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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Ching-De Chen Revaluation of All Values: On Nietzsche’s Genealogy and Psychology of Morals Philosophy 2007-03-28
Chih-Wei Lee The Irregularly Changing World with “and”: Kandinsky's Multiple Expressions Philosophy 2007-06-25
Yao-Ciou Lin Ge-stell and Dispositif: A Philosophical Trajectory of the Confrontation between Heidegger and Foucault Philosophy 2007-06-27
Yun-Hong Yang The Truth as The Ethics──On The Husserl's Phenomenology of Will Philosophy 2007-07-18
Tsung-yuan Wu none Philosophy 2007-07-23
Te-mao Lee Temporality and the Problem of Image in Contemporary Art: the Perspective and the Critique of Merleau-Ponty Philosophy 2007-08-12
Shang-chien Wu Speaking and the Spoken – an Alternative Persective on Foucault’s “the Being of Language” Philosophy 2007-08-20
Pei-yu Chen Leaves the cultural industry possibility—— Centered on Murakami Haruki Philosophy 2008-01-28
Li-Chen Chen The Absence of Double-The Virtuality in "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass" Philosophy 2008-08-12
Chun-Ying Lin Error and Its Discontinuity: On Canguilhem's Epistemology of The History of Science Philosophy 2008-09-04
Chia-wei Chang Category: the metaphysical presupposition of knowledge theory - a contrast between Kant and Husserl. Philosophy 2009-01-14
Pin-Wen Wang Between Imagination and the Reality of Daily Lifeworld: Alfred. Schutz on Don Quixote Philosophy 2009-02-09
Jie-ren Wu The Visibility and Invisibility in Legal Phenomenon:the Limitation of Language as Point of Departure Philosophy 2009-05-14
Chun-ta Chiu Toward the poetic space: On phenomenology of Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space Philosophy 2009-06-18
Shih-hsien Chen A study of the transformation of consciousness into wisdom in Yogacara school Philosophy 2009-07-21
Ming-chi Tsao On the Possibility of Husserl's Theory of Intersubjectivity: Return from Ideas II to Cartesian Meditations Philosophy 2009-08-11
Chia-jung Lu Philosophy of Science of The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology: Edmund Husserl’s reflection on Mathematization of nature and Essence of science Philosophy 2009-09-08
Chih-yu Ku On Consciousness, Body, and World : Merleau-Ponty's Viewpoint in Phénoménologie de la perception Philosophy 2009-09-10
Pei-jung Tsai On The Possibility of Peace:The Viewpoints of Kant, Hans küng and Daisaku Ikada Philosophy 2010-01-27
Chih-chien Cheng Signs and Machine:On《Kafka on the Shore》by Murakami Haruki Philosophy 2010-07-03
Ling-hao Chen Transgression of pleasure:< Les CentVingt journées de Sodome >break the rule’s game Philosophy 2010-07-06
Yen-lian Wu The distinction of expression and indication: Derrida as a reader of Husserl Philosophy 2010-08-19
Chao-tang Hsieh Negation and Shadow: Sartre and Levinas on literary object Philosophy 2010-08-29
Yu-Hsuan Huang Authentic and Inauthentic Existence- Sartre on Jewish Problems Philosophy 2010-09-02
Shou-chih Tang Dream and Expression: On Foucault's "Introduction to Ludwig Binswanger" Philosophy 2010-09-08
Chun-yun Liu Movement superposition and space multiple build: alternative thinking of Bacon's Triptych from the viewpoint of Deleuze’ Francis Bacon: the logic of sensation Philosophy 2011-01-28
Yu-Fang Chang On the Perspective of Death in Yalom's Existential Psychotherapy Philosophy 2011-02-15
Shih-Yuan Wang Between Language and Experience - On the Transformation of Wittgenstein's Solipsism Philosophy 2011-02-18
Chan-fu Chang The Mirror Self and Heidegger's Dasein Philosophy 2011-03-08
YU-SHAN HUANG Theatre as Scene of Otherness -By Bernhard Waldenfels Philosophy 2011-07-09
Ben-An Ting Reality, Fiction and Truth: Umberto Eco’s Interpretation theory and Magic Realism Philosophy 2011-08-08
Te-Min Hu The Concept of Horizon Merleau-Ponty’s in Phenomenology of Perception Philosophy 2011-09-07
Mei-chun Shen experimentalism and body:on deleuze's empiricism and subjectivity Philosophy 2011-09-01
Yi-Lin Hsieh On Writing of Taiwanese Literature: Corporeal Perspective between Merleau-Ponty and Gilles Deleuze Philosophy 2011-09-07
Ping Chen Photography and Affection - On the Phenomenology of Photography in Later Roland Barthes Philosophy 2011-11-16
Sin-Hong Dong William James on Religious Experience and the Will to Believe Philosophy 2012-01-16
Siou-Sia Lin Openness of Being: The Question Emptiness in Chinese Landscape as seen from Heidegger's Discourse on Art Philosophy 2012-06-13
Chin-Yuan Tsai How is it possible to chant Buddha for rebirth in Amitabha’s Pure Land-Focus on Literatures of Master Yin-Guang Philosophy 2012-06-25
Jhih-Han Li 《Orientalism》:Edward W. Said and the Resistance to Western Colonial Discourse Philosophy 2012-08-20
Huai-Sha Lo An Inquiry of Archaeology in History of Madness in the Classical Age: the Image and Discourse between Dreams and Madness Philosophy 2012-08-29
Yu-han Feng Discussing “Death” in the Internet World from the Perspective of Martin Heidegger’s Structure of Dasein Philosophy 2012-09-11
Ruei-Wen Lin Between Transcendental Phenomenology and Empirical Psychology: Phenomenological Psychology Philosophy 2013-01-30
Hung-che Tsao The way to overcome the Interpersonal Relationship of conflict: Sartre's Notion of Bad Faith as a Starting Point Philosophy 2013-06-28
Tien-Yu Ko From Ontology to Existence: Emmanuel Levinas on Human Existence and Attunement Philosophy 2013-08-08
JIA MING LOK A Comparison of Outlook on Life between The Bhagavad-gῑtā and Nietzsche ——Based On the Concept of "Saṁsāra" and "Eternal Return " Philosophy 2014-08-11
Shao-feng Chen Merleau-Ponty on Space and Painting Philosophy 2014-09-09
Po-hung Kuo Isaiah Berlin: Liberalism and its Response to Marxism Philosophy 2014-09-09
Da-wei Zou The deconstruction and reconstruction of the subject: About the power and truth of Foucault's " care of the self " Philosophy 2014-09-11
Cheng-Ya Chen Chang Husserl on Perception and Internal Time-consciousness Philosophy 2015-01-19
Ai-hui Wu Mood and Feeling: Comparing Martin Heidegger and Antonio Damasio on Emotion Philosophy 2015-07-28
I-Chu Chen Between Light and Shadow- On Life and the Image Philosophy 2015-08-22
Li-an Tien On the Problem of Reality and Virtual Reality in Don Quixote: Beginning with Mike Heim’s Viewpoint Philosophy 2016-01-20
Jui-I Hung How to Lead the Better Life: from Deleuze's "Plane of Nature" Philosophy 2016-08-11
Pin-Ju Chen Body, Vision, and Everyday Photography Philosophy 2016-08-30
Tung-chu Wang The Problem of Reality and Interpretation of Kant in Early Heidegger Philosophy 2016-09-08
Ching-yi Chung Rosenzweig 's Critique of Western Philosophy: God, Universe and Man Philosophy 2017-08-23
Shi-hung Tsai The Study of “Imprint of Listening”(śrutavāsanā) Among the Yogacara School Philosophy 2017-09-06
De-Long Lin Richard Rorty on Truth and Relativism Philosophy 2017-09-12
Meng-Ran Cai The Relationship Between Art and the Development of Mechanical Reproduction Philosophy 2018-03-21
Hsin-hsun Chen Experimental study on the propagation and reflection of internal solitary wave from a uniform slop Physical Oceanography 2004-06-10
Hui-ming Kuo Analysis of temporal and spatial variations of Taiwan Strait water Physical Oceanography 2004-07-23
I-Chun Lin Effects of Seabed Stratifications on Surface-Generated Ambient Noise Physical Oceanography 2004-08-02
Shu-Fue Lee Analysis of Nonlinear Tidal Wave Phenomenon in Tanshui River Physical Oceanography 2004-08-07
Chung-Kuang Chen Seasonal Variation of Fluxes and Water Masses in the Penghu Channel Physical Oceanography 2004-07-30
Wei-lih Wu Application of HHT to temperature variations at the thermal outlet of Third Nuclear Power Station Physical Oceanography 2005-03-22
Ching-Feng Kuo Experimental study on the evolution and effect of bottom obstacle on internal solitary wave Physical Oceanography 2005-04-21
Cheng-chung Wu Numerical Simulations on Long-Term Shoreline Changes behind Detached Breakwaters Physical Oceanography 2005-05-24
Hsiang-an Chang Wind Effects on Water Exchange and Residence Time in Ta-pong Bay Physical Oceanography 2005-07-13
Jun-zhi Liu Analysis of coastal freak waves Physical Oceanography 2006-03-07
Yu-ru Lin The influence of topography to the movement of water mass in the Kao-Ping Submarine Canyon Physical Oceanography 2006-09-08
Sheng-famg Su Variation of tidal current vertical structure at Tanshui estuary region of freshwater influence Physical Oceanography 2006-09-08
Rui-Zhong Wu A numerical study on internal wave generate by tidal motion in the Luzon Strait Physical Oceanography 2007-01-15
Jiun-hau Wang Observation and analysis of flow variations in the mouth of Kao-Ping River Physical Oceanography 2007-02-12
Yu-Cun Chen Effect of currents and waves on ADCP echo intensity Physical Oceanography 2007-02-13
Tang-Chia Hsu Field observation and analysis of the growth and decay of Typhoon induced swell and wind-waves at southwest coastal Taiwan Physical Oceanography 2007-02-13
Ke-Shian Fu The effect of nonlinearity and mixed layer thickness on the propagation of nonlinear internal waves Physical Oceanography 2007-02-13
Chun-hsiang Chang The effects of wind and topography to coastal current variations at daily to seasonal cycles Physical Oceanography 2007-09-10
Q.Yih Lin A case study of bottom topography variation under wave current interaction in the vicinity of Kinmen Physical Oceanography 2008-02-14
Pei-Chun Chen The Effect of Regional Wind to the Transport Variation in Taiwan Strait Physical Oceanography 2008-06-26
Chia-Hsuan Lin An investigation of tidal propagation in Taiwan Strait using in-situ depth measurements Physical Oceanography 2008-06-26
Wen-Chang Kuo Processes and Characteristic Analysis of GaN MOS Structure Physics 2000-06-20
Wei-Yao Lee Determination of magnitudes of modulating field:photoreflectance and electroreflectance on surface-intrinsic-n+ type doped GaAs Physics 2000-06-21
Yung-Shun Wang The Applications of Two-photon Confocal Microscopy and Micro-spectroscopy:SHG imaging of Teeth and KTP Physics 2000-06-23
Mao-Kuo Huang The Applications of Two-photon Confocal Microscopy and Micro-spectroscopy:OBIC imaging of InGaN LEDs and their Micro-spectra Physics 2000-06-26
Cang-Hsien Liao Observation of Equatorial Plasma Depletions at Southern Taiwan by 6300Å OI Airglow Physics 2000-06-27
Yi-Min Liu Transport studies in ZnS0.06Se0.94/Zn0.8Cd0.2Se quantum well at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2000-06-29
Kuo-Chou Hsu Substrate Temperature Study on The Growth of GaN Films Using Magnetron Sputtering Physics 2000-07-05
Jen-Chung Wang On-Line Compuer Aided Instruction and Numerical Tool of Particle Dynamics Physics 2000-07-06
Chien-Ju Yin Effect of modulating field on photoreflectance of surface-intrinsic-n+ type doped GaAs Physics 2000-07-01
Chi-Lang Lu Rotational hysteresis in single domain ferromagnetic particle Physics 2000-07-10
Chi-Te Chen Study of Superdeformed States in 130 and 140 mass region Even-Even Nuclei Physics 2000-07-19
Cheng-Ying Tseng The Study of Absorption and Fluorescence Spectra of Nitric Oxide with Synchrotron Radiation Physics 2000-07-19
Pei-Yu Chiu The Relation between Laser Noise and Laser Longitudinal Modes in the Optical Disk System Physics 2000-07-22
Chih-Ming Lai GaAs VCSEL Metallization and Characterization Physics 2000-07-20
Cheng-Yu Wang The Study of Two Dimensional Phase Transition with Lattice Forming with Thin Film of Magnetic Fluid under Perpendicular Magnetic Fields Physics 2000-07-24
Jean-Yee Wu The Study of Faraday Waves with Liquid Crystal and Oleic Acid Physics 2000-07-25
Yung-Hui Tai The First Hyperpolarizability of Charge-Transfer Molecules Stuidied by Hyper-Rayleigh Scattering Physics 2000-07-26
Ching-Tsai Lee Systematics of the Superdeformation in the frame of the Projected Shell Model Physics 2000-07-26
Chih-Chun Hsu The Growth of Colossal Magnetoresistance La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin Films and Relative Properties Physics 2000-07-27
Min-Nan Ou The Enhancement of Magnetoresistance in La1-xAxMnO3(A=Sr,Ca) films Physics 2000-07-27
I-Po Hong Transport and Magnetic Properties of Pr1-xBa2+xCu3O7 Physics 2000-07-27
Mei-Fang Wu The Low-Field Hall Measurement of Magnetic Films Physics 2000-06-27
Chueng-Yiang Fang Genetic Algorithm enhanced Simulated Annealing Method on Molecular Structure Physics 2000-08-29
Hsiang-Chen Wang Optical Second Harmonic Generation Measurements of Organic Molecules at the Liquid/Liquid Interface Physics 2001-06-18
Min-Chieh Lui Piece-wise Synchronization of Lorenz Chaotic Circuit Physics 2001-06-11
Shuan-Yu Huang Study of Holographic Grating by Using PDLC thin films Physics 2001-06-20
Te-Mei Kuo The study of superdeformation of nuclear structure in Zn isotopes(A=60 ~ 68) Physics 2001-06-22
Huang-Nan Lin The study on Photoreflectance spectra of Zn1-xMnxSe/GaAs Physics 2001-06-25
Yi-Ling Ko The study on Photoreflectance Of ZnSe Physics 2001-06-23
Tzu-Yao Lee InAs-GaSb Superlattice Band Structure Studied By Bond Orbital Model Physics 2001-06-27
Fung-Hsueh Hsu Specific Heat Studies on the Charge-Density-Wave Transition of Lu5Ir4Si10 and Lu5Rh4Si10 Physics 2001-06-29
Pai-Hua Tsao Analysis of the Hysteresis on Capacitance-Voltage Measurement of Ta2O5/GaN and PBT/GaN MOS/MIS Structure Physics 2001-06-29
Yi-Ming Wang Construction and Applications of Two-photon Micro-spectroscopy Physics 2001-07-03
Zen-Kuan Lin X-ray Exposure on Low Dielectric Constant Materials Physics 2001-07-04
Chi-Wen Chen Study On Integration of Porous Low Dielectric Constant Material Physics 2001-07-04
Jian-Cheng Chen Laser Scanning Transmission mode Second-harmonic generation Microscope Physics 2001-07-04
Hsiao-Hsun Li Specific Heat Studies on the Electron-doped Superconductor Pr1.85Ce0.15CuO4 Physics 2001-07-04
Yu-Hui Tang Electronic Structures of the Barium Strontium Titanate (Ba1-xSrxTiO3) Alloys Physics 2001-07-06
Jeson Hong Investigation ofδ-dopedⅢ-Ⅴ Semiconductor Quantum Well Using Photoluminescence Physics 2001-07-06
Chung-Yin Yu Studies in AlxGa1-xSb/InAs Quantum Well at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Physics 2001-07-09
Ching-Chung Hsu Growth mechanical of (La,A)MnO3,A=Ca,Sr And Film thickness effect of Colossal magnetoresistance(CMR) Physics 2001-07-13
Man-chien Lin Magneto-optical Effects of Magnetic Fluids Physics 2001-07-08
Wei-Chuang Wu The study of magnetoresistance under the low magnetic field in [La0.67Sr0.33MnO3(SrO)]x / [ La0.67Sr0.33MnO3]1-x Physics 2001-07-15
Chung-Yu Chou Studies in InxGa1-xSb/InAs super lattice at low temperature and high magnetic field. Physics 2001-07-23
Yu-Hao Lin Simulated Annealing Method on the Helix Structure of Protein. Physics 2001-07-30
Chin-Min Lai The Study of The Pressure Dependence of Foreign Gas on the Fluorescence of Nitric Oxide Physics 2001-07-31
Ta-Ching Chen The Studies of the Deformed Nucleus of the Pb Isotopes By Use of the Projected Shell Model Physics 2002-01-24
Hui-Long Huang Interplay of charge and spin ordering in Pr0.65Ca0.35-xSrxMnO3 Physics 2002-05-31
Chun-Chin Chang Valence-Conduction Band Mixing Effect In Type-Ⅱ Superlattice Physics 2002-06-17
Ai-Li Chang Polymer Adsorption on the Air/Solution Interface Probed by Dynamic Surface Light Scattering Physics 2002-06-19
Ching-Chung Chen Deposition of diamond-like carbon thin film on LiNbO3 substrate and evaluation of the fabrication of a SAW filter Physics 2002-06-24
Ping-Long Ho Superconducting Properties of Novel Superconducters (Mg1-xAlx)B2 Physics 2002-06-16
wei-chi Wang The non-linear electric resistivity of Au thin film on silicon after rapid thermal annealing Physics 2002-06-25
Hung-Kun Chen Study on two-dimensional spatial soliton due to photorefractive effect in liquid crystal Physics 2002-07-01
Chun-Kaung Lu Ordering Classification of Colummnar Lattices in Magnetic Fluid Thin Film Subject to Perpendicular Fields Physics 2002-07-01
Hong-Ming Tsai Study on ultra low-k silicon oxide with nano-porous structure Physics 2002-07-08
Chen-Cheng Sun The dependence of the sticking property of aC gas-phase atom on C(100) on the initial velocity Physics 2002-07-08
Sheng-Chih Shih The Applications of Ultrafast Laser in Microscopic Imaging:RF OBIC&SHG Microscopy Physics 2002-07-09
Hong-Chang Chen Studies of Elastic Properties of Poly(ethylene Glycol)/Lithium Chloride by Brillouin Light Scattering Physics 2002-07-10
Ming-Kai Hsu Investigation of Ga2O3(Gd2O3)/GaAs/ In0.2Ga0.8As/GaAs Quantum Well with Different Annealing Temperatures Using Photoluminescence Physics 2002-07-10
Chu-Tung Wang The Study of Quenching of the Excited States of Nitric Oxide in the Presence of Foreign Gas Physics 2002-07-11
Che-Chuan Tu The Study of Laser-Induced Holographic Grating Relaxation in Azo Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal Samples Physics 2002-07-11
Jin-Hua Shui The Dependence of the Sticking Property of a Carbon Gas-phase Atom on C(100) on the Incident Angle Physics 2002-07-12
Jia-Ming Wu Simulated Annealing Method with Wavelet Theory in Radiation Therapy Physics 2002-07-11
Chih-Lin Cheng The nuclear structure study of superdeformation in Eu A~140 odd mass Physics 2002-07-14
Chung-Wen Chieh The dependence of the sticking property of a C gas-phase atom on C(100) on the initial position Physics 2002-07-08
Cheng-Hui Wu Resolving Crystal Structure of Macro Molecule with Wavelets in Simulated Annealing Physics 2002-07-16
Huei-Hsiung Chen The Nuclear Structure Study of Superdeformation in Tb A~150 Odd Mass Physics 2002-07-17
Ping-Hung Yeh Study of Self-Aligned SiGe Elevated S/D poly-Si Thin-Film Transistor Physics 2002-07-15
Jen-Chong Lu The study of superderformation of nuclear structure in Hg-isotopes Physics 2002-07-16
Chien-Cheng Chen Using Simulated Annealing Method to Resolve the Structure of Myoglobin Physics 2002-07-17
Sherg-Tzong Lin The nuclear structure study of superdeformation in A ~ 130 Pr odd mass Physics 2002-07-19
Tz-Yuan Kuo The Study of Hyper-Rayleigh Scattering of Organic Materials at 1907nm Physics 2002-07-24
Wei-Shin Chen Capaciatance-Voltage Analysis on n-ZnSe with Various Doping Densities Physics 2002-07-25
Tsung-Chan Wu The Study of the Colossal Magnetoresistance Tunneling Physics 2002-07-27
Chu-Shing Liu Optical and Magnetoelectrical Analyses on AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Heterostructures Physics 2002-07-30
Chih-Hung Chen Study on Amorphous Silicon Carbide Barrier Dielectric Materials Physics 2002-07-27
Wei-Chun Lu Effect of soften on colossal manganites Physics 2002-07-31
Xian-Cong Lain Study of Ferroelectric Devices Integration Physics 2002-07-30
Chih-Kai Kang Study of Tungsten-Spacer Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors Physics 2002-07-30
Hsuan-Yi Wei Investigation of Low-Dielectric constant Hydrogen Silsesqnioxane as Intermetal Dielectric Physics 2002-09-11
Wen-Kuei Huang The Study of Phase Transition of The Torsion X-Y Model Physics 2003-01-27
Huai-Jen Yeh Application of Neural Network on the Recognition of Acoustic Signal for Engine Physics 2003-02-18
Pei-Chi Ho Transport studies of two-dimensional electron gas in GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As double quantum well at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2003-02-21
Yuan-Fan Chen Single crystal growth and physical property research of (YxYb1-x)3Al5O12 Physics 2003-05-30
Chin-Tang Chen Study of A~130Pm even-odd and odd-odd superdeformation ,normal deformation nuclei structation. Physics 2003-06-10
En-Chi Liu Controlling Transverse Modes in a VCSEL with Optical Feedback Physics 2003-06-13
kuan-kuei Wang The dependence of E0+Δ0 transition on temperature by photoreflectance spectroscopy of surface-intrinsic-n+ GaAs Physics 2003-06-13
Yu-Chuan Lin Electroreflectance of surface-intrinsic-n+ type doped GaAs by using a large modulating field Physics 2003-06-16
Shu-Ting Chou Investigation of SiOxNy Thin Films with Photoluminescence, Raman, and Capacitance-Voltage Measurements Physics 2003-06-16
Sen-Eon Liu The Nuclear Structure Study of Superdeformation in The N=73 La、 Ce And Nd Isotones Physics 2003-06-25
Yi-Hung Wang The nuclear structure study of superdeformation in odd-odd A~130 Pr Physics 2003-06-26
Yao-Li Chuang Growth of Boron-doped Diamond Films on Porous Silicon by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition Physics 2003-06-27
Chia-Wan Huang XANES studies on the stripe phase of La2-xSrxCuO4 and La1.4-xSrxNd0.6CuO4 at x near 1/8 Physics 2003-06-28
Chung-Sung Lin The Time-resolved Photoluminescence study of Zn 1-x Cd x Se epilayer and ZnSe/Zn 0.91Cd0.09Se MQW Physics 2003-06-24
Yu-Chuan Lin Two Photon Scattering of Push-Pull Charge-transfer Organic Molecules Physics 2003-07-07
Chin-Jen Lin Harmonic generation microscopy with an optical parametric oscillator on dental section Physics 2003-07-06
Jeng-Huan Yang Study on Oxygen/Nitrogen-doped SiC Dielectric Barrier Layer for Multilevel Interconnect Applications Physics 2003-07-09
Sheng-Ting Hung Relations Between Resonance Raman Spectra and The Second Order Optical Nonlinearity of Charge Transfer Chromophores Physics 2003-07-10
Min-Chuan Wang Study on Ge Quantum Dots Application for Memory and Optoelectronic Devices Physics 2003-07-11
Kuang-Hui Chen Study the optical properties of liquid-crystal layer with phase-shifting shearing interferometer. Physics 2003-07-12
Yu-Jen Chen The study of the interaction of spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystal Physics 2003-07-12
Yu-Sung Lin The study of the surface tilt-angle of the liquid crystal molecules with attenuated total reflection method Physics 2003-07-14
Ho-San Li The Properties of Polarized Light of Magnetic Fluid with Applied Magnetic Field Physics 2003-07-12
Shing-Ju Wu Study on Integration Process of Fluorine ion implanted Silicon Carbide Barrier Dielectric and Copper Interconnection Technology Physics 2003-07-16
Shih-Ching Chen Characterization and modeling of short channel effects in polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors Physics 2003-07-16
Kueng-Long Ding The Study on The Phase Transition of The Antiferromagnetic-Torsional XY Model Physics 2003-07-18
Wei-Szu Chen Raman study on p-type CVD diamond Physics 2003-07-21
Shih-Pin Tsai The Study of Laser-Induced Holographic Grating in Azo Dye-Doped PMMA Thin Film With Liquid Crystals Physics 2003-07-16
Kang-Chaung Lee The Effect Of Electric Field On Polymer Film Thickness Physics 2003-07-17
Hwang-Lyin Wang Study of Temperature compensated type Ceramic Capacitors Characteristic of base metal Multilayer Physics 2003-07-17
Shih-Yuan Huang The study of the phase transition from first-order to second-order in the two dimensional Potts model due to random applied fields Physics 2003-07-17
Wing-Long Huang Specific Heat and Pressure Effects on the Tc of Superconducting MgCxNi3 Physics 2003-07-23
Keng-Lin Chuang Investigation of GaN semiconductor using Hall measurement Physics 2003-07-23
Jenn-Kai Tsai Growth and characterization of wide bandgap GaN semiconductor Physics 2003-07-28
Chin-Chun Huang The Study of the Interaction Between Antiferromagnetic and Ferromagnetic Superlattices in Manganite Physics 2003-07-30
Wen-Jiaw Yao Transport Studies of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in AlGaN/GaN Quantum Well at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Physics 2003-08-11
Shao-Bin Su The Studies of Second-Harmonic Generation for Organic Polymer Thin Films Physics 2003-08-13
Jian-Feng Wu The growth and characterization of Si-doped GaN thin film andnanodots Physics 2003-10-06
Da-Long Cheng Effects of Orthogonal Polarization Optical Feedback on Semiconductor Lasers Physics 2004-01-02
Tsung-Shian Liu Study on the nitrogen doped CVD diamond Physics 2004-01-27
Chun-Chi Chu Study on the CVD growth and analyses of Carbon Nanotube Physics 2004-01-28
Shu-hsiang Chen The growth and physics of (La1-xSrx)MnO3∙SrO thin film Physics 2004-01-29
Chen-wei Ho The Study of Laser-Induced Molecular Reorientation and the Enhancement of Nonlinearity of Dye in the Isotropic Phase of Guest-Host Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal Physics 2004-01-29
Tung-Wei Chi Investigation of GaN/AlGaN Multiple Quantum Disks Physics 2004-01-30
Yung-Hsin Chang The Study of a Multi-reentrant Two-mirror Yb:YAG Ring Laser Physics 2004-06-17
Chiung-Yi Shih Investigation on reliability & electrical analysis of polysilicon thin-film transistor for AMOLED display Physics 2004-06-28
Huei-Yu Wang The studies of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures by T-dependent and B-dependent Hall measurements Physics 2004-06-29
Jau-Rung Lian Study on the Electronic Properties of In0.22Ga0.78As/GaAs Single Quantum Wells Physics 2004-06-29
Hsing-Hua Wu Application and Study of Metal Nanocrystals for Low Power Nonvolatile Memory Device Physics 2004-06-29
Kuo-Wei Chen Mutual Diffusion of Poly(4-vinylpyridine) in Chloroform Probed by Quasielastic Light Scattering Physics 2004-07-01
Tz-Shiuan Huang Study on the Fast-Deposition Low Temperature Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon and Copper Pollution of Thin Film Transistors Physics 2004-06-29
Yu-Ching Kang Specific heat studies on NaxCoO2•yH2O superconductor Physics 2004-07-01
Chin-shu Wu Electroreflectance spectroscopy of surface-intrinsic- n+ undoped GaAs at various biased voltage Physics 2004-06-30
Ming-Horng Gau Growth and characterization of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures Physics 2004-07-06
Hsin-Hsiung Huang Self assembled indium nitride quantum dots grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2004-07-06
Ming-Shiun Kuo The Study of Temperature Dependence of Pulse Laser-Induced Transient Grating Effect in Azo-Dye Doped Liquid Crystals Physics 2004-07-07
Yuan-Chi Lin Growth and characterization of diamond nanoparticles Physics 2004-07-08
Wan-Tsang Wang Use Bond-Orbital Models to Study Wurtzite Semiconductor Band Structures Physics 2004-07-08
Chen-Yung Hung The interface effect on Magnetoresistance and Magnetization of La0.7Ce0.3MnO3 and La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 thin films Physics 2004-07-04
Chie-chang Wu The study of laser-induced polarization grating in azo-dye doped liquid crystals Physics 2004-07-12
Hsin-chia Lin The Study of Laser-Induced Intensity Gratings in Azo-Dye Doped Liquid Crystals Physics 2004-07-12
Hsuan-Chen Liu Study of Lattice Pattern Formation of Polystyrene Thin Films Physics 2004-07-12
Ying-Chou Yeh The Ultrafast Time-resolved Photoluminescence study of ZnTe/ZnSe Quantum Dots Physics 2004-07-14
Ying-shiuan Chen The dependence of effective reduced mass on changed photon energy by electroreflectance spectroscopy of surface-intrinsic-n+ undoped GaAs Physics 2004-07-01
Yung-Hsien Chung Study of Carrier Cooling in Zn0.91Cd0.09Se/ZnSe Multiple Quantum Wells Physics 2004-07-14
Yen-Chi Li Temperature-dependent Hall measurement on undoped GaN epilayer Physics 2004-07-12
Jiun-Bin Wu The growth and physics Of La0.8BaO.2MnO3 thin film Physics 2004-07-21
Ping-jung Wu The formation of light channel in liquid crystal cells with grating-like ITO electrodes Physics 2004-07-20
Bo-Chang Su Study on the correlation between microstructures and cathodoluminescence of the AlGaInN/AlGaN multi-quantum well LED Physics 2004-07-22
Te-chen Yang The Applications of Ultrafast laser in Laser Scanning Microscopy:RFOBIC and Two Photon UV Fluorescence Microscopy Physics 2004-07-22
Chieh-lung Wu The Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Study of InN Film and InAs/GaAs QDs Physics 2004-07-29
Ni-wan Fan Investigation of the PA-MBE grown InN thin film using Photoluminescence and HRXRD Physics 2004-07-29
Chun-I Di The Study of Ferromagnetic(La0.67Ca0.33MnO3)-Antiferromagnetic(La0.67Sr1.33MnO4)multi-layer Growth and Properties Physics 2004-08-11
Ching-Lien Hsiao Growth and Characterization of GaN Nanorods Grown on Si(111) Substrate by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2004-10-13
Li-Shih Jhao Pressure effect on the Tc of La2-xSrxCuO4 and La1.4-xSrxNd0.6CuO4 at x near 1/8 Physics 2005-01-07
Yung-hui Tai Investigations of Strongly Charge Transfer Molecules Using Nonlinear Optical Scattering and Absorption Physics 2005-01-19
Chia-Chi Shih The study of phase transition of liquid crystal in a coupled XY model Physics 2005-06-22
Chun-Hao Chou Application of Modulation Microscopy — Viscosity Measurement Physics 2005-06-26
Jian-yu Lin Suppressing Coherence Collapse of Semiconductor Laser with Orthogonal Polarization Optical Feedback Physics 2005-07-05
Kuang-yao Chen Characterization of GaN/AlGaN heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2005-07-05
Chao-nien Chen Photoreflectance spectroscopy of InN at different temperature Physics 2005-07-04
Chia-Hsuan Chang Determining band bending of GaN by using contactless Electroreflectance spectroscopy Physics 2005-06-29
Jyun-fan Chen Electronic properties of δ-doped InxGa1-xAs/InAlAs Quantum wells Physics 2005-07-06
Shih-Chang Haung The studies of XANES and thermoelectric power on the stripe phase of La2-xSrxCu0.995Ζn0.005O4 at x near Physics 2005-07-07
Choung-I Ho Investigations of Temperature and Optical Illumination on Organic Thin Film Transistors for AMLCD Applications Physics 2005-07-08
Yu-Ting Chen Study on semiconductor devices by high density plasma chemical vapor deposition Physics 2005-07-08
Chi-feng Weng Inverstigation on Reliability of Poly-Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Physics 2005-07-12
Shuan-Yu Huang Temperature and Polarization Dependence on Holographic Gratings and Its Applications Based on Polymer and Liquid Crystals Physics 2005-07-20
Yu-Hui Tang Electronic and structural properties of quaternary compounds Physics 2005-07-25
Shu-wei Tsao Investigation on Reliability & Electrical Analysis of a-Si:H Thin Film Transistor used in Flexible Display Physics 2005-07-25
Chih-Hung Chang The Study of Holographic Grating on Azo-Dye Doped in Multi-phases LCs Physics 2005-07-27
Chun-yu Wang Developing a liquid crystal lens with tunable focal length and type of focus by controlling the electric field distribution. Physics 2005-07-28
Chao-shun Yang Theoretical and Numerical Approaches to Critical Natures of A Sandpile Physics 2005-07-29
Zih-fang Jhang First-principle study of the atomic arrangement and electronic structure of an array of parallel GaN Physics 2005-08-03
Jih-yu Jiang First-principle study of interaction among 4-atomic-layer thick GaN nanodisks Physics 2005-08-16
Min Chen Photoluminescence on Si-Doped PAMBE Grown InN Physics 2005-08-22
Kung-Chieh Lee The study of charge ordering in colossal magnetoresistance Physics 2006-01-09
Kun-lin Hsieh Use Linear Combination of Atomic Orbital Models to Study Wurtzite Semiconductor Band Structure Physics 2006-01-24
Zhi-Wei Jiang Investigation of PAMBE Grown InN on Different Buffer Layers Physics 2006-03-23
Yu-Ta Pan Specific Heat Studies on the Water Confined in Mesopore's Zeolite Physics 2006-06-23
Jui-chung Ho The study of specific heat and susceptibility of CeRu2 Physics 2006-06-24
Yi-Fen Huang Magnetic Studies On Nano-scale Radical-containing Vanadium Oxide Physics 2006-06-24
Yu-Tung Chang Superconducting Paring State in NbSe2: A Low Temperature Specific Heat Study Physics 2006-07-05
Li-Ting Wang Spectra of the Semiconductor Lasers subjected to Optical Feedback Physics 2006-07-04
Chia-Chun Wu Determination of polarization charge density on interface of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure by electroreflectance Physics 2006-07-10
Yao-Chen Hung The study of complex systems and dynamical behaviors in disordered-coupled random Boolean networks Physics 2006-07-04
Po-Yu Liao Spin fluctuation and spin tunneling in the magnetic superstructure Physics 2006-07-11
Chien-Pang Yu Process and analysis of nano wire in InGaAs/AlInAs by focused ion beam Physics 2006-07-19
Zhi-jie Chang Transport Studies in AlxGa1-xN/GaN Quantum Well at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Physics 2006-07-20
Wei-chun Chou Photoluminescence of InN grown by PAMBE Physics 2006-07-20
