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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Fen-Nian Hai none EMBA 2005-08-30
Thi Hai Nguyen The research of Viet Namese’ Ruan You’s Three of poetrys Chinese Literature 2014-08-21
Jakub Haidari The Case Study of Taiwan Hip-Hop Festival Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-06-22
Thomas Halina The effects of internal and external pressures on Taiwan’s agricultural development International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-07-24
Gow-Shiang Han The Research on Project Management with Earned Value Management System -- A Service Contract in KMRT Business Management 2000-06-27
Wan-chun Han The relationship between teacher’s implement of open education and their pupils’ critical- and creative-thinking abilities Education 2001-06-19
Taishien Han Effects of Clematis Armandi extracts on permeability and short circuit current (Isc) across frog skin epithelium Biological Sciences 2002-07-30
Fu-Yi Han Development of IEEE 802.11b RF Transceiver Modules Electrical Engineering 2003-07-10
Chieh-ju Han A System Dynamic Approach to the Study of enterprise’s financial forecast and financial diagnosis Information Management 2003-07-15
Tsung-Chih Han Balance Billing For Inpatient Under National Health Insurance-An Example of Regional Hospitals in Kaohsiung-Pingtung Area Human Resource Management 2003-08-26
Hsiao-Ting Han none Chinese Literature 2004-01-27
Cheng-ping Han Low Voltage, Low Power CMOS OTA and COA Electrical Engineering 2004-07-15
Shen-Rong Han Electro-optical Emission of Heterocyclic Aromatic Rigid-rod Polymers Containing Sulfonated Pendants Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-24
Wang-tzu Han Detecting Remote Attacks Information Management 2004-07-30
Songok Han Globalization on Trial: The Politics of The Asian Crisis Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-04-28
Jeng-liang Han Approaches toward Spirocompounds Using Tricarbonyliron Complexes Chemistry 2005-07-11
Chia-an Han Distribution of the Unicellular Cyanobacteria and Nitrogenase nifH Gene Analysis in the South China Sea Marine Resources 2005-09-05
Shu-yuan Han Legal Analysis of Cable TV Routing Conflicts Communications Management 2006-02-07
Pei-shan Han The Customer Relationship Management Process in Service Industry : Its Measurement and Impact on Performance. Business Management 2006-07-18
Wang-hsiao han A pulse oximetry based method for detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-17
Jui-Chi Han Relationship Between the Family Decision and the Migration of Residential Preferences: Analyses of the Spouse Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-14
Nien-Chia Han A study between Trust, Delegation and job satisfaction Business Management 2007-01-29
Chia-Yun HAn Improving the Treated Water for Water Quality and Good Tastes from Traditional and Advanced Water Treatment Plants Environmental Engineering 2007-07-19
Liu-yen han Characteristics study on the Performance of A Pilot-Scale RCO(Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer)for Destrution of Destrution of Gas-borne VOCs Environmental Engineering 2007-07-26
Yu-lin Han Research from the resource base theory discussion medium shipyard reforming competitive advantage take J Corporation as the example EMBA 2007-09-03
Yueh-Chen Han none Mainland China Studies 2008-01-30
Chin-hu Han none Political Science 2008-06-17
wen han none Chemistry 2008-07-21
Jing-tang Han Core Competences Construction of the Medium Securities Investment Trust - IBT Asset Management Co,.Ltd. EMBA 2008-08-25
Yi-Fung Han none Chinese Literature 2008-08-27
Fu-yi Han Modeling of Flip-Chip and Wire-Bond Chip Scale Packages for RF Chip-Package Co-Simulations Electrical Engineering 2009-01-09
Wen-hsin Han Effective Base-pair Mismatch Discrimination by Surface bound Nucleic Acid Probes and Atomic Force Microscope Chemistry 2009-07-24
Tsung-hsun Han The Integration of Global Equipment Manufacturer’s Information System : A Case Study of AMAT Information Management 2012-06-05
Che Han Nighttime Image Dehazing Computer Science and Engineering 2014-02-08
Tai-wei Han A Study of competitive advantage of hyaluronic acid products and marketing strategies – with S biotechnology company as an example of case study EMBA 2015-07-18
Ai-jie Han The mechanism of Hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF)-induced ROS production in HCC cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-02-17
Cing-lin Han A Design of Multimedia Search System Electrical Engineering 2016-07-11
Hsin-I Han A Study on Development of Squid Fishery in Taiwan Offshore Fisheries EMBA 2017-08-08
Ping-Ting Han Investigation of College Outstanding Volleyball Players’ Ego Identity and Well-Being Education 2018-07-23
Cing Han Tsai The Temperature Effects of Friction Properties Analysis in Single Crystalline and Polycrystalline Metal by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-27
CHEN HAN-WEN Influence of China’s Trade Protective Policies on Export of Taiwan’s Flat Stainless Steel and the Response Strategies EMPP 2005-08-02
Chiu Han-Yung A study of the relationship among the work values, career development and organizational commitment of middle- and old-aged career changing workers – Taking the private security guards of Kaohsiung City as the main scope EMPP 2005-08-01
Chi-Ling Hang Cinefluoroscopy as a Diagnostic Modality in Detecting Coronary Artery Disease: Costs and Effectiveness Analyses EMBA 2005-07-31
Chih-cheng Hao A study to the consultants of transforming from quality management to six sigma Business Management 2003-06-23
Hsin-Cheng Hao none Political Science 2007-02-09
Yao-Chi Hao none Economics 2008-01-31
Jia-Yu Hao Evaluation the use of three mollusk biomarkers to marine pollution in southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2013-12-03
Che-pin Hao The Interaction between Retail Sentiment and Market Return Finance 2016-06-23
Nazim Hasan Synthesis, fabrication and characterization of oxide nanoparticles and metal surfaces for biomolecules and bacterial detection Chemistry 2013-01-31
Min-Wei Hau The Feasibility Study of Taiwan Railway Administration Electronic Ticketing Finance 2014-07-09
Ming-Zong Haung Micro-Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoresis Coupled with Capillary HPLC / MS to Analyze Trace Amount of Proteins in Human Serum Chemistry 2004-08-06
Shih-Chang Haung The studies of XANES and thermoelectric power on the stripe phase of La2-xSrxCu0.995Ζn0.005O4 at x near Physics 2005-07-07
Mei-Lan Haung none Chinese Literature 2005-07-11
Zong-Chih Haung Analysis of biological fluids proteins by high-performance liquid chromatography / electrospray ionization mass spectrometry(HPLC/ESI/MS) Chemistry 2005-07-26
Zih-shun Haung Passively Mode-Locked Lasers Using Saturable Absorber Incorporating Dispersed Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-09
Yen-yen Haung none EMPP 2009-08-12
Chang-Hsun Haung A novel model for a mixed-film lubrication with oil-in-water emulsions used in the partial lubrication of cold rolling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-08
Chen-Mei Haunz A Study on the Sexual Values and Attitudes of Aboriginal Junior High School Students in a Non-Patriarchal Society Education 2005-01-18
wan-jan Hawan The structural development of Paiwan tribe traditional social ranks Political Science 2006-02-17
Jheng-ru He The Making of a Performance and Low Cost Heterogeneous Composite Bipolar Plate and the Performance analysis of PEMFC with This New Plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-14
Yue-Lin He A Study of Post-Weld-Shift Measurement Technology in Cylindrical-Type Laser Diode Module Packages Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-12
Terri He Photo, Memory and Guilt in The Dark Room Foreign Language and Literature 2005-06-13
Wen-Hau He Design of Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer Using Single-Loop Delta-Sigma Modulator Electrical Engineering 2005-07-27
Jung-ru He The effect of GSK-3β phosphorylation site mutation on the stability of TSG101 protein Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Chen-chang He A study of Kaohsiung citizens’ air-conditioning consumption behavior and its precursors Public Affairs Management 2006-08-29
Cheng-Jhe He Study of Induction Motor Fault Diagnosis Based on Sound-Signal and Artificial Neural Network Electrical Engineering 2007-07-12
Zong-cian He Software-Hardware Interwork Mechanism of FMRPU Electrical Engineering 2007-08-28
Kung-yu He Documentary Photography and Reportage of Local Issues in "Human" Magazine Chinese Literature 2010-02-09
Ming-li He Studies of electro-optical properties of twisted-nematic liquid crystals at oblique viewing directions and their applications Physics 2010-08-05
Tai-Shing He none Business Management 2010-10-27
Chen-Yu He Study of Sub-wavelength Structure as Antireflective Layer on Solar Cell Physics 2013-08-19
Zi-Bin He The Strategic Analysis of Taiwan’s Technology Enterprises Attracting Taiwanese Staff to Expatriate in Pearl River Delta Region:A Study of Foxconn Business Management 2014-01-28
Mei-ling He Is It Good for a Salesperson to Have a Babyface? Moderating Influences of Message Framing and Crowding on Product Evaluation Business Management 2014-08-08
Ching-Chu He Effect of Different Flow Fields on the Cell Performance of a Passive μDMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-23
Kuan-ying He A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy of IC Design Company Business Management 2015-06-25
Du-Shiun He The study of China's Public Diplomacy:The case of Confucius Institute ICAPS 2016-01-21
Gong-chun He In situ monitoring of the photocatalytic degradation of Methyleneblue on a Ag/PDA/CuO@GMF SERS substrate Chemistry 2016-08-08
Jian-hong He Characteristics and sources of PM2.5-Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Indoor Environment in Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-11-29
Hong-Lin He The prognostic significance and functional role of zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 4 (ZSCAN4) in urothelial carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-05-31
Dong-Meei Heh The International Marketing Strategy for Jewelry Industry ─A case study of「S」 company's marketing mix for entering Australian market Business Management 2002-06-26
Cheng-Ming Hei Performace study on the treatment of gas-borne chlorohydrocarbons by Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Environmental Engineering 2002-07-11
Cheng-Ming Hei Characteristics of Destruction of Airborne Chlorine- and Nitrogen-Containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Environmental Engineering 2007-06-26
Maxime Henri Francois Calot How to create a Business that is Sustainable and Creating Social Value? A Study of Social Business Models. Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-01-03
Zhi-Wei Her Plane-Based Calibration for Multibeam Echo Sounder System Mounting Parameters Undersea Technology 2003-08-22
Chia-Ta Her Physicochemical Properties and Exposure Assessment of Suspended Particles in Steel Plants Environmental Engineering 2004-08-24
Li-jane Her Electrochemical Polymerization of Thiophene Derivatives and its Applicability as the Cathode Material of Li-Ion Battery Materials Science and Engineering 2006-02-07
Meei-Shouan Her A Study on Integration and Renewal of Tax Information Systems and Work Performance Business Management 2014-08-24
Wei-chuan Her The Relationship between Spokesperson Effects and Consumers’ Purchase Intention in Performing arts Theatre Arts 2015-04-08
Mariandrea Hernandez Roman Hero Sports Business Plan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-08-05
Yuen-Suey Hew none Chinese Literature 2002-07-26
Jung-shu Hhu Research on the competition strategies of our Chinese native medicine industry from the quality controlling Chinese native medicine IEMBA 2004-07-27
Kazuma Hirahata Investigating the Factors of Blogs Influencing Taiwanese Tourists’ Purchasing Intentions of Japanese Souvenir Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-02-09
Tzyh-Lih Hisa Analysis of the Implication of E-Commerce Innovation on E-Business’s Dynamic Capabilities Information Management 2005-01-29
Chih-ting Hnog By using sol-gel process of Al-doped ZnO as cathode buffer layer in inverted organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-19
Hui-Ling Ho The character of the business foundation Business Management 2000-06-26
Jian-Sheng Ho The Growth Mechanism and Theoretical Model of CuInSe2 Thin Film Grown by MBE Electrical Engineering 2000-06-27
Wen-Bo Ho Equivalent Model Extracting by the Least-square Estimation Method in Time Domain Measurement Electrical Engineering 2000-07-01
Ming-Shin Ho none Human Resource Management 2000-08-17
Kun-Shen Ho Image Tracking Using Optical Flow Approach Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-27
Chen-Lin Ho Study of InSnO Ohmic Contact on GaN Electrical Engineering 2001-06-27
Ming-Yi Ho The relationship between performance-based pay and intrinsic motivation — An empirical study on physicians Human Resource Management 2001-06-28
Min-Lin Ho The Effect of Human Resource Management Systems on Firm Performance ---Take the Indigenous Firms in Taiwan and Taiwan Firms in Mainland China for Example Business Management 2001-06-30
Sheng-Ying Ho A Study of the Torque Compensating Phase on the Positioning Accuracy of Indexing Tables Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-05
Yu-Hsin Ho A Study of Ginastera's Piano Music: Argentine Folk elements and his Compositional Techniques Music 2001-07-09
Jung-Kuei Ho The Possibility of Promoting Corporate University by Small and Medium Companies Business Management 2001-07-13
Yao-Kuang Ho A Study on Strategic of ROC Navy in South-China-Sea Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-30
Chia-Hsin Ho Population Phylogeny of Hemidactylus frenatus in Taiwan as Inferred from Cytochrome b Sequences Biological Sciences 2002-05-27
Ping-Long Ho Superconducting Properties of Novel Superconducters (Mg1-xAlx)B2 Physics 2002-06-16
Li-Chun Ho Factors affecting the intention of adopting e-marketplace for Taiwanese petrochemical companies IEMBA 2002-07-02
Chiao-Yu Ho Determination of metal in milk powder and soil by slurry sampling electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2002-07-02
Ming-Tien HO Research on the influence of ethical climate and organizational commitment on organizational citizenship with the trust-granting staff of financial institutions in Kaohsiung-Pingtung area as examples. Human Resource Management 2002-07-07
Pei-Hua Ho 1. Pronounced Effects of Crystal Structures on Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Mixed-Valence Biferrocenium Cations: Structural, EPR, and 57Fe Mössbauer Characteristics 2. Ferrocene Amine Derivative as Chiral Auxiliary in Regioselective Synthesis of Amino Acid Chemistry 2002-07-23
Hsieh-Chia Ho The effect of CuInSe2 thin film property of ZnSeTe window layer Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-27
Kuei-Ching Ho Research for credit risk of small-scale consumers loan- taking consumers of a commercial bank as sample Human Resource Management 2002-07-31
Te-Jung Ho none IEMBA 2002-08-05
Cheng-Yan Ho Pipeline Inspection Using Lamb Waves Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-23
Hsin-An Ho Research on the political participation of the Aboriginal Tribes, Taking Taiwu Hsiang for Example Political Science 2002-09-02
Yun-chuan Ho Wordsworth's Ecological Concepts Foreign Language and Literature 2002-09-02
Chun-Yeh Ho Experimental Study of Gravity Standing Waves Field Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-02-11
Chun-Chung Ho The relationship between bleaching of Acropora grandis and hydrological factors in the coastal area of Kenting, Taiwan. Marine Resources 2003-02-18
Pei-Chi Ho Transport studies of two-dimensional electron gas in GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As double quantum well at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2003-02-21
Chung-Hsing Ho A Servo Tracking System for Translating Images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-26
I-Fang Ho The Management and Transference Of Financial Assets Credit Risks Finance 2003-08-28
Hui-Chun Ho Improvement of Indexing Accuracy for Globoidal Cam Indexing Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-02
Yi-Hui Ho Thinking styles on college students Education 2003-09-19
Chen-wei Ho The Study of Laser-Induced Molecular Reorientation and the Enhancement of Nonlinearity of Dye in the Isotropic Phase of Guest-Host Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal Physics 2004-01-29
Yi-Ta Ho Photochemical modeling and analysis of meteorological parameters during ozone episodes in the Kao-Ping Area , Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2004-05-21
Cheng-Yu Ho Heuristic Rule-Based Phase Balancing of Distribution Systems by Considering Customer Load Patterns Electrical Engineering 2004-06-10
Chun-Tsai Ho The Impact of Leadership Roles on Virtual Team's Collaborative Performance Information Management 2004-07-01
Ming-zhe Ho Failure mechanism of wire bonding in IC package process Electrical Engineering 2004-07-06
Chung-wun Ho The research on the R.O.C.’s armed forces’ participation in defense and relief of disaster - The research on crisis management theory Political Science 2004-07-08
Yi-hsing Ho The Study of Microstructure and Joint Strength for Fluxless AuSn Solders in Laser Diode Package Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-12
Feng-Teh Ho Execution to the Implementation of the Urban Renewal for Kaohsiung City EMBA 2004-07-15
Cheng-Ming Ho Influences of River Fluxes on Biogeochemical Processes of Carbon and Nutrients in the Kaoping Coastal Zone Marine Geology and chemistry 2004-07-29
TSUNG-KUN HO New Product Preannouncement in Pharmaceutical industry : A study of Standard Pharmaceutical Company’s medicine-grade Cordyceps Sinensis IEMBA 2004-08-04
Wei-An Ho Research in entry and co-operation model of multinational publishing group with Taiwan and China's publishing industry IEMBA 2004-08-03
Tsung-Che Ho Design of an OFDM Baseband Processor and Synchronization Circuits for IEEE802.11a Wireless LAN Standard Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-28
Cheng-lei Ho Expression of 14-3-3σ and PUMA in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2005-02-14
Yung-chuan Ho A Study of the Relationship among Educational Reform Stress, Work Values and Organizational Commitment of Primary School Teachers in Kaohsiung County Education 2005-05-27
Simon Ho The Marketing Strategies Study of Developing Fuel Cells Power System in Taiwan Business Management 2005-06-09
Ming-feng Ho customers valuation using real option - take wealth management as the example Finance 2005-06-13
Chin-yan Ho none Finance 2005-06-17
Chia-hao Ho The Performance Measurement of the Sub Banks for the Financial Holding Company in Taiwan Finance 2005-06-28
Choung-I Ho Investigations of Temperature and Optical Illumination on Organic Thin Film Transistors for AMLCD Applications Physics 2005-07-08
Meng-ni Ho From the stakeholder's angle to discuss the Taiwanese hospital information disclosure Finance 2005-07-22
Jiun-Huei Ho Design and Implementation a Web-based Learning System on Server Cluster Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-22
Chia-lung Ho Investment Strategy Under Differential Technology Competition:Using the Real Options Approach Business Management 2005-07-25
Min-hua Ho Analysis of the Framework of Integrated Public Affairs and Administration Strategy for Penghu County’s Striving of Subsidiary Gamming Industry In Tourism Special Zone Public Affairs Management 2005-07-27
Tsai-Feng Ho The Necessary of the Legitimatization of the Worker Dispatch Law EMPP 2005-07-29
Ching-yu Ho The investigation of interactive relationship between venture partners during internal venturing process. Human Resource Management 2005-09-02
Tsai-mao Ho A study of Quality Function Deployment(QFD) on domestic construction of warships Business Management 2006-06-19
Ya-chi Ho Unit root test of limited time series-- empirical analysis in exchange rate target zone and Japan interbank interest rate Economics 2006-06-26
Jui-chung Ho The study of specific heat and susceptibility of CeRu2 Physics 2006-06-24
Chih-Chien Ho Luminescent Molecular Wire Comprising Redox-Active Biferrocenyl Spacer and Ruthenium(II) Terpyridine Chromophore Chemistry 2006-06-30
Yen-tang Ho Employees’ Inherent Factors and the Privatization of Publicly-Owned Stadium:A Case Study of Kaohsiung Municipal Ch‘ienchen Swimming Pool Political Science 2006-07-03
Lin-wei Ho Analysis on the Feasibility of Applying the Wireless to Development of Outdoor Narrowcasting Media Communications Management 2006-07-07
Ming-Che Ho Content-Based Hierarchical Fast Motion Estimation with Early Termination in H.264/AVC Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-12
Hsiao-chi Ho “Who am I ? ” the study of preservice teacher’s identity. Education 2006-07-22
Ching-Jen Ho Studies on the Bioactive Diterpene Lactones of Soft Coral Cespitularia taeniata Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-24
Wei-Te Ho Investigation on electrical analysis and hot carrier effect of 65nm MOSFETs under External Mechanical Stress Electrical Engineering 2006-07-24
Po-chin Ho Internal Modification of Apology Realization: Cross-cultural Variations Foreign Language and Literature 2006-07-22
Chun-yen Ho Application of microfluidic system on gold nanoparticles labled-immunoassay Chemistry 2006-08-12
Chao-Tsung Ho The Effect of Different Incentive Mechanisms on Online Group-Buying Behavior: From the Viewpoint of Fairness Cognition Information Management 2006-08-25
Kuang-Ting Ho The Exploratory Research of Experiential Marketing for Female Consumers--- A Case Study of Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc Business Management 2006-09-13
Chin-cheng Ho Acoustics and fractal dimension of snapping shrimp's community in subtidal zone. Marine Biology 2007-01-09
Shu-Chun Ho A Growth Theory Perspective on the Cross-Country E-Commerce Development Information Management 2007-02-13
Chin-jun Ho Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Molecular Magnet [FeII(Δ)FeII(Λ)(ox)2(Phen)2]n Physics 2007-06-14
Ming-Feng Ho The strategic analysis of Taiwanese traditional small and medium scale industries’operation under the impact of globalization - take Company M as an example. EMBA 2007-06-26
Chia-tai Ho Fabrication of CuInSe2:SbThin Film Solar Cell Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-17
Kai-hsiang Ho none Business Management 2007-07-28
Pin-En Ho Development of Polyimide-based Self-assembly Technology for Three-dimensional Micro Blade Structure Application Electrical Engineering 2007-09-12
Yao-Kuang Ho The Maritime Order of Western Pacific Ocean Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-01-30
Pei-hsiu Ho Essays on regional integration and optimum import tariff structure Economics 2008-02-01
Hua-Lun Ho The Intersubsidiary Competition for Strategic Positions and Knowledge Flows within Multinational Enterprise: Empirical Study from The Greater China Region Business Management 2008-02-13
Mei-Ling Ho The Relationship among Outsourcing Management and Outsourcing Performance Human Resource Management 2008-06-30
Chun-shian Ho Estimation of Orthogonal Regression Under Censored Data. Applied Mathematics 2008-07-19
Hsin-Che Ho Pilot Design in Uplink OFDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2008-08-06
Yen-Hsun Ho The Growth of the Magnetic Multilayer and Relative Properties Physics 2008-08-22
Chin-yun Ho An Analysis on the Efficiency of Land Administration Offices after computerization in Kaohsiung Area: Application of DEA and SFA Public Affairs Management 2008-08-21
Cheng-Ying Ho Plasma-Assisted Molecular-Beam-Epitaxy growth and Cathodoluminescence study of GaN/AlN Distributed-Bragg-Reflector Nanorod Structure Physics 2008-08-28
Yi-jing Ho Variation of Outer Membrane Protein of Symbionts Photobacterium leiognathi in Five Leiognathid Species Marine Biology 2009-02-05
Tzung-ying Ho Economic Analysis of Northwest Pacific sauy Economics 2009-07-20
Yen-yin Ho A study of public sector training participation by using theory of planned behavior Business Management 2009-06-02
Szu-hsien Ho SCTP-based Seamless Handoff over Mobile Vehicular Networks:A Case Study of VoIP Transmission Computer Science and Engineering 2009-06-23
Ting-hsien Ho A study of employees' readiness for organizational change, positive psychological capital, perceived organizational support and organizational change resistance Human Resource Management 2009-07-01
Jen-Dar Ho Delay-Dependent Robust H∞ Analysis and Design for Uncertain Continuous Time-Delay Descriptor Systems with Delay Varying in a Range Electrical Engineering 2009-08-28
Tsung-Yu Ho A Software Tool Suite for Performance Monitoring and Verification of a 3D Graphics SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-09
Ya-wen Ho Proteomic analysis of hemodialysis tube binding proteins Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-01-20
You-Hua Ho Characteristics and origins of secondary chloritic minerals in the Tertiary basaltic rocks from Taiwan. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-07-26
Peng Ho Distribution and Partitioning of Trace Elements in Estuaries and Coasts off Southwestern Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2011-01-26
Chi-Jen Ho The Application of Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s for Proton Exchange Membrane Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-06
Yu-Sheng Ho Study of dye-sensitized solar cell using cholesteric liquid crystals embedded electrolytes Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-21
Shu-hui Ho The effect of personality traits of sales staff on job performance - The moderate effect of leadership style. Human Resource Management 2011-07-30
Ping-Hsien Ho An Enhanced Multi-Beacon Superframe Structure for IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Personal Area Networks Electrical Engineering 2012-06-13
Ta-rui Ho Understanding when supervisor negative emotional expression enhances follower task performance: The moderating roles of follower personality traits and perceived supervisor power Human Resource Management 2012-06-25
Li-ping Ho The Strategic Marketing Planning of FSR’s Online Survey EMBA 2012-08-08
Shou-yi Ho A carbazole derivative as a host material with high triplet energy for phosphorescence organic light emitting diode Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-09
Chen-Gang Ho The design of rope mechanism based on the muscular characteristic Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-10-23
Tzu-Yu Ho Clinical Investigation of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infection in Pediatrics Institute of Health Care Management 2013-01-24
Tai-Liang Ho Correlation Analysis between Cigarette Smuggling Acts by Fishing Boats and Marine Weather Elements Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-23
Hsiang Ho Did You Download Game Apps Today? Exploring Factors Affecting Mobile Device Users' Intention and Behavior to Download Games Communications Management 2013-06-27
Chang-wei Ho Microfluidic optical fiber coupler used in the concentration detection Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-09-04
Szu-wei Ho The Political Economy of China’s Relations with Africa Political Science 2013-09-07
CHING-YUAN HO A Study on the branch performance related to the branch managers' competence and the locations of branchs EMBA 2013-08-22
Shu-Min Ho The relationship between characteristics and innovation of the museums in Taiwan Business Management 2013-09-11
Hsiao-Chi Ho Validation of a Theoretical Model for Scientific Imagination Education 2014-02-12
Pao-Yi Ho The Impact of RMB Offshore Market on RMB Internationalization and Empirical Analysis Finance 2014-06-16
Chih-yen Ho The choosing factors research of digital product for customer-case of online-game Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-06-20
Tzu-hang Ho The Competitive Analysis of Taiwan and Korean LCD Panel Manufacturer Finance 2014-06-27
Shu-Hsing Ho Influence of Employee Turnover Rate on Customer Service Center in Insurance Companies – T Company as an Example EMBA 2014-07-10
Ya-Yun Ho The effects of reward Justice on employees’ Job Behavior -The case of Technology Engineers Human Resource Management 2014-07-10
Chun-jou Ho The influence of Internal waves on chlorophyll concentration and zooplankton biomass at Dongsha Atoll IAMPUT 2014-07-25
Kun-Da Ho Research on Network Marketing Strategy of Taiwan Brands in Mainland China- The Case of the International full health in Taobao EMBA 2014-08-19
Cheng-you Ho An Integrated Layout-Aware Test Methodology for Silicon Interposer in System-in-a-Package Computer Science and Engineering 2014-12-04
Kai-Lun Ho Applying Structural Equation Modeling to evaluate the effect of the green port program on port competitiveness — A case study of Kaohsiung port Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-01-26
Wan-chen Ho A Liberal-multiculturalist Assessment of Taiwan New Immigrant Rights- The Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2015-03-25
Wen-ming Ho The Research for Business Strategy of Taiwan Aluminum Industry at Post ECFA Era EMBA 2015-07-21
Hsing-yao Ho A Study of the Childhood Writings of Ch`i Chun and Hai-yin Lin Chinese Literature 2015-07-23
Pei-Jung Ho Developing an Outsourcing Management Systems with BPR and MDA:A Case Study of Golf Manufacturer Company Information Management 2015-07-25
Ying-Hao Ho Peripheral inflammation increases seizure susceptibility via the induction of neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in the hippocampus Biological Sciences 2015-08-20
Ming-Yuan Ho Molecular beam epitaxy growth of Cu-doped ZnO on MgO and LiAlO2 substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-31
Yi-Lun Ho Kinematic and Dynamic Analyses of Eccentric Cam Drives Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-31
Yen-ting Ho 3-D lattice Boltzmann simulations of the free convection above a heated horizontal cylinder Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-12-28
Jung-chu Ho The Relationship Among Quality Control Circle Activities,Mentoring and Knowledge Management and Technical Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness:The Empirical Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2016-01-13
Yen-ting HO The relationship among personality, job characteristics and job satisfaction: A study of Kaohsiung government Political Science 2016-08-11
Chia-lun Ho Computer Vision Software and Hardware Design Based on OpenVX Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-18
Hsiu-Ping Ho The Application of Technical Indicators In Taiwan Stock Market-Evidence From Taiwan 50 ETF EMBA 2016-08-09
Ming-Chi Ho Intermetallic Phases Formation Mechanism of Cu Wire Bonding and Phase Equilibrium Study of Ag Wire Bonding in the Electronic Packaging Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-22
Man-Tzu Ho The Mining Industry as a Potential Market for Fire Fighting Vehicles Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-08-22
Chih-Yi Ho A LTE-A Downlink Pre-Scheduling Mechanism for High-Speed Railway Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-29
Chun-Yen Ho The Impacts of Job Rotation on Employees in Taiwanese Banks Human Resource Management 2016-08-31
Wen-chuan Ho A Fast Algorithm for the Constrained Longest Common Subsequence Problem with Small Alphabet Computer Science and Engineering 2017-02-07
Yling-Ling Ho The effect of gamification branded APP on brand attitude and purchase intention Institute of Marketing Communication 2017-02-09
Po-wei Ho Promoting college student critical thinking disposition and competency through socio-scientific issue discussions Education 2017-06-23
Chien-kai Ho Delamination Between Compound Materials and Metals in IC Package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-21
Cheng-yu Ho Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Alkene and Imine Linked Oligopyrrole Chemistry 2017-08-23
Yi-ning Ho Larval fish assemblages in the lagoon of Dongsha Atoll Department of Oceanography 2017-08-24
Zong-Ying Ho LED Control Chip with Process-recognized Valley Detector Applied in High Efficiency Flyback Conveter Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-09-06
Chih-Sheng Ho Clustering-Based Energy Saving Mechanism in Dense Small Cell Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-06
Shao-Hua Ho Study on Architecture-Oriented Meter Charge Management Model Information Management 2017-09-12
Ching-Yi Ho A Study of the Question Bank of the Unified Teaching of Calculus: Calculus Midterm Exams of the Fall Semester at National Taiwan University Applied Mathematics 2017-09-19
Tsung-Hsuan Ho Performance Evaluation of the Image Feature-Based Algorithm for Underwater Positioning Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
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Thi Huyen Trang Hoang A Study of Cross-border Higher Education between Vietnam and Taiwan Education 2015-03-25
Kevin Hoeltschi Freedom, Creativity, and Institutional Selection via Migration in the 50 United States of America Business Management 2012-01-09
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Tzung-Chee Hong None Economics 2000-06-30
Dai-Yuh Hong The Study of Nonlinear VaR Models Finance 2000-07-06
Chen-Chein Hong Price performance and Operating Performance of IPOs in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-21
I-Po Hong Transport and Magnetic Properties of Pr1-xBa2+xCu3O7 Physics 2000-07-27
Jeson Hong Investigation ofδ-dopedⅢ-Ⅴ Semiconductor Quantum Well Using Photoluminescence Physics 2001-07-06
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Jian-Yu Hong Double phase-separation morphology of comb-coil diblock copolymer Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-30
Shi-Chung Hong none Economics 2001-08-01
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Sheng-Peng Hong none Chemistry 2002-06-27
Jay Hong none EMBA 2002-07-26
Yu-Wen Hong Unambiguous Evidence of Hydrogen Bonds from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemistry 2002-08-19
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Jyy-I Hong On the strong law of large numbers for sums of random elements in Banach space Applied Mathematics 2003-06-12
Jia-Hong Hong Analysis of Air Flow Pattern and Pollution Control in the Mini-Environment of Injection Molding Clean Room Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-17
Chang-Chou Hong New Series of Photoluminescent Polymers Containing 3,4-diphenylthiophene and 1,4-di(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)phenylene Chemistry 2003-07-03
Su-Sheng Hong This thesis trying to take “K” company as an example for exploring that how the traditional CRT components factory stride across to the TFT-LCD components---Back Light Modules industry Business Management 2003-08-15
Li-Chen Hong The polical role of the Irrigation Associations in Taiwan-Chang Hua Irrigation Associations Political Science 2004-04-13
Feng-Wei Hong The Application of System Dynamics Based DSS for Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Nanwan, Kenting National Pare Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-07-08
Rong-Xiang Hong The Efficiency Study of Fishermen-Abroad-Employment in the Port of Kaohsiung Area EMBA 2004-08-11
Jhou-nan Hong Design of Transmission Systems for the Manpower-drive Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-27
Yu-Mei Hong Maurice Ravel Piano Work "Le Tombeau de Couperin" Music 2005-01-17
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Qing-long Hong Investigation of Methods for Arbitrarily Profiled Cylindrical Dielectric Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-07
Chih-Yuan Hong Researches for the relationship of stock markets in Taiwan and South Korea IEMBA 2006-06-20
Jhao-huei Hong The Study on Strategies and Outcomes of School-Based Curriculum Management in Elementary Schools of Kaohsiung city Education 2006-07-06
Bei-Tao Hong Synthetic Study toward 3-(5, 6, 7, 8-Tetrahydro-[1, 8]naphthyridin-2-yl)propionaldehyde Chemistry 2006-07-19
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Hua-yi Hong Implementation of Variable-Latency Floating-Point Multipliers for Low-Power Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Wen-jung Hong The Effect of Transition on Operation of Kaohsiung Port with Their Development Strategy Public Affairs Management 2008-07-27
Siao-Wun Hong Financial Feasibility Study of Innovative Service Model for Energy Industry - Case Study of the Energy Service Company A Finance 2008-07-30
Chang-sheng Hong Innovative design of high efficient polishing system for axial symmetric free surface: A newly line polishing method with adjustable pressure distribution Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-08
Kun-jing Hong Phosphorylation of Sp1 enhances HDAC1 recruitment to inhibit RECK expression Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-27
Yi-Syuan Hong E-healthcare Innovation -A Case Study of Nephrology Ward Institute of Health Care Management 2009-07-08
Lin-ya Hong Effects of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Adoption on Production Performance in Manufacturing Industry-- using A Multinational Plastic Manufacturing Company Implemented SAP R/3as an Example Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-07-16
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Ya-yun Hong From the Red Expectation to Field Reality-Thomas Heberer and the Transformation of Sinology in Germany Political Science 2010-09-01
Meng-Huan Hong Comparison on Discriminant Analysis Using Logistic Regression and KNN Algorithm Based on Multilinear Principal Component Analysis for Study of Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2013-06-27
Wen-lin Hong The Effect of Search Volume Index on Liquidity and Returns of Taiwan Stocks Finance 2013-06-24
Ming-Chang Hong The study on the roles of algae-modulated host vesicular trafficking in Aiptasia-Symbiodinium endosymbiosis Marine Biology 2013-07-21
Jai-Tsung Hong An Empirical Study on Consumers' Acceptance Model for Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System Business Management 2014-01-16
Cheng Hong A Study of media information influence on eating out decision making under food safety events Business Management 2014-06-18
Xiang-Yi Hong Risk-Based Portfolio Strategies - Application and Comparison Finance 2014-07-07
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Jian-Yu Hong The Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of EIA-Y5V Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-28
Bo-cun Hong Investigation of Distributed Relay Selection in Asymmetric Two-Way Relay Networks Communications Engineering 2014-09-09
Shih-han Hong Topologically electronic properties of hydrogenated arsenic in honeycomb structures:a first-principles study Physics 2014-09-05
Mei-Hui Hong The Effects of Human Resource Manager Roles on Organizational Performance and Turnover : The Mediating Effect of High–Performance Human Resource Practices Human Resource Management 2015-02-25
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Chi-Yao Hong Studies on the Development Dilemma of Taiwan's Pharmaceutical Industry –An Approach of Developmental State Model Political Science 2015-08-03
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Zih-yu Hong Trend Trading Strategies in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-06-24
Pei-Yuan Hong Study of organic light-emitting diodes with internal light extraction structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-22
Cing-He Hong Joint Source and Full-Duplex Relay Space-Time Filtering Design in Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Systems Communications Engineering 2016-08-31
Jia-Huei Hong A Study of the Progression Between International and Taiwan E-commerce EMBA 2016-08-30
Yu-ting Hong Teachers' and Students' Perspectives on Charismatic Teachers Education 2017-06-22
Yi-hua Hong Feasibility of Treatment of Mercury Contaminated Soils by Phytoremediation Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-07-10
Rong Hong The Change of the Rule of Law- Relationship between the Constitution and Society ICAPS 2017-07-02
Jian-Yuan Hong Surface deformation of molten region in nanoparticles irradiated by electromagnetic wave Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-16
Zhi-xian Hong Evolution of Cube and rolling textures in a pure aluminum during cold-rolling and subsequent annealing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-17
Sheng-xiang Hong Which Investments Do Firms Protect during the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Taiwan Listed Company in Electronic Industry Finance 2017-09-12
Yu-Syuan Hong ZnO/MoO3 Superlattice Thin Films : Growth by Atomic Layer Deposition and Characterizations of Physical Properties Physics 2017-09-14
Jhu-ying Hong Modulation of atopic dermatitis by modifying marine-derived compound Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-09-14
Feng-Yi Hong Enhanced Indexing Strategy Using the Classification and Regression Tree Macro Factor Timing Model Finance 2018-07-16
Shin-Chao Hong Variations and correlation analysis of pharmaceuticals and nitrosamine formation-potentials in a surface drinking water source in southern Taiwan Institute Of Environmental Engineering 2018-07-23
Yu-Ting Hong Thermo-Hygro-Mechanical Stress and Warpage Analyses of Fan-Out Wafer Level Package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-07-21
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Chiang Hong-Quei NONE Business Management 2000-07-28
Matthew James Hopkins The Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Power Distance, and Job Satisfaction in Taiwan Master of Global Human Resource Management 2018-08-02
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Chiou-Yi Hor Machine Learning Approaches for the Protein and RNA Sequence Analysis Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-09
Mountain Horng None EMBA 2000-07-06
Li-Wen Horng Discussion of the influence of doctors work attitudes in global budget, salary justice and pay satisfaction Human Resource Management 2003-08-05
Kuo-chan Horng E2F1 Up-regulates STMN1 in Hepatocelluar Carcinomas Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-08-28
Minn-horng Horng Study on Steel-plant Manufacturing Execution System Information Management 2008-06-10
Minn-horng Horng Study on Architecture-oriented Steel-plant process control End User Computing Model EMBA 2013-06-04
Chi-ting Horng The Strategic Management of Ophthalmology Division of Regional Hospital in Taiwan EMBA 2014-06-20
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Te-Ming Hou Satie Piano Pieces "Sports et Divertissements" Music 2001-05-23
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Te-Shin Hou A Research on Information System Reengineering Strategies for Passive Component Electronic Industry Information Management 2002-07-23
Hsan-Tan Hou none EMBA 2002-07-24
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Cheng-Kuan Hou A Design and Applications of Mandarin Keyword Spotting System Communications Engineering 2003-08-11
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Chia-Li Hou The Relationship between Leadership Behavior and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Effect of Boss’s Wives’ Participative Management in Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises Human Resource Management 2005-09-05
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Pai-Liang Hou Innovation Diffusion: the Example of Aquatitan Product Business Management 2006-07-19
Ching-yin Hou The effects of corporate citizenship image and reputation on organizational attractiveness to prospective employees Human Resource Management 2006-08-15
Yi-chun Hou A Cross-cultural Study of the Perception of Apology —Effect of Contextual Factors, Exposure to the Target Language, Interlocutor Ethnicity and Task Language Foreign Language and Literature 2006-09-08
Cheng-chih Hou Design and Implementation of VoIP System with Fault Tolerance and Load Balance Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-23
Chih-kun Hou 90nm Cu/Low-K Phase –In and assembly process capability analysis Electrical Engineering 2007-07-30
Pin-liang Hou Case Study of training event achievement Human Resource Management 2007-08-06
Chao-yu Hou A Novel device consisting of MOSFET with Resonance Inter-band Tunneling Diode Electrical Engineering 2007-08-27
Guan-Yin Hou Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers for Discrete-time Systems with Matched Perturbations Electrical Engineering 2008-01-20
Tsun-Yao Hou The Analysis of China's Soft Power in the Post Cold War Era and The Case Study of Beijing's Biding for Olympic Game Mainland China Studies 2008-02-13
Ya-Fang Hou An Improvement of The Multiple Polynomial Quadratic Sieve Computer Science and Engineering 2008-08-25
Jhih-Syan Hou Software Design of An Instance Graph Expansion Method for Attribute Composition Graph Electrical Engineering 2008-09-11
Yung-tsung Hou The Worst-case and Best-case Coverage Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks Information Management 2009-06-10
Yen-Hsing Hou none Business Management 2009-06-15
Chi-Hung Hou Isomerization Study on Anticancer Titanium and Tin β-Diketonato Complexes Chemistry 2009-07-09
Hsiao-Han Hou Design of A Novel Mixed-Voltage-Tolerant I/O Buffer with High Reliability Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Xin-Shu Hou A Study of Subculture of Using Trendy Brand by Teenagers Business Management 2011-08-23
Yu-Jen Hou Genetic Algorithm-Based Energy Efficient Multicast Scheduling for WiMAX Relay Networks Electrical Engineering 2012-09-04
Chih-Hao Hou Balanced Discharging of Buck-Boost Type Battery Power Modules with Series-Parallel Connection Electrical Engineering 2013-07-11
Zong-you Hou Transmitter with Over-Voltage Protection and Bus Driver Controller with Hazard Detection for FlexRay Systems Electrical Engineering 2014-07-14
Su-Ching Hou Using the Principles of Accounting for Software Project Resource Management Information Management 2014-07-21
You-syuan Hou Using proteomic approach to discover novel biomarkers involved in chemoresistance to B-RAF inhibitor in thyroid cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-07-31
NAI FENG HOU Field management positions in the life insurance industry to explore career development EMBA 2014-08-05
Shao-Chieh Hou Integration of C Source Level Debugging and HW Tracing and Monitoring Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-28
Ying-chun Hou Effect of electrolytical parameters on epitaxial growth of Ni on polycrystalline Cu Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-09-10
Ya-Fang Hou Stravinsky’ s Piano Transcription “ L’oiseau de feu ” by Guido Agosti Music 2015-01-29
An-lun Hou A Study on the Relationships among High School Students' Ego Identity, Academic Motivation and Academic Performance Education 2015-07-01
Cheng-jr Hou An Eye-Tracking Study of the Context of Product Pictures Impact on Appeal and Purchase Intention of E-commerce Websites Information Management 2015-07-25
Chien-he Hou Design and Implementation of the Image Vehicle Detector with Traffic Events Detection in the City Traffic Control Protocol 3.1 Electrical Engineering 2015-08-12
Bo-yin Hou Hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanorods for ethanol gas sensing application Electrical Engineering 2015-08-24
Cheng-hao Hou The role of co-injected hydrocarbon gas in the bottom-blown oxygen steelmaking Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-25
Yi-jeng Hou Microstructure and phase diagram Study of Fe-Mn-Al-C Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-17
Jun-Hong Hou Data Rate Estimation of Aggregated Dual-band Signals Cognitive from Software-Defined Radio Architecture Electrical Engineering 2016-08-18
Hao-hsiang Hou Integration of the Liquid Crystal Tunable Guided-Mode Resonance Grating Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-06
Li Hou A New Interpretation on China’s International Participation-A View from International Regime Perspective ICAPS 2017-07-06
Ta-Wei Hou Factors Affecting Investors’ Intention to use Robo-advisors Information Management 2018-08-08
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Chi-yao Houng Interaction between crude oil price and Dow Jones Index on integrated oil and gas company Finance 2006-08-14
Po-an Hour The Research of the Brand Development in the Cultural and Creative Industries-A Case Study of Cheerful Company Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2015-02-11
Yow-rong How An Exploratory study of Peng hu hight School Student’s Place Attachment toward Centro Block in Magong. Public Affairs Management 2007-07-26
Chia-Pin Hsaio Study of Zinc Oxide with Nanodendrite Structure for Ethanol Sensing Applications Electrical Engineering 2015-07-23
Rei-chun Hseuh The Critical Analysis of the Trend of Education Researches from 1996 to 2001 in Taiwan Education 2002-07-26
Ming-Chih Hsh A Study of Rational Reform Plan on Public Servant Pension Income-- Questionnaire Survey of Current and Retired Public Servant in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Huei-Chan Hsi Constructing hierarchical advisors and advisees relationships using web information Information Management 2003-06-16
Yi-hsien Hsi A Study of the Cross-strait Reviews on Yang Kui Political Science 2006-07-26
Wen-yang Hsia An HLA-based Simulation Environment for Virtual Reality via Java3D Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-28
Huei-Chun Hsia Comparison Survey of Department Store and Warehouse Store Impression and Selection for the Metro Kaohsiung Area IEMBA 2002-07-08
Ming-Chun Hsia Many-to-Many Multicast/Broadcast Support for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2003-06-25
Tsung-Huang Hsia Enzyme Modified Gold Nanoelectrode Array and It's Application in Electroanalysis Chemistry 2003-08-12
Tse-Chih Hsia A Methodology for Designing Flexible Report for On-Line Analytical Processing Information Management 2004-01-27
Tien-lun hsia none Political Science 2004-09-03
Hsi-Ying Hsia none Communications Management 2007-06-25
Tien-sheng Hsia nono Mainland China Studies 2007-08-31
Ming-chun Hsia Design of a Cross-Layer Handover Scheme for Data Transmission Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-14
Pei-kang Hsia Some orthogonal polynomials and their general properties Applied Mathematics 2015-07-01
Hwei-pin Hsia An Analysis of Internet+ Travel Modes:A Case Study of the Smart Travel EMBA 2016-08-08
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Pin-Ho Hsiang The Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Locus of Control, and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study on Taiwanese Television Reporters Communcations Management 2002-02-05
Jia-chien Hsiang The Strategy Research in Student Recruitment of Private Universities of Technology in Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2004-06-23
Cheng-hua Hsiang The Study to “Right to Education” of the R.O.C. Constitution Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-02-03
Chin-Ying Hsiang Organic Carbon Biogeochemistry Around the Area of Luzon Strait Marine Geology and chemistry 2006-09-11
Yuan-Ching Hsiang Study of Real Estate Investment Trusts in Taiwan EMBA 2007-07-02
Chih Hsiang Current-induced phenomenon on Fe/W(111) and the improvement of signal to noise ratio Physics 2011-09-08
Kuang-yu Hsiang The Hysteric’s Discourse: Virginia Woolf’s Psychic Structure and Her Writing Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-03
Ke-hsuan Hsiang A Study on Organizational Management of Taipei Philharmonic Theater Theatre Arts 2017-08-23
Yu-Ting Hsiao The influence of firm's characteristic and resource similarity on the interaction in Taiwan's automobile industry Business Management 2000-06-29
Fu-Chih Hsiao Genetic Algorithms to the Precision Position Control of Linear Motors Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-05
WEN-JUI HSIAO None EMBA 2000-07-11
Te-Fu Hsiao The Study on the Conversion and Mineralization of PCE by Modified Photocatalyst(TiO2) Environmental Engineering 2000-07-31
Pa-Chieh Hsiao Static Hedging For Exotic Options Finance 2000-07-26
Wen-Feng Hsiao The Intuitive Judgment of Statistical Properties for Verbal Evaluations Information Management 2001-01-25
I-Ching Hsiao Development of Low Temperature Superplasticity and Analyses of Deformation Mechanisms in 5083 Al Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2001-02-01
Min-Chi Hsiao A Study of Pricing Strategy of Mobile Telecommunication Service Operators in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-11
Yi-Chan Hsiao none Economics 2001-07-18
Sheng-Chung Hsiao A Study on the Residual stresses Variation of the Solder Joints Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-25
I-Min Hsiao Impact of installment of Business to Business e-commerce on Bicycle's industry in Taiwan EMBA 2001-07-29
Ying-Lan Hsiao The Comparison of Authoritarian Corporatism in Taiwan and Indonesia Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-02-04
Jia-Ming Hsiao Design of Robust Tracking Controllers with Perturbation Estimation for Nonlinear Mismatched Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-06-18
Yu-Lung Hsiao Optimal Simulation and Analysis of the Refrigerant R-600a Applied to an Air-Conditioning System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-10
Shih-Yen Hsiao Heat Transfer Analysis of A Line-Heater Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-25
Chen-Lung Hsiao none Finance 2003-02-13
Ping-Wei Hsiao The Study of Taiwan Enterprises’ Decision Error in China Business Management 2003-06-27
Cheng-Tso Hsiao High-power Solid-state Blue Microchip Laser by Intracavity Frequency Doubling Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-05
Chih-Hao Hsiao A Numerical Simulation for heat and mass transfer in a microchannel of a fuel cell reformer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-08
Wei-Wen Hsiao Researching the Management Efficiency: An Evaluation of Commercial Banks in Taiwan Business Management 2003-07-25
Chen-Nung Hsiao To probe deeply into the Customer Relationship Management strategy and operation flow of life Insurance.-ex. Nan Shan life Insurance Co, LTD. EMBA 2003-07-28
Chou-shen Hsiao none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-05
Tze-Yin Hsiao The Study of U.K. Local Democracy:From A Historical Institutionalism Approach Political Science 2003-08-27
Fu-Ren Hsiao Novel Antenna Designs for WLAN Access Points Electrical Engineering 2004-05-05
Ting-Ko Hsiao The aviation noise defends the research of making and feed backing system rationality-Take common airport of horse of Penghu as an example. Public Affairs Management 2004-06-19
Shu-wen Hsiao The Effect of Consumer Decision Environment, Involvement and Knowledge to the Professional Service’s Choice Model—Take EMBA for Example. Business Management 2004-07-13
Wen-cheng Hsiao A three-degree-of-freedom micro-manipulator using piezoelectric actuators Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-13
Yu-Tzu Hsiao Implantable Functional Electrical Micro-Stimulation System Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Chun-Yang Hsiao Clock Recovery and Data Recovery Based on PLL for LVDS Transceivers Communications Engineering 2004-07-26
Hsiang-Tai Hsiao A Study on the China's Social Stability in the Reform Era Mainland China Studies 2004-07-26
Yu-hung Hsiao Development of a Simulator and Training System for Remotely Operated Vehicle Pilots Undersea Technology 2004-07-28
Shu-Ching Hsiao Syntheses and Complexation of {(o-PPh2C6H4)CH=NCH2CH2}3N with Chromium Group Metal Carbonyls Chemistry 2004-08-04
Yu-hua Hsiao Salespeople’s motivation model in biotechnology companies IEMBA 2004-08-24
Han-wei Hsiao Network Service Misuse Detection: A Data Mining Approach Information Management 2004-09-01
Sheng-Yu Hsiao AODV-ABR:Adaptive Backup Route in Ad-hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2004-09-06
Hsun-Kuo Hsiao Nonlinear Waves interaction with Breakwaters Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-10
Ching-Lien Hsiao Growth and Characterization of GaN Nanorods Grown on Si(111) Substrate by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2004-10-13
Po-yuan Hsiao Research on Searching and Positioning of Buried Underwater Pipelines Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-02-03
Wen-Jiunn Hsiao Mechanisms on Multipoint Communications for ABR Services on ATM Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2005-02-17
