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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Po-Yi Lee Research of Neural Network Applied on Seabed Sediment Recognition Undersea Technology 2000-06-07
Yu-Chen Hsu Internet-Based Remote control with JAVA Undersea Technology 2000-08-28
Jyin-Wen Cheng The Characteristics of Acoustic Absorptive Material at Various Water Depth Undersea Technology 2000-08-30
Shih-Tzung Hsu Surface-Generated Ambient Noise in an Isovelocity Waveguide with a Non-Homogeneous Fluid Sediment Layer Undersea Technology 2001-05-16
Wen-Fai Lin Study of Wind Delay Effect on Ocean Ambient Noise Undersea Technology 2001-06-29
Pao-Chun Chi Vibration Analysis of an Underwater Cable Undersea Technology 2001-08-08
Chien-Ou Shen Coherent Reflection of Acoustic Plane Wave From a Random Sea floor Undersea Technology 2001-08-09
Tien-Chen Hwaung Calibration of CCD Camera for Underwater Laser Scanning System Undersea Technology 2002-02-04
Yao-Wen Chen Effects of Seabed Properties on Acoustic Wave Fields in a Seismo-Aoustic Ocean Waveguide Undersea Technology 2002-04-29
Kuang-Yu chen R&D a Prototype Sidescan Sonar Data Acquisition System Undersea Technology 2002-07-03
Yung-Chien Chen Depth Dependence Study of Shallow Water Ambient Noise Undersea Technology 2002-07-29
Hsiang-Chih Chan Acoustic Analysis of Nearshore Breaking Wave Bubbles Simulated by Piston-Type Wavemaker Undersea Technology 2002-07-30
Ping-Chang Hsueh Coherent Reflection of Acoustic Plane Wave From a Rough Seabed With a Random Sediment Layer Overlying an Elastic Basement Undersea Technology 2002-08-02
Sheng-Hsiung Tsai Acoustic Wave Scattering From a Rough Seabed With a Continuously Varying Sediment Layer Overlying an Elastic Basement Undersea Technology 2002-08-01
Chang-Hung Lai Feasibility Study of Acoustical Dolphin Deterrence Undersea Technology 2002-08-07
Tsung-Lin Li Development of a Virtual Environment Based Operating and Training Interface for ROV Pilots Undersea Technology 2002-08-07
Chun-Sheng Su Real-Time-Linux Based Java WWW Server for Remote Factory Monitoring Undersea Technology 2003-06-29
Chen-Mao Wu Image Processing Using the Least-Squares Approximation for Quality Improvement of Underwater Laser Ranging Undersea Technology 2003-06-29
Chia-You Yen Development of Autonomous Shallow Water Acoustic Logger Undersea Technology 2003-07-27
Chih-Sheng Liu An Analysis of Low Frequency Ambient Noise in South China Sea Undersea Technology 2003-07-30
Hung-Chang Hsu Principal Component Analysis on Fingertips for Gesture Recognition Undersea Technology 2003-07-31
Chung-Ray Chu Point Source Reflection From a Non-Uniform Seabed Undersea Technology 2003-08-05
Zhi-Wei Her Plane-Based Calibration for Multibeam Echo Sounder System Mounting Parameters Undersea Technology 2003-08-22
Yung-Hong Wu Mean-field reflection of omni-directional acoustic wave from rough seabed with non-uniform sediment layers Undersea Technology 2004-06-23
Ming-Hsiang Cheng Measurement of Small Scale Roughness of Seabed with Laser Scanning Undersea Technology 2004-07-12
Shih-wei Hung Development of Ocean Net Cage Acoustic Alarm System Undersea Technology 2004-07-13
Chang Tu Sciaenids Habitat Survey in Coast Water by Passive Acoustic Method Undersea Technology 2004-07-27
Jiu-min Li Design and Assembly of a Rotational Laser Scanning System for Small Scale Seabed Roughness Undersea Technology 2004-07-29
Yi-Cheng Tsai On the Design of a Prototype Programmable Benthic Boundary Sediment Sampler Undersea Technology 2004-07-30
Yu-hung Hsiao Development of a Simulator and Training System for Remotely Operated Vehicle Pilots Undersea Technology 2004-07-28
Chia-Chun Hung The Effect of Peak Detection Algorithms on the Quality of Underwater Laser Ranging Undersea Technology 2004-07-29
