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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

none none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-10
none none Interdisciplinary Studies 2000-05-11
NONE The study of the Post Office using of capital & the future out look . Business Management 2000-06-27
andy none Public Affairs Management 2000-07-19
Shi-Hsien Chen Short-Term Thermal Generating Unit Commitment by Back Propagation Network and Genetic Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2001-05-10
Khorolsuren Nyamsuren Where Does the B&B Fit in a Hotel Industry? Get a Glimpse into the Case of Mongolia with Suggestions Master Of Business Administration Program In International Business 2018-07-24
Iuliia Balkhanova ESL Teachers' Challenges in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2018-09-26
Doris HEILIGENBRUNNER Online brand positioning in the Chinese skiing industry: A content analysis of how brand personality and consumer culture positioning influence a brand's success Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-12-23
Stefan DORNINGER An exploratory study on company decision making process for employee education Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-12-22
Lisa Maria PREM Exploring Generation Y’s preferences towards team communication: An analysis of Austrian and Taiwanese student’s experiences with conflicts due to communication differences Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-01-08
Ming-ru yeh A Study on the Relationships among Proactive Personality, Organization Identification, and Work Passion:Professional Nurse Aides Institute of Human Resource Management 2019-01-11
Jongrakchokchai Sasipa Human Resource Management Practices for Aging Workforce: A Case Study of a Non-profit Organization in Thailand Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-01-10
Jan-Philipp Konrad Fink Studentification in Nottingham Evidence and Impacts-A Case Study Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-01-04
Mohammed Ansar Mohammed Manaz Adaptive Controls for Maintaining the Stability of Microgrid Operations Electrical Engineering 2019-01-28
PANG WAI SHAN Development of the Emotional Blackmail Scale in the Workplace Institute of Human Resource Management 2019-01-31
Tsai Mu-Hua Determinants of House Price : Using Interpretable Machine Learning Algorithms - A Case Study of Kaohsiung City Department of Information Management 2019-02-01
Hung Tzu Chi Retirement Planning for Nursing Staff- the Analysis of the Five major personalities Institute of Human Resource Management 2019-02-13
Christopher Ternosky How Do Medical Personnel Reflect on the Role and Importance of Superstitions in Nursing: An Analysis of the Potential Benefits and Concerns Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-03-08
CHEN,PO-YU Human Resources Development Strategy of Fintech in BANK 3.0: A case study of banks Institute of Human Resource Management 2019-04-28
Izabella Dobrowolska Eventons - Event Mobile Application Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-06-29
CHEONG SOI FONG A study of eigenvalue distribution of Hermitian Toeplitz matrix Department of Applied Mathematics 2019-07-04
Mayya Achyldurdyyeva Being proactive when your coworkers are not happy: Exploring the moderating roles of proactive personality and self-control capacity. Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-06-21
Chang, Jiao-Lun The Motivation of Brand Acquisition of Business Group- A Case Study of L'Oréal S.A. Department of Business Management 2019-06-26
Hesham Rashed Abuzeid Construction of Covalent Benzoxazine/Organic Frameworks for CO2 Uptake and Supercapacitors Applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2019-07-16
Victor Role Conflict and Organizational Citizenship Behavior:The Effect of Guanxi as Mediator and Gender of Helper as Moderator Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-07-22
Ahmad Sirojuddin Precoding Design in Two-Way Multi-Antenna Relay System with Energy Harvesting Master'S Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2019-07-25
TRINH THI DUYEN ANH How Leader-Member Exchange Lessens Subordinates’ Emotional Exhaustion? Exploring the Mediating Effects of Supervisors’ Nonverbal Immediacy and Subordinates’ Affects Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-07-31
Sk Emdadul Islam Wet chemical synthesis of ZnO and transition metal dichalcogenide based low-dimensional nanocomposites for highly efficient photocatalytic activity Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2019-08-01
Andrew James Argue Prestige and cultural similarity of education credentials as signals of value to employers: How university rank and geographic origin of credentials influences U.S. employers’ monetary valuations of skilled migrants Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-07-24
Kher Chien Ong Work-Life Imbalance and Life-Plan Decision Making – A Qualitative Study in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-07-29
CHONG HIEN LE Research on The Development of Vietnamese Labor Export Industry in Taiwan Institute of China and Asia-pacific Studies 2019-08-03
Angle Lee Jason A Study Examining Population Growth of Rapidly Expanding Cities in the Pacific Northwest Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-08-07
HONG LAM THI NGUYEN The Impacts of the Vietnamese migrant workers' transnational activities and identification on their integration into the Taiwanese society International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2019-08-13
Yen Ping Using Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Identifying Herbal Toxins and Its Application on Emergency Pesticide Poisoning Department of Chemistry 2019-08-13
Jiri Libal „Learn for Life“ Western Style Educational Entertainment Organization Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-07-24
Po Yang Lin Study on the application of [2,2]-paracyclophane derivatives to Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Department of Photonics 2019-08-20
Shie,Yi-Jen Prediction of Potential Customers with Data Streams Department of Applied Mathematics 2019-07-29
Lin,Yi-Chun The Study of Cross-Functional Team, Communication and Self-Efficacy Institute of Human Resource Management 2019-08-29
Hoa Quynh Nguyen Vietnamese Chinese Students as new labor force in Taiwan Institute of Sociology 2019-08-30
CHEANG U HONG Development of chiral spectrometer and its application Department of Photonics 2019-05-30
mao wen jui Towards Interpretable Deep Extreme Multi-label Learning Department of Information Management 2019-09-02
SATISH BOLLOJU 1. Hydrothermal synthesis of LiFePO4, CoO, and NaCoPO4 and the study of their electrochemical properties 2. A novel electrolyte additive for high-voltage cathode material and a novel polymeric binder for silicon anode material Department of Chemistry 2019-09-02
Ezekiel Bokolonga An LLC Resonant Converter with Double Resonant-Tanks for Wide-Input-Voltage-Range Applications International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2019-09-04
John Symon C. Dizon First-principles study on thickness dependent electronic properties of ZrX2 (X = S, Se, or Te) thin films Department of Physics 2019-09-04
Suhail muzaffar Bhat Development of Interface for Scanning Chemical Compounds on the Developed Thin Layer Chromatography Plate with Electrospray Ionization/Mass Spectrometry (TLC-ESI/MS) Department of Chemistry 2019-09-03
Wu Chi Hsuan Temporal and spatial variation in water, carbon, and nutrient fluxes of the Kuroshio at 21.75°N southeast of Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2019-08-28
Arvin Lester Jusi Study of the properties of GaSe(1-x)S(x) crystals using Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy Department of Physics 2019-09-05
MohammadMahdi Hashempour Modulation-controlled Grid-connected and Islanded Three-Level T-type Inverter Department of Electrical Engineering 2019-09-05
Wei-Chen Lin Fabrication of High-confinement Hybrid III-V/SOI Optical Waveguide for Electroabsorption Modulator Department of Photonics 2019-09-16
Sarah Ertl Experiencing and Accepting: How Employees from Varying Hierarchical Levels View Social Capital and Its Benefits from an Ethical Perspective Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-10-03
Sarah Lindert Employee turnover and its perceived consequences for the creation and implementation of innovative ideas Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2019-10-03
Chuan-Ci Yin Continuously-chirped guided mode resonance filter for near-infrared spectroscopic applications Department of Photonics 2019-10-31
Lambert Mylene Madeleine Axelle The miracle of H company : on marketing magic storytelling Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-01-14
Chen,Cheng-Mou A Study of Applying Data Mining Techniques to BCG Matrix — A Case of a Distributor in Taiwan Department of Business Management 2019-08-01
WANG LI LIN Research on the Acceptance of Medical Electronic Payments–The Perspective of Integrated Technology Model Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2020-01-13
LOU,CHUNGYA A Study on the Relationships among Internal Service Quality, Employee Satisfaction and Turnover Intention in Medical Institutions: A case study of Kao-Ping Area's Public Medical Centers Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management 2020-01-20
Mateusz Koziel Effects of mobile technology on consumer behaviour in omni-channel retail environment: A case study of the UK fashion industry Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2020-02-05
Christoph Schmidt The Perceptions of the Presentation of Employer Attractiveness in Advertisement towards German and British Students Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2020-01-16
Mochammad Rifan Accurate RR-Interval Detection with Daubechies Filtering and Adaptive Thresholding Department of Electrical Engineering 2020-01-21
Bakhlaev Aldar Sergeyevich A Comparative Study of the Power Legitimization in Kazakhstan and Russia (1992-2019): From the Ruling Elites' Perspective International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2020-02-10
CHEN KUEI YU Changing the role to extend career ? A Study on the Relationship between Job Rotation and Turnover Intention: Organizational Commitment as a Mediator and Perceived Supervisor support as a Moderator. Institute of Human Resource Management 2020-02-11
Yeimy Stefany Paez Roa Colombian Spanish Approximatives por poco and casi Department of Foreign Languages and Literature 2020-02-14
Lukas Noah Todd House The Effects of Democratization on Taiwan's Energy Situation and the 'Nuclear Issue' International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2020-02-17
Michael Tyler Skelding Reform and Repression: A Prospect Theory Analysis of Chiang Ching-kuo's Reform Decisions (1972-1988) International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2020-02-12
Karin Lonsing Conflict Management in Multicultural Work Teams-an Evaluation of The Leader Factor Transformational Leadership And The Individual Factor Cultural Intelligence Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-02-21
Vivien Pesendorfer The Influence of Cultural Intelligence on Multicultural Teams Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-02-18
Verona Bardhoku Hunting for a Job: What Really Matters? Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-02-24
Julia Vogl Unfolding the Dynamic Process of Virtual Team Performance: Integration of the Authentic Leadership and the Information and Communication Management Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-02-21
Sophie Mayr Impact of Alter Background Charateristics on the Outcomes of The Job-Search Process of ACT Graduates Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-02-14
Chieh-An Hung A Study on Stressors to Service-oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Performance-oriented First-line Service Staff: Role of Breadth Efficiency as a Mediator and Proactive Personality as a Moderator Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-02-23
Jyun-Liang Chen Software and Hardware System Integration of Neural Network Accelerator Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2020-03-24
KUAN YANG Application-oriented Designs and Performance Assessment of Advanced Permanent-magnet Motors Department of Electrical Engineering 2020-04-10
Alessandra GUY National Culture Influence on Knowledge Transfer within Global Virtual Teams Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-05-05
Hsu,Yu-Chen A Fast Authentication Scheme for Cross-Network-Slicing Based on Multiple Operators in 5G Environments Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2019-08-21
Hsu Wei-Jie Hinokitiol reduces tumor metastasis by inhibiting heparanase via extracellular signal–regulated kinase and Protein kinase B pathway Department of Biological Sciences 2020-04-27
Imee Ristika Rahmi Barani Low-Profile Ground-Backed Conjoined Open-Slot MIMO Antennas for Future Terminal Devices Institute of Communications Engineering 2020-06-21
YANG WEN YUAN A Study on the Determinants of Instagram Stories Department of Information Management 2020-06-23
Chang,Pei-Yu The Writings of Kinship, Love, and Marriage in the Military Compound Novels of Su Wei-chen Department of Chinese Literature 2020-06-30
YANG TZ CHUN The poetic research of shen kuang-wen Department of Chinese Literature 2020-07-13
Harvey Nueva Cruzado First-principles study on thickness dependent electronic properties of HfX2 (X = S, Se, or Te) thin films Department of Physics 2020-07-16
Martin Hauhana Distribution Network Loss Minimization and Grid Resiliency Planning using V-shaped Binary Particle Swarm Optimization International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2020-07-17
Ophelie CHEREL How partners governance influences the success of partnerships? A focus on Elon Musk’s governance and his partnerships Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-06-16
Ting Ting Shiea Dismantling Steampunk: Individuality, Materiality, Technicity, and Narrativity Department of Foreign Languages and Literature 2020-07-06
EDWARD STOCKERT Synthesizing PtSe2 via APCVD selenization and exploring the effects of substrate orientations and surface morphologies on the electrical properties of PtSe2/Al2O3 heterostructures Department of Physics 2020-07-28
LEE WANG HEI Application of modified and biodegradable surfactant for the remediation of Tar contaminated soil Institute of Environmental Engineering 2020-07-30
Hasan Deep Learning Approach for Generalized Spatial Modulation Signal Detector Master'S Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2020-08-02
WAN TSZ KIN Defluorination of Fluoride in Water by Modified Zeolite Composite Photocatalyst Oxidation Method Institute of Environmental Engineering 2020-07-30
Harisatul Agustin The Construction of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Portfolios Investment and a Comparative Analysis of ESG Portfolios to Conventional Indices Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-07-30
JAVIER ANTONIO LOPEZ POSADAS An Adaptive Transmission System Integrity Protection Scheme Considering Renewable Energy Intermittency Department of Electrical Engineering 2020-05-02
Vu Linh Trang Marketing Ability and Product Choice: A Game Theory Approach. Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-07-27
CHUNG KING CHUEN The Historical Formation of 'HongKonger' Identity Institute of Sociology 2020-06-11
Nguyen Quyet Tien Overcoming stressors and achieving high task performance: How does social capital support employees? Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-08-12
Lim Ee Von Phylogenetic Relationships of Amphioxus in the West Pacific Ocean Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2020-06-30
Nguyen My Linh Which source characteristics make greater impacts on customer purchase intention: Celebrities or social media influencers? Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-08-16
NURETTIN GEVRI Approaches of Pakistan and India towards China's One Belt One Road Initiative: Economic or Political Motivation? International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2020-08-14
Rendi Septiandi Circuit Design of a 200 kHz Parametric Acoustic Array Speaker International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2020-08-19
Nguyen Truong Lien Thao Venture capital Liabilities of Foreignness in Vietnam and solution : a qualitative approach Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-08-17
Haidar Rahman Dynamic Economic Dispatch for Evaluating a Potential Standalone Power System Using Regression and Genetic Algorithm with a Wind Forecasting Model International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2020-08-12
Piyachat Sumamal Job Satisfaction of Waiters and Waitresses in Taiwan Department of Business Management 2020-08-18
Zhanna Customer Attitude towards Chatbot Service: Comparison between Search and Experienced Goods Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2020-08-21
Lukasz Piotr Lanski What factors affect real estate prices in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. A Thick Description of the Apartments Market. Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2020-08-24
Wu,Shang-Hong The Extension of Generative Collaborative Network for Detection of Polyps in Endoscopic Images Department of Electrical Engineering 2020-08-21
Ka Yee Jeanette Yuen The Imaginary of Home: Identity of Hong Kong Migrants in the UK Institute of China and Asia-pacific Studies 2020-08-25
Nguyen Thanh Liem Study on the Body Corps Vocabulary in the Vietnamese Idioms Originated from Chinese Department of Chinese Literature 2020-09-01
Alexandre MIMAULT The local food purchase in France: Are short food supply chains an alternative to supermarkets? Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-07-15
Anthika Manowong Continuity and Change in the China - Thailand Relations in the 21st Century: Thailand’s Perception and Response Institute of China and Asia-pacific Studies 2020-08-14
Nguyen My Linh The opportunities and challenges of Banks and Fintech cooperation-The case study of VP Bank and Timo enterprise Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-09-04
Li WenChao Explore the influence of subscriptions on YouTubers' performance——The role of fascination Department of Information Management 2020-09-02
Onkar Mumbrekar Symbolic Detection of Cyberattacks Against Radio Access Networks in Long-term Evolution Mobile Networks Using Model Checking Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2020-09-03
Pai,Yu-Yao Implied Volatility Spread From Put-Call Parity and Stock Return Predictability In Mergers And Acquisitions Department of Finance 2020-09-22
Nathaniel Jay Smith Bauer The Effect of High-Performance Work-Systems on Self-Initiated Expatriates Knowledge Sharing with Cultural Intelligence, Expatriation Motivation, and Outsider Status Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2020-10-05
Hsu,Chia-Lun A Local Region Proposal Method with Attentive Temporal-Spatial Pathways Department of Electrical Engineering 2020-10-01
Mario Hackenbuchner How do big and small firms frame their job ads? A content analysis of Austrian job advertisements Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-11-30
Katharina Dietl Language Strategies How multinationals handle linguistic diversity Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-12-03
Maja Vidakovic Assessing the effects of cultural intelligence on athlete-athlete and coach-athlete communication. A qualitative analysis of professional football teams Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2020-11-27
Hsing-Hua Stella Chang Branding Capability and Internationalization: The Case of Emerging-Market Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Department of Business Management 2020-12-25
Justine Jude Cerpo Pura Linking Motivation and Employee Engagement through Gamification in Remote Working Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2020-12-29
Pan No A qualitative study exploring challenging voice behavior (CVB): How do employees in Taiwanese workplaces explain the antecedents and effects of CVB? Institute of Human Resource Management 2021-01-18
KEVAL MEHTA Bilateral Trade Between India and Taiwan: Machine Tool Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2021-01-18
Ko,Li-An Synthesis and Application of Bipyridine Containing Polysulfide Material Department of Chemistry 2020-07-25
LAM WAI CHUNG Evaluation of Port-city Position Department of Marine Environment and Engineering 2020-11-05
Hkawn San How do digital shopping mistakes lead to word of mouth? Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2021-01-23
Jose Ricardo Masilang Catane Secure and Energy-Efficient Distributed Detection Wireless Sensor Network for IoT in the Presence of an Eavesdropper Master'S Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2020-12-29
Volha Sakhatskaya Relationships between goal achievement and organizational citizenship behavior: do goal orientations, motivation and organizational career paths influence employee citizenship Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2021-01-21
Chandrasekaran Chandra Mary Break the cycle of perfectionism in the workplace with potent language and leadership Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2021-01-27
Hsu Chia-Hao Enhancing Work-life Balance by Getting Off Work On Time: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective Institute of Human Resource Management 2021-02-03
Amit Kumar Sharma Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum, gold and perovskite nanomaterials for biomarker analysis Department of Chemistry 2021-01-31
HUNG JU LI Compliance Is Not the Only Way! Behaviors, Mechanisms and Moderator to Different Supervisor’s Emotional Blackmail Strategy: Attribution Theory of Leadership Perspective Institute of Human Resource Management 2021-02-05
Jetsin Patipatthanan Thailand’s Growing Dependency on China: Taiwan’s Influence in Decline Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2021-02-15
Hien Thi Thu Vu National Identities among Foreign Spouses in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Vietnamese Spouses International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2021-02-17
Daria Chunareva The US Factor in Japan's Territorial Dispute-Solving Approach:Case Study of Kuril Islands Dispute Institute of China and Asia-pacific Studies 2021-02-17
Dmitry Dashiev Acculturation strategies of Russian students in Taiwanese universities: Differences in adaptation process between rural and urban locational settings International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2021-02-18
Wongsrikun Saisuri Analysis of Factors Affecting Job Stress and Its Influence on Job Satisfaction of Hospitality Employees Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2021-02-19
Weinstangel.Elijah.Reuben Expatriate Self-Efficacy, Constructive Deviant Behavior, and Normative Conflicts in Taiwanese Supplementary Learning Institutions Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2021-03-29
Nzima Sipho Backscatter-Aided Relaying Scheme for 6G Networks with SWIPT Master's Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2021-04-08
Sunjidmaa Tuvshinjargal Effect of State Mindfulness on Decision at Work: The Moderation Role of Perceived Organizational Support Department of Business Management 2021-04-26
Elon Bar Lev Socially Responsible E-commerce: An Empirical study of the effects Customer Satisfaction and Online Shopping Experience have on Consumer’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Purchase Intentions Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2021-06-04
LEUNG TING CHUNG Flow-Based DDoS Detection Using Deep Neural Network with Radial Basis Function Neural Network as Features Selection Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2021-06-15
CHIEN HSIEN-SHUN Achieving Supply Chain Advantages in the Biotechnology Industry -A Case Study of X Company College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2021-06-10
HSU KUN PEI Innovative Business Model of the Container Transportation Industry Platform - Take Company A as an Example College of Management (Executive Master in Business Administration) 2021-06-18
Mansour Amjadi Becoming Expatriate Entrepreneurs: A Phenomenological Exploration of Entrepreneuring in Taiwan Business Management 2012-05-10
ming-chih chang Apply Innovation Diffusion Theory for Introducing RFID Systems – A Case of an Ironworks Firm Business Management 2008-10-07
Rong-Ding Hong On Channel Estimation in Time-Varying Cooperative Networks Using Kalman Filter Communications Engineering 2011-10-20
Su-Yun Huang The study of competency apply to human resource management activities Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-09-04
Chi-en Lee The factors of Taiwan media industry's organizational change. Communications Management 2007-05-02
Chen-hui Lee none Chinese Literature 2010-07-22
Tsai-yu Li Investigation of industrial wastewater and treatment facility performance of A-gong-dian river basin Environmental Engineering 2009-07-04
Wei-Hsiang Liao Experimental Verification for the Power-Flow of the Parallel-type Independently Controllable Transmission Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-28
Wang-Ting Lin Design of low-power error-control code decoder architecture based on reference path generation Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-14
Jhao-Yi Lin Wide-wavelength Range Spot Size Converter Integrated of Electroabsorption Modulator Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-03
Guo-an Wang The Development of The Post-modern Fictions in Taiwan Chinese Literature 2009-06-23
Kuo-wei Wang Simvastatin attenuates the cerebral vascular endothelial inflammatory response in a rat traumatic brain injury Biological Sciences 2011-08-18
Mei-hsueh Wang Evaluation of Groundwater Characteristics Using Multivariate Statistical Method: a Case Study in Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2012-08-24
Chang-Ming Yang Enterprise business section the whole organization for combining design again EMBA 2012-06-04
Wu - Chung Hsu The Influence of Demographic Transition on Economic Growth -The Evidence from 47 Prefectures of Japan EMBA 2012-08-05
Hsin - ju Chu Experience marketing, value and customer experience of the relationship between intention - to dream of the era shopping mall as an example Business Management 2008-06-24
Chia - Liang Tai Preliminary study for reference check when used in selection process Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-02-15
Yu -Hung Chen Study on Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics of Flexural Plate Wave Device Electrical Engineering 2010-09-02
Yung -i Chang Treatment of Trichloroethylene in Aqueous Solution Using Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Emulsion Environmental Engineering 2007-08-27
David Abraham Pancoast Taiwanese Undergraduate Perspectives on Counterfeiting and Piracy: A Comparative Study Business Management 2010-06-29
Hsiao-yi An Study of Russia's policy with respect to the European Union Political Science 2008-07-17
Cejkova Andrea Czech Funding Reform of Tertiary Education System: its Drawbacks and Opportunities Business Management 2011-02-21
Hsing-Yen Ann Efficient Algorithms for the Block Edit Distance and Related Problems Computer Science and Engineering 2010-05-18
Jeng-yung Bai A Study of Warring States Period to Han Dynasty Initial Period Mohism Chinese Literature 2010-06-14
Jia-yu Bai A Memory-Realistic SPM Allocator with WCET/ACET Tunable Performance Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-16
Yu-shan Cai Three-dimensional Vision-based Nail-fold Morphological and Hemodynamic Analysis Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-25
Hui-Ru Cai An Action Research on the Application of Concept Mapping to Improve English Reading Comprehension Ability for Junior High School Students in Educational Priority Area Project Education 2012-07-26
Cheng-Zong Cai Studies of Performance Improvement and Stabilization of Passive Portable DMFCs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-28
Cheng-Lien Chan Magnetic Studies on the Radicals of Methyl Viologen Physics 2008-07-14
Tung-Loug Chan The Study of Key Customer Management and Organization Change of Original Development Pharmaceutical Company–A case Study of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation,Taiwan Branch. Business Management 2009-08-11
Chih-yu Chan FDFD Analysis of Hollow Terahertz Waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-20
Min-Chao Chan Surface Roughening Enhancement on Sapphire Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Chih-chieh Chan The study of the use of diacrylate as holographic recording material Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Chi-Ming Chan Microstructure analysis and failure mechanism of Cu wire bond and Inner Lead Bond Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-10-26
Hoi-hung Chan Establishment of an Orthotopic Hepatoma Model in Rats by Sono-guided Implantation for Preclinical Drugs Screening Biological Sciences 2010-12-21
Chung-man Chan A Study of Rental and Vacancy Rate in Office Market of CBD and Suburban Technology Park- A Case Study of the Taipei Office Market EMBA 2011-08-25
Yu-Hung Chan Design of D-STATCOM for Voltage Regulation in Radial Feeders Electrical Engineering 2011-10-21
Yung-Wei Chan The Effects of Parent brand and Product information on Brand Extension Business Management 2011-10-24
Tzu-I Chan A study of the relationship among supervisor's job insecurity, job stress, abusive supervision, employee’s job engagement and innovative behavior. Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-01-29
Yao-Hung Chan The effects of perceived value and brand loyalty on e-commerce effectiveness EMBA 2012-07-19
Yu-Lin Chan A Numerical Method to Solve the Divergence Issue of Microwave Circuit Model Extraction Electrical Engineering 2012-08-08
Ya-chi Chan Steric Interaction for Tuning Mesomorphic Properties of Dimeric Dibenzo[a,c]phenazine Discogens Chemistry 2012-08-15
Shu-cheng Chang The Chang of China's Naval Strategy Mainland China Studies 2007-07-09
Chun-Chieh Chang Enhancing Use Case Description with Robustness Analysis Information Management 2007-07-10
Fang-Ming Chang An Adjustable Expanded Index for Predictive Queries of Moving Objects Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-13
Chen-wei Chang A Study on Information Transmission and Volume-price Relationship in Taiwan Stock Index and Industrial Stock Index Finance 2007-08-20
Li-wen Chang To Evaluate the SME's Default Probability and Credit Guarantee Schemes--The Case of F Bank in Taiwan Finance 2008-06-27
Yu-Hsuan Chang The Research of The Relationships among Work Values, Job Characteristics, and Job Satisfaction─An Example of Financial Institutions Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-29
Ming-lung Chang The research of information completeness and credibility in online auction environment Information Management 2008-06-30
Hsiao-lin Chang none Mainland China Studies 2008-07-07
Yu-Chen Chang Study on the thermomechanical properties and workability of Mg-based bulk metallic glasses Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-10
Jung-Kai Chang 1. Total Synthesis of Gusanlung D and Protoemetinol. 2. Rearrangement of Glutarimides and Its Synthetic Application. Chemistry 2008-07-09
Chin-yen Chang An Interlanguage Study of Chinese EFL Students’ Expressions of Gratitude Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-19
Pei-wen Chang Global Production Networks of Yacht Manufacturing Industry in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2008-07-18
Pu-Lun Chang A System Thinking Research On Product Lead Time and Quality –A case Study of S Car Accessory Company EMBA 2008-08-05
Shu-ting Chang Mimicry, Multiple Voices and the Construction of Cultural Identity in Derek Walcott's The Haitian Trilogy Foreign Language and Literature 2008-08-21
Chuan-Yi Chang Resue of Idle Space: A Proposal for Transforming Penghu Du-Shing 10th Village into a Cultural Park of Veteran Communities Public Affairs Management 2008-09-23
Fu-wen Chang Studies in China's Outbound Investment Patterns from the Perspectives of Internation Law ICAPS 2008-12-06
Chun-Man Chang The Study of the Relationship between Mother-in-laws and Daughter-in-laws of Taiwanese-Vietnamese Marriages ICAPS 2009-01-23
Chih-yao Chang The Study of Monetary Policy Signaling and Movements in the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Taiwan ICAPS 2009-04-09
Ting-rung Chang Analysis of the Relationship Between Politics and Business, take SOGO department store as an example Business Management 2009-05-22
Ti-Yang Chang The Informativeness of the Limit Order Book in a Periodic Call Market Finance 2009-06-17
Pei-ying Chang Mommy Is Not At Home! What Should We Eat Today,Daddy?─ The Image of Father Represented in Instant Processed Food Advertisements Communications Management 2009-06-24
Chih-Yuan Chang none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-27
Yung-Shi Chang Study of AlGaN/GaN quantum structure fabricated by Focus ion beam Physics 2009-07-28
Chih-Yuan Chang Investigation of transparent conductive ZnO:Al thin films deposited by RF sputtering Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-04
Che-Yang Chang Electrochromic Properties of Tungsten Oxide Films Prepared by RF Sputtering and Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2009-08-05
Chen-wei Chang Intergroup Encounters in Formosan Macaques (Macaca cyclopis) at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2009-08-10
Li-Shen Chang Comparator-Based Cyclic Analog-to-Digital Conversion with Error-Trimming Electrical Engineering 2009-08-11
Chiu-fen Chang The Study of Factors on the Tourism Development of Penghu EMPP 2009-08-12
Chin-min Chang none EMPP 2009-08-16
Chun-Yi Chang The Space-Time Block Coded in Pseudo Random Cyclic Postfix OFDM Systems with Blind Channel Shortening Algorithm Communications Engineering 2009-08-18
Chien-hua Chang The effects of creativity level and creativity style on creative products Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-18
Po-Yen Chang Development and Application of Plate Element by the Vector Form Intrinsic Finite Element Method. Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-08-24
Tzu-jung Chang Impacts of Family Supportive Work Environments and Personal Characteristics on Work Family Conflict and Organizational Commitment – Evidences from Knowledge Workers in Taiwanese Hi-Tech Service Industry Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-09-03
Ming-chih Chang Effects of heat treatment on properties of color filter Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-08
Min-luen Chang Video retrieval based on fractal orthogonal bases and temporal graph Computer Science and Engineering 2010-01-26
Chih-Han Chang Study of Disposable EGFET-based Hydrogen and Potassium Micro Ion Sensors Electrical Engineering 2010-04-08
Ching-Ping Chang The Impact of Bankers on the Board on Corporate Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity and Dividend Policy Business Management 2010-05-29
Po-chien Chang The Relationship between Group Political Climate, Psychological Contract Breach and Turnover Intention: A Test of Cross-level Moderated Mediation Effect by Group Interaction Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-06-11
Wei-ting Chang The study of metacognitive language learning strategy training, English beginners’ language learning beliefs and achievement Education 2010-06-25
Wen-wei Chang The Development of Grassroots Democracy in China:A Case Study of Village Committee System ICAPS 2010-07-06
Wen-tsan Chang Case study on teaching Mandarin learning-area in resource rooms in elementary school Education 2010-07-10
Chun-Peng Chang Unsteady Behavior of Electrons and Ions in Plasma Near a Surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-20
Chun-fu Chang Determination of polarity on ZnO single crystal by contactless electroreflectance and photoreflectance Physics 2010-07-20
Li-chih Chang Enterprise Concept Innovation-Case study based on company E's entrance into CTP business EMBA 2010-07-17
Lung-Sheng Chang Quantitative Analysis of Alanine, Lactate and Lipid Using Proton MR Spectroscopy with GAMMA Simulation Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-23
Shu-pang Chang Implementation of Chord-based Peer-to-Peer SIP Internet Telephony System Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-26
Kuang-ming Chang The Study of the Mercedes-Benz Automobile Customer to Service the Quality and the degree of Satisfaction Research, in Taiwan Area. EMBA 2010-07-12
Tse-Tai Chang Across Himalaya Barrier with a civilization: Research for Sino-India Scholar Tan Yuan-Shan and Tan Chung their thread of thought Political Science 2010-07-28
Yun-Hao Chang Series Resonant Inverter for Multiple LED Lamps Electrical Engineering 2010-07-30
Yi-wen Chang A Study of Cultural Diplomacy between China and EU ICAPS 2010-08-03
Chih-Kai Chang The Secondary Users’Throughput Maximization in Cognitive Radio System Under Channel Capacity Constraint Communications Engineering 2010-08-04
Chun-yu Chang Growth of Nonpolar (11-20) GaN Films on LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-09
Huang-Hsiang Chang Research on Supplier Management System of Multinational Companies- A Study on B Company of Track Transportation Industry EMBA 2010-08-26
Jin-an Chang Diversification Management of TV Stations:Internet Business Entry Strategies and Performance Assessment Communications Management 2010-08-30
Chih-Hsien Chang The biology of the snail Cerithium zonatum in an intertidal zone of Green Island Marine Biology 2010-09-08
Shang-Hung Chang Fabrication of CuInSe2 thin-film solar cells on flexible stainless steel substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-09-08
Yu-chang Chang The CH4 distribution in natural waters in and around Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2010-09-07
Chih-Hua Chang Multiband Coupled-Fed Monopole Antennas for Mobile Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2010-10-25
Hsi-Hua Chang Why Do You Vote for Independent Candidates? A In-depth Case Study of 2010 Kaohsiung City Council Election Political Science 2011-01-04
Yu-Hsuan Chang MNC's Subsidiary Initiative in China : Dynamic Capability Perspective - The Case of New Energy Industry Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-01-17
Wen-His Chang Study on Private University Admission Strategies - A Case for Fooyin University Communications Management 2011-01-28
Gang-De Chang Dynamic analysis of a longline-style system for oyster culture Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-10
Jui-Ta Chang A theoretical study of OFDM system performance with respect to subcarrier numbers and repeater output power Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-06-09
Yu-wei Chang Internal LTE/WWAN Handset Antenna Integrated with USB Connector Electrical Engineering 2011-06-16
En-Chi Chang Pulsed laser ablation/fragmentation efficiency and resultant change of Ti foil and TiO2 powder Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-28
Yu-Chi Chang Study of Stepped Impedance Resonator on Microwave Filter Components Electrical Engineering 2011-06-24
Yu-Tzu Chang A Methodology of PIM Modeling for SOA Information Management 2011-07-03
Shih-Jen Chang Study of Holographic Recording in Diacrylate Mesogens Using 632.8 nm He-Ne Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-06
Wei-Tsung Chang The Antecedents of Corporate Foundations in Large Family Business Groups in Taiwan: An Analysis from Resource Dependence Viewpoint Business Management 2011-07-13
Mei-yuan Chang Classical "Yi" Grammatical Function ---High School Textbooks, for Example Chinese Literature 2011-07-20
Hung-sen Chang The research on the demand and investment willingness of energy-saving products and services for medium and small enterprises Business Management 2011-07-25
Chang-Ying Chang A Three-Dimensional Numerical Study Of The Impacts On The Water-Exchange In Dapeng Bay Due To Inlet Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-01
Li-Ching Chang Information Capability enables Enterprise Competitive Competencs Information Management 2011-08-03
Chiung-Wen Chang Investigation of the Insulin Amyloid Fibrils Structural Information by Atomic Force Microscope Chemistry 2011-08-02
Wen-Hui Chang A Study of the Relationship among the Employee Hostile Attributional Style, Abusive Supervision and Job Engagement: The Moderating Effect of Regulatory Emotional Self-Efficacy Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-07
Ling-Hsuan Chang The Impacts of Depression and Anxiety on Elderly COPD Patients in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-04
Chih-lung Chang “SME-MIT”:An inquiry of knowing process from phenomenological perspectives Business Management 2011-08-15
Ting-Wei Chang Modeling variation of pollutants in advanced and conventional water treatment process Environmental Engineering 2011-08-16
En-Ti Chang Research on Electronic-Coupon based Group-Buying Model Information Management 2011-08-20
Chu-ya Chang Investigation polarization property of m-plane nitrides by Raman and photoluminescence Physics 2011-08-23
Shuo-Hung Chang Investigation of polyaniline thin films produced by potentiostatic deposition on polymer solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-24
Te-Hsien Chang Strategic research for religious leader facing dilemma and problem solving—case study of international Buddha's Group EMBA 2011-08-28
Cheng-Chung Chang A Study of Knowledge Management Application in The Construction Industry – Example of Construction Project Management EMBA 2011-09-01
Wei-Chun Chang Design of a Depth-Image-Based Rendering (DIBR) 3D Stereo View Synthesis Engine Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-01
Hsin-cheng, Chang Study of DaHan Co. Ltd educational robot implementation in supplementary industry EMBA 2011-08-25
Chun-he Chang The Related Research of Safety Leadership, Safety Climate, Workplace Health Promotion Measures, the Occupational Safety and Health Performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-31
Wei-Jen Chang Implementation of a lane detection and vehicle control system based on DSP Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-26
Yu-Liang Chang The Research of Hydrologic Management with GIS: A Case Study of the Aogu Wetland, Chiayi, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-08
Yu-Hung Chang The topography effect to the flow variation in the coastal region of Nan-bin,Hualien IAMPUT 2011-10-21
Wei-Ling Chang An Empirical Research of High Commitment HRM Systems, Employee Assistance Programs and Job Engagement: The Mediating Effects of Affective Commitment Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-04-12
Chia-hua Chang The Construction of Cross Market Stock Risk Model - With Application in Taiwan,China and Singapore Finance 2011-11-14
Yu-Yi Chang Design of Decentralized Adaptive Backstepping Tracking Controllers for Large-Scale Uncertain Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-02-01
CHIA-CHIEH CHANG How Simple Product Design Affects Consumer Responses Business Management 2012-01-31
Nai-Jen Chang The Influence of Green Learning-Orientation, Capability, and Image on Performance Business Management 2012-02-03
Wan-Ching Chang Serum proteomic profiles between diabetic patients and healthy adults with Tai-Chi exercise by Nano LC-ESI technology. Biological Sciences 2012-02-15
Chiung-Wen Chang Using service quality gap model to evaluate children rehabilitation quality Institute of Health Care Management 2012-04-11
Yi-Hao Chang A Performance Monitoring Tool Suite for Software and SoC on-chip Bus: Using 3D Graphics SoC as an example Computer Science and Engineering 2012-03-19
Chiung-Chih Chang Serological biomarkers, neuropsychiatric correlations and neuroimaging findings in epilepsy patients Biological Sciences 2012-05-14
Han-Yu Chang Analysis of water exchange at the Dongsha Atoll based on field observation IAMPUT 2012-05-22
Li-Fu Chang A Study of the Correlation between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Web-based Arts Ticketing System Theatre Arts 2012-06-13
Yu-ching Chang The Bioeconomic Analysis of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Economics 2012-06-19
Tze-Wei Chang Market efficiency in the portfolio strategy of technical indicators in the bull and bear stock markets Finance 2012-06-26
Ling-yu Chang A Study on Donor’s Approval of Accountability and Donation Willingness to Non-profit Organizations Public Affairs Management 2012-06-26
Ya-Han Chang The Offshore Currents Near Taiwan Affect the Sea Turtle Migrations- Take Two Turtle Tracks as An Example IAMPUT 2012-06-29
Jie-Hao Chang Magnetodielectric study on double perovskite Pr2CoMnO6 Physics 2012-07-02
Chia-Hao Chang A Study of Firm's Pricing and Optimal Location Choice in Barbell Model Economics 2012-07-07
Nai-Chung Chang Political linkages, diversification strategy, and performance in large financial family business groups Business Management 2012-07-11
Szu-Ying Chang An Analytic Approach to Approximate Pricing of Forward-starting Asian Options Applied Mathematics 2012-07-12
Chi-ling Chang A Study of Management Competencies of Leaders in Multilevel Marketing Organization Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-17
Ming-sian Chang Synthesis Of Novel Blue-emitting Poly(arylene ether)s with Application to Light Emitting Diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-19
Ya-Ting Chang Service workers' emotional labor, job stress, job attitudes, and job performance: A meta-analytic review Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-20
Chih-Chong Chang Observation of E_1 and E_1+∆E_1 transitions of GaAs by exciting E_0 transition in photoreflectance spectroscopy Physics 2012-07-19
Ke-ming Chang Synthesis and Photoelectric Properties of Low Bandgap Thiophene Copolymers Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-23
Ming-Yi Chang Power Planning for Aircraft Obstacle Lights Electrical Engineering 2012-07-24
Chih-Hsiang Chang Synthesis and Reactivity Study of Diarylamido-phosphino Zirconium and Hafnium complexes Chemistry 2012-07-23
Wei-Lun Chang Characteristic Analysis of Grating Assisted SOI Racetrack Resonators Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-23
Wei-Tsai Chang Study of thin-film piezoelectric transducers for vibration-energy harvesting Electrical Engineering 2012-07-27
Chia-Hao Chang Study on Broadband Quantum Dots Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-24
Huai-Wei Chang Microstructure and twin plane analyses of TiO2 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-31
Ching-Hung Chang The Role of a Novel Gene ROGDI in Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis Biological Sciences 2012-08-01
Cheng-hsuan Chang Research on Immediately Promote E-coupon to Improve Retailer Yield Management Problems Information Management 2012-08-16
Chih-Wen Chang Smoother Substrate Deposition Designs and Process Emulations of DC Magnetron Sputters Electrical Engineering 2012-08-17
Shun-Kai Chang Night Pedestrian Detection System Based On Fuzzy Reasoning Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-16
Jen-Chieh Chang The gene-gene interactions on IgE production from prenatal stage to 6 years of age Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-22
Chia-Yu Chang Study of Drawing and Heading Processes of Magnesium Alloy Screws Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-27
Yu-Sheng Chang Studies of the Effect and Strategies on the Stability of a Air-breathing PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-28
Shao-Heng Chang Modeling of nano-particle motion: subjected to press of two moving bodies Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-05
Chin-hsing Chang The Coherence of Corporate Knowledge, Belief, and Action: A Case Study of K Company EMBA 2012-09-06
Yu-shan Chang Nuclear Safety and Global Cooperation ICAPS 2012-09-07
Ko-Wei Chang Design and Analysis of Coaxial Two-Wheeled Vehicle with A Stewart Platform Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-28
Chia-Hua Chang Studies on the Monitoring Effectiveness of River and Marine Environmental Quality from Hsinchu to Taichung in Mid-Western Taiwan IMA 2012-12-10
Yen-Wei Chang Study on the biodiversity of opisthobranchs in Taiwan and adjacent islands Marine Biology 2012-12-20
Tsung-ming Chang Prox1 suppresses growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by downregulating Twist1 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-01-10
Han-Cheng Chang A Study on Mentorship Quality of Managers and Newcomers in the Hospitality Industry Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-01-30
An-Chun Chang Online and Offline: the Social Network of Vietnamese Marriage Immigrants in Taiwan Communications Management 2013-02-18
Hsin-Chi Chang Alignment Calibration of Doppler Velocity Log and Attitude Sensors IAMPUT 2013-02-25
Shuo-Fu Chang Production and characterization of polyclonal antibody against Epinephelus coioides retinoic acid inducible gene-I Biological Sciences 2013-03-27
Yi-Hui Chang Chien A Study of the Sponsorship Behaviors on Community Development by IT Corporations in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2011-08-18
Wan-ju Chao Study for Local Journalists Career Planning Communications Management 2008-07-21
Shu-chih Chao Leaf Morphology of Selaginella P. Beauv. and its Taxonomic Significance in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2008-07-29
Chun-Cheng Chao A 12-Bits/10.24MHz Sample Rate Switched-Current Sigma-Delta Modulator with OP-Amp Active Integrator Electrical Engineering 2008-07-31
Ming-tson Chao The Relationship among Business Strategy, Strategy-focused HR Practices, People Competence and Organizational Performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-06-10
Fang-yi Chao A Background Study on Theories Concerning China's Peaceful Rise---- The Historical Perspective ICAPS 2009-08-11
Yi-Shan Chao A Systematic Study of the Pteris cadieri Complex Biological Sciences 2010-01-26
Chih-ying Chao The Study of the Relationship between Learning-oriented Human Resource Practices and Organizational Performances Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-06-21
Jiun-chuan Chao China’s Oil Diplomacy with Russia ICAPS 2011-07-31
Wan-Hsiu Chao The Mediating Effect of Work- Family Balance and Job Stress on the Relationship between Perceived organizational support and Well-being Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-03-27
Tung-bo Chao Analysis of Unexpected Readmission of Elderly Pneumonia Patient Institute of Health Care Management 2012-06-26
Yu-chen Chao Factors Affecting People’s Willingness to Use Mobile Barcode E-Invoice Public Affairs Management 2012-07-31
Wen-Yuen Chao Algorithm Development for Large-Scale Multiple Antenna Wireless Systems in Cloud Computing Environment Communications Engineering 2012-07-31
Ching-hung Chao Investigation of alkylphenol polyethoxylates in the aquatic environment of Hengchun peninsula Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-07
Yi-Jun Chein Study of The Restrain to P2P Software on The TANet Communications Management 2009-07-22
Jung-kuei Chen The Influence of Employee Participation In Decision Making on the Job Satisfaction and Job Performances-An Empirical Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2007-06-13
Yu-Te Chen Project management research on BOF slag revitalizing. Business Management 2007-07-03
I-Tsung Chen Study on Fault Restoration Strategy of Distribution Feeders and Main Transformers Electrical Engineering 2007-07-07
Chih-Ching Chen The Fabrication and Measurement of 40Gb/s Optical Transceiver Module with 4 Channel x 10Gbps Electro-Optical Engineering 2007-07-07
Yi-Ping Chen State-of-Charge Estimations for Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion Batteries Electrical Engineering 2007-07-08
Jing-huan Chen none Chemistry 2007-07-09
Yan-wen Chen The Investigation of the pH Effect on Slow Exchange Dynamics in Amino Acids and Proteins with NMR Relaxation Dispersion Experiments Chemistry 2007-07-09
Min-chen Chen Electrical Analysis and Physics Mechanism of Dual-gate Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistor Physics 2007-07-09
Yu-Chou Chen Flow Rate Based Detection Method for Apneas And Hypopneas Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-16
Shian-wen Chen Controlling DNA Minor Groove Binding (I) : Influence of Imidazole Chemistry 2007-07-17
Yi-Ting Chen Engineering, expression and cytological effect of recombinant HGFb Biological Sciences 2007-08-17
Wei-lun Chen Role of Grb2-sos complex, Ras or Raf protein in the rostral ventrolateral medulla during mevinphos intoxication in the rat. Biological Sciences 2007-08-20
Chih-Hsiung Chen Reserche of Falun Gong Transnational advocacy network Political Science 2008-05-19
Pao-Tien Chen A Study of Information Security for Computerized Process Control Information Management 2008-06-12
Jing-mei chen none Economics 2008-06-13
shiau-jing Chen none Economics 2008-06-14
Chun-Hong Chen The Effects of Prefer Orientation on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of T = 3 Virus Particles Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-06-20
Yi-Cheng Chen Business Technology Management Capability and Its Impacts on CIO Role Performance Information Management 2008-06-20
Sian-jhang Chen none EMPP 2008-06-24
Chien-Fu Chen Exploring The Implementation of Dynamic Inventory System on the internal controls - Selecting A company of 3C Hypermarket as a Case Study Information Management 2008-06-20
Hsin-ju Chen Exploring Relationships among Health Care Quality and Patient Satisfaction on Patient Loyalty by Applying PZB Model Institute of Health Care Management 2008-06-24
Mei-ling Chen A Study of the influence of Perceptions of Organization Politics on Job Performance and on Organizational Withdrawal :The Moderation Effects of personality Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-25
Kai-Chen Chen Marketing Strategy of Self-selective Cosmetics and Skincare Products—A Case Study of Watsons Business Management 2008-06-25
Po-Cheng Chen Transceiver and Clock Generator for FlexRay-based Automobile Communication Systems Electrical Engineering 2008-06-25
Pei-Chun Chen The Effect of Regional Wind to the Transport Variation in Taiwan Strait Physical Oceanography 2008-06-26
Feng-Yi Chen none Chemistry 2008-07-03
Chu-yin Chen The Impact of Gender Difference on Dyadic E-Negotiation Behavior Information Management 2008-07-05
Hsuan-Ching Chen The Approval Decision on Small businesses, a case study EMBA 2008-07-09
Chih-ching Chen 1. A New Approach to 3,4-Disubstituted Succinimides and Its Applications in Natural Product Synthesis 2. A New Approach to (E)-3-Substituted-N-alkyl Acrylamides and Its Applications Chemistry 2008-07-09
Chiung-Hsun Chen Preparations and characterization of BSCF perovskite as solid oxide fuel cell cathode Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-14
Chun-te Chen Spatial analysis modeling for marine reserve planning-example of Kaomei wetland Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-07-16
Sheng-hsien Chen Improving Business Logic Expression with OCL and CASE Tool Information Management 2008-07-16
Chih-wei Chen Energy Security and Fossil Fuel Transportation in China Mainland China Studies 2008-07-16
Kuan-Jen Chen Monetary Policy and Belief-driven Fluctuation in a Small Open Economy Economics 2008-07-16
Chi-hon Chen Size effect on AlxGa1-xN/GaN nanowire at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2008-07-18
Zheng-hsiung Chen Studies of characteristics of frequency modulation liquid-crystal optoelectronic devices Physics 2008-07-21
Sheng-Yu Chen Extraction of Broadband Equivalent Models of Hybrid Interconnect Structures Electrical Engineering 2008-07-23
Chih-hung Chen Study on CIS thin-film solar cells with p-i-n structures Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-26
Hai-yun chen A Study of Key Factors on Micro-Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Management for Indigenous Women Public Affairs Management 2008-07-26
Jia-sing Chen The study on the fabrication of a PEMFC electrode by electrospray technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-09
Yi-hsun Chen Reaction Behavior of Nanoscale Fe3O4 and [Fe3O4]MgO with Different Inorganic Pollutants (NO3-, Cd2+ and Cr6+) in Simulated Groundwater Environmental Engineering 2008-09-27
Ming-cheng Chen A GA-Fuzzy-Based Voting Mechanism for Microarray Data Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-30
Yu-Ling Chen A Study of John Cage's “Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano” Music 2008-10-07
Chin-ming Chen The Risk Evaluation of Credit Guarantee and Actuarial Guarantee Fee of Loans to SMEs Finance 2008-10-08
Yan-zong Chen The Contents of Organotins in Benthic Organisms around Costal Areas of Kaohsiung Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-11-02
Ping-yun chen The history of Taiwan Mathematics Curriculum Standards: Case of Number and Calculation Standards Education 2008-12-05
Hong-Ruei Chen Fabrication and characteristics of diamond PN junction device Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-07
Yi-ting Chen Gonad distribution and reproductive season of feather stars in Kenting, southern Taiwan Marine Biology 2009-01-10
Ting-jung Chen Analysis of Circular and Annular Piezoelectric Plates by a Mixed Finite Element Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-12
Hsiu-kuei Chen Execution costs of financial markets from a microstructure approach: Evidence from Block trading and Transparency Regime switches. Finance 2009-05-04
Chu-yen Chen none Chinese Literature 2009-05-21
Wei-chih Chen The Enhanced Index Fund Performance and Risk Analysis under MFM Model Finance 2009-06-20
Chien-chih Chen The effect of personal Machiavellianism, organizational formalization and organizational centralization on perceptions of organizational politics Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-06-18
Hung-hsun Chen HDMI Optical Transceiver on Si Optical Bench Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-06-24
Yu-Ting Chen Nonvolatile Memory based on NiSi2/SiNX compound nanocrystals Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-06-26
Ya-ting Chen The Study about "Songs about Spring" of Dominick Argento Music 2009-06-30
Chi-chang Chen none Economics 2009-06-30
Chi-feng Chen Purchase the most favorable research of marking the homework in government's labor service Public Affairs Management 2009-07-10
Chiau-ru Chen The Influence of Playfulness and Emotional Intelligence on Employee Creativity Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-07-11
Hsiao-hui Chen ' financial revenue and expenditure divide the law ' and influence on the local government finance of revision of ' local system law ' Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Chun-yu Chen none. Business Management 2009-07-14
