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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Te-wang Lai Experimental Study on the Evolution of an Internal Solitary Wave over a Continental Margin IAMPUT 2008-07-04
Wei-Hung Wang Experimental Study on the Orbital Motion Induced by Internal Solitary Wave IAMPUT 2008-07-04
Meng-ting Chang Simulating Tsunami Hazard in Taiwan and Associated Inundation in Kaohsiung Area IAMPUT 2008-07-10
Yi-wei Lin Effects of Waveguide Properties on Surface-Generated Ambient Noise: Simulation and Analyzed IAMPUT 2008-08-29
Hsin hsien-Chou The Acoustic Backscattering Measurement and Analysis of Imitate Air Swimbladder IAMPUT 2008-12-24
Chao-yu Huang Design of an Underwater Vehicle Sampling Manipulator IAMPUT 2009-01-16
Ming-jia Yu Design of a seafloor moving platform for ROV systems IAMPUT 2009-01-16
Sheng-Chin Lin A Study of Internal Tidal Displacement of Watermass in Gaoping Submarine Canyon based on Echo Intensity and Hydrographic Data IAMPUT 2009-02-10
Hsiao-ching Chien The in-situ data analysis for infragravity edge wave and its application in tsunami and typhoon waves IAMPUT 2009-02-12
Ni-hung Cheng Application of Adaptive Algorithm on Analysis of Spatial Energy of Ocean Ambient Noise IAMPUT 2009-07-23
Keng-chen Lai Experimental Study on the Interaction between Surface Wave and Internal Wave IAMPUT 2009-07-25
Hsu-Kuang Chang An Improved Scheme for Sensor Alignment Calibration of Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Systems IAMPUT 2009-08-09
Jia-Pu Jang Positioning of Seafloor Transponders Using GPS and Acoustic Measurements IAMPUT 2009-08-11
Ming-Heng Xiao A Very Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation Experiment in the Si-Tzi Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2009-08-26
Bo-Lin Su The Applications of Magnetometer on Underwater Survey and Identification: The Search for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peng-Hu Sea Area IAMPUT 2009-08-26
Chih-Hao Wu Development and Applications of Ocean Ambient Noise Database around Taiwan IAMPUT 2009-08-26
Yu-lin Liou Development of Sound Database for Fishes in Taiwan by Relational Model IAMPUT 2009-08-31
Jen-yu Wu Application of Non-Metric Camera for In-Situ Flume Observation IAMPUT 2009-09-09
Chien-Jen Wang The Credibility Study of Ocean Ambient Noise Prediction Equation IAMPUT 2009-09-09
Ying-Tsao Lee Numerical simulation of topography and stratification effects to the internal tide in Gaoping Submarine Canyon IAMPUT 2009-09-10
Yu-chan Shieh A study of chlorophyll_a distribution influence by internal waves near Dongsha Atoll based on satellite images and hydrographic data IAMPUT 2009-09-11
Kuo-Chih Wang Design of Remotely Operated Vehicles Sample Storage Apparatus IAMPUT 2009-11-20
Wen-li Chang Research and Development of General Purpose Controller for Underwater Vehicle IAMPUT 2010-07-21
Wei-Cheng Chen Applications of Underwater Technology on Underwater Archaeology:The Search for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peng-Hu Sea Area IAMPUT 2010-08-10
Jian-Yi Wu Noise Signatures Analysis of Nearshore Breaking Wave IAMPUT 2010-08-23
Yung-sheng Chang Flows and hydrographical characteristics surrounding Taiwan from Argo profiling float data IAMPUT 2010-08-27
Kai-lun Lin The observation of vertical mixing induced by shoaling of internal waves at Dongsha Atoll. IAMPUT 2010-08-30
Shun-Chieh Chang The Study of Acoustic Propagation and Geoacoustic Inversion in the Sizihwan Bay Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2010-08-31
Chen-Hung Sung The Study of Synthetic Aperture Sonar System IAMPUT 2010-08-31
Chin-lin Guo The Application of Dopplergram on Underwater Intruder Detection in a Harbor Environment IAMPUT 2010-08-31
Chi-Meng Wang Estimation of internal Solitary Wave Height by Satelitte Images in the Deep Ocean IAMPUT 2010-09-06
Jyun-siang Gao Implementation and Performance Testing of A DC Motor Driver for Underwater Thrusters IAMPUT 2011-02-15
Bo-Chih Liao Numerical simulation on the formation of sand wave by internal solitary waves IAMPUT 2011-03-26
Lieh-Yu Li Inversion of Nonlinear Dispersive Wave and its Application in Determining Tsunami Wave Soure IAMPUT 2011-04-13
Kang-ming Ng Analysis of Internal Tide Generation Mechanisms in Gaoping Submarine Canyon Based on Hydrographic Measurements IAMPUT 2011-05-11
Ming-Shiung Gau Analysis of topography induced flow variations along the Gao-Ping Submarine Canyon based on hydrographic observations IAMPUT 2011-04-29
Tzu-hsuan Chang The Study of Synthetic Aperture Sonar System: Analysis of Range Resolution IAMPUT 2011-07-28
Yu-Te Lin The Study of Reverberation in the Sizih Bay Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2011-07-28
Ji-Wen Chiou Integration of Long Baseline Positioning System And Vehicle Dynamic Model IAMPUT 2011-08-04
Chung-lin Wu Simulation of nonlinear internal wave based on two-layer fluid model IAMPUT 2011-08-25
Bo-Shiun Wu Development of a 4-DOF Underwater Manipulator IAMPUT 2011-10-19
Yu-Hung Chang The topography effect to the flow variation in the coastal region of Nan-bin,Hualien IAMPUT 2011-10-21
Jiun-Hua Du Development of an Underwater Vehicle Simulation Platform IAMPUT 2011-11-15
Hsiu-Wei Hsu The Correlation Research of Wind Field and Ocean Ambient Noise of Mien-Hua Submarine Canyon IAMPUT 2011-12-26
Bo-Feng Wu Analysis of observations and model simulation of swells in the water southwest Taiwan IAMPUT 2012-01-04
Wen-yu Kuo Effects of bottom topography and flows on oceanic turbulent mixing IAMPUT 2012-01-03
Cheng-chia Lien The Impact of Tsunamigenic Earthquake on the Southeast Coast of Taiwan IAMPUT 2012-01-17
Hong-Wei Dong Development of an Autonomous Laser Scanning System for Harsh Underwater Environment IAMPUT 2012-02-14
Hsuan-Chih Shen Topography induced flow variations between Taitung-Lutao off Southeast Taiwan IAMPUT 2012-04-02
Han-Yu Chang Analysis of water exchange at the Dongsha Atoll based on field observation IAMPUT 2012-05-22
Yu-Tzung Chen Application of Shallow Water Models on the Inundation Range and Bridge Scouring due to Tsunami IAMPUT 2012-06-21
Ya-Han Chang The Offshore Currents Near Taiwan Affect the Sea Turtle Migrations- Take Two Turtle Tracks as An Example IAMPUT 2012-06-29
Chung-Wei Lu Analysis of Internal Wave Signal near Dongsha Atoll by using Satellite Altimeter Data IAMPUT 2012-07-10
Cheng-Feng Wu Automatic Identification System of Merchant Shipping in the Application of the Kaohsiung Harbor Protection IAMPUT 2012-07-24
En-Hsin Chang Application of Marine Magnetometer for Underwater Object Exploration: Assessment of Depth and Structural Index IAMPUT 2012-07-31
Nai-Tsung Kuo A Feasibility Test of Acoustic Tomography on Current Estimate in a Shallow Water Environment IAMPUT 2012-08-03
Jing-Wen Zheng Analysis of satellite Sea Surface Temperature data to study the influence of Dongsha region in the SCS IAMPUT 2012-09-11
Je-Cheng Kuo Turbulent flows induced by the interaction of continuous internal waves and a sloping bottom IAMPUT 2012-10-08
Yu-Ren Lin Design of Mission Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle IAMPUT 2012-12-04
Chien-chun Wang Oceanic turbulence measured directly by the CTD-microrider IAMPUT 2013-02-05
Hsin-Chi Chang Alignment Calibration of Doppler Velocity Log and Attitude Sensors IAMPUT 2013-02-25
HONG-RU WEI Radar Observation of the Coastal Data Preliminart Analysis of Northeast of Taiwan IAMPUT 2013-05-17
Chih-ya Yen Observations of internal tides and cold-water intrusion in NanWan Bay IAMPUT 2013-07-29
Jing-zhong Ding Effects of sound speed variation and measurement errors on the positioning of a seafloor transponder IAMPUT 2013-08-05
Shih-jung Li Image Capture and Mosaicing for Sediment Tube Trap IAMPUT 2013-08-15
Wei-Hang Chang Correlation Study of Rainfall Intensity and Ocean Ambient Noise of Northeastern Taiwan Sea IAMPUT 2013-08-19
Jian-ming Liu Passive Acoustic Study on the Distribution of Chinese White Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, and Ambient noise IAMPUT 2013-08-26
Guo-En Sun The Study of Matched-Field Geoacoustic Inversion and Source Localization in the Sizihwan Bay Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2013-08-09
Mao-Shan Sung Analysis of Upper-Layer Morphological and Geological Properties of Seabed in the Sea Adjacent to Penghu IAMPUT 2013-08-09
Wei-Yu Chen Simulation and Analysis of Sonar Performances:The Study on Estimation around Taiwan Waters IAMPUT 2013-08-12
Chih-Kai Chang Laboratorial and numerical study on the interaction of internal solitary wave with the topography outside Dongsha Atoll IAMPUT 2013-08-27
Chien Li Tide-Related Variability of Suspended Particles Characteristics off the Mouth of Zhoushui River IAMPUT 2013-09-02
Yi-Fan Chen Tsunami Runup Height of Various Initial Waveforms Using Analytical Green’s Function IAMPUT 2013-09-10
Ching-jen Chin Wind Speed Inversion by Ocean Ambient Noise off Su-ao Coast IAMPUT 2013-10-14
Wen-Ning Chuang Line Detection in ROV Video Image for Underwater Inspection IAMPUT 2013-10-15
Kun-Hung Li Feature-Based Motion Estimation for Underwater Towed Camera IAMPUT 2013-11-05
Jen-Chih Wen The Inversion for Sediment Acoustic Parameters Using Surface Sound Source with Biot Theory in Deep Sea Area. IAMPUT 2013-11-19
Du Pei-lun Analysis and Comparison of Same Period in Summer on Ocean Ambient Noise of Taiwan Southeastern and Northeastern Seas IAMPUT 2013-12-16
Yun-Huan Yang Laboratorial and In-situ Data analyses on the Relationship between Internal Solitary Wave and Sea Surface Wave Spectrum IAMPUT 2014-01-06
Jia-De Su A Preliminary Study of Operational Parameters for Underwater Towed Camera System IAMPUT 2014-01-29
Lien-Han Kuo Statistical Analysis of Whistle and Ambient Noise of Summer in the Habitat of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) IAMPUT 2014-02-12
Ciou Wun Zuo Temporal and spatial variations of turbulent mixing in the seas off Southeastern Taiwan IAMPUT 2014-06-24
Chun-jou Ho The influence of Internal waves on chlorophyll concentration and zooplankton biomass at Dongsha Atoll IAMPUT 2014-07-25
Chih-Ju Lu kuroshio intrusion onto the continental shelf of the East China Sea due to impact of eddies IAMPUT 2014-08-07
Shin-Yue Chen Use EEMD to Study the Spatial and Temporal Changes in Chlorophyll of Dongsha At IAMPUT 2014-08-08
Ji-tsuen Lo Measurement and Observation of underwater acoustic channel impulse response in the North-Eastern sea of Taiwan IAMPUT 2014-08-19
Hai-Fan Wang Variation Analysis of Summer Ocean Ambient Noise between Inside and Outside of Northern Mien-Hua Canyon IAMPUT 2014-08-21
Meng-Fan Tsai Acoustical Simulation and Analysis of Shipping Noise in Kaohsiung Harbor IAMPUT 2014-09-03
Meng-Jie Tsai none ICAPS 2007-01-19
Shin-yii Huang The Studies in China’s Business Travel Market─A Case Study of American Express ICAPS 2008-10-21
Jason Po-Nien none ICAPS 2008-11-23
Fu-wen Chang Studies in China's Outbound Investment Patterns from the Perspectives of Internation Law ICAPS 2008-12-06
Li-jun Kuo Research on the law of legitimate and illegitimate children Between Taiwan and China ICAPS 2009-01-06
Li-fen Li A Study of Taiwanese Nationalism in the Japanese Colonial Period, 1895~1945 ICAPS 2009-01-13
Hung-hsu Chien The Relations between Consumer Socialization and Consumer Behavior in Grade 5-6 Students of Primary School ICAPS 2009-01-12
Ci-yuan Huang The influence of the Electoral Reforms of Legislators to the Kuomintang in Ping-Tung County ICAPS 2009-01-13
Saša Istenič Taiwan's Diplomacy Towards Former Yugoslavia And Its Successor States ICAPS 2009-01-16
Cheng-Chan Lee The Safety Border Management of Global People Movement ICAPS 2009-01-17
Pin-jhen Chen A Study of Financial Reform for the NHI ICAPS 2009-01-20
Zih-ru Gao A Study of Marital Expectation and Gender Role Attitudes of Vietnamese Spouses to the Quality of Their Marriages ICAPS 2009-01-20
Tsui-ling Cheng The Analysis of Administrative Appeals of Kaohsiung City Government ICAPS 2009-01-20
Bang-chieh Wang none ICAPS 2009-01-31
Chun-Man Chang The Study of the Relationship between Mother-in-laws and Daughter-in-laws of Taiwanese-Vietnamese Marriages ICAPS 2009-01-23
Yu-Jung Chang The Research of Juvenile Law in Taiwan ICAPS 2009-02-06
Chung-Chung Hu The Study of Political Attitudes of Senior High School Students in Kaohsiung ICAPS 2009-02-07
Fang-Yi Chou The Development of China's Information Warfare and It Impact on Taiwan's National Defense ICAPS 2009-02-09
Chia-hui Kao The Study of Procecution and It`s Democratization in Mainland China ICAPS 2009-02-11
Wu-yi Kuo The Research Prosecuting System People's Republic of China ICAPS 2009-02-11
MIn-hui Wu A Study on the Chinese Ministry of Commerce ICAPS 2009-02-13
Chieh-ying Chen An Study on the Entry Mode of Taiwan’s Automotive Manufacturers in China’s Market by analyzing Cases of International Automobile Manufacturers ICAPS 2009-02-13
Tai-ying Hsu International Norms and China’s Human Rights Issue:Conflict or Compliance ICAPS 2009-03-21
Chih-yao Chang The Study of Monetary Policy Signaling and Movements in the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Taiwan ICAPS 2009-04-09
Ya-ling Chuan Environmental Issues and Environmental Policies in China: An Interactive Analysis of Central Government, Local Government and NGOs ICAPS 2009-06-12
Ming-cheng Yang Political and Economic Analysis on China's Foreign Aid Policy toward Africa ICAPS 2009-06-15
Tzu-ling Chi The Study of Corporate Social Responsibility in China ICAPS 2009-06-12
Hsi-ting Chen Formulation and Implementation of China’s IPR Policy: Feedback and Adaptation ICAPS 2009-06-18
Chi-lin Lin The Estimate of Benefit of Recreation Resources in Kaohsiung City ICAPS 2009-06-16
I-ju Wang Analyzing Mainland China`s MICE Industry: A Case Study on Guangxi ICAPS 2009-06-15
Hsiu-wei Huang Dam Construction and Transforming State-Society Relations in China ICAPS 2009-06-25
Ren-Her Hsieh The strategic choices for Australia in the Australia-United States-China triangular relationship: national interests perspectives ICAPS 2009-06-26
Chao-ching Lee The State-Society Relations in Mainland China: An Issue of Peasant Laborer ICAPS 2009-06-30
Huan-shun Peng Fiscal Decentralization, Local Economic Growth and Local Government Efficiemcy ICAPS 2009-07-11
Yen-chih Chen A Study on the Land-Use Problem in China’s Rural Areas ICAPS 2009-07-15
Wen-che Lee A Study on the Role of the Gambling Industry in Macau’s Economic Development and Its Implication for Taiwan ICAPS 2009-07-15
Fang-yi Su Mainland China Implements Customs-Free to the Influence of Taiwanese Fruit Industry ICAPS 2009-07-17
Cing-fen Yang An Analysis of Rental Housing Conditions for Female Single-Parent Families in Kaohsiung City: the Social Welfare Perspective ICAPS 2009-07-21
Heng-yu Shen Volunteering Mothers in Elementary School ICAPS 2009-07-21
Chih-lin Chou Regional Risk Sharing for East Asian Countries ICAPS 2009-07-24
Ming-wei Hu Higher Education and Middle Class ICAPS 2009-07-27
Tovyanskyy Vyacheslav International Commercial Arbitration, Awards Enforcement procedure in People Republic of China ICAPS 2009-07-28
Chiung-ying Huang The Oil Price Shocks on Taiwan Business Cycles ICAPS 2009-07-28
Huang-jung Huang Why need body politic?Nation logos treats of Hegel. ICAPS 2009-07-28
Yong-Che Huang Vertical and Horizontal Intra–Industry Trade between Taiwan and China ICAPS 2009-08-03
Chao-Ling Chung Social Class and Gender Opposition:The Study of Taiwan 1949-2000 ICAPS 2009-08-04
Ci-lian Jheng The Impact of Historical Issues on Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations during the the KOIZUMI Government ICAPS 2009-08-11
Fang-yi Chao A Background Study on Theories Concerning China's Peaceful Rise---- The Historical Perspective ICAPS 2009-08-11
Heng-Hsin Chen The Study on Germany`s National Security Policy ICAPS 2009-08-13
Cun-ming Hung The Influence of The Changes Of Electoral System For Legislators On Political Factions In Kaohsiung County ICAPS 2009-08-05
Yi-Kuei Su Due process in the criminal procedure of Mainland China:A Case Study of Hu Jia Trial ICAPS 2009-08-21
Hui-ming Shen Taiwan Modern Theater Performed in Beijing A Case Study of Performance Workshop ICAPS 2009-08-24
Cheng-Tao Chen The Comparative Research on Legal System of Dispatched Worker over Taiwan-strait ICAPS 2009-08-24
Chuan-Tsung Liu none ICAPS 2009-08-13
Shih-chuan Liao The Analysis of Oil Price and Output – The Case of Taiwan ICAPS 2009-08-23
Hsiang-Pin Weng An Economic Analysis of CBA Development and Transition in China ICAPS 2009-08-25
Jo-peng Wang Flowing Body and Identity-A Study of Taiwanese Entrepreneurs in Shanghai ICAPS 2009-08-24
Tien-fu Tang none ICAPS 2009-08-30
Ming-fang Chao Analysis of Taiwan-Fujian’s Regional Economic Cooperation ICAPS 2009-08-31
Wen-hsuan Hsiao Border and Identity: Construction of the Thai Community and It’s Challenges ICAPS 2009-08-27
Wei-ting Chien Yiwu Pattern- The Economic Development and Transformation of China Commodity City in Zhejiang ICAPS 2009-09-01
Jia-hui Chen The Interaction between Local Faction and Clan Association in Taiwan—The Case Analysis of Tao-yuan County ICAPS 2009-09-02
Yun-Pei Tsai A Study of Employment and Treatment Problems of Migrant Workers in Urban China ICAPS 2009-09-02
Syh -Cherng The Decision-Making Model of Primary Economic Policies in China:From Mao Tse–tung to Hu Chin-tao ICAPS 2009-09-02
Yu-ming Hsu A Study of the National Legislature Investigates Power ICAPS 2009-09-08
Sunhaphong Tantayanaruwut Thai-China Relationship:From Instability to Stability ICAPS 2009-09-08
Chin-ying Wu The Studies in Liability and Compensation for Breach of Contract of International Sale of Goods in China ICAPS 2009-09-08
Ming-li Guo A Study of Private Participation in Public Construction System -ETC Judgment as Example. ICAPS 2009-09-09
Ta-Tsai Chen The Research on the Veterans' Welfare Recongnization,Usage,andSatisfaction from the Social Capital Perspective ICAPS 2009-09-09
Ching- Hsiung Huang The Study Of The Cross Strait’s Household Registeration Law The Study Of The Cross Strait’s Household Registeration Law ICAPS 2009-09-09
Wei-lih Yeh A Study on the Change of Chinese Oil Painting in Art Market ICAPS 2009-09-10
Cheng-Chung Lin A Study of China’s Policy on North Korea Nuclear Dispute(2002-2008) ICAPS 2009-10-21
Kuo-Ching Hsu Personality and freedom: research on Lorenz von Stein's thought of the social state ICAPS 2010-01-11
Guo-chen Huang The Research of The system Judicial Mediation In Prefectures, Towns And Cities ICAPS 2010-01-25
Chao-huei Wang A Study of Gender Roles in Animation and Comics - Evidence from Youth Comics ICAPS 2010-01-27
Mei-lan Huang The Conception, Structure and Change of Middle-Class :A Study of Public Employment Regime in Taiwan ICAPS 2010-01-29
Chia-jung Wu The Influence of New Working Hours Policy on the Industrial Relations Network in Taiwan ICAPS 2010-02-01
Tze-chou Wu The Influence of Political Parties on Taiwan’s Policy toward Mainland China: A Perspective of Political System Theory ICAPS 2010-02-04
Cheng-Hung Lee The Geostrategy of France(1648-2009) ICAPS 2010-02-04
Ying-Yu Liu The Study of Arrangements-Basis of Children and Teenagers—Devices and Purposes ICAPS 2010-02-08
Chia-che Yu The Modern East Asia System: Patterns, Changes, and Dynamics ICAPS 2010-02-09
Tzu-ming Tseng Separation and integration of the Union power-Concurrently discussion to J.Y.No.585 interpretation ICAPS 2010-02-10
Pei-fen Lin The Legal Analysis of The Financial Incentive Program In Kaohsiung Municipal Hospitals ICAPS 2010-02-10
Chao-liang Chou A Study on the Practice of the Control Power as a Result of Constitutional Amendments: Taking the Third Control Yuan as a Case ICAPS 2010-02-22
Chun-ting Liu Songhua River Incident and the Problems of Water Pollution in China ICAPS 2010-06-30
Pi-hsia Sun A Study of Indonesian,Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese Spouses and Social Exclusion ICAPS 2010-06-30
Chun-hua Wang The Development and Change of Labor Unions in China: Analyzing Yiwu Model ICAPS 2010-07-02
Yang-jhe Wu On the elder long-term care system ICAPS 2010-07-06
Ting-yin Chen From the Princely Land to a Data Bank-The Mantetsu that Spills over Imperialism ICAPS 2010-07-07
Wen-wei Chang The Development of Grassroots Democracy in China:A Case Study of Village Committee System ICAPS 2010-07-06
Hsin-hsiang Huang Discussion of mechanism for community governance in China : from the perspective of interaction between state and society ICAPS 2010-07-07
You-ting Liu A Study of the Development of the Greater Southwest Region in China ICAPS 2010-07-15
Sheue-feng Wu The Geopolitics of Europe ICAPS 2010-07-26
Po-jiun Sheu The Study of Cultural Creative Industrial Parks in Shanghai ICAPS 2010-07-27
Wei-tsung Chuang A Study on Foreign Direct Investment of Air Cargo Industry in China ICAPS 2010-08-02
Shao-yi Chien A study of Greenpeace's strategy action in China and Indonesia ICAPS 2010-08-02
Yi-wen Chang A Study of Cultural Diplomacy between China and EU ICAPS 2010-08-03
Jun-Wei Ye A study on the operating mode of the copyright collective management in Taiwan - Focus on music industry. ICAPS 2010-08-02
Chia-wei Lin The International Legislation Trend on the Protection for Trademark Dilution in China ICAPS 2010-08-10
Shang-cheng Lee none ICAPS 2010-08-10
Chia-yi Fan What Mainland China’s Peasants can Learn from Taiwan’s Marketing Channels of Mango ICAPS 2010-08-11
Su-Hsing Hung Two Essays on Forecasting and the Long-run Equilibrium Relationship of Foreign Exchange Rates ICAPS 2010-08-12
Jhong-fu Jheng A Study of Legal System of Christian House Church Management in Mainland China ICAPS 2010-08-16
Wei-chen Chen Development strategy for the revitalization in Northeast China: Assessment and Prospects ICAPS 2010-08-16
Yu-Ching Huang Constitutional protection of personal genetic information-Genetic database to build and use ICAPS 2010-08-18
Yang-sheng Chiu The Study of Labor Expedition in Mainland China ICAPS 2010-08-23
Pei-ni Lin Indonesia's Changing with China : Friendship to Hostility and Friendship ICAPS 2010-08-24
Yu-ming Chen Analysis of pension policy development and changes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore:Influence of Globalization and Democratization ICAPS 2010-08-25
Yee-hong Chua The Triangular Strategy of China`s Sovereign Wealth Funds ICAPS 2010-08-30
Sung-Tse Wu Reflecting on Discourses on the Rise of China: An Identity-Action Perspective ICAPS 2010-08-31
Kuen-Jang Chiang The impact of the interpretation and application of Doctrine of Equivalents to patent Infringement on Taiwan's high-tech industries. ICAPS 2010-08-26
Ying-chung Lin Class issues of Mainland Spouses ICAPS 2010-08-31
Chia-hui Hsu A Study of China’s Soft Power -The Building of China’s National Image. ICAPS 2010-09-07
Jing-wen Chen Political Business Cycles and the Independence Index of Central Banks ICAPS 2010-09-07
Chih-yun Ma Chinese media's report on the image of Taiwan politics -- comparison of People’s Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily ICAPS 2010-09-07
Ying-lan Hsu Research and Analysis of Myanmar regime's authoritarian dictatorship ICAPS 2010-09-08
Chung-yen Wu China’s 21th century oil strategic research ICAPS 2010-09-10
Ching-Chuan Chen Taiwan’s Geo-Strategy and Political Order ICAPS 2011-01-09
Yao-Ming Chen A Study of the Function and Mission of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. ICAPS 2011-01-10
An-kuo Wang The Informationization of the People's Liberation Army,1991 – 2010 ICAPS 2011-01-07
Dong-lain Yang Restriction of the Teacher's Rights of Work in Universities:Focus on the Faculty’s Promote System ICAPS 2011-02-16
Jia-hui Li A Confident or an Alien: The Hong Kong/Formosa Intellectual Wan-chu Lee’s and His Son Peter Nan-shong Lee’s Views of China ICAPS 2011-02-16
Bo-Wei Huang A study on the changing of housing policy and needs before and after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ICAPS 2011-02-11
Ching-chin, Lee A Comprehensive Review of Labor Litigation in China: Focus on Labor Dispute Resolutions and Judicial Interpretations ICAPS 2011-06-15
I-Chun Li The Economic Analysis of Law on current Adultery : the Legislative Protection Model of Family Right in the Constitution ICAPS 2011-06-15
Pei-Chieh Sung Confucius Institute and China’s Foreign Aid Policy: Reinterpreting Soft Power ICAPS 2011-07-08
Tsung-ta Hsu China’s Oil Diplomacy in Africa ICAPS 2011-07-08
Chi-Lin Wang Climate change and economic development: dilemmas and challenges for China. ICAPS 2011-07-08
Mei-zhen Wu Chinese NGOs and Transnational Linkage:Analyzing INGO's Function and Role ICAPS 2011-07-10
Po-Chih Hung The Political Economy of TNCs and the Host Country’s Industrial Policies: a Case study of the Thai Automotive Industry ICAPS 2011-07-10
Chih You Lee The Political Economy of ASEAN-China Relations on Competition and Cooperation ---Threat or Opportunity ICAPS 2011-07-08
Yi-Kai Tsau China’s South China Sea Policy ICAPS 2011-07-11
Li-chun Chen The Impact of Chinese Tourists on International Hotel Industry in Kaohsiung ICAPS 2011-07-07
Chao Fu The Developmental Patterns of Trade Association in Mainland China:A Corporative Perspective ICAPS 2011-07-13
Chia-Wen Chen The Analysis on NGOs and Rural Migrant Workers in China ICAPS 2011-07-08
Wei-chun Wan A Procedural Study of Trade Integration between China and ASEAN ICAPS 2011-07-20
Hsin-yu Lin International Investment Trend of Photovoltaics ICAPS 2011-07-22
Ko-Wen Hsu National Security and Fundamental Human Rights - A Study of the National Intelligence Service Law and Practice ICAPS 2011-07-25
Armin Ibitz Sino-EU Trade Relations and the Environment: The Influence of the European Union`s Environmental Directives on China ICAPS 2011-07-26
Hue-Jen Tung From A Source of Wisdom to a Consumed Other--Imaging China in Modern Japan's Evolving Narratives on the "Records of the Three Kingdoms" ICAPS 2011-07-28
Chih-Tsung Lin A Study of China's Financial Security-The Sino-U.S. Conflict on Currency Exchange Rate ICAPS 2011-07-31
Jiun-chuan Chao China’s Oil Diplomacy with Russia ICAPS 2011-07-31
Yu-sheng Hsu The Selection of the Locations in Mainland China for Investment in the Taiwanese Manufacturing Industry and the Cross-strait Supply Chain Adjustment ICAPS 2011-07-31
Jyun-yi Wu Biotech Medical Industry Trends and Cross-Strait Policy Distribution ICAPS 2011-08-02
Kristína Kironská The Electoral System of Myanmar ICAPS 2011-08-04
Chao-yu Chueh Consumption and Leisure Externalities ICAPS 2011-08-08
Syuan-ru Hsiao Social Harmony and Reconstruction of Social Security Law ICAPS 2011-08-19
Hung-yuan Liou The Scenario Analysis of Taiwan Tea Competition under Economic Globalization ICAPS 2011-08-18
Shu-Hung Chuang The study of Taiwanese Labor Insurance Pension System ICAPS 2011-08-23
Ming-ren Shaw Case studies on the Cross-straits Cooperation to Reduce Economy Crimes ICAPS 2011-08-30
Hong-Cen Ke Social Image of Fictions by Yang Kui ICAPS 2011-09-01
Ti-ling Wang A Research of China’s Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Policy ICAPS 2011-09-05
Wei-cheng Chen The Evualation of the Position of Economic Zone of the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait from the Perspective of Taiwan’s Global Economic & Trade Strategy ICAPS 2011-09-05
Chuan-Zong Chang Harmonious society's construction way: Taiwan 1949-2008 ICAPS 2011-09-05
Mei-Nung Lin The Study of Inclusive Education in Chao-Shiang Elementary School in Kaohsiung County ICAPS 2011-09-06
Shu-Ling Wu The Balance of the Obligation of National Care and National Financial Capability on the Legal Basis of Long-term Care in Taiwan A Study ICAPS 2011-09-08
Meng-chi Hsieh The Globalization and Economic Growth: Developed and Developing Countries Revisited ICAPS 2011-11-28
Ming-Jeng Lee The current PRC foreign policy planning and practice--from Strategic Culture point of view ICAPS 2012-01-06
Ya-chun Shiau On the trans-boundary cooperation of drug control--Focusing on the system of United States Drug Enforcement Administration ICAPS 2012-01-19
Xie-fan Wang The relationship between the role of the military and political changes in Indonesia ICAPS 2012-01-19
M. Dujon Johnson Taiwan and Recognition Under U.S. and International Law: A Legal Perspective ICAPS 2012-01-20
Po-Han Chen The Analysis of Consumption Voucher in Taiwan ICAPS 2012-01-31
Wen-Ching Hsia Research on Design of Institutions of Administrative Law on Cross-Strait Exchanges from the Management Point of View ICAPS 2012-02-09
Tzu-hsuan kuo The Interaction between Japanese Government and NPOs in the New Period:Legal Regulation and Institutional Changes ICAPS 2012-02-15
Suwannarat Meesomboonpoonsuk The Anti-Dam Movements in Thailand ICAPS 2012-06-05
Kang-yan Liu A Study of Legal System of the Free Independent Traveler Program for China ICAPS 2012-06-19
Che-Chien Fan The Impacts of Japan's Industry-University Cooperation System on the Electric Vehicles Industry : Case Study of SIM-Drive Corporation and Keio University ICAPS 2012-06-19
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Ting-lien Liu none IEMBA 2002-08-27
Jin-wen chen none IEMBA 2002-08-27
Chih-liang Chen none IEMBA 2002-08-28
Cho-Yuan Yang The general analysis for Mergers & Acquisitions in the Japan steel industrial. IEMBA 2002-08-29
Rodney Teng Business Dynamics of Vendor Managed Inventory in Fastener Supply Chain IEMBA 2002-08-29
TUN-CHI TSAI How IP VPN Affects Strategy for Company X IEMBA 2003-07-16
SHEN-HONG YANG Impact of the Implementation of QS-9000 on Customer Satisfaction in Taiwan’s Auto-parts Manufacturing Industry IEMBA 2003-07-16
JUI-CHUN CHAO none IEMBA 2003-07-16
SZU-CHIH LIU The Competitive Advantage of Leisure Industries: From Key Success Factor and Resource Based View—A Case Study of Shitzuwan Beach Resort IEMBA 2003-07-16
CHUN-CHI CHEN A Study on the Features and Issues of Building Public Safety Inspection Institution IEMBA 2003-07-17
YUNG-LI CHEN Structure of Semiconductor Industry between the Strait and Study of Taiwan Developing Strategy IEMBA 2003-07-21
Chan-Kuo Chang A Research on the Critical Success Factors of Implementing Database Marketing─Case Study of Chailease Financing Co., Ltd. IEMBA 2003-07-17
TUNG-MING CHEN none IEMBA 2003-07-21
TSAI-WU LIU An Empirical study on the Issuing Price of Depositary Receipt for Taiwan Listed Companies IEMBA 2003-07-22
CHIEN-CHENG LI none IEMBA 2003-07-21
Chia-Hua Wang After WTO The Strategy of Taiwan Shipping Industry Enter Into the Mainland China -Hansen Group as the Case Study IEMBA 2003-07-22
Ming-Ching Huang The optimal strategies among related stakeholders under National Health Insurance policy IEMBA 2003-07-23
FANG-JU LIN The Relationship Between Strategic Alliance Type and Performance - In Airlines Industry IEMBA 2003-07-23
Li-Jung Chiang A Study on the Tourism Brand Strategy for Marketing Place IEMBA 2003-07-16
HSIEN-CHING CHOU none IEMBA 2003-07-24
I-LANG LIAO none IEMBA 2003-07-28
CHEN-MING TENG none IEMBA 2003-07-28
Sheng-Hsu Hsieh The Marketing Strategy Research of Pharmaceutical company About the Large Intravenous solution IEMBA 2003-07-29
JENN-YIH HUANG Taiwanese coil steel enterprises value creation modulus competitive advantage strategy for mainland China steel market IEMBA 2003-07-29
CHUN-JUNG LIU none IEMBA 2003-07-30
CHEN-KUO CHIANG Applying the Balanced Scorecard to Analyse the Transferring Strategy in Semiconductor Equipment Industry : A Case Study of Applied Materials Taiwan Inc. IEMBA 2003-07-29
Hsiang-Tung Tseng none IEMBA 2003-07-31
Wen-Young Lee none IEMBA 2003-09-03
Hsiang-Te Sung A study of the Characterized Products IEMBA 2004-02-13
Tung-Hung Huang A Study of Taiwan IT companies business strategy in biotechnology industry. IEMBA 2004-06-25
Yon-yu Lin The study of Taiwan's biotechnology and pharmaceutical competitive advantage. IEMBA 2004-07-06
Chun-Wei Chen Research in Structural Equation Modeling Estimating for the Research and Development Performances of Biotechnology Industries in Taiwan. IEMBA 2004-07-19
Chen-chung Chen The Study of Development Strategy for Taiwan Laboratory Animal Industry. IEMBA 2004-07-12
Jung-shu Hhu Research on the competition strategies of our Chinese native medicine industry from the quality controlling Chinese native medicine IEMBA 2004-07-27
Fu-ching Tsai The customer satisfaction study of certification service - SGS company as an example IEMBA 2004-07-26
Yung-Yi Chen The Research In The SCM Of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry In Taiwan─A Case Study Of LLY IEMBA 2004-08-04
TSUNG-KUN HO New Product Preannouncement in Pharmaceutical industry : A study of Standard Pharmaceutical Company’s medicine-grade Cordyceps Sinensis IEMBA 2004-08-04
Chien-Chung Hsieh The Anaysis of Sales' Strategies for Antibiotics within the Taiwanese Medicare System IEMBA 2004-07-27
Su Chih Consumer Behavior Research of China Frozen Food Market −Take Shanghai market for instance IEMBA 2004-08-05
Chiang Kuo-Sheng The study of evaluating e-diagnostic to semiconductor equipment company service enhancement -- A case study of KLA-Tencor Inc. IEMBA 2004-08-06
Wang Po-sheng Analyse the operation tactic of Taiwan cosmetics industry─the example of Taiwan Salt’s transformation compare with S-company IEMBA 2004-08-06
Wei-An Ho Research in entry and co-operation model of multinational publishing group with Taiwan and China's publishing industry IEMBA 2004-08-03
CHEN CHUN The Study of Traditional Industries utilize Innovation to Intensify their Competitive Force----In the case of Traditional Chemical Industry IEMBA 2004-08-11
Fu Hsing A Study of the Model of Strategic Alliances of Local Hospital ━ Take Y Hospital as An Example IEMBA 2004-08-11
YU-SHU TAI Taiwan Key Upstream Components Industrial Development Impacts to International Advantage and Competition of Taiwan TFT LCD Panel Makers IEMBA 2004-08-14
Chien-Nan Wu The research of Wafer Foundry industry competition advantage IEMBA 2004-08-14
Chih-Yue Chang Segmentation analysis for eating oil market- by health functions eating oil products IEMBA 2004-08-11
Wu, Ying Chin Research of Competition Strategy from Cluster---Case of Taiwan Bicycle Industrial A-TEAM. IEMBA 2004-08-05
Huang Xue Tian-Chi-ER Biotech Company make the GMP System-mechanism and effective research. IEMBA 2004-08-18
TZOU KUEI-KANG A study of effect on competitive advantage by R&D strategy and its process management of a global company - Based on the case of XXX Semiconductors company IEMBA 2004-08-19
Hwai-luh Chang Using Balanced Scorecard to Construct the Strategic Implementation System in Military Hospital-A Case Study of an Armed Forces Hospital IEMBA 2004-08-20
Yu-hua Hsiao Salespeople’s motivation model in biotechnology companies IEMBA 2004-08-24
Lin Kuan-Chen A study of Taiwan food ingredients industry’s formation of competition strategy under the uncertainty IEMBA 2004-08-24
Horng-yuan Wang Global competition strategy of best 2nd sporting goods brand –case of Winex Co., Ltd. IEMBA 2004-08-24
Lu Ming-Hong The key success factor of implement TPM activity –In the case of Yieh Phui Enterprise IEMBA 2004-08-25
Chi-Tsong Liang A Comparison of entry modes into the China and Taiwan markets - using chemical company X as an example IEMBA 2004-08-26
Wang Sui-Ying The Study of Cross-country Feed Company Constructing Sustainable Competitive Advantages - Case Study on Greatwall Enterprise IEMBA 2004-08-25
Wang Yueh-Yun The Reflection of Practicality E-marketplace – take Carrefour implement GlobalNetXchange for example IEMBA 2004-08-26
Lin Ming The Development Strategy of Taiwan Biopharmaceutical Industry In China IEMBA 2004-08-27
Hung I-Jung Competition analysis of Contract Research Organization in Taiwan IEMBA 2004-08-28
Chiu Chuang Taiwan Chemical SME’s Growth Strategy in China Market (Unsaturated Polyester Resin Company A/B as Research Cases) IEMBA 2004-08-30
CHEN CHIH Effect of Health Food Act to the Consumer Awareness and Consumption Behaviors IEMBA 2004-08-30
Yao Dung The operatiive model of research base biotechnology company in Taiwan IEMBA 2004-08-31
Chang Shih-Nan Mobile Value-added Service Marketing Strategy-xx Telecom Case Study IEMBA 2004-08-31
Shun-Chin Teng Analytical Essay On the operating mode of the “One priced chain stores”-A real life case of “R” sundry goods chain store IEMBA 2005-06-06
Chung-yi Wang The Discussion of The Anti-Bribery Policy Promotion of The Ministry of Justice for The Presidential Election in 2004 from The Point of View of Integrated Marketing Communication IEMBA 2005-06-08
Meei-yuan Cheng A Study on the City Image of Kaohsiung City- A Case Study of Love River IEMBA 2005-06-30
Andrew Chen The competitive advantage in ARC Furnace industry based upon the regulation of Dixion pollution IEMBA 2005-07-04
Yunn-Kuen Chang The study of competitiveness advantage comparative of medical devices of orthopedics ---Case study on United orthopedics company and Smith & Nephew ( Overseas ) Taiwan Branch IEMBA 2005-07-05
