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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Younger W-Y. Yu Analysis of event-related potentials and telomere length in schizophrenic patients Biological Sciences 2001-06-30
Timothy W. Bolton Value Change and Consumer Materialism in Taiwan: An Empirical Perspective Business Management 2009-10-16
Michael Wald On a Boat Party – A Unique Nightlife Events Business Plan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-09-13
Peter Waldhaeusl The mining industry as a potential market for firefighting vehicles at the case of Rosenbauer Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-05-20
Chih-Yung Wamg The effects of the initial offering price of OTC companies to the change of ownership structure. Business Management 2000-06-21
Chien-pang Wan Part-time work and Multiple job holders:what makes them different form regular workers? Human Resource Management 2004-08-31
Ru-shan Wan A Study on the Impact of Attending English Village Activities on Fifth Graders’ English-learning Experiences in Kaohsiung. Education 2012-01-30
Kuan-Ting Wan Synthesis and Application of Novel Blue-emitting Poly(arylene ether)s for Polymer Light Emitting Diode Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-19
Sih-Wei Wan Evaluation of HeyL alteration and study its tumor suppressor function in hepatocellular carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-07-24
Tung-Ping Wan A Study on Factors Affecting the Choice of On-the-job Management Training EMBA 2016-10-18
Che-chi Wan MIMO Metal-Frame Antennas for the Metal-Casing Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2017-06-24
Lee Wan Fat A Grounded Study of Conflict Resolution in Everyday Setting Business Management 2012-08-06
Maphila Wandile Kunene Photovoltaic Penetration Analysis for Distribution Systems Considering Solar Irradiance Uncertainty IMEPE 2014-07-16
Jing-Ming Wang none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-12
Chih-Ming Wang The Study of Pyroelectric Detectors Based on PbTiO3 Electrical Engineering 2000-06-14
Arthur Wang The stabilizaton activities of IPOs in Taiwan Business Management 2000-06-20
Yung-Shun Wang The Applications of Two-photon Confocal Microscopy and Micro-spectroscopy:SHG imaging of Teeth and KTP Physics 2000-06-23
I-hsung Wang The impact of SYSOPs' traits to a virtual community's content attractiveness. Business Management 2000-06-26
Mei-Shu Wang The case study of crisis management Business Management 2000-06-28
Hui-Ling Wang The Influence of Ionic Strength on the Partition Coefficient of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Dissolved Organic Matter Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-06-24
Te-Chung Wang Study on the Buffer Layer and Recrystallization for the Growth of GaN by MOCVD Electrical Engineering 2000-07-03
Jen-Chung Wang On-Line Compuer Aided Instruction and Numerical Tool of Particle Dynamics Physics 2000-07-06
Yuan-Chia Wang Indonesia’s Bureaucratic Capitalism during Suharto Time: A Political-Economy Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-10
Shih-Chen Wang None EMBA 2000-07-12
Wen-Yu Wang A Global Nondestructive Vibration Method for Pipeline Inspection Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-11
Jung-Hui Wang Thermal Chemistry of Allyl Groups on the Ag(111) Surface: A Reactivity and Bonding Study Chemistry 2000-07-16
Chia-Hsi Wang Treatment of Ammonia in Air Streams by Biotrickling Filters Environmental Engineering 2000-07-17
Ren-Her Wang Approximate and exact D-optimal designs for multiresponse polynomial regression models Applied Mathematics 2000-07-14
Chun-Chin Wang Studies of Carbon Dioxide Fixation on Aluminum Complexes Chemistry 2000-07-20
Cheng-Yu Wang The Study of Two Dimensional Phase Transition with Lattice Forming with Thin Film of Magnetic Fluid under Perpendicular Magnetic Fields Physics 2000-07-24
Fong-Lan Wang Information Integration Experiment of Urban Marketing and Investment Introduction -- A Cognition Comparative Research of the Investment and Policy-making in the State/Private-run Facilities Public Affairs Management 2000-07-26
Ru-Fen Wang Concession Strategis of Bargaing Agents in Electronic Commerce Information Management 2000-07-26
Ming-chieh Wang The Pricing of Cross currency Equity Swaps and Swaptions Finance 2000-07-27
Shih-Chieh Wang The Adsorption of Methane on the CuSO4/Al2O3 Catalyst Chemistry 2000-07-26
Jun-Jong Wang Invertibility in Fractal Geometry Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Jean-Yi Wang Paracrystal Formation and Phase Transformations from Co1-xO and CaO upon interdiffusion Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-29
Ching-Chie Wang The Study of Catalytic Oxidation of Nitrogen Monoxide Environmental Engineering 2000-07-31
Wei-Hua Wang Surface Chemistry of Propargyl Radicals on Ag(111) : Thermal Reactivity and Surface Bonding Chemistry 2000-08-01
Chien-Yuan Wang Synthesis gas production from CO2 reforming of methane reaction Chemistry 2000-08-09
Hsiao-Ning Wang Studies on the Antioxidative Potential of the Freeze-Dry Extract (Tsan-Ron-Bau-Yuan) of Fruits and Vegetables, DNA Vaccine Against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Biological Sciences 2000-08-04
Sheng-Wei WANG Sampling and Characteristic Study of Air Pollutants in Chungcheng and Cross-Harbor Tunnels in Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2000-08-24
Chun-Yuan Wang none Chemistry 2000-08-29
Chi-Che Wang The Effect of Anionic and Mixed (Anionic/Nonionic) Surfactant System on BTEX-Polluted Soil Remediation Environmental Engineering 2000-08-29
Kai-Tin Wang Composition and Seasonal Variation of Chaetognaths in the Coastal Waters of Kaoshiung and Liu-chiu Yu Island Marine Resources 2000-09-08
Li-Hsueh Wang The central neurotransmitter systems in the developing tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus Marine Resources 2001-01-07
Lung-Jen Wang A Fast Cubic-Spline Interpolation and Its Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2001-03-15
Yang-chuan Wang Local Government & Social Welfare Development in Taiwan:An Analytic of Political-Economy Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-04-18
Hung-Jen Wang Ambarzumyan’s Theorem for the general boundary conditions Applied Mathematics 2001-05-11
Zen-Chung Wang An Exploratory Research on Equity Building Action of New Ventures in High-Velocity Market---------Base on Internet Entrepreneurial Organizations Business Management 2001-06-06
Chih-Feng Wang The Role of the Public Sector in the Innovation Process of the Swedish Mobile Telecommunication Industry Business Management 2001-06-11
Yi-Min Wang A Study on The Affecting Factors of IS Professionals’ Knowledge-Sharing Behavior — Based on The Social Exchange Theory Human Resource Management 2001-06-12
Jun-Jie Wang Implementation and Design of a Cycle-Efficient 64b/32b Integer Divider Using a Table-Sharing Method Electrical Engineering 2001-06-15
Chih-Cheng Wang The Research of Very Low Bit-Rate and Scalable Video Compression Using Cubic-Spline Interpolation Computer Science and Engineering 2001-06-18
Hsiang-Chen Wang Optical Second Harmonic Generation Measurements of Organic Molecules at the Liquid/Liquid Interface Physics 2001-06-18
Wei-yang Wang A System Dynamics Approach to the Study of Group Cognitive Processes Involved in Self-Organizing Teams Information Management 2001-06-18
Wei-Hong Wang Compact Operators of Sequence Spaces Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Chih-Hao Wang Warpage Study of TFBGA Packaging Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-20
TAI-FENG WANG none Business Management 2001-06-22
Chun-Wei Wang The Study of Quasi-Three-Level Passively Q-Switched Blue Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-26
Chien-Hsun Wang Phylogenetic Relationships of Elopomorphs inferred from Mitochondrial 12S ribosomal RNA Sequences Marine Biology 2001-06-27
Yun-Herng Wang none Marine Resources 2001-06-29
Wen-Yu Wang Abscisic acid affects flowering in Phalaenopsis hybrida and effect of daylength on protein pattern and flowering in Doritis pulcherrima Biological Sciences 2001-06-29
Yi-Ming Wang Construction and Applications of Two-photon Micro-spectroscopy Physics 2001-07-03
Shi-Ming Wang Development of IS-95 CDMA RF Transceiver Including a Power Amplifier MMIC Design Electrical Engineering 2001-07-04
Tzu-Wen Wang The Second-Law Efficiency and Thermoeconomic Analysis of LNG Cold Energy Transmission Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-05
Chia-Long Wang Laplace Boundary Value Problems on Sector Applied Mathematics 2001-07-06
Chin-Lai Wang A Study of Leadership Behaviors of Directors in Kaohsiung City Government Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-20
Chung-Yih Wang none Finance 2001-07-20
H.D Wang Tide Forecasting and Supplement by applying Wavelet Theory and Neural Network Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-20
Chii-Ming Wang Ananysis of Thermal-Flow in Chemical Vapor Deposition Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-23
Sheng-Chang Wang Modeling Dynamic Electrical Resistance and Thermal Flow During Resistance Spot Welding Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-23
ching-kuei Wang none EMBA 2001-07-25
Yen-Ming Wang Style Analysis of Stock Mutual Fund in Taiwan Finance 2001-07-26
Tsung-Fu Wang The Performance Evaluation of the National Tax Administration in Taiwan—The Research of Data Envelopment Analysis Business Management 2001-07-27
Sung-Yang Wang VLSI Design and Implementation of EBCOT CODEC Computer Science and Engineering 2001-07-26
CHIEN-YUNG WANG Research on Chinese Communist Economic Reform and Fiscal transition Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-31
Chi Wang Toward An Outsourcing Management Architecture:An Integrated viewpoint in Hospital Human Resource Management 2001-07-29
May-Jane Wang A Field Study of The Relationship among Salesperson's Personality, Organizational Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Chunghwa Telecom Human Resource Management 2001-07-30
Che-Ming Wang The Study of the Deformation-Mechanism of PBGA in IR-Reflow process Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-31
Jen-Ju Wang General Digital Inverter Electrical Engineering 2001-08-02
Pao-Hui Wang none Economics 2001-08-02
Chun-Shen Wang An Investigation of Strategies for Positioning of Chichin District of Kaohsiung City from Residents’ Community Consciousness, Tourism Development Attitude and Impacts Public Affairs Management 2001-08-03
Li- Shan Wang none Finance 2001-08-21
Ching-Shui Ke Wang Effects of Nitrifying Filtration System on the Fry Breeding of the Grouper,Epinephelus amblycephalus Marine Resources 2001-08-27
Yun-Chun Wang none Materials Science and Engineering 2001-08-27
Shuei-Shan Wang Public Participation & NGT (Nominal Group Technique ) Research on Thai-Shan Development Public Affairs Management 2001-09-03
Wei-Te Wang Stress Analysis on Adhesive Bonded Joint of Composite Tube due to Torsion Mechanical Engineering 2001-09-07
Jing-yun Wang Thematic Research of civil participation Skill-A Case Studey of Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2001-09-10
Guey-Horng Wang S法tudy on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft Corals Pachyclavularia violacea and Subergorgia suberosa Marine Resources 2001-12-13
Ning-Ying Wang none Business Management 2002-01-21
Shih-Sheng Wang Antitumor Constituentes from Taiwan yew Taxus mairei Marine Resources 2002-02-01
Jiunn-Liang Wang Cash Flow Analysis and Risk Evaluation Of Recycling Plants' Setting BOT into Action Finance 2002-02-18
Chen-Yao Wang Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Twelve-Tone Music-Pieces from Webern and Schoenberg Applied Mathematics 2002-06-06
Hsin-I Wang A study on correspondence between Jung's Psychology and Chinese Buddhism Chinese Literature 2002-06-17
Hsiu-Hsun Wang How does the mobile office system work? Business Management 2002-06-19
Wen-Jeng Wang Motorcycyles emission factors determined by dynamometric tests using real road driving cycles. Environmental Engineering 2002-06-24
Know-Young Wang The Comparison of the Conflicts of Role-playing, Job pressure and the Trend of Quitting job- the Object of Survey: Officials of the Department of Finance, Taiwan Middle Area, the Bureau of National Tax Human Resource Management 2002-06-25
wei-chi Wang The non-linear electric resistivity of Au thin film on silicon after rapid thermal annealing Physics 2002-06-25
Tsui-Pin Wang The Relationship between Internal Marketing Practice,Job Satisfaction, and Employee Turnover Intension - A case study of H chain entertainment business Human Resource Management 2002-06-25
Hung-Sen Wang Doping and Ohmic Contacts of Arsenide Compound Semiconductors by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Electro-Optical Engineering 2002-06-26
Sheng-Hung Wang Modified Motion Estimating Methods for Increasing Video Compression Rate Computer Science and Engineering 2002-06-28
Mu-Chi Wang Study of the UPFC Model Based on the Current-Injection Concept Electrical Engineering 2002-06-28
Long-Cheng Wang Distributed Power Control and Monitoring System with Internet Integration Electrical Engineering 2002-06-28
Yu-Wen Wang The innovation and application of fixed income securities Finance 2002-06-28
Po-Li Wang Implementation of Floating Point CORDIC and its Application in 3D Computer Graphics Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-02
jack Wang Wire bond and Tin Whisker study on IC package Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-02
Yu-Wen Wang Synchronized Motion Control with Impact Model for Dual Motors Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-03
Kin-An Wang The industry relocation and management strategy of Taiwan's bicycle and its parts IEMBA 2002-07-08
Chiao-Leng Wang none Economics 2002-07-09
Cheng-Sheng Wang Implementation of TCP Splicing for Proxy Servers on Linux Platform Electrical Engineering 2002-07-10
Chi-Ling Wang Statistical Control Charts of I(d) processes Applied Mathematics 2002-07-10
Chun-Miin Wang Research on surface passivation and surfurization of CuInSe2 thin films Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-09
Chu-Tung Wang The Study of Quenching of the Excited States of Nitric Oxide in the Presence of Foreign Gas Physics 2002-07-11
Kuo-Cheng Wang Polyamines affect early floral initiation in Doritis pulcherrima and Phalaenopsis Biological Sciences 2002-07-11
Chi-Kuang Wang none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-11
Szu-Hsuan Wang An Agent and Profile Management System for Mobile Users and Service Providers Electrical Engineering 2002-07-16
TSUNG-YU WANG None EMBA 2002-07-15
Hui-Chen Wang Sequence Distribution, Crystallization and Melting Behaviors of Poly[(ethylene)-co-(trimethylene terephthalate)]s Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-15
Hsin-Yi Wang A Study of Schubert's Sonata in A Minor “Arpeggione” Music 2002-07-17
Yu-Min Wang Characterization of Sputterd ZrN Thin Film Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-16
Chao-Ho Wang A Novel Voltage-Control Sinusoidal Oscillator using Operational Transconductance Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2002-07-19
Yi-Teen Wang In Silico and Molecular Cloning of Muscovy Sex-determining Candidate Gene DMRT1 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2002-07-25
Hung-Yuan Wang The Design of Sorters Based on DNA for Bio-Computers Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-27
Tsai-Pai Wang Analysis of knowledge Management culture and Corporate Efficiencies in High Tech Industry Human Resource Management 2002-07-30
Woei-Ru Wang Constructing Bayesian Networks with Sequential Patterns for Hemodialysis Information Management 2002-08-05
Chen-Jui Wang NONE Finance 2002-08-05
Jensing Wang The Study And Model Design for Outsourcing of Healthcare Logistics in District Hospitals System EMBA 2002-08-13
Yu-Pin Wang Actual Research of the Relationship between the Cause of Non-Performing Loan and Managerial Behavior of Earnings Management Finance 2002-08-20
Yu-Ming Wang Protein expression in prostate cancer progress Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2002-08-21
Chien–Te Wang none Public Affairs Management 2002-08-25
Chung-Hsin Wang none Finance 2002-08-27
Ben-Hsien Wang none Human Resource Management 2002-08-28
Chuang-Lin Wang A Micro-Model Based Linear Motor Sub-micron and Fast Positioning Controller Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-09-12
Chuen-You Wang An Embedded 16-bit Low Power and Low Cost Microprocessor in Information Appliance Computer Science and Engineering 2002-09-10
Wei-Cheng Wang The Development Environment of Embedded System based on AMBA Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2003-01-23
Yi-Lii Wang A Design of Mandarin Keyword Spotting System Electrical Engineering 2003-02-07
Chung-Yao Wang A Study of technology strategy for IT high-tech start-ups located in Tainan Science-based Industrial Park with IC design industry Information Management 2003-02-12
Nan-Cheng Wang An Accelerated Domain Decomposition Procedure for Mixed Schwarz Alternating Method Applied Mathematics 2003-02-25
Zong-Siang Wang The Impacts of Imputation Tax System on Corporate Dividend Policy:An Empirical Study and Survey Finance 2003-06-11
Tai-An Wang Evidential Analysis in the Process of Balanced Scorecard Embedding─Taking the Distributor of a High-Technological Material Business Management 2003-06-13
kuan-kuei Wang The dependence of E0+Δ0 transition on temperature by photoreflectance spectroscopy of surface-intrinsic-n+ GaAs Physics 2003-06-13
You-Hsuan Wang Analysis and Full-scale Experiment on Energy Consumption of Hotels in Taiwan Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-13
Taki Wang The Related Study on Capital Structure of REIT Finance 2003-06-16
Zi-Yun Wang Pricing of call option on convertible bond Finance 2003-06-17
Hung-Yu Wang Each corporation discusses for the mode of information system technology sourcing --The information technology industry Business Management 2003-06-23
Chun-Kai Wang The Design and Fabrication of Ring Cavity Semiconductor Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-24
Chien-Chung Wang The Main Points Of Prepare Opening To Private Banks in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2003-06-25
Chia-Jung Wang Fabrication and Characteristics of (Ba,Sr)(Ti,Zr)O3 High Dielectric Constant Thin Films Electrical Engineering 2003-06-26
Wei-chiao Wang Seasonal Variations of the Planktonic Foraminiferal Assemblages and Stable Isotopic Compositions: Sediment Trap Results from the Kao-ping Submarine Canyon and Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2003-06-26
Yi-Hung Wang The nuclear structure study of superdeformation in odd-odd A~130 Pr Physics 2003-06-26
Chuan-Liang Wang Heat of Fusion, Crystallization Kinetics Analyses and Morphology of Poly[(ethylene)-co-(trimethylene terephthalate)]s Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-01
Chung-Lin Wang The Study of the Relationship Between Store Image and Consumer Purchasing Behavior of Coffee Chain Stores in Kaohsiung City. Communications Management 2003-06-27
Yung-Sheng Wang (一)Synthesis of 3,4-Disubstituted α,β-Unsaturatedδ-Lactams (二)Formal Synthesis of Hydrocinchonine and Hydrocinchonidine Chemistry 2003-07-03
Hong-Yi Wang Thermodynamic Analysis on ZnSxSe1-x Grown by Atomic Layer Epitaxy Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Sheng-Meng Wang Adaptive Linearly Constrained Constant Modulus Conjugate Gradient Algorithm with Applications to Multiuser DS-CDMA Detector for Multipath Fading Channel Electrical Engineering 2003-07-04
Char-Ming Wang The Organization and Process Design of Engineering Knowledge Management—A Case Study of W Printed Circuit Manufacturer Business Management 2003-07-04
Yao-Ching Wang An Implementation of an Automatic Customer Power Service Event Reporting System Electrical Engineering 2003-07-04
Wei-Te Wang A Study of the Effect of Non-Ideal Factors on Normalized Site Attenuation in Open Area Test Site Electrical Engineering 2003-07-07
Yi-Ting Wang Simulation of Gaseous Flow in a Microchannel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-07
Yu-Yun Wang Effect of Temperature on the Microstructure Developed in Aluminum Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-03
An-Chih Wang Measurement and Analysis of Power Quality in Kaohsiung Area Electrical Engineering 2003-07-09
Cheng-Hao Wang Investigation of Image Effect of Polluted Lens Model by a random screen Electrical Engineering 2003-07-11
Der-Rong Wang A Study of Software Size Estimation using Function Point Information Management 2003-07-11
Min-Chuan Wang Study on Ge Quantum Dots Application for Memory and Optoelectronic Devices Physics 2003-07-11
Han-Wu Wang A Study of Knowledge Conversion Model in Information System Development Team Information Management 2003-07-14
Ellen Wang The Investigation of Relationship between Pension Liability and Market value Finance 2003-07-14
CHING-CHUN WANG A Study on The Effect of The Warpage And Stress of PBGA Caused by The Variations of Mechanical Properties of Materials in IR-reflow Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-20
Hong-Chang Wang Constructing gene network of the 51 genes related to Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) DNA repair and DNA recombination from microarray data Applied Mathematics 2003-07-13
Hwang-Lyin Wang Study of Temperature compensated type Ceramic Capacitors Characteristic of base metal Multilayer Physics 2003-07-17
Tian-Yuan Wang Study on the oxygen tolerance of milkfish (Chanos chanos), mullet (Liza macrolepis) and Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) Marine Resources 2003-07-19
Chung-Hsiang Wang A Study on the Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process to IC Industrial Policy Adoption Public Affairs Management 2003-07-22
Chia-Hua Wang After WTO The Strategy of Taiwan Shipping Industry Enter Into the Mainland China -Hansen Group as the Case Study IEMBA 2003-07-22
Chih-Hsin Wang Chemical and Cytotoxic Constituents from the Formosan Casearia membranacea Hance Marine Resources 2003-07-23
Chen-Tung Wang The Revolution in Military Affairs and Air Power Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-24
Steven Wang The Marketing Strategy of Taiwan's Banks in the trend of Taiwanese Company invest in China - Investigation of Corporate Finance EMBA 2003-07-23
Kai-Hong Wang Study on the Optical Properties for InGaN/GaN Multilayer Quantum Well Structures Electrical Engineering 2003-07-25
Mi-Ling Wang The Relationship between Organizational Life Style and Turn-over Tendency---An Example of four Companies of Domestic Airlines in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2003-07-28
Zen-Peng Wang Marangoni Corner Flow during Metals Processing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-29
Jen-Feng Wang Committee Machine with Two decision-making Stages Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-01
Shen-Jen Wang TFT-LCD Merger Simulation Modeling-- A Study of Between AUO & QDI Finance 2003-08-05
Yuh-Chao Wang A study of scientific story integrated in science science curriculum Education 2003-08-07
Hsi-Ying Wang The Effects of Perception of Organization Politics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior –A Study of Western and Chinese Organization Human Resource Management 2003-08-12
Kuo-Hsin Wang A Study on Industrial Cluster and Co-competition of IC Design Industries between Taiwan and China Business Management 2003-08-12
Tien-Hang Wang none EMBA 2003-08-14
Shih-Hung Wang Temporal and spatial distribution of Chaetognaths in relation to environmental factors in Kaoping coastal waters, southwestern Taiwan Marine Resources 2003-08-13
Jen-Chieh Wang The Implement of XL2 Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-15
Wu-Chi Wang Study on MultiUser Detection with Smart Antenna Communications Engineering 2003-08-21
Yun-Tin Wang Comparison between Linear and Nonlinear Estimation of Multifield 15N Relaxation Parameters in Protein. Applied Mathematics 2003-08-22
Shu-Li Wang none Chinese Literature 2003-08-26
Nan-Lin Wang A study of relationship of salary justice and promotion justice to psychological contract violation Human Resource Management 2003-08-26
Shine-Yi Wang to effect employees’ effectiveness while subordinates’ trust in their direct leader’s Paternalistic leadership behaviors Human Resource Management 2003-08-25
Ya-June Wang The study of nutritionist's occupational commitment and affective factors Human Resource Management 2003-08-26
Peng-Han Wang Inhibitory Effect of Heat Shock on Neurogenic Plasma Leakage in Rat Airways and Esophagus Induced by Capsaicin and Substance P Biological Sciences 2003-08-26
Chiung-Hui Wang A study on a relationship between Organizational/Brand Identity, Organizational/Brand Identifications and Employee Efficiency – Sales promoters in Casual Clothes Industry Human Resource Management 2003-08-28
Hui-Chun Wang Hydration of Amino Acids Investigated by NMR Spectroscopy Chemistry 2003-08-25
Chih-Yu Wang Design and manufacture od a tube hydroforming testing machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-03
Jhih-Min Wang Development of Automatic Coupling Alignment System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-10-13
Hsiao-ting Wang Study on the characteristics of Aeromonas hydrophila infecting on the skin of grouper Marine Resources 2004-01-14
Chiu-Hsiang Wang The Study of The Water Image Connotated in The Poems of Pre-Chin Era Chinese Literature 2004-01-15
yu-hui wang none Chinese Literature 2004-01-15
Chung-hsien Wang A Study about the culture of gods and ghosts in Taiwanese Proverbs Chinese Literature 2004-01-28
Yi-Chiao Wang Relationship Marketing Reseaching of life insurance in short message service software Information Management 2004-01-30
Hui-ling Wang Sexual Politics in Margaret Atwood’s Dystopian Novel The Handmaid’s Tale: The Oppression and Resistance of Women Foreign Language and Literature 2004-02-05
Yu-Wen Wang Science exploring learning modules-The great future of the biotechnology -for the junior high students , for the purpose of improve the high level thinking. Biological Sciences 2004-02-12
Li-Ting Wang Effect of INF1 on Lignin Biosynthesis in Tobacco Leaves during the Hypersensitive Response Biological Sciences 2004-06-05
Ching-mei Wang The Mearsurement of Probability of Default of Mid and Long Term Bank Loans Finance 2004-06-11
Meng-yi Wang The Influential Factors of Faculty that Participate in Community Public Affair Public Affairs Management 2004-06-15
Shu-chih Wang none Mainland China Studies 2004-06-25
In-jan Wang none Chinese Literature 2004-06-24
Jen-Ya Wang Application of Sol-Gel Derived Silica Particulates as Enzyme and Reagent Immobilization Support in Electrochemiluminescence-Based Flow Injection Analysis Chemistry 2004-06-24
Siang-huei Wang The Study of TVEs and Mainland China’s Economic Modernization Mainland China Studies 2004-06-29
Hui-Wen Wang The Effect of The Financial Holding Company’s Value for Their Issuing European Convertible Bond Finance 2004-06-28
Huei-Yu Wang The studies of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures by T-dependent and B-dependent Hall measurements Physics 2004-06-29
Chung-Shan Wang Using Wavelet for License Plate Detection Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-06-30
Hui-wen Wang The relationhsihp of confliction of attributions between leader and employee and employees pressure. Business Management 2004-07-01
Yuan-Hung Wang Electrocardiogram Signal for the Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Via Artificial Neural Networks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-01
Shuo-hung Wang The Study of Microstructure Analysis of Sn-Zn And Sn-Zn-Al Solder Ball in BGA Package. Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-02
Guan-lun Wang none Business Management 2004-07-05
Huang-wen Wang none Chinese Literature 2004-07-02
Chen-Yi Wang Component-based Application Generator : A Designing Methodology for Application Construction Information Management 2004-07-05
Shih-Hung Wang Packaging of 2.5 Gb/s Directly-Modulated Non-AR Coated Fiber Grating External Cavity Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-07
Wen-li Wang The communication in economy and trade between Taiwan Straits:an instance in automobile industry Political Science 2004-07-08
Wan-Tsang Wang Use Bond-Orbital Models to Study Wurtzite Semiconductor Band Structures Physics 2004-07-08
Chi-hsiang Wang Personality-type Theories of Scholars in Pre-Qin Dynasty Chinese Literature 2004-07-12
Chun-yuan Wang Research and Applications of the Transmission Performance of Coupler-Driven Mechanisms with Sliders Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-13
Chun-Ta Wang A 3.3V 10-bit 50-MS/s Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter with Low-Deviation MDAC Electrical Engineering 2004-07-14
Yao-Ching Wang A Study of Key Success Factor for Tradition Industry to invest on Hi-tech Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach-A Case Study on Petrochemical Industry Company Business Management 2004-07-15
Chang-neng Wang The Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Learning Capability Human Resource Management 2004-07-14
Chao-Cheng Wang The effect of stock surveillance mechanism and enforcement measures. Finance 2004-07-19
Guo-yuan Wang A Study on the Diffusion of Innovation Characteristic in Digital Cable TV Early Adopters in Taiwan Area Communications Management 2004-07-21
Chun-Chieh Wang A microstructure analysis of pressureless sintered LiMn2O4 spinel Materials Science and Engineering 2004-07-22
Chwen-pyng Wang A Study of Class Interactions and Group Interactions in the Web-Based Class Information Management 2004-07-23
ching-yu wang Reuse of the public deserted spaces for the welfare institutions Public Affairs Management 2004-07-23
Yan-Lun Wang Performance Analysis of Improved Selective-Rake on Ultra-Wideband Channels Electrical Engineering 2004-07-23
Hung-Chi Wang Study of TiO2 Electrochromic Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2004-07-28
Chan-Mei WANG This research studies effects such as role pressure and burnout experienced by teachers as a result of the organizational transformation of Taiwanese vocational schools into general purpose high schools. Mainland China Studies 2004-07-28
Tse-yu wang The Study of the Current Implementation Status of the New Student Counseling System – The Experimental Integrated Project of Instruction, Discipline and Counseling in Elementary Schools in Tainan City. Education 2004-07-29
Yu-Min Wang Developing and Validating A KMS Success Model Information Management 2004-07-29
Hu-yi Wang Fast Exponentiation with Block-Shift Computing Method Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-29
Bao-Ren Wang Integration of LabVIEW to Monitor and Control of the Switched Reluctance Motor Electrical Engineering 2004-08-03
Yu-Tsai Wang Design of Microwave Filter Using Band-Gap Structures Electrical Engineering 2004-08-04
Ya-ling Wang Multiple-Instance Learning Image Database Retrieval employing Orthogonal Fractal Bases Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-08
Shih-Ming Wang Organic Carbon Biogeochemistry in the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2004-08-11
Hung-wen Wang Amperometric dectection of heparin and glucosamine in flow injection analysis Chemistry 2004-08-12
Jin-Bao Wang The study about improving service quality of Kaohsiung city water. Public Affairs Management 2004-08-06
Cheng-Jung Wang Problems and Solutions for Conducting Online Live Instruction Information Management 2004-08-16
Nien-hsuan Wang Research of the international New Gramscian School Political Science 2004-07-22
Liang-wei Wang Remediation of BTEX Contaminated Site by Air Sparging Environmental Engineering 2004-08-19
Chun-Yen Wang Geochemistry of Uranium and Thorium Isotopes in Marine Sediments off Taiwan and Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2004-08-23
Horng-yuan Wang Global competition strategy of best 2nd sporting goods brand –case of Winex Co., Ltd. IEMBA 2004-08-24
Che-hsiang Wang The Study of Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility Public Affairs Management 2004-08-25
Tso-Ping Wang The differentiation and gene delivery of adipocytes Biological Sciences 2004-08-27
Han-Chuan Wang none EMBA 2004-08-30
Te-hsing Wang Taiwan local-intergovernmemtal cooperation-"K-K-P tri-regional cooperation " case study Political Science 2004-09-15
Shang-ching Wang The adsorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Aquatic Plant (Naja gramunea Del.) Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-09-22
wen-liang Wang Dynamic Impacts of Environmental Regulation on Environmental-Competitiveness Relationship Economics 2005-01-08
Jau-Shyong Wang The Impact of Trust Model on Customer Loyalty—A Study of Direct Selling Industry Business Management 2005-01-19
Fu-tien Wang Architectural Integrated Business Process (AIBP) Approach making use of Software Architecture Information Management 2005-01-24
Chun-Hsiung Wang Governance, Local Decentralization and Regional Economic Development Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-01-31
Ching-Yi Wang The Effects of Reciprocal Instruction on EFL Reading Comprehension and Metacognition of Junior High School Students Education 2005-01-29
Jih-ching Wang The Research of the Relationship between the U.S., China and Taiwan After the 911 Incident Mainland China Studies 2005-01-26
Cheng-Haung Wang The effects of Calpain-Cdk5-p35 pathway inhibition on rat spinal cord injury, acute pain, and morphine tolerance Biological Sciences 2005-01-27
Cheng-Ying Wang The structure and composition, members'communication and trust relationship in transnational teams Human Resource Management 2005-02-17
Shu-fen Wang Cable TV System strategy of research in accordance to the Chunghwa Telecommunication MOD Service Communications Management 2005-02-19
Jean-jack Wang A Study of Current Operation of Resource Rooms of Public Elementary Schools in Kaohsiung Education 2005-02-17
Shu-Hui Wang The Financial Market Analysis After China Joined WTO: And The Possibility of Taiwanese Financial Industry into Chinese Market Mainland China Studies 2005-05-12
Chung-yi Wang The Discussion of The Anti-Bribery Policy Promotion of The Ministry of Justice for The Presidential Election in 2004 from The Point of View of Integrated Marketing Communication IEMBA 2005-06-08
Hsin-Ju Wang Constructing Performance Evaluation Criteria with AHP for Production Supervisors - A Case Study on Taiwan Paper Industry Human Resource Management 2005-06-17
Tzung-Yu Wang none Finance 2005-06-19
Ching-ping Wang Activity pattern and diet composition of Formosan macaques ( Macaca cyclopis ) at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2005-06-20
Chia-Hao Wang Digital Circuit Design of Wavelet- Probabilistic Network Algorithm for Power Systems Electrical Engineering 2005-06-21
Wu-Yi Wang Research on the Current Conditions and It’s Effectiveness of Educational Professional Teams for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped in Kaohsiung City EMPP 2005-06-24
Chung-yang wang TVEs and the Development of the Rural Economy in China:A Local State Corporatist Perspective Mainland China Studies 2005-06-27
Yung-chin Wang Development of Monitoring and Control System for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System Electrical Engineering 2005-06-28
Chih-Jung Wang The Study of Military Thoughts in I Ching Chinese Literature 2005-06-29
Shwu-bo Wang China's Maritime Strategy in South Pacific Region Mainland China Studies 2005-06-28
Ming-li Wang Performance Analysis of EM-Based SNR Estimator with Imperfect Synchronization Communications Engineering 2005-06-29
Chi-hua Wang The research of the government intervention to solve the market failure. Economics 2005-06-29
Fu-Min Wang Implementation of 2D Graphic Engine over Embedded LINUX Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-05
Sheng-min Wang Development of Large-Scale FDFD Method for Passive Optical Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-06
Chen-Yuan Wang The management research of American and Taiwan university arts center-and the dicussion of Sun Yat-sen university arts center Arts Management 2005-07-07
Tai-lai Wang Gene Dosage Analyses on Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Related to Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) on Chromosome 22q11 Region Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2005-07-07
Kuo-liang Wang Coupling between Ultra High-Power Laser Diodes and Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-11
Fong-San Wang Taiwan's Manpower Training and Research Industrial Structure Transformation(1980-2004) Economics 2005-07-07
Quo-Qang Wang A novel technology for manufacturing high performance and good reliability hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) TFT Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-07-08
Ting-Kuang Wang A Package-level Power Plane with Ultra-wide band Ground Bounce Noise Rejection Electrical Engineering 2005-07-11
Chia-Chang Wang Protein Structure Prediction Based on the Sliced Lattice Model Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-11
Hsin-Pao Wang The Analysis of Business Strategy of 7-ELEVEN in China by ”Sun Tzu on the Art of the War ” Business Management 2005-07-12
Chen-Hsien Wang Research on Public Value of Kaohsiung Police Agency Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Chih-Hung Wang A Study of Polyimide Self-assembly Technology for Three-dimensional Micro Structure Applications Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
I-wen Wang The Study of the Development of Female Non-Governmental Organizations in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2005-07-20
Jiunn-Kai WANG The research about our lobby legislation Political Science 2005-07-20
Jen-Pei Wang The Study of Military Organization and It`s Institutionalization in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2005-07-08
Miao-Ju Wang The relationship between self-image congruence and tourists' purchase intention Business Management 2005-07-20
Chiao-ru Wang none Public Affairs Management 2005-07-20
Pai-Chieh Wang Design of Antennas for Radio Frequency Identification and Analysis of Power Coupling Effects Electrical Engineering 2005-07-25
