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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Jhih-yao Ka Synthesis and Characterization of Unsaturated Polyester/Silica Hybrid Composites by Sol-Gel Process Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-08
Yana Kabalina Toward a Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Internet Memes Associated with Russian and American Leading Political Figures Foreign Language and Literature 2017-09-22
WEI KAI LAI The Application of Scenario Analysis & Co-opetition exploring the development of Plastic Molds & Injection Molding Industry of SMEs in Taiwan Information Management 2015-01-06
Chia-Hsin Kan Chlorination Decoloration of Textile Wastewaters and Dyestuffs-A Kinetic Study Environmental Engineering 2000-07-17
Pai-Yin Kan none Communcations Management 2002-07-29
Tang-chung Kan Tourism and Economic Development in China: The Three Levels of Analysis Mainland China Studies 2007-06-15
Yun-chung Kan Analysis of Offshore Securities Unit Operating Performance Finance 2016-07-18
Yu-Chiung Kang A Study of Internal Marketing, Behavior-based Evaluation, Job Satisfaction, and Customer Oriented Behaviors-- an Example of Securities Salesmen Business Management 2001-06-27
Hsien-Wen Kang The Novel Configuration Design of the Distributed Fiber Optic Leak Detection System Electrical Engineering 2001-06-27
Meei-Song Kang The Study of Load Characteristics in Taipower and Its Effect on Power System Operation Electrical Engineering 2001-07-06
Ting-wei Kang A Hierarchical Hexagon Data Structure for Collision Detection Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-28
Chi-Cheng Kang New Multicasting Architecture with QoS Support for Transmitting Multimedia Data in 3G Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-01
Tsang-Chou Kang Simulation the axial-flow fans and its performance evaluation. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-30
Chih-Kai Kang Study of Tungsten-Spacer Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors Physics 2002-07-30
Su-Hua Kang none Economics 2002-08-06
Shu-Pin Kang The Consciousness of Nation in Wang Song’s poetry Chinese Literature 2003-07-16
Kai-Hsiang Kang The mechanism of beta-bungarotoxin on spontaneous transmitter release at developing neuromuscular synapse. Biological Sciences 2003-07-21
Yu-Ching Kang Specific heat studies on NaxCoO2•yH2O superconductor Physics 2004-07-01
Chih-hsiung Kang The clinical characteristics of simultaneous and subsequent transitional cell carcinomas of the upper urinary tracts Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-09-06
Chih-chung Kang Examining the implication and application of management philosophy from Chuangtzu’s seven internal writings Communications Management 2005-07-08
Hao-ling Kang Effect of different density, inbuilt objects and feeds on white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) cultured in zero-exchange system Marine Resources 2006-02-07
Jung-wen Kang Establishment of local domestic channels in the Vietnamese market - with lubricants as an example Business Management 2006-08-15
Zong-Wei Kang Experiments of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-08
YU-CHENG KANG NONE Political Science 2006-10-27
Hung-jiun Kang Ultrathin Co films on Pt(111) studied by STM and MOKE Physics 2007-02-09
Jong-Luen Kang Study of a Distribution ERP Architect Model Information Management 2007-06-06
Hua-hsiang Kang Inside ownership beyond the IPO: the evidence from Taiwan’s Market Finance 2007-07-18
Hui-hsien Kang Decoding images of women's health in cervical screening advertisements Communications Management 2008-04-15
Hsiu-wei Kang Mobile Network Operator Marketing Strategy – The Comparison of 3G and WiMAX operational Model Information Management 2008-07-20
Chi-chung Kang The study of diffraction grating of dye-doped liquid crystal controlled by electro-optical method Physics 2008-08-02
Shih-jhang Kang Distributed Sequential Detection using Censoring Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks Communications Engineering 2008-09-05
Min-chieh Kang Study on strategy between Taiwan and China of Resources Recycling Channel industry - Case study of T Company in the field of Environmental Protection Industry Business Management 2009-07-08
Tzu-ai Kang The Relationship between music and literature of Liszt’s Vallée d’Oberman Music 2010-02-03
Shun-tien Kang Junior High School Students Present Works in New Theme-type of Composition - Regard Multi-type Composition of A Certain Topic as the Example Chinese Literature 2010-07-19
Yi-Jui Kang The Comparisons of the Management Analyses in the Cross Straits Insurance Industries: The Examples of Group Insurance EMBA 2010-07-21
Hsin-ping Kang Adolescent Girls Online Shopping Community To Share And Growth Information Management 2010-08-04
Cheng-Yen Kang The process study of organizational change with case study Human Resource Management 2010-09-04
Pin-ren Kang Spatiotemporal distribution of siphonophores in relation to hydrographical factors in the waters off southern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-02-17
Jung-Jui Kang Pulse-quality Analysis of Rational Harmonic Mode-locking Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Fiber Laser via Optical Pulse Injection Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-26
Ruei-Gen Kang Third Order Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator with 1.5bit Quantizer Electrical Engineering 2011-08-30
Cheng-yang Kang Studies on the Enhancement of Chilling Tolerance of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings by Overexpression of Glutathione Reductase from Marine Macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile Marine Biology 2013-07-30
CHIH-CHING KANG A study of Using Social Media for Promoting Health-Related Issues in Taiwan Information Management 2014-07-22
Byung-Hwan Kang China's Taiwan Policy under the “one China framework” ICAPS 2014-08-20
Dun- Ru Kang Identification on egg masses of shallow water naticids in Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2014-10-22
Chun-ting Kang A Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm Based Clustering Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-02-15
Yao-ren Kang The study of Ag-Al-Sn and Ag-Al-Pd 500℃ Alloys Phase Diagrams Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-01
Po-Song Kang A study of Time Scales for Plasma Boundary Layers on a Surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-16
Yun-Yi Kang Synthesized Magnetic Adsorbents from Drinking Water Treatment Sludge for Copper (Ⅱ) Removal from Aqueous Solution Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-02-21
Han-Ting Kang The Asymmetric Effect of Comovement in Style Investing on Momentum Strategy Finance 2018-06-25
Ming-Cheng Kao The Properties of Sol-Gel Derived Magnesium Modified Lead Titanate Pyroelectric Thin Film Detectors Electrical Engineering 2000-06-16
Hsin-Hua Kao None EMBA 2000-07-06
Shao-kuo kao Analysis on Progressive Waves over One Amplitude-two Side Ripple Bottom Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-07-31
Chung-Fu Kao Exploration of Multiple ICE’s for Embedded Microprocessor Cores in an SOC Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-21
Rong-Sui Kao A 1.0 GHz Clock Generator Design with A Negative Delay Using a Single-Shot Locking Method And A Realized Sony Playstation 2 1-to-4 Joystick Multiplexer Interface Electrical Engineering 2001-06-14
Chih-Chang Kao Developments of Two-dimensional Control Schemes for Transverse Flux Linear Switched-Reluctance Machine Electrical Engineering 2001-06-19
Tung-wei Kao John Steinbeck’s The Pearl: A Chinese Translation with an Introduction Foreign Language and Literature 2001-07-06
Wei-Bo Kao Prediction of Corporate Financial Distress Finance 2001-08-01
Hsiung-Sheng Kao none EMBA 2001-07-25
Ying-Fen Kao Petroleum Related Organic Compounds and Heavy Metals in Surficial Sediments of Kao-ping Chi Estuary and Nearby Coastal Areas Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-26
Wen-Pin Kao none Materials Science and Engineering 2001-08-20
Chia-Hung Kao An Intelligent Architecture for Personal Information Management Electrical Engineering 2002-07-16
Ya-Hsin Kao The Religious Discipline Organization Participation and Belief Process :Pu-hsin Temple of Fo-Gwang-Shan Individual Case Research Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-24
Su-Min Kao Chemical Reation of I2 + O2 under discharge or photolysis condition Chemistry 2002-07-30
Po-Hao Kao Analysis of Flow Field and Operating Parameters for Poly-silicon RTCVD Reactor Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-01
Chia-Hsiu Kao The study of Correlation between Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty in Insurance company Business Management 2003-08-26
Qi-Feng Kao An Interactive Transcoding System for Mobile Devices Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-26
Chiu-Ting Kao Research of Processes Reengineering View for Local Government Transfer Direction---A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2003-08-29