Shing-hwa Shiue none IEMBA 2005-07-27
Ca-lvin Lee The Study of the Co-opetition Relations between Strategic Alliance Members – A Case Study of ALS Alliance IEMBA 2005-08-09
Jui-lu Song Competitive Strategy Study of Taiwan IC Design Company – Taking F Corp. as an Example IEMBA 2005-08-08
Chao-Li Chen A Study on Industrial Analysis and Competitive Strategy of Semiconductor Foundry across Taiwan Straits IEMBA 2005-08-16
Wei-Ling Chao Cultural Development of Hamasen Community-Eco-museums Perspective IEMBA 2005-08-17
Terry Chen Research of the Mainland Investment’s Business Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises IEMBA 2005-08-18
Chao-Kuei Tang The Key successful factors of Southern Travel Agents in Taiwan- a Case Study of M Company IEMBA 2005-08-23
Yen-Hui Chen Diversification strategy of Small and Medium size company - A case study of Company L IEMBA 2005-08-23
TSENG-SHOU SUNG Study of Actions Taken by Taiwan Pork Producers After the Open of Taiwan Pork Market IEMBA 2005-08-25
Ding-Jinn Kao Research of Business Management and Development of Inspection, Certification and Testing Firm-Demonstrating with SGS Taiwan IEMBA 2005-08-25
Wen-Mao Lin The manpower retention strategy of (Four shift two round) system –for examples of T company IEMBA 2005-08-26
Cai-Ming Jiang The Research of Operation Process in Entertainment Industry-The Case of Billiards Playground in South Taiwan IEMBA 2005-08-25
Yong-Mao Chen none IEMBA 2005-08-29
Yi-Ming Wang none IEMBA 2005-08-30
Li-Hui Chen none IEMBA 2005-08-26
Zhi-Feng Xie none IEMBA 2005-08-30
Wu-Chia Chung Strategy study of capacity utilization in IC foundry IEMBA 2005-08-26
Yi-Jen Fang Research of the Application Strategies of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy System---- Demonstrating With Show- Chwan Memorial Hospital IEMBA 2005-09-09
Chao-kuang Cheng none IEMBA 2005-09-09
Hsiung-da Lee A Study on the Copetition Relationship between Airlines and Travel Agents – The case of Cathay Pacific Airways IEMBA 2006-06-19
Chih-Yuan Hong Researches for the relationship of stock markets in Taiwan and South Korea IEMBA 2006-06-20
Der-Feng Juang Case Study for cost of equity of company - in terms of C corporation IEMBA 2006-06-16
Li-Chun Huang Comparing business models of two Chinese medicine clinics using strategic alliances IEMBA 2006-06-23
Zong-Chang Kuo An Investigation into Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Enterprises' Investment and Management in China IEMBA 2006-07-06
Hsueh-Fung Wu The Impact Of Sensitive Science & Technology Control Mechanism Against The Competitive Advantages of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry. IEMBA 2006-07-10
Cheng- Sheng Tai Neuroeconomics and model of decision making IEMBA 2006-07-15
Ming-Che Chang FLASH Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategic Research IEMBA 2006-07-21
Chin-Kang Fan The study on the competing strategies of auto fastener industry in Taiwan IEMBA 2006-07-21
Hong Pao-Shan Balanced score card IEMBA 2006-07-28
Tsun-Sheng Wu A Study On How To Accelerate Fleet Expansion -The Container Ship Owner’s Perspective IEMBA 2006-07-31
Cheng-Jung Sun The research of difference of Corporation operating characterization affects staff behavior - Taiwan local bank and international bank as analytic subjects IEMBA 2006-08-02
Wei-Chue Shyu Reengining Immunity Test Manufactory in Taiwan for examples: G. B. C IEMBA 2006-08-07
Fang-Sung Chang Marketing Reserch of Biotechnology Service Industry-Taiwan Equipment Supplier for Reserch Laboratory IEMBA 2006-08-07
Yu-Chu Lu none IEMBA 2006-08-08
Rong-Horng Yen A Study on How On-line Games Affect the Interaction Between IEMBA 2006-08-08
Sheng-Lung Lee A Study Based On The Business Value To Determine The Crossing-Phase Strategies In Chemical Industry IEMBA 2006-08-09
Hsien-Cheng Shen The Bus Transportation Management System used New Bus Management Tools IEMBA 2006-08-09
Chi-hsun Tsai A Study on the Competition Strategies of Taiwan's Polarizer Enterprises IEMBA 2006-08-12
Pi-Jung Wu none IEMBA 2006-08-16
Jui-Sui Chu Study of EMBA students using Instant Messaging software – Taking National Sun Yat-Sen University IEMBA students as examples. IEMBA 2006-08-23
Kuo-Ching Hung A study on causatives of escalation of Taiwan In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industrial and its possibly avoidable strategy. IEMBA 2006-08-22
Hsing-chih Yen The Research on the Relationship among Internal Marketing, Supervisor Trust, Job Satisfaction, and Customer Orientation-a case study of M Direct Selling company IEMBA 2006-08-25
Jui-Chi Chiu Strategy for launching new drug to Taiwan market---case study for antidepressant IEMBA 2006-08-25
Gan-Yuh Lee none IEMBA 2006-08-28
Tai-Li Su A Study on Relativity between Competitiveness and Export Volume in Taiwan Plastics Machinery IEMBA 2006-08-29
Yi-chen Huang none IEMBA 2006-08-30
Li-ching Chang The Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries - A Case Study of Roche and Genentech IEMBA 2007-06-25
Wern-kuang Lin The research of Taiwan small and medium enterprise competitive advantage on transnational business – An empirical study of traditional metal processing industries. IEMBA 2007-06-27
Hung-Chih Chen Study of knowledge transfer within organization – a case study of defect management in semiconductor industry IEMBA 2007-07-27
Hsi-Yi Huang A study on the china distribution channel: A Foreign Company in the Petrochemical Industry Case IEMBA 2007-08-07
Jung-Tien Wang The Marketing Management for the New Medicine on the Market--The Study Focus on the Medicine of the Rheumatoid Arthritis IEMBA 2007-08-06
Chien-hung Chen Cost-Benefit Assessments of Distributed Power Generation Based On Micro Gas Turbine IEMBA 2007-08-10
Peir-jeng Wu TSMC Customer Partnership Service Strategy IEMBA 2007-09-04
Wei-yih Wu A Global Competitive Strategy Study of Taiwan Semiconductor Equipment Industry – Company X as an Example IEMBA 2007-09-11
Tung-shun Lee On Shen Pao-Chen’s Thought Applied in the Model of Glolocalization for Taiwan – The Responses of the Late Qing Dynasty’s “Westernization Movement” to the Globalization within the Process of the Capitalism IEMBA 2007-09-11
Kuo-Lung Yeh Strategic Position and Tour Manager Performance Measurement Model in Travel Agency Industry IEMBA 2008-07-25
Kuang-hui Yeh Studies on the problems of temporary enforcement line at the exclusive economic zone- A case study of the overlapping marine area between Taiwan and Japan IMA 2008-06-20
Mine-Kune Hung Studies on the migration pattern of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) around the fish aggregating devices (FADs) off South-Western Taiwan. IMA 2008-07-23
Pei-Jung Lin Studies on the Marine Protected Areas in Southern Taiwan IMA 2008-08-19
Chai-lin Ko The Studies on the Practical Execution of Taiwan Commercial Shipping Associated With the Cases of Stowaway. IMA 2008-09-01
Meng-Hsun Huang Mesh regulations of bottom trawl for the protection of economic immature fishes off southwestern Taiwan IMA 2008-09-09
Hui-Fang Hung The Feasibility of Economic Assessment for the Management of Marine Cage Aquaculture in Taiwan IMA 2008-09-10
Shih-Yang Lu The Study on the Problems Related to the Jurisdiction of Maritime Zone IMA 2009-08-20
Tieh-Peng Jaw A study of the Fishery Restoration and conservation Management of Fujin and Tonpang in Penghu Island IMA 2009-08-20
Yu-hsun Chen The Studies on the Sustainable Development of Leisure Fishing in Penghu Shan-Shui Area IMA 2009-08-25
Hsuan-Hsi Chang Study on conflict management between scientific observers and industry - Taiwanese case IMA 2009-08-25
Chia-Fa Chi Study on the adaptation to impacts of land subsidence in Chiangyuan area, Pingtung, Taiwan IMA 2009-08-26
Yu-ling Chen The Adaptive Strategies of Oyster Farmers to Climate Variation-Typhoon in Tainan, Taiwan IMA 2009-09-07
Chih-hung Lin The Impact Assessment of Environmental Quality and Social Development at Formosa Petrochemical Corporation(FPCC) NO.6 Naphtha Cracking Industry Site. IMA 2009-09-08
Hsin-tien Chang A Study of International Perspective on Taiwan Marine Environmental Protection Policy and Analysis IMA 2009-09-08
Chieh-hao Chang A Study on the Yacht Regulations in Taiwan IMA 2009-09-10
Yu-Wen Chen Research on the Development of Green and Eco-port in Kaohsiung IMA 2009-09-10
CHUN-HSIEN CHIU Comparative studies on the development and renovation strategy in Kaohsiung and other international harbour cities. IMA 2009-09-08
Yu-ning Jiang Studies on the monitor and management of sergestid shrimp(Sergia lucens)resource in Tung-Kang, Taiwan. IMA 2010-06-25
Ching-chiang Chuang Studies on the management of marine debris in Taiwan IMA 2010-07-02
Shang-chen Yang Fleet Dynamics of Taiwanese Distant Water Longline Fisheries in Indian Ocean IMA 2010-07-08
Wen-bin Tang A study of Taiwan maritime affair and it's organization structure IMA 2010-07-19
Ming-wei Yu Assessment of Sediment Quality Associated with Marine Aquaculture Activities in Chaiyuan, Penghu IMA 2010-07-21
Tzu-wen Hsu The Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Contaminated Heavy Metals in Sediment and its Management in Kaohsiung Harbor Areas IMA 2010-07-21
Shiou-yin Chen Studies on the core value and strategy of marine education in Taiwan IMA 2010-07-21
Chung-hui Lin Age and growth of bony flyingfish (Hirundichthys oxycephalus) off the eastern Taiwan through otolith examination and it’s implication in fisheries management IMA 2010-07-27
Wei-sheng Liu A study of the feasibility on the application of Coast Radar System to the coastal and offshore fisheries management IMA 2010-07-31
Chih-ming Lin Studies on the relationship between natural resources and communities in small islands - Hujing Island of Penghu country IMA 2010-09-09
Tai-wei Huang The developmental history of keel-boat activities in Taiwan IMA 2010-09-09
Shih-Hsiang Hsu Studies on The Coastal Changes in Southwestern Taiwan Since The 17 Century IMA 2011-06-02
Hsing-Hsuan Chen The study on institutionalization of Chinese White Dolphin conservation in Taiwan IMA 2011-07-05
Chia-Yu Yeh Studies on the Management Issues Related to the Establishment of Four Southern Islands as a Marine Protected Area and Its Comparison with Other Protected Areas in Penghu IMA 2011-07-14
Chia-jen Li A study of Globalization on the cooperation strategy of marine affairs at cross-strait IMA 2011-07-18
Ming-Chang Lee Study of Eco-tourism Development in the Houbihu Protection Area IMA 2011-07-19
Chih-Shun Yang Application of coastal radar system for understanding the dynamics of marine fisheries in Tainan waters IMA 2011-08-08
Choi-pik Yip Study on the Integration of Conservation Measures for Chinese White Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) in Taiwan IMA 2011-08-25
Yueh-Ling Lee Studies on the Conflict of Diaoyutai and Sovereignty Dispute IMA 2011-12-26
Shih-Hsun Lin A Structured Breaks Investigation of Tuna Catches in the Western-Central Pacific Ocean IMA 2012-01-04
Tzu-Kuan Wang Studies on the management and reformation of Taiwan inshore fishery IMA 2012-01-06
Ting-An Liu Does El Nino affect the capture fishery production in the Pacific Ocean? IMA 2012-01-16
I-Fan Wang The relationships of Tuna productions among Japan, South Korea and Taiwan—A Time-Series Analysis IMA 2012-01-15
Yi-Chen Lin The long-term variation of the catches on the prey fish of Chinese white dolphins (Sousa chinensis)at western Taiwan IMA 2012-02-15
Wen-Tzu Kuo An Assessment of International Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships IMA 2012-07-18
Kun-chang Lee Investigation and analysis of Chinese fishing boats’ gathering and distribution mode at Dongsha Island IMA 2012-09-12
Chia-Hua Chang Studies on the Monitoring Effectiveness of River and Marine Environmental Quality from Hsinchu to Taichung in Mid-Western Taiwan IMA 2012-12-10
Chen-hua Yu Studies on the Monitoring Effectiveness of River and Marine Environmental Quality from Taichung to Yunlin in Mid-Western Taiwan IMA 2013-01-03
Hui-ting Lin Studies on the Monitoring Effectiveness of River and Marine Environmental Quality from Chiayi to Kaohsiung in South-Western Taiwan IMA 2013-01-09
Wei-ling Chen A Study on the Management and Economical Development of Yacht Industry in Taiwan IMA 2013-01-27
Rung-Tsai Tsai Cause Analysis of Fishing Boats Maritime Casualties in the Southwestern Taiwan and Recommendations for Prevention IMA 2013-01-28
Chih-hsin Hsieh An institution analysis on the environmental impacts at coastal area associated with petrochemical industry IMA 2013-01-28
Victoriya Venediktova Identifying Barriers to the Coastal Resource Management and Coastal Adaptation in Rural Areas of Albay, Philippines IMA 2013-07-16
Tzu-min Yang Applying marine development indicators on the sustainable policy of Matsu. IMA 2013-07-19
Ning-Ya Yang A Study on the Development of Green Port in Kaohsiung IMA 2013-08-05
Yuan-tian Chou Fishery biology of Saurida undosquamis in the waters off southwestern Taiwan and it’s implication in fisheries management IMA 2013-08-09
Jia-Woei Sheu Study on the role and enforcement capacity of the Coast Guard Administration to development of marine recreations IMA 2013-08-31
I-Chuan Chen Crisis management of reduction of vessel number of Taiwanese distant-water longline fishery in response to international request IMA 2013-09-03
Bo-Yan Lee Studies on the Suitable Management and Strategy of Yacht Harbor and Recreation Tourism IMA 2013-12-21
Hui-wen Chung Study on Habitat and Impacts Management of the Mangroves in Northern Kaohsiung IMA 2013-12-26
Jung-Ching Chen A Study on the Development of Sustainable Management Indicators in Shiou Liuchiu Island IMA 2013-12-26
Pin-han Wang Case Study on the Coastal Conflicts in Kenting National Park IMA 2014-01-27
Shyh-Shyan Lin A Study of Globalization Perspective on Maritime Affairs Policy and Analysis Between Cross-Strait IMA 2014-08-07
Ying-Yi Kao Reproductive biology of the bartail flathead, Platycephalus indicus, in the waters off southwestern Taiwan IMA 2014-09-11
Yu-Shan Wang Application of MSC Eco-label in Taiwan: A Case Study of Sergestid Shrimp Fishery in Tong-Kang IMA 2015-01-08
Chu-Chin Tsai Study on maritime enforcement of Taiwan cultured live fish transportation IMA 2015-01-09
Yu-Kai Lin Using System Dynamics to Evaluate the Development Strategies for Port of Kaohsiung IMA 2015-08-26
Szu-Yuan Hsu A Study of Marine Transport Corporation's Staffing and Compensation for Seafarers IMA 2015-09-05
Chih-Ting Hsu A study on the impacts to the natural habitats area from the fast accommodation growing in Hsiao Liuqiu island, Taiwan IMA 2015-10-27
Chia-ho Tsai Fishery Biology of Spotwing flyingfish (Cypselurus poecilopterus) in the Kuroshio off Taiwan and its management implication IMA 2016-02-17
Chun-Sheng Tsai The Working Attitude of Foreign Crew Members and Their Management by Skippers in Taiwan Tuna Longline Fishing Vessels IMA 2016-12-20
Sophia Lin Fleet Dynamics of Trawl Fisheries in the Southwestern Waters off Taiwan Based on Data from Voyage Data Recorder and Landings IMA 2017-08-25
Tzu-Yu Chen An Exploratory Study of the Safety Culture: an example of Taiwan Merchant Marine Seafarers IMA 2017-08-29
I-Hsuan Tseng Growth, Reproduction and Management Implication of Cheilopogon atrisignis in the Orchid Island off Eastern Taiwan IMA 2017-09-04
Chun-Fang Chang Current Status and Difficulties Faced by Taiwanese Tuna Longline Fishery: A Case Study on the Indian Ocean Fishery IMA 2017-09-08
Meng-En Gu A Study on Coastal Hazard Protection and Hazard Perceptions of the Residents in Orchid Island IMA 2017-09-17
Yi-chieh Lai Establishing Indicators Framework to Evaluate Marine Protected Areas in Taiwan – A Case Study of Liouciou Fish Recourse Conservation Area IMA 2018-02-23
Po-Sheng Hsieh Future Prospects on the Management Mechanism of the Arctic High Seas Fisheries IMA 2018-03-30
Keng-Pin Lin Study on Taiwanese Knowledge and Attitude of Shark Fin Consumption in Tainan and Kaohsiung IMA 2018-06-10
Wilson Selony Dynamic Simulation and Economic Analysis of an Isolated Hybrid Wind Diesel System IMEPE 2008-06-24
Francisco Adonay Study of an Alternative Dispatch Planning for the Salvadorian Electrical Market Based on Generators Outage Risk and Optimum AGC-Performance IMEPE 2009-06-29
Camilo A. Espinoza Line Switch Unit Commitment for Distribution Automation Systems Using Neural Networks IMEPE 2009-07-08
Jalal Abdullah Simulation and Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Wind Diesel System for Remote Area Power Supply IMEPE 2010-09-06
Roman Korimara Financial Analysis of a Large Scale Photovoltaic System and Its Impact on Energy Demand in Kiribati IMEPE 2011-07-04
Edrissa Jarjue Dynamic Simulation of a Hybrid Wind/Diesel Isolated Power System Using Artificial Neural Network IMEPE 2011-07-04
Galicia Melvin Alleviations of Substation Congestions by Distributed Generations – An Optimal Location and Reliability Analysis IMEPE 2011-07-18
Pa lamin Stochastic Harmonic Impact Analysis for Distribution System with Wind Turbines IMEPE 2013-08-02
Maphila Wandile Kunene Photovoltaic Penetration Analysis for Distribution Systems Considering Solar Irradiance Uncertainty IMEPE 2014-07-16
JAVIER ANTONIO LOPEZ POSADAS Dynamic Security Analysis and Controls based on System Real-Time Model IMEPE 2014-08-14
Homero da Graca Boa Esperanca Stability and Economic Impact of Interconnecting a Utility-scale PV Generation System to the Power System of Sao Tome Island IMEPE 2015-06-22
Natanael Acencio Rijo Capacitor Allocation Study Accounting For Load and Distributed Solar Generation Uncertainty with the Use of 2PEM Probabilistic Load Flow IMEPE 2015-07-14
Anggoro Primadianto Comparative Study of WLS Based Distribution System State Estimation IMEPE 2015-07-30
John Sabelo Mahlalela Optimum Placement and Sizing of Harmonic Filters in Distribution Network IMEPE 2015-07-30
Erita Astrid Congestion Management Considering Demand Response with Multiple Fuels IMEPE 2016-06-20
WALTER RAMON LEGUIZAMON BRITOS Implementation of Smart Charging and Network Reconfiguration for Operating Cost Reduction in Power Distribution Systems IMEPE 2016-06-21
Orlando Solorzano A Study of STATCOM on Stability and Efficiency in IEEE 14-bus IMEPE 2016-07-19
Nasrulloh - Research of Power Line Communication through Transformer for Narrow Band Application IMEPE 2017-07-31
David E. Ponce Wong Design of an Axial Flux Magnetic-geared Motor for Standing-up Assistance IMEPE 2017-09-22
Victor David Lopez Mejia A Modified Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Thermal Unit Commitment Problem IMEPE 2018-08-13
Yi-Chun Hsieh A Study on Relationship between Ownership Structures of Family Firms and Related Party Transactions Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-06-28
Xi-Xuan Lin Overconfident CEOs and the Cost of Bank Loans: Evidence from Taiwan Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-06-28
Tzu-Hsuan Chen Using Fundamental, Technical and Chip Factors to Construct Taiwan Stock Deep Learning Trading Strategies Industrial Technology Graduate Program In Financial Innovation 2018-07-01
Cheng-Hao Li Relationships between Political Connections, Corporate Social Responsibility and Cost of Long-Term Bank Loan Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-04
Yen-Hsiang Huang The study on M&A behavior of Family and nonfamily firm - Listed companies in Taiwan Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-06-28
Chia-Wei Hung Forecasting Stock Price of Shipping Industry in Taiwan with Macroeconomic Factors Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-07
PO-YIN CHEN Geographical distance and bank loan contract. Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-23
Ruo-hsuan Yu A Comparative Study Of Third-Party Payment Across The Taiwan Strait Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-22
Chia-ping Yu The Design and Implementation of a Business Process Analyzer Information Management 2000-05-21
Teng-Hao tsai A Survey on the Use of Logistics information Systems Information Management 2000-06-02
Wan-Shiou Yang Mining Workflow Instances to Support Workflow Schema Design Information Management 2000-05-23
Huang-Chi Lin The Study of Information Sharing for Time-based Competition:The Empirical Analysis on Supply Chain Information Integration in Taiwan IC Industry Information Management 2000-06-21
Hsin-Nan Lin The Research of Maintaining Consistency on Process Timing Constraints Information Management 2000-06-22
Woan-Chyi Sheu Team process of college students' information system development projects Information Management 2000-06-27
Yi-Hui Lee Exploring Group Composition Methods for Cooperative Learning in Web-based Instructional Systems Information Management 2000-06-27
Pei-Chen Sun Acceptance and Satisfaction of Asynchronous Learning Network System:A Study based on Structuration Theory Information Management 2000-07-01
Houng-Ssu Shieh A Study of Web Searching Strategies base on the Social Cognitive Theory Information Management 2000-07-04
Sung-Wen Yu Consumer Bargaining Behavior In Electronic Commerce Information Management 2000-07-05
Yu-Ching Lee A Study of Factors Affecting Members’ Loyalty toward Virtual Communities Information Management 2000-07-14
Yuan-Xin Dong Mining-Based Category Evolution for Text Databases Information Management 2000-07-18
Ching-Jing Liang Handling Unexpected Workflow Exceptions: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach Information Management 2000-07-19
Shu-Ching Pan Development of A Portable Customized Promotion System on the Internet Information Management 2000-07-24
Long-Tai Chuang A Cybermediary system for Collective Purchasing Information Management 2000-07-23
Kuan-Hua Sun A Data Mining Methodology for Library New Book Recommendation Information Management 2000-07-26
Yan-Bang Chen Exploring Internet Users ’Information Privacy Concerns -Use the Intention-Based models Information Management 2000-07-26
Ru-Fen Wang Concession Strategis of Bargaing Agents in Electronic Commerce Information Management 2000-07-26
Tzyy-Ching Yang Applying Shopping Cart Data to Web Marketing Communication Decisions Information Management 2000-07-26
Kuang-Chih Chiang The Adoption and Adaptation of Supply Chain Management Systems for High Tech. Industries Information Management 2000-07-28
Yen-Hsien Lee Development of Information Extraction-based Event Detection Technique Information Management 2000-07-30
Wan-Yu Leu The Influence of Functional Roles on the Effectiveness of Virtual Teams Information Management 2000-07-28
Jung-Tsun Chang The Study of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Management Information Management 2000-08-01
Fang-Yi Hu Effects of Group Norms and Cohesiveness on Group Cooperative Learning Information Management 2000-08-01
Jen-Wen Yun The Study of Internet Users' Attitudes toward Internet Advertising Information Management 2000-08-02
Shih-Yuan Chen Data Mining in Acquiring Association Knowledge Between Diseases and Medicine Treatments Information Management 2000-08-02
Kun-Hsien Chen Using Fuzzy Rule Induction for Mining Classification Knowledge Information Management 2000-08-02
Chang Kuang-Yi Facilitating On-line Automated Bargaining Using Data Mining Technology -- A Solution from Time Series Analysis Information Management 2000-08-02
Chih-Hung Chiu Using Bayesian Networks for Discovering Temporal-State Transitions in Hemodialysis Information Management 2000-08-02
I-Ming Chang Reengineering and Development for Executive Information Systems : The Case of Southern Taiwan Business Group of Chunghwa Telecom Information Management 2000-08-03
Chuan-Lang Lin The Application Architecture of Enterprise Knowledge Management-Multi-Case Study for domestic Knowledge Oriented Organization Information Management 2000-08-03
Hung-Jen Lai A Personalized News Recommendation Method for Electronic Newspapers Information Management 2000-08-03
Wan-Ju Lin none Information Management 2000-08-04
Che-Chung Lin None Information Management 2000-08-07
Chien-wen Tai A study of electronic commerce business model for traditional stationers in Taiwan Information Management 2001-01-11
Wen-Feng Hsiao The Intuitive Judgment of Statistical Properties for Verbal Evaluations Information Management 2001-01-25
Shin-Chin Li The Impact of Strategic Position on E-Broker's CRM Applications Information Management 2001-02-07
shih-pei hsu Schedule Compression Methods for Software Development Information Management 2001-06-10
Wei-yang Wang A System Dynamics Approach to the Study of Group Cognitive Processes Involved in Self-Organizing Teams Information Management 2001-06-18
Szu-Yuan Sun Factors Affecting IS Outsourcing Partnership -A Study based on the Social Exchange Theor Information Management 2001-06-21
Tung-Sheng Lin Service Requirements and Strategy of Broadband Cable Networks Information Management 2001-06-26
Chiang-Luan Liu The Study of Applying Category Management on Adaptive Customer-centered Online Catalogs Information Management 2001-06-26
Chun-Cheng Chiu Development of An Online Marketing Research System Information Management 2001-06-27
Yu-Chi Yang The Impact of Member’s Behavior on Virtual Team’s Collaborative Performance Information Management 2001-07-31
Yao-Tsung Chen The Use of SDM-PRN Transformation for System Dynamics Model Construction and Policies Design Information Management 2001-06-29
Chia-Yi Liu A study of the acquaintanceship in Internet: toward Interpersonal Theory and Theory of Planned Behavior Information Management 2001-07-01
Hsieh-Yu Chen The Core Competence of e-Business: IT Capability─An Investigation of Its Underlying Constructs Information Management 2001-07-03
Yang-Hsin Tien A Study of International Logistics and Information Technology Application Information Management 2001-07-04
Yu-Feng Huang An Exploration of Technological Frames for Implementation a Knowledge Management System Information Management 2001-07-08
Ya-Fang Chen The Research on Personal Workflow Systems in Support of Pervasive Computing Information Management 2001-07-09
Lin Chin-Chang Exploring eCommerce Strategies and Business Models for Gold & Jewelry Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2001-07-09
Chiu-Pin Chen Development of a Customized Electronic Newspaper System– for PC Hardware Retailers Information Management 2001-07-10
Tzu-Ping Huang Team-based Knowledge Sharing and Creation in Professional Cyber-communities: A Study from A Teacher Professional Cyber-community Information Management 2001-07-11
Fu-Chien Cheng Development of Matching System in the Electronic Marketplace Information Management 2001-07-11
Chih-Ming Hsueh Knowledge Map Discovery in Virtual Communities of Practice Information Management 2001-07-17
Chih-Ching Chuang An HTML Filter on WAP Gateway Information Management 2001-07-18
Yung-Shuen Tzeng An Incremental Approach to Discovering Regional Network Access Patterns Information Management 2001-07-18
Ching-Shin Tsai Architecture for Web Server with Push Capability Information Management 2001-07-20
Che-Feng Lo Resource Allocation for Multimedia with QoS Requirement in Wireless Network Information Management 2001-07-20
Chuang Chaio-Hua Impact of e-Retailing Marketing on Cost Variation:From Activity-Based Costing Perspective Information Management 2001-07-20
Ru-Yu Chiang The Study of Inter-firm Cooperationsin Information System Integration Industries Information Management 2001-07-24
Ying-Chih Chen Using UML for Software Modeling-A Case Study of War Game Information Management 2001-07-25
Yu-Jen Lai A Study of e-Business Strategy for Domestic Logistics Service Providers Information Management 2001-08-01
Yi-Chang Chung Research on E-Commerce Strategies of Automobile Sellers – KaoDu Motor Ltd Information Management 2001-08-01
Chih-Jen Pen LIEF: An Algorithm for Learning Information Extraction Rules from Unstructured Documents Information Management 2001-08-02
Chin-Yuan Hung The Research on Finding Generalized Association Rules from Library Circulation Records Information Management 2001-08-02
I-Tang Chiu Telecommunications Data Mining for Churn Prediction Information Management 2001-08-06
Rainbow Chen Development and Evaluation of Lessons Learned Knowledge Management System In IC Packaging and Testing Industry Information Management 2001-08-02
Miaw-Hwa Juang Effect of e-clerks on the Intention of Purchase in Electronic Stores Information Management 2001-08-03
Chieh-Min Lee The Process of Implementation Strategy of Enterprise Resource Planning in Large Companies --The Comparison of Two Implementation Strategies Information Management 2001-08-03
Cheng-Yi Lin Effects of e-Store Types and Industrial Characteristics on Business Performance Information Management 2001-08-04
Yu-Zhang Sheu The Impact of IT Strategy and IT Infrastructure on ERP Implementation Information Management 2001-08-04
Wen-Chen Huang Effects of Group Interaction in Web-based Instructional Systems Information Management 2001-08-05
Tzu-Chao Tsai Supporting Data Warehouse Design with Data Mining Approach Information Management 2001-08-06
Yu-Hsiu Chang Discovery of Evolution Patterns from Sequences of Documents Information Management 2001-08-06
Chun-Chang Chen Discovering Teachers' Knowledge Map from the Web Information Management 2001-08-06
Jenq-Bin Lin Analysis and Design of Online Tutoring Agents Information Management 2001-08-06
Min-Fang Tsai Designing Portfolio Analysis System for E-Learning Information Management 2001-08-06
Meng-Hung Lin Designing learning support mechanisms using portfolios Information Management 2001-08-06
Zhuo-Bin Su An International Case Study of e-Business Impact Information Management 2001-08-07
Zhang-Ying Lin A Study of ERP Implementation and Management Adaptation of Organization Information Management 2001-08-07
Chen-Kun Tsai The Comparative Study of Traditional Instruction and Web-based Instruction— from The Exploration of Teaching Media、Classroom Management and Assessment Information Management 2001-08-17
Wei-Jei Chen The Exploratory Research of Flow Experience on Internet Information Management 2002-01-03
Wen-fu Lee The Research on Influencing Factors of Implementing Workflow Systems: A Case Study Information Management 2002-01-24
Ning-Hsin Chu The Critical Success Factors of software Information Management 2002-01-31
Tien-Fu Lu The IT department how to Spin-off,and research for the business management. Information Management 2002-01-31
Chin-Chu Wu The Planning of Supply Chain Management System for Industrial Materials Intermediary Information Management 2002-01-31
Hsune-Chun Liao The Study of Generic and Digital Transformation Strategies for Property Insurance Agency ─ using Ho-An as an Example Information Management 2002-02-04
Wen-Fu Chou The Marketing Strategies of E-mail on Educational Training Services. Information Management 2002-04-14
Shuen-Jen Tsai Modeling the User Interfaces: A Component-based Interface Research for Integrating the Net-PAC Model and UML Information Management 2002-06-06
I-chia Chang Application Generator: A Framework and Methodology for IS Construction Information Management 2002-06-07
Hsin-Yi Huang A Study on Factors Affecting Usage of Web-based Teachers’ Training in Elementary and High School Information Management 2002-06-12
Chih-Yi Tseng The CEO/CIO Relationship Process Development: A Multiple Change Agency Perspective Information Management 2002-06-14
Yuan-Chung Cheng The Application of Fuzzy Decision Trees in Data Mining - Using Taiwan Stock Market as An Example Information Management 2002-06-18
Pei-Chen Chiang A Study of Cognitive and Behavioral Consistency in Virtual Knowledge Sharing Information Management 2002-06-19
Tseng-Mao Lin Enterprise CRM IT Architecture Planning:A Study based on Capability-based Architecture Information Management 2002-06-15
De-Li Chen Design And Implementation of a Web-Based Portfolio Supporting System Information Management 2002-06-25
Shu-Chiu Huang none Information Management 2002-06-26
Ying-Ya Lu Knowledge Management In Electronic Product R&D: A Methodology for Knowledge Modeling and Practical Application Information Management 2002-06-30
Wen-Jong Leu Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction of ADSLBroadband Network:A Case Study of Chunghwa Telecom Information Management 2002-07-03
Chin-Yue Chen Interface Design of e-Clerks Information Management 2002-07-04
Po-Liang Chen Planning and Design of Database for e-Clerks - An Implementation on Online Bookstores Information Management 2002-07-04
Chun-Hung Chen Developing Social Network Analysis System for Virtual Teams in a Professional Virtual Community Information Management 2002-07-04
Yih-Wel Chao Dynamically Scheduling Query Results for Broadcasting in a Wireless Environment Information Management 2002-07-05
Pei_Ying Lin Multiple-case Study for Customer Relationship Management Systems- An Exploratory Research for the Installation Factors, System Functions and Performances Information Management 2002-07-05
Yu-Jung Li Factors Affecting The Acceptance of knowledge management Systems Information Management 2002-07-06
Chien-Ho Kuan The Construction of Supply Chain Uncertainty Indicator Information Management 2002-07-11
Yi-Yao Lin Identifying Network Dynamics with Large Access Graph and Case-Based Reasoning Information Management 2002-07-11
Joseph Chang On Line Behavior Of Using Cyber Coffee : A Case Study For The User Of Cyber Coffee in Kaohsiung Information Management 2002-07-08
Char-Ming Lin Oversea incident report automatic and analysis Information Management 2002-10-01
Wei-Chun Tai A MCDM Method for Selecting an ERP System Information Management 2002-07-12
Chia-ping Yu A Study of Trust in Virtual Group Development Analyzer Information Management 2002-07-14
Kao-Hui Kung A Study of Business Process Design Based on the Functional Mechanism in SCM to Improve the Competitive Advantages for the Domestic OEM Manufacturers in the Electronical Industries Information Management 2002-07-15
Jing-Wen Lin The Impact Study of Electronic Commerce for SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) Information Management 2002-07-15
Chen-Kai Sun Constructing Knowledge Map from the Web Information Management 2002-07-18
Ryh-Huei Lau The Design and Implementation of Knowledge Managament Strategies in Naval Warship Forces: A Case Study Information Management 2002-07-19
Shut-Ming Lu The Evolution of the E-Commerce System of China Steel Corp.: A Technological Frame Analysis Information Management 2002-07-19
Li-Chien Tsao Post-Project Review On Outsourcing Management-- The Case Of National Tax Information Management 2002-07-19
Pin-Chung Chen Analysis and Comparison of eLearning Standards Information Management 2002-07-18
Hung-Jou Tsai A Strategic Study Base on Value System for the Interaction With the Multi tier E Supply Chain -A Case Study of Three tier Chemical Engineering Industry Information Management 2002-07-18
Shun-Cheng Tseng The Research of Third Generation Mobile System Market Strategies Information Management 2002-07-22
Mao-Lin Sung From Industry Specific ERP to Supply Chains ERP:An Application of focused differenciation strategy Information Management 2002-07-17
Ching-Yi Chien A System Dynamic Approach to the Study of Performance in Taiwan Software House Information Management 2002-07-22
Liu-Pin Li Ecological Evolution of MIS Research Information Management 2002-07-22
Chang-Kuan Hsieh Learning Path Control Mechanisms for e-Learning Information Management 2002-07-22
Te-Shin Hou A Research on Information System Reengineering Strategies for Passive Component Electronic Industry Information Management 2002-07-23
Pei-Hua Lin An Exploratory Study of Internet Business Model in Life Insurance Industry Information Management 2002-07-24
Shih-Huang Fang A Study of Relationships among Virtual Team's Structure, Team Process and Knowledge Sharing Information Management 2002-07-25
Ting-Fang Wu A Study of Connect Dynamic Data Source to Improve the Simulate Technique for the System Dynamics Information Management 2002-07-25
Nien-Chiu Lee Improving Data Quality: Development and Evaluation of Error Detection Methods Information Management 2002-07-25
Wei-Chieh Sun A Feasible Study of Appling Supply Chain Management in Electronic Chemicals Industry Information Management 2002-07-26
Ling-hsing Chang A Study of Information System Implementation process from an Organizational Politics Perspectives Information Management 2002-07-29
Po-He Lin Reintermediation Strategies for Traditional Channel : The Case of Office Supplies Information Management 2002-07-29
Ching-Chang Lee Model Selection for Real-Time Decision Support Systems Information Management 2002-07-29
Chih-Ming Lin A study of the Implementation of Collaborative Product Commerce System Information Management 2002-07-29