You-min Wang Studies on the Grinding Characteristics of Ball by Using Eccentric Ultra-Precision Ball Grinding Machine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-25
Sheng-chung Wang Investment Decision Support with Dynamic Bayesian Networks Information Management 2005-07-25
Ying-ni Wang none Finance 2005-07-25
Chun-yu Wang Developing a liquid crystal lens with tunable focal length and type of focus by controlling the electric field distribution. Physics 2005-07-28
Hung-Chieh Wang Cross-Organizational Emergency Response Management by Composing Web Services with BPEL4WS Information Management 2005-07-28
Sin-chang Wang none Communications Management 2005-07-29
Ching-ping Wang Optimal Dynamic Asset Allocation and Optimal Insurance Design under Value at Risk Constraint Finance 2005-07-29
Tsung-Shing Wang Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of DNA Deposited on Mica Surfaces:Conformation Study and Interaction with Type I Topoisomerase Chemistry 2005-08-02
Shin Wang Preference-Anchored Document clustering Technique for Supporting Effective Knowledge and Document Management Information Management 2005-08-03
Chiung-yean Wang Studies on the hypolipidemic and antioxidative effects of different species of Dioscorea in hyperlipidemia hamsters Biological Sciences 2005-08-03
Bo-sen Wang High performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry analysis difference teas Chemistry 2005-08-04
Chih-ying Wang Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the sediments of the coastal areas along the southwestern Taiwan. Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-08-05
Chia-Ching Wang Constructing an E-mail Classifier Based on User's Preferences with Adaptive Learning Information Management 2005-07-28
Ping-Chih Wang The Evaluation of the Material Deterioration of the Boiler Tubes. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-09
Chih-chiang Wang Prepainted galvanized steel sheet and color steel sheet in steel industry compete advantage to study-- Case Yiehphui Company Study Business Management 2005-08-10
Jui-Chi Wang Impacts of Human Resource Strategy in Business Product Life Cycle Human Resource Management 2005-08-12
Li-li Wang Firms' Product Pre-announcements and Compatibility Strategy in the Presence of Network Externality Economics 2005-08-11
Yu-chieh Wang Spatial and temporal variability of organic carbon metabolism in Kaoping Coastal Sea and northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2005-08-04
Yuh-En Wang Tyzen Hsiao's Cantata: The Prodigal Son Music 2005-08-17
Chun-wei Wang The relationship among industrial environment, business resources and capabilities, and competitive strategy--A case study of the security service firm Human Resource Management 2005-08-18
Yung-Ming Wang A Study of Competitive Strategy Sustain the IC Design Companies Business Management 2005-08-19
Fan-Keng Wang The study of China's Rising and America's Asia-Pacific safety strategy:Viewpoint of Geopolitics EMPP 2005-08-26
Jin-Shi Wang Pington Sustainable Development strategy Public Affairs Management 2005-08-24
Hui-Ju Wang The Impact of e-Learning Environment on Learning Outcomes-Based on SECI Model of Knowledge Creation Information Management 2005-08-23
Chin-lin Wang Customer Relationship Management as aspect of Information Sharing Applications: A Case Study of China Steel Corporation Information Management 2005-08-27
Yu-jen Wang The Composed Index of Mutual Fund And The Active Monitor of Fund Performance Finance 2005-08-29
Yi-Ming Wang none IEMBA 2005-08-30
Min-Min Wang Analysis Investigation of Immediately Established Emergency Outdoor Fever Triage Service for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Kaohsiung Medical Center Hospital EMBA 2005-08-29
Kuang-Ming Wang A NetFlow Based Internet-worm Detecting System in Large Network Computer Science and Engineering 2005-09-04
Jhih-Jian Wang Design and Implementation of a Low-cost DVB Channel Decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2005-09-06
Shin-yuan WANG Induction of apoptosis in malignant brain tumor cell by heat shock and all trans retinoic acid Biological Sciences 2005-11-01
Neng-pin Wang Reliability Analysis and Cost Benefit Evaluation of Reliability Enhancement for an Industrial Power Systems Electrical Engineering 2005-11-26
Pei-wen Wang Genomic and Proteomic Studies on Patients with Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2005-12-12
yiwen wang The study of Organizational Innovation and Human Resource Management Human Resource Management 2006-01-06
Peng Wang A comparative study on international education aid between Tzu Chi Foundation and World Vision Taiwan. Education 2006-01-18
Ying-siou Wang The analysis and the influence of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet K. V. 581. Music 2006-01-23
Chih-hung Wang A Study on the Different Schema between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Partner— a Fitness-landscape Perspective Business Management 2006-01-19
Kuang-tsai Wang Managerial Ownership and Risk for Holding Banks Business Management 2006-02-06
Ya-Hui Wang The Relationship among Psychological Contracts, Job Availability in Free Labor Market, and Employee Knowledge Learning Aspirations. Human Resource Management 2006-02-07
Chun-Chih Wang The determinants of the interest rates and the number of participants in Taiwan syndicated market. Finance 2006-02-06
Li-Jung Wang A Study of Manpower Dispatched Model Human Resource Management 2006-02-07
Tung-sheng Wang The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication on Taiwan modern theater—A case study of Ping-Fong Action Troupe Arts Management 2006-02-07
Ling-lie Wang The Influence of Training on Organizational Performance:Empirical Samples from Financial Industry in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2006-02-07
Mei-hsiu Wang Financial Feasibility Analysis of BOT Special Project ─ Use Garden of Culture and Sports of Taipei (The Taipei Dome Complex of Song Shan Tobacco Factory) as a Study Case Business Management 2006-02-08
wen-tsui wang The Study of the Cultural Tourism as a Strategy for Regional Development--A Case Study of Kaohsiung City,Kaohsiung County,Pintung County Political Science 2006-02-09
Hong-ping Wang A study of defense reform in communist china during post cold war Mainland China Studies 2006-04-10
Yen-Hsueh Wang A Study of Textbooks' Content of Taiwanes Language in Middle Grade of Elementary School. Education 2006-06-02
Ching-hui Wang The Effect of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on knowledge sharing - A moderator of organizational change satisfaction Human Resource Management 2006-06-05
Rong-yi Wang Nonmonotone Multivalued Mappings Applied Mathematics 2006-06-02
Man-yi Wang The effect of perceptions of organizational politics on knowledge sharing - A mediator of organizational changing satisfaction Human Resource Management 2006-06-15
Guo-Yuan Wang High Performance Roaming Service in Wireless Local Area Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2006-06-22
Ying-hsuan Wang Investigation of Resistant Factors in the Process of Organizational Change---A Case Study of Vanguard Security Group Business Management 2006-06-26
Jin-Fu Wang A Hopfield-Tank Neural Network Approach to Solving the Mobile Agent Planning Problem Computer Science and Engineering 2006-06-27
Cheng-chia Wang The effect of slotting allowance on channel competition:An application of two-stage game Economics 2006-06-27
Hsueh-o Wang Planning for Curved-Surface Milling and Surface Profile Measurement by Taguchi Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-30
Tzu-Wei Wang Study on Internal Control Applying “Viewpoints of Architecture”– Selecting L Company as a Case Study Information Management 2006-07-03
Tzung-Chi Wang Development of Acoustic Modulation Microscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-01
Yi-Ching Wang none Chinese Literature 2006-07-04
Chia-Chun Wang Ecologyical development and strategy research of IC design industry. Business Management 2006-07-05
Hsu-Lin Wang The Application of Outage Management Systems to Distribution Feeder Loss Analysis Electrical Engineering 2006-07-05
Yuan-Heng Wang Pyrolytic study of 6-benzylfulvene and its benzofuran analogues Chemistry 2006-07-05
Wei-Lin Wang Phase-Transformation-Induced Twins in Lanthanum Gallate Perovskite (LaGaO3) Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-05
Li-Ting Wang Spectra of the Semiconductor Lasers subjected to Optical Feedback Physics 2006-07-04
Tsung-chi Wang The Research of Manufacturing Resource Planners’ Functional Competency – Case Study for A Company Business Management 2006-07-10
Long-wei Wang Voltage-Current Based Features for Power Quality Detection by Using Artificial Intelligence Electrical Engineering 2006-07-10
Jin-kye Wang The profitability analysis of Taiwan FPC’s public offer firms Finance 2006-07-11
Yi-Siang Wang An ID-Tree Index Strategy for Information Filtering in Web-Based Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-10
Lai-lung Wang Exploration Of China`s Foreign Strategy “Peaceful Rise” Mainland China Studies 2006-07-12
Tui-En Wang An inverse nodal problem on semi-infinite intervals Applied Mathematics 2006-07-07
Hsiu-Chi Wang A hybrid genetic algorithm for automatic test data generation Information Management 2006-07-13
Hsin-I Wang Interfacial Reactions of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Ballin BGA Package at 175℃ aging Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-14
Jau-Ren Wang Convergence Analysis of BAM on Laplace BVP with Singularities Applied Mathematics 2006-07-17
Ching-i Wang An NA-tree Approach to Answering the Spatial Exact Match Query in P2P Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-17
Li-Kuan Wang The structural elements of human visinin-like proteins functionally affect its conformational transition and regulate the activity of guanylyl cyclase Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2006-07-18
Sheng-ho Wang A Novel Scheme of LPOF by Jointing an Aspheric Plastic Lens and a Plastic Fiber Using Laser Transmission Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-18
How-chieh Wang none Chinese Literature 2006-07-18
Chih-Yu Wang Frequency Locking of Two Laser Diodes to Femtosecond Frequency Comb-Frequency standard of THz Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-07-17
Jiann-hwa Wang A Study of the Relationship between Customer's Expected Future Use, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention on ADSL Broadband Internet Service- A Case of Greater Kaohsiung Area. Business Management 2006-07-18
Kai-en Wang none Chemistry 2006-07-19
Ruoh-yun Wang none Chemistry 2006-07-19
Hsing-Kuo Wang The Relationship among Human Capital, Social Capital, Innovative Capability and Organizational Performance-Evidence from the Commercial Banks in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2006-07-24
Sheng-yuan Wang Predicting consumers' intention to buy second-hand clothes and accessories online: A comparison of online shoppers and environmentalists Public Affairs Management 2006-07-24
Wei-Bin Wang Empirical analysis of the reasons cause the Digital Divide of residential internet access in Taiwan Economics 2006-07-27
Shun-sheng Wang Low-Complexity Timing and Frequency Offset Estimation Schemes for OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2006-07-28
Jui-Ping Wang The Study of Software Outsourcing Institute:With A Case Study of Taiwan Steel Industries Information Management 2006-07-26
Kuei-hsiang Wang The Research of the Evaluation Indication for the Principals of Kaohsiung Municipal Elementary School Education 2006-07-19
Jiun-hau Wang A kernel-based fuzzy clustering algorithm and its application in classification Electrical Engineering 2006-07-25
I-Chia Wang "I" or "WE"? A comparative analysis of individualism in Taiwanese and U.S. print advertisements. Communications Management 2006-07-28
Ching-wen Wang The Impact of Enterprise characteristic on Resource allocation of Software project Information Management 2006-08-04
Hsiao-Ting Wang Structural Study of 4-(2-Pyridylmethylaminomethyl)- imidazolyl and 4-(2-Pyridylmethyliminomethyl)- imidazolyl Metal (Zn, Cu, Ni) Complexes Chemistry 2006-08-04
Kuan-hsun Wang Study of Tourism Development and Media Marketing in the Urban Tourism-A Case Study of the Love River in Kaohsiung City EMPP 2006-08-04
Jhong-yi Wang Speaker and Emotion Recognition System of Gaussian Mixture Model Electrical Engineering 2006-08-01
Ren-Yi Wang A Study of the Relationships between Vegetation Types and Environmental Factors at Jhuokou River Basin Biological Sciences 2006-08-06
Yi-Ju Wang The study of applying wavelet transform to fiber optic sensors Electrical Engineering 2006-08-07
Hsiu-Lin Wang The body concept intelligentsia of the Wei-Jin Dynasty Chinese Literature 2006-08-14
Kuei-chen Wang Legal Analysis of Labor Pension Fund Sup-Committee Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-15
Yi-tung Wang 24 hoyrs a day,365 days a year,a resident staying longer than the patient--the hospital career of alien nursing work Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-18
Sen-Hung Wang An Interference Cancellation Scheme for Carrier Frequency Offsets Compensation in the Uplink of OFDMA systems Communications Engineering 2006-08-20
Sieng-Siang Wang Design of Suspension and Steering Mechanisms for All Terrain Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-24
Yung-Bin Wang The studies of DMFC Application to Portable Power Sources Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-24
Pi-Huan Wang Beisong Xin Jiu Dang Zheng Yu Cixue Chinese Literature 2006-09-01
Kuo-bin Wang Performance Comparison of OFDMA and Complementary Code Based CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2006-09-03
Chi-yin Wang The Theoretical Studies and Numerical Simulations Of The Effects Of Heterogeneous Composite Carbon Fiber Bipolar Plates And Traditional Hard Surface Bipolar Plates On The Flow Field Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-04
Jun-Hour Wang Examining the relationship among learning organization characteristics, organizational innovation and organizational performance:with the financial services industry of the automobile as an example Information Management 2006-09-05
Hui-Ping Wang The M3 Perspective of Crisis Management: Three Cases Business Management 2006-09-06
Long-Cheng Wang A Design of Multi-Session, Text Independent, TV-Recorded Audio-Video Database for Speaker Recognition Electrical Engineering 2006-09-07
Shu-Li Wang The Design and Implementation of Web-based VoIP System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-10
Ping Wang Po-210 and Pb-210 in the Planktons of the Northern South China Sea and the Luzon Strait: Distribution and radioactive Disequilibrium Marine Geology and chemistry 2006-09-15
Chun-hsien Wang Applying Fuzzy Analytic Network Process for Evaluating High-Tech Firms Technology Innovation Performances Business Management 2006-12-11
Chih-Yung Wang Issuing of subordinated debts and market discipline Business Management 2006-12-18
Chih-Tien Wang Study on the interactions between submerged bodies and wave-current by a nonlinear numerical wave tank approach Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-01-17
Chi-lin Wang Essay On Lifetime Income Of Buddhist Economics 2007-01-17
Yen-ting Wang none Chinese Literature 2007-01-24
Chi-Hsuan Wang none Chinese Literature 2007-01-29
Er-wei Wang The Revaluation of Stock Price and Company - The Application of EVA Finance 2007-01-29
I-Chou Wang Correlation of Electrophysiologic Study and Nociceptive Test in Rats of Experimental Constriction Neuropathy Following POMC Gene Therapy Biological Sciences 2007-01-27
Tain-de Wang The Observation of Dislocation Morphologies in Asymmetric Strain of IF Steel Materials Science and Engineering 2007-01-30
Wei-ning Wang Technological Progress and Organizational Change: An Empirical Study in Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Economics 2007-02-02
Hui-Tsen Wang The relationship among coporate social responsibility and coporate competition Human Resource Management 2007-01-31
Kuei-Chun Wang The study on the economic factors and land value of real estate market –Taking Kaohsiung city as an example Economics 2007-02-02
Pi-chen Wang Foreign Investment and management strategy for mainland China's Enterprises:A case study of Haier. Mainland China Studies 2007-02-06
Lei-Ya Wang The relationship between personality, emotion management methods and job burnout-the case of cosmetics salewomen Human Resource Management 2007-02-08
Chien-chih Wang Mobile Location Method Using Least Range and Clustering Techniques for NLOS Environments Computer Science and Engineering 2007-02-09
Hsin-i Wang A study of François Couperin’s “L’art de toucher le clavecin” Music 2007-02-11
Jiun-hau Wang Observation and analysis of flow variations in the mouth of Kao-Ping River Physical Oceanography 2007-02-12
Chun-chieh Wang A Dynamic Game Model for the Coexistence of Mutiple-Period Lemon Market and New Car Market Economics 2007-06-14
Cheng-han Wang After-purchase Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention of Mobile Phones - A Case Study of University Students Business Management 2007-06-21
Cheng-chin Wang A Study of Internet User's Acceptance on Voice Over Internet Protocol Business Management 2007-06-20
Shun-en Wang none Business Management 2007-06-21
Wen-Shui Wang Toponymy about Chinese word of "LU" in Taiwan Chinese Literature 2007-06-22
Chun-fu Wang The application of phage display technique in oral cancer treatment Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-06-23
Sheng-Shian Wang D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with weight function exp(alpha x) Applied Mathematics 2007-06-25
Chih-Yuan Wang The Taiwan Agricultural Biotechnology Competitive Advantage Analysis of a case study EMBA 2007-06-27
Pei-ling Wang A Study of the Relationship among Foreign Investment, Financial Constraints and Investment Finance 2007-06-25
Hsiu-Lin Wang The transformation of Airline's resource and competitive advantage Business Management 2007-06-26
Chien-Chung Wang An Efficient Scheme for Processing Arbitrary Lumped Multi-Port Devices in the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method Electrical Engineering 2007-06-27
Yu-wun Wang An Examination of the Relationship between Oil Price and Income in Taiwan by Threshold Vector Error Correction Model. Economics 2007-06-27
Ching-lin Wang Study of initial return performance with public price information before OTC and listed markets Business Management 2007-06-27
Yung-chang Wang Coast Guard Administration website how to adjust their system to handle the Strait relations and future development . EMBA 2007-06-27
Jyun-Yuan Wang A MCDM Method for Selecting an ERP Consultant Company and Consultant Information Management 2007-07-03
Jen-li Wang Luminescence properties of white-emitting phosphor SrSiO3 doped Dy3+ for use in white LEDs Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-04
Yu-Chi Wang Expression of Immune-Related Genes in the Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei and Their odulation by beta-glucan via Oral Administration Marine Biology 2007-07-04
Chien-ming Wang Closed-Form Solutions of Dielectric Waveguides with Micro Bends Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-04
Jung-Shin Wang Fabrication of pyramid textures as anti-reflection layer on single crystal silicon solar cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-06
Chih-jen Wang On the invertibility of linear sums of two idempotents and of two square zero operators Applied Mathematics 2007-07-09
Shin-Mei Wang Studies on the gene expression of chlorophyll a/b-binding protein (LhcII) and photosystem I subunit III (psaF) in Ulva fasciata Marine Biology 2007-07-10
Hsin-i Wang The Effect of Experiential Marketing on Customer Loyalty : Moderated by Involvement, Consumers’Life Styles and Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics(CVPA) Business Management 2007-07-15
Chien-Yu Wang Utilization Of Deformable Templates In Real-Time Face Tracking System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-16
Hong-Gia Wang Electro-characteristics of large-sized LED using TR-EL mapping and laser cutting Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-17
Chih-chia Wang Study on the Novel Red Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-17
Chiung-Yao Wang none EMBA 2007-07-17
Sheng-yi Wang Investigating Periodically Poled Ferroelectric Crystal Fiber with Second Harmonic Microscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-15
Yeun-wen Wang A Study on Supervision and Administration of Private Participation in Major Transportation Facilities -the Case of Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit- Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-07-18
Hsiu-hao Wang A Probe into Taiwan’s “Mini Three Links” Policy Mainland China Studies 2007-07-19
Chang-chin Wang Transient Analysis on Structural Responses of Solder Joints under High-Speed Impact Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-19
Chia-hsi Wang Characteristics of Gas-born Ammonia Removal and Oxidation by a Biotrickling Filter and a Fern-chip Packed Biofilter Environmental Engineering 2007-07-20
Chiao-mei Wang Applying Point-Based Principal Component Analysis on Orca Whistle Detection Undersea Technology 2007-07-23
Weng-chen Wang none Chinese Literature 2007-07-20
Ming-Yi Wang Application of real-time scheduling on 10Mbps Automotive Electronic Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-07-23
Mei-hua Wang The Effects of Dictionary Skills Instruction on Reading Comprehension of Junior High EFL Students in Taiwan Foreign Language and Literature 2007-07-22
Pei-yu Wang Correlation between morphology and mechanical properties of denture resins cured by different methods Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-24
Wen-cheng Wang Random Hopping for Cognitive Radio Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-25
Tzu-chieh Wang Constructing A Competence-based Model for Choosing Engineering Professional – A Case of C Company Human Resource Management 2007-07-25
Yuan-Hung Wang Research on Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter for Precision Measurement Electrical Engineering 2007-07-26
Wan-jung Wang Credit Risk Valuation:.A Research with the KMV model -EDF for Taiwan Electronic Companies Finance 2007-07-23
Ren-You Wang Study on the Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanism of Nanocrystal Nonvolatile Memory Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-01
Bo-Chin Wang (ㄧ)Pyrolytic Study of 2-Methoxy-N-(arenylidene)anilines (二)Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 2-Thiomethoxy-N-(arenylidene)anilines Chemistry 2007-08-01
Jiunn-Dean Wang The Studying Of The Urban Resort Hotel ’s marketing and positioning-Instance,The Ambassador Hotel EMBA 2007-08-02
Jung-Tien Wang The Marketing Management for the New Medicine on the Market--The Study Focus on the Medicine of the Rheumatoid Arthritis IEMBA 2007-08-06
Chung-wei Wang Analysis of tube hydraulic bulge forming of zinc coppers and carbon steels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-07
Cyun-fu Wang Perturbation Analysis of Three-dimensional Short-crested Waves in Lagrangian Form Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-08-08
Tsui-hsia Wang none Mainland China Studies 2007-08-09
Jen-chung Wang First Principle Calculation with Interpolating Scaling Function on Adaptive Gridding Physics 2007-08-09
Chi-kung Wang none Public Affairs Management 2007-08-13
Le-Jen Wang Key Performance Indicators Construction for Printing Industry- A Case Study In Printing Company. EMBA 2007-08-15
Shing-hwa Wang Analysis of Oil Industry Competition in Taiwan - A case Study of A company EMBA 2007-07-24
Ho-mu Wang The Exploration and Study of innovation and R&D of toys and children appliances EMBA 2007-08-17
Yun-ya Wang The Concept and Practice of Composing for Chinese Traditional Instruments─Analysis of My Works Music 2007-08-22
Li-kuang Wang Raman spectra of GaN on different substrates Physics 2007-08-19
Lei-chiung Wang The effect of Tubocapsanolide A on the colorectal cancer cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-08-24
Sung-chieh Wang Applications of Cost Function-Based Particle Filters for Maneuvering Target Tracking Electrical Engineering 2007-08-23
Chun-kai Wang Management of Gateway Routers in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-24
Chiu-chu Wang Strategic Planning and Budget Management of Small and Medium Businesses –A Case Study of W Company Finance 2007-08-28
Bo-seng Wang A Field Experimental Study of Mooring Line Tension on an In-situ Single Point Mooring Net Cage Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-08-28
Jen-hui Wang Reconstruction of Protein Backbone with the α-arbon Coordinates Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-28
Chung-Hua Wang A Case Study of Business Strategies for Cyber Café's future EMBA 2007-08-29
E-ming Wang Association of Fas-Related Apoptosis Pathway Genes with the Risk for Gastric Cancer Biological Sciences 2007-09-01
Dian-chen Wang Correlation between artificial buying desire and some of its influential variables, different price promotion on nth good and different buying motivation Business Management 2007-09-05
San-ming Wang A Design of Mandarin Speech Recognition System for Addresses in Taiwan,Hong Kong and China Electrical Engineering 2007-09-06
Wei-ling Wang The influence of temperature in the neuronal development of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-05
Ming-yi Wang none Human Resource Management 2007-09-06
Mei-chuan Wang The Influence of the Personality Characteristic on Job Satisfaction, Organization Commitment and Turnover Tendency among the Different Generation Employees Human Resource Management 2007-09-10
Li-wen Wang none Chinese Literature 2007-09-07
Yao-chun Wang Study on the nano-structure pattern of Poly(L-lactide)/Polyethylene polymer system with different concentrations by the combination of Molecular Dynamics and Dissipative particle dynamics simulations Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-11
Jyh-shyan Wang none Finance 2007-09-12
Ta-chang Wang The Feasibility Study of Nano-sized TiO2 Glassfiber Filter for the Treatment of Indoor VOCs Environmental Engineering 2007-09-12
shu-chuan wang Appraising Taiwan's Financial Supervisory System from the Twice Financial Reform Economics 2007-09-12
Li-Wen Wang Inter-annual variability of marine biogeochemistry at the SEATS site: application of a one-dimensional coupled physical-biogeochemical model Marine Geology and chemistry 2007-09-12
Chung-ting Wang Numerical Simulation and Experimental Test of Nanoindentation Analysis on Metal Thin Film Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-10-24
Ming-Chang Wang Order Strategy, Price Formation and Order Book Information in an Order-Driven Market Finance 2007-12-06
Chien-chou Wang AHB On-Chip Bus Protocol Checker Computer Science and Engineering 2007-12-12
Chang-Yu Wang Clinical Significance of C-Reactive Protein Concentration in the Serum of Esophageal Cancer Patients Treated with Radiotherapy Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2007-12-24
Yi-hsuan Wang Effect of aluminum on peroxidase isozyme in two rice cultivars Biological Sciences 2008-01-14
Yung-Sheng Wang Synthetic Studies toward Cerpegin, Actinidine and Camptothecin Chemistry 2008-01-19
Jui-Yann Wang The study of phytoremediation for soils contaminated by pyrene Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-01-24
Shiu-Wen Wang The Effects of Rubbing Strength on Electro-Optical Properties of Vertical Alignment Liquid Crystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-01-24
Chun-shen Wang A study of community resident’s participation behavior model Public Affairs Management 2008-01-27
Sheng-Ti Wang A Study of Different Perceptions on Informed Consent between Physicians and Patients Institute of Health Care Management 2008-01-28
Sheng-wen Wang The effects of ultraviolet radiation, salinity and nitrate on the production of mycosporine-like amino acids in Alexandrium minutum Halim ( Dinoflagellate ) Marine Biology 2008-01-28
Wen-te Wang On the Road to Discovery: Tom Jones and Property Foreign Language and Literature 2008-01-28
Hong-Ming Wang Probing the Physiological Role of RNA A-to-I Editing–Regulation of Editing Frequency by Heat Shock Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-01-30
Jui-Lin Wang The Impact of Interpersonal attraction on Customer-to-Customer Interactions in Service Settings Business Management 2008-02-12
Chen-chao Wang A Time Domain Approach for Effective Synthesizing of Broadband SPICE-Compatible Models of the Power Delivery Networks with Resonance Effect Electrical Engineering 2008-02-12
Chien-hua Wang none Human Resource Management 2008-02-12
Hong-Sin Wang Performance Evaluation of A Distributed Job Scheduling and Resource Management Method Electrical Engineering 2008-02-14
Chen-I Wang The study on the development drives and investment location determinants of multinational corporations – Illustrated by the case of Want-Want group Mainland China Studies 2008-03-17
Hsin-Kai Wang Studies of the characteristics of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Kaohsiung city and at rural sites in Central Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2008-05-12
Yuan-yuan Wang Shang Yang's Political Thought Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-18
Chung-wei Wang none Economics 2008-06-24
Sheng-Chih Wang Electroreflectance spectra of AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructure Physics 2008-06-30
Wei-Hung Wang Experimental Study on the Orbital Motion Induced by Internal Solitary Wave IAMPUT 2008-07-04
Chunling Wang Sin and Repentance of Malory's Knights: Lancelot and Gawain Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-07
Chun-chi Wang Fabrication of Spacers for Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Using Photolithographic Technique and A Study of Their Characteristics Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-15
Fa-Ping Wang A Novel Adaptive Scheme for Widening the Stable Input Range of a Sigma-Delta Modulator Electrical Engineering 2008-07-15
Yen-ping Wang A study of a role within internal control, internal review for accountants of R. O. C Military—A Case Study Based on One Unite Finance 2008-07-16
Chen-kuo Wang none Communications Management 2008-07-17
Hsiao-lun Wang The Relationship Between Emotional Appeal and the Adoption of Innovative Service Business Management 2008-07-19
Chien-Hsiung Wang The Study of High Brightness and Color Purity White light Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-21
Yao-chung Wang The Effect of Technology Compatibility on the Use of KMS Information Management 2008-07-23
Chin-chiu Wang none EMBA 2008-07-24
Jheng-Jie Wang none Finance 2008-07-25
Fu-sheng Wang By Multinational Corporations of Global Logistics Management Strategy Studys Conjunction Cooperation Mechanism─As Object With (H) Electrical Engineering Company. EMBA 2008-07-23
Chien-yu Wang Patent Application Process Modelling -A Case Study of A Company Information Management 2008-07-30
Jing-Hui Wang Investigation of Joule Heat Induced in Micro CE Chips Using Advanced Optical Microscopy and the Methods for Separation Performance Improvement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-30
Chen-yee Wang Earning management of Business Groups and Consilidated Financial Statement - The effect of modified SFAS No.7 Business Management 2008-08-01
Wei-Jhe Wang Study of mechanical behavior of metallic glasses Mg-Cu-Y using nano-indenter Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-07
Chung-Yuan Wang Evaluating Suitability of ERP System: A Case Study of Golf Manufacturers -A Company Information Management 2008-08-11
Wei-Cheng Wang Performance Analysis of Enhanced Index Funds – The Innovative "Multi-section Adjustment" Building Model Finance 2008-08-18
Yu-Ling Wang none Business Management 2008-08-22
Shu-ya Wang Associations among Ingratiatory, values and Employees' Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Leader-Member Exchange as a modiating variable Human Resource Management 2008-08-21
Jui-Lan Wang The enterprise evaluation of insurance business in China- using China Life as an example Finance 2008-08-23
Chi-chao Wang Prototype Research to Improve Online Medical Literature Search Interface Information Management 2008-08-22
Yen-sheng Wang The investigation of the relation between conformation and spectroscopic properties of MDMO-PPV dilute solution Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-08-26
Yu-Shin Wang An Implementation of Distributed Generation Series Grid Interconnection Module Electrical Engineering 2008-08-28
Pei-chiung Wang A Study of the influence of Perceptions of Organization Politics on Organizational Cynicism and on Organizational Citizenship Behavior : The Moderation Effects of Understanding and Perceived Control Human Resource Management 2008-08-29
Chao-chun Wang A study of the risk factors on mental cognition and environmental influences for the first-time adult male drug users-Taking drug offenders in the Penghu Prison of Taiwan as an example Public Affairs Management 2008-08-30
Ter-min Wang Determination of the triarylmethanes and corresponding metabolites in aquatic animal tissues by high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-09-01
Cheng-ching Wang Association of Polymorphisms of Oxidant-related Genes, Plasma Total Antioxidant Capacity, and Dietary Antioxidant Intakes with the Risk of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-09-05
Hong-rong Wang none EMPP 2008-09-08
Tsung-hsien Wang Study on Lubricating Properties of Emulsions in EHL Contacts Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-07
Sheng-Fu Wang Automatic Segmentation and Identification of Mixed-Language Speech Using delta-BIC and Support Vector Machines Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-09
Yu-Fang Wang None. Human Resource Management 2008-09-11
Yong-siang Wang The research of the high aspect ratio of a micron size round pin Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-09
Tsu-Shun Wang The application of the cage aquaculture security system in the marine park Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-12-11
Wen-Cheng Wang Source contributions of suspended particles using Air Quality Model and Receptor Model Environmental Engineering 2008-12-21
Tzu-wei Wang The Relationships between Business Environment, Strategy, and Performance: An Identification of Opportunities and Threats Finance 2009-01-14
Ru-mei Wang Influences of periodical ocean current on water turbine performance Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-19
Shao-i Wang Life History Trait and Growth Pattern of a Tripterygiid (Enneapterygius minutus) Population in the Seagrass Meadow on Green Island, Taiwan Marine Biology 2009-02-05
Ting-wen Wang Relationship between employer image and organizational attractiveness as an employer: the moderating effects of the similarity between job seekers’ and organizations’ personality and others’ opinion. Human Resource Management 2009-02-06
Pin-Wen Wang Between Imagination and the Reality of Daily Lifeworld: Alfred. Schutz on Don Quixote Philosophy 2009-02-09
Wei-hua Wang Study of Tidal Phase and Amplitude Characteristic in Kaohsiung Harbor and Central Taiwan Strait Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-02-10
Shu-Wei Wang The research for the victory factors of the basic level election of Taiwan Township Mayor – The specific case upon Gao-Shu Township, Ping-Tung County Political Science 2009-02-09
Kai-sen Wang Study on the key success factors for developing attire of healthful material EMBA 2009-06-03
Bi-yi Wang Bioeconomic analysis of Argentine shortfin squid, Illex argentinus in the Southwest Atlantic. Economics 2009-06-14
Jhy-cheng Wang Effectiveness on Education and Training of Store Staff in Convenient Franchise Chain StoresStudy of Critical Success Factors - Example of a Convenient Store EMBA 2009-06-15
I-ju Wang Analyzing Mainland China`s MICE Industry: A Case Study on Guangxi ICAPS 2009-06-15
Jyun-Ying Wang Bidirectional Transceiver Modules on the Silicon Bench for WDM applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-06-24
Ching-lin Wang FlexRay Automotive Communication System Physical Layer Chip Design and A High Efficiency DC/DC Buck Converter with Sub-3 × VDD Electrical Engineering 2009-07-01
Chen-wen Wang Effects of Automoblie Tailpipe Emissions in the Hsuehshan Tunnel on the Air Quality of Neighboring Areas Using ADMS Model Environmental Engineering 2009-06-30
Tien-ming Wang A Study on Taiwan LCD Driver IC Industry-Case Study on Novatek EMBA 2009-07-04
Yu-Chung Wang A Study of the ESCO Commercial Model in Taiwan EMBA 2009-07-10
Hsian-jen Wang Magnetic domain evolution in nanoscale disk Physics 2009-07-13
Ruey-shyang Wang none Communications Management 2009-07-14
Wen-yen Wang A Sleep Staging Method Based on Single Channel EOG Signal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-15
Ying-chieh Wang Study of Undoped and Fe-doped AlGaN/GaN Grown by MOVPE at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Physics 2009-07-16
Jen-feng Wang AHI prediction improvement by oxyhemoglobin desaturation features with new baseline definition and EEG wake information Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-17
Hui-chi Wang SMD Type Metallic Reflection Cup LED Component on the Application of Backlight Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-17
Hsiu-chin Wang Grade Difference of Reading Motivation among elementary Students: The Role of Academic Stress Education 2009-07-21
Shin-guo Wang The Crystallization of Side Chain Effect on the Performances of Poly(3-dodecylthiophene)/fullerene “Bulk Heterojunction” Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-21
Shih-chang Wang Near-field spectroscopic study of Cr:YAG double-clad crystal fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-23
Chao-huang Wang Two Variants of Self-Organizing Map and Their Applications in Image Quantization and Compression Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-22