Yuan-shu Hsiao A Boolean Function Based Approach to Nearest Neighbor Finding Computer Science and Engineering 2005-06-29
Sheng-Tai Hsiao Genomic Analyses of the Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence of the Sponge, Cinachyrella australiensis (Demospongiae: Spirophorida) Marine Resources 2005-07-07
Yi-Hung Hsiao Preparation of Iron Nano-particles by Electrochemical Method Electrical Engineering 2005-07-12
YUAN-LIN HSIAO The study on key success factors of the R&D innovation management in high value-added chemical industry EMBA 2005-08-01
Rong-te Hsiao The Impact of Knowledge Resources on Organizational Performance Information Management 2005-08-08
Mei-hsing Hsiao A study on Teachers’ Attitude, Instruction Beliefs, Stages of Concern, Level of Technology Implementation about Integrating Information Technology into instruction in Elementary School Science domain teachers in Kaohsiung City. Education 2005-08-26
Wen-Jui Hsiao A study on the effects of Organizational Culture and Job Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior –The Employees in Aviation Industry of Taiwan Human Resource Management 2005-09-05
Fei-ling Hsiao The research ot employer band--on the view of internal and external marketing Human Resource Management 2006-06-18
Ying-Nan Hsiao Parallel Operation of Modular Power Factor Correctors with Flyback Converters Electrical Engineering 2006-07-03
Shun-Cian Hsiao Average-Efficiency Enhancement of Wireless Transmitters Using a Predistorted Envelope-Following Approach Electrical Engineering 2006-07-15
Wei-Ming Hsiao Experimental Studies of the Effects the Reactants Flow Characteristic on the PEMFC Performance with Heterogeneous Composite Carbon Fiber Bipolar Plates under Various Flow Channel Designs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-24
Chia-ping Hsiao A Study of Solder Ball Deformation for Ball Grid Array Package Under Burn-In Stress Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-16
Shin-han Hsiao The effect of tides on suspended matter and water quality in estuaries - an example of Love River, Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-02-08
Yu-Ru Hsiao The intention of internet usage with hearing-impaired people Communications Management 2007-02-12
Ching-ling Hsiao Tetracycline Resistance Genes in the Bacteria from Aquaculture Farms Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-04-09
Szu-li Hsiao The relativity situations analyzes of television and Internet use Communications Management 2007-07-13
Ming-hui Hsiao none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-13
Chin-Chin Hsiao none Mainland China Studies 2007-07-18
Ren-you Hsiao Molecular Design and Synthesis of Benzobisthiazole-Based Chromophores for Nonlinear Optical Polyimide Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-24
Fu-Yueh Hsiao Study on nano fabrication of silicon and glass by focused ion beam Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-25
Po-Jen Hsiao The comparison of search performance in acquaintance networks and trust networks Information Management 2007-08-02
Hung-tsung Hsiao The antiemetic prophylaxis of dexamethasone improved the anesthetic efficacy of sevoflurane in spontaneously breathing patients undergoing outpatient anorectal surgery Biological Sciences 2007-08-08
Chung-Chih Hsiao Part I:Universal Phase and Force Diagrams for a Microbubble or Pendant Drop in Static Fluid on a Surface ; Part II:A Microbubble Control Described by a General Phase Diagram Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-15
Chih-hao Hsiao Design of Multi-Code Rate LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.16e Standard Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-28
Hsing-ju Hsiao A Study on The Phonetic System of Yin Yun Cheng E Chinese Literature 2007-09-11
Hsin-Ting Hsiao The Correlation Analysis between Fishing Vessels Noise and Night Satellite Image in Northern South China Sea Undersea Technology 2008-01-26
Mei-yueh Hsiao Nurses' knowledge and attitudes regarding discharge planning Institute of Health Care Management 2008-01-28
Chung-chi Hsiao A study on Strategic Management of Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra Arts Management 2008-01-31
Hsien-chi Hsiao Performance Analysis of management platform for third-party equipment maintenance– an empirical study of garage in Taiwan Information Management 2008-07-21
Yu-Ying Hsiao Research and Marketing Strategies of Leisure- agriculture at Chi Mei District EMBA 2008-08-13
Chieh-Hsun Hsiao Study of Injection Locking and Pulling in Local Oscillators. Electrical Engineering 2008-07-25
Hui-Yuan Hsiao Study on Assessment of Implementation of Commuting Networks in Community Schools - the Case of Cianjin District, Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2008-09-02
Chin-En Hsiao The influence of Achievement Motivation and Role Stress on Adaptive Performance: Taking Perceived Organizational Supporting as a Moderator. Human Resource Management 2009-02-10
Chin Hsiao A study of the relationship among organizational buyer's satisfaction, loyalty and purchasing behavior in VOIP industry: an example of PChome&Skype in Taiwan Business Management 2009-06-18
Chia-Pei Hsiao Investigating the Impact of Health Attributes Framing and Message Appeal on the Customer' Buying Behaviors of Calorie Labeling Products Public Affairs Management 2013-07-19
Po-wen Hsiao NBTI characteristics of p-MOSFETs under external mechanical stress Physics 2009-06-25
Yu-chih Hsiao Study on Architecture-Oriented Human Resource Development System Model Information Management 2009-06-26
I-ling Hsiao A Study on the Beginning Teachers’ Problems and Induction Needs at Junior High School in Kaohsiung County Education 2009-07-21
Pi-cheng Hsiao Effects of Dimensions of Coil on Eddy Current Testing in Finite Element Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-12
Chun-i Hsiao Deformation characteristics of ultrafine-grained AZ31 Mg alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-13
Wen-hsuan Hsiao Border and Identity: Construction of the Thai Community and It’s Challenges ICAPS 2009-08-27
Xiang-ru Hsiao A study of donation behavior credit card cardholders in Kaohsiung city-to transfer the donation take the Scoring Points as an example Public Affairs Management 2009-09-03
Cheng-chi Hsiao A research on the treatment and recycling of the wastewater from Chlorella production using biofiltration Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-09-03
Su-chuan Hsiao The Merge Policy for the Vocational and Senior High Schools-In Tainan City and County EMPP 2010-07-14
Po-kai Hsiao none Chemistry 2010-07-20
Yi-Tan Hsiao The Influence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Cognitive Dissonance on Post-Purchase Cognitive Dissonance, Consumer Attitude and Negative Word-of-Mouth Intention Information Management 2010-08-08
Chun-Hui Hsiao The Molecular Mechanism of Renin on Cardiovascular Regulation in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-09-07
Tien-jung Hsiao Taiwan imported micro car of the competitive analysis - the smart for two example Business Management 2011-01-17
Ming-Hung Hsiao A Research on the Comparison of Financial Supervision Between Taiwan and Mainland China --Narrating Related Issues About the MOU Signed Economics 2011-02-17
Chih-Chiang Hsiao The Relationships of Brand Association、Consumer Characteristics and Consumer Purchase Intention -Evidence from Smartphone Brand Business Management 2011-06-22
Wan-chi Hsiao The Effect of Underwriting Regulation on IPO Market Valuation and Underwriters’ Profits Business Management 2011-07-20
Chun-an Hsiao The Critical Success Factors for Taiwanese Company in China Feed Industry- A Case Study of The Uni-President Co., Ltd. Business Management 2011-08-17
Kai-wen Hsiao Magnetic and dielectric behavior of the quasi-two-dimensional triangular antiferro-magnet NiGa2S4+δ Physics 2011-12-29
Shih-Lun Hsiao A Resource Allocation Method Base on Cross-Entropy Algorithm with Guaranteed QoS in Multi-Cell OFDMA Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-01-13
Po-Lun Hsiao The roles of androgen receptor aggregates in embryonic stem cell differentiation Biological Sciences 2012-02-15
Yu-ming Hsiao The market analysis on the auxiliary energy saving equipment of the vessel(a case study of the PBCF) EMBA 2012-07-12
Hsiang-Hung Hsiao GPU Based Digital Coherent Receiver for Optical transmission system Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-18
Hsiu-mei Hsiao A study on the influence of the staying employees’ job insecurity and working attitude under corporate merger : Take C company as an example EMBA 2012-07-20
Shao-Min Hsiao Using Machine Learning and Pheromones for QoS-Packet Routing Path Selection in VANET Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-04
Chin-Pin Hsiao Light Extraction Efficiency Improvement for GaN LEDs by Hydro-Thermal ZnO nanorods Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-12
Ding-Yan Hsiao Mutagenesis of BH3-like domain of Bcl2L12 identifies residues critical for apoptosis in GBM cell lines Biological Sciences 2013-07-30
Yu-Ting Hsiao Combining Knowledge-Driven and Data-Driven Modeling Approaches in Gene Regulatory Networks Inference Information Management 2013-11-26
Tai-Shen Hsiao Organic and polymeric Schiff-base with Crystallization-enhanced emission Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-06-25
Chin-Lun Hsiao Quantum anomalous Hall effect in the Haldane-Rashba system Physics 2014-07-10
Ming-Chuan Hsiao The Study of a Linux Container-Based Cloud Operating System for Platform as a Service Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-24
Kai-yuan Hsiao Measuring photoreflectance spectroscopy of semiconductors by using optical fiber spectrometer Physics 2014-07-17
Li-Wei Hsiao Development of A Recommendation System for Personal Health Examination Items for Cancers Information Management 2014-08-11
Te-Tsung Hsiao The Balanced Scorecard Construction and Execution – A Case Study Of The Sales Department , Ricoh Taiwan Branch EMBA 2014-08-25
Sen-wei Hsiao System Startup and Shutdown Control Strategy and Power Flow Management of Stand-Alone Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generator Electrical Engineering 2014-09-03
Hsuan-Yi Hsiao Exercise protein irisin promotes angiogenesis in endothelial cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-09-08
Chia-Lun Hsiao From Natural Rights to Rights Recognition: A Study of T. H. Green's Political Thought Political Science 2015-02-11
Chieh-hsun Hsiao Direct Conversion Transmitter with Resistance to the Combined Effects of Power Amplifier Distortion and Local Oscillator Pulling Electrical Engineering 2015-02-24
Tang-Wen Hsiao Preparation and characterization of infiltration type composite cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-27
Mao-chi Hsiao A Study of Website Keywords searching Optimization - The Perspective of Resource Based View EMBA 2015-08-10
Yang-Che Hsiao Considering ICT in Reliability Assessment of System Protection Scheme Electrical Engineering 2015-08-11
Yu-Chieh Hsiao Studies on Friction Stir Lap Welding of Aluminum Alloy Sheets using Pinless Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-01
Yung-Cheng Hsiao Investigation of using Polyelectrolytes as an Interlayer on Polymer Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-12-13
Kai-wen Hsiao An Online Ontology-Based Approach To Knowledge Management For Pregnant Women Information Management 2016-07-15
Wen-Chao Hsiao The study of the relationship between organizational change perception, organizational commitment, and job performance- take distribution & service division of Taiwan Power Company Human Resource Management 2016-08-02
Hsueh-yun Hsiao Differentiated Treatment in pay allocation and Subordinates’ fairness perception:Testing the moderating role of Generation and Traditionality Human Resource Management 2016-08-08
Hsin-min Hsiao An Exploration into the Overseas Technology Acquisition Strategies of Chinese Heavy Equipment Enterprises – The Case of SANY Finance 2016-09-02
Wei-Chiang Hsiao The Study on Users’ Satisfaction of Facebook Fan Pages Toward Buying Behavior. ─ A Case of Hotel Industry. Business Management 2017-06-07
Huang-Ta Hsiao Implementation of Downlink Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO Systems Communications Engineering 2017-06-25
Kuang-Chung Hsiao Applying Laser Line Scanning to Hydrodynamic Parameter Identification of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-07-03
Chieh-Chih Hsiao Effect of Copper Oxide Nanostructure on Different Etched Silicon Substrates to Ethanol Gas Sensitivity Electrical Engineering 2017-08-22
Bo-chien Hsiao FPGA Implementations of Real Time 3D Stereo Matching Based on Dynamic Programming Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-22
Chuan-Wen Hsiao Studies the effect of BCL6 gene on the sensitivity of Cisplatin in bladder urothelial carcinoma cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-09-13
Chi-Lung Hsiao A Computationally Efficient Method for Robustness Analysis based on Distributed Computation Electrical Engineering 2017-09-16
Tsung-han Hsiao The Consumption Value Perspective on the Relationship between O2O Business Model and Purchase Intention - A Case of '' Business Management 2017-10-19
YINGCHIH HSIAO A Research on The Acceptance of Self-Service Technology Applied to Healthcare with Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, UTAUT - A Case of Hospital Service Process Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-02-13
Fei-Mam Hsiao Atomically resolved carrier transport behavior under light illumination at heterointerfaces Physics 2018-02-21
Yi-Shen Hsiao A Study on Individual Loan, Digital Marketing and Risk Management of Banking Industry EMBA 2018-07-02
Han Hsiao Analysis of high dimensional gene expression and mutation data in bladder cancer using Cox proportional hazards model and logistic regression via different penalizations Applied Mathematics 2018-07-17
Chi-Hsuan Hsieh A Study of FM-Band Radio Wave Propagation Prediction Curves and the Broadcasting Service Criterion in Taiwan Electrical Engineering 2000-06-15
Chia-chen Hsieh The Relationships between Multiple Intelligences, Thinking Styles, and Critictal-Thinking Ailities of the Fifth-and Sixth Grade Students. Education 2000-06-19
Jin-Shing Hsieh Adaptive Flow Control Scheme for Differentiated Services Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-13
Ya-Jing Hsieh Self and Motherhood in Kate Chopin Foreign Language and Literature 2000-07-25
Yu-Ming Hsieh AN EFFICIENT SET-BASED APPROACH TO MINING ASSOCIATION RULES Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-28
Jeng-Shien Hsieh Trellis Coded Multi-h CPFSK via Matched Codes Electrical Engineering 2000-07-19
Cheng-Han Hsieh The Fabrication of Laser Array Module by Flip Chip Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-01-12
Chia-Sheng Hsieh An Internet and Web Based Remote Micro-Controller System Electrical Engineering 2001-06-11
Ming-Fang Hsieh The Relationship Between Elementary School Students' Emotional Experiences and Their Perception of Teachers' Power Styles In Classroom Education 2001-06-13
Chih-Hung Hsieh none Economics 2001-06-27
Yen-Li Hsieh The Modification Scheme for a Hybrid Mach-Zehnder & Sagnac Interferomtric Fiber Optical Leak Detection System Electrical Engineering 2001-06-27
Ching-Hwei Hsieh An Empirical Study of Computer Anxiety, Computer Self-Efficacy, computer copying strategies and computer literacy in Elementary and Junior High School Teachers Education 2001-06-28
Yung-Chang Hsieh Genetic structure of populations of oyster drill(Thais clavigera) along the west coast of Taiwan Marine Biology 2001-06-27
Ching-San Hsieh The Study of High-Technology Industry Organization Diagnosis and Analysis --- An Electronic Company As an Example Business Management 2001-07-05
Ching-Hua Hsieh Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Investigate Diffusion Behavior of Polystyrene in Tetrahydrofuran under External Electric Field Chemistry 2001-07-10
Wen-Lo Hsieh none EMBA 2001-07-25
Ming-Sue Hsieh Adaptive Allocation of Resources based on Real-Time Network Load in 3G Wireless Communication Network Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-27
Hsiang-Tse Hsieh Dynamic Characteristics of a High Speed Drilling Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-26
Chin-Nan Hsieh NONE EMBA 2001-07-27
Chia-Chang Hsieh NONE EMBA 2001-07-26
Hui-Wen Hsieh Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-01-29
Hsien-Kun Hsieh Design of Electronic Ballast with Piezoelectric Transformer for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2002-06-10
Shu-Fan Hsieh Exchange rate exposure and determinants of exposure in Taiwan electronic industry Finance 2002-06-19
Hung-Yu Hsieh The discounting for initial public offering of convertible bonds Business Management 2002-07-01
Hsien-Tsung Hsieh A Study on Privatization of National Corporations—Taking Taiwan Railway Freight Corporation for instance EMBA 2002-07-11
Tsung-Fu Hsieh A Study on the Design and Analysis of 3-Dimensional Micro-Optical Switch Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-19
Chi-Song Hsieh Novel Low-Voltage Low-Power Exponential Circuits and Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA) Electrical Engineering 2002-07-19
Chang-Kuan Hsieh Learning Path Control Mechanisms for e-Learning Information Management 2002-07-22
Hey-Chin Hsieh The study of the junior high school advisors' leadership behavior, classroom atomsphere and learning satisfaction - The students of junior high school in Kaohsiung to be the example Human Resource Management 2002-07-29
Kun-En Hsieh The Implementation of Code Generator for Processor-in-Memory Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-08-08
Yuh-Suh Hsieh Exploring the Service Quality for the Virtual Government Public Affairs Management 2002-08-13
Mei-Yu Hsieh Risk Management and strategy in foreign currency IEMBA 2002-08-16
Hung-Yen Hsieh The Comparison of Larval Fish Assemblages in Tapeng Bay and Kaoping Coastal Waters Marine Resources 2002-08-19
Wen-Liang Hsieh A Study on the relationship of the training of volunteers and the job involvement Human Resource Management 2002-08-24
Cheng-Hsun Hsieh The evaluation of applicability to urban sustainable indicators-a case study of Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2002-09-11
Chao-Shing Hsieh Fabrication of Flat-Top Interleaver and Add/Drop Filter Modules in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing System Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-02-19
Fang-Yi Hsieh The Continuous Speech Recognition System Base on Hidden Markov Models with One-Stage Dynamic Programming Algorithm. Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Hsi-Chien Hsieh Light-emitting properties of thiophene block copolymer Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-27
Huan-Ting Hsieh A Study on the Stiffness of Composite Honeycomb Plates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-28
Ming-Lung Hsieh A Design on the Bevel Gear with Circular-Tooth Profiles for Manufacturing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-08
Ching-I Hsieh The effect of perceptions of organizational politics on organizational commitment, job performance, and organizational citizenship behavior ─ comparison and analysis between public and private enterprises members Human Resource Management 2003-07-25
Wu-Han Hsieh A Heap-Structure-Based Approach to On-Line Broadcast Scheduling in Mobile Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-25
Cheng-Yaw Hsieh Integrating Big Six Skills Approach with Web-based theme learning Education 2003-07-26
Sheng-Hsu Hsieh The Marketing Strategy Research of Pharmaceutical company About the Large Intravenous solution IEMBA 2003-07-29
Kang Hsieh A Study on China’s Entry Strategies of the Multinational Satellite Television Channels Business Management 2003-07-31
Cheng-Chang Hsieh The Strategic Voting Behavior of Taiwanese Voters:A Case of 2000 Presidential Election Political Science 2003-08-21
Pei-Shue Hsieh Global Governance: The New Mode of International Cooperation ? Political Science 2003-08-25
Tan-Ning Hsieh The relationship between job congruence and job satisfaction:Samples taken from lining-officers and professional-officers who serving the R.O.C Navy Human Resource Management 2003-08-28
Yao-ching Hsieh Charge Equalization for Series-Connected Batteries Electrical Engineering 2004-01-04
Jone-Ming Hsieh A Study on the Design and Machining Characteristics of Milling Cutters Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-01-08
Yi-ting Hsieh none Chinese Literature 2004-06-08
SHU-LI HSIEH none Chinese Literature 2004-06-13
Hsun-Huang Hsieh Economical evaluation for the improvement strategy of drinking water quality by advanced water treatment in Greter Kaohsiung District Public Affairs Management 2004-06-17
Hsiu-lien Hsieh The Application of Balanced Scorecard to Taiwan Cable TV Industry Business Management 2004-06-26
Yi-Chang Hsieh A Study Based on the Value System for the Interaction of the Multi-Tiered Supply Chain in the E-Business Trends Information Management 2004-07-01
Chin-chih Hsieh Circular chromatic number of Kneser Graphs Applied Mathematics 2004-07-05
Chia-chung Hsieh None Political Science 2004-07-06
Shu-ya Hsieh Scriabin "Prelude for Piano" Opus 11 Music 2004-07-01
Tai-ran HsieH Synthetic studies toward 3,4,5-trisubstituted-piperidine and cis-4-substituted-5-amino-δ-lactam Chemistry 2004-06-24
Pei-Ju Hsieh Nanocrystallization and Amorphization of Zr Base Alloys during Accumulative Roll Bondin Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-12
Chih-Wei Hsieh Study of vibrational structure of vibration-based microgenerator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-21
Chia-ching Hsieh none Economics 2004-07-22
Sheng-Hui Hsieh Growth and Characterization of ZnO Thin Film by Reactive Sputtering Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-23
Shu-hsien Hsieh The Analysis and Research for the Function and Position of City Marketing in Governmental Information Office Communications Management 2004-07-27
Pi-Ying Hsieh An Analysis of Collective Action on National Teachers' Association R.O.C Political Science 2004-07-29
Hsin-Yi Hsieh A Study of Managerial Roles of Boss’s Wife in Their Owned Enterprise Human Resource Management 2004-07-23
Chien-Chung Hsieh The Anaysis of Sales' Strategies for Antibiotics within the Taiwanese Medicare System IEMBA 2004-07-27
Ming-Chang Hsieh The Research of Negotiation between the Government of People’s Republic China (PRC) and the Government of Tibet in Exile Mainland China Studies 2004-08-02
Chang-Yi Hsieh Use of PCR-DGGE Technique to Analyze the Dynamic Microbial Community in Groundwater Contaminated with Petroleum-hydrocarbons Biological Sciences 2004-08-09
Chin-Chung Hsieh Dynamic Traffic Adjustment for End-to-End Proportional Differentiated Services on MPLS Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-08-27
Meng-Hong Hsieh A Study on Frequency Estimation Algorithms Communications Engineering 2004-08-30
Yao-chien Hsieh Knowledge Sharing Mechanism Under Pragmatic Community Operation-Case Study Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. Communications Management 2004-08-30
Ya-lan Hsieh Molecular characterization on a t(1;1)(p13;p36) acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AMKL) Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-10-27
Chi-wei Hsieh Development of Strategic Performance Management in Healthcare Organizations:Based on the Hemodialysis Center of Community Hospital Institute of Health Care Management 2005-01-26
Wei-shan Hsieh Optimum Designs for Model Discrimination and Estimation in Binary Response Models Applied Mathematics 2005-06-29
Tien-Yu Hsieh Annealing induced oxidation, transformation, and orientation with substrate of Zr thin film prepared by Ion Beam Deposition Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-06
Tung-Jung Hsieh Blind Subspace-Based Interference Cancellator for the Downlink Receiver in DS-CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2005-06-29
SHU-JUNG HSIEH none Chinese Literature 2005-07-12
Chi-Shan Hsieh A study on pecking order followers in IT industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-15
Tsung-ming Hsieh The Research of Knowledge Management at TFT-LCD Firms---A Study of Private Enterprise in Tainan Area EMBA 2005-07-22
Sheng-Hung Hsieh Driving effects of the Curvature Variation on the Golf Club Impact Face Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-22
Horng Hsieh Flash Lighting with Fluorescent Lamp Electrical Engineering 2005-07-21
Meng-chi Hsieh Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations -Regional Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Hui-yi Hsieh Taiwan’s Industrialization during the Late Japan’s Occupation Period (1931~1945) Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Yi-hsun Hsieh The Research of Using Multiple Intelligences Theory in the fourth-grade English Class at the Elementary School Education 2005-07-27
Chen-An Hsieh Reliability Analysis of Special Protection Systems Electrical Engineering 2005-07-28
Chi-Chang Hsieh Fabrication of Micro-ball Lenses Array and its Optical Performance Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-28
Bruce Hsieh A study on social capital, knowledge share, and innovation performance for the project teams of IC design industry in Taiwan EMBA 2005-08-01
Shu-hui Hsieh Case Study on the Organizational Knowledge Evolution Information Management 2005-08-08
Chi-hua Hsieh Studies on the Natural Products of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia sp. Marine Resources 2005-08-16
Hung-Hua Hsieh none Chemistry 2005-08-19
Ying-ju Hsieh The Distribution of Modern Benthic Foraminifera in the Northeast and Southwest South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-08-22
Chi-Hui Hsieh Taiwanese Travel Behaviors and Intention of Minsu Inn Business Management 2005-08-30
Chiung-Hui Hsieh The Exploratory Study of Professional Passion on Research and Develop(R&D)Personnel in the Hi-Tech Industry Human Resource Management 2005-09-04
Kun-lin Hsieh Use Linear Combination of Atomic Orbital Models to Study Wurtzite Semiconductor Band Structure Physics 2006-01-24
Yen-Pin Hsieh On the Porting of Nano-X and Its Integration with OpenGL ES Computer Science and Engineering 2006-02-10
Sheng-wen Hsieh Study on Adaptive Learning based on Short-term Memory Capacity in Mobile Learning Environment Information Management 2006-03-10
Ying-pin Hsieh A Study of Employee’s Acceptance on Enterprise Knowledge Management System - The case of China Steel Corporation. Business Management 2006-05-24
Ching-Hui Hsieh The Effects of The “Intensive Treatment Program” on Health Care Utilization and Expenditures for Patients with Hepatitis B or C Institute of Health Care Management 2006-06-02
Che-hao Hsieh A Study of the Relationships among Perceptions of Organizational Politics, Trust and Knowledge Sharing Human Resource Management 2006-06-07
Ya-chun Hsieh The Effects of Organizatoinal Life Cycle on Human Resource Management Practices Human Resource Management 2006-06-13
CHEN-LIEN HSIEH The Study on the Strategy Taiwan Far Sea Tuna Industry used to respond to the International Quota Limit EMBA 2006-06-13
Ming-Pei Hsieh A research on the relationship between visualized service backstage and consumer’s perceived value in service encounter. Business Management 2006-06-20
Yi-chien Hsieh New Entrance Creates the Competition Advantage in Luxury-goods Industry Business Management 2006-06-26
Cheng-wei Hsieh none Economics 2006-06-26
Cheng-Hsiu Hsieh Expression of PTTG Gene in the Colon-Rectal Carcinoma Cell Line, and the Effect of the Chemotherapeutic Drug 5-FU and Insulin Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-06-25
Wen-Chin Hsieh China and the UN Peacekeeping Operations: A Neo-liberal Institutional Perspective Mainland China Studies 2006-06-28
I-Lin Hsieh The Effecting factors of Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention in Foreign-Funded Companies in China Human Resource Management 2006-07-02
Ching-Ho Hsieh Design of Optimal Coasting Speed for MRT Systems by Considering Social Cost Electrical Engineering 2006-07-09
Pei-fang Hsieh Liability Driven Investment And Dual Duration Matching Finance 2006-07-06
Hui-ying Hsieh Seasonal Variations of Assemblages and Stable Isotopic Compositions of Modern Planktonic Foraminifera in the Northern South China Sea Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-18
Ming-Jun Hsieh the factors influencing the choice of underwriting mechanisms Business Management 2006-07-20
Chih-hsing Hsieh The analysis of solar energy-concept stock price and oil price in Taiwan Economics 2006-07-26
Ya-ting Hsieh Studies on Secondary Metablites of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia gibberosa Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-31
Chih-nung Hsieh Block-Based Equalization Using Nonorthogonal Projector with Bayesian Decision Feedback Equalizer for CP-OFDM Systems Electrical Engineering 2006-08-07
Ling-chun Hsieh A Study of the Alpine Vegetation Classification at Yushan National Park Biological Sciences 2006-08-07
Chia-Feng Hsieh The earlier stage career decision making of High-tech R&D people—A case study in Chinese Companies Industries Human Resource Management 2006-08-12
Hsu-huang Hsieh Prediction of Coke Quality in Ironmaking Process: A Data Mining Approach Information Management 2006-08-28
Meng-lin Hsieh A Study on Protection Strategies for Coastal Sand Dunes in Taiwn Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-08-30
Hsueh-fen Hsieh The Study Of Using cellphone’s value-added services to attract adolescents’ participation in festival Communications Management 2006-09-04
Tung-lin Hsieh A study on source and supply of Beijing's tap water Mainland China Studies 2006-09-06
Wen-sheng Hsieh Study of The Regulation of Bulk Transfer for Urban Planning ──Case Study of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2006-09-06
Chi-ting Hsieh The Study of Crisis Management Strategy Communications Management 2006-09-13
Kuan-yi Hsieh The Influences of Training on Organizational Performance in Taiwan Electronics and Information Industry - R&D Expenditures as Moderator Human Resource Management 2006-09-14
Wen-Chuan Hsieh Analyzing MOD Service Implementation with NEBIC Theory: A Study of Chunghwa Telecom Case Information Management 2007-01-17
Hsi-Yang Hsieh A Study of the Channel Relationship between 3M and Sales Channels in the Business Enterprise Market – A case of B Home Furnishing and DIY Store Business Management 2007-01-30
Sheng-Yu Hsieh A study on the relationships among the organizational culture of junior high school,the organizational citizenship behavior of the teachers and the effectiveness of the schools of Kaohsiung County . Education 2007-06-09
Chiao-ling Hsieh Cross-border Acquisition: On the Cases that Taiwanese Companies Acquire Developed Country Companies Business Management 2007-06-29
Chia-wen Hsieh The Effect of Time Lags of distances between purchasing and consuming and Word of Mouth Supply on Customers Perceived Value Business Management 2007-07-02
Hui-tsung Hsieh A scientific awarded teacher's autobiographical reconsidering on teaching process of science education. Education 2007-07-03
Cheng-Chih Hsieh Electroreflectance of Au/GaN Physics 2007-07-03
Wen-Tai Hsieh Study of High-Entropy Alloys on Hardfacing Weld Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-06
Yi-hsuan Hsieh none Finance 2007-07-12
Ming-jiuan Hsieh Backlight module industry electronic supply chain management model -- A case study of a company Information Management 2007-07-17
Hung-yen Hsieh Effects of hydrographic conditions on the spatiotemporal variations of fish larvae assemblage in the waters surrounding Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-07-17
Kun-Ta Hsieh Specifying Design Patterns with Object Constraint Language Information Management 2007-07-19
Chung-Hsun Hsieh A Vectorized Font Personalizing System Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-19
Yu-Ting Hsieh Evaluating the Quality Payment Program in Taiwan for Treating Tuberculosis Economics 2007-07-22
Shu-chen Hsieh The Influence of the Consensus Conference on Public Policies –A Case Study on the Consensus Conference in Installing A Cable Car System over Kaohsiung First Political Science 2007-07-21
Nan-kai Hsieh Investigation on the Adsorption Mechanism and Dynamic Behavior of Water Molecules inside Au Nanotubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-24
Heng-chou Hsieh Suppression of Electromagnetic Interference for a Clock circuit by Using the Spread Spectrum Technique Electrical Engineering 2007-07-25
Wen-hao Hsieh Investigating key success factors of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) R&D alliances:a case study of SBIR Business Management 2007-07-26
Pei-lin Hsieh A Study on Outsourcing Public Art Space :A Case study of Grass Mountain Chateau in Taipei Arts Management 2007-07-30
Ming-cheng Hsieh The study of the global semiconductor equipment suppliers' competition strategies - take Applied Materials as an example EMBA 2007-06-12
Kuo-wei Hsieh A Study on the Creative Design of Fiber Clips Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-22
Kun-lin Hsieh From perspective on basic resources to explore successful factor of business transformation -- Example of Kaohsiung real estate advertisement sale-agent transform into housing developer EMBA 2007-08-24
Hsueh-jen Hsieh Taiwan impels e-banking business EMBA 2007-08-15
Chin-shan Hsieh A Taxonomic Study on Ischaemum L. (Gramineae) of Taiwan Biological Sciences 2007-08-28
Chih-hao Hsieh Innovative design of sickbed for decubitus ulcer free : Force analysis of muscles and joints Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-05
Ting-chung Hsieh Human Resource Management of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organization-on Recruiting the Volunteers of the 2009 World Games Kaohsiung EMBA 2007-09-10
Yi-Hsuan Hsieh International Norms and the causation of trade friction between China and the United States Mainland China Studies 2007-09-10
Meng-hsueh Hsieh Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy on InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells grown on silicon substrates Materials Science and Engineering 2007-09-11
Yung- Lu Hsieh Research on Innovative Business Model-Take Example of GJ Restaurant in China Information Management 2007-09-21
Han-Po Hsieh Investigation on Degradation Effect of Low-Temperature Poly-Si TFT under Dynamic Stress Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-11
Po-Tsung Hsieh Study on the Luminescence Characteristics of ZnO Thin Film Electrical Engineering 2008-01-23
Ching-wen Hsieh Discusses research the solid net industry engineering personnel performance appraisal using Analytic Hierarchy Process Human Resource Management 2007-05-11
Wen-long Hsieh Design and Impact Effect Analysis of CFRP Golf Head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-01-28
Ming-hsiu Hsieh none Business Management 2008-02-11
Cheng-Chang Hsieh Molecular Packing in Crystalline Poly(9,9-di-n-hexyl-2,7-fluorene) Materials Science and Engineering 2008-06-13
Cheng-Te Hsieh none EMBA 2008-07-01
Yun-Yi Hsieh Geometries and stabilities of Ag-doped Sin (n=1-16) clusters: a first-principles study Physics 2008-07-01
Chi-jung Hsieh The Study of Defined Contribution Pension Plan and Mortgage Payment- the Application of Asset allocation model Finance 2008-07-15
Yun-chu Hsieh Phytoremediation of PAHs(pyrene) Contaminated Soils through mangroves Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-17
Lu-shih Hsieh Discovering Discussion Activity Flows in an On-line Forum Using Data Mining Techniques Information Management 2008-07-22
Chang-Fu Hsieh Pecking Order Theory and Industry Dynamics in Taiwan High-Technology Industries Economics 2008-07-20
Chun-Sheng Hsieh A Study of Key Decision-making Factors of Coping Global Budget System and Reformed Hospital Accreditation of a Regional Military Hospital EMBA 2008-08-07
Jung-lin Hsieh A Study on Police Officers’ Promotion Legal System Political Science 2008-08-12
Ming-Chun Hsieh A Study on the Design and Implementation of the Grinding Mechanism for Optical-Fiber Endface with Double-Variable Curvatures Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-14
Min-Hsin Hsieh The Study of Dynamic System Guidance to Management Strategy- For the Case of Small-Medium Enterprise in Taiwan. EMBA 2008-08-17
Chia-hsu Hsieh A Study on High-linearity and Low-hysteresis Capacitive Humidity Microsensors Electrical Engineering 2008-08-27
WEN-CHI HSIEH A Study on the Relationship between Continue Leaning Culture, Learning Motivation and Self-Efficacy─The Moderating Effect of Goal Orientation and Learning Effectiveness Human Resource Management 2008-08-27
Hsiu-Ling Hsieh Spatial variations of carbonate parameters and CO2 flux in seawaters around Taiwan during summer 2006 Marine Geology and chemistry 2008-09-10
Cheng-wen Hsieh Growth Strategy for Taiwanese Suppliers in China OE Automotive Market - L Company Perspective. Business Management 2008-09-11
Yi-lin Hsieh The cPGDS induces LHB expression in primary culture of hen anterior pituitary cells via the PPAR signaling pathway Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-02-09
Chia-jung Hsieh none Music 2009-02-11
Ren-Her Hsieh The strategic choices for Australia in the Australia-United States-China triangular relationship: national interests perspectives ICAPS 2009-06-26
Ping-Yun Hsieh Is Credit Rating Trustworthy? Finance 2009-06-20
Min-hsin Hsieh Tree-based Routing based on Residual Energy for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-24
Chiung-wen Hsieh Guiding ambiphilic molecular alignment using patterned polydimethylsiloxane surfaces Chemistry 2009-07-27
Tsung-han Hsieh none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-12
Meng-wei Hsieh Applications of Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy combines with (1) Laser ablation and (2) Capillary electrophoresis Chemistry 2009-08-18
Fu-chen Hsieh Application of UV/O3 to Mineralize NMP in Aqueous Solution Environmental Engineering 2009-08-19
Goang-lin Hsieh A Study on Pleading Law Making Process of Administrative Procedure Act Political Science 2009-08-21
Wen-kuang Hsieh A Design of Recognition Rate Improving Strategy for Mandarin Speech Recognition System - A Case Study on Address Inputting System and Phrase Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
Chia-Ho Hsieh The study of growth and characterization of group III nitride semiconductor on Sapphire/LAO substrate by RF plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-26
Cheng-yan Hsieh Secondary abnormal grain growth in barium titanate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-01
Feng Hsieh High-precision Position Control of Moving Coil motor and Flexure mechanism Using Quantized Current Regulator and Disturbance Observer Electrical Engineering 2010-01-05
Ru-Mei Hsieh Opportunity Recognition Process of the Entrepreneurial Cognitions View: Entrepreneurial Alertness as a Mediator Business Management 2010-01-27
Ming-hui hsieh none Chinese Literature 2010-01-28
Su-ping Hsieh Cross-strait Cooperation and Proactive Strategy of MPA Education in Southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2010-06-16
Hui-Chi Hsieh The study on the effects of sexuality education program for students with mental retardation in elementary school Education 2010-06-21
Ming-yu Hsieh none EMBA 2010-06-28
Yi-Chuen Hsieh Implementations of Splitting and Merging Mechanisms for SVC Streams on Mixed Wired and Wireless Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-07-01
Yen-hsi Hsieh A Study on the Financial Reporting of Governmental Long-Term Equity Investments Business Management 2010-07-24
Cheng-Chung Hsieh Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 1-(o-(Dimethylamino)-phenyl)-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-one and Its Derivatives Chemistry 2010-07-29
Ming-fong Hsieh Study of m-plane ZnO Grown by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Physics 2010-08-05
Chung-ching Hsieh An analysis of the hardened microstructure in compression deformed (001) silicon single crystal at 900 oC Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-05
Hsiu-Chen Hsieh Collocation Fourier methods for Elliptic and Eigenvalue Problems Applied Mathematics 2010-08-10
Su-Wen Hsieh Sense of Humor and Conduct of Innovation: Personalities. Human Resource Management 2010-09-01
Fu-Ming Hsieh Study on parvalbumins in sonic muscle of the grunting toadfish (Allenbatrachus grunniens). Marine Biology 2011-07-05
Zong-Han Hsieh Applying SQ3R Reading Guidance Mechanism for Improving English Reading Comprehension Information Management 2011-07-28
Yi-Lung Hsieh A 3.1~10.6 GHz UWB Low Noise Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2011-07-27
Chiung-ting Hsieh Study of the Relationship between Awareness of Organizational Justice and Execution: A Case of the Land Administration in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2011-08-09
Kun-chou Hsieh The correlation of DNA repair protein Mre11 with lung adenocarcinoma Biological Sciences 2011-08-18
Meng-jung Hsieh The Relationships among High Performance Human Resource Practices, Employee's Well-Being, Attitudes, and Behaviors Human Resource Management 2012-02-07
Chiao-hui Hsieh The impact of tax incentives on fertility Economics 2012-02-10
Chia-en Hsieh Shopping Mall and Department Store Consumers’ Life Style and Consumer Behavior in Kaohsiung Business Management 2012-03-07
Jui-Min Hsieh An Evaluation of Service Quality of Diagnostic Radiology - A Case Study of A Regional Teaching Hospital Institute of Health Care Management 2012-06-11
Yu-chen Hsieh A Study on the Implementation and Effects of Educational Training Among Cram Schools.-The Comparison Between Trained and Private Cram Schools EMBA 2012-06-20
Tao-Fan Hsieh The dust emission coefficients and emission rates in construction site in Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2012-06-28
Pi-Fei Hsieh A Study on the Factors of Performance Persistence of the Open-end Mutual Fund in Taiwan Finance 2012-07-11
I-Hsuan Hsieh Web Service Composition and Selection Using Query Rewriting and Bayesian Network Information Management 2012-07-24
Tsung-jung Hsieh A Study on Zhu He-Ling's "Explanatory Notes of the Poetry Collection of Li Yi-Shan" Chinese Literature 2012-07-21
Mu-Keng Hsieh Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-11
Chih-hsin Hsieh An institution analysis on the environmental impacts at coastal area associated with petrochemical industry IMA 2013-01-28
Yi-Jie Hsieh A Process and Temperature Compensation Oscillator and A Successive-Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter for Biomedical Systems Electrical Engineering 2013-01-31
Yi-ting Hsieh LTE/WWAN Ground Antenna for Slim Handheld Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2013-06-10
Ming-jui Hsieh Characteristics and Health Risk Assessment of Hazardous air pollutants in the Houli of Central Taiwan Science Park Environmental Engineering 2013-06-13
Tung-li Hsieh Oxides prepared by sol-gel method with application to dye-sensitized solar cells and dielectric materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-06-26
Meng-Shao Hsieh Measurement of reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy of semiconductor by using twisted nematic liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-15
Tien-Yu Hsieh Physical Mechanisms of the Self-Heating and Hot-Carrier Effects on Reliability of InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor for Advanced Displays Physics 2013-08-06
Wen-Chieh Hsieh 3D fish animation using video-based visual behavior learning mechanism Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-12
I-ying Hsieh Comparison of Cerebral Vascular Accident and Acute Myocardial Infarction Risk among Patients with Sleep Apnea Syndrome, Non-apnea Insomnia : A Nationwide Population-based Cohort Study Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-19
Kai-Yang Hsieh Performance Improvement of Small Delay Defects Testing using SSTA and False Path Detection Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-21
Cheng-yen Hsieh Thermocapillary convection effects on phase change at two-dimensional corner Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-29
Chung-Chieh Hsieh The Marketing Research of Real Estate: Relationship Marketing For Yao-Qun Advertising Company- Take “Green Building” For Example Communications Management 2013-09-02
I-Chen Hsieh A Study on Personnel Selection Methods Human Resource Management 2013-09-03
TSUNG-HSIEN HSIEH A novel comb-spectrum code division multiple access downlink system using sparse gaussian integer perfect sequences Electrical Engineering 2013-09-10
I-chien Hsieh Association of Oct4, Sox2, and Nanog Expression with Development and Prognosis in Oral Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Buccal Mucosal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2013-09-11
Pei-chun Hsieh Diversification Strategy of Small and Medium Sized Steel Business - A Study of C Company EMBA 2013-09-10
Chia-Hui Hsieh New Venture of Canine Again A creative Business Plan for Street dogs Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-08-27
Pei-Ling Hsieh Building a Knowledge city - The case of 22@Barcelona plan Theatre Arts 2013-09-13
Meng-ta Hsieh Low Risk Anomaly Phenomenon Investment Strategy with Application in Taiwan Finance 2014-01-21
Chi-Chueh Hsieh A study of the capture fishery of Tuna in Taiwan Economics 2014-01-23
Wan-Shan Hsieh Growth and characterization of III-nitride thin filmson (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3(100) substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2014-01-20
Chia-Han Hsieh Acidification in the Sea of Japan between 1965 and 2011 Department of Oceanography 2014-02-19
Hsin-Lun Hsieh Investigating the Impact of Goal Framing Effect and Message Appeals on the Eating Behaviors of Slow Food by Undergraduate Students- Social Marketing Perspective Public Affairs Management 2014-01-31
Ming-yeh Hsieh The Effects of A Experiential-Learning-Infused English Class on Learning Motivation and Academic Achievement of Senior High School Students Education 2014-06-11
Pei-Yin Hsieh Developing an Innovative Telecare Business Model: An A-Company Case Study Information Management 2014-06-20
Yi-rong Hsieh The Advertising Effects of Green Advertisement - Green Detergent as the Example Business Management 2014-06-16
Pei-shan Hsieh A Research on the Real Estate Cycle Indicators Between Taipei and Shanghai Evidence Economics 2014-06-15
Hsin-Chih Hsieh Feedback Dithering Modulation for Three-Phase Inverter Electrical Engineering 2014-07-28
Wan-chih Hsieh An Integrative Study of the Antecedents, Consequences, and Motivational Processes of Emotional Labor: The Job Demands-Resources Perspective Human Resource Management 2014-07-29
Yu-han Hsieh Reliability of Cu pillar bump under cyclic thermal loading Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-04
Hsuan Hsieh Jordan Isomorphisms of Prime Rings with characteristic 2 Applied Mathematics 2014-08-19
Yu-Lin Hsieh Financial Analysis to Assess the Feasibility for Transforming a Non-profit Organization into a Social Enterprise EMBA 2014-08-14
Bo-Fan Hsieh Assessment of satisfaction for wetland ecotourism resource based on MCDM modeling of DANP-case of Chiku wetland. Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-09-03
I-Jen Hsieh The Study of Gioachino Antonio Rossini’s Song Cycle "La Regata Veneziana" Music 2014-09-04
TsungYu Hsieh A Study of Commercial Spot Hijacking in Taiwan Business Management 2014-09-04
Jen-Wei Hsieh The Innovation of Internet Business Model of Four Treasures of Study – A Case Study of W company in Managing Online Community Business Management 2014-09-04
Yu-Lung Hsieh The Influence of Abusive Supervision among Subordinators' Affective Commitment and Psychological Well-being: The Moderating Effect of Psychological Capital Human Resource Management 2014-09-04
Tsung-en Hsieh Bioremediation of dioxin-contaminated soils with the pretreatment of emulsified oil washing Environmental Engineering 2014-09-09
Tsung-Yu Hsieh A Circuit-Level Decoupling Principle Based Discontinuous Pulse Width Modulation Strategy for Three Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter Electrical Engineering 2014-11-24
Sung-chen Hsieh Computing the Numerical Nullity of Sylvester Matrix of Univariate Polynomials Applied Mathematics 2014-12-17
Ying-chou Hsieh A Study on Taiwan Government-owned Banks' Performance in Credit Card Business EMBA 2015-01-27
Chu-chi Hsieh Study on an Architecture-Oriented Aerospace Business Management Model Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2015-02-10
Kun-Yueh Hsieh Information and Energy Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy Harvesting Primary Receiver Communications Engineering 2015-08-21
Chia-hsu Hsieh Development of EGFET-based Sodium/Calcium/Chloride/Ammonium/Potassium Multi-ion Sensing Microsystem with a Solid-state Reference Electrode Electrical Engineering 2015-05-02
Lung-yin Hsieh The Super Low Temperature Tuna Long Line Vessel Management and its impact and adaptive strategies EMBA 2015-07-02
Min-feng Hsieh Type Of Succession and Innovation Investment Performance- A Study of Family Business Business Management 2015-06-24
Chun-Cheng Hsieh Investigation of POSS/CNTs Nanocomposite with Pyrene-functionalized Polybenzoxazine via Supramolecular Interaction Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-07
Pei-ling Hsieh A Study of Relationship among Service Quality Requirement, Emotional Labor, Turnover Intention, Achievement and Emotional Intelligence in Hotel Front Line Staff Human Resource Management 2015-07-02
Chung-an Hsieh Investigation of organic solar cells utilizing carbazole-based donors Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-21
Yi-hsuan Hsieh Learning, Taylor Rule and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics-The Evidence from Taiwan Economics 2015-06-22
Pin-Yao Hsieh Stand-Alone Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generator System With Startup and Shutdown at Optimum Speed And Power Flow Management Control Strategy Electrical Engineering 2015-07-27
Cheng-hui Hsieh Hotel Renovation Case Study-Legend Hotel Kaohsiung EMBA 2015-07-29
Wan-Chen Hsieh Studies on the molecular mechanism of hydrogen peroxide-induced IGF-1 secretion from myocyte at developing neuromuscular synapse. Biological Sciences 2015-07-28
Ming-han Hsieh From Risk Realism to Constructivism: the case study of McDonald Institute of Sociology 2015-07-28
Tsung-lin Hsieh Implementation of Intra-networking of Cloud Operating System by using Software Defined Network Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-29
Cheng-Hua Hsieh Band structures near grain boundaries of perovskite solar cells Physics 2015-06-25
Yi-Fei Hsieh SEPIC Converter Design with Power Regulation and Load Compensation Electrical Engineering 2015-08-06
Yi-chia Hsieh The Impact of Employees’ Participation in Decision Making on their Job Involvement and Job Satisfaction -Taiwanese Financial Industry as an Example Business Management 2015-07-19
Song-Yun Hsieh Service-differentiated Downlink Flow Scheduling to Support QoS in Long Term Evolution Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-12
Lo-En Hsieh A Study of Prokofiev's Cello Sonata in C Major, Op.119. Music 2015-07-30
Wei-Lin Hsieh Predicting Company Revenue Trend Using Financial News Information Management 2015-08-23
Chi-hao Hsieh Research on Improving Audio Fingerprinting Extraction Method Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-01
Cheng-che Hsieh A study of the purchase intention for virtual goods with real money in mobile games Information Management 2015-09-03
Ming-Mou Hsieh The study of sound propagation effect induced by surface duct Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-09-07
Shu-jung Hsieh Classical Poetry about Tainan area in the period from the Reign of Ming Zheng to the Reign of Japan in Taiwan (1661-1945) Chinese Literature 2015-09-08
Shin-yan Hsieh Study of Large-expansion-ratio Tube Hydroforming Processes with Movable Dies Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-04
Kun-Ju Hsieh High pressure and doping effect on the magnetic properties of CaMn2O4 Physics 2015-09-23
Wen-Hsuan Hsieh The Study on Near-field of Optical Fibers and Microlenses of Polarization Maintaining Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-01-19
Cheng-Han Hsieh Hydrothermal growth of hydroxyapatite film on the surface of magnesium alloy (AZ31) based metal matrix compsite containing hydroxyapatite powder produced by friction stir processing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-02-01
Min-chun Hsieh Implementation of Polysilicon Subwavelength Grating Reflectors in Standard Bulk CMOS Foundry Process Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-02-03
Cheng-Han Hsieh Parallel Black Hole Clustering Based on MapReduce Computer Science and Engineering 2016-02-15
Kai-Li Hsieh Anticipated Policy and Stock Price Dynamics: A Small Open Economy Analysis Economics 2016-07-04
Hsien-Chung Hsieh Studies on Cross-Strait Jonit Crime-Fighting Political Science 2016-07-19
Fu-yu Hsieh The Relationship Among Employee Innovativeness, Perceived Organizational Innovative Readiness and Innovative Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Work Experience Human Resource Management 2016-07-28
Shang-Chin Hsieh A Study on the Development of Medical Tourism for Taiwan Area-A Case Study of Medical Cosmetic System EMBA 2016-07-18
Chieh-An Hsieh The Effect of Fluid Flow on Surface Roughness during Solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-02
I-ting Hsieh A Case Study of Timeless Truth Mask-Brand and Social Media Marketing Research Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-08-04
Chia-Chi Hsieh The Perspectives of Creative Clusters on Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industries Theatre Arts 2016-08-26
Li-mei Hsieh A case study of pay for performance in a Taiwanese bank Human Resource Management 2016-08-31
Li-Chen Hsieh Light-triggered Oncolytic Virotherapy Overcome Multidrug Resistance Cancer Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2016-08-29
Yung-Fu Hsieh An Analysis of Business Strategies for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies in Taiwan EMBA 2016-07-13
Ai-chih Hsieh Characteristic of Particulate Composition in Near-shore Water surrounding Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-09-02
Chia-wen Hsieh Studies on the mechanism of the TMCO1 dephosphorylates AKT in human bladder cancer cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-11-05
Chung-han Hsieh Thin film interfacial strength characterization using nano-tension interface testing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-01-11
Chang-han Hsieh A study on the modified Wells turbine for OWC wave energy converting system Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-01-24
Thung-fu Hsieh The Impact on the Policy for the Military Instructors to Leave Campuses : An Assessment EMPP 2017-02-02
Tung-che Hsieh The Environmental Ethics in Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, John Muir’s Our National Parks, and Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-08
Ming-jer Hsieh Joint Characteristics of Friction Stir Spot Welding of Steel to Al Alloy Using Embedded-rod Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-02-14
Chia-Jung Hsieh A Translation of Selected Chapters of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go with a Critical Introduction Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-19
Wan-Chen Hsieh Midgap Energy Band Engineering of ZnO/AlO Superlattices Physics 2017-05-31
Hsin-ming Hsieh A Study of Employee’s Role Perception, Job Involvement, and Career Commitment in Shipping Industry Business Management 2017-07-02
Chia-Lung Hsieh A Single-ended 5T and 6T Load-less SRAM with Low Energy Access Electrical Engineering 2017-07-06
Meng-Ke Hsieh Methods of estimating the optimal number and locations of cut points Applied Mathematics 2017-07-12
Cheng-han Hsieh Study on Real-Time Software Architecture for LTE MIMO System Communications Engineering 2017-07-18
Chih-Hao Hsieh The Henyu Company – A Case Study of Charging Service Provider for Electric Cars Information Management 2017-07-16
Chang-Ju Hsieh Formation mechanism of porous spheres and their applications in lithium-sulfur battery Chemistry 2017-07-25
Hui-Lung Hsieh A Study of Large Scale Festival Activities and the Benefits of Area Marketing EMBA 2017-08-01
