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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Antonio L. Kho, Jr. China and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights: An Inquiry on Regime Compliance Mainland China Studies 2008-09-09
Sue L.Chiou Long-run Stock Performance of Initial Public Offerings with Price Limits: Anomaly or Misspecification Business Management 2003-07-29
Ray-Chung Lai An Implementation of Digital Power Meter Electrical Engineering 2000-06-14
Ruei-Chin Lai The Improvement of Blind Adaptive Detection for MC-CDMA System in Rayleigh Fading Channel Electrical Engineering 2000-06-23
Shin-Yi Lai The Influence of Consumers' Risk Attitude and Personal Capital-Spending Behavior on the Credit Card Business of Banks Business Management 2000-06-29
I_Fei Lai none Finance 2000-07-10
Chih-Ming Lai GaAs VCSEL Metallization and Characterization Physics 2000-07-20
Ming-Hsun Lai The Engineering Behavior of Artificial Reefs off Southwestern Coast of Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-07-18
Chung-Sheng Lai Hospital privatization, Accountability and Performance Evaluation EMBA 2000-07-25
Woei-Wan Lai Roundabout of Production, Transaction Cost and Economic Growth Economics 2000-07-26
Hung-Jen Lai A Personalized News Recommendation Method for Electronic Newspapers Information Management 2000-08-03
Chin-yi Lai Lai Ralegh's Dilemma:Medieval Providentialism and Renaissance Nationalism in The History of the World Foreign Language and Literature 2000-08-09
Jen-Feng Lai epitope analysis and immunogical studies of surface protein P42 of mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Biological Sciences 2000-08-04
Ju-Ja Lai Statistical Monitoring of Risk Factors for VICU Patients through Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Yun-Hsing Lai The Study of (Polyvinylidene Fluoride / Lead Titanate) Pyroelectric Bilayer Thin Film Detectors Electrical Engineering 2001-07-05
Chia-Ping Lai Correlation between morphology and mechanical properties of denture base resin cured by water bath and microwave energy Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-23
Kuang-erh Lai none EMBA 2001-07-25
Chin-Min Lai The Study of The Pressure Dependence of Foreign Gas on the Fluorescence of Nitric Oxide Physics 2001-07-31
Yu-Jen Lai A Study of e-Business Strategy for Domestic Logistics Service Providers Information Management 2001-08-01
Rong-Chih Lai Design of Discrete Variable Structure Controller Electrical Engineering 2001-08-01
Chin-Lin Lai The study in turnaround situations to small and medium enterprises (SME) in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2001-08-24
Chi-Shaw Lai Architecture Variations of ARM7 Microprocessors Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-29
Yi-Ling Lai The Influence of Buying Behavior by the Motive on Internet Shopping Business Management 2002-02-19
Min-Feng Lai Growth of Lattice-matched Ternary and Quaternary Compound Semiconductors on InP by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-09
Candy Lai Research on career development policies and factors related for women officials in administrative organizations --- basing on men and women to work equal. Human Resource Management 2002-07-22
Kuen Lai A Study on the Absorptivity and Post Weld Deformation in Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-23
Wen-Chuan Lai LDV Assisted Bubble Dynamic Parameter Measurements From Two Enhanced Tubes Boiling in Saturated R-134a Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-23
Peter Lai none Finance 2002-07-29
Kun-Chi Lai Group decision support system for public participation in environmental impact assessment Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-07-30
Chang-Hung Lai Feasibility Study of Acoustical Dolphin Deterrence Undersea Technology 2002-08-07
Zhao-Hua Lai A design of speaker-independent medium-size phrase recognition system Electrical Engineering 2002-09-12
Chi-Ming Lai The Study of Information Concepts Extracting and Change Detecting over the Internet Information Management 2003-01-23
Fun-Zhu Lai GA-Based fuzzy clustering applied to irregular Applied Mathematics 2003-02-10
Wendy Lai Osama bin Landen and Afghan :A Historical Review Political Science 2003-05-06
Yu-Te Lai Research Topics On A Detachable Auxiliary Drive System For Manual Wheelchairs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-26
Mei-Huah Lai The Long-Run and Short-Run Performance of Firms Following Loan Announcements Business Management 2003-06-26
Ming-Chi Lai Synthesis of new DNA-Binding Agents with polyamide moiety Chemistry 2003-07-05
Chung-Shu Lai THE RESEARCH OF CORPORATE UNIVERSITIES Business Management 2003-07-08
Ming-Yen Lai The analysis of the short term and long term regression model for the factors influence the new Taiwan dollar FX rate Finance 2003-07-28
Wuu-Jun Lai none Mainland China Studies 2003-07-30
Yu-Ting Lai A Data Mining Approach to New Library-Book Recommendations Information Management 2003-08-11
I-Chen Lai Geochemistry of Major and Trace Elements in the Kaoping River:Weathering and Human Influences. Marine Geology and chemistry 2003-08-14
Ming-Hsia Lai Risk-Adjusted Capitation Rates Using Demographic and Prior Utilization Factor-An Example from Local Area in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2003-08-28
Kuo-Shun Lai Hardware/Software Co-design of an AC-3 Audio Decoder on an ARM-based Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2003-09-01
Hung-Chun Lai An adjustable Power Control Protocol in High Load Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2003-09-03
I-Ching Lai The job involvement, sex division of labor, work-family boundary management, and work-family conflict of working-at-home employees Human Resource Management 2004-01-11
Jeng-wen Lai Mobile TV Antenna Designs Electrical Engineering 2004-06-07
Chia-hsiang Lai Spatial and temporal characteristics of C2-C15 hydrocarbons and receptor modeling in the air of urban Kaohsiung, Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2004-06-16
Yi-Tung Lai Automatic Video Object Segmentation Method with Predictive Extending Edge Computer Science and Engineering 2004-06-23
Chien-Chih Lai The Study and Fabrication of Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber Laser and its Microstructure Analysis Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-09
Chiou-ling Lai The Study on Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added:Evidence from Electronic Industry Finance 2004-07-09
Kun-Ye Lai Localization for Vulnerability Scanner Information Management 2004-07-15
Pei-shan Lai Determination of arsenic and selenium compounds in water samples and organotin compounds in fish samples by LC-ICP-MS Chemistry 2004-07-12
Weei-Shehng Lai Ultra WideBand Impulse Radio in Multiple Access Wireless Communications Electrical Engineering 2004-07-25
Yu-Tsang Lai Effect of Recommendation Interface and Cognitive Styles on User Satisfaction Information Management 2004-07-26
Hsiu-Shan Lai Pioneer Advantage of E-business Information Management 2004-07-27
Wei-cheng Lai The modification of Yee’s FDTD method for the simulation of curved structures Communications Engineering 2004-08-06
Shih-Jung Lai Study on Estimation of Intelligent Residual Capacity of Li-ion Batteries Electrical Engineering 2004-10-19
Chien-cheng Lai Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps with DC Current Electrical Engineering 2005-06-09
An-Fu Lai party politics Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-20
Kuan-hao Lai The study of marketing strategies of domestic banks in business of wealth management~Case study Business Management 2005-06-20
Wei-jen Lai The Effects of Framing Promotion Messages to Consumers’ Perceptions and Purchase Intentions from Retailers Business Management 2005-06-28
Wei-An Lai The Capability Demand Research for the NEBIC theory - Based On the Exapmle: the Hospital to induct Citrix system Information Management 2005-07-03
Hsin-ping Lai A study on the relationships among internal marketing, work values, customer-orientation behavior and job performance Business Management 2005-07-08
Pang-Yueh Lai Effect of albendazole against different stages of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in Sprague-Dawley rats and analyses of immune response after treatment Biological Sciences 2005-07-15
Chia-Sui Lai The study of Big6 skill applied in project-based learning of social in elementary school Education 2005-07-23
Chi-Hung Lai Institutional Analysis and Innovation on Enactment of Peasant Health Insurance Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-25
Sue-ping Lai The Cause of Current Account Deficit of The United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-28
I-chun Lai none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-01
Po-Chuan Lai Operational Knowledge Acquisition of Refuse Incinerator Using Data Mining Techniques Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-08-05
Yi-Jen Lai Locational Marginal Price Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks under Deregulation Electrical Engineering 2005-08-15
Chung-Hsiao Lai The Innovation Strategy Management Study of High Technology Industry in Taiwan COMPEQ Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Business Management 2005-08-22
Jean Lai Factors that Influence IT Configuration of Taiwan Companies with Mainland Subsidiaries Information Management 2005-08-22
Tsung-ching Lai Pharmacological and Genetic Inhibitions of PI3K/Akt Activity to Treat Malignant Brain Tumors Biological Sciences 2005-08-26
Chun-chieh Lai Textile Industrial Cluster in the Tainan Area Public Affairs Management 2005-09-08
Yueh-Yen Lai Study on bacterial flora in liver-kidney-spleen of diseased cobia and grouper with bacteria infection. Marine Resources 2005-11-09
Ting-han Lai The Effects of Organizational Innovation and Total Quality Management on organizational effectiveness--The case of China Steel Corporation. Business Management 2005-12-10
Hui-Chuan Lai none Chinese Literature 2006-02-09
Chiu-Chiang Lai The Study of the Relationship Among the Education Marketing, the Principals’ Leadership Styles and the Teachers’ Job Involvement in the Elementary Schools Communications Management 2006-05-15
HSIU-JU LAI Customer Satisfaction, Investment Capital, Comprehensive Income, and Corporate Value:Evidence From China Finance 2006-06-15
Chiu-hua Lai Study on Pedagogical Rhetoric for Primary and Junior Middle School Chinese Chinese Literature 2006-06-24
Chin-yi Lai International Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking Industry: Motives, Determinants and Performance of Profitability and Efficiency of Acquiring Firms Business Management 2006-06-26
Po-Ching Lai Theoretical Analysis and Measurement for ESD Phenomenon Electrical Engineering 2006-06-28
Shih-jin Lai Information Mining of Image Annotation Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-02
Chun-ming Lai Applying loop-mirror reflector in the fabrication and design of Fabry-Perot laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-10
Che-hung Lai Risk Control of Credit Guarantee Institutions- An Analytic Model of Market-based and Actuarial Pricing Finance 2006-07-11
Chin-Ning Lai Spatial Relationship Image Retrieval employing Multiple-Instance Learning and Orthogonal Fractal Bases Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-01
Yen-Huei Lai On the PEEK Composites Reinforced by Surface-Modified Nano-Silica Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-27
Li-gyuan Lai A Study of Liu Chia-mo and His Poetry of Realism Chinese Literature 2006-07-31
Yung-jin Lai A case study on building NPS into production line Human Resource Management 2006-07-30
Jian-zhi Lai Analysis of Centrifugal Titanium Compound Metal Casting by Computer Aided Engineering Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-22
Hsiu-Hung Lai A Study of Rate-based TCP Mechanisms Electrical Engineering 2006-08-24
Meng-wei Lai Modeling of Online Negotiation Decision Support - Negotiation Context Analysis Information Management 2006-08-29
Jyun-jie Lai Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy in Couple with Flow Injection Analysis for Determination of Biochemical Compounds Chemistry 2006-08-30
Chien-Ming Lai Logic Synthesis Based on Mixed CMOS/PTL Circuits Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-11
Jung-fei Lai A Research of Constructing Operation Evaluation Indicator and the Current Condition of Compulsory Education Advisory Group Education 2006-09-12
Hui-lan Lai Measurement of shell chambering of cultured oyster Crassostrea gigas in Taiwan Marine Biology 2006-09-12
Chu-ching Lai The Confirmation of Amabile’s Component Model of Creativity and Consensual Assessment Technique: The Evidence of Children’s Drawing Education 2006-09-13
Shih-Chung Lai The Impact of Leader’s Integrity Character on the Effec- tiveness of Organization Change --- A Case of Formosa Plastics Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, and Macronix International Business Management 2007-02-02
Cheng-neng Lai The Research of Social Capital, Outdoor Recreation and Job Involvement on Officials Public Affairs Management 2007-06-23
Ying-ju Lai Discuss if the quality of service will affect the customer's desire of repurchase. Human Resource Management 2007-06-26
Chi-hsiung Lai A Study on the Stop-and-Frisk Legal System of the Police Officers –– Taking Five Main Structures of the Administration Act as the Means of Analysis Political Science 2007-07-18
Kuan-Chan Lai The Study of the Relationship among the Transformational Leadership, Perceptions of Organizational Politics, Role Pressure and Job Satisfaction from the aspect of News Reporters in Southern Taiwan Communications Management 2007-07-25
Yi-Sin Lai Study of hnps-PLA2 Complex Binding Interactions by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Chemistry 2007-08-03
Wei-yu Lai Information Exchange Mechanism Based on Reputation in Mobile P2P Networks Information Management 2007-09-06
Chun-chen Lai Integration and data acquisition of an optical spectroscopy and optical transmission properties of bulk GaNP material Materials Science and Engineering 2007-09-09
Chun-hung Lai Integration of Memory Subsystem with Microprocessor Supporting On-Chip Real Time Trace Compression Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-06
YI-HSUAN LAI The Poetics of Mourning in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse Foreign Language and Literature 2007-09-10
Jui-yang Lai none EMBA 2007-09-11
Yi-Mei Lai none Human Resource Management 2008-01-22
Hsin-yen Lai The Study on the Commercialization of Granted Land Use Rights in Beijing and Shanghai Mainland China Studies 2008-01-28
Dong-Yi Lai Design of Magnetic Flux for a High Speed Generator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-02-13
Peng-yu Lai Compact WiMAX Antennas for the Mobile Phone Communications Engineering 2008-06-09
KUAN-CHU LAI Advertising、Brand Equity and Financial Performance: The Mediator Effect of Brand Equity Finance 2008-06-19
Te-wang Lai Experimental Study on the Evolution of an Internal Solitary Wave over a Continental Margin IAMPUT 2008-07-04
Shih-lung Lai Fabrication of WDM Filters on Si-benches Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-09
Chih-ming Lai A study on the competition and strategy analysis for medical equipment industry-with a medical equipment company as an example of case study. EMBA 2008-07-25
Jhao-Rong Lai A Design of Training Size Reduction Strategy for Mandarin Speech Recognition System - A Case Study on Address Inputting System and Phrase Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2008-08-26
Yen-erh Lai none Political Science 2008-09-08
Jhih-jia Lai The study on the methanol crossover in a DMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-09
Chih-Yung Lai Study of the Image restoration for blurred Markov field images Electrical Engineering 2008-09-10
Hsiao-wen Lai The influence of food on ciliary movement of the gill in cultured hard clam Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-02-10
chih-ming Lai Work hardening behavior of ultra fine grained commercially aluminum alloy containing nanoscale alumina dispersoids produced by friction stir processing MSE 2009-02-13
Chien-Cheng Lai Total and organic mercury concentrations in white muscles of albacore (Thunnus alalunga) and bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in Pacific Ocean Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-03-25
Wei-ting Lai A Study of Simple Thermal Energy Conversion Device Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-06-11
Chia-chen Lai The Study of Top Management Team Leadership & Service Brand Value in Hotel Industry - From the Perspective of Human Resource Management Human Resource Management 2009-06-23
Sih-yi Lai A Study on Relationships Among Fear of Death and Concepts of Good Death in Adolescents Education 2009-07-07
Ming-chih Lai Performance Analysis and Improvement of a DC Magnetron Sputtering System Electrical Engineering 2009-07-20
Jui-chi Lai 1.5V Square-Root Domain Filter Electrical Engineering 2009-07-24
Keng-chen Lai Experimental Study on the Interaction between Surface Wave and Internal Wave IAMPUT 2009-07-25
Gu-Hsin Lai An Adaptive Server-Side Anti-Spam System Information Management 2009-07-27
Yu-ren Lai Design of the Superscalar Dual-Core Architecture using Single-Issue Out-of-Order Instruction Pipe for Embedded System Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Hua-lin Lai The Narrative Analysis of User Behavior on CRM System—A Case Study of an International Company Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-04
Yu-zheng Lai Development of FPW-based Mass Sensing Device with Reflection Grating Electrode Design Electrical Engineering 2009-08-31
Chung-Ping Lai Adaptive Frame Structure Determination for Hierarchical B Frame Coding Electrical Engineering 2009-09-09
Yen-Huei Lai Effects of Sample Size on Various Metallic Glass Micropillars in Microcompression Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-11-16
Jeng-ren Lai Molecular phylogeny of Thatcheria mirabilis and the Superfamily of Conoidea Marine Biology 2009-11-21
Kuang-erh Lai Assessing the Risk of Credit Guaranteed Loans to SMEs:Based on the Probability of Default and Recovery Rate Calculated by a Joint Parameters Estimation Approach Finance 2010-01-18
Chih-min Lai Feasibility of reclaiming two discharged waters and backside grinding wastewater from an industrial processing zone using the simultaneous electrocoagulation/electrofiltration process coupled with a tubular ceramic membrane of two pore sizes Environmental Engineering 2010-02-10
Jia-Wei Lai Optimal Fully Adaptive Power Management Protocols for Asynchronous Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-07-05
Chi-Lu Lai A Contrast between Montesquieu’s and Quesnay’s Thoughts of China Despotism — A Methodological Reflection Political Science 2010-08-17
Shih-Sin Lai A Design of German Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2010-08-24
Ping-Chun Lai A study towards the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for Online Music in Taiwan Communications Management 2010-08-25
Cian-jyun Lai Studies of the Structure of Carbon Fiber Bunch Unipolar Plates and Treatments of MEA on the Performance of PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Wei-Yu Lai New Silk Road:The Development of China's Sea Power Political Science 2010-09-09
Pei-lin Lai Iterative Methods for Common Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings in Hilbert spaces Applied Mathematics 2011-05-16
Han-Chang Lai Chemical scrubbing of odorous gases emitted from manufacturing plant of enamel insulated wire Environmental Engineering 2011-08-09
Da-Nung Lai Efficient Bandwidth Allocation with QoS support for IEEE 802.16 Systems Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Yan-shun Lai Effectiveness comparison between Concolic and Random Testing Information Management 2011-10-31
Ting-I Lai Studies on China’s Africa Policy Political Science 2011-12-05
Kuan-hung Lai The Exploratory Study of Chain Convenience Store’s Management Control System─ Using President Chain Stores in Kaohsiung Area as an Example Business Management 2012-02-05
Chun-Ting Lai Developing of Robust Integral Velocity-stabilizing Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driver Electrical Engineering 2012-02-14
Yen-Ting Lai Characterization of Transparent Conducting P-type Nickel Oxide Films on Glass Substrate Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Pei-Ying Lai The Impact of Cause-Related Promotion on Consumer`s Purchase Intention and Brand Attitudes Business Management 2012-08-13
Ssu-chi Lai A Study of Exploring the Identification Relationships between Consumers and Companies Business Management 2012-09-13
Mei-shiew Lai The Research of man styles in the San-Yen Er-Pai Chinese Literature 2012-10-04
Hsin-Hung Lai Multi-Decision Handover Mechanism for Fractional Frequency Reuse in Relay Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2012-12-03
Hui-chen Lai A Survey of General Public’s Cognition, Attitudes and Behavior toward Hospice Institute of Health Care Management 2013-02-05
Hsin-Tsung Lai Numerical model for theoretical and experimental studies of temperature and material flowduring friction stir spot welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-06-28
Siou-Huei Lai The Effects of Financial Variables on Economic Activities-The Case of G7 Countries Economics 2013-07-04
Wei-ming Lai Improvement of Kerr constant of blue phase liquid crystal using templating technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-16
Shih-ying Lai Optical-optical double resonance spectroscopy of photo-generated CN radicals Chemistry 2013-07-18
Cheng-Ling Lai A study of the TiO to anatase transformation in the preparation of TiO2 by sol-gel method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-22
Pei-chun Lai Sythesis of graphene with CNT on Cu foil Chemistry 2013-07-27
Kuan-Hua Lai Numerical Analysis of APC-2 Composite Laminates after High-Velocity Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-05
Yu-Lin Lai A Case Study of Young EFL Learners‟ Construction of Digital Stories: Social Semiotic Theory of Multimodality Foreign Language and Literature 2013-09-01
Hsiu-Yi Lai Study of NiO (111) Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition on c-Sapphire: Dependence of Structure and Optical Properties on Oxygen Content Physics 2013-09-11
Cheng-chih Lai A fuel cell stack with Heterogeneous composite bipolar plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-30
Mei-chun Lai Is Cyberloafing Harmful? Exploring the Relationship between Daily Cyberloafing and Job Performance: The Moderating Roles of Employee Personality Traits Human Resource Management 2013-10-21
Po-Cheng Lai Constructing Portfolios According to Financial Statement Information and Copula-GARCH Model in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2013-12-18
Ching-Wen Lai Studies on the Political and Economic Relations between China and the European Union Political Science 2014-01-23
Ruei-Chi Lai A primal-dual infeasible interior point algorithm for linearly constrained convex programming Applied Mathematics 2014-01-23
Chia-chun Lai The Development of Teachers’ Professional Learning Community on Reading Comprehension Strategy: A case study in the FLY elementary school. Education 2014-06-12
Shih-hung Lai Off-chip low coherence interferometric study of SOI micro-ring resonator via grating coupler Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-06
Yan-Cheng Lai Near-field electrospinning PVDF piezoelectric fibers tube to enhance voltage output Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-12
Chin-Chun Lai Pricing Asian Options via Taylor Approximations Applied Mathematics 2014-08-20
Jia-fu Lai A cloned group II phytocystatin SPCPI differentially modulates ethephon and NaCl-induced leaf senescence in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) Biological Sciences 2014-08-25
Yu-Zheng Lai Fabrication of the Steel / Aluminum Alloy Clade Plate Using Friction Stir Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-28
Lai, Mei-Ju Lai Factors Affecting Kaohsiung Citizens’ Intention to Install Solar Water Heaters. Public Affairs Management 2014-09-01
Ang-chih Lai Numerical model of carbon dissolution in liquid iron Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-05
Hsiao-Yun Lai Analysis of the cytochrome oxidase system in Deinococcus radiodurans under different culture conditions Biological Sciences 2014-09-12
Chun-Hung Lai Facebook overexposure?Privacy protection for Facebook users Institute of Marketing Communication 2014-10-21
Chun-Hung Lai A Versatile Cache Architecture for Better Utilization of the Cache Space Computer Science and Engineering 2014-11-27
Zong-qun Lai Studies of Stable and Reusable DMFC Stacks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-12-01
Hung-chieh Lai The Study of Communication Issues and Language Policy for MNC Human Resource Management 2015-06-23
Cheng-yen Lai A study on factors of employee happiness in social enterprise Public Affairs Management 2015-07-18
YU-WEN LAI Revolution of Cross-Strait Legal System on Crime-Crackdown Political Science 2015-07-09
Kuan-ling Lai Investor Sentiment and the Effect of Customer Satisfaction on Stock Returns Finance 2015-08-11
Wei-Hung Lai Reliability study of polymer dispersed liquid crystal for smart window application Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-17
Yi-jen Lai The Tension between Benefit and Risk on Facebook: The Effect of Need for Popularity and Privacy Concern on Facebook Privacy Management Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-08-27
Shu-ming Lai Prediction of topological insulators consisting of Thallium with group V elements Physics 2015-09-02
Hsiang-Erh Lai Big Data Analytics Platform Establishment: Efficiency Analysis and Spam Email Filtering Electrical Engineering 2015-09-30
Kuei-Chia Lai Participatory Budgeting with Chinese Characteristics : A Case Study of MinHang District Institute of Sociology 2016-01-07
Kuan-Chun Lai Capitalizing on the Children Industry in Taiwan Pure Heaven: A Business Proposal Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-01-29
Pei-Ying Lai FPGA-Based Phase-Locked-Loop Frequency-Locking Algorithm for Ultrasonic Spray Coating System Electrical Engineering 2016-01-28
CHIPING LAI Detecting Intrusions Using Social Network Analysis And Bayesian Network Information Management 2015-08-26
Han-ting Lai Resource Allocation Scheme Based on Pricing Class for Multimedia Multicast Service in LTE Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-05-27
Yi-hsiung Lai Study on Architecture–Oriented Maze Game Software Model Information Management 2016-06-16
Chi-Cheng Lai Investigation of the Effect and Mechanism of Paricalcitol in Isoproterenol Induced Cardiomyopathic Rats Biological Sciences 2016-06-24
Shih-wei Lai Fabrication of Solar Cells using Cuprous Oxide on N-type Bulk Silicon Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-21
Ssu-Yuan Lai The effect of real-time adaptive prompting strategy on learning programming concepts Information Management 2016-08-22
Yan-Fu Lai Design and Implementation of a Folding Rollator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-01
Jheng-jhong Lai Evaluation of tantalum-based metallic glass potentials for bio-implant applications and their special cell attachment mechanism Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-02
Mei-Yu Lai Local Talents Development in Manufacturing Industry by Foreign Company in Vietnam—Example of Taiwanese Firms Master of Global Human Resource Management 2016-08-08
Yun-Hsin Lai Two Case Studies on Sustainable Strategies of Non-profit Arts Organizations Theatre Arts 2016-08-18
Yuan-Long Lai A Study of Building Farmhouse Problems in Taiwan’s Farmland: The Case of Shihu Township, Miao-li County Political Science 2016-08-19
Yu-Long Lai Implementation of Core Element for Hyper-scalar Architecture Electrical Engineering 2016-08-19
Zhu-Min Lai Mechanical, Thermal and Electronic Properties of Ultrathin Germanium Nanowires Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-19
Li-Chao Lai Building the Core Competency and Managerial Competency Model of the Organization— M Company as the Example Human Resource Management 2016-08-28
Chih-Hung Lai The unsupervised band selection methods for progressive data analysis of hyperspectral imagery Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-01
Chia-hsin Lai An Action Research on the Outcome Improvement of Community Tour Guide Training: Using Hamasen Cultural and Historical Tour Guide Training Class as an Example Public Affairs Management 2016-09-06
Kuan-Chieh Lai Youth Employment Social Impact Bond Mechanism Design-The Application of Cost-benefit Analysis Finance 2016-09-09
Hsin-Yen Lai Robust Information and Energy Cooperation Design in Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy Harvesting Primary Receiver Communications Engineering 2016-11-18
Chun-hsing Lai From Kins to Immigrants? Peter Kwong on the Evolving Chinese American Identities Political Science 2016-12-22
Yu-Jin Lai Machine Learning Pairs Trading Applied Mathematics 2017-01-17
Yi-Horng Lai Design and Application of Robust Controller for Fuzzy Parametric Uncertain Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-25
Bay-Erl Lai Research on Determinants of Online Staffing Adoption Information Management 2017-06-26
Chien-hui Lai Network analysis of Cross markets stocks, Oil, Gold, Silver and Forex Finance 2017-06-27
Jia-li Lai Personalized Talent Management by Analyzing Transaction Log Business Management 2017-07-04
Chih-Ching Lai Fluorine-containing Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s as Proton Exchange Membrane and High-efficiency Fuel Cell Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-28
Henry Chia-Wei Lai Studies on the United Nations “Global Compact” Political Science 2017-08-02
Chun-No Lai Developing the Metal Cobalt Recycling Technology for Waste Lithium Batteries Environmental Engineering 2017-08-07
Chien-Chia Lai High-Efficiency HIT Solar Cell with Pillar Structure Texturing Electrical Engineering 2017-08-21
Jing-Hau Lai Low Power Non-Classical Recessed-Gate CMOS Inverter with Unique Shared Contact Electrical Engineering 2017-08-22
Chun-you Lai Effects of different annealing processes on the characteristics of CrSiAl thin films Electrical Engineering 2017-08-28
Jyun-Hao Lai Ensemble Learning for Text Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-07
Jeng-Huang Lai How does enterprise improve the retention rate of employee – The case study of international hotel industry Human Resource Management 2017-09-14
Yi-Ru Lai Theoretical Analysis of Space Harmonic Effects of Synchronous-Reluctance Motor Electrical Engineering 2017-09-26
Ju-Ting Lai Approaching Detection with Multiple 3D Depth Sensor in Robot Operating System Electrical Engineering 2017-10-30
Yi-Chun Lai Research on B2B Service Strategy- By Value Chain and Resource Based View Business Management 2017-11-21
Chia-Yu Lai The Prediction of Software Patent Claim Eligibility and Patent Value using Text-mining Techniques Information Management 2018-01-16
WEI-HAN LAI Cross culture adjustment experiences of Taiwanese self-initiated expatriates (SIE) and motivation to work aboard Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-01-25
Chien-Yu Lai An empirical analysis on determinants of demand for best sellers: “Books” online book store Business Management 2018-01-23
Chia-yi Lai Curiosity attraction:To explore the factors that consumers join queuing Institute of Marketing Communication 2018-02-07
Li-Chieh Lai Does Left-Right Matter? Effects of Product-Price Left-Right Placement and Construal Level on Product Evaluation Business Management 2018-02-07
Yi-chieh Lai Establishing Indicators Framework to Evaluate Marine Protected Areas in Taiwan – A Case Study of Liouciou Fish Recourse Conservation Area IMA 2018-02-23
Jian-Hong Lai Relevance study of board characteristics, internal control weakness and business performance of banking in Taiwan Finance 2018-06-20
Chia-Wei Lai Employees' Cognition of Corporate Social Responsibility and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Technology and Finance Industry Human Resource Management 2018-07-20
Yu-Chan Lai, DMHMPC Inhibits Invasiveness Activity of Human Lung Cancer Cells A549 Biological Sciences 2008-09-09
Xian-Cong Lain Study of Ferroelectric Devices Integration Physics 2002-07-30
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Todd Lajeunesse Rightovers: Utilizing the Sharing Economy to Promote Home Cooking Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-10-15
Jayaram Lakshmaiah Narayana Antimicrobial Peptides: Efficacy and Molecular Mechanism of Action against Multi-Drug Resistant Gastric Pathogen Helicobacter pylori Infection Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2015-07-02
Pui-yan Lam A Study of the Industrialization of Festive Activities Arts Management 2004-09-06
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Pa lamin Stochastic Harmonic Impact Analysis for Distribution System with Wind Turbines IMEPE 2013-08-02
Shih-Wei Lan The impact of unanticipated news on foreign exchange rate Finance 2000-06-26
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Ying-Che Lan Low Loss Hybrid Antiresonant Reflection Optical Waveguide Devices At 1.3μm Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-19
Yu-Chin Lan The Patriarchal Structure, Female Consciousness-raising and Female Subjectivity in The Peony Pavilion——Take Example by Tu Li-Niang Chinese Literature 2001-08-01
Yi-Lin Lan The Study on the employees’ upward political behaviors have significantly influences on work satisfaction and leave inclination.- 以中興保全股份有限公司為例 Human Resource Management 2002-08-09
Hung-Wen Lan The influence of technology infusion in service encounter—Taking web-based instruction for example Business Management 2003-02-10
Yin-Ming Lan The Hierarchical Core-Based Multicast Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2003-06-29
Tsai-Yang Lan The influence of product price and complexity on online purchasing decision Information Management 2003-07-30
Zhi-yang Lan Data Extrapolation in the FDTD Method Electrical Engineering 2004-06-29
Che-wei Lan The Low-Temperature Bonding Technique for Plastic-Based Microfluidic Chips and its Applications for Micromixers. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-28
CHIH-I LAN The Effect of Inlet Barometric Pressure and Inlet Flow Velocity to The Life of Curved Micro-channel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-08
Tzu-tang Lan The Owner-managers of Information Technology(IT)Entrepreneurial Businesses—An Explorative Case Study on Electronic Components Manufacturing Companies Business Management 2005-06-17
Wei-zhe Lan Study on Characteristics of GaSb/GaAs Quantum Dots Devices Electrical Engineering 2005-07-05
Jian-Jia Lan Two Low Jitter, High Linearity Voltage-Controlled Oscillators Electrical Engineering 2005-07-21
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Teng-Huang Lan A study of Marketing Strategy of Organic Food at Supermarket Business Management 2005-08-26
Li-huei Lan The exchange rate exposure of Taiwanese banking institutions Finance 2006-04-20
Ming-Sung Lan The Research on Performance Evaluation of Products' Marketing Channel Business Management 2006-07-28
I-Pin Lan The research of marketing strategy and recruit performance ─ a case as private schools in Kaohsiung city Communications Management 2006-08-03
Liu-chiao lan Development of Global apparel commodity chains and Taiwan apparel industry's response Political Science 2007-02-08
Wang-Feng Lan Elementary School and Junior High School Teachers’ Social Values and Cognitive Judgment on the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Policy Administration Public Affairs Management 2007-05-08
TE-SHAN LAN Study on synchronization-oriented vendor managed inventory in dynamic supply chain – The case of Fasteners industry in Taiwan Information Management 2007-06-19
Shih-fu Lan The motivation of members joining collaborative software project and collaborative mechanism research-for ZK open source project Information Management 2008-06-24
Yi-chien Lan A Study on the Relationship among Organization a change Work Quality of Life and Organizational Commitment: A Case of a Navy Logistic Department Public Affairs Management 2008-08-16
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Lan Lan Study on Architecture-Oriented Customer Relationship Management Model Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-01-06
Yuan-Kun Lan A study of middle-aged and older consumers’ purchase intentions for innovation products. A case of smart phone. Business Management 2013-06-27
Wen-Jie Lan Synthesis of Nanostructured Graphene-Cobalt Manganese Oxide Hybrids for Electrochemical Catalysis Applications Chemistry 2014-08-12
Wei-Chih Lan A Receiver-buffer-oriented Rate Control Scheme for CMT-SCTP Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-27
Yuan-ching Lan The Influence of Organizational Climate and Supervisor’s Adaptation to Organization on Employees’ Commitment and Impression Management Human Resource Management 2014-09-06
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Chwan-Kwei Lan China and International Human Rights Norms: A Three-Level Analysis ICAPS 2016-04-20
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Wen-lin Lan The Effect of Culture on Users’ First Impression and Behavior for Websites’ Visual Complexity Information Management 2017-08-19
Je-wei Lan Development of Flexural Plate-wave Based Micro Biosensors for Rapid Detection of Liver/Colorectal/Prostate Cancer Electrical Engineering 2018-02-11
KUEI LAN CHU Key Successful Factors of Supply Chain Management-An Empirical Study Business Management 2017-06-18
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DEVITA AYU LARASATI Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Systems Electrical Engineering 2016-09-07
Ryh-Huei Lau The Design and Implementation of Knowledge Managament Strategies in Naval Warship Forces: A Case Study Information Management 2002-07-19
MUKESH LAVKUSH BHAISARE Nanomaterial synthesis, characterization and application in detection, imaging and killing of bacterial and cancer cells Chemistry 2016-01-30
En-Hwa Lay Using Constructed Wetland for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Environmental Engineering 2003-08-18
Chun-feng Lay Entanglement Swapping in the Strong Coupling Interaction between the Atoms and the Photonic Crystal Microcavities Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-06
Shiaw-Jong Lay A Legal Study of Authority Performing Act of the Police in Taiwain Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-25
Fang-Chi Le Evaluation of Gas Turbine Cogeneration with Fuel Cell Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-25
Tuan-Thanh Le Vietnam and Mainland China's Border Trade and It's Effect On Those Border Area Mainland China Studies 2002-08-05
Wan-Chi Le Immunological detection and the binding protein of Nervous Necrosis Virus infecting Epinephelus malabaricus Marine Resources 2002-08-13
Van Le The research on Selection and Training for Vietnamese labors. Business Management 2003-07-25
Ye-sung Le Experimental and Numerical Studies of Board-level Electronic Packages Subjected to Drop and Thermal Cycling Tests Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-07
Nguyen Le The Financial Solutions for Vietnam's Small and Medium Enterprises after Globalization Business Management 2010-09-13
Dunia Leal Tobar Sexual Harassment in Taiwanese Corporate Environment Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-07-03
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Po-Yi Lee Research of Neural Network Applied on Seabed Sediment Recognition Undersea Technology 2000-06-07
Pin-Hsien Lee The Effect of Temperature on Synchronized Eclosion and the Study of Eclosion Rhythm of the Marine Midge Pontomyia oceana Marine Biology 2000-06-15
Kuan-Mo Lee A study on single mode fiber coupling to hybrid antiresonant reflection optical waveguide Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-16
Wei-Yao Lee Determination of magnitudes of modulating field:photoreflectance and electroreflectance on surface-intrinsic-n+ type doped GaAs Physics 2000-06-21
Hor-Tzung Lee XML Enabled Page-Grouping Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-04
Tien-Lung Lee The Calculation for Harmonic Parameters based on FFT Electrical Engineering 2000-06-27
Cheng-Ni Lee The Reasearch of Internet Consumer Behavior Business Management 2000-06-27
Yi-Hui Lee Exploring Group Composition Methods for Cooperative Learning in Web-based Instructional Systems Information Management 2000-06-27
Hsin-Chen Lee Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidomethylindole, 3-Azidomethylpyridine and 2-Azidomethylbenzene Chemistry 2000-06-27
Shun-Tien Lee Investigation of Energy Coupling between Laser Diodes and Tapered Fibers, 2-D Case Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-30
Tzon-Jyi Lee The Effects of Counterion on Intramolecular Electron-Transfer Rate for Binuclear Mixed-Valence Biferrocenium Salts Chemistry 2000-07-04
Hsi-Ju Lee The Integration of New Cost Accounting Methods--A Case Study for Summit Furniture Business Management 2000-07-06
Wan_Hsiuan Lee none Finance 2000-07-10
Biau Lee Media, Industry Structure and Newspaper's Strategy Management─A Case Study of China Times EMBA 2000-07-11
Chun-Ling Lee The Business Strategies of Taiwan Department Store—For example Shanghai Pacific Department Store Business Management 2000-07-14
Yu-Ching Lee A Study of Factors Affecting Members’ Loyalty toward Virtual Communities Information Management 2000-07-14
Deng-Kun Lee none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-15
wei-sehn Lee Regenerative Thermal Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) in Air Streams Environmental Engineering 2000-07-22
Ching-Tsai Lee Systematics of the Superdeformation in the frame of the Projected Shell Model Physics 2000-07-26
Chiu-Ping Lee Study in the effects of introducing new highschool mathematics text books To Kaohsiung area students Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Wei-Chuan Lee none Chinese Literature 2000-07-29
Yuan-Lung Lee none Human Resource Management 2000-12-18
Chia-Yi Lee The Influence of Perceived Organizational Support on Employees' Work Attitudes Human Resource Management 2000-12-26
Yen-Hsien Lee Development of Information Extraction-based Event Detection Technique Information Management 2000-07-30
Chiu-Yen Lee How Taiwanese expatriates’ personalcharacters, career orientations, expatriate motivation and expatriate adjustment affect their intention to stay in Mainland China Human Resource Management 2000-07-31
Yorker Lee Using Subpixel Technology in Contour Recognition on Low-resolution Hexagonal Images Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-08
Ming-Chi Lee A simple cell scheduling mechanishm for ATM networks Electrical Engineering 2000-09-02
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Kwonho, Lee Mainland China's foreign policy in the Korean Peninsula: a dialectical analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-02-19
Kun Lee The Research of Human Resource Executives’ Influence Strategy & Tactics Human Resource Management 2001-06-09
Chien-Mu Lee Study of L-Band Amplified Spontaneous Emission Fiber Source Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-10
Chin-Hsing Lee A Study of Managerial Competencies Training Needs for the Executives - Take Company A for an Example Human Resource Management 2001-06-13
Yun-Mei Lee Uniformly least powerful tests of long-run performance on IPO Business Management 2001-06-14
Lan-Chi Lee Improving Workload Balance and Code Optimization on Processor-In-Memory Systems Electrical Engineering 2001-06-14
Rong-Chin Lee IC Design and Implementation of 32-Bit 1.25 GHz Tree-Structured CLA Adder and Discrete Cosine Transform Electrical Engineering 2001-06-14
Shu-Cheng Lee The Research on Technological Development of Fiber Optics Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2001-06-20
Pei-Yin Lee The Organzation roles in Knowledge management Business Management 2001-06-22
Wen-Hsin Lee The Study of Knowledge Management Model-System Component Research Business Management 2001-06-26
Chin-Fa Lee Numerical Analysis of Residual Strength in AS-4/PEEK Composite Laminates Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-24
Yi-Chung Lee Role of Thoracic Vagal Branches in Regulation of Neurogenic Plasma Leakage in Rat Lower Airway Biological Sciences 2001-06-22
Tzu-Yao Lee InAs-GaSb Superlattice Band Structure Studied By Bond Orbital Model Physics 2001-06-27
EN-TZU LEE Elasticity of Demand in Monetary Market - Practice in Japan Economics 2001-07-02
Chieh-Lung Lee none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Chin-Fan Lee 1. Pyrolytic Study of Arylmethylazides 2. Pyrolytic Study of 2-Amino-3-methylpyridine and its Derivatives Chemistry 2001-06-27
Ja-Hon Lee Study on the Characteristics of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication at Pure Squeeze Motion Using Optical Interferometry Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-02
Chia-Cheng Lee Influence of multiply charge on Macromolecules using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry Chemistry 2001-07-03
Hsin-chung Lee Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Chromium-Containing Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-10
Lu-Ping Lee none Finance 2001-07-25
Hsun-Ku Lee Performance-based Design Analysis of Smoke Management System in Buildings with Large Space and Atria Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-10
Ming-Yen Lee none Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-17
Chia-He Lee Design and Implementation of a Mapping Technique between XML Documents and Relational Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-18
Jian-Hui Lee none Business Management 2001-07-18
Bing-Nan Lee Study on Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Ferrocyanide or 2,4-Dichlorophenol Solutions Environmental Engineering 2001-07-18
Kuo-Wei Lee pores in the interface of water and ice Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-20
Mau-Hsin Lee none Business Management 2001-07-23
Shau-Hua Lee Ex-dividend day stock price behavior-the case of Taiwan Finance 2001-07-25
Li-Su Lee Human Resource Management of Banking Industry's central branch Business Management 2001-07-30
Wei-Jen Lee The research for the management and development of Community University in the South Taiwan. Education 2001-07-29
Ming-Yi Lee A Study of the Political Interaction between Taiwan and Mainland China (1995-2000) Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-31
Xuan-Cheng Lee On the Study of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell—The Fabrication and Application of MEA Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-31
Chin-Yu Lee none Finance 2001-08-01
Ming-Chien Lee A Study on the Relationship between Employee’s Political Behavior and Organizational Performance– an Empirical Experience of Case Study in M company Human Resource Management 2001-08-01
Chieh-Min Lee The Process of Implementation Strategy of Enterprise Resource Planning in Large Companies --The Comparison of Two Implementation Strategies Information Management 2001-08-03
Shan-Huei Lee Global Democratization and International Human Rights Value to the Consequence of Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2001-08-09
Ming-Feng Lee Precaution effects empirical analysis of financial rate for the table of credit evaluation of the bank loan to enterprise Finance 2001-08-21
Yi-Su Lee The study of polychlorinated biphenyls in marine environment from southwest coast of Taiwan. Marine Biology 2001-09-13
Wen-fu Lee The Research on Influencing Factors of Implementing Workflow Systems: A Case Study Information Management 2002-01-24
Yuan-Shun Lee Some Aspects of Differential Game Problems Electrical Engineering 2002-01-28
Mao-hsiung Lee none Public Affairs Management 2002-02-05
Ching-Nan Lee The Design Analysis and Experimental Investigation on Building Energy Conservation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-05-15
Meng-Pin Lee none Finance 2002-05-24
Jia-Guei Lee Service Quality Gap Research--A Study of CPA firms in Kaohsiung Business Management 2002-06-06
Hsiang-Yun Lee Build emotional brand identity through experiential marketing-case research haute couture FU Business Management 2002-06-08
Wei-Ju Lee The Research of ESD Consumer’s Purchasing Factors Business Management 2002-06-06
Pei-chen Lee 1*2 Y-branch waveguide power splitters with large angle bends Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-06-10
Cheng-Hsun Lee A Design and Implementation of a Small Scale Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System Electrical Engineering 2002-06-13
Tung-I Lee The Research Of China Steel Corporation Group Opeate Mode and Strategy Develope Business Management 2002-06-18
Chung-Lai Lee Range-Based Mobile Multicast Computer Science and Engineering 2002-06-17
Chuan-Te Lee Properties of Action Potential Waveform-Evoked L-type Calcium Currents in Pituitary GH3 Cells Biological Sciences 2002-06-20
Hsiao-Tung Lee none Business Management 2002-06-18
Shih-Hui Lee The Relationship between Internal Marketing and Customer Oriented Behavior -The Evidence from S-Hypermarket Human Resource Management 2002-06-24
Jui-Kuo Lee A Study of Market Segmentation and Positioning on Industrial Furnace System Integration from A Global Perspective EMBA 2002-06-28
Hong-Jan Lee Numerical Simulation of the outlet effect for the MOCVD process. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-02
Chih-Chieh Lee Study and Implementation of the Log-Periodic Dipole Array Antenna for Electromagnetic Compatibility Electrical Engineering 2002-07-02
Yi-Ling Lee Determination of V,Cr,Cu,Zn,Cd,Tl and Pb in soil and sediment samples by Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2002-07-03
An-Ming Lee The Relationships between Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Employees’ Job Attitude Human Resource Management 2002-07-04
Yen-Chiang Lee Action Research to Develop the Knowledge Management System for Full Specification of CSBC Business Management 2002-07-04
Kuo-Liang Lee The Research on the Behavior That Taiwan’s Graduates Find a Job in Shanghai Mainland China Studies 2002-07-08
Yun-Fang Lee none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-10
YU-HO LEE Digital Inverter With Speed Estimation and Dead Time Compensation Electrical Engineering 2002-07-10
Hsu-Fu Lee Experiment study for heat transfer of high density electronic multichip array by transient heat transfer method with with thermochromic liquid crystal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-10
Yi-Hung Lee The study of temperature oefficient of SAW frequency for AlN thin films on LiNbO3 and ST-quartz Electrical Engineering 2002-07-12
Kung-Ying Lee A Study on the Regulation of Insurance Organization in China Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-12
Allen Lee A VQ Coding Based Method for Object Detection Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-16
Tung-I Lee A Novel Transimpedance Amplifier and Its Application Circuits Electrical Engineering 2002-07-19
Ming-Chuan Lee none Business Management 2002-07-24
Chin-Wei Lee none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-24
Ching-Chen Lee none EMBA 2002-07-25
Nien-Chiu Lee Improving Data Quality: Development and Evaluation of Error Detection Methods Information Management 2002-07-25
Meng-Tsung Lee Strategy analysis for ecological restoration and water pollution control of Love River aquatic environment in Kaohsiung region Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-07-26
Chih-Feng Lee The Design and Implementation of Hardware-based Packet Forwarding Mechanism on Web Cluster Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-29
Ching-Chang Lee Model Selection for Real-Time Decision Support Systems Information Management 2002-07-29
Bruce Lee A Study of Proceeding TPM with Knowledge Management Information Management 2002-07-31
Yi-jen Lee Mechanism of Circasemilunar Eclosion rhythm of the Marine Midge Pontomyia oceana Marine Biology 2002-07-31
Tzu-Liang Lee Transformation of Family-owned Business into Corporate Family -The Case of San Shing Hardware Works Co., Ltd. Information Management 2002-08-02
Yung-Chin Lee Investigation of Real-time Interactive Window Operation on World-Wide-Web Electrical Engineering 2002-08-05
Jeff Lee The Promotion of Computerization in Universities Human Resource Management 2002-08-07
King-Pao Lee A Study of the Labors’ Rights of Unionization in Taiwan ― From the Liberal Point of View Political Science 2002-08-22
Yuh-Chin Lee The Research on Implementing Performance Management System Based on Balanced Scorecard – Using the Taiwanese Branch of a Multinational Foods Company as an Example Human Resource Management 2002-08-22
Kun-Tse Lee none Political Science 2002-08-27
Wen-Tao Lee none Finance 2002-08-27
Chung-Shiun Lee Search for people of physically disability intention to work in job market in KAOHSIUNG Business Management 2002-08-28
Hana Lee The influence of upward political behaviors of civil servants to promotion rotation Human Resource Management 2002-08-29
Hsueh-Chih Lee none Finance 2002-08-29
SHIH-CHIEH LEE none Finance 2002-08-29
Yen-Hua Lee The study on the relationship of transformation leadership, multi-level marketing's organizational cultures and organizational commitment-taking the multi-level marketing distributors of the B company as samples Human Resource Management 2002-09-05
Yi-Hsin Lee A histological study on the inner ear of the hagfish Paramyxine nelson with special reference to the statoconia morphology Marine Biology 2002-08-08
Shu-Hui Lee Organotin Compounds in Kenting Coastal Area Marine Resources 2002-09-10
Jia-Chu Lee Efficiency of Energy Application and Economic Dispatch For Intelligent Control of Chiller Units Electrical Engineering 2002-09-13
Mu-en Lee Electronic Ballast for Starting Fluorescent Lamps with Zero Glow Current Electrical Engineering 2003-01-21
Chiung-Hui lee The adjustment of the Kaohsiung district change-from the New Institution Economics viewpoint Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-01-27
Shu-Hua Lee none Biological Sciences 2003-02-13
Puw Lee The States System under Globalizations Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-02-18
Shu-Chuan Lee Taiwan steel industries H-Beam products anti-dumping research Business Management 2003-05-09
Chien-Cheng Lee Toyota Just In Time Production System Application In Steel Structure Industry-China Steel Structure Coperation Business Management 2003-05-21
Ching-Lin Lee Saturated Reluctance Identification of high voltage Induction Motor and Estimation of Induction Motor/Generator Effect Electrical Engineering 2003-06-10
Yu-Hsien Lee Phase behavior of poly(gama-alkyl-L-glutamate)s Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-12
Pei-Fang Lee Effect of zinc on lignin biosynthesis in soybean roots Biological Sciences 2003-06-11
Kuo-Hsing Lee Starting Characteristics of Rapid-Start Fluorescent Lamp with High-Frequency Operation Electrical Engineering 2003-06-20
Wen-Shan Lee Performance Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 by Spatial reuse Computer Science and Engineering 2003-06-20
Chien-Hsing Lee Risk Management Research of Business High-Tech and High Risk Investment Strategy- The Third Generation Digital Mobil Communication System Business Management 2003-06-30
Tsung-Hsien Lee Fabrication of Modifiable Dual-Mode Band-pass Filter on Al2O3 Substrate Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Hsin-Pei Lee Adaptive Rake Multiuser Receiver with Linearly Constrained Sliding Window RLS Algorithm for DS-CDMA Systems Electrical Engineering 2003-07-04
Szu-Hsien Lee DSP-Based Single Phase Small scale Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System Electrical Engineering 2003-07-04
Ing-Jhy Lee The hardware industry managing strategy in Taiwan. Business Management 2003-07-07
Chia-Fen Lee The problem of China’s Banking industry Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-17
Chun-Lung Lee Fact of Disaster Recover Plan within Information Security Management System -Example as CTS Corporation Information Management 2003-07-18
Kang-Chaung Lee The Effect Of Electric Field On Polymer Film Thickness Physics 2003-07-17
Keh-Yeu Lee A study of Vendor Managed Inventory implement in the Military Defence Industries Information Management 2003-07-22
Sheng-Feng Lee Design and Implementation of 2.4 GHz Two-Point Voltage-Controlled Oscillators on a Multilayer LTCC Substrate with Embedded Inductors and Capacitors Communications Engineering 2003-07-24
Hsusn-Chang Lee A Study of Scheduling Algorithm for GPRS Communications Engineering 2003-07-24
Ching-Jen Lee Analysis on Cavitation in AZ-Series Mg Alloys during Superplastic Deformation Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-24
Mei-Yao Lee D-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression-a function approach Applied Mathematics 2003-07-27
Sheng-chien Lee A study of the relationship between R&D-Marketing integration in the product innovation process and organizational performance for switching power supply firm. EMBA 2003-07-28
Wan-Chi Lee none Economics 2003-07-29
Min-Lun Lee A Study of the Probability of Informed Trading in Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2003-08-03
Ching-I Lee Synthesis of Decaphenylmetallocenes of Mo and W Atoms and Transition Metal Complexes Containing Phosphine Ligands Chemistry 2003-08-02
Shih-Shun Lee Strategies Fostering Competition and Development of Kaohsiung After Cross Straits’ Joining WTO — from the Perspective of Tourism Public Affairs Management 2003-08-04
Chien-Hui Lee A Study on the Development of Classification Model for General Colleges and Universities in Taiwan Education 2003-08-09
Lea-Fong Lee The study of flower preference schemata and purchase decision-making behavior. Business Management 2003-08-14
Chu-Ling Lee none EMBA 2003-08-14
Tsung-Chang Lee Research for Process Innovation and Competitive Advantage of Iron & Steel Industry Business Management 2003-08-15
Yu-Chia Lee The Relationship Between Teacher-Pupil Interactive Behavior with Elementary School Students’ Science Knowledge, Creativity and Problem Solving in Science Subject Education 2003-08-18
Ming-Fang Lee A political economy analysis of Taiwan cultural policy Political Science 2003-08-19
June-Shain Lee The relationship study of the hospital organization culture, leadership,and organizational citizenship behaviors. Human Resource Management 2003-08-25
Ming-Dao Lee A Study of The Management Performance of Taiwan Power Company and also The Manipulation Situation of Human Resources of Nuclear and Fire Station in Taiwan Power Company Business Management 2003-08-21
Hsiao-Lan Lee Treatment of Nitrate-Containing Soil by Nano-scale Iron Particles and Electrokinetic Remediation Environmental Engineering 2003-08-28
Earl Lee A Comparsion of Numerical Pricing Mthods for Average Options Finance 2003-08-29
Ya-Fang Lee The Effects of Industrial Relations Climate, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment in the Banking Industry Human Resource Management 2003-09-04
Wen-Young Lee none IEMBA 2003-09-03
Ming-Zhao Lee The Characteristics of Leaky Rayleigh Wave Propagating in Thin-layer Structures Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-04
Po-Ming Lee Dual Threshold Voltage SRAM & BIST Comparators Electrical Engineering 2003-09-24
Yann-chun Lee A Study of Doctor-to-doctor and Doctor-to-patient Knowledge Sharing Practices: An Example of one Medical Center Information Management 2004-01-30
Yung-Chen Lee none Chinese Literature 2004-02-02
Kuo-chih Lee The Research on Consumer Internet Information Search Behavior—Backpacker as an Example Business Management 2004-01-29
Shang-yu Lee The numerical analysis of nonlinear viscous flow passing submerged and floating breakwaters Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-02-26
Lan-Try Lee The War of Global Anti-Terrorism Analysis of The United States of America Political Science 2004-04-14
Ya-Ting Lee Manager Allocation under Risk Budgeting-An Empirical Study of Equity Mutual Funds in Taiwan Finance 2004-06-19
Chia-hui Lee From success to failure ~why some good enterprises fail Business Management 2004-06-22
Hsiu-Chuan Lee A study of Model of Treatment for Incompetent School Teachers in Taiwan Education 2004-06-22
Ming-xian Lee A study on consuming behavior of female student of college cosmetics in Taiwan. Business Management 2004-06-23
Wen-jeng Lee SIRMs Fuzzy Controller via Genetic Algorithms for Inverted Pendulum Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-06-24
Che-chi Lee An analysis hexagonal phase retention in BaTiO3 Materials Science and Engineering 2004-06-26
Jheng-Syun Lee A microstructure analysis for the Y5V-1206 capacitors based on BaTiO3 ceramics Materials Science and Engineering 2004-06-28
Jowquen Lee The Study of the Educational Thought of Martin Carnoy: The Relation between Education and the State Political Science 2004-06-29