Chin-hsien Wang A multi-agent Based Fault Location Detection of Distribution Network with Distributed Generations Electrical Engineering 2009-07-24
Fu-Kang Wang RF Sensing and Receiving Circuits for a Cognitive Radio Electrical Engineering 2009-07-26
Hsiu-kai Wang none Economics 2009-07-26
Wei Wang Mapping of ESD Induced Defects on LEDs with Optical Beam Induced Current Microscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-29
Chih-wei Wang Influence of Pre-treatment and Post-treatment of TiO2 Photoanode on the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Chemistry 2009-08-03
Jin-kye Wang Evalutation of Different Fermentation Medthods on the Yield and Cost Effectiveness for Recombinant HDGF Production Biological Sciences 2009-08-03
Shiou-Ping Wang Associated Factors of Utilization of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Psychiatric Patients of Chronic Ward. EMBA 2009-08-04
Szu-wen Wang An Inquiry on Types of Shoppers and Their Choices over the Same-Product-Category Stores in a Mega Mall in Southern Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-10
Hsin-hui Wang The Investigation on Creativity Related Factors of Urban Indigenous Students Education 2009-08-12
Li-na Wang none EMBA 2009-08-18
Yung-hsu Wang none Chinese Literature 2009-08-18
Hung-hsiang Wang A study on the nano-composite material structures of Polyethylene/Carbon Nanotubes at different concentrations by Dissipative Particle Dynamics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-19
Po-Cheng Wang Automatic Attribute Clustering and Feature Selection Based on Genetic Algorithms Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-21
Yu-Ning Wang Empowerment of IT Manager and Performance Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-20
Chung-wei Wang The study of efficiency comparison for Distance transformations with applications Electrical Engineering 2009-08-26
Chau-sywan Wang Automation Control System Channel Partner Co-opetition -- Taking the A Company as Example EMBA 2009-08-26
Wei-ming Wang From Economic Experience View on the Preparation and Map Out of a Military Museum EMPP 2009-08-31
Peng-su Wang The Influence of Employee Work Attitudes in Variable Pay, Risk Preferences and Pay Satisfaction Human Resource Management 2009-09-03
Yen-wen Wang A Study on Development of Employment Sercurity System in Taiwan-The Perspective of Social Democratic Welfare Theory Political Science 2009-09-07
Yueh-hua Wang The Two Kinds of Caring in The Peony Pavilion and The Dream of The Red Chamber --- “emotion” and “women” Chinese Literature 2009-09-08
Ching-sui Wang Taiwanese Agricultural Policy: A Perspective of the Sustainability Economics 2009-09-08
Chien-Jen Wang The Credibility Study of Ocean Ambient Noise Prediction Equation IAMPUT 2009-09-09
Guan-kai Wang The Study of raising the organizational ability through organizational change and human capital investment. Human Resource Management 2009-11-16
Kuo-Chih Wang Design of Remotely Operated Vehicles Sample Storage Apparatus IAMPUT 2009-11-20
Jinn-ming Wang Democratic progressive party place party duty director has the system stable research Political Science 2009-11-29
Kuang-kuo Wang The Initial Reactions and Microstructures of the Cu-Sn, Au-Sn and Fe-Al Interfaces Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-12-01
Chao-huei Wang A Study of Gender Roles in Animation and Comics - Evidence from Youth Comics ICAPS 2010-01-27
Shih-sheng Wang Studies on the Natural Products from the Taiwanese Soft Corals Cespitularia taeniata 、Gorgonian Junceella juncea and Taxus sumatrana Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-02-01
Tai-sheng Wang Lead Free Bump Assembly Material and Structure Study for 40 nm Wafer Technology Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-02
Jiun-ping Wang Power and Error Reduction Techniques of Multipliers for Multimedia Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2010-02-03
Hua-pin Wang Cordyceps sinensis preconditioning protects ischemic acute renal failure in rat Biological Sciences 2010-02-06
Ya-lun Wang The Research on the Relationship among Flight Attendants' Emotional Intelligence, Service Attitude and Withdrawal Behavior Human Resource Management 2010-02-10
Jhan-Peng Wang The Influence of Entrepreneur's Human Capital and Social Capital on Opportunity Identification and Development Business Management 2010-04-19
Wei-Chuan Wang Direct and inverse problems for one-dimensional p-Laplacian operators Applied Mathematics 2010-05-31
Wan-chun Wang The prevalence and risk factors in ESRD dialysis patients with non-traumatic lower extremity lesion in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2010-06-21
Cheng-chun Wang The relationship between the term structure and the exchange rate Business Management 2010-06-25
Ching-chih Wang A study on relationship between Knowledge management and R&D performance. –As the case Vehicle parts company for our survey case. Business Management 2010-06-26
Hsin-ping Wang Gait modeling and Trajectory planning for legged robots Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-30
Yan-hsiang Wang Dynamic Layer Allocation for SVC Video Segments in P2P Streaming Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-06-30
Chun-hua Wang The Development and Change of Labor Unions in China: Analyzing Yiwu Model ICAPS 2010-07-02
Chiang-Ting Wang The study on patient-oriented competitive strategy for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy EMBA 2010-07-02
Ping-hao Wang The Relationship between Principals’Leadership Behavior and Teachers’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Junior High School in Pingtung County Education 2010-07-07
Jung-fen Wang none Chinese Literature 2010-07-12
Yi-Jing Wang Molecular events determine membrane-damaging activity of Taiwan cobra CTX2 and CTX4 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-07-23
Chia-chi Wang A Rasch Analysis of the Chinese-version Multidimensional Sense of Humor Scale Education 2010-07-26
Wan-Wei Wang Effective Condition Number for Underdetermined Systems and its Application to Neumann Problems, Comparisons of Different Numerical Approaches Applied Mathematics 2010-07-26
Yu-yin Wang Studies of the electro-optical properties of liquid-crystal Fresnel lens based on cholesteric blue phase Physics 2010-08-02
Yi-jen Wang SAR Reduction on a Portable Device Using Intelligent Metamaterial Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Guang-ren Wang Corporate governance affects the occurance of financial crisis which result from financial variables or mecroeconomic variables Business Management 2010-07-30
Chin-hao Wang Marketing Strategy for Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Entering Leading Cities in China EMBA 2010-08-03
Ruei-yang Wang A New Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimizer with Landscape Estimation and Dimension Partition Information Management 2010-08-08
Shih-chuan Wang Growth of Nonpolar ZnO (11-20) Films on (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-09
Sen-Hung Wang Low-Complexity PAPR Reduction Schemes for Multi-Carrier Systems Electrical Engineering 2010-08-23
Chun-yu Wang Multiscale CLEAN Deconvolution for Resolving Multipath Components in SRake Receiver Electrical Engineering 2010-08-31
Yan- Siang Wang Distributed Beamforming with Finite-bit Feedback in Time-Varying Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2010-08-30
Ching-Fu Wang Project Management Application and Executive on Building Super-alloy Mill Research EMBA 2010-08-27
Yen-ju Wang The Exploration of Home Care Service for Aboriginal Elderly People in Pingtung County EMPP 2010-09-02
Sheng-Lan Wang Effect of Machining Parameters in Vibration-Assisted Micro Milling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-08
Jyun-Yin Wang none EMPP 2010-09-06
Hsiao-Han Wang Expression of hyaluronan synthase in C6 glioma cells Biological Sciences 2010-12-22
An-kuo Wang The Informationization of the People's Liberation Army,1991 – 2010 ICAPS 2011-01-07
Wen-fang Wang English Collaborative Learning beyond Classrooms: A Case Study of an English Self-Access Community Foreign Language and Literature 2011-01-25
Shu-jane Wang The related factors of comparing the burden and needs of the primary caregivers in Respiratory Care Ward and Home Care on Long-term Ventilator-dependent Patients Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-14
Li-chun Wang The framework of marketing city events- use World games in Kaohsuing as an example Communications Management 2011-04-06
Jen-hung Wang The Research for Management of Water Supply and Drainage in Leadframe Plant Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-06-17
Ying-Lan Wang Saving Energy and Reducing Carbonyl Compounds Emissions using H2/O2 Alternative Fuel on a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Environmental Engineering 2011-06-23
Wei-Yuan Wang Influence of polymerization conditions on electro-optical properties of encapsulated cholesteric LCD Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-18
Yu-Ning Wang Relationship between Organizational Support and Commitment and Performance -- Case Study of C Company Human Resource Management 2011-07-21
Wen-Ching Wang Scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of the N-type LaAlO3/TiO2-SrTiO3 heterostructure Physics 2011-07-22
Cheng-Chieh Wang Computer Simulation of Interaction between Protein and Organic Molecules Chemistry 2011-07-21
Wei-ling Wang Chou Chin-Chen’s object-describing lyrics Chinese Literature 2011-07-25
Bao-Huei Wang Synchronization of Economic Fluctuations across Countries---The Application of the Dynamic Factor Model in State Space Economics 2011-07-27
Wan-Zhen Wang p- Laplacian operators with L^1 coefficient functions Applied Mathematics 2011-07-27
Yao-Temr Wang Combining Sphere Decoding with LORD Search For MIMO Detector Communications Engineering 2011-07-29
Cheng-Yu Wang A Study of Single-mode Fiber Interferometer Applied to Near-field Intensity and Phase Distributions of Laser Diodes Communications Engineering 2011-08-01
Chia-Li Wang After the Cold-War the development of PLAN and its strategy in Indian Ocean EMPP 2011-08-02
Li-Jin Wang Effect of Curvature Radius and Offset on Coupling Efficiency in Double-Variable-Curvature Fiber Microlens Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-02
Ying-Chung Wang Implementation of Disparity Estimation Using Stereo Matching Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-08
Ya-Hsueh Wang The Influence of Imagery Strategy in Learning Performance Education 2011-08-27
Jui-Chu Wang The association of mannose-binding lectin polymorphisms with mycobacterial neck lymphadenitis Biological Sciences 2011-08-31
Ti-ling Wang A Research of China’s Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Policy ICAPS 2011-09-05
Yi-Ling Wang Research of the relationship between management control systems with different strategies and business performance- An example of Taiwan Synthetic Resin Industry Business Management 2011-09-02
I-Ching Wang The operation Key Success Factors of customs broker industry- A case study for customs broker industry in Kaohsiung city Business Management 2011-09-07
Hang-Bin Wang Visualization of CO2 Gas Bubbles Generation / Removal in Anode and Performance Analysis of a μDMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-07
Hui-chin Wang Sustainable Development in Higher Education Curriculum-A Comparison between AACSB and ABET Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-10-11
Hsin-Hua Wang Research on Electronic-Coupon based Advertising Performance - Groupon Information Management 2011-10-21
Sheng-Ming Wang Misbehaving relay detection for cooperative communications using a known or unknown distribution functions Communications Engineering 2012-01-11
Shiang-Fu Wang The radiative recombination study of InGaN/GaN MQW LED and the Photoluminescence study of ZnMgSe thin film Physics 2012-02-15
Shun-Hong Wang The Design and Simulation of a 24 GHz Class-A Cascode Configured Power Amplifier Communications Engineering 2012-02-20
Tsung-Chieh Wang Explicit Form of the Homogeneous Solutions for Some Operator Equation Applied Mathematics 2012-01-20
Min-Tsung Wang The influence of the provision of medical service quality in Radiology on patients’ satisfaction and loyalty EMBA 2012-06-17
Hsin-ping Wang How do Listed Companies’ Non-system Risk Influence the Credit Risk Finance 2012-06-21
Chien-Yao Wang The Research of Relationship among Service Quality, Brand Image, Customer Relationship Management, and Customer Satisfaction – The Empirical Research for “T Company” of Semiconductor Raw Wafer Agent EMBA 2012-06-22
Hsin-Yi Wang A Study on the Characterization of Lucy in Menotti’s “The Telephone” Music 2012-06-24
Syuan-Yun Wang A Subset-Lattice Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets over a Data Stream Sliding Window Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-09
Shang-en Wang Microbial monitoring of bioremediation of a 1,2-dichloroethane-contaminated site Biological Sciences 2012-07-23
Shu-jou Wang Reactions of C60 with Tris(diphenylacetylene)(carbonyl)Tungsten Chemistry 2012-07-18
Bang-Min Wang Improved quality of nonpolar ZnO epitaxial film on modified LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-30
Chun-Chieh Wang A Simulation of Wealth Distribution based on Scale-free Network: The influences of changes in network structure. Information Management 2012-08-09
Chien-Jui Wang Investigation of charge carrier property with time of flight measurement Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-14
Yu-ching Wang A Study of Employee Unauthorized Computer Access Intention ─ An Integration of Neutralization, Differential Association and Containment Theory Information Management 2012-08-17
Meng-Lin Wang Thermal Characteristics of High Power LED Cooling by Ultrasonic Micro-nozzle Plate Arrays Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-21
Yu-Wen Wang A System for Service Blueprint Design Information Management 2012-08-29
Chun-Yi Wang Dopamine Coated Gold Nanoparticles for High Performance Humidity Sensing Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-27
Chun-kai Wang Representation of Female Immigrants in Politics of Exhibition Institute of Sociology 2012-09-05
Jen-chieh Wang Influences of monsoons and water masses on the distribution of chaetognath assemblage in the water southwest of Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-09
Wen-Ling Wang Hardware Design for Disparity Estimation Using Dynamic Programming Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-11
Yao-Chun Wang Behaviors of Water/Ethanol Mixtures inside Au Nanotubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-12
Shin-Kai Wang Transnational Private Governance – Study of Forest Stewardship Council on Taiwan Experience Political Science 2012-09-09
Chun-Hao Wang Heterogeneous QEMU-SystemC Integration for Timed CPU/Cache/MMU/DRAM/Component Simulation: A case study in 3D Graphics SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2012-10-15
Yi-Lan Wang A Study on Issues of "Free Admission" of Public Museums in New Taipei City Theatre Arts 2012-12-18
Chin-Yu Wang Diversification and Financial Performance: Evidence in the U.S. Real Estate Investment Trusts Industry Finance 2013-01-10
Chiu-hsiang Wang A Study on the Imagery of Twelve Beauties in A Dream of the Red Mansions Chinese Literature 2013-01-31
Yi-Chung Wang Collective Bargaining of Teacher's Union After the New Labor Union Act Education 2013-02-01
Fu-Kang Wang A Self-Injection-Locked Radar for Non-Contact Vital Sign Detection and See-Through-Wall Imaging Electrical Engineering 2013-01-31
Wen-Liang Wang A Study of Escalation in Software Outsourcing Information Management 2013-02-05
Yo-Ping Wang Gaussian Mixture Model with Application to Automatic Speech Recognition Feature Compensation in the Evaluation of Noisy Digital Corpora of Four Languages Computer Science and Engineering 2013-02-07
Peng-hsun Wang Does Residual Reversal Prevail in Taiwan? Finance 2013-06-20
SIJIA Wang The Research of Corporate Multi-brand Strategy Business Management 2013-06-23
Ching-yu Wang The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Employee's Perceived Human Resource Practices on Employee's Proactive Work Behaviors: Perceived Organizational Support as Moderator Human Resource Management 2013-06-26
Meng-lun Wang The Stationarity of the Consumption-income Ratio: Evidence from OECD Countries Economics 2013-06-26
Cheng-Hung Wang The MCountP-Tree for Mining Maximal Spatial Co-Location Patterns from Spatial Data Sets Computer Science and Engineering 2013-06-27
Yu-Fen Wang A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of Dynamics Interactice Process of Roles among Local Culture Museums Business Management 2013-07-02
Yu-Ren Wang Statistical Analysis for winning prediction with Taiwan Sports Lottery on Major League Baseball Applied Mathematics 2013-07-10
Deng-Shian Wang A High-Voltage Multiplexer and A Successive-Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter for BMS Electrical Engineering 2013-07-10
Hsiu-Fen Wang Study on Loss Reduction in Power Systems by Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid Integration Communications Engineering 2013-07-11
Wei-Ming Wang Empirical Analysis of Cost-of-carry Theory with Conditional Heteroscedasticity : An Examination of The Indices Futures Market of Taiwan Economics 2013-07-11
Wen-Yang Wang Assessing the Service Quality of Open University of Kaohsiung Library from the perspective of readers Business Management 2013-07-14
An-Ni Wang Using Systems Approaches to Investigate the Tourism Policy of Mainland Tourists in Taiwan Business Management 2013-07-15
Yi-Zhen Wang On the Relationships of Capital Adequacy to Liquidity and Countercyclical Buffer Capital Indicator on Banking Industry in Taiwan Finance 2013-07-15
Yen-Lin Wang A Study of Cooperative Development Strategies between Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Civil Societies at Southern Taiwan: Taking Political Groups as Examples. Public Affairs Management 2013-07-16
Fu-Hua Wang The study on setting the goal of mergers and acquisitions and the methods of assessing the performance – The cases of K company EMBA 2013-07-17
Chung-Hsuan Wang The Economic Analysis of Collusion -- An Evidence of Taiwan Gasoline Industry Economics 2013-07-25
Li-cheng Wang A Study of Dangerous Equipment Producers’ Job Satisfaction EMBA 2013-07-25
Pu-Lan Wang Study of thermal deposition rate effects on spirobifluorene derivative and its application in single-emitting component white organic light-emitting diodes. Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-30
Li-Fei Wang An investigation of Fang-ming Chen’s discourses on nation and liberalism Political Science 2013-07-31
Teng-yi Wang Control of Film Morphologies in Self-Assembly of High-Mw PS-PMMA Block Copolymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-06
Chieh-hao Wang Cement-based solidification and heavy metal extraction for municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash Environmental Engineering 2013-08-05
Shiao-ming Wang 1.Direct determination of cadmium, antimony and mercury in powder food by SS-FIA-CVG-ICP-MS with slurry sample 2.Determination of arsenic species in water sample by HPLC-CVG-ICP-MS Chemistry 2013-08-04
Jiun-Yau Wang The study of Optoelectronic Characteristics in phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diode based on p-i-n and tandem structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-31
Nai-yin Wang An investigation of secondary school students' positive thinking and attitudes toward marriage Education 2013-08-13
Wei-chuan Wang Design and fabrication of tactile sensor device with orderly ZnO piezoelectric nanorods by electrospray ionization method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-14
Jian-yuan Wang A Cd-free and ZnS based CIGS Solar Cell with a Wide-Bandgap InGaP Secondary Layer Electrical Engineering 2013-08-16
Chi-Hung Wang Effects and mechanisms of novel indole compound on the regulation of breast cancer cell growth, invasion and the reversion of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-08-12
Chen-ni Wang The Business Benefits and the Benefit of Parents' Expectation of High Tuition Kindergartens Business Management 2013-08-19
Hsiu-lan Wang A Study of Management Thought Difference between Foreign Company and Taiwanese MSE from Resources-based View EMBA 2013-08-16
Yi-Wei Wang Implementation of Distributed Event Detection with Overlapping Image Region Electrical Engineering 2013-08-26
Wen Wang Domination number of Cartesian product of graphs Applied Mathematics 2013-08-27
Sheng-Hao Wang An Integrated Development Platform for Heterogeneous Multicore Constructed on Windows CE Operating System Electrical Engineering 2013-08-25
Zhi-yao Wang A Study on the FEM Modeling Automation for Rolled Aluminum Alloy Plate with Waves Subject to Levelling Process and the Effects of Side-wave Size on the Optimal Extension Rate. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-26
Jen-chiu Wang Social Corporation's Practice and Application— The Project of MuDan Township Business Management 2013-08-23
Zih-Ang Wang Design and Implementation of the Optimized Architecture for Modbus and DNP 3.0 on the CAN Bus Electrical Engineering 2013-08-26
Cheng-hsin Wang A unique proliferation-related gene of tilapia,Oreochromis mossambicus. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-02
Mei-yu Wang Characterization of InGaN/GaN quantum-well microdisks grown on γ-LiAlO2 substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2013-08-26
Chun-chin Wang A Study of Multi-site On-shelf Data Mining Computer Science and Engineering 2013-09-02
Chih-Ting Wang Design and Implementation of LTCC Four-in-One EMI Filter Arrays with Low Cutoff Frequency for Wireless Portable Devices Electrical Engineering 2013-09-03
Wu-han Wang Reflectivity improvement of Ag-Mg-Al metallic glass films by different coating and annealing conditions Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-09-09
Kuo-Hsun Wang Stability Analysis and Design of Switched Linear Systems with Unstable Subsystems:A Lie-Algebraic Condition Electrical Engineering 2013-09-11
Wei-Kai Wang Development and Fabrication of a Passive DMFC Stack for Stable Operation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-13
Cheng-hao Wang The Ultrafast Time-resolved Photoluminescence Study of Si doped InN thin films Physics 2013-09-12
Chih-Ping Wang The Arctic Policy of Five Arctic States: The Neoclassical Realism Approach Political Science 2013-10-24
Tuan-yu Wang Private Brand Could be Different : The Effects of Resisting and Accepting Persuasion of Retail Private Brand Strategy Communications Management 2014-01-22
Pin-han Wang Case Study on the Coastal Conflicts in Kenting National Park IMA 2014-01-27
Yi-Hsien Wang The Influences of a Service Provider’s Professional Power upon Emotional Labor toward Emotion Regulation of a Customer Human Resource Management 2014-01-29
Jen-Hui Wang Elizabeth Gaskell and Education as Seen in her Short Stories Foreign Language and Literature 2014-01-28
Si-Jyuan Wang 《The Pillowman》Stage Design Project Theatre Arts 2014-02-13
Jun-Jie Wang Planar Packaging Technology for Integrating ISFET IC and Microfluidic Chip and Its Applications in pH and Flow Rate Measurement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-02-14
Pei-Yun Wang A Study on Internet Business Model and International Market Entry Strategy of Xiaomi Business Management 2014-06-03
Yu-Yin Wang A Study of User Upgrading Behavior of Operating System ─ Based on Status Quo Bias Theory and Purchase Intention Model Information Management 2014-06-17
HUAN-WEN WANG The effect of Service Quality on Performance for the Internal Audit —A case study EMBA 2014-06-23
Wei-hsiang Wang A Study on Customer Value Creation in B2B Context -A Case of T Company Business Management 2014-06-24
Hung-En Wang A Study of Frederic Chopin’s Waltzes Music 2014-06-27
kun-fu wang A Study on Voting Rights and Candidate Eligibility of Foreign Spouses in Taiwan Political Science 2014-06-30
Yu-Chun Wang Examining the Effects of Foreign Income and Exchange Rate on Trade Exports Economics 2014-06-26
Chiu-Ju Wang The Case Study of Talent Management System Human Resource Management 2014-06-29
Kuan-Ting Wang A Study of the Exchange Rate Between New Taiwan Dollar and Chinese Yuan under the Cross-strait Currency Settlement Mechanism Finance 2014-07-01
Jian-Ren Wang Crystallization and Thermal Degradation Behaviors of Poly(ethylene naphthalate) Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-08
Wenli Wang High Frequency Trading and Adverse Selection cost: an Empirical Study of Taiwan Futures Market Finance 2014-07-11
Zhi-yang Wang Study on Applications of LiSiOx Thin-Film Resistance Random Access Memory as Synapse in Neuromorphic Systems Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-09
He-Min Wang A Study of Success Factors in Employee Suggestion System –Case Study of a Local Company in Germany EMBA 2014-07-17
Kuo-Wei Wang The Study of Role Conflict, Organizational Design and Organizational Culture in a Matrix Organization EMBA 2014-07-19
Yan-Syun Wang I.Effect of Temperature on the Dissolution of SEI on Graphite Electrodes in Li-ion Battery Electrolytes II.Water-soluble Nitroxide Radical Polymers and their Applications in MRI Contrast Agent and Organic Batteries Chemistry 2014-06-23
Yueh-Hsiang Wang The Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty of Low Cost Carriers Business Management 2014-07-18
Huei-Jruan Wang Study on Complementary Resistive Switching Memory Mechanism and Bionic Device Of Graphene Oxide Structure Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-16
Yao-tsung Wang A Strategy Planning of Market Behavior of the Energy Saving Lighting:Case of M Company EMBA 2014-07-14
Yuan-Huei Wang Texture feature analysis for breast cancer dynamic MRI images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-07-24
Shih-ling Wang Sesamin Suppresses Macrophage-derived Chemokine Expression in Human Monocytes via Epigenetic Regulation Biological Sciences 2014-07-22
Huei-ren Wang Structural Design and Reactivity Regulation of synthetic Boronic-acid tosyl molecules in the selective modification of glycoproteins Chemistry 2014-07-26
Jia-Sheng Wang Large-area graphene films for field emission device application Electrical Engineering 2014-07-28
Han-Wei Wang Application of Intelligent Rotor Speed and Pitch Angle Controller for Offshore Wind Power Generation System Electrical Engineering 2014-07-28
Yuan-ru Wang An Analysis of the Impact of the Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax Act on the Real Estate Market Finance 2014-07-24
Sheng-Hsiang Wang The study of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor based biosensor for CA19-9 antigen detection Physics 2014-07-28
Chang-sung Wang A study of market selection strategy and operations of the electronic components industry - for example in cooling fan industry EMBA 2014-07-29
Wei-chi Wang The Application of Game-Based Learning to Self-Organized Learning Environments Information Management 2014-07-28
Chung-ya Wang Formation of N-Nitrosamines and the Associated Health Risks during Different Drinking Water Treatment Processes Environmental Engineering 2014-07-30
Chia-Hong Wang Study of nr2f1a functioning in vascular development Biological Sciences 2014-07-30
Ai Wang Brand Competitive Analysis for Cosmeceutical Industry - A Case of Brand Dr. Hsieh EMBA 2014-08-05
Chao-Chou Wang The Influence of Organizational Climate, Social Network and Reciprocal Relationship on Knowledge Sharing Intention under the Theory of Reasoned Action EMBA 2014-08-06
Yen-Chun Wang The position, Organization and Function of the ROC National Security Council. EMPP 2014-08-01
Chan-Yang Wang Nitroxide Radical Polymer Grafted onto Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) as Organic Radical Battery Cathodes Chemistry 2014-06-23
Jo-Ting Wang Tourism Website Quality and Satisfaction of National Scenic Areas in Taiwan Information Management 2014-08-13
Jyun-hao Wang Investigation of mechanical properties of Cu-Al intermetallic compound in the wire bonding process of IC packaging by molecular dynamics simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-15
Wen-hsin Wang Linked List Routing Algorithm with Wormhole Mechanism for Data Collecting Wireless Network Electrical Engineering 2014-08-20
Hai-Fan Wang Variation Analysis of Summer Ocean Ambient Noise between Inside and Outside of Northern Mien-Hua Canyon IAMPUT 2014-08-21
Xiang-Zhu Wang An Action Research on the Curriculum Development and Implementation of Social Studies Infusing Human Rights Education: a case of an urban elementary school in Kaohsiung Education 2014-08-22
Sheng-Yuan Wang Fabrication and Characteristics of Ce-Doped Fibers by Drawing Tower Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-25
Yung-Wen Wang Thermo-mechanical Finite Element Model in BGA Solder Joints Fatigue Life Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-27
Kuo-hsing Wang Parameter Analysis and Establishment of Empirical Equations During Hot Rolling Processes of Aluminum Alloy 5182 Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Yen-chin Wang Robust Tomlinson-Harashima Precoder Design in MIMO Systems with RVQ Limited Feedback Communications Engineering 2014-09-01
Huei-siang Wang Design of stochastic LDPC decoder for IEEE 802.16e standard Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-01
Meng-chi Wang An Evaluation of Guidance and Assistance Classes for Foreign and Mainland Spouses’ Life Adaptation-The Case of Siaogang District, Kaohsiung City Political Science 2014-08-28
Li-jie Wang Optimal and comparison of cavitation and turbulence models Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Yu-Ting Wang Anti-microbial Components from Marine-derived Streptomyces spp. Against Candida albicansis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-09
Shih-Hao Wang A study of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film process for photovoltaic applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-09-05
Ming-Zhang Wang The Last 20 ka Paleohydrography in the Okinawa Trough Based on Multi-speices Planktonic Foraminiferal Stable Isotope Records Department of Oceanography 2014-09-11
Hung-yu Wang Variation in the Abundance of Ectoparasites of Formosan Mouse-Eared Bat (Myotis taiwanensis) in Wanluan Area Biological Sciences 2014-09-12
Jheng-Yi Wang Study of Co doped ZnO diluted magnetic semiconductor with various oxygen vacancies Physics 2014-09-12
Hsiao-Chun Wang Communitarian Liberalism:A Study of Hsu Fu-Kuan’s Political Thought Political Science 2014-09-12
Jheng-Jyun Wang The Relationship between HRM Practice and Human Capital: Service-oriented and Manufacturing Firms in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2014-09-30
Ming-Han Wang Stress and Warpage Analyses on the 3D and 2.5D ICs with TSV Structure under Thermal and Moisture Effects Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-12-02
Chih-Lung Wang Occurrence and distribution of phthalate esters and pharmaceuticals in sediment of Dianbao River and development of a novel in situ remediation technology Environmental Engineering 2014-12-22
Chun-Chieh Wang Applying Healthcare Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the Improvement of Examination Safety of Patients in Radiology Department Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2014-12-31
Yu-Shan Wang Application of MSC Eco-label in Taiwan: A Case Study of Sergestid Shrimp Fishery in Tong-Kang IMA 2015-01-08
Ming-Chun Wang Admissible Finite-Time Stability Analysis of Uncertain Discrete-Time Singular Systems with a Time-Varying Delay Electrical Engineering 2015-01-16
Wei-lun Wang Growth and Characterization of Few-Mode and Single-Mode Chromium-Doped YAG Crystal Fibers for Fiber Amplifiers Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-01-19
Chia-Chi Wang Validation of Learning Progressions in Scientific Imagination Education 2015-01-23
Yi-Jin Wang Taiwanese Secondary School Students’ Perspective on Bullying Prevention and Intervention Strategies Education 2015-01-26
Chun-You Wang Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Schemes in SFBC SC-FDMA Systems Without Side Information Communications Engineering 2015-02-11
Cheng-Siang Wang Statistical Inference of Bioinformatics, Wireless Communication and Economic Models Applied Mathematics 2015-02-13
Wen-yu Wang Disenchanting Liberalism: The Political Theory of John Gray Political Science 2015-02-12
Teng-Yu Wang A Resource-Based Theory of Quality Agriculture Development Strategy based on The Family Farm in Fangshan Mango Farm. Business Management 2015-03-20
Pei-Ying Wang A Case Study of Goethe’s《West- östlicher Divan》: Two Exemplifications of 〈Suleika〉by Schubert and Mendelssohn Music 2015-03-25
Po-Hsun Wang Research of Organic Solar Cells and Graphite Oxide Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-04-07
Da-fu Wang Zongai Wu’s martyrdom as portrayed by the Ching gentry: Using the Taoxi Shiue as a basis for discussion Chinese Literature 2015-06-11
Chin-chuan Wang Investigate the Impact of External Factors and Attribute Framing on the Acceptance of NIMBY Facilities Public Affairs Management 2015-06-25
Cheng-yuan Wang The Developing Strategy of Automotive Application FPC in Mektec Taiwan — The Resource-Based View Perspective EMBA 2015-06-23
Jyun-hong Wang The effect of investor attention on the financial market reaction in different monetary policy Finance 2015-06-23
Hsin-yi Wang A Restriction-Based Algorithm for Mining Interesting Frequent Periodic Patterns in Time Series Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2015-06-25
Chun-yen Wang Direct mapping of the interfacial electronic structure across perovskite-based solar cells Physics 2015-06-26
Hong-wei Wang The Bioeconomic Analysis of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) with Two Models Economics 2015-06-24
Chun-lung Wang A Study on Service Quality, Consumer Satisfaction, and Consumer Loyalty of Car-Washing Services in Gasoline Stations-The Moderating Effect of Consumer Characteristics EMBA 2015-06-30
Shao-yu Wang Enhancement of interconnection reliability of dielectric layer for wafer level chip scale package Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-07
Ren-Tsung Wang Bactericidal mechanism of carboxyl group-modified bovine serum albumin and ovalbumin Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-07-07
Chao-yang Wang A Case Study of Key Success Factors for Taiwanese Lime Companies’ Investment in Vietnam EMBA 2015-07-11
Wen-chu Wang The strategy analysis of small and medium enterprises entering international market by applying Cross-border Electronic Commerce EMBA 2015-07-11
Sheng-Syong Wang High-Voltage Current Sensing Circuit Designs for Battery Management Systems Electrical Engineering 2015-07-09
Hsi-wei Wang The Effect of Cute Product Stereotypes on Function Evaluation, Purchase Intention, and Willingness to Pay Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-07-08
Shun-Min Wang Design of MIMO Antennas and Evaluation of Their Wireless Performance Electrical Engineering 2015-06-29
Hui-Ching Wang Analyzing data in ovarian cancer study using extended Cox proportional hazards model (including time-varying coefficients) and nonlinear mixed-effects model Applied Mathematics 2015-07-15
Jen-tsung Wang Study on morphology control of nonpolar ZnO nano-materials grown on (100) LiGaO2 substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-15
Chong-wen Wang Distribution of Toxic chemicals and Disaster Risk Management – A case of Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2015-07-18
Chang-jen Wang Study on Multiuser Detection for Massive MIMO with Low-Precision Analog to Digital Converters Communications Engineering 2015-07-20
Xiu-Wen Wang The Comparison between Consolidated Tax Return and Single Tax Return in terms of Individual Income Tax Economics 2015-07-19
Pei-rong Wang The Influence of The Quality of Life Satisfaction and Community Participation In Rural Rejuvenation Plan:A Case Study of The Rural Community in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2015-07-23
Pei-shin Wang Discussion of Cross-border Wealth Management Business under the Internationalization of RMB EMBA 2015-07-26
Po-wei Wang Interactions of Oxygen, Water and Methanol with Rutile TiO2(110) Chemistry 2015-07-27
Jun-kai Wang The Typical Characters and the Arrangements of the Plots in the Record of the Three Kingdoms and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Chinese Literature 2015-07-22
Kai-hsuan Wang Optical study of monolayer MoS2 film in high magnetic field Physics 2015-07-28
Ching-shi Wang Push-Pull Analyses of Cross-Strait Financial Industry Interactions ICAPS 2015-06-27
Bo-Sheng Wang Mechanical Measurement and Antibacterial of Silver Nanowires Application of PMMA Composite Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-31
Mao-kuei Wang Research of Tourism Safety Management Strategies on Penghu County - Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Public Affairs Management 2015-08-04
Sheng-Yu Wang Polymerization of Diacrylate Mesogens in Three-beam Interference Field Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-06-29
Wen-Jing Wang Integrated Resource Planning of Regional Distribution Network Electrical Engineering 2015-08-11
Ling Wang Effect of Electrolyte Additives on Electrochemical Performance for High Voltage Li-ion Batteries Chemistry 2015-08-10
Yu-Chun Wang Two Novel Capacitorless One-Transistor DRAMs with Multi-Gate and Nano-Pillar Structures Electrical Engineering 2015-08-04
Ying-Chieh Wang Study of GaN and its alloys for spintronics and optoelectronics Physics 2015-08-11
Ren-hui Wang UX and Eye Movement study of the RWD in E-commerce Information Management 2015-07-25
Hsiao-Wei Wang An LED Lamp with Uniform Illumination Electrical Engineering 2015-08-10
Chun-ting Wang Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells enhance diabetic wound healing in diabetic rats Biological Sciences 2015-08-17
Wen-Jhong Wang The Old-Age Economic Security System in Taiwan ICAPS 2015-08-20
Lu-Yu Wang Synthesis and Characterization of Azobenzene with BAA、PPI、or TPGA for Holographic Storage Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-05
Fu-ming Wang A Study of Entry Strategy into Malaysia for Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Company EMBA 2015-08-26
