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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Jonathan S. Muller Speculation as a Fundamental Drive for Property Investment Demand in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-06-18
Wehnsam S. Tsai none Economics 2006-09-08
Ann S.C. Bih Evaluating the Effectiveness of Selective Hedge-Based on Oil Product Trading Data in Platts Window EMBA 2013-07-24
John Sabelo Mahlalela Optimum Placement and Sizing of Harmonic Filters in Distribution Network IMEPE 2015-07-30
Pujari Sai Siva CEOs’ Transformational Leadership and Innovative Behavior: Role of Support for Innovation Human Resource Management 2016-12-09
Vipin Saini The Factors that determine customer retention in electronic commerce Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-24
Guo San-Yi none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-09
Tyler Sander A Study of Consumer Behavior of Organic Food in Taiwan: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior Business Management 2009-08-25
Chih-chiang Sang none Mainland China Studies 2007-06-28
Jimmy Santos The influences of Personality traits, Personal playfulness and Organization playfulness climate on the Employee’s innovative behavior Human Resource Management 2009-06-19
Budianto Santosa Challenges in International Joint Venture of Clothing Retail Industry : Marks & Spencer in Taiwan Business Management 2010-06-19
Keiji Sato On the Attribute Usage of Quantitative Adjectives in Chinese and Japanese ─ Taking “duo(多), shao(少), gou(夠)” and “ooi(多い), sukunai(少ない), tooi(遠い), chikai(近い)” for Example Chinese Literature 2018-02-18
JIRANUWAT SAWASNATEE The Development of Thailand’s Relations with China -- Thailand’s Perspective Mainland China Studies 2007-09-12
Jiranuwat Sawasnatee The Study of the Political Economy of Thailand’s Involvement in the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation: A Perspective of Geo-economics ICAPS 2014-07-03
MADI SAWO China's Purposes to Participate in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Africa,1989-2015 International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2015-09-02
Nelson Scuderi Perspectives of the Republic of Paraguay on the Republic of China (Taiwan) International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-07-24
Chaur-Ying Seau The Research of Hegel's Family Conception Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-22
Wilson Selony Dynamic Simulation and Economic Analysis of an Isolated Hybrid Wind Diesel System IMEPE 2008-06-24
Luisa Semente South China Sea:Could the Dispute Affect the Management of the Pollution Problem ICAPS 2013-07-29
Paskal Bogdanov Semerdzhiev Lucky Draw - Starting an Online Business Using Blockchain Technology Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-05
Ching-Fu Sen On the consistency of a simulation procedure and the construction of a non-parametric test for interval-censored data Applied Mathematics 2001-06-14
Ka Seng Ng A Study on Online brand Community Participation’s Antecedents and Consequences: Using the 3C page in Taiwan's Mobile 01 forum as example Business Management 2014-07-14
Bo Sgum Wu Biomedical Applications of Graphene and Their nanocomposites Chemistry 2014-08-05
Nancy Sha medical report and medical center operation news-A Case of Kaoshing medical center Communications Management 2004-09-09
Bao-ju Sha Personality, Parent-children Interaction and Depression among Adolescents. Education 2009-07-28
M Shahnawaz Khan Taping the potential of nanomaterials for biomedical applications: Photothermal therapy, Drug delivery and biomarker detection. Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2016-02-01
Fiona Shaista Gill Human Rights and Statelessness: The Case Study of the Rohingya in Myanmar ICAPS 2014-08-15
Chang-Ying Shan A Study of Career Ladder System for Secondary and Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan Education 2000-08-09
Rong-Kang Shang The Review and Prospect of Integrated Coastal Zone Management:Coastal Areas of Kaohsiung County as the Case Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-09-26
Yu-June Shang A study of Shang Chin's poems Chinese Literature 2003-08-05
Yao-Yung Shang Pipelined Forwarding with Energy Balance in Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-08-16
Yi-Ta Shao The Sex Reversal Pattern of Scarus ghobban and Scarus rivulatus (Family Scaridae, Teleost) Marine Biology 2003-07-06
Ming-Wei Shao none Business Management 2003-07-08
Chia-chi Shao Force Measurements of Single Cylinder with Momentum Injection in Cross Flow. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-30
Hsiu-Ling Shao Investigate Middle management's career success and job performance based on Social Capital Human Resource Management 2005-08-08
Szu-han Shao The Study of Job Interest, Leadership and Intention to Stay—Examples of Public Relations Industry Communications Management 2005-08-09
Hua-chin Shao Valuation and hedging of Himalaya option Applied Mathematics 2007-09-19
Ming-kai Shao System Modeling and Dynamic Response Simulation Study for Thermal Brushless-Excitation Generator Electrical Engineering 2008-07-06
Fang-Jie Shao Study on the electrodeposition of diamond-like carbon thin film Electrical Engineering 2008-07-25
Yea-chyi Shao A Study on English Article Acquisition by Mandarin-Chinese Speakers Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-27
Chun-ting Shao The Impact of Promotion Chance on Counterproductive Work Behavior-The Analysis of Mediation and Moderation Business Management 2016-12-29
Chi-Jung Shao Carbon Trading: Research in Allowance Allocation, Trade Policy and Financial Derivatives Finance 2017-07-05
Fan Sharely A study on the Construction of Conceptual Hierarchy for Marine Environmental Education and an Analysis of Textbook Contents of Elementary and Secondary Schools in Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-07-30
Jong-Chuan She NONE EMBA 2001-07-27
Hsien-Chih She Programmable DLL-based Frequency Multiplier and A ROM-less Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Electrical Engineering 2002-06-25
Ching-Hua She The Research of Probationer and Parolee's Human Right Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-22
Hui-chuan She The Study of Taiwan Agriculture and Country’s Sustainable Development Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-11
Kun-dian She Design and Fabrication of Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 Micro TE-cooler Electrical Engineering 2007-09-12
Yuan-Chien She The Analysis of Co-operative Strategy for Market Enternace-a Case Study of Australia Steel Industry EMBA 2013-06-04
Maw-Tyan Sheen A Study on Residual stresses and Creep Deformation in Laser Module Packaging Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-21
Kuei-Wen Shei Reserch of the thought of Tan Szu Tung*s Jen Hsueh Chinese Literature 2000-07-11
Chia-Hui Shen A study on the Business Strategies of Multinational Mobil Communication Equipment Corporations in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2000-06-22
Kor-Fu Shen None Chinese Literature 2000-07-04
Jun-Nan Shen The Study of Piano Concerto for Left-Hand in Single Movement Music 2000-07-27
Parkes-C.Y. Shen The Study of Sovereignty Between R.O.C. and P.R.C. Mainland China Studies 2000-12-26
Kuo-Hsu Shen The study of microstructures and electrical properties of the interface of AlN/GaN Materials Science and Engineering 2001-06-28
Ming-Tsung Shen Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) in Air Streams by A Full-scale Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Environmental Engineering 2001-07-10
Da-Chia Shen Kinetic Study of the Binding Constants of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Dissolved Organic Matter Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-17
Jun-Hong Shen The Multiple-Hashing-Functions-Based Schemes for Energy-Saving Data Organization in the Wireless Broadcast Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-18
Chin-Chuan Shen NONE EMBA 2001-07-26
Chien-Ou Shen Coherent Reflection of Acoustic Plane Wave From a Random Sea floor Undersea Technology 2001-08-09
Tao-Cheng Shen none Finance 2002-02-18
Yu-Ling Shen The study of InGaN illumination intensity affected with post annealing environment Materials Science and Engineering 2002-06-20
D-S Shen none EMBA 2002-07-25
Jung-Hua Shen The integrated marketing communication in Multi-Level Marketing Business Management 2002-07-26
Ning-Wei Shen none Finance 2002-08-26
Chiou- Kuei Shen none Finance 2002-08-26
Po-Ping Shen Optical Spectroscopic Study of InGaAsN Semiconductor Quantum Wells Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-29
Tai-Yun Shen The Performance Management and Salary System of Information Industries- I Company as an Case Study Business Management 2003-08-29
Wen-hua Shen The study of earnings management via manipulation of discretionary loan loss provisions by banks in Taiwan. Business Management 2004-06-26
Yen-liang Shen Application of Electron-Beam Lithography to the Fabrication of Patterned Semiconductor Substrate and Photonic Crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-08
Yiling Shen Acquisition Human Resource Management 2004-08-06
SHUI-CHIN SHEN A Study of Operation for Regional Consumer Banking Center EMBA 2004-08-12
Heng-su Shen The study of key seccess factors for applying the profit center in the construction industry - The case study of a construction company in southern Taiwan. Business Management 2005-01-04
Yu-Pu Shen none Mainland China Studies 2005-01-18
Kuo-kai Shen A Co-opetition Model For Information System Integration Company Information Management 2005-02-02
Hsiao-lan Shen The effect of the organizational culture in multinational corporations and the corporation stratagem on the R&D performance Human Resource Management 2005-04-22
Chih-Yung Shen Searching, Detecting, Identifying and Locating of Underwater Static Targets Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-06-28
Ju-Peng Shen An analysis of Bullwhip Effect in type of multi-tiers and vertical partition under dynamic situation base on the TFT-LCD industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-04
Hung-Yuan Shen Voltage Sag Measurements for Service Performance Assessment and Fault Location Identification Electrical Engineering 2005-07-26
Hung-Jou Shen Non-conforming Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems Applied Mathematics 2005-08-02
Shin-yan Shen Influence of Deformation Temperature on the Microstructure Development in Al-Mg Alloy Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-02
Meng-rong Shen Knowledge Management in the Wave of Cross-media Convergence: A Case Study Communications Management 2005-09-07
Chao-An Shen Design and Implementation of Broadband Internal Planar Monopole Antennas for Mobile Handsets Electrical Engineering 2005-10-14
Szu-Ying Shen Inhibitory effect and mechanism of Evans blue on substance P and capsaicin induced plasma leakage and edema in rat airways Biological Sciences 2006-06-13
Chuan-Jung Shen The Research of Resource of Tourism and Sustainable Development in Kenting EMPP 2006-06-20
Tung-wei Shen A Study of the Labor Mobility and the Laid-off Workers of State-Owned Enterprises in China. Mainland China Studies 2006-06-27
Li-chun Shen Urine cell-free DNA as bladder cancer markers: DNA concentration, length and methylation Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-07-03
Sheng-Yao Shen The Performance Evaluation on the Outsourcing of Senior-Citizen Activity Centers in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2006-07-17
Jung-Sheng Shen The research in Taiwan Labor Dispatching Industry and the applied legal relationship. EMBA 2006-07-18
Hsien-Cheng Shen The Bus Transportation Management System used New Bus Management Tools IEMBA 2006-08-09
Wen-hsing Shen An Empirical Study on Merger Synergy of Financial Holding Companies. Business Management 2006-08-11
Chen-Chen Shen Behaviour associated with shell competition in the urchin crab, Dorippe quadridens Marine Biology 2006-08-15
Wei-Lin Shen Application of Integrated Watershed Management Modeling on Non-point Source Pollution Evaluation for the Ai-Liao River Basin Environmental Engineering 2006-08-23
Wei-Cheng Shen Valuation and analysis of equity-linked bonds on multi-underlying by copula method Finance 2006-09-08
Chun-yen Shen Analysis of plastic flow within the die and die deformation during extrusion for CPU heat sinks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-11
Chun-hung Shen Research on Strategies in Response to PFCs Reduction in IC and TFT-LCD Industries at Southern Taiwan Science Park Public Affairs Management 2006-09-13
Hung-Che Shen Content-based MIDI Music Retrieval and Computer-aided Composition Based on Musical Whistling Computer Science and Engineering 2007-02-12
Wei-yu Shen Miao-chang Chen and Pi-cheng Pan : Story of CHang-yu-hu, Nu-jen Tample, Drama of Yu-tsan Chinese Literature 2007-02-16
Wen-Hsin Shen What Determines a Healthcare Professional’s Intention to Use a Adverse Event Reporting System? An Empirical Evaluation of the Revised Technology Acceptance Model Institute of Health Care Management 2007-03-08
Hung-Ling Shen An Empirical Assessment of Purchasing Power Parity Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-06-22
WEN SHEN The analysis of competitive advantage among the four telecommunication services Communications Management 2007-07-06
Ying-Yu Shen A low-power double-edge triggered flip-flop and an OFDM demodulator for DVB-H receivers Electrical Engineering 2007-07-11
Cheng-Chieh Shen Estimation of Sensitive Equipment Disruptions Due to Voltage Sags Electrical Engineering 2007-07-12
Mei-chen Shen A Study on the Dynamically Aligned Principles of the Corporate Policy Design in Systems Thinking Business Management 2007-07-22
Meng-wei Shen Structure and morphology of GaN epilayer grown by multi-step method with molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2007-07-30
Hsien-lung Shen Common Shocks and the Business Cycle in Asian Countries Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-09
Chun-Mei Shen Study on Multinational Corporations's Organizational Adjustment After Merger & Acquisition-Taking W as an Example EMBA 2007-08-21
Meng-hui Shen Form Error Compensation of axially symmetrical surface:Rock-and-Roll motion planning of tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-10
Jia-shiun Shen The study on the structure of the gas diffusion layer of a DMFC electrode Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-11
Wen-Hua Shen The Effects of Audit Quality on Information Risk: Perspectives of Auditors' Brand Name, Tenure and Industry Specialization Business Management 2007-12-28
Te-ju Shen A Study of the Relationships among Fifth and Sixth Grader’ Cognitive Style, Self-concept and Mathematics Achievements in Kaohsiung district and city Education 2008-05-29
Jun-Hong Shen Data Access Mechanisms for Skewed Access Patterns in Wireless Information Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2008-06-16
Shu-chen Shen none Business Management 2008-07-01
Wen-Shin Shen N/A EMBA 2008-07-18
Yu-zen Shen The impact of three Person-Job fits on job security, pay satisfaction and job satisfaction Human Resource Management 2008-08-05
Jhuo-ying Shen The Finite Element Analusis of Ventilative Motorcycle Helmets Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-08
Cheng-Ying Shen The implementation of H.264 algorithm with parallel extended MMX instruction set Electrical Engineering 2008-08-20
Kuei-Mei Shen The Cooperation of Cross-Strait Harbor Cities Would Promote Kaohsiung Manpower Development Strategies-A Study of Recruiting China Professional Elites Public Affairs Management 2008-09-06
Yu-chun Shen Distributions of transent exopolymer particles (TEP) in the southern Taiwan Strait Marine Geology and chemistry 2008-09-09
Wei-sheng Shen Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounts in the Sewege System in a Southern Urban Area Environmental Engineering 2009-06-30
Heng-yu Shen Volunteering Mothers in Elementary School ICAPS 2009-07-21
Yu-Hsuan Shen Design and Implementation of the DDR2 Controller with Data Switching Electrical Engineering 2009-08-20
Hui-ming Shen Taiwan Modern Theater Performed in Beijing A Case Study of Performance Workshop ICAPS 2009-08-24
Jung-hsiung Shen Low Temperature Preparation and Optoelectronic Properties of ZnO and ITO Transparent Conducting Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-03-05
Yi-Chun Shen The Study of Local Tax Legislation Public Affairs Management 2010-07-04
Yi-chun Shen Integration and Coordination of Green Supply Chain Human Resource Management 2010-08-22
Jau-wen Shen The anti-neuroinflammatory effects of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor and GB9 in microglial cell Biological Sciences 2010-09-09
Jyun-long Shen A simulation study for single and double effect absorption solar cooling systems operated under Taiwan climate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-09
Hsuan-Chih Shen Topography induced flow variations between Taitung-Lutao off Southeast Taiwan IAMPUT 2012-04-02
Yi-jan Shen Speaking like Eve: Gender and the "Perfect Language" in Milton's Paradise Lost Foreign Language and Literature 2012-09-11
Ching-Fu Shen A Weighted Wilcoxon-Type Rank Test for Interval-Censored Data Applied Mathematics 2013-01-21
Ming-Fong Shen The study of fabrication of flexible In-Plane Switching electrode use electrophoretic deposition by nanosilver colloid Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-06-18
Ju-Peng Shen A Study of Social Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum on Sustainability Issues based on Asian Higher Education Business Management 2013-07-17
Kai-ning Shen The Research on Strategic Management of the A Pharmaceutical Company : Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2013-07-25
Wan-ying Shen Removal of Environmental Hormones and Pharmaceuticals from WWTP Sewage by a Novel Electromembrane Process Environmental Engineering 2013-08-28
Pei-shan Shen Acoustic Behavior of White-faced Flying Squirrel (Petaurista lena) in Guanghua Village, Alishan Biological Sciences 2013-09-01
Chih-chih Shen An Analysis of Impediment to the Development of Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone Political Science 2013-09-01
Ming-cong Shen Anti-Procrustean Liberalism: On Isaiah Berlin's Anti-Monist Philosophy and Political Thought Political Science 2013-09-13
Shin-Wei Shen Integration of electroabsorption modulator and optical semiconductor amplifier for dispersion compensation in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) long-reach fiber transmission Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-30
Tsung-ying Shen The Development and Transition in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Three Indicators ICAPS 2014-07-31
Feng-Rong Shen The effects of thermaocapillary flow under plasma condition on surface deformation during solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-12