Sung-yu Huang Investigation on Electrical Analysis and Physics Mechanism of Low Temperature Polycrystalline-silicon Thin Film Transistor Physics 2006-07-20
Siang-yue Liang Characterization of NiSi2 nano dot for memory device Physics 2006-07-20
Kuo-Hao Lee Detection for Quantum Entanglement Physics 2006-07-23
Po- Lun Tseng The Capacitance-Voltage Study of the GaN MOS Structure with Surface Treatment Using Low Energy Ion Beam Physics 2006-07-25
Hong-chieh Yeh Electronic structures and magnetic properties of MnTe in the NiAs polymorph under pressure Physics 2006-07-20
Yen-Jie Tu Investigation of PAMBE grown InGaN/GaN double-heterojunction nanorods Physics 2006-07-26
Ying-ling Chen The study of liquid crystal lens with varying voltage Physics 2006-07-27
Wen-xiang Lin The study of optic characteristics of attenuated total reflection and scattering of Ag rough surface in liquid crystals Physics 2006-07-27
Chih-Ming Chang Study on the Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanism of Nonvolatile Memory with Ni Nanodots Physics 2006-07-25
Po-Cheng Yang Investigation on Photo Leakage Current and Electrical Mechanism of a-Si Thin Film Transistor Physics 2006-08-01
Pei-Jen Lin The Study of Dynamic Grating in Multi-phases Liquid Crystals Physics 2006-07-31
Yu-ping Chen The study of optical waveguide and electro-optic switch fabricated with liquid crystals Physics 2006-07-28
Shu-kai Lu The Study of Carrier Relaxation in Multi-Stacked InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Physics 2006-08-11
Chung-cheng Tseng The Growth of La0.7Ce0.3MnO3 Thin Films by a RF Sputtering Technique and Taguchi Method Physics 2006-08-29
Ping-Tsung Wu Femtosecond near-IR optical parametric oscillator based on periodically poled 5-mol. % MgO-doped lithium niobate Physics 2006-09-04
Hsin-Kuo Hsu Interdiffusion effect on the strained films La0.8Ba0.2MnO3/SrTio3 by off-axis sputtering Physics 2006-09-08
Ku-liang Lin Study of the Manipulation and Electronic Spectroscopy for Metal Nanoclusters Physics 2006-09-13
Hung-jiun Kang Ultrathin Co films on Pt(111) studied by STM and MOKE Physics 2007-02-09
con-yi sie Impurity Binding Energies in Finite Carbon Nanotube Physics 2007-02-09
Chin-jun Ho Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Molecular Magnet [FeII(Δ)FeII(Λ)(ox)2(Phen)2]n Physics 2007-06-14
Wei Chang Polarization switching during the turn-on of a VCSEL Physics 2007-06-22
Hsien-Cheng Chang Investigation of AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure Using Photoluminescence Physics 2007-07-02
Lieh-Kuan Chiang Effect of thickness of epilayer of GaN on nature of band bending by contactless electroreflectance and photoreflectance Physics 2007-06-29
Cheng-Chih Hsieh Electroreflectance of Au/GaN Physics 2007-07-03
Jing-Ying Lin Calculations of the electronic structures of the Si[001] thin film under <100>- and <110>-uniaxially strain Physics 2007-07-02
Min-chen Chen Electrical Analysis and Physics Mechanism of Dual-gate Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistor Physics 2007-07-09
Yi-ping Lin Photo leakage current characteristic of flexible a-Si:H TFT displays. Physics 2007-07-10
Wen-shuo Cheng The study of surface relief grating of dye-doped polymer film Physics 2007-07-12
Po-han Chen The electronic and structural properties of few-layer graphenes Physics 2007-07-12
Jhih-rong Huang External electric potential induced semi-metal-semiconductor transition in a two-layer graphene Physics 2007-07-13
Huei-Min Huang M plane GaN film growth by PAMBE and CL study Physics 2007-07-17
Jing-yi Chin Nonvolatile SONOS-TFT Memory with Nanowire Structure Physics 2007-07-13
Wen-Yuan Pang Characterization of GaN grown on LiAlO2 by molecular epitaxy beam Physics 2007-07-19
Jia-Huei Lin Fresnel liquid crystal lens with voltage modulation Physics 2007-07-20
Po-Chun Huang High-Performance Low-Temperature Polysilicon Thin-Film Transistors with Nano-wire Structure Physics 2007-07-19
Chia-hsiu Tsai Capacitance-Voltage Study of InN MOS Structure with Different Oxide Thickness Physics 2007-07-18
Jyng-Yi Wu The Formation of n-type CMR Materials Physics 2007-07-24
Chih-Chieh Peng The study of photoluminescence of liquid crystals doped with nanoparticles Physics 2007-07-24
Yi-hsiu Wu The study of self-focusing and self-localization in waveguide fabricated with liquid crystals Physics 2007-07-25
Yao-i Chang Effect of Ga to N flux ratio on the GaN surface morphologies grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2007-07-26
Cheng-wei Lo Investigation on Temperature Effect and Electrical mechanism of 65nm MOSFETs under External Mechanical Stress Physics 2007-07-24
Yu-Chi Hsu Characterization of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2007-07-26
Tung-kai Liu Study of anomalous optical transmission of the subwavelength hole array with depositing dielectric films Physics 2007-07-23
Chun-ting Kuo Electrical Analysis of Hot Carrier Effect at Various Temperature of 65nm MOSFETs under External Mechanical Stress Physics 2007-07-24
Meng-wei Shen Structure and morphology of GaN epilayer grown by multi-step method with molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2007-07-30
Jian-wei Chen Oxidation of Co Nanoparticles grown on the linear stripes of oxides of NiAl(100) Physics 2007-07-30
Jen-chung Wang First Principle Calculation with Interpolating Scaling Function on Adaptive Gridding Physics 2007-08-09
Yuan-ting Lin InGaN Nano-LEDs:Growth, Fabrication, and Characterizations Physics 2007-08-13
Yu-li Cheng Photoluminescence, Photoluminescence Excitation and Absorption of m-GaN Physics 2007-08-22
Li-kuang Wang Raman spectra of GaN on different substrates Physics 2007-08-19
Ming-zheng Hsu X-Ray Diffraction Study of InN Physics 2007-08-22
Feng-Ping Yuan The strain effect on CMR thin films Physics 2007-09-19
Wen-hao Liao Constructing a Wigner-like distribution function of phase space with Mexican hat wavelet Physics 2008-01-22
Guan-Ting Lin The Study of Carrier Relaxation in InN Thin Films Physics 2008-02-14
Chih-cheng Hsu Electroreflectance spectroscopy of InGaAs Physics 2008-06-27
Sheng-Chih Wang Electroreflectance spectra of AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructure Physics 2008-06-30
Chia-pin Sun Superconductivity and magnetism in spin frustrated systems Physics 2008-07-03
Yun-Yi Hsieh Geometries and stabilities of Ag-doped Sin (n=1-16) clusters: a first-principles study Physics 2008-07-01
Cheng-Lien Chan Magnetic Studies on the Radicals of Methyl Viologen Physics 2008-07-14
Chia-Ching Yang Fabrication of AlxGa1-xN/GaN nanowires for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor by focus ion beam Physics 2008-07-16
Chi-hon Chen Size effect on AlxGa1-xN/GaN nanowire at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2008-07-18
Wan-ting Chiu Transport studies of two-dimensional electron gas in InGaAs/AlInAs nano wire at low-temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2008-07-18
Zheng-hsiung Chen Studies of characteristics of frequency modulation liquid-crystal optoelectronic devices Physics 2008-07-21
Yuan-yu Liu Studies of optoelectronic characteristics of optically controlled cholesteric gratings Physics 2008-07-21
Wei Hsin Lin Study of the device characterization in AlGaN/GaN nanowires at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2008-07-18
Dy Ro Constructing a Wigner-like distribution function of phase space with Harr wavelet Physics 2008-07-20
Jui-yang Su Study of Aluminum content in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2008-07-22
Shian-Yi Huang Studies of polarization-independent Fresnel liquid crystal lens Physics 2008-07-24
Yun-dian Chang Effect of growth conditions on the formation of the alumina/NiAl(110) Physics 2008-07-26
Chang-Ching Lin Electric and Magnetic Properties of Spinel CdCr2S4 Physics 2008-07-29
Chi-chung Kang The study of diffraction grating of dye-doped liquid crystal controlled by electro-optical method Physics 2008-08-02
Ming-kung Tsai The Growth of N-type La0.7Ce0.3MnO3 Thin Films and Relative Properties Physics 2008-08-15
Yen-Hsun Ho The Growth of the Magnetic Multilayer and Relative Properties Physics 2008-08-22
Zueng-en Bao The ferroelectric property of La and Pb codoped multiferroic BiFeO3 Physics 2008-08-25
Chan-yu Hung The Surface Modification of SrTiO3(100) and Physical Properties Research on CMR Thin Films Physics 2008-08-22
Chin-chien Chang Dielectric Properties Research On Bi1-xPbxFeO3 Physics 2008-08-22
Cheng-Pang Lin Electric field effect and transport mechanism research on Co-doped ZnO films Physics 2008-08-26
Yu-lin Chang Growth of c-plane InN with Various Si Doping by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Raman Spectroscopy Study Physics 2008-08-28
Po-Han Tseng Au and ZnO Nanoparticles Fabrication by Electrochemical Method and Optical Properties Measurements Physics 2008-08-28
Cheng-Ying Ho Plasma-Assisted Molecular-Beam-Epitaxy growth and Cathodoluminescence study of GaN/AlN Distributed-Bragg-Reflector Nanorod Structure Physics 2008-08-28
Kai-Li Wu Investigation of Two Luminescent Peaks of InN Physics 2008-08-29
Hsin-yung Tsai Study of grating properties in Williams domain Physics 2008-08-29
Zong-Lin Lee M-plane InN Growth and Characterization Physics 2008-09-01
Yu-kai Yu The study of photo-induced adsorption effect on the dye-doped liquid crystal sample Physics 2008-09-01
Chih-Hao Kung Growth and Characterization of InN Nanorods Grown on Si(111) Substrate by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2008-09-01
Tsung-Hsuan Wu Research of InN Surface Physics 2008-09-02
Hung-Yu Chang Study of alloyed nanoclusters on ordered alumina templates Physics 2008-09-02
Chien-Wen Wu Magnetic Microscopy Physics 2008-09-02
Cheng-hsun Liu Anomalous Hall Effect of InN Physics 2008-09-05
Chih-feng Tseng The Ultrafast Time-resolved Photoluminescence Study of InN Thin Films Physics 2008-09-09
Yi-Feng Wei Reliability and Electrical Analysis on the Mechanical Strain of a-Si:H Thin Film Transistor under Varied Temperature Physics 2008-10-07
Cheng-yu Shen The surface properties of the electrically tunable liquid crystal and polymer composite film Physics 2010-07-28
Chih-chiang Hsu Atomic and electronic structures of AuSin(n=1-16) clusters from first-principles Physics 2009-02-04
Chun-cheng Yu Magnetic and crystal structure transition on La0.2Ho0.8Mn2O5 oxide Physics 2009-02-13
I-Jing Lu Investigation on Reliability and Anomalous Degradation of Low Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistor Physics 2009-03-03
Jin-ing Tsai Polarization Switching of the Vertical-Cavity Surface- Emitting Laser with Optical Feedback Physics 2009-06-24
Wei-che Hsu Investigation on Electrical Analysis & Reliability Degradation of Low Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors Physics 2009-06-25
Tzu-Chia Liu Formation of Co-Si-N nanocrystal for nonvolatile memory application Physics 2009-06-25
Huang-jyun Lin Synchronization of the extended Kuramoto model Physics 2009-06-26
Chi-Feng Weng Electrical Properties and Reliability of Poly-Si TFTs for System On Panel Application Physics 2009-06-23
Po-wen Hsiao NBTI characteristics of p-MOSFETs under external mechanical stress Physics 2009-06-25
Chien-lung Huang Study of two-gap superconductivity on YNi2B2C, NbSe2, and CeRu2 superconductors Physics 2009-06-29
Yu-chih Chen Characterization of AlxGa1-xN/GaN grown on GaN-template by plasma-assisted MBE Physics 2009-07-01
Yu-chun Chen Investigate on the electric characteristics and physical mechanism of the metal oxide thin film transistor under different environment Physics 2009-06-30
Shin-Hong Jhuang Magneto-transport study of Fe-doped AlxGa1-xN/GaN with different Aluminum content grown by MOVPE Physics 2009-07-03
Chih-Ming Kuo Effect of Nitrogen to Indium flux ratio on the InN surface morphologies grown on single crystal ZnO Physics 2009-07-03
Yu-Jen Chen The study of optical nonlinearity in nematic liquid crystals Physics 2009-07-07
Hsian-jen Wang Magnetic domain evolution in nanoscale disk Physics 2009-07-13
Jia-ye Chen Near-Threshold Photoproduction of Λ(1520) from Protons and Deuterons at SPring-8/LEPS Physics 2009-07-13
Ying-chieh Wang Study of Undoped and Fe-doped AlGaN/GaN Grown by MOVPE at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Physics 2009-07-16
Yu-cheng Hu Controlled growth of well-ordered Fe cluster assembled on Au(111) herringbone reconstruction Physics 2009-07-15
Chia-hsuan Hu Surface characterizations of GaN nanostructure grown on γ- LiAlO_2 substrate by plasma-assisted MBE Physics 2009-07-24
Yung-Shi Chang Study of AlGaN/GaN quantum structure fabricated by Focus ion beam Physics 2009-07-28
Yu-lin Peng Photoreflectance of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure measured by using mercury lamp as pump beam Physics 2009-07-29
Ming-Horng Gau Growth and characterizations of AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure for spintronic application Physics 2009-07-28
Bo-Chih Chen Electronic characteristics of defects of GaN films grown on Si(111) substrate Physics 2009-07-28
Ju-lan Hsu Determination of infrared transitions by photoreflectance for (0001) InN film on sapphire Physics 2009-08-04
Bo-chun Chen The Study of Recrystallization for Amorphous ZnO:Al Thin Film by Laser Annealing Physics 2009-08-25
Yu-Sheng Lin Effect of the electronic property of the substrate on the growth behavior of adatoms Physics 2009-08-27
Ching-jen Shih The study of photo-controlled light absorption of gold nanoparticle Physics 2009-08-26
Jyun-sian Lee Capacitance-voltage analyses of m-plane and c-plane gallium nitride grown by MBE Physics 2009-08-26
Pei-lun Huang Internal quantum efficiency of polar and non-polar GaN and InN Physics 2009-08-26
Chi-Ching Lin A Study of Dynamical Behaviors of LD-pumped Microchip Nd:GdVO4 laser Physics 2009-08-30
Jung-hsiang Chen The Electrical Analysis and Reliability Study of Power MOSFET Given External Mechanical Strain Physics 2009-08-31
Jhong-yuan Wang Studies of polarization-independent liquid-crystal Fresnel lenses with high diffraction efficiency Physics 2009-09-03
Yi-Chou Tu Raman study of LO phonon-plasmon coupled modes dependence on carrier density in Si:InN films Physics 2009-09-07
Ru-hsien Chiang Studies of characteristics of hybridly aligned cholesteric liquid-crystal fingerprint textures Physics 2009-09-07
Meng-Syuan Yang Study of Amorphous ZnO:Al Thin Films by Low-Temperature Sputtering Technique Physics 2009-09-04
Yung-Hsin Cheng Study of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3 thin film by off-axis sputtering technique Physics 2009-09-09
Chin-Chuan Peng Thickness dependence multiferroics property of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3 thin film Physics 2009-09-12
Wan-Tsang Wang Rashba and Dresselhaus Effect in Wurtzite Materials, and it's application. Physics 2010-02-08
Ying-shao Chuang Electrical mechanism on Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon TFT and Nonvolatile memory TFT Physics 2010-06-23
Heng-tai Jan Stroboscopic point concentration in hyper-chaotic system Physics 2010-07-01
Jiing-he Lee High-frequency transport properties of manganeses oxide Physics 2010-07-01
Ching-Hsuan Chen Studies of magnetic and dielectric properties on Eu2O3 nanoparticles embedded in silica matrix Physics 2010-07-05
Zhi-Quan Huang Atomic structure and mechanical properties of of BC2N Physics 2010-07-06
Tai-Hua Lu The electronic and transport properties of molecular and semiconductor junctions from first-principles Physics 2010-07-11
He-Yi Zheng The study of optical deflection device based on liquid crystal with a photoconductive layer Physics 2010-07-19
Chun-fu Chang Determination of polarity on ZnO single crystal by contactless electroreflectance and photoreflectance Physics 2010-07-20
I-fan Lin Contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy of ZnO at different temperatures Physics 2010-07-20
Bing- Yao Huang The study of two-dimensional structure on dye-doped polymer film fabricated by holography Physics 2010-07-19
Yu-yin Wang Studies of the electro-optical properties of liquid-crystal Fresnel lens based on cholesteric blue phase Physics 2010-08-02
Kuo-feng Tseng Magnetic field and pressure effects on the spin frustrated systems NaV2O4 and Cu2OSeO3 Physics 2010-07-30
Yu-hao Chen Analysis of Mg-doped GaN thin film grown by PAMBE Physics 2010-08-03
Ming-fong Hsieh Study of m-plane ZnO Grown by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Physics 2010-08-05
Ming-li He Studies of electro-optical properties of twisted-nematic liquid crystals at oblique viewing directions and their applications Physics 2010-08-05
Yen-Liang Chen The Study of High-Mobility AlxGa1-xN/GaN Heterostructures Grown by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2010-08-05
Wei-chun Yen Strain effect of silicon doped indium nitride films grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2010-08-10
Dong-Lin Lee The CL study of m plane GaN grown on different substrates Physics 2010-08-16
Ting-wei Liang Fabrication and Analysis of M-plane GaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes Physics 2010-08-22
Guan-Hua Lee The study of defects in single GaN nanorod Physics 2010-08-19
Shu-yu Chiang Polarization dependent photoluminescence of the non-polar III-nitrides Physics 2010-08-25
Wen-Hung Haung Low Temperature Growth and Physical Properties of Zn1-x-yAlxSnyO thin films Physics 2010-08-30
Yao-chung Tsao Growth and physical study of ZnO:Co DMO thin films Physics 2010-08-30
Chih-Wei Liu Electrical transport study of graphene Physics 2010-09-06
Chia-Wei Chen Viewing angle switchable displays based on three-dimension control of liquid-crystal orientation Physics 2010-09-08
Kung-shang Yang Study of Zn1-x-yLixSnyO thin films by growth and physics properties Physics 2010-09-09
Shiang-rong Yeh Research structure and strain effect of PBFO/SRO/STO thin films Physics 2010-09-09
Hao-Fei Wu Surface and structure characterizations of GaN grown on γ-LiAlO2 by PA-MBE Physics 2011-01-21
Yu-Sung Lin The Study of Hexagonal Lattice Pattern Formation of Polystyrene Thin Films Physics 2011-02-10
Wen-huan Lin Decoupling of graphene from SiC(0001) surface by Au intercalation : A first-principles study Physics 2011-02-14
Chun-Pin Wu Study of anomalous electric and magnetic behaviors of the 3dtransition metal oxides by X-ray and Neutron scattering techniques Physics 2011-02-19
Yang-Han Tai Study of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3 Thin Film Ferroelectricity Physics 2011-03-31
Yu-Heng Wu Thermal Effects of Polarization Switching in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Physics 2011-06-29
An-hao Cheng Using photovoltaic effect of Hg lamp on contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy to study transition mechanism of c-plane ZnO Physics 2011-07-05
Chen-chi Yang Characterization and growth of InGaN on ZnO(0001) substrate by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2011-07-12
Min-Chen Chen Study on the Fabrication and Electrical Characteristics of the Advanced Metal-oxide-based Resistive Random Access Memory and Thin-Film Transistors Devices Physics 2011-07-14
Jou-Miao Shih Investigation of Charge Trapping Characteristic and Reliability Issues for High-k/Metal gate MOSFETs Physics 2011-07-13
Yi-Hsien Chen Investigation on the Physical Mechanism and Reliability of Amorphous InGaZnO4 Thin Film Transistors under Different Environment and Illumination Physics 2011-07-19
Yueh-hua Chiang Using contactless electroreflactance spectroscopy with polarization of probe light parallel and perpendicular to c-axis to study m-plane ZnO transition mechanism Physics 2011-07-18
Wen-Ching Wang Scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of the N-type LaAlO3/TiO2-SrTiO3 heterostructure Physics 2011-07-22
Min-Chuan Shih Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of Interfacial Properties between P3HT and PCBM Physics 2011-07-21
Chun-Pin Chiang The study of polarization converter with photo-induced ripple structure on dye-doped liquid crystal cell Physics 2011-07-23
Wan-Lin Chung Investigation on Negative Bias Temperature Instability and Physical Mechanism of PD-SOI p-MOSFETs Physics 2011-07-26
Shu-wei Hsu Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of the electronic structure of Mn δ-doped GaN films grown by molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2011-07-22
Yi-Pin Chin The study od magnetodielectric behaviors in frustrated Cu2Te2O5Br2 compound Physics 2011-07-22
Chieh-lung Wu Spin Splitting in Bulk Wurtzite Materials and Their Quantum Wells Physics 2011-08-01
Tsung-Yi Chou Fabrication and Analysis of m-InGaN Light-Emitting-Diodes Physics 2011-08-09
Kai-yin Zheng Fabrication and Characterization of InGaN Solar Cell Physics 2011-08-09
Yu-Chiao Lin Characterization of GaN grown on tilt-cut γ-LiAlO 2 by molecular beam epitaxy for different growth temperatures Physics 2011-07-19
Wei-Yang Chiang Optical properties of GaMnN films grown by PA-MBE Physics 2011-08-09
Hung-Yu Peng Growth and Characterization of Epitaxial Graphene Grown by Thermal Annealing 6-H SiC(001) and Chemical Vapor Deposition Physics 2011-08-10
Zhe-Hong Lin Study of SERS effect by controlling the arrangement of colloids Physics 2011-08-15
Chu-ya Chang Investigation polarization property of m-plane nitrides by Raman and photoluminescence Physics 2011-08-23
Ming-Sung Wang The carrier relaxation of Si doped InN thin films Physics 2011-08-23
Yu-chi Cheng The study of Zn1-x-yAlxTiyO thin film grown by UV assistant RF-sputtering Physics 2011-08-23
Zhao-Wei Huang Structure and Characterization of m-ZnO on m-Sapphire by ALD Physics 2011-08-24
Chi-Shin Shieh Methods of optical measurements based on the reflection of a double-ellipsoid structure Physics 2011-08-26
Hung-Hsuan Lin The study of tunable-focus liquid crystal lens based on gradient PVK film Physics 2011-08-29
Cheng-Wei Hsieh Studies of the surface treatment effect for the optoelectronic properties of cholesteric blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2011-08-26
Jun-Hau Wang RF-Sputtering of ZnO thin films on Si(111) substrates : the effects of Al2O3 buffer layers and the pin diode formation Physics 2011-08-25
Chia-Hung Chung Studies of viewing-angle-switching display devices with all-direction-switching characteristic Physics 2011-09-05
Yao-Gong Tseng The Study of Carrier Cooling in InN Thin Film Physics 2011-09-02
Yu-Tsung Lin The physical properties of hydrogenated Co-doped ZnO thin films deposited at room temperature by RF-magnetron sputtering system Physics 2011-09-07
Chih Hsiang Current-induced phenomenon on Fe/W(111) and the improvement of signal to noise ratio Physics 2011-09-08
Kai-wen Hsiao Magnetic and dielectric behavior of the quasi-two-dimensional triangular antiferro-magnet NiGa2S4+δ Physics 2011-12-29
Mei-Na Tsai Electrical Properties of n-MOSFETs under Uniaxial Mechanical Strain Physics 2012-01-18
Ting-Yu Jiang Competition between ferromagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic couplings in Co doped ZnO with vacancies and Ga co-dopants Physics 2012-02-14
Shiang-Fu Wang The radiative recombination study of InGaN/GaN MQW LED and the Photoluminescence study of ZnMgSe thin film Physics 2012-02-15
Chin-Chia Yeh The study of magnetodielectric behaviors in spin frustrated Cu2Te2O5X2 (X=Cl and Br) compounds Physics 2012-06-28
Hsiu-Fen Kao Spin-Splitting Calculation for Zinc-blende and Wurtzite Structures of III-V Semiconductors Physics 2012-06-29
Jie-Hao Chang Magnetodielectric study on double perovskite Pr2CoMnO6 Physics 2012-07-02
Te-Chih Chen Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of Low-Temperature Polycrystalline-Silicon and Amorphous Metal-Oxide Thin Film Transistors for Next Generation Flat Panel Display Application Physics 2012-07-02
Chih-Hao Peng Structural Properties and Two Photon Luminescence Study of Yb:YAG Single Crystal Physics 2012-07-09
Chien-Hui Lin The study of chaotic phase synchronization of nonlinear electronic circuits and solid-state laser systems Physics 2012-07-12
Chang-Pei Wu Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of α-InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors with different device structures Physics 2012-07-12
Yong-En Syu Research on Fabrication and Physical Mechanisms of Next-Generation Novel Nonvolatile Resistive Memory Devices Physics 2012-07-17
Jyun-Hao Lou Study of Resistance Switching Physical Mechanism in Hafnium Oxide Thin Film for Resistive Random Access Memory Physics 2012-07-14
Shin-Liang Chen Elliptical Cylindrical Quantum Cloak Physics 2012-07-19
You-Fen Liao Using polymer dispersed liquid crystals to improve photoreflectance spectroscopy measurement technology Physics 2012-07-19
Shuo-ting You Characterization and growth of M-plane GaN on LiGaO2 substrate by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2012-07-18
Chih-Chong Chang Observation of E_1 and E_1+∆E_1 transitions of GaAs by exciting E_0 transition in photoreflectance spectroscopy Physics 2012-07-19
Chih-Chieh Chou Multiple Magnetic Transitions and Multiferroics in BiMnO3 and Co3TeO6 Physics 2012-07-23
Chia-Yu Chen Topological Phase Transition in Ultrathin Sb and Sn Films : A First-Principles Study Physics 2012-07-24
Kuei-Chia Liu Study of Film Growth Ferroelectricity on Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3/SrRuO3/SrTiO3 Physics 2012-07-30
Ching-Yuan Chen Pressure and doping effects on the anomalous phase transition in ternary superconductor Bi2Rh3Se2 Physics 2012-07-23
Ting-Hong Chen Characterization and Growth of GaMnN Nanorods Grown by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2012-07-31
Shi-Ya Hsu Fabrication of nitride-based high electron mobility transistor biosensor to detect pancreatic cancer antigen Physics 2012-07-31
Cheng-Ter Wu The Study Of Strain On Crystal Structure Of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3/SrRuO3/SrTiO3 Physics 2012-08-01
Bor-Dun Xie Kicked-Rotor under the Aharonov-Bohm Effect Physics 2012-08-01
Yu-Yi Wang Microscopic study of low temperature adsorbed propanal on gold(110) surface Physics 2012-08-06
Fu-Yun Wang The Study of Carrier Dynamics in Multi-Stacked InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Physics 2012-08-08
Cheng-Han Liu Study of the Structural and Magnetic Properties for Nanostructured Co on Graphene/Pt(111) Physics 2012-08-13
Yu-Han Kao Studies of the surface treatment effect for cholesteric blue phase liquid crystals lasers Physics 2012-08-14
Shih-Hsun Kuo The study of controlling pretilt angle of liquid crystal by replica molding method for fabricating the microgroove PDMS film Physics 2012-08-16
Shun-Mao Lin The study of fast-response and polarization independent diffraction grating by using blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2012-08-27
Yun-Ya Wang Studies of the optoelectronic properties of polymer dispersed blue-phase liquid-crystal films Physics 2012-08-29
Chaio-Wei, Lin Study on the Growth and Characterization of Epitaxial Cu2O Thin Films by Magnetron Sputtering Physics 2012-08-30
Chia-Wen Yang Studies of THz wave Emitted From InN Physics 2012-09-04
Po-Cheng Huang Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy investigation of the interfacial electronic properties of the N-type LaAlO3/TiO2-SrTiO3 hetero-structure Physics 2012-09-05
Guo-Sin Huang All-ZnO P-N Diodes Fabricated by Variations of Orientation Physics 2012-09-10
Jiun-jie Lin Effects of fabrication processes on the electrical properties of n-ZnO/AlxSi(1-x)Oy/p-Si pin diodes Physics 2012-09-12
Ming-Chi Guo The Spectrum of Inductively Coupled Oscillators with Periodic Structures Physics 2013-01-21
Yu-Chi Hsu Growth and characterization of GaN heterophased quantum well microdisk and InGaN/GaN quantum well microdisk grown on gamma-LiAlO2 substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2013-02-01
Tsung-Wei Deng Fabrication and Characterization of III-Nitride Solar Cells Physics 2013-02-03
Wu-Han Chou Time-resolved photoluminescence study of M-plane ZnO Physics 2013-02-07
Jhih-Sheng Shen The electric properties of m-plane ZnO grown by ALD Physics 2013-02-18
Tzung-yi Tsai Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of Impurity Band Electronic Properties in Silicon Supersaturated with Sulfur Physics 2013-07-11
Fu-yuan Chen Scanning tunneling spectroscopy investigation of the interfacial electronic properties across ferroelectric/superconductor BiFeO3/YBa2Cu3O7-x hetero-system Physics 2013-07-12
Ting-yu Yu Effect of interfacial states on scanning tunneling spectroscopy in heterostructures Physics 2013-07-15
Meng-Shao Hsieh Measurement of reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy of semiconductor by using twisted nematic liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-15
Jia-Siang Li Graphene growth on 6H-SiC(0001) Physics 2013-07-18
Lin-sung Huang Fast response and polarization independence microlens arrays with blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-18
Shu-Wei Huang Electrically tunable wide-angle laser in dye-doped blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-23
Wen-Hung Lo Physical Mechanism of Reliability Analysis on SOI and High-k/Metal Gate MOSFETs Physics 2013-07-23
Yu-Tzu Liu First-Principles Studies of 2D Topological Insulators on Semiconducting Substrates Physics 2013-07-23
Hua-rong Chang First-principles studies of atomic structures and electronic properties of Bi ultrathin films on Si(111) and Ge(111) Physics 2013-07-23
Li-wei Lin Mechanism of electrical reliability under light illumination in InGaZnO thin film transistor for the next generation display ap-plications Physics 2013-07-28
Chi-Peng Chang Studies of liquid crystal Fresnel lenses doped with nano particles Physics 2013-07-26
Jian-Huang Li Calculations of conserved spin current in two dimensional k-linear spin-orbit coupled semiconductor Physics 2013-07-29
Yu-Chun Chen Physical Mechanisms and device new application of ZnO-based Thin Film Transistor Physics 2013-07-26
Chia-Hsiu Hsu Atomic and electronic structures of layered structures formed on the Si(111) and SiC(0001) surfaces: a first-principles study Physics 2013-07-30
Sheng-Yao Huang Study of Physical Mechanisms of Electrical Reliability and Environmental Sensitivity for Advanced InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Physics 2013-07-30
Tien-Yu Hsieh Physical Mechanisms of the Self-Heating and Hot-Carrier Effects on Reliability of InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor for Advanced Displays Physics 2013-08-06
WEN-YUAN PANG Growth and characterization of GaN-based thin film grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy for spintronics and optoelectronics application Physics 2013-08-06
Hsien-Li Chen Measurement of reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy of m-plane and c-plane zinc oxide semiconductor by using twisted nematic liquid crystals Physics 2013-07-18
Pei-Hao Luo The study of fast-response 1-D and 2-D gratings based on blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2013-08-13
Zong-ying Wu Epitaxial Growth of Multi-layer Graphene over Polycrystalline Cu Foil and Single Crystalline Cu(111)/c-sapphire by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Physics 2013-08-14
Chen-Yu Lin Fabrication Improvements and Analyses of m-GaN Light Emitting Diodes Physics 2013-08-14
Yu-Hsuan Chang Parabolic Quantum Cloak Physics 2013-08-14
Ta-Yeh Chen Magnetic field and pressure effects on the spin frustrated systems Cu2OSeO3 and NaCr2O4 Physics 2013-08-14
Hsiang-shun Kao Growth and Characterization of Mn Delta-Doped III-Nitrides Nanorods Fabricated by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2013-08-14
Yu-Kuan Yang The Study of Magnetic and Magnetodielectric Properties on FeTe3O7X(X=Cl, Br) Physics 2013-08-19
Jheng-Jie Huang Investigation on the resistive switching mechanisms and fabrication of recoverable RRAM device Physics 2013-08-20
Wen-Ti Hsu Study of pancreatic cancer antigen detection using AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor biosensor with different aluminum content Physics 2013-08-11