Chia-Lung Wang The Effect of Health Promotion Program for Degenerative Arthritis Patients EMPP 2015-07-23
Yi-ping Wang Research on Ways to Improve Local Finance problem through Discussion on Government Revenues And Expenditures:The Example of Kaohsiung City Finance 2015-08-28
Shih-chieh Wang An embodiment-based functional fitness system with real-time adaptation using exercise intensity as a feedback strategy Information Management 2015-09-01
Sen Wang On the Increasingly Flat Radial Basis Function for the Elliptic Eigenmodes Problem Applied Mathematics 2015-09-02
Shu-yi Wang A Study on the Knowledge Sharing Behavior Intention of an Organization by Appling TPB Model: A Case of Educational Bureau of Kaohsiung City after City-County Consolidation Public Affairs Management 2015-09-03
Chun-Chieh Wang Fabrication and characterization of h-MoO3 nanoribbon by hydrothermal method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-09-02
Shr-Chi Wang Does Sex Increase Indulgence?Influences of Sexual Stimulus, Consumer Gender and Self-Construal in Indulgent Consumption Business Management 2015-09-04
Wei-Jhou Wang Synthesis of Poly(arylene ether)s with application to Blue Light Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2015-09-03
Tsung-han Wang Long non-coding RNAs Expression Profiles in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Its Clinical Significances Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-09-07
Ying-Fang Wang Defense Mechanism of Industrial Control Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-03
Hui-chiao Wang Gender Equality in Hospital Workplace ─ A Study of a Large-Scaled Hospital in Kaohsiung. Public Affairs Management 2015-09-07
Che-hsiang Wang Fact, Value, and Interpersonal Judgements for Individuals and Group in the PAM – Case Study of Southern Taiwan People’s Cognition, Attitude and Behavior toward the ECFA Agreements. Public Affairs Management 2015-09-04
Ching-Hui Wang Lane, Vehicle, and Human Detections in Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-09
Jing-Kai Wang Maximum Sum Rate Precoding design for MIMO Downlink Systems Communications Engineering 2015-09-08
Yu-Shiang Wang Novel piezo-generator as the ion source for ambient mass spectrometry detection Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-09
Yu-sheng Wang Optoelectronic behaviors of n-ZnO/i-Al2O3/p-Si diodes under high-power-laser illuminations Physics 2015-09-11
I-Kai Wang Multi-layer Incremental Clustering for Malware Analysis Information Management 2015-09-16
Jun-Zhi Wang A Design of Speech Recognition System for Address in Cross-Strait Four Regions, Japan and Korea Electrical Engineering 2015-12-23
Chao-Mei Wang The Effects of Insomnia on Health Care Utilization and Medical Care Outcome Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-01-10
Yu-Chi Wang The China Factor in Taiwan's External Economic Relationship: A Perspective of Constructivism ICAPS 2016-01-19
Yi-Ting Wang A Design of Spoken Language Querying System for Medical Information Electrical Engineering 2016-01-21
Zuo-syuan Wang Implementation of Odometry with EKF for Localization of Hector SLAM Method Electrical Engineering 2016-01-26
Wen-feng Wang Dynamic Analysis of Independently Controllable Dual Output Transmission Systems for Megawatt-scale Wind Turbines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-01-31
Ching-an Wang A Study of the Neo-Confucian Thoughts of the Four Masters of Beishan School Chinese Literature 2016-01-30
Shih-Wei Wang An Efficient Hybrid Algorithm for WLAN Load Balancing Computer Science and Engineering 2016-02-15
I-Hsiang Wang Study on Architecture-Oriented Travel Matchmaking Web Site Model Information Management 2016-01-10
Xiao-hua Wang Inversion of Seabed Seismic Noise in Nearshore of Northeastern Taiwan Institute of Undersea Technology 2016-02-19
Wun-bin Wang Effect of operating conditions on the removal of TOC and DOC from municipal wastewater using a biological contact process Environmental Engineering 2016-05-02
Hsiu-lan Wang The research of Investment strategy performance:Efficient Investing Method and Value Averaging Finance 2016-05-21
Ci-ming Wang On firms’ merger strategy and governments’ policy Economics 2016-06-22
Kai-chin Wang The Effect of Stock Repurchase on Stock Returns and Corporate Performance Finance 2016-06-21
MING-FU WANG A Study on Competitive Advantages of Unbundling Sales Agent EMBA 2016-06-27
Wei-Fan Wang Study on energy saving of a thermal oxidizer system Environmental Engineering 2016-06-29
Wei-kai Wang Impact of Star Middle School Districts on Real Estate Price:A Study of Kaohsiung’s Zuoying Distirct Economics 2016-06-26
Wen-Lin Wang A Study on Enterprising Nonprofit Organizations– A Case of Kaohsiung Maker Association EMBA 2016-06-28
Chun-Cheng Wang The impact on fundraising through different methods of disclosing donations Economics 2016-06-30
Tse-yao Wang The study of data preprocessing difference to impact the botnet detection performance Information Management 2016-07-14
Chiang-Chuan Wang A Study of 3D Growth Strategies in the Hyper-competition Arena ~ A Case Study of JH Company EMBA 2016-07-04
Pang-Yu Wang The Research of Healthcare Information Systems with Agile Development Method : A Case Study of a Medical Center Information Management 2016-06-28
Chia Chun Wang An Experimental Study of Facial Maturity and Hiring Decision Human Resource Management 2016-07-15
Jian-Sheng Wang Flexible Authentication Protocol with Key Reconstruction in WBAN Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-21
Jian-Ren Wang Nighttime Glow Removal and Low Lighting Image Enhancement Using Dark Channel Prior Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-14
Jhih-Kai Wang Battery Power System with Online SOC and SOH Calibration Electrical Engineering 2016-07-27
I-wei Wang Developing Wood-Ash-Zeolite and Novel Nano-Catalyst for the Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil by a Transesterification Process Environmental Engineering 2016-07-14
Wei Wang The Situations and Challenges of Youth Political Participation – A Study on Political Participation Experiences of the 2nd Youth Village Chiefs in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2016-07-30
Yen-chieh Wang III-V Photonic Integrated Circuit for Fiber Optic Gyroscope Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-01
Tung-ying Wang The Research of Internal Marketing and Social Responsibility EMBA 2016-07-21
Ya-Hong Wang Formation of N-nitrosamines from pharmaceuticals and personal care products during chlor(am)ination disinfection Environmental Engineering 2016-08-16
Yi-Chen Wang The Study of RMB Offshore Center and RMB Back Mechanism Finance 2016-08-17
YU-JIE Wang Studies of the Fabrication Conditions of Electrodes and MEAs on the Performance of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-17
Jhao-Shun Wang Analysis of Residual Stress Distribution in ITO Thin Film Coated on Si-Substrate by Applying DIC Technique and Taguchi Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-18
Shih-hao Wang The Study of Performance Evaluation Models for Sustainable Tourism and Recreation in Taiwan Coastal Area:A Case Study of the Anping Harbor’s Tourism and Recreation Development from the Viewpoint of Public and Private Sectors Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-08-20
Su-Kuan Wang The case study of the successor managment of the traditional industries with high added value EMBA 2016-08-17
Yi-shan Wang Functional characterization of isl2/nr2f1b activation target stap2b in vascular development Biological Sciences 2016-08-24
Yun-Ting Wang The business opportunity of big data application to customer relationship management A case study of X railway company Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2016-08-21
Chih-kuang Wang A reinforcement learning method with implicit critics from a bystander Electrical Engineering 2016-08-28
Chien-Tsung Wang A Study on Energy Management and Pricing Strategy of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Electrical Engineering 2016-08-26
Meng-jie Wang Message Passing Data Detection for Generalized Spatial Modulation Large-scale Multiuser MIMO Systems in Presence of Transmit Impairments and Imperfect CSI Communications Engineering 2016-08-27
Meng-xuan Wang Application of Improved Bee Swarm Optimization for Day-Ahead Market Optimal Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch Electrical Engineering 2016-08-25
Shu-Ai Wang An Application of Historical Events and In-depth Interview Approaches to Explore the Process and Wisdom of Business Management EMBA 2016-08-30
I-Wei Wang A Study on The International Marketing Strategy of The Taiwanese Eel Industry EMBA 2016-08-30
Wei-Han Wang Discussion on Enterprise Resource Base View of Micro Business Entrepreneurship Model-A Case Study of Bistro Business Management 2016-08-31
Pin-Yao Wang SUMOs mediate the nuclear transfer of p38 and p-p38 during Helicobacter pylori infection Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-09-01
Jang-Yo Wang Sensor Network Localization with Support Vector Machine Learning Applied Mathematics 2016-09-05
Yu-Wen Wang Algorithm Design for the Detection of Human Heart Rate on a Doppler Radar System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-02
Wei-Jen Wang Fault Diagnosis in PMSM Based on Wavelet Transforms and Time Frequency Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-31
Ting-yen Wang Automatic Passenger Counting System Design for Bus Using Image Processing Techniques Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-06
Yao-chieh Wang Realtime Push System Design and Implementation Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-06
Wen-cheng Wang The Awareness of God's Kingdom and the View of Construction in the The Globe Magazine and A Review of the Times Chinese Literature 2016-09-05
Chieh-Yi Wang A. case study of the application of HR strategy in a recycling company Human Resource Management 2016-09-07
Miao-Hsin Wang The pharmacological study of Scutellaria barbat D. Don and its bioactive flavonoids Biological Sciences 2016-08-28
Shen-Nien Wang CEO-TMT Exchange in Healthcare Organizations: Implications for TMT Trust Climate and Management Innovation EMBA 2016-09-05
Tung-chu Wang The Problem of Reality and Interpretation of Kant in Early Heidegger Philosophy 2016-09-08
Jhin-Cing Wang Reading,Network,Social Enterprises and P.A.M. Public Affairs Management 2016-09-07
Hsin-yi Wang The Bigger the Picture, the Better? Impacts of Product and Model Ratio and Brand-Consumer Relationship on Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2016-09-09
Po-Yun Wang Using Quantum well intermixing for Electroabsorption Modulators with Optical and Electric Confinement Waveguide Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-10-21
Hsin-hui Wang The impact of socioscientific issue intervention on college students' environmental literacy Education 2016-11-26
Ping-yao Wang Numerical simulation of droplet collision dynamics and the development of simplified heat transfer analysis for slag particles’ flying in the granulating system Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-11-25
Yi-Hsiang Wang IM/DD Single-Sideband OFDM Long-Distance Transmission Using Cascaded DML/EAM Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-12-08
Chin-Hsuan Wang Design of Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Controllers for A Class of Perturbed Nonlinear Systems Electrical Engineering 2017-01-16
Li-chieh Wang System Platform Integration and Kernel Optimizations for Some Embedded Applications Based on Altera OpenCL Framework Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-16
Hung-yuan Wang Implementation of QoS Handover Scheme on LTE Small Cells Electrical Engineering 2017-01-25
Yan-ju Wang The pragmatic act of soliciting an agreement in two Chinese love matching shows Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-08
Ying-sheng Wang A Business Model Innovation for Securities Firms -The Case of W Company in Taiwan Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2017-02-10
Kuan-chen Wang Distribution and Transporting Fluxes of Trace Metals (Cu, Cd, Ni, Mn, Fe, Zn) in the Taiwan Strait Department of Oceanography 2017-02-15
Man-lin Wang The Key Success Factors for Government to Promote Consumers' Carrier of E-invoice Policy Business Management 2017-02-16
Shu-Hai Wang Ontology-Based Semantic Q&A system in Health Care: An Illustrated Application on Down Syndrome Information Management 2017-03-01
Sheng-Yuan Wang Knowledge Sharing Approaches Based on Reinforcement Learning for Distributed Agents System Electrical Engineering 2017-03-17
Pei-ting Wang Comparative Study between Taiwan and Korea Automobile Industry Policy Political Science 2017-03-24
Shih-hao Wang Using Cloud Computing to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Matrix Factorization : A Case Study of Context-aware Data Set Information Management 2017-03-21
Yin-Hsuan Wang The cAMP/PKA-mediated Tau S409 phosphorylation through GSKIP/GSK3 axis in SH-SY5Y and iPS cells. Biological Sciences 2017-05-04
Kuan-min Wang The impact of social cues on the forming of impulse purchase intention: the interaction between emotion and ration Information Management 2017-05-16
Li-Chun Wang Frequency and perceived effectiveness of coping strategies among bullied victims Education 2017-05-09
Chih-chiang Wang The renal-protective effects of active substances from marine photosynthetic bacteria Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-06-06
Yue-Lin Wang Investigation and Analysis of Odor in Volatile Organic Compounds and Dimethyl Sulfur in an Industrial Zone of Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2017-06-20
Lin-ya Wang The study of English anxiety and perfectionism in adult learners Education 2017-06-07
Yi-Chen Wang The effects of anti-inflammatory marine-derived compound on atherosclerosis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2017-06-22
Shun-lee Wang The Business Strategy to Engage IoT Applications - A Case Study of 'A' Company EMBA 2017-06-22
Yi-Chih Wang The Macroeconomic Effects of Government Subsidy to Entry-Level Jobs Economics 2017-06-27
Li-Chin Wang Empirical analysis of Sergestid Shrimp Fishery in Tong-Kang Economics 2017-06-27
Yu-lin Wang The Effects of Writing Teaching Integrated with The Movie Elements on Elementary High-grade Students’ Writing Motivation and Writing Performance Education 2017-06-23
Yi-Ping Wang The Relationship between Self-Monitoring and Moral Disengagement:The Mediating Effect of Moral Ideology Human Resource Management 2017-06-29
Ming-Li Wang Semi-Blind Channel Estimation and Precoding Scheme in Two-Way Multi-Relay Networks Communications Engineering 2017-06-28
Hung-Chieh Wang A Study of New Bussines Model of Cloud POS – A Case of iCHEF EMBA 2017-07-04
Kuan-Chao Wang A Study of Blockchain's Development in Taiwan Finance 2017-07-01
Cheng-hong Wang Which Factors Explain Asymmetric Volatility:Evidence From Panel VAR Finance 2017-07-12
Li-pei Wang Bayesian inference for a piecewise nonlinear mixed-effects model with skewed distribution and heteroscedasticity with application to an ovarian cancer study Applied Mathematics 2017-07-12
Yu-fong Wang Study of treatment efficiency and operating conditions on treating TMAH wastewater Environmental Engineering 2017-07-14
Chih-jui Wang Forecasting New Taiwan Dollar Exchange Rates with Time Varying Parameters Model Economics 2017-07-17
Cheng-Ru Wang Machine Learning Based Network Intrusion Detection Electrical Engineering 2017-07-19
Zhao-yu Wang Some Variants of Self-Constructing Clustering Electrical Engineering 2017-07-19
Yen-ting Wang Development of organic dye and nanomaterial based fluorescent sensor for highly sensitivity detection of Heparin in serum. Chemistry 2017-07-18
Yi-ting Wang Multiple Frame Antennas for the MIMO Operation in the Metal-Casing Smartphone Communications Engineering 2017-07-21
Yu-Jen Wang The Influence of Good Distribution Practice on Dental Medical Equipment Industries EMPP 2017-07-22
Ching Wang Design of a Spiral Coils Platform for Inductive Contactless Power Transfer Electrical Engineering 2017-07-26
Jhen-Jie Wang Current-Source Driving Circuit for Ultrasonic Transducer Electrical Engineering 2017-07-26
Jui-Yi Wang Output voltage regulation with balanced discharge control of multiple battery modules in series connection Electrical Engineering 2017-07-27
Chih-wen Wang Employee rehire : A study from the perspectives of supervisor , colleague, and boomerang employee Human Resource Management 2017-07-21
Yi-Ming Wang Self-Assembly of Novel Photodegradable Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymer Poly(methyl methacrylate)-b-Poly(2-vinyl pyridine) Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-07
Chia-Yi Wang The Study of Tourist Motivation, Service Quality and Tourist Satisfaction on Willingness of Re-boarding Tour Bus- A Case Study of Kaohsiung Cultural Tour Bus Public Affairs Management 2017-08-06
Szu-Han Wang A Case Study for Chinese Singer from South East Asia Developing in Taiwan Popular Music Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-08-06
Ling-Ling Wang Cranberry Extract for the Prevention of Uncomplicated Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Women: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-16
Yi-Ching Wang An Analysis of Users’ Policy Cognition of and Satisfaction with the “Pedestrian Sidewalk Friendly Project in Tainan City “ from the Pedestrian’s Perspective: A Case Study of Beimen Road Public Affairs Management 2017-08-16
Bo-Xun Wang Effect of Multiple Flame Retardants on the Flame Retardancy of Waterborne Polyurethanes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-06-28
I-Chun Wang A Study of Adult’s Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior Intention on Organ Donation Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-21
Shu-li Wang A Study of Xunzi’s Political Philosophy and His Theory of Human Nature Chinese Literature 2017-08-18
Jyun-yan Wang Application of The Computer Software for Parallel-Connected Automatic Transmissions for Dual-Epicyclic Gears Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-23
Chia-Kai Wang The Key Elements of Work Values of Digital Natives Human Resource Management 2017-08-08
Chih-yen Wang Global Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Generation Systems Considering Partial Shading Electrical Engineering 2017-08-28
Hao-yu Wang An Image-Based Self-Balance System to Suppress Water Spill for a Moving Cup Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-21
Wen-nan Wang Study of electrochromic properties of tungsten oxide films with various dopants prepared by electron beam evaporation Electrical Engineering 2017-08-29
Tzu-Yin Wang Study of AN30 induces oral cancer cells apoptosis and autophagy through ROS mediated mechanism Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2017-08-31
Sih-yu Wang Development of blocked bio-gel substrate and buffered colloidal substrate to remediate DNAPL contaminated unsaturated and saturated zones Environmental Engineering 2017-08-26
Yen-Ching Wang Design of Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Considering Unbalanced Loading Condition Electrical Engineering 2017-09-06
Yu-Sheng Wang On Administrative Legal System of Labor-related Crime Management ICAPS 2017-08-24
Chun-Min Wang Failure Prediction on Micro-stamping Mold utilizing Acoustic Vibration Transduction via MEMS Microphones Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-04
Chen-yu Wang A Comparative Study of Transient Capabilities with Dynamic Capabilities in the Age of Technology Disruption Human Resource Management 2017-09-06
Tian-you Wang The influence of project orgnization structure and software development model in software company on the selection of project management information system Information Management 2015-07-25
Ling-yu Wang Integration design environment for configurable on-chip bus monitor Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-11
Chia-Hsiang Wang Carrier Relaxation of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Physics 2017-09-12
Yin-Pao Wang Feedback-Based Failure Path Detection with Dual Out-of-Order Queue Information for MPTCP Computer Science and Engineering 2017-09-12
Kai-ze Wang The symbiotic relationship between mud snail (Nassarius albescens) and hydroids (Cytaeis sp.) in Dongsha Department of Oceanography 2017-10-16
Tzu-Chi Wang Characteristics of Recessed-Gate TFETs with Body Extension Layer Electrical Engineering 2017-08-23
Wei-zheng Wang Distance Measure Between Objects Using Inscribed Ellipses with Error Compensation Electrical Engineering 2017-10-30
Sheng-Li Wang Study on Effect of Emulsion Properties on Lubricating Performance of Emulsions Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-13
Deng-Shian Wang Design and Implementation of Leakage Compensation Circuit for 5T SRAM Electrical Engineering 2017-12-21
Wen-yu Wang Advertising Effectiveness of Virtual Spokesperson: A Case Study of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation Business Management 2018-01-02
Ying-ting Wang Protein-directed synthesis of luminescent copper nanoclusters for sensing bio-molecules Chemistry 2018-01-03
Yung-Lin Wang Investigation of Grain Size Prediction and Mechanical Properties in Multi-pass Hot Rolling of Magnesium Alloy ZK60 Sheets Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-01-05
Tzu-Kuan Wang A Multilevel Analysis to Explore the Mediation Effect of Manager’s Ambidexterity between High-Performance Work System and Their Individual Innovation Behaviors Human Resource Management 2018-01-14
Ling Wang The Research of Labour Laws Applicability for Harbour Work Seafarers And The Recommendation for Amendments of Laws Human Resource Management 2018-01-30
Sin-Jie Wang Using Signaling Theory to Understand the Impact of Information Disclosure on Online Consulting Service Growth Information Management 2018-01-17
Tsung-Pin Wang Anthropomorphism Reduces Efficacy?How Regulatory Focus and Health Locus of Control Affect Willingness to Pay For Anthropomorphized Healthcare Products Business Management 2018-02-06
I-Ming Wang Internationalization Strategy of NBA - A Study on China Market Business Management 2018-02-08
Chyun-Cheng Wang Design of Motion Simulation System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Testbed Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Wei-ting Wang Bohuslav Martinů’s Sonata for Violin and Piano No.3, H.303 Music 2018-01-22
SU-HAN WANG The Effect of Service Quality, Perceived Risk and Advertisement in Customers Satisfaction and Loyalty: The Role of Perceived Value Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-02-08
Hsin-Yao Wang Refinements of chemical kinetic mechanisms for C2-C3 hydrocarbon fuels and a C9 biodiesel surrogate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-02-09
Ling-ya Wang Application of Managed Volatility in Asset Allocation Finance 2018-02-20
Nai-yu Wang Taiwan’s Onshore/Offshore Fund Performance Comparison Finance 2018-02-16
SHENG-HUNG WANG Lifestyles of Health and Safety Target-Date Fund: Risk-Weighting Portfolio Design Business Management 2018-02-20
Yi-Zun Wang Robust Phase Locked Control Design For A Novel Wind Power System Electrical Engineering 2018-02-22
Guan-ru Wang A Comparative Study on the Narration of “Liaozhai Zhiyi” and “Songbin Suohua” Chinese Literature 2018-02-22
Yi-Ching Wang Exploring the behavior intention of cervical cancer screening for 20 to 29 years old young women by applying the theory of planned behavior Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2018-03-13
Shih-yu Wang Bounce back from adverse events: Exploring team resilience and its antecedents in information system projects Information Management 2018-04-03
Jun-He Wang The study of Ag-Au-Pd-Al 500℃ Phase Diagrams in silver rich region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-04-08
Hung-Kuo Wang A Study on International Marketing Strategy in Steel Industry EMBA 2018-06-08
Hsiao-Ni Wang A Research on the Development and Integration of Board Game into 3rd Grade Number and Operation Instruction Education 2018-06-10
Michael Xianjun Wang The influential factors of ambidextrous leadership: an exploratory study Master of Global Human Resource Management 2018-06-21
Sz-Jie Wang Research on the Impact of Discount Combination, Product Type and Customer Involvement on the Sales of Group Buying-A Case of Group Buying Company P Business Management 2018-06-16
Yao-Chieh Wang Flame Retardancy of Waterborne Polyurethane Films with Different Crosslinking Agents and Retardants Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-06-26
Ding-Xuan Wang A Study on Competitive Advantages and Business Strategies of Call Center Industry in Taiwan EMBA 2018-06-26
Zi-ning Wang The Macroeconomic Effects of Pension Reforms Economics 2018-06-28
Yu-Ting Wang The Development of Integrated Circuit Industry in China ICAPS 2018-07-02
Yen-Ju Wang The relationship between hotel catering service quality and customer revisit intention. The Example of Kindness-Hotel. Business Management 2018-07-07
Cheng-Yao Wang Numerical Study on Tracking Marine Litters in Taiwan Waters Marine Environment and Engineering 2018-07-10
Wuu-Shyong Wang An Application of the Critical Incidents Technique to Identify the Decision-making Ability and Leadership Capacity of Top Managers : Example of Z Company EMBA 2018-07-05
Ya-Hsien Wang A study of the Relationship between Industry-University R&D Cooperation and Corporate Talent Cultivation :The Case of Aerospace Industry Supply Chain EMPP 2018-06-28
Hao-Yi Wang The Impacts of Image Contexts on Dialogue Systems Information Management 2018-07-17
Li-No Wang A Study on Competitive Advantages of Credit Card Acquirer -The Case of National Credit Card Center EMBA 2018-07-19
Chao-Hong Wang The Study of Organic Inverted Solar Cell incorporating DP-SQ:P3HT:PCBM as active layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-07-19
Shue-Ren Wann Using “Healthcare Failure Mode & Effects Analasis” to Reduce In-hospital Cardiac Arrest EMBA 2016-08-18
Chia-Ming Wave A Study of Relationship among Information, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Performance of Semiconductor Downstream Firms. Business Management 2000-06-21
Wen-yit Weh Determinants of Early Retirement Intentions:An Application of Planned Behavior Theory EMPP 2016-08-09
Sheng-Li Wei CockTail Search (CTS) for Video Motion Estimation Computer Science and Engineering 2001-06-29
Lung-Chih Wei Crystallization Kinetics and Melting Behavior of PEEK and Influence of Transcrystallinity on the Long-Term Tensile-Tensile Property of AS4/PEEK Composites Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-19
Wen-Chi Wei study of bacteria flora in a closed penaeus monodon pond Marine Resources 2001-08-20
Shih-Zung Wei Study of High Drivability Word Line Driver and High Speed Sense Amplifier for a Low Voltage Dynamic Random Access Memory Electrical Engineering 2002-06-21
Chung-Huan Wei GUI-based Motion Control of Transverse Flux Linear Switched-Reluctance Machine Electrical Engineering 2002-07-03
Yu-Ta Wei The influence of multinational corporations’ brand strategy to the organizational network and knowledge transfer model–the high-tech industry Human Resource Management 2002-07-08
Mei-Fang Wei none EMBA 2002-07-25
Me-fei Wei The correlative research of reduing civil servants, flexible strategy and organization performance Based on the example of the Water Resources Agency the Ministry of Economic Affairs Human Resource Management 2002-07-30
Ko-Ming Wei A Study on the Mechanism of Geographic Data Searching and Clearinghouse on the Internet Marine Environment and Engineering 2002-08-31
Hsuan-Yi Wei Investigation of Low-Dielectric constant Hydrogen Silsesqnioxane as Intermetal Dielectric Physics 2002-09-11
Teng-Hui Wei The Strategies for Taiwanese Engineering Enterprises -- CTCI Corporation as an example. EMBA 2003-07-17
YI-FENG WEI The Study on The Engineering Patent of Program Model By The Demand on A ompany Needs Patent Ability to R&D Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-22
Yu-Lan Wei Development of The Intelligent Safety-Management Facility Incorporating Mobile Communication Electrical Engineering 2003-07-25
Chih-yen Wei The Juristic Construction of the Separation of Public Affairs between Central and Local Governments in Taiwan, ROC.─A New-Institutionalist Approach Interdisciplinary Studies 2004-01-16
Chuan-pi Wei Network Monitoring on Large Networks Information Management 2004-07-06
Chia-po Wei On Applications of the Projection Lemma to Analysis and Design of Continuous-Time Systems Electrical Engineering 2004-07-08
CHANG-YU WEI Research the land area ocean development strategy - - concurrently discusses the Taiwan area to be supposed to have the countermeasure and Improvement Mainland China Studies 2004-09-07
Wen-jun Wei Experimental Study of Mean Water Level Variation on Platform Marine Environment and Engineering 2004-10-13
Ching-Liang Wei Fabrication of Piezoelectric and Reflecting Layers for Solidly Mounted Resonator (SMR) Electrical Engineering 2005-07-21
Liang-Tai Wei Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Sequence Assembly with Haplotyping Computer Science and Engineering 2005-08-24
Hou-hung Wei The study of the value of enterprise and the strategy formulated by system dynamics Business Management 2006-04-27
Hong-jhang Wei A Design of Speech Recognition System for the Mandarin Toponyms Electrical Engineering 2006-08-31
Shih-hui Wei A Comparison of Agonistic Behavior and Reconciliation in Free-ranging and Captive Formosan Macaques (Macaca cyclopis) Biological Sciences 2006-09-12
Yi-chung Wei Single molecule investigating Rhodamine B dilute solution at confocal and TIR configurations Materials Science and Engineering 2007-01-18
Fung-sheng Wei The relationship among leadership of principal,job involvement and organizational commitment of teacher-Evidence from the public elementary schools in kaohsiung city。 Human Resource Management 2007-02-14
Wei-Feng Wei An Analytical Model of Channel Preemption Mechanism for WLAN-embedded Cellular Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-06-28
Yin-Win Wei Phosphorylation and Functional Regulation of Nitric Oxide Synthase by Cylin-Dependent Kinase 5 Biological Sciences 2007-08-01
Jung-tsung Wei Comparing & Analyzing the Manpower of Cross-strait—As the case of Passive Component EMBA 2007-08-20
Ping-chung Wei Implementation of Arithmetic Component Generator in 3D Graphics Geometry System Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-20
Cheng-hong Wei 1、Investigation on luminescence property of Cerium doped LiGaO22、Growth of nonpolar GaN(10-10)film on γ-LiAlO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition Materials Science and Engineering 2007-09-07
Chin-tao wei A Study of the New Labor Pension System In Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-01-07
Yin-Fang Wei The Study on Properties of Ferroelectric Materials with Bismuth Content Electrical Engineering 2008-01-09
Tzu-Chiang Wei Design and Modeling of Planar Transformer-based Integrated Passive Devices Electrical Engineering 2008-07-26
Yu-Ju Wei A Study and An Analysis on Bohuslav Martinů’s Oboe Concerto, H. 353 Music 2008-08-05
Hsu-Jung Wei Strategic Discussion for the direction of Customer service –Taiwan Original Equipment Manufacturers in the field of Semiconductors as an object of studies EMBA 2008-08-05
Chao-shoung Wei none Information Management 2008-08-22
Chun-ming Wei The competitive analysis of Toyota Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) – based on Toyota WISH Business Management 2009-06-16
Shih-ping Wei Interference Mitigation for OSFBC-OFDM Systems in Frequency Selective Fading Channel Communications Engineering 2010-08-04
Jo-Ting Wei Mandatory Restatements, Family Involvement and Replacement Decisions for Related Parties of Financial Statements Business Management 2010-08-19
Yin-Chu Wei Study of cells producing polyclone antibody against Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-09-08
Li-Lun Wei Experimental study of 42.72Gb/s and 21.36Gb/s DQPSK in WDM communication system Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-06-28
Kuang-Ting Wei A Walking Strategy for Hexapod Robots on Discontinuous Terrain Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-01
Su-Ying Wei The competence model of international merchandisers -example from an IPO EMBA 2011-08-30
Chih Wei Study on Architecture-Oriented Small Panel OEM Factory MES Model Information Management 2011-12-25
An-Pin Wei Advertising, Performance and Mutual Fund Flows: The Allocation Proportion for Advertising of Funds Finance 2012-01-09
Wen-chi Wei The study of marine excavatolide diterpenoids on bioactivities: Lessons learned from dendritic cells, dermatitis and type 1 diabetes in murine models Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-01-19
HONG-RU WEI Radar Observation of the Coastal Data Preliminart Analysis of Northeast of Taiwan IAMPUT 2013-05-17
Hui-Chun Wei Forest Optimal Rotation and Land Expectation Values under Carbon Sequestration and Radiation Budget Economics 2013-06-24
Chun-Yu Wei A Study of Internalizing External Benefit of Public Construction-A Case Study of NSYSU Alumni House Finance 2013-06-27
Yi-Ting Wei Asymmetric Henry Reaction Catalyzed by Copper Complexes of Pyrazole-containing Chiral Oxazoline Bidentate Ligands Chemistry 2013-07-15
Chia-Yu Wei Nan Shan Life Insurance foreign currency receipts and payments of the non-investment-type insurance marketing business research and analysis EMBA 2013-08-13
Chia-Ching Wei A kNN based neuro-fuzzy system for time series prediction Electrical Engineering 2013-08-20
Jui-hung Wei The Comovement of Remittances and Economic Growth :Lessons form Former Soviet Union Communist countries Political Science 2013-09-01
Chan-hung Wei Studies on the Electrochemical Buffing of Stainless Steel Surface using Conductive Polymer Tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-05
Hsin-chien Wei The Feasibility for Taiwan’s Development of the RMB Offshore Center Finance 2013-09-01
Sin-Han Wei The Effect of Mortgage Interest Rate and Money Supply on House Price—The Application of Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model Finance 2014-02-19
Chen-Ann Wei A Study of Alban Berg’s Piano Sonata, Opus 1 Music 2014-06-11
Xiao-Lun Wei Factors Affecting Real Estate Prices in Taipei and the Impacts on Construction Companies: Using Chong Hong and Huaku as the Examples Finance 2014-06-23
Jhang-Jhe Wei Research on Infrared Gas Sensing of MEMS with Shock Effect Electrical Engineering 2014-07-08
Chia-Ting Wei Delay-Aware Routing Strategy with Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-08
Yu-An Wei Growth of Zinc Oxide Nano-belts on(100)γ-LiAlO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition. Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-06-27
Hsien-fang Wei An Action Research study of Cooperative Mind Map teaching on learning attitude, learning experience, and teacher self-adjustment in junior high school science teaching Education 2014-07-28
Chien-yu Wei Study on Operation Strategy of Virtual Power Plants in Electricity Markets Communications Engineering 2014-08-18
Ming-hui Wei Determination of Dissolved Trace Metal (Cd, Co, Cu, Ni and Zn) Partitioning in Natural Water by a Two-Column Ion Exchange Method Department of Oceanography 2014-12-25
Chao-ching Wei The Research of System Dynamic Model of Disruptive Innovation Strategy Influence Enterprise Value Business Management 2015-03-08
Tien-yu Wei Effect of Zn substitution on the Skyrmion phase in Cu2OSeO3 Physics 2015-06-29
YU-XIANG WEI Research on Chinese three front project reform ICAPS 2015-08-04
Hsiu-yi Wei The Effect of Ceramic film on the Coated Ball Strength in Linear Guide Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-07
Po-yu Wei Jane Austen: The Moments of Vulgarity Foreign Language and Literature 2016-01-21
Chih-Liang Wei Developing algorithms to distinguish insomnia patients from normal people via the single channel forehead signal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-13
Hui-min Wei Feasibility and Influential Analysis of Tightening the Dioxin Standard for Secondary Aluminum Smelters in Kaohsiung from the Viewpoints of Emission Prediction, Waste Treatment Cost, and Civil Penalty Environmental Engineering 2016-08-18
Meng-wei Wei A study of the hydrodynamics from typhoon by using a non-structured FEM (SCHISM) Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-09-08
Tzu-Heng Wei An examination of the associations between competitive dynamics and firm performance among smartphone companies Business Management 2017-07-02
Yu-yu Wei Hydrogen bonds to impose rotational restriction of luminescent polyrotaxane with aggregation-induced emission property Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-08
Chia-Hsuan Wei Evolution of co-mimicry assemblage: A case study based on the Euploea mulciber mimicry complex Biological Sciences 2017-08-18
Jia-Bo Wei Fabrication and properties investigation of single-crystalline organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites for solar cell applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-08-18
Chen-hsuan Wei The Changes of Postwar Japan’s Defense Industry Policy ICAPS 2017-08-30
Yi Wei How Are Patch Reefs Formed in the Lagoon of Dongsha Atoll? Department of Oceanography 2018-04-12
Ting-yu Wei Fabrication and characterization of Ti-Ta-Nb alloys for bio-implant purposes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-04-25
Chen Wei Jung A Factor Analysis of Dynamic Correlation of Regional House Price in the United State Finance 2014-07-31
Wang Wei-Cheng A Study on the Intention of Adoption in Mobile Value-added Services Communications Management 2003-07-10
Li Wei-Chi Understanding the Drivers of the Continuance Intention of Airbnb Hosts from the Expectation Confirmation Theory Information Management 2018-06-25
Chen Wei-ru The Study of Using Ambiguity Function in Underwater Target Detection Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-04-12
Chan Wei-Yi A study on government share releasing and owmership transfering of Taiwan Television Enterprise Communications Management 2007-06-26
Chih-Wei Wen Missed joint in Electron beam welding dissimilar meatls Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-04
