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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Min-Shann Tsai The pricing and application of a probation option and an American option Finance 2000-06-09
Kuan-Ying Huang none Finance 2000-06-10
Ken Yeh Apply Neural Networks for Currency Forcasting Finance 2000-06-12
Kuan-Hua Huang The Early Warning System for the Stock Positions of Securities Firms---Based on VaR Finance 2000-06-14
I-Tze Hsing The asset allocation strategies for pension fund management under a defined contribution plan Finance 2000-06-16
Ping-Cheng Wu A study of European Monetary Union and Exchange Rate Theory Finance 2000-06-19
Zi-Jiun Lin An empirical study of banks' merger and acquisition Finance 2000-06-21
ERIC CHEN the IPO effect of Venture Capital Finance 2000-06-21
Yu-Fen Chiu The impact on banks' portfolio under BIS amendment to the capital accord of 1996 and reserve requirement Finance 2000-06-23
Li-Fen Chen Electricity liberalization and the study of independent power plant operating Finance 2000-06-21
Shih-Wei Lan The impact of unanticipated news on foreign exchange rate Finance 2000-06-26
Ching-Hwa Hung A Study on SPAN's Risk-measuring Methodology For Portfolio That Include Options Finance 2000-06-27
Kuo-Chiang Wu none Finance 2000-06-27
Kuei-Hui Chang A Study on TIMS’ Risk-measuring Methodology for Portfolio that Include Options Finance 2000-06-28
Chuan-Chien Huang Valuation of Internet Corporates Finance 2000-06-28
Yann-Hui Leu The impact of the ownership structure, monitor, cross holding and equity investment on company performance — The evidence of Taiwan's IPO company Finance 2000-06-28
Chih-Ming Kung The intertemporary studies of financial crisis prediction model Finance 2000-06-29
Jin-Sung Huang NONE Finance 2000-06-30
Dai-Yuh Hong The Study of Nonlinear VaR Models Finance 2000-07-06
I_Fei Lai none Finance 2000-07-10
Wan_Hsiuan Lee none Finance 2000-07-10
Chien-Hung Chen The Correlation Between Probability Of Informed Trader And Market Performance Finance 2000-07-20
Shu-Yu Mou An empirical study of exchange rate in bank merge and acquisition Finance 2000-06-21
Hong-Der Hwang The Performance of Stock Selection Indicator of Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2000-07-25
Ming-chieh Wang The Pricing of Cross currency Equity Swaps and Swaptions Finance 2000-07-27
Hsu-Tung Chou The Motivation, Synergy,Integration of Mergers & Acquitions of Securities industry Finance 2000-07-27
Yi-An Chao The research that project finance was applied on power plants establishment Finance 2000-06-14
Pa-Chieh Hsiao Static Hedging For Exotic Options Finance 2000-07-26
Annie Hwang none Finance 2000-08-31
Sue-Jane Chiang The Multi-Stage Stock Floatation of Privatization Finance 2001-02-06
Wen-Hui Su none Finance 2001-06-08
Hui-Yi Chang The development and the futher of the Kaoshiung area. Finance 2001-06-09
Min-lun Yin The research about Chaw Wau telecom privatization Finance 2001-06-09
Mao-Chen Liao Relationship of Asset Markets and Wealth Effect-An Analysis of the Stock Market and Real Estate Market in Taiwan Finance 2001-06-19
Chia-Jung Lin An Application and Analysis of A Credit Risk Model-Case studies for The Utilization of Long-Term Funding Finance 2001-06-20
Chin-Pin Lu Estimating the credit risk of consumer loan by decision tree Finance 2001-06-21
Chi-Fen Liu The influence of conservative principle on accounting-based valuation model Finance 2001-06-26
Leap-Foi Tee The Impact of Foreign Capital on the Interrelationship between Stock Markets and Futures Markets - The cases of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan Finance 2001-06-26
I-Hsing Chiang A Study on the Decomposition of Characteristic Ability of Mutual Fund Performance and Persistence Finance 2001-06-26
Shih-Hang Chen The performance of the state-run enterprises on privatization Finance 2001-06-27
Ju-Wang Chan The study on timing of IPO and private placements by venture-backed companies Finance 2001-07-04
Lu-Ping Lee none Finance 2001-07-25
Hung-Yuan Lin none Finance 2001-07-11
Yu-jiuan Pan The Analysis of the Motivations of Stock Repurchases and the Determinants of Premium for Taiwan Enterprises Finance 2001-07-13
Chia-Lou Lin Hedging errors of discrete hedge: the comparison of BS model and Merton model Finance 2001-07-13
Ching-Fen Yang The Probability of Informed Trading and its Determinants Finance 2001-07-13
Ying-Feng Liu none Finance 2001-07-13
Chao-Hsu Yu none Finance 2001-07-18
Chung-Yih Wang none Finance 2001-07-20
Wei-Bo Kao Prediction of Corporate Financial Distress Finance 2001-08-01
Pei-Ju Tsai The application and influence of primary market and secondary market by internet Finance 2001-07-23
Jason Huang Corporate Financial Planning--A System Dynamic Approach. Finance 2001-07-24
Shau-Hua Lee Ex-dividend day stock price behavior-the case of Taiwan Finance 2001-07-25
Yen-Ming Wang Style Analysis of Stock Mutual Fund in Taiwan Finance 2001-07-26
Ching-Hui Chang The feasibility study of launching index funds in Taiwan Finance 2001-07-26
Jui-Ming Huang Value R&D Investment Project by Real Options Finance 2001-07-27
Shih-Ching Yang The Causes to Deviation from Interest Rate Parity in Taiwan. Finance 2001-07-30
Kuo-Hao Chao none Finance 2001-08-01
Ming-Ying Lin Research of valuation and numerical methods of path-dependent options Finance 2001-07-31
Chin-Yu Lee none Finance 2001-08-01
Heng-Yu Shu An Empirical Study on The Effect Factors Of Earnings Manipulation Decision In Taiwan Bills & Finance Firms Finance 2001-08-06
Hsiu-Mei Pan none Finance 2001-08-09
Li-Feng Lin none Finance 2001-08-10
Luke Lin none Finance 2001-08-15
Jui-Ching Huang Analysis and Application about the Valuation Model of Dynamic Capital Structure Finance 2001-08-20
Tsai- Hsien Shih Sensitivity analysis research of Enterprise accounts receivable Finance 2001-08-21
Ming-Feng Lee Precaution effects empirical analysis of financial rate for the table of credit evaluation of the bank loan to enterprise Finance 2001-08-21
Hsiao-Ling Huang The Impacts of Income Tax Integration on Corporate Capital Structure Finance 2001-08-23
HSIU-FENG YEH none Finance 2001-08-23
Li- Shan Wang none Finance 2001-08-21
Hui-Tuan Tsai A research on financing ability of investor from Taiwan in mainland china Finance 2001-08-23
Long-Nan Yen none Finance 2001-08-24
Hsiang-Li Liu The Prediction model on Coporate Financial distree from a point of bank Financing View Finance 2001-08-28
Chien-Chou Lin none Finance 2001-08-28
I-CHIN CHEN none Finance 2001-08-29
Mei-Hua Chang The Study of Mortgage Securitization: Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loan Valuation in Taiwan Finance 2001-08-30
Yin-Wha Chih A Study of Mutual Fund Performance under Business Cycle in Taiwan Finance 2001-09-17
Chien-Chou Lin none Finance 2001-09-20
PHOENIX CHEN A Study of Procurement Tendering Procedures of Public-owned Enterprises ---- A Case Study Approach Finance 2001-12-20
Hong-Teng Huang NONE Finance 2002-01-29
Jiun-Yi Chiou none Finance 2002-01-30
Rong-Chang Chen Constructional Analysis of Stock Returns on Taiwan Finance 2002-02-04
GAU-SHIAN CHEN The Empirical Study of GDRs Pricing and Arbitrage Finance 2002-02-08
Tsai-An Yu The determination of capital structure on information technology industry in Taiwan Finance 2002-02-08
Tao-Cheng Shen none Finance 2002-02-18
Chih-Pin Li Intellectual Property Right's Strategy & management of Taiwan Technological Enterprise Finance 2002-02-18
Jiunn-Liang Wang Cash Flow Analysis and Risk Evaluation Of Recycling Plants' Setting BOT into Action Finance 2002-02-18
CHUN-CHI LIN none Finance 2002-02-20
Shu-Ping Liang The effect of recent financial revolution on the profitability and risk of banks. Finance 2002-05-24
Meng-Pin Lee none Finance 2002-05-24
Wen-hui Li none Finance 2002-05-28
Yi-Yun Chen none Finance 2002-05-25
Yu-Ching Li none Finance 2002-05-24
Hsiu-Chih Sun None Finance 2002-05-30
Yuan-hung Liao none Finance 2002-05-31
Chia-min Liang none Finance 2002-05-29
John Lin none Finance 2002-06-11
Hung-Ching Chen The performance of pension fund and asset allocation decisions. To research the benefit of entrusting risky assets to the professional institutions moreover. Finance 2002-06-12
YANG-WEI YUNG Instutional investment relational-ship Finance 2002-06-14
Keng-Hsien SU None Finance 2002-06-16
Shu-Fan Hsieh Exchange rate exposure and determinants of exposure in Taiwan electronic industry Finance 2002-06-19
Yan-Hau Chen The Impact of Institutional Investors' Trading on Stock Returns Finance 2002-06-20
Hsien-Wei Lei none Finance 2002-06-24
Hsin-Yi YU The Effects of Powershift towards Re-election of Board and Firm Performance of State-owned Enterprises Finance 2002-06-24
Chia-Ping Chen The political directors in board –The evidence of 100 firms listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Finance 2002-06-25
Lung-Chun Shu N/A Finance 2002-06-26
Huey-Jiuan Wu The Empirical Study of the Association with Economic Value Added、Earnings and Stock Returns Finance 2002-06-27
Wen-bin Huang none Finance 2002-06-28
Yu-Yen Lin The marketing of index funds in Taiwan Finance 2002-06-28
Yu-Wen Wang The innovation and application of fixed income securities Finance 2002-06-28
Wei-Cheng Chung The Valuation of Mortgage-Backed Securitization─The Application of Leveling Method for Transmiting Between Nodes Finance 2002-07-01
Shiang-Bin Lo None Finance 2002-07-01
Chang-Ming Lin none Finance 2002-07-02
Shing-Lin FanGan A Study on SPAN's and TIMS's Intercommodity Risk-measuring Methodology For Portfolio That Include Options Finance 2002-07-04
Chien-Lun Yen none Finance 2002-07-08
Alvin Hsueh none Finance 2002-07-09
Yung-Yu Chao A Empirical Study on Stock Market Timing with Technical Trading rules Finance 2002-07-10