Chih-Ting Hsieh Pokémon Go Everywhere: Exploring Location-Based Augmented Reality Mobile Game Enjoyment and its Influence on Place Attachment Institute of Marketing Communication 2017-08-08
Shih-Hung Hsieh Comparison of Native and Exotic Vegetation on Greenhouse Gas Emission Fluxes from a Coastal Salted Wetland-Using Kaomei Estuary Wetland as an Example Environmental Engineering 2017-08-08
Han-Yueh Hsieh Investigation of the Influence of the Geometries and Structures of Interdigital Transducers and Reflective Grating Structures on Flexural Plate-wave based Prostatic Specific Antigen Biosensor Electrical Engineering 2017-08-14
Yu-Cheng Hsieh Heat transfer Enhancement in Microchannels with Roughened Surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-15
Yi-da Hsieh Remediation of chlorinated-organic contaminated groundwater: a case study Environmental Engineering 2017-08-16
Chen-Yen Hsieh A Study of Ultralow Sheet Resistance and Homogenous Nickel Silicide by Low Thermal Budget Carbon Dioxide Laser Spike Annealing Electrical Engineering 2017-08-16
Ming-chun Hsieh A Study of Spider Silk for Energy Harvester Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-28
Ping-jui Hsieh Implementation of a Vehicle Control System Based on Path Planning Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-31
Yi-Ting Hsieh The Investigation of Correlations between Job Involvement and Job Satisfaction of Nursing Staff in a Psychiatric Teaching Hospital Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-31
Wen-Chun Hsieh A Study on the VS company How to Grow up the Revenue By Innovative Strategy EMBA 2017-09-12
Pei-ling Hsieh A study on the meanings of Well-being Corporate Awards in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2017-09-04
Tsung-Nan Hsieh A Study on Public Willingness and Factors Related to the Establishment of Dental Hygienist Legislation Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-10-16
Wan-Chun Hsieh A Study on the Impact of IFRS 9 on Financial Risks – Assessing the Possible Impairment of Financial Assets with Expected Credit Loss Model EMBA 2018-01-24
Hsiang-Yu Hsieh Study on Improvement of Dynamic Characteristics for Offshore Wind Turbine Structure Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-02-21
Chen-Yun Hsieh The study of particle accumulation in sea anemones of coastal waters in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2018-02-22
Po-Sheng Hsieh Future Prospects on the Management Mechanism of the Arctic High Seas Fisheries IMA 2018-03-30
Yu-Chan Hsieh Constructing Smart Beta Trading Strategies with Deep Learning: Evidence from Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2018-06-25
Yi-Chun Hsieh A Study on Relationship between Ownership Structures of Family Firms and Related Party Transactions Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-06-28
Shu-Fen Hsieh An Analysis of Current Usage States & Business Model of New PC Game and Game Streaming Platforms:Case Studies of Steam and Twitch EMBA 2018-07-13
Ping-Ting HSIEH Business Plan of Ketogenic Diet Service Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-19
Te-Fai Hsieh Sustaining Firm's Competitiveness in the Next Three Decades - The Impact of People Management on Procurement Contracts - A Case Study of Railway Industry College Of Management (Executive Master In Business Administration) 2018-07-19
Shao-Chung Hsieh The Relationship between Political Skill and Workplace Bullying: The Mediation Effect of Supervisor-Subordinate Relationship Quality Human Resource Management 2018-07-23
YI-CHEN HSIEH Apply Knowledge Management in Information System Version Revision :A Case Study of A Company’s System Importing Information Management 2018-07-21
Meng-Han Hsieh Supervisory Control and Database Analysis System For Direct Grid-Connected Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generators With Servo Motor Control Institute Of Electrical Engineering 2018-08-06
Chin-fong Hsieh Requirements and Planning of Executive Information Systems -- The Case of Factory Digital Dashboards College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-08-03
Kun-min Hsieh Development of color conversion techniques for organic white light-emitting devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-08-12
Mao-Sung Hsieh The Impact of China’s Evolving 'Active Defense' Strategy on the Development of Modern PLA’s Capability ICAPS 2018-08-14
Adren Hsien A Study for Remediation of MTBE and Diesel Contaminated Soils by Soil Heating/Air Stripping and Steam Injection/Vacuum Extraction- One Dimensional Mass Transfer Analysis and Verification Environmental Engineering 2000-08-02
Ming-Tsun Hsien Petroleum Related Organic Compounds in the Sediments of Kaohsiung Harbor and It's Neighboring Coastal Area, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-09-13
Yao-Ching Hsien The Study of Oxime to Lactom on Heterogeneous Catalyst Chemistry 2001-07-11
Yi-Tzu Hsien The research of competitive advantageous factors of small medium enterprise Business Management 2003-07-08
Huang-Hsin Hsien The relationship among Supervisor, Trust and Organizational citizenship behavior Human Resource Management 2004-04-17
Chih-wei Hsien The Democratization in Mainland China During Jiang Zemin's period Mainland China Studies 2006-01-17
Chien-hsun Hsien none Political Science 2006-08-28
Tsung-Hsieh Hsien A Study of Web2.0 New Venture Incubator Business Management 2007-07-01
Sue-mei Hsien Study on the Language Style of Wang Chen-ho’s novel “Rose, Rose, I Love You” Chinese Literature 2007-09-04
Hsiu Hsien A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of the Value Systems of the Organizational Culture Cause the Limits to Growth: A Case Study of President Starbucks Company Business Management 2007-10-26
Hong-Hsi Hsien The Hospitalization of Nursing Home Residents - A Comprehensive Analysis Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-12
Hsin hsien-Chou The Acoustic Backscattering Measurement and Analysis of Imitate Air Swimbladder IAMPUT 2008-12-24
Chang hsien-lung The Strategies about recruiting enterprises and attracting investors - a case study of the China Kunshan Authority. Mainland China Studies 2008-09-11
Hsiao-ting Hsih none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-14
Antai Hsin Flow-Induced Vibration of Small Cylinders in the Shear Flow of a 2D Jet Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-13
Jing-Liang Hsin An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for the Protein Side Chain Packing Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-30
Hsiao-fen Hsin none Chinese Literature 2006-10-05
Chi-sung Hsin The discussion of the behavior of news jobholders managing the blog Communications Management 2007-09-12
Tsung-Chin Hsin Design and Implementation of User Authentication Based on Keystroke Dynamic Computer Science and Engineering 2008-01-28
Jia-chen Hsin An Investigation of the Donation Willingness of the Donators of the Non-Profit Organizations: A Comparison Between Religious and Non-religious Organizations Business Management 2009-06-22
Pei-Ching Hsin none Chinese Literature 2009-09-10
Pei-Han Hsin Optimal Order Submission Strategies in an Order-driven Market Business Management 2010-09-01
Wen-Fu Hsin The relationships between environmental factors and seasonal distributions of the chaetognaths in the DongSha Atoll, South China Sea Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-03-19
Yu-Chun Hsin The Crowding Effect of Ficoll 70 on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent Dotarem and Comparison with Other Macromolecular Crowders Chemistry 2014-06-27
Tsung-Chu Hsin Loan or rent decision-The case of Kaohsiung houses Economics 2016-07-11
HUNG HSIN Genetically Engineered Mouse Model Recapitulating LKB1 and PTEN Loss In Gastric Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-08-01
Cheng-Yen Hsin The Discourse Analysis of Arms Control and Transfers on Conventional Arms in the United Nations Political Science 2017-01-24
Chang Hsin-yi The Comparison of Operation Strategy in Hong Kong between Domestic Banks and Foreign Banks Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-16
I-Tze Hsing The asset allocation strategies for pension fund management under a defined contribution plan Finance 2000-06-16
Shih-Pei Hsing Comparison of Hedging Option Positions of the GARCH(1,1) and the Black-Scholes Models Applied Mathematics 2003-06-30
Fu Hsing A Study of the Model of Strategic Alliances of Local Hospital ━ Take Y Hospital as An Example IEMBA 2004-08-11
Kuo Hsing Parity Conditions and the Efficiency of the NTD /USD 30 and 90 Day Forward Markets Economics 2004-12-24
Shih-Ping Hsing Green Building Product Strategies EMBA 2010-08-23
Yao-Chun Hsing The InGaAs Quantum Dot micro-pillar electro-pumping light emitting devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-17
Jin-Yuan Hsing InGaAs Quantum Dots Microdisk Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-30
Wu Hsing-Pei Managerial Ability and Intellectual Capital Finance 2018-07-15
Lu-Chieh Hsiu Cloning and expression of Taura syndrome virus 3C protein Marine Resources 2005-09-09
Hung Hsiu-Chen Flow Injection Analysis of uric acid by luminol-peroxidase chemiluminenscent system Chemistry 2001-08-20
Tsu Hsiu, Wu High-Speed Characterization and System Application on Electroabsorption Modulators Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-28
Szu-kai Hsiung The research of using different experiments to develope the effect of PEMFC performance in changing different design conditions and manufacture method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-25
Wen-Chiang Hsiung Article Recommendation in Literature Digital Libraries Information Management 2002-09-02
Cheng Hsiung agency cost Business Management 2004-07-08
Tsung-Chieh Hsiung The Real-life Case Study of Professionals’ Participation in Community Environment Planning Advocated by the City of Kaohsiung- Citing the result of Community Veranda Planning as an example Public Affairs Management 2004-08-22
Kan-hsi Hsiung Benthic Foraminifera Assembledges of Gutingken Formation at Shoushan, Kaohsiung Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-08-27
Ting-hui Hsiung War Memories in the Novels of Tash Aw, Vyvyane Loh, and Tan Twan Eng Foreign Language and Literature 2015-07-28
Shu-Chiao Hsiung Problems in Algebra from 1983-2018 American Invitational Mathematics Examination Applied Mathematics 2018-07-19
po-nien hsu The analytic model of visual enterprise Business Management 2000-06-19
Tuang-Chou Hsu Product Bundling in Software Industry: The Case of Operating System and Browser Market Business Management 2000-06-20
Kuo-Chou Hsu Substrate Temperature Study on The Growth of GaN Films Using Magnetron Sputtering Physics 2000-07-05
Chia-Hsing Hsu Effects of food types and temperature on the development and reproduction of Apocyclops royi(copepoda, cyclopoida) Marine Resources 2000-07-07
Chun-Ta Hsu Effect of MoS2 Additive on the tribological performance of loosing and tightening process for screw and nut Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-09
WEI-DI HSU A Three Dimensional Numerical Modeling of a Rotary Kiln Incinerator and On-Site Measurement Environmental Engineering 2000-07-14
CHUNG-HSIEN HSU The study of barrier mechanisms of tantalum nitride diffusion barrier layer between SiGe and Cu Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-16
Yi-Shiou Hsu Incorporating a Rate Control Mechanism into Differentiated Services Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-18
Shih-Ting Hsu Difference Transformed: Love and Adventure in Middle English Breton Lays Foreign Language and Literature 2000-07-25
Chih-Chun Hsu The Growth of Colossal Magnetoresistance La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin Films and Relative Properties Physics 2000-07-27
Hsin-Yueh Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2000-09-18
Ta-Wei Hsu A Study of Alteration of Volcanic Rocks from the Mayahsuehshan, Minleh and Changma Areas, North Qilian Fold Belt Marine Resources 2000-07-29
Feng-Wei Hsu Cell Base Automatic Location Identification System in GSM Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-04
Chun-lan Hsu Distributions and Historical Pollution Records of Heavy metals in Sediments from the Kao-ping Coastal Areas Marine Geology and chemistry 2000-09-19
Chih-Cheng Hsu Automatic Optimization in Pass-Transistor-Based Logic Synthesizer Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-07
Chung-Hsien Hsu Statistical analysis on the effect of splenectomy-induced thrombosis Applied Mathematics 2000-07-25
Chia-Che Hsu The Recording Layer Study of Ag-In-Sb-Se Phase Change Optical Disk Materials Science and Engineering 2000-08-14
Yu-Chen Hsu Internet-Based Remote control with JAVA Undersea Technology 2000-08-28
Shih-Tzung Hsu Surface-Generated Ambient Noise in an Isovelocity Waveguide with a Non-Homogeneous Fluid Sediment Layer Undersea Technology 2001-05-16
Cheng-Chung Hsu Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and Recurrent Nasal Papilloma Detection with Pharmacokinetic Dynamic Gadolinium-Enhanced MR Imaging and Functional MR Imaging of the Brain Using Robust Motion Correction Computer Science and Engineering 2001-05-18
shih-pei hsu Schedule Compression Methods for Software Development Information Management 2001-06-10
SHU-HAO HSU Phase Structure of Alkylated Poly(ethylene-alt-maleic anhydride) and Poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) Materials Science and Engineering 2001-06-12
Da-Wei Hsu The Development of B to B E-Marketplace and Interactions Between Industries and B to B E-Marketplace in Taiwan--Take China Steel, SYSCO, and Yulon For Example Business Management 2001-06-17
Chih-hung Hsu A Novel Buried Hybrid Polymer Waveguide on Si Substrate Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-19
I-Chien Hsu Parameter Estimation for Compound Gauss-Markov Random Field and its application to Image Restoration Electrical Engineering 2001-06-20
Ming-Jin Hsu A Basic Scheme for Displaying Fonts and Images on Hexagonal Grid Devices Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-26
Jia-Hua Hsu The research on relationship of characteristics of organization, strategic roles and human capital of international companies — An empirical study of the overseas subsidiaries of enterprises in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2001-06-27
Fung-Hsueh Hsu Specific Heat Studies on the Charge-Density-Wave Transition of Lu5Ir4Si10 and Lu5Rh4Si10 Physics 2001-06-29
Ying-feng Hsu Controller Design for Transmission Systems with Variable Compliance Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-02
Chia-Ming Hsu Reasearch on key loops of organizational change-Take Taiwan and Kaousiung Residence Administrations as examples Business Management 2001-07-06
Hong-Ting Hsu Asymmetric Multi-Quantum-Well Spot-Size Converter Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-07-10
Yu-Lan Hsu Determination of Ge,As,Se,Sb in water and urine samples by ICP-DRC-MS Chemistry 2001-07-10
Ching-Chung Hsu Growth mechanical of (La,A)MnO3,A=Ca,Sr And Film thickness effect of Colossal magnetoresistance(CMR) Physics 2001-07-13
Feng-Liu Hsu Multichannel TLC-on-chip and it's ES/MS interfaces Chemistry 2001-07-06
miao-sui Hsu The Research about Employment System of Employee Dispatching Industry in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2001-07-17
Fang-Chii Hsu Efficient Memory Arrangement Methods and VLSI Implementations for Discrete Fourier and Cosine Transforms Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-24
CHANG-LU HSU none EMBA 2001-07-25
Da-Cheng Hsu none EMBA 2001-07-25
Ching-Shiung Hsu Characterization of the SnO2 thin film derived from an ultrasonic atomization process Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-27
Ru-Ting Hsu Regioselective Reduction of N-Alkyl-3-sulfonyl Glutarimides. Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydro-5-tosylpyridin-2-ones Chemistry 2001-07-30
Hsiu-Jung Hsu Determine the high MW polymer and Dendric polyether imide by MALDI-TOF MS Chemistry 2001-07-31
Chia-Hung Hsu The Relationship Among Job Burnout, leadership, role stress, social support Of Sales Staffs Of Department Store Human Resource Management 2001-07-31
Stella Hsu The Relationship between Employee Benefits and Labor Relations Human Resource Management 2001-08-24
Ying-Fong Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-13
Fen-Sheng Hsu Investigation of mercury concentrations in Coryphaena hippurus Marine Resources 2002-06-14
Jen-Shin Hsu The Application of Knowledge management to Capital Expenditure:A study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2002-06-19
Chih-Ching Hsu Phase Behavior of Poly(γ-alkyl-L-glutamate)s Materials Science and Engineering 2002-06-07
Chung-Hua Hsu Analytic Solutions for Boundary Layer and Biharmonic Boundary Value Problems Applied Mathematics 2002-06-22
Cheng-Ping Hsu The study on the relationship of the staff perception to the human resource management system in the privatization of state-run business and organizational commitment – taking the CTHS as an example Human Resource Management 2002-07-01
Sheng-YI hsu A study on Supply and Demand of Aquaculture Market and Marketing Strategy Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-03
An-Ching Hsu An Analysis on The Develpment and Stratgy of Smart Card by Complexity Science Business Management 2002-07-04
Che-Hsiung Hsu Studies on L-Lactate dehydrogenase genes and protein structure of Iguana iguana and molecular phylogenetics among reptiles Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2002-07-05
Yu-Fang Hsu Circuit design and fabrication of high-speed electroabsorption modulators Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-05
Chin-Hsun Hsu Hierarchical SDD Metric and Multiresolution Motion Estimation Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-09
Fu-Fei Hsu A Study of p27Kip1 Gene Overexpression on Pathogenicity of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells by an Inducible Vector Biological Sciences 2002-07-07
Ming-Kai Hsu Investigation of Ga2O3(Gd2O3)/GaAs/ In0.2Ga0.8As/GaAs Quantum Well with Different Annealing Temperatures Using Photoluminescence Physics 2002-07-10
Fu-Ming Hsu Design of Linkage-Type Rowing Exercise Machines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-16
Ching-Yao Hsu The Analysis on the Consumer’s Behavior of Purchasing Motoer Oil Business Management 2002-07-17
Kao-Wei Hsu Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement with Porous Heat Sink in the Pulsating Channel Flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-19
Su-mon Hsu esearch of the Transmission Performance and Transmission Advantage of Coupler-Driven Linkage Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-19
Tsui-Ku Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-23
Tsui-Mei Hsu none EMBA 2002-07-24
Ju-Wen Hsu The Impact of Information on Volatility in Taiwan's Foreign Exchange Market Business Management 2002-07-26
Po-Chuan Hsu The Study of Trace Metal Phase Speciations by Using Cross-flow Filtration in Kao-ping River Estuary Marine Resources 2002-08-29
Pei-Hua Hsu The evaluation of Medical care and Hygiene system for women-An example from the utilization of Pap smear in cervical cancer patients Human Resource Management 2002-09-01
Ming-Hung Hsu Vibration Analysis of Non-uniform Beams Using the Differential Quadrature Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-01-16
Fu-Hsiung Hsu A Study of Misfit Solution Methodology Between Enterprise Requirements and Application Package Information Management 2003-01-20
Cheng-Hsiung Hsu none Finance 2003-02-13
Chia-Chin Hsu Geomorphometric study of Octopus and Cistopus (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) based on landmarks of beaks Marine Biology 2003-04-21
Pei-Pin Hsu Emulsion polymerization of aniline with ionic organic sulfonic acid surfactant Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-10
Shao-Tsung Hsu A Study of the Effect of GRA in terms of Employee Assistance Programs Business Management 2003-06-12
Shih Hsu Design of All-Optical Gain-Clamped Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-14
Chen-Yu Hsu The influence of Confucius’political profession on his theory Chinese Literature 2003-06-26
Cheng-Yi Hsu Package Implementation : A Methodology For Requirement Gap Analysis Information Management 2003-06-24
Chia-Wen Hsu Using the User-approach to analyze the Portal of E-government on Service Functions Public Affairs Management 2003-06-28
Hsuen-Fang Hsu none Finance 2003-06-30
Yao-Sheng Hsu Development of polyesters as propellant inhibitors Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-01
Fu-Yung Hsu The Comparative Research on executing of the House Tax over Taiwan-Strait Mainland China Studies 2003-07-02
Wen-Hua Hsu Integrating Information Technology into Elementary Science Class: A Case Study of Teacher knowledge transformation into action Education 2003-07-01
Ching-chun Hsu A Study of Pharmacy Logistics for Different Chain Type in the Great Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2003-07-02
Chang-Rong Hsu The Information Contents of EVA-Taking China Steel Corp. as Example Business Management 2003-07-01
Chia-Hung Hsu DSP Based Hand written Number and Pattern Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2003-07-09
Hsiang-Ling Hsu Robust D-optimal designs for mixture experiments in Scheffe models Applied Mathematics 2003-07-10
Yu-Chin Hsu Study on CuInSe2:Sb polycrystalline thin-films Solar Cells Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-19
Pi-Cheng Hsu Study for Dynamics of Inventory Policy and Inventory Cost - An example of XX company Information Management 2003-07-21
Kuei-Tao Hsu The Judicial Influences and the Political Characteres of the Construtionist in the Republic of China-Illustrated With A Few Actual Cases of Constitution Interpretation by the Council of Grand Justices Political Science 2003-07-21
Ching-Liao Hsu The study of Correlation between Customer’s Satisfaction Degree and the Entire Quality of the Coal Tar industry Business Management 2003-07-23
Li-Ying Hsu The Study of Taiwan's Bank Take Cross Business Operation Finance 2003-07-29
Hung-Chang Hsu Principal Component Analysis on Fingertips for Gesture Recognition Undersea Technology 2003-07-31
Chang-Lin Hsu Theoretical Studies on Grinding Trajectories on Precision Ball Surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-30
Chih-Hsing Hsu The dynamics analysis model for competitive strategy of IC paking industry Business Management 2003-08-14
Cheng-Tsai Hsu Research of Knowledge Creation & Spread In Company—Case Study Business Management 2003-08-20
Chie-Yao Hsu Minimum Finding with DNA Computing Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-21
Ya-Wen Hsu Survival and Developmemt of Issue Parties A Study with the Green Party of Germany and the New Party of Taiwan as examples Political Science 2003-08-27
Tien-Chi Hsu The Toxicity of Organotin Compounds on Acetes Intermedious in Kaohsiung Harbor Area Marine Resources 2003-08-27
Chien-Cheng Hsu A Study of the Relationship between Financial Forecast and Earnings Management in Taiwan Lists and OTC's Companies Finance 2003-08-28
Wen-Yuan Hsu none Finance 2003-09-01
Chia-Ling Hsu Host-specificity and seasonal variation of dicyemid mesozoan infection in octopuses of the tropical waters Marine Biology 2003-09-02
Pi-Chung Hsu Blending Operations with Blending Range Controls in Implicit Surfaces Computer Science and Engineering 2003-10-03
Hou-Ho Hsu A Study on Deng Xiao Ping’s Military thinking and practice 1977-1997 Political Science 2004-01-08
Chun-Yin Hsu Performance Evaluation of Benchmarking Apply to Local Government Organization: Example for Tzudying District Office Development of Participation and Suggestion Institution Political Science 2004-02-05
Jui-Hung Hsu The Functions of Community Public Affaires of Community Newspaper-A Study of "The meinu Today" and Self-Deliverance Demonstration Case of Meinu Weed Farmer Public Affairs Management 2004-02-10
Ming-huei Hsu The Sublime and Wordsworth’s Aesthetics: Theory and Poetry Foreign Language and Literature 2004-02-06
Chen-Chou Hsu Value Relevance of Stock-based Employee Compensation -Incentive Effects and Dilute Effects Finance 2004-06-08
Pi-Hui Hsu A study of Insurance Broker organizational change-action research as an intervention skill Human Resource Management 2004-06-09
Jui-lin Hsu An Empirical Analysis On the Investment Effect and the Risk Of Equity Valuation Models in Taiwan Finance 2004-06-13
Hsin-lan Hsu none Finance 2004-06-15
PEI-CHUN HSU Energy Diagnostic and Experimental Investigation of a Typical Multi-function Building in Taiwan Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-06-16
Chang-Loong Hsu The effect of downsizing on job involvement and job atisfaction-A moderator of training transfer Human Resource Management 2004-06-19
Li-fang Hsu Pursuit and Depression: On the intellectual spirits appeared in Taiwan Novels written in the period of Japan’s Colonization Political Science 2004-06-21
Chiung-Wen Hsu The research about "On This Island" of Benjamin Britten Music 2004-06-28
Wen-Kuang Hsu Strategic Management Implementation on Local Police Bureau—Taking Penghu County Police Bureau for Example Public Affairs Management 2004-06-30
Jiun-Yuan Hsu Analytic Continuity Method for Bent Waveguides with Small Bent Angles Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-05
Chao-Yi Hsu The Research in Key Factors of Credit Risk for Mortgage Business Management 2004-07-06
Chih-ming Hsu InGaAlAs/InP Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Structures Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-08
Tzu-Heng Hsu The Economic Strategy of Mainland China to the Third World Countries after the Cold War Era -Vietnam as the Case Study Mainland China Studies 2004-07-08
Yi-long Hsu In-situ Synthesis and Luminescence Emission of Non-fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Random Copolymers and Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube Composites Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-08
Chao-chen Hsu A Study on the Mechanism Design and Analysis of Microstages for Microassembly Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-20
Pei-chi Hsu The optimal pricing strategy of golf clubs' membership Business Management 2004-07-17
Shao-Hean Hsu Implementation of MP3 Playout System on ARM-based SoC Development Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-30
Li-cheng Hsu Dyanmic Capital Structure and Bank Risk Economics 2004-08-03
Li-Wen Hsu The Measurement of Exposure of Banks’Foreign Exchange Position and Research of Structure of Foreign Exchange Risk Finance 2004-07-30
Hui-fei Hsu The Business Model of Transnational Advertising Agency in China--the case of Ogilvy & Mather Group Communications Management 2004-08-12
YUEH-YUN HSU Case study research on marketing personal Insurance through commercial bank EMBA 2004-08-17
I-wen Hsu A Study on the Evaluation of Environmental Resources and Social Compensation in Land Use Restricted Area in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2004-08-26
Sheng-Hsiung Hsu Analysis and Estimation of Signal Arrival Time Based on MUSIC Algorithm for UWB Multipath Channels Electrical Engineering 2004-08-31
Wei-hon Hsu The role of interleukin-1 receptor in intestinal damage induced by burn in mice Biological Sciences 2004-08-31
Po-Min Hsu A Hybrid Design of Speech Recognition System for Chinese Names Electrical Engineering 2004-09-06
Mei-yu Hsu The Effect of SARS on Electronic Commerce in Taiwan Communications Management 2004-09-08
Yu-Tsung Hsu Information Security Service Industry - EverGreen International Development Co Ltd.. - Entrepreneur Case Study Information Management 2004-09-07
I-ju Hsu A Study of Fantasy Techniques in the "Für Kenner und Liebhaber" Music 2004-09-06
Cheng-yuan Hsu The effects of MAPK inhibitor and progesterone on the induction of p57KIP2 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells Biological Sciences 2004-09-14
Ru-Ting Hsu 1. Synthetic Study of Pyrrolizidine Skeleton 2. Synthetic Study Toward Tylophorine and Cryptopleurine 3. Synthetic Study of Fused Bicyclic Glutarimides Chemistry 2005-01-18
Ping-kun Hsu A Study on Taiwan Religious Belief about Nocha ---Take Hsinchu as an Example Chinese Literature 2005-01-19
Shu-chu Hsu An Action Research on Mathematics Communication abilities of Grade 2 elementary school students Education 2005-01-27
Gi-Pin Hsu Effects of various soybean products and mineral levels on the growth of juvenile cobia Racycentron canadum Marine Biology 2005-02-01
Li-Jen Hsu Whose Global Goverance?A Study of an International Intellectual Property Rights Regime Political Science 2005-02-17
Yi-Cheng Hsu A Study of Fiber Alignment Shift Measurement and Compensation in Laser Module Packages Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-03-14
Chun-yu Hsu The Study of Service Quality for Supply Chain e-Procurement System Business Management 2005-05-26
Cheng-Lung Hsu A Research on the Regulation of Visits by Mainland tourists to Taiwan based on the Management System in Hong Kong and Other Countries Mainland China Studies 2005-06-15
Mong-Yu Hsu The Relationship Between Consumer Goods and Hypermarkets According to Resource Based View Business Management 2005-06-15
Chao-kai Hsu Sol-gel based Optical Splitters on Silicon Substrate Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-15
Hui-Ling Hsu The Study on the Mind and Nature View of Chuan Shan Chinese Literature 2005-06-22
Min-tze Hsu A Hash Trie Filter Approach to Approximate String Match for Genomic Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2005-06-28
Ting-wan Hsu Using feedback mechanisms to facilitate dialogue learning process through the use of action research Business Management 2005-06-30
Chen-wei Hsu DSP-Based Facial Expression Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2005-07-04
Sheng-shiung Hsu Removal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (phenanthrene and pyrene) in aquatic phase by Ceratophyllum demersum and Naja gramunea Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-07-06
Yi-Ling Hsu Data fusion of 3D profiles measured by projected fringe profilometry Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-08
Jia-yu Hsu A Study of Senior High School English Teachers’ Practices and Beliefs about Writing Instruction Foreign Language and Literature 2005-07-11
Tai-ying Hsu China's Anti-Poverty Policy:Perspectives on State and Society Mainland China Studies 2005-07-13
Ming-Wei Hsu The Effect of Pricing Strategies of Group-Buying and Competition Environment to Consumers’ Join Intention Information Management 2005-07-20
Kai-hsiang Hsu Cross-Lingual Text Categorization: A Training-corpus Translation-based Approach Information Management 2005-07-21
Yu-Chen Hsu A study for PengHu of teacher in elementry school contribute ecological protection education Public Affairs Management 2005-07-26
Wen-chung Hsu How top management team form and its effectiveness:the chaxu geju management behavior view Human Resource Management 2005-08-12
Jiun-ren Hsu Mathematical Modeling and Signal Analysis of Abnormal Vibration Signals in Sport Injured Knee Joint Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-15
Neng-Li Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-22
Chih-chun Hsu A Priority MAC Scheme in Ad-hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-24
Feng-Hsien Hsu Instructional Design and Performance Evaluation for Adaptive Learning of Decimal Division on SCORM2004 Compliant LMS Information Management 2005-08-29
Yi-Ting Hsu The study of non-traditional piano techniques in America in 20th century. Music 2005-08-30
Chia-Wei Hsu DNA Repair Genes in Relation to Cancer Risk and Prognosis for Oral Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-30
Kai-Chih Hsu Simultaneous Determination of Sulfhydryl and Disulfide Containing Amino Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection at Au/Hg Microelectrode Chemistry 2005-08-31
MEI-HUI HSU High Technolgy Industry Human Resources Role Model Structure Human Resource Management 2005-09-08
Chia-wei Hsu Production and characterization of polyclonal antiserum against DC2 protein Biological Sciences 2005-09-09
Kuei-fang Hsu J.S.Bach harpsichord concerto, BWV1052 Music 2005-09-21
Shang-che Hsu Policy confering of government subsidy SMEs to do technology innovation recsearch and development-example for SBIR Public Affairs Management 2005-12-22
Chia-Hsi Hsu Organizational attractiveness to the job seeker:the application of Analytic Hierarchy Process Human Resource Management 2006-01-16
Han-Chieh Hsu A Study of Brahms's Cello Sonata in F Major, Opus 99 Music 2006-01-17
Po-Hsiang Hsu A study of knowledge workers’ lifestyle in game industry Human Resource Management 2006-01-19
Jin-zu Hsu The Research of South China Sea disputes in International Realism Mainland China Studies 2006-01-24
Ti-Ju Hsu Service pathways discuss in OBS/GYN sonography Institute of Health Care Management 2006-01-26
Shiao-Man Hsu Studies on Diterpenoid Constituents from Formosan Taxus sumatrana Biological Sciences 2006-02-08
Keng-hao Hsu A study of Social Judgement Theory for importing Mainland China talent policy Public Affairs Management 2006-02-07
Ming-hung Hsu System Dynamics Modeling of Logistics in Military Engine Maintenance Strategy Business Management 2006-02-07
Hui-Wen Hsu none Chinese Literature 2007-01-18
Ching-shan Hsu Adsorption/Desorption Studies of Volatile Organic Compounds Generated from the Optoelectronics Industry by Zeolites Environmental Engineering 2006-02-12
Keng-We Hsu A MCDM Method for Selecting an e-Store Information Management 2006-05-16
Ya-Hui Hsu M&A Exchange Ratio Discussion-The Passive Component Industry Finance 2006-06-01
Ching-Kuei Hsu Empirical Study of Taipower’s Service Quality Gap and Satisfaction in Penghu area Public Affairs Management 2006-06-15
Chih-Tung Hsu A Methodology for Transformation from Sequence Diagram to Class Diagram Information Management 2006-06-15
Pi-ju Hsu none Chinese Literature 2006-06-22
Chin-Ming Hsu The performance measurement of the Taiwan′s airports: an application of Two-Stage DEA Public Affairs Management 2006-06-23
Jia-rong Hsu A Study into Business Strategy of Turnkey Engineering Enterprises in Taiwan – A case of C Company Business Management 2006-06-23
Yao-Teng Hsu 1. Pyrolytic Study of Arylmethylazides 2. Pyrolytic Study of Benzoic 3-(1-Propenyl)-2-thiophenecarboxylic Anhydride 3. Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of Arylimine Chemistry 2006-06-26
Pu-hsien Hsu Butterfly Type Laser Module Package Using Notch Clip Approach Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-06
Hui-yun Hsu Private benefits from Private Placements of Equity Finance 2006-07-07
Ying-ling Hsu none Chemistry 2006-07-15
Hui-Chun Hsu ICTs, Organizational Changes, R&D, and Collaboration in Taiwan’s Biotechnology Industry Economics 2006-07-19
Chia-Cheng Hsu A Study of Excitation Dynamics of Strained Saturable Bragg Reflector by Exploiting Pulse Shaping Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-17
Hsiu-Jung Hsu Developing Electrospray-Assisted Pyrolysis Ionization/Mass Spectrometry for Rapid Characterization of Trace Polar Components in Macromolecules Chemistry 2006-07-24
Shen-I Hsu Design and Implementation of Infineon Based VoIP System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-21
Chih-Min Hsu Characterization of Liquid Phase Deposited Titanium Oxideon Amorphous and Polycrystalline Silicon Electrical Engineering 2006-07-25
Tien-Chih Hsu The strategy of recruiting life insurance salesperson that exhibit excellent performance - The case of Prudential Life Insurance Company of Taiwan Inc. Business Management 2006-07-30
Liangfong Hsu The Care of the Self in The Duchess of Malfi, The Roaring Girl, and The Maid of Honor Foreign Language and Literature 2006-07-27
Pai-Hung Hsu Empirical study on strategy for Regression Testing Information Management 2006-08-03
Sheng-po Hsu A study on suppression of wear effect for polishing tool: a rock-and-roll motion planning Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-03
Chiny-Yin Hsu Application of CART Decision Tree On the Evaluation of Mutual Fund Finance 2006-08-04
Tan-Hsun Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2006-08-08
Mau-shie Hsu The Study of Solidly Mounted Resonators and Filters Using Mo/SiO2 as Bragg Reflector Electrical Engineering 2006-08-10
Yu-ming Hsu A Study of the Hammer Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-09
Yu-Jen Hsu The Connection of Commercial Contexts Shape and Commercial Expression Communications Management 2006-08-15
Chuang-Yao Hsu Lead-Free Solder Business Strategy - A case study for "A" company. EMBA 2006-08-11
Chih-peng Hsu Experimental Investigation of CaSO4 Fouling Mechanism on Nanofiltration Membranes Under Microfluidic Configurations Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-18
Chun-chiao Hsu Performance Evaluation of IPsec on Embedded Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-22
Shih-han Hsu The study of pH and ionic strength effects on the binding constant of nitrogen-contained polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and colloid organic matter Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-08-24
Ming-Lu Hsu Development of ELISA for measurement of HDGF Biological Sciences 2006-08-31
Hui-lin Hsu Evalution of Dengue virus RNA extraction methods and the study of viral-induced apoptosis of HepG2 hepatocyte Biological Sciences 2006-09-04
Hsin-Kuo Hsu Interdiffusion effect on the strained films La0.8Ba0.2MnO3/SrTio3 by off-axis sputtering Physics 2006-09-08
Po-an Hsu Research and Application of the DGGE Technique in the Studies of Environmental Microbial Diversity and Remediation of Pollutants Biological Sciences 2006-09-12
Chih-fen Hsu The Study of Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Quality and Job Satisfaction: Examples of the Customer Service Representative Human Resource Management 2006-09-12
Hsiang-yi Hsu Molecular mechanism and clinical significance of MYC-induced repression of RECK Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-01-15
Che-chang Hsu The Deformation Analysis of Cranium and Cranial Suture in Mice Subjected to Internal Pressure by FEM Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-16
Chih-jing Hsu Ultra-fine grain two-phase aluminum alloys produced by friction stir processing Materials Science and Engineering 2007-01-22
Shih-chan Hsu “Don't Call Me Boy”:Black Nationalism, Black Male Sexuality, and Black Masculinity in James Baldwin's Another Country Foreign Language and Literature 2007-01-23
Yu-ching Hsu Study on The Phonetic System of Bing Yin Lian Sheng Zi Xue Ji Yao Chinese Literature 2007-02-06
Yuan-hsiang Hsu The Feasibility to Internationalize Taiwan’s Higher Education System from the Perspective of Globalization Political Science 2007-02-12
Tang-Chia Hsu Field observation and analysis of the growth and decay of Typhoon induced swell and wind-waves at southwest coastal Taiwan Physical Oceanography 2007-02-13
Tsui-chu Hsu A Study on the Relationship among Curriculum Leadership of Principals, Knowledge Management of Teachers and Teaching Effectiveness of Teachers in the Elementary Schools of Kaoshiung City Education 2007-06-05
Lan-Hsin Hsu Fixed Learning Cost and the Theory of the Firm Economics 2007-06-06
Tsai-Yun Hsu A Study on the Effects of the Reform of Retirement System on the Working Morale of Civil Service Employees – Taking Kaohsiung City Government for Example Political Science 2007-06-20
CHIN-LIN HSU “An Exploration of the Relationships among Organizational Climate, Organizational Identification and Organizational Effectiveness of the Non-Profit Organization.” “A Study on the Association of Collecting Benevolence, in Taiwan.” Business Management 2007-06-15
Chih-Ting Hsu Image Inpainting Based on Artifical Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-06-29
Yi-Wen Hsu Key factors research of Cooperate Human Resources Integration in merger– By case study of Carrefour and TESCO EMBA 2007-07-06
Yu-cheng Hsu The Study of Johannes Brahms’ Klavierstücke, op. 118. Music 2007-07-11
Meng-chun Hsu A Study on the Corporate Philanthropy by helding Benefit Concerts Arts Management 2007-07-16
Chia-Feng Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-18
Chiung-Wen Hsu Applying the Eye-Tracking Approach to the Study of Information Attention and Decision Bias Information Management 2007-07-18
Chao-hsiang Hsu Catalytic Oxidation of Toluene in an Air Stream over granular Catalysts Environmental Engineering 2007-07-18
Chen-yin Hsu Purification of Scrap Tire Carbons by Physico-Chemical Treatments Chemistry 2007-07-20
Chang-ming Hsu A Test Data Evolution Strategy under Program Changes Information Management 2007-07-23
Hsien-ping Hsu none Chinese Literature 2007-07-23
Yu-Chi Hsu Characterization of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2007-07-26
Chia-ming Hsu On infinite matrices whose entries satisfying certain dyadic recurrent formula Applied Mathematics 2007-07-25
Jer-Haur Hsu Study on IMC Analysis and Bondability in Assembly Process Electrical Engineering 2007-07-28
Li-Chi Hsu Generations, Work Values, and Job Involvement in Teachers Human Resource Management 2007-07-29
Sheng-Chieh Hsu Analyzing the influence of learning on transformation strategy: a case study of small and medium business in Taiwan Business Management 2007-07-30
Jung-tsung Hsu A Study of the Relationship Between Management of Human Resources of Nonprofit Organizations and Organizational Transformations ─Using Institution of Tainan Home of Philanthropy of Taiwan As An Example Communications Management 2007-07-30
Chia-ping Hsu A Study of Sino-Indian Strategic Partnership: Ideal and Reality. Mainland China Studies 2007-07-30
Tsai-fu Hsu The Development Strategy of the Embedded Controls Panel Industry -The Research Based on A Company Best regards EMBA 2007-08-03
Cheng-hui Hsu Relationships among Leadership, Absorptive Capacity, Psychological Contract and Innovational Behavior — taking the Technology Industry as Examples Human Resource Management 2007-08-07
Feng-lan Hsu A Study on Residents’ Participating Motivations, Perceived Benefits and Satisfaction toward Zuoying Wan-Nien Festival Public Affairs Management 2007-08-09
Nung Hsu Universal Human Rights Value and the Humanitarian Intervention—Perceiving from the Kosovo event Political Science 2007-08-16
Pei-jung Hsu The influence of achievement motivations and job Characteristics on job involvement ─ Compared analysis of on the young and old generations Human Resource Management 2007-08-17
Wen-ying Hsu International Norms, Self-Determination and Political Rights: A Hong Kong Case Study Mainland China Studies 2007-08-21
Ming-zheng Hsu X-Ray Diffraction Study of InN Physics 2007-08-22
Chih-feng Hsu Analysis of IT and Business Model Innovation for Chemical Industry Business Globalization using a Hypercube Model - A Case Study Information Management 2007-08-24
Chia-Lun Hsu The Study of Corporate Debt Finance 2007-08-23
Ya-ting Hsu Content Analysis of Globalization Concept in Learning Area of Social studies Textbooks of Elementary School Education 2007-08-31
Teng-yi Hsu The Establishment of Sihziwan Marine Test Field: Environmental Analysis Undersea Technology 2007-09-03
Tuan-hung Hsu Inter-Domain Identity-Based Key Agreement Schemes Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-07
Hsing Hsu Efficient Secure Electronic Mail Protocols with Forward Secrecy Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-07
Chun-Ming Hsu The Study on the fabrication of a DMFC electrode by the decal method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-11
Wei-jen Hsu The Development of Low Temperature Atmospheric Pressure Plasma System and its Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-12
Ming-chen Hsu Building Learning Content Sharing and Management System Based on Web Service and SCORM Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-21
Yi-Jia Hsu The Prototype of Defense Strategy in India Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-12-29
Huei-chung Hsu Understanding Factors Influencing Consumers' Decisions to Consume Breakfast and Ready-to-Eat Cereals Business Management 2008-01-14
Yu-ping Hsu The research of Fêtes Galantes I and Fêtes Galantes II Music 2008-01-25
Pei-Kai Hsu Seasonal and diel vertical distributions of copepod assemblages in relation to environmental factors in Tapong Bay, southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-01-28
Yu-San Hsu Impact and Analysis of Internet Service using random port Computer Science and Engineering 2008-02-12
Ying-syuan Hsu The Reform Path of China's banking system Mainland China Studies 2008-02-13
Yu-ching Hsu A study of a Scale-sized Model for Analysis of Vehicular Antennas Electrical Engineering 2008-06-20
Che-lin Hsu The Study of National Security of ROC After the End of Martial Law Political Science 2008-06-24
Chen-Ping Hsu (一) Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 2-Thiomethoxy- Styrylarenes (二) Pyrolytic Studies of 2-(3-Phenylpropenyl)anisole and 2-(1-Phenylpropenyl)anisole (三) Synthetic Study of Hexaazatriphenylene Derivatives Chemistry 2008-06-30
Shen-yi Hsu The Impact of Culture on Dyadic E-negotiation Strategy Information Management 2008-07-01
Hsiu-wen Hsu A study of the relationship between interactions of virtual community and e-loyalty Business Management 2008-07-02
Chun-sheng Hsu A Study of Local Self-government Association on the NHI Premium Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-08
Yu-hsiang Hsu AC/DC Testing Systems for High Voltage Power Cables Electrical Engineering 2008-07-08
Ciung-wen Hsu Study of Application of Artifical Neural Network on the Trend of Ozone Concentration in the Urban Area, Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2008-07-15
Yi-hsi Hsu Low Power, Fast Locking, and Wide-Range Delay-locked Loop for Clock Generator. Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-16
Hung-hui Hsu The Fabrication of Two Dimension Photonic Crystal and Positioning System Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-17
Ling-hsin Hsu An Ingetrated Method for Model-Based Testing Information Management 2008-07-17
Yi-Wen Hsu An Investigation of the Influence of Technology-Based Service Encounters on Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty: Web-Based Self Service in Department Stores Communications Management 2008-07-23
Chia-Hao Hsu Study on electrical mechanism of low-k material and copper interconnection under various mechanism stresses Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-25
Hsien-wen Hsu Analysis and Motion Curve Synthesis of Cam-Gear Intermittent Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-25
Yao-wen Hsu An Empirical Analysis of International Linkage and Productivity Growth---the Evidence from Taiwan Manufacturing Industry Economics 2008-07-29
Chia-hsin Hsu John Rutter Three Birthday Madrigals's Music Analysis and Interpretation Music 2008-07-29
Guo-cheng Hsu Control and Observation of Solution Phase Dye Molecules Aggregation Effects Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-29
Ching-Shiung Hsu A study of deposition and electrochemical performance of cathode films for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Chin-Fu Hsu The Study of Entry Mode in India Market for Taiwanese Multinational Enterprises from Strategic Perspectives EMBA 2008-07-27
Shu-Chen Hsu Optimal Incentive Wage Package for Screening Workers' Intrinsic Motivation. Economics 2008-07-31
De-chang Hsu Investigation of Quantum Dot Intermixing Technique To Modify Emission Wavelength Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-30
Deng-Hau Hsu Analysis and design of a sigma-delta modulator using slidingmode control theory for A/D signal converter applications. Electrical Engineering 2008-08-11
Jui-chen Hsu Simulation of single circular cylinder in shear flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-12
Ching-cheng Hsu Embedded microcomputer controller industry management strategy discussion --- Take AWTech Corporation as the example EMBA 2008-08-14
Wen-hui Hsu The effects of 3G strategies on the willingness of customer using MNP service Information Management 2008-08-15
Chih-Yung Hsu Analysis of interactive patterns between copepods and ciliates using indicators and data mining techniques Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-08-14
Che-Hsiung Hsu The Comparison between Importance and Feasibility of Health Care Organizational Ethics Institute of Health Care Management 2008-08-18
Hui-Cheng Hsu The Key Success Factors and Developing Strategies of Festivals in Taiwan EMBA 2008-08-18
Ya-Hui Hsu Effect of Deformation Route of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AC8A Al-Si Alloy Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-20
Ming-Hung Hsu Taxonomic Study of the Millipede Order Spirobolida (Class Diplopoda) of Taiwan Biological Sciences 2008-08-13
Pin-hung Hsu Fabrication of Flexible Thin Film CuInSe2 Solar Cell Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-19
Jen-che Hsu The Finite Element Analysis of Three-Dimensional Defects in Eddy Current Testing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-26
Hung-kun Hsu Post-weld-shift Measurement and Notch-Clip-Compensation Using Capacitance Displacement System in Butterfly Laser Module Packages Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-08-31
Hua-Shan Hsu Design and Implementation of Power Management Policy on 3D Graphics System-On-Chip Computer Science and Engineering 2008-08-25
Ming-Fong Hsu Distributed Detection Using Censoring Schemes with an Unknown Number of Nodes Communications Engineering 2008-09-04
Shu-li Hsu Researching on Shanghai Cooperation Organization from Neorealism Political Science 2008-09-04
Yung-ting Hsu Clinicopathological Features in Oral Cavity Squamous Cells Produced by podoplanin and Its Functional Role in Head and Neck Cancer Cell Lines Biological Sciences 2008-09-09
shih-ching hsu Kinmen specific area land development permission consideration system to traditional settlement public space production result research consideration system , review on the traditional settlement public space development's influence Public Affairs Management 2008-09-10
Chia-hao Hsu The One and the Many: A Reconstruction and Critique of Charles Taylor’s Political Philosophy Political Science 2008-09-11
Yuan-ting Hsu Signal derived from photosynthic electron transport regulates the expression of methionine sulfoxide reductase (Msr) gene in the green macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile Marine Biology 2008-11-20
Jin-wen Hsu A Study in Computer-generated imagery under Synchronous Learning Networking Communications Management 2008-12-06
Chih-chiang Hsu Atomic and electronic structures of AuSin(n=1-16) clusters from first-principles Physics 2009-02-04
Chih-Hsiang Hsu The Analysis of Competitive Strategy for Semiconductor Equipment Distributor to Implement New Product into Target Market- A Case Study of A Company Business Management 2009-02-05
Wen-chun Hsu Kinetic Monte Carlo Study on the diffusion mechanism of Au cluster on Au Substrate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-02
Tai-ying Hsu International Norms and China’s Human Rights Issue:Conflict or Compliance ICAPS 2009-03-21
Hsin-yun Hsu A Tender Pen to Write Stories of the True,the Good and the Beautiful. A Study on ChiJun’s novels. Chinese Literature 2009-06-08
Shui-li Hsu Study on Strategy to Reinforce Local Financial Autonomy – Using Penghu County as an Example Public Affairs Management 2009-06-11
Chung-cheng Hsu Momentum Strategies in International Equity Markets Finance 2009-06-16
Wei-che Hsu Investigation on Electrical Analysis & Reliability Degradation of Low Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors Physics 2009-06-25
Ya-ping Hsu The study for performance assessment system of state-owned enterprises in Taiwan Business Management 2009-06-26
Hung-Chi Hsu Voluntary participator relation to volunteer management research--Example for community concern center in Hsi-Gang township of Tainan county Political Science 2009-06-23
Chung-jen Hsu Design of Tunable Y-Shaped Photonic Crystal Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-06-29
Hung-yuan Hsu A Study of the Relationship among Work Values, Job Stress, and Organizational Commitment on Elementary School’s directors of general affairs in Kaohsiung City & Kaohsiung County Education 2009-07-01
Chun-hsiang Hsu Extend Depth Of Field From A Lens System Using A Phase Mask MSE 2009-07-08
Wei-chia Hsu Error Analysis for Hybrid Trefftz Methods Coupling Neumann Conditions Applied Mathematics 2009-07-08
Chih-chun Hsu Implementation of MIMO Antenna with Broadband Isolation for Portable Applications Electrical Engineering 2009-07-16
Wen-yao Hsu Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Peer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol User Agent Device Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-16
Sheng-de Hsu Talent Management, Learning Capacity and MNC's Subsidiary Capability Human Resource Management 2009-07-23
Cheng-chun Hsu Automatic Tongue Diagnosis System Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-28
Ti-wei Hsu Reflection on Cross-cultural learning experience - A case study of Global MBA of National Sun Yat-Sen University Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-03
Fang-jui Hsu Mechanism of notexin in facilitating spontaneous transmitter release at neuromuscular synapse Biological Sciences 2009-08-11
Wen-chang Hsu Analysis of Regional Economic Cooperation Strategies􀊳 between Penghu and Mainland Special Economic Zones on the West Coast of Taiwan Straits Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Hui-Shun Hsu Copolymers and Blends of Poly(butylene succinate): Characterization, Crystallization, Melting Behavior, and Morphology Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-23
Jan-teng Hsu Synthesis of New Dibenzo[a,c]phenazine Discotic Liquid Crystal (II) Chemistry 2009-08-24
Cheng-chien Hsu Growth of LiAl5O8 nanowire on LiAlO2 substrate by chemical vapor decomposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-01
Yi-ching Hsu Design and fabrication of multi-level aspherical microlens for OLED Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-07
Yang-Shun Hsu Implementations of Multiple Tunnels for MPEG-4 Stream Splitting on Wireless LANs Electrical Engineering 2009-09-10
Chia-wei Hsu Variability of Particle Fluxes at the SEATS Station, South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2010-02-08
Yao-wen Hsu The Simulation of Basic Billiard Techniques and the Analysis of Frictional Force Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-02
Chao-ming Hsu The Study of Creep and Shear Tests for Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu Solder Balls Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-05
Yu-Cheng Hsu Automatic Tongue Feature Extraction Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-06
Yu-lin Hsu Metal Complexes of Chelating Phenolate Phosphine Ligands Chemistry 2010-07-13
I-ling Hsu The Study of Global Knowledge and Attitudes of Six Graders of Kaohsiung City Education 2010-07-15
PI-YU HSU Temporal variation of species composition shrimp beam trawler at the waters off Yunlin, southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-07-22
Ya-ling Hsu A Study of the Relationship between Teachers’ Leadership Behavior and Classroom Management Effectiveness in Kaohsiung Elementary Schools Education 2010-07-25
Wei-chih Hsu The Design and Implementation of a Schedulable Passive SIP-based Conference Call Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-26
Jumg-chen Hsu Studies on bile and brain specializations in uranoscopid fish (Perciformes: Uranoscopidae) Marine Biology 2010-08-20
Wei-sheng Hsu Distance transformation on watershed application Electrical Engineering 2010-08-26
Fang-Yih Hsu Operating Efficiency Evaluation Study of Faculties in Private University -A Case Study of Certain Medical University EMBA 2010-08-30
Chih-hung Hsu Sensorless Robust Sliding Mode Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Electrical Engineering 2010-08-30
Shu-Hao Hsu A Research of IPE Thought of Charles Kindleberger Political Science 2010-09-01
Cheng-Jie Hsu Advanced Driving Environment and Intelligent Vehicle Control by Visual Rhythm Analysis Electrical Engineering 2010-09-05
Kuo-Yi Hsu Fabrication of Si-based Suspending Antenna by Bulk-micromachining and Surface-micromachining Technologies Electrical Engineering 2010-09-02
Shi-lin Hsu Study on the feeding activity of Cerithium zonatum (Gastropoda:Mesogastropoda) by an acoustic approach Marine Biology 2010-09-06
Chia-hui Hsu A Study of China’s Soft Power -The Building of China’s National Image. ICAPS 2010-09-07