Chien-hui Lee The Study of Electromagnetic Shielding Employing Woven Continuous Carbon Fiber Composites for 2.5Gb/s Transceiver Modules Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-03
chin-Tang Lee Quantum Well Design and Electroabsorption Modulators Fabrication Based on the InGaAs/InAlAs material system Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-06
I-ping Lee The Study of the Correspondence between Music Publishers and the Development of Chamber and Solo Music in Germany and Austria in the Classical Era Music 2004-07-06
Wen-hao Lee Improvement of Contour Errors Using Cross-coupled Control Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-07
Dan-Long Lee Fabrication of InGaAsP/InGaAsP Electro-absorption Modulator by Wet Etching Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-06
Po-Tsong Lee Research on Regrowth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Silicon Oxide Coating Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-09
Tzung-Je Lee Low-Variation 1 MHz Clock Generator,High Sensitivity Linear Voltage-to-Frequency Converter,and High-PSR Bias Circuit for NTSC SYNC Separation Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Shiao-Yi Lee The Analysis of CPC’s Marketing Challenge and Strategies after the Petroleum Industry Liberalization in Taiwan EMBA 2004-07-21
Chong-Wei Lee The Marketing Strategy of Stainless Steel Industry in Mainland China, take Taiwanese Company as Research Sample. EMBA 2004-07-21
Ming-Wei Lee none EMBA 2004-07-21
Pei-ying Lee Coordination Chemistry of Multidentate Pyrrolylaldiminate Ligands Chemistry 2004-07-21
Jun-Xian Lee Fabrication of CuInSe2:Sb Thin Film Solar Cell Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-23
Kuen-haur Lee Molecular Cloning of CDK2AP1 Gene and Characterization of Its Expression Profiles in Oral Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-07-27
Wei-yin Lee Amido Phosphine Complexes of Zinc, Nickel, and Aluminum: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity Chemistry 2004-07-22
Yi-Ching Lee none Mainland China Studies 2004-07-23
Yu-Li Lee A Study of Influencing Factors of Knowledge Sharing Intention of Employees in IT Organizations-A Case Study of WALTON Information Management 2004-08-02
Chiu-ju Lee Reserach of Realationship in Job Characteristics,Career Development And Professional Commitment of The Clinical Physical Therapist Human Resource Management 2004-08-06
Chiang-Hao Lee The technology acceptance of members of public sector for knowledg management Public Affairs Management 2004-08-06
Shu-Fue Lee Analysis of Nonlinear Tidal Wave Phenomenon in Tanshui River Physical Oceanography 2004-08-07
Tsun-jen Lee the influence on mechaincal properties of rolled pure nickel at low temperature Materials Science and Engineering 2004-08-10
Yu-jen Lee Implementation of MPEG-4 Video Encoder/Decoder on Microprocessors Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-14
Jen-Yi Lee Detection of Bacteria and Bacteriophage Proteins by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
Chung-Han Lee An IP Generator for Multifunctional Discrete Transforms using Parameterized Modules Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-16
Hsiu-fen Lee The Relationship of Corporate culture, business strategy, staffing strategy and organization performance Human Resource Management 2004-08-18
Wan-Ping Lee Design and Implementaion of a High-Performance Memory Generator Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-18
Cheng-Chung Lee Life-End Detection and Protection of High-Frequency Electronic Ballast Driven Fluorescent Lamps Electrical Engineering 2004-08-19
Chi-wei Lee none Economics 2004-08-25
Jung-chang Lee Study the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering - System Dynamics thinking Business Management 2004-08-30
Jen-Yen Lee A Multi-Ring Scatternet Topology with Self-Routing for Bluetooth Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-08-31
Yu-jen Lee Determination of Piezoelectric Parameters from Measured Natural Frequencies of a Piezoelectric Beam Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-31
Song-Ying Lee An Efficient On-Demand Point-To-Point Piconet Formation Scheme for Bluetooth Personal Area Network Electrical Engineering 2004-09-03
Chi-wei Lee Chopin's use of contrast in Ballades op.23 & op.52 Music 2004-09-06
Mei-ling Lee Qualitative Study on the work stress by children’s English teachers and their coping strategies –Using Tainan area as an example. Human Resource Management 2004-09-09
Hai-Yu Lee A Study on the Feasibility of the Official Appointment of Sub-ward (Li) Chiefs— A Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2004-09-10
Ming-hui Lee none Communications Management 2004-09-14
Ling-Ling Lee The Antecedents of Organizational Politics Perceptions -- A Study of Western and Chinese Organization in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2005-02-17
Yi-chan Lee Ant Colony Optimization for Task Matching and Scheduling Computer Science and Engineering 2005-02-18
Feng-Zhi Lee Deposition of AlN Thin Films by Coherent Magnetron Sputtering Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-22
Chi-Ming Lee The Pricing of Stock Index Futures and Its interrelationship with the Cash Index - An Empirical Examination of the TAIFEX and TiMSCI Futures Finance 2005-06-28
shu_chin Lee Perception and Expectation differences in both parties of software outsourcing Information Management 2005-06-29
Tseng-chang Lee A Study of the Regulatory Treatment of Operational Risk in the New Basel Capital Accord EMBA 2005-06-30
Zhi-Wei Lee Algorithmic Study of Reticle Based IR Seeker Simulators Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-05
YU-HAO LEE The theory of transformation operators and its application in inverse spectral problems Applied Mathematics 2005-07-04
Ying-hua Lee An Analysis of E-learning Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model Information Management 2005-07-13
Yan-huei Lee A 6-bit 4.8mW SAR pipelined ADC using improved TIQ technology Electrical Engineering 2005-07-12
Chia-Yen Lee The roles of superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide in the rostral ventrolateral medulla on neural mechanisms of hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-07-13
Tzung-hui Lee Determination of lead and iodine species by capillary electrophoresis inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Chemistry 2005-07-15
Shih-pin Lee none EMPP 2005-07-19
Yuan-hsin Lee The Study of Autonomy Institutions of Ethnic Minorities of Mainland China—the Regional Autonomy Law of Ethnic Minorities analysis Mainland China Studies 2005-07-22
Zhen-Yi Lee A Re-Examination of the Relationship between Spot Exchange Rate and Forward Exchange Rate ─Application by Panel Cointegration Economics 2005-07-21
Yuch-Ying Lee Design of Chasis Mechanism for Six-wheel Power Wheelchair Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Eric Lee none EMBA 2005-07-27
Wen-Jay Lee The Study of Mechanical Properties of the Helical Multi-Shell Gold Nanowire Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Shih-Chia Lee Analysis and Field Oriented Control of a Single-sided Permanent-magnet Axial-flux Motor with Center Pole Electrical Engineering 2005-07-27
Chi-Hung Lee Marketing Strategy of Digital Video Content Aggregators Communications Management 2005-07-28
Jang-Hwa Lee An Experimental Study of Medical Laboratory Accreditation System Implementation in Taiwan EMBA 2005-07-31
Tong-syuan Lee The Obstacles of Online Payment Services of Electronic Government in Taiwan Information Management 2005-08-02
TE-CHIN LEE A study of the Rank-and-file Police Officers’ Job Involvement, Job Stress, Job Satisfaction and Turnover propensity-Taken the Rank-and-file Police Officers of Kaohsiung County Police as an Example Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-08-01
Pei-ling Lee none Chinese Literature 2005-08-08
Ca-lvin Lee The Study of the Co-opetition Relations between Strategic Alliance Members – A Case Study of ALS Alliance IEMBA 2005-08-09
Mu-Sheng Lee Development of Sustainable Watershed Management Strategies for the Chiang-Chun River Basin Environmental Engineering 2005-08-05
Yu-hui Lee The distribution of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Love River and Chianjen River Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-08-10
May-li Lee none Chinese Literature 2005-07-28
Yen-Hsien Lee An Evolution-based Approach to Support Effective Document-Category Management Information Management 2005-08-10
Mau-You Lee Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in colorectal cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-16
Shern-long Lee Fabrication and characterization of gold ultramicro-nanoelectrode ensembles. Chemistry 2005-08-17
Do-naid Lee Public Parking Lot, BOT Model, Financial Feasibility Analysis EMBA 2005-08-22
Chun-Hsien Lee Implementation of Vectorization-Based VLIW DSP with Compact Instructions Electrical Engineering 2005-08-23
Jiunn-Her Lee The topic of discussing wheather outsourcing or manufactoring in factory within Business ----a case study of KYMCO Information Management 2005-08-25
Yu-pin Lee The Institutional Reform of Land Development of Mainland China:A case study on urban regeneration in Putian City EMBA 2005-08-29
Der-Yenn Lee A Study of Grassland Vegetation in Nanzih District, Kaohsiung Biological Sciences 2005-08-31
Lung-Tsai Lee The study of investment strategy in venture capital company Business Management 2005-08-31
Lai-Hsing Lee The Condsideration of Scientific Methodology: Paul Feyerabend’s Position of Scientific Rationality Political Science 2005-09-07
Biau Lee An Exploration of Taiwan's Media Industry Development and Multi-Business Strategic Analysis-EMG Case Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-12-02
Kung-Chieh Lee The study of charge ordering in colossal magnetoresistance Physics 2006-01-09
Chen-pang Lee Matching Products with Endorsers: The Advertising Effectiveness Between Different Types of Spokesperson and Product Communications Management 2006-01-25
Hsueh-Hsiu Lee The Influence of Personality and Internship Work Conditions toward Technical and Vocational Students’ Willingness into Tourism Industry: The Interference of Socialization and Leadership. Human Resource Management 2006-02-09
Cheng-Tsung Lee Generation of Fuzzy Classification Systems using Genetic Algorithms Electrical Engineering 2006-02-20
Po-Hung Lee The relationship between recognition of changing in civilian post, organizational loyalty & job involvement–An example of south military instructor in senior high school Human Resource Management 2006-05-16
Tsung-tai Lee Analysis of E-Business Innovation for Hardware Agency: A Hypercube Model Information Management 2006-06-01
Wei-li Lee Influences of distribution system and advanced treatment technology on drinking water quality Environmental Engineering 2006-06-14
Cheng-Feng Lee High precision computations of multiquadric collocation method for partial differential equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-14
Kuang-chih Lee Study of Taiwanese “National” Curriculum in Japanese Colonial Period Political Science 2006-06-17
Hsiung-da Lee A Study on the Copetition Relationship between Airlines and Travel Agents – The case of Cathay Pacific Airways IEMBA 2006-06-19
Ju-lung Lee The Analysis of Rice Policy Reform in Taiwan since Its Accession to WTO Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-19
Chung-Chyi Lee A Study on the Architecture-Oriented Process Model Information Management 2006-06-20
Jun-Kai Lee Solve some linear matrix equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Shwu-Ling Lee The Effect of Environmental Cost on the Management Strategy of an Oil Company - a case study of A company Business Management 2006-06-22
Chang-Gai Lee Study of the Effect of Aerosol Characteristics and Meteorological Parameters on Visibility in Urban Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2006-06-22
Mao-Sian Lee Fabrication and Characterization of Tunable Thin-film Filters Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-06-23
Kuo-Jung Lee The Optimal Strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions under Uncertainty Finance 2006-06-24
Wei-Kuo Lee Improved Equivalent Transmission Line Method for the Shielding Effectiveness of Metal Enclosures with Apertures Electrical Engineering 2006-07-03
Li-Wen Lee An Efficient Union Approach to Mining Closed Large Itemsets in DNA Microarray Datasets Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-05
Sheng-chi Lee Population Mobility in China after 1978 Mainland China Studies 2006-07-06
Kun-Hsu Lee A microstructure analysis of the interface between BaTiO3 dielectric and Ni electrode Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-07
Mei-chuan LEE none Economics 2006-07-11
Chang-yeh Lee The Study of External Field Influence on the Photophysics of a Single Quantum Dot Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-16
Tzu-Chen Lee Straight-line Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks Information Management 2006-07-17
Jia-Ching Lee Exploring the Policy of AIDS Prevention for Teenagers of Senior High School in Kaohsiung County from The Perspective of Strategic Marketing Planning EMPP 2006-07-12
Chia-fang Lee A Study of Teachers' Perceptions of Writing Instruction at Junior High Schools Foreign Language and Literature 2006-07-20
Kuo-Hao Lee Detection for Quantum Entanglement Physics 2006-07-23
Shuo-Chi Lee The nature of spectrum for some singular Sturm-Liouville operators Applied Mathematics 2006-07-23
Ming-Yen Lee How do taiwan small and medium-sized enterprices invested in mailand China cope with the business environment. Mainland China Studies 2006-07-26
Ching-fang Lee The Model for Managing Situated Knowledge:Exploring the Nature of Knowledge Embeddedness, Situated Learning and Knowing in Practice Business Management 2006-07-24
Zhen-Hui Lee Characterization of SrTiO3 Films by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2006-07-25
Kuan-yi Lee Development of Personalized Document Clustering Technique for Accommodating Hierarchical Categorization Preferences Information Management 2006-07-27
Min-hua Lee The impacts of the ten new major construction projects on Taiwan’s regional economics:An application of the multi-regional input-output model Economics 2006-07-27
Chung-Han Lee The Discovery of Calendar-Based Mobile Group Patterns in Spatial-Temporal Databases Information Management 2006-08-01
Li-ya Lee Mutations on EF-hands of potassium channel-interacting protein2.2 affect its interaction with Kv channel Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-07-28
Chen-Yan Lee Microfluidic Particles / Cells Sorter Integrated with Concentration Friction Feeding Device for Biochemical Analysis Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-02
Long-chen Lee Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions of Metal-Bonded Hydrocarbon Groups on Ag(111): Steric, Electronic, and Carbon Hybridization Effects on the Coupling Rates Chemistry 2006-08-06
Sheng-Lung Lee A Study Based On The Business Value To Determine The Crossing-Phase Strategies In Chemical Industry IEMBA 2006-08-09
Jui-yuan Lee The Public Value and Strategic Planning of Tourism Enhancement by Traditional Village Reservation in Kinmen National Park. Public Affairs Management 2006-08-08
Hsing-hui Lee It Started From A Vision: A case study of A Christian Organization Human Resource Management 2006-08-10
I-shan Lee Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-10at%Fe Alloy Subjected to Friction Stir Processing Materials Science and Engineering 2006-08-07
Chun-ming Lee The Reconstruction of Upward Influence Behavior Instrument – An Empirical Analysis in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2006-08-17
Chien Lee Study on Micro-Contact Mechanics Model for Multiscale Rough Surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-18
Chia-Lin Lee A System Dynamics Approach Research How Excellence Enterprise’s Belief Influence Their Performance -Taking Herman Miller Company as Example Business Management 2006-08-21
Tai-long Lee none Communications Management 2006-08-22
Jie-horn Lee The mode conversion of the guided wave by a welded pipe shoe Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-28
Gan-Yuh Lee none IEMBA 2006-08-28
Shen-Man Lee Research on Enhancement of Financial Transparency of Local Governments Public Affairs Management 2006-08-24
Hsiang-jung Lee A study on competitive strategies of high performance companies – Case study on printed circuit board industry Business Management 2006-09-01
Cheng-wei Lee The Suppression in Composing Music 2006-09-04
Ming-Sung Lee The Study of Explicit Delegation for Designated Management of the Pension Fund Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-07
I-han Lee Preparation and Characterization of Gd-Doped TiO2 Materials Science and Engineering 2006-09-11
Hsin-Hsin Lee The Applications of Experiential Theories in the Meeting Place of Direct Selling Business Management 2006-09-12
Ching-fen Lee Study on the influence of implement of internal control system-the case of leeandli Finance 2006-09-11
Yu-Cheng Lee A study on the electronic states of semiconductor quantum structures by the extended WKB approximation Materials Science and Engineering 2006-09-13
Kuo-chung Lee The analysis of companies applying knowledge management systems through theory of Structuration and a case study of the industrial PC industry Information Management 2006-09-14
Hui-ping Lee A Study on Union Commitments that Influence the Members of the Keelung City Customs Brokers’ Union on their Participation to the Union Human Resource Management 2006-09-15
Chao-wei Lee A New Architecture of Birefringent Optical Interleaver Using a Ring Cavity as a Phase-dispersion Element Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-09-25
Ching-Jen Lee Development and analysis of fine-grained Mg base alloys and composites fabricated by friction stir processing Materials Science and Engineering 2006-11-16
Mei-ying Lee Impact of hospital-based palliative shared care intervention on quality of life of terminally ill cancer patients – a comparative study of three palliative care models Institute of Health Care Management 2007-01-05
Yi-Che Lee Organizational Ethical Climate as Catalyst of Organizational Innovation: Under the influence of control system and motivationof control system and motivation Human Resource Management 2007-02-07
Liang-shan Lee Apply System Dynamics Software for the Study of the Impacts of Oysters to the Nutrient Dynamics in a Tropical Lagoon Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-02-12
Ching-yi Lee The Composite Index of Fund Performance --Factor Analysis Method Finance 2007-02-12
Yi-chin Lee A Study of Problem-Solving Strategies and Errors in linear equations with two unknowns for Junior High School Students Education 2007-06-10
Cheng-Chiang Lee The Impacts of Environmental factors on the Population Dynamics of the Formosan landlocked salmon Economics 2007-06-13
Cheng-wen Lee The Study of the Business Models for Business Blog Business Management 2007-06-20
Wen-Pin Lee An Empirical Study on e-Learning Service Quality and Technology Acceptance, the case of C.S. and T.P. corporations. Business Management 2007-06-23
Chih-Hung Lee Study of an Architecture-Oriented Database Warehousing Information Management 2007-06-23
Chih-Wei Lee The Irregularly Changing World with “and”: Kandinsky's Multiple Expressions Philosophy 2007-06-25
Huai-Yu Lee The Performance Evaluation of Stock Recommendation Finance 2007-06-25
Hsin-Yi Lee Study on the treatment of sewage mixed with partially-treated swine wastewater by a combined upflow anaerobic sludge blanket and constructed wetland process Environmental Engineering 2007-06-27
Cheng-tse Lee Six-band Antenna Design for the Mobile Phone Electrical Engineering 2007-07-02
Tsung-cheng Lee The study of industrial purchasing strategies in emerging industry. EMBA 2007-07-02
Hui-Ping Lee Company accounts receivable risk control and build on default account early warning model Finance 2007-07-04
Lung-hsuan Lee A ZigBee Transceiver Used in 2.45 GHz Band and a 2K/4K/8K Multimode Fast Fourier Transformation for DVB-H Receivers Electrical Engineering 2007-07-11
Meng-tsung Lee Integrated assessment of coastal zone management-the case study of the coastal zone near Chang Hua Coastal Industrial Park Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-07-19
Fu-Tien Lee A Fast Method with the Genetic Algorithm to Evaluate Power Delivery Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-07-20
Cheng-zu Lee A study on fraction problem-posing instruction of grade five elementary school children: Case of aboriginal children in Taitung Education 2007-07-23
Jing-ming Lee none EMBA 2007-07-15
Chieh-hsiou Lee A study of the Effect of Corporation Sponsor Educational Activity-in the case of KRTC Communications Management 2007-07-25
Jeing-Yiing Lee Beach Restoration Planning and Implementation at Sizihwan, Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-07-24
I-Chen Lee Marketing Strategies of Passenger Service in High Speed Rail Transport – A case of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation Business Management 2007-07-23
Dah-tung Lee Study of Hu Jintao’s Political Character and his New Thoughts about Policy on Taiwan Political Science 2007-07-26
NI-HSING LEE The microstructure analysis of Au nano particles Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-23
Chien-Ming Lee Discovering Moving Clusters from Spatial-Temporal Databases Information Management 2007-07-28
Hai-Tung Lee The Study of Net Assessment on National Defense Strategic Planning EMBA 2007-07-13
Wei-lung Lee The fluorescence behavior of B-phycoerythrin single molecules in colloid surrounding Materials Science and Engineering 2007-08-01
Jenn-huei Lee Study on the Business Model for Fixed-Mobile Convergence in Taiwan's Telecommunications Industry. EMBA 2007-07-31
Chung-we Lee Improving System Performance in IEEE 802.11e WLANs With MAC Layer Admission Control Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-02
Yi-Chih Lee The Fabrication of Flexible Substrate Using BaTi4O9/Polymer Composites for High Frequency Application Electrical Engineering 2007-07-31
Shan-huei Lee Synthesis Al-Al2O3 composites from Al and Fe2O3 powder mixtures via friction stir processing Materials Science and Engineering 2007-08-07
Zhi-Ying Lee Applying Discriminant Functions with One-Class SVMs for Multi-Class Classification Electrical Engineering 2007-08-09
Kun-da Lee Helicing Polyamide for DNA Binding Chemistry 2007-08-10
Te-mao Lee Temporality and the Problem of Image in Contemporary Art: the Perspective and the Critique of Merleau-Ponty Philosophy 2007-08-12
Jing-ying Lee The audience received the webcasting about their behavior and situation research Communications Management 2007-08-14
Pao-Nan Lee Design and Implementation of Embedded Miniature Bandpass Filters in Multilayer Organic Package Substrate Electrical Engineering 2007-08-14
Shin-yi Lee none Chinese Literature 2007-08-12
Yun-Hsuan Lee On the Quality and Online user’s Satisfaction with Carnews via the e-Service Quality Model Business Management 2007-08-21
Wu-Long Lee The Taiwan National Parks for efficiency Evaluation in Taiwan-Application of the DEA method. Public Affairs Management 2007-08-22
Min Lee Trust of Direct Leaders Influences Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement Human Resource Management 2007-08-17
She-hsia Lee A Study on Ways to Improve Local Finance through Discussion on Government Revenues and Expenditures: The Example of Kaohsiung City Finance 2007-08-23
Chuan-pin Lee The Research on the Suppliers’ Electronic Procurement Behaviors Public Affairs Management 2007-08-23
Yuan-Ching Lee Research in the development of promotion strategy of the hotel industry-Take ABC Hotel as the case study EMBA 2007-08-28
He-lin Lee A Nonvolatile Two-Bits SONOS Memory with Vertical Oxide-Nitride-Oxide Stack Electrical Engineering 2007-09-05
Min-chih Lee Critical Decision and Entrepreneurial Learning --- Narrative Analysis About Establishment of My Fourth Dental Clinic EMBA 2007-09-05
Sheng-tsheng Lee Studies on Taiwan Independence-Based on 1995 Sovereign Referendum in Quebec Mainland China Studies 2007-09-05
Ju-Chien Lee Ulva fasciata protein disulfide isomerase and thioredoxin expression in response to hypersaline stress Biological Sciences 2007-09-06
Wu-syuan Lee The study on the fabrication of the micro-pillard structure electrode of a PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-11
Tung-shun Lee On Shen Pao-Chen’s Thought Applied in the Model of Glolocalization for Taiwan – The Responses of the Late Qing Dynasty’s “Westernization Movement” to the Globalization within the Process of the Capitalism IEMBA 2007-09-11
Hung-Chang Lee Characterization of Titanium Oxide as Gate Oxides on Polycrystalline Silicon and Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistors Electrical Engineering 2007-10-09
Ching-Li Lee Design and Implementation of A Low-cost Video Decoder with Low-power SRAM and Digital I/O Cell Electrical Engineering 2008-01-10
Po-hung Lee The competitive strategy of Taiwan steel industry---taking China Steel Company(CSC)for example-- Business Management 2008-01-14
Chien-ju Lee A Study of VDSL2 for Connection Quality and Improvement Electrical Engineering 2008-01-22
Wei-you Lee The negative effect to the advertisement from different endorsers Communications Management 2008-01-22
Pen-nan Lee Competitive Strategies from 2G to 3G– A case of Taiwan Mobile Group Business Management 2008-01-22
Hsi-kun Lee The Study of Electro-optical Properties of Passive-drive Vertical Alignment LC Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-25
Yu-fen Lee Janie’s Journey: Language, Body and Desire in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God Foreign Language and Literature 2008-01-26
Zhi-an Lee On the solution stability of quasivariational inequality Applied Mathematics 2008-01-28
Wan-Jui Lee Discovery of fuzzy temporal and periodic association rules Electrical Engineering 2008-01-29
Chang-an Lee A Study of The System Changes of EPZ -from New Institutionalism viewpoint Public Affairs Management 2008-01-28
Kim-Hum Lee he role of Internet TV is similar to the Cable, the more important function are collation the content and build the charge system Communications Management 2008-02-03
Shao-Tang Lee Design and Implementation of P2P Network Flow Management System Computer Science and Engineering 2008-02-12
Ying-ying Lee The version compared about Tchaikovsky Variation on a Theme Rococo Music 2008-02-14
Hsin-Chin Lee The Relationship of Job Characteristics, Creative Self Efficacy, and Creativity Human Resource Management 2008-05-08
Chia-wei Lee Yearning for Significance in an Insignificant World: Women’s Reading, Power, and Marriage in Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote Foreign Language and Literature 2008-06-23
Ru-hong Lee none Education 2008-07-01
Tak-Hon Lee An innovative sickbed design for pressure ulcer prevention: Human muscles’ tension analysis and preliminary support system design Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-08
GWO-LANG LEE Research created by public professional training institute —Council of Labor Affairs and Veterans Affairs Commission departments training material EMBA 2008-07-15
Tzu-mei Lee none Economics 2008-07-16
Chen-Wei Lee Adaptive Error Control Schemes for Scalable Video Transmission over Wireless Internet Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-22
Chin-Pei Lee A study of marketing strategy and mass marketing ─ case of Canlea's SOD product EMBA 2008-07-23
I-chin Lee The Partnership Study of Local Government Participate in the Traditional Festival & Activity – A Case of The Tainan International Chihsi Art Festival The Coming-of-Age Celebration Public Affairs Management 2008-07-25
Chang-mou Lee Applying Data Mining Techniques to the Prediction of Marine Smuggling Behaviors Information Management 2008-07-26
Kang-ning Lee Surface Chemistry of Difluorovinylidene Species on Cu(111) Chemistry 2008-07-25
Min-Chi Lee none Business Management 2008-07-30
Bi-yao Lee Investigations of The Effects of Glucocorticoid Receptor SNPs and SUMO-2 Autoantibody in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-07-30
Ta-wei Lee market entry and industrial equilibrium Economics 2008-07-22
Chia-yun Lee Stability Analysis of Three-Wheel Stroller Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-31
Chen-wei Lee Vision Based Station-Keeping for the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-01
Cheng-Ju Lee Comparison and Analysis of The Performance Status of Foreign Affairs Police of Taiwan: by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Political Science 2008-08-04
Cheng-yuan Lee Characterization of Silicon Nitride Films on n-GaN Prepared by Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Electrical Engineering 2008-08-04
Shih-yen lee The Study of Foreigner`s Exit-Entry In China Mainland China Studies 2008-08-04
Hwan-Wen Lee Effect of MgO doping on the microstructure development of BaTiO3 Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-06
Man-gang Lee The Impaction and Stratigy of Hospital after Implementation of Diagnosis Related Group---a Regional Hospital Experience EMBA 2008-08-06
Zeng-gone Lee Diagnostic Expert System for Optimal Design and Energy Saving in Building Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-08
Kun-Sheng Lee Novel Low-Complexity SLM Schemes for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2008-08-10
Jung-Chun Lee Characterization of Zinc Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition and RF Sputtering Electrical Engineering 2008-08-12
Chia-hung Lee The Research of Management Strategy of Kaohsiung Free Trade Port Zone under Globalization Finance 2008-08-13
Cheng-Ta Lee Experimental study of the particle’s motion characteristics for wave-current interactions Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-08-29
IE-HSIAN LEE Analysis on Strategic Competitiveness of API Carbon ERW Steel Pipe Industry in Taiwan – A Case Study of CHS EMBA 2008-08-27
Zong-Lin Lee M-plane InN Growth and Characterization Physics 2008-09-01
Hsin-mau Lee Designs, Implementations and Applications of Floating-Point Trigonometric Function Units Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-02
Yi-Chern Lee Role of the Sp1-pVHL- HIF-1 α Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-09-01
Ai-mei Lee A Study of Luxury Market Development in China- From 1978-2008 Mainland China Studies 2008-09-08
Tsung-yuan Lee Design of Automatic Transmissions with Embedded Clutches for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-08
Wei-I Lee A study of an independent record company's operation in Taiwan with system dynamics Communications Management 2008-09-09
Chia-hui Lee An Interlanguage Study of the Speech Act of Refusals Made by EFL Learners in Taiwan Foreign Language and Literature 2008-09-09
Shuo-lei Lee A Stydy on The Rlationship anong Service Quqlity, Enterprise Image, The Sense of Price & Customer Satisfaction Human Resource Management 2008-09-08
Cho-ken Lee The research about plagiarism behaviors in writing theses. Communications Management 2008-09-11
Tzung-Je Lee Design and Implementation of A Multi-parameter Implantable Micro-stimulator System Electrical Engineering 2008-10-14
Wen-ying Lee The Analysis to the Influence of the System for Government Employees to Retain the Job but Suspend the Salary in Relation to Household Concerns: A Case Study on the Employees of Chiayi County Government Political Science 2008-10-16
Hsiao-ying Lee An Analysis of Optimal Asset Allocation for International REITs Investment Finance 2008-12-26
Wei-Ying Lee Syntheses and Reactivity Studies of Transition Metal Complexes Containing Chelating Amido Ligands Chemistry 2008-12-29
Chia-wei Lee Study on Architecture-Oriented Analysis-Model of military Maintenance Parts Inventory Control System's Integrated Requirement Information Management 2009-01-06
Shu-chih Lee Do Heroes matter? CEO celebrity effects on Employer Brand: An exploratory analysis Human Resource Management 2009-01-16
Cheng-Chan Lee The Safety Border Management of Global People Movement ICAPS 2009-01-17
Shang-Ying Lee The Determination of Medical Utilization among Foreigners at Kaohsiung-Pingtung Area in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2009-02-03
Ying-ching Lee The Research of Marketing Mix of the "Influenza Vaccine Policy" in Kaohsiung City Institute of Health Care Management 2009-02-06
Chen-wei Lee Speckle-reduction using the empirical mode decomposition for fringe analysis Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-09
Li-chun Lee Internal Printed WWAN Antennas for Laptop Computer Electrical Engineering 2009-06-19
Chia-yin Lee A Study of the Relationship among Recovery Rate, Probability of Default, and Credit Rate Finance 2009-06-20
Jung-juei Lee On Delaying the Informed Trades Finance 2009-06-23
Wan-shiuan Lee The Impact of Advertising on Investors’ Behavior: Disposition Effect and Threshold Effect Finance 2009-06-25
Meng-chun Lee none Economics 2009-06-29
Heng-Fu Lee Explore of Open Source Business Model:A Case Study of Potix Corporation Information Management 2009-07-07
Chao-ching Lee The State-Society Relations in Mainland China: An Issue of Peasant Laborer ICAPS 2009-06-30
Tsung-hsien Lee The efficacy of verapamil on the drug efflux pumps of hepatocarcinoma cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-07-06
Hsuan-min Lee Studies on DC/DC Power Supply Management Strategy - D Company as an Example EMBA 2009-07-09
Kuo-Hsin Lee None EMBA 2009-07-12
Wei-chiang Lee Forms a Partnership under the System's Research of Architect office business model – to H.H. Chang Architect& Partners Co. as the example EMBA 2009-07-14
Chia-an Lee Structure and Morphology of Nanostructure Zinc Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Methods Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-20
Keng-yi Lee A study of point-contact polishing tool system design for axially symmetric free surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-20
Rong-chang Lee The Study on Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil Environmental Engineering 2009-07-22
Chi-liang Lee Studies on Customer Relations Management and Medical service satisfication under BOT Structure EMBA 2009-07-22
Chien-chang Lee Human Resource Management Activity Influences on Marketing Sales Performances - take Pharmacy Marketing for example EMBA 2009-07-28
Kuan-chou Lee Subcarrier Power Allocation for OFDM-Based Dual-Hop Systems with AF Relaying Communications Engineering 2009-07-28
Ching-ying Lee The Study of The Transformation Strategy for A Construction Company Utilizing Resource-Based Theory Perspectiv EMBA 2009-07-22
Chun-Man Lee Black Church and Black Community in James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-06
Meng-ying Lee Joint Amplify-and-Forward and Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Relay Systems Communications Engineering 2009-08-15
Hung-yang Lee Angular and Temporal Diversity Combining in CDMA systems Communications Engineering 2009-08-15
Shin-Chin Lee A Density Functional Study on Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Single-Wall Silicon-Carbon Nanotube under the Deformation by External Force Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-20
Jyun-sian Lee Capacitance-voltage analyses of m-plane and c-plane gallium nitride grown by MBE Physics 2009-08-26
Wen-fu Lee Market Penetration Strategies of A New Telecom Equipment Manufacturer in An Emerging Market: A Case Study of Company H EMBA 2009-08-26
Hsin-ling Lee The Key Success Factors of the Cross-industrial Strategic Alliance between Communication Industry and Tourism Industry - A Case Study of Pingtung County Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-25
Ting-ying Lee Experimental study on the property up-grading for SCC with bamboo-charcoal application Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-09-08
Su-I Lee Design of Structures and Clutching Sequences of Combinational Epicyclic-Type Automatic Transmissions for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-10
Ying-Tsao Lee Numerical simulation of topography and stratification effects to the internal tide in Gaoping Submarine Canyon IAMPUT 2009-09-10
I-chen Lee Financial Knowledge Education and Training System for Agents Selling Investment-Linked Insurance Finance 2009-10-23
Chia-Lien Lee The Effect of Supervisor Leadership on Employee Work Performance- a Case Study Human Resource Management 2009-12-22
Guan-Hsien Lee Molecular epidemiology of norovirus gastroenteritis in children Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-01-19
Kuo-Hsing Lee Starting Profile of Fluorescent Lamp Electrical Engineering 2010-02-03
Chuan-pin Lee D-Optimal Designs for Second-Order Response Surface Models on a Spherical Design Region with Qualitative Factors Applied Mathematics 2010-02-04
Yi-hsi Lee Monte Carlo Methods for Multifactor Portfolio Credit Risk Finance 2010-02-08
Chen-fa Lee The Acceptance Investigation of Production Management Application with RFID Information Management 2010-06-03
Qing-yan Lee A Study of Performance Management of Public Utilities-A Case Study of Taiwan Water Corporation Finance 2010-06-16
Nien-ting Lee The Study of Factors and Intention of Purchasing E-book Reader to Office Workers and University, Graduate, or PhD Students in Taiwan. Business Management 2010-06-28
Jiing-he Lee High-frequency transport properties of manganeses oxide Physics 2010-07-01
Kuan-Ying Lee Dynamic analysis on an offshore floating raft for oyster aquaculture Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-07-02
Heng-Chia Lee Application of K12 Digital School Integrating Information in Biology Instruction-Take”Human Digestive and Circulatory System” as example Biological Sciences 2010-07-04
Chun-Hui Lee A Study of Information Technology Investment Evaluation with Business Value Index Information Management 2010-07-06
Meng-chiao Lee A Study of Liquid Crystal Orientation in PDMS Confined Structure and Applied in Liquid Crystal Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-13
Jiuan-ying Lee Kaohsiung Municipal Junior High School Teachers’ beliefs and intention to use of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) Education 2010-07-15
Yi-Jung Lee Automatic Detection of REM Sleep using different combinations of EEG,EOG and EMG signals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-15
Chien-te Lee CSTN LCD Frame Rate Controller For Image Quality Enhancement Electrical Engineering 2010-07-20
Chun-Yi Lee The Market Sentiment-Adjusted Strategy under Stock Selecting of MFM Model Finance 2010-07-25
Yu-Lun Lee Analysis and Design of a Digital Spatio-temporal Filter for Image Processing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-25
Cheng-ju Lee Multi-Factor Model and Enhanced Index Fund Performance Analysis in China Finance 2010-07-27
Chin-ning Lee An Empirical Study of Herding Behavior in Taiwan Stock Market: Evidence from Quantile Regression Analysis Finance 2010-07-26
Chia-yu Lee The impact of the performance of the working capital management for construction industry - The example of Fu Tai Construction Co., Ltd EMBA 2010-08-04
Yi-Hsien Lee Applications of Multi-functional Znic Oxide Nanoparticles on Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2010-08-10
Chen-hsi Lee The impact of Acoustic and Sound Quality caused by location of impeller rib in blower Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-10
Kuen-lin Lee The Photo-electric Properties of High-efficiency Red Organic Light-Emitting Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-08-12
Ling-chuan Lee The Influence of Attribute Framing and Economic Chains on Advertising Effects: a case of Green Advertising. Public Affairs Management 2010-08-14
Dong-Lin Lee The CL study of m plane GaN grown on different substrates Physics 2010-08-16
Ping-Hung Lee Improvement on Guided Wave Inspection in Complex Piping Geometries by Wavelet Transform Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-20
Chien-ching Lee The strategic marketing of saving household electricity-The case of saving household electricity about the living compound of Kaohsiung refinery EMPP 2010-08-18
shun-chin Lee Study on the Policy and Strategies for Industrial Tourism Development of Kaohsiung Siaogang EMPP 2010-08-23
Cheng-Han Lee Effect of Scaffolded Questioning on English Reading Comprehension in a Paper-based and Digital Materials Seamlessly Integrated System Information Management 2010-08-25
Cheng-Han Lee Design, Analysis and Applications of Hybrid CORDIC Processor Architectures Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-31
Yen-Ting Lee Investigation on Device Characteristics of the InGaAs Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistors:RF I-V Curves and High Frequency Nonlinear Models Establishment Electrical Engineering 2010-09-02
Kun-Cheng Lee Studies and Developments of a High Efficiency Portable PEMFC Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-08
Huei-Hsiu Lee The relationship between the sources of work passion and orgizational ommitments – the case of research and development engineers Human Resource Management 2010-09-07
Li-Min Lee Growth and Applications of Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Crystal Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-09-07
Feng-wu Lee The Policy Evaluation Structure for Government Subsidies on Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Program Public Affairs Management 2010-09-08
Gwo-jang Lee Using Open-Path UV-DOAS in the Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality under the Final Approach Path of Runway at Kaohsiung International Airport Environmental Engineering 2010-09-09
Po-wen Lee The offect of party votation for policy change in Taiwan : the recognitation degree of obtained in mainland China Political Science 2011-02-21
I-Shan Lee Aluminium matrix nanocomposites produced in situ by friction stir processing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-03-26
Hsiao-ying Lee Effect of the m-3M3FBS on Ca2+ movement in human SCM1 gastric cancer cells Biological Sciences 2011-03-28
Hsin-Hsin Lee From “To Be” toward “To Act”: An Opportunity-Based “Entrepreneurial Intention-Action Model” Business Management 2011-05-24
Ya-hsuan Lee The Non-Linear Relationship Between Inflation and Relative Price Variability Economics 2011-06-28
Min-Chin Lee Public Acceptance about Compound Bicycle & Electric Motor Sharing Policy in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2011-07-07
Hui-Hsin Lee The Agency Implication of Professional Manager’s Position: An Empirical Study of Family Business in Taiwan’s Personal Computer Industry Business Management 2011-07-11
Chien Lee Human Capital Strategy of Enterprise in China Human Resource Management 2011-08-06
Tzu-Yu Lee A Study of the Construction of Farm Building Clusters in Pingtung County -Perspectives of Sustaining Development of Rural Areas EMPP 2011-08-22
Ming-Kai Lee PAPR Reduction Schemes Based on Spreading Code Combination and Subcarrier Scrambling for MC-CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2011-08-23
Shou-Fu Lee Design of ADALINE Algorithm for Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped STATCOM Electrical Engineering 2011-08-24
Sheng-chin Lee The impact of learning system dynamics by learning group Business Management 2011-08-30
Chiu-Ping Lee TARC Genetic Polymorphism and Expression in Kawasaki Disease Biological Sciences 2011-09-08
Chun-ting Lee Reproductive biology of Cypselurus poecilopterus in the Kuroshio off Taiwan Marine Biology 2011-09-14
Pei-lun Lee A Study of the Organization politics consciousness to organization fair influence:Works with and Organizational Cynicism as Mediator Human Resource Management 2011-10-18
Ming-Jeng Lee The current PRC foreign policy planning and practice--from Strategic Culture point of view ICAPS 2012-01-06
Mei-Yao Lee Impacts of Job Anxiety of Medical Institute Staff on the Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention : An Analysis of the Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Support Human Resource Management 2012-01-10
Yen-Hua Lee How to retain talent and motivate individual performance through informal development network within organization? Human Resource Management 2012-02-18
Ming-xian Lee A study of paclitaxel drug resistant to lung cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-23
Chia-Jung Lee Characterization of Niobium Doped Titanium Oxide Electrochromic Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Ju-Yuan Lee A Study on The Development of Channel Business-The Case of PCSC EMBA 2012-07-24
Hwan-wen Lee Acceptor-doped and co-doped BaTiO3 ceramics for MLCC applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Ming-Chih Lee Development of a Flexural Plate–wave Allergy Biosensor by MEMS Technology Electrical Engineering 2012-08-16
Chien-Hsiang Lee A Web Service Composition Model in Support of Flexible Service Composition and Data Integration Information Management 2012-08-21
Guan-Cyun Lee The Relationships among High Performance Work Systems, Employee Perceived Organizational Support, and Employee's Job change intention Human Resource Management 2012-08-23
Yu-Nin Lee A study on Leadership Styles and Gender Roles of Female Leaders EMBA 2012-08-24
Yan-ning Lee Continued Study on the Natural Products from the Soft Coral Cladiella krempfi Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-08-28
Shin-De Lee Low Temperature Bonding Techniques for Sealing Teflon Based Microfluidic Devices Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-05
Kun-chang Lee Investigation and analysis of Chinese fishing boats’ gathering and distribution mode at Dongsha Island IMA 2012-09-12
Wen-Pin Lee A Study of Adopting New Technology in Corporations from Individual and Organization Perspectives Business Management 2013-01-05
Yu-Chen Lee How Do Late-Movers Create Their Own Competitive Advantages: A Resource-Based View, The Case of 7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart in Taiwan. Business Management 2013-01-24
Ling-Ling Lee The Exploration of Self-applying Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Women with Breast Cancer in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2013-01-29
Jia-Chu Lee Load Distribution Optimization on Chiller Units of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems by Using Quantum Genetic Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2013-02-04
Jung Lee Human Capital Turnover and Retention of Professional Interior Designers in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-02-04
Yu-Hsueh Lee e-Brand Loyalty and Expansion Strategy of On-Line stores:A Multi-Case Study Business Management 2013-02-04
Wen-yu Lee A Co-opetition Strategy Research on HTC Company in Smartphone Industry by Competitive Dynamics EMBA 2013-06-15
Hsueh-Tzu Lee A Study on the Relationship among Dispatch Labor’s Self-Efficacy, Job Insecurity, and Proactive Behavior: Perceived Organizational Support as a Moderator in Government Offices Human Resource Management 2013-06-16
JUNG-TSUNG LEE Exchange Rate Pass-Through Effect to Taiwan Export Price Finance 2013-06-19
Cho-Jung Lee A Study and Design of Self-balanced and Unbalanced Small Antennas and MIMO Antenna with Built-in Isolation Mechanism Communications Engineering 2013-07-02
Wen-Hsian Lee Design of Millimeter Wave QFN Package using Defected Ground Structure Technique Communications Engineering 2013-07-02
Chia-hao Lee Precoder Design for Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Systems with Multiple Wiretapping Relays Communications Engineering 2013-07-05
Jung-Chan Lee Fabrication and Characterization of InP Schottky Tunneling Barrier MOSFET with TiO2/Al2O3 Gate Oxides Electrical Engineering 2013-07-15
Yi-hsuan Lee The interaction between vertical ground reaction force and speed of heart rate recovery Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-10
Zheng-Shiun Lee Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanotip Array Prepared by Aqueous Solution Deposition on Poly-Si Solar Cell Electrical Engineering 2013-07-18
Cheng-Tsung Lee A Study for Architectural Project that Combined with Green-building, local-humanities, and Public-Welfare EMBA 2013-07-15
Hsieh-chun Lee The role of miRNA in regulation and their therapeutic potential in breast cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-07-22
shih-yen Lee The study on the Relationship between Teachers’ Attitude toward Participating Professional Learning Communities and Teachers’ Professional Identity Education 2013-07-22
Wen-Hua Lee Application of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles in Cu-to-Cu Bonding Chemistry 2013-07-24
Ming-Feng Lee Dynamic Analysis of a Single-point-mooring Floating Platform for Current Power Generator Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-07-24
Hung Lee Control Charts for integer-valued time series models with overdispersion Applied Mathematics 2013-07-25
Jen-Hua Lee The study of Ma-zhu worship in Lien-Chiang County Chinese Literature 2013-07-18
Chia-Hsuan Lee On the Collective Constituting and Identity of Citizen Memories : A Case Study of Kaohsiung Museum of History Theatre Arts 2013-07-27
Ruoh-Tyng Lee An Ecological Sensibility of Alexander Wilson’s American Ornithology Foreign Language and Literature 2013-07-18
Ching-Chang Lee The influence of the provision of medical service quality in gastroendoscopy on patients’ satisfaction and loyalty EMBA 2013-07-23
Tsung-I Lee Study on Architecture-Oriented Warehouse Management Model Information Management 2013-07-31
Hsu-Kai Lee The study of imapacts on how branches support system affects the cross-cultural adaption and turnover intention for expatriates Human Resource Management 2013-07-28
Ka-Lung Lee Marketing Research on Performances Abroad of Taiwanese Theatre Group: A Case of “Tainaner Ensemble” at 2011 “Chinese Drama Festival” Theatre Arts 2013-08-05
Meng-Yao Lee Expression of Fractalkine chemokine domain by baculovirus expression system Biological Sciences 2013-08-15
Zhong-Zhe Lee Fabrication of Photopolymerizable Silica by Sol-Gel Process and Optical Property Measurement Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-05
Jui-heng Lee An Experimental Study on Overtopping over a Bermed Seawall with Wave Dissipators Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-08-05
Yen-pin Lee Recognition and Modification of Glycoproteins Using Synthetic Boronic Acid-Tosyl Chemical Probes Chemistry 2013-08-05
Hui-hui Lee Official Propertity Declaration System of Mainland China ICAPS 2013-07-26
Jo-ling Lee A Business Model for Personal Health Management Websites Information Management 2013-08-09
Ming-Yen Lee The Modifications and Transformations of Corporations under the Chinese Culture Human Resource Management 2013-08-14
Ming-lun Lee A Study on “ The Local Churches ” in Taiwan ICAPS 2013-08-16
Pei-sang Lee A Multi-Factor Alpha Model Constructed Using Multi-lag-period Information— with Application in the Taiwan Market Finance 2013-08-21
Yuanhan Lee Block elimination algorithms for bordered linear systems and its applications Applied Mathematics 2013-08-22
Hui-chun Lee Relationships among Transformation Leadership and Subordinators’ Affective Commitment and Psychological Well-being: The Moderating Effect of Job Insecurity Human Resource Management 2013-08-25
Chih-Chien Lee A Case Study of the Legal System regarding the Village System in Kaohsiung City,Taiwan Political Science 2013-09-06
Hsiao-Jung Lee An exploratory study of why customers resist the innovation of the electric motorcycles Public Affairs Management 2013-09-05
CHIA-HUA LEE The impacts of green innovation and organizational culture on competitive advantage Human Resource Management 2013-09-10
Yi-hsin Lee The effects of coral-derived compound on anti-hepatocellular carcinoma. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-11
Te-Hsuan Lee Development of a Passive Hydrogen PEMFC Stack for 3C Products Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-12
Yu-Ju Lee The physical properties of chromium-doped indium oxide thin films Physics 2013-09-12
Chu-An Lee Growth and characterization of nonpolar InN epitaxial films on LiGaO2 substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-11-08
Chun-Ling Lee Country-of-origin, consumer animosity, and foreign entry-mode choice: A cross-country study Business Management 2013-11-22
Bo-Yan Lee Studies on the Suitable Management and Strategy of Yacht Harbor and Recreation Tourism IMA 2013-12-21
Meng-Hsiu Lee MNCs’ Greening Human Capital Management in China— Integrative perspective of Resource-Based and Institutional Theory Human Resource Management 2014-01-13
Cheng-Han Lee Stock Investment with Gene Expression Programming Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-20
Hui-Yu Lee Study of Fructose Uptake System and Growth Inhibition Factor in Deinococcus radiodurans Biological Sciences 2014-02-11
Yu-Chien Lee The exploratory research of performing arts troupes post-purchase service Theatre Arts 2014-02-12
Wen-Yu Lee Trade-off between Technology Spillovers and Low Cost in Duopoly Market Economics 2014-06-18
Ming-ling Lee The study of relationship between volunteers' emotional labor and withdrawal behavior in Family Education Center of different local authorities Education 2014-06-11
Yi-shiun Lee Characteristics of carbonyl compounds in restaurant of Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2014-06-25
Wan-yun Lee Self-directed Learning and It's Related Factors among Middle School Students Education 2014-06-23
Wan-ling Lee What is ‘ideal mate’? The reception analysis and network participation of men audience about ‘In Time with You’ Communications Management 2014-06-23
Chang-ming Lee A Systems Thinking Investigation of Organizational System Problems - In the Case of a Company Business Management 2014-06-23
Bo-Lin Lee Magnetic and dielectric study on spin-frustrated ZnV2O4 Physics 2014-06-29
I-HSIU LEE The Impact of Marketing Strategies on Building Brand Equity-A Case of Nike Business Management 2014-07-10
Ming-yi Lee Research on Social Network Sites Addiction And It's impacts on User's well-being --The Facebook Case in Taiwan Information Management 2014-07-15
Chao-yi Lee An Inquiry into the Learning Experience of the Business Intern-The case study of Bayer Outstanding Pathfinder Program Business Management 2014-07-16
Hsin-Ju Lee The two-sided orthogonal decompositions for computing the numerical rank Applied Mathematics 2014-07-04
Yi-ting Lee Helping or Harming others? Exploring the Relationships between Negative Moods, Interpersonal Citizenship Behaviors and Counterproductive Work Behaviors: The Moderating Effects of Agreeableness and Coworker Support. Human Resource Management 2014-07-16
Chine-Ching Lee An Analysis of a Public Construction Project EMBA 2014-07-17
Kang-Hsin Lee The Study of Business and Investment Strategies of the Venture Capital Company EMBA 2014-07-28
SHIH-CHIA LEE Study for Slow Moving Managing in NB Industry – The Case of X Company EMBA 2014-07-28
Ting-how Lee The Research on 3C Store Consumers with Different Shopping Orientations Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-07-29
Yu-Chih Lee Snap before bon appitite: Exploring Motivations for Gourmet Photo Sharing in Social Media Business Management 2014-07-30
Rou-Han Lee Adsorption of perchlorate using carbon nanotubes and MIEX Environmental Engineering 2014-07-27
Yung-Pin Lee Inhibition of Human Alcohol Dehydrogenases and Aldehyde Dehydrogenases by Cimetidine and Acetaminophen: Quantitative Simulations for the Inhibition of Ethanol Metabolism by Mechanism-based Kinetic Equations Biological Sciences 2014-07-10
Hsin-Pai Lee The anti-inflammatory effects of lemnalol on monosodium urate crystal-induced arthritis in rats Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-07-31
Chung-yuan Lee A Study of Factors for Taiwan Service Industry Expatriates in China Intent to stay Human Resource Management 2014-08-04
Ming-Chun Lee Exploring Factors Affecting Consumers’ Intentions to Use Virtual Display Stores Information Management 2014-07-31
Yu-ming Lee Choice of Music: The Influences of Music Tempo, Crowding and Shopping Motivation on Consumption Experience Evaluation Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-08-11
Fei-yun Lee Competitive Advantages of Smartphone Industry in 4G Era - A case study of SAMSUNG and SONY Business Management 2014-08-18
Li-Chun Lee The Free Cash Flow Compositions of Touch Panel Industry and Their Impact Factors Finance 2014-08-14
Wei-Zhe Lee Multi-level Power Allocation for Secondary Users in Cognitive Radio Networks with Partial Channel State Information Communications Engineering 2014-08-18
Yun-Lin Lee Effects of Embodiment-based Fitness System for Elderly on Exercise Performance and Technology Acceptance Information Management 2014-08-22
Yao-yang Lee Synthesis of the Harmonic Characteristics for Planar Geared Five-bar by Taguchi Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-25
Yu-ting Lee Studies on the Friction Stir Welding of Copper Sheets Joint Characteristics with Pinless Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-27
Chun-yu Lee A Study on Modern Theater Lighting Practice Design Theatre Arts 2014-08-26
Ping-Chun Lee Reconfigurable Performance/Protocol Monitoring Design Kit for On-Chip Interconnect Development Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-28
Shih-i Lee Burt Theatre Arts 2014-08-27
Ming-Feng Lee Preparation of Cu2ZnSnS4thin films by sulfurization Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-09-01
Mei-hua Lee Chinese Education and Chineseness in the Perspectives of Identity Politics in Thailand Political Science 2014-09-09
Sheng-hsien Lee A study on attractive quality and experiential marketing of restaurants-An empirical case of 85°C Bakery Café Business Management 2014-09-11
Pei-Hsuan Lee An Improved Distance-Based Scheme for Broadcast Storm Suppression in VANETs Electrical Engineering 2014-10-21
Kuan-Wei Lee Effects of staggered fiber arrangement on aerosol particle transport and deposition in obstructed laminar flows using lattice Boltzmann method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-11-26
Cheng-Yi Lee The Police Tests the Research of Unconstitutional Reviewing Mechanism of Double Track System Especially ICAPS 2014-12-08
Chia-Yu Lee An Exploration of User Intention for Third-Party Payment in Taiwan Business Management 2014-12-31
Chien-Der Lee Study on Architecture-Oriented Inventory Management Software Model Information Management 2015-01-07
Yu-Wei Lee A case study of self-regulated learning strategies and motivation beliefs in mathematical problem processes of fifth grade elemantary school children Education 2015-01-17
Wen-Hsuan Lee A Study on the Customer Behavior of Using Retail Industry Application Business Management 2015-01-23
Hsu-Feng Lee Preparation and Evaluation of Polymer Electrolytes for Fuel Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-02-02
Kun-Pu Lee Robot arm control system design based on PID-PSO algorithm Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-26
Pei-yi Lee Studies on the Distribution of Organotin Compounds in the Harbors of Kaohsiung Area Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-06-22
Yuan-jun Lee The Stationarity of the Inflation Rate : Evidence from OECD Countries Economics 2015-06-23
Chin-hsi Lee Investigating Integer Quantum Hall effect in Kagomé and star lattice by Yasuhiro Hatsugai’s method Physics 2015-07-04
Chih-yi Lee Design fluorescent molecular beacon for sensing oversulfated chondroitin sulfate in pharmaceutical heparin and diadenosine analogs Chemistry 2015-07-02
Wan-yun Lee The Relationship between Work/family Boundary Penetration, work stress, Family Stress and Well-Being Human Resource Management 2015-07-06
Li-ping Lee Exploration of Therapeutic Effects of a Novel p21-activated protein kinase inhibitor, PF-3758309 in Urothelial Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2015-07-12
Cheng-chuan Lee Strategic Marketing Analysis of Wedding Industry EMBA 2015-07-16
Chun-ying Lee Analysis of Strategy for Virtual Profit Center in Different Departments EMBA 2015-07-16
I-Ruei Lee World News in the Palm of Your Hands: Using Media Richness Theory and Technology Acceptance Model to Investigate News Applications Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-15
Hing-hung Lee The Research of Optimal Supplier Selection Mode for Desktop Computer Cable Module EMBA 2015-06-29
Chieh-yu Lee Twitter turns heads in Japan! The Effects of Relational Mobility, Anonymity and the Intention of Sharing Information on Japanese Twitter Users. Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-15
Chun-hung Lee Study of Photonic Liquid Crystal Fibers and its Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-22
Chiao-yen Lee 1,2-Diketone as Versatile Intermediate in Design and Synthesis of GSK3β and BACE1 Inhibitor Chemistry 2015-07-22
Pei-Yi Lee A Comparative Study of the Disease Writings of Chou Fen-Ling and Chen Huseh Chinese Literature 2015-07-23
Chung-Hsuan Lee A Data Driven Method for Developing System Adapter Information Management 2015-07-28
