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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Wei Qian Who Are You? Examining Effects of Using Drama Elements into Ads Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-12-01
Wen-Yu Qiu Smoke Management and Egress Design Analysis of High Rise Buildings Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-27
Qi-Hong Qiu On the Forming Causes and Strategies of Unresolved Cases in Executing the Monetary Payment Duty in Public Law EMPP 2007-07-16
Yun-han Qiu Attribute Interaction Effects in the Composite Rule Induction System: An Extended Study Information Management 2009-08-25
Wen-jie Qiu Investment Tax Credit and Tax Financing: An Endogenous Growth Model of a Small Open Economy Economics 2017-07-03
Ni Qiu Clarifying the Dual Mechanisms Linking Service Employees' Surface acting and Counterproductive Work Behaviors Toward the Customer, Coworker and Organization Human Resource Management 2018-06-25
Muhammad Adnan Quadir Preliminary study on Life-Cycle Assessment of microalgae biomass production Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-07-23
Benazir Quadir The Effects of Reading and Writing Habits on Blog Adoption and Learning Performance Business Management 2013-11-26
Shaham Quadir Study of optical properties of non-polar ZnO using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy Physics 2014-09-11

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