Yung-hsiang Chang The Content of Information Sharing Based upon Supply Chain Type and Uncertainty:A Case Study of Convergent Assembly Supply Network Information Management 2002-07-29
Tsai-hsin Chu An Interpretive Study of E-Learning Based on the Framework of Technology-Mediated Learning Information Management 2002-07-30
Jen-Jui Liou A Research of Customer Potential Demand and Satisfaction of Internet Data Center Information Management 2002-07-30
Cheng Tsai Methodology for Constructing Corporate Knowledge Maps Information Management 2002-07-30
Bruce Lee A Study of Proceeding TPM with Knowledge Management Information Management 2002-07-31
Hsiao-Lin Tseng A Study of e-learning Models for Enterprises Information Management 2002-07-31
Han-Chun Liao UML: A Study for Transforming Class Diagram to Object-Relational Model Information Management 2002-07-31
Ching-Ting Yang Time-Series Classification: Technique Development and Empirical Evaluation Information Management 2002-07-31
Chia-Hung Hung A Study of Issues Concerning Information System Architecture Employed by Companies Investing in the South-Eastern China Information Management 2002-08-01
Tse-sheng Chuang Discovering Issue Networks Using Data Mining Techniques Information Management 2002-08-01
Tzu-Liang Lee Transformation of Family-owned Business into Corporate Family -The Case of San Shing Hardware Works Co., Ltd. Information Management 2002-08-02
Ya-Ko Su A Study of Issues Encountered by Taiwanese IT Specialists when working in China Information Management 2002-08-02
Shu-Fang Tsai A study Of Mental Web Sites' Information Quality In Taiwan Information Management 2002-08-02
Chin-Sheng Yang Investigations of Term Expansion on Text Mining Techniques Information Management 2002-08-02
Chu-Jen Tsai A Study of the Relationship Among Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, External Network, and Performance Information Management 2002-08-02
Woei-Ru Wang Constructing Bayesian Networks with Sequential Patterns for Hemodialysis Information Management 2002-08-05
Yih-Jih Lin A Study of The Impact Exerted by Constant Technological Changes on the Career Development of IT Professionals’ Information Management 2002-08-05
Yung-Fang Yang A Semantic-Expanding Method for Document Recommendation Information Management 2002-08-05
Yue-wei Sung The Effects of Trust Mechanisms on Supply Chain Performance Using Multi-agent Simulation and Analysis Information Management 2002-08-06
Chin-Chung Chang Use TAM to verify the exploration results of teachers’ and student’attitude about digitalized teaching materials. Information Management 2002-08-06
Her-Sen Doong A Study on Information Acquisition Strategies on the World Wide Web Information Management 2002-08-13
Chun-Yang Chang The factors of Effecting the Performance of Idea Generation Support System Information Management 2002-07-27
Mu-Jin Lin A Framework for Providing and Executing Workflow Templates in a Mobile Environment Information Management 2002-08-27
Wen-Chiang Hsiung Article Recommendation in Literature Digital Libraries Information Management 2002-09-02
Jain-Shing Wu Web Search Using Genetic Programming Information Management 2002-09-11
Bon-Yen Liaw The study of incident response in Taiwan Information Management 2002-10-03
Kuang-Hui Tseng A Study for Software Component Modeling Methodology Information Management 2003-01-15
Fu-Hsiung Hsu A Study of Misfit Solution Methodology Between Enterprise Requirements and Application Package Information Management 2003-01-20
Chen Kuan-Yun The Research of Channels of Diffusion on The Web Site of Education Information Management 2003-01-23
Hsiang-Lin Wu The Role Of Change Agent In The Diffusion Of Innovation -- The Case Of 「LOXA 」 Information Management 2003-01-23
TAI-CHANG HUANG none Information Management 2003-01-24
Chi-Ming Lai The Study of Information Concepts Extracting and Change Detecting over the Internet Information Management 2003-01-23
Jimmy Chen A study of CIM implementation and Adaptation of Organization - IC Assembly and testing semi-industry Information Management 2003-01-25
Rong-Fa Lin IT application for Researcher of Engineering Design Information Management 2003-01-27
Chin-Tsung Li The Study of business-founding of SOHO group-based on the IT industry Information Management 2003-02-12
Chung-Yao Wang A Study of technology strategy for IT high-tech start-ups located in Tainan Science-based Industrial Park with IC design industry Information Management 2003-02-12
Yu-Meei Chyi Classification Analysis Techniques for Skewed Class Information Management 2003-02-12
Wo-Hao Ruan Design Group Annotation System-Using Unified Modeling Language Information Management 2003-04-28
Wan-Shiou Yang A Process Pattern Mining Framework for the Detection of Health Care Fraud and Abuse Information Management 2003-06-12
Hong-Ming Chen Component Modeling Methodology:A UML Based Tools Approach Information Management 2003-06-12
Huei-Chan Hsi Constructing hierarchical advisors and advisees relationships using web information Information Management 2003-06-16
SHIH-YU TSENG To Construct The Knowledge Management System By The Integrating Business-Process-Reengineering And Prototyping Methods---From The Views Of Paint And Resin Industries Information Management 2003-06-19
Yung-Cheng Chen End-User Computing Acceptance Factors: A Revised Technology Acceptance Model Information Management 2003-06-19
Hsing-Tzu Lin Self-Regulation Mechanisms in the Practice of Information Privacy Information Management 2003-06-21
Yung-Chang Yao An Exploration of Critical Success Factors of the implementation of Cyber University – A Case Study from "National Sun Yat-Sen Cyber University" Information Management 2003-06-25
Yu-Po Chen Risk Assessing Process in Enterprise Project Management Information Management 2003-06-24
Cheng-Yi Hsu Package Implementation : A Methodology For Requirement Gap Analysis Information Management 2003-06-24
Chi-cheng Wu Package Implementation: A Study of Data and Output Misfits Identification Information Management 2003-06-30
Fei Yeh The study of Supporting Online FAQ Generation Information Management 2003-06-29
Chang Ching-YUN A study of applying Technological Frame Theory to the implement of a Product Data Management System. Information Management 2003-06-30
San-Jen Wu A Case Study of Trade Financing: Take China Steel Corporation as An Example Information Management 2003-06-30
Yan-Yin Tsai A Case Study of the Work Values and Good Work for Top Managers of Information Software Industry Information Management 2003-07-01
Chien-Ting Lu A research on constructing data warehouse in support of order procurement for steel industry Information Management 2003-07-01
Shen-Jai Liao Constructing Decision Tree Using Learners’ Portfolio for Supporting e-Learning Information Management 2003-07-01
Yuan-Liang Lo A Goal Oriented Approach to Enterprise Information System Evaluation Information Management 2003-07-02
Dao-hui Chen Extracting relationships of research topics in information-related domain by analyzing thesis Information Management 2003-07-02
Yu-Hung Liao Factors Affecting Students’ Failure Response in Participating Mission Based Learning Information Management 2003-07-02
Sheng Wu Exploring Knowledge Sharing Behavior of IS Personnel with Theory of Planned Behavior Information Management 2003-07-02
Jack Chang The Study of Training Needs for IS Manager's Professional Skills and Knowledge Development Information Management 2003-07-06
Ching-Chang Wu Code Automation for Vulnerability Scanner Information Management 2003-07-06
Mei-Chi Wu Critical Success Factors of Implementing e-Purcurement in Chemical Industries Information Management 2003-07-08
You-Yu Lin Building Multi-agent System to Solve Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems for Supply Chain Management Information Management 2003-07-09
Lien-Li Ku A Study of Organizational Knowledge Management Strategies Selection Information Management 2003-07-09
Tsung-Wu Tsai Impacts of Global Shared Service on Organizational Performance Information Management 2003-07-09
Yi-Chuan Yang A Study of Interorganizational Knowledge Sharing in Information System Outsourcing Processes Information Management 2003-07-09
Hsien-Hao Lu Applying Intelligent Agents in Knowledge Management System Information Management 2003-07-10
Tzu-Feng Lin A Decision Support System for Advanced Planning and Scheduling in the Plastic Injection Industry Information Management 2003-07-10
Chun-Hsien Chen A Study of Performance of Online Group-Buying Models Information Management 2003-07-10
Hung-Chun Yang Admission Control with Maximizing QoS Satisfactions Information Management 2003-07-10
Shih-Min Chuang Combining Content-based and Collaborative Article Recommendation in Literature Digital Libraries Information Management 2003-07-11
Der-Rong Wang A Study of Software Size Estimation using Function Point Information Management 2003-07-11
Ming-Wei Yeh Applying Data Mining Technique to Analyze Sequential Patterns in the Stock Market in Taiwan Information Management 2003-07-10
Cheng-Sheng Tsai Data Warehouse Change Management Based on Ontology Information Management 2003-07-12
Mei-Hua Huang ERP Implementation For Small-Medium Size Enterprises : A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2003-07-14
Han-Wu Wang A Study of Knowledge Conversion Model in Information System Development Team Information Management 2003-07-14
Ming-De Yan Integrating Knowledge Maps From Distributed Document Repositories Information Management 2003-07-14
Chieh-ju Han A System Dynamic Approach to the Study of enterprise’s financial forecast and financial diagnosis Information Management 2003-07-15
Yung-Da Chen A Study of Applying Framing Theory on Electronic Bargaining Information Management 2003-07-15
Chun-Lung Lee Fact of Disaster Recover Plan within Information Security Management System -Example as CTS Corporation Information Management 2003-07-18
Jiun-Kai Tu Personal Workflow Systems in Support of Inter-process Integration Information Management 2003-07-21
Pi-Cheng Hsu Study for Dynamics of Inventory Policy and Inventory Cost - An example of XX company Information Management 2003-07-21
Cheng-Chi Chou Mining IT Product Life Cycle from Massive Newsgroup Articles Information Management 2003-07-22
Keh-Yeu Lee A study of Vendor Managed Inventory implement in the Military Defence Industries Information Management 2003-07-22
Cheng-Hsien CHUI A Study of Issues Concerning Cross-strait Information Systems Architecture by Information Electronic Industry Information Management 2003-07-27
Chi-Chuan Yuan Neural Network Approach for Length of Hospital Stay Prediction of Burn Patients Information Management 2003-07-25
Feng-Wen An Data Prefetching in Thin-Client/Server Computing over Wide Area Network Information Management 2003-07-28
Wei-Cheng Cheng Intrusion Detection on Distributed Attacks Information Management 2003-07-29
Tsai-Yang Lan The influence of product price and complexity on online purchasing decision Information Management 2003-07-30
Kuo-Wei Chang A Study of factors Influencing Consumers’ Trust in Fortune-Telling Websites Information Management 2003-07-30
Jia-Ching Fang Network Security Analysis and Summary in Taiwan Information Management 2003-07-30
Yi-Peng Lo The Effects of Switching Cost, Trust, and Information Sharing on Supply Chains Information Management 2003-07-31
Chin-Yao Lin The Challenges and Response of A CIO In the Society of the Work Place – by thecase of ERP Implementation Information Management 2003-07-31
Chih-Peng Chen An Exploratory Study on e-Retailing Activities from a Activity Based Cost Approach Information Management 2003-08-04
Gen-Fen Chiu A Study of the Adjustment between Family and Career of Female Supervisor at the Healthcare Information Unit Information Management 2003-08-04
Yu-Ting Lai A Data Mining Approach to New Library-Book Recommendations Information Management 2003-08-11
Ching-Ju Tseng Cluster-based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Approach Information Management 2003-08-12
Pao-Feng Wu Use of Text Summarization for Supporting Event Detection Information Management 2003-08-12
Chia-Chen Wu Personalized Document Clustering: Technique Development and Empirical Evaluation Information Management 2003-08-14
Chun-Neng Huang Cluster-based Query Expansion Technique Information Management 2003-08-14
Zheng-Hong Luo The Use of Genetic Algorithms for System Dynamics Model Construction Information Management 2003-08-15
Ju-Fen Hsueh Learning ontology from Web documents for supporting Web query Information Management 2003-08-28
Tsang-Hsiang Cheng A Clustering-based Approach to Document-Category Integration Information Management 2003-09-04
Bing-wen Yu Architecture Centric Commenting on ERP System Development - Using SUNON Company as An Example Information Management 2004-01-12
Shiow-Feng Huang The Study of Critical Successful Function to Innovate Enterprise e-Learning System - Analysis by Technology Frame Information Management 2004-01-25
Juei-Hwa Huang A Study of Work Values And Career Adjustment for Female CEOs In the Information Software Industry Information Management 2004-01-30
Tse-Chih Hsia A Methodology for Designing Flexible Report for On-Line Analytical Processing Information Management 2004-01-27
Pei-jung Chang Outsourcing Employee Turnover in The Customer Service Department -- Using the Grounded Theory to Construct The Cause-Effect Model Information Management 2004-01-29
Yao-Ten huang The Study of Information Technology Service Quality and Satisfaction for Enterprize-The Case of YU Steel Company Information Management 2004-01-29
Yi-Hui Lin To explore makings to set up a Call Center in Business Information Management 2004-01-30
Yi-Chiao Wang Relationship Marketing Reseaching of life insurance in short message service software Information Management 2004-01-30
Yann-chun Lee A Study of Doctor-to-doctor and Doctor-to-patient Knowledge Sharing Practices: An Example of one Medical Center Information Management 2004-01-30
Ming-jung Wu Evolutionary Approach for Supporting Document Category Hierarchy Management Information Management 2004-02-02
Kuan-Hua Chen A Study of the Implementation of Collaborative Product Commerce System in Taiwan Information Management 2004-01-28
Ya-Chun Chiang Research on Critical Successful Factors for Software Application Development Outsourcing – Financial Industry Information Management 2004-02-05
Hung-Che Chen An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing e-Procurement Information Management 2004-02-12
Huey-Min Sun Multimedia Scheduling in Bandwidth Limited Networks Information Management 2004-04-27
Po-hsun Chang Research on KMS Evaluation-Based on Agenda Building Theory Information Management 2004-06-29
Yi-Chang Hsieh A Study Based on the Value System for the Interaction of the Multi-Tiered Supply Chain in the E-Business Trends Information Management 2004-07-01
Ching-Yu Tseng The Comparison between Vendor Managed Inventory under Collaborative Commerce and Tranditional Inventory Management Information Management 2004-07-01
Yao-chieh Yang A Study on the Affecting Factors of Organizations’ Dynamic Capabilities-Based on the KM Perspective Information Management 2004-07-01
Chun-Tsai Ho The Impact of Leadership Roles on Virtual Team's Collaborative Performance Information Management 2004-07-01
Hui-Kuang Chung Research on the innvation and change of multinational corporation's subsidiary -- A case study of EPSON Taiwan Technology & Trading LTD. Information Management 2004-07-03
Want-ting Huang Automatic Knowledge Structure Map Construction with Time-line Feature -- Using Knowledge Evolution in MIS Domain as an Example Information Management 2004-07-03
Ping-Hui Lu Automatic Essential Content Extraction from Asynchronous Discussion Boards in e-Learning Information Management 2004-07-03
Chen-Yi Wang Component-based Application Generator : A Designing Methodology for Application Construction Information Management 2004-07-05
Chuan-pi Wei Network Monitoring on Large Networks Information Management 2004-07-06
Yi-chun Liu Affecting Factors of the Abilities of Organization Entrepreneurship — Based on Social Capital Theory Information Management 2004-07-05
Jian-chih Liao Transformation from Sequence Diagram to Class Diagram Information Management 2004-07-08
Chih-Hsiung Cheng A methodology for component-based user interface modeling with UML Information Management 2004-07-12
Yu-chen Yang Using Radial Basis Function Networks to Model Multi-attribute Utility Functions Information Management 2004-07-14
Kun-Ye Lai Localization for Vulnerability Scanner Information Management 2004-07-15
Yun-pei Chen Dynamic Constructing Decision Rules from Learning Portfolio to Support Adaptive Instruction Information Management 2004-07-14
HSIU I Automatic Construction of Knowledge Source Map from Thesis Database Information Management 2004-07-19
Tze-Hao Wu An Exploration of Organizational Defense Phenomenon in Introducing an Information System Information Management 2004-07-21
Kir-ying Wu A study of KM Practices in organizations based on the views of organizational learning Information Management 2004-07-22
Hsiang-chin Chang The Development of the Exception Handling Mechanisms Based on BPEL4WS Information Management 2004-07-23
Chwen-pyng Wang A Study of Class Interactions and Group Interactions in the Web-Based Class Information Management 2004-07-23
CHENG-HSIEN CHEN The Application of Collaborative Commerce in The Steel industry --- An Example of China Steel Company's System Information Management 2004-07-24
Yen-Chieh Huang Transformations from Class Diagram to Relational Table and Application Template Information Management 2004-07-24
Yung-chien Hou The Influence of Core Technical Competencies to Compamy Transformation – An analysis of Grounded Theory Information Management 2004-07-23
Chia-Hao Chang Concepts Extraction and Change Detection from Navigated Information over the Internet Information Management 2004-07-25
Hui-chun Kuo Solving the Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem for Cooperative Supply Chains Using Multi-agent Systems Information Management 2004-07-23
Lin-Li Liao An Empirical Study on the e-CRM Performance Influence Model for Service Sectors in Taiwan Information Management 2004-07-24
Chih-Hung Peng The Impact of Knowledge Creation Activity on Organizational Performance Information Management 2004-07-26
Deng-neng Chen Knowledge Ecology: Theory Construction and Validation Information Management 2004-07-27
Ya-Ru Kuo Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process to Mobile Phone Recommendation Information Management 2004-07-26
Yu-Tsang Lai Effect of Recommendation Interface and Cognitive Styles on User Satisfaction Information Management 2004-07-26
Chia-lin Wu A Study of Collaborative Forecasting mechanism for Panel Maker In Taiwan TFT-LCD Industry Information Management 2004-07-26
Hsiu-Shan Lai Pioneer Advantage of E-business Information Management 2004-07-27
Shih-neng Wu The Evaluation of Inquiry-based Learning with Incentive Mechanisms on Peer-to-Peer Networks Information Management 2004-07-27
Chen-Mao Huang A Study on Information sharing in Marine Supply Chain : A Case Study of Container Terminal Information Management 2004-07-27
Yi-chung Pai Semantic Relationship Annotation for Knowledge Documents in Knowledge Sharing Environments Information Management 2004-07-29
Chi-hsun Chiang The Study of Dynamic Team Formation in Peer-to-Peer Networks Information Management 2004-07-27
Yu-Min Wang Developing and Validating A KMS Success Model Information Management 2004-07-29
Chin-Ming Huang Mining Mobile Group Patterns Using Trajectory Approximation Information Management 2004-07-29
Yen-Ting Lin Cross-Lingual Text Categorization Information Management 2004-07-29
Chia-Hung Tai Fuzzy Cluster-Based Query Expansion Information Management 2004-07-29
Ying-Han Liu Mining Mobile Group Patterns: A Trajectory-based Approach Information Management 2004-07-30
Chen-Wei Huang Adoption of Mobile Technology in Business Information Management 2004-07-30
Sheng-Chieh Shih Environment Setting、Execution Procedure and Interaction Model for Conducting Effective Online Office Hour Information Management 2004-08-02
Ya-ting Chuang A study of the group-buying models in the e-marketplace Information Management 2004-08-03
Wang-tzu Han Detecting Remote Attacks Information Management 2004-07-30
Yu-Li Lee A Study of Influencing Factors of Knowledge Sharing Intention of Employees in IT Organizations-A Case Study of WALTON Information Management 2004-08-02
Te-Ming Chen A Study on the Mobile Communication Market Strategies-Based on Co-opetition theory Information Management 2004-08-03
Yi-Chang Chuang The Issue of Skill Mix and the efficacy of System Development from TQM Perspective-The Case of ERP System Information Management 2004-08-03
Tse-hsiu Huang An Ontology-Based Personalized Document Clustering Approach Information Management 2004-08-05
Shih_chen Lin The impact of information sharing factors in Demand Chain A case study in stainless steel industry Information Management 2004-08-02
Jia-fang Lin A study of knowledge sharing behavior of employees: A case study of Southern Chungwa Telecom Information Management 2004-08-08
Shih-Hsiu Lin Retrieval of Line-drawing Images Based on Surrounding Text Information Management 2004-08-06
Kang-Di Ting Clustering Articles in a Literature Digital Library Based on Content and Usage Information Management 2004-08-10
Shih-Shiung Ling Empirical Evaluations of Different Strategies for Classification with Skewed Class Distribution Information Management 2004-08-09
Yung-jui Chung Target Market Prediction for New Mobile Telecommunications Products and Services: A Data Mining Approach Information Management 2004-08-11
Kao Pin Constraints and QoS Management of Personal Process Information Management 2004-08-12
Cheng-yuan Kao Detecting Backdoor Information Management 2004-08-12
Chai-wen Tsai Targeted Advertising Based on GP-association rules Information Management 2004-08-13
Cheng-Jung Wang Problems and Solutions for Conducting Online Live Instruction Information Management 2004-08-16
Chien-Chung Tseng A Study of Collaborative Project Management Information System – A Case of Engineering Company Information Management 2004-08-18
Chuen-huei Yon Applications of Data Mining on Drug Safety: Predicting Proper Dosage of Vancomycin for Patients with Renal Insufficiency and Impairment Information Management 2004-08-24
Yu-hung Su The impact of e-learning experiences on the cognition of e-enterprise Information Management 2004-08-27
Hai-Peng Li Analyzing CIOs’ Social Network with the Perspective of Social Capital Theory Information Management 2004-08-29
Jiann-Bin Chen Challenges and Solutions for Conducting Online Live Videoconferencing Activities Information Management 2004-09-01
Han-wei Hsiao Network Service Misuse Detection: A Data Mining Approach Information Management 2004-09-01
Wen-Chieh Lin A Research on Project Office Operation Model-Take the CRM Project in Electronic Company A as an Example Information Management 2004-09-03
Hao Kung The Research of Advanced Planning & Scheduling System for Solving Supply Chain Production & Sales Collaboration Problems - A Case Study of IC Substrate Plant Information Management 2004-09-06
Sung-nien Li Research of Conducting Social Welfare Information System of Kaohsiung City Government Information Management 2004-09-06
Chung-Hui Sun Marketing Strategies for e-Learning Courses Recruitment – A Case Study of NSYSU Network Security e-Learning Courses Information Management 2004-09-06
Yu-Tsung Hsu Information Security Service Industry - EverGreen International Development Co Ltd.. - Entrepreneur Case Study Information Management 2004-09-07
Kuo-an Chung A Study of Integrating Business Process and Core Competence to Improve the Competitive Advantages for the Steel Industry Information Management 2004-09-10
An-Sheng Huang Revolution or Evolution? An Analysis of E-Health Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2005-01-12
Ming-Ho Chen The Possibility of Promoting Collaboration Commerce for Steel Industry. – A Case Study of Big sized Enterprises in Taiwan Information Management 2005-01-17
Kuo-Hsin Chuang A Study of the Dumping Predictive Information Systems on Coated Steel Products – A Case Study of S Company Information Management 2005-01-24
Chen-Chieh Wu A Decision Support System for Planning and Scheduling in the cell phone LCD Panel Industry Information Management 2005-01-20
Fu-tien Wang Architectural Integrated Business Process (AIBP) Approach making use of Software Architecture Information Management 2005-01-24
Tzyh-Lih Hisa Analysis of the Implication of E-Commerce Innovation on E-Business’s Dynamic Capabilities Information Management 2005-01-29
Kuo-kai Shen A Co-opetition Model For Information System Integration Company Information Management 2005-02-02
Shi-Long Lin A Study of e-Procurement Adoption by MRO Supplier of Taiwan’s Steel Industry and It’s Impact on Supply Chain Information Management 2005-02-16
Chun-tsung Chen The Study of Innovative Behavior of R&D Personnel: The Joint Effect of Subordinate Personality Traits and Leadership Styles on Innovative Behavior Information Management 2005-02-16
Chung-Yih Sung The impact to organizational structure due to customer support model changing - Case study on International sofeware company Information Management 2005-06-27
shu_chin Lee Perception and Expectation differences in both parties of software outsourcing Information Management 2005-06-29
Juei-Lung Chien MDA:Transformation from Class Diagram to User Interface Information Management 2005-06-30
Tsang-Ming Su Application and Development of Decision Analysis and Resolution Tools for CMMI Level 3 Information Management 2005-07-01
Lien-hsin Chou A Platform of Medical Referral:IT Infrastructure and Its Applications Information Management 2005-07-01
Chen-jui Chen none Information Management 2005-06-29
Chih-hsun Chueh Performance Comparison of Online Group-Buying with Different Pricing Mechanisms from the Viewpoint of Perceived Risk Information Management 2005-07-05
Cheng-Lung Chiu The Applicability of Thin Client in Health care Industry Information Management 2005-07-05
Jui-Yuan Chiu A Study of Class Normalization Information Management 2005-07-04
Chia-Hung Cho The Research of Schedule Compression Methods In Software Development Information Management 2005-07-06
Chang-Ming Sun The Factors of Information Systems Adoption In Cable TV Enterprises Information Management 2005-07-02
Wei-An Lai The Capability Demand Research for the NEBIC theory - Based On the Exapmle: the Hospital to induct Citrix system Information Management 2005-07-03
Tzu-hsiang Lin Concept Extraction With Change Detection From Navigated Information Information Management 2005-07-07
Lu-hui Wu The research of the strategy goal and the dynamic decision-making mechanism - W Electronics Corporation for example Information Management 2005-07-04
Ying-hua Lee An Analysis of E-learning Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2005-07-13
Wen-Pin Yang A Study of the e-SCM、Information Transparency and Key Performance Indices Evaluation Model – A Case Study of SYSCO Information Management 2005-07-13
Pin-Zei Shih The Resarch of Organizational Structure Design and Knowledge Integration- with Example of MIS Department Information Management 2005-07-13
Chia-Ru Yang Denial of Service Traceback: an Ant-Based Approach Information Management 2005-07-14
Su-Chen Tsai By adopting the four phases of NEBIC Theory examine the electronic filing of individual income tax returns Information Management 2005-07-19
Yi-hua Ke Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer — A Study on Information System Development Information Management 2005-07-18
Shi-han Li A Study on the Impact of Web-based e-Procurement Concerning Buyers and Suppliers Information Management 2005-07-19
Kai-hsiang Tsai A Theoretical Framework of Information Sharing Based on Supply Chain Uncertainty:A Case Study of PCB Industry Information Management 2005-07-19
Chien-min Kuo A Review of Strategy, Process, and IT in CRM and Future Development Suggestion Information Management 2005-07-19
Chiang-chao Liu The Preliminary Study of Social Network and Self-presnetation in Blogosphere Information Management 2005-07-19
Tsung-Ming Liao Identifying groups with opposite stances using link-based categorization Information Management 2005-07-15
Yuan-Hang Yu A Study of Virtual Project Team's Knowledge Integration and Effectiveness - A Case Study of ERP Implementation Information Management 2005-07-19
Chia-Hao Liang Topic Retrospection with Storyline-based Summarization on News Reports Information Management 2005-07-18
Chen-Yuan Yang The Effect of Price Information in e-Market on Consumers’ Intentions to Join Group Buying Information Management 2005-07-19
Yung-Chih Liou The Social Analysis of Information Systems Implementation: Using an Integrated Perspective of Structuration Theory and a Logic of Opposition Information Management 2005-07-20
Ming-Wei Hsu The Effect of Pricing Strategies of Group-Buying and Competition Environment to Consumers’ Join Intention Information Management 2005-07-20
Chih-Chi Chen Mining Mobile Groups from Uncertain Location Databases Information Management 2005-07-21
Yu-ping Chou The Discovery of Calendar-Based Mobile Groups Information Management 2005-07-21
Kai-hsiang Hsu Cross-Lingual Text Categorization: A Training-corpus Translation-based Approach Information Management 2005-07-21
Yi-Chih Kao Factors of Successful and Unsuccessful e-Projects -A Case Study of a Non-Profit Education and Training Institute Information Management 2005-07-21
Mei-ling Lu A Study of Internet Venture Information Management 2005-07-20
Cyun-Chao Su The Exploration Of The Decision Adaptation Process Of The Group Company’s Information System Outsourcing -A Case Study Of The Relationship Between A Subsidiary And Spin-off Company Information Management 2005-07-21
Sheng-cheng Lin The Study on the Development and Evolution of Online Communities of Practice: An Ecological Perspective Information Management 2005-07-23
Shiu-li Huang The Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Sales-agent for Online Persuasion and Negotiation Information Management 2005-07-23
Tse-Min Lin Effect of Development Team Diversity on the Performance of Software Projects Information Management 2005-07-24
Mei-Lien Young Web-based Knowledge Management Systems as a Space for Lived Experience Sharing:A Study of Educational Community Information Management 2005-07-24
Chin-Shan Wu The study of framing and anchoring effect on Internet buyers' purchasing intention and price estimates Information Management 2005-07-25
Mo-yi Tzeng A Spam Filter Based on Rough Sets Theory Information Management 2005-07-26
Sheng-chung Wang Investment Decision Support with Dynamic Bayesian Networks Information Management 2005-07-25
Chien-Pei Chiu Framework of Ontology-based Blogroll Recommendation System Information Management 2005-07-27
Lin-Ya Chen The use of Petri Nets to Personal process modeling and verification Information Management 2005-07-27
Ya-lin Chen Lightweight Network Intrusion Detection Information Management 2005-07-26
Chung-Cheng Liu The study in Perceptions of Knowledge Transfer Channel- with the Example of e-Learning Environment Information Management 2005-07-27
Wei-ming Ma Factors Affecting Knowledge Reuse: A Framework for Study Information Management 2005-07-27
Hung-Chieh Wang Cross-Organizational Emergency Response Management by Composing Web Services with BPEL4WS Information Management 2005-07-28
Yi-Cheng Ku Factors Affecting the Purchase Intention of Recommended Products in On-line Stores Information Management 2005-07-28
Hsueh-Ching Chen An Ensemble Approach for Text Categorization with Positive and Unlabeled Examples Information Management 2005-07-29
Zhong-Chiang Tzeng Backdoor Detection based on SVM Information Management 2005-07-29
An-Yeong Sun The Research of Collaborative Product Commerce of The Taiwanese Small and Medium LCD Panel Industry Information Management 2005-07-27
Shiuan-Lung Huang Cross-Lingual Question Answering for Corpora with Question-Answer Pairs Information Management 2005-08-02
Tong-syuan Lee The Obstacles of Online Payment Services of Electronic Government in Taiwan Information Management 2005-08-02
Shin Wang Preference-Anchored Document clustering Technique for Supporting Effective Knowledge and Document Management Information Management 2005-08-03
Rong-Fuh Day The effects of display congruence and self-efficacy on multi-attribute decision making Information Management 2005-08-05
Yu Fen Factors Affecting the Employee’s Use Intention of Enterprise e-Learning Systems Information Management 2005-08-05
Hung-Che Chen Automatic Constructing of Concept Map in e-Learning Domain Information Management 2005-08-01
Chia-Ching Wang Constructing an E-mail Classifier Based on User's Preferences with Adaptive Learning Information Management 2005-07-28
Rong-te Hsiao The Impact of Knowledge Resources on Organizational Performance Information Management 2005-08-08
Shu-hui Hsieh Case Study on the Organizational Knowledge Evolution Information Management 2005-08-08
Shun-sian Guo Development and Application of Digital Audio/Video Learning Material for Traffic Pattern Training in Airforce Academy Information Management 2005-08-05
Yen-Hsien Lee An Evolution-based Approach to Support Effective Document-Category Management Information Management 2005-08-10
Chieh-Chun Huang A study of supproting and managment of flexible workflows at run-time Information Management 2005-08-11
Jia-ming Wu The research of network relationship of matrix organization within a global project - An example of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. Information Management 2005-08-11
Yueh-Chun Shih Study on the Relationship among Entrepreneurship, Learning Strategy and Performance in Mission-based Learning Information Management 2005-08-16
Shu-Chen Ma Mining Network Traffic Data for Supporting Denial of Service Attack Detection Information Management 2005-08-17
Shu-Chen Lin Investigation on use of Communication media of Retailers─for example mobile phone Information Management 2005-08-18
Jean Lai Factors that Influence IT Configuration of Taiwan Companies with Mainland Subsidiaries Information Management 2005-08-22
Jiunn-Her Lee The topic of discussing wheather outsourcing or manufactoring in factory within Business ----a case study of KYMCO Information Management 2005-08-25
Hui-Ju Wang The Impact of e-Learning Environment on Learning Outcomes-Based on SECI Model of Knowledge Creation Information Management 2005-08-23
Chin-lin Wang Customer Relationship Management as aspect of Information Sharing Applications: A Case Study of China Steel Corporation Information Management 2005-08-27
Feng-Hsien Hsu Instructional Design and Performance Evaluation for Adaptive Learning of Decimal Division on SCORM2004 Compliant LMS Information Management 2005-08-29
CHIEN-CHIH CHEN An Exploration of Defense Phenomenon in the Organization Development of Information System Project Information Management 2005-08-30
Hsien Wu Knowledge Management and Its Application to Problem Diagnostics of Consulting Firms– Case Study of A Management Consulting Company Information Management 2005-08-31
Chih-lung Hung An Exploration of Healthcare Information System Development Project Based on the Views of Organizational Defense --- A Case Study of E Hospital Information Management 2005-09-02
Chien-hung Chang Applying Knowledge Management to Requirement Analysis of Software Development Information Management 2005-09-01
Jen-Huei Peng The Inquisition of CSF on Supply Chain Management be Induced From Resource Base View in the Steel Industries-- A Case Study of China Steel Corp Information Management 2005-09-03
Hsiu-ju Yang A Study of Implementing E-commerce in the Tourist Hotels in the Post-SARS Age Information Management 2005-09-04
Wei-chung Ou From the Viewpoint of Cross-section Teamwork To Investigate the Project Management -- A Case Study of An IS Department of A Bank Information Management 2005-09-02
Ding-yuh Liou The study of factors affecting the firm's intention to adopt e-Banking service Information Management 2005-09-06
Chi-Chung Kao Exploration of negotiation outcome indicators through negotiation processes Information Management 2005-09-06
Yu-Sheng Chiang Event Episode Discovery from Document Sequences: A Temporal-based Approach Information Management 2005-09-07
Fu-chuan Shih Exploring teaching models for synchronous classroom in e-Learning Information Management 2005-09-07
Chun-Hsien Chiu Research on Application of Distance Learning in Arts Curriculum----Exemplar for Chung-Hwa School of Arts Information Management 2006-01-07
Chung-hsing Chen An Open Interface Architecture for Web-based System Administration Information Management 2006-01-10