Chun-Lin Chen Statistical tests of complementary palindromes: An application of searching virus origin of replication Applied Mathematics 2009-07-19
Ying-ju Chen Automatic Construction of Integrated Testing Model from PIM: Methodology and Prototype Information Management 2009-07-17
Tsung-han Chen The Path Adjustment of Load-balance Directed Diffusion in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-24
Shin-ho Chen The research of corporate financial distress prediction EMBA 2009-07-25
Yu-hua Chen To Stabilize the Buffer System : North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Political Science 2009-07-24
Chien-wei Chen Down-regulation of Jab1 by ER stress in Hep3B hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-07-27
Po-yu Chen An intelligent system for predicting stock trading strategies using case-based reasoning and neural network Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-27
Reui-syuan Chen Digital coherent receiver and its application for pilot tone transmission Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-23
Hsin-jung Chen Mutual fund portfolio optimization for investment-linked insurance Applied Mathematics 2009-07-27
Bo-Chih Chen Electronic characteristics of defects of GaN films grown on Si(111) substrate Physics 2009-07-28
Chih-Hao Chen A Study of Power Amplifier Distortion due to DC Bias Perturbation and a Push-Pull Design of CMOS Class-E Power Amplifier Using Power Combining Electrical Engineering 2009-07-30
Da-Ching Chen Characterization of Sulfur、Fluorine and Hydrogen Passivation on Titanium Oxide prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on Gallium Arsenide Electrical Engineering 2009-08-04
Yao-Nan Chen none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-27
Yi-ling Chen IRC-Based Botnet Detection on IRC Server Information Management 2009-08-06
Hai-wei Chen Evaluate the Service Quality and Inpatient Satisfactions-Example from A local Hospital Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-06
Yun-Chih Chen On Specifying and Enforcing Access Control of Web Services Based Workflows Information Management 2009-08-11
Yu-Jen Chen An Interleaved Twin-Buck Converter with Zero-Voltage-Transition Electrical Engineering 2009-08-11
Hsiang-ting Chen The Investigation of High School Students’ Gender Attitude, Personality, and Perception of Sexual Harassment Education 2009-08-12
Shih-pin Chen none EMPP 2009-08-17
Shin-Hua Chen Fabrication and Characteristic Optimization of TFBAR Filters Electrical Engineering 2009-08-17
Yung-Chih Chen An EAP Method with Biometrics Privacy Preserving in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-15
Chi-lung Chen none EMBA 2009-08-20
Peng-Yi Chen Simulation and experiment on laser-heated pedestal growth of yttrium-aluminum-garnet single-crystal fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-20
Cheng-Tao Chen The Comparative Research on Legal System of Dispatched Worker over Taiwan-strait ICAPS 2009-08-24
Kuan-Mei Chen Predictive Multicast Polling and Tree Splitting Algorithm in Wireless Access Networks with Multipacket Reception Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-23
Yi-No Chen An integrated apparatus for detecting the ferrous debris concentration and the viscosity of lubricating oils Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-20
Jia-hong Chen The theory and practice analysis of domestic legal system of communication protection and interception Political Science 2009-08-21
Yung-ming Chen A Design of English Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
Yu-hsun Chen The Studies on the Sustainable Development of Leisure Fishing in Penghu Shan-Shui Area IMA 2009-08-25
Chuen-Lien Chen A Case Study Regarding the Effects of Salary System Adjustment for Employee Retention Following a Merge and Acquisition Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-24
Mei-he Chen An Interlanguage Study of the Speech Act of Complaints Made by Chinese EFL Speakers in Taiwan Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-26
Chun-wen Chen none EMPP 2009-08-31
Ying-chuag Chen Impact Analysis of the Structure Variation on the Golf Club Impact Face Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-09-03
Shi-Ming Chen Impacts of Relational Capital on the Devolopments of R&D Alliance Business Management 2009-09-10
Chang-chih Chen How does credit rating migration impacts an optimal capital structure decision? Finance 2009-12-07
Ya-ling Chen Effect of Cooperative Learning on Junior High School Students’ Achievement in Learning Biological Reproduction Biological Sciences 2010-01-06
Wen-fei Chen A Study on Reducing LED Amount Used in 14 Inches LCD Back Light Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-14
Shu-chin Chen Distribution of heavy metals contents in treated drinking water in southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2010-01-13
Chien-Chih Chen The users' motivation, behavior and satisfication on Web2.0 interface websites Communications Management 2010-01-20
Li-Jen Chen The development Strategy of cultural and creative industries in dIgital content industry Economics 2010-02-05
Lee-jane Chen A Study of Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards on the Government-owned Enterprise – An Example on Aerospace Manufacturing Company Business Management 2010-02-08
Yong-Yuan Chen Introduction to Probability Theory Applied Mathematics 2010-05-25
Yi-jing Chen WANG ,JIA-XIANG`s research of history novels Chinese Literature 2010-06-04
Fong-jhao Chen The Impact of Advertising and R&D on Shareholder Value: Application of Hierarchical Linear Model Finance 2010-06-04
Jing-yi Chen The Credit Risk Model for SMEG: Based on Time Varying and Binomial Tree Approach Finance 2010-06-09
Chao-yu Chen Fabrications and Characterization of Nonvolatile Memory Devices with Zn nano Thin Film Embedded in MIS Structure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-14
Jiun-Rung Chen Efficient Biclustering Methods for Microarray Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2010-06-14
Hui-Rong Chen Study on Service-Oriented Medical Business Management Model Information Management 2010-06-19
Cheng-Yi Chen The research of development strategies of Virtual Community – a case study of i-Partment Business Management 2010-06-22
Ming-jui Chen The Household Register jing moves to the census administration Office address and discussion of the spirit population question EMPP 2010-06-19
Chin-Fu Chen Study on the microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir processed aluminum matrix composite strengthened by in-situ formed Al2O3 particle and Al-Ce intermetallic compound Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Chih-Hsuan Chen The Valuation of Participating Life Insurance Contracts under Levy Processes Finance 2010-06-26
Hui-yu Chen On generalized trigonometric functions Applied Mathematics 2010-06-25
Chih-Lin Chen Self-sampled All-MOS ASK Demodulator & Synchronous DAC with Self-calibration for Bio-medical Applications Electrical Engineering 2010-06-29
Bo-Yu Chen Jensen Inequality, Muirhead Inequality and Majorization Inequality Applied Mathematics 2010-07-06
I-Hsiu Chen Purchasing power parity and the dynamic adjusting behavior of short-term nominal exchange rate Economics 2010-07-05
Yi-ling Chen Jealousy And Evolution Economics 2010-07-06
Chien-jung Chen A Study of Introducing an ERP system: The Case of the D Construction Company EMBA 2010-07-07
Yong-Jun Chen Design and Implementation of Transformer-Based Balanced Passive Components on CMOS and Printed Circuit Substrates Electrical Engineering 2010-07-12
Yuan-kai Chen The Research on The Implementation of Toyota Way for Golf Industry – A case of O-TA Precision Industry Co., LTD EMBA 2010-07-09
Ju-Ying Chen Option Pricing under Stochastic Volatility for Levy Processes: An Empirical Analysis of TAIEX Index Options Finance 2010-07-17
Xi-zong Chen The Study of Concentration Effect of Carbon Nanotube Based Saturable Absorber on Mode-Locked Pulse Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-20
I-Hua Chen A Study of the Relationship of Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Organizational Commitment: Job Satisfaction and Organizational Cynicism as Mediator Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-07-19
Tzu-fan Chen A Study on The Feasibility of Promoting Pre-order Sales for Female Branded Underwear in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2010-07-21
Shiou-yin Chen Studies on the core value and strategy of marine education in Taiwan IMA 2010-07-21
Chien-chih Chen Priority-based Multi-path Packet Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network in City Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-22
Shen-ching Chen Study on integrated marketing communication of Wirless Television, as Formosa Television example EMBA 2010-07-17
Chi-hua Chen A Study In Dong nian's Novels Chinese Literature 2010-07-19
Yu-Syuan Chen Using MALDI-TOF/MS to Study the Coral Bleaching Levels and to Characterize Carcinogenicity of Helicobacter Pylori Strains Chemistry 2010-07-20
Chin-Ching Chen The research of localization differential factors of Taiwan Enterprise and International Corporation EMBA 2010-07-22
Tse-Wen Chen The Growth Trend of E-Auction Seller's Rating – An Application of the Diffusion of Innovation Model Information Management 2010-07-26
Ying-peng Chen The factors of influencing people to adopt public animal shelter dogs Public Affairs Management 2010-07-27
Hai-Xiang Chen The Development and Evaluation of Crew Resource Management Checklist - An Illustration on Naval Aviation EMBA 2010-07-28
Jyun-Jia Chen The effect of process parameters on the properties of diamond-like carbon thin film Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Cheng-ting Chen The Growth Mechanism of Inclined AlN Films and Fabrication of Dual Mode Solidly Mounted Resonators Electrical Engineering 2010-08-02
Kuan-liang Chen Folding Based DNA Sensor and Switch:Responsive Hairpin, Quadruplex and i-Motif Structures Chemistry 2010-08-03
Li-chong Chen Effect of Bolts Assembly on the Deformation and Pressure Distribution of Flow-Channel Plates in Micro-PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-03
Bing-hung Chen The effect of capital investment and ownership structure on the operational performance of iron and steel industry. Economics 2010-08-04
Chun-Cheng Chen GPU Acceleration of 3D MRSI using CUDA Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-04
Yu-hao Chen Analysis of Mg-doped GaN thin film grown by PAMBE Physics 2010-08-03
Zeng-yi Chen A Novel Design of μPEM Fuel Cells with a Hydrogen Generator System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-05
Fang-yu Chen A Study of the influence of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Trust – Organizational Cynicism as Mediator Variable Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-03
Zhen-yu Chen Discussion of Charge Transfer Mechanism and Proteins Detection by Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Method with Application of CdTe Quantum Dots Chemistry 2010-08-10
Wei-Cheng Chen Applications of Underwater Technology on Underwater Archaeology:The Search for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peng-Hu Sea Area IAMPUT 2010-08-10
Yen-Liang Chen The Study of High-Mobility AlxGa1-xN/GaN Heterostructures Grown by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2010-08-05
Yu-mei Chen The Discussion of Today's Teacher-Student Relationship from 《Journey to the West》 Chinese Literature 2010-08-09
Sheng-Wei Chen Crucible experience: the cultivation and refinement of outstanding leadership - an example to Zuo Business Management 2010-08-13
Guan-Ru Chen Tourist Attractions Recommendation on Asynchronous Information Sharing in a Mobile Environment Information Management 2010-08-16
Wei-chen Chen Development strategy for the revitalization in Northeast China: Assessment and Prospects ICAPS 2010-08-16
Yi-ming Chen Application of emulsified substrate to remediate TCE-contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2010-08-16
Hsiu-yen Chen Strategic Analysis of the Solar Cell Industry in Greater China EMBA 2010-08-16
chin-pao Chen Study on the middle-aged and elderly people participating in social service work attitudes in the Kaohsiung area EMPP 2010-08-22
Sham-Lung Chen strategy of developing of subacute care under the policy of TW-DRGs EMBA 2010-08-19
Wei-cheng Chen Studies on the 10KD heat shock protein expression regulation and clerodane diterpenoid cytotoxicity in colorectal cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-19
Pei-wen Chen Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Corals Sinularia leptoclados and Sinularia sandensis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-23
Yu-ming Chen Analysis of pension policy development and changes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore:Influence of Globalization and Democratization ICAPS 2010-08-25
Kuan-hong Chen Impact Analysis of Various Centers of Gravity in the Golf Club Head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-29
Chih-Feng Chen Assessment of Butyltins and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Contamination of Harbor Sediments Environmental Engineering 2010-08-30
Chin-hui Chen The relationships between job stress, burnout, and affective commitment: The conjunctive moderating effects of job control and self-efficacy Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-26
Jui-Yung Chen The Reflection on Street-Level Bureaucrats of Local District Administration’s Enforcements from Social Assistance Program: a Case Study as Chijin District in Kaohsiung City. Political Science 2010-08-24
Yu-chieh Chen Determination of Macrolide and Lincoamide Antibiotic in Fish Muscle by High Performance Liquid Chromatography- Tandem Mass Spectrometry Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-27
Mei-shu Chen The Subjective, Dynamical, and Liberatory Sublime in Emily Dickinson Foreign Language and Literature 2010-08-28
Cheng-Ho Chen Circuit Design of LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.16e Standard Electrical Engineering 2010-08-30
Chi-He Chen Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) copolyesters Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-30
Yu-Shen Chen Study on rolling texture evolution of electrodeposited NiCo alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-31
Shih-Hung Chen Transmission Efficiency Enhancement for Scalable H.264/AVC over MIMO and Cooperative Communication Networks Communications Engineering 2010-08-29
Yen-Hao Chen A Study of Urban Festival Branding Management:An Example of Kaohsiung Zuoying Wan-Nien Festival Public Affairs Management 2010-08-30
Jun-Shen Chen Delay-Dependent Robust Stability Analysis and Stabilization for Uncertain Systems with Time-Varying Delay Electrical Engineering 2010-09-04
Ming-bang Chen Taiwan's land reform with social reform <1949-1953>: History Tann society theory comparison EMPP 2010-09-03
Tzu-Chun Chen Assemblages of epibenthic crabs and spatiotemporal distribution of dominant species in coastal waters off southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-09-06
Po-Yen Chen Photonic Ultra-wide Band Monocycle Generation through Electro Absorption Modulator with Single Wavelength Light Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-09-06
Chia-Wei Chen Performance Analysis and Applications of Optimal Linear Smoothing Prediction Electrical Engineering 2010-09-07
Chien-ming Chen Development of a Long-term Operation DMFC Stack with no Performance Decay Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Jing-wen Chen Political Business Cycles and the Independence Index of Central Banks ICAPS 2010-09-07
Yu-ping Chen The Relationship of Social Network and Knowledge Sharing Willingness: The Moderating Effect of Psychological Ownership Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-09-08
Yu-yu Chen A study on constructing a competency selection model of R&D employee in ODM-oriented company on the application of Analytic Network Process Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-09-07
Chia-Wei Chen Viewing angle switchable displays based on three-dimension control of liquid-crystal orientation Physics 2010-09-08
Chih-ching Chen The Relationship between the Satisfaction and the Motivation on the Web-Based Professional Development for Elementary School Teachers : A Case of Ping -Tung County Education 2010-09-09
Chi-Shian Chen Synthesis of Phosphino-imine Polydentate Ligands and Its Transition Metal Complexes Chemistry 2010-09-30
Yung-lin Chen The research of the high-tech industry Human Resource implementation after the issue of expenditure of employee bonus shares. Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-12-14
Yu-wan Chen A Study on the Factors of Voting Participation in the Taiwan 2008 National Referendums Political Science 2011-01-08
Ching-Chuan Chen Taiwan’s Geo-Strategy and Political Order ICAPS 2011-01-09
Yao-Ming Chen A Study of the Function and Mission of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. ICAPS 2011-01-10
Hui-Chun Chen A preliminary study on top one hundred of physicians and related factors Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-15
Chi-Chuan Chen Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on the Spores of Polypodiaceae and Grammitidaceae from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2011-02-16
Ko-chieh Chen Government Discourses on Female Entrepreneurship Business Management 2011-02-21
Yen-Ling Chen Iterative Methods for Minimization Problems over Fixed Point Sets Applied Mathematics 2011-06-02
Po-Han Chen λ-Toeplitz operators with analytic symbols Applied Mathematics 2011-05-13
Jyun-Liang Chen Implementation Efficiency Analysis of JIT Kanban System in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. Information Management 2011-06-17
Kun-Wei Chen Application of Lab VIEW in Smart Home Surveillance Systems Electrical Engineering 2011-06-23
Hwa-Pyng Chen Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Coral Lobophytum durum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-06-21
Boyu Chen A Civilizational Turn in International Relations: Emergence of an Asian School? Political Science 2011-06-27
Yen-Chien Chen A Study of Key Successful Factors of Promoting Food Traceability System in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-23
Kuo-chang Chen Public Art and Community Intervention: The Possibility of New Genre Public Art Focus on “Art as Environment in Chiayi” Theatre Arts 2011-06-29
Jing-yu chen The Impacts of Index Futures on Stock Market in China Finance 2011-06-27
Hsing-Hsuan Chen The study on institutionalization of Chinese White Dolphin conservation in Taiwan IMA 2011-07-05
Po-yu Chen The Dynamics of Theatricality and Sensibility: Charlotte Lennox's The Female Quixote and Frances Burney's Evelina Foreign Language and Literature 2011-07-05
Tzu-yin Chen Some Notes about Generalized Second-price Auction Economics 2011-07-01
Pei-chi Chen Design and Synthesis of New Enediyne Containing Antitumor Agents Chemistry 2011-07-08
Hsin Chen Stakeholder’s Vision for Wetland Management using Group Model Building Approach Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-07-12
Jing-Yu Chen Power Allocation Scheme in Multi-Hop MIMO Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks Communications Engineering 2011-07-11
Tien-hsiu Chen A Position-Join Method for Finding Maximum-Length Repeating Patterns in Music Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-12
Kuan-Lun Chen The Effect of Dislocation Slip on Superplastic Behavior of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-13
Hong-Yi Chen Continuity and Differentiability of Set-Valued Mappings Applied Mathematics 2011-07-13
Haung-I Chen Fabrication and characteristics of quantum dot nano-pillars Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-14
Min-Chen Chen Study on the Fabrication and Electrical Characteristics of the Advanced Metal-oxide-based Resistive Random Access Memory and Thin-Film Transistors Devices Physics 2011-07-14
Chia-Wen Chen The Analysis on NGOs and Rural Migrant Workers in China ICAPS 2011-07-08
Hong-kai Chen Component Mode Synthesis Method on the Dynamic Characteristics of Shrouded Turbo Blades Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-21
Ying-Ching Chen Underwater image enhancement: Using Wavelength Compensation and Image Dehazing (WCID) Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-25
Yen-lin Chen Phylogenetic reconstruction of Cyclidiinae (Lepidoptera: Drepanidae) Biological Sciences 2011-07-25
Wei-Ling Chen Evaluation of Hospital Readmissions for Older Heart Failure Patients in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2011-07-28
Cheng-Hsin Chen A Vertical Middle Partial Insulation Structure for Capacitorless 1T-DRAM Application Electrical Engineering 2011-08-03
Jeff Chen A Study on H1N1 Prevention Decision Factors in Taiwan: Adimmune Corporation and College Students EMBA 2011-08-03
Chi-sheng Chen On the Design and Implementation of an Efficient OSCI TLM-2.0 Interface for QEMU and SystemC Based Virtual Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-05
Yan-Ying Chen The Study on Detention System of The Mainland Chinese People Political Science 2011-08-06
Shin-yi Chen The role of LKB1 in the regulation of energetic checkpoints and DNA damage in the lung cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-08-09
Shan-you Chen High linearity Transconductance-C Continuous-Time Filter for Multi-Mode CMOS Wireless Receivers Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-08
Chang-i Chen To Study the Effects of Ultrasonic Irradiation on the Skin Tissue by Using Finite Element Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-10
Kun-Huang Chen A Study of Establishing an Appraisal Model for Manpower Dispatching Agency - A Case of C Company in TFT-LCD Industry EMBA 2011-08-10
Keng-Chu Chen The Analysis of Semiconductor Distributors Transforms to Semiconductor Solution Provider- A Case Study of E Company EMBA 2011-08-10
I-Jen Chen Study on health effects of bird's nest Biological Sciences 2011-08-12
Po-cheng Chen Chemical Scrubbing of Odorous Fumes Emitted from Hot-Melted Asphalt Plants Environmental Engineering 2011-08-11
Yi-Hung Chen Numerical simulation of flow induced vibration of the staggered cylinder arrays in shear flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-19
China-Nan Chen A Study of Promoting Competitiveness of PMMA-A Case of S Company EMBA 2011-08-22
Cheng-Tung Chen A Study of the Selling Strategy of the Metrology-- Case Study of Coordinate Measuring Machine EMBA 2011-08-16
Yen-yu Chen On the design and evaluation of a programmable frequency generator ASIC for acoustic-wave sensor application Electrical Engineering 2011-08-22
Rui-Ren Chen Semiconductor Laser using Sputtered SiO2 and Quantum Well Intermixing Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-24
Chang-Ren Chen Exploring required Collaborative Capabilities for IS personnel in ISD projects from S-D Logics perspective – An example of K Bank Information Management 2011-08-27
Wan-ching Chen Subsidiary’s Entrepreneurship: The Perspectives of Human Capital Theory and Knowledge-based View Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-28
Juei-Tsung Chen Design and Implement the Memory Unit with Reconfigurable Computing Unit Electrical Engineering 2011-08-24
Jun-Cheng Chen Timed-Release Proxy Conditional Re-Encryption for Cloud Computing Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-30
Yu-Shan Chen The Angiogenic Effects of β-endorphin in Endothelial Cells Biological Sciences 2011-08-28
Jiun-Yang Chen A study of the ZrO2/NiO interfaces Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-24
Ting-wei Chen Speckle-reduction using the bidimensional empirical mode decomposition for fringe analysis Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-31
Ming-Yang Chen The Use of Polydimethylsioxane in Liquid Crystal Device with Confined Structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-09-02
Wei-ping Chen The Analysis of Credit Risk under the Barrier Option Framework-The Comparison between VG Process and NIG Process Finance 2011-08-21
Yi-Wei Chen Study on Diterpenoidal Secondary Metabolites from the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton stellatum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-01
Wen-Cheng Chen Innovation Capability of Foreign Green Energy Industry in China: Knowledge Flow and Organizational Learning Perspective Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-30
Chun-Yu Chen Studies and Development of Self-humidifying PEM Fuel Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-05
Bor-Hong Chen The Effect of Behavioral Factors on the Performance of Real Estate Auctions Finance 2011-09-06
Cheng-Chieh Chen Design of Iterative Cascade Sorter Architecture Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-06
Shiang-Ting Chen Effects of polycyclic musks and bisphenol A on the settlement and metamorphosis on sponge, Spongia ceylonensis Marine Biology 2011-09-05
Kai-Yu Chen All-atom Backbone Prediction with Improved Tool Preference Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-07
Yung-lin Chen Realization Methods for the Quadtree Morphological Filter with Their Applications Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Jia-Wei Chen Characterization of Water Spray Temperature Distribution and Liquid Film Growth Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-07
Yun-chu Chen Synthesis of Boron-Containing Carbon Nanotubes Catalyzed by Cu/γ- Al2O3 Chemistry 2011-09-07
Chin-Pu Chen Dose the Inconsistency between Exchange Rate Regime and Political Ideology Cause the Replacement of the Central Bank Governories?—The Case of OECD Countries EMPP 2011-09-07
Shih-Jen Chen A Study on the Perceptions of Environmental Condition for Nursing Staffs of Senior Care Centers in Kaohsiung City EMPP 2011-09-08
Bu-Chin Chen Discussion of Senior High School Students Violating the Correct Clothing Manners Discipline Stipulation: Examples in a Vocational High School in Tainan Political Science 2011-09-07
Chia-jung Chen Pattern Recognition of Technical Analysis Indicators Finance 2011-09-23
Ying-Tsuen Chen Layered Video Multicast Using Fractional Frequency Reuse over Wireless Relay Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-27
Chih-shiang Chen Mutual Fund Investment based on Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2011-10-21
Ping Chen Photography and Affection - On the Phenomenology of Photography in Later Roland Barthes Philosophy 2011-11-16
Chih-Ming Chen Study on Architecture-Oriented Coast Guard Information Security Management Model Information Management 2011-12-20
Jie-Yu Chen The Research of Involvement and Purchase Decision in Facial Care Products Market Business Management 2011-12-29
Jhih-jie Chen A Novel Power Management Technique Applied in Non- Contact Vital Sign Detection System Electrical Engineering 2012-01-31
Po-Han Chen The Analysis of Consumption Voucher in Taiwan ICAPS 2012-01-31
Yu-Her Chen Novel Transceiver Structure with Power Management Technique by Dynamic Supply for Non-contact Vital Sign Detection Communications Engineering 2012-01-31
Jyung-Yau Chen A Study of Innovative Green Energy Technology Diffusion -- Taking the Evolution of Taiwan’s Photovoltaic as Example Business Management 2012-02-01
Wen-Han Chen Studies on Friction Stir Spot Welding of Carbon Steel Using Inserted-Type Tungsten Carbide Tools Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-09
Chien-Hsun Chen Highly Miniaturized Bandpass Filters for Wireless System-in-Package Applications Electrical Engineering 2012-03-14
Ming-yu Chen The Study of Estimating Maintenance Contract Cost and Pricing Model for Power Generation Equipment EMBA 2012-05-30
Chien-Fu Chen Assessing Real Estate Development in Kaohsiung Harbor Areas Using the Viewpoint of City Marketing EMBA 2012-06-06
Kuo-Ping Chen The Evidence-based Management of Engineering Services – A Case Study on S Company EMBA 2012-06-07
Wen-ren Chen Empirical analysis of interest rate channel between Taiwan and U.S Economics 2012-06-18
Yu-Tzung Chen Application of Shallow Water Models on the Inundation Range and Bridge Scouring due to Tsunami IAMPUT 2012-06-21
Yen-Chia Chen Can customer satisfaction based portfolio beat the market? - Under different monetary policy and market condition Finance 2012-06-25
Jui-wen Chen Chinese NGOs and Wenchuan Earthquake: The Role and the Functional Analysis ICAPS 2012-06-27
Ying-Ju Chen A Study on International Branding Strategy of Taiwanese Firms Business Management 2012-06-26
Ling-Ying Chen A Study of Investment Policy for University Endowment Fund ─ National Sun Yat-sen University as An Example Finance 2012-06-29
Chun-yen Chen The Strategy of OEM Manufacture Transform into a Own Brand Manufacture and Progress - Case Study with Company X EMBA 2012-07-02
Mei-hsuan Chen The control of the internet in China:Google leaves Chinese market ICAPS 2012-07-03
Yung-sheng Chen A Research of Earnings Management in Taiwan’s Business Groups Business Management 2012-07-05
Tzu-chieh Chen Reproductive ecology of Cardisoma carnifex (Brachyura) in Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan Marine Biology 2012-07-04
Yun-Chi Chen ROM-less DDFS Using Non-Equal Division Parabolic Polynomial Interpolation Method and Frequency-Shift Readout Circuit for Rapid IgE Measurement System Electrical Engineering 2012-07-07
Chih-ting Chen Factors of Determining Compromise Effect:A Preliminary Study of the Trade-off between Unemployment and Inflation Economics 2012-07-07
Shih-yuan Chen General Forms of Eigen-Mode Analysis for Multilayer Optical Waveguides Electrical Engineering 2012-07-05
Bi-Hsiang Chen Study of inactivation of microorganisms in water using ozone and chlorine on variation of AOC in advanced water treatment plant and correlations of cleaning frequency in reservoir and water tower Environmental Engineering 2012-07-08
Hsien-Chang Chen The feasibility study of teleworking Business Management 2012-06-24
Te-Chih Chen Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of Low-Temperature Polycrystalline-Silicon and Amorphous Metal-Oxide Thin Film Transistors for Next Generation Flat Panel Display Application Physics 2012-07-02
Chien-Pin Chen The Application of Power Line Carrier Technology to Demand Response and Asset Management of Smart Grid Electrical Engineering 2012-07-11
Ya-Yin Chen Dual Migration for Cloud Service Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-12
Yen-jui Chen How to build a successful personal brand in the beauty EMBA 2012-07-11
Yu-Jie Chen Analysis of Low Voltage Ride Through Capability of Different Off-shore Wind Farm Collection Schemes Electrical Engineering 2012-07-15
Huang-Yo Chen Comparison of the photocytotoxic effects on undifferentiated and differentiated neuroblastoma cells Biological Sciences 2012-07-16
Yu-Ren Chen Numerical Modeling on Internal Solitary Wave propagation over an obstacle using Flow-3D Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-07-19
Ya-Lan Chen Molecular Analysis of Myeloid/lymphoid or Mixed lineage Leukemia (MLL) Gene Rearrangement in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia with Normal Cytogenetics Biological Sciences 2012-07-21
SHU-CHUAN CHEN LTE/WWAN Ground Antenna for Slim Mobile Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2012-07-21
Szu-Ying Chen The Picturesque and the Representation of Scotland in Walter Scott's Waverley Foreign Language and Literature 2012-07-22
Chia-Hsiang Chen Synthesis of Endohedral Metallofullerenes and Phosphino-fullerene Metal Complexes Chemistry 2012-07-23
Chien-Cheng Chen The Q Theory of Housing Investment in Taiwan — An Empirical Test Finance 2012-07-24
Chia-Yu Chen Topological Phase Transition in Ultrathin Sb and Sn Films : A First-Principles Study Physics 2012-07-24
Chia-Wen Chen Energy-Efficient Multiple-Word Montgomery Modular Multiplier Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-25
Ming-Ta Chen The Big Five Personality Traits, Participation Motivation, and Involvement among the Pingtung County Ligang Squadron Volunteer Firefighters EMPP 2012-07-25
Ming-Te Chen The Study of Efficient and Fair Digital Content Exchange Mechanisms Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-27
Ren-He Chen Study of Extended-gate FET-based Dissolved Oxygen Microsensor Electrical Engineering 2012-07-30
Chi-Tsan Chen Energy-Efficient RF Transmitter and Receiver Using Injection-Locked Oscillators Electrical Engineering 2012-07-30
Ching-Yuan Chen Pressure and doping effects on the anomalous phase transition in ternary superconductor Bi2Rh3Se2 Physics 2012-07-23
YUNG-YU CHEN IT-enabled Collaborative Development For Designing and Manufacturing Equipment – A Steel Company Case Study Information Management 2012-07-24
Po-Han Chen Study of Extended-gate FET-based Microsensor for Detecting the Carbon Dioxide in Water Electrical Engineering 2012-07-30
Ting-Hong Chen Characterization and Growth of GaMnN Nanorods Grown by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2012-07-31
Yen-cheng Chen A Precoding Scheme for Semi-Blind Channel Estimation in Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2012-08-01
Yu-chih Chen A Novel Precoding Scheme for Systems Using Data-Dependent Superimposed Training Communications Engineering 2012-07-31
Wen-jing Chen Hydrothermal synthesis of lithium iron phosphate with Fe(III) as precursor using pyrrole as an efficient reducing agent Chemistry 2012-08-03
I-Chun Chen Stage or Prison?A Study of Online Self-presentation and Offline Labor Process of YouTube Amateur Performers Communications Management 2012-08-03
Chao-you Chen Team, Leadership and the Performance of Ocean Fishing Vessel— A Case Study of N Corporate EMBA 2012-08-03
Pei-Chi Chen Self-Focused or Other-Focused Appeal? Impacts of Non-Profit Organization Type and Cultural Differences on Cause-Related Marketing Business Management 2012-08-06
MING-TIEN CHEN Narrative of Working Experience for the Managers Dispatched to China Return to Taiwan EMBA 2012-08-06
Yingwei Chen Study on the Growth and Optical Properties of Large-Sized Highly-Doped Nd:YAG Crystal by Czochralski Technique Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-07
Yu-Fang Chen Case Study for Deep Economy Development EMPP 2012-08-02
Li-Ling Chen The Effect of Game-feedback and Peer-interaction on Learning Outcome and Intention of Use Information Management 2012-08-12
Ro-jing Chen Study on the bioremediation of dioxin-contaminated soil by microcosm system with Pseudomonas mendocina NSYSU Biological Sciences 2012-08-11
Chi-Hsien Chen Oxidation of DMS (Dimethyl Sulfide) in Waste Gases by Chlorine Oxidation Followed by Activated Carbon Reductive Adsorption Environmental Engineering 2012-08-08
Chien-Heng Chen The Study of Optoelectronic Characteristics in Single Connecting Layer White Organic Light-Emitting Diode with Tandem Structure and the Mechanism of Connecting Layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-13
Li-Zen Chen Personalized Document Recommendation by Latent Dirichlet Allocation Information Management 2012-08-13
Ying-Chieh Chen The Study of Marketing Strategy For Entering China Market of Bedding World EMBA 2012-08-15
Chiao-Ru Chen Embedded Multilevel Converter Design of a Slotless Tubular Linear Generator for Direct Renewable Energy Extraction Electrical Engineering 2012-08-15
Li-Ying Chen Distribution of Living Benthic Foraminifera and Its Relationship with the Pigment Concentration in the Sediments from Coastal Region off Southwestern Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-08-15
Hsiang-Wei Chen The Study of Kaohsiung City Legal System of Dangerous Driving Prevention Political Science 2012-08-15
Jing-yuan Chen Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller-based Axon Emulator Circuit Electrical Engineering 2012-08-15
Jui-fan Chen Impact Analysis of Various Impact Surface and Centers of Gravity in the Golf Club Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-19
Hsi-ching Chen A Research on the Assessment of Vessel Traffic Operators’ Performance by Grey Analysis Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-08-20
Yen-ming Chen Molecular beam epitaxial growth of nonpolar ZnO on lithium aluminate substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-20
Yuan-ling Chen Study on Bronze Inscription in Western Zhou for the Shan Lineages Chinese Literature 2012-08-21
Bang-Yan Chen Thermodynamic properties of liquid Al-Sn-Zn alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-20
Yi-Ling Chen Epithelial membrane protein 2 is a potential tumor suppressor in urothelial cell carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-23
Sin-Fong Chen Jointly Precoder Design with Wiretapping Relay for an Amplify-and-Forward MIMO System Communications Engineering 2012-08-28
Chiu-yu Chen An Investigation on the Relationship between User Value and Loyalty to Social Network Sites ─ The Case of Facebook Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-08-26
Chun-Hung Chen Attribute-Based Proxy Re-Encryption Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-30
LI-JU CHEN Probe into Creative Transforming Strategy of Automobile Parts and Accessories Industry - Case Study on A Company EMBA 2012-08-29
Yueh-shen Chen Fabrication and Wavelength Separation Analysis of 3×3 Fused Tapered Optical Fiber Coupler Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-30
Yu-Chia Chen The Effect of TiO2 and K2O on Optical Property and Laser-induced Crystallization in Cr-doped silica-based Glass and Glass-ceramics Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-30
Yi-Fan Chen The Study of Conducting Polymer Polyaniline in Organic Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-31
Yi-Ping Chen Study on a compound cage aquaculture system in the open sea. Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-08-29
Guan-Yan Chen Fuzzy-PSO based obstacle avoidance and path planning for mobile robot Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-03
Hsi-Tang Chen Analysis of the Samsung incident in TFT-LCD industry of Taiwan EMBA 2012-08-23
Yong-Jheng Chen Design and fabrication of in-plane micro-generator using low temperature co-fire ceramics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-05
Mei-Hsueh Chen Information System Integration after Mergers and Acquisitions - A Case Study of C Corporation Information Management 2012-09-06
Wei-Min Chen An Overview of Virtualization Technologies for Cloud Computing Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-07
Tai-An Chen Good Governance of A Marine Nation: Establishing Institutions on Marine Protected Areas for Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-09-08
Yi-Jing Chen Geek or Nerd?The Practice of Masculinities and Intimate Relationships by engineers in Taiwan's technology industries Institute of Sociology 2012-09-10
Wei-Yu Chen Forward-Selection-Based Feature Selection for Genre Analysis and Recognition of Popular Music Electrical Engineering 2012-09-09
Chin-hao Chen Development of Novel Linear Ultrashort Pulse Measurement Techniques Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-10
Chien-Chih Chen The Linux Porting and Integration Verification of An Academic 32-bit Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-10
Hong-Yu Chen The Disulfide Connectivity Prediction with Support Vector Machine and Behavior Knowledge Space Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-12
Yi-chun Chen The Relationship Among Students’ Perception of Teacher Caring, Caring Needs, Learning Motivation and Self-Concept for Elementary School Students Education 2012-09-13
SHU-YUAN CHEN A Study of Strategic Talent Management System – Workforce Differentiation Perspectives Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-10-02
Sheng-Chieh Chen Performance Enhancement of Gossip-Based Ad Hoc Routing by Using Node Remaining Energy Electrical Engineering 2012-10-25
Po-Hsiu Chen Planar rotary Energy Harvester fabricated by PCB technology Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-12-17
Jie-Qi Chen Lane-Based Front Vehicle Detection and Its Acceleration Computer Science and Engineering 2013-01-02
Teh-Cheng Chen The importance of Organization Attraction-volunteers in Non-Profit Organizations Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-01-22
Chun-Ying Chen The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Identification and Corporate Image in Theme Park Industry - A Case of E-DA Theme Park Business Management 2013-01-28
Wei-ling Chen A Study on the Management and Economical Development of Yacht Industry in Taiwan IMA 2013-01-27
Wei-Ting Chen Efficacy of sequential immunized annual influenza vaccination among elderly in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2013-01-30
Li-shan Chen Study on Entrance Modes of Foreign Bank under Information Asymmetry in Domestic Market Economics 2013-02-05
Tai-Chih Chen System, Cognition and Analysis of Mutual Military Confidence-Building in Cross-Straits-Take a Southern Military Police Troop as Example Public Affairs Management 2013-01-25
Li-Huei Chen Exploring Driving Factor of Providing Online Social Support:An Example of PTT Anti-Cancer Board Institute of Health Care Management 2013-02-06
Hsiu-Ju Chen The Disciplinary Principles of the Conflict in Wrestling - A Case Study of a Life Insurance Company in Taiwan Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-02-07
Hisu-Hsueh Chen-Huang The Empirical Research of Taiwanese Enterprises’ HRM Policy in accordance to China’s Economic Transition. Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-09
YANG, CHEN-JUNG Non-Invasive PAOD (Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease) Screen Instrument Marketing Strategy and Integrated Strategy Study – for Company A EMBA 2012-07-10
Pei-Hsin Cheng Expression and characterization of truncated HGF in human breast cancer cell Biological Sciences 2007-07-22
Wen-Chin Cheng Study on Least Trimmed Squares Artificial Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2008-06-23
Kuang-shiung Cheng A correlational study among self-efficacy of health behavior and health-promoting lifestyles for the Fifth and Sixth grades students in Kaohsiung City Education 2008-06-21
Shu-Shuo Cheng none Economics 2008-06-25
Liang-Chien Cheng Diphenolate Phosphine Complexes of Tantalum(V) and Anilido-Phosphinimine Complexes of Aluminum(III) Chemistry 2008-07-08
Wei-yu Cheng Harmonic Current and Stray Current for Kaohsiung MRT System Electrical Engineering 2008-07-09
Shu-Hsun Cheng The bacterial diversity in a KaoPing River constructed wetland for wastewater treatment Biological Sciences 2008-07-14
Wen-Chien Cheng Local Culture Web on Preservation and Reuse for Native Cultural Property ——Case study by Taiwan Caogong Canal Web Information Management 2008-09-18
Ni-hung Cheng Application of Adaptive Algorithm on Analysis of Spatial Energy of Ocean Ambient Noise IAMPUT 2009-07-23
Tzu-wen Cheng none Communications Management 2009-07-23
Yen-hung Cheng One-Round Mutual Authentication Mechanism Based on Symmetric-Key Cryptosystems with Forward Secrecy and Location Privacy for Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-12
Ming-Kai Cheng Novel Blind ST-BC MIMO-CDMA Receiver with Adaptive Constant Modulus-GSC-RLS Algorithm in Multipath Channel Electrical Engineering 2009-08-18
Yuan-Tai Cheng Applying Model Checking to Software Resource Testing Information Management 2009-08-31
Yung-Hsin Cheng Study of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3 thin film by off-axis sputtering technique Physics 2009-09-09
Po-jen Cheng The Modelling of key Indexes to promot the Regional Headquarters Economy in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-12-03
Yun-Cheng Cheng The research of learning process and role conflict of boundary spanner-The case of customer service engineer Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-12-25
Kuo-chin Cheng A Study of the Construction of Performance Management System in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry --Balanced Scorecard Perspective Business Management 2010-01-26
Shih-Ju Cheng none Public Affairs Management 2010-03-30
Wei-chun Cheng Nonlinear adjusted process of industry countries' exchange rate:empirical analysis of Panel STAR model Economics 2010-06-25
Li-lin Cheng Performance on the Constructed Wetlands for Clarification of Sewage Mixed with Secondary-treated Swine Wastewater Environmental Engineering 2010-07-18
Chia-Yin Cheng The Study about "Oh Fair to See" of Gerald Finzi Music 2010-07-28
Cheng-Hung Cheng Thermal Chemistry of Benzyl Azide to Phenyl Isocyanide on Cu(111):Evidence for a Surface Imine Intermediate Chemistry 2010-08-03
Hao-Yu Cheng Carbon material and property of hole are appraised while making preface by the law of mask works Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-10
Nai-roug Cheng Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanotip Prepared by Aqueous Solution Deposition on Sputtered Zinc Oxide Nucleation Layer Electrical Engineering 2010-07-29
Yi-Ping Cheng An Analysis of Kaohsiung Film Archive's Movie Audiences' Lifestyles Theatre Arts 2010-08-11
Jung-hui Cheng The Semi-Blind Channel Estimation for Amplify-and-Forward Space-Time Coded Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2010-08-27
Huei-ying Cheng A study on Consumer’s adoption of Mobile TV Communications Management 2010-08-30
Hsin-Yi Cheng A Study of the influence of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Turnover Intention: The Moderation Effects of Job Anxiety and Organizational Cynicism Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-09-02
Chia-chang Cheng Study on the Electro-magnetic of Generators System Application of Floating Structure Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-15
An-hao Cheng Using photovoltaic effect of Hg lamp on contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy to study transition mechanism of c-plane ZnO Physics 2011-07-05
Yan-Hui Cheng The Implementation and Applications of Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm over General Purpose GPU Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-08
Kuo-Kuang Cheng Carbon nanofibers and chemically activated carbon nanofibers by core/sheath melt-spinning technique Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-08
Po-Yu Cheng A Study of Cognitive Characteristics of Voters through Analysis of Campaign Advertising - Example of Democratic Progressive Party's Campaign Literature in 2010 Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Public Affairs Management 2011-08-07
Chun-yao Cheng Design and Implementation of Sequential Repair and Backup Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Network Electrical Engineering 2011-08-11
Yu-chi Cheng The study of Zn1-x-yAlxTiyO thin film grown by UV assistant RF-sputtering Physics 2011-08-23
Shien-Shiang Cheng A Organizational Learning Case Study on Practicing Double-loop Learning toward Deutero-learning Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-24
Mao-Yung Cheng Double Sampling Third Order Elliptic Function Low Pass Filter Electrical Engineering 2011-09-01
Ching-Wen Cheng Low-Cost Design of a 3D Stereo Synthesizer Using Depth-Image-Based Rendering Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-01
Ju-Hsuan Cheng The Effect of Market Concentration on Corporate Governance and Firm Performance-Evidence from Listed Firms of Taiwan Business Management 2012-01-16
Yu-Hsiang Cheng Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Material Flow during the Friction Stir Welding Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-16
Wang-chang Cheng Data Warehouse Products Evaluation and Selection Decision Information Management 2012-06-22
Chen-Chun Cheng Evaluation of the First Stage of Integrated Treatments Planning on Shihmen Reservoir Economics 2012-07-03
Chao-Chun Cheng Adaptive stepsize control in path tracking for total degree homotopy continuation method Applied Mathematics 2012-07-06
Chien-Min Cheng Problem-Solving Strategies in Calculus Applied Mathematics 2012-07-18
Yu-Chen Cheng Monotonicity of Option Prices Relative to Volatility Applied Mathematics 2012-07-18
Peng-jen Cheng Location moving decision of Taiwan's multinational companies in China: An observation from institutional theory Business Management 2012-07-24
Yu-Jen Cheng A Study on Planning and Design of Yachts Marina in Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-07-25
Hao Cheng A Novel Structure to Suppress the Crosstalk Noise on Coupled Plating Bars Communications Engineering 2012-07-30
Jung-Cheng Cheng Investigation on Sustaining Arc Current for Metal Halide Lamps with Single-Pulse Ignition Electrical Engineering 2012-08-06
Liang-Chun Cheng A Study on Business Model and Channel Strategy of House EMBA 2012-08-11
Yi-wen Cheng The Brand Extension from Clicks to Bricks with Satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty Communications Management 2012-08-20
Hui-wen Cheng The E-business Opportunity of Selling Women's Boutique Plus-Size Shoe in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-08-16
Bo-Chuan Cheng A Fault Tolerant Routing/Communication Methodology for Reliability Enhancement in Smart Grids Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-30
Tun-Yu Cheng An analysis on the effect of using incentives for motivating fuel-efficient driving Public Affairs Management 2012-09-09
Chih-Huan Cheng Exploring the relation between U.S. and international nonproliferation regimes from power-based approach Political Science 2012-09-10
Kai-Yuan Cheng The Longest Common Subsequence Problem with a Gapped Constraint Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-12
Chiao-fen Cheng A Study of Senior High School Actualization Program from the Perspective of Organizational Change Information Management 2012-09-13
Wen-Hao Cheng The development of an intelligent, cloud-based remote monitoring management system Electrical Engineering 2012-10-25
Wei-Shan Cheng Dialogic strategies: An analysis of online sellers' Facebook fan pages Communications Management 2012-12-27
Chau-yu Cheng Stepwise Formation and Self-Assembly Study of Iron Thiolate Rectangular Complexes Bridged by Diisocyanide Ligand Chemistry 2013-02-04
Chun-Yu Chern Design and Implementation of High-Efficiency Driving Inverter for Sensorless DC Compressor Electrical Engineering 2009-12-28
Wen-te Chi Inverse strongly monotone operators and variational inequalities Applied Mathematics 2009-06-23
Chia-Fa Chi Study on the adaptation to impacts of land subsidence in Chiangyuan area, Pingtung, Taiwan IMA 2009-08-26
Huei-Chieh Chi A Study on the Stock Incentive Strategies under the Required Expensing of Employee Stock Bonus – The Application of Markov Regime Switch Model. Finance 2010-06-17
Bei-Jen Chi A Study of Relationship between Leadership and Community Participation: Ues the Social Capital Theory. Public Affairs Management 2011-07-15
Kuang-Ting Chi Design of Tunable Multi-Band Miniature Fractal Antennas on a SAW Substrate Communications Engineering 2011-07-27
Hsiu-Jung Chi Burke on Tradition and Politic--an Aesthetic Understanding Political Science 2011-08-11
Pei-Tsen Chi Exploring the factors influencing Taiwan urban retirees' in- island migration. Public Affairs Management 2012-07-04
Cheng-chia Chiang Analytical Prediction of Three-Dimensional Fusion Zone Shape in Penetration Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-17
Yi-wen Chiang Study on Mismatch-Sensitive Hybridization of DNA-DNA and LNA-DNA by Atomic Force Microscopy Chemistry 2008-07-25
Chung-Han Chiang A Genetic Algorithm for the Longest Common Subsequence of Multiple Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2009-01-06
Chi-hsiang Chiang Inhibition of sialylation of beta1 integrin and CXCR4 by a lithocholic acid-based sialyltransferase inhibitor suppresses cancer metastasis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-11
Hsing-kuo Chiang Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm for NLOS Mitigation in Wireless Location Electrical Engineering 2009-08-17
Yin-Hui Chiang An Investigation of Learning Styles and Elders' Use in Information Communication and Technology Education 2010-01-25
Yu-Hung Chiang none Business Management 2010-07-05
Ming-sen Chiang Dynamic strategy for business expansion based on system dynamics-the case of a securities corporation Information Management 2010-07-22
Kuen-Jang Chiang The impact of the interpretation and application of Doctrine of Equivalents to patent Infringement on Taiwan's high-tech industries. ICAPS 2010-08-26
Lin-chun Chiang The strategy to develop the cultural events in south Taiwan-take to build up Weiwuying Center for the arts for example EMPP 2010-09-02
Shou-Jie Chiang A Study On Motivation, Attitude, Behavior And Advertising Effectiveness Of Internet Video Advertising Audiences Business Management 2011-07-05
Chun-Pin Chiang The study of polarization converter with photo-induced ripple structure on dye-doped liquid crystal cell Physics 2011-07-23
Chung-Wen Chiang A Study on The Key Decision-making Factors of Outpatient Customers Medical Choice – Examples of Hospitals in Zuo-Nan Area EMBA 2011-07-21
Yi-Yan Chiang Applications of MALDI-TOF/MS combined with molecular imaging for breast cancer diagnosis Chemistry 2011-07-26
Wei-Yang Chiang Optical properties of GaMnN films grown by PA-MBE Physics 2011-08-09
Yung-Sung Chiang Comparison Research of Taiwan Adolescent Subculture Consumer Groups: Empirical Studies of Otaku and Pop Music Fans Business Management 2012-01-11
Chun-Yen Chiang The study and analysis of how enterprises perform diversification by applying core competences -Case study T company EMBA 2012-07-12
Chia-Chi Chiang An Authoring Tool of VIsion-based Somatosensory Action (ATVISA) Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-29
Ling-Yu Chiang The study of concentrated solar energy on Nd-doped double-clad fiber laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-03
Cheng-Hung Chiang Novel Symmetric Dielectric Barrier Discharge Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Ion Source for Mass Spectrometry Applications Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-11
Chun-An Chiang The Effects of Mangroves on Pollutant Removal Efficiencies in Salty Water Types of Constructed Wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-02-22
Yao-Wei Chiao Stray Current Analysis of Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System Electrical Engineering 2010-08-09
Chen Chieh Chiu The Effects of Online Sweepstakes Interactivity and Brand Product-Prize Fit on Brand Evaluation Communications Management 2012-07-25
Shu-hwa Chien The Relationships between Human Resource Systems and Employee Performance: The Mediating Effect of Psychological Contracts Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-03-06
Yeh-Mao Chien Research of the business consultancy firm of human resource management of small-scale business consultancy Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-25
Hui-Chueh Chien none EMBA 2010-06-25
Li-hsing Chien Influences of Firework Displays on Ambient Air Quality during the Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2010-08-10
Hsin-yi Chien A Comprehensive Research on Sheng Wu Fu of Yin Wan Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty Chinese Literature 2010-09-06
Chia-Wei Chien Integrated Delay and Bandwidth Monitoring for SVC Layer Scheduling in P2P Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-08-08
Wei-Chen Chien (一)Pyrolytic and Photolytic Study of 1,2-Bis(3-methoxy-2- naphthyl)ethene (二)Photolytic Study of α-Azidotoluene and Its Derivatives Chemistry 2011-08-18
Rong-hong Chien Aggregation-induced emission of organic compounds and polymers containing fluorene or tetraphenylthiophene ring Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-05
Che-Wen Chien Study of the Impact and Planning Strategies for Local Green Resource Distribution after City-County Consolidation:Case Study on Border Districts Between Kaohsiung City and County Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-08
Hsiao-Yu Chien NGO’S International Participations Across the Straits :A Comparative Analysis ICAPS 2012-07-16
Yu-kai Chien Applications of Zinc Oxide Nanotip Prepared by Aqueous Solution Deposition on Photonic Devices Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Hui-Lung Chien The Determination of Mechanical Properties of Biomedical Materials Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-29
I-Lin Chien The Effect of Individual Development Plan and Job Rotation on Job Satisfaction – the Moderation Role of Supervisor’s support and Personal Growth Need Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-09-10
Tsz-lin Chin An Obstruction-Check Approach to Mining Closed Sequential Patterns in Data Streams Computer Science and Engineering 2010-06-21
Pei-ju Chin The early stage reaction on the Ag/Sn interfaces Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-14
Sze-ling Ching A study of the five-character poems evolved to regulated verse from Southern Qi Liang Chen to the Sui Dynasty Chinese Literature 2011-08-21
Guo-Yang Chiou Factors affecting atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Kaohsiung coast by GMDH Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-08-18
Ruo-ting Chiou Keats and Medieval Lovesickness Foreign Language and Literature 2010-09-01
Mei-Jing Chiou The bioeconomic analysis of shark bycatch in tuna fishery Economics 2011-01-27
Yu-Ren Chiou Study on the electrodeposition parameters of the growth DLC thin film Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Ji-Wen Chiou Integration of Long Baseline Positioning System And Vehicle Dynamic Model IAMPUT 2011-08-04
Min-ling Chiou Implementation of a Publish/Subscribe Service Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-30
Wen Chiou Implementation of data sharing in social networks Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-06
Yi-Wen Chiou Image/Video Deblocking via Sparse Representation Electrical Engineering 2012-09-08
Tai-Chuan Chiu The study of crisis management improvement in Taiwan power system contingency accidents which triggered off a big blackout Public Affairs Management 2007-07-13
Shao-Chun Chiu The real-time image focusing technique via DVD pickup head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-16
Li-cheng Chiu A Study of System Dynamics Orientation in the Sustainable Water Resources Development of Penghu County Public Affairs Management 2009-08-06
Pai-Ho Chiu Studies on the population and acoustic signals of Bryde’s whales (Balaenoptera edeni) in Tosa Bay, Japan Marine Biology 2009-08-06
Ting-Cheng Chiu An Assessment Study of Automotive Engine Carbon Removal Technology Business Management 2010-07-17
Nu-ling Chiu The Study of the Effects of Project-Based Learning on the Fifth Graders' Self-regulation Learning and Critical Thinking Education 2010-07-20