Jing-Xuane Shen A Novel Scheduling Algorithm for Data Transmission based on IEEE 802.15.4 Electrical Engineering 2014-12-29
Hsien-Hui Shen Biogeography of Asian cycads based on multilocus analyses Biological Sciences 2015-02-23
Ruei-Lin Shen A Study of Harbor Asset Management Using Geographic Information Systems Business Management 2015-06-12
You-wei Shen Power System Stability Analysis of Cimei Island Considering Wind Generator with LVRT Electrical Engineering 2015-06-29
Jyun-Jhang Shen A Route-robust Routing Protocol for Cognitive Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2015-07-27
Yu-An Shen Fabrication of the complementary electrochromic device on flexible substrate Electrical Engineering 2015-08-24
Szu-Cheng Shen Event Detection and Video Summarization for Parking Lot Surveillance Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-09
Hua-zhen Shen Enhancement of Oxidation Efficiency of Elemental Mercury by WO3/TiO2 and V2O5/TiO2 at High Temperatures Governed by Different Mechanisms Environmental Engineering 2016-03-22
Ting-Kai Shen Self-Assembly of PMMA-b-PMMAPOSS: A Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-04-13
Yow-ying Shen The study of governmental risk communication on water resourcesengineering- case of subsurface flow intake facilities in Dashu District,Kaohsiung City. Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-29
Ming-chi Shen Independently Controllable Transmission Mechanism Applied In Hybrid Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-29
Hui-Ping Shen The Study on Capability Evaluation of Strategic Human Resource Chief Human Resource Management 2017-01-10
Bey-In Shen Mutual Fund Investment Strategies by Sector Rotations Finance 2017-07-26
Ying-Ying Shen Generation and Characterization of Recombinant Adenovirus Encoding Irisin Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-08-23
Cheng-Kan Shen The Research on Taiwanese Business Strategy toward Development of Machine Tool Industry in Mainland China: A Case of “KENT” Industry Company EMBA 2018-05-31
Jia-Ruei Shen The Challenge and Strategy to Introduce Blockchain Technology into Bank Operations- A Case Study of Cathay Bank EMBA 2018-06-22
Cian-Siou Shen Forecasting Emerging Markets Index with Macroeconomic Factors Finance 2018-06-25
Yi-Hsin Shen A Study of Employees’ Information Security Policy Violation Intention: A Moral Disengagement Perspective Institute Of Information Management 2018-07-24
Yu-Wen Shen Optimal wage distribution policy in the presence of information asymmetry in the labor market: From the view of relation between consumption preference and skill difference Economics 2018-07-27
Shih Shen-Chen Essays on Economic Politics Analysis of Government Behavior and Policy-Making Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-06-21
Ming-Cheng Sheng Image Restoration Based upon Gauss-Markov Random Field Electrical Engineering 2000-06-20
I-I Sheng The relationship of upward political behavior and job satisfaction in public department Human Resource Management 2002-02-08
Wu-Chen sheng A Student on Pilot-Scale Biosparging Treatment of a Petroleun VOCs Contaminatal Site Caused by Leakage of Underground Storage Tanks Environmental Engineering 2002-06-28
Meng-Huei Sheng Rigorous Leaky-Mode Analysis of Antiresonant Reflecting Optical Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-19
Lin-chin Sheng Effect of Zinc on Peroxidase Isozyme Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Biological Sciences 2006-07-18
Tzung-I Sheng Modelling Structural Change in Money Demand - Application of Fourier-Series Approximation Economics 2008-01-03
Chao-yuan Sheng Research: System dynamics strengthening decision-making ability of enterprise resource planning system –as the example of ERP of production management module. Information Management 2009-08-18
Hsiao-Ming Sheng Personality and Job Performance: Test of the Moderating Effects of Leadership Style Among the Head Nurses Institute of Health Care Management 2012-06-21
Chain-wei Sher Use GeoVRML、ROAM Algorithm and Data Compression to Display 3D GIS Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-02-12
Kun-Lin Sher Applications of Imprint and Electroless Silver Plating on TFT Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-26
Woan-Chyi Sheu Team process of college students' information system development projects Information Management 2000-06-27
Lih-Yuan Sheu Phenomenon of magnetization and electrification on Friction surfaces Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-13
Yann-Jong Sheu Finite Element Analysis during Shape Rolling Processes Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-19
Tian-Syh Sheu Homojunction and Heterojunction LightEmitting Diodes of Poly-(N-vinylcarbazole)and Dye Molecules Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-13
Yu-Zhang Sheu The Impact of IT Strategy and IT Infrastructure on ERP Implementation Information Management 2001-08-04
Ji-Yeu Sheu none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-08-30
Song-maw Sheu none Mainland China Studies 2007-07-10
Yen-Lin Sheu Distribution of Trace Elements (Cd, Cu, Ni, Zn) in Waters from Southwestern Coast off Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-08-22
Jia-Woei Sheu Study on the role and enforcement capacity of the Coast Guard Administration to development of marine recreations IMA 2013-08-31
Yih-Terng Sheu Application of a long-lasting colloidal substrate with pH and hydrogen sulfide control capabilities for TCE-contaminated groundwater remediation. Environmental Engineering 2015-08-14
Huai-zhi Sheu A Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Business Sector: Case Study of Taiwan Business Management 2016-02-02
Hann-Chreng Sheu Using System Simulation to Improve the Efficiency of the Room Cleaning Workforce Dispatching Decision for the Tourist Hotels Information Management 2018-07-18
Chiuo-Rong Sheue The Comparative Morphology and Anatomy of the Eastern Mangrove Rhizophoraceae Biological Sciences 2003-07-28
Mon-Shen Shi Observations of Tidal-Current Profiles Marine Resources 2002-01-31
Yan-Yu Shi The Effects of Foreign Ivestment On Taiwan Stock Returns Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-08
Ying-ru Shi The Structure and Development of the Sesame Seed Studied with Microscopic Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Various Weighting Approaches Chemistry 2006-09-15
Chien-Hung Shi Field survey and culture studies of Caulerpa in Taiwan Marine Biology 2008-01-31
Jhih-Yin Shi Glial Cell Line–Derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene Transfer Exerts Protective Effect on Axons in Sciatic Nerve Following Constriction-Induced Peripheral Nerve Injury Biological Sciences 2011-08-23
Zong-You Shi The free surface deformation affected by two-dimensional thermocapillary flow irradiated by energy flux Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-30
Cheng-Yu Shi Investigation of the mechanism of radical attack in Nafion®117membrane with nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation and weighted imaging Chemistry 2014-01-07
Po-Xu Shi Design and Implementation of a Quasi Floating-Gate Memory Controlled Oscillator Electrical Engineering 2018-07-28
Vincent Shi-Ming Provably Secure Privacy Mechanism for Authentication, Billing and Payment in Mobile Communications Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-23
Hui-Ling Shia Molecular studies on the interaction between human post-translational modifier protein SUMO and centromere protein CENP-C Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-02-02
To Shia Price Elasticity Prediction by Cloud Machine learning technique – the Case of Tiny E-commerce Company in Taiwan Business Management 2018-07-05
Han-Lin Shian Analysis of Golf ImpactPhenomenon and Club Head Design Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-22
Jyun Shian Studies on the Friction Stir Lap Welding of Carbon Steel to Aluminum Alloy using Assembled-Type Tungsten Carbide Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-04
Jeng-Chuan Shiang none EMBA 2007-08-15
Yui-Fen Shiao A Study on Internal Marketing, Behavior-based Evaluation, Empowerment, Organizational Customer Orientation and Employee’s Customer Orientation --- Real Estate Industry for Example Business Management 2003-02-10
Jiunn-Yean Shiao The Structure of Radial Solutions to a Semilinear Elliptic Equation and A Pohozaev Identity Applied Mathematics 2003-06-16
Ay-ling Shiao The Design Analysis and Experimental Investigation on School Building Energy Conservation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-21
Z-C Shiao Computation of moment generating and characteristic functions with Mathematica Applied Mathematics 2003-07-24
shiao-chun shiao To explore the policy influence of cable TV franchise combination Communications Management 2004-09-03
Chang-chih Shiao Finite Element Analysis of the Residual Stresses of the Welding of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Metals in Different Thickness Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-10
Jing-Jou Shiau none Economics 2001-07-26
Hung-Ming Shiau Stochastic Harmonic Analysis and Harmonic Distortion Improvement for Mass Rapid Transit Systems Electrical Engineering 2002-06-20
Jun-Ting Shiau The Implementation of Linux-based MP3 Music-on-Demand System Computer Science and Engineering 2004-06-28
Jiun-shiung Shiau Establishing growth formula from cuttlebone stripes Marine Biology 2004-08-10
Shyue-Horng Shiau Partial Sort and Its Applications on Single-Hop Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2006-01-19
You-cheng Shiau Energy-Efficient Tree Splitting Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-25
Jia-pei Shiau Effects of dietary lipid unsaturation and oxidation on growth, body composition, oxidative status and health of the juvenile cobia Rachycentron canadum fed high-lipid diets Marine Biology 2009-07-29
Ming-jong Shiau A discussion of organic agricultural and the verification system in Taiwan Political Science 2012-08-23
Yu-Da Shiau Design of Full-Color LED Driver Control Circuit by Low Dropout (LDO) Liner Regulator and Temperature Modulator Electrical Engineering 2015-06-16
Huey-Fen Shich none Chinese Literature 2000-07-25
Jian-Sheng Shie Characterization and Equivalent Circuit Modeling for Interconnection Structures from Time Domain Measurements Electrical Engineering 2000-07-06
Yi-Jen Shie An Analysis of Policy Networks in Kao-Pin River Restoration Movement Public Affairs Management 2004-08-18
Jia-Rung Shie Phylogeography of Odd-scaled Snake Achalinus in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-07-25
Ming-da Shie the Foreign Policy of Koizumi:2001-2006 Political Science 2007-06-30
Jiun-Ping Shie The Comparison of Thoughts among Zhuangzi's Followers, Lao-tzu and Huang-lao Chinese Literature 2007-09-14
Jia-rung Shie Silicon-based Optical Waveguide Using Undercut Etching Method Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-09-09
Shu-Chiu Shie Photosynthetic electron transport modulates genes expression of Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase (MSR) in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Marine Biology 2011-07-25
Jia-han Shie Applying In-situ Oxidation to Remediate Sulfolane -Contaminated Groundwater Environmental Engineering 2017-08-31
Houng-Ssu Shieh A Study of Web Searching Strategies base on the Social Cognitive Theory Information Management 2000-07-04
Jia-Horng Shieh Mpeg Video Coding Improved by Mask Operation Electrical Engineering 2000-07-13
Po-Chuen Shieh Metal Carbenoid Ring Opening of 2-alkyl and Alkoxy Furan-Synthesis, Application and SAR of 1,6-Dioxo-2,4-diene Derivatives Chemistry 2001-06-29
Ming-Juh Shieh Factors That Influence Business Managers' Decision Intention on Environmental Ethics: A Study of Waste Cleaning of Taiwan's Manufacturing Industries Business Management 2001-07-17
Wu-Hung Shieh Fluorinated Oxynitride Films Prepared by Temperature-Difference Deposition Method Using the Aqueous Solution of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid and Ammonium Hydroxide Electrical Engineering 2002-07-11
Yi-Fan Shieh Eliminating Interference of Organic salt and Surfactant in Protein Analysis by Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2003-06-22
Fang-Yi Shieh A Study of the Relationship between Seasoned Equity Offering and Information Asymmetry Finance 2003-08-11
Shyue-Ru Shieh The Application of Virtual Community to Knowledge Management in Government Departments’ Aspect: with Online Public Discussion Forum of Government Procurement Law as Case Study Human Resource Management 2004-07-05
Yen-wen Shieh The Influence of Arms Race of cross-Taiwan Straits on Asia–Pacific Political Science 2005-01-27
Chung-Hsiao Shieh A Low-Power Low-Cost 256MHzS/s 6-bit Analog to Digital Converter Using Selective Reference Voltage Electrical Engineering 2005-07-05
Shu-ping Shieh The Influence of Paternalistic Leadership on Echelon Team Effectiveness Human Resource Management 2005-09-03
Kuen-Tsing Shieh Research on Problem of Illegal Constructions in a City -- Take Kaohsiung City for Example Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-09-07
CHIH-LING SHIEH The Research of public confidence for the Social Welfare Non-Profit Organizations─ An Example for Kaohsiung and Ping-Tung Business Management 2007-08-27
Chia-lin Shieh The biochemical studies of peroxidase in Wasabia japonica Biological Sciences 2008-02-12
Yu-Ling Shieh Study on Architecture Electronic Medical Record Admission System Information Management 2008-06-21
Feng-chien Shieh Fabrication of Thin Film CuInSe2 Solar Cell by rapid selenization process Materials Science and Engineering 2008-09-01
Chin-shiuh Shieh QoS Provisioning in Mobile Wireless Networks with Improved Handover and Service Migration Computer Science and Engineering 2009-02-04
Ping-hung Shieh Development of the Teacher Belief Scale Education 2009-08-19
Yu-chan Shieh A study of chlorophyll_a distribution influence by internal waves near Dongsha Atoll based on satellite images and hydrographic data IAMPUT 2009-09-11
Gwo-Sheng Shieh A Case of Applying the Theory of Constrains to Improve the Outsourcing Subcontract Management Business Management 2010-01-19
Feng-Cheng Shieh Using CRM Data for Customer Loyalty Prediction – A Case Study in Electrical & Electronic Industry Information Management 2014-02-12
Ren-Jye Shieh Seasonal dynamics of Euphausiids in relation to hydrographic factors in the waters around Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-09-12
Cheng-Ying Shih Cross-Cultural Comparative Research of Marketing Ethical Decision Procedure Business Management 2000-06-22
Yi-Ju Shih The National Competitiveness Model: An Empirical Analysis Economics 2000-07-05
Ting-Ching Shih The Effect of Comparative Tests Between Self-questioning Strategy And Cooperative Learning(Group Discussion) on Junior High School Students' Chinese Reading Comprehension Education 2000-07-17
Tong-Cheng Shih The Morphology and Phase Behavior of Polypyrrole with Alkyl-group Side Chain on the Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-18
chih-ting Shih Trend and comparison of Taiwan Gender Wage Differential Human Resource Management 2000-07-15
SHIEN-CHUNG SHIH none Chinese Literature 2000-08-03
chieh-chih Shih Inverstigation of heavy metal bioaccumulation ib dolphins from the coastal waters off Taiwan Marine Resources 2001-02-13
Hsing-Kun Shih The Study of Post-Weld-Shift in Laser Welding Technique for Laser Module Packaging Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-25
Tsung-Hsiang Shih ITO Ohmic Contact on Ternary ZnSxSe1-x Epilayers Prepared by LP-OMVPE Electrical Engineering 2001-06-27
You-Jang Shih Analysis and Numerical Study of Rectangular Waveguides with Large Bending Angles Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-07-02
Hsiang-Ren Shih A dynamic regulation scheme with scheduler feedback information for multimedia network Electrical Engineering 2001-07-11
Pei-Yu Shih Treatment of oil refining wastewater by pilot-scale constructed wetland systems Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-18
Jenn-Shyong Shih none Business Management 2001-07-26
Tsai- Hsien Shih Sensitivity analysis research of Enterprise accounts receivable Finance 2001-08-21
Meng-Hsun Shih e-Supply Chain Management Study on Taiwan Flat Cold-Rolled Steel Industry Business Management 2002-05-20
I-Hsiung Shih The Selection of e-Learning System:A Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach Business Management 2002-06-23
Chun-Hsiu Shih Investigation of the Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-07-05
Sheng-Chih Shih The Applications of Ultrafast Laser in Microscopic Imaging:RF OBIC&SHG Microscopy Physics 2002-07-09
Fu-Tsun Shih DSP Based Brushless Motor Driver for Flux-Weakening Control Electrical Engineering 2002-07-08
Meng-Ho Shih The Evaluation of the Whole Curriculum Projects of the Schools in the Nine-Year Compulsory Curriculum--Examples of the Elementary Schools at Kaohsiung City Education 2002-07-19
Yi-Che Shih Taiwan MPA Policy-its need and comparison with Canadian Ocean Acts Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-08-23
Shih-Chang Shih Business Strategy, Human Resource Management and Firm Performance—The Evidence from firms in China Human Resource Management 2003-05-29
Chiou-Chung Shih The Role of Community Health Management Center in the Kaohsiung city Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-06-17
Fang-Che Shih Design of Robust Tracking Controller with Application to Robot Manipulator Electrical Engineering 2003-07-07
Hung-Lin Shih A Study of Innovation Development Model of Value-added Services for Broadband Internet Communications Management 2003-07-29
Chun-Hao Shih Effect of Additive on Electric Erosion Performance of Silver-base Composite Electrical Contacts Materials Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-31
Meng-Chun Shih Perceptions of Organizational Politics consequence Model-cross organization comparison research Human Resource Management 2003-08-04
CHIEN-CHUNG SHIH Researches on the Impact of Referrals Toward Job Performance : The Study on the Relation Between Referrals and Introducers Human Resource Management 2003-08-08
Gin-San Shih A Study of the Consumer's Behavior on Purchasing Taiwan Salt Company's Cosmetics Business Management 2003-08-22
Po-Lun Shih Study on the Design Methodology of Multi-Speed Hub for Bicycles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-26
Pin-Ju Shih F.Liszt:Three sonetto of Petrarca from Annees de Pelerinage: Deuxieme Annee Music 2003-08-28
Jen-Ching Shih none Chemistry 2003-09-01
Meilin Shih None Chinese Literature 2004-01-26
Cheng-ping Shih Supply Chain Management: Practices, Concerns, and Performance Issues- An Emperical Study Business Management 2004-05-25
Hao-Wei Shih Studies of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Biferrocenyl Terpyridine Derivatives on Gold Clusters Chemistry 2004-05-26
