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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Ya-ling Chang The Study on Developmental Strategy for MICE Industry in Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung and Ping-tung Countries. Theatre Arts 2007-02-06
Min-yi Tsai A strategic study on constructing agri-leisure experience commodity in Kaohsiung and Pintung counties Theatre Arts 2009-01-19
Yu-yao Chang A Study on Management of the Teaching Institution of Music Education : Case of Yamaha and Ju Percussion Systems Theatre Arts 2009-02-10
Ling-chun Liu Possibilities of Late Opening at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Theatre Arts 2009-05-05
Ting-yun Yang A study of IMAX Theatre in Museum visitors’ motivations and satisfactions Theatre Arts 2009-07-14
Chia-yin Wu The Study on Factors Related to Influencing Willingness in Appreciation of Arts Performance within Elementary-School Students in Kaohsiung City Theatre Arts 2009-07-20
Hsiu-fen Hung A Study on the Cooperation between Performing Arts Organizations and Compulsory Education Schools at Kaoshiung Theatre Arts 2009-08-27
Shih-yu Lin A Study on Managing New Media Arts of Commercial Art Galleries in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2009-09-03
Kuo-cheng Shih This research of the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum in the past, the present and the future operation Theatre Arts 2009-12-07
Hui-min Lin A Study of PBL Practice in General Education in Universities-A Case Study of “Family and Human Relations: Guided Reading of Classic Plays” Theatre Arts 2010-02-02
Yen-tzu Lin The Strategies on Operation of International Street Performance Festival in Taiwan – A Case Study of Kaohsiung City International Buskers Carnival Theatre Arts 2010-02-05
Yi-Ping Cheng An Analysis of Kaohsiung Film Archive's Movie Audiences' Lifestyles Theatre Arts 2010-08-11
Mna-na Tsao A Study on the Individual Brand-Building Strategies for Performance Artists of Dance Theatre Arts 2010-09-07
Pei-rung Lin A Study on Co-marketing Alliances Model of Business Companies and 2009 "Marketing Platform of Performing Arts" in Kaohsiung Theatre Arts 2010-09-09
mei-lin chen Taiwan the strategy of industrializing the music competitions Theatre Arts 2010-11-11
Min-chun Tsai The Motivation and Behavior of Taiwanese Movie Vewers Theatre Arts 2011-01-30
Chiung-Chih Wu A Study on Career Development of Taiwanese Rock Musicians Theatre Arts 2011-02-14
Kuo-chang Chen Public Art and Community Intervention: The Possibility of New Genre Public Art Focus on “Art as Environment in Chiayi” Theatre Arts 2011-06-29
Wan-lin Tu A Study on Makeup Style Evolution in Taiwan(1945-2010) Theatre Arts 2011-07-26
Ya-ting Liang A Study of Constructing Front of the House Manual for Performing Arts Production Theatre Arts 2011-08-02
Yi-Chia Liu Applying CORPS Model in Evaluating the Management of Bliss and Wisdom Praise Chorus Theatre Arts 2011-08-15
Ming-yen Sung An Analysis on Companies of Cultural and Creative Industries in Taiwan with Resource-Based Theory Theatre Arts 2011-08-17
Yi-Hui Chang Chien A Study of the Sponsorship Behaviors on Community Development by IT Corporations in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2011-08-18
Chin-yin Chong A Study on Internship Programs of Art Museums in Taiwan: A Case of Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Theatre Arts 2011-09-01
Min-hwa Fang The Relationships between Performing Arts and Functions of the Cultural Centers in the Seven Cities/Counties of Southern Taiwan Theatre Arts 2011-09-01
Ming-hsi Chung On the Authenticity of Music Arts and Its Conditions of Digitization Theatre Arts 2011-09-05
Shan-Ling Lu From the requirements of performing arts groups to discuss the curriculum design of the academic arts administration training programs in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2012-01-31
Huei-yin Tu The training system of music ministry for laities Taiwan church -- A case study of Taipei Lutheran Church Theatre Arts 2012-03-15
Li-Fu Chang A Study of the Correlation between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Web-based Arts Ticketing System Theatre Arts 2012-06-13
Tsai-ling Li A Study on the Management of Museum Shops and Cultural Products in Taiwanese Public Art Museums Theatre Arts 2012-07-21