Ching-Hui Chiu The Case Study of Crisis Practice Experience – The Conflict for Taiwan Power Company Build Distribution Substation EMBA 2010-07-27
Chi-Wen Chiu Study in the Propagation Conditions for Vibriophages φVP and φVA Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-07-26
Hsien-Nan Chiu Characteristics of a New Trench Oxide Layer Polysilicon Thin-Film Transistor and its 1T-DRAM Applications Electrical Engineering 2010-07-29
Chih-ying Chiu A Study on Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks with Turbo Code Communications Engineering 2010-08-25
Ming-chang Chiu none Public Affairs Management 2010-09-06
Po-lin Chiu The performances of different comparative distances on water turbine Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Ling-Yi Chiu Study on Architecture-Oriented Clinical Care Model Information Management 2011-01-08
Chiang-Yen Chiu BMP4 activates MAPK/ERK signaling pathway to increase tumor cell proliferation and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-06-22
Mei-Hsiang Chiu EU’s Policy on Energy Security Political Science 2011-06-29
Yu-chun Chiu The media channel strategy of mobile application store Business Management 2011-07-14
Chih-heng Chiu Study of the Relationship among Accountability,Job Satisfaction and Self-efficacy- National Immigration Agency as an Example Public Affairs Management 2011-08-02
Shih-chen Chiu High Dielectric Constant Nickel-doped Titanium Oxide Films by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2011-08-11
Chun-yen Chiu The Relationship between Service Quality, Service Value, Customer Satisfaction, and Repurchase Intention—Example of Medical Cosmetology Clinic in Kaohsiung EMBA 2011-08-24
Ming-Chuan Chiu The Practical Wisdom from A Sales Manager EMBA 2011-08-23
Ching-hua Chiu Research for minor enterprises’s charges on the intuitional decision making. ~By the Kaohsiung metals model industrial’s charges for research object. Communications Management 2012-05-18
Chi-Pin Chiu Study on the Predicament and Transformation of Festivals with Local Characteristics : An Example of Song Jiang Jhen Battle Array in Neimen, Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2012-06-29
Jih-Chin Chiu Distributed Feedback and Feedforward of Discrete-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator Electrical Engineering 2012-07-23
Chun-Lung Chiu Study on Architecture-Oriented Vehicle Electronic Product Requirement Model Information Management 2013-01-08
Hung-ju Chiu Revisiting the Disputes Among Locke's Theory of Political Obligation: From the Perspectives of Locke's Concept of Human Action Political Science 2013-02-07
Yung-Jan Cho Duopoly price games in markets with cross-sided network effect – eWallet service as an exampleWallet service as an example EMBA 2010-08-23
Chun-Liang Cho Determination of Alkylphenol and Alkylphenol Polyethoxylates in Water and Sediments by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-30
Sheng-En Cho An Analysis of Corporate Real Estate Strategies to the Return and Risk of Shareholders: Taiwan’s Case Finance 2011-07-07
Chin-yin Chong A Study on Internship Programs of Art Museums in Taiwan: A Case of Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Theatre Arts 2011-09-01
Li-Wei Chou A Study of Ecological Impact and the Improvement Strategies for Coastal Highway - A Case Study in Green Island, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2008-05-15
Ya-chu Chou The Composite Index of Global Fund Performance -- Factor Analysis Method Finance 2008-05-22
Wen-liang Chou An Empirical Study the relationship among Service Quality, Price, Corporate Image, and Customer Satisfaction on Power Dispatch Business Management 2008-06-01
Yi-ling Chou The Research of Lin Yutang's fiction Chinese Literature 2008-07-02
Hsien-hui Chou Study on Architecture-Oriented Court Affairs Management Model Information Management 2009-06-16
Yu-chin Chou A Research on Stylistics of the Wei-Jin Dynasty Chinese Literature 2009-08-04
De-chiang Chou Feasibility Study on Cage Culture in Nan -sha Tai -Ping Island Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-12-23
Han-shu Chou Research o the novel themes of HAO,YU-HSIANG Chinese Literature 2010-01-27
Chang-hsing Chou Study on Service-Oriented Manufacturing Resources Planning Management Model Information Management 2010-07-01
Hsiu-Yu Chou The Relationships of Elementary School Student’s Positive Thinking and Social Behaviors Education 2010-07-13
Yi-ching Chou A Study of IPTV Continuing Using Behavior – Integrating Value-based Adoption Model and Expectation-Confirmation Model Information Management 2010-07-20
Chih-Tsung Chou Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 3- (o-Methoxy phenyl)-1-phenylprop-2-en-1-one and Its Derivatives Chemistry 2010-07-29
Ming-ho Chou The Relation Study on Doctors’ Perception of the Work Environment, Job Satisfaction, Role Stress and Intent to stay in Isolated Island Area—An empirical study for Penghu County EMPP 2010-08-16
Chi-hung Chou The Intertextuality of the Awareneess and Rationality — a cultural argument in the 21th buddhistic world in China and Japan Political Science 2010-08-23
Ying-Wen Chou The deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained AZ31 Mg alloy with varied compression directions Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-24
Yu-ping Chou A Case Study On The Network New Social Movement : Identity , Participation and Contribution - OOP as an example Information Management 2010-09-09
Chi-Mo Chou The Study of Architecture-Oriented Cable Network Management System Model Communications Management 2011-01-10
Li-Jer Chou Proteomic investigation of rostral ventrolateral medulla, a neural substrate intimately related to brain death Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-02-10
Hung-Sheng Chou Strengthening and Toughening of Zr-Based Thin Film Metallic Glasses and Composites under Nanoindentation and Micropillar Compression Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-03-30
Shang-hua chou Evaluation on user learning effect in different presentation of news event Information Management 2011-05-19
Pei-chun Chou A Study on the Relationship between the Characteristics of Board Composition and Earnings Management - A Case Study of Steel Industry and Telecommunications Industry Business Management 2011-07-01
Hui-Ming Chou The Impact on the Firm’s Optimal Strategy when Consumer Behavior is Characterized by Conformity or Snob Economics 2011-07-06
Yu-Szu Chou Factors Influencing People’s Intention to Prepare for Extreme Climate: A Study of Rain-Disaster Preparedness Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
I-Hsiung Chou The Study of School Choice for Parents And Alternative Education School Management within the System EMPP 2011-07-23
Wen-hua Chou Outbreak mechanisms of Black disease: genetic connectivity and dispersal mechanisms of Terpios hoshinota. Marine Biology 2011-08-25
Yu-Liang Chou Study of the Hyperscalar Multi-core Architecture Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Chun-hung Chou An encoding approach to infer gene regulatory network by Bayesian networks concept Information Management 2011-10-17
Huan-Chin Chou Research on Noise Estimation for LTE systems Communications Engineering 2011-10-18
Wei-rung Chou Application of structural equation modeling in analyzing the ecological changes in coastal waters Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-01-02
Hui-Chi Chou A Survey Study on Parental Involvement in Mathematics Learning for First and Second Grade Children in Kaohsiung Elementary Schools Education 2012-01-31
Hsin-Chieh Chou Does Consumption-Wealth ratio signal stock returns?Results for Taiwan Economics 2012-06-21
Sheng-Chih Chou The Effect of Safety Management by Promoting Safety Caring Activities in Steel-Making Plant of China Steel Corporation EMBA 2012-06-30
Po-Yen Chou Robust Channel Estimation for Cooperative Communication Systems in the Presence of Relay Misbehaviors Communications Engineering 2012-07-17
Chih-Chieh Chou Multiple Magnetic Transitions and Multiferroics in BiMnO3 and Co3TeO6 Physics 2012-07-23
Chung-Yi Chou Photonic Crystals from Self-Assembly of Oriented Lamella-Forming Block Copolymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Chia-hui Chou The Effects of Coworker Support on Personal Emotion, Reaction and Opinion Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-08-18
Sue-kai Chou Reflection and refraction of transient electromagnetic wave on a flat surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-30
Chih-Chien Chou In making a decision of business diversification – An A Co. case EMBA 2012-09-11
Wu-Han Chou Time-resolved photoluminescence study of M-plane ZnO Physics 2013-02-07
Chung-Huo Chow Convergece Analysis of the Gradient-Projection Method Applied Mathematics 2012-07-09
Nolan Christopher Boulanger Cross-Cultural Responses to Cause-Related Marketing Advertising Moderated by Message Framing Effects Business Management 2008-08-13
Kuan-hua Chu The Analysis of Board Agenda and Firm Performance Finance 2007-07-12
Yu-hung Chu Fabrication of one-dimensional optical fiber array using a new active-alignment technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-27
Kuan-ming Chu Effects of Open Ratio of Flow Field Plates on a Micro PEM Fuel Cell Performance and Its Transient Thermal Behavior Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-03
Kang-wei Chu To discuss the sale organizational model of IT service industry base on resource base view - H Company's corporate services group as an example EMBA 2009-06-28
Yung-Cheng Chu A Study of Sales Promotion Effects on Perceptive Value, Purchasing Intention and Loyalty- A Case of Watsons Drugstore. Business Management 2010-03-02
Chu-wei Chu Momentum Strategies in Foreign Exchange Futures Market Finance 2010-06-26
Chin-fa Chu Application of STP Theory of Luxury Market in Taichung EMBA 2010-07-21
Po-chun Chu Models of Corner and Crack Singularity of Linear Elastostatics and their Numerical Solutions Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Ta-hung Chu The Relationship between the Perceptions of Organizational politics to staff Affectivity and the Characteristics of Job’s Interaction. Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-24
Yu-ying Chu Studies on the Nitrogen Starvation Induced Lipid Accumulation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii I. Effects of Temperature, Salinity, Light and Aceate. Marine Biology 2010-09-01
Ching-hao Chu The design and implementation of memory management of virtual machine in user-space Computer Science and Engineering 2011-06-21
Ching Chu A Cross-cultural Study on Brand Experience Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-07-05
Yu-Chen Chu Market States and Pre-IPO Marketing Expenditures in Japanese IPOs Market Finance 2011-07-14
I-Ching Chu The Impact of The Monetary Polciy in Taiwan-A FAVAR Model Approach Economics 2011-07-19
Yan-Chang Chu The study of recruiting strategy of private college under the trend of de-populization—a case study of Kaomei college of health care and management EMBA 2011-08-15
Yu-hsien Chu Study of double-sided ZnO piezoelectric transducer Electrical Engineering 2011-08-15
Teng-Yu Chu Relationships among Employee Self-directed Learning, Organizational Ambidexterity and Enterprise Dynamic Capability Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-30
Hsiao-min Chu The Relationship between Abusive Supervision and Deviant Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Work-Family Conflict and the Moderating Effect of Social Support Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-02-02
Chien-chi Chu Study on Globalizing Minority Shareholder Protection in Corporate Law : Legal indices and Comparative Analysis Business Management 2012-02-13
Ling-ya Chu Reactive oxygen species generated by phenylarsine oxide facilitate neurotransmitter release at developing Xenopus neuromuscular synapse Biological Sciences 2012-06-29
Meng-Han Chu Synthesis and Application of Poly(arylene ether)s for Proton Exchange Membrane Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-21
Wei-cheng Chu Synthesis of mesoporous benzoxazine by combination of amphiphilic block copolymers and reaction-induced microphase separation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-27
Chiu-Hui Chu The Impact of Sectoral Change on Income Distribution in Taiwan EMBA 2012-07-30
Hung-chia Chu Characterization of Shear Bands in Ultrafine-grained Commercial Purity Aluminum Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-20
Tian-Jian Chu Study On Resistive Switching Mechanism Of Hafnium-doped Silicon Oxide Thin Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-28
Chun-hsu Chu Analysis of the Effect and Medical Cost about Revascularization Procedure for Diabetic Foot Institute of Health Care Management 2013-01-24
Ya-ling Chuan Environmental Issues and Environmental Policies in China: An Interactive Analysis of Central Government, Local Government and NGOs ICAPS 2009-06-12
Ying-ming Chuang A study of key determinants for the syndication of underwriters and IPO underwriting systems in cross Tri-Regional securities markets EMBA 2008-07-07
Ying-shao Chuang Electrical mechanism on Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon TFT and Nonvolatile memory TFT Physics 2010-06-23
Ching-chiang Chuang Studies on the management of marine debris in Taiwan IMA 2010-07-02
Yung-chun Chuang Application Analysis on Ventilation Operation Strategy of Fixed Guideway System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-06
Po-hsiang Chuang Manipulation of Insulin Amyloid Fibrils Using an Atomic Force Microscope Chemistry 2010-07-30
Wei-tsung Chuang A Study on Foreign Direct Investment of Air Cargo Industry in China ICAPS 2010-08-02
Chia-hsin Chuang The OD strategy of the green organization Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-18
Yueh-chi Chuang Time-series variability of particulate carbon and nitrogen compositions and their fluxes in the Kuroshio regime off southeastern Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2010-09-02
Chun-Cheng Chuang Flow induce vibration of a circular cylinder with different sheer parameters in sheer flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Hong-meng Chuang ROGDI activates p53 and leads to sensitization for anticancer drug-induced apoptosis Biological Sciences 2010-09-08
Wei-gang Chuang Liquid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Investigation of Phosphorus Metabolism during Germination of Sesamum indicum Seed Chemistry 2010-11-05
Yu-Chin Chuang The study of construction supervising knowledge management on engineering consultants -a case study of company C Business Management 2011-01-21
Ya-ting Chuang Development of palladium nanoelectrode ensemble and its applications in chip-based electrochemical capillary electrophoresis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-06-27
Hsiu-ting Chuang Overview of Business Schools’ Sustainability-related Curriculum in Greater China: A comparison Between China and Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-08-24
Chin-lung Chuang The Implementation and Evolution of Knowledge Management in ASE group Information Management 2012-02-15
Kuo-yuan Chuang A study on the relationship among service quality ,the customer relationship management ,customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Institute of Health Care Management 2012-06-20
Tung-Lin Chuang ITO distributed Bragg reflectors for resonant cavity OLED Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-06-28
Chih-hsuan Chuang The Impact of Competency and Performance in View of Expatriate Employee Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-16
Yu-Ju Chuang A Study on the “Play” of Experienced Amateur and the Carnival of Youtube Videos Communications Management 2012-07-31
Ya-Rong Chuang Design of narrow beamwidth antenna for indoor non-contact vital sign sensor Electrical Engineering 2012-08-02
Yen-Yu Chuang The Study of Mo Yan's Clan Novels Chinese Literature 2012-08-28
Cheng-Kang Chuang People following and obstacle avoidance for intelligent vehicles based on image processing techniques Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-03
Po-Jen Chuang The Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Based on Grouping Strategy Computer Science and Engineering 2013-02-05
Yu-hung Chueh Photoelectric Conversion and Regular Pattern Derivation of Organic Photovoltaic Thin Film Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-25
Chao-yu Chueh Consumption and Leisure Externalities ICAPS 2011-08-08
Ta-Wei Chueh The Study of Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Textile Industry EMBA 2012-07-23
Tsung Chuker A Study on applying project management framework to improve software development performance : The case of IT department transformation in a high-technology Company EMBA 2008-06-05
Jerry Chun-Teh Wu A Comparison Study between Weighted and Fuzzy Algorithm on Organizational Performance Assessment Business Management 2008-07-08
Ju-nan Chung The stuudy of the new labor pension act effective, The fluence of employee intent to resignation in compensation justice, Satisfaction in the motivation, And job satisfaction. Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-11
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Ming-Hua Chung Metal-Free Carbon nanotube as the electrode materials of fuel cells Chemistry 2008-07-22
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Chi-Hsiu Chung Achieving Imitation-Based Learning for a Humanoid Robot by Evolutionary Computation Information Management 2009-07-29
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Hsaio-Ching Chung State,Place and Religion: The Construction of Hakka identity among Young Generation Institute of Sociology 2011-02-11
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Chia-Ying Chung The Development of Chinese-Turkish Relations under Changing International System Political Science 2011-07-08
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Yu-Lin Chung A projective LED dental lamp design Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-17
Ming-hsi Chung On the Authenticity of Music Arts and Its Conditions of Digitization Theatre Arts 2011-09-05
Huai-Sheng Chung Design of Conjugate Cam Mechanisms for Internal Combustion Engines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-01-04
Yu-Lin Chung Transformation mechanisms to TiO and anatase from Ti thin film by anodizing and thermal annealing treatments Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-25
Yu-min Chung Factors related with Junior High School Students’ Attitudes toward and Achievement in Learning English Education 2012-08-17
Chen-Ting Chung A Study on Bank Insurance Strategic Alliance of Marketing- The Case of 「H」Bank EMBA 2012-08-20
Ping-cheng Chung Enhancing Hierarchical Cell Relay Routing Protocol by Using Particle Swarm Optimization Electrical Engineering 2013-01-27
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Ting-Jia Ciou The study of unique functional gene cloned from tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-12
Ivan Curtis Martinez Utilizing Energy Storage System to Improve Power System Vulnerability Electrical Engineering 2012-07-03
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Min-Bin Dai Reaction of Dichloromethane with Zinc Thiolate Complexes Chemistry 2011-09-01
Li Dai A study of benthic invertebrate community and environmental factors of salty artifical wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-07
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Ying-cong Deng A Study on the Combination of Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method and Pseudospectral Time-Domain Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2007-07-20
Yu-chi Deng Factors that affect the share price index of Taiwan's solar energy industry-the crude oil prices and industry scale Economics 2012-06-19
Titisari Dian Pertiwi Comparative study on the sonic muscles of glaucosomatid, pempherid, terapontid, and ophidiid: a proteomic approach Marine Biology 2012-12-13
Samuel Dickson Investment Strategy Utilizing the Volatility Index Business Management 2012-09-10
Sin-Hong Dong William James on Religious Experience and the Will to Believe Philosophy 2012-01-16
Shang-Chi Du The effects of smoking behavior on the acute pain management: a retrospective study Institute of Health Care Management 2011-06-03
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Chi-Chun Fan none Education 2010-06-27
Ho-Hsiang Fan The Detection of Crosswalks Based on Image Processing Technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-03
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Yu-lin Fan The Decision Making Process of School Administrators Facing An Ethical Dilemma – A Case Study of A Private Senior High School Education 2011-08-28
Cho-Han Fan Study of Titanium Oxide and Nickel Oxide Films by Liquid Phase Deposition Electrical Engineering 2011-10-27
Chien-Chia Fan A Study on Core Competence of In Vitro Diagnostic Device Industry- A Case of ST Company EMBA 2012-06-06
Ya-chi Fan The Influence of Spokesperson’s Gender and Product Gender Image on Advertising Effectiveness Communications Management 2012-06-21
Chung-Shuo Fan Energy Balancing Cluster-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-05
Bo-Wen Fan PWM/PFM Mixed Modulation Controller for Twin-Buck Converter Electrical Engineering 2012-10-09
Sung-han Fang Credit rating and the change of capital structure Finance 2009-07-05
Chun-chin Fang none EMBA 2009-08-06
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Hong-Jhuang Fang The Impacts of Advertising and Customer Satisfaction on Shareholder Value under Different Volatility Market States Finance 2012-06-25
Yuang-shing Fang A Study of the Interfacial reaction between Pt and Sn Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-19
Chi-Wen Fang Synergy of Management Buy-Out-The Case Study of Yageo Financial Analysis and Corporation Valuation EMBA 2012-09-09
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I-Ping Feng A Study on Metaevaluation of Elementary School Special Educational Evaluation in Kaohsiung area Education 2011-07-12
Chiu-Hui Feng Empirical Analysis of Market Definition under Digital Convergence— The Merger Case of TFN Media and Kbro Economics 2011-08-26
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Yu-han Feng Discussing “Death” in the Internet World from the Perspective of Martin Heidegger’s Structure of Dasein Philosophy 2012-09-11
Ching Feng Shih The study of trainee’s learning motivation in public vocational school & the relationship of career development by the governmental institution commissioned Public Affairs Management 2011-06-19
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Yu-Han Fu Tropical and subtropical estuaries’ CO2 fluxes and mechanisms-Case study of Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-06-28
Wei-Ta Fu The Ocean Photobioreactor of Microalgae Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-07-11
Tzu-Wei Fu A Study of Motivation and Capability for Users in ISD Projects to Engage in Co-production Behavior Information Management 2012-08-27
chung-ho Fu Fabrications and characterization of the CO sensor by screen printing SnO2 and ZnO nano particles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-28
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Jyun-siang Gao Implementation and Performance Testing of A DC Motor Driver for Underwater Thrusters IAMPUT 2011-02-15
De-ruei Gao What is the optimal leverage of ETF? Finance 2011-07-08
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Ting-fong Gao Synergistic photon absorption enhancement in nanostructured molecular assemblies Chemistry 2012-07-30
Wei-ming Gao Study on Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni with Bimodal Distribution of Grain Size Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Ruey-shyan Gau Research on Global Stability for Some Uncertain Neural Networks with Multiple Time-varying Delays via LMI Approach Electrical Engineering 2008-06-23
Ming-Horng Gau Growth and characterizations of AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure for spintronic application Physics 2009-07-28
Ding-hau Gau Tracking-history-based Sleeping Policies for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-29
Hua-de Gau Thermal Effects on Cu Wire Bonding by Using Finite Element Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-07
Mei-jhen Gong An Inquiry on the Affective Dimensions of Product emantics Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-02-11
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Mark Gosling Integrity as Part of a Manager’s Professional Image Construct. A Mixed Methods Study Business Management 2011-12-19
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Jin-Hua Gu Process Management and Fast Context Switch for MinixARM Computer Science and Engineering 2007-06-27
Yu-chang Gu Microwave-assisted cloud point extraction coupled with DRC-ICP-MS for the determination of Cr, Cu, Cd and Pb in water samples Chemistry 2010-02-08
Jin-Cheng Guo Finite element analysis during strip rolling and determination of width spread equation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-01
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Jia-Wei Guo A modulation/demodulation chip design with error correctable and high error detected ability for Power Line Communication Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-15
Pei-Ling Guo Analysis on the Deflection of Multilayered Ceramic Capacitors under High Temperature and Uniform Pressure Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-22
Jian-wei Guo Study on the odor reduction of gases emitted from PVC wallpaper plant Environmental Engineering 2011-08-10
Jian-You Guo Design and analysis of a phase mask for mutifocusing Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Sz-Han Guo Group comparison of diffusion fractional anisotropy using self-made brain template of Taiwan adolescents:Application on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Electrical Engineering 2011-12-29
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Hong-Sen Guo Development of High-performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drivers Electrical Engineering 2013-02-04
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Shiang-Ru Han A study of the factors affecting parental decisions regarding streptococcus pneumoniae vaccination Institute of Health Care Management 2012-08-29
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Chia- Hao Hsu Analysis of Taiwan Stock Exchange high frequency transaction data Applied Mathematics 2012-07-06
Hoi-tung Hau Date Attachable Offline Electronic Cash Scheme Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-03
Wen-Hung Haung Low Temperature Growth and Physical Properties of Zn1-x-yAlxSnyO thin films Physics 2010-08-30
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Shan-Hao He A Boolean knowledge-based approach to assist reconstruction of gene regulatory model Information Management 2012-03-20
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Chen-Lin Ho Micro Structures on Gallium Nitride Light Emitting Diodes for Light Extraction Improvement Electrical Engineering 2008-07-15
Chuang-yi Ho Controls of Trace Metal Distributions in the Kaoping Coastal Zone Marine Geology and chemistry 2008-07-24
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Po-cheng Ho The Study of Dynamic Agglomeration Externalities in Taiwan Manufacturing Industries:An Application for Dynamic Network DEA Public Affairs Management 2010-07-21
Yu-yang Ho An improvement in the selenization process of CuInSe2 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-16
Yi-Ting Ho Effect of Social Support in the Intention to Continuous Use and Social Commerce in Microblog Information Management 2010-08-28
Pei-hsiu Ho Provably Secure Nested One-Time Secret Mechanisms for Fast Mutual Authentication and Key Exchange in Mobile Communications Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-10
Hsiao-Hui Ho Crossing the borders: A resource-based examination of transnational media corporations’ patterns of alliances in the marketplace of China Business Management 2011-02-18
Jian-syun Ho A Further Study of the Guaranteed Risk of SMEG Finance 2011-06-24
Chao-Heng Ho Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers for Mismatched Perturbed Systems with Application to Underactuated Systems Electrical Engineering 2011-07-25
Pin-Han Ho Fabrication of Optical Thin Film used in Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Amplifier Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-03
Ken-Yen Ho A Study on Internet Marketing For On-Line Accommodation Reservation:A Case Study of EasyTravel Information Management 2011-12-28
Chi-Ming Ho The Effect of MRT Luzhou Line on Its Surrounding Housing Prices Economics 2012-07-02
Ji-Bin Ho Development of new thickness measurement system with high lateral resolution Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-17
Wei-chen Ho A Narrative Inquiry Concerning the Knowledge-Creating Mechanism of Organization: Leadership Practice and Ba Business Management 2012-08-06
Chia-wei Ho Study of supercapacitor using composite electrode with mesocarbon microbeads Electrical Engineering 2012-08-10
Shih-Yin Ho Role of protein kinase Mζ in cocaine-induced drug addiction Biological Sciences 2012-10-22
Cheng-Yu Ho Method of Measuring Common-Mode Current Conversion Coefficient for Estimating Variation in Radiated Emission from Printed Circuit Board Components Electrical Engineering 2013-03-27
Jia-Long Hong Application of Enhanced Immune Algorithm for the Study of Security Market Electrical Engineering 2008-06-28
Ke-Sin Hong The injustice cases in the initial stage of the Western Han dynasty Chinese Literature 2010-05-19
Wei Hong Charge Equalization of Batteries in Serial Power Modules Electrical Engineering 2010-08-03
Lien-Yi, Hong The technology authorization department of academic organization about the marketing strategy of the patents- take case school as an example Business Management 2011-05-09
Min-Hsuan Hong Zinc Oxide Nanotip and Nanorod on Titanium Oxide Heterojunction Gas Sensor Prepared by Aqueous Solution Deposition Electrical Engineering 2011-08-28
Chih-Ming Hong Intelligent Speed Sensorless Maximum Power Point Tracking Control for Wind Generation Systems Electrical Engineering 2011-08-29
Guo-fong Hong A Channel Coding Scheme for Solving Ambiguity in OFDM Systems Using Blind Data Detector Communications Engineering 2012-07-31
Wan-Jung Hou The effect of pay satisfaction and pay equity on the engineer work attitude Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-08-20
Chia-Ping Hou Research in The Effects of National Sun Yat-Sen University Art Festival on University Brand Image Communications Management 2010-08-19
Hsien-Chuan Hou Power Factor Correction of DSP-Based Flyback isolation converter for Positive/Negative pulse lithium battery charger Electrical Engineering 2010-10-27
Ling-Xuan Hou Temperature and Thermal Stress Distributions of High Power White Light Emitting Diodes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-21
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Ya-Hui Hou B2B Information Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Business Management 2012-07-01
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Kuen-Jyi Hshieh A Study of mechanical maintenance Key Performance Index by AHP Method-A Case Study of CSC U-Plant Business Management 2011-07-06
Chao-kun Hsia The key factors analysis to transform the local traditional machining business into the international aerospace industry EMBA 2008-06-25
Wen-Ching Hsia Research on Design of Institutions of Administrative Law on Cross-Strait Exchanges from the Management Point of View ICAPS 2012-02-09
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Po-Ju Hsiao The Key Success Factors of Mergers and Acquisitions for Steel Industry. An Empirical Study of C Company. Business Management 2008-07-02
Tsun-Yu Hsiao Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Special Protection Systems Operations and Design Refinement Electrical Engineering 2008-07-04
Man-ju Hsiao Taiwanese Folk Songs and State Ruling Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-07
Che-hao Hsiao Corporate Governance Systems in Taiwan. Business Management 2008-07-14
Wan-chi Hsiao None Business Management 2008-07-16
Chun-Hsing Hsiao none Economics 2008-07-24
Ping-min Hsiao A Study on Leaf Morphology of Melastomataceae in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2008-07-30
Yu-chih Hsiao none Music 2008-12-25
Li-yang Hsiao Single-Stage PFC Flyback Converter with Low Output Voltage Ripple Electrical Engineering 2009-07-21
Li-Tai Hsiao Photonic-Crystal-Fibers-Based Interferometers by Misaligned Splicing Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Ru-chun Hsiao Chinese Face Culture and the Spiral of Silence on Website: A case of PeoPo Communications Management 2010-07-29
Chih-chen Hsiao Improvement of DSSC Efficiency by UV Irradiation and Zinc Oxide/Titanium Dioxide Heterojuction Electrical Engineering 2010-07-29
Yi-Chen Hsiao Reactivity Study of Diarylamido-phosphino Zirconium, Hafnium and Nickel Complexes Chemistry 2010-08-18
Yung-Hsiang Hsiao A Study on TV Channels’ Glocalization Strategy of Transnational Media Corporations: Cases Study of Channel[V] and MTV Communications Management 2010-08-09
Hsin-ping Hsiao The Negotiation and Performance of Cultural Citizenship by Female Japanese Spouses in Taiwan Institute of Sociology 2010-09-06
Hsien-yu Hsiao Power Flow Analysis on the Dual Input Transmission Mechanisms of Wind Turbine Systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-21
Yung-Lin Hsiao On Travel Article Classification Based on Consumer Information Search Process Model Information Management 2011-07-27
Sheng-Fang Hsiao A Study of the Interview Policy for Spouses from Mainland China--The Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2011-08-15
Syuan-ru Hsiao Social Harmony and Reconstruction of Social Security Law ICAPS 2011-08-19
Wan-ling Hsiao Comparison and Oscillation Theorems for Second Order Half-Linear Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2012-06-07
Wei-Chih Hsiao A dB-Linear Programmable Variable Gain Amplifier and A Voltage Peak Detector with Digital Calibration for FPW-based Allergy Antibody Sensing System Electrical Engineering 2012-07-10
Yi-hsing Hsiao Production of Hydrogen from the Conversion of Biowaste using an Atomospheric-Pressure Microwave plasma Environmental Engineering 2012-07-16
Chin-yuan Hsiao Model establish and controller design for active front steering control system Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-09
Shih-Yen Hsiao Pore formation from bubble entrapment by a solidification front and pore formation in solid Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-18
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Yu-Fang Hsieh An Economic Analysis of Groupers Aquaclture in Taiwan Economics 2008-06-13
Hsin-Hsiang Hsieh The Relationship Between Brand Visibility, Capital Market Liquidity and Financial Performance Finance 2008-06-18
Chih-Shang Hsieh Surface Modification of Plastic Substrate by SF6 Plasma Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-06-20
Ching-hsiang Hsieh None Finance 2008-07-08
Ya-Li Hsieh The Acquisition of Null Pronouns of EFL learners in Taiwan Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-14
Feng-yi Hsieh Aid for Trade as a Public Good Economics 2008-07-16
Hsi-yun Hsieh A GUI for Assisting FDTD Computations Electrical Engineering 2008-09-08
Pai-ta Hsieh The study of Completeness and Credibility of Health Information on the World Wide Web Information Management 2009-02-05
Chia-chun Hsieh Owner structure,Board of Director composition and audit quality Affiliated with fianacial statement restatement Business Management 2009-07-24
Yu-jen Hsieh none EMBA 2009-08-18
Yi-Ta Hsieh Optimal Local Sensor Decision Rule Design for the Channel-Aware System with Novel Simulated Annealing Algorithms Electrical Engineering 2009-08-18
Tsung-ta Hsieh Evaluation on Customer Relationship Management in Semiconductor Distributors Critical Factors Analysis EMBA 2010-06-13
Meng-da Hsieh Multi-camera Human Tracking on Realtime 3D Immersive Surveillance System Computer Science and Engineering 2010-06-23
Cheng-hsun Hsieh An Empirical Study of Social Impact Model of Taiwan Community Residents’ Collective Action:A Review of Community Development Experience Public Affairs Management 2010-07-24
Chao-tang Hsieh Negation and Shadow: Sartre and Levinas on literary object Philosophy 2010-08-29
Wen-Fan Hsieh Verification of Web Services in Support of Choreography Information Management 2011-06-02
Ping-Chieh Hsieh The Study of Binding Behaviors between Dissolved Organic Matter and Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-06-23
Yu-Jhe Hsieh Identification and Quantification of selenium-containing compound in dietary supplement and arsenic-containing compound in seaweed by HPLC-ICP-MS and HPLC-ESI-MS Chemistry 2011-07-20
Tung-sheng Hsieh The impact of carbon footprint label marking to purchase intention of bottled drinks Public Affairs Management 2011-07-28
Chung-hsien Hsieh The Competition Analysis of Aquatic Products in the International Markets between Taiwan and China Economics 2011-07-21
Yi-cheng Hsieh Intention to Recommend Information in Virtual Community Information Management 2011-08-01
Shin-yi Hsieh The Free Fantasia Concept of C. P. E. Bach Music 2011-08-01
Hsiao-Yu Hsieh The Treatment of Swine Wastewater by Horizontal Biofilter and Subsurface Constructed Wetland Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-09
Chih-Chang Hsieh M & A motives, integration and Benefit Analysis - A Case Study of A Company EMBA 2011-08-22
Yu-Chen Hsieh Target Tracking and Data Fusion with Cooperative IMM-based Algorithm Electrical Engineering 2011-08-26
Cheng-Wei Hsieh Studies of the surface treatment effect for the optoelectronic properties of cholesteric blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2011-08-26
Cheng-hung Hsieh A Case Study On Alternative Mentoring Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-05
Lu-Sheng Hsieh The Relationship Among Online Game Cyberbullying, Attacks Behavior,Hostile and Emotional Management of Adolescents in Kaohsiung City Education 2011-09-06
Yi-Lin Hsieh On Writing of Taiwanese Literature: Corporeal Perspective between Merleau-Ponty and Gilles Deleuze Philosophy 2011-09-07
Meng-chi Hsieh The Globalization and Economic Growth: Developed and Developing Countries Revisited ICAPS 2011-11-28
Chia-hua Hsieh A Cognitive Study of the Color Term Peh (White) in Taiwanese Southern Min Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-20
Cheng-yen Hsieh An Empirical Study on the Existence Value of Stock Index Futures :Hedging and Speculating Functions Finance 2012-06-20
Hsin-Feng Hsieh Study of Chip-Level EMI Based on Near-Field Measurement Techniques Electrical Engineering 2012-08-08
Yi-hsun Hsieh The study of preparation of CIGS thin films by selenides Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Min-Chun Hsieh Prediction of lubrication starvation and its effect on the lubricating characteristics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-12
I-Hui Hsieh Taste differences and cultural performance of the Japanese cuisine in Taiwan Institute of Sociology 2012-10-08
I-Ting Hsieh Study on the sipunculan diversity and the bioaccumulation in wetland of Taiwan Marine Biology 2012-10-28
Wen-jui Hsieh Study on larval culture and metamorphosis of portunid crab, Thalamita creanata Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-11-09
Chun-Lin Hsieh A Study on the Carnivalization of Online Short Film Communications Management 2012-12-24
Wei-Chen Hsieh Different Attitudes of Internship Programs between Employers and Students Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-01-28
Yi-chen Hsien none Chinese Literature 2009-02-04
Ying-Chih Hsien Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide Effects on the Variation of Atmosphere Temperature Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-08
Wei Hsin Lin Study of the device characterization in AlGaN/GaN nanowires at low temperature and high magnetic field Physics 2008-07-18
Ying Hsiu Lin The impact over the financial statements and operational performance of construction company for the revenue of construction contract of IFRS: Case study of the J company EMBA 2012-06-25
Ching Hsiu Lu Interest-Sensitive Annuities–Study of Its Marketing Strategies EMBA 2011-08-08
Fu-tai Hsu Measuring the Credit Risk of SMEs' Loans under Credit Guarantee Finance 2007-07-09
Ming-Ren Hsu Multiband Chip Antennas for Mobile Handsets Electrical Engineering 2008-06-03
Hsing-hua Hsu A Study of Administrative Division Adjustment in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-13
Chih-cheng Hsu Electroreflectance spectroscopy of InGaAs Physics 2008-06-27
Cheng-yun Hsu Investigation on Absolute Quantification of in Vivo Proton MR Spectroscopy with Phased Array Coils Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-16
Wei-Tsung Hsu A New Design of Light Guide Plate on the Elimination of Dark Region Phenomenon for Backlight Module Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-22
min-hsiang HSU Stock Selection Performance Analysis using Multi-Factor Model in Taiwan Finance 2008-07-22
Nien-tsu Hsu Design and Analysis of Low Noise Amplifier Exploiting Noise Cancellation Electrical Engineering 2008-09-08
Chia-Ming Hsu Studying on system dynamics methodology to deal with the mainly soft variables model: using some benchmark corporation as examples Business Management 2009-02-16
Chia-ying Hsu Combination of ASP and Docking Methods to Investigate Drug-Protein Interation Chemistry 2009-06-30
Tien-sheng Hsu A study of typhoon disaster risk judgment and disaster preparedness Public Affairs Management 2009-07-13
Che-wei Hsu Carbon Trading and the Opportunities for Financial Services Sector Finance 2009-07-14
Chin-chia Hsu Study on Mechanical Properties of r-LiAlO2 at Elevated Temperatures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-29
Ju-lan Hsu Determination of infrared transitions by photoreflectance for (0001) InN film on sapphire Physics 2009-08-04
Guan-Wen Hsu The Baseband Signal Processing for 868MHz ASK Mode of the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network Communications Engineering 2009-08-05
Yen-Hsiu Hsu The Influence of Self-Presentation and Social Identity on Internet User’s Participating, Commitment and knowledge Contribution in the Online Community Communications Management 2009-08-10
Tsi-chein Hsu The key success factors of employee benefits outsourcing-from the point of view of vendors Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-26
I-Ching Hsu A Study on the Implementation of collaborative mechanism for strategy goal In Enterprise with system dynamics Information Management 2009-08-28
Yu-ming Hsu A Study of the National Legislature Investigates Power ICAPS 2009-09-08
Shih-pin Hsu Study on mutual fund investor's investment behavior and risk preference after financial crisis Business Management 2009-09-09
Wei-Hsiang Hsu Finite Displacement Transmission Performance of Coupler-Driven Four-Bar Linkages with Adaptive Force Input Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-01-05
Kuo-Ching Hsu Personality and freedom: research on Lorenz von Stein's thought of the social state ICAPS 2010-01-11
Shu-ching Hsu Retailer marketing strategic of private label brands-Costco for example Business Management 2010-01-19
Chih-Hsuan Hsu Deconstructing western myth: Real estate website advertising within post-colonial discourse Communications Management 2010-02-08
Po-Kai Hsu An Inquiry on Information Needs in the Industrial Procurement: Organization Structural Factors and Innovational Commitments. Business Management 2010-02-09
Yung-Liang Hsu Consumer Satisfaction research in TV shopping industry EMBA 2010-06-23
kuo-Hsiang Hsu Microwave and ionic liquid to enhance the yield of biodiesel study Environmental Engineering 2010-06-23
Hsiu-fen Hsu A Study of Teachers’ Attitudes toward Teacher Professional Evaluation in Kaohsiung Junior High Schools Education 2010-07-11
Chu-jiun Hsu The Use of Moral-based Cooperative Learning to Enhance Compassion, Responsibility and Honesty among Elementary School Students Education 2010-07-13
Yu-chi Hsu Studies of Teaching Junior Elementary Students’ Reading Comprehension—Using Reciprocal Teaching as an Example Education 2010-07-14
Tzu-wen Hsu The Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Contaminated Heavy Metals in Sediment and its Management in Kaohsiung Harbor Areas IMA 2010-07-21
Li-chang Hsu Tang before Tang Dynasty Taoism policy and Taoism control system research Chinese Literature 2010-07-22
Wen-cheng Hsu A Methodology of SSA&D Modeling for Embedded Systems Information Management 2010-07-22
Yu-hsiang Hsu Enhanced Index Fund Performance Analysis under Multi-Factor Alpha Model Finance 2010-07-28
Hsuan-Chen Hsu The introspection on talking to three lay congregations- via the appreciative method of narrative inquiry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2010-07-28
Shu-fen Hsu none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-03
Chung-Yin Hsu The Effects of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Intergrated Analysis Study of Structural-Equation-Modeling Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-16
Fang-Jung Hsu Study on the Secondary Metabolites and Their Biological Activities from the Soft Coral Klyxum molle Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-16
Chia-ling Hsu Avoidance Behavior of the Brittlestar, Ophiocoma scolopendrina, to conspecific visceral fluids. Marine Biology 2010-08-17
Feng-Yen Hsu Fabrication of Micro Ni-based grinding wheel containing diamond particle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-02
Yu-Wei Hsu An Iron Loss Estimation Process Supported by Modularized Iron Loss Datasheets of Electromagnetic Steel for Switched-Reluctance Machine Electrical Engineering 2010-09-06
Ying-lan Hsu Research and Analysis of Myanmar regime's authoritarian dictatorship ICAPS 2010-09-08
Nai-wen Hsu Water transport mechanism within the electrode of a PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-11-18
Hsiang-Ling Hsu Optimal designs for statistical inferences in nonlinear models with bivariate response variables Applied Mathematics 2011-01-27
Hsyh-Jye Hsu The spectral theory of vector-valued compact disjointness preserving operators Applied Mathematics 2011-02-10
Chia-Chi Hsu A Study of Professional Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction on MIS of Electronic Manufacturing Industry Business Management 2011-02-15
Erh-jou Hsu The Effect of Smartphone’s Brand Equity on Purchase Intention Business Management 2011-07-08
Tsung-ta Hsu China’s Oil Diplomacy in Africa ICAPS 2011-07-08
Chien-hao Hsu Asymmetry of Exchange Rate Pass-Through for Taiwan Economics 2011-07-13
Chao-Yuan Hsu Energy Efficient Multicast Scheduling with Adaptive Modulation and Coding for IEEE 802.16e Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-07-14
Yu-sheng Hsu The Selection of the Locations in Mainland China for Investment in the Taiwanese Manufacturing Industry and the Cross-strait Supply Chain Adjustment ICAPS 2011-07-31
Wen-hsuan Hsu A Study of Sergei Rachmaninoff ‹Etude-Tableaux, Op.39› Music 2011-08-12
Yuan-Che Hsu Computer-Aided Design Clutch Configuration for Parallel-Connected Epicyclic Gear Mechanisms Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-11
Nai-Jen HSU Influences of Between-Partner Congruity, Ad Focus and Consumer Hedonic Shopping Motivation on Evaluation of Co-branded Product Business Management 2011-08-15
Hung-wei Hsu The Analysis of Insurance Broker’s Business Model –A case Study on Company L EMBA 2011-08-19
Wei-Chih Hsu Fabrication of CI(G)S Thin-film Solar Cell by Selenization Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-28
Hui-Lan Hsu Analysis of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons in the Sediments and Soils of Gaoping River-sea System Marine Geology and chemistry 2011-08-30
Chen-hou Hsu Exploring the Critical Factors for the adoption of Enterprise Cloud Computing EMBA 2011-08-12
Hong-Yi Hsu High-performance Radix-4 Montgomery Modular Multiplier for RSA Cryptosystem Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-30
Hui-chen HSU A study on the effects on social skills of the 2nd grade students taking social skill training programs with picture books integrated. Education 2011-09-05
Chia-wen Hsu Effects of land use on island vegetation changes: A case study at Wangan and Chimei Islands, Penghu, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2011-09-08
Zheng-Yang Hsu Green Infrastructure Establishment:Case Study of Kaohsiung County and Kaohsiung City Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-08
Jia-le Hsu The Relationship Between Organizational Culture, Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Innovation -A Case Study of Securities Investment Trust Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2011-10-17
Hsiu-Wei Hsu The Correlation Research of Wind Field and Ocean Ambient Noise of Mien-Hua Submarine Canyon IAMPUT 2011-12-26
Feng-Ho Hsu Chinese input method based on reduced phonetic transcription Computer Science and Engineering 2012-05-22
Chih-Chia Hsu The research on revolution of family corporation- A Case Study of B Company EMBA 2012-06-06
I-Cheng Hsu Study on Architecture-Oriented Memory Assembly and Testing OEM Factory Manufacturing Resource Planning Management Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Lee-Yang Hsu Dynamic Economic Dispatch Incorporating Renewable Energy with Carbon Trading Electrical Engineering 2012-06-19
Chia-Ling Hsu Au(I)-Catalyzed Cyclization of Methyl 2-(2-Alkynylphenylethynyl) Benzoates to 6H-Dibenzo[c,h]chromen-6-ones and Synthesis of Arnottin I Chemistry 2012-07-02
Chia-Hao Hsu Design and Implementation of One-time Implantable Spinal Cord Stimulation System Electrical Engineering 2012-07-07
Te-Cheng Hsu Watermark-removal method based on Eigen-image energy Computer Science and Engineering 2012-06-29
Ching-chih Hsu The Relationship of Work Life Integration Policy and Supportive Supervisor Behavior to Happiness and Job Search Behavior Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-12
Po-sheng Hsu The Performance Analysis of the MIMO Systems Using Interference Alignment with Imperfect Channel State Information Communications Engineering 2012-07-17
Chung-Kai Hsu Asymptotic Statistics of Channel Capacity for Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Systems Communications Engineering 2012-07-17
Wan-Hsuan Hsu 1.Direct Determination of Noble Metals in Road Dust Samples by ETV-ICP-MS with Slurry Sampling 2.Determination of Trace Element in Oil Samples by ETV-ICP-MS Using Palladium Nanoparticles as Chemical Modifier Chemistry 2012-07-23
Ming-Hsiu Hsu Isometries of real and complex Hilbert C*-modules Applied Mathematics 2012-07-23
Shu-Hua Hsu The Intertwined Effect of Service Quality on Repurchase Intention in Group Coupon Service: Moderating Effect of Price Sensitivity Information Management 2012-07-24
Chien-chun Hsu The Relationship Between Firm Characteristics and Competitive Responding Speed: A Study of Smartphone Industry Business Management 2012-07-30
Li-Han Hsu Development of Flexural Plate-wave Device with Silicon Trench Reflective Grating Structure Electrical Engineering 2012-07-30
Hao-Wei Hsu “Time” is Different! Effects of Mental Simulation and Product Type in Different Time Perspectives Business Management 2012-08-01
Chia-Chen Hsu Effects of Small Group Intervention on Disable Students’ Interpersonal Relationships and Self-efficacy EMPP 2012-08-01
Yu-Jen Hsu Voltage Flicker Analyses and Predictions Electrical Engineering 2012-08-01
Peng-Cheng Hsu Effects of high energy diets and their feeding strategy on growth and body composition of the cobia (Rachycentron canadum) Marine Biology 2012-08-13
Cheng-Hou Hsu Design and Synthesis of HAT-core as New Materials (II) Chemistry 2012-08-15
Chieh-Ju Hsu Developing a Dual Factor Model to Investigate Technology Product Users’ Continue to Use Intention-The Case of Android Information Management 2012-08-20
Chi-Shin Hsu The Design of Cloud-Economical Computing Services for Program Trading Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-26
Wei-Cheng Hsu Design of a CORDIC Function Generator Using Table-Driven Function Evaluation with Bit-Level Truncation Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-10
Han-yu Hsu Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), activated sludge volume loading and correlation of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) conversion rate Environmental Engineering 2012-09-07
Sheng-chieh Hsu Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Gao-ping coastal water column Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-11-29
Shu-ting Hsu A Study of the Relationship Between the Secret Societies and Non-governmental Organizations During the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Chinese Literature 2013-01-22
Shih-Siang Hsu Surface Passivation of Bulk Silicon Solar Cells by Super Critical CO2 Treatments Electro-Optical Engineering 2013-01-31
Yu-Chi Hsu Growth and characterization of GaN heterophased quantum well microdisk and InGaN/GaN quantum well microdisk grown on gamma-LiAlO2 substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Physics 2013-02-01
Chih-Jo Hsu A Study on Lu He-Ruo’s Writing Women Chinese Literature 2013-02-04
Szu-Ting Hsu Relationship Between Soil Salinity and the Distribution of Three Costal Terrestrial Isopods (Isopoda: Oniscidea) in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2013-02-08
Shih-chieh Hsu Food Contagion Caused by Source's Body Size:Influences of Perceiver's Need for Touch and Type of Food Business Management 2013-03-25
Shu-Ying Hsueh none Chinese Literature 2008-06-09
Ching-Wen Hsueh An Analysis of School Bullying Behaviors: The Viewpoint of Victims and Its Implication for School Counseling Education 2010-07-27
Ju-Ying Hsueh Study on CMMI Requirements Development and Requirements Management to Enterprise Information System Requirements Process Improvement Information Management 2011-02-10
Liang-Tien Hsueh The point of strategic research of small and medium sized engineering manufacturing industries–the A’s company case EMBA 2011-08-22
Chien-fu Hsueh Anxieties and Reconciliations: Travel and Science in Four Utopian Texts of Early Modern Britain Foreign Language and Literature 2013-01-27
Yu-Hong Hu none Public Affairs Management 2007-07-06
Tai-he Hu Monitor of the Microbial Diversivity in Pertroleum-hydrocarbons Contaminated Soils Environmental Engineering 2007-08-30
Shih-Cong Hu Spectral Collocation Methods for Semilinear Problems Applied Mathematics 2008-07-01
Wei-lun Hu none Public Affairs Management 2008-07-31
Chun-wei Hu none Public Affairs Management 2008-11-26
I-fen Hu The Competitive Strategy of Taiwan Enterprises in Netbook Industries─the Case Study of Asus Computer Inc. Business Management 2009-07-15
Hsi-Kuei Hu The Influences of Compensation System Reform on Employees' Pay Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment – A Case Study Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-07-27
Chia-hua Hu The Impact of Gender Difference on Response Strategy in E-Negotiation Information Management 2009-08-05
Wen-Hao Hu Microlens array based on silicon molding technology for OLED application Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-02
Shang-hung Hu Design of Resonant Current Controller in Full stationary-frame for LCL-based Active Front-end Converter Electrical Engineering 2010-07-26
Su-Hsien Hu Application of MapReduce to Ranking SVM for Large-Scale Datasets Electrical Engineering 2010-08-10
Chieh-Shen Hu Methodology on the Analysis of Shell Utilization of Hermit Crabs, Diogenes spp. in Shallow Waters Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-30
Kai-Cheng Hu Ant Colony Optimization with Dual Pheromone Table for Clustering Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-01
Chun-Ting Hu The Study of Aerial Images Enhancement by Bi-dimensional Empirical mode Decomposition Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-02-20
Ting-ting Hu Optical and Mechanical Properties of Thin Film Metallic Glasses Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-23
Wei-Hsun Hu Miscibility Behavior Enhancement of Polybenzoxazine/ Poly(ethylene oxide) Blend through DNA-Like Multiple Hydrogen Bonding Interaction Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Ting-ting Hu The Influence of Positions and Formats of Mobile Applications on the Advertising Effectiveness of Smartphones Communications Management 2012-08-27
Cheng-Hsiung Hu The Effectiveness Analysis and Strategy of Energy-efficient Lighting in Developing a Low Carbon City – A Case on Electro-Magnetic Induction Lamps Public Affairs Management 2012-09-04
Jung-Yu Hu Impacts of Market and Technical Characteristics for Developments of Photovoltaic Industry- A Study of Japanese Photovoltaic Industry ICAPS 2012-09-05
Su-Hua Hu The Impact of Sustainable Development on Human Resource Strategy and Human Capital – A Case Study of LED Recyclable Energy Industry Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-01-28
Wei-Wen Hu Gaussian Integer Sequences with Ideal Periodic Autocorrelation Functions Electrical Engineering 2013-03-02
Yung Hua Wu The Study on Sales Strategy of Super Sport Cars- Ferrari and Bentley in Taiwan EMBA 2011-08-01
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Shu-chuan Huang The research of enhancing corporate governance for implementing Sarbane-Oxley ACT – Case of A Incorporated. Business Management 2007-07-05
Dai-Jie Huang A Novel Electronic Ballast with Repeatedly Resonanting Ignition Circuit for Metal Halide Lamps Electrical Engineering 2007-07-09
Chien-Chih Huang Misfits Analysis of ERP Implementation: A Case Study of H Company Information Management 2007-07-18
Chen-chen Huang Research of Gospel Theatres' Management in Taiwan Arts Management 2007-08-16
Chia-ling Huang none Chinese Literature 2008-06-02
Yu-jiuan Huang The Information Integration Experiment on Students' Experience of Taking KMRT Public Affairs Management 2008-06-09
Cong-Hui Huang Application of Optimal Power Flow for Power System Restoration Electrical Engineering 2008-06-10
Chong-Ming Huang The leading and lagging relationship between CB return and stock return Finance 2008-06-18
Jin-long Huang Nonparametric tests for interval-censored failure time data via multiple imputation Applied Mathematics 2008-06-26
Hsiang-Ting Huang Database Marketing-A Case of A Cosmetic Company Business Management 2008-06-27
