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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Sue-Ching O none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-26
Christopher-James O'Brien The Evolving Gypsy Image and the Romani People in the Western Imagination Foreign Language and Literature 2007-07-21
Hirofumi Oji Banana industry organization and operation Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-08-02
Shau-bai Ong The acceptance of the integrated real-time traffic information system Communications Management 2006-07-27
Ui-ka Ong A taxonomic revision of the Eumeta bagworms (Lepidoptera: Tineioidea, Psychidae) of Taiwan, with special reference to the variation and asymmetry in male morphology Biological Sciences 2010-02-04
Kovacs Orsolya Politics versus Economy: Contradictions of Hungarian-Slovakian Relation in the 21th Century ICAPS 2012-08-13
Narantsogt Otgonsuren An Investigation to Approach the Mongolia SME Development: A Lesson from Taiwan’s Key Success Factor Public Affairs Management 2008-06-16
Min-Nan Ou The Enhancement of Magnetoresistance in La1-xAxMnO3(A=Sr,Ca) films Physics 2000-07-27
Ching-Ju Ou Role of angiotensinergic neurotransmission at nucleus reticularis ventrolateralis during experimental endotoxemia Biological Sciences 2001-06-26
Seng-chau Ou The Interpretations and Practices of Asian Values--Singapore Case Study Political Science 2002-01-14
Yu-Chen Ou none Business Management 2002-01-23
Rong-Chang Ou Engineering Behavior Artificial Benthic Habitats And Analysis and Design Anchoring Design Devices for Farming Cages Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-03-23
Shu-Fang Ou Characteristics and transitions of titanomagnetite in the sheeted-dike basalts from the ODP drilled hole 504B---with implication for the magnetization of oceanic crusts Marine Resources 2002-02-22
Hung-Jiun Ou Power Coupling Analysis of Weakly-fused Equilateral 3x3 Fiber Couplers for Polarized Input Light Electrical Engineering 2002-06-24
Ting-Chia Ou A protection study for vehicles and grade crossings using radio system technology Electrical Engineering 2002-07-26
Lien-Tang Ou none EMBA 2002-07-30
Tien-Fan Ou The Influences of Sputtering Parameters on the Piezoelectric and Electromechanical Coupling Coefficients of AlN Thin Films Electrical Engineering 2004-07-06
Chia-ching Ou Adhesion effect on tool wear of polishing process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-14
Nai-ling Ou Stock market anomaly, arbitrage and mispricing Finance 2005-01-25
Yi-fang Ou Current Transport Mechanisms in Organic Light-Emitting Diode Electrical Engineering 2005-07-01
Ching-fang Ou none Finance 2005-07-13
Wen-Yi Ou Bidirectional Charge Equalization Circuit for Series-Connected Batteries Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
Wei-chung Ou From the Viewpoint of Cross-section Teamwork To Investigate the Project Management -- A Case Study of An IS Department of A Bank Information Management 2005-09-02
Hung-jiun Ou Modeling and Design of the Three-core Power Splitter Based on Photonic Crystal Fibers Electrical Engineering 2006-06-27
Fu-Chiang Ou The Benefits Assessment of People’s Participation in Ecotourism -Take Example of Tanbian Village’s Eco-garden Public Affairs Management 2006-07-13
Nai-ling Ou The influence of M&A regarding the integration of the supporting line--A case study of the human resource department in financial holdings Human Resource Management 2006-07-21
Wen-chin Ou Performance Analysis of Closed-Form Least-Squares TDOA Location Methods in Multi-Sensor Environments Electrical Engineering 2006-07-26
Fu-chang Ou The Research of Strategic Development of the Communist China Navy After the Cold War Mainland China Studies 2007-07-02
Chum-yen Ou Serum High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, White Blood Cell Count, and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels are Associated with Coronary Artery Lesions in Kawasaki Disease Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-07-04
Chun-wei Ou none Economics 2007-07-16
Shih-yu Ou Exploration of IT department executing Total Quality Management–Based on the Car Company Information Management 2007-07-17
Tzu-ching Ou none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-30
Fang-gung Ou The study on practices of middle manager's development Human Resource Management 2007-08-19
Chung-hsien Ou The Study of the Merge of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County-A Perspective of Organization Reengineering Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-23