Yung-Fu Kao A enpirical study on the relationship between the perception of Compensation System, Leadership Style and the Organizational Commitment to the China employees working in the Taiwan enterprises in China. Human Resource Management 2003-09-04
KUEI-MEI KAO The Study on Announcement Effect of Seasoned Equity Offering Finance 2003-09-04
Liu-miao Kao The study of sorcery and voodoo in Ming Dynasty Chinese Literature 2004-01-15
Chin-ling Kao The observations of identities in Hong Kong- before and after the return to China Mainland China Studies 2004-02-05
Chien-ching Kao Human interaction with Formosan macaques(Macaca cyclopis) and the human impacts on Mt. Longevity Biological Sciences 2004-06-02
Chiu-Jung Kao none Finance 2004-06-14
Kuo-Sheng Kao Frequency and temperature characteristics of surface acoustic wave devices Electrical Engineering 2004-07-09
Pei-hsing Kao The Study of Two Sonatas for Violin and Piano by Ravel Music 2004-07-12
Ming-Cheng Kao The Study of Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors Prepared by a Sol-Gel Technology Electrical Engineering 2004-07-30
Ming-Pin Kao Empirical Study on the Interrelation of Stock Price Index and Consumer Price Index-Case of Taiwan and the United States Finance 2004-08-08
Cheng-yuan Kao Detecting Backdoor Information Management 2004-08-12
Hsiu-Fen Kao A Study on the Development Models and Strategies of the Digital Content Industry-Animation Industry as a case study Communications Management 2004-08-17
Tzu-Yuan Kao Cloning and Analysis of the Genes Encoding 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylate Oxidase in Cattleya Biological Sciences 2004-09-05
Chiu-li Kao Expressions of 14-3-3 gamma in Human Malignant Brain Tumors Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-09-09
Ling-fang Kao The Research of Diminutive of Wu Huei dialect Chinese Literature 2004-09-10
Chiu-Fen Kao ICT diffusion and productivity growth in Taiwan manufacturing plants Economics 2005-01-20
Kuo-Feng Kao The Interdependence of Business Cycles among G7 Countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-31
Pi-Yu Kao Empirical Studies on the Interactive Strategies of the Online Learning Communities Communications Management 2005-02-15
Yi-Chih Kao Factors of Successful and Unsuccessful e-Projects -A Case Study of a Non-Profit Education and Training Institute Information Management 2005-07-21
KUN-HUI KAO A Research on Preventing Crimes of China Mainland′s Female Entry into Taiwan by Shame Marriage to Commit Prostitution with Analyzing Administrative Law of Cross-strait Mainland China Studies 2005-07-28
Min-Hsuan Kao A Research of Chi-Chi's Fictions Chinese Literature 2005-08-03
Ding-Jinn Kao Research of Business Management and Development of Inspection, Certification and Testing Firm-Demonstrating with SGS Taiwan IEMBA 2005-08-25
Chi-Chung Kao Exploration of negotiation outcome indicators through negotiation processes Information Management 2005-09-06
Chih-pang Kao Video Scene Change Detection Using Support Vector Clustering Computer Science and Engineering 2005-10-13
Yu-Ting Kao Wu-Group's Literary Theories and Its Poetry and Prose in Early M'ing Dynasty. Chinese Literature 2006-01-11
Wen-Tsung Kao The relationship among leadership styles, fllower`s job involvement and organizational citizenship behavior: taking the fire brigade of Kaohsiung as example Human Resource Management 2006-02-03
Chiu-chen Kao A Comparative Study of the Cross- Strait Local Tax Systems in the Perspective of Economic System Mainland China Studies 2006-02-06
Yi-hsuan Kao The Impacks of Institution Reform towards the Efficiency of Convertible Bonds in Taiwan Finance 2006-02-08
Li-hung Kao An Action Research on Instruction of Percussion Band in Elementary School Education 2006-02-12
Chung-ho Kao Phase Transformations of Titanium Oxide Nano Film Materials Science and Engineering 2006-06-30
Yu-ting Kao Case study of implementing PLM system based on adaptive structuration perspective Information Management 2006-07-09
E-Fong Kao Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Chest Radiographs Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-25
Yu-ting Kao A Study on User Satisfaction and Acceptance of MOD Communications Management 2006-08-25
Ko-shiao Kao none Public Affairs Management 2006-09-01
Hui-hsiang Kao Throughput Analysis and Enhancement of Multi-Channel MAC Protocol in Ad-Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-07
Jen-Ho Kao The Study of PCDD/Fs Emitted from Flue Stacks and Open Burnings in Southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2007-06-17
Wei-li Kao Expression of Putative Capsid Protein from Taiwan Grouper Iridovirus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-06-11
Li-gong Kao Design and Implementation of a Load Balance Mediaproxy for VoIP NAT Traversal Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-23
Pei-Hsiu Kao The molecular mechanism of snake venom phospholipase A2 enzymes on damaging phospholipid membrane Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-07-28
Mao-yuan Kao Tempo and Beat Tracking for Audio Signals with Music Genre Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-28
Chung-liang Kao Research of Kaohsiung Sea and Air Double Port Development Strategy EMBA 2007-09-07
Chung-fu Kao Embedded In-Circuit Emulation and Tracing for Bus-based System-on-Chip Integration Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-10
Li-Heng Kao Template Synthesis and Mesostructural characterization of Ordered Mesoporous Silica, Titania and Carbon Materials Materials Science and Engineering 2008-01-03
Chia-Hung Kao Estimation of Signal Arrival Time Using 2-D Simulated Annealing and Modified GML Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2008-07-29
Hsiao-feng Kao none Economics 2008-08-21
I-chieh Kao Patch test analysis using horizontal cross section of an underwater feature for multibeam echo sounding system Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-02-09
Chia-hui Kao The Study of Procecution and It`s Democratization in Mainland China ICAPS 2009-02-11
Chun-i Kao none Economics 2009-07-11
Chiu-lien Kao none Chinese Literature 2009-07-20
Chia-Lung Kao Band-Structure Analysis of Liquid-Crystal Photonic Crystal Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-23
Hsin-Chung Kao The analysis of structural behavior of System Dynamics using mathematical approach Information Management 2009-08-10
Ying-hsien Kao Investigation on the Pathological Role of Hepatoma-Derived Growth Factor in Hepatic Fibrogenesis Biological Sciences 2009-08-25
Chia-Tsung Kao A Research on People’s Attitude and Behavior Intention While Purchase House in the Kaoshiung Post-Transit Era Public Affairs Management 2009-09-01
Chih-chun kao Tang-hua language research---Chooses five medium teaching materials as the exam Chinese Literature 2009-09-07
Kuo-Shu Kao The Pricing Strategy Analysis of Virtual Products in Online Games with Game Theoretical Approach Business Management 2010-01-27
Tzu-ting Kao The Exploration of the Accreditation System of TEAC and Its Implications for the Evaluation of Teacher Education in Taiwan Education 2010-07-19
Chih-wei Kao Circuit Design of Maximum a Posteriori Algorithm for Turbo Code Decoder Communications Engineering 2010-07-30
Yi-Chun Kao Factors of Split-Ticket Voting in Taiwan’s First Practice of Single-Member Districts and Two Votes System in 2008 Political Science 2011-03-30
Chi-hao Kao A Study on X, Y Generation Consumers’ Selection and Purchase of New Generation Game Consoles Business Management 2011-06-27
Chung-ho Kao Epitaxial Growth of TiO2 Thin Film on NaCl Substrate by Oxidation of TiO Thin Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-28
Pei-Hsiu Kao Molecular mechanism of membrane components on modulating membrane-damaging activity of Naja naja atra cardiotoxins Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-06
Ruei-Da Kao Possible Applications of ECG Signal Harmonics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-19
Ting-Yin Kao On the Study of Catalytic Cross-Coupling Reactions by Amine or Phosphine Ligated Nickel and Palladium Complexes Chemistry 2012-07-24
Yu-Han Kao Studies of the surface treatment effect for cholesteric blue phase liquid crystals lasers Physics 2012-08-14
Li-Kai Kao Impact by the Emissions of Semiconductor Industries Using Gaussian Model-Example of Central Taiwan Science Park in Houli Environmental Engineering 2013-06-13
Andi Kao An Investigation of Civilian Support for Democratic Values in Taiwan: Confucianism, the Terror Threat, and Confucianism ICAPS 2013-06-28
Chen-Yu Kao Preparation and Applications of Zinc Oxide Nanotip and Titanium Oxide Heterojunction Electrical Engineering 2013-07-16
Yu-han Kao The Imagination between Global and Local: Cultural Performance of Food at Tourist Night Markets in Kaohsiung Institute of Sociology 2013-07-29
Yu-en Kao The TCM Indices of Tongue Diagnosis for The Prognosis of Breast Cancer Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-05
Kuo-Ping Kao The Analysis of Operational Strategy for Pre-recorded Optical Disc Industry -A Case Study of S Company EMBA 2013-08-11
