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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Peng-bo Xi Study of Advance Tungsten Nano-crystal for Non-Volatile Memory Device Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-23
Pei-Chen Xia Exploring the effects of argument-driven teaching on promoting junior high school students' learning attitude toward language and reading literacy Institute Of Education 2018-08-07
Shao Xian Pan The effect of changing exchange rates of mainly exporting countries on iron ore price Finance 2017-07-26
Zi-Gang Xiang The Influence of Interdependence of China and Philippines on Philippine's Stance in Scarborough Shoal Standoff in 2012 ICAPS 2015-07-29
Bo-Ren Xiao Research on the Factors Influencing an Incumbent County Commissioner or City Mayor Considering the Promotion of a Female Chief – the Application of Exchange Theory Interdisciplinary Studies 2001-06-08
Bo-ming Xiao The Political Economy analysis of the Labour Rights under the Trend of Globalization:for Example of Foreign Labour Rights in Taiwan Political Science 2005-01-26
Chun-yi Xiao Ion Imaging Studies on NO2 Photodissociation Chemistry 2007-08-16
Ming-Heng Xiao A Very Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation Experiment in the Si-Tzi Marine Test Field IAMPUT 2009-08-26
Min-Yuan Xiao Silicon-on-Insulator Polarization Beam Splitter Based on a Taper Asymmetrical Directional Coupler Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-25
Xu-Ting Xiao A study of Pr1-xSrxCoO3-δ as cathode material for solid oxide fuel cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2016-08-30
Shi-Cheng Xiao Vortex beam propagation in spatial-light-modulator (SLM) simulated atmospheric turbulence and the study of nonlinear optical effect in SLM with image feedback Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-27
Bo-Ren Xiao Application of LSTM in high-frequency trading data Applied Mathematics 2018-07-18
Ying-Chieh Xiau A Study on A Series Grid Interconnection Module for Distributed Energy Resources Electrical Engineering 2006-07-13
Rong-Hua Xie Experimental study of wave forces and de-draggers device for vertical and horizontal cylinders Marine Environment and Engineering 2001-07-26
Xien-Chen Xie The Study and Application of Computer Software Protection Computer Science and Engineering 2002-07-20
Ming-Xia Xie The Inspection of Defect in Pipelines Using Guided Waves Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2004-02-12
Yao-Zhang Xie A Study of Real-Time Face Tracking with an Active Camera Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-03
Shui-long Xie The combination assessment research about disaster rescue capability in fire bureaus of Kaohsiung city,Kaohsiung county, and Pingtung county Public Affairs Management 2005-07-26
Zhi-Feng Xie none IEMBA 2005-08-30
Yao-Ren Xie Low Power Mapping Methodology for Multi-voltage System Computer Science and Engineering 2006-07-21
Nai-xun Xie Research of Development and Effect of "Mini Three Links" EMPP 2007-08-23
Jia-Cheng Xie Novel Low-Complexity SLM Schemes for PAPR Reduction in OFDMA Uplink Systems Communications Engineering 2008-08-10
Yu-Ling Xie The effect of heat treatment on the tensile property and microstructure of Fe-10Mn-3Al-0.6C alloy. Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-10
Sheng-Han Xie Tearing off and bonding semiconductors Electrical Engineering 2013-07-17
Hao-Quan Xie The hydrated condition inside the catalyst layer of the Cathode of a PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-09-09
Sheng-You Xie Study of Optimization of Sensor Node Deployment to Reconstruct Random Signal Field Communications Engineering 2014-06-27
Bing-kun Xie The Type-Reduction Method for General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets Electrical Engineering 2015-08-31
Shan-yang Xie Low Resolution/ Power With Tracking System All-Digital Phase Locked Loop Computer Science and Engineering 2018-02-01
YIDAN XIONG Developmental leadership, trust in supervisor, and subordinate responses Human Resource Management 2018-01-12
Jia-Hao Xu Anthony Giddens on Modernity Political Science 2001-07-27
Zhuan-Zheng Xu Determination of Arsenic and It`s Species in Envirmental Water Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasms Mass Spectrometry with Dynamic Reaction Cell Chemistry 2002-07-02
Yue-lin Xu none Chemistry 2006-07-07
Shi-Ye Xu Circuit Synthesis and Implementation of Miniaturized LTCC Bandpass Filters with Multiple Transmission Zeros Electrical Engineering 2006-07-15
Yan-ru Xu The Chinese telecommunication guest takes the central customer degree of satisfaction and the efficiency analysis discussion EMPP 2006-07-27
Jia-Yao Xu The rotational movement and coalescence of Au、Ag and Pt nano-grains on NiO (100) plane. Materials Science and Engineering 2007-07-12
Fu-zen Xu A Study of the Financial Development Status and Future Development for School Fund Finance 2014-07-17
Rong-Fang Xu Optimizing Extreme Learning Machines for Supervised Learning Applications Electrical Engineering 2014-12-30
Ruo-Han Xu The Relationship Between Leaders' Innovative Behavior,Trust,Political Skill and Subordinates' Innovative Behavior Under Government Bureaucracy Organization Human Resource Management 2016-06-04
Rui-qi Xu Ascorbate peroxidase SPAPX and reduced ascorbate alleviate NaCl-mediated leaf senescence in sweet potato Biological Sciences 2016-07-21
Rui-Yi Xu Spatial and temporal patterns in concentrations of perfluorinated compounds in soils in Kaohsiung Marine Environment and Engineering 2016-07-27
Deng-Xiang Xu Analysis of Nitrosamine formation from Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products during two-stage chlorination using Back-Propagation Neural Network Environmental Engineering 2016-08-02
Ruo-bing Xu Sweet potato Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase activity exhibits a negative association with leaf senescence caused by ethephon, NaCl stress and copper mineral deficiency Biological Sciences 2017-01-23
Wen-hung Xu Automatic Path Design System of 3D Printer Transpedicular Drill Guide Electrical Engineering 2017-01-24
Ming Xu From Mainland to Island: A Study of Gary Snyder as a Translator Foreign Language and Literature 2018-02-22
Yao-Zong Xu Do fans care about game outcome - A study of stadium attendance in CPBL Master Of Business Management, Department Of Business Management 2018-08-01
Nguyen Xuan Effects of Functions and Form on Acceptance of Technology Products: Consumption Schema and Using Situations as Moderators Business Management 2010-08-12
Guang-Cheng Xue Synthesis of Triosmium Clusters Containing 1,8-Cyclotetradecadiyne Ligand Chemistry 2002-08-13
Huang Xue Tian-Chi-ER Biotech Company make the GMP System-mechanism and effective research. IEMBA 2004-08-18
Ren-Hao Xue Light Emitting Diode (LED) Constant-Current Driver Design with Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Dimming Control Electrical Engineering 2014-07-08
Tik Xyan Phang Creative Value of The Pier-2 Art Center Business Management 2015-01-23

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