rate, macroeconomic variables, and structural changes: Evidences from Taiwan Economics 2014-09-01
Zin-Rong Chen The Study of Confucian Human Nature in”San-Yen” Chinese Literature 2014-09-03
Pin-Hsuan Chen The study of business talent cultivation, hiring, and academic cooperation relationship Human Resource Management 2014-09-04
Yi-ning Chen 《L’elisir d’amore》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2014-09-02
Ya-Feng Chen Using rare earth elements to constrain particulate organic carbon flux in marginal seas Department of Oceanography 2014-09-04
Chun-Hung Chen A Study on Website Traffic and Behavior Analysis for Internet Marketing Benefit: A Case Study of E Theme Park Information Management 2014-09-04
Chin-Chih Chen The Inferred Mid Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Changes Based on Biomarker and derived δ13C Records from a Central Taiwan Peat Lake (the Toushe Basin) Department of Oceanography 2014-09-09
Bo-Tsang Chen Novel Nonlinear Waveguide Material Tantalum Pentoxide & MicroRing Fabrication Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-05
Jian-chih Chen Short-term variation of particulate organic carbon fluxes in different marine environments Department of Oceanography 2014-09-09
Shao-feng Chen Merleau-Ponty on Space and Painting Philosophy 2014-09-09
Chi-Sheng Chen Trace elements(Cu,Zn,As) in sea water and sludge around the desalination plant - A study on Penghu Environmental Engineering 2014-09-02
Yu-ting Chen The Competition and Cooperation between the U.S. and China in the South China Sea during the Obama Administration ICAPS 2014-09-10
Jian-yu Chen Optical properties of InGaN/GaN single-quantum-well microdisks Physics 2014-09-10
Yen-po Chen The Research of Performance Management in the Ambidextrous Organization. Human Resource Management 2014-08-13
Sin-han Chen Study of Path and Habitat Selection with Different Strains of American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) Biological Sciences 2014-09-12
Hsin-hung Chen Effects of Embodiment-Based Electronic Circuits Learning on Perceived Cooperative Perception and Social Flow Information Management 2014-09-12
Pei-Fan Chen The Impact of Human Resource Practices, Supervisor Support and Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Performance Human Resource Management 2014-09-24
Kun-shao Chen Design of Ten-Speed Automatic Transmissions with Embedded Clutches for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-10
Tzu-yu Chen A Study Of Compensation Fairness, Job Satisfaction And Job Performance-A Case Study Of High Technology Industries Human Resource Management 2014-10-20
Ssu-yu Chen Development of chirp sonar system and Its application Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-11-25
Wen-Fang Chen The key success factors of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries -A Case Study of Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Business Management 2014-12-08
Wen-te Chen Chemical Characteristics of Fine Particles Emitted from Stacks in an Integrated Steel Plant Environmental Engineering 2014-12-05
Shang-Yi Chen Automatic Derivation of Motion Platform Control Parameters from Video Computer Science and Engineering 2015-01-09
Yi-Chian Chen Manufacturing of LED exposure system and surgical shadowless lamp by applying TFMG to design of freeform lens Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-01-12
Rui-Kang Chen Design of Low Noise Amplifier and Voltage Controller Oscillator at 5 GHz Band Electrical Engineering 2015-01-12
Yen-yu Chen Influence of continuity of care on cervical cancer screening and mammography in women Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-01-15
Yang-Ting Chen Experimental study on the deformation of Cage under Wave-current action by Applying 3-D Imagine Technique Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-01-26
Chun-Yen Chen Analysis of SOI micro-ring resonator Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-01-23
Shih-hao Chen A New FSK Demodulation Approach for Body Area Networks Electrical Engineering 2015-01-26
Hsiu-Chun Chen A Study On The Impact of Technology Innovation on The Business Model Innovation of Popular Music Industry Theatre Arts 2015-01-23
Chih-Lin Chen Design and Implementation of FlexRay Transceiver and Voltage Monitoring IC for Automotive Communication Systems Electrical Engineering 2015-01-26
Yan-lin Chen Analysis of quantitative intra-tumoral susceptibility signals on astrocytoma, brain metastasis, and brain abscess Electrical Engineering 2015-01-27
Wei-Ru Chen The Development of Bullied-Victim Self-Blame Scale Education 2015-01-26
Jyun-Ye Chen The Interface Friction Effects on Copper Wire Bonding Process in IC Package by Finite Element Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-01-27
Wei-Chung Chen Wave-Current Interaction in Viscous-incompressible Fluid Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-01-28
Hsu-Sen Chen The ecology of epibenthic shrimps in the coastal waters off Western Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-01-28
Yun-wen Chen A regulation on the number of visitors to tourism and leisure market Economics 2015-02-03
Cing-Yao Chen Efficient Algorithms for the Common Multiset Interval Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2015-02-08
Shih-feng Chen The trickle-down processes linking transformational leadership, abusive supervision, and service performance:A moderated mediation model of leader power and follower emotional labor Human Resource Management 2015-02-06
Hsiao-hao Chen Relationship between larval fish assemblage and hydrographic characteristics in the waters southwest of Taiwan in summer and winter Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-02-11
Sheng-Jie Chen Research for the pozzolanic material in Reactive Powder Concrete application Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-02-11
Ching-I Chen Analyses of the Bacterial Communities Surrounding Dongsha Island by Next Generation Sequencing Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-02-16
Chiao-hsin Chen Growth and Characterization of doped-ZnO Thin Film by Reactive Sputtering Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-02-24
Yi-Lung Chen A study of the Relationship Among Experiential Marketing, Customer’s Loyalty , Perceived Risk on Purchase Intention-A Case Study of NIKE Running Activity Business Management 2015-02-17
Ting-ting Chen An Analysis for Self-raising Financial Resources of Kaohsiung Education Development Fund -a Case Study in Elementary School Finance 2015-03-16
Yi-ching Chen How Human Resource Practices Enhance Customer Loyalty? The Mediating Effects of Employee Satisfaction, Emotional Labor, and Customer Satisfaction: The Perspective of Service Profit Chain Human Resource Management 2015-05-21
Chih-ching Chen The Relationship between Participation and Satisfaction for online career community - a Case of LinkedIn Business Management 2015-06-15
Chung-Te Chen Employees' Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility:A Case of a Multinational Steel Enterprise EMBA 2015-06-09
Szu-hua Chen The asymmetric effect of advertising on momentum strategy Finance 2015-06-24
Ya-Ting Chen The Relations between Organizational Commitment and Investiture - Divestiture Tactics of Newcomers’ Organizational Socialization and Job Search Behavior: Personality Trait as a Moderator Human Resource Management 2015-06-22
Yi-Liang Chen Global Tactical Asset Allocation- combining trend following and risk-based strategy Finance 2015-06-24
Tsai-tz Chen The Design and Reflections on Activities Developed for the Integration of GeoGebra into 11th Grade Geometry Instruction Education 2015-06-08
Chi-chuan Chen Portfolio insurance strategy - Markov switching model applied to asset allocation in Asia Finance 2015-06-25
Jou-Wen Chen An Empirical Study for the Credit Risk on the Taiwan’s Industries of Plastic and Chemical, Semiconductor and Financial Companies: An Application of the KMV Model Finance 2015-06-26
Hung-pei Chen Consumers’ Behavioral Intention for Tainan Hayashi Department Store - Theory of Consumption Values Business Management 2015-05-27
Hsin-yu Chen The Purchase Intention of Pop Musical Concert:The Perspective from Elaboration Likelihood Model Business Management 2015-05-25
Ying-chu Chen A Study of citizen purchasing behaviors toward low-carbon food based on the viewpoint of Social Marketing An Example of " low-carbon food" Policy in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2015-06-25
Wan-ching Chen Mothers, Fathers, and Lovers: Female Power in Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote and Frances Burney’s Evelina Foreign Language and Literature 2015-06-29
Yu-ting Chen A study of the influence of e-service quality on consumer repurchase intention for online shopping stores Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-06-26
Chen-yen Chen A Feasibility Study on 3C Distributor Build Virtual and Physical Channels on Enterprise Transformation EMBA 2015-07-01
I-cheng Chen The multifunctional fiber platform made by sol-gel process Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-06-27
