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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Theresa F. Chiou The Divided Stage and Its Audience:The Representation of Subjectivity in Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy Foreign Language and Literature 2004-07-19
Yauh-Yarng Fahn Microstructures of Mesophases, MCM-41 and Gibbsite Formed in CTAB/Water System with Negatively Charged Silicate and Aluminate Species Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-26
Liang-Jan Fan Ridership Based Substation Planning for Mass Rapid Transit System Electrical Engineering 2000-06-19
Ming-Chi Fan Study on TiO2 and BTO Thin Films Prepared by MOCVD Electrical Engineering 2000-07-03
Hsiang-Pin Fan Photocurrent and Electroabsorption Spectroscopy for Semiconductor Quantum Well Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-07-10
Kuo-Kuang Fan Some Aspects of Neutral Systems: Stability Analysis and Stabilization Electrical Engineering 2002-10-28
Chau-Dung Fan A Study on Leadership in Non-profit Organization Business Management 2003-06-26
Yang-Xing Fan Application of the ADI-FDTD Method to Planar Circuits Electrical Engineering 2004-07-01
Ni-wan Fan Investigation of the PA-MBE grown InN thin film using Photoluminescence and HRXRD Physics 2004-07-29
Huang-Kai Fan The management strategies of the religious televisions in Taiwan-a value chain analysis Communications Management 2004-09-07
Huei-shiuan Fan The Study of Industrial Cluster and Regional Economic Development in Zhejiang Mainland China Studies 2005-01-29
Jia-wei Fan Analysis and Experimental Investigation on Energy Consumption of a Science and Technology Museum Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-31
Gang-Jin Fan A 3.3V 8-bit 250MHzS/s 14mW Current Mode Analog to Digital Converter Using Synchronous Comparison Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
Cho-Han Fan Study of NiO Electrochromic Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2005-07-26
Hui-Lin Fan The Creation and Application of Software Testing Institution: with A Case Study of MES Application in Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment Information Management 2006-01-21
Chin-Kang Fan The study on the competing strategies of auto fastener industry in Taiwan IEMBA 2006-07-21
Jue-chin Fan Resherch on the segmentation of potential tourist is impression for resorts and the marketing strategies for Moalin national scenic area Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Shu-ming Fan Componentization in Linux kernel:approach and tools Electrical Engineering 2007-07-18
Cheng-yi Fan The Key Success Factors of Using Information and Communications Technology For Political Marketing:The Case of Using Blog in the 4th Kaohsiung Mayor Election Campaign. Communications Management 2007-07-26
To-cheng Fan Preparation and Electro-Optical Property of Novel Discotic Liquid Crystals and Poly(acrylamide) Dispersed LC with Application to Organic Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-08-08
Pao-lung Fan Experiments of Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Metals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-31
Chien-wei Fan The relationship between the entrepreneurial planning and social networks Business Management 2008-06-20
Yi-Da Fan Software Design of Estimation Method of Program Data Locality Electrical Engineering 2008-09-11
Nathan Fan An Action Research of Improve the “Word cafe” Model EMBA 2009-08-20
Chia-yi Fan What Mainland China’s Peasants can Learn from Taiwan’s Marketing Channels of Mango ICAPS 2010-08-11
Chun-Yuan Fan Studies of Hysteresis and Residual Birefringence in Polymer Stabilized Blue Phases LC Display Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-20
Chen-Feng Fan Birefringence properties of PCF coil and its sensing applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-20
Che-Chien Fan The Impacts of Japan's Industry-University Cooperation System on the Electric Vehicles Industry : Case Study of SIM-Drive Corporation and Keio University ICAPS 2012-06-19
Chien-ming Fan Comeptitive Analysis of Investment-Grade Governmental Sovereign Bond Fund –Yuanta Global Wealthy Countries Bond Fund EMBA 2013-06-06
Kai-hsun Fan The Authentication Scheme Based on Chameleon Hashing for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks without RSU Device Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-20
Shu-Jhen Fan Performance Enhancement of Video Coding System: Intra Prediction, Residual Prediction, and Transcoding Electrical Engineering 2014-05-08