Cheng-Yu Chen The Investment Performance of Momentum Strategies and Contrarian Strategies in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2002-07-11
Brook Lei A Study of Macroeconomic Variables that Determine Earnings Multiple of Taiwan Stock Market--Empirical Study of Earnings to Price Ratio (E/P) Finance 2002-07-18
Chung-Hsun Yu An Exchange Ratio Determination Model For Airline Mergers:Taiwan's Case Simulative Studies Finance 2002-07-18
Pei-Kuei Su The Application of Real Option on BOT Model Capital Investment Decision-Case Study of Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area Finance 2002-07-18
Chin-Ming Chen A Study on Interest Rate Risk of the Life Insurance Products Finance 2002-07-19
Bou-Hong Chen The study of anti-herding behavior between institutional and the Stock Stabilization Fund Finance 2002-07-19
Fu-Mei Liu An Empirical Analysis of Financial Characteristics For Product Diversification and Internationalization of Degree of Corporate. Finance 2002-07-19
Hao-Hsiung Tsai none Finance 2002-07-23
Tai Liang-An None Finance 2002-07-23
Hsiu-Yu Hung none Finance 2002-07-18
Kuan-Cheng Hung none Finance 2002-07-24
Ing-Jiunn Juang none Finance 2002-07-24
Jung-Yu Yen A Study of the assessed performance of stock mutual funds in Taiwan Finance 2002-07-19
Peter Lai none Finance 2002-07-29
WU-LI SHU none Finance 2002-07-31
Bing-Rong Lin none Finance 2002-07-31
Ming-Hsin Su The Corporate Value Relevance of R&D Expense in High-tech. Industry. Finance 2002-07-30
Chen-Jui Wang NONE Finance 2002-08-05
Ming-Fue Hung NONE Finance 2002-08-08
Ming-Hsien Tsai none Finance 2002-08-09
Ruel-Wen Tzeng none Finance 2002-08-07
Chung-Ling Chuang An Empirical Analysis On the Effectiveness Of Equity Valuation Models in Taiwan Finance 2002-08-13
Allen Chen none Finance 2002-08-15
Linda Lin Financial development and the allocation of capital Finance 2002-08-17
Chen-Ling Kuo A study on the performance evaluation of financial holding company Finance 2002-08-19
Yu-Pin Wang Actual Research of the Relationship between the Cause of Non-Performing Loan and Managerial Behavior of Earnings Management Finance 2002-08-20
Ning-Wei Shen none Finance 2002-08-26
Chiou- Kuei Shen none Finance 2002-08-26
Wen-Tao Lee none Finance 2002-08-27
Chung-Hsin Wang none Finance 2002-08-27
Hsueh-Chih Lee none Finance 2002-08-29
SHIH-CHIEH LEE none Finance 2002-08-29
Chen-Lung Hsiao none Finance 2003-02-13
Cheng-Hsiung Hsu none Finance 2003-02-13
Chia-Yi Chen Performance of Financial Holding Company from Finance Factor Finance 2003-05-27
Li-Chu Yu Factors of decision making in foreign exchange rate Finance 2003-05-31
Ya-Hui Peng A Study of IP Valuation Model of The Private Institution Apply to Participate in Infrastructure Project ─ An Instance of ○○ e-City Finance 2003-06-02
Wei-Lun Chung A Study of Industrial Hollowing-Out and Financial Evaluation of Foreign Direct Investment. Finance 2003-06-05
Ling-Chun Huang A Study on the Performance of Merger and Acquisitions within Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan Finance 2003-06-05
Yu-Wei Li Early Warning of Bank Failure Finance 2003-05-31
Chiao-Ling Chung Short selling when issuing Convertible Bonds and stock price before issuing Finance 2003-06-12
Zong-Siang Wang The Impacts of Imputation Tax System on Corporate Dividend Policy:An Empirical Study and Survey Finance 2003-06-11
Chiu-Ting Chen Evaluation of the Business Model in Digital Content Industry Finance 2003-06-12
Su-Mei Liang Effect of retained earning tax on capital valuation Finance 2003-06-13
Kuan-Jen Huang A Study of Intra-Industry Effects Resulting from Stock Repurchase Announcements Finance 2003-06-14
Chung-Hsing Chang A Study on the Factors Affecting Future Growth Value of Enterprise---An Empirical Test for Taiwan Electronic Industry Finance 2003-06-16
Z-Ching Lu Restructuring of Taiwan Credit Corporatives Finance 2003-06-16
Taki Wang The Related Study on Capital Structure of REIT Finance 2003-06-16
Zi-Yun Wang Pricing of call option on convertible bond Finance 2003-06-17
Shuang-Mao Chen Pricing and hedging of foreign equity linked notes Finance 2003-06-17
Shih-Hsuan Tseng Valuation and analysis of equity-linked bonds on multi-underlying Finance 2003-06-17
Chih-Hao Tai The Study on Influences of Value at Risk with Venture Capital Contracts Finance 2003-06-18
Ming-Hsiem Tsai none Finance 2003-06-19
Tun-Fu Huang A study on relativity between staff training and operation performance for banks Finance 2003-06-20
Chun-Jung Huang Value at Risk in operating periods of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Project Finance 2003-06-17
Jing-Yi Lin Accounting Fraud and Equity Valuation Finance 2003-06-24
Bau-Sheng Gau Motives for stock repurchase and the proof of signaling hypothesis Finance 2003-06-25
wei-hung Lin The Study on The Financing Strategies of Taiwan Biotechnology Industry- The View of Free Cash Flow Finance 2003-06-26
Hsuen-Fang Hsu none Finance 2003-06-30
Li-Jung Tseng Investigation of School Funds Performance Finance 2003-06-30
Shin-Yi Lin The Relationship between Corporate Transparency and Cost of Equity Finance 2003-07-01
Ya-Nong Chen The Effect of Disclosure of insiders' application to transfer shareholdings Finance 2003-06-30
Ya-Ling Chang The influences of the abolishment of two tick limits in Taiwan security market Finance 2003-07-01
Yi-Ching Chen Transaction mechanism and cost analysis of emerging stock market Finance 2003-07-04
Yen-Hsieh Yang The study of Real Estate Securitization in Taiwan Finance 2003-07-07
Shih-Chi Pan The study on the key factor of effecting the volatility of enterprise value Finance 2003-07-07
Ellen Wang The Investigation of Relationship between Pension Liability and Market value Finance 2003-07-14
Huei-Chen Tsai A Study on SPAN's Risk-measuring Methodology For Portfolio That Include Options-Apply Diagonal Model Finance 2003-07-11
Ming-Yen Lai The analysis of the short term and long term regression model for the factors influence the new Taiwan dollar FX rate Finance 2003-07-28
Li-Ying Hsu The Study of Taiwan's Bank Take Cross Business Operation Finance 2003-07-29
Shen-Jen Wang TFT-LCD Merger Simulation Modeling-- A Study of Between AUO & QDI Finance 2003-08-05
Fang-Yi Shieh A Study of the Relationship between Seasoned Equity Offering and Information Asymmetry Finance 2003-08-11
HUNG-TA HUNG none Finance 2003-08-13
Chu-Fen Lin The Study of Labor Pension System and Annuity Insurance Finance 2003-08-12
Chiu-Miao Chen The effect of supplier’s expected cost by using the sharing sales information in VMI. Finance 2003-08-19
Chih-Kang Lin Respond of The New Basel Capital Accord and undertake the research of the lowest capital that credit risk need---Take certain a commercial bank as an example Finance 2003-08-25
Hui-Wen Chai The simulation research on capital adequancy for banks--study on market risk Finance 2003-08-25
Min-Ying Tu none Finance 2003-08-26
Terence Wu A Study on The Effect of the Emerging Stock System on the Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings Finance 2003-08-27
Hui Chen Asset securitization. Mortgage pass Through-Products,and Relative Problems Finance 2003-08-28
Yu-Jen Lo Effects of Employee Stock Bonus Plan: Evidence from Taiwan Hi-Tech Industries Finance 2003-08-27
Chien-Cheng Hsu A Study of the Relationship between Financial Forecast and Earnings Management in Taiwan Lists and OTC's Companies Finance 2003-08-28
I-Fang Ho The Management and Transference Of Financial Assets Credit Risks Finance 2003-08-28
Earl Lee A Comparsion of Numerical Pricing Mthods for Average Options Finance 2003-08-29
Tuan-Hsien Wen Connection among Long-Term Investment, Institutional Investors and Shareholding of the Boards and Directors - As Listing Companies in Taiwan Finance 2003-08-28
Wen-Yuan Hsu none Finance 2003-09-01
KUEI-MEI KAO The Study on Announcement Effect of Seasoned Equity Offering Finance 2003-09-04
Ko-Hsin Chen The Influence of Market Transparency on Investor's Strategy and Market Effciency--An example of Taiwan OTC Market Finance 2004-01-07
Hsiao-Jung Chen Banking Development in Taiwan:The Issues on the Structure Changes and Competition Challenge Finance 2004-01-12
Te-Chung Hu Choice of IPO Mechanisms and Optimal IPO Strategy Finance 2004-01-15
HUI-MEI CHEN none Finance 2004-02-11
Chih-hui Chang The Development and Performance Research on Online Brokerages in Taiwan Finance 2004-05-31
Ming-Jr Chien Using company dividend policy to predict future earnings and growth opportunities Finance 2004-06-07
Wen-Fan Lin Accruals,Cash flows,and Equity value Finance 2004-06-07
Ching-da Chen An Empirical Study on The Default Rate of Mid-term and Long-term Bank Loans-Taking Bank of Taiwan,Taishin Bank and Shanghai Bank for Examples Finance 2004-06-07
Chen-Chou Hsu Value Relevance of Stock-based Employee Compensation -Incentive Effects and Dilute Effects Finance 2004-06-08
Liang-kuang Chen The Model of Credit Rating for Country Risk Finance 2004-06-10
Shih-Fang Chiu A Study on the key factors of future growth opportunities of enterprises Finance 2004-06-11
Ching-mei Wang The Mearsurement of Probability of Default of Mid and Long Term Bank Loans Finance 2004-06-11
CHIEN-LIANG CHEN Probability of Default and Creidt Risk Management of Banks Finance 2004-06-12
Jui-lin Hsu An Empirical Analysis On the Investment Effect and the Risk Of Equity Valuation Models in Taiwan Finance 2004-06-13
Hsin-Ying Lin The Performance of Equity Linked Notes Finance 2004-06-14
Shih-kun Lin The study of management strategy of multi-national corporations in different markets Finance 2004-06-14
Shih-Chi Yang none Finance 2004-06-11
Chia-Jung Lin none Finance 2004-06-14
Chiu-Jung Kao none Finance 2004-06-14
Hsin-lan Hsu none Finance 2004-06-15
Shun-li Yen none Finance 2004-06-14
Mei-Chan Wu The Corporate Value Relevance of Off-Balance-Sheet Financing Finance 2004-06-15
