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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Yi-min Wu The Studies on assembly of Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus and virus-like particles 2008-08-26
Cong-Ren Yang The Market Reaction of Corporate Governance in Taiwan-The Event Study Analysis 2022-05-24
Ping-Yu Wu Relatives Successors in Family Business and Overconfidence 2022-05-11
Chu-an Li Growth of free-standing non-polar GaN on LiAlO2 substrates by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-26
Lian-bing Wang Organic Photovoltaic Cells of Fully Conjugated Coil-like Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) and Rod-like Heterocyclic Aromatic Polymer Doped with Nano-carbon Particles Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-26
Kuan-lin Huang The Study of Cu-Wire Bonding and BGA Solder Ball Joining Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-27
Chin-chia Hsu Study on Mechanical Properties of r-LiAlO2 at Elevated Temperatures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-29
Zheng-huan Chen Self-masked epitaxial lateral overgrowth of ZnO Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-30
Chih-yuan Chen Influence of the electron effective mass distribution on the application of the extended WKB approximation method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-07-30
Yu-chieh Lo Atomic Simulations on Phase Transformation and Cyclic Deformation Mechanisms in Various Binary Metallic Glasses Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-04
Yu-shan Li A study of the tensile deformation of ultrafine grained AA3003 aluminum alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-06
Chao-Chun Huang Strain localization in extruded AZ31 Magnesium alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-06
Chun-i Hsiao Deformation characteristics of ultrafine-grained AZ31 Mg alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-13
Kuan-ting Lin The joint study of BGA solder ball on the OSP type substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-17
Hui-Shun Hsu Copolymers and Blends of Poly(butylene succinate): Characterization, Crystallization, Melting Behavior, and Morphology Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-23
Jyun-yu Li Analysis of microstructures and defects of GaN grown on sapphire substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-25
I-chi Lin Synthesis and characterization of chromium-doped ordered porous zirconia by polystyrene template Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-25
Kuen-ying Li Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Nano-size TiO2 via Nanocasting Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-25
You-cheng Shih Characterization, Crystallization, Melting and Morphology of Poly(alkylene succinate) Copolymers and Blends Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-27
Chia-Ho Hsieh The study of growth and characterization of group III nitride semiconductor on Sapphire/LAO substrate by RF plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-26
Chun-Liang Chang Preparation and characterization of Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3 cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-08-31
Cheng-chien Hsu Growth of LiAl5O8 nanowire on LiAlO2 substrate by chemical vapor decomposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-01
Kuo-Che Tseng Deformation twinning in single crystal alumina induced by Vickers indentation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-01
Chia-jung Tsai Studies of poly(ethylene succinate) and its copolyesters with poly(trimethylene succinate) Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-01
Cheng-yan Hsieh Secondary abnormal grain growth in barium titanate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-01
Chia-Han Wu Formation of mullite during sintering of kaolinite powder Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-10
Jun-Hao Zhang The mean stress effect on Fatigue crack propagation rate and thershold for interstitial-free steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-09-09
Jia-Huei Wang Aspect Ratio Modulations of Fully Conjugated Rod-like Polymer Electrolyte for Enhanced Three-dimensionally Isotropic Ionic Conductivity Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-10-02
Yen-Huei Lai Effects of Sample Size on Various Metallic Glass Micropillars in Microcompression Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-11-16
Hai-min Chen Analysis of Plasticity and Shear Band Deformation Mechanism in Bulk Metallic Glasses and Composites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-11-16
Kuang-kuo Wang The Initial Reactions and Microstructures of the Cu-Sn, Au-Sn and Fe-Al Interfaces Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2009-12-01
Wei-Chen Liu The Application of Hydrogen Bonding in Polymer Blend and Composites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-01-27
Jr-chi You Spectroscopic characterization of fluorescent nano-diamonds Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-02-10
Jung-hsiung Shen Low Temperature Preparation and Optoelectronic Properties of ZnO and ITO Transparent Conducting Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-03-05
Chin-Fu Chen Study on the microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir processed aluminum matrix composite strengthened by in-situ formed Al2O3 particle and Al-Ce intermetallic compound Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Cheng-fu Yu The Study of Tin Whisker Growth with Irregular Tin Grain Structure Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Ying-ren Chen Derivatizations of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube for Doping of Conjugated Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) for Electric Conductivity and Photovoltaic Cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Hung-yi Liang Studies on the Formation Mechanisms of the Fe-Al Inhibition Layer in the Galvanized Steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-28
Chun-yi Yu Growth mechanism of nonpolar ZnO epilayer on (100) LiGaO2 substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-30
Yi-jen Ji The rotation process and interfaces of the nano NiO and Ag grains Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-06-24
Chih-hao Chang Electroluminescence of Layer Thickness, Carbon Nano-particle Dopants, and Percolation Threshold Electric Conductivity of Fully Conjugated Rigid-rod Polymer Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-02
Kuang-yao Wu A study of the interface formed by ZrO2/ NiO planes and by Ag mixed planes Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-08
Po-chun Huang Phase diagram study of Cu-Ti-Sn ternary system at 700 °C Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-09
Cheng-ying Lu Molecular beam epitaxial growth of ZnO Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-13
Pei-ju Chin The early stage reaction on the Ag/Sn interfaces Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-14
Chao-Hsien Wu I. On the processing, microstructure and optical properties of Cr-doped willemite-bearing glaze on polycrystalline alumina substrate II. Optical properties, microstructure and phase transformation of ZrO2 nanocondensates via pulse laser ablation condensation in water Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-15
I-Lung Liu Coarsening/coalescence and phase change of Al2O3 nanoparticles by PLA in air, vacuum and aqueous solutions with/without NaOH Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-15
Chun-Zu Liu Microstructure and formation mechanism of the calcium carbonate/iron oxide scale on low carbon steel upon magnetic water treatment Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-15
Chun-han Chen Dynamic condensation, decomposition and optical properties of Cr2O3-dissolved TiO2 with rutile/post-rutile structures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-15
Sheng-Hui Nien Optimization of Anode Functional Layer for Ba(Zr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2)O3-δ -Based SOFC Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-22
Shuo-yang Sun Effect of additive Ag in TiSi2 thin films for phase transformation and mechanical behavior under nanoindentation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-23
I-Chin Lin Deformation Mechanism and Shear Banding Behavior in Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Multilayer System Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-26
Hsin-Tung Tsai Application of polymer material by mimicking nature hydrogen bonding Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-27
Yi-Jen Wang Grain Growth and Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Mo and Zr Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-27
Hong-ying Yang The Arrangement and Application of Gold Nanoparticles in Polystyrene-block-Polybutadiene Epoxidation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-28
Chein-an Chou Complexation of camphor sulfonic acid to affect the emission behavior of organic compound and polymer with quinoline moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-28
Yu-chang Huang Star-Like Organic/Inorganic hybrid Copolymer with Thermo-Response Behavior Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-07-30
Ci-Jin Ciou The ferroelectric-ferroelastic twinning in lead zirconate titanate ceramics Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-06
Ting-Yu Chen Defect Chemistry and Microstructure of SrTiO3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-06
Jin-wei Lu Growth of free-standing non-polar GaN on LiAlO2 and LiGaO2 substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-08
Shih-chuan Wang Growth of Nonpolar ZnO (11-20) Films on (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-09
Chung-ching Hsieh An analysis of the hardened microstructure in compression deformed (001) silicon single crystal at 900 oC Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-05
Chun-yu Chang Growth of Nonpolar (11-20) GaN Films on LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-09
Wen-ting Yang Growth of Nonpolar GaN (10-10) Films on LiGaO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-08
Hao-Yu Cheng Carbon material and property of hole are appraised while making preface by the law of mask works Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-10
Wei-Jung Wu Preparation and characterization of Cu(In,Al)Se2 thin film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-13
Yu-yang Ho An improvement in the selenization process of CuInSe2 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-16
Shih-fu Lu Nonisothermal Crystallization and Thermal Degradation Behaviors of Poly(butylene succinate) and its Copolyesters with Minor Amounts of Propylene Succinate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-15
Yen-Hsiang Liao Growth of nonpolar ZnO films on LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-17
Ding-Hao Ye Surface crack observation in fatigue of interstitial-free steel Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-17
Yong-yi Wang Mg effect on mechanical properties of ultrafine grained Al-Mg alloyproduced by friction stir processing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-23
Shi-Yi Liu Preparation of CIGS thin films by rapid thermal selenization using binary selenides as precursors Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-23
Ying-Wen Chou The deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained AZ31 Mg alloy with varied compression directions Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-24
Yi-rong Lin A study of low temperature superplasticity of ultrafined-grained AZ31 magnesium alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-26
Chi-He Chen Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) copolyesters Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-30
Yu-Shen Chen Study on rolling texture evolution of electrodeposited NiCo alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-08-31
Shang-Hung Chang Fabrication of CuInSe2 thin-film solar cells on flexible stainless steel substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-09-08
Jian-hong Chen Fabrication of high efficiency CdTe thin film solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-09-07
Der-Kai Sun Strain localization behavior of AZ31B magnesium alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-10-20
Chi-Ming Chan Microstructure analysis and failure mechanism of Cu wire bond and Inner Lead Bond Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2010-10-26
Tzu-chin Lin Organic Photovoltaic Cells of Fully Conjugated Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) and Heterocyclic Aromatic PCPDTBTCopolymer Doped with Derivatized Fullerene Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-01-20
I-Shan Lee Aluminium matrix nanocomposites produced in situ by friction stir processing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-03-26
Hung-Sheng Chou Strengthening and Toughening of Zr-Based Thin Film Metallic Glasses and Composites under Nanoindentation and Micropillar Compression Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-03-30
Lian-Hao Yi Study on texture and mechanical properties of electrodeposited Ni and NiFe alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-16
Hui-Di LU Early stage sintering of nanosized SnO2 and laser fragmentation of sub-micron SnO2 powders in water Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-22
Zih-ling Chen Incipient-stage sintering and PLAL fragmentation of amorphous silica with optional Zn content Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-22
En-Chi Chang Pulsed laser ablation/fragmentation efficiency and resultant change of Ti foil and TiO2 powder Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-06-28
Bo-Han Jiang A study of the interfaces between Au5Sn and Au Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-01
Kuo-Kuang Cheng Carbon nanofibers and chemically activated carbon nanofibers by core/sheath melt-spinning technique Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-08
Hsin-Chung Wu Pulsed laser ablation/fragmentation of Al plate and α-Al2O3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-03
Kuan-Lun Chen The Effect of Dislocation Slip on Superplastic Behavior of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-13
Ya-Chi Hung Fabrication and investigate the physical model with tungsten-based oxide resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-13
Bo-you Chen Surface Hardness Improvement in Magnesium Alloy by Metallic-Glass Sputtered Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-21
Ya-ting Tsai High Thermal and Spectral Stabilities of Hyperbranched Polyquinolines Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-17
Yu-De Lin Block Copolymer-Templated Mesoporous Materials obtained by Evaporation-Induced Self Assembly Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-26
Yuan-Hao Su Synthesis and Structural Analyses of Activated Porous Carbon Derived from Silica Template Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-26
Chung-Lin Lee A Study of the low-energy interfaces between different planes of NiO Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-26
Yi-Chia Huang Effect of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Al-15wt%Zn Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-01
Yuan-shao Lin Growth of (0002) InN Films on (001)LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Chi-Jen Chen Using Different Specific Interactions Meditated Secondary Structure of Polypeptides Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-07-28
Kai-Ping Lee Research of single crystal growth and scintillation performance of Ce:(Lu(1-X)YX)2SiO5(Ce:LYSO) scintillator Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Wei-Jen Chen Growth of (0002) ZnO Films on LiGaO2 (001) substrate by chemical vapor deposition method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Shuai-Wu Liao Growth of free-standing GaN(0002) on LiGaO2 substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-04
Chiung-wen Hsu Growth Kinetics of the Fe-Al Inhibition Layer in Hot-dip Galvanizing of Interstitial-free and Dual-phase Steels Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-08
Chang-han Tsai Investigating the relation between non-radiative decay process and surface trap states in the CdSe quantum dots Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-23
Wei-Chih Hsu Fabrication of CI(G)S Thin-film Solar Cell by Selenization Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-28
Cheng-Wei Tung Study on fabrication and characteristics of Zn-doped SiO2 thin film resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-28
Kuo-Hsiao Liao The Characterization of Sn-doped SiO2 Thin Film Resistance Random Access Memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-26
Yein-rein Huang Development of high efficieny CdTe thin-film solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-29
Jiun-Yang Chen A study of the ZrO2/NiO interfaces Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-24
Chou-cheng Li Fabrication of CuInSe2:Sb thin-film solar cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-29
Wen-Tu Lee The Production and Deformation Behaviour of Ultrafine-Grained AZ31 Mg Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-08-31
Rong-hong Chien Aggregation-induced emission of organic compounds and polymers containing fluorene or tetraphenylthiophene ring Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-05
Han-shen Huang Deformation Mechanism of Amorphous/nanocrystalline Multilayer Thin Films on Polyimide Substrates Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-05
Ying-chen Liu Study on epitaxial growth of Ni on polycrystalline Cu by electrodeposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-06
Ni-Hsing Lee The effect of Mn addition on tensile deformation behavior of aluminum alloy sheets processed by heavy cold-rolling and partial anneal Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-06
Chien-pin Lu Effect of nanosized buffer layer and processing parameters on epitaxial growth of ZnO on LiAlO2 by chemical vapor deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-07
Teng-yen Tang Mechanical Properties of electrodeposited Ni and Ni-Co alloys having bimodal distribution of grain size Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-09-07
Bo-Lin Jian The EMF Measurement Of Aluminum Activity In Galvanizing Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-10-13
Ming-che Liu Mechanical Properties and Deformation Behaviors in Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Multilayers under Microcompression Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-10-24
Chun-Lung Tseng Epitaxial Growth of Mg-doped ZnO by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2011-11-28
Chung-Tin Lai Effect of molecular structure on the aggregation-induced emission properties of organic and polymeric materials containing tetraphenylthiophene or triphenylpyridine moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-01
Ruei-Bin Lin One-pot Synthesis of Hierarchical Mesoporous Materials Fabricated from ABC Triblock Copolymer as Single Template Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-20
Yu-Lin Chung Transformation mechanisms to TiO and anatase from Ti thin film by anodizing and thermal annealing treatments Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-25
Chung-ho Kao Epitaxial Growth of TiO2 Thin Film on NaCl Substrate by Oxidation of TiO Thin Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-02-28
Hong-Kun Yan The influence of Zn on the mechanical property of Al-Zn alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-05-23
Hao-Jan Pei Tensile Response of Amorphous/Nanocrystalline ZrCu/Cu Multilayered Thin Films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-06-11
Jian-bing Huang The research of Silicon-Germanium-Oxide thin film in nonvolatile memory application Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-06-29
Shan-Yu Lu Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrogen-Doped Titanate Nanotube for Photocatalytic Applications in Visible-light Region Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-04
Peng-Wen Lin Early stage sintering and PLAL fragmentation of micro-scale CaCO3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-04
Yi-Wen Lai Complexing AIEE-Active Tetraphenylthiophene Fluorophore to Poly(N-Isopropyl acrylamide) Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-13
Yi-wei Li Aggregation-Induced Emission Enhancement of organic and polymeric fluorophores containing 2,4,6-Triphenylpyridine moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-13
Shu-ting Li Aggregation induced emission enhancement in relation to the secondary structures of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) containing fluorescent tetraphenylthiophene moiety Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-13
Pei-Ru Chen Early stage sintering and PLAL fragmentation of MgO powders Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-04
Yan-Ting Lan Growth of Zinc Oxide Nano-materials on (100) γ-LiAlO2 Substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-16
Wei-Ting Ko Inspection to 3-D deformation of a dynamic object using fringe projection techniques Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-18
Cheng-Wei Wang Growth of ZnO (11-20) Thin Film on NaCl Substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-18
Hung-Ya Liao Effect of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Al-5wt%Zn Alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-19
Che-Yu Kuo Fabrication of volume holograms using sol-gel technology and its application to 3D profile measurement Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-20
Kuan-Yang Li A Study of the Interfacial reaction between Ni and Sn Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-23
Ting-ting Hu Optical and Mechanical Properties of Thin Film Metallic Glasses Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-23
Cin-Huei Wang The formation of m-plane (10-10) GaN on LiGaO2 substrates via diffusion with NH3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Yuang-shing Fang A Study of the Interfacial reaction between Pt and Sn Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-19
Cheng-ying Tsai Synthesis of ordered mesoporous metal nanostructures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Liang-Jie Hung Influence of hot rolling microstructure on mechanical properties of fullyannealed 5052 aluminum alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Yu-Lin Hsu A study of microstructure and luminescence property on ZnO doped with Li2O and Al2O3 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-26
Wei-Hsun Hu Miscibility Behavior Enhancement of Polybenzoxazine/ Poly(ethylene oxide) Blend through DNA-Like Multiple Hydrogen Bonding Interaction Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-24
Jing-yi Liang PLAL fragmentation of Nb2O5 powders in water with optional NaCl addition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-26
Wei-cheng Chu Synthesis of mesoporous benzoxazine by combination of amphiphilic block copolymers and reaction-induced microphase separation Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-27
Kuan-chung Wu Electro-spun PAN-Based Activated Carbon Nanofibers as Electrode Materials for Electric Double Layer Capacitors Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-27
Bang-Min Wang Improved quality of nonpolar ZnO epitaxial film on modified LiGaO2 substrate by chemical vapor deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-30
Huai-Wei Chang Microstructure and twin plane analyses of TiO2 Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-07-31
Szu-Ming Teng Synthesis, Microstructure, and Diffraction Efficiency of Photopolymerizable Silica for Optical Storage Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-03
Chung-Yi Chou Photonic Crystals from Self-Assembly of Oriented Lamella-Forming Block Copolymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
You-Wei Huang Crystallization Effect on Self-Assembly of Double-Crystalline Block Copolymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Hwan-wen Lee Acceptor-doped and co-doped BaTiO3 ceramics for MLCC applications Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Yingwei Chen Study on the Growth and Optical Properties of Large-Sized Highly-Doped Nd:YAG Crystal by Czochralski Technique Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-07
Chung-li Li Photoluminescence of Stereoregular Polymers Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-06
Yi-syuan Lu Using Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions to Control the Peptide Miscibility and Secondary Structures Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-07
Pi-Wei Yang The Study of Fe-Al-Mn-C Phase Diagram Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-09
Jin-Shan Lu Nonisothermal Crystallization and Thermal Degradation Behaviors of Poly(butylene succinate) and its Copolyesters with Minor Amounts of 2-methyl-1,3-Propylene Succinate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-11
Kai-hsun Yang Room temperature deformation of (001) SrTiO3 single crystal Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-14
Bo-Cheng Lin Composite condensates and phase transformations via pulsed laser ablation on Zn, Zn-Cu and Cu-Au targets in liquid or vacuum Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-19
Hung-chia Chu Characterization of Shear Bands in Ultrafine-grained Commercial Purity Aluminum Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-20
Yen-ming Chen Molecular beam epitaxial growth of nonpolar ZnO on lithium aluminate substrate Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-20
Bang-Yan Chen Thermodynamic properties of liquid Al-Sn-Zn alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-20
Kuo-Chuan Hsu The Reliability Study of Cu Wire Bonding Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-23
Jhen-yi Li A study of selenization process of Cu2ZnSnSe4 films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-26
Yung-da Liao Study on co-evaporation process of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 with Sb Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Wei-ming Gao Study on Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni with Bimodal Distribution of Grain Size Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Chong-Yao Jian Fabrication of Sb-doped CIGS by selenization of stacked elemental layer and thin solar cell Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Chien-Hui Kao A study of rapid thermal selenization process of Cu2ZnSnSe4 films Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Yi-hsun Hsieh The study of preparation of CIGS thin films by selenides Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Jhao-Ping Jiang Resistance Switching Charateristics of Titanium-doped silicon oxide thin film with Supercritical Fluid Treatment Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-27
Yin-chih Pan Study on fabrication and characteristics of Zr-doped SiO2 thin film resistance random access memory Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-25
Tian-Jian Chu Study On Resistive Switching Mechanism Of Hafnium-doped Silicon Oxide Thin Film Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-08-28
Wei-jau Lin Fabrication and characterization of metallic glass foams by dealloying method Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-09-04
Meng-Shu Tsai The effect of grain size on the formation of deformation twins in AZ31 alloy Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-09-11
Ying-Lin Yeh Preparation and Characterization of Nitrate Ester Plasticized Polyether for Propellant Binder Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-12-20
Ta-hao Sung Mechanical and Optoelectronic Response of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors under Low Dimensional Stress Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2012-12-24
Jheng-guang Li Morphology, Phase behavior and Application of Tunable Mesoporous Materials Templated by Block copolymers. Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-01-22
Teng-Hsing Huang Epitaxial growth and microstructure characterization of ZnO and Cu-alloyed GaN Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-01-24