Yuh-shy Wen The Research of The Characters and The Cultures in Ellen Chang's Text Chinese Literature 2000-07-04
Cheng-Bin Wen Use Diamond Model to study the business model of Taiwan foundry industry as they invest in Mainland China Business Management 2002-06-19
Kun-Ta Wen A Study of the Relationships between Career Orientation, Achievement Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Stay:Using Big CPA Firms as an Example Business Management 2002-06-27
Ching-San Wen Tungsten Inert Gas Arc Welding Fe-Mo-Ti-C Alloying Coatings Composites for High Temperature Applications Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-09
Teu-Shun Wen A Cross-Domain Roaming System: Support and Integration of Heterogeneous Authentication Platforms on the Wireless LAN Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-27
Tuan-Hsien Wen Connection among Long-Term Investment, Institutional Investors and Shareholding of the Boards and Directors - As Listing Companies in Taiwan Finance 2003-08-28
Chia-Sheng Wen Logic Synthesis of High-Performance Combinational Circuits Based on Pass-Transistor Cell Library Computer Science and Engineering 2003-09-02
Chi-Shemg Wen Influence of traffic exhausts on the air quality in a street canyon:A case study of measurement results in Fung-Shan City, Kaohsiung County Environmental Engineering 2004-06-19
Ai-Ling Wen Effects of an Integrated Life Education and Music Curriculum on Senior High School Students’ Sense of Purpose of Life and Attitudes toward Death Education 2005-07-29
Hui Wen Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoresis Coupled with Multidimensional HPLC/MS to Analyze Trace Amount of Proteins in Human Serum. Chemistry 2005-08-01
Jin-Ching Wen Abstract EMBA 2005-08-02
Chih-Chin Wen Design of Adaptive Sliding Surfaces for a Class of Systems with Mismatched Perturbations Electrical Engineering 2007-01-17
Che-Yi Wen Crystallographic Orientation Relationships between CVD-grown Carbon Nanotubes and Growth Catalysts Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-10
Tzay-chuen Wen Marketing Strategy for Recruiting Personnel, For the Example, the National Armed Forces 7 Military Academies. EMBA 2006-07-09
Yin-hui Wen The dramaturgy and the musical characterization of ensembles in W. A. Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte” Music 2006-08-30
Pei-zu Wen none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-11
Cheng-neng Wen An OLED Pixel Driver Using Voltage Feedback for Threshold Voltage Shift Compensation Electrical Engineering 2008-07-07
WEN-FU WEN none Public Affairs Management 2008-07-29
Tzu-chuang Wen Design of Distributed-Flow-Type Multi-Speed Hubs for Bicycles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-01
Yi-Hsuan Wen Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Vehicle Driving Controller Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-03
Kai-hsiang Wen The analysis of strategies firms choose under the financial crisis-Evidence form stock exchange and OTC companies Business Management 2011-02-22
Li-Ting Wen A Study of Mainland Tourists’ Satisfaction toward Liouhe Tourist Night Market Business Management 2013-07-02
Wen-cheng Wen Taiwan Marine Environmental Education: Discussion on Model of the Marine Environmental Knowledge, Protection of the Marine Environmental Attitudes and Protection of the Marine Environment Behavior Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-07-09
Chun-Hao Wen Toward Minimizing Average Finish Time of P2P File Delivery Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-10
Shi-han Wen Decentralized Parameter Estimation with Non-identical Censoring Interval Communications Engineering 2013-07-24
Hsin-Yi Wen Synthesis of spirobifluorene derivatives and their applications in blue and white organic light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-08-06
Yi-shan Wen An anti-inflammatory activity of marine-derived compound for cosmeceutical use Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-08-19
Wei-jia Wen Diurnal Behavior and Activity Patterns of Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) in Poultry Farm Biological Sciences 2013-08-28
Chung-Chieh Wen CDS Spread Changes around Eurozone Debt Crisis--An Empirical Analysis of the Germany Financial Industry Finance 2013-08-29
Jen-Chih Wen The Inversion for Sediment Acoustic Parameters Using Surface Sound Source with Biot Theory in Deep Sea Area. IAMPUT 2013-11-19
Chun-yi Wen The Third-Person Effect of Micro-Cosmetic Surgery News Communications Management 2014-02-13
Shu-Wei Wen The role of consumption of fructose on blood pressure in the nucleus tractus solitarii Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2014-08-26
Chun-chu Wen A Study of Federico Mompou’s Musica Callada Music 2015-02-04
Shi-ming Wen Mercury(II)-Catalyzed Cyclization of 2-Alkynylphenyl Alkyl Sulfoxides Provides 3-Acylbenzo[b]thiophenes and Synthetic Applications Chemistry 2015-07-01
Po-Hsiang Wen A High-Power-Factor AC-to-DC Converter with Power Decoupling Electrical Engineering 2015-11-17
Teng-Kai Wen Prolate Spheroidal Paraboloidal Quantum Cloak Physics 2016-08-30
Le-Yuan Wen From Smoke and Mirrors to Walk The Talk : The HR Implication for Micro-Enterprise Human Resource Management 2017-06-19
Yi-ti Wen Response of Diacrylate Mesogens to He-Ne Laser Interference Field Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-07
Ming-Han Wen The impact of cervical contusion on diaphragmatic and intercostal motor outputs Biological Sciences 2017-08-03
Chih-yu Wen Study of supercapacitor fabricated with composite electrodes and gel polymer electrolyte Electrical Engineering 2018-05-16
Huan Wen Cheng Constructing an Effective Model of Math Remedial Instruction of Decimal Division of Sixth Grade in Elementary School by Taking Action Research Education 2016-01-25
Yu Wen Wu The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employee Voice Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Work Engagement Human Resource Management 2016-08-18
Yi-Lung Weng Intracavity Frequency-Doubled and Passively Q-Switched Blue Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-30
Shu-Hang Weng The Dynamic Analysis and Vibration Suppression of TLP With Tuned Liquid Column Damper Marine Environment and Engineering 2000-07-27
judy weng Study of Teachers' and Students' Thinking styles their interaction in instruction Education 2000-08-15
Chun-Jen Weng The Study and Implementation of Compact Ring Laser for the Generation of Single Frequency IR and Green Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-27
Yis-Shen Weng none Chinese Literature 2001-06-28
Chun-Cheng Weng Wafer Planarization by Cylindrical Polishing Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-28
Ruey-Shing Weng Injection Mechanisms at the Interface between Metal and Organic Layer in OLEDs Electrical Engineering 2002-07-01
Da-Jiun Weng The Study of the Moisture Effect on the Interfacial adhesion of IC Packages in the IR-Reflow Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-07-16
CHI-CHEN WENG A research on relationship between rayroll systems and organizational commitments at Japanese mamufacturer employees in export process zone. Human Resource Management 2002-08-01
Yao-Nan Weng Constructing an Interactive Mechanism for the Customs Across the Strait:An Analysis of International Regime Mainland China Studies 2003-02-10
Wen-ying Weng A Study of Service Quality Toward Knowledge Management : The Case of The District of The Taipower Company. Business Management 2003-06-16
Wei-Chi Weng The Study of Property and Microstructure of ZrN Thin Film Materials Science and Engineering 2003-07-09
Tzu-Yu Weng Controlling Factors of Cis/Trans Geometry in Ni and Co Diketonato Complexes Chemistry 2003-09-03
Wei-Hung Weng PMIRA – Prediction, Measurement and Preinforming Resource Allocation Scheme in Wireless Network Computer Science and Engineering 2004-06-21
Ze-min Weng Study on Catalytic Oxidation of Toluene in an Air Stream Environmental Engineering 2004-06-29
Liang-Chieh Weng An Inquiry into The MNCs' Strategies in Great China Region:Focus on The Relationship of Subsidiaries between The Two Sides Business Management 2004-07-08
Wen-Tsan Weng The Cardiovascular Effects of alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-08-09
Pi-lien Weng Research on radio listeners of relationship between stay tune motivation and situation Communications Management 2004-09-05
Wen-di Weng Time trends and advertising presentation of information security advertisement Communications Management 2004-10-08
Peng-Hsiang Weng Time-resolved electro-luminescence & optical beam induced current mapping of photonic devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-27
Chun-chieh Weng The Second People’s Power Revolution in the Philippines: The Re-emergence of Oligarchy Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-29
Chi-feng Weng Inverstigation on Reliability of Poly-Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Physics 2005-07-12
Ming-hsu Weng Evaluation of Lung Perfusion Using Pre and Post Contrast-Enhanced CT Images – Pulmonary Embolism Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-15
Jui-mei Weng The action research on the moot court of class:Based on law-related knowledge to elementary students and its relevant influences. Education 2005-07-26
Sheng-ping Weng A Study on the Design of Microfasteners Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-08-08
Tzu-Chieh Weng Complexation of {(o-PPh2C6H4)CH=NCH2CH2}3N with transition metal compounds Chemistry 2005-08-23
Jia-jiun Weng Reaearch of Porous Silicon Micro-Structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-06-22
Hsu-su Weng The comparative study of Taiwanese police system in the transition from 19th to 20th century. Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-06-28
Wei-Teng Weng Pin1 Overexpression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2006-07-05
Pei-hui Weng A Study of Innovative Application Models of Wireless Network--Case study of real time news transmission Communications Management 2006-07-07
CHUN-I WENG none EMBA 2006-08-02
Yen-sheng Weng A nalyzing Fair Water rate of Taiwan Water Corporation EMBA 2006-08-16
Mei-ling Weng A Study on Protection System for Workers Incurring Occupational Accidents in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2006-08-27
Su-zu Weng The Research and Discussion of the Promotion of the Local Employment Policy of R.O.C Political Science 2006-08-30
Meng-Shiung Weng Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of Gold Nanowire By Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-07
Huei-chi Weng Action Research of Integrating Big Six Skills into Project-Based Learning of Social for Grade Four of Elementary School Education 2007-06-13
Tzu-ying Weng Essays on Intra-Industry Trade and Firm’s Location Choice Economics 2007-06-21
Chun-hung Weng The persuasive effect of radio commercials: from theElaboration Likelihood Model perspective Communications Management 2007-07-12
Li-wen Weng Investigation and Fabrication of Nonvolatile Memory Devices with Tungsten Nanocrystals Embedded in Dielectric Layers Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-16
Yi-Hsin Weng A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of the Effect of Leader's Beliefs on Organization Performance: A Case Study of ING ANTAI Life Insurance Company Business Management 2007-07-24
Shu-Chung Weng none EMPP 2007-08-15
Ii-chiu Weng none Mainland China Studies 2008-08-11
Rui-hong Weng A Study on the Transition of China’s Technology Innovation System Mainland China Studies 2008-09-04
SHIH-CHIEH WENG The study of household wastewater treated by artificial wetlands:A case study Environmental Engineering 2009-07-02
Hsiang-yi Weng A Hybrid Algorithm for the Longest Common Subsequence of Multiple Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-19
Ching-yu Weng The Research of divine providence in the novel: “Outlaws of the Marsh” Chinese Literature 2009-09-04
Chuan-Wei Weng none Business Management 2010-02-02
Hui-Ze Weng Performance Analysis of Graph Algorithms using Graphics Processing Units Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-02
Chi-Jung Weng An Investigation of the Relationship between the Form of the Management Control System , Financial Performance and Business Performance on Non-life Insurance Industry under Financial and Non-financial Holding Company Business Management 2011-09-08
Wei-jan Weng Effects of Qinghai-Tibetan Railway on the Genetic Differentiation of Plateau Pika (Ochotona curzoniae) Based on Cytochrome b Sequences Biological Sciences 2012-09-10
Jui-Hsia Weng A Study of Alexander Scriabin’s Mazurkas Music 2012-09-14
Chien-hui Weng Cisplatin Induces the Giant Cells Formation in Melanoma Cells in vitro and in vivo Biological Sciences 2013-06-18
Yu-Chen Weng Exploring the moderating role of peripheral services in total museum service quality Theatre Arts 2013-06-18
Zhi-hong Weng Double-geometric Convergent Methods for ODEs Applied Mathematics 2013-07-18
Hsiao-Ting Weng The Study of the Factors Affecting Coupon Redemption─A Case Study of Carrefour Hypermarket Business Management 2013-07-30
Ching-Ya Weng A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Microfilm and Television Advertising on Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2014-01-27
Mu-Lung Weng Incentive Mechanism Using Game Theory for Wireless Multi-hop Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2014-02-14
Tseng-Wei Weng Triple-Wideband LTE/WWAN Combined-type Antennas for Tablet Devices Electrical Engineering 2014-06-16
Chun-chih Weng Expression of the Vibrio phage ΦA318 RNA polymerase Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-06-25
Pei-Wei Weng The Research on the Four Novel Journals in the Late Ching Dynasty: Centered on the Created and Translated Novels Chinese Literature 2015-01-28
Ying-Pei Weng Elimination of odors emitted from hot melting of coal tar Environmental Engineering 2015-08-18
Ta-Jung Weng The Impact of Collagens Related Proteins’ Expression on the Tumorigenesis and Prognosis of Buccal Mucosal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-09-08
Ming-jun Weng The Effects of Exchange Rate Misalignments on Economic Growth—Panel Data Analysis Economics 2016-07-12
Cheng-chung Weng A Study Applies the Theory of Constraints to Improve the Service Quality for Software Maintenance Contracts – with A Case Study of the ES Company Information Management 2016-07-07
Chu-yuang Weng The Effect of Seasonal and Tidal Variations on Treatment Efficiencies by Yuanjhongkang Constructed Wetlands. Marine Environment and Engineering 2017-07-14
Yu-ming Weng Determination of chromium(VI) and sulfur containing compounds in food by HPLC-ICP-MS Chemistry 2017-07-19
Chia-Yang Weng Design Optimization of Hardware Function Evaluation Units with Truncated Multipliers and Squarers Computer Science and Engineering 2017-07-30
Shih-Ya Weng Development of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Mixed with Three-Phase Emulsified Biodiesel Fuels for Energy Efficiency and Reducing Engine Pollutants Emission Environmental Engineering 2017-08-14
Kai-Jun Weng Effect of Matrix Structure on the Holographic Storage Efficiency of Azobenzene based Composites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-06-28
Lin-Kai Weng Flow Field Optimization for Atmospheric Plasma and Electrospray Dual Ion Sources and Its Applications on Pesticide Detection Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-07
Xin-Yu Weng Inquiring The Process of Entrepreneuring Learning in Practice-based Entrepreneurship Education Business Management 2018-01-18
Chien-min Weng The Relationship between Environmental Heavy Metals and Food: A Case Study of Rice in Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2018-06-22
Tian-Yuan WEY The Relationship Between the Timing Ability and the Characteristics of Funds under the Macro-Information Factors Business Management 2003-02-12
Jang-jyh Wey The relationship between two consequences of budgetary controls: budgetary slack creation and managerial short-term orientation Business Management 2003-06-16
An-pin Wey Studies on the bid ask spread component using high frequency trading data Applied Mathematics 2006-07-18
Yuan-Jang Whang A research on applying Data Envelopment Analysis for assessing the relative efficiency of running business in the constructing industry of Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2003-09-01
Sarah Ashley Wilcox Capitalizing on the Growing Health and Wellness Trend in Canada Genuine Tea: A Business Proposal Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-07-15
Sarah Windmuller Economic Globalization and Power Transition:China and the United States ICAPS 2013-07-15
Magdala Wing-Yee Service Gap in E-coupon Business Model Business Management 2013-03-26
Temmy Wiryawan Analysis of Low-Price Strategy in Smartphone Industry - A Case Study of Xiaomi Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-07-17
Cheng-Huang Wnag The effects of cdk5 inhibitor - roscovitine on morphine antinociceptive tolerance, formalin-induced pain behavior and pilocarpine-induced seizure in Sprague–Dawley rats Biological Sciences 2002-07-22
C.T. Wong A Study of the Influence of Enterprise Pensions System on Work Force Age Structure and Work Force Utilization in China Steel Corporation Business Management 2000-06-15
Chun-Pong Wong The Research of Outsourcing Management for Shipbuilding Business Management 2001-06-15
Kam-Fai Wong A Study on Factorial Designs with Blocks Influence and Inspection Plan for Radiated Emission Testing of Information Technology Equipment Applied Mathematics 2001-06-29
Annie Wong A exporatory of paradigm happening from Taiwan shipping forwarders loading on China market Business Management 2004-01-02
Jung-hsiang Wong The Border Trade and Guangxi Economic Development Mainland China Studies 2004-06-20
Chui-wei Wong Expression profiling and functional analysis on bladder tumor suppressor candidate genes, ANXA10 and CDK2AP1 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-07-16
Kang-jung Wong The influence of web design elements on webpage usage Communications Management 2005-01-19
Mu-Ming Wong Analytic spaces defined by SN functions with an appendix the density of algebraic elements in a C* algebra Applied Mathematics 2005-06-15
Pei-wen Wong The Relationship among the role, role stress, work values, and job involevement of human resource professionals. Human Resource Management 2006-08-27
Shao-Wei Wong Explicit Series Solutions of Helmholtz Equation Applied Mathematics 2007-07-20
Wun-Siane Wong Analysis and Control of a Single-side Permanentmagnet Axial-flux Motor with Aluminum Stator Core Electrical Engineering 2007-09-10
Ching-tsai Wong The Case Study of Promoting Creativity Education Policy in Kaohsiung Education 2014-11-26
Yi-chin Wong Investigate the Impact of Brand Attachment and Habit on the Mobile Shopping Intention Information Management 2015-07-20
Felix Wong The Study of the Factors influence mid-level supervisor’s retention in the Tourism Industry in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2015-08-20
Li-Chia Wong The Moderating Effects of Organizational Tenure and Position on Employees’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Commitment Business Management 2017-01-17
Wan-Ling Wong The Effects of Organizational Career management and Organizational Trust on Retention intention of employees -A Case Study of Taiwan Chain Restaurant Industry Business Management 2017-06-29
LE-RONG WONG Research on Consumer Attitude toward the Extension of Luxury Brands Business Management 2018-07-10
Kuo-Chi Wu The security relations between Southeast Asia and China in the Post-Cold War era Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-14
Ju-Chien Wu management development Human Resource Management 2000-06-09
Hong-Zhan Wu Corrosion Resistance of Chromium and Nichrome Thin Films Prepared by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Mechanical Engineering 2000-06-19
Ping-Cheng Wu A study of European Monetary Union and Exchange Rate Theory Finance 2000-06-19
Chein-Liang Wu The research of genetic algorithms in applying in stock market prediction and trading strategy Business Management 2000-06-19
Wang-Yi Wu none Public Affairs Management 2000-06-22
Hsin-Long Wu IC Design and Implementation of Fast Tagged Sorter and Dynamic 64-Bit Comparator Electrical Engineering 2000-06-23
Chun-Chih Wu A Study of the Influence of Electricity Liberalization on Working Rights of Employee of Taiwan Power Company Business Management 2000-06-27
Po-Hui Wu The Research of "head-hunter" Industry Business Management 2000-06-27
Kuo-Chiang Wu none Finance 2000-06-27
Yi-Hsien Wu ” A Network Style of New Product Development”-Experience of Bike Industry of Taiwan Business Management 2000-06-28
Shun-Hao Wu The Coupling Study of Single Frequency Operation from Fabry-Perot Laser and Fiber-Grating Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-06-29
Fen-Man Wu Life Style and Behavior of Internet Radio Audience Communcations Management 2000-07-03
Tzu-Ling Wu The status of professional manufacture by the assembly factories of the bicycle industry in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-04
Tsung-Yea Wu On The resource accumulation and industry differentiation of fastener industry in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-06
Chun-Yi Wu Simulation and Analysis of the Characteristics of Thermal Fliuid Cycles for natural refrigerants R-600a and R-290 applying to an air-conditioning system Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-06
Chien-Lung Wu The experimental tests and analysis of a PEM fuel cell Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-05
Hui-Ling Wu none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-06
Chi-Fan Wu A Run-Time Loop Parallelization Technique on Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems Electrical Engineering 2000-07-06
Chia-Rong Wu Computer Simulation of a Polymer in Solvents under an External Electric Field Chemistry 2000-07-10
Jia-wen Wu none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-12
Hsin-Yu Wu Capital Mobility in Developing Countries: The Case of Korea and Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-07-12
Kai-Hua Wu None EMBA 2000-07-12
Shuw-Yu Wu Motivation and Job satisfaction of voluntary interpreters in Taroko National Park Public Affairs Management 2000-07-13
Min-Jung Wu Optical Interferometric Studies on EHL Oil Film Containing Additives Mechanical Engineering 2000-07-13
Yun-Sheng Wu Morphology and Phase Behavior in Poly(n-alkyl methacrylate) and Poly(n-alkyl acrylate) Materials Science and Engineering 2000-07-16
Jian-Ming Wu Monolithic-Microwave Integrated-Circuit Design of Quadrature Modulator for Wireless Communications Electrical Engineering 2000-07-15
Being-Eing Wu Improving the Heterogeneous traffic Performance over Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 Computer Science and Engineering 2000-07-18
Jean-Yee Wu The Study of Faraday Waves with Liquid Crystal and Oleic Acid Physics 2000-07-25
KUN-PING WU none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-26
Yi-Ming Wu CMOS Current Controlled Conveyor and Tunable IF Filter Application Electrical Engineering 2000-07-26
Chun-Hsin Wu A Study on the Measurement and Analysis of Mercury in Flue Gas Emitted from Municipal Waste Incinerator and the Adsorption of Gaseous Mercury Chloride by Powder Activated Carbon Derived from the Pyrolysis of Waste Tires Environmental Engineering 2000-08-01
Jr-Houng Wu Design and Implement an Efficient Web Application Server Computer Science and Engineering 2000-08-01
Yu-chang WU The determinants of multinational corporation subsidiaries' role and evolution--An empirical study of MNC subsidiary in Taiwan Business Management 2000-06-21
Mei-Fang Wu The Low-Field Hall Measurement of Magnetic Films Physics 2000-06-27
Jen-Hao Wu none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-15
Tsung-Hsien Wu Fabrication of Buried Heterostructure Spot-Size Converter Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2000-08-11
Yen-Hui Wu A Study of Applying Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process on Management Talent Evaluation Model. Human Resource Management 2000-08-17
Wei-ming Wu Research on Robust Control of Micromachined Accelerometers Mechanical Engineering 2000-08-22
San-Chiang Wu The relationship between internal marketing and patient-oriented behavior Human Resource Management 2001-05-26
Jian-Yi Wu Some practical planar antenna designs for wireless communication Electrical Engineering 2001-06-02
Rong-Ching Wu The improvements and applications of spectrum analysis technology on the electric machinery supervision Electrical Engineering 2001-05-30
Chun-Fu Wu First research of management-fashion in Taiwan Business Management 2001-06-11
Ching-Ju Wu The Telecommunication Industrial Environment--Take Canada for Example Business Management 2001-06-11
Chuan-Fu Wu The Research of Improving the Image Quality of Digital Watermarking Technique and Its Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2001-06-12
Li-Sheng Wu The Effect on Taiwan Investment in China’s Western Region--A Study of Development Strategy and Location Factors. Mainland China Studies 2001-06-14
Chia-Jean Wu The Application of Immune Algorithm to Distribution Systems Operation Electrical Engineering 2001-06-15
Yu-Hsia Wu Dietary vitamin E affects the growth and health of the juvenile groupers (Epinephelus malabaricus) Marine Biology 2001-06-21
Sung-Mao Wu Electrical Modeling of IC Packages Electrical Engineering 2001-06-18
Shao-Jun Wu Fabrication and Characterization of Planarized 0.808μm AlGaAs Diode Lasers Electro-Optical Engineering 2001-06-23
Hui-Chi Wu Characterization of the nuclease of Vibrio vulnificus Biological Sciences 2001-06-22
Chang-He Wu The Experimental Investingation of Residual Strength and Stiffness in Carbon/PEEK APC-2 Composite Laminates Mechanical Engineering 2001-06-27
Jiao-Jiao Wu Game chromatic number of Halin graphs Applied Mathematics 2001-06-27
Fang-Sen Wu None Business Management 2001-06-27
Hung-Chih Wu A Fuzzy Modeling Method for Small Area Load Forecast Electrical Engineering 2001-06-27
Rong-Jann Wu The analysis of characteristics of the portal sites in users' perspective Business Management 2001-07-02
Hsi-Jei Wu A Study on Internal Marketing Orientation, Organizational Support, Job Satisfaction and Customer Orientation-- Bank Industry for Example Business Management 2001-07-03
Chien-Hsien Wu High Voltage Customer Electric Energy Management Strategies Research Electrical Engineering 2001-07-02
Guo-Chiang Wu none Business Management 2001-07-04
Wei-Chieh Wu none Public Affairs Management 2001-07-06
Shu-Ling Wu The Study of Relationships among Characteristics of Organization, Human Resource Management Policies, and Knowledge Oriented Culture Human Resource Management 2001-07-29
Eugene Wu Competitive Strategy Analysis for The Copper Strip Industry in Taiwan EMBA 2001-07-09
Ming-Haw Wu The Research of Local Self-government and Judicial Review–Focusing on Interpretation of the Constitution Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-07-11
Chiang Wu Competitive Effect on the Desorption Kinetics of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-13
Wei-Chuang Wu The study of magnetoresistance under the low magnetic field in [La0.67Sr0.33MnO3(SrO)]x / [ La0.67Sr0.33MnO3]1-x Physics 2001-07-15
Yu-Jui Wu Thermal Chemistry of 2-Propynyl Bromide and 1-Propynyl Iodide on the Ag(111) Surface Chemistry 2001-07-19
Yu-ping Wu Self and Narrative: Anna’s Identity Crisis in The Golden Notebook Foreign Language and Literature 2001-07-23
HSIU-MING WU none Economics 2001-07-24
Pei-Ju Wu Narrative Aberrations: Subliminal Haunting of a Fantastic Ireland in James Joyce's "Circe" Foreign Language and Literature 2001-07-24
wei-cheng wu The morphology and conductivity of polyaniline via emulsion polymerization Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-24
Wei-Yang Wu Higher-Order FDTD Method and Application to Antenna Pattern Analysis Electrical Engineering 2001-07-23
Wan-Ling Wu The effects of doping Sb on properties of CuInSe2 thin-film solar cells Materials Science and Engineering 2001-07-25
Shih-Ping, Wu Analysis of Impact Effect to Varied Thickness of Golf Club Head Mechanical Engineering 2001-07-26
Nan-Yi Wu DSP_Based Brushless Motor Driver for Electric Vehicle Electrical Engineering 2001-07-26
Tsung-Chuang Wu NONE EMBA 2001-07-28
Chih-Hwei Wu The Study on the Correlations of Organizations’ Characteristics, Human Capital, Industrial Environment and Organizational Innovations Human Resource Management 2001-07-30
Yaw-Ming Wu A Study of Customer Relationship Management for Telecommunication Business Management 2001-07-31
Hsiao-Tzu Wu The Influence of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Organizational Commitment---- An Experimental analysis of one University. Human Resource Management 2001-08-08
Ching-Jung Wu Studies of Single-Molecule Spectroscopy by a Pulsed Tunable Dye Laser Source Chemistry 2001-08-09
Chiu-Tien Wu none Public Affairs Management 2001-08-10
Tsung-wen Wu Shakespeare's Machiavellianism in Two Tetralogies: King Richard III and King Henry IV Foreign Language and Literature 2001-08-13
Chia-Yun Wu A Study of Organizations and Functions of Cable TV Tariff Commissions in Taiwan Communcations Management 2001-08-21
Su-Hsin Wu Studies on the Cooperation Partnership between China and ASEAN in the Post-Cold War Era Political Science 2001-08-22
Chin-Chu Wu The Planning of Supply Chain Management System for Industrial Materials Intermediary Information Management 2002-01-31
Hsiu-Li Wu none Communcations Management 2002-02-06
Shih-Jen Wu Modeling of 226Ra in the North Pacific Ocean Marine Geology and chemistry 2002-02-18
Junn-Yih Wu The application of "Integrated Marketing Communications" to brand marketing-A case study of BenQ Business Management 2002-05-20
Jain-Wei Wu Enhancing the Channel Utilization of Asynchronous Data Traffic over the Bluetooth Wireless Ad-hoc Network Computer Science and Engineering 2002-06-17
Yeong-Tzong Wu Electric power industry structure and independent power producer's strategy in Taiwan Business Management 2002-06-18
Chia-Linn Wu On The Moment Problem Applied Mathematics 2002-06-13
Chia-wei Wu none Economics 2002-06-19
Yu-ping Wu The Analysis of Air Flow Pattern For Pollution Control Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2002-06-19
Jing-Ru Wu The Impact Study of the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park Luchu Base on the Southern Regional Economy Public Affairs Management 2002-06-21
Li-Yen Wu Fingerprints of Volatile Organic Compounds from Stationary Sources and the Ozone Formation Potentials in the Kaohsiung Area Environmental Engineering 2002-06-26
Huey-Jiuan Wu The Empirical Study of the Association with Economic Value Added、Earnings and Stock Returns Finance 2002-06-27
Chun-Hian Wu Critical Success Factors of Operating Performance Study for Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2002-07-02
Ming-Tung Wu none Materials Science and Engineering 2002-07-03
Fa-Jung Wu  A Recursive Relative Prefix Sum Approach to Range Queries in Data Warehouses Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-07
Yueh-Rong Wu A Study of Public Housing Policy in Singapore Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
DA-KAI WU A Study of Rice Industry in Taiwan Based on WTO Agreement Interdisciplinary Studies 2002-07-09
Wei-Cheng Wu Implementation of Dynamic Queuing Scheduler for DiffServ Networks on Linux Platform Electrical Engineering 2002-07-10
Jia-Ming Wu Simulated Annealing Method with Wavelet Theory in Radiation Therapy Physics 2002-07-11
Feng-Cheng Wu Essential fatty acids nutrition and its effects on immune responses of the juvenile grouper, Epinephelus malabaricus. Marine Biology 2002-07-12
Pei-Hsiu wu none Public Affairs Management 2002-07-15
Cheng-Hui Wu Resolving Crystal Structure of Macro Molecule with Wavelets in Simulated Annealing Physics 2002-07-16
Chien-Min WU Studies People's Liberation Army Strategy Toward Taiwan Political Science 2002-07-22
Sin-Ru Wu Some Characterizations of the Exponential Distribution related to a Single-server Queueing System with an Unreliable Server Applied Mathematics 2002-07-20
Gwo-Li Wu How to Build Up Sustained Competitive Advantage for International Express Industry - A Case Study of DHL Taiwan Corporation IEMBA 2002-07-22
Ting-Fang Wu A Study of Connect Dynamic Data Source to Improve the Simulate Technique for the System Dynamics Information Management 2002-07-25
Wen-Sun Wu none EMBA 2002-07-24
Kae Wu none Human Resource Management 2002-07-26
Ming-I Wu A Comparison of Multinational Enterprise Evaluated Suppliers IEMBA 2002-07-29
Tsung-Chan Wu The Study of the Colossal Magnetoresistance Tunneling Physics 2002-07-27
Yi-Shuan Wu The Relationship Among Thematic Integrated Instruction, Classroom Climate, Grade, Parental Socioeconomic Status and Pupil’s Technological Creativity Education 2002-08-05
Wen-Hei Wu A Study on the Impact software engineer’s Money Ethics Conception upon the Organizational and Professional Commitments Human Resource Management 2002-08-09
Jun-Yue Wu The Influence of Accreditation of Clinical Nurse Specialist on Nursing Human Resource Management 2002-08-27
Shin-Huei Wu Finding Tree t-spanners on Interval, Permutation and Trapezoid Graphs Computer Science and Engineering 2002-08-26
Tzong-En Wu Radioactive disequilibrium Between Pb-210 and Po-210 in Water Columns of the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2002-09-05
He-Jung Wu Trace Metal Phase Speciations by Using Cross-flow Filtration in the Port of Kaohsiung and nearby Coastal Area Marine Resources 2002-09-09
Jain-Shing Wu Web Search Using Genetic Programming Information Management 2002-09-11
Chin-Shean Wu Research on Operating Efficiency and Intellectual Capital of Domestic Banks Economics 2003-01-06
Yi-Fen Wu Design of Model Reference Adaptive Tracking Controllers for Systems with Unstructured Uncertainties Electrical Engineering 2003-01-08
Hsiang-Lin Wu The Role Of Change Agent In The Diffusion Of Innovation -- The Case Of 「LOXA 」 Information Management 2003-01-23
Hsin-Yi Wu A Research about the Promotion of Cello Positions from Beethoven’s “Cello Sonatas, Opus 102” Music 2003-06-17
Yu-Chien Wu The Relationship between Board Linkages and Lending and Borrowing behavior Business Management 2003-06-22
Sheng-Chi Wu The Investigation of Using LNG Cold Energy in the Cold Storage Warehouse and other Energy Conservation Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-06-24
Huan-Ting Wu Research on downsizing programs of Taiwan motorcycle companies(KYMCO、SYM、YAMAHA) Human Resource Management 2003-06-23
Chih-Kang Wu Design of Buffering Mechanism for Improving Instruction and Data Stream Electrical Engineering 2003-06-25
Fu-Yu Wu The Corporate Governance in Europe and in the Netherlands Business Management 2003-06-25
Ming-jen Wu Single Mode Buried Polymer Waveguides on Silicon Substrate Electro-Optical Engineering 2003-06-25
Chien-Chang Wu Luminescence of Light Emitting Diodes of Fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Rigid-rod Polymers Materials Science and Engineering 2003-06-24
Chia-Ping Wu The influence of IPO underpricing and lock-up period coverage on buy and hold return Business Management 2003-06-26
Chi-cheng Wu Package Implementation: A Study of Data and Output Misfits Identification Information Management 2003-06-30
Chen-Mao Wu Image Processing Using the Least-Squares Approximation for Quality Improvement of Underwater Laser Ranging Undersea Technology 2003-06-29
San-Jen Wu A Case Study of Trade Financing: Take China Steel Corporation as An Example Information Management 2003-06-30
Bo-Zhang Wu Implementation of Microwave Active/Passive Elements Using the FDTD Methods Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Rin-Rung Wu none Mainland China Studies 2003-07-02
Jing-Yun Wu A Study on Chelation Modes of Hemilabile Ligands Containing Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Atoms toward Late Transition Metal Ions Chemistry 2003-07-02
Sheng Wu Exploring Knowledge Sharing Behavior of IS Personnel with Theory of Planned Behavior Information Management 2003-07-02
Chia-te Wu Analysis of operation strategy in architecture business EMBA 2003-06-27
Jui-Chuan Wu The Properties of Tantalate Modified Lithium Niobate Pyroelectric Thin Film Detectors Prepared by the Sol-Gel Processes Electrical Engineering 2003-07-03
Ching-Chang Wu Code Automation for Vulnerability Scanner Information Management 2003-07-06
Mei-Chi Wu Critical Success Factors of Implementing e-Purcurement in Chemical Industries Information Management 2003-07-08
Ming-Der Wu Studies on the Bioactive Constituents of Taiwanese Schisandraceous Plants and Synthesis of Thiophene Derivatives of Echinops grijsii Chemistry 2003-07-08
Pei-Chi Wu Decoding the Beauty Myth Constructed by Girls’ Magazine Ads Communications Management 2003-07-09
Ping-Ching Wu Intrathecal GDNF Gene Delivery Enhances Recovery from Neuropathic Pain in Rats Biological Sciences 2003-07-14
Shing-Ju Wu Study on Integration Process of Fluorine ion implanted Silicon Carbide Barrier Dielectric and Copper Interconnection Technology Physics 2003-07-16
Min-Chuan Wu Determination of trace metal in milk and steel by DRC ICP-MS Chemistry 2003-07-11
Shin-Teh Wu A Feasibility Study on the Investment and Operation of a Second Bus Company by the KRTC. Business Management 2003-07-18
Ming-Hsuan Wu Study on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft Coral Cladiella australis Marine Resources 2003-07-22
MING-TONG WU The performance study of an enterprise by introducing BSC EMBA 2003-07-24
cey-min wu none EMBA 2003-07-28
Min-Hua Wu Power, Madness, and Sexuality in Mrs. Dalloway Foreign Language and Literature 2003-07-28
Yu-Hui Wu A Study of Parental Guardianship Suspension Application by Child Protection Social Workers Interdisciplinary Studies 2003-07-30
Wei-Li Wu Metabolism of Brain Serotonin during Agonistic Interaction in Wildtype and Albino Paradise Fish (Macropodus opercularis) Marine Biology 2003-08-01
Yuh-Tyng Wu Study on Bandwidth-Efficient CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2003-08-05
Chi-Feng Wu Adaptive CDMA Multiuser Detection Communications Engineering 2003-08-05