Chih-Chun Keng None Finance 2004-06-16
Ya-Ting Lee Manager Allocation under Risk Budgeting-An Empirical Study of Equity Mutual Funds in Taiwan Finance 2004-06-19
YUNG-NENG CHEN none Finance 2004-06-20
Wan-Chun Lin A Comparation Analysis on the Risk Model for Portfolio that Contains Equity Derivatives Finance 2004-06-23
Po-hung Chen How to Gauge the Default Probability:An Empirical investigation of the Market-Based Approach to Bills Finacial Corporation's Loan Asset Finance 2004-06-25
Hui-Wen Wang The Effect of The Financial Holding Company’s Value for Their Issuing European Convertible Bond Finance 2004-06-28
Cheng Yung-Yu The public vocational high school budget and the student unit cost discussion - take the Kaoshiung municipally established some industry vocational high school as the example Finance 2004-07-02
Min-yeh Tsai The effect of intraday trading halts:the case of Taiwan stock market Finance 2004-07-02
Ching-yu Chang none Finance 2004-07-06
Yuh-fang Huang The Foreign Exchange Risk Management and Hedging Strategies Evaluation Finance 2004-07-07
Chiou-ling Lai The Study on Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added:Evidence from Electronic Industry Finance 2004-07-09
Sheng-Hsia Yang OBPI and CPPI Finance 2004-07-11
Hsiao-Chuan Chen Commonality in Liquidity & Liquidity Adjusted VaR Finance 2004-07-11
Chun-hsiung Shih The Price Difference Analysis For Convertible Bonds Finance 2004-07-13
Chao-Cheng Wang The effect of stock surveillance mechanism and enforcement measures. Finance 2004-07-19
Hsin-Yi Yeh Constructing the Business Models of Cultrual Incubator Finance 2004-07-20
Mei-chen Huang An Investigation of the Internal Rating-based Model under Basel II Finance 2004-07-22
Jia-yiing Wu None Finance 2004-07-22
Yun-He Tang Taiwan multi-factor model construction: Equity market neutral strategies application Finance 2004-07-22
Mei Chin The Impacts of Tax Preference on Corporation Value before and after the Income Tax Integration Finance 2004-07-20
Feng-Tsung Wu The Wealth Effects of Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing in the Investment-Oriented Insurance Products Finance 2004-07-25
Tsung-Hsien Yang Bank Credit Risk Measurement --- Application and Empirical of Markov Model Finance 2004-07-27
Chih-peng Huang NONE Finance 2004-07-27
Kuan-liang Chen The Information Content of Funds From Operations (FFO) as the Performance Measure for Income-Producing Real Estate Operating Companies Finance 2004-07-28
Bor-Wen Jang none Finance 2004-08-02
Hsin-chung Chen none Finance 2004-07-29
Li-Wen Hsu The Measurement of Exposure of Banks’Foreign Exchange Position and Research of Structure of Foreign Exchange Risk Finance 2004-07-30
Ming-Pin Kao Empirical Study on the Interrelation of Stock Price Index and Consumer Price Index-Case of Taiwan and the United States Finance 2004-08-08
Li-Yu Chen The strategy and management of Risk of Hi-tech’s Intellectual Property—the lost control of sue for patent infringed in USA Finance 2004-08-20
Chin-Tsung Liu Performance of Financial Holding Company -- The Case Study of Cathay Financial Holdings Finance 2004-08-20
Tsui-pine Tang none Finance 2004-08-25
CHIH CHUAN none Finance 2004-08-24
Kuang-Ting Ko To Analyze the Bank Short-Term Lending Risk From the Working Capital Management by Using System Dynamics Method. Finance 2004-08-30
Bao-lin Yiin The Analysis of Employee Stock Ownership Plan in Taiwan Finance 2004-09-02
Shiow-chung Chang Independent Director and Firm Performance Finance 2004-09-05
Su-Hsia Chuang none Finance 2004-09-08
Yi-ching Huang Default probability estimation for financial institutions in evaluating building companies on security market Finance 2004-09-09
Nai-ling Ou Stock market anomaly, arbitrage and mispricing Finance 2005-01-25
Chih-hao Chen Pricing Basket Credit Derivatives with Market Risk Finance 2005-02-02
Jui-Lung Sun none Finance 2005-02-03
Li-chung Che Educational research of high educational development of our country of liberalization policy Finance 2005-02-03
Shang-ping Lo A Study on Risk-measuring Methodology Concerning Volitility For Portfolio That Includes Options Finance 2005-02-15
Kuei-Yuan Cheng (none) Finance 2005-02-15
Ching-chen Tsai Intellectual capital and equity valuation Finance 2005-06-07
Chun-Wei Liu The Impact of Risk-Based Capital Regulation On NPL Ratio and Operating Performance Finance 2005-06-11
Chun-Wei Huang The empirical study on trading strategy form by implied volatility Finance 2005-06-14
Ming-feng Ho customers valuation using real option - take wealth management as the example Finance 2005-06-13
Chih-wen Chen none Finance 2005-06-15
Yi-Hsuan Lin Accounting Research for Channel Rebates—Application of the Concepts of the Options Finance 2005-06-14
Chin-yan Ho none Finance 2005-06-17
Jing- Hui Fang none Finance 2005-06-16
Chi-Lin Chen none Finance 2005-06-17
Yi-chun Lo A study on Stock floatation and Employee Stock Ownership Plan-an example for Chunghwa Telecom Company Finance 2005-06-17
Chia-yuan Chung The Application of Credit Risk Models on Asset Securitization-Considering the Micro and Macro Factors Finance 2005-06-17
Tzung-Yu Wang none Finance 2005-06-19
Kun-yao Yeh Value chain analysis-take wealth management as the example Finance 2005-06-21
Tsung-hsien Tsai A Gain-sharing Model applied to re-evaluate the stock exchange ratio in communication industry’s M&A – the case of Taiwan Mobile Corporation and Far EasTone Telecommunications Corporation. Finance 2005-06-24
Chi-Huang Chen none Finance 2005-06-16
Chi-hung Tsai Pricing Employee Stock Options- Consider "Variable Exit Rate" and "Reset Contract" Finance 2005-06-24
Hsuan-Hui Su A study on coexistence necessity of consolidate financial report and parent financial report by analyzing their financial crisis patterns Finance 2005-06-24
Chen-wen Chen none Finance 2005-06-23
Pei-Wen Lu The research on the strategic alliances formed by the biotechpharmaceutical companies Finance 2005-06-28
Kwang Chung The Research on Credit Risk Premium and Default Rate of Banking's Finance 2005-06-25
Yu-ju Yeh Application of Financial Parameters Extracts and Tobin's Q on Failure Firms Finance 2005-06-26
Chi-Ming Lee The Pricing of Stock Index Futures and Its interrelationship with the Cash Index - An Empirical Examination of the TAIFEX and TiMSCI Futures Finance 2005-06-28
Chia-hao Ho The Performance Measurement of the Sub Banks for the Financial Holding Company in Taiwan Finance 2005-06-28
Jueifang Chen A Study on the Development Strategies of the Bank of Kaohsiung Finance 2005-06-28
I-Chun Tsai The order placement strategies and price formation in an order driven market Finance 2005-06-29
Te-yu Chang none Finance 2005-06-30
Shu-fen Tsai The Study of Educational Development Fund Performance and Optimal Asset Allocation Finance 2005-07-02
Ming-huei Sun The Application on Activities-Based Budgeting System :In Telecommucation company Finance 2005-07-04
Ya-lan Lin none Finance 2005-07-03
Chou-yueh Chin none Finance 2005-07-04
Kuang-chih Cheng none Finance 2005-07-03
Chi-sung Lin none Finance 2005-07-06
Chen Jing-Hsiang none Finance 2005-07-06
Pei-hua Lin A Research on the Risk of TFT-LCD Industry on the Basis of Cash Flows Finance 2005-07-12
Shin-Hwa Wu none Finance 2005-07-11
Ching-fang Ou none Finance 2005-07-13
Po-hung Chen Herding Behavior of Hedgers, Speculators, and Individual Investors - Take S&P500 Futures Market as the Example Finance 2005-07-15
Fang-mei Tsai none Finance 2005-07-15
Meng-ni Ho From the stakeholder's angle to discuss the Taiwanese hospital information disclosure Finance 2005-07-22
Su-Lien Lu Three Essays on the Approach for Financial Risk Management Finance 2005-07-22
Ying-ni Wang none Finance 2005-07-25
Ching-ping Wang Optimal Dynamic Asset Allocation and Optimal Insurance Design under Value at Risk Constraint Finance 2005-07-29
Kuo-chung Tseng The Structure of the Dynamic Financial Model─an example of IC Industrial Manufacture Finance 2005-07-24
Jia-Shiang Hwang The Evaluation of Performance for Financial Holding Company's Subsidiaries of Commercial Bank In Taiwan Finance 2005-07-29
Yu-jing Li A study of investment return volatility in Taipi city house market-The application of GARCH model Finance 2005-08-03
HSIAO-FENG LI On the Efficiency of Offshore Mutual Funds Issued in Taiwan Finance 2005-08-02
TSUI-CHAN FANG none Finance 2005-08-02
Wen-ping Huang The Empirical Study of the Association with Economic Value Added and Stock Price In Integrated income tax system Finance 2005-08-07
Yen -Ling none Finance 2005-08-05
Li-kang Lin The performance to invest according as buy-and-sell information of foreign institution Finance 2005-08-16
Tien-te Hsueh none Finance 2005-08-19
Chun-kai Tu A Study on Application of Financial Ratio Analysis onto business Failure -Taking Emerging Stock Companies in Taiwan, for Instance- Finance 2005-08-22
Wei-jung Wu The Effect on Stock Price and Volume of Inclusion in or Exclusion from the MSCI Taiwan Index Finance 2005-08-24
CHAO-AN CHEN none Finance 2005-08-24
Hung-Chieh Shu The Use of Asset Pricing Models and The Forecast of Investment Risk on Financial Distress Firms Finance 2005-08-25
Yu-jen Wang The Composed Index of Mutual Fund And The Active Monitor of Fund Performance Finance 2005-08-29
Te-Wei Sun none Finance 2005-09-09
Jung-Yao Hung A Model of the Probability of Informed Trading and its Application Finance 2005-10-17
Chun-hua Tung none Finance 2006-02-05
Chi-Jung Lu The Research on the Influence of Investors on Private Placements in Taiwan. Finance 2006-02-03
Chun-Yi Lin A Case Study of Reverse Merger on Steel Industry -An empirical case of Taiwanese Company Finance 2006-02-07
Yi-ru Chen State-owned Banks’ Strategy Development and Organizational change after Privatization -- Case Study on Land Bank of Taiwan Finance 2005-06-20