Chiung-Yi Shih Investigation on reliability & electrical analysis of polysilicon thin-film transistor for AMOLED display Physics 2004-06-28
Chien-chi Shih Analysis of Group Problem-solving Process in Mathematics Performance Assessment of Grade Six Elementary School Children Education 2004-07-04
I-fan Shih The Study on Practices of Employee Relations in Hi-tech Industry Human Resource Management 2004-07-04
Chun-hsiung Shih The Price Difference Analysis For Convertible Bonds Finance 2004-07-13
Sheng-Yao Shih Software Project Knowledge Management: A Case Study of Professional Software Service Firm Business Management 2004-07-16
Yi- Fen Shih Study in Local-paper Consumer of Purchase Decision-Making Factor Communications Management 2004-07-20
Chun-Ming Shih A Factor-analysis Study of Decision-making Process of Oversea Chinese Students in College Applications Education 2004-07-30
Sheng-Chieh Shih Environment Setting、Execution Procedure and Interaction Model for Conducting Effective Online Office Hour Information Management 2004-08-02
Guo-Fong Shih Effects of Various Random Sources on Surface-Generated Ambient Noise Undersea Technology 2004-08-02
Tsung-Jung Shih Adaptive Routing Algorithm with QoS support in Heterogeneous Wireless Network Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-17
Shu-ling Shih The Effects of Employee Referral on Introducer and Referral: A Study on Guanxi Human Resource Management 2004-08-30
Chieh-Hui Shih The Diplomacy Interaction in the Sino-EU Relations – To Analyze Interdependance Theory and the Transition in International System Mainland China Studies 2004-09-09
Hao-wei Shih A Study on the Enlargement of the European Union Political Science 2004-09-13
Wen-wen Shih Using Health Belief Model to investigate factors influencing health status among university academics Institute of Health Care Management 2005-01-25
Chia-Chi Shih The study of phase transition of liquid crystal in a coupled XY model Physics 2005-06-22
Yung-Yen Shih Temporal variability of dissolved inorganic carbon at SEATS site:estimation of net community production (2002-2004) Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-06-27
Chin-chung Shih analysed the business model of venture capital industry form industry evolution---the semiconductor industry of Taiwan as an example Business Management 2005-06-30
Pin-Zei Shih The Resarch of Organizational Structure Design and Knowledge Integration- with Example of MIS Department Information Management 2005-07-13
Chung-min Shih Deposition and Applications of Titanium Oxide by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2005-07-15
Chih-Ting Shih A Study of the Relationship between Psychological Contract Fulfillments and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Perspectives of Social Exchange Theory and Motivational Theory Human Resource Management 2005-07-20
Kai-yu Shih The reciprocal effects of fit, product attributes, ownership status and dominance of the parent brand on parent brand attitude:cases study of United Daily News and Appledaily. Communications Management 2005-07-25
hung-hua Shih The study of the affect of mentoring,organizational commitment,professional commitment to turnover intention-Example of Public Relations industy in Taiwan Communications Management 2005-08-09
Yueh-Chun Shih Study on the Relationship among Entrepreneurship, Learning Strategy and Performance in Mission-based Learning Information Management 2005-08-16
Fang-Ya Shih On The Xiouzuji Drama Chinese Literature 2005-08-18
Hui-wen Shih Research on job stress, social support and job performance. The study here is of Kaohsiung City overnment employees. Human Resource Management 2005-09-02
Wen-li Shih Crown ether Linked Aza-Triphenylene Derivatives As New Materials Chemistry 2005-09-05
Fu-chuan Shih Exploring teaching models for synchronous classroom in e-Learning Information Management 2005-09-07
Lian-Maan Shih Upper-Layer Current and Water Mass Distribution in the Luzon Strait Marine Resources 2005-09-08
ya-ru shih Performance Study on the Treatment of the vent gas of the Fermentation process of Compost by Biotrickling Filters Environmental Engineering 2006-06-28
Chih-hsien Shih Investigation on Electrical Analysis and Reliability of Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistor Electrical Engineering 2006-07-20
Hsiang-yi Shih An Interlanguage Study of the Speech Act of Apology Made by EFL Learners in Taiwan Foreign Language and Literature 2006-07-23
Wei-chih Shih Synthesis of Motor Motions for Intermittent Indexing Tables with Minimized Positioning Time Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-09
Hui-Hua Shih Poly-Lingual Text Categorization Information Management 2006-08-09
Yi-san Shih Reliability Analysis of the Cracked Ag-SU8 Interface on the Channel Wall in a Micro-PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-16
Hong-en Shih Investigation of flow pattern and upwelling characteristics near the wakes of Liu-Chiu-Yu Island Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-09-13
Tung-chi Shih Conceptual Development of One-Variable Linear Equation for Grades 6-8 students by Virtual Situation Test Applied Mathematics 2006-09-14
Meng-hsun Shih The study of knowledge sharing and transfer based on knowledge network and co-opetition theory Business Management 2006-12-05
Tsung-Hsiang Shih Heterojunctions of Zinc Selenide and Zinc Sulfide on Titanium Oxide Nano Particles and Their Photocatalyses Electrical Engineering 2006-12-22
Hung-ming Shih A Study of Richard Strauss Lieder, 《Mädchenblumen, op.22》 Music 2007-02-14
Huei-huang Shih A Study On Wang Chan-shan's Four Books Learning Chinese Literature 2007-07-06
Chi-Chih Shih Research of Operating and Management of Financial Restructuring Fund -- A Case Study of Kaohsiung Business Bank EMBA 2007-08-06
Pei-hsiu Shih Studies on the Natural Products from the Taiwanese Sponge Ircinia formosana Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-08-10
Hui-Chi Shih The Study on the Intention of Adoption in Mobile TV Communications Management 2007-08-26
Kuo-chang Shih Search of Critical Success Factors of Taiwan Semiconductor equipment development-In the case of the company M EMBA 2007-08-25
Hsiang-Yi Shih Complementary Coded Cooperative Networking Communications Engineering 2007-09-10
Yao-hsi Shih Male Subjectivity in the Narratives of Daniel Defoe and Jonathan Swift Foreign Language and Literature 2007-09-11
Ping-yu Shih The Employment Demands for Female Immigrants in the Transnational Marriages in Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2007-09-12
Cheng-Hung Shih Fabrication and characterization of p-type transparent conducting oxide CuAlO2 thin film Materials Science and Engineering 2007-10-08
Fan-chieh Shih A Study of David Popper's Contribution to Cello Techniques. Music 2008-02-05
Mei-Chu Shih Research for Service Quality of KHB Information System and It's User Satisfaction Business Management 2008-06-02
Chien-Hua Shih Investigation of finite-difference frequency-domain method in a mixed coordinate system and its applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-15
Chia-lin Shih The influences of Weblog Text-image Transmission Model on writing process for elementary third graders Education 2008-07-17
Chiang-Ming Shih Power Analysis of Bootstrap Methods for Testing Homogeneity of Variances with Small Sample Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Wei-Tong Shih A Study of WDM Passive Optical Network with Raman Amplification Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-22
Jhih-Wei Shih Design and Implementation of Anti-Spam Service over a SIP User Agent Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Yi-Ju Shih Effect of YDL100c Deficiency on the Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the Presence of Zinc Biological Sciences 2008-08-08
Wei-Chih Shih Design of Robust Micro-Control Unit Electrical Engineering 2008-08-19
Pao-yu Shih none Human Resource Management 2009-02-03
Miin Shih Factors affecting the willingness of receiving colorectal cancer screening and colonoscopy among older adults Institute of Health Care Management 2009-02-06
Yi-che Shih Assessment on the Environmental Impacts and Development of Cage Culture in Penghu, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-02-11
Jhen-ru Shih Study of DGNNV Histopathology in Fish Nervous Tissue using Anti-VLP Serum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-04-30
Chia-chang Shih The mean strain effects on fatigue behaviors and dislocation structures for polycrystalline IF steel MSE 2009-07-02
Yen-yu Shih Secure Authentication and Efficient Communication in IEEE802.16 Mesh Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-15
Ti-yang Shih Recuperation of History, Englishness, and Professionalism in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day Foreign Language and Literature 2009-07-29
Ming-hung Shih A 2.5GHz Frequency Synthesizer for Mobile Device of WiMAX Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-29
Yu-li Shih Case Study of Business Strategy in Mainland China for Taiwanese Small and Medium Enterprises Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-08
Liang-chun Shih Rate-distortion optimization based on quality layer assignment for scalable matching pursuit video coding Communications Engineering 2009-08-28
You-cheng Shih Characterization, Crystallization, Melting and Morphology of Poly(alkylene succinate) Copolymers and Blends Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-27
Yi-ting Shih Testing market timing effect on capital structure by cost of equity Business Management 2009-09-03
Kuo-cheng Shih This research of the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum in the past, the present and the future operation Theatre Arts 2009-12-07
Huan-yu Shih Preparation and Structural Characterization of Iron and Zinc Complexes Containing a Chelating Phenolato Phosphine Ligand Chemistry 2010-02-02
Chun-Ping Shih Water oxidation catalysis by pyridazine derivatives based diruthenium complexes Chemistry 2010-03-22
Chao-ching Shih none Chinese Literature 2010-07-06
Wei-min Shih A Study on Medical Service Quality and Operating Performance for Kaohsiung Municipal Hospitals Public Affairs Management 2010-07-19
Ching-ho Shih Investigation on the mechanical properties of polymer PEEK mixed with silica nanoparticles of different sizes by molecular dynamics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-23
Shih-Jhou Shih A Design of Spanish Speech Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2010-08-24
Li-Huang Shih Analysis of Data Throughput in Narrow Band Cognitive Radio Networks Communications Engineering 2011-02-15
Wei-che Shih From an individual consumer to Fan Page∼consumers’ motivation, behavior and satisfaction in participating a Fan Page∼ Communications Management 2011-06-21
Jo-ying Shih The Study on Leadership Behavior of Female Managers: Queen Bee Syndrome Human Resource Management 2011-06-24
Jou-Miao Shih Investigation of Charge Trapping Characteristic and Reliability Issues for High-k/Metal gate MOSFETs Physics 2011-07-13
Min-Chuan Shih Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of Interfacial Properties between P3HT and PCBM Physics 2011-07-21
Chin-Hsiang Shih A Key for Memory--The Study of Rural Literature Creation of Tsai Wen-Chang Chinese Literature 2011-07-25
Hsin-yi Shih The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Employees’ Well-being Human Resource Management 2013-06-17
Jia-Yu Shih Characteristics of Emitted Carbonyl Compounds by using Biodiesel fuel with constant H2/O2 in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Environmental Engineering 2013-06-20
Sheng-Hong Shih Homodyne Coherent Optical Receiver Using Optical Injection Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-25
Yu-tzu Shih The polarity status of lower-scale intensifiers ‘you(yi)dian(r)’ and ‘yidian(r)’ in Mandarin Chinese Foreign Language and Literature 2013-07-24
Hsiao-ling Shih Factors Affecting the Preservation of Indigenous Culture: Evidence from Do-Na tribe, Mao-Lin District EMPP 2013-08-28
Yu-Chih Shih Effectiveness Evaluation and Reduction Strategies of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from an Electric Arc Furnace Plant Environmental Engineering 2013-09-04
Li-fen Shih An investigation of decision-making factors for higher education institutions in setting up second campus--A Case Study of the National Sun Yat-sen University Information Management 2013-09-10
Po-Chung Shih Thermal Effects on the Performance of Journal Bearings Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-11
Kang-ting Shih A Performance Interpretation and Skill Technique of "Cello Concerto No.1, Op.107" by Dmitry Shostakovich Music 2014-01-20
Jou-fan Shih Examining the Antecedents of Online Disinhibition - Internet Psychological Characteristics, Social Influence, and Containment Theory Information Management 2014-02-10
Ke-Ying Shih Specific interaction in fluorescent polypeptide: aggregation-enhanced emission and conformational transformation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-06-25
Ya-Chen Shih Synthesis of Graphite Oxide-Fe3O4 Nanocomposites for Rapid and Efficient Removal of Environmental Contaminants Chemistry 2014-07-09
Yao-Cheng Shih Related Societal Marketing Strategies and Self-Efficacy of Potential Customers : An Example from Kaohsiung MRT(Metro) Public Affairs Management 2014-06-30
Yao-Jen Shih The Research of the Participation Factors about Department Stores Anniversary: The Case Study of Children’s Clothing Industry EMBA 2014-07-17
Wei-yueh Shih Embedded System Software Testing Process and Criteria: Application on Consumer Products of Networking and Communication Industry Information Management 2014-07-23
Ming-Tsung Shih A High Density Non-Classical CMOS with Elevated Body and Two Embedded Oxide Electrical Engineering 2014-08-11
Tsung-I Shih Study on Multi-Appliance Recognition by Waveform Identification Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2014-08-18
Tse-Shuen Shih Planar Mechanism Design of Artificial Knee Joints Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-01-19
Yi-cheng Shih Effects of Integrating Gesture-Based Learning Strategy and Adaptive Learning Strategy with Brainwave Detection on Memory Training Performance Information Management 2015-02-05
Pei-chun Shih A Study of Third Party Payment Platform and Strategy Innovation – Case Study on China Alibaba Group Company Finance 2015-02-12
Yi-Ting Shih Research of Light-Emitting Diodes and Organic Solar Cell with Graphene and ITO Electrode Electrical Engineering 2015-06-17
Min-Han Shih An Empirical Analysis of Bank’s Non-performing Loans in Taiwan Finance 2015-06-25
Yung-yen Shih Mesoscale eddies triggered particulate organic carbon flux in the Western North Pacific and the northern South China Sea Department of Oceanography 2015-06-26
Wan-shu Shih Getting even or holding back? Exploring the relationships between abusive supervision and follower retaliation toward supervisor and work withdrawal: The moderating roles of follower vengeance orientation and personal ethics Human Resource Management 2015-06-27
Yu-hsuan Shih Collusion with Price Matching Policy under Duopoly Market Economics 2015-06-28
Meng-chun Shih The Effect of Teacher’s Job Involvment and Dedication on College Students Learning Involvment:The Moderating Effect of Teaching Style Education 2015-06-30
Yi-fan Shih The effect of multiple rolling and annealing on microstructure and tensile properties of an ultrafine-grained dual-phase manganese steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-28
Pei-chi Shih Source identification of atmospheric particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-09-03
Wan-li Shih Epitaxial Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials on (0001)/(1-102) Sapphire Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-01-26
Jen-yi Shih A Comparative Study between the Consortium Juridical Person of Taiwan and the Foundation of Mainland China Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2016-01-21
Kai-hua Shih Current Collection and Fault Locating System for Smart Distribution System Electrical Engineering 2016-07-12
Tai-pin Shih Investigating the Relationship between Income Inequality and Criminal Cases based on Types of Crimes Economics 2016-07-20
Jyun-fu Shih Thin and transferrable graphene oxide grating and its applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-25
Huei-Jyun Shih Study of M-plane GaN on ZnO micro-rods heterostructures grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. Physics 2016-07-27
Min-Chuan Shih Atomic-scale observation of the interfacial band alignment and photogenerated carrier distribution in polymer-based and perovskite-based solar cells Physics 2016-07-26
Bing-Hao Shih Subwavelength grating devices for silicon photonics applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-24
Nai-an Shih Reconciling with the Past: Identity, Trauma, and Testimony in Tan Twan Eng's Novels Foreign Language and Literature 2016-08-29
Che-wei Shih Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Polymethylmethacrylate/Silver Nanoparticle Composites by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-29
Po-Yuan Shih Skewness-Robust Neural Networks with Application to Speech Emotion Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-31
Hao-en Shih The Tempering Effect on Multi-track Laser Surface Heat Treatment Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-07
Liang-Sheng Shih The Effect of Patients with Menstrual Disorders on Medical Care Utilization Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-12-12
Ting-Wei Shih A Study on Operational Strategies of Container Liners under the Trend of Ultra Large Container Vessel. Business Management 2017-07-14
Jhuan-Yu Shih The Value of Implementing Enterprise Risk Management: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan Finance Industry Finance 2017-07-23
Mern-Ting Shih Start-up Plan of Mystery of Tainan game studio Business Management 2017-07-26
Chih-Cheng Shih Study on Resistive Switching Mechanism of Next Generation Resistance Random Access Memory and Novel Supercritical Fluids Technology Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-24
Chang-ta Shih A Case Study of Employees Turnover in a Retail Company Human Resource Management 2017-08-16
Ting-Wei Shih The mechanism of Hepatoma-Derived Growth Factor (HDGF)-mediated ROS generation in hepatoma cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-08-21
Yu-Ren Shih Cross - domain Governance Analysis of Internet Payment Acceptance and Popularization in Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2017-09-11
Pei-Ru Shih Nostalgia Way to Indulgence! Influences of Nostalgia, Construal Level, and Self-Monitoring on Indulgent Consumption Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-11-08
Chieh-Chih Shih The bioactivities of cultivated red macoralgae(Sarcodia suieae) Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2018-02-22