Wei-hung Lee A Study on Non-Technical Loss Detection in Distribution Systems Using Semi-Definite Programming Method based State Estimation Communications Engineering 2015-08-05
Chuan-mo Lee The Comparisons of Clinical Effect and Cost-effectiveness between Response Guided Therapy and Fixed Duration Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Patients EMBA 2015-08-10
Chia-Ying Lee The analysis of competition-cooperation strategies for facing price war EMBA 2015-08-11
Jhih-hong Lee Fabrication of Honeycomb Films Using Breath Figure Method and Analysis of Its Electrochemical Properties;Study of Nitroxide Radical Polymer Brushes’ Diffusion Behaviors by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Chemistry 2015-08-10
I-Cheng Lee Based on the study of value system to analyze the performance of major business operation models under the expansion of the virtual marketing for aquatic farming industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-08-17
Yi-ching Lee Residual Mechanical Properties of Ti/APC-2 Hybrid Composite Laminates after Low-Velocity Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-13
Hong-Wei Lee The Effect of Gear Parameters on Stress Distribution of Rim Type Helical Gears Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-27
Yu-Tai Lee Preparation of high quality CZTSe thin films for solar cell applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-23
Chun-Yu Lee Growth of nonpolar ZnO films on LiGaO2 substrate by molecular beam epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-24
Tzu-hui Lee Description of Leadership Theory with Art of War by Sun Zi Human Resource Management 2015-08-21
Chi-Cheng Lee A Parallel Parking Assistant System Using Stereo Vision Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-21
Cheng-Wei Lee High Efficiency Video Coding: Source Coding and Scalable Transcoding by Texture Complexity Analysis Electrical Engineering 2015-10-07
Chih-wen Lee Adaptive Exploration Strategies for Reinforcement Learning Electrical Engineering 2016-01-25
Ting-Chieh Lee Progress of the Trans-pacific Partnership Agreement Negotiation and the Admittance of Taiwan ICAPS 2016-01-25
KO-LI LEE A Study of Self-Congruence and Emotional Brand Attachment for Consumers' Purchase Behavior of Apple Business Management 2016-04-12
Ya-Chen Lee Macroeconomic Policy Management of Capital Inflow: The Case of Taiwan Economics 2016-07-03
Chieh-Ying Lee Improving the Flame Retardancy of Waterborne Polyurethane Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-07
Wan-ning Lee R-wave Detection for ECG Navigation on Mouse Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-08
Meng-hsun Lee Cerebral structural change of carbon monoxide intoxication by using high-resolution T1WI and SWI: a 9-month follow-up study Electrical Engineering 2016-07-11
Yun-hui Lee The relationship among consciousness on organization revolution, working satisfaction and the resisting of psychology on organization revolution Information Management 2016-07-12
I-yun Lee Continuity of care in the ambulatory sector with preventable hospitalization and emergency visit among elder patients with heart failure in Taiwan Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-07-06
Chun Yi Lee Carbon dots modified with polypyrrole to detect melatonin Chemistry 2016-07-14
Jheng-Syun Lee Advertising war under multiple brands Economics 2016-07-21
Sung-ling Lee Ten Cases on the willingness of succession in small-scale family business Human Resource Management 2016-07-24
Hsi-chin Lee The Study on OTT(over-the-top) Services for Cable Television EMBA 2016-07-14
Li-chun Lee The Relationship between LMX and Job Performance: The Moderation Effects of Self-Efficacy and Growth Need Strength Human Resource Management 2016-07-02
Hsueh-chia Lee Why do employees speak up? Exploring employees' prosocial and impression management motives on voice behaviors: The moderating effects of promotion focus, affective organizational commitment, and citizenship pressure Human Resource Management 2016-07-18
Ya-che Lee Hexane fraction of Pluchea indica (L.) Less. root extract induce autophagic cell death on glioblastoma multiforme U87 cells. Biological Sciences 2016-08-01
Keng-shuo Lee The study of poly(arylene ether)s containing 9.9'-spirobifluorene and applications in deep blue polymer light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-21
Ching-ming Lee Developing an O2O Multi-Platform for Consumer Value Needs: A Johnson&Johnson Company Case Study EMBA 2016-08-09
Kuan-Hui Lee An Efficient Pipelined Architecture for the Multi-precision Texture Unit Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-10
Kun-lin Lee Discussion on Taiwan`s Financial Industry to Implement the Reverse Mortgage Practical Issues EMBA 2016-08-05
Yu-sheng Lee The Policy Evaluation of Village Relocation and Resettlement of Hongmaogang - from Stakeholders' Viewpoint. Public Affairs Management 2016-08-05
Chin-an Lee Historical trends of perfluorinated compounds from the sediment cores of East China Sea continental shelf and northern Taiwan Strait Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-25
Pei-jou Lee Fabrication of NiCrSi and NiCr thin film resistors with low TCR values Electrical Engineering 2016-08-26
Wei-Chi Lee The Effects of Variations of Material’s Thermal Conductivity Coefficient on Heat Dissipation of Optical Fiber Transceiver Device Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-29
Chao-Yi Lee Molecular and cellular stress responses to sublethal ammonia exposure in white shrimp: protein quality control, antioxidant mechanism and apoptosis Department of Oceanography 2016-08-30
Chih-yin Lee Analysis of one-dimensional metallic grating structure on a thin metallic film Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-06
Chih-hung Lee Studies of Electrochemical Abrasive Polishing on the Inner Surface of Hole of Die Steel Using Conductive Polymer Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-08
Tsung-che Lee Investigation of the structure and dynamics of Nafion 117 with multi-quantum NMR and sodium substitution Chemistry 2016-09-08
Yu Lee Studies of Electrochemical Abrasive Polishing on the Cylindrical Surface of Aluminum Using Conductive Polymer Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-08
Cheng-yen Lee Effects of Consumer Purchase Seafood Public Affairs Management 2016-09-10
Shih Lee Efficient Small Cell Deployment Strategy to Improve Network Performance and Energy Utilization in LTE Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-12
Ming Lee Joint Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation and Self-Interference Cancellation Design in Full-duplex OFDM-based Systems Communications Engineering 2016-10-17
Yu-chi Lee Study of Impact Factors on Mobile Commerce -An Empirical study on Line commerce Business Management 2016-12-23
Yi-fei Lee What Drives Successful Social Media Service? An Analysis of User Acceptance of Facebook and Instagram Business Management 2016-12-23
Jyun-jie Lee Design of Adaptive Terminal Super Twisting Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Mismatched Perturbations Electrical Engineering 2017-01-13
Chun-te Lee Implementation of Dual-Mode Video Streaming Using UDP Tunnels in OAI-based LWA Networks Electrical Engineering 2017-01-25
Pei-Chieh Lee Study of Election Effects Taiwan Security Market Economics 2017-02-01
Tai-yun Lee The Effect of Mobile Payment on the Cross-Industry Competition and Consumers’ Use Intention in the Banking Industry Business Management 2017-02-13
Wan-ju Lee The impact of macroeconomic announcements on VIX futures Finance 2017-02-15
Yuan-kai Lee The case study of talent management Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-02-15
Hsien-te Lee The Key Success Factors for Taiwanese Company in China Lightweight Auto Parts Industry Business Management 2017-02-16
Cyuan-min Lee Series Voltage Regulator Based On Dual Mode Full Bridge Inverter Electrical Engineering 2017-03-31
Yu-hao Lee Reduced Graphene Oxide Deposition by Electrophoresis Electrical Engineering 2017-04-28
You-Yu Lee A Study of Social Networking Websites Users’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior on the Chinese Medicine Usage Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-06-20
Kuo-Hsi Lee Explaining asset pricing, price trend pattern and market trading pattern from investor trading network topology Finance 2017-06-27
Cheng-hsuan Lee A Study on the Strategy of Taiwan Book Publishing Industry Distributors Business Management 2017-06-27
Ting-fu Lee Jonathan D. Spence Narrating Chinese History: Between Micro and Macro Perspectives Political Science 2017-06-30
Wei-Ming Lee Discussion on Business Model of Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data Economy EMBA 2017-07-02
Hwa-Shuoh Lee Research on Land Development of State-owned Enterprise in Specialized Industrial District:Based on the Kaohsiung Nantzu Park Example EMBA 2017-07-03
Chien-ming Lee A Study on the Characteristics and Liquidation of Domestic Funds Finance 2017-06-30
Ting-yi Lee A Study of Applying Twitter Data to Analyze the Relationship between Customer Emotions and Brand Value Business Management 2017-07-09
Yi-hsuan Lee Can popularity be transformed into revenue? The economic impact of visitors on tourist attractions in Taiwan Business Management 2017-07-06
Peng Lee Preparation of Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 films by Spin Coating-Coreduction Approach(SCCA) and Laser Test. Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-11
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Chia Whei Lee The Affecting Factors of Receiving Telecare in the Old Age EMBA 2017-06-03
Fang-Yong Lee Synthesis and Characterization of Different-bonding Azobenzene-Based Holographic Storage Materials by Sol-Gel Process Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-19
Jia-Lin Lee Adaptive Image-Based Visual Servoing of Robot Manipulators by Reinforcement Learning Electrical Engineering 2017-07-19
Tsung-Ying Lee 2 Micron Thulium Doped Fiber Laser and its Processing and Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-05-23
Pei-Shuo Lee Investigation of Planar Twisted-Pairs on a Rogers board and 60GHz Yagi-Uda Antenna On an IPD Electrical Engineering 2017-08-02
Shou-O Lee A Study on Innovative Business Model of Traditional Market EMBA 2017-08-14
Kun-Yeh Lee Reducing pollutants emitted from a gasoline engine under world wide harmonized light vehicles test procedure using bioethanol-gasoline blends Environmental Engineering 2017-08-14
ChungTse Lee Double-sided Symmetrical and Crossed Emitter Bifacial Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells with Heterojunction Electrical Engineering 2017-08-15
Hsien-Che Lee Generation of Q-switched optical vortices in a degenerate optical resonator with an intra-cavity spiral phase plate Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-24
Chien-Cheng Lee The Study of Accounting Statements of Environmental Costs EMBA 2017-08-24
Tung-Yen Lee A Dimmable LED Driver with Fault Tolerance Electrical Engineering 2017-09-06
Po-chun Lee Applying the SERVQUAL Questionnaire to Establish Hospitalization Quality Indicators for Soldiers of Military Regional General Hospitals Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-09-10
Chiao-han Lee Germanium Thin Films on Highly-Resistive Silicon Substrates by e-Beam Deposition and Study of their Magneto-transport Behaviors Physics 2017-09-14
Pin-yi Lee Pulse Width and Pulse Frequency Hybrid Modulation Dickson Charge Pump Boost LED Driver with Overheat Protection Electrical Engineering 2018-01-26
Chih-Yu Lee Entrepreneuring Learning in Entrepreneurship Education: Class Ethnonarrative as the Clue Business Management 2018-01-18
Ying-ying Lee A Study of Applying Gamification on Social Platform Design Business Management 2018-01-30
Yen-Hsuan Lee Long-term Care Policay and Laws in Taiwan―Developments and Predicaments ICAPS 2018-02-02
Chang-Hung Lee A Design of Training Efficiency Improving Strategy for Mandarin Speech Recognition System - A Case Study on Business Name Querying System and Phrase Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2018-02-06
Chih-Kuang Lee Development of a 2-DOF WEH Based on Biaxial Hula-Hoop Motion Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-22
YU-SHAN LEE Of Female and Food: The Feminine Identification in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman and Lady Oracle Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-20
Shin Lee A Survey Research of Taiwan Indigenous People's Cognition and Attitude to Transitional Justice Policies EMPP 2018-03-01
Cheng-Chieh Lee The Research of Social Listening Technology Applied in Enterprise Emergency Reaction. EMBA 2018-06-18
Yen-Ju Lee Unknown Input Estimation for LTI Non-Minimum Phase Systems Electrical Engineering 2018-06-22
Pei-lun Lee Research on the Key Factors for the Adaptability of Taiwan Industrial Dispatch in ASEAN-The Case Study in Vietnam Human Resource Management 2018-06-27
Chia-hua Lee Relationship Between Options Trading Activity and Underlying Stock's Return: Evidences from the Taiwan Index Options Finance 2018-06-30
Pei-Shan Lee Acquisition Strategies on Packaging and Test of Semiconductor: The Case of ASE Acquires SPIL Continuing Education Program Of The Institute Of Financial Management 2018-06-28
Chin-huei Lee Ganoderma neo-japonicum extracts inhibit RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in RAW 264.7 murine macrophages Biological Sciences 2018-06-24
Tzu-Hsuan Lee Design of Distribution Transformer Outage Reporting System Based on LoRa Wireless Technology Electrical Engineering 2018-07-12
Sung-An Lee A Trading Strategy of Taiwan's Stock Index by Random Forest  Finance 2018-07-16
Ya-Hua Lee Studies on the roles and mechanisms of the STMN3 gene in human bladder cancer-derived cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2018-07-16
Chiang-Chi Lee The Lyrical Connotation of Female Prose in Taiwan from the 1980s Chinese Literature 2018-07-18
Ching-Mei Lee A Cross-Domain Governance Analysis for Manpower Needs in Long-Term Care-The Case of Nurse Aides in Kaohsiung Institute Of Public Affairs Management 2018-07-18
Cheng-Ya Lee The Effect of Active Layer Layout on the physical mechanism of photo-current for the a-Si Thin Film Transistors Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-13
Yu-Sheng Lee An exploratory research of the young knowledge workers' portfolio careers in Taiwan Institute Of Human Resource Management 2018-07-23
A-Na Lee A Study to Purchase Motivation, Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention of Electronic Cigarette-A Case of Online Shopping Master Of Business Administration Program In International Business 2018-07-27
Tsai-Chun Lee Influences of Cold Rolling Reductions and Strain Mode Changes on the through-thickness Texture Evolutions of a Hot-Rolled Non-oriented Electrical Steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-08-05
Hsin-Yi Lee A Research on Transformation Strategy for Small and Medium-Sized of Family Business EMBA 2018-08-07
Tsung-Lin Lee Adaptive Linked-List Mechanism For Wi-Fi Wireless Network Electrical Engineering 2018-08-05
Yung-Cheng Lee A Study of Business Strategies of Industrial Instrument Import Agents – A Case of M Company College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-30
Pei-Heng Lee The Evolution of Mainland Chinese Visits of Taiwan ICAPS 2018-08-13
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Brook Lei A Study of Macroeconomic Variables that Determine Earnings Multiple of Taiwan Stock Market--Empirical Study of Earnings to Price Ratio (E/P) Finance 2002-07-18
Yao-Jen Lei Study on the Weldability of New High Performance High-Entropy Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-24
Kin-Heng Lei The Model of New Product Innovation Activities Performed Company's Participate with Customer - An Example of Cultural Creative Industries Business Management 2008-10-12
Tsu-kang Lei The Impact on Squid Export Price through Packaging Weight Standardization from Taiwanese Jigging Vessel EMBA 2010-08-02
Kin-fong Lei Design of an Asynchronous Ring Bus Architecture for Multi-Core Systems Electrical Engineering 2010-08-18
Chun-Yu Lei An Exploration of Diversification of Large Conglomerates from Resource-Based View - A Case of Far Eastern Group and Yuen Foong Yu Group Business Management 2012-07-15
Shu-Ping Lei The Relationships among Transformational Leadership, Affective Commitment, and Performance- The Mediating effect of Psychological Capital Human Resource Management 2013-09-03
Min Lei Prediction of Motion Trajectory for the Underwater Towed Vehicle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-10
Szu-chin Lei Precision Mechanical Grinding Integrated with Spin-on-Glass Electrostatic Pulling Method for Producing Micro-hyperboloid Lensed Optical Fibers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-20
Chih-wei Lei New Wireless Video Transmission Network with Padding Block Based Distributed Video Coding Electrical Engineering 2017-07-26
Bi-Cheng Lei Application of Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-23
Tse-sen Leng The Study of Employee Outsourcing Decision Making in Corps’ Non-core Jobs—Use Four High-tech. Companies in Southern Taiwan as Study Cases Business Management 2006-02-05
Chuan-chiang Leng Nonlinear Analysis of the Uncovered Interest Parity in Latin American Countries Economics 2008-08-04
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Chi-Kuo Leng Studies of Electrolytic Abrasive Polishing of Inner Surface for Blind hole of Die Steel Using Conductive Polymer Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-21
Hon-Yuan Leo Synchronous/Asynchronous 4-T SRAM Using Dual Threshold Voltage Electrical Engineering 2002-11-04
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Julio Leon Consulting Project, International Hedge Strategy for Mitigating Market Risks, Applied to an Ecuadorian Company of the Plastic Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-07-01
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Chian-Shian Leou Cost-Benefit Assessments of Some Power Quality Improvement Options Electrical Engineering 2001-07-03
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Yunn-chiou Leu The Study of Interactive Strategies in Customer Relationship Management of Auction Websites Communications Management 2006-07-05
Sheu-eng Leu How the Imagery Instructional Teaching Ttrategy Affects the Dancing Learning Process of Taiwanese Junior High School Students Education 2006-07-17
Su-hsing Leu The Success Factors of Using Wireless Local Area Network to Enhance Experiential Marketing in Retailing Industry:The Case of Department Stores in Kaohsiung Communications Management 2006-08-30
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Yi-hsueh Li none Chinese Literature 2000-07-11
I-Ling Li Women's Body and Sexuality-Text Construction of Female Star Photography Album and Adolescent Girls' Interpretation Strategies Communcations Management 2000-10-11
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fu-qun Li Chromatic number of integral distance graph Applied Mathematics 2001-02-13
wen-chih Li Development Of Private Economy in Mainland China after reform Mainland China Studies 2001-05-07
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Jia-Ming Li The relationship between the intertemporal balance and the collapse of fixed exchange rate regime-the empirical studies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Economics 2001-06-21
Yung-Yuan Li Inverse Analysis of Transient Heat Source from Arc Erosion Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-02
Hsiao-Hsun Li Specific Heat Studies on the Electron-doped Superconductor Pr1.85Ce0.15CuO4 Physics 2001-07-04
Ling-Fung Li Computing VaR via Nonlinear AR model with heavy tailed innovations Applied Mathematics 2001-06-28
Shyh-Jane Li A System Thinking Approach to the Study of Organizational Starting Change : A Case Study of the Taipei-Kaohsiung Household Registration Office Business Management 2001-07-18
Mei-Ching Li Detection trace compound from human serum by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry Chemistry 2001-07-25
I-YEH LI none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-26
Chin-Yu Li none Economics 2001-08-02
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Huang-Yuin Li Nutrient Removal in Two-stage Constructed Wetland for Treating Domestic Wastewater Environmental Engineering 2001-09-11
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Wen-hui Li none Finance 2002-05-28
Yu-Ching Li none Finance 2002-05-24
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Chien-Hao Li Unequal Error Protection on SLCCA Image Encoded Bit Stream Computer Science and Engineering 2002-06-30
Hsiu-Chuan Li The Study of Microstructure and Magnetoresistance of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-01
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Yi-mou Li Implementation of an Accelerated Domain Decomposition Iterative Procedure Applied Mathematics 2002-07-15
Yi-Ju Li The Study of LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Thin Film IR Detectors Prepared by a Sol-Gel Method and Rapid Thermal Annealing Technology Electrical Engineering 2002-07-16
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Tzu-Kuang Li none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-06
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Chin-Tsung Li The Study of business-founding of SOHO group-based on the IT industry Information Management 2003-02-12
Yu-Wei Li Early Warning of Bank Failure Finance 2003-05-31
Pin-Tse Li β–amyloid precursor protein induced apoptosis is regulated by β–amyloid precursor protein binding protein I in N18 cell Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-06-18
Chih-Chen Li High Sensitivity CMOS Voltage-to-Frequency Converter and High-Speed Current-Mode Sense Amplifier for SRAMs Electrical Engineering 2003-06-23
Fu-Shiang Li A Preliminary Study of Carbonate Chemistry in the Kuroshio regime off the Eastern Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2003-06-26
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Szu-Hung Li The Study of Institutional Change of CSC Privatization From the Perspectives of New Institutional Economics Economics 2003-07-06
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Pei-Lung Li Measurement and Analysis of the EMI of the Differential Pairs on High-Speed PCB Electrical Engineering 2003-07-08
Po-Chien Li Determination of metal in rice flour and plastic by slurrysampling electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasmamass spectrometry Chemistry 2003-07-07
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chia-ming li A Research on Key Success Factor of Implementing Knowledge Management in Government Public Affairs Management 2003-07-10
Ho-San Li The Properties of Polarized Light of Magnetic Fluid with Applied Magnetic Field Physics 2003-07-12
Dong-Ming Li none Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-16
Chih-Chen Li Crystal-Si Solar Cell Characterization and Simulation Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-21
CHIEN-CHENG LI none IEMBA 2003-07-21
Wei-Shou Li A Hybrid Method of Wavelet and JPEG-LS for Progressive Image Compression Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-28
Ren-Jei Li Hybrid Fuzzy PID Controller for Tube-Hydroforming Processes via Genetic Algorithms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-30
Chia-Hsin Li The Role of Heat Shock Proteins at the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla in Experimental Endotoxemia in the Rat Biological Sciences 2003-07-30
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Chiao-Kuang Li The Research on Product Innovation Mechanism of Communication System Operators Communications Management 2003-08-20
Ya-I Li The Relationships between Grade, Residence Area, Birth Order, Constructive Thinking, Emotional Competence and Pupils’ Technological Creativity Education 2003-08-20
Kun-Yeng Li A Performance Study of Marine Education Programs for Teachers in the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Marine Resources 2003-08-25
Yi-Te Li Primer Design Using Double Orthogonal Arrays Intelligent Crossover Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-21
Corrine Li none Political Science 2003-08-21
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Yu-Ling Li The Application of the Balanced Scorecard to Performance Measures for Kaohsiung County fire department Public Affairs Management 2003-11-27
Ya-ping Li The Effects of Career Anchor,Personal Characteristics,Job Satisfaction,Turnover Intention of the Managing Staff in the Service Industry. Human Resource Management 2004-02-02
Chun-hsien Li none Economics 2004-02-03
Kun-ta Li Multi-nuclear One and Two Dimensional Solid State NMR Studies of Bis(2-Methyl-8-Quinolinolato)-(2,6-Dimethylphenolate)Aluminum Chemistry 2004-02-09
Ween-chung Li A Study on Customer Relationship Management Through the Investigation of Interior and Exteriot Customer Satisfaction Index in Kaohsiung Operation Center of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation Public Affairs Management 2004-05-29
Chin-Lun Li Polyimide based Optical Splitters on Silicon Substrate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-06-16
Yi-pei Li A study of auto-parts industry's internationalization, knowledge management and organizational innovation Business Management 2004-06-17
Fang-wen Li Radial Basis Collocation Method for Singularly Perturbed Partial Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2004-06-21
Tzung-Luen Li Personal Creative Process – From Integrating Motivation Theories’ Conceptions Business Management 2004-06-30
Yi-feng Li Narrating a Diasporic Identity: Language, Migrancy, and Ethnicity in Shirley Geok-lin Lim's Monsoon History Foreign Language and Literature 2004-07-06
Jian-zheng Li Study on DLC Coating Polycarbonate Substrate by PECVD Electrical Engineering 2004-07-06
He-Chun Li Protein expression analysis of prostate cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-07-08
Jian-hui Li Low Voltage Low Power Class D Power Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2004-07-09
Chun-Liang Li Analysis of NTRK1 gene rearrangement and BRAF gene mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma Biological Sciences 2004-07-15
Yen-Chi Li Temperature-dependent Hall measurement on undoped GaN epilayer Physics 2004-07-12
Jia-Ying Li The Relationships between Age, Gender, Temperament, Emotional Regulation , Creative Drama Instruction and Preschool’ Creativity Education 2004-07-20
Pei-hua Li The Study of Gender Difference of kindergarten Children in Study and Play Education 2004-07-27
Jiu-min Li Design and Assembly of a Rotational Laser Scanning System for Small Scale Seabed Roughness Undersea Technology 2004-07-29
Huei-an Li Studies for Effects of Operating Parameters of the Surface Profilometer on Roughness of Different Machined Surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-02
Kuang-Feng Li Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Combined with Pyrolysis for Polarity and Organic Composition of Soil, Tobacco,and Humic Acid Chemistry 2004-08-09
Yiing-jui Li Integration and Application of the Embedded System and the World-Wide Web Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-13
Bing-Hung Li A practical appraisal for pipeline inspection using guided waves of torsional mode Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-13
Ya-hui Li Optimal Quality Control for Oligo-arrays Using Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-17
Lu-Ying Li The strategy evaluation of information sharing operations by government agencies- Citing the property management of the lands owned by the City of Kaohsiung as an example Public Affairs Management 2004-08-22
Hai-Peng Li Analyzing CIOs’ Social Network with the Perspective of Social Capital Theory Information Management 2004-08-29
Chun-hsiang Li The Study of Microstructure of TiO2 Thin Films grown by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering System Materials Science and Engineering 2004-09-02
Sung-nien Li Research of Conducting Social Welfare Information System of Kaohsiung City Government Information Management 2004-09-06
Yi-Ling Li A graph operation related to multiplicity of graphs Applied Mathematics 2004-09-08
Yi-tsung Li Zygmunt Bauman Political Science 2004-12-08
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Chia-hua Li Studies on the bioactive constituents of the Formosan soft coral Cespitularia hypotentaculata Marine Resources 2005-02-18
Jheng-jian Li Unsymmetry Spiked-Quantum Well Design and Electroabsorption Modulators Based on the InAlAs/InGaAlAs Material System Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-28
Chin-Han Li D-optimal designs for combined polynomial and trigonometric regression on a partial circle Applied Mathematics 2005-06-30
Chia-ming Li The study of corporate governance of Taiwan, focus on self-governance mechanism. Business Management 2005-06-29
Bo-feng Li Theory and Simulation Analysis of SP in Metal Thin Layer Electrical Engineering 2005-07-01
Chun-che Li Design and Implement of Distributed Internet Video Conferencing Service Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-06
Ming-yen Li Brownian Motion, Cleaving, Healing and Interdiffusioninduced Nanopores and Defect Clusters in Ni1-xO-Co1-xO-ZrO2 System Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-12
Chia-na Li The Combined Influence of Tides and Waves on the Benthic Boundary Layer Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-07-13
Shi-han Li A Study on the Impact of Web-based e-Procurement Concerning Buyers and Suppliers Information Management 2005-07-19
Chin-hsin Li Command of the space contention —China’s space warfare development study Mainland China Studies 2005-07-16
Chi-Chun Li Preparation and Characterization of Alkanethiolate 1',1'"-Bisterpyridylbiferrocene Compound Chemistry 2005-07-08
Ming-Chun Li The Study and Fabrication of 2D amd Modified 1D Photonic Crystal Microcavity Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-21
Hsi-Hsin Li The Analysis on the Medical Care Project in Offshore Public Sector with Strategic Triangle Approach Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Tsung-Ken Li Design, Implementation and Application of a Digital Signal Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-25
CHIH- TSAN LI Destruction Fire Operation —A Study on the Compensation Responsibility of Authorized Use and of Objects Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-25
Hou-kuan Li Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-15 in Porcine Growing and Preovulatory Ovarian Cumulus-Oocyte-Complexs in vitro Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-07-26
Yu-jing Li A study of investment return volatility in Taipi city house market-The application of GARCH model Finance 2005-08-03
HSIAO-FENG LI On the Efficiency of Offshore Mutual Funds Issued in Taiwan Finance 2005-08-02
Wei-kan Li none Chinese Literature 2005-08-23
Tzung-Cheng Li An Improved PDA Multi-User Detector for DS-CDMA UWB Systems Electrical Engineering 2005-08-28
Bo-Yu Li The Impact Fracture of Solder Joints by Numerical Simulation Methods Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-26
Yi-Ju Li The study on the relationship among doctor’s perception of rotation training, job satisfaction and organization commitment:An example of KMHK . Human Resource Management 2005-08-28
Chung-Yi Li The study of strategy dynamic mechanism on LCD-TV industry Business Management 2005-08-30
Yi-Feng Li Stress Analysis of Specimen and Machine of Friction Stir Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-06
Ming-ru Li Shot Change Detection By Fractal Signature Computer Science and Engineering 2005-10-13
Shih-min Li The Relationship among Flexible Staffing Arrangements, Organizational Background and Organization Financial Performance – A Study in High-tech Industry Human Resource Management 2006-01-17
Ping-chia Li The Role of Oxidative Stress on Neurogenic Inflammation in Rat Airway Biological Sciences 2006-01-19
Fang-yuan Li A Study on the Relationship Between The State and The Salt Industry Development In Taiwan Political Science 2006-01-22
Li-shien Li Research of Relation between Employment Status and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Control Yuan Human Resource Management 2006-02-07
Chih-Yuen Li On the Porting and Debugging of Linux Kernel Computer Science and Engineering 2006-02-08
Cyuan-jia Li Preparation of Inorganic Tubular Membranes and Their Applications in Treatment of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Environmental Engineering 2006-02-12
Wei-yu Li DTV Receiving Antennas for Portable Media Player Applications Electrical Engineering 2006-05-26
Chang-chin LI An Simulative Study of Exchange Ratio Determination Model For the M&A in IC Packaging and Testing Industry Finance 2006-05-29
SZU-PEI LI Chinese Literature 2006-06-19
Sih-ning Li A dynamic hashing approach to supporting load balance in P2P systems Computer Science and Engineering 2006-06-19
Ching-Yi Li A Study on the Feasibility of Developing Reward Bonus System--in the Case of Lucky Buy Finance 2006-06-21
Tzu-lin Li Elementary Solving Strategies of Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-20
Han-Chieh Li The Studies of Risk Assessment of Nanoparticles Environmental Engineering 2006-06-23
Ching-hui Li To do or not to do-Understanding the British Euro Policy from the Perspective of Europeanization Political Science 2006-06-24
Yi-chun Li Development of inhibitors based on organic-inorganic hybrid materials via sol-gel process Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-04
Kuan-Jui Li The Design and Fabrication of Asymmetric Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Ring Cavity Filter Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-10
Chien-Tsung Li None Finance 2006-07-11
Ding-Guo Li Unsymmetry Spiked Multiple-Quantum-Well Design and Electroabsorption Modulators Integrated Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Based on the InGaAsP/InGaAlAs Material system Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-10
Ming-Feng Li Frame-Based Fast Mode Decision on H.264 Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-01
Ming-Yan LI A Study on the Regenerational Strategy of A Fishing Village : Cheting Township of Kaohsiung County in Taiwan as the Case Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-07-12
Ming-chan Li Electrochemical Deposition of Bismuth Telluride and Antimony Telluride Thin Films for Micro TE-cooler Applications Electrical Engineering 2006-07-13
Shu-Lin Li The Design and Implementation of RFICs for DVB-H Tuner Applications Electrical Engineering 2006-07-15
Lien-chun Li Field theory analysis of MMI devices and physics Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-17
Chi-chung Li Manpower application and management of Military Substitute Service-take Fire Control Substitute Service as the example EMPP 2006-07-18
Shang-chuan Li Performance Study on the Cleaning of Air Streams Laden with Mixed VOC Compounds Used in Semiconductor Industries Environmental Engineering 2006-07-21
Yao-Yu Li Development of an Innovative Micro Capacitive Humidity Sensor with Double Polyimide Thin Films and Interlacing Out-of-plane Electrodes Electrical Engineering 2006-07-21
Yun-Ruei Li The Multicast Rearrangeability of Banyan-type Networks Applied Mathematics 2006-07-28
Pin-yuan Li Manufacturing and Mechanical Properties of AZ31/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-28
Wei-Hung Li Expert System for Numerical Methods of Stochastic Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2006-07-27
Yu-Cheng Li Pin1-β-catenin-cyclin D1 as a potential chemotherapy target for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-08-16
Chan-Chuan Li Competition within the English Language Learning Market: A Niche Analysis Communications Management 2006-08-22
Ang-Lian Li Design of the Network Controller with Improving the real-time UDP Packets Reliability Electrical Engineering 2006-08-24
Sheng-tai Li Experimental Study on floating Platform for Cage Aquaculture-Wave Energy Transformation Analysis Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-08-30
Chun-yen Li The study on the singly moored offshore platform system Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-09-11
Hsin-pao Li Study of analysis and improvement methods on running breakdown for the table rollers of hot rolling strip cooling area. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-10
Wun-chi Li A Study of the Roles of American Teacher Organizations in Dealing with Controversial Events Related to Teachers Education 2006-09-13
Pin-Hsi Li The effect of relationship bonds on consumer commitment Business Management 2007-01-19
Shu-Na Li The research study on the relationship between the human resource policy and the success of localization of managers for Taiwan companies with subsidiaries in Mainland China by means of organization trust and culture difference as moderators Human Resource Management 2007-02-04
Chao-ming Li Discourses of Nationalism and Fine Arts in Taiwan 1949-2000-A Perspective of Political Aesthetics Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-02-14
Hish-ping Li Organizational Commitment vs. Loyalty to Supervisor: Relationship to Employees’ Collective-Resignation Intention Human Resource Management 2007-02-14
Pei-chieh Li The sponsor marketing activities evaluate, BRS NIKE Taiwan as example Business Management 2007-06-07
Fu-shiau Li Study on an Architecture-Oriented Software Testing Management Model Information Management 2007-06-07
Chia-Lin Li A Study of Financing of Web2.0 Business Finance 2007-06-11
Wei-Shin Li A Study on Conditional Risk Factors of Taiwan's Stock Returns Finance 2007-06-24
Chun-Hung Li The Application of Standard Deviation for Financial Distress Finance 2007-06-25
Chiao-ju Li A study of outsourcing performance of park and green land in Kaohsiung EMPP 2007-06-26
Tsung-guei Li Radiation of Adiabatic Tapered Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-04
Meng-lin Li Performance study on the dust removal from ritual money incinerator vent gases by a spray chamber Environmental Engineering 2007-07-05
Dun-wun Li none Mainland China Studies 2007-07-09
Wei-Chun Li Computer-Aided Analysis and Design of the Steering System of Front Wheels for Vehicle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-04
Jia-Chian Li Functional Imaging of GaP LED With Two-Photon DC and RF OBIC Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-18
Hsien-tsung Li none Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-19
Hsiao-Chun Li A Study of Coupled-Resonator Bandpass Filters on Organic Substrates Communications Engineering 2007-07-24
Chien-Hui Li Design of Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter by Sliding Mode Control Techniques Electrical Engineering 2007-07-25
Yueh-sung Li Numerical Analysis of The Performance of Double-Suction Backward-Curved Centrifugal Fan Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-30
Kun-je Li Concentrations and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment cores of southern continental shelf of Kaoping submarine canyon Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-07-30
Jung-hui Li The quality control of medical images Research of Liver transplantation assessing in Computed Tomographic Angiography (CTA) studies Institute of Health Care Management 2007-07-31
Chang-Yu Li Association rules for exploit code analysis to prevent Buffer Overflow Information Management 2007-08-01
Ya-shan Li The Study of Sergey Prokofiev's "Music for Children, op. 65" Music 2007-07-31
Mei-Chih Li none Human Resource Management 2007-08-03
Jin-ing Li On Arbitrage of Put-Call Parity:TSE Index Futures and TSE Index Options. Finance 2007-07-30
Shiang-wei Li Quantization-Noise Cancellation Technique and Phase-Locked Loop IC Design in a Fractional–N Frequency Synthesizer Electrical Engineering 2007-08-16
Yu-min Li Basic Human Rights and the Epidemic Prevention Measure of the Dengue Fever Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-17
Yu-Cheng Li The Visualization and Shadow Analysis for 3D Geographic Objects Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-08-17
Wei-ting Li Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Scheme in MIMO-OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2007-08-27
Yi-di Li Vegetation distribution predicting in Laonong River basin with Indicator Kriging Biological Sciences 2007-08-27
Jian-jhang Li Correlation Analysis for the Influence of Air Pollutants and Meteorological Factors on Low Atmospheric Visibility in the Taipei Basin Environmental Engineering 2007-09-07
Chiu-man Li The comparision of Taiwan and Korean panel companies, taking Auo and Samsung as studying cases. Business Management 2007-09-09
Gui-zhi Li The Orient Discourse in Modern Japan via Reviewing the Recognition of China and Occident Political Science 2007-09-09
Chun-ting Li The Effects to Consumers' Join Intention of On-Line Group-Buying Information Management 2007-09-11
Huei-jhong Li Poem research of Jhong-yan Fan Chinese Literature 2007-09-11
Wei-Ting Li Design of Adaptive Sliding Surfaces for Mismatch Perturbed Systems with Dead Zone input Electrical Engineering 2008-01-18
Jyun-lin Li Design and Implementation of Miniaturized LTCC Balanced Filter Electrical Engineering 2008-01-22
Huei-wen li The Dualism of International Relations Theories Political Science 2008-02-01
Ya-Hui Li none Communications Management 2008-02-13
Jui-Yang Li A Study on Technology Acceptance Model of Management Information System Business Management 2008-06-07
Tzu-Ying Li A Study of Management Development of First-line Manager in Service Industry Human Resource Management 2008-06-11
Tz-yung Li A study on the relationships among the primary school organizational culture ,teachers’ organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior in Ping-tung County Education 2008-06-21
Hai-ling Li none Political Science 2008-06-23
Ming-Quan Li Reliability Analysis of Off-shore Marine Energy System Power Transmission Scheme Electrical Engineering 2008-07-10
Shu-Tsung Li The Cross-domain Analysis of PAM—the Impact of Cross-strait Direct Flights on the Governmental Aspect of Penghu Public Affairs Management 2008-07-10
Chia-ling Li none Chinese Literature 2008-07-15
Wun-cin Li A Study of Tax-relation Compromise System in Taiwan EMPP 2008-07-18
Shih-Yung Li A Probability-based Framework for Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Data-Intensive Grid Environment Information Management 2008-07-23
Jyun-lin Li Al-Au-Cu and Al-Au-Pd phase diagram study using diffusion couples Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-21
Chin-mei Li A Study on the Implementation of Balanced Scorecard In Hospitals with system dynamics Information Management 2008-07-24
Huei-ming Li Research of consumer trends and applied management of Chinese herbal shops in Kaohsiung City EMPP 2008-07-25
Ji-yu Li Sand layer moved on slope bed and breaking wave characteristic of experimental study Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-25
Ci-fang Li The Assessment of Tax Agents’ Satisfaction on Tax Negotiation System– A Case study based on the National Tax Administration of Southern District EMPP 2008-07-29
Mei-jhen Li An Analysis of China-Taiwan Trade Mainland China Studies 2008-07-22
Yan-Cun Li Boost and Buck-Boost Power-Factor-Corrected AC-to-DC Resonant Converters with ZVS Operation Electrical Engineering 2008-07-31
You-De Li Space-Time Block Coded OFDM Systems with Pseudo Random Cyclic Postfix Electrical Engineering 2008-08-04
Meng-Yi Li Blind Adaptive Receivers for Precoded SIMO DS-CDMA System Electrical Engineering 2008-08-08
Min-Ching Li Ecological comparisons of growth and feeding between Pomacea canaliculata and Pomacea scalaris Marine Biology 2008-08-09
Sin-Ren Li The Resonance Characteristics of Solidly Mounted Resonators with 1/4 and 1/2 λ Mode Configurations Electrical Engineering 2008-08-26
Tsung-jung Li Effect of electrolyte composition on nickel-diamond composite coating structure and grinding ability Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-04
Wen-yi Li Design of horizontal water turbine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-05
Hsing-ching Li A Study of Wu Fu Junior High School Students' Motivations of Participating Music Performances Arts Management 2008-09-10
Yi-Jie Li Study and Implementation of a Flyback LED Driver with Single-stage Power Factor Correction Electrical Engineering 2008-10-15
Ting-li Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Hot Strip Mill Statistical Process Computer Model Information Management 2009-01-05
Jheng-Guang Li Synthesis of Mesoporous Palladium Nanoparticles and Its Application in Heck Reaction Chemistry 2009-01-20
Liang-cheng Li The dynamic response of floating tank under wave motion Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-01-22
Tong-zong Li Paternalistic Leadership and Subordinate Emotion Responses : The traditional psychological of subordinate Human Resource Management 2009-02-04
Chia-jung LI Communicative Effects of Celebrity-Past as Endorser in Advertisement:An Experimental Study with Moderator Variable of Product Category Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-02-09
Chi-hung Li The Impact of ISO 9000 on TQM and Business Performance Business Management 2009-06-19
Jian-ting Li Abnormal Return Using Four-Factor Model with High Short-Selling and Foreign Investor Ownership Finance 2009-06-21
Pei-shan Li Marketing Expenditures and IPO Underpricing Puzzle: Evidence from China A-Share Stock Market Finance 2009-06-25
Yuan-hui Li A Study for Price-Based Unit Commitment with Carbon Electrical Engineering 2009-07-01
Wei-De Li Investigating IT Compensation Management in Media Industry: A Case Study of Radio Station Communications Management 2009-07-08
Chieh-cheng Li A simple comparison between the Toeplitz and the λ -Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2009-07-09
Hsiao-wei Li User attitude towards purchasing mobile service Information Management 2009-07-12
Mu-de Li none Chemistry 2009-07-13
Yu-chu Li An Analysis of and Anticipation for the Influences of Penghu's Gambling Industry on Its Economy and Society Abstract Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Chien-lin Li Experimental Study of DQPSK WDM Transmission Performance Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-23
Chu-an Li Growth of free-standing non-polar GaN on LiAlO2 substrates by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-26
Yu-shan Li A study of the tensile deformation of ultrafine grained AA3003 aluminum alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-06
Yi-huei Li Exploration of Online Group-buying Models Information Management 2009-08-12
Jyun-sian Li Investigation of using PANI thin film as an hole transporting layer and its performance of organic polymer solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-22
Chun-wei Li Phase-Locked Double-Loop Speed Regulation of a Temperature controlled Fan Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
Ping-tao Li Differential Roles of Angiotensin II Type 1 and Type 2 Receptors at Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla in a Mevinphos Intoxication Model of Brain Stem Death Biological Sciences 2009-08-25
Po-Ju Li Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Corals Sinularia scabra and Lemnalia flava and the Chemical Modifications of Lobohedleolide Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-26
Pei-hsuan Li none Business Management 2009-09-05
Cheng-Hua Li The Effects of Heat Treatments on Zinc Nitride Thin Films and the PN Junction Characterization Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-07
Shu-chen Li The relationship between the practice of poetry creation and the theory of Chen Ting-zhuo`s points Chinese Literature 2009-09-04
Jyun-Sian Li Performance of Complementary Coded CDMA Performance of Complementary Coded CDMA Systems Using Modified Jakes Fading Channel Simulator Communications Engineering 2009-09-08
Wen-Hau Li China’s Oil Diplomacy toward Russia Political Science 2009-11-03
Ya-ru Li Characterization of Arabidopsis Glycoside Hydrolases Family 9 Genes Biological Sciences 2010-01-26
Chin-Yen Li A Study on the Relationship Between the Culture Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Human Resource Management 2010-01-31
Ming-Han Li A Study of Internet Privacy Invasion in PTT Information Management 2010-02-03
Chung-ho Li The effect of stock repurchase on market liquidity – Empirical evidence from Taiwanese listed firms Finance 2010-06-02
Siao-fan Li The impact of operating activities diversification on the risk and performance of banks Finance 2010-06-02
Chia-yu Li Assessment of the Emission Rate and Distribution of Volatile Organic Compounts in the Sewege System in A Metropolitan City Environmental Engineering 2010-06-23
Meng-hua Li The Effect of Employees’ Machiavellianism and type A personality on Perceptions of Organizational Politics. Human Resource Management 2010-08-06
Li-Ting Li Factors Affecting the Adoption of Collaboration 2.0 Information Management 2010-08-10
Shang-Chuan Li Studies on the elimination of volatile organic compounds in industry waste gas streams Environmental Engineering 2010-08-17
Chun-Ching Li A Design of French Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2010-08-24
Yi-hsuan Li A Study of Reger's Cello Suite, Op.131c, No. 2 Music 2010-08-23
Zih-jing Li An Investigation of Optimal Structure for Oscillatory Wave Energy Acquisition System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-27
I-Ting Li A comparative membrane surface analysis between two human hepatocarcinoma cell lines ( SK-HEP-1 and Hep G2 cells ) using Atomic Force Microscope Chemistry 2010-09-03
Hsin-hsien Li Mercury accumulation of yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacores, in Seychelles, Indian Ocean Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-09-06
Wei-jiun Li Two faces of Leviathan : Schmitt's interpretation and transform of Hobbes's State Theory Political Science 2010-09-10
Tzung-han Li Effect of metallic accessories on the human head to the SAR distribution due to mobile phones. Electrical Engineering 2010-12-13
Hsin-cheng li Study and Implementation of a Web GIS with Flash Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-01-20
Chu-wen Li Case Study of Implementing PLM system Based on Adaptive Structuration Theory:A Case of H Company Information Management 2011-02-15
Jia-hui Li A Confident or an Alien: The Hong Kong/Formosa Intellectual Wan-chu Lee’s and His Son Peter Nan-shong Lee’s Views of China ICAPS 2011-02-16
Jheng-yu Li The sign and construction of performance feedback influence the following job involvement Human Resource Management 2011-02-24
I-Chun Li The Economic Analysis of Law on current Adultery : the Legislative Protection Model of Family Right in the Constitution ICAPS 2011-06-15
Heng-Kuan Li Performance Analysis of AF Cooperative Communications with Imperfect Channel Information Communications Engineering 2011-06-28
Kuan-hsun Li Microbial bioremediation and monitoring of a TCE-contaminated site Biological Sciences 2011-07-11
Chi-ting Li Factors Associated with Reintubation on Ventilator-dependent Patients Institute of Health Care Management 2011-07-11
Gang-ming Li Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency:Empirics on East Asia Economics 2011-07-14
Chia-jen Li A study of Globalization on the cooperation strategy of marine affairs at cross-strait IMA 2011-07-18
Shih-Jie Li Low-Power Adaptive Viterbi Decoder with Section Error Identification Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-28
Ying-Zhang Li Automatic Recognition of Artificial Objects in Side-scan Sonar Imerage Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-02
Jia-Ming Li Design and Fabrication of Wafer Level Dual-Mode Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Filters Electrical Engineering 2011-08-09
Chun-Yi Li Design and evaluation of an integrated variable gain, low noise amplifier for medical application Electrical Engineering 2011-08-22
Chi-min Li The effects of compounds obtained from Formosa soft coral on carrageenan-induced inflammation in rats Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-08-30
Kuen-Wei Li Advanced Multi-Function Texture Unit Design Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-05
Ding-Chien Li Distance Spectrum Computation for Generating Signal Electrical Engineering 2011-09-09
Yi-Lun Li Displacement Mechanism of Concrete Artificial Reefs Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-07
Yu-Wen Li How can Personalized Online Services Affect Customer Loyalty: The Relationship Building Perspective Information Management 2012-02-15
Hsueh-Wen Li Study of stable uniformly lying helix cholesteric liquid crystal grating Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-13
Shu-ting Li Aggregation induced emission enhancement in relation to the secondary structures of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) containing fluorescent tetraphenylthiophene moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-13
Chieh Li The Effect of the Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide on the Radiation Absorption and Temperature Profile in Troposphere Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-29
Kuan-Yang Li A Study of the Interfacial reaction between Ni and Sn Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-23
Po-Yi Li The Effect of Advertising Expenditure and Customer Satisfaction on Corporation Risk under Different Market States in The United State Market Finance 2012-08-20
Shiang-shiang Li A Study of Deploying the Service Quality Gap Model For Digital Content Industry Information Management 2012-08-22
Cheng-chi Li Design and fabrication of new 3D energy harvester with nano-ZnO rods Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-21
Ya-Ching Li The cross-strait joint developed construct system in pintang-Cross strait associations' corporate as an example Public Affairs Management 2012-09-13
Yu-Yun Li Botnet Detection Based on Ant Colony Information Management 2012-09-14
Po-hsien Li A Study of the Effect of Leadership Behaviors on Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Work Engagement – A Case Study of Taiwanese Enterprises in Shanghai Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-02-03
Mei-ling Li Whose China Model Is It? The Debate between Universality and Particularity Political Science 2013-05-06
Chien-long Li The Analysis of Taiwan Fishing Industry(Grouper) Competitiveness EMBA 2013-06-14
Jia-Syun Li The Empirical Analysis of Volatility Smile in Taiwan Options Market Finance 2013-06-23
Jun-hong Li Evaluation of coagulants for turbidity removal from raw water Environmental Engineering 2013-07-02
Yi-Shan Li The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) Enhance Service Value Innovation Strategies – Application to Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) Public Affairs Management 2013-07-06
Liang-You Li (一) Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 1-(o-methoxyphenyl)-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-one and Its Derivatives (二) Pyrolytic Study of (N-Methyl-2-indolyl)methyl Benzoate Chemistry 2013-07-04
Zheng-han Li Tensile Deformation of Ultrafine Grained Al-Zn Alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-10
ZHENG-ZE LI Computer Simulation of Interaction between Protein and Drug Molecules in Aqueous Solution Chemistry 2013-07-17
Jia-Siang Li Graphene growth on 6H-SiC(0001) Physics 2013-07-18
Yuan-Cheng Li Study of electrically tunable, rapid response and low-loss SiN ring resonator using blue phase liquid crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-25
Jian-Huang Li Calculations of conserved spin current in two dimensional k-linear spin-orbit coupled semiconductor Physics 2013-07-29
Jia-Yuan Li Isolation and Characteristic Analysis of Mercury Resistant Bacteria Biological Sciences 2013-08-01
Min-chi Li Numerical Simulation of Wave Overtopping Rate at Sloping seawalls with Different Configurations of Wave Dissipators Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-08-05
Ang-jen Li Implementation of distributed cloud computing platform for Financial instruments back testing and program trading Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-08
Yu-hua Li The Effect of Energy Efficiency Grade Labeling on Intention to Buy Refrigerators Public Affairs Management 2013-08-06
Guo-Yu Li Sputtered SiO2 nitrogen-surrounding Quantum Well Intermixing for Integration of Electroabsorption Modulators and Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-08-13
Shih-jung Li Image Capture and Mosaicing for Sediment Tube Trap IAMPUT 2013-08-15
Hui-wen Li Piezoelectricity of hollow cylindrical near-field electrospinning PBLG fiber arrays for energy harvesting from biological flight Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-17
Zong-Sian Li Thermal Analysis during Dieless Drawing Forming and Design of a Dieless Drawing System of Wires Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-22
Jhe-Syun Li Gait Balancing of Biped Robots by Reinforcement Learning Electrical Engineering 2013-08-26
Gang-ian Li The Load and Stress Distributions and Strength Design for Engaged Worm Gear Pairs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-22
Wei-Lun Li Friction Models for Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Heat Transfer and Material Flow during the Friction Stir Welding Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-03
Chien Li Tide-Related Variability of Suspended Particles Characteristics off the Mouth of Zhoushui River IAMPUT 2013-09-02
Le Li The Impact of Military Refining NCO System to Sergeants - Example of the Southern Marine Corps in Taiwan - EMPP 2013-09-07
Jun-jie Li Effects of Ultrasonic Frequency Variation on the Micro Copper Bumps Friction Phenomena in the Couples-polishing Activation Bonding Process of 3D IC Package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-05
Po-wei Li A Design of Bilingual Character and Speech Recognition System for English and Thai Electrical Engineering 2013-09-12
Kun-Hung Li Feature-Based Motion Estimation for Underwater Towed Camera IAMPUT 2013-11-05
Bo-wen Li Inter-Frame Dejittering for Video Streaming on Mobile Communication Networks Electrical Engineering 2013-12-20
Sz-Hsien Li A Wide-Range and Harmonic-Free 10-bit SAR All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-22
Jui-kang Li Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc(II) and Palladium(II) Helicates Bearing Bis-N,S Schiff bases Chemistry 2014-01-24
Yi-hua Li The Influence of Assessment Center Assessor Trainings on Rating Accuracy Human Resource Management 2014-01-26
Yu-jou Li The Research of Repertory and Its Cultural Spectacle in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2014-02-12
Shu-hua Li The Study of Perceived Environment and Its Related to Senior Citizen’s Physical Activity and Quality of Life Public Affairs Management 2014-02-12
Po-Cheng Li Self-Assembled Structures from PEGylated Polypeptide Block Copolymers Synthesized Using a Combination of ATRP, ROP, and Click Chemistry Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-02-12
Ching-hua Li An ARQ Retransmission Scheme for Real-Time Video Multicasting over a Mobile Communication Network Electrical Engineering 2014-02-13
Jyun-Yi Li A Case of Customer-Driven Foundry Solution Key Success Factors for Semiconductor Industry EMBA 2014-02-13
Wen-Yuan Li A study on Brand Image and Purchase Intension of 86 SHOP Fan Page Business Management 2014-06-17
Yi-Jin Li The Molecular Study of Fluoxetine Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in Pancreatic Cancer Cells. Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-06-27
Yi-lin Li Design of Smart Multi-meter with Demand Response Function Electrical Engineering 2014-07-02
Yueh-Chen Li Analogy between the Polarization Switching of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers and Ising Model Physics 2014-07-04
Fang-zhou Li An Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Financial Leasing:Evidence from Public Listed Companies in Mainland China Finance 2014-07-04
Ruei-Ying Li A Study and Analysis on Jindřich Feld’s Sonata for Flute and Piano. Music 2014-07-07
Chien-Yu Li View angle switchable display with blue phase liquid crystal Physics 2014-07-17
Jih-Pin Li Explore Internet Users in Taiwan Neighbors Emotion Information Management 2014-07-21
Yue-Ting Li Determination of trace elements in titanium based sunscreens and honey using ETV-ICP-MS Chemistry 2014-07-22
Jyun-lin Li The Study of Phase Diagram, Diffusion Path and Diffusivities in Au-Al-Cu and Au-Al-Pd Systems Using Diffusion Couple Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-23
Jyun-Siang Li Exchange Rate Target Zones and Policy Uncertainty: Heterogeneous Expectation on the Trend Economics 2014-07-28
Yu-Shan Li Low-power Instruction Mode Adjustment for 3-D Graphics Processing Unit Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-07
Jia-yun Li Mechanical, Electronic and thermal properties of ultrathin tungsten nanowires and nanotubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-18