Guo-Fong Shih Effects of Various Random Sources on Surface-Generated Ambient Noise Undersea Technology 2004-08-02
Tsung-han Yang Development of an Internet-based Operating Interface for ROV Pilots Undersea Technology 2004-07-31
Po-Chang Lin Vertical Directionality Analysis of Low Frequency Ambient Noise in South China Sea Experiment of ASIAEX Undersea Technology 2004-08-19
Yao-Hsien Kuo Geoacoustic Parameters Inversion by Ship Noise in the ASIAEX-SCS Experiment Undersea Technology 2005-10-03
Ti-ting Yeh Applications of Underwater Search and Identification Technology on Monitoring of Underwater Structures and Analysis of Upper-Layer Geological Properties of Seabed Undersea Technology 2005-10-07
Kung-wen Du Sensor Alignment Correction for Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Undersea Technology 2006-04-27
Po-Chi Chen Development of Post-Processing Software for Seabed Roughness Laser Scanner Undersea Technology 2006-07-13
Chia-ta Lu A Preliminary Study on Laboratory Measurement of Underwater Targets Undersea Technology 2006-07-26
Hsin-Yu Chen Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Very Shallow Water Environment:Instrumentation and Experimental Data Analysis Undersea Technology 2006-07-31
Chia-fu Yu Scattering Field Measurement of a Copper Sphere Using Narrow Band Signals Undersea Technology 2006-08-02
Hsu-Hui Chang Parameter Identification of ROV by Decoupled Dynamical Models with Projective Mapping Method Undersea Technology 2006-08-23
Chien-hung Chen Identification of the Disturbance Sounds of Neoniphon sammara, Myripristis murdjan, and Sargocentron spinosissimum(Holocentridae) Undersea Technology 2006-09-15
Wen-zheng Hu Effect of Position Ambiguity of Horizontal Array on Underwater Source Localization Undersea Technology 2006-10-12
Shih-Feng Yang The Study of Inverting Sediment Sound Speed Profile Using a Geoacoustic Model for a Nonhomogenous Seabed Undersea Technology 2007-07-03
Shing-wen Hu Development of User Interface for Multibeam Echo Sounder Quality Control Undersea Technology 2007-07-23
Chiao-mei Wang Applying Point-Based Principal Component Analysis on Orca Whistle Detection Undersea Technology 2007-07-23
Chia-Wei Chang The Establishment of Acoustic Measurement Procedure and System for Underwater Targets Undersea Technology 2007-08-04
Ming-hao Chiu Development of Autonomous Underwater Acoustic Recorder Undersea Technology 2007-08-03
Du-ying Hsueh Development of Sidescan Sonar Image Mosaicing Software Undersea Technology 2007-08-22
Pin-hsien Tseng Edge Detection on Underwater Laser Spot Undersea Technology 2007-09-04
Cheng-kang Wu The Study of Effects of Gas Bubbles on Acoustic Wave Attenuation Using AST-Sonar System Undersea Technology 2007-09-03
Teng-yi Hsu The Establishment of Sihziwan Marine Test Field: Environmental Analysis Undersea Technology 2007-09-03
Tsun-hsien Chao The Study of Ambient Noise in First Seaway area of Kaohsiung Harbor Undersea Technology 2007-09-04
Chun-hung Chou Refinement in Vision-Based Localization of a Remotely Operated Vehicle for Parameter Identification Undersea Technology 2007-09-11
Shr-luen Lo Development of Indoor Tank Measurement Facility for Rough Surface Back Scattering Undersea Technology 2007-09-11
Chung-Ting Tsai Ambient Noise Analysis in Shallow Water Ambient Noise Analysis in Shallow Water at Southwestern Sea of Taiwan Undersea Technology 2007-12-31
Hsin-Ting Hsiao The Correlation Analysis between Fishing Vessels Noise and Night Satellite Image in Northern South China Sea Undersea Technology 2008-01-26
Ying-Wei Tsai Performance Evaluation of Identification Methods for the Stress Calls of Squirrelfishes(Pisces:Holocentridae) Undersea Technology 2008-01-25

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