Chun-fu Chen Study on the Application of I-Ching,Yinyang and Five Elements to Marketing Strategy and Management EMBA 2015-07-03
Bo-shiu Chen A study of Taiwan's Enterprises in Vietnam ICAPS 2015-07-03
Hsih-Ying Chen Correlational Research on the Impact of Self-esteem and Social Anxiety to Self-disclosure, post deletions and regrets on Facebook Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-07
Rou-hui Chen Medical Law and Medical Ethics:The Study on Emergency Medicine Status ICAPS 2015-07-10
Shiou-ya Chen Implementation of a Wide Range High Conversion Gain Power Detector and a Bidirectional Power Detector Electrical Engineering 2015-07-09
Ting-Yu Chen Enterprise Valuation and Trading Strategy for Taiwan Airline Companies Finance 2015-07-17
Nai-Ching Chen Discussion of attitude toward the ad and advertising effectiveness in social network sites—the influence of position, type and mechanisms Information Management 2015-07-20
Ming-shan Chen The study of influencing factors on patient loyalty- A case study of one clinic EMBA 2015-07-18
Yi-Jhe Chen Heterogeneous III-V/silicon integrated Spot Size Converter Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-17
Yi-Lun Chen Continuous Wavelength Laser Desorption Coupled with Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Determine Chemical Composition of Packing Materials Chemistry 2015-07-16
Chun-Hung Chen Adaptive Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication and Tamper Restoration Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-22
Yun-ru Chen Candidate Image and Victory Factors:A Case Study of Penghu Mayoral Election in 2014 Public Affairs Management 2015-07-22
Peng-yu Chen Large Scale Screening of Plasticizers by Ambient Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2015-07-24
Yao-Chang Chen The inhibitory effects of marine-derived compound on smooth muscle cells proliferation Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-07-16
Chia-hsin Chen The study of enterprise successor’s selection and cultivation Human Resource Management 2015-07-27
Wen-jung Chen A Study on the Key Success Factor for the Growth of Population in Traditional Chinese Medical Industry EMBA 2015-07-27
Chien-Jung Chen A Case Study on Business Strategy of Resource Recycling Companies EMBA 2015-07-28
Chun-Yu Chen The role of betulinic acid in modulation of membrane microdomains and TGF-β signaling. Biological Sciences 2015-07-24
Yan-an Chen Interactions of Graphene with 5-membered Heterocycles:Implications for Graphene Functionalization Chemistry 2015-07-28
Li-lun Chen Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Observers for Nonlinear Systems with Mismatched Perturbations Electrical Engineering 2015-07-29
Hsin-cheng Chen Implementation a Two-Stage Pipelined Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-16
I-Chun Chen The motivating and demotivating processes linking organizational embeddedness, community embeddedness, task performance, and supportive voice: The mediating roles of absorption and affective organizational commitment Human Resource Management 2015-07-29
Jia-yu Chen Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities from the Formosan Red Alga Laurencia tristicha Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-07-29
Yu-wei Chen Financial Mathematics in Actuarial Exam Applied Mathematics 2015-07-09
Jia-fa Chen Enhanced Conversion Efficiency in Back-Contact CMOS Photovoltaic Devices by Surface Engineering Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-29
Zi-Yin Chen A Legal Study of Prosecutors Office Performing Duties in September Political Struggle ICAPS 2015-07-24
Chun-Chi Chen A Generalized Design Method for High-radix Word-based Montgomery Modular Multipliers Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-30
Bo-Yan Chen Study of Metal Oxides Nanocomposite for Carbon Dioxide Sensing Applications Electrical Engineering 2015-07-29
Chi-ho Chen Study of Cu2O-based photovoltaic devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-02
Bo-jyun Chen Design and Development of Automatic-Foldable Mechanical for Rollators Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-05
Yu-wen Chen Study on Massive MIMO Detector via Approximate Message Passing Algorithm Communications Engineering 2015-08-05
Chun-Chen Chen Fabrication of Photopolymerizable Silica by Sol-Gel Process and its Characteristics with High Refractive Index Species Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-01
Chun-Hsiang Chen Photo-induced modulation doping at Graphene/TiOx heterostructures Physics 2015-06-26
Kuan-Hung Chen Competitive Strategies of Home Appliances in Chinses Market- the Case Study of Electromagnetic Ovens EMBA 2015-08-06
Wei-Ju Chen The Influence of Virtual Community on Marketing Mix Business Management 2015-08-06
Hsin-Yu Chen Study of Thermal Activated Delayed Fluorescences doped in Polymer Phosphorescent Light-Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-07
Wei-Kang Chen Design of Wide Band Omnidirectional MIMO Antennas for Railway Applications Electrical Engineering 2015-08-08
Hsueh-Ting Chen The Effect of Organizational Political Behavior on Work Performance-Leadership Style as a Moderator Human Resource Management 2015-08-11
Chun-Chi Chen Cu-Catalyzed Denitrogenative Synthesis of Cyclic Tetrapeptides and The Development of MS-Based Analytical Platform Chemistry 2015-08-09
Ping-Yun Chen Study on the nitrification and denitrification of ammonia in high-salt petrochemical wastewater Environmental Engineering 2015-08-10
lei-yu chen The impact of “Client Information Statement” on choice of investment Economics 2015-08-03
Shih-fen Chen Multi-Receiver Predicate Encryption for Online Social Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-12
Guan-wei Chen Efficient Collection Mechanism Measuring Urban Air Quality by Vehicular Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-12
Yi-Ying Chen Fatigue Response of Rectangular Metal Thin Films Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-13
Ying-Pin Chen Study the mechanisms of Euphol in the modulation of TGF-β responsiveness. Biological Sciences 2015-08-14
Pi-mei Chen Determinants of government size : Evidence from Taiwan Finance 2015-08-14
Chih-Yu Chen Secure Reusable Garbled Random Access Machine Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-18
Yi-ting Chen Credit Rationing and Loan Collateral for Risky Investments under Asymmetric Information Economics 2015-08-19
Jia-Ching Chen Multifunctional detection of microfluidic optical fiber coupler Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-06-15
Jyun-Wei Chen Improving Ultraviolet Detection Performance of Nanostructured P-N Junction with Double Insulating Layers Electrical Engineering 2015-08-17
Kuo-tsung Chen Performance Evaluation of Taiwan Applied Biotechnology Industry-from Financial Perspectives EMBA 2015-08-24
Hua-chun Chen Reducing pollutant emissions from the diesel engine fueled with butanol/isobutanol/biodiesel/diesel blends by use of the plasma-enhanced combustion system Environmental Engineering 2015-08-21
Chien-Lung Chen Adaptive Linked-List Routing Algorithm with Wormhole Mechanism Electrical Engineering 2015-08-24
Hsin-Yu Chen Fabrication of the double-sided piezoelectric transducers on polyimide substrates Electrical Engineering 2015-08-24
Chen-Li Chen A Study on Status of Implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act -The Case of Taiwanese Companies Listed in USA EMBA 2015-08-26
Yu-Ching Chen The Outdoor Campaign Advertising in 2014 Elections for Kaohsiung City Councilors:An Exploratory Study Political Science 2015-08-26
Bo-Ru Chen A Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Design Using Stepped Impedance Stub-Loaded Resonators Electrical Engineering 2015-08-26
Jia-Long Chen Treatment of chromium-contaminated groundwater using chromate reducing bacteria Environmental Engineering 2015-08-26
Tien-yi Chen Designing specific primers and probes to detect the biomass of N2-fixing unicellular proteobacteria and cyanobacteria in the South China Sea Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-08-26
Pin-Han Chen Key Success Factors of Merger and Acquisition Strategy −A Case Study on Lenovo Business Management 2015-08-24
I-Chu Chen Between Light and Shadow- On Life and the Image Philosophy 2015-08-22
Mei-Hsia Chen Source Identification and Fugitive Emission Quantification of VOCs in Petrochemical Complexes by Using Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry Environmental Engineering 2015-08-21
Chien-Yu Chen Online Self-Tuning PSO Algorithm for PMSM Controller Design Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-01
Han-yu Chen Intention to participate in Engagement Marketing Activities in Social Media Information Management 2015-09-01
Ming-Ying Chen A Study of Service Quality Management Carried Out by Government Administrative Organizations - Using A Government Organization as an Example Human Resource Management 2015-09-03
Shih-Yuan Chen To Move or Not To Move? Impacts of Dynamic Imagery, Product Type and Perceived Risk toward Product Attitudes Business Management 2015-09-02
Jyun-Nan Chen GPU Compilation and Simulation for a Specialized Embedded System GPU Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-20