Fu-Yu Tsai The study of deformation behaviors of LiAlO2 single crystal Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-01-22
Yu-Wen Kuo Effect of hot-rolled grain size on recrystallization behavior and texture evolution of FeCoV alloys Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-02-04
I-Tsun Chen Growth of LiGaO2 Films on Si(100) Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-02-05
Shih-Chi Yang Preparation and characterization of thin CGO electrolyte films by ESD method for solid oxide fuel cells Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-02-05
Che-Nan Kuo Microstructural and mechanical response of CuZrAl-V/Co bulk metallic glass composites Materials and Optoelectronic Science 2013-04-24
Jinn-Long Huang Inferences for the Weibull parameters based on interval-censored data and its application Applied Mathematics 2000-06-19
Hsin-Chuan Tsai Characterization of Stieltjes Transforms Applied Mathematics 2000-06-26
Chih-Yuan Chen Classification analysis of ECG and study on the ratio of low frequency spectral powers to high frequency spectral powers of RR intervals Applied Mathematics 2000-06-27
Hsin-Her Chen Exact D-optimal designs for multiresponse polynomial model Applied Mathematics 2000-06-29
Tzu-Fang Kuo Characterizations Based on Conditional Expectations of Order Statistics Applied Mathematics 2000-07-04
Yu-Yu Kuo A generalization of rank tests based on interval-censored failure time data and its application to AIDS studies. Applied Mathematics 2000-07-11
Ren-Her Wang Approximate and exact D-optimal designs for multiresponse polynomial regression models Applied Mathematics 2000-07-14
Yan-Hsiou Cheng On Some New Inverse nodal problems Applied Mathematics 2000-07-17
Fang-Yn Ju Demographic Applications of Random Matrix Products Applied Mathematics 2000-07-18
Yuh-Chyuan Tsay Application of Java on Statistics Education Applied Mathematics 2000-07-24
Jenn-Dar Chang String Superprimitivity test and LCS on the Reconfigurable Bus Model Applied Mathematics 2000-07-24
Sheng-I Yeh Fault-Tolerant Routing on the Star Graph Using Safety Vectors Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Chiu-Ping Lee Study in the effects of introducing new highschool mathematics text books To Kaohsiung area students Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Jun-Jong Wang Invertibility in Fractal Geometry Applied Mathematics 2000-07-27
Chung-Hsien Hsu Statistical analysis on the effect of splenectomy-induced thrombosis Applied Mathematics 2000-07-25
Gen-Ben Huang Topics on Mean Value Theorems Applied Mathematics 2001-01-19
Chi-Ying Chen Algoritam for generalized co-complementarity problems in Banach spaces Applied Mathematics 2001-02-02
fu-qun Li Chromatic number of integral distance graph Applied Mathematics 2001-02-13
Hung-Jen Wang Ambarzumyan’s Theorem for the general boundary conditions Applied Mathematics 2001-05-11
Ya-ting Chen The Reconstruction Formula of Inverse Nodal Problems and Related Topics Applied Mathematics 2001-06-12
Meng-Han Li Sums of Interior Angles of n-Star Convex Polygons And Related Problems Applied Mathematics 2001-06-12
Ching-Fu Sen On the consistency of a simulation procedure and the construction of a non-parametric test for interval-censored data Applied Mathematics 2001-06-14
Tzu-Tsen Yeh An Investigation of Some Problems Related to Renewal Process Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Wei-Hong Wang Compact Operators of Sequence Spaces Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Tao-Wen Chang Characterizations of Distributions by Conditional Expectation Applied Mathematics 2001-06-19
Yi-Che Su Application of Java on Mathematical Statistics Education Applied Mathematics 2001-06-20
Jiao-Jiao Wu Game chromatic number of Halin graphs Applied Mathematics 2001-06-27
Lin-Tai Tang Cracked-Beam and Related Singularity Problems Applied Mathematics 2001-06-29
Kam-Fai Wong A Study on Factorial Designs with Blocks Influence and Inspection Plan for Radiated Emission Testing of Information Technology Equipment Applied Mathematics 2001-06-29
Nan-Cheng Su Thinning of Renewal Process Applied Mathematics 2001-07-02
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Chihyi Chao Invariant Measures on Projective Space Applied Mathematics 2002-06-13
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Zhi-Shi Pan Construction of Graphs with Given Circular Chrotmatic Number or Circular Flow number Applied Mathematics 2003-06-27
Shih-Pei Hsing Comparison of Hedging Option Positions of the GARCH(1,1) and the Black-Scholes Models Applied Mathematics 2003-06-30
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Hsiao-wa Chiang Distinguishing sets of the actions of S_5 Applied Mathematics 2006-06-19
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Hui-min Yang Fourier analysis on spaces generated by s.n function Applied Mathematics 2006-06-20
Jun-Kai Lee Solve some linear matrix equations Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Ching-Jou Liao Uniqueness of the norm preserving extension of a linear functional and the differentiability of the norm Applied Mathematics 2006-06-21
Tzu-lin Li Elementary Solving Strategies of Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-20
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Min-Fang Hu Bingo Probabilities Applied Mathematics 2006-06-23
Shih-hsun Chang Parameter estimation in proportional hazard model with interval censored data Applied Mathematics 2006-06-24
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Sheng-Shian Wang D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with weight function exp(alpha x) Applied Mathematics 2007-06-25
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Shin-yi Hung Variational Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2007-07-18
Liang-ching Lin Studies on the Estimation of Integrated Volatility for High Frequency Data Applied Mathematics 2007-07-26
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Yung-shen Lin Complementarity Problems Applied Mathematics 2007-07-30
Chia-Min Yeh C-optimal Designs for Parameter Testing with Survival Data under Bivariate Copula Models Applied Mathematics 2007-07-31
shou-ching huang The relationship between citing and cited patterns in research papers and the fluctuation of journal ranking Applied Mathematics 2007-07-31
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Hung-yung Chang Game Colourings of Graphs Applied Mathematics 2007-08-09
Tsung-che Wu Disjointness preserving operators between Lipschitz spaces Applied Mathematics 2007-09-03
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Yun-ru Huang Viscosity Approximation Methods for Generalized Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Problems Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
Chia-Jung Chang Triangle-free subcubic graphs with small bipartite density Applied Mathematics 2008-06-20
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Nan-cheng Su An Investigation of Distribution Functions Applied Mathematics 2008-06-24
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Shih-Cong Hu Spectral Collocation Methods for Semilinear Problems Applied Mathematics 2008-07-01
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You-Yi Chang D- and A-Optimal Designs for Models in Mixture Experiments with Correlated Observations Applied Mathematics 2008-07-18
Cheng-Hong Jiang Race time prediction for Taiwan marathoner Applied Mathematics 2008-07-19
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Chiang-Ming Shih Power Analysis of Bootstrap Methods for Testing Homogeneity of Variances with Small Sample Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Hui-Wen Liu Online transaction simulation sysyem of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Jia-Ming Guo Optimal designs for multivariate calibrations in multiresponse regression models Applied Mathematics 2008-07-21
Yen-Hsiang Chang Statistical tests for long memory and unit root of high frequency financial data Applied Mathematics 2008-07-24
Chi-chin Liu Online Monitoring Systems of Market Reaction to Realized Return Volatility Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
Cheng-wei Lin A fully mass and volume conserving implementation of linear advective-diffusive-reactive transport problems Applied Mathematics 2008-07-24
Ching-An Liu Pattern Matching for Financial Time Series Data Applied Mathematics 2008-07-29
Chien-Ru Lin Ambarzumyan problem on trees Applied Mathematics 2008-07-23
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Miao-kuan Huang Optimal Designs for Log Contrast Models in Experiments with Mixtures Applied Mathematics 2009-02-05
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Jung-Jen Tsai Convergence Analysis for the Gradient-Projection Method with Different Choices of Stepsizes Applied Mathematics 2009-06-30
Yin-ting Chien Iterative Approaches to the Split Feasibility Problem Applied Mathematics 2009-06-23
Kuo-Chan Huang Expert System for Portfolio Optimization under Multi-tree Models Applied Mathematics 2009-07-05
Chih-Neng Liu The average of weighted composition operators Applied Mathematics 2009-07-08
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Ya-Ting Chi The method of fundamental solution for Laplace's equation in 3D Applied Mathematics 2009-07-09
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Hong-da Yen On the Increasingly Flat RBFs Based Solution Methods for Elliptic PDEs and Interpolations Applied Mathematics 2009-07-20
Chun-Lin Chen Statistical tests of complementary palindromes: An application of searching virus origin of replication Applied Mathematics 2009-07-19
Fang-Mei Su Contour sets in product graphs Applied Mathematics 2009-07-22
Tzu-chiang Tseng Copula models with Weibull distributions : application in fading channels. Applied Mathematics 2009-07-23
Bi-cyun Liou Applications of Mathematica in Mathematics Applied Mathematics 2009-07-27
Hsin-jung Chen Mutual fund portfolio optimization for investment-linked insurance Applied Mathematics 2009-07-27
Pei-wen Tsai A test for curvature in 2^k designs with center points and analysis for proportional data in response surface models Applied Mathematics 2009-08-26
Nicolas Roussel Circular colorings and acyclic choosability of graphs Applied Mathematics 2009-12-23
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Hsiao-Yung Pao On autocorrelation estimation of high frequency squared returns Applied Mathematics 2010-01-14
Jung-hui Liu Local Homomorphisms of Continuous Functions Applied Mathematics 2010-02-01
Chuan-pin Lee D-Optimal Designs for Second-Order Response Surface Models on a Spherical Design Region with Qualitative Factors Applied Mathematics 2010-02-04
Chien-Hui Yu Studies on the efficiencies and elasticities of high frequency transaction data of Taiwan Stock Market Applied Mathematics 2010-02-09
Yong-Yuan Chen Introduction to Probability Theory Applied Mathematics 2010-05-25
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Chen-hui Hung On a Fitted Finite Volume Method for the Valuation of Options on Assets with Stochastic Volatilities Applied Mathematics 2010-06-22
Yi-Ping Lin Sequences and Summation and Product of Series Applied Mathematics 2010-06-23
Wei-Jie Liang Averaged mappings and it's applications Applied Mathematics 2010-06-29
Hui-yu Chen On generalized trigonometric functions Applied Mathematics 2010-06-25
Yen-hao Su Trigonometry: Applications of Laws of Sines and Cosines Applied Mathematics 2010-07-02
Yen-Ru Lin Projection Methods for Variational Inequalities Governed by Inverse Strongly Monotone Operators Applied Mathematics 2010-06-26
Bo-Yu Chen Jensen Inequality, Muirhead Inequality and Majorization Inequality Applied Mathematics 2010-07-06
Cheng-yu Chen Calculating Distribution Function and Characteristic Function using Mathematica Applied Mathematics 2010-07-07
Pavel Kocourek Option pricing theory using Mellin transforms Applied Mathematics 2010-07-22
Dong-Xian Jiang Identification of the water pollution sources through analysis of water quality monitoring data of Tamsui and Kao-Ping River Basin Applied Mathematics 2010-07-26
Wan-Wei Wang Effective Condition Number for Underdetermined Systems and its Application to Neumann Problems, Comparisons of Different Numerical Approaches Applied Mathematics 2010-07-26
Tai-yuan Wang The effects of learning styles and cooperative learning on academic achievement in calculus Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Yi-Heng Lin The optimal treatment method of water turbidity purification in tap-water plant Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Shih-hua Lin Analyzing and classifying the jumping spider of Eugaria albidentata Applied Mathematics 2010-07-28
Chung-Ying Yang Colouring, circular list colouring and adapted game colouring of graphs Applied Mathematics 2010-07-27
Yi-Po Tsai A Study on The Random and Discrete Sampling Effect of Continuous-time Diffusion Model Applied Mathematics 2010-08-04
Hsiu-Chen Hsieh Collocation Fourier methods for Elliptic and Eigenvalue Problems Applied Mathematics 2010-08-10
Yi-chen Huang CUDA-Based Modified Genetic Algorithms for Solving Fuzzy Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Guo-Hwa Lin On the Shape Parameter of the MFS-MPS Scheme Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Po-chun Chu Models of Corner and Crack Singularity of Linear Elastostatics and their Numerical Solutions Applied Mathematics 2010-08-23
Fang-yu Chu A Study on the Embedded Branching Process of a Self-similar Process Applied Mathematics 2010-08-25
Yin-wei Lin Theory and Calculation of Iterative Functional Differential Equation Applied Mathematics 2010-09-03
Wan-Ping Hung A Study of Designs in Clinical Trials and Schedules in Operating Rooms Applied Mathematics 2011-01-20
Gen-liang Li A study on the parameter estimation based on rounded data Applied Mathematics 2011-01-21
Ting-pang Chang The hamiltonian numbers of graphs and digraphs Applied Mathematics 2011-01-24
Pei-Lan Yen A study of convexity in directed graphs Applied Mathematics 2011-01-27
Hsiang-Ling Hsu Optimal designs for statistical inferences in nonlinear models with bivariate response variables Applied Mathematics 2011-01-27
Hsyh-Jye Hsu The spectral theory of vector-valued compact disjointness preserving operators Applied Mathematics 2011-02-10
Meng-Syun Syu Structure of Toeplitz-composition operators Applied Mathematics 2011-02-14
Wei-Shiou Huang Convergence Analysis for Inertial Krasnoselskii-Mann Type Iterative Algorithms Applied Mathematics 2011-02-16
Pei-lin Lai Iterative Methods for Common Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings in Hilbert spaces Applied Mathematics 2011-05-16
Yen-Ling Chen Iterative Methods for Minimization Problems over Fixed Point Sets Applied Mathematics 2011-06-02
Po-Han Chen λ-Toeplitz operators with analytic symbols Applied Mathematics 2011-05-13
Ching-Jou Liao Exterior differential systems on Hilbert manifolds and its application to calculus of variation Applied Mathematics 2011-06-16
Yi-Ying Sun Exact D-optimal Designs for First-order Trigonometric Regression Models on a Partial Circle Applied Mathematics 2011-06-24
Chih-Wei Chang Applications of Mathematica in Equations, Optimization and Inequalities Applied Mathematics 2011-06-28
Hai-Tang Chiou On the estimation of time series regression coefficients with long range dependence Applied Mathematics 2011-06-28
Jun-Hua Huang Quasi-Fejer-monotonicity and its applications Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Jie-Min Chen Discriminant analysis for cardiology ultrasound in left ventricle Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Lian-rong Lin Applications of Complex Numbers Applied Mathematics 2011-07-05
Zong-Yue Lin Applications of Mathematica in Probability and Statistics Applied Mathematics 2011-07-07
Li-wen Kao Comparison of Discrimination between Logistic Model with Distance Indicator and Regularized Function for Cardiology Ultrasound in Left Ventricle Applied Mathematics 2011-07-08
Guo-Jan Yen A Study of Trend and Variation of Ozone Concentration in Taiwan Applied Mathematics 2011-07-11
Hong-Yi Chen Continuity and Differentiability of Set-Valued Mappings Applied Mathematics 2011-07-13
Chih-Hao Chen Fredholm spectra of λ-Toeplitz operators Applied Mathematics 2011-07-25
Tzu-Wei Jen Generalized minimal polynomial over finite field and its application in coding theory Applied Mathematics 2011-07-27
Wan-Zhen Wang p- Laplacian operators with L^1 coefficient functions Applied Mathematics 2011-07-27
Yi-An Jan Model-Based Clustering for Gene Expression and Change Patterns Applied Mathematics 2011-07-29
Yi-Yun Wu The Pricing of Power Options under the Generalized Black-Scholes Model Applied Mathematics 2011-08-08
Chih-Wei Yang Modi fied Genetic Algorithms for the Single Machine Scheduling Problem Applied Mathematics 2011-08-11
I-Sheng Lin Further Investigation on Null and Interior Field Methods for Laplace’s Equation with Very Small Circular Holes Applied Mathematics 2011-08-12
Tzu-Yuan Lin True Condition Number Applied Mathematics 2011-08-14
Cai-Pin Liaw The Null-Field Methods and Conservative schemes of Laplace’s Equation for Dirichlet and Mixed Types Boundary Conditions Applied Mathematics 2011-08-12
Sin-Rong Wu The Collocation Trefftz Method for Laplace's Equation on Annular Shaped Domains, Circular and Elliptic Boundaries Applied Mathematics 2011-08-19
Shao-lun Huang The Z-Semimagic of Some Graphs Applied Mathematics 2011-08-22
Rong-Hang Cheng Eigenvectors for Certain Action on B(H) Induced by Shift Applied Mathematics 2011-09-05
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Yu-Hsin Tzeng Phylogenetic Relationships of Athyrioid Ferns Inferred from Chloroplast DNA Sequences Biological Sciences 2002-07-06
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Kuo-Cheng Wang Polyamines affect early floral initiation in Doritis pulcherrima and Phalaenopsis Biological Sciences 2002-07-11
Wei-Ching Lo Role of the Differentiation-Associated Intracellular Glutathione Contents and Oxidative Stress Status on the Regulation of Erythropoietin Gene Expression in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma cell lines. Biological Sciences 2002-07-09
Yi-Ling Ma Cellular Effects of HDGF(hepatoma-derived growth factor) Expression in 3T3 cells Biological Sciences 2002-06-28
Chung-Ren Lin Exploiting the Potential Therapy for Neuropathic Pain Through Cellular and Molecular Approaches Biological Sciences 2002-07-15
Chi-Tang Tasi Characterization of bacteria degrading pentachlorophenol Biological Sciences 2002-07-21
Pei-I Li Effects of manganese on the proteomic expression in Deinococcus radiodurans Biological Sciences 2002-07-16
Cheng-Huang Wnag The effects of cdk5 inhibitor - roscovitine on morphine antinociceptive tolerance, formalin-induced pain behavior and pilocarpine-induced seizure in Sprague–Dawley rats Biological Sciences 2002-07-22
Fong-Dee Huang Expression of Bcl-2, P53, Ki-67 and PTEN in Upper Urinary Tract Transitional Cell Carcinomas Biological Sciences 2002-07-19
Ya-Po Kuo Role of yeast ArsA homologue ARR4 in thermotolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2002-07-24
Yu-Chung Chen Study on the Rat Esophageal Microcirculation that Mediated Inflammatory Response Evoked by Capsaicin and Substance P Biological Sciences 2002-07-23
Feng-Ru Tsai potentiation of spontaneous transmitter release by IGF-1 at developing neuromuscular synapse. Biological Sciences 2002-07-09
Zoo-Hzu huang Expression of the Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 in human placenta Biological Sciences 2002-07-26
San-Ming Chia A study of geophagy in Formosan macaques, Macaca cyclopis, at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan. Biological Sciences 2002-07-29
Shih-Ya Hung Characterization of YDL100c expression and function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2002-07-29
Taishien Han Effects of Clematis Armandi extracts on permeability and short circuit current (Isc) across frog skin epithelium Biological Sciences 2002-07-30
Jih-Tsung Lin A Study of the High School Students' Achievement in Evolutional Unit Learning under Untraditional Teaching Method Biological Sciences 2002-08-01
Pei-Lu Lin The effect of intravenous administration of 6-hydroxydopamine(6-OHDA)on plasma leakage in rat airways Biological Sciences 2002-08-07
Yung-Nan Ko A Survey of Trichomes of Dryopteridaceae s.l. from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2002-08-22
Shiou-Min Shiu Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Capricornis swinhoei Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequences Biological Sciences 2002-08-23
Chih-Sung Chen A Study of Taiwan Polypodiaceae Frond Venation Patterns Biological Sciences 2002-08-19
Ya-Chi Huang Forms of Trypanosoma cruzi in mouse kidney during chronic infection and analyses of infected kidney antigen Biological Sciences 2002-08-27
Jeng-Yu Tsai Expression of alpha-1-microglobulin mRNA change after oxalate challenge in renal epithelium cell Biological Sciences 2002-08-25
Jui-Lung Chao Revision on Scolopendromorpha (Chilopoda) from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2002-09-02
Chin-Yi Chan Identification of differentially expressed genes in the rat brain stem during the progression toward death by suppression subtractive hybridization Biological Sciences 2002-09-07
Zhi-Ya Yang Part I:Characterization of humoral immune responses of mice infected with Angiostrongylus cantonensis Part II:Analysis on the cranial morphology of mice infected with Angiostrongylus cantonensis Biological Sciences 2002-09-10
Houng-Da Zhu Habitat Use of Six Skinks in Southern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2002-09-10
Yi-Ching Fu Application Deinococcus radiodurans on Cellulose Degradation Biological Sciences 2002-09-13
Meng-Chi Yen Effect of Mn2+ on the provision of DNA repair material and energy of Deinococcus adiodurans. Biological Sciences 2002-09-12
Hou Chia-Yi Ras mutations in thyroid neoplasia Biological Sciences 2002-09-26
Yao-Chung Chuang Dysfunction of Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain in Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla During Experimental Endotoxemia Biological Sciences 2003-01-08
CHIH-CHIEN HUANG Reproductive behavior of Formosan Macaques (Macaca cyclopis) at Mt. Longevity Biological Sciences 2003-01-10
Wen-Jen Yang Epitopes mapping and vaccine development of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae through phage display technology Biological Sciences 2003-01-27
Kang Lu Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury of Spinal Cord and Surgery-Associated Injury of Paraspinal Muscles Biological Sciences 2003-02-12
Pao-Shu Chang The Effect of Polyamines on Floral Initiation and Flower Development in Polianthes tuberosa Biological Sciences 2003-02-11
Shu-Hua Lee none Biological Sciences 2003-02-13
Chen-Chih Chen Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Ticks and Intestinal Helminths in Siberian Weasel (Mustela sibirica) in Shanping Biological Sciences 2003-02-17
Ming-Wei Lin Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signal Transduction Pathways in Human Neutrophils Biological Sciences 2003-05-02
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Yu-Jane Yang Effect of Cadmium on Lignin Biosynthesis in Soybean Roots Biological Sciences 2003-06-10
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Yung-Tai Chen Effect of Mechanical Wounding on Lignin Biosynthesis in Soybean Hypocotyls Biological Sciences 2003-06-18
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Hong-Yuan Tsai Expression profile of TSG101 protein and it,s phosphorylation status Biological Sciences 2003-07-08
Hung-Yi Chen Analyzing the 16S rDNA to Monitor the Dynamic Microbial Communities in Petroleum Polluted Soil Biological Sciences 2003-07-10
Che-Jen Lin Effect on intravenous administration of lipopolysaccharide on plasma leakage and mucus secretion in rat small intestine Biological Sciences 2003-07-15
Ping-Ching Wu Intrathecal GDNF Gene Delivery Enhances Recovery from Neuropathic Pain in Rats Biological Sciences 2003-07-14
Shun-Hsiang Chou Effect of Gastric Vagus Stimulation on the Phrenic Nerves Activity during Respiration and Vomiting in Cat Biological Sciences 2003-07-15
Yi-Ping Liao Regulatory action on spontaneous transmitter release by retionic acid at developing neuromuscular synapse Biological Sciences 2003-07-21
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Chia-Hsin Li The Role of Heat Shock Proteins at the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla in Experimental Endotoxemia in the Rat Biological Sciences 2003-07-30
Chia-Jung Chen The Activation of Erks in Intestine and Lung of Thermal Injured-rats Biological Sciences 2003-07-28
Hsiu-Chu Lin Gene Delivery of Rat Thioesterase II in Hepatocytes Biological Sciences 2003-07-31
Ming-Ju Chuang Gene Delivery of POMC for treatment of Intractable Pain Biological Sciences 2003-07-31
Jir-Wen Chen none Biological Sciences 2003-07-31
Guo-Yang Tzeng Population genetic variation of Mikania species in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2003-08-04
Tzung-Cheng Ye Subcellular localization of TSG101 in the cell Biological Sciences 2003-08-12
Hsin-Yi Wu The Role of Muscarinic Receptor Subtypes at the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla in Mevinphos Intoxication in the Rat Biological Sciences 2003-08-14
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Te-Yu Chang The role of heat shock proteins in lipopolysaccharide-induced PC12 cell death Biological Sciences 2003-08-15
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Chi-Pin Wu Seasonal Patterns in Group, Population Composition, Daily Activity Cycle and Habitat Selection of Blue Sheep (Pseudois nayaur) in Helanshan Biological Sciences 2003-10-03
Lin-Lin Pan Evaluation of E-cadherin gene expression in cervical carcinomas Biological Sciences 2003-08-28
YEOU-HUN CHIANG Development and Research of PCR Diagnostic Technique to Detect Salmonella Biological Sciences 2003-09-01
Chi-Jui Lu Expression of nitric oxide synthase and angiotensin type I receptor gene of Nivienter coxingi resided in different altitude Biological Sciences 2003-09-03
Chien-Hung Yang Comparison of Bird Communities between Natural Forests and Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides) Plantations Biological Sciences 2003-09-03
Chih-Li Yu Characterization of cellulytic enzyme for thermophilic bacteria Biological Sciences 2003-09-03
Wei-Dih Sy Analysis of human Dynamin IV (Dymple) gene promoter Biological Sciences 2003-09-04
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Feng-Lin Tsai The role of p27kip1 in human malignant brain tumors Biological Sciences 2003-09-08
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Hsiu-Ping Lin Systematics and Characterization of Purple Nonsulfur Bacteria in Lotus Pond Biological Sciences 2004-06-23
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Chun-Liang Li Analysis of NTRK1 gene rearrangement and BRAF gene mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma Biological Sciences 2004-07-15
Yu-Mei Kuo Study on the Structure and Function of Suppressor of K+ Transport Growth Defect (SKD1) Protein from Mesembryanthemum crystallinum using Bioinformatics Biological Sciences 2004-07-23
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Li-chun Chen Molecular Characterization of A Novel Transmembrane Gene DC2 Biological Sciences 2004-07-28
Shyh-jen Lin Characterization and Diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes Biological Sciences 2004-08-03
Chang-Yi Hsieh Use of PCR-DGGE Technique to Analyze the Dynamic Microbial Community in Groundwater Contaminated with Petroleum-hydrocarbons Biological Sciences 2004-08-09
Feng-Chu Chuang 6-hydroxydopamine-induced inflammation in respiratory tract and esophagus of rats and it’s inhibition by free radical scavenger Biological Sciences 2004-08-10
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Yi-ying Lin The study of the broad-leaved forest vegetation in the upper section of Pa-Chang River Biological Sciences 2004-08-16
Jen-Yi Lee Detection of Bacteria and Bacteriophage Proteins by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