Zong-Ting Chen Study of high Indium composition InGaN/GaN quantum wells grown on GaN-template by plasma-assisted MBE Physics 2013-08-26
Chen-Yu He Study of Sub-wavelength Structure as Antireflective Layer on Solar Cell Physics 2013-08-19
Tung-kai Liu A study of field enhanced Raman scattering by plasmonic nanoparticles with SiO2 coating Physics 2013-08-24
Teng-Yuan Hsu Thermally controllable distributed feedback laser based on soft lithography technique Physics 2013-08-28
Hao-Jhh Sie The study of electrically-tunable liquid crystal microlens arrays with optoelectronic films Physics 2013-08-29
Mei-yu Wang Characterization of InGaN/GaN quantum-well microdisks grown on γ-LiAlO2 substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2013-08-26
Hung-Cheng Wu Transitional metal oxide nanoparticle embedded in SiO2 glass matrix: magnetic and dielectric study Physics 2013-09-03
Yi-Fen Cheng Study of Magneto-Transport and Hall Effect of P-type ZnO Film. Physics 2013-09-02
Jhao-Ming Lin Studies of optoelectronic properties of polymer-dispersed blue-phase liquid-crystal gratings Physics 2013-09-05
Kuo-han Liao Study of Sputtered P-N Homojunction Diodes of Polar n-Type on Nonpolar p-Type ZnO Thin Films Physics 2013-09-09
Hsiu-Yi Lai Study of NiO (111) Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition on c-Sapphire: Dependence of Structure and Optical Properties on Oxygen Content Physics 2013-09-11
Tzu-yu Huang The study of Physical Properties of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor of Cobalt doped ZnO Physics 2013-09-12
Zhi-Xuan Chen Study of optical properties of nonpolar GaN and nonpolar ZnO Physics 2013-09-12
En-Fu Zeng The study of physical property in GdN films Physics 2013-09-12
Yang Chao-Cin The Study on Oxygen Vacancies on the ZnO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Physics 2013-09-12
Ching-Liang Lin Study of optical Properties of nonpolar GaN using terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2013-09-12
Cheng-Hung Ko The distribution of magnetism and spin polarized energy band analysis of the vacancies by Carbon inducing for Carbon doped ZnO Physics 2013-09-12
Cheng-hao Wang The Ultrafast Time-resolved Photoluminescence Study of Si doped InN thin films Physics 2013-09-12
Yu-Ju Lee The physical properties of chromium-doped indium oxide thin films Physics 2013-09-12
Hsueh-chih Tseng Fabrication of rare-earth metal nonvolatile random access memory and investigation of resistance switching mechanism Physics 2013-10-03
Wan-Shan Hsieh Growth and characterization of III-nitride thin filmson (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3(100) substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2014-01-20
Wei-ting Chen Investigation of the Doping Profile in Stacked Graphene Flakes on TiOx by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Physics 2014-02-07
Wen-Chuan Fu The Evolution of Mass Species under the Replicator Equation Physics 2014-06-16
Kun-Yao Lin Investigation of the Hot Carrier and Self-Heating Effects in InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor with U- and I-shaped structure for Advanced Displays Physics 2014-06-18
Kuan-Chi Huang Investigation of Fabrication and Mechanism of High Performance Complementary Resistive Switching Memory Physics 2014-06-20
Yu-Cheng Huang The Study of Sample Preparation, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties on Zn(Cr1-xVx)2O4 ( X = 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1) Physics 2014-06-28
BO-HUNG CHOU Topologically electronic properties of tin thin films:a first-principles study Physics 2014-06-28
Bo-Lin Lee Magnetic and dielectric study on spin-frustrated ZnV2O4 Physics 2014-06-29
Yueh-Chen Li Analogy between the Polarization Switching of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers and Ising Model Physics 2014-07-04
Chin-Lun Hsiao Quantum anomalous Hall effect in the Haldane-Rashba system Physics 2014-07-10
Tzu-Chen Lin Orbital Hall effect in k-linear spin-orbit coupled semiconductor systems Physics 2014-07-11
Chien-Yu Li View angle switchable display with blue phase liquid crystal Physics 2014-07-17
Jun-Long Chen The study of liquid-crystal Fresnel lens based on optoelectronic film Physics 2014-07-21
Kai-yuan Hsiao Measuring photoreflectance spectroscopy of semiconductors by using optical fiber spectrometer Physics 2014-07-17
Cheng-de Syue Prolate Spheroidal Quantum Cloak Physics 2014-07-24
Sheng-Hsiang Wang The study of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor based biosensor for CA19-9 antigen detection Physics 2014-07-28
Yuan-Ting Lin Growth and Characterization of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors GaMnN Thin Films and Nanorods Physics 2014-07-21
Jing Lin The study of optically and electrically tunable liquid crystal lens with optoelectronic film Physics 2014-08-07
Yu-Ting Chen Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of electronic structures across nano-scale domain walls in multiferroics Physics 2014-08-27
Bo-Chao Huang Study of interfacial electronic properties in heterostructures using scanning tunneling spectroscopy Physics 2014-08-28
Wei-Chih Chen First-Principles Studies of Thermodynamic Properties and Dehydrogenation Processes of Hydrogen Storage Material (LiBH4)n Nanoclusters Physics 2014-08-26
Jui-lin Ko The effect of thermal annealing on the electrical transport properties Physics 2014-09-01
Liang-Zi Yao Prediction of large gap two-dimensional topological insulators consisting of bilayers of group III elements with Bi Physics 2014-09-02
Chia-hsien Chuang The study of electrically-tunable microlens arrays based on blue phase liquid crystals and optoelectronic film Physics 2014-09-06
Shih-han Hong Topologically electronic properties of hydrogenated arsenic in honeycomb structures:a first-principles study Physics 2014-09-05
Chi-hung Pan Time-resolved photoluminescence study of ALD (atomic layer deposited) annealed and unannealed m-plane ZnO thin films Physics 2014-09-10
Jian-yu Chen Optical properties of InGaN/GaN single-quantum-well microdisks Physics 2014-09-10
Shaham Quadir Study of optical properties of non-polar ZnO using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2014-09-11
Cheng-jui Li Study of magnetic and electric properties on GdN thin film Physics 2014-09-12
Jheng-Yi Wang Study of Co doped ZnO diluted magnetic semiconductor with various oxygen vacancies Physics 2014-09-12
Han-hsiang Ko Structural and optical properties of nonpolar a-ZnO grown by Rf-sputtering Physics 2014-09-12
Chen-wei Yen Anomalous Enhancement on Magnetic Ordering by Divalent Ions Doping of (Bi0.9M0.1)FeO3 (M=Pb, Ca) Physics 2014-09-12
Kun-jie Lin Optical properties of material calculated through Kramers-Kronig relation using MATLAB Physics 2014-09-12
Wen-yen Lin Effects of thermal annealing on the structure, morphology, and electrical properties of n-ZnO/i- Al 2 O 3 /p-Si pin diodes Physics 2014-09-12
Ru-hsien Chiang Studies and Fabrications of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Gratings Physics 2014-09-25
Hsiao-wen Chang Electric-Field Effects on Magnetic Properties of (Ga,Mn)Sb Channel in Field-Effect Structures. Physics 2015-01-21
Yung-Chih Chang Sub-nanometer scale electronic properties across P-I-N heterointerfaces of silicon solar cells under illumination Physics 2015-01-26
Chuan-Pi Hsu Mode Control of Multitransverse Vertical-Cavity Emitting Lasers by Using of Single Mode Fiber Optical Feedback Physics 2015-02-13
Shih-Yu Wu Exploring the physical and chemical properties on the novel 2D structures in electronic and atomic details Physics 2015-04-06
Hsin-Lei Chou Study of the Structural and Electronic Properties for the Bi on decorated Si(111) surface Physics 2015-04-07
Chun-yen Wang Direct mapping of the interfacial electronic structure across perovskite-based solar cells Physics 2015-06-26
Chang-lun Huang Effect of Ni substitution on the Skyrmion phase in Cu2OSeO3 Physics 2015-06-28
Tien-yu Wei Effect of Zn substitution on the Skyrmion phase in Cu2OSeO3 Physics 2015-06-29
Chin-hsi Lee Investigating Integer Quantum Hall effect in Kagomé and star lattice by Yasuhiro Hatsugai’s method Physics 2015-07-04
Pei-Hao Chin Gauge field induced spin dynamics and spin conductivity in the Luttinger semiconductor system Physics 2015-07-06
Jyun-Yu Tsai The evolutional mechanisms of hot carrier degradation in advanced high-k/metal gate MOSFETs Physics 2015-07-15
Yi-Chun Wu Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of Structure–depended Negative Bias Illumination Stress in InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Physics 2015-07-23
Jhe-lun Jheng The influence of adsorbed molecules on graphene sheets on carrier transport properties Physics 2015-07-29
Kai-hsuan Wang Optical study of monolayer MoS2 film in high magnetic field Physics 2015-07-28
SIN-YANG HONG The effect of Platinum thickness and annealing on spin–Seebeck voltage in Pt/Ni79Fe21 structure Physics 2015-07-29
Shan Leng The effect of thermal annealing on electrical properties of ITO Physics 2015-07-29
Shin-Feng Huang Investigation of the Hot-Carrier and Self-Heating Effects in Low-Temperature Polycrystalline-Silicon and InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Physics 2015-07-27
Cheng-Hua Hsieh Band structures near grain boundaries of perovskite solar cells Physics 2015-06-25
Tai-te Lin Photo-enhanced Electronic Properties at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerfaces with Au Nanoclusters Physics 2015-06-26
Chun-Hsiang Chen Photo-induced modulation doping at Graphene/TiOx heterostructures Physics 2015-06-26
Jhe-Ciou Jhu Physical mechanisms of InGaZnO thin film transistor under ambient environment and electrical stress on reliability for advanced displays Physics 2015-08-01
Chun-Yuan Pan Optical and electrical properties of nitride-based structures with subwavelength structural array Physics 2015-08-10
Christian Portales Crisostomo Study of Electronic Structures and Topological Properties in Hydrogenated III-V Buckled Honeycombs Physics 2015-08-11
Ying-Chieh Wang Study of GaN and its alloys for spintronics and optoelectronics Physics 2015-08-11
Che-wei Hung Study of P-I Interface Band Structures across GaAsSb/In(Al)As Tunneling Field Effect Transistors Physics 2015-06-26
Chun-chen Yeh Realization of Topological Insulators in III-Bi Thin Films Physics 2015-06-15
Jing-Wei Zhou Structures and dielectrics of sputtered epitaxial TiO2/HfO2 superlattices Physics 2015-08-28
Meng-Jie Yang Structural evolution of epitaxial Cu2O/MgO superlattices Physics 2015-08-28
Yaun-Chao Liang Room temperature Ferromagnetic of Crystalline-Amorphous Bilayer Cr doped In2O3 Physics 2015-08-31
Hsuan-chi Huang The Study of Oxygen Vacancies and Annealing Effect on Co-doped ZnO Thin Films Physics 2015-08-31
Tzu-chieh Huang Study of Magnetic and Transport Properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (111)Thin Films Physics 2015-08-31
Shu-ming Lai Prediction of topological insulators consisting of Thallium with group V elements Physics 2015-09-02
Wei-hsiang Huang Widely tunable circular grating base on fingerprint texture of cholesteric liquid crystals Physics 2015-09-01
Yen-Ting Lin The structures of ZnO/Al2O3 superlattices grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Physics 2015-09-07
Yu-Fang Fan Argon assisted epitaxial growth of graphene on polycrystalline Cu foil by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition and its electrical properties Physics 2015-09-09
Fu-peng Lu Fabrication and Characterization of p-i-n Nanorods Structure Solar Cells Physics 2015-09-10
Hua-hui Liu Modulated-oxidation ALD of m-ZnO epitaxial thin films Physics 2015-09-10
Yu-sheng Wang Optoelectronic behaviors of n-ZnO/i-Al2O3/p-Si diodes under high-power-laser illuminations Physics 2015-09-11
Chiung-wen Chang Thermal Oxidation of a-oriented ZnO Thin Films:Exploring the Anisotropy of Optical and Electrical Properties Physics 2015-09-10
Kuan-ting Liu Topological phase transition in Haldane-Zeeman model Physics 2015-09-09
Kun-Ju Hsieh High pressure and doping effect on the magnetic properties of CaMn2O4 Physics 2015-09-23
Pu-Chou Lin Low-temperature Technique for High-efficiency Perovskite Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Physics 2016-02-08
YU-JUNG CHENG Growth of m-plane GaN:Mn by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy and characterizations Physics 2016-03-23
Chien-Cheng Chang Study of physical properties of ternary topological insulators of Sb2SexTe3-x Physics 2016-03-30
Chia-Chi Lin Calculations of the Effective Dirac Hamiltonian in the Low-energy Limit by Using Löwdin Partitioning Method Physics 2016-05-24
Jen-kai Yuan Multiferroics in spin frustrated system Cu2OCl2 Physics 2016-06-27
Zong-Han Wu Determination of 3D Atomic Coordinates by Using EEMD Physics 2016-06-27
Shao-yu Lin Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations of Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator Physics 2016-07-14
Jui-fang Chen Linear magnetoresistance in Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator Physics 2016-07-14
Sung-Ping Chen Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator in Functionalized GaBi Honeycomb Physics 2016-07-13
Yu-ming Gu Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator in Planar Fully Functionalized Germanene Physics 2016-07-19
Chia-hsuan Hu Study of InGaN/GaN quantum well structure grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy for optoelectronics application Physics 2016-07-27
Cheng-Yi Huang Theoretical study of the physical properties and applications in 2D and 3D topological materials Physics 2016-07-22
Huei-Jyun Shih Study of M-plane GaN on ZnO micro-rods heterostructures grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. Physics 2016-07-27
Nien-Chen Wu The growth of high quality M-plane GaN on LiGaO2 substrate by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2016-07-31
Chun-Fu Chang Selective Site doping of Niobium and Electric Conduction of SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin Films Physics 2016-08-03
Kuan-Ju Liu Physical Mechanism and Reliability Analysis on Advanced SOI MOSFETs and FinFETs Physics 2016-08-08
Min-Chuan Shih Atomic-scale observation of the interfacial band alignment and photogenerated carrier distribution in polymer-based and perovskite-based solar cells Physics 2016-07-26
Chia-pin Wu Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in TM-decorated GaBi honeycomb Physics 2016-08-09
Cheng-Chieh Huang Study on Nonvolatile Memory Characteristics of Few-layered InSe Field Effect Transistors Devices Physics 2016-08-10
Yi-Hsien Tu Impedance Analysis of TiO2/HfO2 Superlattices on c-Al2O3 Physics 2016-08-03
Kuan-wei Chu DFT study on the electronic properties of layeredly doped ZnO Physics 2016-08-15
Teng-Kai Wen Prolate Spheroidal Paraboloidal Quantum Cloak Physics 2016-08-30
Ting-Huei Chen The study of silica nanoparticles base on the sol-gel method Physics 2016-09-07
Dai-jhen Jhnog Study of different conditions of grow Cr doped In2O3 thin films with their various Physical Characteristics Physics 2016-08-22
Wen-ling Chan The study of Physical Properties of (Co、Al) co-doped ZnO Physics 2016-08-16
Chi-chan Huang Optical properties of InGaN/GaN Multi-quantum well Physics 2016-09-06
Ming-yen Chuang Study of optical properties of polar and non-polar ZnO using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2016-09-07
Ko Mai Time-resolved photoluminescence study of 2D GaSe Physics 2016-09-07
Hung-jie Chen Investigation on the electronic structures of AlO/ZnO superlattices Physics 2016-08-05
Ke-chin Lin The study of widely tunable circular gratings with the photo-alignment method Physics 2016-09-07
Ting-jie Ding The study of the high-efficiency reflective display based on polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2016-09-08
Rui-fu Jian The study of the biological laser based on chlorophyll-doped cholesteric liquid crystals Physics 2016-09-07
Hao-che Hsu Temperature dependent study of optical properties of polar and non-polar ZnO using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2016-09-07
Cheng-Chang Yu Photoluminescence study of CuInSe2/GaN and CuInSe2/InN Physics 2016-09-06
Cheng-min Siao Analysis on the operation of an 8-pole AC generator Physics 2016-09-06
Yu-jie Liao Structural and electronic properties of Bi and Sn thin films grown on Bi2Te3 Physics 2016-09-08
Shih-Hang Lin The Evolution of Magnetic Skyrmion in the Spin Reorientation Transition Range of Co/Au(111) Physics 2016-09-09
Zhi-Quan Huang Topological phase transitions of group IV and V elements in the honeycomb structures and on substrate Physics 2016-09-19
Cheng-Yu Li Bispheroidal Quantum Cloak Physics 2016-10-18
Song-sain Guo Growth and characterization of Mn doped nonpolar m-plane III-nitrides film by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2017-01-24
Hsu Chuan The carrier relaxation of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Physics 2017-01-24
Kung-Shang Yang Probing the spin polarized current in oxygen deficient Co-doped ZnO by Andreev reflection technique Physics 2017-02-03
Pei-Hsien Chen Detection of pancreas cancer markers CEA and CA19-9 antigen by AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor biosensor Physics 2017-05-08
Wan-Chen Hsieh Midgap Energy Band Engineering of ZnO/AlO Superlattices Physics 2017-05-31
Wu-chun Tseng Chemical expansion and physical pressure effects on the Kagome Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2Cl Physics 2017-06-12
Pei-Ying Yang Chemical doping effects on the structural and magnetic properties of Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2Cl Physics 2017-06-15
Ko-Jung Fan Effects of magnetic and nonmagnetic elements doping on the magnetic and dielectric properties of α-Cu2V2O7 Physics 2017-07-04
Shih-Jhe Huang The photoconduction characteristic of Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator nanoflakes Physics 2017-07-25
Jing Hsu Observation of surface oxidation resistant Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in the Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator Physics 2017-07-25
Shuo-Ting You Growth of GaN thin film and AlGaN-based quantum well structure by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy for optoelectronics application Physics 2017-07-24
Chuan-Ruei Guo The study on optoelectronic properties of GaSe/InSe heterostructure Physics 2017-08-21
TSE-HSUN CHAO The magnetic and spectroscopic properties of nonpolar m-plane GaN:Mn thin films Physics 2017-08-21
Po-Yung Liao Investigation of Reliability and Physical Mechanisms of Flexible aInGaZnO Thin Film Transistors for Advanced Display Physics 2017-09-07
Tian-yi Jhuang The study of Fresnel lens in twisted-nematic liquid crystal fabricated by Sagnac interferometer Physics 2017-09-08
CHENG-PANG LIN The magnetic and electric transport property research on diluted magnetic oxides semiconductor Physics 2017-09-07
Ya-Po Yang Study of optical properties of Au/Glutathione nanoparticles solution using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2017-09-11
Jing-Rong Su Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Transition Metal-doped GaBi honeycomb Physics 2017-09-11
Yu-Hsuan Lin The study of optical properties of AlGaAs two-dimensional electron gas using terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2017-09-11
Chia-Hsiang Wang Carrier Relaxation of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Physics 2017-09-12
Chia-yu Chang Optical Characteristics of InGaN Solar Cell Structural Materials Physics 2017-09-11
Wen-Ching Chao Carrirer recombination of GaSe1-xSx layer structure Physics 2017-09-12
Wei-Sheng Chen The Study of Carrier Cooling and Auger Heating in InN Physics 2017-09-12
Po-Cheng Kung ZnO/Ga2O3 Superlattice Thin Films: Growth by Atomic Layer Deposition and Characterizations of Physical Properties Physics 2017-09-14
Wei-Chi Sung Effects of thermo-diffusion in TiO2 /MgO superlattices Physics 2017-09-13
Chun-Yuan Teng In2O3/ZnO Superlattice Epitaxial Thin Films: Growth by Sputtering Deposition and Characterizations of Physical Properties Physics 2017-09-14
Chiao-han Lee Germanium Thin Films on Highly-Resistive Silicon Substrates by e-Beam Deposition and Study of their Magneto-transport Behaviors Physics 2017-09-14
Yu-Syuan Hong ZnO/MoO3 Superlattice Thin Films : Growth by Atomic Layer Deposition and Characterizations of Physical Properties Physics 2017-09-14
Yen-Ping Cheng ZnO/Cu2O Superlattice Thin Films: Growth by Sputtering Deposition and Characterizations of Physical Properties Physics 2017-09-14
Shih-Wei Nieh Study of Growth Behavior and Electronic Properties for Co on Bi honeycomb Physics 2017-09-14
Bo-Yu Chen Study of Flipping the Electric Dipole Moment in Ferroelectric materials Physics 2017-09-15
Keng-Wen Liu Electronic Transport in YBa2Cu3O7-x/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Superconductivity / Ferromagnetic Superlattice Physics 2017-09-15
Ching-wen Chang The growth, fabrication, and analyses of III-V nitride thin film and nanorod photovoltaic devices Physics 2017-10-11
Bing-Yau Huang The studies of opto-electrically controlled dimensional switching grating and Fresnel lens based on liquid crystals Physics 2018-01-30
Ting-Hui Kao Perovskite-related-structure Materials with High Pressure Synthesis and Their Physical Properties Physics 2018-02-07
Fei-Mam Hsiao Atomically resolved carrier transport behavior under light illumination at heterointerfaces Physics 2018-02-21
Po-Hsun Chen Study on Fabrication Process and Resistive Switching Mechanism of Indium-tin-oxide-based Resistive Random Access Memory Device Physics 2018-05-31
Yu-Chiao Lin Growth and characterization of M-plane III-nitride thin films heterostructure by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2018-06-13
Ya-Ren Teng The Analysis of Policy Implementation in Reinventing Government:And A Discussion About Intergovernmental Relationship Between The Center Government And The Local Government Political Science 2000-06-21
Cheng-Bong Chang A political economy analysis of Taiwan automobile industry Political Science 2000-07-14
Sonam Dorjee none Political Science 2000-07-25
Wei-Min Huang A Study on Civicness-laden Public Management in Association with Non-profit Organization Political Science 2000-07-05
Yen-Hsia Chen The Study of Policy Networks between the State and Textile Industry--The Taiwan Textile Federation as an Example Political Science 2000-08-30
Chun-Hsiung Hu The research of interactions between local government and a private company that runs the government owned social department---A case study for Kaohsiung Hsien government Political Science 2001-02-12
LAN-CHIEN CHENG A Study on the Categories and Constitutions of Members in the Collegial Administrative Organizations- Cases of Kaoshiung Municipal Government Political Science 2001-02-14
Hung-Chih Liang state and film─Taiwam film police study Political Science 2001-02-15
Yann-Long Chen Television and Democratization in Taiwan:A Case Study of Formosa Television Political Science 2001-06-05
yin-tsun Kuo none Political Science 2001-07-09
Jia-Hao Xu Anthony Giddens on Modernity Political Science 2001-07-27
Tsao-Huai Huang A Study of Democracy in Taiwan from the Perspective of the Relations between Self and Communities Political Science 2001-08-07
Kao-Yu Chang The Study of the Relevance Between the Political Electoral Advertising Strategy and the Performance in Television Commercials Among Three Major Candidates in the Year 2000 Presidential Election in Taiwan Political Science 2001-08-14
Tzu-Yu Chen none Political Science 2001-08-22
Su-Hsin Wu Studies on the Cooperation Partnership between China and ASEAN in the Post-Cold War Era Political Science 2001-08-22
Meng-Ting Lin Studies on Asian-Pacific Policies of Taiwan in the Post Cold-War Era Political Science 2001-08-24
Chi-Se Huang Invisible Hand: Adam Smith's Political Economy Political Science 2001-08-30
Tzu-Yu Lu none Political Science 2001-08-31
Shih-pin Chen none Political Science 2001-09-04
Seng-chau Ou The Interpretations and Practices of Asian Values--Singapore Case Study Political Science 2002-01-14
guo-quan Chen none Political Science 2002-02-07
Chun-i Pan The Research on Aboriginal Identities and the Delimitation of Electoral Districts Political Science 2002-02-20
Chun-Zhen Cai none Political Science 2002-06-25
Chien-Min WU Studies People's Liberation Army Strategy Toward Taiwan Political Science 2002-07-22
Kung-Kai Sung none Political Science 2002-08-13
Kun-Ming Kuo A Study of Interest Groups Influence Public Policy:A Case Study of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Political Science 2002-08-13
King-Pao Lee A Study of the Labors’ Rights of Unionization in Taiwan ― From the Liberal Point of View Political Science 2002-08-22
Kun-Tse Lee none Political Science 2002-08-27
Shun-Yuan Chuang none Political Science 2002-08-23
Hsin-An Ho Research on the political participation of the Aboriginal Tribes, Taking Taiwu Hsiang for Example Political Science 2002-09-02
Pei-Yu Huang none Political Science 2002-09-12
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Chia-chung Hsieh None Political Science 2004-07-06
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Kuo-hui Chen Studies on the economic interaction between ROC and PRC in case of Garment Industry Political Science 2004-06-28
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Jia-Tay Chen none Political Science 2004-07-14
Yi-yen Chen A Survey of Job Satisfaction for the Personnel staffs of Courts in R.O.C Political Science 2004-07-19
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Kewi-kai Tseng My country the office-holder elects the expenditure of grant system to study Political Science 2004-07-26
Pei-Shi Lin Historicism and the "Crissis": one kind of understanding of the Mission of Leo Strauss' Political Philosophy. Political Science 2004-07-25
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bi-yue Tzeng Reconsider Meilung Anti-Dam Movement Political Science 2004-12-31
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YU-LUN MAN none Political Science 2005-02-22
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Chih-Mo Tsai A Study on the Disaster Prevention and Response System for an Emergency Operation Center at the Special Municipality Level-With Kaohsiung as Example Political Science 2005-07-01
Ming-hua Tsai A Study of Processing Public Complaints of Local Administrations-Focusing on the Kaohsiung City Government Political Science 2005-07-08
SHIUE SHIUNG The reform of the local education finance after The Article 164 of Constitution has been terminated. Political Science 2005-07-08
Kuo-chung Yang Local Government Act meets the original goal. Tainan City is taken for the example in this case study Political Science 2005-07-14
CHI-HSIEN CHIN The Study of the Factors Influencing the Demand and Supply of the Housings at Kaohsing City Political Science 2005-07-15
Chien-Kang Chen Institutional Republicanism:Alexis de Tocqueville beyond Liberalism Political Science 2005-07-19
Jiunn-Kai WANG The research about our lobby legislation Political Science 2005-07-20
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Jian-Li Cheng none Political Science 2005-07-22
Yen - Long none Political Science 2005-07-27
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Kuan-wei Chiu A Study of Cooperation and Development between European Union and ASEAN Political Science 2005-12-02
Yi-Jay Huang The Electoral Marketing of Political Partys, Candidates in Multimember Distric and SNTV System in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Tsu Party and its Candidate in the North District in Kaohsiung City for the 2004 Legislator Election Political Science 2005-12-06
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Cheng-Ping Kuo China's Energy Security Policy Political Science 2006-01-18
Fang-yuan Li A Study on the Relationship Between The State and The Salt Industry Development In Taiwan Political Science 2006-01-22
wen-tsui wang The Study of the Cultural Tourism as a Strategy for Regional Development--A Case Study of Kaohsiung City,Kaohsiung County,Pintung County Political Science 2006-02-09
Li-Hui Huang A Study of Military Training Instructor's Influence for School Civic Education--A Case Study of Three Medical Management Colleges Political Science 2006-02-10
wan-jan Hawan The structural development of Paiwan tribe traditional social ranks Political Science 2006-02-17
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Kuang-chih Lee Study of Taiwanese “National” Curriculum in Japanese Colonial Period Political Science 2006-06-17
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Su-Chen Chen The research of performance bonus management system by public administrations : compare administrative organizations and public schools Political Science 2006-06-22
Ching-hui Li To do or not to do-Understanding the British Euro Policy from the Perspective of Europeanization Political Science 2006-06-24
Yen-tang Ho Employees’ Inherent Factors and the Privatization of Publicly-Owned Stadium:A Case Study of Kaohsiung Municipal Ch‘ienchen Swimming Pool Political Science 2006-07-03
Hsiu-Yen Chiang In Taiwan medicine industry development of the analysis of national role. Political Science 2006-07-05
Chang-chun Su A Critical Study of the conception of Taiwan’s National Security Political Science 2006-07-03
Yi-ling Liu The comparison research of Singapore and Taiwan's government SARS epidemic situation crisis management. Political Science 2006-07-12
Shu-chen Huang The Political and Economic Analysis of Taiwan Agricultural Purveyance Policy Political Science 2006-07-10
Tung-Chieh Chao The Voter’s Decision During the Electoral campaign A case Study of the 2005 Elections for Mayor of the 15th Taitung County Government Political Science 2006-07-24
Yi-hsien Hsi A Study of the Cross-strait Reviews on Yang Kui Political Science 2006-07-26
En-Jen Liu none Political Science 2006-07-31
Yu-Chen Tsai An Exploration of EU's State Building Tendency by Examining the EU's Youth Policy Political Science 2006-08-02
Wang-Liang Chang Issues in Contemporary Liberalism︰Economic Justice and the Conception of the Good Political Science 2006-08-01
Tsu-bin Hsueh Studies China and ASEAN economic cooperation ─Neo-functionalism─ Political Science 2006-08-07
Yung-Ming Liu From Virtue to Rights:An Historical Perspective Political Science 2006-08-02
Yung-Lung Chang The perception on fairness of job promotion of the civil servant, the political awareness of job promotion and the study on the promise of the organization-Exemplify with taxman of Kaoshiung Notional Tax Administration Political Science 2006-08-08
Ching-shun Chen A Research of Legal System of Rewards and Punishments of Police Officer Political Science 2006-08-08
Tzong-Rong Wu Cross-Regional CooperationAmong Local GovernmentsComparing the refuse disposal in Taipei-Keelung and that in Kaohsiung City-County-Pingtong Political Science 2006-08-10
Ming-Zhi Lin The research of the Supervision role of authority of the public construction with private participation ---From the relevant law or regulation of private participation of Kaohsiung mass rapid transit Political Science 2006-08-10
An-chang Cheng The Analysis Of The Anti-Preventive Laws of Financial Transfer Fraud Political Science 2006-08-05
Ching-chuan Ye The Comparison of Obtaining Power with Wang Mang and Cao Cao : From a Historical Institutionalism Approach Political Science 2006-08-11
chang -chun A Study of Drug Prevention and Legal System Political Science 2006-08-08
Shyang-Jong Tasy A Research of Our Legal System of Counter-terrorism Political Science 2006-08-13
Li Lo The Policy of Overseas Chinese Education between R.O.C and P.R.C Political Science 2006-08-11
Qing-Jiang Lin A Research of Legal System of Prevention and Regulation of Mainland People’s Using Fake Marriages to Come to Taiwan Political Science 2006-08-23