Wei-che Shih Characteristics investigation of high frequency filters using surface acoustic wave and bulk acoustic wave devices Electrical Engineering 2018-05-17
Tzu-hsiang Shih Analysis of Potential Consumer to Mobile Payment Usage Intent Economics 2018-06-21
Shih-Hsien Shih Research on a Silver-Rated Green Building from the Perspective of Mechanical, Watering and Electrical Systems Integration- The Case of M Tower EMBA 2018-07-04
Wan-Ting Shih Study on Massive MIMO CSI Feedback Based on Deep Learning Institute Of Communications Engineering 2018-07-23
Shang-Ling Shih Study of Channel Estimation with Carrier Aggregation Communications Engineering 2018-07-24
Hsiang-Yu Shih 4-stage Pipeline ROM-less DDFS Using Equal Division Parabolic Polynomial Interpolation Method and Power Estimation for DDFS Designs Based on Switching Activity Analysis Institute Of Electrical Engineering 2018-07-31
Chang Shih-Nan Mobile Value-added Service Marketing Strategy-xx Telecom Case Study IEMBA 2004-08-31
Yi-Li Shin Part I:Analysis of the tumor suppressor gene p16,p27 and Rb expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Taiwan Part II:Tumor characteristics of two newly established nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines Biological Sciences 2000-08-08
Trey Shin none Finance 2006-02-10
Shin-shing Shin A Methodology and DSS for ERP Misfit Analysis Information Management 2007-05-27
Cheng-yuan Shin A Study on the Relationship of Service Innovation, Brand Image, and Societial Marketing Identification in Social Enterprises Public Affairs Management 2009-12-22
Jian-Ming Shin Prediction of THMs formation in water distribution system of Downtown Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2012-07-09
Chun-Sheng Shin Fiber Laser Sensor using PCF-based Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Formed by Misalinged Splicing Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-07-23
Tai-Shen Shiou Research and Comparison between Characteristics of People who are Voluntary and Involuntary Leaving the Job and Result of Their Employment: An Empirical Analysis from People Who Are Looking for Employment in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2004-07-05
Yi-Lin Shiou Anti-angiogenic activity of Vasostatin 48 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-02-06
Shing-Chin Shiu Using Three Dimensional Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method to Analyze CPW and Antenna Electrical Engineering 2000-06-23
Yung-Chiang Shiu none Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-08-22
Jia-Ching Shiu FTCP, Csnoop - Two Novel Strategies for TCP over Wired and Wireless Network Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-03
Shiou-Min Shiu Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Capricornis swinhoei Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequences Biological Sciences 2002-08-23
Liang-Cheng Shiu A Study on the Generation of Local Memory Access Sequences and Communication Sets for Data-Parallel Programs Electrical Engineering 2003-02-13
Yi-Min Shiu A Jitter Minimization Mechanism with Credit/Deficit Adjustment in IPv6-Based DiffServ Networks Electrical Engineering 2003-08-13
Chih-ping Shiu Using of PCR-DGGE Technique to Analyze the Microbial Diversity in Biofiltration System of Water Treatment Plant Biological Sciences 2007-08-23
Chia-Tai Shiu Temporal and spatial distribution of chaetognaths in relation to environmental factors in the waters off southern Taiwan Marine Biology 2007-11-08
Shian-yang Shiu Factors Affecting Operation of the Curb-Side Parking Information System-The case of Transportation Bureau in Kaohsiung City Information Management 2008-08-10
Jia-yu Shiu Dual-IMM System for Target Tracking and Data Fusion Electrical Engineering 2009-08-30
WEI-TING SHIU The fabrication of a flexible PEMFC. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-20
Ming-tai Shiu A Study of Strategy for the devdlopment of Kaohsiung city after cross-strait direct transportation Public Affairs Management 2010-09-10
Kai-hung Shiu Policy interia hypothesis or unobserved variable hypothesis in Taiwan’s Interest-rate rule? Economics 2011-06-29
Jr-I Shiu Passively-aligned Optical Transceiver on Si Bench for Light Peak Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-11
Han-long Shiu Computing Energy Levels of Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates on Curves Applied Mathematics 2012-08-07
You-sheng Shiu Speech Recognition for Aphasia Treatment Based on OpenEars Information Management 2013-08-06
Yi-Jiun Shiu Synthesis and device application of blue-emitting anthracene-based small molecules and polymer Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-07-24
Jin-Wei Shiu A Successive Interference Cancellation Method for Novel MC-CDMA Uplink Communications Engineering 2015-09-08
Ying-shiuan Shiu The Urban-Rural Financial Interaction and Development in China ICAPS 2015-09-08
Ming-hung Shiu Comparing Backward with Forward Walking with Features of Center of Pressure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-29
Yan-Ching Shiu Establishing the protein molecular markers of Tigriopus japonicus by using LC-MS/MS Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-11-24
Deng-Chau Shiu Positioning of Underwater Towed Vehicles from Image Feature Matching Institute of Undersea Technology 2017-07-12
Ruei-Feng Shiu Marine microgel formation: Interferences of natural and anthropogenic substances Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-02-01
Chao Shiu-Chen The Relationship of Spot and Forward NTD/USD Exchange Rate: The Application of Cointegration Analysis with Conditional Heteroscedasticity Economics 2013-07-12
Woei-Hua Shiuan none Public Affairs Management 2002-02-04
Jiing-Chyuan Shiue Pyrolytic Study of Benzoic 5-Benzyl-2-furoic Anhydride and 2-(2-Azidoethyl)thiophene Chemistry 2001-07-30
Jen-Chang Shiue The Effect of Manager’s Politics of Downward Influence on Subordinates’ Organizational commitment and intent to quit--- The Case of a State-owned Enterprise in Southern Taiwan Human Resource Management 2002-06-30
Ru-Ting Shiue Studies on the Natural Products of the Formosan Soft Corals Sinularia leptoclados and Sinularia nanolobata Marine Resources 2002-08-21
Wen-Ming Shiue Studies on the culture and mitochondrial rDNA sequence analysis of Antrodia camphorata mycelium Biological Sciences 2003-08-16
Shing-hwa Shiue none IEMBA 2005-07-27
Tsun-Wei Shiue Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structures of Organometallic Compounds Containing Cyclotetradeca-1,8-diyne and Bis(diphenylphosphino)nonadiyne Ligands Chemistry 2005-09-03
Chau-Wei Shiue The Study and Fabrication of 2D Photonic Crystal Microcavity and LC-DFB laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-10
Wen-Chi Shiue An Embedded Multi-Resolution AMBA Trace Analyzer/Debugger for SOC Development Computer Science and Engineering 2008-03-20
Yu-Shin Shiue Integrating Corporate Governance, Accounting, Economics and Industry Factors into Financial Distress Model Finance 2008-06-26
Chiou-yen Shiue A research of customer lifetime value based on IT-enable service in travel blogs Communications Management 2008-07-21
Tsai-jia shiun Analysis of Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus, Serotonin Receptor Promoter Marine Resources 2005-07-26
SHIUE SHIUNG The reform of the local education finance after The Article 164 of Constitution has been terminated. Political Science 2005-07-08
Chen-yah Show The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in China: A Case Study on Infringement of Patent Mainland China Studies 2007-08-23
Ren-chin Shr Drawing of silica photonic crystal fiber by LHPG method Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-27
Ge-Jian Shr Study on the growth parameters and characteristic of diamond like carbon thin film Electrical Engineering 2008-07-25
KAI-WEI SHR The study of long-term care law ICAPS 2013-09-02
Hsin-Feng Shu none Chemistry 2000-07-24
Heng-Yu Shu An Empirical Study on The Effect Factors Of Earnings Manipulation Decision In Taiwan Bills & Finance Firms Finance 2001-08-06
Lung-Chun Shu N/A Finance 2002-06-26
Shan SHU Organizational Characteristics And Staffing in Long-Term Care Human Resource Management 2002-06-25
Ming-Jen Shu Design and Implementation of the Mobile Administration System for Distributed Web Server Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-26
WU-LI SHU none Finance 2002-07-31
Yu-Wen Shu A List-based Low Power Scheduling Mechanism for Processor-in-Memory Systems Electrical Engineering 2003-07-21
Hung-Chieh Shu The Use of Asset Pricing Models and The Forecast of Investment Risk on Financial Distress Firms Finance 2005-08-25
Yu-sheng Shu The assessment on the performance appraisal in continuous process industries applied by standard cost system – a case study of YFY paper manufacturing corporation Business Management 2006-08-31
Wei-hsun Shu Electrodeposition of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Electrical Engineering 2007-07-28
Mei-Li Shu A Study on the Law-related Cognition of Taiwan Local Elites Political Science 2007-08-06
Yu-Hao Shu TOC Based Research on the FPC Industry's Improvement through ATP/CTP Production and Marketing Mechanism Information Management 2008-08-06
Ming-Hsuan Shu none Political Science 2008-09-10
Ko-chih Shu Structure preserving computation for four body circular motion Applied Mathematics 2017-08-24
Tseng Shu-fang Perceptions of Organizational Politics Scale and Construct—Establishment and Development of Taiwan Experience Human Resource Management 2005-02-17
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KO-WEN SHUE Macaw case study- the exploration into relation of central and local government under “one country, two system.” Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-06
Nai-Shen Shue Numerical simulation of Large Solar Hot Water system in storage tank Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-06
En-Yi Shueh Study of AZO Multilayer Coatings on Glasses by Electron Beam Evaporation Electrical Engineering 2008-08-20
Jin-Hua Shui The Dependence of the Sticking Property of a Carbon Gas-phase Atom on C(100) on the Incident Angle Physics 2002-07-12
Wan-pin Shui Quantitative analysis of intra-lesional susceptibility signal of ring-enhanced lesions using susceptibility weighted imaging Electrical Engineering 2013-07-02
Wen-chii Shun D. Shostakovich: Twenty-Four Preludes Music 2004-06-24
Wen Shuo Study on Architecture-Oriented Fixed Assets Management Model Information Management 2014-06-02
Chih-hsiang Shur A study on pop music club are a learning community of practice Business Management 2016-09-08
Jenn-Gwo Shyi Border Trade in China- A Case Study of Yunnan and Heilongjiang Mainland China Studies 2005-02-16
Lin Shyu The analysis of citizen perception of urban development policy– the example of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2001-09-11
Jin-Hong Shyu A Study and Implementation of Match Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-14
Ming-Der Shyu A Study of the Key Success Factors for the Refurbishment of the Military Dependence’s Residential Compound-Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process Method Public Affairs Management 2005-08-29
Wei-Chue Shyu Reengining Immunity Test Manufactory in Taiwan for examples: G. B. C IEMBA 2006-08-07
Wei-horng Shyu Analysis of Knee Joint Vibration Signal Acquired from In-line Skating Hockey Players Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-23
Wei-cheng Shyu Application of Power Line Carrier Communication for Smart Distribution Grids Electrical Engineering 2014-07-02
Dong-Li Si Research on Assemblies and Parades Handled by Police Organizations Analysis the cases of assemblies and parades in Kaohsiung City (during the period from 2001 to 2005) Political Science 2005-08-11
Ting-Nong Siang Mechanism Design of Air Vehicle Wings with Rotation and Flapping Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-06-06
Cyuan-You Siao An investigation of interface reaction between BaTiO3 and SrTiO3 Materials Science and Engineering 2008-08-05
Jhih-Jhong Siao The Graphic Authoring Platform of Screenplays for Robotic Puppet Shows Electrical Engineering 2012-09-12
Huei- Jhen Siao Investigation of phosphorescent OLEDs utilizing bipolar host materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-22
Kun-Cheng Siao Single-phase Bi-directional AC/DC Converter with Power Factor Correction and Phase-Locked Loop Electrical Engineering 2013-09-05
Jhih-Ren Siao Construction and Reconfiguration Schemes of Reliable Reversed-Routing Tree for Body Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2013-09-09
Han-yuan Siao Development of Power Line Carrier Communication Module and its Application on Lateral Automation Electrical Engineering 2015-06-30
Honh-Lun Siao Study of Two-Dimensional Structure in Diacrylate Mesogens Created Using Three-Beam Interference Field Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-01
Shu-Sheng Siao Paralemnalia digitiformis and Nephthea Chabroli, as well as Brown Alga Homoeostrichus formosana Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-08-26
Cheng-min Siao Analysis on the operation of an 8-pole AC generator Physics 2016-09-06
Huei-Lun Siao Interaction-based variable selection for fractional factorial design Applied Mathematics 2017-07-18
Jheng-You Siao Research on the Influence of Chinese Qigong on the Quality of Life of Middle-aged and Old People in Community Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2018-08-02
You-lin Sie Effect of load and sliding speed on the behavior of tribo-electrification of lubricated surfaces. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-03
Jhong-yu Sie A Study on the Policy and Institution of Real Estate Trust in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-06
con-yi sie Impurity Binding Energies in Finite Carbon Nanotube Physics 2007-02-09
Dong-Rong Sie Submicron structure imprint heads fabrication by FIB for resist Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-17
Kun-Sian Sie Sim-paramecium Evolution Algorithm based on Enhanced Livability and Competition Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-16
Bao-yu Sie Definites in Chinese You Existential Sentences Foreign Language and Literature 2007-09-07
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Hua-Jhong Sie none EMBA 2008-08-26
Hao-Jhh Sie The study of electrically-tunable liquid crystal microlens arrays with optoelectronic films Physics 2013-08-29
Bing-Syun Sie Feasibility of Estimated Shipping Noise In Southern Sea of Taiwan by AIS Institute of Undersea Technology 2015-01-26
Ya-Tsune Sie The study of Stakeholder’s vision for multi-use deep water offshore platform–a case study for Hsiao-Liu-Chiu Island Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-02-16
Huei-Yu Sie Investor Attention and Stock Trading Activity Response to Earnings Announcement Finance 2015-06-17
Jhih-Yu Sie Implementation of Dynamic Adjustment in Handover Thresholds for Off-loading in LTE Small Cells Electrical Engineering 2016-01-28
Huei-Cin Sie The association of GBP5, GBP6, and DDX60 expressions with the development and prognosis of oral cancer Biological Sciences 2016-01-29
Sin-De Sie Fabrication of Photopolymerizable Silica by Sol-Gel Process and its Characteristics with Ionic liquids Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-19
Shin-cheng Sie Smart Beta Strategy with Technical Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Finance 2017-06-24
Shen Sing Gold-Catalyzed Cyclization of benzyl 2-(phenylethynyl)benzoate.Synthesis of isocoumarins and 4-benzyl-3-phenyl-1H-isochromen-1-ones Chemistry 2016-07-20
Ming-Shiang Sir Treatment of Heavy-metal Contained Waste from Steel Industry Environmental Engineering 2010-09-08
Bakti Siregar Statistical Analysis of Indonesia Stock Market Applied Mathematics 2016-08-25
Pei-Wen Sng China's FIE Express Delivery Industry—A Case Study of Federal Express Mainland China Studies 2008-08-17
Tomasz Sniedziewski Crisis Management in Aviation Industry - The Role of Social Media Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-02-05
Orlando Solorzano A Study of STATCOM on Stability and Efficiency in IEEE 14-bus IMEPE 2016-07-19
Chen-Nan Song Observe and research 5083 Alumium spinking Materials Science and Engineering 2000-08-15
Shiou-Li Song Interaction Between DmSmt3 and Cactus of Drosophila malenogaster Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2001-07-10
Xing-Jin Song A Novel Inspection of Fiber Post-Weld-Shift in Butterfly Laser Module Packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-21
Xiao-Haei Song none Business Management 2005-06-13
Jui-lu Song Competitive Strategy Study of Taiwan IC Design Company – Taking F Corp. as an Example IEMBA 2005-08-08
Jau-li Song Delay Limited Routing in Multi-hop Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Communications Engineering 2006-07-26
Yong-Yi Song Model Study on Alkyl-transfer Zinc Protein Chemistry 2006-08-05
Pei-Jing Song Analysis of the Wave Propagation in Two-Dimensional Phononic Crystal Using the Finite Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-28
Chung-hua Song Elementary School Teacher's Disciplinary Behaviors And Criminal Liability Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-06
Jian-hong Song A New SRAM Device Based on RITD (Resonant Interband Tunneling Diode) and CMOS Technology Electrical Engineering 2007-08-30
Chia-Ming Song 3D Shape Measurements Using Stereo Vision Method Materials Science and Engineering 2007-11-27
Guei-long Song Zeng Dynasty and His Reigning over Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-04
I-lin Song Cooperative Communication with Network Coding Communications Engineering 2010-01-21
Yu-Huei Song (一) Photolytic Study of 2-Azido-1-(2-pyridinyl)ethan- one and Its Derivatives (二) Pyrolytic Study of 2-(Azidomethyl)pyridine and Its Derivatives (三) Pyrolytic Study of 2-Cyclohexeno[b]furylmethyl Benzoate Chemistry 2011-08-09
Po-Ching Song Study on the iron-harvesting pathway of host-harbored zooxanthellae and the high temperature induces Symbiodinium iron-deficiency genes expression during Aiptasia-Symbiodinium endosymbiosis Department of Oceanography 2016-07-07
Lih-fang Song A case study of competency model building in a consulting organization Human Resource Management 2016-09-08
Hui-Xuan Song Using Relay selection and Power allocation for Cooperative system in Presence of Eavesdroppers Communications Engineering 2017-07-21
Bing-Qian Song A Study of Growth Strategies for Local Enterprises in Taiwan to Sell the Products Made in Germany: A case of Company H EMBA 2017-08-09
Yi-Chun Song Coral-derived natural marine compound GB9 inhibits vascular development in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2017-08-17
Tran Song Dang Khoa Influences of Boundaryless Career on Employability and Career Satisfaction of Young City Workers in some cities of Viet Nam Master of Global Human Resource Management 2016-07-02