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James Lin The Differential Expression of Bcl10 in the Tumor Cell Lines Biological Sciences 2004-08-16
Feng-Jen yu A Survey on the Composition and Distribution of Mangroves in Kaohsiung and Pingdong Area Biological Sciences 2004-08-23
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Tso-Ping Wang The differentiation and gene delivery of adipocytes Biological Sciences 2004-08-27
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Chih-wen Chuang Context and Functions of Agonistic Calls in Formosan Macaques Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
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Ching-mei Chen The Expression of TSG101 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
Tzu-Yuan Kao Cloning and Analysis of the Genes Encoding 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylate Oxidase in Cattleya Biological Sciences 2004-09-05
Han-yin Chen The Role of yArsA in Thermotolerance of Saccharomyce cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2004-09-02
Ming-Chin Wu Phylogeographic Variation of Siberian Weasel (Mustela sibirica) in Taiwan, Based on Control Region Sequences of Mitochondrial DNA. Biological Sciences 2004-09-05
Jia-Hong Chu Role of YDL100C in heat-shock-induced cell death of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2004-09-05
Chia-Ling Wu The effect of Dlk overexpression on the tumorigenicity of hepatoma cells. Biological Sciences 2004-09-04
Chih-jen Ko A Taxonomic and Distributional Study of Seagrass in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2004-09-06
Jiun-Nan Huang Taxonomic study of Myrmarachne (Araneae: Salticidae) from Taiwan Biological Sciences 2004-09-07
Jen-tai Lin A novel trocar allowing both gas insufflation and abdominal wall lifting Biological Sciences 2004-09-08
Ching-Yuan Kuo Autocrine activity of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in hematological malignancies Biological Sciences 2004-09-09
Yen-ling Huang The role of “cyanide-resistant respiration pathway” on the degradation of KCN in Klebsiella oxytoca Biological Sciences 2004-09-09
Cheng-yuan Hsu The effects of MAPK inhibitor and progesterone on the induction of p57KIP2 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells Biological Sciences 2004-09-14
Ping-Heng Tan Genetic and Pharmacological Therapy for Chronic Pain: Involvement of Central and Peripheral Nervous system Biological Sciences 2005-01-30
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Chia-chin Li Analysis of CTNNB1 (b-catenin) in cervical carcinoma Biological Sciences 2005-02-14
Cheng-lei Ho Expression of 14-3-3σ and PUMA in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2005-02-14
Hui-Ting Liang The Anti-angiogenic Functions of Low Density Lipoproteins Subfractions from Patients with Familial Hypercholestrolemia Biological Sciences 2005-02-15
Nuan-Ya Huang Effect of subcutaneous administration of endotoxin on formation of endothelial gaps, plasma leakage and leukocyte infiltration in rat hindpaw skin Biological Sciences 2005-02-16
Chia-hui Lin Polymorphisms of IκBL and IκBα Genes in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Biological Sciences 2005-02-17
Wen-shian Cheng Tripterygium wilfordii induced mitochondria-mediated apoptosis and inhibition of telomerase activity in HL-60 cells Biological Sciences 2005-02-15
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Li-cheng Lin Site-directed mutagenesis of TSG101 function domain Biological Sciences 2005-02-18
Chi Chang Neuroprotective Role of Ubiquitin Carboxyl-Terminal Hydrolase L1 and Heat Shock Protein 70 at the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla During Mevinphos Intoxication in the Rat Biological Sciences 2005-05-23
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Hsiu-Ling Cheng Engineered human hepatocyte growth factor for pharmaceutical studies Biological Sciences 2005-07-21
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Chia-jung Chang Effect of Copper on Peroxidase Isozyme Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Biological Sciences 2005-07-22
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Chiou-yu Yeh Study on the Vegetation Ecology of Marsh at Coastal Wetlands in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2005-07-25
Shih-Shiou Ding Expression and characterization of C-terminus of α1-antitrypsin Biological Sciences 2005-07-25
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Chien-li Lin Genetic Variation of Pheasant-tailed Jacana (Hydrophasianus chirurgus), Based on Control Region Sequences of Motochondrial DNA Biological Sciences 2005-07-25
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Hsin-hua Lin Effect of copper on peroxidase gene in two rice cultivar Biological Sciences 2005-08-15
Po-chuan Tsai Distribution of Nitric Oxide Synthase Isoforms in Neurons and Glial Cells Under Physiological or Pathological Conditions in the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla of the Rat Biological Sciences 2005-08-15
Bi-wen Yeh PTEN Gene Delivery Induced Regression of Orthotopic Hepatoma in Syngenic Rats Biological Sciences 2005-08-17
Ying-Chang Su Effect of INF1 protein on anionic peroxidase genes in tobacco leaves during the Hypersensitive Response Biological Sciences 2005-08-18
Wei-Chih Tung Phylogenetic analysis of human hepatitis C virus in a hepatitis C endemic area of southern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2005-08-19
Chia-ling Kuo Association of the blood biochemical index with CYP2E1 5’flanking region Rsa I/Pst I gene polymorphism and alcohol consumption habit in Southern Taiwan aborigines Biological Sciences 2005-08-24
Wan-wen Su Plasma Level and 3’-Untranslated Region +62 G/A Polymorphism of Resistin in Taiwanese with Metabolic Syndrome and Ischemic Cerebral Vascular Disease Biological Sciences 2005-08-24
Chia-yang Yen A Study of Natural Hybridization in Taiwan Trema spp. Biological Sciences 2005-08-29
Tsung-ching Lai Pharmacological and Genetic Inhibitions of PI3K/Akt Activity to Treat Malignant Brain Tumors Biological Sciences 2005-08-26
Der-Yenn Lee A Study of Grassland Vegetation in Nanzih District, Kaohsiung Biological Sciences 2005-08-31
Hsiang-Ling Yi A Study of Natural Vegetation at Tai-Ma-Li Experimental Forest (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute) Biological Sciences 2005-09-05
Cheng-Nan Lu Anti-fibrotic Effect of Chinese Medicine, Ezhu , on CCl4-induced Liver Fibrosis Mouse Model and Its Probable Molecular Mechanisms Biological Sciences 2005-09-06
Bing-Shiou Tsai Characterization of a Novel Human Gene FLJ22386 Biological Sciences 2005-09-06
man-yi Huang Exploring the effect of ETF and ETS-1 binding site mutation on the activity of TSG101 promoter Biological Sciences 2005-09-06
Su-chiu Wu Relationship between the Interleukin-1B Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Hui-Jung Chen Effect of EGCG on proliferation inhibition and apoptotic mechanism of human brain tumor cells Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Chia-wei Hsu Production and characterization of polyclonal antiserum against DC2 protein Biological Sciences 2005-09-09
Jung-ru He The effect of GSK-3β phosphorylation site mutation on the stability of TSG101 protein Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Po-ho Yang Searching for TSG101 interacting protein by yeast two-hybrid screening Biological Sciences 2005-09-08
Shin-yuan WANG Induction of apoptosis in malignant brain tumor cell by heat shock and all trans retinoic acid Biological Sciences 2005-11-01
Pei-wen Wang Genomic and Proteomic Studies on Patients with Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2005-12-12
Ling-chang Kung Overexpression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and mitochondrial superoxide dismutase in the rostral ventrolateralmedulla in central cardiovascular regulation Biological Sciences 2006-01-08
Chia-Ling Wu Effects of IL-10 gene therapy to TAA-induced liver fibrosis in mice Biological Sciences 2006-01-06
Ping-chia Li The Role of Oxidative Stress on Neurogenic Inflammation in Rat Airway Biological Sciences 2006-01-19
Fu-shan Chou Study on the Vegetation Ecology of Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest in the Middle and Upper Watershed of Nan-Tz-Shian Stream in Southwestern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-01-20
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Chih-Hsun Chu The influence of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) gene delivery on adrenal cortex Biological Sciences 2006-02-03
Shiao-Man Hsu Studies on Diterpenoid Constituents from Formosan Taxus sumatrana Biological Sciences 2006-02-08
Shan-tsu Kuo Inhibition of endotoxin-induced plasma leakage and edema in rat trachea and esophagus by urethan anesthesia and dimethylthiourea Biological Sciences 2006-06-06
Yu-Li Chen Analysis of BRAF gene mutation in lung cancer and esophageal cancer Biological Sciences 2006-06-05
Hsiu-man Keng Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor a, Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptors and Interleukin-1b Genetic Polymorphisms in Palindromic Rheumatism Biological Sciences 2006-06-07
Szu-Ying Shen Inhibitory effect and mechanism of Evans blue on substance P and capsaicin induced plasma leakage and edema in rat airways Biological Sciences 2006-06-13
Chiao-wen Hwang Electrophysiological Studies on Peripheral Neuropathy in Rats:Comparison of Conventional Nerve Conduction Studies and Magnetic Motor Root Stimulation Biological Sciences 2006-06-15
kun-ci Jiang Study on the role of calcium in neuronal growth cone turning induced by cAMP Biological Sciences 2006-06-16
Wei-Pang Chang Mechanisms underlying the inflammatory responses in rat lower airways induced by intraesophageal application of capsaicin and 6-hydroxydopamine Biological Sciences 2006-06-21
Yu-shuo Wu The Effect of Concanavalin A on Angiostrongylus cantonensis Infection and Eosinophilia in Mice Biological Sciences 2006-06-20
Mei-yin Yeh Effect of cadmium on Ca2+ modulation and cytotoxicity in renal tubular cells Biological Sciences 2006-06-22
Han-Fen Huang Association Studies of Cytochrome P450 2J2*7 Variants in Type 2 Diabetes with Family History and Early Age of Onset Biological Sciences 2006-06-26
Chien-hsun Cheng Nest Sites Selection and Breeding Ecology of Terns at Jishan Islet, Penghu Islands, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-06-30
Wei-Teng Weng Pin1 Overexpression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2006-07-05
Nan-ying Chen Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Isozyme in two Rice Cultivars Biological Sciences 2006-07-11
Mao-yi Lin Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Isozyme in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Biological Sciences 2006-07-11
Hung-wen Chou The study of protein interaction between harpinPss and HARP by means of truncated HRAP Biological Sciences 2006-07-10
Shiau-Jiuan Huang Detection and analysis of Anti-SARS-CoV Immunoglobulin G and associated risk factor among healthcare workers in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-07-12
Jing-yi Wu Chibby Acts as a Tumor Suppressor and Beta-catenin Antagonist present in the Nucleus and Cytoplasm of HeLa cells Biological Sciences 2006-07-10
Hua Chuang Alteration of Innate Immune Reaction in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Biological Sciences 2006-06-22
Lin-chin Sheng Effect of Zinc on Peroxidase Isozyme Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Biological Sciences 2006-07-18
Yeh-pin Chou A study of DC 2 gene expression in thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis in mice Biological Sciences 2006-07-17
Jia-Rung Shie Phylogeography of Odd-scaled Snake Achalinus in Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-07-25
Ya-hui Sun Differential roles of Trk or Src tyrosine kinase in the rostral ventrolateral medulla during mevinphos intoxication in the rat Biological Sciences 2006-07-27
CHAN JUNG The effect of YDL100c deficiency on the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the presence of t-BOOH Biological Sciences 2006-07-28
Hui-hsuan Chang Molecular Characterization of IgA1 protease from Non-typable Haemophilus influenzae Biological Sciences 2006-08-01
Chih-Kai Yang A Taxonomic Study of Liparis L. C. Rich. (Orchidaceae) of Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-07-31
Yu-ni Su Role of IgA1 Protease β-chain in Bacterial Infection Biological Sciences 2006-08-03
Shu-tieng You Functional Analysis of Recombinant Sm22.6 Antigen in Schistosoma mansoni Biological Sciences 2006-08-03
Ling-chun Hsieh A Study of the Alpine Vegetation Classification at Yushan National Park Biological Sciences 2006-08-07
Ren-Yi Wang A Study of the Relationships between Vegetation Types and Environmental Factors at Jhuokou River Basin Biological Sciences 2006-08-06
Huei-Ru Yang A Comparative Study of Vegetation Classification Based on Two Different Measuring Parameters at Jhuokou River Basin in Southern Taiwan Biological Sciences 2006-08-10
Chih-kang Chang Characterization of ARR4 ATPase activity and structural states in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2006-08-10
Ya-Wen Chang Non-typable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) has become a dominant microbial strain causing invasive diseases Biological Sciences 2006-08-15
Cyuan-jhe Wu The Role of yArsA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during growth in the presence of hydrogen peroxide Biological Sciences 2006-08-16
Ming-Lu Hsu Development of ELISA for measurement of HDGF Biological Sciences 2006-08-31
Chien-chih Chiu Reproductive Behavior and Population Ecology of Philus antennatus Biological Sciences 2006-09-01
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Yu-Fen Kuo POMC Overexpression Stimulates MITF/HIF-1α Survival Pathway in B16-F10 Melanoma Cells Biological Sciences 2008-09-01
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Yi-ling Lin A Taxonomic Study on Fimbristylis Vahl (Cyperaceae) of Taiwan Biological Sciences 2008-09-08
Yun-Jhen You GSK-3b is an important cellular signal for maintaining of TSG101 ptrotein steady-state level Biological Sciences 2008-09-08
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Yu-Chan Lai, DMHMPC Inhibits Invasiveness Activity of Human Lung Cancer Cells A549 Biological Sciences 2008-09-09
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Zhe-Wei Lin Effect of Rhei Rhizoma Extract on Short-circuit Current and Ion Permeability Across the Frog Skin Epithelium Biological Sciences 2009-08-21
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Guo-Hua Tu Construction of Distributed Method for Analyzing a Large Number of Sequence Data: Using Influenza A Virus Protein Sequences as Examples Biological Sciences 2010-11-01
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Chih-Chuan Pan The effects of antidepressants paroxetine and nortriptyline on intracellular Ca2+-related signal transduction and cellular apoptosis of PC3 human prostate cancer cells Biological Sciences 2010-12-23
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Chuei-Shiun Li The Role of Autophagy at Nucleus Tractus Solitarii in Cardiovascular Depression During Experimental Endotoxemia Biological Sciences 2011-02-10
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Yu-hung Su A Study of the Junior High School Student’s Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviors on Wetland Conservation. -A case Study of Kaohsiung's corridor of wetlands Biological Sciences 2011-02-17
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Chia-Hua Tang Systemic POMC Overexpression Increases Visceral Fat Accumulation in Mice Biological Sciences 2011-02-16
Hsiao-ying Lee Effect of the m-3M3FBS on Ca2+ movement in human SCM1 gastric cancer cells Biological Sciences 2011-03-28
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Jau-Nan Lin Risk Factors for Extended Hospital Stay in Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biological Sciences 2011-06-29
Yi-An Ko Role of nuclear factor-κB–interleukin-6 signaling pathway in ventilator-induced lung injury in mice Biological Sciences 2011-07-05
Kuan-hsun Li Microbial bioremediation and monitoring of a TCE-contaminated site Biological Sciences 2011-07-11
MUFIDAH AFIYANTI Characterization of a leaf-type catalase and its enzymatic regulation in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.)) Biological Sciences 2011-07-14
Yao-Hung Liu Evaluation of the taxonomic status of Amata wilemani Rothschild, 1911 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae, Syntomini), a highly variable species, using molecular sequence data Biological Sciences 2011-07-19
Li-Cheng Shih Origin of the terrestrial Paracymoriza Biological Sciences 2011-07-19
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Ping-Ju Tsai Lysophosphatidic acid receptors mediate the reduction of rat brain infarct volume Biological Sciences 2011-07-21
Ching-Chung Tsai A study on mechanisms of Salvia miltiorrhiza extract on ileal contraction Biological Sciences 2011-07-20
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Fu-jui Tsao Bacterial diversity in the gastrointestinal tracts of four animals with different feeding habits Biological Sciences 2011-07-26
Chien-Shin Liu Response of antioxidative defense system in two ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0 & Ler-0) during mercury-induced oxidative stress Biological Sciences 2011-07-28
Jacqueline Chia-chi Mevinphos Induces Seizure-like EEG Activity and Decreases Blood Pressure by an Action on Amygdala Biological Sciences 2011-07-30
Pei-Yu Ku The pre-emptive analgesic effect of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor SC-236 in rat model of acute postoperative pain Biological Sciences 2011-08-04
Yi-chien Fang The effect of m-3m3FBS and paroxetine on calcium homeostasis and viability in OC2 human oral cancer cells and canine MDCK renal tubular cells Biological Sciences 2011-08-04
I-Jen Chen Study on health effects of bird's nest Biological Sciences 2011-08-12
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Ping-Hsuan Wu The role of LECT2 in liver carcinogenesis Biological Sciences 2011-08-24
Jhih-Yin Shi Glial Cell Line–Derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene Transfer Exerts Protective Effect on Axons in Sciatic Nerve Following Constriction-Induced Peripheral Nerve Injury Biological Sciences 2011-08-23
Liang Ming Yen The Association of XRCC1 Polymorphisms with Development and Prognosis of Oral and Pharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas Biological Sciences 2011-08-25
Yu-Shan Chen The Angiogenic Effects of β-endorphin in Endothelial Cells Biological Sciences 2011-08-28
Jui-Chu Wang The association of mannose-binding lectin polymorphisms with mycobacterial neck lymphadenitis Biological Sciences 2011-08-31
Chun-Yi Wu Interaction between KLIP1 and SUMO-1 Biological Sciences 2011-09-05
Kuo-wei Wang Simvastatin attenuates the cerebral vascular endothelial inflammatory response in a rat traumatic brain injury Biological Sciences 2011-08-18
Tung-cheng Lin Antiserum titer determination and adherence comparison of three major outer membrane proteins TSA56, TSA47 and TSA22 in Orientia tsutsugamushi Biological Sciences 2011-09-07
Chiu-Ping Lee TARC Genetic Polymorphism and Expression in Kawasaki Disease Biological Sciences 2011-09-08
Chia-wen Hsu Effects of land use on island vegetation changes: A case study at Wangan and Chimei Islands, Penghu, Taiwan Biological Sciences 2011-09-08
Zhe-Wei Lin Characterization of a sweet potato calmodulin that participates in ethephon and salt stress-mediated leaf Biological Sciences 2011-11-18
Tzu-Hui Wu The pathology of ketamine-induced ulcerative cystitis in rat animal model Biological Sciences 2011-11-10
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Ping-Lung Huang Studies on the Micropropagation and Somaclonal Variation Induction of Ornamental Bromeliads Biological Sciences 2011-12-12
Min-Lang Chang Effects of cadmium on the activity and gene expression of peroxidase isozymes in different Oryza sativa varieties Biological Sciences 2011-12-24
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Yu-Chen Kao Study the effects of Dibromotyrosine Derivative in TGF-β responsiveness Biological Sciences 2017-08-18
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Cheng-che Lu A Study of Cell-penetrating Peptides as a Delivery Vehicle in Cells of a Model Cnidarian Biological Sciences 2017-09-04
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Ming-Chang Yang Investigation of the functional role of Bcl2L12 and its variant in glioma and breast cancer Biological Sciences 2017-09-13
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Ying Li Genetic divergence between Tsuga species (Pinaceae) using multilocus analyses Biological Sciences 2018-08-09
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I-ting Wang Molecular Detection Technique Establishment and Subtype Distribution of Blastocystis hominis Biological Sciences 2018-08-30
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Chih-Hsiung Chan Analysis of Two-Part Tariff and Consumer's Welfare Business Management 2000-06-13
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Yi-Chang Chiang The stock risk and return analysis of failure firms Business Management 2000-06-17
po-nien hsu The analytic model of visual enterprise Business Management 2000-06-19
CHARNG-ER KUO Business Management 2000-06-19
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Tuang-Chou Hsu Product Bundling in Software Industry: The Case of Operating System and Browser Market Business Management 2000-06-20
wu yao-wen analysis of decision factor of technique acquiring model in large pharmaceutical company in Taiwan Business Management 2000-06-20
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Arthur Wang The stabilizaton activities of IPOs in Taiwan Business Management 2000-06-20
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Chung-kang Yeh The Empirical study of the relation Between System Risk, Size and Stock Return Business Management 2000-06-20
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I-hsung Wang The impact of SYSOPs' traits to a virtual community's content attractiveness. Business Management 2000-06-26
NONE The study of the Post Office using of capital & the future out look . Business Management 2000-06-27
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Chiou, Chuan-Chyr The scenario analysis of feedstuff industry in Taiwan after participating in WTO Business Management 2000-06-23
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Yi-Hsien Wu ” A Network Style of New Product Development”-Experience of Bike Industry of Taiwan Business Management 2000-06-28
Gow-Shiang Han The Research on Project Management with Earned Value Management System -- A Service Contract in KMRT Business Management 2000-06-27
Yu-Ting Hsiao The influence of firm's characteristic and resource similarity on the interaction in Taiwan's automobile industry Business Management 2000-06-29
Shin-Yi Lai The Influence of Consumers' Risk Attitude and Personal Capital-Spending Behavior on the Credit Card Business of Banks Business Management 2000-06-29
C.D. Chen A Study of Competition Strategy of Petroleum Firms under Petroleum Market Liberalization Business Management 2000-06-15
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Tsung-Yea Wu On The resource accumulation and industry differentiation of fastener industry in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-06
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Sue-mei Lin A Study of the Impact of Pay Schemes on Budget Slack and Performance Business Management 2000-07-07
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Jui-Sheng Huang The Patterns of Technological Development in Catching-up Economies --A Case Study in IC, CD/DVDs, Biotechnology industries in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-10
Fei-Yang Teng How to make QFD work in the strategy of Domestic airline market in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-11
Jin-Kuang Jung Research on growth strategy of Taiwan PC firm Business Management 2000-07-11
Che-lang Chang none Business Management 2000-07-12
Chun-Ling Lee The Business Strategies of Taiwan Department Store—For example Shanghai Pacific Department Store Business Management 2000-07-14
Jiuun-Chang Liou The analysis of person-organization culture fit and no-turnover intention Using data from employees of Chinese Petroleum Corporation Business Management 2000-07-15
O-Chao Yeh A Research of the Relationships between the Audit Reports and Investment Decisions Business Management 2000-07-19
Kim-Jean Chow A Study of Quality Management in Health Care-Vital Signs Monitoring Process at ICU Business Management 2000-07-19
Hsin-Wen Kuo The Research of PPAP in Autombile Fastener Suppliers Business Management 2000-07-19
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Min-chi Tseng The Industrial Competition Analysis of Arc Welding Equipments in Taiwan Business Management 2000-07-27
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Chiang Hong-Quei NONE Business Management 2000-07-28
Chien-Kao Chen Technological Innovation and Diffusion System of Catch-up Economies: Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry (IC) Industry in Chinese Taipei Business Management 2000-07-31
Tzuo-Ming Chen none Business Management 2000-07-25
Tsung,Lang Chou Resources and global competitive advanatage: A study of the vacuum coating equipment industry in Taiwan Business Management 2000-08-05
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Ying-tzu Lin The Survey of Sponsor Motivation and Decision Model to Art and Culture Activities: Take Corporates in Taiwan for Example Business Management 2000-08-09
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Jun-Huang Lin Study on the treatment of integrated tax system of Taiwan Business Management 2000-12-29
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Hsieh-Hsiung Cheng The criterias for advertiser/agent selecting Ad Network Business Management 2001-01-12
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Chih-Feng Wang The Role of the Public Sector in the Innovation Process of the Swedish Mobile Telecommunication Industry Business Management 2001-06-11
Chun-Yi Chen none Business Management 2001-06-11
Nelson Huang Information Technology Application on Customer Relationship Management for Steel Industry, an example of Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd. Business Management 2001-04-18
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Jia-Hung Lin A Study on the Regulation for Convergence of Telecommunication and Cable TV Industries -Sampling European Union Business Management 2001-06-12
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Shih-Che Lin A study of the factors influence underwriter IPOs market share Business Management 2001-06-13
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Lin-Yee Young Factors affecting user satisfaction on Intranet ---case study: 7-11 Business Management 2001-06-14
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Chun-Pong Wong The Research of Outsourcing Management for Shipbuilding Business Management 2001-06-15
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Ching-Fu Fu none Business Management 2001-06-21
Kai-Chen Kuo Diagnosis and Counseling to Small & Medium Businesses of High-Tech Business Management 2001-06-21
Ming-Chieh Sung none Business Management 2001-06-22
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TAI-FENG WANG none Business Management 2001-06-22
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Wen-Hsin Lee The Study of Knowledge Management Model-System Component Research Business Management 2001-06-26
Chih-Sheng Huang The Study of Knowledge Communities in Business Business Management 2001-06-26
Yun-Chu Chen The study of Corporation Develop E-learning Business Management 2001-06-26
Li-Juan Huang none Business Management 2001-06-27
Satoko Tamai The relations of team organizational character, implementing process and team’s performance-compare the differences between the students’ behaviors in Taiwan and Japan Business Management 2001-06-27
Mei-Jin Chen A Study of Bricks and Clicks -the Case of Online Bookstore and Online Newspaper Business Management 2001-06-26