He-Liang Liou Stady on Land acquisition Issue During the Water Resources Development of Sourthern Taiwan Region Political Science 2006-08-24
Cheng-hung Chen The political-economic analysis of Mainland China's industrial policy-study of motorcycle industry Political Science 2006-08-28
Chien-hsun Hsien none Political Science 2006-08-28
Su-zu Weng The Research and Discussion of the Promotion of the Local Employment Policy of R.O.C Political Science 2006-08-30
Liu-tsu Yu Probe Into The Dilemmas of Democracy Congressional Reform: The Cases of California Congress and Taiwan Congress Political Science 2006-08-31
Yin- Ching Kuo A Research of Legal System of State Compensation Liability–Take Cases of State Compensation of Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau as Example Political Science 2006-09-05
Kuo-Liang Lin A Research on Legal System of Use of Police Weapons Political Science 2006-09-05
jia-hong chen A Study of Policy Development of Elderly Welfare Subsidy Political Science 2006-09-06
Hsiu-chen Liu In Social Educational institutes Privately Operated Discussion – The Case study of Kaohsiung Chungcheng Cultural Center Political Science 2006-09-15
YU-CHENG KANG NONE Political Science 2006-10-27
Shin-y Huang Studies on China's ASEAN Policy Political Science 2007-01-18
Chien-Cheng Yen Rethinking Dependency theory: Origins, Schools and Prospection Political Science 2007-02-03
Chin-Fang Liu A Study of National Identity of Private Senior High School Students-- An Empirical Research of Private High Schools in Tainan Area Political Science 2007-02-05
Min-Yen Chung The Relationship between State-Owned Enterprises and Construction of Government-Business Relationship in Taiwan Political Science 2007-02-06
Liu-chiao lan Development of Global apparel commodity chains and Taiwan apparel industry's response Political Science 2007-02-08
Chien-Ting Chen Are China and Japan gregarious? The Japanese academic circle how to regard China and face the controversy of “China as an emerging superpower” in epistemology and methodology form modern times to now. Political Science 2007-02-07
Mei-yu Lo A Study on Business's Management of Foreign Labors in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2007-02-08
Yuan-hsiang Hsu The Feasibility to Internationalize Taiwan’s Higher Education System from the Perspective of Globalization Political Science 2007-02-12
Pei-qian Wu none Political Science 2007-02-09
Hsin-Cheng Hao none Political Science 2007-02-09
Hsin-Yi Yen Cai Peihuo's identity strategy in his prime -- the Taiwanese consciousness in the Showa period Political Science 2007-02-12
Chin-yuan Chou A Study on the Reform of ROC Military Service System (1949-2006) Political Science 2007-02-14
Tsai-Yun Hsu A Study on the Effects of the Reform of Retirement System on the Working Morale of Civil Service Employees – Taking Kaohsiung City Government for Example Political Science 2007-06-20
Cheng-Wen Wu A Study on the Effects of the Working Pressure and Job Satisfaction of District On-Duty Police Officers on Their Preference for the Change of Duties in Turn –– Taking the Police Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government for Example Political Science 2007-06-21
Ming-da Shie the Foreign Policy of Koizumi:2001-2006 Political Science 2007-06-30
Chun-hao Chang The Change of Constitutional System in Taiwan: The Perspectives of Old and New Institutionalism Political Science 2007-07-02
Shu-chen Tu The study of the Computer Satisfaction of junior high school students in Fong Shan city, Kaohsiung County. Political Science 2007-07-05
Cheng-Jung Wu David Mitrany and Functionalism Political Science 2007-07-06
You-lun Wu The China shortcut to Globalization, Comparing Akira IRIYE’s, Kenichi OHMAE’s, and Tetsuya KOMIRO’s Identity Strategies Political Science 2007-07-21
Chi-hsiung Lai A Study on the Stop-and-Frisk Legal System of the Police Officers –– Taking Five Main Structures of the Administration Act as the Means of Analysis Political Science 2007-07-18
Yen-li Chu A Study of Legislation of All-Out Defense Mobilization and Education in Taiwan Political Science 2007-07-21
Shu-chen Hsieh The Influence of the Consensus Conference on Public Policies –A Case Study on the Consensus Conference in Installing A Cable Car System over Kaohsiung First Political Science 2007-07-21
Yan-Ju Lu A Study of The 7th Legislator Electoral System and The Political Consequence Political Science 2007-07-20
Dah-tung Lee Study of Hu Jintao’s Political Character and his New Thoughts about Policy on Taiwan Political Science 2007-07-26
Ying-chih Liu Liberalism and Peace Studies in International Relations Political Science 2007-07-30
Li hung A Research on Legal System of Retirement of Civil Officer Political Science 2007-08-05
Mei-Li Shu A Study on the Law-related Cognition of Taiwan Local Elites Political Science 2007-08-06
Kwun-yao Tin The illustrations of the 21st century world order: discourse on American Empire and Postmodern Empire Political Science 2007-08-09
Ching-yi Yang none Political Science 2007-08-14
Yi-tsui Tseng none Political Science 2007-08-16
Nung Hsu Universal Human Rights Value and the Humanitarian Intervention—Perceiving from the Kosovo event Political Science 2007-08-16
Li-Chiang Wu Culture and citizen-a comparative study of Michael Walzer and Will Kymlicka Political Science 2007-08-21
Shih-Pin Chuang A Study on the Effects of Local Government Act on the “Centralized Personnel System” of the Government Employee Ethics Unit Political Science 2007-08-22
Hui-shun Kuo “The Welsh School” of Critical Security Studies Political Science 2007-08-22
Chih-yang Liu Charles Taylor on Liberty Political Science 2007-08-27
Hung-Chi Yang An Analysis of the Efficiency of Social Assistance in Local Governments Political Science 2007-08-27
Huey-Yng Luo A Research on Professional"License"System of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Our Country Political Science 2007-08-26
Te-wang Chou Out of China? The sense of national origin and modern identity on Japanese comic Political Science 2007-08-31
Jia-fong Tsao Cognitive Factors in the Theories of Balance of Power Political Science 2007-08-29
Guo-ching Lin The legal system of Taiwanese mainland policy in the region studies Political Science 2007-09-06
Gui-zhi Li The Orient Discourse in Modern Japan via Reviewing the Recognition of China and Occident Political Science 2007-09-09
Kai-yi Yu Research of Local Council Self-discipline Right - Kaohsiung City Council as example Political Science 2007-09-11
Sung-Hsin Chia A Research on the Legal System of Taiwan Special Tasks Guard Political Science 2007-12-26
LONG GUO-HONG party alternative Political Science 2007-12-28
Huan-Shan Liu The effects of foreign labor on community residents’ psychological factors-A case study of Cuiping Village, Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City Political Science 2008-01-19
Yueh-ching Chen Political Economy of Flowers and Plants Industries Developments in Taiwan:The Conjoint Relationships between Global Market, State Role and Local Development. Political Science 2008-01-29
Chien-chou Chen A Discussion and Critique on European Migration Issue within the Prospective of “Societal Security” Political Science 2008-01-31
Huei-wen li The Dualism of International Relations Theories Political Science 2008-02-01
Jeng-yang Wu A Study on the developmental tendency and strategy of Free Trade Zone ----Taking Kaohsiung Port for Example Political Science 2008-01-31
Wen-tsung Liu The Study of Theachers' Association's Law of Kaohsiung County in Taiwan Political Science 2008-02-01
Yu-Ching Chen A Study on Dangerous Driving Prevention Legal System of Police Officer Political Science 2008-01-31
Ming-yi Lin The comparative study of Taiwan’s multiple employment initiatives and European Union’s third system employment programme. Political Science 2008-02-12
Chih-Hsiung Chen Reserche of Falun Gong Transnational advocacy network Political Science 2008-05-19
Chin-hu Han none Political Science 2008-06-17
Hai-ling Li none Political Science 2008-06-23
Che-lin Hsu The Study of National Security of ROC After the End of Martial Law Political Science 2008-06-24
Hoai Thu China: from Vietnam perspective: A Note on the Vietnam-China Relations in the Journal of China Studies Political Science 2008-06-30
I-feng Chiu Correlation analysis of audience evaluation and ratings in Taiwan: The case of political discussion programs Political Science 2008-07-05
Herlin Chien Exploring Micro-Dynamics of French Cohabitation – A Historical Interpretation Political Science 2008-07-02
Kuo-chang Tseng Decision on Opting Voluntary Service by Draftees Case Study of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2008-07-02
Hung-Chuan Yang The Study on the Determinants of Voting Choice in Kaohsiung--- A Case Study of The Fourth Kaohsiung Mayoral Election, 2006 Political Science 2008-07-06
Chien-ming Cheng The effects of military training system on students’ life counseling and guidance in private technological colleges Political Science 2008-07-09
Yuan-kuei Chu The reserch of legislators' career patterns-Taiwan's -legislators from 1992-2007 Political Science 2008-07-14
Rih-ming Lin A Case Study on Attitudes toward the Usage of the Citizen’s Travel Card, and Evaluations on the Leisure Efficiency of Administrative Staff in Junior High Schools in Kaohsiung County Political Science 2008-07-18
Li-hsiang Lin Research on the Develop of equal right for both men and women in Taiwan in 1987-2007 ---- The Social Indicator Approach Political Science 2008-07-16
Chin-an Chang Study on the introduction of balanced scorecard, BSC to a public hospital--Jianan Mental Hospital, partment of Health (DOH) as an example Political Science 2008-07-16
Hsiao-yi An Study of Russia's policy with respect to the European Union Political Science 2008-07-17
Ko-Ru Chen Studies on the Election Factors of the Voters Political Science 2008-07-10
I-jung Yeh Sole electoral district two ticket system research political influence---Elects take seventh session of legislator as the example Political Science 2008-07-22
Yu-Sheng Tseng Studies on China’s Policy in East Asia: a case study of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Political Science 2008-07-23
Wu-Chang Tsai The Research on Political Attitude and the Values of the Woman’s College of Arts & Technology in Taiwan---The Way of the Political Socialization Political Science 2008-07-27
Ruei-De Chen The study of peple's willingness to express opinion in Taiwan:The case of the fourth Taipei and Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Political Science 2008-07-30
Cheng-Ju Lee Comparison and Analysis of The Performance Status of Foreign Affairs Police of Taiwan: by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Political Science 2008-08-04
Shin-Wen Chiang A Study on the Social Assistance Role of Village Secretary: A Case Study of Cijin District of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2008-07-29
Kuei-chen Chang A Study of Village Chiefs Role: A Case Study of An-Shun Li Political Science 2008-07-29
yi-hsing liu A Study of the Establishment of Police Work Indicator in Kaohsiung Political Science 2008-07-25
Chuh-yuan Kuo A Study on Legal System of Communications Protection and Electronic Surveillance Political Science 2008-08-12
Ying-chieh Chou A Study on Legal System of Drunk Driving Enforcement by Police Officer Political Science 2008-08-12
Li-chi Chen A Research of Our Legal System on Sexual Harassment Prevention Act Political Science 2008-08-11
Chun-shiang Yin A Study on Legal System of Assembly and Parade Political Science 2008-08-12
Jia-hao Liou Freedom and duty: the political philosophy of R. G. Collingwood Political Science 2008-08-12
Jung-lin Hsieh A Study on Police Officers’ Promotion Legal System Political Science 2008-08-12
Ming-Chin Tsai Memoirs of Cultural Revolution: the Choices between “Transcendental” and “Reproductive” Vision Political Science 2008-08-14
Yuan-Hsiang Chan The strategic position of Pescadores and cross-strait strategic studies Political Science 2008-08-25
Li-yuan Yu The Globalization of Sports: Dialectical Relationship Between De-Territorialization and Re-Territorialization Political Science 2008-08-25
Shu-Chen Yu Studies on the Election Factors of the Voters Comparison between Kaohsiung Mayor Elections in 2002 and 2006 Political Science 2008-08-25
Shu-li Hsu Researching on Shanghai Cooperation Organization from Neorealism Political Science 2008-09-04
Yah-wun Cheng The Misuse in Spiral of Silence Theory Political Science 2008-09-08
Shiou-li Pan none Political Science 2008-09-10
Yen-erh Lai none Political Science 2008-09-08
Ming-Hsuan Shu none Political Science 2008-09-10
Wen-Bin Yan Member’s makes an inspection tour the team performance mutual attention -Owned Stadium:A Case Study of the Sanmin Distric Office Kaohsiung City bailiwick makes an inspection tour the teams Political Science 2008-09-11
Chia-hao Hsu The One and the Many: A Reconstruction and Critique of Charles Taylor’s Political Philosophy Political Science 2008-09-11
Wen-ying Lee The Analysis to the Influence of the System for Government Employees to Retain the Job but Suspend the Salary in Relation to Household Concerns: A Case Study on the Employees of Chiayi County Government Political Science 2008-10-16
Jhih-chang Su A study on the Judicial review and Doctrine of Separation of Powers-From J.Y .Interpretation No.613 to mention Political Science 2009-02-04
Ching-chin Tseng Research Subject: A Comparison on the Political Attitude of Foreign Spouses, targeting the Participants of 2007 Chinese-character Recognition Class in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2009-02-06
Shu-Wei Wang The research for the victory factors of the basic level election of Taiwan Township Mayor – The specific case upon Gao-Shu Township, Ping-Tung County Political Science 2009-02-09
Yu-ming Liu E. H. Carrian Plural Effect to IR Theory Political Science 2009-02-11
Huey-shian Chung A Study on the Factors Contributing to the Formation of Coalitions in International Multilateral Environmental Negotiations Political Science 2009-02-12
Qun-jie Su On Michael Otsuka's Left Libertarian Theory of Distributive Justice Political Science 2009-05-19
Yi-chun Lo The Real Estate Investing Strategy for Taiwanese Enterprises under Mainland China “Macro Control” Policy- Case Study Based on Shanghai Political Science 2009-05-24
Ying-chao Chuang Taiwan township (country, town, city) research of the Autonomous bodies Political Science 2009-06-23
Yu-hsiang Huang A Comparative Analysis of 2004 and 2008 Taiwan's Presidential Election Polls Political Science 2009-06-24
Chun-Ching Wu Whose Internet Regime? The Study of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Political Science 2009-06-26
Wen-Cheng Lin The Analysis of Allocation of Taiwanese Social Welfare Resource after the First Party Turnover: A Case Study of Military Personel and Veterans Political Science 2009-06-27
Hung-Chi Hsu Voluntary participator relation to volunteer management research--Example for community concern center in Hsi-Gang township of Tainan county Political Science 2009-06-23
Chia-ning Huang No more Oriental : Self and Europeanness in Japan's Views on China Political Science 2009-07-10
Yin-liang Liu Political Economy of the Second Financial Reformation Political Science 2009-07-21
Hong-Wen Tsai The Change and Transformation of Taiwanese Social Welfare Distribution A Case Study of Civil Service and Teacher Political Science 2009-07-15
Yu-hua Chen To Stabilize the Buffer System : North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Political Science 2009-07-24
Shun-che Cheng The state role of Rice Industry development in Taiwan Political Science 2009-07-29
Shu-chuan Kuo The society rescues the examination to decide after deliberation the behavior initially to search- take the kaohsiung various areas geographical unit of government as an example Political Science 2009-08-21
Juan Alfredo Diplomatic Competition Between Taiwan and China in Latin America Political Science 2009-08-11
Ming-Jen Huang A Study on the Reward and Penalty System for Judiciary Officials Political Science 2009-08-13
Chan-min Liu Individual or structure? The executive-legislature relations under divided government—case study with Kaohsiung county(1993-2009) Political Science 2009-08-18
Chiao-yi Ko A Study on Legal System of Pawnbroking Industry Management Political Science 2009-08-20
Yao-shun Tsai A Study on Legal System of the Investigation on the Police Moral Cases Political Science 2009-08-20
Ming-Jiun Lin A Study on Legal System of Anti-Trafficking of Police Officer Political Science 2009-08-20
Goang-lin Hsieh A Study on Pleading Law Making Process of Administrative Procedure Act Political Science 2009-08-21
Yun-lung Yen The City tourism industry organization design, operate and effect: Comparison of Kaohsiung City(1998-2005) and Hong Kong(1997-2006) Political Science 2009-08-24
Su-Chen Fang A One-Stop Service in Household Registration System Political Science 2009-08-24
Jia-hong Chen The theory and practice analysis of domestic legal system of communication protection and interception Political Science 2009-08-21
Ming-chun Liang A Study on Police Beat Investigation and Visitation in Taiwan Political Science 2009-08-22
Chi-yan Tseng A Study of Legal Affairs of Road Barriers Removal Political Science 2009-08-21
Chen-jung Tsai none Political Science 2009-09-01
Long-ho Wu Exploration on the allocation of Taiwan social welfare resource after 1990---take labor welfare for example Political Science 2009-09-07
Yen-wen Wang A Study on Development of Employment Sercurity System in Taiwan-The Perspective of Social Democratic Welfare Theory Political Science 2009-09-07
Tsung-Hsian Yeh Universalism and Particularity: The Study and Reconstruction of Andrew Linklater's Critical Theory in International Relations Political Science 2009-09-09
Wen-Hau Li China’s Oil Diplomacy toward Russia Political Science 2009-11-03
Jinn-ming Wang Democratic progressive party place party duty director has the system stable research Political Science 2009-11-29
Chi-chang Chen A Study on the Effect of the Change in Educational Environment on Teachers' Job Satisfaction and Morale: The Case of Ligang District, Pingtung County Political Science 2010-02-02
Ching-hsuan Tsai The Strategies of Campaign Literature in Single-Member Districts—— The Case Study of the 7th Legislator Election in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2010-02-04
Wei-hsin Chang Research of globalized media diet culture image creation ~the example same flavor creation is an example Political Science 2010-02-05
Bo-shuo Su Hume's Political Science: An Interpretation of Naturalism Political Science 2010-02-09
Shu-ling Lin A study of Political Trust and International Trust in Taiwan Political Science 2010-02-08
Tyzz-An Wang China Association of Southeast Asian Policy Studies Political Science 2010-02-18
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Yu-chu Chen Development and Strategies of Cultural Industries in Korea Political Science 2010-06-26
Chao-wen Lin The study of Russia “New Oriental diplomacy” Political Science 2010-06-29
Yan-Tang Xie CAFTA and Response Method of Taiwan Political Science 2010-07-21
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Tung-ying Lin The campaign Promises of Taiwanese Legislators and their peformances in the Legislative Yuen: The case of the 6th and 7th term legislators from Kaohsiung City. Political Science 2010-12-07
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Yuan-ning Yang Localized Transnational Chinese Interpretation of China --- Leo Suryadinata and his China Study Political Science 2010-07-20
Yi-huei Chung A Creative China: Danny Yung and the Politics of Art in Hong Kong Political Science 2010-07-22
Tse-Tai Chang Across Himalaya Barrier with a civilization: Research for Sino-India Scholar Tan Yuan-Shan and Tan Chung their thread of thought Political Science 2010-07-28
Chi-Lu Lai A Contrast between Montesquieu’s and Quesnay’s Thoughts of China Despotism — A Methodological Reflection Political Science 2010-08-17
Chi-hung Chou The Intertextuality of the Awareneess and Rationality — a cultural argument in the 21th buddhistic world in China and Japan Political Science 2010-08-23
Jui-Yung Chen The Reflection on Street-Level Bureaucrats of Local District Administration’s Enforcements from Social Assistance Program: a Case Study as Chijin District in Kaohsiung City. Political Science 2010-08-24
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Shu-Hao Hsu A Research of IPE Thought of Charles Kindleberger Political Science 2010-09-01
Yu-fang Tzeng Reciprocity, Punishment, and Cooperation in a Social Group Political Science 2010-09-07
Yi-fan Chen Oracle or Sophistry: Different narrtive discourses in the writing of Taiwan literature history Political Science 2010-09-07
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Ya-lin Tai A Study of Relationship between Family and Politics in Susan Moller Okin’s Thought Political Science 2010-09-08
Chao-sheng Wu none Political Science 2010-09-07
Wei-Yu Lai New Silk Road:The Development of China's Sea Power Political Science 2010-09-09
Shu-hua Chu "Are You Sure that you are an Independent Voter?" An Observation of Hidden Partisans' Media Use Behavior. Political Science 2010-09-09
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Yu-wan Chen A Study on the Factors of Voting Participation in the Taiwan 2008 National Referendums Political Science 2011-01-08
Po-wen Lee The offect of party votation for policy change in Taiwan : the recognitation degree of obtained in mainland China Political Science 2011-02-21
Pei-Chi Chang Taiwan’s “Swing” Voters:A Case Study of 2008 Presidential Election. Political Science 2011-03-28
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Xiang-jun Liao The Cooperation and Competition Between China and the U.S. in Southeast Asia Political Science 2011-06-25
Mei-Hsiang Chiu EU’s Policy on Energy Security Political Science 2011-06-29
Wen-chieh Chen The China Factors in Indonesia’s changing policy on Ethnic Chinese Political Science 2011-06-30
Yu-Hao Su The research of trade exchanges between China and Germany:For automobile industry Political Science 2011-07-01
Yen-Chun Lin The Trade and Security Interactions Between EU and ASEAN Political Science 2011-07-01
Chia-Ying Chung The Development of Chinese-Turkish Relations under Changing International System Political Science 2011-07-08
Heng-sheng Cheng The Impact of Candidate Background and Constituency Characteristics on the Formation and Substance of Legislators’ Campaign Promises: The case of Taiwan’s 7th term legislators Political Science 2011-08-02
Yan-Ying Chen The Study on Detention System of The Mainland Chinese People Political Science 2011-08-06
Kuo-chang Huang A Research on the Legal System of Electronic Game Business Management Political Science 2011-08-07
Shu-Fei Jheng Study of the Implementation of Government Procurement Act in Schools Political Science 2011-08-08
Yen-Ping Lin A study of Corporatism of Relations between Taiwan's Government and Labor Unions, 1949 – 2008 Political Science 2011-08-05
Yu-Chun Huang Between Taiwan and China---Lee Teng Hui's Concepts anf His Awareness of China Political Science 2011-08-08
Shih-Chang Juan A Research on the Legal System of public servants due to conflicts of interest Political Science 2011-08-09
Chia-Sheng Huang Research on Legal System of Taiwan Existing Public Security Fund Integration Feasibility Political Science 2011-08-10
Hsiu-Jung Chi Burke on Tradition and Politic--an Aesthetic Understanding Political Science 2011-08-11
Li-ying Huang An Analysis of Taiwan’s State-Owned Land Management System Political Science 2011-08-11
Sheng-Fang Hsiao A Study of the Interview Policy for Spouses from Mainland China--The Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2011-08-15
Fong-Song Lin The Research on Performance Related Pay Legal System in the Mainland China Region Political Science 2011-08-16
Chi-yao Kuo The comparative study of Traditional institutionalism, New institutionalism and Douglas North perspective of institutional change Political Science 2011-08-30
Yin-Dah Huang No Author of political theory:Elster’s approach of the nuts and bolts for the social science Political Science 2011-09-01
Bu-Chin Chen Discussion of Senior High School Students Violating the Correct Clothing Manners Discipline Stipulation: Examples in a Vocational High School in Tainan Political Science 2011-09-07
Chih-Ju Lin Reflection on the traditional discourse of territorial sovereignty Political Science 2011-11-28
Shu-fen Huang The Study of Sino-American Relations in Northeast Asia : Conflict and Cooperation Political Science 2011-11-29
Ting-I Lai Studies on China’s Africa Policy Political Science 2011-12-05
Jui-cheng Lee Studies on civil aviation industry in China: from domestic, East Asia to the world Political Science 2011-12-19
Shao-Jui Hsu Studies on economic cooperation and security regime in East Asia Political Science 2012-01-03
Jheng-yu Wu An Enquiry Concerning Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy Political Science 2012-02-16
Sui-yi Lee The Impact of Single-District Two Votes System on the Party’s Nomination Institution:A Comparative study of KMT and DPP’s Nomination Institution of the Seventh Legislators Election Political Science 2012-04-07
Yu-Hsi Huang Studies on China's policy of culture industry Political Science 2012-04-27
Yu Li-Te Building the Mechanism of Security Cooperation across the Taiwan Strait – An Analysis of Non-Traditional Security Perspective Political Science 2012-05-20
Chun-Hui Chang A Basic Understanding of Taiwanese State Identification with the Focus Group Interview Political Science 2012-07-16
Chin-Hsiung Chang A Cross-Strait Study on Legal System of Assembly and Procession Political Science 2012-07-16
Yuan-min Huang A Study on Legal System of the Police Inspectors on PRC AND TPKM Political Science 2012-07-17
Mao-Shu Wu A Study on the Legal System of Administrative Division in Local Districts-The Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2012-07-18
Chun-sheng Chiu A Study On Legal System Of The Sex Trade Industry In Taiwan Political Science 2012-07-17
Ken-Li Lin A trend study on the uniformity of ASEAN members regarding the South China Sea Political Science 2012-07-18
Hung-yen Pan A study on the Legal System of Controlling and Managing the National Police Firearms Political Science 2012-07-20
Yuh-Huey Huang An Empirivcal Study of User Technology Acceptance with Taiwan’s Advanced Passenger Information System :The Case of National Immigration Agency Political Science 2012-07-23
Hui-Chung Chang The Ettect of Personality Traits on the Motivations of Volunteers: The Case of Kaohsiung Hakka Cultural Museum Political Science 2012-07-24
Tang-Hsi Kao Research of Affects of Anti-Mosquito Volunteer Work and Environmental Literacy on Dengue Fever Vector Prevention Effectiveness The Case of Kaohsiung City’s Gushan District Political Science 2012-07-23
Wen-Hua Lee The Effects of Financial Cooperation in East Asia on the Financial Development of Taiwan Political Science 2012-07-29
Tien-Fang Tsai The Research of the Legal System on the Prevention of Missing Foreign Workers for Police Political Science 2012-08-08
Hsiang-Wei Chen The Study of Kaohsiung City Legal System of Dangerous Driving Prevention Political Science 2012-08-15
Yi-miao Tsai A study on Taiwan Legal System Regarding Dropout Counseling Management for Junior-High Stadents Political Science 2012-08-16
Ming-jong Shiau A discussion of organic agricultural and the verification system in Taiwan Political Science 2012-08-23
Hsiu-Tsun Hou The Function of Ethics Organizations in Police Instituions-A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Police Department Political Science 2012-08-27
Chih-Lung Sung A Study of the Relationship between Personality and Organizational Commitment among Air Force Volunteer Soldiers Political Science 2012-08-28
Wei-yi Zhang The Essence of the Taiwan Labour Regime- A Historical Institutionalism Review Political Science 2012-08-31
Sin-Zuo Tu An Economic Security Perspective on Cross-Strait relations Political Science 2012-08-31
Chih-Huan Cheng Exploring the relation between U.S. and international nonproliferation regimes from power-based approach Political Science 2012-09-10
Pei -Yu Choose between local identity and universal identity - From Liao, Wen Kwei to Kuang-sheng Liao 's China view Political Science 2012-09-11
Shin-Kai Wang Transnational Private Governance – Study of Forest Stewardship Council on Taiwan Experience Political Science 2012-09-09
JIAN-XIONG FU China’s National Development strategy and State-Owned Enterprise’s Oversea Investments Political Science 2012-09-14
CHIH-CHENG HUANG The Declination of ”Chinese Identity” in Taiwan -An Analysis of Survey Data from 1992 to 2012 Political Science 2012-09-14
Li-jen Lien The Issues and Practices of The Administrative Region Integration : The Kaohsiung City Study Political Science 2013-01-18
Hung-ju Chiu Revisiting the Disputes Among Locke's Theory of Political Obligation: From the Perspectives of Locke's Concept of Human Action Political Science 2013-02-07
Li-Kuan Guo Exploring the “District Office’s Role in Community Development” from the Community Viewpoint -A Case Study of Kaohsiung Flagship Project of Social Welfare Political Science 2013-02-18
Shao-Tang Shi A Spatial Study on David Harvey’s New Imperialism Political Science 2013-03-10
Mei-ling Li Whose China Model Is It? The Debate between Universality and Particularity Political Science 2013-05-06
YI-SZU HUANG A Comparison of Township and District Governance Before and After the Institutional Reform of Five Municipalities in Taiwan ─the Case Study of Liouguei Political Science 2013-06-08
You-tse Hsu The adjustment and response of China in confronting international climate politics Political Science 2013-06-12
Yi-ting Chiang China Threat or China under Threat: BM Hwang and His Impulse Approach to China’s Security Orientations Political Science 2013-06-28
Yunlong Guo Metaphysical Politics:The Study of the Metaphysical Foundation of Aristotle's Politics Political Science 2013-07-15
Ssu-Miao Lin A Study on the Legal System of the Freedom of Government Information Political Science 2013-07-16
Yu-Jen Lin The Strategic Partnership between China and EU in the Era of Globalization: Perspective of Balance of Power Political Science 2013-07-17
Shue-Ying Hung A research on the Lobbying Reform in Taiwan Political Science 2013-07-23
Chih-wei Wu An Examination of Lobbying Acts Regarding the Implementation Effect of Lobbying Act in Taiwan: From the Perspective of Lobby Groups Political Science 2013-07-26
Yu-hsien Sung The Judicialization of Environmental Movement and Labor Movement in Taiwan:Litigation as Movement Strategy Political Science 2013-07-30
Yi-chun Deng Studies on the Strategy of Merkel’s government for EU Debt Crisis Political Science 2013-08-01
Li-Fei Wang An investigation of Fang-ming Chen’s discourses on nation and liberalism Political Science 2013-07-31
Jui-chih Chang Exploring the NBA Industry Base on “Immaterial Labor” Approach Political Science 2013-08-05
Bei-fu Hu The Relational changes Between State And Industry: The Case Study of Taiwan’s Citrus Industry Political Science 2013-08-07
Yi-Lin Wu A Study of Detention System for Illegal immigrants in Taiwan:Based on the Human Rights Convention Political Science 2013-08-12
Chien-hung Yeh The Interaction of Structures, Institutions and Ideas in Taiwan Economic and Financial Liberalization Political Science 2013-08-21
Ying-Hua Chen The Political Economy of License System for Certified Public Bookkeepers Political Science 2013-08-26
Jui-hung Wei The Comovement of Remittances and Economic Growth :Lessons form Former Soviet Union Communist countries Political Science 2013-09-01