Tung-yi Lin The Feasibility of Taiwan set up Professional Wind Orchestra Theatre Arts 2012-09-12
Yi-Lan Wang A Study on Issues of "Free Admission" of Public Museums in New Taipei City Theatre Arts 2012-12-18
Ying-Chi Lin Stage Design of《Die Zauberflote》-Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2013-02-06
I-ting Kuo Willian Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream stage Design Project-Painterly Stage Theatre Arts 2013-02-06
Ling-Chi Yang A Community Stakeholder Perspective of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Revitalization-A Case Study of Soulangh Festival in Jiali, Tainan, Taiwan Theatre Arts 2013-05-10
Chia-I Chien 《The Nutcracker》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2013-06-18
Yu-Chen Weng Exploring the moderating role of peripheral services in total museum service quality Theatre Arts 2013-06-18
Fu-Ni Hsu 《4.48 Psychosis》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2013-07-01
Szu-chia Chen Exploring the Gatekeeper’s Representation in The Expert Review Systems—the Case of the of Performing Arts in Ministry of Culture and National Culture and Arts Foundation Funding Projects Theatre Arts 2013-07-18
Chia-Hsuan Lee On the Collective Constituting and Identity of Citizen Memories : A Case Study of Kaohsiung Museum of History Theatre Arts 2013-07-27
Chien-ying Chen A Case Study on Experiential Marketing of Taiwan BangZi Opera Company Theatre Arts 2013-07-29
Ka-Lung Lee Marketing Research on Performances Abroad of Taiwanese Theatre Group: A Case of “Tainaner Ensemble” at 2011 “Chinese Drama Festival” Theatre Arts 2013-08-05
Wen-Yu Chen A Study on the Life Style of Family Audience -- The Case of Children Theatre Participation in Kaohsiung City Theatre Arts 2013-08-06
Hsin-ying Hsueh An Analysis on Developing Potential of Cultural Tourism Market in Downtown Area of Tainan City Theatre Arts 2013-08-07
Chiou-shiang Tu The Economic Value of Museums and the Methods for Evaluation -- A Case Study of National Science and Technology Museum in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2013-08-28
Chung-Ping Cha A Research on the Praxis of Cultural Citizenship in Immigrated Culture Festival Theatre Arts 2013-09-11
Pei-Ling Hsieh Building a Knowledge city - The case of 22@Barcelona plan Theatre Arts 2013-09-13
Sung-wei Su Research on the Feasibility of Chinese Music Ensemble Creative Performances---In Case of “National Chinese Orchestra, Taiwan” Theatre Arts 2014-01-06
Hsieh-min Lin On Ai Weiwei’s Art From the Publicness and Its Effect Theatre Arts 2014-01-10
Yu-jou Li The Research of Repertory and Its Cultural Spectacle in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2014-02-12
Yu-Chien Lee The exploratory research of performing arts troupes post-purchase service Theatre Arts 2014-02-12
Si-Jyuan Wang 《The Pillowman》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2014-02-13
Yu-Ching Huang A Study on Exhibition and Social Responsibility of Memorial Museums : Three Case Studies Theatre Arts 2014-08-12
Chun-yu Lee A Study on Modern Theater Lighting Practice Design Theatre Arts 2014-08-26
Shih-i Lee Burt Theatre Arts 2014-08-27
Chia-ling Ko The Key Elements of the Transformation from Dance Studio to Professional Company in Tainan City Theatre Arts 2014-08-28
Yi-ning Chen 《L’elisir d’amore》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2014-09-02
Chi-chun Su 《The Doll’s House》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2014-09-07
Yu-chen Li A Study on Taipei International Choral Festival, 1991-2013 Theatre Arts 2014-09-09
Hsiu-Chun Chen A Study On The Impact of Technology Innovation on The Business Model Innovation of Popular Music Industry Theatre Arts 2015-01-23
Sin-Huei Huang A Study on Team Creativity of Film and Televisoin Production Team in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2015-02-02
Wei-chuan Her The Relationship between Spokesperson Effects and Consumers’ Purchase Intention in Performing arts Theatre Arts 2015-04-08
Yi-Ching Huang A Case Study on Bean Theatre’s Audience Development Theatre Arts 2015-08-19
Ching-hsin Chang 《Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2015-08-31
Ju-lin Lin 《The Peony Pavilion》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2015-08-25
Wen Gu Encounter into the Real A Study of Gu,Wen’s Creation Theatre Arts 2015-09-02
Heng-Hsien Wu An Analysis on the Local Cultural Museum Project:Hengchun Folk Museum's Local Policy Network Theatre Arts 2015-07-20