Shih-Wei Huang Treatment of Gaseous Volatile Organic Compounds by Catalytic Incineration and a Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer Environmental Engineering 2008-06-29
Shu-huei Huang Evaluation of street vendors’ satisfaction towards the Kaohsiung government’s street vendor management policies, using Liu-Ho Night Market as an example. EMPP 2008-07-01
Shih-Feng Huang Financial Derivatives Pricing and Hedging - A Dynamic Semiparametric Approach Applied Mathematics 2008-06-26
Chin-hung Huang Temporal and spatial characteristics of atmospheric carbonyl compounds in Kaohsiung Area Environmental Engineering 2008-07-04
Kuo-Dong Huang Fabrication and Characterization of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor with Novel Buried-Oxide Structure Electrical Engineering 2008-07-04
Chun-Yuan Huang The Key Role that Penalty Plays in Contracts – A Contingent Claim Analysis Finance 2008-07-07
Hsin-yi Huang none Chinese Literature 2008-07-08
Hsiao-wen Huang Nonlinear Analysis of Stock Correlations among East Asian Countries, and The U.S., Japan, and German Economics 2008-07-14
Jian-Siang Huang none Economics 2008-06-29
Hsiu-fang Huang Survey on Satisfaction of Indirect Water Supplies in A Distribution System and Varriation of THMs Concentration in Kaohsiung City Environmental Engineering 2008-07-15
Ti-fen Huang An Exploration of Key Factors of Attracting Investments in Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone Public Affairs Management 2008-07-11
Yi-Ji Huang Micro Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Transient Current Distribution and Product Water Measurements Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-11
Teng-hsing Huang Growth mechanism and defects analyses of ZnO epitaxial layer on γ- LiAlO2(200) substrate Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-17
Ren-tsung Huang Detecting Apnea and Hypopnea Events by using Peaks of Flow Rate Signals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-18
Jun-Jie Huang Condensation and oxidation of laser ablation of titanium under water Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-22
Tzu-Wen Huang Build Special Restaurant's Management Flight Simulator by System Dynamics Business Management 2008-07-22
Yen-ning Huang none Business Management 2008-07-19
Che-Ling Huang Design and Implementation of a 3PCC Application System over an Embedded SIP/VoIP Gateway Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-24
Yu-chin Huang Combining Social Networks and Content for Recommendation in a Literature Digital Library Information Management 2008-07-24
Shian-Yi Huang Studies of polarization-independent Fresnel liquid crystal lens Physics 2008-07-24
Ke-Jie Huang The Financial Performance Research of the Financial Holding Company on Macroeconomic Variables and Managing Capital – A Case Study of the Cathay Financial Holding Company Finance 2008-07-24
Kuo-En Huang The Business Operations Study of Long-term Care Institutions of Conservation Type in Kauosuing Area EMBA 2008-07-21
Jr-Yang Huang Interconnect-Driven Layout-Aware Multiple Scan Tree Synthesis Simultaneously for Test Time, Compression and Routing Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Ming-yang Huang The Application of Outage Management System to Analyze and Improve Phasing Balance of Distribution Feeders Electrical Engineering 2008-08-06
Chun-Hui Huang Simulation study for a stack of micro-PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-21
Chin-hao Huang The Influence of Personal Value on Blog Future Usage Intention Information Management 2008-08-25
Yi-chin Huang Emotional Text-to-Speech System of Baseball Broadcast Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-10
Chu-chi Huang A Study on Timing Acquisition and Channel Estimation in Ultra-Wide Band Systems Communications Engineering 2008-09-15
Jhih-Sheng Huang Process optimization of Indium oxide for transparent thin-film transistors Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-10-10
Kuang-Yao Huang Growth System Improvement and Characterization of Chromium-doped YAG Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-10-14
Tseng-Lan Huang A Study of the Effects of Personality Traits for Expatriates on Cultural Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Adjustment Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-02-04
Chun-rong Huang none EMPP 2009-02-13
Hsiu-wei Huang Dam Construction and Transforming State-Society Relations in China ICAPS 2009-06-25
Bo-ham Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturing System Model Information Management 2009-06-25
Bao-deng Huang Human Capital and Economic Growth — Empirical Research of Test of Cointegration with Unequal Variances in Taiwan Economics 2009-06-30
Yi-ching Huang The Impact of Different Teaching Strategies toward Fifth Grader’s on Reading Comprehension and Metacognition Education 2009-07-20
Sheng-shuo Huang Analysis and Fabrication of Highly Birefringent Liquid-Filled Photonic Crystal Fibers Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-23
Yu-hsuan Huang The achievement of Da Dai Liji and Xiao Dai Liji and the related issues on the Confucianism schools Chinese Literature 2009-07-25
Chiung-yu Huang The Effect of the Local Defect on Thin Film Mechanical Properties by Employing Nanoindentation Simulation Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-28
Kuan-lin Huang The Study of Cu-Wire Bonding and BGA Solder Ball Joining Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-27
Han-che Huang The Study of Aerial Imageries Stitching Based on SIFT Algorithm Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-08-01
Li-Wei Huang The Industry Analysis of Netbook in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-08-03
Chun-Ming Huang none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-04
Cheng-lun Huang An Extended ERP Implementation Methodology Information Management 2009-08-04
Hsiao-Chi Huang Study of Titanium Dioxide Paste Prepared with Anhydrous Alcohol for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Improved by Ammonium Fluoride Electrical Engineering 2009-08-05
Shih-Yi Huang none Chemistry 2009-08-04
Chih-tsai Huang Using PIC Method to Predict Transport Variables in Plasma Near an Electrically Biased Surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-09
Chao-Chun Huang Strain localization in extruded AZ31 Magnesium alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-06
Hsiao-Ching Huang The Impact of the Financial Turmoil on the Major Banks of China and Their Profit-Factors Analysis EMBA 2009-08-06
Cheng-Ming Huang Implementation of Dynamic MUX/DEMUX VoIP Gateway in Heterogeneous WLAN and WiMAX Networks Electrical Engineering 2009-08-17
Ching-Wen Huang The Key Factors Study of R&D Development on Semiconductor Back End Automation Equipment Agent – A Case Study on H Company EMBA 2009-08-24
Cheng-da Huang Study on the Electrochemical Machining mechanism for the fabrication of Micro Tungsten-rod Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-24
Pei-Yin Huang A Meta Analysis of Technology Adoption Intention Models Information Management 2009-08-25
Mao-Jung Huang Study on Fabrication Technology of Functional Nanostructure Array Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-27
Pei-lun Huang Internal quantum efficiency of polar and non-polar GaN and InN Physics 2009-08-26
Ling-Yi Huang The HINT1 and HINTW responsive element(s) in WDR36 proximal promoter region Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-09-17
Jing-yi Huang A study of shi (士) in“Zhan Guo Zong” Chinese Literature 2010-01-04
Chung-jian Huang The most effective multinational transfer pricing---the empirical study of Taiwan Finance 2010-01-19
Guo-chen Huang The Research of The system Judicial Mediation In Prefectures, Towns And Cities ICAPS 2010-01-25
Yu-shan Huang Top Manager's New IT Championing Behavior, Exam the Roles of Personality, Ability and Belief. Information Management 2010-01-28
Teng-yi Huang Studies on the spatial distribution of coral communities in Dongsha Lagoon Marine Biology 2010-02-05
Kuan-Jung Huang The analysis of competitive strategies of beer market in Taiwan -Take TTL as an example Business Management 2010-04-28
Kuo-en Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Marketing Management Model Communications Management 2010-05-30
Chih-Yuan Huang Short Sales by Institutional and Individual Investors: Motives and Effects on Stock Returns Finance 2010-06-14
Yi-ting Huang the dilemma of the choice between dolphin sets and non-dolphin sets-the case of the eastern tropical pacific purse-seine fishery Economics 2010-06-25
Shih-hung Huang Research to Financial Arbitration System of R.O.C.─By case of the procedure to resolve the disputes in the transaction of Lehman Brothers structured note Finance 2010-07-06
Zhi-Quan Huang Atomic structure and mechanical properties of of BC2N Physics 2010-07-06
Hsin-hsiang Huang Discussion of mechanism for community governance in China : from the perspective of interaction between state and society ICAPS 2010-07-07
Pin-Chiang Huang Memory Effect Analysis and Power Combining Design of Power Amplifiers Electrical Engineering 2010-07-12
Min-tsung Huang Agricultural subsidies and agglomeration economies Economics 2010-07-21
Ying-Chou Huang The strategies of semiconductor industry while the financial crisis occurring-the case of N company Business Management 2010-07-22
Chiun-wei Huang Robust training sequence design for cooperative communications Communications Engineering 2010-07-21
Chien-Jung Huang The Relationships among Intellectual Capital, Logistics Capabilities and Logistics Performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-07-23
I-Fang Huang Effect of Microblogging Prompts Strategy on Learner's Reflection Level Information Management 2010-07-28
Chia-wei Huang Growth and characterization of ZnSe thin film Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Shr-Chiuan Huang Fabrication of Quantum Dots Lasers of two dimensional Photonic Crystal Microcavity Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Guan-syuan Huang Constructing a 3D Structure Database of Diterpenoids Produced from Formosa Soft Corals Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-04
Jing-teng Huang Multi-factor model of vertical linkages Economics 2010-07-30
Chia-Min Huang The Quantitative Investigation of LCModel BASIS Using GAMMA Visual Analysis (GAVA) for in vivo 1H MR Spectroscopy Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-05
Ming-Zong Huang Hybrid Botnet Detection Information Management 2010-08-13
Huei-Lin Huang Activation of Transforming Growth Factor-β(TGF-β)-Activated Kinase 1(TAK1) Up-Regulates CCR7 Expression in Breast Cancer Cell Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-16
Yen-Chieh Huang Effect of Learning Recommendation on Learning Performance in a Paper-based and Digital Materials Seamlessly Integrated System Information Management 2010-08-17
Ming-Ho Huang Application of membrane bioreactor in the industrial wastewater treatment system Environmental Engineering 2010-08-23
Sin-Kai Huang The Study on Dynamic Behaviors of the Carbon Fiber Composite Golf Shaft Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-31
Yi-Shan Huang Understanding the factors in implementations of mobileguide systems in exhibitions Communications Management 2010-08-31
Yen-Lin Huang The Role of Chibby as a Potential Tumor Suppressor Gene in Human Cervical Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-09-02
Jei-tim Huang Numerial simulation of induced vibration of cylinder arrays in shear flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Fang-lien Huang The study of male characters in Bai Xian-Yong’s novels Chinese Literature 2011-01-17
Mei-jane Huang The Research on The Four Great Novels in late Ching Dynasty Chinese Literature 2011-01-26
Wei-Shiou Huang Convergence Analysis for Inertial Krasnoselskii-Mann Type Iterative Algorithms Applied Mathematics 2011-02-16
Bo-Wei Huang A study on the changing of housing policy and needs before and after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ICAPS 2011-02-11
Kuang-Li Huang Wave energy capture system – surge motion tank Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-17
Bo-Ruei Huang Supply of available iron in the Kuroshio and South China Sea as studied by the expressions of iron deficiency induced protein A in Trichodesmium spp. Marine Biology 2011-02-19
Chien-Chih Huang Seasonal dynamics of picophytoplankton population in the upstream Kuroshio Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-02-18
Ya-Guan Huang A Study of the Selection Criteria and the Influence Factors for Junior High School English Textbooks in Kaohsiung City Education 2011-03-28
Yunn-Ru Huang The Research on Competitive Strategies for Mobile Communications Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-22
Yen-Chang Huang The Impact of Spokes-Character in Internet Marketing:A Case of BOOKS.COM.Co.,Ltd Business Management 2011-06-24
Yu-chen Huang The effect of FTA between Taiwan and Philippine Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-06-25
Hsin-I Huang Brand Equity Research in NB Market Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-06-30
Jun-Hua Huang Quasi-Fejer-monotonicity and its applications Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
I-Hua Huang Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Enediyne Containing Combretastatin A-4 Analogues Chemistry 2011-07-06
Mei-hui Huang A Survey of the Current Organization and Training of String Orchestra at the Elementary and Junior High Schools in Kaohsiung Music 2011-07-08
YU-SHAN HUANG Theatre as Scene of Otherness -By Bernhard Waldenfels Philosophy 2011-07-09
Cong-qi Huang Medium Access Control for Multimedia Streaming over Wireless LANs with Multi-Beam Access Point Electrical Engineering 2011-07-14
Kuo-Chung Huang Construction of the national mental health indicators EMPP 2011-07-18
Yu-Chien Huang A Study on Research Ethics of Medical Institutes in Taiwan – Focused on Human Subject Research Institute of Health Care Management 2011-07-20
You-Li Huang Using Innovation Diffusion Model to Analyze the Growth Trend, Critical Mass, and Cluster Analysis of Seller’s Rating from eBay Information Management 2011-07-26
Jun-jie Huang The Research of Building Competitive Advantage through green Human Capital and Green Innovation Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-26
Wei-Ting Huang The effects of publicity on organizational attractiveness to potential job seekers Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-27
Shu-Chen Huang Firm’s Decision on Product Returning and Refurbishing under Duopoly Economics 2011-07-27
Yi-Chia Huang Effect of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Al-15wt%Zn Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-01
Kun-sheng Huang The Competition and Development Trend of Ultrapure Water Systems - A Case Study of S Corporation EMBA 2011-08-01
Kuo-chang Huang A Research on the Legal System of Electronic Game Business Management Political Science 2011-08-07
Yu-Chun Huang Between Taiwan and China---Lee Teng Hui's Concepts anf His Awareness of China Political Science 2011-08-08
Yi-Yun Huang How RMB-denominated Trade Settlement Business Affects the Correspondent Banking – the Case of W Bank EMBA 2011-08-08
Tang-Yi Huang A study of the performance appraisal system of ROC’s civil servant: A culture-historical perspective Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-12
Shih-wei Huang Strong Privacy Preserving Communication Protocol for VANETs Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-23
Tai-Wei Huang The Impact Of Perceived Organizational Support On The Relation Between Tecnnostress And Role Stress-The alumininm for example EMBA 2011-08-22
Bo-Rong Huang A New Active Constellation Extension Scheme for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2011-08-23
Shu-ping Huang The Doubling of Voices in J. M. Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello and Slow Man Foreign Language and Literature 2011-08-25
Chao-Hsuan Huang Implementation of Double Pulse Width Modulation for Uniformity of LED Light Bars in LCD Back-Light Electrical Engineering 2011-08-25
Kai-neng Huang Study on Forging and Thread-rolling Processes of Magnesium Alloy Screws Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-29
Hsuan-Hung Huang View-sharing PROPELLER MRI: Application on high spatio-temporal resolution dynamic imaging Electrical Engineering 2011-09-03
Guo-Sheng Huang Studies and Development of no Decay Passive Portable DMFCs by Adjusting the Supplying Rate of Fuel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-05
Tze-hui Huang Manufacturing of Gradient Mechanical Properties Materials Using Hot Extrusion Processes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-02
Han-shen Huang Deformation Mechanism of Amorphous/nanocrystalline Multilayer Thin Films on Polyimide Substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-05
Yen-Cheng Huang Efficient slice-based ocean simulation with fluid-solid coupling mechanics Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-05
Ya-ling Huang A Study of Businesses Acquiring Government R&D Subsidies: A Case Study of Conventional Industry Technology Development (CITD) Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-01
Chun-kai Huang Investigation on Ignition Characteristics of Metal Halide Lamp Electrical Engineering 2011-08-31
Shiuan-Guo Huang The Study of Coastal Land-use Change for Ecological Impact Assessment Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-08
Kang-Te Huang Measurement of Green Lifestyle and Market Segmentation in the Promotion Strategy for Environmental Protection: An Empirical Analysis of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Business Management 2011-09-08
Nan-Yuan Huang Development of New Synthesis of Sulfur-oxazoline Ligands Chemistry 2011-10-03
Chien-Hsiang Huang Study and Design of Transformer-Based Integrated Passive Devices and Dual-Band Bandpass Filters for Wireless Applications Electrical Engineering 2011-10-18
Xiu-wen Huang Gendered Care Work of Special Education in Taiwan : the Caregivers’ Accounts Institute of Sociology 2011-11-10
Ping-Lung Huang Studies on the Micropropagation and Somaclonal Variation Induction of Ornamental Bromeliads Biological Sciences 2011-12-12
Wan-chen Huang Environmental and Biogeochemical Changes in the Dapeng Bay over the Last Decade : Influence of Human Activities. Marine Geology and chemistry 2011-12-12
Rong-Yu Huang Study on Architecture-Oriented Thermal power station Alteration Affairs Management Model Information Management 2012-01-03
Jhe-Jhun Huang Detecting Drive-by Download Based on Reputation System Information Management 2012-01-10
Mei-Fen Huang The Strategy and Content of Local Tax Bureaus Safeguarding Taxpayers Rights-- from the Aspect of Public Value Public Affairs Management 2012-01-15
Yi-Ju Huang The impact of ECFA on steel industry in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-01-16
Yu-ting Huang Corporate governance in Taiwan: The nonmonotonic relationship between family ownership and dividend policy Business Management 2012-01-13
Chun-Jen Huang Atmospheric dry/wet deposition of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/dibenzofurans in a rural area of Southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2012-01-18
Chung-Yeh Huang Evaluation of Ambulance Diversion Electrical Engineering 2012-02-10
Yu-Hsi Huang Studies on China's policy of culture industry Political Science 2012-04-27
Yu-Ting Huang A Study on the Model of Building New Brand Image: By the Case of SARAI EMBA 2012-05-16
Yong-Zhong Huang The Study of 〈Zhongyong〉 Ideology Chinese Literature 2012-06-07
Yu-tien Huang Fairness Measurement and Cross-domain Analysis on Stakeholders' Perspectives with Development Difference Between Southern and Northern Taiwan: A Comparative Study of Cijin Seaside Park and Tamshi Fishers’ Wharf Public Affairs Management 2012-06-18
Ling-Yi Huang The Analysis of the Great Moderation in Australia Economics 2012-06-27
Jian-bing Huang The research of Silicon-Germanium-Oxide thin film in nonvolatile memory application Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-06-29
Yao-Nan Huang The Study of Measuring Surface Energy of Liquid Crystals by Owen-Wendt-Rabel and Kaelble Method Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-02
Wei-Ling Huang A Study of Early Adopters’ Characteristics and Adoption Intention of Print Media Application -United Daily News iPad Application as an Example Communications Management 2012-07-03
Hui-ching Huang An Action Research on Thematic Teaching Effectiveness of Character Education Education 2012-07-03
YEN-HSIN HUANG The Impact of Personality Traits on Compromise and Attraction Effects Business Management 2012-07-09
Po-Wei Huang Business Model Analyses for Electronic Commerce Company in Taiwan Business Management 2012-07-03
Jhao-Bi Huang Design of Transformer Terminal Unit for Transformer Management System Electrical Engineering 2012-07-11
ya-wen Huang A Study on the Relationship between the Socialization of Status Consumption and Luxury Attitude Public Affairs Management 2012-07-13
Yuan-min Huang A Study on Legal System of the Police Inspectors on PRC AND TPKM Political Science 2012-07-17
Shen-Tung Huang Predicting the Occurrence of Acute Hypotensive Episodes via ABP and ECG Signal Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-18
Shiuan-Hua Huang Development of Novel Pulse Shaping Technique and Its Application for Terahertz Radiation Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-19
Mei-Ping Huang Ready Mixed Concrete Industry Competitive Analysis EMBA 2012-07-23
Chih-wei Huang Microcosm batch study of the degradation of 1,2-DCA-contaminated soil Biological Sciences 2012-07-23
Hsin-Chih Huang Energy Management System for Smart Homes Communications Engineering 2012-07-20
Xiu-Ying Huang Concentrations and distribution of persistent organic pollutants in the atmosphere of southern Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-07-23
Yuh-Huey Huang An Empirivcal Study of User Technology Acceptance with Taiwan’s Advanced Passenger Information System :The Case of National Immigration Agency Political Science 2012-07-23
Pin-che Huang Temperature and Thermal Stress Distributions on High Power Phosphor Doped Glass LED Modules Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-18
Yu-Zhi Huang Detecting Attack Sequence in Cloud Based on Hidden Markov Model Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-26
Sheng-feng Huang Small-Scale River Plume Dynamics at the Gaoping River Mouth Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-07-26
Shu-Ting Huang Fabrication and characterization of high-speed through silicon via Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-28
Yu-jen Huang The research of city competitiveness: A structural equation model analysis Public Affairs Management 2012-07-26
Yu-yu Huang The correlation among perception of organizational change, job stress, and personality traits of the members in Kaohsiung Education Bureau Education 2012-08-01
Szu-kai Huang The Distributed Control Program Generator of Microprocessor-based Environment Electrical Engineering 2012-07-30
You-Wei Huang Crystallization Effect on Self-Assembly of Double-Crystalline Block Copolymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Shih-Tao Huang The systemic challenges among the relationship-oriented small and medium enterprises-Example: W company EMBA 2012-08-01
Syun Huang Performance Analysis of Cluster Databases Base on YCSB System Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-07
Yen-Lin Huang User’s Risk Management for the Personal Data of the Cloud Computing Service Industires Public Affairs Management 2012-08-06
Li-Ting Huang Correlation between work hour system changes and work performance and satisfaction —Semiconductor Company A as Case Study EMPP 2012-08-14
Yu-Chuan Huang The Borderlands and Security of China: China’s Grand Strategy and the Geopolitics of Xinjiang ICAPS 2012-08-14
Yao-Chin Huang Network Initialization Protocol for Smart Grid Electrical Engineering 2012-08-15
Jyun-Han Huang Assisting Parallel Parking by Binocular Vision Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-17
Teng-Yu Huang Applying Visionary Leadership and Balanced Scorecard in the SME –The Case of Company Y EMBA 2012-08-14
Jui-Lin Huang The Influence of Rural Regeneration Incubation Projection on the Community Autonomy for Cigu District in Tainan City Public Affairs Management 2012-08-27
Jian-hao Huang Synthesis of temperature-responsive PNIPAM/PTMA and their application in the catalyzed oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes and ketones Chemistry 2012-08-23
Shih-Syun Huang The Impact of ISD Team's Internal and External Social Capital on Absorptive Capacity and Team Performance Information Management 2012-08-28
Sheng-feng Huang Association of Oct4, Sox2, Nanog and Lin28 Protein Expression Levels with the Prognosis of Invasive Mammary Ductal Carcinoma Patients Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-30
Chen-hsin Huang Network products distribution channels co-opetition strategy analysis and research EMBA 2012-09-03
Shih-En Huang A Study on the Impact of Selling Behavior on Customer-Company Identification Communications Management 2012-08-21
Po-Cheng Huang Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy investigation of the interfacial electronic properties of the N-type LaAlO3/TiO2-SrTiO3 hetero-structure Physics 2012-09-05
Shu-Chen Huang How to enhance newcomers' retention and performance? Exploring the moderating effects of mentoring and newcomers' personality on the relationships between newcomers' Person-Job fit/Person-Organization fit and task performance/turnover intentions Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-09-07
Guo-Sin Huang All-ZnO P-N Diodes Fabricated by Variations of Orientation Physics 2012-09-10
Chang-Hao Huang Trading Strategy Mining with Gene Expression Programming Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-12
Sin-hui Huang Demand of Youth for Social Housing Policy – A Comparison of Taipei and Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2012-09-13
CHIH-CHENG HUANG The Declination of ”Chinese Identity” in Taiwan -An Analysis of Survey Data from 1992 to 2012 Political Science 2012-09-14
Yi-fang Huang A Study On Strategy of Using Flexible Employment in Taiwan’s Financial Services Industry Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-09-21
Jhih-Yuan Huang Using Distributed Smart Cameras to Detect Abnormal Events among a Crowd of People Information Management 2013-01-15
Teng-Hsing Huang Epitaxial growth and microstructure characterization of ZnO and Cu-alloyed GaN Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-01-24
Hui-Chen Huang miRNA-142-3p regulates interleukin-6 production in neonatal cord blood PMNs via posttranscriptional regulation Biological Sciences 2013-01-29
Hsin-Yi Huang Exploring the Relationships between Personal Value, Personal Intercultural Competence and Team Effectiveness: The Case of ACT Program Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2013-01-30
Shu-Huei Huang Characteristics of the sonic muscles tissue in the rattail Coelorinchus formosanus (Macrouridae) Marine Biology 2013-02-01
Lei-Ann Huang A Preliminary study on medium-selections and consuming experiences of Taiwanese men’s sex tourism Institute of Sociology 2013-02-05
Chih-Hao Huang Effects of floating beds on water purification in salt marsh type of constructed wetlands Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-02-22
Zih-Han, Huang Performance Skills and Interpretation of Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D major, opus 61 Music 2013-03-11
Melody Huei-chuan Fan Hong Kong-the Equity Marker outside Mainland China: from Taiwan Corporation’s Perspective EMBA 2008-07-15
Shin-yi Hung Variational Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2007-07-18
Jung-chih Hung The Research of Instant-Messaging User Behavior Communications Management 2008-05-14
Tzu-Hsiang Hung Study of Thermal and Mechanical Properties in Mg-Cu-Gd Amorphous Alloys Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-01
Man-shan Hung none Chinese Literature 2008-06-30
Mine-Kune Hung Studies on the migration pattern of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) around the fish aggregating devices (FADs) off South-Western Taiwan. IMA 2008-07-23
Wen-chi Hung A Study of Surface Plasmon Effect Excited on Metal Nanoparticles Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-25
Ming-Chun Hung Application of Global Game with Learning: Transparency, Currency Crisis and Feedback Effect Finance 2008-10-29
Yu-Chieh Hung Key Success Factors of Thematic Website - An Empirical Analysis of the Network Community Communications Management 2009-01-07
Yu-ling Hung A Study on Parenting Styles,Attachment Relationship,and Life Adjustment of the High Grade Elementary School Students in Kaohsiung City Education 2009-07-02
Yu-Chen Hung Multiple Scan Trees Synthesis for Test Time/Data and Routing Length Reduction under Output Constraint Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-29
Cun-ming Hung The Influence of The Changes Of Electoral System For Legislators On Political Factions In Kaohsiung County ICAPS 2009-08-05
Chia-Chun Hung Effects of ACTH Mutations on POMC-induced Melanoma Suppression and Steroidgenesis Biological Sciences 2009-09-08
Chih-Hsien Hung Dynamic Volatility Linkage between Taiwan MSCI Index and International Stock Markets Finance 2010-06-01
Chen-hui Hung On a Fitted Finite Volume Method for the Valuation of Options on Assets with Stochastic Volatilities Applied Mathematics 2010-06-22
Jui-lin Hung A Study of Log Patternization for Linux-based Systems Information Management 2010-06-30
Hsiao-ya Hung The Analysis of NCATE Professional Standards Applied in Taiwan Education 2010-07-17
Chen-Hsu Hung A Novel Technique of Butterfly-type Laser Module Packaging Employing Coaxial Construction Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Su-Hsing Hung Two Essays on Forecasting and the Long-run Equilibrium Relationship of Foreign Exchange Rates ICAPS 2010-08-12
Kuo-Yao Hung Operating target therapy for cancer drugs, key success factors. EMBA 2010-08-12
Wen-Yu Hung Study on Sesquiterpenoids from the Formosan Soft Coral Lemnalia flava Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-24
Yu-Chian Hung New Low-Complexity Space-time Coded MIMO-CDMA System Design With Semi- blind Channel Estimation in Multipath Channel Electrical Engineering 2010-08-27
Chien-Ya Hung The study on the causes of the underprivileged students’ low achievement, the remedial teaching method and the outcomes of remedial teaching from After School Alternative Program teachers’ perspective. Education 2011-03-17
Chien-Heng Hung Study of Linux Network Application Framework: Case Implementation of the MongoDB Services Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-06
Po-Yu Hung A Study on the Application of Regional Innovative Systems of the Southeast Asia to the Practice in Greater Kaohsiung Area EMPP 2011-07-11
Shih-Feng Hung A study of lean production influences manufacturing performance Business Management 2011-07-21
Yu-Pei Hung A Study of Brahms' Two Piano Sonata, Opus 34b Music 2011-07-30
Sung-chia Hung A Study of Adding 3C Chain Retail Businessto E-commercial E-shopping Platform– A Case Study of S Company EMBA 2011-07-28
Han-Chun Hung Proteomics Analysis of an Anti-inflammatory Marine-derived Compound Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-08-29
Yu-Wen Hung Understanding the Impacts of Information Quality, System Quality and Service Quality on Consumers’ Satisfaction and Continuance Intention Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-08-26
Ming-Chang Hung A Design of Recognition Rate Improving Strategy For English Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2011-08-27
Chi-Chiang Hung The Research of Positive Psychological Capital, Job Engagement, Service Climate and Service-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-02
Shao-Chian Hung A Preliminary Study of Stigma Appearances On Internet Forum─Using PTT’s Gossiping for example Information Management 2012-02-16
Chun-chieh Hung The Influence Of Endorser Credibility on Advertising Effectiveness-Exemplified By P&G Inc. Business Management 2012-03-13
Cheng-Hsiung Hung Key Ingredients for the Implementation of Six Sigma - A Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2012-06-05
Tsung-Pin Hung A Study on the Welding Pool and Residual Stress Distribution in Nd:YAG Micro-Pulse Laser Welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-08
Miao-ken Hung Synthesis and electrochemical characteristics of nitroxide polymer brushes for thin-film electrodes Chemistry 2012-06-27
SHENG-YUAN HUNG The Impact of Off-balance Sheet Activities on Taiwan's Banks Performance: An application of ARCH-M Model Finance 2012-07-05
Liang-Jie Hung Influence of hot rolling microstructure on mechanical properties of fullyannealed 5052 aluminum alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Li-Yun Hung The Stakeholders Using Strategy of Diversification for Taiwan's Business Transformation: Case on Air Conditioning Industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-09-06
Chien-Chung Hung A study of the influence of relationship marketing on perceived risk and repurchase intension for online shopping stores Business Management 2013-01-31
Wei Hung Cheng The Departure Factors from the Leasing and Financing Industry of High Achievement Team – A Case Study of Company C EMBA 2012-07-11
Ruei-Ran Hwang A Low Complexity Cyclic Prefix Reconstruction Scheme for Single-Carrier Systems with Frequency-Domain Equalization Communications Engineering 2010-08-25
Armin Ibitz Sino-EU Trade Relations and the Environment: The Influence of the European Union`s Environmental Directives on China ICAPS 2011-07-26
Yih-guey Jan A study on the Impact of Service Quality by means of Theme Marketing - An Example of a Chain Motel Business Management 2008-06-03
Jia-Pu Jang Positioning of Seafloor Transponders Using GPS and Acoustic Measurements IAMPUT 2009-08-11
Ing-yang Jang The annual assemblage variation of commercial prawns near the coastal waters of Yunlin Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-19
Jiun-Yang Jang Studies on the Natural Products from the Taiwanese Soft Corals Cespitularia hypotentaculata、Cespitularia taeniata、Junceella juncea and star anise Illicium arborescens Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-02-14
Tieh-Peng Jaw A study of the Fishery Restoration and conservation Management of Fujin and Tonpang in Penghu Island IMA 2009-08-20
Tzu-Wei Jen Generalized minimal polynomial over finite field and its application in coding theory Applied Mathematics 2011-07-27
Jung Jen Is a foreign language more attractive? The effects of Japanese code-switching advertising Communications Management 2013-02-04
Chiou-Chu Jeng A Study on the Environmental Literacy and Training Needs of Civil Servants: Based on the Example of Kaohsiung City Civil Servants Public Affairs Management 2010-09-07
Jia-fu Jhan Configuration and Analysis of Arrayed Boost-Type Battery Power Modules Electrical Engineering 2010-08-06
Bo-Chao Jhan The Study of Marshalling in Android:Case Implementation of Data Retrieval from Cloud Database Service Computer Science and Engineering 2011-11-18
Yi-Pin Jhan Investigation of carrier transport in organic optoelectronic devices and iridium complex based phosphorescent light emitting devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-13
Li-ling Jhang The Study on the New Pension Scheme for Civil Servants:Evidence from Kaohsiung County EMPP 2008-06-23
Jing-wun Jhang The Effect of Temperature and Mechanical Rubbing on the Surface Free Energy of Polyimide Thin Films and the Wettability of Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-15
Yan-Hao Jhang Research on Identification and Analysis of Optoelectronic Sensor Fingerprint Signals Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Ya-Ping Jhang Isolation of Antibiotics Producing Soil Bacteria in Taiwan Intertidal Zones Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-10
Bao-tang Jheng Investigation on negative bias temperature instability and Electrical Analysis of MOSFETs under External Mechanical Stress Electrical Engineering 2009-07-26
Hao-Yi Jheng An Adaptive Proportional-Integral Controller for Power Management of 3D Graphics System-On-Chip Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-31
Nai-Yuan Jheng Distance-Dependence of Electronic Interaction in Molecular Wire Consisting of Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate-Ethynyl Unit Bridging Two Ruthenium-Terpyridine Metal Centers Chemistry 2011-07-08
Qiao-Hong Jheng Spary Droplet Diameter and Flowfield Characteristic Analysis Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-06
You-Cheng Jheng The diversity of firefly and preliminary study of the mating behavior of Luciola anceyi Olivier in Guanziling, Tainan Biological Sciences 2012-08-09
Siao-ming Jhou Taiwan Stock Forecasting with the Genetic Programming Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-07
Hao-fu Jhu A Design of Taiwanese Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
Yi-cheng Jhu Knowledge Construction Methodology of Stroke Clinical Decision Support System Information Management 2011-07-17
Syun-Fong Jhuang Synthesis and Characterization of Low Bandgap Copolymer based on Thiophene Derivative Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-08
Mei-yin Jian Stock Prices and Exchange Rate Dynamics:The Evidence for Asian Area Economics 2011-07-15
Fei-Syong Jian Study of Charge Transport Properties of Discotic Liquid Crystal Semiconductors Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-13
Chong-Yao Jian Fabrication of Sb-doped CIGS by selenization of stacked elemental layer and thin solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Shu-fang Jian LKB1 binds to APC and modulates Wnt signaling pathway in lung cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2013-02-04
Cheng-Hong Jiang Race time prediction for Taiwan marathoner Applied Mathematics 2008-07-19
Yu-ning Jiang Studies on the monitor and management of sergestid shrimp(Sergia lucens)resource in Tung-Kang, Taiwan. IMA 2010-06-25
Dong-Xian Jiang Identification of the water pollution sources through analysis of water quality monitoring data of Tamsui and Kao-Ping River Basin Applied Mathematics 2010-07-26
Yu-xuan Jiang Phylogeny of Pempheridae inferred from sound-producing structure and DNA sequences Marine Biology 2010-08-19
Jung-Yi Jiang Feature Reduction and Multi-label Classification Approaches for Document Data Electrical Engineering 2011-08-08
Jia-Ming Jiang Study of Liquid Sensor Using Dual-Mode ZnO Thin-Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (TFBAR) Electrical Engineering 2011-08-30
Yi Jiang The Research of Anticipation to Purchase Likelihood-A Case of Watsons's Promotion Activities. Business Management 2012-01-13
Ting-Yu Jiang Competition between ferromagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic couplings in Co doped ZnO with vacancies and Ga co-dopants Physics 2012-02-14
Wei-Sheng Jiang A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Italian and Farsi Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Phakjira Jitharnpol Discovering Marketing Strategy for Highly Competitive Thai Spa Business: Case Study of “Just Spa” Business Management 2013-02-18
Jau-jeng Jou The Impacts of Competence and Knowledge Transfer Climate on ERP Knowledge Transfer Information Management 2012-02-07
Hsing-ju Ju Online stockbrokerage business management development Information Management 2008-06-08
Min-syong Ju The Effect of Hydrogen in Titanium Alloys Microstructure Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-22
Yen-tian Ju The influence of Perceived Risks on Customer’s Purchase Intentions in a Cross-media setting-The study of integrating telemarketing and internet marketing Communications Management 2010-07-19
Po-yau Ju Microfluidic Flow Meter and Viscometer Utilizing Flow Induced Vibration Phenomena on an Optic Fiber Cantilever Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-26
Chun-Ying Juan Design and Implementation of FlexRay Automotive Communication System Physical Layer and 32-bit High Speed Tree-Structured Carry Lookahead Adder Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
I-Pin Juan The Influence of Business-to-Business Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Assembly and Testing Manufacturing as a case study Business Management 2011-08-23
Chun-Kai Juan Study on modify shear and bending resistance of steel- polyethylene slag HyFRC Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-02-18
Yan-yi Jun The Study of Aesthetic Experience for Adolescents:The Construction of Its Instrument and the Exploration of Its Related Factors Education 2013-02-01
Te-Fang Jung A Study on Behavior of Credit Card Holders in Taiwan ─ After Bank Credit Crunch EMBA 2012-09-14
Cheng-chuan Kan Roll shape design for foil rolling of a four-high mill and rolling technology development Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-08
Yi-Li Kan The Application of 75 Rule in Stock Index Trading Strategies Finance 2012-06-23
Heng-I Kan Subunit Disassembly of Human Hemoglobin and the Site-specific Roles of Its Cysteine Residues Chemistry 2012-07-28
Sachiyo Kaneko Error Analysis of Japanese Language Learners's Particles "de" and " ni " at three levels in Taiwan Education 2011-09-02
Shiang-Shi Kang A Novel Self-aligned TFT with Source/Drain tie and Discontinuous Block Oxide Layer for Suppressing Self-heating Effect and Floating Body Effect Electrical Engineering 2009-08-10
Min-Hua Kang The location technology for laser diodes packaging Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-07
Nai-shin Kang Study on die surface design and loading paths for T-shape tube hydroforming with different diameters in the outlets Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-08
Ting-Wei Kang Mobile Communication Device Antennas for LTE/WWAN and LTE MIMO Operations Electrical Engineering 2011-04-24
Chiung-wen Kang Determinants of Foreign Exchange Market Intervention by the People's Bank of China and RMB Exchange Rate Finance 2011-06-29
Jin-cheng Kang Design of Digital Meters for Intelligent Demand Response Electrical Engineering 2011-07-05
Zhe-wei Kang The Empirical of Regional Disparities and Housing Price: Evidenced from Taiwan Finance 2012-07-17
Chia-Hao Kang Military Confidence Building Measures Across the Strait, constitution, cognitive and condition of the analysis - Elected representatives in the southern region. Public Affairs Management 2012-08-24
Ming-yen Kao The effects of organizational justice on work attitude- foreign companies in Taiwan as an example Institute of Human Resource Management 2007-08-27
Chin-chi Kao The Developmental Pattern of China’s Regional Economy: An Analysis of Southern-West Regional Economic Cooperation Mainland China Studies 2008-07-01
Yi-kai Kao Analysis of Emergency Physicians' Perception and Application of Evidence-Based Medicine Institute of Health Care Management 2008-07-06
Ssi-kai Kao A study on think tank as science and technology decision support - A case study of International Science and Technology Policy Observe Platform Public Affairs Management 2008-12-02
Hao-yun Kao E-Health Readiness and Its Influences on E-Health Transformation Success: A Change Perspective Information Management 2009-06-15
Tzu-yu Kao Study of Standard Voltage Setting of a Primary Substation Electrical Engineering 2009-07-04
Yung-cheng Kao Transmission Schemes, Caching Algorithms and P2P Content Distribution with Network Coding for Efficient Video Streaming Services Computer Science and Engineering 2010-02-23
Shih-Hsun Kao The Research of The Control Platform With outsourcing Unessentials– Selecting the Steel Company as a Case Study Information Management 2010-08-23
Kuo-hsuan Kao A study on ATP / CTP mechanism for artificial leather industry in Taiwan Information Management 2010-09-01
Wei-Hsiang Kao A Theoretical Study to Design an Improved Dispersion Map and the Fiber Effective Area Tolerance for the Long-haul RZ-DPSK System Using the DFF Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-06-27
Chiu-Fen Kao An Examination of volatility Transmission and Systematic Jump Risk in Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Markets Finance 2011-07-06
Li-wen Kao Comparison of Discrimination between Logistic Model with Distance Indicator and Regularized Function for Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2011-07-08
Wei-Chun Kao The Research of Brand Image and Involvement Affect Brand Royalty in Smart Phone Market Business Management 2011-07-15
Ya-ting Kao A study of female poets of Ming Adherents during the end of the Ming and beginning of the Qing dynasty Chinese Literature 2011-08-13
Ming-hsiu Kao The Study of the Relationship between Career Self-efficacy and Career Satisfaction of Human Recourse Practitioners- Moderated by Mentoring Support and Interpersonal Trust Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-09
Yeh-chun Kao Bandwidth Enhancement of the LTE/WWAN Handset Antenna by Improving the Current Distribution in the System Ground Plane Electrical Engineering 2012-06-11
Hsiu-Fen Kao Spin-Splitting Calculation for Zinc-blende and Wurtzite Structures of III-V Semiconductors Physics 2012-06-29
Tang-Hsi Kao Research of Affects of Anti-Mosquito Volunteer Work and Environmental Literacy on Dengue Fever Vector Prevention Effectiveness The Case of Kaohsiung City’s Gushan District Political Science 2012-07-23
Chien-Hui Kao A study of rapid thermal selenization process of Cu2ZnSnSe4 films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Yan-tin Ke The influence of customizing pain control for postoperative care on patient’s satisfaction-The example of surgery for hemorrhoids. Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-06
Chou-fang Ke Dynamic Responses of the High Speed Intermittent Systems with Variable Inertia Flywheels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-19
Pei-ru Ke Forecasting Volatility for commodity futures using fat-tailed model Finance 2011-07-08
Hung-Shiun Ke Time and Frequency Synchronization and Cell Search in 3GPP LTE Communications Engineering 2011-08-05
Hong-Cen Ke Social Image of Fictions by Yang Kui ICAPS 2011-09-01
Chun-Hsiang Ke Influences of Celebrity Endorser-Service Type Fit on Service Advertising Business Management 2012-08-06
Hsiu-hua Ke The examination of imagination - An example of B&B managers Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-10-05
Zoltan Kettinger Housing preferences comparison between Budapest and Kaohsiung Business Management 2009-07-13
Kuan-ping Kho Hybrid Routing Protocol Based on k-hop Clustering Structure in MANETs Electrical Engineering 2009-08-24
I-Feng Ko Finite Element Analysis of the Pressure Vessel Skirt Support Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-23
Chao-jen Ko Implementation of the FlexRay Protocol Module Communications Engineering 2009-07-24
Kuang-Lin Ko Study on MOBILE01 Website 3C Products “Open Box Experience” Sharing Phenomenon Information Management 2009-08-20
Chieh-Yu Ko A Study on the Relationship Among Personality Traits, Work Stress and Coping Strategies of the Teachers at Junior High Schools in Kaohsiung County and Kaohsiung City Education 2010-02-08
Chun-ching Ko The study of "Cross-region operation" and "Performance Enhancement" of regional banks- take K bank as an example EMBA 2010-08-03
Tzu-Wei Ko Improving the Resonant Phenomenon of the Serially Axial Fan Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Tsung-Ting Ko A Conceptual Model Building for Coastal Zones Planning by Applying Dynamic Multi-Objective Programming Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-10-26
Ming-tan Ko Study of the Relationship between Place Attachment and Public Participation: the Campus of National Cheng Kung University. Public Affairs Management 2011-06-30
Yi-An Ko Role of nuclear factor-κB–interleukin-6 signaling pathway in ventilator-induced lung injury in mice Biological Sciences 2011-07-05
Yao-hsiung Ko A dynamic study of using TOC to explore developing ATP/CTP mechanism in continuous production industry Information Management 2011-08-10
Szu-yu Ko Development of High Power Tunable Narrowband Terahertz Radiation and Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-26
Chien-Ming Ko Design of Oscillatory Wave-Energy Acquisition System With Adjustable System Characteristics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-24
Pei-shan Ko Comparison of Green Energy Policies between Taiwan and Singapore ICAPS 2012-07-28
Ya-Zhu Ko The study of population genetics and conservation in Amentotaxus argotaenia complex Biological Sciences 2012-07-31
Chin-kuei Ko The effect of Transformational and Transactional Leaderships on Y Generation Employee to Turnover intention : Perceived Supervisory Support as the Mediator, Organizational Identification as the Moderator Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-29
Kuan-yu Ko Functional studies on CKS1B gene in Hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-14
Chia-hua Ko A Study on the Relationship between Junior High School Students’ Attitudes of Political Symbols and National Identities in Kaohsiung Education 2012-12-13
De-ming Kong The Study and Fabrication of Ultra-broadband Optical Amplifier Based on Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Communications Engineering 2011-01-20
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Wei-chung Kung The Study of the Relationship Police Officers’ Interaction Codes of Service Encounters with Satisfaction Public Affairs Management 2010-09-01
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Hui-Hsuan Kung APSK Transmission Experiment with Homodyne Receiver Using Carrier Phase Recovery Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-06-28
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Hsing-Yu Kung Study on Architecture-Oriented Network Product Business Management Model Information Management 2012-06-19
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Ta-Hsin Kuo A Novel Selective Filling Technique of Photonic Crystal Fibers and Their Optical Measurements Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-03
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Chih-heng Kuo none Public Affairs Management 2008-09-11
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Wei-pei Kuo The Study of the Critical Success Factors in medical-network Service Innovation System – A Case of Ma-Kuang Healthcare Group , Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2011-09-06
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Yu-Sheng Kuo A CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell with an InGaP Secondary Absorption Layer Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
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Hao-Ting Kuo Evaluation of Artery Wall Distensibility using Automatic Segmentation on CT Angiography Images Electrical Engineering 2012-08-13
Pin-yi Kuo A Study of Participating Employees' Welfare Committee and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Perceived Organizational Support as a Mediating Mechanism Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-08-10
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Chia-Hsun Kuo Effect of Gold on Platinum Catalyst for Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane Reaction Chemistry 2012-08-16
Li-Cheng Kuo The Key Factor of How to Observe the Overdue Loan in Advance from the Financial Statement--YHI as a Study Case EMBA 2012-08-27
Tsu-Chi Kuo Design of an Eccentric Cam Drive Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-29
Huan-Chen Kuo Study of Ultrasonic Treatment of Clostridium on Bio-hydrogen Producing Effect Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-29
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Je-Cheng Kuo Turbulent flows induced by the interaction of continuous internal waves and a sloping bottom IAMPUT 2012-10-08
Keng-Fu Kuo Relationship between Online Social Identity、Impression Management and Virtual Community Citizenship Behavior ─An Exploratory Study of Online Game Discussion Forum Information Management 2012-10-28
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Ji-Hong Lai wealth management factor model Finance 2009-07-27
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Tsung-jen Lai Association of IL-10 Promoter Genetic Polymorphisms with the Risk of Kawasaki Disease and Development of Acute Coronary Artery Lesions Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-28
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Po-chih Lai none EMBA 2010-06-18
Chao-hsien Lai How to use the concept of Servitization of Manufacturing to increase the value-added to its product towards its customers EMBA 2010-07-28
Yu-Chang Lai Development of management strategies for Kaoping River Basin using NPS pollution and river water quality models Environmental Engineering 2010-08-16
Yan-Siao Lai The research of Self-organizing maps combined with backpropagation neural network applied to financial distress prediction model. Business Management 2010-08-30
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Chun-I Lai Creativity Analysis and Motivation Study of Game Modification Creators Information Management 2011-09-02
Chung-Tin Lai Effect of molecular structure on the aggregation-induced emission properties of organic and polymeric materials containing tetraphenylthiophene or triphenylpyridine moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-01
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Shu-Yu Lai The Use of Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy in Characterisation of Polyimide Thin Films Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-06-29
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Yu Lai Factor Affecting College Students’ Preference for Fair Trade Coffee Public Affairs Management 2012-08-03
Tzu-Fan Lai Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Cooking Oil Fume Emitted from Restaurants by Nano-sized TiO2 Photocatalyst Coated Fiberglass Filter and Ozone Oxidation Technology Environmental Engineering 2012-08-20
Yi-Lung Lai Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Aggregation Scheme with Public Verification in Smart Grid Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-28
Chi-che Lai Exploring the enhancing and inhibiting factors to creativity of independent musicians in network space Information Management 2012-09-02
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Fabien Laventureux Decomposing Bottled Water in France and Taiwan: A Hedonic Price Analysis Business Management 2010-08-09
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Chung-Lin Lee Software Design of Communication Performance Estimation for System Synthesis Electrical Engineering 2008-03-28
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Wang-liang Lee Construction of the system of production logistic in supply chain : The fit of manpower and information technology Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-07-04
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Chia-hua Lee English It-cleft and Chinese shi...(de) : Translation of The Fellowship of The Ring Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-17
Jui-Ni Lee Design of the Miniature High Impedance Surface Structure to Reduce Metallic Effect on the RFID Tag Antenna Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Ming-yu Lee Evaluation of Event Episode Analysis System Information Management 2008-07-26
Chung-hui Lee Kalman Equalization For Modified PRP-OFDM System With Assistant Training Sequences Under Time-Varying Channels Electrical Engineering 2008-08-07
Yi-Chin Lee Optimal Route Selection Schemes for QoS-constraint Traffic in WiMAX Mesh Networks Electrical Engineering 2008-09-04
Shu-Cheng Lee The Effects of Absorptive Capacity, Knowledge Sourcing Strategy, Alliance Forms on Firm Performance Business Management 2008-12-02
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Wen-che Lee A Study on the Role of the Gambling Industry in Macau’s Economic Development and Its Implication for Taiwan ICAPS 2009-07-15
Mei-fen Lee A Study of Investment Location Selection for Taiwan High-Tech Industry - Case of Opto-Communication Industry EMBA 2009-07-27
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Lin-han Lee Studies on the enzyme activity and gene expression of lipid and triacylglycerol biosynthesis of cobia (Rachycentron canadum). Marine Biology 2009-07-30
Jia-Yu Lee Cooperative Effect of Double Beam Light Sources on the Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Chemistry 2009-07-30
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Yih-Der Lee The Operation and Control of Micro-grid Systems with Dispersed Generation Electrical Engineering 2009-08-05
Lian-Wang Lee A Query Dependent Ranking Approach for Information Retrieval Electrical Engineering 2009-08-28
Wan-chi Lee Fabrication of aspherical micro-lens using modified LIGA process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-26
Yen-huei Lee Applications of VFIFE method to the Timoshenko beam analysis Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-08-31
I-hsien Lee American Magic and Dread in Don DeLillo’s White Noise Foreign Language and Literature 2009-08-31
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Pei-ying Lee Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity Studies of Nickel and Aluminum Complexes Containing Amido Phosphine Ligands Chemistry 2009-11-26
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Hsin-Ling Lee The Study of Brand Story, Brand Personality, and Brand Image: Examples of Brands in Taiwan Business Management 2010-06-23
Chia-jung Lee A Study on the Relationship between Mobile Advertising Acceptance and Advertising Effect Business Management 2010-06-24
Shu-tzu Lee none Chinese Literature 2010-06-28
Jenn-jong Lee The system dynamics on the TW-DRG system for hospital days in Hospital Revenue, medical and behavioral study with the doctor-patient relationship Information Management 2010-07-19
Chung-Wei Lee Personalized Recommendation Based on Consumer Product Reviews Information Management 2010-07-28
Chun-I Lee A Study of High School Accountability in Kaohsiung Education 2010-07-27
Yu-Shiuan Lee The study of control the molecular arrangement of liquid crystals using dye-doped polydimethylsiloxane thin film Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Yu-Wei Lee A Study of Social Network Analysis of Online Group-Buying Information Management 2010-07-28
Gui-Yun Lee Design of Coupling Circuit for Power Line Communication and Characterization of Residential Appliance Noise Communications Engineering 2010-07-28