Pei-Shih Syu A study of the Legal System of Drug Management Political Science 2013-09-02
Yi-Ling Cheng The Effect of Establishing Five Metropolitans on Their Financial Managements —A case study of Kaohsiung Political Science 2013-08-28
Fan-Hsien Kuo The Transformation of the Legal System regarding the Rebate Management and Application in Kaohsiung City Political Science 2013-09-03
Chih-chih Shen An Analysis of Impediment to the Development of Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone Political Science 2013-09-01
SHIH CHIA A Study of Relationship among Police officers’ Personality Traits, Job Characteristics,and Job Satisfaction:The Case of Kaohsiung City Police Department Political Science 2013-09-04
Chih-Chien Lee A Case Study of the Legal System regarding the Village System in Kaohsiung City,Taiwan Political Science 2013-09-06
Szu-wei Ho The Political Economy of China’s Relations with Africa Political Science 2013-09-07
Chi-Fang Hsu A Study of The Legal System of the Electricity Safety in Taiwan Political Science 2013-09-05
Wen-Tsumg Chang The Transformation of the Legal System regarding the Local Police Stations in Taiwan-A Case Study of the Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau Political Science 2013-09-06
Nian-cih Gong Contested Subjectivity in the Discourse on Tibetan Human Rights Political Science 2013-09-10
Kai-mei Chiang Studies on the R.O.K's Policy of Mobile Communication Industry and the Division of Labor in East Asia Political Science 2013-09-10
Chieh-Heng Sun A Comparative Study of the Designation Processes and Management Approaches of MPAs Between Taiwan and the United States: Cases of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and the Dongsha Atoll National Park Political Science 2013-09-11
Chieh-Hsiang Hsu Carsun Chang’s Thought of Founding the Nation on Constitutionalism Political Science 2013-09-12
Ming-cong Shen Anti-Procrustean Liberalism: On Isaiah Berlin's Anti-Monist Philosophy and Political Thought Political Science 2013-09-13
Chih-Ping Wang The Arctic Policy of Five Arctic States: The Neoclassical Realism Approach Political Science 2013-10-24
Po-Chung Yeh The Process of Public Assistance System in Taiwan-The Point of View of Historical Institutionalism Political Science 2014-01-19
Chen-ming Chang Studies on the EU-Russia Energy Deal Political Science 2014-01-21
Ching-Wen Lai Studies on the Political and Economic Relations between China and the European Union Political Science 2014-01-23
Yi-Jing Jhan The state Role in Taiwan’s development of machine tool industry: 1945-2010 Political Science 2014-02-12
Yuan-shuo Chen Studies on Japan’s Policy of East Asian Regional Integration Political Science 2014-02-10
SHIH-PENG LIU Why Taiwanese Young Voters Do Not Vote: Investigation into TEDS 2008 & 2012 Data Sets Political Science 2014-02-12
Yen-tung Lin Analysis of the Contract of Environmental Trust from Organizational Economics Approach:A Case Study of Nature-Valley Political Science 2014-02-17
Jhih-Jian Liou The Factors that Influence Citizens’ Satisfaction of Local Government Performance: A Study of Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung City by Using 2010 TEDS Data Political Science 2014-02-20
Wen-hong Chen Party Change and Democratization: A Comparative Analysis of Taiwan and South Korea Political Science 2016-04-12
kun-fu wang A Study on Voting Rights and Candidate Eligibility of Foreign Spouses in Taiwan Political Science 2014-06-30
Tsai-Yueh Chang Chien A Study of the Relationship between Civil Servants’ Training and Promotion Political Science 2014-07-01
Wan-Chin Hsu A Study of the Relation between Street-level Bureaucrats’ Political Efficacy and Administrative Discretionary Power: The Case of Original Six District Offices of Tainan City Political Science 2014-07-03
Yu-Hsuan Chang Rivalry Between U.S. and China in Asia Pacific Area: TPP as a core Political Science 2014-07-08
Mei-han Hsu From the Perspective of State Autonomy to Review the Case of U.S. Beef Importation to Taiwan Political Science 2014-08-09
Chung-Chiang Lo A Study on ROC's Management Regulation of the Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) Systems-Take the Example of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2014-08-18
Yi-De Li Bringing Confucianism back in:Wei Wou's Approach to Contemporary Chinese Economics Political Science 2014-08-25
Chia-Ling Ling A Study of Reforms and Changes for Library Law and Institutions in Taiwan–A Case of Kaohsiung Library Political Science 2014-08-25
Tzu-Chiang Huang Research on the legal system of violation management of road traffic in Taiwan Political Science 2014-08-26
Jen-Wen Cheng Neo-Pluralist Interest Group Politics? An Exploration of the Bill Review Process in Taiwan's Legislative Yuan (2000-2012) Political Science 2014-08-27
Meng-chi Wang An Evaluation of Guidance and Assistance Classes for Foreign and Mainland Spouses’ Life Adaptation-The Case of Siaogang District, Kaohsiung City Political Science 2014-08-28
Mei-hua Lee Chinese Education and Chineseness in the Perspectives of Identity Politics in Thailand Political Science 2014-09-09
Hui-chih Chang A Comparative Perspective on the Politics of Electoral Reform in Taiwan and South Korea Political Science 2014-09-01
Li-hsin Yang The Genealogy of the Discipline of International Relations from 1870s to 1940s Political Science 2014-09-11
Hsiao-Chun Wang Communitarian Liberalism:A Study of Hsu Fu-Kuan’s Political Thought Political Science 2014-09-12
Ai-jhen Tsai Partisan Mobilized Reasoning and the Prediction of Closet Partisans' Party Identification Political Science 2014-09-19
Chao-chum Lin China's East Asia regional cooperation policy in the case of energy Political Science 2014-10-17
Hsuan-Ming Huang Study on NATO's Strategic Transformation: Smart Defense as Example Political Science 2015-01-07
Chia-Lun Hsiao From Natural Rights to Rights Recognition: A Study of T. H. Green's Political Thought Political Science 2015-02-11
Po-ching Chiu United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification: Its Effectiveness Evaluation Political Science 2015-02-10
Wei Li Machiavelli on the Tension between People & Nobles-The Debate between Two Interpretive perspectives Political Science 2015-02-12
Wen-yu Wang Disenchanting Liberalism: The Political Theory of John Gray Political Science 2015-02-12
Min-Jon Li Living Together in Difference: An Ethics and Politics of Derrida's Deconstruction Political Science 2015-02-25
Yu-Huei Chang The Political Economy Analysis of Taiwan Businessmen Doing Investment in Indonesia Political Science 2015-02-24
Chia-Chi Yen The Analysis of the State Autonomy in Taiwan:the Case Study of Housing Policy Political Science 2015-03-03
Wan-chen Ho A Liberal-multiculturalist Assessment of Taiwan New Immigrant Rights- The Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2015-03-25
Cheng-Tsung Lu Bring Back The Memory outside the Great Wall,—Turkish Sinological Research from Perspectives of Department of Sinology, Ankara University. Political Science 2015-03-27
Min-sheng Gau Studies on China Political Reform Political Science 2015-07-12
Kao-jui Hsu A Study of China's Policy toward North Korea(2005-2014) Political Science 2015-07-13
Wu-huang Wu Research on the law about fee-charging for usage of road─A Case Study of Kaohsiung Political Science 2015-07-14
YU-WEN LAI Revolution of Cross-Strait Legal System on Crime-Crackdown Political Science 2015-07-09
Chi-Yao Hong Studies on the Development Dilemma of Taiwan's Pharmaceutical Industry –An Approach of Developmental State Model Political Science 2015-08-03
Yu-Ching Chen The Outdoor Campaign Advertising in 2014 Elections for Kaohsiung City Councilors:An Exploratory Study Political Science 2015-08-26
Chih-Yin Tsai Heritage and Governance- Geremie Barmé and His China Studies Political Science 2015-08-13
Fei-yen Chen The Implementation of Pedestrian Sidewalk Free-flowing Project : A Case Study of Tainan City Political Science 2015-09-06
Chuan-hui Meng Studies on the Impact of China's Developmental Strategy on East Asian Regional Security Political Science 2015-09-07
Chong-kai Li Andrew J. Nathan’s Chinese Democracy Research: Views and Standpoints Political Science 2015-07-31
Chen-Hsuan Peng A Preliminary Study of Aristotle's " Phronesis" through – A Modern Debate Political Science 2015-09-11
Yao-Wen Huang Studies on the Cross-Strait Policy Communication of "One China Policy" Political Science 2015-09-23
Yen-Cheng Peng Navigating the Journal of South Sea Society: Wither Nanyang Studies? Wither Chinese Identities? Political Science 2015-10-06
Jun-Wei Zhang Problematizing the Red-Blue Divide in American China Studies via David Shambaugh’s Narratives Political Science 2015-11-13
Ching-Wei Yeh The New Model Relations of Great Powers by the case of Sino-America Competition and Cooperation in Asia-Pacific Area Political Science 2015-12-23
Yu-cheng Chang Examining Changes in the Democratic Progressive Party from 2008 to 2014 with Harmel and Janda’s Integrated Theory of Party Change Political Science 2015-12-24
Kou-tung Tseng How Can Rise Come with Peace? The China That Divides Chinese Intellectuals and Their Western Counterpart Political Science 2015-12-24
Chiao-Shan Lo The Influence of Positive and Negative Campaign Strategies by Different Approval Ratings’ Candidates on Voters’ Preference—An Analysis of 2014 Taiwanese Taipei Mayoral Debates Political Science 2015-12-29
Ying-Tzu Tseng The Change of South Korea Foreign Policy: From Traditional Security Diplomacy to Middle Power Diplomacy (1948-2014) Political Science 2016-01-12
Yong-nian Yang An analysis on geopolitical and identity of Russian Eurasianism: also on perspective about China Political Science 2016-01-23
Yi-Lin Wu China in the Perspectives of Human Rights Narratives on VOA Chinese Political Science 2016-01-29
Zhen Rong Tu The Practice of Russia Economic Diplomacy: the case of Eurasian Regional Economic Integration Political Science 2016-02-03
Yueh-ching Chen The Impact of Different Parliamentary Oversight Systems under Semi-presidentialism upon Practical Oversight Behaviors - A Comparison between Taiwanese Legislative Yuan and French National Assembly (2008-2012) Political Science 2016-02-16
Hsi-yeuan You The Survival Characteristics of Small States under the Shadow of Great Powers Political Science 2016-05-11
Jhih-jheng Gao A Study of Social Housing Policy in Taichung City -From the Perspective of Policy Evaluation in Implementing Processes Political Science 2016-06-06
Chia-hui Wu EU identity of citizens from Central and Eastern European member states Political Science 2016-07-18
Hsien-Chung Hsieh Studies on Cross-Strait Jonit Crime-Fighting Political Science 2016-07-19
Wei-chi Chen The Changing History of World Movie Industries and the Hegemony of Hollywood Political Science 2016-07-28
Wei-Chieh Su The Legal System of Anti-Corruption in Taiwan Police Institutions-A case study on the Police Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Political Science 2016-06-22
Chung-Mao Chen Studies on Amendment of The Communication Security and Surveillance Act and its Dilemma in Practice Political Science 2016-07-22
Yi-Chuan Peng The Effects of Political Discussion and Selective Exposure on Voting Political Science 2016-08-10
Yen-ting HO The relationship among personality, job characteristics and job satisfaction: A study of Kaohsiung government Political Science 2016-08-11
Jiun-chi Lin Exploring Challenges of Collaborative Process in PPP through the Garbage Can Model and Organizational Learning Approach: An Analysis of Pintung Swallow Fly South Project and Kaohsiung Yungling Organic Farm Political Science 2016-08-11
Yuan-Long Lai A Study of Building Farmhouse Problems in Taiwan’s Farmland: The Case of Shihu Township, Miao-li County Political Science 2016-08-19
Fen-shi Ker Hobbesian Sociology: A Perspective from Ferdinand Tönnies on Public Opinion and Community Political Science 2016-09-01
Su-huei Lin International Climate Governance: An Assessment From International Regime Theory to Regime Complex Theory Political Science 2016-09-09
Wan-Yu Tseng Investigation Into PCT's Sense Of Native Consciousness and Understanding Of China Political Science 2016-09-10
Yu-ting Hsu Studies on the Evolution of the Legal System of the Third Special Police Corps of National Police Agency Political Science 2016-12-01
Chun-hsing Lai From Kins to Immigrants? Peter Kwong on the Evolving Chinese American Identities Political Science 2016-12-22
Cheng-Yen Hsin The Discourse Analysis of Arms Control and Transfers on Conventional Arms in the United Nations Political Science 2017-01-24
Kuan-chu Chou Studies on EU's China Policy Political Science 2017-02-10
Pei-ting Wang Comparative Study between Taiwan and Korea Automobile Industry Policy Political Science 2017-03-24
Sin-hua Wu The Use of Social Media Sites and Political Efficacy Political Science 2017-06-01
Yongli Ku Interrogating the Interrelationship between Governance and Development: Opium Ban in Wa State, Myanmar Political Science 2017-06-15
Ting-fu Lee Jonathan D. Spence Narrating Chinese History: Between Micro and Macro Perspectives Political Science 2017-06-30
Wen-Chieh Cheng The Wafer Foundry Industrial Development in Taiwan A Political Economy Analysis Political Science 2017-07-13
Sheng-Ming Yu The Impact of China's Policy of 'One Belt,One Road' on Taiwan's Development Political Science 2017-07-21
Tsung-Li Chi A Study on the Legal System of Transnational Marriage Political Science 2017-07-30
Hsiang-An Lu The Research on the Evolution Of Crowd Control Law Political Science 2017-07-28
Henry Chia-Wei Lai Studies on the United Nations “Global Compact” Political Science 2017-08-02
Ming-Hsiung Chen An Research Discourse On Hsiu-Chu Hung and Ing-Wen Tsai Political Science 2017-08-15
Kuan-ting Chou A Study of Alternatives to Detention--From the Perspective of Policy Evaluation in Implementing Processes Political Science 2017-08-16
Li-Shiang Bau The Connection between the Leadership Style of Executive Heads and Winning the Government Service Quality Award Political Science 2017-09-09
Wen-wei Liu Homo politicus vs. The Social:Hannah Arendt's Political Thought Political Science 2017-09-09
Yi-Jun Cai The Campaign Strategy of Female Candidates in 2014 Elections for Kaohsiung City Councilors:An Exploratory Study Political Science 2017-09-13
Yi-hao Tu The Influence of China ‘Silk Road’ on Euro-Asian Cooperation Political Science 2017-10-26
Chao-Ting Chen Studies on the Relation of the Appraising and Whistleblow:Comparative Perspective between Public Servant and Teacher Political Science 2018-01-24
shu-yen su The Effect of Borough Chiefs' Role Cognitions and Participation Degrees on the Prevention of Dengue Fever-A Case Study of Sanmin District at Kaohsiung City Political Science 2018-02-14
Yu-Jui Chen nono Public Affairs Management 2000-06-09
Jing-Ming Wang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-12
Chia-Kuang Chao Public Affairs Management 2000-06-14
Horng-Ruey Huang Public Affairs Management 2000-06-20
Chih-Long Liang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-21
Sheng-Ming Huang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-22
Wang-Yi Wu none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-22
Guo-Chou Chang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-23
Chia-Pin Yu none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-21
Ming-Kuei Chien none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-05
Hui-Ling Wu none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-06
Shao-Cheng Chuang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-06
Hung-Ken Lin none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-05
Chin-Fang Yu none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-07
Shuw-Yu Wu Motivation and Job satisfaction of voluntary interpreters in Taroko National Park Public Affairs Management 2000-07-13
Deng-Kun Lee none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-15
andy none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-19
Chun-Nan Huang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-20
Fong-Lan Wang Information Integration Experiment of Urban Marketing and Investment Introduction -- A Cognition Comparative Research of the Investment and Policy-making in the State/Private-run Facilities Public Affairs Management 2000-07-26
KUN-PING WU none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-26
Hsin-Yueh Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2000-09-18
Yuan-Ming Hwang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-28
Ta-zen Chang none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-29
CHIA-FAN CHIU Waste Management Motivation and Intentions: Competitive Theory Testing in Cases of Household Recycling Behavior Public Affairs Management 2000-06-15
Jen-Hao Wu none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-15
HUNG-TE CHIEN A study on conduction corporate identity system to Farmers’ Association in Taiwan. Public Affairs Management 2001-01-12
Wang-Chao Chieh A Study on the Global Logistic Developed Strategy for Kaohsiung Harbor Public Affairs Management 2001-01-15
Ming-Tsan Tu none Public Affairs Management 2001-06-29
Wan-Shiao Fang The resource Allocation of the Educational Priority Area in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2001-07-01
Kuan-Hsieh Chiu A Study on the Government Web Sites Usage Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Shu-Ming Yang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Yi-Sho Yang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Ching-Ching Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-24
Chieh-Lung Lee none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Chun-Wei Chen An Empirical Examination of an Integrated Model of the Factors Affecting Utilization of Electronic Tendering Technology br End-Users Public Affairs Management 2001-07-02
Gi-Yi Lo none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-06
Wei-Chieh Wu none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-06
Mei-Lien Tsai none Public Affairs Management 2003-01-16
I-Lun Tsai none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-17
Chu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-19
Shwu-Yuan Tai NONE Public Affairs Management 2001-07-23
Jia-chyuan Su none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-24
Der-gen Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-23
Fure-Jiann Tsay none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-23
Shui-Yuan Yang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-24
I-YEH LI none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-26
Cheng-Nan Chou None Public Affairs Management 2001-07-27
Yu-Shan Huang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-27
Chai-Ling Chang none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-27
Ching-Tsung Liu none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-31
Chiung-Ying Huang Strategies for the development of Kaohsiung County’s cultural life circles study Public Affairs Management 2001-07-26
Chun-Shen Wang An Investigation of Strategies for Positioning of Chichin District of Kaohsiung City from Residents’ Community Consciousness, Tourism Development Attitude and Impacts Public Affairs Management 2001-08-03
Chiu-Tien Wu none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-10
Mao-Lin YANG none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-30
Chien-chun Huang Problems Related with Farming and Fishing Village Development in Taiwan and the Critical Analysis of Renewal Programs-from the Viewpoint of Low-level Government Employees Public Affairs Management 2001-08-20
Chin-Chih Liang 從稽查管制機制探討高雄都會區事業廢棄物管理策略 Public Affairs Management 2001-08-21
Chia-Nan Liu none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-21
Ming-Te Chuang Study on Service Quality of and Users’ Satisfaction with Nursing Homes for the Aged – Old People’s Apartments in Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2001-08-20
Hsin Chung none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-23
Fu-Sheng Huang none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-24
Shu-Feng Chen The study of technology acceptance behavior for national tax administration staff under e-government policy. Public Affairs Management 2001-08-23
Dong-Shing Hung Investigation into the Differences in the Public’s Cognition of the Service Quality of Land Administration-Case Study on Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2001-08-27
Hui-Yueh Lin none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-27
Wen-Chun Kuo Experiment on the Information Integration of Risk Perception of Drunk Driving Public Affairs Management 2001-08-27
Chien-Lung Huang Investigation into the Current Rezoning System and Related Concerns with Regard to Land Utilization in Taiwan Area Public Affairs Management 2001-08-30
Shiao-Ting Chuang none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-31
chen-yee lu none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-31
Jyh-Perng Sun NONE Public Affairs Management 2001-08-31
yao-ming Chen none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-03
Shuei-Shan Wang Public Participation & NGT (Nominal Group Technique ) Research on Thai-Shan Development Public Affairs Management 2001-09-03
i-chong hung none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-23
Kou-Chuan Lin none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-05
Chi-Wen Huang none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-07
HONG JUAY-KUO none Public Affairs Management 2001-09-08
Jing-yun Wang Thematic Research of civil participation Skill-A Case Studey of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2001-09-10
Lin Shyu The analysis of citizen perception of urban development policy– the example of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2001-09-11
Chu-Ke Chun none Public Affairs Management 2002-01-10
Woei-Hua Shiuan none Public Affairs Management 2002-02-04
Mao-hsiung Lee none Public Affairs Management 2002-02-05
Horng-Maw Jean Decision of Migration and Factors of Quality of Life in Information Integration Experiment Public Affairs Management 2002-02-07
Ko-Hsi Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-05-28
Chun-Fu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-12
Tang-Chao Chiang none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-12
Chris Lin The study of spatial efficience for produer service industry in Taiwanese cities Public Affairs Management 2002-06-11
Ying-Fong Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-13
Shu-Hui Chao none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-18
Chian-Ping Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-18
Jing-Ru Wu The Impact Study of the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park Luchu Base on the Southern Regional Economy Public Affairs Management 2002-06-21
Sung-Lung Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-06-25
Ching-Chiang Chen The servicement's residential compound with residential quality satisfaction and reguirement of refurbishment - a case study of Mingjian Community in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2002-07-05
Wen-Kuei Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-09
Yun-Fang Lee none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-10
Li-Ke Jang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-11
Han-Tzung Yang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-11
Pei-Hsiu wu none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-15
Chi-Kuang Wang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-11
Chen-Chao Hung none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-11
Shi-Chung Chang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-16
Deng-Hui Chen Evaluation of Integrated Land Development Approaches:Application of Multi-Attributed Decision-Making Methods Public Affairs Management 2002-07-16
Hung-Ming Tien none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-18
Ying-Shyan Liao none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-22
Hui-Chu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-13
Tsui-Ku Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-23
Jeng-Tsair Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-23
Chin-Wei Lee none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-24
Sue-Ching O none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-26
Chia-Wei Chang The Location Choice of Information Service Industry Public Affairs Management 2002-07-26
Shu-Nan Sun The policy impact evaluation of Government Procurement law practicing Public Affairs Management 2002-07-30
Yun-Long Chern none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-01
Suh-Ji Huang The difference of environmental attitude and behavior between recyclers and non-recyclers Public Affairs Management 2002-07-31
Tzu-Kuang Li none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-06
Yuh-Suh Hsieh Exploring the Service Quality for the Virtual Government Public Affairs Management 2002-08-13
Che-Wei Teng none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-14
Tung-Ming Tsou none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-14
Chang-Kuei Chang The case study of applying benchmarking to local government Public Affairs Management 2002-08-15
Shu-Chuan Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-15
Shou-Jang Yu The research for improving the rule of Tax for Aid Distribution :Based on the view of promoting the Financial Effort Public Affairs Management 2002-08-22
Chien–Te Wang none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-25
Mei-Ching Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-19
Chin-Kai Liao none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-03
Jung-Te Huang none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-06
Cheng-Hsun Hsieh The evaluation of applicability to urban sustainable indicators-a case study of Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2002-09-11
Kuen-Chie Lo none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-11
Cheng Ou-Yang none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-13
Bor-Wen C.Chien none Public Affairs Management 2002-09-13
Min-hun Lin none Public Affairs Management 2002-10-09
Shih-Jhy Chen none Public Affairs Management 2003-01-04
Shenq-Shii Jang Research on Exemption from Punishment after Community-Based Treatment Public Affairs Management 2003-01-24
Yuan-Lu Chen Research on Workability of Applying Real Estate Securitization on County-Owned Land Management Public Affairs Management 2003-01-23
Ting-Huai Tsai none Public Affairs Management 2003-01-27
Hsin-You Chou none Public Affairs Management 2003-02-07
Youn-Sen chiou none Public Affairs Management 2003-06-23
Jiou-Chi Yang none Public Affairs Management 2003-06-25
Chia-Wen Hsu Using the User-approach to analyze the Portal of E-government on Service Functions Public Affairs Management 2003-06-28
Shao-Hua Liu A system dynamics study for city developmet and activity of controlling Hsichin flood Public Affairs Management 2003-07-08
chia-ming li A Research on Key Success Factor of Implementing Knowledge Management in Government Public Affairs Management 2003-07-10
Lu Te-ye The study of the probe into the public traditional market in Kaohsiung City by practicing VCS strategy management from the management standpoint of Public Agencies Public Affairs Management 2003-07-11
Te-Kang Liu none Public Affairs Management 2003-07-11
Ting-Yi Tsai The Port of Kaohsiung's competition and development strategies under the current China-Taiwan relation and WTO framework--The study of port business promotion strategies Public Affairs Management 2003-07-13
JUNG-CHI CHEN The Study Of The Public Value And Strategic Management Of The Heng Chun Post Office--About Local Parcels And Speed Mails Public Affairs Management 2003-07-16
Shun-Feng Chen Research on the Quality of Working Life and the Organization Citizenship havior of the Alternative Service’Conscripts of Mobile Peace Preservation Police Public Affairs Management 2003-07-14
Fang-Tzu Liu A study of household registration bureau organizational culture in Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2003-07-21
Chung-Hsiang Wang A Study on the Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process to IC Industrial Policy Adoption Public Affairs Management 2003-07-22
Ming-Tung Lin none Public Affairs Management 2003-07-21
Ching-Yu Tsai A Study on Quality of Work Life of Real Estate Operators in Public and Private Sectors Public Affairs Management 2003-07-22
Shi-Lin Chen The Competitive and Development Strategy of Kaohsiung Harbor with Reference to the Cross Strait Relationship and WTO Framework-Developing Kaohsiung Free Trade Port Public Affairs Management 2003-07-23
Chung-Wen Chang The Feasibility Study of Implementing Benchmark Apprasial System in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2003-07-25
Tien-Fa Kung The competitive stragetries for the development of residence business in Kaohsiung after the accession of Taiwan and China to the WTO Public Affairs Management 2003-07-28
Chang-Shan Tsai A study on redevelopment and transformation of Tainan Technology Industrial Park Public Affairs Management 2003-07-30
Tien-Tyz Lu The Strategy of Competition and Development of Kaohsiung Port Between Cross-strait and Under the Frame of WTO ─to Discuss the Customs Modernization Public Affairs Management 2003-07-30
Hung-Bin Chang none Public Affairs Management 2003-07-31
Shih-Shun Lee Strategies Fostering Competition and Development of Kaohsiung After Cross Straits’ Joining WTO — from the Perspective of Tourism Public Affairs Management 2003-08-04
Shih-Wen Huang A strategic analysis of implementing the development of urban public land by BOT, Case study of the PE3 land of Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2003-08-05
Hui-Shan Chang Policy Network and its Application to Policy Making in Grade 1-9 Curriculum Public Affairs Management 2003-08-06
Chung-Yung Chang The study for strategies of BOT development in Taiwan-Kaohsiung MRT Project Public Affairs Management 2003-08-06
Pei-Chen Hung none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-07
Chou-shen Hsiao none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-05
Hsu-Chung Chang A Study of the Implementation of the CTWU Industrial Democracy Public Affairs Management 2003-08-08
I-Kuang Lu none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-18
Tsan-Rong Chen none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-19
CHUNG-HSIEN LIN The Research of Factors that affects Land Information Diffusion Public Affairs Management 2003-08-20
Ying-Mei Chen A Study of Kaohsuing Municipal Library's Public Value and Strategic Planning Public Affairs Management 2003-08-20
Yen-yung Fang The study of governmental assistance in industrial innovation under knowledge based economy - A Case study in "Industrial Technology Development Program Public Affairs Management 2003-08-20
Chun-Tien Lu The Study on Strategy Planning and Management of Graveyard in Penghu Area Public Affairs Management 2003-08-21
Shu-Chen Tsai The Study of Customer Behavior and Strategy management of Kaohsiung Hsin Chuch Chiang Public Affairs Management 2003-08-21
Hsiu-Feng Chen none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-22
Shu-Ling Liu A Study on Marine Protected Area Conflict Management and Partnerships between Governmental and Private Organization —Taking Chinwan Inland Sea for Example Public Affairs Management 2003-08-25
Cheng-Yuan Yang Promote the Development of Kaohsiung City and Competitive Strategies after Cross-strait in accession to the WTO The Exploitation of Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Park Public Affairs Management 2003-08-27
Teng-Chin Huang Investigation into the Differences and Management strategy in the Public's Cognition of the Service Quality of Household Administration-Case Study on Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2003-08-27