Hsiang-shun Kao Growth and Characterization of Mn Delta-Doped III-Nitrides Nanorods Fabricated by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2013-08-14
Han-Yuan Kao Enhance Shareholder Value from Financial Statement Analysis - A Case Study of Chunghwa Telecom Finance 2013-09-02
Tien-Tsai Kao Error Tolerability Analysis and Error-Tolerant Design Investigation of A JPEG2000 Image Encoder Electrical Engineering 2013-09-05
Wei-chieh Kao On the Study for Taiwan’s Counter-Cyclical Capital Buffer-using Credit-to-GNP gap coupled with Comprehensive Index Finance 2014-06-15
Nu-ying Kao Can Employee Negative Moods Facilitate Prohibitive Voice? The Moderating Roles of Tenure and Leader-Member Exchange and The Mediating Role of Voice Motivation Human Resource Management 2014-07-16
Chih-Hung Kao Mobile Computing Architecture Based on Linux Kernel Electrical Engineering 2014-08-25
Wei-Teng Kao Treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) vented from surface-coating operations in a full-scale plant Environmental Engineering 2014-09-03
Ying-Yi Kao Reproductive biology of the bartail flathead, Platycephalus indicus, in the waters off southwestern Taiwan IMA 2014-09-11
Wei-chun Kao The Study of Wave Propagation on Petrochemical Storage Tank by Acoustic Emission Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-11-10
Chiu-li Kao Antiproliferation and Apoptosis Induction of Ethanolic Extracts of Pluchea indica Root on Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cell Lines Biological Sciences 2015-07-12
Chia-chun Kao A Simulation Study on Operation Room Scheduling Applied Mathematics 2015-07-15
Wei-ling Kao Factors to Affect Students on Choosing a Breakfast Store Business Management 2015-07-16
Chang-hung Kao The Role of Knowledge Broker in Open Innovation Framework Human Resource Management 2015-07-02
Pi-hua Kao The asymmetric effect of fund investor sentiment on stock market returns Finance 2015-08-12
Hsing-yu Kao The Female Images in the Novels of Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Period Chinese Literature 2015-08-26
Hui-hsiang Kao Two-Level Cache Scheme with Network Coding in Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand System Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-31
Hui-yu Kao The Distribution of Alkylphenol Polyethoxylates in the Sediments of the Coastal Areas Along the Southwestern Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-26
Shih-Ting Kao Kawaii Works? Impacts of Brand-Customer Relationship and Message Tone on Advertising Effects of Spokes-Character Business Management 2015-09-10
Yu-hsiung Kao The Cross-Domain Governance on Poverty Circulation in Kaohsiung: A Comparative Analysis of ACF、IAD and PAM Public Affairs Management 2016-05-27
Jhen-yan Kao Organic and Polymeric luminogens containing rhodamine moiety: metal chelation, photochromism and emission behaviour. Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-12
Fan-Hsu Kao Skeletal mechanisms relevant to the formation of unsaturated intermediates in combustion of methyl ester fuel surrogates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-15
Ya-ping Kao The Relationship among Elementary Substitute Teachers’ Personality, Workplace Friendship, Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizen Behavior Education 2016-09-26
Chien-Che Kao The Impact of Anger on Creative Performance: The Moderating Role of Agreeableness Education 2017-06-13
Chang-Yi Kao Study on Architecture-Oriented Cloud Supply Chain Order Management System Model Information Management 2017-06-09
Hsi-chun Kao Wu-Kuang's Journey of Religious Enlightenment and His Ultimate Choice (1918-1972) Chinese Literature 2017-06-30
Man-hua Kao The Study of Customer Management in the Age of Data-A Case of Company A Business Management 2017-07-04
Yun Kao Research on International Competitive of Strategy of Taiwanese Fastener Industry-A Perspective of Diamond Model Business Management 2017-07-10
Chieh Kao The study of enhanced PEDOT:PSS conductivity via various solvent with different treatments for ITO-free organic light emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-19
Yu-Chen Kao Study the effects of Dibromotyrosine Derivative in TGF-β responsiveness Biological Sciences 2017-08-18
Wei-Sin Kao Temperature, Ionic Strength and pH Detections Utilizing Industrial PET Touch Panel Film and Its Manufacturing Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-04
Tzu-chieh Kao Continuously-chirped-grating formation and its applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-11
Ting-Hui Kao Perovskite-related-structure Materials with High Pressure Synthesis and Their Physical Properties Physics 2018-02-07
Chien-Jen Kao The neuroprotective effects of modifying soft coral-derived compound Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2018-06-04
Jung-Chueh Kao A Case Study on Operation Strategy of Ship Engine in After Business EMBA 2018-06-07
Wu-chyao Kao A Comparative Study on Muslim Separatist Movement in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines ICAPS 2018-07-20
WEI KAO-LING The study of the relationship between Corporation operational system and Credit Risk EMBA 2016-07-25
Torulf Karlsson A Framework Linking Inner Speech to Self-Concept Clarity, Identity Commitment and Adolescent Egocentrism among College Students Education 2016-07-03
Wei-Hao Kau Time series prediction using LSTM Network Models Applied Mathematics 2018-07-19
Ying-Hong Ke Digital Watermarking based Key Distribution Method for Pay-TV System Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-03
Yu-Lung Ke A Study on Switching Operation Decision Making by Using Petri Nets for Power Distribution Systems Electrical Engineering 2001-06-23
Chung-Guang ke Saturated Nucleate Pool Boiling From Smooth/Plasma Coating Enhanced Tube Using LDV Method Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-24
Chao-Fa Ke Solder Joint Reliability Factor Study of TF-BGA by FEM Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-21
Li-Li Ke The association between growth opportunities and corporate financing dividend policies Business Management 2002-07-01
Jian-Ming Ke Computer Simulation and Design Analysis of Smoke Management System In Large Stations Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-17
Chun-Kung Ke A research on framing the Free Trade Areas across The Taiwan Strait:from the Regional Economic Integration viewpoint Mainland China Studies 2003-06-19
Chun-Hao Ke Gain Flattening Design For Optical Fiber Amplifier By Long-Period Fiber Gratings Communications Engineering 2004-08-20
Han-Chun Ke A Double-Manager K-hop Clustering Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-09-02
Yi-hua Ke Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer — A Study on Information System Development Information Management 2005-07-18
An-ni Ke The Study on Water Right Transaction of Taiwan Economics 2005-12-30
Jih-Hung Ke Deposition of SnO2 thin films as gas sensor by EAVD method Materials Science and Engineering 2006-01-10
Gwo-hwa Ke A study of enterprise growth strategy -- BenQ Group Business Management 2006-07-17
Yi-Ming Ke Design of Decentralized Adaptive Sliding Mode Output Tracking Controllers for a Class of Mismatched Perturbed Large-Scale Systems Electrical Engineering 2007-01-20
Ching-Ching Ke The influence of electronic word-of-mouth on consumer’s product attitude and purchase intention Communications Management 2007-02-13
Su-Chin Ke A study of persistence in international stock price indices: With R/S analysis method Finance 2007-05-16
Meng-hui Ke Research of Integrating Big Six Skills into Project-based Learning of School-based Curriculum for Grade Four of Elementary School Education 2007-07-23
Jhih-Jheng Ke Preliminary Investigation on the Optimization of Heteronuclear Decoupling During Selective Refocusing Pulse in Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemistry 2007-07-21
Yi-Ting Ke The effects of promoting elementary school student’s moral development through a moral inquiry teaching Education 2008-07-23
Chih-chiang Ke Cost-Based CLEAN Algorithm for Selective RAKE Receivers in UWB Systems Electrical Engineering 2008-07-29
Chu-wei Ke Adaptive Route Selection Scheme of Multiple Paths for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Yao-tang Ke Functionalized Nanoparticles as Affinity Probes and Matrix for Biomolecules in the MALDI MASS Spectrometry Chemistry 2008-07-30
Zhong- Rong Ke The Research of Resource-Based competitive advantage about Wealth Management Bank —A Case Study Of Bank A EMBA 2008-08-22
Chih-Ming Ke The Research of Information Management Key Issues in Taiwan's Enterprises Information Management 2008-08-26
Shih-Pin Ke The Effects of Filament Preheating and Glow Current on The Life-Cycle of Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2008-09-10
Hung-i Ke A multi-agent-based distributed computing environment for bioinformatics applications Information Management 2009-07-27
Yi-zhi Ke none Chinese Literature 2010-09-03