Chao-yang Lin A Study on E-Learning Websites of Elementary and High School Textbook Publishers Information Management 2006-01-12
Jen-Way Yang Study of A Structure-Process-Integrated Enterprise Architecture Information Management 2006-01-12
Hsaio Chen Using Mining Techniques to Identify External Web Environment of Companies Information Management 2006-01-17
Jung-shuo Pai A Probability-based Approach to Web services Selection Information Management 2006-01-15
Chyou-Yan Lin Construction of the Balanced Scorecard in the Information Department: A case of hospital Information Management 2006-01-21
Hui-Lin Fan The Creation and Application of Software Testing Institution: with A Case Study of MES Application in Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment Information Management 2006-01-21
Cheng-Hsiang Hu The Data Processing Department of Vocational High School Integrated Curriculum Planning-Taking St. Paul's High School For Example Information Management 2006-01-23
Li-Hua Lin The correlative research of information technology investment, organizational innovation and organizational performance - study for financial services industry Information Management 2006-01-24
Fei-Fei Cheng Debiasing the framing effect-with examples of Internet purchasing Information Management 2006-01-23
Tsung-chieh Huang Case Study--The Entrepreneurship of Digital Content Industry Information Management 2006-02-06
Chi-liang Liu Specifying Class constraint and operation using Object Constraint Lanugage Information Management 2006-02-03
Huan-min Su The study in the strategy adoption of developing E-Commerce by retail chain store –Take the P Company as an example. Information Management 2006-02-05
Chia-min Lin Clustering Multilingual Documents: A Latent Semantic Indexing Based Approach Information Management 2006-02-09
Yu-liang Liu Design of Document-Driven Decision Support Systems Information Management 2006-02-10
Sheng-wen Hsieh Study on Adaptive Learning based on Short-term Memory Capacity in Mobile Learning Environment Information Management 2006-03-10
Shuai-fu Lin A Study of Organizational Knowledge Management Implementation Process from an Knowledge Flow Perspective Information Management 2006-03-29
Hsiao-Sheng Su Modeling PIM with UML and Patterns Information Management 2006-05-02
Po-sheng Chen Analysis of E-banking Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2006-05-12
Keng-We Hsu A MCDM Method for Selecting an e-Store Information Management 2006-05-16
Tsung-tai Lee Analysis of E-Business Innovation for Hardware Agency: A Hypercube Model Information Management 2006-06-01
Po-hsun Chen A Study of Reverse Engineering in Software Modeling Information Management 2006-05-26
Xing-Jin Wu Study on a Model of Architectural Organization Information Management 2006-06-03
Sheng-I Fang Critical Success Factors for Implementing the Information System -- A case study of the electronic communication system of State-owned Enterprise Information Management 2006-06-12
Chung-Chun Cheng Using the Technology Acceptance Model to investigate the Success Factors of e-business construction industries - A case study of L company Information Management 2006-06-12
Ta-wei Chen Study on Business Architecture Reengineering –Using T Company as a Case Study Information Management 2006-06-15
Chih-Tung Hsu A Methodology for Transformation from Sequence Diagram to Class Diagram Information Management 2006-06-15
Chung-Chyi Lee A Study on the Architecture-Oriented Process Model Information Management 2006-06-20
Yin-Yun Jhan Modeling the User Interface of Web Application with UML For MDA Transformation Information Management 2006-06-21
Chun-Chin Liu A Study of Physician-Patient Relationship Management in the Information Society Information Management 2006-07-03
Tzu-Wei Wang Study on Internal Control Applying “Viewpoints of Architecture”– Selecting L Company as a Case Study Information Management 2006-07-03
Yi-Ju Chen Study on Classroom Climate and Learning Effectiveness in Blended Learning Environment Information Management 2006-07-06
Yi-ju Hung A Study of KM Performance Based on Organizational Learning perspective Information Management 2006-07-07
Yu-ting Kao Case study of implementing PLM system based on adaptive structuration perspective Information Management 2006-07-09
Yen -chun Coordination as the impetus for information sharing in e-business supply chain Information Management 2006-07-09
Pang-Chueh Tu A study of Knowledge Transfer effects on ERP adoption Information Management 2006-07-12
Hsiu-Chi Wang A hybrid genetic algorithm for automatic test data generation Information Management 2006-07-13
Meng-Sheng Huang Factors Affecting Interaction among Traditional Classroom and Online Synchronous Classroom in Blended Learning Environment Information Management 2006-07-17
Ying-Hsiang Huang The Relationship Between Strategic Alignment of Information Systems and Performance Impact in Hospitals Information Management 2006-06-08
Tzu-Chen Lee Straight-line Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks Information Management 2006-07-17
Wang Chien-Lung Adaptive Clustering for Sensor Network Information Management 2006-07-17
Feng-ching Chou Using the NEBIC to investigate the innovation of DCS implementation - A case study of A company’s DCS. Information Management 2006-07-14
Chih-chieh Chan Automatic Web Service Selection for FSM-based composite Web Services Information Management 2006-07-20
Yen-Ming Chen Semantic-Based Approach to Supporting Opinion Summarization Information Management 2006-07-20
Wei-fan Chen A Study on the Role of Information Technology at Knowledge Transfer - A Case Study of ERP Implementation Information Management 2006-07-24
CHEN-SHENG LIN A Study of Using the Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior on the Adoption of e-Dealer Management System in Motorcycle Business Information Management 2006-07-26
Tsung-wei Cheng The Impact of Team Leadership in Virtual Environment on Team's Development and Effectiveness Information Management 2006-07-26
Bing-Huang Wu Development of a Document-based Event Ontology Construction Tool Information Management 2006-07-26
Ching-Chih Chiu A Web-Services-Based Approach to Model Management Information Management 2006-07-26
Kuan-yi Lee Development of Personalized Document Clustering Technique for Accommodating Hierarchical Categorization Preferences Information Management 2006-07-27
Kun-Han Chuang Extracting Episodic Knowledge from Documents to Support Decision Making Information Management 2006-07-27
Po-Kai Chen An Automated Method for Resource Testing Information Management 2006-07-27
ZHANG ZE The social edge teenager use pass the research immediately. Information Management 2006-07-28
Jui-Ping Wang The Study of Software Outsourcing Institute:With A Case Study of Taiwan Steel Industries Information Management 2006-07-26
Tzu-yen Hung The Use of Kalman Filter in Handling Imprecise and Missing Data for Mobile Group Mining Information Management 2006-08-01
Chung-Han Lee The Discovery of Calendar-Based Mobile Group Patterns in Spatial-Temporal Databases Information Management 2006-08-01
Yu-Shen Fang Researching the development of adolescent self-identity through Internet games: A study of twelve youths' expereince in Internet cafes Information Management 2006-07-31
Hsiu-ju Chen An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Agenda Building of Knowledge Management Project Based on the Perspectives of Institutional Pressures and Agenda Building Information Management 2006-08-02
Hsin-Chieh Huang A Content via Collaboration Approach to Text Filtering Recommender Systems Information Management 2006-08-01
Pai-Hung Hsu Empirical study on strategy for Regression Testing Information Management 2006-08-03
Ching-wen Wang The Impact of Enterprise characteristic on Resource allocation of Software project Information Management 2006-08-04
Chun-i Wu Software project Escalation and Termination study Information Management 2006-08-05
Chun-Hsing Yu The Research of Collaboration Design used in Taiwan OEM Industries' Transformation - Using A Company as a Case Study Information Management 2006-08-04
Yi-fan Liao Employing Social Networks for Recommendation in a Literature Digital Library Information Management 2006-08-04
Chiu-Yueh Chen A study of differentiation in Engineering Change –An Example of Implementation of Engineering Change in TFT-LCD Industry of Taiwan Information Management 2006-08-08
Chi-An Hsueh A Study of Information Access -- An Example of Implementation of Engineering Change in TFT-LCD Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2006-08-07
I-Lung Tsai A Study of Information Flow and Organizational Process -- An Example of Implementation of Engineering Change in TFT-LCD Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2006-08-07
Chuan-Te YEH A Study On Evaluation Of ERP Consultant Service Information Management 2006-08-09
Shan-Yu Liao Feature Translation-based Multilingual Document Clustering Technique Information Management 2006-08-08
Ya-Lin Chen Core Capabilities for Globalization of Passive Component Industry Information Management 2006-08-11
Hui-Hua Shih Poly-Lingual Text Categorization Information Management 2006-08-09
Yen-Ching OuYang How KMS Capabilities and Task Characteristics Affect Performance: A Fit-Appropriation Perspective Information Management 2006-08-10
Sheng-I Su The Information Architecture Model Supporting Global Logistics Strategy : A Case Study on the Printed Circuit Board Industry of Taiwan Information Management 2006-08-10
Kuei-sui Chou The Cognition Offset on the Online Game between Teachers and Students Information Management 2006-08-14
Jian-xun Chen The Validity Problem of Reverse Engineering Dynamic Systems Information Management 2006-08-15
Hsien-ning Pan A study of e-banking innovation with NEBIC Theory Information Management 2006-08-16
Chin-Chung Wu The Impacts of Workflow system on Organization Using Adaptive Structuration Theory Information Management 2006-08-18
Hsiao-pin Yeh Exploring the relationship between student performance and department reputation: An example of PhD programs in business and management departments Information Management 2006-08-24
Huang-Chi Lin The Effect of Time Pressure on e-Negotiation Information Management 2006-08-24
Chao-Tsung Ho The Effect of Different Incentive Mechanisms on Online Group-Buying Behavior: From the Viewpoint of Fairness Cognition Information Management 2006-08-25
Hsu-huang Hsieh Prediction of Coke Quality in Ironmaking Process: A Data Mining Approach Information Management 2006-08-28
Meng-wei Lai Modeling of Online Negotiation Decision Support - Negotiation Context Analysis Information Management 2006-08-29
Hao-hsiang Lin Preference-Anchored Document Clustering Technique: Effects of Term Relationships and Thesaurus Information Management 2006-08-30
Guo-han Tzeng Cross-Lingual Category Integration Technique Information Management 2006-08-30
Chiung-Jung Kuo Text Categorization for E-Government Applications: The Case of City Mayor’s Mailbox Information Management 2006-08-29
Pai-shung Cheng Constructing Directed Domain Knowledge Structure Map Using Association Rule - An Example of MIS Domain Information Management 2006-08-31
Wen-Hsiung Chu Prediction of Helicoper Engine Deterioration: A Data Mining Approach Information Management 2006-09-01
I-Chun Lin A research on combining the System Dynamics and Balance Scorecard to provide the electronics assemble factory strategy target to establish - The W company assembles factory for example Information Management 2006-09-02
Jun-Hour Wang Examining the relationship among learning organization characteristics, organizational innovation and organizational performance:with the financial services industry of the automobile as an example Information Management 2006-09-05
Chun-jung Tseng Using Decision Rules to Identify the Customer Features– A Case Study of Hotel Customers in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Information Management 2006-09-05
Yu-Sang Chang The Effect of e-Forums on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2006-09-06
Shih-shan Yeh none Information Management 2006-09-06
Hsieh Tsai-Wang Impact of Fitness between Learner’s Information Processing Abilities and Content’s Media Types on Learning Performance in Adaptive Learning Environment Information Management 2006-09-05
Cheng-Hung Lin The Effects of Initiator’s Trust and Perceived Risk on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2006-09-06
Ying-hsiu Chen Exploring Critical Success Factors of the K12 Digital School Information Management 2006-09-10
Li-chuan Chen The Study of Supply Chain Finance Applications –A Case Study of The Uni-President Group Information Management 2006-09-08
Bi-nien Lien Critical Factors of KMS adoption: An Empirical Study Information Management 2006-09-11
Yu-fen Chiu Anti-Spam Study: an Alliance-based Approach Information Management 2006-09-12
Kuo-chung Lee The analysis of companies applying knowledge management systems through theory of Structuration and a case study of the industrial PC industry Information Management 2006-09-14
Wen-Chuan Hsieh Analyzing MOD Service Implementation with NEBIC Theory: A Study of Chunghwa Telecom Case Information Management 2007-01-17
Shu-ling Chiu The effects of Relation Models on Knowledge Sharing among Members in the group--An Empirical Study of IS Project Team. Information Management 2007-01-14
Yi-Hua Huang A system dynamics study of flexible manpower allocation in regular and assignment employees in enterprises Information Management 2007-01-19
Chia-san Chang Study on Architecture-Oriented Project Management Information Management 2007-01-23
Wen-Sheng Chung Managed the research of the probing CRM's role with current mass retailers' membership programs --Take A Company as an example Information Management 2007-01-21
Chun-huei Chiu Study on a Business Architecture Management Software Information Management 2007-01-20
Hsiao-chun Huang Factors Affecting the Adoption of Mobile Technology —the Fit-Viability Perspective Information Management 2007-01-21
Yu-Tse Liu Study on a Architecture_Oriented System Analysis Methodology Information Management 2007-01-24
Wen-ming Chang Study of Architecture-Oriented Production/Marketing Management Information Management 2007-01-22
Shu-Chen Chen A Study Of CMMI ML 2 Implementation Methodology for Software Organization Information Management 2007-01-22
Shih-Hsiung Chen Study on a Architecture-Oriented Business Intelligence Software Information Management 2007-01-22
Ya-Wen Liu Research On The Relationship Among The Information System Using And Individual Performance Form The Task Technology Fit : A Case On The Implementation of ERP System As An Example Information Management 2007-02-09
Chi-yao Peng The Study of Knowledge Management Model for Software Organization-- Using a Domestic Company as an Example Information Management 2007-02-13
Lee-Lee Chang Self-Organization in a Collaborative Knowledge Network: A Case Study of OOPS Information Management 2007-02-13
Shu-Chun Ho A Growth Theory Perspective on the Cross-Country E-Commerce Development Information Management 2007-02-13
Hsiao-Wen Liu Summary-based document categorization with LSI Information Management 2007-02-14
Shin-shing Shin A Methodology and DSS for ERP Misfit Analysis Information Management 2007-05-27
Jong-Luen Kang Study of a Distribution ERP Architect Model Information Management 2007-06-06
Chien-nan Yen Study of Business Strategy Architecture-Oriented Integrated Model Information Management 2007-06-07
Fu-shiau Li Study on an Architecture-Oriented Software Testing Management Model Information Management 2007-06-07
TE-SHAN LAN Study on synchronization-oriented vendor managed inventory in dynamic supply chain – The case of Fasteners industry in Taiwan Information Management 2007-06-19
Chia-Hao Chen A Methodology for Class Normalization Analysis and Refinement Information Management 2007-06-21
Liang-Cheng Chang Intellectual Capital Indicator Construction and System Dynamics Analysis for High Technology Industry---In the Case of IC Desgin Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2007-06-21
Chih-Hung Lee Study of an Architecture-Oriented Database Warehousing Information Management 2007-06-23
Hsiu-Chia Ko A Study of Self-Disclosure, Social Capital, and Subjective Well-Being in the Blogosphere Information Management 2007-06-26
Hsin-jung Chen System Dynamics Oriented Strategy Management - A Case Study of C Coffee Chain Store Information Management 2007-06-26
KuongCheong Ieong The empirical study of applying Technical Analysis on DJI, HSI and Taiwan Stock Market Information Management 2007-06-20
Li-Chun Huang A Positive Psychology Approach to Modeling Adolescent Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games Information Management 2007-06-27
Shih-wei Lin Factors of Knowledge Transfer in ERP Implementation Information Management 2007-06-29
Chao-chun Yang The Research of Rapid Logistics Strategy througth Mobility Implementation - An Example of Steel Company's Shipping System Information Management 2007-06-29
Fan-chuan Tseng Integrating Self-efficacy, Outcome Expectancy, and social Capital in the Theorization of Knowledge sharing in Internet-based Knowledge Communities Information Management 2007-06-28
Jyun-Yuan Wang A MCDM Method for Selecting an ERP Consultant Company and Consultant Information Management 2007-07-03
Ying-tsuen Chen Analysis of U-Commerce Business Value using a Value Shop Model Information Management 2007-07-01
Chih-Mei Wu A study on the CMMI tailoring process: the case of risk management Information Management 2007-07-08
Hung-yang Lin A Probability-based Framework for Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Grid Environment Information Management 2007-07-07
Yung-chia Huang Route Assignment for Distributed Leased Lines in Mobile Cellular Network Information Management 2007-07-09
Chun-Chieh Chang Enhancing Use Case Description with Robustness Analysis Information Management 2007-07-10
Chen-Feng Sun A System Dynamics Approach to Card Slave Crisis Information Management 2007-07-06
Ching-Sung Chen Study of an Architecture-Oriented B2B e-Marketplace Information Management 2007-07-11
Chih-Chen Chiu A Methodology for PIM Modeling Information Management 2007-07-11
Cheng-Hung Chen The Study of Dynamic Web Service Selection Based on Reliability Information Management 2007-07-11
An-chih Tseng Research on the e-Business Model of Ports Operations: A Case Study of Kaohsiung Port Information Management 2007-07-11
Hong-en Chen Analysis of Value Shop Innovation and Business Core Capabilities using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2007-07-08
Chin-Sheng Yang Personalized and Context-aware Document Clustering Information Management 2007-07-15
Kun-Ju Wu A Case Study on the User Satisfaction in Knowledge Management System with MES Domain in Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment Information Management 2007-07-13
Chia-hao Liang A case study of the analyze of dynamic salary strategy in vehicle industry Information Management 2007-07-14
Cheng-Pang Tsai Research for presetting construction of EAI system in Telecommunication industry-A case study of A company Information Management 2007-07-14
Yung Guei The Effects of 3G Mobile Operator Dynamic Decision on Subscribers Diffusion in Taiwan Information Management 2007-07-13
Yung-Yuan Chen Factors Affecting the Adoption of a Mobile Replenishment System: The case of Uni-President Vender Information Management 2007-07-16
Nai-Chin Chen A case study on the relationship of business transformation and information technology Information Management 2007-07-15
Chun-tai Lu Exploring the Knowledge Sharing Intention of Business Employees with Relations Model Theory Information Management 2007-07-16
Pin-yu Liu Using Resampling to Optimizing Continuous Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks Information Management 2007-07-17
Ming-jiuan Hsieh Backlight module industry electronic supply chain management model -- A case study of a company Information Management 2007-07-17
Shih-yu Ou Exploration of IT department executing Total Quality Management–Based on the Car Company Information Management 2007-07-17
Chiung-Wen Hsu Applying the Eye-Tracking Approach to the Study of Information Attention and Decision Bias Information Management 2007-07-18
Chien-Chih Huang Misfits Analysis of ERP Implementation: A Case Study of H Company Information Management 2007-07-18
Yu-chen Chuang Effects of Prior Knowledge on Cooperative Learning Outcome. Information Management 2007-07-19
Fu-cheng Tsai Analysis of Electronic Payment System Implementation for Bank Innovation with NEBIC Theory Information Management 2007-07-19
Kun-Ta Hsieh Specifying Design Patterns with Object Constraint Language Information Management 2007-07-19
Chun-Po Yin A Speech Act Analysis of Organizational Defensive Routines by Information System Professionals Information Management 2007-07-19
Yi-cheng Yang Constructing Event Ontology and Episodic Knowledge from Document Information Management 2007-07-20
Yu-Chin Lin A Study of Project Leader Communication and Project Success by Using The Theory of Communication Action -In the case of A Semi-Conductor MIS Department Information Management 2007-07-17
Kung-Ting Wu Effects of high level prompts and peer assessment on learner reflection in a web-based learning environment Information Management 2007-07-23
Jei-Chen Chang Modeling Software with UML-A Case Study of Personnel Leave System Information Management 2007-07-23
Leng-yau Cheng Automatic test data generation by particle swarm optimization Information Management 2007-07-23
Chih-Hung Huang Detecting Java Memory Leak by Time Series Analysis Information Management 2007-07-23
Chang-ming Hsu A Test Data Evolution Strategy under Program Changes Information Management 2007-07-23
Tsung-Han Tsai A New Combinatorial Strategy to Black-box Testing with Constraints Information Management 2007-07-23
Kuei-Jung Chang The Effect of Switching Costs and Website Quality on Switching Behavior--A Case of On-line Auction Information Management 2007-07-24
Chun-i Tsai Key Paper Expert System Using Citation Analysis Information Management 2007-07-26
Chien-Ming Lee Discovering Moving Clusters from Spatial-Temporal Databases Information Management 2007-07-28
Chia-Hsien Chu Impacts of Information Presentation Styles on Information Reuse Information Management 2007-07-29
Shin-Hung Chen Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Behavior in the Knowledge Management System. Information Management 2007-07-30
Yuan-chi Yang An Extension to the Composite Rule Induction System Information Management 2007-07-30
Chiang Kuen-Lang An Application of Decision Support System of Developers for Land Development. Information Management 2007-07-30
Chih-Jon Zeng Semantic Matching for Model Integration: A Web Service Approach Information Management 2007-07-31
Yu-Ling Ling The Impact of Use Situation on the Acceptance of Mobile Value-added Services Information Management 2007-07-31
Chih-Chang Yang Value Matrix : An Application of Goal-Driven Methodology for Business Portal Development Information Management 2007-07-31
Chang-Yu Li Association rules for exploit code analysis to prevent Buffer Overflow Information Management 2007-08-01
Wei-Cheng Liu Applying Resource Usage Analysis to Software Testing Information Management 2007-08-02
Chun-yi Wu The comparison of item-based and trust-based CF in sparsity problems Information Management 2007-08-02
Po-Jen Hsiao The comparison of search performance in acquaintance networks and trust networks Information Management 2007-08-02
Pao-Cheh Huang The Research of Outsourcing with Participating Development on Process Control Information System - A Case Study of China Steel Corporation Information Management 2007-08-06
Wen-wei Kung The Study of Knowledge sourcing behavior:People-to-People vs. Peopel-tp-Published Information Management 2007-08-08
Shyh-ming Lin Mobile Activity Coordination through Integrating Physical and Simulated Software Agents Information Management 2007-08-13
Ming-Hsien Lin A study of Collaborative Maintenance Management System for triple player- as to Power system in Taiwan Information Management 2007-08-15
Chin-yuan Huang The Software Outsourcing Conflict - A study based on the Frame Theory Information Management 2007-08-20
Yu-Chu Wu Differences between Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Negotiation-Exploring of Feedback Immediacy Information Management 2007-08-21
Shih-Fen Lin Malicious DHTML Detection by Model-based Reasoning Information Management 2007-08-21
I-ju Chan none Information Management 2007-08-23
Chih-feng Hsu Analysis of IT and Business Model Innovation for Chemical Industry Business Globalization using a Hypercube Model - A Case Study Information Management 2007-08-24
Kuo-chan Chiu Explorations in the Effect of Emoticon on Negotiation Process from the Aspect of Communication Information Management 2007-08-27
Chun-Cheng Lin Blended Synchronous Learning Models in Web-based Learning Environment Information Management 2007-08-27
Pauline Lin The impacts of language familiarity on e-negotiation strategies Information Management 2007-08-28
Hung-ta Chou The Effect of Supporting Text-Based Synchronous e-Negotiation with Emoticons Information Management 2007-08-27
Wei-yu Lai Information Exchange Mechanism Based on Reputation in Mobile P2P Networks Information Management 2007-09-06
Chun-ting Li The Effects to Consumers' Join Intention of On-Line Group-Buying Information Management 2007-09-11
Yung- Lu Hsieh Research on Innovative Business Model-Take Example of GJ Restaurant in China Information Management 2007-09-21
Li-An Yuan A hybrid approach to automatic text summarization Information Management 2007-10-18
Tien-Lung Yang Study on Architecture-Oriented Production Equipment Management Information Management 2008-01-13
Lu Chi-Tse Study on Architecture-Oriented Customer Relationship Management Model Information Management 2008-01-14
Tser-Shyan Liu Study on Architecture-Oriented Business Intelligence system with Balanced Scorecard Information Management 2008-01-15
Hsin-Wei Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Network Management Model Information Management 2008-01-16
Chao-Fu Yu The Recommendation Effect of Personalized eDM :Intimacy as Mediator Information Management 2008-01-16
Cheng-Yih Kuo Study on Architecture-Oriented Finance Management ERP Information Management 2008-01-21
kuei-ju Lin An Empirical Investigation of Message Pass-along Behavior Intention: From the Perspectives of Social Cognitive Theory and Social Capital Theory Information Management 2008-01-18
Chih-yang Chao Global-fit Clustering for Sensor Network Information Management 2008-01-30
Ching-Chun Meng A Decision Support System of Bunker Oil Supply in Bulk Carriers Shipping Information Management 2008-02-12
Tien-Wen Hung none Information Management 2008-02-01
Ya-Hui Chou Marketing Strategy of Online Shop - A Case Study of Woman Clothing & Accessories in Taiwan. Information Management 2008-02-03
Yu-Yuan Lin A System Dynamic Approach to Digitalization Cable Television Marketing Strategy in Taiwan Information Management 2008-02-11
Li-Pen Chang Tourism Website In Taiwan: The Multiple Case Studies Information Management 2008-02-04
Hsiu-Chu Wu Developing Quality Scale for Synchronous Web-based Instruction Information Management 2008-02-14
Jhih-Cheng Huang Applying e-Learning for Martial Arts Teaching using Action Research Approach Information Management 2008-02-15
Yu-lin Chang Explore the connecting blog to the non-profit organization by utilizing internet network influence.-We use Children Are Us Foundation as an example. Information Management 2008-06-08
Pao-Tien Chen A Study of Information Security for Computerized Process Control Information Management 2008-06-12
Chih-Chien Wang Study on Architecture-Oriented Analysis-model of Business Intelligence Systems’ Requirement Information Management 2008-06-14
Minn-horng Horng Study on Steel-plant Manufacturing Execution System Information Management 2008-06-10
Yi-Cheng Chen Business Technology Management Capability and Its Impacts on CIO Role Performance Information Management 2008-06-20
Yu-Ling Shieh Study on Architecture Electronic Medical Record Admission System Information Management 2008-06-21
Li-fang Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Procurement management Information Management 2008-06-23
Chun-Chang Kuo A Security Solution for Next Generation Mobile Telecommunication Networks Information Management 2008-06-22
Chien-Fu Chen Exploring The Implementation of Dynamic Inventory System on the internal controls - Selecting A company of 3C Hypermarket as a Case Study Information Management 2008-06-20
Shih-fu Lan The motivation of members joining collaborative software project and collaborative mechanism research-for ZK open source project Information Management 2008-06-24
Chia-yi Liu A Study of Software Piracy through the Lens of the Self-Sanction and Creative Experience Information Management 2008-06-25
Shen-yi Hsu The Impact of Culture on Dyadic E-negotiation Strategy Information Management 2008-07-01
Che-Chun Teng The Impact of Language Usage on E-negotiation Behavior: Native Language vs. Non-native Language Information Management 2008-07-01
Ming-lung Chang The research of information completeness and credibility in online auction environment Information Management 2008-06-30
Chin-i Sun Study on Architecture-Oriented Steel Structure Material Scheduling Model Information Management 2008-07-04
Chu-yin Chen The Impact of Gender Difference on Dyadic E-Negotiation Behavior Information Management 2008-07-05
Hsing-ju Ju Online stockbrokerage business management development Information Management 2008-06-08
Yi-mou Chen Business Models Information Management 2008-07-10
Kuo Tung A Study of Online Group-Buying Behavior: Participation Externality Effect and Price-Drop Effect Information Management 2008-07-10
Ming-te Tsai A study of business strategies for communication services industry in the time of digital convergence Information Management 2008-07-11
Sheng-hsien Chen Improving Business Logic Expression with OCL and CASE Tool Information Management 2008-07-16
Yi-cheng Chen Model Testing: A Methodology for Test-Paths Construction Information Management 2008-07-17
Ling-hsin Hsu An Ingetrated Method for Model-Based Testing Information Management 2008-07-17
Yu-Ming Chang The Value creation and The Operation model of Mobile Network Operator Information Management 2008-07-20
Tzu-Yi Lin Organizational Culture, Knowledge Circulation Processes, and Job Performance Information Management 2008-07-20
Hsiu-wei Kang Mobile Network Operator Marketing Strategy – The Comparison of 3G and WiMAX operational Model Information Management 2008-07-20
Hsien-chi Hsiao Performance Analysis of management platform for third-party equipment maintenance– an empirical study of garage in Taiwan Information Management 2008-07-21
Ho-huang Tsai An Empirical Analysis of The Factors of Online Game Stickiness Information Management 2008-07-21
Chuan Yin Enforcing Access Control of Web Services Based Workflows Information Management 2008-07-22
Wen-kai Hu Studying the Influence of Attachment Style on Blogger’s Self-Disclosure Information Management 2008-07-21
Wei-sheng Chen GroupNet System Design for Supporting Ubiquitous Learning Information Management 2008-07-21
Lu-shih Hsieh Discovering Discussion Activity Flows in an On-line Forum Using Data Mining Techniques Information Management 2008-07-22
Chia-Ju Lu Item-level Trust-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Recommender Systems Information Management 2008-07-23
Shih-Yung Li A Probability-based Framework for Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Data-Intensive Grid Environment Information Management 2008-07-23
Yao-chung Wang The Effect of Technology Compatibility on the Use of KMS Information Management 2008-07-23
Chin-mei Li A Study on the Implementation of Balanced Scorecard In Hospitals with system dynamics Information Management 2008-07-24
Cheng-Liang Liang Design and implemention of an ePortfolio management system using Web2.0 services Information Management 2008-07-21
Yu-chin Huang Combining Social Networks and Content for Recommendation in a Literature Digital Library Information Management 2008-07-24
Ji-Jia Wang A Study of Web 2.0 Innovations for Government Services Online Information Management 2008-07-23
Chang-mou Lee Applying Data Mining Techniques to the Prediction of Marine Smuggling Behaviors Information Management 2008-07-26
Ming-yu Lee Evaluation of Event Episode Analysis System Information Management 2008-07-26
Chun-Wei Lu Alignment among Governance Environment,Organization,IT Governance, IT Use and IT Performance Information Management 2008-07-25
Che-Yen Liu Influence of Sub-Brand’s Attitudinal Loyalty toward Mother Brand’s-A Case Study of Youth Using iPod Information Management 2008-07-28
Lung-Shian Chen Employing Trust Network for Recommendation in e-Commerce Information Management 2008-07-28
Chi-hsien Yang Attribute Interaction Effects in Rule Induction Information Management 2008-07-28
Jo-Peng Tsai Application of AHP Decision-Making Method for Selecting a 4-axis Machining Center: A Case Study in Mold and Die Industry Information Management 2008-07-26
Jui-lin Tu Internet Addiction Disorder of Adolescents:A System Dynamics Approach Information Management 2008-07-29
Sih-ying Chen Reducing groupthink problem using activity control in mobile collaborative learning environments Information Management 2008-07-28
Yao-Tsung Huang the Competence of Non-IT Background Project Manager Leading IT Project Information Management 2008-07-30
Siang-Jhih Liao Design and Implementation of a Transportable Digital Learning Center Information Management 2008-07-29
Chien-yu Wang Patent Application Process Modelling -A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2008-07-30
Ruei-shian Hu Information Security Risk Assessment Model – A Case Study of a Semiconductor Assembly Company Information Management 2008-07-30
Hsin-ju Liu Developing Criteria for Evaluating Online International Team Teaching Courses Information Management 2008-07-30
Kuan-ting Kuo Knowledge Distribution, Knowledge Interaction and Firm Performance Information Management 2008-07-31
Chia-Hsuan Fang Effect of Software Project Team Quality on Project Performance Information Management 2008-08-01
Li-Ching Huang The Study of Classification of OCL Expressions in Class Diagram Information Management 2008-08-01
Pei-min Kuan COTS System Implementation: Diagnosis Decision of The Misfit Analysis Information Management 2008-08-02
Ho - i A Longitudinal Study of Hedonic Web adoption based on the Technology Acceptance Model Information Management 2008-08-04
Kuan-hung Liu A Study of System Dynamics in Customer Satisfaction and Word-of-Mouth Cognitive Difference - A Case of Cable Modem Service Information Management 2008-08-04
Mao Jui Exploring factors affecting social presence in a synchronous cyber classroom Information Management 2008-08-06
Yu-Hao Shu TOC Based Research on the FPC Industry's Improvement through ATP/CTP Production and Marketing Mechanism Information Management 2008-08-06
Chih-Chin Yang A Spam Filter Based on Reinforcement and Collaboration Information Management 2008-08-07
Jung-Kai Tsao Knowledge Sharing Application with Microsoft Enterprise Information Portal - A Case Study of Chemical Industry Information Management 2008-08-08
Shian-yang Shiu Factors Affecting Operation of the Curb-Side Parking Information System-The case of Transportation Bureau in Kaohsiung City Information Management 2008-08-10
Cheng-lin Tsao Using DOE technology to Improve the Expert System for the Injection Molding Information Management 2008-08-12
Pei-Tzu Tsung The Implementation PLM of Semiconductor Assembly Industry – An Example of A Company Information Management 2008-08-13
Chung-Yuan Wang Evaluating Suitability of ERP System: A Case Study of Golf Manufacturers -A Company Information Management 2008-08-11
Wen-yu Chen Case Studies of BPM’s Implementation Success Information Management 2008-08-15
Wen-hui Hsu The effects of 3G strategies on the willingness of customer using MNP service Information Management 2008-08-15
Yu-Ping Lin Use Genetic Algorithms to Construct Mutual Fund Portfolio Based on Perceived Risk Levels Information Management 2008-08-25
Chao-shoung Wei none Information Management 2008-08-22
Chin-hao Huang The Influence of Personal Value on Blog Future Usage Intention Information Management 2008-08-25
Chi-chao Wang Prototype Research to Improve Online Medical Literature Search Interface Information Management 2008-08-22
Shin-wei Huang The Empirical Study of Trend Following Program Trading on Taiwan Stock Market Information Management 2008-08-27