Chen-Huan Sun Based on the customer,right and interest-the theory of Preneed Public Affairs Management 2003-08-29
Hau-Jann Luo A Study on Selecting the Location for High Tech Industry-A Case Study on Biotechnology Industry Public Affairs Management 2003-08-29
Chen-Yi Chu Export Processing Zone Administration performance evaluation-the Balanced Scorecard application Public Affairs Management 2003-08-29
Yueh-Lin Lin none Public Affairs Management 2003-08-30
Yu-Shuan Su The Importance and Feasibility Study of Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure Balance in Taiwan for the Next Ten Years Public Affairs Management 2003-08-31
Yi-Ting Chung The Interaction between Meinung Anti-dam Movement and the Public Policy Public Affairs Management 2003-09-01
Chiu-Ting Kao Research of Processes Reengineering View for Local Government Transfer Direction---A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2003-08-29
Yuan-Jang Whang A research on applying Data Envelopment Analysis for assessing the relative efficiency of running business in the constructing industry of Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2003-09-01
Ru-Yu Hwang The Port of Kaohsiung's competition and development strategies under the current China-Taiwan relation and WTO framework--The study of transformation for traditional shipping industries. Public Affairs Management 2003-09-01
NING-TSUNG YAN The developing strategy of Kaohsiung after the two sides of the Taiwan Strait joining WTO- The prevention mechanism for interchanged crime in the cross strait Public Affairs Management 2003-09-02
Li-Hui Tsai A Study on the Direction of Expanding New Tax Sources for Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2003-08-30
Yu-Ling Li The Application of the Balanced Scorecard to Performance Measures for Kaohsiung County fire department Public Affairs Management 2003-11-27
Jui-Hung Hsu The Functions of Community Public Affaires of Community Newspaper-A Study of "The meinu Today" and Self-Deliverance Demonstration Case of Meinu Weed Farmer Public Affairs Management 2004-02-10
Yu-tang Chu The study of enforce school crisis prevent, prepare and management-High School and Vocational High School Education in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2004-02-27
Shih-i Cheng A comparison of variables affecting three kinds of environmental intention held by members of environmental groups in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2004-04-12
Tung-wei Hung The Study of Green Fiscal Reform and Management —A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2004-05-18
Ween-chung Li A Study on Customer Relationship Management Through the Investigation of Interior and Exteriot Customer Satisfaction Index in Kaohsiung Operation Center of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation Public Affairs Management 2004-05-29
Meng-Chieh Chuang Looking Into the Surveys of Satisfaction Rate of City Mayor's Mailbox via Citizen Relationship Management Public Affairs Management 2004-06-09
Hung-Chih Tsai Our country implements the research of mercenary system feasibility - Face and analyze the discussion from economy. Public Affairs Management 2004-06-09
Hsiao-ting Hsih none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-14
Chu-ping Chen None Public Affairs Management 2004-06-14
Meng-yi Wang The Influential Factors of Faculty that Participate in Community Public Affair Public Affairs Management 2004-06-15
Hsun-Huang Hsieh Economical evaluation for the improvement strategy of drinking water quality by advanced water treatment in Greter Kaohsiung District Public Affairs Management 2004-06-17
Chiung-Hsien Chen Empirical Research on Importing ISO Quality Management System Nantzu Police Precinct of Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau Public Affairs Management 2004-06-17
Der-ching Liu none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-10
Ting-Ko Hsiao The aviation noise defends the research of making and feed backing system rationality-Take common airport of horse of Penghu as an example. Public Affairs Management 2004-06-19
Meei-guey chern Strategies of Tax Management under E-commerce Public Affairs Management 2004-06-22
Ping-chang Tung The civic culture of middle-class in South Taiwan. Public Affairs Management 2004-06-23
Yi-chung Sun Air Cargo Warehouse Of Using Value Marketing Chains to Construct Competitive Advantages -Taking Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal(TACT) of for Example Public Affairs Management 2004-06-26
Chi-Chuan Keng none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-29
Wen-Kuang Hsu Strategic Management Implementation on Local Police Bureau—Taking Penghu County Police Bureau for Example Public Affairs Management 2004-06-30
Yih-deng Yeh Portland's community policing in U.S.A to give Kaohsiung reference's research Public Affairs Management 2004-06-30
Hung-Ying Hsueh none Public Affairs Management 2004-07-02
Nai-lien Huang none Public Affairs Management 2004-06-28
Ku-Mai Ma The Aboriginal Autonomy System: Its Causes and Vision in Taiwan. Public Affairs Management 2004-07-08
Hsieh-Sheng Chen A Study on the Relationship Between Technology Industrial Cluster and Innovation Public Affairs Management 2004-07-12
Jia-hao Wu The study of taipei financial centre by cluster Public Affairs Management 2004-07-14
Shen-wen Chen The location of Taiwan's FPD industry Public Affairs Management 2004-07-15
Ning Chang An Examination on Group Decision-making Procedure of SJT against IM Results - And A Comparison between Group Decision-making Methods in Policy Analysis Public Affairs Management 2004-07-17
Pai-yu Liang none Public Affairs Management 2004-07-15
Yuan-pei Tsai The Change of the Taipei Rapid Transit on the Value of Land Near Station Location Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Rong-yuan Wu none Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Yi-Hsin Feng The Cluster Strategy Improve The Development of Textile Industry-Silk and Filament District Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Yu-Hsiu Chiang The selection of public-financed R&D project using fuzzy MCDM Public Affairs Management 2004-07-19
Yi-kai Hwang Assessment research of policy execution of sea-water hydrant rescue system in PengHu islands Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Zheng -Wen The Study of Southern Science Park TFT-LCD Indstrial Cluster Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Wan-ying Tsai The Study on Construction for Social Indicators in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2004-07-24
ching-yu wang Reuse of the public deserted spaces for the welfare institutions Public Affairs Management 2004-07-23
Wan-jing Yang On the Quality and Citizen’s Satisfaction with Kaohsiung City Mayer’s Electronic Mailbox Service via the e-Service Quality Model Public Affairs Management 2004-07-30
Shan-hua Yu Evaluation of the public works procedure efficiency of e-procurement of government of Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2004-07-30
Chang Chian-Hsin A Study of the Disaster Prevention and Protectim System in Taiwan with the Local Government’s Nuclear Accident Emergency Response as an Example Public Affairs Management 2004-08-03
Hsiu-hsueh Yen A Research on Functional Enhancement of DGBAS System from the View Point of Government Reinventing Public Affairs Management 2004-08-04
Chiang-Hao Lee The technology acceptance of members of public sector for knowledg management Public Affairs Management 2004-08-06
Sau-jian Chen The studay of Knowledge Management Applied to the Comptroller administrations of Taipei and Kaohsiung government Public Affairs Management 2004-08-09
Jin-Bao Wang The study about improving service quality of Kaohsiung city water. Public Affairs Management 2004-08-06
Yi-Jen Shie An Analysis of Policy Networks in Kao-Pin River Restoration Movement Public Affairs Management 2004-08-18
Li-hui Huang EMS encounter experienced and word of mouth reaction of Kaohsiung city residents. Public Affairs Management 2004-08-18
Su-Wen Huang The research of Electronic Government about interdepartmental information sharing – A study case of Bureau of National Health Insurance Kao-ping Branch Public Affairs Management 2004-08-19
Wan-ting Chou A Study on Teacher’s Compensation System of University in the Republic of China ~ Case of National Sun Yat-sen iversity Public Affairs Management 2004-08-18
Li-chin Lin The Research on Revaluing the Development of Taiwan in Feng Shang Reservoir in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2004-08-13
Tsung-Chieh Hsiung The Real-life Case Study of Professionals’ Participation in Community Environment Planning Advocated by the City of Kaohsiung- Citing the result of Community Veranda Planning as an example Public Affairs Management 2004-08-22
Lu-Ying Li The strategy evaluation of information sharing operations by government agencies- Citing the property management of the lands owned by the City of Kaohsiung as an example Public Affairs Management 2004-08-22
Che-hsiang Wang The Study of Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility Public Affairs Management 2004-08-25
Kun-Hong Lin A Corporate Social Responsibility Study in Kaohsiung City's Financial Institutions Public Affairs Management 2004-08-25
I-wen Hsu A Study on the Evaluation of Environmental Resources and Social Compensation in Land Use Restricted Area in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2004-08-26
Po-chun Chen Direct compariosn of analytical and intuitive cognition in public decision-making, in the case of metropolitan wetland park. Public Affairs Management 2004-09-07
Chun-kai Chen A study of consumers' use of shopping bags at hypermarkets Public Affairs Management 2004-09-17
Chia-Yi Chou The intension model of purchasing houses for Kaohsiung female consumers Public Affairs Management 2004-09-24
Chia-hung Lin Factors affecting the cleanness of men’s toilets in Kaohsiung City parks. Public Affairs Management 2005-01-14
Kuang-hui Chuang A study on decisive the destination for backpacker – A case of Penghu Public Affairs Management 2005-06-14
HSUEH HUAN-CHI Performance Evaluation of Environmental Protection Bereau in Taiwan—A Reasearch on Grievance Statement Management and Measures to Convenient People Public Affairs Management 2005-06-19
Yu-tien Huang The experiment of information integration on the social stratification by fairness measurement Public Affairs Management 2005-06-27
Jin-Feng Wu The Life Adjustment of Foreign Brides and their Life Guidance Measures by the Government: the Case of Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Ching-hua Chen Learning and Self-adaptation of the Children of Newly Immigrant Feminines at Schools in Peng-hu Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Chen-Hsien Wang Research on Public Value of Kaohsiung Police Agency Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Wu-wen Lin Research on Behavior Troubles of Elementary & Junior Navy Officers, Help Them Turn to, and Arrange for Counseling Requirements Public Affairs Management 2005-07-13
Zhi-Yuan Lin Applying DEA to Assess the Performance Evaluation of Regional Innovation System in Mainland China Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Hsin-Yi Cheng A strategy study to regenerate local development by rural tourism Public Affairs Management 2005-07-13
Tien-kung Yeh A Study on the Analysis of Marriage Violence in Peng-hu and Its Prevention Public Affairs Management 2005-07-14
Chun-chung Chen The Study of National Innovation System on Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. Public Affairs Management 2005-07-13
Wu-po Hung A study on the Roles Played by the Anti-corruption Authorities and Functionaries in Taiwan and Their Anti-corrupt Performance Public Affairs Management 2005-07-14
WU TAI-PING Evaluation of Performance Bonus System Implemented by Government Agencies-A Case of Penghu County Government Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Chiao-ru Wang none Public Affairs Management 2005-07-20
Hsi-Hsin Li The Analysis on the Medical Care Project in Offshore Public Sector with Strategic Triangle Approach Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Chi-Kuzi Jen From the point of view of the public valvue , it can be found that medium play an important role and function in the process of social conciousness to Kaohsiung citizen Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Chiung-Hsien Chen From the Viewpoint of V.C.S. on How to Promote the Function of Criminal Investigation of Police Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Chung-Min Chang The analysis on the water resource development strategy in Kinmen -A viewpoint of public value Public Affairs Management 2005-07-21
Yu-Chen Hsu A study for PengHu of teacher in elementry school contribute ecological protection education Public Affairs Management 2005-07-26
Chen-Kuo Cheng An Investigative Study of Taiwan’s Temporary Placement Policy, Management Approaches and Strategies Concerning Fishery Workers Imported from Mainland China Public Affairs Management 2005-07-26
Ke-Hui Chen The Study of Assessing the Effectiveness and Affecting Factors of Community Empowerment: An Example of The Regional Community Empowerment Centers Program. Public Affairs Management 2005-07-25
Min-hua Ho Analysis of the Framework of Integrated Public Affairs and Administration Strategy for Penghu County’s Striving of Subsidiary Gamming Industry In Tourism Special Zone Public Affairs Management 2005-07-27
Ying-min Chuang Research on Ethical Behavioral Decision-Making Models: Taking Penghu County Government Officials for Example Public Affairs Management 2005-07-28
Chin-Lang Lin Conflict Management in Pluralistic Societies: Aspect of Judgment Analysis. Public Affairs Management 2005-08-12
Chiao-Ling Chang Research of the factors that family's users buy the energy-efficient bulb. Public Affairs Management 2005-07-31
I-chun Lai none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-01
Chi-Cheng Huang Fuzzy Analytic Network Process in Evaluating Government-Sponsored Technology R&D Projects Public Affairs Management 2005-07-29
Shui-long Xie The combination assessment research about disaster rescue capability in fire bureaus of Kaohsiung city,Kaohsiung county, and Pingtung county Public Affairs Management 2005-07-26
Li-chain Chen Valuating and Analyzing the People for Willingness to Pay of Food Waste Recycling and Reusing-A Case Study of Kaohsiung and Taichung City Public Affairs Management 2005-08-16
Wei-Cheng Lin Research of the Relationship Between Travelers’ Attitude、the Degree of Involvement、Group affection、Intention and Mode Choice Behavior—A case study for Taipei Metropolitan Area Public Affairs Management 2005-08-20
Ching-Hsing Huang The Application of Activity-Based Costing for the charges systems of the Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2005-08-20
Neng-Li Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-22
Jin-Shi Wang Pington Sustainable Development strategy Public Affairs Management 2005-08-24
Cai-Fu Chen none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-24
Chien-hui Jing The Study of Kaohsiung Tourism Strategy Public Affairs Management 2005-08-26
Szu-chang Liu The Unauthorized-use and the Consequent Exclusion of Land Used for Military Purpose- a Case Study of the Chinese Military Academy Public Affairs Management 2005-08-28
Sue-ting Chuang none Public Affairs Management 2005-08-29
Ming-Der Shyu A Study of the Key Success Factors for the Refurbishment of the Military Dependence’s Residential Compound-Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process Method Public Affairs Management 2005-08-29
Guo-hua Yuan Post Occupancy Evaluation of Commuting Network in the Community school children Public Affairs Management 2005-08-29
Chia-hui Chou Factors affecting communities' participation in natural resource conservation. Public Affairs Management 2005-08-26
Mei-chuan Chien Determinants of Political Participation of Female Appointees in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2005-08-29
Li-Ying Huang The Study of Customer Personal Data Protection Public Affairs Management 2005-08-30
Jui-an Wu An Examination of the Evaluation Model of the “living road nets transportation construction” With the Commencement of sustainable development Public Affairs Management 2005-08-27
Hsiang-Li Chen A study of the relation between community empowerment, social capital, and sense of community Public Affairs Management 2005-08-30
Rong-wal Yu The Improvement Strategy of Kaohsiung Mayor’s Mailbox via Internal Customer Orientation Public Affairs Management 2005-08-29
yen-ming Lin none Public Affairs Management 2005-09-05
Ming-hui Cheng The Performance Evaluation of Freeway Toll Stations Public Affairs Management 2005-09-02
Yao-wen Zhang A review of the management tactics against illegal use of slopelands in the Taitung County. Public Affairs Management 2005-09-06
Ching-yi Sun CAS Taiwan Premium Rice Consumer Preference and Promotion Strategy Public Affairs Management 2005-09-07
Hsiu-fang Chien The Cognition toward the Sustainable Development of Civil Servants in Kaohsiung and Pintung Area Public Affairs Management 2005-09-07
Chun-chieh Lai Textile Industrial Cluster in the Tainan Area Public Affairs Management 2005-09-08
Tsung-Yueh Tsou To Analyze the Cognitive Conflict in Public Policy Decisions- Illustrated by the Construction of Cable Car in Kaohsiung. Public Affairs Management 2005-09-08
Lien-Ju Pan The effect environmental interpretation of Kenting National Park on visitor's environmental knowledge, environmental attitude and intention behavior. Public Affairs Management 2005-09-12
Yum-ching Hwang none Public Affairs Management 2005-09-13
Yi-hsuan Lin A Study of the Impact of WTO on Local Residents’ Perception and Attitudes toward Local Agricultural Festival in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2005-09-22
Sheng-fei Chiang A study to generalize the critical factors of the regional industry innovation systems Public Affairs Management 2005-10-11
Ching-Yuan Huang Factors Influencing Corporate Social Responsibility Behavior: Test of An Integrated Stakeholder Model Public Affairs Management 2005-10-14
Chih-Chang Ko The Study of Cognition and Behavior of Planner under New Environmental Planning Paradigm: A Study on Social Cognitive Theory and Experiential Learning Theory Approach Public Affairs Management 2005-10-27
Shang-che Hsu Policy confering of government subsidy SMEs to do technology innovation recsearch and development-example for SBIR Public Affairs Management 2005-12-22
Chun-Chieh Ma A Study on the Cognition of Multiple Groups and Consensus Strategy for Local Development in Pluralistic Societies: the Case of Kaohsiung’s Place Marketing Public Affairs Management 2005-12-29
Cheng-Liaou Chen An Information Integration Research on the Fairness Measurement of the Policy Outcomes: the Case of Dengue Fever Prevention in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2006-01-24
Chun-chi Chen A reasch of strategy map and dynamic strategy goal of nonprofit organization ---Take Public Television Servive as example Public Affairs Management 2006-02-06
Keng-hao Hsu A study of Social Judgement Theory for importing Mainland China talent policy Public Affairs Management 2006-02-07
Tai-Zu Wu Influence of Organizational Knowledge Management Capability on Decision Performance Public Affairs Management 2006-04-27
Ching-Kuei Hsu Empirical Study of Taipower’s Service Quality Gap and Satisfaction in Penghu area Public Affairs Management 2006-06-15
Li-Tsung Chang A Feasibility Study of Benchmarking for Performance Audit of Construction Procurement Public Affairs Management 2006-06-20
Shu-yuan Peng study of Public-Private Partnerships poblems of outsourcing welfare solitude elder care –study by social exchange theory Public Affairs Management 2006-06-21
Chin-Ming Hsu The performance measurement of the Taiwan′s airports: an application of Two-Stage DEA Public Affairs Management 2006-06-23
Shuenn-Fa Hwang A Study on the Lifelong Learning Motivation and Barriers of Official in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2006-06-26
Yi-li Wu Study of outsourcing operation in administrative affairs in law ─ example of Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2006-06-30
Jen-chun Lo The Policy Impact of public Sponsered Research & Development Program in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2006-07-06
Yu-Sheng Liu The analysis of consensus conference by Social judgement theory-2005 youth consensus conference Public Affairs Management 2006-07-12
Fu-Chiang Ou The Benefits Assessment of People’s Participation in Ecotourism -Take Example of Tanbian Village’s Eco-garden Public Affairs Management 2006-07-13
Hsien-lee Tseng The Scale Economy and Efficiency Analysis of Taiwan’s university: An Application of DEA Public Affairs Management 2006-07-13
Zheng-kuo Lin Taiwanese Auto-tronic Industry Development Network Structure in Global Commodity Chain Public Affairs Management 2006-07-13
Sheng-Yao Shen The Performance Evaluation on the Outsourcing of Senior-Citizen Activity Centers in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2006-07-17
Wei-chung Chang none Public Affairs Management 2006-07-18
Yu-kuei Chen A Study on Fire Fighting Manpower Contracting Out Feasibility in Domestic Airports Public Affairs Management 2006-07-20
Sheng-yuan Wang Predicting consumers' intention to buy second-hand clothes and accessories online: A comparison of online shoppers and environmentalists Public Affairs Management 2006-07-24
Jian-hua Hua A Study of the Relationship on the Bureau of Investigation Officials’ Quality of Work Life, Work Pressure, and Job Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2006-07-25
Yu-Shiang Chiou The study of Taiwan transfer pricing system implementation problem Public Affairs Management 2006-07-12
Bi-Chen Chen A Study on Social Influence Network in Consensus Group Judgment: Application of Information Integration Theory Public Affairs Management 2006-07-24
Chien-Hsing Lin none Public Affairs Management 2006-07-27
Chia-Ching Chu A Study of Visitors' Experience Satisfaction in Different Types of Leisure Farms Public Affairs Management 2006-07-27
Pei-yu Huang The Investigation of the Performance Implementing in College Affairs Funds amongst the National Universities in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2006-07-27
Chang-der Tsai The study of Administrative Transparancy and Anti-corruption Strategies of Kaohiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2006-07-21
Tien-ming Chang An Analysis for The Present Development and The Strategical Improvement of Taiwan Free Trade Zone Public Affairs Management 2006-07-31
Chic-yu Liang To discuss the case study of the public nursery school's management strategy with the balance tally card Public Affairs Management 2006-08-01
Yung-Peng Hung Practicing Community Policing in Penghu County -A Study of Operating Model on Police Beat Public Affairs Management 2006-08-01
Pei-Hsuan Lin An Application of Social Capital Theory to Investigate Influential Factors on Community-Based Business Development--a Case Study of Ba-Wong Community Public Affairs Management 2006-07-31
Ming-sheng Chen Factors affecting the buying and recycling of dry batteries Public Affairs Management 2006-08-03
Ping-Jui Yu Evaluating the efficiency performance of Chinese Professional Baseball League: An application of Two stage DEA. Public Affairs Management 2006-08-04
Yung-Hui ChangChien Local Development Policies in Embeddedness and Capital Market Public Affairs Management 2006-08-03
Ching-yen Sung none Public Affairs Management 2006-08-07
Hung-Ming Chen The Development of Automotive Component Industry in Taiwan:a Prospective of Learning Region Public Affairs Management 2006-08-07
Chun-Fong Lin Exempt vehicle license tax for handicapped policy evaluation Public Affairs Management 2006-08-02
Tan-Hsun Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2006-08-08
Tsung-Cheng Huang Structural Comparative Analysis of MPA Programs between Taiwan and Mainland Chinese Universities Public Affairs Management 2006-08-09
Jui-yuan Lee The Public Value and Strategic Planning of Tourism Enhancement by Traditional Village Reservation in Kinmen National Park. Public Affairs Management 2006-08-08
Ya-chi Lin The Labor Market and Industrial Development in the Southern Taiwan Science-based Industrial Park: A Social Embeddedness Approach Public Affairs Management 2006-08-13
KUN-CHIEH HUANG Female consumers’ willingness to pay for recycled toilet paper: A comparison of contingent valuation method and conjoint analysis Public Affairs Management 2006-08-15
CHIN-MIEN HUANG none Public Affairs Management 2006-08-23
Chin-I Tsai The Study of Citizen Participation and the Hi-Tech Petrochemical Zone Transformed from China Petroleum Corporation Public Affairs Management 2006-08-28
Shen-Man Lee Research on Enhancement of Financial Transparency of Local Governments Public Affairs Management 2006-08-24
Hsiao-Jung Liu The Strategy Research from cultural industries to creative industries ~ a case study of Jiao-Zhi pottery Public Affairs Management 2006-08-27
Chen-chang He A study of Kaohsiung citizens’ air-conditioning consumption behavior and its precursors Public Affairs Management 2006-08-29
Ying-chiou Chu Research On Consumer Satisfaction in Creative life Industries project Public Affairs Management 2006-08-29
Ko-shiao Kao none Public Affairs Management 2006-09-01
Shu-hua Huang A Study of Merger of Domestic Villages, Townships and Counties ---Taking Penghu County as an Example Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Jue-chin Fan Resherch on the segmentation of potential tourist is impression for resorts and the marketing strategies for Moalin national scenic area Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Ming-Chih Hsh A Study of Rational Reform Plan on Public Servant Pension Income-- Questionnaire Survey of Current and Retired Public Servant in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Hua-Chou Chuang A Study of School Land Reuse Strategy of Small-scale Elementary School after Dissolve in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2006-09-05
Wen-sheng Hsieh Study of The Regulation of Bulk Transfer for Urban Planning ──Case Study of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2006-09-06
Wen-chen Chen None Public Affairs Management 2006-09-11
Chun-hung Shen Research on Strategies in Response to PFCs Reduction in IC and TFT-LCD Industries at Southern Taiwan Science Park Public Affairs Management 2006-09-13
Shwu-feng Tsay The Policy Research of Quality Management from Multiphasic Environmental Assessment Procedure in Elderly Care Facilities Public Affairs Management 2006-10-20
Chun-chi Lin Public Affairs Management 2006-10-24
Chang-Dar Yang A Study on Land Use and Zoning Regulation System of Kaohsiung City: An Application of Conjoint Analysis Public Affairs Management 2007-01-16
Chein-Ning Chen A Study on Taiwan Civil Culture: A Case of Taipei and Kaohsiung City Citizen’s Value, Morality Cognition and Social Capital. Public Affairs Management 2007-01-19
Cheng Chen NONE Public Affairs Management 2007-01-29
Wen-chung Hung none Public Affairs Management 2007-02-07
Wang-Feng Lan Elementary School and Junior High School Teachers’ Social Values and Cognitive Judgment on the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Policy Administration Public Affairs Management 2007-05-08
Erh-cheng Tang Influences on the Work Quality and Life Satisfaction of the Staff in the CMA caused by the Organizational Changes Public Affairs Management 2007-06-05
Yu-jing Hung none Public Affairs Management 2007-06-06
Ming-chu Yu Mapping the Dynamics of Flows of Foreign Laborers, Spouse Moves and the Diaspora: A Contour from Southeast Asia to Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2007-06-21
I-Fan Huang Government Risk Managemet in Infrastructure Publi-Private Partnerships Public Affairs Management 2007-06-21
Cheng-neng Lai The Research of Social Capital, Outdoor Recreation and Job Involvement on Officials Public Affairs Management 2007-06-23
Shu-Hui Wu Direct Investment Factors to a Local Government-led Indutrial Park: A Case Study of the Ben-Chou Industrial Park in Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2007-07-02
Yung-Cheng Sun The Research On The Cognition of Taiwan College Students And Parents For “The Policy of The Recognition of Educational Qualifications From Mainland Area”─ The Point of View of Public Affair Management Public Affairs Management 2007-07-03
Hsu-feng Chang A Study on the Relation of Value Orientation and Migration of Population: The Case Study of Youth Public Affairs Management 2007-07-06
Chin-Yung Liu none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-09
Yu-Hong Hu none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-06
Ya-ming Dai The judgment study for attributes and problems of place marketing of Kaohsiung in pluralistic societies-The applications and comparisons of multiple-attribute weight measurement methods. Public Affairs Management 2007-07-06
Jiun-yin Chen A Study of Taiwan Animation Industry in the Global City and the Role of Spatial Mediator of Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2007-07-10
Pei-zu Wen none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-11
Tai-Chuan Chiu The study of crisis management improvement in Taiwan power system contingency accidents which triggered off a big blackout Public Affairs Management 2007-07-13
Ching-Jung Chiu Different Classes of Kaohsiung Citizen' s Cognitive Analysis of City' s Overall Development and Direct Cross- Strait Link Public Affairs Management 2007-07-13
Ming-hui Hsiao none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-13
Chia-Feng Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-18
Shih-Feng Tseng none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-18
Chih-Chung Lin A Research on the Relationship between People’s Perception of Community Health Building policy and Healthy Behavior —A Case Study of Kaohusiung Indigenous Botanical Garden Community Public Affairs Management 2007-07-20
Neng-Chen Tai Empirical Study of Tourist Policing Service Quality in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2007-07-24
Wan-Chen Yu Development of Welfare Indicators for Public Zoo Mammals Public Affairs Management 2007-07-23
Yow-rong How An Exploratory study of Peng hu hight School Student’s Place Attachment toward Centro Block in Magong. Public Affairs Management 2007-07-26
Chia-jung Chou Toward Environmental Organizations Accountability:Construction of an Evaluative Framework and Empirical Study Public Affairs Management 2007-07-26
Ling-tsen Lin Understanding knowledge management and corporate performance: A test of an integrated model Public Affairs Management 2007-07-27
I-ping Tsai A Probe through Empirical Study into the Quality of Medical Treatment Services of Public Hospitals in Penghu County—An Utilization of the PZB Model Public Affairs Management 2007-07-26
Tzu-ching Ou none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-30
Mei-Jen Su The evaluation of the execution of Teachers’ Further Education on Wednesdays in elementary schools. A case study of Penghu County. Public Affairs Management 2007-07-30
Jui Lien impulse buying Public Affairs Management 2007-08-01
Bang-horng Chen The development orientation and transformation strategies of teaching resources center of local culture in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2007-07-30
Yung-Ho Yang Information and communication in public affairs management –the integration experiment for the third-person effect Public Affairs Management 2007-07-26
Ying-hao Cheng A study of mercenary system from military affairs - analysis by social judgment thesis Public Affairs Management 2007-07-27
Hsiang-hui Cheng A study of selective strategies for foreign professional migration in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2007-08-06