Chun-Chih Wang The determinants of the interest rates and the number of participants in Taiwan syndicated market. Finance 2006-02-06
Lily Kuo The impact of oil price and exchange rate fluctuation for the enterprise Finance 2006-02-07
Meng-Shuan Jou An Empirical Study on the trade strategy of TAIEX Options-An Example of each expiration month contract first day closing price until to the due settlement Finance 2006-02-07
Tzu-yun Huang The discussion of credit risk Under New Basel Capital Accord bank risk management Finance 2006-02-08
Ching-chi Huang Study of Flourish vs. Weakness Critical Factors of Packaging / Testing Plants - Finance Case Study of Corporate C Finance 2006-02-08
Shu-fang Kuo The Analysis of Compensation and Incentive Policies Decide Factors in Taiwan Finance 2006-02-09
Yu-Huey Tsao none Finance 2006-02-08
Yi-hsuan Kao The Impacks of Institution Reform towards the Efficiency of Convertible Bonds in Taiwan Finance 2006-02-08
Trey Shin none Finance 2006-02-10
Li-huei Lan The exchange rate exposure of Taiwanese banking institutions Finance 2006-04-20
Wan-ling Liao How does the gradual transparency affect the intraday pattern of order imbalance? Finance 2006-05-26
Chang-chin LI An Simulative Study of Exchange Ratio Determination Model For the M&A in IC Packaging and Testing Industry Finance 2006-05-29
Ya-Hui Hsu M&A Exchange Ratio Discussion-The Passive Component Industry Finance 2006-06-01
Hui-ju Chan The Effect of Industry Concentration on the Contribution of Changes in Advertising Expenditures Finance 2006-06-09
HSIU-JU LAI Customer Satisfaction, Investment Capital, Comprehensive Income, and Corporate Value:Evidence From China Finance 2006-06-15
Chuan-feng Huang The application of neutral network on multi-factors stock return prediction model Finance 2006-06-21
Wei-chih Lien The pricing of CDO based on Incomplete Information Credit model Finance 2006-06-21
Ching-Yi Li A Study on the Feasibility of Developing Reward Bonus System--in the Case of Lucky Buy Finance 2006-06-21
Shu-Tin You The pricing of accruals classifying into positive and negative companies Finance 2006-06-22
Hui-Chien Tao A Study on the Feasibility of Mobile Payment Services Business:The "Super Cash" of Taiwan Railways Administration Finance 2006-06-22
Hsin-jung Chen An Empirical Analysis of Choice of Financial Instruments and Announcement Effect Finance 2006-06-24
Yu-Chun Huang The Performance Measurement of the Financial Holding Company in Taiwan Finance 2006-06-26
Ya-hui Huang The interaction of R&D and advertisement:the effect of substitute and complement Finance 2006-06-26
Kuo-Jung Lee The Optimal Strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions under Uncertainty Finance 2006-06-24
Sin-cheng Yang The Analysis of Price Strategy in Domestic Oil market Finance 2006-06-27
I-Ting Ting Financial Decision-Making Models and Royalty Models for BOT Projects Finance 2006-06-27
Li-wen Yang A Study of Performance Indicators in Wealth Management – Different Views between Financial Consultants and Banks Finance 2006-07-04
Cheng-Yi Chou Applying RAROC, Value-at-Risk and Extreme Value Theory to Performance Measurement of Financial Holding Companies. Finance 2006-07-07
HUANG YEU The risk management discussion of the credit fund of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Taiwan Finance 2006-07-07
Hui-yun Hsu Private benefits from Private Placements of Equity Finance 2006-07-07
Pei-fang Hsieh Liability Driven Investment And Dual Duration Matching Finance 2006-07-06
Wan-tin Tzeng The performance and examines of herding behavior in real markets Finance 2006-07-11
Che-hung Lai Risk Control of Credit Guarantee Institutions- An Analytic Model of Market-based and Actuarial Pricing Finance 2006-07-11
Jin-kye Wang The profitability analysis of Taiwan FPC’s public offer firms Finance 2006-07-11
HSIN-HUNG CHEN The correlation research of customer lifetime value Finance 2006-07-11
Chien-Tsung Li None Finance 2006-07-11
Ying-jen Chen The determinants of the banks’ lending decisions on the influence of the“Small and Medium Business Credit Guarantee Fund” mechanism Finance 2006-07-11
Jia-chi Liu none Finance 2006-07-26
Ching-Ju Hung The research of EVA that applies to prediction of corporate financial distress Finance 2006-09-09
Chiny-Yin Hsu Application of CART Decision Tree On the Evaluation of Mutual Fund Finance 2006-08-04
Chieh-chung Chan The Impact and Pricing Formula of the National Finance Stabilization Fund: Application of the Barrier Option Finance 2006-08-07
Chi-yao Houng Interaction between crude oil price and Dow Jones Index on integrated oil and gas company Finance 2006-08-14
Bo-Chia chang The Application of Characteristic-Based Analysis in Taiwan's Stock Mutual Fund Market Finance 2006-08-19
Hsiao-Chuan Yun The Valuation of Corporate Value-On the Cases of Taiwan Listing Companies of Steel Industry Finance 2006-08-25
Chia-Chun Chen The role of accounting staff in corporate governance, with special emphasis on their role in upholding business ethics, and compliance with accounting regulations Finance 2006-08-21
Chuan-ming Su The research of the technological investment opportunity newly - Take industry of the fuel cell as an example Finance 2006-08-29
Chiu-ling Chen The Research of the Asset Allocation Perfomances in Life Insurance Companies - The Samples of Cathay Life Insurance and Shin Kong Life Insurance. Finance 2006-08-29
Huo-lien Tsai Forecasting Exchange Rate , New Taiwan Dollar Finance 2006-08-29
Yun-tiao Lin Discussion of the gradual progress of automobile industry - take the United States , Japan and Germany as an example Finance 2006-08-29
Chi Yi An Empirical Study of Convertible Arbitrage in Taiwan Finance 2006-09-01
Shu-ju Chang-chien On the Assessment of the Performance for the bank joining in Financial Holding Company. Finance 2006-09-01
Li-Kuang Chen The Study in Group's benefits of Samsung Electronics Finance 2006-09-04
Chia-hsiung Tai The Princing Model of Credit Risk Spread in Collateralized Debt Obligation(CDO) Finance 2006-09-05
Wei-Cheng Shen Valuation and analysis of equity-linked bonds on multi-underlying by copula method Finance 2006-09-08
Ching-fen Lee Study on the influence of implement of internal control system-the case of leeandli Finance 2006-09-11
Chun-Hung Lien The Empirical Study of the Dynamics of Taiwan Short-term Interest- rate Finance 2006-12-10
Yuh-lin Yang The decision process of product innovation-using real option analysis Finance 2006-06-23
Pi-chien Chiang Bond Fund Performance Analysis Finance 2007-01-25
Wen-Chih Lo The pricing of CDO based on Macroeconomic and financial ratio Credit model Finance 2007-01-19
Er-wei Wang The Revaluation of Stock Price and Company - The Application of EVA Finance 2007-01-29
Hsin-yu Chen Impacts of Diversification on Performance in Financial Holding Companies: Mediate by Cost and Market-related performacne Finance 2007-01-29
Chiao-Mu Cheng The Impact of Offsetting Trading on the Margin Transaction Securities of OTC market Finance 2007-02-02
Nai-ning Chen Financial transmission between money, bond and equity markets and exchange rates within and between the United States and Taiwan Finance 2007-02-08
Po-Chuan Chiang A Study on the Feasibility of Mobile VOIP: A Case of BOT project of Taiwan Railways Administration Finance 2007-02-11
Hui-Chun Chiang none Finance 2007-02-12
Chiung-hui Peng A study of introducing ERP systems in case company Finance 2007-02-13
Ching-yi Lee The Composite Index of Fund Performance --Factor Analysis Method Finance 2007-02-12
Fang-yu Lu The Study of Investor Overconfidence in Taiwan - the View of Firm Specific Risk and Information Source Finance 2007-12-03
Jhih-Cian Liao A Simple Model of Information Decomposition Finance 2007-05-16
Su-Chin Ke A study of persistence in international stock price indices: With R/S analysis method Finance 2007-05-16
Pei-kang Chen Pricing Basket Default Swap with Spectral Decomposition Finance 2007-06-01
Chia-Lin Li A Study of Financing of Web2.0 Business Finance 2007-06-11
Ko-wei Jie Customer Satisfaction , Cash Flow and Capital Structure Finance 2007-06-15
Chia-ching Hung The relationship between information frequency and financial distress prediction Finance 2007-06-20
Wen-chieh Wu Customer Satisfaction, Systematic Risk and Cost of Capital Finance 2007-06-20
Yu-Chih Lin Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Exchange Rate Exposure Finance 2007-06-21
TSUNG-HSIAO TSAI Capital Structure and Financial Decision Finance 2007-06-21
Shan-lung Tseng Analysis of Firm Value-a case of ABC Electronics Co. Finance 2007-06-22
Li-Ting Huang Information content of customer satisfaction Finance 2007-06-23
Wen-Yi Chen Customer Satisfaction, Advertising Expenditure and Shareholder Value Finance 2007-06-24
Wei-Shin Li A Study on Conditional Risk Factors of Taiwan's Stock Returns Finance 2007-06-24
Yen-hsiao Liu A Case Study of Financial Fraud Model– The Case of Rebar Group Enterprise Finance 2007-06-23
Huai-Yu Lee The Performance Evaluation of Stock Recommendation Finance 2007-06-25
Chih-Nung Tseng The Influence of the Business Cycle on Financial Performance of Different Corporate Structures Finance 2007-06-25
Chun-Hung Li The Application of Standard Deviation for Financial Distress Finance 2007-06-25
Pei-ling Wang A Study of the Relationship among Foreign Investment, Financial Constraints and Investment Finance 2007-06-25
Jia-Huei Wu Approximating volatility diffusions of the term structure by using ARCH model Finance 2007-06-26
Tsui-Wen Liu none Finance 2007-06-25
Ying-chih Lin The Application of KMV's EDF Model to measure the default probability of public companies in Taiwan Finance 2007-06-27
Zeng-sie Chen Characteristics of Risk Arbitrage Portfolio in Taiwan Finance 2007-06-27