Yi-yang Li Mutagenesis of BH3-like domain of Bcl2L12 disrupts interaction with Pro-survival proteins and modulates switch of apoptosis/autophagy in GBM cell lines Biological Sciences 2014-08-21
Yi-De Li Bringing Confucianism back in:Wei Wou's Approach to Contemporary Chinese Economics Political Science 2014-08-25
Zih-Jie Li Pricing Asian Geometric power option Applied Mathematics 2014-08-26
Cian-yi Li The Impact of Branded App Characteristics on Brand Attitude. Business Management 2014-08-27
Guan-cheng Li Association of 5-methylcytosine, 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and Epigenetic Modifiers’ Expression with the Development and Prognosis of Invasive Mammary Ductal Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-08-29
You-Jyun Li Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Heat Transfer and Material Flow during the Friction Stir Welding Process using an Embedded-rod Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-20
Jyun-yan Li Verification of Instruction Set Compatible Processors with a Dual Core Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-03
Feng-Quan Li A Study on Multi-Agent Cooperation by Shaped-Q Learning Electrical Engineering 2014-09-03
Houng-Chieh Li Mg effect on the mechanical property of ultrafine grained Al-Zn-Mg alloy by friction stir processing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-09-04
Tai-yi Li A Design of Fingerprint Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2014-09-07
Ren-cheng Li A Design of Face Detection and Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2014-09-09
Hsien-Wei Li Remediation of heavy-metal contaminated land by soil stabilization and groundwater extraction Environmental Engineering 2014-09-05
Yu-chen Li A Study on Taipei International Choral Festival, 1991-2013 Theatre Arts 2014-09-09
Wei-chen Li Regulation of heat shock response in tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus × O. niloticus) exposed to nitrite stress Biological Sciences 2014-09-09
Jin-wei Li Design of some DSP circuits based on stochastic computation Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-11
Cheng-jui Li Study of magnetic and electric properties on GdN thin film Physics 2014-09-12
Yi-Hsuan Li The Impact of the U.S.-Japan Alliance on Northeast Asia in the Post-Cold War Era ICAPS 2014-11-13
Yi-feng Li Privacy Matters!The Effects of Privacy Management on Continuous Use of Facebook Institute of Communications Management 2014-12-29
Chin-Hsu Li The role of foundation in a family business group: A comparative study between Shin-Kong in Taiwan and Auchan in France Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-01-26
Hsuan-An Li Performance Evaluation of a Recessed-Plate Filter Press Electrodewatering System for the Treatment of Municipal Sewage Sludge Environmental Engineering 2015-02-12
Wei Li Machiavelli on the Tension between People & Nobles-The Debate between Two Interpretive perspectives Political Science 2015-02-12
Min-Jon Li Living Together in Difference: An Ethics and Politics of Derrida's Deconstruction Political Science 2015-02-25
Ye-sing Li A Study on the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention in Catering Industry - The Moderating Effect of Catering Type Business Management 2015-05-18
Yue-Syun Li Effect of Gold on Nickel catalyst for carbon dioxide reforming of methane reaction Chemistry 2015-05-21
Yi-zhen Li The relationship between investor attention and idiosyncratic volatility Finance 2015-06-16
Yi-yi Li A Study of Performance Practice on Grieg’s Violin Sonata in c minor, opus 45 Music 2015-06-16
Ya-jyun Li The Open-Slot LTE Antenna for the Metal-Framed/Metal-Casing Smartphone and Its MIMO Performance Study Communications Engineering 2015-06-22
Shi-xian Li Strategic behavior in tournaments Economics 2015-06-24
Chien-Yi Li Testing the Unemployment Hysteresis Based on the Panel Unit Root Test with Breaks : Evidence from OECD Countries Economics 2015-06-23
Jing-yi Li Asset allocation and risk management in the National Social Security Fund Finance 2015-06-24
Hui-Fan Li The Relationship among Teacher’s Classroom Management Strategy, Gifted Students' Personality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Education 2015-06-26
Chi-Yang Li The Influence of Match-up Degree and Brand Image on Advertising Effect Business Management 2015-07-09
Ni-ko Li Luxury Goods Chains operation business model researches an example of N Co. EMBA 2015-07-08
Yi-ting Li Cluster Analysis of River Water Quality of Heavy Metal Monitoring Data Applied Mathematics 2015-07-13
Jen-chun Li The Study on Legal Systems about the Supervision of The Local Self-Governing Bodies by The State ICAPS 2015-07-06
Hou-jun Li Effective Removal of Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide using a combined UASB-MBR system Environmental Engineering 2015-07-17
Ru-fang Li Follistatin -BMP Signaling Regulated by isl2/ coupTFIb is Critical for Vascular Development Biological Sciences 2015-07-22
Zong-Yu Li UV Light-Assisted Synthesis of Polyadenosine-Stabilized Gold Nanoclusters for Ratiometric Fluorescent Sensing of Hg(II), Enzyme Activity, and Target Nucleic Acid Chemistry 2015-07-09
Jung-shin Li Implementing an Area Efficiency and Low Complexity VLSI Design for the HomePlug AV System Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-23
Hung-Yi Li Adsorption of odor matters from lake raw water by using powdered activated carbon Environmental Engineering 2015-07-24
Ching-Fei Li Reaction Behavior of Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane on Au/Ni Catalysts by Thermal Desorption Method Chemistry 2015-08-03
Yu-Tzu Li Effect of Twin Boundary on Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-01
Zhong-Da Li The Study of Job Satisfaction of Volunteer Soldiers to Their Turnover Intention EMPP 2015-08-03
Jhen-Ning Li Crystallization Sequence, Crystalline Morphology and Crystalline Texture in Triblock Copolymer Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-04
Wei-chin Li Preparation of high quality single layer graphene by chemical vapor deposition Chemistry 2015-08-13
You-chang Li Study on Resistance Random Access Memory with Self-formed Selector Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-05
Chia-jung Li Studies on hepatoma-derived growth factor expression during Helicobacter pylori infection in AGS cells Biological Sciences 2015-08-14
Qin-ru Li Elimination of odors emitted from textile-setting processes by ozone scrubbing Environmental Engineering 2015-08-18
Sheng-yo Li Joint Source and Full-Duplex Relay Filtering Design in Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems Communications Engineering 2015-08-24
Sheng-Hung Li Performance Analysis of Relay Selection in Two-Way Relay Networks with Channel Estimation Error Communications Engineering 2015-08-25
Wei-hao Li Electromagnetic Interference of Signal Traces Inside a Missile Using the FDTD Subgridding Method Electrical Engineering 2015-08-25
Zu-cheng Li Study of Dynamic Drive Scheme for Tri-stable Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-25
Cheng-Han Li Intelligent Control of Distributed Energy Resource Management for Microgrid Application Electrical Engineering 2015-07-15
Ming-Han Li Christian Church as an Entrepreneurial Space Business Management 2015-08-28
Gi-Rong Li The effect of surface plasmon irradiated by electromagnetic field on transport processes near a surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-28
Yu-Te Li A Study on Business Process Reengineering of Enterprise Transformation by Service Blueprint Information Management 2015-09-02
Yu Li Genetic-Fuzzy Mining with Type-2 Membership Functions Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-05
Yi-Chieh Li Full-Diversity and Full-Rate Distributed QOSTBC/QOSFBC in Two-Way Relay Networks with Two Antennas Communications Engineering 2015-09-07
Wen-Liang Li Study on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton glaucum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-09-08
Yen-Hsia Li The Case Study on the Consistency of Strategic Human Resource Management System Human Resource Management 2015-09-08
Chong-kai Li Andrew J. Nathan’s Chinese Democracy Research: Views and Standpoints Political Science 2015-07-31
Yan-huei Li A Study on Customer Satisfaction and Revisiting Willingness of the Kaohsiung Harbor Culture Fleet of Ships Applying Experiential Marketing Public Affairs Management 2015-09-11
Meng-chun Li Reactive Clustering MAC for QoS Provisioning in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2015-10-05
Tsung-Hsun Li Analysis on electro-optical modulation of liquid crystal on a metallic grating structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-11-23
Yu-Ru Li To Explore β-Amyloid Induced Oxidative DNA Damage and Repair in Rat Primary Cortical Neurons Biological Sciences 2016-01-11
Kuang-Yun Li Uncertainty analysis of acoustical normal incidence reflection from seabed Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-01-14
Shih-yang Li On Wall Velocity and Temperature Measurements in Convective Microchannel Flow via nPIV/ nPIT Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-01-19
Hui-Chun Li Vision and Speed: Contemporary Cyberpunk Literature and Cyberculture Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-20
Bing-Feng Li Tolerant Control of Open-Circuit Fault for Three-Level T-type Inverter Electrical Engineering 2016-01-25
Chun Li Application of customer lifetime value model in water filtration industry Business Management 2016-02-01
Tsung-Chang Li Cross-boundary Transportation, Temporospatial Distribution and Chemical Characteristics of Atmospheric Particles over Coastal and Offshore Regions in the Taiwan Strait Environmental Engineering 2016-03-10
Pei-Jyuan Li The role of heme oxygenase-1 in the antinociceptive effects of coral-derived compounds in neuropathy Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-04-08
Wei-ling Li Classification based on face recognition for patients with Down’s syndrome Applied Mathematics 2016-06-22
Meng-Ze Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Cloud Unified Communications System Model Information Management 2016-07-01
Chiu-hsiang Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Fast Food Delivery Service Model Information Management 2016-07-04
Wen-ling Li A Study of Social Support and Job Search Behavior: Case Study On Telephone Customer Service Human Resource Management 2016-07-06
REN-KAI LI Comparison of different coagulants and oxidants for treating aluminum in a water treatment plant Environmental Engineering 2016-07-06
Chih-Jung Li An action research on the integration of games into 5th grade Number and Operation Instruction Education 2016-07-13
Chin-Wei Li Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Selective Aroylation of N-Arylpyridin-2-amines and Arylation of Pyrazolo[1,5 a]pyridines via C-H Activation Chemistry 2016-07-18
Zhong-Yi Li Construction engineering life cycle document management system prototype - a case study of a construction company Information Management 2016-07-15
Tse-lung Li Study on anti-corruption decision making Economics 2016-07-18
Yu-wei Li The role of Mst1/Mst2 in early brain development and glioblastoma formation of the mice Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-07-28
Jyun-lun Li Parameter Derivation for Equivalent Circuit Model of Induction Cookers Electrical Engineering 2016-07-27
Wan-jhen Li Endogenous NO and H2O2 participate in NaCl-mediated leaf senescence via modulating ethylene signaling, biosynthesis and senescence-associated gene expression in sweet potato Biological Sciences 2016-08-01
Chi-Min Li Performances and influential factors of adsorption of chlorpheniramine and N-nitrosamine formation potentials by graphene oxide-iron oxide composites Environmental Engineering 2016-08-01
Yi-jing Li LC3, P62, P65, and EGFR Protein Expressions are Associated with Tumor Transformation and Poor Prognosis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2016-08-03
Jia-Ying Li Design, Implementation, and Analysis of a Multi-Precision Rasterizer for 3D Graphics Application Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-09
Jou-Chia Li A Possibility Assessment Of Recycling The Organic Solvent Used In Passive Component Factories Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-09
Tung-lin Li Exploring the Relationships among Taiwanese High School Students’ Pro-environmental Behavior, Decision-making Style, and Scientific Epistemic Views Education 2016-08-03
Cheng-Ru Li Seasonal dynamics of planktonic pteropods in relation to hydrography in the southwestern waters of Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-08-12
Cheng-ching Li RNA Editing in Head and Neck Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-08-11
Bo-Yi Li Fabricating high transmission transparent conductive thin films in Ag/TCO/Ag multilayer films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-19
Ting-wei Li Success models of cross-border e-commerce Information Management 2016-08-22
Chi-lun Li Development of Cr1-x-Six-based high resistivity thin-film resistors Electrical Engineering 2016-08-25
Shang-Yu Li Design and Implementation of a Vision Processor Based on the OpenVX Specification Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-31
Ya-Chi Li Job Characteristics, Job Burnout and Job Engagement of Civil Servants:The Moderating Effect of Job Rotation Human Resource Management 2016-09-04
Yi-ling Li Mode Field Analysis of Single-mode Multi-core Optical Fibers based on Scalar Coupled Mode Theory Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-05
Wen-yuan Li Immunohistochemical study for DLK-1 expression in ovarian cancers Biological Sciences 2016-09-06
Hsing-Jung Li Survey of Rehabilitation Resources in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder under National Health Insurance in Taiwan Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-09-09
Mao-yao Li Study of Real-Time Streaming Processing for Fintech Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-17
Meng-Hsueh Li Bragg grating based SOI polarization polarizer Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-10-07
Cheng-Yu Li Bispheroidal Quantum Cloak Physics 2016-10-18
Pei-chieh Li The Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine among Females. Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-12-12
Bo-sheng Li Fatty acid compositions in the host tissues and zooxanthellae of soft corals Sinularia and Sarcophyton in Dongsha Atoll Department of Oceanography 2016-12-26
Yong-Jyun Li An Efficient Driving Circuit with Multi-Phase Dimming for RGB White-Light LED Lamps Electrical Engineering 2017-01-06
Chang-han Li Disassociating Uplink and Downlink Resource Allocations for CoMP-JT Computer Science and Engineering 2017-02-20
Shih-han Li The relationship between meaningful work and employees’ voice behaviors: The moderating effect of transformational leadership Human Resource Management 2017-03-10
Yi-Shan Li Study on Architecture-Oriented UAV Three-Dimensional Measurement and Mapping Systems Model Information Management 2017-06-10
Szu-Han Li An Application of HTC Vive to the Design of Immersive Virtual Reality RPG Game Information Management 2017-06-28
Yang-Sheng Li Text Mining and Financial News: Could News Sentiment affect Market Behavior? Finance 2017-06-27
Yi-Jung Li Fabrication and Characterization of Active Optical Cables for Virtual Reality Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-06-19
Yi-lin Li Augmented Reality Information Display for the Multiplayer Multi-view Battlefield Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-05
Yu-fang Li Health Management System Based on Mobile Devices and Tongue Analysis Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-05
Ya-wen Li A study on the characteristics of financial network and its visualization Applied Mathematics 2017-07-17
Yun-Yan Li Study of treatment efficiency of toxicity in TMAH wastewater by evaluating daphnia-magna toxic test Environmental Engineering 2017-07-17
Hsin-Fa Li Application of information technology in construction engineering safety management -a case of engineering in steel works EMBA 2017-07-20
Pei-yun Li Applying K-means Clustering Algorithm and MSVM for Wind Power Forecasting Electrical Engineering 2017-07-21
Jun-sian Li The preparation of CaO nanoparticles and heavy metals adsorbent using Oyster Shells as green chemical source Chemistry 2017-07-07
Xiao-Pei Li Japan’s Interest Group Politics and the Long-term Care Insurance System ICAPS 2017-07-26
Tien-Yuan Li A Study of Financial Analysis for Performing Arts Organizations in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2017-08-01
Kuo-pin Li Motor Drivers Performance Comparison for Stand-Alone Excited Synchronous Wind Power System Electrical Engineering 2017-08-04
Yu-Lang Li Interpolation in the Limit of Increasingly Flat Hybrid Radial Basis Functions Applied Mathematics 2017-08-04
Hsiao-Chen Li A Study on the Management Strategy of Taiwan 's Finacial Industry in the FinTech Era EMBA 2017-08-17
Yi-Shan Li Study on the control of odorous gases vented from livestock farms by spraying water containing ozone or hypochlorous acid Environmental Engineering 2017-08-11
Bo-Han Li A Low-cost Modular Exponentiation Architecture for Fast RSA Cryptosystem Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-09
Yu-Je Li Analysis and prediction of time series big data by using machine learning Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-26
Bing-rui Li Study of thin film bulk acoustic resonator for 3 GHz band application Electrical Engineering 2017-08-28
Nan-si Li Magnetic Liquid for Rapid Detection of CA19-9 and MUC1 in Pancreatic Cancer Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2017-08-28
Chiu-fu Li A Study on the Relationship between Idolatry and Overall Self - concept of Feng-Shan Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational School Students Education 2017-08-21
Yen-Shin Li Affecting The Motorcyclists Traffic Violations Factor Discussed - A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-09-11
Jing-Ye Li Study on Hybrid Precoder Designs in Massive MIMO System Communications Engineering 2017-09-13
Min-Tsuei Li Exploring the Dilemma of Taiwan Service Industry with Singapore’s Industrial Development Strategy ICAPS 2017-09-14
Szu-Yi Li Leaders' role modeling and verbal communication behaviors, and their effects on followers' moral evaluation on leaders. Human Resource Management 2018-01-03
Wen-Chih Li Analog Front-end Circuits and Time-Frequency Analysis Design for ECG Sensing System Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2017-12-21
Wei-Luen Li A Mathematical Model for Power Consumption in Small-Cell Embedded Macro Cell Networks Communications Engineering 2018-01-30
Yi-Fang Li Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Spray Cooling with Dielectric Fluids Using Piezoelectric Atomizer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-01
Kuo-hua Li Analysis of the interaction of Agricultural Research and Marketing Strategy Alliance EMBA 2018-02-05
Shin-bei Li Security Consideration in Japan’s ODA Charter: A Case Study of Capacity Building with the Philippines ICAPS 2018-06-05
Yi-ru Li Entrepreneurial Identity and Self-Representation - A Narrative Study on Returning Home Indigenous Restaurant Entrepreneurs Theatre Arts 2018-06-14
Zheng-Hong Li Students’ Attitude and Opinions toward Cheating in the Classroom. Economics 2018-06-26
Wen-Tai Li Study on Location Identification Method of Power Line Outages Using PMU Measurements for Power System Communications Engineering 2018-06-27
Cheng-Hao Li Relationships between Political Connections, Corporate Social Responsibility and Cost of Long-Term Bank Loan Industrial Technology Graduate Program in Financial Innovation 2018-07-04
Bo-An Li Synthesis of Holographic Materials Based on Azobenzene –containing Epoxy and Its Optical Characterization Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-07-18
Yi-Hsian Li National Security Strategy of the United States of America: A Comparison between the George W. Bush and the Barack Obama Administration ICAPS 2018-07-18
Zong-Lin Li Factors Influencing Organizational Intention to Adopt Blockchain Technology Information Management 2018-07-20
Chia-Ling Li The Study of Human Resource System Transformation-The Case of L Manufacturing Company College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-23
Yun-Shan Li The Influential Factors of Employees' Word-of-Mouth Referrals Human Resource Management 2018-07-15
Chia-En Li Efficient Algorithms for Data Classification toward Knowledge Discovery based on Statistics and Decision Trees Computer Science and Engineering 2018-07-31
Ying Li Genetic divergence between Tsuga species (Pinaceae) using multilocus analyses Biological Sciences 2018-08-09
Yu Li-Te Building the Mechanism of Security Cooperation across the Taiwan Strait – An Analysis of Non-Traditional Security Perspective Political Science 2012-05-20
You-fen Li-Yang The Analysis of The Pan-green Electorates’ Perspectives towards Development of Kaohsiung under Cross-strait Pattern Public Affairs Management 2012-06-16
Chang Li-Yu The studies on Legislators' Oath-The Case Stusy of Oath of The Third session of Legislators' Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-10-25
Jau-Rung Lian Study on the Electronic Properties of In0.22Ga0.78As/GaAs Single Quantum Wells Physics 2004-06-29
Shoou-Yang Lian The Analysis of Emergency Department Utilization under Implementing Different Point-values of Fees Institute of Health Care Management 2006-04-28
Yi-jie Lian CMOS RFIC Design and Implementation for DVB-H Zero-IF Tuner Applications Electrical Engineering 2007-08-16
Huan-jen Lian none Finance 2008-08-12
Jia-Ci Lian A Study of Children’s Right of Personal Name in Taiwan:Surname ICAPS 2014-09-01
Cheng-jie Lian Synthesis of Aluminum Complexes Bearing Amino-Phenolate Ligands and Their Application in Ring-Open Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone Chemistry 2018-07-26
Chih-Long Liang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-21
Jun-Wei Liang A Study of the Parallel Hybrid Multilevel Genetic Algorithms for Geometrically Nonlinear Structural Optimization Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-21
Tienyi Liang The Study of Hyper-archy competition of bicycle industry in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-04
Ching-Jing Liang Handling Unexpected Workflow Exceptions: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach Information Management 2000-07-19
Shwu-lee Liang Analysis of the managing contingent workers at an outsourcing system –A case study of the China Steel Corporation and its subcontractors Human Resource Management 2000-08-08
Hung-Chih Liang state and film─Taiwam film police study Political Science 2001-02-15
Chin-Chih Liang 從稽查管制機制探討高雄都會區事業廢棄物管理策略 Public Affairs Management 2001-08-21
Ming-Chang Liang Design and Implementation of a Configurable and Cost Effective Web Benchmark Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-29
Mei-Sheue Liang none Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-02-05
Shu-Ping Liang The effect of recent financial revolution on the profitability and risk of banks. Finance 2002-05-24
Chia-min Liang none Finance 2002-05-29
Chin-Chia liang none Economics 2002-07-11
Shih-Hao Liang A Study of Electrochemical and Charge-discharge Behavior of Tin Oxide ando Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-25
Jun-Yan Liang Fabrication of Gold Nanoelectrode Array with Template Membrane and It's Application on Electroanalysis Chemistry 2002-09-11
Su-Mei Liang Effect of retained earning tax on capital valuation Finance 2003-06-13
Wen-Shing Liang The Research of PRC's Ballistic Missile Development- And The Analysis About What It Influences The Security of Taiwan Strait. Mainland China Studies 2003-07-30
Hui-Ju Liang The research on the factors which affect the interaction types between Taiwan and China subsidiaries of MNC Business Management 2004-06-21
Pai-yu Liang none Public Affairs Management 2004-07-15
Jay-Ing Liang The Application of IMC on IM--Case study by "MSN Messenger Club" website Communications Management 2004-10-16
Hong-Long Liang Multiplex PCR Primer Design Using Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-23
Chi-Tsong Liang A Comparison of entry modes into the China and Taiwan markets - using chemical company X as an example IEMBA 2004-08-26
Wen-yen Liang Manufacture and test of a micro-coil based strong gradient field system for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging Chemistry 2004-09-08
Chung-kai Liang Morphology changes of Sponge Juvenile of Halichondria okadai Marine Biology 2005-09-16
Hui-Ting Liang The Anti-angiogenic Functions of Low Density Lipoproteins Subfractions from Patients with Familial Hypercholestrolemia Biological Sciences 2005-02-15
Jen-Hsin Liang The internal service quality of the HRM uses the internal marketing concept on the internal satisfaction, customer orientation and the job performance. Human Resource Management 2005-02-21
Kai-Jie Liang A simulation study on quality assessment of the Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) measurements for Open-Area Test Site using statistical models Applied Mathematics 2005-07-15
Chia-Hao Liang Topic Retrospection with Storyline-based Summarization on News Reports Information Management 2005-07-18
Yu-kuang Liang Fair Transaction Protocols Based on Electronic Cash Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-25
Yu-Mey Liang A Case Study of Group HRSC based on President Chain Store Corp. (PCSC) Human Resource Management 2006-06-13
Chia-Fu Liang The Investigation of the Optical Characteristics in Asymmetric Multiple Quantum Wells Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-10
Deng-hao Liang Investigation of quantitative absolute concentrations of in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-11
Siang-yue Liang Characterization of NiSi2 nano dot for memory device Physics 2006-07-20
Jia-Ming Liang The Design and Implementation of Integration of Web Page with VoIP System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-26
Li-ling Liang Mobility-Matching Key Management for Secure Group Communications in Wireless Networks Communications Engineering 2006-07-28
Chic-yu Liang To discuss the case study of the public nursery school's management strategy with the balance tally card Public Affairs Management 2006-08-01
Wen-yan Liang Design and Implementation of a Hierarchical Image/Video Segmentation System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-22
Chia-Wei Liang Nominal Interest Rate Targeting and Endogenous Growth Economics 2006-08-23
I-Fen Liang The study of strategical human resources management scorecard. Human Resource Management 2006-08-29
Shu-hao Liang Application of Fenton-like technique to remediate fuel-oil contaminated soils Environmental Engineering 2006-08-29
Ming-hua Liang A Study from the Perspective of Regionalism on China’s Political and Economic Strategies Cooperate with the ASEAN Countries Mainland China Studies 2007-01-04
Wen-ko Liang Hardware Implementation for Variable Length FFT Processor Communications Engineering 2007-02-15
Pi-ying Liang none Human Resource Management 2007-08-06
Jhih-Yuan Liang Design of Low-Power Controller-Datapath Systems Using FSM State Assignment and Output Encoding Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-14
Hsiang-Wen Liang Technology Commercialization of SMEs – SBIR participants as research target Business Management 2007-08-16
shish-chang Liang Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Low-Power Pipelined Booth Multiplier Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-22
Yi-mian Liang Dynamic strategy for sustainable development of corporation based on system dynamics. Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-09-11
Kuo-chiang Liang Anti – corruption and National Competitiveness – A Case Study of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-02-14
Hsiang-chin Liang The Impact of Emotional Labor on Leisure Attitude: The Role of Self-efficacy and Leisure Motivation Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-05-07
Wen-hong Liang Uses data envelopment analysis to evaluate relative efficiencies of power plants in Taiwan Power Company Finance 2008-06-30
Shu-Hui Liang The Research on incubation center of BEIJING Zhong Guan Cun Science Park EMPP 2008-07-30
Jheng-Ying Liang Application and Analysis on Building Energy Efficiency Upgrade Strategies Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-24
You-wei Liang Small signal recording in the presence of interference and application of body-sensor transmitter Electrical Engineering 2008-08-11
Tun-Chieh Liang Enhanced TCE anaerobic biodegradation with nano zero-valent iron Environmental Engineering 2008-08-20
Yu-jen Liang Depth and temporal variability of organic carbon, total nitrogen and their isotopic compositions of sinking particulate organic matter and POC flux at SEATS time-series station, northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2008-09-08
Wen-shing Liang The present time and future of PRC's nuclear weapons strategy Mainland China Studies 2008-11-17
Ching-hsiang Liang Explore the Key Success Factors for the Commercial Bank Personal Finance Customer Relationship Management EMBA 2009-06-16
Ting-wei Liang Causal analysis and resolution for software development problems Information Management 2009-07-04
Hsin-hui Liang Development of Ambient Mass Spectrometry on Continuously Monitor the State of Nano-TiO2 Catalyzed Photo Reactions in Liquid Chemistry 2009-07-16
Ming-chun Liang A Study on Police Beat Investigation and Visitation in Taiwan Political Science 2009-08-22
Shuo-en Liang “Pervasive Perversion”: Reconfiguring the Subject’s Relationship with the Other in Don DeLillo’s White Noise Foreign Language and Literature 2010-02-04
Wei-Jie Liang Averaged mappings and it's applications Applied Mathematics 2010-06-29
Hung-yi Liang Studies on the Formation Mechanisms of the Fe-Al Inhibition Layer in the Galvanized Steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-28
Yu-Ming Liang A Study on the Relationship between KSFs of High-tech Start-ups and Counseling Resources of Incubation Centers - A Case Study of EPED Company Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-02-16
Li-Ren Liang Synthesis of Boron-Doped Carbon Nanotubes on Chromium Catalyst Chemistry 2011-07-27
Ya-ting Liang A Study of Constructing Front of the House Manual for Performing Arts Production Theatre Arts 2011-08-02
Pei-hong Liang Study of mechanical, optical and electrical properties of based functional structure of flexible electronics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-23
Chao-Chun Liang A Study on Business Partnership between Distribution Channels and Manufacturers in the Electronic Connector Industry – Using Company A & Company T as Examples EMBA 2011-09-01
Shu-Hao Liang Cysteine proteases SPAE and SPCP2 are associated with the degradation of trypsin inhibitor in sweet potato storage root Biological Sciences 2013-01-29
Yu-Kuang Liang Privacy Enhancement Mechanisms for Electronic Payment Protocols Computer Science and Engineering 2013-02-04
Tong-Shang Liang The impacts of NIMBY facilities on community residents Economics 2013-07-16
Jung-Jung Liang A Narrative Study on the Career Identity and Job Involvement of the Broadcasting DJ Communications Management 2013-08-04
Shu-ping Liang Study on Resistance Switching Mechanism in Resistance Random Access Memory with ITO Electrode Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-31
Tzu-shan Liang An Investigation of Secondary School Students’ Ego Identity and Positive Thinking Education 2013-08-24
Yi-Li Liang Health risk assessment of total petroleum hydrocarbon- contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2013-09-08
Yu-Chang Liang Anti-magic labeling of graphs Applied Mathematics 2014-01-13
Shuo-Shun Liang A Market Research on Digestive and Hepatobiliary Diseases at Nantz Kaohsiung Area EMBA 2014-06-26
Tang-hao Liang A Compact Dual-band Bandpass Filter Design Using Parallel Coupled λ/4 Resonators Electrical Engineering 2014-08-11
Jhen-yi Liang Combining Content-base and Collaborative Filtering Methods for Music Recommendation Information Management 2014-09-09
Li-Ming Liang The Exploration on the Content of Organizational Cultural Capital and the Relation to organizational sustainability of Non-profit Organizations Public Affairs Management 2014-09-09
Yu-hao Liang The Effects of The Foreign Direct Investment across the Taiwan Strait and of Important Non-Economic Events on Taiwan Real Estate Cycles ICAPS 2015-06-24
Chih-hsuan Liang The Effect of Teachers’ Achievement Motivation and Prefessional Development Evaluation Perception on Participation Willingness of Junior High School Teachers’ in Kaohsiung City Education 2015-07-02
Jin-ming Liang Using Hybrid Artificial Neural Network to Estimate Software Effort Information Management 2015-07-30
Yaun-Chao Liang Room temperature Ferromagnetic of Crystalline-Amorphous Bilayer Cr doped In2O3 Physics 2015-08-31
Yun-hsin Liang Antecedents and consequences of innovation ambidexterity in IS department Information Management 2015-09-03
Shih-yu Liang Trail-Following Behavior of Land Snails Biological Sciences 2016-02-02
Po-hsun Liang Discussion on the Management of the Alcohol Tax Collection Business Management 2016-06-26
Yu-hsuan Liang The Study of Natural Rubber Industry in Thailand ICAPS 2016-07-22
Yi-Min Liang On-line State-of-Health Estimation for LiFePO4 Battery Electrical Engineering 2016-08-26
Shiu-Jui Liang A Study of the Nian-fo-jing (Buddha-Recitation Mirror) Chinese Literature 2016-12-20
chin-ling Liang Exploring Effective Store Operation Criteria of Mobile Communication Industry EMBA 2017-01-16
Meng-Chieh Liang Analysis of aristolochic acid I and its application in urine by surface-enhanced Raman scattering and photoluminescence spectra Chemistry 2017-07-20
Min-Hung Liang The Impacts of Tax Regulations on Real Estate Market- A Case Study in Kaohsiung City EMBA 2017-08-09
Sheng-Kai Liang Analysis and Interpretation of Bob Chilcott Five Days that Changed the World Music 2017-07-19
Chih-Yuan Liang Low-Power Viterbi Decoder with Fine-Grained Detection Techniques Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-20
Po-Hsun Liang Exploring the Related Factors of Breast Cancer Screening: The Study of a Regional Teaching Hospital in Southern Taiwan Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-21
Hsiang-Hao Liang Design of Low-Power and Dynamically Reconfigurable Multi-Precision Special Function Units Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-28
Ya-Ching Liang Narrowband silicon photonic waveguide filter enabled by precisely-controlled graphene oxide gratings Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-10
Che-Hsin Liang Hybrid Heterogeneously Integrated Optical Waveguide by Ultra-thin DVS-BCB Adhesive Bonding of III-V/Silicon using Selective Dry Etching Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-10-17
Chun-Ping Liang Study on the response of innate immunity in Litopenaeus vannamei acclimated to different salinities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2018-02-23
Ying-lun Liang Comparative Study on How Personal Values Influence the Leadership and Career-life Balance of Female Entrepreneurs Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-03-21
Yi-Fang Liang A Study on the Housing Bubbles-The Cases of Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S Economics 2018-06-21
Ming-jung Liang Design and Evaluation of an Educational Robot and IoT-based Toy Integrated System Information Management 2018-07-26
Tai Liang-An None Finance 2002-07-23
Cang-Hsien Liao Observation of Equatorial Plasma Depletions at Southern Taiwan by 6300Å OI Airglow Physics 2000-06-27
Shu-Chih Liao Synthesis of Hexa-O-Substituted Hexaazatriphenylene and Its Application (I) Chemistry 2000-07-15
Chun-Kuei Liao A taxonomic student on Dioscorea L. (Dioscoreacea) of Taiwan. Biological Sciences 2000-06-12
Chun-Chi Liao The study of human resource management, competitve strategy and performance: the comparison of indigenous and forign business in Taiwan. Human Resource Management 2000-08-17
Chao-Min Liao Analysis and Simulation of Finishing Temperature Control System in Hot Strip Mill Mechanical Engineering 2000-08-29
Chen-Hen Liao Composition and distribution of Ichthyoplankton in the waters off Southwestern Taiwan Marine Resources 2000-09-01
De-Chih Liao Woody Floristic Composition of the Secondary Forest Permanent Plot of Nanjenshan Area Biological Sciences 2000-09-15
Wen-Hwei Liao Design of Robust Controllers for Flexible Linkage Mechanism Mechanical Engineering 2001-01-18
Jung-Ting Liao Rigid Modeling of MRT Propulsion And Load Flow Analysis Electrical Engineering 2001-06-12
Mao-Chen Liao Relationship of Asset Markets and Wealth Effect-An Analysis of the Stock Market and Real Estate Market in Taiwan Finance 2001-06-19
Tai-Yin Liao Multiuser Interference Cancellation in Multicarrier CDMA System with Constrained Adaptive Inverse QRD-RLS Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2001-07-09
Chen-Hua Liao Evolution of L-lactate dehydrogenase/ε-crystallin genes among reptiles and avians Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2001-07-11
Tzu-Hsiang Liao none Economics 2001-07-19
Kuo-Tang Liao Applications of polyaniline-protein-A modified electrode in immunoassay Chemistry 2001-07-19
chien-wen liao Factors Influencing Members’ Commitment and Participation in the Union Human Resource Management 2001-07-25
Jun-Fang Liao A Study of Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction and Customer Oriented Behaviors-Foreign Bank for Example Business Management 2001-07-27
Chi-Kai Liao The study of salary satisfaction, job involvement and turnover intention of the employees in the Internet industry Human Resource Management 2001-07-29
Chi-Chuan Liao NONE EMBA 2001-08-02
Hsune-Chun Liao The Study of Generic and Digital Transformation Strategies for Property Insurance Agency ─ using Ho-An as an Example Information Management 2002-02-04
Yu-Chun Liao Approach to the Business Model of the B2B E-Marketplace in Taiwan-Take the Steel And the Motor Vehicles And Parts Industry for Examples Business Management 2002-02-04
Yuan-hung Liao none Finance 2002-05-31
Hao-Chung Liao Construction of approximate optimal designs by exchange algorithm Applied Mathematics 2002-06-06
Cheng-Hsien Liao Design of strained Ⅲ-Ⅴ epitaxial structures and the MBE growth Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-09
Yi-Ying Liao Probing the High-κ Dielectric-Semiconductor interfaces by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-09
Wei-Hsiang Liao Fatigue and Fracture Analysis of notch AS4/PEEK Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-15
Ming-Hsiang Liao The experimental tests and Optimal analysis of that relative humidity and temperature of the inlet gas for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells and Stack manufacture Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-16
Ying-Shyan Liao none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-22
Han-Chun Liao UML: A Study for Transforming Class Diagram to Object-Relational Model Information Management 2002-07-31
Cheng-hui Liao none IEMBA 2002-08-02
Chun-Jung Liao The analysis of fire plume model and air inlet system on smoke management system desigh in the atrum Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-06
Chin-Kai Liao none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-03
Te-Ling Liao Studies of the Application of microalgae Genetic Analysis in Forensic Science:Possible Distinction between Microalgae and Human by DNA Segments Marine Biology 2002-09-04
Shih-An Liao The research for industrial green management in China Steel Corporation Business Management 2003-02-11
Jian-Xiang Liao Morphology of the Mucous Pouches and Taxonomic Study of Cistopus sp. (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) from Taiwan Marine Biology 2003-06-22
Hui-Min Liao Design and Analysis of Array Waveguide Grating Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-01
Shen-Jai Liao Constructing Decision Tree Using Learners’ Portfolio for Supporting e-Learning Information Management 2003-07-01
Yu-Hung Liao Factors Affecting Students’ Failure Response in Participating Mission Based Learning Information Management 2003-07-02
Yi-Ping Liao Regulatory action on spontaneous transmitter release by retionic acid at developing neuromuscular synapse Biological Sciences 2003-07-21
I-LANG LIAO none IEMBA 2003-07-28
Ying-Jer Liao Motif Finding in Biological Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-21
Shu-Mao Liao Design of the Opening/Closing Door Mechanism System in the Elevator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-30
Chien-Yi Liao The Case Research on Implementing Competency into Human Resource System Human Resource Management 2003-09-02
Tzu-Chen Liao none Business Management 2003-08-14
Ru-chun Liao Effects of dietary supplemental nucleotides on the health of juvenile grouper Epinephelus coioides Marine Biology 2004-02-13
Shih-kai Liao Chip Firing and Fractional Chromatic Number of the Kneser Graph Applied Mathematics 2004-06-29
Jian-chih Liao Transformation from Sequence Diagram to Class Diagram Information Management 2004-07-08
Li-yi Liao Perceptions of Organizational Politics Model — Empirical Examination on the experience of Taiwan Human Resource Management 2004-07-11
Hung-chi Liao Package of Homojunction of Fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Rigid-rod Polymer Light Emitting Diodes Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-20
Lin-Li Liao An Empirical Study on the e-CRM Performance Influence Model for Service Sectors in Taiwan Information Management 2004-07-24
Hsin-tung Liao A study of women arts administrators in Taiwan: A discussion on performing arts organizations Arts Management 2004-08-09
Min-Chun Liao Studies of Carbon Dioxide Fixation on Mg(N(SiMe3)2)2 and Aluminum Complexes in One Pot Chemistry 2004-08-10
Chia-Ching Liao 1.Studies on the Bioactive constituents and acylated derivatives of Taiwanese Smenospongia sp. 2.Studies on the lignans of Taiwanese kadsura philippinensis Elmer Marine Resources 2004-08-26
Jian-Hong Liao Software Design of A Soft Real-Time Communication Synthesis Method Electrical Engineering 2004-09-08
Jen-Jie Liao none Economics 2004-10-15
Ying-Chien Liao A Study of Monitor Chips Applied to Notebook Power Management System Electrical Engineering 2004-10-25
Chun-kai Liao Backbone Ad Hoc Networks using Two-Tier Routing Electrical Engineering 2005-01-11
Yu-ling Liao The Relationship Among Functional bility Organization Characteristics,and ality Of Care in Nursing Home Human Resource Management 2005-02-18
Yao-Tang Liao Case study about manufacture and Nanonization of Tungsten carbide roll-by example of PJ Company EMBA 2005-06-02
Siou-yi Liao The relationships between ozone concentration and meterrological parameters in the urban area, Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2005-06-16
Kuen-jye Liao The study in the management of industry safety and health between business and contractor in the petrochemical companies. Business Management 2005-07-19
Tsung-Ming Liao Identifying groups with opposite stances using link-based categorization Information Management 2005-07-15
Su-Chih Liao Design and Synthesis of HAT-core as New Materials Chemistry 2005-07-19
Guei-Fen Liao Restraining the Excimer Formation of 1-Pyrenecarboxylic acid by Hydrogen Bonding to Poly(methyl methacrylate) Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-25
Ren-Hung Liao Dual Tunnels with Buffering for Seamless Multiple Handoffs in IPv6 Cellular Networks Electrical Engineering 2005-07-28
Ren-Zheng Liao Design of Bus-based Communication Architectures for Systems with Throughput Constraints Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-01
Cheng-hao Liao Experiment study of local heat transfer in a low air speed jet impinging on a oblong board in a vertical rectangle chamber by transient heat transfer method with thermochromic liquid crystal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-14
Wei-Chung Liao Design of Low-Cost Low-Density Parity-Check Code Decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2005-09-06
Kuo-Tang Liao The applications of gold-nanoparticles in immunoassay, DNA assay and microchip analysis Chemistry 2005-10-08
Gwo-Ching Liao Application of Optimal Approach in Load Forecasting and Unit Commitment Problems Electrical Engineering 2005-10-25
Tsai-Yin Liao The study of cooperation between China and ASEAN:an instance in Mekong Subregion Cooperation Political Science 2005-11-30
Wan-ling Liao How does the gradual transparency affect the intraday pattern of order imbalance? Finance 2006-05-26
Ching-Jou Liao Uniqueness of the norm preserving extension of a linear functional and the differentiability of the norm Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Ying-Chi Liao Pyrolytic Study of 2-(2-Vinylstyryl)furan derivatives and 2-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyl)vinyl]benzo[b]thiophene Chemistry 2006-06-26
Chia-yueh Liao China’s Response to the Global IPR Regime: Resistance, Compromise or Compliance Mainland China Studies 2006-06-16
Yu-chi Liao Time-resolved optical beam induced current mapping of photonic device Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-01
Kuo-Chu Liao The Fabrication of 40Gb/s Optical Transceiver Module with 4 channel x 10Gb/s Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-06
Po-Yu Liao Spin fluctuation and spin tunneling in the magnetic superstructure Physics 2006-07-11
Dun-cai Liao Molecular dynamic simulation of solute concentration in front of a solidifict front Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-18
Chi-feng Liao A Study on Vocabulary Frequency and VOcabulary Teaching in Junior and Senior High Schools Foreign Language and Literature 2006-07-23
Li-Yuan Liao Development of Chirp-Controlled Pump-Probe Technique and Study of TeraHertz Radiation Enhancement Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-26
Yi-fan Liao Employing Social Networks for Recommendation in a Literature Digital Library Information Management 2006-08-04
Shan-Yu Liao Feature Translation-based Multilingual Document Clustering Technique Information Management 2006-08-08
Jun-min Liao Investigation of Protein Folding by Using Combined Method of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulations Chemistry 2006-08-10
Tzu-chao Liao A study of Brand Loyalty Toward the Intercity Bus Business Management 2006-08-17
Ping-Hsi Liao Study on the Characteristics of Transalkylation over Pt/ZSM-12 Catalyst Chemistry 2006-09-15
Lien-Hsi Liao The research of the relativity between a chain stroe manager and job performance through the full mediation of stress coping Human Resource Management 2007-02-04
Jhih-Cian Liao A Simple Model of Information Decomposition Finance 2007-05-16
Yu-ling Liao TiO2-mediated photocatalytic degradation of phenols Environmental Engineering 2007-07-11
I-Chen Liao Inquire into a patient by system thinking to equally be on duty time and health insurance system of influence Business Management 2007-07-14
Yi-Chun Liao Study of pulsed laser welding on stainless steel thin sheet Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-24
Kuan-hui Liao Mapping the Mixed Race Identity in Black White and Jewish Foreign Language and Literature 2007-07-25
Chien-yu Liao The study of WW domain-containing oxidoreductase in renal cell carcinoma and its phosphorylation regulation Biological Sciences 2007-07-30
Chung-chang Liao The Study of Value-Added Tax of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-03
Chi-nan Liao Investigation on Operating Characteristics of RGB LEDs Electrical Engineering 2007-08-08
Kuo-chu Liao Case study of planning the operation strategies for small-sized and medium-sized water and electrical engineering companies in Kaohsiung area EMBA 2007-08-16
Tsai-hsiu Liao Integrated On-Line and Off-Line Electronic Cash Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-06
Hao-Chun Liao none Finance 2008-01-15
Wen-hao Liao Constructing a Wigner-like distribution function of phase space with Mexican hat wavelet Physics 2008-01-22
Siang-kai Liao Bayesian Unit Root Test – Application for Exchange Rate Market Economics 2008-06-24
Kun-Chuan Liao Meteorogically adjusted long-term trend analysis of primary air pollutants and statistical testing during high pollution events in Kaohsiung Area Environmental Engineering 2008-07-04
Yi-hsien Liao Managerial issues of dispatched workers and outsourcing- Narrative inquiry: My experience in Acer Inc. Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-14
Jo-Ying Liao Research on the Characteristics of Multinational Retailing Firm's Managerial Control System - A Case of Company C's Taiwan Branches Business Management 2008-07-24
Siang-Jhih Liao Design and Implementation of a Transportable Digital Learning Center Information Management 2008-07-29
Wern-chir Liao Carboxyl-Terminal Modulator Protein (CTMP) Functions as a Positive Regulator of Akt/PKB in Response to the Insulin Signaling Biological Sciences 2008-08-04
Ruei-Yuan Liao Relationship between motivation for further education and intention to leave an organization : the moderating effects of external opportunity and organization retention practices Human Resource Management 2008-08-09
Wei-chen Liao A Study on the Mathematical Model of Optical Fiber End Profile Using Envelope Theory Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-12
Kuo-Chien Liao Research for color purity of blue organic light- emitting diodes with the various thicknesses of organic layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-08-19
Chin-Yi Liao A Study of Brahms Cello Sonata in E Minor Music 2008-08-26
Wen-Chih Liao Research on Electronization of Social Organizations:The Cases of Kaohsiung City Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-08-28
Wan-ju Liao none Human Resource Management 2008-09-05
Shih-yi Liao A Study on EMC Characteristics of Digital TV Receivers for Automobile Communications Engineering 2009-02-02
Shih-jia Liao Internal Uniplanar Antennas for Laptop Computer Communications Engineering 2009-06-18
Shih-hui Liao Study on Additive Generalized Radial Basis Function Networks Electrical Engineering 2009-06-18
Bo-xiang Liao Optimal Generation Expansion Planning Strategy for the Utility with Independent Power Producer Participation and Green House Gas Mitigation Electrical Engineering 2009-06-29
Hsueh-ko Liao The Research of Competitive Strategy for the New Entrant in Taiwan Solar Cell Industry EMBA 2009-07-15
Yu-cheng Liao A RSU-Based Message Authentication Scheme in Vehicular Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-15
Xyuan-hwei Liao A Study of Chin Sheng-Tan’s Hermeneutics on Du Fu's Poetics Chinese Literature 2009-07-23
Kuan-yuen Liao The Baseband Signal Processing and Circuit Design for 915 MHz Amplitude Shift Keying Modulation Mode of the IEEE 802.15.4 – 2006 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Wen-Po Liao Choreographing Web Services in Support of Reliable Composite Web Service Execution Information Management 2009-08-11
Shih-chuan Liao The Analysis of Oil Price and Output – The Case of Taiwan ICAPS 2009-08-23
Tung-hua Liao the study of the measure of the cyber university service quality-the case of NSYSU Business Management 2009-08-26
Yi-Wen Liao Investigating the Impact of Corporate IT Investment Strategy on Business Performance Using an Intellectual Capital Framework Information Management 2010-01-20
Shih-ruei Liao Phylogenetic reconstruction of the tussock moth tribe Nygmiini (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) based on morphological characters Biological Sciences 2010-08-24
Jen-Hau Liao Partner Selection Strategies in Coded Cooperative Networks Based on Geographical Information Communications Engineering 2010-09-07
Ying-Chen Liao Multi-precision Floating Point Special Function Unit for Low Power Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-07
Tzu-yuan Liao The comparison between specialty illness and common illness-by marketing mix 7Ps Business Management 2010-09-06
Yin-lun Liao A Case Study of Social Positioning in an English Club Foreign Language and Literature 2011-01-27
Bo-Chih Liao Numerical simulation on the formation of sand wave by internal solitary waves IAMPUT 2011-03-26
Ching-Jou Liao Exterior differential systems on Hilbert manifolds and its application to calculus of variation Applied Mathematics 2011-06-16
Li-yu Liao Studying the relationship among the experiential value, satisfaction and, loyalty: An case study of IKEA Communications Management 2011-06-23
Xiang-jun Liao The Cooperation and Competition Between China and the U.S. in Southeast Asia Political Science 2011-06-25
Tzu-hui Liao Middle-age worker stressor and withdrawal behaviors research Human Resource Management 2011-07-05
Jhan-yi Liao General Sharpe Ratio Innovation with Levy Process and tis Performance in Different Stock Index Finance 2011-07-12
Shuai-Wu Liao Growth of free-standing GaN(0002) on LiGaO2 substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Kun-lung Liao Strategy for Product Development in the Gear Production Industry – Company A as Research Subject EMBA 2011-08-19
Chong-Zhih Liao Hybrid Pre-coded ST-BC MIMO-CDMA System with Semi-blind Channel Estimation Electrical Engineering 2011-08-30
Yichen Liao The Influence of Fashion Involvement and Product Involvement on Buying Decision of Urban Women in Taiwan─A Case Study of Consumer Electronics Business Management 2012-06-26
Wei-Chuan Liao Effect of thimerosal on Ca2+ movement and apoptosis in PC3 prostate cancer cells Biological Sciences 2012-07-16
Hung-Ya Liao Effect of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Al-5wt%Zn Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-19
You-Fen Liao Using polymer dispersed liquid crystals to improve photoreflectance spectroscopy measurement technology Physics 2012-07-19
Chi-yi Liao Leader Member Exchange relationship affects to Role Performance ─ moderation of upper leader member exchange relationship and leader’s prototypicality Human Resource Management 2012-07-20
Yuan-Ling Liao The study of adolescent’moral disengagement, empathy, passion toward violent online game and bullying behavior Education 2012-08-21
I-Chuan Liao CSR as a social innovative solution to sexual orientation discrimination in employment:evidence from Taiwan's IT industry Institute of Sociology 2012-09-05
Yan-Ru Liao Godowsky Adaptation Chopin Etudes:Single Left Hand Etudes Discussion Music 2013-06-27
Shih-Yi Liao Message Authentication, Anonymousness and Private Communication in VANETs without RSU Electrical Engineering 2013-07-20
Hsin-i Liao The Recognition of the Glass Ceiling Effect and Its Causes from the Perspective of High-Ranking Civil Servants in the Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2013-07-21
Wen-Feng Liao Explore the Relationship among Optimism, Physical and Mental Health, Creative Self-Efficacy, and Innovative Behavior of college students. Master Program of Health Care Management 2013-07-19
Chao-Yi Liao Performance Evaluation of Nyquist WDM System Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-25
Shao-chia Liao PLM Implementation Methodology: A Semiconductor Assembly Industry Case Study Information Management 2013-07-26
Yen-Qun Liao High Speed Low Power Two-Stage Pipelined-SAR Analog-to-Digital Converter Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-26
Yu-yao Liao The construction and transformation of the tourist space of postwar Hengchun Peninsula Institute of Sociology 2013-08-06
Yi-Jwu Liao High-Performance Hardware Architecture of Montgomery Point Multiplication Algorithm for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-19
Pei-chun Liao Design and fabrication of 4G SAW device with AlN/Si3N4/Si Structure Electrical Engineering 2013-08-27
Yu-Yao Liao A study of plant functional traits of native and alien species in different habitats in Kaohsiung urban area Biological Sciences 2013-09-02
Kuo-han Liao Study of Sputtered P-N Homojunction Diodes of Polar n-Type on Nonpolar p-Type ZnO Thin Films Physics 2013-09-09
Chien-Chin Liao Seasonal Variation and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Aerosols at Inland and Offshore Islands of Minjiang Estuary Environmental Engineering 2013-09-10
Chang-yi Liao The anti-nociceptive effects of a marine-derived peptide in neuropathic rats Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-27
Chiu-Yeh Liao Effects of temperature on stony coral bleaching Department of Oceanography 2013-10-14
Tzu-hsuan Liao Interaction between trading behavior of main investors and information content of limit order book in Taiwan stock market Finance 2014-01-24
Li-chi Liao The Homosexual Subject and It's Art of Expression in Chiang-Hsun's Literay Writings. Chinese Literature 2014-02-07
Yu-Hsun Liao A Quantum-inspired Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2014-04-17
Yu-Ying Liao Identity Construction in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go Foreign Language and Literature 2014-06-20
Chih-wei Liao TRIZ theory for transition competitive advantage in the development of medium-sized shipyards in Taiwan EMBA 2014-06-19
Pei-chun Liao Organizational Culture in Hair Salon Industry in Kaohsiung Human Resource Management 2014-06-25
Wu-Hsuan Liao The dynamic correlation analysis of government public debt and social spending Public Affairs Management 2014-06-25
Chiang-Hsiang Liao Development of A Rapid Readout System for CEA Detection and An SRAM with Leakage Sensor and Read Delay Compensation Electrical Engineering 2014-07-14
Chia-Ying Liao The Adaptation of Overseas Internship Impact on the Willingness of Future Employment – A Case Study of Taiwanese College Students in Yushan Program Public Affairs Management 2014-08-06
Chiu-fu Liao Study of the process condition effects on spirobifluorene derivative and its application in color-tunable organic light-emitting diodes. Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-10
Hsuan-yun Liao A Study of the Relationship between Expatriates’ Role Stress and Overseas Work Adjustment: The Moderating Effect of Cultural Intelligence Human Resource Management 2014-08-18
Chun-kuei Liao A Taxonomic Study of Carex (Cyperaceae) in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2014-08-25
Yu-Da Liao Approximately Pricing Asian Arithmetic Power Option Applied Mathematics 2014-08-27
Chien-Cheng Liao Thermal Effect on a Mixed-Film Lubrication with Oil-in-Water Emulsions Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Jian-Xiang Liao Spatial Variation of Meiofauna in Seagrass Beds of Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-02-04
Jin-Kun Liao Intelligent 3D Fish Interaction System Using Event-based Visual Behavior Learning Mechanism Computer Science and Engineering 2015-02-11
Chi-chao Liao The Study of Local Fiscal Problem through Discussion on Government Fiscal Structure of ROC:The Example of Kaohsiung City Finance 2015-06-23
Zih-Guang Liao Low-Profile Open-Slot Antenna for the LTE Metal-Framed Tablet Computer Electrical Engineering 2015-07-15
Yi-Ting Liao Preparation of Flexible Organic/Inorganic Nanocomposites Based on Bifunctional Polyhedral Oligometric Silsesquioxanes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-07
Zhi-Feng Liao An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Repeating Patterns Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-18
Kuo-tung Liao A Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantages of Hidden Champion Companies in Taiwan – The Case of Taiwan Golden Bee Business Management 2015-06-25
Hsuan Liao LED Driving Circuit with Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Power Electrical Engineering 2015-08-10
Bo-yuan Liao Investigation on the mechanical properties and thermal stability of molybdenum disulfide nanowires by molecular dynamics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-17
Yu-Chen Liao A reduced kinetic mechanism for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon formation in oxidation of a biodiesel surrogate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-31
Chih-lun Liao Efficiency Improvement for Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Electrical Engineering 2015-08-31
Yong-Sheng Liao A Power Compensator for EV Quick Charging in Single-Phase Three-Wire System Electrical Engineering 2015-09-11
Wei-Hong Liao Study on Architecture-Oriented Clothing Shopping Applications and Services IoT System Information Management 2015-12-25
Wen-Bang Liao Exploring the relationship between Employee Daily Cyberloafing and Creativity: The mediating effects of Positive Mood and Task Persistence and the moderating effect of Openness Human Resource Management 2016-01-28
Chun-yen Liao Empirical Research on Service Quality of Long-term Care Facilities under the Aged Society. Business Management 2016-05-30
Chih-Hung Liao A study of strategy trading in Taiwan stock market-An application of Markov Switch Regression Model on Smart Beta Finance 2016-06-24
Bih-Ru Liao Research on Factors Affecting Comsumer Use Intentions of Bank 3.0 Services EMBA 2016-07-07