Chih-Ming Ke The Research of Information Management Key Issues in Taiwan's Enterprises Information Management 2008-08-26
Meng-Xiang Lin A Programming Learning System for Individuals Information Management 2008-08-27
Meng-Yu Tsai The effect of online feedback mechanisms on online group-buying behavior Information Management 2008-08-27
Wan-Lung Hu American Enterprise Promoted E-Business in China Information Management 2008-08-31
Yi-wun Lu Internet Innovation Diffusion Information Management 2008-09-09
Wen-Chien Cheng Local Culture Web on Preservation and Reuse for Native Cultural Property ——Case study by Taiwan Caogong Canal Web Information Management 2008-09-18
Ting-li Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Hot Strip Mill Statistical Process Computer Model Information Management 2009-01-05
Dyi-min Luo Study on Architecture-Oriented Human Resource Management Model Information Management 2009-01-05
Chia-wei Lee Study on Architecture-Oriented Analysis-Model of military Maintenance Parts Inventory Control System's Integrated Requirement Information Management 2009-01-06
Chiang-nan Tsai Study on Architecture-Oriented Information Security Management Model Information Management 2009-01-07
Cecilia I. C. Lin The Promise and the Reality: A Postcolonial Analysis of Aboriginal ICT Deployment in Taiwan Information Management 2009-01-17
Chien-chih Huang A Study of Knowledge Withholding Intentions in Software Development Teams: The Role of Contextual Factors and Personal Cognitions Information Management 2009-01-17
Heng-Tsung Yu A Study on Relationship between Metropolitan Population and Airport Yearly Enplanement-Based on the Airports in the Mainland of the United States Information Management 2009-01-19
Kuan-hsien Chen Using Text mining Techniques for automatically classifying Public Opinion Documents Information Management 2009-01-19
Chun-Yu Chen none Information Management 2009-01-20
Chi-ping Teng Study on Architecture Optical Micro-structure Project Management Model Information Management 2009-01-20
Pai-ta Hsieh The study of Completeness and Credibility of Health Information on the World Wide Web Information Management 2009-02-05
Shih-hua Yan Selecting Web Services by Problem Similarity Information Management 2009-02-11
Shih-chiang Lin An Group-Buying Message Distribution Rate Research in Mobile P2P Network Environment Information Management 2009-02-12
Wan-yi Tsai Malicious Web Page Detection Based on Anomaly Behavior Information Management 2009-02-04
Jun-jie Liu A Effect of Time to Group-Buying in Mobile P2P Network Environment Information Management 2009-02-13
Ya-Wen Lan Study on Architecture-Oriented WiMAX Billing Model Information Management 2009-02-16
Mei-chun Wu The influence of display change on sequential visual decision making tasks: Evidence from eye movements Information Management 2009-06-10
Yung-tsung Hou The Worst-case and Best-case Coverage Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks Information Management 2009-06-10
Hao-yun Kao E-Health Readiness and Its Influences on E-Health Transformation Success: A Change Perspective Information Management 2009-06-15
Hsien-hui Chou Study on Architecture-Oriented Court Affairs Management Model Information Management 2009-06-16
Da-Jin Gao Study on Architecture-Oriented Transmission line and Substation Affairs Management Model Information Management 2009-06-21
Mao-feng Hung Study on Architecture-Oriented Project Risk Management Model Information Management 2009-06-23
Bo-ham Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturing System Model Information Management 2009-06-25
Heng-Fu Lee Explore of Open Source Business Model:A Case Study of Potix Corporation Information Management 2009-07-07
Pei-rong Yan Examing the Antecedents of Online Disinhibition - the Roles of Internet Attributes and Psychological Factors Information Management 2009-07-01
Hui-li Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Enterprise Resource Management Model Information Management 2009-06-27
Hsing-ya Chang The impact of Transaction and Partnership Characteristics on Interorganization System Integration in Manufacturer-supplier Dyads Information Management 2009-07-02
Yu-chih Hsiao Study on Architecture-Oriented Human Resource Development System Model Information Management 2009-06-26
Hsiao-his Kuo The Marketing Management of Online Bookstores: A Case Study of Books Information Management 2009-07-07
Ting-wei Liang Causal analysis and resolution for software development problems Information Management 2009-07-04
Chia-chi Liu Effects of Adaptive Reflection Teaching Strategies on Learners’ Reflection Levels in a Web-based Learning Environment Information Management 2009-07-10
I-chun Hung Developing Ubiquitous Learning System with Robot for Children's Learning Information Management 2009-07-10
Wan-yu Yang Analyzing The System Usage of ERP system From Multilevel Perspective Information Management 2009-07-02
Yu-Yi Wu E-Health Capability Development: An Organizational Perspective Information Management 2009-07-12
Hsiao-wei Li User attitude towards purchasing mobile service Information Management 2009-07-12
Yi-ju Juan The Research about the Implementation of RFID and WSN in Service innovation Information Management 2009-07-13
Ying-ju Chen Automatic Construction of Integrated Testing Model from PIM: Methodology and Prototype Information Management 2009-07-17
Ming-Jian Su A Study on Multi-objective Section Steel Cutting Plan Using Meta-Heuristic Approaches Information Management 2009-07-27
Hung-i Ke A multi-agent-based distributed computing environment for bioinformatics applications Information Management 2009-07-27
Shao-Chuan Huang Network Security Planning for New Generation Network Service Providers Information Management 2009-07-25
Hung-Wen Chen Model Testing: Automatic Generation of Test Case Information Management 2009-07-27
Gu-Hsin Lai An Adaptive Server-Side Anti-Spam System Information Management 2009-07-27
Chi-Hsiu Chung Achieving Imitation-Based Learning for a Humanoid Robot by Evolutionary Computation Information Management 2009-07-29
Tsung-Yo Shih A framework of statistical process control for software development Information Management 2009-08-03
Yun-lun Tsai The Affecting Factors of Knowledge Integration - Based on Similarity-Attraction Theory Information Management 2009-08-04
Chieh-Kuan Lee The Impact Factors on Enterprise 2.0 Adoption: Based on Value-based Adoption Model Information Management 2009-08-03
Cheng-lun Huang An Extended ERP Implementation Methodology Information Management 2009-08-04
Chia-hua Hu The Impact of Gender Difference on Response Strategy in E-Negotiation Information Management 2009-08-05
Yi-ling Chen IRC-Based Botnet Detection on IRC Server Information Management 2009-08-06
Sua-hua Chuang Discussing the Mathematics theorem of System Dynamic by the transition between MM and SDM to help validating model Information Management 2009-08-06
Wen-Chin Liu MDA : A Methodology For Web-based UI Transformation Information Management 2009-08-08
Hsin-Chung Kao The analysis of structural behavior of System Dynamics using mathematical approach Information Management 2009-08-10
Shu-chen Kuo The Study of Dynamic System Guidance on Balanced Scorecard of S Hi-Tech Company Information Management 2009-08-10
Ling-chao Weng On Recommending Tourist Attractions in a Mobile P2P Environment Information Management 2009-08-11
Yun-Chih Chen On Specifying and Enforcing Access Control of Web Services Based Workflows Information Management 2009-08-11
Wen-Po Liao Choreographing Web Services in Support of Reliable Composite Web Service Execution Information Management 2009-08-11
Yi-huei Li Exploration of Online Group-buying Models Information Management 2009-08-12
Che Kuo-Li Personalized Tag-based Collaborative Filtering & Context-Aware Recommendation for Multimedia Information Management 2009-08-16
Hong-kwang Dai The cost minimization of steel material profolio using dynamic programming Information Management 2009-08-18
Chao-yuan Sheng Research: System dynamics strengthening decision-making ability of enterprise resource planning system –as the example of ERP of production management module. Information Management 2009-08-18
Kuang-Lin Ko Study on MOBILE01 Website 3C Products “Open Box Experience” Sharing Phenomenon Information Management 2009-08-20
Chun-Chieh Hung Verifying Web Application Vulnerabilities by Model Checking Information Management 2009-08-20
Cheng-Hsuan Li A Flexible Combinatorial Strategy based on Constraint Statisfaction Problem Information Management 2009-08-23
Yun-han Qiu Attribute Interaction Effects in the Composite Rule Induction System: An Extended Study Information Management 2009-08-25
Pei-Yin Huang A Meta Analysis of Technology Adoption Intention Models Information Management 2009-08-25
Shang-Wen Cheng Teaching Programming Patterns in an Introductory Programming Course Information Management 2009-08-26
Li-Chu Yu Dynamic of Capital Expenditure for Finance Plan Information Management 2009-08-26
I-Ching Hsu A Study on the Implementation of collaborative mechanism for strategy goal In Enterprise with system dynamics Information Management 2009-08-28
Yuan-Tai Cheng Applying Model Checking to Software Resource Testing Information Management 2009-08-31
Ming-Yi Wu A Security Solution on Availability for Next Generation Telecommunication Networks Management Information Systems Information Management 2009-09-04
Ping-Te Wu The Research on Factory Building and Information System Implementation in Mainland China by Taiwan Stainless Steel Industry Information Management 2009-09-06
Chia-Wei Kuo A Systems Thinking investigation of development of Subprime Crisis Information Management 2009-09-07
Yu-Chou Tsai Web-based Botnet Detection Based on Flow Information Information Management 2009-09-08
Chung-Cheng Lin A Study of Imprecise Requirement Software Outsourcing Project - A Case Study of Semiconductor Foundry MES Project Information Management 2009-09-08
Chia-Li Chen A Study of IT Specialists Dispatching and Outsourcing in IT Department - A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2009-09-08
Yu-Chun Lin Online Group-Buying Join Intention in Virtual Community Information Management 2009-09-09
Li-yu Hung The Research of “Integration between Information Technology and Education” To Develop the Minds for Kids and Young People Information Management 2009-09-09
Chiou-Mei Chen Understanding the Roles of Expertise Integration and Problem-Solving Competency in the IS Development Team: An Expertise Perspective Information Management 2009-09-09
Chu-Hung Lin The Bidding Strategy of Two-people English Online Auction Information Management 2010-01-18
Yi-Wen Liao Investigating the Impact of Corporate IT Investment Strategy on Business Performance Using an Intellectual Capital Framework Information Management 2010-01-20
Yu-shan Huang Top Manager's New IT Championing Behavior, Exam the Roles of Personality, Ability and Belief. Information Management 2010-01-28
Wei-chih Chang A Research of Internet Usage and Intelligence Property Information Management 2010-01-28
Ming-yuan Chen Study on Service-Oriented Cable TV Customer Business Management Model Information Management 2010-01-28
Yu-mei Su Study on Service-Oriented Architects Association Website Model Information Management 2010-01-27
Ming-Han Li A Study of Internet Privacy Invasion in PTT Information Management 2010-02-03
Chun-Wang Wei A Model for Social Presence in an Online Classroom Information Management 2010-03-18
Chun-mao Chu A Knowledge-based Approach for Business Process Analysis Information Management 2010-03-29
Chun-Pang Chen The Research of Computer Software and Patent System Information Management 2010-05-17
Chen-fa Lee The Acceptance Investigation of Production Management Application with RFID Information Management 2010-06-03
Chun-Yuan Liu A Study of Software Design Improvement Information Management 2010-06-13
Hui-Rong Chen Study on Service-Oriented Medical Business Management Model Information Management 2010-06-19
Chun-Liang Liu Study on Service-Oriented Medical Quality Management Model Information Management 2010-06-21
Bih-Jing Liang Study on Architecture-Oriented Supply Chain Information Sharing Management Model Information Management 2010-06-26
Jui-lin Hung A Study of Log Patternization for Linux-based Systems Information Management 2010-06-30
Chang-hsing Chou Study on Service-Oriented Manufacturing Resources Planning Management Model Information Management 2010-07-01
Yi-hsin Chang The Importance of e-Convenience in Modern Day e-Commerce Information Management 2010-07-03
Chun-Hui Lee A Study of Information Technology Investment Evaluation with Business Value Index Information Management 2010-07-06
Chien-hung Lin A Comparison between Structured and Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Development: Modeling Tools and Artifact Information Management 2010-07-07
Ching-chih Lin Examining Investment-Cash Flow and Operating Cash Flow from the View of System Dynamics to study the Investment Strategy of Taiwan’s DRAM Information Management 2010-07-08
Jo-Chan Liu MDA transformation: A case study of embedded systems Information Management 2010-07-13
Meng-chun Tsai The Impact Factors of Subscribing 3G Services: Based on Purchase Intention Model and Characteristics of 3G Services Information Management 2010-07-15
Pei-kang Wu The Study of Critical Success Factors of Initiating the Supply Chain Management System Information Management 2010-07-15
Chiao-Fang Lo Understanding the Role of Knowledge Integration Between Users and Developers in ISD Project: An Intellectual Capital Perspective Information Management 2010-07-19
Yi-ching Chou A Study of IPTV Continuing Using Behavior – Integrating Value-based Adoption Model and Expectation-Confirmation Model Information Management 2010-07-20
Ju-han Tsai Examine the Synergy Effect of Motivation, Morality, Deterrence, and Social Learning Perspectives to Intention of Computer Hacking -The Moderation Role of Severity Level Information Management 2010-07-19
Jenn-jong Lee The system dynamics on the TW-DRG system for hospital days in Hospital Revenue, medical and behavioral study with the doctor-patient relationship Information Management 2010-07-19
Ming-sen Chiang Dynamic strategy for business expansion based on system dynamics-the case of a securities corporation Information Management 2010-07-22
Chien-Ping Lin Automatic Construction of Model Testing Case: Methodology and Prototype Information Management 2010-07-22
Yi-Ting Yang A Study of Enterprises Entering Electronic Commerce Information Management 2010-07-22
Wen-cheng Hsu A Methodology of SSA&D Modeling for Embedded Systems Information Management 2010-07-22
Yu-cheng Chen A System Dynamics Approach to Construction Project Managerment - Substation of Taiwan Power Company for example Information Management 2010-07-23
Shu-yin Tsai A Methodology of PIM Modeling for Embedded Systems Information Management 2010-07-26
Chung-Wei Lee Personalized Recommendation Based on Consumer Product Reviews Information Management 2010-07-28
Yu-Wei Lee A Study of Social Network Analysis of Online Group-Buying Information Management 2010-07-28
I-Fang Huang Effect of Microblogging Prompts Strategy on Learner's Reflection Level Information Management 2010-07-28
Tse-Wen Chen The Growth Trend of E-Auction Seller's Rating – An Application of the Diffusion of Innovation Model Information Management 2010-07-26
Yu-Shu Jang Using JESS for Enforcing Separation of Duties and Binding of Duties in a Web Services-based Workflow Information Management 2010-07-29
Chun-cheng Huang Attitude of Innovative Technology on Using Smartphone Information Management 2010-07-29
Hsin-ping Kang Adolescent Girls Online Shopping Community To Share And Growth Information Management 2010-08-04
Chung-han Tsai Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks by Mobile Agent and Mining Movement Patterns Information Management 2010-08-04
Jia-ru Huang The Effect of Price Level on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2010-08-03
Ruei-yang Wang A New Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimizer with Landscape Estimation and Dimension Partition Information Management 2010-08-08
Shou-Hong Wu The Performance and Spectacle on the Micro blog-- using “Plurk” as A Field of Study Information Management 2010-08-08
Yi-Tan Hsiao The Influence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Cognitive Dissonance on Post-Purchase Cognitive Dissonance, Consumer Attitude and Negative Word-of-Mouth Intention Information Management 2010-08-08
Yu-ruei Jang Effect of Adaptive Reflection Prompt on Learner's Reflection Level in a u-Learning Environment Information Management 2010-08-09
Li-Ting Li Factors Affecting the Adoption of Collaboration 2.0 Information Management 2010-08-10
Ling-ling Lee The Effect of Price Promotion and Product Preservation on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2010-08-13
Ming-Zong Huang Hybrid Botnet Detection Information Management 2010-08-13
Guan-Ru Chen Tourist Attractions Recommendation on Asynchronous Information Sharing in a Mobile Environment Information Management 2010-08-16
Cheng-Wei Wu Incremental Aspect Model Learning on Streaming Documents Information Management 2010-08-16
Yen-Chieh Huang Effect of Learning Recommendation on Learning Performance in a Paper-based and Digital Materials Seamlessly Integrated System Information Management 2010-08-17
Shih-hui Tseng A Model-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Handling Data Reliability and Ordinal Data Scale Information Management 2010-08-16
Chien-Hung Chen Using Trust for Recommendation by Differentiating Users and Products Information Management 2010-08-18
Chih-Chung Liu Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Individuals Knowledge-Sharing Behavior in Virtual Communities Information Management 2010-08-18
Shih-Hsun Kao The Research of The Control Platform With outsourcing Unessentials– Selecting the Steel Company as a Case Study Information Management 2010-08-23
Ling-Chun Liu A Study of Embedding Collaborative Replenishment Mechanism within e-Procurement Platform by System Simulation Technique Information Management 2010-08-23
Chun-Huang Lin Based on Service Quality Management Perspective Assessing Productivity Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance on the Efficiency of Manufacturing Execution Systems Information Management 2010-08-24
Cheng-Han Lee Effect of Scaffolded Questioning on English Reading Comprehension in a Paper-based and Digital Materials Seamlessly Integrated System Information Management 2010-08-25
Cong-Hua Lin A study on the service industry application services innovation in YH Beach Resort Information Management 2010-08-25
Yi-hung Chou A study based on event configuration loop to convert casual loop diagram into stock flow diagram for system dynamics Information Management 2010-08-28
Chao-Chun Fong A Debugging Supported Automated Assessment System for Novice Programming Information Management 2010-08-29
Keng-Kuei Lin A Study of Consumer's Cognition on Peer-to-Peer Recommendation Appeal and Tie Strength - A Case of Online Group-Buying Information Management 2010-08-30
Wei-sheng Teng A Study on collaborative forecasting mechanism for artificial leather industry in Taiwan Information Management 2010-08-25
Kuo-hsuan Kao A study on ATP / CTP mechanism for artificial leather industry in Taiwan Information Management 2010-09-01
Yi-Ting Ho Effect of Social Support in the Intention to Continuous Use and Social Commerce in Microblog Information Management 2010-08-28
Chung-Cheng Wang A Study on Naval Vessel’s Repair and Maintenance Strategy Led by Dynamical System Theory Information Management 2010-09-06
Jen-Te Chao A Multiple Case Study on Post-Merger IT Integration from an IT Culture Conflict Perspective Information Management 2010-09-03
Wan-Jung Lin Gender Impact on e-Negotiation Strategic Behavior: Individual, Dyadic and Interactive Perspectives Information Management 2010-09-07
Yi-hsiang Chen The Impact of Knowledge Management System Usage on Organizational Capability and Organizational Performance Information Management 2010-09-09
Yu-ping Chou A Case Study On The Network New Social Movement : Identity , Participation and Contribution - OOP as an example Information Management 2010-09-09
Yu-Feng Lin Study on Architecture-Oriented Stainless Steel Cold Roll Producing and Marketing Model Information Management 2010-12-28
Yu-jen Su Study on Architecture-Oriented Petroleum Business Management Model Information Management 2010-12-30
Chih-cheng Liu Study on Architecture-Oriented Manufacturing Management Model Information Management 2011-01-03
Ling-Yi Chiu Study on Architecture-Oriented Clinical Care Model Information Management 2011-01-08
Yi-chieh Chiu The Impact of IT Governance on Strategic Aligment and Organization Performance Information Management 2011-01-19
Chun-Ming Chen A Markov Chain Analysis of Market Dynamics for Telecommunication Industry Marketing Strategy Information Management 2011-02-10
Chu-wen Li Case Study of Implementing PLM system Based on Adaptive Structuration Theory:A Case of H Company Information Management 2011-02-15
Yen-Chieh Liu The Research of Benefit on E-process with Cash management – An Example of manufacturing industry Information Management 2011-02-16
Ju-Ying Hsueh Study on CMMI Requirements Development and Requirements Management to Enterprise Information System Requirements Process Improvement Information Management 2011-02-10
Chih-Kun Wu A Study of Embedding Collaborative Replenishment Mechanism within Q-VMI Platform by System Simulation Technique Information Management 2011-02-16
Shang-hua chou Evaluation on user learning effect in different presentation of news event Information Management 2011-05-19
Wen-Fan Hsieh Verification of Web Services in Support of Choreography Information Management 2011-06-02
Yu-Huai Tsai A Semantic-based Approach to Web Services Discovery Information Management 2011-06-13
Jyun-Liang Chen Implementation Efficiency Analysis of JIT Kanban System in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. Information Management 2011-06-17
Meng-Fu Li A Methodology for Constructing the PSM of SOA System based on the IBM WebSphere Platform Information Management 2011-06-25
Yu-shiuan Lin IT-enabled Business Model Innovation: A GMTC Case Study Information Management 2011-06-29
Yu-Tzu Chang A Methodology of PIM Modeling for SOA Information Management 2011-07-03
Shu-Ching Wang Proactive Privacy Practices in the Trend of Ubiquitous Services: An Empirical Study Information Management 2011-07-02
Meng-ke Sun A Study of MES Project Size Estimation using Fast Function Point in Steel Industry Information Management 2011-07-14
Yi-cheng Jhu Knowledge Construction Methodology of Stroke Clinical Decision Support System Information Management 2011-07-17
Feng-Sheng Wang A Study of Affecting Factors on Users' PC-OS Upgrading Intentions and Behavior Information Management 2011-07-22
Ling Lee Applying the ARCS model to Design Robot Teaching Assistant for Sustaining Learning Motivation Information Management 2011-07-26
You-Li Huang Using Innovation Diffusion Model to Analyze the Growth Trend, Critical Mass, and Cluster Analysis of Seller’s Rating from eBay Information Management 2011-07-26
Yun-Hong Ma The Effect of Technology Compatibility and Faithfulness of Appropriation on the User Satisfaction of EIP. Information Management 2011-07-19
Yung-Lin Hsiao On Travel Article Classification Based on Consumer Information Search Process Model Information Management 2011-07-27
Zong-Han Hsieh Applying SQ3R Reading Guidance Mechanism for Improving English Reading Comprehension Information Management 2011-07-28
Yi-cheng Hsieh Intention to Recommend Information in Virtual Community Information Management 2011-08-01
I-Jen Wang The Effect of Product Recommendation in Personalized Advertisement: The Relationship Intimacy Perspective Information Management 2011-08-01
Ya-Ting Tsai The impact of IT standardization and IT integration on supply chain management performance Information Management 2011-08-01
Tsung-Hsun Yu Internet Banking Customer Retention: The Affective Role of Hedonic And Utilitarian Information Management 2011-07-28
Li-Ching Chang Information Capability enables Enterprise Competitive Competencs Information Management 2011-08-03
Yung-Chi Su A Study of Deploying Monitor-Oriented System Simulation Models to Improve the Efficiency of Statistical Process Control Information Management 2011-08-06
Yu-Chun Lin A Study of the Current and Future About the Industrial Chain of e-Learning in Taiwan, From the Development of Knovia Group. Information Management 2011-08-08
Chih-Wei Wu The effect of procedural scaffolding in the paper-based collaborative learning environment integrated with smartphone Information Management 2011-08-05
Jo-Chiao Su Research on 「One Deal a Day」 Business Model - A Case Study of WOOT! Information Management 2011-08-10
Yu-Sheng Pan A Study Focused on Rearranging the Dispatching Rules by Simulation Analysis to Improve the Performance of Batch-Typed Flowshop Manufacturing Systems Information Management 2011-08-10
Yao-hsiung Ko A dynamic study of using TOC to explore developing ATP/CTP mechanism in continuous production industry Information Management 2011-08-10
Huang-Chi Lin IT-Enabled Selling on the Web: A Theory-Based Evaluation of Different Mechanism Designs Information Management 2011-08-15
Jia-jin Tsai Understanding the Impact of Utilitarian and Hedonic Benefit on Satisfaction and Continuance Intention of Social Network Site: An Extended Expectation Confirmation Model Information Management 2011-08-15
Wen-shiuan Tsai The Impact of Technology Comparability Variables on the Use of Mobile Computing Information Management 2011-08-17
Xiu-Jun Yang The effect of video-based reflection prompts on reflection level in a context-aware ubiquitous learning environment Information Management 2011-08-17
En-Ti Chang Research on Electronic-Coupon based Group-Buying Model Information Management 2011-08-20
Yin-hung Chen A Study of User co-production in Information System Development Project: Social Capital Perspective Information Management 2011-08-22
Jia-Jiun Wu Improvement to Storage Space Allocation Plan and Assigned Mechanism of Large Scale Object by using System Simulation technique—Stainless Steel Processing Industry as an Example Information Management 2011-08-24
Zhi-yuan Su The Reduction and Coping of Software Project Risks: Organizational Information Processing Perspective Information Management 2011-08-24
Jung-Wen Chang A Study of The Service Quality Improvement of The Network Deployment Process for The Telecommunications Industry by Simulation Technique Information Management 2011-08-24
Chang-Ren Chen Exploring required Collaborative Capabilities for IS personnel in ISD projects from S-D Logics perspective – An example of K Bank Information Management 2011-08-27
Chih-Ping Chang A Study of Business Model on Application Platform for Mobile Devices Built by Telecommunication Carrier Information Management 2011-08-25
Wei-Chiang Hung Understanding the role of user value co-production in different types of hospital information system development project Information Management 2011-08-24
Yi-Hsuan Yeh Organizational Adoption of Information Technologies – An Extended Fit-Viability Model Information Management 2011-08-30
Hsiu Chiao Understanding Required Capabilities of Leading Users in Hospital Information System Development Project Information Management 2011-08-26
Chun-I Lai Creativity Analysis and Motivation Study of Game Modification Creators Information Management 2011-09-02
Yin-chih Yeh A action research of UGOV in Youtube Information Management 2011-09-02
Hsiang-Ying Wang Software Quality Attributes - A Resource-Based Perspective Information Management 2011-09-06
Lung-Hung Shiu An Exporatory Research of the Effect of Youtube Marketing on Mobile Applications Information Management 2011-09-06
Chun-hung Chou An encoding approach to infer gene regulatory network by Bayesian networks concept Information Management 2011-10-17
Hsin-Hua Wang Research on Electronic-Coupon based Advertising Performance - Groupon Information Management 2011-10-21
Yan-shun Lai Effectiveness comparison between Concolic and Random Testing Information Management 2011-10-31
Chih-Ming Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Coast Guard Information Security Management Model Information Management 2011-12-20
Chih-Hsien Lu Study on Architecture-Oriented Radar Maintenance and Operation Management Model Information Management 2011-12-21
Jiunn-hsiung Ker Study of Architecture-Oriented Container Yard Management Model Information Management 2011-12-22
Ken-Yen Ho A Study on Internet Marketing For On-Line Accommodation Reservation:A Case Study of EasyTravel Information Management 2011-12-28
Chih Wei Study on Architecture-Oriented Small Panel OEM Factory MES Model Information Management 2011-12-25
Rong-Yu Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Thermal power station Alteration Affairs Management Model Information Management 2012-01-03
Chao-hsin Tsai Study on Architecture-Oriented Semiconductor Manufacturing Company R&D Laboratory Business Strategy Model Information Management 2012-01-04
Jhe-Jhun Huang Detecting Drive-by Download Based on Reputation System Information Management 2012-01-10
Min-ying Tsai Mutilple Sensor Anomaly Correlation Information Management 2012-01-10
Hung-Shiuan Tsai Concise Analysis of Malware Behavior Information Management 2012-01-10
Kuang-Ting Cheng The Impact Factors of Information System Satisfaction by Two Dimensions Information Management 2012-01-16
Ai-Lin Tsai Using Bayesian Network for Web Service Selection to Optimize Composition Execution Outcome Information Management 2012-01-18
Ke-Jong Chou Design and Implementation of an English Alphabet Learning System for Children using LEGO MINDSTORMS Information Management 2012-01-18
Hsiu-Fen Lin Design and implementation of a mobile application for personal learning analytics Information Management 2012-01-18
Tao-Kang Yu Evaluation of Service Composition Methods: Using Government Lands Integrated System as an example Information Management 2012-02-05
Jau-jeng Jou The Impacts of Competence and Knowledge Transfer Climate on ERP Knowledge Transfer Information Management 2012-02-07
Po-Yuan Chen The System Design and Implementation to Support Dynamic Web Services Selection Information Management 2012-02-09
Chung-yang Hung An Approach to eBook Topics Trend Discovery Based on LDA and Usage Log Information Management 2012-02-13
Liang-Chang Cheng Understanding user co-production in system maintenance: A service-dominant logic perspective Information Management 2012-02-15
Chin-lung Chuang The Implementation and Evolution of Knowledge Management in ASE group Information Management 2012-02-15
Pao-min Wang Understanding the antecedents of clan control and extra-role behavior : A social bonds perspective Information Management 2012-02-15
Shao-Chian Hung A Preliminary Study of Stigma Appearances On Internet Forum─Using PTT’s Gossiping for example Information Management 2012-02-16
Yu-Wen Li How can Personalized Online Services Affect Customer Loyalty: The Relationship Building Perspective Information Management 2012-02-15
Chih-Yuan Chiu Countering knowledge risk in information system development project Information Management 2012-02-16
Ching-ju Huang Theory of Constraints applied to multi-project management in resource allocation and monitoring mechanisms Information Management 2012-02-17
Shan-Hao He A Boolean knowledge-based approach to assist reconstruction of gene regulatory model Information Management 2012-03-20
Paul Sung A study of required capabilities for clients in outsourcing IS to engage in value co-creation: The service dominant logic perspective Information Management 2012-05-03
Tzu-Ching Chao Internet Diffusion of Enterprise Messages Information Management 2012-06-04
Tsung-hsun Han The Integration of Global Equipment Manufacturer’s Information System : A Case Study of AMAT Information Management 2012-06-05
I-Cheng Hsu Study on Architecture-Oriented Memory Assembly and Testing OEM Factory Manufacturing Resource Planning Management Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Shun-Ju Chuang Study on Architecture-Oriented Product Lifecycle Management Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Chao-Hong Shih Study on Architecture-Oriented Statistical Process Control Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Chine-chuan Hsu Study on Architecture-Oriented Enterprise Private Cloud Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Yuan-ta Su Study on Architecture-Oriented Auto Electronic Products Manufacturing Quality Management Model Information Management 2012-06-11
Yu-Hsiang Hsueh Study on Architecture-Oriented Government Procurement Management Model Information Management 2012-06-11
Hsing-Yu Kung Study on Architecture-Oriented Network Product Business Management Model Information Management 2012-06-19
Wang-chang Cheng Data Warehouse Products Evaluation and Selection Decision Information Management 2012-06-22
Chia-Chun Lin A Modeling Methodology for Automotive Embedded System:An MDA Approach with UML Information Management 2012-07-11
Yi-Jyun Jhuang What Facilitates Academic Knowledge Absorption in eTop Platform? A Practitioner Perspective. Information Management 2012-07-17
Po-sheng Huang Strategy of University-industry Intermediation Service Platform for Open Innovation: A Case Study of the eTop Platform Information Management 2012-07-23
I-Hsuan Hsieh Web Service Composition and Selection Using Query Rewriting and Bayesian Network Information Management 2012-07-24
Shu-Hua Hsu The Intertwined Effect of Service Quality on Repurchase Intention in Group Coupon Service: Moderating Effect of Price Sensitivity Information Management 2012-07-24
Keng-Hao Chen Improving PIM Modeling with Design Pattern Information Management 2012-07-30
Wei-ting Kuo A π-calculus Based Approach for Web Services Composition in Choreography Environment Information Management 2012-07-30
Po-ling Chen Recommending Travel Threads Based on Information Need Model Information Management 2012-07-29
YUNG-YU CHEN IT-enabled Collaborative Development For Designing and Manufacturing Equipment – A Steel Company Case Study Information Management 2012-07-24
Chia-Feng Liu Knowledge Transfer in Business Process Reengineering: An A-company Case Study Information Management 2012-08-07
Chung-Sheng Ger A Study on the difference between Electronic and Traditional Reading -Using An Affordance Approach Information Management 2012-08-08
Chun-Chieh Wang A Simulation of Wealth Distribution based on Scale-free Network: The influences of changes in network structure. Information Management 2012-08-09
Li-Ling Chen The Effect of Game-feedback and Peer-interaction on Learning Outcome and Intention of Use Information Management 2012-08-12
Li-Zen Chen Personalized Document Recommendation by Latent Dirichlet Allocation Information Management 2012-08-13
Kai-yu Wu Exploration of Impulse Buying Behavior on Online Group-Buying Information Management 2012-08-16
Cheng-hsuan Chang Research on Immediately Promote E-coupon to Improve Retailer Yield Management Problems Information Management 2012-08-16
Yu-ching Wang A Study of Employee Unauthorized Computer Access Intention ─ An Integration of Neutralization, Differential Association and Containment Theory Information Management 2012-08-17
Tze-Wei Wu A Methodology for Business Process Reengineering Implementation: A Case Study Information Management 2012-08-17
Te-Yen Chen Publish to Youtube quickly – Action Research of the video toolbox building Information Management 2012-08-20
Chieh-Ju Hsu Developing a Dual Factor Model to Investigate Technology Product Users’ Continue to Use Intention-The Case of Android Information Management 2012-08-20
Yih-ping Wang Study on Architecture-Oriented International Student Care and Management Model Information Management 2012-08-20
Ko-han Lee A context-aware system to predict user's intention on smartphone based on ECA Model Information Management 2012-08-21
Chien-Hsiang Lee A Web Service Composition Model in Support of Flexible Service Composition and Data Integration Information Management 2012-08-21
Han-Wen Tuan The Decision Model of Project Portfolio Selection for Military Investment Information Management 2012-08-21
Shiang-shiang Li A Study of Deploying the Service Quality Gap Model For Digital Content Industry Information Management 2012-08-22
Pei-Huei Lin Practical Study on Construction of an Integrated SME Business Decision-Making System-Take P company as an example Information Management 2012-08-27