Lo-Cheng Fan The Effects of Social Support and Degree of Organization Socialization on Organization Commitment: New Management Trainees as an Example Human Resource Management 2014-08-18
Jin-song Fan Study of supercapacitor using carbon electrodes with carbon black coated mesocarbon microbeads Electrical Engineering 2014-08-26
Chen-yu Fan The Exploratory Research on Value Creation of Social Enterprise: A Case Study Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-06-10
Hsiao-Li Fan Macrophage uptake of platelets-H. pylori is mainly IgG-mediated Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-08-21
Chun-Yi Fan The Study of Connection between Recruitment and Selection Practices and Turnover Human Resource Management 2015-09-01
Shu-yi Fan A Case Study of Conflict Management Human Resource Management 2015-09-07
Yu-Fang Fan Argon assisted epitaxial growth of graphene on polycrystalline Cu foil by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition and its electrical properties Physics 2015-09-09
Hsiao-Lin Fan How to enhance newcomers' retention and performance? Exploring the buffering effects of person- environment fit on the relationships between newcomers' person-job misfit and turnover/task performance Human Resource Management 2015-12-27
Ya-Ting Fan The Influence of Conspicuous Check-in on Brand Equity from the Perspective of Envy Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-06-06
Sen-chung Fan The Study of Volatility Presented by Business Cycle of House Prices in the Housing Market Economics 2016-07-11
Chun-yuan Fan Analysis of Compact Stencils for Two-Dimensional Helmholtz Equation with Dielectric Corner and Inclined Interfaces Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-07
Yu-Chen Fan Investigation on Energy-Saving Based Scheduling for Battery Testing System Electrical Engineering 2016-12-30
Yu-Ting Fan A study on phosphate absorption and desorption in saline wastewater using high temperature sintered composite material with blast furnace and water supply treatment sludge Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-01-24
Ting-chun Fan Exploring the contrast attitudes toward social value provided by social enterprise.-a case study of Taiwanese social enterprise. Business Management 2017-06-13
Ko-Jung Fan Effects of magnetic and nonmagnetic elements doping on the magnetic and dielectric properties of α-Cu2V2O7 Physics 2017-07-04
Kang-Chueh Fan A Study on Operation and Management of Lithographic Printing Industry -A Case of Graphichome EMBA 2017-07-17
Geng-pei Fan Impacts of competition policy on outside licensing : The case of cost reduction Economics 2018-01-15
Hsiu-Kuei Fan-Chiang The study of relationship among Organization Change,Total Quality Management toward Organizational Operating Performance - The case of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. Business Management 2006-06-04
Chin-Lien FanChiang none Economics 2000-06-27
Chi-sheng Fang Ecological Study of Seagrass Thalassia hemprichii in Cement Ponds Marine Biology 2000-09-29
Chueng-Yiang Fang Genetic Algorithm enhanced Simulated Annealing Method on Molecular Structure Physics 2000-08-29
Jun-Ru Fang A Study of the Relationships among Leadership Styles, Job Characteristics, and Job Satisfaction:Using Big CPA Firms as an Example Human Resource Management 2001-06-14
Hung-Da Fang The Catalytic Studies of Pyrolysis of Printed Circuit Board Environmental Engineering 2001-06-26
Wan-Shiao Fang The resource Allocation of the Educational Priority Area in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2001-07-01
Wan-Chain Fang Disjointness preserving linear functionals of the Wiener ring Applied Mathematics 2002-06-06
Ching-Wei Fang Theoretical and Numerical Study of Fiber Modes with Arbitrary Axially Symmetric Index Profiles Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-03
Hung-Tsai Fang The Study on Competitiveness of Tanning Industry in Taiwan IEMBA 2002-07-05
wei-Ning Fang Aerobic Biodegradability of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether(MTBE) Environmental Engineering 2002-07-05
Shih-Huang Fang A Study of Relationships among Virtual Team's Structure, Team Process and Knowledge Sharing Information Management 2002-07-25
Chi-Yin Fang Novel Antenna Designs for Mobile Handsets Electrical Engineering 2003-06-13
Chi-Long Fang Synthesis of heterocycle polymers with siloxane linkage and their coordination to metal ions Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-01
Chung-Cheng Fang A Study of Liquid Spray Cooling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-07
Jia-Ching Fang Network Security Analysis and Summary in Taiwan Information Management 2003-07-30