Chien-hsueh Lee New veterans in Tainan who demobilized in three years take Tainan for example EMPP 2010-07-22
Ming-Shiue Lee Deposition and characteristical of DLC film by electrodeposition technique Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Mi-Chu Lee Research on Speed Control Methods for Single-Phase Full-Wave Brushless DC Fan Motor Driver Electrical Engineering 2010-08-10
Shang-cheng Lee none ICAPS 2010-08-10
Ling-ling Lee The Effect of Price Promotion and Product Preservation on Online Group-Buying Behavior Information Management 2010-08-13
Ai-Lin Lee On Tourist Satisfaction with Cultural Heritage Site- A Case study of the Malacca State Business Management 2010-08-16
Guan-Hua Lee The study of defects in single GaN nanorod Physics 2010-08-19
Chien-kuo Lee The Analysis of Ilan’s Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Patients EMBA 2010-08-28
Hsiu-chin Lee The Stability of Hepatoma-Derived Growth Factor (HDGF) is Regulated by CDK1/Cdc2 Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-27
Hung-hsi Lee A Study of Target Frequency Bond for Frequency Control Performance Score Calculations in an Isolated System Electrical Engineering 2010-09-06
Chia-Hung Lee Study on mechanical and electronic properties of one-dimensional zinc oxide nanostructure by Molecular Dynamics and Density Functional Theory Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-08
Chia-chih Lee On Cognitive Algorithms for WRAN Signals Communications Engineering 2010-08-27
Chun-Che Lee Application of Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Flexible Electronics Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-12-14
Chih-liang Lee Idea and Practice in Master Sheng Yen's "Pure Land on Earth' Chinese Literature 2011-01-25
Dau Lee New Type Mechanical Overload Protection Devices Design by Patent Design Around and Biomimetic Concepts Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-11
Pei-hsuan Lee The migration consciousness in Shi Shuqing’s novel Chinese Literature 2011-02-16
Ching-chin, Lee A Comprehensive Review of Labor Litigation in China: Focus on Labor Dispute Resolutions and Judicial Interpretations ICAPS 2011-06-15
Ya-Chuan Lee Performance evaluation of intrinsic bioremediation on the treatment of petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2011-06-30
Pei-Chen Lee A Study of Incentive Systems on Motivation, Interactive Behaviors and Satisfactions of Virtual Communities Communications Management 2011-06-30
Ching-Tai Lee A study on the strategic of public-private partnership in tourism development in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2011-07-04
Chiu-Huang Lee A Study on OBM Strategies of Taiwanese corporate in European markets based on resource-based view perspective Business Management 2011-06-27
Ching-wei Lee The Monopolist’s Optimal Allocation of Advertising and Pricing under the Threat of the Potential Firm Economics 2011-07-07
Shu-Yi Lee The Categorization of Pyogenic Brain Abscesses Using in Vivo Proton MR Spectroscopy with LCModel Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-06
Cheng-Tse Lee RF Front-End Heterogeneous Chip Integration and the Use of Magnetically Coupled Interconnection Techniques Electrical Engineering 2011-07-19
Ling Lee Applying the ARCS model to Design Robot Teaching Assistant for Sustaining Learning Motivation Information Management 2011-07-26
Chung-Lin Lee A Study of the low-energy interfaces between different planes of NiO Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-26
Ming-Chang Lee Study of Eco-tourism Development in the Houbihu Protection Area IMA 2011-07-19
Huei-Shiun Lee Fatigue Response of Centrally Notched Ti/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates by Two-Step Loading Cyclic Tests Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-27
Kai-Ping Lee Research of single crystal growth and scintillation performance of Ce:(Lu(1-X)YX)2SiO5(Ce:LYSO) scintillator Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Kao-Yuan Lee A Study of Screening Mechanism of Steel Mill Equipment Supplier -A Case of Rolling Mill of China Steel Corporation EMBA 2011-08-03
Tzu-ying Lee The Effect of Marketing Mix Strategy on Consumer Repurchase Intention : A Case Study of Kaohsiung's Movie Theaters Communications Management 2011-08-09
Chih-ying Lee Target Tracking by Information Filtering in Cluster-based UWB Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-08-19
Tsung-Hsin Lee A Study on Sustainable Development Strategy of Jack Lifting Method – A Case of R Company EMBA 2011-08-15
Shih-Chung Lee A Design of Arabic Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2011-08-19
Chia-hsun Lee Multifunctional nanoparticles applied on bacterial analysis and bacterial infection on animals Chemistry 2011-09-01
Yu-lin Lee The Evolution and Trends of Taiwan’s Knitting fabric Industry EMBA 2011-08-30
Sin-Yu Lee Line Extension of Service Product Business Management 2011-08-30
Wen-Tu Lee The Production and Deformation Behaviour of Ultrafine-Grained AZ31 Mg Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-31
Yun-Ping Lee Understanding the sense of calling in the work context Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-02
Ying-Pu Lee The Influences of Green Leadership and Green Corporate Culture on Green Organization Behavior Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-09-06
Ni-Hsing Lee The effect of Mn addition on tensile deformation behavior of aluminum alloy sheets processed by heavy cold-rolling and partial anneal Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-06
Yu-Shan Lee High Efficiency Video Coding:Second-Order-Residual Prediction Mechanism Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Yu-shin Lee Study of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 Thin Film Prepared by Electrodeposition Electrical Engineering 2011-11-18
Jui-cheng Lee Studies on civil aviation industry in China: from domestic, East Asia to the world Political Science 2011-12-19
Yueh-Ling Lee Studies on the Conflict of Diaoyutai and Sovereignty Dispute IMA 2011-12-26
Chih-kung Lee Environmental Isolation of Cryptococcus species and Tricosporon asahii in Southern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2012-01-10
Ming-Shyan Lee The strategy study of international EPC contractor to establish long-term competitiveness EMBA 2012-02-09
Sui-yi Lee The Impact of Single-District Two Votes System on the Party’s Nomination Institution:A Comparative study of KMT and DPP’s Nomination Institution of the Seventh Legislators Election Political Science 2012-04-07
Fang-Chun Lee Estimation of Storm Buffer Width for a Sandy Beach Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-05-17
Mong-Ting Lee Attracting Factors of Global Talent Recruitment- The Case of Taiwanese Enterprise Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-23
Chia-ling Lee A Study of Foreign Entry Mode of Taiwanese Company in European Markets-A Case Study of U Company Entering French and Dutch Markets Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-07-18
Shu-Hua Lee Kaohsiung Citizens and Households Officers’ Cognitive Analysis of the Household Registration Office in the Public Value Public Affairs Management 2012-07-24
Wen-Hua Lee The Effects of Financial Cooperation in East Asia on the Financial Development of Taiwan Political Science 2012-07-29
Cheng-Han Lee Stacked Package MIMO Antenna and Isolator Design of MIMO Antenna Communications Engineering 2012-07-30
Tzu-Ching Lee Research on Formation Process of King Stocks in Taiwan through “Economic Value Added”Approach EMBA 2012-08-14
Ko-han Lee A context-aware system to predict user's intention on smartphone based on ECA Model Information Management 2012-08-21
Yu-zhan Lee Micro-ring Device Design and Analysis With Large FSR and Narrow Passband Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-27
Chin-Tai Lee A case study of the Resource-Based View to Acer group's Reengineering Business Management 2012-08-31
Yu-Sheng Lee Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from the Soft Coral Paralemnalia thyrsoides Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-05
Tsung-lung Lee The Critical Success Factors of implement ERP in SME – Using traditional industry as Example Information Management 2012-09-13
Yi-Chieh Lee Democratic Governance of the Commons: A Case Study of Sergestid Shrimp Fishery in Tongkang, Taiwan Institute of Sociology 2013-02-03
Chia-Tung Lei The research of characters on Chankuotseh Chinese Literature 2009-12-28
Si-kei Leong Is Slim Model Effective? Influences of Model’s Body Size, Race and Product Type in Advertising Business Management 2011-08-30
Yun-Shiuan Leung Characterization of the toxicity of Helicobacter pylori clinical isolates and the biomarker in the stools of gastric cancer patients using MALDI-TOF/MS and multivariate analysis Chemistry 2012-08-06
Ming-Shu Li Success and Failure of Taiwanese Interest rate Futures Finance 2008-06-19
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Su-ping Li Taiwanese consumers'identity to Taiwan brands─3C industry for example Business Management 2008-06-26
Hui-chun Li The Re/Shaping of the Posthuman, Cyberspace, and Histories in William Gibson’s Idoru and All Tomorrow’s Parties Foreign Language and Literature 2008-07-02
Shih-Chun Li Effect of Bolts Locking Sequence on the Deformation of Flow-Channel Plates in Micro-PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-22
Ting-jui Li Electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Fe-Ni Alloys with Low Thermal Expansion Materials Science and Engineering 2008-09-06
Li-fen Li A Study of Taiwanese Nationalism in the Japanese Colonial Period, 1895~1945 ICAPS 2009-01-13
Pei-fen Li Target Firm Top Management Retained Ratio following Merger And Acquisition Business Management 2009-02-10
Yi-te Li Cyclical Fluctuation and its Determinants in Taiwan Mobile Market Economics 2009-02-12
Wei-yu Li Multiband Coupled-Fed Loop Antennas for Mobile Communication Electrical Engineering 2009-05-20
Ming-wei Li Cloning and sequence analysis of the peroxidase genes in High and Low rooting line of Cinnamomum kanehirae Biological Sciences 2009-05-26
Yu-hsin Li none Business Management 2009-06-26
Tsung-chang Li Physicochemical Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Particles in Kinmen-Xiamen Region Environmental Engineering 2009-07-22
Chien-Jung Li Research on Digitally Predistorted Power Amplifier and Injection-Pulled Oscillator for Wireless Communication System Electrical Engineering 2009-07-26
Cheng-Hsuan Li A Flexible Combinatorial Strategy based on Constraint Statisfaction Problem Information Management 2009-08-23
Jyun-yu Li Analysis of microstructures and defects of GaN grown on sapphire substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-25
Kuen-ying Li Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Nano-size TiO2 via Nanocasting Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-25
Shyh-Jane Li A Preliminary Study on the Pitfall of Social Networking Service in Taiwan by System Dynamics Modeling Business Management 2010-06-17
Han-chieh Li Meteorologically adjusted trends of ozone and dispersion of air pollutants in the Hsuehshan Tunnel Environmental Engineering 2010-06-22
Yu-chi Li Determination of Differential Cross Sections from Sliced Fluorescence Image Experiment in the Bulb Environment Chemistry 2010-07-02
Meng-chong Li Bus Assisted Connectionless Routing Protocol for Metropolitan VANET Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-22
Yu-lin Li Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube on Chromium Catalyst Using Chemical Vapor Deposition Chemistry 2010-07-26
Ming-tsung Li The analysis of Sinya Digital Company’s entrance to China retailing market EMBA 2010-07-26
Yu-Shaung Li The Study and Fabrication of Ultra-broadband Optical Amplifier Based on Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Ya-Ming Li Synthesis and Mechanistic Studies on the Reaction of N-phenylpyridin-2-Amine Palladacycle with Aryltrifluoroboratess to 9-(pryidin-2yl)-9H-carbazole Chemistry 2010-08-09
Bo-Wei Li Photocatalyses of Zinc Oxide Nanotip/Titanium Oxide Film Heterojunctions Electrical Engineering 2010-08-06
Ching-chiu Li A Study of Influence of Relative Dominance in Human Resource Management of Dispatched Enterprises and User Enterprises on Dispatched Workers’ Cognition of Employer Liability Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-12
Wei-shuo Li Probabilistic Analysis and Threshold Investigations of Random Key Pre-distribution based Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-23
Yen-Chang Li Analyzing the Management in Nutraceutical Industry in Taiwan:Taking G Company as an Example EMBA 2010-08-30
Chien-Wei Li Design and Analysis of a Piezoelectrically Actuated Four-Bar Flapping Mechanism Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-02
Wan-Hua Li Applicatiation of Electrical Fiberglass Filter Coated with Nano-sized TiO2 Photocatalyst on Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation of Acetone Environmental Engineering 2010-09-06
Chun-Chieh Li Study on Architecture-Oriented Closed Circuit Television Information and Intelligence Management Model Communications Management 2011-01-11
Gen-liang Li A study on the parameter estimation based on rounded data Applied Mathematics 2011-01-21
Chuei-Shiun Li The Role of Autophagy at Nucleus Tractus Solitarii in Cardiovascular Depression During Experimental Endotoxemia Biological Sciences 2011-02-10
Shang-jen Li Narrating the entrepreneuring organization-the case of BS Cultural and Educational Enterprise Group Business Management 2011-02-15
Lieh-Yu Li Inversion of Nonlinear Dispersive Wave and its Application in Determining Tsunami Wave Soure IAMPUT 2011-04-13
Meng-Fu Li A Methodology for Constructing the PSM of SOA System based on the IBM WebSphere Platform Information Management 2011-06-25
Hsin-Pei Li The Expection of Employer-employee Relationship on the Decision-making of Dispatched Workers and Its Equilibrium Economics 2011-07-18
Yu-Rong Li The Inflence of Motivation in Participating Clinical Trial: Evidence from Healthy Volunteers Institute of Health Care Management 2011-07-18
Mao-Chang Li Competition Between Licensors Economics 2011-07-24
I-ting Li Beyond the Social Violence: Individual Beauty in Mrs. Dalloway Foreign Language and Literature 2011-07-25
Che-min Li Effect of silicon substrate treatment on the growth of DLC thin film Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Yu-Pu Li The Expression and Significance of WWOX and β-catenin in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-07-26
Jheng-Ruei Li Aging powerline detection and electrical fire precaution by using powerline communication technique Electrical Engineering 2011-07-27
Chun-Wei Li Synthesis and Reactivity Study of Diarylamido-phosphino Nickel and Zirconium complexes Chemistry 2011-07-28
Zong-Heng Li Velocity and temperature distributions of turbulent plane jet interaction with the nonlinear oppositive progressive gravity wave and ocean current Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-03
Li-Ting Li Distribution of Organotin Compounds in Love River and Chen-Chang River of Kaohsiung Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-08-17
Pei-Hsun Li An Improved ICI Self-Cancellation Scheme for Distributed MISO-OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2011-08-24
Hsun-Chiang Li Market and Behavioral Factors on Stock Returns-The Application of Markov Regime-Switching Models Finance 2011-08-26
Yi-shan Li Modernity and Identity in V.S. Naipaul’s A House for Mr. Biswas, Miguel Street, and The Mystic Masseur Foreign Language and Literature 2011-08-29
Chou-cheng Li Fabrication of CuInSe2:Sb thin-film solar cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-29
Meng-luen Li The Relationship between Poem and Music in Remembering and The Magic Carousel. Music 2011-09-06
Kun-ta Li Is Algorithmic Trading the villain? - Evidence from stock markets in Taiwan Finance 2011-10-18
Yi-Wei Li HARQ Packet Scheduling Based on RTT Estimation in LTE Networks Communications Engineering 2012-02-15
Sin-Jia LI Chemical oxidation of refinery spent caustic liquor containing naphthenic acids Environmental Engineering 2012-06-21
Ming-Hong Li The Study of Nonlinear Optical Properties of Diacrylate Using Z-SCAN Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-02
Yuan-Run Li A Study on Venture Capitalists’ Investment Criteria of Taiwan’s Movie Industry Business Management 2012-07-03
GUO-YU, LI Promoter DNA hypermethylation leads to Reelindown regulation in cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-05
Cheng-Ling Li Numerical study of vortex-induced vibration of a circular cylinder Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-07-11
Yi-wei Li Aggregation-Induced Emission Enhancement of organic and polymeric fluorophores containing 2,4,6-Triphenylpyridine moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-13
Chieh-kun Li Misbehaving Relay Detection for Cooperative Communications without the Knowledge of Relay Misbehaviors Communications Engineering 2012-07-17
Yu-hsuan Li The Rhetoric Image and Postmodern Style in Hsia-Yu’s Poetry Chinese Literature 2012-07-23
Tsai-ling Li A Study on the Management of Museum Shops and Cultural Products in Taiwanese Public Art Museums Theatre Arts 2012-07-21
Kuan-Hsien Li Characterization of Selenized CIGS Thin Films Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
I-Dar Li Attitudes toward Military Education among Senior High and College Students EMPP 2012-08-01
Jia-Chi Li Power Allocation Based on Limited Feedback in DF Cooperative and Cognitive Radio Networks Communications Engineering 2012-08-03
Chung-li Li Photoluminescence of Stereoregular Polymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Ning-yu Li A study of Li–Tsai thought Chinese Literature 2012-08-17
Jhih-Han Li 《Orientalism》:Edward W. Said and the Resistance to Western Colonial Discourse Philosophy 2012-08-20
Jhen-yi Li A study of selenization process of Cu2ZnSnSe4 films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-26
Cheng-yu Li Effects of Electro-chemical Buffing parameters on the Surface Roughness of 304 stainless steel Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-04
Chien-Feng Li Targeting Genomic and Epigenetic Alterations in Human Sarcoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-09-05
Min-Wei Li Health services utilization of osteoporotic fractures among the elderly patients in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2012-09-07
Ming-Jie Li Studies on bonding mechanisms of the FSSW for low-carbon steel plates using a novel assembled-type tool Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-12
Cheng-Yu Li The investment strategy for firms of Taiwan 50 exchange traded fund and listed companies based on discounted cash flow model. Business Management 2013-01-11
Jheng-guang Li Morphology, Phase behavior and Application of Tunable Mesoporous Materials Templated by Block copolymers. Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-01-22
Jie-Jyun Li An 80/400 MHz Clock Generator with Process and Temperature Compensation for FlexRay Systems and High-Voltage Transceiver for BMS Electrical Engineering 2013-01-30
Tsung-Hsuan Li Preliminary Survey on the Biodiversity of Marine Sponges (Porifera: Demonspongiae) in the Southern Water off Penghu Archipelago Marine Biology 2013-02-01
Meng-Syue Li Lagrangian Analysis for Nonlinear Surface Waves Propagation on a Gentle Sloping Bottom Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-03-11
Calvin Li-Chyang Chen Encounters in Cultural Production of Globalized India: Cinema, Television, and Arundhati Roy Foreign Language and Literature 2012-09-13
Yu-Sing Lian Dynamic analysis of irregular waves acting on a floating raft system for oyster aquaculture Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-01-26
Guo-sen Lian The Event-table-driven Control Program Generator of Microprocessor-based Environment Electrical Engineering 2011-07-27
Chia-hao Liang A case study of the analyze of dynamic salary strategy in vehicle industry Information Management 2007-07-14
Cheng-Liang Liang Design and implemention of an ePortfolio management system using Web2.0 services Information Management 2008-07-21
Jhih-jyun Liang Design of Structures and Number of Teeth of Dual-Clutch Countershaft Automatic Transmissions for Automobiles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-26
Jia-ruei Liang Estimates of turbulent mixing in the seas off the Southwestern Taiwan from Lowered ADCP and CTD profiles Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-02-22
Bih-Jing Liang Study on Architecture-Oriented Supply Chain Information Sharing Management Model Information Management 2010-06-26
Ting-wei Liang Fabrication and Analysis of M-plane GaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes Physics 2010-08-22
Hui-Lan Liang none Chinese Literature 2010-09-06
Mei-Han Liang A Study on Key Factor of New Luxury Brand-Example from Apparel Industry Business Management 2011-06-27
Jui-Lin Liang Marketing Strategies For Antipsychotic Drugs: The Case Of Risperidone In Taiwan EMBA 2011-07-22
Ching-ru Liang Effective Factors of Real Exchange Rate-Under Markov Regime Switch model Finance 2011-08-01
Cheng-Syu Liang The Double-crest Phenomenon of Wave Pressure In the Standing Wave Field Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-30
Ya-Tang Liang A Study on Prevention and Management of Business Crisis- Cases of China Steel Group EMBA 2011-09-01
Shu-hao Liang Development of in situ oxidative-barrier and biobarrier to remediate organic solvents-contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2011-09-06
Yi-Ping Liang Ambient Hydrothermal Synthesis of Lithium Iron Phosphate and Its Electrochemical Properties in Lithium-ion Batteries Chemistry 2011-09-26
Cheng-Loong Liang The mechanisms and possible therapeutic methods of spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury Biological Sciences 2011-12-27
Jing-yi Liang PLAL fragmentation of Nb2O5 powders in water with optional NaCl addition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-26
Hua-sheng Liang Variation of Planktonic Foraminiferal Shell Weight and Abundance in the Area off Southern Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-08-15
Yong-siang Liang Characteristic analysis and reuse potential assessment of the steel-making desulfurization slag Environmental Engineering 2012-08-24
Wei-Zhe Liang Effects of carvacrol and 2,6-diisopropylphenol (propofol) on reactive oxygen species (ROS)-, calcium (Ca2+)- and caspase-3-associated apoptosis in human normal cells and non-normal cells Biological Sciences 2012-09-02
Yen-Shun Liao Study the functional region involves in targeting of KChIP1 to membrane Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2008-07-15
Lung-chen Liao Teaching Strategies and Error Types in Word Recognition Education 2009-01-07
Cheng-chang Liao A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Enterprise Resource Planning Business Management 2009-01-13
Chia-ching Liao Studies on the Bioactive Diterpenoids from the Taiwanese Gorgonian Corals Junceella fragilis and Briareum violacea Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-24
Hsuan-yi Liao Design of Buck LED Driver Circuits with Single-stage Power Factor Correction Electrical Engineering 2009-09-25
Ta-ching Liao Impacts of Oraganization Rearrangement Labor Conditions on Job Insecurity and Work Attitude in Economic Crisis Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-01-28
Tsai-yi Liao "none" Chinese Literature 2010-07-29
Yun-chiang Liao Anticyclonic eddies in northern South China Sea observed by drifters and satellite altimeter Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-03
Yi-Yu Liao Layout-Aware Multiple Scan Tree Synthesis for 3D IC Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-11
Yin-ling Liao System design for lower limb rehabilitation : upstairs and downstairs trainings Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-12
Yen-Hsiang Liao Growth of nonpolar ZnO films on LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-17
Chien-Chih Liao Preparation and Study of The Electrodeposited ZnO Films on The Application of DSSC Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-08-19
Wen-yu Liao The prevalence and risk factors in End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) dialysis patients with sleep disorder in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2011-05-24
Tzu-Hsiang Liao Removal of turbidity and organic matter from raw water using nonwoven and biofilter Environmental Engineering 2011-06-29
Chun-Wen Liao A study on success factors of specific B&Bs Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-05
Chen-chih Liao Rereading the Saracens in Middle English Romances Foreign Language and Literature 2011-07-13
Shu-ling Liao Determination of Trace Multi-element in Foods and The Speciation Analysis of Cr、As and Se Using ICP-MS Chemistry 2011-07-21
Min-I Liao Study of Marine Search and Rescue Mechanism in the Taiwan Strait - Case Study of Kinmen and Xiamen Area Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-04
Yi-Chun Liao Hydraulic Model Study on the Wave-Moved Sediment Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-14
Jui-Jung Liao The research on the management of the 100-tonne-under long-line fishing vessels in South Pacific Ocean: example of Company A EMBA 2011-08-22
Chin-yi Liao The study of electrochemical deposited PANI thin film for polymer organic light emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-24
Kuo-Hsiao Liao The Characterization of Sn-doped SiO2 Thin Film Resistance Random Access Memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-26
Pei-han Liao 一、Determination of Cd, Sb and Hg in Water Samples by CVG-ICP-MS after Cloud Point Extraction 二、Determination of trace elements in Wine Samples by Chemical Vapor generation ICP-MS and Membrane Desolvation ICP-MS Chemistry 2011-08-26
Jiun-Huei Liao On the modular design of analog on-chip buffer for circuit testing application Electrical Engineering 2011-08-31
Kang-yi Liao The Development of Chinese Civil Aviation Industry: The Regional Aviation Industry ICAPS 2012-06-27
Zi-hong Liao R&D Spillovers in a Mixed Duopoly Market Economics 2012-07-05
Jin-Ying Liao Accident Report System for VANET Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-14
Mou-An Liao Improving LTE uplink performance by including public bus system as relay nodes Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-14
Po-Hsuan Liao Study of Electro-optical Effects in Polymer Stabilized Blue-Phase Liquid Crystal displays Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-26
Wen-yi Liao The Research on the Practice of “Integrated Marketing Communications” of Taiwan’s Department Stores: A Case Study of Far Eastern Department Store in Kaohsiung Communications Management 2012-08-23
Chia-cheng Liao Physicochemical Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Ambient Suspended Particles at Boundary and Sensitive Sites Surrounding a Steel Manufacturing Plant Environmental Engineering 2012-08-24
Yung-da Liao Study on co-evaporation process of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 with Sb Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Yu-tien Liao The Design of Fault Tolerance of Cluster Computing Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-29
Jhe-Yi Liao Fabrication and Discussion on Nano-Metal Structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-30
Yung-tang Liao A Study on Electrical Vehicle Charging Station DC Microgrid Operations Electrical Engineering 2012-09-11
Ting-Yi Liao Detecting Near-Duplicate Documents using Sentence-Level Features and Machine Learning Electrical Engineering 2012-10-23
Jum-min Liao Investigations of the FRET properties in DNA hybridization systems and the relaxation motions of liquid crystals Chemistry 2013-01-18
Hung-Jen Liao Metaheuristics for Cell Planning Problem in Mobile Communications Computer Science and Engineering 2013-01-28
Gwo-Jyh Liaw A Journey to the Just World: Peter Van Ness’ China as Scholarship of Radical Years Political Science 2010-12-23
Kuan-Yi Lien The Study of Highly Efficient Single Emitting Layer White Light Organic Light-Emitting Diodes on Tandem Structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-27
Ting-Wei Lien Mechanical behaviors and Electronic Properties of Boron Nitride Nanotubes under the Axial Strain. Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Cheng-chia Lien The Impact of Tsunamigenic Earthquake on the Southeast Coast of Taiwan IAMPUT 2012-01-17
Chun-Yu Lien Computation of the Optical Point Spread Function of a Ball Lens Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-24
Wen-hung Lin A Research of Self-regulated Learning and Cognitive Style of Elementary School Students on Science Learning Education 2007-07-01
Yu-Chao Lin Investigation on Intermittent Discharging Profiles for Lead-Acid Batteries Electrical Engineering 2007-07-08
Ya-Ling Lin The Effect of Pre-Transparency on Order Strategy, Market Performance and Information Content of Limit Order Book Finance 2008-04-03
Chun-I Lin Internal Loop and Slot Antennas for Multiband Mobile Phone Electrical Engineering 2008-04-29
Jihn-yih Lin Do the U.S. Stock Returns Affect Asian Stock Returns? Evidence of the Asian Four Litter Dragons Finance 2008-05-01
Yu-Pin Lin none Chinese Literature 2008-06-13
Yu-Chung Lin A Simple Package Technique of Light Emitting Diode for Enhancing Illuminant Quality Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-06-20
Seng-Kai Lin Research on Legal Nature for Public Construction Contract Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-23
Wei-ling Lin The Trefftz Method using Fundamental Solutions and Particular Solutions for Exterior and Annular Problems of Laplace's Equation Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Fang-Yi Lin Working Attitude and Peer Group Effect of Shirking Economics 2008-06-19
Sheng-wei Lin The Production and Marketing Strategies of Taiwan Rice Industry under WTO Structure: A Case Study of Kaohsiung and Pingtung Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-25
You-chen Lin Action Research of Teaching the Creative Child Poem for the Second Graders in Elementary School Education 2008-06-25
Chia-Hsuan Lin An investigation of tidal propagation in Taiwan Strait using in-situ depth measurements Physical Oceanography 2008-06-26
Shih-huan Lin A study of Investments from Taiwan on PRC’s Medical Institutions. Business Management 2008-07-03
Yi-sheng Lin A Comparative Study on Political Parties in the Philippines and Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-26
Chih-Feng Lin Removal of Ash from Waste-Tire Pyrolytic Char by the Principle of Electrostatic Separation Environmental Engineering 2008-07-06
Zhi-wei Lin Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-03
Yuh-Chung Lin Adaptive Quality of Service Mechanisms in Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-07
Chih-ming Lin none Business Management 2008-07-09
Jun-shao Lin In-situ Chemical Synthesis and Light Emitting Diodes of Non-fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Polymer with Functionalized Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-12
Jhe-Wei Lin High Electromagnetic Shielding of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composites Using Ionic Liquid Dispersant Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-15
Hsien-chang Lin C-box containing terminus of IgA1 protease is not required for correct recognition and hydrolysis of human IgA1. Biological Sciences 2008-07-17
Min-ruei Lin The problem of water pollution in China Mainland China Studies 2008-07-21
Mei-zuo Lin Region-Based Movement for Coverage and Connectivity Maintenance in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-23
Huei-chia Lin Stroke Prevention Educational Program for College Students: A Pilot Study Business Management 2008-07-19
Kao-cheng Lin Novel MOSFETs with Internal Block Layers for Suppressing Short Channel Effects and Improving Thermal Instability Electrical Engineering 2008-08-21
Hsih-Shiu Lin none Business Management 2008-11-17
Re-Ching Lin The study of film bulk acoustic resonator using ZnO thin film Electrical Engineering 2008-12-25
Yu-hung Lin Nest Recognition of Black-naped Tern (Sterna sumatrana) and Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii) Biological Sciences 2009-01-20
Yi-shih Lin none EMPP 2009-02-12
Li-chuan Lin An Empirical Study on the Relationships among Perception of Organizational Change and Knowledge Sharing for the Public Sectors: The Mediating Effects of Organizational Learning and Organizational Commitment Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-03-31
Cheng-fang Lin The Determinants of Strategic Partnership by the Life Insurance Industry in the Running Bank-assurance - A Case Study of a Life Insurance Company Business Management 2009-06-13
Wan-wei Lin none Finance 2009-06-19
Wen-Cheng Lin The Analysis of Allocation of Taiwanese Social Welfare Resource after the First Party Turnover: A Case Study of Military Personel and Veterans Political Science 2009-06-27
Guei-yi Lin none Economics 2009-06-29
Ying-Jyun Lin A Study on Optical Properties of High Color-Rendering Index for Nitride Phosphor Mixture in White-Light LEDs Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-02
Pei-hua Lin none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-02
Wan-yin Lin none Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-07-17
Cheng-ting Lin The Study and Fabrication of Ultra-broadband Optical Amplifier Based on Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Communications Engineering 2009-07-20
Yu-Ting Lin Removal of organic carbon by using a membrane bioreactor Environmental Engineering 2009-07-27
Yu-Pin Lin An Efficient Evaluation Scheme of Shielding Effectiveness of Rectangular Enclosures with Array of Small Apertures Communications Engineering 2009-07-30
Yo-Ho Lin QoS provisioning in mobile ad hoc network by improving buffer management Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-04
Chang-ming Lin Operation Modes Prediction of a High Speed Rotor with Dual-Point Measurement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-06
Yu-ching Lin Using Systems Thinking to Study the Development and Change of Taiwan Tea Industry after 1980s Business Management 2009-08-05
Chen-yi Lin Design of liquid crystal cell gap measurement system Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-11
Ming-Tsung Lin Study on the muscle characteristics of the Swamp Eel, Monopterus albus, during Aestivation Marine Biology 2009-08-12
Rang-fu Lin BS-assisted Mobility Predicting Algorithm to Improve IEEE 802.16e Handover Performance Computer Science and Engineering 2009-08-13
Kuan-ting Lin The joint study of BGA solder ball on the OSP type substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-17
Sheng-Yang Lin Modeling and Control of Non-contacting Steel Plate Conveyance System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-25
Zhe-Wei Lin Effect of Rhei Rhizoma Extract on Short-circuit Current and Ion Permeability Across the Frog Skin Epithelium Biological Sciences 2009-08-21
Tsai-Fu Lin Frequency Shaped LQR Design of an Active Noise Cancellation Headphone Electrical Engineering 2009-08-26
Wei-Ran Lin A Study on the Displacement Measurement of Meso-objects Using PSDs Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-27
Mu-ying Lin A Study On the Cost-Effectiveness of the Smart Card Ticketing System In Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-08-26
Chi-Ching Lin A Study of Dynamical Behaviors of LD-pumped Microchip Nd:GdVO4 laser Physics 2009-08-30
Chien-Hua Lin Experimental Study on Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum and Copper Sheet Butt Joint Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-31
Hsin-nan Lin Systematic Design of a Reciprocating Tubular Linear Generator Electrical Engineering 2009-08-31
Chi-min Lin Analysis and Optimization of Inductively Degenerated Common-Emitter Low-Noise Amplifier Utilizing Miller Effect Electrical Engineering 2009-09-03
Yi-feng Lin The Effects of Advance Organizers and Causal texts on Reading Comprehension for Fifth Graders Education 2009-08-31
Chih-Tang Lin The Influence of Layoff Practices and Organization Justice Climate on Affective Commitment of Survivors— A Multilevel Research Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-01-09
Yu-pang Lin The Study of Distributed Detection Using Two-Dimensional Codes Communications Engineering 2010-01-12
Chia-Chen Lin The Research of MA Training System Applied in Taiwanese Banks: The Comparison of Organizational Conflicts, Organizational Equity and Organizational Commitment Between Two kinds of Employees Business Management 2010-01-14
Chu-Hung Lin The Bidding Strategy of Two-people English Online Auction Information Management 2010-01-18
Chi-shan Lin Analysis of Home Health Management Innovation and Core Capabilities Institute of Health Care Management 2010-01-27
Chung-le Lin Innovative Design of the Control System for Remote Control Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-02-05
Jian-sheng Lin A study of herbaceous vegetation type in Daliau Township, Kaohsiung Biological Sciences 2010-02-10
Pei-fen Lin The Legal Analysis of The Financial Incentive Program In Kaohsiung Municipal Hospitals ICAPS 2010-02-10
Ping-chun Lin Spatiotemporal dsitribution of hydromedusae in the water off southern and northern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-03-10
Kuo-chen Lin The Competitive Strategy Research of Taiwan Printed Circuit Board Specialty Chemicals Industry -A Case Study on X Company EMBA 2010-06-13
Chia-hung Lin Ectopic expression of sweet potato cysteine protease SPCP2 promotes earlier flowering and enhances drought stress tolerance. Biological Sciences 2010-06-17
Cheng-Yan Lin Functionalized gold nanoparticles as probe for reactive oxygen species and heavy metal ions determination Chemistry 2010-06-21
Chieh-hao Lin none EMBA 2010-06-17
Yi-Ping Lin Sequences and Summation and Product of Series Applied Mathematics 2010-06-23
Chao-wen Lin The study of Russia “New Oriental diplomacy” Political Science 2010-06-29
Shu-Ya Lin A Study on Junior High School Students' Learning Attitudes and Achievements Afftected by 3C Poducts Education 2010-07-01
An-ni Lin Monetary transmission mechanism in Taiwan- Application of FAVECM model. Economics 2010-07-06
Hui-ya Lin The Use of Inquiry Teaching to Enhance Positive Emotion mong Elementary School Students Education 2010-07-15
Tung-ying Lin The campaign Promises of Taiwanese Legislators and their peformances in the Legislative Yuen: The case of the 6th and 7th term legislators from Kaohsiung City. Political Science 2010-12-07
Sih-Min Lin Bubble Behavior on a Solidification Front Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-20
Hung-chih Lin The Influence of Loneliness on the Adoption of Virtual Community for high school students Communications Management 2010-07-20
Hung-Fu Lin Joint Detection and Estimation in Cooperative Communication Systems with Correlated Channels Using EM Algorithm Communications Engineering 2010-07-19
Jiun-liang Lin Effects of the Aqueous Extract of Pluchea indica Root on Hepatic Stellate Cells of Rat Biological Sciences 2010-07-22
Chien-Ping Lin Automatic Construction of Model Testing Case: Methodology and Prototype Information Management 2010-07-22
Wen-jyh Lin An observation on the leader’s feeding back for learning and visiting. EMBA 2010-07-22
Ya-ting Lin State-owned brand extension product customer attitude and purchase intention research Public Affairs Management 2010-07-22
Chiun-Chy Lin A Study on the Relevancies between the Perceptions of Micro politics Strategies and the Levels of Organizational Trust within Elementary School Organizations in Pintung County EMPP 2010-07-27
I-Chin Lin Deformation Mechanism and Shear Banding Behavior in Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Multilayer System Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-26
Meng-wei Lin The Impulse Response Analysis of General Inference on Cointegration Vector for Non-Stationary Process by Local Projection Economics 2010-07-26
Hsin-Hung Lin Fabrication and Application of Microstructured Optical Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Yi-Heng Lin The optimal treatment method of water turbidity purification in tap-water plant Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Shih-hua Lin Analyzing and classifying the jumping spider of Eugaria albidentata Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Shih-Chang Lin The brand development strategy of the ATV/UTV industry - using Y company as a case study EMBA 2010-07-28
Chi-Chih Lin Operations Strategy Study for the Cross-Straits Machinery Industries After the Signing of ECFA - A Case Study of TT Company EMBA 2010-07-29
Chun-Han Lin High-Speed Semiconductor Quantum Dot Electroabsorption Modulator Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-08-04
Ci-jie Lin DNA Molecules Stretching in Torus-type Microchannels Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-05
Pao-Hui Lin A Study of Mobile Guide System for Local Culture Industry Development by Using Technology Acceptance Model. Communications Management 2010-08-09
Chia-wei Lin The International Legislation Trend on the Protection for Trademark Dilution in China ICAPS 2010-08-10
Yi-chieh Lin Does the cointegrated relationship between real GDP and health policy under the impact of globalization? — The cross national evidence EMPP 2010-08-10
Sheng-I Lin A Study of the New Energy Developing Strategy of International Energy Company – A Case Study of A-Company EMBA 2010-08-10
Yi-Chun Lin The competition strategy research of Taiwan cloud computing industry EMBA 2010-08-16
Wen-hung Lin Study on the Influence of Good-neighborliness on Variables of Resident Types -- ABC Refinery taken as Example EMBA 2010-08-17
Ting-Yu Lin The Case Study on the Motivations, Strategies of Mergers & Acquisitions EMBA 2010-08-17
Yung-Cheng Lin A study of female in Mo Yan's novels Chinese Literature 2010-08-16
Hua-Chiang Lin Hotai Motor Transformation EMBA 2010-08-20
Shih-tseng Lin Studies on Secondary Metabolites from Soft Coral Lobophytum crassum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-23
Guo-Hwa Lin On the Shape Parameter of the MFS-MPS Scheme Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Pei-li Lin The entrepreneurial essence of characteristic B&B in Kenting Business Management 2010-08-28
Ching-Chen Lin Dynamic 3D-Torrent Assembly for Bit-Rate Adjustments in P2P Video Streaming Electrical Engineering 2010-08-27
Yu-Hung Lin A Cluster-based TDMA System for Inter-Vehicle Communications on VANET Electrical Engineering 2010-08-27
Li-Hang Lin Font-Rendering System for E-book Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-31
Ying-chung Lin Class issues of Mainland Spouses ICAPS 2010-08-31
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Yin-wei Lin Theory and Calculation of Iterative Functional Differential Equation Applied Mathematics 2010-09-03
Yan-ting Lin The Design of The Active Integrated Antennas Electrical Engineering 2010-09-02
Shih-feng Lin Study of Impact Sound of Golf Club Head Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Yueh-ting Lin Vehicle Collision-avoidance System Combined Location Technology with Intersection-agent Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-03
Hui-Chen Lin The impact of trust and perceived off-site distance on risk perception regarding repository for low radiation waste Public Affairs Management 2010-09-07
Chang-ching Lin A study of water turbine power efficiency suitable for periodical ocean current in Penghu sea region Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Yuan-Ping Lin Functional studies on WDR36 gene and its regulations in early male chicken embryogenesis Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-09-08
Wan-Jung Lin Gender Impact on e-Negotiation Strategic Behavior: Individual, Dyadic and Interactive Perspectives Information Management 2010-09-07
Chih-ming Lin Studies on the relationship between natural resources and communities in small islands - Hujing Island of Penghu country IMA 2010-09-09
Ken-Huang Lin The Study of Molecular Mechanics and Density Functional Theory on Structural and Electronic Properties of Tungsten nanoparticles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-09
Kao-Hung Lin Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Material Flow during the Friction Stir Welding Process Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-10
Shih-Wei Lin A Sensorless Driver with Current Feedback for Three-Phase Brushless DC Fan Motor Electrical Engineering 2010-10-18
Xin-Huang Lin The Design of Air Conditioner Adaptive Compressor Drivers with Current Feedback Electrical Engineering 2010-10-19
Yu-Feng Lin Study on Architecture-Oriented Stainless Steel Cold Roll Producing and Marketing Model Information Management 2010-12-28
Kuan-yu Lin The initially researches to economic activity and the mobility behavior of passengers in Taiwan during High Speed Rail (HSR) construction and transport Public Affairs Management 2011-01-06
Heng-Hsu Lin Proteomic analysis of MDA-MB-435S transfected by HGF truncated variants Biological Sciences 2011-01-24
Ching-Ying Lin Strategy,leadership and human resource management practice of business greening Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-01-25
Yu-ling Lin Employability and job search success─ adaptability, career identity, human capital and social capital. Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-01-21
Shin-Yang Lin A CMOS LNA for 3.1-10.6GHz Ultra-Wideband Electrical Engineering 2011-01-25
Yu-Sung Lin The Study of Hexagonal Lattice Pattern Formation of Polystyrene Thin Films Physics 2011-02-10
Yu-chieh Lin The Impact of Foreign Worker Human Resource Management Practices on Job Performance: The Mediating Effect of Foreign Worker Readiness and the Moderating Effect of Agent Involvement Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-02-10
Yi-Chen Lin Social Network in Dong Gang Tuna Market Institute of Sociology 2011-02-16
Po-wei Lin Novel Designs for Broadband Slot Mobile Phone Antenna Electrical Engineering 2011-06-22
Ju-Chieh Lin Air-Water Exchange of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Gao-Ping Coastal Areas,Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-17
Chung-fu Lin A High-Performance Vector Quantizer Based on Fuzzy Pattern Reduction Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-17
Chih-Wei Lin A Study on the Durability of Gasket Materials in the PEMFC Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-06-03
Jia-shiang Lin Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds and Ozone Formation Potential in Industrial Park Environmental Engineering 2011-06-23
Shih-Jie Lin Business Valuation and Acquisition Performance-Did Yageo Pay too much for Philips Passive Component Division? Finance 2011-06-27
Wu-Cheng Lin Voltage Stability Study for Dynamic Load with Modified Orthogonal Particle Swarm Optimization Electrical Engineering 2011-06-24
Jau-Nan Lin Risk Factors for Extended Hospital Stay in Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2011-06-29
Jen-Yao Lin Water quality from advanced and conventional treatment process of raw water relating to quality and quantity Environmental Engineering 2011-06-29
Yu-shiuan Lin IT-enabled Business Model Innovation: A GMTC Case Study Information Management 2011-06-29
Lian-rong Lin Applications of Complex Numbers Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Tsung-Han Lin The Construction of Multi-Factor Alpha Model Platform with Application in Taiwan Finance 2011-07-05
Chia-Chen Lin The Study on Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy with Resource-Based View - The Case Study of Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-07-01
Pi-shan Lin Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Synthesis of 2-(Biphenyl-2-yloxy)pyridines and N-Pyridylcarbazoles via Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation Chemistry 2011-07-06
Yu-kun Lin Design and Implementation of Steering Vehicles System by Joystick Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-13
Fang-Ya Lin An Ordered Statistics Approach for Sequential Detection Communications Engineering 2011-07-09
Ting-Yu Lin 1.3μm quantum dot-in-a-well laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-14
I-Ching Lin An Analysis of the Threshold Effect on the Relation between Monetary Policy and Output: The Empirics of the U.S Economics 2011-07-14
Zheng-Ting Lin Investigation on Consumer Behavior behind the Releasing of Consumption Voucher based on Emotional Accounting Public Affairs Management 2011-07-18
Chun-Yen Lin Bubble formation during solidification of a liquid film Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-20
Hsin-ping Lin Intention Analysis on Use of Electronic Books Based on the Technology Acceptance Model-A Case Study of NSYSU Students Communications Management 2011-07-21
Chih-chung Lin Three dimensional photonic crystal lasing using self-assembled blue phase liquid crystal Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-20
Ching-chen Lin Micro-CT analysis of callus formation in androgen receptor knockout mice during fracture healing Biological Sciences 2011-07-22
Cheng-Han Lin Synthesis of 3-Acylbenzo[b]thiophenes via Mercury (II)-Catalyzed Cyclization reaction Chemistry 2011-07-20
Yu-De Lin Block Copolymer-Templated Mesoporous Materials obtained by Evaporation-Induced Self Assembly Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-26
Chia-Chi Lin Design and Application of Left-Handed Metamaterial-Based Negative Group Delay Circuits and Filters with High Selectivity Based on Composite Right/Left-Handed Structure Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Chih-Tsung Lin A Study of China's Financial Security-The Sino-U.S. Conflict on Currency Exchange Rate ICAPS 2011-07-31
Yi-cheng Lin Media Literacy and the Third-Person Effect of Product Placement in the Television News Communications Management 2011-08-02
Yuan-shao Lin Growth of (0002) InN Films on (001)LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Yu-Chun Lin A Study of the Current and Future About the Industrial Chain of e-Learning in Taiwan, From the Development of Knovia Group. Information Management 2011-08-08
Shau-Ching Lin Passively Mode-Locked Lasers Using Graphene Based Saturable Absorber Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-01
Yu-chu Lin Malory’s Idea of Virtuous Love and True Love: Lancelot and Tristram Foreign Language and Literature 2011-08-09
I-Chieh Lin Dynamic Zone-based Bandwidth-Negotiation Scheduling for IEEE 802.16j WiMAX Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-08-08
Tsung-Chen Lin Design and Verification of ARM10 ICE Co-Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-11
Tzu-Yuan Lin True Condition Number Applied Mathematics 2011-08-14
Huang-Chi Lin IT-Enabled Selling on the Web: A Theory-Based Evaluation of Different Mechanism Designs Information Management 2011-08-15
Zhe-Hong Lin Study of SERS effect by controlling the arrangement of colloids Physics 2011-08-15
Chien-Hung Lin A Study on Multiple Resources Integration in a DC Microgrid Electrical Engineering 2011-08-15
Yi-hsuan Lin Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance on Consumer Perception and Purchase Intention Public Affairs Management 2011-08-10
Fong-Song Lin The Research on Performance Related Pay Legal System in the Mainland China Region Political Science 2011-08-16
Hong-wei Lin Indexicality and Code-switching: Examples from Two Mayors’ Opening Speeches for Two International Sports Events Foreign Language and Literature 2011-08-19
Wei-cheng Lin A Design of Italian Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2011-08-22
Shune-dao Lin Tha Baseband Signal Processing and Circuit Design for 2450 MHz Chirp Spread Spectrum of the IEEE 802.15.4a- 2007 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network Electrical Engineering 2011-08-23
Yu-sing Lin A Precoding Scheme Based on Perfect Sequences without Data Identification Problem for Data-Dependent Superimposed Training Communications Engineering 2011-08-25
You-nan Lin Determination and metabolism of ampicillin in tilapia by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-08-24
Hung-Hsuan Lin The study of tunable-focus liquid crystal lens based on gradient PVK film Physics 2011-08-29
Kuan-Fu Lin Mechanical and Electronic Properties of the Ultra-thin Silica Nanowires Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-29
Yu-bin Lin Design of a programmable multi-parameter amplifier front-end for bio-potential recording Electrical Engineering 2011-08-30
Pei-Yao Lin Key Success Factors of Innovative Agriculture in Taiwan EMBA 2011-08-30
Chih-Yu Lin Adaptive Flocking Algorithm with Range Coverage for Target Tracking in Mobile Sensor Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-08-31
Chia-Ying Lin The Study of Relationship among bullying behaviors, Emotion Management and parent-child relationship of the Adolescents Education 2011-09-02
Chi-wei Lin The Prognosis and Healthcare Expenditure of Newly Diagnosed Type 2 DM patients- the Differences Between Family Physicians and the Other Primary Care Physicians Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-26
Sin-ying Lin The Research of Rou Pu Tuan Chinese Literature 2011-09-02
Juei-Chun Lin Living (Rose Bengal Stained) Benthic Foraminifera in Sediments off the Southwestern Taiwan and Dongsha Atoll Marine Geology and chemistry 2011-09-04
Tsai-tung Lin The Impact of Raising Attitude Toward Video Technology on Pet Business Sectors’ Use Intention:A Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)-Based Study Communications Management 2011-09-02
Tzu-Wei Lin A Study on the Fabrication of Glass Fiber Probes Using Heating-Pulling Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-05
Dong-Jian Lin Protein Contact Prediction Based on Protein Sequences Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-06
Pao-Hung Lin Intelligent Content-Aware Image Resizing System Electrical Engineering 2011-09-07
Yu-Tsung Lin The physical properties of hydrogenated Co-doped ZnO thin films deposited at room temperature by RF-magnetron sputtering system Physics 2011-09-07
Siou-Yan Lin The study of feeding habits and protein expression pattern of Xenograpsus testudinatus in shallow-water hydrothermal vents of Kueishan Island Marine Biology 2011-09-06
Shih-Bin Lin A Study on Fuzzy Temporal Data Mining Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-06
Mei-Nung Lin The Study of Inclusive Education in Chao-Shiang Elementary School in Kaohsiung County ICAPS 2011-09-06
Feng-Shih Lin Improved Approaches for Attribute Clustering Based on the Group Genetic Algorithm Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-09
Hsiao-chien Lin Nitroxide Polymer Brushes Grafted onto Silica Nanoparticles as Cathodes for Organic Radical Batteries Chemistry 2011-10-13
Yun-chieh Lin The Relationship between Affect and Closeness Relationship Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-10-18
Jia-Ren Lin The Study of Phytoremediation of Diesel Contaminated Soils by Energy Crops Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-01-04
Shih-Hsun Lin A Structured Breaks Investigation of Tuna Catches in the Western-Central Pacific Ocean IMA 2012-01-04
Ju-Chih Lin What is The Meaning of Corporate University? A Case Study of Domestic Enterprise Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-02-03
Hsiao-Chun, Lin A Study of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Transcription “Liebesfreud” Music 2012-02-16
Yu-Chih Lin Design of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit Packages Using 3D Technology Communications Engineering 2012-02-20
Ruei-Bin Lin One-pot Synthesis of Hierarchical Mesoporous Materials Fabricated from ABC Triblock Copolymer as Single Template Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-20
En-Cheng Lin The Recruiting Activities of Applications on Social Networking Sites─A Case Study of Facebook Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-03-19
YU-HUNG LIN A Study on the Marketing Strategies of Festivals ~ A Case Study on the Activity about the Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array in Kaohsiung Communications Management 2012-06-04
Tsui-Feng Lin A Study of Key Success Factors in Touch Panel Rework Industry EMBA 2012-06-06
Wan-ru Lin Macroeconomic multi factor forecasting model in Taiwan Finance 2012-06-10
Shih-Hung Lin A Study of Introducing Customer Relationship Management in Foreign Enterprises - A Case of X Company EMBA 2012-06-11
Wun-Jian Lin Ground Antenna for Slim Mobile Communication Devices Electrical Engineering 2012-06-13
Shu-Yu Lin A Study of Consumer's Motivation and Satisfaction of Online Group Buying-A Case of Southern Taiwan EMBA 2012-06-08
Jian-Cheng Lin Familiness and Marketing Capabilities: A Resource-based View Business Management 2012-06-19
Tzu-Chieh Lin Users' Participation in Business Micro-blogging Community: From Relationship Commitment Perspective Communications Management 2012-06-21
Kung-yu Lin the study of Currency Problems about Dollars. New Taiwan Dollars and RMBs Finance 2012-06-22
Chia-Wei Lin Financial Market dependence : Stock Markets Finance 2012-06-23
Hui-chuan Lin The efficiency enhanced after laboratory automation implementation EMBA 2012-06-26
Yu-sheng Lin A Study of Service Innovation and Consumer Purchase Intention- A Case of Certified Used Car Business Management 2012-06-22
Hsiao-Wei Lin Can investors earn abnormal returns from negative sentiment market? Evidence from customer-based portfolios. Finance 2012-06-26
Bo-Cyuan Lin Fatigue Fracture and Mechanical Properties of Single-Edged Cracks in Ti/APC-2 Hybrid Nano-Composite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-28
Chun-Wei Lin The study of wettability on rubbed polyimide thin films Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-06-29
Yi-Jyuan Lin The Influence of Management Control System on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Using Non-Profit Organizations as an Example Business Management 2012-07-02
Ya-fen Lin The Influences of the Green Advertisement Appeal and Cause-Related Marketing on Advertisement Effects -A Study of Bottled Water Business Management 2012-07-02
Jia-Yu Lin The Research on e-Learning Introducing Process – The Case by CPC Corporation Taiwan Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-05
Peng-Wen Lin Early stage sintering and PLAL fragmentation of micro-scale CaCO3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-04
Hsiu-fen Lin The investigation on the reliability for quantitating amino acids with in vivo proton MR spectra by LCModel Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-06
Hsin-Ying Lin STAT3-upregulated miR-92a in the control RECK expression in lung cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-06