Chih-chun Hsu Class and Nation: Su Bing's National Viewpoint of Marxism Political Science 2010-09-08
Chi-lin Hsu The service industry's public relation and enterprise image of the behavior influence purchases research to the consumer Communications Management 2010-09-10
Ming-Han Hsu A study of consumer’s cognition-intention of healthy food and behavior of purchasing using the Theory of Planned Behavior Business Management 2010-10-21
Yu-Fang Hsu Practicability and Affection of Enterprise Manpower Inventory Human Resource Management 2010-12-23
Hsiu-Ling Hsu A Study of Taiwan's Medical Internship and Its Application to Internship System for Elementary School Teachers Education 2011-02-18
Shih-Hsiang Hsu Studies on The Coastal Changes in Southwestern Taiwan Since The 17 Century IMA 2011-06-02
Sang-sang Hsu Native American Survivance through Storytelling in Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms Foreign Language and Literature 2011-07-06
Chia-fen Hsu Empirical analysis of Tong-Kong sakura shrimp fishery resources Economics 2011-07-08
Chien-Ning Hsu An Investigation of Hitching intention to travel by High Speed Rail from the Perspectives of Perceived Value Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Yi-ling Hsu Community Issues Associated with the Autonomy of the Communtity Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Chiao-Yun Hsu Studies of Nonlinear Optical Properties of the Blue Phase Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-19
Shu-wei Hsu Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of the electronic structure of Mn δ-doped GaN films grown by molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2011-07-22
Ko-Wen Hsu National Security and Fundamental Human Rights - A Study of the National Intelligence Service Law and Practice ICAPS 2011-07-25
Wei-Chiang Hsu High Speed Scalar Multiplication Architecture for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-28
Huan-Wei Hsu High-performance Low-power Montgomery Modular Multiplier for RSA Cryptosystems Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-29
Kuan-Ting Hsu Fabrications and Characteristic of Nonvolatile Memory Devices with Zn and Sn nano Thin Film MIS Structure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-01
Ya-ting Hsu The benefit analysis of government uses IMC to promote water conservation Public Affairs Management 2011-08-08
Chiung-wen Hsu Growth Kinetics of the Fe-Al Inhibition Layer in Hot-dip Galvanizing of Interstitial-free and Dual-phase Steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-08
Chiang-Hao Hsu Application of an Omnidirectional Camera to Detection of Moving Objects in 3D Space Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-29
Shao-Jui Hsu Studies on economic cooperation and security regime in East Asia Political Science 2012-01-03
Chia-hui Hsu A Study of the Multinational Corporation Organization and Management Control System - Taiwan PCB House as an example Business Management 2012-01-31
Chin-Chien Hsu Study of the Bridge Deformation Monitoring Technique and its Survey Specification Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-02-20
Chine-chuan Hsu Study on Architecture-Oriented Enterprise Private Cloud Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Ruei-Hau Hsu The Study of Practical Privacy Preserving and Forward Secure Authentication Technologies on Wireless Communications Computer Science and Engineering 2012-06-18
Yao-chung Hsu Minimally Supported D-optimal Designs for Response Surface Models with Spatially Correlated Errors Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Chih-Yu Hsu Using Latin Square Design To Evaluate Model Interpolation And Adaptation Based Emotional Speech Synthesis Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-19
Cheng-Jung Hsu Automated Partition and Identification of Wave System for Wave Spectrum in Finite Water Depth Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-07-24
Yu-Lin Hsu A study of microstructure and luminescence property on ZnO doped with Li2O and Al2O3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-26
Chia-Hsang Hsu A novel design to reduce the common mode noise for a pair of differential transmission-line bend Communications Engineering 2012-07-31
Shi-Ya Hsu Fabrication of nitride-based high electron mobility transistor biosensor to detect pancreatic cancer antigen Physics 2012-07-31
Ming-chun Hsu Polarization-independent nonlinear effect of dye doped cholesteric liquid crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-01
CHIH-ming Hsu Study on Labor Rights and Legal System in PRC.-A Learning from Taiwan ICAPS 2012-08-03
Yu-lien Hsu The Study of Heat and Mass Transfer In The Generator For an Absorption Air Conditioning System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-07
Hua-wen Hsu The Relationship between Price Indices and the Prices of Property Stocks Economics 2012-08-14
Yu-Fang Hsu Thermal Characteristics of High Power LED Cooling by an Ultrasonic Micro-nozzle Plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-21
Kuo-Chuan Hsu The Reliability Study of Cu Wire Bonding Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-23
Lan-hsin Hsu Taiwan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Agreement Feasibility Analysis ICAPS 2012-09-05
Peng-Hsiang Hsu A Study on User Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty of Smartphones Information Management 2012-09-05
Che-Chang Hsu Beach profile variations under the action of irregular waves on submerged breakwaters Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-09-13
Yi-Ting Hsu Consumer’s lifestyle, personality and involvement of new online group shopping Communications Management 2012-10-16
Shu-mei Hsu The research of service quality of wholesale – based on the A sales place in C wholesale Abstract Business Management 2012-11-19
Che-Pei Hsu The Exploration of Phronesis- in Five Cases Business Management 2013-01-10
Yin-Chia Hsu A Gesture-Speech Navigated Learning Strategy for Improving the Comprehension of English Videos Information Management 2013-01-30
Chih-hao Hsu Smartphone, Smart love?Exploring the Role of App in the Romantic Relationship Communications Communications Management 2013-02-04
Liang-wei Hsu Comparison of Constitutional Review- Taiwan and the France ICAPS 2013-03-26
Shih-Fang Hsu Analysis of promoter activity of TSG101 tumor susceptibility gene 101 Biological Sciences 2013-05-31
Yu-Jen Hsu Research on the marketing strategy of Limousine Service Companies in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport: A Case Study of HC Company EMBA 2013-06-06
You-tse Hsu The adjustment and response of China in confronting international climate politics Political Science 2013-06-12
Kuo-Hwa Hsu Discussion of acute STEMI patients with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) carried out within 90 minutes of arrival at one Kaohsiung regional hospital EMBA 2013-06-13
Chu-Ya Hsu Competitive Strategy of FMCG Industry in Taiwan:A Case Study of P&G Business Management 2013-06-18
CHI-HENG HSU Ozonation and oxidative-reductive scrubbing of VOCs emitted from surface-coating operations Environmental Engineering 2013-06-20
Fu-Ni Hsu 《4.48 Psychosis》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2013-07-01
Jo-chiao Hsu Effects of Anticipated Regret and Ethical Climate on Safety-related Behaviors Human Resource Management 2013-07-14
Ting-kang Hsu The Political and Economic Relations between China and GMS Countries ICAPS 2013-07-15
Wen-Ting Hsu Intramolecular Cyclization of N-([1,1'-Biphenyl]-2-yl)pyridin-2-amines via Hypervalent Iodine(III)-Induced C-H Activation/C-N Formation: The Influence of Electronic Effect Chemistry 2013-07-16
Cheng-Chieh Hsu Study of CYP26B1 and associated proteins in betel quid induced oral cancers Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-07-21
Kung-Chen Hsu The Obama Government’s "Back to Asia" Policy and the U.S.-China Relations ICAPS 2013-07-25
Hsun-Chia Hsu A digital circuit chip design with error correctable, error detected and encryption/decryption for Power Line Communication Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-25
Chia-Hsiu Hsu Atomic and electronic structures of layered structures formed on the Si(111) and SiC(0001) surfaces: a first-principles study Physics 2013-07-30
Han-Ting Hsu Iterative gradient methods for constrained minimization Applied Mathematics 2013-07-31
Shih-wen Hsu A Study of Self-Aligned SONOS-type Nonvolatile Memory with Internal Block Oxide Electrical Engineering 2013-08-03
Wei-Lun Hsu A WS-BPEL Execution Environment Supporting Dynamic and Heterogeneous Web Services Binding Information Management 2013-08-05
Wen-che Hsu Privacy Preserving Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-12
Ming-hung Hsu Wide-Slot MIMO Antennas with Electromagnetic Band-Gap Reflector for Wideband MIMO Radar Applications Electrical Engineering 2013-08-14
Feng-tzu Hsu The design and fabrication for the controllable optical field of multi-curvature lens with thin film metallic glasses Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-16
Wen-Ti Hsu Study of pancreatic cancer antigen detection using AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor biosensor with different aluminum content Physics 2013-08-11
Jen-Chun Hsu Anonymous Credential Scheme Supporting Active Revocation Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-26
Teng-Yuan Hsu Thermally controllable distributed feedback laser based on soft lithography technique Physics 2013-08-28
I-Sui Hsu The Influences of Acquisition on Competition Advantage-The Case of The Cooperation of TPV Technology Ltd. and Philips EMBA 2013-08-28
Shan-Yen Hsu The Study of Steel Structure Industry Business Strategy in Taiwan-a study of S steel structure company EMBA 2013-08-23
Chi-Chih Hsu Effects of Integrating Total Physical Response into Kinect Technology on Learning English Vocabulary Information Management 2013-09-02
Fu-Yun Hsu Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia nanolobata Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-05
Chi-Fang Hsu A Study of The Legal System of the Electricity Safety in Taiwan Political Science 2013-09-05
Chao-yi Hsu Design and implementation of a multi-thread unified SIMD graphics processor Computer Science and Engineering 2013-09-08
Chieh-Hsiang Hsu Carsun Chang’s Thought of Founding the Nation on Constitutionalism Political Science 2013-09-12
Li-Chung Hsu A Design of Bilingual Character and Speech Recognition System for Japanese and Korean Electrical Engineering 2013-09-12
Wei-Ting Hsu Becoming and Entrepreneuring: A Life Narrative of Musical Entrepreneur Business Management 2013-11-25
Yun-Hsiang Hsu The effect of hydrophilicity on macromolecular crowding in paramagnetic solution of magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent Chemistry 2014-01-07
Ting-ju Hsu The Threshold Determination of Short Seller’s Behaviors and the Information Content of Short Selling Finance 2014-01-13
Hui-ya Hsu A Systems Thinking Approach to the Influence in Education System of Taiwan with Open Admission in 12-year Compulsory Education Business Management 2014-01-14
Chao-wei Hsu Design and Implementation of Multimedia Set-top Box for Elderly People Electrical Engineering 2014-02-13
Ting-yuan Hsu The white feather finally wins or the strong become stronger?The comparative effects of the underdog and top-dog brand biographies Communications Management 2014-04-16
Shan-Ni Hsu Tablet Computer Antenna with Passive Switchable Matching Circuit Electrical Engineering 2014-06-17
Hung-jen Hsu LTE/WWAN Antenna for the Tablet Communication device with Full-Metal Cover Communications Engineering 2014-06-16
CHIA-LON HSU Oral administration of nanoencapsulated synthetic peptide from grouper iridovirus capsid protein on humoral immunity of grouper (Epinephelus coioides) Department of Oceanography 2014-06-24
Wan-Chin Hsu A Study of the Relation between Street-level Bureaucrats’ Political Efficacy and Administrative Discretionary Power: The Case of Original Six District Offices of Tainan City Political Science 2014-07-03
JEN-HAO HSU The Acceptance of Self-Service Fueling by Using Technology Acceptance Model EMBA 2014-07-08
Shin-En Hsu An Efficient Deployment Heuristic to Support Temporal Coverage of Heterogeneous Objects in Rotatable and Directional (R&D) Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-08
Yi-Sheng Hsu The Influence of the Reform of Retirement and Survivor Payment System on Retaining Intention of Voluntary officers: A Study of Navy Education, Training and Doctrine Development Cod EMPP 2014-07-10
Shao-Yu Hsu A Case Study of Samsung’s Organizational Culture and Performance EMBA 2014-07-10
Yen-Chih Hsu Testing the Housing Prices Bubble Based on the Equal Variance Test: Evidence from Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung Economics 2014-06-23
Kai-lin Hsu Study on removing AOC value and inorganic salt using water treatment processes or adsorption method Environmental Engineering 2014-07-17
Pin-shuo Hsu A study of Fans’ Segmentation and Participation Intention for Chinese Professional Baseball League Business Management 2014-07-21
Guo-fong Hsu Study on Electric Vehicle Charging Management by Network Flow Control Strategy Communications Engineering 2014-07-24
HAO-YU HSU A study of the intrinsic and extrinsic defects in BaTiO3 using electron paramagnetic resonance Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-27
Ya-chu Hsu Synthesis and Electrochemical Studies of Poly(1,4-dioxo-1,4-dihydronaphthalen-2-yl-acrylate) Chemistry 2014-06-23
Ling-Chuan Hsu The study of Performance management system and Organizational performance—A Case Study of S Company EMBA 2014-07-29
Hung-Pei Hsu Characterization of the L-MOS with Different Channel Structures for SONOS application Electrical Engineering 2014-07-31
Fen-Fei Hsu A Study of the Images of Life and Employment Obstacles of Disadvantaged Immigrant Single Mothers in Taiwan ICAPS 2014-07-31
Ya-lin Hsu A Study of ICT Users' Technostress- Focus on Technostress Coping Mechanisms. Information Management 2014-08-01
Che-Hao Hsu Study on Competitive Strategies of Foreign Language Schools with Effect of Low Child Birth Rate EMBA 2014-08-11
Chen-te Hsu The Pursuit of Excellence: A Study for the Construction of Physical Education Performance Indicators for Higher Education Institutions in Taiwan Education 2014-07-30
Mei-han Hsu From the Perspective of State Autonomy to Review the Case of U.S. Beef Importation to Taiwan Political Science 2014-08-09
Ming-Zhone Hsu Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Mn-Si Steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-08-14
Hsiu-Hao Hsu Effects of Situated Embodiment-based Strategy on the Performance of Learning Flag Semaphore Communication Information Management 2014-08-19
Chih-wen Hsu A LTE Downlink Scheduling Mechanism with the Prediction of Packet Delay Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-22
Fen-Lan Hsu A Study of Strategic Marketing of Luxury Estate in Kaohsiung: The Case Study of D Building Project EMBA 2014-08-25
Shih-Wei Hsu A Generalization of the Gradient-Projection Method for Quadratic Minimization Applied Mathematics 2014-08-21
Chun-Chieh Hsu The Department Score Prediction and Analysis of the College Entrance Examination Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-25
Che-jui Hsu Flexible Dynamic Time Warping for Time Series Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-25
Shih-Jung Hsu Can't Stop Playing: Examining the Enjoyment on Mobile Puzzle Game Based on Flow Theory Communications Management 2014-09-01
CHUN-TO HSU Implementations and Automatic Synthesis of Programmable Logic Array (PLA) ROM Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-26
Yu-jen Hsu Emotion Recognition of Music Clips Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-01
Jung-Yi Hsu The Study Of Third Party Payment Models Of Banks In Taiwan Finance 2014-09-02
Pao-chuan Hsu Melancholy or the Melancholic Mood in John Keats's 1819 Odes Foreign Language and Literature 2014-09-04
Tun-jui Hsu Sediment dynamics study in the source-to-sink process through the Gaoping river-sea system Department of Oceanography 2014-09-11
Deng-guei Hsu The Effect of General Corrosion on the Guided Wave Inspection of the Pipeline Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-12-19
Wen-Ling Hsu Relationship Marketing for Tzu Chi DAAI TV Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-01-20
Ya-Jou Hsu Imagine, drive you into action: Effects of mental simulation in emotional appeal advertising Institute of Marketing Communication 2014-09-14
I-Lan Hsu The Impacts of Social Commerce Design Model on Purchase Intention-A Case of Facebook President Starbucks Fan Page Business Management 2015-02-09
I-Teng Hsu How Marketing Materials for Kaohsiung LOHAS Building Affect the Public's Attitude from the Viewpoint of Social Marketing 4Ps Public Affairs Management 2015-02-10
Ching-Yu Hsu Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Schemes in QOSFBC MIMO-OFDM Systems Without Side Information Electrical Engineering 2015-02-11
Yen-chu Hsu Improving Video Handover Quality Using a Group Management Agent on LTE-A Networks Electrical Engineering 2015-02-10
Chuan-Pi Hsu Mode Control of Multitransverse Vertical-Cavity Emitting Lasers by Using of Single Mode Fiber Optical Feedback Physics 2015-02-13
Chien-Ching Hsu The Research on Service Selection for Web Services with Probabilistic QoS Information Management 2015-03-27
Tao-an Hsu Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Generations with Solar Irradiance and Temperature Estimation Electrical Engineering 2015-03-27
Yu-ling Hsu The Effects of Peer Effects, Self-Characteristics, and Economic Uncertainty on Leverage Decision of a Financial Institution in United States Finance 2015-06-24
Kai-yen Hsu Influence of Brand Image and Cause-brand Alliance Fit on Brand Equity - A Case of Uniqlo Business Management 2015-05-27
Hsiao-yu Hsu The Investigation of the Relationship between Senior College Students’ Ego Identity and Intention of Working Holiday Education 2015-06-15
Wei-chieh Hsu Energy Efficient Data Transmission for Random Field Reconstruction Using Sensor Networks Communications Engineering 2015-06-23
Hui-jung Hsu Competitive Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Air Conditioning Engineering Enterprises - A Case of D Company EMBA 2015-07-08
Hsing-hao Hsu An Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform: Stock Market Crash Prediction Finance 2015-07-13
Kao-jui Hsu A Study of China's Policy toward North Korea(2005-2014) Political Science 2015-07-13
Ming-Wei Hsu Cluster Analysis of River Water Quality Monitoring Data Applied Mathematics 2015-07-15
I-chien Hsu The Implications of Minimalist Music and Space of Theatre in Philip Glass’s ‘Einstein on the Beach’ Music 2015-07-16
Shun-cheng Hsu A Study on Developmental Strategies of Taiwan Yacht Services Industry EMBA 2015-07-18
Chi Hsu Exploring the Business Model and Regulations of Microfinance Social Enterprise Lending on the Internet: A Case Study of Kiva Finance 2015-07-21
Shang-Ju Hsu Structure and optical property of C-Si-H doped Co1-xO and N-H doped Co3-δO4 by pulsed laser ablation of Co plate in TEOS and aqueous ammonia Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-13
Chun-I Hsu Applying the HCD process to develop a Mobile Shopping App Information Management 2015-07-27
Pei-ning Hsu Fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot Interferometer Based on a PDMS Microlens on a Fiber Tip for Sensing Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-28
Chien-chang Hsu The research of competition strategy for Microcontroller (MCU) market—M company is used as the research case EMBA 2015-07-30
Li-wei Hsu A Variable-precision Architecture for Special Function and Floating-point Multiply-add-fused Operation Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-30
Yi-yun Hsu Effect of number of trifluorinemethyl group on the properties of Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s membranes Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-30
Hui-Ya Hsu The study of Intergenerational human resource issue in Healthcare Industry - based on Nursing home model Human Resource Management 2015-08-04
Yu-hsuan Hsu Power System Day-Ahead Market Bidding and Security Dispatch Study Electrical Engineering 2015-08-10
Ning Hsu An Investigation of the Effect of Affective Advertising Types on Advertising Effect and Brand Attitude –Product Involvements and Celebrity Endorser as Moderators Business Management 2015-07-02
Chia-Wei Hsu Application of Enhanced PSO for the Study of Wheeling Charge and Congestion Management Electrical Engineering 2015-07-15
Ching-hua Hsu Cost and Management Analysis in Taiwan’s Pelagic Squid Fishing Fishery:In the Case of H Company EMBA 2015-08-19
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Chen Hsu Development of long-lasting pH buffered colloidal substrate to remediate TCE-contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2015-08-18
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TSAI-CHEN HSU Optimal Resource Allocation in Fountain Coded Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy Harvesting Secondary Users Communications Engineering 2015-08-25
Ming-chien Hsu Bathymetric data quality recheck and morphological changes in coastal area around Taipei Port - Application of profile regression and Empirical Orthogonal Function Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-27
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Ya-wen Hsu Development of an Intelligent Pedestrian Fall Detection System Based on Machine Vision Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-08
Kai-Ting Hsu A Systems Thinking Perspective to the Study of the Obstacles to a Textile Company development Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-08-26
Chin-An Hsu Performance Analysis and Optimization of Scalable Test Module Electrical Engineering 2015-09-08
Chien-te Hsu Design of parallel computing processor based on OpenCL architecture Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-08
Wan-ting Hsu The characteristic of geochemistry and ocean floor alteration of Eastern Taiwan Ophiolite Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-09-11
Wen-yen Hsu Battery Emulator Circuit for The Application of Energy Measurement Electrical Engineering 2015-10-13
Chih-Ting Hsu A study on the impacts to the natural habitats area from the fast accommodation growing in Hsiao Liuqiu island, Taiwan IMA 2015-10-27
Pin-Hao Hsu Preparation of proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells and mechanism study of oxygen reduction reaction in associated cathodes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-11-09
Ching-Chi Hsu Low Volatility Anomaly and Investor Sentiment Finance 2015-12-31
Tzu-Shan Hsu A Study of Medical Devices Dealers’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior on Click-and-Mortar Channel for Medical Devices Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-01-28
Yi-hsin Hsu The functions of metaphor in Mandarin pop song lyrics: A study of idol drama theme songs Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-29
Ting Hsu Orthogonal polynomials and their recurrence relations Applied Mathematics 2016-01-31
Ching-Hu Hsu Study of laser cutting of Sapphire Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-01-29
Wei-Chih Hsu Study on heterogeneities of deformed structure and evolution of recrystallization texture of ultra-low carbon steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-02-17
Wei-hsiang Hsu Physical Condition, Mental Condition, and Job Satisfaction in the Logistics Units of Taiwan's Navy Forces EMPP 2016-02-16
Shih-hung Hsu Evaluation of the Petrochemical Refineries Critical Zone at Bottom of the Tank Using Ultrasonic Phased Array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-04-06
Chu Hsu Short-term Electricity Load Forecasting Applied Mathematics 2016-06-16
Wei-Lang Hsu The influences of consistencies of HRM system on instrumentality beliefs, and role performance. Human Resource Management 2016-06-17
Yueh-Ling Hsu The Default Intensity of China Municipal Bond Finance 2016-06-19
Wei-chih Hsu Neutral Strategy with Low Risk Anomaly Phenomenon in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-06-23
Yung-Sen Hsu Comparison of granular activated carbon and carbon nanotubes for adsorption of perchlorate from aqueous solution Environmental Engineering 2016-06-26
Shu-Chuan Hsu A Study on The Cloud Strategies of Taiwan's Public Finance and Taxation Information Systems EMBA 2016-07-05
Tse-wei Hsu A Research on the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Construction Performance of Iron and Steel Industry in Taiwan EMBA 2016-07-04
Kuei-Jung Hsu A Study on Responding Strategies of Traditional Bookstores for E-Books and Internet Bookstores Business Management 2016-06-25
Kuo-chih Hsu Bifunctional polybenzoxazine nanocomposites contain photo-crosslinkable coumarin units and pyrene units are capable of dispersing single-walled carbon nanotubes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-12
Chih-hao Hsu On Spectrum Sensing and Performance Analysis of Secondary Users in a Distributed Cognitive Radio Network Communications Engineering 2016-07-13
Ju-Ching Hsu The Relationship Between Language Learning and Creativity Development of Decedents of overseas Chinese In Thailand ~A Chinese Language Center In Bangkok As An Example Education 2016-07-13
Pin-han Hsu The Study of Multi-level Marketing Industry’s Channel Conflict and Management – A case of Company M Business Management 2016-07-12
Chung-hsiang Hsu The Study on Brand Management of E-commerce Startup: The Case Study of Company A Business Management 2016-06-23
San-Tai Hsu A Bioeconomic Analysis of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Economics 2016-07-19
Min-chieh Hsu Forecasting Taiwan's GDP,Export,Fixed Investment and Terms of Trade Economics 2016-07-18
Chi-cheng Hsu The study on the Opimum Organizational structure of the Property-Management industry EMBA 2016-07-18
Mu-hsing Hsu Employee referral programs in Taiwan: A preliminary study Master of Global Human Resource Management 2016-07-26
Wen-chung Hsu The Effects of Asymmetric and Symmetric dyadic Trust between Leader and Subordinate on Subordinate’s Effectiveness Human Resource Management 2016-07-27
Shih-lin Hsu Robust Control Design for Wind Power System with Dynamic Integral Quadratic Constraints Electrical Engineering 2016-07-26
Ya-chi Hsu An Innovative Business Model of a Local Tour Platform: A Case Study of Information Management 2016-07-21
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Che-kai Hsu A LTE Downlink Resource Block Scheduling Mechanism with Dynamic DRX Parameters Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-29
Chia-Hao Hsu Development of High-sensitivity Flexural Plate-wave Based Tetrahydrocannabinol Biosensor Electrical Engineering 2016-08-31
Chia-feng Hsu The Study of Community Residents' Participation Behavior Model in Rural Community Industries:Based on the Social Exchange Theory and the Social Network Theory Public Affairs Management 2016-09-05
Min-Chih Hsu The Establishment of Crowdfunding and Startups Accelerator in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-08-29
Mei-lan Hsu An Exploration into the model of Open Innovation-The case of Softbank Finance 2016-09-04
Heng-yin Hsu Trace metal distribution and seasonal variation in waters surrounding the Dongsha Island using Cymodocea rotundata as bio-indicator Department of Oceanography 2016-09-07
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Yu-ting Hsu Studies on the Evolution of the Legal System of the Third Special Police Corps of National Police Agency Political Science 2016-12-01
Sheng-Chieh Hsu An Evaluating Study on the Newly Estimated Tax Service for Individual Income Tax of the Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-12-20
Wei-Ning Hsu A Post-modern Perspective on Novels of the Culture Revolution Subject Chinese Literature 2016-12-22
Tzu-Chiang Hsu An Algorithm for Computing the Distance of the Non-overlapping Inversion and Transposition Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-24
Yu-Feng Hsu The Evaluation and Prediction of the Going-Concern Status for Companies: A Model Based on Structured and Un-Structured Data Information Management 2017-01-24
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Chiung-Wen Hsu Effects of alloy composition and annealing parameters on the selective oxidation of Mn-Si steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-02-16
Chen-yu Hsu Transnational Legal Governance of Regional Economic Integration -The Case Study of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area ICAPS 2017-02-17
Chia-ming Hsu Study on Hot Extrusion of Large-diameter Magnesium Alloy Thin Tubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-03-14
Sung-Po Hsu The Effects of Coding Film Parameters on the Thermal and Stress Distributions of Glass-based Phosphor-converted Color Wheel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-06-27
Jui-Hsuan Hsu Human Resource Management in Audit Firms: The Impact of Changes in Information Technologies and Auditing Standards EMBA 2017-07-06
Ming-Ren Hsu The Effect of Combat Force Service Allowance and Retention Subsidy on Voluntary Service Soldiers’ Willingness to Stay in the Military —A Case Study of a Basic-Level Naval Combat Force EMPP 2017-07-14
Chin-Jung Hsu A Study on Key Successful Factors of Energy Management System for Talin Refinery EMBA 2017-07-18
Yeh-chun Hsu Evaluation and investigation of bio-corrosion resistance enhancement for hydroxyapatite coating on biodegradable Mg alloy using electrodeposition and ultrasonic mechanical coating and armoring technique Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-22
Jing Hsu Observation of surface oxidation resistant Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in the Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator Physics 2017-07-25
Kuo-Yu Hsu Solution-process of Molybdenum oxide as anode buffer layer in inverted organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-19
Chun-Chi Hsu Epitaxial growth of gallium oxide on AlN/sapphire substrate by chemical vapor deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-26
Hsin-yun Hsu Improving the search of near-optimal solution of vehicle routine problems with parallelable modified algorithms Applied Mathematics 2017-08-02
Chih-Chiang Hsu Investigation of Hierarchical Assembly in High-Mw PS-b-P2VP/Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Complexes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-03
Tien-hao Hsu Study on Channel Estimation Techniques Based on Out-of-Band Information Communications Engineering 2017-08-04
Chen-Hsun Hsu Synthesis of Poly(arylene ether)s Containing Carbazole and Application for Blue Light Organic Light Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-02
Ya-ting Hsu Fear Can Increase Pleasure: The Effect of Horror Film Trailer Elements on Consumer Emotions and Intention to See the Films. Institute of Marketing Communication 2017-08-03
Wei-lun Hsu Solid-State Network-Structured Block Copolymer Photonic Crystal with Extremely Broad Structural Colorations Ranging from Visible to Near Infrared Wavelengths Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-07
Kuo-yen Hsu HCF-based Fabry-Pérot Interferometer Formed by Misaligned Splicing Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-12
Hung-Yu Hsu The Study of Relationship between Issuance of Convertible Bonds and Corporate Goveranance Finance 2017-08-04
Yi-Ting Hsu A Study on the Levels of Heavy Metals in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke Biological Sciences 2017-08-21
Ting-pi Hsu Vertical Channel Non-Classical CMOS with Low Power Dissipation and High Integration Density Electrical Engineering 2017-08-22
Tai-tzu Hsu The Relationship between Recreational Noise Exposure and Hearing Health among College Students: A Case Study of a University in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-08-18
Yun-hua Hsu Relationship among Junior High School Teachers’ Proactive Leadership, Learning Engagement, Future Positive Time Perspective, and Future Negative Time Perspective: A Cross-Level Multilevel Mediation Model Education 2017-08-20
Chen-mei Hsu Choice Architecture and Patient Transfer in Emergency Department Overcrowding: A Report on the Quality Improvement Project in a Medical Center in Taiwan Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-23
Hong-Ming Hsu Studies on the Joint Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy and Alumina Plates Using Friction Stir Spot Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-31
Tsung-Wan Hsu Role Perception and Behavior of Penghu Village Secretaries When Reviewing the Qualifications of Low-income Households Public Affairs Management 2017-09-05
Jen-Hao Hsu A Study of Partial Periodic Utility Mining Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-15
Lin Hsu The Cross Level of Leader Member Exchange relationship affects and Role Performance with moderation of Perceived Attitudinal Similarity Human Resource Management 2017-10-26
Shu-Yu Hsu Analysis of bacterial communities in different treatment components for salt water type mangrove constructed wetland Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-12-12
Jhih-Hao Hsu High-performance and flexible Delay Division Multiplexing OFDM-PONs enabled by Novel Digital Signal Processing Technologies Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-01-04
Ling-Wei Hsu The Study of the satisfaction toward《Kaohsiung Pictorial》 Public Affairs Management 2018-02-12
Yung-Cheng Hsu Using Decision Tree Algorithm for the Detection and Decision Rule Construction of Defect on Dispensing Process Information Management 2018-05-29
Chao-Yi Hsu Efficient Timed QEMU-SystemC Parallel Emulator for Multiprocessor Target on Multicore Host Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2018-06-15
Chieh-ying Hsu The Work-Life Integration Program, Employee’s Well-Being, and Working Behaviors on Young Employees in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2018-06-17
Chi-fang Hsu The effect of multiple large shareholders and deviation between ultimate owners’ control and cash-flow rights on debt structure Finance 2018-06-28
Shao-Chiang Hsu Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers for A Class of Perturbed Fractional-Order Nonlinear Systems Electrical Engineering 2018-07-03
Liang-Wei Hsu A Study on the Vertically Integrated Firm’s Mode of Entry into Emerging Markets – The Case of a Polyester Fiber Company College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-05
Wei-chen Hsu The Influences of the Establishment and Quality of Compensation Committee on Managers' Earnings Management Finance 2018-07-03
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Jung-Chin Hsu The Tsai Government’s Pension Reform Policy and the Reform of the Labor Pension System EMPP 2018-07-15
Shu-Chu Hsu Determination of silver and iron oxide nanoparticles based on single particle detection by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2018-07-16
Yen-tzu Hsu Flesh Meets Metal: Destruction and Possibility in J. G. Ballard's Crash Foreign Language and Literature 2018-07-19
Chung-Yi Hsu Design of Frequency Selective Surfaces and Their Applications in Wearable Vital Sign Radar and Transmitarray System Institute Of Electrical Engineering 2018-07-24
Chieh-Kuan Hsu A Study of Comparing Medical University Students and Non-Medical University Students' Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior of CPR Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2018-07-24
Hao-Chieh Hsu The case study of chlorophyll a and odour treating by water purification processes Environmental Engineering 2018-07-23
Chia-Jung Hsu Technology Companies Competitive Strategy of Facing High-Performance Computing Chip Business Opportunities -- A Case Study of T Company EMBA 2018-07-29
Chung-Jye Hsu A PWM-based DC-DC Buck Converter with High-efficiency Light Load Mode Operation and SOC Estimation Circuit Using Coulomb Counting Method with Dynamic Voltage Calibration Electrical Engineering 2018-07-31
Shu-po Hsu Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensors with Decoration of TiO2 or MnO2 Nanoparticles on ZnO Nanotubes Electrical Engineering 2018-07-28
Tou-Hsiang Hsu A Research On Cross-Lingual Topic Analysis Information Management 2018-07-24
Ming-Hsiu Hsu The performance study of effluent from a rapid filter treated by using a biological activated carbon filter Environmental Engineering 2018-07-23
Ya-Chiao Hsu Convective Heat Transfer Analysis of Smooth/Roughened Microchannels with Axial Heat Conduction Effect Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-08-14
Yuan-ling Hsuan The Key Success Factors of Attracting User to Decision on Virtual Community Websites Communications Management 2011-06-23
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Yu Hsuan Action research of App development process Information Management 2013-08-27
Ke Hsuan Yen Determination of Inorganic arsenic compound in rice and seaweed by HPLC-DRC-CVG-ICP-MS Chemistry 2016-07-27
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Chih-Ming Hsueh Knowledge Map Discovery in Virtual Communities of Practice Information Management 2001-07-17
You-Shiuan Hsueh technology commercializtion--the model of university technology transfer Business Management 2002-06-27
Hsi-Chuan Hsueh EMBA 2002-07-08
Alvin Hsueh none Finance 2002-07-09
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Hung-Ying Hsueh none Public Affairs Management 2004-07-02
Wen-Jung Hsueh none EMBA 2004-07-05
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Tien-te Hsueh none Finance 2005-08-19
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Du-ying Hsueh Development of Sidescan Sonar Image Mosaicing Software Undersea Technology 2007-08-22
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Yu-Hsiang Hsueh Study on Architecture-Oriented Government Procurement Management Model Information Management 2012-06-11
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Chi-Cheng Hsueh A study of the application and learning satisfaction of electronic schoolbag on classroom management of elementary schools Education 2013-06-02
Jen-chun Hsueh Evolutionary Changes in the Acoustic System of the Family Terapontidae Marine Biology 2013-07-28
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Ke-hsun Hu none Human Resource Management 2000-08-18
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Chin-Che Hu A Study on the dynamic Behavior of the Roller Gear Cam System Using Different Torque Compensation Mechanisms Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-01
Edwin Hu Investigation on the Electric-Arc Characteristics and the Formation Mechanism of Erosion for DC Silver Contacts in Vacuum. Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-02
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Shing-wen Hu Development of User Interface for Multibeam Echo Sounder Quality Control Undersea Technology 2007-07-23
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jui-shan Hu The Study of Team diversity, conflict and Team performance Human Resource Management 2007-07-30
Li-Chun Hu Distributed Dynamic Channel Assignment of Multi-channel MAC Protocol in Ad-Hoc Network Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-01
Chih-chiang Hu none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-11
Je-wei Hu An Effective Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Priority Selection for the Traveling Salesman Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-07
Chun-Chi Hu Research of the relation between the parameter of LGP injection and the ripple phenomena Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-01-08
Yu-ming Hu The Strategy of Economic Development in a Metropolitan Tourist Gateway-A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Arts Management 2008-02-10
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Wen-kai Hu Studying the Influence of Attachment Style on Blogger’s Self-Disclosure Information Management 2008-07-21
Ruei-shian Hu Information Security Risk Assessment Model – A Case Study of a Semiconductor Assembly Company Information Management 2008-07-30
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Jin-shin Hu Operation of Battery Power Modules with Serial Connection Electrical Engineering 2009-07-20
Ming-wei Hu Higher Education and Middle Class ICAPS 2009-07-27
Chia-hsuan Hu Surface characterizations of GaN nanostructure grown on γ- LiAlO_2 substrate by plasma-assisted MBE Physics 2009-07-24
Shu-yin Hu The Effect of Sense of Humor and Organizational Playfulness Climate on Staff Innovative Behavior Human Resource Management 2009-08-26
I-Hsiang Hu The Cross-Domain Analysis of the Strategies and Decisions of the Industrial Park Sustainable Development of the Kaohsiung Region — the Perspective of the Public Affairs Management Integrated Reference Framework (PAM) Public Affairs Management 2009-09-10
Pro-Cheng Hu Taiwan financial entering Mainland China sector strategy analysis Economics 2009-09-11
Chih-Chieh Hu Study on Micro/Nano structures of anti-reflective layers used in solar cells Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-11
Tsai-Hsien Hu Improving the algorithm of the LCD Driver IC inspection equipment Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-14
Chan-Ao Hu Optimal Stock Management of Customized Products in Chemical Industry Business Management 2010-01-22
Hsun-Chun Hu A study of the business strategy of Taiwan DRAM industry EMBA 2010-07-02
Yung-ming Hu Effect of Machining Parameters in Vibration-Assisted Micro Grinding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-07
Pei-lan Hu The Determinants of The nursing staffs turnover intention Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-25
Te-Min Hu The Concept of Horizon Merleau-Ponty’s in Phenomenology of Perception Philosophy 2011-09-07
Ying-Chih Hu The Research of Key Success Factors of Oversea Chain Convenience Store- A case study of Family ¬Mart Convenience Stores in Shanghai Business Management 2012-02-15
Hui-ting Hu The study of good death and attitudes toward good death among university students majoring in nursing, social work and teacher education Education 2012-02-19
Jia-lun Hu Development of techniques for organic synthesis in droplets and monitoring reaction Chemistry 2012-08-09
Che-Wei Hu Isolation and Characterization of a new thermotolerant pigment- producing microalga: Salt stress enhances pigment and oil biosynthesis in Coelastrella sp.F50 Marine Biology 2012-08-22
Hsiu-Yuan Hu The Impact of Organizational Support System on Taiwanese Expatriates’ cross-cultural adjustment in China. Human Resource Management 2013-06-16
Chao-chun Hu On the Study for Taiwan's Business Comprehensive Index and Counter- Cyclical Capital Buffer Finance 2013-07-02
Hsiang-ping Hu The Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Incubators’s Intention-A Case Study of Southern Alliance of Innovation and Incubator Centers Business Management 2013-07-03
Cheng-Ching Hu Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrogen and Tungsten Doped Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalytic Application in Visible-light Region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-03
Yi Hu A Receiver with Over-Voltage Protection for FlexRay Systems and an 8:1 High-Voltage Analog Multiplexer for Battery Management Systems Electrical Engineering 2013-07-10
You-yuan Hu Crystallization of Multiple-Crystalline Block Copolymers in Thin Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-06
Bei-fu Hu The Relational changes Between State And Industry: The Case Study of Taiwan’s Citrus Industry Political Science 2013-08-07
Hou-an Hu Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Stall on a Pitching Airfoil Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-12
Shi-sheng Hu The Study of Ce3+:YAG Phosphor Coating with SiO2 Nano Thin Film by Sol-Gel Processing in Application of Glass Phosphor Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-08-19
Li-Chen Hu A Research of Transformation Strategy for Refractories Manufacturer – case study of S company EMBA 2013-08-21
You-wen Hu Intraday Return Dynamics Between Spot and Futures Markets under Different Market Conditions – Threshold Trading Strategy Finance 2014-07-08
Po-jen Hu An Indentification of the Critical Value in Evaluating Financial Performance for Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan EMBA 2014-07-18
Jie-fang Hu Fabry-Pérot Fiber Interferometers Based on Polymer Microlenses structure on A Fiber Tip Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-05
Chun-wei Hu Analysis of Pricing Decisions of Public Transports -The Case of THSR Business Management 2014-08-18
Yi-Ping Hu Siting City-bike Stations With Their Distances from MRT Stations as a Criterion Public Affairs Management 2014-08-21
Chih-Chung Hu Study On Architecture-Oriented Smart Mobile Devices Support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Model Information Management 2015-01-08
Ya-Ting Hu The Use of Patterned Polydimethylsiloxane to Control Arrangement of Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-01-24
Yu-Chueh Hu The Study on Parent-child Relationship,Work Pressure and Well-being among the Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan Education 2015-05-07
Tai-Shun Hu A Game Theoretical Approach to Marital Infidelity Economics 2015-06-24
Wan-Chun Hu The Study on a Talented Poetess of Qing Dynasty, Chen Yunlian and Her Work Poetry Drafts from the Xinfang Pavilion Chinese Literature 2015-07-22
Shih-Jie Hu Study on the Influence of Charge Quantity and Thermal Effect in Resistance Random Access Memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-10
Yao-lun Hu The Effect of Deformation on the Efficiency of PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-24
Chun-Wei Hu Smart Speaker Tracking System Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-10
Yu-Chen Hu A study of the PNTR policy made by the U.S. to China: A View on the theory of two-level games and the participation of politics by MNCs ICAPS 2015-12-22
Chiung-Wen Hu Advertising Effectiveness on TV Commercials versus Sponsorship in Taiwanese TV Program – A Case Study of Cotton USA Business Management 2016-06-16
Yu-Chi Hu Characteristics and Simulations of Passively-aligned Optical Transceiver Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-21
Chia-hsuan Hu Study of InGaN/GaN quantum well structure grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy for optoelectronics application Physics 2016-07-27
Jen-Lung Hu Scrubbing of waste gas from heat treatment of metal for odor removal by HOCl solution Environmental Engineering 2016-08-09
Han Hu Broadcast Reduction by Using SDN Technology in Local Area Network Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-09
Bo-Cheng Hu Research on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of Professional Electromechanical Engineering Company Business Management 2016-12-23
Yu-Yan Hu Both Side Collection on Emitter Wrap Through Bifacial Solar Cell Electrical Engineering 2017-08-15
Wen-Shih Hu Government Employee Ethic Units’ Perception on Anti-Corruption Effectiveness :A Case Study of Penghu County Government Public Affairs Management 2017-08-28
Shang-hung Hu Design of virtual inductance for drooped-controlled inverter in microgrid Electrical Engineering 2017-09-05
Cheng-Hao Hu An Examination of the Associations among Top Management Team Characteristics and Organizational Credit Risk Business Management 2017-11-15
Er-hsuan Hu A Study of Applying Virtual Reality Cardboard to Elementary Music Education Information Management 2018-01-06
En-Kuei Hu A Study on the Diversification Strategy of Automation System-integration Company EMBA 2018-06-22
Wen-Ting Hu The Influence of Innovation Capabilities on Customer Royalty in Convenience store - The Case Study of FamilyMart Master Of Business Administration Program In International Business 2018-06-28
Tzu-Fang Hu Social Network Management and Marketing Strategy Analysis - A case study of Facebook Fan Page and Instagram Business Profile on Local Food Business Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-06-26
Chu-ling Hu The Patterns of Taiwanese Investment on China: Selective Distribution and Location Determination ICAPS 2018-07-20
Yu-Shiang Hua none Business Management 2002-06-26
Chia-Yi Hua How do share repurchase programs influence stock prices and operating performances? Business Management 2005-06-21
Jian-hua Hua A Study of the Relationship on the Bureau of Investigation Officials’ Quality of Work Life, Work Pressure, and Job Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2006-07-25
Pei-yang Hua Lipidomic profiling of bacterial and cancer cells using MALDI-MS and Raman spectroscopy- a nanomaterial based analytical approach Chemistry 2013-08-14
Kuan Hua Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton tortuosum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-09
HSIN HUAN WU The Relationship between Over Service and Customer Satisfaction Business Management 2016-01-12
HSUEH HUAN-CHI Performance Evaluation of Environmental Protection Bereau in Taiwan—A Reasearch on Grievance Statement Management and Measures to Convenient People Public Affairs Management 2005-06-19
Thith-tien Huane none EMPP 2005-09-06
Ching-Ju Huang The study of AlN thin film grown on bottom electrode under room temperature condition Materials Science and Engineering 2000-05-15
Kuan-Ying Huang none Finance 2000-06-10
Kuan-Hua Huang The Early Warning System for the Stock Positions of Securities Firms---Based on VaR Finance 2000-06-14
Chien-Chin Huang Dual-Frequency Microstrip Arrays with a Dual-frequency Feed Network Electrical Engineering 2000-06-15
Horng-Ruey Huang Public Affairs Management 2000-06-20
Wen-Hsien Huang Microstructural Evolution in Copper Deformed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Materials Science and Engineering 2000-06-21
Sheng-Ming Huang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-22
Zhi-Feng Huang Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detection for Synchronous DS-CDMA System Electrical Engineering 2000-06-22
Chenn-Jung Huang Hardware Realization of Fast Arithmetic Elements for Signal Processing Applications Electrical Engineering 2000-05-16
Mao-Kuo Huang The Applications of Two-photon Confocal Microscopy and Micro-spectroscopy:OBIC imaging of InGaN LEDs and their Micro-spectra Physics 2000-06-26
Jinn-Long Huang Inferences for the Weibull parameters based on interval-censored data and its application Applied Mathematics 2000-06-19
Chiao-Cheng Huang The Study of Phase-Intensity Conversion Transmission Method Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-24
Chi-Lun Huang Theoretical Defect struture and Electronics properties of CuInSe2 Electrical Engineering 2000-06-28
Chuan-Chien Huang Valuation of Internet Corporates Finance 2000-06-28
Ho-shin Huang The effects of dietary lipids on the growth and body composition of young cobia , Rachycentron canadum Marine Biology 2000-06-28
Jin-Sung Huang NONE Finance 2000-06-30
Kun-Yang Huang Design、Dynamic analysis and Control of An Open-frame Remotely Operated Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-30
Jui-Sheng Huang The Patterns of Technological Development in Catching-up Economies --A Case Study in IC, CD/DVDs, Biotechnology industries in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-10
Yi-Wu Huang Research on Linear-Time Varying Control Systems Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-11
Ru-Ying Huang Characterization of high energy beam welding of 6061/SiC aluminum matrix composites Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-14
Chen-Yi Huang Fisheries Biology of Sergestid shrimp, Sergia lucens, in the Southwestern Coast of Taiwan Marine Biology 2000-07-15
Jian-Dau Huang A Study of the Fiber Optic Leak Detector Electrical Engineering 2000-07-17
Sue-Jean Huang none Chemistry 2000-07-18
Chun-Nan Huang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-20
Hui-Wen Huang A Research of the Intra-organizational Media Usage of Kaohsiung's Journalist: by Media Richness and Social Influence Model Communcations Management 2000-07-28
Lan-Chun Huang The Effects of Public Broadcasting Station Employees’ Turnover Intention and Behavior in Kaohsiung Area Communcations Management 2000-07-28
Chih Huang Relationships among Working Experience, Information-Seeking Behaviors and Job Satisfaction - taking the MBAs as examples Human Resource Management 2000-07-29
Kuang-Han Huang The Studies of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for the Interface of Gallium-Gadolinium Oxide / Gallium Arsenic Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-07-29
Deng-Shan Huang None EMBA 2000-07-31
Ching-Tang Huang None EMBA 2000-07-31
Chi-Yang Huang Surface-Wave Propagation on a Gentle Bottom with Lagrangian Form Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-08-01
Chih-Yuan Huang Cave Structure and Cave Faunal Diversity in Kenting Area Biological Sciences 2000-08-01
Ya-Yun Huang The Relationship between Organizational Socialization, Information Seeking Behavior, and Organizational Commitment of New High-tech Professionals Human Resource Management 2000-07-29
Chan-Long Huang System Evaluation of A Concurrency Control Mechanism for Distributed Shared Memory Multiprocessors Electrical Engineering 2000-08-04
Wen-Chun Huang none Business Management 2000-08-07
Wei-Min Huang A Study on Civicness-laden Public Management in Association with Non-profit Organization Political Science 2000-07-05
Ya-Lin Huang The Organization Development of Mainland China's Non-state-Owned Enterprises-A View of Governance Mechanism and Transaction Costs Mainland China Studies 2000-08-21
Gen-Ben Huang Topics on Mean Value Theorems Applied Mathematics 2001-01-19
Nelson Huang Information Technology Application on Customer Relationship Management for Steel Industry, an example of Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd. Business Management 2001-04-18
Ming-Chong Huang A Feature Design System for Speaker Independent Phrase Recognition Electrical Engineering 2001-06-15
Yo-Lih Huang Design of Network Interface Controller and A Post Amplifier for 16Mbps Infrared Transceiver Module Electrical Engineering 2001-06-18
Yieh-Ter Huang Abrupt Waveguide Bend of Buried Hybrid Polymer Waveguides Using Fresnel Refraction Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-19
Ming-Hong Huang Dispersion-induced Power Penalty In Fiber Bragg Grating-Based DWDM Network Elements Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-20
Sheng-Tzung Huang The Effect of Chloride Ion and Copper Oxide Layer on Plastic-encapsulated Package Reliability Materials Science and Engineering 2001-06-20
Shuan-Yu Huang Study of Holographic Grating by Using PDLC thin films Physics 2001-06-20
Wan-ting Huang The role of oocysts of Eimeria tenella in distribution of chicken infection anemia Biological Sciences 2001-06-21
Yi-Shuo Huang Study on the Charge Transport Organic Light Emitting Diode Electrical Engineering 2001-06-22
Chih-Sheng Huang The Study of Knowledge Communities in Business Business Management 2001-06-26
Shan-Yu Huang The Study and Implementation of Intracavity Frequency-Doubled Blue/Green Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-26
Li-Juan Huang none Business Management 2001-06-27
Chun-Hao Huang Feature Design for Text Independent Speaker Recognition in Numerous Speaker Cases Electrical Engineering 2001-06-28
Hui-Hsiang Huang Modeling and Evaluating Lead-frame CSPs for Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit Applications Electrical Engineering 2001-06-30
Yu-Feng Huang An Exploration of Technological Frames for Implementation a Knowledge Management System Information Management 2001-07-08
Chi-Yu Huang Gait Algorithm for Modular 4+2 Legs Walking Machines Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-09
Tzu-Ping Huang Team-based Knowledge Sharing and Creation in Professional Cyber-communities: A Study from A Teacher Professional Cyber-community Information Management 2001-07-11
Ta-Chih Huang Study and Fabrication of Ceramic Helical Antennas Electrical Engineering 2001-07-15
Yen-Tzu Huang The Current Situation and Characteristics of SOHO Human Resource Management 2001-07-17
Yi- Chun Huang An Empirical Research of the Integrative Framework for Green Management on Business: The Study of Taiwan's Chemical Engineering, Electronics, Informantion and Communication Industries Business Management 2001-07-19
Yih-Sheng Huang Study of Professional Medical Personnel's Awareness & Attitude of Knowledge Management Human Resource Management 2001-07-19