Ming-Jung Soong Investigation on Characteristics of Metal Halide Lamp Electrical Engineering 2000-06-21
Tien-Chou Soong A Study on Operation Model of Slimming Control and Health Management Center (SCHMC) EMBA 2017-08-09
Grazia Spiga Investigating Purchase Intention of European Luxury Cosmetics in Eastern China. A Theory of Planned Behavior Prospective Master of Global Human Resource Management 2018-03-28
Jan Šťáva Living in Taiwan - Cultural bridge between the West and the East Master of Global Human Resource Management 2017-09-11
Wuhsiuchin Stewart The Effects of U.S. Alternative Education—Case Studies of Homeschooling Experiences at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii EMPP 2017-07-21
Bretislav Stromko Recruitment of Recent Business Graduates: A Comparison of Taiwan and the Czech Republic Business Management 2009-03-30
Chung-Wei Su The Analysis of Stock Index Futures in Taiwan Futures Exchange Economics 2000-06-26
Yuung-Yeh Su A Comparision of the Electricity Industry Liberalization and Electricity Acts Business Management 2000-06-27
Meei-Rong Su A study of person-organization fit in the government enterprises faced with organization transformation: The case of Taiwan salt Industrial corporation Business Management 2000-06-27
Kuo-Ying Su Calibration of Time Domain Network Analyzer Measurements Electrical Engineering 2000-07-06
Yih-Jou Su none Mainland China Studies 2000-07-19
Min-Chen Su Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-26
Hsin-Lung Su Low Cost Common- and Differential-Mode Noise Diagnostic Circuit and Computer-Aided Design of Power Line Filter Electrical Engineering 2000-06-19
Kung-Pei Su A Case Study of Re-employment after Factory closing in the Semiconductor Company M. Human Resource Management 2000-08-24
Ling-Hui Su Gain-Clamping Technique of L-Band Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-07
Wen-Hui Su none Finance 2001-06-08
Chin-Wen Su Optimal Efficiency Operations of A Disc Permanent Magnet Linear Machine Electrical Engineering 2001-06-19
Yi-Che Su Application of Java on Mathematical Statistics Education Applied Mathematics 2001-06-20
Chun-Lien Su Inter-Area Data Exchange Performance Evaluation and Complete Network Model Improvement Electrical Engineering 2001-06-20
Shih-Fang Su Research of Metallurgical Properties and Texture Analyses of the Magnesium-Based Alloys during E-Beam Welding Materials Science and Engineering 2001-06-29
Nan-Cheng Su Thinning of Renewal Process Applied Mathematics 2001-07-02
Zi-Roun Su Automatic Remote-Control System Design Electrical Engineering 2001-07-02
Shu-Chen Su none Chinese Literature 2001-07-10
Mine Su Participation of the Administrators of Japanese Companies in Taiwan totheManagerial Performance: Organizational Commitment as Intervening Variable. Business Management 2001-07-19
Hurng-Weei Su Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method to Simulate Microwave Circuits Electrical Engineering 2001-07-19
Jia-chyuan Su none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-24
Zhuo-Bin Su An International Case Study of e-Business Impact Information Management 2001-08-07
Win-Hsiu Su Performance Evaluation of Strategic Alliances in Primary Care Providers -Example from an Ophthalmology Clinic Human Resource Management 2001-08-30
Teng-Hu Su A Study of Diffusion of Innovations in Bureaucracy:Case Studies of Taipei Household Registration Office and Department of Health Kaohsiung City Government. Communcations Management 2001-09-10
Hui-Ling Su The service industry with the Educational Cooperative Suport System on employee’s organizational commitment and trend of turnove Human Resource Management 2002-01-27
Hwe-Ping Su none Chinese Literature 2002-06-18
Keng-Hsien SU None Finance 2002-06-16
Chun-Jung Su How to Design the Organizational Structure of An Internet Firm Under Considering Its Environment and Strategy–Atlas Company As an Example Business Management 2002-07-08
Jen-Fu Su Hydrogen ion-sensitive field effect transistor with sol-gel-derived La-modified lead titanate gate Electrical Engineering 2002-07-12
Erh-Nan Su none Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-16
Pei-Kuei Su The Application of Real Option on BOT Model Capital Investment Decision-Case Study of Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area Finance 2002-07-18
Ming-Hsin Su The Corporate Value Relevance of R&D Expense in High-tech. Industry. Finance 2002-07-30
Ya-Ko Su A Study of Issues Encountered by Taiwanese IT Specialists when working in China Information Management 2002-08-02
Yuh-Sheng Su Distribution Network Modeling and Capacitor Placement Application Electrical Engineering 2002-08-14
Han-Tang Su The Response of Wharf Structures Subjected to Waves and Earthquake When Considering the Interaction Between Structure and Soil Behavior Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-09-12
Hsiu-Mei Su The Study on the Determinants of Voting Choice in Kaohsiung: A Case Study of The Third Kaohsiung Mayoral Election, 2002 Political Science 2003-05-13
Saou-Wen Su NOVEL ANTENNA DESIGNS FOR WLAN OPERATIONS FOR A PDA Electrical Engineering 2003-06-12
Chih-Ming Su A Dual-band GPS Microstrip Antenna Communications Engineering 2003-06-17
Chun-Sheng Su Real-Time-Linux Based Java WWW Server for Remote Factory Monitoring Undersea Technology 2003-06-29
Jun-Xian Su Dynamic Analysis of the Golf Swing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-14
Ching-Yi Su Synthesis of Mesostructured Tin Oxide by Supramolecular Templating Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-16
Jyh-Tay Su The Structural Relationship of Affecting Effectiveness of Implementing Management Accounting System Business Management 2003-07-22
Wei-Chih Su Study on Robust Control for a Flexible Beam Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-23
Hsin-Chi Su Survey on Senior High School Teachers and Tutorial systems Education 2003-08-05
Li-Mei Su A study of Organizational political perception along with it and its sub-types influence of organizational commitments and work performances Human Resource Management 2003-08-04
Tsai-Yuan Su none Political Science 2003-08-13
Shao-Bin Su The Studies of Second-Harmonic Generation for Organic Polymer Thin Films Physics 2003-08-13
Wen-De Su The Model of Evasion Attack Detection using Finite State Machine Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-09
Wei-Ren Su Changes in gibberellin levels in the flowering shoot of Phalaenopsis hybrida under high temperature conditions when flower development is blocked Biological Sciences 2003-08-25
Yun-Tzu Su The investigation about the correlation from multinational corporation, globalization arrangement, knowledge management, the character of human resource management and international competence Human Resource Management 2003-08-27
Yu-Shuan Su The Importance and Feasibility Study of Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure Balance in Taiwan for the Next Ten Years Public Affairs Management 2003-08-31
Yih-ching Su Fine Granularity Video Compression Technique and Its Application to Robust Video Transmission over Wireless Internet Computer Science and Engineering 2003-12-22
Mei-Her Su The Study of Master Kuang Chin Chinese Literature 2004-01-15
Tai-Ming Su Design of Model Reference Adaptive Tracking Controllers for Mismatch Perturbed Nonlinear Systems with Nonlinear Inputs Electrical Engineering 2004-05-03
So-pin Su Econo-Trade relationship and civil interchange of two-straits studying of the political and econmoical interaction Political Science 2004-06-03
Jung-Chang Su Optimum Model of Mergers And Acquisitions Study on Steel Industry--An Example of China Steel Mergers And Acquisitions Yieh Loong Enterprise Co., Ltd. Business Management 2004-06-15
SUN-TI SU The Green Enterprises Of Business Strategy Study--The Case Of Laser Printer Remanufacture Toner Cartridge-- Business Management 2004-06-16
Hung Su Multi-dimensional Histogram-based Watermarking Scheme for Resisting Geometric and Signal Processing Attacks Computer Science and Engineering 2004-06-21
In-hao Su Political economy analysis of fixed network industry in Taiwan Political Science 2004-06-21
Chin-pao Su Taiwan's Investment Policy in Mainland China : A Political Economy Analysis Mainland China Studies 2004-06-27
Jiunn-Yuh Su Daniel Defoe and the Analysis of Panic and Fear in "A Journal of the Plague Year" Foreign Language and Literature 2004-07-09
Feng-chien Su Studies of the High Performance New-type Carbon Fiber Bipolar Plate Applied to a DMFC Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-14
Bo-Chang Su Study on the correlation between microstructures and cathodoluminescence of the AlGaInN/AlGaN multi-quantum well LED Physics 2004-07-22
Yu-liang Su Construction and analysis of high reproductive porcine oocyte cDNA library Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-07-27
Kai-zu Su none Communications Management 2004-07-31
Lung-Chi Su Intelligence Oversight Mechanism Used by Congress Study-Compare with U.S. Congress and Taiwan's Legislative Yuan Political Science 2004-08-10
KUO-TSAIR SU Research on the strategy for small and medium enterprises’ model transition EMBA 2004-08-17
Wen-hsiang Su The Destruction of the Western Ideology: Multiple Voices in David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly Foreign Language and Literature 2004-08-20
Po-fang Su Adoption of Instant Messaging Communications Management 2004-08-20
Yu-hung Su The impact of e-learning experiences on the cognition of e-enterprise Information Management 2004-08-27
Teng-Fa Su Geometric Measurements for Double-Enveloping Worms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-09
Huey-pyng Su The Study of the Relationship between Medical Care Knowledge Worker’s Work Values, Motivation Equality, and Resignation Inclination Human Resource Management 2004-11-13
Hung-song Su A Study on the ROC’S Pragmatic Diplomacy to Indonesia(1988-2000) Political Science 2005-01-24
Yu-wei Su Development of strategies to enhance protein transduction efficiency for cancer therapy Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-02-14
Li-Chun Su Performance Study on the Treatment of MTBE-Borne Waste Gas by Activated Sludge Aeration and Biotrickling Filtering Processes Environmental Engineering 2005-06-14
Jia-de Su A Study of Business Architecture of Foundry Fab under Mobile Communication Development Trend Business Management 2005-06-21
Min-wei Su none Chinese Literature 2005-06-22
Hsuan-Hui Su A study on coexistence necessity of consolidate financial report and parent financial report by analyzing their financial crisis patterns Finance 2005-06-24
Tsang-Ming Su Application and Development of Decision Analysis and Resolution Tools for CMMI Level 3 Information Management 2005-07-01
Yang-Chan Su A-optimal designs for weighted polynomial regression Applied Mathematics 2005-07-05
Cyun-Chao Su The Exploration Of The Decision Adaptation Process Of The Group Company’s Information System Outsourcing -A Case Study Of The Relationship Between A Subsidiary And Spin-off Company Information Management 2005-07-21
Hui-Chiung Su The Influence of International Business Cycles to the Taiwanese Economy Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-22
syuan-jie su Studies of a New-type Heterogeneous Composite Carbon Fiber Bipolar Plate Applied to a Portable DMFC stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-21
Li-hsiang Su Discussing Taiwan’s and China’s Civil Official Training System from the Manpower Restructuring Trend of the Government Reform Mainland China Studies 2005-07-25
mo-Yang Su The Study of Kaohsiung County's Disaster Rescue and Prevention System Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-27
Hsin-Hsiang Su Analysis and Application of the Model Order Reduction Method in the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2005-07-28
Flandy-C Su The strategy planning for the wealth management sector for the Bank of Kaohsiung. EMBA 2005-08-01
Wen-yu Su Personality, Impression Management and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Human Resource Management 2005-08-17
Ying-Chang Su Effect of INF1 protein on anionic peroxidase genes in tobacco leaves during the Hypersensitive Response Biological Sciences 2005-08-18
Wan-wen Su Plasma Level and 3’-Untranslated Region +62 G/A Polymorphism of Resistin in Taiwanese with Metabolic Syndrome and Ischemic Cerebral Vascular Disease Biological Sciences 2005-08-24
Ning-Hsiu Su Comments on “ Response to Competitive Entry: A Rationale for Delayed Defensive Reaction” Business Management 2005-08-26
Pei-chun Su Analysis of Film Waving in LCD Backlight Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-09-03
Yu-tien Su Radioactive Disequilibrium Between 210Pb and 210Po in Water Columns of the Luzon Strait and the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-09-13
Chiou-Huen Su Crystallization Behavior of Syndiotactic Polystyrenes Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-20
Zchong-phei Su Dominance and Resistance-A Comparison of “Free China” and “Formosan Magazine” Events Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-01-16
Kuo-Hua Su A Study on Training Transfer of Effectiveness for financial Advisors in financial industry-A case of F Bank Human Resource Management 2006-01-19
Chen-ping Su The green process that’s affect to the packing industry: The study of Orient Semiconductor Electronic,Ltd Business Management 2006-02-05
Huan-min Su The study in the strategy adoption of developing E-Commerce by retail chain store –Take the P Company as an example. Information Management 2006-02-05
Hsiao-Sheng Su Modeling PIM with UML and Patterns Information Management 2006-05-02
Chih-ming Su EMC Internal Antennas for Mobile Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2006-05-24
Wei-Cheng Su Internal Wideband Mobile Phone Antenna for UMTS/WLAN/WiMAX Wireless Communication System Electrical Engineering 2006-05-26
Hsin-Lung Su Design of a high-performance/broad axial ratio bandwidth quarter-wave polarizer using anisotropic and chiral media Electrical Engineering 2006-06-13
Hung-Wei Su A study of Hardy's inequalities in the weighted Hardy spaces Applied Mathematics 2006-06-18
Lun Su Analysis on EAC Application of VRV air-conditioning Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-26
Feng-chi Su An Analysis of the Magnetic Field of Transmission Lines and its Suppression Approaches Electrical Engineering 2006-06-26
Chien-hua Su A Study of M&A Practice in China Retailing Industry--TESCO Merged HY-Mall Business Management 2006-06-29
Ching-hua Su Design and Fabrication of Gapless Triangular Micro-lens Arrays Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-29
Chang-chun Su A Critical Study of the conception of Taiwan’s National Security Political Science 2006-07-03
Hsin-hui Su none Chinese Literature 2006-07-11
Hui-Chun Su The Relationship between Research & Development and Economic Growth─Application of Cointegration Economics 2006-07-12
Chen-shih Su Relationship between upward influence tactics and job satisfaction Human Resource Management 2006-07-12
Chun-shuo Su Experimental study for the local heat transfer on a rectangular substrate in TFT-LCD manufacturing process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-17
Weu-zhi Su The Study and Fabrication of Super-Wideband Optical Amplifier Based on Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-17
Yu-ni Su Role of IgA1 Protease β-chain in Bacterial Infection Biological Sciences 2006-08-03
Jui-hsin Su Studies on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft corals Nephthea chabrolii, Sinularia manaarensis, Sinularia leptoclados, and Gorgonian Briareum sp.. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-08-11
Sheng-I Su The Information Architecture Model Supporting Global Logistics Strategy : A Case Study on the Printed Circuit Board Industry of Taiwan Information Management 2006-08-10
Wei-chun Su A New Fabricate Method Applied to Polish and Shape the Lensed Fiber into the Ellipse Tip Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-17
Chun-Hsia Su The local authority carries out "the wish service law" research the policy - take the Kaohsiung city government as an example EMPP 2006-08-26
Chuan-ming Su The research of the technological investment opportunity newly - Take industry of the fuel cell as an example Finance 2006-08-29
Tai-Li Su A Study on Relativity between Competitiveness and Export Volume in Taiwan Plastics Machinery IEMBA 2006-08-29
Chien-hao Su A Multi-Parent Crossover for Combinatorial Optimization Problems Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-31
Po-Jung Su Performance of Complementary Code Based CDMA in Time Variant Channels Communications Engineering 2006-09-04
Yu-Chun Su The Development and Challenge of the Chinese Oil Companies’ Oversea Investments Mainland China Studies 2006-09-05
Shih-Wei Su Influences of sea urchin grazing effect, temperature and nutrient on benthic macroalgal assemblage abundance and structure in marine cobia (Rachycentron canadum) cage farming areas in Hsiao-Lu-Chiao Island in southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-09-08
Sheng-famg Su Variation of tidal current vertical structure at Tanshui estuary region of freshwater influence Physical Oceanography 2006-09-08
Hung-Hsien Su Develop DSP-Based Active Power Factor Correction Controller Circuits Electrical Engineering 2006-10-20
Fu-Kun Su Restraining Associations of Fluorene-Based Fluorescent Alternative and Block Copolymers by Crosslinked Network Materials Science and Engineering 2007-01-09
Yi-Ting Su Using Artificial Neural Networks to Determine the Qualification of Suppliers for Automobile Manufactures Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-08
Mei-chu Su The Relationships among Study of Principals’ Transformational Leadership Behavior,Teachers’ Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement in Elementary schools Education 2007-06-21
Sheng-pin Su A Study of Marketing Strategy for the Real Estate Broking--Good Morning Rehouse for Instance EMBA 2007-06-17
Hui-chun Su The research of workaholism among professionals-A case study on engineers in high tech industry. Human Resource Management 2007-06-25
Chen-da Su The Research of Subcontractors’ Management in the Construction Industry – Based On A Company EMBA 2007-06-27
Ying-Fang Su Moral-Added Charismatic Leadership, Paternalistic Leadership, and Follower Effects Business Management 2007-06-30
Chih-lin Su none Chemistry 2007-07-14
Yong-Jhang Su Effect Of Surface Properties Of Alignment Layer On Zigzag Defect In Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal ( SSFLC ) Device Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-19
Chih-pin Su An Analysis and Interpretation of Francis Poulenc's 'Nocturnes' Music 2007-07-18
Chiu-Hun Su Phase stability in bulk crystallized syndiotactic polystyrene Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-21