Yu-Chiung Kang A Study of Internal Marketing, Behavior-based Evaluation, Job Satisfaction, and Customer Oriented Behaviors-- an Example of Securities Salesmen Business Management 2001-06-27
Wei-Cheng Lin The Research on tourists’ behavior on holidays in leisure farms in Taiwan Business Management 2001-06-27
Fang-Sen Wu None Business Management 2001-06-27
Wen-Pi Cheng A Strategic Approach of Building National Technology Strength - Finland as Case Study Business Management 2001-06-27
Kwei-Kuan Kuo Business Management 2001-06-27
Jui-Min Hung A study of technology infusion in service encounters---industry of hair beauty for example Business Management 2001-06-28
Bing-Chyan Chiou The Structural Relationship between the Imperative Cause and Effectiveness of Budgetary Participation Business Management 2001-06-28
Shu-Hui Tien The Motivations of International M&A : Discussing with Securites Investment Trust Industry Business Management 2001-06-19
Fu-Hsuan Ting Approach to the Influencing Factors of Partnership in E-Marketplace Business Management 2001-06-29
Chien-Wei Chiu The Banner Advertising Appeal Forms of its Performance Research Business Management 2001-06-29
Ming-Tsung Chang none Business Management 2001-06-29
Min-Lin Ho The Effect of Human Resource Management Systems on Firm Performance ---Take the Indigenous Firms in Taiwan and Taiwan Firms in Mainland China for Example Business Management 2001-06-30
Rong-Jann Wu The analysis of characteristics of the portal sites in users' perspective Business Management 2001-07-02
Yih-Yuh Jan The Study of The Impact on the Operational Advantages and Employees' Rights In The Case of Merger of Financial Institutions ─ The Case of Merger of Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank of Taiwan and Central Trust of China. Business Management 2001-07-02
Ching-lin Lu The Necessity for Consolidation and Related Problems of the Securities Industry Business Management 2001-07-03
Hsi-Jei Wu A Study on Internal Marketing Orientation, Organizational Support, Job Satisfaction and Customer Orientation-- Bank Industry for Example Business Management 2001-07-03
Ming-wei Hung The Study of the Role of Government in Merger and Acquisition: Bank Merger in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-02
Guo-Chiang Wu none Business Management 2001-07-04
Ray C. H. Kuo The Research of Incubator Business Model Business Management 2001-07-02
Jennifer Tu Research on the Advantages and Strategies of Foreign Investment as Regards to the Localization of FOC Vessels, in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, Under the Development Tendency of International Fisheries Management Convention Business Management 2001-07-04
Chun Chang The Internationalization of Portal Site--Empirical Research for Yahoo! Business Management 2001-07-05
Ching-San Hsieh The Study of High-Technology Industry Organization Diagnosis and Analysis --- An Electronic Company As an Example Business Management 2001-07-05
JUI-SHENG TSAI none Business Management 2001-07-05
Chia-Ming Hsu Reasearch on key loops of organizational change-Take Taiwan and Kaousiung Residence Administrations as examples Business Management 2001-07-06
Min-Chi Hsiao A Study of Pricing Strategy of Mobile Telecommunication Service Operators in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-11
Jung-Kuei Ho The Possibility of Promoting Corporate University by Small and Medium Companies Business Management 2001-07-13
Shaui-Wen Chen An Empirical Study on Optimal Capital Structure of Listed Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-11
Jian-Hui Lee none Business Management 2001-07-18
Shyh-Jane Li A System Thinking Approach to the Study of Organizational Starting Change : A Case Study of the Taipei-Kaohsiung Household Registration Office Business Management 2001-07-18
Yi- Chun Huang An Empirical Research of the Integrative Framework for Green Management on Business: The Study of Taiwan's Chemical Engineering, Electronics, Informantion and Communication Industries Business Management 2001-07-19
Mine Su Participation of the Administrators of Japanese Companies in Taiwan totheManagerial Performance: Organizational Commitment as Intervening Variable. Business Management 2001-07-19
Ming-Juh Shieh Factors That Influence Business Managers' Decision Intention on Environmental Ethics: A Study of Waste Cleaning of Taiwan's Manufacturing Industries Business Management 2001-07-17
Ching-Fu Tong none Business Management 2001-07-19
Chiang Liu industry strategy study of passive component Business Management 2001-07-20
Tsai-Yun Huang The research of Competitive Strategy Under the environment of Hypercompetition-for exemple Liberty Times Business Management 2001-07-23
Wen-Lung Liu Preliminary Study of Entrepreneurship Management Education Program Design Business Management 2001-07-23
Mau-Hsin Lee none Business Management 2001-07-23
Bing-Jang Chen The influence factors of fund flow of Taiwan open-ended equity funds Business Management 2001-07-23
Wen-Cheng Lo None Business Management 2001-07-25
Jimmy Ko The research of the European anti-dumping suit on imports of stainless steel fasteners and parts thereof originating in Taiwan Business Management 2001-07-25
Jenn-Shyong Shih none Business Management 2001-07-26
Chih-Min Sun The Study of the Competitive Strategy by the Integrated Steel Mills in the New Century,an example of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2001-07-26
Ching-Pao Kuo The Analysis of Traps and Contracts of Merger and Acquisition of Enterprises-The Case of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd and Yuanta Core Pacific Securities Co. Ltd.- Business Management 2001-07-27
Jun-Fang Liao A Study of Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction and Customer Oriented Behaviors-Foreign Bank for Example Business Management 2001-07-27
Kun-Min Huang Key Successful Factors For R&D In Functional Matrix Organization Business Management 2001-07-25
Tsung-Fu Wang The Performance Evaluation of the National Tax Administration in Taiwan—The Research of Data Envelopment Analysis Business Management 2001-07-27
Li-Su Lee Human Resource Management of Banking Industry's central branch Business Management 2001-07-30
Fu-An CHEN A Study of Knowledge Management in the New Product development --- Taking Transportation Vihicle Industry as Example. Business Management 2001-07-30
Chao-Hui Yeh Nonlinear Residual Income Model Business Management 2001-07-30
Yen-Cheng Huang Industrial Networks and Foreign Direct Investment: The Study of Taiwan's Steel Industry Business Management 2001-07-31
CHIEN-CHIH CHEN Perspective review on valuing model of convertible bonds Business Management 2001-07-26
Yaw-Ming Wu A Study of Customer Relationship Management for Telecommunication Business Management 2001-07-31
Shoei-En Chen To Review The Performance From The Point of Internal Control Business Management 2001-08-27
Yu-Hui Cheng A Study on the Factors of Internal Service Quality--Nurse for example Business Management 2001-08-27
Ying-Yuh Huang A Means-End Chain Analysis of Customer Value--Consumption Experience of Children's Clothes Business Management 2001-12-05
Li-Chiu Sung The Role of Contract within the Liberalization of Gas Station Market in Taiwan Business Management 2001-08-30
Dreaming Liu none Business Management 2001-09-10
Gabriel C.S. Lu Research for Media Information Resource of Political Election-Take Kaohsiung Citizens in 2000 Taiwan President Election as An Example Business Management 2001-09-18
Huo-Kun Chen The Effects of Pay Scheme, Social Pressure, Internal Norm and Organizational Commitment on Budgetary Slack Business Management 2001-12-20
Jia-Ni Chen By system thinking to study the influence of organizational culture to organizational initiative-The case study of Taipei and Kaohsiung household registration offices Business Management 2002-01-21
Ning-Ying Wang none Business Management 2002-01-21
Ya-Wen Lin A Study on Competitiveness Gained by Using Merger and Acquisition Strategies in Taiwan Banks Business Management 2002-01-23
Yu-Chen Ou none Business Management 2002-01-23
Mu-ya Liu none Business Management 2002-01-23
Yung-Hsun Huang Non-Price Vertical Restraints under the Fair Trade Act in Taiwan Business Management 2002-01-29
Yu-Chun Liao Approach to the Business Model of the B2B E-Marketplace in Taiwan-Take the Steel And the Motor Vehicles And Parts Industry for Examples Business Management 2002-02-04
Yi-Ling Lai The Influence of Buying Behavior by the Motive on Internet Shopping Business Management 2002-02-19
Yu-Shan Tseng Corporate E-learning Industry Analysis Business Management 2002-02-21
Junn-Yih Wu The application of "Integrated Marketing Communications" to brand marketing-A case study of BenQ Business Management 2002-05-20
Meng-Hsun Shih e-Supply Chain Management Study on Taiwan Flat Cold-Rolled Steel Industry Business Management 2002-05-20
Chih-Chiang Huang A Research on Project Management of Petrochemical plant's Design-Build Contracts Business Management 2002-05-24
CHIU-MEI LIU Work Attitudes of the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau's employees under Organizational Change Business Management 2002-06-04
Ming-Che Tsai The Efficiency and Feasibility Study on a Management Competence Assessment Center in Chunghwa Telecom: From Assessors’ Point of View Business Management 2002-06-04
Shou-Heng Liu The military organization's quality management system research in future trend Business Management 2002-05-30
Hung-Wei Lo The Research on e-coupon usage Business Management 2002-06-05
Wen-Chen Chen A Comparison of the MBA selection criteria in Taiwan. Business Management 2002-06-06
Ming-Chun Tseng The relationship between strategy, task uncertainty and management accounting systems Business Management 2002-06-07
Tah-der Ou-Yang The Earnings Management During SEO of Public Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2002-06-06
Ven-Chen Yang none Business Management 2002-06-06
Jia-Guei Lee Service Quality Gap Research--A Study of CPA firms in Kaohsiung Business Management 2002-06-06
Chih-Tai Charng Research on the Construction of Knowledge Management Model based on the Viewpoint of Business Competitive Advantages Business Management 2002-06-08
Hsiang-Yun Lee Build emotional brand identity through experiential marketing-case research haute couture FU Business Management 2002-06-08
Wei-Ju Lee The Research of ESD Consumer’s Purchasing Factors Business Management 2002-06-06
Huei-Jiun Chang none Business Management 2002-06-12
Yeong-Tzong Wu Electric power industry structure and independent power producer's strategy in Taiwan Business Management 2002-06-18
Tung-I Lee The Research Of China Steel Corporation Group Opeate Mode and Strategy Develope Business Management 2002-06-18
Ying-Chen Chen A Study of The Relations Between Technology Innovation Kinds and Knowledge Management Kinds Business Management 2002-06-17
Li-Jen Tsou Research of Value Chain in Taiwan Foundry Industry Investment in China Business Management 2002-06-17
Yu-Ing Huang Postponement Strategies in Dynamic Environment—in terms of Standardization and Modularity Business Management 2002-06-19
Chiu-Hsiung Liu Knowledge Management Research On Accounting Department Business Management 2002-06-19
Cheng-Bin Wen Use Diamond Model to study the business model of Taiwan foundry industry as they invest in Mainland China Business Management 2002-06-19
Jen-Shin Hsu The Application of Knowledge management to Capital Expenditure:A study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2002-06-19
Hsien-Chi Yang A study on the business strategy of company for Taiwan to join the WTO--A case study of China Steel Structure Co. Business Management 2002-06-19
Hsiu-Hsun Wang How does the mobile office system work? Business Management 2002-06-19
Cheng-Chung Chang Application of Knowledge Management on Performance Appraisal and Management System Business Management 2002-06-20
Cheng-Hsiu Li The Study of Establishment of Brand Position-The Case Study of TransAsia Telecommunications Inc,. Business Management 2002-06-20
Lung-Chih Tan The Study of Political Party Advertising Communication Effect Business Management 2002-06-20
Kanhao Yu Why Corporations Terminate Merging Processes: A Comparative Study for Four Cases Business Management 2002-06-20
Kuan-Chieh Yeh A Study of Marketing Service Quality and Satisfaction Based on "Kuo Hua Life Insurance Co,Ltd" Business Management 2002-06-20
Chia-Jung Mai Retailer Entry Mode in China Business Management 2002-06-20
Ya-Tsai Tseng A Dynamic Alignment Approach to the Leverage Design in System Dynamics Models Business Management 2002-06-21
Chia-Wen Luo Cost Management System for Integrated Steel Production─A Case Study for China Steel Corporation Business Management 2002-06-22
I-Hsiung Shih The Selection of e-Learning System:A Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach Business Management 2002-06-23
Shuo-Feng Chang A Study of Influential Factors for Customer Impulse purchase Business Management 2002-06-24
Hsiao-Tung Lee none Business Management 2002-06-18
Tso-chen Lin The influence of Buddhism to the enterprise operation. Business Management 2002-06-24
Yi-Hsiang Liu The motives and information content of stock repurchases Business Management 2002-06-24
Chih-Yen Tai The Research of ERP System’s Impact on Corporate Strategy-A Case Study of a Small and Medium Enterprise in Taiwan Business Management 2002-06-25
Ming-chen Lu A Study of Dynamic Resource on IC Design Industry Business Management 2002-06-25
Yeun-Wen Chang The effect of environment, strategy and organizational characteristics on the performance of accounting information systems. Business Management 2002-06-25
Yu-Shiang Hua none Business Management 2002-06-26
Dong-Meei Heh The International Marketing Strategy for Jewelry Industry ─A case study of「S」 company's marketing mix for entering Australian market Business Management 2002-06-26
Houng-Muh Dai ROC indepdent power producer de-regulation policy research Business Management 2002-06-26
Kun-Ta Wen A Study of the Relationships between Career Orientation, Achievement Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Stay:Using Big CPA Firms as an Example Business Management 2002-06-27
You-Shiuan Hsueh technology commercializtion--the model of university technology transfer Business Management 2002-06-27
Yun-Ta Cheng none Business Management 2002-06-28
Shu-Cheng Chou none Business Management 2002-07-01
Wen-Chou Yang none Business Management 2002-06-28
Li-Li Ke The association between growth opportunities and corporate financing dividend policies Business Management 2002-07-01
Hung-Yu Hsieh The discounting for initial public offering of convertible bonds Business Management 2002-07-01
Chun-Hian Wu Critical Success Factors of Operating Performance Study for Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2002-07-02
Chun-Cheng Lin An Exploration of Key Success Factors of the Merger among Taiwan’s Small and Medium Businesses – A Case Study from Technology Industry Business Management 2002-07-02
Jin-Hsiung Chen The Service Quality of Banking Industry — the Empirical Research of Public-Owned Banks in Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2002-07-03
Shen-Wen Juang none Business Management 2002-07-04
Yen-Chiang Lee Action Research to Develop the Knowledge Management System for Full Specification of CSBC Business Management 2002-07-04
An-Ching Hsu An Analysis on The Develpment and Stratgy of Smart Card by Complexity Science Business Management 2002-07-04
Chun-Jung Su How to Design the Organizational Structure of An Internet Firm Under Considering Its Environment and Strategy–Atlas Company As an Example Business Management 2002-07-08
Chin-I Chan The Study of Feed Stuffs Industry Organization Change Analysis---Goodfood Factory and XYZ Factory Comparison Research Business Management 2002-07-08
Yao-Chien Chen The implication and application of the Analects of Confucius on management Business Management 2002-07-10
Chung-Chi Chiu The Competetive Strategy of Shopping Center Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2002-07-09
Chiao Chen none Business Management 2002-07-10
Ching-Yao Hsu The Analysis on the Consumer’s Behavior of Purchasing Motoer Oil Business Management 2002-07-17
Shen-Sheng Hu Strategic Analyses of Marketing Channels for Semiconductor Components in Taiwan Business Management 2002-07-18
Wen-Lung Huang Strategic Analysis of Taiwan Magnesium Industry- an example of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd. Business Management 2002-07-18
CHIEN-CHUNG HUANG NONE Business Management 2002-07-19
Pei-Jung Kung Kaohsiung Salt office of Taiwan Salt Industrial Corporation's service quality Business Management 2002-07-19
Chi-Nan Chou The plan of the entering of Loxa education network to mainland China market. Business Management 2002-07-18
Yao-Wen Kuo Key success factors of commercial laboratories management – A case study of Material & Engineering Laboratory of SGS Taiwan Ltd. Business Management 2002-07-23
Mei-Chuan Tsai The Customer Value Research of The eBusiness Business Management 2002-07-22
Ming-Chuan Lee none Business Management 2002-07-24
Mu-Sheng Chen Organizational Learning Based on The Knowledge Management- Reviewed by SYSCO Case Business Management 2002-07-25
Hsi-Mei Chung Institutional and Rational Determinants of Organizational Structure: The Degree of Professionalization of Human Resource Departments in Taiwanese Public Companies Business Management 2002-07-25
Peter Huang The Study on Business Strategy of Taiwan’s Women Underwear Industry Business Management 2002-07-25
Lih-Lian Hwang A system dynamics approach to the long-term influences of the decision taken by the Bureau of National Health Insurance, beneficiaries, and contracted medical care institutions Business Management 2002-07-25
Ming-Chun Liu The improved approaches and results of Open space technology under the deficit of ideal conditions Business Management 2002-07-26
Jen-Chuan Lin Research on Taiwan's Software Industry and Its adoption of CMM Model Business Management 2002-07-29
Jung-Hua Shen The integrated marketing communication in Multi-Level Marketing Business Management 2002-07-26
Ju-Wen Hsu The Impact of Information on Volatility in Taiwan's Foreign Exchange Market Business Management 2002-07-26
Jih-Min Huang none Business Management 2002-07-30
Shu-Hui Cheng none Business Management 2002-08-05
Chiu-Shuang Ko The study of MVC relying on Taiwan subsidiaries’ knowledge resources while operating in Mainland market Business Management 2002-08-05
Chin-Jung Chou The Relationship Between the Product Stategies of Multi-Level Maketing Company With the Distributors Business Management 2002-08-09
Chin-Wen Yang A Study of Value Analysis/Value Engineering for the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Industry-Taking ACME Company as Example Business Management 2002-08-12
Wen-Yu Cheng A Qualitative Research of Consumer Behavior on Choosing Telecoms Firm Business Management 2002-08-28
Chung-Shiun Lee Search for people of physically disability intention to work in job market in KAOHSIUNG Business Management 2002-08-28
Chien-Yu Cheng none Business Management 2002-08-29
Joey Chen A case study of cross-culture management Business Management 2002-09-12
Hui-Hua Tsai Evaluating service quality by a Choquet-fuzzy-integral model Business Management 2002-12-09
Jui-Hua Hu Study On The National University Performance Management System By A Case School Using Balanced Scorecard Business Management 2002-12-22
Jung-Lang Cheng A Study of Integrating Six Sigma program with Business Strategy Business Management 2002-12-23
Chun-Lin Chen The Study of Medical Purchase Through Electronic Commerce Service Business Management 2003-01-07
Chen Chien-Jen The research of the Buddhist doctrines to rectify business corruption of the present age Business Management 2003-01-23
Shih-Shiun Chien Evaluation on the Effect of Store-diming Advertisement: Taking the "Yu-Bain-Dun" in 7-Eleven as the Example Business Management 2003-01-28
Hung-Wen Lan The influence of technology infusion in service encounter—Taking web-based instruction for example Business Management 2003-02-10
Yui-Fen Shiao A Study on Internal Marketing, Behavior-based Evaluation, Empowerment, Organizational Customer Orientation and Employee’s Customer Orientation --- Real Estate Industry for Example Business Management 2003-02-10
Yu-Hsin Chao Security Choice and Convertible Bond Issuance Announcement Effect Business Management 2003-02-10
Shih-An Liao The research for industrial green management in China Steel Corporation Business Management 2003-02-11
Wei-ming Choei Research of Sun Zi's on the enlightment of business management. Business Management 2003-02-12
Tian-Yuan WEY The Relationship Between the Timing Ability and the Characteristics of Funds under the Macro-Information Factors Business Management 2003-02-12
Chen-Chang Chen A Study on Competitive Advantage of TFT-LCD Industies Business Management 2003-02-13
Leo Huang The Effects of Electronic Commerce on Business Management of Travel Agencies Business Management 2003-04-25
Shu-Chuan Lee Taiwan steel industries H-Beam products anti-dumping research Business Management 2003-05-09
Chien-Cheng Lee Toyota Just In Time Production System Application In Steel Structure Industry-China Steel Structure Coperation Business Management 2003-05-21
Ming-yuan Lin A Study of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for General Portal Business Management 2003-06-02
Shi-Hong Chen Competitive analysis of financial holding companies Business Management 2003-06-05
Sheng-Li Sung The Relativity Study of Organizational Innovation Management with Business Characters, Industrial Environment, and Mission Strategy -A case study of CSC Group Companies in Service Sector Business Management 2003-06-03
Chi-Mi Hu A Research of Call Center Service Quality in Telecommunication company: Take Company A as an example Business Management 2003-06-10
Tsung-Yu Yen The study of Optimal Asset Allocation of Banks after Asset-backed Securitization and write off NPL with secreturization Business Management 2003-05-30
Shao-Tsung Hsu A Study of the Effect of GRA in terms of Employee Assistance Programs Business Management 2003-06-12
Tai-Chien Lu Application of knowledge management in the process of technology transfer --- Eternal Corporation as case study. Business Management 2003-06-09
Yen-Mei Chiang RESEARCH INTO KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT Based upon official-document electronic operation of Kaohsiung City Business Management 2003-06-13
Tai-An Wang Evidential Analysis in the Process of Balanced Scorecard Embedding─Taking the Distributor of a High-Technological Material Business Management 2003-06-13
Chin-chiu Kuan Essentially Discussion on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty for ADSL Broadband Network ―Taking the Broad Kaohsiung Area of Chunghwa Telecom. Co., Ltd as an Example Business Management 2003-06-16
Hsueh-Yu Yu CEO compensation, Corporate Governance, and Firm performance Business Management 2003-06-14
Der-Shuh Ting Diversification strategies and performance of knowledge transfer in a conglomerate - case study of China Steel group Business Management 2003-06-16
Jang-jyh Wey The relationship between two consequences of budgetary controls: budgetary slack creation and managerial short-term orientation Business Management 2003-06-16
Wen-ying Weng A Study of Service Quality Toward Knowledge Management : The Case of The District of The Taipower Company. Business Management 2003-06-16
Thai-Hong Lin The evolution process of Chinese business group in China market place- a case study on Chia-Tai Group Business Management 2003-06-17
Hsin-I Tsou A Study of Commercializing Nanotechnology in the Traditional Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2003-06-19
Mai-Hua Lin A Study on Relationship Quality of Telecommunication Business Special Account Service — The Case of C Telecom Company Business Management 2003-06-19
Yu-Chien Wu The Relationship between Board Linkages and Lending and Borrowing behavior Business Management 2003-06-22
Tzu-hui Kuo Employee Stock Bonus and Equity Valuation Business Management 2003-06-22
Chih-cheng Hao A study to the consultants of transforming from quality management to six sigma Business Management 2003-06-23
Yin-jen Huang the analysis of parking machine industry in region of Kaohsiung Business Management 2003-06-17
Hsien-Hwa Teng Relation's research of internal marketing,organization commitment,service quality Business Management 2003-06-23
Hsin-Pin Chen A Study of Obstruction to Knowledge Management & Innovation of Steel Industry - Taking The China Steel Corporation as Example Business Management 2003-06-24
Wen-Tsung Tseng Double Moral Hazard Between Venture Capital Firms and Entrepreneurs Business Management 2003-06-24
Mei-Yi Huang The influence of family control on corporate governance Business Management 2003-06-24
Hung-Yu Wang Each corporation discusses for the mode of information system technology sourcing --The information technology industry Business Management 2003-06-23
Yu-Ju Huang The study on operating system of game software firms, from Dynamic Capability Perspective's point of view. Business Management 2003-06-24
Yu-Shan Chuang The research for banks’ competitive strategies on platinum card in Taiwan Business Management 2003-06-25
Teng-Chu Chiu The Study of Organizational Change Management For Semiconductor Company--A Semiconductor Company Case Study Business Management 2003-06-24
Cheng-Hsiang Liu The Research on Interaction between Enterprises and Consulting firms Business Management 2003-06-25
Yu-Wen Lin The impact of mood, distance to the goal state, and filled mechanism on consumers' perceptions of waiting time and their affective responses. Business Management 2003-06-25
Wen-Ching Yu The research of diversification strategy development – based on Taiwan’s motorcycle production Business Management 2003-06-25
Fu-Yu Wu The Corporate Governance in Europe and in the Netherlands Business Management 2003-06-25
YU-TING CHIU The Study of The Brand Equity Strategy of Taiwan Corporations in China Market Business Management 2003-06-26
Fen-Ying Lin A Study on the Leading Traits and Leadership Styles of Female Leaders Business Management 2003-06-26
Chau-Dung Fan A Study on Leadership in Non-profit Organization Business Management 2003-06-26
Yu-Jen Cheng On the Governance and Incentive Mechanism of State-owned Enterprises’ Privatization Business Management 2003-06-25
Bao-Huey Hwang Order Placement Strategies in Order Driven Markets Business Management 2003-06-26
Tze-Chin Lin The analysis of affecting factors of Empoyee Dividend-Sharing System Business Management 2003-06-26
Mei-Huah Lai The Long-Run and Short-Run Performance of Firms Following Loan Announcements Business Management 2003-06-26
Chia-Ping Wu The influence of IPO underpricing and lock-up period coverage on buy and hold return Business Management 2003-06-26
Bai-Chung Chi A Re-Examination on Risk-Adjusted Mutual Fund Performance Business Management 2003-06-26
Yi-Miao Kuo The effect of introducing enterprise resource planning on the scope of the application of managerial accounting information-centered on a manufacturer of sports outfit Business Management 2003-06-30
Chien-Hsing Lee Risk Management Research of Business High-Tech and High Risk Investment Strategy- The Third Generation Digital Mobil Communication System Business Management 2003-06-30
Tsu-Chiang Chen The employees’ recognition and takeover intention to privatization plans in Kaohsiung Port Tug serive Business Management 2003-06-27
MORRIS YANG Intangible Assets Pricing Model in Biotech Industry Business Management 2003-07-01
Fu-Chi Chuang The Research of Using Scenario Analysis and STP Strategy to Research New Products Entering The Market-Take CNT-FED for Example Business Management 2003-07-02
Chin-Yu Cho The developing strategies of biotechs in Taiwan Business Management 2003-07-02
Ping-Wei Hsiao The Study of Taiwan Enterprises’ Decision Error in China Business Management 2003-06-27
Ching-chun Hsu A Study of Pharmacy Logistics for Different Chain Type in the Great Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2003-07-02
Kuo-Feng Huang A Study of Theory of Constraint Application in Printed Circuit Board Products Mixed Decision Making . Business Management 2003-07-04