Chih-hung Chen An Empirical Study on Herd Behavior in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2007-06-28
Yi-Jia Lu Building A Credit Risk Model in the Business of SMEG - Measurement of Default Rate and Recovery Rate Finance 2007-06-29
Yu-Fu Chen Can corporate governance help companies to attract foreign investment Finance 2007-06-29
Hui-zu Chen none Finance 2007-07-03
Hao-yuan Lo GARCH Option Pricing Model Fitting With Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2007-07-03
Su-yen Wu Study of internal control, internal review, internal auditing for government bureau, accountants. Finance 2007-07-02
Wei-fu Lin Estimate Value at Risk of Portfolio by Conditional-Copula-GARCH Method Finance 2007-07-02
Mei-yen Wu New Basel II Accord SME credit guarantee with the potential for development for example M bank Finance 2007-07-05
Yin-jen Liu Choice of public listing location for Taiwanese firms in Mainland-China Finance 2007-07-07
Yung-chuan Lee The Study of Taiwan’s Family Firms on Debt Financing Finance 2007-07-09
Fu-tai Hsu Measuring the Credit Risk of SMEs' Loans under Credit Guarantee Finance 2007-07-09
Hui-Ping Lee Company accounts receivable risk control and build on default account early warning model Finance 2007-07-04
Hung-Ming Chuang The Dynamic Second Degree Moment Structure of Asset Returns: The Implication for Portfolio Management, Assets Pricing and Serial Correlation of Asset Returns Finance 2007-07-10
Hsiao-ping Tsen Risk-Taking Evidence from The Insurance Industry—Panel Data Threshold Regression Model and Extreme Value Theory Finance 2007-07-12
Yi-hsuan Hsieh none Finance 2007-07-12
Kuan-hua Chu The Analysis of Board Agenda and Firm Performance Finance 2007-07-12
Pei-yu Yu To Evaluate the Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Schemes--K Bank for Examples Finance 2007-07-14
Hua-hsiang Kang Inside ownership beyond the IPO: the evidence from Taiwan’s Market Finance 2007-07-18
Bo-hsiang Yang The System of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Innovation: A System Dynamics Approach Finance 2007-07-19
Wan-jung Wang Credit Risk Valuation:.A Research with the KMV model -EDF for Taiwan Electronic Companies Finance 2007-07-23
Chiu-hui Lin The research of momentum trading strategies in Taiwan stock mocket Finance 2007-07-27
Ching-haur Yang The research of investment strategy analysis in Taiwan stock market-—The comparison of value investment and growth investment Finance 2007-08-02
Jin-ing Li On Arbitrage of Put-Call Parity:TSE Index Futures and TSE Index Options. Finance 2007-07-30
Yu-lin Tu none Finance 2007-08-04
Po-heng Lin none Finance 2007-08-09
Yu-Fang Su An Analysis of Risk Neutral Strategies in Taiwanese Stock Markets Finance 2007-08-10
mei-jane Chang The analyze of arbitrage opportunity from comany merger activity Finance 2007-08-10
Hung-hua Chen none Finance 2007-08-14
SUI-CHUNG LIN Incentive costs of the interests of the accounting impact statements Research-A technology company for Example Finance 2007-08-16
Chen-wei Chang A Study on Information Transmission and Volume-price Relationship in Taiwan Stock Index and Industrial Stock Index Finance 2007-08-20
She-hsia Lee A Study on Ways to Improve Local Finance through Discussion on Government Revenues and Expenditures: The Example of Kaohsiung City Finance 2007-08-23
Shu-fen Yeh none Finance 2007-08-21
Chia-Lun Hsu The Study of Corporate Debt Finance 2007-08-23
Yu-ching Sung The research of China stock market bubble Finance 2007-08-27
Ming-ching Chung none Finance 2007-08-28
Chiu-chu Wang Strategic Planning and Budget Management of Small and Medium Businesses –A Case Study of W Company Finance 2007-08-28
Shui-ying Cheng none Finance 2007-09-06
Che-ming Chuang none Finance 2007-09-06
Pei-shan Chung none Finance 2007-09-07
Jyh-shyan Wang none Finance 2007-09-12
Guan-ru Chen Valuing Resale Price Maintenance: Using the Real Options Approach Finance 2007-09-26
Ming-Chang Wang Order Strategy, Price Formation and Order Book Information in an Order-Driven Market Finance 2007-12-06
Shu-Yung Chu The Analysis of Financial Policy in Corporation Spin-Offs Finance 2008-01-12
Hao-Chun Liao none Finance 2008-01-15
Jie-Rong Cheng Performance Comparison and Interrelationship between the US and Asian REITs Indices Finance 2008-01-21
Hsiao-mei Tsai Empirical Test of Land Readjustment in Real Option---Example of Kaohsiung Dome Finance 2008-01-22
Yn-Huah Tsao The Relationships among the Political Connections、Firm Performance、Corporate Governance and Benefits Finance 2008-01-27
Shi-Jung Lin The Composite Index of Offshore and International Fund Performance -- Factor Analysis Method Finance 2008-01-30
Tzu Chun The Relation between Performance and Political Connection- Evidence from China listed Corporations Finance 2008-02-15
Shu-fan Hsieh The Effects of Price Limits on Informed Trading Strategies and Market Performances Finance 2008-03-31
Ya-Ling Lin The Effect of Pre-Transparency on Order Strategy, Market Performance and Information Content of Limit Order Book Finance 2008-04-03
Jihn-yih Lin Do the U.S. Stock Returns Affect Asian Stock Returns? Evidence of the Asian Four Litter Dragons Finance 2008-05-01
Ya-chu Chou The Composite Index of Global Fund Performance -- Factor Analysis Method Finance 2008-05-22
Li-Li Chin none Finance 2008-06-10
Chien-Feng Huang The impact of liquidity ability on the default risk of Taiwan's companies--Application of the Threshold Regression Finance 2008-06-13
Tzu-ling Wu Analyzing credit risk in Taiwan business by applying KMV model with solvency capacity Finance 2008-06-16
Hsin-Hsiang Hsieh The Relationship Between Brand Visibility, Capital Market Liquidity and Financial Performance Finance 2008-06-18
Liang-Ruei Su The Impacts of Advertising on the Stock Return and Shareholder Value:The Moderator Effects of Industry Concentration Finance 2008-06-16
Jhong-Cheng Sun Advertising、Customer Satisfaction and Shareholder Value: The Mediator Effect of Customer Satisfaction. Finance 2008-06-17
Shih-chuan Yang Exploring the definition of default point of KMV model by threshold regression Finance 2008-06-16
Chu-Bin Lin The Effects of Advertising, Research and Development, and Customer Satisfaction on Unsystematic Risk of Stock Price Finance 2008-06-19
Wen-ting Lin Is Operational Capability a better modificatory indicator of KMV credit model in Taiwan’s security markets Finance 2008-06-13
Chong-Ming Huang The leading and lagging relationship between CB return and stock return Finance 2008-06-18
KUAN-CHU LAI Advertising、Brand Equity and Financial Performance: The Mediator Effect of Brand Equity Finance 2008-06-19
Shen-wei Tsai The Effect of Operating and Financial Internationalization on Capital Structure: A Case of Taiwan Electronic Industry. Finance 2008-06-19
Chung-hang Huang Determinants of Taiwan coporations issuing IPOs abroad--empirical evidence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China Finance 2008-06-23
Ming-Shu Li Success and Failure of Taiwanese Interest rate Futures Finance 2008-06-19
Liang-Ann Tai Review and Construction of Margin Systems for Portfolios of Stock Derivatives Finance 2008-06-23
Hsaio-fang Ho A Study on the Comparison of Dollar-Cost Averaging and Lump Sum Investing Performances in Mutual Fund. Finance 2008-06-20
Tzu-Ju Tsai none Finance 2008-06-24
Jyun-Shang Jhang The Momentum Effect Of Taiwan Mutual Finance 2008-06-24
Tzu-Peng Tseng A Study of Overconfidence or Underconfidence for Taiwan Stock Investors – An Example of Property Stocks Finance 2008-06-25
Jui-ming Wang The Analysis by Quantile regression- Redefinition of Default Point of the KMV Model Finance 2008-06-26
Yu-Shin Shiue Integrating Corporate Governance, Accounting, Economics and Industry Factors into Financial Distress Model Finance 2008-06-26
Yuan-Hao Chaung The suitability to use KMV Model in the listed company in Taiwan-revision of default point Finance 2008-06-25
Li-wen Chang To Evaluate the SME's Default Probability and Credit Guarantee Schemes--The Case of F Bank in Taiwan Finance 2008-06-27
Yueh-chuan Kuo An Empirical Study of the Probability of Default and Credit Risk on Credit Guarantee Loans Finance 2008-06-27
Po-tai Chen Life Cycle Fund Designed For Taiwan Investors Finance 2008-06-30
Wen-hong Liang Uses data envelopment analysis to evaluate relative efficiencies of power plants in Taiwan Power Company Finance 2008-06-30
Yueh-Ying Chen The analysis of the cost in defaulted loans’ ubrogation in Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund Finance 2008-07-01
Cheng-chung Liu The Application Of VaR In Taiwan Property And Casualty Insurance Industry And Influence Factor Of Underwriting Risk Research Finance 2008-07-02
Ching-hsiang Hsieh None Finance 2008-07-08
Lon-ping Zu Informed Trading Timing and Market Behavior Finance 2008-07-08
Chun-Yuan Huang The Key Role that Penalty Plays in Contracts – A Contingent Claim Analysis Finance 2008-07-07
Yu-tien Liu The study of momentum and credit ratings in Taiwan stock market Finance 2008-07-13
Chi-jung Hsieh The Study of Defined Contribution Pension Plan and Mortgage Payment- the Application of Asset allocation model Finance 2008-07-15
Yen-ping Wang A study of a role within internal control, internal review for accountants of R. O. C Military—A Case Study Based on One Unite Finance 2008-07-16
Ming-Chu Chiang Extreme behavior and VaR of Short-term interest rate of Taiwan Finance 2008-07-21
min-hsiang HSU Stock Selection Performance Analysis using Multi-Factor Model in Taiwan Finance 2008-07-22
Tzu-Hsiang Chao Price and Volume Effects of Changes in the Index Composition--Evidence from the MSCI Taiwan Index and Taiwan 50 Index Finance 2008-07-23
Jheng-Jie Wang none Finance 2008-07-25