Ting-jie Liao Nominal Exchange-Rate Predictability-The Evidence from Taiwan Economics 2016-07-12
Chien-Po Liao Why not attend? An Investigation of Risk Perception toward Performing Arts Attendance Theatre Arts 2016-07-12
Ting-wei Liao High Quality and Low-loss Ta2O5 Micro-ring Resonator Optimization and Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-13
Shu-Ting Liao Close to Your Heart—The Effect of Sticker Marketing on Brand and Purchase Intention Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-07-07
Jing-fong Liao Flexible and Rapidly-Dissolvable Microneedle Patches for Transdermal Delivery and Stability Enhancement of DNA Vaccine Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2016-07-25
Jia-Shiang Liao Chemical ligation at methionine via acyl transfer of homocysteine thiolactone Chemistry 2016-08-08
WEI-XING LIAO Examining the Antecedents of Rumor Retransmission-Uses and Gratification Theory, Rumor Retransmission Model, and Basic Law of Rumor Information Management 2016-08-23
Yu-jie Liao Structural and electronic properties of Bi and Sn thin films grown on Bi2Te3 Physics 2016-09-08
Wen-Chuan Liao An Application of the Systems Thinking Approach to Explore the Key Success Loops of a Conglomerate's Diversification Strategy - The Case of Far Eastern Group Business Management 2016-12-09
I-chun Liao On the Risk-based Reserves System for the Banking Industry: Taiwan’s Case Studies Finance 2017-02-13
Shih-cheng Liao A Study of Quality Forecasting for Flexible Copper Clad Laminate Using Neural Network Method─A Case of TF Company EMBA 2017-06-05
Ying-Di Liao A Study on the Effect of Leadership Styles and Leader's Status on Job Satisfaction:The Case of Civil Servants in Public Universities EMPP 2017-08-05
Chia-hsien Liao The Effect of AIE/anti-ACQ on the Optical Performance of Semiconducting Polymer Dots for Biological Application Chemistry 2017-08-15
Po-Chia Liao A decision support framework for mergers and acquisitions to leverage business core competency Information Management 2017-08-29
Po-Yung Liao Investigation of Reliability and Physical Mechanisms of Flexible aInGaZnO Thin Film Transistors for Advanced Display Physics 2017-09-07
Cheng-Yi Liao Vibration Analysis of Arm on Double Guideway of Glue Potting Dispenser Robot Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-10
Jui-Wen Liao Investigation of the Microstructure and Texture Evolution during Isothermal Annealing in a Non-oriented Electrical Steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-09-11
Chun-Kai Liao A Fast Locked Phase Locked Loop with a Bootstrapped Switch Controlled Operational Transconductor Amplifier Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-14
Shu-Hung Liao Design and Implementation of a Fully Decentralized-Controlled Smart Charger for Electric Vehicles Electrical Engineering 2017-12-18
Chun-yi Liao The Impact of Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax on Housing Market-Study of Kaohsiung City Economics 2018-01-27
Ching-Hung Liao The Study on Business Strategy and Revenue Management of Taiwanese Small and Medium Hotels: A Case Study of L Hotel Business Management 2018-01-14
Tzu-Hao Liao LTE MIMO Antennas Integrated with 5G Band for the 5G Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2018-06-25
Chien-Ju Liao The Impact of Ownership Structure on Price Synchronicity Finance 2018-06-25
Yi-Ching Liao A Study of Paul Hindemith Trauermusik Music 2018-07-22
Pei-Tong Liao A mains interference rejection filter design in a wearable biomedical signal monitoring system Electrical Engineering 2018-07-28
Chien-Chih Liao Design and Implementation of Smart Switch for IOT Applications with SDN Mechanisms Electrical Engineering 2018-08-07
Chien-Min Liao Wearable radar sensor for non-contact pulse transit time measurement. Electrical Engineering 2018-08-13
Fang-Weei Liauh A study of the relationship of money ethic, perfectionism, professional commitment, organizational commitment Human Resource Management 2002-08-06
Tsueyfen Liaw The Study of the Justice Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-06-21
Bon-Yen Liaw The study of incident response in Taiwan Information Management 2002-10-03
Ying-yen Liaw A study of plant location factors that effects the decision making of enterprise’s new plant Business Management 2004-07-26
Cai-Pin Liaw The Null-Field Methods and Conservative schemes of Laplace’s Equation for Dirichlet and Mixed Types Boundary Conditions Applied Mathematics 2011-08-12
Wan-Chin Liaw Key Successful Factors of the Top Ten Global Retailers Business Management 2014-06-13
Sim-hong Lie Study on the DLC Film Deposition Microdrill by ECR-CVD Electrical Engineering 2004-07-05
I-Sheng Lien Tuning of PID Controllers by ν-Sensitivity Electrical Engineering 2001-08-16
Hsin-Huw Lien Modeling and Analysis of Collaborative Product Development Process for the Sheet Metal Industry Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-15
Joseph Lien The research of teachers' taching believes, effectiveness and behaviors of Kaoshung elementary school teachers Education 2005-07-19
Hai-yen Lien Research upon Psychological Contract, Professional Commitment and Development of Prospect of Bank Employees Human Resource Management 2005-09-07
Wei-chih Lien The pricing of CDO based on Incomplete Information Credit model Finance 2006-06-21
Hui-chi Lien Key Success Factors for Promoting Visitors’Use of Wireless Local Area Network and Personal Digital Guide Assistant in Guiding Taiwan’s National Museums Communications Management 2006-09-05
Bi-nien Lien Critical Factors of KMS adoption: An Empirical Study Information Management 2006-09-11
Chun-Hung Lien The Empirical Study of the Dynamics of Taiwan Short-term Interest- rate Finance 2006-12-10
Jui Lien impulse buying Public Affairs Management 2007-08-01
I-chung Lien A study of enhancing the operational performance for automated control equipment distributors EMBA 2007-08-07
Yen-Po Lien Design of the Light Guide Plate with Stepped Micro Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-26
Yueh-ying Lien none EMBA 2009-07-17
Pei-yu Lien none Public Affairs Management 2010-07-21
Shao-Tang Lien Reaction of Open Cage Fullerene with Triosmium Carbonyl Clusters Chemistry 2012-02-15
Yen-na Lien How Does The Macroeconomy Asymmetrically Affect The Return of Marketing Portfolios Under Different Business Cycles? Finance 2012-07-03
PEI LIEN Bank Capital Management Finance 2012-08-29
Li-jen Lien The Issues and Practices of The Administrative Region Integration : The Kaohsiung City Study Political Science 2013-01-18
Hung-Yuan Lien Error Pre-Correction Architecture for Tail-biting Convolution Code Decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-21
Sheng-Huai Lien Studies on the Grinding Characteristics of Diamond Film and SiC using Composite Electro-Plating and Electrolyzing In-process Sharpening Methods. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-30
Chih-Kai Lien Factors on IPO Delisting in Taiwan: IPO Characteristics, Financial Variables and Corporate Governance Variables in the Aftermarket Business Management 2014-06-08
Yu-ying Lien Acoustic Propagation Effect due to Subaqueous Sand Dunes in the South China Sea Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-12-03
Feng-Lin Lien The Application of Database Management System to Air Pollution Control for Construction in Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2015-07-16
Po-jen Lien Application of a carbon-releasing substrate with pH buffer capacity and high mobility to remediate TCE-contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2016-09-05
Chiao-Ting Lien The effects of Juan-Chiuan Leadership and Shang-Yan Leadership on Job Satisfaction:the Moderating Effect of Job Engagement Human Resource Management 2016-09-06
Pei-Ting Lien The Research on Mobile Phone Internet Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty─The Case of 4G Subscribers of Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2017-01-01
Pin-Huei Lieu A Study of the Effect of Cognitive Styles Learning Approaches on Identifying English Clause Tasks Education 2000-07-17
Jainn-Hwa Lii Energy Storage System with Battery Power Modules Electrical Engineering 2015-09-08
Chin-Kok Lim The Case Study of Vertical Integration Business Model On Taiwanese Small Appliance Manufacturer EMBA 2005-07-31
Hon-Horng Lim A New Efficient and Realistic Polling Scheme for Bluetooth Electrical Engineering 2005-08-23
Kian-siong Lim A High Performance Current-Balancing Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG Monitoring Systems and An Instrumentation Amplifier with CMRR Self-Calibration Electrical Engineering 2010-07-19
Hua-Xin Lim The Relationship among The Leaders, Subordinate and Organizational Culture under Bureaucratic Organization-A Case study of E Art Center Theater Staff Theatre Arts 2018-01-23
Sher-Wei Lim Therapeutic evaluation of simvastatin and hyperbaric oxygen in neurotrauma related depression Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2018-04-16
Qiawa Limei The study on the Employment and Competitiveness of Aboriginal Youths in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2016-06-21
I-Chuan Lin The Effect on the Financial Market Develop from the Perspective of the Mainland China's State-owned Property Right Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-10
Cheng-Ying Lin Influencing Factors for online auction users to Adopt On-line auction shopping Business Management 2000-06-08
Dung-Lung, Lin The Application of Absorption Cooling Systems in Enhancing Power Generation Capacity Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-09
Pei-Ying Lin The relationship among volunteer workers motivation, job characteristic, job satisfaction and intention to leave: An empirical analysis of performing art organizations. Business Management 2000-06-20
Zi-Jiun Lin An empirical study of banks' merger and acquisition Finance 2000-06-21
Hui-wei Lin Psycho-dynamics of the Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relationships in Kate Chopin's The Awakening Foreign Language and Literature 2000-06-21
Huang-Chi Lin The Study of Information Sharing for Time-based Competition:The Empirical Analysis on Supply Chain Information Integration in Taiwan IC Industry Information Management 2000-06-21
Hsin-Nan Lin The Research of Maintaining Consistency on Process Timing Constraints Information Management 2000-06-22
chia-hung lin Fault Location of High Voltage Lines with Neural Network Method Electrical Engineering 2000-06-21
Ming-Cun Lin Analysis and Application of Nonuniform Grid in FDTD method Electrical Engineering 2000-06-26
Huey-Yea Lin The Pre-Classical Symphony: A Study of Terminology and Structure Music 2000-06-24
Ying-Wen Lin The System Dynamics Approach to the impact of Taiwan Pork Industry Structure on Different Industry Policies Business Management 2000-06-27
Kuo-Ching Lin Design of Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers for Nonlinear Mismatched Systems Electrical Engineering 2000-06-23
Da-Chung Lin Robust Two Degree of Freedom Control of PM Synchronous Motors Electrical Engineering 2000-06-30
Sheng-Yang Lin Two Dimensional Control of Transverse Flux Linear Switched-Reluctance Machine Electrical Engineering 2000-06-30
Cheng-Ta Lin A Study on Manufacturing Errors and Positioning Accuracy of Curvic Couplings Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-04
Shuo-Yen Lin The Electric Characteristics of Thin Oxynitride Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition and Quality Improvement by Biasing during the Growth Electrical Engineering 2000-07-04
Jiing-Long Lin The Art of Esthetic Narration in the Sequel of Pilgrimage to the West Chinese Literature 2000-07-06
Hung-Ken Lin none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-05
Jih-Jong Lin FDTD modeling of Ground Bounce effects on the Signal integrity and Electromagnetic interference in the high-speed PCB Electrical Engineering 2000-07-06
Sue-mei Lin A Study of the Impact of Pay Schemes on Budget Slack and Performance Business Management 2000-07-07
Hao-Xiang Lin The design of new keyboard mechanisms Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-10
Jyh-Long Lin An Efficient Method to Increase the Capacity of Digital Watermarking Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-10
Cheng-Lin Lin Studying of the DNA binding of Tal1 oncoprotein by Site-Directed Mutagenesis Biological Sciences 2000-07-11
Di-ren Lin Separating Computer Image Background and Foreground Via A Neural Network Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-11
Yi-Jen Lin The Variation Movements in Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Music 2000-07-07
Mu-Shiung Lin Analysis of Radiation Effect from Fire of Fuel Tank Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-12
Chi-Wen Lin Synthesis of Lithium Mangnate Spinel for Lithium Battery by Solid State Reaction Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-12
CHI-CHENG LIN Synthesis and Pyrolysis of Benzoic3,5- Dimethyl-2-furoic Anhydride and 4-Quinolylmethyl Benzoate Chemistry 2000-07-13
Tsung-Hsiung Lin An investigation of the efficiency measurement in each branch of a local bank by using DEA EMBA 2000-07-06
Chih-Hung Lin Evaluation and Modification of Airflow Pattern and Contaminant Diffusion in Semiconductor Wet Bench Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-14
Wan-Shan Lin Image Compression Using Wavelet Based Scalable Modeling of Residual Image Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-14
Miao-Ying Lin Performance Evaluation of A Globally Adaptive Mesh Router Design Electrical Engineering 2000-07-19
YI-JING LIN Foreign arbitration theory and practice of 1995 Mainland arbitration law Mainland China Studies 2000-07-18
Ching-Fen Lin Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Seawaters from the South China Sea and Luzon Strait Marine Geology and chemistry 2000-07-19
Chi-Hshiung Lin Improving the Torque Vibrations on Shafts and Blades of a Large-scale Steam Turbine Generator Set Electrical Engineering 2000-07-20
Shyh-Liang Lin Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of the High-concentration (COD) Wastewater Generated from the Printed Circuit Board Industry Environmental Engineering 2000-07-21
SHIN-LI LIN Analysis of flow around a flexible tube array in cross flow Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-24
Chih-Chieh Lin Studies of the Reactions of EtMgOR (R= Et, Me)with Mg(CCR')2 (R'= tBu, SiMe3) Chemistry 2000-07-25
Shou-Ghao Lin The power of cointegration tests against the fractional cointegration Economics 2000-07-26
Hsin-Yuan Lin A Dynamic Channel Allocation Mechanism with Priorities in Wireless Networks Electrical Engineering 2000-07-27
Shin-Shin Lin none Chinese Literature 2000-07-29
Xung-Ling Lin none Chinese Literature 2000-07-31
Chuan-Lang Lin The Application Architecture of Enterprise Knowledge Management-Multi-Case Study for domestic Knowledge Oriented Organization Information Management 2000-08-03
Wan-Ju Lin none Information Management 2000-08-04
Che-Chung Lin None Information Management 2000-08-07
Ying-tzu Lin The Survey of Sponsor Motivation and Decision Model to Art and Culture Activities: Take Corporates in Taiwan for Example Business Management 2000-08-09
Hsien-Sheng Lin The Study of Externally Modulated AM Video Lightwave Transmitter Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-27
L.-Y. Lin The Design of New-Pattern-Wheelchair for Concert of Improved-Upper-Limbs-Activity-Mode Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-03
Kuo-Tung Lin The Behavior Analysis of PRC Exercising Veto in the UN Security Council Mainland China Studies 2000-08-29
Hsin-Yi Lin Treatment of Industrial Wastewater by Gravel-type Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-09-07
Jun-Huang Lin Study on the treatment of integrated tax system of Taiwan Business Management 2000-12-29
Jyh-Shinn Lin The Application of Eurhythmics in the Choral Training in Protestant Church Choirs in Taiwan. Music 2001-02-01
SHIH-CHI LIN The Study of Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Organization- al Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior : The Evidence from Southern District Branch Chunghwa Telecommunication, Corporation. . Human Resource Management 2001-02-01
Yung-Hsiang Lin The Effect of Cross-national Career Development programs on the Expatriates'entrepreneurship of Taiwanese Subsidiaries in Mainland China Human Resource Management 2001-02-09
Chun-Ling Lin Synthesis of 1-Substituted-β-Carboline Derivatives as Potential Antitumor Agents; Constituents from Formosan Marine Sponge Cacospongia sp. Marine Resources 2001-02-08
Yi-Ping Lin The relationships among the market orientation, organizational learning, organizational innovations, and organizational performance—The empirical examination for Information Technology Industry in Scientific Industry Park Business Management 2001-05-15
Jia-Hung Lin A Study on the Regulation for Convergence of Telecommunication and Cable TV Industries -Sampling European Union Business Management 2001-06-12
Shih-Che Lin A study of the factors influence underwriter IPOs market share Business Management 2001-06-13
Yu-Fone Lin Adaptive Space-Time Receiver for DS-CDMA Communication Systems in Time-varying Multipath Channels Electrical Engineering 2001-06-20
Chia-Jung Lin An Application and Analysis of A Credit Risk Model-Case studies for The Utilization of Long-Term Funding Finance 2001-06-20
Huey-Jen Lin The Anion Effect on the Reaction between Zinc Ion and Iminophosphines Chemistry 2001-06-20
Sheng-Pei Lin The Relationship Among Management Competency, Industrial Environment, Characteristics of Organization and Department Performance Human Resource Management 2001-06-22
Huang-Nan Lin The study on Photoreflectance spectra of Zn1-xMnxSe/GaAs Physics 2001-06-25
Tung-Sheng Lin Service Requirements and Strategy of Broadband Cable Networks Information Management 2001-06-26
Wei-Cheng Lin The Research on tourists’ behavior on holidays in leisure farms in Taiwan Business Management 2001-06-27
Wen-Fai Lin Study of Wind Delay Effect on Ocean Ambient Noise Undersea Technology 2001-06-29
Jin-Yi Lin The Design of a DSP Based Power Quality Monitoring Device Electrical Engineering 2001-07-03
Jine-Chai Lin The Study of the Thermal and Stress Analysis of the Disc Brake of Motorcycle Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-03
Zen-Kuan Lin X-ray Exposure on Low Dielectric Constant Materials Physics 2001-07-04
Yan-Tsueng Lin Study on the Characteristic of GaSb/GaAs Heterojunction Electrical Engineering 2001-07-03
Anchi Lin Design of A Multi-Speed Manual Recreational Wheelchair Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-04
Chia-Hsin Lin Development of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with Fused Droplet Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2001-07-06
Hung-Yuan Lin none Finance 2001-07-11
Chia-Lou Lin Hedging errors of discrete hedge: the comparison of BS model and Merton model Finance 2001-07-13
Man-chien Lin Magneto-optical Effects of Magnetic Fluids Physics 2001-07-08
Hsuan-Kai Lin The Development and Analysis of Low Temperature Superplasticity in AZ91 Magnesium Alloy Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-16
Wen-Hsin Lin Adaptive Third-Order Volterra Satellite Channel Equalizer Electrical Engineering 2001-07-17
Wen-wen Lin The study of enabling factors of knowledge management inside organizations Human Resource Management 2001-07-18
Cheng-Guey Lin Study on the Relationships among Knowledge Management, Engineering Professionals’ Core Competences and Job Performance ─Taking the China Steel Corporation as Example Human Resource Management 2001-07-19
Chun-Ju Lin Dectection of binding prteins of Epinephilus malabaricus nervous necrosis virus Marine Resources 2001-07-19
Ah-Der Lin The Interaction between the Tooth Wear and the Dynamic Loads in a Spur Gear Pair Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-26
Hong-Ren Lin none Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-25
S-T Lin IC packaging core competence constructed model- An instance of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, INC. EMBA 2001-07-26
Yu-Chien Lin The Study of CuInSe2 Solar Cell Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-27
Chen-Lia Lin Improving the Generalization Capability of the RBF Neural Networks via the Use of Linear Regression Techniques Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-27
Liwen Lin A Study of the Ability Development and Error Analysis in Learning Two-Variable Linear Equation for Middle School Students Education 2001-07-29
Yu-Hao Lin Simulated Annealing Method on the Helix Structure of Protein. Physics 2001-07-30
Zhi-Feng Lin The Investigation of Ping-Tung Motorcycle Driving Cycle and Emission Factor Environmental Engineering 2001-07-20
Ya-Mei Lin 1.Pyrolytic Study of 3-Furylmethylazide 2.Synthesis and Chemistry of 5,6-Dimethylene-5,6-dihydrobenzofuran Chemistry 2001-07-31
Ming-Ying Lin Research of valuation and numerical methods of path-dependent options Finance 2001-07-31
Jiuh-Yuh Lin none Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-31
Ming-Hsiao Lin none Chinese Literature 2001-08-01
Hsing-Er Lin Study on corporate welfare,job satisfaction and intent to leave-A case study of a news agency Human Resource Management 2001-07-26
Cheng-Yi Lin Effects of e-Store Types and Industrial Characteristics on Business Performance Information Management 2001-08-04
Chiun-Chau Lin Buffer Management with Consideration of States in TCP Connections Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-03
Fu-Cheng Lin The Relationship Between Role Conflict and Organization Commitment of Government Ethicials:A Research in Kaohsiung City , Kaohsiung County and Pingtung County in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-08-06
Jenq-Bin Lin Analysis and Design of Online Tutoring Agents Information Management 2001-08-06
Meng-Hung Lin Designing learning support mechanisms using portfolios Information Management 2001-08-06
Zhang-Ying Lin A Study of ERP Implementation and Management Adaptation of Organization Information Management 2001-08-07
Yi-Shyang Lin The Analysis of Positioning Accuracy and The Derivation of Shallow Water Depth by Using High-resolutional Satellite Imageries Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-08-09
Li-Feng Lin none Finance 2001-08-10
Her-Sheng Lin The changing role of Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-08-14
Chih-feng Lin A study on user motive and willingness-to-pay of financial content website Communcations Management 2001-08-14
Luke Lin none Finance 2001-08-15
Ching-Hua Lin Analysis of Telomere Length in Patients with Mental Retardation Biological Sciences 2001-08-16
Li-chiou Lin none Chinese Literature 2001-08-20
Ming-Cheng Lin Prediction of RNA Secondary Structures Computer Science and Engineering 2001-08-20
Meng-Ting Lin Studies on Asian-Pacific Policies of Taiwan in the Post Cold-War Era Political Science 2001-08-24
Miao-Fen Lin The Study on Human Resource Management to Legislators’Assistants in R.O.C. Human Resource Management 2001-08-02
Chien-Chou Lin none Finance 2001-08-28
Hui-Yueh Lin none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-27
Kou-Chuan Lin none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-05
Jin-Tsai Lin Application of Health Risk Assessment to draw up Remediation Goals of Petroleum-hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites Environmental Engineering 2001-09-13
Chih-Chieh Lin Biodegradation of tetracyanonickelate (TCN) by Klebsiella oxytoca Biological Sciences 2001-09-17
Chien-Chou Lin none Finance 2001-09-20
Ya-Wen Lin A Study on Competitiveness Gained by Using Merger and Acquisition Strategies in Taiwan Banks Business Management 2002-01-23
Tsai-Fu Lin Operating Characteristics and Ballast Design of Metal Halide Lamps Electrical Engineering 2002-01-23
Ming-Tsun Lin The influence of directive supervisor's chaxu geju to leadership behaviors and effectiveness Human Resource Management 2002-02-04
Long-Sheng Lin Valuation of Cable system operater Communcations Management 2002-02-07
CHUN-CHI LIN none Finance 2002-02-20
Ko-Hsi Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-05-28
Li-Min Lin Nursing Management Development: A Study of Managerial Activities and Skills Human Resource Management 2002-06-03
Su-Yo Lin Studies of Human 5S snoRNA Genes Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2002-06-06
John Lin none Finance 2002-06-11
Chris Lin The study of spatial efficience for produer service industry in Taiwanese cities Public Affairs Management 2002-06-11
Chian-Ping Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-18
Tso-chen Lin The influence of Buddhism to the enterprise operation. Business Management 2002-06-24
Tseng-Mao Lin Enterprise CRM IT Architecture Planning:A Study based on Capability-based Architecture Information Management 2002-06-15
Chia-Hui Lin Cardiovascular Effects of Carbon Monoxide, Adenosine and Glutamate in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2002-06-21
Yi-Chiung Lin Image Transformation by Numerical Methods Applied Mathematics 2002-06-17
Shin-Mong Lin none Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-06-25
Chin-Far Lin Stdies in the relations between managers' influential behaviors and employees' commitment toward organization--comparative analyses between state-own and private enterprises Human Resource Management 2002-06-27
Yu-Yen Lin The marketing of index funds in Taiwan Finance 2002-06-28
Jui-De Lin Computer-Aided Design for High Speed Spindle System with Angular Contact Ball Bearing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-02
Chun-Cheng Lin An Exploration of Key Success Factors of the Merger among Taiwan’s Small and Medium Businesses – A Case Study from Technology Industry Business Management 2002-07-02
Chang-Ming Lin none Finance 2002-07-02
Tsung-Te Lin Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidoacetophenone and 2-Azido-1-(2-thienyl)ethanone Chemistry 2002-07-02
Chih-Chung Lin Java-based Human-Machine Interface Development of Automation System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-01
Chih-Cheng Lin Effect of copper on peroxidase isozyme activity and lignin synthesis in soybean roots Biological Sciences 2002-07-04
Pei-Hsuan Lin Patch-clamp electrical recordings of rutaecarpine-induced block of delayed rectifier K current in NG-108-15 neuronal cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2002-07-04
Pei_Ying Lin Multiple-case Study for Customer Relationship Management Systems- An Exploratory Research for the Installation Factors, System Functions and Performances Information Management 2002-07-05
Mao-Tong Lin Design and Implementation of Indexing Strategies for XML Documents Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-07
Kuan-Yu Lin Investigation of Package Parasitic on the Performance of SAW Filter Electrical Engineering 2002-07-08
Tien-Lung Lin Analysis of China's Strategy for Energy Security Mainland China Studies 2002-07-08
Pei-Ying Lin Mutual Funds Performance Evaluation by Fund's Behavior and Manager's Characteristics Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-05
Gary Lin Enterprise Information Security - Backup Systems Planning and Practice IEMBA 2002-07-05
Chia-Jin Lin The Study and Fabrication of Quasi-phase-matched LiNbO3 Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-09
Jyh-Shiuan Lin The Analysis, Simulations, and Applications of the Structure of the Nonlinear Waveguide Electrical Engineering 2002-07-10
Yen-Liang Lin The Influence of Sapphire Substrate Pre-Baking Treatment on the Quality of GaN Epitaxy by MOCVD Electrical Engineering 2002-07-11
Yi-Yao Lin Identifying Network Dynamics with Large Access Graph and Case-Based Reasoning Information Management 2002-07-11
Char-Ming Lin Oversea incident report automatic and analysis Information Management 2002-10-01
Wen-Yu Lin The experimental investigation of structure on interfacial-adhesive effectiveness Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-12
Chung-Ren Lin Exploiting the Potential Therapy for Neuropathic Pain Through Cellular and Molecular Approaches Biological Sciences 2002-07-15
Chia-Hua Lin Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Ammonia Solutions with Addition of Cu/La/Ce Environmental Engineering 2002-07-15
Ji-Jen Lin A Resolution Improvement Method for XYZ Table Based Vision System. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-15
Kang-Pin Lin A Semiautomatic Segmentation Method for Color Images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-16
Jing-Wen Lin The Impact Study of Electronic Commerce for SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) Information Management 2002-07-15
Kuo-Chang Lin A Mobile Service Environment for Handheld Devices Electrical Engineering 2002-07-16
Sherg-Tzong Lin The nuclear structure study of superdeformation in A ~ 130 Pr odd mass Physics 2002-07-19
Hsiu-Chyau Lin A Studey of Operating Performance of Property Insurance Industry in Taiwan-The Analysis of Scale Economies,Scope Economies and Efficiency Economics 2002-07-12
Yi-Hua Lin The Early Partsongs of Edward Elgar: 1890-1900. Music 2002-07-22
HUI-CHING LIN The relationship among the Taiwan’s multinational corporations’ knowledge management and the organization’s role of human resource management Human Resource Management 2002-07-22
Albert Lin A Reexamination for Fisher effect Economics 2002-07-23
Pei-Hua Lin An Exploratory Study of Internet Business Model in Life Insurance Industry Information Management 2002-07-24
Tzu-Jung Lin none EMBA 2002-07-25
Po-He Lin Reintermediation Strategies for Traditional Channel : The Case of Office Supplies Information Management 2002-07-29
Jen-Chuan Lin Research on Taiwan's Software Industry and Its adoption of CMM Model Business Management 2002-07-29
Yu-Chi Lin Bioactive Constituents from the Taiwanese Gorgonian Junceella juncea Marine Resources 2002-07-26
Chih-Ming Lin A study of the Implementation of Collaborative Product Commerce System Information Management 2002-07-29
I-Chieh Lin A Rate-Based Regulation-Scheduling Scheme for Rate-Jitter Control in ATM Networks Electrical Engineering 2002-07-29
Yat-Chen Lin Application of Artificial Neural Network on The Prediction of Ambient Air Quality Environmental Engineering 2002-07-30
Bing-Rong Lin none Finance 2002-07-31
Tao-Chin Lin none Human Resource Management 2002-08-01
Tsun-Kuo Lin Flow-Induced Vibrations of Tube Bundle in Cross Flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-08-01
Jih-Tsung Lin A Study of the High School Students' Achievement in Evolutional Unit Learning under Untraditional Teaching Method Biological Sciences 2002-08-01
Wen-Chuan Lin A study of creativity and creative thinking instruction Education 2002-08-02
Yih-Jih Lin A Study of The Impact Exerted by Constant Technological Changes on the Career Development of IT Professionals’ Information Management 2002-08-05
Yan-Li Lin Investigation of Compound Gauss-Markov Image Field Electrical Engineering 2002-08-05
Pei-Lu Lin The effect of intravenous administration of 6-hydroxydopamine(6-OHDA)on plasma leakage in rat airways Biological Sciences 2002-08-07
Shu-Hui Lin A Study on the Impact of Partnership, Knowledge Sharing, and Institutionalization upon the Performance of Training Outsourcing Human Resource Management 2002-08-07
Kun-Lung Lin The comparative research on the core competency and performance between Taiwan employees and China ones in YFY Company Human Resource Management 2002-08-08
Marc Lin The Empirical Study of R&D Spillovers in Taiwan High-technology Industries: Temporal, Inter-, Intra-industrial, and Spatial Spillovers Economics 2002-08-01
Shu-Chuan Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-15
Cheng-Tsung Lin none Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-08-15
Huei-Yu Lin none Economics 2002-08-17
Linda Lin Financial development and the allocation of capital Finance 2002-08-17
Ru-Jiun Lin A Study of Contracting-out for the Open University of Kaohsiung Communcations Management 2002-08-23
Hao-ping Lin Making Money: Marriage, Morality and Mind in Defoe’s Roxana Foreign Language and Literature 2002-08-27
Mu-Jin Lin A Framework for Providing and Executing Workflow Templates in a Mobile Environment Information Management 2002-08-27
U-Jie Lin none EMBA 2002-08-28
Wen-Jun Lin none EMBA 2002-08-28
I-Wen Lin The String Quartets of Béla Bartók: A Study of Creative Process and Techniques Music 2002-09-03
Yu-Yang Lin A study of Strategy Designing and Feasibility Analysis for Establishing Marine Protected Area for Dongsha Islands Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-08-22
San-Lang Lin Investigation into city image business cluster and citizen' joinning EMBA 2002-09-13
Min-hun Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-10-09
Zen-Huang Lin A Study on the Motion and Wave Damping Characteristics of Floating Structure Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-01-03
Shih-Cheng Lin none Mainland China Studies 2003-06-17
I-Ling Lin none Chinese Literature 2003-01-14
Yi-Chen Lin The Research about Organizational Commitment,Professional Commitment and Behaviors of Work Performance in Different Working Status Nursing Staffs. Human Resource Management 2003-01-13
Rong-Fa Lin IT application for Researcher of Engineering Design Information Management 2003-01-27
Chuan-Xiong Lin Government Spending, Taxes and Economic Growth--Taiwan Study Economics 2003-02-07
Shih-Yu Lin A study of the relationship among perceptions of organizational politics, organizational commitment and job performance Human Resource Management 2003-02-17
Lan-Fang Lin The Study of Hsiao Tyzen’s Piano Music With an Analysis of Piano Concerto in C Minor Op.53 Music 2003-02-20
Ming-Wei Lin Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signal Transduction Pathways in Human Neutrophils Biological Sciences 2003-05-02
Ching-Han Lin 1.The Applications of Glutarimides in Mappicine Ketone Synthesis 2. Formal Synthesis of Udoteatrial Chemistry 2003-05-25
Ming-yuan Lin A Study of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for General Portal Business Management 2003-06-02
Yu-Shian Lin Stability Analysis of Distribution System with Dispersed Generation Electrical Engineering 2003-06-12
Tsan-Wei Lin Study of Temperature Sensitivity of Power Demand by Neural Networks for System Reliability Analysis Electrical Engineering 2003-06-14
Fang-Lan Lin Studies on antibiotics, heavy metal ions and agricultural chemicals resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa collected from environments. Biological Sciences 2003-06-16
Yu-Chuan Lin Electroreflectance of surface-intrinsic-n+ type doped GaAs by using a large modulating field Physics 2003-06-16
Thai-Hong Lin The evolution process of Chinese business group in China market place- a case study on Chia-Tai Group Business Management 2003-06-17
Mai-Hua Lin A Study on Relationship Quality of Telecommunication Business Special Account Service — The Case of C Telecom Company Business Management 2003-06-19
Ming-Hsun Lin Anaerobic degradation of tetracyanonickelate by Klebsiella oxytoca Environmental Engineering 2003-06-20
Hsing-Tzu Lin Self-Regulation Mechanisms in the Practice of Information Privacy Information Management 2003-06-21
Sie-Wei Lin A Wireless Ad Hoc Routing protocol Based on Physical Layer Characteristics Computer Science and Engineering 2003-06-24
Jing-Yi Lin Accounting Fraud and Equity Valuation Finance 2003-06-24
Yu-Wen Lin The impact of mood, distance to the goal state, and filled mechanism on consumers' perceptions of waiting time and their affective responses. Business Management 2003-06-25
Hsiao-Yu Lin Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azido-1-(1-methyl-2-pyrryl)ethanone and 2-Azido-1-(2-benzo[b]thienyl)ethanone Chemistry 2003-06-26
Fen-Ying Lin A Study on the Leading Traits and Leadership Styles of Female Leaders Business Management 2003-06-26
Hsin-chi Lin Seasonal Variation of Chemical Hydrography in the Southern Penghu Channel Marine Geology and chemistry 2003-06-26
Tze-Chin Lin The analysis of affecting factors of Empoyee Dividend-Sharing System Business Management 2003-06-26
wei-hung Lin The Study on The Financing Strategies of Taiwan Biotechnology Industry- The View of Free Cash Flow Finance 2003-06-26
Shin-Yi Lin The Relationship between Corporate Transparency and Cost of Equity Finance 2003-07-01
Ming-Chong Lin Modal Analysis of Multi-Layer Cylindrical Dielectric Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-01
Chung-Sung Lin The Time-resolved Photoluminescence study of Zn 1-x Cd x Se epilayer and ZnSe/Zn 0.91Cd0.09Se MQW Physics 2003-06-24
Yi-Cheng Lin Numerical Simulation of Showerhead performance in Chemical Vapor Deposition Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-01
Chia-Wei Lin Long-Term Monitoring and Engineering Stability Analysis of Underwater Static Target Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-07-01
Shu-Hung Lin Fabrication and Characterization of Polyimide Optical Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-01
Hung-Hsun Lin Growth of High Resistivity Semiconductor Epilayers and Silicon Oxide Anti-Reflection Films Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-02
Hsiao-ying Lin The Storyteller and the Story Told: Charlotte Bronte as a Fictional Autobiographer Foreign Language and Literature 2003-07-03
Yi-Jung Lin The Research of Local Government Business Strategies and Marketing Activities of Festivals Communications Management 2003-07-03
Yuan-Ping Lin Molecular characterization of mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes from breast cancer families in Taiwan Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2003-07-06
Mao-Sheng Lin Error Rate Based – Dynamic Weighted Fair Queuing In Wireless Network Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-07
Tsung-Hsien Lin Partition Timing Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-07
Shin-Hung Lin Full Wave Simulation of the Package of SAW Filter Electrical Engineering 2003-07-07
Yu-Chuan Lin Two Photon Scattering of Push-Pull Charge-transfer Organic Molecules Physics 2003-07-07
Chin-Jen Lin Harmonic generation microscopy with an optical parametric oscillator on dental section Physics 2003-07-06
You-Yu Lin Building Multi-agent System to Solve Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems for Supply Chain Management Information Management 2003-07-09
Tzu-Feng Lin A Decision Support System for Advanced Planning and Scheduling in the Plastic Injection Industry Information Management 2003-07-10
Yung-Sing Lin The Studies of Self-Assembled Pyridyl Alkanethiol Derivates Monolayer on Gold Clusters Chemistry 2003-07-10
Keng-Hung Lin Taiwan traditional EMS Provider's strategic repositioning ~ take OSE’s EMS S.B.U. as example Business Management 2003-06-29
Chia-Hung Lin Ionic Conductivity and Electrochemical s Reactions of Rigid-Rod Solid Polyelectrolytes Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-14
Yu-Sung Lin The study of the surface tilt-angle of the liquid crystal molecules with attenuated total reflection method Physics 2003-07-14
Mei-Ching Lin 1. Pronounced Effects of Grinding on Rates of Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Tetranaphthylmethyl Substituted Mixed- Valence Biferrocenium Triiodide. 2. The Application of Terpyridinyl Substituted Biferrocene Complexes in the Development of Molecular Wires: Preparations and Characterization. Chemistry 2003-07-11
Che-Jen Lin Effect on intravenous administration of lipopolysaccharide on plasma leakage and mucus secretion in rat small intestine Biological Sciences 2003-07-15
Min-Ching Lin The Study of High-Speed OC-48 Optical Transceiver Modules Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-16
Eu-Ying Lin Improvement of Refractive Index Models for Direct-Gap Semiconductors Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-07-16
Jun-Ching Lin A Feature Design of Multi-Language Identification System Electrical Engineering 2003-07-17
Chun-Yao Lin A 10Bit 1Msample/sec Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter with Wide-Swing Current-Mode R-2R DAC Electrical Engineering 2003-07-18
Li-Ling Lin Histopathological Study on Inflammatory Stomach after Intravenous Injection of Lipopolysaccharide in Rats Biological Sciences 2003-07-17
Gang-Yi Lin The Analysis and Simulation of compact-sized Antennas Electrical Engineering 2003-07-21
YEN-LIN LIN The analysis of gender consciousness ideology of social science materials in the Elementary school Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-22
Ming-Tung Lin none Public Affairs Management 2003-07-21
FANG-JU LIN The Relationship Between Strategic Alliance Type and Performance - In Airlines Industry IEMBA 2003-07-23
Chen-Yao Lin From Gui Bo Shang Tong to Ji Wang Qiu Shi—A Study of Xing Zhi Chinese Literature 2003-07-23
Jui-Chang Lin Study on Forming Limit of Tubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-23
Chung-Ming Lin Fundamental Studies on Electrical Pitting Mechanism of Lubricated Metal Surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-25
Chi-Chau Lin The Study on the Stress and Fatigue Life in Ferrule-Epoxy-Fiber Module of Optical Fiber Connector under Thermal Cycling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-28
Yen Lin A Negotiable RSVP with Multiple Preemption for supporting Dynamic Bandwidth Reservation Electrical Engineering 2003-07-29
I-Hui Lin Reserch on TPM Program Practice- a case study of SYSCO EMBA 2003-07-29
Ching-He Lin A Survey Research of Related Issues on Teacher Professional Evaluation of Junior High School in Kaohsiung City Education 2003-07-29
Chih-Hsun Lin Analysis of Laminated Anisotropic plates and Shells by Chebyshev Collocation Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-31
Yu-Chen Lin Using IBIS Model for Signal Integrity and EMI Analysis in FDTD Method Simulation Electrical Engineering 2003-07-23
Chung-Fu Lin Critical Analyses on Pre-Civil War Secessionist Movement As Viewed by the Editorial Commentaries of US Southern-Northern Press Corp Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-31
Jar-Way Lin Eye Tracking System Computer Science and Engineering 2003-07-21
Shin-Min Lin Effect of kinematic parameters on electrical pitting formation mechanism for the lubricated surfaces Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-31
Chia-Shi Lin Synthesis and Reactivities of Chromium Group Complexes containing 2-(Diphenylphosphino)benzaldehyde Ligand Chemistry 2003-07-31
Chin-Yao Lin The Challenges and Response of A CIO In the Society of the Work Place – by thecase of ERP Implementation Information Management 2003-07-31
Hsiu-Chu Lin Gene Delivery of Rat Thioesterase II in Hepatocytes Biological Sciences 2003-07-31
Kai-Han Lin An Effective Traffic-Reroute Scheme with Reverse Labeling in MPLS Networks Electrical Engineering 2003-08-01
Sheng-Chang Lin The Investigation of Land Utilization and Water Resource Requirements by Fuzzy Linear Programming Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-08-03
Shih-Feng Lin The relationship and the influence between human resource flexibility strategy and psychological contract of employees in bank enterprises Human Resource Management 2003-08-04
Wei-Sen Lin Comparison Study of Space-Time Coded Systems Communications Engineering 2003-08-05
Jing-Liang Lin The deformation structure of commercially pure aluminium deformed by plain strain compression at different temperature. Materials Science and Engineering 2003-08-05
Jin-Xian Lin Complementary Code Based CDMA Architecture Electrical Engineering 2003-08-05
Chin-Chen Lin Application of Knowledge Management in Petrochemical Plant – CAPCO for example EMBA 2003-08-07
Chia-Yu Lin A Study on the Relationship between Training and Nonstandard Work Arrangement in High-Tech Industry – A Case Study of Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park Human Resource Management 2003-08-10
Yung-Ghang Lin Removal of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid by O3 �UV Processes Environmental Engineering 2003-08-12
Chu-Fen Lin The Study of Labor Pension System and Annuity Insurance Finance 2003-08-12
Yin-Hsin Lin The Study of Mozart's Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra No.4 (K.218) Music 2003-08-13
CHUNG-HSIEN LIN The Research of Factors that affects Land Information Diffusion Public Affairs Management 2003-08-20
Chih-Kang Lin Respond of The New Basel Capital Accord and undertake the research of the lowest capital that credit risk need---Take certain a commercial bank as an example Finance 2003-08-25
Chuan Lin Career development of software developers in different generations-A case study of Software Industry Human Resource Management 2003-08-25
Hsiu-Mei Lin Investigation of the Related Factors of School Based Curriculum Development in Elementary and Junior High Schools in Kaohsiung Education 2003-08-26
Chih-Pin Lin Inverse Analysis for Estimating Friction Coefficient in Strip Rolling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-26
Ming-Fen Lin Profit Sharing plans and Employee Productivity:Empirical Evidence from Taiwan Securities Industry Human Resource Management 2003-08-28
Chia-Chun Lin Study on the performance of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell ─ The influence of methanol concentration, temperature and carbon dioxide Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-28
Yi-Chun Lin The Theory and Practice of Minority Government: Based on Examples of Norway and Fourth Republic France. Political Science 2003-08-29
Ming-Zin Lin On the Study of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell—A Nonhomogeneous Composite Bipolar Plate of a Fuel Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-29
Yueh-Lin Lin none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-30
Chien-Wei Lin Impacts of R&D Human Resource Strategies, Innovative Management on Organizational Capabilities : An International Business Case study Human Resource Management 2003-08-29
Yen-Huei Lin The spatial and temporal distributions of nitrogen fixation cyanobacterium Trichodesmium spp. and Richelia intracellularis in South China Sea. Marine Biology 2003-09-01
An-Tai Lin A Modified Distributed Coordination Function for Real-Time Traffic in IEEE 802.11 WLAN Electrical Engineering 2003-09-01
Shih-Chang Lin The Role and Function of the Private Oil Spill Response Company:--Case Studies and Establishment of Framework for Taiwan-- Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-09-03
Shin-Yu Lin Study on formation of central bursting defects in extrusion processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-03
CHOA-LI LIN none Human Resource Management 2003-09-05
Yu-Jen Lin A Numerical Simulation of HOPs Transport with a Sorption-Desorption Kinematic Model Marine Environment and Engineering 2003-09-22
Cheng-Tzu Lin none Chinese Literature 2004-01-05
Hsiu-Chen Lin none Chinese Literature 2004-01-14
Jia-yin Lin The Study of Development of Main Cities in China:1990-2001 Mainland China Studies 2004-01-15
Mei-chuan Lin The research on Taiwanese families’ furniture consumption schema for living room Business Management 2004-01-25
Chin-Ching Lin The Effect of FDI in Domestic Employment-Research of Taiwanese Inventors in Mainland China Economics 2004-01-16
Cheng-Hsiung Lin The Study for Post-M&D Integration-A Real Case of USI Group Business Management 2004-01-28
Hsiu-Chen Lin Chinese Literature 2004-01-29
Yi-Hui Lin To explore makings to set up a Call Center in Business Information Management 2004-01-30
Kuo-Wei Lin Effects of Dietary Protein Quality on the Growth of Juvenile Cobia Rachycentron canadum Marine Biology 2004-02-01
Mei-Wen Lin Intertemporal Substitution Effect of Labor and Policy Assignment: Analyze the Closed Macroeconomic Model Economics 2004-02-07
I-Hsuan Lin Feminist Pedagogy and Media Literacy Education: a project report of Action Research Communications Management 2004-02-10
I-Ching Lin To be Lean or to be Agile? The Choice of Supply Chain Strategy Business Management 2004-03-01
Chia-po Lin The customers’ perceptions of service quality and continuative consuming behavior intention of floral farms Business Management 2004-04-14
FANG-TSAI LIN The research of service quality for manufacturing industry--take China Steel Corporation for example Business Management 2004-05-25
Chia-Ching Lin Design of Circularly Polarized Ceramic Antenna on an Asymmetric Ground Plane Electrical Engineering 2004-05-31
Wen-Fan Lin Accruals,Cash flows,and Equity value Finance 2004-06-07
Hsin-Ying Lin The Performance of Equity Linked Notes Finance 2004-06-14
Shih-kun Lin The study of management strategy of multi-national corporations in different markets Finance 2004-06-14
Chia-Jung Lin none Finance 2004-06-14
Chen-yu Lin The Role of Economic Development Board in the Singapore Industrial Development Context Business Management 2004-06-18
Ya-ling Lin Intermolecular interaction of KChIP proteins with beta-bungarotoxin and cardiotoxin Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-06-21
Li-feng Lin The Balanced Scorecard Applied to the Diversification Business -A Case Study of Taiwan Sugar Corporation Business Management 2004-06-22
Hsiu-Ping Lin Systematics and Characterization of Purple Nonsulfur Bacteria in Lotus Pond Biological Sciences 2004-06-23
Wan-Chun Lin A Comparation Analysis on the Risk Model for Portfolio that Contains Equity Derivatives Finance 2004-06-23
Sheng-tang Lin Institutional investors impact on the stock of return Business Management 2004-06-23
Yow-Ya Lin The Relationship of Firm Core Resources,Capabilities and Competitive Strategy:The Real Estate Advertising and Sales Agency of Kaoshiung Communications Management 2004-06-25
Jing-yi Lin Listening to the whispering of love in the popular songs: A Survey of love values of Taiwanese seior high students Education 2004-06-27
Shu-i Lin Mother-Infant Relationships of Formosan Macaques(Macaca cyclopis)at Mt. Longevity Biological Sciences 2004-06-28
Hsueh-hui Lin The Spectral Characteristics of Fiber Grating Stabilized 980nm Pump Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-06-28
Yi-ling Lin The compare to analyse of〈Cuo Zhan CuiNing〉《Shuang Xiong Meng》〈PoXiaoShief〉 Chinese Literature 2004-06-25
Ming-I Lin Warm worked structure of commercially pure aluminium under 75% deformation Materials Science and Engineering 2004-06-29
Kun-Tien Lin The Administration Strategy of the Urban Environmental Problem in Kaohsiung -A Case Study of the Stray Dogs EMBA 2004-06-30
Chen-yi Lin Some characterization results related to k-record values Applied Mathematics 2004-07-01
Chu-chiang Lin Constructing human resources department performance measurement model:Balance scorecard viewpoint Human Resource Management 2004-07-05
Yon-yu Lin The study of Taiwan's biotechnology and pharmaceutical competitive advantage. IEMBA 2004-07-06
Shih-Chao Lin Optimal Operational Strategy Design of a Single-sided Permanent Magnet Axial-flux Motor Electrical Engineering 2004-07-07
Chia-Hung Lin Study of Adaptive Fault Diagnosis and Power Quality Detection for Power System Electrical Engineering 2004-06-30
Yuan-Chi Lin Growth and characterization of diamond nanoparticles Physics 2004-07-08
Chao-Yen Lin An LMI Approach to Multiobjective Control via Static Output Feedback Electrical Engineering 2004-07-08
Min-hong Lin Photoluminescence properties of polycyanate, polycyanate/9-anthrancencarbocylic acid and polycyanate/diethylaniline Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-08
Chih-Yi Lin Flow Visualization and Velocity Measurements in a Liquid Microchannel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-12
Su-Hwa Lin The Management Tactics for the Influence Tactics of Perceptions of Organization Politics Human Resource Management 2004-07-10
Yu-Hsien Lin The Study and Fabrication of Optical Coating on Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-09
Hsin-chia Lin The Study of Laser-Induced Intensity Gratings in Azo-Dye Doped Liquid Crystals Physics 2004-07-12
Wun-Ji Lin A High Speed Phase Adjustable ROM-less DDFS and Low-Power SRAM Design Electrical Engineering 2004-07-10
Zheng-Wei Lin Analysis of 2D Optical Waveguide Structures Using Frequency-Domain Finite-Different Method Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-13
Chun-yu Lin Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Haptic Environment Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-13
Chen-tse Lin A Study on Marketing control, Job Satisfaction, Organization commitment, Customer Orientation--- Life insurance Industry for Example Business Management 2004-07-08
Pi-Yen Lin Transient liquid crystal measurement of local heat transfer in a low air speed air jet impinging onto a disk in a vertical cylindrical chamber Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-13
Chen-Xuan Lin Study how the educational voucher system influence the government's policy and parental choice. Economics 2004-07-14
Ren-Bang Lin FMRPU: Design of Fine-grain Multi-context Reconfigurable Processing Unit Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Mao-quan Lin Electro-optical effects of nonlinear optical chromophore in an amorphous polymer Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-14
Ya-Shu Lin Fabrication of crystalline SiGe thin film on silicon wafer by rapid thermal annealing process Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-15
Chun-hsiung Lin The Growth of Teaching and Learning-An Action Research on Third Grade Mathematics integrated with Problem Posing Activities Education 2004-07-15
Chi-Ju Lin Ra-226 and Pb-210/Ra-226 Activity Ratio in the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2004-07-19
Chia-Ying Lin Brand Construction Strategy of Luxury Industry in Taiwan Communications Management 2004-07-09
Jia-ming Lin Bis(2-diphenylphosphinophenyl)amide Complexes of Ni(II) and Pt(II) Chemistry 2004-07-20
Chia-hui Lin A Case Study on Pedagogical Content Knowledge of an Experienced Chinese Teacher of Junior High School Education 2004-07-21
Hung-ta Lin The Study of Phytoremediation of Oil SpillContaminated Wetland Soil Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-07-21
Pei-Shi Lin Historicism and the "Crissis": one kind of understanding of the Mission of Leo Strauss' Political Philosophy. Political Science 2004-07-25
Chung-Wei Lin Location Management of Correlated Mobile Users in the UMTS Communications Engineering 2004-07-26
Chi-Shun Lin The key successful factor research of pet industry --- to take dog market as an example. Business Management 2004-07-22
yun-sheng Lin Studies on Diterpenoid Constituents from Formosan Taxus sumatrana Marine Resources 2004-07-27
Wei-Chih Lin The side effects of goal setting related to value system in systems thinking approach Business Management 2004-07-27
Chien-Hsiu Lin A Count-Based Partition Approach to the Design of the Range-Based Bitmap Indexes for Data Warehouses Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-29
Yen-Ting Lin Cross-Lingual Text Categorization Information Management 2004-07-29
Lee- cheng Lin Studies on the Bioactive Clerodane Diterpenoids from the Formosan Casearia membranacea Hance Marine Resources 2004-07-28
Yi-Chin Lin DSP Based Facial Characteristic Extraction and Identity Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2004-07-27
Hsuan-Chung Lin Millisecond H/D Exchange Combined with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Study Protein’s Structure Chemistry 2004-08-03
Shyh-jen Lin Characterization and Diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes Biological Sciences 2004-08-03
Yu-hsin Lin Design of New Signature Codes for Optical CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2004-08-04
Ya-Win Lin Re-examine the Spot Exchange Rates and the Forward Exchange Rates by Stochastic cointegration Economics 2004-08-05
I-Chun Lin Effects of Seabed Stratifications on Surface-Generated Ambient Noise Physical Oceanography 2004-08-02
Shih_chen Lin The impact of information sharing factors in Demand Chain A case study in stainless steel industry Information Management 2004-08-02
Jia-fang Lin A study of knowledge sharing behavior of employees: A case study of Southern Chungwa Telecom Information Management 2004-08-08
Shih-Hsiu Lin Retrieval of Line-drawing Images Based on Surrounding Text Information Management 2004-08-06
Meng-chieh Lin Signature Code Design for Offset Stacking Complementary Code CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2004-08-12
Che-Min Lin An OFDM System Based on Complementary Code CDMA and its Performance Analysis Communications Engineering 2004-08-12
Yi-ying Lin The study of the broad-leaved forest vegetation in the upper section of Pa-Chang River Biological Sciences 2004-08-16
James Lin The Differential Expression of Bcl10 in the Tumor Cell Lines Biological Sciences 2004-08-16
Po-Chang Lin Vertical Directionality Analysis of Low Frequency Ambient Noise in South China Sea Experiment of ASIAEX Undersea Technology 2004-08-19
Cheng-Nan Lin A Study Of Technology Transfer Mechanism For IC Packing Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-19
Li-chin Lin The Research on Revaluing the Development of Taiwan in Feng Shang Reservoir in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2004-08-13
Li-Ling Lin Change of Patient’s Medical Seeking Behavior before and after SARS Epidemic: Based on the Ambulatory Patients in Kaohsiung Area Institute of Health Care Management 2004-08-20
Yu-jane Lin Spatial Setting and Competition of the Chain Store Economics 2004-08-19
Kun-Hong Lin A Corporate Social Responsibility Study in Kaohsiung City's Financial Institutions Public Affairs Management 2004-08-25
Chun-Hsien Lin A Modified AODV with Ack-Path Traffic Rerouting for TCP Performance Improvement in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Electrical Engineering 2004-08-27
Wei-Chih Lin The reason formed of Perception of Organization Politics and the effects of Perception of Organization Politics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior. – A Study of T Company Human Resource Management 2004-08-28
Yu-hui Lin On the Modified PN Code Tracking Loop with Multiuser Detection and Multipath Interference Cancellation Communications Engineering 2004-08-28
Jain-hung Lin The Study of Kinetic Effect by Mixing Binary Humic Acids on the Binding Constants of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Dissolved Organic Matter Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-01
Yu-Hung Lin A Analysis of the Most Suitable Way to Outsource to Deliver Public Service E-government Business Management 2004-08-30
Jing-Wei Lin Characterization of Thiophenylphosphino Germanium and Tin Complexes Chemistry 2004-08-30
Wen-Chieh Lin A Research on Project Office Operation Model-Take the CRM Project in Electronic Company A as an Example Information Management 2004-09-03
Chi-Shing Lin Study of Compound Gauss-Markov Image Field Electrical Engineering 2004-09-04
Dong-long Lin Social Control of Medical Malpractice:A Sociological Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-09-05
Cheng-feng Lin Improvement of Residual Vibrations for Intermittent Positioning Tables Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-04
Chao-Yin Lin A study on strategy of employment flexibility and the response from workers - Using professionals under different employment relationships as an example Human Resource Management 2004-09-07
Chiao-wen Lin Taiwan steel companies' investment in China Business Management 2004-09-07
Kuen-ray Lin The study of bubble during solidification process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-06
Chiong-chi Lin Hydration of Amino Acid Studied with One-and Two- Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy Chemistry 2004-09-04
Bo-hao Lin A Pre-Setup-Path for Fast Handoff in Mobile IP Computer Science and Engineering 2004-09-07
Jen-tai Lin A novel trocar allowing both gas insufflation and abdominal wall lifting Biological Sciences 2004-09-08
Wen-Sheng Lin A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Classificaion Electrical Engineering 2004-09-08
Yi-Ting Lin Design and Analysis of low power/low cost MP3 Audio Decoder System Computer Science and Engineering 2004-09-09
Wei-Meng Lin Viscous Flow Around Translating Cylinder Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-09
Te-yuan Lin The Refraction of Waves Propagating on Bottom with Concentric Circular Contours Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-11-02
Chih-hsien Lin none Economics 2004-11-29
Meng-yi Lin A Study of Car Body Effects on the Performance of Vehicle Antennas Electrical Engineering 2004-12-29
Liang-Hung Lin A Study of Innovation and Quality in the Automotive Industry Business Management 2004-12-21
Cing-Fong Lin Passive Probing and Local-Aware Routing Protocol in Wireless Network Computer Science and Engineering 2004-12-15
Chia-hung Lin Factors affecting the cleanness of men’s toilets in Kaohsiung City parks. Public Affairs Management 2005-01-14
Tzyy-chyi Lin The Study of Central Government Budget Deficits Control in R.O.C. Political Science 2005-01-21
Ying-Fen Lin Disjointness preserving operators on function spaces Applied Mathematics 2005-01-27
Leng-yen Lin Taiwan's Maritime Search and Rescue Scheme:A Study on the Integrated Planning of the SAR Resources in the Private Sector Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-02-16