Mei-Rong Ou The Research of Synergy about Merging of Public Banks —A Case Study Of Bank of Taiwan and Central Trust of China EMBA 2008-08-15
Tsung-che Ou The study of the use of polymer liquid crystal for optical recording of holography Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-21
Shan-fu Ou Discussing the Patterns and Quality of Prescriptions in Ambulatory Children with Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Among Different Specialists. EMBA 2009-07-09
Yi-hung Ou Design of Adaptive Block Backstepping Controllers for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Electrical Engineering 2010-02-05
Chia-ming Ou Human Resources Globalization Strategy -A Case Study for X Company of optronics industrial EMBA 2010-08-17
Ting-Chia Ou Unbalanced Distributed Distribution Network Fault Analysis and Smart Grid Application Electrical Engineering 2010-11-24
Chih-Fang Ou The feasibility study of Chinese medicine services in cloud computing for commercial use EMBA 2011-08-22
Hsin-yu OU Competition analysis of Taiwan stainless steel fitting industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-07-04
Chih-Hung Ou The effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and tensile properties of a medium Mn content steel. Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-31
Wei-sheng Ou Hybrid Zero-Voltage- and Zero-Current-Switching Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter Electrical Engineering 2013-08-14
Shih-hao Ou Design of CMOS voltage-to-time converter for CM/DM analog-to-digital conversion Electrical Engineering 2013-09-26
Yung-Hsuan Ou The Mediating Mechanisms between Prosocial Motivation and Job Performance in Mission-driven Organizations Human Resource Management 2014-07-28
Ya-Wen Ou A Study of Senior Primary School Students’ Plant Observation Capabilities and Identification Models Biological Sciences 2014-08-23
Yih-hsin Ou Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Coral Sinularia mollis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-08-21
Shu-Fang Ou Analysis of Cosmetic Products Company Business Model in China EMBA 2014-08-27
Che-Hung Ou Study on the recovery of spent nitric acid liquor containing formaldehyde and copper Environmental Engineering 2014-09-08
Hsiu-mei Ou The Study of Kangxi' Emperor's Chun Qiu Jie Yi Chinese Literature 2014-09-08
Chuan-Hsien Ou The Analysis of the China's Internet Loans Industry under the Perspective of Credit Risk Finance 2015-07-21
Jiun-Hau Ou Treatment of TCE and Cr(VI) contaminated groundwater using bimetallic nanoparticles Environmental Engineering 2015-08-18
Heng-jui Ou Numerical Studies on Heat Transfer and Plastic Flow of Dissimilar Materials in Friction Stir Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-07
Mei-ju Ou A Study on Diversification Strategy of Traditional Industries -A Case of Aquaculture Fishery Industry Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2016-01-25
Chun-Hsien Ou FE Analysis for PBGA and Optimization of Laser Dicing for QFN Package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-09
Mu-chia Ou The Relationship between Music and Drama - E. W. Korngold Four Pieces from the incidental music to Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Opus 11 Music 2017-02-08
Ya-Hui Ou Detecting Targeted Attacks by Risk Evaluation Information Management 2017-04-05
Ding-Shin Ou Group Velocity Dispersion and Thermo-optic coefficients Measurement In Tantalum Pentoxide Based Optical Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-18
Yi-Wen Ou A Study of Strategy into Vietnam for Taiwanese Company – The Case of Aluminum Corporation EMBA 2017-07-22
Wen-Shan Ou Yang The Study of the PLA Strategy: Strategic Culture Perspective ICAPS 2015-02-05
Tah-der Ou-Yang The Earnings Management During SEO of Public Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2002-06-06
Cheng Ou-Yang none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-13
Mei-Huey Ou-Yang none Chinese Literature 2004-06-24
Jui Ou-Yang Study of the sonic apparatus of ophidiid fishes from Taiwan Marine Biology 2010-09-01
Chen-Sen Ouyang Neuro-Fuzzy System Modeling with Self-Constructed Rules and Hybrid Learning Electrical Engineering 2004-11-09
Yen-Ching OuYang How KMS Capabilities and Task Characteristics Affect Performance: A Fit-Appropriation Perspective Information Management 2006-08-10
Jeng Ouyang A Similarity-based Data Reduction Approach Electrical Engineering 2009-09-07
Shao-yu Ouyang Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition with Leap Motion Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-13

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