Wea-len Ke The Optimization and Applications of Magic Angle Spinning Surface Micro-Coil Probes in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemistry 2011-05-25
Bao-chen Ke Hybrid Fuzzy Kalman Filter for Workload Prediction of 3D Graphic System Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-28
Chien-An Ke Mechanical properties of PVDF/MWCNT fibers prepared by flat/cylindrical near-field electrospinning Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-04
Guan-Wei Ke A Fast Lock Technique for the 5Ghz Wide band PLL Frequency Synthesizer Design Computer Science and Engineering 2013-05-16
Din-Fu Ke The Influence of Basel III on Taiwan's Bank Quantitative Impact Study and Credit Behavior Finance 2013-06-28
Min-Ling Ke The Study of Impacts of Organizational and Individual Factors on Contract Worker’s Image Management Tactics Human Resource Management 2013-08-06
Ming-sheng Ke Design and Implementation of an ASK Signal Transmission Circuit with Wireless Power Communications Engineering 2013-09-02
Min-Chun Ke The Influence of Career Plateau on Job Involvement: The Moderating Effects of Social Support Business Management 2014-06-16
Wan-ting Ke A Knowledge Extraction Methodology for Business Process: A Case Study of A Company’s Customer Complaint Process Information Management 2014-06-20
Ji-Lun Ke Bio-electrochemical response of Ti-based thin film metallic glasses in simulated body fluid Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-08-18
Kuang-Yen Ke Evaluating the Effect of the Actual Price Registration Policy - The Perspective of Information Disclosure Public Affairs Management 2014-08-28
Shan-yao Ke Pairs trading with copula approach in Taiwan Finance 2015-06-26
Chia-Chun Ke Radical-Induced Cleavage of Graphene to Multi-Colored Graphene Quantum Dots: Application to Temperature Sensing, Cellular Imaging and Oxygen Reduction Reaction. Chemistry 2015-07-23
Sheng-Jhe Ke A Classification Model with Data Analysis for Improving Collaborative Filtering: An Experimental Study on Information Management 2015-08-26
Chen-yi Ke Protein-directed synthesis of luminescent gold nanoclusters for sensing bio-molecules Chemistry 2015-07-30
Chang-heng Ke The Analysis of Nonlinear Interfacial Wave in a Two-layer Fluid Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-06-30
Chih-hua Ke Ozonation of waste gas from food-cooking operations for odor removal Environmental Engineering 2016-08-09
Chi-Hsiang Ke (1) Molecular Engineering and Design of Semiconducting Polymers to Develop Polymer Dots with Narrow-Band, Near- Infrared Emission for In Vivo Biological Imaging (2) Design of PFO Pdots with Boronic Acid Based Anthracene Dyes for Glucose Sensing Chemistry 2016-08-30
Hsiu-Huan Ke The Study of the Key Factors' Impact on Acquisition of the First Housing - Taking the Shunagpei Metropolis as an Example EMBA 2017-07-04
Yi-syuan Ke Forecast the M&A targets in IT industry using Support Vector Machine Information Management 2017-07-17
Yi-Chien Ke A Study on the Factors Affecting Entry Mode Decisions and Business Strategies of Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland Business Management 2018-01-30
Yi-Ju Ke Critical Signature Assertion and On-the-Fly Recovery for Control Flow Errors in Processors Computer Science and Engineering 2018-05-02
Bo-Hao Ke Startup Strategy and System Test for Brushless Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generators with Servo Motor Control Electrical Engineering 2018-07-30
Chun-Lan Keng The apoptotic mechanism of angiogenesis inhibitor, vasostatin Biological Sciences 2003-06-24
Chih-Chun Keng None Finance 2004-06-16
Chi-Chuan Keng none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-29
Hsiu-man Keng Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor a, Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptors and Interleukin-1b Genetic Polymorphisms in Palindromic Rheumatism Biological Sciences 2006-06-07
Yi-shun keng Analysis on the Feasibility of Applying the Broadband Network to Development of Digital Focused Media: The “WeMET Media" of WeMET Wireless Broadband EMBA 2008-08-13
Sheng-Chun Keng Research of realization and development with obtaining employment in People's Republic of China to youth in southern Taiwan. Public Affairs Management 2016-08-07
Jiunn-hsiung Ker Study of Architecture-Oriented Container Yard Management Model Information Management 2011-12-22
Fen-shi Ker Hobbesian Sociology: A Perspective from Ferdinand Tönnies on Public Opinion and Community Political Science 2016-09-01
JIANYAO KHOO The critical factor of social enterprise in development: An exploratory approach Human Resource Management 2016-07-15
Min-Jung Kim The Influence and Factor of R&D Personnel Management Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-09-13
Tai-Ming King The Study of Community Health Nursing Practicing in A Medical Center -Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital- Human Resource Management 2002-09-01
Tomio Kinoshita The Study of Decision Making of Expatriate Manager - Japanese Manager in Taiwan Master of Global Human Resource Management 2015-07-02
Hui Kiong Yek The Effects of Macroenvironment and Sociocultural Factors on the Marketing Strategy of Retailers- A Case Study on A. S. Watson Pharmaceutical Stores in Malaysia and Taiwan. Business Management 2014-06-17
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CHARNG-ER KUO Business Management 2000-06-19
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Kwei-Kuan Kuo Business Management 2001-06-27
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yin-tsun Kuo none Political Science 2001-07-09
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Hsiao-mei kuo The Cytotoxicity of GST-fused Endostatin to Endothelial and Non-endothelial Cells Biological Sciences 2002-07-01
Chia-Chang Kuo The Study and Implementation of Diode-laser-pumped High-power Blue Solid-state Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-09
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Shuen-Cherng Kuo government reengineering on staff’s job satisfaction, organization commitment, job involvement and their intention to quit are lack of related-research Human Resource Management 2002-07-22
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Huang-Yu Kuo Effect of On-line Promotion--A Study of 3C Products Communcations Management 2002-07-23
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Fang-tsun Kuo none IEMBA 2002-08-02
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Mali Kuo none Political Science 2003-06-09
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I-Chun Kuo A Study on the Evaluation Criterion for the Managerial Competency for Managers of Chain Convenience Store Human Resource Management 2003-06-27
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Yi-Miao Kuo The effect of introducing enterprise resource planning on the scope of the application of managerial accounting information-centered on a manufacturer of sports outfit Business Management 2003-06-30
Hsin-Mei Kuo The effects of work values on work attitudes--The study of private security guards in the southern part of Taiwan Human Resource Management 2003-06-29
Alan Kuo The application of B/W model to research the leading brand marketing:A case study of Trend Micro Software Business Management 2003-07-16
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Ju-ping Kuo The Aesthetics of Marriage in The Canterbury Tales Foreign Language and Literature 2003-07-25
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Feng-shuo Kuo Study on SIR Estimations Communications Engineering 2003-12-29
SHU-hui kuo none Chinese Literature 2004-01-16
Hsing-i Kuo The influence of using scaffold and self-assessment stratagem on colledge students' scientific-inquiry ability in general biology experiment curriculum Biological Sciences 2004-05-31
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Jim-Ming Kuo Some Aspects of Observer-based Control Design for a Class of Neutral Systems Electrical Engineering 2004-06-18
Li-Fang Kuo Applying data warehouse and on-line analytic processing techniques on human resource management Human Resource Management 2004-06-24
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Zhi-Yuan Kuo A Study on the Impacts of Grid Connection Wind Power Generations Electrical Engineering 2004-07-01
Chen-Chia Kuo A Study of the Collaborative Supply Chain Model in the Vertical Division Industry- a Case Study of the TFT-LCD Industry EMBA 2004-06-29
Jenn-kun Kuo Design and Microfabrications for Micro PEMFCs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-07
Yi-Nan Kuo Photoluminescence Characteristics of ZnO Thin Films by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering Electrical Engineering 2004-07-07
Ming-Shiun Kuo The Study of Temperature Dependence of Pulse Laser-Induced Transient Grating Effect in Azo-Dye Doped Liquid Crystals Physics 2004-07-07
Ming-Yu Kuo Investigations of Photocatalyst TiO2 and Organic Light-emitting Materials Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-10
Kai-jung Kuo The research of Jean Paul’s ideas in Schumann’s Papillons Music 2004-07-17