Ke-Jie Huang The Financial Performance Research of the Financial Holding Company on Macroeconomic Variables and Managing Capital – A Case Study of the Cathay Financial Holding Company Finance 2008-07-24
Ling-jung Chu The Study of Future Growth Value and Innovation Strategy of Business – The Case of MediaTek Inc. Finance 2008-07-26
Wen-te Tsai A feasibility analysis:Cross-industry Points Transaction Mechanism Finance 2008-07-28
Siao-Wun Hong Financial Feasibility Study of Innovative Service Model for Energy Industry - Case Study of the Energy Service Company A Finance 2008-07-30
Chun-hsien Wu none Finance 2008-07-26
Tzu-Ying Yu Multi-factor model construction: Taiwan Weighted Stock Index enhanced index fund application Finance 2008-08-01
Heng-Ching Huang A Numerical Method for First-Touch Digital Options under Jump-Diffusion Model Finance 2008-08-04
Chun-jung Hung Research on Private Equity Fund to M&A Domestic Commercial Banks in Taiwan Finance 2008-08-07
Gwang-Wei Yu The Valuation of Chinese Bank: Evidence from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Finance 2008-08-07
Chia-hung Lee The Research of Management Strategy of Kaohsiung Free Trade Port Zone under Globalization Finance 2008-08-13
Huan-jen Lian none Finance 2008-08-12
Wei-Cheng Wang Performance Analysis of Enhanced Index Funds – The Innovative "Multi-section Adjustment" Building Model Finance 2008-08-18
Yu-Hung Chou none Finance 2008-08-23
Jen-Shan Huang none Finance 2008-08-23
Jui-Lan Wang The enterprise evaluation of insurance business in China- using China Life as an example Finance 2008-08-23
Chen-Yu Wu none Finance 2008-08-28
Hui-fang Wu none Finance 2008-08-28
Deng-Hong Tsau Comparing The Performance of Leveled Stocks by Domestic and Foreign Security Firms Finance 2008-07-02
Lin-yu Jung none Finance 2008-09-02
Jeng-Shiun Yang Equity Valuation of Dry Bulk Shipping Company Finance 2008-09-03
Chia-Chien Chang A essay on the housing price jump risk and the catastrophe risk for the property insurance company Finance 2008-09-29
Chin-ming Chen The Risk Evaluation of Credit Guarantee and Actuarial Guarantee Fee of Loans to SMEs Finance 2008-10-08
Yang-che Wu A study on option pricing and option-based valuations of catastrophe insurance products under Lévy Dynamics Finance 2008-10-28
Ming-Chun Hung Application of Global Game with Learning: Transparency, Currency Crisis and Feedback Effect Finance 2008-10-29
Yi-hung Chang Interaction between gold market and stock market Finance 2008-11-27
Hsiao-ying Lee An Analysis of Optimal Asset Allocation for International REITs Investment Finance 2008-12-26
Yung-liang Yang Effect of Capital Reduction on Stock Prices Variation Finance 2009-01-10
Tzu-wei Wang The Relationships between Business Environment, Strategy, and Performance: An Identification of Opportunities and Threats Finance 2009-01-14
Shyh-weir Tzang The Efficacy of Model-Free and Model-Based Volatility Forecasting: Empirical Evidence in Taiwan Finance 2009-01-14
Chih-hsing Hung A Revisit to the Dynamic Capital Structure Model by Considering the Optimal Bankruptcy Decision Finance 2009-01-14
Tsai-ping Tu Using Different Pricing Models to Evaluate REITs in Taiwan Finance 2009-01-05
Shu-Yu Lin The Implication of Asymmetric Condtional Covariance Matrix on Asset Allocation and Risk Management Finance 2009-01-15
Pei-lun Sun Researching the relation betwen company size and credit risk in Taiwan stock market --- A further study of KMV model Finance 2009-01-19
Jih-shih Wu none Finance 2009-01-20
Hui-ju Yeh Analysis of Global Gaming Industry: A Comparative Study of Casinos among Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau – Lessons for Gaming Industry in Taiwan Finance 2009-01-22
Yi-chun Yang none Finance 2009-02-03
Ya-jhen Wang An Analysis of Value Creation Capacity - The Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Finance 2009-02-11
Hsiu-kuei Chen Execution costs of financial markets from a microstructure approach: Evidence from Block trading and Transparency Regime switches. Finance 2009-05-04
Chung-cheng Hsu Momentum Strategies in International Equity Markets Finance 2009-06-16
Yu-yin Su Mediating Role of Brand Penetration and Retailer Service on the Relationship between Advertising and Perceived Quality Finance 2009-06-17
Yuan-fa Lin The Valuation of Inflation-Protected Securities in Systematic Jump Risk:Evidence in American TIPS Market Finance 2009-06-18
Chiu-Chan Hu none Finance 2009-06-18
Wen-ni Lin The Stock Selection Ability of Taiwan Equity Funds Finance 2009-06-18
Yu-yan Lin The Impacts of Advertising and Research and Development on Risks:The Difference between Higher-Risk Firms and Lower-Risk Firms Finance 2009-06-19
Chao-hung Kuo none Finance 2009-06-18
Wan-wei Lin none Finance 2009-06-19
Deng-yi Luo none Finance 2009-06-18
Wei-chih Chen The Enhanced Index Fund Performance and Risk Analysis under MFM Model Finance 2009-06-20
Jian-ting Li Abnormal Return Using Four-Factor Model with High Short-Selling and Foreign Investor Ownership Finance 2009-06-21
Ti-Yang Chang The Informativeness of the Limit Order Book in a Periodic Call Market Finance 2009-06-17
Chia-yin Lee A Study of the Relationship among Recovery Rate, Probability of Default, and Credit Rate Finance 2009-06-20
Shu-chun Lo The Impacts of Fund’s Advertising and Performance on Investors’ Behavior: The Duration Effect and Interaction Effect Finance 2009-06-19
Yung-jiun Chiou The Momentum Effect in the Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2009-06-19
Jung-juei Lee On Delaying the Informed Trades Finance 2009-06-23
Yi-yin Lai Does Advertising of Mutual Funds Drive Smart Money Effect? Evidence from Open-end Mutual Fund Market in Taiwan Finance 2009-06-24
Wan-shiuan Lee The Impact of Advertising on Investors’ Behavior: Disposition Effect and Threshold Effect Finance 2009-06-25
Pei-shan Li Marketing Expenditures and IPO Underpricing Puzzle: Evidence from China A-Share Stock Market Finance 2009-06-25
Ping-Yun Hsieh Is Credit Rating Trustworthy? Finance 2009-06-20
Shin-Ling Lin The Volatility in Structural Change of Asia Stock Market Finance 2009-06-27
I-LIN CHANG Volatility Alpha Fund Finance 2009-06-29
Chun-chieh Liu none Finance 2009-07-03
Sung-han Fang Credit rating and the change of capital structure Finance 2009-07-05
Chih-hung Huang Can Transparency Affects Investors' Return Finance 2009-07-07
Tsung-Hsun Tsai A System Platform of Multi-Factor Model Finance 2009-07-07
Chi-pang Chang The Impact of Financial Derivatives Activities on the Risk of Banks Finance 2009-07-08
Chia-Wei Yang How does cross-sectional liquidity affect investors’ order imbalance? Finance 2009-07-07
Hou-fang Lin The effects of placees on operating performance and value of private placement company Finance 2009-07-13
Che-wei Hsu Carbon Trading and the Opportunities for Financial Services Sector Finance 2009-07-14
Yu-ping Wei The study of related indicators of Business Cycle Finance 2009-07-23
Chih-ming Chiou The Study of The Network-Centric Innovation Model of Web2.0 Finance 2009-07-23
Ji-Hong Lai wealth management factor model Finance 2009-07-27
Liang-Yu Su Does investment policy differ between private placement ? and public offering companies Finance 2009-08-04
Wan-li Liu Newly-issued equity funds investment objects performance is study. Finance 2009-08-31
I-jung Pu Taiwan IC Design Industry’s ability of value creation Analysis Finance 2009-09-03
I-chen Lee Financial Knowledge Education and Training System for Agents Selling Investment-Linked Insurance Finance 2009-10-23
Chang-chih Chen How does credit rating migration impacts an optimal capital structure decision? Finance 2009-12-07
Yi-mei Lee Endogenous credit risk model:the recovery rate, the probability of default,and the cyclicality Finance 2009-06-20
Kuang-erh Lai Assessing the Risk of Credit Guaranteed Loans to SMEs:Based on the Probability of Default and Recovery Rate Calculated by a Joint Parameters Estimation Approach Finance 2010-01-18
Chung-jian Huang The most effective multinational transfer pricing---the empirical study of Taiwan Finance 2010-01-19
Yi-chin Teng The application of PIN model under order-driven market on investing strategy Finance 2010-01-25
Yi-hsi Lee Monte Carlo Methods for Multifactor Portfolio Credit Risk Finance 2010-02-08
Chao-Hsien Sung Applying Value-at-Risk to Financial Risk Evaluation in BOT Projects Finance 2010-05-28
Chih-Hsien Hung Dynamic Volatility Linkage between Taiwan MSCI Index and International Stock Markets Finance 2010-06-01
Chung-ho Li The effect of stock repurchase on market liquidity – Empirical evidence from Taiwanese listed firms Finance 2010-06-02
Siao-fan Li The impact of operating activities diversification on the risk and performance of banks Finance 2010-06-02
Fong-jhao Chen The Impact of Advertising and R&D on Shareholder Value: Application of Hierarchical Linear Model Finance 2010-06-04
Pei-jyun Zou Financial Distress Risk and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2010-06-09
Jing-yi Chen The Credit Risk Model for SMEG: Based on Time Varying and Binomial Tree Approach Finance 2010-06-09
Chih-Yuan Huang Short Sales by Institutional and Individual Investors: Motives and Effects on Stock Returns Finance 2010-06-14
Qing-yan Lee A Study of Performance Management of Public Utilities-A Case Study of Taiwan Water Corporation Finance 2010-06-16
Ching-fen Lu A Study of the Interaction between Technical analysis and Transaction Behavior of Institutional Investors Finance 2010-06-17
Huei-Chieh Chi A Study on the Stock Incentive Strategies under the Required Expensing of Employee Stock Bonus – The Application of Markov Regime Switch Model. Finance 2010-06-17
Pei-jung Wu The Event Study of The Memorandum of Understanding Policy Between Taiwan and China Finance 2010-06-20
Chung-yu Wen The Impact of Stock Price Manipulation for the Price Difference among Taiwan, China and Hong Kong Stock Market Finance 2010-06-21
