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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Jia-Yu Hao Evaluation the use of three mollusk biomarkers to marine pollution in southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2013-12-03
Mmeng-shen Huang The Inferred Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Changes Based on Biomarker Records Deriving from the Northern Taiwan Alpine Lake (the Retreat Lake) Department of Oceanography 2013-09-12
Sheng-hsun Tsai The study of population biology of three intertidal Nerita species in Dongsha Atoll, South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2013-09-12
Jung-Tai Lu Distributions and Characteristics of Saturated Aliphatic Alkanes in Zhuoshui River and Taiwan Strait Sediments Department of Oceanography 2013-09-12
Chiu-Yeh Liao Effects of temperature on stony coral bleaching Department of Oceanography 2013-10-14
Guan-lin Yu Study of male-biased sex ratios in the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2013-10-25
Chun-nan Chen Effects of feeding on the physiology and color of the scleractinian coral Acropora muricata Department of Oceanography 2013-10-29
Shiao-Yin Chen Testing the mechanism of dispersal in Pontodrilus litoralis. Department of Oceanography 2013-11-13
Jia-ping Lin Effects of dietary Vitamin E and selenium supplementation on tissue highly unsaturated fatty acids of juvenile grouper, Epinephelus coioides Department of Oceanography 2014-02-12
Kai-Chih Lin Studies on the Enhancement of Salt Tolerance of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings by Overexpression of Glutathione Reductase from Marine Macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile Department of Oceanography 2014-02-15
You-Hsien Lin The differences between diploid and triploid oysters (Crassostrea angulata) in growth, survival, gonadal somatic index and contents of glycogen and cholesterol Department of Oceanography 2014-02-14
Chia-Han Hsieh Acidification in the Sea of Japan between 1965 and 2011 Department of Oceanography 2014-02-19
Po-Chien Yu Pigment analysis of thermotolerant Coelastrella sp. F50 and optimization of astaxanthin production Department of Oceanography 2014-05-26
CHIA-LON HSU Oral administration of nanoencapsulated synthetic peptide from grouper iridovirus capsid protein on humoral immunity of grouper (Epinephelus coioides) Department of Oceanography 2014-06-24
Po-Wei Su The reproductive comparison of giant clams Tridacna noae and Tridacna maxima Department of Oceanography 2014-07-03
Ya-Feng Chen Using rare earth elements to constrain particulate organic carbon flux in marginal seas Department of Oceanography 2014-09-04
Szu-yu Huang Impacts of typhoons and winter monsoons on biogeochemical processes in the northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2014-09-04
Chin-Chih Chen The Inferred Mid Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Changes Based on Biomarker and derived δ13C Records from a Central Taiwan Peat Lake (the Toushe Basin) Department of Oceanography 2014-09-09
Jian-chih Chen Short-term variation of particulate organic carbon fluxes in different marine environments Department of Oceanography 2014-09-09
Ya-lan Chou Study of the Biogenic Silica Contents and Its Incorporation by Keratose Sponges Department of Oceanography 2014-09-08
Ming-Zhang Wang The Last 20 ka Paleohydrography in the Okinawa Trough Based on Multi-speices Planktonic Foraminiferal Stable Isotope Records Department of Oceanography 2014-09-11
Tun-jui Hsu Sediment dynamics study in the source-to-sink process through the Gaoping river-sea system Department of Oceanography 2014-09-11
Huang I-Hsiang Population genetics of Terapon jarbua around Taiwanese waters Department of Oceanography 2014-10-16
Dun- Ru Kang Identification on egg masses of shallow water naticids in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2014-10-22
Ming-hui Wei Determination of Dissolved Trace Metal (Cd, Co, Cu, Ni and Zn) Partitioning in Natural Water by a Two-Column Ion Exchange Method Department of Oceanography 2014-12-25
Hsin-Pei Tsai Production of long chain omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoids in tropical areas by a new heat-tolerant microalga Tetraselmis sp. DS3 Department of Oceanography 2015-01-20
Chiu-chin Lu An extracellular short-chain peptide ABMOK1 from the benthic diatom Nitzschia sp. and its antimicrobial activity Department of Oceanography 2015-01-20
Jian-Xiang Liao Spatial Variation of Meiofauna in Seagrass Beds of Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-02-04
Yan-Yi Wu The mechanism of semilunar swarming rhythm in Perinereis aibuhitensis (Polychaeta) Department of Oceanography 2015-03-12
Long-hui Deng Rapid turnover of carbon and nitrogen in silty intertidal sediment of the Yangtze River Estuary Department of Oceanography 2015-03-23
Zen-Wei Lin Osteology of the Family Pempheridae (Perciformes) Department of Oceanography 2015-04-08
Yung-yen Shih Mesoscale eddies triggered particulate organic carbon flux in the Western North Pacific and the northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2015-06-26