Yu-Mei Kuo Study on the Structure and Function of Suppressor of K+ Transport Growth Defect (SKD1) Protein from Mesembryanthemum crystallinum using Bioinformatics Biological Sciences 2004-07-23
Hui-chun Kuo Solving the Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem for Cooperative Supply Chains Using Multi-agent Systems Information Management 2004-07-23
Hui-ming Kuo Analysis of temporal and spatial variations of Taiwan Strait water Physical Oceanography 2004-07-23
Che-ming Kuo Studies on fluorescence anisotropies of conjugated polyenes with two phenyl groups: excitation wavelength and solvent viscosity dependences Chemistry 2004-07-23
Ya-Ru Kuo Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process to Mobile Phone Recommendation Information Management 2004-07-26
Feng-Ming Kuo Analysis of GaN films growth in MOCVD reactor Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-26
Chin-cheng Kuo Civil Education in Taiwan: Liberalism Versus Communitarianism Political Science 2004-07-28
Shih-Ning Kuo The Value Research of Educational Institutes Applying the BOT Model – as example as the Zen Ling Elemental School EMBA 2004-08-17
Hsin-Hung Kuo Improving Tool Paths for Impellers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-02
Sha-Lieh Kuo The Moderators serve as Antidotes to the Negative Outcomes associated with Perceptions of Organizational Politics Human Resource Management 2004-09-03
Ching-Yuan Kuo Autocrine activity of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in hematological malignancies Biological Sciences 2004-09-09
Shu-fang Kuo A Study of Moderating Effects of Pay Satisfaction on Organizational and Professional Commitment Human Resource Management 2005-01-27
Mu-Cheng Kuo Fabrication and Characterization on High Performance Mg/Carbon-Fiber/PEEK Laminates and Nanoparticle/PEEK Nanocomposites Materials Science and Engineering 2005-01-25
TIEN-KUEI KUO the feasibility of community overall construction that is carried out by a community union. Political Science 2005-01-28
Chen-lang Kuo none Political Science 2005-01-31
I-Ting Kuo A study on the democratic meaning of candidate qualification:Based on examples the change of gender and educationalbackground qualification in Taiwan(1945-2004) Political Science 2005-02-15
Ching-Feng Kuo Experimental study on the evolution and effect of bottom obstacle on internal solitary wave Physical Oceanography 2005-04-21
Chung-Hsien kuo From The Perspective of Continuous Development To Discuss Ocean Environmental Education in Taiwan EMPP 2005-06-22
He-che Kuo Monitoring Thermally Induced Alteration of Collagen by SHG Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-27
Hui-ting Kuo A Study of the Family Socio-Economic Status, the School and After-School Activities, and the Personality Development of Senior Elementary School Students Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-04
Juin-Jie Kuo The study of deposited ITO films on flexible substrates by RF sputtering technology at room temperature Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-12
Shu-mao Kuo The Key Success Factors of Implementing an ERP System --Viewpoints from the Software Consultant Company Business Management 2005-07-13
Chun-Chih Kuo Time-Domain Methods for Synthesizing Broadband Macro-Models of Coupled Interconnects in High-Speed Digital Circuits Electrical Engineering 2005-07-12
Chia-Cheng Kuo Pricing risky bonds under discrete time models Applied Mathematics 2005-07-12
Chien-min Kuo A Review of Strategy, Process, and IT in CRM and Future Development Suggestion Information Management 2005-07-19
Huan-Ting Kuo Study of the Interaction between Graphite and Various Adsorbates by Temperature-programmed Desorption Method Chemistry 2005-07-27
KUNG-MU KUO The research of high level executives management concept in the TFT-LCD industry –take Taiwan site as an example EMBA 2005-07-31
Chia-chou Kuo Development of a Real-Time PCR Assay to Detect Legionella Species and Chlamydia pneumoniae from Clinical Specimens of Patients with Community-acquired Pneumonia in VGHKS Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-02
Yuan-jui Kuo Investigation on Reliability and Electrical Analysis of MOSFETs under External Mechanical Stress Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-04
Kuang-Liao Kuo The strategic positioning of the new technology-based firm—using the capacitive touch screens industry as research case EMBA 2005-08-12
Chia-ling Kuo Association of the blood biochemical index with CYP2E1 5’flanking region Rsa I/Pst I gene polymorphism and alcohol consumption habit in Southern Taiwan aborigines Biological Sciences 2005-08-24
Tzong-hsing Kuo Follower’s Strategy For High Entry-Barrier Industry - Case Study of Company A’s Strategy for LCD Chemicals EMBA 2005-08-25
Yao-wen Kuo Police Temporary Search and Due Process of Law Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-29
Feng-Chang Kuo A Study on Democratic Administration and Moral Character Management of High-Rank Civil Servants EMPP 2005-08-29
Wei-Hsiu Kuo The Study of Teacher Participate in School-Based in-service Teacher Education Present Situation and Professional Development in the Kaohsiung Elementary school. Education 2005-08-25
chin-chan kuo The Research of Constructing School-based Curriculum Evaluation in the basis of ISO9001 : 2000 -- An Example of Kaohsiung Min-Chyuan Elementary School Education 2005-09-07
Ting-chu Kuo The interpretation and analysis of Stravinsky's Suite Italinne(Violin version) Music 2005-09-09
Yao-Hsien Kuo Geoacoustic Parameters Inversion by Ship Noise in the ASIAEX-SCS Experiment Undersea Technology 2005-10-03
Mei-ling Kuo The Study Of female in Jin Ping Mei--fom the Viewpoint of Marital Relations and Sexual desire Chinese Literature 2005-12-05
Shin-hung Kuo A study on the effect of misconception of “pressure” and “buoyancy” on the related problem solving ability for the middle school students. Education 2006-01-12
Yi-chen Kuo none Chinese Literature 2006-01-17
Haiang-lin Kuo none Chinese Literature 2006-01-18
Cheng-Ping Kuo China's Energy Security Policy Political Science 2006-01-18
Lily Kuo The impact of oil price and exchange rate fluctuation for the enterprise Finance 2006-02-07
Shu-fang Kuo The Analysis of Compensation and Incentive Policies Decide Factors in Taiwan Finance 2006-02-09
Wen-ching Kuo none Chinese Literature 2006-05-30
Shan-tsu Kuo Inhibition of endotoxin-induced plasma leakage and edema in rat trachea and esophagus by urethan anesthesia and dimethylthiourea Biological Sciences 2006-06-06
Chi-Min Kuo Design and Fabrication of Fractal Filters by Using LTCC Electrical Engineering 2006-06-20
Hung-chun Kuo Analysis and Design for the Electromagnetic Susceptibility of High-Speed Digital Circuits Electrical Engineering 2006-06-28
Chien-i Kuo Analysis and comparison of all-fiber 2 by 2 Couplers Electrical Engineering 2006-06-28
Zong-Chang Kuo An Investigation into Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Enterprises' Investment and Management in China IEMBA 2006-07-06
SHU-CHING KUO A study of participating motivation, job satisfaction and sustained willingness to serve of volunteers of cultural instiution-A case of volunteers in kaohsiung Public Library. Education 2006-07-06
Shian-jeng Kuo Optumal Growth and Environmental Tax Regulation Economics 2006-07-13
I-Chien Kuo Design and Implementation of Voice Recorder over SIP Based VoIP System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-24
Chia-ying Kuo The Research of Media Industry Unrestricted in China after Attending WTO — The Disposition and Practice of American Transnation Media Group in China Mainland China Studies 2006-07-27
Sheng-hong Kuo Code Acquisition using Smart Antennas with Adaptive Filtering Scheme for DS-CDMA Systems Electrical Engineering 2006-07-31
Ching-Ching Kuo A Study on Strategic Planning of Fishery Port Transformation for Tourism and Recreational Development Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-08-01
Rong-Ho Kuo Analysis of the Optimal Gripping Location on the Hammer Handle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-10
Tai-ling Kuo Game of Corproate Income Tax Evasion with agency Economics 2006-08-17
Ya-lin Kuo Application of monitored natural attenuation to remediate petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2006-08-29
Chiung-Jung Kuo Text Categorization for E-Government Applications: The Case of City Mayor’s Mailbox Information Management 2006-08-29
Yin- Ching Kuo A Research of Legal System of State Compensation Liability–Take Cases of State Compensation of Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau as Example Political Science 2006-09-05
Chien-cheng Kuo The Analysis of the Causes and the Variations on Ozone and Related Air Pollutants in Taitung Area Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-09-06
Bo-yi Kuo Decision Supporting Tools Developed Tidal River Water Quality Management Based on Systematic Dynamic. Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-09-08