Liang-Hsueh Feng Generalized Sharpe Ratio under the Levy Processes Finance 2010-06-22
Chieh-chun Huang A Study on Day trading Behavior of Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index Futures Finance 2010-06-24
Chu-wei Chu Momentum Strategies in Foreign Exchange Futures Market Finance 2010-06-26
Chih-Hsuan Chen The Valuation of Participating Life Insurance Contracts under Levy Processes Finance 2010-06-26
Ren-her Liu Transfer Pricing of Multinational Enterprises with the Possibility of Penalty Finance 2010-06-28
Chao-chih Yang The Analysis of Implied Default Point under the Barrier OptionFramework -An Application of Variance Gamma Process Finance 2010-07-02
Shu-Jyuan Lin Discussing the future development of DRAM industry of Taiwan in Financial aspects Finance 2010-07-05
Shih-hung Huang Research to Financial Arbitration System of R.O.C.─By case of the procedure to resolve the disputes in the transaction of Lehman Brothers structured note Finance 2010-07-06
Siang-yi Liou The construction of cross-market risk model – with application in a Taiwan-China two-market model Finance 2010-07-15
Ju-Ying Chen Option Pricing under Stochastic Volatility for Levy Processes: An Empirical Analysis of TAIEX Index Options Finance 2010-07-17
Jiun-huey Yen Information Uncertainty and Momentum Strategy Finance 2010-07-18
Cheng-chieh Chou A study on the Revealed Patent Advantage and the R&D productivity of IC Design companies Finance 2010-07-23
Chun-Yi Lee The Market Sentiment-Adjusted Strategy under Stock Selecting of MFM Model Finance 2010-07-25
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Fan-Sheng Shen A Preliminary Study of Risk-Based Deposit Reserve System Finance 2011-06-26
Jian-syun Ho A Further Study of the Guaranteed Risk of SMEG Finance 2011-06-24
Chiung-wen Kang Determinants of Foreign Exchange Market Intervention by the People's Bank of China and RMB Exchange Rate Finance 2011-06-29
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Tze-Wei Chang Market efficiency in the portfolio strategy of technical indicators in the bull and bear stock markets Finance 2012-06-26
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Jui-Hsuan Lu Is Investor Sentiment Important to Low Volatility Anomaly? Finance 2014-06-17
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Shih-hao Huang The Study between Corporate Social Responsibility and Credit Ratings in Taiwanese Finance and Insurance Industries Finance 2015-06-25
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Jing-yi Li Asset allocation and risk management in the National Social Security Fund Finance 2015-06-24
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Shih-ying Yen Social Impact Bond Finance Model and Payment Mechanism-The Application of SROI Analysis Finance 2015-06-26
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Hsin-Yi Yang FCF Value and Momentum Investing: Evidence from Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2015-06-30
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Sin-ying Cai Forecasting TAIEX under Regime Switch Model with Macroeconomic and Financial indicators. Finance 2015-06-28
Cheng Cheng Issues of Shadow Banking in China-Size Estimation, Macro-economics Effect, and Supervision Recommendations Finance 2015-07-02
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Chuan-Hsien Ou The Analysis of the China's Internet Loans Industry under the Perspective of Credit Risk Finance 2015-07-21
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Chi Hsu Exploring the Business Model and Regulations of Microfinance Social Enterprise Lending on the Internet: A Case Study of Kiva Finance 2015-07-21
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Su-mei Lin A study of the relationships between the NBI Index and the stock prices of Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese BioPharm Firms Finance 2015-08-26
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Ching-Chi Hsu Low Volatility Anomaly and Investor Sentiment Finance 2015-12-31
Nai-Wei Cheng Dynamic Relations among Herding, Anti-Herding and Log-Periodic Price Pattern before Crash Finance 2015-07-13
Jou-chun Liu Information-driven vs. Noise-driven Google search – An empirical study on investor attention and market quality Finance 2015-07-28
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Zong-Yuan Yu Momentum Strategies in Emerging Stock Market Finance 2016-01-20
Feng Jiang The Establishment of New Rural Credit Cooperative System in China Finance 2016-01-28
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Tzu-chun Lin Social impact bond mechanism design and cost benefit analysis in long-term care Finance 2016-02-02
Yen-Ting Su TAIEX Trend Prediction with Support Vector Machine Finance 2016-02-12
Ya-ting Chang Kelly Criterion under Stock Price Pattern Recognition Method Finance 2016-02-16
FENG-SUNG CHIEN Macroeconomic Multi-Factor Model Finance 2016-02-17
Ting-yi Wu Number Preference, Investor Sentiment and Price Movement Finance 2016-02-18
Wen-Tsung Huang Advertising return momentum and residual momentum Finance 2016-05-21
Hsiu-lan Wang The research of Investment strategy performance:Efficient Investing Method and Value Averaging Finance 2016-05-21
Yu-ju Chan Executive Job-hopping and Compensation Finance 2016-06-14
Lin-feng Jiang Investor Attention, Investor Sentiment and Low Volatility Anomaly in Distinct Market State Finance 2016-06-14
Wei-Lin Liou A Study of the Spread on Forward Exchange Rate vs. Spot Exchange Rate: An Empirical Application of Lucas Consumption Model and Markov Regime Switcing Model Finance 2016-06-16
Yueh-Ling Hsu The Default Intensity of China Municipal Bond Finance 2016-06-19
Yu-Hsiang Huang Exchange Rate Investment Strategies Of The Economic Data Release—USD/CAD Case Study Finance 2016-06-17
Shih-en Huang The Relationship between Business Cycle、Exchange Rate and Taiwan Manufacturing Finance 2016-06-13
Yu-ling Liu Firm Size, Information Transfer and Revenue Announcement Price Response Finance 2016-06-22
YU-CHI KUO The effect of discount rate change on financial markets in Taiwan Finance 2016-06-17
Huan Chen Application of economic factors in investment Finance 2016-06-18
Kai-chin Wang The Effect of Stock Repurchase on Stock Returns and Corporate Performance Finance 2016-06-21
Wei-chih Hsu Neutral Strategy with Low Risk Anomaly Phenomenon in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-06-23
Ding-rong Jheng Predicting stock returns by option implied information Finance 2016-06-22
Chen-wei Sung The Relationship between Information Network Topology and Stock Market Finance 2016-06-23
Che-pin Hao The Interaction between Retail Sentiment and Market Return Finance 2016-06-23
Wei-Zen Chin The VIX futures basis strategy with high volatility Finance 2016-06-24
Pin-lun Huang The Relationship between Stock Price Endogeneity and Information Asymmetry Finance 2016-06-23
Zih-yu Hong Trend Trading Strategies in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-06-24
Chih-Hung Liao A study of strategy trading in Taiwan stock market-An application of Markov Switch Regression Model on Smart Beta Finance 2016-06-24
Dou-Jin Tsai Permanent income shock and the cross-section of expected stock returns Finance 2016-06-28
Jun-you Zhong Application of Value and Momentum Investment Strategy in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-06-29
Tzu-chieh Chien Construction Smart Beta Style Indexes - with Application in Taiwan Market Finance 2016-06-29
Chiung-jung Cheng Research on the Business Model of Equity Crowdfunding: Evidence from the United Kingdom and Taiwan Finance 2016-07-06
Tsung-Chien Wu The impact of short sales ban on put warrants: Evidence from Taiwan warrants market Finance 2016-07-06
Yan-Lin Chen The Value Assessment of Alibaba— The Research of Gross Merchandise Volume and the Problem of Fakes Finance 2016-07-10
Tung-yen Wu Pattern Recognition with the Fuzzy Theory in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-07-06
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Yun-chu Tang Writing Autobiography or Fiction? Photographs and Innovative Writing in Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-03
Thi-Giang Tran The Contrastive Predicate Construction in Vietnamese Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-10
Wen-lin Lan The Male Narrators in Robert Browning’s Dramatic Monologues Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-17
Ya-Fan Lin Discovering the American West in Annie Proulx's Wyoming Stories Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-18
Chia-hua Hsieh A Cognitive Study of the Color Term Peh (White) in Taiwanese Southern Min Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-20
Chin-chu Liu Finding Her Own Voice: Language, Identity and Gender in Shirley Geok-lin Lim's Poetry Foreign Language and Literature 2012-02-12
Kuang-yu Hsiang The Hysteric’s Discourse: Virginia Woolf’s Psychic Structure and Her Writing Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-03
Howatt Shannon Alyesha Setting the Foundations of Divine Right: The Arguments of the Reformation Writers Foreign Language and Literature 2012-06-27
Yen-chi Wu Re-visioning Ireland: A Gothic Reading of Patrick McCabe’s The Butcher Boy Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-14
Szu-Ying Chen The Picturesque and the Representation of Scotland in Walter Scott's Waverley Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-22
Wen-lin Dong Authorities and Conflicts in Kazuo Ishiguro’s An Artist of the Floating World Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-24
Calvin Li-Chyang Chen Encounters in Cultural Production of Globalized India: Cinema, Television, and Arundhati Roy Foreign Language and Literature 2012-09-13