Kuo-Ying Huang Characterization of Multi-Gate Partially-Depleted SOI MOSFET with MESA Isolation Electrical Engineering 2001-07-20
Tsai-Yun Huang The research of Competitive Strategy Under the environment of Hypercompetition-for exemple Liberty Times Business Management 2001-07-23
Jason Huang Corporate Financial Planning--A System Dynamic Approach. Finance 2001-07-24
Shu-Jen Huang Synthesis and Physical Studies of Thiol-Biferrocene Self-Assembled Monolayers and Gold Nanoparticles Chemistry 2001-07-24
Guo-Zhen Huang Saturated Nucleate Pool Boiling Characteristics of Smooth/Plasma Coating Enhanced Tube Bundles Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-24
Ching-Tu Huang The Research of Competitive Strategy for the New Entrant in Taiwan Semiconductor Packaging Industry EMBA 2001-07-25
Chen-Te Huang A Study on SM Business Internet Adoption-From The Perspective of CEO EMBA 2001-07-25
Kun-Min Huang Key Successful Factors For R&D In Functional Matrix Organization Business Management 2001-07-25
Yu-Shan Huang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-27
Jui-Ming Huang Value R&D Investment Project by Real Options Finance 2001-07-27
Yen-Cheng Huang Industrial Networks and Foreign Direct Investment: The Study of Taiwan's Steel Industry Business Management 2001-07-31
Wen-Chen Huang Effects of Group Interaction in Web-based Instructional Systems Information Management 2001-08-05
Chiung-Ying Huang Strategies for the development of Kaohsiung County’s cultural life circles study Public Affairs Management 2001-07-26
Tien-Tsun Huang Code Merge Scheme (CMS) :A Dynamic Scheme for Allocating OVSF Codes in WCDMA Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-06
Tsao-Huai Huang A Study of Democracy in Taiwan from the Perspective of the Relations between Self and Communities Political Science 2001-08-07
Sheng-Shon Huang Assessing the Carrying Capacity of the Kaoping River Environmental Engineering 2001-08-10
Chia-Mao Huang Approximation Algorithms for Constructing Evolutionary Trees Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-10
Chien-chun Huang Problems Related with Farming and Fishing Village Development in Taiwan and the Critical Analysis of Renewal Programs-from the Viewpoint of Low-level Government Employees Public Affairs Management 2001-08-20
Jui-Ching Huang Analysis and Application about the Valuation Model of Dynamic Capital Structure Finance 2001-08-20
Yu-han Huang Wordsworth and Nineteenth-Century English Educational Reform Foreign Language and Literature 2001-08-22
Hsiao-Ling Huang The Impacts of Income Tax Integration on Corporate Capital Structure Finance 2001-08-23
Fu-Sheng Huang none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-24
Kuen-Feng Huang Multiple Sequence Alignment Using the Clustering Method Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-23
Ho-Chi Huang Temporal and Spatial Distribution of the Ground-dwelling Invertebrates in Nanjen Forest Biological Sciences 2001-08-27
Chien-Lung Huang Investigation into the Current Rezoning System and Related Concerns with Regard to Land Utilization in Taiwan Area Public Affairs Management 2001-08-30
Ying-Yuh Huang A Means-End Chain Analysis of Customer Value--Consumption Experience of Children's Clothes Business Management 2001-12-05
Chi-Se Huang Invisible Hand: Adam Smith's Political Economy Political Science 2001-08-30
Jian-Cheng Huang Analysis of Hydraulic Bulge Forming of Tubes Mechanical Engineering 2001-09-05
Chi-Wen Huang none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-07
Ling-Hsuan Huang The Influence on De-NOx of Metal-Oxidation Catalysts with acidic modification Environmental Engineering 2001-09-12
Yau-Shian Huang Software Design of A Cost/Performance Estimation Method for Hardware/Software Partitioning Electrical Engineering 2001-10-01
Hong-Teng Huang NONE Finance 2002-01-29
Yung-Hsun Huang Non-Price Vertical Restraints under the Fair Trade Act in Taiwan Business Management 2002-01-29
Chih-Chiang Huang A Research on Project Management of Petrochemical plant's Design-Build Contracts Business Management 2002-05-24
Hui-Long Huang Interplay of charge and spin ordering in Pr0.65Ca0.35-xSrxMnO3 Physics 2002-05-31
Shih-Hung Huang Single-Stage High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast with Class E Inverter for Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2002-06-11
Hsin-Yi Huang A Study on Factors Affecting Usage of Web-based Teachers’ Training in Elementary and High School Information Management 2002-06-12
Shi-Hang Huang Fault Tolerant Message Routing Algorithm on Double-Loop Networks Applied Mathematics 2002-06-17
Chang-Gin Huang An Efficient Synthesis of γ-Substituted α,β-Unsaturated δ-Lactams. Formal Synthesis of (±)-Protoemetinol. Chemistry 2002-06-18
Yu-Ing Huang Postponement Strategies in Dynamic Environment—in terms of Standardization and Modularity Business Management 2002-06-19
Mei-Ling Huang Comparison of intertidal macroalgal community structure between Homei and Nanwan in Taiwan Marine Biology 2002-06-22
Liu-Yuen Huang Fitting financial time series data to heavy tailed distribution Applied Mathematics 2002-06-23
Sung-Lung Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-25
Yi-An Huang A Cell-Based Design Solution of 4x8 Scanning Decoder Using RC5 Protocol for Wireless Handsets and A High-Performance Current Sense Amplifiers for SRAMs Electrical Engineering 2002-06-26
Shu-Chiu Huang none Information Management 2002-06-26
Yu-Lun Huang Research and Development for Electric Contact Materials of Silver Matrix Alumina Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-28
Wen-bin Huang none Finance 2002-06-28
Chen-Town Huang The Effects of Flame Retardant and Electrical Current on the Reliability of IC Package Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-02
Yao-Lun Huang The Relationship between Taiwanese Companies’ Global Knowledge Management and Their Human Capital Human Resource Management 2002-07-02
Lai-Fu Huang The Study of Target marketing - taking Tunghuei Construction Company as example EMBA 2002-07-03
Chun-Ying Huang Compensation For Gain/Phase Imbalance And DC Offset At Quadrature Modulator And Demodulator With Adaptive Inverse QRD-RLS Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2002-07-08
Ya-Yao Huang none Chemistry 2002-07-04
Chuen-Dow Huang A Study of Inverses of Thinned Renewal Processes. Applied Mathematics 2002-06-26
Wen-Kuei Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-09
Chia-Huang Huang A Study on the Generating of Tooth Profiles of Curvic Couplings Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-10
Xiao-Pin Huang Research on organizational justice, trust and organizational citizenship behavior-Take Ministry of finance, National Tax Bureau of Kaohsiung City as research subject Human Resource Management 2002-07-10
Jeffery Huang Inferred Suspended Sediment Transport Process in the Head Region of Kao-Ping Submarine Canyon Based on Temporal and Spacial Hydrographic Observations Marine Resources 2002-07-12
Chien-hua Huang A simple design of automatic counting system for fish larvae Marine Biology 2002-07-14
Yen-Tai Huang A Collaborated Design Approach of Business Process on e-Enterprises Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-11
Li-Min Huang Chemical Scrubbing of fume gas stream from corn germ pressing machine Environmental Engineering 2002-07-15
Te-Fu Huang Study on Extrusion of Composite Rods Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-17
Wen-Lung Huang Strategic Analysis of Taiwan Magnesium Industry- an example of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd. Business Management 2002-07-18
Yi-Xiang Huang Distributed Multi-path Routing with QoS Support in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-19
CHIEN-CHUNG HUANG NONE Business Management 2002-07-19
CHIN-SHU HUANG The Study of Relationships between Job Design and Job Performance – An Application two of Job Characteristic Model Human Resource Management 2002-07-19
Chia-Hua Huang Debussy piano works "Image" Music 2002-07-16
Jenn-Ming Huang Comparative Study: Time-Delay Method and Sliding Mode Technique for Perturbation Estimation Electrical Engineering 2002-07-15
Jeng-Tsair Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-23
Fong-Dee Huang Expression of Bcl-2, P53, Ki-67 and PTEN in Upper Urinary Tract Transitional Cell Carcinomas Biological Sciences 2002-07-19
Bor-Ruey Huang Synthesis of Functionalized Pyridinyl Ligand Containing Binuclear Biferrocenes and Counterion Effects on Intramolecular Electron Transfer of Mixed-valence Naphthylmethyl Biferrocenes Chemistry 2002-07-23
Yan-Chuen Huang An H-infinite Based Sensitivity Function Shaping Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-24
Peter Huang The Study on Business Strategy of Taiwan’s Women Underwear Industry Business Management 2002-07-25
Zoo-Hzu huang Expression of the Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 in human placenta Biological Sciences 2002-07-26
Hsiu-Ju Huang Research on Knowledge Management of Automobile Sales - The Case of Kao Du Toyota Motor Ltd. Human Resource Management 2002-07-24
Ming-Jen Huang none EMBA 2002-07-26
Chien-Hsiang Huang RF Specification Test and Related Mixed- Signal IC Design in Bluetooth Electrical Engineering 2002-07-26
Shin-Jr Huang Marangoni Corner Flow during Metals Processing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-29
Tzu-Tsang Huang Studies of rare earth oxidation reactions by laser ablation techniques and emission spectroscopy. Chemistry 2002-07-29
Hui-Kuan Huang A Study of Schizophrenia in The Golden Notebook: Schizophrenia as a Process of Breakthrough from the Sado-Masochistic Relationships Foreign Language and Literature 2002-07-30
Chieng-Chuan Huang A Research on the feasibility for Cable TV system entering into Leased-Circuit service providers EMBA 2002-07-30
Jih-Min Huang none Business Management 2002-07-30
Jia-Shing Huang The Research And Application of Control system of electrical sports equipment Electrical Engineering 2002-07-30
Ya-Ling Huang Effects of copper on phosphorus utilization in Ulva fasciata Delile (Ulvales, Chlorophyta) Marine Biology 2002-07-30
Suh-Ji Huang The difference of environmental attitude and behavior between recyclers and non-recyclers Public Affairs Management 2002-07-31
Wen-chun Huang none IEMBA 2002-08-02
Jia-Zi Huang A system of the process planning system on the Maintenance of Turbine Blades Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-07
Chung-Jian Huang none EMBA 2002-08-08
Shu-Chen Huang The Study on the relationship of employees’ perceptions of organizational politics, job involvement, and job performance Human Resource Management 2002-08-09
Chien-Sheng Huang The Infulence of Team Leadership and Task Type to Team Precesses. Human Resource Management 2002-08-09
Wen-Kai Huang The Multimedia Enhanced Microcontroller for Low-Cost Embedded Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2002-08-01
Hsiang-hao Huang Tempo-spatial distribution and feeding of planktonic copepods in Kaoping coastal waters,Taiwan Marine Resources 2002-08-22
Lu-Jung Huang The Integration of Information Technology into the Critical Thinking Approach: The Case of Teaching History at Junior High School Education 2002-08-21
Jyh-Chiang Huang The Design of an Effective Load-Balance Mechanism for Processor-in-Memory Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-08-26
Hsi-Keng Huang Study on the Manpower Deployment of Metro Rapid Transit - Train Operator of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation Human Resource Management 2002-08-27
Ya-Chi Huang Forms of Trypanosoma cruzi in mouse kidney during chronic infection and analyses of infected kidney antigen Biological Sciences 2002-08-27
Meng-Chin Huang A Study of the Teacher Education System of Dancing Teachers for the Gifted Class in Junior High School and Its Related Problems in Taiwan Education 2002-08-30
Mei-Ching Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-19
L.-F. Huang Futher Studies on the Steroidal Natural Productsfrom the Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris Marine Resources 2002-09-01
Tze-Wei Huang Equilibrium melting temperature of poly (trimethylene terephthalate) Materials Science and Engineering 2002-09-06
Jung-Te Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-06
Chin-Te Huang Prioritized polling schemes with power consideration for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs Computer Science and Engineering 2002-09-09
Cheng-Fa Huang none Chemistry 2002-09-09
Po-Hsing Huang none Chemistry 2002-09-12
Pei-Yu Huang none Political Science 2002-09-12
Sue-Chin huang The Restructure of School Administrative Organization In Junior High School Education 2002-09-17
Yi-Fang Huang Molecular Packing and Its Effects on Light-emitting Properties of Poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene)s Materials Science and Engineering 2002-10-07
CHIH-CHIEN HUANG Reproductive behavior of Formosan Macaques (Macaca cyclopis) at Mt. Longevity Biological Sciences 2003-01-10
TAI-CHANG HUANG none Information Management 2003-01-24
Wen-Kuei Huang The Study of Phase Transition of The Torsion X-Y Model Physics 2003-01-27
Leo Huang The Effects of Electronic Commerce on Business Management of Travel Agencies Business Management 2003-04-25
Ling-Chun Huang A Study on the Performance of Merger and Acquisitions within Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan Finance 2003-06-05
Hung-Tsai Huang Global Superconvergence of Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Equations Applied Mathematics 2003-06-06
Hui-Tai Huang The Responses and Perception to the Policy of Reducing Working Hours in Health Care Industry Human Resource Management 2003-06-12
Li-Wen Huang The Risks & Business Oportunities for Foreign Bank Doing Business in China Mainland China Studies 2003-06-12
Kuan-Jen Huang A Study of Intra-Industry Effects Resulting from Stock Repurchase Announcements Finance 2003-06-14
Cong-Hui Huang Design of Power Exchange and Bidding System With ASP Technique Electrical Engineering 2003-06-16
Wei-Hsiang Huang Phylogeography of the atpB-rbcL noncoding spacer region of the chloroplast DNA in the endemic species Tetraena mongolica (Zygophyllaceae) in Inner Mongolia Biological Sciences 2003-06-16
Tun-Fu Huang A study on relativity between staff training and operation performance for banks Finance 2003-06-20
Chun-Jung Huang Value at Risk in operating periods of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Project Finance 2003-06-17
Ming-Wei Huang Millisecond H/D Exchange Combined with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Study Three Dimensional Structure of Protein Chemistry 2003-06-23
Pi-Ling Huang The study and application of multi-reentrant two-spherical-mirror ring lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-23
Pei-Hsuan Huang The Study of Catalytic Oxidation of Ammonia over Copper Catalysts Supported on Slag Powder Environmental Engineering 2003-06-23
Yin-jen Huang the analysis of parking machine industry in region of Kaohsiung Business Management 2003-06-17
Mei-Yi Huang The influence of family control on corporate governance Business Management 2003-06-24
Chun-Kai Huang Auto-Tracking Control for High-Frequency Electronic Ballast of Metal Halide Lamps Electrical Engineering 2003-06-19
Wei-Kai Huang The Study of Post-Weld-Shift in 2.5-10Gb/s High-Speed Butterfly Laser Module Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-24
Yu-Ju Huang The study on operating system of game software firms, from Dynamic Capability Perspective's point of view. Business Management 2003-06-24
Chen-may Huang Temperature and bias ffect on wire-bond reliability for F1 & S2 type new wire evaluatione Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-24
Simon Huang A Sutdy on the Model of Merrital Asymmetric and Inframarginal Analysis in the Chinese Society Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-06-25
Lin-Ching Huang A Recovery Study of Copper from sludge in Electronic by Ferrite Process Environmental Engineering 2003-06-25
Qun-Hao Huang A Monitoring System for Performance Evaluation of Hand Motor Task in Functional MRI Environment Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-26
Chia-Wan Huang XANES studies on the stripe phase of La2-xSrxCuO4 and La1.4-xSrxNd0.6CuO4 at x near 1/8 Physics 2003-06-28
Zhao-Qing Huang The Defect Structure of GaAs on Si Substrate Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Chang-Chen Huang Nucleation on a water-ice advancing interface Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-04
Kuo-Feng Huang A Study of Theory of Constraint Application in Printed Circuit Board Products Mixed Decision Making . Business Management 2003-07-04
Kuang-Yao Huang The Study of Super-Wideband ASE Light Source Generated by Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-07
Yi-Ying Huang The Relationship of the Image of Singers, Idolatry, and Consumer Behavior in Popular Music Communications Management 2003-07-03
Kai-Lieh Huang Androgen Promotes Osteoblast Proliferation through Activation of Phosphatidylinositol-3-OH Kinase /Akt Signaling Pathway Biological Sciences 2003-07-08
Ji-Yao Huang The study of time- division multiplexed fiber-optic current sensing systems Electrical Engineering 2003-07-09
Shu-Yen Huang A Study of City Marketing from Cultural Activities─ Taipei City as an Example Communications Management 2003-07-09
Chiu-Hua Huang Study of self-assembled ZnSe quantum dots under the influences of the growth temperature and cap layer thickness Electrical Engineering 2003-07-10
Hsiao-Ning Huang Determinations of Insulin Signaling Defects in the NTS Neurons of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-07-11
Mei-Hua Huang ERP Implementation For Small-Medium Size Enterprises : A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2003-07-14
Jun-Xian Huang Application of the FDTD Method with the Scattering Matrix in Microwave Circuit Simulation Electrical Engineering 2003-07-15
Hui-Cheng Huang none EMBA 2003-07-15
Yun-Chung Huang none Chinese Literature 2003-07-09
Han-Wen Huang A Study on Load Shedding of Power Systems by Using Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2003-07-17
Hsiu-tse Huang Investigation zinc oxide thin film and doped alumiunm thin film prepared by reactive sputtering Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-19
Shih-Yuan Huang The study of the phase transition from first-order to second-order in the two dimensional Potts model due to random applied fields Physics 2003-07-17
Yi-Shang Huang Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Electrostatic Discharge Phenomena in High-speed PCB Electrical Engineering 2003-07-22
Ming-Ching Huang The optimal strategies among related stakeholders under National Health Insurance policy IEMBA 2003-07-23
Wing-Long Huang Specific Heat and Pressure Effects on the Tc of Superconducting MgCxNi3 Physics 2003-07-23
Wei-Hang Huang Study on the Polishing Characteristics of Silicon Wafer for New Type Ultraprecision Polisher Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-25
hsiung-peng Huang The research of introducing customer relationship management into the industry-An example of water and electricity installation industry in Kaohsiung EMBA 2003-07-28
Jia-Tze Huang Reaction Pathways and Intermediates of Perfluoroethyl Groups Adsorbed on Cu(111) Chemistry 2003-07-24
JENN-YIH HUANG Taiwanese coil steel enterprises value creation modulus competitive advantage strategy for mainland China steel market IEMBA 2003-07-29
Hsin-Hui Huang Chemical Constituents of Formosan Soft Coral Xenia sp. Marine Resources 2003-07-29
Rong-Shyang Huang Distance Labeling of Paths Applied Mathematics 2003-07-30
Min-Hsiung Huang Studies on the behavior of tribo-electrification between the lubricated surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-30
Feng-Cheng Huang The arbitrage strategies for convertible bonds in Taiwan EMBA 2003-07-30
Chao-Chieh Huang Hierarchical Grown Bluetrees – An Effective Topology for Bluetooth Scatternets Electrical Engineering 2003-07-30
Chin-Chun Huang The Study of the Interaction Between Antiferromagnetic and Ferromagnetic Superlattices in Manganite Physics 2003-07-30
Te-Sui Huang Research for architecture of strategic human resource employment and development –A study on High-technology Facility Industries Human Resource Management 2003-07-31
Bi-Wei Huang Studies on Thin Film Characteristics of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Using Laser Measurement Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-31
Chuang-Li Huang A Study of the Structure of Financial Forecasts:A Case of G Company’s Using Excel as A Tool EMBA 2003-08-04
Shih-Wen Huang A strategic analysis of implementing the development of urban public land by BOT, Case study of the PE3 land of Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2003-08-05
Huei-Yu Huang A Study of Research and Publishing Patterns among University Faculty Members in Taiwan Education 2003-08-06
Chao-Wu Huang The investigation of how compensation system equity affects employee attitude Human Resource Management 2003-08-12
Yen-Fen Huang A study of high school English teachers' behavior, concern, cognition, and other factors of integrating information technology into English instruction. Education 2003-08-13
Chun-Neng Huang Cluster-based Query Expansion Technique Information Management 2003-08-14
Jih-Wei Huang Promoter Prediction in DNA Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-19
Vincent Huang Toward the 3G telecommunication system-The Analysis of Business Strategies of Telecommunication Operators EMBA 2003-08-25
Jung-Tai Huang Single Jet Impingement Cooling in a Stationary and Rotating Square Duct Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-25
Jane-Hsing Huang The Relationships between Workforce Flexibility and Organizational Performance of the Cooperative Subcontractors in the Steel Industry --“S”and China Steel Corporation as examples Human Resource Management 2003-08-26
Ming-Yeong Huang A Study of The Mixed-Mode Fracture of Molding Compound-Substrate Interface of IC Package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-22
Shuo-Da Huang Design and Implementation a Content Management System on Web Cluster Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-27
Teng-Chin Huang Investigation into the Differences and Management strategy in the Public's Cognition of the Service Quality of Household Administration-Case Study on Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2003-08-27
Hsuan-Sheng Huang Applying 27Al MQMAS NMR method to distinguish aluminum sites in ZSM-5 and establish the relation between 27Al, 29Si, and 1H NMR data Chemistry 2003-08-28
Li-Ming Huang A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Multiple Human Objects Segmentation Electrical Engineering 2003-09-03
Shyh-Ming Huang A Real-Time Address Trace Compressor for Embedded Microprocessors Computer Science and Engineering 2003-09-03
Duo-Feng Huang Structural Study on Metal Complexes (M=Zn, Ag, Pd) with Multidentate Ligands Containing Phosphorus, Sulfur and Nitrogen Atom Chemistry 2003-09-03
Wei-Cherng Huang A Minimum Delay Anycast Routing Protocol Electrical Engineering 2003-09-03
YONG-CHIH HUANG none EMBA 2003-09-05
Ming-Ren Huang Structural Modifications and Capacity Fading of LiMn2O4 Cathode during Charge-Discharge of Secondary Lithium Ion Batteries Materials Science and Engineering 2003-10-04
Yung-Ching Huang A study of the transformation bandwidth and the thickness sensitivity of the anisotropic-slab LP to CP polarizer Electrical Engineering 2003-10-04
Li-Shu Huang A Study on the Integration of Gender Equity Education into Taiwanese Languages Curriculum in a Third Grade Class of Elementary school Education 2003-12-24
Yi-Cheng Huang The Application of Ultrasonic Resonant Effects in Vivo Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-12-29
Wen-Chen Huang The 3-D structure and surface properties of human post-translational modifier proteins SUMO-1/2/3 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-12-28
Jig-Ming Huang Geometric Analysis of Double-Enveloping Reducer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-01-02
Jian-Han Huang Fabrication and Simulation of the Cross-Gate SOI MOSFET Electrical Engineering 2004-01-12
Hui-chu Huang Discussions of the quality of respiratory care : The clinical related factors of ventilator weaning Human Resource Management 2004-01-15
Shiow-Feng Huang The Study of Critical Successful Function to Innovate Enterprise e-Learning System - Analysis by Technology Frame Information Management 2004-01-25
Juei-Hwa Huang A Study of Work Values And Career Adjustment for Female CEOs In the Information Software Industry Information Management 2004-01-30
Yao-Ten huang The Study of Information Technology Service Quality and Satisfaction for Enterprize-The Case of YU Steel Company Information Management 2004-01-29
Chiung-chen Huang Taisun Business Development History research Business Management 2004-02-02
Chiung-kuei Huang Polyamines, indole-3-acetic acid and gibberellic acid affect root elongation in Chinese radish ( Raphanus sativus L.) Biological Sciences 2004-02-03
Yi-hsin Huang Identification of the Sumoylation Sites of Daxx Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-02-03
Hsin-i Huang Price Leverage of Brand: Experiments on Product Categories and Information Quantity Effects Business Management 2004-02-09
Sheng-Ping Huang The Confucian Community of the Chapter Da Tong in the Books of Rites Political Science 2004-02-10
Chia-hsiung Huang The effect of perceptions of organizational political on the relation between work values and organizational commitment Human Resource Management 2004-04-06
Chih-Kai Huang The Study of Relationships among the Perception of Organizational Innovative Climate, Individual Innovative Behavior, Perceived Self-Efficacy, and Problem Solving Style ─ An Empirical Study of Banking Industry. Human Resource Management 2004-05-21
Yao-wen Huang The Comparison of Parameter Estimation with Application to Massachusetts Health Care Panel Study (MHCPS) Data Applied Mathematics 2004-06-03
Sheng-Lu Huang Assessment of Generation Cost of Off-shore Islands by Considering Fuzzy Wind Power Generation Model Electrical Engineering 2004-06-14
Ming-Cheng Huang Using Probing Packets to Repair The Incomplete IP Traceback Computer Science and Engineering 2004-06-23
Huai-Hsuan Huang none Chinese Literature 2004-06-24
Jiun-kuei Huang Hybrid Fuzzy PID Controller with Adaptive Genetic Algorithms for the Position Control and Improvement of Magnetic Suspension System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-06-24
Kuo-chan Huang The studies of investor sentiment proxy variables Business Management 2004-06-24
Chih-Hao Huang The study of growth and characterization of Group III nitride semiconductor by RF Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Materials Science and Engineering 2004-06-25
Tung-Hung Huang A Study of Taiwan IT companies business strategy in biotechnology industry. IEMBA 2004-06-25
Shi-wei Huang The Study of Catalytic Oxidation of Isopropyl Alcohol in an Air Stream over Honeycomb Catalyst Environmental Engineering 2004-06-29
Jui-tien Huang Scientific ermeneutics and Fiction_____ a study of Hwang-Hai and his science fiction Chinese Literature 2004-06-29
Tz-Shiuan Huang Study on the Fast-Deposition Low Temperature Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon and Copper Pollution of Thin Film Transistors Physics 2004-06-29
Heng-Lun Huang Dynamic Simulations of Wind Turbines Grid Connection Electrical Engineering 2004-07-01
Chia-Chieh Huang An analysis of Mathematics Problem-solving Processes of Gifted Primary School Children with General Intelligent Ability Education 2004-07-02
Shu-yen Huang The environmental and structural influences on rehabilitation performances of Different Rehabilitative Service models Institute of Health Care Management 2004-07-02
Want-ting Huang Automatic Knowledge Structure Map Construction with Time-line Feature -- Using Knowledge Evolution in MIS Domain as an Example Information Management 2004-07-03
Shih-hao Huang Model robust designs for binary response experiments Applied Mathematics 2004-07-06
Jiong-shun Huang The Characteristics of GaSb on GaAs Grown by ALE-MBE Electrical Engineering 2004-07-06
Nai-lien Huang none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-28
Hsin-Hsiung Huang Self assembled indium nitride quantum dots grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2004-07-06
Chien-Chao Huang Tube extrusion and hydroforming of AZ31 Mg alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-06
xi-wen huang The Influence of Probe Structure on Remote Field Eddy Current Testing using Finite Element Analysis. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-06
Yuh-fang Huang The Foreign Exchange Risk Management and Hedging Strategies Evaluation Finance 2004-07-07
Su-chen Huang An Action Research of Xylophone-Assisted Elementary School Children’s Motivation for Learning Music and Achievement Education 2004-07-07
Wu-chung Huang none Chinese Literature 2004-07-08
Hsiung-Nien Huang Study on Electromigration of Flip-Chip Solder Interconnect Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-09
Guo-Tai Huang A Study of Control Charts with Variable Sample Size Applied Mathematics 2004-07-08
Li-jen Huang Structure, Elasticity & Phase Change of Bioactive Glasses Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-09
Jin-Lin Huang The chirp measurement of electroabsorption modulator and Cr4+:YAG crystal fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-07
Fang-Ting Huang The differences of nursing staff’s working attitudes before and after hospital merger — A study of Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital Institute of Health Care Management 2004-07-12
Bo-Hong Huang Vehicle Detection and Opposite Distance Estimation System for Roadway Driving Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Mingjae Huang Chemical Constituents and Cytotoxicities of the Formosan Soft Corals Sarcophyton crassocaule, Tubipora musica Linneaus and Clavularia inflata Marine Resources 2004-07-14
Yu-Chia Huang Study on Single and Double Pumped Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber ASE Light Sour ce – Simulation and Experiment Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-14
Ren-Huang Huang Wideband Adaptive Array Applied to OFDM System Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Pei-wen Huang The Simultaneous Effects of Fit With Organizations, Groups, and Jobs on Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, and Job Change Intention: A Case Involving food and beverage employees in the hotel industry in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2004-07-20
Sung-liang Huang Study of SATP Gas Parameter on CCPP Performance Optimum Empirical Proof and Analysis (For NAN-PU CC#1~4 Unit) Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-21
Mei-chen Huang An Investigation of the Internal Rating-based Model under Basel II Finance 2004-07-22
Kou-jen Huang Rotocraft Low-Altitude Flight Using GPS Compass and CCD camera technique for ground object Azimuth Estimation Electrical Engineering 2004-07-16
Yen-Chieh Huang Transformations from Class Diagram to Relational Table and Application Template Information Management 2004-07-24
Shin-ping Huang A Study of Work and Family Roles Conflicts of the Boss's Wife Human Resource Management 2004-07-25
Jian-Ming Huang Low Voltage Differential Signaling Transceiver Electrical Engineering 2004-07-26
Kuo-Chin Huang Hardware-Software Partitioning and Pipelined Scheduling of Multimedia Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-26
Chen-Mao Huang A Study on Information sharing in Marine Supply Chain : A Case Study of Container Terminal Information Management 2004-07-27
Chih-peng Huang NONE Finance 2004-07-27
Yi-Yao Huang Protein Folding Prediction with Genetic Algorithms Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-28
Ching-feng Huang Fabrications of Micro Heaters and Micro Sensors Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-29
Chin-Ming Huang Mining Mobile Group Patterns Using Trajectory Approximation Information Management 2004-07-29
Hung-Wei Huang Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem by Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms with DNA Computing Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-29
Chen-Wei Huang Adoption of Mobile Technology in Business Information Management 2004-07-30
Mei-yu Huang The Relationship between Perceptions of Organization Politics and Job Performance:The Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction、Job Stress and Organizational Commitment Human Resource Management 2004-07-30
Chang-ning Huang On the development of thermally etched morphology of Co1-XO-MgO polycrystals Materials Science and Engineering 2004-08-02
Chen-wei Huang Discotic Liquid Crystal-Synthesis of Unsymmertrical HAT Chemistry 2004-08-01
Bo-Tse Huang Analysis and research of an ultra-precision XY positioning stage Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-05
Li-Shang Huang Study on measurements of friction coefficient in tube hydroforming Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-05
Tse-hsiu Huang An Ontology-Based Personalized Document Clustering Approach Information Management 2004-08-05
Wei-Zheng Huang Observation of Dislocation Morphologies in Front of Fatigue Crack Tips of IF Steel Materials Science and Engineering 2004-08-06
Shu-chun Huang The trend on the switch of industry & occupation with reconstructed labor in Taiwan labor market .To analyze before and after the rise of the Knowledge-based Economy Age. Human Resource Management 2004-08-07
Chien-Che Huang A MAC Protocol Supporting Quality of Service by Bandwidth Reservation Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-10
Yong-Ho Huang none EMBA 2004-08-11
Chao-Shun Huang none EMBA 2004-08-11
Fu-Pin Huang Development of On-Line Inspection System on Bare Fiber Polishing Machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-13
Chung-jia Huang Bioremediation of diesel contaminated soils by landfarming coupled with biopile Environmental Engineering 2004-08-13
Yu-Chen Huang A Study of Economic Evaluation and Voting Behavior among Constituency: 1996-2004 Political Science 2004-08-17
Li-hui Huang EMS encounter experienced and word of mouth reaction of Kaohsiung city residents. Public Affairs Management 2004-08-18
Su-Wen Huang The research of Electronic Government about interdepartmental information sharing – A study case of Bureau of National Health Insurance Kao-ping Branch Public Affairs Management 2004-08-19
Kun-der Huang Treatment of TCE - Contaminated Groundwater using Potassium Permanganate Oxidation Environmental Engineering 2004-08-22
Jui-mei Huang The Effect from Working Stress and Support System to Health-care Workers’ Working Attitude during SARS Outbreak Human Resource Management 2004-08-25
Chin-Ching Huang Study of Job Satisfaction of Employees in Kaohsiung Branch Office of CHT Business Management 2004-09-08
Wen-chen Huang Study on the Residue of Dioxins in Ashes and Gaseous Pollutants in A Fluidized-Bed Incinerator Environmental Engineering 2004-09-01
Wen-ching Huang The study of brand image in wealth management bank Business Management 2004-08-31
Kwun-lun Huang The study of gene expression induced by manganese of Deinococcus radiodurans Biological Sciences 2004-08-27
Yi-cheng Huang Electrochemical detection of electroactive anion by capillary electrochromatagraphy using open tubular column modified by cationic polymer (PDADMAC) Chemistry 2004-09-05
Hui-jung Huang The influence factor of the production of consumer news Communications Management 2004-09-06
Jiun-Nan Huang Taxonomic study of Myrmarachne (Araneae: Salticidae) from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2004-09-07
Guo-ting Huang The Design and Demodulation of Fiber-optic Hydrophones Based on Dual Sagnac Interferometers Electrical Engineering 2004-09-08
Jing-yun Huang Towards a Feminine/Feminist/Female Discourse of Virginia Woolf Foreign Language and Literature 2004-09-08
Hao-lun Huang Performance Study on the treatment of VOC Containg Gases from Paint Blending Processes Environmental Engineering 2004-09-09
Yi-ching Huang Default probability estimation for financial institutions in evaluating building companies on security market Finance 2004-09-09
Yen-ling Huang The role of “cyanide-resistant respiration pathway” on the degradation of KCN in Klebsiella oxytoca Biological Sciences 2004-09-09
Hsien-kuei Huang Optimal estimates of the eigenvalue gap and eigenvalue ratio with variational Applied Mathematics 2004-09-11
Jen-Chi Huang The Video Object Segmentation Method for Mpeg-4 Computer Science and Engineering 2004-09-23
Jen-Yi Huang Improving the Motion Vector Searching Algorithm and Estimating Criteria in Video Compression Computer Science and Engineering 2004-10-07
Chi-Tsung Huang 1.Synthesis,Pyrolytic and Photolytic Study of Furo[3,2-c] Pyran-4-one 2.Pyrolytic Study of Benzoic 1,2-Dimethyl-3-Indoly Anhydride Chemistry 2004-12-07
Guo-chin Huang The Development of a Mathematics Achievement Test For the Seventh Graders in Tainan City Based on the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Education 2004-12-07
An-Sheng Huang Revolution or Evolution? An Analysis of E-Health Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2005-01-12
Kuei-Ying Huang The Empirical Investigation of Fiscal Position of Kaohsiung County Economics 2005-01-17
Pen-Jen Huang none Chinese Literature 2005-01-22
Bo-Jang Huang Educational Expectation, Activity Participation, and Socioeconomic Status of Junior High School Students. Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-27
Chong-ren Huang The Mechanism Study of the Sonophoresis to the Permeation of Stratum Corneum Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-02-14
Chin-Chung Huang A Methodology for the Integration of Hopfield Network and Genetic Algorithm Schemes for Graph Matching Problems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-02-14
Nuan-Ya Huang Effect of subcutaneous administration of endotoxin on formation of endothelial gaps, plasma leakage and leukocyte infiltration in rat hindpaw skin Biological Sciences 2005-02-16
Li-Jin Huang Perceptions of Organizational Politics in Organization and its Impact on Work Attitude within the organization – An Empirical Study of one company in Southern Taiwan Human Resource Management 2005-02-17
Su-ching Huang Considering Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Industry Center's development plan from the perspective of Granville Island District's operational strategies in Vancouver, Canada Arts Management 2005-02-21
Sheng-hsiung Huang none Chinese Literature 2005-05-30
Li-Yuan Huang An Integration Study of Quality Management System and Performance Management System On TFT LCD Industry Business Management 2005-06-09
Chun-Wei Huang The empirical study on trading strategy form by implied volatility Finance 2005-06-14
Yao-Tien Huang Analysis and simulation of temporal and spatial variations of suspended particulates in the urban area, Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2005-06-12
Hsin-Wei Huang A Business Model Research Related to Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Management --- the Case Study of Makalot and Li&Fung Company Business Management 2005-06-17
Yu-ling Huang The Economic Analysis of Both New and Old Pension Systems Economics 2005-06-24
Kun-Cyuan Huang Simulation of Stability Analysis for Distribution Systems with Dispersed Generation Using Matlab/Simulink Electrical Engineering 2005-06-23
Yu-tien Huang The experiment of information integration on the social stratification by fairness measurement Public Affairs Management 2005-06-27
Chun-hao Huang A Research of the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Behavior Intention of the Taiwanese Airlines Online-Ticketing System. Business Management 2005-06-27
Cheng-Yao Huang A study on the participative motives of silver-haired Tai Chi Chuan Participants in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2005-06-25
Ya-Ling Huang Applications of GENESIS on Modeling Structure-Induced Shoreline Changes Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-06-27
Chao-Jen Huang A Study on feedback influence of performance index of the Balanced Scorecard Strategy with system dynamics - Take private Fixed Network Company as an example Business Management 2005-06-30
Yi-fang Huang The design of mathematical games in addition and subtraction two-digit computation learning for elementary children Education 2005-06-30
Chi-chun Huang Linear LDO Regulator with Modified NMCF Frequency Compensation and Low Noise Amplifier for Neural Signal Sensing and Recording Electrical Engineering 2005-07-05
Chi-Wen Huang The Creative Technological Management and Global Logistics Management added Selling to The Top in TAIWAN´s elevator property . Business Management 2005-07-05
Kai-yun Huang A study of the phonetic system in Yunlai Chinese Literature 2005-07-01
Zih-Cheng Huang Implementation & Performance Analysis of MP3 Player over ARM9 Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-06
Pin-Xun Huang Development of A Solar Energy Storage Charging System with Fuzzy Logic Control Electrical Engineering 2005-07-07
Shi-fei Huang The role o serotonin system in the temperature-influenced neural development of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Resources 2005-07-12
Yu-Hsin Huang THERMAL-MECHANICAL FATIGUE RESPONSE IN NANOCOMPOSITE APC-2 LAMINATES Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-12
Shih-han Huang An Action Research of Thematic Classical Music Appreciation Instruction In Elementary School Education 2005-07-12
Chien-wen Huang Efficacy Evaluation for Melting Treatment of Municipal Incinerator Fly Ash by Electric Arc Furnace in a Steel Mill Environmental Engineering 2005-07-12
Shih-Hung Huang The Baseband Signal Processing and Circuit Design for 868/915MHz Mode of the IEEE802.15.4 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN) Communications Engineering 2005-07-14
Ya-wen Huang Inferred Hydrodynamic Behavior of Suspended Particles from Settling and Resuspension Processes Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-07-15
Chih-Sheng Huang A Study of Surface Micromachined Tunable Capacitor Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
Yi-Yuan Huang A Microstructure study of Bi4Ti3O12 ferroelectric ceramics Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-15
Ban-how Huang Microstructure of sintered ZnO-MgO ceramic composites Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-16
Shuan-Yu Huang Temperature and Polarization Dependence on Holographic Gratings and Its Applications Based on Polymer and Liquid Crystals Physics 2005-07-20
Tzu-chien Huang Applying loop mirror and ring resonator in the fabrication and design of semiconductor laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-21
Yi-Ming Huang The Rearrangeability of Banyan-type Networks Applied Mathematics 2005-07-21
Shiu-li Huang The Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Sales-agent for Online Persuasion and Negotiation Information Management 2005-07-23
Tz-Jing Huang Organizational Innovation - A Case Study of the Traditional Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-25
Wen-ying Huang Rapidly obtain the ratio of Lysozyme / Tear lipocalin by MALDI/TOF in tear and build up the trend in the age of distribution Chemistry 2005-07-27
Wun-ru Huang A Study of The Relationship between Promotion Tools, People’s Attitude, Store Image and People’s Intention Use —Take My E-government- The E-government Entry Point of Taiwan for Example Communications Management 2005-07-28
Chao-chang Huang The revolution of legislative election and the development of Taiwan solidarity union EMPP 2005-07-26
Jung-Jie Huang Characterization of Silicon and Indium Phosphide MOS Structures with Titanium Oxide as Gate Oxides Electrical Engineering 2005-07-29
Yi-Wen Huang Three Phase Switched Reluctance Motor Control Using A Flyback Resistor C Dump Converter Control Electrical Engineering 2005-07-31
Bert Huang none EMBA 2005-08-01
Shiuan-Lung Huang Cross-Lingual Question Answering for Corpora with Question-Answer Pairs Information Management 2005-08-02
Chi-Cheng Huang Fuzzy Analytic Network Process in Evaluating Government-Sponsored Technology R&D Projects Public Affairs Management 2005-07-29
Tien-Chi Huang An Adaptive Route Optimization Scheme for Mobile IP Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-02
Shen-min Huang The motivation and friend-making behavior on sexual dating website- A case study of sexual community on BBS Communications Management 2005-08-05
Chi-huang Huang Photoluminescence Properties of InGaN/GaN Heterostructures Grown on Silicon Substrates Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-03
Ting-wei Huang A Design of the leg Mechanism of a Robot Dog Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-06
Yi-Ping Huang Economy Crises: The Case Study of Asian Financial Turmoil Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-09
Wen-ping Huang The Empirical Study of the Association with Economic Value Added and Stock Price In Integrated income tax system Finance 2005-08-07
Chieh-Chun Huang A study of supproting and managment of flexible workflows at run-time Information Management 2005-08-11
Liang-chieh Huang A Study on the organizational culture building --- An example of the Eslite bookstore Human Resource Management 2005-08-12
Wei-yu Huang Use of biomass model to asses species and productionprofile of marine cage culture in Taiwan Marine Biology 2005-08-14
Te-Chiang Huang Impact of Venture Capital on Financial Performance of OTC-listed Companies EMBA 2005-08-12
Ching-Hsing Huang The Application of Activity-Based Costing for the charges systems of the Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2005-08-20
Tzu-che Huang An Implementation of a Placement and Routing Tool for the Fine-grain Multi-context Reconfigurable Processing Unit Electrical Engineering 2005-08-22
Chia-Ieh Huang Mixed Linear/Switching Controller Design of a Voltage Regulator Module Electrical Engineering 2005-08-23
Erh-chien Huang Exon Primers Design Using Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-29
Ji-mo Huang The Study of Mode Conversion Phenomenon by Guided Waves Interacted with Defect Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-30
Li-Ying Huang The Study of Customer Personal Data Protection Public Affairs Management 2005-08-30
Hui-chung Huang The Relationship with Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Family Support, Intention to Stay and Professional Commitment - High-tech Industry R&D Professional for Example Human Resource Management 2005-08-31
Hau-lun Huang Priming Response and Toll-like Receptors Expression in Inflammatory Cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-26
Yung-cheng Huang Order of Distance Spectrum Members and its Influence Electrical Engineering 2005-09-05
Yu-Ping Huang A Study on the University-Industry Cooperation in Taiwan: Case of NSC Biotech University-Industry Cooperation Project Business Management 2005-09-05
Pei-Chi Huang A Study on the relationships between financial advisors’ perceived quota difficulty, customer orientation, job satisfaction and turnover intention- Using Kaohsiung area wealth management banking sector as an example Business Management 2005-09-05
man-yi Huang Exploring the effect of ETF and ETS-1 binding site mutation on the activity of TSG101 promoter Biological Sciences 2005-09-06
Yu-Ting Huang The Criteria and Relative Suggestions of Elementary School Teachers in Selecting Chinese Textbooks Education 2005-09-07
Sheng-qiang Huang Pulse Waveforms Dependent Performance Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Radios Communications Engineering 2005-09-08
Yu-hwa Huang ENSO effects on marine meteorology of adjacent waters surrounding Taiwan Marine Resources 2005-09-09
Jung-bin Huang Development of the inspection system for the splice plane of the cascaded fiber Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-09
Chih-Chin Huang Automatic Font Personalizing System Computer Science and Engineering 2005-10-13
Ching-Yuan Huang Factors Influencing Corporate Social Responsibility Behavior: Test of An Integrated Stakeholder Model Public Affairs Management 2005-10-14
Bo-Jen Huang Kinetic Study on Degradation of Gas-phase 1, 3-Butadiene and Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PGMEA) by UV/O3 Environmental Engineering 2005-10-24
Yi-Jay Huang The Electoral Marketing of Political Partys, Candidates in Multimember Distric and SNTV System in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Tsu Party and its Candidate in the North District in Kaohsiung City for the 2004 Legislator Election Political Science 2005-12-06
Hong-bin Huang Constructing Service Pathways Model of Hemodialysis Center Institute of Health Care Management 2005-12-26
Ching-Fen Huang Medical cost and treatment outcome related factors for HCC Institute of Health Care Management 2006-01-02
Tzu-Ting Huang The Social Welfare Policy of Singapore: An Analysis of State Corporatism Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-12-31
Hsin-yi Huang The study of Engineer Employee’s working Passion Human Resource Management 2006-01-17
Wei-Chiuan Huang Construction of Compact 3D Objects by Radial Basis Functions and Progressive Compression Computer Science and Engineering 2006-02-02
Tsung-chieh Huang Case Study--The Entrepreneurship of Digital Content Industry Information Management 2006-02-06
Ya-ling Huang The effect of physical working environment Business Management 2006-01-24
Tzu-yun Huang The discussion of credit risk Under New Basel Capital Accord bank risk management Finance 2006-02-08
Ling-Yi Huang A study about the key factors affecting users to accept Chunghwa Telecom's Multimedia on Demand Communications Management 2006-02-08
Shi-yu Huang Observation of Drop Load of Dislocation Morphologies in Front of Crack Tips Of IF STEEL Materials Science and Engineering 2006-02-08
Ching-chi Huang Study of Flourish vs. Weakness Critical Factors of Packaging / Testing Plants - Finance Case Study of Corporate C Finance 2006-02-08
Kai-ying Huang Evaluating The Value of Logistics Postponement Strategy via Real Options Business Management 2005-06-25
Chih-lung Huang The Opportunity And Challenge Of Regional EconomyIntegration Between China And Hong Kong (CEPA) Mainland China Studies 2006-02-08
Li-Hui Huang A Study of Military Training Instructor's Influence for School Civic Education--A Case Study of Three Medical Management Colleges Political Science 2006-02-10
Ming-hwa huang Foreign Spouses’ Families on Parents’ Rearing Attitude, Children’s Life Adjustments and Creative Experiences Education 2006-02-14
Chen-chun Huang The effects of using picture books in second-grade elementary school children's learning of mathematics Education 2006-04-28
Sheng-song Huang The Research of Military Organization of Shang Dynasty Chinese Literature 2006-06-15
Ching-ya Huang The Relationships between Personality Traits and Career Orientations of the Human Resource Professional Personnel Human Resource Management 2006-06-19
Chun-fong Huang The prevalence of allergic diseases in primary school in Yu-Li and the common allergens in Eastern Taiwan. Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-06-20
Chuan-feng Huang The application of neutral network on multi-factors stock return prediction model Finance 2006-06-21
Shiu-ling Huang Stability Analysis of Method of Foundamental Solutions for Laplace's Equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Ching-yi Huang After Berlin: The Theoretical Implications of Value Pluralism Political Science 2006-06-22
Sin-jie Huang The study on growth and surface polish of LiAlO2 single crystal Materials Science and Engineering 2006-06-14
Chia-chen Huang Controllable Luminescent Molecular Wire Comprising Redox-Active Biferrocencyl Spacer and Ruthenium(II) Terpyridine Chromophore Chemistry 2006-06-23
Li-Chun Huang Comparing business models of two Chinese medicine clinics using strategic alliances IEMBA 2006-06-23
Yu-Chun Huang The Performance Measurement of the Financial Holding Company in Taiwan Finance 2006-06-26
Han-Fen Huang Association Studies of Cytochrome P450 2J2*7 Variants in Type 2 Diabetes with Family History and Early Age of Onset Biological Sciences 2006-06-26
Ya-hui Huang The interaction of R&D and advertisement:the effect of substitute and complement Finance 2006-06-26
Jung-heng Huang Study on the Czochralski Growth and characterization of (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3 single crystals Materials Science and Engineering 2006-06-20
Yi-Fen Huang Magnetic Studies On Nano-scale Radical-containing Vanadium Oxide Physics 2006-06-24
Wan-jen Huang none Chinese Literature 2006-06-24
Ting-ying Huang The Poetics of Transgression: Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Narcissism, and Hyperreality in Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 Foreign Language and Literature 2006-06-26
Hui-chun Huang The Relationships between Demographic Variables, Playfulness, Motivation of Teaching, Happiness and Creative Teaching among Junior High School Teachers Education 2006-06-28
Sih-Wei Huang Mercury and Selenium Concentrations in Fishes from the Water Reservoir of a Chlor-alkali Plant in Tainan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-06-28
Yen-Wei Huang Study on The Regenerative Thermal Oxidation of Gas-borne N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and Its Associated NOx Formation Characteristics Environmental Engineering 2006-06-29
Yen-ta Huang The research of the fiscal system transformation affects the SOEs reform in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2006-07-02
Chien-Ming Huang Harmonic Distortion Analysis and Improvement for an Integrated Steel Factory Electrical Engineering 2006-07-05
Yu-Hsiung Huang Study of Load Transfer and Outage Restoration for Distribution Systems Electrical Engineering 2006-07-05
Shu-Chi Huang Characterization of Reactive-Sputtered Copper doped ZnO Thin Films Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-04
Jun-Hao Huang Wavelet Analyses On The Multi-Factor Model Construction:An Empirical Study In Taiwan Stock Market Economics 2006-07-06
Shiau-mei Huang The Development of the Early String Quartet: The Study of the Transition from the Trio Sonata to the String Quartet Music 2006-07-04
Kuo-tien Huang A Comparative Study on Customs Bonded System across the Strait Mainland China Studies 2006-07-07
Shiau-Jiuan Huang Detection and analysis of Anti-SARS-CoV Immunoglobulin G and associated risk factor among healthcare workers in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-07-12
Yan-Huei Huang Video Error Detection And Concealment Using Fragile And Robust Watermarks Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-12
Wei-ling Huang Hybrid Steepest-Descent Methods for Variational Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-26
Hsing-hao Huang A Study of Non-Profit Organizations' Experiences and Opinions on Cause-Related Marketing—Cases of Child Welfare Foundations Business Management 2006-07-14
Meng-Sheng Huang Factors Affecting Interaction among Traditional Classroom and Online Synchronous Classroom in Blended Learning Environment Information Management 2006-07-17
Yu-ming Huang Fabrication of Cr-Doped Fiber by Drawing Tower Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-15
Ying-Hsiang Huang The Relationship Between Strategic Alignment of Information Systems and Performance Impact in Hospitals Information Management 2006-06-08
Chien-lin Huang Study of Molecular Self-Assembled Monolayers of Ru(II)-Terpyridyloctanethiolate Complex on Au Electrode and Au Clusters Chemistry 2006-07-17
Yu-Fen Huang A Study of Commercialization on different kinds of Non-Profit Organizations. Business Management 2006-07-18
Shu-chen Huang The Political and Economic Analysis of Taiwan Agricultural Purveyance Policy Political Science 2006-07-10
Sung-yu Huang Investigation on Electrical Analysis and Physics Mechanism of Low Temperature Polycrystalline-silicon Thin Film Transistor Physics 2006-07-20
Ming-chih Huang A Digital Signal Processing Based Method for Establishing the relationship Between the HRV and RDI Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-14
Hsiao-Yin Huang Ko Matsushita's suite: Anthology of Love Music 2006-07-25
Shi-Ming Huang An Anonymous Authentication Protocol with Chargeability and Fair Privacy for Mobile Network Environments Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-26
Ding-jhih Huang A Low-Voltage Low-Power Widely Tunable Channel Select Filter Electrical Engineering 2006-07-06