Hsin-Hsin Wu The partnership between oil suppliers and gas station owners based on the KMV model Human Resource Management 2003-08-05
Kuei-Yun Wu A study of middle management strategic roles on organizational performance under business transformation – Based on the examples of CHT southern branch Human Resource Management 2003-08-07
Chen-Chi Wu A Route Optimization Method Using MMA (Middle Mobility Agent) for Mobile IP Electrical Engineering 2003-08-11
Hsin-Hui Wu Microtexture and Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam or Tungsten Inert Gas Arc Welded Mg Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2003-08-13
Meng-Yi Wu RNA Secondary Structure Alignment Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-12
Pao-Feng Wu Use of Text Summarization for Supporting Event Detection Information Management 2003-08-12
Po-Chang Wu The boundary distribution charaters of Equal Channel-Angular Extrusion processed aluminium Materials Science and Engineering 2003-08-13
Tzu-Hsien Wu Factors associated with adolescent's behavior of health service utilization:A study of junior high school students in Tainan. Human Resource Management 2003-08-14
Chia-Chen Wu Personalized Document Clustering: Technique Development and Empirical Evaluation Information Management 2003-08-14
Hsin-Yi Wu The Role of Muscarinic Receptor Subtypes at the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla in Mevinphos Intoxication in the Rat Biological Sciences 2003-08-14
Yun-Te Wu The Comparison of Factors That Constitute Different Internet Consumer Behavior among Countries Business Management 2003-08-22
Peng-Long Wu A Dynamic Bandwidth Borrowing Algorithm for QoS Support in OVSF-CDMA System Computer Science and Engineering 2003-08-26
Terence Wu A Study on The Effect of the Emerging Stock System on the Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings Finance 2003-08-27
Chi-Pin Wu Seasonal Patterns in Group, Population Composition, Daily Activity Cycle and Habitat Selection of Blue Sheep (Pseudois nayaur) in Helanshan Biological Sciences 2003-10-03
Yang-Ying Wu Implementation of Fading Channel Simulator Communications Engineering 2003-08-28
Peir-Cherng Wu Design of Adaptive Derivative Estimator Using Sliding Mode Technique Electrical Engineering 2003-09-01
Ching-Tang Wu BCJR detection for GMSK modulation Electrical Engineering 2003-09-02
Hung-Chen Wu Adaptive simulation for Tee-shape tube hydroforming processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2003-09-03
Arnold Wu Development of remedial strategies for the Love River watershed Environmental Engineering 2003-09-03
Tsung-Han Wu Software Design of A Static Communication Synthesis Method Electrical Engineering 2003-09-12
Jian-Feng Wu The growth and characterization of Si-doped GaN thin film andnanodots Physics 2003-10-06
Chun-Yi Wu The modulate fact of Organization Political Perception on the adverse effects of work stress--The Case of Bank Industry Human Resource Management 2003-12-29
Ming-jung Wu Evolutionary Approach for Supporting Document Category Hierarchy Management Information Management 2004-02-02
Jing-ying Wu Temporal and Spatial Variations of Arginine Kinase Allozyme Among Populations of Thais clavigera From the West Coasts of Taiwan Marine Biology 2004-02-23
Shu-Mien Wu Explore the relationship among knowledge workers’management strategies, core competencies and work performance—take the employees of Customer Service Department in some Telecom as an example Human Resource Management 2004-05-22
Maw-Shing Wu The research of employee's attitude toward public hospital mergence -- a case of Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital Human Resource Management 2004-05-20
Tzuenn-yih Wu NOVEL PRINTED ANTENNA DESIGNS FOR WLAN APPLICATIONS Electrical Engineering 2004-06-01
Chih-Kang Wu Multi-Mode Charging Circuit Electrical Engineering 2004-06-15
Mei-Chan Wu The Corporate Value Relevance of Off-Balance-Sheet Financing Finance 2004-06-15
Yu-zhi Wu Fabrication of Single Mode Buried Waveguides Based on Hybrid Sol-gel Glasses Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-06-16
An-Ching Wu The research of Taiwan IC assembly competence strategy Business Management 2004-06-23
Yung-Hong Wu Mean-field reflection of omni-directional acoustic wave from rough seabed with non-uniform sediment layers Undersea Technology 2004-06-23
Dar-You Wu The influence of TeamWork Quality and Team Playfulness to Team innovation Human Resource Management 2004-06-26
Hsing-Hua Wu Application and Study of Metal Nanocrystals for Low Power Nonvolatile Memory Device Physics 2004-06-29
Chin-shu Wu Electroreflectance spectroscopy of surface-intrinsic- n+ undoped GaAs at various biased voltage Physics 2004-06-30
Chang-hsun Wu Design and Implementation of Voltage-Controlled Oscillators with the Full-Wave Simulation of the Package Effect Electrical Engineering 2004-07-02
Chun-Hsien Wu Manufacturing and Mechanical Properties of AS4/PEEK Nanocomposite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-07
Chao-chin Wu Analysis of dielectric waveguide termination with a slightly tilted facet Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-07
Chun-Ta Wu Design and Fabrication of High-Coupling Efficiency Beam Expander Integrated Laser Diode Electro-Optical Engineering 2004-07-08
Meng-jang Wu The Patterns of Regional Development in Mainland China - an Analysis of the Interactive Relationships between State and Market Mainland China Studies 2004-07-08
Chie-chang Wu The study of laser-induced polarization grating in azo-dye doped liquid crystals Physics 2004-07-12
Tien-yi Wu Studies on the Mechanism of Static Electrochemical Discharge Machining Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-13
Tsung-Shiun Wu High Dielectric Constant and Low Leakage Current TiO2 Thin Films on Silicon Electrical Engineering 2004-07-13
Jia-hao Wu The study of taipei financial centre by cluster Public Affairs Management 2004-07-14
Rong-yuan Wu none Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Jiun-Bin Wu The growth and physics Of La0.8BaO.2MnO3 thin film Physics 2004-07-21
Tze-Hao Wu An Exploration of Organizational Defense Phenomenon in Introducing an Information System Information Management 2004-07-21
Ping-jung Wu The formation of light channel in liquid crystal cells with grating-like ITO electrodes Physics 2004-07-20
Jia-yiing Wu None Finance 2004-07-22
Tung-Yen Wu Fast Symbolic Boundary Approximation Method Applied Mathematics 2004-07-22
Kir-ying Wu A study of KM Practices in organizations based on the views of organizational learning Information Management 2004-07-22
Min-huei Wu The research of merging company's brand identity management and internal marketing system ─ A case study of Financial Holding Company Communications Management 2004-07-21
Huan-pin Wu Roles of Lipid Second Messengers and Their Modulators in the Molecular Pathogenesis of Hypertension Biological Sciences 2004-07-22
Cheng-Hua Wu Fatigue Lifes of Sn/Pb and Sn/Ag/Cu Solder Balls Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-24
Feng-Tsung Wu The Wealth Effects of Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing in the Investment-Oriented Insurance Products Finance 2004-07-25
Chia-lin Wu A Study of Collaborative Forecasting mechanism for Panel Maker In Taiwan TFT-LCD Industry Information Management 2004-07-26
Shih-neng Wu The Evaluation of Inquiry-based Learning with Incentive Mechanisms on Peer-to-Peer Networks Information Management 2004-07-27
Chien-Chang Wu A study of channel strategies for computer product distributers based on transaction cost theory Business Management 2004-07-26
Ya-Hui Wu A study of Loneliness Factors of Foreign Workers in Taiwan:The Mediating Effects of Social Support Human Resource Management 2004-07-28
Guo-wei Wu Applications of the Minimal Realization Filters for the Two Dimensional Roesser Model to Image Filtering Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-28
Chung-chiang Wu Statistical Analysis of parameters of Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cell cycle regulated genes Applied Mathematics 2004-07-29
Chien-Hui Wu An Efficient Bitmap-Based Approach to Mining Sequential Patterns for Large Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2004-07-29
Chieh-lung Wu The Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Study of InN Film and InAs/GaAs QDs Physics 2004-07-29
Yi-hua Wu The advertising effects of Expriential Marketing--An example of Nike's advertisement Communications Management 2004-08-03
Chan-hsu Wu none Economics 2004-08-06
Jung-Chieh Wu Study of Supporting Per Class Differentated Service on MPLS VPN Electrical Engineering 2004-08-10
Yu-Chuan Wu An analysis of defects in metastably retained hexagonal barium titanate Materials Science and Engineering 2004-08-14
Chien-Nan Wu The research of Wafer Foundry industry competition advantage IEMBA 2004-08-14
Wha-Kwo Wu Garbage cleaning privatization is one major task for Taiwan EPA Political Science 2004-08-13
Sheng-Wang Wu Improved Rate Control for Low-Delay Communications in H.264/AVC Video Coding Standard Computer Science and Engineering 2004-08-17
Da-Cheng Wu A Study on Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Algorithm Communications Engineering 2004-08-13
Po-hsuan Wu Design of Steering Systems of Low-Speed Small Four-wheel Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-08-27
Meng-lin Wu The Study of Flow Dynamics in Kao-ping Submarine Canyon and near Kao-ping Shelf Marine Geology and chemistry 2004-08-27
Yen-tien Wu Studies of Excited Iodine Atoms from Photodissociations of CH3I Chemistry 2004-08-28
Shang-ying Wu Behavioral and Physiological Responses of the Snake Predators, Dinodon rufozonatum and Macropisthodon rudis to Bufo bankorensis Biological Sciences 2004-09-01
Tzu-wei Wu The Configuration Analysis of Interferometric Hydrophones Communications Engineering 2004-09-04
Ming-de Wu Distance Spectrum for a Coded Modulation Electrical Engineering 2004-09-04
Ming-Chin Wu Phylogeographic Variation of Siberian Weasel (Mustela sibirica) in Taiwan, Based on Control Region Sequences of Mitochondrial DNA. Biological Sciences 2004-09-05
Chia-Ling Wu The effect of Dlk overexpression on the tumorigenicity of hepatoma cells. Biological Sciences 2004-09-04
Hsin-chang Wu Design of the generalized flexural hinge via normalized dimensional parameters for prescribed kinematics behavior Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-03
Zhen Wu Design, manufacture and optimization of microcoil-based RF probes for high resolution magnetic resonance imaging. Chemistry 2004-09-07
Long-chem Wu Site Assessment and Remediation Feasibility Study of a Petroleum Hydrocarbons Contaminated Site Environmental Engineering 2004-09-07
Che-Hsiang Wu Characterization, expression and functional aspects of human Ninein isoforms Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2004-09-07
Sung-han Wu Design and Implementation of Low Power Turbo Code Decoder Computer Science and Engineering 2004-09-07
Chao-Yi Wu System Design of A Globally Adaptive Mesh Router Electrical Engineering 2004-09-09
Tien-lun Wu A Mutual Construction of the International System and the Nation States within a Model of Level-of-Analysis-A Case Study of the September 11 and the War on Terrorism Political Science 2004-12-13
Pei-lin Wu The study of Evaluation, Performance,support for party and Voting Behavior:The cases of 2002 elections for mayor of Kaohsiung and Taipei municipal Cities Political Science 2004-12-28
Chen-Chieh Wu A Decision Support System for Planning and Scheduling in the cell phone LCD Panel Industry Information Management 2005-01-20
Pei-chen Wu Unevenness Development of Liaoning Province- Comparative Study of Shenyang and Dalian Mainland China Studies 2005-01-27
Jin-biau Wu A research study on grade five problem posing-Case of four arithmetical operations Education 2005-01-27
Chung-lin Wu Regulation of Neuropeptide Y and GnRH Receptor Gene Expression by Sex Steroids and GnRH in Orange-Spotted Grouper, Epinephelus coioides Marine Biology 2005-02-04
shen Wu Study of Chinese Female Spouses’ Life Adaptation in Taiwan A case study of the Chinese Female Spouses in Taipei County Mainland China Studies 2005-02-13
Liou-chiao Wu An Analysis of the Factors and Treatments of Spousal Violence Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-02-17
Jeng-fong Wu The effects of reaction temperature and humidity on the gas-phase photocatalytic degradation of volatile organic compounds Environmental Engineering 2005-02-18
Wei-lih Wu Application of HHT to temperature variations at the thermal outlet of Third Nuclear Power Station Physical Oceanography 2005-03-22
Cheng-chung Wu Numerical Simulations on Long-Term Shoreline Changes behind Detached Breakwaters Physical Oceanography 2005-05-24
Yan-jia Wu Analysis and Experimental Investigation on HVAC System Energy conservations of a Library Building Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-05-31
Guo-Ciang Wu The Relationship between Strength of Embeddedness Ties in Strategic Networks and the Innovation Performance: The Perspectives on Cournot Duopoly Competitive Game and Real Options Business Management 2005-06-04
Sheng-wen Wu Popular Sovereignty and Limitations on Constitutional Amendments—dissertate from Constitutional Interpretation No.499 of the Grand Justices, Judical Yuan Political Science 2005-06-07
Jiaojiao Wu Graph marking game and graph colouring game Applied Mathematics 2005-06-14
Bo-Jian Wu Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidocycloheptanone and 2-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyl)vinyl]benzofuran Chemistry 2005-06-18
Tsai-Cheng Wu Adminstration Study on the Management of Taiwan Radio Industry. Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-06-16
Shih-Chi Wu Research of Influence the Manufacturer Investment for the FTPZ Established by the EPZ EMPP 2005-06-23
Yi-pei Wu The study of Taiwan’s strategy in developing cultural and creative strategy-take the example of publishing industry Business Management 2005-06-24
Song-Chung Wu Characterization of PPLN Crystal Fiber with Second Harmonic Microscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2005-06-27
SHU-HUI WU Execution of Anti-Money Laundry by Banks EMPP 2005-06-28
Chun-Jen Wu Reconstruction formulas for periodic potential functions of Hill's equation using nodal data Applied Mathematics 2005-06-30
Shou-Shiun Wu Synthesis and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Polyimides Containing Benzobisthiazole Derived Chromophores Materials Science and Engineering 2005-06-28
Hui-hwa Wu How to select a CEO?:A study of CEO succession logic in Taiwanese public companies Business Management 2005-07-01
Yan-Ying Wu Study of Fault Detection and Restoration Strategy by Artificial Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2005-06-30
Shengwei-wei Wu The investigation on the distribution of coral reefs off Kenting area Marine Environment and Engineering 2005-07-01
Tsung-Tien Wu High power rotary microgenerator with multipole and multilayer planar microcoil Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-01
Chen-chia Wu Study of Active Power-Factor Correction Controller Circuits Electrical Engineering 2005-07-05
Lu-hui Wu The research of the strategy goal and the dynamic decision-making mechanism - W Electronics Corporation for example Information Management 2005-07-04
Jin-Feng Wu The Life Adjustment of Foreign Brides and their Life Guidance Measures by the Government: the Case of Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2005-07-12
Shin-Hwa Wu none Finance 2005-07-11
Shih-Chien Wu A Choice Strategy of Investing The Economic & Technology Development Area in China EMBA 2005-07-12
Hung-Chang Wu Development of the Multi-Function Meter with Wireless Communication and the Internet Electrical Engineering 2005-07-19
Chin-Feng Wu High School Teachers’ Cognitions and Participating Intentions Toward Teachers’ Union Interdisciplinary Studies 2005-07-22
Chang-Po Wu Design and Analysis of a Novel Multicast Key Management Scheme for Secure Group Communications Communications Engineering 2005-07-24
Chin-Shan Wu The study of framing and anchoring effect on Internet buyers' purchasing intention and price estimates Information Management 2005-07-25
Hsiu-chuan Wu Natural and 13C Labeled Biomolecules Studied with Rotational Resonance Recoupling Approach and Two-Dimensional Chemical Shift Correlation Experiments Chemistry 2005-07-24
Pei-Hua Wu The Study of the Reform and Open Policy on Banking And Shanghai Banking Clustering in China Mainland China Studies 2005-07-27
Sung-Tse Wu Class and Stratum in Chinese Society Mainland China Studies 2005-07-28
Po-Hua Wu Research on New Development of Labor Dispatching in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2005-07-26
Tsung-Chi Wu The study of the ERP system implemented by the major steel mill in Mainland China –A case study on Wuhan Iron & steel Co. EMBA 2005-07-31
Jo-Wei Wu none Economics 2005-08-01
Seng-wen Wu Reducing Timing Jitter Error by Using Self-tuning Based MPI- DLL in UWB Systems Electrical Engineering 2005-08-03
Meng-feng Wu A Study of the AlN Thin Film by Ion Beam Sputtering Materials Science and Engineering 2005-08-08
Jia-ming Wu The research of network relationship of matrix organization within a global project - An example of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. Information Management 2005-08-11
Kuo-Chang Wu The swim bladder of Glaucosoma buergeri (Perciformes: Glaucosomatidae) and the histological and biochemical characteristic of its associated muscles Marine Biology 2005-08-12
Yi-Liang Wu trusts, taxation of trusts EMBA 2005-08-12
Wei-jung Wu The Effect on Stock Price and Volume of Inclusion in or Exclusion from the MSCI Taiwan Index Finance 2005-08-24
Chih-ching Wu The Study Based on Knowledge Management Strategies for Improving Service Quality – The Case Study of C Company Business Management 2005-08-26
Chaw-yee Wu The research for local medium enterprise growth strategy-rubber processing industies Business Management 2005-08-26
Jui-an Wu An Examination of the Evaluation Model of the “living road nets transportation construction” With the Commencement of sustainable development Public Affairs Management 2005-08-27
Bing-je Wu Change of benthic communities at Tiaoshi coral reef, southern Taiwan Marine Biology 2005-08-27
HUI-O WU Study of Strategy for the Selection and Screening Process for Expariates to Mainland China - A case study of Chain Entertainment Business Human Resource Management 2005-08-30
Hsien Wu Knowledge Management and Its Application to Problem Diagnostics of Consulting Firms– Case Study of A Management Consulting Company Information Management 2005-08-31
Wei-Lun Wu Gibbs sampling's application in censored regression model and unit root test Economics 2005-09-02
Yu-jiuan Wu Feasibility study of photocatalysis on the volatile organic compounds using TiO2 coated activated carbon fiber Environmental Engineering 2005-09-06
YUEH-LUN WU A Study of the Influence of Micrometeorology on Atmospheric Visibility in Taipei Basin Environmental Engineering 2005-09-08
Su-chiu Wu Relationship between the Interleukin-1B Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Chia-Ling Wu Effects of IL-10 gene therapy to TAA-induced liver fibrosis in mice Biological Sciences 2006-01-06
Chieh-Tsung Wu The Research of Industry Patent Application and Patent Strategy–Computer Heat Dissipation Industry Business Management 2006-01-13
Tsung-jen Wu Elite Participation and Social Capital In Community Action Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-01-16
Lien-Wen Wu Performance Prediction Models for Rate-based and Window-based Flow Control Mechanisms Electrical Engineering 2006-01-18
Sheng-yi Wu An Adaptive Gateway Discovery Algorithm for the Integrated Network of Internet and MANET Electrical Engineering 2006-01-19
Chengyu Wu From Conventions To Creative A Conceptual Model Of Multicultural eams’Divergence and Convergence Business Management 2006-01-19
Chun-da Wu Investigating Wind Characteristics and Wind Stress on the Coastal Waters of Taiwan Based on the Meteorological Buoy Data Marine Resources 2006-01-25
Yi-jung Wu A Study of China’s Consumption Models, Urban and Rural Consumer Behavior Mainland China Studies 2006-01-25
Ching-I Wu none Chinese Literature 2006-02-05
Sih-pei Wu Distribution and Flux of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons of Kao-ping Estuary System Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-02-06
I-chun Wu The Developed Patterns of China Renminbi Exchange Rate Mainland China Studies 2006-02-08
Ying-liang Wu The Study of PRC's Travel Industry Mainland China Studies 2006-02-10
Chia-ling Wu The Relationship Between Lived Experiences and Thinking Styles for College Students in Taiwan Education 2006-02-13
Tai-Zu Wu Influence of Organizational Knowledge Management Capability on Decision Performance Public Affairs Management 2006-04-27
Xing-Jin Wu Study on a Model of Architectural Organization Information Management 2006-06-03
Jian-Ming Wu Design and Implementation of HBT MMICs for W-CDMA Applications Including Evaluation of Package and PCB Effects Electrical Engineering 2006-06-08
Wei-Yang Wu The Analysis of Electrically Large Left-Handed Metamaterial Based on Mushroom Structure Using FDTD Approach Electrical Engineering 2006-06-19
Yi-fan Wu Stravinsky Concerto for Two Solo Pianos:Analytical Study Music 2006-06-20
Yu-shuo Wu The Effect of Concanavalin A on Angiostrongylus cantonensis Infection and Eosinophilia in Mice Biological Sciences 2006-06-20
Wei-shuo Wu Risk Assessment and Validation of Building Performance-based Fire Engineering Designs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-23
Shao-Yu Wu The influence of design ability to brand equity-Case study for BENQ Business Management 2006-06-25
Chi-fen Wu Study on Merger and Acquisition of State-owned Enterprises by FDI Mainland China Studies 2006-06-27
Heng-hsi Wu New Approach of High Performance Nano-Ink: Development, Preparation and Characterization Chemistry 2006-06-28
Yi-li Wu Study of outsourcing operation in administrative affairs in law ─ example of Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2006-06-30
Chen-I Wu Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for the Rapid Diagnosis of Occult Blood in Feces by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2006-07-04
Chun-yen Wu Development of Digital Signal Processor Based Drive System for Switched Reluctance Motor Electrical Engineering 2006-06-28
Sheng-hai Wu Study on holding capacity of sandy-seabed anchors for marine aquaculture Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-07-03
Shian-Chung Wu Exact D-optimal designs for mixture experiments in Scheffe's quadratic models Applied Mathematics 2006-07-05
Cheng-mu Wu A Fully Implantable Neural Signal Monitoring System and A Low-power Sequential Access Memory Electrical Engineering 2006-07-07
Ling-ying Wu Computer Simulations of Nano-sized Organic Molecular Self-Assembling System and Lithium Contained Vanadium-Oxygen Cluster System. Chemistry 2006-07-06
Jiun-De Wu Optimal Capacitor Planning of Distribution Feeders Using Immune Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2006-07-05
Hsueh-Fung Wu The Impact Of Sensitive Science & Technology Control Mechanism Against The Competitive Advantages of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry. IEMBA 2006-07-10
Chia-Chun Wu Determination of polarization charge density on interface of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure by electroreflectance Physics 2006-07-10
Lin-maw Wu Analysis on Competitiveness of Steel Industries in China & Taiwan- Taking Galvanizers & Coil Coaters as an Example EMBA 2006-07-11
Ching-Hui Wu A Study on the Status and Influence Factors about Textbook Selection by the Teachers on the Area of Social Studies in Junior High School in Kaohsiung City Education 2006-07-10
wen-chun Wu Business Strategy Research of Biotech CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) Industry EMBA 2007-08-16
Chai-hui Wu The development and reflections of elementary school grade three number and operation problem-posing curriculum and instruction Education 2006-07-12
Jing-yi Wu Chibby Acts as a Tumor Suppressor and Beta-catenin Antagonist present in the Nucleus and Cytoplasm of HeLa cells Biological Sciences 2006-07-10
Sung-Ping Wu Design and Characterization of 2D and 3D Photonic Crystal Fibers Materials Science and Engineering 2006-07-15
Dong-Ciao Wu Synthesis of Trachelanthamidine, Supinidine and the core of stenine Chemistry 2006-07-17
Chin-Lung Wu DLC Film Growth and MIS Devices Characterization Electrical Engineering 2006-07-19
Shu-Ling Wu The Relationship between Human Resource Flexibility and Firm Performance: Examining the Moderating Effects of Environmental Uncertainty Human Resource Management 2006-07-24
Feng-Ji Wu Low Power Frequency Synthesizer Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-21
Ching-chien Wu A Study Of Elementary School Extra Curricula Activities Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-07-25
Bing-Huang Wu Development of a Document-based Event Ontology Construction Tool Information Management 2006-07-26
Yu-feng Wu The Oriented Colourings of Bipartite Graphs Applied Mathematics 2006-07-25
Chu-Lun Wu A novel Poly-Si TFT process method for overcoming Self-heating effect and Floating body effect Electrical Engineering 2006-07-31
Tsun-Sheng Wu A Study On How To Accelerate Fleet Expansion -The Container Ship Owner’s Perspective IEMBA 2006-07-31
Ying-Ru Wu Studies on the diterpenoids of Formosan soft coral Cespitularia sp. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-07-26
Mei-Feng Wu A Research of Chien-Fo-Shan Buddhistic Followers' Satisfaction on Buddhistic Propagandism TV Programs EMBA 2006-07-27
Wan-jing Wu A Study on the Characteristics of MOD Early Adopters Communications Management 2006-08-01
Shin-Mou Wu Study on the Reaction Pathways of Fluorine-Substituted Propyl Groups on Cu(111) Chemistry 2006-08-03
Chun-i Wu Software project Escalation and Termination study Information Management 2006-08-05
Hsing-yi Wu An Empirical Application with Data Mining in the Construction of Predictive Model on Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-03
Tzong-Rong Wu Cross-Regional CooperationAmong Local GovernmentsComparing the refuse disposal in Taipei-Keelung and that in Kaohsiung City-County-Pingtong Political Science 2006-08-10
Chang-shuo Wu Synchronized Motion Control for Twin Mechanism Coupling Linear Motors Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-10
Yaw-Kuen Wu Transformational leadership,organization culture,and job satisfaction-take newspapermen of Kaohsiung area as examples. Communications Management 2006-08-11
Hui-fang Wu The Changes and Impact of Art Galleries in Kaohsiung City,1990-1999 Arts Management 2006-08-10
Yao-dun Wu none Mainland China Studies 2006-08-09
I-Wei Wu none Materials Science and Engineering 2006-08-15
Pi-Jung Wu none IEMBA 2006-08-16
Cyuan-jhe Wu The Role of yArsA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during growth in the presence of hydrogen peroxide Biological Sciences 2006-08-16
Jhih-rong Wu The Fabrication of 3D Submicron Glass Structures by FIB Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-17
Fang-Hao Wu The Study of the Chinese Seapower Development--by Constructivism Mainland China Studies 2006-08-21
Chin-Chung Wu The Impacts of Workflow system on Organization Using Adaptive Structuration Theory Information Management 2006-08-18
Shih-Chi Wu Independent Counsel and Independent Prosecutor System Interdisciplinary Studies 2006-08-23
Wei-jun Wu Implementation and performance evaluation of DVB-H baseband receiver Communications Engineering 2006-08-25
Tso-Lun Wu Analysis of Dielectric Waveguide Vector Field Problems Based on Coupled Transverse-Mode Integral Equations Electro-Optical Engineering 2006-08-28
Wen-Jing Wu Distribution and characteristics of black carbon in sediments of Kao-ping Coastal Areas Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-08-28
Chih-wei Wu A 10-bit 250-MSample/sec Digital to Analog Converter Computer Science and Engineering 2006-08-28
Chun-hsien Wu Manufacturing Technique of QPSFE Fiber Array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-08-29
Shu-chen Wu A study of impacts of personality attribution on the relationships between product innovation, management accounting information systems and organizational performance Business Management 2006-08-30
Gi-Sheng Wu Relativity Gene Algorithm For Multiple Faces Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2006-08-30
Ping-Tsung Wu Femtosecond near-IR optical parametric oscillator based on periodically poled 5-mol. % MgO-doped lithium niobate Physics 2006-09-04
Pao-chin Wu A Fast Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm for Network Processors Computer Science and Engineering 2006-09-10
Tsung-jung Wu The genomic approach of glutamine synthetase in tilapia, Oreochromis mossabicus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2006-09-06
Jhih-rong Wu Thermal Performance Analysis of Cooling Water Loop in HVAC Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-12
Yu-ting Wu The study of reproduction and temperature tolerance of Pomacea canaliculata and P. scalaris Marine Biology 2006-09-13
Huie-wen Wu EMBA 2006-09-13
Hsien-cheng Wu Assessment of function index and engineering measure for Taiwan fish harbors Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-09-14
Yu-cheng Wu the organization design and interactive marketing of the industry of system integration-for example with A company Business Management 2006-09-14
Cheng-chen Wu Fluxes of Pb-210 and Mass:Comparisons Between the Settling Particulates and Sediments in the Northern South China Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2006-09-15
Chin-ching Wu Eslite Magazines and the Shaping of Some Bourgeois Cultural Tastes in Taiwan---A Content Analysis of the Eslite Book Review and the Eslite Reader Communications Management 2006-11-16
Chia-chan Wu Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2006-12-14
Ming-Sheng Wu GA-based Fractal Image Compression and Active Contour Model Electrical Engineering 2007-01-01
Yan-Jing Wu Generalized Bandwidth Allocation Mechanisms for Prioritized Multimedia Traffic in Mobile Wireless Networks Electrical Engineering 2007-01-09
Rui-Zhong Wu A numerical study on internal wave generate by tidal motion in the Luzon Strait Physical Oceanography 2007-01-15
Yii-der Wu Characterizations of Biomechanical Properties of Bones in Mammals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-17
Mei-hua Wu The Study of FDI Investment In Shanghai City:The Case Of Pu Dong New Zone Economics 2007-01-22
Chih-wei Wu A study on the School-based Management Balance Mode in Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County Education 2007-01-25
Hung-Chih Wu The influence of human capital flexibility and organization capital on the performance of organizational invovation─ An example of knowledge industry Human Resource Management 2007-01-26
Shino-ning Wu Exploration beginning the medical service industry definition-carries on by the Taiwan first 15 big hospitals searches Human Resource Management 2007-02-05
Lian-tai Wu The restructuring of the organization must be carry out simultaneously because of the changes in environment Human Resource Management 2007-02-06
Pei-qian Wu none Political Science 2007-02-09
Yen-ling Wu none Chinese Literature 2007-02-26
Chun-Hsien Wu Optimum Linear Transceiver Design for MIMO Systems : An Oblique Projection Framework Electrical Engineering 2007-05-07
Tasi-Jung Wu A Study on the Innovation Behavior of Information Infused Instruction for Elementary School Teachers Education 2007-05-20
Wen-chieh Wu Customer Satisfaction, Systematic Risk and Cost of Capital Finance 2007-06-20
Cheng-Wen Wu A Study on the Effects of the Working Pressure and Job Satisfaction of District On-Duty Police Officers on Their Preference for the Change of Duties in Turn –– Taking the Police Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government for Example Political Science 2007-06-21
Kung-sheng Wu Card-Shuffling Analysis with Weighted Rank Distance Applied Mathematics 2007-06-24
Chun-Chieh Wu Taiwan Motorcycle Industry of Competitive Strategy - A Case Study of All Terrain Vehicle industry. EMBA 2007-06-26
Li-Hua Wu A Study on Relationship between Organizational Identity and Knowledge Sharing Business Management 2007-06-27
Yen-chih Wu none Chinese Literature 2007-06-29
Chun-Hsien Wu Research of Strategies for Making Products Luxurious Business Management 2007-06-30
Shu-Hui Wu Direct Investment Factors to a Local Government-led Indutrial Park: A Case Study of the Ben-Chou Industrial Park in Kaohsiung County Public Affairs Management 2007-07-02
Tsung-hsien Wu The Study of America's Export Control toward China Mainland China Studies 2007-07-02
Ching-Fei Wu none EMPP 2007-06-29
Chun-I Wu Investigation of temporal and spatial characteristics of carbonyl compounds in the Atmosphere in Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2007-06-29
Su-yen Wu Study of internal control, internal review, internal auditing for government bureau, accountants. Finance 2007-07-02
Chih-Mei Wu A study on the CMMI tailoring process: the case of risk management Information Management 2007-07-08
Mei-yen Wu New Basel II Accord SME credit guarantee with the potential for development for example M bank Finance 2007-07-05
Mao-ling Wu Ambarzumian’s Theorem for the Sturm-Liouville Operator on Graphs Applied Mathematics 2007-07-06
Pai-ling Wu Catalytic Oxidation of O-xylene in an Air Stream over Ferrite Catalysts Environmental Engineering 2007-07-10
Cheng-Jung Wu David Mitrany and Functionalism Political Science 2007-07-06
Kun-Ju Wu A Case Study on the User Satisfaction in Knowledge Management System with MES Domain in Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment Information Management 2007-07-13
Pei-Ju Wu A Study on the Role and Functions of “Performing Art in South Taiwan Association” Arts Management 2007-07-16
Chung-hsi Wu Investigation of interlayer modification on improving performance of organic polymer solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-17
Meng-hern Wu A Study of Competitive Strategy for the New Enterant in China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Industry EMBA 2007-07-17
Cheng-Hsun Wu Pilot Study on the Treatment of Polluted River Water by an UASB Reactor followed by Constructed Wetlands Environmental Engineering 2007-07-18
Wen-Jie Wu The Simulation and Analysis of Steering Performance of a Tricycle for the Disabled Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-19
You-lun Wu The China shortcut to Globalization, Comparing Akira IRIYE’s, Kenichi OHMAE’s, and Tetsuya KOMIRO’s Identity Strategies Political Science 2007-07-21
Kung-Ting Wu Effects of high level prompts and peer assessment on learner reflection in a web-based learning environment Information Management 2007-07-23
Tsung-yuan Wu none Philosophy 2007-07-23
Jyng-Yi Wu The Formation of n-type CMR Materials Physics 2007-07-24
Chun-yen Wu The Research on the Relationship among Sales Staff’s selling skill, Service Attitude and Job Performance, Use Psychology Contract as an Intermediate Variable.-A Case Study of Kaohsiung Department Store Human Resource Management 2007-07-24
Yi-hsiu Wu The study of self-focusing and self-localization in waveguide fabricated with liquid crystals Physics 2007-07-25
Tong-ting Wu The study of frequency modulation for dual-band solidly mounted resonators and filters Electrical Engineering 2007-07-26
Kuan-lin Wu Trace metals concentrations in the aquaculture fish products of Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-07-26
Mei-jen Wu The mechanisms of isoobtusilactone A-induced apoptosis in human hepatoblastoma cell line (Hep G2) Biological Sciences 2007-07-28
Chia-Ying Wu Process capability improvement and analysis for CUP device Electrical Engineering 2007-07-28
Chun-yi Wu The comparison of item-based and trust-based CF in sparsity problems Information Management 2007-08-02
Jhih-Yong Wu Bus Topology Exploration and Memory Allocation for Heterogeneous Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-02
Hsing-Hui Wu A Low-Voltage, Highly Linear, and Tunable Triode Transconductor Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-01
Chia-yi Wu A study of the application of ISO/IWA2 international education quality management in the student affairs & guidance in friendly campus in Kaohsiung Education 2007-07-29
Hsueh-Liang Wu Innovative Design of Gravity Single Site IC Test Handler Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-01
Jung-chun Wu A Design of Speech Recognition System for Two-word、Three-word and Four-word Mandarin Phrases Electrical Engineering 2007-09-06
Zong-hua Wu An RGB-LED Back-Light Driving Circuit Electrical Engineering 2007-08-08
Chih-wei Wu A study on underactuated six-bar human-like robotic hand Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-09
Kun-Yi Wu Energy-efficient mapping and pipeline for the multi-resource systems with multiple supply voltages Computer Science and Engineering 2007-08-13
Ming-Haw Wu The study of social insurance and judicial review – focusing on National Health Insurance Act Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-14
Yu-ting Wu The Effect Of Upward Influence Behavior On Manager’s Leadership– With the Variables of Employee’s personality traits. Human Resource Management 2007-08-10
Su-chun Wu none Mainland China Studies 2007-08-14
Tsung-Han Wu Use Geospatial Web Service to Access Geospatial Data Base on Web2.0 Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-08-16
Yu-Chu Wu Differences between Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Negotiation-Exploring of Feedback Immediacy Information Management 2007-08-21
Li-Chiang Wu Culture and citizen-a comparative study of Michael Walzer and Will Kymlicka Political Science 2007-08-21
Chu-hui Wu The Effect of Taiwan Local Factions on Local Election—A Case Study on Fongsan City in Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-22
Mei-Hui Wu Influences of Non-profit Organizations Building Social Network on Community Development-A case of Tree and Trees Community Empowerment Association of Kaohsiung City Business Management 2007-08-27