Tzu-Wei Fu A Study of Motivation and Capability for Users in ISD Projects to Engage in Co-production Behavior Information Management 2012-08-27
Yu-Wen Wang A System for Service Blueprint Design Information Management 2012-08-29
Shih-Syun Huang The Impact of ISD Team's Internal and External Social Capital on Absorptive Capacity and Team Performance Information Management 2012-08-28
Tse-Cheng Chen ICA-clustered Support Vector Regressions in Time Series Stock Price Forecasting Information Management 2012-08-29
Chi-che Lai Exploring the enhancing and inhibiting factors to creativity of independent musicians in network space Information Management 2012-09-02
Peng-Hsiang Hsu A Study on User Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty of Smartphones Information Management 2012-09-05
Mei-Hsueh Chen Information System Integration after Mergers and Acquisitions - A Case Study of C Corporation Information Management 2012-09-06
Peng Yu Yang Detecting Botnet-based Joint Attacks by Hidden Markov Model Information Management 2012-09-06
Ling-Ming Zeng Malware Classification Based on File and Registry Activities Information Management 2012-09-12
Wei-Jhe Huang Applying MapReduce Island-based Genetic Algorithm-Particle Swarm Optimization to the inference of large Gene Regulatory Network in Cloud Computing environment Information Management 2012-09-13
Yu-Yun Li Botnet Detection Based on Ant Colony Information Management 2012-09-14
Tsung-lung Lee The Critical Success Factors of implement ERP in SME – Using traditional industry as Example Information Management 2012-09-13
Chiao-fen Cheng A Study of Senior High School Actualization Program from the Perspective of Organizational Change Information Management 2012-09-13
Shun-pin Huang Community website use research Take a junior high school students use Facebook an example Information Management 2012-09-14
Chia-hui Yang Code Classification Based on Structure Similarity Information Management 2012-09-14
Keng-Fu Kuo Relationship between Online Social Identity、Impression Management and Virtual Community Citizenship Behavior ─An Exploratory Study of Online Game Discussion Forum Information Management 2012-10-28
Chung-cheng Wu Investigating Brand Loyalty of Smartphone from Perspectives of Brand and Product Involvements Information Management 2013-01-02
Chun-Lung Chiu Study on Architecture-Oriented Vehicle Electronic Product Requirement Model Information Management 2013-01-08
Jhih-Yuan Huang Using Distributed Smart Cameras to Detect Abnormal Events among a Crowd of People Information Management 2013-01-15
Szu-chang Wang The Effect of a Response System on Hospital-wide Voluntary Incident Reporting Rates Information Management 2013-01-16
Yin-Chia Hsu A Gesture-Speech Navigated Learning Strategy for Improving the Comprehension of English Videos Information Management 2013-01-30
Chih-Yi Tseng A Theory of Self-Presentation Affordances in Social Networking Technology Information Management 2013-02-04
Yen-hung Kuo Effectiveness of Personalized Short Messages Prompting Based and Medical Care Based Telehealthcare Models on Self Health Management in a Workplace Population with Hypertension at Risk Information Management 2013-02-04
Chien-Chih Wang Integrate Expectation Confirmation Theory and Two Factor Theory to Explore IS User’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior Information Management 2013-02-05
Wen-Liang Wang A Study of Escalation in Software Outsourcing Information Management 2013-02-05
Hsi-hsun Huang Data Warehouse Construction in Support of Order Dispatch Decisions—Using Synthetic Leather Industry As an Example Information Management 2013-04-12
Wan-Ting Chuang Exploring the Dynamic Analysis Approach Strategy for the Indie Developers focused on Game Category Software in App Store Information Management 2013-05-28
Jin-Kun Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Digital Video Surveillance Systems Model Information Management 2013-05-29
Kuan-Chung Lin The Effect of Affordance and The Mediating Role of Cognitive Assimilation On Ubiquitous Commerce Consumption Information Management 2013-07-01
Yu-wen Lin The Impacts of Usability, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and Organizational Learning on The Performance of ERP Systems Information Management 2013-06-27
Chih-Hao Lu Study on Architecture-Oriented Online Bookstore System Information Management 2013-07-01
Feng-Yi Chou A Modeling Methodology of Scrum Approach with UML for Game: A Case Study of Role-Playing Game Information Management 2013-07-04
Wei-Ting Chen Applying the Eye-Tracking Approach to Examine the Effect of Emotion on the Decoy Effect Information Management 2013-07-05
I-husan Fang Study on Architecure-oriented Triangle Trade of the Value Added Bussiness Tax Management Model Information Management 2013-07-13
Ming-Shiun Lin The Research of Quality Prediction Model for Touch Panel Manufacturing Information Management 2013-07-13
Chih-mei Yang The Different Impacts of IT Departmental Exploratory Learning and Exploitative Learning on MIS Performance Information Management 2013-08-21
Ming-Chien Lin Investigate the Impact of Inertia Formation on The New System Acceptance-An Empirical Study of Social Network Sites Information Management 2013-07-16
Chien-yun Lin Examine the Effect of Online Social Support on Individual’s Community Engagement and Mental Health Information Management 2013-07-17
Ping-Ju Wu The Role of Information Technology Governance Mechanisms in Achieving Organizational Goals Information Management 2013-07-23
Juei-hsueh Tsao Examine the Formation of Brand Community Identity and Its Effect on Purchase Behavior Information Management 2013-07-22
TSE-MIN TSENG A Study of How Design May Impact Flow Experience in Digital Art Information Management 2013-07-24
Jui-hsiang Kuo Study on the Integration of Information Security Management System and Personal Information Management System Information Management 2013-07-24
Shao-chia Liao PLM Implementation Methodology: A Semiconductor Assembly Industry Case Study Information Management 2013-07-26
Yuan-yu Fu The Effects of the Layout of Web Images on Eye-tracking of User Experience Information Management 2013-07-25
Yin Chang The Effects of Comparative Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Purchase Decision Information Management 2013-07-30
Chiao-yi Tien Factors affecting user’s adoption of mobile social applications Information Management 2013-07-30
Tsung-I Lee Study on Architecture-Oriented Warehouse Management Model Information Management 2013-07-31
Jhe-yan Lin Explore Users’ Intention to Switch Smartphone Operating System Information Management 2013-07-31
Yu-Hsuan Liu The Herding on Social Network while Certain Event Happens Information Management 2013-07-31
Tun-Jui Yuan Study of Information Security in Semi-Open Network: Case Study of Marine Container Vessel Information Management 2013-07-30
Liang-Chung Yuan Study of Personal Privacy Information Protection Operation In Government Agencies Information Management 2013-07-31
Po-hsiang Chen The research of merging process of the public hospital A case study on department of pharmacy and information management at a hospital in southern Taiwan Information Management 2013-08-04
Chun Liu Research on Location-Based Mobile Advertising Design Information Management 2013-08-05
Wei-Hsiang Chiu A Study on the Internet Behavior and Staying Up Late among University Students Information Management 2013-08-06
Hao-Min Tu The effect of bidding mechanisms in online penny auction Information Management 2013-08-05
Yin-Min Lin An Application of Augmented Reality Technology to the Design a Situated Learning App for Mobile Devices Information Management 2013-08-06
Wei-Lun Hsu A WS-BPEL Execution Environment Supporting Dynamic and Heterogeneous Web Services Binding Information Management 2013-08-05
You-sheng Shiu Speech Recognition for Aphasia Treatment Based on OpenEars Information Management 2013-08-06
Hui-chun Lin Study of Effectiveness of Social Engineering Spam Prevention Operation Information Management 2013-08-05
Chung-Hsun Lin Using Microarray Time Series Data and Gene Ontology for Gene Clustering and Network Reconstruction Information Management 2013-08-06
Jo-ling Lee A Business Model for Personal Health Management Websites Information Management 2013-08-09
Hsin-Chia Lin Effects of Adaptive Learning Strategies on Learning Performance in Embodiment-Based Learning Environments Information Management 2013-08-09
Shih-Ming Tung System Development of a Personal Health Management Website Information Management 2013-08-09
Che-cheng Chang Persistent Threat Detection Using Hidden Markov Model Information Management 2013-08-13
Lung-I Lin The Effects of Embodiment-based Learning Strategy on Learning Performance of Fundamental Optics Experiments Information Management 2013-08-15
Wen-Ching Chiang Behavior Analysis of Mobile Malware Based on Information Leakage Information Management 2013-08-14
Ming-Lu Lin The effect of consumer decision-making process via e-WOM: information sources, consumer expertise, and online review Information Management 2013-08-20
Wen-chiu Chen Information Capabilities, Open Innovation and Firm Performance Information Management 2013-08-20
Yin-sheng Kuo Managing risks in cross-organizational software implementation project - A car manufacture case Information Management 2013-08-26
Yu Hsuan Action research of App development process Information Management 2013-08-27
Kai-Kuang Chang Using system simulation techniques to investigate the key raw material with validity use restrictions inventory management strategy Information Management 2013-08-27
Hsiao-Chung Lin Detecting Centralized Botnets based on Anomaly Traffic Behaviors Information Management 2013-08-29
Chuan-Yi Wu LDA-based Group Recommendation on Documents Information Management 2013-09-01
Chi-Chih Hsu Effects of Integrating Total Physical Response into Kinect Technology on Learning English Vocabulary Information Management 2013-09-02
Chiao-Wei Huang Incremental Clustering Malware from Honeypots Information Management 2013-09-02
Je-Ming Lin Detecting Mobile Application Malicious Behavior Based on Taint Propagation Information Management 2013-09-10
Li-fen Shih An investigation of decision-making factors for higher education institutions in setting up second campus--A Case Study of the National Sun Yat-sen University Information Management 2013-09-10
Hsiu-hsia Chen Case Study of Using Simulation Technique in Combinations of Master Scheduling Dispatch:A Point of the Make-to-Order Manufacturing Type Information Management 2013-09-11
Shu-leng Kuo Understand required complement assets in diffident ISMS stages. Information Management 2013-09-13
Yu-Ting Hsiao Combining Knowledge-Driven and Data-Driven Modeling Approaches in Gene Regulatory Networks Inference Information Management 2013-11-26
Chin-Tsung Yang The Influence of eWOM on the Sales Ranking of Mobile Software: An Opinion Analysis of the Apple App Store Information Management 2013-11-29
Hsiu-Chen Liu Information Systems Integration Management of Transnational Merger and Acquisition Information Management 2013-12-18
Tung-Hsien Wu The Impact of Knowledge Integration between Users and Information-System Staff on New Manufacturing-line Information-System Project Performance– Case of A Semiconductor Company Information Management 2014-01-19
Pei-chen Wu A Study for Mobile Payments Development-The case of Banking Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2014-01-22
Chou-Wen Chin Study on Architecture-Oriented Postal Management Model Information Management 2014-02-06
Jiun-chin Yang Study on Architecture-Oriented Telecommunication Company Call-Center Management Model Information Management 2014-02-10
Jou-fan Shih Examining the Antecedents of Online Disinhibition - Internet Psychological Characteristics, Social Influence, and Containment Theory Information Management 2014-02-10
Kuang-Ting Cheng A Study on Equipment and Route Planning of Remote Fiber Test Systems Information Management 2014-02-11
Feng-Cheng Shieh Using CRM Data for Customer Loyalty Prediction – A Case Study in Electrical & Electronic Industry Information Management 2014-02-12
Pei-An Lin Quantitative Research In The Electronics Industry Sales Forecasts- A Case Study for Flexible Copper Clad Laminate Sales Forecast Information Management 2014-02-12
Yen-yin Chen Understanding the intention to initiate a location-based mobile group buying Information Management 2014-02-11
Ming-Tai Chang Using Group Mining in Search of Social network for Problematic Devices in Campus Information Management 2014-02-09
Chun-ting Chen A Smartphone-based Activity Recognition Framework for Social Event Recommendation Information Management 2014-02-13
Bo-han Huang The Effects of Observation and Demonstration on Yoga Learning Performance in a Gesture-based Environment Information Management 2014-03-10
Po-Yin Chang A study on association between male lung cancer incidence trends analysis by histologic types and air pollution in Taiwan Information Management 2014-01-09
Yi-lin Wu Developing an Executive Information System with Model-Driven Architecture : A Yacht Case Study Information Management 2014-05-31
Li-Kang Hung Study on Architecture-Oriented Mobile Application of Traffic Information System Model Information Management 2014-06-06
Wen Shuo Study on Architecture-Oriented Fixed Assets Management Model Information Management 2014-06-02
Han-Ting Chen A Methodology for ERP and Process Control System Integration Information Management 2014-06-10
Yu-Yin Wang A Study of User Upgrading Behavior of Operating System ─ Based on Status Quo Bias Theory and Purchase Intention Model Information Management 2014-06-17
Yu-ling Chen The Research on the Detection of Noteworthy Symptom Descriptions Information Management 2016-04-07
Wan-ting Ke A Knowledge Extraction Methodology for Business Process: A Case Study of A Company’s Customer Complaint Process Information Management 2014-06-20
Pei-Yin Hsieh Developing an Innovative Telecare Business Model: An A-Company Case Study Information Management 2014-06-20
Ming-Chung Chu Improving Requirements and PIM Modeling with Design Patterns Information Management 2014-05-31
Sheng-yi Huang Software Product Lines Architecture and Application based on Hierarchical Modular Information Management 2014-07-01
Pei-yu Chao System Analysis and Design Method based on Software Product Lines-A Case Study of Rolling Schedule in Steel Industry Information Management 2014-07-03
Yu-Siang Chen Integrating Topic Model into Co-authorship Network for Recommending Academic Literature Information Management 2014-06-26
Jui-Fen Chang Investigate the Impact of Inertia on Social Presence, Task-Technology Fit and Students' Intentions to Continue Using Distance Education Information Management 2014-07-09
I-ling Chen Factors Influencing Users' Intention to Discontinue Facebook Information Management 2014-07-13
Yu-Fan Lin The Effect of Time Pressure and Discount Strategy on Consumers’ Purchase Intention─A Study on Location-Based Mobile Coupons Information Management 2014-07-13
Yu-Shan Lin Understanding the Intention to Continue Participating in Open Innovation Contests through the Self-Determination Theory Information Management 2014-07-14
Ming-yi Lee Research on Social Network Sites Addiction And It's impacts on User's well-being --The Facebook Case in Taiwan Information Management 2014-07-15
Su-Ching Hou Using the Principles of Accounting for Software Project Resource Management Information Management 2014-07-21
Jih-Pin Li Explore Internet Users in Taiwan Neighbors Emotion Information Management 2014-07-21
CHIH-CHING KANG A study of Using Social Media for Promoting Health-Related Issues in Taiwan Information Management 2014-07-22
Ying-pei Liu Factors Affecting Funder’s Intention to Invest in Crowdfunding Projects Information Management 2014-07-22
Wei-yueh Shih Embedded System Software Testing Process and Criteria: Application on Consumer Products of Networking and Communication Industry Information Management 2014-07-23
Wen-chin Tsai The Influences of Knowledge Loss and Knowledge Retention Mechanisms on Absorptive Capacity and Performance of MIS Departments Information Management 2014-07-23
Chuan-yuan Ma Combining Co-Ratings and Trust Relationships on Social Networks for Collaborative Recommendation Information Management 2014-07-29
Kuan-Yu Tseng Context-aware Collaborative Filtering Methods for Multimedia Recommendation Information Management 2014-07-29
Wei-chi Wang The Application of Game-Based Learning to Self-Organized Learning Environments Information Management 2014-07-28
Ya-lin Hsu A Study of ICT Users' Technostress- Focus on Technostress Coping Mechanisms. Information Management 2014-08-01
Ming-Chun Lee Exploring Factors Affecting Consumers’ Intentions to Use Virtual Display Stores Information Management 2014-07-31
Wei-ting Chen Decision Mechanisms of Human Brain: A Data mining Approach Information Management 2014-08-08
Li-Wei Hsiao Development of A Recommendation System for Personal Health Examination Items for Cancers Information Management 2014-08-11
Min-Xun Wu Understanding the Impacts of Permission Requested on Mobile App Adoption Information Management 2014-08-11
Chen-Chien Huang Design and Implementation of an online Interactive Video Lecture System Information Management 2014-08-11
Tsan-Ming Lu Exploring the Persuasive Effect of Check-in Posts in Facebook Information Management 2014-08-11
Liang-Han Lin Discovering an appropriate service design approach by using action research method: An example of Kuchan service redesign Information Management 2014-08-12
Jo-Ting Wang Tourism Website Quality and Satisfaction of National Scenic Areas in Taiwan Information Management 2014-08-13
Li-jen Chuang Understanding online shopping service failure recovery from a psychological contract violation perspective Information Management 2014-08-13
Ying-chun Lin Investigating factors driving LINE users to keep official accounts as friends continually Information Management 2014-08-14
Tun-Kai Yang A study of Operation on Multi-author Blogs - A case study of TechSea Blog Information Management 2014-08-13
Hsiu-Hao Hsu Effects of Situated Embodiment-based Strategy on the Performance of Learning Flag Semaphore Communication Information Management 2014-08-19
Shun-Chi Chiang User Resistance Revisit: A Psychological Contract Breach Perspective Information Management 2014-08-19
Yun-Lin Lee Effects of Embodiment-based Fitness System for Elderly on Exercise Performance and Technology Acceptance Information Management 2014-08-22
Chia-Liang Tai The Study of Compositions and Attributes of Unboxing Videos Information Management 2014-08-24
Chih-Hao Chen Recognizing Emotions in Short Messages for Instant Messenger Services Based on Coordinates and Trajectories Information Management 2014-08-25
Zong-ying Yang 楊宗頴 The Influence of App Location Based Service toward’ the Purchase Intentions of Consumers Information Management 2014-08-25
Bo-Chih Liu A Framework for Discovering Opinions on Issues From User Generated Content: Using Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services as an Example Information Management 2014-08-28
Guan-Lin Hwang A Web Services Selection Method based on the QoS Probability Distribution Information Management 2014-08-28
CHUN-MAO CHEN Understanding the role of boundaries spanning in IT outsourcing project management Information Management 2014-08-27
Laing-Chang Yang A Research of improving the effectiveness for public sector services- A Case Study of Yancheng Land Office, Kaohsiung Information Management 2014-09-03
Wen-yung LIN A Study of Reengineering for Information Systems - The Case of Taxation Information System Information Management 2014-09-03
Cheng-Tun Chung Customer value co-creation in information technology consultant service Information Management 2014-09-03
Szu-chia Yu Information Overload and Customer Decision Making in the Circumstance of Mobile Commerce Information Management 2014-09-05
Chun-Hung Chen A Study on Website Traffic and Behavior Analysis for Internet Marketing Benefit: A Case Study of E Theme Park Information Management 2014-09-04
Chia-Miao Jiang An Application of Human-Centered Design to the Design of Activity Exhibition of the Science and Technology Museum Information Management 2014-09-07
Jhen-yi Liang Combining Content-base and Collaborative Filtering Methods for Music Recommendation Information Management 2014-09-09
Chih-Chien Cheng A Study of MDA Transformation Methodology for Mobile Applications Development Information Management 2014-07-08
Jhih-yi Lin The Impact of Social Capital on Team Boundary Spanning and Performance in ISD Project Information Management 2014-08-25
Yu-yu Huang Process Integration on the Version Differences of Information Security Management System Information Management 2014-09-09
Min-Wei Pan Using Regulatory Focus Theory and Push-Pull-Mooring Model to Explore Users’ Switching Intention on Smartphone Platforms Information Management 2014-09-10
Tsung-Hsien Yang A Service-Oriented Framework with Knowledge Ontologies and Neural Networks for Robot Control Information Management 2014-09-02
Shu-fei Yang An Eye-Tracking Study of the Framing Effect and the Moderating Effect of Elaboration Likelihood in Online Shopping Information Management 2014-09-09
Heng-yu Lin A Computational Model of Emotion Based on Biosystem Information Management 2014-09-11
Hsin-hung Chen Effects of Embodiment-Based Electronic Circuits Learning on Perceived Cooperative Perception and Social Flow Information Management 2014-09-12
Chia-Che Chiang Use Text Mining Techniques to Identify Noteworthy Hotel Reviews from Travel Forums Information Management 2014-09-22
Mao-Jung Tsai Predicting Product Yield of Flexible Copper Clad Laminate Using Data Mining Approach Information Management 2014-10-23
Che-wei Chang An Exploratory Research of Penny Auction Websites in Taiwan Information Management 2014-10-23
WEI KAI LAI The Application of Scenario Analysis & Co-opetition exploring the development of Plastic Molds & Injection Molding Industry of SMEs in Taiwan Information Management 2015-01-06
Chien-Der Lee Study on Architecture-Oriented Inventory Management Software Model Information Management 2015-01-07
Chih-Chung Hu Study On Architecture-Oriented Smart Mobile Devices Support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Model Information Management 2015-01-08
Hsien-Wen Liu Study on Architecture-Oriented Social Welfare Information System Information Management 2015-01-07
An-Cheng Lu Research on Enterprise Architecture of Purchasing Management Information Management 2015-01-07
Chih-chang ChangChien Study on an Architecture-Oriented Semi-conductor Testing Computer Integrated Manufacturing Management Model Information Management 2015-01-08
Yu-Hao Liu Understanding the Affecting Factors of IT Investment Valuation Bias and IT Value Conversion Barriers Information Management 2015-01-16
Chi-Lun Lin A Development Methodology with UML for Digital Game Plan Design: A Case Study of Role-Play Game Information Management 2014-07-03
Meng-ying Lin Researching the Impact of Media Multitasking Behavior on Attention and Working Memory Information Management 2015-01-24
Ti-Ho Chang A Study of the Influences of Knowledge Boundary Spanning on Project Performance in Information System Development Projects Information Management 2015-02-02
Nai-Cian Tseng The Impact of Different Complementary Assets within Organizations on the Success of Information Systems Information Management 2015-02-02
WEI-JEN YU Implementation of Disaster Risk Avoidance Mobile Application Information Management 2015-01-30
Yi-cheng Shih Effects of Integrating Gesture-Based Learning Strategy and Adaptive Learning Strategy with Brainwave Detection on Memory Training Performance Information Management 2015-02-05
Yi-Hui Wu Exploring the effect of inertia on switching from surrogate to direct shopping Information Management 2015-02-06
Chun-Jung Su Development of an Enterprise Service Desk System with a Perspective of Internal Customer Service Information Management 2015-02-10
Te-chang Huang Project Delays - A Case Study of Power Company's Design Department with a Large Number of Small Projects Information Management 2015-02-11
Jo-Peng Tsai Investigating a Contextual Usage of Product Based on Affordance Theory – A Case Study on VR Milling Machining Center Tools Information Management 2015-02-10
Chien-Ching Hsu The Research on Service Selection for Web Services with Probabilistic QoS Information Management 2015-03-27
I-fan Tu Study on Architecture-Oriented Smart Medical Service System Information Management 2015-06-08
Kuo-Liang Wu Study on Architecture-Oriented Milling Enterprise Management Model Information Management 2015-06-10
Yi-chin Wong Investigate the Impact of Brand Attachment and Habit on the Mobile Shopping Intention Information Management 2015-07-20
Nai-Ching Chen Discussion of attitude toward the ad and advertising effectiveness in social network sites—the influence of position, type and mechanisms Information Management 2015-07-20
Cheng-hsueh Kuo Understanding the Continuous Self-Disclosure Intention in Social Network Sites through the Social Exchange Theory Information Management 2015-07-18
Chih-chi Huang Factors Affecting Funder’s Intention to Invest in Crowdfunding Projects: A Trust-based Perspective Information Management 2015-07-20
Pei-Jung Ho Developing an Outsourcing Management Systems with BPR and MDA:A Case Study of Golf Manufacturer Company Information Management 2015-07-25
Pei-Chun Yeh An Impact Analysis of the Benefit while Implementing Information System which are Caused by the Depth of Involvement for the Innovative Operating Companies Information Management 2015-07-23
Chun-I Hsu Applying the HCD process to develop a Mobile Shopping App Information Management 2015-07-27
Wei-Cheng Chu Enhancing PIM Modeling with Domain-Driven Design Information Management 2015-07-29
Chia-Ying Yang Exploring customers’ attitude toward contextualized mobile advertising Information Management 2015-07-26
Chung-Hsuan Lee A Data Driven Method for Developing System Adapter Information Management 2015-07-28
Yi-chun Liu Factors Affecting Crowdfunding Outcomes: A Case Study of Kickstarter Information Management 2015-07-24
Hua-Ling Tseng A Study on Service Provider’s Adoption of Location-based Instant Promotion System Information Management 2015-07-27
Cheng-Yen Kuo Understanding the Impact of Information Perceive Security Climate on Employees' Compliance Behavior - A Regulatory Focus Perspective Information Management 2015-08-03
Hong-Wei Huang Understanding the Impact of Psychological Ownership on Information Security Compliance Behavior Information Management 2015-08-03
CHIH-KAI TIEN Exploring the Impacts of Promotion Activities in Mobile Game Information Management 2015-08-03
Tzu-Ling Liu The Study on the Loyalty of O2O Based on Service Quality of the Loyalty Program of Reward Points. Information Management 2015-08-05
Jin-ming Liang Using Hybrid Artificial Neural Network to Estimate Software Effort Information Management 2015-07-30
Mei-hsueh Yu Design and validation of a readiness scale for flipped classroom learning Information Management 2015-08-12
Cheng-jr Hou An Eye-Tracking Study of the Context of Product Pictures Impact on Appeal and Purchase Intention of E-commerce Websites Information Management 2015-07-25
Ren-hui Wang UX and Eye Movement study of the RWD in E-commerce Information Management 2015-07-25
Ting-Yi Huang Influences of Visual Contrast on Attentional Capture of Keyword Advertising Information Management 2015-07-25
Chia-Hsien Wu Teamwork Quality and Service Innovation Performance of Virtual Teams Information Management 2015-08-12
Hsiu-hui Tsai The Design of Interaction in Music Performance and the Devel-opment of the Social Capital. Information Management 2015-08-12
Wen Yueh An Experiential Marketing Involving 3D Hologram in Food Business Information Management 2015-08-16
Guan-Ju Huang Exploring the impacts of different sources credibility on App downloading behavior: An ELM perspective Information Management 2015-07-29
Zong-han Yu The Effects of Real-Time Encourage Strategy Using Wearable Brainwave Detector on Learning Performance. Information Management 2015-08-24
Chia-fei Chou Exploring the Impact of Mobile Applications on Value Co-Creation Model of Online Platform Information Management 2015-08-21
Wen-Ling Lo Botnet Detection Based on HTTP Header Anomaly Information Management 2015-08-25
Sheng-Jhe Ke A Classification Model with Data Analysis for Improving Collaborative Filtering: An Experimental Study on Information Management 2015-08-26
Wei-Lin Hsieh Predicting Company Revenue Trend Using Financial News Information Management 2015-08-23
Sung-Chien Hsu Detecting Wormhole Attacks on IPv6 Wireless Sensor Networks Information Management 2015-08-26
Yu-Chieh Lin The Effect of Offline Stores on Consumer’s Purchase Intention in O2O Business Models Information Management 2015-08-27
Shih-chieh Wang An embodiment-based functional fitness system with real-time adaptation using exercise intensity as a feedback strategy Information Management 2015-09-01
Han-yu Chen Intention to participate in Engagement Marketing Activities in Social Media Information Management 2015-09-01
Wan-Ju Chang The Influence of the EC Platform Service Policy toward a Consumer’s Regret Perception That is Caused by the Impulsive Purchase Information Management 2015-09-02
Ping-shun Wu A Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis Method on Cloud Platform Information Management 2015-09-01
Cheng-che Hsieh A study of the purchase intention for virtual goods with real money in mobile games Information Management 2015-09-03
Yi-chen Ku Using Ontology for Management of Relationship between Module Combination on Software Product Lines Information Management 2015-09-02
Yu-Te Li A Study on Business Process Reengineering of Enterprise Transformation by Service Blueprint Information Management 2015-09-02
Jin Liu A Methodology of Data Modeling for Business Intelligence: A Case Study of A Company’s Customer Complaint System Information Management 2015-09-03
Yuan-Ho Cheng Using System Simulation Technique to Improve the Storage Operations for Large Scale Coil Production - Taking China Steel Corporation as an Example. Information Management 2015-09-07
Yun-hsin Liang Antecedents and consequences of innovation ambidexterity in IS department Information Management 2015-09-03
Woei-Yuan Lu Study on Architecture-Oriented Enterprise Security Management Model Information Management 2015-09-10
Ken-Yen Chen Understanding the factors of LBS app downloads as a privacy calculus Information Management 2015-09-11
Yun-Chiao Tsai An Application of Integrated Gesture-based Interaction Technology for Music Education to Design a 3D Music Game Information Management 2015-09-11
Jun-Jer You A Multiple Ant Colony Optimization with Territorialism For Logistics Support Systems Information Management 2015-09-10
I-Kai Wang Multi-layer Incremental Clustering for Malware Analysis Information Management 2015-09-16
Huai-En Tu Effects of a real-time adaptive strategy on learning computer networks through cognitive load analysis and scaffolding mechanism Information Management 2015-11-16
Yu-Ting Su A Study on In-App Purchase Intention of Emotion Stickers for Messaging Software- The Case of LINE Information Management 2015-11-04
Wei-Hong Liao Study on Architecture-Oriented Clothing Shopping Applications and Services IoT System Information Management 2015-12-25
Wen-Hung Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Intersection Monitoring IoT System Information Management 2015-12-24
Hsiang-Chun Lu The Impact of the Emotional Marketing for Consumers’ Intensions:The Case of Facebook Events Information Management 2016-01-06
I-Chun Hung The Effectiveness of Embodied Interactive Video Lectures on Learning Outcomes Information Management 2016-01-19
Siou-Jhen Yang Exploring the problems and solutions for teachers in adopting online synchronous teaching Information Management 2016-01-18
Hsuan-Ming Su The Utilization of Bone Scan in Taiwan: Analyzing a Longitudinal Dataset of National Health Insurance Research Database from 2005 to 2010 Information Management 2016-01-26
Eugene Chang Exploring the Impact of Social Influence on In-Game Purchase Intention Information Management 2016-01-25
Wei Chang Combining Motion-Sensing Technology with Prediction Strategy to Support English Reading Comprehension Information Management 2016-01-27
Fu-Chieh YU A study based on big data using simulation for the input combination to improve the yield - Using a company of IC package test industry as a case study Information Management 2016-01-26
Hong-i Lu Design and Implementation of an Online Part-Time Job Mediation System Based on Shared Economy Concept Information Management 2016-02-16
I-Hsiang Wang Study on Architecture-Oriented Travel Matchmaking Web Site Model Information Management 2016-01-10
CHIPING LAI Detecting Intrusions Using Social Network Analysis And Bayesian Network Information Management 2015-08-26
Yu-Hsuan Tsai Fast Mobile Malware Detection Based on Hybrid Analysis Method Information Management 2016-03-21
Yu-rong Chen Effectively Aggregating Big Data for Visualization Information Management 2016-05-11
Yi-jiun Sun Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of adopting cyber flipped teaching Information Management 2016-05-16
Yun Lin Effect on Sales Trend Pattern of Ad-based Online Group Buying Information Management 2016-06-01
Yi-hsiung Lai Study on Architecture–Oriented Maze Game Software Model Information Management 2016-06-16
Jung-Kuang Fu The Design of Monitoring Distributed Systems in Cloud Information Management 2016-06-17
Yi-hsing Lin Study on Architecture-Oriented Digital Pets Software Model Information Management 2016-06-22
Tsai-ting Tseng A Study of Knowledge Use Effectiveness in IS department – A Human Agency Perspective Information Management 2016-06-27
Meng-Ze Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Cloud Unified Communications System Model Information Management 2016-07-01
I-Ching Chu Study on Architecture-Oriented Sales Force Automation Model Information Management 2016-07-04
Chiu-hsiang Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Fast Food Delivery Service Model Information Management 2016-07-04
Teng-fang You Applying the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology to Develop A New Business Model of Smart Department Stores Information Management 2016-07-07
Chih-Jung Huang Antecedents of Facilitating Alibaba Double Eleven Global Carnival-A Perspective of Herd Behavior Information Management 2016-07-08
Yun-hui Lee The relationship among consciousness on organization revolution, working satisfaction and the resisting of psychology on organization revolution Information Management 2016-07-12
Che-Hung Lo The research of multi-channels that brick and mortar begin on electronic commerce Information Management 2016-07-12
Tse-yao Wang The study of data preprocessing difference to impact the botnet detection performance Information Management 2016-07-14
Pang-Yu Wang The Research of Healthcare Information Systems with Agile Development Method : A Case Study of a Medical Center Information Management 2016-06-28
Dong-jhen Wu A study on the Factors that Influence the Adoption Intention of Small and Medium Enterprises Regarding New Information Technology:From the Perspective of Enterprises that Adopt Information Systems Information Management 2016-07-16
Zhong-Yi Li Construction engineering life cycle document management system prototype - a case study of a construction company Information Management 2016-07-15
Kai-wen Hsiao An Online Ontology-Based Approach To Knowledge Management For Pregnant Women Information Management 2016-07-15
Chung-Chien Wu Innovative Applications of Government Website Affinity Design: A Case Study of a County Government Platform Information Management 2016-07-14
Chih-hao Liu Understanding the Impacts of Switching Motivation and Problem Types on the Feeling of Regret: An Example of Switching Internet Service Provider Information Management 2016-07-20
Cheng-chung Weng A Study Applies the Theory of Constraints to Improve the Service Quality for Software Maintenance Contracts – with A Case Study of the ES Company Information Management 2016-07-07
Mei-chu Lin Personalized Mobile Application Recommender System Based On User Feedback Information Management 2016-07-25
Yi Chen Understanding Social Network Sites Stressor And it’s impacts on Exhaustion, Online Social Well-Being, and Continuance Intention: The Facebook case Information Management 2016-07-27
Meng-Che Wu Application of Domain Engineering to Develop Core Assets on Software Product Lines Information Management 2016-07-27