Ting-Yun Huang Hardware Design, Integration, and Verification of Geometry Engine in 3D Graphics Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-27
Pei-yu Huang The Investigation of the Performance Implementing in College Affairs Funds amongst the National Universities in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2006-07-27
Chi-Jen Huang Cross-Layer TCP Congestion Window Control for Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2006-08-01
Huei-Jen Huang The Operating Performance and Development Strategy of Airlines Websites Business Management 2006-07-31
Hsin-Chieh Huang A Content via Collaboration Approach to Text Filtering Recommender Systems Information Management 2006-08-01
Yii-Hua Huang A Study of the Relationship between School-Based Curriculum Evaluation and Teachers Prefessional Curriculum Knowledge and Skills Education 2006-07-29
Huei-Yu Huang The Shocks and Difficulties of Young Managers in the Organizations Human Resource Management 2006-08-04
Tzyy-shin Huang none Chinese Literature 2006-08-07
Wei-Chieh Huang Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Perfect Sequences for OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2006-07-28
Hua-Jau Huang Metakaolin Lightweight Aggregate Concrete to Aply to The Ocean Engineering Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-08-07
Tsung-Cheng Huang Structural Comparative Analysis of MPA Programs between Taiwan and Mainland Chinese Universities Public Affairs Management 2006-08-09
Jia-yu Huang Mesogenic Properties of Mono, Di, Tri-functionalized Dibenzo[a,c]phenazine Chemistry 2006-08-09
Yi-hsiang Huang Enterprises' stock price performance after private placement Business Management 2006-08-09
li-jin Huang Zoogeography of the Nudibranchia in Taiwan and adjacent islands, with note on the mucus secreting of Phyllidiella pustulosa Marine Biology 2006-08-09
Chang-ming Huang none EMPP 2006-08-15
Meng-I Huang Using AHP to analyze equipment RD strategy-L company as example EMBA 2006-08-15
Tan-chi Huang The Changes of China state and society relationship after economic reform 1978─taking the development of the social group as examples Mainland China Studies 2006-08-21
KUN-CHIEH HUANG Female consumers’ willingness to pay for recycled toilet paper: A comparison of contingent valuation method and conjoint analysis Public Affairs Management 2006-08-15
Chen-ying Huang The Relationship between Psychological Contract Fulfillment and Employee Behavior:The Moderating Effect of Personality Human Resource Management 2006-08-21
CHIN-MIEN HUANG none Public Affairs Management 2006-08-23
Li-Li Huang Study of The Analytical Method for Chromium(VI) in Seawater Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-08-28
Shu-fen Huang The Research of Organizational Citizenship Behavior for Contracted Employees and Formal Employees in the Legislative Yuan-The Moderating Effect of Organizational Justice Human Resource Management 2006-08-30
Shu-chun Huang The Study of the Relationship Among the Strategic Alliance, Alliance Partners' Guanxi, Trust, Alliance Performance and Future Cooperation Business Management 2006-08-29
Yi-chen Huang none IEMBA 2006-08-30
Kuan-ying Huang Use of web health information among Taiwan college student Institute of Health Care Management 2006-09-05
Shu-hua Huang A Study of Merger of Domestic Villages, Townships and Counties ---Taking Penghu County as an Example Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Sheng-hui Huang Protein expression of low temperature-inducible gene in Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-09-05
Chin-Hsiung Huang Design of improvement for the Pinch Roll Unit of Reversing Finishing Mill of Stainless Hot Strip Rolling Mill Line Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-06
Chi-hsuan Huang Cluster-Based Routing with Backup Route in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2006-09-07
Jian-yuan Huang The molecular dynamics investigation into the adsorption behaviour of water nanocluster on a solid substrate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-07
Shu- Ling Huang A Study On Hair Regulations Systems For Junior High School Students Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-07
Ya-Chen Huang The development of a spatial-temporal data imputation technique for the applications of environmental monitoring Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-09-12
Yi-chao Huang Structural properties of GaN-based materials Materials Science and Engineering 2006-09-12
Hsiao-wei Huang A study on master’s students’ life stress, coping strategies and mental health in Taiwan Education 2006-09-13
Shie-Lung Huang On Solution Bounds of General Algebraic Lyapunov Equations Electrical Engineering 2006-09-13
Chin-Yi Huang Study On the Changes and Determinants of the Dividend Policies of the Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2006-09-14
Jen-Wei Huang Light Emitting Diodes and Photovoltaic Cells of Fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Rigid-rod Polymers Doped with Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube Materials Science and Engineering 2006-11-01
Hsin-ya Huang Effect of health education intervention for chronic kidney disease Institute of Health Care Management 2006-12-15
Chih-hua Huang CDK2AP1 Expression Profile in Oral Cancer Prognosis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-01-09
Chih-Chien Huang Dietary Methionine and Lysine Requirements of Juvenile Cobia, Rachycentron canadum Marine Biology 2007-01-12
Yi-Hua Huang A system dynamics study of flexible manpower allocation in regular and assignment employees in enterprises Information Management 2007-01-19
Hsiao-chun Huang Factors Affecting the Adoption of Mobile Technology —the Fit-Viability Perspective Information Management 2007-01-21
Shin-y Huang Studies on China's ASEAN Policy Political Science 2007-01-18
Shih-hao Huang Implementation of Topology Discovery in Multi-Subnet Environments Computer Science and Engineering 2007-01-30
Jian-chin Huang The relationships between phenology and fig wasps of a dioecious Ficus tinctoria Biological Sciences 2007-02-02
Ya-lin Huang Research on women who run a one person business Business Management 2007-02-12
Chien-Chih Huang Design and implementation of sequential input-output order FFT processor Computer Science and Engineering 2007-01-17
Hung-chi Huang A Study on the Limits and the Functional Zoning of Maritime Zones in National Spatial Planning Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-02-13
Shih-Feng Huang This research mainly combines: Police policy, transportation, fire control, news, and public affairs. - Use Kaohsiung Wireless platform as a starting point. Communications Management 2007-02-13
Wen-yen Huang Development of Risk Management Strategies for a Petro-Chemical Contaminated Site Environmental Engineering 2007-06-01
Hsu-jung Huang A Study of The Financing Mode for Technology Service Industry -The Case of Energy Service Companies(ESCO) Business Management 2007-06-11
Ming-Jer Huang A Knowledge-Based Approach to Urban-feature Classification Using Aerial Imagery with Airborne LiDAR Data Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-06-11
Hsi-ling Huang The Influence of Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Total Quality Management on the Organizational Performances-- An Empirical Study of Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s Business Divisions Business Management 2007-06-11
Chieh-yuan Huang A Study of Hsiang Yang's Modern Poetry Chinese Literature 2007-06-13
Chih-li Huang Enterprise finance crisis forecast- Constructing industrial forcast model by Artificial Neural Network model Business Management 2007-06-14
Jyh-shin Huang The Stieltjes Transforms of Symmetric Probability Distribution Functions Applied Mathematics 2007-06-15
Ta-Cheng Huang Clinical results of percutaneous closure of large secundum atrial septal defects in children using the Amplatzer septal occluder Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-06-18
I-Fan Huang Government Risk Managemet in Infrastructure Publi-Private Partnerships Public Affairs Management 2007-06-21
Li-Ting Huang Information content of customer satisfaction Finance 2007-06-23
Chiung-hui Huang The effects of organizational and inter-personal factors on the willingness of knowledge sharing: An empirical study in technology industry Business Management 2007-06-25
Chin-hui Huang Intra-industry Trade and Business Cycle Synchronization in East Asia Economics 2007-06-26
Yi-Hsuan Huang none Economics 2007-06-27
Li-Chun Huang A Positive Psychology Approach to Modeling Adolescent Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games Information Management 2007-06-27
Shih-ting Huang none Economics 2007-06-28
Wen-hung Huang Effect and mechanism of 6-OHDA induced inflammation in rat urinary bladder and prostate Biological Sciences 2007-06-26
Kun-Shi Huang Implementation of Mobile-IP based Vertical Handoff in a Heterogeneous WiMAX and WLAN Electrical Engineering 2007-06-28
Chin-yun Huang The Cooperation Modes of Foreign Banks into the Ownership of China Banks and a New Approach on CEPA Mainland China Studies 2007-06-29
Siang-hua Huang The Effects of Price Discrimination on Buyer’s Internal Reference Price and Post-purchase Emotions Business Management 2007-06-30
Shu-chun Huang Ghost story Chinese Literature 2007-07-03
Shu-yu Huang A study on the UK electricity liberalization market : look back on 20 years EMBA 2007-07-03
Yu-Ching Huang none Chinese Literature 2007-07-05
Yung-chia Huang Route Assignment for Distributed Leased Lines in Mobile Cellular Network Information Management 2007-07-09
Chih-Wei Huang Three Phase Balancing of Distribution Systems Using Heuristic Rules Electrical Engineering 2007-07-09
MAO-CHING Huang A Study on Key Success Factors of Chain Drugstore EMBA 2007-07-04
Tzu-lun Huang A Structured Segment Tree Approach to Supporting Range Queries in P2P Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-05
Li-min Huang The Study of Classical Poems of Tu-mu Chinese Literature 2007-07-11
Guo-Fong Huang The Study of Executive Leadership Style in Relation to Employee Working Satisfaction: The Case Study from Household Registration System in The Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-06
Cheng-Yeh Huang Integrated Spot-Size Converter with Electroabsorption Modulator for improving optical and electrical characteristics Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-11
Kai-min Huang Video game industry in the Presence of Network Externality Economics 2007-07-13
Jhih-rong Huang External electric potential induced semi-metal-semiconductor transition in a two-layer graphene Physics 2007-07-13
Kuo-Si Huang Some Common Subsequence Problems of Multiple Sequences and Their Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-14
Chin-yen Huang The Numerical Simulations and Manufacturing Process Design of the Large Area and High Resolution Shadow Mask for OLED Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-16
Huei-Min Huang M plane GaN film growth by PAMBE and CL study Physics 2007-07-17
Yen-liang Huang Effects of anode modification on the improved performance of organic solar cells based on poly (3-hexylthiophene): Fullerene Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-17
Yu-Fang Huang A Comparative Study of Hakka Language Textbooks Among Different Areas in Taiwan Education 2007-07-18
Jun-shan Huang Projected Fringe Profilometry for dynamic micro-scale measurements Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-19
Chih-yi Huang Research on electrical performance of differential pair design in package substrate Electrical Engineering 2007-07-18
Yen-lung Huang 3-Dimensional Numerical Stress Analysis around a Micro-Channel Wall Crack Tip in a Micro-PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-21
Yi-cheng Huang Passive Mixing Enhancements in Different Geometric Microchannels with Roughened Surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-20
Po-lin Huang The relationship between perceptions of organizational politics and machiavellianism, the degree of democracy, and the characteristics of public and privacy organization. Human Resource Management 2007-07-20
Chih-Hung Huang Detecting Java Memory Leak by Time Series Analysis Information Management 2007-07-23
Yu-Feng Huang A Study on Seed Morphology of Melastomataceae in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2007-07-23
Po-Chun Huang High-Performance Low-Temperature Polysilicon Thin-Film Transistors with Nano-wire Structure Physics 2007-07-19
Yi-min Huang A Study on the Community Citizens’ Participation of Voluntary Service –Taking the Resource Recycling Volunteers of Shoutian Temple, Gangshan Township, Kaohsiung County as the Example EMPP 2007-07-25
Ching-hsien Huang Dialectics of Globalization and Localization on the Chinese Communist Party's Ideology Mainland China Studies 2007-07-26
Jun-Chin Huang Flip Chip Solder Residual Improvement and Process CPK Control Analysis Electrical Engineering 2007-07-28
Huei-chung Huang Settling Particulates and Sediments in the Northern South China Sea: Study of Flux and Pb-210 Marine Geology and chemistry 2007-07-31
Chiao-wei Huang A New Approach to Benzo[h]quinoline Skeleton Chemistry 2007-07-25
shou-ching huang The relationship between citing and cited patterns in research papers and the fluctuation of journal ranking Applied Mathematics 2007-07-31
Yu-Chen Huang Multiple Structural Breaks in The Real Exchange Rates :An Empirical Research of Asia & Pacific Countries Economics 2007-08-01
Shu-mei Huang A Study of “the Merger of Kaohsiung City & Kaohsiung Port” & the Development of “Maritime Capital” EMPP 2007-08-01
Chih-Chiang Huang Synthesis and Reactivity of the 1,8-Cyclotetradecadiyne Carbonyl Tungsten Complexes Chemistry 2007-08-02
Ling-Ying Huang Anonymous Multi-Receiver Identity-Based Encryption Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-31
Shiou-Yi Huang Human Resource Management Competencies of Line Manager Human Resource Management 2007-08-05
Jhong-You Huang Economic Impacts on Central Taiwan Region by establishing the CTSP Public Affairs Management 2007-08-06
Pao-Cheh Huang The Research of Outsourcing with Participating Development on Process Control Information System - A Case Study of China Steel Corporation Information Management 2007-08-06
Hsi-Yi Huang A study on the china distribution channel: A Foreign Company in the Petrochemical Industry Case IEMBA 2007-08-07
Mao-hsiung HUANG The study of business model on STN LCD industry—Case study on E company EMBA 2007-08-07
Chun-shyen Huang none EMBA 2007-08-06
Wen-ling Huang none Economics 2007-08-08
Chin-chung Huang Human Resource Outsourcing Survey Report (Taiwan 2007) Human Resource Management 2007-08-10
Chinh-wen Huang The Prognostic Role and Expression of the Ubiquitin Ligase Subunits Skp2 and Cks1 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-08-15
Chin-yuan Huang The Software Outsourcing Conflict - A study based on the Frame Theory Information Management 2007-08-20
Ho-cheng Huang Studies on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft Corals Sarcophyton crassocaule and Paralemnalia thyrsoides Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-08-23
Yueh-ying Huang nono EMBA 2007-08-20
Ling-huang Huang Exploring the Promotion of Harm Reduction Program in Social Marketing Strategies EMBA 2007-08-23
Hsin-cheng Huang none Communications Management 2007-08-27
Yu-chang Huang The Study of the Impact of Experiential element on Experiential Satisfaction and Word of mouth-A case study of the spectators of Super Basketball League Business Management 2007-08-20
Syuan-guang Huang Design and Implementation of Baseband Algorithms for UWB Receeiver Communications Engineering 2007-08-28
Chao-Yeh Huang A study for the development of a bank - The case of Bank of Kaohsiung. Business Management 2007-08-30
Ta-chih Huang Study On Failed Cases Of Information Products: Influence Of Failure Factors On Business Strategy For Information Products EMBA 2007-08-29
Po-wei Huang Study of the Sound Field Characteristics in Phononic Crystal Using the Boundary Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-31
Yung-hsiang Huang An empirical study in obstacles for internal internet banking development EMBA 2007-08-27
Li-Jung Huang A Study of Female Officers’/Sergeants’ Perception of Administrative Justice and Their Attitude Toward Work: Based on the Perturbing Parameter of a Perception of Administrative Support Human Resource Management 2007-09-03
Po-chi Huang The Determination of Chemical Shift Tensor and Electric Field Gradient Tensor by One- and Two-Dimensional Magic-Angles-Spinning Experiments Chemistry 2007-09-03
Shih-jung Huang Discotic Liquid Crystal Synthesis(I):With Dove Tail Substituent Chemistry 2007-09-08
Chi-yang Huang Changes in gap junctional intercellular communication caused by Malachite green and it׳s metabolite (Leucomalachite green)in the rat liver epithelial cell line(WB cell) Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-09-08
Jing-shi Huang Chemical Constituents and Biological Activity Studies of Formosan Soft Corals Lemnalia flava, Efflatounaria tottoni, and Klyxum simplex Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-07
Shu-che Huang A Study of Mobile Value-Added Service Content Constructing Strategies Base on Digital Mobile Platform ─ an Empirical of 3G Mobile System Arts Management 2007-09-10
Hsiu-ling Huang Marketing strategy of alligning Purified, Functional water and Beauty treatment business in China market. EMBA 2007-08-27
Wei-Chen Huang Complementary Coded OFDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2007-09-10
Chien-Chih Huang Tempospatial distribution of platycephalids and the biology of Suggrundus macracanthus in the waters off southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-11
Chao-ming Huang A Balance Circuit Employing Transformers with Serial Primary Windings for Multiple Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2007-09-11
Ching-Jung Huang The Research of China financial holdings company Mainland China Studies 2007-09-12
Fu-hsiang Huang none EMBA 2007-09-11
Shao-Yen Huang Forming Ceramic Turbine Rotor by Green Machining Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-12
Yao-pseng Huang Autocorrelation Based SNR Estimation Communications Engineering 2007-10-15
Si-Hai Huang Strategic Alliance and Supply Chain Integration for Taiwan IT Electronic Components Distributors EMBA 2007-10-27
Hsiung-Yi Huang CREB site in the EMP2 proximal promoter region is critical for its transcription Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-12-27
Yi-chung Huang Fabrication and Characteristics of Ultra Broadband Cr-doped Fibers by Drawing Tower Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-02
Hsin-Wei Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Network Management Model Information Management 2008-01-16
Siou-Ru Huang none Business Management 2008-01-17
Yen-Wei Huang A Different Threshold Approach to Data Replication in Data Grids Computer Science and Engineering 2008-01-21
Yu-Chou Huang Wide bandwidth RF Transmission Line Transformers Design Electrical Engineering 2008-01-22
Shuo-Chao Huang A Four-Sector Switchable WiMAX Antenna Electrical Engineering 2008-01-22
Chiao-Chu Huang Content Analysis of The Performance of Online Auction Web-pages─Taking Yahoo! Kimo Bid Website as Example Communications Management 2008-01-23
Chinh-mei Huang Investigation on Electrical Characteristics at Low Temperature and Photo Leakage Current of a-Si Thin Film Transistor Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-22
Tang-chen Huang The study of full color display based on white polymer light-emitting devices combined with color filters Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-25
Yu-chen Huang Factors Affectong the loyalty of E-tailing Stores Communications Management 2008-01-30
Lang-kwei Huang Impact of consistency between brand image, involvement and brand extension on brand attitude - A case of Giant brand extension Business Management 2008-01-29
Hui-chun Huang The study of characterization microstructure defects of LiAlO2 crystal. Materials Science and Engineering 2008-02-19
Chun-Chieh Huang Design Low Mutual Coupling WLAN/WiMAX Antenna for MIMO applications Electrical Engineering 2008-02-01
Xiao-Lin Huang The Pingdon Country teacher organizes of investigation and study thr trade union manner to the teacher EMPP 2008-02-12
Yu-Ying Huang An empirical study of postponement application for large manufacturers in electronic/IT, clothing, and electric appliances industries Business Management 2008-02-11
Zheng-yi Huang The research about the education ofelementary school student in Dong Gang EMPP 2008-02-13
Chi-tien Huang Study on the production process of the recombinant his-tag streptavidin Biological Sciences 2008-02-14
Jhih-Cheng Huang Applying e-Learning for Martial Arts Teaching using Action Research Approach Information Management 2008-02-15
Min-Zong Huang Development and Applications of Electrospray-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization for Protein Analysis and Molecular maging Chemistry 2008-02-15
Chun-Kai Huang Carrier Dynamic Study of Oxygen ion-implanted GaAs Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-06-03
Chien-Feng Huang The impact of liquidity ability on the default risk of Taiwan's companies--Application of the Threshold Regression Finance 2008-06-13
Chih-Hung Huang Study of the Internal Multiband Mobile Phone Antenna with a Coupling Feed Electrical Engineering 2008-06-12
Hsing-Yu Huang Research the Taiwan Kitchenware Equipment Industry Competition Strategy - take A corporation as the example EMBA 2008-06-10
Kuang-Hui Huang Triplexer Transceiver Modules on the Silicon Bench for High-Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-06-16
Tsun-Kuei Huang An Efficient Parameter-Relationship-Based Approach for Projected Clustering Computer Science and Engineering 2008-06-16
Yun-ru Huang Viscosity Approximation Methods for Generalized Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Problems Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Li-fang Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Procurement management Information Management 2008-06-23
Chung-hang Huang Determinants of Taiwan coporations issuing IPOs abroad--empirical evidence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China Finance 2008-06-23
Jing-yi Huang Performance Study on the Treatment of Airborne VOCs Generated from A Chemical Plant by A Pilot Biofiter Packed with Fern Chips Environmental Engineering 2008-06-25
Hou-shiang Huang A study of the Feasibility of Electoral Advertisment in Public Lavatories In the Municipal Areas. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-28
Yen-min Huang Case study of Enterprise N’s business units via FCF analysis in the BCG model Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-07
Kai-chen Huang Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation for Wired and Wireless WiMAX Networks Electrical Engineering 2008-07-09
Cheng-chieh Huang 1. New Approach to 2-Quinolinones 2. Synthetic Studies Toward Toddaquinoline and Louisianin D Chemistry 2008-07-08
Tien-cheng Huang none Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-16
Yung-lun Huang The Investigation of the Optical Characteristics in Broadband Quantum Dots Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-17
Yu-hua Huang Performing terror, sexuality and gender in The Monk Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-21
Yen-Ren Huang Retrieval by spatial similarity based on interval neighbor group Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-23
Yong- tin Huang Analysis and application of back electrode and transparent conducting film characteristic of CuInSe2 thin film solar cell Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-28
Chia-Hui Huang The Existing Value And Transformation Opportunities Of Taiwan Fishermen’s Associations─ An Example Of Yong ─An Fishermen’s Association EMBA 2008-07-28
shih-ming huang A study of ocean wave energy capture system Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-26
Hong-Jie Huang System-level power estimation framework with SystemC Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Ya-yun Huang Multiple vocies of the connection problems of different editions of elementary school text books. Education 2008-07-29
Chieh Huang none Business Management 2008-07-24
Yao-Tsung Huang the Competence of Non-IT Background Project Manager Leading IT Project Information Management 2008-07-30
Tun-ling Huang Design and Implementation of an Intelligent SIP User Agent to Avoid “Invite/Bye” Attack Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Kai-lin Huang Deblocking Filter Algorithm by Color Psychology Analysis for Various Video Decoders Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Kuan-lung Huang Preparation and Study of Electro-Optical Properties of Novel Flexible Substrate Materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-29
Bang-Hao Huang Pulsed laser ablation condensation of ZnO/Zn for artificial epitaxy and subsequence {hkil}-specific VLS growth Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Shu-Jiun Huang Effect of YDL100c Deficiency on the Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the Presence of Menadione Biological Sciences 2008-08-01
Li-Ching Huang The Study of Classification of OCL Expressions in Class Diagram Information Management 2008-08-01
Heng-Ching Huang A Numerical Method for First-Touch Digital Options under Jump-Diffusion Model Finance 2008-08-04
Tsung-yung Huang none Mainland China Studies 2008-08-06
Yen-Han Huang Spatial Diversity System Design and Performance Analysis Communications Engineering 2008-08-05
Hsiu-yun Huang Research on the Faculty Evaluation of University Education 2008-08-06
Ya-Ching Huang Chemical Constituents and Anti-inflammatory Activity Studies of Formosan Soft Coral Nephthea chabrolii Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-08-08
Tung-chih Huang Set up Enterprise Dynamic Strategy Map by System Thinking- A Case Study of A Company EMBA 2008-08-06
Yao-Feng Huang An Enhanced State-of-Charge and State-of-Health Estimation Method Based on Ampere-Hour Counting for Lead-Acid Batteries Electrical Engineering 2008-08-12
Wei-Sheng Huang A Unified System/RTL/FPGA/Chip Verification Methodology for a 3D Graphics SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2008-08-15
Sheng-shiung Huang The 13C, 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Studies of Dynamics of Amino Acids and Proteins Chemistry 2008-08-13
Jung-chih Huang Fiscal Deficits, Debts Financing, and Interest Rates in Taiwan: The Empirical Analysis of Cointegration Public Affairs Management 2008-08-17
Chia-hui Huang A case study on the enterprise implements the Human Resource Information System module through ERP. Human Resource Management 2008-08-19
Jen-Shan Huang none Finance 2008-08-23
Shi-Ying Huang The effects of lemnalol on carrageenan-induced inflammation and hyperalgesia Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-08-25
Chia-wen Huang Correlated expression of TSG101 and Sp1 in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia Biological Sciences 2008-08-25
Hsiao-fang Huang The lived meaning of out-dining: An investigation over Kaohsiung citizens about out-of-home dining Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-08-25
Shin-wei Huang The Empirical Study of Trend Following Program Trading on Taiwan Stock Market Information Management 2008-08-27
Wei-lin Huang Combining Monte Carlo algorithm and coarse-grained model to study the characteristics of liquid crystal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-26
Yuan-Te Huang The Study of Polite Theory in Doctor-Patient Conversation-Based on Outpatients of Pediatrics Department EMBA 2008-08-20
Chien-Chi Huang Pro-oxidant and anti-angiogenic effects of high-dose morphine on the vascular endothelial function and wound healing Biological Sciences 2008-08-25
Ching-Chih Huang A Study on Peak Load Shaving Strategy for Distributed Generation Series Grid Interconnection Module Electrical Engineering 2008-08-28
Mei-hui Huang Aluminum and Palladium Complexes Containing Amido Phosphine Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity Chemistry 2008-08-26
Wen-Shiuan Huang Capillary electrophoresis with triple pulsed amperometric detection at gold microelectrode for mercury speciation Chemistry 2008-08-30
Chung-yi Huang An Empirical Analysis on the Transmission System Productivity and Efficiency of the Taiwan Power Company-Three Stage DEA Public Affairs Management 2008-09-02
Hong-yao Huang A Study of People’s Republic of China Participate to Construct East Asia Regional Security Complex Mainland China Studies 2008-09-01
Guan-Chih Huang An Analysis of Ocean Wave Energy Acquisition System: Optimization of Energy Generation and Analysis of Vibration Reduction Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-03
Ching-mei Huang none Human Resource Management 2008-09-08
Jen-hao Huang Research of relationships among perceptions of human resource management practice, organizational climate, role adjustment and working attitude - take THSRC employees as study object. Human Resource Management 2008-09-09
Meng-Hsun Huang Mesh regulations of bottom trawl for the protection of economic immature fishes off southwestern Taiwan IMA 2008-09-09
Han-Peng Huang A Study of the Influence of Plasma Cleaning Process on Mechanical and Electrical Characteristics of Gold, Aluminum and Platinum Pads Electrical Engineering 2008-09-10
Berlin Huang none Communications Management 2008-09-08
Shih-Fang Huang A Study of China’s Soft Power — An Analysis of Cultural Diplomacy Mainland China Studies 2008-09-10
Yi-Siang Huang Enhancing the Channel Utilization in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-11
Pe-Hsen Huang Case Study of public Time Bank in Taiwan. Human Resource Management 2008-09-11
Jian-ming Huang Design and Implementation of the OFDM Demodulator for DVB-T and the Random Number Generator Electrical Engineering 2008-10-15
Shin-yii Huang The Studies in China’s Business Travel Market─A Case Study of American Express ICAPS 2008-10-21
Cheng-Kai Huang Heterogeneous Wireless Transmitter Placement with Multiple Constraints Based on the Variable-Length Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2008-11-20
Ci-yuan Huang The influence of the Electoral Reforms of Legislators to the Kuomintang in Ping-Tung County ICAPS 2009-01-13
Chao-yu Huang Design of an Underwater Vehicle Sampling Manipulator IAMPUT 2009-01-16
Chien-chih Huang A Study of Knowledge Withholding Intentions in Software Development Teams: The Role of Contextual Factors and Personal Cognitions Information Management 2009-01-17
Po-shung Huang Independent directors system introduction of Taiwan`s Corporate Governance Public Affairs Management 2009-01-18
Li-chen Huang none Business Management 2009-02-03
Li-te Huang Improving the Caching Performances in Web using Cooperative Proxies Computer Science and Engineering 2009-02-03
Miao-kuan Huang Optimal Designs for Log Contrast Models in Experiments with Mixtures Applied Mathematics 2009-02-05
Ruei-Hong Huang Study on the Design Methodology for the Epicyclic-Type Automatic Transmissions of Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-09
Yi-chi Huang Differential responses of peroxidases during the formation of adventitious root in hypocotyl cuttings of soybean Biological Sciences 2009-02-09
Chiung-Yao Huang Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of Soft Corals Sinularia granosa and Sinularia leptoclados Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-02-10
Wu-chih Huang A Textual and Documentary Study on the Shanghai Museum's Collection of Chu Bamboo Slips Related to Liji Chinese Literature 2009-03-18
Fu-chen Huang Traditional poem in the post-war Kaohsiung region studies Chinese Literature 2009-05-20
Hsin-Po Huang The Effects of Corporate Reputation on Work Attitudes and Behaviors Human Resource Management 2009-06-14
Ciou-Jhen Huang The Effect of Country-of-Origin Image and Product Knowledge on Consumer's Purchase Intention: An Example of Cosmeceutical Business Management 2009-06-10
Shih-Yu Huang Fabrication and characterization of InOX transparent thin film transistors on plastic substrates Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-06-19
Jian-yuan Huang Investigation of the Homeobox (HOX) gene expression in human gastric carcinogenesis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-06-23
Yu-hsiang Huang A Comparative Analysis of 2004 and 2008 Taiwan's Presidential Election Polls Political Science 2009-06-24
Ching-Che Huang Fabrication and characteristics of nonvolatile memory with CoSi2 nanocrystals embedded in high-k dielectrics structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-06-25
Chun-Yuan Huang Circuit Design of Baseband Transceiver for Direct Sequence Ultra-Wide Band Systems Communications Engineering 2009-06-26
Chien-lung Huang Study of two-gap superconductivity on YNi2B2C, NbSe2, and CeRu2 superconductors Physics 2009-06-29
Jyun-yan Huang Chemical modification of lysine residues and α-amino group affects the mechanism of Naja naja atra cardiotoxin 3 on damaging phospholipid vesicles Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-06-30
Ying-hao Huang The Analysis of Corporate Tax Evasion under Relational Contract Economics 2009-06-30
Yao-de Huang none Economics 2009-06-30
Jia-wun Huang none Economics 2009-07-01
Chih-hung Huang Can Transparency Affects Investors' Return Finance 2009-07-07
Kuo-Chan Huang Expert System for Portfolio Optimization under Multi-tree Models Applied Mathematics 2009-07-05
Chia-chi Huang none Chemistry 2009-07-07
I-ying Huang Stategic IT outsourcing decisions: meta-analysis method, building theoretical framework and inferring to media firms Communications Management 2009-07-12
Hui-min Huang none Communications Management 2009-07-14
Zhi-jia Huang Differential Signal Modulation for 10Gb/s Coaxial Laser Module Packaging Communications Engineering 2009-07-14
Tai-chang Huang The Comparison and Analysis of the Training and Education among Taiwan Religions EMBA 2009-07-16
Chia-ning Huang No more Oriental : Self and Europeanness in Japan's Views on China Political Science 2009-07-10
Yu-jen Huang The Application of Ferrite Process on Industrial Wastewater Treatment and the Catalysis of Ferrospinels Environmental Engineering 2009-07-17
Yun-ling Huang An Application of Prospect theory to Educational Marketing Education 2009-07-21
Ming-hong Huang The study of the use of polydimethylsiloxane in flexible liquid crystal displays Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-21
Bo-hao Huang Basic Study of Re-modulated Signal Quality for Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-21
Jin-Bang Huang Preparation and characterization of dense electrolyte films for solid oxide fuel cells MSE 2009-07-22
Yuan-ting Huang The Effects of the Life Education Program on the Life Attitudes of Alternative School Students Education 2009-07-23
Wei-Hsiang Huang Adsorption Characteristics of Fulvic Acid Derivated from Raw Water onto Carbon Nanotubes Environmental Engineering 2009-07-23
Tsun-yu Huang Finite Element Analysis on MLCC BME Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-25
Chine-er Huang Study on the Treatment Efficiency of ATP and Application of Powdered Acti vated Carbon and Membrane Bioreactor to Remove Organic Compounds in Drinking Water Environmental Engineering 2009-07-24
Sih-han Huang Construction of Accreditation Indicators of Institutions for Intern Teachers in Taiwan Education 2009-07-27
Shao-Chuan Huang Network Security Planning for New Generation Network Service Providers Information Management 2009-07-25
Chi-Chou Huang none Business Management 2009-07-26
Chiung-ying Huang The Oil Price Shocks on Taiwan Business Cycles ICAPS 2009-07-28
Deng-Yu Huang Characteristics Analysis of Electrodeposition of Diamond-like Carbon thin films Electrical Engineering 2009-07-28
Huang-jung Huang Why need body politic?Nation logos treats of Hegel. ICAPS 2009-07-28
Shu-huei Huang Conflict Process and Management in a Multi-culture Team---The case study under Global MBA Program of NSYSU Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-07-30
Yong-Che Huang Vertical and Horizontal Intra–Industry Trade between Taiwan and China ICAPS 2009-08-03
Tzu-yi Huang Neuroprotective effect of marine-derived compounds obtained from the soft coral on 6-hydroxydopamine-induced death in human neuroblastoma cells Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-07-22
Chi-wei Huang A Multiple-Kernel Support Vector Regression Approach for Stock Market Price Forecasting Electrical Engineering 2009-08-05
Jui-ping Huang The effect of Sense of humor and Organization playfulness climate on Job's satisfaction Human Resource Management 2009-08-05
Chih-wei Huang Design of an Intermittent Gear Cam Mechanism Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-06
Rong-rong Huang Factors Related to Quality of Life among Chronic Mental Illness Patients in Kaohsiung City EMPP 2009-08-10
Kuo-chung Huang Information Integration Models of Sentencing Factors in Traffic Cases and Waste Disposal Cases :A Study of Attitudes and Damages from Crimes Public Affairs Management 2009-08-05
Ming-Jen Huang A Study on the Reward and Penalty System for Judiciary Officials Political Science 2009-08-13
Yan-ru Huang A MMC Controller for Wearable Data Logging and Front-end Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2009-08-13
Yu-cheng Huang none Human Resource Management 2009-08-14
Yuah-tse Huang A Transceiver System Using the Human Body as Transmission Channel Electrical Engineering 2009-08-14
Tao-yuan Huang Digital Signage Industry Strategy and Research EMBA 2009-08-18
Tzu-yun Huang Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analyses of the Sea Anemones Mesactinia genesis and Heteractis aurora as well as the Sea Squirt Eudistoma gilboviride of Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-19
Wei-chun Huang Bacterial Degradation of Nonylphenol in the Love River, Kaohsiung Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-21
Chih Huang The Relationship among Information Seeking Behaviors, Role Breadth Self-efficacy and Role Performance: The Cross Level Effect of Socialization Tactics Human Resource Management 2009-08-25
Ke-jhih Huang Studies on Secondary Metabolites from Soft Coral Sinularia capillosa Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-26
Chien-chia Huang The Security Management System Research of The Campus Open Policy EMPP 2009-08-25
Ling-Hui Huang An Exploration on the Satisfaction and Consumer Behaviors among Virtual Community Members by Social Cognitive Theory Business Management 2009-08-27
Shin-chin Huang THE DETERMINING FACTORS OF DATIVE ALTERNATION IN CHINESE Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-27
Yu-Kai Huang Improved Security Protocols for SCTP Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-28
Chuan-yuan Huang An Integrative Framework of Expatriates’ Cross-Cultural Competence and Entrepreneurship Human Resource Management 2009-08-27
Kuan-min Huang Design, Implementation, And Verification Of A Programmable Floating- And Fixed-Point Vertex Shader Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-01
Yan-Chang Huang Investigation of the sumoylation sites of senseless Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-09-08
Yu-wei Huang Studies of the Performance Decay of a DMFC and the Development of a 16-cell DMFC Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-11
Bao-ching Huang Research on The Needs of After-School-Care at Remote areas – Zuo-Zheng, Tainan for sample EMPP 2009-09-09
Chi-ya Huang none Human Resource Management 2009-09-09
Yu-wen Huang Chemical oxidation of gas-borne odorous olefin-containing compounds. Environmental Engineering 2009-09-09
Ching- Hsiung Huang The Study Of The Cross Strait’s Household Registeration Law The Study Of The Cross Strait’s Household Registeration Law ICAPS 2009-09-09
Ting-Hsuan Huang Carbon Dioxide Variation in the Taiwan Strait and the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2009-09-10
Ching-nan Huang Design and Implementation of PFC Flyback LED Driver with Boundary Conduction Mode Control Electrical Engineering 2009-09-25
Chi-Chung Huang Design and Implementation of A Personal Gateway for Body Area Networks Electrical Engineering 2009-10-12
Sheng-po Huang Investigation on white-matter abnormalities in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder using diffusion tensor imaging Electrical Engineering 2009-10-22
Yen-Ming Huang Effects of environmental factors on larval choice and development of a bath sponge (Spongia ceylonensis) Marine Biology 2010-01-12
Kuo-chien Huang On Su Tong, the novel's image of women Chinese Literature 2010-01-21
Xin-han Huang Mutation effects of arginine at the positions of the 23rd-31st residues in capsid protein on the thermal stability of virus-like particles of Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-01-22
Mei-lan Huang The Conception, Structure and Change of Middle-Class :A Study of Public Employment Regime in Taiwan ICAPS 2010-01-29
Hung-chi Huang Gain-Enhanced Metamaterial Radome for Dual- and Circularly-Polarized Antenna and Study of Negative Group Delay Effect Electrical Engineering 2010-01-30
Shih-kai Huang Hierarchical Cell-Structured Routing Scheme with GPS for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-02-01
Sheng-yu Huang AODV-Based Backup Routing Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-02-01
Qi-zhou Huang Angle control applied to array transceiver Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-03
Jhao-ming Huang An Enhanced Conditional Random Field Model for Chinese Word Segmentation Computer Science and Engineering 2010-02-03
Yu-ting Huang Goniothalamin Induceed DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Derived Cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-02-09
Chien-yuan Huang Action Research on team teaching style and workload for elementary school teachers Education 2010-06-14
Chih-Ting Huang Family Business Entrepreneurship with Life Cycle Stage Consideration: An Observation in Taiwan's Family Businesses Business Management 2010-06-18
Chieh-chun Huang A Study on Day trading Behavior of Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index Futures Finance 2010-06-24
Ching-yi Huang The Political and Economic Analysis of Industrial Policies in Ireland Political Science 2010-06-29
Hui-sheng Huang A novel package technical for high power InGaN LED based on Si bench and Cu plating technologies Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-01
Yen-hung Huang Study on structure product investor's investment behavior and risk preference after financial crisis, for F bank Hong Kongexample EMBA 2010-06-24
Yuan-ching Huang Research of the Taiwanese businessman three places across two shore OBU financing Take the S bank as the example EMBA 2010-06-09
Ling-li Huang A Narrative Analysis of the Real Estate Broker Business Management 2010-07-05
Kai-Lin Huang Analyses of Junior High School Students' Online Gaming Experiences and its Relationship with Self-concept, Life Adaptation and Well-being Education 2010-07-06
Sz-yang Huang Identification of target genes of SMAD4 signaling network inhibit pancreatic tumor metastasis and chemoresistance Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-07-08
Po-chun Huang Phase diagram study of Cu-Ti-Sn ternary system at 700 °C Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-09
Hsien-hui Huang A study on project team organization for a company with flat functional department framework - A case of Formosa Heavy Industrial Cogeneration Department EMBA 2010-07-12
Chien-Wei Huang Influence of Purchase Intention from Product Involvement and Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2010-07-09
Chia-Li Huang The Effects of Human Capital Characteristics, Total Numbers of Employees and Expectations toward HR Function on Strategic Involvement of HR Department Human Resource Management 2010-07-16
Se-Jing Huang none Public Affairs Management 2010-07-24
Ying-yao Huang The effect of variable pay system on individual performance: Longitudinal analysis of retailing sales EMBA 2010-07-28
Po-yi Huang A Study on Non–traditional Strategies to Relieve Distribution Network Congestion Electrical Engineering 2010-07-29
Chun-cheng Huang Attitude of Innovative Technology on Using Smartphone Information Management 2010-07-29
Chuan-Yi Huang Deep chemical etching on quartz substrates and integrated passive devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-29
Yu-chang Huang Star-Like Organic/Inorganic hybrid Copolymer with Thermo-Response Behavior Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-30
Chun-che Huang Improving TCP Handover Performance in Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-03
Chih-wei Huang Synthesis、characterization and spectroscopy study of chromium-doped transparent calcium germinate glass-ceramics Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-30
Ming-chieh Huang Model and Analysis of Transmission Lines on Flexible Printed Circuit for the Video Driver Circuit Electrical Engineering 2010-08-02
Jia-ru Huang The Effect of Price Level on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2010-08-03
Kuo-jen Huang Exploring job stress in the workplace from the perspective of the journalists Communications Management 2010-08-03
Wen-chi Huang A Readout Circuit for Piezoelectric Sensors with Digital Range-Enhancement Electrical Engineering 2010-08-09
Bo-yau Huang Facile fabrication of magnetic nanoparticles Fe3O4 embedding into agar-based hydrogels Chemistry 2010-08-09
Wen-Liang Huang Memory Reduction of Table-based Function Evaluation Methods Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-10
Jun-hao Huang Angular Velocity Estimation and State Tracking for Mobile Spinning Target Electrical Engineering 2010-08-09
Shin-wen Huang The Effect of Fabrication on Birefringence of Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-08-04
Yu-hsin Huang Localization and Target Tracking with Improved GDOP using Mobile Sensor Nodes Electrical Engineering 2010-08-11
Yu-Chang Huang Investigation of ZnO Thin Films Deposited on Stainless Steel Substrates for Piezoelectric Transducers Application Electrical Engineering 2010-08-13
Yu-Ching Huang Constitutional protection of personal genetic information-Genetic database to build and use ICAPS 2010-08-18
Yi-chung Huang Using Time Reversal Method to Focus Lamb Waves for Defect Inspection Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-20
Yi-chen Huang CUDA-Based Modified Genetic Algorithms for Solving Fuzzy Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Chien-Wen Huang The Effect of Government R&D Subsidies on SMEs Public Affairs Management 2010-08-23
Yu-Hwa Huang The Reciprocal Relationships among Job Characteristics, Burnout and Health: A Panel Study Human Resource Management 2010-08-24
Ching-lun Huang Screen Designed for Imaging Problem From Defocus Lens Electrical Engineering 2010-08-23
Hsu-Chun Huang CP-Free Space-Time Block Coded MIMO-OFDM System Design Under IQ-Imbalance in Multipath Channel Electrical Engineering 2010-08-26
Yin-Hsiang Huang Morphology of otolith, swim bladder, and phylogenetic relationships of acropomatids (Perciformes: Acropomatidae) Marine Biology 2010-08-31
Sing-chih Huang Genetic Polymorphisms of Adhesion Molecules and Kawasaki Disease Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-27
Mei-O Huang A Study of Improving Service Quality of Life Insurance Agents – Base on F Company Business Management 2010-08-31
Kuo-An Huang Compiler Support for Vector Processing on OpenGL ES 2.0 Programs Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-02
Ren-Shang Huang Blind Signature Scheme with Anonymous Verification Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-01
Yu-Hsuan Huang Authentic and Inauthentic Existence- Sartre on Jewish Problems Philosophy 2010-09-02
Cai-hua Huang ROGDI is a novel positive cell cycle regulator Biological Sciences 2010-09-06
Pei-chi Huang Study on Wave Field with Multiple Porous Layers Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-09-07
Tai-wei Huang The developmental history of keel-boat activities in Taiwan IMA 2010-09-09
Chung-hsien Huang Research of planar micro generator at low rotary speed Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-10
Yi-chun Huang The relationship between personality, sales skill, selling-customer orientation and sales performance of part-time salespeople Human Resource Management 2010-10-08
Li-ting Huang Fogarty’s Webbed Curriculum Integration Model Curriculum Design and Implementation : The stories of Tainan City Education 2011-01-28
Huang-Chih Huang The Influence of Entrepreneur's Personal Resources and Social Capital on Start-up Resources - A Case Study of Kaohsiung Small and Medium Steel Companies Business Management 2011-02-11
Hsiao-ping Huang The Study of Chen’s modern poetics and its Rhetoric Chinese Literature 2011-02-11
Pin-hsuan Huang The Research of Liszt's Transcription "Müller-Lieder von Franz Schubert" Music 2011-03-29
Wen-Ni Huang A Study on the Influence of Construction Knowledge Management Enablers on Non-Profit Organizations Public Affairs Management 2011-06-04
Chi-Chang Huang A Case Study on the Business Strategies of A Taiwanese Engineering Service Company in esponse to the Energy-Climate Era Business Management 2011-06-20
Yi-Sheng Huang Saving Energy and Reducing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Emissions from a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine by H2/O2 Addition to the Combustion Chamber Environmental Engineering 2011-06-23
Hui-Chuan Huang The Rational and Irrational Factor Involved in Decision Making Human Resource Management 2011-06-24
Tuo-yu Huang Comparing the influences of CSA and OSA on ECG signals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-11
Shih-Chang Huang A Case Study on The Competitive Advantage Strategy of Small and Medium Sized Engineering and Construction Company EMBA 2011-08-23
Yu-shyang Huang YAG:Ce3+ phosphors doping research, and application of surface modification Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-06-22
Shih-Wei Huang Study of Citizen Participate on New Media Public Affairs Management 2011-07-21
Jing-ting Huang A Study On The Life Of Hai-yin Lin -- The Case of My Memories of Old Beijing Chinese Literature 2011-07-22
Tzu-Ming Huang SoC Integration and Verification of a 3D Graphics SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-26
Wen-Shyan Huang A Study of Burn Management for the coming Taiwan Diagnosis Related Groups Payment System A Case Study of N Hospital EMBA 2011-07-30
Chao-An Huang The Suggestions for The Development and Innovation Models of Kaohsiung’s Self-production Cable Channels before and after Administrative Area Integration Communications Management 2011-08-02
Yu-Wen Huang Protein Oxidation and Inflammation induction in Hemodialysis patients Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-08-02
Cang-Ming Huang The Stress Analysis of Pressure Vessels by the Finite Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-09
Chia-Sheng Huang Research on Legal System of Taiwan Existing Public Security Fund Integration Feasibility Political Science 2011-08-10
Li-ying Huang An Analysis of Taiwan’s State-Owned Land Management System Political Science 2011-08-11
Te-cheng Huang Study on Establishing the Cold Logistics Center in Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone EMBA 2011-08-09
Jun-neng Huang Reducing Communication Overhead and Computation Costs in a Cloud Network by Early Combination of Partial Results Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-22
Shao-lun Huang The Z-Semimagic of Some Graphs Applied Mathematics 2011-08-22
Tzu-Yu Huang Outage Probability Analysis for Distributed Antenna Systems in Composite Fading Channels Communications Engineering 2011-08-24
Zhao-Wei Huang Structure and Characterization of m-ZnO on m-Sapphire by ALD Physics 2011-08-24
Yein-rein Huang Development of high efficieny CdTe thin-film solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-29
Yin-Dah Huang No Author of political theory:Elster’s approach of the nuts and bolts for the social science Political Science 2011-09-01
Pin-Chin Huang The Bioimformatic study of unique functional gene cloned from tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-05
Yi-Dai Huang Smart Buffer Management Architecture of 3D Graphic Rendering System Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-05
YI-CHEN HUANG The Relation between the Perception of Organizational Politics and Organizational Trust: SEM’s Integrated Analysis Human Resource Management 2011-10-19
Chin-shu Huang Reduced glutathione and NADPH oxidase inhibitor DPI alleviates ethephon-mediated leaf senescence, H2O2 elevation and senescence-associated gene expression in sweet potato Biological Sciences 2011-11-23
Shu-fen Huang The Study of Sino-American Relations in Northeast Asia : Conflict and Cooperation Political Science 2011-11-29
Sheng-Hung Huang The Effect of Consumer Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior on Organic Agricultural Production-Researching on Farmers' Markets of Kaohsiung Area Public Affairs Management 2012-01-13
Li-Fan Huang Hydrogen storage and delivery mechanism of metal nanoclusters on a nanosheet Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-01-19
Pei-Chia Huang Design of Adaptive Block Backstepping Controllers for Semi-Strict feedback Systems with Delays Electrical Engineering 2012-01-19
Po-Fu Huang Application of the Heterogeneous Agent Model: the Case of the Taiwanese Stock Market Finance 2012-01-19
Rui-Yi Huang Interaction of Polyethylene Glycol and Water in Proton Exchange Membrane Nafion 117 Chemistry 2012-02-05
Ching-ju Huang Theory of Constraints applied to multi-project management in resource allocation and monitoring mechanisms Information Management 2012-02-17
Chung-Hsiang Huang Comparison of Description Length for Text Corpus Computer Science and Engineering 2012-05-24
Chin-hung Huang Characteristics and source apportionment of carbonyl compounds in Kaohsiung Area, Southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2012-06-13
Hung-Hsiang Huang A Study of Relationship between Characteristics of Securities Specialist and Job Performance EMBA 2012-06-14
Chien-Hsun Huang The Effect of Advertising and Innovation on underprising of Initial Public Offerings under different market states Finance 2012-06-23
Szu-Chia Huang Cultural Intelligence:Its Influence on Knowledge Sharing and Innovative Behavior Human Resource Management 2012-06-30
Hsin-Wei Huang The relationship among company characteristics, brand traits and organizational attractiveness Human Resource Management 2012-07-16
Kang-Hua Huang Experimental studies of extended DWDM channels configuration based on ROADM with cyclic-AWG Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-17
Po-sheng Huang Strategy of University-industry Intermediation Service Platform for Open Innovation: A Case Study of the eTop Platform Information Management 2012-07-23
Wen-Cheng Huang Adsorption, dissociation and diffusion behaviors of hydrogen molecule on ultrathin Pd nanowires : the density functional theory study Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-21
Chien-Fang Huang International Project-based English Learning Through WebQuest- A Case Study Education 2012-07-26
Ting-ya Huang Fabrication of quantum dot micro-pillar with metal-coated Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-30
Guan-Jie Huang Investigation on Graphene/poly(methyl methacrylate) nano-composite structures by Dissipative Particle Dynamics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-26
Kuang-Jen Huang The Effect of Social Tie Strength and Value Fit on Cross-cultural Knowledge Acquisition for Overseas Workers through the Mediating Role of Affect-based Trust Human Resource Management 2012-08-08
Jie-Mao Huang Investigation of Relationship between Jhongdou Wetland and Love River Jhongdou section based on Water Quality Index and Eutrophication Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-07-20
Shr-Hau Huang Graphene Mediated Saturable Absorber on Stable Mode-locked Fiber Lasers Employing Different Dispersants Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-04
Shih-hui Huang The Standardized Contract for Online Game and the Business Risk Management-Case of the Game Operating Agents Business Management 2012-09-10
Hsiao-yu Huang AIP4 is involved in the control of TSG101 stability Biological Sciences 2012-09-13
Yu-hsuang Huang A Study on the Fabrication of Glass Probes with Spherical Head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-13