Hsin-shuo Peng Validation and analysis of three-dimensional ocean models for sea surface temperature around Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-06-26
Hsin-yi Huang The Evolution of the Depositional System at the Zhuoshui River Mouth since 6,000 BP. Department of Oceanography 2015-06-30
Tzu-wei Liu The study of opsin genes of three selected gobies from different habitats Department of Oceanography 2015-07-04
Meng-Ying Kuo Morphology and trace metal concentrations of sea anemones in shallow water hydrothermal vents off Kueishantao Islet Department of Oceanography 2015-07-09
Yi-chen Chang Preventative Efficacy of Microalgal Extract for Hepatocellular Carcinoma and a Proposed Mechanism Department of Oceanography 2015-07-25
Ying-tzu Lu Diet and feeding habit of Smilosicyopus leprurus (Actinopterygii: Gobiidae) Department of Oceanography 2015-08-12
Kuo-yen Wu Testing of dispersal method in Thalassia hemprichii and Halophila ovalis Department of Oceanography 2015-08-19
Chia - Hsuan Hsu Testing of Mechanisms Causing Size Differences of the Land Hermit Crab, Coenobita rugosus, Among Eco-Islands Around Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-08-24
Chong-ching Chang How the marine midge Pontomyia oceana find habitats egg-laying-Testing of mechanisms Department of Oceanography 2015-08-19
Chia-Wei Hung Estimation of methane flux with modified sampling methods from offshore Southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-09-07
Shu-han Chang The Last 90 Ka Intermediate Water Circulation Evolution of Northwestern Pacific Department of Oceanography 2015-09-08
Wan-Jung Tsai Reconstruction of surface water stratification changes in the northwestern Pacific of the last 180 kyrs Department of Oceanography 2015-09-09
Ching-Han Tung Active Fluxes of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2015-10-22
Ruei-Long Guo A Preliminary Study on the Contribution of Methane-derived Carbon to the Carbon Pools in Near-surface Sediment and Bottom Water: An Example from the Cold Seep Region of the Four-Way Closure Ridge, Offshore Southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-11-09
Bo-ren Chang Variations of the Planktonic Foraminiferal Area Density from the Gao-ping Submarine Canyon and Northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2015-12-17
Bing-rong Jiang Distribution of Modern Benthic Foraminifera in the Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2015-12-28
Zhi-Hao Zheng Non-sexual dimorphism of skeleton in Gomphosus varius (Labridae) and morphological comparison in relative species Department of Oceanography 2016-01-11
Chia-Hsien Chao Population and reproductive biology of the deep-sea mussel from methane seeps offshore southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-01-14
Chun-Te Yeh Turbulent properties of oceanic internal waves in the shelves near Dongsha Department of Oceanography 2016-01-27
Han-Ting Huang Establishment a real-time qPCR assay to study the expression of three reproductive-related genes in the oyster drill Thais clavigera Department of Oceanography 2016-02-01
Zong-Ying Lin Passive Fluxes of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Northern South China Sea and Northwest Pacific Department of Oceanography 2016-06-15
Hsiang-yi Yeh Distribution and Characteristics of Trace Metals in Sediments off Kueishan Islet Department of Oceanography 2016-06-15
Po-Ching Song Study on the iron-harvesting pathway of host-harbored zooxanthellae and the high temperature induces Symbiodinium iron-deficiency genes expression during Aiptasia-Symbiodinium endosymbiosis Department of Oceanography 2016-07-07
Hsiu-Ling Liu The effect of temperature on squamation of Cypriniformes in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-07-05
Ming-feng Zhuang The bioaccumulation of silver, cadmium and selenium in four tissues of four cetacean species in Taiwanese waters Department of Oceanography 2016-01-25
Che-hua Chang Establishing Non-Detriment Findings and sustainable use of the flora and fauna in the CITEs Appendix II : scalloped hammerhead shark caught in Taiwanese waters as an example Department of Oceanography 2016-07-25
Ting-Hsuan Huang Controlling factors of carbon system from freshwater to seawater: case studies in tropical rivers, Middle Atlantic Bight, and SE Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2016-08-03
Ya-Ling Guo Molecular Composition of n-Alkanes in the Metamorphic Rocks of Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-08-29
Chao-Yi Lee Molecular and cellular stress responses to sublethal ammonia exposure in white shrimp: protein quality control, antioxidant mechanism and apoptosis Department of Oceanography 2016-08-30
Kuo-hao Huang Fluxes of methane in aquaculture ponds in southern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-08-31
Chih-Yung Lin Variability in Spatial Distribution of Physical and Geochemical Characteristics of Surface Sediments in Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2016-08-31
Yu-chun Lin The sponge assemblage and sponge-associated microbial composition at the seawater aquafarm in southern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-09-03