Yi-Han Lin Competitor Mining Using Customer Reviews Information Management 2016-07-27
Pei-chi Lo Quality Analysis of User Reviews Using Discourse Structure Information Management 2016-07-28
Chia-Hsuan Chang A Study on Measuring Online Guitar Chord Tabs Information Management 2016-07-27
Chun-Chi Kuo Research on Detecting Emerging Events From News Data Information Management 2016-07-28
Ssu-Yuan Lai The effect of real-time adaptive prompting strategy on learning programming concepts Information Management 2016-08-22
Chien-liang Lin IPMI Developing Flow Improvement-A Case Study of a Company’s IPMI Compile Flow Information Management 2016-07-25
Zhi-hua Chien Using Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms for Recommending Investment in Stock Market Information Management 2016-08-03
Tzu-tuo Yang The Feasibility Analysis of Advanced Planning and Scheduling System –A Case Study of Rizhao Steel Corporation Information Management 2016-08-02
Ya-chi Hsu An Innovative Business Model of a Local Tour Platform: A Case Study of Information Management 2016-07-21
I-Chia Piao Integrating BPR and IT to Facilitate SFT System Efficiency:A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2016-07-21
Bo-ru Luo Using Information Gap Activity and Personalized Communication Strategy to Promote English Communication Information Management 2016-08-31
Shao-wen Chou The impact of textual indicators on business performance Information Management 2016-08-09
Ren-Yi Hung Visualization design for online medical knowledge Information Management 2016-08-10
Min-cheng Zhong A Study of Factor Affecting 4G Promotion Activity in Taiwan Based on Service Quality Information Management 2016-08-14
Yu-Shan Chang An Ontology-based Carbon Footprint Model for Manufacturing Processes Information Management 2016-08-17
Ching-an Liu The impact of online shopping website with different promotions on customer satisfaction and regret Information Management 2016-08-23
WEI-XING LIAO Examining the Antecedents of Rumor Retransmission-Uses and Gratification Theory, Rumor Retransmission Model, and Basic Law of Rumor Information Management 2016-08-23
Tzu-Ching Chang Detecting Malware with DLL Injection And PE Infection Information Management 2016-08-23
Ting-wei Li Success models of cross-border e-commerce Information Management 2016-08-22
Lin-En Huang Exploring IS Project Outsourcing Success: A Psychological Contract Breach Perspective Information Management 2016-08-24
Hsin-Ying Sung The Design and Implementation of A Service Blueprint Tool and its Conversion to BPMN Information Management 2016-08-25
Chi-Hao Liu The research of consumer’s eye movement behavior in shopping website, by the degree of consumer's product knowledge Information Management 2016-07-26
Hung-yu Lin Enticing and Engaging Consumers via Online Product Value Presentations Information Management 2016-08-31
Ruo-Qi Yuan Effects of Integrating Learning Object Perception and Wearable Brainwave Detection Technology on Chinese Idioms Learning Performance Information Management 2016-09-05
Chiang-Sen Ko Realizing a cloud system of map merging for robots - implementation and evaluation of proposed map merging strategy Information Management 2016-09-04
Lu-Wen Chen A Neural Science Study on the Effect of Product Recommendation in Electronic Commerce Information Management 2016-09-03
Yi-ting Tsai Factors influencing the Benefit of Shopping Walls Information Management 2016-09-03
Hsuan-hao Chang Integrating Bio-medical properties to predict drug side effects Information Management 2016-09-02
Chao-yi Kuo Study on Architecture-Oriented Traditional Chinese Medicine Model Information Management 2014-09-04
Hsin-Ching Huang Time Series forecast of Company Revenue Trend Using Financial News Information Management 2016-09-07
Po-Chang Chen Using Mobile App For Personalized Hotel Recommendation Information Management 2016-09-12
Yen-chih Kuo Detecting the Accuracy of Highway Incident Warnings in VANETs Information Management 2016-09-22
Hsin-Hsien LU Effects of Competitive Gaming Scenario and Personalized Strategy on English Vocabulary Learning Performance Information Management 2016-11-04
Hsin-Ping Chen Research on the Different Effects among Native Advertising, Banner Advertising and the Web Page Consistency Concerning User Experience and Advertising Effectiveness Information Management 2016-12-09
Nan-Ning Chen Exploring the Reported Position of Public Issues and Majority of Citizen Opinions Influencing Citizen Opinions Expressed in App of Citizen Participations Information Management 2016-12-27
Wei-Yu Lin An Application of Human-Centered Design to the Design of IoT and Air Pollution in Child Care Information Management 2016-12-29
Kao-yang Lin The exploration of entrepreneurial guidance program from the perspective of students entrepreneurial team:A Case Study of National Sun Yat-sen University Entrepreneurship Center Information Management 2016-12-30
Yu-Feng Hsu The Evaluation and Prediction of the Going-Concern Status for Companies: A Model Based on Structured and Un-Structured Data Information Management 2017-01-24
Hsiang-Lin Yeh Improving Web Front-end Development Process with DevOps Information Management 2017-02-07
Yi-chun Chen Developing An IT-enabled Yacht Match Service Model: A Case Study of H Yacht Company Information Management 2017-02-08
Yu-Ching Huang A Study of Emotional Text Mining Information Management 2017-02-13
Tsung-Lin Yang Combining Trust Relationships and Super Users for Collaborative Recommendation Information Management 2017-02-13
Shih-hsien Chang The Influence of Information Security Stress on Security Policy Compliance: A Protection Motivation Theory Perspective Information Management 2017-02-15
Yu-han Chang Improving Detection Efficiency using Cloud Computing Information Management 2016-09-05
Chia-chun Tsai A Study of the Problems and Influences of Team Boundary Spanning in the Different Phases of Information System Development Projects Information Management 2017-02-15
Shu-Hai Wang Ontology-Based Semantic Q&A system in Health Care: An Illustrated Application on Down Syndrome Information Management 2017-03-01
Shih-hao Wang Using Cloud Computing to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Matrix Factorization : A Case Study of Context-aware Data Set Information Management 2017-03-21
Ya-Hui Ou Detecting Targeted Attacks by Risk Evaluation Information Management 2017-04-05
Kuan-min Wang The impact of social cues on the forming of impulse purchase intention: the interaction between emotion and ration Information Management 2017-05-16
Yi-Shan Li Study on Architecture-Oriented UAV Three-Dimensional Measurement and Mapping Systems Model Information Management 2017-06-10
Chang-Yi Kao Study on Architecture-Oriented Cloud Supply Chain Order Management System Model Information Management 2017-06-09
Bay-Erl Lai Research on Determinants of Online Staffing Adoption Information Management 2017-06-26
Szu-Han Li An Application of HTC Vive to the Design of Immersive Virtual Reality RPG Game Information Management 2017-06-28
Kuang-Chun Tien Exploring the Differences and Associations of the Working Issues between Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait from Public Forums Using Texting Mining Information Management 2017-06-30
Hsien-Chun Tsai Exploring the Impacts of Value and Environmental Consciousness on Intention to Use Circular Economy Websites Information Management 2017-06-27
Sin-cih Syu The Impact of Big Data Privacy Risks and Information Privacy Concerns on User Disguises Information Management 2017-06-27
Yin-Hao Chang Using System Simulation Technique to Solve the Problems of Storage Planning for the Medical Grade Titanium Metals at the Distribution center Information Management 2017-07-06
Jia-Liang Guo Process Discovery using Rule-Integrated Trees Hidden Semi-Markov Models Information Management 2017-07-14
Chih-Hao Hsieh The Henyu Company – A Case Study of Charging Service Provider for Electric Cars Information Management 2017-07-16
Yi-syuan Ke Forecast the M&A targets in IT industry using Support Vector Machine Information Management 2017-07-17
Yi-Chun Liu Applying Clustering to Analyze Bidding Behaviors and Shill Bidding in Online Auction Information Management 2017-07-29
Yen-chun Lin The Research on the Prediction of Enterprise Customer Churn on Voice Services Information Management 2017-08-01
Jia-Wun Cai Finding Potential Business through Text Mining Techniques Based on Automotive Industry Information Management 2017-07-21
Che-wen Ku Topic Recommendation and Discovery based on Matrix Factorization Information Management 2017-07-19
JHE-WEI WU Applying Convolution Neural Network in Deep Learning to Predict on Stock Trading Strategy Information Management 2017-08-16
Wei-cheng Su “Coding Peekaboom” Game-Based Programming Semantic Tagging System Information Management 2017-07-24
Ting-yi Hung A Multiple-Case Study of University Alumni Angel Investors Information Management 2017-08-11
Ting-bo Liu Effect of Different Motivations for Organizational Adoption of Information Technologies Information Management 2017-08-16
Sin-yi Lin Effect of Time Pressure on Consumer’s Purchase Intention: A Neuroscience Study Information Management 2017-08-18
Tsu-An Lin A Deep Learning Based Natural Language Conversation System: Studies on Financial Datasets Information Management 2017-08-16
Hsin-Pei Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Criminal Investigation Data Processing Systems Model Information Management 2017-07-30
Pin-yu Lin Not Just Devices,We are Partners-Effects of Different APP Characteristics on Intimacy Information Management 2017-08-18
Hao-Cheng Chang The effects of real-time anxiety-adaptive prompting strategies on English communication outcomes Information Management 2017-08-18
Yu-Jen Tsao The effect of Information Security Management System in Hospitals on the Maturity of Information Security Information Management 2017-08-17
Hsiu-ying Lin Identifying Potential Adverse Drug Events from Tweets Information Management 2017-08-21
Yu-Ting Chang Chien A Study of Impulsive Bidding on Facebook Live Auction Information Management 2017-08-17
Ya-ting Jhang A forecasting model to predict business performance trend by combining textual information and financial ratios Information Management 2017-08-24
I-ru Lin From promotion to purchase: The mediating effect of perceived value and moderating effect of player types. Information Management 2017-08-29
Po-Chia Liao A decision support framework for mergers and acquisitions to leverage business core competency Information Management 2017-08-29
Jun-Yu Jhu The Effect of Augmented Reality with Scaffolding Assistance on Learning English Idioms Information Management 2017-08-30
Guan-Ying Wu The Effects of Speech Recognition and Corrective Feedback on English Speaking Ability in a Game-Based Learning Environment Information Management 2017-08-31
Pan-pan Cheng An Eye-tracking and User Experience Study of Color In Questionnaire Interface Design Information Management 2017-09-05
Tian-you Wang The influence of project orgnization structure and software development model in software company on the selection of project management information system Information Management 2015-07-25
Shu-Ping Tsai Exploring social roles and review behaviors in an online community Information Management 2017-08-29
Wen-lin Lan The Effect of Culture on Users’ First Impression and Behavior for Websites’ Visual Complexity Information Management 2017-08-19
Pin-Jui Chen Success Factors of B2B Cross-Border E-Commerce Information Management 2017-09-15
Shao-Hua Ho Study on Architecture-Oriented Meter Charge Management Model Information Management 2017-09-12
Yi-Yun Chen The Intervention Effects of the Mindfulness Training App on Smartphone Usage Behavior Information Management 2017-09-12
Hung-Chun Lin Exploring the Impact of Switching Motivation and Switching Cost on Regret and Following Consequences Information Management 2017-09-12
Yu-Wen Hung The Role of Control and Collective Regulatory Focus on IS Projects Information Management 2017-09-12
Pei-Chun Ding A Study on the Application of Google Cardboard to Game-Based Self-Organized Learning Environments Information Management 2017-09-14
Cheng-Jui Chang Cuisine Discovery based on Recipe-Ingredient Network and Matrix Factorization Information Management 2017-09-13
Chia-Wen Chen The Effects of Content of Food Image and Social Influence on Like Click Behavior– A Case of Instagram Information Management 2017-09-14
Pan-Jo Chuang Ransomware Detection by Monitoring I/O Requests Information Management 2017-09-20
Yao-qing Huang LDA-Based Personalized recommendation for Airbnb Information Management 2017-10-19
Yu-ching Chang A Multiple-Case Study of Entrepreneurial Characteristics Information Management 2017-08-19
Meng-yuan Chiang The impact on answering time, response rate and user experience of using color on web survey Information Management 2017-11-25
Er-hsuan Hu A Study of Applying Virtual Reality Cardboard to Elementary Music Education Information Management 2018-01-06
Chia-Yu Lai The Prediction of Software Patent Claim Eligibility and Patent Value using Text-mining Techniques Information Management 2018-01-16
Yuan-ting Yang A Comparison of Cross Border E-Commerce between Taiwan and China: Analysis and Model Development Information Management 2017-11-13
Cheng-fang Tsai Exploring the Impacts of Online Social Support on Isolated IS personnel – An Example of A Non-profit Organization Information Management 2018-01-15
Sin-Jie Wang Using Signaling Theory to Understand the Impact of Information Disclosure on Online Consulting Service Growth Information Management 2018-01-17
TZU-WEI HUNG Study on Architecture-Oriented Digital Music Blockchain Model Information Management 2018-02-08
Yi-Ching Wu Research on How to Create Customer Value and Increase Purchase Intention after Applying Virtual Reality Technology to Distribution Channel Information Management 2018-02-12
BIN-YUAN LU Applying RFID Technology to Construct Automated Pig Farming System - A Case Study to Improve Sow Barns Information Management 2018-02-23
Jie-ting Jiang A public opinion observer for the social media sphere - Using Facebook news fan pages as an example Information Management 2018-02-23
Chiung-Wen Lo A Study of iMobile-Expense Action Expenses APP Service Gaps By The Application of The PZB Model - With A Case Study Of The U2 Company Information Management 2018-02-23
Che-Yi Chu The Research Service Quality of Patrol Management System Import - With A Case Study of the F Company Information Management 2018-02-23
Pei-Zheng Zheng Two Case Studies of Taiwan Woman Entrepreneurs Information Management 2018-03-21
Tzu-wei Fu Explore the Determinants of Backer's Refund on Crowdfunding Projects from Psychological Contract Breach Perspective Information Management 2018-04-03
Shih-yu Wang Bounce back from adverse events: Exploring team resilience and its antecedents in information system projects Information Management 2018-04-03
Hsiang-Chih Chang Utilizing Theory of Constraints to Improve the Implementation of Manufacturing Executive System-A Case Study for T Company Information Management 2018-04-26
Ching-Yi Chang A Methodology for developing web application by using MVC model and MDA approach Information Management 2018-05-07
Yung-Cheng Hsu Using Decision Tree Algorithm for the Detection and Decision Rule Construction of Defect on Dispensing Process Information Management 2018-05-29
Wei-ju Tu The Study of the Repurchase Intention of Cloud Virtual Machine’s Leasing Service for IaaS Cloud Provider Information Management 2018-05-26
Huang Chun-Sheng Study on Architecture-OrientedPersonnel Dispatch Management Systems Model Information Management 2018-04-24
Yuan-I Tsai Study on Architecture-Oriented Smart Inspection Systems Model Information Management 2018-06-15
Cheng-Hsien Tsou Study on Architecture-Oriented Smart Personal Health Management Systems Model Information Management 2018-06-14
Hsuan-Hao Perng Using team agility as a mediator to explore the impact of team quotients on team creativity and performance Information Management 2018-06-15
Fu-Hsiung Tu Study on Architecture–Oriented Far Sea Fishery Business Activity Monitor Systems Model Information Management 2018-05-14
Li Wei-Chi Understanding the Drivers of the Continuance Intention of Airbnb Hosts from the Expectation Confirmation Theory Information Management 2018-06-25
Yang Lin Research on Architecture-Oriented Police Station Service Model Information Management 2018-04-24
Shih-Hsiao Peng A Study of Backers’ Complaining Behavior in Unsuccessfully Delivered Crowdfunding Projects Information Management 2018-06-26
Chun Cheng The Value Creation of E-Commerce Ecosystems in Rural China–A Perspective of Systems Theory Information Management 2018-06-28
Pei-Yu Chen Using social media marketing strategies and practices in hospital Information Management 2018-07-13
Hsin-Wu Tsai Extending Knowledge in Different Languages with the Deep Learning Model for a Chinese Q-A System Information Management 2018-07-16
Hao-Yi Wang The Impacts of Image Contexts on Dialogue Systems Information Management 2018-07-17
Hann-Chreng Sheu Using System Simulation to Improve the Efficiency of the Room Cleaning Workforce Dispatching Decision for the Tourist Hotels Information Management 2018-07-18
CHIA-HUA LU Research on Using Online Sharing Economy Platform – A Case of Codementor Information Management 2018-07-18
Chong-Ning Cheng The Impact of Moral Disengagement and its Antecedent Variables on Negative Word-of-Mouth Information Management 2018-07-18
Zong-Lin Li Factors Influencing Organizational Intention to Adopt Blockchain Technology Information Management 2018-07-20
Yan-Bo Chiou A data-driven approach to recognize human daily living activity Information Management 2018-07-20
Yan-Ye Lin A Study of The Effect of Information Security Advocacy Information Management 2018-06-23
Jia-Rong Yang The Methodology of The Traceability Links Between Structured Document Model and Code: A Case study of A Company Information Management 2018-06-28
Ming-jung Liang Design and Evaluation of an Educational Robot and IoT-based Toy Integrated System Information Management 2018-07-26
YI-CHEN HSIEH Apply Knowledge Management in Information System Version Revision :A Case Study of A Company’s System Importing Information Management 2018-07-21
Shu-Chuan Kuo Research on the Relationship between Conversion Team and Customer Service Quality Information Management 2018-07-23
Yao-Cheng Chan The influence of information transparency and presentation format on a review sequence recommendation: an eye-tracking study in the context of programming learning Information Management 2018-07-31
Tou-Hsiang Hsu A Research On Cross-Lingual Topic Analysis Information Management 2018-07-24
Seng-Choon Kuah On the Construction of a Text Mining Workflow System Information Management 2018-08-01
Ta-Wei Hou Factors Affecting Investors’ Intention to use Robo-advisors Information Management 2018-08-08
Yung-Chieh Chou Automatic Term Explanation based on Topic-regularized Recurrent Neural Network Information Management 2018-08-10
Yin-cheng Huang The Effects of the Badminton Teaching–Assisted System Using Wearable Technology to Enhance University Students’ Learning Performance of Badminton Skills - the Case Study of Smash Information Management 2018-08-14
I-HSIU LIN The Effects of Using Socratic Hint to Enhance Critical Thinking Skill of Elementary 4th Grade Students Information Management 2018-08-10
Pu-wei Tung Using Deep Learning Method Based on Short Text Classification to Track Emotions of Conversations Information Management 2018-08-14
Ya-Jie Huang Detection of Drug-Disease Interactions for Acute Kidney Injury using Deep Rule Forests Information Management 2018-08-16
Chia-Min Lin Position Estimation of an Underwater Vehicle Using Ranges from One Transponder Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-08-21
Da-wei Tsai Edge Wave Analysis around Taiwan during Chilean and Eastern Japan Tsunami Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-09-04
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Ssu-yu Chen Development of chirp sonar system and Its application Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-11-25
Yu-ying Lien Acoustic Propagation Effect due to Subaqueous Sand Dunes in the South China Sea Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-12-03
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Li-ting Huang The effect of physical environmental factors and bottom substrates on coral reefs coverage rate at Penghu Southern Four Islands Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-07-28
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Ming-Mou Hsieh The study of sound propagation effect induced by surface duct Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-09-07
Chia-ying Lin Image-Based Servo Control System of 5-DOF Underwater Hydraulic Manipulator Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-09-02
Kuang-Yun Li Uncertainty analysis of acoustical normal incidence reflection from seabed Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-01-14
Hsiao-Tan Huang A numerical study on the impact of internal waves on biogeochemistry in Dongsha area Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-01-28
Xiao-hua Wang Inversion of Seabed Seismic Noise in Nearshore of Northeastern Taiwan Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-02-19
Tzu-Wei Huang Analysis on the mechanisms of freak wave by using field data in northeastern Taiwan seashore Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-02-18
Chun-fu Chen Improved Design of the Abyss Twisted-pair Imaging System Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-08-09
Zhen-hao Su Characteristics of temperature drops around Dongsha Atoll Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-09-05
Kuo-feng Chien Ambient Noise Analysis of Internal Wave of Sand Dune Region in North South China Sea Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-11-10
Hui-ju Chen Study on Effect of Surface Wave no Vertical Acoustic Propagation Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-11-18
Shao-yu HUNG The Study of Acoustic Propagation Variability in South China Sea Subaqueous Sand Dunes Environment Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-11-25
Hsi-He Chen Evaluation of Surface Localization and Underwater Communication Systems for the IUT AUV Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-01-23
Xiang-rong Luo Test of the Differential Pressure Gauge Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-02-10
Kuang-Chung Hsiao Applying Laser Line Scanning to Hydrodynamic Parameter Identification of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-07-03
Deng-Chau Shiu Positioning of Underwater Towed Vehicles from Image Feature Matching Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-07-12
Hsiu-pin Lin The study of Acoustic Propagation in Dongsha Atoll Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-08-03
Bi-hua Lin Relationship of sea state and ship maneuvering in Kaohsiung second port Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-01-30
Yu-ming Su Hardware Architecture for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Testbed Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Tsung-Hsuan Ho Performance Evaluation of the Image Feature-Based Algorithm for Underwater Positioning Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Chyun-Cheng Wang Design of Motion Simulation System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Testbed Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Pei-cheng Wu Design of Hardware Systems for a Mobile Underwater Vehicle in Combination with a Depressor Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Bo-Shen Huang Design of an Automatic Push Corer Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Chen Wei-ru The Study of Using Ambiguity Function in Underwater Target Detection Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-04-12
Hou Tien-En Time Delay in the Communication Network of a Mobile Underwater Vehicle in Combination with a Depressor Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-06-07
Kai-Jhih Yang Convolutional Neural Network with Multilinear Principal Component Analysis for medical image classification Institute Of Applied Mathematics 2018-07-03
Lun-Kang Liu The Analysis and Forecasting of the Bitcoin Return Institute Of Applied Mathematics 2018-07-03
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Ho-wan zo Structure-function study of L-lactate dehydrogenase and molecular systematics of five turtle species Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2001-07-10
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Chun-fu Wang The application of phage display technique in oral cancer treatment Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-06-23
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Hsin-Fan Chien Gene Transfer of Angiogenesis Inhibitor Vasostatin for Suppression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-08-22
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Hsiu-chen Tsai A study of the effects of preparation on the activation and function of platelets Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-08-25
Kuo-chan Horng E2F1 Up-regulates STMN1 in Hepatocelluar Carcinomas Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-08-28
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Chang-Yu Wang Clinical Significance of C-Reactive Protein Concentration in the Serum of Esophageal Cancer Patients Treated with Radiotherapy Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-12-24
Hsiung-Yi Huang CREB site in the EMP2 proximal promoter region is critical for its transcription Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-12-27
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Wan-ling Chen Association of Nucleotide Excision Repair Genes with the Risk and Prognosis for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-02-11
Yen-Shun Liao Study the functional region involves in targeting of KChIP1 to membrane Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-07-15
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Yi-Ten Chiu Association of Genetic Polymorphisms of Inflammatory Related Cytokines with the Risk of Oral Precancer Lesions and Oral Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-07-16
Yu-chen Tsao A Prospective Small Volume Albumin Therapy in Cirrhosis and Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis Treatment Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-07-30
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Wen-han Cheng The Molecular Mechanism of Angiotensin II on Cardiovascular Regulation in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-06
Chia-Hsien Lin The Anti-Cancer Mechanism of Cyclin D1-Ablative Drug on Breast Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-14
Lai-Hsin Kuo HDGF Up-regulation Enhances the Invasive Capability and Metastatic Potential of Melanoma Cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-14
Kun-jing Hong Phosphorylation of Sp1 enhances HDAC1 recruitment to inhibit RECK expression Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-27
Teng-yi Chen Differential expression of DNMT3L in azoospermia patient testes Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-09-03
Cheng-ching Wang Association of Polymorphisms of Oxidant-related Genes, Plasma Total Antioxidant Capacity, and Dietary Antioxidant Intakes with the Risk of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-09-05
Yi-Chern Lee Role of the Sp1-pVHL- HIF-1 α Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-09-01
Yi-lin Hsieh The cPGDS induces LHB expression in primary culture of hen anterior pituitary cells via the PPAR signaling pathway Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-02-09
Jenn-rong Yang Establishment of GFP-expressing porcine embryonic stem cell lines and application there of in the rat Parkinson’s disease model Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-06-16
Jian-yuan Huang Investigation of the Homeobox (HOX) gene expression in human gastric carcinogenesis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-06-23
Jyun-yan Huang Chemical modification of lysine residues and α-amino group affects the mechanism of Naja naja atra cardiotoxin 3 on damaging phospholipid vesicles Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-06-30
Sheng-che Ding The contribution of non-native structure with recombinant cobrotoxin to its immunoreactivity toward anti-cobrotoxin antibodies Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-06-30
Wen-min Chou Studies on the inhibitory activity of Bungarus multicinctus PILPs on matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-07-01
Tsung-hsien Lee The efficacy of verapamil on the drug efflux pumps of hepatocarcinoma cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-07-06
Chien-wei Chen Down-regulation of Jab1 by ER stress in Hep3B hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-07-27
Tzu-Lei Kuo Proteomic Analysis of Membrane Fraction of Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells in Response to Early Enterovirus 71 Infection Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-07-28
Yi-Jia Liu Study of Kazal motifs of RECK protein on MMP-2 and MMP-9 activity and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-06
Chi-hsiang Chiang Inhibition of sialylation of beta1 integrin and CXCR4 by a lithocholic acid-based sialyltransferase inhibitor suppresses cancer metastasis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-11
Siang-ru Chen The Molecular Mechanism of Nicotine on Cardiovascular Regulation in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-26
Tsung-jen Lai Association of IL-10 Promoter Genetic Polymorphisms with the Risk of Kawasaki Disease and Development of Acute Coronary Artery Lesions Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-28
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Yan-Chang Huang Investigation of the sumoylation sites of senseless Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-09-08
Ling-Yi Huang The HINT1 and HINTW responsive element(s) in WDR36 proximal promoter region Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-09-17
Guan-Hsien Lee Molecular epidemiology of norovirus gastroenteritis in children Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-01-19
Ya-wen Ho Proteomic analysis of hemodialysis tube binding proteins Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-01-20
Hui-wen Liu Studies on the Underlying Mechanisms of GTN-induced Cell Cycle Arrests in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Derived Cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-02-09
Yu-ting Huang Goniothalamin Induceed DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Derived Cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-02-09
Sz-yang Huang Identification of target genes of SMAD4 signaling network inhibit pancreatic tumor metastasis and chemoresistance Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-07-08
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Miin Shih Factors affecting the willingness of receiving colorectal cancer screening and colonoscopy among older adults Institute of Health Care Management 2009-02-06
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Pin-jung Pan Explore the Influences of Comorbidity on the Health Care Utilizations among Elderly with Chronic Disease: Example of Diabetes Mellitus patients Institute of Health Care Management 2009-06-22
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David Vi Lu The comparison of prevalence, medical expenditure and related factors between open appendectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-12
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Yih-shang Tsai The comparison of cost-effectiveness between Laryngeal Mask and Endotracheal. Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-20
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Jui-Min Hsieh An Evaluation of Service Quality of Diagnostic Radiology - A Case Study of A Regional Teaching Hospital Institute of Health Care Management 2012-06-11
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Hui-chen Lai A Survey of General Public’s Cognition, Attitudes and Behavior toward Hospice Institute of Health Care Management 2013-02-05
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Bing-chang Cheng The Reserch of Police Affair Journalists against Workplace Violence in Tainan City Institute of Marketing Communication 2017-10-12
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Nan-si Li Magnetic Liquid for Rapid Detection of CA19-9 and MUC1 in Pancreatic Cancer Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2017-08-28
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Ji-Wei Lin Selection of the most informative schemes for multi-locus sequence typing Institute Of Medical Science And Technology 2018-07-31
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Lei-Ann Huang A Preliminary study on medium-selections and consuming experiences of Taiwanese men’s sex tourism Institute of Sociology 2013-02-05
Ya-Ju Tsai Becoming Organizers: Careers and Praxis of Labor Movement Organizers Institute of Sociology 2013-02-07
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Kuo-Tung Luo Solidarity in Risky Seafaring Life: A Preliminary Study of Taiwanese Seafarers’ Culture Institute of Sociology 2013-09-03
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Yi-Wen Tu Structuring the Family roles and Masculinities: A migration biography of a Man in Taiwanese Fishing Family Institute of Sociology 2015-03-02
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Chien-hung Lo An Action Analysis of Old House Reuse in Tainan City Institute of Sociology 2015-08-13
Hsin-I Lin The Genderization of Risks in Traveling: the Imagination and Practice of Female Backpackers Institute of Sociology 2015-07-16
Wei-long Huang The Study of the Southern Stars Plan : An Environmental Justice Perspective Institute of Sociology 2015-09-07
Moo-Lin Tsai Parkour:From practice of body to practice of everyday life. Institute of Sociology 2015-11-02
Wen-yen Zheng Gender and Property Inheritance under Social Chang‏e ─A Case Study of a Fishing Village in Cijin Institute of Sociology 2015-11-18
Shu-Wei Kuo Everyday Life Practice and Resistance in Urban under Post-industrial Strategy:A Case Study of Cijin Tourism Development Institute of Sociology 2015-12-28
Kuei-Chia Lai Participatory Budgeting with Chinese Characteristics : A Case Study of MinHang District Institute of Sociology 2016-01-07
Cheng-yang Jhuang Depict of Recent Taiwan Student Actors’ Organization Institute of Sociology 2016-02-17
Shi-Han Chen Whose Population Policy- The Transformation of Technocracy Institute of Sociology 2016-06-29
Chiung-Fen Chang Who’s Participatory Budget? The Co-competition between the elite bureaucracy and the civil community in Guangdong Shunde Institute of Sociology 2016-02-01
Yun-Ya Su Imagination and Practice of Ecotourism: Ecotourism Study of Haulien Institute of Sociology 2016-09-05
Yi-jia Su From a "tabooed" body to an "appropriate" body: an analysis of funeral director’s labor process Institute of Sociology 2017-02-15
Po-Ying Tseng The narrative research of adversity experiences of people with Tourette syndrome Institute of Sociology 2017-07-14
Kuan-Hung Lin The Practice of Alternative Agro-Food Network ─ A Case Study of the Food and Farming Education in Longdu Elementary School Institute of Sociology 2017-09-08
Po-Jiun Kuo Different atypical employment forms: The Changing Work Scenario of Newspaper Delivery persons in Kaohsiung Institute of Sociology 2017-09-12
Yi-Hua Chen The Relationship between Motherhood and Environmental movement Institute of Sociology 2017-09-17
Thi-Trinh Nguyen The Employment History and Stigma Management of Migrant Female Vietnamese Masseuses Institute of Sociology 2018-02-22
Hsiao-Jun Su The Ethnic Intermarriage of Japanese Era in Ta-she and She-ko (1905-1945) Institute of Sociology 2018-02-22
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Yen-Hua Chen The Economic Analysis of Public Goods with NIMBY Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-09
I-Chuan Lin The Effect on the Financial Market Develop from the Perspective of the Mainland China's State-owned Property Right Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-10
none none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-10
none none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-11
Ren-Shou Yu On the Chinese Stated-Owned Enterprises' Reform in the Post-Communism Perspective Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-12