Yen-yung Fang The study of governmental assistance in industrial innovation under knowledge based economy - A Case study in "Industrial Technology Development Program Public Affairs Management 2003-08-20
Yung Fang Gothic Elements in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry Foreign Language and Literature 2004-01-09
Hung-tzu Fang Concentrations and characteristics of PCB congeners in the aquaculture oysters (Crassostrea gigas) along west coast, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-07-07
Yu-Sun Fang Face Transformation by Finite Volume Method with Delaunay Triangulation Applied Mathematics 2004-07-13
Ching-hsia Fang The Dynamics of Protein CTXn from NMR Relaxation Studies Chemistry 2004-09-05
Jing- Hui Fang none Finance 2005-06-16
Yi-feng Fang The Empirical Evidence for Trading Money Demand Function of Taiwan-Stochastic Cointegration Economics 2005-07-13
Shih-chang Fang Study of Niobium Doped TiO2 Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
TSUI-CHAN FANG none Finance 2005-08-02
Yi-Jen Fang Research of the Application Strategies of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy System---- Demonstrating With Show- Chwan Memorial Hospital IEMBA 2005-09-09
Lien-chuan Fang Research on Taiyishengshui of Guodian slips Chinese Literature 2006-01-18
Sheng-I Fang Critical Success Factors for Implementing the Information System -- A case study of the electronic communication system of State-owned Enterprise Information Management 2006-06-12
Lan-Shung Fang none Mainland China Studies 2006-06-27
Yi-Siou Fang A modified impact factor for clustering of journals Applied Mathematics 2006-07-03
Kuan-wen Fang Neural Stimulation、Recording and Impedance Measuring Circuitry for Implantable Bio-medical Systems and A Dual-OPA Coil Driver for SOC Heat Dissipation Electrical Engineering 2006-07-04
Yao-Ching Fang Characterization of PPLN Crystal Fiber with Second Harmonic Microscopy and Orientation Analysis Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-08
Sin-Yuan Fang Kaohsiung New Town Development Strategy and Relative Measures Planning Research EMPP 2006-07-15
Hsin-ya Fang none Economics 2006-07-20
Jing-yi Fang The Determinants of Geographic Concentration in Taiwan Manufacturing Industries Economics 2006-07-21
Yu-Shen Fang Researching the development of adolescent self-identity through Internet games: A study of twelve youths' expereince in Internet cafes Information Management 2006-07-31
Hung-Chun Fang The Study of Chao Pho Politics in Thailand Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-09
Jia-Long Fang Design and Implementation of High Efficient Active Power Factor Correction Circuits Electrical Engineering 2006-10-16
Chun-Ju Fang The Effects of the Information Disclosure and Evaluation System on Investors’ Future Earnings Evaluation, Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts and the Types of Audit Opinion Issued by Auditors Business Management 2006-12-21
Hsueh-yuan Fang The Research on Marketing Channels of Non-profit Organizations Based on the Mentally and Physically Challenged Service Communications Management 2007-03-29
Li-ju Fang Optical Component :Polarizer Industries Business Performance Analysis, A case study of O company EMBA 2007-06-29
Meng-der Fang The Study of Air-Water Exchange of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, and Hexachlorobenzene in Kaohsiung Harbor Lagoon Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-07-27
Chien-kai Fang The study of consumer behavior and brand attitude of fresh milk Business Management 2007-09-10
Hung-wen Fang Factors that affect the work values and turnover intension of Vietnamese employees in Taiwanese-owned companies Human Resource Management 2008-06-17
Chia-Tsung Fang The study of enhancing the efficiency of DSSCs by improving TiO2 electrode and dye Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-25
Hsiu-Chen Fang Promotion from within?How Gender Matters Human Resource Management 2008-07-31
Chia-Hsuan Fang Effect of Software Project Team Quality on Project Performance Information Management 2008-08-01
Cing-huei Fang Comprehensive and Future Development Plan in Sightseeing of Kaohsiung First Harbor EMPP 2008-08-05
Ping-hau Fang Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA System Communications Engineering 2010-07-31
Chieh-cheng Fang Relay-Assisted Decorrelating Multiuser Detection for Asynchronous Cooperative Uplink Networks Communications Engineering 2010-08-23
Shih-shou Fang The Growth and Propagation of a Coral-killing Black Sponge, Terpios hoshinota in Green Island, Taiwan. Marine Biology 2011-03-29