Char-Ming Wang The Organization and Process Design of Engineering Knowledge Management—A Case Study of W Printed Circuit Manufacturer Business Management 2003-07-04
Rong-Shin Chen Research of Promotion FTPZ with Key Successful Factors by KHB Business Management 2003-07-03
Ing-Jhy Lee The hardware industry managing strategy in Taiwan. Business Management 2003-07-07
Yi-Tzu Hsien The research of competitive advantageous factors of small medium enterprise Business Management 2003-07-08
Wen-Jen Yen The Quantitative Verifying Framework for Balanced Scorecard Business Management 2003-07-08
Chung-Shu Lai THE RESEARCH OF CORPORATE UNIVERSITIES Business Management 2003-07-08
Chang-Rong Hsu The Information Contents of EVA-Taking China Steel Corp. as Example Business Management 2003-07-01
Shih-Yu Kuan none Business Management 2003-07-10
Guang-Fu Chu The Job Satisfaction of Convenient Storekeeper-A Research on 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan Business Management 2003-07-10
Chien-Shen Tung A Competitive Strategies Study for Taiwan's EPC Firms - The Case Study for A Company Business Management 2003-07-09
Keng-Hung Lin Taiwan traditional EMS Provider's strategic repositioning ~ take OSE’s EMS S.B.U. as example Business Management 2003-06-29
Yung-Feng Lu Growth strategy factor of Taiwanese small and middle business in China--Zhejiang Taiwanese business as an example Business Management 2003-07-14
Ming-Wei Shao none Business Management 2003-07-08
Alan Kuo The application of B/W model to research the leading brand marketing:A case study of Trend Micro Software Business Management 2003-07-16
Kuo-Shu Chen Disputes Settlement For Contract Execution of Public Construction Business Management 2003-07-16
Jar-Shuen Don A Business Plan Feasibility Study of a new start up Company Base on the Project"Friction Material Derivatives Product" Business Management 2003-07-17
Tang Jen-Fan The study on the managements and strategies of spin-off in the diversification: the case of the engineering department of the telecommunications industry Business Management 2003-07-14
Shin-Teh Wu A Feasibility Study on the Investment and Operation of a Second Bus Company by the KRTC. Business Management 2003-07-18
Jyh-Tay Su The Structural Relationship of Affecting Effectiveness of Implementing Management Accounting System Business Management 2003-07-22
Ching-Liao Hsu The study of Correlation between Customer’s Satisfaction Degree and the Entire Quality of the Coal Tar industry Business Management 2003-07-23
Po-Jung Chen A Research of the Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance and Firm Value for Taiwan Publicly Listed Conpanies Business Management 2003-07-23
Chen-Peng Liu the Alarming Model over the Flow of Inferior Gasoline and Diesels and Its Application Business Management 2003-07-25
Yu-min Tsai The most appropriate process scheduling for Semiconductor back-end Assemblies--Application for Tabu Search Business Management 2003-07-25
Wei-Wen Hsiao Researching the Management Efficiency: An Evaluation of Commercial Banks in Taiwan Business Management 2003-07-25
Van Le The research on Selection and Training for Vietnamese labors. Business Management 2003-07-25
Sue L.Chiou Long-run Stock Performance of Initial Public Offerings with Price Limits: Anomaly or Misspecification Business Management 2003-07-29
Seng-Rong Liu none Business Management 2003-07-29
Wen-Tai Chen Risk Management of Stochastic Investment -- with the Instance of Public Welfare Lottery in Taiwan Business Management 2003-07-30
Yi-Wen Chin The Study of Utilizing IC Smart Card to Integrate Ticketing by Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Coporation Business Management 2003-07-30
Kang Hsieh A Study on China’s Entry Strategies of the Multinational Satellite Television Channels Business Management 2003-07-31
Tsung-Hsien Tsai To Analyze The Improvements and Results of Open Space Technology Business Management 2003-08-01
Min-Lun Lee A Study of the Probability of Informed Trading in Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2003-08-03
Miau-Tang Chen The Research on the Growth Mechanism of Harbor Operation by using System Dynamics Methodology Business Management 2003-08-04
Li-Na Ye The study of change process targeting privatization in Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation Business Management 2003-08-04
Keng-Bing Chen The Interface Role of MNC's Taiwan Subsidiary While Parent Company Making Investment in Mainland China Business Management 2003-08-07
Ming-Yi Fu The Study of E-Shop branding --- An Example of Online Beauty Store Business Management 2003-08-04
Pei-Lin Li A Study on The Influential Factors of Underwriters pricing decision in IPOs Business Management 2003-08-13
Kuo-Hsin Wang A Study on Industrial Cluster and Co-competition of IC Design Industries between Taiwan and China Business Management 2003-08-12
Ting-Chun Yao K-line deciside the timing to buy or sell Business Management 2003-08-03
Ya-Tung Liu The study of the impact about Supply Chain Management to integrate Knowledge Management on enterprise management performance--- T Corporation as case study. Business Management 2003-08-13
Lea-Fong Lee The study of flower preference schemata and purchase decision-making behavior. Business Management 2003-08-14
Chih-Hsing Hsu The dynamics analysis model for competitive strategy of IC paking industry Business Management 2003-08-14
Su-Sheng Hong This thesis trying to take “K” company as an example for exploring that how the traditional CRT components factory stride across to the TFT-LCD components---Back Light Modules industry Business Management 2003-08-15
Tsung-Chang Lee Research for Process Innovation and Competitive Advantage of Iron & Steel Industry Business Management 2003-08-15
Cheng-Tsai Hsu Research of Knowledge Creation & Spread In Company—Case Study Business Management 2003-08-20
Yun-Te Wu The Comparison of Factors That Constitute Different Internet Consumer Behavior among Countries Business Management 2003-08-22
Gin-San Shih A Study of the Consumer's Behavior on Purchasing Taiwan Salt Company's Cosmetics Business Management 2003-08-22
Hsin-Hung Chen A study on pet dog business's key success factors comparison between web-store and traditional store sale path Business Management 2003-08-25
Chia-Hsiu Kao The study of Correlation between Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty in Insurance company Business Management 2003-08-26
Chih-Feng Kuo The Study of IT Outsourcing Decisions in Manufacturing Industry Business Management 2003-08-27
Ming-Dao Lee A Study of The Management Performance of Taiwan Power Company and also The Manipulation Situation of Human Resources of Nuclear and Fire Station in Taiwan Power Company Business Management 2003-08-21
Tai-Yun Shen The Performance Management and Salary System of Information Industries- I Company as an Case Study Business Management 2003-08-29
Yueh-Kun Yang The study of cost allocation for heavy machimery company Business Management 2003-08-30
Kuo-Yin Chen A study of service operation procedure for the Real Estate Broking. Business Management 2003-09-01
Chiang-Chuang Sun Determinants of Net New Money Flows to the Equity Mutual Fund Industry In the Marketing Sight Business Management 2003-09-02
Shih-Kai Chen A Study of Organizational Change for Chunghwa Telecom Business Management 2003-09-03
HSIAO-JUNG KU The Relationship-Marketing Strategy of Japanese Musical Theaters Business Management 2003-09-03
Shih-hsiung Lo none Business Management 2003-09-03
Tzu-Chen Liao none Business Management 2003-08-14
Shih-Hsien Yang The scenario planning for the international competitiveness and global strategy of Taiwan film industry -- an analysis with Poter's "diamond" system Business Management 2003-09-05
Fu-Jin Hu The Study of Overseas Investment and Immigration affect Taiwan Enterprise Closures and Unemployment Business Management 2004-01-03
Annie Wong A exporatory of paradigm happening from Taiwan shipping forwarders loading on China market Business Management 2004-01-02
Yu-Ping Tseng The Evaluation and Choice Model of Professional Services Business Management 2004-01-07
Mei-chuan Lin The research on Taiwanese families’ furniture consumption schema for living room Business Management 2004-01-25
Cheng-Hsiung Lin The Study for Post-M&D Integration-A Real Case of USI Group Business Management 2004-01-28
Kun-chu Cheng A Study on the Analysis of Competitive Strategy of Flip Chip Packaging Insdustry in Taiwan -Case Study on S Company Business Management 2004-01-29
Chien-Yuan Tsai A Study on Consumer Behavior for Online Games Business Management 2004-02-02
Chiung-chen Huang Taisun Business Development History research Business Management 2004-02-02
Kuo-chih Lee The Research on Consumer Internet Information Search Behavior—Backpacker as an Example Business Management 2004-01-29
Yen-yang Chen The Strategy of Country Branding- A Case Study of Country of Origin Images and Destination Images on Taiwan and New Zealand Business Management 2004-02-05
Chun-lang Yang Multinational corporation subsidiary knowledge flow study on PHILIPS Semiconductor Kaohsiung Business Management 2004-02-09
Hsin-i Huang Price Leverage of Brand: Experiments on Product Categories and Information Quantity Effects Business Management 2004-02-09
Hsin-Yun Chang Strategic Typology Evolution Of SME- A case study of KMC Business Management 2004-02-04
I-Ching Lin To be Lean or to be Agile? The Choice of Supply Chain Strategy Business Management 2004-03-01
Chia-po Lin The customers’ perceptions of service quality and continuative consuming behavior intention of floral farms Business Management 2004-04-14
Hong-chang Chang Employee’s Acceptance of Intranet Implementation -A Case Study Business Management 2004-05-21
FANG-TSAI LIN The research of service quality for manufacturing industry--take China Steel Corporation for example Business Management 2004-05-25
Cheng-ping Shih Supply Chain Management: Practices, Concerns, and Performance Issues- An Emperical Study Business Management 2004-05-25
Wen-chyi Chang The Study of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction for Power Industry- A case on the high voltage customer of Taiwan Power Company Business Management 2004-05-25
Yu-ling Chen A Study on Personal Financial Planning:by System Dynamics Approach Business Management 2004-05-31
Hsin-Hung Chen A Study of Optimal Portfolio Decision and Performance Measures Business Management 2004-06-03
Hwai-hui Fu A Study on Medical Claim Payments Auditing Procedure in Taiwan National Health Insurance Business Management 2004-06-03
Yen-Kuan Tung A Study on the Middle and High Level Managements' Perception Towards Six Sigma's Key Implementation Factors Business Management 2004-06-03
Hui-Ling Tung The Research of DSR Indicator Framework and Multi-objective Programming for Sustainable Development in Taiwan Business Management 2004-06-09
Shih-kai Tzeng Reserch of Transnational Enterprise Merging and Production Management Strategy Business Management 2004-06-03
Tzu-wei Yeh A Study of Corporate Reorganization Theoretically and Practically Business Management 2004-06-11
HUNG-MI CHEN The development strategy of Taiwanese film industry under Globalization Business Management 2004-06-11
Li-Chung Chang Research of Situation and Strategy Formulation Business Management 2004-06-11
Shih-de Yang The study of warships commercial maintenance system applied to commercial shipyards. Business Management 2004-06-11
Yun-Chin Chen A Study on Relationship between Organization Change and Job Insecurity of Professionals in Chinese Petroleum Corporation Business Management 2004-06-08
Yung-fu Chen A Study of Strategy Technology Construction on Taiwan For Wire & Cable Industry Business Management 2004-06-12
Hung-ming Chang none Business Management 2004-06-14
Chien-hung Chen A study on application of knowledge management to project purchase Business Management 2004-06-11
Jui-chin Liu Singles purchasing behavior in bride cake market Business Management 2004-06-15
Jung-Chang Su Optimum Model of Mergers And Acquisitions Study on Steel Industry--An Example of China Steel Mergers And Acquisitions Yieh Loong Enterprise Co., Ltd. Business Management 2004-06-15
Yu-shuang Kuo The Analysis of Business Models of Women Microbusinesses entrepreneurs Business Management 2004-06-13
SUN-TI SU The Green Enterprises Of Business Strategy Study--The Case Of Laser Printer Remanufacture Toner Cartridge-- Business Management 2004-06-16
Yung-Hung Tseng A Study on the Moderations of Leadership Behavior between Safety Management and Safety Performance : An Example of Petrochemical Industry and Steel Industry in Kaohsuing Area Business Management 2004-06-17
Wen-chia Cheng The Research of Industry Competition Business Management 2004-06-17
Yi-pei Li A study of auto-parts industry's internationalization, knowledge management and organizational innovation Business Management 2004-06-17
Ruei-Ling Chen The Impact of Consumer Demographic and Lifestyle Have on Purchasing Behavior of Mobile Phone Business Management 2004-06-18
Kuo-Shiang Sun The strategy of union beroadcasting for Radio station The case of Best Radio Corporation Business Management 2004-06-15
Wen-Pin Chen The Study of Chain-Bookstores in Marketing Mix-An Exploratory Study of Eslite and Kingstone Bookstores Business Management 2004-06-15
Ming-Te Fu The KSF study of operating steel industry for Taiwanese merchant forward to Mainland China. Business Management 2004-06-16
Chen-yu Lin The Role of Economic Development Board in the Singapore Industrial Development Context Business Management 2004-06-18
WEN-HUI CHENG The Effects of Managerial Accountings Informations on Business Performance- A Case Study of Tourist Hotel Industry in Taiwan and the Netherlands Business Management 2004-06-18
Hsiang-ling Chen The effects of MNC subsidiary's initiative on it's mandate of other markets Business Management 2004-06-21
Ying-kai Chen n/a Business Management 2004-06-18
Shih-chieh Hung The influence of industry cluster's effect between Taiwan and China to the change of the Multinational Taiwan subsidiary's role. Business Management 2004-06-21
Ko-Chun Liu Research on Taiwanese Entrepreneurs in Hungary Business Management 2004-06-21
Chia-hui Lee From success to failure ~why some good enterprises fail Business Management 2004-06-22
Li-feng Lin The Balanced Scorecard Applied to the Diversification Business -A Case Study of Taiwan Sugar Corporation Business Management 2004-06-22
Hou-ming Chiu The Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance and Subsequent Mergers — An Example of Financial Holding Companies Business Management 2004-06-23
Ling-chen Kung The Correlation Analyses among Store Image, Customer Value, and Price Sensitivity--An Example of Department Store Business Management 2004-06-23
Jia-chien Hsiang The Strategy Research in Student Recruitment of Private Universities of Technology in Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2004-06-23
Hui-Ju Liang The research on the factors which affect the interaction types between Taiwan and China subsidiaries of MNC Business Management 2004-06-21
An-Ching Wu The research of Taiwan IC assembly competence strategy Business Management 2004-06-23
Sheng-tang Lin Institutional investors impact on the stock of return Business Management 2004-06-23
Kai-peng Yang An Empirical Study of The Influence of The Characteristics of Value Activities and Unsymmetry of Resources of MNC Cross-Strait Subsidiaries on The Subsistence of Taiwan Subsidiary Business Management 2004-06-24
Ming-xian Lee A study on consuming behavior of female student of college cosmetics in Taiwan. Business Management 2004-06-23
Chien-hung Chen A Study of Business Model on IC Design Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2004-06-24
Yen-Chun Chen The optimal dynamic pricing strategy for fashion apparel industry Business Management 2004-06-24
Kuo-chan Huang The studies of investor sentiment proxy variables Business Management 2004-06-24
Wen-hua Shen The study of earnings management via manipulation of discretionary loan loss provisions by banks in Taiwan. Business Management 2004-06-26
Hsiu-lien Hsieh The Application of Balanced Scorecard to Taiwan Cable TV Industry Business Management 2004-06-26
Janice Tsai An Research on Time Allocation for the On-the-job Master Programme Studetns in the National Sun Yat-sen University Business Management 2004-06-27
Jung -Chieh The Key Successful Factor study for Taiwan DRAM Maker Business Management 2004-06-27
Chaur-luh Tsai The Study of Development Strategies of the Container Liner Business Management 2004-06-22
Li-Jung Chiang The influence of consumer’s online purchasing motivation and perceptive risk on the online auction’s purchasing willing. Business Management 2004-06-27
Tzung-Luen Li Personal Creative Process – From Integrating Motivation Theories’ Conceptions Business Management 2004-06-30
Hui-wen Wang The relationhsihp of confliction of attributions between leader and employee and employees pressure. Business Management 2004-07-01
Shien-Shun Chien A multi criteria decision making method for selection an incubator Business Management 2004-07-02
Guan-lun Wang none Business Management 2004-07-05
Shih-Chieh Tai Analyse Crisis Managemnet by Systems Thinkng Approach:Take Bhopal accident as example. Business Management 2004-07-05
Chian-Chia Chen The study of relationships between the quality of earnings forecast of Taiwan TSE or OTC firms and the brand of review auditors` firms. Business Management 2004-07-06
Chyi-Fa Tsai The Exploration of Enterprises’ Diversification Management Strategy — A Case Study of M Company Business Management 2004-07-06
Guan-Hung Chen The Analysis of Conduction Plan of New Employees:An Empirical Research of TK3C Business Management 2004-06-30
Ning-kai Tu To investigate players' actions when price variable is added in Beer Game Business Management 2004-07-06
Hui-Fang Cheng The determinants of localization of China subsidiaries of multinational companies Business Management 2004-07-07
Chao-Yi Hsu The Research in Key Factors of Credit Risk for Mortgage Business Management 2004-07-06
Chun-tsung Chen The relation between central agency problem and earnings management Business Management 2004-07-08
Tung-feng Chuang A Study of the Process Model for Mobile Base Station Dispute. Business Management 2004-07-08
Cheng Hsiung agency cost Business Management 2004-07-08
I-Ching Tsai The entrepreneurial process of new venture Business Management 2004-07-08
Yi-ling Ting The influence of retailer's risk attitudes on the order quantity decision Business Management 2004-07-08
Liang-Chieh Weng An Inquiry into The MNCs' Strategies in Great China Region:Focus on The Relationship of Subsidiaries between The Two Sides Business Management 2004-07-08
Shih-Rong Chen The knowlege managemnet framework of college labortary - a case study on a technical college labortary. Business Management 2004-07-12
Chung-wang Tsou The analysis of consumer behavior for using data communication on the mobile phone Business Management 2004-07-13
Shu-wen Hsiao The Effect of Consumer Decision Environment, Involvement and Knowledge to the Professional Service’s Choice Model—Take EMBA for Example. Business Management 2004-07-13
Chen-tse Lin A Study on Marketing control, Job Satisfaction, Organization commitment, Customer Orientation--- Life insurance Industry for Example Business Management 2004-07-08
Yao-Ching Wang A Study of Key Success Factor for Tradition Industry to invest on Hi-tech Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach-A Case Study on Petrochemical Industry Company Business Management 2004-07-15
Sheng-Yao Shih Software Project Knowledge Management: A Case Study of Professional Software Service Firm Business Management 2004-07-16
Chiang-Kuo Tu A Study on Some Dynamically Aligned Principles of the Balanced Scorecard Strategy in System Dynamics Business Management 2004-07-17
Pei-chi Hsu The optimal pricing strategy of golf clubs' membership Business Management 2004-07-17
Gu-shin Tung Venture Capital Contracts with Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Business Management 2004-07-23
Yu-tang Lo A System Dynamics Evaluation of SARS Preventing Policies in Taiwan Business Management 2004-07-24
Chi-Shun Lin The key successful factor research of pet industry --- to take dog market as an example. Business Management 2004-07-22
Yung-Chi Chang Parallel Connecting New Product Development Process:The Case Study of Bicycle Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2004-07-28
Wei-Chih Lin The side effects of goal setting related to value system in systems thinking approach Business Management 2004-07-27
Chien-Chang Wu A study of channel strategies for computer product distributers based on transaction cost theory Business Management 2004-07-26
Shih-ren Yeh The influence of Cross-Strait direct shipping on Kaohsiung container Hub position Business Management 2004-07-28
Ying-yen Liaw A study of plant location factors that effects the decision making of enterprise’s new plant Business Management 2004-07-26
Mei-Li Feng Business Process Reengineering -Case Company Study Business Management 2004-07-28
Kai-yuan Hu A study of Knowledge Management for Medical Industry Business Management 2004-08-24
Chin-Ching Huang Study of Job Satisfaction of Employees in Kaohsiung Branch Office of CHT Business Management 2004-09-08
Chia-Ling Hu System Thinking Approach to Research the Escalation – Case Study such as War-Mart, Intel and Chi-Mei corporations. Business Management 2004-08-30
Jui-hsien Chiu Health Concepts and the Health Foods Buying Behavior of Taiwanese: Purchase Intention, Category Switching and Choice Strategies. Business Management 2004-08-30
Jung-chang Lee Study the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering - System Dynamics thinking Business Management 2004-08-30
Yeh-shun Chen A Study on the Competitive Strategies of Taiwan IC Packaging New Entrants Based on Path Dependence Theory Business Management 2004-09-01
Wen-ching Huang The study of brand image in wealth management bank Business Management 2004-08-31
Siu-Kei Kwok The study of competitive advantage in Haier enterprise Business Management 2004-09-03
Yu-Hung Lin A Analysis of the Most Suitable Way to Outsource to Deliver Public Service E-government Business Management 2004-08-30
Jen-Lung Chen A Study on Suppressions and Preventions for Cleaning Out Property Issues in Publicly Held Corporations Business Management 2004-09-06
wei-yen Chang Competition strategys of Taiwanese TFT-LCD corporations Business Management 2004-09-04
Chiao-wen Lin Taiwan steel companies' investment in China Business Management 2004-09-07
Fong-Lung Tsai Essays on Corporate Governance of Stakeholder's Value, Stockholding Structure and Outsourcing Business Management 2004-09-08
Yen-feng Luo The Identity Transformation of Technological entrepreneurial team—a F Company Case Business Management 2004-09-13
Shao-nung Chang Knowledge protection, relationship capital, and strategic attribute of knowledge relationship to alliance performance in strategic alliance:Empirical research of the Hi-Tech manufacturer of Taiwan Business Management 2004-11-08
Shuching Chou Complex Interests of Managerial Stockholdings and Ownership Change Analysis Business Management 2004-12-08
Liang-Hung Lin A Study of Innovation and Quality in the Automotive Industry Business Management 2004-12-21
Heng-su Shen The study of key seccess factors for applying the profit center in the construction industry - The case study of a construction company in southern Taiwan. Business Management 2005-01-04
Jau-Shyong Wang The Impact of Trust Model on Customer Loyalty—A Study of Direct Selling Industry Business Management 2005-01-19
Wen-Ming Chiu Impact of the functions of the relationship of container shipping companies with the harbor operator on the relationship quality-a case study based on a harbor Business Management 2005-01-28
Yu-Lung Hsueh The Pay Member’s Consumer Behavior in Taiwan’s Performing Arts and the Suggestions of Membership System Business Management 2005-01-31
Chun-yu Hsu The Study of Service Quality for Supply Chain e-Procurement System Business Management 2005-05-26
YI-YUAN TSENG The Study of Technology Acceptance of employees to enterprise e-Learning Systems. Business Management 2005-06-01
Shao-Jung Lu The study of relationship among employees' job satisfaction, organizational commitment and change cognition toward change attitude Business Management 2005-05-26
Wen-hao Lin The Research of Integrated Steel Company's Overhead Allocation Business Management 2005-05-31
Guo-Ciang Wu The Relationship between Strength of Embeddedness Ties in Strategic Networks and the Innovation Performance: The Perspectives on Cournot Duopoly Competitive Game and Real Options Business Management 2005-06-04
Kuo-Tse Chen The relationship study of job stress, job satisfaction,organizational commitment toward the intention of early retirement. Business Management 2005-06-01
Kuei-chung Hung The study of relationship between TQM,quality performance and ISO 9000 Business Management 2005-06-07
Li-Yuan Huang An Integration Study of Quality Management System and Performance Management System On TFT LCD Industry Business Management 2005-06-09
Simon Ho The Marketing Strategies Study of Developing Fuel Cells Power System in Taiwan Business Management 2005-06-09
Chih-yi Lin Study of Selection Procedure on Critical Modules of ERP for Taiwan Flat Steel Industry. Business Management 2005-06-10
Xiao-Haei Song none Business Management 2005-06-13
Ling-Hsien Tseng The empirical study of the relation among firm value, capital structure, and agency problems Business Management 2005-06-14
Jui-Ho Tsai A STUDY OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION FOR ENTERPRICE INSIDE E-SERVICE - Nan Zi export processing zone IC encapsulation and testing factory as example Business Management 2005-06-11
Jau-ming You Empirical operation of the Options of Taiwan Security Exchange Index Business Management 2005-06-06
Mong-Yu Hsu The Relationship Between Consumer Goods and Hypermarkets According to Resource Based View Business Management 2005-06-15
Tzu-tang Lan The Owner-managers of Information Technology(IT)Entrepreneurial Businesses—An Explorative Case Study on Electronic Components Manufacturing Companies Business Management 2005-06-17
Yu-hsin Yu Apply bootstrap method to verify the stock-picking ability and persistence of mutual fund performance Business Management 2005-06-16
Feng Kuo-An The development trend of FPD technology research by using the path dependence theory Business Management 2005-06-18
Tsang-Jung Chang The Effects of New Product Development Teams on New Product Quality: A Taiwanese-American Comparison Business Management 2005-06-20
Wen-Jing Chiou The Study of the Strategic Change and Development of Electrolux Group Business Management 2005-06-20
Kuan-hao Lai The study of marketing strategies of domestic banks in business of wealth management~Case study Business Management 2005-06-20
Hsin-Wei Huang A Business Model Research Related to Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Management --- the Case Study of Makalot and Li&Fung Company Business Management 2005-06-17
Jia-de Su A Study of Business Architecture of Foundry Fab under Mobile Communication Development Trend Business Management 2005-06-21
Yi-Fang Chung The impact of strategic alliances on firm valuation Business Management 2005-06-22
Chung-han Tsai A study of corporation change - the Case Study of Acer Company Business Management 2005-06-23
Jiue-lung Lu How customer loyalty programs influence relationship quality and customer loyalty Business Management 2005-06-21
Yi-pei Wu The study of Taiwan’s strategy in developing cultural and creative strategy-take the example of publishing industry Business Management 2005-06-24
Kai-chung Cheng The study of OEM firms brand strategy in Taiwan information industry. Business Management 2005-06-24
Po-Chang Pu A Study of Office Etiquette Business Management 2005-06-23
Chia-Yi Hua How do share repurchase programs influence stock prices and operating performances? Business Management 2005-06-21
Wen-Te Chen How Does The Quality System of Automobile Industry Affect The Competitive Strategies of Taiwan Fastener Industry --- Take The Case of S Company for Example Business Management 2005-06-25