Ti-Wen Chen Temporospatial Distribution of Atmospheric Speciated Mercury and Their Chemical Characteristics at the Penghu Islands Environmental Engineering 2015-09-02
Jui-Chi Chen A Study on the Performance of Multiple Sub-Swarms for PSO Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-24
Shih-lei Chen A Study on Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy of Real Estate Industry in Taiwan EMBA 2015-09-08
Yi-yu Chen Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Marine Derived fungi, Trichoderma atroviride and T.reesi and Their Biological Activities. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-09-08
Chun-hao Chen An Enhanced Initialization Method for Codebook Generation Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-07
Yu-Huang Chen The mixing times for the Markov chain on graphs Applied Mathematics 2015-09-06
Fei-yen Chen The Implementation of Pedestrian Sidewalk Free-flowing Project : A Case Study of Tainan City Political Science 2015-09-06
Ching-Fang Chen The Analysis of Differentiation Strategy for Share Brokers EMBA 2015-09-08
Shih-Hsia Chen The impact of globalization in democratization and knowledge spillovers ICAPS 2015-09-08
Yu-Tsung Chen The Study of Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction towards the Turnover Intention of Voluntary Soldiers: A Case Study of the Headquarter of Naval Fleets in the Republic of China EMPP 2015-06-26
Kuan-hao Chen The protective effects of curcumin on the pancreatic juice induced lung injury. Biological Sciences 2015-09-02
Wei-Ling Chen 'Bad News Travel Fast' or 'Rumor End with Sage?' Effects of Negative Word of Mouth Type, Service Type and Temporal Distance Business Management 2015-09-09
Wei-Long Chen Back Muscles Training Using Computer-Aided Design Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-10
Sheng-jie Chen Hydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Herringbone-Grooved Journal Bearing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-11
Ken-Yen Chen Understanding the factors of LBS app downloads as a privacy calculus Information Management 2015-09-11
Kuo-Shing Chen Essays on Asset Allocation Strategy under Taxing Billionaires and Housing Endowment Innovation Finance 2015-09-13
Cian-Jing Chen Effects of Kaohsiung City’s ‘Bus E-take’ Program: An Analysis Based on Passenger Volume and Intention to Ride Public Affairs Management 2015-10-22
Kuei-ian Chen Uni-directional Propagating Phonon by Spatial-Temporal Selective Excitation Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-12-07
Yi-Chieh Chen A Workbench for Fault-Tolerant Microprocessor with Multiple HW/SW Approaches Computer Science and Engineering 2015-12-23
Wen-Hung Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Intersection Monitoring IoT System Information Management 2015-12-24
Chun-Yu Chen Analysis and Modeling of Nanowire MOSFETs on SOI Substrate Electrical Engineering 2016-01-06
Hsiu-Ju Chen A Study of Bank Performance Evaluation Model in Taiwan's Financial Institutions Business Management 2016-01-03
Wei-da Chen A Study on the Strategy of e-Sports Companies in Taiwan―The Case of Garena Business Management 2015-06-25
Cheng-yeh Chen Applying Chameleon Hash Function to Implement the Secure Schemes for Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-01-13
Cheng-Han Chen A study on the geometrical parameters for the caisson based OWC wave energy converting system Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-01-13
Ying-Han Chen Time-dependent and interface-controlled deformation behavior of Zr-Cu metallic glasses Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-01-13
Ming-Chuan Chen Feasibility of Treatment of Wastewater Containing Sulfate and Ammonia by Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-01-14
Yu-chen Chen Four LTE MIMO Antennas for the Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2016-01-15
Chih-Hsiang Chen Pre-market Trading and IPO Underpricing Business Management 2016-01-21
Ya-chen Chen Private school shuts down and the protection of fundamental rights in the Era of Low birth-rate. ICAPS 2016-01-25
Li-Chai Chen Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and wound healing effects of the marine natural products Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-01-27
I-Yu Chen An Exploration Process of Students’ Entrepreneurial Team Formation Business Management 2016-02-02
Po-Wen Chen From Practice towards Entrepreneurship -The Story of 3 Film Studio Entrepreneurs Business Management 2016-02-13
Kuo-tung Chen Research on A Company's Difference Based on the Service Marketing Strategy Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2016-01-25
I-chieh Chen The study of material and electrical properties of Ag-Cu thin films applied in resistive random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-02-03
Chao-Yeh Chen The Study of Improving the Quality of Laser Drilling for Ceramic Substrate by External Electric Field Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-02-16
Chao-chun Chen Systematics of Millipede Genus Nedyopus Attems, 1914 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae, Nedyopodini) Biological Sciences 2016-02-04
Yueh-ching Chen The Impact of Different Parliamentary Oversight Systems under Semi-presidentialism upon Practical Oversight Behaviors - A Comparison between Taiwanese Legislative Yuan and French National Assembly (2008-2012) Political Science 2016-02-16
Yi-tien Chen A Study on Strategic Positioning and Sustainable Competitive Advantages of the Old-House-Reborn Bed & Breakfast Cases Business Management 2015-06-25
Han-de Chen Studies on ABT-751-induced apoptosis and autophagy via reactive oxygen species in hepatocellular carcinoma-derived Huh-7 cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-02-18
Shih-Hua Chen The Minuet Movements in Haydn's Keyboard Sonatas Music 2016-02-19
Liang-Ching Chen Exploring the influence of social factors on Population Changes and Spatial Distribution in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2016-03-01
Yu-chi Chen Study of Hydroforming of Profile Tubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-04
You-Ren Chen Quantitative Evaluation of Defects on Supports of Pipeline Using Magnetostrictive EMAT Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-24
Yu-rong Chen Effectively Aggregating Big Data for Visualization Information Management 2016-05-11
Shih-hsiung Chen A Multilevel Analysis of the Moderated Mediation Effect on Organizational Identification between Person-Organization fit and Turnover Intention Human Resource Management 2016-05-17
Shu-Lin Chen Applying Healthcare Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the Improvement of Central Venous Catheter Bundle Care Business Management 2016-05-16
Guan-wen Chen Design and Development of Value-added Functionalities for Data Concentrator Units in Advanced Metering Infrastructure Electrical Engineering 2016-05-25
Jen-jun Chen An Action Research of Developing a Normalized E-learning Instructional Design in a Junior High School English Class Education 2016-05-30
Cheng-Yuan Chen Interactive Learning of Strategic Perspective: The Transition of Kaohsiung Industry through DAKUO Business Management 2016-06-12
Yi-Chun Chen A Study on Factors Affecting Word of Mouth of Blog Business Management 2016-06-16
Chi-yen Chen A Research of Expansion Strategy of Chain Store Theatre Arts 2016-06-15
Hsuan Chen Fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot interferometer based on beveled fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-06-17
Huan Chen Application of economic factors in investment Finance 2016-06-18
Guei-siang Chen A Study on Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Brands in Chinese Home Appliance Market. Business Management 2016-06-23
Chih-wei Chen Relationship between Each Financial Indicators of Commercial Banks Operating Performance Business Management 2016-06-25
Chun-Yi Chen Dual Ion Source Composed of Helium Plasma and Electrospray Ionizations for Ambient Mass Spectrometry Detections Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-06-29
Tian-zong Chen Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Attenuates CCl4 induced Liver Fibrosis in Rat Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-07-04
Wen-ling Chen A Study of the Second Abe Regime's Diplomatic Strategy toword China EMPP 2016-07-07
Yi-Ting Chen Study on satisfaction of pharmacists professional people - Taipei City Bureau of traditional medicine and pharmacy chain Case EMBA 2016-07-05
Hsuan-Yin Chen Saturable Absorption and Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics Study of Topological Insulators Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-05
Wei-Ming Chen Application of Daphnia magna toxicity test to evaluate treatment efficiency of TMAH wastewater using a modified UASB system Environmental Engineering 2016-07-06
Shi-Han Chen Whose Population Policy- The Transformation of Technocracy Institute of Sociology 2016-06-29
Po-Wen Chen Design and Application of Communication Gateway for Smart Grid Electrical Engineering 2016-07-02