Pei-Hsuan Fang Exploring the Effects of Global budget on Quality of Care and Readmission of Older Patients with Stroke in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-30
Chih-Ting Fang The Study of Value Net Analysis of iPhone Business Management 2012-01-05
Hsin-Jan Fang Efficient Memory Allocation for User and Library Variables in Recursive Programs with WCET/ACET Tunable Performance Computer Science and Engineering 2012-02-09
Shiang-Wei Fang Robust H2 and H∞ Analysis and Design for Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Polytopic Uncertainty Electrical Engineering 2012-02-13
Hsuan-Yu Fang Leverage Trading Strategy of the Kelly Criterion Finance 2012-06-20
Chun-Neng Fang Management Strategy of Women Hospital in Taiwan- A Case Study of Lucina Women and Children Hospital EMBA 2013-06-13
I-husan Fang Study on Architecure-oriented Triangle Trade of the Value Added Bussiness Tax Management Model Information Management 2013-07-13
Chia-Hui Fang Localization of Vital Signs in Indoor Surroundings Using an Active Tag with a Self-Injection-Locked Oscillator Electrical Engineering 2013-07-15
Liya Fang Human Resources System in Japanese Electrical Machinery Industry ICAPS 2013-08-26
Szu-ming Fang Improving Employee Retention for organizations in Taiwan service industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-07-11
Yu-Wen Fang A study on the effect of special exhibitions on revisit intention in Taiwan museums. Business Management 2014-07-21
Chung-hsuan Fang The Analysis on the Factors of Real Estate Price: A Case Study of Metropolitan Area in Taiwan Economics 2014-07-18
Chi-Rung Fang Mobile Devices Antenna for LTE MIMO Operations Electrical Engineering 2014-07-26
Hsi-lin Fang Detection of Microorganism Biomarker and Investigation of Plant Metabolism by Using Direct Electrospray Probe Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2014-08-14
Po-sheng Fang Polarization Independent THz Photonics : Phase Shifter and Tunable Bandpass Filter Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-05
Hui-Yu Fang Studies on the Secondary Metabolites and Biological Activities from the Formosan Soft Coral Scleronephthya gracillimum, Red Alga Laurencia brongniartii and Brown Alga Homoeostrichus formosana Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-03
Chun-yi Fang The Disulfide Bonding Pattern Prediction with the Cysteine Labels Computer Science and Engineering 2015-02-08
Po-chun Fang A study of appling basic oxygen furnace slag to cement grouting repairing or strengthening material. Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-02-12
Hsuan-Yi Fang The Factors of RMB Internationalization Analysis Finance 2015-02-15
Tzu-han Fang Ultrashort Polarization Rotator and Polarizer by Using Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-28
Li-wei Fang Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the interactions between ions, water, macromolecular crowder and magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent Chemistry 2015-06-22
Chieh-wei Fang Precoder Design for Generalized Spatial Modulation in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems Communications Engineering 2015-09-10
Yun-Shiuan Fang The Representation of Intergenerational Family Relations Between Females on TV Food Advertisements Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-03-22
Yong-Ji Fang Studies of Professional Sports Branding Business Management 2016-06-13
Jen-Kuang Fang A Study on Key Success Factors for New Product Development of Semiconductor IC Assembly and Test Industries EMBA 2016-07-05
Chia-Ching Fang Air Quality Analysis and Temporal Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds in One Industrial Park Environmental Engineering 2016-07-12
Chun-Ying Fang Condensation and crystallization upon pulsed laser ablation of AlN polycrystal in vacuum and tetraethyl orthosilicate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-06
Yu-Hsiang Fang Synthesis and Investigation of Random Sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-20
Tzu-yun Fang The study of new employee's resign tendency analization how it is correlate to the enterprise recrument services satisfaction survey. Human Resource Management 2016-08-21
Chih-hsiung Fang A Study on Service Quality, Consumer Satisfaction, and Consumer Loyalty of Travel Agencies - The Perspective of Elderly Consumers EMBA 2016-09-09
Chia-Chia Fang Development of semiconducting polymer dots-based Immunochromatography test strip for cancer biomarker diagnosis Chemistry 2017-08-14
Shih-Jie Fang Flexible Tactile Sensor Array Utilizing Micro-structured PDMS Bumps with PEDOT:PSS Conductive Polymer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-23