Jing-ing Lin The Relation of the Attitudes towards Risk and Ambiguity Economics 2012-07-09
Chen-Yi Lin Research on The Competition Strategies of Taiwan Lubricants Industry –A Case Study of Company A EMBA 2012-07-04
Sheng-Chih Lin A Transceiver with Delay Cell and Over-current Protection and A Digital Over-temperature Protector for FlexRay ECUs Communications Engineering 2012-07-11
Chia-Chun Lin A Modeling Methodology for Automotive Embedded System:An MDA Approach with UML Information Management 2012-07-11
Chien-Hui Lin The study of chaotic phase synchronization of nonlinear electronic circuits and solid-state laser systems Physics 2012-07-12
Chia-hui Lin Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Thiosalen Derived Complexes Chemistry 2012-07-17
Sheng-ta Lin Metal Complexes of Chelating Phenolate Nitrogen Ligands Chemistry 2012-07-23
Ching-Yao Lin The Effect of Country of Origin and Brand Awareness on Consumer's Perceived Quality – A Case of Lativ Business Management 2012-07-21
Yi-Hong Lin The Study of Organic Light-Emitting Devices in Application of Display and Lighting Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-23
Shin-Li Lin Ripple Current Effect on Output Power of Solar Cell Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Yu-feng Lin The Study on the Stock Market Linkages between Taiwan and China with Their Main Trading Countries ICAPS 2012-07-31
Tzu-Hsiang Lin Selective enrichment of catecholamines using iron oxide nanoparticles followed by CE with UV detection Chemistry 2012-07-30
Ji-Yuan Lin Development of Flexural Plate-wave Device with Focused Interdigital Transducers Design Electrical Engineering 2012-07-31
Mei-ling Lin A study of Taiwan’s Patent Administrative Law ICAPS 2012-08-06
Ming-Chun Lin Vital Sign Detection Using Active Antennas Electrical Engineering 2012-08-08
Yen-Hsiu Lin Development of oligonucleotides- and metal nanoclusters-based sensors Chemistry 2012-08-03
Wen-Chih Lin Design of Phase-Controlled Rectifier for LED Street Lamps Electrical Engineering 2012-08-13
Yong-Shian Lin A Study of Radii of Curvature by Fusing Process and Improvement of Coupling Efficiency in Hyperbola Fiber Microlens Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-15
Chia-Jung Lin An Investigation of Elementary School Students' Positive Thinking, Personality and Creativity Education 2012-08-17
Li-Ying Lin A study of the 7-11 promotion strategies:the case of Hello Kitty promotion EMBA 2012-08-22
Shun-Mao Lin The study of fast-response and polarization independent diffraction grating by using blue phase liquid crystals Physics 2012-08-27
Chaio-Wei, Lin Study on the Growth and Characterization of Epitaxial Cu2O Thin Films by Magnetron Sputtering Physics 2012-08-30
Yui-Kai Lin Efficient Mining Approaches for Coherent Association Rules Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-29
Jing-Heng Lin Electrochemical performance of LiFePO4 cathode with dinitrile-based electrolytes Chemistry 2012-08-31
Shis-ping Lin The Confirmation of Two TPB-Based Energy Saving Models Public Affairs Management 2012-09-03
CHENG-KUO LIN Evanescent wave fiber optic PH sensor in Biomedical Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-03
Chia-yu Lin A study of training needs for B&Bs in Taiwan Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-09-05
Jing-yu Lin Finite Element Analysis of the Residual Stress Distribution in Rolled Aluminum Plates after Tension Levelling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-09
Tzu-yin Lin A Study of Dvořak’s Four Symphonic Poems on Erben’s Ballad Kytice Music 2012-09-10
Cheng-Yang Lin Single Image Dehazing based on Modified Dark Channel Prior and Fog Density Detection Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Wei-Ting Lin A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Turkish and Tamil Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Yao-Lung Lin A Study of Impact Factors among High School Students in Selecting Schools EMPP 2012-09-10
You-Sheng Lin Negative Feedback Regulation of RIG-I-mediated Antiviral Signaling by Aichi Virus Biological Sciences 2012-09-10
Pin-hsin Lin The Implementation of Real-time Transmission with Partial Reliability in Wide Area Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-12
Shin-hung Lin Improved Bit-Level Truncation with Joint Error Analysis for Table-Based Function Evaluation Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-12
Pin-chuan Lin Reconstructions of Hydrography of the Western Pacific Warm Pool and the Linkage to the Global Climate System over the Past 2.2 Ma Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-09-12
Hsin-yun Lin Effects of dietary Bacillus subtilis spores on utilization of crystalline methionine in juvenile grouper, Epinephelus coioides, fed high plant-protein diets Marine Biology 2012-09-11
Cheng-Feng Lin A Study on Centrodes of Human Knee Joint Using Photographic Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-13
Ken-Dei Lin Data Assimilation Technique Applied to Tidal Prediction Model Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-11-06
Yu-Ren Lin Design of Mission Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle IAMPUT 2012-12-04
Jing-Hua, Lin Application of Slip Velocity Boundary Condition to Estimate Waves induced Bed Velocity and Bed Shear Stress Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-15
Yi-Shin Lin Establishment of epilepsy-like model in zebrafish Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2013-01-21
Yi-Shiun Lin Dynamic Analysis of a Floating Structure with a U-tube Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-22
Jyun-Han Lin The Influence of Price Promotion formats on Consumer’s Purchase Intention - A Case Study of Chain Stores in Taiwan Business Management 2013-01-24
Shih-Jie Lin MOCVD equipment and TwinCAT controlling system for Zinc oxide thin films deposition Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2013-02-01
Shi-jie Lin Are there lunar patterns of gamete release in two sea urchins (Toxopneustes pileolus and Tripneustes gratilla)? Marine Biology 2013-02-01
Ruei-Wen Lin Between Transcendental Phenomenology and Empirical Psychology: Phenomenological Psychology Philosophy 2013-01-30
Kuan-ting Lin Study on the Hydraulic Power for Piezoelectric Generator in Rotating Tapping Mode Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-02-18
Chen Ling-Chih Social Marketing in Ritual Custom Context: A Example from The Ghost Money Burning Reduction Policy in Kaohsiung. Public Affairs Management 2012-07-13
Jian-Wah Liong Investigation on Maximal Network Lifetime Using Optimal Power Allocation and Relay Selection Scheme in Multi-hop Wireless Networks Communications Engineering 2011-09-07
Bi-cyun Liou Applications of Mathematica in Mathematics Applied Mathematics 2009-07-27
Jia-shiang Liou The Disposition Effect of Taiwan Stock Market in Financial Tsunami Business Management 2010-09-30
Jia-yu Liou Exploring Co-construction Learning Experience: A Case Study of EFL Sixth-Graders' English Picturebook Discussions Foreign Language and Literature 2011-01-25
Jyun-Sian Liou The Study of Lifetime Prediction and Reliability Test of Co-Chromaticity Glass and Silicone Phosphor Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-04
Hung-yuan Liou The Scenario Analysis of Taiwan Tea Competition under Economic Globalization ICAPS 2011-08-18
Sih-min Liou Effect of cocaine exposure on K+-Cl- cotransporter 2 expression in rat Biological Sciences 2011-12-26
Ying-Ru Liou A study of the Relationship between Organizational Change and Job Stress : The Case of Dong-Gang Household Registration Office,Pingtung County EMPP 2012-08-07
Cheng-hao Liou The Relationship between Leader-Member Exchange and Facebook Behavior Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-01-29
Wen-Sheng Liu The impacts on utilizing genetic testing to analyze the clinical treatment: An analysis of the effectiveness on drugs of diabetes EMBA 2008-06-13
Hao-wei Liu none Business Management 2008-06-23
Chi-mei Liu Exploring Influenza Vaccination Demand among Elderly Population in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2008-06-20
Yu-Hsuan Liu The Relationship betweenTransformational Leadership, HR Branding Involvement and Employee Brand Behavior- take hotel industry for example Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-24
Shu-Ming Liu Reexamining the Long-Run Real Interest Rate Parity Hypothesis-Power Evidence and TAR Unit Root Test for the OECD Countries Economics 2008-06-25
Bai-Ling Liu A Study of Liouduai Hakka Cultural Park from an Ecomuseum Theory Arts Management 2008-06-27
Hung-ze Liu AKDB-Tree: An Adjustable KDB-tree for Efficiently Supporting Nearest Neighbor Queries in P2P Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-06
Kuang-Ting Liu Geometric Shape Prediction for a Sn/4.0Ag/0.5Cu (SAC405) Solder Joint After Reflows Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-08
Meng-hsun Liu none Chinese Literature 2008-07-18
Ching-bin Liu Revolution in Military Affairs and Modernization of P.R.C. Navy Mainland China Studies 2008-07-17
Jeng-bin Liu The Impact of Greenhouse Gas on Total Factor Productivity Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-22
Chi-chin Liu Online Monitoring Systems of Market Reaction to Realized Return Volatility Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Che-Yen Liu Influence of Sub-Brand’s Attitudinal Loyalty toward Mother Brand’s-A Case Study of Youth Using iPod Information Management 2008-07-28
Yen-Chun Liu The influence between e-recruiting and the affect of organizational attractive to applicant Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-09-09
Yu-ming Liu E. H. Carrian Plural Effect to IR Theory Political Science 2009-02-11
Ling-chun Liu Possibilities of Late Opening at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Theatre Arts 2009-05-05
Yi-cheng Liu Mixed-Voltage-Tolerant I/O Cell With Dynamic Biasing and Sub 3×VDD Wide Range Mixed-Voltage-Tolerant I/O Cell Electrical Engineering 2009-07-01
Hsiu-ling Liu Brand Equity of Luxury Brand -- Louis Vuitton Business Management 2009-07-25
Yen-Ju Liu The Relationship between Business Model and Brand Portfolio Strategy-The Case of Leading Brand Enterprises Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2009-07-30
Yi-Jia Liu Study of Kazal motifs of RECK protein on MMP-2 and MMP-9 activity and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2009-08-06
Wen-Chin Liu MDA : A Methodology For Web-based UI Transformation Information Management 2009-08-08
Wei-chen Liu Use of gene analysis to evaluate the groundwater microbial bioremediation processes of a TCE-contaminated site Biological Sciences 2009-08-17
Chuan-Tsung Liu none ICAPS 2009-08-13
Yu-Zhong Liu A study on form error compensation method for aspheric surface polishing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-22
Yi-hsiu Liu The System of Counties in the Period of Spring And Autumn, the System of Prefectures and the Placement of Officials in the Period of Warring States Chinese Literature 2009-12-28
Ying-Yu Liu The Study of Arrangements-Basis of Children and Teenagers—Devices and Purposes ICAPS 2010-02-08
Chih-heng Liu The hub port selecting behavior model of container liners—An example of Kaohsiung Harbor's container liners Business Management 2010-02-08
Yen-Chin Liu The role of propofol on nitric oxide production and oxdiative stress in cardivascular and pulmonary system during endotoxmia and ischemia-reperfusion injury: from animal to cell Biological Sciences 2010-02-19
Yi-Fen Liu Effects of Relationship Quality under Service Failure: A Perspective of Interdependence and Reciprocity Business Management 2010-06-01
Chun-Yuan Liu A Study of Software Design Improvement Information Management 2010-06-13
Chun-Liang Liu Study on Service-Oriented Medical Quality Management Model Information Management 2010-06-21
Chun-I Liu Economic Policy Effect in Quterly-dependence VAR model: Empirical Analysis of Taiwanese cases Economics 2010-06-30
Nan-Hong Liu The Study of Customer Satisfatory of Western Restantants in Cheng-du City of China-a Case Study of Y Restaurant. EMBA 2010-07-12
You-ting Liu A Study of the Development of the Greater Southwest Region in China ICAPS 2010-07-15
Yu-jing Liu Investgating the Influence of Identity and Emotion Factors on Visitor's Satisfaction at A Museum-- A Study of The Kaohsiung Museum of Labor Public Affairs Management 2010-07-19
Ming-tsung Liu The Study of the Cognition of Organizational Goal and Performance Measurement for Staffs and Volunteers in South of China Youth Corps Public Affairs Management 2010-07-22
Tzu-chi Liu An Action Research on Life Education for Elementary School Children:Use Story as Instructional Methods Education 2010-07-27
Yu-wen Liu Design and Implementation of Web-based Streaming Service in Cloud Computing Environments Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-27
Ya-chun Liu The Analysis of Long-run Real Exchange Rate in Japan Economics 2010-07-26
I-Wei Liu An Efficient 2D FDTD Method for Computing EMI Due to Power Delivery System of Packages Communications Engineering 2010-07-26
Chun-Kan Liu Manufacturing and Mechanical Properties of Centrally NotchedAL/APC-2 Nanocomposite Laminates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-26
Ju-feng Liu The quantitative comparison of doing eddy current correction before and after combination for 1H MRS using phased array coils with LCModel Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-27
Jia-Rung Liu Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 3-(o-(Methylthio)phenyl)-1-phenylprop-2-en-1-one and Its Derivatives Chemistry 2010-07-29
Wei-sheng Liu A study of the feasibility on the application of Coast Radar System to the coastal and offshore fisheries management IMA 2010-07-31
Chih-Chung Liu Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Individuals Knowledge-Sharing Behavior in Virtual Communities Information Management 2010-08-18
Ye-Chong Liu Epigallocatechin gallate attenuate Cisplatin induced acute renal failure in rat Biological Sciences 2010-08-19
Yu-Fu Liu Vertical Profile and Correlation Analysis of Ozone and Its Precursors in Coastal Region of Kaohsiung Environmental Engineering 2010-08-24
Yueh-chuan Liu 英文題目為none Communications Management 2010-08-26
Jia-Young Liu Transmission Modeling and Channel Decoder Implementation Using FPGA for Homplug 1.0 Systems Communications Engineering 2010-09-01
Li-Yang Liu A Numerical Scheme for Iron Loss Estimation of the Non-oriented Electromagnetic Steel Products Electrical Engineering 2010-09-06
Chih-Wei Liu Electrical transport study of graphene Physics 2010-09-06
Chun-yun Liu Movement superposition and space multiple build: alternative thinking of Bacon's Triptych from the viewpoint of Deleuze’ Francis Bacon: the logic of sensation Philosophy 2011-01-28
Yen-Chieh Liu The Research of Benefit on E-process with Cash management – An Example of manufacturing industry Information Management 2011-02-16
Wan-yu Liu Employer brand, perceived external prestige and word-of-mouth referral: the multilevel analysis Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-06-28
Cheng-rong Liu Competition in Different Types of Stores Economics 2011-06-28
Shu-ting Liu Studies on the factors which restrict acroporids recovering in the lagoon of Dongsha Atoll Marine Biology 2011-07-01
Ying-Tzu Liu The study on the competitiveness indices of terminal department stores Business Management 2011-07-01
Jia-wei Liu MIMO-Assisted Congestion-Adaptive Routing for Multi-Hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Electrical Engineering 2011-07-14
Cheng-Yu Liu The characteristic of ZnO thin film heterjunction deposited by RF sputtering Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-14
Yao-Hung Liu Evaluation of the taxonomic status of Amata wilemani Rothschild, 1911 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae, Syntomini), a highly variable species, using molecular sequence data Biological Sciences 2011-07-19
Shiuan-Ming Liu Taipei fisheries wholesale market price of co-integration analysis Economics 2011-07-23
Chien-Shin Liu Response of antioxidative defense system in two ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0 & Ler-0) during mercury-induced oxidative stress Biological Sciences 2011-07-28
Yu-Ming Liu A Study of the Key Success Factors of Own Brand -- Case Study of DC-FAN Motor Driver ICs Market EMBA 2011-07-31
Chia-Ting Liu Bioremediation of TCE-contaminated groundwater using emulsified carbon-releasing substrate: a pilot-scale study Environmental Engineering 2011-08-05
Han-Jen Liu Scaling Weld or Melt Pool Shape Affected by Thermocapillary Convection with High Prandtl number Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-08
An-Sheng Liu Intelligent Hand-Eye Coordination Control on Ball Bouncing Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-08
Pao-Hsiang Liu A Study of the Establishment and Evaluation of Human Factors Training Courses for Naval Helicopter Pilot EMBA 2011-07-28
Yi-Chia Liu Applying CORPS Model in Evaluating the Management of Bliss and Wisdom Praise Chorus Theatre Arts 2011-08-15
Ting-Wei Liu Wireless Location with Inertial Assisted NLOS Mitigation in UWB Electrical Engineering 2011-08-19
Mei-Lan Liu Competence Development and Training Program in Logistic Company: A Case Study of International Logistic Company EMBA 2011-08-30
Ying-chen Liu Study on epitaxial growth of Ni on polycrystalline Cu by electrodeposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-06
Yi-Jung Liu The Relationship Between Supply Chain Strategy and Corporate Performance EMBA 2011-09-06
Yea-ying LIU Clinical Competence and its Related Factors among Hospital Nurses -From the Human Capital Perspectives Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-07
Jun-tin Liu Joint Design of Precoders and Decoders for CDMA Multiuser Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2011-09-07
Yu-Ting Liu The Surface Recognition on the VLPs of Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus by its Antibodies Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-09
Ting-yu Liu The study of Integrating Creative thinking into Fourth Graders' Integrated Reading and Composition Program Education 2011-10-23
Meng-Chi Liu Synthesis of DNA Minor Groove Binders and Investigation of Biophysical Properties Chemistry 2012-01-18
Hsin-I Liu The Impact of Leadership Style and Leadership Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction in View of Chinese Cross-Strait Cultural Difference Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-02-07
Yu-li Liu The stock assessment Analysis of the Thunnus obesus in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Economics 2012-02-16
Wei-Chi Liu The Information Integration Cognitive Analysis of Southern Taiwanese students to study in Mainland China. Public Affairs Management 2012-04-21
Ching-Hsiao Liu The Study of Key Success Factors on Marketing Strategy Adapting Business Cycle - A Case Study of Semiconductor Equipment Firm EMBA 2012-05-29
Kang-yan Liu A Study of Legal System of the Free Independent Traveler Program for China ICAPS 2012-06-19
Ming-Chen Liu An Empirical Research of Long-run Purchasing Power Parity : The Case for Asian Countries Economics 2012-06-26
Yi-Xain Liu Seasonal and spatial dynamics of abundance and growth rates of picophytoplankton in the South China Sea and the Kuroshio Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-07-07
Chiung-Hsien Liu Energy Conservation Studies for Activated Sludge Processes of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants In Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2012-07-06
Ping-Yu Liu The Impact of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) on Health : A Cross-Country Study Economics 2012-07-09
Yu-Wei Liu The Impact of the foreign institutional investors' holding share on Taiwanese stock price EMBA 2012-07-04
Chun-Hsiu Liu The Kaohsiung Siaogang Residents’ Environmental Perception Public Affairs Management 2012-07-26
Kun-shia Liu Development, Assessment, and Instruction of Learning Progression for Scientific Concepts: An Example of Learning Oxidation-Reduction Education 2012-07-26
Kuei-Chia Liu Study of Film Growth Ferroelectricity on Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3/SrRuO3/SrTiO3 Physics 2012-07-30
Li-hsiang Liu DSP-Based Sensor-less Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driver With Quasi-Sine PWM for Air-Conditioner Rotary Compressor Electrical Engineering 2012-08-03
Han-Chung Liu Customer Loyalty Analysis of Electronic Components Distributor-A Case Study of S Company EMBA 2012-08-04
Cheng-Han Liu Study of the Structural and Magnetic Properties for Nanostructured Co on Graphene/Pt(111) Physics 2012-08-13
Yung-Chieh Liu Research of the R.P.T.I. International L.T.D. the suspended punishment to close down Porter diamond model EMBA 2012-08-14
Li-Wei Liu The Study and Fabrication of Few-mode Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-16
Chun-nien Liu Fabrication and Characteristics of Single-Mode Cr-Doped Fibers with Powder-in-Tube Technique Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-16
Szu-ying Liu The impacts of high performance work system on career plateau and role performance, turnover intention: Using perception of supervisor support as moderator Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-08-19
Chih-chung Liu Seasonal Variation of Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds and Sulfur-containing Odors Correlated to the Emission Sources of Petrochemical Complexes Environmental Engineering 2012-08-21
Hsin-Hua Liu The Influence of Implementation of TW-DRGs on the Hospital Management Institute of Health Care Management 2012-08-31
Kung-Chu Liu Sustainable Transportation in North America and Europe Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-09-11
Kuo-Liang Liu A Mathematical Model for Analyzing Capacity in Sectorized FFR Networks Communications Engineering 2012-09-11
Yen-Hsien Liu A study on the Formosa MICE Corridor learning space created by cooperating between public sector and private department and the peoples attitudes in KMRT Formosa Boulevard Station Public Affairs Management 2012-09-11
Zong-hsin Liu Design and Fabrication of Flexible Piezoelectric Harvesters Based on ZnO Thin Films and PVDF Nanofibers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-12-13
Liang-yin Liu The study of soil bacterial communities between organic The study of soil bacterial communities between organic and conventional farming in a banana field conventional farming in a banana field Biological Sciences 2013-01-01
Chih-Feng Liu Application of Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling in Prediction Electrical Engineering 2013-01-21
Yi-Shiuan Liu The great moderation : A case for Germany Economics 2013-01-31
Chen-chi Liu The Studies in Second Generation Poet of Li-Poetry Organization Chinese Literature 2013-02-01
Cheng-Chih Liu Structure Analysis and Emotion Recognition of Digital Popular Music Electrical Engineering 2013-02-05
Shiau-wei Lo none Economics 2008-06-16
Li-wan Lo The Study of R&D Engineer’s Demand and Satisfaction for The Employee Benefit : Take High-Tech Industry as An Example Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-21
Li-hua Lo none Chemistry 2009-03-26
Jen-Lin Lo A Study of the Cycling Motivation, Environment Perception and Environment Behavior for the Cyclists in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2009-07-27
Kuang-liang Lo Studies on the Bioactive Diterpenoids from Taiwanese Sponge Ircinia formosana and Soft Corals Cespitularia hypotentaculata, Clavularia viridis, and Sinularia flexibilis. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-27
Chiao-Fang Lo Understanding the Role of Knowledge Integration Between Users and Developers in ISD Project: An Intellectual Capital Perspective Information Management 2010-07-19
Chen-yuan Lo A study of social management of sex toy industry EMPP 2010-09-02
Chih-hsu Lo Empirical Research of Analysts' Forecast and Quality Analysis of Forecasting Earnings Finance 2011-06-27
Pei-chun Lo Sound Characteristics of the Large Yellow Croaker, Larimichthys crocea and Phylogeny of the Western Pacific Sciaenid Genera Inferred by Molecular Evidence Marine Biology 2011-07-13
Kun-Feng Lo Approximate LMMSE detector for uplink in multi-receiver MIMO system Communications Engineering 2011-08-15
Ya-Chiung Lo Perceived Organizational Support、 Leader-Member Exchange and Service-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behaviors:The Mediating of Service Climate Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-02-14
Yu-Yun Lo Particulate Emission Control and Characteristic Identification Environmental Engineering 2012-06-27
Huai-Sha Lo An Inquiry of Archaeology in History of Madness in the Classical Age: the Image and Discourse between Dreams and Madness Philosophy 2012-08-29
Hao-wei, Lo The Conflict between the Islamic Countries in the Middle East and the United States After the End of the Cold War: The Clash of Civilizations or the Power Conflict ICAPS 2012-09-10
Jyun-Hao Lou Study of Resistance Switching Physical Mechanism in Hafnium Oxide Thin Film for Resistive Random Access Memory Physics 2012-07-14
Chun-tai Lu Exploring the Knowledge Sharing Intention of Business Employees with Relations Model Theory Information Management 2007-07-16
Yeh-Wen Lu The Relationship between Human Resource Practices and Innovation Performance. Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-17
Ming-shan Lu The Influence of the Consumer Behavior in Ribbon Gift Packing─A Case Study of Taichung. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-24
Chia-Ju Lu Item-level Trust-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Recommender Systems Information Management 2008-07-23
Hsuan-chin Lu Research on Taiwanese Phalaenopsis Industry’s Business Strategy – A Case of Firm A. Business Management 2008-07-24
Chun-Wei Lu Alignment among Governance Environment,Organization,IT Governance, IT Use and IT Performance Information Management 2008-07-25
Yi Lu Study on Cembranoids from the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia querciformis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2008-09-05
Yi-wun Lu Internet Innovation Diffusion Information Management 2008-09-09
I-Jing Lu Investigation on Reliability and Anomalous Degradation of Low Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistor Physics 2009-03-03
Wan-tzu Lu Summer Distributions and Optical Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter in the East China Sea and Taiwan Strait Marine Geology and chemistry 2009-07-29
I-Chuan Lu The Relationships among Gambling Motivation, Gambling Choice, and Gambling Involvement Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-07-30
Kuo-sheng Lu LDPC Coded OFDM-IDMA Systems Communications Engineering 2009-08-05
Shih-Yang Lu The Study on the Problems Related to the Jurisdiction of Maritime Zone IMA 2009-08-20
Meng-chia Lu none Business Management 2010-01-11
Yu-Lung Lu The study of oragnization knowledge creation process and affecting factors—the example of china steel knowledge creation activities Business Management 2010-01-29
Chuan-hsiu Lu Hepatic Dysfunctions in C57/BL6 mice after Liver-based POMC Overexpression Biological Sciences 2010-02-04
Feng-chi Lu A study of consumer’s decision for purchasing milk products affected by the Melamine event Business Management 2010-06-11
Tai-Hua Lu The electronic and transport properties of molecular and semiconductor junctions from first-principles Physics 2010-07-11
Yu-chen Lu The Effect of Personal Position 、Personal Tenure 、Organizational Formalization and Organizational Centralization on Perceptions of Organizational Politics Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-07-21
Shu-hua Lu none Chinese Literature 2010-07-26
Tsung-Hsien Lu The Research of investment evaluation on biotechnology company EMBA 2010-08-04
Jin-wei Lu Growth of free-standing non-polar GaN on LiAlO2 and LiGaO2 substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-08
Yu-Chun Lu Secure Management System for UPnP Digital Home Network Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-16
Kuo-chuan Lu Compiler Development to Support OpenGL 2.0 ES on a Novel 3D Graphics Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-26
Shih-han Lu The Application of Multi-factor Model on Enhanced electronic index fund construction Finance 2011-02-11
Wen-Chi Lu none Chinese Literature 2011-05-11
Hsin-yi Lu The Study of How Drama Program Brand Equity Affects Audience Viewing Behavior Communications Management 2011-06-14
Hui-Di LU Early stage sintering of nanosized SnO2 and laser fragmentation of sub-micron SnO2 powders in water Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-22
Hui-Hsueh Lu MDA: A Methodology of User Interface Transformation for Microsoft .NET Framework Platform Business Management 2011-06-22
Ssu-Ying Lu The Classification of In Vivo Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Brain Abscesses Using Principal Component Analysis Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-06
Yu-Cheng Lu A study of the Relationships between Job Values and the Attraction of Organization Characteristics: The Worker as Empirical Samples Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-14
Wei-Lin Lu The research of building enterprise competitive advantages through green entrepreneurial leadership and green human capital Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-12
Chun-Hung Lu The Study on The Agreement Between Automatic Tongue Diagnosis System and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-25
Hong-Jie Lu Capillary fiber mode energy distribution and the conditions of excitation Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-31
Chia-lin Lu The Influence of Service System on Cram School Teachers' Satisfaction with Digital Teaching System in Kaohsiung Communications Management 2011-08-04
Chun-Fu Lu A Study of the Cross-Industry Transferability of The Intergrated System of Toyota Production and Sales Management: A Case Study of Desktop Computer Manufacturing EMBA 2011-08-24
Shih-Min Lu Application of continuous radiation modes to the study of offset slab waveguides Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-30
Chih-Chiang Lu A Study on Fishery Resource Management in Taiwan: A Law Enforcement Aspect Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-06
Chien-pin Lu Effect of nanosized buffer layer and processing parameters on epitaxial growth of ZnO on LiAlO2 by chemical vapor deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-07
Chih-Hsien Lu Study on Architecture-Oriented Radar Maintenance and Operation Management Model Information Management 2011-12-21
Shan-Ling Lu From the requirements of performing arts groups to discuss the curriculum design of the academic arts administration training programs in Taiwan Theatre Arts 2012-01-31
Chia-Chuan Lu A Study on Motivations of Merger and Acquisition by Developed-Country and Emerging-Market Acquirers Business Management 2012-06-30
Shan-Yu Lu Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrogen-Doped Titanate Nanotube for Photocatalytic Applications in Visible-light Region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-04
Ying-kung Lu The research of Taiwan fastener industry how to aim at China’s competition in lower price. ----------The study of strategic alliance will be applied between some companies in the fastener industry of Taiwan. EMBA 2012-07-09
Yun-Chieh Lu How doctors practiced the new evidence Institute of Health Care Management 2012-07-17
Chin-Yuan Lu Design and Performance Analysis of a Miniature Spray Cooling System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-27
Hsing-Shuo Lu The Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Diaoyu Islands and Taiwan’s Strategy: A Case Study of the Minjin 5179 Incident EMPP 2012-09-06
Yu-ting Lu Distribution of Organotin Compounds in the Fishing Ports of Pingtung County Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-07
Jia-chi Lu The growth and reproduction of the Portuguese oyster, Crassostrea angulata, in Taixi and Qigu, Taiwan Marine Biology 2012-09-19
Da-shiung Lu Discussion and evaluation of「Marine oil pollution response mechanical recovery equipment」 Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-25
Chang-Cheng Lu Taiwan's South Sea Policy : 2008 as the Standard EMPP 2013-01-29
Yi-Chun Luh Influences of Visual and Haptic Cues on Product Image Location Effects Business Management 2012-01-17
Shu-Hai Lui Bioeconomic analysis of northwest pacific Ommastrephes bartrami Economics 2010-06-21
Guan-Liang Lui A design method for morphological filters Electrical Engineering 2010-08-23
Pui-Chi Luk none Communications Management 2009-08-25
Lan-shin Luo Estimation of Thunnus alalunga stock and economic analysis in the Western and Central Pacific Fishery Economics 2011-07-11
Yeong-Shin Luo The Influence of Dispatched Workers’ Working Conditions on Organizational Commitments Public Affairs Management 2011-08-20
Wayne Luo 2.45 GHz ZigBee Receiver Frontend and Delta-Sigma ADC with Constant-gm Amplifier for Battery Management Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-07-07
Siao-Jhu Luo Public Sector or Private Sector? The Analysis of Applicants’ Choice Economics 2012-07-15
Yueh-Chin Ma A Study of Vocational High School Students’ Emotional Intelligence, Self-Concept and Academic Performance: Also on The Influence of Homeroom Teacher’s Emotional Intelligence Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-12
Yeh-Cheng Ma Diamond particles embedded in the metal surface by resistance heating method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-25
Chih-yun Ma Chinese media's report on the image of Taiwan politics -- comparison of People’s Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily ICAPS 2010-09-07
Pei-ji Ma Body SAR Study of the WLAN Antennas for Tablet PC Application Communications Engineering 2011-06-17
Yun-Hong Ma The Effect of Technology Compatibility and Faithfulness of Appropriation on the User Satisfaction of EIP. Information Management 2011-07-19
Kuo-Chen Ma Thermal Chemistry of Benzyl Isocyanate and Phenyl Isocyanate on Cu(111) Chemistry 2011-08-09
Ling-Yu Ma Design and Fabrication of Suspending Micro-thermoelectric Generator with Transmissivity and Parallel Array Structure Electrical Engineering 2011-09-05
Chien-hui Ma A Study on the Word of Mouth Effect of Check-in on the Internet Towards the Influence of Consumer in Purchasing Decision-Making-Restaurant Industry for Example Communications Management 2012-09-06
Chun-Kai Mao Dual-mode ZnO thin films for piezoelectric transducers Electrical Engineering 2012-08-09
Suwannarat Meesomboonpoonsuk The Anti-Dam Movements in Thailand ICAPS 2012-06-05
Wen-hao Mei A Study of Folklore in Mo Yan’s Novels Chinese Literature 2009-09-02
Galicia Melvin Alleviations of Substation Congestions by Distributed Generations – An Optimal Location and Reliability Analysis IMEPE 2011-07-18
Hsien-Fu Meng The Research on Huang Yizhou and his Thoughts Chinese Literature 2011-08-22
Zih-Rong Mi Air-Water Exchange of Polychlorinated biphenyls in Gao-Ping Coastal Areas, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-17
Liang Ming Yen The Association of XRCC1 Polymorphisms with Development and Prognosis of Oral and Pharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas Biological Sciences 2011-08-25
Sin-Yuan Mu Theoretical development of the method of connected local fields applied to computational opto-electromagnetics Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-03
Pei-pei Ni A Study on the Relationship between Social Media User Behavior and the Operation of Radio Management EMBA 2011-08-09
Hao-Yu Ni The application of Multifactor model and VaR model in predicting market meltdown Finance 2012-06-21
Sheng-Hui Nien Optimization of Anode Functional Layer for Ba(Zr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2)O3-δ -Based SOFC Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-22
Demetska Olena none Chinese Literature 2009-07-28
Mei-ju Ou A Research on the International Competitiveness of Taiwan's Ornamental Fish Industry EMBA 2008-07-14
Chun-Hsien Ou The Effect of Thermal Annealing on the Morphology of Polymeric Thin Film and the Luminescence Efficiency of PLED Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-18
Tian-Tzu Ou Action Research of character education course on ethics of care Education 2011-01-29
Yu-Hao Ou Implement Low Power IC Design with Statistical Static Timing Analysis in 90nm CMOS Technology Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-15
Hsiu-Hui Ou Reading Biblical Metaphors from the Perspective of Cognitive Semantics-Based on the Recovery Version and Its Footnotes Chinese Literature 2012-07-05
Pi-Chuan Ou The Research about the operation for Qualities of Leadership, Management Control Systems and Operating Performance - T Bank branch in Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2012-07-06
Zong-Yu Ou New cylindrical near-field electrospun PVDF fibers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-13
Chin-You Ou Yang PEST model analysis of foreign investment in Vietnam:The case of Taiwanese enterprises ICAPS 2012-09-13
Yu Ou-Yang A Study on the Eco-behaviors of the Manufacturers in the Taiwan Science Park Public Affairs Management 2009-10-13
Chih-Yun Pai Tier-Based Multilevel Interconnect Diagnosis for Through-Silicon-Via Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-11
Ya-Ling Pai Practicing aesthetics in public policy – A case study of public building EMPP 2011-09-19
Hsin-Yu Pan Investigation of Using PEDOT nanorods as an Interlayer and its Modification on Improving Performance of Organic Polymer Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-20
Cheng-wen Pan The Influence of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Trust and Justice-with Understanding and control as Moderator Variables Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-02-11
Yen-tsen Pan In the ability to Identify the relative between robotization and production efficiency, take S company as an example EMBA 2010-06-07
Chi-Ying Pan Uses and Gratifications Research on Content of Business Magazine Websites Communications Management 2010-08-22
Lu-mei Pan The Relationship among Organizational Commitment, Professional Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Job Involvement in Cross Selling of the Life Insurance Agents Business Management 2010-08-25
Wei pan Reducing communication overheads in a cloud environment through unix-like features Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-17
Yi-Ying Pan Isolation and characterization of four Desmodesmus green microalgae: Photosynthesis, Heat tolerance and Oil production Marine Biology 2011-06-01
Ching-Fen Pan Customer Participation in Tourism Marketing Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-07-13
Ming-Kai Pan Characteristics comparison between the doped diamond-like carbon with nitrogen and ammonia Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-09
Po-Hsun Pan The Optimal Design for Action Recognition Algorithm on Cell Processor Architecture Electrical Engineering 2011-08-23
Jyun-Ruei Pan The Influences of Structure Size and Material Property of Package on Heat Transfer Efficiency Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-02
Pei-Yi Pan Distributions and variations of dissolved organic carbon in the Taiwan Strait and Taiwanese rivers Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-07-04
Hung-yen Pan A study on the Legal System of Controlling and Managing the National Police Firearms Political Science 2012-07-20
Ye-Jun Pang Creative Design of Lepelletier Automatic Transmission for Automobile Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-17
Yu-chin Pao none Chinese Literature 2008-07-04
Hsiao-Yung Pao On autocorrelation estimation of high frequency squared returns Applied Mathematics 2010-01-14
Tsai, Pei-Ling The Function of Middle Managers' Existence Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2008-07-18
Sz-ping Peng The impact of word of mouth on organizational attractiveness for potential applicants Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-09
Huan-shun Peng Fiscal Decentralization, Local Economic Growth and Local Government Efficiemcy ICAPS 2009-07-11
Chin-Chuan Peng Thickness dependence multiferroics property of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3 thin film Physics 2009-09-12
Yung-Hsing Peng Algorithms for Scaled String Indexing and LCS Variants Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-20
Chih-Hao Peng Biooxidation of gas-borne hydrogen sulfide and chemical oxidation of gas-borne odorants from rubber processing Environmental Engineering 2011-06-02
Yu-hsuan Peng A Study on Intention of Using Tablet Computer Business Management 2011-06-17
Chih-Hao Peng Structural Properties and Two Photon Luminescence Study of Yb:YAG Single Crystal Physics 2012-07-09
Kee-Wong Phay Global Research Trends of Long Term Care:A Bibliometric Study Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-25
Thatchaporn Phongboonchoo Factor affecting work stress of overseas expatriates in Thailand Business Management 2011-06-29
I Ping Hsueh Brand equity of Non-profit organization website Communications Management 2012-09-10
Jung-chin Po Self-assembled nano metal processes for enhancing light extraction efficiency of GaN light-emitting diode Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-27
Trent Prestegar The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Implications for Asset Management for Pension Funds: Evidence from Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong Business Management 2011-07-21
I-jung Pu Taiwan IC Design Industry’s ability of value creation Analysis Finance 2009-09-03
Thuy Quynh - Nguyen Thi A Case Study on the Competitive Advantages of Taiwan SMEs in Vietnam – An example of A Textile Company Business Management 2011-08-31
Anggraini Ratih Purwandari Profiling of Intestinal Microbial Diversity by PCR-DGGE Genes Coding for 16S rDNA and Immunity Status of the Orange Spotted Grouper (Epinephelus coioides) Following Probiotic Bacillus subtilis Administration Marine Biology 2012-12-13
Liang-Sun Rong none Public Affairs Management 2009-07-20
Shu-Ting Shang Wetland Public Trust and Management Model in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Aogu Wetland, Chiayi, Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-07-06
Wei-Yin Shang-Guan A Content Analysis Study on Middle School Curriculum Standards (by grade) of Types of Equal Sign Education 2010-06-23
Howatt Shannon Alyesha Setting the Foundations of Divine Right: The Arguments of the Reformation Writers Foreign Language and Literature 2012-06-27
Lian-An Shao The relationship between audit committee and CEO compensation and equity incentives of employees-take technological firms in Taiwan as example Business Management 2012-06-15
Ming-ren Shaw Case studies on the Cross-straits Cooperation to Reduce Economy Crimes ICAPS 2011-08-30
Ya-ting Shen Distribution Patterns of Lead-210 and Polonium-210 Along the Gaoping Submarine Canyon Marine Geology and chemistry 2008-09-09
Cheng-yu Shen The surface properties of the electrically tunable liquid crystal and polymer composite film Physics 2010-07-28
Wei-ting Shen Synthesis of N-(2-pyridinyl)-carbazoles and Their Iridium (III) Complexes Chemistry 2010-07-30
Cheng-Han Shen Planning for Marine Protected Area - Case Study for Guishan Island Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-17
Che-yu Shen Molecular cloning of mitogen-activated protein kinase cDNA and study of ethylene signaling in senescent sweet potato leaves Biological Sciences 2011-04-08
Fan-Sheng Shen A Preliminary Study of Risk-Based Deposit Reserve System Finance 2011-06-26
Wan-Bao Shen System Contingency Study with Power Flow Tracing Method for Congestion Management Electrical Engineering 2011-06-27
Feng-Hsi Shen The Improvement of SiO 2 Degradation on Optical Properties ofCr-doped Glass and Glass Ceramic and Laser Induced Crystallization Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-02
Shih-Pei Shen The effects of global budget on the medical expenses of schizophrenia patients Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-31
Mei-chun Shen experimentalism and body:on deleuze's empiricism and subjectivity Philosophy 2011-09-01
Chien-Chih Shen Development of novel nanomaterials for fabricating white-light emitting devices and assaying thiols in biological and environmental samples Chemistry 2012-01-12
Jing-yi Shen Investigation of allergy biosensor for human IgE detection using Sezawa-mode surface acoustic wave devices Electrical Engineering 2012-08-09
Yi-jie Shen The relationship between hydrological and nutrient conditions in the Dongsha Atoll Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-11-02
Jhih-Sheng Shen The electric properties of m-plane ZnO grown by ALD Physics 2013-02-18
Yao-Ping Sheng The Taylor Rule ─ Research of Monetary Policy: A Case for Asia Pacific Countries Economics 2011-07-21
Po-jiun Sheu The Study of Cultural Creative Industrial Parks in Shanghai ICAPS 2010-07-27
Chung-Ru Shi The technique of measure and numeraire changes in option Applied Mathematics 2012-07-10
Shao-Tang Shi A Spatial Study on David Harvey’s New Imperialism Political Science 2013-03-10
Yung-Le Shiang The Relationships between Involvement in Extra-Curricular Reading and Academic Achievement of Junior High School Students EMPP 2012-08-01
Ya-chun Shiau On the trans-boundary cooperation of drug control--Focusing on the system of United States Drug Enforcement Administration ICAPS 2012-01-19
Pei-jiun Shie Investigating the Collective Behavior and Power Flow of the Cyberspace from PTT Gossiping Board Communications Management 2011-03-31
Chi-Shin Shieh Methods of optical measurements based on the reflection of a double-ellipsoid structure Physics 2011-08-26
Jian-hua Shih Open campus policy and campus security relationship-An example of Kaohsiung County Lu Chu Senior High School EMPP 2008-06-26
Chia-chi Shih Strategy for Medical Cosmeceutical Business in Primary Dermatological Clinics – A Case Study of C Dermatological Clinic EMBA 2008-07-05
Wei-Che Shih Design of the nth Order Adaptive Integral Variable Structure Derivative Estimator Electrical Engineering 2009-01-17
Hsin-Chih Shih Orientation effects on Cu wire bonding by finite element method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-20
Tsung-Yo Shih A framework of statistical process control for software development Information Management 2009-08-03
Ching-jen Shih The study of photo-controlled light absorption of gold nanoparticle Physics 2009-08-26
Wen-tsung Shih The Research on Innovative Business Model of Semiconductor Testing Design EMBA 2010-07-01
Jia-rong Shih none Public Affairs Management 2010-08-17
Huei-Jyun Shih Studies on the Secondary Metabolites and Biological Activities from the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia flexibilis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-02-14
Chin-Chung Shih Discursive Practice in Entrepreneurship of Culture Industry:The Case of Pottery Entrepreneur’s Narration in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-23
Yen-chen Shih Preparation and Characterization of Hierarchical Structured TiO2 Photoanode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-08
Chih-Syuan Shih Design and Implementation of Miniaturized Bandpass Filters Using Integrated Passive Device and Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Process Technologies Electrical Engineering 2011-07-16
Li-Cheng Shih Origin of the terrestrial Paracymoriza Biological Sciences 2011-07-19
Ya-Hui Shih Cloning and functional analysis of ApRab37 in the Aiptasia-Symbiodinium endosymbiosis Marine Biology 2011-07-21
Yuan-Bin Shih Integration of UMTS Bandwidth of Smart Phones in VANET Environment Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-08
Chih-Chi Shih The Research and Analysis of Brand Positioning and Its Strategy - Take Japanese A company as an example EMBA 2011-08-08
Chao-Hong Shih Study on Architecture-Oriented Statistical Process Control Model Information Management 2012-06-12
Yin-Lan Shih The Relationship between Supervisor’s Impression Management and Employee’s Loyalty to Supervisor: Mediating Effect of Employee’s Positive Reactions Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-26
Yi-Siou Shih The Impact of Income Inequality on Crime:The Empirical Study of Taiwan Economics 2012-08-14
Meng-Han Shin A study on the effect of revenue sharing on the competitive balance in professional team sports Economics 2013-01-20
Jia-ming Shiu none EMPP 2010-08-19
Yu-Wen Shiu A Consumer-oriented and Empirical Study in Taiwan Spa Hotel Industry Business Management 2011-01-06
Jr-wei Shiu The study on the relationship between Leadership styles,Compensation Satisfaction and Turnover Itention Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-07
Lung-Hung Shiu An Exporatory Research of the Effect of Youtube Marketing on Mobile Applications Information Management 2011-09-06
Ren-Jie Shive Preparation of Hydrocarbon Compounds from Graphite and Metal Complexes by Arc Discharge Method Chemistry 2013-02-20
Jiun-jung Shu A Study on the Creative Design Methodology of the Multi-Speed Drive Hub for Bicycles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-02
Seng-Sheng Shu A Study of RZ-DPSK Modulation Scheme upon Long-haul Optical Fiber Transmission System Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-22
Chien-Chih Shu A Study on the Development of HTC Smartphones ICAPS 2013-03-26
Tat-seng Si Tou Implementation of A Swing System Based on Fuzzy Control Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-11
Yu-Cing Siao An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance and the Financial Failure Prediction Model-Considering Industry Relative Ratios Finance 2011-06-27
Wun-Ge Sie Preparation, Study and Application of Electro-Optical Properties of Functional Flexible Substrate Materials Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-20
Ming-si Sie Dependence Structure between Real Estate Markets and Financial Markets in U.S. - A Copula Approach Finance 2011-08-01
Shang-jyun Sie Study of GaN LED current spreading and chip fabrication Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-20
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Hsuan-Hsiang Su Improvement on low-temperature deposited high-k materials by high-pressure treatment Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-10-08
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Pei-chi Su A Study on the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Earnings Management Business Management 2009-07-13
Fang-Mei Su Contour sets in product graphs Applied Mathematics 2009-07-22
Ming-Jian Su A Study on Multi-objective Section Steel Cutting Plan Using Meta-Heuristic Approaches Information Management 2009-07-27
Liang-Yu Su Does investment policy differ between private placement ? and public offering companies Finance 2009-08-04
Chih-yuan Su Apply A Three-Dimensional Eco-Hydrodynamic Model To Study Eutrophication In Nanhua Reservoir Marine Environment and Engineering 2009-08-06
Shyh-Lin Su none Public Affairs Management 2009-08-11
You-lou Su Synthesis of New Dibenzo[a,c]phenazine Discotic Liquid Crystal (III) Chemistry 2009-08-25
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Pin-shen Su Simulation and Analysis on the Blind Hole Method Employing Finite Element Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-19
Hsin-tuz Su A Study on Innovative Transformation of Rice Industry in Taiwan-an Example of Fang Rong Rice Factory in Houpi Township of Tainan County EMPP 2010-09-01
Wei-hsiang Su Chemical Scrubbing of Odorous Fume Emissions from Coffee Bean Roasting Process Environmental Engineering 2010-09-07
Yu-jen Su Study on Architecture-Oriented Petroleum Business Management Model Information Management 2010-12-30
Yu-Tsun Su Analysis of Children With Developmental Delay Between Native And Foreign Spouse Family – Experience In A Multidisciplinary Child Developmental Assessment Center Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-14
Ze-Jhong Su The Impact of Legislative Resources and Local Ecology on Local Council Members’ Career Path – A Comparative study of Taipei and Kaohsiung City Council Members’ Perception Political Science 2011-03-26
I-Hua Su A Study on Managerial Competencies of Leaders in Multilevel Marketing Organizations Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-06-21
Szu-chieh Su A study on the Relationship of City Brand and City Identity in Kaohsiung Public Affairs Management 2011-07-11
Tzu-Jung Su A Study on Parameter Identification of Induction Machine Electrical Engineering 2011-08-03
Yung-Chi Su A Study of Deploying Monitor-Oriented System Simulation Models to Improve the Efficiency of Statistical Process Control Information Management 2011-08-06
Fang-I Su Effects of Thickness on the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of ITO/PET Film Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-15
Yao-Lung Su An Improved Type Reduction Algorithm for Type-2 Fuzzy Sets Electrical Engineering 2011-08-15
Qun-kai Su Malicious URL Detection in Social Network Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-15
Yi-Yih Su Comparison of the Customer Relationship Management for Legal Services in Chinese Metropolis EMBA 2011-08-30
Hsun-Hung Su Design and Development of a Self-humidifying and Preventing Performance Decay Portable HFC Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-05
Kun-Hsiung Su The Cognition Strategy Study On Makung City Brand EMPP 2011-09-07
Yuan-ta Su Study on Architecture-Oriented Auto Electronic Products Manufacturing Quality Management Model Information Management 2012-06-11
Huei-Ting Su The Stem Cell Marker Nestin is Critical for TGF beta1- Mediated Tumor Progression in Pancreatic Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-06-25
Yu-Dan Su A High Performance Register Allocator for Vector Architectures with a Unified Register-Set Computer Science and Engineering 2012-06-29
Chia-hung Su Analysis of battles between Jin and Qin during the Spring and Autumn Period Chinese Literature 2012-07-17
Mei-lin Su Sialylation of CCR7 is critical for CCL19-stimulated proliferation, invasion and anti-anoikis in breast cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-16
Shin-Yu Su Rapid Detection of Flowing Objects in Microchannel Utilizing the Chromatic Aberration Effect under a Dark-field Illumination Scheme Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-21
Chen-wen Su Implications of Japan's Intellectual Property Trust and Technology Transfer System for Taiwan ICAPS 2012-07-25
Chuan-Shen Su Energy-Efficient Scalable Serial-Parallel Multiplication Architecture for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-25
Chien-Chung Su The Study Of Financial Consultant Separation Factors In Banking industry- A Case Study of Bank C EMBA 2012-07-01
Yi-wen Su Performance Test and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy /Cyclic Voltammetry for a μPEM Fuel Cell Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-21
Heng-yi Su The free surface deformation affected by a two-dimensional thermocapillary flow Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-27
Chien-Wen Su Study of Profile Rolling by Four-high Rolling Mills Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-10
Tzu-yin Su Use the Financial Ratios to Analyze the Profit of FCCL EMBA 2013-01-16
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Li-ying Sun The study of job satisfaction、 organization commitiment and turnover intention-- An example of employees of Bank of Taiwan Business Management 2008-06-03
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Yu-min Sun Anti-arthritic effects of marine-derived compound obtained from gorgonian coral Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-07-19
Chih-hung Sun Simulation and Fabrication of a Non-Classical Unipolar CMOS with Embedded Oxide Electrical Engineering 2010-07-30
Yi-Ying Sun Exact D-optimal Designs for First-order Trigonometric Regression Models on a Partial Circle Applied Mathematics 2011-06-24
Wei-Cheng Sun Transmission Modeling with Simulink and FPGA implementation of 3072-point FFT for the Homeplug AV system Communications Engineering 2011-07-20
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Chian-Hao Sun Development of Micro-transformer by MEMS Technology for Microwave Communication System Electrical Engineering 2012-07-28
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Chao-Hsien Sung Applying Value-at-Risk to Financial Risk Evaluation in BOT Projects Finance 2010-05-28
Gang-Neng Sung Design and Implementation of Physical Layer for FlexRay-based Automotive Communication Systems Electrical Engineering 2010-10-05
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Ming-yen Sung An Analysis on Companies of Cultural and Creative Industries in Taiwan with Resource-Based Theory Theatre Arts 2011-08-17
Wen-Ting Sung Transformation and Fate of Nanoscale ZnO, Ag, and CeO2 in Different Aquatic Environments Environmental Engineering 2012-03-05
Paul Sung A study of required capabilities for clients in outsourcing IS to engage in value co-creation: The service dominant logic perspective Information Management 2012-05-03
Yi-Cheng Sung Implementations of a Merging Mechanism for Multiple Video Surveillances in TCP Networks Electrical Engineering 2012-07-11
Chih-Lung Sung A Study of the Relationship between Personality and Organizational Commitment among Air Force Volunteer Soldiers Political Science 2012-08-28
Ta-hao Sung Mechanical and Optoelectronic Response of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors under Low Dimensional Stress Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-12-24
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Hong-Ming Syu Study of Broadband THz Enhancement by Quantum Coherence Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-08-30
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Chia-Hui Tai 3D Map Construction and Data Analysis by LiDAR for Vehicles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-03
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Tung-Yao Tang none EMPP 2008-07-24
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Tien-fu Tang none ICAPS 2009-08-30
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Chia-Hua Tang Systemic POMC Overexpression Increases Visceral Fat Accumulation in Mice Biological Sciences 2011-02-16
Chang-Lung Tang QoS-Aware Packet Scheduler for LTE Downlink Based on Packet Prediction Mechanism Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-09
Teng-yen Tang Mechanical Properties of electrodeposited Ni and Ni-Co alloys having bimodal distribution of grain size Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-07