Shi-Long Lin A Study of e-Procurement Adoption by MRO Supplier of Taiwan’s Steel Industry and It’s Impact on Supply Chain Information Management 2005-02-16
Pei-yau Lin none Political Science 2005-02-15
Chia-hui Lin Polymorphisms of IκBL and IκBα Genes in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Biological Sciences 2005-02-17
Li-cheng Lin Site-directed mutagenesis of TSG101 function domain Biological Sciences 2005-02-18
Hsun-Yu Lin Investigation on Adsorption of Vapor-phase Mercury Chloride on Powdered Activated Carbon Derived from Recycled Waste Environmental Engineering 2005-03-24
Wen-hao Lin The Research of Integrated Steel Company's Overhead Allocation Business Management 2005-05-31
Yu-fei Lin The study to explore the impacts of Internet usage in instant sex community upon their sexual attitudes and behaviors Communications Management 2005-05-25
Chih-yi Lin Study of Selection Procedure on Critical Modules of ERP for Taiwan Flat Steel Industry. Business Management 2005-06-10
Jing-Yuan Lin Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Optical Waveguides for Lightwave Communication Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-14
Yi-Hsuan Lin Accounting Research for Channel Rebates—Application of the Concepts of the Options Finance 2005-06-14
Kuang-Chi Lin An Lnvestigation on the Lnovations of ROC Military Service EMPP 2005-06-15
Hsuan-kai Lin Development and Analysis of Low Temperature and High Strain Rate Superplasticity in High-Ratio Extruded AZ31 Mg Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2005-06-17
Tzun-Han Lin National Security Strategy of Australia , 1991~2004 Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-18
Nan-Jung Lin Background, Status, and Improvement of the Senior Civil Service Examination for the public officials EMPP 2005-06-19
Jian-Hong Lin The Finite Element Analysis of Evaluation Curves and Errors in the Eddy Current Testing. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-21
Shu-ting Lin The Study of Catalytic Oxidation of VOCs in an Air Stream over Regenerative – Thermal Stone Catalyst Environmental Engineering 2005-06-20
Da-Cheng Lin Study of Characteristic Harmonics Detection by Probabilistic Neural Network Electrical Engineering 2005-06-21
Hong-Ru Lin Improving Transient Stability Using Generator Tripping Based on Kinetic Energy and Impedance Gap Methods Electrical Engineering 2005-06-23
Chih-Chih Lin Using Imaginary Links to Graphically Locate the Instant Centers for Some Kinematical Indeterminate Linkages of Ten or Less Links Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-06-23
Chia-Chung Lin Expansion Planning of Distribution Substations with Dynamic Programming and Immune Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2005-06-24
Shin-Ju Lin The study and fabrication of top emission organic light-emitting diodes Electrical Engineering 2005-06-27
Wan-hsin Lin Revealing the Masquerade: Utopian Disillusion in The Adventures of David Simple Foreign Language and Literature 2005-06-27
Yen-Sheng Lin The Study of Cr4+ Fluorescence Enhancement in Crystal Fiber Using Side Deposition Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-28
Shiou-Lan Lin The study of Competency Analysis for manufacturing engineer Professionals of Aero Engine Industry Human Resource Management 2005-06-27
Hung-Ming Lin On minimally-supported D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with log-concave weight function Applied Mathematics 2005-06-29
Yi-nan Lin Study on low voltage electrodeposition of DLC films Electrical Engineering 2005-07-01
Chih-yu Lin A Novel Timing Offset Estimation Method for OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2005-06-29
Wei-li Lin The Relationship between Taiwan’s Political Change and Educational Policy:A Hegemonic perspective Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-18
Ya-Ling Lin Strategic behavior downstream and the incentive to integrate:Input with time restricted Economics 2005-07-05
Jian-yu Lin Suppressing Coherence Collapse of Semiconductor Laser with Orthogonal Polarization Optical Feedback Physics 2005-07-05
Xu-yan Lin Study on LiF of Schottky Model and Simulation of OLED Electrical Engineering 2005-07-01
Ya-lan Lin none Finance 2005-07-03
Tzu-hsiang Lin Concept Extraction With Change Detection From Navigated Information Information Management 2005-07-07
Chi-sung Lin none Finance 2005-07-06
Cheng-Wei Lin The Study of Composite Material Package for Optical Transceiver Module with High Shielding Effectiveness Electrical Engineering 2005-07-08
Li-Pin Lin A CMOS Variable Gain Amplifier with DC/AC Switched Control and A Low Jitter 80 MHz PLL for DVB-T Receivers Electrical Engineering 2005-07-07
Bing-Hau Lin DSP-Based non-Language specific Keyword Retrieval and Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2005-07-11
Wei-Ting Lin Research and Development of DSP Based System for Tracking An Arbitrary-Shaped Object Electrical Engineering 2005-07-12
Pei-hua Lin A Research on the Risk of TFT-LCD Industry on the Basis of Cash Flows Finance 2005-07-12
Chia-Hsien Lin Flow and Concentration fields around a bubble on solidification front in a super saturation. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-12
Fang-Ying Lin Pyrolytic Study of 6-Phenylfulvene and Its Derivatives Chemistry 2005-07-11
Yen-hui Lin Modeling and Solutions for Ground Bounce Noise and Electromagnetic Radiation in High-Speed Digital Circuits Electrical Engineering 2005-07-12
Chen-hung Lin Bacteriocidal Effects of Ozonated Seawater Added with Bromide or Chloride on Marine Fish Pathogens Marine Resources 2005-07-12
Wu-wen Lin Research on Behavior Troubles of Elementary & Junior Navy Officers, Help Them Turn to, and Arrange for Counseling Requirements Public Affairs Management 2005-07-13
Zhi-Yuan Lin Applying DEA to Assess the Performance Evaluation of Regional Innovation System in Mainland China Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Hung-chun Lin Electroosmotic Flows in a Square Microchannel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-14
Cheng-Chi Lin A Study on tool wear reduction in polishing process:effects of abrastive particle properties and tool surface irregularities Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-13
Yan-Shi Lin Investigation of Protein Dynamics with the Relaxation of Mixed Zero- and Double-Quantum Coherences of Cα-H Systems Chemistry 2005-07-14
Cheng-hsin Lin none Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-19
Cheng-chung Lin The Effectiveness of Diabetes Shared Care Model and Factors Associated with Glycemic Control in Diabetics Patients-a Case of Medical Center Institute of Health Care Management 2005-07-17
Meng Lin Simulation and Analysis of Double and Single-fed Wind Generators Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
Yue-Feng Lin The Applications of Atmospheric Plasma Systems on Microfluidic Chip Fabrication and Surface Modification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-20
Yu-wen Lin A research of regulations on poverty issues Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-17
Su-ya Lin Design and Implementation of a Layout Generator Based on Pass-Transistor Logic Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-21
Hao-Chieh Lin The Associations among CEO Dominance, Executive Human Resource Management System, Top Management Team Social Integration, Competitive Behavior and Firm performance Human Resource Management 2005-07-21
Sheng-cheng Lin The Study on the Development and Evolution of Online Communities of Practice: An Ecological Perspective Information Management 2005-07-23
Yung-Chih Lin The Study of Proxy Variable of Insider Trading Business Management 2005-07-21
Tse-Min Lin Effect of Development Team Diversity on the Performance of Software Projects Information Management 2005-07-24
Chi-Cheng Lin A Circuit Generator for Logic Reduction of Boolean Functions and Its Application to the Design of Advanced Encryption Standard Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-25
Ying-chun Lin Beyond Words: Allegorizing History and Memory in Sara Suleri's Meatless Days Foreign Language and Literature 2005-07-26
Yung-Sheng Lin The study of behaviors of nanoconfined water molecules Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-26
Chi-liang Lin Design and Modeling of Embedded Passives in Organic and Flexible Substrates Electrical Engineering 2005-07-26
Shih-Yun Lin Design and Implementation of a Cache Generator Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-26
Yu-kai Lin Formability analysis of tube hydraulic bulge forming Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-26
Chien-ying Lin From Dependency to Interdependency:New Foreign Approaches for Taiwan Participates In International Community Mainland China Studies 2005-07-21
Chien-li Lin Genetic Variation of Pheasant-tailed Jacana (Hydrophasianus chirurgus), Based on Control Region Sequences of Motochondrial DNA Biological Sciences 2005-07-25
Chin-chun Lin none Mainland China Studies 2005-07-22
Bo-Wei Lin Customer Efficient Electronic Cash Protocols Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-27
Chin-Lang Lin Conflict Management in Pluralistic Societies: Aspect of Judgment Analysis. Public Affairs Management 2005-08-12
Yu-duei Lin Studies of Mechanical Properties of Nanoscaled ZrO2 Particulate Reinforced 5083 Alloy using Friction Stir Process Materials Science and Engineering 2005-07-29
Jian-hung Lin The study of Dispute Settlement Body between Exective and Legislative - The effects of Referendum legislated in 2003 Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-31
Ming-Yu Lin N/A EMBA 2005-07-31
Chia-i Lin The Changes of of China state and society relationship after economic reform 1978-taking party,trade uion and worker as examples Mainland China Studies 2005-07-25
Min-Chiung Lin A TCP Performance Improvement Scheme with RTS/CTS Signaling In Multihop ad hoc networks Electrical Engineering 2005-08-01
Chao-hung Lin Synthetic Studies of Phenanthridines Chemistry 2005-08-03
Shien-Shui Lin none EMPP 2005-08-02
Chu-Jung Lin Christian religious webs' web-based communication effectiveness index research Communications Management 2005-08-01
You-huei Lin The Application of Mobile Communication Technology in Festival Marketing The case of Taichung's Tajia Matsu International Tourism and Cultural Festival Communications Management 2005-08-04
Fang-yi Lin Studies on the Natural Products of the Formosan Soft Coral Nephthea chabrolii Marine Resources 2005-08-05
Chi-hsien Lin Modeling the Bid-Ask Spread by Option Hedging Applied Mathematics 2005-08-08
Tsung-Wei Lin The Internet and Representative Behavior of Legislators —The Case of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan(Fifth Term) Political Science 2005-08-09
Yung-Li Lin The Design of Fiber Optic Vibration Sensors Electrical Engineering 2005-08-05
Li-wei Lin The Political and Economic Analysis of the Hong Kong-China Integration Mainland China Studies 2005-08-10
Ke-han Lin Timing of Larval Release by Five Coral Species in Southern Taiwan:Seasonality, Lunar and Diurnal Periodicity Marine Biology 2005-08-10
Yun-yi Lin The subject research on An Elementary School Push The "School-Basic Reading curriculum" Education 2005-08-02
Chin-Hsien Lin A Study of Effects of New Product Development-A Case Study in the Semiconductor Industry Business Management 2005-08-10
Jing-Hung Lin Syntheses and Characterization of 4-(Di(2-pyridymethyl)-aminomethyl)imidazolyl Metal (Zn, Cu, Ni, Fe) Complexes Chemistry 2005-08-11
Shin-Hong Lin Analysis of the Probabilistic Algorithms for Solving Subset Sum Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-11
Wen-Bin Lin Investigation of the correlation between the structure and fluorescence properties of semiconductor quantum dots Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-05
Hsin-hua Lin Effect of copper on peroxidase gene in two rice cultivar Biological Sciences 2005-08-15
Yi-Hsien Lin Feasibility Study of Phononic Crystal Structure Applied as Underwater Absorptive Material. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-16
Li-kang Lin The performance to invest according as buy-and-sell information of foreign institution Finance 2005-08-16
Chwen-ru Lin Toxic effects of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) on survival rate and proteomics expression of Monopylephorus limosus Marine Biology 2005-08-17
Chia-jung Lin Studies of the expression profile and cell cycle effect caused by siRNA of CKS1B on human hepatocellular carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-17
Shu-Chen Lin Investigation on use of Communication media of Retailers─for example mobile phone Information Management 2005-08-18
Wei-Cheng Lin Research of the Relationship Between Travelers’ Attitude、the Degree of Involvement、Group affection、Intention and Mode Choice Behavior—A case study for Taipei Metropolitan Area Public Affairs Management 2005-08-20
Tseng-Kuei Lin Design of a Basic Block Reassembling Instruction Stream Buffer for X86 ISA Electrical Engineering 2005-08-22
Fang-lien Lin Probe Design Using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-22
Tsui-Wen Lin The study on life stress and coping strategies of the graduate students of College of Science and College of Engineering at National Sun Yat-sen University Education 2005-08-24
Wen-Mao Lin The manpower retention strategy of (Four shift two round) system –for examples of T company IEMBA 2005-08-26
Shin-shue Lin The cardiovascular effects of insulin-like growth factor-1 in the nucleus tractus solitarii of rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-26
Hsiu-Chen Lin Entrepreneurship and Development : A case study of High-technology company Human Resource Management 2005-08-30
Chih-Chao Lin The Association of Mismatch Repair Gene Expression with Promoter Hypermethylation and Clinical Prognosis in Oral Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-08-31
yen-ming Lin none Public Affairs Management 2005-09-05
Cheng-chih Lin Oxidation of the ruthenium complexes containing the diphosphonic acid substituted 2,2’-bipyridine ligand Chemistry 2005-09-05
Chan-Hsiang Lin Development of Web-Based Submissions Management System (SMS) Communications Engineering 2005-09-02
Chou-An Lin The Relationships among Psychological Contract, Trust, Organizational Citizenship Behavior:A Sample of the Employees in Taiwan Distribution Industry Human Resource Management 2005-09-02
Zih-Cyuan Lin Manufacturing of three-way pipe fitting hydroforming machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-06
Yu-Hsiu Lin Novel Three-Level Modulation Technique for A Class-D Audio Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2005-09-07
Hung-Chih Lin Numerical study of fluid elastic vibration of a circular cylinder in shear flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-08
Chih-Sheng Lin Numerical simulation of temperature and thermal stress in Cr4+:YAG fiber Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-08
Pi-fang Lin Research on the participants of the February 28 Incident in Kaohsiung from the interaction of political organizations to exam the turmoil led by Peng Mon-chi Political Science 2005-09-09
Hsiu-chuan Lin The Study of Ra-228 in the Northern South China Sea and Luzon Strait Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-09-13
Yi-hsuan Lin A Study of the Impact of WTO on Local Residents’ Perception and Attitudes toward Local Agricultural Festival in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2005-09-22
Chih-Yung Lin The Antecedents to Product Usage and Its Consequences-In the Case of Usage of Personal Computer Business Management 2005-10-25
Ming-De Lin Synthesis and Characterization of Ru(II)- Bisterpyridyltriferrocene Complex of 8-(2,2′: 6′,2′′- Terpyridin-4′-yloxy) octane-1-thiol Chemistry 2005-11-29
Wei-chih Lin The Optimal Strategy for Executing Vendor Managed Inventory Business Management 2006-01-03
Chao-yang Lin A Study on E-Learning Websites of Elementary and High School Textbook Publishers Information Management 2006-01-12
Chen-ying Lin Dependent Arcs of Orientations of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-01-16
Chyou-Yan Lin Construction of the Balanced Scorecard in the Information Department: A case of hospital Information Management 2006-01-21
Li-Hua Lin The correlative research of information technology investment, organizational innovation and organizational performance - study for financial services industry Information Management 2006-01-24
Shu-yuan Lin Simultaneously Uniquely Circular Colourable and Uniquely Fractional Colourable Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-01-25
Chia-hao Lin Progressive Waves of Real Fluids over Permeable Bottom Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-01-28
Chun-Yi Lin A Case Study of Reverse Merger on Steel Industry -An empirical case of Taiwanese Company Finance 2006-02-07
Sheng-yang Lin Generation of Globoidal Cam Surfaces with Conical Rollers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-02-07
Shih-Chieh Lin The Effect of Retail Crowding Toward Consumer Emotion, Coping, and Satisfaction Business Management 2006-02-08
Chia-min Lin Clustering Multilingual Documents: A Latent Semantic Indexing Based Approach Information Management 2006-02-09
Yu-ling Lin Comparitive Study of Temporary Help Service Management Human Resource Management 2006-02-13
Chun-in Lin Effects of dietary phytic acid contents and dephytinized plant protein supplementation on growth and utilization of phosphorus, zinc and iron in juvenile cobia Rachycentron canadum Marine Biology 2006-02-13
Shuai-fu Lin A Study of Organizational Knowledge Management Implementation Process from an Knowledge Flow Perspective Information Management 2006-03-29
Hsien-yuan Lin A Study on the Solving Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapesof Multi-Span Beams with Springs and Masses Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-05-11
Chi-ching Lin A Study on Pharmacist Work Types and Job Satisfaction in Kaohsiung Business Management 2006-06-06
Hsiu-Jung Lin A study of Telecommunication organizational change –for X、Y operator. Business Management 2006-06-08
Tsang-An Lin The relathionshiops between industry attribution and knowledge management-A case study on Petroleum and Petro-chemical Industries, steel industries, and TFT-LCD industries EMBA 2006-06-05
Kuan-Yu Lin Investigation of Package Effects and ESD Protections on the SAW Devices and Optimum Design of RFID Passive Transponder Electrical Engineering 2006-06-12
Su-hui Lin A Study of the Strategies of Third Generation Mobile Communication Service Business Management 2006-06-14
Cheng-ping Lin none Mainland China Studies 2006-06-15
Kun-Yuan Lin  Marriage across the strait and the issue of Fraud Marriage & Prostitution:An analysis Mainland China Studies 2006-06-19
Meng-jung Lin The analysis of the relationship among leadership type, satisfaction, the tendency of resignation and motivators. Human Resource Management 2006-06-22
I-Chun Lin Intervention,Sterilization,and Monetary Control--The empirics of East Asian countries. Economics 2006-06-22
Meng-tsung Lin Fabrication of ITO-Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-06-22
Yu-sheng Lin A Study on the Gist of Huang Lizhou's Thought Chinese Literature 2006-06-23
Yu-Xiang Lin Study of Mechanism in Desorption Electrospray and To Improve the Process of Droplet Electrospray Ionization Chemistry 2006-06-26
Meng-Fang Lin Fast Protein Digestion with the Assistance of Magnetic Nanoparticle Coated with Trypsin and Detection of Trace Protein with Assistance of Liposome encapsulated signal material and MALDI-TOF Chemistry 2006-06-26
Pei-chen Lin Life Cycle, Human Capital, and Participation in Internet Economics 2006-06-26
Yau-tzung Lin A study of the influence of a different performance system on technical employees' job pressure and job satisfaction - A case of Chunghwa Telecom Southern Region Branch Business Management 2006-06-29
Chia-Hsuan Lin Video Database Retrieval System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-03
Hsin-Yi Lin The technology selections and cost-benefit analysis of NOx reduction measures-The case study of coal-firing boilers Economics 2006-07-04
Shih-Chieh Lin Applications of Electroless Plating and Electrophoretic to Glass Substrate Deposition Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-04
Wen-pin Lin Analysis and Design of Low Distortion Switching Power Amplifiers Electrical Engineering 2006-07-03
Ya-ting Lin The Distance and Borders on the Influence of Wage Differential in China Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-26
Chun-Sui Lin Optimal Designs for Calibrations in Multivariate Regression Models Applied Mathematics 2006-07-10
Xin-Ji Lin The feasibility estimation the RDI via the feature set extracted from the rRR value Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-08
Mao-yi Lin Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Isozyme in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Biological Sciences 2006-07-11
Chih-hsueh Lin Color Image Watermarking Technique Robust to Geometric attacks and Signal Processing Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-10
Jia-Chang Lin Analysis and Design of a Balance Circuit with Capacitors for Multiple Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps in Direct-Type Backlight Module Electrical Engineering 2006-07-12
Ssu-yin Lin Servo Tracking with Divergent Trinocular Cameras Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-13
Zheng-kuo Lin Taiwanese Auto-tronic Industry Development Network Structure in Global Commodity Chain Public Affairs Management 2006-07-13
Der-Fong Lin Simulation and Measurement of Wavelength Conversion Using Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Crystal Fiber Communications Engineering 2006-07-12
Li-hsiang Lin PLA Political Influence—PLA Participation in China Foreign Policy Mainland China Studies 2006-07-19
Po-Sung Lin Investigation and Fabrication of Novel Nonvolatile SONOS-TFT Memory with Nano-wires Structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-16
Tsen-fei Lin A Comparative Study of Operation of Overseas Schools of Taiwan and USA Education 2006-07-19
Chung-ying Lin Design and Fabrication of Micro Scratch Drive Actuator Electrical Engineering 2006-07-21
Ching-hui Lin none Economics 2006-07-21
Chia-Wei Lin A Study of License Plate Image Processing and Recognition via Statistical Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-14
Hsiu-lan Lin The Study of Human Capital and Economic Growth in Taiwan- Stochastic Cointegration Analysis Economics 2006-07-18
Yi-Hui Lin Remote Password Authentication Scheme with Smart Cards and Biometrics Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-26
Jyun-jhou Lin Studies on the Novel Diterpenoids of the Formosan Soft Coral Cespitularia sp. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-26
CHEN-SHENG LIN A Study of Using the Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior on the Adoption of e-Dealer Management System in Motorcycle Business Information Management 2006-07-26
Wen-xiang Lin The study of optic characteristics of attenuated total reflection and scattering of Ag rough surface in liquid crystals Physics 2006-07-27
Shih-Hao Lin Characterization of Silicon and Gallium Arsenide MOS Structures with Titanium Oxide as dielectric layer Electrical Engineering 2006-07-26
Chien-Hsing Lin none Public Affairs Management 2006-07-27
Yen-ju Lin The Spatial and Temporal Adaptations at Spawning of Two Brittlestars Marine Biology 2006-07-27
Gwo-feng Lin Assessing the Influence of Transportation Volume on Noise Preveution Zones in Kaohsiung International Airport under Various Scenarios Environmental Engineering 2006-07-28
Meng-hui Lin none Chinese Literature 2006-07-28
Yao-Long Lin Experiment Studies of Acting Force and Stirring Energy in Friction Stir Welding Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-27
Shih-tsong Lin Fabrication and Simulation of the Bottom Gate Thin Film Transistor with Smart Body Tie Electrical Engineering 2006-07-31
Kuei-Fen Lin A Study of the Relationship among School-Based Management, Organizational Climate and School Effectiveness in Elementary Schools in Kaohsiung City. Education 2006-07-28
Wei-Chin Lin A study on the feasibility and promoting strategies to develop windsurfing activity in Hsitzuwan,kaohsiung. Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-07-31
Cheng-Wei Lin Numerical study of wave effect on seawater intrusion Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-07-29
Pei-Jen Lin The Study of Dynamic Grating in Multi-phases Liquid Crystals Physics 2006-07-31
Mayling Lin The integrated study of internal control、corporate governance and ethic management EMBA 2006-08-02
Chung-chin Lin The Study of Factors to the Failure or Success of Applying to Holding International Sport Games EMBA 2006-08-04
Zai-sheng Lin none EMPP 2006-08-03
Pei-Hsuan Lin An Application of Social Capital Theory to Investigate Influential Factors on Community-Based Business Development--a Case Study of Ba-Wong Community Public Affairs Management 2006-07-31
Ch-ye Lin A study on borrower’s background condition related to the risk of home loan Human Resource Management 2006-08-01
Yung-wei Lin Studies on the Machining Characteristics of Diamond Film in Electrochemical Discharge Machining Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-04
Yuan-Kai Lin Effect of Organic Additives on the Performance of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials Chemistry 2006-08-05
Chun-Fong Lin Exempt vehicle license tax for handicapped policy evaluation Public Affairs Management 2006-08-02
Wei-de Lin The study of the Function Transformation of the Military Training Education Officers ---The Case of National Sun Yat-Sen University EMPP 2006-08-09
Chih-sheng Lin The Finite Element Analysis of Influences of Varied Defects in Eddy Current Testing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-09
Ming-Zhi Lin The research of the Supervision role of authority of the public construction with private participation ---From the relevant law or regulation of private participation of Kaohsiung mass rapid transit Political Science 2006-08-10
Chiu-Hsiang Lin Cohesiveness-Performance Effects in Work Groups- Work Patterns as a Moderator Human Resource Management 2006-08-11
Ya-chi Lin The Labor Market and Industrial Development in the Southern Taiwan Science-based Industrial Park: A Social Embeddedness Approach Public Affairs Management 2006-08-13
Yao-wen Lin none EMPP 2006-08-15
Yung-Chang Lin Holography Measurement of Solute Concentration Ahead of Solidification Front Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-16
Chun-hung Lin Laser ablation condensation of Si4+:Cr2O3 and reactive sintering of Cr2O3-Y3Al5O12 Materials Science and Engineering 2006-08-17
Sheng-Chih Lin Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Reliability and Ring Pattern Formation Mechanism Materials Science and Engineering 2006-08-20
Wan-Li Lin Operation and Management of Learning Organization—A case study of the Central Personnel Administration, the Executive Yuan EMBA 2006-08-22
I-Hsuan Lin Studies on grinding characteristics of silicon wafer thinning process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-23
Kuo-fan Lin The impact of open or proprietary strategy to standard competition in software industry ─ Linux vs. Windows Business Management 2006-08-18
Keng-Yu Lin GPTT: A Cross-Platform Graphics Performance Tuning Tool for Embedded System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-22
Hsuan-Chih Lin Joint Estimation for OFDM Timing and Carrier Frequency Offsets Using Transparent Training Sequences Communications Engineering 2006-08-23
Qing-Jiang Lin A Research of Legal System of Prevention and Regulation of Mainland People’s Using Fake Marriages to Come to Taiwan Political Science 2006-08-23
Huang-Chi Lin The Effect of Time Pressure on e-Negotiation Information Management 2006-08-24
Chien-Hua Lin Adaptive Multicast Routing Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-23
Chin-Hung Lin A New Minutiae Method Based on Partial Fingerprints Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-23
Pei-chi Lin Musical Analysis and Choral Rehearsal Suggestions in Mendelssohn's 12 Duets Music 2006-08-28
Hao-hsiang Lin Preference-Anchored Document Clustering Technique: Effects of Term Relationships and Thesaurus Information Management 2006-08-30
Yun-tiao Lin Discussion of the gradual progress of automobile industry - take the United States , Japan and Germany as an example Finance 2006-08-29
Yuh-jen Lin The Effects of Emotional Labor on Job Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment in Hotels Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-01
Hsu-Shen Lin 1-Fair Alternator Designs for the de Bruijn Network Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-01
I-Chun Lin A research on combining the System Dynamics and Balance Scorecard to provide the electronics assemble factory strategy target to establish - The W company assembles factory for example Information Management 2006-09-02
Pei-hsuan Lin Application of self-health-management for health promotion Institute of Health Care Management 2006-09-04
Kuo-Liang Lin A Research on Legal System of Use of Police Weapons Political Science 2006-09-05
Cheng-Hung Lin The Effects of Initiator’s Trust and Perceived Risk on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2006-09-06
Tzu-yi Lin Characterization of carbon materials by TPD method Chemistry 2006-09-05
Chi-Hung Lin An On-Chip Bus Trace Analyzer for SoC’s Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-06
Wei-Ci Lin A Design of Speech Recognition System for Chinese Names of Historical Figures Around the World Electrical Engineering 2006-09-07
Yu-ru Lin The influence of topography to the movement of water mass in the Kao-Ping Submarine Canyon Physical Oceanography 2006-09-08
Yen-hong Lin A Study on the Deformation and Stress Distributions of ACF/ACA on the Flip-Chip Packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-03
Kuan-yi Lin The Research of participation in community of kaoshiung Hsin-hsing community university in ecological club Education 2006-09-08
Yu-hsueh Lin The Analysis of the Forming and Development of the Intellectual Stratum in Pre-Han Chinese Literature 2006-09-12
Sheng-tsai Lin A Study of Guodian Bamboo Slips and the Pre-Quin Schools Chinese Literature 2006-09-11
Ku-liang Lin Study of the Manipulation and Electronic Spectroscopy for Metal Nanoclusters Physics 2006-09-13
Hsin-yu Lin Pipeline architecture of H.264/AVC Video Decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-14
Chiou-huang Lin The provincial discriminating system in economic side and ethnicity construction by KMT regime Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-15
Su-yen Lin A Case Study on School-Oriented Management Successfully Launched Education 2006-09-14
Guang-bao Lin Integration of an Ethernet MAC on System-on-a-Programmable- Chip Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-15
Chun-chi Lin Public Affairs Management 2006-10-24
Chih-Hung Lin Protection and Authentication of Digital Image Computer Science and Engineering 2006-11-09
Yuan-chih Lin Thin Internal Planar Antennas for Mobile Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2006-12-16
Yu-Ting Lin the relationship between the collateraled shares and the bank performance, for public companies in Taiwan Business Management 2006-12-15
Yih-Lon Lin SVM-based Robust Template Design of Cellular Neural Networks and Primary Study of Wilcoxon Learning Machines Electrical Engineering 2007-01-01
Wan-jung Lin The Narrative Research on Yan Geling's First Narrator Fiction Chinese Literature 2007-01-02
Ming-Han Lin Modeling and Analysis of a Surface Permanent Magnet Machine Electrical Engineering 2007-01-17
Chang-Chih Lin A tuning circuit for MOSFET C filter Electrical Engineering 2007-01-16
Chien-Hung Lin Shearing Behavior of Lead Free Solder Bumps Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-30
Kun-feng Lin Analyze the Taiwanese region crime rate function with the cointegration Economics 2007-02-02
Shu-hui Lin The influence of work values, job involvement and the turnover intention of the dispatched workers. Human Resource Management 2007-02-06
Shiao-ya Lin How the transnational garment will impact on the China government Mainland China Studies 2007-02-09
Chang-Chung Lin A Feasibility Study on the Private Participation in the P.E.T. Center of Public Hospital – The P.E.T. Center of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital as Example Institute of Health Care Management 2007-02-09
I-Chieh Lin George Eliot's Poetic Imagination: a Study of her Dramatic Poems and Poetic Mottoes Foreign Language and Literature 2007-02-12
Ming-Dar Lin An Action research on Reflection and Listening: Learning History of a Group of Partner Business Management 2007-02-13
Chin-Yi Lin Myths of the Elderly in Magazine Advertisements: A Semiotic Perspective Communications Management 2007-02-14
Chen-chen Lin Microfluidic Cell Counter/Sorter Utilizing Laser Tweezers and Multiple Particle Tracing Technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-14
Meng-hsun Lin The Empirical Research of Information Content and Intra-industry Information Transfers Related to Cross-listing -The Initial GDR Offering of Taiwan Enterprises Business Management 2007-03-13
Yu-ching Lin Design of Model Reference Adaptive Sliding Mode Tracking Controllers for Systems with Unstructured Uncertainties Electrical Engineering 2007-04-09
Liu-yu Lin none EMPP 2007-04-13
Yi-jin Lin A Study of Hwang-Hai's Works Chinese Literature 2007-06-16
Yu-Shan Lin The Influence of Different Types of Web Page Design on Attitude and Visit Intention of Browsers with Different Information Processing Styles Business Management 2007-06-20
Yu-Chih Lin Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Exchange Rate Exposure Finance 2007-06-21
Hung-Ta Lin The Analysis of Market Efficiency—The Case of STAR Model Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
Hung-Yu Lin Modification of Molecular Wire Comprising Redox-Active Biferrocenyl Spacer : Study of Electrochemistry and Photophysical Properties Chemistry 2007-06-21
Yi-hua Lin Democratization and Social Classes: The Case of Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-25
Yao-Ciou Lin Ge-stell and Dispositif: A Philosophical Trajectory of the Confrontation between Heidegger and Foucault Philosophy 2007-06-27
Ying-chih Lin The Application of KMV's EDF Model to measure the default probability of public companies in Taiwan Finance 2007-06-27
Yuan-Ching Lin A Examination of the Relationship between 90-days and 180-days Commerical Paper rate Application by Threshold Cointegration Economics 2007-06-27
Yung-Ching Lin The Study on the Influence of the Consumer Behavior in Taiwan Traditional Tea-A Case Study of Kaohsiung Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-26
Chu-fong Lin From the view of cross culture to search the international joint venture and its competitive advantage--based on A company in the field of Environmental protection EMBA 2007-06-26
Luen-Yung Lin Storage Virtualization: A Case Study on Linux Computer Science and Engineering 2007-06-28
Shih-wei Lin Factors of Knowledge Transfer in ERP Implementation Information Management 2007-06-29
Wern-kuang Lin The research of Taiwan small and medium enterprise competitive advantage on transnational business – An empirical study of traditional metal processing industries. IEMBA 2007-06-27
Yen-Hsiu Lin none Chemistry 2007-07-03
Jing-Ying Lin Calculations of the electronic structures of the Si[001] thin film under <100>- and <110>-uniaxially strain Physics 2007-07-02
Wei-fu Lin Estimate Value at Risk of Portfolio by Conditional-Copula-GARCH Method Finance 2007-07-02
Hung-yang Lin A Probability-based Framework for Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Grid Environment Information Management 2007-07-07
Chih-Hsing Lin The Effect of the Integrated Design of Light Guide and Diffusion Structures on the Uniformity of the Backlight Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-06
Shin-Hung Lin Fabrication and Measurement of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers、Fabry-Perot Laser and Ring Cavity Filter Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-09
Hsun Lin The Study of Leopold Hofmann's Cello Concertos and the performing environments Music 2007-07-09
Chi-chung Lin Fabrication and Performance of Asymmetric Elliptic-Cone-Shaped Fiber Microlens Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-07
Chih-Wei Lin Islanding Operation and Load Shedding of Micro-Grid Systems with Wind Turbine Generation Electrical Engineering 2007-07-09
Yu-Chang Lin A Study on Converged Network Architecture and Application Services for Next Generation Network Business Management 2007-07-04
Yi-ping Lin Photo leakage current characteristic of flexible a-Si:H TFT displays. Physics 2007-07-10
Chiang-Hung Lin A Service Quality and Satisfaction Study of Household Registration Offices in Communities of The Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-06
Jia-Hao Lin Multi-Symbol Codec for H.263 and the Synthesizable Verilog Code Generator Thereof Electrical Engineering 2007-07-11
Shu-Hung Lin Cyclical Fluctuation and Industry Dynamics in Taiwan High-Technology Industries Economics 2007-07-12
Szu-Yuan Lin A Study on Using Blogs in Internet Marketing of Performing Arts Groups Arts Management 2007-07-12
Shu-Yao Lin Characterization of Chemical Compounds Separated on the Thin Layer Chromatography Plates by Electrospray-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2007-07-13
King-long Lin Analysis on the Influence Factors of Consumers' Striving for their own Rights Business Management 2007-07-13
I-chen Lin A Study of “Symphonic Etudes, opus 13”of R. Schumann Music 2007-07-19
Chih-Chung Lin A Research on the Relationship between People’s Perception of Community Health Building policy and Healthy Behavior —A Case Study of Kaohusiung Indigenous Botanical Garden Community Public Affairs Management 2007-07-20
Pei-Yu Lin The Motivations and Consequences of Using Online Discussion Board : A Case Study of Bulletin Board System Business Management 2007-07-17
Bin-yie Lin Liquid Phase Sintering of Barium Titanate Ceramics Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-19
Ting-Chun Lin Analysis and Application of a Hybrid Subgridding Scheme Using the CNDG-FDTD Algorithm Communications Engineering 2007-07-20
Jia-Huei Lin Fresnel liquid crystal lens with voltage modulation Physics 2007-07-20
Chih-yen Lin The Construction of Three Gorges Dam and The Changing Patterns of State -Society Relation in China Mainland China Studies 2007-07-20
Yu-Chin Lin A Study of Project Leader Communication and Project Success by Using The Theory of Communication Action -In the case of A Semi-Conductor MIS Department Information Management 2007-07-17
Li-wei Lin Investigating the effect of impedance matching on LED with Time-resolved Electro-luminescence Microscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-23
Yu-ting Lin Metal oxide photoelectrode prepared by sol-gel method with application to organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-24
Cheng-Yen Lin Design and Implementation of an Embedded VoIP Integrated Access Device Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-23
Chu-Chuan Lin Analysis of Case Payment Resource Utilization for Patients with Congenital Heart Diseases Institute of Health Care Management 2007-07-25
Chia-Yuan Lin Study of the Interface Mechanical Properties between Thin-Film Au and Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-24
Liang-ching Lin Studies on the Estimation of Integrated Volatility for High Frequency Data Applied Mathematics 2007-07-26
Jiun-nan Lin Componentization of IP and Netfilter Architecture in Linux Kernel Electrical Engineering 2007-07-25
Te-chung Lin A study on the integration of games into number instructions for fifth grade elementary school children with varying ability Education 2007-07-25
Hsin-hsiu Lin A Tunable Log-Domain Filter Using Vertical Bipolar Junction Transistor Electrical Engineering 2007-07-25
Yuan-hong Lin Application of Ordered Nano-TiO2 Thin Film to Dye-Sensitized Cell by Anodization method Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-26
Ling-tsen Lin Understanding knowledge management and corporate performance: A test of an integrated model Public Affairs Management 2007-07-27
Chia-Sheng Lin Reliability and Degradation Mechanism of Polysilicon Thin-Film Transistor Electrical Engineering 2007-07-28
Shyi-huei Lin A Study on Metaevaluation of Elementary School Evaluation in Kaohsiung City Education 2007-07-29
Yung-shen Lin Complementarity Problems Applied Mathematics 2007-07-30
Yuan-de Lin Study on Electrodeposition of ZnSe Thin Film Electrical Engineering 2007-07-30
Chia-yi Lin Applying loop-mirror and ring resonator on Non- Alumium epi-layer in the fabrication and design Fabry-Perot laser of wavelength in 1.55μm Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-30
Wei-yueh Lin Produce manpower a flexible usage a study Human Resource Management 2007-07-28
Cheng-Nan Lin Design and Fabrication of Straight and Curve Optical Waveguides and Ring Cavity Wavelength Filter Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-30
Chiu-hui Lin The research of momentum trading strategies in Taiwan stock mocket Finance 2007-07-27
Tung-Chih Lin Stddies in the steel industrial of both side of Taiwan strait. EMBA 2007-08-01
Han-i Lin Hybrid TOA/AOA Non-Line-of-Sight Identification and Wireless Location Electrical Engineering 2007-08-02
Yi-Shiuan Lin The Analysis on the Past Studies about the New Immigrant Women’s Children---from the MA Theses and PhD Dissertations during 2001-2006. Education 2007-08-06
Jin-fu Lin The reproduction and survivorship of Formosan macaques (Macaca cyclopis) at Mt. Longevity Biological Sciences 2007-08-02
Yung-chang Lin Assessing the Treatment Efficiency of Advanced Purification Processes and the Feasibility of Wastewater Recycling in Three Drinking Water Treatment Plants Environmental Engineering 2007-08-07
Kuan-tsou Lin The donors’ knowledge about HBV and HCV who live in Kaohsiung and Pingtung area EMBA 2007-08-09
Po-heng Lin none Finance 2007-08-09
Long-sheng Lin Elucidating the Occurrence of Acoustic Resonance in Metal Halide Lamps from the Aspect of Power Harmonics Electrical Engineering 2007-08-10
Chuan-pin Lin The Relationship between Employee Work Motivation and Performance: Mediating Effect of Training Transfer -- The Case of the Insurance Industry Human Resource Management 2007-08-06
Chun-i Lin Integrated coastal zone management using system dynamics approach for land subsidence problems-the case study of Pingtung plain Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-08-13
Shao-yi Lin Narrating Entrepreneurship: a Complexity Adaptive System Perspective Business Management 2007-08-13
Shyh-ming Lin Mobile Activity Coordination through Integrating Physical and Simulated Software Agents Information Management 2007-08-13
Yuan-ting Lin InGaN Nano-LEDs:Growth, Fabrication, and Characterizations Physics 2007-08-13
Zhi-Zhe Lin The Mechanism of Interaction by Two Progressive Gravity Wave Trains in Water of Uniform Depth Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-08-14
Ming-Hsien Lin none EMBA 2007-08-13
Li-Ling Lin Using PIC Method to Predict Transport Processes Near a Surface in Contact with Plasma Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-14
Chih-Yuan Lin Double-Loop Temperature Control of an On-Off Heating System Electrical Engineering 2007-08-14
Yuan-Kai Lin Sliding-Mode Quantized Control with Application to a Three-Level Buck Converter Electrical Engineering 2007-08-15
Hung-wei Lin Double-Loop On-off Velocity Regulation of a Two-Phase Fan Motor Electrical Engineering 2007-08-15
SUI-CHUNG LIN Incentive costs of the interests of the accounting impact statements Research-A technology company for Example Finance 2007-08-16
Ming-Hsien Lin A study of Collaborative Maintenance Management System for triple player- as to Power system in Taiwan Information Management 2007-08-15
Shih-wei Lin Study of The Effect of The Policy of Industry’s Heading West to China on The Inclination to Retain for Oversea Dispatching Staff - - To Take C Company as An Example Human Resource Management 2007-08-19
Zai-Ben Lin none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-20
Chin-hsing Lin Local Hospital’s Strategy Management Under National Health Insurance Policy EMBA 2007-08-20
Shih-Fen Lin Malicious DHTML Detection by Model-based Reasoning Information Management 2007-08-21
Yu-Sheng Lin A Study on Sustainable Development of Marine Industry : An example of “Southern Ocean-Region in Taiwan” EMPP 2007-08-22
Ming-wen Lin The study of business strategies For ceramic tile industry EMBA 2007-08-24
Chia-hsin Lin The Bus Service on National Freeway for Performance Evaluation in Taiwan-Application of the Three-stage DEA. Public Affairs Management 2007-08-24
Chun-Cheng Lin Blended Synchronous Learning Models in Web-based Learning Environment Information Management 2007-08-27
Yi-kai Lin Adaptive PN Code Acquisition Using Smart Antennas with Adaptive Threshold Scheme for DS-CDMA Systems Electrical Engineering 2007-08-27
Pauline Lin The impacts of language familiarity on e-negotiation strategies Information Management 2007-08-28
Yu-Chun Lin The Study of transformation of Asia wealth management model EMBA 2007-08-20
I-Chun Lin Ectopic Expression of Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase Attenuates the Tumorigenicity of SK-Hep-1 Hepatoma Cells Biological Sciences 2007-08-28
Chun-yi Lin The Impact of Cultural Difference on On-line Negotiation Business Management 2007-08-25
Chien-chen Lin none Human Resource Management 2007-08-29
Nan-kai Lin Simulation of force output of piezo-micro-pump Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-02
Chian-bo Lin Laser Welding and Post-Weld-Shift Compensation for Fiber Array Packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-01
Yu-kai Lin Nest-site Selection and Hatching Success of Three Tern Species Breeding in Baisha Islet, Penghu Island, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2007-09-03
Zheng-Hong Lin An Efficient ADI-FDTD Scheme for Processing Lumped Multi-port Devices Communications Engineering 2007-09-03
Fong-jheng Lin Supporting Learning Context-aware and Auto-notification Mechanism on an Examination System Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-04
Po-Feng Lin A Study of Business Model of Web2.0 Innovative Application Business Management 2007-09-05
Hsiu-chen Lin Topical Application of Vasostatin Attenuates the Development of Choroidal Neovascularization in Rats after Laser Photocoagulation Biological Sciences 2007-08-31
Huang-lun Lin Advanced Texture Unit Design for 3D Rendering System Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-05
Guo-ching Lin The legal system of Taiwanese mainland policy in the region studies Political Science 2007-09-06
Wei-ching Lin Futuristic Memory Device Fabrication and Design Electrical Engineering 2007-09-05
Tien-chi Lin Application of EKIDES(Ergonomic Knowledge Intelligent DEsign System)to training and ergonomic evaluation of the instrument panel in nuclear power plant Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-07
Yu-kuan Lin Degradation Analysis of High Power LED Device in High Temperature Acceleration Aging Test Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-07
Che-hung Lin Regulation of Diel Rhythm of Larval Release by Three Pocilloporid Corals Marine Biology 2007-09-08
Yi-han Lin Recruitment of Marine Sessile Fauna in Kenting Coral Reefs Marine Biology 2007-09-10
Chia Lin A Study of the Clarinet Concerto of Aaron Copland Music 2007-09-08
Di-shun Lin Removal characteristics of SiC by using intermittently nickel-electroplating in lapping process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-09
Yi-Cheng Lin Design and Implementation of the Security Mechanism for Electronic Documents Computer Science and Engineering 2007-09-10
En-hung Lin Chemical Constituents and Biological Activity Studies of Formosan Soft Corals Cespitularia hypotentaculata, Paralemnalia thyrsodes, and Dendronephthya divaricata Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-07
Hung-ming Lin The processes of the company owner’s learning and promoting organizational learning –the example of SH company Business Management 2007-09-11
Yu-ting Lin The Research of the Development in Mainland China's Entertainment Market of Transnational Corporations--The Case Study of The Walt Disney Company Mainland China Studies 2007-09-10
Yi-jie Lin Preliminary Measurement of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2007-09-10
Lien-shin Lin Measuring Relative Efficiency and Optimal Scale: An Application to Kaohsiung City Fire Prevention Division Economics 2007-09-11
Kwan-Fu Lin Fault Ride through Capability of Off-shore Wind Farm Electrical Engineering 2007-09-11
Ming-ren Lin The Determination and Depletion Rates of Chloramphenicol in Tilapia by LC-MASS-MASS Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-12
Fang-li Lin Mapping Female Subjectivity: Gender and Space in Doris Lessing's Novels Foreign Language and Literature 2007-09-11
Feng-Tien Lin Constant Speed Mechanism of Planetary Gear Train Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-12
Ching-chih Lin Multiple tasks of Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3β ) and its partners Biological Sciences 2007-09-10
Jyun-syong Lin An Effective Feature Selection for Protein Fold Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2007-10-11
Yi-Sheng Lin A Study of Pulse Shaping and Slow Light Properties in Strained Saturable Bragg Reflector Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-10-11
Ai-chen Lin The spirit issue for the inhabitants of the nursing home Institute of Health Care Management 2007-11-23
Gwo-Long Lin Estimation of translational motion by simplified planar compound-like eye schemes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-12-14
Mei-hsiang Lin Analytical Comparison of Western Individualism and Chinese Confucianism Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-12-24
Yuan-yu Lin none Communications Management 2007-12-26
Ming-Hung Lin On the domination numbers of prisms of cycles Applied Mathematics 2008-01-16
Yung-chieh Lin A Comparative Study of the Economic Development in Guangdong and Sichuan Mainland China Studies 2008-01-20
Tzu-Hua Lin Improvement in the Bandwidth performance of VDSL2 Splitter Electrical Engineering 2008-01-22
Yao-Hui Lin Study and Implementation of a Power Line Communication Adaptor Using OFDM Technique Electrical Engineering 2008-01-21
kuei-ju Lin An Empirical Investigation of Message Pass-along Behavior Intention: From the Perspectives of Social Cognitive Theory and Social Capital Theory Information Management 2008-01-18
Jer-Ming Lin Evaluating the Efficiency of the Hospital-based Nursing Home: Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Institute of Health Care Management 2008-01-24
Chih-yun Lin A Study of Factors Considered in Promoting Subordinates Human Resource Management 2008-01-24
Pao-Chyuan Lin Modulation of pretilt angle of liquid crystal molecule using double alignment layers Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-25
Shin-lun Lin The Study of China's Monetary Policy Influence on the Financial Market Mainland China Studies 2008-01-26
Siou-Jing Lin Making Minix 3 a Demand-Paged Microkernel Computer Science and Engineering 2008-01-27
Shu-Ching Lin Investigation on the ZnO Thin Film for Optoelectronic Device Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-22
Shi-Jung Lin The Composite Index of Offshore and International Fund Performance -- Factor Analysis Method Finance 2008-01-30
Ming-Cheng Lin Simulation of mico-lens array for LED lighting Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-01-30
Yu-Chuan Lin The Governance Change of Organization Value Chain: Cases for PC, Semiconductor and TFT-LCD Industries in Taiwan Business Management 2008-01-31
Tzu-yin Lin A study of the self-presentation on the photoblog:From Spectacle and Performance Paradigm Communications Management 2008-01-31
Shu-fan Lin The Application of Molecular Wire-Like Ruthenium Complexes Containing Polyferrocenyl-Ethynyl as a spacer Chemistry 2008-02-04
Hung-Wen Lin Social class and National identity in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2008-02-02
Chia-hui Lin The role of SUMO-1 on the signaling pathway of H. pylori induced apoptosis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-02-09
Pei-Ching Lin none Education 2008-02-11
Yu-Yuan Lin A System Dynamic Approach to Digitalization Cable Television Marketing Strategy in Taiwan Information Management 2008-02-11
Zhi-Jie Lin Re-exploring Mandarin Chinese Middle Constructions Foreign Language and Literature 2008-02-12
Yi-li Lin none Communications Management 2008-02-14
Ming-yi Lin The comparative study of Taiwan’s multiple employment initiatives and European Union’s third system employment programme. Political Science 2008-02-12
Min-Ching Lin The Study of 10-40 Gb/s High-Speed Laser Module Based on Coaxial-Type Packages Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-02-12
Yu-Chi Lin Natural Products from Taiwanese Soft Corals and Coastal Plant Kadsura philippinensis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-02-13
Wen-jiun Lin The study of blog readers’ trust and trust related behaviors Communications Management 2008-02-13
Nai-yuan Lin Investigation of pharmacokinetics of malachite green and leucomalachite green in Tilapia with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-02-13
Guan-Ting Lin The Study of Carrier Relaxation in InN Thin Films Physics 2008-02-14
Q.Yih Lin A case study of bottom topography variation under wave current interaction in the vicinity of Kinmen Physical Oceanography 2008-02-14
Yu-en Lin Porting of μC/OS-II Embedded Operating System on a Reconfigurable Platform Electrical Engineering 2008-02-16
Yu-Sheng Lin Characteristics of PCDD/ Fs and metal contents in ash from different units in a municipal solid waste incinerator Environmental Engineering 2008-05-13
Shu-Hui Lin The Influence of Human Resource Flexible Utilization on The Harbor Organizational Performances─An Example of The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau Business Management 2008-06-02
Chin-Suei Lin A study on the inter-relationship of teacher's knowledge inertia, school's organizational learning and school effectiveness in elementary schools of Kaohsiung City. Education 2008-06-10
Chu-Bin Lin The Effects of Advertising, Research and Development, and Customer Satisfaction on Unsystematic Risk of Stock Price Finance 2008-06-19
Wen-ting Lin Is Operational Capability a better modificatory indicator of KMV credit model in Taiwan’s security markets Finance 2008-06-13
Chia-Cheng Lin Developing Competence-Based Human Resource Management - Case of SGS Taiwan Environmental Services EMBA 2008-06-19
Yung-chia Lin An Arcsin Limit Theorem of Minimally-Supported D-Optimal Designs for Weighted Polynomial Regression Applied Mathematics 2008-06-23
Ching-Hao Lin The Rural Labor and Urbanization in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2008-06-23
Chih-Wei Lin External Chaos, Internal Harmony: Order in "Tristram Shandy" Foreign Language and Literature 2008-06-30
Chun-Yu Lin The Study On Critical Success Factors For Self-Developing E-learning Courseware Content In Major Industry-With China Steel Corp As The Example Communications Management 2008-07-01
Sheng-Ta Lin The Study of Personal Selling Management of Life Insurance Brokerage in Taiwan EMBA 2008-07-02
Hong-yi Lin The Case Study of the Key Success Factors in Business Strategies of the Home Stay Industry in Taiwan-Taking One Home Stay in Kenting for Example Business Management 2008-07-07
Yuan-ching Lin The Ex-dividend Effect in Taiwan Stock Market -- The Case of IC Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-10
YU-HO LIN A Study on the Management Strategies for Biotech Pets: Taking the Glowing Ornamental Fish Marketed by Company A as an Example EMBA 2008-07-15
Rih-ming Lin A Case Study on Attitudes toward the Usage of the Citizen’s Travel Card, and Evaluations on the Leisure Efficiency of Administrative Staff in Junior High Schools in Kaohsiung County Political Science 2008-07-18
Li-hsiang Lin Research on the Develop of equal right for both men and women in Taiwan in 1987-2007 ---- The Social Indicator Approach Political Science 2008-07-16
Yu-fong Lin Time-resolved optical beam induced current mapping in InGaN LED Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-17
Tzu-Yi Lin Organizational Culture, Knowledge Circulation Processes, and Job Performance Information Management 2008-07-20
Chen-liang Lin Applications of biological features for medical diagnostic problems-taking oxyhemoglobin and fingerprints as examples Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-20
Chin-yu Lin Development of novel additives for analysis of proteins by capillary electrophoresis Chemistry 2008-07-18
Cheng-wei Lin A fully mass and volume conserving implementation of linear advective-diffusive-reactive transport problems Applied Mathematics 2008-07-24
Chun-yu Lin synthesis of bipyrrole-pyrrolidine Chemistry 2008-07-25
Kun-Hsien Lin Design of a Miniature Left-Handed Material for Gain Improvement of Antenna with Low Sensitivity to Return Loss Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Kuan-chang Lin Circuit Synthesis and Implementation of LTCC Dual-Passband Filter Communications Engineering 2008-07-27
I-Hua Lin none Economics 2008-07-29
Chang-Ching Lin Electric and Magnetic Properties of Spinel CdCr2S4 Physics 2008-07-29
Wen-ping Lin A Study of the Relationships Among Principal Transformational Leadership, School Organization Change, and School Effectiveness for the Elemental and Junior Schools. Education 2008-07-29
Yu-hsuan Lin The Study of Optical Properties of Nano Crystal Silicon Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-26
Hui-yin Lin Narrating the practical implementation of entrepreneurship – from my own experience Business Management 2008-07-29
Shih-hao Lin Linearization of High Power Amplifiers Using Digital Predistortion for WiMAX Basestation Applications Electrical Engineering 2008-07-29
Chien-Ru Lin Ambarzumyan problem on trees Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Hong-yu Lin On the Entry Mode of American Electronic Firms Entering Taiwan Business Management 2008-07-29
Chien-hung Lin TOA Wireless Location Algorithm with NLOS Mitigation Based on LS-SVM in UWB Systems Electrical Engineering 2008-07-29
Chan-han Lin Numerical investigation on Bragg resonance induced by random waves propagating over submerged multi-array breakwaters Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-31
Wan-ling Lin Brand Association, Brand Equity and Willingness of Purchase after M&A Events – An Example of Camera Cellphone. Business Management 2008-07-31
Liang-Yen Lin none Chemistry 2008-07-30
Jyun-Ji Lin Design of the extended fixed-length instruction set for 32-bit X86 ISA Electrical Engineering 2008-08-04
Po-Hung Lin A Study of Success Key Factors for Wei Chuan Wu Japanese Restaurant EMBA 2008-08-08
Mei-Chun Lin The effect of orgnizational identification on job involvement- a comparison between regular workers and dispatched workers Human Resource Management 2008-08-11
Sheng-Chang Lin Research of the relationship of body weight control and personal health EMBA 2008-08-11
Min-ping Lin The Effects Of Organizational Justice On Work Satisfaction—With Person-Environment Fit As A Moderator Human Resource Management 2008-08-10
Chia-Hsien Lin The Anti-Cancer Mechanism of Cyclin D1-Ablative Drug on Breast Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-08-14
Pei-Chen Lin Dietary effects of supplemental plant oils on growth, adipocity, related enzyme activity and fatty acid composition of juvenile cobia Marine Biology 2008-08-15
Kai-Wei Lin Data oriented analysis techniques for the habitat evaluations in two National Parks Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-08-18
Pei-Jung Lin Studies on the Marine Protected Areas in Southern Taiwan IMA 2008-08-19
Jeng-Da Lin Simulation and Fabrication of the Bottom Gate TFT with Source/Drain Tie Electrical Engineering 2008-08-21
Chien-Hung Lin The Effects of Operation of Public Relations on Corporate Image and Customer Satisfaction---Using A Case of “Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation” Communications Management 2008-08-20
Kuan-Wen Lin Numerical study for a micro-PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-21
Yu-Ping Lin Use Genetic Algorithms to Construct Mutual Fund Portfolio Based on Perceived Risk Levels Information Management 2008-08-25
I-Sheng Lin A Study on Synergies of Balanced Scorecard Applied Between Corporate Headquarter and Strategic Business Units --- with C Telecom Company as an Example Business Management 2008-08-26
Tzu-Ling Lin A Probe Into The Influence Of The Social Ability And Cognitive Ability Learning In The Service Of Preschool Coach Tutoring To A Retarded Child In Ordinary Class. Education 2008-08-26