TSAO FANG CHIN Innovation of Business Model-Tracing by NIDL & Taiwan sustaining OEM enterprises. Business Management 2016-08-08
Hsieh Fang-Chu The Study of Frederick the Great as a Music Patron, Performer, and Composer Music 2005-07-02
Shing-Lin FanGan A Study on SPAN's and TIMS's Intercommodity Risk-measuring Methodology For Portfolio That Include Options Finance 2002-07-04
Tzu-Jung Fei Detection of Glutamate and Glutamine using PRESS at 7T : a Study on Echo Timings. Institute Of Computer Science And Engineering 2018-07-04
Yeh Fei-shiang The study about how to apply KM in the banks' merger and acquisition-The case of CA Bank Business Management 2005-08-10
Yu Fen Factors Affecting the Employee’s Use Intention of Enterprise e-Learning Systems Information Management 2005-08-05
Jyh-Ming Feng Image Watermarking Using Corresponding Location Relationship Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-29
Wen-Ying Feng Studies on the loop II coordinate structure of long α-neurotoxins Applied Mathematics 2002-07-16
Yu-ting Feng Research on Conflicts between Urbanism and Ruralism in Cong-wen Shen’s Novels Chinese Literature 2003-01-27
Yi-Hsin Feng The Cluster Strategy Improve The Development of Textile Industry-Silk and Filament District Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Mei-Li Feng Business Process Reengineering -Case Company Study Business Management 2004-07-28
Yao-wen Feng Investigation on Acoustic Resonance Phenomena of Metal Halide Lamps Electrical Engineering 2005-06-14
Chao-chun Feng A Feasibility Study of eggs home delivery in Taiwan---in marketing perspective EMBA 2005-08-10
Wei-Ming Feng A Study of KSFs for Taiwan IC Design Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach Business Management 2006-06-26
Chih-Lun Feng A Novel Design/Fabrication for Micro Fuel Cell Stack Bipolar Plates and Performance Tests Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-20
Shawlynn Feng A study of perceived organizational support, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior-Engineers in high-tech industry as example Human Resource Management 2007-06-26
Chi-hui Feng Lecture Structure Based Automatic Item Classification on an Examination System Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-19
Su-lan Feng The study to explore the situations constructed By radio hosts to facilitate the commodity sales Communications Management 2007-08-23
Jui-yang Feng N-type Modulation-Doped InGaAlAs/InP Strain-Balanced Multiple Quantum Wells for Photonic Integrated Circuits Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-08-04
Guan-ming Feng A Study of Management System for Medical Quality to Buccal Cancer Patients at E-Da Hospital EMBA 2008-08-25
Kuo-chia Feng A Study on placement marketing and analysis of people's image of the police Police Image Placement Marketing Government Marketing Public Affairs Management 2009-09-01
Yung-yu Feng An Empirical Study on the Local Public Expenditures of Taiwan: Applying with Median Voter Model and Political Business Cycle Model Public Affairs Management 2009-12-17
Chih-ting Feng Dynamic analysis of a floating barge with a liquid container Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-05-27
Liang-Hsueh Feng Generalized Sharpe Ratio under the Levy Processes Finance 2010-06-22
I-ling Feng Further discussion in considering structural break for the long-term relationship between health policy and GDP per capital EMPP 2010-08-26
Chien-Wei Feng Establishment of a Parkinson’s disease model in zebrafish Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-01
Fei-Chung Feng A Hilbert Curve-Based Algorithm for Order-Sensitive Moving KNN Queries Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-11
Yu-ting Feng The investigation of mechanical properties of ZrCu/Zr/ZrCu amorphous-crystalline nanolaminates with inclined interface by molecular statics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-23
Ching-Chiao Feng Influences of Product Type and Self-Construal on Type of Nostalgia in Advertising Business Management 2012-08-14
Ying-Chi Feng The influence of leg elevation on the micro-circulation signal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-21
Hao Feng A Memory-Efficient and Low-power Architecture for Tail-biting Convolution Code Decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-15
Chang-yi Feng Investigation of High Frequency Characteristics of Ag-based Wirebonds and Design of a 60 GHz Bent Dipole Yagi Antenna Communications Engineering 2015-06-26
Yu-tang Feng The Eye-Catching Content for Social Media - A Study on Men's Fashion Magazine Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-03