Chih-Hsiung Kuo A study on problem-solving strategies relating to geometric space concepts for elementary school children with different grades:Case of measuring volumes of solids Education 2007-01-23
Hsin-i Kuo none Chinese Literature 2007-01-24
Yi-Ling Kuo The Effect of Information Asymmetry on Firms' Financing Decisions Business Management 2007-03-12
Chao-yang Kuo The structure and variation of benthic communities in coral reefs of southern Taiwan Marine Biology 2007-05-16
Chian-jou Kuo Estimation and economic analysis on the stock size pf Safura shrimp in Taiwan Economics 2007-06-13
Cheng-Hao Kuo Internal Mobile Communication Antennas for Laptop Applications Electrical Engineering 2007-06-26
Yi-Chun Kuo Research on post-purchase emotion of impulse buying Business Management 2007-06-27
Tai-chen Kuo After Taiwan joins WTO the automobile zero module manufacturing industry research in accordance to the strategy -- take the Tong yang industry factory limited liability company as an example EMPP 2007-06-30
Hung-Fu Kuo The Design of Multi-channel Wavelength Division Multiplexing Based on Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Electrical Engineering 2007-07-03
Yu-Yu Kuo Fabrication and characterization of Indium oxide thin film transistors at room temperature. Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-10
Hsien-chung Kuo A study on mathematics problem-posing teaching and parent-child problem-posing for grade four elementary class: Case of number and operation Education 2007-07-17
Yeh-ju Kuo none Chinese Literature 2007-07-16
Pu-hsuan Kuo The study of Incorporating Information into Life Education ~A Case study of Subject incorporation into Civics and Society in senior high school Education 2007-07-23
Hsiao-Ching Kuo Phylogenetics of Pinguipedidae from Taiwan Marine Biology 2007-07-24
Hsu-chan Kuo The Development of Taiwan Creative Education Indicators(TCEI),and the Evaluation of the creative education practice. Education 2007-07-24
Chun-ting Kuo Electrical Analysis of Hot Carrier Effect at Various Temperature of 65nm MOSFETs under External Mechanical Stress Physics 2007-07-24
Chin-Ching Kuo Feasibility research of sewage disposal planning of initial stage of Stormwater of community's drainage system Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-07-27
Jui-yi Kuo Evaluation of regurgitation and turbulence of flow in pulmonary arteries after repair of tetralogy of Fallot using phased-contrast MR imaging. Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-28
Jui-Lin Kuo None Communications Management 2007-08-01
Mei-cheng Kuo The Integration of Games into English Teaching :A Study of Elementary School English Teachers’ Attitudes and Practices in Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung and Ping Tung Counties Education 2007-07-30
Yueh-lin Kuo Using PIC Method To Predict Transport Processes Near A Surface In Contact With Plasma In Electromagnetic Field Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-21
Hui-shun Kuo “The Welsh School” of Critical Security Studies Political Science 2007-08-22
Chun-hung Kuo The Effect of Clamp Support on the Pipe to T(0,1) Guided Wave and Its Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-31
Yuen-na Kuo The research of the evaluation for Noncommercial Organization – 「The Defective Welfare Center」takes Presbyterian Church management as an example EMBA 2007-09-04
Hsing-mei Kuo Action Research on Elementary School Teachers’ Creative Drama curriculum---Teachers’ Drama Workshop from Tainan County as the Example Education 2007-09-05
Fei-hsuan Kuo Trauma, Racism and Generational Haunting in Toni Morrison's Fiction Foreign Language and Literature 2008-01-09
Cheng-Yih Kuo Study on Architecture-Oriented Finance Management ERP Information Management 2008-01-21
Kwei-Kuan Kuo A Study of Gallium Nitride Light Emitting Diode Optical Output Power Enhancement Based on Focused Ion Beam Technology Electrical Engineering 2008-01-29
Yin-hui Kuo The impacts of managerial behaviors and HRM practices on trust and knowledge innovation in global teams Human Resource Management 2008-01-31
Cheng-yu Kuo none Communications Management 2008-02-14
Chun-cheng Kuo Crime in the Classroom-An Economic Approach Economics 2008-06-13
Yu-te Kuo American South, Post-Slavery Trauma, and William Faulkners Depression-Era Fiction Foreign Language and Literature 2008-06-21
Yueh-chuan Kuo An Empirical Study of the Probability of Default and Credit Risk on Credit Guarantee Loans Finance 2008-06-27
Hsin-chin Kuo A Study of Connection Between Manager’s Core Competencies and Their Enhancement Methods in Case Company of China Steel Corporation. EMBA 2008-07-14
Jui-Hsien Kuo A Study on Stroke Patients’ Using Behaviors on ” Long-distance Community Health Care and Nursing Service”Based on Health Behavior Model-Conducting this research on an Unnamed Medical Center in the Southern Taiwan. Communications Management 2008-07-20
Ting-Huang Kuo Characterization of Titanium Oxide Films on Gallium Arsenide Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Shih-Ming Kuo Heterogeneous Firms, Labor Union and Minimum Wage Ratio Economics 2008-07-24
Chin-Jung Kuo The Quest for the Authentic Life in Aldous Huxley' s Brave New World and George Orwell' s Nineteen Eighty-Four Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-25
Chia-yi Kuo Implementation of Load Balance of VoIP System by Utilizing ENUM(tElephone NUmber Mapping) Scheme Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Kuan-ting Kuo Knowledge Distribution, Knowledge Interaction and Firm Performance Information Management 2008-07-31
Chuh-yuan Kuo A Study on Legal System of Communications Protection and Electronic Surveillance Political Science 2008-08-12
Chueh-Rong Kuo A Low-Power Instrumentation Amplifier For Portable Physiological Signal Recording Electrical Engineering 2008-08-11
Lai-Hsin Kuo HDGF Up-regulation Enhances the Invasive Capability and Metastatic Potential of Melanoma Cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-14
Po-chih Kuo none Business Management 2008-08-17
Yu-Fen Kuo POMC Overexpression Stimulates MITF/HIF-1α Survival Pathway in B16-F10 Melanoma Cells Biological Sciences 2008-09-01
Li-jun Kuo Research on the law of legitimate and illegitimate children Between Taiwan and China ICAPS 2009-01-06
Li-ni Kuo Effect of thimerosal on Ca2+ movement and viability in human oral cancer cells Biological Sciences 2009-02-04
Hui-chin Kuo WRAN Based on Cognitive Radio and its Perfromance Analysis Communications Engineering 2009-02-12
Yueh-chun Kuo none Chinese Literature 2009-07-20
Feng-chi Kuo A Study of Business Model in Organic Food Industry Business Management 2009-06-12
Chao-hung Kuo none Finance 2009-06-18
Chun-nan Kuo Research on Product Identity and Brand Equity – The Case of Apple Inc. Business Management 2009-06-22
Lee-yuan Kuo The Event Study of Corporation’s Capital Deducted by Returning Cash on Stock Prices EMBA 2009-07-03
Chih-Ming Kuo Effect of Nitrogen to Indium flux ratio on the InN surface morphologies grown on single crystal ZnO Physics 2009-07-03
Hsiao-his Kuo The Marketing Management of Online Bookstores: A Case Study of Books Information Management 2009-07-07
Tzu-Ling Kuo A case study of remedial instruction on addition and subtraction word problems to elementary second graders after integrating picture books into problem-posing instruction Education 2009-07-08
Tsui-shu Kuo The study of relation between developing tourism in Kaohsiung city and cross-strait direct transportation EMBA 2009-07-08
Chien-Ting Kuo Study of Multi-domain Vertical Alignment Flexible Liquid Crystal Display Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-15
Shu-chen Kuo The Study of Dynamic System Guidance on Balanced Scorecard of S Hi-Tech Company Information Management 2009-08-10
Chih-Ming Kuo A Novel Adaptive FDTD Method for Analyzing Three-Dimensional Curved Conducting Objects with the Coating Electrical Engineering 2013-12-02
Lung-I Kuo A Study of the Performance of Knowledge of the Ministry of the Interior National Police Administration Poliec Intranet Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Chun-Ting Kuo Syntheses, Structure, and Electrochemical Properties of Homo-Metallic Binuclear Complexes Containing [(η5-C5(CH3)5(dppe)M] (M = Fe, Ru and Os) Metal Centers Chemistry 2009-08-17
Yu-chia Kuo slowly released, persulfate, methyl tertiary-butyl ether(MTBE), benzene, in-situ oxidative wall Environmental Engineering 2009-08-25
Chia-Wei Kuo A Systems Thinking investigation of development of Subprime Crisis Information Management 2009-09-07
Shu-ruei Kuo Application of multifunctional platinum nanoparticles and lead sulfide quantum dots assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry in proteins and small moleculars Chemistry 2009-09-09
Che-Yu Kuo Circuit Design of DS Spread Spectrum Receiver Communications Engineering 2009-09-09
Hsiao-yun Kuo Customer Relationship Management- Case study of Taiwanese Companies Human Resource Management 2010-01-19
Ju-ping Kuo Aesthetic Spaces in Malory’s Le Morte Darthur Foreign Language and Literature 2010-02-05