GUANG CHEN Hold-up Problem and the Optimal Allocation of Control Right: From the Perspective of the Investor Economics 2016-07-10
Yan-Lin Chen The Value Assessment of Alibaba— The Research of Gross Merchandise Volume and the Problem of Fakes Finance 2016-07-10
Yu-Hsing Chen The Study of Brand Building Model in Direct Selling Industry – A Case of Company M Business Management 2016-07-11
Min-Hung Chen Marketing Strategy Analysis of Smart Home Application in Neonatal Care Market EMBA 2016-06-29
Yung-yu Chen A Study of Project Procurement Strategy: the Perspective of Game Theory EMBA 2016-07-01
Wei-Jen Chen Research on Strategies for Entering Global Markets – the Case of Dyehouse Automation Industry EMBA 2016-07-14
Jui-fang Chen Linear magnetoresistance in Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator Physics 2016-07-14
Sung-Ping Chen Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator in Functionalized GaBi Honeycomb Physics 2016-07-13
Yu-chen Chen A Study of Relationship among LMX, Workplace Friendship, Communication Style and Expectation of Relationship Human Resource Management 2016-07-09
Wei-chi Chen Development of optical fiber assisted technique for intramedullary nailing Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-13
Jiun-hong Chen Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Carbon-Hydrogen Activation Reaction to 1-methyl-N-phenyl-1H-indole-3-carboxamide to 11-methyl-5H-indolo[3,2-c]quinolin-6(11H)-one Chemistry 2016-07-18
Zhi-Hao Chen Gold-Catalyzed Cyclization of 2-((2-(phenylethynyl)phenyl)ethynyl)aniline derivatives with substituent 1,5-shift to substituted Benzo[a]carbazoles Chemistry 2016-07-18
Kuan-Wen Chen A Study on Taiwan's Business Comprehensive Index - Application of TAIEX Early Warning Finance 2016-06-24
Szu-ying Chen Does Senior be the Opportunity of Performing Arts Market? Theatre Arts 2016-06-23
Chun-Hui Chen Direct Grid-Connected Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generators with Real-time Remote Control and Database Analysis System Electrical Engineering 2016-07-19
Chia-wen Chen The Bowings of Vitali’s Chaconne related to Baroque treatises on violin playing. Music 2016-07-18
I-ju Chen Using Eye-tracking Technology to Explore the Effects of different Multimedia Presentations on Recognizing Chinese Characters Education 2016-07-14
Yen-jung Chen Changes of conventions and ceremonies of Hakka's marriage in Liu-Tui Chinese Literature 2016-07-20
Yi-hsuan Chen The effect of democracy value on whistleblowing intentions Human Resource Management 2016-07-19
Ching-wen Chen Certificateless Signature Scheme Achieving Highest-Level Security in the Standard Model Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-21
Sze-ting Chen The Effects of Institutional Legitimacy, Social Capital, and Government Relationship on Clustered Firms’ Performance in Emerging Economies Business Management 2016-07-19
Tai-Feng Chen A Multi-Dimension Signature Compaction Method for Efficient SoC Error Identification Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-22
Szu-Yu Chen Studies on the molecular mechanisms of a novel tumor suppressor, EMP2-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in urinary bladder urothelial carcinoma-derived cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-07-25
Wei-ran Chen Probing the Allosteric Effects of 2,3-BPG Functional Substitutes in Mediating the Structure and Function of Human Hemoglobin and Its Variants Chemistry 2016-07-27
Yen-ting Chen Develop Raman Spectrometry coupled with Laser Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry Interface for the Application of Polymer Analysis Chemistry 2016-07-25
Yi Chen Understanding Social Network Sites Stressor And it’s impacts on Exhaustion, Online Social Well-Being, and Continuance Intention: The Facebook case Information Management 2016-07-27
Hsin-lung Chen The Study of Key Success Factor of the Construction Company after Implementing New Regulation of Housing and Land Tax Unity-A Case Study of Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2016-07-27
Wan-Jyun Chen A study of Steiner number and geodetic number in graphs Applied Mathematics 2016-07-28
Yi-Ling Chen Resonance-Tracking Relay-Feedback Drive of Ultrasonic Transducer Electrical Engineering 2016-07-28
Wei-chi Chen The Changing History of World Movie Industries and the Hegemony of Hollywood Political Science 2016-07-28
Chiu-Hua Chen Effects of SGLT-2 inhibitor on mitochondrial function in renal proximal tubular cell Biological Sciences 2016-08-19
Jhih-Han Chen Surface Photochemistry of Nitrogen-Containing Molecules on Au (111) Chemistry 2016-08-01
Chung-ho Chen A Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Wind Turbines Transmission System by Transfer Matrix Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-30
Chun-yu Chen Enhanced conductivity of PEDOT: PSS electrode by dipping with formic acid for ITO-free organic light emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-21
Chung-Mao Chen Studies on Amendment of The Communication Security and Surveillance Act and its Dilemma in Practice Political Science 2016-07-22
Chao-Wei Chen The Analysis of a Heuristic Algorithm for Detecting Articulation Points in Zone Routing Protocol Electrical Engineering 2016-07-27
Ching-yu Chen Two-dimensional grating sensors based on guided-mode resonance effect Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-28
Di-Chun Chen Discussion on subjective well-being and organizational commitment to the field of intimacy as an intermediary to regulate social support Human Resource Management 2016-08-01
Chi-Chung Chen Bayesian analysis for mixture nonlinear mixed-effects models with skewed random effects and errors with application to an ovarian cancer study Applied Mathematics 2016-08-04
Yi-uan Chen Analysis and Evaluation of Random-Based Message Propagation Models on the Social Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-27
Yuan-hao Chen Influential Trade Detection in Stock Markets Applied Mathematics 2016-08-03
Chi-yao Chen The role of social capital in the development of social enterprise: a case study on companies providing medical services in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-08-07
MEI-LING CHEN Management strategy taken by multinational companies in their different internationalization stages Human Resource Management 2016-08-05
Wei-quan Chen Controlled synthesis of Ag/Fe2O3 nanocomposites on graphene as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media Chemistry 2016-08-06
Wei-hung Chen Analysis of Important Factors Affecting the Relationship between Corporate Customers and Commercial Banks- From Foreign Banks Perceptive EMBA 2016-07-26
Jyun-de Chen Fabrication of metal-semiconductor materials by polydopamine and its application in SERS Chemistry 2016-08-04
Chun-fu Chen Improved Design of the Abyss Twisted-pair Imaging System Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-08-09
Sheng-chih Chen The research team to establish strategic map of job performance and enhance B.S.C Human Resource Management 2016-07-19
Wei-chih Chen The Effect of Leg Geometry on Resistance and Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for Far-Infrared Ray Bolometer Device Electrical Engineering 2016-08-10
Liang-Yu Chen Electrochemical responses and mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloys made by 3D printing SLM additive manufacture Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-10
Yan-Ru Chen Hardware Architecture of RSA cryptosystem with hybrid-radix word-based Montgomery Modular Multiplication Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-10
Ling Chen Scenery Outside the Classroom - The Establishment and Management of Performing Arts Course Theatre Arts 2016-08-08
Jyun-Hong Chen An Experimental Study of DNA Molecules Stretching and Deformation in Microchannels via CLSM/TIRFM Optical Measurement Techniques Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-12
Meng-chih Chen The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership, High-Performance HR Practice and Line Staff Service Behavior – Take Tourism Industry For Example Human Resource Management 2016-08-10
Chien-Ming Chen Fabrication of CuGaSe2/Si heterostructures for solar-cell applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-11
Rou-an Chen The Effect of the Global Socio-scientific Issues Instruction on Students’ Argumentation Skill and Learning Interest Education 2016-08-15
Jing-Zi Chen The Impact of Future Environmental Imagination on Students’ Environmental Action: Using Story Model into the Sustainable Project as an Example Education 2016-08-15
Chun-An Chen Entrepreneurship Case studies ~ Confucius Human Resource Management 2016-08-12
Yu-you Chen Ti-Cu-Ni and Ti-Ag-Pd 800oC phase diagrams study Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-17
Yi-Fei Chen Guilt or Shame? The Influences of Self/Other-Benefit Appeals and Power on Advertising Effectiveness of Social Marketing Business Management 2016-08-17
Jian-Hung Chen Construction of Perfect Sequence with Length 2p Communications Engineering 2016-08-16
Yu-yen Chen Mechanical Properties Calculations for Metal IMC at Reflow Temperature – Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-22