Wen-Jui Feng The research of the relationship among Safety Climate Perception, Professional Commitment, Task-technology Fit, Self-esteem, Knowledge Innovation and Outcome Business Management 2015-08-01
Cheng-Chun Feng Efficient Attribute-Based Encryption with Dynamic Membership Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-12
Kuang-cheng Feng Internet News Media's Agenda Setting Effect on Audience Perception and Game Watching Intention: A Case of Jeremy Lin Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-12-23
Zhi-hua Feng MIMO Antennas in the Metal-casing Smartphone for 2 × 2 and 4 × 4 MIMO Operation Electrical Engineering 2017-06-13
Yu-chia Feng New LTE Scheduling Heuristics for Co-existence with WiFi Communications Engineering 2017-08-18
Chien-wei Feng The protective effects of marine compound and anti TREM-1 peptide on Parkinson’s disease Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2018-06-06
Ming Feng Hsu Empirical Analysis of Big Data Using FCF Model- An Application of XBRL Data in Taiwan Market Finance 2014-07-10
Yi Feng Huang Is Monetary Donation Good? Influences of Product-Cause Fit and Product Type on Selection of Donation Type Business Management 2014-08-06
Helene Festal Cultural Factors and the Success of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: What is the Impact of the Negotiation Stage? Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-03-17
Adam Fields China’s Foreign Energy Policies: Interdependence vs. Economic Nationalism Mainland China Studies 2006-06-28
Jessica Florence Quan Chan The study of Managerial Competencies and the Turnover Intention in hotel industry in Guatemala Master of Global Human Resource Management 2016-07-03
Chi-Jen Fong Synthesis And Biological Activity of Bithiophene Derivatives Chemistry 2002-07-19
Chao-Chun Fong A Debugging Supported Automated Assessment System for Novice Programming Information Management 2010-08-29
Sheng-jie Fong The reduction of methanol crossover in a DMFC through controlled supply of methanol Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-11-18
Hsiu-Chen Fong Research on the Satisfaction of Parents and Children with the Service Quality of Public Kindergarten ---- An Empirical Study of a Public Kindergarten in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2014-01-22
Jyun-Siang Fong A Study of the Relationship between Business Functions and Competitive Advantage - Taking the Activities Planning Consultant Company as an Example Human Resource Management 2016-08-11
Stephanie Ingrid Bettina Forst A Qualitative Study Exploring Male and Female Experiences of Work-Life Balance in Taiwan Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-09-08
Ming-Tien Fu Dynamic Response of a Harmonic Drive Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-17
Chang-Chia Fu Stress Analysis in the IMC Layer Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-28
Chen-Ming Fu none Mainland China Studies 2000-08-15
SU-YUNG FU The Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Organizational Commitment and Citizenship Behavior -The case of Expatriates Human Resource Management 2001-02-01
Ching-Fu Fu none Business Management 2001-06-21
Cha-Hui Fu Immunological analyses of intestinal proteins extracted from adult Angiostrongylus cantonensis Biological Sciences 2001-06-26
Szu-jui Fu Implementation of a Low-Power Digital Signal Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2002-06-23
Yi-Ching Fu Application Deinococcus radiodurans on Cellulose Degradation Biological Sciences 2002-09-13
Hsiao-Feng Fu Political socialization of Taiwan elementary students: The political learning between family and students. Political Science 2002-09-12
Pin-Yun Fu The Minuet Movements in Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Music 2003-08-01
Shu-June Fu By Put-Call-Furthers Parity for Arbitrage of the TAIEX Index Future and the TAIEX Index Options Human Resource Management 2003-08-11
Ming-Yi Fu The Study of E-Shop branding --- An Example of Online Beauty Store Business Management 2003-08-04
Hwai-hui Fu A Study on Medical Claim Payments Auditing Procedure in Taiwan National Health Insurance Business Management 2004-06-03
Ming-Te Fu The KSF study of operating steel industry for Taiwanese merchant forward to Mainland China. Business Management 2004-06-16
Der Fu The study of national security of ROC Political Science 2004-06-24
Cheng-yun Fu Deposition of porous LSCF films by EAVD method Materials Science and Engineering 2004-08-25
Chuan-fen Fu A Case Study about the Efficiency of Therapeutic Painting Guidance Activities for Elementary Schools’ Students with Emotional Disorders. Education 2005-01-11