Mo-ya Wu Novel action of Botulinum Toxin in the rat prostate Biological Sciences 2007-08-29
Kai Wu A Study of the Influence on Behavior of Securities Salesmen for Sales Force Automation system Human Resource Management 2007-08-28
Tsung-che Wu Disjointness preserving operators between Lipschitz spaces Applied Mathematics 2007-09-03
Cheng-kang Wu The Study of Effects of Gas Bubbles on Acoustic Wave Attenuation Using AST-Sonar System Undersea Technology 2007-09-03
Yi-chen Wu Application of Sputtering Technology on Preparing Visible-light Nano-sized Photocatalysts for the Decomposition of Acetone Environmental Engineering 2007-09-05
Pei-fu Wu The Foreign Direct Investment Policy of China’s Strategic Industry: an Analysis of the Electronics Industry Mainland China Studies 2007-09-06
Peir-jeng Wu TSMC Customer Partnership Service Strategy IEMBA 2007-09-04
Rong-hsun Wu Commentating the TVEs' Development in China by the Corporate Governance Perspective Mainland China Studies 2007-09-10
Cheng-Lung Wu Space-Time-Frequency 3-Dimensional Complementary Coded CDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2007-09-10
Wei-yih Wu A Global Competitive Strategy Study of Taiwan Semiconductor Equipment Industry – Company X as an Example IEMBA 2007-09-11
Jui-hsien Wu Population Evolution of Danioninae Species under the Isolation of Taiwan Strait and Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence of Five Coral Species in Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-10
Yu-hsing Wu A study on Sustainable Management of Uninhabited Islands –Taking Penghu Archipelagos (Pescadores) as the Case Marine Environment and Engineering 2007-09-12
Sung-yuan Wu none Chemistry 2008-01-05
Dong-sheng Wu The Characteristic Analysis of DGNNV Virus-Like Particles Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-01-16
Kai-Di Wu Association studies of visfatin concentration and gene polymorphism in type 2 diabetes mellitus with and without macrovascular complications Biological Sciences 2008-01-20
Yu-Hung Wu Design of Adaptive Backstepping Tracking Controllers for a Class of Mismatched Perturbed Chaotic Synchronization Systems Electrical Engineering 2008-01-19
Chang-Jui Wu Improvement in the performance of VDSL2 Modem Electrical Engineering 2008-01-22
Fang-Mao Wu A Study on Channel Estimation of OFDM Systems without Guard Interval Communications Engineering 2008-01-27
Hsiu-Lan Wu An Integrative Analysis of Service Quality, Perceived Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: The Empirical Study of Outpatient Services Business Management 2008-01-30
Chen-Hui Wu Limited Attention, Representativeness and Conservatism Biases: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2008-01-29
Jeng-yang Wu A Study on the developmental tendency and strategy of Free Trade Zone ----Taking Kaohsiung Port for Example Political Science 2008-01-31
Shao-chun Wu Media Use and Party Support in Taiwan-The Impacts of Social Context Human Resource Management 2008-01-31
Gu-ling Wu An Empirical Study of Anti-thin Capitalization in Taiwan Economics 2008-02-13
Yu-Hsun Wu Study on the development of oyster culture-An example of oyster culture region in Tainan city Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-02-12
Hsiu-Chu Wu Developing Quality Scale for Synchronous Web-based Instruction Information Management 2008-02-14
Dai-yang Wu Digitally Modulated Light for Multiple Fluorescence Excitation in Capillary Electrophoresis Detection System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-02-14
Chih-Hsien Wu Multiband Hybrid Internal Antennas for Mobile Phones Electrical Engineering 2008-04-24
Cheng-Ying Wu Treatment of salty wastewater by constructed wetlands--A case study of Datan Wetland Park, Dapeng Bay, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-06-10
Tzu-ling Wu Analyzing credit risk in Taiwan business by applying KMV model with solvency capacity Finance 2008-06-16
Shu-hua Wu The Influence of Rational Choice on Juvenile Delinquency: Social Bond as Mediator and Demographic Characteristics as Moderator Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-23
Jia-shu Wu None Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-03
Chin-tien Wu A Study of Taiwan-based Bank Loans Strategy to Taiwanese Enterprises in Vietnam. EMBA 2008-07-04
Hsiang-Hua Wu Study of the effect of recombinant IgA1 protease link region on human lymphoma cells Biological Sciences 2008-07-05
Jun-Han Wu A Mini-invasive Low-power Measurement System of Bladder Pressure and A Self-disable Sense Technique for Content Addressable Memory Electrical Engineering 2008-07-15
Jia-ling Wu Nonlinear Analysis in Investment and Trade across Taiwan Starit Economics 2008-07-16
Chun-Ching Wu Manufacture and Performance Evaluation of SU-8-based Non-spherical Lensed Fibers Fabricated Using Electrostatic Pulling Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-19
Yu-hua Wu Time-resolved Luminescence Studies of Cr doped crystal Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-22
Chun-chih Wu The study of high efficiency red OLEDs and high efficiency single emitting layer broadband white OLEDs Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-22
Tung-Yuan Wu The Small-middle Type LCD Module factory(W company) Case Study EMBA 2008-07-19
Wan-jung Wu none Chinese Literature 2008-07-26
Chi-Ming Wu Study on Influence of Sexually Attractive PR Females on the Relation between Activity Participants and Consumption Communications Management 2008-07-26
Chin-Chih Wu The Analysis of drunk driving of The United States Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-25
Chia-hui Wu Determinants for Taiwanese Multinational Enterprises' Investment in Vietnam: Joint Ventures versus Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-30
Jhong-Rong Wu A study of Excitation dynamics of Strained Saturable Bragg Reflector by Chirped Control Pump-Probe Measurement Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-29
Pei-shuan Wu Removal of nutrients from lake water by intergral vertical flow and subsurface flow constructed wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-29
Chiung-ai Wu Suppression of Oxidative Stress in the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla Contributes to Antihypertensive Effect of the Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Activator Rosiglitazone Biological Sciences 2008-07-30
Chih-lin Wu An Investigation and Study of Japanese Tourist Arrive in Mainland China Mainland China Studies 2008-07-30
Chun-hsien Wu none Finance 2008-07-26
Pei-Shan Wu A Study of Liszt 's Piano Sonata in B minor Music 2008-07-31
Kun-lin Wu Postconflict Behavior of Captive Formosan Macaques ( Macaca cyclopis ) Biological Sciences 2008-07-31
Yi-Zhang Wu Chip Level Space-Time-Frequency Complementary Code Design Communications Engineering 2008-08-05
Cheng-Lin Wu Concurrent Search for Digital Content in Wireless Mobile Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2008-08-06
Shui-shun Wu none Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-08
Yung-chi Wu Meta-Analysis of Joint College Entrance Examination Chinese Literature 2008-08-08
Chien-peng Wu Structural Analysis of Lamella Separator by the Finite Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-10
Chien-te Wu Robust Mesh-Based Multicast Protocol with a Second-Route Discovery Scheme in MANET Electrical Engineering 2008-08-13
Wen-Hao Wu A study of key factors for country life in a health resort EMBA 2008-08-14
An-kuo Wu Electronic business in tourism development in China Mainland China Studies 2008-08-18
Chen-Yu Wu none Finance 2008-08-28
Hui-fang Wu none Finance 2008-08-28
Yi-che Wu A Study on Perceived Quality of Greener Cars in Taiwan-Honda Civic Hybrid As Example Business Management 2008-08-27
Kai-Li Wu Investigation of Two Luminescent Peaks of InN Physics 2008-08-29
Chung-yang Wu The study on the power conversion from a sloshing liquid of U-column Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-08-31
Tsung-Hsuan Wu Research of InN Surface Physics 2008-09-02
Wen-Shian Wu Mechanical Properties and Dynamic Behaviors of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Water and Vacuum environment: A Molecular Dynamics Study Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-03
Chien-Wen Wu Magnetic Microscopy Physics 2008-09-02
Szu-Hui Wu The Relationship between Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Employees' Affectivity, and the Characteristics of Job Feedback and Accountability Human Resource Management 2008-09-05
Yun-sheng Wu A Study on Marine Education in Secondary School Status and Improvement Strategies Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-09-08
Wan-Chen Wu Research on the relationship of profit sharing system, sharing fairness, job involvement and working performance Human Resource Management 2008-09-09
Shwu-Li Wu Studies on the Natural Products from the Soft Corals Klyxum simplex, Subergorgia mollis and Briareum excavatum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-09-08
Chin-fang Wu none Human Resource Management 2008-09-08
Chao-yi Wu Distributed Detection Using Convolutional Codes Communications Engineering 2008-09-05
Ming-Ho Wu Decomposition of FSMD for Low Power Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-09
Jhong-yang Wu A Study of Signal Model Building for Optical Transfer Function Electrical Engineering 2008-09-11
Chih-Hung Wu Design of Buck LED Driver Circuits with Power Factor Correction Electrical Engineering 2008-10-15
Jih-shih Wu none Finance 2009-01-20
Chih-Shih Wu Southern Taiwan industries study at Taiwan High Speed Rail Era EMBA 2009-01-20
Ying-ying Wu A Study on the Taiwan Shipping Industries' Perception of the BWM Convention EMPP 2009-01-22
Kuan-wei Wu Relationship among Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Word-of-Mouth of Social Network Service Business Management 2009-01-26
San-chiang Wu The Influence of Group Diversity and Group Emotional Intelligence on Group Performance in Institutions: The Mediating Effects of Group Social Capital Human Resource Management 2009-02-04
Hsin-ju Wu Spatiotemporal distribution of apogonids and the biology of Apogon fasciatus in southwestern coastal waters off Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-04-27
Jie-ren Wu The Visibility and Invisibility in Legal Phenomenon:the Limitation of Language as Point of Departure Philosophy 2009-05-14
Ming-te Wu Coding Performance Enhancement: Motion Estimation and Video Transcoding Electrical Engineering 2009-06-05
Mei-chun Wu The influence of display change on sequential visual decision making tasks: Evidence from eye movements Information Management 2009-06-10
Shin-wei Wu none Business Management 2009-06-20
Chun-Ching Wu Whose Internet Regime? The Study of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Political Science 2009-06-26
Ying-ying Wu none Business Management 2009-06-27
Chih-hung Wu none Economics 2009-06-29
Wei-Jun Wu Design of Intelligent Air Conditioner Controller Using Power Line Carrier Technology Electrical Engineering 2009-07-06
Yen-ju Wu Re-examining the Dividend Valuation Model by Stochastic Cointegration — the Evidence from Taiwan Stock Market Economics 2009-07-01
Ling-Ling Wu A Study on Relation between Experiential Marketing, Computer-Mediated Communication and Enhancing Aesthetics Culture Communications Management 2009-07-09
Yu-Hsun Wu Computer Simulation and Full-scale Experiment of Optiomal Ventilation Strategies on Building Energy Conservation Designs in Kaohsiung Area Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-09
Yu-Yi Wu E-Health Capability Development: An Organizational Perspective Information Management 2009-07-12
De-kai Wu A Heuristic Algorithm for Maximizing Lifetime in Sensor Network Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-15
Cheng-Yang Wu Design and Implementation of VoIP System with Accounting Application and Load Balance Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-15
Ching-ling Wu The Effect of Personal Playfulness, Sense of Humor, and Organizational Playfulness Climate on Staff Innovative Behavior Human Resource Management 2009-07-16
Chung-han Wu Research on the influence of message sideness appeal and emotion of electronic word of mouth on consumers’ trust and purchase intention Communications Management 2009-07-20
Chia-yin Wu The Study on Factors Related to Influencing Willingness in Appreciation of Arts Performance within Elementary-School Students in Kaohsiung City Theatre Arts 2009-07-20
Szu-Wei Wu The relationship research among service outsourcing, manpower dispatch, contact experience and quality relationship─ example of minibus rental business Public Affairs Management 2009-07-20
Pei-hua Wu The Study of Organizational Identification of Environmental Groups' Volunteers Public Affairs Management 2009-07-22
Zheng-yan Wu Design and Modeling of Three-Port Passive Devices Using a Planer Transformer with Unequal-Turn Windings Communications Engineering 2009-07-26
Hsiao-wen Wu none Economics 2009-07-27
Chun-I Wu none Business Management 2009-07-28
Jui-pin Wu Characterizations and Applications of Distributed ElectroabsorptionModulator Integrated Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-28
Ching-yuan Wu In the Name of the Britons: Historia regum Britanniae and the 12th Century Cultural Change Foreign Language and Literature 2009-07-29
Fang-kuei Wu none Chinese Literature 2009-07-30
Bing-Rung Wu The fabrication of piezoelectric transducers by depositing ZnO films on PET substrates Electrical Engineering 2009-08-04
Cheng-Ying Wu A Stack-Optimized Scratchpad Memory Allocator for Reducing Either the Average-Case or the Worst-Case Execution Time Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-10
Feng-xiu Wu The Study of Organic Solar Cell Doped with Metallic Nanoparticle Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-17
Chih-wei Wu Novel Frequency Domain DFE with Oblique Projection for CP Free ST-BC MIMO OFDM System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-18
Cheng-yu Wu Cross-border PAM Analysis – A Study on the Integration of Public Demand with Government Policy under Regional Cooperation between Penghu and China's Economic Zone on the West Coast the Taiwan Strait Public Affairs Management 2009-08-30
Shen-chung Wu The Study of the Medical Aesthetic Market Effected the Strategic Decision of the Purchasing Behavior for Consumers EMBA 2009-08-25
Shih-Chen Wu A Preliminary Investigation of Elderly Living Arrangement in Taiwan: A Case Study of Kaohsiung City's Public Servants Public Affairs Management 2009-09-01
Long-ho Wu Exploration on the allocation of Taiwan social welfare resource after 1990---take labor welfare for example Political Science 2009-09-07
Ping-Te Wu The Research on Factory Building and Information System Implementation in Mainland China by Taiwan Stainless Steel Industry Information Management 2009-09-06
Jyun-ming Wu Slice-Based Water Simulation for Breaking Waves Computer Science and Engineering 2009-09-04
Su-Ping Wu The Research on Leadership Behavior and Its Problems of Female TV Directors of Television Industries Communications Management 2009-09-08
I-fan Wu Determination of organotin compounds by capillary electrophoresis with triple pulsed amperometric detection at mercury film microelectrode Chemistry 2009-09-08
Li-chuan Wu Hepatoprotective Effects of Pluchea indica (L.) Less. Aqueous Extract against Thioacetamide-induced Liver Fibrosis in Mice Biological Sciences 2009-09-08
Jen-yu Wu Application of Non-Metric Camera for In-Situ Flume Observation IAMPUT 2009-09-09
Hung-Chun Wu Combining Facts and Values in Environmental Impact Assessment- Apply for KaoKaoPing Basin Water Resource Plan Public Affairs Management 2009-09-10
Chia-Han Wu Formation of mullite during sintering of kaolinite powder Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-10
Tzu-Ching Wu Experimental Study of a new sloshing liquid U-column wave power converter in water-tank Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-09-10
Tsung-meng Wu Gene expression in marine macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile against excess copper toxicity Marine Biology 2009-12-28
Ming-Xun Wu From the imperial fame with decency and propriety of view Scholars Chinese Literature 2010-01-16
Hsin-tai Wu Cloning and characterization of ethephon-inducible genes from sweet potato leaves Biological Sciences 2010-01-25
Chia-jung Wu The Influence of New Working Hours Policy on the Industrial Relations Network in Taiwan ICAPS 2010-02-01
Tze-chou Wu The Influence of Political Parties on Taiwan’s Policy toward Mainland China: A Perspective of Political System Theory ICAPS 2010-02-04
Yi-Hsin Wu Flow induce vibration of a circular cylinder with different mass ratio in shear flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-09
Ming-Yan Wu Reaction Behaviors of Nanoscale Fe3O4 and [Fe3O4]MgO Slurry Injection Coupled with the Electrokinetic Process for Remediation of NO3− and Cr6+ in Saturated Soil Environmental Engineering 2010-02-09
Shan-hua Wu Personality, job satisfaction, and turnover intention of part-time employees: a study of coffee chains. Business Management 2010-06-16
Pei-jung Wu The Event Study of The Memorandum of Understanding Policy Between Taiwan and China Finance 2010-06-20
Pei-Jou Wu A Study on Parents Attending Math Study Group Designed by Grade One Elementary School Class Teacher Education 2010-06-22
Ya-ling Wu none Public Affairs Management 2010-06-29
Jian-chang Wu Unhappiness in disabled people’s corss-border marriage? – basd on social model EMPP 2010-07-05
Kuang-yao Wu A study of the interface formed by ZrO2/ NiO planes and by Ag mixed planes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-08
Chih-Hua Wu Nonlinear liquid sloshing in a 3D tank with baffles Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-07-09
Chao-Hsien Wu I. On the processing, microstructure and optical properties of Cr-doped willemite-bearing glaze on polycrystalline alumina substrate II. Optical properties, microstructure and phase transformation of ZrO2 nanocondensates via pulse laser ablation condensation in water Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-15
Ming-sung Wu The Study on the Knowledge Sharing Mechanism of Green Supply Chain Human Resource Management 2010-07-16
Pei-kang Wu The Study of Critical Success Factors of Initiating the Supply Chain Management System Information Management 2010-07-15
Wei-Chia Wu A New Cooperative Strategy Using Parley Algorithm for Cooperative Communications. Communications Engineering 2010-07-19
Ching-wen wu none Chinese Literature 2010-07-22
Tzong-Huei Wu Electrical Current and Dynamic Electrical ResistanceEffect on Transport Processes in AC Resistance Spot Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-19
Min-chih Wu Design and Implementation of SIP-based Voicemail and Peer-to-Peer Telephony Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-26
Mei-chung Wu A Study on the Reasonableness of Market-Value-Based Expensing of Employee Stock Bonus – The Application of Markov Regime Switch Model Finance 2010-07-27
Chiu-yen Wu The Comparison between R.O.C. Financial Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) EMBA 2010-07-08
Yun-fang Wu The Study of Piano Work, Roman Sketches, by Charles Tomlinson Griffes, op.7 Music 2010-08-04
Jyun-wei Wu Effect of Methanol and Water Crossover on the Cell Performance of a Micro DMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-05
Shou-Hong Wu The Performance and Spectacle on the Micro blog-- using “Plurk” as A Field of Study Information Management 2010-08-08
Yu-Jhih Wu Embedded dots by UV laser technique inside glasses for light guide and brightness Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-09
Chia-Jung Wu Fabrication of Compound Film Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-12
Cheng-Wei Wu Incremental Aspect Model Learning on Streaming Documents Information Management 2010-08-16
Yen-lian Wu The distinction of expression and indication: Derrida as a reader of Husserl Philosophy 2010-08-19
Wen-Yao Wu The study of key factors on development of leisure cottage with rural landscape in Greater Kaohsiung. EMBA 2010-08-23
Jian-Yi Wu Noise Signatures Analysis of Nearshore Breaking Wave IAMPUT 2010-08-23
Bing-Yang Wu A Design of Korean Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2010-08-24
Kuo-hao Wu Empirical Mode Decomposition for Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-25
Yi-Chen Wu Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Plays an Antagonistic Role in Hepatic Fibrogenesis Biological Sciences 2010-08-24
Chih-Hsien Wu Neuronatin gene expression in dorsal root ganglian following peripheral nerve injury Biological Sciences 2010-08-29
Sung-Tse Wu Reflecting on Discourses on the Rise of China: An Identity-Action Perspective ICAPS 2010-08-31
Pei-shan Wu Acetate Modulation of Fatty Acid and Triacylglycerol Synthesis-related Gene Expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for Nitrogen Starvation Induced Lipid Accumulation Marine Biology 2010-09-01
Chien-Chih Wu Synthesis of Polythiophene Copolymers on The Application of Organic Solar Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-09-01
Yi-Ping Wu Experimental study on the wave energy dissipation by a submerged breakwater Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-09-02
Xian-Chern Wu Force Feedback Functions in Hexapod Robot Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-02
Sheng-feng Wu The Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s for Fuel Cell Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-09-06
Chia-shiu Wu Content-aware Intra Prediction for H.264/AVC Electrical Engineering 2010-09-05
Chung-yen Wu China’s 21th century oil strategic research ICAPS 2010-09-10
Ya-wen Wu An Investigation on Relationships of Disinhibition, Conformity and Internet Addiction among online game player:The Case of Happy Farm On-line Game on Facebook Education 2010-11-22
Hsu-Kun Wu Research on Robust Fuzzy Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-11-19
Meng-chung Wu Analysis of persistent organic pollutants in benthic fishes in the adjacent waters of Hsiao-Liu-Chiu,Taiwan Marine Biology 2010-12-26
Yi-ling Wu The Design and Development of online English Teacher Training Program Education 2011-01-18
Ya-chen Wu Employees’ personality traits and job characteristics influence their job involvement in M company Human Resource Management 2011-01-31
Min-Yan Wu Design of Decentralized Block Backstepping Controllers for Large-Scale Systems to Achieve Asymptotic Stability Electrical Engineering 2011-02-17
Yu-fang Wu A Study of Outsourcing Decision, Customer Relationship Management, and Operating Performance of Translation Market Communications Management 2011-02-18
Chun-Pin Wu Study of anomalous electric and magnetic behaviors of the 3dtransition metal oxides by X-ray and Neutron scattering techniques Physics 2011-02-19
Tsu-Hsiu Wu All-optical wavelength converter by field-driven quantum well device integrated with vertical waveguide directional coupler Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-05-19
Yi-ling Wu Non-Linear Okun’s law for Taiwan Economics 2011-06-29
Shih-Chieh Wu Improvement of single crystal-Si solar cell Efficiency by porous ITO/ITO double layer AR coating Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-06
Ming-feng Wu Predicting Farmers’ Behavioral Intention to Adopt Organic Agriculture Public Affairs Management 2011-07-04
Mei-zhen Wu Chinese NGOs and Transnational Linkage:Analyzing INGO's Function and Role ICAPS 2011-07-10
Yung-Che Wu Analysis and Sensing Applications of Triple-Ring Resonators Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-13
Cheng-ying Wu The Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Trust of Online Word-of-Mouth Recommendation Communications Management 2011-07-14
Xu-Lun Wu An Edge-Based Algorithm for Spatial Query Processing in Real-Life Road Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-14
Chieh-lung Wu Spin Splitting in Bulk Wurtzite Materials and Their Quantum Wells Physics 2011-08-01
Ching-Jung Wu A Study on Key Factors of Service Quality in Mobile Telecommunications Industry - A Case of T Mobile Telcom Company - EMBA 2011-08-08
Nein-chi Wu Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis of the Metastasis Supressor RECK Gene Promoter and It’s Clinical Significance Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-08-09
Sin-Rong Wu The Collocation Trefftz Method for Laplace's Equation on Annular Shaped Domains, Circular and Elliptic Boundaries Applied Mathematics 2011-08-19
Jia-Jiun Wu Improvement to Storage Space Allocation Plan and Assigned Mechanism of Large Scale Object by using System Simulation technique—Stainless Steel Processing Industry as an Example Information Management 2011-08-24
Ping-Hsuan Wu The role of LECT2 in liver carcinogenesis Biological Sciences 2011-08-24
Kun-Shain Wu Fabrication and Application of Capillary Optical Fiber and Microstructure Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-25
Chia-Chang Wu Relevance research for wealth management professionals with work motivation , organization commitment and trust EMBA 2011-08-28
I-Chen Wu The Study of Traditional Bakery’s Marketing Strategy –The Case of Wu Chi Bakery Business Management 2011-09-07
Kun-ping Wu A strategy and cognition study for the efficiency and fairness of tax reform in pluralistic societies:the case of Statute for upgrading Industries. Public Affairs Management 2011-08-31
Shu-Ling Wu The Balance of the Obligation of National Care and National Financial Capability on the Legal Basis of Long-term Care in Taiwan A Study ICAPS 2011-09-08
Shih-Ting Wu Effects of dietary arachidonic acid on growth performance and immune responses of juvenile grouper, Epinephelus coioides Marine Biology 2011-09-07
Hsin-Hung Wu Miniature Design of Multi-Bands Intelligent Metamaterial for SAR Reduction Electrical Engineering 2011-09-13
Bo-Shiun Wu Development of a 4-DOF Underwater Manipulator IAMPUT 2011-10-19
Chi-Ling Wu The Exploration of the Target Costing Set by the Top-Down Method: Examples in the Real Estate Development Industry Business Management 2012-01-16
Hsin-pei Wu Study of the retribution in Taiwanese folktales Chinese Literature 2012-01-19
Zong-yu Wu Community Structure and Coral Recruitment in Southern Taiwan Coral Reefs Marine Biology 2012-01-16
Po-feng Wu Voice Command for Google Map Computer Science and Engineering 2012-05-18
Chen-Chang Wu Efficient Access Methods on the Hilbert Curve Computer Science and Engineering 2012-06-18
Shao-ming Wu The Economic Growth and Exchange Affect ETF Returns By The Analysis of a Threshold Model Economics 2012-06-22
Shin-Yi Wu Emission Characteristics of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine mixed with constant H2/O2 and diesel/Biodiesel blends Environmental Engineering 2012-06-26
Wei-Wen Wu Ovarian tumor risk factors study in a south medical center in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2012-07-05
Chin-Ching Wu Aluminum targets characterization and their thin films deposition Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-10
Chin-Wen Wu A Study of Application of RCM in the Steel Plant EMBA 2012-06-28
Yen-chi Wu Re-visioning Ireland: A Gothic Reading of Patrick McCabe’s The Butcher Boy Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-14
Jing-Shing Wu Engineering & Procurement Management to Improve EPC Project Execution Schedule EMBA 2012-07-20
Yen-Ling Wu The impact of transitory trading halt on market performance and investor behaviors Finance 2012-07-26
Cheng-Feng Wu Automatic Identification System of Merchant Shipping in the Application of the Kaohsiung Harbor Protection IAMPUT 2012-07-24
Chen-I Wu Using multi-frequency acoustic instruments to investigate the suspended sediment grain size and concentration characteristic in flume experiment and in the field Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-07-26
Cheng-Hsien Wu The characterization of SiO2-PEG hybrid materials prepared with sol-gel method and their applications to alcohol purification Chemistry 2012-08-03
Yu-lun Wu Design and Fabrication of High-Speed 25Gb/s Directly Modulated DFB Semiconductor Laser Diode Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-15
Yen-cheng Wu A Neuron Emulator and Headstage Circuit for Patch Clamp Setups Electrical Engineering 2012-08-15
Hsiu-Kuan Wu The Research on the Investment Strategy of International Financial Assets - Base on the International Asset Pricing Model EMBA 2012-08-15
Tze-Wei Wu A Methodology for Business Process Reengineering Implementation: A Case Study Information Management 2012-08-17
Ming-chang Wu Thermal and fluid flow effects on bubble growth at a solidification front Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-30
Hui-Chuan Wu The key Success Factors of Organizational Change Human Resource Management 2012-09-10
Yi-Sian Wu Resource Allocation for MIMO Relay and Scalable H.264/AVC Video Transmission over Cooperative Communication Networks Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Hsin-Fang Wu Protein Backbone Reconstruction with Tool Preference Classification for Standard and Nonstandard Proteins Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-11
Min-Chang Wu The Development of Screenplay Interpreter for Multi-morphic Robots Electrical Engineering 2012-09-12
Chia-Ching Wu Spatiotemporal distribution of larval fish assemblage in the coastal waters off Kaohsiung and Pingtung, Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-12
Shang-Ju Wu Environmental Strategic Management: Analysis of Enterprise Integrative Competitiveness Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-09-14
Chin-Han Wu A Study on Consumers' Repurchase Intention for Bulk Food Business Management 2013-01-06
Guo-Jhen Wu Experimental Study on Wave Energy Dissipation Facility in a 2-D Wave Tank Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-28
Hsin-Te Wu Message Authentication Schemes for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2013-02-02
Tzai-shi Wu An Analysis for the Financial Statement of School Fund in Taiwan – Public Research Universities as Example Finance 2013-02-04
Chien-hsing Wu The Relationship between Urinary Uromodulin Excretion and Chronic Kidney Disease in Gout and Non-Gout Patients Biological Sciences 2013-02-18
Chien-nan Wu On-the-fly Signature Schemes with Unlinkability Computer Science and Engineering 2013-05-10
Hsueh-Fung Wu How Firms Create Value in a Dual Technological Regime: The Case of Global Integrated Circuit Design Industry Business Management 2013-06-11
Chien-li Wu Supplementary or Complementary? Exploring the Moderating Role of Team Tenure on the Relationship between Team Personality Diversity and Team Creativity. Human Resource Management 2013-06-14
Hou-Hsuan Wu Removal of organics from raw water using ozone disinfection combined with biological activated carbon process Environmental Engineering 2013-06-18
Sin-Fang Wu The Study of Customer Satisfaction on the Kaohsiung MRT Economics 2013-06-24
Chia-Ta Wu Synthesis and Optical Properties of Photopolymerizable Silica with Aromatic Methacrylate for Optical Storage Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-06-26
Bo-Yu Wu Microstructure analysis of TiO2 sintered in reducing atmospheres Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-01
Yu-Ming Wu Treatment of Dioxin and Mercury Contaminated Soil by Phytoremediation Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-07-01
Yi-Chen Wu Fe-Al-Mn-C Phase Diagram Study Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-07-02
You-teng Wu A simulation study for a multi-purpose solar hot water system under Taiwan climate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-02
Yi-hong Wu A 16-channel High-Voltage Stimulation Generator and A Pulse Frequency Modulation Boost Converter for Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems Electrical Engineering 2013-07-10
Yung-yi Wu The Provincial Writing and Consciousness in Huang Chung-ming's Fictions Chinese Literature 2013-07-10
Hsiu-yueh Wu Investment Performance of Technical Analysis on the Basis of Moving Average Finance 2013-07-12
Yueh-Chi Wu Automatic, maskless, mircometer-scaled photoalignment technology and its applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-15
Chen-Chuan Wu Imitation or Innovation? The Analysis of Market Followers' Strategy. Business Management 2013-07-16
Jhao-Cin Wu Investigation on the Molecular Arrangement Properties of Poly(arylene ether)s by Molecular Dynamic Simulation Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-18
Ping-Ju Wu The Role of Information Technology Governance Mechanisms in Achieving Organizational Goals Information Management 2013-07-23
Chih-pin Wu The prevailing custom of the Cranky Scholars in the Wei and Chin Dynasties Chinese Literature 2013-07-25
Mei-yi Wu A Study of Ba Da Shan Ren's Poems of Paintings Chinese Literature 2013-07-25
Jui-Pin Wu Broadband and low-pattern-dependence pre-chirp optical modulation by cascaded integration of electroabsorption modulator and semiconductor optical amplifier Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-07-25
Yi-lin Wu The Political Economy of Singapore Being a Regional Financial Centre ICAPS 2013-07-18
Chih-wei Wu An Examination of Lobbying Acts Regarding the Implementation Effect of Lobbying Act in Taiwan: From the Perspective of Lobby Groups Political Science 2013-07-26
Shih-Chia Wu Sound Characteristics of Boesemania microlepis (Sciaenidae) Marine Biology 2013-07-25
Hung-yu Wu Treatment of VOCs emitted from surface-coating operations by a biotrickling filter packed with wood chips Environmental Engineering 2013-07-31
Po-han Wu Table Size Reduction and Optimization in Multiplierless Table-Based Function Evaluation Designs Computer Science and Engineering 2013-07-31
Shu-Yu Wu Effect of Heating Rate on the Development of Annealing Texture in Nonoriented Electrical Steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-01
Mei-chu Wu The Customer Relationship Management in Pharmaceutical Industry-A Case Study of N Company EMBA 2013-08-01
Chao-Hsien Wu Synthesis and microstructure/optical property analyses of Zr/Ti oxide and carbide by laser pulses in water or tetraethyl orthosilicate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-08-01
Chia-wei Wu National Pension's Right Remedies System - According to the Viewing of Social State Principle ICAPS 2013-08-05
Ling-Yu Wu A Study on Succession of Taiwan’s Family Business—A Comparative Analysis for Two Food Manufacturers Business Management 2013-08-09
Yi-Lin Wu A Study of Detention System for Illegal immigrants in Taiwan:Based on the Human Rights Convention Political Science 2013-08-12
Zong-ying Wu Epitaxial Growth of Multi-layer Graphene over Polycrystalline Cu Foil and Single Crystalline Cu(111)/c-sapphire by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Physics 2013-08-14
Hoa-xuan Wu Single-phase Excitation Synchronous Generator of Stand-along Wind Power Generation System Electrical Engineering 2013-08-12
Tung-Liang Wu A Study on Strategies of Business Penetration in Taiwan LED Lighting Market-An example of A-company EMBA 2013-08-14
Chih-Hsuan Wu Long-Term and Short-Term Performance of IPOs in Taiwan Business Management 2013-08-23
Chuan-Yi Wu LDA-based Group Recommendation on Documents Information Management 2013-09-01
Bing-gang Wu Limited Feedback Designs for Nonlinear Transceiver in Dual-Hop Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Systems Electrical Engineering 2014-03-12
Ming-Kuan Wu Singing Voice Synthesis System Based On Time Domain Pitch Synchronized Overlap-Add Computer Science and Engineering 2013-09-02
Hung-Cheng Wu Transitional metal oxide nanoparticle embedded in SiO2 glass matrix: magnetic and dielectric study Physics 2013-09-03
Chia-an Wu Field Monitoring, Chemical Analysis, and Control Strategies of Fine Particles (PM2.5) in the Atmosphere of Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2013-09-04
Yen-Hsiu Wu Fabrication of evanescent wave fiber sensor for pH measurement Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-09-05
Bing-Ru Wu A unique neuronal plasticity-related gene of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-05
Shang-Hung Wu A Study on the Strength Design of Eccentric Cam Reducers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-26
Ho-Chieh Wu An Experimental Study of Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stacks Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-07
Fong-he Wu Stretching of DNA Molecules and Flow Phenomena in a Closed-loop Microchannel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-08
Ying-Hui Wu Analysis of Deformation on Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitors due to High Pressure and Elevated Temperature and Wrinkling Phenomenon of Thin Films due to Extension Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-09
Yi-Chen Wu Preparation of Self-Assembled Nanostructure through Multiple Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-09-10
Pu-Cheng Wu Implementation of Low Power Multi-Port Memory and It’s Applications in Graphic Processing Units Computer Science and Engineering 2013-09-10
pei-yi wu The study of satisfaction-Tokyo Disneyland Business Management 2013-09-09
Chi-Chieh Wu Optimization Design of a Toggle System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-11
Chi-pei Wu Feasibility analysis of Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) process occuring in Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetland systems Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-11
Hung-Yi Wu Patch test for Underwater Multibeam Echosounder System by using single survey line Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-09-11
Chien-chan Wu Software Implementation of a Configurable Design of Interconnection Routers Electrical Engineering 2013-09-13
Tung-Sheng Wu Analysis and Comparison of Low Voltage Ride Through Capability of Wind Power Generators Electrical Engineering 2013-09-23
Chien-yi Wu Relationship of Urinary Neutrophil Gelatinase-associated Lipocalin and Uromodulin with Chronic Kidney Disease Biological Sciences 2013-09-25
Meng-Shan Wu The Japanese Business-Oriented Industrial Policy: The Case Study of Medical Robotic Industry ICAPS 2015-03-10
Wei-Hao Wu The anti-neuroinflammatory effects of a synthetic marine-derived compound on STZ induced diabetic rats Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-09-27