Wei-Jhe Huang Applying MapReduce Island-based Genetic Algorithm-Particle Swarm Optimization to the inference of large Gene Regulatory Network in Cloud Computing environment Information Management 2012-09-13
Shun-pin Huang Community website use research Take a junior high school students use Facebook an example Information Management 2012-09-14
Chang-Yu Huang Family, beyond Family, and Institution: Case Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Taiwan and Germany Business Management 2012-12-25
Yu-Zhe Huang A content analysis of vernacular creativity in amateur videos Communications Management 2013-01-16
Yi-Chun Huang Design of Decentralized Adaptive Backstepping Tracking Controllers with Perturbation Estimation for Large-Scale Systems Electrical Engineering 2013-01-21
Wen-chi Huang Research of the Ecological Compensation Applied to Taiwan`s Port Development –A Case Study of the Port of Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-02-06
Yung-Chang Huang A Study of Junior High School Teachers’ and Parents’ Implementation Status and Coping Strategies Perspectives of Zero Corporal Punishment Legislation in Kaohsiung Education 2013-02-06
Hsi-hsun Huang Data Warehouse Construction in Support of Order Dispatch Decisions—Using Synthetic Leather Industry As an Example Information Management 2013-04-12
Shi-Yuan Huang Controllable Predicate Encryption Schemes for Privacy Preserving Search in Cloud Storage Institute of Computer Science and Engineering 2013-04-30
YI-SZU HUANG A Comparison of Township and District Governance Before and After the Institutional Reform of Five Municipalities in Taiwan ─the Case Study of Liouguei Political Science 2013-06-08
Chih-Yen Huang Implementation of the Lean Production System in Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Manufacturing Business Management 2013-06-07
Yu-Hsiang Huang Design of 10-12 GHz Reversed Marchand Balun with Planar Inverted-F Antenna Using GIPD Technology Communications Engineering 2013-06-13
Chung-wen Huang Development Strategy of Automotive Industry in Taiwan EMBA 2013-06-18
Wei-Zhe Huang Writing Two-Dimensional Patterns into Diacrylate Mesogens Using 632.8 nm He-Ne Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-06-18
Kuo-Wei Huang A Study of the Willingness of Female Spouses from Southeast Asia in Pingtung County to Join Vocational Training and the Perceived Determining Factors Public Affairs Management 2013-06-22
Tien-hao Huang Using Internship as Effective Recruiting Tool: Promoting Employer Branding and Organizational Attractiveness Human Resource Management 2013-06-24
Feng-Chiao Huang An experimental study on the impact of Adventure Education on cohesion in an secondary classroom Education 2013-06-23
Yong-Sen Huang The Financial Impact of Merger and Acquisition-A Case Study Based on Innolux Merger with CMO and TPO Finance 2013-06-26
Ji-Xian Huang Three-phase Converter-less Excitation Synchronous Stand-alone Wind Power Generator System Electrical Engineering 2013-07-01
Huan-Jung Huang Statistical Analysis in Ovarian Cancer Study Applied Mathematics 2013-07-05
Yu-hsuan Huang Cloning and characterization of an ethephon-inducible aspartic protease SPAP and its association with promotion of leaf senescence in sweet potato Biological Sciences 2013-07-08
Yu-Jie Huang The Reliability and Trend Analysis of Fine Suspended Particulate Concentration Data Applied Mathematics 2013-07-08
Chi-Luen Huang Preparation of TiO thin film by ion beam sputtering and the study of the TiO to anatase phase transformation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-10
Han-Ting Huang Cointegration Analysis with GARCH : The Empirical Investigation of Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity Between Taiwan and United States Economics 2013-07-12
Ya-Chung Huang Internet search query and the cash flow of mutual fund Finance 2013-06-26
Yu-Chi Huang Basic Mathematical Topics of American Mathematics Competition 12 Applied Mathematics 2013-07-11
Chuan-Lung Huang Empirical Research on Short Strangle Strategies in TAIEX Option Market Finance 2013-07-16
Hao-ping Huang Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Direct Ortho Arylation of 4-Methyl-N-phenylpyridin-2-amines via Suzuki-Miyaura Type C-H Bond Activation/C-C Bond Coupling Chemistry 2013-07-16
Lin-sung Huang Fast response and polarization independence microlens arrays with blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-18
Cheng -Yi Huang The Role of Armed Forces in Disaster Prevention and Rescue Mechanism and Action Public Affairs Management 2013-07-22
Shu-Wei Huang Electrically tunable wide-angle laser in dye-doped blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-23
Kuo-wei Huang Redox Behaviors of Nitroxide Radical Polymers Studied by In-situ Raman Measurement and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Chemistry 2013-07-23
Pei-Xuan Huang The study of synthesis for a series of noval blue light emitting materials base on the spirobifluorene and their applications in organic light-emitting devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-23
Cheng-ting Huang Robust Cooperative Communications Using Unknown Misbehaving Relay Distribution Model Communications Engineering 2013-07-03
Tzu-yi Huang Using Machine Learning for dynamic sections of clustering in VANET environment Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-25
Sheng-mei Huang A Study on Adolescents' Perception towards Family Relationships in Immigrant Families in Kaohsiung Education 2013-07-25
Tsung-min Huang The Influence of Competitiveness for SMEs and Payment for Domestic Employees Resulting from Staffing Approaches by International Motives Human Resource Management 2013-07-25
Chang-i Huang A Research on the Expansion Strategies of a Medical Chain System in China – A case of K Company EMBA 2013-07-23
Jen-Feng Huang Statistical Analysis of Alignment and Performance for Chip-to-Chip Communication Applied Mathematics 2013-07-26
Yao-huang Huang Penghu Area People of Risk Cognitive of Drinking and Driving Research Public Affairs Management 2013-07-25
Chung-hui Huang The Study On The Development Trend Of The Skyscraper Housing Market In Kaohsiung Area: The Case Study Of The Center Garden Building EMBA 2013-07-29
Hui-Chen Huang Characteristic Functions of Quantum Trees Applied Mathematics 2013-07-31
Yi-Ting Huang A Study of the Relationship among Service Innovation, Green Marketing and Consumer’s Perceived Value in the Hospitality Industry Public Affairs Management 2013-07-31
Jing-xuan Huang Quantile Regression with Rolling Model Analysis of Exchange Rate Exposure Finance 2013-07-11
Shi-hao Huang Device applications and characterizations of copper (II) (I) oxide Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-30
Fu-chen Huang An investigation on the relationships among college students’ perceptions of faculty knowledge in technology-supported class environments, technology-supported constructivist learning environments, and their perceived attitude towards technology Education 2013-07-30
Ying-Ting Huang Field investigation on the treatment of partially-treated pigfarm wastewater by a constructed wetland Environmental Engineering 2013-08-01
Chao-chi Huang λDNA Hydrodynamics Stretching in Microchannels with Different Micropillar Arrays Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-01
Sheng-Yao Huang Study of Physical Mechanisms of Electrical Reliability and Environmental Sensitivity for Advanced InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Physics 2013-07-30
Mei-Jung Huang Business hotel service quality and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty and purchase intention relationship - Kaohsiung area EMBA 2013-07-02
Hsiu-yueh Huang The Study of Firm’s Behavior in Patent Race Economics 2013-08-07
Bo-chi Huang Distributed Spiral Optimization: Using Clustering as a Case Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-07
Wei-Cheng Huang Hyper-heuristic-based Workflow Scheduling: Using Cloud Workflow as a Case Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-07
Ya-Li Huang The study of KCaPO4:RE3+ (RE3+ = Eu3+, Sm3+, Tb3+) phosphors synthesized using microwave sintering Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-06
Hsiao-shan Huang Story marketing- Company C, for example EMBA 2013-08-12
Huei-Jhen Huang Influence of chemical conditions on human insulin fibril structure Chemistry 2013-08-13
Hsing-chun Huang The Analysis of Merger and Acqusition on Financial Performance of TFT-LCD in Taiwan-Based on ROE Business Management 2013-08-09
Tzu-zin Huang Secondary Metabolites and Biological Activities from the Soft Coral Cladiella hirsuta Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-08-12
Ding-hao Huang On the distribution of palindromes in martrices Applied Mathematics 2013-08-15
Li-han Huang A Study of the Impact on Check-in Bonus Points Towards Customer Purchase Intentions – Using Bonus Points Website OPEN-LiFE as an Example Communications Management 2013-08-18
Hsueh-liang Huang Study of Novel High Integration-Density and Low Power Non-classical CTFET Inverter Electrical Engineering 2013-08-09
Shih-tung Huang Hardware/software co-verification for processor-OpenOCD integration Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-19
Jheng-Jie Huang Investigation on the resistive switching mechanisms and fabrication of recoverable RRAM device Physics 2013-08-20
Jian-Zhen Huang Study of supercapacitor using composite electrodes with NiO coated mesocarbon microbeads Electrical Engineering 2013-08-24
Yan-Cin Huang Study on epitaxial growth of Ni on polycrystalline Cu and brsss by electrodeposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-26
Jun-ming Huang Hardware Design of Disparity Estimation Using Belief Propagation Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-27
Hsin-Hong Huang The development of fitting potential parameter of the molecular mechanics by Basin-Hopping method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-27
Kuo-Yu Huang Development of gel polymer electrolyte for electrochromic devices Electrical Engineering 2013-08-27
Yin-jou Huang Design of the Optimized Group Management Unit by Detecting Thread Parallelism on the Hyperscalar Architecture Electrical Engineering 2013-08-26
Yi-ying Huang Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Taiwanese Soft Corals Sinularia leptoclados, Lobophytum crassum, and Clavularia viridis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-08-28
Wei-Chun Huang The stress effects on degradation rate of poly glycolic acid by the density functional theory and molecular dynamics studies Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-27
Chih-Hong Huang Hardware Design of Multi-view 3D Stereo Synthesizers Based on Two Image Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-26
Shih-Che Huang Distribution System Modeling Based on Dynamic State Estimation Electrical Engineering 2013-09-02
Yu-ling Huang Application of long-lasting substrate to remediate TCE-contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2013-08-27
Lan-Ying Huang A study on Business Model for Taiwan’s Electric Scooter industry EMBA 2013-09-03
Chiao-Wei Huang Incremental Clustering Malware from Honeypots Information Management 2013-09-02
Jiun-jiun Huang Assistive Device Design in Assisting the Sit-to-Stand (STS) Movement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-01
Pei-lun Huang Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Walking-aid Mobile Robot System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-09
Kai-Wei Huang Molecular Structure Design and Multiple Hydrogen bonding Interactions to Prepare Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes Nanocomposites and DNA-like Double-Helical Structures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-09-10
Tzu-yu Huang The study of Physical Properties of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor of Cobalt doped ZnO Physics 2013-09-12
Mmeng-shen Huang The Inferred Holocene Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Changes Based on Biomarker Records Deriving from the Northern Taiwan Alpine Lake (the Retreat Lake) Department of Oceanography 2013-09-12
Pei-Chi Huang A Study on the Relationship between Benevolent Leadership and Nonfamily Employees’ Voice Behavior in Family Businesses-a Mediated Moderation Model Human Resource Management 2013-09-12
Liang-Guei Huang The Patient – Caregiver Interaction of Vietnamese Pregnancy Women in Taiwan ICAPS 2013-09-06
Hui-Hsiang Huang Design Approaches and Implementation of Miniaturized LTCC Bandpass Filters for Wireless Communications Electrical Engineering 2013-11-22
Chi-Han Huang The Feasibility Analysis of Taiwanese Leasing Industry's Expansion to Chinese Civil Aviation Leasing Market Finance 2013-12-06
Tzu-lun Huang Web Search Behavior of Individual Investors and Trading Activities in Capital Markets Finance 2013-12-18
Wei-lun Huang The role of PAHs in determining the characteristic and sources of suspended particles in Gaoping coast Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-12-20
Ching-Feng Huang A novel design for planar array module-type micro fuel cell stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-01-20
Guan-Lung Huang Implementation of the HomePlug AV System Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-22
Sheng-ting Huang Is Humor Effective? Influences of Type of Sex Appeals, Product Type and Thinking Style in Advertising Effectivenes Business Management 2014-02-10
Chin-Ping Huang The study of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intention - a case of TIPC Business Management 2014-02-10
Ping-ju Huang China’s Film Industry and Soft Power ICAPS 2014-02-11
Hsun-Yu Huang An Exploratory Study of University Students' Entrepreneuring Business Management 2014-02-11
Wei-ling Huang Risk Measurement and Margin Systems of Equity Derivatives’ Portfolio: Theory and Evidence Finance 2014-02-14
Guang-Miao Huang A Study of the Process Parameters in Grinding a Glass Fiber Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-02-13
Jhih-Huan Huang Nondestructive detection of the freshness of fruits and vegetables using nano gold and silver mediated Graphene Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Chemistry 2014-02-14
Shi-Ying Huang The anti-neuroinflammatory effects of coral-derived compounds in nociception Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-02-26
Bo-han Huang The Effects of Observation and Demonstration on Yoga Learning Performance in a Gesture-based Environment Information Management 2014-03-10
Yan-Ze Huang Design of Linkage-Type Foot Exercise Machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-04-26
Shu-Chen Huang Explore the Green Strategy of Shopping Center from the Resource Based Theory- A Case Study of Hanshin Arena Shipping Plaza Communications Management 2014-05-08
Jui-Hung Huang A Study of Competitive Advantage: Cases of TSMC and UMC Business Management 2014-06-13
Ya-wei Huang The Study of Consumer’s Awareness and Purchase Intention on Locally Produced and Marketed Vegetables and Fruits Business Management 2014-06-15
Jiun-Hung Huang A Study of Elementary Special Education Teachers’ Psychological Capital and Professional Commitment in Kaohsiung City Education 2014-06-18
Kuan-Chi Huang Investigation of Fabrication and Mechanism of High Performance Complementary Resistive Switching Memory Physics 2014-06-20
Yi-chi Huang Compliment paying strategies in Taiwan Mandarin: The role of interlocutors’ status Foreign Language and Literature 2014-06-20
Yi-Meng Huang The Anti-Drugs Cooperation between China and ASEAN States: A Perspective of Neoliberal Institutionalism ICAPS 2014-06-23
Shih-Hao Huang On Some Optimal Design Problems for Binary Response Experiments Applied Mathematics 2014-06-19
Chin-Wen Huang The political economy model of vertical merger policy Economics 2014-06-21
Hsin-pao Huang The Earliest-Time-Point Approach to Mining Frequent Up-to-Date Patterns in Temporal Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2014-06-24
Yu-Cheng Huang The Study of Sample Preparation, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties on Zn(Cr1-xVx)2O4 ( X = 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1) Physics 2014-06-28
Chiung-Yi Huang The Study of Skill Examinee’s Applying Motivation and Select Reason of Skill Traing Institution EMBA 2014-06-30
Sheng-yi Huang Software Product Lines Architecture and Application based on Hierarchical Modular Information Management 2014-07-01
Ying-Hao Huang Phthalate Esters and Pharmaceuticals in Municipal Wastewater: Monitoring and Removal by a Novel Electromembrane Process Environmental Engineering 2014-06-30
Kuo-Lung Huang A Study of the M&A Strategy and Benefit in the Banking Industry EMBA 2014-07-10
Kai-Sheng Huang Synthesis and Characteristics of the New Fuel Additive: Aluminum Hydride Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-07
Shih-wen Huang What Contributes to Individual's Sense of Calling in the Organizations Human Resource Management 2014-07-17
Shih-Yu Huang A Study of Consumer’s Purchase Intention on Store Brand Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-07-17
Tang-Ling Huang Exploring the Factors of Stock Price of Listed Bulk Carrier Companies in Taiwan Finance 2014-07-25
Wan-Tien Huang Exploring the Relations among Work Stress, Organizational Commitment, Self-Efficacy, and Job Performance of Paraprofessionals in Special Education Education 2014-07-25
Chao-Hsien Huang Electrochemical and biocompatibility response of amorphous or partially crystallized Zr/Ti-based metallic glasses in simulated body fluid Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-29
Yu-Min Huang The Study of Business Strategies for Taiwanese Notebook PC Industry- The Cases of Asus and Acer EMBA 2014-07-28
Chia-Hui Huang Effect of 2-(4-aminophenyl)-7-methoxybenzothiazole on TNF-alpha and TNFR2 expression in human leukemia U937 cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-07-29
Yi-ping Huang Study of Random Lasing in Hollow Opical Fibers Filled with Dye-doped Liquid Crystals Containing Nanoparticles Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-31
Sheng-Yu Huang A Study of the Relationship between Internal Marketing and Internal Branding Human Resource Management 2014-08-03
Li-min Huang The application of cross-cultural adjustment in training model of Taiwanese Company in Vietnam. Human Resource Management 2014-08-04
Yi-hao Huang Experimental Investigation of Wrinkles in Rectangular Thin Films due to Extension Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-04
Yu-yun Huang Investigation on the Molecular Properties of Polythiophene Derivatives by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-28
Yu-Min Huang Introducing Internal Calibrants for High Performance Liquid Chromatography/ Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance (HPLC/FT-ICR) by Ambient Laser Desorption Chemistry 2014-08-06
Yung-Shin Huang A study of Japan Burakumin Discrimination ICAPS 2014-08-05
Yu-lun Huang Co-design of a PA Module that Carries an Antenna Electrical Engineering 2014-07-22
Sheng-Hua Huang Enhanced Signal and Power Integrity Using Open-Stub Structure Electrical Engineering 2014-08-06
Yu-ting Huang The Investigation of the Concept of Societal Marketing under the Behavioral Inertia - the Policy of "Motorcycle Implement on- street Parking Charges" Taking Kaohsiung City for Example Public Affairs Management 2014-08-06
Chen-Chien Huang Design and Implementation of an online Interactive Video Lecture System Information Management 2014-08-11
Yi-Chieh Huang A study of the interaction between internal solitary wave and free surface wave Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-08-11
Yu-Ching Huang A Study on Exhibition and Social Responsibility of Memorial Museums : Three Case Studies Theatre Arts 2014-08-12
Chung-Che Huang Variable Dead Time Control Strategies for Light-Load Efficiency Improvement of Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converters Electrical Engineering 2014-08-15
Sheng-Chieh Huang Prediction on the phase transform, optical and dielectric properties of liquid crystal molecule system by coarse grained molecular dynamics simulation and density functional theory calculation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-18
Jhih-Ci Huang The Fabrication of Low Temperature Glass Phosphor for High CRI and High Reliability WLEDs Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-18
Shih-Ping Huang A Dream - Come - True Platform for Small Potatoes EMBA 2014-08-20
Wei-Shiang Huang Fatigue Fracture and Residual Life of Single-edge-cracked Ti/APC-2 Hybrid Composite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-11
Bo-cheng Huang To investigate the mechanism of protease-enhanced antibody activity to increase its therapeutic efficacy Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-08-25
Tzu-Chiang Huang Research on the legal system of violation management of road traffic in Taiwan Political Science 2014-08-26
Yuan-yu Huang Comments does matter – Exploring the motivation of eWOM Comments in mobile software store Communications Management 2014-08-27
Bo-Chao Huang Study of interfacial electronic properties in heterostructures using scanning tunneling spectroscopy Physics 2014-08-28
Kai-hong Huang Principal Expectile Components and Power Spiked Models Applied Mathematics 2014-09-03
Ya-Chuan Huang Driving factors of Young Talent Engagement: Application of AHP Human Resource Management 2014-09-03
Ching-Hua Huang Chip Implementation and Verification of an OpenGL ES2.0 3D Graphics SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-04
Che-Wei Huang Ultrafast Dynamic Study of MBE Growth Bi-Topological Insulator Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-04
SHAO-YU HUANG Women’s Identity Formation in Margaret Laurence’s Manawaka Cycle Foreign Language and Literature 2014-09-03
Szu-yu Huang Impacts of typhoons and winter monsoons on biogeochemical processes in the northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2014-09-04
Min-Ying Huang Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analyses of Acromitus flagellatus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-09
Yu-Hung Huang Noise Robust Speech Recognition using Sparse Representations Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-09
Yu-yu Huang Process Integration on the Version Differences of Information Security Management System Information Management 2014-09-09
Tzu-yun Huang An Evaluation of the Effect of the Environmental Education Act:Assessing the Environmental Literacy of Public Servants of the Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2014-09-10
Yu-jia Huang An Exploratory Study on the Measurement of Employee Value Proposition Human Resource Management 2014-09-04
Zhi-ling Huang Spatiotemporal distribution of siphonophores and hydromedusae in relation to hydrography in the Dongsha Atoll Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-12
Yu-Syuan Huang Nonlinear Volterra Filter in Visible Light Communication Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-30
Su-Hung Huang The Occurrence of Pharmaceuticals and Phthalate Esters in Gaoping River and the Use of Carbon Adsorbents for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants of Concern in the River Water Environmental Engineering 2014-10-06
Tsung-Mou Huang Advanced Power Factor Correction Circuits for Sensor-less Brushless DC Motor Driver Electrical Engineering 2014-10-27
Hung-hsiang Huang Modeling Nutrient Dynamics in Love River and Kaohsiung Harbor due to Sewerage Diversion Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-12-17
Hsuan-Ming Huang Study on NATO's Strategic Transformation: Smart Defense as Example Political Science 2015-01-07
Ling-chi Huang The study on Leader-member relational identity and Psychological well-being between affective commitment:Adjustment Psychological Capital Human Resource Management 2015-01-07
Wei-Ling Huang Medication adherence of Statins and Healthcare Utilization among the Middle-aged and Elderly with Coronary Heart Disease:A Cohort study in Taiwan Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-01-21
Shu-Ching Huang The study on marketing strategy of B&B conducted with combination business in Taichung City Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-01-28
Jing-Long Huang Signal Transduction Mechanisms Responsible for the Protective Effects of Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor Activation that Reduces the Ischemic Infarct Volume in Rats Biological Sciences 2015-01-27
Sin-Huei Huang A Study on Team Creativity of Film and Televisoin Production Team in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2015-02-02
Te-chang Huang Project Delays - A Case Study of Power Company's Design Department with a Large Number of Small Projects Information Management 2015-02-11
Yu-wei Huang A Study of Hsiao Tyzen’s Cello Concerto in C minor Op.52. Music 2015-02-10
Shiang-Shuang Huang Application of multi-sensor fusion to develop a personal location and 3D mapping system Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-26
Sheng-Wen Huang Understanding the Impact of Service Failure and Recovery Justice on Consumers’ Satisfaction and Repurchase intention Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-03-24
Yun-Qing Huang A study on probability problem-posing activities in vocational school: Development, practice, and reflection Education 2015-06-04
Kuan-Ming Huang Basic Mathematical Topics of American Mathematics Competition 10 Applied Mathematics 2015-06-12
Chia-ling Huang A Study of Empirical Equation for Financial Structure Applied in Wealth Management Development Finance 2015-06-24
Shih-hao Huang The Study between Corporate Social Responsibility and Credit Ratings in Taiwanese Finance and Insurance Industries Finance 2015-06-25
Wan-lun Huang The Issues on the Early Warning for the Financial Crisis:Taiwan’s Empirical Study Finance 2015-06-26
Yen-chung Huang Research of Quality of Service of Long-term Care Agencies in Taiwan EMBA 2015-06-27
Chang-lun Huang Effect of Ni substitution on the Skyrmion phase in Cu2OSeO3 Physics 2015-06-28
Wei-Hsiang Huang Application of Enhanced Sulfate Reduction Method to Remediate Petroleum-hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater Environmental Engineering 2015-08-14
Shu-chien Huang Research on the Business Model of Proactive Services- A Case Study of Onsite Car-Wash Service EMBA 2015-06-30
Yun-Yun Huang The Research of Key Success Factors in Semiconductor Lithography Equipment Provider – A Case Study of ASML EMBA 2015-06-30
Hsin-yi Huang The Evolution of the Depositional System at the Zhuoshui River Mouth since 6,000 BP. Department of Oceanography 2015-06-30
Ya-ping Huang A Study of Transformation Strategy of Optical Disc Drive Company EMBA 2015-07-03
Yu-shan Huang The Mediating Effect of Career Satisfaction on the Relationship between High Flyers’ Perceived Quality of Mentorship and Intention to Stay in Organizations Human Resource Management 2015-07-02
Cheng-hsiung Huang The study on CSR of Taiwan small and medium enterprise EMBA 2015-07-14
Chih-chi Huang Factors Affecting Funder’s Intention to Invest in Crowdfunding Projects: A Trust-based Perspective Information Management 2015-07-20
Jhen-hao Huang Arecoline and areca nut extracts induce differential expression of MAO-A gene in normal and oral cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-07-23
Yu-chi Huang Smartphone surveillance in view of affordance theory Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-13
Chiung-Yao Huang Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of the Wild-Type Soft Corals Paralemnalia thyrsoides and Sinularia erecta, and the Cultured Soft Corals Sinularia brassica and Sarcophyton glaucum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-07-29
Li-ting Huang The effect of physical environmental factors and bottom substrates on coral reefs coverage rate at Penghu Southern Four Islands Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-07-28
Fan-feng Huang Determination of Co and Ni in tea leaves and As, Cd, Sb, Hg and Pb in nail polishes by FI-CVG-ICP-MS Chemistry 2015-07-28
Hui-wen Huang A 10-bit 250MS/s Two-Step Binary-Search Assisted Time-Interleaved SAR ADC Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-29
Po-Chiao Huang Use of cyclodextrin to impose rotational restriction of luminogens with aggregation-induced emission property Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-29
Wei-lun Huang Fabrication of Photopolymerizable Diffraction Elements by IRGACURE784/MA and Optical Property Measurements Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-30
Tzu-Hua Huang The study of virtual machine deployment in cloud computing platform Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-29
Chun-ting Huang A Study on the Relationships among Hospital Managers’ Positive Leadership, Optimism and Self-Efficacy : Examples of Kaohsiung and Pingtung Areas Business Management 2015-07-17
Hung-Wei Huang Determination of trace metals in nickel based alloys and nail polishes by ETV-ICP-MS Chemistry 2015-07-30
Yun-jie Huang Role of the Sea-Surface Microlayer (SML) in the Fate and Transportation of Organic Pollutants Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-03
Shin-Feng Huang Investigation of the Hot-Carrier and Self-Heating Effects in Low-Temperature Polycrystalline-Silicon and InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Physics 2015-07-27
Hong-Wei Huang Understanding the Impact of Psychological Ownership on Information Security Compliance Behavior Information Management 2015-08-03
Pin-Siang Huang Design of Electric Folding Rollator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-05
Ming-Yuan Huang Study of flexible organic light-emitting diodes with internal light extraction structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-06
Fu-chang Huang Study of the Ten-Year Security Dispatch Planning and Reserve Margin for Taiwan Power System Electrical Engineering 2015-08-05
Tzu-Hao Huang A New Interdigitated Nanopillar HIT Solar Cell by Using Silicon-Carbide-Based Window Layer Electrical Engineering 2015-08-04
Bo-Chin Huang Projected Fringe Profilometry Techniques Using for Specular Surfacess Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-05
Chi-yuan Huang Study of Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors With Different Poly-Si Channel Thickness Electrical Engineering 2015-08-12
Sheng-Yu Huang Implementation of Distributed Computing Management by Kernel Programming Electrical Engineering 2015-08-13
Ting-Yi Huang Influences of Visual Contrast on Attentional Capture of Keyword Advertising Information Management 2015-07-25
Po-Kai Huang Design and fabrication of Germanium Photodetector Based on Silicon Photonics Platform Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-11
Ren-Yong Huang The Benefits of Combining Plants with the Sedum Species on the Extensive Green Roof - A Case of the Sedum lineare Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-12
Bo-Wei Huang A Study on the Residual Stress Estimation Formula of Blind Hole Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-18
Li-ya Huang Give More, get less? The Impact of Different Service Quality Level to Customers Loyalty Human Resource Management 2015-08-16
Yi-Ching Huang A Case Study on Bean Theatre’s Audience Development Theatre Arts 2015-08-19
Chun-Jung Huang Oxidative scrubbing of gas-borne phenols Environmental Engineering 2015-08-12
Huang-yao Huang The Influence of VIX Index in Taiwan Wealth Management Industry Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2015-08-20
Guan-Ju Huang Exploring the impacts of different sources credibility on App downloading behavior: An ELM perspective Information Management 2015-07-29
Mei-Chu Huang The Investigation and Analysis of Protection Motivation and Union Participation by Flexible Labours in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2015-08-18
Tzu-Sheng Huang Synthesis of poly(arylene ether)s containing 9,9'-spirobifluorene and applications in polymer light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-24
Wei-chu Huang FDTD Simulation of Elastic Waves in Cylindrical Multi-layered Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-26
JING-YAO HUANG The Model Development and Numerical Simulation for Scrap Tyre Buring in the Steel Melting Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-31
Hsuan-chi Huang The Study of Oxygen Vacancies and Annealing Effect on Co-doped ZnO Thin Films Physics 2015-08-31
Tzu-chieh Huang Study of Magnetic and Transport Properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (111)Thin Films Physics 2015-08-31
Hsin-yi Huang Gift-giving: The Moderating Effect of Gift Category And Gift Price In The Relationship Between Emotions And Closeness of Givers and Receivers Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-08-19
Tsung-hsien Huang Extraction and analysis of nitrosamines in drinking water sludge and the impact of traditional technologies on their fates in drinking water treatment processes Environmental Engineering 2015-09-01
Ding-Yao Huang Coordinate Refinement on All Atoms of the Protein Backbone with Support Vector Regression Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-02
Chung-Chun Huang A Study of On-Line to Off-line Marketing Strategy for Chinese Tourists’ Consumption in Taiwan – A Case of UnionPay EMBA 2015-09-01
Wei-han Huang Extracorporeal shock wave therapy ameliorates kidney functions in diabetic nephropathy rat Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-09-01
Jung-Wei Huang The Effect of Treadmill Forward and Backward Walking on Electroencephalography Rhythms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-02
Mei-feng Huang The effects of morpholino-based knockdown of LNX1 (ligand of numb protein X1) on zebrafish vascular development Biological Sciences 2015-09-01
Huei-Cyun Huang Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Corals Sinularia erecta and Clavularia viridis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-09-07
Chi-Wei Huang The role of cell adhesion molecules and cerebral perfusion in patients with acute ischemic stroke and mild cognitive impairment Biological Sciences 2015-09-05
Yao-ting Huang Non-dominated Sorting Firefly Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-07
Guo-min Huang Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences of Composite Length and Their Applications in Physical Layer Security Communications Engineering 2015-09-07
Chien-lung Huang Cross-domain Analysis for Cross-strait Cooperation Strategies for Taiwan Agricultural Biotechnology Park Public Affairs Management 2015-09-07
Wei-hsiang Huang Widely tunable circular grating base on fingerprint texture of cholesteric liquid crystals Physics 2015-09-01
Wei-long Huang The Study of the Southern Stars Plan : An Environmental Justice Perspective Institute of Sociology 2015-09-07
You-chia Huang Low Complexity Decoding Algorithm for Generalized Space-Time Shift Keying Communications Engineering 2015-09-08
Chen-wen Huang Examination on the mechanical properties of tungsten nanowires by molecular statics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-08
Sha-li Huang Acute toxicity and sublethal effects of nitrite on morphometric indices and physiological responses of juvenile silver moony (Monodactylus argenteus) Biological Sciences 2015-09-08
Pao-ying Huang Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Materials using an Embedded-rod Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-14
Yao-Wen Huang Studies on the Cross-Strait Policy Communication of "One China Policy" Political Science 2015-09-23
Shu-Mei Huang Effects of high glucose on keratinocyte functions: focusing on the impaired diabetic wound healing Biological Sciences 2015-09-23
Tzu-ling Huang Factors influencing whether the public of Taiwan having regular oral examination – apply Andersen’s behavioral model Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-12-14
Shang-Jyuan Huang The Relationships among Perceived Service Quality, Perceived Service Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention In the case of Local Authority Cultural Events Theatre Arts 2015-12-17
Mei-wen Huang Improve the Energy Saving Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2015-12-31
Bor-Chen Huang Negative Emotion Detection with Consideration of Events and Places for Chinese Posts on Facebook and Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2015-12-31
Ji-Hui Huang The Bioeconomic stock assessment of Bigeye Tuna in the western and central Pacific Ocean Economics 2016-01-11
Yu-ting Huang When Luxury Brands Meet Subsidized Museums- A Criticism Theatre Arts 2016-01-13
Hsiao-Tan Huang A numerical study on the impact of internal waves on biogeochemistry in Dongsha area Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-01-28
Wan-I Huang Relationships among Personality, Cultural Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Adjustment in Cross-Cultural Team – Case of the 2014 ACT Program Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-01-28
Fu-jou Huang Consumer's cognition and willingness to pay for Traceability of Tilapias in Kaohsiung City Economics 2016-01-25
Han-Ting Huang Establishment a real-time qPCR assay to study the expression of three reproductive-related genes in the oyster drill Thais clavigera Department of Oceanography 2016-02-01
Min-Fen Huang Finding the association between the quiet standing force plate measures and dynamic balance EMG responses. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-02-01
Jun-Wei Huang The research of scholar subjects in "Liao-Zai-Zhi-Yi" Chinese Literature 2016-02-01
Tzu-Chen Huang Knowledge - Intensive Services Talent Management Case Study Human Resource Management 2016-02-15
Ying-Tzu Huang The Moderating Effects of Social Adjustive and Value Expressive Functions in the Relationship between Social Exclusion and Consumer Responses Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-02-16
Hon-Han Huang Occupational Safety: A Case Study of TECO's Explosion Proof Motor EMPP 2015-07-30
Hu-Ching Huang Atmospheric Transport and Spatiotemporal Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in South Taiwan with Model Prediction Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-02-17
Tzu-Wei Huang Analysis on the mechanisms of freak wave by using field data in northeastern Taiwan seashore Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-02-18
Pei-chun Huang Procedures and Safety Strategies for Divers on Underwater Objects Detection Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-02-18
Yu-Ming Huang Using thermal-treated sewage sludge as controllable low-strength cement material : A feasibility study Environmental Engineering 2016-04-15
Wen-Tsung Huang Advertising return momentum and residual momentum Finance 2016-05-21
Shi-Zheng Huang An Empirical Study on Triangle Innovation Model of Innovation Policy, Organizational Innovation and Technological Innovation Capability- A Case of Pearl River Delta Enterprises in China Business Management 2016-06-02
Wei-neng Huang The Study of Quasi Bounded Rationality on Cross-Strait Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Public Affairs Management 2016-05-28
Chang-ying Huang Hybrid Inverted-F/Half-Loop Antenna for the LTE Metal-Framed/Metal-Casing Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2016-06-06
I-Cheng Huang Circuits and methods towards a wearable piezoelectric foot balance and strain measurement system Electrical Engineering 2016-06-03
Ai-Lun Huang Research on the Political Trust of Social Capital in Taiwan EMPP 2016-06-14
Chiu-ping Huang A Study of the Worker’s Preference on Industry Characteristics, Organizational Characteristics and Job Characteristics Human Resource Management 2016-06-10
Shu-Fang Huang The Benefit of oral and inhalted steroid to asthma Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-06-07
Yu-Hsiang Huang Exchange Rate Investment Strategies Of The Economic Data Release—USD/CAD Case Study Finance 2016-06-17
Shih-en Huang The Relationship between Business Cycle、Exchange Rate and Taiwan Manufacturing Finance 2016-06-13
Kuan-hua Huang Some Topics of High School Mathematics Teacher Recruitment Exams in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2016-06-22
Yu-kai Huang A Cognitive Investigation of Love Metaphors: A Multimodal Analysis of Sea Journey in Titanic Foreign Language and Literature 2016-06-23
Wen-Jung Huang Visual Effects Analysis and Detection for Computer-Generated Imagery in Films Electrical Engineering 2016-06-24
Pin-lun Huang The Relationship between Stock Price Endogeneity and Information Asymmetry Finance 2016-06-23
Yi-lu Huang The study of the relationship among transformational leadership、team cohesion and team effectiveness take employees from state-owned company in Shanghai Human Resource Management 2016-06-25
Chi-hao Huang The preparation of micro-sphere polycaprolactone for bio-application by emulsion process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-06-28
You-Ting Huang The Relationship between Justice Perception and Youth’s Housing Subsidy Program Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2016-06-28
Hsiu-Chuan Huang A Study of York Bowen’s Twenty-four Preludes in All Major and Minor Keys, Op.102. For Piano Solo Music 2016-07-05
Chih-Jung Huang Antecedents of Facilitating Alibaba Double Eleven Global Carnival-A Perspective of Herd Behavior Information Management 2016-07-08
Chien-Hao Huang A Study of Business Strategies for Mixed Metal Scrap Treatment Domain in Taiwan – A Case of Company Y EMBA 2016-07-05
Pei-yi Huang Complexation of Camphor Sulfonic Acid to form Ionic Complexes with Aggregation-Induce Emission Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-12
Shun-yuan Huang The Study of Low Temperature Glass Phosphors Fabrication. Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-12
Bo-Chiuan Huang Direct Grid-Connected Excited Synchronous Wind Power System with Auto Parameter Calibration Electrical Engineering 2016-07-21
Chung-chia Huang Key Success Factors and Innovative Applications of Technical Marketing in Steel Industries EMBA 2016-07-14
Shin-yi Huang Determination of Trace Multi-element and The Specitaiton Analysis of Iodine and Bromine in infant food Using ICP-MS Chemistry 2016-07-23
Cheng-Yi Huang Theoretical study of the physical properties and applications in 2D and 3D topological materials Physics 2016-07-22
Te-Yu Huang Money or Dream in my Future? The Effect of Job Attributes and Temporal Distance on Job Pursuit Intention: The Moderating Role of Future Time Perspective Human Resource Management 2016-07-28
Wei-Hao Huang The Analysis of Hybrid Routing Protocol Using Core Gateway Relay in MANETs Electrical Engineering 2016-07-27
Chien-Mei Huang Synthesis and Characterization of Nitroxyl Polyradical P(TMA-co-PEGMA) and It’s Electrochemical Properties. Chemistry 2016-08-04
Hui-Yu Huang The Impact of Moral Leadership on Affective Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Turnover Intention: the Mediation Effect of Work Engagement Human Resource Management 2016-08-08
Lu-Shan Huang A Study of Kám Questions in Taiwan Southern Min Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-07
Ting-Hsuan Huang Controlling factors of carbon system from freshwater to seawater: case studies in tropical rivers, Middle Atlantic Bight, and SE Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2016-08-03
Cheng-Chieh Huang Study on Nonvolatile Memory Characteristics of Few-layered InSe Field Effect Transistors Devices Physics 2016-08-10
Wan-Chi Huang CEO Power,Corporate Social Responsibility,and Firm Value:The Perspective of Agency Theory EMBA 2016-08-09
Kuang-Hua Huang A Survey on the arsenic exposure of semiconductor equipment ion implanter operators during routine machine cleaning Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-10
Wan-Jou Huang Optical Digital-to-Analog Convertor for 4-PAM Generation by Parallel Electro-Absorption Modulators Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-08
Yi-Ying Huang An Efficient ZigBee Node Placement Technique for Indoor Localization based on Proximity Learning Communications Engineering 2016-08-20
Chia-nien Huang Application of carbon-substrate complex to enhance the anaerobic biodegradation of 1,2-dichloroethane Environmental Engineering 2016-08-22
Lin-En Huang Exploring IS Project Outsourcing Success: A Psychological Contract Breach Perspective Information Management 2016-08-24
Po-Chun Huang The function of prdxI (Peroxiredoxin 1) during vascular development in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2016-08-24
Yun-hsuan Huang Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Corals Sarcophyton trocheliophorum, Paralemnalia thyrsoides, and Xenia hicksoni Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-08-26
Kuei-Chun Huang Design and Application of Special Function Unit in Dual-Precision Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-30
Chien-Wei Huang Study of Transparent Conductive Zinc Oxide Thin Film on Plastic Substrates Deposited Cathodic Vacuum Arc Deposition System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-30
Sheng-Zhang Huang A Study of Miniaturized Suspended Four-phase Coupler Electrical Engineering 2016-08-31
Kuo-hao Huang Fluxes of methane in aquaculture ponds in southern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-08-31
Hsiao-Shan Huang Synthesis and Characterization of Reduction-Responsive Block Copolymers for Anti-cancer Drugs Co-delivery System Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2016-08-29
Li-Ting Huang A Study on Relationship Marketing of Taipei International Choral Festival Theatre Arts 2016-09-05
Yu-chen Huang An ethnography of a museum-university-school-indigenous community (MUSIC) in a science learning ecosystem Education 2016-09-06
Bo-jia Huang Design and Implementation of an Interleaved Voltage-Doubler Boost Converter for Power Factor Correction Electrical Engineering 2016-08-31
Shiang-wen Huang A Study on the Influence of Environmental Landscape Perception and Experiential Marketing on Tourists Revisit Intention:A Study of the Aimen Beach Recreation Area Public Affairs Management 2016-08-30
Chi-lin Huang Human Resource Strategy of Facing Aging Workplace in Service Industry Human Resource Management 2016-09-07
Chi-chan Huang Optical properties of InGaN/GaN Multi-quantum well Physics 2016-09-06
Kuei-chen Huang Particulate trace metal composition in coastal waters surrounding Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-09-07
I-hsun Huang Theoretical Studies on the Heat Transfer and Plastic Flow of Dissimilar Materials during Plunging Process in Friction Stir Welding Using an Embedded-Rod Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-08
Chih-kai Huang Two Vertical Capacitor-less One-Transistor DRAMs for Low-Power and High-Speed Application Electrical Engineering 2016-09-09
Ying-tzu Huang Grasp the Key that Drives Youth Votes: The Effect of Temporal Focus on Campaign Advertising Design and Endorser Selection Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-09-11
Hsin-Ching Huang Time Series forecast of Company Revenue Trend Using Financial News Information Management 2016-09-07
Kuan-Chich Huang A Study on the Optimal Order Execution Problem for Stochastic Market Depth Models Applied Mathematics 2016-09-12
Zhi-Quan Huang Topological phase transitions of group IV and V elements in the honeycomb structures and on substrate Physics 2016-09-19
Huai-ping Huang Polarization-Asymmetric Bidirectional Random Laser Emission from a Twisted–Nematic Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-23
Yu-hsiu Huang Message Authentication Schemes for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-30
Chih-Hsiang Huang Joint Source-Channel Optimization over Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relay Systems Communications Engineering 2016-10-21
Teng-wei Huang Design and Implementation of A Single-Stage High Power Factor Flyback LED Driver and A Controller with Primary-Side Regulation Electrical Engineering 2016-10-24
Chih-Kuo Huang The Study of Flexible Electrode and Light Extraction Structure in Application of Organic Light-Emitting Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-11-11
Yu-Ching Huang Implementation of an SVC Stream-Splitting Mechanism Using RTSP in Multi-RAT Networks Electrical Engineering 2016-11-14
Kuang-Wei Huang Refinement and Application of The Computer Software for the Design of Parallel-Connected Automatic Transmissions for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-11-15
Jheng-Nan Huang A Study on Compact Representation of Frequent Itemsets in Data Mining Computer Science and Engineering 2016-11-14
Bang-ting Huang Stars That Never Die: Effects of Dead Celebrity Endorsement and the Roles of Time and Consumers’ Perspectives on the Relations between Self and Communities Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-11-28
Cheng-wei Huang Optimal Design of a Nozzle and Diffuser Duct Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-12-13
Wei-shiun Huang Ethical Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment Business Management 2016-12-30
Kai-chi Huang A 0.5 V 10-bit 500KS/s SAR ADC With Merge、Split and Tri-Level Switching in 90 nm CMOS Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-12
Ying-Chieh Huang The South China Sea Issue in the Current US - China Strategic Interactions Economics 2017-01-18
Yu-Kai Huang Comparison of Calculation Approaches for Environmental Forces on Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Pile Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-01-18
Yu-Hsuan Huang Study on the Book of Rites in Ming Dynasty Chinese Literature 2017-01-20
Po-chao Huang A High speed 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with the extended encoding scheme Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-24
Lee-yen Huang A study of Relationship between Elementary School Principals' Positive Leadership and Teachers' Organizational Commitment in Kaohsiung City Education 2017-01-25
He-lin Huang The Exploratory Research on Characteristics and Effectiveness of Bloggers' Sponsored Posts Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-02-01
Yu-Ching Huang A Study of Emotional Text Mining Information Management 2017-02-13
Ching-hsiung Huang The study of Reclusion Poems in Taiwan of the Qing Dynasty Chinese Literature 2017-02-12
Wen-jie Huang The Study on Retirement of Financial Confidence, Financial Instrument Preference and Reasons for Selections - A Case Study of C Bank Wealth Customers Finance 2017-06-20
Ying-Ru Huang An Empirical Study on Economic Growth, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Energy Consumption, Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy Consumption - A Case Study of Taiwan Economics 2017-06-20
Chu-Yuan Huang The Macroeconomic Effects of Minimum Wage Policy:The Case of Taiwan Economics 2017-06-27
Pei-Chi Huang Applications of Mathematica 10.3 in Probability Distribution Applied Mathematics 2017-07-03
Ya-Chi Huang The Influence of Electronic Commerce on Wealth Management of Securities Industry Business Management 2017-06-06
Wen-chun Huang The Investigation of Relations among Perceived Parental Rearing Behavior, Sense of Self, and Peer Relationship For Fifth-grade and Sixth-grade Elementary School Children in Kaohsiung City Education 2017-07-05
I-Wen Huang The Study of The Relationship among Teachers’Perceived Organizational Support, Collegiality, and Teacher Efficacy Behavior among Junior High School Beginning Teachers in Social Studies Education 2017-06-19
Zhi-hui Huang A Study on Theatre In Education(TIE)in Theatre Club of Youth Junior High School in Kaohsiung Theatre Arts 2017-07-10
Dun-Lin Huang Study of the effect of different coagulants on treatment efficiency of organic matters in raw water Environmental Engineering 2017-07-10
Yen-jan Huang Investigation of Lactate Detection in MR High Field with MEGA-sLASER by VeSPA-Simulation Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-15
Chuan-chun Huang A Study of the Question Bank of the Unified Teaching of Calculus:Calculus Final Exams of the Fall Semester at National Taiwan University Applied Mathematics 2017-07-14
Yu-Chung Huang Study of Competitive Strategy to Dermatology Clinics' Cosmetic Medical Business EMBA 2017-07-18
Jen-Yang Huang Wavelength conversion with low operation power in low loss Ta2O5 based micro-ring resonator Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-18
Ya-chi Huang Determination of arsenic and selenium species in wines and tellurium species in food by HPLC-ICP-MS Chemistry 2017-07-19
Tzu-Yun Huang A Study of Management Strategy and Innovation for Air Condition Industry in Taiwan – The Case of F Company Economics 2017-07-19
Sian-Hong Huang A study on network modeling with grouping structure among its nodes Applied Mathematics 2017-07-19
I-Cheng Huang By using different process with polar solvent produces silver nanowire electrode apply in organic electro-optic devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-19
Yu-Ling Huang A Study of the Question Bank of the Unified Teaching of Calculus:Calculus Midterm Exams of the Spring Semester at National Taiwan University Applied Mathematics 2017-07-19
Shih-Jhe Huang The photoconduction characteristic of Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator nanoflakes Physics 2017-07-25
Yi-Chiang Huang Preparation and Evaluation of Partially Fluorinated Sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s Electrolytes for Fuel Cell Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-01
Kuan-Chun Huang Correlation Analysis of Topographic Complexity and Fish Abundance around Artificial Reefs – A Case Study of Artificial Reefs at Kaohsiung, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-08-08
Kai-jin Huang Synthesis of Linear and Cyclic Oligopeptides via Histidine-Promoted Native Peptide Ligation Chemistry 2017-08-08
Kuo-Hui Huang A Study on the Credit Risk Evaluation at T Leasing Company EMBA 2017-08-07
Lu-Yi Huang Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Multiuser Massive-MIMO Systems with mmWave Propagation Communications Engineering 2017-08-09
Wen-Chih Huang Luminescent heterocyclic compounds with aggregation induced emission property and their microporous derivatives Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-08
Kai Huang A Case study on the Business Strategy of Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival Theatre Arts 2017-07-20
Han-Ying Huang Dynamic Path Planning of Mobile Anchor for Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2017-08-15
Chun-Wei Huang Research of position mark recognition of parts and an array type assembly system Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-10
Cheng-Nan Huang A Study on the Resolution Flaws of the Corporation Shareholders' Meeting EMBA 2017-08-11
Bo-siang Huang Investigation of Impacts of Trap States on Poly-Si Tunnel Transistor With Gate-to-Drain Underlapping Structures Electrical Engineering 2017-08-14
Mei-Hui Huang A Study on Business Strategies of Aquafeed Industry EMBA 2017-08-15
Yao-Sheng Huang Comparison of Positive Bias Temperature Instability between Thin-Film Transistors and Tunnel Transistors with Poly-Si Channel Film Electrical Engineering 2017-08-17
Shih-ming Huang A Study On Social Development In China ICAPS 2017-08-11
Hsin-Pei Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Criminal Investigation Data Processing Systems Model Information Management 2017-07-30
Sheng-kai Huang The Effect of Lorentz force on Fluid Flow and Surface Roughness during Solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-16
Po-Lin Huang The Quasi Bounded Rationality of Social Exchange and Economic Exchange: A Cross-Domain Governance Study of Kaohsiung as a Pilot City for Cross-Strait Cooperation Public Affairs Management 2017-08-19
Siou-mei Huang Predictions on Structural and Mechanical Behaviors of Activated Carbon by Molecular Mechanics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-21
Jiun-wen Huang Efficient Dispatch Scheme of Mobile Sensors in A Hybrid Sensor Network with Wireless Chargers Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-23
Chien-Chun Huang Integrating ABS and DRX Mechanisms in LTE-A Heterogeneous Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-25
Chen-An Huang Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Dynamic Stall on a Pitching Airfoil with Turbulence Models Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-24
Han-Fan Huang Studies on copper electroplating Chemistry 2017-08-28
Ya-Li Huang Influence of sensory cues and venom availability on the prey-selection of nocturnal wandering spider, Heteropoda venatoria (Araneae: Sparassidae) Biological Sciences 2017-08-20
Wei-Ru Huang Studies on the cell cycle regulation roles of GREM1 gene in BFTC905 cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-09-01