Li-ping Fu Polarization analysis of elliptical fibers by the analytic mode matching method Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-08
Cheng-Kuei Fu The study of constructed wetland for treating livestock wastewater and the livestock sludge compost Environmental Engineering 2005-08-18
Ming- Chuan Fu Chinese Literature 2006-06-23
Hsu-sheng Fu Direct Adaptive Control Synthesis for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-22
Ke-Shian Fu The effect of nonlinearity and mixed layer thickness on the propagation of nonlinear internal waves Physical Oceanography 2007-02-13
Chiu-Ying Fu The Study of the Attitude and Improvements on the Basic Competency Test for Junior High School Students for Students, Parents and Educators Education 2007-06-06
Han-chang Fu A Study of the Satire type in the novels of the late Tang Dynasty Chinese Literature 2007-07-03
Chen,Chang Fu The Contemplation of Strategic Management of Internationalization on Steelmaker─A Case Study of Steel Mill C EMBA 2007-08-21
Hsin-chiao Fu The investigation of plartic recycles disruptive innovation EMBA 2007-09-10
Hsiu-chuan Fu Jonathan D. Kramer's 《The Time of Music》: An Inquiry into Time Experience Music 2007-09-10
Shih-ying Fu none. Human Resource Management 2008-02-04
Chien-jung Fu Design of Various VLSI Sorting Accelerator Architectures Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-31
Yaw-syan Fu Inhibitory Effect of Warm Water Immersion-induced Hyperthermia on Neurogenic Inflammation in Rat Airways and the Possible Mechanisms Biological Sciences 2010-06-09
Hsiao-ching Fu The Strategies of Hemodialysis Service Providers From the Perspective of the Resource-Based Theory Business Management 2010-09-01
Hsu-Sheng Fu A Study on Success Key Factors of Security and Surveillance Systems Integrators for Intelligent Buildings EMBA 2012-06-13
Hsueh Fu The effect of growth temperature and doping for quantum dots-in-a-well laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-24
Yu-Ting Fu Beneficial Assessment of Water Quality Purification for Constructed Wetland Environmental Engineering 2012-09-13
JIAN-XIONG FU China’s National Development strategy and State-Owned Enterprise’s Oversea Investments Political Science 2012-09-14
Yuan-yu Fu The Effects of the Layout of Web Images on Eye-tracking of User Experience Information Management 2013-07-25
Cheng Fu The Analysis of Global Yachting Industry and Corperate Strategy - A Study of H Group EMBA 2013-08-19
Wen-Chuan Fu The Evolution of Mass Species under the Replicator Equation Physics 2014-06-16
Yi-Hsuan Fu Analysis of Company Operation and Obstacles in System Thinking Perspective-A Case Study of a Textile Company Business Management 2014-07-11
I-Ting Fu Balancing of Public Welfare and Profit – The Case Study of Social Enterprise Business Management 2015-03-18
Hsiao-Chi Fu The Analysis and Interpretation of Bozza’s Fantasy Pastrol Op. 37 for Oboe and Piano Music 2015-07-10
Chi-kuang Fu A Study of Eating Culture in Tang Dynasty Chinese Literature 2015-09-04
Chiao-Ting Fu A Study on the Union of Arts Society Theatre Arts 2015-09-11
Kai-fang Fu Application of Health Risk Assessment to Derive Remediation Goals for Chlorinated-compound Contaminated Sites Environmental Engineering 2016-05-16
Jung-Kuang Fu The Design of Monitoring Distributed Systems in Cloud Information Management 2016-06-17
Kuo-chieh Fu Design and fabrication of an automatic filling equipment with a linear piezoelectric actuator. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-10
Ke-Hsien Fu The shoaling and deformation of nonlinear internal waves near Dongsha Atoll in the northern South China Sea Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-18
Ching-Yao Fu The Underground Economy and Its Implication on Tax Reform in Taiwan Economics 2017-06-23
Ji-Qian Fu The Configuration and Conformation of Nature poetry——A Case Study of Wang Wei and William Wordsworth Chinese Literature 2017-07-15
Sheng-Wei Fu A Grouping Method for Sensor Sleeping by Reducing Coverage Overlap in Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2017-08-15
Pei-Wen Fu Facebook Check-Ins Lead to Others' Envy? How Power Distance Belief (PDB) Influences the Effect of Friends' Check-Ins on Observers' Consumption Business Management 2018-02-05
Tzu-wei Fu Explore the Determinants of Backer's Refund on Crowdfunding Projects from Psychological Contract Breach Perspective Information Management 2018-04-03
Wei-hao Fu Enhancement of Flower Classification with the Profile Feature Computer Science and Engineering 2018-04-29

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