Sheng-Yang Su Design and Implementation of LTCC Bandpass Filters Using a Second Order Coupled Resonator Structure for WiMAX Applications Communications Engineering 2007-07-21
Min-sian Su Influence of visitors on the behavior and the use of enclosure of captive primates in Shou Shan Zoo Biological Sciences 2007-07-26
Chien-Chang Su Integrated Software Development Environment for a 32-bit / 16-bit Processor Family Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-30
Mei-Jen Su The evaluation of the execution of Teachers’ Further Education on Wednesdays in elementary schools. A case study of Penghu County. Public Affairs Management 2007-07-30
Yu-Fang Su An Analysis of Risk Neutral Strategies in Taiwanese Stock Markets Finance 2007-08-10
Lin-chen Su A Study on Small Appliance Manufacturers’ Management Strategy – Case of Taiwan-Based Manufacturer, Airmate Electrical (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd., in China EMBA 2007-08-22
Ming-min Su Temporal and Spatial Variation of Gaseous Air Pollutants Monitored at Inland and Offshore Sites in Kao-Ping Area Environmental Engineering 2007-09-11
Yi-tien Su Spatial and temporal distribution of thaliaceans (Tunicata) in relation to hydrography in the waters off southern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-06-09
Liang-Ruei Su The Impacts of Advertising on the Stock Return and Shareholder Value:The Moderator Effects of Industry Concentration Finance 2008-06-16
Ping-shun Su The Effect of Personal Positive Affect、Personal Negative Affect、Organizational Formalization and Organizational Centralization on Perceptions of Organizational Politics Human Resource Management 2008-06-22
Chin-chun Su The Viewpoints of SCT and AET on the Budgetary System Business Management 2008-06-26
Chao-ting Su A Multi-Agent Approach for Fault Restoration of Distribution Systems Electrical Engineering 2008-07-08
Jia-Yi Su A New Approach to Chiral Tetramic Acid Derivatives Chemistry 2008-07-14
Li-Mei Su (一) Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of o-Dimethylaminostyrylarenes and Its Derivatives (二) Pyrolytic Study of (2-Chlorostyryl)pyridines Chemistry 2008-07-15
Wei-jia Su Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Complexes Derived from a Trisphenolato Phosphine Ligand Chemistry 2008-07-15
Jui-yang Su Study of Aluminum content in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by molecular-beam epitaxy Physics 2008-07-22
Wen-pin Su Employing Multiple Kernel Support Vector Machines for Counterfeit Banknote Recognition Electrical Engineering 2008-07-29
Jin-Fong Su Preparation of Discotic Liquid Crystals with Application to Organic Thin-Film Transistor Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-30
Wun-jhen Su none EMPP 2008-07-30
Chih-Tseng Su Implementation of 4×4 MIMO Detector using K-Best Sphere Decoding Algorithm Communications Engineering 2008-08-07
Kuan-hua Su Foreign Investment Environment & Transformation in Shanghai since 1990 Mainland China Studies 2008-08-19
Ding-Siang Su Design of the Execution-driven Simulation Environment for Hyper-scalar Architecture Electrical Engineering 2008-08-21
Hsing-Hao Su Effects of Anti-tumor Drugs on OC2 Human Oral Cancer Cells Biological Sciences 2008-09-03
Yan-Huang Su Study on formability of three-way magnesium tubes by warm hydroforming Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-03
Wen-hwa Su The Ever-changing Map: A Narrative Research of my e-Learning Entrepreneurial Journey Business Management 2008-09-08
Pin-Li Su none Public Affairs Management 2008-09-05
Wei-jan Su none Chinese Literature 2009-01-23
Jhih-chang Su A study on the Judicial review and Doctrine of Separation of Powers-From J.Y .Interpretation No.613 to mention Political Science 2009-02-04
Qun-jie Su On Michael Otsuka's Left Libertarian Theory of Distributive Justice Political Science 2009-05-19
Chin-hui Su Forming of Enterprise's Crisis and Building the Crisis Forecasting Models EMBA 2009-06-15
Yu-yin Su Mediating Role of Brand Penetration and Retailer Service on the Relationship between Advertising and Perceived Quality Finance 2009-06-17
Teng-hu Su Consulting Knowledge Acquisition and Organization’s Absorptive Capacity: A Knowledge Communication Chain Perspective Business Management 2009-07-03
Li-yueh Su A Study on the Management Strategy of Photographic Processing and Printing Industry in Digitized New Era EMBA 2009-07-11
Hsiao-lan Su The Study of Mechanism for Pb-free Solder Lift-off MSE 2009-07-16
Fang-yi Su Mainland China Implements Customs-Free to the Influence of Taiwanese Fruit Industry ICAPS 2009-07-17
Sheng-yi Su Integrated Feeder Switching and Voltage Control for Increasing Distributed Generation Penetration Electrical Engineering 2009-07-24
Ming-chiuan Su An Automatic Tuning Circuit for Differential-Mode Continuous-Time Filter Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Yi-Kuei Su Due process in the criminal procedure of Mainland China:A Case Study of Hu Jia Trial ICAPS 2009-08-21
Wei-chi Su High efficient wavelength tunable terahertz radiation Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-25
Bo-Lin Su The Applications of Magnetometer on Underwater Survey and Identification: The Search for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peng-Hu Sea Area IAMPUT 2009-08-26
Bai-jian Su Study on the Lever Diagrammatical Methodology for the Epicyclic-Type Automatic Transmissions of Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-31
Chun-feng Su WH-INDEFINITES IN CHINESE AND THEIR STATUS Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-27
Kao-Chun Su Chaotic Mixing in Helical Microchannels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-26
You-Min Su Studies of a Variable Voltage PEM Fuel Cell Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-10-13
Yu-mei Su Study on Service-Oriented Architects Association Website Model Information Management 2010-01-27
Chun-hao Su The representation of parenthood in processed milk advertisements Communications Management 2010-02-08
Tzu-ling Su Empirical study on the acculturation of business mergers in Taiwan Business Management 2010-02-09
Chong-Han Su The Effect of Taiwan Public-Listed Companies’ Merger and Acquisition Announcement on the Shareholders’ Wealth Business Management 2010-02-22
Yen-hao Su Trigonometry: Applications of Laws of Sines and Cosines Applied Mathematics 2010-07-02
Yu-Ting Su A Study on Night Music of Bartók’s Piano Compositions Music 2010-07-16
Chun-cheng Su The Application of GPGPU in Network Packet Processing Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-26
Chao-wei Su Velocity and temperature distributions of turbulent plane jet interaction with the nonlinear oppositive progressive wave Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-09-07
Jui-peng Su The Study of Malicious Behavior in Space-Time Coded Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2010-09-07
Chia-Yi Su The Study of Consumer behavior and Service Quality in Distribution Channels of Cosmetics –The Case Study of Shiseido Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2010-11-17
Yu-hung Su A Study of the Junior High School Student’s Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviors on Wetland Conservation. -A case Study of Kaohsiung's corridor of wetlands Biological Sciences 2011-02-17
Yu-Hao Su The research of trade exchanges between China and Germany:For automobile industry Political Science 2011-07-01
Huan-Shen Su Application and evaluation of UF and RO membrane Environmental Engineering 2011-06-30
Yuan-Hao Su Synthesis and Structural Analyses of Activated Porous Carbon Derived from Silica Template Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-26
Chien-Ning Su Study on a single-point-mooring cage system for algae culture Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-07-25
Jo-Chiao Su Research on 「One Deal a Day」 Business Model - A Case Study of WOOT! Information Management 2011-08-10
Fang-Hua Su Studies on the Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloy Sheets by Using High Speed Steel Tool Inserted Aluminum Alloy Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-19
Hsiao-Pei Su Future uncertainty concerns and contingency measures of employees in the situation of business combination EMBA 2011-08-22
Zhi-yuan Su The Reduction and Coping of Software Project Risks: Organizational Information Processing Perspective Information Management 2011-08-24
Ching-Lin Su The Biological Activation of Fairy Shrimp Cyst Induced by Ultrasound Exposure and Light Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-25
Wan-ji Su The Fragrance of Women in Beijing:the Intertextuality between Women and the Urban Space in Beijing in Late Qing Chinese Literature 2011-09-09
Hui-fang Su The Relations of New SFAS No.10 and Accrual-Based Earnings Management Business Management 2012-01-30
Huang-Wen Su Analysis and Application of Cool Roof on Building Energy Conservation Designs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-11
Wei-Ming Su A Pre-Scheduling Mechanism for LTE Handover Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-19
Yu-Hsun Su A Case Study of E-Reader OEM/ODM Dilemma and Business Strategy under Globalization – A Case Study EMBA 2012-08-08
Yu-ting Su Modulation of central hypotensive effect of resveratrol in fructose-fed rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-23
Shu-chuan Su The Research on Development Strategy of the A Software Company︰The Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2013-01-13
Chien-Huai Su Stability Control of A Novel Wind Power Framework with An Excitation Synchronous Generator Electrical Engineering 2013-02-04
Wan-Yu Su The Relationship between Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction, and Employee Turnover Intension - A case study of Life Insurance business Telemarketing Human Resource Management 2013-06-07
Sheng-Chi Su The Study on The Key Success Factor about global talent management of Taiwan Multinational Banking -- In Contrast with AHP Human Resource Management 2013-06-27
Ping-Shou Su A study on SCRM model – A case of “A” Company EMBA 2013-07-09
Chin-Yen Su Numerical simulation study for the performance of a Large Solar Hot Water System with a Stratification Storage Tank for Various Load time Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-13
Wen-Hung Su Synthesis and application of sulfonated random copolymer poly(arylene ether)s for proton exchange membrane of fuel cell. Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-17
Chi-Lin Su The Impact of Leadership on Organizational Change of Taiwan Executives Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-07-25
An-ting Su A Study on the Open Admission Program and the Admission Program to High Schools and Vocational Schools in Twelve-year Basic Education : from The Perspective of Managers of Registrar’s Section in Kaohsiung Junior High Schools Education 2013-07-25
Shih-Wei Su Diversity of ascidians in Taiwanese waters Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-07-27
Wei-chi Su An Empirical Study on the Relationships among Teacher Job Stresses and Retirement Attitudes for the Kaohsiung City Elementary School Teachers:The Mediating Effects of Resilience and Teacher Self-Efficacy Human Resource Management 2013-07-15
Yu-Lun Su Effect of deformation route and temperature on mechanical properties of ultrafine grained Al-Zn alloys processed by equal channel angular extrusion Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-31
Yang-li Su A Study of Developing Strategy for「I pass」 Entering Micropayment Market EMBA 2013-08-20
Sheng-Kai Su The Design and Implement of Homeplug AV Using Power Line Communication Communications Engineering 2013-08-26
Wei-chen Su The Application of Hydrogen Bonding in Polybenzoxazine Composites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-09-01
Shu-Chen Su The Influence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism Concepts on the Dream of the Red Chamber Chinese Literature 2013-08-28
Chao-yung Su A Novel Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Method with Double Threshold Hybrid Detection in Cognitive Radio Systems Communications Engineering 2013-09-05
Chin-Chun Su A research on transformational leadership, work values and attitude toward service-taking Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau as an example Public Affairs Management 2013-09-10
Bo-Rung Su The equivalent circuit modeling for Silicon Germanium Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Electrical Engineering 2013-09-12
Hsin-Hsiang Su A Novel Approach for Modeling Diodes Without Reducing the Time Step in the FDTD Method Electrical Engineering 2013-12-04
Sung-wei Su Research on the Feasibility of Chinese Music Ensemble Creative Performances---In Case of “National Chinese Orchestra, Taiwan” Theatre Arts 2014-01-06
Jia-De Su A Preliminary Study of Operational Parameters for Underwater Towed Camera System IAMPUT 2014-01-29
Wan-Ting Su Exploring Innovation Performance of Bureaucratic Organization from Perspectives of Leaders’ Political Skill and Innovation Behavior Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-03-17
Yen-chang Su A Study of Local Fiscal Dilemma through Discussion on Government Revenues and Expenditures:The Example of Kaohsiung City Finance 2014-06-30
Po-Wei Su The reproductive comparison of giant clams Tridacna noae and Tridacna maxima Department of Oceanography 2014-07-03
Jhe-Hong Su Improved Power-Conversion Efficiency in Active Layer of Organic Solar Cells using Rubrene-Doped Electrical Engineering 2014-07-08
Chih-Hsien Su The Work-related Stress and Quality of Work Life Among OR Nurses- A Case Study of a Medical Center in the South EMPP 2014-07-14
Meng-Yao Su Polymerization of Diacrylate Mesogen in an Interference Field Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-06-23
Zhi-hao Su Study on Low PAPR Precoding for Large-Scale Multiple Antenna System Communications Engineering 2014-07-28
HUEI-YU SU Inflammatory cytokine IL6 promotes in vitro cell proliferation and cell migration in SMAD4 null pancreatic cancer cells. Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-07-31
Pei-yi Su The role of TLR8 on Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Biological Sciences 2014-08-12
I- Jou Su A Study of Key Success Factors of Internet Marketing in Furniture Industry - a case Study of Furniture Company in Tainan Business Management 2014-08-12
Yu-shiang Su A Multi-Antenna Transmission Scheme For LTE in High-Speed Railway Computer Science and Engineering 2014-08-22
Pei-xuan Su CB1 Antisense in the Treatment of Liver Fibrosis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-09-02
Chi-chun Su 《The Doll’s House》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2014-09-07
Wen-chi Su Full Tang in the beginning, the Tang Dynasty's "Grass" topics discussed Chinese Literature 2014-09-09
Chong-bin Su Biomass Productivity and Chlorella Extraction Enhanced by Ultrasound Exposure and Light Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-15
Chun-yu Su Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Ultrafine-grained Aluminum Alloy AA7075 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-09-18
Yi-Yu Su The New Weapon for Marketing Communication:Ad Effects of Product Types and Promotion Types in App Advertising and Enbedded App Types Business Management 2014-10-11
Chien-Cheng Su Probing Valence Electronic Structures of Aqueous Aerosols via a Newly Built Aerosol VUV Photoelectron Spectroscopic Instrucment Chemistry 2014-12-24
Tsui-ling Su Efficacy of Home Physical Therapy for Chronic Care Patients in Rural Areas Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2014-12-28
Yu-Jih Su The Mechanism of Peripheral Blood Leukocyte Apoptosis and Its Association with Disease Activity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Biological Sciences 2014-12-26
Chun-Jung Su Development of an Enterprise Service Desk System with a Perspective of Internal Customer Service Information Management 2015-02-10
Wen-Cheng Su The impact of the Japanese Political Parties’ Factions on the Pork-Barrel Politics from the 1955-system to Current Japan : The Case Study of Japanese Liberal Democratic Party ICAPS 2015-03-05
Yi-min Su Machine Learning Classification based on image recognition for study of face symptoms in patients with Down's syndrome Applied Mathematics 2015-06-22
Yi-chen Su The Carbon Footprint of Imported Apple: An Economic Perspective. Economics 2015-06-25
Kevin, Yu-Chang Su Sustainable Management on the Taiwanese Small and Medium Size Construction Industry: A Case Study of Hua Sheng Engineering Construction Company Inc. EMBA 2015-07-02
Po-chia Su Using Perforated plate Structures to Realize the Wave Invisible Effect of Acoustic Cloak Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-02
Chaio-wen Su Dynamometer studies of pollution reduction in a gasoline engine mixed with ethanol and hydrogen under various driving conditions Environmental Engineering 2015-07-06
Chen-yun Su A Preliminary Study of Key Success Factors of Sharing Service Business Management 2015-06-24
Yu-hsun Su Low Power Cross-Domain High-Voltage Data Transmitters for Battery Management Systems and A 5T SRAM with Readout Slew-Rate Compensation Electrical Engineering 2015-07-10
An-ni Su Identity Marketing:The Moderating Effect of Self Construal and Product Category on Consumer Agency Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-09
Chun-Han Su Analyzing the response of the EEG signals during English listening comprehension test Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-09
Yi-shih Su Predicting the Growth of the Computer System Resources - Using Company DSC as an Example EMBA 2015-07-15
Chun-Hsu Su A Study on Vietnam Labor in Taiwan ICAPS 2015-07-21
Chuan-Siang Su APC Haploinsufficiency Cooperates With Kras and p53 Loss to Accelerate High Grade Glioblastoma Formation in Mice Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-07-30
Jia-Hao Su Dual-band Dual-Polarization Omnidirectional MIMO Antennas for High-Speed Train Applications Communications Engineering 2015-08-12
Yin-Kuan Su Low-cost organic photoresist Stripper in semiconductor packaging process applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-17
Pei-jin Su Development of a Flexural Plate-wave Based Alpha-fetoprotein Biosensor with High Performances and Fabrication Yield Electrical Engineering 2015-08-17
Wan-ching Su Study on the Bionic Synapse Application of Lithium aluminum oxide Non-Volatile Resistance Random Access Memory Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-04
Min-Hong Su Directional Anycast for Emergency Message Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2015-08-21
Jung-Chan Su A Study on the Supply Chain Strategy – A case on A Medical Equipment Manufacturer Business Management 2015-08-20
Bo-Lin Su Developing new features for assessing postural stability of quiet standing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-24
Yen-lun Su Diurnal Variation and Source Fingerprints of Fine Particles in the Matsu Region Environmental Engineering 2015-09-02