Mei-ling Chen A Study of Critical Success Factors in HRIS Implementation: Analysis of Innovation Readiness Human Resource Management 2016-08-13
Mei-Hsiu Chen Frederick Delius' Sonata in B major for Violin and Piano, Op. posth Music 2016-08-18
Kuan-Lin Chen Design and Synthesis of Dihydroquinolin-4-imine and its Application in Protein Fluorescent Labeling Chemistry 2016-07-22
Yue Chen Characterization of CuAlSe2/Si heterostructures grown by MBE Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-23
Hong-mi Chen Space and Identity in Tash Aw's Map of the Invisible World Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-23
De-Yang Chen A Case Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Hidden Champion Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2016-06-25
Kun-Hsien Chen Research on NaSrPO4: Re (Re=Tb3+, Sm3+, Tb3+ /Ce3+) phosphate based phosphors applied in white light LED Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-24
Yen-hao Chen A Verifiable Payment Mechanism with Privacy-Preserving in Smart Grid Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-29
Pin-Ju Chen Body, Vision, and Everyday Photography Philosophy 2016-08-30
Wan-yu Chen The Management of Competition and Cooperation during the Trasnformation from OEM to OBM:Taking U Company as an Example EMBA 2016-08-31
Tzung-Yu Chen Non-invasive Blood Pressure Measurement using Piezoelectric Strain Gauges Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-30
Ting-Huei Chen The study of silica nanoparticles base on the sol-gel method Physics 2016-09-07
Man-Jing Chen Remote control of lentivirus for RNA interference therapy Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2016-08-30
Yi-Hau Chen Hierarchical Multipartite Function Evaluation Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-01
Lu-Wen Chen A Neural Science Study on the Effect of Product Recommendation in Electronic Commerce Information Management 2016-09-03
Yan-Han Chen XY Table Motion Control by Using Cross Coupling Law Electrical Engineering 2016-09-05
Si-Wei Chen Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Wide-Range Voltage Conversion Ratios Electrical Engineering 2016-08-30
Wei-ting Chen An Adaptive Dimming System by Using Wireless Brain-computer Interface Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-06
Shu-Fang Chen The Autonomic Function and Cerebral Autoregulation in Patients with Epilepsy Biological Sciences 2016-09-04
Jou-yin Chen The Design and Implementation of Linux Containers Management System for Host Cluster Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-07
Ching-chia Chen A Review of Public Affairs Management on the Work Experience of Chinese Marriage Immigrants in Central and Southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-09-07
Hung-jie Chen Investigation on the electronic structures of AlO/ZnO superlattices Physics 2016-08-05
Shu-Hui Chen MNC’s International Strategies and Foreign Staffing Decisions-Cultural Distance as a Moderator EMBA 2016-08-28
Chaio-Yin Chen Performance Design of Place Narratives— Hamaseng, Yanchenpu, and Chekhow Seagull Theatre Arts 2016-09-07
Szu-Chieh Chen Use failure mode and effects analysis to evaluate Green University Policies:A Case Study of National Sun Yat-sen University Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-29
Shou-fu Chen NMR diffusion and relaxation reveal significant ionic influence and macromolecular crowding effect on the performance of magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent Chemistry 2016-09-08
Meng-Chen Chen How the Magnitude on Okun’s Law-An Empirical Studies for the Taiwan’s Case Finance 2016-06-23
Po-yun Chen Hexaazatrinaphthaline Polyether-Polymer-Lithium Ion Hybrid: Mesophase Stability and Potential Application Chemistry 2016-09-08
Yi-chen Chen Study of tristable cholesteric liquid crystal in multi-electrode driving system Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-08
Chia-ying Chen Speech Emotion Recognition Using Factor Analysis and Identity Vectors Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-09
Shih-ting Chen Adaptive ABS Adjustment Scheme with QoS Consideration in LTE-A Heterogeneous Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-09
Po-Chang Chen Using Mobile App For Personalized Hotel Recommendation Information Management 2016-09-12
Shih-hsuan Chen Ant-Based Location-Aided Routing for Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2016-09-21
Chung-hsiang Chen Novel Cassette-Based Two Dimensional Paper Chromatography Integrated with Electrospray Ionization for Mass Spectrometry Detections Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-20
Hui-lu Chen The role of spinal transforming growth factor-beta 1 in the anti-nociceptive effects of a marine-derived peptide in neuropathic rats Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-10-14
Ming-Hsiao CHEN A Study of Ma-Sen’s Wandering in the Night Chinese Literature 2016-10-21
Yen-Ping Chen A Similarity Ranking Method based on Distance and Velocity for Social Networks Electrical Engineering 2016-11-15
Hui-ju Chen Study on Effect of Surface Wave no Vertical Acoustic Propagation Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-11-18
Hsiang-Ting Chen Effects of Female Role Model-driven Inquiry Teaching on Students’ Engagement in Science Career Education 2016-11-27
You-Hong Chen Highly Fluorescent Semiconducting Polymer Dots:(1)Applicate in Imaging of Latent Fingerprints;(2) Survive in Surroundings of High Ionic Strength by Packing Layered Double Hydroxides Chemistry 2016-11-29
Yen-han Chen The importance of Partial Succession in Family Businesses: An Exploratory Approach Human Resource Management 2016-11-29
Jing-Ru Chen Development of A Behavior-Level Error Simulation and Analysis Platform and Its Applications to Image Processing Circuits Electrical Engineering 2016-12-02
Chun-Hong Chen The therapeutic effects of coral-compound and PTEN in rats with traumatic spinal cord injury Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-12-05
Hsin-Ping Chen Research on the Different Effects among Native Advertising, Banner Advertising and the Web Page Consistency Concerning User Experience and Advertising Effectiveness Information Management 2016-12-09
Tzu-chun Chen Healing cute friends-The healing effect of cute elements Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-12-13
Chao-Fei Chen Comparison of the Traditional Option Margining System and SPAN-- Does SPAN Really Charge Less Margin Finance 2016-12-15
Lyu-an Chen Whole-brain T1 Mapping and CNR Optimization using MP3RAGE pulse sequence at 3.0Tesla Electrical Engineering 2016-12-22
Nan-Ning Chen Exploring the Reported Position of Public Issues and Majority of Citizen Opinions Influencing Citizen Opinions Expressed in App of Citizen Participations Information Management 2016-12-27
Yu-Cheng Chen Programmable Real-time Distributed Computing Architecture on EtherCAT Electrical Engineering 2016-12-30
Hsien-chun Chen Image Discrepancy around Role Matters: The Effects of the Discrepant Perception of Professional Work between Professionals and Clients on Client Loyalty Human Resource Management 2017-01-02
Kuan-Hung Chen Protective Effect of Combined Melatonin and Exendin-4 Treatment against Cardiorenal Syndrome Biological Sciences 2017-01-07
Yu-ching Chen A Study on the Key Success Factors of Mobile Learning in Financial Industry - an example from a financial holding company Human Resource Management 2017-01-11
Kuo-Hsien Chen A Probability-Based MAI Cancellation Scheme for a Precoded MC-CDMA System Communications Engineering 2017-01-12
Shiou-ting Chen The Pacific Regional Trade Policy Competition Between US-TPP & China-RCEP ICAPS 2017-01-16
Zhi-wei Chen Design and Implementation of Highly-parallel Efficient BVH Tree Builder Architecture for Ray Tracing Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-16
Pao-yuan Chen Problems of Number Theory in American High School Mathematics Competitions Applied Mathematics 2017-01-18
Bo-Hong Chen Process Design and Heading of Titanium Alloy Screws for Dental Implants Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-18
Chuan-Wang Chen Making the analysis of Taiwan return on investment of securities based on internet information Economics 2017-01-17
Hsi-He Chen Evaluation of Surface Localization and Underwater Communication Systems for the IUT AUV Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-01-23
Nai-wei Chen The impact of soil liquefaction on housing price – A case of Kaohsiung City Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-02-05
Yi-chun Chen Developing An IT-enabled Yacht Match Service Model: A Case Study of H Yacht Company Information Management 2017-02-08
Chun-yang Chen Spectrum-Efficient Precoding Design for Full-Duplex MIMO Relay Systems Communications Engineering 2017-02-13
Jen-yu Chen Planktonic Foraminiferal Distribution, Weight and Area Density around Kueishantao Island Department of Oceanography 2017-02-13
Wan-ping Chen Dynamic Asset Allocation Based on Extreme Value Theory and Copulas Finance 2017-02-15
Zhi-Cheng Chen The effects of skeleton extract obtained from marine organisms on wound healing Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-02-20