Sue-lin Jan Use the Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) to study the tourists for Penghu National Scenic Area between 2008 to 2011development plan of the economic effect evaluation. Public Affairs Management 2007-08-04
Jhong-You Huang Economic Impacts on Central Taiwan Region by establishing the CTSP Public Affairs Management 2007-08-06
Tai-feng Lue none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-05
Chia-wei Cheng The research of serving development to elder in Penghu Public Affairs Management 2007-08-07
Feng-lan Hsu A Study on Residents’ Participating Motivations, Perceived Benefits and Satisfaction toward Zuoying Wan-Nien Festival Public Affairs Management 2007-08-09
Chi-kung Wang none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-13
Chih-chiang Hu none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-11
Mei-man Liu A study on the Advantageous tender evaluation system at Government Procurement Law Public Affairs Management 2007-08-20
Zai-Ben Lin none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-20
Su-chyi Yang none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-20
Wu-Long Lee The Taiwan National Parks for efficiency Evaluation in Taiwan-Application of the DEA method. Public Affairs Management 2007-08-22
Chuan-pin Lee The Research on the Suppliers’ Electronic Procurement Behaviors Public Affairs Management 2007-08-23
Chia-hsin Lin The Bus Service on National Freeway for Performance Evaluation in Taiwan-Application of the Three-stage DEA. Public Affairs Management 2007-08-24
Wen-tang Tsai Research on Peng-hu Medical Team Participation in Community Infectious Disease Prevention Programs Public Affairs Management 2007-08-29
Yu-Fen Chen The Relation ship between Brand Image Perception and Brand Extension Evaluation: Package of Aquatic Products from Taiwan Water Corporation as Example Public Affairs Management 2007-09-10
Shuw-fen Yeh Park contracting out and management Research Public Affairs Management 2007-09-11
Yu-wen Chiu A research of our current tax deductions and its effect on taxation system fairness - take" Alternative Minimum Taxation" as example Public Affairs Management 2007-09-11
Yun-jung Chiang Cognitions and Cooperation Considerations of Taiwan International Meeting Organizers on Destination Marketing Organization Public Affairs Management 2007-09-11
Wei-kuang Chen none Public Affairs Management 2007-09-11
Ping-yu Shih The Employment Demands for Female Immigrants in the Transnational Marriages in Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2007-09-12
Wei-chi Sun A Case Study on Human Resources Mobility in Kaohsiung : Application of Information Integration Theory Public Affairs Management 2007-10-16
Hung-Yuan Chiu A Path Model of Tourism Destination Images of Taiwan as Perceived by Potential Mainland China Tourists Public Affairs Management 2007-11-23
Jung-Shun Chiang none Public Affairs Management 2008-01-17
Chun-shen Wang A study of community resident’s participation behavior model Public Affairs Management 2008-01-27
Chang-an Lee A Study of The System Changes of EPZ -from New Institutionalism viewpoint Public Affairs Management 2008-01-28
Hsing-Yuan Yen Application of Neural Network on optimal water pricing Public Affairs Management 2008-01-17
Chin-Chia Yeh The Meaning of Urban Governance by Value Change between Urban and Rural in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2008-03-11
Yu-jiuan Huang The Information Integration Experiment on Students' Experience of Taking KMRT Public Affairs Management 2008-06-09
Narantsogt Otgonsuren An Investigation to Approach the Mongolia SME Development: A Lesson from Taiwan’s Key Success Factor Public Affairs Management 2008-06-16
Chun-lin Yeh Co-operation and dilemma on across boundary governance river management- based on example of the Love River in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2008-06-30
Yan-chiaw Lu none Public Affairs Management 2008-07-03
Yu-kuo Chien The Study of the Relationship between the Coast Guard Safety Inspection Service Contact Experience and Public Praise Response in Fishermen-- A Case Study on Ping-Tong Tong-Kong Fishing Port Public Affairs Management 2008-07-06
Jin-Yih Tsay The Benefits Assessment of People’s Participation in Ecotourism-Take Example of Zhongtun and Jiangmei Village’s Eco-garden Public Affairs Management 2008-06-26
Shu-Tsung Li The Cross-domain Analysis of PAM—the Impact of Cross-strait Direct Flights on the Governmental Aspect of Penghu Public Affairs Management 2008-07-10
Chao-Ling Liu The Cross-domain Analyses of PAM—the Impact of Cross-strait Direct Flights on the Societal Aspect of Penghu Public Affairs Management 2008-07-14
Min-tsung Hung The Cross-domain Analysis of PAM—the Impact of Cross-strait Direct Flights on the Economic Aspect of Penghu Public Affairs Management 2008-07-15
Ti-fen Huang An Exploration of Key Factors of Attracting Investments in Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone Public Affairs Management 2008-07-11
Chang-Jen Kuo The Study of Community Residents’ Participation Behavior Model in Environmental Improvement Actions Public Affairs Management 2008-07-16
Cheng-pai Chao A Study of Interactive Relationships between Administrative Power and Faculty Professionalism at National Universities Public Affairs Management 2008-07-17
Pei-wen Chang Global Production Networks of Yacht Manufacturing Industry in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2008-07-18
I-chin Lee The Partnership Study of Local Government Participate in the Traditional Festival & Activity – A Case of The Tainan International Chihsi Art Festival The Coming-of-Age Celebration Public Affairs Management 2008-07-25
Hai-yun chen A Study of Key Factors on Micro-Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Management for Indigenous Women Public Affairs Management 2008-07-26
Pei-jung Chang Predicting consumer's intention to buy organic vegetables and fruits in internet Public Affairs Management 2008-07-29
Wen-jung Hong The Effect of Transition on Operation of Kaohsiung Port with Their Development Strategy Public Affairs Management 2008-07-27
Mei-Yi Chen Predictor of Investors' Intention to buy Socially Responsible Investing Funds Public Affairs Management 2008-07-29
WEN-FU WEN none Public Affairs Management 2008-07-29
Yu-Lun Liu Analysis of Operating Performance of Companies based on Quality and Quantity of Patent Produced -An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Flat Panel Display Industry Public Affairs Management 2008-07-23
Wei-lun Hu none Public Affairs Management 2008-07-31
Yung-hua Chen The Research of Economic Effect in Promoting Wireless Broadband Network Construction in Taiwan:An Application of Input-Output Model Public Affairs Management 2008-08-07
Te-Yung Hsueh The Developement of Characteristic Schools : A Study of Primary Schools in Penghu County. Public Affairs Management 2008-08-13
Yi-chien Lan A Study on the Relationship among Organization a change Work Quality of Life and Organizational Commitment: A Case of a Navy Logistic Department Public Affairs Management 2008-08-16
Jung-chih Huang Fiscal Deficits, Debts Financing, and Interest Rates in Taiwan: The Empirical Analysis of Cointegration Public Affairs Management 2008-08-17
Chin-yun Ho An Analysis on the Efficiency of Land Administration Offices after computerization in Kaohsiung Area: Application of DEA and SFA Public Affairs Management 2008-08-21
Chao-cheng Lu The Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Physical Service Environment Rebuilding in Penghu County Police Public Affairs Management 2008-08-23
Chien-wen Chung The consumer’s perception and expectation for import beef safety Public Affairs Management 2008-08-27
Li-Chuan Liu The Operational Procedure and Cross-domain Analysis of PAM∼A Case Study of the Region Development and Cross-Strait Relations Promoted by NPOs in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2008-08-27
Jung-Lung Cheng A Survey Study of the Awareness and Attitude of Public Servants of Penghu County towards the Properties Declaration System in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2008-08-31
Chao-chun Wang A study of the risk factors on mental cognition and environmental influences for the first-time adult male drug users-Taking drug offenders in the Penghu Prison of Taiwan as an example Public Affairs Management 2008-08-30
Kuo-ying Chi The Adoptation of Intention Behavior to Ethical Consumerism by the Consumers' Foundation of ROC Public Affairs Management 2008-09-01
Shang-ching Yeh Exploring internal and external service chains of electronic government services Public Affairs Management 2008-09-01
Chung-yi Huang An Empirical Analysis on the Transmission System Productivity and Efficiency of the Taiwan Power Company-Three Stage DEA Public Affairs Management 2008-09-02
Cheng-chang Pan A Study of Social Judgement Theory for Conflict Management : Case of CPC Yung-An LNG Receiving Terminal Public Affairs Management 2008-09-01
Hui-Yuan Hsiao Study on Assessment of Implementation of Commuting Networks in Community Schools - the Case of Cianjin District, Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2008-09-02
Li-Fang Lin The cooperation of cross-strait harbor cities would promote Kaohsiung manpower development strategies-cross-strait exchange and cooperation of primary education. Public Affairs Management 2008-09-04
Kuei-Mei Shen The Cooperation of Cross-Strait Harbor Cities Would Promote Kaohsiung Manpower Development Strategies-A Study of Recruiting China Professional Elites Public Affairs Management 2008-09-06
Ya-chen Chen The Analysis of Public Value for Territorial Development Regarding Holding The World Games- Evaluate The Effect of The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2008-09-08
Kuang-lin Hsueh The performance measurement of the Taiwan’s terminals:an application of Three-Stage SBM-DEA Public Affairs Management 2008-09-08
Pin-Li Su none Public Affairs Management 2008-09-05
Cheng-Yi Pan Strategy of Cross-Strait Harbor City Cooperation to Promote Talent Development in Kaohsiung: Support and Countermeasures of Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2008-09-05
Yu-Ju Chen The Factors of Joining Carpooling in The Office Empoloyees And teachers Worked at Junior College in Kaohsung. Public Affairs Management 2008-09-10
Hsiang-wei Wang The Impact of “Mini-Three-Links” Policy on Kinmen Economic Development: An Empirical Study Public Affairs Management 2008-09-10
shih-ching hsu Kinmen specific area land development permission consideration system to traditional settlement public space production result research consideration system , review on the traditional settlement public space development's influence Public Affairs Management 2008-09-10
Chuan-Yi Chang Resue of Idle Space: A Proposal for Transforming Penghu Du-Shing 10th Village into a Cultural Park of Veteran Communities Public Affairs Management 2008-09-23
Cha-Wei Chang The Quality and Satisfaction of "Small and Medium Enterprise Ministry of Economic Affairs" Public Affairs Management 2008-11-24
Chun-wei Hu none Public Affairs Management 2008-11-26
Ssi-kai Kao A study on think tank as science and technology decision support - A case study of International Science and Technology Policy Observe Platform Public Affairs Management 2008-12-02
Yueh-Ying Wang Predictors of B&B managers' and guests' acceptance of green-B&B strategies Public Affairs Management 2009-01-10
Po-shung Huang Independent directors system introduction of Taiwan`s Corporate Governance Public Affairs Management 2009-01-18
CHIN-LI CHEN A Study of the Construction of Measurement Indicators and the Internationalized Strategies for Higher Education in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2009-02-06
Wen-wen Yang none Public Affairs Management 2009-02-12
Yu-Long Chao A Comparison of the Validities of Self-reported and Other-reported Environmental Behaviors with Fitness for the Theory of Planned Behavior as a Criterion Public Affairs Management 2009-04-27
Shui-li Hsu Study on Strategy to Reinforce Local Financial Autonomy – Using Penghu County as an Example Public Affairs Management 2009-06-11
Tsai-chin Liu An Analysis of Zeng Guaofan's Political and Military Administration with PAM and V.C.S. Public Affairs Management 2009-06-12
Chia-Pei Hsiao Investigating the Impact of Health Attributes Framing and Message Appeal on the Customer' Buying Behaviors of Calorie Labeling Products Public Affairs Management 2013-07-19
Yen-Tzu Liu none Public Affairs Management 2009-06-23
Hui-fang Kung Strategies of Promoting on-Line Applications for the NHI Underwriting: A Research on the Application of the Interactive Management Public Affairs Management 2009-06-25
Tsung-min Chen The Comparative Research between the Efficiencies of the Police Stations of the Police Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government An Application of the Three-Stage DEA Approach Public Affairs Management 2009-06-25
Hung-Ju Tu Using economical aspect evaluating the performance of urban competitiveness in cross-strait cities Public Affairs Management 2009-07-07
Yaw-ming Chiu The Citizens Satisfaction Index And Policy Analysis After Practice Signet Rigistration Of Binary –As Kaohsiung City For Example. Public Affairs Management 2009-07-03
Hong-jia Lin Evaluating Performance for Network Equipment Manufacturing Firms Public Affairs Management 2009-07-08
Yu-Ting Yang Effects of Service Intangibility, Information Research and Customer Expectations in Taiwan High Speed Rail Public Affairs Management 2009-07-08
Chi-feng Chen Purchase the most favorable research of marking the homework in government's labor service Public Affairs Management 2009-07-10
Pei-hua Lin none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-02
Shun-ho Chou Penghu Community Policing Governance – A Viewpoint of Populace Participation Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Hsiao-hui Chen ' financial revenue and expenditure divide the law ' and influence on the local government finance of revision of ' local system law ' Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Tien-sheng Hsu A study of typhoon disaster risk judgment and disaster preparedness Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Ju-hui Chen A Study on the Strategies of the Development of MICE Industry in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-07-15
Yu-chu Li An Analysis of and Anticipation for the Influences of Penghu's Gambling Industry on Its Economy and Society Abstract Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Chun Chang none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-20
Szu-Wei Wu The relationship research among service outsourcing, manpower dispatch, contact experience and quality relationship─ example of minibus rental business Public Affairs Management 2009-07-20
Liang-Sun Rong none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-20
Pei-hua Wu The Study of Organizational Identification of Environmental Groups' Volunteers Public Affairs Management 2009-07-22
Hsien-jung Liu The explore of the factors that affect the combination of characteristic curriculum of parent participation in school and the development of local industry -- Cultivation of organic rice as an example Public Affairs Management 2009-07-25
Jen-Lin Lo A Study of the Cycling Motivation, Environment Perception and Environment Behavior for the Cyclists in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-07-27
Chia-jung Ku The effect of Corporate Social Responsibility performance on consumers’ intention to consume Public Affairs Management 2009-07-28
Liang-Yu Chien none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-15
Chih-Yuan Chang none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-27
Yao-Nan Chen none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-27
Chun-Ming Huang none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-04
Li-cheng Chiu A Study of System Dynamics Orientation in the Sustainable Water Resources Development of Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2009-08-06
Shyh-Lin Su none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-11
Tsung-han Hsieh none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-12
Kuo-chung Huang Information Integration Models of Sentencing Factors in Traffic Cases and Waste Disposal Cases :A Study of Attitudes and Damages from Crimes Public Affairs Management 2009-08-05
Chin-Ting Wen The Value of Economy, Society and Polity of Kaohsiung Citizens from Different Stratum. Public Affairs Management 2009-08-12
Lie-wen Hwang Research on the relationship between the risk communication recognition and the public will to obey the laws - a case study of speed traps set (fongshan city) Public Affairs Management 2009-08-05
Lung-I Kuo A Study of the Performance of Knowledge of the Ministry of the Interior National Police Administration Poliec Intranet Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Kuang-fu Wang A Research on the Management Strategies of The Development of Healthcare Tourism in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2009-08-18
Mei-chuan Lin none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Wen-chang Hsu Analysis of Regional Economic Cooperation Strategies􀊳 between Penghu and Mainland Special Economic Zones on the West Coast of Taiwan Straits Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Huey-liang Gluu Analysis of the Social Aspect of the Strategy for Cooperation between Penghu and China's Economic Zone on the Western Side of the Taiwan Strait Public Affairs Management 2009-08-17
Mu-ying Lin A Study On the Cost-Effectiveness of the Smart Card Ticketing System In Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-08-26
Cheng-yu Wu Cross-border PAM Analysis – A Study on the Integration of Public Demand with Government Policy under Regional Cooperation between Penghu and China's Economic Zone on the West Coast the Taiwan Strait Public Affairs Management 2009-08-30
Chia-Tsung Kao A Research on People’s Attitude and Behavior Intention While Purchase House in the Kaoshiung Post-Transit Era Public Affairs Management 2009-09-01
Shih-Chen Wu A Preliminary Investigation of Elderly Living Arrangement in Taiwan: A Case Study of Kaohsiung City's Public Servants Public Affairs Management 2009-09-01
Kuo-chia Feng A Study on placement marketing and analysis of people's image of the police Police Image Placement Marketing Government Marketing Public Affairs Management 2009-09-01
Ya-Lin Lin Explore the prevention and protection of domestic violence in Kaohsiung from the PAM architecture Public Affairs Management 2009-09-02
Xiang-ru Hsiao A study of donation behavior credit card cardholders in Kaohsiung city-to transfer the donation take the Scoring Points as an example Public Affairs Management 2009-09-03
Chin-tien Lin none Public Affairs Management 2009-09-07
Jau-Chiun Lin The Evaluating Research of the Supporting Dimensions on Creative Cities- The Case of Taiwan Area Public Affairs Management 2009-09-09
Hung-Chun Wu Combining Facts and Values in Environmental Impact Assessment- Apply for KaoKaoPing Basin Water Resource Plan Public Affairs Management 2009-09-10
I-Hsiang Hu The Cross-Domain Analysis of the Strategies and Decisions of the Industrial Park Sustainable Development of the Kaohsiung Region — the Perspective of the Public Affairs Management Integrated Reference Framework (PAM) Public Affairs Management 2009-09-10
Yu Ou-Yang A Study on the Eco-behaviors of the Manufacturers in the Taiwan Science Park Public Affairs Management 2009-10-13
Po-jen Cheng The Modelling of key Indexes to promot the Regional Headquarters Economy in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-12-03
Yung-yu Feng An Empirical Study on the Local Public Expenditures of Taiwan: Applying with Median Voter Model and Political Business Cycle Model Public Affairs Management 2009-12-17
Chia-wei Chang none Public Affairs Management 2009-12-17
Cheng-yuan Shin A Study on the Relationship of Service Innovation, Brand Image, and Societial Marketing Identification in Social Enterprises Public Affairs Management 2009-12-22
Chih-heng Kuo none Public Affairs Management 2008-09-11
Kuan-shian Chen Tzu Chi organization's capacity to research Public Affairs Management 2010-02-09
Yi-Feng Lin A Study on the Independence of Independent Agency-National Communication Ccommission As a Case. Public Affairs Management 2010-02-09
Shih-Ju Cheng none Public Affairs Management 2010-03-30
Su-ping Hsieh Cross-strait Cooperation and Proactive Strategy of MPA Education in Southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2010-06-16
Ya-ling Wu none Public Affairs Management 2010-06-29
Hsiang-jyi Lin none Public Affairs Management 2010-06-30
Yi-Chun Shen The Study of Local Tax Legislation Public Affairs Management 2010-07-04
Yu-Ching Chen information technology has cast positive impacts and police's efficiency Relate to zhi research Public Affairs Management 2010-07-11
Yu-jing Liu Investgating the Influence of Identity and Emotion Factors on Visitor's Satisfaction at A Museum-- A Study of The Kaohsiung Museum of Labor Public Affairs Management 2010-07-19
Wei-min Shih A Study on Medical Service Quality and Operating Performance for Kaohsiung Municipal Hospitals Public Affairs Management 2010-07-19
Tse-hsin Ko A Study of Cultivation toward ‘Cross-Straits Perspectives “for Different Levels’ Permanent Civil Servants in Southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2010-07-10
Pei-yu Lien none Public Affairs Management 2010-07-21
Po-cheng Ho The Study of Dynamic Agglomeration Externalities in Taiwan Manufacturing Industries:An Application for Dynamic Network DEA Public Affairs Management 2010-07-21
Ya-ting Lin State-owned brand extension product customer attitude and purchase intention research Public Affairs Management 2010-07-22
Ming-tsung Liu The Study of the Cognition of Organizational Goal and Performance Measurement for Staffs and Volunteers in South of China Youth Corps Public Affairs Management 2010-07-22
Cheng-hsun Hsieh An Empirical Study of Social Impact Model of Taiwan Community Residents’ Collective Action:A Review of Community Development Experience Public Affairs Management 2010-07-24
Mi-shan Tsai movie industry promote policy's influence of local development - Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2010-07-23
Hsu-chung Chang The Empirical Study of Union Advocating The System of Labor Directors : Case of Chunghwa Telecom Workers' Union Public Affairs Management 2010-07-22
Se-Jing Huang none Public Affairs Management 2010-07-24
Ying-peng Chen The factors of influencing people to adopt public animal shelter dogs Public Affairs Management 2010-07-27
Feng-Ting Liu The Impact of Experiential Marketing and Consumer Ethnocentrism on Purchase Intension-A Case of SHING-LONG Towel Tourism Factory Public Affairs Management 2010-07-30
Shu-fen Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-03
Ting-xiang Yang The effects of internet involvement and shopping fraud on consumer behavior Public Affairs Management 2010-07-28
WEI-MING CHEN A study on city brand perception and indicators construction in Penghu area Public Affairs Management 2010-08-08
Jin-huang Cai the special task force the orientation of role and firm perform Public Affairs Management 2010-08-08
Ling-chuan Lee The Influence of Attribute Framing and Economic Chains on Advertising Effects: a case of Green Advertising. Public Affairs Management 2010-08-14
Jia-rong Shih none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-17
Tai-yuan Weng None Public Affairs Management 2010-08-09
Yu-hui Chen none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-23
Chien-Wen Huang The Effect of Government R&D Subsidies on SMEs Public Affairs Management 2010-08-23
CHIN-MAN KUO A Study of the Efficiency of the Merging Program of the Urban and Rural Townships in Pingtung County Public Affairs Management 2010-08-24
Yin-lei wu A Study of Administrative Division Readjustment of Urban and Rural Townships in Taiwan—A Case Study of Pingtung County Public Affairs Management 2010-08-25
Chiao-hung Tsai none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-30
Yen-Hao Chen A Study of Urban Festival Branding Management:An Example of Kaohsiung Zuoying Wan-Nien Festival Public Affairs Management 2010-08-30
Wei-chung Kung The Study of the Relationship Police Officers’ Interaction Codes of Service Encounters with Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2010-09-01
Tian-Hang Chen none Public Affairs Management 2010-09-02
Hui-Chen Lin The impact of trust and perceived off-site distance on risk perception regarding repository for low radiation waste Public Affairs Management 2010-09-07
Ming-chang Chiu none Public Affairs Management 2010-09-06
Chiou-Chu Jeng A Study on the Environmental Literacy and Training Needs of Civil Servants: Based on the Example of Kaohsiung City Civil Servants Public Affairs Management 2010-09-07
Feng-wu Lee The Policy Evaluation Structure for Government Subsidies on Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Program Public Affairs Management 2010-09-08
Ming-tai Shiu A Study of Strategy for the devdlopment of Kaohsiung city after cross-strait direct transportation Public Affairs Management 2010-09-10
Kuan-yu Lin The initially researches to economic activity and the mobility behavior of passengers in Taiwan during High Speed Rail (HSR) construction and transport Public Affairs Management 2011-01-06
Wen-Ni Huang A Study on the Influence of Construction Knowledge Management Enablers on Non-Profit Organizations Public Affairs Management 2011-06-04
Ching Feng Shih The study of trainee’s learning motivation in public vocational school & the relationship of career development by the governmental institution commissioned Public Affairs Management 2011-06-19
Chin-ye Wang A study of the service quality of the medical satisfaction & the relationship of patient revisits~the survey based on a medical center in southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2011-06-21
Ming-tan Ko Study of the Relationship between Place Attachment and Public Participation: the Campus of National Cheng Kung University. Public Affairs Management 2011-06-30
Ching-Tai Lee A study on the strategic of public-private partnership in tourism development in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2011-07-04
Ming-feng Wu Predicting Farmers’ Behavioral Intention to Adopt Organic Agriculture Public Affairs Management 2011-07-04
Jung-Tian Wang Noncommissioned Officers' Willingness to Continue Military Service: A Study form the Perspective of Satisfaction of Need Communication Public Affairs Management 2011-07-05
Min-Chin Lee Public Acceptance about Compound Bicycle & Electric Motor Sharing Policy in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2011-07-07
Szu-chieh Su A study on the Relationship of City Brand and City Identity in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2011-07-11
Bei-Jen Chi A Study of Relationship between Leadership and Community Participation: Ues the Social Capital Theory. Public Affairs Management 2011-07-15
Chien-Ning Hsu An Investigation of Hitching intention to travel by High Speed Rail from the Perspectives of Perceived Value Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
chia-yin Chuang Relief of the army - Morakot example Public Affairs Management 2011-07-04
Yi-ling Hsu Community Issues Associated with the Autonomy of the Communtity Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Zheng-Ting Lin Investigation on Consumer Behavior behind the Releasing of Consumption Voucher based on Emotional Accounting Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Chien-Chen Peng The Study of Greenwashing and Endorser's Advertising Effects on Purchase Intention Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Yu-Szu Chou Factors Influencing People’s Intention to Prepare for Extreme Climate: A Study of Rain-Disaster Preparedness Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Shih-Wei Huang Study of Citizen Participate on New Media Public Affairs Management 2011-07-21
Tsung-Han Chuang An Empirical Analysis Of False Or Misleading Advertisments And Management Strategy Public Affairs Management 2011-07-25
Chia-Ying Chou Factors Influencing Kaohsiung Residents’ Flood Preparedness Public Affairs Management 2011-07-27
Tung-sheng Hsieh The impact of carbon footprint label marking to purchase intention of bottled drinks Public Affairs Management 2011-07-28
Yuang-chao Yu The Study on the Effectiveness of All-out Defense in the High School Education Public Affairs Management 2011-07-30
Chih-heng Chiu Study of the Relationship among Accountability,Job Satisfaction and Self-efficacy- National Immigration Agency as an Example Public Affairs Management 2011-08-02
Su-e Liu Impact of the Budgetary Type “ Local Education Development Fund” on School Management—a Case Study in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2011-08-04
Ping Chi The Study of Stakeholder’s Attitude to Shetzu Island’s Development Project Public Affairs Management 2011-08-06
Ya-ting Hsu The benefit analysis of government uses IMC to promote water conservation Public Affairs Management 2011-08-08
Po-Yu Cheng A Study of Cognitive Characteristics of Voters through Analysis of Campaign Advertising - Example of Democratic Progressive Party's Campaign Literature in 2010 Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Public Affairs Management 2011-08-07
Chiung-ting Hsieh Study of the Relationship between Awareness of Organizational Justice and Execution: A Case of the Land Administration in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2011-08-09
Tzu-ting Lin Factors Affecting Public Support for Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction Policies Public Affairs Management 2011-08-09
Yi-hsuan Lin Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance on Consumer Perception and Purchase Intention Public Affairs Management 2011-08-10
Yeong-Shin Luo The Influence of Dispatched Workers’ Working Conditions on Organizational Commitments Public Affairs Management 2011-08-20
Yao-Kuan Tsai A Study on the Formation of the Post-modern Society from Christian Faith Public Affairs Management 2011-08-18
Wen-Chun Kuo An Analysis of Institution, Cognitive, and Condition of Governance of Gaming Policy – with Policy and Management of Kaohsiung Area as example Public Affairs Management 2011-09-01
Hung-Chin Wu A Research of Leadership Management on Thought of Han Fei and modern administrative organization Public Affairs Management 2011-08-27
Syue-Ying Yan The study of the satisfaction of living quality and the improvement needs to the resident who live in the permanent supportive house- In the case of Da Ai Village, Shan Lin District Public Affairs Management 2011-09-03
Chi-Ping Yang To orientate the airport under the basic of city competition - Using the Kaohsiung International airport as an example Public Affairs Management 2011-09-04
Ting-Chi Liu Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of Police Reformation and Joint Services of Police Stations in Townships of Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2011-09-02
Wei-pei Kuo The Study of the Critical Success Factors in medical-network Service Innovation System – A Case of Ma-Kuang Healthcare Group , Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2011-09-06
Kun-ping Wu A strategy and cognition study for the efficiency and fairness of tax reform in pluralistic societies:the case of Statute for upgrading Industries. Public Affairs Management 2011-08-31
Sheng-Hung Huang The Effect of Consumer Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior on Organic Agricultural Production-Researching on Farmers' Markets of Kaohsiung Area Public Affairs Management 2012-01-13
Mei-Fen Huang The Strategy and Content of Local Tax Bureaus Safeguarding Taxpayers Rights-- from the Aspect of Public Value Public Affairs Management 2012-01-15