Dian-Rong Wu Robustness analysis of linear sampled-data systems with nonuniform samplings. Electrical Engineering 2013-10-23
Cheng-Ta Wu SoC Integration and Verification of an AXI-Based 3D Graphics OpenGL ES2.0 SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2013-11-15
Yu-le Wu Characterization of the Interaction between TSG101 and Snapin Biological Sciences 2013-11-28
Ya-ting Wu The mood regulation mechanisms of the employee's daily work moods: The perspectives of mood maintenance and mood repair Human Resource Management 2013-12-03
Ching-Yi Wu Control of nitrogen dioxide, dimethyl sulfide, and volatile organic compounds in waste gases vented from TFT-LCD manufacturing processes Environmental Engineering 2014-01-10
Tung-Hsien Wu The Impact of Knowledge Integration between Users and Information-System Staff on New Manufacturing-line Information-System Project Performance– Case of A Semiconductor Company Information Management 2014-01-19
Chih-Wei Wu Power Saving Technology for Thermometer-code Digital-to-analog Converters Computer Science and Engineering 2014-01-22
Pei-chen Wu A Study for Mobile Payments Development-The case of Banking Industry in Taiwan Information Management 2014-01-22
Chia-ching Wu The Research of Dietetic Writing from “Shih-Shuo Hsin-Yu” Chinese Literature 2014-01-22
CHEN-HUA WU Integrated Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment With Carbon Footprint:Cases Study of Semiconductor Assembly Industry Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-02-07
Chiao-ming Wu Study on culturing algae using wastewater Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-02-11
Cheng-tao Wu Software Implementation of a Configurable Design of Control Units of Pipeline Processors Electrical Engineering 2014-02-14
Ting-Cheng Wu The Impact of Inter-industrial Association on Family Business Successors- A Social Capital Perspective Business Management 2014-03-10
Yi-lin Wu Developing an Executive Information System with Model-Driven Architecture : A Yacht Case Study Information Management 2014-05-31
Ming-Yang Wu The risk factor and incidence of orthopedic injuries in ESRD hemodialysis patients in Taiwan Master Program of Health Care Management 2014-06-10
Tung-Ju Wu A Study of Guanxi Type and Leadership Behaviors in Taiwan Family Business Manager Business Management 2014-06-11
Chien-Yu Wu An Analysis for Firms Profiting Ability in Business Ecosystem: A Case Study of iPhone Suppliers Business Management 2014-06-20
Ming-Ching Wu The Study of Food Safety Issues and Consumer in Online Food Shopping Behavior– Golmart as an Example Business Management 2014-06-17
Chien-Ting Wu The Information Content of Monthly Revenue and the Trading Strategy: Evidence from Public Listed Companies in Taiwan Finance 2014-06-17
Bin-shih Wu Research of motivation, problem solving ability and process of middle school students solving mathematics problems with or without a context Education 2014-06-27
Yi-hua Wu I.Electronic Effects on the Selective Intramolecular C-N Cyclization of N-(Biphenyl)pyridin-2-amines Induced by Hypervalent Iodine(III) Reagents II.Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Ortho Aroylation of 3,5-Diphenylisoxazoles via C-H Activation Chemistry 2014-06-26
Yu-shian Wu Preparation of Polymer Self-Assembled Nanostructure through DNA-like Multiple Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-01
Keng-Fu Wu Synthesis and Metal Ion Binding Behavior of 1,8-Bisisoxazole-9H-Carbazole Derivatives Chemistry 2014-07-01
Yu-Rong Wu Preparation of Self-Assembled Diblock Copolymer Nanocomposites through DNA-Like Multiple Hydrogen Bonding Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-01
Chia-Chun Wu A Study on Nursing Shortage in Taiwan: From Organizational-Climate Perspective Business Management 2014-07-03
Yueh-chun Wu Study of Organic Solar Cell with Nanospheres Substrate and Flexible Substrates of Different Materials and Thickness Communications Engineering 2014-07-08
Tzu-hui Wu Interaction between Intraday Rational and Irrational Herding Behavior and Market Quality Finance 2014-06-27
Yi-lun Wu A High Voltage Operational Amplifier with Rail-to-rail Input and Output Ranges and an 8:1 Analog High Voltage Multiplexer Electrical Engineering 2014-07-14
Tzu-chao Wu A Temperature Sensor with Second-Order Calibration and Process Compensation and All Digital Estimator for Battery State of Charge Communications Engineering 2014-07-14
Nien-Ju Wu A Study of Corporate Sustainable Development: from the Stakeholders’ Viewpoint Business Management 2014-07-17
Shih-Sheng Wu The Development of Global Citizenship Literacy Scales Education 2014-07-20
Mei-Rong Wu The Study of Using the Technology Acceptance Model to Examine Elementary School Teachers’ Integrating IWB into Teaching Education 2014-07-21
Ren-hao Wu Defect microstructures, phase behavior of NiO-MgO binary system upon laser pulses in water and air Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-07-22
Kuan-i Wu The Effects of Medical Seeking Consideration, Perceived Value, Perceived Risk on Medical Seeking Intention– A Case of Musculoskeletal Disorder. Business Management 2014-07-23
Sheng-Sian Wu A Study on Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China ICAPS 2014-07-16
Chien-Chang Wu Removal of NH3-N and organic matter from Tung-Gung River water using PU-net sponge mediated biofilter Environmental Engineering 2014-07-24
Che-wei Wu Determination of Arsenic Species in Fishes and Cobalt Species in Functional drinks & Nutritive supplements Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2014-07-24
Shi-ping Wu The Stock Markets Reaction to the Capital Gains Tax Overhaul: Evidence from Taiwan Finance 2014-07-23
Pei-Jing Wu Applications of Semiconducting Polymer Dots in Sensing via FRET Strategy Chemistry 2014-07-28
Guan-Sian Wu The Study of Linux Container-based Cluster for Data Warehouse Implementation and Its Network Performance Analysis Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-30
Kun-Yi Wu Energy-Efficient Multiple-Mode Floating-Point Arithmetic Units and Instruction Precision Assignment Methods Computer Science and Engineering 2014-07-28
Tsang-yu Wu Investigation on mechanical and structure properties of Ti60Zr10Ta15Si15 Bulk Metallic Glasses: A molecular dynamics study Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-07
Hui-Chun Wu Characteristics of poly (γ-methyl l-glutamate)/poly (vinylidene fluoride) piezoelectric fiber composites via near-field electrospinning process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-08-10
Shao-tzu Wu Hydrothermal Synthesis of Lithium Iron Phosphate without Reducing Additives Chemistry 2014-06-23
Min-Xun Wu Understanding the Impacts of Permission Requested on Mobile App Adoption Information Management 2014-08-11
Gwo Bin Wu Maximum Power Point Tracking with Ripple Current Orientation for Photovoltaic Panel Electrical Engineering 2014-08-20
Chia-hua Wu Studies on Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia flexibilis and their Bioactivities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-08-21
Pei-Yu Wu Physicochemical Fingerprints of Particulate Matter Emitted from Stacks in a Steel Plant Environmental Engineering 2014-08-24
Hao-Chun Wu Combining Modified Nano-TiO2 Photocatalysts with Painting Technology for Decomposing Methylene Blue Environmental Engineering 2014-07-09
Chi-Ling Wu Investigating Taiwanese undergraduates' conceptions of, approaches to, and their learning self-efficacy regarding Internet-based learning Education 2014-08-25
Ching-Yeh Wu School Matching Arts Resources on Networking Platform -The Case of “Arts Relationship Mediator” Education 2014-08-23
Chih-Wei Wu Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Based Tunable Fiber Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-08-19
Tzu-Yang Wu Microstructure and properties of nanoporous silver fabricated by chemical dealloying of Ag-Al alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-08-28
Chieh-hao Wu A study on the relationship among role conflicts,job stress,and job burnout: With the moderating effect of social support and personal recreation Business Management 2014-08-27
Ren-kai Wu Study on Hydraulic Compound Forming of Rectangular Tubes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-01
Cian-rong Wu The relationship between C-reactive protein and hepatoma-derived growth factor in hepatoma carcinoma cell lines Biological Sciences 2014-08-30
Hui-shan Wu Pairs Trading Strategy Based on State Space Models Applied Mathematics 2014-09-01
Yi-ling Wu The Evaluation of Diversification Project for Yacht Manufacturer -A Study of H Group EMBA 2014-09-01
Chia-yun Wu Studies on the Secondary Metabolites and Biological Activities from the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia nanolobata Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2014-09-02
Shou-Tao Wu A Study on the Thermal Effect of Laser Diode Color Wheel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2014-09-04
Ting-Hsuan Wu Socket-based Software and Hardware performance co-monitoring in AXI interconnect SoC Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-04
Jun-Xing Wu Simple Coherent Detection of Upstream in Colorless WDM-OFDMA Long-Reach PONs Electro-Optical Engineering 2014-09-04
Cheng-Jung Wu A Single Carrier Transmission Scheme Using Distributed QOSFBC in Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2014-09-09
Bo-ru Wu Study on the Robust Precoder Design for Lattice Alignment MIMO Interference Channels Communications Engineering 2014-09-04
Shih-ming Wu A Study of Zhang Wentao’s Wine-theme Poems Chinese Literature 2014-09-06
Ting-tseng Wu The effects of El Niño-Southern Oscillation on temperature and precipitation in Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2014-09-09
Min-thai Wu A Dynamic-Edge Ant-Colony-System Algorithm for Solving Continuous Domain Problems Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-09
Bo-sheng Wu Acceleration of Image Feature Extraction Algorithms Computer Science and Engineering 2014-09-10
Chia-ling Wu The Making of Confession and Penance in the Late Middle Scots Makars Foreign Language and Literature 2014-09-10
Shu-hui Wu A study of Fong-yun ching-shu by Teng Chih-mo Chinese Literature 2014-09-11
Li-ju Wu The impacts of sales managers social networking , management skills and manufacturing experiences on department performance. Human Resource Management 2014-09-12
Shin-Hung Wu Growth of high quality (0001) ZnO Films on (001) LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2014-11-24
Chan-I Wu The relationship between the schooling adaptability and university lives of athletic well-performed students Education 2014-12-19
Shin-Fu Wu A Novel Forecasting Method for Time Series Data with Missing Values Electrical Engineering 2014-12-30
IN HAN WU The Influence of Benevolent Leadership among Affective Commitment and Performance: The Mediating Effect of Psychological Capital Human Resource Management 2015-01-06
Yu-Yen Wu The Influence of Supervisor’s Adaptation to Organization and Leadership Style on Subordinate Commitment and Impression Management Human Resource Management 2015-01-10
Chin-Chih Wu On the Sources of Business Cycles and the Great Moderation ICAPS 2014-07-17
Meng-ting Wu An Integrated Framework of Judgment and Decision-Making Public Affairs Management 2015-01-30
Yu-Chu Wu Developmental regulation of hydrogen peroxide on the spontaneous neurotransmitter secretion in developing Xenopus neuromuscular synapse Biological Sciences 2015-01-29
Kai-su Wu Writing Survival: Death, Debt and Self in the Works of V. S. Naipaul, Derek Walcott and J. M. Coetzee Foreign Language and Literature 2015-02-04
Yi-Hui Wu Exploring the effect of inertia on switching from surrogate to direct shopping Information Management 2015-02-06
Shao-ching Wu The Institutional Context of Non-marital Births in Taiwan Institute of Sociology 2015-02-10
Liang-Chun Wu Compositional Techniques and Motivic Development in Clara Schumann Three Romances for Violin and Piano, op. 22 Music 2015-02-16
Jun-Chia Wu A Research on The Factors Affecting User Acceptance of Mobile Instant Messaging Application:An Example of LINE Business Management 2015-03-06
Yan-Yi Wu The mechanism of semilunar swarming rhythm in Perinereis aibuhitensis (Polychaeta) Department of Oceanography 2015-03-12
Zong-Han Wu Intelligent Road Surface Detection Systems Based on Terrain Classification and Quality Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-26
Shih-Yu Wu Exploring the physical and chemical properties on the novel 2D structures in electronic and atomic details Physics 2015-04-06
Yi-cheng Wu Hong Jhong-Chiu incident: A news frame analysis of social movement. Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-05-07
Hong-Mo Wu Integrated Coastal Planning and Protection at Cijin, Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-05-25
Ting-Yi Wu A Study and Analysis of Widor's Suite Op.34 for Flute and Piano Music 2015-06-08
Kuo-Liang Wu Study on Architecture-Oriented Milling Enterprise Management Model Information Management 2015-06-10
Shou-chen Wu The Third Party Payment in the Electronic Commerce:The Case of China ICAPS 2015-06-18
Pei-rong Wu Low-Profile Open-Slot LTE Smartphone Antenna and Its MIMO Performance Study Electrical Engineering 2015-06-23
Tung-han Wu Robust Control Design for A Novel Wind Power System Electrical Engineering 2015-06-25
Pei-Hsuan Wu Can The Stock Price Index Be Predicted? Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries Economics 2015-06-23
Kang-Chun Wu IT - enabled Marketing Target Customers Innovation:A CHT Case Study EMBA 2015-06-30
Yu-hsuan Wu Code-switching to Taiwanese in Mandarin Popular Song Lyrics Foreign Language and Literature 2015-06-30
Zheng-zhueng Wu The Research of joint crime-striking actions across Taiwan Strait-Focusing on the mutual repatriation and retrocession of illegally property ICAPS 2015-07-06
Chia-hui Wu Seeing myself through my fear - Self reflection of professional development from a pre-school teacher Education 2015-07-10
Po-sung Wu Trading Strategy Based on Cointegration Pairs Applied Mathematics 2015-07-08
Chen-zhe Wu Biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) and its copolyesters with minor amounts of propylene succinate/montmorillonite nanocomposites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-14
Hsin-ju Wu Identification of predictive biomarkers for the efficacy of concurrent chemoradiotherapy for patients with colorectal cancer by genechip operation platform Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2015-07-10
Chien-chih Wu An Empirical Study on The Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Taiwanese Enterprises EMBA 2015-07-17
Fang-chung Wu Study on clustering of data mining for friendship network Communications Engineering 2015-07-17
Ban-Hsin Wu Development of the Interfaces for Combining Gas and Liquid Chromatography with ESI/APCI Dual Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2015-07-16
Wu-huang Wu Research on the law about fee-charging for usage of road─A Case Study of Kaohsiung Political Science 2015-07-14
Meng-hua Wu A Study on the Cadenzas from the First Movements of the Mozart Piano Concerti, K. 414, K. 453 and K. 456. Music 2015-07-21
Pei-Wei Wu Novel Stimuli-responsive Supramolecular Materials: Photo-tunable Properties and Molecular Recognition Behavior Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-07-21
Shang-Jing Wu Extended-Gate Field Effect Transistor Produced with Touch Panel Film for Hydrogen Ion Concentration Measurement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-22
Zong-chun Wu How to determine the public good level: The auction game between the confederation and member countries Economics 2015-07-23
Ting-yun Wu Fine-tune regulation of Cpn1 (Carboxypeptidase N1) to control vascular patterning during zebrafish development Biological Sciences 2015-07-24
Ching-Ying Wu How supervisor's abusive leadership affects their employees’ performance in such a high pressure environment of media Human Resource Management 2015-07-23
Shiun-fu Wu Development of A Three-Phase Power Factor Correction Converter with Three Independent Controlloop Electrical Engineering 2015-07-23
Yi-Chun Wu Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of Structure–depended Negative Bias Illumination Stress in InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Physics 2015-07-23
Hung-chen Wu Optimal Power Dispatch and CCHP Assessment of Microgrid System Using Improved Bee Swarm Optimization Electrical Engineering 2015-07-15
Ai-hui Wu Mood and Feeling: Comparing Martin Heidegger and Antonio Damasio on Emotion Philosophy 2015-07-28
Meng-hsien Wu Game theory and Co-opetition Strategy in Medical Service Industry – With Cheng-Ching Eye Clinic As An Example of Case Study EMBA 2015-07-29
Su-Chen Wu The Correlation with Continuity Of Care and Diabetes Foot in Taiwan Business Management 2015-07-29
Cheng-sian Wu Patterned Network Microstructures from High-Mw Block Copolymer Templates for Optical Applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-03
Chao-Ching Wu High Frequency Parameter Estimation of PMSM and Its Applications Electrical Engineering 2015-08-06
Kuo-wei Wu The Study of Non-Governmental Organizations under the Surveillance of Mainland China ICAPS 2015-08-13
Chia-Hsien Wu Teamwork Quality and Service Innovation Performance of Virtual Teams Information Management 2015-08-12
Jo-han Wu The sample size effect and deformation mechanism of single crystal aluminum Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-18
Kuo-yen Wu Testing of dispersal method in Thalassia hemprichii and Halophila ovalis Department of Oceanography 2015-08-19
Hung-yuan Wu A Study on Key Success Factors and Strategic Positioning of Capsule Coffee EMBA 2015-08-24
Chih-Hua Wu Three Cases of Organizational Change from the Dimension of Organizational Communication Business Management 2015-08-19
Sing-Huei Wu A Location-Predictive Packet Transmission Scheme For High-Speed Railway Computer Science and Engineering 2015-08-25
Tsung-Yeah Wu Initial research for polyethylene fiber Reinforced plastic rebars with concrete Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-08-25
Chi-ling Wu Early stage microstructure of deformation-induced martensite in a medium Mn steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-08-28
Po-I Wu A Study on Signal Integrity of Fine Lines in Package Substrate Electrical Engineering 2015-08-26
Kuan-wei Wu The effect of annealing temperature on microstructure and tensile properties of an advanced high strength steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2015-09-02
Ping-shun Wu A Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis Method on Cloud Platform Information Management 2015-09-01
Chi-Fang Wu The Research on a Matrimonial Ceremony of Zhu Xi's “Family Rites” Chinese Literature 2015-08-25
Cang-Yi Wu A study on Employee Welfare, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Field Workers in Construction Industry EMBA 2015-09-04
Heng-Hsien Wu An Analysis on the Local Cultural Museum Project:Hengchun Folk Museum's Local Policy Network Theatre Arts 2015-07-20
Sheng-yu Wu A Study of LuShi Chungiu and Pre-Qin Taoist Chinese Literature 2015-09-08
Tai-Chin Wu The exclusivity contract in heterogeneous Bertrand duopoly market Economics 2015-06-23
Chun-Lin Wu Design of ray tracing circuit with hierarchical traversal Computer Science and Engineering 2015-09-08
Bing-shiou Wu Temporal and spatial variations of polychlorinated biphenyls in the atmosphere of Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2015-09-09
Chia-Ling Wu Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants in Anti-Nuclear Campaign: From Media and Technology Usage & Citizen Participation Perspectives Institute of Marketing Communication 2015-09-10
Yung-chen Wu Research on Extended-Gate FET pH Sensors Utilizing Touch Panel Film as the Sensing Layer Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-10-07
Shing-Yi Wu The protective effects of an anti-inflammatory marine-derivative on skin Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2015-11-02
Shih-Hsing Wu The Study on End User Satisfaction Toward Enterprise Information Portal (EIP):Moderating Effect of Task-Technology Fit Business Management 2016-01-07
Wei-Hsiu Wu Risk Model Assessment Mobile Payment Systems:Apple Pay Business Management 2016-01-08
So-Tzu Wu A Study of Prokofiev’s Sonata for Solo Violin in D Major, Op.115 Music 2016-01-20
Chuan-Yu Wu Research on Career Development of Human Resource Personnel of Cross Generations Human Resource Management 2016-01-23
Wen-Chun Wu TMT Risk Propensity and Firm Performance: The Roles of Competitive Interactions Business Management 2016-01-22
Chao-yi Wu Low-Complexity Semiblind Channel Estimation in Massive MU-MIMO Systems Communications Engineering 2016-01-25
Pei-Hsuan Wu The Effect of Word of Mouth: Online Consumer Reviews Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-01-25
Tsung-Han Wu Comparison of surface-based and voxel-based cerebral cortical thickness measurements: application on very-low-birth-weight teenagers born preterm Electrical Engineering 2016-01-29
Tung-Wei Wu The Effect of the Coaches' Feedbacks on Young Badminton Athletes' Acceptance and Conscious Performance among Elementary School in Kaohsiung City Education 2016-01-27
Yi-Lin Wu China in the Perspectives of Human Rights Narratives on VOA Chinese Political Science 2016-01-29
YU-HUNG WU Exploratory Research on Marketing Strategy of Social Enterprise: San-He Tile Kiln as Example Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-02-02
Chih-ying Wu A Study of the Impact of Instant Messaging on Job Performance Business Management 2016-02-12
Chieh-Ju Wu Co-creation, Experiential Value and Brand Resonance Pyramid Business Management 2016-02-15
Pei-yang Wu Investigation of In-Situ Characteristics and Engineering Behavior of Proud Objects on the Seafloor Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-02-17
Ting-yi Wu Number Preference, Investor Sentiment and Price Movement Finance 2016-02-18
Meng-shan Wu The effects of anti-inflammatory marine compound on dermatology disorders Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-04-19
Chi-chang Wu The digital innovative applications in wedding industry-Taking wedding photography industry as an example Human Resource Management 2016-06-03
Zong-Han Wu Determination of 3D Atomic Coordinates by Using EEMD Physics 2016-06-27
Zi-Ying Wu The Study of Effect of the Distribution of Microstructures on Surface Wettability Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-07-01
SHOU-LI WU A Study of Customer Management in the Broadband Industry -A Case of Taiwan Mobile Broadband EMBA 2016-06-28
Yi-Lun Wu Study on the Certification Mark Regarding Food Safety Issues Economics 2016-07-01
Wen-Ping Wu A Study on Business Strategy of Small Accountancy Firms EMBA 2016-07-05
Tsung-Chien Wu The impact of short sales ban on put warrants: Evidence from Taiwan warrants market Finance 2016-07-06
Yun-Tse Wu Template-assisted Synthesis of Metal Nanoclusters and their Application as a Fluorescent Sensor Chemistry 2016-07-07
Meng-Hsin Wu Study of Core Capability of a Green saving company in the low-carbon era Human Resource Management 2016-07-11
Tung-yen Wu Pattern Recognition with the Fuzzy Theory in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2016-07-06
Man-Yun Wu Copper bromide-catalyzed cyclization reaction of enediynes to 11-bromoindeno[1,2-c]chromenes Chemistry 2016-07-12
Dong-jhen Wu A study on the Factors that Influence the Adoption Intention of Small and Medium Enterprises Regarding New Information Technology:From the Perspective of Enterprises that Adopt Information Systems Information Management 2016-07-16
Yu-Xiang Wu Understanding political participation and self-presentation on Facebook: A cultural perspective Institute of Marketing Communication 2016-07-19
Chia-hui Wu EU identity of citizens from Central and Eastern European member states Political Science 2016-07-18
Chung-Chien Wu Innovative Applications of Government Website Affinity Design: A Case Study of a County Government Platform Information Management 2016-07-14
Chun-Hsing Wu A Study of Corporate University:Cases in Taiwan Human Resource Management 2016-07-20
Tai-hsuan Wu Impacts of Oxygen Plasma Induced Interfacial Layer on P-type Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors With TiN/HfO2 Gate Stack Electrical Engineering 2016-07-20
Wei-cheng Wu Development and Performance Analysis of the Three-Phase Boost Rectifier Electrical Engineering 2016-07-20
Chin-yu Wu Fine-Grained Access Control Mechanism for NDN Supporting Mobility and Potential Receivers Computer Science and Engineering 2016-07-21
Cheng-han Wu 一、Determination of trace element in fuels by using slurry sampling electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry 二、Determination of dissolved silver(I) and silver nanoparticles based on single particle detection by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2016-07-23
Kun-da Wu Detection of Metabolites and Drugs Released on Skin by Thermal Desorption-Electrospray Ionization/Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2016-07-25
Meng-Che Wu Application of Domain Engineering to Develop Core Assets on Software Product Lines Information Management 2016-07-27
Yi-Fan Wu Pedestrian Identification, Tracking and Counting in Video Images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-27
Chun-Han Wu A Study of Competitive Advantages on Western Medicine Clinic–The Case of D Clinic EMBA 2016-07-11
Nien-Chen Wu The growth of high quality M-plane GaN on LiGaO2 substrate by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2016-07-31
Bo-huei Wu Effect of active element on surface deformation after solidification Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-02
Yu-Ching Wu Small-Size IFA Frame Antenna for the LTE Metal-Casing Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2016-08-08
Shih-E Wu The Effect of Organizational Political Perceptions in the Government on Job Performance-Organizational Culture as a Moderator Human Resource Management 2016-08-08
Chia-pin Wu Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in TM-decorated GaBi honeycomb Physics 2016-08-09
Chieh-yun Wu Patent Analysis and Research of NAND Flash memory industry Business Management 2016-08-06
Chia-Chen Wu Detection and Functional Characterization of KRT fusions in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2016-08-10
Chong-jia Wu Narrowband silicon photonics grating devices and its application Electro-Optical Engineering 2016-08-12
Yu-lin Wu Application of emulsified substrate with pH buffering capacity to enhance the bioremediation efficiency of chlorinated-solvent contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2016-08-15
Shiou-Rong Wu The Role of NDC80 in Colon Cancer Progression, Altered Genomic Instability and Its Therapeutic Potential Biological Sciences 2016-08-15
Hao-Ai Wu Development of a Passive Humidification and Air-breathing PEMFC Stacks and its Improvement of Long-term Stability Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-23
Ying-Hui Wu A Study on the Marketing Strategy of Ecological Cultivation on Aquatic Products: A Case of Care Food Farms EMBA 2016-08-30
Ming-Hsiang Wu Automated and iterative constrained energy minimization method for the detection of white matter hyperintensity of brain magnetic resonance imaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-08-15
Yi-Ting Wu An Analysis and Interpretation of Claude Debussy's 'Ariettes Oubliées' Music 2016-09-02
Chung-yueh Wu Implementation of Independent Small Cell Communication System Computer Science and Engineering 2016-09-01
Tsung-Che Wu Investigating the Feasibility of Using Student's In-school Performance as an Entrance Competition Indicator for Enrollment Excess in the 12-Year compulsory Education EMPP 2016-09-03
Meng-chen Wu How do student become entrepreneurial in practice? A phenomenological investigation on the Taiwanese file studio student entrepreneurs Business Management 2016-09-06
Jen-yi Wu The Relationship between Operating Performance and Convertible Bonds Finance 2016-09-05
Meng-chun Wu Simulation Study for the Performance of a Large Solar Hot Water System Consists of Natural Circulation DHW System Modules without a Large Storage Tank Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-07
Chin-cheng Wu On Substance Over Form Legal Order ICAPS 2016-09-07
Wu-dian Wu An Exploratory Study of O2O Model in Retail Industry -Application in a Taiwanese Retail Company Cross-Strait Executive Master Of Business Administration 2016-09-05
Chih-ying Wu Studies on the Friction Stir Welding of Pure Copper Plate with 10 mm Thickness Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2016-09-08
Chiao-Lan Wu The Study of Senior’s Online-shopping Shop Consumer’s Perceived Value, Satisfaction, Repurchase Intention, Word of Mouth and Personality of Altruism Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2016-12-25
Han-lin Wu Simulation of Non-premixed Combustion in Regenerative Burner with Exhaust Gas Recirculation Mechanism Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-03
Sheng-Min Wu Control of Growth Orientation of ZnO Films on (200) γ-LiAlO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-01-10
Ya-chen Wu Development of high-performance trickling biofilters and chemical scrubbing system for the control of volatile organic compounds emitted from industrial sources Environmental Engineering 2017-01-18
Hung-Cheng Wu Novel properties in spin-frustrated systems Cu2OSeO3, Cu2OCl2, and Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2Cl International PhD Program for Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Beam Applications 2017-01-19
Jia-Lin Wu Simultaneously Optimized Control Pins Placement and Channels Routing of Control-Layer in Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips Computer Science and Engineering 2017-01-23
Dai-Yun Wu A Case Study of the Factors that Affect Successful Learning Sessions in the Digital Tutoring Program in Taiwan's Remote Areas Education 2017-01-09
Ling-yun Wu Photographs, Memory, and Identity in W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz Foreign Language and Literature 2017-02-13
yi-yeh Wu Study on The Management Strategy of Foreign Insurance Companies in Taiwan – P Company as an Example Business Management 2017-02-16
Sin-hua Wu The Use of Social Media Sites and Political Efficacy Political Science 2017-06-01
Ming-Hung Wu Internet Search Behavior and Trading Activity around Securities Firms’ Recommendation Revisions: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2017-06-06
I-fang Wu Nikolai Kapustin's Twenty-four Preludes in All Major and Minor Keys, Op. 53: An Analysis Approach of Jazz Elements Music 2017-05-11
Wan-Chin Wu MIMO Antennas for the Metal-Casing Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2017-06-21
Cheng-chi Wu The relationship between Say on Pay Votes and CEO compensation:Evidence from the insurance companies listed in the United States Finance 2017-06-09
Cheng-hsun Wu Riskiness and management style as predictors of Taiwan domestic mutual fund performance Finance 2017-06-23
Wen-ting Wu The Effect of Investor Sentiment on Volatility Anomaly in Taiwan Stock Market Finance 2017-06-27
Ji-Fang Wu The Study of Bioenergy Industry in Thailand ICAPS 2017-06-29
An-Chung Wu The Recruiting Strategies Based on the Competency Model: A Case Study of the Engineering Company EMBA 2017-07-05
Min-hsun Wu The effect of the Dark Triad of personality on affective commitment: The mediating role of person-environment fit Business Management 2017-07-10
Bo-Cheng Wu Design of Load Monitoring and Control System for Demand Response Electrical Engineering 2017-07-12
Chin-jung Wu Application of Power Harvesting Current Transformer for Fault Indicator Electrical Engineering 2017-07-11
Chien-lin Wu Empirical Study of Residual Reversal Pattern in Taiwan Equity Market Finance 2017-07-11
Jia-Yu Wu Synthesis of tri-funtionalized polybenzoxazine based nitrogen-doped microporous carbons Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2017-07-17
Ching- yun Wu Popular Culture Exhibition in Art Museum Theatre Arts 2017-06-23
Fang-Yu Wu A study on knowledge,attitude and behavior of 10-year long-term-care 2.0 plan among populace Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2017-08-03
Sheng-Hong Wu The Research of Vietnam's Shrimp Aquaculture in Global Value Chain ICAPS 2017-08-08
JHE-WEI WU Applying Convolution Neural Network in Deep Learning to Predict on Stock Trading Strategy Information Management 2017-08-16
Tung-Han Wu Combined with Deep Neural Network De-noising Auto Encoder on Noise-Robust Digit Continuous Speech Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2017-08-17
Yu-chang Wu Study on the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in gases emitted from a semiconductor packing and testing plants by using a full-scale biotrickling-activated carbon adsorption unit Environmental Engineering 2017-08-16
Di Wu Study of multiple doping emission layer in organic light-emitting-diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-08-22
Jia-ling Wu Bi-directional Variable-structure DC-DC Converter Electrical Engineering 2017-08-29
Guan-Ying Wu The Effects of Speech Recognition and Corrective Feedback on English Speaking Ability in a Game-Based Learning Environment Information Management 2017-08-31
Mei-Jung Wu An Efficient Method to Assess Audio Quality and Its Hardware Implementation Electrical Engineering 2017-09-01
Chan-Pei Wu Remediation of heavy-metal contaminated soils using phytoremediation Environmental Engineering 2017-08-30
Chun-Lin Wu A Study of Food Safety Crisis Management-A case of Fuzhou Deal with False News Report EMBA 2017-09-07
Pei-Fen Wu Research on the Placement of Different Drama Types EMBA 2017-09-07
Szu-Ying Wu A Study on the Innovation of Community Hospital Service System EMBA 2017-09-07
Zong-han Wu Probing the Valence Electronic Structures, Interfacial Properties and Surface pH of Biological and Organic Aqueous Nanoaerosols via Aerosol VUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy Chemistry 2017-09-11
Chin-Ho Wu The Study on Restoration Engineering and Land Reuse of Sanitary Landfill Environmental Engineering 2017-09-11
Ping-Hua Wu The Strategic Blueprint of the Innovation and Transformation of Traditional Locks Industry:OneLus Case Study EMBA 2017-09-13
Shu-Ting Wu Content Analysis of the Core Concepts of Global Competence in Junior High School English Textbooks in Taiwan-Taking PISA 2018 Global Competence Assessment as a Frame of Reference Education 2018-05-16
Hui-chun Wu A Comparative Study of Chinese Teachers' Reading Instruction in China and Taiwan Education 2017-09-13
Jian-Min Wu Implementation and Verification of 5G Network Architecture by Using Open Source Software Computer Science and Engineering 2017-12-21
Ming-Yi Wu The cross-strait south-south cooperation and cross-domain governance personnel training - for example in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2017-12-21
Min-yu Wu On the Study of Multi-User Raptor-coded Noncoherent Distributed Space-Time Modulation Schemes Communications Engineering 2017-12-28
Chun May Wu China’s control and use of the internet: A case study of Facebook ICAPS 2018-01-23
Jia-Hong Wu A Class Ratio Adaptive Committee Machine with Wavelet Feature Members Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2018-01-25
CHU-YANG WU Design of DC-DC Boost LED Driver Combine PWM with PFM Electrical Engineering 2018-01-11
Wei-An Wu Japan’s Negotiation Strategies on the Northern Territories after the Cold War: A Case Study on Economic Diplomacy against Russia ICAPS 2018-01-31
Pei-cheng Wu Design of Hardware Systems for a Mobile Underwater Vehicle in Combination with a Depressor Institute of Undersea Technology 2018-02-08
Tsung-Hsi Wu State-of-Charge Estimation with State-of-Health Calibration for Rechargeable Batteries Electrical Engineering 2018-02-13
Cheng-kun Wu Balanced Scorecard Applicatio-The Case of A Company INX4.0 Business Management 2018-01-28
Yi-Ching Wu Research on How to Create Customer Value and Increase Purchase Intention after Applying Virtual Reality Technology to Distribution Channel Information Management 2018-02-12
Chang-Jung Wu Study on the comparison of control methods (sequential batch reactor and membrane bioreactor) for treating petrochemical wastewaters effluent from the production of alcohols and acids Environmental Engineering 2018-02-21
Cheng-Yu Wu Optical applications using spider silk fiber: optical coupler and optical force-driven droplet movement Electro-Optical Engineering 2018-04-27
Hung-yen Wu The Study of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: A Case of Universal Eye Center EMBA 2018-05-29
Fang-yu Wu The Effect of Service Apprenticeship System on the Performance and Retention of New Employees Human Resource Management 2018-06-24
Yin-Ting Wu An empirical analysis on how concert promoters influence concert demands Business Management 2018-07-05
Ching-feng Wu The Competitive Advantage of Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Using Special Metal Material College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2018-07-11
Guan-Ying Wu A Study on the Hand over of Foreclosed Houses–Focus on Civil Enforcement Act ICAPS 2018-07-12
Chun-Yen Wu LTE/5G MIMO Antennas for the 5G Smartphone Electrical Engineering 2018-07-18
Hsin-Ping Wu Research on Corporate Culture Penetration and Practice Continuing Education Program For Asia Pacific Management Of The Institute Of Human Resource Manageme 2018-06-26
Yu-hsuan Wu The Hero's Journey of Four Professionals in Traditional Industries Business Management 2018-07-18
Yuan-miao Wun Treatment of Cadmium Contaminated Soil by Phytoremediation Marine Environment and Engineering 2006-01-10
Hao-Cing Wun Consistency image analysis of jet diffusion Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-10-22
Da-Cian Wun Ipsilateral Dual SIL-Radar System for Vital Sign Detection with Random Body Movement Cancellation Electrical Engineering 2015-09-07
Ciou Wun Zuo Temporal and spatial variations of turbulent mixing in the seas off Southeastern Taiwan IAMPUT 2014-06-24

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