Yen-Ting Chen Metal concentrations in the white muscles of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Department of Oceanography 2017-01-08
Pi-ching Chen A discussion on the second-generation succession problem of family business Human Resource Management 2017-02-20
Wei-jiun Chen The Impact of Third Party Audio and Video Materials - The Case of Kaohsiung Gas Explosion Incident Institute of Marketing Communication 2017-02-25
Po-Hsu Chen The association of patients with hyperlipidemia take traditional Chinese medicine with the occurrence of atherosclerosis: A nationwide population-based cohort study Computer Science and Engineering 2017-03-15
Hsin-Wei Chen An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Civil Servants' Psychological Empowerment and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Citizenship Behavior for the Environment. Public Affairs Management 2017-05-04
Li-Ju Chen Design and Implementation of Compact Dual-Band Bandpass Filter and EMI Filter Array for Personal Portable System Electrical Engineering 2017-05-06
Pei-Hsien Chen Detection of pancreas cancer markers CEA and CA19-9 antigen by AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor biosensor Physics 2017-05-08
Chun-ming Chen Does Equity Market Liberalization Reduce Financing Constrains? Evidence from Taiwan Finance 2017-05-10
Jen Chen An Adlerian Group-Based Intervention for Counseling Adolescent Smokers to Quit Smoking Education 2017-05-23
Yi-Chang Chen Market Fundamentals, Rational Expectations and Herding Behavior Finance 2017-05-31
Yi-Cian Chen Customer Satisfaction of Real Estate Service - A Perspective of Co-creation Behavior Business Management 2017-06-07
Yi-Fan Chen The Role and Mechanism of Galectin-1 and ROGDI in Cervical Cancer Cell Radio-sensitivity Biological Sciences 2017-06-12
Shu-Yuan Chen The effect of trust and perceived risk on willingness of outpatient services: A case of Chinese medicine clinic at Kaohsiung EMBA 2017-06-09
Hsing-yi Chen The Studies of Investigation Method for Illegal Dumping Sites on Dapingding Area Environmental Engineering 2017-06-20
Chi-ling Chen Investigation of Cooperative Inquiry Teaching on Promoting Children’s Attitudes towards Science and Inquiry Competency Education 2017-06-20
Huei-Yang Chen Automatic Detection of the Asymmetric Intervals of EEG by Using the Correlation Analysis of Amplitudes Computer Science and Engineering 2017-06-20
Rong-Fu Chen A Subset-Lattice Algorithm for Mining High Utility Patterns over the Data Stream Sliding Window Computer Science and Engineering 2017-06-20
Chih-Wei Chen A Study on Key Success Factors of New Product Development – Based on an Example of Company A in the Thermal Industry EMBA 2017-06-22
Hung-lung Chen Genic Pattern Recognition with Technical Analysis and Machine Learning Finance 2017-06-23
Tsung-Min Chen The Impact of Global Transportation Megatrend on Automobile Industry: An Exploratory Research Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-05-17
Hsin-Pao Chen Business Plan for Industrial Equipment Business Management 2017-06-11
GU CHEN A Study on Internationalization Strategies of Chinese Traditional Catering Business-The Cases of DinTaiFung and Hidilao Hot Pot Business Management 2017-06-26
Po-Wei Chen Output decision after acquisition with principal-agent problem Economics 2017-06-27
Ying-rong Chen A Study on Strategic Positioning and Competitive Advantages of Independent Bookstores Business Management 2017-06-29
Yan-hua Chen A Practicability Study on the Expansion of Stainless Steel Industry:A Case Study of A Company Finance 2017-06-23
Yan-Ling Chen The Effect of Fashion Brands' Diversification into Restaurant Industry on Brand Equity Business Management 2017-06-23
Nai-chien Chen Effects of Positive-Oriented Teaching Program on Improving Elementary School Students' Optimistic Beliefs and Well-beings. Education 2017-06-27
Hao-ya Chen Adaptive Enhancement and Glow Removal of Low-light Images Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-04
Chang-Nien Chen Physical-Layer Security Design for Distribution Detection In Sensor Networks with Relays Communications Engineering 2017-07-03
Chia-li Chen Job Characteristics, Job Burnout and Innovative Behavior of Civil Servants Human Resource Management 2017-07-03
Jian-Ting Chen The Impacts of Brand Building and Innovative Marketing to Local Feature Industry - A Case of New Taipei City WanLi Crab EMBA 2017-06-28
Chao-Cheng Chen The Discussion of Turnover Factor in Big Accounting Firm Based on Herd Behavior EMBA 2017-06-20
Pei-Yu Chen A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy of Aluminum Corporation in Vietnam EMBA 2017-07-07
Wei-Che Chen The Influence of Negative Traits in Bargaining Games Economics 2017-07-04
Cheng-Hui Chen The Study on the Operation of Monuments’Activation:Taking Company S’s L Historic Site as an Example EMBA 2017-07-08
Ting-Kai Chen Calibrating and Testing of the Low Price Force Plates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-07
Ting-Jheng Chen The Planning and Analysis of Micro-Grids for Wangan Island of Penhu Electrical Engineering 2017-07-14
Shih-hsi Chen Development and Applications of Thermal Desorption Combined with Flame-induced Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2017-07-11
Yen-Lin Chen Investigation of Wrinkles in Extensional Centrally Notched Rectangular Thin Films Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-18
Shu-Kung Chen Using UTAUT2 Model To Explore Consumer Adoption Of Mobile Trading APP Provided By Securities Firm Business Management 2017-07-12
Yi-Hsin Chen 1. Cloud point extraction combined with ETV-ICP-MS for silver nanoparticles determination in water samples 2. Determination of Cr, As, Cd, Sb, Hg and Pb in eyeshadows by ETV-ICP-MS Chemistry 2017-07-19
I-Yin Chen A study of global citizenship literacy of elementary and secondary students in Taiwan Education 2017-07-06
Wun-Yu Chen Hypervalent Iodine-Mediated Reaction of Anilines with Pyridines to Benzo[4,5]imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine Derivatives Chemistry 2017-07-19
Chien-Lun Chen Doppler-Shift Detection of Wi-Fi Signals Combined with Computer Vision Processing for Tracking 3D Hand Gesture Trajectory Electrical Engineering 2017-07-19
Wei-tsun Chen 1. Determination of trace elements and thallium speciation analysis in tobacco using ICP-MS and HPLC-ICP-MS 2. Determination of trace elements in eyeshadow using FI-CVG-ICP-MS Chemistry 2017-07-19
Shih-Chiang Chen Functionalization of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials of MoS2 with Thiol-Terminated Molecules for Biomolecular Detection, Cellular Imaging, and Drug Delivery Chemistry 2017-07-21
Yi-hsun Chen The impact of the visual complexity on curiosity and communication effectiveness: Evidence from the leaflets of health insurance Finance 2017-07-18
Bo-Cun chen The Industrial Development of Cijin Area in Kaohsiung - A Case of CCRCs ICAPS 2017-07-21
Sih-Yue Chen Design and Fabrication of the Multi-functional Projected Fringe Profilometry Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-05
Cian-Hao Chen Network-Coding-Assisted Cooperative MAC Protocols for Cognitive Vehicular Networks Electrical Engineering 2017-07-26
Hung-Kai Chen Dynamic lipidomics of lipid bodies in coral-Symbiodinium endosymbiosis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-05-11
Che-Hong Chen Exchange Rate Forecasting based on Economic and Financial Information Finance 2017-07-26
Ming-chu Chen The Business Administration Management of Taiwan Temples Business Management 2017-07-21
Yi-Chen Chen Investigation of Hybrid Metamaterial for Enhancing Efficiency of Wireless Power Transfer Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-07-29
Jia-De Chen Develop Real-time Remote Monitoring and Big Data Analysis System For Stand-Alone Excited Synchronous Wind Power System Electrical Engineering 2017-08-02
Ying-Chun Chen Performance Evaluation of Simultaneous Electrocoagulation/ Electrofiltration Process Coupled with Tubular Composite Membranes Containing Graphene and Alumina for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants in Various Aqueous Solutions Environmental Engineering 2017-08-03
Wei-Chih Chen Investigation of poly(arylene ether)s applications in deep blue polymer light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-02
Hong-wen Chen The Analysis of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Distribution Channel in China ICAPS 2017-08-03
Li-Chiun Chen Investigation of Crystal Properties of Topological Superconductor Group-IIIA Doped Bi2Te3 by Melting Growth Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-02
Chi-Yan Chen Optical properties of periodic and aperiodic metallic slit arrays Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-07
Ying-Chieh Chen A Study of Indicatior Construction and Empirical Analysis for High School Brand Equity Education 2017-07-25
Yi Ting Chen The Relationship Among Employee Demand-Ability Fit, Task Performance and Promotability Ratings: The Moderating Effect of Political Skill Human Resource Management 2017-08-01