Kuo-Nan Chung From Environmental Management and Environmental Governance to New Environmental Management Framework – A Case of Kuokuang Petrochemical Plant Public Affairs Management 2012-02-10
Wei-Chi Liu The Information Integration Cognitive Analysis of Southern Taiwanese students to study in Mainland China. Public Affairs Management 2012-04-21
You-fen Li-Yang The Analysis of The Pan-green Electorates’ Perspectives towards Development of Kaohsiung under Cross-strait Pattern Public Affairs Management 2012-06-16
Yu-tien Huang Fairness Measurement and Cross-domain Analysis on Stakeholders' Perspectives with Development Difference Between Southern and Northern Taiwan: A Comparative Study of Cijin Seaside Park and Tamshi Fishers’ Wharf Public Affairs Management 2012-06-18
Ling-yu Chang A Study on Donor’s Approval of Accountability and Donation Willingness to Non-profit Organizations Public Affairs Management 2012-06-26
Shis-Tang Yeh The preliminary study of the teacher's mobility in urban and rural areas after the merge of Kaohsiung city and county - A case study of elementary school teachers in Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2012-06-28
Chi-Pin Chiu Study on the Predicament and Transformation of Festivals with Local Characteristics : An Example of Song Jiang Jhen Battle Array in Neimen, Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2012-06-29
Pei-Tsen Chi Exploring the factors influencing Taiwan urban retirees' in- island migration. Public Affairs Management 2012-07-04
Hsin-yi Tsai A Study on the Development of Kaohsiung toward a Livable City Public Affairs Management 2012-07-03
Ting-han Lai The Study of relationship on Organizational performance with Service innovation , Different industries learning:A Case Study of Chunghwa Post Public Affairs Management 2012-07-09
ya-wen Huang A Study on the Relationship between the Socialization of Status Consumption and Luxury Attitude Public Affairs Management 2012-07-13
Chen Ling-Chih Social Marketing in Ritual Custom Context: A Example from The Ghost Money Burning Reduction Policy in Kaohsiung. Public Affairs Management 2012-07-13
Shu-Hua Lee Kaohsiung Citizens and Households Officers’ Cognitive Analysis of the Household Registration Office in the Public Value Public Affairs Management 2012-07-24
Chun-Hsiu Liu The Kaohsiung Siaogang Residents’ Environmental Perception Public Affairs Management 2012-07-26
Yu-Heng Yeh Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Improvement Strategy for the Land Administration Office of Pintung County Public Affairs Management 2012-07-26
Yu-jen Huang The research of city competitiveness: A structural equation model analysis Public Affairs Management 2012-07-26
Yu-chen Chao Factors Affecting People’s Willingness to Use Mobile Barcode E-Invoice Public Affairs Management 2012-07-31
Shuo-yi Wei Factoring Affecting College Students’ Intention to Bring Reusable Cups for Buying Take-out Beverages Public Affairs Management 2012-07-31
Yu Lai Factor Affecting College Students’ Preference for Fair Trade Coffee Public Affairs Management 2012-08-03
Yen-Lin Huang User’s Risk Management for the Personal Data of the Cloud Computing Service Industires Public Affairs Management 2012-08-06
Shu-yu Liu The Construction and Review of Citizen Governance and Cross-Domain Analysis Public Affairs Management 2012-08-19
Jui-Lin Huang The Influence of Rural Regeneration Incubation Projection on the Community Autonomy for Cigu District in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2012-08-27
Wen-Cheng Tsai The Use of PAM, SDM, VCS for studying the comparing and developments of Community Policing at Coasts -Strait Public Affairs Management 2012-08-27
Chia-Hao Kang Military Confidence Building Measures Across the Strait, constitution, cognitive and condition of the analysis - Elected representatives in the southern region. Public Affairs Management 2012-08-24
Yeou-ruey Yu Military Confidence Building Measures Across the Strait, constitution, cognitive and condition of the analysis-Take a military personnel in for example Public Affairs Management 2012-08-29
Hung-Pei Wang The Influences of Drafting Green Map on the Sense of Community Public Affairs Management 2012-08-27
Shis-ping Lin The Confirmation of Two TPB-Based Energy Saving Models Public Affairs Management 2012-09-03
Cheng-Hsiung Hu The Effectiveness Analysis and Strategy of Energy-efficient Lighting in Developing a Low Carbon City – A Case on Electro-Magnetic Induction Lamps Public Affairs Management 2012-09-04
Han-Tang Tsai A study on the causality between disbursement incurred from waste management and the effectiveness of control measures Public Affairs Management 2012-09-01
Tun-Yu Cheng An analysis on the effect of using incentives for motivating fuel-efficient driving Public Affairs Management 2012-09-09
Wei-De Jiang Both coasts on Confidence-Building Measures of the institutional , cognitive and analysis of condition - viewpoint of the residents of southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2012-09-10
Shan-Wei Pi Southern Regional scholars and experts to the Cross-Strait negotiating a peace agreement cognitive and Analysis Public Affairs Management 2012-09-07
Yen-Hsien Liu A study on the Formosa MICE Corridor learning space created by cooperating between public sector and private department and the peoples attitudes in KMRT Formosa Boulevard Station Public Affairs Management 2012-09-11
Sin-hui Huang Demand of Youth for Social Housing Policy – A Comparison of Taipei and Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2012-09-13
Ya-Ching Li The cross-strait joint developed construct system in pintang-Cross strait associations' corporate as an example Public Affairs Management 2012-09-13
Chi-Yuan Chen Compare Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty between Kaohsiung Harbor Cruises Public Affairs Management 2012-09-13
Hsien-Lee Tseng The Impact of Institutions and Stakeholders on Corporate Eco-Friendly Behavior: A Case Study of Energy-Related Laws Public Affairs Management 2013-01-31
Tai-Chih Chen System, Cognition and Analysis of Mutual Military Confidence-Building in Cross-Straits-Take a Southern Military Police Troop as Example Public Affairs Management 2013-01-25
Tai-wei Chiu Efficiency evaluation of bus routes in Kaohsiung City:An application of two-stage DEA model Public Affairs Management 2013-06-20
Kuo-Wei Huang A Study of the Willingness of Female Spouses from Southeast Asia in Pingtung County to Join Vocational Training and the Perceived Determining Factors Public Affairs Management 2013-06-22
Shu-Kuan Tsai A Study of Influencing Factors to Attending Community High School by students - A perspective of Theory of Planned Behavior Public Affairs Management 2013-06-23
Yi-Shan Li The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) Enhance Service Value Innovation Strategies – Application to Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) Public Affairs Management 2013-07-06
Tzu-wen Peng A study of relationship among flow experience,virtual community consciousness and community interaction. Public Affairs Management 2013-07-10
Yu-Chuan Chao A Research of Relationship between Leisure A Research of Relationship between Leisure Effectiveness and Willingness to pay the price for the Kaohsiung Jhongdou Wetland Park' Public Affairs Management 2013-07-15
Yen-Lin Wang A Study of Cooperative Development Strategies between Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Civil Societies at Southern Taiwan: Taking Political Groups as Examples. Public Affairs Management 2013-07-16
Ming-jung Yang Strategy of interactive management in selecting school for students of primary school and junior high school in Kaohsiung city under 12-year Compulsory Education Public Affairs Management 2013-07-16
Hsin-i Liao The Recognition of the Glass Ceiling Effect and Its Causes from the Perspective of High-Ranking Civil Servants in the Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2013-07-21
Cheng -Yi Huang The Role of Armed Forces in Disaster Prevention and Rescue Mechanism and Action Public Affairs Management 2013-07-22
Yu-ping Chang Women’s Work Conditions and the Effects of Tokenism in the Construction Industry in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2013-07-23
Chi-Liang Chen A Study on the Relationships Between a Disaster Prevention Knowledge Management Systems and Its Prevention Efficiency─ A Case Study of the Fire Department of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2013-07-23
Hsin-I Yen The study of campus space ruse in Kaohsiung primary school under the change of population structure Public Affairs Management 2013-07-24
Jui-Liang Tang A social justice study on the Land Expropriation for Public Facilitics:a case study of city road project in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2013-07-25
Chia-Hung Lu Kaohsiung universities students’ congnitive analysis of employement willingness in Pingtan Public Affairs Management 2013-07-26
Yao-huang Huang Penghu Area People of Risk Cognitive of Drinking and Driving Research Public Affairs Management 2013-07-25
Yi-Ting Huang A Study of the Relationship among Service Innovation, Green Marketing and Consumer’s Perceived Value in the Hospitality Industry Public Affairs Management 2013-07-31
Ching-Jung Chiu Interaction Structure and Individual Weights in Cross-domain Governance- Example of Regional Perspectives of Kaohsiung Free Economic Demonstration Zone Public Affairs Management 2013-08-06
Yu-hua Li The Effect of Energy Efficiency Grade Labeling on Intention to Buy Refrigerators Public Affairs Management 2013-08-06
Chun Chu-Ke Media Content and Social Distrust on Development Difference Between Southern and Northern Taiwan: From System Structure to Cognition Function Public Affairs Management 2013-08-14
Su-Li Lin Judgment and Decision Analysis on Public Manpower to Establishment of Gaming Industry in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2013-08-21
CHIEN-CHIH LIN A Study of the Influences of Technology Readiness, Habitual Thinking on the Efficiency of Crime Detection by Policemen. Public Affairs Management 2013-08-17
Chi-Hua Tsai Analysis on the Cognition of Public Officials of Penghu County of the Promotion of Government Web 2.0 Public Affairs Management 2013-09-02
Ming-Chuan Yu The Impact of Transforming Townships into Districts on Local Democracy Governance from the Perspectives of District Executives in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2013-09-03
Hsiao-Jung Lee An exploratory study of why customers resist the innovation of the electric motorcycles Public Affairs Management 2013-09-05
Chin-Chun Su A research on transformational leadership, work values and attitude toward service-taking Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau as an example Public Affairs Management 2013-09-10
Shuo-Chen Chang Evaluating Public Participation of Flood Management in Flood-Prone Areas:The Case of Meinong, Kaohsiung,Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2013-09-11
Chin-Ming Cheng The Study of The Behavior Intention in Application and Adoption of Urban Eco-Land Performance Assessment Model - Using TPB and TAM Tests Public Affairs Management 2014-01-23
Shu-hua Li The Study of Perceived Environment and Its Related to Senior Citizen’s Physical Activity and Quality of Life Public Affairs Management 2014-02-12
Yung-Chin Chen The Dream of Sustainable Development - The Judgment and Decision Analysis of Penghu Becoming a Low-carbon Island Public Affairs Management 2014-02-13
Pin-Yun Tung A Study of Transformation of Old Buildings into Commercial Uses in Tainan Public Affairs Management 2014-02-18
Hsin-Lun Hsieh Investigating the Impact of Goal Framing Effect and Message Appeals on the Eating Behaviors of Slow Food by Undergraduate Students- Social Marketing Perspective Public Affairs Management 2014-01-31
Chun-Hsin Tsai Research on Police Criminal Investigation and Prevention Performance Management of K.C.P.D. Public Affairs Management 2014-03-14
Wah-Yan Yau An interactive governance strategy for Kaohsiung to build a livable city to attract Hong Kong immigrants under the free economic pilot zones policies Public Affairs Management 2014-04-28
PEI CHUN Obstacles to the Promotion of Female Public Officials in Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2014-06-06
Wu-Hsuan Liao The dynamic correlation analysis of government public debt and social spending Public Affairs Management 2014-06-25
Cheng-Hung Ling The Study of Users' Intentions toward the Extented Service Function of Citizen Digital Certificate-Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior Public Affairs Management 2014-06-28
Yao-Cheng Shih Related Societal Marketing Strategies and Self-Efficacy of Potential Customers : An Example from Kaohsiung MRT(Metro) Public Affairs Management 2014-06-30
Tzu-chiao Hung Study of the Effects of the Performance Measurement after Revision on Working Morale of Civil Servants in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2014-08-02
Yu-ting Huang The Investigation of the Concept of Societal Marketing under the Behavioral Inertia - the Policy of "Motorcycle Implement on- street Parking Charges" Taking Kaohsiung City for Example Public Affairs Management 2014-08-06
Yi-Hsuan Chen Investigating the effect of Internet virtual community awareness on social marketing-to encourage people to use the vehicle for example to obtain electronic invoices. Public Affairs Management 2014-08-06
Chia-Ying Liao The Adaptation of Overseas Internship Impact on the Willingness of Future Employment – A Case Study of Taiwanese College Students in Yushan Program Public Affairs Management 2014-08-06
Ching-Wen Tsui A Student of the Relationship Between Activity Event Experience and Place Identity : The Case of Kaohsiung National Stadium Public Affairs Management 2014-08-17
Meng-Yu Tu A Responsive Evaluation of the Women's Issues Communication Platform Public Affairs Management 2014-08-18
I-Han Tseng The Study of Corporation Green Management Behavior-The Effect Factors of Government's Sustainable Governance, Corporate Green Partner and Social Responsibility Public Affairs Management 2014-08-18
Yong-Jhih Jhang The Effects of the Amendment to the Social Order Maintenance Act on the Strategies, Performance, and Administrative Discretion of the Police’s Sexual Transaction Clampdown: An Example of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2014-08-20
Yi-Ping Hu Siting City-bike Stations With Their Distances from MRT Stations as a Criterion Public Affairs Management 2014-08-21
Yi-Shen Chen A Social-Marketing Based Survey of Perceptions of Idling and A Quasi-experiment to Reduce Idling Behavior Public Affairs Management 2014-08-21
Wan-yu Lu The Discussion of Bicycle Industry in Central Taiwan with Industrial Clustering Patterns and Informal Innovation Network Public Affairs Management 2014-08-27
Yin-Chia Chiang Applying the theory of planned behavior to investigating the consumer intention of using electric motor in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2014-08-26
Kuang-Yen Ke Evaluating the Effect of the Actual Price Registration Policy - The Perspective of Information Disclosure Public Affairs Management 2014-08-28
Hsiu-Ya Tsai Factors Affecting Consumer's Intention to Purchase LED Bulbs. Public Affairs Management 2014-09-01
Lai, Mei-Ju Lai Factors Affecting Kaohsiung Citizens’ Intention to Install Solar Water Heaters. Public Affairs Management 2014-09-01
Chia-Chi Yu The Experiences of Community Exclusion of Female Migrants in Neipu, Pingtung County Public Affairs Management 2014-08-27
Meng-Fan Yang How interal marketing influence the morale and service attitude - case study of the representatives of districts in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2014-09-02
Chih-huang Chang An Exploration of the Factors Affecting the Transformation of Conventional Agriculture Public Affairs Management 2014-09-08
Chao-chun Lin The Role, Network and Management Strategies of a Special Sex Business Manager– The Case of "Chuan-Bo Company A" Public Affairs Management 2014-09-08
Li-Ming Liang The Exploration on the Content of Organizational Cultural Capital and the Relation to organizational sustainability of Non-profit Organizations Public Affairs Management 2014-09-09
Tzu-yun Huang An Evaluation of the Effect of the Environmental Education Act:Assessing the Environmental Literacy of Public Servants of the Kaohsiung City Government Public Affairs Management 2014-09-10
Chou- Su Hsiang Yeh Investigating the effectiveness of the dual resources for Against Corruption Organization through the strategic viewpoint of corporate competition and cooperation: The public department personnel in Penghu as study subjects Public Affairs Management 2014-11-15
Meng-ting Wu An Integrated Framework of Judgment and Decision-Making Public Affairs Management 2015-01-30
I-Teng Hsu How Marketing Materials for Kaohsiung LOHAS Building Affect the Public's Attitude from the Viewpoint of Social Marketing 4Ps Public Affairs Management 2015-02-10
Chia-yin Tan A Study of Community Resident’s Living Adjustment After Mega Disaster - A Case Study Based on the Reconstruction of Rinari Tribes in Pingtung County Public Affairs Management 2015-02-16
Chin-Jui Chang A Study in community Participation after-disaster reconstruction Implementation model Public Affairs Management 2015-02-24
Hsing-Bang Yang The research on strategies of files application and archival promotion for the public institution Public Affairs Management 2015-04-02
Chin-chuan Wang Investigate the Impact of External Factors and Attribute Framing on the Acceptance of NIMBY Facilities Public Affairs Management 2015-06-25
Ying-chu Chen A Study of citizen purchasing behaviors toward low-carbon food based on the viewpoint of Social Marketing An Example of " low-carbon food" Policy in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2015-06-25
Huei-ling You A Study of Relationships among C-bike Branding , Use intention and Word-of-Mouth by Kaohsiung Citizen Public Affairs Management 2015-06-25
Ching-Lung Liu Investigate the Impact of Message Length in WOM and Quantity of Like Button on Members’ Participation Intention toward Social Issue Public Affairs Management 2015-06-25
Chun-ching Chang Evaluation of Implementing Green Logistics Indicators for Third Party Logistics Providers Public Affairs Management 2015-06-30
Li-jung Lin An Analysis of the Influential Factors on Behavior Intention of the Handicap Accessible Taxi Public Affairs Management 2015-06-27
Chih-wei Lin A study on job-applying willingness and employment confidence of NSYSU students: take Shin Kong Financial Holding as an example Public Affairs Management 2015-07-08
Ya-kuei Yang Transformation Of Agricultural Labor in Taiwan: The Case of Working Holiday Public Affairs Management 2015-07-08
Cheng-yen Lai A study on factors of employee happiness in social enterprise Public Affairs Management 2015-07-18
Pei-rong Wang The Influence of The Quality of Life Satisfaction and Community Participation In Rural Rejuvenation Plan:A Case Study of The Rural Community in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2015-07-23
Yun-ru Chen Candidate Image and Victory Factors:A Case Study of Penghu Mayoral Election in 2014 Public Affairs Management 2015-07-22
Yi-Fang Chao A Study of the Influence of the Archivists’ Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction on the Job Performance in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2015-07-24
Mao-kuei Wang Research of Tourism Safety Management Strategies on Penghu County - Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Public Affairs Management 2015-08-04
Jia-Ying Peng The Responsive Evaluation of Affordable Housing Policy in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2015-08-18
Mei-Chu Huang The Investigation and Analysis of Protection Motivation and Union Participation by Flexible Labours in Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2015-08-18
Sheng-Jr Lin Preliminary study of Green Party Taiwan Supporters’ Voting Behavior Public Affairs Management 2015-08-27
Shu-yi Wang A Study on the Knowledge Sharing Behavior Intention of an Organization by Appling TPB Model: A Case of Educational Bureau of Kaohsiung City after City-County Consolidation Public Affairs Management 2015-09-03
Chien-lung Huang Cross-domain Analysis for Cross-strait Cooperation Strategies for Taiwan Agricultural Biotechnology Park Public Affairs Management 2015-09-07
Hui-chiao Wang Gender Equality in Hospital Workplace ─ A Study of a Large-Scaled Hospital in Kaohsiung. Public Affairs Management 2015-09-07
Che-hsiang Wang Fact, Value, and Interpersonal Judgements for Individuals and Group in the PAM – Case Study of Southern Taiwan People’s Cognition, Attitude and Behavior toward the ECFA Agreements. Public Affairs Management 2015-09-04
Ya-ching Cheng The Study on the Vehicle Taxation System Reform Public Affairs Management 2015-09-08
Yan-huei Li A Study on Customer Satisfaction and Revisiting Willingness of the Kaohsiung Harbor Culture Fleet of Ships Applying Experiential Marketing Public Affairs Management 2015-09-11
Cian-Jing Chen Effects of Kaohsiung City’s ‘Bus E-take’ Program: An Analysis Based on Passenger Volume and Intention to Ride Public Affairs Management 2015-10-22
Ho-hsuan Chang The Efficiency Analysis of Economic Development on Budget Use by Taiwanese Local Government Public Affairs Management 2016-02-01
Liang-Ching Chen Exploring the influence of social factors on Population Changes and Spatial Distribution in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2016-03-01
Yu-hsiung Kao The Cross-Domain Governance on Poverty Circulation in Kaohsiung: A Comparative Analysis of ACF、IAD and PAM Public Affairs Management 2016-05-27
Wei-neng Huang The Study of Quasi Bounded Rationality on Cross-Strait Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Public Affairs Management 2016-05-28
You-Ting Huang The Relationship between Justice Perception and Youth’s Housing Subsidy Program Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2016-06-28
Chiao-yi Cheng The Relationships among Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Consumption Attitude and Consumer Behavior Intention-The Case of College Students. Public Affairs Management 2016-06-27
Chih-ping Yu Tokenism and Women’s Survival Strategy in the Coast Guard Administration Reconnaissance Brigade Public Affairs Management 2016-07-06
Yu-hsiang Tseng A Study of Cross-sectoral Governance for Local Infrastructures in Perspective of Transaction Costs: with Decision Making of Cross-domain Analysis Model Public Affairs Management 2016-07-19
Chun-chieh Yang Predicting Intention to Travel by Carpool and Intention to Use Carpool Websites with TPB and TAM Respectively Public Affairs Management 2016-07-24
Wei Wang The Situations and Challenges of Youth Political Participation – A Study on Political Participation Experiences of the 2nd Youth Village Chiefs in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2016-07-30
Fang-Sheng Chou Integrating TAM Trust and Marketing Strategy to Analyze the Consumer’s Intension of iPASS Public Affairs Management 2016-08-01
Chi-yao Chen The role of social capital in the development of social enterprise: a case study on companies providing medical services in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-08-07
Sheng-Chun Keng Research of realization and development with obtaining employment in People's Republic of China to youth in southern Taiwan. Public Affairs Management 2016-08-07
Yan-shan Guo Evaluating the Current Situation of Community Care Centers in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2016-08-09
Shu-Wei Yang Evaluating the Ten-Year Long-Term Care Program from the Perspectives of Families with Long-Term Care Needs : An Example of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2016-08-17
Yu-sheng Lee The Policy Evaluation of Village Relocation and Resettlement of Hongmaogang - from Stakeholders' Viewpoint. Public Affairs Management 2016-08-05
Fang-Chiu Chang A Study of the People's Choosing Behaviors Concerning the Willingness to Enter the Medicare Institution for the Elderly Public Affairs Management 2016-08-10
Ching-Hsiu Chiu The Study of Participation in Student Clubs at National Sun Yat-sen University Public Affairs Management 2016-08-10
Chia-feng Hsu The Study of Community Residents' Participation Behavior Model in Rural Community Industries:Based on the Social Exchange Theory and the Social Network Theory Public Affairs Management 2016-09-05
Wei-chuan Chuan Service Innovations of the Penghu Fishing Port Security Inspection and Its Relevant to the Fishermen Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2016-08-30
Shiang-wen Huang A Study on the Influence of Environmental Landscape Perception and Experiential Marketing on Tourists Revisit Intention:A Study of the Aimen Beach Recreation Area Public Affairs Management 2016-08-30
Chia-hsin Lai An Action Research on the Outcome Improvement of Community Tour Guide Training: Using Hamasen Cultural and Historical Tour Guide Training Class as an Example Public Affairs Management 2016-09-06
Ching-chia Chen A Review of Public Affairs Management on the Work Experience of Chinese Marriage Immigrants in Central and Southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-09-07
Yu-ting Yeh A PAM Analysis for 2010-2015 of Christianity Cross-Strait Exchanges and Development Public Affairs Management 2016-09-07
Ya-Wen Yeh A Study on the Committee Members' Selection and Accountability Procedures in the Case of Gender Policy Machinery in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-09-08
Jhin-Cing Wang Reading,Network,Social Enterprises and P.A.M. Public Affairs Management 2016-09-07
Cheng-yen Lee Effects of Consumer Purchase Seafood Public Affairs Management 2016-09-10
Chih-Yung Pan The Study of Service Satisfaction on Personnel Agencies Merge Settings in Junior High School and Elementary Schools-The Junior High School and Elementary Schools in Remote Areas of Kaohsiung as a Case. Public Affairs Management 2016-09-07
Sheng-Chieh Hsu An Evaluating Study on the Newly Estimated Tax Service for Individual Income Tax of the Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2016-12-20
Chen-Chun Liu The Effects of Promoting Experience Economy Activities on Community Development─ A Case Study of Participating One Day Farmer Program at Longmu Community in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2016-12-27
Ying-ju Su The Influences of Tourist Experience Benefits on Willingness to Pay for One Day Farmer Programs Public Affairs Management 2017-02-14
Hsin-Wei Chen An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Civil Servants' Psychological Empowerment and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Citizenship Behavior for the Environment. Public Affairs Management 2017-05-04
Ming-hui Cheng An Empirical Study on the Institutions Dependence and the Dependent Path of Decision Making Relevant to the Urban Environmental Governance Public Affairs Management 2017-04-05
Yi-kai Chuang Factors of purchase and repurchase intentions in the sharing economy business model: A case study of Uber in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2017-07-20
Chia-Yi Wang The Study of Tourist Motivation, Service Quality and Tourist Satisfaction on Willingness of Re-boarding Tour Bus- A Case Study of Kaohsiung Cultural Tour Bus Public Affairs Management 2017-08-06
Yi-Ching Wang An Analysis of Users’ Policy Cognition of and Satisfaction with the “Pedestrian Sidewalk Friendly Project in Tainan City “ from the Pedestrian’s Perspective: A Case Study of Beimen Road Public Affairs Management 2017-08-16
Po-Lin Huang The Quasi Bounded Rationality of Social Exchange and Economic Exchange: A Cross-Domain Governance Study of Kaohsiung as a Pilot City for Cross-Strait Cooperation Public Affairs Management 2017-08-19
Tai-tzu Hsu The Relationship between Recreational Noise Exposure and Hearing Health among College Students: A Case Study of a University in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-08-18
Wei-jen Chang A Cross-Domain Governance Analysis of Police Discretion: Case of Drunk-Driving in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2017-08-28
Yung-shan Lin Study of Interactive Management of DUI in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-08-25
Wen-Shih Hu Government Employee Ethic Units’ Perception on Anti-Corruption Effectiveness :A Case Study of Penghu County Government Public Affairs Management 2017-08-28
Tsung-Wan Hsu Role Perception and Behavior of Penghu Village Secretaries When Reviewing the Qualifications of Low-income Households Public Affairs Management 2017-09-05
De-you Liou A Judgment Analysis of Public Aggregated Information Readers- Perspectives of Individuals’ Role and Cognition Public Affairs Management 2017-09-07
Jing-Wun Yang A Primary Study on the Applicability of Evaluation Indicators of Social Return on Investment (SROI) – A Case Study of Community-based Social Enterprises Public Affairs Management 2017-09-11
Yen-Shin Li Affecting The Motorcyclists Traffic Violations Factor Discussed - A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-09-11
Hsin-Yu Huang Travel Characteristics, Tourism Image and Revisiting Willingness Correlation Analysis of Penghu Winter Tourists Public Affairs Management 2017-09-07
Yu-Ren Shih Cross - domain Governance Analysis of Internet Payment Acceptance and Popularization in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2017-09-11
Shu-chen Liu The Analysis of Occupational Safety and Hygiene Officer Core Competence – A Case Study of Penghu County in Construction Industry Public Affairs Management 2017-09-13
Wei-Chieh Chuang The Research on the Cognition of Policy of students in southern Universities - the case of Taking Land Expropriation Policy Public Affairs Management 2017-09-15
Mei-Chin Cheng A Study on the Relationship between Satisfaction of Medical Service and Medical Seeking Behavior in Offshore Islands of Taiwan-A Case Study of Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2017-09-25
Yi-Gu Lin A Research on Kaohsiung Citizens’ Perception and Attitudes toward Social Housing as well as Addressing the Relationship between Citizen Participation and the Endorsement of Social Housing Public Affairs Management 2017-11-19
Chun-Hsing Tu Who cares about EcoMobility? Factors Affecting the Behavioral Intentions of Hamasen Residents to EcoMobility Public Affairs Management 2017-11-22
Ming-Yi Wu The cross-strait south-south cooperation and cross-domain governance personnel training - for example in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-12-21
Hui-ling Yang The Case Study of Export Competitiveness of Manufacturers in KEPZ─An Example of Electronic Components Public Affairs Management 2018-01-13
Hsiao- Fen Huang The Experiences of Female Departmental Managers in Township Governments, Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2018-02-07
Yi-Chen Chen Applied Service Blueprint and DEMATEL Analysis to Service Process-A Case Study of The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Public Affairs Management 2018-02-09
Tzu-Yin Chen The Influence of Social Media on Emergency Information Sharing Behavior : Facebook Users’ Perspectives Public Affairs Management 2018-02-22
Ling-Wei Hsu The Study of the satisfaction toward《Kaohsiung Pictorial》 Public Affairs Management 2018-02-12
Ping-Hsuan Su Taitung’s Sustainable Development Governance and Aftermath under Huadong Development Regulation Public Affairs Management 2018-04-12
Yi-Chia LiN The Study of Local Residents' Pro -Environmental Behavior in Wetland and Its Relatedness to the Place Attachment Public Affairs Management 2018-05-22
Jung-Ping Sun A Cross-Domain Governance of Cross-Strait South-South Cooperation Public Affairs Management 2018-05-23

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