Ting-an Kuan Research of the Primitiveness of Nanguan and Its Mondern-theaterization Theatre Arts 2015-09-02
Chiao-Ting Fu A Study on the Union of Arts Society Theatre Arts 2015-09-11
Chien-Chi Chiou Whose place? The Correlation between the urban landscape and planning legislation- A case study of Tainan Theatre Arts 2015-09-09
Shang-Jyuan Huang The Relationships among Perceived Service Quality, Perceived Service Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention In the case of Local Authority Cultural Events Theatre Arts 2015-12-17
Yu-ting Huang When Luxury Brands Meet Subsidized Museums- A Criticism Theatre Arts 2016-01-13
Chi-yen Chen A Research of Expansion Strategy of Chain Store Theatre Arts 2016-06-15
Yi-ching Lu Collaborative Venturing with Indigenous Craftmakers- An Action Research Theatre Arts 2016-06-29
Chu-Chun Chang The Staging of Arts Festivals and the City- A Case Study Theatre Arts 2016-07-04
Chien-Po Liao Why not attend? An Investigation of Risk Perception toward Performing Arts Attendance Theatre Arts 2016-07-12
Szu-ying Chen Does Senior be the Opportunity of Performing Arts Market? Theatre Arts 2016-06-23
Yi-Hsuan Chiang The Model Analysis of Transformation from Adaptive Reusing Cultural Heritage into Creative Industries Theatre Arts 2016-07-14
Chih-wei Chou A Stage Design Project for the Opera《Wozzeck》 Theatre Arts 2016-07-15
Xin Nian Tan A Case Study on Environmental Impact Management of Special Events- Yilan Green Expo Theatre Arts 2016-07-18
Ling Chen Scenery Outside the Classroom - The Establishment and Management of Performing Arts Course Theatre Arts 2016-08-08
Yun-Hsin Lai Two Case Studies on Sustainable Strategies of Non-profit Arts Organizations Theatre Arts 2016-08-18
Chu-fang Tseng The Struggle of Independent Music Group inTaiwan Theatre Arts 2016-08-23
Chia-Chi Hsieh The Perspectives of Creative Clusters on Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industries Theatre Arts 2016-08-26
Li-Ting Huang A Study on Relationship Marketing of Taipei International Choral Festival Theatre Arts 2016-09-05
Chaio-Yin Chen Performance Design of Place Narratives— Hamaseng, Yanchenpu, and Chekhow Seagull Theatre Arts 2016-09-07
Huan-Yu Lin The forms and contents of web information help to sell artwork Theatre Arts 2017-02-13
Kang-hsin Chuang Mission and Constraints- A Stakeholder Perspective of Organizational Identity in the Case of Entrepreneurship Center at National Sun Yat-Sen University Theatre Arts 2017-04-05
Zhi-hui Huang A Study on Theatre In Education(TIE)in Theatre Club of Youth Junior High School in Kaohsiung Theatre Arts 2017-07-10
Ching-Chun Cheng A Case Study of Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Arts 2017-07-10
Meng-Han Tung A Study on Cultural Policy in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2017-07-13
Tien-Yuan Li A Study of Financial Analysis for Performing Arts Organizations in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2017-08-01
Ching- yun Wu Popular Culture Exhibition in Art Museum Theatre Arts 2017-06-23
Kai Huang A Case study on the Business Strategy of Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival Theatre Arts 2017-07-20
Ke-hsuan Hsiang A Study on Organizational Management of Taipei Philharmonic Theater Theatre Arts 2017-08-23
Chia-Wen Lu The Implementation of Digital Marketing Tools in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Theatre Arts 2017-08-02
I-Ching Chen A Case Study on Integrated Marketing Communication of Rockbund Art Museum Theatre Arts 2017-08-22
Ping-Chi Su A Study on Cinema Award in Institutional Changes – The Case of ‘Golden Horse Award’ Theatre Arts 2017-09-05
Yi-Lun Ku The Development of An Integrated Information Platform for Performing Arts- A Delphi Consensus Study Theatre Arts 2017-09-14
Hua-Xin Lim The Relationship among The Leaders, Subordinate and Organizational Culture under Bureaucratic Organization-A Case study of E Art Center Theater Staff Theatre Arts 2018-01-23
Pei-yin Lin Product Attributes in Creative Living Goods- Using Kano Model in the Case of Bedding Textiles Theatre Arts 2018-03-28
Yi-ru Li Entrepreneurial Identity and Self-Representation - A Narrative Study on Returning Home Indigenous Restaurant Entrepreneurs Theatre Arts 2018-06-14

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