Cheng-Pang Lin Electric field effect and transport mechanism research on Co-doped ZnO films Physics 2008-08-26
I-Ju LIN Analysis of Sp1 associated transcription regulatory factors bound on TSG101 promoter by DAPA and two dimensional gel electrophoresis Biological Sciences 2008-08-25
Hsiu-jung Lin The relation between the stage of purchase process and the need for various product information as consumers purchase the high-quality furniture Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-08-26
Meng-Xiang Lin A Programming Learning System for Individuals Information Management 2008-08-27
Shu-Yu Lin Application of Health Risk Assessment on a Chlorinated-Solvent Contaminated Site Environmental Engineering 2008-08-20
Yi-wei Lin Effects of Waveguide Properties on Surface-Generated Ambient Noise: Simulation and Analyzed IAMPUT 2008-08-29
Jian-Lin Lin Optical Properties of m-plane InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Well Grown by MOVPE Materials Science and Engineering 2008-09-02
Hou-chi Lin Promoter activity of cold-induced protein of Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-09-02
Yu-Hsuan Lin none Chinese Literature 2008-09-02
Wei-Sen Lin Design of Unified Arithmetic Units for 3D Graphics Vertex Shader Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-02
Loh-Chin Lin Robustness of a General Class of Uncertain Polytopic Discrete-Time Systems Electrical Engineering 2008-08-30
Yu-sheng Lin none Mainland China Studies 2008-09-03
Hsu-wen Lin Experimental study on complex sheet rolling of Al/Cu metals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-03
Chung-cheng Lin A Study of key Success Factors for Shopping Mall EMBA 2008-09-03
Sheng-jia Lin Beach Profile Changes and Buffer Zone Requirement During a Storm Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-09-04
Chun-Ying Lin Error and Its Discontinuity: On Canguilhem's Epistemology of The History of Science Philosophy 2008-09-04
Li-Fang Lin The cooperation of cross-strait harbor cities would promote Kaohsiung manpower development strategies-cross-strait exchange and cooperation of primary education. Public Affairs Management 2008-09-04
Yu-fang Lin Study on the Natural Products of the Wild-type and Cultured Soft Corals Sinularia flexibilis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-09-05
Yi-ling Lin A Taxonomic Study on Fimbristylis Vahl (Cyperaceae) of Taiwan Biological Sciences 2008-09-08
Hao-wen Lin Seasonal dynamics of planktonic pteropod assemblages in the waters off southern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-09-08
Yi-hua Lin none Human Resource Management 2008-09-09
Ying-jung Lin An analysis and Application of Integrated Marketing Communication theory in port city Marketing Strategy -The Case of Kaohsiung City- Communications Management 2008-09-09
Po-Hsuan Lin The performance of a PEMFC electrode with a stepped micro structure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-09
Ching-Pin Lin Efficient Implementation of a Function Generator Based on Look-up Table Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-10
Yu-chung Lin software architecture design of a configurable object-oriented operating system Electrical Engineering 2008-09-11
Cheng-chi Lin On the Performance of Fast Context Switch for MinixARM Computer Science and Engineering 2009-01-14
Shu-Yu Lin The Implication of Asymmetric Condtional Covariance Matrix on Asset Allocation and Risk Management Finance 2009-01-15
Shin-shin Lin The study of the Mohism in the late Ching Dynasty Chinese Literature 2009-01-19
Min-rui Lin Time Scheduling Study in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-02-04
Wen-ju Lin Distribution and growth of Terpios hoshinota at Green Island and Orchid Island Marine Biology 2009-02-05
Tai-jung Lin Grooming Behavior of Formosan macaques (Macaca cyclopis) at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2009-02-06
Sheng-Chin Lin A Study of Internal Tidal Displacement of Watermass in Gaoping Submarine Canyon based on Echo Intensity and Hydrographic Data IAMPUT 2009-02-10
Hsin-i Lin The study of turnover intention of employees of social welfare organizations in Taipei Human Resource Management 2009-02-11
Shih-chiang Lin An Group-Buying Message Distribution Rate Research in Mobile P2P Network Environment Information Management 2009-02-12
Jyh-yeong Lin The Entry Strategies for Taiwanese Banks in Mainland China : The Study of Corporate Banking EMBA 2009-06-04
Sue-mei Lin Study on the Operation management of a Branch ofice of Taipei Post Office after Corporation EMBA 2009-06-08
Su-shun Lin A Study in Developing Knowledge Management Strategies in a Medical Laboratory–a model from a military hospital in southern Taiwan EMBA 2009-06-16
Yuan-fa Lin The Valuation of Inflation-Protected Securities in Systematic Jump Risk:Evidence in American TIPS Market Finance 2009-06-18
Chi-lin Lin The Estimate of Benefit of Recreation Resources in Kaohsiung City ICAPS 2009-06-16
Wen-ni Lin The Stock Selection Ability of Taiwan Equity Funds Finance 2009-06-18
Yu-yan Lin The Impacts of Advertising and Research and Development on Risks:The Difference between Higher-Risk Firms and Lower-Risk Firms Finance 2009-06-19
Yuh-te Lin Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers and molecular mechanism of tau’s hyperphosphorylation by glycogen synthase kinase 3β in Alzheimer’s disease Biological Sciences 2009-06-22
Ling-yu Lin none Chinese Literature 2009-06-25
Shiso-chun Lin City Marketing Strategy- take Taipei International new row mian Festival for example Business Management 2009-06-22
Yi-cheng Lin Marketing Strategy of Festival Event-A Case Study of Kenting Music Festival in Spring Business Management 2009-06-26
Huang-jyun Lin Synchronization of the extended Kuramoto model Physics 2009-06-26
Shu-Yi Lin The GDense Algorithm for Clustering Data Streams with High Quality Computer Science and Engineering 2009-06-25
Shin-Ling Lin The Volatility in Structural Change of Asia Stock Market Finance 2009-06-27
MENG-HUI LIN The Competitive Analysis on Taiwan Thin Film Solar Cell Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-06-29
Guan-yu Lin Convergence Transition of BAM on Laplace BVP with Singularities Applied Mathematics 2009-06-30
Yu-cheng Lin none Economics 2009-06-30
Hong-jia Lin Evaluating Performance for Network Equipment Manufacturing Firms Public Affairs Management 2009-07-08
Shun-Li Lin None EMBA 2009-07-12
Hou-fang Lin The effects of placees on operating performance and value of private placement company Finance 2009-07-13
Jia-bin Lin Anomaly Based Malicious URL Detection in Instant Messaging Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-15
Jen-wei Lin The Strategy of Taiwanese company in mainland China: An empirical study of P company EMBA 2009-07-15
Chia-wei Lin Application of Mean Shift to Real-Time Visual Tracking for a Deformable Object Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-17
Hsin-yi Lin Defect microstructure, phase behavior of NiO-SnO2 ceramic composites MSE 2009-07-17
Si-rong Lin The Study and Fabrication of Optical Thin Film on Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Based Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-21
Chun-hung Lin Chromium oxide condensates fabricated by laser ablation in air, vacuum and water MSE 2009-07-22
Jyun-wei Lin Mixing Efficiency of Y-type Mixer with Joule Heating Effect Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-22
Yen-ting Lin Theoretical and Experimental Study of Long-haul RZ-DPSK System Using Block-type Dispersion Map Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-23
Yan-lin Lin An Adjustable Load Balancing Cluster-based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-24
Yun-lung Lin none EMPP 2009-07-23
Chien-hung Lin Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds by a Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer Environmental Engineering 2009-07-24
Wen-hua Lin Beach Buffer Width Requirement Subject to Storm Wave Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-07-25
Ying-Ying Lin Study of the Collaborative Relationship in Energy Conservation Technology Service Industry EMBA 2009-07-27
Chia-ching Lin Energy Efficient Multicast Scheduling for IEEE 802.16e Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Chao-lung Lin Scaling molten pool shape induced by thermocapillary force in melting Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-05
Mei-ru Lin Studies on the Briarane-type Diterpenoids from a Cultured Octocoral Briareum excavatum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-04
Che-ming Lin The influence of temperature on the development of astrocyte of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-06
Ya-chen Lin Space in Anita Desai’s Clear Light of Day Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-10
Cheng-peng Lin A Study of Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Micro Grinding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-12
Eu-Ying Lin An accurate model for absorption and refractive-index spectra of direct band-gap semiconductors Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-17
Mei-chuan Lin none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Szu-Yin Lin Physical Workspace and Creative Performance - The Role of Moods and Habituation Human Resource Management 2009-08-18
Ming-Jiun Lin A Study on Legal System of Anti-Trafficking of Police Officer Political Science 2009-08-20
Yun-sheng Lin Studies on the Bioactive Diterpenoids from the Taiwanese soft Corals Cespitularia taeniata、Clavularia viridis、Sinularia flexibilis and Asterospicularia laurae Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-25
I-chi Lin Synthesis and characterization of chromium-doped ordered porous zirconia by polystyrene template Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-25
Shu-yi Lin Motivation Mechanisms and Member Loyalty in Virtual Communities : An Exploratory Study of On-line Games Communications Management 2009-08-27
Yu-Sheng Lin Effect of the electronic property of the substrate on the growth behavior of adatoms Physics 2009-08-27
Su-Wei Lin none Business Management 2009-08-27
I-Ting Lin Principles of Searching for and Recognition Underwater Drowned Human Bodies Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-08-28
Yuh-jye Lin A Study of Problem Interpretation and Counterproposal among Multi-National Production Bases EMBA 2009-08-31
Tsung-wei Lin Development of Low-driving-voltage Capacitive MEMS Microphone Electrical Engineering 2009-08-31
Yu-Ren Lin Design and Fabrication of Bulk Micromachined Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Electrical Engineering 2009-08-31
Chien-cheng Lin Comparison of Managerial Model with the Concepts of Innovation and traditions: Micro-Cell Technology Co. EMBA 2009-08-20
Keng-Hsien Lin Design of an Efficient Clipping Engine for OpenGL-ES 2.0 Vertex Shaders in 3D Graphics Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-01
Kai-cheng Lin Balance billing for patients using Orthopedic materials under National Health Insurance Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-24
Ya-Lin Lin Explore the prevention and protection of domestic violence in Kaohsiung from the PAM architecture Public Affairs Management 2009-09-02
Chien-lin Lin Modeling and Analysis of a Tubular Permanent Magnet Generator with Halbach Array Electrical Engineering 2009-09-03
Shih-yu Lin A Study on Managing New Media Arts of Commercial Art Galleries in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2009-09-03
Fang-Zheng Lin Monolithic Integration of Optical Spot-Size Converter and High-Speed Electroabsorption Modulator using Laterally Tapered Undercut Waveguide Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-09-01
Cheng-hsiang Lin none Chinese Literature 2009-08-31
Chueh-Ting Lin Multi-bank Memory-based Matrix-Transposer Circuit Generator Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-04
Chen-Yin Lin The teamwork and leadership of Successful Idol dramas in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2009-09-04
Yu-Tsen Lin Improved Particle Filter for Target Tracking in Decentralized Data Fusion System Electrical Engineering 2009-09-06
Yi-Jiun Lin Biogenic Particle Transport in the Gaoping Submarine Canyon off Southwestern Taiwan- Comparison of T6KP and T7KP Sediment Traps Marine Geology and chemistry 2009-09-04
Ching-Yuan Lin Performance Modeling for a 3D Graphics SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-07
Tsui-Feng Lin The research about Shi Mei-qiao and his Chinese poetry Chinese Literature 2009-09-04
Chun-yao Lin Role of Caspase 13 Activation in Carotid artery Balloon Injury Biological Sciences 2009-09-07
Chin-tien Lin none Public Affairs Management 2009-09-07
Chih-hung Lin The Impact Assessment of Environmental Quality and Social Development at Formosa Petrochemical Corporation(FPCC) NO.6 Naphtha Cracking Industry Site. IMA 2009-09-08
Chung-Cheng Lin A Study of Imprecise Requirement Software Outsourcing Project - A Case Study of Semiconductor Foundry MES Project Information Management 2009-09-08
Jau-Chiun Lin The Evaluating Research of the Supporting Dimensions on Creative Cities- The Case of Taiwan Area Public Affairs Management 2009-09-09
You-Cheng Lin Isolation and Biological Activities of Secondary Metabolities from the Soft Coral Lobophytum sarcophytoides Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-09-08
Yu-Chun Lin Online Group-Buying Join Intention in Virtual Community Information Management 2009-09-09
Wen-sheng Lin Taper-directional Coupler Integrated Ring Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-09-09
Yen-Yon Lin Therapeutic Effects of the Marine Natural Product 11-epi-sinulariolide acetate on Rats with Adjuvant-induced Arthritis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-09-09
Chun-yen Lin Embryonic development and effects of environmental factors on the pre-mature hatchling of Sepia pharaonis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-09-10
Cheng-Chung Lin A Study of China’s Policy on North Korea Nuclear Dispute(2002-2008) ICAPS 2009-10-21
Yu-lei Lin "Fortress Besieged" Narrative art research study Chinese Literature 2009-12-19
Yen-lin Lin A Study on Channel Estimation of OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2010-01-14
Chih-yi Lin An Experimental Study of Single / Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-27
Yi-fang Lin The Influence of Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Turnover Intention-A Study in the Fubon Insurance Company Business Management 2010-02-01
Yen-pang Lin Neighbor-Aware Gossip-Based Broadcasting Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-02-01
Chao-Chun Lin Gender Discourse in Talk-show Program- using " University" as An Example Communications Management 2010-02-02
Hui-min Lin A Study of PBL Practice in General Education in Universities-A Case Study of “Family and Human Relations: Guided Reading of Classic Plays” Theatre Arts 2010-02-02
Chieh-fen Lin A Study of City Marketing: the case of The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung Business Management 2010-01-31
Yen-tzu Lin The Strategies on Operation of International Street Performance Festival in Taiwan – A Case Study of Kaohsiung City International Buskers Carnival Theatre Arts 2010-02-05
Chih-peng Lin A Study on Wind Turbine Low Voltage Ride Through Capability Enhancement by STATCOM and DVR Electrical Engineering 2010-02-05
Chun-yi Lin A Classification of the Weed Vegetation in Mituo County, Kaohsiung Biological Sciences 2010-02-07
Wan-yu Lin Study on Cembranoids from the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton crassocaule Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-02-08
Shu-ling Lin A study of Political Trust and International Trust in Taiwan Political Science 2010-02-08
Yi-Feng Lin A Study on the Independence of Independent Agency-National Communication Ccommission As a Case. Public Affairs Management 2010-02-09
Chia-Cheng Lin A Survey Study of the Factors Affecting Junior High Students to Enroll Quality Senior High Schools - An Example of the North District of Pingtung County, Taiwan. Education 2010-06-15
Liang-cheng Lin The Study of Barry Buzan's International Society: Construct the Dialogue between the English School and American International Relations Theory Political Science 2010-06-14
Tsung-yi Lin The Research on the Relationship Between Corporate Website Functionalities and Corporate Stock Price Business Management 2010-06-18
Ya-yin Lin Content Analysis of Marine Education Concepts in Textbooks of Junior High School Education 2010-06-28
Yi-Lei Lin The Relationship between Learning Organizational Capital and Innovative Capabilities: the Mediating Effect of Human Capital Flexibility Human Resource Management 2010-06-29
Hsiang-jyi Lin none Public Affairs Management 2010-06-30
Yen-Ru Lin Projection Methods for Variational Inequalities Governed by Inverse Strongly Monotone Operators Applied Mathematics 2010-06-26
Shu-Jyuan Lin Discussing the future development of DRAM industry of Taiwan in Financial aspects Finance 2010-07-05
Cheng-Hsiang Lin A Study on Technological Innovation for High-Performance Engineering Plastic Scrap Recovery Industry EMBA 2010-07-04
Jia-hong Lin The Adjustable Gripper Applied to Micro Package on Automatic Assembly System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-07
Chien-hung Lin A Comparison between Structured and Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Development: Modeling Tools and Artifact Information Management 2010-07-07
Jia-hui Lin Fluorosurfactant-capped gold nanoparticles for sensing homocysteine and the activity of S–adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase Chemistry 2010-07-08
Ching-chih Lin Examining Investment-Cash Flow and Operating Cash Flow from the View of System Dynamics to study the Investment Strategy of Taiwan’s DRAM Information Management 2010-07-08
Ting-chien Lin Fabrication of Single-mode Cr-doped Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-16
JEN-HSIANG LIN Competitive interaction associated with the firm characteristic - mobile phone market Business Management 2010-07-19
Mei-ling Lin none Chemistry 2010-07-20
I-fan Lin Contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy of ZnO at different temperatures Physics 2010-07-20
Hsu-Hui Lin none EMBA 2010-07-21
Su-Ju Lin The Competitive Advantage of Daily Rental Suites of Kaohsiung Business Management 2010-07-24
Ning-yan Lin Dynamic Grouping Algorithms For RFID Tag Identification Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-25
Po-Yi Lin Feasibility of Application of Macroalgae(Gracilaria;Rhodophyta) for Wastewater Treatment in Saline Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-07-26
Chung-hui Lin Age and growth of bony flyingfish (Hirundichthys oxycephalus) off the eastern Taiwan through otolith examination and it’s implication in fisheries management IMA 2010-07-27
Cheng-cheng Lin Subcarrier Allocation for OFDM System with Adaptive Modulation Communications Engineering 2010-07-30
Jia-chi Lin Surface Architectures on Gallium Nitride Light Emitting Diodes for Light Extraction Improvement Electrical Engineering 2010-08-02
Tzu-chun Lin Implementation of Action Recognition Algorithm on Multiple-Streaming Multimedia Unit Electrical Engineering 2010-08-03
Yu-ying Lin The Effects of Dextromethorphan on Bone Formation in Zebrafish Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-04
Yi-chun Lin Management Consulting Industry Entrepreneurship Experience and Consulting Industry Value Chain Analysis EMBA 2010-08-04
Yi-Chang Lin The move to IFRS:the tax incentives and risk management on M&A deals. EMBA 2010-07-28
Chih-ming Lin The Effects of bidding price of the cost equivalent land in reorganization area -Take Kaohsiung county for example Finance 2010-08-09
Yen-chun Lin Synthesis of New Chiral Oxazolines and Application in Asymmetric Synthesis Chemistry 2010-08-12
Chih-Ying Lin Disulfide Bonding State Prediction with SVM Based on Protein Types Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-18
Cheng-Hung Lin A Design of Recognition Rate Improving Strategy for Japanese Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2010-08-24
Chun-Huang Lin Based on Service Quality Management Perspective Assessing Productivity Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance on the Efficiency of Manufacturing Execution Systems Information Management 2010-08-24
Chih-En Lin Development of river water quality and sediment management strategies Environmental Engineering 2010-08-24
Pei-ni Lin Indonesia's Changing with China : Friendship to Hostility and Friendship ICAPS 2010-08-24
Yu-Hung Lin Finite Element Analysis and Process Design for Rotary Draw-Bending with Small Bending Radius Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-25
Yu-Dun Lin Popular Music Analysis: Chorus and Emotion Detection Electrical Engineering 2010-08-16
Yi-rong Lin A study of low temperature superplasticity of ultrafined-grained AZ31 magnesium alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-26
Yang-Jing Lin Design of Lighting Control System Using Power Line Carrier Communication Electrical Engineering 2010-08-25
Ke-Yi Lin Design of Intelligent Digital Meter to Support Demand Response Electrical Engineering 2010-08-25
Cong-Hua Lin A study on the service industry application services innovation in YH Beach Resort Information Management 2010-08-25
Keng-Kuei Lin A Study of Consumer's Cognition on Peer-to-Peer Recommendation Appeal and Tie Strength - A Case of Online Group-Buying Information Management 2010-08-30
Kai-lun Lin The observation of vertical mixing induced by shoaling of internal waves at Dongsha Atoll. IAMPUT 2010-08-30
Xiao-Chiu Lin A study on low voltage ride-through capability improvement for doubly fed induction generator Electrical Engineering 2010-09-02
Tzu-hsiang Lin The Thermal Fracture Technique on Laser Cutting of Brittle Materials Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-03
Szu-Ying Lin Sound Production of the Spotted Catfish (Arius maculatus) in Cigu lagoon, Tainan, Taiwan Marine Biology 2010-09-03
Liang-Shian Lin Selective Determination of Uric Acid in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid at Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode Modified with Electrochemically Pretreated Carbon Nanotube Chemistry 2010-09-02
Yu-Wei Lin The Expression and Prognostic Role of Hepatoma-Derived Growth Factor in Oral Cancer Biological Sciences 2010-09-02
Xiu-ling Lin The "Chi" of the Poetry of Huang Ting-jian:Phenomenological aesthetics as the Way Chinese Literature 2010-09-06
Huang-cheng Lin Taiwan's first case of local referendum contribution has case of the legal system──the "Kaohsiung Teachers Association proposal『 year in and year junior high school class size to 25 』the referendum case" EMPP 2010-09-07
Pei-rung Lin A Study on Co-marketing Alliances Model of Business Companies and 2009 "Marketing Platform of Performing Arts" in Kaohsiung Theatre Arts 2010-09-09
Cheng-Long Lin Screening fragment peptides with high affinity bound to Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus-like particles Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-09-08
Dai-Rui Lin Multiple Subliminal Channels and Chameleon Hash Functions and Their Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-10
Dun-Yi Lin A Study on Electro-hydraulic Servo Control Drivers Using Robust Integral Structure Control Strategy Electrical Engineering 2010-10-28
Guo-wei Lin Walking and Climbing of a Transversely Moving Hexapod Robot Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-01-12
Tzu-chin Lin Organic Photovoltaic Cells of Fully Conjugated Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) and Heterocyclic Aromatic PCPDTBTCopolymer Doped with Derivatized Fullerene Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-01-20
Guan-jhou Lin The life story of the plumbing retailer Business Management 2011-01-22
Hsiu-Fang Lin Effect of Internal Marketing Consciousness, Environmental Uncertainty Perceptions and Organizational Commitment on Teaching Quality in the Private University Teachers:From the Aspects of Social Cognitive Theory EMPP 2011-01-29
Hsien-chih Lin A Study on Practices of Third-country Expatriation Human Resource Management 2011-02-09
Cheng-ming Lin Engineering Study on the Dock Construction of Tungsha Island Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-10
Shih-ming Lin Design of Low-cost Rendering Engine for 3D Stereoscopic Graphics Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-14
Wen-huan Lin Decoupling of graphene from SiC(0001) surface by Au intercalation : A first-principles study Physics 2011-02-14
Chun-Ru Lin Satie's three piano duet works of music space Music 2011-02-18
Chung-chi Lin Experimental Verification for the Independently Controllable Transmission Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-21
Yi-Lin Lin Measure the Effects of Sponsorship of Different Sport Events from Consumers' Perspective Business Management 2011-03-07
Yuong-Shiu Lin Study on the near-shore fishery resources and management-A case study on Tainan coast Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-04-22
Chia-Yun Lin A study of future development strategies for E-paper Display Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-05-13
Chia-sheng Lin Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of Low-Temperature Polycrystalline-Silicon Thin Film Transistors and Nonvolatile Memory for System-on-Panel and Flexible Displays Electrical Engineering 2011-06-19
Yueh-Min Lin A Study on Integrating Credit Risk Models via Service-Oriented Architecture Finance 2011-06-26
Chang-ming Lin Small Area Power Plant Optimal Planning with Distributed Generations and Green House Gas Reduction Electrical Engineering 2011-06-27
Yen-Chun Lin The Trade and Security Interactions Between EU and ASEAN Political Science 2011-07-01
Chien-Hsu Lin Study on Load Response of the Intelligent Electric Vehicle Based on DSP Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-05
Zong-Yue Lin Applications of Mathematica in Probability and Statistics Applied Mathematics 2011-07-07
Pei-jyun Lin Photolytic Study of 2-Azidomethylthiophene and Its Derivatives;Pyrolytic Study of 3-Cyclohexeno[b]furylmethyl Benzoate Chemistry 2011-07-14
Pei-Ying Lin A Set-Checking Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets from Data Streams Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-15
Chen-Jhih Lin Contagion between Stock and REITs Markets During the Financial Crisis: An Application of Dynamic Copula Models Finance 2011-07-20
Chien-ming Lin Distribution and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) in Er-Jen River Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-07-22
Hsin-yu Lin International Investment Trend of Photovoltaics ICAPS 2011-07-22
Ming-da Lin Exploring the Policy Marketing Event of All-out Defense Education-A Case of Amphibious Warriors Battle Camp Communications Management 2011-07-22
Chi-Guang Lin Bus Interface Design Between Different Clock Domains and Its Application to OpenGL-ES 2.0 3D Graphics Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-26
Li-Cheng Lin Structural Evaluation of Wafer Level Chip Scale Package by Board Level Reliability Tests Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-27
Yang-Juin Lin Growth mechanism characteristics of nitrogen doped N-type microwave CVD diamond thin films with nitrogen and ammonia Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-28
Shin-yi Lin A study for the heat sink parameters on the cooling performance of a high power LED projector Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-29
Chu-yu Lin The Characteristics of Solitary Wave in Lagrangian System Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-07-28
Ching-Hsun Lin Design and analysis of a novel structure for oscillatory type of wave-energy acquisition system Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-02
Yu-Hsuan Lin Numerical simulation for flow induced vibration of three circular cylinders with various arrangement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-02
Jyh-Ru Lin Related Research On Teacher's Attitude Toward Counseling Effective Discipline Methods and Classroom Management of Elementary School Students Education 2011-08-01
Yu-Te Lin The Study of Reverberation in the Sizih Bay Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2011-07-28
Chin-Tien Lin A Study on Customer Satisfaction for Bank Wealth Management - A case of H Bank EMBA 2011-08-04
Yen-Ping Lin A study of Corporatism of Relations between Taiwan's Government and Labor Unions, 1949 – 2008 Political Science 2011-08-05
Yu-Chiao Lin Characterization of GaN grown on tilt-cut γ-LiAlO 2 by molecular beam epitaxy for different growth temperatures Physics 2011-07-19
Shih-Yuan Lin Study of Complementary Electrochromic Devices with a Novel Gel Polymer Electrolyte Electrical Engineering 2011-08-10
Tzu-ting Lin Factors Affecting Public Support for Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction Policies Public Affairs Management 2011-08-09
Chien-ju Lin How do the winner sustain the success on Internet Communications Management 2011-08-09
Yain-Reu Lin Low Power Half-Run RC5 Cipher Circuit for Portable Biomedical Device and A Frequency-Shift Readout Circuit for FPW-Based Biosensors Electrical Engineering 2011-08-08
I-Sheng Lin Further Investigation on Null and Interior Field Methods for Laplace’s Equation with Very Small Circular Holes Applied Mathematics 2011-08-12
Jia-Shiang Lin Feasibility studies on the friction stir welding of the multi-laminated silicon steel sheets Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-22
Xuan-Yu Lin How electronic component agents respond to changing market conditions - a case study of a listed company in Taiwan EMBA 2011-08-22
Hsing-Jung Lin A study on the Venture Capital Company participate in operating model –The case study for D Venture Capital Company EMBA 2011-08-26
Ying-Shan Lin The study of the key success factors and development of capacitive touch panel industry EMBA 2011-08-24
Chih-Chiang Lin Tired birds come back to their nest? Research on veterans’ settlement experiences in both sides of the strait EMPP 2011-09-01
Sung-Hsiu Lin Die Design for Hot Extrusion of Magnesium Alloy Gears Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-03
Tung-cheng Lin Antiserum titer determination and adherence comparison of three major outer membrane proteins TSA56, TSA47 and TSA22 in Orientia tsutsugamushi Biological Sciences 2011-09-07
Cheng-wen Lin Effect of Shear Stress of Near-Wall on DNA Molecules Stretching in Microchannels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-07
YING-TZU LIN Linking Playfulness and Job Performance in the Workplace: Mediating Role of Working-Smart/Hard Human Resource Management 2011-09-08
Ting-Jen Lin The impact of teachers' moods and their inclination towards trusting students Education 2011-09-13
Zhe-Wei Lin Characterization of a sweet potato calmodulin that participates in ethephon and salt stress-mediated leaf Biological Sciences 2011-11-18
Chih-Ju Lin Reflection on the traditional discourse of territorial sovereignty Political Science 2011-11-28
Tsung-wei Lin Phylogenetic relationship of Hirundichthys oxycephalus of Northwestern Pacific inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene Marine Biology 2011-12-08
Sang-Feng Lin A Case Study of Risk Management for Groundwater Contaminated Site by Organic Chlorine Solvents. Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-01-02
Hsiu-Fen Lin Design and implementation of a mobile application for personal learning analytics Information Management 2012-01-18
Ya-Fan Lin Discovering the American West in Annie Proulx's Wyoming Stories Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-18
Shih-Chao Lin A study on the key success factors of international market management for machine tool industry in Taiwan Business Management 2012-01-18
Jiun-An Lin Analysis of Random Key Predistribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network: An Adversarial Perspective Computer Science and Engineering 2012-02-06
Chun-Shou Lin Design and verification of an ARM10-like Processor and its System Integration Computer Science and Engineering 2012-02-07
Yun-You Lin A study of Lie Xian Zhuan and Lie Yi Zhuan Chinese Literature 2012-02-12
Yi-Chen Lin The long-term variation of the catches on the prey fish of Chinese white dolphins (Sousa chinensis)at western Taiwan IMA 2012-02-15
Siou-Sia Lin Openness of Being: The Question Emptiness in Chinese Landscape as seen from Heidegger's Discourse on Art Philosophy 2012-06-13
Shih-ching Lin The Investigation of Perceived Risk and Consumer Purchase Intention---A Study of Tickets Group Buying Website Communications Management 2012-06-18
Shih-Chi Lin The Study of ASEAN and Cross-strait Relations in Relation with Political and Economic Development: Perspectives From Improvement of China's Image and ECFA ICAPS 2012-06-21
Ming-hua Lin The Study of Earnings Management and Financial Performance of Financial holding companies which Before and After the implementation of SFAS No. 34 Business Management 2012-07-05
Wen-Yi Lin Antibacterial Activity of beta-bungarotoxin B chain Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-05
Ze-min Lin Removal of Organic Matters from Domestic Wastewater Using GAC Trickling Filter Environmental Engineering 2012-07-07
Hsiu-ching Lin The Perception of Monthly Bonus Profit Sharing Mechanism - Based on a Selected Assembly and Testing Manufacturing Semiconductor Company EMPP 2012-07-16
Jia-fang Lin Highly efficient procedure for the synthesis of biodiesel using ionic liquid as catalyst Environmental Engineering 2012-07-16
Bo-Heng Lin Polarization independent and Tunable Terahertz Phase Shifter Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-17
Ken-Li Lin A trend study on the uniformity of ASEAN members regarding the South China Sea Political Science 2012-07-18
Jia-ying Lin Design and Synthesis of New Antitumor Agents Containing Aniline and Enediyne substructures Chemistry 2012-07-19
Yu-Kung Lin Analysis on the Investment Value of China Construction Bank. Finance 2012-07-20
Jung-Wei Lin Performance Improvement of Kademlia-based Peer-to-Peer System by Integrating Physical Network into Overlay Network Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-19
Yi-Chun Lin Determination of Selenium Compounds in Dietary Supplements and Foods Using Ion-pair Reversed-phase and Anion-exchange Chromatography ICP-MS and ESI-MS Chemistry 2012-07-22
Yen-ling Lin A Study on Developing Global Education Indicators for Elementary and Secondary Schools Education 2012-07-24
Shu-Hui Lin Mechanism of hydrogen peroxide in facilitating spontaneous neurotransmitter release at developing Xenopus neuromuscular synapse Biological Sciences 2012-07-24
Chia-Yin Lin Exploring effects of self-disclosure and personality traits on smartphone check-in on Facebook Communications Management 2012-07-24
Wan-Ying Lin Development of Creative Life Style Check List Education 2012-07-25
Chia-Hsien Lin A High Density Non-Classical Unipolar CMOS with Two Embedded Oxide NMOS Load Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Long-Sheng Lin Team Temporal Norm, Perceived Control of Time and Employee Adaptive Performance: Cross-level Moderation Effects of Temporal Management Practices Human Resource Management 2012-07-25
Yu-Liang Lin Hybrid Compressed-and-Forward Relaying Based on Compressive Sensing and Distributed LDPC Codes Electrical Engineering 2012-07-26
Yi-Chieh Lin The research on the operation pattern of virtual community: Using Facebook page as an example Business Management 2012-07-07
I-chi Lin A research on the matching rate of foreign health caring labors - take K international labor agency for example EMBA 2012-07-31
Pei-Yu Lin Attractive Face Works? Influences of Service Type and Sex Congruence between Service Provider and Consumer in Service Advertising Business Management 2012-08-13
Wei-ting Lin Finite Element Simulation of the Atomization of Liquid Membrane in Gene Gun Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-14
Hsiu-Ying Lin An Integrated Machine Iron Loss Estimation Scheme based on Steel Magnetizing Characteristics and Emulated Standard Test Circuit Electrical Engineering 2012-08-15
Po-chen Lin The Research of the Developments of Singapore Petrochemical Industry in Jurong Island ICAPS 2012-08-16
Chuan-Ping Lin The Investigation of Fiscal Position of Kaohsiung County Before and After the Merge of City and County Economics 2012-08-15
Ming-Chang Lin Continued Study on the Secondary Metabolites and Bioactivities of the Soft Coral Klyxum molle Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-08-16
Chun-shian Lin Perceived Organizational Support and Organization Citizenship Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Voluntary Workers Motivations –A Case of Revenue Service Bureau, Kaohsiung City Business Management 2012-08-16
Bo-Cheng Lin Composite condensates and phase transformations via pulsed laser ablation on Zn, Zn-Cu and Cu-Au targets in liquid or vacuum Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-19
Pei-Huei Lin Practical Study on Construction of an Integrated SME Business Decision-Making System-Take P company as an example Information Management 2012-08-27
Ho-Sheng Lin The Changing Policies Towards Southern Thailand and The Separatist Movement in Thailand ICAPS 2012-08-27
Kuang-cheng Lin On the characteristic of ring couplers design Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-24
I-Shu Lin Multi-Agent Designated Proxy Re-Signature Scheme Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-28
Wei-jau Lin Fabrication and characterization of metallic glass foams by dealloying method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-09-04
Shao-Yi Lin Exploring Embodied Knowledge in Taiwan B&Bs Entrepreneuring: The Creation Process of Stylized Knowledge Business Management 2012-09-05
Tzu-Yuan Lin Continuous Space Pattern Reduction Enhanced Metaheuristics for Clustering Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-07
Ji-Ying Lin Studies on the performance improvement of an integrated apparatus for concentration of ferrous debris and viscosity of lubricant Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-10
Chih-Yang Lin Innovative Design Methodology of Automatic Transmissions with Embedded Clutches for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-10
San-Tai Lin Multicasting Retransmission Mechanism Using Negative ACK for WiFi Network Electrical Engineering 2012-09-11
Jing-siang Lin The feeding habits of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the western Indian Ocean Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-11
Tung-yi Lin The Feasibility of Taiwan set up Professional Wind Orchestra Theatre Arts 2012-09-12
Yi-Hui Lin User Efficient Authentication Protocols with Provable Security Based on Standard Reduction and Model Checking Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-12
Jiun-jie Lin Effects of fabrication processes on the electrical properties of n-ZnO/AlxSi(1-x)Oy/p-Si pin diodes Physics 2012-09-12
Ching-huang Lin Witch Words and Desolate Language: A Study of Chu T'ien-wen's Literary Vita and Witched Writings Chinese Literature 2012-09-12
En-ju Lin A study of Using Museum Resources for Instructional Purposes Among Junior High School Science & Technology Teachers in Kaohsiung Education 2012-12-22
Hui-ting Lin Studies on the Monitoring Effectiveness of River and Marine Environmental Quality from Chiayi to Kaohsiung in South-Western Taiwan IMA 2013-01-09
Chiou-Shiu Lin The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Subordinates’ Behavior: Supervisor-focused Citizenship Behavior and Impression Management. Human Resource Management 2013-01-11
Bo-Jiun Lin A Mathematical Model for Handoff-Call Blocking Probability in Sectorized FFR Networks Electrical Engineering 2013-01-16
Chia-Hung Lin Research on business strategy in Shipping-related industries : An investigation of container ,bulk carrier and Nautical Charts & Publications sectors Business Management 2013-01-24
Ching-Yang Lin Local Maintenance Scheme of Virtual Backbone in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2013-01-28
Liang-Ching Lin Goodness-of-fit test for Continuous Time Stochastic Volatility Models Applied Mathematics 2013-01-29
Che-Nan Lin The study of online game user’s experience and virtual sense of community affect their behavioral intentions Business Management 2013-01-31
Shih-Yi Lin Expression of Chibby and β-catenin in malignant trasformation of cervical epithelium Biological Sciences 2013-02-02
Jenn-Feng Lin A study of the success of succession planning Human Resource Management 2013-02-04
Mei-Yu Lin Research of relationships amoung Role conflict, Work stress and Turnover intention in the process of corporatization of public enterprises-A case study of Kaohsiung Harbour Bureau Human Resource Management 2013-02-04
Yi-Ting Lin The Industrial Network of Medical Cosmetology in Taiwan: A Perspective from Actor-Centered Institutionalism Institute of Sociology 2013-02-05
Ying-Chi Lin Stage Design of《Die Zauberflote》-Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2013-02-06
Yung-Shen Lin Measuring Document Similarity Based on Text Classification and Clustering Institute of Electrical Engineering 2013-04-25
Meng-Huei Lin Evaluation and Research of Telecare Services Applied in Community Hospital for Outpatient Clinics Patients Master Program of Health Care Management 2013-06-03
Chang-Yu Lin Development of Flexural Plate-wave Based Biosensor for Alpha-fetoprotein Detection Electrical Engineering 2013-06-14
Chih-wei Lin Elimination of Odors Emitted from Commercial Cooking Sources by Oxidative-Reductive Scrubbing Environmental Engineering 2013-06-20
Ming-Zhi Lin Simulating and verificating the concentration of organics in raw water in water treatment plant by using Artificial Neural Network(AutoNet) Environmental Engineering 2013-06-18
Kuan-Chung Lin The Effect of Affordance and The Mediating Role of Cognitive Assimilation On Ubiquitous Commerce Consumption Information Management 2013-07-01
Shun-Yi Lin The Transation-ID-Time Algorithm for Mining Time-Interval Sequential Patterns in Sequence Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2013-06-27
Yu-wen Lin The Impacts of Usability, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and Organizational Learning on The Performance of ERP Systems Information Management 2013-06-27
Yu-Ming Lin Applications of Mathematica 9.0 in Statistical Simulation Applied Mathematics 2013-06-27
I-Sen Lin A Comparative Study on Legal Aid Systems across the strait:An NGO’s Perspective ICAPS 2013-07-01
Chieh-Wei Lin Software Implementation of Topology-based Communication Library Electrical Engineering 2013-07-02
Chung-Yi Lin Comparing removal of trace organic carbon and assimilable organic carbon (AOC) in raw water at advance and traditional water treatment plants Environmental Engineering 2013-07-03
Wei-pu Lin A comparative study of variety of scales for stroke patients before and after rehabilitation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-03
Chin-wei Lin Single-phase Converter-less Excitation Synchronous Stand-along Wind Power Generator System Electrical Engineering 2013-07-01
Sang-jyh Lin Feasibility Assessment of Carbon Emission Cap for Power Dispatch in Taiwan Electrical Engineering 2013-07-08
Chia-Jung Lin An Investigation of the Relationship between Moral Leadership Behavior , Affective Commitment and Job Performance:The Moderating Effect of Job Insecurity Human Resource Management 2013-07-10
Shih-Chang Lin A Study on Establishing Integrated Decision-making Mechanism for Chemical Spill Response at Sea Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-07-07
Ming-Shiun Lin The Research of Quality Prediction Model for Touch Panel Manufacturing Information Management 2013-07-13
Chin-Yuan Lin Risk-return in the banking industry using quantile regression: Evidence from cross-straits banking industry Finance 2013-07-13
Lu-chen Lin The Establishment and Extension of the Value Chain of Media Industry: A Case Study of GO! DuLaLa Business Management 2013-07-15
Yi-min Lin The Connotation, Debate and the Prospect of 'Beijing Consensus' ICAPS 2013-07-15
Ming-Chien Lin Investigate the Impact of Inertia Formation on The New System Acceptance-An Empirical Study of Social Network Sites Information Management 2013-07-16
Chien-yun Lin Examine the Effect of Online Social Support on Individual’s Community Engagement and Mental Health Information Management 2013-07-17
Ssu-Miao Lin A Study on the Legal System of the Freedom of Government Information Political Science 2013-07-16
Yen-chu Lin Personality Traits of the Job Descriptions of the Human Resource Management Employees -Job Ads on the 104 Job Bank Business Management 2013-07-15
Yu-Jen Lin The Strategic Partnership between China and EU in the Era of Globalization: Perspective of Balance of Power Political Science 2013-07-17
Ting-An Lin The optimal gang structures in a shadow economy Economics 2013-07-10
Cheng-te Lin Experimental studies of Bidirectional ROADM configuration based on cyclic-AWGs Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-22
Kun-hsiang Lin Operation of Boost-type Battery Power Modules in Parallel Electrical Engineering 2013-07-23
Yi-Reng Lin Variation in fish lens protein expression Marine Biology 2013-07-23
Jian-Bang Lin The effect of oral administrated protein nanocapsule on inducing humoral immunity in grouper, Epinephelus coioides Marine Biology 2013-07-23
Ya-Hsiuan Lin A Study on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Response to the New Version of Personal Information Act Business Management 2013-07-25
Hsi-Hsiang Lin Lateral Fluxes of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2013-06-05
Li-wei Lin Mechanism of electrical reliability under light illumination in InGaZnO thin film transistor for the next generation display ap-plications Physics 2013-07-28
Chien-Hung Lin A Study on Management Strategy and Productivity for C Electrogalvanizy Plant EMBA 2013-07-22
Yi-sin Lin Reaction of benzonitrile, C60, and triosmium carbonyl cluster Chemistry 2013-07-30
Yu-fang Lin Reactions of Open-Cage Fullerene with Triruthenium Carbonyl Cluster Chemistry 2013-07-30
Chun-hao Lin Synthesis of Nitroxide Radical Polymers via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and their Applications in Organic Radical Batteries Chemistry 2013-07-30
Jhe-yan Lin Explore Users’ Intention to Switch Smartphone Operating System Information Management 2013-07-31
Tung-yueh Lin Synthesis of trirhenium cluster complexes of C82 and C86 fullerenes Chemistry 2013-07-31
Hsen-Chien Lin Innovative Strategies for Rental Service of Public Bicycles-A case of Kaohsiung City EMBA 2013-07-31
Yin-Min Lin An Application of Augmented Reality Technology to the Design a Situated Learning App for Mobile Devices Information Management 2013-08-06
Chun-yu Lin (1) C-H Oxidation with Hypervalent Iodine (III) at Benzylic Position without Undergoing SET(Single Electron Transfer) (2) Chemistry and Biology of Triazole-pyrrole: Click Chemistry and DNA Interaction Chemistry 2013-08-05
Hui-chun Lin Study of Effectiveness of Social Engineering Spam Prevention Operation Information Management 2013-08-05
Yi-Ting Lin Studies of polymer stabilized blue phase liquid crystals phase grating Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-08-05
Kung-Yen Lin The Influence of Corporate Culture on Organizational Performances-an Example of L Insurance Broker Company EMBA 2013-07-07
Chung-Hsun Lin Using Microarray Time Series Data and Gene Ontology for Gene Clustering and Network Reconstruction Information Management 2013-08-06
YiNien Lin From Institutional Perspective to Examine Public Works Procurement System ICAPS 2013-08-06
Hui-ling Lin The World Of Gods In Gan Bao's 'God Searching' Chinese Literature 2013-08-08
En-Li Lin Fabrications of Photonic Crystals with Various Microstructures in Polystyrene-block- Poly(2-vinylpyridine) Block Copolymer Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-08
Cheng-Yi Lin Implementation of IP over DVB as an Internet Backbone Computer Science and Engineering 2013-08-12
Hsin-Chia Lin Effects of Adaptive Learning Strategies on Learning Performance in Embodiment-Based Learning Environments Information Management 2013-08-09
Chen-Yu Lin Fabrication Improvements and Analyses of m-GaN Light Emitting Diodes Physics 2013-08-14
Lung-I Lin The Effects of Embodiment-based Learning Strategy on Learning Performance of Fundamental Optics Experiments Information Management 2013-08-15
Chan-chieh Lin Design of Broadband Isolation Enhancement for MIMO Radar Antennas Communications Engineering 2013-08-14
Yan-Liang Lin The orderly and large area near-field electrospun PVDF fibers via multi-spinnerets and cylindrical glass tube Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-15
Ming-Lu Lin The effect of consumer decision-making process via e-WOM: information sources, consumer expertise, and online review Information Management 2013-08-20
Hong-yang Lin Study on Resistance Switching Characteristics of Hafnium Oxide Thin Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-19
Shan Lin A Study on the Performance Evaluation After M&A-The example of Company D EMBA 2013-08-13
Su-Li Lin Judgment and Decision Analysis on Public Manpower to Establishment of Gaming Industry in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2013-08-21
CHIEN-CHIH LIN A Study of the Influences of Technology Readiness, Habitual Thinking on the Efficiency of Crime Detection by Policemen. Public Affairs Management 2013-08-17
I-chi Lin Distribution of Organotin Compounds in the harbors of Kaohsiung Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-08-26
Yung-tsung Lin The Exploration of Junior High School Students’ Attachment Styles, Quality of Making Friends, and Well-Being Education 2013-08-22
Chia-Chen Lin A Research on the Management and Development of Modeling Agency Business EMBA 2013-08-20
Hsiao-ying Lin Effects of Shared-book Teaching activity to promote Elementary School Indigenous Girls' Interests in Reading and Self-worth Education 2013-08-27
Che-Feng Lin The study of the management strategy of small building in Metro Kaohsiung EMBA 2013-08-20
Hsin-wei Lin Study on Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni and Ni-Co alloys with Microstructure Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-27
Chi-Pi Lin Investigation of the thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 thin films by thermal evaporation processes Electrical Engineering 2013-09-02
Su-Chin Lin The Study on The Relationship of Compensation and Turnover Intention --The Case of China Employees Human Resource Management 2013-08-27
Hsiao-Chung Lin Detecting Centralized Botnets based on Anomaly Traffic Behaviors Information Management 2013-08-29
KUEI-YIN LIN A study on the effectiveness of instructions by mathematical games to disadvantaged students' academic performance Education 2013-09-03
Chia-chi Lin Investigation on DDST relaying scheme for spectrum sharing Communications Engineering 2013-09-03
Ying-Pin Lin Study on the interaction of a submerged buoyant jet at different depth with on-coming linear waves Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-03
I-Chun Lin Reproduction and Recruitment of Land Crabs (Decapoda: Brachyura) in Hsiangchiaowan, Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-03
Jhao-Ming Lin Studies of optoelectronic properties of polymer-dispersed blue-phase liquid-crystal gratings Physics 2013-09-05
Jui-Hao Lin Implementation and Design for Three-phase Rectifier with Power Factor Correction control Electrical Engineering 2013-09-06
Yung-jae Lin A Study of the influence of Perceived Work Value Congruence Between Employee and Supervior, and Abusive Supervision on Turnover Intention:The Moderating Effects of Positive Psychological capital Human Resource Management 2013-09-08
Jia-Yi Lin Multi-Sensor Fusion for Safety Monitoring Systems in Intelligent Intersections Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-09
Jia-Rong Lin Changzhou Talented Woman Zhang Qie-ying Research Chinese Literature 2013-09-06
Je-Ming Lin Detecting Mobile Application Malicious Behavior Based on Taint Propagation Information Management 2013-09-10
Ying-Ya Lin Study of the Diversity of Endosymbiotic Bacteria in the Demospongiae Sponge Cinachyrella australiensis by Resin Sectioning Technique Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-10
Yu-Jing Lin The Late Period of Qing Dynasty Minister Griffith John in China and His Works Chinese Literature 2013-09-11
Ching-Liang Lin Study of optical Properties of nonpolar GaN using terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2013-09-12
Yi-Ching Lin CO2 emissions, Nuclear energy, Renewable energy and Economic growth in Taiwan Economics 2013-11-03
Sheng-jhe Lin The Effects of Sports sponsorship on Brand Equity Business Management 2013-12-15
Chia-Nan Lin Channel Reservation and Preemption Models for Cellular Networks with Overlapping Regions Electrical Engineering 2014-01-16
Che-Yu Lin The circular chromatic numbers of line graphs and total graphs Applied Mathematics 2014-01-14
Hsieh-min Lin On Ai Weiwei’s Art From the Publicness and Its Effect Theatre Arts 2014-01-10
Wei-Chih Lin Biodegradation of dioxin-like compounds by Pseudomonas mendocina NSYSU strain Biological Sciences 2014-01-18
Yu-Sheng Lin A New Fund Performance Measure in Taiwan Equity Mutual Funds Finance 2014-01-20
Yung-Chih Lin Functional Polypeptides-based Biohybrid: Synthesis, Characterization and Self-Assembly Behavior Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-01-20
Chi-shen Lin A 12-bit Power Saving DAC with Clock Controller Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-22
Chang-Chan Lin Media Pleasure: Exploring Amateur Users Generated Microfilm on YouTube Communications Management 2014-01-09
Jun-Wen Lin Optimization Method of Tongue Contour Extraction for Automatic Tongue Diagnosis System Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-24
Meng-Han Lin The Performance of Price-Limit-Day-Trading Strategy under Magnet Effect: Evidence of Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2014-01-24
Ching-Yang Lin Before the Ming Dynasty Chinese novel about Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism study ocean view Chinese Literature 2014-02-10
Chen-Han Lin A feasibility Study of Appling UP Resin As Adhesive Material on Permeable Pavement Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-02-08
Jia-ping Lin Effects of dietary Vitamin E and selenium supplementation on tissue highly unsaturated fatty acids of juvenile grouper, Epinephelus coioides Department of Oceanography 2014-02-12
Pei-An Lin Quantitative Research In The Electronics Industry Sales Forecasts- A Case Study for Flexible Copper Clad Laminate Sales Forecast Information Management 2014-02-12
WEI-PING LIN Design Analyses of a Semi-active Hybrid Permanent Magnet Shock Absorber for Scooter Application Electrical Engineering 2014-02-13
Jen-Chieh Lin A Study of Epibenthic Invertebrate Community in the Shelf Break Region off Southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-02-14
Kai-Chih Lin Studies on the Enhancement of Salt Tolerance of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings by Overexpression of Glutathione Reductase from Marine Macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile Department of Oceanography 2014-02-15
You-Hsien Lin The differences between diploid and triploid oysters (Crassostrea angulata) in growth, survival, gonadal somatic index and contents of glycogen and cholesterol Department of Oceanography 2014-02-14
Yen-tung Lin Analysis of the Contract of Environmental Trust from Organizational Economics Approach:A Case Study of Nature-Valley Political Science 2014-02-17
Steven Lin China’s Oil Sea-shipping Security and the String of Pearls Strategy ICAPS 2014-04-28
Yu-Chan Lin A Research on Lean Safety Management for Campus Buildings — the case of elementary schools in Kaohsiung Business Management 2014-05-24
Pei-syuan Lin Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Bonding Using Silver Nanoparticle and Copper Formate Metallic Paste Chemistry 2014-06-04
Chung-hsiao Lin The Influence of Key Talent Management to Organizational Performance:Moderating Effects of Organizational Strategy, Environmental Uncertainty, and Degree of Globalization Human Resource Management 2014-06-02
WAN-TIN LIN A Study on Experiential Marketing and Revisit Intention at Pier-2 Art Centre Business Management 2014-06-12
Ting-Hsiang Lin The Impact of Shale Gas:Gas versus Oil Market Economics 2014-06-11
Shin-wei Lin The Study for the Exchange Rate Interactional Model between New Taiwan Dollar and Chinese Yuan Finance 2014-06-16
Sih-Ying Lin The Influence of Sales Promotion on Consumers' Perceived Value and Purchasing Intention- A Case study of Annual Sales of Department Stores and Shopping Malls Business Management 2014-06-15
Yu-Ting Lin Does Product-Cause Fit Matter? Influences of Execution Style and Consumer Self-accountability on Advertising for Cause-Related Marketing Business Management 2014-06-18
Kun-Yao Lin Investigation of the Hot Carrier and Self-Heating Effects in InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor with U- and I-shaped structure for Advanced Displays Physics 2014-06-18
Chun-Nan Lin A Study on Oversea Adaptation for Expatriates in Vehicle Electronics Indusry Using DEMATEL Method EMBA 2014-06-19
Chen-Chi Lin A Study on Strategic positioning of the culturally creative restaurant in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2014-06-19
Mei-Hsien Lin QoS Control Mechanism for Multimedia Streaming Services in VANET Computer Science and Engineering 2014-06-20
Chi-Hsuan Lin The Relationship between Trade Liberalization and Collusive Conducts Economics 2014-06-25
Chung-Ting Lin Temporal Characteristics of Volatile Organic Vompounds in Industrial Park in southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2014-06-25
Yen-chou Lin Development of integrated graphic user interface based on MATLAB for proton MR spectroscopy analysis with LCModel Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-01
Hung-Tse Lin The Effects of Inclined Angular Orientation on Flame Spread over Thin Solids Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-06-27
Liang-jhe Lin A Case Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Lenovo Business Management 2014-07-07
YI-TING LIN Removal of NH3-N from high-tech industrial wastewater using PU-net sponge mediated biofilter under facultative and aerobic conditions Environmental Engineering 2014-07-07
Tsung-Yi Lin Phase behavior of MgO-Fe2O3 binary by PLA in air v.s. water Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-08
Yu-Fan Lin The Effect of Time Pressure and Discount Strategy on Consumers’ Purchase Intention─A Study on Location-Based Mobile Coupons Information Management 2014-07-13
Wen-yuan Lin The Maximize Asset Value for Optimal Decision-making Finance 2014-07-14
Shui-Pa Lin An Empirical Analysis of The Effect of Cram Education on Civil Servant’s Human Capital EMPP 2014-07-12
Tzu-Chen Lin Orbital Hall effect in k-linear spin-orbit coupled semiconductor systems Physics 2014-07-11
Yu-Shan Lin Understanding the Intention to Continue Participating in Open Innovation Contests through the Self-Determination Theory Information Management 2014-07-14
Cheng-Wei Lin D-optimal designs for binary response models in mixture experiments Applied Mathematics 2014-07-15
Hsiao- Yun Lin The study of r-locating dominating codes in paths Applied Mathematics 2014-07-16
Ching-wei Lin Investigation of GPU-based Real Time Digital Coherent Receiver for Optical Transmission System Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-18
Yu-chih Lin Study on energy management strategy for electric bus charging station Communications Engineering 2014-07-28
You-cheng Lin Optical noise reduction by applying quantum squeezing Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-22
En-Chou Lin How does the profile of informational parameters affect the pricing of IPOs? Economics 2014-07-21
Mei-yi Lin Growth of Zinc Oxide Nano-materials on (010)-LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-06-27
Tsai-Ching Lin Exploring Taiwanese High School Students’Conceptions, Approaches, Attitudes, and Achievements of Learning Civics and Society Education 2014-07-25
Hui-ming Lin A Empirical Study on Risk and Performance of Bond Funds issued by Local Investment Trust Companies Finance 2014-07-24
Sheng-yi Lin The impact of corporate performance and policies under the director overlapping among the U.S. REITs Finance 2014-07-24
Jhen-hung Lin Performance evaluation treatment of domestic wastewater using PU-net sponge mediated biofilter Environmental Engineering 2014-07-25
Wen-Yen Lin A Study of Strategic Management for Securities Investment Trust Corporations EMBA 2014-07-29
Hsin-Gu Lin Compact Dual-band MIMO Antenna Design for USB Dongle Application Electrical Engineering 2014-07-29
Jhen-Hong Lin Design of CMOS Doherty Power Amplifier Communications Engineering 2014-07-29
Yuan-Ting Lin Growth and Characterization of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors GaMnN Thin Films and Nanorods Physics 2014-07-21