Shu-fen Yang The correction of Wal-mart management model in China Business Management 2005-06-27
Eun-ha Park The Innovation Strategy and R&D Management of Samsung Group – An Explorative Study Business Management 2005-06-23
Chun-hao Huang A Research of the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Behavior Intention of the Taiwanese Airlines Online-Ticketing System. Business Management 2005-06-27
Chun-hui Tsai A Study of Overseas R&D activities of Taiwanese MNCs Business Management 2005-06-27
Cheng-Yao Huang A study on the participative motives of silver-haired Tai Chi Chuan Participants in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2005-06-25
Wei-jen Lai The Effects of Framing Promotion Messages to Consumers’ Perceptions and Purchase Intentions from Retailers Business Management 2005-06-28
Chia-ming Li The study of corporate governance of Taiwan, focus on self-governance mechanism. Business Management 2005-06-29
Ting-wan Hsu Using feedback mechanisms to facilitate dialogue learning process through the use of action research Business Management 2005-06-30
Chin-chung Shih analysed the business model of venture capital industry form industry evolution---the semiconductor industry of Taiwan as an example Business Management 2005-06-30
Hui-hwa Wu How to select a CEO?:A study of CEO succession logic in Taiwanese public companies Business Management 2005-07-01
Chao-Jen Huang A Study on feedback influence of performance index of the Balanced Scorecard Strategy with system dynamics - Take private Fixed Network Company as an example Business Management 2005-06-30
Ju-Peng Shen An analysis of Bullwhip Effect in type of multi-tiers and vertical partition under dynamic situation base on the TFT-LCD industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-04
Chih-Heng Cheng Based on the Four Perspectives of Balanced Scorecard to Analyze the Project Selection of Six Sigma Business Management 2005-07-01
Shu-fang Tsai The research of green vender rating system:The study of IC assembly industry. Business Management 2005-07-05
Chi-Wen Huang The Creative Technological Management and Global Logistics Management added Selling to The Top in TAIWAN´s elevator property . Business Management 2005-07-05
Hsin-ping Lai A study on the relationships among internal marketing, work values, customer-orientation behavior and job performance Business Management 2005-07-08
Ya-fang Cheng How Do Late-Movers Create Their Own Competitive Advantages: A Resource-Based View, The Cases of TFT-LCD And Wholesaling Industries in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-11
Chih-Chin Yang A Study on the Relationship of Production Value, R & D Investment, and Intellectual Property in High Technology Industries Business Management 2005-07-07
Jing-Ho Chang The analysis of the contest of the control of China Development Financial Holding Corporation Business Management 2005-07-03
Chia-Chia Chan The Relationship between Earnings Management and Information Disclosure in Banks and Financial Holding Corporations Business Management 2005-07-12
Hsin-Pao Wang The Analysis of Business Strategy of 7-ELEVEN in China by ”Sun Tzu on the Art of the War ” Business Management 2005-07-12
Wen-Tien Hou The Study of Business Apply Innovation to Creat Value and Elevate the competition. Business Management 2005-07-12
Shu-mao Kuo The Key Success Factors of Implementing an ERP System --Viewpoints from the Software Consultant Company Business Management 2005-07-13
Shang-ying Tsai The interrelationships between self-directed learning readiness, computer attitude and e-learning effectiveness for business employees Business Management 2005-07-15
Fang-tzu Hu The Effects of External and Internal Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Investment Opportunity Set and Firm Performance Business Management 2005-07-15
Ming-hung Tseng Analysis of New Market Access for Buddhist Music: The Marketing Strategy of Buddha Cloud Music Production House in Response to Internet Factors Business Management 2005-07-18
Kuen-jye Liao The study in the management of industry safety and health between business and contractor in the petrochemical companies. Business Management 2005-07-19
Chien-ming Chen The Opportunity and Challenge of Life Insurance Industry under The New Labor Retirement System. Business Management 2005-07-19
Chi-Shan Hsieh A study on pecking order followers in IT industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-15
Tsang-Min Chiu A Framework for Collaborative New Product Development Model: Experience of Steel Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-20
Jiing-Lih Yu The research in the comparison of the strategic types of Taiwan Financial Holding Companies Business Management 2005-07-19
Miao-Ju Wang The relationship between self-image congruence and tourists' purchase intention Business Management 2005-07-20
Kong-ting Liu A Study on the resource conduct and competitive advantage in IC industry — The case study of A company Business Management 2005-07-22
Yung-Chih Lin The Study of Proxy Variable of Insider Trading Business Management 2005-07-21
Tz-Jing Huang Organizational Innovation - A Case Study of the Traditional Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-07-25
Chia-lung Ho Investment Strategy Under Differential Technology Competition:Using the Real Options Approach Business Management 2005-07-25
Shao-Kun Sun Foreign trading company develops business in China’s dosmestic market – Analysis of laws and case studies Business Management 2005-07-26
Hsin-I Chen A Study of E-learning Training System for Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation Business Management 2005-07-29
Bing-jang Chen The Study of the Relationship between Mutual Fund Manager Competence and Mutual Fund Holding Bias Business Management 2005-07-30
Chi-Jen Chen Optimal dividend policy with heterogeneous beliefs among investors Business Management 2005-07-28
Chia-an Lu The Relationship between Earnings Management and Fluctuation of Exchange Rate. Business Management 2005-07-29
Yeh Fei-shiang The study about how to apply KM in the banks' merger and acquisition-The case of CA Bank Business Management 2005-08-10
Chin-Hsien Lin A Study of Effects of New Product Development-A Case Study in the Semiconductor Industry Business Management 2005-08-10
Chih-chiang Wang Prepainted galvanized steel sheet and color steel sheet in steel industry compete advantage to study-- Case Yiehphui Company Study Business Management 2005-08-10
Chain-yi Sun A Study of Later-Entrant’s Business Model on Fixed Network Telecommunication industry in Taiwan Business Management 2005-08-12
Yung-Ming Wang A Study of Competitive Strategy Sustain the IC Design Companies Business Management 2005-08-19
Chung-Hsiao Lai The Innovation Strategy Management Study of High Technology Industry in Taiwan COMPEQ Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Business Management 2005-08-22
Hsiu-yen Chen Ex-dividend day stock behavior Business Management 2005-08-24
Sheng-chi Tung none Business Management 2005-08-23
Yu-yun Chang A basic research in FaLun Gong practitioner's experiencing and understanding process on spirit transformation Business Management 2005-08-24
Mei-hsiu Chen A Study of The Merger of Japanese Companies-The case study of Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Business Management 2005-08-24
Ning-Hsiu Su Comments on “ Response to Competitive Entry: A Rationale for Delayed Defensive Reaction” Business Management 2005-08-26
Chih-ching Wu The Study Based on Knowledge Management Strategies for Improving Service Quality – The Case Study of C Company Business Management 2005-08-26
Chaw-yee Wu The research for local medium enterprise growth strategy-rubber processing industies Business Management 2005-08-26
Yu-pin Chien The Effects of Price Discount Size, and Brand Awareness on Perceived Value of Overseas Packaged Tour Business Management 2005-08-25
Chi-Hui Hsieh Taiwanese Travel Behaviors and Intention of Minsu Inn Business Management 2005-08-30
Teng-Huang Lan A study of Marketing Strategy of Organic Food at Supermarket Business Management 2005-08-26
Chung-Yi Li The study of strategy dynamic mechanism on LCD-TV industry Business Management 2005-08-30
Lung-Tsai Lee The study of investment strategy in venture capital company Business Management 2005-08-31
Ching-kuo Chen The Study of Expendiency & Benefit for Consumers Who Procure Vehicles from Second-hand Vehicles Vendors in A Propensity of Asymmetrical Information of Supply/Demand Market—by way of examples of the market in Taiwan & Japan Business Management 2005-08-31
Sophie Yang The Study of Why First-Mover Advantage is Unsustainable in Emerging Industries Business Management 2005-09-02
Yu-Ping Huang A Study on the University-Industry Cooperation in Taiwan: Case of NSC Biotech University-Industry Cooperation Project Business Management 2005-09-05
Pei-Chi Huang A Study on the relationships between financial advisors’ perceived quota difficulty, customer orientation, job satisfaction and turnover intention- Using Kaohsiung area wealth management banking sector as an example Business Management 2005-09-05
Yu Chuan MNC impacts on a local cluster--Taiwan TFT-LCD industry Business Management 2005-09-06
Yu-Hsiu Lu A Research on the Present Condition and Future Strategy of the Upper Supply Firms in TFT-LCD Industry Business Management 2005-09-05
Chih-Yung Lin The Antecedents to Product Usage and Its Consequences-In the Case of Usage of Personal Computer Business Management 2005-10-25
Li-Te Chou Using System Thinking Approach To Find Out The Reason Why OEM Firms' Profits Squeeze Continuously Business Management 2005-11-15
Tsui-Kang Chung Study on the Determinants of Employee Profit-Sharing Ownership Plans Business Management 2005-11-12
Pei-yuan Chen Internationalization strategy study of tourist marketing –for Kaohsiung City Business Management 2005-11-30
Ting-han Lai The Effects of Organizational Innovation and Total Quality Management on organizational effectiveness--The case of China Steel Corporation. Business Management 2005-12-10
Wei-chih Lin The Optimal Strategy for Executing Vendor Managed Inventory Business Management 2006-01-03
Chieh-Tsung Wu The Research of Industry Patent Application and Patent Strategy–Computer Heat Dissipation Industry Business Management 2006-01-13
Chengyu Wu From Conventions To Creative A Conceptual Model Of Multicultural eams’Divergence and Convergence Business Management 2006-01-19
Shih-Min Tai The study of working MBA students’ job/family stress and time allocation: a comparison between Taiwan and the USA Business Management 2006-01-23
Tse-sen Leng The Study of Employee Outsourcing Decision Making in Corps’ Non-core Jobs—Use Four High-tech. Companies in Southern Taiwan as Study Cases Business Management 2006-02-05
Chien-pen Chen The research of using employee dispatching in the industry of convenience store Business Management 2006-02-05
Shin-ying Yang A Study of the Trend of Retail Type of Operation in China Business Management 2005-06-25
Chen-ping Su The green process that’s affect to the packing industry: The study of Orient Semiconductor Electronic,Ltd Business Management 2006-02-05
Tsung-han Tsai The Research of Cross selling Strategy in Financial Holding Companies-- Case Studies of Cathay,Taishin and Mega Holding Business Management 2006-02-03
Chih-hung Wang A Study on the Different Schema between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Partner— a Fitness-landscape Perspective Business Management 2006-01-19
Kuang-tsai Wang Managerial Ownership and Risk for Holding Banks Business Management 2006-02-06
Jeh-Hsin Tsai A Study of Process Parameter Optimization for BIC Steel Business Management 2006-02-06
Chien-hua Tung The Study of Relationship Between Life Style and Consumer Decision Making of Generation X in the purchasing of Sedans Business Management 2006-02-06
Pao-Fang Nee An empirical study on Chinese Lunar New Year effects in Taiwan banking and tourism listed stocks Business Management 2006-01-22
Ying-Chih Hu The development strategy of Multi-National Corp. in Taiwan & China by a special chemical company. Business Management 2006-02-07
Ya-ling Huang The effect of physical working environment Business Management 2006-01-24
Mei-hsiu Wang Financial Feasibility Analysis of BOT Special Project ─ Use Garden of Culture and Sports of Taipei (The Taipei Dome Complex of Song Shan Tobacco Factory) as a Study Case Business Management 2006-02-08
Kai-ying Huang Evaluating The Value of Logistics Postponement Strategy via Real Options Business Management 2005-06-25
Shih-Chieh Lin The Effect of Retail Crowding Toward Consumer Emotion, Coping, and Satisfaction Business Management 2006-02-08
Ming-hung Hsu System Dynamics Modeling of Logistics in Military Engine Maintenance Strategy Business Management 2006-02-07
Kai-Ru Chan The Research of Standards Competition of Developing Countries Business Management 2006-02-10
Hou-hung Wei The study of the value of enterprise and the strategy formulated by system dynamics Business Management 2006-04-27
Fong Chan The Characteristics of Organizational Change in Taiwan Biotech Companys-- A Case Study of V Biotech Firm Business Management 2006-05-22
Ying-pin Hsieh A Study of Employee’s Acceptance on Enterprise Knowledge Management System - The case of China Steel Corporation. Business Management 2006-05-24
Chin-liao Chen A Study of Medical Service Quality - The Case of China Steel Coporation Employee Clinic Business Management 2006-05-30
Kuen-Tai Tsai An empirical study of the relationships among perceived service quality, satisfaction and behavioral intention for leisure farm:The case of Ping-Tung agricultural products exhibition Business Management 2006-05-29
Ying-Chou Cheng A Study of Employee’s Acceptance on Supply Chain Management System - The case of China Steel Corporation. Business Management 2006-05-30
Jiean-Yuan Chen A study among organizational change recognition, organizational communication, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment - The case of Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Business Management 2006-06-02
An-Chi Chang How human resource managers and line managers can improve or corporate with each other to enhance working motivation factors of employees Business Management 2006-06-01
Hsi-chou Chung A Study of The Connection Between Employees For Labor Pension Act On Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, Organization Commitment and The Willing of Changing Job - The case of China Steel Corporation Group Business Management 2006-06-02
Lo Yen-Ting A Study on the Relationships between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance for Dispatched worker.—An Example of Department of Transmission Line and Substation Projects, Taiwan Power Company Business Management 2006-06-02
Hsiu-Kuei Fan-Chiang The study of relationship among Organization Change,Total Quality Management toward Organizational Operating Performance - The case of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. Business Management 2006-06-04
Feng-Tse Tsai A study of the relationships between leaderhip style, employee organization commitment and job satisfaction - The case of accounting firms Business Management 2006-06-02
Yu-chen Chao A Study of Network User's Acceptance on Wireless Local Area Network Business Management 2006-05-30
Chi-ching Lin A Study on Pharmacist Work Types and Job Satisfaction in Kaohsiung Business Management 2006-06-06
Chung- Hsiung Chen A study on service quality of cell phone─take chunghwa telecom company for instance Business Management 2006-06-07
Hsiu-Jung Lin A study of Telecommunication organizational change –for X、Y operator. Business Management 2006-06-08
Ching-Chih Cheng The suitableness research of Balanced Scorecard on the strategic business unit-a case study of TPC operation brench Business Management 2006-06-09
Mao-sheng Chuang An Empirical Study Of Taiwan Water Corporation’s Customer Satisfaction: the 7th Branch As An Example Business Management 2006-06-08
Su-hui Lin A Study of the Strategies of Third Generation Mobile Communication Service Business Management 2006-06-14
Chin-wei Tsai Research on Strategic Management amd Business Performance Business Management 2006-06-19
Ting-Yun Chen The effect of organization culture and innovation on organization performance Business Management 2006-06-19
Shao-Hua Chih Study of Changes in Business Strategy of Chunghwa Post Business Management 2006-06-20
Tsai-mao Ho A study of Quality Function Deployment(QFD) on domestic construction of warships Business Management 2006-06-19
Ming-Pei Hsieh A research on the relationship between visualized service backstage and consumer’s perceived value in service encounter. Business Management 2006-06-20
Chi-yi Ting The Effects of Self-Congruity and Functional Congruity on Tourism Satisfaction and Loyalty Business Management 2006-06-22
Shwu-Ling Lee The Effect of Environmental Cost on the Management Strategy of an Oil Company - a case study of A company Business Management 2006-06-22
Kuo-Liang Teng A Study of New Venture Growth Model of Corporate Entrepreneurship from Corporate Venture Capital perspective–An Empirical Study of IC Design Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2006-06-22
Kuei Yen The Relationship of Insider Trading With Stock Price in Taiwn Business Management 2006-06-25
Jia-rong Hsu A Study into Business Strategy of Turnkey Engineering Enterprises in Taiwan – A case of C Company Business Management 2006-06-23
YA-CHING YANG A Business Model Research Related to 3G mobile-commerce Business Management 2006-06-26
Ying-hsuan Wang Investigation of Resistant Factors in the Process of Organizational Change---A Case Study of Vanguard Security Group Business Management 2006-06-26
Wei-Ming Feng A Study of KSFs for Taiwan IC Design Industry by Resource-based Theory Approach Business Management 2006-06-26
Shao-Yu Wu The influence of design ability to brand equity-Case study for BENQ Business Management 2006-06-25
Chin-yi Lai International Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking Industry: Motives, Determinants and Performance of Profitability and Efficiency of Acquiring Firms Business Management 2006-06-26
Yi-chien Hsieh New Entrance Creates the Competition Advantage in Luxury-goods Industry Business Management 2006-06-26
Chien-hua Su A Study of M&A Practice in China Retailing Industry--TESCO Merged HY-Mall Business Management 2006-06-29
Yau-tzung Lin A study of the influence of a different performance system on technical employees' job pressure and job satisfaction - A case of Chunghwa Telecom Southern Region Branch Business Management 2006-06-29
Wei-ter Lo The study of Corporate Venture Capital in Taiwan Business Management 2006-07-04
Chang-Hsien Tsai A study of receivers’ attitude on sex indicated TV advertisement Business Management 2006-07-01
Chia-Chun Wang Ecologyical development and strategy research of IC design industry. Business Management 2006-07-05
Shao-chi Lu The Resource Based View to analysis the different business model of the portal websites in Taiwan Business Management 2006-06-30
Ying-Chen Hung The Future Trend of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Taiwan Business Management 2006-07-04
Wei-ying Chen Under financial merger and acquisition the managerial strategies of the commercial banks –with Resource-based view. Business Management 2006-07-06
Chia-yu Yu Study on establishing foreign worker managerial system under perspective of national cultural dimensions—Using Filipino workers in ASE as a case study Business Management 2006-06-29
Ching-po Lu Review the operation of Strategy Map learning growth perspective--Take private Telecommunication Company as an example Business Management 2006-07-07
Tsung-chi Wang The Research of Manufacturing Resource Planners’ Functional Competency – Case Study for A Company Business Management 2006-07-10
Chun-Sung Chen The Effects of Internet on Bussiness Management of Real Estate Brokerage (Sinyi Realty for instance ) Business Management 2006-07-11
Hsing-hao Huang A Study of Non-Profit Organizations' Experiences and Opinions on Cause-Related Marketing—Cases of Child Welfare Foundations Business Management 2006-07-14
Gwo-hwa Ke A study of enterprise growth strategy -- BenQ Group Business Management 2006-07-17
Hsia Jen A Study on the Strategic Alliance of Travel Industries-With PAK Alliance as an Example Business Management 2006-07-13
Chien-Kuo Ku A Study of management strategy for Taiwan information service industry -The case of Taiwan IBM Business Management 2006-07-17
Yu-Fen Huang A Study of Commercialization on different kinds of Non-Profit Organizations. Business Management 2006-07-18
Yung-Chi Chang A Study on Relationship of Private Label and Nation Brand Competition Business Management 2006-07-16
Pei-shan Han The Customer Relationship Management Process in Service Industry : Its Measurement and Impact on Performance. Business Management 2006-07-18
Chia-chi Chen The Effect of Customer Perceived Quality and Customer Satisfaction to Store Performance: An Empirical Case of DOLLARS Business Management 2006-07-17
Jiann-hwa Wang A Study of the Relationship between Customer's Expected Future Use, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention on ADSL Broadband Internet Service- A Case of Greater Kaohsiung Area. Business Management 2006-07-18
Ming-Jun Hsieh the factors influencing the choice of underwriting mechanisms Business Management 2006-07-20
Pai-Liang Hou Innovation Diffusion: the Example of Aquatitan Product Business Management 2006-07-19
Chin-Sheng Chan A study of key success factors to innovation management in the aluminium rolling industry Business Management 2006-07-25
Ching-fang Lee The Model for Managing Situated Knowledge:Exploring the Nature of Knowledge Embeddedness, Situated Learning and Knowing in Practice Business Management 2006-07-24
Hong-Quei Chiang Organizational Change from a Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective: A Case Study of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation Business Management 2006-07-24
Chin-Wei Chien The Customer Relationship Management Process in Steel and Iron Industry : Its Measurement and Impact on Performance. Business Management 2006-07-26
Chia-Hsin Chen The Effects of Effort Requirement on Consumer Preferences Towards Loyalty Program Rewards -The Moderating Effect of Monetary Cost Business Management 2006-07-27
Andy Jeng The research on effect of QA Department’s power position to quality sysytem’s performance — based on Kaoshung-Pintong area in Taiwan Business Management 2006-07-24
Tien-Chih Hsu The strategy of recruiting life insurance salesperson that exhibit excellent performance - The case of Prudential Life Insurance Company of Taiwan Inc. Business Management 2006-07-30
Ming-Sung Lan The Research on Performance Evaluation of Products' Marketing Channel Business Management 2006-07-28
Han-yi Chen Discussion on the Corporate Governance of Listing Company in Taiwan Business Management 2006-08-01
Huei-Jen Huang The Operating Performance and Development Strategy of Airlines Websites Business Management 2006-07-31
Shih-hsiung Chen A Study on Fleet Maintenance Management Strategy and Performance In System Dynamics Business Management 2006-07-28
Teng-Yu Chiu Solutions of pitfalls on“Third Party Logistics” industry Business Management 2006-07-31
Chi-Yuan Chen The Determinants of MNC Subsidiary's Autonomy Business Management 2006-08-02
Wei Chin From Benchmarking View to distinguish the Competition Strategy of Taiwan Steel Industry Business Management 2006-07-29
Mei-lan Tsao Building a Corporate Governance Index for Firms in Taiwan Business Management 2006-08-07
Hsiu-chen Chang A study on Government Procurement Dispute-based on a port authority Business Management 2006-08-08
Chien-Chi Chu NONE Business Management 2006-08-10
Yi-hsiang Huang Enterprises' stock price performance after private placement Business Management 2006-08-09
Wen-hsing Shen An Empirical Study on Merger Synergy of Financial Holding Companies. Business Management 2006-08-11
CHIOU-YUAN NAN Systems Thinking and Knowledge Management--a Case Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2006-08-14
Hsiu-Hui Chiang The Effect of the Awareness of Internal Control Theory on Organizational Performances-An Example of A Public Institution Business Management 2006-08-14
Ching-lung Chen A Study of Marketing Strategy of Native MPV Business Management 2006-07-24
Tzu-chao Liao A study of Brand Loyalty Toward the Intercity Bus Business Management 2006-08-17
Chia-Lin Lee A System Dynamics Approach Research How Excellence Enterprise’s Belief Influence Their Performance -Taking Herman Miller Company as Example Business Management 2006-08-21
Min-Huei Yang Using System Dynamics to Research How Enterprise’s Belief Influence the Process of Organizational Change Case Study Such As General Electric Company Business Management 2006-08-21
Garry Jen-Mo The effectiviness of Sports' brand endorser's credibility on consumers' buying decision - Case: Nike and Adidas' basketball endorsers for research purpose. Business Management 2006-08-21
Jung-wen Kang Establishment of local domestic channels in the Vietnamese market - with lubricants as an example Business Management 2006-08-15
Kuo-fan Lin The impact of open or proprietary strategy to standard competition in software industry ─ Linux vs. Windows Business Management 2006-08-18
Shu-chen Wu A study of impacts of personality attribution on the relationships between product innovation, management accounting information systems and organizational performance Business Management 2006-08-30
Chih-Kang Tsang none Business Management 2006-08-30
Shu-chun Huang The Study of the Relationship Among the Strategic Alliance, Alliance Partners' Guanxi, Trust, Alliance Performance and Future Cooperation Business Management 2006-08-29
Yu-sheng Shu The assessment on the performance appraisal in continuous process industries applied by standard cost system – a case study of YFY paper manufacturing corporation Business Management 2006-08-31
Hsiang-jung Lee A study on competitive strategies of high performance companies – Case study on printed circuit board industry Business Management 2006-09-01
Sheng-Chan Chiu The Effects on Performance of Corporate Technological Innovation Strategy from Resource-Based View-An Empirical Study of High-Tech Enterprises in Taiwan Business Management 2006-09-02
Peng-Cheng Chao The Research Study on the Effectiveness of Bearing Management and Its On-the-job Training in China Steel Corp Business Management 2006-09-04
Chih-ling chen The dynamics of ADR prices and underlying stocks Business Management 2006-09-05
Chun-Hung Chen Critical Success Factors for Fire Departments in Taiwan to Implement Incident Management System Business Management 2006-09-05
Hui-Ping Wang The M3 Perspective of Crisis Management: Three Cases Business Management 2006-09-06
Yen-hung Chen Theoretical review and compare on Bohm's dialogue Business Management 2006-09-03
Hsiao-ou Chen Take the Example of “Bridal Photography Industry” for Discussing the Key Success Factors in Industrialization of Cultural and Creative Industries Business Management 2006-09-11
Hsin-Hsin Lee The Applications of Experiential Theories in the Meeting Place of Direct Selling Business Management 2006-09-12
Shan-chih Miao A Study on the Relation between Activities of Value Chain and High-Performance of Securities Underwriter in Taiwan Business Management 2006-09-11
Chien-chang Liu A study of Corporate Venture Leadership competency Business Management 2006-09-08
Tsun-shang Chan Factors that Help Establish Rapport in the Personal Selling-an Emperical Study Business Management 2006-09-13
Hsin-uan Chiang Using system view to explain the development of mobile commerce Business Management 2006-09-13
Kuang-Ting Ho The Exploratory Research of Experiential Marketing for Female Consumers--- A Case Study of Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc Business Management 2006-09-13
Chin-Yi Huang Study On the Changes and Determinants of the Dividend Policies of the Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2006-09-14
Yu-cheng Wu the organization design and interactive marketing of the industry of system integration-for example with A company Business Management 2006-09-14