Ying-ren Chen Parallel Computing for Solving the Power Flow Equations Applied Mathematics 2017-08-11
Pin-You Chen Campus Demand Response Power Dispatch Electrical Engineering 2017-08-14
Ming-Hsiung Chen An Research Discourse On Hsiu-Chu Hung and Ing-Wen Tsai Political Science 2017-08-15
Wei-Shiang Chen An Energy-Efficient Localized Chain Formation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2017-08-15
Zih-ying Chen Loss of lnx1 impairs zebrafish vascular development mediated by VEGF and BMP pathways Biological Sciences 2017-08-17
Li-Hui Chen Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanism of Hot Carrier Degradation in SOI MOSFETs Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-17
Wei-tsung Chen Mechanism of multiple bubbles entrapped as pores in solid during solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-10
Yi-Long Chen Study on Axial Magnetic Anti-breaking Transmission Device Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-19
Wei-Hao Chen Efficient Key-Aggregate Proxy Re-Encryption for Secure Data Sharing in Clouds Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-21
Kuan-Chung Chen Efficient Path Scheduling of Mobile Data Collectors in Wireless Sensor Networks with Differentiated Data Rates Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-21
Guan-Hua Chen A Low-cost and Scalable High-radix Word-based Montgomery Modular Multiplier Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-18
Ting-Shuo Chen Spatiotemporal Variation and Long-range Transport of Atmospheric Speciated Mercury in the Intersection of Northern Philippines and Southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2017-08-21
Li-hsueh Chen Can pay-for-performance trim the fat? A case study from employees' turnover rate. Human Resource Management 2017-08-20
Jian-hong Chen Study of Carrier Transport Properties of Triazolopyridine Derivatives Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-22
Ai-chi Chen A study on Marketing Strategy - Taking Houseleek Juice Cup as an Example Business Management 2017-08-20
Chu-Huang Chen Effect of electrodeposited nickel coating on selective oxidation and hot-dip galvanizing of a Mn-Al advanced high strength steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-29
Yin-Chih Chen Optimal Design and Control of Interconnected Transformers for Photovoltaic Generation Systems Considering Reliability Criterion Electrical Engineering 2017-08-29
Yu-Chun Chen The Synthetic Cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2 Potentiates TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis through Modulation of Death Receptors Biological Sciences 2017-08-28
Ching-Fu Chen Analysis of Cladding Parameters of Stellite 6 Alloy in Directed Laser Deposition Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-28
Yu-tang Chen Music Retrieval by Learning from Automated Logs with Semantic Features Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-28
Tzu-Yu Chen An Exploratory Study of the Safety Culture: an example of Taiwan Merchant Marine Seafarers IMA 2017-08-29
Cheng-shun Chen A Study on daVinci surgery Competitive Strategies of Taiwan Experience Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2017-07-19
Cheng-Jung Chen Heat transfer affected by surface plasmon in metal subject to electromagnetic wave Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-16
Tsan-Pin Chen A Study on Experience Marketing of High Involvement Product: A Case Study of L League Business Management 2017-09-05
I-Ching Chen A Case Study on Integrated Marketing Communication of Rockbund Art Museum Theatre Arts 2017-08-22
Rui-xian Chen The empathy and the arts of satire in Bai Xian-Yong's 'Taipei people' Chinese Literature 2017-08-29
YI-YEN CHEN Study on the bio-sludge reduction in an organic wastewater treatment plant by using an agent containing specific microorganisms. Environmental Engineering 2017-08-29
Sheng -yuan Chen Long-term outcomes after the percutaneous treatment of drug-eluting stent restenosis Business Management 2017-09-06
Chun-Fu Chen Maximum Power Point Tracking with Bidirectional Partial Power Regulation for Series Photovoltaic Panels Electrical Engineering 2017-09-06
Kuan-Lin Chen Joint Device-to-Device and Small Cell On/Off with Energy Saving in Dense Small Cell Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-06
Pei-Lin Chen Charging/Discharging Strategy with Differential Voltage Method for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Electrical Engineering 2017-09-07
Yen-Hsun Chen The Effect of Current on the Catch of Set Net -A Case Study of Set Net at Nan’ao Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-09-08
Yu-Ai Chen Keyboard Fandangos in The Eighteenth-Century Spain Music 2017-09-07
Xiang-Jun Chen User Designable Interactive Artificial Aquarium with Leap Motion Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-11
Ming-nan Chen A Study on the Staff Performance Indicators of Purchasing Department-A Case Study of A Manufacturing Company Business Management 2017-09-10
Wei-Hung Chen Spider silk film as a linkage layer in Bloch surface wave-enhanced grating sensor Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-11
Ching-ju Chen Taxonomic Revision of the Syngnathinae (Pices: Syngnathidae) in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2017-09-11
Yu-Wen Chen The Study on the Factors which Influence Talent Retention of Bank by Digitized Financial EMBA 2017-09-11
Pin-Jui Chen Success Factors of B2B Cross-Border E-Commerce Information Management 2017-09-15
Yi-Yun Chen The Intervention Effects of the Mindfulness Training App on Smartphone Usage Behavior Information Management 2017-09-12
Hung-Lun Chen A Hybrid SPM-Cache with Tag-Based Hot Cache Sets Support Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-11
Shang-Cyuan Chen Study of the biodiesel and bioethanol production efficiency from different catalysts under a microwave system Environmental Engineering 2017-08-25
Wei-Sheng Chen The Study of Carrier Cooling and Auger Heating in InN Physics 2017-09-12
Chia-Wen Chen The Effects of Content of Food Image and Social Influence on Like Click Behavior– A Case of Instagram Information Management 2017-09-14
Hung-Yen Chen A 10-bit 250 MS/s Binary Search and two channel SAR ADC with a two bit per conversion and error tolerance ability Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-14
Bo-Yu Chen Study of Flipping the Electric Dipole Moment in Ferroelectric materials Physics 2017-09-15
Huan-Pin Chen Studies on Electrolytic Abrasive Polishing of Aluminum Rod Using Conductive Polymer Tool Electrolytically Dressing In-process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-31
Ming-Hsien Chen Public-Private Partnerships in Social Assistance: An Interactive Growth Model of Charity and Welfare ICAPS 2017-09-12
Yi-huang Chen Maximum-throughput selection strategy for underlay D2D networks with energy harvesting D2D transmitters Communications Engineering 2017-09-14
Yi-Hua Chen The Relationship between Motherhood and Environmental movement Institute of Sociology 2017-09-17
Chien-Hung Chen Stingray Detection and Recognition of Aerial Videos with Region-based Convolution Neural Network Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-10-06
Guan Yan Chen Design of PID Control Systems Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Radial Basis Function Neural Network Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-10-12
BO-HONG CHEN Broadband and high-speed 1300nm electro-absorption modulator using InAlGaAs multiple quantum well Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-10-17
Yen-Wen Chen Fixed-Slope Carrier Modulation for Indirect Matrix Converter Electrical Engineering 2017-10-30
Yen-Jie Chen Development of MQTT Based 6LoWPAN Architecture for IoT Applications and Realization of Stationary and Mobile User Cases Communications Engineering 2017-12-05
Li-Yu Chen MIMO Antennas in the Metal-Framed Smartphone for 2 × 2 LTE LB and 4 × 4 LTE M/HB MIMO Operations Electrical Engineering 2018-01-10
Chao-Ting Chen Studies on the Relation of the Appraising and Whistleblow:Comparative Perspective between Public Servant and Teacher Political Science 2018-01-24
Tzu-Han Chen A study on Yi-Hui's Ci poetry Chinese Literature 2018-01-11
Pei-hung Chen Long-term variation of suspended particulate matter (SPM) flocculation in estuarine and coastal environments Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-01-16
Chan-Chao Chen On the high order methods for Burgers’ equation using RBFs. Applied Mathematics 2018-01-25
Yu-Jen Chen Power Source Conversion Circuits with Partial Power Regulation Electrical Engineering 2018-01-29
Yi-Ling Chen Relationships among Gender Stereotype Threat, Science Interest, and Science Performance for Junior High School Students Education 2018-01-29
Hung-yu Chen Performance Analysis of Different Fuel Supply Paths on the Planar Fuel Cell Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-01
Chun-hung Chen Communication reduction problem in Schur complement method on distributed memory architecture. Applied Mathematics 2018-01-31
Yu-yen CHEN News Values in Market-Driven Journalism-The Content Analysis of Four Major Newspapers in Taiwan in 2016 Institute of Marketing Communication 2018-02-03