Heng-yin Hsu Trace metal distribution and seasonal variation in waters surrounding the Dongsha Island using Cymodocea rotundata as bio-indicator Department of Oceanography 2016-09-07
Kuei-chen Huang Particulate trace metal composition in coastal waters surrounding Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-09-07
Po-hao Chao Effects of diets high in carbohydrate and lipid levels on growth and body composition of the cobia (Rachycentron canadum) Department of Oceanography 2016-09-07
Ai-chih Hsieh Characteristic of Particulate Composition in Near-shore Water surrounding Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-09-02
Pei-Shan Yu Study on reproduction, age and growth of Inegocia japonica in Waters off Southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-12-01
Bo-sheng Li Fatty acid compositions in the host tissues and zooxanthellae of soft corals Sinularia and Sarcophyton in Dongsha Atoll Department of Oceanography 2016-12-26
Chia-Sheng Chiu Environmental Stress Tolerance of Aerial Microalgae from Dongsha Island and Their Potential Mechnaisms Department of Oceanography 2017-01-09
Jen-yu Chen Planktonic Foraminiferal Distribution, Weight and Area Density around Kueishantao Island Department of Oceanography 2017-02-13
Kuan-chen Wang Distribution and Transporting Fluxes of Trace Metals (Cu, Cd, Ni, Mn, Fe, Zn) in the Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2017-02-15
Yen-Ting Chen Metal concentrations in the white muscles of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Department of Oceanography 2017-01-08
Pei-Lun Yen Taxonomic Revision and Molecular Identification of Thalassoma (Pisces:Labridae) in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2017-03-21
Shih-chiech Tsao Effects of different diets on growth of white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. Department of Oceanography 2017-04-05
Po-hao Chiu Population genetics of Opsariichthys pachycephalus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) species complex based on mitochondrial genes Department of Oceanography 2017-05-09
Wei-Ban Jie Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Polyclad Flatworms (Platyhelminthes) of Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2017-06-18
Yi-Ting Cheng Cyclonic Eddies Induced by Global Super typhoons Department of Oceanography 2017-07-18
Jen-kai Yang Land-sea duel and environmental change in the late Quaternary at the Zhuoshui River mouth Department of Oceanography 2017-07-20
Yu-Ting Chang On the linkage of internal soliton and surface roughness Department of Oceanography 2017-06-29
Huai-Chung Chang The Study of Marine Drug PG on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Therapy Department of Oceanography 2017-08-19
Yi-ning Ho Larval fish assemblages in the lagoon of Dongsha Atoll Department of Oceanography 2017-08-24
Ching-ju Chen Taxonomic Revision of the Syngnathinae (Pices: Syngnathidae) in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2017-09-11
Kai-ze Wang The symbiotic relationship between mud snail (Nassarius albescens) and hydroids (Cytaeis sp.) in Dongsha Department of Oceanography 2017-10-16
Zhong Zheng Seasonal variation of shrimp, crab and mantis shrimp assemblages in the southern coastal waters off Zhuoshui River, Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2017-10-20
Jayaram Lakshmaiah Narayana Antimicrobial Peptides: Efficacy and Molecular Mechanism of Action against Multi-Drug Resistant Gastric Pathogen Helicobacter pylori Infection Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2015-07-02
Shih-Wei Lin Anti-angiogenic Function, Mechanism and Application of the Marine Derived Compound Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2015-07-22
Gangaraju Gedda Synthesis, characterization and study the role of nano particles in Biomedical & Environmental applications. Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2015-08-28
M Shahnawaz Khan Taping the potential of nanomaterials for biomedical applications: Photothermal therapy, Drug delivery and biomarker detection. Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-02-01
Abou Talib Synthesis, Optical Properties And Biological Applications Of Ag, Au and Carbon nanomaterials. Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-05-31
Yu-Chia Chang Chemical Constituents and Their Bioactivities from a Formosan Gorgonian Coral Pinnigorgia sp. Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-08-17
Chun-Hong Chen The therapeutic effects of coral-compound and PTEN in rats with traumatic spinal cord injury Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-12-05
Hsiang-yen Su Enhancement of Photosynthetic Efficiency and Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Cyanobacteria Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2017-08-29
Chun-kuang Lin Development of antiviral drugs from marine natural products and investigation of drug target against virus Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2018-01-29

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