Kuo-Chi Wu The security relations between Southeast Asia and China in the Post-Cold War era Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-14
Chin-Fu Hung Study of Political Regime Reform in the CCP's Fifteenth Congress Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-15
Shih Shen-Chen Essays on Economic Politics Analysis of Government Behavior and Policy-Making Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-06-21
Tsueyfen Liaw The Study of the Justice Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-06-21
Hsu-Chieh Ching none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-05
Yuan-Chia Wang Indonesia’s Bureaucratic Capitalism during Suharto Time: A Political-Economy Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-10
Jia-wen Wu none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-12
Hsin-Yu Wu Capital Mobility in Developing Countries: The Case of Korea and Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-12
Chih-Sheng Chang none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-26
jau-hwa chen none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-27
Huang-Hsiao Ping none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-28
Tien-Sheng Tsai A study on human resource management of Nonprofit-organization's volunteers -variance:satisfication of management , Organizational commitment - Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-01-16
Bobby Ritter Foreign Managers and the Joint Venture in China Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-01-31
Kwonho, Lee Mainland China's foreign policy in the Korean Peninsula: a dialectical analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-02-19
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Li-Ping Tsai The research of form on foreign worker policy in taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-06-14
Chiu-Hung Cheng Study on Empirical Verification of the Responsibility of National Compensation -Using the Issues of National Compensation of Kaohsiung City Government as Examples Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-06-30
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Chue-Chen Chung China's Strategy toward Taiwan in the Post-Cold-War Period (1989-2000) Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-04
KO-WEN SHUE Macaw case study- the exploration into relation of central and local government under “one country, two system.” Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-06
Ying-Fang Yang none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-09
Guo San-Yi none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-09
Ming-Haw Wu The Research of Local Self-government and Judicial Review–Focusing on Interpretation of the Constitution Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-11
Chung Chu-hsong From the Point of Cultural Harmonization, Analyze the Humanistic Thoughts of Confucianism and Young Marx Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-17
chen-chin ching none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-17
Chin-Lai Wang A Study of Leadership Behaviors of Directors in Kaohsiung City Government Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-20
Yao-Kuang Ho A Study on Strategic of ROC Navy in South-China-Sea Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-30
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Yung-Chiang Shiu none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-08-22
Ji-Yeu Sheu none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-08-30
Tien-Chu Tsai Centralism and Localism: A Comparative Study on Local Elite’s Attitude Across Taiwan Straits Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-09-04
YI-CHUN CHOU none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-09-13
Chang Li-Yu The studies on Legislators' Oath-The Case Stusy of Oath of The Third session of Legislators' Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-10-25
hu-chu chung none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-10-31
Hui-Wen Hsieh Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-01-29
YU-HSUEH CHIANG A Study of Work Value and Turnover Intention of linical Nurses at Tainan Regional Hospitals Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-01-28
Ying-Lan Hsiao The Comparison of Authoritarian Corporatism in Taiwan and Indonesia Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-02-04
Mei-Sheue Liang none Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-02-05
Po-Yi Li A Study of Fiscal Policy in Taiwan during the Era of Chiang Ching-Kuo from 1972-1988 Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-06-05
Shin-Mong Lin none Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-06-25
Sheng-YI hsu A study on Supply and Demand of Aquaculture Market and Marketing Strategy Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-03
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Li-Chung Chen The Employment Reasons and Behaviors For The Handicappeds in Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
Yueh-Rong Wu A Study of Public Housing Policy in Singapore Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
DA-KAI WU A Study of Rice Industry in Taiwan Based on WTO Agreement Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
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Chen-Yi Tsai WTO and State Autonomy: In Case of China Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-14
Hui-Ching Yu The Disintegration of the Soviet Union: A Study of the Variable of Nationalism Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-03
Kung-Ying Lee A Study on the Regulation of Insurance Organization in China Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-12
Meei-Hwa Jeng Service Quality on Computerization of Residence Administration - An Empirical Study of Kangshan Area Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-16
Ya-Hsin Kao The Religious Discipline Organization Participation and Belief Process :Pu-hsin Temple of Fo-Gwang-Shan Individual Case Research Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-24
chinpen yen The Economic Relationship Between ASEAN and China:A Viewpoint of Integration Theory Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-29
Ching-Fang Lu A Study of Consumption Identification-A Case of the Starbucks Coffee Chain stores in Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-30
Ya-Chen Chiang A comparative study of the one - china policy during the eras of Chiang Khai-Shek and Chiang Ching-Kuo Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-08-08
Cheng-Tsung Lin none Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-08-15
Wan-Ping Tai Ethnoplitics in Indonesia:the Perceptive in Religious, Region, and Race Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-15
Lung-Sen Chen The Question Concerning Contemporary Technoscientific Rationality Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-21
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CHIH-FENG CHEN The research in organization of national health insurance Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-21
Chiung-Hui lee The adjustment of the Kaohsiung district change-from the New Institution Economics viewpoint Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-27
Puw Lee The States System under Globalizations Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-02-18
Chiou-Chung Shih The Role of Community Health Management Center in the Kaohsiung city Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-06-17
Wen-Yu Juan The Study of Chinese Strategy for Development of The Chinese Western Region(1979-2002) Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-06-21
Simon Huang A Sutdy on the Model of Merrital Asymmetric and Inframarginal Analysis in the Chinese Society Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-06-25
Yan-Yu Shi The Effects of Foreign Ivestment On Taiwan Stock Returns Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-08
Chien-Chia Liu Chinese Brides in Taiwan: a perspective of Sociology Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-09
Chin-Wei Ting The Politics Of Water Resources In Southren Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-15
Chia-Fen Lee The problem of China’s Banking industry Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-17
Chi-Wei Yu A Study on Industry Reconstruction Strategy in Area of 921 Earthquake Disaster. Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-22
YEN-LIN LIN The analysis of gender consciousness ideology of social science materials in the Elementary school Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-22
Chin-Tsang Tsao A Study of Plebiscite and Referendum in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-23
Chen-Tung Wang The Revolution in Military Affairs and Air Power Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-24
Yu-Hui Wu A Study of Parental Guardianship Suspension Application by Child Protection Social Workers Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-30
Chung-Fu Lin Critical Analyses on Pre-Civil War Secessionist Movement As Viewed by the Editorial Commentaries of US Southern-Northern Press Corp Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-31
Anlin Jent A Study of interpersonal Relationships,Self-Esteem,and Institutional Attachment Among Elderly Living in Residential Homes Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-08-06
Kuo-Kuang Yang Revolution in Military Affairs and Army Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-08-12
Chih-hsiang Chen The Reassessment of Real Exchange Rate-The Case of OECD Countries. Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-08-26
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Chien-Hua Chen The Economic Analysis of R&D Strategies-The Mechanism Design of Incomplete R&D Cooperative Contract Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-10-28
Ming-te Cheng A Study of DPP's Factionalism Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-12-23
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KE-QIANG ZHENG Study On the Movement of Secessionism In Tibet Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-02-23
Jyh-shyen Sun An Analysis on Economies of Scale and Scope of Port Operations for the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-04-28
Din-gwo Yeh Taiwan's National Security - A Research of International Relations Theory under the Constructivism Viewpoint Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-06-23
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Hirofumi Oji Banana industry organization and operation Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-08-02
Jui-hsing Chiu Non-profit Organizations in “Plan of Expanding Employment” : Great Kaohsiung regions Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-08-20
Hsiao-ying Yao The Residential Preferences of Retiring Public Scool Teachers in Kaohsiung. Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-08-22
Dong-long Lin Social Control of Medical Malpractice:A Sociological Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-09-05
Huei-shew Lu How Altruism and Egoism Determines the Likelihood of Domestic Violence in Marital Conflicts Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-09-09
Ren-shou Yu A Study on Beijing’s Struggle Against Washington and Moscow, 1949-1969 Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-09-08
Ching-ming Chang Essays on Soft Budget Constraints、Top- Management Compensation、Ownership Structure and Banking Governance Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-09-27
Chia-Jia Hung Social-Economy Approach toward Social Capital, Trust and Industrial Clustering Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-10-16
Hsueh-pei yu A Sociological Analysis of National Holidays in Taiwan from 1950 to 2004 Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-12-01
Po-wen Tsai Deconstructing "The Invisible Hand" Discourse: An Essay on Reflections in Economic Methodology Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-11
Chen-sheng Chen Construction of correctional behaviors by correctional officers and students in correctional school Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-18
Ming-Huei Tsai The Change of Post-war Local Political ecology in Penghu Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-24
Bo-Jang Huang Educational Expectation, Activity Participation, and Socioeconomic Status of Junior High School Students. Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-27
Chu-li Chen Labeling Theory and the Care-giving Experiences of Mental Retarded Adults : From the Perspective of Mothers Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-26
Kuo-Feng Kao The Interdependence of Business Cycles among G7 Countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-31
Chun-Hsiung Wang Governance, Local Decentralization and Regional Economic Development Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-31
chia chi The Revisit of Real Exchange Rates---The Case of East Asian Countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-31
Yu-tsung Lu Dispersion and Integration of Social Capital Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-31
Cheng-hua Hsiang The Study to “Right to Education” of the R.O.C. Constitution Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-02-03
Liou-chiao Wu An Analysis of the Factors and Treatments of Spousal Violence Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-02-17
Songok Han Globalization on Trial: The Politics of The Asian Crisis Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-04-28
Chih-Sheng Cheng Vietnam’s Economical Transition and Political Development: A Perspective of State Theory Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-05-10
Chin-hsiang Liu Role Performance of Employment Counselors for Mentally Retarded in Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-03
Tsai-Cheng Wu Adminstration Study on the Management of Taiwan Radio Industry. Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-16
Tzun-Han Lin National Security Strategy of Australia , 1991~2004 Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-18
An-Fu Lai party politics Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-20
I-Hung Chen Health Capital and Economic Growth–A Case of United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-24
Hsin-Hsin CHEN A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Leadership Role and the Accumulation of Social Capital: A Study of Three Communities in Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-24
Chun-chieh Weng The Second People’s Power Revolution in the Philippines: The Re-emergence of Oligarchy Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-29
Wei-li Lin The Relationship between Taiwan’s Political Change and Educational Policy:A Hegemonic perspective Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-18
Hui-ting Kuo A Study of the Family Socio-Economic Status, the School and After-School Activities, and the Personality Development of Senior Elementary School Students Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-04
CHEN YING The Work Commitment of Government Ethic Officers. Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-05
Jhong-yu Sie A Study on the Policy and Institution of Real Estate Trust in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-06
Hui-Tsun Yang The study of the investment strategy of the foreign banks in China Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-12
Hui-min Chen Women under Wartime Mobilization in Taiwan(1950~1958) Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-11
Ching-Ju Chang The Study of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuation - The Case of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-19
Yu-wen Lin A research of regulations on poverty issues Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-17
Chin-Feng Wu High School Teachers’ Cognitions and Participating Intentions Toward Teachers’ Union Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-22
Hui-Chiung Su The Influence of International Business Cycles to the Taiwanese Economy Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-22
CHIH- TSAN LI Destruction Fire Operation —A Study on the Compensation Responsibility of Authorized Use and of Objects Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-25
Meng-chi Hsieh Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations -Regional Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Hui-yi Hsieh Taiwan’s Industrialization during the Late Japan’s Occupation Period (1931~1945) Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Ching-wen Chen The relationship between the government and enterprises in Taiwan 1988-2004 Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Chi-Hung Lai Institutional Analysis and Innovation on Enactment of Peasant Health Insurance Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-25
mo-Yang Su The Study of Kaohsiung County's Disaster Rescue and Prevention System Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-27
Shou-yen Chen The Analysis of Large-Scale TFT-LCD Industry’s Competitiveness of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-27
Sue-ping Lai The Cause of Current Account Deficit of The United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-28
Shang-yi Pan The Analysis of Current Account Fluctuations of Taiwan ─ the Case of Short-run and Long-run Perspectives Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-26
Jian-hung Lin The study of Dispute Settlement Body between Exective and Legislative - The effects of Referendum legislated in 2003 Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-31
Lee Chung The privatization of Taiwan Sugar corporation Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-29
TE-CHIN LEE A study of the Rank-and-file Police Officers’ Job Involvement, Job Stress, Job Satisfaction and Turnover propensity-Taken the Rank-and-file Police Officers of Kaohsiung County Police as an Example Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-01
Yi-Ping Huang Economy Crises: The Case Study of Asian Financial Turmoil Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-09
Meei-ya Chow A Study of Liang Qi-Chao’s Economic Thoughts Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-01
Han-yu Chin A Study of Migration Behavior of San-Ying Tribe in Taipei County Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-29
Yao-wen Kuo Police Temporary Search and Due Process of Law Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-29
Hsing-yi Yuan none Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-09-05
Biau Lee An Exploration of Taiwan's Media Industry Development and Multi-Business Strategic Analysis-EMG Case Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-12-02
Tzu-Ting Huang The Social Welfare Policy of Singapore: An Analysis of State Corporatism Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-12-31
Zchong-phei Su Dominance and Resistance-A Comparison of “Free China” and “Formosan Magazine” Events Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-01-16
Tsung-jen Wu Elite Participation and Social Capital In Community Action Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-01-16
Te-Chuan Chang Women’s Roles in Taiwanese New Cinema: After Twenty Years Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-01-18
Tsai-Tien Cheng The Influence of GEPT on the Promotion of Civil Servants:A Case Study of civil Servants of National Universities in Kaohsiung City. Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-16
Ju-lung Lee The Analysis of Rice Policy Reform in Taiwan since Its Accession to WTO Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-19
Kun-nan Chuang Economic Policy of China's Macro Adjustment and Controls Influence on Taiwan's Industry Development Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-26
Hsiao-Chu Tung From Labor Market Exclusion to Social Exclusion: A Sociological Analysis of Unemployed Workers Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-24
Chia-ling Chang A Study of Undergraduates City Credit Card Market in Kaohsiung. Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-27
Hsu-su Weng The comparative study of Taiwanese police system in the transition from 19th to 20th century. Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-28
Mei-yin Hu On the Transformatoin of KMT's Political Program, 1949-2005 Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-29
Ya-ting Lin The Distance and Borders on the Influence of Wage Differential in China Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-26
Zhi-jun Zeng Balance of Payments and Economic Growth: the Case of Brazil Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-07-17
Ching-chien Wu A Study Of Elementary School Extra Curricula Activities Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-07-25
Shih-chung Chen The Study of Mental Health of The Civil Servants in Kaohsiung City Government Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-01
Hsing-yi Wu An Empirical Application with Data Mining in the Construction of Predictive Model on Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-03
Hung-Chun Fang The Study of Chao Pho Politics in Thailand Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-09
Jui-Chi Han Relationship Between the Family Decision and the Migration of Residential Preferences: Analyses of the Spouse Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-14
Kuei-chen Wang Legal Analysis of Labor Pension Fund Sup-Committee Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-15
Yi-tung Wang 24 hoyrs a day,365 days a year,a resident staying longer than the patient--the hospital career of alien nursing work Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-18
Chaur-Ying Seau The Research of Hegel's Family Conception Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-22
Ching-Hua She The Research of Probationer and Parolee's Human Right Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-22
Shih-Chi Wu Independent Counsel and Independent Prosecutor System Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-23
Yuh-jen Lin The Effects of Emotional Labor on Job Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment in Hotels Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-01
Kuen-Tsing Shieh Research on Problem of Illegal Constructions in a City -- Take Kaohsiung City for Example Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-07
Ming-Sung Lee The Study of Explicit Delegation for Designated Management of the Pension Fund Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-07
Shu- Ling Huang A Study On Hair Regulations Systems For Junior High School Students Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-07
Po-lo Yu The Impact of Kaohsiung Port Privatization on Union Reconstruction under the Globalization Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-11
Chiou-huang Lin The provincial discriminating system in economic side and ethnicity construction by KMT regime Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-15
Jing-wei Liou The Study of Taiwan’s Economic and Trade Policies to Mainland China in Lee Teng-hui Periods (1988~2000) Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-02-06
Yi-Jun Du Causing Factors of Foreign Direct Investment ─ The Case of Japan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-02-06
Shiuh-Tarng Cheng Volunteering Mothers on Elementary School Campus---A Facilitator or Impediment for Educational Equality? Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-02-08
Li-ching Ching Development of Gender Equity Law:Argumentation between Patriarchy and Feminism Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-02-10
Chao-ming Li Discourses of Nationalism and Fine Arts in Taiwan 1949-2000-A Perspective of Political Aesthetics Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-02-14
Hui-chuan She The Study of Taiwan Agriculture and Country’s Sustainable Development Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-11
Chang Hsin-yi The Comparison of Operation Strategy in Hong Kong between Domestic Banks and Foreign Banks Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-16
Hung-Ling Shen An Empirical Assessment of Purchasing Power Parity Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
Yi-Shin Chen The Study of G7 Business Cycle Correlation Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
Hung-Ta Lin The Analysis of Market Efficiency—The Case of STAR Model Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
Yu-hsuan Chang The Effects of Customer Relationship Management of Credit Card on Customer Loyalty Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-14
Yu-han Chu Technological Spillovers via Foreign Investment and China’s Economic Development Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
Kai-wen Chen The Empirical assessment of Portfolio Balance Model Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-26
Yi-hua Lin Democratization and Social Classes: The Case of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-25
Yung-Ching Lin The Study on the Influence of the Consumer Behavior in Taiwan Traditional Tea-A Case Study of Kaohsiung Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-26
Chun-Ping Chang Political Business cycles in developed countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-27
Yung-Tz Chu Legal Liability of Medical Malpractice in the National Health Insurance Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-05
Chung-hua Song Elementary School Teacher's Disciplinary Behaviors And Criminal Liability Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-06
Chiang-Hung Lin A Service Quality and Satisfaction Study of Household Registration Offices in Communities of The Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-06
Guo-Fong Huang The Study of Executive Leadership Style in Relation to Employee Working Satisfaction: The Case Study from Household Registration System in The Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-06
Yeun-wen Wang A Study on Supervision and Administration of Private Participation in Major Transportation Facilities -the Case of Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit- Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-18
Chih-hao Huo The Research On Social Service Workers' Attitude of the Social Work Licensure in Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-19
Wei-lun Tang The Agenda-setting Behaviors of China Times and The Liberty Times during 2006 Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-23
Jui-Ling Chang The Study of Taiwan's Industrial Hollowing-out Effect – An In-depth Observation of Taiwanese Investment in China. Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-26
Han-ching Chang The Agency of the Social Organization of Taiwan Irrigation Associations Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-25
Hsiung-Hsiang Tu The Role of Police System in Taiwan’s Politics(1949-2005) Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-31
Chung-chang Liao The Study of Value-Added Tax of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-03
Hsien-lung Shen Common Shocks and the Business Cycle in Asian Countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-09
Ming-Haw Wu The study of social insurance and judicial review – focusing on National Health Insurance Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-14
Ya-ling Tsent The Study of the Effect of Taiwan's Industrial Structure Transition on Income Distribution. Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-17
Yu-min Li Basic Human Rights and the Epidemic Prevention Measure of the Dengue Fever Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-17
Chu-hui Wu The Effect of Taiwan Local Factions on Local Election—A Case Study on Fongsan City in Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-22
Yu-han Chiang The Acceptability of British Family-Friendly Policy in four Kaohsiung Banks. Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-22
Ruey-ming Yeh A Study in Essences and Functions of State with the State Theory from Hegel Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-29
Mei-hsiang Lin Analytical Comparison of Western Individualism and Chinese Confucianism Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-12-24
Yi-Jia Hsu The Prototype of Defense Strategy in India Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-12-29
Chin-tao wei A Study of the New Labor Pension System In Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-01-07
Yao-Kuang Ho The Maritime Order of Western Pacific Ocean Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-01-30
Hung-chieh Chang A Study on Content and application of Due Process of Law in Administrative Appeal Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-01
Chiung-Chi Tsai Administrative self-evaluation and the Civil Service Protection Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-14
Su-yu Chen Domestic Violence Protection Law and the Basic Human Rights Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-14
Kuo-chiang Liang Anti – corruption and National Competitiveness – A Case Study of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-14
Chia-Hui Chen A Research on the Developmental Tendency of Contemporary Chinese Marxism Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-03-13
Jing-hui Yeh The Research of Relationship among Emotional Labor,Impulsive Buying,Job-burnout and Self-Monitoring:The Case of First-Line Employees on Service Industry. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-03-26
Hsiang-chin Liang The Impact of Emotional Labor on Leisure Attitude: The Role of Self-efficacy and Leisure Motivation Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-05-07
Yueh-Chin Ma A Study of Vocational High School Students’ Emotional Intelligence, Self-Concept and Academic Performance: Also on The Influence of Homeroom Teacher’s Emotional Intelligence Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-12
Yuan-yuan Wang Shang Yang's Political Thought Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-18
Hsing-hua Hsu A Study of Administrative Division Adjustment in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-13
Chung-hsien Ou The Study of the Merge of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County-A Perspective of Organization Reengineering Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-23
Shu-hua Wu The Influence of Rational Choice on Juvenile Delinquency: Social Bond as Mediator and Demographic Characteristics as Moderator Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-23
Seng-Kai Lin Research on Legal Nature for Public Construction Contract Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-23
Chi-Hsuan Chen The Research on Children from Third to Sixth-grade about Parent-Child Relationship and Learning Adaptation. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-24
Pin-I Wei The Study of China’s Diplomatic Policy to Vietnam(1975-2007) Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-25
Ming-shan Lu The Influence of the Consumer Behavior in Ribbon Gift Packing─A Case Study of Taichung. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-24
Sheng-wei Lin The Production and Marketing Strategies of Taiwan Rice Industry under WTO Structure: A Case Study of Kaohsiung and Pingtung Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-25
Hui-Cheng Tsao Research on Urban Land Readjustment hosted by Private Sector in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-25
Shin-jung Mei The Ideal and The Reality During Interpersonal Interactions: Observations from Two Small Nonprofit Organizations Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-26
Hou-shiang Huang A study of the Feasibility of Electoral Advertisment in Public Lavatories In the Municipal Areas. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-28
Yi-sheng Lin A Comparative Study on Political Parties in the Philippines and Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-26
Tien-Wang Chen The National Security Strategy and the Constitutionalism Order (1949-2007) Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-06
Man-ju Hsiao Taiwanese Folk Songs and State Ruling Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-07
Guei-long Song Zeng Dynasty and His Reigning over Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-04
Chun-sheng Hsu A Study of Local Self-government Association on the NHI Premium Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-08
Chiu-lan Yeh A Study of Japan's Energy Security Strategy Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-17
Jeng-bin Liu The Impact of Greenhouse Gas on Total Factor Productivity Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-22
Shiaw-Jong Lay A Legal Study of Authority Performing Act of the Police in Taiwain Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-25
Ming-shan Wang A Study of Land Value Increment Tax on Residential Lands-The Case of Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-29
Chin-Chih Wu The Analysis of drunk driving of The United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-25
Cheng-cheng Chen The Constitutional Protection of Illegitimate Children Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-30
Li-chiu Chen The Influence of Policy on the U.S. Drunk-driving Fatality Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-30
Chi-ya Chang The Role Played by Local Governments in Taiwan on the Immigrant Brides Policy Implementation : A Study Focusing on the Kaohsiung and Pingtung Area Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-08-21
Wen-Chih Liao Research on Electronization of Social Organizations:The Cases of Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-08-28
Ting-Wan Chang Welfare Stigma Among the Case of Hope Project Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-09-03
Jana Mesikova The evolutionary patterns of the garment and textile industry in South Korea: Globalization & The role of the government International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2015-07-20
MADI SAWO China's Purposes to Participate in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Africa,1989-2015 International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2015-09-02
Mark Rostern Is the Lack of De Jure Recognition of Taiwan Detrimental to Self-Determination?: A Human Rights Case for Recognizing Taiwan as a Normal Country International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-07-24
Ivain Yousept A Comparative Study of J-pop and K-pop in Indonesia International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2016-01-25
Alexandria Grace Nail Overseas Chinese's Viewpoints on the PRC's Rise and International Engagement International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2016-01-25
Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam The Commercial Economic System in Viet Nam: Thu Xà commercial port in the nineteenth century International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2016-01-28
Jenner James Pratt The Soft Power of Education and Its Role in Canada-Asia Relations: The Case Study of China International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2016-05-31
Thomas Halina The effects of internal and external pressures on Taiwan’s agricultural development International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-07-24
Nelson Scuderi Perspectives of the Republic of Paraguay on the Republic of China (Taiwan) International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-07-24
Ferdinand Rasali ASEAN and Cross-strait Relations: Dilemmatic Disposition International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-07-25
Ruslan Volkov Conversion of the military-industrial complex in the system of state policy of the modern Russia and its political-economic impact International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-08-21
Irina Beliaeva Shanghai Cooperation Organization from the perspective of China, Russia and Central Asia member countries International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-08-31
Yulia Lukyanova The U.S. – Taiwan Trade Relation during the George W. Bush administration (2001-2009) International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2018-02-09
Mokgadi Phoebe Ramaloko Chinese Special Economic Zones in Africa; The Case of Ethiopia and Zambia International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2018-03-09
Dari-Erdene Tolya Assessing Sino-Mongolian Relations under Xi Jinping’s First Term (2012-2017) International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2018-06-25
Hung-Cheng Wu Novel properties in spin-frustrated systems Cu2OSeO3, Cu2OCl2, and Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2Cl International PhD Program for Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Beam Applications 2017-01-19

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