Yun-chu Tang Writing Autobiography or Fiction? Photographs and Innovative Writing in Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude Foreign Language and Literature 2012-01-03
Chiao-Min Tang The Empirical Study of the Price Difference Between China’s A-share and H-share Finance 2012-05-01
Kai-Chun Tang Locally and Densely Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether)s as Proton Exchange Membrane Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-20
En-kuei Tang Usefulness of delE746-A750 and L858R Mutation-Specific Antibodies of EGFR for Predicting Treatment Outcome of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Biological Sciences 2012-07-24
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James Taylor Institutions, Agglomeration Economies and Interstate Migration in the United States Business Management 2011-08-25
Chen-Tai Teh The Analysis and Simulation of Microstrip-Fed Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using FDTD Method Electrical Engineering 2010-10-26
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Chia-Chen Teng Catering to the Whole Spectrum of Dividends: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2011-11-08
Wei-yuan Teng The relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty affects on NoteBook Business Management 2012-06-26
Szu-Ming Teng Synthesis, Microstructure, and Diffraction Efficiency of Photopolymerizable Silica for Optical Storage Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-03
Chuan-Hsuan Teng An Investigation of the Key Success Factors of the Strategic Philanthropy Conducted by Corporate Foundations-A Case of Advantech Foundation and Chinatrust Charity Foundation Business Management 2012-07-24
Tran Thi Phuong Lien Ethnic Economy in the Institutional Transformation: A case study of Vietnamese Chinese in Hochiminh City Institute of Sociology 2011-07-08
Le Thi Quynh Anh The impact of economic freedom on banking performance: Evidence from Asian Emerging market countries Business Management 2011-07-26
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Wei-Chen Tien Porous Metal Oxides and Their Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-15
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Lester Ting-chung Lee Concentrations and distribution of persistent organic pollutants in sediments of Er-ren River Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-07
Yi-Wen Tong Efficient Strong Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Wireless Communications Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-30
Tzu-Ju Tsai none Finance 2008-06-24
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Shin-ing Tsai The history of Delta Electronics Inc. Business Management 2008-07-24
Jui-ling Tsai The Study of Integrating the Critical Thinking into the Instructional Design of WebQuest in Civic Education in the Junior High School Education 2008-07-29
Feng-wen Tsai An Emulator for OpenGL ES 2.0 based on C-language Compiler Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-29
Chao-yu Tsai The Research of Direct-Selling Consumer's Perceived Risk and Risk Reduction Strategy Business Management 2008-07-30
Wen-Tien Tsai An Electronic Ballast with Automatic Identification of Rated Power for Metal Halide Lamps Electrical Engineering 2008-07-31
Meng-Yu Tsai The effect of online feedback mechanisms on online group-buying behavior Information Management 2008-08-27
Chiang-nan Tsai Study on Architecture-Oriented Information Security Management Model Information Management 2009-01-07
Wan-yi Tsai Malicious Web Page Detection Based on Anomaly Behavior Information Management 2009-02-04
Nai-wen Tsai The role of platelet-leukocyte-endothelium interaction in acute ischemic stroke Biological Sciences 2009-03-20
Ming-chen Tsai Study of the substituent effect on coordination modes and physical property of iminoferrocenyl ligands for copper complexes Chemistry 2009-07-21
Wen-shiou Tsai Study of Noise Suppression and Circuit Design of a Dual Phase-Locked Loop System Electrical Engineering 2009-07-23
Yi-Lin Tsai Applying multimode interference couplers in ring resonators Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-02
Yun-lun Tsai The Affecting Factors of Knowledge Integration - Based on Similarity-Attraction Theory Information Management 2009-08-04
Hann-Jong Tsai Study of Lowest Threshold Power and Highest Slope Efficiency for Chrominum-doped YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Laser Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-08-11
Song-jau Tsai The study of an open innovation model for the industrial chain of electrical steel EMBA 2009-07-18
Kun-Han Tsai A PAPR Reduction Scheme for SFBC MIMO-OFDM Systems Electrical Engineering 2009-08-11
Yu-jou Tsai Cost-effectiveness Analysis between Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation and Ethanol Injection for Very Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-12
Chung-Wei Tsai Studies in Determination and Residues of Nitrofurans and Corresponding Metabolites by LC-MS/MS in Tilapia Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-24
Pei-wen Tsai A test for curvature in 2^k designs with center points and analysis for proportional data in response surface models Applied Mathematics 2009-08-26
Kai-en Tsai Study of the acoustic characters of eleven soniferous fish in the western coastal waters of Taiwan Marine Biology 2009-08-28
Ming-Yu Tsai An Efficient Hybrid CMOS/PTL (Pass-Transistor-Logic) Synthesizer and Its Applications to the Design of Arithmetic Units and 3D Graphics Processors Computer Science and Engineering 2009-10-20
Chun-chin Tsai The Reliability Study of Optical Power and Radiation Pattern for High-Power Light-Emitting Diodes Modules in Aging Test Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-12-08
Pei-jung Tsai On The Possibility of Peace:The Viewpoints of Kant, Hans küng and Daisaku Ikada Philosophy 2010-01-27
Yu-chen Tsai Sources and concentration distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Dapeng Bay Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-05-04
Meng-chang Tsai A User-Interests Approach to Music Recommendation Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2010-06-18
Yi-Jing Tsai Ectopic expression of sweet potato cysteine protease SPCP3 altered developmental characteristics and enhanced drought stress sensitivity and cell death in transgenic Arabidopsis plants Biological Sciences 2010-06-30
Ya-fang Tsai The study of career development and decision for non-traditional route teachers. Education 2010-07-09
Ju-han Tsai Examine the Synergy Effect of Motivation, Morality, Deterrence, and Social Learning Perspectives to Intention of Computer Hacking -The Moderation Role of Severity Level Information Management 2010-07-19
Mi-shan Tsai movie industry promote policy's influence of local development - Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2010-07-23
Hsin-Tung Tsai Application of polymer material by mimicking nature hydrogen bonding Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-27
Tsung-Rung Tsai High Frequency Discharging Characteristics of LiFePO4 Battery Electrical Engineering 2010-08-06
Shian-Chi Tsai A Mixed Approach for Multi-Label Document Classification Electrical Engineering 2010-08-10
Hsieh-Hung Tsai Influences of Sea-land Breezes and Northeastern Monsoon on the Transportation and Dispersion of Air Pollutants over Coastal Region in Southern Taiwan Environmental Engineering 2010-08-11
Yi-Sing Tsai A low Jitter Wide-range Delay-Locked Loop with the Rail to Rail Differential Multi Control Delay Line Implementation Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-12
Cheng-Feng Tsai A Study on Dental Implant Medical Quality of Dentists and Patients in Kaohsiung City EMBA 2010-08-28
Wan-Jiun Tsai Investigation of the heavy metal contents in the environment and aquatic organisms of Chang-hua coastal area Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-30
Yeong-sheng Tsai The Analysis of Influencing Factors on Taiwan's Excess Saving Economics 2010-09-02
Sung-Yun Tsai Translation study of the stigma scale In the severe mental illness patients and it’s implications EMPP 2010-09-07
Tina Tsai Co-production and Marketing Relationship with Customers in Intellectual Property Law Firm Services Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2010-09-07
Chin-Chin Tsai Design of Lepelletier Epicyclic Gear Mechanisms for Automobile Transmissions Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-07
Jeng-yu Tsai The Effect of Capsazepine and Nonylphenol on Calcium Signaling and Viability in MDCK Renal Tubular Cells Biological Sciences 2011-01-27
Ching-yi Tsai Consumers’ purchase intention toward 7-11 private label Business Management 2011-02-17
Yu-Huai Tsai A Semantic-based Approach to Web Services Discovery Information Management 2011-06-13
Wen-lin Tsai Study On Strategic Human Resource Planning of OEM Transforming To OBM Firms --- Case Study on A company in NEPZ Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-06-28
Yi-Ling Tsai A Study of E-book Reader Adoption Based on the Technology Acceptance Model Business Management 2011-06-28
Yan-Gen Tsai A Multi-Factor Model and Enhanced Index Fund- with Application in Singapore Market Finance 2011-07-05
Ching-Tang Tsai Performance Analysis of Relational Database over Distributed File Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2011-07-08
Ching-yu Tsai The Bioeconomic Analysis of Longline Yellowfin Tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Economics 2011-07-11
Sung-Yin Tsai Quantum Dots Laser of Coupled microdisk-ring structure Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-13
Jiun-Ru Tsai A CMOS Sensing Circuit Using Injection-Locked Oscillators Electrical Engineering 2011-07-18
Ya-ting Tsai High Thermal and Spectral Stabilities of Hyperbranched Polyquinolines Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-17
Yun-Kuang Tsai Study on the electrodeposition of metal-doped DLC thin film Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Yu-Fu Tsai Exploring the Resident’s Perception on Importance and Satisfaction of Hospital Service Quality and Customer Loyalty – Taking Resident in Kaohsiung as Examples Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-07-30
Sheng-You Tsai The Effect of Bias Voltage and External Magnetic Field on Transport Processes of a Two-Dimensional Plasma Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-08
Kun-ming Tsai NMR Investigation of the Dynamics of Paramagnetic Molecules and Alcohols in Nafion 117 Membrane Chemistry 2011-08-12
Pei-Jen Tsai Anonymous Multi-Receiver Certificate-Based Encryption Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-16
Jia-jin Tsai Understanding the Impact of Utilitarian and Hedonic Benefit on Satisfaction and Continuance Intention of Social Network Site: An Extended Expectation Confirmation Model Information Management 2011-08-15
Hsin-Ying TSAI Studies on the Surface Characteristics of Steel by Electrochemical Buffing Using Conductive Polymer Tools Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-16
Jie-Cheng Tsai Particle-In-Cell Method To Predict Plasma Behavior Between Two Plates Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-09
Wen-shiuan Tsai The Impact of Technology Comparability Variables on the Use of Mobile Computing Information Management 2011-08-17
Yao-Kuan Tsai A Study on the Formation of the Post-modern Society from Christian Faith Public Affairs Management 2011-08-18
Chang-han Tsai Investigating the relation between non-radiative decay process and surface trap states in the CdSe quantum dots Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-23
Pei-chen Tsai Integrated Medical Center Kampo Construction of new business model EMBA 2011-08-01
I-ting Tsai Outcomes Of Hysterectomy for Patients with Uterine Myoma - An Example of a Regional Teaching Hospital in Taiwan – Institute of Health Care Management 2011-09-01
Chung-I Tsai Taiwan Banking Industry Strategic Research on Crediting Taiwan Businessmen in China -taking S Bank as an example EMBA 2011-08-25
Chi-Chen Tsai Practical issues of corporate restructuring–A study of pharmaceutical companies EMBA 2011-08-31
Cheng-Hsien Tsai Design and fabrication of PVDF electrospun piezo- energy harvester with interdigital electrode Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-01
Chi-Chang Tsai Optimization of a Steady-Voltage Piezoelectric Transducer Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-23
Chao-hsin Tsai Study on Architecture-Oriented Semiconductor Manufacturing Company R&D Laboratory Business Strategy Model Information Management 2012-01-04
Wei-Je Tsai The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Enterprise Value in Information Service Industry Business Management 2012-01-13
Mei-Na Tsai Electrical Properties of n-MOSFETs under Uniaxial Mechanical Strain Physics 2012-01-18
Hsien-chu Tsai Effect of Sodium Salicylate, Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil in LMP1-Overexpressed Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas Cell Lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-06-21
Hsin-yi Tsai A Study on the Development of Kaohsiung toward a Livable City Public Affairs Management 2012-07-03
Ming-Lang Tsai Applied Studies of Metal-Based Light Scattering Layer and External Lightguide on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-08
Yueh-da Tsai Voltage Peak Detector Design for FPW-based IgE Measurement Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-07-11
Jiun-Yi Tsai Theoretical and experimental study of OFDM system performance Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-16
Pin-Chin Tsai The Analysis of the Great Moderation in France Economics 2012-07-16
Wei-Chen Tsai The Relationships between Social Skill and Job Performance: Supervisor and Coworker Support as Mediators Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-21
Cheng-ying Tsai Synthesis of ordered mesoporous metal nanostructures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Wei-lung Tsai Self-assembled gold nanoparticles in patterned ZnO/Si heterojunction Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-24
Hsi-Jou Tsai The impacts of green entrepreneurial leadership on green human capital and competitive advantage Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-08-03
Yi-hsuan Tsai Combined Channel Estimation and Data Detection for AF Cooperative Communication Systems Communications Engineering 2012-08-07
Tien-Fang Tsai The Research of the Legal System on the Prevention of Missing Foreign Workers for Police Political Science 2012-08-08
Hsueh-fang Tsai The Relationship among Exchange Rate, Capital Flow and Trade Economics 2012-08-13
Ching-Wen Tsai Xu Fu-Yuan's Life Feelings during the Transitional Period between the Ming and Qing Dynasty Chinese Literature 2012-08-13
Jen-Yu Tsai Observation on the local structural transformation of amorphous zinc oxide during the heating process by molecular dynamics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-15
Chia-ping Tsai Design and Implementation of Cloud Data Backup System with Load Balance Strategy Electrical Engineering 2012-08-15
Mi-Ting Tsai Synthesis of 3,3’-dihydroxy-2,2’-bipyridine Derivatives and Applications Chemistry 2012-08-15
Cheng-Hsien Tsai A Study on Relationships among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty-The Post Exchange of Marine Corps School EMPP 2012-08-13
Yi-miao Tsai A study on Taiwan Legal System Regarding Dropout Counseling Management for Junior-High Stadents Political Science 2012-08-16
Cheng-Shu Tsai Role of the government amid globalization—study on the legal system in China ICAPS 2012-08-21
Han-en Tsai The Therapeutic Potential and Mechanism of POMC stress Hormone for Metastatic Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-23
Wen-Chin Tsai Effects of membrane fouling on the operation of low pressure reverse osmosis system for water treatment Environmental Engineering 2012-08-27
Yong-Chun Tsai Robust Design of Precoder and Decoder for Relay-Assisted Decorrelating CDMA Systems with Imperfect CSI Communications Engineering 2012-08-25
Wen-Cheng Tsai The Use of PAM, SDM, VCS for studying the comparing and developments of Community Policing at Coasts -Strait Public Affairs Management 2012-08-27
I-Tse Tsai On Fountain Codes for Cooperative Systems Using Various Relaying Strategies Communications Engineering 2012-08-29
I-Chang Tsai Performance Analysis of a Micro-PEM Fuel Cell with Different Flowfields and Hydrophobic/ Hydrophilic Gas Diffusion Layers Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-29
Wei-cheng Tsai Edge Detection based on Grayscale Morphology on Hexagonal Images Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-29
Ching-Chieh Tsai Corporate Governance and Cash Holdings of Business Group-Affiliated Firms Business Management 2012-09-06
Pei-yu Tsai The Looking Back and the Secend Start of Heroines at the end of century ──from "Huang Hsiu Chiu" to "Female Prison Flower" Chinese Literature 2012-09-10
Fu-Yu Tsai The study of deformation behaviors of LiAlO2 single crystal Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-01-22
Rung-Tsai Tsai Cause Analysis of Fishing Boats Maritime Casualties in the Southwestern Taiwan and Recommendations for Prevention IMA 2013-01-28
Meng-fang Tsai The Development, Values and Influence of China’s Middle Class ICAPS 2013-02-09
Cheng-Mou Tsai Diurnal Variation and Emission Factor of Mercury Pollutants Emitted from Incensing and Joss Paper Burning in Indoor and Outdoor Environments of a Taiwanese Temple Environmental Engineering 2013-02-20
Chia-Hua Tsai Program Notes of Chia- Hua Tsai's Violin Recital Music 2019-01-24
Wei-lin Tsao The influence of job characteristic with turnover intention :Mediated by job Satisfaction and organizational commitment Institute of Human Resource Management 2007-08-28
Hui-Cheng Tsao Research on Urban Land Readjustment hosted by Private Sector in Taiwan Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-25
Yung-chieh Tsao the factors of entry strategies influence international AD companies- the study of Taiwan market Business Management 2008-07-30
Ling-tzu Tsao The effect of the picture book instruction on the life education of lower grade elementary school students Education 2009-07-28
Yi-Jhen Tsao A Study of the Effects of Personality Traits and Cultural Exposure of Job on Cultural Intelligence: A Case Study of R & D Employee in B Technology Company Business Management 2011-07-09
Fu-jui Tsao Bacterial diversity in the gastrointestinal tracts of four animals with different feeding habits Biological Sciences 2011-07-26
Yi-Kai Tsau China’s South China Sea Policy ICAPS 2011-07-11
Yi-Chi Tsau Origin of quartz and amphibole precipitates in omphacite in the ultrahigh-pressure metamorphosed eclogite from Xitieshan, North Qaidam Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-08
Jin-Yih Tsay The Benefits Assessment of People’s Participation in Ecotourism-Take Example of Zhongtun and Jiangmei Village’s Eco-garden Public Affairs Management 2008-06-26
Tzu-Peng Tseng A Study of Overconfidence or Underconfidence for Taiwan Stock Investors – An Example of Property Stocks Finance 2008-06-25
Pai-wei Tseng A Study of Elements influencing Strategic Involvement of Human Resources Department: Perspectives of Middle and Senior Managers as well as HR Managers. Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-27
Wei-Chun Tseng The Types, Causes, and dispute resolution mechanism of investment disputes in China for Taiwanese Businessmen Business Management 2008-07-13
Chao-Chieh Tseng none Business Management 2008-07-25
Chun-han Tseng Chinese Input Method Based on First Mandarin Phonetic Alphabet for Mobile Devices and an Approach in Speaker Diarization with Divide-and-Conquer Computer Science and Engineering 2008-09-09
Yi-ming Tseng A High-yield Process Design for Self-aligned SOI MOSFET with Block Oxide and Its Characterization and Application for 1T-DRAM Electrical Engineering 2009-08-04
Ching-Fan Tseng Characterization of P- and N-type Zinc Oxide Films Prepared by RF Sputtering Electrical Engineering 2009-08-05
Yu-fang Tseng The symptoms of dengue fever and factors associated with being reported at the first outpatient visit Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-10
Pin-Kai Tseng A Novel Low Complexity Cell Search Scheme for LTE Systems Communications Engineering 2009-08-25
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Kuo-Yang Tseng The Study of Marketing of Timber Industry Association EMBA 2010-07-27
Kuan-ling Tseng Optimization of Processing Parameters for LED with Surface Mount Technology Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-03
Chia-Ling Tseng Performance Study on the Field Treatment of VOCs Emitted from a Solvent Plant by Biofilter Packed with Fern Chips Environmental Engineering 2010-08-04
Shih-hui Tseng A Model-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Handling Data Reliability and Ordinal Data Scale Information Management 2010-08-16
Shu-Yan Tseng Research topic: how organization politics affect overall HR infrastructure Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-08-19
Sheng-Chih Tseng Compiler/Hardware Codesign and Memory Management for a Novel 3D Graphics Processor Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-08
Chien-Hun Tseng Does Sex Kill or Heal ? Influences of Types of Sexual Appeals, Product Type and Sensation Seeking in Advertising Business Management 2011-03-10
Yu-Lu Tseng Involvement of the chloroplastic photosynthetically electron transport in the differential expression of nuclear genes Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase (MSR) isoforms by excess light in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Marine Biology 2011-06-28
Ta-chuan Tseng The successful experience of hemodialysis clinic to community in Taiwan and how to bring it to China's research EMBA 2011-08-08
Shao-Bin Tseng Design of One-Time Implantable SCS System SOC and Inter-chip Capacitance Coupling Circuit Electrical Engineering 2011-08-15
Nien-Cheng Tseng The Research of Insurance Brokers’ Industry entering Mainland China - Case of Tai-Yung Insurance Broker EMBA 2011-08-22
Wen-Ern Tseng A Study of Government procurement system of medical devices on the impact development EMBA 2011-08-22
Yu-ling Tseng Design of a Table-Driven Function Evaluation Generator Using Bit-Level Truncation Methods Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-30
Hsueh-Fen Tseng Fabrication of photo-patterned ferrocene polymer electrodes by [2+2] cycloaddition Chemistry 2011-08-25
Ming-kun Tseng The research of strategy use referring to business greening based on dynamic capabilities and strategy map Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-09-09
Jung-Feng Tseng A Study of Internal Social Capital, Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Innovation Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-11-07
Pei-Hao Tseng The Study of Cost-Effective 25 Gb/s Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly (TOSA) Packages Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-05-02
Hsin-Yuan Tseng Mixed-Voltage Output Buffers with Slew Rate Compensation Based on PVT Variation Detection Electrical Engineering 2012-07-10
Hsiu-ling Tseng The Role of Internal Audit Independence on Performance in Public Family Business Business Management 2012-07-18
I-Ping Tseng Design of the Tail-biting Convolution Code Decoder with Error Detection Ability Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-25
Yu-Hui Tseng Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Water-Phenol Mixtures' Diffusion through α-ZrP CTAB Membrane Chemistry 2012-07-30
Su-ching Tseng Research for Job Seeker Values of Generation Y EMBA 2012-08-04
Miao-lien TSENG An Economic Cycle-based Multi-factor Alpha Model— with Application in the Taiwan Market Finance 2012-08-11
Ling-Yu Tseng Sputtered SiO2 Enhance Quantum Well Intermixing for Integration of Electroabsorption Modulators and Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-30
Hua-Hsin Tseng A Study of the Relationship between Landing Spots in Taiwan of Vietnamese Illegal Immigrants and Oceanic Conditions(2007~2011) Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-01-21
Chih-Yi Tseng A Theory of Self-Presentation Affordances in Social Networking Technology Information Management 2013-02-04
Ya-ling Tsent The Study of the Effect of Taiwan's Industrial Structure Transition on Income Distribution. Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-17
Po-Ting Tsui Study on the Optical Characteristics of Quantum Dots in Coupled Cavity Structures Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Shu-Yang Tu Internal Antennas for Folder-Type Mobile Phone Applications Electrical Engineering 2008-06-03
Jui-lin Tu Internet Addiction Disorder of Adolescents:A System Dynamics Approach Information Management 2008-07-29
Shih-Ming Tu Study on Hot Extrusion Processes of Magnesium Alloy Tubes and Sheets Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-05
Min-Chang Tu Optimization of HBT/pHEMT integration technology Electrical Engineering 2010-01-20
Cheng-chung Tu YAN﹐ZHEN-QING and the study of his calligraphy based on the year of DA-LI during his demotion period. Chinese Literature 2010-05-01
Kung-Tzu Tu The Study on Transformation Strategy in Production Base in Taiwan for the Printed Circuit Board Industry – A Corporation as Case Study EMBA 2010-08-10
Guo-Hua Tu Construction of Distributed Method for Analyzing a Large Number of Sequence Data: Using Influenza A Virus Protein Sequences as Examples Biological Sciences 2010-11-01
Chun-Hung Tu Performance Assessment and DC-Link Voltage Regulation System Design of Slotless Tubular Linear Generator Electrical Engineering 2011-02-14
Meng-chun Tu The impacts of corporate green strategy on competitive advantage- the green corporate culture as moderator Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-27
Ming-hui Tu A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Arabic and Dutch Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Wan-chen Tu Fatty acid composition and mercury concentrations in the white meat of common wild and farmed fish in Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-11
Bo-Wen Tu The occurrence of the pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) and illicit drugs in western Hengchun Peninsula and Kenting tourist area of Taiwan Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-09-26
Hsin-chang Tu An enquiry to the introduction process of new appraisal system with action research Business Management 2012-10-18
I-Chun Tuan Organization Change and Transformational Leadership after Merge and Acquisition:The Case of N Life Insurance Company EMBA 2012-07-17
Han-Wen Tuan The Decision Model of Project Portfolio Selection for Military Investment Information Management 2012-08-21
Su-chin Tung A study for scaffolding strategies in the project approach for kindergarten teacher Education 2010-06-18
Jui-hsuan Tung Discount on private placement and firm characteristic Business Management 2010-07-09
Hong-Yi Tung Analysis of the Outlier in the Case Payment of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-07
Pei-chen Tung The effectiveness of promoting students’ learning involvement through interesting hands-on activities Education 2011-06-04
Hue-Jen Tung From A Source of Wisdom to a Consumed Other--Imaging China in Modern Japan's Evolving Narratives on the "Records of the Three Kingdoms" ICAPS 2011-07-28
Cheng-Wei Tung Study on fabrication and characteristics of Zn-doped SiO2 thin film resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-28
Yi-Pei Tung Brand Culture: A New Marketing Mechanism Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2012-08-03
Tai-Hao Tung Design and Development of a Stable Operating Passive Portable DMFC Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-28
Hung-Wei Tung Synthesis of DNA Minor Groove Binders with Diazine, Quinoline and Sugars moieties. Chemistry 2012-08-28
Shiang-da Tzeng Fabrication of Gapless Dual-Curvature Micro-lens Technique Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-10
Yu-fang Tzeng Reciprocity, Punishment, and Cooperation in a Social Group Political Science 2010-09-07
Kai-Di Tzeng Photovoltaic response of coupled InGaAs quantum dots Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-14
Te-En Tzeng InGaAs Quantum Dots grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-09-07
Yi-Ying Tzeng A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, English and Vietnamese Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Su Tzu-Yang Developing a TLCspray technique to rapidly characterize small organic chemical in biological fluid Chemistry 2012-08-07
David Vi Lu The comparison of prevalence, medical expenditure and related factors between open appendectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy Institute of Health Care Management 2009-08-12
Jiri Vrsecky Optimizing Performance of Internet Advertising Campaigns Business Management 2012-07-27
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Wan-Jung Wang A Competitive Analysis of International Express Industry: A Case Study of DHL Taiwan Corporation Business Management 2007-08-20
Chih-Chien Wang Study on Architecture-Oriented Analysis-model of Business Intelligence Systems’ Requirement Information Management 2008-06-14
Ching-Wen Wang Synthesis of Silver Nanowires by TiO2 Nanoparticles Chemistry 2008-06-23
Jui-ming Wang The Analysis by Quantile regression- Redefinition of Default Point of the KMV Model Finance 2008-06-26
Jhong-chuan Wang The influence of catering theory to the dividend policy of corporations in Taiwan Business Management 2008-06-27
Teng-ko Wang The study of barnacle’s penis length and density Marine Biology 2008-06-26
Sin-ping Wang The study of influence of anisotropy in rubbed polyimide thin films on liquid crystal alignment by means of reflection anisotropy spectroscopy Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-15
Hung-Ping Wang Influence of Alloy Elements on Selective Oxidation and Galvanizability of Dual Phase Steels Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-17
Yen-shi Wang The detection of REM and Wake sleep stages by using EOG signals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-18
Ji-Jia Wang A Study of Web 2.0 Innovations for Government Services Online Information Management 2008-07-23
Chih-wei Wang A unified approach toward crowd simulation Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-27
Ming-shan Wang A Study of Land Value Increment Tax on Residential Lands-The Case of Kaohsiung County Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-29
Ting-ya Wang Suppression of High Mobility Group Box-1 (HMGB-1) by RNAi Might Alter the Inflammatory Response During Sepsis Biological Sciences 2008-09-04
Hsiang-wei Wang The Impact of “Mini-Three-Links” Policy on Kinmen Economic Development: An Empirical Study Public Affairs Management 2008-09-10
Tzu-chun Wang China Foreign Policy from Mao Tse-tung to Teng Hsiao-ping: An Analysis from State Theory of Realism Mainland China Studies 2008-09-11
Hao-Chun Wang International Business Travelers : From Employees' Perspective Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-10-14
Chih-jen Wang Advertising and Channel Structures Business Management 2008-12-02
Chu-fa Wang Application of adhesive bonding technology in active-height control between fiber array and si-plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-01-12
Yueh-Ying Wang Predictors of B&B managers' and guests' acceptance of green-B&B strategies Public Affairs Management 2009-01-10
Bang-chieh Wang none ICAPS 2009-01-31
Ya-jhen Wang An Analysis of Value Creation Capacity - The Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Finance 2009-02-11
Ghiu-huang Wang A Study of the Cognition and Learning Motivation of Junior High School towards Biodiversity Biological Sciences 2009-06-08
Po-tun Wang From the Financial Statement Disclosure and the Law to establish the Illegal Credit Indicators as the Bank of Affiliated Enterprises extend credit to the Same Related Entities Business Management 2009-06-23
Huan-Yao Wang Imaging Mass Spectrometry for Characterization of Melamine in Rat Tissue Chemistry 2009-07-02
Jhih-Hong Wang Design multi-porous layer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell by doping various diameter TiO2 particle Electro-Optical Engineering 2009-07-20
Lian-bing Wang Organic Photovoltaic Cells of Fully Conjugated Coil-like Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) and Rod-like Heterocyclic Aromatic Polymer Doped with Nano-carbon Particles Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-26
Ching-Ya Wang A Study on Marketing Strategies for Departments of Private Higher Technical and Vocational Education :A Case of Department of Architecture and Interior Design in ChengShiu University EMBA 2009-07-28
Chung-Jen Wang The Impact of the Replacement of Regular Employees by Contract Workers on Work Attitude Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-06
Xing-bin Wang Inflation,growth and welfare in a small open economy Economics 2009-08-11
Mu-Yun Wang Exploring the jumping spider mimicry of Eugauria albidentata (Lepidoptera, Crambidae, Musotiminae) through ethological and visual ecological approaches Biological Sciences 2009-08-12
Chia-yun Wang The factors to affect the performance of relationship marketing : by S company's B2B transaction example EMBA 2009-08-18
Kuang-fu Wang A Research on the Management Strategies of The Development of Healthcare Tourism in Kaohsiung City Public Affairs Management 2009-08-18
Wei-Ming Wang Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Plates Subjected to Non-Uniform Loading Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-20
Jo-peng Wang Flowing Body and Identity-A Study of Taiwanese Entrepreneurs in Shanghai ICAPS 2009-08-24
Shang-ying Wang Type-1 Interleukin-1 Receptor is Essential for Host Defense Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced Pneumonia Biological Sciences 2009-08-26
Shan-rung Wang Design and Implementation of a Security Mechanism for network communication Electrical Engineering 2009-08-28
Shan-Shan Wang The effect ofpersonality, human capital and social network on head hunter's job performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-09-03
Jhong-yuan Wang Studies of polarization-independent liquid-crystal Fresnel lenses with high diffraction efficiency Physics 2009-09-03
Jia-Huei Wang Aspect Ratio Modulations of Fully Conjugated Rod-like Polymer Electrolyte for Enhanced Three-dimensionally Isotropic Ionic Conductivity Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-10-02
Ya-Shu Wang Local and disjointness structures of smooth Banach manifolds Applied Mathematics 2009-12-26
Wan-Tsang Wang Rashba and Dresselhaus Effect in Wurtzite Materials, and it's application. Physics 2010-02-08
Tyzz-An Wang China Association of Southeast Asian Policy Studies Political Science 2010-02-18
Chi-hung Wang Apply Neural Network Techniques for Storm Surge Prediction Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-03-02
Jhih-hao Wang Circuit Design of LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.16e systems Communications Engineering 2010-03-29
Yi-Chen Wang The Study between Building a Learning Organization and Organizational Performance in Regional Teaching Hospitals EMBA 2010-06-22
Chia-ying Wang Chemical scrubbing of odorous gas generated from hot-melted coal Environmental Engineering 2010-06-29
Jiun-Ru Wang The Performance of Using Different Modulation Formats in Digital Coherent System Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-02
Chu-en Wang Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Bidens pilosa L. Leaves Against Thioacetamide-Induced Liver Fibrosis in Mice Biological Sciences 2010-12-02
Bo-Cyuan Wang The Study of Material and Optical Properties for Cr-doped Fibers Communications Engineering 2010-07-23
Chun-Hsiung Wang The Effects of N-terminus and Disulfide Bonds of Capsid Protein on Particle Formation and Thermal Stability of Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-07-26
Yi-Jen Wang Grain Growth and Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Mo and Zr Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-27
Yu-Hsuan Wang Synthesis and electrochemical studies of nitroxide radical polymer brushes via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization Chemistry 2010-07-27
Ding-Jie Wang The Study and Fabrication of Optical Thin Film on Cr4+:YAG Double-clad Crystal Fiber Amplifier and Laser Based Devices Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-27
Tai-yuan Wang The effects of learning styles and cooperative learning on academic achievement in calculus Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Cheng-hao Wang The Purposes of Internet Usage Affecting the Relationship between Playfulness and Performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-07-27
Pei-chen Wang Overexpression of VCAM-1 promotes tumor progression and drug resistance in breast cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-03
Yueh-fen Wang Research of Intergrated Marketing Communication on Cultural and Creative Prducts- Take Anping Sword-Lion Square as An Example EMBA 2010-07-29
Chi Wang Competitive Advantage Research of Foundry Industry Cluster— A Case of T Company EMBA 2010-08-20
Yong-yi Wang Mg effect on mechanical properties of ultrafine grained Al-Mg alloyproduced by friction stir processing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-23
Sz-bo Wang Pedestrian Detection and Recognition System Using Support Vector Machines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-03
Chung-Cheng Wang A Study on Naval Vessel’s Repair and Maintenance Strategy Led by Dynamical System Theory Information Management 2010-09-06
Chi-Meng Wang Estimation of internal Solitary Wave Height by Satelitte Images in the Deep Ocean IAMPUT 2010-09-06
Min-Hung Wang Design of Stroked Curve Rendering Circuit Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-06
Zhao-Kai Wang Study on anti-adhesion layer of nanoimprint Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-06
Yi-ju Wang Osmium(II) Complex of Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate Ligand : Synthesis, Structure, Electrochemistry and Photophysical Property Chemistry 2010-09-07
Yun-peng Wang "to see" and "to be seen". Internet self-portrait culture, adolescent self-identity development and social relation. Communications Management 2010-08-26
Wen-tzu Wang Studies on the roles of TMCO1 gene in human bladder cancer cell lines Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-09-08
Yi-ping Wang A Design of Seawave-Driven Desalination System Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-08
Nan-jye Wang Design of Parellel-Connected Epicyclic Gear Mechanisms for Automobile Transmissions Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-09-08
Chong-Wei Wang Slag cement mortar add bentonite in the study of anti-corrosion Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-02-08
Szu-Ting Wang Physiology of oil production in green microalga UTEX 2219-4 Marine Biology 2011-01-28
Ya-chi Wang A Study of Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction of F&B Industry, Base on Grand Hi-Lai Hotel Business Management 2011-02-14
Shih-Yuan Wang Between Language and Experience - On the Transformation of Wittgenstein's Solipsism Philosophy 2011-02-18
Ruei-Sheng Wang Power-Saving Design in Android Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2011-05-03
Chin-ye Wang A study of the service quality of the medical satisfaction & the relationship of patient revisits~the survey based on a medical center in southern Taiwan Public Affairs Management 2011-06-21
Shan-Ruei Wang The Study on the Roles of Human Resource Top Manager: Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-06-24
Hsin-Min Wang Study on WDM Lightwave Systems for the Access Application and Transoceanic Application Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-06-28
Yeng-Tsneg Wang Application of Computer Simulation in the Investigation of Protein Drugs and Small Agents Chemistry 2011-06-29
Shu-Ching Wang Proactive Privacy Practices in the Trend of Ubiquitous Services: An Empirical Study Information Management 2011-07-02
Shao-yu Wang A Market Trend-Based Multi-Factor Alpha Model— with Application in Taiwan Market Finance 2011-07-04
Ying-fang Wang The Impact of Tax and Tariff on the Location of Multinational Enterprise Economics 2011-07-06
Woei-Huah Wang Brand and Retail Experience of a Luxury Brand Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-07-05
Jung-Tian Wang Noncommissioned Officers' Willingness to Continue Military Service: A Study form the Perspective of Satisfaction of Need Communication Public Affairs Management 2011-07-05
Chi-Lin Wang Climate change and economic development: dilemmas and challenges for China. ICAPS 2011-07-08
Wei-Jian Wang HeNe Laser Initiated Polymerization of a Diacrylate Mesogen and the Configuration of the Diacrylate Polymer Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-14
Feng-Sheng Wang A Study of Affecting Factors on Users' PC-OS Upgrading Intentions and Behavior Information Management 2011-07-22
Shu-Cheng Wang How expressive voting behavior affects candidates’ positions Economics 2011-07-26
Chien-Hsiang Wang Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool: A Content Analysis of Yahoo!Kimo EC-IC Competition Communications Management 2011-07-27
I-Jen Wang The Effect of Product Recommendation in Personalized Advertisement: The Relationship Intimacy Perspective Information Management 2011-08-01
Tsung-Yuan Wang Fabrication and Fiber Laser Application of N×1 Optical Fiber Combiner Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-29
Sze-Kai Wang In situ chemical oxidation of TCE-contaminated groundwater using slow permanganate-releasing material Environmental Engineering 2011-08-03
Ting-Wei Wang Interactive 3D Stereoscopic Fish Tank Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-08
Ya-ting Wang The Influence of Science Textbook Graphical Design on Learning Performance of Fifth Graders Education 2011-08-05
Feng-chu Wang Determination of state-to-state inelastic differential cross sections from three-dimensional sliced fluorescence images Chemistry 2011-08-08
Po-hsuan Wang A Study on Blind Phase Estimation Communications Engineering 2011-08-16
Cheng-Te Wang The Use of Solar Energy Equipments in Technology Companies EMBA 2011-08-09
Ming-Sung Wang The carrier relaxation of Si doped InN thin films Physics 2011-08-23
Zhao-Jie Wang Noncoherent Detection of Misbehaving Relays in Space-Time Coded Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2011-08-24
Mei-Hsueh Wang The relationship study among employee motivation, satisfaction and job performance – A case study of A securities EMBA 2011-09-01
Jun-Hau Wang RF-Sputtering of ZnO thin films on Si(111) substrates : the effects of Al2O3 buffer layers and the pin diode formation Physics 2011-08-25
Chen-Yu Wang Development of a Multi-Port Memory Generator and Its Application in the Design of Register Files Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-06
Hsiang-Ying Wang Software Quality Attributes - A Resource-Based Perspective Information Management 2011-09-06
Chong-Jie Wang Disulfide Bond Prediction with Hybrid Models Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-06
Tzu-Hsiu Wang Adult Contemporary Music Format Radio Station How to Design Music Format And their Songs administration EMBA 2011-09-07
Yu-jie Wang A Study of The Effects of Hamasen News on National Sun Yat-Sen University Brand Image Communications Management 2011-09-08
Chiao-ling Wang The Effects of Perceptions of Organizational Politics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Study of the Mediating Effects of Organizational Cynicism Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-10-17
Tzu-Kuan Wang Studies on the management and reformation of Taiwan inshore fishery IMA 2012-01-06
Wei-chen Wang The “child”could not be mentioned: Gendered sexuality and abortion Institute of Sociology 2012-01-13
I-Fan Wang The relationships of Tuna productions among Japan, South Korea and Taiwan—A Time-Series Analysis IMA 2012-01-15
Xie-fan Wang The relationship between the role of the military and political changes in Indonesia ICAPS 2012-01-19
Pao-min Wang Understanding the antecedents of clan control and extra-role behavior : A social bonds perspective Information Management 2012-02-15
Jia-ching Wang The study on the fabrication of the heterogeneous carbon fiber bipolar plate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-03-01
Li-wei Wang The Perfect and Happy ending of Fairy Tale? A study on the relationship between Taiwan idol dramas and love concepts of female audiences Communications Management 2012-05-09
Chih-Wen Wang Construct of critical success factors in pharmacy strategic alliance EMBA 2012-05-24
Rueih-Chuan Wang The Study of Corporate University Operation Based on Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management-Take the TPC Training Unit as the Example EMBA 2012-06-19
Yi-chen Wang Examining the Mechanisms and Boundary Conditions of the Transformational Leadership-Job Performance Links: The Moderating Roles of Adaptability and the Mediating Roles of Employee Fit Perceptions Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-06-25
Chia-Chen Wang The Exploration of The way to Manage Strategic Alliances in The Hotel Industry: A Case of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Business Management 2012-06-29
Shin-fu Wang Late-mover Advantages:A Study of Sporting-goods Industry Business Management 2012-06-29
Jen-Hua Wang Adoption intention of Clound Computing Technologies by enterprises Communications Management 2012-07-18
Cheng-Wei Wang Growth of ZnO (11-20) Thin Film on NaCl Substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-18
Cin-Huei Wang The formation of m-plane (10-10) GaN on LiGaO2 substrates via diffusion with NH3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Wei-Chen Wang The Study on the Physiques and Spirit of the Cranky Scholars in the Wei and Chin Dynasties: Focused on “Shih-Shuo Hsin-Yu” Chinese Literature 2012-07-24
Shih-Wei Wang A Study of High-Speed Non-Classical Unipolar CMOS with a Thick Sidewall-Spacer Gate-Oxide NMOS Load Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Tui-En Wang Direct and Inverse Spectral Problems on Quantum Graphs Applied Mathematics 2012-07-30
Chih-te Wang The Impact of Earnings Management on Medium-Sized Business Groups' Diversification Business Management 2012-07-30
Hsiang-Chun Wang The Development of Academic Self-efficacy Questionnaire Education 2012-08-02
Yu-Yi Wang Microscopic study of low temperature adsorbed propanal on gold(110) surface Physics 2012-08-06
Fu-Yun Wang The Study of Carrier Dynamics in Multi-Stacked InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Physics 2012-08-08
Yuan-Bang Wang The Association of XRCC1 Polymorphisms with the Risk of Oral Precancerous Lesions Biological Sciences 2012-08-12
Yih-ping Wang Study on Architecture-Oriented International Student Care and Management Model Information Management 2012-08-20
Sih-yu Wang Application of ex-situ bioremediation to remediate petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated soils Environmental Engineering 2012-08-23
Kuan-Ju Wang The Study on Integration Strategy of Medical Device Industry in Taiwan – The Case of the Joint Venture Project between Excelsior and Sinopharm EMBA 2012-07-30
Yun-Ya Wang Studies of the optoelectronic properties of polymer dispersed blue-phase liquid-crystal films Physics 2012-08-29
Sing-han Wang Robust Repetitive Control of DC/AC Converter Electrical Engineering 2012-08-29
Hung-Pei Wang The Influences of Drafting Green Map on the Sense of Community Public Affairs Management 2012-08-27
Chun-Min Wang The Study of Taxation of the Taiwan Ancestral Estates ICAPS 2012-09-01
Chun-Ta Wang Study of Tunability and Stability of Blue Phase Liquid Crystals and its Applications Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-09-04
Yuan-Jiun Wang Quantum Cryptosystems with Key Evolution Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-05
Yu-an Wang A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Yi-Liang Wang An electron microscopic study of iron-sulfide minerals inherited from fluid inclusions in apatite from the UHP metamorphosed eclogites at Northern Dulan belt, North Qaidam Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-09-11
Chih-Chiang Wang A Study of Ageing System in Taiwan ICAPS 2013-01-15
Szu-chang Wang The Effect of a Response System on Hospital-wide Voluntary Incident Reporting Rates Information Management 2013-01-16
Lee-Huei Wang The Knowledge, Attitudes and Satisfaction of Healthcare Professionals toward the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area Medical Care Institute of Health Care Management 2013-01-27
Chien-chun Wang Oceanic turbulence measured directly by the CTD-microrider IAMPUT 2013-02-05
Chih-Ming Wang Collaborative Content Sharing and Matching Service on Cloud-based e-Learning Platform Computer Science and Engineering 2013-02-05
Chien-Chih Wang Integrate Expectation Confirmation Theory and Two Factor Theory to Explore IS User’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior Information Management 2013-02-05
Pin-I Wei The Study of China’s Diplomatic Policy to Vietnam(1975-2007) Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-06-25
Yi-Feng Wei Reliability and Electrical Analysis on the Mechanical Strain of a-Si:H Thin Film Transistor under Varied Temperature Physics 2008-10-07
Yu-ping Wei The study of related indicators of Business Cycle Finance 2009-07-23
Chun-Wang Wei A Model for Social Presence in an Online Classroom Information Management 2010-03-18
Yih-Jiun Wei Flight Catering industry’s response to the challenges of international financial crisis and skyrocketing crude oil price - The Case of China Pacific Catering Services Ltd. EMBA 2010-07-19
Feng-Chun Wei The prevalence and risk factors in ESRD dialysis patients with depression Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-15
Chia-Po Wei On the Relationships Between Robust Stability, Generalized Performance, Quadratic Stability, and KYP Lemma Electrical Engineering 2011-03-17
Wan-Jhu Wei LTE/WWAN Planar Loop Antenna for Tablet Computer Electrical Engineering 2011-06-18
Ji-Rong Wei Fabrication of SiO2 barrier layer by magnetron sputtering and supercritical CO2 fluids treatment for silicon solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-12
Huei-Min Wei Studies on the biological roles of p21-activated protein kinase 1 in myxoid sarcoma cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2011-07-13
Ching-Liang Wei UV Sensors based on Surface and Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices Electrical Engineering 2011-08-25
FanPai Wei A Science Teacher’s Reflection on Innovative Teaching Process Education 2011-09-01
Jia-Yi Wei The characteristics of Neuron cultured from the tilapia brain, Oreochromis mossambicus. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-05
Shuo-yi Wei Factoring Affecting College Students’ Intention to Bring Reusable Cups for Buying Take-out Beverages Public Affairs Management 2012-07-31
Yi-Chi Wei Novel Thread-based Microfluidic System and Its Applications in Capillary Electrophoresis Electrochemical (CE-EC) Detections Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-16
Hong-ta Wen Light Emitting Diodes of Non-fully Conjugated Coil-like and Fully Conjugated Rigid-rod Heterocyclic Aromatic Homopolymers with Push-pull Pendants Materials Science and Engineering 2008-07-12
Chin-Ting Wen The Value of Economy, Society and Polity of Kaohsiung Citizens from Different Stratum. Public Affairs Management 2009-08-12
Jau-Yu Wen Fabrication of SMR Filter and Its Thermal Annealing Treatment Electrical Engineering 2009-08-17
Chung-yu Wen The Impact of Stock Price Manipulation for the Price Difference among Taiwan, China and Hong Kong Stock Market Finance 2010-06-21
Yi-ting Wen Application of in situ chemical oxidation technology to remediate chlorinated-solvent contaminated groundwater Environmental Engineering 2010-08-22
Chiu-Jiuan Wen The Strategies of Small and Medium Practices (SMPs) for the Adoption of IFRS EMBA 2011-07-27
Ching-Yun Wen Research of Relationships among Business Goal, Organization Competence and Human Resource Management Practice ─ Take Taiwanese Railway Company as Study Object EMBA 2011-08-17
Chia-Sheng Wen Table Based Design for Function Evaluation and Error Correcting Codes Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-23
Hsiao-Ting Wen The correlation between Heart Rate Variability and Apnea-Hypopnea Index is BMI dependent Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-25
HONG- WEN TSENG Contractor's strategy on management of Government Construction Outsourcing Project and Fullfillment - using the cases of Civil enginnering and electric machinery project of T city EMBA 2008-09-12
Bill Wen-Ching Chang Exploring the Key Success Factors relating to the spinoff of OEM from OBM in Taiwan ICT industry, from the viewpoint of Human Resource Management and Corporate Relationship Management EMBA 2010-08-27
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Tzung-Cheng Weng Analysis of Waveguide Bending Loss and Quantum-dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-17
Chiao-Fang Weng none Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-10-20
Chi-Feng Weng Electrical Properties and Reliability of Poly-Si TFTs for System On Panel Application Physics 2009-06-23
Ling-chao Weng On Recommending Tourist Attractions in a Mobile P2P Environment Information Management 2009-08-11
Hsiang-Pin Weng An Economic Analysis of CBA Development and Transition in China ICAPS 2009-08-25
Tai-yuan Weng None Public Affairs Management 2010-08-09
Chang-Yi Weng Association between SUMOs and p38 activation during Helicobacter pylori infection Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2010-08-24
Yi-ting Weng Relationship between persistent organic pollutants (PAHs and OCPs) and the expression of heat shock proteins in Sipunculus nudus from Wanggong and Xiangshan Marine Biology 2011-08-22
Yu-Chi Weng Study on the surface modification of steel using the closed-type electrical discharge coating method and semi-sintered powder compact electrodes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-03
Szu-Jung Weng Driver Circuit for White LED Lamps with TRIAC Dimming Control Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Meng-Hsiung Weng The Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide on W(111) surface and Wn (n=10–15) nanoparticles Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-24
Ching-Chieh Weng The Role of CD133 to Bind to EGFR and Modulate Its Activation in Pancreatic Cancer Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-23
Yen-ching Wnag Design of a Hybrid Active Filter to Suppress Harmonic Distortion in Industrial Facilities Electrical Engineering 2010-07-26
Yi-chia Wong The Comparative Study on Consumer Decision-Making for Taiwanese and Hollywood Films. Communications Management 2010-08-25
Chen-Ang Wong Asynchronous Ring Network Mechanism with A Fair Arbitration Strategy for Network on Chip Electrical Engineering 2012-08-14
Jia-Wei Wong A Study on Improving Efficiency of Privacy-Preserving Utility Mining Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-11
Jia-Huei Wu Approximating volatility diffusions of the term structure by using ARCH model Finance 2007-06-26
Chiung-Ting Wu The detection of REM sleep by using the correlation of two-channel EOG signals Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-16
Shang-chien Wu Speaking and the Spoken – an Alternative Persective on Foucault’s “the Being of Language” Philosophy 2007-08-20
Pei-hen Wu Optimal Capital Structure and Industry Dynamic in Taiwan High-Technology Industries Economics 2008-06-24
Tzung-Han Wu Study on Ramsay Fuzzy Neural Networks Electrical Engineering 2008-06-23
Yin-xing Wu Human Resource Development in Medical Institutes: Examples in Shanghai's Hospitals EMBA 2008-06-25
I-Nung Wu Development of A Heat Pump Heater System with Fuzzy Logic Control Electrical Engineering 2008-06-24
Chung-sheng Wu A Study of Organizational Culture, Boundary Spanner, and Performance of Strategic Alliance Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-06-26
Line-chih Wu The Relation between "Law of the PRC on Employment Contracts" and Firms' Human Resource Systems - a Case of a Taiwanese Firm in PRC Business Management 2008-06-24
Jyun-Yi Wu Theoretical and experimental studies of the APSK format in long-haul optical fiber communication system Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-14
Chun-Te Wu Dynamical Fluorescent Characteristic of Broadband Cr-doped Fibers by Drawing Tower Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-14
Hsin-pin Wu The applications of metal nanoparticles : Biosensor and surface assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry Chemistry 2008-07-14
Ko-wei Wu The Study on Person-Environment Fits and Their Outcomes: The Application of Q-methodology Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-07-18
Yueh-Lin Wu A 5GHz Frequency Synthesizer for Unlicensed Band of WiMAX Computer Science and Engineering 2008-07-31
Ying-Chen Wu Detection of Alpha-fetoprotein Concentration in Serum Using QCM-based Immunosensor. Electrical Engineering 2008-08-25
Jian-Shiun Wu A Computationally Efficient 1024-Point FFT Processor with Only a Subset of Non-Zero Inputs Electrical Engineering 2008-08-26
Yi-min Wu The Studies on assembly of Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus and virus-like particles 2008-08-26
Shu-Yin Wu The relationship of human capital, knowledge sharing will, purchasing ability and purchasing performance : purchasing clerk in the hospital as an example Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-09-01
Yang-che Wu A study on option pricing and option-based valuations of catastrophe insurance products under Lévy Dynamics Finance 2008-10-28
Chien-Hsien Wu Applications of Soft Computing for Power-Quality Detection and Electric Machinery Fault Diagnosis Electrical Engineering 2008-11-20
MIn-hui Wu A Study on the Chinese Ministry of Commerce ICAPS 2009-02-13
Yu-jung Wu none Chinese Literature 2009-05-24
Jia-sheng Wu A New Approach of DIC on the 3-D Deformation Measurement Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-16
Peng-Jung Wu Overcoming Packet Loss in Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Systems Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-28
Ming-chang Wu Connectionless Approach to Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Metropolitan Environments Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-28
Che-Ching Wu Construction of Scalable Macro-models of Interconnects Using the Time-Domain Pencil of Matrix Method Electrical Engineering 2009-07-29