Yu-feng Kuo Design of the Robust Backstepping Controllers for Synchronous Generators Electrical Engineering 2010-02-08
Chin-Hsing Kuo The study of treatment of oil/water emulsions using salt-assisted microwave irradiation Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-08-03
Chien-i Kuo Using Mobile Sensors to Decrease Latency in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-04
Pei-yin Kuo The Influences of Goal Congruency and Message Framing on Brand Extension Evaluation Business Management 2010-07-30
Chun-Lin Kuo Studies on the roles of EMP2 gene in human bladder cancer cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-24
CHIN-MAN KUO A Study of the Efficiency of the Merging Program of the Urban and Rural Townships in Pingtung County Public Affairs Management 2010-08-24
Keng-wei Kuo A PAPR Reduction Scheme Without Side Information in Pilot-Aided OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2010-08-26
Hsiao-Mei Kuo Signaling and mechanism of HDGF in liver carcinogenesis Biological Sciences 2010-08-30
Ru-yun Kuo The Study of three themes in Messiaen's Vingt Regards sur L’Enfant-Jesus. Music 2010-09-06
Jhe-Gang Kuo A Sensorless Driver with Current Feedback for Two-Phase Half-Wave Brushless DC Fan Motor Electrical Engineering 2010-10-25
Yi-an Kuo The impact of expatriate compensation design on willingness of expatriation -The cases of Taiwanese expatriate to China Human Resource Management 2011-02-15
Shu-Ming Kuo A novel SU-8 stamping and electrostatic pulling method for microlens array fabrication Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-16
Ying-shih Kuo A Study of Developing Marine Engines and Parts Market in Taiwan Business Management 2011-03-24
Bo-yu Kuo A Design of Portuguese Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2011-08-12
Shih-chieh Kuo Using mass spectrometry to rapidly detect triglycerides in plasma and glycosylated hemoglobin in whole blood Chemistry 2011-08-30
I-lun Kuo A Study of the Perceptions of Organizational Politics on the Impact of Job Performance:The Analysis for Mediating Effects of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction Human Resource Management 2011-10-26
Wen-yu Kuo Effects of bottom topography and flows on oceanic turbulent mixing IAMPUT 2012-01-03
Yi-Wei Kuo The key factor of gold price and gold price forecasting:Is the gold price rise to 2000 USD per ounce a bubble? Finance 2012-06-24
Wei-ting Kuo A π-calculus Based Approach for Web Services Composition in Choreography Environment Information Management 2012-07-30
I-ting Kuo Willian Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream stage Design Project-Painterly Stage Theatre Arts 2013-02-06
Chih-Han Kuo Promotive or Prohibitive? Explore the Relationships between Employee Moods and Voice Behaviors: The Moderating Effects of Environmental Perception and Leadership Styles Human Resource Management 2013-06-05
Yu-chia Kuo Application of in situ emulsified biobarrier to remediate chlorinated-solvent contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2013-07-04
Wan-Shu Kuo Application of sustainable green remediation assessment tools at petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated sites Environmental Engineering 2013-07-09
Ming-Hsien Kuo Strategic Analysis of How to Mobilize the Youth to Vote: A Study of Pingtung City EMPP 2013-07-15
Chia-yin Kuo Development of molecular beacon-based sensors for detecting heparin and triplex deoxyribonucleic acid binders Chemistry 2013-07-19
Cheng-Chung Kuo Numerical Analysis of Liquid-Filled Photonic Crystal Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-23
Jui-hsiang Kuo Study on the Integration of Information Security Management System and Personal Information Management System Information Management 2013-07-24
Chia-Hsiu Kuo Attribute-Based Encryption with Dual Lagrange Polynomials for Multiple Overlapped Data Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-05
Yin-sheng Kuo Managing risks in cross-organizational software implementation project - A car manufacture case Information Management 2013-08-26
Sheng-cheng Kuo Investment Decision of the Electronics Industry Finance 2013-09-02
Fan-Hsien Kuo The Transformation of the Legal System regarding the Rebate Management and Application in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2013-09-03
Hsin-yi Kuo ASEAN Countries’ Strategies in the USA-PRC Competition ICAPS 2013-09-03
Shu-leng Kuo Understand required complement assets in diffident ISMS stages. Information Management 2013-09-13
Yen-Hsi Kuo An Interleaving Algorithm using RS Code for Increasing Packet Reliability in Burst-Error WSN Electrical Engineering 2013-12-23
Shu-Fang Kuo Molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile in southern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2014-01-16
Hsiu-Chi Kuo Phytoremediation combined with mycorrhizal fungi of soil contaminated by heavy oil Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-02-11
Lien-Han Kuo Statistical Analysis of Whistle and Ambient Noise of Summer in the Habitat of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) IAMPUT 2014-02-12
Huan-Ting Kuo Effect of Y2O3, Nd2O3, and Gd2O3 on the steam reforming of methanol over Cu/ZnO catalysts Chemistry 2014-02-12
Fan-wei Kuo Memorization and Replay of Humanoid Robot Actions by Emulation Electrical Engineering 2014-02-13
Yu-chi Kuo An Editorial Platform for Screenplay of Interactive Robotic Puppet Shows Electrical Engineering 2014-02-13
Tsai-tung Kuo A Study of the Effects of Reciprocal Mind Mapping on EFL Reading Comprehension of Students in Junior High School Education 2014-06-18
Tai-Wei Kuo Toward Maximizing Throughput and Capacity in Multi-Rate Multi-Channel Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-03
Jui-Ming Kuo A Location-Map Free Reversible Watermarking With Capacity Control Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-14
Chang-Yu Kuo The Study of Urbanomics-A Perspective of Kaohsiung City Reengineering Economics 2014-07-16
shih-wei Kuo Wiper elimination and image recovery for windshield of vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-22
Yi-hom Kuo Does Facebook popularity affect sale? The impact of Facebook popularity on the physical album sales of music artists Business Management 2014-08-10
Cheng-Chi Kuo Thickness-Controlled Graphene Hybrid Interface for Highly Enhanced Photocatalysis Chemistry 2014-08-12
Yu-Jen Kuo A Study on Transformation Strategy of Food Material Supplier EMBA 2014-08-25
Li-Ni Kuo Strategy Analysis of Floral Industry in Taiwan- A Case Study of Eternal Myth Flower Workshop EMBA 2014-08-20
CHENG HSIEN KUO Case study on the control of VOC-containing gases in a petrochemical plant Environmental Engineering 2014-07-23
Kao-Hseng Kuo The Research on Quality Enhancement of Hydropower and Fire - Fighting Engineering- A Case Study of JY Engineering Company EMBA 2014-08-26
Chun-Wei Kuo Development of A Performance Degradation Tolerance Utilization Methodology and A Case Study on Value Prediction Unit Electrical Engineering 2014-09-02
Po-hung Kuo Isaiah Berlin: Liberalism and its Response to Marxism Philosophy 2014-09-09
Kuan-Ming Kuo Can Bonus and Allowance be Identified as Pay? The point of view in Labor Standards Act Human Resource Management 2015-01-09
Fu-chen Kuo Detection of EGFR Mutation by Cell-Free DNA in Pleural Effusion of Lung Adenocarcinoma Biological Sciences 2015-01-26
Li-chi Kuo Optical Waveguides and Microrings Fabricated using Ta2O5 Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetic Sputtering on Quartz Substrates Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-06-21
Yao-Yuan Kuo Synthesis of Zirconium and Nitrogen Codoped Titanium Oxide by Hydrothermal Process with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activities in Visible-Light Region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-01
Yun-chi Kuo Dynamometer studies of pollution reduction in a gasoline engine using hydrogen-gasoline mixed fuel under various driving conditions. Environmental Engineering 2015-07-06
Lien-Hsien Kuo Applying character and moral education to increase junior high school students’ integrity recognition and self-reflection capability Education 2015-07-08
Meng-Ying Kuo Morphology and trace metal concentrations of sea anemones in shallow water hydrothermal vents off Kueishantao Islet Department of Oceanography 2015-07-09
Cheng-hsueh Kuo Understanding the Continuous Self-Disclosure Intention in Social Network Sites through the Social Exchange Theory Information Management 2015-07-18
Su-chun Kuo Study on the Electric Characteristic Degradation Caused by Negative Bias Illumination Stress for a-InGaZnO4 Thin Film Transistors Electrical Engineering 2015-07-21
Chih-Chun Kuo Fabrication and characterization of Au-Ag alloy thin film resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-21
Jen-Hsiung Kuo Quality of Life for Medical Doctors at Pingtung County EMPP 2015-07-16
Kuo-chin Kuo Trace back to the development of fox image from Xian Qing to early time of the Tang Dynasty Chinese Literature 2015-07-26
Yi-Yin Kuo The Study and Design of Antireflection Coating on Glass Phosphor Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-27