Shu-Min Chang research of orchid industry Business Management 2006-09-14
Pao-Hui Sun International Strategy of Non-Profit Organizations - A Case Study on Fo Guang Shan Business Management 2006-12-05
Chun-hsien Wang Applying Fuzzy Analytic Network Process for Evaluating High-Tech Firms Technology Innovation Performances Business Management 2006-12-11
Meng-hsun Shih The study of knowledge sharing and transfer based on knowledge network and co-opetition theory Business Management 2006-12-05
Ching-hsien Chiu R &D Investment Decisions under Uncertainty: An Application of a Real Options Game Approach Business Management 2006-12-19
Chih-Yung Wang Issuing of subordinated debts and market discipline Business Management 2006-12-18
Chun-Ju Fang The Effects of the Information Disclosure and Evaluation System on Investors’ Future Earnings Evaluation, Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts and the Types of Audit Opinion Issued by Auditors Business Management 2006-12-21
Hui-wen Tang How Corporate Governance Mitigates the Abuse of Earnings Management:The Perspective of Firm Performance Business Management 2006-12-25
Yu-Ting Lin the relationship between the collateraled shares and the bank performance, for public companies in Taiwan Business Management 2006-12-15
Hung-ming Pan Sales promotion effects on Brand equity-using fictitious brand as examples. Business Management 2007-01-03
Chun-ying Chou Acquisition, Integration and International activities of Tsingtao Beer Business Management 2007-01-03
Shih-Wei CHEN The Study of The Effect of Free Premium Promotion on Consumers’ Overall Appreciation and Perceived Manipulation Intent Business Management 2007-01-04
Bey-ling Chao The Influence of on-line travel store image on perceived value Business Management 2006-12-27
Wei-Ting Chen A Study of the Relation between Entrepreneurial Experience and Opportunity Identification Business Management 2007-01-09
Chun-Yen Liu The problems and improvements of organization downsizing: From the perspective of social capital. Business Management 2007-01-17
Pin-Hsi Li The effect of relationship bonds on consumer commitment Business Management 2007-01-19
Cheng-shou Lu An Explanation to Hot-Issue Anomaly of IPOs in Taiwan Business Management 2007-01-26
Chun-Yu Chen The relationship between internal marketing and customer-orientation---A study of Taiwan nurses Business Management 2007-01-27
Nien-Chia Han A study between Trust, Delegation and job satisfaction Business Management 2007-01-29
Yi-hsiang Chen The effects of Jaycustomer behaviors to target customers' emotions Business Management 2007-01-29
Hsi-Yang Hsieh A Study of the Channel Relationship between 3M and Sales Channels in the Business Enterprise Market – A case of B Home Furnishing and DIY Store Business Management 2007-01-30
Shih-Chung Lai The Impact of Leader’s Integrity Character on the Effec- tiveness of Organization Change --- A Case of Formosa Plastics Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, and Macronix International Business Management 2007-02-02
Cheng-nan Chen A Study of the Factors of Business Growth Strategy of Taiwan Pump Industry - A case of H Company Business Management 2007-02-05
Yi-chu Chen A case study for MBP(Management By Policy) on the performance of organization Business Management 2007-02-10
Ya-lin Huang Research on women who run a one person business Business Management 2007-02-12
Ming-Dar Lin An Action research on Reflection and Listening: Learning History of a Group of Partner Business Management 2007-02-13
Rong-shune Hwang none Business Management 2007-02-14
Yun-Ju Lu A Research of the Relationship between Lifestyle and Product Attribute on Female Automobile Consumer-A Case Study of Kaohsiung City and County Business Management 2007-02-14
Yi-Ling Kuo The Effect of Information Asymmetry on Firms' Financing Decisions Business Management 2007-03-12
Meng-hsun Lin The Empirical Research of Information Content and Intra-industry Information Transfers Related to Cross-listing -The Initial GDR Offering of Taiwan Enterprises Business Management 2007-03-13
Chia-yu Chang Business Management 2007-05-31
Chih-Chien Tsai Business Management 2007-06-04
Pei-chieh Li The sponsor marketing activities evaluate, BRS NIKE Taiwan as example Business Management 2007-06-07
Chi-Ming Lu Management development: A study of multi-national managerial activities and skills Business Management 2007-06-01
Hsu-jung Huang A Study of The Financing Mode for Technology Service Industry -The Case of Energy Service Companies(ESCO) Business Management 2007-06-11
Chih-Min Sun The Influence of Power Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction— An Empirical Study of Science Park Customers of Taipower Corporation Business Management 2007-06-11
Hsi-ling Huang The Influence of Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Total Quality Management on the Organizational Performances-- An Empirical Study of Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s Business Divisions Business Management 2007-06-11
Fu-Cheng Chien The Relations Among Leadership Behaviors, Organization Climate and Leadership Effectiveness of Vacational Training Institutes’ Executives of States-owned Enterprises Business Management 2007-06-13
Jung-kuei Chen The Influence of Employee Participation In Decision Making on the Job Satisfaction and Job Performances-An Empirical Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2007-06-13
Chih-Jen Mao The Typology of Intra-firm Knowledge Transfer: Case Studies on Semiconductor Firms Business Management 2007-06-14
Chih-li Huang Enterprise finance crisis forecast- Constructing industrial forcast model by Artificial Neural Network model Business Management 2007-06-14
Chun-Ming Yang Customer-to-Customer Encounter in Service Consumption: Interpersonal-Attraction Perspective Business Management 2007-06-12
Chung-chao Chiu A study of business strategies for mobile communication industry in the time of digit convergence – Based on Co-opetition theory Business Management 2007-06-14
Jen-feng Liu The Study of Customer Satisfaction to Organic Stores - An Empirical Case of SANTA CRUZ Business Management 2007-06-18
Yu-Shan Lin The Influence of Different Types of Web Page Design on Attitude and Visit Intention of Browsers with Different Information Processing Styles Business Management 2007-06-20
Cheng-wen Lee The Study of the Business Models for Business Blog Business Management 2007-06-20
Chia-chi Chang The Study of Corruption Prevention and Profits Promotion of Corporate Governance Business Management 2007-06-20
CHIN-LIN HSU “An Exploration of the Relationships among Organizational Climate, Organizational Identification and Organizational Effectiveness of the Non-Profit Organization.” “A Study on the Association of Collecting Benevolence, in Taiwan.” Business Management 2007-06-15
Cheng-han Wang After-purchase Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention of Mobile Phones - A Case Study of University Students Business Management 2007-06-21
Cheng-chin Wang A Study of Internet User's Acceptance on Voice Over Internet Protocol Business Management 2007-06-20
Yao-hung Tu A Study on The Design of Automotive Electronics Product Based on Quality Function Deployment Method-A Case Study on Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Business Management 2007-06-22
Shun-en Wang none Business Management 2007-06-21
Wen-Pin Lee An Empirical Study on e-Learning Service Quality and Technology Acceptance, the case of C.S. and T.P. corporations. Business Management 2007-06-23
Tsung-yu Yeh Brand Equity, Market Segmentation, and Brand Positioning in Instant Noodle Market. Business Management 2007-06-25
Cheng-yang Chiu The Effects of Management Control Systems on Strategy Formation: An Exploratory Study of Size as a Factor. Business Management 2007-06-22
Chiung-hui Huang The effects of organizational and inter-personal factors on the willingness of knowledge sharing: An empirical study in technology industry Business Management 2007-06-25
Ni-li Cheng Medical Service Quality and Satisaction - A Case Study of Psychiatric Hospitals Business Management 2007-06-25
Hsiu-Lin Wang The transformation of Airline's resource and competitive advantage Business Management 2007-06-26
Chih-Ting Chen BOT OPERATE PERFORMANCE STUDY Business Management 2007-06-26
Chin-Yen Chang On the Resource Distribution Policy of Capital expenditure in Wafer Labor Industry-TSMC as an Example Business Management 2007-06-27
Yi-cheng Yeh The research of credit derivatives affecting management strategy of medium and small sized non-financial holding banks under Basel II Business Management 2007-06-27
Ching-lin Wang Study of initial return performance with public price information before OTC and listed markets Business Management 2007-06-27
Shi-chi Chiou The Study of Extreme Underpricing of Chinese IPO Initial Returns Business Management 2007-06-27
Li-Hua Wu A Study on Relationship between Organizational Identity and Knowledge Sharing Business Management 2007-06-27
Yi-Chun Kuo Research on post-purchase emotion of impulse buying Business Management 2007-06-27
Wei-Lun Chang none Business Management 2007-06-28
Ken-Hu Chang Earnings Management, Corporate Governance, and True Financial Performance Business Management 2007-06-28
Chiao-ling Hsieh Cross-border Acquisition: On the Cases that Taiwanese Companies Acquire Developed Country Companies Business Management 2007-06-29
Chun-Da Chen A System Dynamic Study in Steel Industry for the Strategy of CO2 Mitigation Business Management 2007-06-29
Chun-Hsien Wu Research of Strategies for Making Products Luxurious Business Management 2007-06-30
Siang-hua Huang The Effects of Price Discrimination on Buyer’s Internal Reference Price and Post-purchase Emotions Business Management 2007-06-30
Tsung-Hsieh Hsien A Study of Web2.0 New Venture Incubator Business Management 2007-07-01
Ying-Fang Su Moral-Added Charismatic Leadership, Paternalistic Leadership, and Follower Effects Business Management 2007-06-30
Yu-Te Chen Project management research on BOF slag revitalizing. Business Management 2007-07-03
Chia-wen Hsieh The Effect of Time Lags of distances between purchasing and consuming and Word of Mouth Supply on Customers Perceived Value Business Management 2007-07-02
Shu-chuan Huang The research of enhancing corporate governance for implementing Sarbane-Oxley ACT – Case of A Incorporated. Business Management 2007-07-05
Li-Ting Chen The effects of social element and contextual element in social-servicescape conceptual models on cognitive appraisal, consuming emotions and behavior. Business Management 2007-07-09
Chieh-Jui Chen The study on customer satisfaction of chain restaurant-The restaurant of Wang Steak Group Business Management 2007-07-10
Yu-Chang Lin A Study on Converged Network Architecture and Application Services for Next Generation Network Business Management 2007-07-04
Jian-Shang Yun The Issuance of Convertible Bonds and Earnings Management Business Management 2007-07-11
Chien-Chih Chen A Study of the Technology - Structure Relationships in Design-Build Engineering Projects Business Management 2007-07-10
King-long Lin Analysis on the Influence Factors of Consumers' Striving for their own Rights Business Management 2007-07-13
Hsin-i Wang The Effect of Experiential Marketing on Customer Loyalty : Moderated by Involvement, Consumers’Life Styles and Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics(CVPA) Business Management 2007-07-15
I-Chen Liao Inquire into a patient by system thinking to equally be on duty time and health insurance system of influence Business Management 2007-07-14
TZU-HUNG TSENG The Operation and Management of a MLM Organization—Nu Skin 6-4-2 System Business Management 2007-07-15
Pei-Yu Lin The Motivations and Consequences of Using Online Discussion Board : A Case Study of Bulletin Board System Business Management 2007-07-17
Feng-Chou Lu A Study of the Problems in Implementing Entrepreneurship in State-Owned Enterprises Business Management 2007-07-20
Mei-chen Shen A Study on the Dynamically Aligned Principles of the Corporate Policy Design in Systems Thinking Business Management 2007-07-22
Jui-fu Tsou Dynamics Study on the Financial Performance between Product Life Cycle and Inventory Policy: The case of a high-quality goods Retailing Industry in Kaohsiung Business Management 2007-07-23
I-Chen Lee Marketing Strategies of Passenger Service in High Speed Rail Transport – A case of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation Business Management 2007-07-23
Chin-liang Chu Value Driver Analysis on Intangible Assets─ A Case Study of Taiwan bio-medical Industry. Business Management 2007-07-25
Shih-fen Chiu The Design of the Balance Scorecard Applied to the Carming Education Enterprise-A Case of Tung-Hsin Educational Enterprise Alliance Business Management 2007-07-25
Bai-hao Chang none Business Management 2007-07-26
Yi-Hsin Weng A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of the Effect of Leader's Beliefs on Organization Performance: A Case Study of ING ANTAI Life Insurance Company Business Management 2007-07-24
Chen-yu Kung The Key Success Factors of the SGS Commercial Laboratory Management Business Management 2007-07-26
Wen-hao Hsieh Investigating key success factors of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) R&D alliances:a case study of SBIR Business Management 2007-07-26
Wan-Ju Yu The Cosmetic Retail Manner Preference of Aged Women in the Taipei City : An Exploratory Study Business Management 2007-07-29
Le-yao Yin A study of the relationships between employee responsive behavior, job insecurity, occupational stress, organizational commitment and manager leadership style – A case of the employee in the navy defense logistics maintenance unit. Business Management 2007-07-30
Jie-ru Chiou Onlooking consumers' response to the information about service providers punishing violated consumers Business Management 2007-07-30
Kai-da Cheng The effect of back stage information in services advertisements on consumers' services intangibility and perceived risk Business Management 2007-07-30
Husan-wen Chen Key Success Factors of Taiwan’s Copper Alloy Strips Manufacturers in Managing Business in China Business Management 2007-07-29
Kai-hsiang Ho none Business Management 2007-07-28
Jou-Tung Chou The Influence of Price Discrimination on Consumers’ Perceived Unfairness and Purchase Intention Business Management 2007-07-30
Sheng-Chieh Hsu Analyzing the influence of learning on transformation strategy: a case study of small and medium business in Taiwan Business Management 2007-07-30
Chia-Wen Liu Market Segments Based on Consumers' Attitudes Toward Luxury Business Management 2007-08-06
Shao-yi Lin Narrating Entrepreneurship: a Complexity Adaptive System Perspective Business Management 2007-08-13
Fu-kuo Cheng On the insurance behavior of the victims of 921 Earthquake Business Management 2007-08-13
Yi-Chia Chang A study of Electronic Service Convenient, Electronic Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention - The case of on-line purchase 3C products. Business Management 2007-08-14
Hsiang-Wen Liang Technology Commercialization of SMEs – SBIR participants as research target Business Management 2007-08-16
Kuei-Chen Wang How the Hi-Tech Product Innovation Influence Consumers' Purchase Intention—A Study on the New Product Launch Business Management 2007-08-20
Wan-Jung Wang A Competitive Analysis of International Express Industry: A Case Study of DHL Taiwan Corporation Business Management 2007-08-20
Yun-Hsuan Lee On the Quality and Online user’s Satisfaction with Carnews via the e-Service Quality Model Business Management 2007-08-21
Yu-Ting Cheng The Study of Personal Marketing and Image Management in Campaign Strategies –A Case of Seventh Kaohsiung City Council Election in 2006 Business Management 2007-08-20
CHIH-LING SHIEH The Research of public confidence for the Social Welfare Non-Profit Organizations─ An Example for Kaohsiung and Ping-Tung Business Management 2007-08-27
Mei-Hui Wu Influences of Non-profit Organizations Building Social Network on Community Development-A case of Tree and Trees Community Empowerment Association of Kaohsiung City Business Management 2007-08-27
HOANG-KHANH-LY TRAN Using System Dynamics to Research How Enterprise’s MissionInfluence the Firm Performance-Case Study Such As Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Business Management 2007-08-27
Yu-chang Huang The Study of the Impact of Experiential element on Experiential Satisfaction and Word of mouth-A case study of the spectators of Super Basketball League Business Management 2007-08-20
Chun-yi Lin The Impact of Cultural Difference on On-line Negotiation Business Management 2007-08-25
Chao-Yeh Huang A study for the development of a bank - The case of Bank of Kaohsiung. Business Management 2007-08-30
Chiung-wen Chang The Influence of R&D Expenditure on Short- and Long-term Return of IPOs Business Management 2007-08-30
Hui-chun Tsai A Research of Consumer’s Attitude and Purchase Intention for Private Brand of Chained Convenience Store. Business Management 2007-09-03
Chia-ming Yang The Case Study on Management of Leisure Farms Based on Resource-Based View Business Management 2007-09-04
Po-Feng Lin A Study of Business Model of Web2.0 Innovative Application Business Management 2007-09-05
Dian-chen Wang Correlation between artificial buying desire and some of its influential variables, different price promotion on nth good and different buying motivation Business Management 2007-09-05
Lung-kun Tsai The Determinants of Competition Advantage For Hair Salon—The Business Model of Regional Chain Store Business Management 2007-09-05
Chiu-man Li The comparision of Taiwan and Korean panel companies, taking Auo and Samsung as studying cases. Business Management 2007-09-09
Chien-kai Fang The study of consumer behavior and brand attitude of fresh milk Business Management 2007-09-10
An-ho Tsai A Systems Thinking Approach and Organizational Learning Theory to the Preliminary Study of the Dynamic Interaction of Interpersonal and Team Business Management 2007-09-11
Hung-ming Lin The processes of the company owner’s learning and promoting organizational learning –the example of SH company Business Management 2007-09-11
Yi-chen Hung The Influnce Factors of Dicision-making of Women Microbusinesses entrepreneurs Business Management 2007-09-10
Chun-fu Chen Using Systems Thinking to Discuss the SMEs’ Business Model—Take A Tutorial School for Example Business Management 2007-09-11
Hsiu Hsien A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of the Value Systems of the Organizational Culture Cause the Limits to Growth: A Case Study of President Starbucks Company Business Management 2007-10-26
Chang-Yu Chien Using Systems Thinking to Discuss How Management Ideology Affects Business Dynamic Influence Process - XXX Co. As the Study Case Business Management 2007-12-20
SHU-YING CHEN none Business Management 2007-12-26
Fu-Tsai Yang The Research Study on Innovation Development of China Steel Corporation. Business Management 2007-12-27
Wen-Hua Shen The Effects of Audit Quality on Information Risk: Perspectives of Auditors' Brand Name, Tenure and Industry Specialization Business Management 2007-12-28
Chiu-Fu Tsai A Study of Effective Operations of Independent Directors Business Management 2008-01-04
Ian-lin Chen The exploration of Taiwan’s entrepreneurial education from the perspective of student’s entrepreneurial ability Business Management 2008-01-11
Huei-chung Hsu Understanding Factors Influencing Consumers' Decisions to Consume Breakfast and Ready-to-Eat Cereals Business Management 2008-01-14
Po-hung Lee The competitive strategy of Taiwan steel industry---taking China Steel Company(CSC)for example-- Business Management 2008-01-14
Chung-mao Tai none Business Management 2008-01-14
Siou-Ru Huang none Business Management 2008-01-17
Chia-chin Tsai none Business Management 2008-01-22
Shao-Wen Chen A study on co-opetition between 3G and WiMAX Business Management 2008-01-21
Pen-nan Lee Competitive Strategies from 2G to 3G– A case of Taiwan Mobile Group Business Management 2008-01-22
Hsin-Hui Chen The Study of Strategic Alliance between NPO and Local Government—a Case of the Angel House Business Management 2008-01-25
Yu-ting Chen A Study on Using Balanced Scorecard as A Strategy Management Tool to Create Synergy--A Case of Banking Industry Business Management 2008-01-28
Yu-Fen Chen Reputation Effects on Corporate Finance Business Management 2008-01-30
Che-chang Chang The effect of Taiwanese Hypermarketers' soaring power to their suppliers. Business Management 2008-01-29
Hsiu-Lan Wu An Integrative Analysis of Service Quality, Perceived Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: The Empirical Study of Outpatient Services Business Management 2008-01-30
Chen-Hui Wu Limited Attention, Representativeness and Conservatism Biases: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2008-01-29
Yu-Chuan Lin The Governance Change of Organization Value Chain: Cases for PC, Semiconductor and TFT-LCD Industries in Taiwan Business Management 2008-01-31
Lang-kwei Huang Impact of consistency between brand image, involvement and brand extension on brand attitude - A case of Giant brand extension Business Management 2008-01-29
Ming-hsiu Hsieh none Business Management 2008-02-11
Szu-Hsiao Tu A Study of Integrated Devices Manufacturer Assembly and Testing Outsourcing Strategy Business Management 2008-02-11
Ching-yi Chou The Impact of Product Line Advertisement on Consumer Reference Price and Purchase Behavior Business Management 2008-02-12
Jui-Lin Wang The Impact of Interpersonal attraction on Customer-to-Customer Interactions in Service Settings Business Management 2008-02-12
Yu-Ying Huang An empirical study of postponement application for large manufacturers in electronic/IT, clothing, and electric appliances industries Business Management 2008-02-11
Li-chin Tai None Business Management 2008-02-12
Chih-cheng Cheng To Analyze Intelligent Living Spaces Industry in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan with Diamond Model Business Management 2008-02-13
Ying-chu Cheng Using System Dynamics to Build Electronic Manufacturing Services Plant of Management Flight Simulator Business Management 2008-02-14
Hua-Lun Ho The Intersubsidiary Competition for Strategic Positions and Knowledge Flows within Multinational Enterprise: Empirical Study from The Greater China Region Business Management 2008-02-13
Chung-Han Lu Understanding Self-Directed Blended Learner’s Usage Behavior of E-Learning System Business Management 2008-04-25
Jen-yang Yen The study of the marketing strategy of the drug for hyperlipidemia to the taiwan cGMP pharmaceutical company-- The case of C pharmaceutical company Business Management 2008-04-24
Yung-chieh Chiang Core Competence Build up and Roll Out System Business Management 2007-09-07
Shu-Hui Lin The Influence of Human Resource Flexible Utilization on The Harbor Organizational Performances─An Example of The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau Business Management 2008-06-02
Mei-Chu Shih Research for Service Quality of KHB Information System and It's User Satisfaction Business Management 2008-06-02
Wen-liang Chou An Empirical Study the relationship among Service Quality, Price, Corporate Image, and Customer Satisfaction on Power Dispatch Business Management 2008-06-01
Yih-guey Jan A study on the Impact of Service Quality by means of Theme Marketing - An Example of a Chain Motel Business Management 2008-06-03
Ying -mei A study on Relationship Between Lean production practices and Manufacturing performance Business Management 2008-06-03
Li-ying Sun The study of job satisfaction、 organization commitiment and turnover intention-- An example of employees of Bank of Taiwan Business Management 2008-06-03
Ruei-Er Cheng Study on the Employee’s Acceptance of the e-Learning Business Management 2008-06-09
Jui-Yang Li A Study on Technology Acceptance Model of Management Information System Business Management 2008-06-07
Chun-Fang Ma The Research of Vertical Integration in Taiwan TFT-LCD Industry. Business Management 2008-06-19
Hsu-Wei Chen Research on the effect of fantasy message on consumer purchase Business Management 2008-06-17
Chien-wei Fan The relationship between the entrepreneurial planning and social networks Business Management 2008-06-20
Ching-hsun Yang Interrelationships between Product Innovation, Country-of-origin Effect, Brand Equity and Purchase Intention: An Empirical Study of Notbook Business Management 2008-06-20
Pei-lun Tsung A Research of the Relation between the Resources and Decisions of MNCs' Parent Firms and Its Subdiarys' Performance - With Foreign Banks' Taiwan Branches as an Example. Business Management 2008-06-23
Hao-wei Liu none Business Management 2008-06-23
Yu-Chung Hsiao The influence of laptop brand awareness and internet community to purchase decision. Business Management 2008-06-25
Kuan-hsun Chen M&A experiences, M&A types, and acquirer’s slack’s impact on Taiwan enterprises’ M&A performances. Business Management 2008-06-23
Kai-Chen Chen Marketing Strategy of Self-selective Cosmetics and Skincare Products—A Case Study of Watsons Business Management 2008-06-25
Jhong-chuan Wang The influence of catering theory to the dividend policy of corporations in Taiwan Business Management 2008-06-27
Hsiang-Ting Huang Database Marketing-A Case of A Cosmetic Company Business Management 2008-06-27
Su-ping Li Taiwanese consumers'identity to Taiwan brands─3C industry for example Business Management 2008-06-26
Chia-pin Chang Research on the Relation between Relationship Quality and Customer Satisfaction ─ The Case of Wealth Management Business Management 2008-06-26
Chin-chun Su The Viewpoints of SCT and AET on the Budgetary System Business Management 2008-06-26
CHING-JU YANG Integrated Marketing Communication of NPOs Business Management 2008-06-26
Shu-chen Shen none Business Management 2008-07-01
Shu-ting Chan The servey of channel transformation of Taiwan enterprise in China Business Management 2008-06-30
Hsiu-wen Hsu A study of the relationship between interactions of virtual community and e-loyalty Business Management 2008-07-02
Po-Ju Hsiao The Key Success Factors of Mergers and Acquisitions for Steel Industry. An Empirical Study of C Company. Business Management 2008-07-02
Mu-hsin Chiu none Business Management 2008-06-30
Shih-huan Lin A study of Investments from Taiwan on PRC’s Medical Institutions. Business Management 2008-07-03
Ya-lin Yang Characteristics of Internet Customer Review and Potential Customers Business Management 2008-07-03
Huey-Cherng Tsai A study of the dysfunctional behavior in budgetary control system Business Management 2008-07-07
Hong-yi Lin The Case Study of the Key Success Factors in Business Strategies of the Home Stay Industry in Taiwan-Taking One Home Stay in Kenting for Example Business Management 2008-07-07
Jerry Chun-Teh Wu A Comparison Study between Weighted and Fuzzy Algorithm on Organizational Performance Assessment Business Management 2008-07-08
Kuo-chih Cheng The effect of manager’s personality traits to capital expenditure decision. The interaction of risk perception and felt responsibility as an example Business Management 2008-07-08
Hsin - ju Chu Experience marketing, value and customer experience of the relationship between intention - to dream of the era shopping mall as an example Business Management 2008-06-24
Chih-ming Lin none Business Management 2008-07-09
Shu-lin Cheng The Competitive Advantages and Strategies of Chinese Language Centers in Taiwan—A Case Study of National Sun Yat-Sen University and Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages Business Management 2008-07-10
Line-chih Wu The Relation between "Law of the PRC on Employment Contracts" and Firms' Human Resource Systems - a Case of a Taiwanese Firm in PRC Business Management 2008-06-24
Che-hao Hsiao Corporate Governance Systems in Taiwan. Business Management 2008-07-14
Pavel Cejka Marketing Taiwanese MBA Program in the EEU Market: A Case of Czech Republic Business Management 2008-07-15
Chi-hua Chen A study of value creation in Taiwan electronics industry Business Management 2008-07-15
Wan-chi Hsiao None Business Management 2008-07-16