Zong-Lin Wu Low-Overhead Isolation Cells for Low-Power Multipliers Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-30
Chia-Ching Wu Study on the Dielectric Properties of Organic/Inorganic Composites with the Development of Measurement Method Electrical Engineering 2009-08-05
Wen-Ke Wu A Study of Credit Scoring System for Small Business Banking- A Local Commercial Bank’s Experience EMBA 2009-08-06
Yu-hsin Wu A Study on Reorganization Privatization of Public Banks: A Case Analysis on the Merger of the Taiwan Cooperative Bank and the Farmers Bank of China Economics 2009-08-16
Tai-Jia Wu Syntheses of ruthenium(II) complexes containing bipyridine and terpyridine complexes Chemistry 2009-08-18
Dong-yu Wu Effects of Morphological Factors of Hexapod Robots on Locomotion Stability Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-24
Chih-Hao Wu Development and Applications of Ocean Ambient Noise Database around Taiwan IAMPUT 2009-08-26
Ching-yi Wu Biological and chemical oxidation of gas-borne odorous sulfur-containing compounds. Environmental Engineering 2009-08-31
Ming-Yi Wu A Security Solution on Availability for Next Generation Telecommunication Networks Management Information Systems Information Management 2009-09-04
Chin-ying Wu The Studies in Liability and Compensation for Breach of Contract of International Sale of Goods in China ICAPS 2009-09-08
Chin-hsiu Wu The Study of the Relationship Between Adversity Quotient and Campus Crisis Management in Elementary Schools Education 2009-10-23
Zhe-yu Wu Historical changes and speciation of heavy metals in sediments collected from the southwestern coast off Taiwan Marine Geology and chemistry 2010-02-08
Jui-Po Wu The relationship between abusive supervision, leader-member’s exchange relationship, employee cynicism and workplace deviance behavior. Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-06-24
Mei-chun Wu Removal of Disinfection By-products from Aqueous Solution by Using Carbon Nanotubes Adsorption Environmental Engineering 2010-06-25
Szu-wei Wu The Analysis of M&A Strategy and Benefits in Fashion Industry—the case of LVMH Business Management 2010-06-28
Jia-Fang Wu Content Analysis on related studies of Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guideline in Learning Area of Social Studies Education 2010-06-29
Chun-hui Wu A Study of Shareholders Meeting Proxy's Impact on Corporate Management, Operation, and Governance - Case Study of C company EMBA 2010-06-30
Yang-jhe Wu On the elder long-term care system ICAPS 2010-07-06
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Li-Chieh Wu Development of thin layer chromatography/electrospray laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry and its applications Chemistry 2010-07-13
Tsung-Tien Wu Study on Micro-Forming Workability of Thermoplastic Mg-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-16
Su-yuu Wu Development of Liquid Sample Holding Devices for Ambient Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2010-07-19
Shih-lin Wu A Hadoop-based Cloud Computing for Network Flow Analysis and Packet Dissection Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-26
Sheue-feng Wu The Geopolitics of Europe ICAPS 2010-07-26
Ming-Shiou Wu Dynamic Multi-channel Multi-path Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks Electrical Engineering 2010-07-28
Jian-Guang Wu Electrodeposition of Diamond-like Carbon thin films on Silicon and their Characteristical Electrical Engineering 2010-07-27
Kuo-yi Wu GAGS : A Novel Microarray Gene Selection Algorithm for Gene Expression Classification Computer Science and Engineering 2010-07-30
Wen-yuan Wu Design of Buck LED Driver Circuits with Single-stage Power Factor Correction Electrical Engineering 2010-08-02
Wei-Jung Wu Preparation and characterization of Cu(In,Al)Se2 thin film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-13
Yin-lei wu A Study of Administrative Division Readjustment of Urban and Rural Townships in Taiwan—A Case Study of Pingtung County Public Affairs Management 2010-08-25
Fang-Ling Wu Application of Multivariate Statistical and Time Series Methods to Evaluate the Effects of Constructed Wetland on Water Quality Improvement Environmental Engineering 2010-08-30
Shiue-Wei Wu Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Tracking Controllers for Chaotic Synchronization and Application to Secure Communications Electrical Engineering 2010-08-31
Chun-Tung Wu A 1.2V 10bits 100-MS/s Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter in 90 nm CMOS Technology Computer Science and Engineering 2010-09-07
Chao-sheng Wu none Political Science 2010-09-07
Yi-Ju Wu The Relationship between Career Management and Career Advancement – Moderated by Mentoring Support Institute of Human Resource Management 2010-11-15
Hao-Fei Wu Surface and structure characterizations of GaN grown on γ-LiAlO2 by PA-MBE Physics 2011-01-21
Chin-Yu Wu Factors Related to the Timing of Intestinal Stoma Closure and Outcomes after the Surgery Institute of Health Care Management 2011-02-05
Chiung-Chih Wu A Study on Career Development of Taiwanese Rock Musicians Theatre Arts 2011-02-14
Hui-Yin Wu The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication of Film Promotion Strategy in Kaohsiung - The Case of 2009 Kaohsiung Film Festival Communications Management 2011-02-15
Chih-Kun Wu A Study of Embedding Collaborative Replenishment Mechanism within Q-VMI Platform by System Simulation Technique Information Management 2011-02-16
Ying-Ying, Wu Antibiotic treatment decreased intestinal non-defensin protein expression and host defense against Klebsiella pneumoniae Biological Sciences 2011-02-17
Chun-Yi Wu Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Constructed Wetland on River Quality Improvement Environmental Engineering 2011-02-17
Shang-jie Wu Characterizing LED with Time-Resolved Photo-Luminescence and Optical Beam Induced Current Imaging Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-02-17
Kuo-chung Wu Relationship between the Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: Example of KNOX Class Frigate Officers. Business Management 2011-04-11
Yi-Ying Wu Preparation of C60H2(PPh2)2 and C60(PPh2)2 and its Metal Complexes Chemistry 2011-05-06
Jin-Lin Wu The effect of cash flow volatility on firm value Finance 2011-06-25
Meng-Che Wu Assessment of Applying SSSC to Power Market for Carbon Trading Electrical Engineering 2011-06-26
Yu-Heng Wu Thermal Effects of Polarization Switching in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Physics 2011-06-29
Han-Yu Wu Entrepreneurial Experiences in Loneliness Industry: A Case Study on New Pet-Related Businesses Business Management 2011-07-04
Pei-jung Wu Positive Analysis on the Stock Size of Argentine Shortfin Squid, Illex Argentinus in Southwest Atlantic Economics 2011-07-08
Zong-Han Wu Extraction, concentration and detection of metallic pollutants in environmental samples: (1) silver nanoparticles; (2) mercury ion Chemistry 2011-07-09
Hsin-Chung Wu Pulsed laser ablation/fragmentation of Al plate and α-Al2O3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-03
Han-Ying Wu Performance Evaluation of Turbo code in LTE system Communications Engineering 2011-07-25
Shu-chen Wu A Study on the Relationship among School Brand, Parents’ Educational Attitude and School Choice of Junior High Schools in Kaohsiung City Education 2011-07-26
Po-ting Wu Order Aggressiveness of Informed Traders under Different Competitions of Trading and Correlations of Information Finance 2011-07-28
Jyun-yi Wu Biotech Medical Industry Trends and Cross-Strait Policy Distribution ICAPS 2011-08-02
Hsuan-Cheng Wu Fairness-Aware Uplink Packet Scheduling Based on User Reciprocity for Long Term Evolution Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-03
Chih-Wei Wu The effect of procedural scaffolding in the paper-based collaborative learning environment integrated with smartphone Information Management 2011-08-05
Yi-Yun Wu The Pricing of Power Options under the Generalized Black-Scholes Model Applied Mathematics 2011-08-08
Ting Wu Work-Family Facilitation:The Antecedents and Consequences Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-08-14
Yin-Jie Wu A Design of Russian Speech Recognition System Electrical Engineering 2011-08-19
Chun-Hsien Wu Urinary Catheterization after Acute Stroke: Incidence, Risk Factors, and Association with Stroke Outcome Institute of Health Care Management 2011-08-22
Kuei-Kun Wu The research for the international dynamic competitive in Taiwan Drain Cleaners industry,one of the section industry of Hand Tool—A case study of A company EMBA 2011-08-24
Chung-Yi Wu Diurnal Variation of Atmospheric Particles and their Source Fingerprint at Xiamen Bay Environmental Engineering 2011-08-31
Chung-lin Wu Simulation of nonlinear internal wave based on two-layer fluid model IAMPUT 2011-08-25
Hung-Chin Wu A Research of Leadership Management on Thought of Han Fei and modern administrative organization Public Affairs Management 2011-08-27
Shi-jia Wu Optimization of contrast and signal homogeneity for high resolution 3D MRI of human brain at 1.5 Tesla Electrical Engineering 2011-09-03
Ting-yi Wu Development of a Silicon-based Suspending Micro-thermoelectric Generator with Series Array Structure Using Surface Micromachining Technology Electrical Engineering 2011-09-05
Jain-Shing Wu High Specificity Literature Mining Method Based on Microarray Expression Profile for Discovering Hidden Connections among Diseases, Genes, and Drugs Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-05
Wei-Shing Wu Maritime Engineering Risk Assessment by Integrating Interpretive Structural Modeling and Bayesian Network, a Case Study of Offshore Piping Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-09-05
Chun-Yi Wu Interaction between KLIP1 and SUMO-1 Biological Sciences 2011-09-05
Shih-Tse Wu Coding Modes Probability Modeling for H.264/AVC to SVC Video Transcoding Electrical Engineering 2011-09-06
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I-Chieh Wu The Effect of Perfectionism on Burnout and Turnover Intention Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-12-27
Bo-Feng Wu Analysis of observations and model simulation of swells in the water southwest Taiwan IAMPUT 2012-01-04
Ya-lin Wu The low birth rate driven by the pet market Opportunities and coping strategies Economics 2012-02-10
Yi-hsien Wu Designing Mechanisms for Specific Rolling-Sliding Properties Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-09
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Yen-Ting Wu The Impacts on Impulsive Buying Behavior and the Degree of Customers’ Satisfaction toward Different Promotional Activities Business Management 2012-04-02
Hsin-yi Wu The role of ubiquitin-proteasome system at rostral ventrolateral medulla in an experimental endotoxemia model of brain stem death Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-05-23
Chia-ying Wu Volatility Forecasting of Crude Oil Future-Under Normal Mixture Model and NIG Mixture Model Finance 2012-05-30
Shu-Chin Wu Research on Customer’s Environment Strategy and Supplier’s Environmental commitment in automobile industry. Business Management 2012-05-31
Ming-Han Wu A Study of Impacts on Customer Loyalty by Service Quality Brand Image and Relationship Quality - The Case of Hot Pot Chain Restaurant EMBA 2012-06-11
Tsung-Ju Wu LTE MIMO Antenna with High Isolation for Laptop Computer Electrical Engineering 2012-06-14
Jiun-Jie Wu The Study of How LG Electronics Established its Strong Brand in Taiwan Business Management 2012-06-21
Pei-Yu Wu The determinants of Phalaenopsis orchid export from Taiwan to China. Economics 2012-07-02
Jing-lian Wu Diversity of Endosymbiotic Bacteria of the Sponge, Cinachyrella australiensis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2012-06-30
Chung-chiu Wu Palladium (II)-Catalyzed Ortho Arylation of 9-(Pyridin-2-yl)-9H-carbazoles via C-H Bond Activation And Mechanistic Investigation Chemistry 2012-07-09
Mei-Ching Wu Design of Phasor Measurement Unit and Its Application to Phasing Recognition of Distribution Equipments Electrical Engineering 2012-07-11
Chang-Pei Wu Electrical Analysis and Physical Mechanisms of α-InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors with different device structures Physics 2012-07-12
Mao-Shu Wu A Study on the Legal System of Administrative Division in Local Districts-The Case of Kaohsiung City Political Science 2012-07-18
Kuan-chung Wu Electro-spun PAN-Based Activated Carbon Nanofibers as Electrode Materials for Electric Double Layer Capacitors Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-27
Cheng-Ter Wu The Study Of Strain On Crystal Structure Of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3/SrRuO3/SrTiO3 Physics 2012-08-01
Jia-han Wu Pore Formation in High Intensity Beam Drilling Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-03
Yuan-Ciao Wu Influences of Type of Metaphor, Product Type, and Gender Differences on Metaphor Advertising Business Management 2012-08-10
Feng-Fan Wu Highly conductive PEDOT:PSS/PANI hybrid anode for ITO-free polymer solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-10
Wen-Ren Wu Amplification-driven BCL6 overexpression in urothelial carcinoma of urinary bladder Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-08-10
Jia-Hao Wu The Baseband Signal Processing and Circuit Design for IEEE 802.12.4a-2007 Impulse Radio Ultra-Wideband System Electrical Engineering 2012-08-13
Kai-yu Wu Exploration of Impulse Buying Behavior on Online Group-Buying Information Management 2012-08-16
Pei-Shan Wu Temporal Data Mining with a Hierarchy of Time Granules Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-28
Ting-Yu Wu Fixed-Order Optimal Controller Design of an ANC Headphone Electrical Engineering 2012-08-29
Shin-mou Wu Surface Science Studies of Catalysis by Gold Chemistry 2012-08-28
Chih-Han Wu A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Hakka and Swedish Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Zhen Wu Investigation of the States of Water in Proton Exchange Membrane Nafion 117 with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation and Exchange Chemistry 2012-09-10
Chang-Ching Wu Studies on Zhong Jun Shuai in the middle stage of State of Jin. Chinese Literature 2012-09-11
Chung-cheng Wu Investigating Brand Loyalty of Smartphone from Perspectives of Brand and Product Involvements Information Management 2013-01-02
Su-Mei Wu Synthesis and Application of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles : Degradation of Organic Dyes and Sensing of Adenosine Triphosphate Chemistry 2013-01-24
Sung-hua Wu Synthesis of [CpFe(CO)]4-C60 Complexes by Prato Reaction Chemistry 2013-02-19
Yu-ping Wu Influences of Self Construal, Construal Level and Message Framing in Charitable Advertising Business Management 2013-03-18
Yen-chun Wu Design of minimum peak current control for a Dual-Active-Bridge DC converter Electrical Engineering 2013-04-25
Jun Xi Pond Low Voltage Active Inductor Low Noise Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2012-07-23
Yan-Tang Xie CAFTA and Response Method of Taiwan Political Science 2010-07-21
Bor-Dun Xie Kicked-Rotor under the Aharonov-Bohm Effect Physics 2012-08-01
Yun-Jie Xio Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of the Formosan Soft Coral Lemnalia philippinensis Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-01
Chuan-Xin Xu Software Implementation of A Condition-Based Graph Structure Recognition method Electrical Engineering 2008-05-08
Mei-Rong Xue Study on Taiwan free trade port district---using Kaohsiung harbor as a case study Business Management 2011-01-28
Hong-Kun Yan The influence of Zn on the mechanical property of Al-Zn alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-05-23
Guo-hao Yan Food Prices, Income and the Optimal Control of Weight Economics 2012-07-12
Jia-Hong Yan Study on the Hitting Effect of the Sweet Spot on the Baseball Bat Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-27
Shih-Feng Yang The Study of Inverting Sediment Sound Speed Profile Using a Geoacoustic Model for a Nonhomogenous Seabed Undersea Technology 2007-07-03
Tsung-Bin Yang A High Growth-Rate Emerging Pattern for Data Classification in Microarray Datasets Computer Science and Engineering 2007-07-13
Yu-Chan Yang DTV antennas for mobile applications Electrical Engineering 2008-06-06
Cuei-fen Yang Estimation and economic analysis on the stock size of Spotted chub mackerel in Taiwan Economics 2008-06-13
Ching-hsun Yang Interrelationships between Product Innovation, Country-of-origin Effect, Brand Equity and Purchase Intention: An Empirical Study of Notbook Business Management 2008-06-20
Shu-han Yang A Study on the Relationship among the Nurses’Role Perception and Organizational Commitment of the Elementary School in Kaohsiung County Education 2008-06-24
CHING-JU YANG Integrated Marketing Communication of NPOs Business Management 2008-06-26
Ya-lin Yang Characteristics of Internet Customer Review and Potential Customers Business Management 2008-07-03
Wan-yu Yang Isolation and identification of fuel-oil-degrading bacteria Biological Sciences 2008-07-08
Hung-Chuan Yang The Study on the Determinants of Voting Choice in Kaohsiung--- A Case Study of The Fourth Kaohsiung Mayoral Election, 2006 Political Science 2008-07-06
Chia-Ching Yang Fabrication of AlxGa1-xN/GaN nanowires for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor by focus ion beam Physics 2008-07-16
Shun-Jie Yang Study on fabrication of fused quartz nano-structures by focused ion beam Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-25
Chi-hsien Yang Attribute Interaction Effects in Rule Induction Information Management 2008-07-28
Yung-liang Yang Effect of Capital Reduction on Stock Prices Variation Finance 2009-01-10
Szuchi Yang The Moderating Effect of Marketing Signaling and Trust on the Relation between Consumer Behavior Intention and Dissatisfaction with Health Policy Business Management 2009-01-23
Wen-wen Yang none Public Affairs Management 2009-02-12
Chen-kuang Yang A Study of Best Answers in Yahoo!Kimo Knowledge+ Communications Management 2009-06-24
Chia-yu Yang none Music 2009-07-04
Tsung-pao Yang Strategy Research on Tutorial Teaching Applied in Supplementary School EMBA 2009-07-10
Yin Yang A Case Study on The Synergy Effect of Yageo's Acquisition of Philips Passive Component Division EMBA 2009-07-25
Tsui-ping Yang The Relationship between Humor and Job Satisfaction:The Mediating Effects of Innovative Behavior. Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-05
Chung-ming Yang A Research on the Marketing Strategy of the Flow Meters Manufacturing Industry:A Case Study of the EMS Company EMBA 2009-08-05
Ping Yang Studies of the Distribution and Species of Organotin in Love River of Kaohsiung City Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2009-08-18
Yung-Yi Yang On-line Gap Measurement Techniques for Steel Mill Non-contacting Conveyance System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-25
Kuo-liang Yang The Factor Research of Long-term Retention for the Damage Corporate Employees Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-26
Zong-ruei Yang none Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-08-26
Shih-Sian Yang Design and Implementation of a Security Mechanism for Smartcard Electrical Engineering 2009-08-28
Yueh-chin Yang The Influence of Organizational Climate on Job Involvement - An Empirical Study of I Research Laboratory Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-09-07
Fu-Ching Yang SYS-SIP SoC Development Infrastructure Computer Science and Engineering 2009-10-12
Yung-hung Yang Operating performance, earnings management and corporate governance affiliated with fianacial restatement company Business Management 2010-01-08
Hung-wen Yang Research on the pollutants of catalytic oxidation for gasoline and emission reduction of bio-diesel fuel Environmental Engineering 2010-01-12
Shu-jing Yang The Biological Significance of Alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase (AMACR) Overexpression in Gallbladder Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2010-02-08
Ya-huei Yang Study on Perceived Risk of Luxury-bag Consumption Patterns Business Management 2010-06-22
Ren-fu Yang Hybrid Data Mining and MSVM for Short Term Load Forecasting Electrical Engineering 2010-06-21
Pei-Ya Yang Impects of Channel Characteristic and Brand Equity on Consumers Behavior Business Management 2010-06-24
Cheng-Yen Yang IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol Stack Library Implementation,Hardware Design, and Applications in Medical Monitoring Electrical Engineering 2010-07-12
Yuan-ning Yang Localized Transnational Chinese Interpretation of China --- Leo Suryadinata and his China Study Political Science 2010-07-20
Jyun-bao Yang Fabrication and investigation of GaOx and InGaOx insulator for nonvolatile resistance memory Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-22
Chih-Yuan Yang Segmented or Integrated? The Interaction between Taiwan Stock Market and Real Estate Market Finance 2010-07-27
Chien-chang Yang Revealing Competitive Advantage with Financial Rations:An Empirical analysis of the Steel Enterprise Business Management 2010-08-04
Wen-ting Yang Growth of Nonpolar GaN (10-10) Films on LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-08
Yuen-Hsiu Yang The exploration on the mentality of the entrepreneur-A case study of L general manager EMBA 2010-08-10
Chun-Wen Yang Preparation of Endohedral Metallofullerenes by using Metal Carbides and Metal Carbonyls Chemistry 2010-08-14
Chih-Yung Yang A Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach for Emotional Speech Synthesis Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-30
Szu-Chien Yang Study on the photobiology of a symbiotic jellyfish, Cassiopea andromeda. Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2010-08-31
Yung-hua Yang The last 100,000 years alkenone-based paleo-SSTs and terregenous n-alkane concentrations of core MD012404 in the Okinawa Trough Marine Geology and chemistry 2010-09-14
Ming-Ta Yang Optimization of MEMS Microphone Size Parameters by BEM Sound Field Analysis and Taguchi Method Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-11-24
Jhen-yu Yang Molecular statics simulation of nano-indentation and nano-scratch on the amorphous Mg-Cu-Y metallic glasses Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-02-09
Yi-Chieh Yang Construction of Accreditation Indicators of the Mentor Teachers in Taiwan Education 2011-02-14
Sheng-Hsiang Yang An Optimized Loop Bandwidth Technique for the 5GHz Wide band PLL Frequency Synthesizer Design Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-15
Shu-li Yang Study on consumption value of luxury-bag consumption pattern Business Management 2011-02-16
Tzu-Yi Yang Factors in the Performance of Enterprises after Mergers and Acquisitions - A Case Study of the Financial Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-20
Shih-hong Yang Removal of arsenic and perchlorate from water by the EC/EF process using a TMCS-modified tubular ceramic membrane Environmental Engineering 2011-06-30
Cheng-Hao Yang Demonstration of a Novel Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-07-18
Chung-Yi Yang An Efficient WLP-FDTD Scheme with Unconditional Stability for Thin Structures Electrical Engineering 2011-07-19
Shang-Hsien Yang Study and Implementation of Automatic Gain Control, High Voltage Integrated Circuits, and Backplane Transceiver Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Fang-Yu Yang Speciation Analysis of Mercury in Fish Samples by Capillary Electrophoresis Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Speciation Analysis of Cobalt compounds by Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2011-07-25
Chia-hsing Yang Rapid differentiation of alcoholic beverage by direct electrospray probe with statistic software Chemistry 2011-07-27
Chun-hung Yang The Liquid Sensor Using Shear-Mode Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator with AlN Films Electrical Engineering 2011-08-15
Xiu-Jun Yang The effect of video-based reflection prompts on reflection level in a context-aware ubiquitous learning environment Information Management 2011-08-17
Ming Yang Research of Taiwan Commercial Romance from 2001 to 2010 Chinese Literature 2011-08-22
Shin-Ying Yang Synthesis and Chracterization of Metal Complexes with N2S2 Coordination Chemistry 2011-08-30
Jhih-Jhe Yang Vertical Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Ambient Atmosphere of a Petrochemical Industrial Complex Environmental Engineering 2011-09-02
Ho-Chi Yang Design and fabrication of embedded air void backlight module without substrate Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-08-31
Chi-Ping Yang To orientate the airport under the basic of city competition - Using the Kaohsiung International airport as an example Public Affairs Management 2011-09-04
Po-Chun Yang Fabrication and Investigation on the High Dielectric Constant Thin Film and Advanced Cu-Induced Resistance Switching Non-volatile Memory Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-12-22
Shu-fan Yang The Study of George Butterworth’s “A Shropshire Lad” Music 2012-02-03
Hsien-Chang Yang A Study of Establishing Search and Rescue Planning Information System Marine Environment and Engineering 2012-02-08
Han-Chih Yang Predicting Stock Market Crises by VAR Model Finance 2012-06-23
Fei-sian Yang The Determinants of Real Exchange Rate --- The Empirical Analysis of Taiwan Finance 2012-06-29
Ya-Wen Yang Designs of Novel Antennas and Artificial Electromagnetic Cover Layers for Medical Implant Communication Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-07-16
Yu-Hsuan Yang Using Machine Learning for Routing Path Selection in VANET Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-12
Chung-hsuan Yang The Optimization Analysis on Dual Input Transmission Mechanisms of Wind Turbines Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-18
Chun-Chih Yang Downcore Distribution of Holocene Foraminifera in the Jhuoshuei River Delta Marine Geology and chemistry 2012-08-01
Tsung-hang Yang Vector correlations in the photodissociation of ICN at 266 nm Chemistry 2012-08-03
Pi-Wei Yang The Study of Fe-Al-Mn-C Phase Diagram Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-09
Pei-Hua Yang Edvard Grieg’s ‘Peer Gynt’ Suites No. 1 and 2:Analysis and Conducting Interpretation Music 2012-08-10
Chin-liang Yang A Study of Recidivism Prediction Models for Women Drug Prisoners Economics 2012-08-13
Kai-hsun Yang Room temperature deformation of (001) SrTiO3 single crystal Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-14
Dong-Rong Yang Synthesis of Boron-Containing Carbon Nanotubes Catalyzed by Cu/γ- Al2O3 Chemistry 2012-08-20
Jian-jhe Yang Synthesis and applications of nitroxide radical polymer brushes grafted onto silica nanoparticles and Fe3O4@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles Chemistry 2012-08-24
Meng-yin Yang Citymarketing Indicators by Local Governments in Taiwan _A Study of Audiovisual Policy of Kaohsiung City Government in 2007-2010 Communications Management 2012-09-11
Chen-Hung Yang A study on Reconstruction Areas Sustainable Development Strategies─The case study of Liouguei EMPP 2012-09-12
Chia-hui Yang Code Classification Based on Structure Similarity Information Management 2012-09-14
Kai-Ting Yang Cross-layer Cooperative Transmission scheme in Mobile Wireless Networks Computer Science and Engineering 2012-11-23
Lih-shing Yang The Study of the Relationship between Global Talent Management and Employer Branding in Taiwan Institute of Human Resource Management 2013-01-21
Yu-wen Yang Topics on Generalized Trigonometric And Hyperbolic Functions Applied Mathematics 2013-01-25
Ya-Hui Yang Research about Kaohsiung City Digital Content Industry’s actual dilemma and strategy Business Management 2013-01-31
Tien-Yi Yang A study on coping and perceived health status among foreign worker in Taiwan Institute of Health Care Management 2013-02-03
Shih-Chi Yang Preparation and characterization of thin CGO electrolyte films by ESD method for solid oxide fuel cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-02-05
Hsiu-Yun Yao State-Society Relations and Ecological Environmental Governance in Mainland China: Taking the Huaihe River Valley as an Example ICAPS 2012-08-30
Bing- Yao Huang The study of two-dimensional structure on dye-doped polymer film fabricated by holography Physics 2010-07-19
Yu Yau Relationship between job stress and burnout: Moderating effect of leadership behavior EMBA 2010-07-20
Chi-xin Ye Influence of Recombination C1-Inhibitor on proliferation and migration of Human Breast Cancer Cells Biological Sciences 2010-09-02
Jin-jia Ye Study on the N-type thermoelectric material Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 Electrical Engineering 2011-08-16
Min-Yi Ye Anti-cancer mechanism of a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor on human lung cancer cells Institute of Biomedical Sciences 2012-07-06
Jyun-Wei Ye A Study of Time Scales for Plasma Sheath and Boundary Layers on a Surface Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-29
Chia-chi Yeh Effects of electrolytic machining conditions on the geometry and size of tungsten needle Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2007-08-20
Ruey-ming Yeh A Study in Essences and Functions of State with the State Theory from Hegel Interdisciplinary Studies 2007-08-29
Jing-hui Yeh The Research of Relationship among Emotional Labor,Impulsive Buying,Job-burnout and Self-Monitoring:The Case of First-Line Employees on Service Industry. Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-03-26
Wei-horng Yeh A Unique-Bit-Pattern-Based Indexing Strategy for Image Rotation and Reflection in Image Databases Computer Science and Engineering 2008-06-16
I-Chun Yeh The Location Choices and Price Competition of the Differentiated Retailers with Asymmetric Demand Economics 2008-06-21
Chinson Yeh Development and Analysis of A 3D CT Image Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Pulmonary Nodules Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-15
Chiu-lan Yeh A Study of Japan's Energy Security Strategy Interdisciplinary Studies 2008-07-17
Hui-ju Yeh Analysis of Global Gaming Industry: A Comparative Study of Casinos among Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau – Lessons for Gaming Industry in Taiwan Finance 2009-01-22
Po-ting Yeh Design and Implementation of a Proxy Server to Improve the Performance of SIP Signaling Transmission and Fault Tolerance Computer Science and Engineering 2009-07-16
Cheng-chun Yeh A study of Vendor Managed Inventory Relating to Enterprise Performance Case of A company EMBA 2009-07-30
Ying-mao Yeh Blind SNR and Channel Length Estimation in OFDM Systems Communications Engineering 2009-08-11
Yu-ching Yeh Particulate Phosphorus Input and Burial Efficiency in the Gaoping Coastal Sea Marine Geology and chemistry 2009-08-30
Shiao-chen Yeh A survey between happiness with participation of a christian -A case for The Presbyterian Church In Taiwan & Bread of life Christian church in Taiwan Communications Management 2010-09-14
Yung-hsiang Yeh Understanding Downsizing Decision in Media Firms Communications Management 2010-07-07
Chia-Jung Yeh The improvement of defect imaging with guided waves in a pipe by SAFT algorithm Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2010-08-13
Ja-Zang Yeh Auditory Front-Ends for Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2010-08-25
Yu-ting Yeh Application of Neural network to characterize a storm beach profile Marine Environment and Engineering 2010-08-30
Jin-Wei Yeh Research on Identification of Laser Speckles and Signals Electrical Engineering 2010-09-07
Yi-chun Yeh Women Characters as Heroines in Derek Walcott's Omeros Foreign Language and Literature 2010-09-10
Nai-ching Yeh The Relationships among Principal’s Transformational Leadership Behavior, Teachers’Job Satisfactions, Organizational Commitment in Kaohsiung Junior High Schools Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2011-02-16
Chia-Yu Yeh Studies on the Management Issues Related to the Establishment of Four Southern Islands as a Marine Protected Area and Its Comparison with Other Protected Areas in Penghu IMA 2011-07-14
Jiin-Shin Yeh A Study on Management Strategy of Seafarer Officers for Vessel – Taking the S Company as Example EMBA 2011-07-30
Tai-Hao Yeh A High Speed Transceiver Front-end Design with Fault Detection and Temperature Detector for FlexRay-based Automotive Communication Systems Communications Engineering 2011-08-17
Chiung-Lien Yeh Organization learning while industry organization integration- F. Telecommunication Company Case Study EMBA 2011-08-23
Chia-Yu Yeh Design of a Multi-Core Multi-thread Floating-Point Processor and Its Application in Computer Graphics Computer Science and Engineering 2011-09-06
Tsun-tai Yeh Studies on Secondary Metabolites from Skin coral Briareum excavatum Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2011-09-05
Ching-Yi Yeh The Pricing and Wealth Effects of Private Equity Placements Finance 2012-06-15
Shis-Tang Yeh The preliminary study of the teacher's mobility in urban and rural areas after the merge of Kaohsiung city and county - A case study of elementary school teachers in Kaohsiung city Public Affairs Management 2012-06-28
Pei-shan Yeh The effects of hi-tech facility personnel´s personality and functional competency on job performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-06
Yun-Hsuan Yeh Dynamic Programming Approach to Price American Options Applied Mathematics 2012-07-06
SHU-WEN YEH Sequence effects on the proton-transfer reaction of the guanine-cytosine base pair radical anion and cation Chemistry 2012-07-16
Yu-Heng Yeh Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Improvement Strategy for the Land Administration Office of Pintung County Public Affairs Management 2012-07-26
Pei-Rong Yeh Gold nanoparticle extraction combined with capillary electrophoresis for analyzing lyzoyme Chemistry 2012-08-06
Bing-Feng Yeh Gaussian Mixture Model-based Feature Compensation with Application to Noise-robust Speech Recognition Computer Science and Engineering 2012-08-28
Jiun-Ying Yeh Human step-length recognition and real-time localization base on embedded systems Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-03
Chan-Chia Yeh The Guided Wave Inspection of Buried Pipe Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-09-02
Ming-che Yeh Design and Synthesis of the Discotic Liquid Crystalline Materials for Controlling Mesomorphic Behaviors and Supramolecular Assembly Chemistry 2012-11-16
Kuan-Hung Yeh Study on growth mechanism and characteristics of transparent conductive boron doped diamond thin films Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-28
Ying-Lin Yeh Preparation and Characterization of Nitrate Ester Plasticized Polyether for Propellant Binder Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-12-20
Yu-Chang Yeh The Study of Electromagnetic Shielding Effectient of Cement Mortar with Blast Oxygen Furnace Ingredient Marine Environment and Engineering 2013-02-18
Yu-Yang Yen Software Design of A Graph Data Model with Extended Views and Operations Electrical Engineering 2008-03-27
Jen-yang Yen The study of the marketing strategy of the drug for hyperlipidemia to the taiwan cGMP pharmaceutical company-- The case of C pharmaceutical company Business Management 2008-04-24
Hsu-Bin Yen The Effect of Heat Treatments on the Opto-Electric Characteristic of Polymer Thin Film and its Application of PLED Electro-Optical Engineering 2008-07-17
Hong-da Yen On the Increasingly Flat RBFs Based Solution Methods for Elliptic PDEs and Interpolations Applied Mathematics 2009-07-20
Wen-Chang Yen Design and Implementation of Wideband Synthesizers Using Offset Phase-Locked Loops Electrical Engineering 2010-07-12
Jiun-huey Yen Information Uncertainty and Momentum Strategy Finance 2010-07-18
Cheng-Feng Yen Analysis of Hemispherical Microlens Anti-Reflection Coating Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-26
Chung-Wei Yen InGaAs Quantum Dots Lasers by Varying the Composition of Cladding Layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2010-07-28
Ching-Ting Yen Impacts of Types of Product and Need For Cognition on Metaphor Advertising Business Management 2010-09-07
Pei-Lan Yen A study of convexity in directed graphs Applied Mathematics 2011-01-27
Yu-Wen Yen A Low-Power 12bits 150-MS/s Pipelined Asynchronous Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter Computer Science and Engineering 2011-02-15
Han Yen Study of Coordination and Adsorption of Dye and Improvement of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Efficiency Electrical Engineering 2011-07-27
Chih-Tsung Yen The Analysis of The Business Strategy of Electronics Equipment Distribution Using Service Provider As a Model EMBA 2011-08-12
Wen-I Yen Comparison and Oscillation Theorems for Second Order Linear Differential Equations Applied Mathematics 2012-01-11
Yu-chi Yen A study of Performance Practice in Vieuxtemps' Violin Concerto No.2 in F# minor, op.19 Music 2012-07-26
Kai-wei Yen EM-Based Joint Detection and Estimation for Two-Way Relay Network Communications Engineering 2012-08-01
Chu Yen Lin The influence of coworkers’ relational demographic similarities and guanxi base on coworkers’ helping: a model of mediation and moderation Institute of Human Resource Management 2011-07-04
Ya-Zih Yi I. Determination of Cr, Cu, Cd and Pb in Water Samples by ETV-ICP-MS after Cloud Point Extraction II. The Use of Palladium Nanoparticles as an Effective Modifier for ETV-ICP-MS Chemistry 2011-07-22
Young-Ming Yi Sequential Detection of Misbehaving Relay in Cooperative Networks Communications Engineering 2012-09-02
Reco Yi-Hsien Lin Building HR Shared Services In A Transnational Company: The Case of Hewlett-Packard APJ Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-09-15
Sha-sha Yin The Study of Utilty Green Power Pricing Programs EMBA 2010-06-28
Chiu-chiu Yin Effect of limited time, limited quantity and hot sales messages on consumer’s choice Business Management 2013-02-18
SIH YING CHEN The Research of Motel cluster Business Management 2012-06-22
Ying Ying Lo Factors Associated with Strategic Alliance among Hemodialysis Centers: A Fusion of Institutional and Resource Dependence View Institute of Human Resource Management 2009-03-06
Jyun-syong You The Study on the Manufacturing Process and Property of Carbon Fiber Composite Golf shaft Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-08-10
Jr-chi You Spectroscopic characterization of fluorescent nano-diamonds Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-02-10
Chieh-chun You The Characteristics of AZO/Ag-Ti/AZO Multilayer Films Electrical Engineering 2010-08-23
Shuo-ting You Characterization and growth of M-plane GaN on LiGaO2 substrate by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Physics 2012-07-18
Chih You Lee The Political Economy of ASEAN-China Relations on Competition and Cooperation ---Threat or Opportunity ICAPS 2011-07-08
Heng-Tsung Yu A Study on Relationship between Metropolitan Population and Airport Yearly Enplanement-Based on the Airports in the Mainland of the United States Information Management 2009-01-19
Chun-cheng Yu Magnetic and crystal structure transition on La0.2Ho0.8Mn2O5 oxide Physics 2009-02-13
Hsiao-wen Yu A Design of Zigbee Routing For Street Light Control System Electrical Engineering 2009-08-11
Li-Chu Yu Dynamic of Capital Expenditure for Finance Plan Information Management 2009-08-26
Ling-yan Yu none EMPP 2009-08-29
Chien-Hui Yu Studies on the efficiencies and elasticities of high frequency transaction data of Taiwan Stock Market Applied Mathematics 2010-02-09
Cheng-fu Yu The Study of Tin Whisker Growth with Irregular Tin Grain Structure Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Ming-wei Yu Assessment of Sediment Quality Associated with Marine Aquaculture Activities in Chaiyuan, Penghu IMA 2010-07-21
Chien-hui Yu The relationships of interpersonal communication, sales people's expertise, relationship benefit and purchase intension Business Management 2010-09-06
Ya-chi Yu Performing/being a ‘college student’: A study of studio-audience’s participation in TV talk show. Communications Management 2010-09-07
Yi-Jing Yu Metal Complexes of Fluoro-Substituted and [CpFeCO]4-Functionalized Terpyridine Chemistry 2011-03-22
Shih-hsin Yu Analysis of Non-profit Organization Management Strategy Based on Resource-Based Theory – Took Police stations of Siaogang Precinct of Kaohsiung City Police Department for Instance. Business Management 2011-07-13
Yuang-chao Yu The Study on the Effectiveness of All-out Defense in the High School Education Public Affairs Management 2011-07-30
Kee-khuan Yu Multi-Mode Floating-Point Multiply-Add Fused Unit for Low-Power Applications Computer Science and Engineering 2011-08-01
Hao-Cheng Yu Numerical studies of the currents for the seas around Taiwan using a high resolution unstructured grid baroclinic model Marine Environment and Engineering 2011-08-31
Ching-Hsiang Yu Design and Development of a Long-term Operating and Without Performance Decay Passive Portable DMFC Stack Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-05
Li-Chung Yu Research on Key Factors of Notebook PC OEM/ODM Evaluation from Branded Firm’s R&D Perspective EMBA 2011-09-05
Kuan-Hsiang Yu Simulation Study for the Performance of a Large Solar Hot Water System Using Natural Circulation DHW system Modules Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2011-09-16
Tao-Kang Yu Evaluation of Service Composition Methods: Using Government Lands Integrated System as an example Information Management 2012-02-05
Hsin-Jung Yu Employer brand for talent’s attract and retain Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-07-13
Yi-Sian Yu Gel State and Quasi-Solid State Electrolytes of Polydimethylbenzimidazole Applied in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-07-20
Tien-chi Yu An Investigation of College Students' Reading Motivation and Internet Literacy Education 2012-08-17
Pei-Chuan Yu The Effects Of Supervisor Support on Subordinates’ Emotion, Reaction, and Opinion Institute of Human Resource Management 2012-08-17
Yeou-ruey Yu Military Confidence Building Measures Across the Strait, constitution, cognitive and condition of the analysis-Take a military personnel in for example Public Affairs Management 2012-08-29
Li-ren Yu Balanced Discharging for Serial Battery Power Modules Electrical Engineering 2012-08-28
Hao-Ting Yu Lifetime Maximization of Secondary Cooperative Systems in Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks Communications Engineering 2012-08-30
Chiao-Hsien Yu The community context of contagious diseases: the case of Dengue Fever in Kaohsiung City Institute of Sociology 2012-09-06
Hsin Yu Lin The Relations between News Management andStock Price-A Case Study of Soft-World Group EMBA 2011-08-25
Peng Yu Yang Detecting Botnet-based Joint Attacks by Hidden Markov Model Information Management 2012-09-06
Jen-Tsuo Yuan Study on the Influence of Team Conflict of an Organization on Team Performance Institute of Human Resource Management 2008-11-17
Chih-hung Yuan Social Responsibility of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Taiwan through ISO 26000 Business Management 2010-08-24
Hua-Wei Yuan The influence of cathode buffer layers on the performance of organic solar cells Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-13
Han-jun Zeng Structural Breaks and GARCH Models of Exchange Rate Return Volatility:An Empirical Research of Asia & Pacific Countries Economics 2010-06-25
Jhih-Hong Zeng The Effect of Market States on Spot-Futures Price Relations Finance 2011-07-17
Jhao-Yu Zeng Using multiple digital image to synthesize a high-resolution image Electro-Optical Engineering 2011-08-31
Ling-Ming Zeng Malware Classification Based on File and Registry Activities Information Management 2012-09-12
Zhi-qing Zhan Taiwan enamel-insulated wire enterprise will develop the analysis in the future of Taiwan enameled wire enterprises - - take F Corporation as an example EMBA 2008-06-25
Shu-Bin Zhang Study on Digital Filter Design and Coefficient Quantization Communications Engineering 2011-07-27
Wei-yi Zhang The Essence of the Taiwan Labour Regime- A Historical Institutionalism Review Political Science 2012-08-31
Jun-Hong Zhang Jian Design of Low Cost Finite-Impulse Response (FIR) Filters Using Multiple Constant Truncated Multipliers Computer Science and Engineering 2012-09-10
Guo-rong Zhao A Study of Reader Response of Wu Wen-ying's Ci Poetry Chinese Literature 2011-09-01
Yu-zhe Zheng Studies on metal jointing mechanism in friction stir welding Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-23
An-liang Zheng Study of the P-type Thermoelectric Material Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Electrical Engineering 2011-08-26
Po-Xin Zheng A Design of Trilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese, Taiwanese and Cantonese Electrical Engineering 2012-09-10
Da-jun Zhong Software Architecture Design for Supporting Optimization Algorithm Designs Electrical Engineering 2008-09-05
Jia-Zheng Zhu Performance Enhancement of the Erasure-Coded Storage Systems in Cloud Using the ECL-based Technique Computer Science and Engineering 2012-11-16
Yi-Xing Zhuang Effect of deposition rate of host material N,N’-dicarbazolyl-3,5-benzene(mCP) in phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes Electro-Optical Engineering 2012-08-13
Han-Cheng Zou Study on Selecting Package Material and Thermal Management for High Power LED Lamps Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2012-08-03
Nasrulloh - Research of Power Line Communication through Transformer for Narrow Band Application International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2017-07-31
Chieh - Chen none Business Management 2008-07-24
Wang - Fang The key factors to the success of the Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) Program ---Case study : ROC Air Force 2nd Air Logistics Center (ALC) EMBA 2006-07-16
Mei - Guey Research on the Financial Model That Promotes Participation in Public Works by the Private Sector – Taking Kaohsiung International Youth Hostel as an Example Economics 2005-08-22
Chia - Hsuan Hsu Testing of Mechanisms Causing Size Differences of the Land Hermit Crab, Coenobita rugosus, Among Eco-Islands Around Taiwan Department of Oceanography 2015-08-24
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Yen - Long none Political Science 2005-07-27
Yu - quan none EMPP 2006-08-02
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Yen -chun Coordination as the impetus for information sharing in e-business supply chain Information Management 2006-07-09
chang -chun A Study of Drug Prevention and Legal System Political Science 2006-08-08
Yen -Ling none Finance 2005-08-05
Chiao -Ling The study of adolescents’ online misrepresentation, self-disclosure, online relationship motivation and loneliness Education 2011-07-12
Yi -Ling The cruel administrator’s image contrast between record Grand History,History Of The Hyan Dynasty and History Of Eastern Hyan Chinese Literature 2012-09-01
Ying -mei A study on Relationship Between Lean production practices and Manufacturing performance Business Management 2008-06-03
Sun -Ming Evaluation of Microbial in Effluent of Each Treatment Unit at a Water Treatment Plant Environmental Engineering 2008-07-09
Cheng -Shiun Lin Fuzzy Control of a Humanoid Robot for High Bar Gymnastics Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-03
Long -Shoun Han Fai's theory of Shuh Chinese Literature 2004-06-29
Zheng -Wen The Study of Southern Science Park TFT-LCD Indstrial Cluster Public Affairs Management 2004-07-20
Chia -yi Application of Constructed Wetland System for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Environmental Engineering 2006-08-30
Yi -Yi Species composition of epipelagic fish eggs in winter and spatiotemporal distribution of Engraulid eggs in the coastal waters off southwestern Taiwan Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2007-09-12
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Chia -yuan The Relationship between Empowerment and Employee’s Attitudes Institute of Human Resource Management 2004-09-19
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Jang-Li , Jerry None EMBA 2007-07-25
Chiung-Hui ,Liu none Economics 2001-01-11
Camilo A. Espinoza Line Switch Unit Commitment for Distribution Automation Systems Using Neural Networks IMEPE 2009-07-08
Jalal Abdullah Simulation and Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Wind Diesel System for Remote Area Power Supply IMEPE 2010-09-06
Darren Quinn Abetkoff The Relations of Perfectionism to Academic Motivation, Self-esteem, and Well-being among College Students Education 2017-08-31
Natanael Acencio Rijo Capacitor Allocation Study Accounting For Load and Distributed Solar Generation Uncertainty with the Use of 2PEM Probabilistic Load Flow IMEPE 2015-07-14
Jennet Achyldurdyyeva The influence of stressful events and the use of roles, rules and norms to manage stress on identification and performance: Integrating the Event Meaning Management model, Stress Management Theory, and Social Identity Theory in a study of low-status, female Filipino expatriates in a semiconductor MNC in Taiwan Institute of Human Resource Management 2021-02-07
Francisco Adonay Study of an Alternative Dispatch Planning for the Salvadorian Electrical Market Based on Generators Outage Risk and Optimum AGC-Performance IMEPE 2009-06-29
MUFIDAH AFIYANTI Characterization of a leaf-type catalase and its enzymatic regulation in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.)) Biological Sciences 2011-07-14
MUFIDAH AFIYANTI Study the role of nitric oxide in the modulation of ethephon or NaCl-induced leaf senescence in sweet potato Biological Sciences 2015-08-06
Rolando Alonso Aguilera Barcenas A Comparative Study on Current Regulators for a Shunt Active Power Filter Electrical Engineering 2016-07-22
Thi Ai Lieu Nguyen Human Resources Management Strategies of Taiwan-based Enterprises in Vietnam Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-06-17
Francis Alexander Bloom The Ethical Parameters of Guanxi: A Qualitative Study of North American Owned Businesses in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2018-03-14
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Juan Alfredo Soto The Dilemma of MERCOSUR: National, Regional and Extra-Regional Challenges Institute of Political Science 2019-06-24
Valdes-Matta Alfredo-Ecuador Understanding the user intention for mobile services in Guatemala Business Management 2010-07-01
Thomas Jesse Harrison Allen Competition in E-Commerce: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-09-02
Oleksii Altukhov PEO Based Polymers for Supramolecular and Mesoporous Materials Applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2018-02-01
Maulana Amrullah The Potential Risks of China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in Southeast Asia International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2019-08-21
Feng-Wen An Data Prefetching in Thin-Client/Server Computing over Wide Area Network Information Management 2003-07-28
Chung-Ping An The role of human resource in multinational finance merger EMBA 2013-08-28
Ko-Ching An Fitness or Show Off? Exploring Influence of Fitness Image on Instagram About Female’s Sports Intentions Based on Social Comparison Institute of Marketing Communication 2021-02-01
Philippe Andre Brunet The Development of Canada’s Relation with China ICAPS 2014-07-04
Saiana Andreeva Immigrant entrepreneurs in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-01-08
Pablo Andres Gonzalez Urrego Chinese Foreign Policy Towards Latin America and the Caribbean: A Realist Perspective International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2019-07-04
Garrett Andrew A Study on Canadian Customers’ Attitude toward East Asian Products: An empirical study Business Management 2010-01-28
Wendy Pei Ang Judge A Book By Its Cover? Stereotypes Against Visibly Tattooed Job Applicants Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2019-07-22
Ngoc Anh Pham Japan’s Economic Diplomacy towards Vietnam: A Case Study of ODA ICAPS 2013-06-20
Patrycja Anna Kapkin A Qualitative Study of Cross-Cultural Differences, Adjustment and Job Performance of Expatriates working in Taiwan Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program 2017-08-10
Po-Hsiang Ao A Study of Cross-Strait Military Confidence Building Measures ICAPS 2018-08-30
Mo Aqib Raza Khan Studies on the Chemical Components of Marine-Derived Fungus, Aspergillus terreus and Their Biological Activities Marine Biotechnology and Resources 2016-09-05
Omar Aqil Ayed AL-Zu'bi An Improved Version of the Perturb and Observe Algorithm for Photovoltaic Power Generation System International Master'S Program in Electric Power Engineering 2019-03-25
Vigor Arisandi Sasmito Factors Influencing Social Commerce Adoption of Indonesian Immigrants in Taiwan: Applying the UTAUT Model Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-07-21
Jeremiah Arno Sharpe Searching for Consensus in Social Entrepreneurship: Using Content Analysis to Define SE Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-08-04
William Artan Privacy Preserving Billing Protocol for Smart Grid Computer Science and Engineering 2012-07-13
Daniel Aschauer An exploratory study on successful brand positioning of a Taiwanese SME in the European AV market Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2018-01-21
REMY ASTIE Banking on Blockchain: From Proof-of-Concept to Real Use-Cases. Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-08-17
Erita Astrid Congestion Management Considering Demand Response with Multiple Fuels IMEPE 2016-06-20
RIFA ATUL IZZA ASYARI high gain array antenna with frequency selective surface for vital sign monitoring Master'S Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2019-07-12
Wai-Yung Au Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Evaluate Efficiency of Nursing Units: Sample of Two Medical Centers Institute of Human Resource Management 2003-08-27
Grégoire Auguste Serge Lesene Consumer Trust in Food Safety Actors: A Cross-Country Comparison Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-07-30
DEVITA AYU LARASATI Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Systems Department of Electrical Engineering 2016-09-07
Sophie Bachler The influence of social capital in knowledge transfer process: A case study of Fronius in Austria Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2017-05-25
Zhi-Hong Bai Determination of Triorganotin by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection Using Au/Hg film Microelectrode Chemistry 2001-08-29
Sheng-Wen Bai Efficient Methods for Arbitrary Data Redistribution Computer Science and Engineering 2005-07-21
Yun-kai Bai Block-based Bayesian Decision Feedback Equalization for ZP-OFDM Systems with Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Electrical Engineering 2007-08-25
Je-Wei Bai A 10-bit high speed Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter with 2 bit per cycle and non-binary digital error correction Computer Science and Engineering 2016-08-25
Ting-Kai Bai The Large-scale Project Planning-The Case of a Coal-to-gas Project in North China Finance 2017-02-05
Ren-Yuan Bai Developing and studying of P3HT:PCBM organic solar cells utilizing sol-gel ITO as an interfacial buffer layer Electro-Optical Engineering 2017-07-07
Ho-Yi Bai The Effects of ICT-related Messages during Non-work Time on Employees Misbehaviors and Customer-Oriented Behaviors on the Next Day: Mechanisms and Boundary Conditions Institute of Human Resource Management 2018-08-07
Yu-Cheng Bai Efficient Path and Charging Scheduling of a Mobile Charging Vehicle to Increase Throughput of Sensors with Adaptive Sensing Rates Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2020-08-03
Aswin Balaji Nagaraj Designs of Low-Complexity Tree search-based Detector for High-Rate Spatial Multiplexing Aided Generalized Spatial Modulation Master'S Program in Telecommunication Engineering 2020-08-05
Zueng-en Bao The ferroelectric property of La and Pb codoped multiferroic BiFeO3 Physics 2008-08-25
Ya-Fei Bao Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry to Study the Distribution of Human Neutrophil Peptides in Tears Chemistry 2014-08-05
Han-lin Bao The effects of GTPase related proteins in vascular development in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2016-08-24
André Barten Building and Maintaining Guanxi in Confucian Societies: A Case Study of Foreign Business Practitioners in China and Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-08-26
ANGGER BASKORO An 8-bit Shift Register Using Double-Edge Triggered Flip-Flops Communications Engineering 2018-01-29
Li-Shiang Bau The Connection between the Leadership Style of Executive Heads and Winning the Government Service Quality Award Political Science 2017-09-09
Sebastian Baumgaertner Mexican market analysis for the automotive industry Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2015-10-29
Pi-Hsin Beatrice Wealth Succession and Company Performance: Evidence from Western and Asian Family-Owned Business EMBA 2013-05-15
Youn-Shen Bee Preclinical Trials of Vasostatin protein or gene Therapy for Choroidal Neovascularization Biological Sciences 2009-12-25
Irina Beliaeva Shanghai Cooperation Organization from the perspective of China, Russia and Central Asia member countries International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Affairs (IMAPA) 2017-08-31
Ren-Jy Ben Serodiagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii Infections among Uremic and HIV-infected Patients in Southern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2007-01-18
Sumeet Bharat Kumar Kshatriya Starting a Fine Dining Indian Restaurant in Taiwan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-06-15
Jia-rong Bi The Study of Military Organization and It`s Institutionalization in People`s Republic of China Navy Mainland China Studies 2006-07-13
Shiu-Hong Bian New Intra and Inter Shape Coding Algorithms for MPEG-4 Computer Science and Engineering 2002-09-09
Wen-Man Bin Thermal Deposition Tin Dioxide Electron Transporting Layer in Perovskite Solar Cells Department of Photonics 2020-07-16
Szu-en Bing The Distinguishing Features of Béla Bartók’s 《Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op.20 》 Music 2011-02-20
Alba Blanco Cid The Bridge Translation Agency (SP-CH-EN): A Business Plan Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2016-06-29
Laura Blin How is the Share Value Influenced by the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Information Asymmetry? Master of Business Administration Program in International Business 2014-06-26
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Rui-xuan Cai