Cheng-Yen Kuo Understanding the Impact of Information Perceive Security Climate on Employees' Compliance Behavior - A Regulatory Focus Perspective Information Management 2015-08-03
Chung-Yu Kuo Design of Decentralized Block Backstepping Tracking Controllers with Application to Wind Power Systems Electrical Engineering 2015-07-30
Ching-yung Kuo A Study On the Management Company and FPC Mold Key Success Factors—Case of F Co. EMBA 2015-08-05
Shih-Yu Kuo Applications of Highly Fluorescent Semiconducting Polymer Dots:(1) In Vitro Detection of Lead Ions;(2) Visualization of Latent Fingerprints Chemistry 2015-08-05
Wei-tung Kuo How does green employer branding influence organizational commitment?Exploring the mediating mechanism Human Resource Management 2015-08-06
Pin-Chun Kuo Chameleon Hash Based Message Authentication for VANETs in Sparse RSU Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-18
Yen-ling Kuo The effect of abusive supervision on workplace deviance behavior: The moderate effect of power distance and relationship repair Human Resource Management 2015-08-21
Yi-Tun Kuo Study of tunable micro-ring resonator based on liquid crystal cladding Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-17
Chiu-ming Kuo Model of care used in the intermediate care of acute cerebral vascular accident Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-09-02
Yun-Chen Kuo A study of Aaron Copland' s Appalachian Spring Suite, from a Perspective of Conductor Music 2015-09-03
Shu-Wei Kuo Everyday Life Practice and Resistance in Urban under Post-industrial Strategy:A Case Study of Cijin Tourism Development Institute of Sociology 2015-12-28
Chun-ping Kuo Molecular dynamics simulation study of Nafion morphology and structure conformation Chemistry 2016-01-11
Tzu-Lei Kuo Investigation of APC gene functional roles in pancreatic cancer initiation and progression Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-06-01
YU-CHI KUO The effect of discount rate change on financial markets in Taiwan Finance 2016-06-17
Tzu-hwa Kuo Human Resource Management Practice in MNC–Globalization and Localization Human Resource Management 2016-06-20
Yi-Ching Kuo An Empirical Study of Two-Factor CAPM on Banks under Taiwan’s Financial Holding Companies – Application of Three-State Markov Regime Switching Model Business Management 2016-06-24
Che-shao Kuo Applying Six Sigma on Reducing Stocks of Finished Products – A Case study on a Powder Coating Resin Company EMBA 2016-07-07
Chun-Chi Kuo Research on Detecting Emerging Events From News Data Information Management 2016-07-28
Kuan-lin Kuo Study on Software-defined Radio Platform for LTE MIMO Measurements Communications Engineering 2016-07-29
Fang-nien Kuo Quantitative immunoassay fecal occult blood screening positive on the performance of Meridian diagnostic– change through the large intestine channel of hand yangming and through the lung channel of hand taiyin Biological Sciences 2016-07-28
Wen-Jin Kuo A Discussion on the Feasibility of Taiwan’s Sovereign Wealth Fund EMBA 2016-08-09
Po-Yi Kuo Visual Servo Control for a Paddle Juggling Manipulator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-15
Hsiang-chun Kuo The regulation of lung vagal afferents on the breathing pattern following cervical spinal cord contusion Biological Sciences 2016-08-17
Fang-Yu Kuo A Study and Analysis of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Sonata Op. 128 for Clarinet and Piano Music 2016-08-30
Chao-yi Kuo Study on Architecture-Oriented Traditional Chinese Medicine Model Information Management 2014-09-04
Yen-chih Kuo Detecting the Accuracy of Highway Incident Warnings in VANETs Information Management 2016-09-22
Chia-ting Kuo Underwater Image Dehazing and Enhancement by Compensating Light Absorption Loss and Multi-exposure Fusion Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-16
Ming-chih Kuo The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Attitudes: The Mediation Effects of Work Meaningfulness and Organizational Identification Business Management 2017-07-04
Chun-yu Kuo Constructing a Force Treadmill System with Direct Measurement Capability Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-07
Yu-hsuan Kuo Rapid identification of metabolites and neurotransmitters on skin by ambient mass spectrometry Chemistry 2017-07-11
Shih-Chieh Kuo A Study on Investment Behavior of Corporate Venture Capitalist EMBA 2017-07-14
Ting-Huan Kuo Vehicle Speed Estimation and Forecasting Methods Based on Cellular Floating Vehicle Data for Express Roads Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-27
Bing-Cheng Kuo Computer Simulation to Study the Liquid Chromatographic Separation of Explosive Molecules Chemistry 2017-07-28
Chen-Hsiung Kuo A Study on the Sustainable Development of Orchid Industry in Taiwan EMBA 2017-08-02
Tsung-Chieh Kuo Nanofiber electrolytes of Single-Ion Conductors for lithium battery Chemistry 2017-07-25
Hung-Wei Kuo The Case Study of Industry-University Cooperation Human Resource Management 2017-08-20
Chin-hao Kuo A Study of the Decision Model of Consumer Houses Purchasing - The Case of Kaohsiung Area Economics 2017-08-20
Chun-hao Kuo Regional Decentralized Reactive Power Control for Photovoltaic Generation Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-08-29
Guan-Wei Kuo Effects of High Temperature Oxide Layers on Titanium Alloys Dieless Drawing Forming Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-06
Ching-Yung Kuo Simulation on Liquid Crystal Tuned Tamm Plasmonic Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-11
Po-Jiun Kuo Different atypical employment forms: The Changing Work Scenario of Newspaper Delivery persons in Kaohsiung Institute of Sociology 2017-09-12
PI-YU KUO An Attempt to Investigate the Risk of Supply Chain Finance Business Management 2017-09-12
Hsiang-Lan Kuo Study mechanisms of erinacine A on inhibition of human gastric cancer cells Biological Sciences 2017-10-27
Hsin Kuo A study for cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing materials in suppressing swell behavior of basic oxygen furnace slag Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-12-06
Yu-Chieh Kuo E. Grieg《 19 Norwegian Folk Tunes, Op.66》 Music 2018-02-09
Chen-wen Kuo The Effect of Internal and External Networking Behavior on Job Performance: Organizational Commitment as The Mediator and Narcissism as The Moderator Business Management 2018-02-10
Fang-Yu Kuo A Qualitative Study of Person-Supervisor Fit: Subordinates Perceptions of Congruence and Impact on Managerial Coaching Quality Master of Global Human Resource Management 2018-03-29
Ting-wei Kuo Phase Estimation for Phase-Locked-Loop Ultrasonic Drive Electrical Engineering 2018-06-11
Wan-Yi Kuo The Purchase Intention of Gold Accessory: The Perspective from Elaboration Likelihood Model Business Management 2018-06-17
Hsin Kuo Investigating the moderators of the impacts of adolescents’ motivations for using mobile dating apps on their social risks Institute Of Marketing Communication 2018-06-23
Yu-Shan Kuo Public Investment Multipliers: Domestic vs. Foreign Labor Economics 2018-06-27
Huei-chen Kuo Key Successful Factors of Business Merger and Acquisition - The Case Study of a Japanese Company College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-09
Shih-Hung Kuo The smart power strategy of China's One Belt One Road in South East Asia ICAPS 2018-07-16
Shu-Chuan Kuo Research on the Relationship between Conversion Team and Customer Service Quality Information Management 2018-07-23
Cheng-Han Kuo Synthesis of Novel Two Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks and Their Gas Adsorption/Desorption Properties Institute Of Materials And Optoelectronic Science 2018-07-29
Wen-Hsiu Kuo The Study of Cement Products Industry Co-Opetition -The Case of 3HML Material Lab College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-08-15
Shao-Chun Kuo Design and Implementation of Parallel Processing Platform on Multi-core System Based on Shared Memory Architecture Electrical Engineering 2018-08-18
Feng Kuo-An The development trend of FPD technology research by using the path dependence theory Business Management 2005-06-18
Che Kuo-Li Personalized Tag-based Collaborative Filtering & Context-Aware Recommendation for Multimedia Information Management 2009-08-16
Chiang Kuo-Sheng The study of evaluating e-diagnostic to semiconductor equipment company service enhancement -- A case study of KLA-Tencor Inc. IEMBA 2004-08-06
Brandon Drake Kutz A Study of How Software Supports Taskwork in Virtual Teams Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-04
An-Lu Kwan Treatments of Aliens and Special Status Nationals --A Comparative Perspective of International Human Rights ICAPS 2012-09-04
Siu-Kei Kwok The study of competitive advantage in Haier enterprise Business Management 2004-09-03
Wen-tang Kwoung Investigation of ICN Photodissociation Employing the Method of Fluorescence Imaging by Sliced Microscopy Chemistry 2005-07-22

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