Chi-Jui Lin The study on anti-inflammatory effects of the extract from Nannochloropsis oculata Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-06-25
Zong-Yi Lin Wafer Bonding III-V/SOI Photodetector for Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-29
Shih-hung Lin The Study of File Systems for Datacenter Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-31
I-Ju Lin A Study on Investments of Taiwan’s Dentists in Shanghai Pilot Free Trad Zone EMBA 2014-07-31
Yi-shin Lin Medical Professional Authority Challenges: A Study of Medical Disputes ICAPS 2014-07-30
Tzu-jui Lin An exploration of the formation of organizational identity process of Taiwan independent band. Business Management 2014-07-30
Yi-ling Lin Strategic Development of Manufacturers –The Case of Cooling Fan Company Business Management 2014-07-30
Pei-hsin Lin The Effects of Language Management in Multinational Corporation Human Resource Management 2014-07-31
Yan-Si Lin Design of Backstepping Controllers for Perturbed Nonlinear Systems in Semi-strict Feedback Form Electrical Engineering 2014-07-31
Kun-hui Lin Ultra Wide Band MIMO Antenna Design and Investigation of Field characteristics of a 60GHz Yagi Antenna for Mini-LAN Applications Electrical Engineering 2014-07-22
Han-Je Lin A Study on Business Management of Real Estate Appraiser in Taiwan Business Management 2014-08-03
Chia-Sin Lin The directional solidification study of A356 aluminum alloy and Al-Si eutectic alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-08-06
Chen-hua Lin A Study of the Deveopment and Application of Totem Instruction for Pai-Wan People in Taiwan - The Case of Sun Elementary School Education 2014-08-07
Yu-Chen Lin The Research on Marketing Strategy of CCFL Lighting in Chinese Guangdong EMBA 2014-08-07
Shyh-Shyan Lin A Study of Globalization Perspective on Maritime Affairs Policy and Analysis Between Cross-Strait IMA 2014-08-07
Jing Lin The study of optically and electrically tunable liquid crystal lens with optoelectronic film Physics 2014-08-07
Yu-Ju Lin A Study of Job Stress, Coping Strategies and Happiness among Pharmacists in Kaohsiung City Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-08-07
Geng-yi Lin Numerical Simulation Study for the Performance of a Large Solar Hot Water System with Horizontal Storage Tank Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-07
Yu-Chun Lin A Study of the Narrative of Cheng Bang Bao Li Tuan Chinese Literature 2014-08-11
Yu-yin Lin Customer negative events, employee citizenship behaviors towards customers and service sabotage: The moderating roles of customer orientation and display rules and the mediating roles of employee perspective taking and negative moods Human Resource Management 2014-08-12
Liang-Han Lin Discovering an appropriate service design approach by using action research method: An example of Kuchan service redesign Information Management 2014-08-12
Yi-Cheng Lin Research on a Novel N-times Voltage Multipler Rectifier and it’s Applications Electrical Engineering 2014-08-14
Yu-hsuan Lin Deformation behaviors of ultrafine-grained manganese steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-08-13
Cheng-Wei Lin Molecular beam epitaxy of ZnO on nitridated LiAlO2 (100) and LiGaO2 (100) substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-08-14
Ying-chun Lin Investigating factors driving LINE users to keep official accounts as friends continually Information Management 2014-08-14
Min-yan Lin Optimized Design of Novel High Conversion Efficiency Thin Film Heterojunction Solar Cell Electrical Engineering 2014-08-18
Yu-chi Lin Efficient Platform for Traceable Collaborative Workflow Based on Digital Signature with Bi-Trapdoor Hash Function Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-18
Chi-Jung Lin An Action Research on the Curriculum Design and Implementation of the Integrative Activities Infusing Peace Education for Junior High School Students Education 2014-08-18
Bo-ting Lin Low-power Multi-precision Functional Unit Generator for 3-D Graphics Application Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-18
Po-Wei Lin Small-Size LTE Antenna and LTE Dual-Antenna for Tablet Computer Electrical Engineering 2014-08-15
Tsung-hsien Lin An Elastic Net Algorithm for Automatic Clustering Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-20
Chi-hsien Lin Rent-seeking in developing country with natural resources-Log trading in Papua New guinea Economics 2014-08-20
Ya-Hsun Lin The New Entrepreneurial Model of Combinative Clinic-A Case Study of Homu Health Utilities Company Business Management 2014-08-15
Yu-Chieh Lin Physical Layer Secret Key Generation Based OnTrellis Coded Modulation and Virtual Channel Approach Communications Engineering 2014-08-25
Siang-yin Lin Investigation of ZnO Thin Films Deposited on Flexible Polyimide Substrates for Piezoelectric Generators Application Electrical Engineering 2014-08-26
Hung-Jie Lin The Analysis of Premixed-Flame Behaviors in Stepped Tubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-27
Yu-Fen Lin Synthesis and Analysis of Toggle Cutting Mechanisms Driven by Cylindrical Cams Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-27
Hsuan-Li Lin A Comparative study on Property System of Township and Vallage Enterprise in China :Case Studies in Southern Jiangsu and Wenzhou ICAPS 2014-08-29
Chia-Min Lin Position Estimation of an Underwater Vehicle Using Ranges from One Transponder Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-08-21
YU-HO LIN Development of Transgenic Fish for Ornamental Applications Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-01
Shiou-Yi Lin Gold Price and Exchange Rate Dynamics Economics 2014-07-28
Jia-bin Lin Theoretical Studies on Heat Transfer and Material Flow during the Friction Stir Welding Process using a Pin Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Chih-lin Lin Experimental Verification of Independently Controllable Dual Output Transmission Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-02
Wen-yung LIN A Study of Reengineering for Information Systems - The Case of Taxation Information System Information Management 2014-09-03
Ching-yi Lin Importance sampling estimation of portfolio expected shortfall via copula approach Applied Mathematics 2014-08-28
Yen-ta Lin AgCuAl and AgMgAl crystalline and amorphous metallic thin films for high optical reflection and low electric resistivity applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-09-04
Kuan-yu Lin Igniting Metal Halide Lamps with High-Frequency Sinusoidal Voltages Electrical Engineering 2014-09-03
Chih-hao Lin Performance Analysis and Power Allocation Strategy in Overlay Cognitive Networks Communications Engineering 2014-09-05
Yi-shen Lin Designs of Variable-Length Error-Correcting Codes Using Modified Genetic Algorithm Communications Engineering 2014-09-09
Chun-i Lin A Novel MAI-free Uplink MC-CDMA System Communications Engineering 2014-09-09
Jhih-yi Lin The Impact of Social Capital on Team Boundary Spanning and Performance in ISD Project Information Management 2014-08-25
Chao-chun Lin The Role, Network and Management Strategies of a Special Sex Business Manager– The Case of "Chuan-Bo Company A" Public Affairs Management 2014-09-08
Yu-cheng Lin An odor control simulation test of in-situ 1,2-dichloroethane bioremediation Environmental Engineering 2014-09-09
Kung-hsuan Lin Performance Analysis of Dual-hop Selective Relaying Scheme with Co-Channel Interferences in Asymmetric Channels Communications Engineering 2014-09-10
Hong Lin Design of Ray Tracing Circuit with Hybrid Single and Packet Ray Traversal Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-11
Yang-yi Lin Integration and Verification of A Multi-Function Texture Unit with Graphics Processor Units Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-11
Heng-yu Lin A Computational Model of Emotion Based on Biosystem Information Management 2014-09-11
Yi-jen Lin Evaluate the bioremediation of trinitrotoluene contaminated soil Biological Sciences 2014-09-12
Kun-jie Lin Optical properties of material calculated through Kramers-Kronig relation using MATLAB Physics 2014-09-12
Wen-yen Lin Effects of thermal annealing on the structure, morphology, and electrical properties of n-ZnO/i- Al 2 O 3 /p-Si pin diodes Physics 2014-09-12
Kuan-tung Lin Taiwan's Role in Global Apparel Industry ICAPS 2014-09-11
Yu-heng Lin Study on raceway pond for microalgae culturing system Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-09-18
Chen-Yen Lin Characteristic Measurement of All Optical Phase Modulation Based On Field-Driven Quantum Wells Waveguide Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-18
Chao-chum Lin China's East Asia regional cooperation policy in the case of energy Political Science 2014-10-17
Yuan-He Lin Abyss Twisted-pair Imaging System (ATIS) for Real-time Seafloor Observation Institute of Undersea Technology 2014-10-21
Po-Hsun Lin Fabrication of shadow-less lamp with ellipse curved surface combined with metallic glass thgin film and free-form lens Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-11-07
Zun-Tsung Lin Studies of Self-humidification and Stable Operation PEMFC Stacks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-11-30
Shih-Chieh Lin Using Technology Acceptance Model to Explore People Using Mobile App to Search Medical and Health Information Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-12-02
Chin-li Lin A Method for Automatically Creating and Using Billboards to Increase the Speed of Object Rendering Computer Science and Engineering 2014-12-09
Yi-chen Lin The behavior of flame propagation in diverging microchannels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-12-24
Pei-Yu Lin Medication Adherence and Health Care Utilization among Schizophrenia Inpatients after Discharged: A Cohort Study in Taiwan Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-01-06
Yu-Ru Lin Analysis of Nano-Silver Synthesis by Polyol Process using Taguchi and Uniform Design Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-01-13
Chi-Lun Lin A Development Methodology with UML for Digital Game Plan Design: A Case Study of Role-Play Game Information Management 2014-07-03
Chuan-yu Lin Study on the OWC wave power converting system combined with breakwater Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-01-21
Chun-Sia Lin Effects of teachers' and students' efforts on the quality of students Economics 2015-01-21
Chih-kuo Lin The Study of Green Dynamic Capabilities of MNC’s Subsidiary in China:The Case of Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Human Resource Management 2015-01-22
Meng-ying Lin Researching the Impact of Media Multitasking Behavior on Attention and Working Memory Information Management 2015-01-24
Chen-ni Lin A Study of Amy Beach’s Three Songs, Op.11 and Three Shakespeare Songs, Op.37 Music 2015-01-26
Yu-xin Lin Feasibility Analysis of ANAMMOX Process Occurring in Microcosom Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-02-05
Jia-hui Lin Development of molecular- and nanomaterial-based probes for sensing biomolecules and metal ions Chemistry 2015-02-04
Chia-ying Lin Exploring the mechanisms linking customer negative events, employee withdrawal behaviors and work-family conflict: The moderating effects of core self-evaluation and service training Human Resource Management 2015-02-09
Chia-hsuan Lin A Study of Charles Stanford’s Concert Variations for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 71 Music 2015-02-11
Guan-Hung Lin The Singapore experience:A study of banking operation and bank mergers under SWF Finance 2015-02-11
Li-ting Lin Seeing through The Bluest Eye: A Symptomatic Presentation of Self-Love in the Look Foreign Language and Literature 2015-02-13
I-hui Lin Small Scale Travel Agency O2M Feasibility Study and Operations Analysis Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2015-02-11
Yen-Jung Lin Enhanced Dewatering of Municipal Sewage Sludge by Application of Advanced-Oxidation Conditioning and Plate-and-Frame Filter Press Electrodewatering Environmental Engineering 2015-02-16
Che-Ren Lin Fabrication of gold nanoparticle on solid support and its application in SERS Chemistry 2015-02-25
Po-Hsieh Lin Fabrication and Characterization of Novel Capacitor-less One-Transistor Dynamic Random Access Memories with Additional Body Regions Electrical Engineering 2015-03-31
Zen-Wei Lin Osteology of the Family Pempheridae (Perciformes) Department of Oceanography 2015-04-08
Chien-heng Lin The Policy to Open China’s Investment in Taiwan---The Prospective of National Security ICAPS 2015-04-24
Yi-Chieh Lin Design of Broadband Interconnects for Millimeter-Wave Wirebond Package Applications Electrical Engineering 2015-05-11
Yu-jen Lin Study of autophagy and cell toxicity in natural product AN30 treated oral cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-05-18
Li-chen Lin An Empirical Study of Reengineering of Local Tax Information Systems Business Management 2015-06-11
Ken-Huang Lin Investigation of Mechanism for Oxidative Steam Reforming of Ethanol by Kinetic Monte Carlo Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-06-15
Tze-yin Lin Glycine N-methyltransferase (GNMT) Downregulation Participates in Hepatoma-derived Growth Factor (HDGF)-mediated Liver Carcinogenesis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-06-22
Ching-wei Lin A Study of Performance Practice in Schumann's Violin Sonata No.1 in A minor, Opus 105 Music 2015-06-25
Chia-jung Lin An Empirical Analysis of International Crude Oil Price Included in Business Cycle Indicator of Taiwan Finance 2015-06-24
Yi-hsuan Lin The Simultaneous Analysis of MPAs Fishery Management Economics 2015-06-25
Sheng-Mao Lin The Study On Non-Performing Loans Treatment And Its Relationship With Financial Industry And Economic Development:A Cross-Border Comparison EMBA 2015-06-26
Yu-cheng Lin Theory and Empirical Analysis of Big Data Using EBO Model and Momentum Strategy - Evidence from Taiwan Listed Firms Finance 2015-06-30
Po-hung Lin Design of Collimated Reflective Curved Surface for Exposure System and Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-06-30
Wei-chin Lin Research and Management of Freelancer of Travel Agency EMBA 2015-07-01
Chia-hua Lin Rational solutions of second Painleve equation and related topics Applied Mathematics 2015-07-02
Ruey- der Lin A Comparison Study on Corporate Social Responsibility Reports among Integrated Steel Mills in Taiwan and Japan EMBA 2015-07-03
Tse-yu Lin Research of the Manager Achieving Organizational Performance through Leadership Style, Management Control Systems, and Organizational Climate - Case Study on China Steel Corporation Business Management 2015-07-04
Li-jung Lin An Analysis of the Influential Factors on Behavior Intention of the Handicap Accessible Taxi Public Affairs Management 2015-06-27
Hsiao-yun Lin A Study of General Internet Users’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior on the Online Shopping of Medical Devices Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-07-06
Yu-wei Lin The Relation Between Leader-Member Exchange and Teachers' Voice Behavior in Middle School--The Moderation of Power Distance and In/out Group Education 2015-07-04
Chih-wei Lin A study on job-applying willingness and employment confidence of NSYSU students: take Shin Kong Financial Holding as an example Public Affairs Management 2015-07-08
Yueh-ting Lin On the Improvement of Tongue Feature Extraction Method Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-02
Andrew Lin A Mixed-Voltage I/O Buffer with Slew Rate Compensation Electrical Engineering 2015-07-09
Wen-chun Lin Comparing the Effects of Diagnosis Related Groups on Hospitalization and Quality of Total Knee Replacement Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2015-07-14
Tsen-fang Lin Learning from Nature: The Compositional Ideas of the Series Starting from Four Seasons Beijing Music 2015-07-13
Tai-chien Lin Synergy analysis of the international semiconductor equipment company acquisitions,In Lam research's case EMBA 2015-07-20
Wei-siang Lin Application of Data Mining and Enhanced Bee Swarm Optimal Support Vector Machine for Regional Load Forecasting Electrical Engineering 2015-07-15
Shang-Hsien Lin Is there a Big Difference between Males and Females? ─ The Effect of Resume Screening Result in workplace Human Resource Management 2015-07-22
Yu-jhih Lin A Study of Financial Warning Model based on the Higher Education Institutions in Taiwan:A Case Study of Private Institutes of Higher Education with Low Enrollment Rate Finance 2015-07-13
Yen-fu Lin The Studies on Crystal Stability of Virus-like Particle from Dragon Grouper Betanodavirus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-06-29
Chia-hua Lin Ocean and Indigenous Culture in Linda Hogan’s People of the Whale Foreign Language and Literature 2015-07-27
Shu-I Lin A Study on Strategic Talent Development System EMBA 2015-07-25
Jhan-Le Lin Fast Locking Technique by Using a Programmable Operational Transconductor for a Phase Lock Loop Design Computer Science and Engineering 2015-07-16
Li-yang Lin Polypeptides containing luminescent units with aggregation-induced emission property Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-29
Yu-nung Lin Mirror-tunable Laser Interference Lithography System for Wafer-Scale Patterning with Flexible Periodicity Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-28
Yu-zhen Lin The Necessity of Establishing Independent Executive Agencies ICAPS 2015-07-24
Ya-An Lin Determination of chromium and antimony species in water and food samples by HPLC-ICP-MS and ESI-MS Chemistry 2015-07-31
Hung-Yu Lin The therapeutic effect of mitochondrial transfer from Wharton’s jelly mesenchymal stem cells (WJMSCs) to Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers (MERRF) syndrome-associated cells Biological Sciences 2015-07-31
Shih-Wei Lin Anti-angiogenic Function, Mechanism and Application of the Marine Derived Compound Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2015-07-22
Keng-Hsien Lin Cladding-modulated Bragg Grating Reflectors on Silicon-on-insulator Platform Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-29
Tai-te Lin Photo-enhanced Electronic Properties at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerfaces with Au Nanoclusters Physics 2015-06-26
Ho-Ta Lin The Relationship Between High Performance Work System and Voice Human Resource Management 2015-08-03
Yu-chun Lin The Analysis and Interpretation of Eugene Ysaÿe’s Sonata for Solo Violin No. 3, Op. 27 Music 2015-08-04
Pei-Yun Lin Study on Efficiency of Different Treatment Technology on Removing VOCs from Assembly Industry Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-07-22
Yao-Wen Lin Enhanced conductivity of PEDOT: PSS electrode by doping and heat treatment with polar aprotic solvents for ITO-free organic light emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-05
Chi-kuan Lin Fabrication and characteristics of thin film bulk acoustic resonator device using double piezoelectric layers Electrical Engineering 2015-08-06
Sheng-kai Lin Operation Planning of Virtual Power Plant with Demand Response Electrical Engineering 2015-08-10
Wei-Ting Lin Bad Data Detection in Distribution System State Estimation Electrical Engineering 2015-08-10
Chung-li Lin Research of Financial Holding Companies Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions of Banks-Case Studies of the Taiwanese Financial Holding Companies Business Management 2015-08-16
YI-HUA LIN The Research of Constructing Financial Service Business Model Innovation By Quality Function Deployment Business Management 2015-08-16
Yong-Huang Lin An Unipolar CMOS with Elevated Body and Spacer for Low Voltage Logic Gates Application Electrical Engineering 2015-08-04
Yean-ping Lin Lifetime Maximization in AF Cooperative Networks with Energy-Harvesting Relays Communications Engineering 2015-08-18
Tzu-Yang Lin Optimal Parallel Inverters Design Considering Light-Load Control Strategy and Reliability Cost Electrical Engineering 2015-08-21
Meng-yi Lin Utilizing Variable Resonant Inductor to Improve the Efficiency of Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converters Electrical Engineering 2015-08-23
Jian-Yu Lin Studies on chemical leaching and bioremediation of mercury polluted soil Biological Sciences 2015-08-21
Ying-Tsung Lin A Study of User Acceptance on Foldable Displays Business Management 2015-06-15
Pei-Yang Lin Phase Diagram Study of Al-Ag-Cu and Ti-Au-Ag System Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-24
Tse-yu Lin Study of Dieless Drawing of Titanium Wires Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-24
Shih-han Lin Study on the relation between sea level height in Taiwan coast and El Niño-Southern Oscillation Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-11
Su-mei Lin A study of the relationships between the NBI Index and the stock prices of Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese BioPharm Firms Finance 2015-08-26
Hsin-I Lin The Genderization of Risks in Traveling: the Imagination and Practice of Female Backpackers Institute of Sociology 2015-07-16
Yu-Chieh Lin The Effect of Offline Stores on Consumer’s Purchase Intention in O2O Business Models Information Management 2015-08-27
Yu-Kai Lin Using System Dynamics to Evaluate the Development Strategies for Port of Kaohsiung IMA 2015-08-26
You-Jen Lin The study of molecular arrangement and carrier transport properties of novel organic photoelectric materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-08-26
Sheng-Jr Lin Preliminary study of Green Party Taiwan Supporters’ Voting Behavior Public Affairs Management 2015-08-27
Yi-ting Lin The Research on The Influence That Procurement Person Exercise On The Government Organizations Human Resource Management 2015-08-31
Yi-chen Lin Fabrication of multi-axis motion type Electrochemical abrasive polishing machine and polishing experiments on inner surface of stainless steel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-28
Bing-Sian Lin Fate and Transport of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Gaoping Dispersal System Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-09-01
Tse-yu Lin Investigation of the SUMO-interacting motif of p38 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-08-26
Ju-lin Lin 《The Peony Pavilion》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2015-08-25
Cheng-Ting Lin A Secret-Sharing-Based Method for Cloud Storage System Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-02
Jian-Yu Lin Design and Implementation of Dual-Band MIMO Filtering Antennas with Good Isolation and Multiple Transmission Zeros for WLAN Applications Electrical Engineering 2015-08-25
Che-hung Lin Sulfonated fluorine-containing random poly(arylene ether)s copolymer as proton exchange membrane in PEMFC Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-09-07
Chia-ying Lin Image-Based Servo Control System of 5-DOF Underwater Hydraulic Manipulator Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-09-02
Yen-Ting Lin The structures of ZnO/Al2O3 superlattices grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Physics 2015-09-07
Yi-Hui Lin Flexible and Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation Scheme in Smart Grid Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-08
Shin-Shian Lin Investigation and development of the numerical simulation for powder melting phenomenon during the laser additive layer manufacturing process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-25
Chien-Yu Lin A Study of Work-Life Balance for Married Knowledge Workers: Antecedents and Consequences Human Resource Management 2015-09-11
Hsiu-Chen Lin Cultural Interpretation on the Maternal Meaning in Taiwanese Classical Poem and Prose during the Period of Koxinga and Qing Dynasty Chinese Literature 2015-09-05
Hung-shyuan Lin Applying The Concept of Fuzzy Logic to Inverse Reinforcement Learning Electrical Engineering 2015-11-26
Yen-Hung Lin Design Automation of Multi-Speed Parallel-Connected Epicyclic Automatic Transmissions for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-12-02
Kang-Cheng Lin Pilot Sequence Selection with Low Pilot Contamination in Downlink Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2015-12-14
Ji-Wen Lin Effect of the artificial floating island with salt tolerant plants on the treatments of wastewater with high salinity Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-01-14
Hsin-pei Lin A Comparative Study on the Effect of Immigration in France, Britain, and Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-01-19
Yu-tong Lin Masquerade of Lameness: On George Gordon Byron’s Body Performance in Byromania and The Deformed Transformed Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-28
Tzu-Wen Lin The Crisis Rhetoric strategy and effect:A case of Taiwan Lativ Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-01-28
Hui-yin Lin Entrepreneurship and Community Development – Exploring Returning Youth Entrepreneurial Process in the Concept of Entrepreneuring Business Management 2016-01-28
Yi-tsung Lin A study on adaptive cutting for scrolls Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-02-01
Tung-Ming Lin A Cross-level Analysis of Organizational Change on Employees’ Turnover Intention: The Mediating Effects of Psychological Contract Breach and Shared Mental Model Human Resource Management 2016-01-30
Chun-Ming Lin Phylogeography of Hyleoglomeris vittata Verhoeff, 1929 in Taiwan (Glomeridae, Glomerida, Diplopoda) Biological Sciences 2016-02-02
Tzu-chun Lin Social impact bond mechanism design and cost benefit analysis in long-term care Finance 2016-02-02
Chih-Hsin Lin A Method of Combination of Yee Grid and Lebedev Grid to Analysis Anisotropic Materials with FDTD Method. Communications Engineering 2016-02-16
Chih-Chen Lin What is beautiful/handsome is good?:The secret behind Facebook popularity Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-02-15
Mei-Tso Lin Network-aware Smart Data Dissemination Mechanism for Improving Quality of Service in VANETs Computer Science and Engineering 2016-02-16
Chia-Jung Lin Using relationship investment model to discuss the National Defense Education's effectiveness of All-out Defense Military Summer Camp. A case study of Amphibious Warriors Battle Camp. Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-02-16
Pu-Chou Lin Low-temperature Technique for High-efficiency Perovskite Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Physics 2016-02-08
Wan-jyun Lin Studies on ABT-751-induced Apoptosis and Autophagy via Reactive Oxygen Species in the Hepatocellular Carcinoma-derived Hep-3B cells Biological Sciences 2016-02-18
Yen-shao Lin Managerialism and Organization of Business Student Association Business Management 2016-02-18
Chia-Chi Lin Calculations of the Effective Dirac Hamiltonian in the Low-energy Limit by Using Löwdin Partitioning Method Physics 2016-05-24
Kuei-Nian Lin The Relationships among Service Quality,Perceived Value and Customers Satisfaction: a Study of National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium Business Management 2016-05-30
Yun Lin Effect on Sales Trend Pattern of Ad-based Online Group Buying Information Management 2016-06-01
Chi-Chih Lin A Weight-based Approach to the Classification of Uroflowmetry Curves Computer Science and Engineering 2016-06-04
Zong-Ying Lin Passive Fluxes of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Northern South China Sea and Northwest Pacific Department of Oceanography 2016-06-15
Hui-Wen Lin A Study in Strategic Management on Medium size Travel Agency of Taiwan –Based on Resource-Based Theory EMBA 2016-06-15
Yu-chun Lin Water-soluble ions in atmospheric aerosols in Kaohsiung coast Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-06-18
Yi-hsing Lin Study on Architecture-Oriented Digital Pets Software Model Information Management 2016-06-22
Tai-wei Lin Research on Responding Strategies for Popular Music Industry in the Digital Music Age in Taiwan Business Management 2016-06-24
Yu-Hui Lin Image fusion of smart phone equipped with high- and low-resolution dual cameras Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-12
Wen-cheng Lin Oligopolistic competition in heterogeneous goods market: optimal location and quality position of firms Economics 2016-06-25
Heng-yi Lin 3.0 Financial Analysis of Taiwan’s Internet Banking Users. Economics 2016-06-26
Yung-Tsun Lin How does the Taiwanese lay participation system implement in criminal trials by discussing the U.S. jury system ICAPS 2016-06-30
Ting-Hsuan LIn Antifouling activity of natural compounds and their derivatives against barnacle (Amphibalanus amphitrite) cypris larvae Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-06-24
Yi-ting Lin An Analytical Study of Scriabin's Piano Sonatas: Focusing on No.5 Sonata, Op.53 Music 2016-07-01
Yen-ying Lin The Rise of International Discourse in China: A Case Study in the Participation of International Organizations ICAPS 2016-07-03
Yu-Ying Lin The Effect of Work Arrangement on Young Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Job Search Behavior: Work-Life Balance as The Mediator Human Resource Management 2016-07-02
Hsiao-jung Lin Endogenous Growth in a Cash-in-Advance Economy:The Optimal Ratio of Tax Financing and Money Financing Economics 2016-07-06
Min-Rui Lin Analysis the regional impacts due to emission from the VOCs and odor pollutions in the semiconductor packaging processes using the ISCST3 model Environmental Engineering 2016-07-12
PEI-YI LIN CO2 responsiveness of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-methacrylic acid) Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-12
Chih-huan Lin Distributed Reception Technique using Coding Theory for Cooperative Communication Systems in the Presence of Eavesdroppers Communications Engineering 2016-07-13
Jen-yu Lin Paradoxical Leadership Behaviors and Goal Orientations: The Mediating Role of Team-Member Exchange Business Management 2016-07-11
Bo-sing Lin Graphene Oxide Cathode of Field Emission Emitter with Square Lattice Island Array Electrical Engineering 2016-07-14
Shao-yu Lin Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations of Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator Physics 2016-07-14
Yu-Chih Lin Magnetic nanoparticles combined with MALDI MS for specific detecting Hg Chemistry 2016-07-14
Feng-Wei Lin BSA nanoparticles-incorporated thermosensitive hydrogel for preventing post-operative recurrence of brain tumor Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2016-07-14
Wan-yu Lin Impacts of Leader-Member Exchange on Role Performance- Effects of Organizational Justice Human Resource Management 2016-07-08
Shun-Da Lin Forecasting 5-Year Treasury Interest,10-Year Treasury Interest and Leading Indicator of Taiwan Economics 2016-07-18
Chi-lin Lin An Analysis of Relevance of Foreign Direct Investment and China’s Economic Development: 1998-2013 ICAPS 2016-07-20
Guan-rong Lin Stand-Alone Excited Synchronous Wind Power Generators and Its Control Scheme Electrical Engineering 2016-07-21
Yu-cheng Lin Investigation of Drain Lapping Effect on Tunnel-FET With Poly-Si Channel Film Electrical Engineering 2016-07-20
Chiu-chin Lin The Relationships between Organizational Socialization Tactics and Organizational Socialization Contents:A Case Study of Firefighter Newcomers Human Resource Management 2016-07-22
Mei-chu Lin Personalized Mobile Application Recommender System Based On User Feedback Information Management 2016-07-25
Pei-chun Lin CEO-TMT Exchange Quality and Firm Performance: The Role of Competitive Behaviors Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-07-25
Shiang-jiun Lin Modern Mass Spectrometry Combined with Principal Component Analysis for Rapid Characterization of Bacterial Species Chemistry 2016-07-14
Ya-ching Lin The Influence of Population Aging on Economic Growth, Labor Market and Saving Behavior: Taiwan's Case Studies Finance 2016-06-24
Yi-Han Lin Competitor Mining Using Customer Reviews Information Management 2016-07-27
Jyun-Min Lin Fabrication and characteristics of Bismuth Telluride and Antimony Telluride-based thermoelectric materials Electrical Engineering 2016-07-27
Yi-Min Lin Reactions of Open-Cage Fullerene with Molybdenum Carbonyl Complex Chemistry 2016-07-27
Chien-liang Lin IPMI Developing Flow Improvement-A Case Study of a Company’s IPMI Compile Flow Information Management 2016-07-25
Yi-wen Lin Effect of annealing temperature and time on microstructure and tensile properties of a hot-rolled medium Mn steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-03
Yi-Chieh Lin Research on Business Successor Choice and Issues from the Perspective of Successors: The Case of Taiwanese Family Businesses Human Resource Management 2016-07-26
Ming-Hsien Lin Study on the management of human resource management in the operation of the supplementary educational institution- Giraffe English Kaohsiung branch as an example EMBA 2016-08-02
I-Ming Lin Helical Phase from Achiral Hybrids of Poly(styrene)-b-poly(4-vinylpyridine) Block Copolymers/Dendron Molecules Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-02
Chun-Jung Lin The Study on the Brand Marketing of Taiwan EMBA 2016-08-01
Po-Chih Lin Oxidation of Methylene Blue(MB) and p-Nitrophenol(PNP) using a Bimetallic(Cu, Fe) catalyst Chemistry 2016-08-09
Chia-wei Lin Study on Channel Estimation and System Implement for LTE MIMO System Communications Engineering 2016-08-01
Yi-hsun Lin An Analytic Model for a Small-cell Embedded Large-cell Sectored Network Electrical Engineering 2016-08-09
Yi-ling Lin Phase behavior of refractory metal Ta upon pulsed laser ablation in C-Si-O-H and vacuum- environment Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-06
Yu-Ching Lin To win by a surprise move? The brand-posts congruent effect on Facebook fan pages Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-07-27
Meng-Shun Lin Integration and Verification of 3D Graphics System with DVFS and Multi-precision Technique Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-09
Pin-hsuan Lin Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy Harvesting Secondary Users Communications Engineering 2016-08-09
Yi-ling Lin Study on Affection of Thermal Effect to Switching Mechanism during Reset Process in One Transistor One RRAM Device (1T1R) Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-03
De-sing Lin Geometric Design and Presetting Analysis of Rectangular Cross-sectional Spring Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-16
I-sheng Lin Study of Bloch Surface Wave on One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Substrate Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-16
Shang-neng Lin 3Days Off in A Week To Maintain The Work-Life Balance And Improve The Work Producitivity Among Employees EMBA 2016-08-03
Chien-ying Lin The Impact of the Work Value, Work Motivation on Employee Engagement —Supervisory Support as Moderator Human Resource Management 2016-08-15
Jiun-chi Lin Exploring Challenges of Collaborative Process in PPP through the Garbage Can Model and Organizational Learning Approach: An Analysis of Pintung Swallow Fly South Project and Kaohsiung Yungling Organic Farm Political Science 2016-08-11
Chia-Ching Lin Reconstruction of mid-cervical injured spinal cord following transplantation of fetal spinal cord tissue Biological Sciences 2016-08-18
Cheng-Hao Lin The Study of Innovative Business Model in Security Prodact Development EMBA 2016-08-18
Chih-Wen Lin Attribute-based Encryption from Identity-based Encryption Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-22
Xin-zhang Lin The influence of flowing nitrogen on the quality of perovskite thin film Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-15
Song-Cheng Lin Study of Carrier Transport Properties of Phenothiazine/Dimesitylborane-Based Materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-22
Shang-huai Lin Fabrication of AlN thin film on LiTaO3 substrate and the application on SAW device Electrical Engineering 2016-08-24
Che-wei Lin Novel Thread-based Capillary Electrophoresis Electrochemical System integrated Electrospray Ionization for Mass Spectrometry Detection in Bioanalysis and Food-safety Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-25
Tsung-chun Lin Geometric Design and Kinetics Analyses of Lobe Cam Drives Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-26
Tzu-yang Lin Empathy Problematized: Sham and Shame in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-29
Hung-yi Lin Detection Technique for Ferrous Debris Concentration and Viscosity in EDM Fluid Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-30
Ting-Syuan Lin Coopetition and Remuneration between Suppliers and Retailers in a Duopoly Energy Market Business Management 2016-08-30
Hung-yu Lin Enticing and Engaging Consumers via Online Product Value Presentations Information Management 2016-08-31
Hong-Han LIN Design and Analysis of Over Obstacles for Rollator Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-31
Chih-Yung Lin Variability in Spatial Distribution of Physical and Geochemical Characteristics of Surface Sediments in Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2016-08-31
Yu-chun Lin The sponge assemblage and sponge-associated microbial composition at the seawater aquafarm in southern Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2016-09-03
Ni-ke Lin Study on characteristics and forming process of BNOx resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-08
Jia-wei Lin Study on Ellipsoidally Referenced Bathymetric Survey Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-31
Shian-liang Lin A Survey on the Algorithms of the Edit Distance Problem and Related Variants Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-07
Chun-chi Lin Abusive Supervision and Organizational Citizenship Behavior : The Moderating Role of Employee Engagement Human Resource Management 2016-09-07
Ke-chin Lin The study of widely tunable circular gratings with the photo-alignment method Physics 2016-09-07
Jia-sian Lin Study of Software Implementation of a Multimedia Conference System Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-07
Yan-hong Lin A Catching Ball System with Prediction on Trajectory of the Flying Ball Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-07
Tsuo-ming Lin Study of Dynamic Scattering Mode in Dye-doped Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-09-07
Ming-siang Lin Flow/Heat Transfer Characteristics Analysis of Spray Cooling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-31
Hsiao-chi Lin A Study Of the Correlation between Brand Mascot and Purchase Intention:Identifying the role of Consumer Brand awareness EMBA 2016-09-07
Xuan-Di Lin A Numerical Study of the Data Assimilation in the Taiwan Coast Sea Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-09-09
Chia-cheng Lin Studies on the Friction Stir Lap Welding of Aluminum Alloy to Alumina Plates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-08
Su-huei Lin International Climate Governance: An Assessment From International Regime Theory to Regime Complex Theory Political Science 2016-09-09
Shih-Hang Lin The Evolution of Magnetic Skyrmion in the Spin Reorientation Transition Range of Co/Au(111) Physics 2016-09-09
Yu-shen Lin A study of digital signature batch verification Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-20
Chien-teng Lin Construct Ultrasonic Diffusion Field to Enhance Microalgae Biomass Productivity Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-10-25
Ping-Cheng Lin Valence Electronic Structures, Interfacial Properties and Surface pH of Amphiphilic Phenol and Dihydroxybenzenes of Aqueous Nanoaerosols via Aerosol VUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy Chemistry 2016-10-24
Gu-Xuan Lin Study of Modified Comb Magnetic Structure in High Efficient Synchronous Permanent Magnet Dynamotor Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-10-28
Cheng-chih Lin Exploring the related factors of influenza vaccination of the elderly in Taiwan - using National Health Interview Survey Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-12-14
Wei-Yu Lin An Application of Human-Centered Design to the Design of IoT and Air Pollution in Child Care Information Management 2016-12-29
Kao-yang Lin The exploration of entrepreneurial guidance program from the perspective of students entrepreneurial team:A Case Study of National Sun Yat-sen University Entrepreneurship Center Information Management 2016-12-30
Jun-Hong Lin A Dynamic CRE and ABS Scheme to Enhance Network Capacity in LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-05
Sheng-Han Lin Mutual Fund Flows and Momentum – A Case Study of Taiwan Finance 2017-01-11
Yang Lin NFC Market expansion -A Case Study of NXP Corporation EMBA 2017-01-12
Chuan–Fa Lin The Study of Laborers' Constitutional Right to Work ICAPS 2017-01-16
An-Lou Lin The Key Factors on Development of Mobile Payment – The Case of Wechat Wallet Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-01-18
Jia-Ying Lin 3D Virtual Guidance System for Human Rehabilitation Assistance Electrical Engineering 2017-01-16
Yi-Hsiu Lin Comparison of Adverse Drug Reaction and Healthcare Utilizations between Bisphosphonate and Raloxifene on Osteoporosis Women Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-01-20
Guan-Yu Lin Analyses of Business Strategy and Competitive Dynamics in the FMCG Industry Business Management 2017-02-09
Ci-hui Lin The Visions in the Words: Visual Images and Sensations in P. K. Page's Poetic Language Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-10
Pi-yu Lin The effects of marine compound on angiogenesis and migration of glioblastoma multiforme Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-02-11
Yi-Chun Lin The Influence of Playing Good cop/Bad cop on Subordinate Performance - The Mediating Effect of Satisfaction on Supervisor Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-02-14
Jing-nai Lin A Study of Chien Tseng’s Poetry in The Early Qing Empire:Contemplative、Extraordinary and Adherents Writing Chinese Literature 2017-02-13
Huan-Yu Lin The forms and contents of web information help to sell artwork Theatre Arts 2017-02-13
Wei-Cheng Lin Study of distortion of MOSFET in the weak avalanche region under different geometry conditions using Volterra series Electrical Engineering 2017-02-15
Rung-Yuan Lin A Study of Influence of Uber Marketing Strategies on Users Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-02-16
Wen-Wei Lin Development of an innovative quantitative platform by anti-polyethylene glycol antibody and the correlation of anti-PEG antibody with the therapeutic efficacy of PEGylated erythropoietin Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-03-13
Kun-da Lin Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Gating Network Electrical Engineering 2017-03-27
Yu-ting Lin A Study on Strategic Positioning and Sustainable Competitive Competitive Advantages---The Case of Muji Business Management 2015-07-10
Chin-shen Lin The Business Model Feasibility Study about Wholesale Chain Store of General Merchandises at the Multi-island Region EMBA 2017-03-15
Sheng-En Lin Design and Evaluation of an Improved 10-bit Integrating CMOS ADC Electrical Engineering 2017-05-22
CHI-TING Lin Gender and Leadership roles: Comparison between two Theoretical Perspectives Human Resource Management 2017-05-28
Chun-Nien Lin Research on B2B Professional Engineering Service Quality-A Case of China Steel Business Management 2017-05-30
Shih-siang Lin Synthesis and characterization of special Ta/W carbides and graphene by pulsed laser ablation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-06-06
Pei-Wen Lin Talent Development and Manpower Planning of Traditional Wood Industry: The case of F Company EMBA 2017-06-04
Tzu-hui Lin Effect of surface passivation on carrier lifetime of textured crystalline silicon wafers Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-06-19
Ji-Chun Lin The Effect of Work and Family Balance on Happiness- Family Friendly Culture as a Moderator Human Resource Management 2017-06-23
Tzu-Yin Lin The Study on Relationships of Business Leading Indicators and the Real Estate Price in Taiwan Economics 2017-06-26
Yu-Hsin Lin An Interpretation of Bizet’s Feuilles d’Album Music 2017-06-15
Cheng-Pu Lin Hankel determinant for Schröder path with restricted height Applied Mathematics 2017-06-27
Li-te Lin Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on apoptosis and mitochondrial function of cumulus cells in poor ovarian responders Biological Sciences 2017-06-28
Sing-rong Lin The Linkage among Imported Energy, Trade, and Economic Growth in Taiwan Economics 2017-06-29
Yi-Wei Lin A Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Shipbuilding Corporation:A case of China Ship Building Corporation. Business Management 2017-06-30
Hsien-Kuang Lin A Study on the Transformation of Several Asset Management Companies in Taiwan and Mainland China EMBA 2017-07-04
HUI-SHIUN LIN Say No to Plastic Packaging: The Research on Packaging Free Supermarket and Future Development Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-07-05
Chun-Ping Lin A Discourse Analysis of High School Civics Curriculum Guidelines and Textbooks on Civil Disobedience in Taiwan Education 2017-07-06
Mei-Tsu Lin Research on Competitive Strategy of Credit Card in Domestic Public Bank EMBA 2017-07-05
Kuan-Hao Lin Investigation of Cold-Rolled and Annealed Texture and Magnetic Properties of 1.24 wt.% Si and 2.54 wt.% Si Non-oriented Electrical Steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-12
Chin-Wei Lin A Study on the Development of E-commerce in Taiwan's Insurance Industry EMBA 2017-07-15
Bei-Shan Lin A Study on Internationalization Strategy of Small and Medium Size B to B Entrepreneur in Taiwan Business Management 2017-07-13
Jia-Ming Lin Development the techniques of 1. molecular imaging on solid surface 2. combining cotton swab sampling to apply on rapid screening by thermal desorption-electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry Chemistry 2017-07-11
Yen-You Lin The effects of anti-inflammatory marine-derived compounds on arthritic rats Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-07-12
Yun-Sheng Lin Forecasting Economic Growth Rates with Time-Varying Parameters Model - The case of Taiwan Economics 2017-07-17
Wan-Ju Lin Developmental leadership and subordinate evaluations: The moderating role of perceived leader competence Human Resource Management 2017-07-24
Yu-Mei Lin The Study of the Effect of Indigenous Defence Warship Policy in Shipbuilding Industry EMBA 2017-07-26
Chieh-Yu Lin The Effects of OCB Pressure on Destructive Voice Behavior, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Task Performance: The Integration of Justice, Impression Management, and Personal Cost Perspectives Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-07-21
Yu-pei Lin Epitaxial Growth of Gallium Oxide on (001) LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-27
Yu-Pin Lin A study of Chopin -Liszt’s Six Chants Polonais, S.480 Music 2017-07-26
Yen-chun Lin The Research on the Prediction of Enterprise Customer Churn on Voice Services Information Management 2017-08-01
Guan-Jie Lin Lithium poly(4-styrene sulfonyl(phenylsulfonyl)imide) as a binder for lithium-silicon battery anodes Chemistry 2017-08-02
Tzu-Yang Lin An Aptasensor for Highly Selective Dopamine Detection Based on Colorimetry and Fluorescence Quenching System Institute of Medical Science and Technology 2017-08-02
Hsiu-pin Lin The study of Acoustic Propagation in Dongsha Atoll Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-08-03
Wen-yan Lin Study on Reset Dynamic Switching Mechanisms of Oxide-based Resistance Random Access Memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-21
Kuan-Yu Lin Leader authoritarianism, benevolence, and their effects on paternalistic relational identity Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-08-07
Min-Kai Lin A Study on the System of Land Expropriation on Both Sides of the Strait ICAPS 2017-07-31
Ya-Yun Lin Ti-Au-Pd 800°C Phase Diagram Study Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-09
Ying-Lan Lin Leaders' Personality Traits, Aesthetic Leadership and Management Performance: A Case study of Garden and Landscape Project in Taiwan EMBA 2017-08-09
Tsen-hung Lin Glutathione Regulation of the Acclimation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to High-intensity Illumination: the Importance of Glutathione Redox Status Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-08-14
CHIA-YU LIN The Study on the Shell-Domain Structure of Capsid Protein from Dragon Grouper Betanodavirus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-06-15
Wei-Hong Lin Using the Dashu Old Rail Bridge Constructed Wetland ystem for Polluted River Water Purification and Ecosystem Rehabilitation Environmental Engineering 2017-08-15
Jau-Cho Lin Design and Experimental Research of Acoustic Cloak in the Air Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-10
Zheng-Yi Lin Impacts of Active Layer Thickness on Electrical Characteristics of Poly-Si Tunnel Transistors Electrical Engineering 2017-08-16
Guan-ru Lin Ag-Al-Sb and Ag-Al-Zn 500℃ Alloys Phase Diagrams Study Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-16
Sing-yi Lin Comparison of control methods for waste gases emitted from drying and sintering operations for industrial wasted sludge Environmental Engineering 2017-08-11
Yu-Hsiang Lin Strictly Dissipative Control for Discrete-Time Singular Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-08-18
Sin-yi Lin Effect of Time Pressure on Consumer’s Purchase Intention: A Neuroscience Study Information Management 2017-08-18
Tsu-An Lin A Deep Learning Based Natural Language Conversation System: Studies on Financial Datasets Information Management 2017-08-16
Chih-chia Lin Two Doping Less Bridge Single-Transistor DRAMs for Low-Power Supply and High-Speed Application Electrical Engineering 2017-08-21
Pin-yu Lin Not Just Devices,We are Partners-Effects of Different APP Characteristics on Intimacy Information Management 2017-08-18
Shin-Yi Lin How do the attributes of apps in the App store affect their market performance? Business Management 2017-08-16
Chen-Yun Lin Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Polyvinylidene Fluoride/Carbon Nanotubes Composite which is Effected by Electric Field Polarization: A Molecular Dynamics study Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-21
Kuan-Ting Lin Improved Fiber Sensor by Using a Double-MZI Structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-21
Fu-Pin Lin The Competition and Development Research of Photon Resonance Technology Equipment in Egg Laying Hen Industry EMBA 2017-08-21
Hsiu-ying Lin Identifying Potential Adverse Drug Events from Tweets Information Management 2017-08-21
Po-Hao Lin Development of On-line Automatic Detection Device of Ferrous Debris Concentration in Oils Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-19
Chen-jui Lin Study of pyrrole derivative in high color-rendering warm-white fluorescent-phosphorescent organic light-emitting-diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-24
Sophia Lin Fleet Dynamics of Trawl Fisheries in the Southwestern Waters off Taiwan Based on Data from Voyage Data Recorder and Landings IMA 2017-08-25
Chung-Sin Lin To explore the management in the technology industry and its innovative R & D department Human Resource Management 2017-08-25
Yung-shan Lin Study of Interactive Management of DUI in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-08-25
Wei-Chun Lin Entrepreneurial identity---The Inquiry of Narrative Life Story of Small and Medium-Size Enterprise Entrepreneurs Business Management 2017-08-29
Wen-Jun Lin Thermal and Photochemical Reactions of 1H-1,2,3-Triazole and Phenyl Isocyanate on Graphene Matrix and Copper Surface Chemistry 2017-08-30
Chiang-Yu Lin Automatic Video Recording System for Classroom Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-29
I-ru Lin From promotion to purchase: The mediating effect of perceived value and moderating effect of player types. Information Management 2017-08-29
Yi-Men Lin Factors Affecting Customers’ Purchase Decision on Industrial Products: Taking Imported Gear-reducers as an Example EMBA 2017-08-31
Chun-Yi Lin Fabrication of high frequency SAW devices using e-beam lithography technology Electrical Engineering 2017-08-30
I-Fu Lin Study on Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Characteristics around the Head of Breakwater Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-07-23
DING-JYUN LIN Heptamethine Cyanine Based Semiconducting Polymer Dots for : ( i ) Detection of Cellular pH ; and ( ii ) Quantification of Glutathione Chemistry 2017-09-07
Sin-an Lin Study of lattice plane control of blue phase II liquid crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-07
Jin-wei Lin Study and application of encapsulated bi-stable dynamic scattering cholesteric liquid crystal for flexible smart window Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-07
Kuan-Hung Lin The Practice of Alternative Agro-Food Network ─ A Case Study of the Food and Farming Education in Longdu Elementary School Institute of Sociology 2017-09-08
He-Cian Lin Joint Resource Block Allocation and Power Control with Graph Coloring Algorithm in Device-to-Device Communication Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-08
CHENG-PANG LIN The magnetic and electric transport property research on diluted magnetic oxides semiconductor Physics 2017-09-07
Yu-Hsuan Lin The study of optical properties of AlGaAs two-dimensional electron gas using terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2017-09-11
De-Long Lin Richard Rorty on Truth and Relativism Philosophy 2017-09-12
Yan-Ting Lin Linearity analysis for SiGe HBTs in the avalanche region at different temperatures through Volterra-series Electrical Engineering 2017-09-12
Hung-Chun Lin Exploring the Impact of Switching Motivation and Switching Cost on Regret and Following Consequences Information Management 2017-09-12
Hui-Min Lin The Effects of Occupational Gender Stereotype and Positive / Negative Information on Perceived Occupational Competency Education 2017-09-12
MINGCHAO LIN A Study of Policies for Mainland Chinese Students—the Case of National Health Insurance for Mainland Chinese Students ICAPS 2017-09-13
Kun-Yi Lin The effect of pre-oxidation and nitrogen source on formation of N-nitrosamine from PPCPs during ozonation Environmental Engineering 2017-09-13
Sian-jhang Lin Effect of structural characteristics on adsorption of pharmaceuticals by graphene oxide-iron oxide nanocomposite material Environmental Engineering 2017-09-13
Bi-Shiang Lin The Algorithms for the Linear Space S-table on the Longest Common Subsequence Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-12
Ting-Ying Lin Information and Energy Cooperation in Overlay Energy Harvested MIMO Cognitive Radio Systems Communications Engineering 2017-09-13
Chia-chi Lin Is Speaking Up Beneficial to Employees? Exploring the Differential Effects of Voice Behaviors on Supervisor Performance Evaluation and Coworker Relationships: The Moderating Roles of Person-Supervisor Fit and Employee Self-Monitoring Human Resource Management 2017-09-19
Chun-fei Lin A study on tourism-related graduated students' hotel internship experience in housekeeping department Human Resource Management 2017-09-15
Yi-Gu Lin A Research on Kaohsiung Citizens’ Perception and Attitudes toward Social Housing as well as Addressing the Relationship between Citizen Participation and the Endorsement of Social Housing Public Affairs Management 2017-11-19
Reui-yan Lin Video Summarization based on Face Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2017-12-10
Chun-Chiao Lin Spontaneous Growth by Sol-gel Process of Low Temperature ZnO Thin Film in Flexible Organic Optoelectronic Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-01-09
Tai-yu Lin A Student on My Team Learning Process - From Planing Logic to Doing Logic Business Management 2018-01-09
Yi-yan Lin Research and Comparison of Financial Supervision Cultures in Civil Law Countries Finance 2018-01-11
Szu-Yin Lin What Makes an Innovative Entrepreneurial Team? An Examination of Functional Roles, Cognitive Styles and Entrepreneurial Passion Diversity Human Resource Management 2018-01-12
I-Chin Lin The Public Service Motivation of Public Employment Examinee –A Case Study of A Cram School in Kaohsiung EMPP 2018-01-13
Wen-jun Lin Asymmetric Effect of Advertising on MAX Anomaly Finance 2018-01-18
TING-YI LIN Fused Biconical Fiber Couplers applies to wavelength division multiplexing for 2um Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-01-16
Szu-Chieh Lin The study of new comer's insightfullness on the relationship between person-organization fit and job search Human Resource Management 2018-01-14
MAO-TUNG LIN The effect of team conflict on team learning: The mediating role of person-team fit Business Management 2018-01-04
Chun-kuang Lin Development of antiviral drugs from marine natural products and investigation of drug target against virus Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2018-01-29
Bi-hua Lin Relationship of sea state and ship maneuvering in Kaohsiung second port Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-01-30
Ding-Zhi Lin Integrated Circuit Designs for a Multi-signal Biomedical Signal Recording Chip Electrical Engineering 2018-01-29
Ruey-Chorng Lin High performance and dendritic polybenzoxazines: Molecular structure designs and characteristic behavior investigations Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-02-01
Yu-Chu Lin Research of Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty of Fitness Club Business Management 2018-02-02
Szu-chen Lin Superiority or inferiority? The relationship between supervisor narcissistic personality and abusive supervision behavior: The moderating roles of supervisor demand-ability job fit and power distance orientation Human Resource Management 2018-02-03
Meng-Kai Lin Analysis of the Impact of the Smog on Economic Efficiency and Productivity in Mainland China Cities ICAPS 2018-02-01
Ruo-qi Lin A study of Taiwanese Classical Journey Poems to Japan during Japanese Ruling Period(1895-1945) Chinese Literature 2018-02-10
Shu-yen Lin Supervisory Control and Big Data Analysis System for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive Electrical Engineering 2018-02-17
Chia-jung Lin Unaccusative Verbs in Chinese and Japanese Resultative Constructions Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-13
Chao-hsin Lin A Study of Brahms’ Three Intermezzi, Op. 117 Music 2018-02-20
PO-HAO LIN The Social Instability and Spatialities in Thomas Dekker’s and Thomas Middleton’s Jacobean City Comedies Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-22
Chun-Kuan Lin Effects of hydrolysis and conditioning on sewage sludge electrodewatering Environmental Engineering 2018-02-22
Li-Ting Lin Distribution of perfluorinated compounds from Pearl River Estuary, China Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-02-21
Pei-Chieh Lin Visual Communication is the Future: A Study of uses and gratifications perspective on Instagram Institute of Marketing Communication 2018-02-23
Tzu-Chuan Lin Distribution of Modern Benthic Foraminifera at the Southern Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2018-02-26
En-Li Lin Trapping of Structural Coloration Ranging from UV to SWIR Wavelength by Bioinspired Gyroid Microstructures in Solid State Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-03-14
Pei-yin Lin Product Attributes in Creative Living Goods- Using Kano Model in the Case of Bedding Textiles Theatre Arts 2018-03-28
Sih-Yu Lin Efficient Aggregation in CoAP Proxy for QoS Support of Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2018-04-10
Mu-Tsang Lin The Analysis and Conducting Interpretation of Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's Symphony No.5 in D Major “Reformation” Music 2018-05-07
Bing-han Lin Method of fundamental solutions on simulating sloshing liquids in 2D tanks Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-05-13
Yi-Chia LiN The Study of Local Residents' Pro -Environmental Behavior in Wetland and Its Relatedness to the Place Attachment Public Affairs Management 2018-05-22
Ling-Hsiu Lin A Case Study on Strategic Management of Fastener Industry EMBA 2018-06-05
Yu-Chiao Lin Growth and characterization of M-plane III-nitride thin films heterostructure by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2018-06-13
Hung-Chun Lin Exploring the Analysis of the Advantages of Corporate Transformation and Future Management Challenges EMBA 2018-06-11
Po-han Lin The Effects of Job Characteristics and Work Passion on Job Behavior:The Moderating Effects of Social Support and Person-Environment Fit Human Resource Management 2018-06-20
Keng-Pin Lin Study on Taiwanese Knowledge and Attitude of Shark Fin Consumption in Tainan and Kaohsiung IMA 2018-06-10
Hung-Ting Lin Application of eco-friendly quantum dots on solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-06-27
Bo-Wei Lin Wideband MIMO Antennas for the 5G Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2018-06-25