Yi-Chen Chen Applied Service Blueprint and DEMATEL Analysis to Service Process-A Case Study of The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Public Affairs Management 2018-02-09
Chih-wei Chen Academic Methodology of Yangzhou School in the Qing Dynasty:Wang Zhong,Ling Ting Kan,Jiao Xun,Ruan Yuan as a clue Chinese Literature 2018-01-31
Tzu-Yin Chen The Influence of Social Media on Emergency Information Sharing Behavior : Facebook Users’ Perspectives Public Affairs Management 2018-02-22
Peng-Chuan Chen Natural History Writing: Susan Fenimore Cooper’sRural Hours and Her Delineations of the Vicinity of Cooperstown Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-22
Li-wen Chen Involvement of KRT fusion in genome instability during cancer development Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2018-04-16
Chung-Jen Chen Analysing the Strategies of Developing the Third-Party Payment Platform in China:A Case Study on Alipay ICAPS 2018-05-11
Chih-Ta Chen Perceived Benefits affect Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Longitudinal Study Business Management 2018-05-31
Po-Hsun Chen Study on Fabrication Process and Resistive Switching Mechanism of Indium-tin-oxide-based Resistive Random Access Memory Device Physics 2018-05-31
Chun-hsiang Chen A Study on the Performance of Automobile Company’s Acquisition of Non-life Insurance Company EMBA 2018-06-11
Szu-yu CHEN Construction and Evaluation of Taiwan ESG Investment Portfolio Finance 2018-06-21
Sheng-Yu Chen Microstructure and mechanical properties of porous Ti-6Al-4V alloys for bone implants fabricated by additive manufacturing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-06-21
Chao-Liang Chen The Internationalization Strategy Mode of Cold Chain Logistics Equipment Manufacturer as Entering the Vietnam Market-A Case Study of T Company EMBA 2018-06-26
De-Jin Chen Do you really need a Toehold? A Case Study Finance 2018-06-22
Kai-Fu Chen The Effect of Paternalistic Leadership on Millennials in the Workplace. Human Resource Management 2018-06-25
Yu-han Chen International Strategies of Taiwanese Assistive Device Industry: The Case of Karma Medical Company in Indian Market Business Management 2018-06-24
Hsin-Ta Chen On The Achievements of Air Pollution Controls on the Construction Sites in Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2018-06-08
Cheng-yen Chen A Case Study on Business Strategy of Ground Mounted Solar Energy Industry EMBA 2018-06-26
Chih-Yu Chen A Study on Brand Revitalization Strategies - The Case of House of Little Moments Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-06-28
Ying-Sang Chen Micro Startup Digital Sharing Platform Adopting Project Management Structure Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-02
Chin-Hung Chen A Study of an Innovative Business Model for Smart m-Health College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-03
Tzu-Hsuan Chen Using Fundamental, Technical and Chip Factors to Construct Taiwan Stock Deep Learning Trading Strategies Industrial Technology Graduate Program In Financial Innovation 2018-07-01
Wen-Zhe Chen Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Actuator Degradation Electrical Engineering 2018-07-09
Yi-Han Chen Study on the Cyclization Reaction of Enediynes to Naphthalene Derivatives, and Optoelectronic of Naphthalene Compounds Chemistry 2018-07-10
Yu-Chieh Chen Electronic Effects on the Cyclization of Enediynes Chemistry 2018-07-09
Yu-ai Chen Species identification and growth of the golden oyster in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2018-07-12
Guan-Ting Chen A 10-bit High Speed Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter with Non-binary Error Correction, 2b/Cycle Combine with Alternate 1b/Cycle Computer Science and Engineering 2018-07-13
Pei-Yu Chen Using social media marketing strategies and practices in hospital Information Management 2018-07-13
Hung-kai Chen Improving Trading Strategy in Stock Pattern Recognition by Deep Learning Finance 2018-07-12
Yu-Pin Chen Examining the Relationship between Positive Displays Emotions and Amount of Customer Purchase: The Mediating Roles of Customer Behaviors and Emotions and the Moderating Role of Transaction Cues Human Resource Management 2018-07-16
You-Qi Chen Explore the Behavioral Intention and Actual Use of Mobile Payment in Healthcare: A Research Based on UTAUT Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2018-07-16
Wan-Lin Chen Leaders' life consideration and subordinates' performance: The mediating role of leaders' development orientation Human Resource Management 2018-07-16
Hui-Chen Chen The Determinants and Effectiveness of Awarded Tour Packages: Perspective of Stakeholders EMBA 2018-07-18
Wei-Ting Chen A Numerical Study on Coupled Current and Wave Characteristics in Nanwan Bay Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-07-18
Bo-Wei Chen Development and Physical Mechanisms Establishment of Flexible Thin Film Transistors Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-15
Yi-Jing Chen Mechanical Properties and Fatigue Fracture of Single-edge-cracked Ti/APC-2 Hybrid Composite Laminates at High Temperature Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-07-20
JIAN-HONG CHEN News Sentiment, Return and Investor Trading Behavior Finance 2018-07-19
Yan-Wen Chen Experimental Investigation of Notched Polypropylene Thin Films due to Tension and Fatigue Loads Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-07-18
Chian-Ling Chen The Study of Biological Toxicity of Wastewater in Science Technology Industry Environmental Engineering 2018-07-21
Ke-jie Chen Time Series Analysis with Unsupervised Learning Applied Mathematics 2018-07-18
Chien-Fan Chen Successful Factors Of Live Channels Institute Of Information Management 2018-07-17
PO-YIN CHEN Geographical distance and bank loan contract. Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-23
Ding-wen Chen Generalized Linear Model of Counts- Application to Prediction Traffic Flow Applied Mathematics 2018-07-19
Wan-yi Chen Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Near-Infrared Gold Nanoclusters for In vivo and In vitro Biological Application. Chemistry 2018-07-20
Hsin-Tzu Chen Analyzing the Procurement Model of International Group in Taiwanese Fastener Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-23
Hung-Yu Chen Coaches' life consideration behavior toward athletes and its effects:Building a theoretical model Institute Of Human Resource Management 2018-07-25
Yi-Ting Chen The interacting effect of leaders’ development orientation and authoritarianism: A scenario experiment Institute Of Human Resource Management 2018-07-23
Ren-Yu Chen An investigation of Ta2O5 optical waveguide for electro-optical absorption modulator with a thin InOx absorption layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-24
Kuan-Yu Chen Study on Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Beamforming in mmWave System Communications Engineering 2018-07-23
CHYI CHEN Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Deng Xiaoping Era:Case Studies of Four Cardinal Principles and The Ideas of Speeches in Southern China ICAPS 2018-07-25
Rrui-Rong Chen A Study on the Quality and Satisfaction of community caring-concern centers -Take the Community Caring-Concern Centers in Tainan as Examples Public Affairs Management 2018-07-27
Kuan-Wei Chen Solution-process of molybdenum oxide doped graphene as anode buffer layer in inverted organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-23
Yen-Yu Chen Exploring the Trust Transference of Chatbot and its Influence on Online Repeat Purchase Intention Institute Of Information Management 2018-07-12
Po-Hua Chen Software Implementation of Data Model Transformation Electrical Engineering 2018-07-30
Shu-Hsin Chen A Study of the Relationships among Optimism, Job Engagement, and Personality-Job Fit Human Resource Management 2018-07-30
Yi-Ting Chen Application of Artificial Intelligence to Unit Commitment Problem Considering Priority List and Renewable Energy Institute Of Electrical Engineering 2018-08-01
Di-Chiu Chen The case study of reducing concentrations of aluminum in treated clear water Environmental Engineering 2018-07-23
Yu-Chun Chen Design and Implementation of A High-Performance Sorting-Free Two-Dimensional Median Filter Electrical Engineering 2018-07-29
Meng-hsiu Chen Applying Innovation Technologies to enhance Customer Experience in Fast Food Industry College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-31
Chia-Hsien Chen Estimation of blood pressure of radial artery using wrist skin strain Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-08-01
Jyun-Jia Chen Grid-connected Control Strategy for Direct Grid-connected Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generators with Servo Motor Control Electrical Engineering 2018-07-31
Liang-Ing Chen Design of Adaptive Block Backstepping Tracking Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Input Constraints Electrical Engineering 2018-08-06
Hung-Hsiang Chen A Low-cost Multi-arithmetic-unit Hardware Architecture for Ellipti