Yu-Cheng Huang The study of solidly mounted resonator using various electrode shapes Electrical Engineering 2017-09-03
Wei-tzu Huang Evaluation of Asthma Pay-for-performance Program Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-31
Yum- Chin Huang A Study on the Administrative Legal System of Cross-Starit Economic and Trade Exchange ICAPS 2017-09-04
Fei-Ling Huang The Relationships between Parental Psychological Control and Children’s Overt Aggression:Parent-Child Relationships as a Moderator. Education 2017-09-04
Jhao-Ming Huang Charging and Discharging Strategies of Second Life Battery in Energy Storage System Electrical Engineering 2017-09-07
Chia-Chi Huang The Competitive Advantage of Supplementary School under Declining Birthrate Business Management 2017-08-31
Chiao-ling Huang A comparative study of knowledge sharing, organizational citizenship behavior and related factors among university students in Taiwan and Mainland China Education 2017-09-10
Sheng-Han Huang Xu Fu Guan on ’’Harmony’’ in his Thought of Music Chinese Literature 2017-08-22
Pei-Yu Huang Effects of electrolytical parameters and substrate on epitaxial growth of Cu2O on electrodeposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-09-11
Hsin-Yu Huang Travel Characteristics, Tourism Image and Revisiting Willingness Correlation Analysis of Penghu Winter Tourists Public Affairs Management 2017-09-07
Hui-wen Huang Using M-class Ultra-Pure Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (UPLC/MSE) for Rapid Detection and Typing of Norovirus Capsid Protein Biological Sciences 2017-09-11
Zong-Ze Huang Hybrid Storage Caching and Tiering on Linux Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-11
Yi-Hsuan Huang VLSI Design And Implementation Of Low Bit-error Rate HomePlug AV System Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-14
Po-Chun Huang Design and Implementation of High-Performance Polar Encoder For Next-Generation Communication Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-09-25
Yao-qing Huang LDA-Based Personalized recommendation for Airbnb Information Management 2017-10-19
Chao-Min Huang A study of molecular biomarkers for therapeutic outcome in chronic viral hepatitis Biological Sciences 2017-10-23
Shun-ji Huang An Improved Misra-Gries algorithm for Finding Top-k Frequent Items and Its Parallelized Implementation Computer Science and Engineering 2017-10-25
Wen-hui Huang Heterogeneous Integration of MEMS Six-port Transformer-based Power Divider and CMOS Quadrant Down-conversion Mixer for Microwave Communication System Electrical Engineering 2017-11-26
Ying-Hung Huang Will the Congruence between Applicants’ Gender and Gender-Trait in their Resume Influence Interviewers’ Resume Screening? A Scenario Study of Fictitious Resume Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-12-07
Yu-Ren Huang A Computational Study of Graphene Composites Chemistry 2017-12-21
Chi-yu Huang Altitudinal differences of distribution and behavior of Formosan Reeves’ muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi micrurus) Biological Sciences 2018-01-05
Sheng Huang An Analysis of Hong Kong Identity Under “One Country, Two Systems” ICAPS 2018-01-30
Bing-Yau Huang The studies of opto-electrically controlled dimensional switching grating and Fresnel lens based on liquid crystals Physics 2018-01-30
Guo-lun Huang Tail Risk Trading Strategy Using Volatility-of-volatility Index Finance 2018-01-29
Hsiao- Fen Huang The Experiences of Female Departmental Managers in Township Governments, Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2018-02-07
Bo-Shen Huang Design of an Automatic Push Corer Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Sheng-Chih Huang Coupling of a second generation oxygen release compound with electrokinetic-biological process for the remediation of phthalate esters contaminated river sediments Environmental Engineering 2018-02-14
Chien-lin Huang Spatiotemporal Variation and Possible Sources of PM2.5-bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Kaohsiung Industrial Area Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-02-20
Hsin-chia Huang A Study of J. N. Hummel "Potpourri, Op.94" Music 2018-02-21
Chien-Lun Huang Development of a Six-axis Force/Torque Sensor Calibration System and Transfer Matrix Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-22
Shih-Chan Huang Improving Trading Strategy on Taiwan Stocks with United States Stock Market Computer Science and Engineering 2018-02-21
Yu-chen Huang Recovery of Valuable Metals from Spent Mixed-type Lithium-ion Batteries Using Hydrometallurgical Processes Environmental Engineering 2018-02-21
YU-CHIA HUANG Dynamic Asset Allocation Based on Conditional Value-at-Risk Finance 2018-02-20
Hsiao-Ching Huang Discussion on Dental Service Quality and Patient Loyalty Business Management 2018-04-30
Shu-ying Huang The Impact of the Inflation and the Other Factors on the Specific Stock Returns - An Empirical Study for Taiwan Case Finance 2018-06-10
Shu-Te Huang A Study on Business Type Transformation and Organizational Design - A Case of F Company EMBA 2018-06-14
Jing-Wun Huang The Study of Relationship Between Stock Market and the Price of Petroleum: Evidences for China A-Share and Taiwan. Finance 2018-06-18
Ming-Tang Huang A Study of the Development of the R.O.C Coast Guard Capability Continuing Education Program Of The Institute Of China And Asia-Pacific Studies 2018-06-22
Wei-Chia Huang Effect of Cash Flow Volatility and Managerial Compensation Structure on Firm’s Capital Structure Finance 2018-06-28
Wen-Pin Huang A study on International Expansion Strategy:The Case of PATTA College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-05
Ping-Yuan Huang The Roll Call Effect on Electing the Speakers and Deputy Speakers of Local Councils in Taiwan - A Case Study of Tainan City Council Political Science 2018-07-05
Cian-Hua Huang Impact Analysis of High Penetration of Renewable Energy on the Operation Dispatch of Taiwan Power System Electrical Engineering 2018-06-22
Shih-Hung Huang Self-Assembling Behavior and Structure-Property Relationship of Stereoregular Polymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-07-06
Yen-Hsiang Huang The study on M&A behavior of Family and nonfamily firm - Listed companies in Taiwan Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-06-28
Wei-Hao Huang Global Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Generation Systems Using Shading Detection and State Estimation Electrical Engineering 2018-07-03
San-Tay Huang The Study on Management Organization of Underground Pipeline in CPC Taiwan College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-06-16
Chi-hsiang Huang Risk factors for patients from endometriosis to ovarian cancer and relation of SCC with survival in cervical cancer Applied Mathematics 2018-07-17
Guang-hui Huang The Compensation of Guided Wave when Examining Defect at Elbow Pipe Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-07-17
Jiun-Jie Huang Investigation the relationships between characteristics of nursing staff and patients' pressure sore Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2018-07-17
WEI-KANG HUANG Leaders’ consideration in the life domain: Scale development and validation Human Resource Management 2018-07-19
Yi-hao Huang By Using Dimethicone Transferred Solution Produce Silver Nanowires Electrodes Apply in Organic Light-Emitting Diode Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-20
Cheng-Huan Huang Design and Synthesis of Benzo[c][1,2,5]thiadiazole derivatives as TADF Emitters Institute Of Photonics 2018-07-23
Wei-Hao Huang Revisiting Environmental Rhetoric in E. B. White’s Novels for Children Foreign Language and Literature 2018-07-23
Hong-Chieh Huang The effect of human resource integration after enterprise acquisition on organization performance EMBA 2018-07-23
Wan-Ting Huang A Study in Strategic Management on Roller Skating Manufacturing Industry with Resource Based Theory – A Case of A Company in China Business Management 2018-07-20
Song-hao Huang Impact of the Morphology of Molybdenum Disulfide on Inhibition of Bovine Insulin Fibrillation Chemistry 2018-07-22
Pei-Ling Huang A study on the imitations that backfire in Taiwanese folklore Chinese Literature 2018-07-22
Yen-Chang Huang Polymer Crystallization within Nano-Confined Environment in Heterogeneous Blends Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-07-28
Wei-Hsiang Huang Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in DML-based OFDM Transmission Systems Using Neural Network based Waveform Regression Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-08-01
An-chi Huang Study of longitudinal mode and shear mode by lateral field excitation with ZnO based solidly mounted resonators Electrical Engineering 2018-08-01
Shu-Chin Huang Exploring the Trade Marketing and Global Customer Relationship Management of SMEs in Taiwan: Taking A Company as an Example EMBA 2018-07-31
Hao-Chun Huang A Highly Sensitive Portable Microsystem for Rapid Marijuana Detection and A Peak Detector with Offset Cancellation Electrical Engineering 2018-08-02
Mei-Hui Huang The Impact of Taiwanese Local Government Reform of Mergering Cities and Counties on Local Factions' Sustainability -A Case Study of Previous Kaohsiung County Political Science 2018-08-01
Rei-Ying Huang The Music Narrative in Kipakim and Aspiration Music 2018-08-07
Wei-Ming Huang Research on the Channel and Distributor's sales performance in relation to the professional trainings provided by Product Manufacturer College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-08-02
Po-Chiao Huang Parameters and Performance Analysis of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driver with Robust Integral Structure Controller Institute Of Electrical Engineering 2018-08-07
Guan-Jen Huang Design and Implementation of Tree Topology Algorithm for Power Line Communication Network Electrical Engineering 2018-08-05
Yen-lin Huang Key-Aggregate Proxy Re-Encryption with Dynamic Condition Generation Using Multilinear Maps Computer Science and Engineering 2018-08-10
Chien-Jen Huang A Study of the Impacts of Semiconductor Industry Change on Equipment Supplier Co-opetition Strategies EMBA 2018-08-12
Chi-Yuan Huang Inhibition of GDNF Signaling Reduces Tumorigenic Potential and Metastasis in Glioblastoma Multiforme Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2018-08-10
Yin-cheng Huang The Effects of the Badminton Teaching–Assisted System Using Wearable Technology to Enhance University Students’ Learning Performance of Badminton Skills - the Case Study of Smash Information Management 2018-08-14
I-Chang Huang Hardware Architecture of Dehazing System for Enhancing Underwater Image with/without Extreme Contrast Computer Science and Engineering 2018-08-15
Ya-Jie Huang Detection of Drug-Disease Interactions for Acute Kidney Injury using Deep Rule Forests Information Management 2018-08-16
Mi Huang Wei The Impact of Maker Economics to Cutuaral and Creative Industry-A Case of Maker Wisdom Corp. EMBA 2017-06-28
Chao-chin Huang, A research of police administrative neutrality-- A case study of The 11th Presidential Election, R. O. C. Political Science 2004-08-25
TSENG HUANG, Yin-ti Confucianism Taoism Relationship Chinese Literature 2005-05-24
Sin-lin Huaung The melting of a surface irradiated by electromagnetic wave Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-16
Fenice Huey-Chung The swimbladder morphology and vocal repertoire of the grunting toadfish, Allenbatrachus grunniens (Batrachoididae) Marine Biology 2010-09-05
Chen-Chin Hui Application the Resource-Based Theory to the Strategy and the Competitive Advantage: The Kaoshiung Port Human Resource Management 2001-02-09
Shi Hui The relations among the organization transformation,employee’s commitment and working morale-a study on“the ROC Armed Forces Streamlining Program”of the Ministry of Nationl Defens EMBA 2006-07-26
Yi Hui Research into Elementary School Teacher’s Meaning of Life, Attitude Towards Life Education and the Implementation of Life Education Education 2006-09-12
Kang-shu Hui Action Research: The Application of Adventure Education in Learning Area of Integrated Activities in Junior High Schools Education 2007-07-24
Tzu Hui Where should NPO go next?Analysis for digital divide of Taiwan NPO websites by 7C framework. Communications Management 2014-01-20
Wen Hui HSiang Growth of GaN thin films on Pattern Sapphire substrates by Hydride vapor phase epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-06-27
Huang Hui-Ya A Study on Marketing Strategy of Ceramic Tile Industry EMBA 2018-06-19
Tian-yong Hunag A Study on the Residual Stress Distributions during Thin Films Sputtering Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-21
Chin-Fu Hung Study of Political Regime Reform in the CCP's Fifteenth Congress Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-15
Chia-Ling Hung A study of the relationship between mutual fund managerial team and mutual fund performance. Business Management 2000-06-21
Ching-Hwa Hung A Study on SPAN's Risk-measuring Methodology For Portfolio That Include Options Finance 2000-06-27
Kuang-Chih Hung Studies on the Cytotoxic Secondary Metabolites of the Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris Marine Resources 2000-07-25
Huang-Ching Hung none EMBA 2000-07-27
Tzu-Yu Hung Development of High Accuracy 2-D Inspection Software Mechanical Engineering 2000-08-15
Yu-Liang Hung Cost-effective Microarchitecture Optimization for ARM7TDMI Microprocessor Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-24
Chien-Hsiung Hung The Study of the Moisture Effect on the Warpage of IC Packages in the IR-Reflow Process Mechanical Engineering 2000-08-28
Ming-Hui Hung A study of trailside vegetation in Panping-Shan, Kaohsiung Biological Sciences 2000-09-08
Gwo-Wei Hung Settling Particulates on the Continental Slope off Northeast Taiwan :Mass Flux ,Grain Size Distribution and Disequilibrium between Lead-210 and Polonium-210 Marine Geology and chemistry 2001-02-01
Jui-Min Hung A study of technology infusion in service encounters---industry of hair beauty for example Business Management 2001-06-28
C-H HUNG none Materials Science and Engineering 2001-06-28
Tu-Chich Hung A Study on Tool Wear of Hydrodynamic Polishing Process Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-02
Ming-wei Hung The Study of the Role of Government in Merger and Acquisition: Bank Merger in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-02
Tsai-Chih Hung A preliminary study on design of grinding machine with nano-vibration characteristic Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-03
Yi-Min Hung Structural Characterization of TiO2 and BaTiO3 Thin Films by MOCVD Electrical Engineering 2001-07-06
Shau-Pin Hung Video Restoration Based on Kalman Filtering Electrical Engineering 2001-07-10
Kuo-Teng Hung Biogas desulfurization: Performane study of a full-scale scrubber for biogas desulfurization Environmental Engineering 2001-07-13
Ying-Shiu Hung Recovery of PGM's from Spent Autocatalyst Using Hydrometallurgy and Ultrasound-Assisted Solvent Extraction Environmental Engineering 2001-08-02
Chin-Yuan Hung The Research on Finding Generalized Association Rules from Library Circulation Records Information Management 2001-08-02
Wei-Jen Hung Internet Brands vs. Traditional Brands: A Cognitive Difference Analysis on The N-Generation Communcations Management 2001-08-03
Chi-Hsiang Hung The Study of Sperm Penetration through the Vitelline Envelope of Penaeus monodon Egg Marine Biology 2001-08-22
Chia-Hui Hung Applying Technology of Virtual Reality to the Navigation of Remotely Operated Vehicles Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-08-24
Dong-Shing Hung Investigation into the Differences in the Public’s Cognition of the Service Quality of Land Administration-Case Study on Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2001-08-27
i-chong hung none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-23
Jen-Lin Hung Influence of Temperature and Humidity on the Photocatalytical Decomposition of Benzene Environmental Engineering 2001-09-14
Shih-Lei Hung Design and Fabrication of High Conversion-Efficiency Flattened L-band Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-06-12
Chen-Chao Hung none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-11
YU-CHUN HUNG Relationships between Strategic Human Resources Management and Knowledge Transfer of International Enterprise Human Resource Management 2002-07-17
Chia-Chien Hung Electro-optical properties of Sn doped In2O3 thin film derived from an ultrasonic atomization process Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-23
Hsiu-Yu Hung none Finance 2002-07-18
Kuan-Cheng Hung none Finance 2002-07-24
Shih-Ya Hung Characterization of YDL100c expression and function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2002-07-29
Chia-Hung Hung A Study of Issues Concerning Information System Architecture Employed by Companies Investing in the South-Eastern China Information Management 2002-08-01
Ming-Fue Hung NONE Finance 2002-08-08
Yin-Po Hung none Materials Science and Engineering 2002-08-21
SHUI-TE HUNG The Human Resource Planning of Chinese Petroleum Corporation --Take The Refinery Business Unit (RBU) As The Research Model Human Resource Management 2002-08-28
Yu-Pang Hung Seasonal Distribution of Siphonophores in Tapeng Bay and Kaoping Coastal Waters, Southwestern Taiwan. Marine Resources 2002-09-04
Hui-Li Hung The changes of Taiwan's Industry structure and the evaluation of root stayed in Taiwan Economics 2003-01-27
Li-Yueh Hung Study on the reproduction of Paramyxine nelsoni (Myxinidae)from the southwestern coast of Taiwan Marine Biology 2003-02-12
Ying-Nu Hung Investigation on the metal concentrations of demersal organisms at the coastal waters off Yunlin, S. W. Taiwan Marine Resources 2003-05-02
Hsueh-Chen Hung The Relation between Employee Job Satisfaction and Morale ---A case study of the China company Human Resource Management 2003-06-20
Chang-Mao Hung Study on the Reaction Mechanisms of Gas-liquid Phase of Nitrogen-containing Pollutants over Nanoscale Copper Catalyst Environmental Engineering 2003-06-25
Jun-Xian Hung Study on the Molecular Beam Deposition of CuInSe2 Thin Film Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Chia-Hsin Hung The Study of Rural Anti-Poverty Policy in Mainland China:Perspectives on Changing Development Theories Mainland China Studies 2003-07-04
Sheng-Ting Hung Relations Between Resonance Raman Spectra and The Second Order Optical Nonlinearity of Charge Transfer Chromophores Physics 2003-07-10
Wen-Chi Hung The Study of a Novel Structure of Woven Continuous Carbon Fiber with High Electromagnetic Shieling Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-27
Ta-Chao Hung A New Approach to 3,4-Dihydrobenz[g]isoquinoline Skeleton Chemistry 2003-07-22
Su-Hsiag Hung none Chinese Literature 2003-07-23
JIN-JUN HUNG The relationship of organizational ethical climate, the principles of medical ethic and the performances of medical behavior Human Resource Management 2003-07-29
Pei-Chen Hung none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-07
HUNG-TA HUNG none Finance 2003-08-13
Shiou-Wen Hung A Research of IPE Theories of Susan Strange Political Science 2003-08-14
Ciha-Hsun Hung Molecular epidemiology of nasal carriage in patients with both community and hospital acquired Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-08-25
Chen-Lin Hung The Executive-Legislature Relations under the Divided Government─the Case Study of Kaohsiung County(1985-2001) Political Science 2003-09-23
Tung-wei Hung The Study of Green Fiscal Reform and Management —A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2004-05-18
Shih-chieh Hung The influence of industry cluster's effect between Taiwan and China to the change of the Multinational Taiwan subsidiary's role. Business Management 2004-06-21
Pei-Ching Hung The tensile properties of sub-micron Al Materials Science and Engineering 2004-06-29
Chen-Hui Hung A Multidimensional Fitted Finite Volume Method for the Black-Scholes Equation Governing Option Pricing Applied Mathematics 2004-07-05
Wen-cha Hung Study of Applying UPFC To Power System Optimal Congestion Management Electrical Engineering 2004-06-30
Chen-Yung Hung The interface effect on Magnetoresistance and Magnetization of La0.7Ce0.3MnO3 and La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 thin films Physics 2004-07-04
Cheng-yu Hung Molecular cloning of flavonoid 3’,5’-hydroxylase cDNA from the petals of Verbena x hybrida Biological Sciences 2004-07-12
Shih-wei Hung Development of Ocean Net Cage Acoustic Alarm System Undersea Technology 2004-07-13
Tzu-Hsiang Hung Study of Thermal Properties in Zr-Al-Cu-Ni Amorphous Alloy by Adding Boron and Silicon Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-13
Hue-Ling Hung none Chinese Literature 2004-07-19
Chia-Sui Hung Biogeochemistry of Mercury and Nutrients in the Tapong Bay and the Chiku Lagoon Marine Geology and chemistry 2004-07-22
Yu-tzu Hung The Affect of Personal Playfulness and Team Playfulness Climate on Team Creativity Performance Human Resource Management 2004-07-25
Chia-Chun Hung The Effect of Peak Detection Algorithms on the Quality of Underwater Laser Ranging Undersea Technology 2004-07-29
Teh-Tsung Hung Research On Public Officials Election Practice of Our Country Poll Investigation of Election Staff of Kaoshiung City Political Science 2004-08-05
Heng-chu Hung Culture Business, Local Development Strategy the Kenting Wind Chimes Festival EMBA 2004-08-12
Yu-Li Hung Photoreduction of Carbon Dioxide in a Batch Reactor Using Nanosized Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts Prepared by a Sol-gel Method Environmental Engineering 2004-08-20
Kuen-Ming Hung Study on Peak-to-Average Power Ratio of OFDM Systems Electrical Engineering 2004-09-05
Chia-Jia Hung Social-Economy Approach toward Social Capital, Trust and Industrial Clustering Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-10-16
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Kuei-chung Hung The study of relationship between TQM,quality performance and ISO 9000 Business Management 2005-06-07
Sheng-Feng Hung Passive Alignment of Buried Optical Waveguide and Single Mode Fiber on the Silicon Bench Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-15
Chien-Chih Hung NTSC Video Sync Separator and A Gm-C Anti-Aliasing Filter Design with Digitally Tunable Bandwidth for DVB-T Receivers Communications Engineering 2005-06-24
LI-YUN HUNG Behavioral Analysis of Tax Evasion and Bribery Economics 2005-06-28
Yu-Huan Hung Research and Development of a Smart Li-Battery Management System Electrical Engineering 2005-06-29
Kuo-Yuan Hung DSP-Based Research on Rapid Charging Strategy of Lead-Acid Battery Electrical Engineering 2005-07-06
Yu-sin Hung Post-Weld-Shift Measurement and Compensation in Butterfly Laser Modules Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-11
Wu-po Hung A study on the Roles Played by the Anti-corruption Authorities and Functionaries in Taiwan and Their Anti-corrupt Performance Public Affairs Management 2005-07-14
Yu-Hsiang Hung Improvement of Electrical Characteristics of MOCVD-TiO2 Films by Postmetallization Annealing Electrical Engineering 2005-07-15
Jui-kai Hung A Data Gloves Acquiring and Analyzing System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-19
Teng-Da Hung Creative Design of The Bicycle’s System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Mei-jhu Hung Effect of Thinning on Ground-dwelling Beetle Communities in a Taiwania Plantation Biological Sciences 2005-07-26
Jui Hung The research of the non-pharmaceutical industry converted investment the biological technology industry EMBA 2005-08-01
Li-Mei Hung Relationship study among Recognition of Organizational Reform, Job Stress and Organizational Commitment-for Administrative Staffs in Reformed Private Colleges Human Resource Management 2005-08-22
Chih-lung Hung An Exploration of Healthcare Information System Development Project Based on the Views of Organizational Defense --- A Case Study of E Hospital Information Management 2005-09-02
Rui-hung Hung On the Properties of Perfectly Orthogonal Complementary Codes Communications Engineering 2005-09-03
Chung-Rung Hung The Relationships among Organizational Justice,Trust, and Customer Citizenship Behavior Human Resource Management 2005-09-05
Jung-Yao Hung A Model of the Probability of Informed Trading and its Application Finance 2005-10-17
Ju-ping Hung The Study of the Corporate Transformation , Human Resource Development and Organizational Performance Human Resource Management 2006-01-18
Kang-Bo Hung The Research of The Management in Chinese Financial Market of HSBC Mainland China Studies 2006-01-25
Jung-Ting Hung The Hull Numbers of Orientations of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-06-23
Ying-Chen Hung The Future Trend of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Taiwan Business Management 2006-07-04
Yi-ju Hung A Study of KM Performance Based on Organizational Learning perspective Information Management 2006-07-07
Yao-Chen Hung The study of complex systems and dynamical behaviors in disordered-coupled random Boolean networks Physics 2006-07-04
MIN-WEI HUNG Design and Research of Underwater Manipulator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-14
Chih-Wen Hung Study on the characteristics GaSb device Electrical Engineering 2006-07-19
Yin-po Hung Microstructures and Mechanical Strengthening Mechanisms of Nanoparticle Reinforced Mg Based Composites Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-17
Ching-Ju Hung The research of EVA that applies to prediction of corporate financial distress Finance 2006-09-09
Huan-kai Hung A Computer-assisted Trademark Retrieval System with Zernike Moment and Image Compactness Indices Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-31
Tzu-yen Hung The Use of Kalman Filter in Handling Imprecise and Missing Data for Mobile Group Mining Information Management 2006-08-01
Yung-Peng Hung Practicing Community Policing in Penghu County -A Study of Operating Model on Police Beat Public Affairs Management 2006-08-01
Shih-min Hung Setting up and Application of Infrared Temperature-Sensing System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-09
Kuo-Ching Hung A study on causatives of escalation of Taiwan In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industrial and its possibly avoidable strategy. IEMBA 2006-08-22
Tzu-Yu Hung Novel Structures of the Lensed Fiber for the Optical Transmitter Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-16
Wen-chung Hung none Public Affairs Management 2007-02-07
Wan-Ching Hung Key Success Factor to Initiate in to the Woman Consumer Market-3G Mobile Phone Communications Management 2007-02-11
Ming-hung Hung A Study of Process Excellence and Quality Performance EMBA 2007-05-28
Yu-jing Hung none Public Affairs Management 2007-06-06
Chia-ching Hung The relationship between information frequency and financial distress prediction Finance 2007-06-20
Jeng-yan Hung A Study of Tutorial System in Taiwan’s Colleges: Perspectives of College Students Education 2007-06-22
Da-Wei Hung Tests for Cointegration and the Initial Conditions Economics 2007-06-25
Chun-fang Hung The investigation of doping and homojunction for ZnO Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-17
CHIN-CHUN HUNG The Interrelations among Teachers'Leadership Style, Fifth to Sixth Graders’ Learning Motivation and Their Academic Performance Education 2007-07-19
Tsung-Hsien Hung A General Framework For Classification and Similarity Measure of Spatial Relationship Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-19
Chun-Yi Hung Multi-exciton state in single semiconductor quantum dots Materials Science and Engineering 2007-08-02
Li hung A Research on Legal System of Retirement of Civil Officer Political Science 2007-08-05
Chih-hsiung Hung The Preparation of Nanoscale Bimetallic Particles and Its Application on In-Situ Soil/Groundwater Remediation Environmental Engineering 2007-08-28
Chung-Ching Hung Mobile Location Estimation Using Genetic Algorithm and Clustering Technique for NLOS Environments Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-10
Chia-lung Hung Development and Fabrication Studies of Low Cost Air breathing Portable DMFC Stacks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-10
Yi-chen Hung The Influnce Factors of Dicision-making of Women Microbusinesses entrepreneurs Business Management 2007-09-10
Yi-ling Hung A Study of the Interactive Strategies between Investing of Enterprise and Community Development with International Festival : A Case of “Dream Parade in Sijhin City” Arts Management 2007-09-10
Chih-Hui Hung A study on the Public Relations Strategy of Investor Relation Management--Example of Automobile and parts industry listed companies Communications Management 2007-12-28
Chian-Yi Hung The Study of White Polymer Light-emitting Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-17
Yi-Chieh Hung A model of Sturm-Liouville operators defined on graphs and the associated Ambarzumyan problem Applied Mathematics 2008-01-30
Chia-lung Hung The study of Photo-Spacer application to STN-LCD Display Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-31
Tien-Wen Hung none Information Management 2008-02-01
Shao-Hung Hung The mechanism of Dexamethasone- and Pioglitazone-Induced Adipogenesis in Bone Marrow Stromal Cell: studies on the differentiation of osteoblast and the mechanism of osteoporosis Biological Sciences 2008-02-13
Chu-Yin Hung Fabrication and characterization of Transparent Indium oxide thin-film transistors at room temperature Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-06-16
Che-yuan Hung Finite Element Simulation of Nanoindentation on Fused Silica Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-09
Min-tsung Hung The Cross-domain Analysis of PAM—the Impact of Cross-strait Direct Flights on the Economic Aspect of Penghu Public Affairs Management 2008-07-15
Yu-Fan Hung A Study of Relationship between Consumer’s Information Search on Internet and the Keywords Advertising Effects Communications Management 2008-07-21
Chun-jung Hung Research on Private Equity Fund to M&A Domestic Commercial Banks in Taiwan Finance 2008-08-07
Kun-ting Hung Design and Simulation of High Quality-factor Microinductors for Wireless Communication System Applications Electrical Engineering 2008-08-11
Chi-cheng hung A Study of Strategic Alliancen for Conventional Industries - A Case Study of Screw Industry EMBA 2008-08-25
Chan-yu Hung The Surface Modification of SrTiO3(100) and Physical Properties Research on CMR Thin Films Physics 2008-08-22
Kuo-Hsuan Hung Interaction with TSG101 modulates the ubiquitination of KLIP1 Biological Sciences 2008-08-29
Fu-Mei Hung Using Job Analysis to Establish Job Description and Job Specification-J Company Is The Case Company Human Resource Management 2008-09-08
Li-Fen Hung The Study of China’s Environmental Policy: Joining International Environmental Regimes and the Analysis of Chemical Industry’s Regulations Mainland China Studies 2008-09-09
Hui-Fang Hung The Feasibility of Economic Assessment for the Management of Marine Cage Aquaculture in Taiwan IMA 2008-09-10
Chih-hsing Hung A Revisit to the Dynamic Capital Structure Model by Considering the Optimal Bankruptcy Decision Finance 2009-01-14
Ching-chieh Hung Stress Analysis of Piezoelectric Circular Plates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-12
Mao-feng Hung Study on Architecture-Oriented Project Risk Management Model Information Management 2009-06-23
Wei-cheng Hung Inclusion-exclusion and pigeonhole principles Applied Mathematics 2009-06-25
I-chun Hung Developing Ubiquitous Learning System with Robot for Children's Learning Information Management 2009-07-10
Yi-ting Hung A Comparative study of Simulated Annealing Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms on Parameters Calibration for Tidal Model Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-07-13
Chih-chuan Hung A Study of Human Body Effects on Intra-Body Communications Electrical Engineering 2009-07-16
Chun-Chieh Hung Verifying Web Application Vulnerabilities by Model Checking Information Management 2009-08-20
Ming-yang Hung A Low Voltage Class AB Switched Current Sample and Hold Circuit Electrical Engineering 2009-08-21
Hsiu-fen Hung A Study on the Cooperation between Performing Arts Organizations and Compulsory Education Schools at Kaoshiung Theatre Arts 2009-08-27
Jhih-hui Hung The study of DNA sequences in distinction giant clams and their processed products Marine Biology 2009-09-14
Chun-jui Hung Design of Safety Device of A Large Lithium Battery Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-02
Chih-Yang Hung OpenGL ES-based Emulator with Performance Tuning in the 3DApplication Development Platform for Embedded Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-04
Jing-Ting Hung The research of courtier morality for Confucian thoughts in Xian Qin Chinese Literature 2009-09-08
Li-yu Hung The Research of “Integration between Information Technology and Education” To Develop the Minds for Kids and Young People Information Management 2009-09-09
Hsiao-mei Hung Study on the effects of 2-APB-induced synaptic facilitation at developing Xenopus neuromuscular junction Biological Sciences 2010-07-04
Pi-hsia Hung Removal of Assimilable Organic Carbon and Disinfection By-Products Formation Potential from Water Treatment Plant Using a Biological Activated Carbon Process Environmental Engineering 2010-07-04
Sheng-hsien Hung The study of KoarnHack Tarn’s recluse literature Chinese Literature 2010-09-08
De-Shian Hung Design and Implementation of an Air Conditioner Adaptive Compressor Driver with Sine PWM and Current Feedback Electrical Engineering 2010-10-27
Wan-Ping Hung A Study of Designs in Clinical Trials and Schedules in Operating Rooms Applied Mathematics 2011-01-20
Te-Yuan Hung Estimating and Analyzing Exchange Rates at Different Risk Levels Economics 2011-02-17
Ruei-ching Hung Case Study of Foreign Banks into China Country Bank - HSBC Finance 2011-06-20
Po-Chih Hung The Political Economy of TNCs and the Host Country’s Industrial Policies: a Case study of the Thai Automotive Industry ICAPS 2011-07-10
Ya-Chi Hung Fabrication and investigate the physical model with tungsten-based oxide resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-13
Wei-Jhe Hung Treatment of TCE-contaminated groundwater using hybrid membrane treatment process Environmental Engineering 2011-08-05
Wei-Chiang Hung Understanding the role of user value co-production in different types of hospital information system development project Information Management 2011-08-24
Chi-Chieh Hung Hybrid Routing Protocol Using Core Gateway Relay in MANETs Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Chao-Ming Hung A Study of Internet Patients Association to Breast Cancer Patients at E hospital EMBA 2011-09-06
Yi-shuo Hung Exploring Core Values Moderating Perceived Leader Behavioral Integrity and Trust: A Contractarian Perspective Business Management 2011-12-14
Liang-kun Hung Comparing The Business Models Of Chain Coffee Stores:The Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2012-01-09
Chung-yang Hung An Approach to eBook Topics Trend Discovery Based on LDA and Usage Log Information Management 2012-02-13
Hsuan-Hao Hung The effect of emotion on brand attitude of Facebook fanpage Communications Management 2012-04-02
Yu-Hsiang Hung Synthesis and Analysis of Cam-Link Mechanisms for Presses Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-27
Tzu-Hsiang Hung Branding Strategy of Artistic Luxury - A Case Study of GP DEVA EMBA 2012-07-05
Chien-Yu Hung Tweet trick: A uses and gratifications perspective on why fans follow football players on Twitter Communications Management 2012-07-19
Feng-Erh HUNG Corporate Social Responsibility-Employee Oriented Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-06-23
Jui-tang Hung How does a government make choice on the administrative officers under public pressure Economics 2013-07-10
Wan-chen Hung The Effect of Duration on English Vowel Perception by Taiwanese EFL Learners at the Phonetic Level Foreign Language and Literature 2013-07-16
Chien-Yung Hung The impact of liquidity risk of collateral on reverse mortgage insurance premium Finance 2013-07-17
Chi-Yu Hung The Issue of Incentive Contract Designs under Existential Experience: Taking Fund Manager as an Example Economics 2013-07-17
Wei-Feng Hung CNR Optimization of MP3RAGE for Human Brain at 1.5 Tesla Electrical Engineering 2013-07-22
Shue-Ying Hung A research on the Lobbying Reform in Taiwan Political Science 2013-07-23
Yu-Chieh Hung A Study on the Financial Characteristics and Business Strategies of Chain Enterprises – The Case of Taiwan and Hong Kong Listed Companies Finance 2013-07-23
Tzu-Yi Hung Effect of resveratrol on [Ca2+]i rises and apoptosis in human oral cancer cells Biological Sciences 2013-07-22
Guo-Ying Hung The Learning Process of Chain Restaurants Entrepreneurer Business Management 2013-07-22
Chia-Ju Hung Adsorption and Reactions of Aniline on Copper and Titania Single Crystal Surfaces Chemistry 2013-07-27
Yu-Chieh Hung Enhanced conductivity of PEDOT:PSS electrode by different acid treatment for ITO-free organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-28
Li-Yu Hung The thesis chose the C freight forwarder serving majority of iron and steel companies as the case company EMBA 2013-06-15
Yu-Shan Hung A Study of the Effects of Knowledge Characteristic, Self-Efficacy, and Industrial Environmental uncertainty on Innovation Capability Business Management 2013-08-11
Wei-Che Hung Development of a Carbon Dioxide Micro Gas Sensor with Integrated AgCl Reference Electrode Electrical Engineering 2013-08-22
Chi-Ying Hung The Study of Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction from Multiple Remote Sensing Images Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-09
Shih-chieh Hung A study of DLX6 gene in tilapia train, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-11
Chen-YU Hung The Study of Influence of High Performance Work System, Learning Organization, Innovation on Organizational Performance Human Resource Management 2013-09-13
Sheng-Tang Hung A 3-D FEM Numerical Model Using Unstructured Grids to Study Nutrients Circulation in Dapeng Bay Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-11-07
Hui-Fang Hung A Study of Business Model for Creating a Fashion Firm Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-01-25
Yu-hsiu Hung Citizen participation in Taiwan's news websites : A comparison of legacy and citizen news sites Communications Management 2014-01-18
Li-Kang Hung Study on Architecture-Oriented Mobile Application of Traffic Information System Model Information Management 2014-06-06
Kun-Hao Hung The investigation of characteristics of electrospun Ag/polymer fibers and conductive films fabricated by Polyol reduction process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-06-25
Szu-ying Hung Development of oligonucleotides and nanoparticles-based fluorescent sensor for highly sensitive and selective detection of target analyte Chemistry 2014-07-12
Chian-Ya Hung The Impact of Catering Theory、Market Mispricing and Earnings Management on Investment Decisions and Firm Value in Chinese Area Finance 2014-07-15
Pei-ya Hung A Study of Space and Everyday Life in Yu-Fen Ko's Prose Writings Chinese Literature 2014-07-16
Ruei-Yi Hung PWM controller for water removal on a closed PEM fuel cell Electrical Engineering 2014-07-20
Jui-Hung Hung Low-Temperature Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry Combined with Thermal Analysis for Polymer Characterization Chemistry 2014-07-29
Tzu-chiao Hung Study of the Effects of the Performance Measurement after Revision on Working Morale of Civil Servants in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2014-08-02
Cheng-Yen Hung The Study of Perforated-Plate Burner and Analysis of Radiation Efficiency by Using Numerical Model Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-27
Chia-hui Hung The Influence of Benevolent Leadership among Affective Commitment and Job Performance:The Moderating Effect of Job Insecurity Human Resource Management 2014-09-04
Er-mao Hung Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Marine bacterium, Microbulbifer variabilis and Marine Fungus, Nemania maritima and Their Biological Activities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-09
Yu-Chih Hung Data Congestion-Aware Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Urban Environments Electrical Engineering 2015-01-23
Wei Hung Does the salience of customer satisfaction intensify negativity effect? Finance 2015-02-01
Fu-chih Hung A Study on Phosphate Adsorption and Desorption Using Sintered Water Treatment Sludge Mix with BFS Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-02-05
Yu-wei Hung Investigation The Relationship Between College Student’s Facebook Usage And Well-being─Narcissism As The Moderate Variable Education 2015-06-25
Miao-ju Hung A Study on the Relationships among the Junior High School Teachers’ Psychological Capital , Emotional Labor and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Kaohsiung city Education 2015-06-28
Yu Hung Improving the Diffraction Efficiency of Photopolymerizable Silica by High Refraction Index Species and Monomer Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-02
Chun-hao Hung CEO-TMT Exchange Differentiation and Firm Performance: Examining the Mediating Role of TMT Trust and the Moderating Effect of Competitive Tension Business Management 2015-07-08
Hsin-chih Hung Investigation on the Enhancement of Imaging Quality Using Lens Arrays Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-20
Pei-Hua Hung Investigation of Gate Bias Stress-induced Instability and High Sputter Rate SiAl-based Passivation Layer Applied to Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-23
Ching-lang Hung Study of Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Growth in Blue-Phase Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-17
Che-wei Hung Study of P-I Interface Band Structures across GaAsSb/In(Al)As Tunneling Field Effect Transistors Physics 2015-06-26
Jia-ling Hung International Market Business Strategy Analysis-A case study of G company EMBA 2015-08-31
Kuo-Yuan Hung Design Assessments of an Integrated Tubular Linear Magnetic-geared Generator for Slow-motion Renewable Energy Retrievals Electrical Engineering 2015-09-01
Wei-Kang Hung Studies of Electrochemical Abrasive Polishing on Inner Surface of Alloy Steel using a Conductive Polymer Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-01
Chia-Wei Hung Estimation of methane flux with modified sampling methods from offshore Southwestern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-09-07
Chia-lin Hung A Survey of Selected Piano Toccatas in the Twentieth Century : Works by Prokofiev, Poulenc, Bowen, and Muczynski Music 2015-09-09
Jhen-Siou Hung Reliability of Coreless substrate under thermal loading Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-11-04
Ming-Mao Hung Wastewater Pollution and Corporate Social Responsibility-A Case Study of X Company EMPP 2015-07-30
I-Chun Hung The Effectiveness of Embodied Interactive Video Lectures on Learning Outcomes Information Management 2016-01-19
Ling-Ching Hung Performance Analysis for Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell through Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Cyclic Voltammetry Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-01-19
Ying-Chih Hung A Study of Explosion Disaster in Kaohsiung Affecting LPG Transit And Job Satisfaction: An Example of CPC Corporation ,Taiwan Business Management 2016-01-14
Cheng-kai Hung A Design of Iris Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2016-01-21
Shih-Hsun Hung Fundamentals and Exchange Rates under Self-Referential Learning─The Evidence from Taiwan and Korea Economics 2015-06-22
Jung-chih Hung The entrepreneuring process of cultural and creative industry clusters activate depleted communities: From the Perspective of Actor-Network Theory Business Management 2016-06-15
Kuo-Tsu Hung A Study of E-school Bag Implementation in China’s K-12 EMBA 2016-07-12
Hsuan-wei Hung A Study of Applying Big Data Analysis in Customer Retention in Cable Communication Industry - A case of Company C Business Management 2016-07-12
Po-sung Hung Stand-Alone Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generators with Supervisory Control and Database Analysis System Electrical Engineering 2016-07-20
Tzu-cheng Hung Synthesis and Application of Blue Light Poly(arylene ether)s Containing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Polymer Light Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-21
Shih-heng Hung The Feasibility study of Applying the Automatic Virtual Metrology system in a process of Cover Layer Manufacturing. EMBA 2016-07-21
Chi-wen Hung Influence of UV laser patterning on the photoelectrical property of AgNWs films Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-04
Yu-chin Hung Ozonation of waste gas from PP-melting operation for odor removal Environmental Engineering 2016-08-09
Ren-Yi Hung Visualization design for online medical knowledge Information Management 2016-08-10
Ming-hong Hung Tracing industrial sources of volatile organic compounds by open-path FTIR Environmental Engineering 2016-08-11
Jui-I Hung How to Lead the Better Life: from Deleuze's "Plane of Nature" Philosophy 2016-08-11
I-cheng Hung The effect of annealing temperature and time on microstructure and tensile properties of a carbide-contained medium Mn steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-24
Chun-Chieh Hung A Study of Strategies for Revoking Fishing Yellow Card Imposed on Taiwan EMBA 2016-08-31
Hsuan-ning Hung Differential gene expression in human placentas from preeclampsia and normal pregnancies Biological Sciences 2016-08-29
Kwan-Wei Hung A study of alpine vegetation classification in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2016-09-06
I-ting Hung Corporate Sustainability Strategies in Traditional Industry: A Case Study of Everest Textile Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-09-05
Shao-yu HUNG The Study of Acoustic Propagation Variability in South China Sea Subaqueous Sand Dunes Environment Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-11-25
Kuo-Che Hung Essays on the Effects of Expectations-based Monetary Policy on Stock Markets: Origins and Implications Finance 2017-01-16
Chu-mao Hung A study of mechanical behaviors of magnesium alloy (AZ31) based metal matrix compsite containing hydroxyapatite powder produced by friction stir process Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-02-13
Chi Hung The Dynamic Analysis of A Gear Transmission System for 2MW Wind Turbines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-04-15
Pei-yu Hung The regulation and treatment of miRNAs and autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-04-25
Shu-Hui Hung A Study On the Residential Model of Small-scale Maintenance in Taiwan EMBA 2017-06-01
Chia-Ying Hung The Impact of Bank Characteristics on Returns and Risk:An Empirical Study of Taiwan Commercial Banks Finance 2017-06-20
Jui-Tsung Hung A Study of an Innovative Business Model for a Home Care Matching Service Platform EMBA 2017-07-13
Yu-hsuan Hung Impact Study of Taipower System with High Penetration of PV Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-07-16
Ting-yi Hung A Multiple-Case Study of University Alumni Angel Investors Information Management 2017-08-11
Shih-Chieh Hung A Simulation study of an ultra-thin Si solar cell with CuInSe2 as bottom absorption layer Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-14
Chih-Lung Hung Moving Healthcare into the Cloud : A Case Study of the E-Da Healthcare Group EMBA 2017-08-21
Hsuan-Ying Hung Synthesis and Characterization of the Unsymmetrical N-aryl-N'-alkylpyridyl β-Diketiminato Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Complexes Chemistry 2017-08-28
Tzu-Chun Hung Improve the Handover Mechanism of LTE-WiFi in Heterogeneous Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-07
Shu-Kai Hung An Algorithm for Time Series Classification Using Dissimilarity Space Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-07
Yu-Wen Hung The Role of Control and Collective Regulatory Focus on IS Projects Information Management 2017-09-12
Tsz-En Hung A Memory-Cost-Aware Method to Reuse Imposter Billboards for Improving the Performance of Object Rendering on Tile-Based GPUs Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-27
Po-chih Hung The Development of Thai-Myanmar Border Towns: The Urban Geopolitical Economic Analysis ICAPS 2018-02-02
TZU-WEI HUNG Study on Architecture-Oriented Digital Music Blockchain Model Information Management 2018-02-08
Pei-Hsuan Hung Development of oral materials for regenerative applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-12
Fu-lung Hung The Study on Competitive Strategy of Belt Conveyor Industry: A case of Company F Entering Vietnam Market EMBA 2018-06-12
Han-Chun Hung Phenotypic screening of marine-derived compounds: The therapeutic and functional study in inflammatory skin diseases Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2018-06-21
Chia-Hung Hung A Posture Measurement Approach for Robot Arms by RGB-D Cameras Institute Of Electrical Engineering 2018-06-21
Hsueh-Yin Hung The Influence of Civil Service Performance Evaluation on Fair Performance and Self - Efficacy Take the Penghu County government official as an example Public Affairs Management 2018-06-29
Chia-Wei Hung Forecasting Stock Price of Shipping Industry in Taiwan with Macroeconomic Factors Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-07
Tung-ming Hung What the Machine Learned from the data: Apply Deep Learning to Predict Stock Price Finance 2018-07-19
Tzu-Yen Hung On the Relationship among Work Value, Affective Commitment and Turnover Intention for Part-time Employee Human Resource Management 2018-07-24
Chien-Che Hung A Feasibility Analysis on the Implementation of Automation in Food and Beverage Industries College Of Management (Executive Master In Business Administration) 2018-07-12
Hsiu-Chieh Hung A Prune-and-Search Algorithm for Finding the Most Similar Sequence Institute Of Computer Science And Engineering 2018-08-02
Siang-Huai Hung A Diagonal-Based Algorithm for the Constrained Longest Common Subsequence Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2018-08-01
Wei-Han Hung Differentiation of esophageal cancer tissues by polarization-resolved two-photon microscopy Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2018-07-23
Chih-lin Hung A Study on the Brand Strategies of Audio-Video and Public Addressing Industries in International Market EMBA 2018-08-05
WEI HUNG ALIAS JOSEPH CHANG Facebook profile pictures, motivations and personality Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-02-04
Chih-hao Huo The Research On Social Service Workers' Attitude of the Social Work Licensure in Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-19
Jia-huei Hus The Motivations, Cognitions, and Behaviors to Work Extended Hours Overtime --- A Study of Knowledge Workers. Human Resource Management 2009-06-28
Shih-Chang Hus A Study of Entering Strategy for a Healthcare and Skincare Company in Mainland China - the Case of the Australian N Company EMBA 2016-06-07
Hong-Der Hwang The Performance of Stock Selection Indicator of Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2000-07-25
Hong-Yao Hwang The Research of PRC' Participation in the Asia Pacific Multilateral Security Mechanisms Mainland China Studies 2000-07-26
Yuan-Ming Hwang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-28
Annie Hwang none Finance 2000-08-31
Ruey-Horng Hwang Design on the System of Rear Suspension Mechanisms of Mountain Bikes Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-04
Chung-Hsing Hwang Rapid Detection and Identification of Foodd-Borne Bacterial Pathogens by Multiplex PCR and Restriction Endonuclease Digestion Biological Sciences 2001-09-14
Jong-Jen Hwang The Traffic Right between Taiwan, Hwang Kong and Macao. Economics 2001-09-17
Hsing- Chih Hwang Distribution and Modeling of Chlorofluorocarbons in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean Marine Geology and chemistry 2002-01-17
Jiunn-Nan Hwang Effect of Ground Bounce Noise on the Power Integrity and EMI Performance in Multi-Layered High-Speed Digital PCB: FDTD Modeling and Measurement Electrical Engineering 2002-06-20
Lih-Lian Hwang A system dynamics approach to the long-term influences of the decision taken by the Bureau of National Health Insurance, beneficiaries, and contracted medical care institutions Business Management 2002-07-25
Bao-Huey Hwang Order Placement Strategies in Order Driven Markets Business Management 2003-06-26
Shing-Long Hwang CuInS2 Thin Film Growth with Sulfurization and analysis Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-17
Ru-Yu Hwang The Port of Kaohsiung's competition and development strategies under the current China-Taiwan relation and WTO framework--The study of transformation for traditional shipping industries. Public Affairs Management 2003-09-01
Li-Cheng Hwang Structure and Dynamics of a Novel Cobra Cardiotoxin CTXn as Derived from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemistry 2003-08-29
Wan-chen Hwang none Chinese Literature 2004-06-15
Yi-kai Hwang Assessment research of policy execution of sea-water hydrant rescue system in PengHu islands Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Shin-shyan Hwang The explanation of musical work <> Music 2004-08-18
ming-her hwang Physicochemical Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Suspended Particles in an Aluminium Plant Environmental Engineering 2004-08-27
Gloria Hwang Phosphorus might limit the growth of phytoplankton in the South China Sea Marine Biology 2004-09-09
Kuei-ying Hwang The Study of Anti-poverty policies in American,Taiwan and French Government(1980 - 2002) Political Science 2004-12-20
Jui-lien Hwang Impacts of temperature, nutrient and typhoon on temporal variations of macroalgal assemblage and Pterocladiella capillacea biomass in northeastern Taiwan Marine Biology 2005-06-24
Shyi-chyuan Hwang The Foundation and Model Research of Aspergillus niger NBG5 for Application of Aquaculture Nitrogenous Removal System Marine Resources 2005-06-27
Jia-Shiang Hwang The Evaluation of Performance for Financial Holding Company's Subsidiaries of Commercial Bank In Taiwan Finance 2005-07-29
Yum-ching Hwang none Public Affairs Management 2005-09-13
Chiao-wen Hwang Electrophysiological Studies on Peripheral Neuropathy in Rats:Comparison of Conventional Nerve Conduction Studies and Magnetic Motor Root Stimulation Biological Sciences 2006-06-15
Shuenn-Fa Hwang A Study on the Lifelong Learning Motivation and Barriers of Official in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2006-06-26
Yih-chyun Hwang Studies on the Dynamic Analysis and the Lapping Tracks in the Ball-Lapping Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-18
Jih-Jen Hwang Effect of Nurses’continuing Education and Institutionalizations on Their Cancer Pain Assessment Institute of Health Care Management 2006-12-07
Rong-shune Hwang none Business Management 2007-02-14
Ting-yen Hwang The linkage between EAP, benefit satisfaction, perceived organizational support, and organizational commitment: Is EAP a good benefit? Human Resource Management 2008-06-21
Yun-jie Hwang Enrichment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the Low Density Sediment Particles in Kaohsiung Harbor Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-08-26
Lie-wen Hwang Research on the relationship between the risk communication recognition and the public will to obey the laws - a case study of speed traps set (fongshan city) Public Affairs Management 2009-08-05
Rong-Yuh Hwang The Project Management Framework of a Large-scale Lump Sum Turnkey Project EMBA 2011-08-24
Thunter Hwang Characteristics and Applications of 1310nm Wavelength Tapered Fiber Optical Sensors Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-05-23
Guan-Lin Hwang A Web Services Selection Method based on the QoS Probability Distribution Information Management 2014-08-28
TING-YING HWANG Does stickers' appearance work? The influence of LINE brand stickers’ attractiveness on consumer behaviors. Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-02-23
Shiou-Wen Hwang The Research on the Management of Process for Granting Yuan-Ye Awards EMBA 2017-08-18
Tien-Chen Hwaung Calibration of CCD Camera for Underwater Laser Scanning System Undersea Technology 2002-02-04

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