Wei-Chih Su Study of Active Phased Array Using High Efficiency Class-E Injection-Locked Oscillators Electrical Engineering 2015-09-07
Yu-Ting Su A Study on In-App Purchase Intention of Emotion Stickers for Messaging Software- The Case of LINE Information Management 2015-11-04
Hsin-hsia Su A study on the experience of joining the counselling class of life adaptation among the new immigrant women EMPP 2015-12-15
Hsuan-Ming Su The Utilization of Bone Scan in Taiwan: Analyzing a Longitudinal Dataset of National Health Insurance Research Database from 2005 to 2010 Information Management 2016-01-26
Yen-Ting Su TAIEX Trend Prediction with Support Vector Machine Finance 2016-02-12
Yin-di Su Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Their Biological Activities from the Formosan Corals Briareum sp. and Pinnigorgia sp. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-02-14
Jui Su Luxury Represents My Heart! The Influence of Men’s Mate Guarding Motive on Purchasing Luxury Goods Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-04-26
Kuang-Tsan Su Relationship between Employee Involvement and Performance on Lean Production Business Management 2016-06-01
Chia-chin Su The long-run relationship between real exchange rates and real interest differentials— The application of a Band-pass filter. Economics 2016-07-12
Miao-yueh Su Why People Stay? Exploring the Content of Job Embeddedness Profiles and Their Differential Effects on Positive and Negative Work Attitudes and Behaviors Human Resource Management 2016-07-19
I-chen Su Study on the treatment of air-borne acetone by a full-scale and a pilot biotrickling filter Environmental Engineering 2016-07-21
Wei-Chieh Su The Legal System of Anti-Corruption in Taiwan Police Institutions-A case study on the Police Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Political Science 2016-06-22
Yin-ying Su Ti-Co-Ni and Ti-Pt-Ag 800 oC Phase Diagrams Study Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-11
Chia-chieh Su Investigate the Developing Strategy of SMEs in Resin Industry with Resource-Base Theory - A Case of D Company Business Management 2016-07-28
Chih-min Su Predictive value of Inflammatory Biomarkers in Severe Sepsis related Organ Failure Biological Sciences 2016-08-30
Yun-Ya Su Imagination and Practice of Ecotourism: Ecotourism Study of Haulien Institute of Sociology 2016-09-05
Zhen-hao Su Characteristics of temperature drops around Dongsha Atoll Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-09-05
Pei-Yu Su Microfluidic Chip with Nitrate Ion Selective Membrane for Vegetable Detection Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-11-21
Ying-ju Su The Influences of Tourist Experience Benefits on Willingness to Pay for One Day Farmer Programs Public Affairs Management 2017-02-14
Yi-jia Su From a "tabooed" body to an "appropriate" body: an analysis of funeral director’s labor process Institute of Sociology 2017-02-15
Tzu-chun Su Junior High School Students’ Argumentation Performance in Face-to-Face and Online Contexts Education 2017-02-16
Chih-Chin Su Study on the Development Trend of Logistics Real Estate - “Global Logistic Properties” as an Example Finance 2017-05-27
Chih-hsien Su The Impact of Tourism Receipt Fluctuations on Taiwan's Macroeconomy Economics 2017-06-26
Jun-cheng Su Establish the TCM tongue diagnosis database of healthy persons and the TCM indices of tongue diagnosis for specific diseases Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-05
Yi-Ying Su Research on Work Life Balance and Turnover Intention of Cross Generations Employees Human Resource Management 2017-07-08
Sheng-chao Su A Two-Tone Self-Injection-Locked Radar for Life Detectors Electrical Engineering 2017-07-18
Bo-Yin Su Signal Integrity Analysis of a Hybrid Advanced Packaging Technology for 100Gbps Serdes Applications Electrical Engineering 2017-07-19
Yen-cheng Su Study of Sol gel-deposited ZnO Light Extraction Thin Films to Enhance the Efficiency in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-19
Ting-Hsuan Su A Study of Variations of Thickness on Residual Stresses Distribution of the Coating Chromium Thin Films Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-20
Wei-cheng Su “Coding Peekaboom” Game-Based Programming Semantic Tagging System Information Management 2017-07-24
You-kai Su Phase diagram of ternary Cu-Sb-Zn system and thermoelectric properties of Cu doped Zn4Sb3 alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-25
Yung-yu Su Solid-phase Cyclic Tetrapeptide Synthesis via Cu(I)-catalyzed Denitrogenative Annulation Chemistry 2017-08-04
Guan-Jie Su Development of a Portable Micro Sensing Chip with Integrated AgCl Reference Electrode for Chlorine Ion Detection Electrical Engineering 2017-08-14
Kuo-Han Su Research on Commercialization and Market Entry of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Taiwan EMBA 2017-08-18
Hsiang-yen Su Enhancement of Photosynthetic Efficiency and Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Cyanobacteria Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology 2017-08-29
Yen-yin Su Generalized H∞ Control for Discrete-Time Singular Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-09-01
Yu-jen Su Evolutionary plasticity and functional diversity of eyespot wing pattern in Loepa silkmoths Biological Sciences 2017-08-24
Hsiang-hua Su The relationship of leadership, stakeholder and sustainable innovation of social enterprise Human Resource Management 2017-09-04
Ping-Chi Su A Study on Cinema Award in Institutional Changes – The Case of ‘Golden Horse Award’ Theatre Arts 2017-09-05
Yu-Wu Su X-Parameter Model For Power Amplifier Design Electrical Engineering 2017-09-11
Jing-Rong Su Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Transition Metal-doped GaBi honeycomb Physics 2017-09-11
Wei-Hung Su Finite Element Analyzes of Warpage Behavior of Embedded Copper Trace Substrate During Flip Chip Package Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-11
Hsiu-Wei Su Performance variation of backside-illuminated photovoltaic devices in different foundry CMOS technology nodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-09-08
Wun-sian Su Design of Soft-Switching Driven Platform for SRM wih Noise Reduction and Improvement of Ripple Factor Electrical Engineering 2017-09-13
Yi-an Su A Study on the Origin and Crystallization of Shih-yen-chih Chinese Literature 2018-01-24
Wen-Ying Su A case study on the building and separating of an entrepreneur team Human Resource Management 2018-01-29
Yu-ming Su Hardware Architecture for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Testbed Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Wei-Yang Su The effect of colla plastri testudinis on bone regeneration Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2018-02-08
shu-yen su The Effect of Borough Chiefs' Role Cognitions and Participation Degrees on the Prevention of Dengue Fever-A Case Study of Sanmin District at Kaohsiung City Political Science 2018-02-14
Hsiao-Jun Su The Ethnic Intermarriage of Japanese Era in Ta-she and She-ko (1905-1945) Institute of Sociology 2018-02-22
Ping-Hsuan Su Taitung’s Sustainable Development Governance and Aftermath under Huadong Development Regulation Public Affairs Management 2018-04-12
Wen-yu Su A Study on the Properties Improvement of Basic Oxygen Furnace Applied to Engineering Structures Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-05-03
Mei-Her Su A Study on Competitive Advantages of an American Red Wine Importer - A Resource-Based View EMBA 2018-06-19
Hui-Yi Su Phase diagrams of ternary Zn-Sb-In systems and thermoelectric properties of In doped Zn4Sb3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-07-04
I-Ting Su Changes of cerebral cortical thickness and hippocampal volume in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder Electrical Engineering 2018-06-08
Yu-Chi Su Study of sol gel-deposited ZnO external light extraction thin films to enhance the efficiency in organic light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-20
Hsueh-Hui Su Research on Marketing Strategy of Small and Medium Sized Internet Service Companies EMBA 2018-07-26
Po-Yuan Su Reducing indoor CO2 with spent automotive catalysts regenerated by the microwave system and modified by amine functional group. Institute Of Environmental Engineering 2018-07-13
Chia-Hui Su Detection of Immune Responses Induced by Nanocrystalline Chitosan Granules Coated Antigen Biological Sciences 2018-08-05
Peng-Chin Su The study of hotel service quality and consumer satisfaction -- Single Inn hotel for example College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-08-02
Yi-Shou Su Self-Injection-Locked Vital Sign Doppler Radar Using Signal Differentiation Frequency Demodulator Electrical Engineering 2018-08-13
I-Hsiang Su Wang ICQ-Tree: An Inverted Code Quadtree for the Top-K Spatial Keyword Query over the Incremental Database Computer Science and Engineering 2018-07-29
Chiu Su-mei A Study of the Innovation in Architecture Industry- A Case of Builders Business Management 2013-09-11
Cheng Su-Wen A Study of Optimal Operating Parameters on Road Dust Removal by a Flusher Environmental Engineering 2002-08-29
Hendra Sudin A Study on the Design and Analysis of Microgripper for Microassembly Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-10
Feng-Hui Sue Depth Distributions of d18O and Changes in Mixed Layer Thickness in the South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2001-01-10
Ji-sin Sue A Design of Speech Recognition System for Three-word and Four-word Mandarin Phrases Electrical Engineering 2006-09-10
Der-Kai Suen Hot working behavior of AZ31 Magnesium alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-12
Jay Sui Output Voltage Regulation of Twin-buck Converter Electrical Engineering 2011-10-04
Wang Sui-Ying The Study of Cross-country Feed Company Constructing Sustainable Competitive Advantages - Case Study on Greatwall Enterprise IEMBA 2004-08-25
Shin-Chia Sul Laser Diodes to Single-Mode Fibers Coupling Employing a Hyperbolic-Shaped Graded-Index Fiber Endface Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-06
Pei-Chen Sun Acceptance and Satisfaction of Asynchronous Learning Network System:A Study based on Structuration Theory Information Management 2000-07-01
Hsiao-Long Sun Studies on the Kinematic Characteristics in Ball Grinding Process. Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-17
Kuan-Hua Sun A Data Mining Methodology for Library New Book Recommendation Information Management 2000-07-26
Szu-Yuan Sun Factors Affecting IS Outsourcing Partnership -A Study based on the Social Exchange Theor Information Management 2001-06-21
Ju-Pin Sun Chemical Synthesis and Ionic Conductivity of Water-SolubleRigid-Rod and Articulated Rigid-Rod Solid Polyelectrolytes Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-13
Keng-cheng Sun NONE EMBA 2001-07-27
Chin-Tan Sun The resarch of Employee Assiatance Programs in Taiwan with employee' attitude and organization performance Human Resource Management 2001-07-26
Chih-Min Sun The Study of the Competitive Strategy by the Integrated Steel Mills in the New Century,an example of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2001-07-26
Jyh-Whei Sun A Practical Study on Commanding Behavior and Power Bases of Female Naval Officers-Samples taken from female officers serving on warships of the R.O.C Navy Human Resource Management 2001-08-15
Jyh-Perng Sun NONE Public Affairs Management 2001-08-31
Hsiu-Chih Sun None Finance 2002-05-30
Zheng-Chi Sun Automatic Substation Fault Diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence Electrical Engineering 2002-06-20
Chen-Cheng Sun The dependence of the sticking property of aC gas-phase atom on C(100) on the initial velocity Physics 2002-07-08
Chen-Kai Sun Constructing Knowledge Map from the Web Information Management 2002-07-18
Hsiao-Yu Sun Environmental Regulation and Economic Development - From Porter Hypothesis Economics 2002-07-24
Pei-Ling Sun Deformation Structure in Aluminum Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-24
Wei-Chieh Sun A Feasible Study of Appling Supply Chain Management in Electronic Chemicals Industry Information Management 2002-07-26
Shu-Nan Sun The policy impact evaluation of Government Procurement law practicing Public Affairs Management 2002-07-30
De-Yu Sun Generalized rank tests for univariate and bivariate interval-censored failure time data Applied Mathematics 2003-06-20
Pei-Pei Sun Synthetic Studies of Polysubstituted Pyroglutamates and Its Applications in Natural Products Synthesis Chemistry 2003-07-03
Zhi-Hua Sun Spatial and temporal distribution of Thaliacea in relation to water masses in the Kaoping coastal waters, southweatern Taiwan. Marine Resources 2003-08-29
Chen-Huan Sun Based on the customer,right and interest-the theory of Preneed Public Affairs Management 2003-08-29
Chiang-Chuang Sun Determinants of Net New Money Flows to the Equity Mutual Fund Industry In the Marketing Sight Business Management 2003-09-02
Ling-Ping Sun Strategic Human Resource Management for Traditional Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2004-01-13
I-chin Sun The Integration of MATLAB and Embedded Controller for Control Application Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-02-03
Hong-hwa Sun Simulation of elastic waves propagation and reduced vibration by trench considered soil liquefaction mechanic Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-02-09
Huey-Min Sun Multimedia Scheduling in Bandwidth Limited Networks Information Management 2004-04-27
Jyh-shyen Sun An Analysis on Economies of Scale and Scope of Port Operations for the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-04-28
Yu-chih Sun The Relationships among Adolescents' Quality of Attachment, Emotional Intelligence, and Adjustment Education 2004-06-08
Kuo-Shiang Sun The strategy of union beroadcasting for Radio station The case of Best Radio Corporation Business Management 2004-06-15
Hung-wen Sun The Design and Analysis of a Meander Delay Line in a High Speed Digital System Electrical Engineering 2004-06-25
Yi-chung Sun Air Cargo Warehouse Of Using Value Marketing Chains to Construct Competitive Advantages -Taking Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal(TACT) of for Example Public Affairs Management 2004-06-26
Yu-hang Sun Tiered Bandwidth Reservation Scheme for Multimedia Sectorized Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-13
Chia-Ling Sun SNP Haplotype Block Inference and Tag Selection Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-27
Lynn Sun The New CEO & Organizational structure change research - In the Case of One leading IT company Human Resource Management 2004-08-27
Chung-Hui Sun Marketing Strategies for e-Learning Courses Recruitment – A Case Study of NSYSU Network Security e-Learning Courses Information Management 2004-09-06
Jui-Lung Sun none Finance 2005-02-03
Ming-huei Sun The Application on Activities-Based Budgeting System :In Telecommucation company Finance 2005-07-04
Jia-hong Sun non-altruistic model of intergenerational transfers with uncertainty and endogenous Economics 2005-06-29
Chang-Ming Sun The Factors of Information Systems Adoption In Cable TV Enterprises Information Management 2005-07-02
Chia-chun Sun Emotional Alchemy: Storytelling in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club and Cristina Garcia’s Dreaming in Cuban Foreign Language and Literature 2005-07-08
Shao-Kun Sun Foreign trading company develops business in China’s dosmestic market – Analysis of laws and case studies Business Management 2005-07-26
An-Yeong Sun The Research of Collaborative Product Commerce of The Taiwanese Small and Medium LCD Panel Industry Information Management 2005-07-27
Chain-yi Sun A Study of Later-Entrant’s Business Model on Fixed Network Telecommunication industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-08-12
Wen-chung Sun The Changing of the Military Strategy and Military Modernization in China:Since Realism Analysis Mainland China Studies 2005-08-25
Ming-hong Sun A Research on Multi-nationals Industrial Qualities , Knowledge Leading Culture, Knowledge Management and Resource Distribution Human Resource Management 2005-09-05
Ching-yi Sun CAS Taiwan Premium Rice Consumer Preference and Promotion Strategy Public Affairs Management 2005-09-07
Te-Wei Sun none Finance 2005-09-09
Yung-Wei Sun A Study of Edward Grieg's Sechs Lieder, op. 48 Music 2006-01-19
Hsing-Chuan Sun none Chinese Literature 2006-07-04
Ming-Hong Sun Research On The Recovery of Semi-Fragile Watermarked Image Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-03
Kuo-Hua Sun Signaling Control and Timetable Planning for MRT Systems Electrical Engineering 2006-07-10
Ji-jhih Sun The Research Of Luo, Shang 'Rong An Poem' Chinese Literature 2006-07-23
Wei-zhe Sun Uncoercible Anonymous Electronic Voting System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-25
Ya-hui Sun Differential roles of Trk or Src tyrosine kinase in the rostral ventrolateral medulla during mevinphos intoxication in the rat Biological Sciences 2006-07-27
Chih-Pei Sun Association of Fas Related Apoptosis Pathway Genes with the Risk and Prognosis for Oral Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-07-27
Yu-ting Sun A study on the non-profit organization’s approach to form strategic alliances Communications Management 2006-07-31
Cheng-Jung Sun The research of difference of Corporation operating characterization affects staff behavior - Taiwan local bank and international bank as analytic subjects IEMBA 2006-08-02
Chin-Chih Sun Evaluate the Rat Fatty Liver by CT, MRI and MR Spectroscopy compare with Fat-Water Mixed Phantom Model Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-08-08
Rong-ji Sun none EMPP 2006-08-27
Ze-Wen Sun Legislative Research Of The Institutional Reform In China's State-owned Enterprises Mainland China Studies 2006-09-11
Pao-Hui Sun International Strategy of Non-Profit Organizations - A Case Study on Fo Guang Shan Business Management 2006-12-05
Shen-sui Sun Crisis Management in Performing Arts Company - A Case Study of the Shutdown Incident of Ping Fong Acting Troupe's "Incredible Country" Arts Management 2007-02-08
Chun-hung Sun Adaptive DS-CDMA Receivers with Fast Tracking Capability for Wireless Communications Electrical Engineering 2007-04-25
Chih-Min Sun The Influence of Power Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction— An Empirical Study of Science Park Customers of Taipower Corporation Business Management 2007-06-11
Yi-fan Sun none Chinese Literature 2007-06-23
Hsiao-wei Sun none Human Resource Management 2007-06-29
Yu-Hsuan Sun The Designs of Logic Gates and Drop Filter Based on Photonic Crystals Electrical Engineering 2007-07-03
Yung-Cheng Sun The Research On The Cognition of Taiwan College Students And Parents For “The Policy of The Recognition of Educational Qualifications From Mainland Area”─ The Point of View of Public Affair Management Public Affairs Management 2007-07-03