Yi-jan Shen Speaking like Eve: Gender and the "Perfect Language" in Milton's Paradise Lost Foreign Language and Literature 2012-09-11
Shu-chun Chang Writing from Home: Contemporary Native American Women’s Life Narratives Foreign Language and Literature 2013-01-16
Hsin-chih Chen Alterity and the Poetics of Space in William Faulkner's Fiction Foreign Language and Literature 2013-01-18
Chien-fu Hsueh Anxieties and Reconciliations: Travel and Science in Four Utopian Texts of Early Modern Britain Foreign Language and Literature 2013-01-27
Min-Ju Liu Post-Colonial Performativity through Language Plays: A Case in Text-based Role Play Games Foreign Language and Literature 2013-06-13
Hsiao-Chiao Chien Violence, Identities and Bare Life in Rawi Hage’s Cockroach Foreign Language and Literature 2013-06-28
Wan-chen Hung The Effect of Duration on English Vowel Perception by Taiwanese EFL Learners at the Phonetic Level Foreign Language and Literature 2013-07-16
Yu-tzu Shih The polarity status of lower-scale intensifiers ‘you(yi)dian(r)’ and ‘yidian(r)’ in Mandarin Chinese Foreign Language and Literature 2013-07-24
Ruoh-Tyng Lee An Ecological Sensibility of Alexander Wilson’s American Ornithology Foreign Language and Literature 2013-07-18
Mei-Chen Chen Writing the Body: Performativity and Possibility in Hiromi Goto’s Work Foreign Language and Literature 2013-08-07
Hsin-yu Chang Women’s Identity Searching Through Everyday Life in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook Foreign Language and Literature 2013-08-23
Yu-Lin Lai A Case Study of Young EFL Learners‟ Construction of Digital Stories: Social Semiotic Theory of Multimodality Foreign Language and Literature 2013-09-01
Fang-jeng Liu Chinatown as a Semiosphere: Space and Memory in Selected Works of Wayson Choy, Fred Wah and Lydia Kwa Foreign Language and Literature 2014-01-27
Jen-Hui Wang Elizabeth Gaskell and Education as Seen in her Short Stories Foreign Language and Literature 2014-01-28
I-Lin Tsai Metaphors of salvation and the pragmatic act of saving: Toward a social-cognitive analysis Foreign Language and Literature 2014-02-13
Yi-chi Huang Compliment paying strategies in Taiwan Mandarin: The role of interlocutors’ status Foreign Language and Literature 2014-06-20
Yu-Ying Liao Identity Construction in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go Foreign Language and Literature 2014-06-20
Wei-hua Juan Power, Material Desire and Male Characters in Arden of Faversham, The Changeling, and The Duchess of Malfi Foreign Language and Literature 2014-07-31
Pao-chuan Hsu Melancholy or the Melancholic Mood in John Keats's 1819 Odes Foreign Language and Literature 2014-09-04
SHAO-YU HUANG Women’s Identity Formation in Margaret Laurence’s Manawaka Cycle Foreign Language and Literature 2014-09-03
Chia-ling Wu The Making of Confession and Penance in the Late Middle Scots Makars Foreign Language and Literature 2014-09-10
Kai-su Wu Writing Survival: Death, Debt and Self in the Works of V. S. Naipaul, Derek Walcott and J. M. Coetzee Foreign Language and Literature 2015-02-04
Chung-yu Yeh Blindness, Muteness, and the Sacrificed Virgins: The Systematic Silencing of Women in The Blind Assassin Foreign Language and Literature 2015-02-10
Li-ting Lin Seeing through The Bluest Eye: A Symptomatic Presentation of Self-Love in the Look Foreign Language and Literature 2015-02-13
Wan-ching Chen Mothers, Fathers, and Lovers: Female Power in Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote and Frances Burney’s Evelina Foreign Language and Literature 2015-06-29
Yu-hsuan Wu Code-switching to Taiwanese in Mandarin Popular Song Lyrics Foreign Language and Literature 2015-06-30
Rong-ting Yeh The Prosodic Domain of Syllable Contraction of Mandarin Compound Nouns Foreign Language and Literature 2015-07-22
Chia-hua Lin Ocean and Indigenous Culture in Linda Hogan’s People of the Whale Foreign Language and Literature 2015-07-27
Ting-hui Hsiung War Memories in the Novels of Tash Aw, Vyvyane Loh, and Tan Twan Eng Foreign Language and Literature 2015-07-28
Yen-ling Chu The Sons’ Daydreams: The Nonhuman Creatures’ Gaze and the Oedipus Complex in Edgar Allan Poe’s Works Foreign Language and Literature 2015-08-12
Yu-Syuan Guo Traumatic Memory in Lydia Kwa’s This Place Called Absence and Pulse Foreign Language and Literature 2015-08-20
Po-yu Wei Jane Austen: The Moments of Vulgarity Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-21
Hui-Chun Li Vision and Speed: Contemporary Cyberpunk Literature and Cyberculture Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-20
Hsiao-chen CHIEN Coming-of-Im(age): In Quest of the Self in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-26
Tsung-lin Tung The Role of Prosody in Mandarin Wh-phrases Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-27
Yu-tong Lin Masquerade of Lameness: On George Gordon Byron’s Body Performance in Byromania and The Deformed Transformed Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-28
Yi-hsin Hsu The functions of metaphor in Mandarin pop song lyrics: A study of idol drama theme songs Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-29
Chien-ting Yeh Chronotope, Memory, and Identity in Fred Wah’s Diamond Grill Foreign Language and Literature 2016-02-01
Yu-kai Huang A Cognitive Investigation of Love Metaphors: A Multimodal Analysis of Sea Journey in Titanic Foreign Language and Literature 2016-06-23
Yu-Chia Chang Postcolonialism and Imagined Communities in Tash Aw’s Map of the Invisible World and The Harmony Silk Factory Foreign Language and Literature 2016-07-04
Lu-Shan Huang A Study of Kám Questions in Taiwan Southern Min Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-07
Hsiao-Hsuan Chang A Farewell to Youth: Play, Truth, and Utopia in William Wharton's Birdy Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-23
Hong-mi Chen Space and Identity in Tash Aw's Map of the Invisible World Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-23
Nai-an Shih Reconciling with the Past: Identity, Trauma, and Testimony in Tan Twan Eng's Novels Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-29
Tzu-yang Lin Empathy Problematized: Sham and Shame in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-29
Han-jia Tsai Spatial Politics in Four Early Modern English Witchcraft Plays Foreign Language and Literature 2016-09-05
Zhe-chen Guo The Cue of Rising Tone to Spoken Word Segmentation: A Study of Listeners of Taiwanese Southern Min Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-02
Yan-ju Wang The pragmatic act of soliciting an agreement in two Chinese love matching shows Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-08
Yi-ling Chou The Construction of Ecological Imagination and Sensibilities in Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-08
Tung-che Hsieh The Environmental Ethics in Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, John Muir’s Our National Parks, and Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-08
Wen-hao Hsu From Love to Terror: The Politics of Fear in The God of Small Things Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-09
Ci-hui Lin The Visions in the Words: Visual Images and Sensations in P. K. Page's Poetic Language Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-10
Ling-yun Wu Photographs, Memory, and Identity in W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-13
Chia-Jung Hsieh A Translation of Selected Chapters of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go with a Critical Introduction Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-19
Fu-Yang Gao Multiple Interfaces of Finite vs. Nonfinite Distinction of Verbal Complement Clauses in Chinese Foreign Language and Literature 2017-07-15
Chien-hang Liu Mapping the Social Body in Charles Dickens’s Novels Foreign Language and Literature 2017-07-18
Ya-Chun Chuang A Comparison between “Chayidian/ Chadianr/ Chadian”and “Chabuduo” and Their Collocations Foreign Language and Literature 2017-07-27
Wan-Xuan Liu Indexicality in digital language: A multimodal analysis of zhang-bei wen delivered by Taiwanese middle-aged people using Line software Foreign Language and Literature 2017-08-08
Huei-Ting Jhan Toward a pragmatic analysis of short short stories: An investigation based on five Taiwanese readers’ interpretations of six-word stories Foreign Language and Literature 2017-08-15
Ming-jeh Yu Empowering Ruin: The Politics of Ruin(nation) in Tan Twan Eng's The Garden of Evening Mists Foreign Language and Literature 2017-08-30
Ming-yu Peng The Interwoven Memories and Feelings: William Wordsworth’s Sense of Identity Foreign Language and Literature 2017-09-04
Yana Kabalina Toward a Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Internet Memes Associated with Russian and American Leading Political Figures Foreign Language and Literature 2017-09-22
Constance Chang Recategorizing Hai and Identifying Its Collocations Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-12
Chia-jung Lin Unaccusative Verbs in Chinese and Japanese Resultative Constructions Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-13
YU-SHAN LEE Of Female and Food: The Feminine Identification in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman and Lady Oracle Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-20
PO-HAO LIN The Social Instability and Spatialities in Thomas Dekker’s and Thomas Middleton’s Jacobean City Comedies Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-22
Ming Xu From Mainland to Island: A Study of Gary Snyder as a Translator Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-22
Peng-Chuan Chen Natural History Writing: Susan Fenimore Cooper’sRural Hours and Her Delineations of the Vicinity of Cooperstown Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-22

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