Chen-Feng Sun A System Dynamics Approach to Card Slave Crisis Information Management 2007-07-06
Shi-Sheng Sun Integrating Bandwidth Measurement into TCP Electrical Engineering 2007-07-25
Chien-Ping Sun An Investigation from the Interaction between the Troop's Public Affairs Divisions and the Journalists of the Media. Communications Management 2007-07-30
Chia-ling Sun Independent Research of Qualitative Methodology on Disloyalty within Chinese Organization Human Resource Management 2007-08-14
Shu-yi Sun The effects of TMT organizing and operation Human Resource Management 2007-09-05
Wei-chi Sun A Case Study on Human Resources Mobility in Kaohsiung : Application of Information Integration Theory Public Affairs Management 2007-10-16
Tsung-Hsien Sun Design of Anticancer Agents Based on the Tetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids Chemistry 2007-11-26
Li-Chieh Sun A Study on the Balance between “Secret Investigation ” Principle of Police Administration and “Freedom of the Press” of the Mass Media Communications Management 2007-12-27
Chinghui Sun The Strategies in the Development of Regional Cultural Tourism- A Case Study of Chiayi Arts Management 2008-02-12
Chia-jen Sun A Study of Process Computer Resource Integration in China Steel Group EMBA 2008-06-29
Chin-i Sun Study on Architecture-Oriented Steel Structure Material Scheduling Model Information Management 2008-07-04
Yu-Xiang Sun Fabrication of CuInSe2 Thin Film Solar Cell on Flexible Substrate Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-30
Chia-Liang Sun none Business Management 2008-08-22
Pei-lun Sun Researching the relation betwen company size and credit risk in Taiwan stock market --- A further study of KMV model Finance 2009-01-19
Sung-Yao Sun Species composition and distribution of pycnogonids in the Port of Kaohsiung Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-21
Siao-Jing Sun Remapping the Small Things: Place and Life Space in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things Foreign Language and Literature 2009-09-04
Tsui-hui Sun A Study of Primary 5 and 6 Students’ Capabilities on Leaf Form Cognition and Related Taxonomy Biological Sciences 2010-01-22
Pi-hsia Sun A Study of Indonesian,Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese Spouses and Social Exclusion ICAPS 2010-06-30
Shuo-yang Sun Effect of additive Ag in TiSi2 thin films for phase transformation and mechanical behavior under nanoindentation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-23
Der-Kai Sun Strain localization behavior of AZ31B magnesium alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-10-20
Ya-hsien Sun Design of low-cost multi-thread unified shader architecture Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-14
Meng-ke Sun A Study of MES Project Size Estimation using Fast Function Point in Steel Industry Information Management 2011-07-14
Wei-Zhe Sun Provably Secure Randomized Blind Signature Scheme and Its Application Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-19
Chun-chi Sun A Study of Key Successful Factors to Lead Lean Production for Power Plant Operating Management Business Management 2012-05-18
Rui-Ting Sun A magnetic intruder detection system based on cloud computing Electrical Engineering 2012-11-21
I-Chieh Sun Factors affecting Family Business Succession in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-07-18
Guo-En Sun The Study of Matched-Field Geoacoustic Inversion and Source Localization in the Sizihwan Bay Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2013-08-09
Chieh-Heng Sun A Comparative Study of the Designation Processes and Management Approaches of MPAs Between Taiwan and the United States: Cases of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and the Dongsha Atoll National Park Political Science 2013-09-11
Ding-Jie Sun Analyses of Bacterial Community Structures of Near-Shore of Kaohsiung and Dongsha Island Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-01-14
Yun-jhu Sun A Study of the Mechanism of TiN to Anatase Transition by Thermal Oxidation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-26
Bing-Gang Sun Sensitivity Analysis for RVQ-based Tomlinson-Harashima Precoded MIMO Systems Communications Engineering 2014-09-04
I-feng Sun The Strategy for Plastic Surgery Clinics Entry into Second-tier Cities EMBA 2015-06-23
Yi-jiun Sun Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of adopting cyber flipped teaching Information Management 2016-05-16
Tsai-ming Sun Flower Image Classification Based on the Support Vector Machine Computer Science and Engineering 2016-06-23
Te-yuan Sun Condensation and crystallization behavior during pulsed laser ablation of platinum polycrystal in vacuum, water, and tetraethyl orthosilicate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-05
Kuo-feng Sun Using Power Tracing with Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization to Solve Power Congestion Problem Electrical Engineering 2016-07-14
Ting-Chang Sun The Study of Competence and Job Classification in Data Science Industry Business Management 2016-07-14
Yen-Po Sun Ultra-wide view of light guide module for solar concentration Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-31
CHIA-HUI SUN A Case Study of Differentiation of Coffee Shops' Business Models Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-01-17
Chia-Lu Sun An Interpretation of Bach's Cantata Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen , BWV 51 Music 2017-01-23
Pei-Han Sun How Market Factors and Characteristic Factors Influence on Mutual Fund Performance: Evidence from China Open-end Equity Mutual Fund Markets Finance 2017-06-26
Pei-shan Sun The Study of China's Foreign Direct Investment:Patterns, Challenges and Prospect ICAPS 2017-07-13
Yung-Da Sun A Hybrid Seabed Classification Method Using Airborne Laser Bathymetric Data Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-07-18
Shao-fu Sun Design of a Multi-axis Buoy Energy Harvester Based on Hula-hoop Motion to Enlarge Harvesting Energy Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-23
Guo-wei Sun Investigating the Sources of Differential Item Functioning by Using Cross-Classification Multilevel Item Response Model Education 2018-02-13
Chien-heng Sun The impacts of self-promotion and recommendation of others on recruiters’ attitude: The use of video resume Master of Global Human Resource Management 2018-03-29
Jung-Ping Sun A Cross-Domain Governance of Cross-Strait South-South Cooperation Public Affairs Management 2018-05-23
Li-Da Sun Application of Decision Tree Model of Macroeconomic Variables on Taiwan Transportation Stock Returns Finance 2018-06-28
Pei-Hsuan Sun The Impact on the development of Hedge Funds from CRS regulation in Taiwan College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-20
Pei-Fen Sun Designs and fabrication of the CWDM4 filter on Si optical bench Institute Of Photonics 2018-07-24
Ping-Jyun Sung Studies on the Cytotoxic Briarane-type Natural Products of Gorgonians Briareum excavatum and Junceella fragilis Marine Resources 2000-12-21
Ming-Chieh Sung none Business Management 2001-06-22
Li-Chiu Sung The Role of Contract within the Liberalization of Gas Station Market in Taiwan Business Management 2001-08-30
Li-Chiu Sung The Role of Contract within the Liberalization of Gas Station Market in Taiwan Business Management 2001-08-30
Pei-Ying Sung Chemical Constituents and Cytotoxicity of Formosan Soft Corals Lemnalia Cervicorni and Dendronephthya spinifera Marine Resources 2002-07-10
Mao-Lin Sung From Industry Specific ERP to Supply Chains ERP:An Application of focused differenciation strategy Information Management 2002-07-17
Song-Kang Sung The Proactive Strategy of Taiwan Tobacco Industry After Entering WTO--A Case Study of TTWB EMBA 2002-07-23
Yue-wei Sung The Effects of Trust Mechanisms on Supply Chain Performance Using Multi-agent Simulation and Analysis Information Management 2002-08-06
Kung-Kai Sung none Political Science 2002-08-13
Sheng-Li Sung The Relativity Study of Organizational Innovation Management with Business Characters, Industrial Environment, and Mission Strategy -A case study of CSC Group Companies in Service Sector Business Management 2003-06-03
Cheng-Ying Sung Evaluating the Effect of FDI to Taiwan Economy--- Studying Two-Way FDI Case Economics 2003-07-07
Yi-Fang Sung The Effect of the Cutter Attitude on the Surface Roughness Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-30
Yu-Wen Sung Microarchitecture Evaluations and Improvements of ARM Microprocessor’s Architecture Features Computer Science and Engineering 2003-09-03
Hui-Ming Sung A Study on the Structures of Copper Thioaminophosphine Complexes and Their Reactivity toward Alkynes Chemistry 2003-09-03
Hsiang-Te Sung A study of the Characterized Products IEMBA 2004-02-13
Chung-Yih Sung The impact to organizational structure due to customer support model changing - Case study on International sofeware company Information Management 2005-06-27
Yi-hsuan Sung news report and anchor's image Communications Management 2005-07-07
Su-Yen Sung A Study on Information Seeking Behavior on the World Wide Web--A Case Study of News Database Communications Management 2005-08-10
Hung-chun Sung A Study on Three-Dimensional Cellular Automata – Oil Spill Transport as an Example Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-07-26
Yi-Chun Sung Redesign and Stress Analysis of Composite Bicycle Frame Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-27
Ming-Hui Sung Economy of Scale and Waste Recycle – A Study on the Problem of Managing Under-Sized Waste Recycle Business EMPP 2005-07-28
Hsin-Hung Sung The Scheduling Policy with Bandwidth Balancing for Video-on-Demand Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-24
TSENG-SHOU SUNG Study of Actions Taken by Taiwan Pork Producers After the Open of Taiwan Pork Market IEMBA 2005-08-25
Gang-neng Sung A Low-power 2-dimensional Bypassing Digital Multiplier Design and A Low-power Sensorless Micro-controller for Brushless DC motors Electrical Engineering 2006-07-07
Ming-Hsuan Sung The protease genes expression in Ulva fasciata (Ulvales, Chlorophyta) in relation to hypersalinity-induced oxidative stress and protein oxidation Marine Biology 2006-07-18
Ching-yen Sung none Public Affairs Management 2006-08-07
Tz-wen Sung The Baseband Signal Processing and Circuit Design for the Ultra-Wide Band Wireless System Communications Engineering 2006-08-24
Yu-ching Sung The research of China stock market bubble Finance 2007-08-27
Min-fang Sung The study of Tchaikovsky's " Album for the Young, op.39" Music 2008-01-31
Hsiao-li Sung The Research of feasibility of High-level Manpower Dispatch EMBA 2008-08-20
Meng-Hsueh Sung none Human Resource Management 2008-08-26
Chi-feng Sung Biped Robot Turning Design and Humanoid Gait Experiment Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-12
Hsin-Yi Sung Effect of Nest Structure on Microclimate and Hatching Success of Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii) on the Islands of Penghu, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2009-02-11
Jin-Shou Sung Design of Energy Management System with Demand Response Electrical Engineering 2009-07-06
Ling-chih Sung The Effect of Consumer Behavior and Product Characteristics on Hypermarket's Private Label Business Management 2009-07-24
Yung-lin Sung Numerical simulation of flow induced vibration of two circular cylinders in shear flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-17
Wei-Cheng Sung A Dynamic Navigational Algorithm for VANET Electrical Engineering 2009-09-11
Chen-Hung Sung The Study of Synthetic Aperture Sonar System IAMPUT 2010-08-31
Yi-Chun Sung Mechanical and Fatigue Behavior of Al/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates at Elevated Temperature Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-21
Yu-hsien Sung The Judicialization of Environmental Movement and Labor Movement in Taiwan:Litigation as Movement Strategy Political Science 2013-07-30
Shu-Yu Sung The Effects of LMX on Affective Commitment and Voice Behavior- Moderation by Job Insecurity Human Resource Management 2013-08-10
Mao-Shan Sung Analysis of Upper-Layer Morphological and Geological Properties of Seabed in the Sea Adjacent to Penghu IAMPUT 2013-08-09
Pi-Wen Sung Liu Tan, a Scholar in the Eastern Dynasty Chinese Literature 2014-01-25
Yu-hsien Sung Automated Reconstruction of 3D Object on Embedded System for Mobile Devices Electrical Engineering 2015-07-06
Chuan-liang Sung Research of New Brand Air Purifiers Entering the Market of People's Republic of China EMBA 2015-07-14
Chen-ge Sung A Study on Internet Marketing Strategy of an Online Women’s Apparel Brand ‘INMAN’ Business Management 2015-08-26
Chen-wei Sung The Relationship between Information Network Topology and Stock Market Finance 2016-06-23
Cheng-yu Sung Polylactides with a fluorecscent unit : stereocomplex and electrospun nanofibers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-07-12
Chen-Jung Sung A Study of Patient-Reported Satisfaction Toward the Services of Primary Clinics-Using Orthopedic Patients as Examples EMBA 2016-08-07
Ping-hsien Sung A Study of Channel Management in Taiwan for a Foreign Company – A Case of A Company EMBA 2016-07-18
Wei-Cheng Sung Composite Nanomaterials with Zinc and Tin Grown on Silicon Pyramid Arrays for Carbon Dioxide Sensing Applications Electrical Engineering 2016-08-09
Hsin-Ying Sung The Design and Implementation of A Service Blueprint Tool and its Conversion to BPMN Information Management 2016-08-25
Ying-Ju Sung A 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with the specified code and thermometer code decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-29
Chia-Lung Sung Suspended Transformer-based Micro Power Divider for Multi-input Multi-output System Applications Electrical Engineering 2016-08-31
Yi-hsuan Sung Critical success factors of entrepreneurship - the competence perspective Human Resource Management 2017-06-27
Yi-jung Sung Correlation Study of Metallurgical Distributions and RF Characteristics of Pd Doped Ag-alloy Wirebonds and Investigation of Shielding Effectiveness for Electric and Magnetic Materials Electrical Engineering 2017-07-27
Cheng-wei Sung On the Anonymity of Multi-Receiver Identity-Based Encryption Based on Fujisaki-Okamoto Transformation Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-22
Wei-Chi Sung Effects of thermo-diffusion in TiO2 /MgO superlattices Physics 2017-09-13
Yu-Hsiang Sung Analysis on Medical Resource Utilization of In-patients with Major Trauma combined with Musculoskeletal Injury Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2018-01-23
Sukkasem Suratanakavikul A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of Side Effect of Performance System in Insurance Company Business Management 2013-07-31
Wei-Dih Sy Analysis of human Dynamin IV (Dymple) gene promoter Biological Sciences 2003-09-04
Antoine Sylvestre Creation of an International Kindergarten in France Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-01-27
Yu-Wei Syu Design and Implementation of SIP Based VoIP Lawful Interception System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-24
Hong-Ren Syu A study on phase modulation by generating signal Electrical Engineering 2007-08-30
Huei-yu Syu The research about the famales participate in the election in the Republic of China EMPP 2008-09-02
Jhih-Peng Syu (一) Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of o-Methoxy stilbene and Its Derivatives (二) Pyrolytic study of N-(N-Methyl-3-indolyl)methyl benzamide Chemistry 2009-07-27
Shun-jie Syu “Naked Wolf”- the Anima/Animus and the Symbols of Eileen Chang and Her Works: “Jasmine Flavored Tea” as the Main Focus Chinese Literature 2009-08-26
Sheng-yuan Syu The Research of Taiwan Leading Indicators of Business Cycle Economics 2009-09-01
Yong-En Syu Research on Fabrication and Physical Mechanisms of Next-Generation Novel Nonvolatile Resistive Memory Devices Physics 2012-07-17
Cui-Fang Syu Thermal Chemistry of Nitromethane on Cu(111) Chemistry 2012-07-31
Shu-huan Syu Study of Vertical MOSFET with Embedded Oxide Electrical Engineering 2013-08-07
Pei-Shih Syu A study of the Legal System of Drug Management Political Science 2013-09-02
JIA-MING SYU Explore the shunt by the Financial Accounting Standards EMBA 2013-08-20
Wun-hong Syu Development of Four-phase Micro Coupler Using MEMS Technology Electrical Engineering 2015-01-05
Jyun-min Syu A Trench-shaped Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell with an Interdigitated Back Contact Structure Electrical Engineering 2015-08-03
Jia-Hao Syu Investigation of the number of trifluoromethyl groups on sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s for proton exchange membrane of fuel cell. Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-21
Ya-Wun Syu A Study of Work Value of Y Generation Human Resource Management 2016-08-29
Wei-Jyun Syu A Numerical Investigation of Selective Laser Melting Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-24
Sin-cih Syu The Impact of Big Data Privacy Risks and Information Privacy Concerns on User Disguises Information Management 2017-06-27
Jheng-Yi Syu Development of resource recycling technology by hydrothermal synthesizing zeolite from biomass waste wood pellet fuel ash Environmental Engineering 2017-08-18
Yi-Lun Syu Investigating Undergraduates’ Conceptions of Environmental Education, Environmental Attitude, and Pro-environmental Behavior in Taiwan Education 2018-07-26
Huai-zong Syue Design and Implementation of ENUM Service over a SIP User Agent Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Sheng-Han Syue Adsorption and Desorption of Mercury Chloride on Sulfur-impregnated Activated Carbon by Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Environmental Engineering 2008-08-27
Yun-long Syue Mulity-functional offshore windfarm impact local fishery economical using system dynamics approach‐the case study of Chang Hua Coastal Industrial Park Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-08-12
Siang-tai Syue Testing the mechanism and benefit of coral-killing in Terpios hoshinota Marine Biology 2013-01-28
Cheng-de Syue Prolate Spheroidal Quantum Cloak Physics 2014-07-24
Ming-Jyun Syue The Bonding Effects of Reflow Warpage on 2.5D IC Copper Pillar Bump Process by Using Finite Element Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-29
Hai-Hong Syue The effects of oxidative stress on blood vessels formation during zebrafish development Biological Sciences 2015-01-27
Lai Sz-Chung Optimum Design of Linkage Mechanism That Produce the Required Rolling-Sliding Properties Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-12-05
Tsung-hsien Szu A Study Of Competitive-Advantage Strategies For Aestheic Medicine Centers EMBA 2016-07-09
Yu Szu Tu The Study of Cooperation Models between International and Domestic Non-governmental Organizations in Myanmar ICAPS 2016-01-14

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