Wei-Chun Tseng The Types, Causes, and dispute resolution mechanism of investment disputes in China for Taiwanese Businessmen Business Management 2008-07-13
Hsiao-lun Wang The Relationship Between Emotional Appeal and the Adoption of Innovative Service Business Management 2008-07-19
VU THI none Business Management 2008-07-16
Tzu-Wen Huang Build Special Restaurant's Management Flight Simulator by System Dynamics Business Management 2008-07-22
Kuang-Tsyr Chang The emotional and behavioral reaponse of embarrassed consumer Business Management 2008-07-23
Yen-ning Huang none Business Management 2008-07-19
Shin-ing Tsai The history of Delta Electronics Inc. Business Management 2008-07-24
Hsuan-chin Lu Research on Taiwanese Phalaenopsis Industry’s Business Strategy – A Case of Firm A. Business Management 2008-07-24
Te-tung Chao none Business Management 2008-07-24
Chieh - Chen none Business Management 2008-07-24
Lien-yin Chien none Business Management 2008-07-25
Jo-Ying Liao Research on the Characteristics of Multinational Retailing Firm's Managerial Control System - A Case of Company C's Taiwan Branches Business Management 2008-07-24
Chao-Chieh Tseng none Business Management 2008-07-25
Huei-chia Lin Stroke Prevention Educational Program for College Students: A Pilot Study Business Management 2008-07-19
Chung-Wei Lu A study of quality signal effect among different distribution channels Business Management 2008-07-29
Hui-yin Lin Narrating the practical implementation of entrepreneurship – from my own experience Business Management 2008-07-29
Yao-kai Chuang The Perceived Environmental Uncertainty, Management Accounting Systems and Managerial Performance:The Study on the Moderating Role of Organizational Commitment Business Management 2008-07-29
Chieh Huang none Business Management 2008-07-24
Hong-yu Lin On the Entry Mode of American Electronic Firms Entering Taiwan Business Management 2008-07-29
Chih-wen Tai The Influence of Strategic Groups on Business Management Control System- A Case Study of Auto Parts Manufacturers in Taiwan Business Management 2008-07-30
Min-Chi Lee none Business Management 2008-07-30
Yung-chieh Tsao the factors of entry strategies influence international AD companies- the study of Taiwan market Business Management 2008-07-30
Chao-yu Tsai The Research of Direct-Selling Consumer's Perceived Risk and Risk Reduction Strategy Business Management 2008-07-30
Wan-ling Lin Brand Association, Brand Equity and Willingness of Purchase after M&A Events – An Example of Camera Cellphone. Business Management 2008-07-31
Hung-yang Cheng The Study of Convergence of Telecom service company in Taiwan - the View of sustainable competitive advantage Business Management 2008-08-01
Ying-ting Chen None Business Management 2008-08-01
Chen-yee Wang Earning management of Business Groups and Consilidated Financial Statement - The effect of modified SFAS No.7 Business Management 2008-08-01
Wen-Ling Chen The effect of customers’ subjective cognition and innovation on Taiwan IT brand extension Business Management 2008-08-06
David Matousek Marketing of a Foreign Automotive Brand in Taiwan: Case of Skoda Business Management 2008-08-08
Nolan Christopher Boulanger Cross-Cultural Responses to Cause-Related Marketing Advertising Moderated by Message Framing Effects Business Management 2008-08-13
Pei Jung Study of Green Management Continuity from Parent companies to Joint Ventures - Case Study of two Petrochemical companies Business Management 2008-08-13
Xiao-Ling Chen Using system dynamics to study the operation model of the English cram school Business Management 2008-08-14
Shu-ming Chang A case study of the Resource-Based Theory to the investment behavior and the strategy of MNC subsidiaries in Taiwan-Empirical Research for Chemical Industry Business Management 2008-08-14
Duong Minh A Study on the Product Strategy for Internationalization of Taiwan Higher Education towards Vietnamese Market Business Management 2008-08-15
Po-chih Kuo none Business Management 2008-08-17
Yu-Ling Wang none Business Management 2008-08-22
Chia-Liang Sun none Business Management 2008-08-22
Chen-Feng Chan An Investigation of Formation and Operation Mechanisms on R&D Alliances – A Case Study of Steel Industry Business Management 2008-08-21
I-Sheng Lin A Study on Synergies of Balanced Scorecard Applied Between Corporate Headquarter and Strategic Business Units --- with C Telecom Company as an Example Business Management 2008-08-26
Kuan Chih none Business Management 2008-08-25
Cheng-Hsiung Yen The research of life insurance worksite marketing on ING Antai Business Management 2008-08-28
Ranjit Dash Feasibility Study of Separate Gas Turbine Generator Market in India - A Case Study of Green Power Engineering Company Business Management 2008-08-29
Yi-che Wu A Study on Perceived Quality of Greener Cars in Taiwan-Honda Civic Hybrid As Example Business Management 2008-08-27
Ling-ying Chen The study of the correlation between relationship quality and customer loyalty─ A case study of performing art and visual art Business Management 2008-09-07
Su-ping Hu none Business Management 2008-09-07
Wen-hwa Su The Ever-changing Map: A Narrative Research of my e-Learning Entrepreneurial Journey Business Management 2008-09-08
Cheng-wen Hsieh Growth Strategy for Taiwanese Suppliers in China OE Automotive Market - L Company Perspective. Business Management 2008-09-11
Cheng-Fei Yang A Study on the Relation of Brand Marketing Activities and Adolescent Consumers’ Buying Behaviors- A Case of Motorcycle Industry Business Management 2008-09-10
ming-chih chang Apply Innovation Diffusion Theory for Introducing RFID Systems – A Case of an Ironworks Firm Business Management 2008-10-07
Kin-Heng Lei The Model of New Product Innovation Activities Performed Company's Participate with Customer - An Example of Cultural Creative Industries Business Management 2008-10-12
Jen-Wen Mai Comparing and contrasting the differences between opportunity entrepreneurship and necessity entrepreneurship Business Management 2008-10-16
Mei-ying Kuo The Effect of Regret on negative word-of-mouth: The Mediating Effect of impression management. Business Management 2008-10-22
Hsih-Shiu Lin none Business Management 2008-11-17
Chun-hung Kuo The discussion of consumers’response to service failure in the view of Perceived-justice approach Business Management 2008-11-25
Shu-Cheng Lee The Effects of Absorptive Capacity, Knowledge Sourcing Strategy, Alliance Forms on Firm Performance Business Management 2008-12-02
Chih-jen Wang Advertising and Channel Structures Business Management 2008-12-02
En-chi Chang Entrepreneur behavior and entrepreneur intention research Business Management 2009-01-10
Cheng-chang Liao A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Enterprise Resource Planning Business Management 2009-01-13
Yogita Jayendra The Interlinkage of India market with World Market Business Management 2009-01-14
Tzu-cheng Tseng The success factor to conclude Strategic Alliance in Taiwan's Cultural Creative Industries Business Management 2009-01-14
Wei-jie Ho Implementing Balance Scorecard - Using Security Surveillance Manufacturer as an Example Business Management 2009-01-16
Szu-yin Chen The Study of Advertising Communication Effects on TV Power Keyword Business Management 2009-02-03
Kuan-wei Wu Relationship among Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Word-of-Mouth of Social Network Service Business Management 2009-01-26
Li-chen Huang none Business Management 2009-02-03
Szuchi Yang The Moderating Effect of Marketing Signaling and Trust on the Relation between Consumer Behavior Intention and Dissatisfaction with Health Policy Business Management 2009-01-23
Chih-Hsiang Hsu The Analysis of Competitive Strategy for Semiconductor Equipment Distributor to Implement New Product into Target Market- A Case Study of A Company Business Management 2009-02-05
Pei-fen Li Target Firm Top Management Retained Ratio following Merger And Acquisition Business Management 2009-02-10
Chia-Ming Hsu Studying on system dynamics methodology to deal with the mainly soft variables model: using some benchmark corporation as examples Business Management 2009-02-16
Shao-hsi Chung The Impact of Management Accounting Systems on Perceived Decision-Relevant Information and Effectiveness Business Management 2009-03-18
Bretislav Stromko Recruitment of Recent Business Graduates: A Comparison of Taiwan and the Czech Republic Business Management 2009-03-30
Ting-rung Chang Analysis of the Relationship Between Politics and Business, take SOGO department store as an example Business Management 2009-05-22
Yen-yin Ho A study of public sector training participation by using theory of planned behavior Business Management 2009-06-02
Chun-Hung Lu The Initial Study for Promotion Motive as Grounded Theory—An Example with Officers Promoted From Operators Within The State-owned Power Company. Business Management 2009-06-03
Ser-Od Gankhuyag A Study on the Competitive Advantages of Cashmere Industry in Mongolia Business Management 2009-06-10
Feng-chi Kuo A Study of Business Model in Organic Food Industry Business Management 2009-06-12
Cheng-fang Lin The Determinants of Strategic Partnership by the Life Insurance Industry in the Running Bank-assurance - A Case Study of a Life Insurance Company Business Management 2009-06-13
Yung-nan Chou The relationship among procedural/distributive justice and pay/benefit satisfaction to the job satisfaction– A Case Business Management 2009-06-14
Yen-Hsing Hou none Business Management 2009-06-15
Chieh-lien Lu the study on the decision-making of alternative energy technologies establishing within manufacturing firms. Business Management 2009-06-15
Ding-fu Ko The Effects of Package Design and Brand Image on Consumers’ Purchase Intention - Packaged Tea as an Example Business Management 2009-06-16
Shu-ju Yang A Study on the Relationship between Complementary Measures of Expensing Employee Bonus Plan and Earnings Management Business Management 2009-06-17
Chun-ming Wei The competitive analysis of Toyota Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) – based on Toyota WISH Business Management 2009-06-16
Ciou-Jhen Huang The Effect of Country-of-Origin Image and Product Knowledge on Consumer's Purchase Intention: An Example of Cosmeceutical Business Management 2009-06-10
Chin Hsiao A study of the relationship among organizational buyer's satisfaction, loyalty and purchasing behavior in VOIP industry: an example of PChome&Skype in Taiwan Business Management 2009-06-18
Pham Thi A Study on Career Choice of Vietnamese Students in Taiwan Business Management 2009-06-19
Chi-hung Li The Impact of ISO 9000 on TQM and Business Performance Business Management 2009-06-19
Shin-wei Wu none Business Management 2009-06-20
Yung-Syuan Yang The boundary conditions of the recovery paradox and the double deviation Business Management 2009-06-20
Yu-jou Hsueh none Business Management 2009-06-20
Jia-chen Hsin An Investigation of the Donation Willingness of the Donators of the Non-Profit Organizations: A Comparison Between Religious and Non-religious Organizations Business Management 2009-06-22
Ieng-ieng Chan none Business Management 2009-06-23
Chun-nan Kuo Research on Product Identity and Brand Equity – The Case of Apple Inc. Business Management 2009-06-22
Po-tun Wang From the Financial Statement Disclosure and the Law to establish the Illegal Credit Indicators as the Bank of Affiliated Enterprises extend credit to the Same Related Entities Business Management 2009-06-23
Shiso-chun Lin City Marketing Strategy- take Taipei International new row mian Festival for example Business Management 2009-06-22
Chin-chiang Chang Fire Products CPVC Pipe Competition Analysis Business Management 2009-06-24
Yi-cheng Lin Marketing Strategy of Festival Event-A Case Study of Kenting Music Festival in Spring Business Management 2009-06-26
Yu-hsin Li none Business Management 2009-06-26
Ya-ping Hsu The study for performance assessment system of state-owned enterprises in Taiwan Business Management 2009-06-26
Ying-ying Wu none Business Management 2009-06-27
Chun-kuang Liu Quantifiable research cluster effect: the diamond model Business Management 2009-06-26
Cheng-ying Tsai First mover advantage─ an example of P&G's Pampers diapers Business Management 2009-07-01
Teng-hu Su Consulting Knowledge Acquisition and Organization’s Absorptive Capacity: A Knowledge Communication Chain Perspective Business Management 2009-07-03
Pei-chi Su A Study on the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Earnings Management Business Management 2009-07-13
Chun-yu Chen none. Business Management 2009-07-14
Zoltan Kettinger Housing preferences comparison between Budapest and Kaohsiung Business Management 2009-07-13
Min-chieh Kang Study on strategy between Taiwan and China of Resources Recycling Channel industry - Case study of T Company in the field of Environmental Protection Industry Business Management 2009-07-08
I-fen Hu The Competitive Strategy of Taiwan Enterprises in Netbook Industries─the Case Study of Asus Computer Inc. Business Management 2009-07-15
Li-wei Chen Liquidity, Leverage Ratio, and IPO Long-Run Performance Business Management 2009-07-15
Ren-Shawn Ko The Study of Price Forecasting Model for Large Size TFT-LCD Panel Business Management 2009-07-14
Wei-Hsin Tsai The Study of Diversification with Resource-Based View Perspective-The Case Study of 7-11 Business Management 2009-07-16
Shao-jen Lo A Research on the Planning and Design of the Mobile Advertisement Platform Prototype System Business Management 2009-07-16
Shu-hui Ko A Study of Blog User’s Behavior - the viewpoint of technology acceptance model, knowledge sharing motivation and social influence Business Management 2009-07-21
Chia-lun Yang A Systems Thinking investigation of development of Subprime Crisis. Business Management 2009-07-20
Huang-jui Chen Impact of E-commerce Development to The Business Strategy of Travel Agencies using A Resource-bsed Theory Business Management 2009-07-22
Chia-chun Hsieh Owner structure,Board of Director composition and audit quality Affiliated with fianacial statement restatement Business Management 2009-07-24
Ling-chih Sung The Effect of Consumer Behavior and Product Characteristics on Hypermarket's Private Label Business Management 2009-07-24
Meng-hsuan Chou Bicycle Rider's Bike Upgrade Model - Grounded Theory Approach Business Management 2009-07-27
Hsiu-ling Liu Brand Equity of Luxury Brand -- Louis Vuitton Business Management 2009-07-25
Chi-Chou Huang none Business Management 2009-07-26
Chun-I Wu none Business Management 2009-07-28
Quan-yi Tang Influences of the Emotional Appeals and Brand's Gender Traits on Cause-Related Marketing Business Management 2009-07-28
Yu-ching Lin Using Systems Thinking to Study the Development and Change of Taiwan Tea Industry after 1980s Business Management 2009-08-05
Pei-chun Ko A study on effects of redemption situations in frequency promotion on consumers’ emotion and attitude towards store. Business Management 2009-08-10
Tung-Loug Chan The Study of Key Customer Management and Organization Change of Original Development Pharmaceutical Company–A case Study of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation,Taiwan Branch. Business Management 2009-08-11
Feng-yao Cheng The Study of the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty – the Case of Airfreight Forwarding Industry in Taiwan. Business Management 2009-08-12
Nien-Tzu Liu none Business Management 2009-08-24
Tyler Sander A Study of Consumer Behavior of Organic Food in Taiwan: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior Business Management 2009-08-25
Tung-hua Liao the study of the measure of the cyber university service quality-the case of NSYSU Business Management 2009-08-26
Su-Wei Lin none Business Management 2009-08-27
Yang-ming Chen The study of subprime loan storm evolution– Systems Thinking Perspective Business Management 2009-08-27
Ling-Hui Huang An Exploration on the Satisfaction and Consumer Behaviors among Virtual Community Members by Social Cognitive Theory Business Management 2009-08-27
Kun-yu Chang Design and Application of the Management Control Systems in the Information Services Industry - A Case of a Big Company's Taiwan subsidiary. Business Management 2009-08-28
Chung-cheng Tu none Business Management 2009-08-29
Mei-Leng Yang A Study on User Perceived Experience and Loyalty of Children's Web-based Service Quality Business Management 2009-08-31
Pei-hsuan Li none Business Management 2009-09-05
Yi-ting Shih Testing market timing effect on capital structure by cost of equity Business Management 2009-09-03
Shu-Hui Tseng A Study of Industry Cluster and End-game Strategy of Taiwanese Tuna Longline Fishery Business Management 2009-09-05
Shih-pin Hsu Study on mutual fund investor's investment behavior and risk preference after financial crisis Business Management 2009-09-09
Chai-Cheng Chuang A Study on Relationship between Employee Needed Benefits and Satisfaction - A Case of Employee Benefits Committee of K Company Business Management 2009-09-09
Ming-Hui Tsai The Research of Entrepreneurship in Cultural Industry by Phenomenology-the Case of Koji Pottery in CHIA-YI Business Management 2009-09-07
Shi-Ming Chen Impacts of Relational Capital on the Devolopments of R&D Alliance Business Management 2009-09-10
Chen-Yu Ho Middle-class demand for self-use residential properties, Kaohsiung City Study Business Management 2009-09-16
Timothy W. Bolton Value Change and Consumer Materialism in Taiwan: An Empirical Perspective Business Management 2009-10-16
Cheng-yao Cho none Business Management 2009-11-06
Yung-hung Yang Operating performance, earnings management and corporate governance affiliated with fianacial restatement company Business Management 2010-01-08
Meng-chia Lu none Business Management 2010-01-11
Chia-Chen Lin The Research of MA Training System Applied in Taiwanese Banks: The Comparison of Organizational Conflicts, Organizational Equity and Organizational Commitment Between Two kinds of Employees Business Management 2010-01-14
Shu-ching Hsu Retailer marketing strategic of private label brands-Costco for example Business Management 2010-01-19
Gwo-Sheng Shieh A Case of Applying the Theory of Constrains to Improve the Outsourcing Subcontract Management Business Management 2010-01-19
Chan-Ao Hu Optimal Stock Management of Customized Products in Chemical Industry Business Management 2010-01-22
Ru-Mei Hsieh Opportunity Recognition Process of the Entrepreneurial Cognitions View: Entrepreneurial Alertness as a Mediator Business Management 2010-01-27
Kuo-Shu Kao The Pricing Strategy Analysis of Virtual Products in Online Games with Game Theoretical Approach Business Management 2010-01-27
Kuo-chin Cheng A Study of the Construction of Performance Management System in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry --Balanced Scorecard Perspective Business Management 2010-01-26
Garrett Andrew A Study on Canadian Customers’ Attitude toward East Asian Products: An empirical study Business Management 2010-01-28
Yu-Lung Lu The study of oragnization knowledge creation process and affecting factors—the example of china steel knowledge creation activities Business Management 2010-01-29
Yi-fang Lin The Influence of Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Turnover Intention-A Study in the Fubon Insurance Company Business Management 2010-02-01
Jung-yu Yu A case study on sub-contracting management of construction company Business Management 2010-02-01
Chuan-Wei Weng none Business Management 2010-02-02
Chia-ta Tung Key Success Factors on Website Charging Strategy—Influences of Website Attributes and User’s Willingness-to-Pay Business Management 2010-02-02
Chieh-fen Lin A Study of City Marketing: the case of The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung Business Management 2010-01-31
Pei-yu Chen The Comparison of Synergy of Horizontal M&A from Viewpoint of Consumer based on Consumer-goods Classification Business Management 2010-01-31
I-lun Tsai From Non-Profit to Social Enterprise? The institutional change in Non-profit disability organizational field in Taiwan Business Management 2010-02-04
Wei-yi Lee The Case Study of Supply Chain Management Performance Indicators - Company A case study Business Management 2010-02-08
Lee-jane Chen A Study of Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards on the Government-owned Enterprise – An Example on Aerospace Manufacturing Company Business Management 2010-02-08
Yung-Cheng Chu A Study of Sales Promotion Effects on Perceptive Value, Purchasing Intention and Loyalty- A Case of Watsons Drugstore. Business Management 2010-03-02
Chih-feng Liu The Research on Political Risk and Choice between Joint Venture and Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Taiwanese MNEs’ Investment in Vietnam: The Role of Moderators Business Management 2010-02-08
Po-Kai Hsu An Inquiry on Information Needs in the Industrial Procurement: Organization Structural Factors and Innovational Commitments. Business Management 2010-02-09
Tzu-ling Su Empirical study on the acculturation of business mergers in Taiwan Business Management 2010-02-09
Chih-heng Liu The hub port selecting behavior model of container liners—An example of Kaohsiung Harbor's container liners Business Management 2010-02-08
Chong-Han Su The Effect of Taiwan Public-Listed Companies’ Merger and Acquisition Announcement on the Shareholders’ Wealth Business Management 2010-02-22
Jhan-Peng Wang The Influence of Entrepreneur's Human Capital and Social Capital on Opportunity Identification and Development Business Management 2010-04-19
Kuan-Jung Huang The analysis of competitive strategies of beer market in Taiwan -Take TTL as an example Business Management 2010-04-28
Ching-Ping Chang The Impact of Bankers on the Board on Corporate Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity and Dividend Policy Business Management 2010-05-29
Yi-Fen Liu Effects of Relationship Quality under Service Failure: A Perspective of Interdependence and Reciprocity Business Management 2010-06-01
Feng-chi Lu A study of consumer’s decision for purchasing milk products affected by the Melamine event Business Management 2010-06-11
Yu-shen Cheng The study of the relationship among Job Characteristics, Self-Esteem and Job Involvement─the case of a chip manufacture company Business Management 2010-06-14
Shan-hua Wu Personality, job satisfaction, and turnover intention of part-time employees: a study of coffee chains. Business Management 2010-06-16
Chuan-ming Yang The Performance Assessment of Public Electricity Enterprise Under Control-A Case Study of Taipower Company Business Management 2010-06-16
Shyh-Jane Li A Preliminary Study on the Pitfall of Social Networking Service in Taiwan by System Dynamics Modeling Business Management 2010-06-17
Chih-Ting Huang Family Business Entrepreneurship with Life Cycle Stage Consideration: An Observation in Taiwan's Family Businesses Business Management 2010-06-18
Anne Yang Who's Political Linkages is Critical? Diversification Implications by Family Member's Political Linkages in Largely Family Business Groups in Taiwan Business Management 2010-06-18
Tsung-yi Lin The Research on the Relationship Between Corporate Website Functionalities and Corporate Stock Price Business Management 2010-06-18
Ya-huei Yang Study on Perceived Risk of Luxury-bag Consumption Patterns Business Management 2010-06-22
Cheng-Yi Chen The research of development strategies of Virtual Community – a case study of i-Partment Business Management 2010-06-22
Budianto Santosa Challenges in International Joint Venture of Clothing Retail Industry : Marks & Spencer in Taiwan Business Management 2010-06-19
Meng-chen Tsai A study on teamwork effectiveness of cross-functional teams Business Management 2010-06-23
Hsin-Ling Lee The Study of Brand Story, Brand Personality, and Brand Image: Examples of Brands in Taiwan Business Management 2010-06-23
Cheng-Jui Tseng The Research on Push-Pull Driving of Service Innovation Cycle Business Management 2010-06-24
Pei-Ya Yang Impects of Channel Characteristic and Brand Equity on Consumers Behavior Business Management 2010-06-24
Chia-jung Lee A Study on the Relationship between Mobile Advertising Acceptance and Advertising Effect Business Management 2010-06-24
Cheng-chun Wang The relationship between the term structure and the exchange rate Business Management 2010-06-25
Ming-hsin Chen The analysis of the franchise supermarket in strategic innovation perspective—Chen-Lian as the example Business Management 2010-06-24
Nien-ting Lee The Study of Factors and Intention of Purchasing E-book Reader to Office Workers and University, Graduate, or PhD Students in Taiwan. Business Management 2010-06-28
Ching-chih Wang A study on relationship between Knowledge management and R&D performance. –As the case Vehicle parts company for our survey case. Business Management 2010-06-26
Ching-yun Chen A study of supplier service quality in electronic manufacturing industry Business Management 2010-06-27
David Abraham Pancoast Taiwanese Undergraduate Perspectives on Counterfeiting and Piracy: A Comparative Study Business Management 2010-06-29
Szu-wei Wu The Analysis of M&A Strategy and Benefits in Fashion Industry—the case of LVMH Business Management 2010-06-28
Yueh-hsuan Yang Developing Online Brand Stategies- Online Makeup and Skin Care Brands in Taiwan Business Management 2010-06-28
Valdes-Matta Alfredo-Ecuador Understanding the user intention for mobile services in Guatemala Business Management 2010-07-01
Baris Unal Is Taiwan Ready for Post-modernism? A Comparative Study between Sweden and Taiwan. Business Management 2010-07-05
Ling-li Huang A Narrative Analysis of the Real Estate Broker Business Management 2010-07-05
Yu-Hung Chiang none Business Management 2010-07-05
Jui-hsuan Tung Discount on private placement and firm characteristic Business Management 2010-07-09
Yao-ching Kuo A Study on Decisions of Location Selection for Joining Bo Bo Coin Laundry Business Management 2010-07-08
Chien-Wei Huang Influence of Purchase Intention from Product Involvement and Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2010-07-09
JEN-HSIANG LIN Competitive interaction associated with the firm characteristic - mobile phone market Business Management 2010-07-19
Ting-Cheng Chiu An Assessment Study of Automotive Engine Carbon Removal Technology Business Management 2010-07-17
Hui-ju Tsai The analysis of strategies that enterprises take in the financial crisis Business Management 2010-07-18
Josh Davis The Taiwan Lobby Business Management 2010-07-22
Ying-Chou Huang The strategies of semiconductor industry while the financial crisis occurring-the case of N company Business Management 2010-07-22
Su-Ju Lin The Competitive Advantage of Daily Rental Suites of Kaohsiung Business Management 2010-07-24
Yen-hsi Hsieh A Study on the Financial Reporting of Governmental Long-Term Equity Investments Business Management 2010-07-24
Wen-chen Tai none Business Management 2010-07-29
Guang-ren Wang Corporate governance affects the occurance of financial crisis which result from financial variables or mecroeconomic variables Business Management 2010-07-30
Chien-chang Yang Revealing Competitive Advantage with Financial Rations:An Empirical analysis of the Steel Enterprise Business Management 2010-08-04
Pei-yin Kuo The Influences of Goal Congruency and Message Framing on Brand Extension Evaluation Business Management 2010-07-30
Andy Yu-Yuan An Analysis on the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study on Western Fast Food Chains in Taiwan's Metropolitan Areas. Business Management 2010-08-03
Fabien Laventureux Decomposing Bottled Water in France and Taiwan: A Hedonic Price Analysis Business Management 2010-08-09
Chia-yen Yang Product or Cause? Influences of Donation Magnitude and Consumer Mood Business Management 2010-08-12
Nguyen Xuan Effects of Functions and Form on Acceptance of Technology Products: Consumption Schema and Using Situations as Moderators Business Management 2010-08-12
Sheng-Wei Chen Crucible experience: the cultivation and refinement of outstanding leadership - an example to Zuo Business Management 2010-08-13
Hsine-Chou Chen The impact of consumer's willingness to buy on evaluation of firms and relevance of industries – by smart phone by smart phone Business Management 2010-08-15
Chen-Hsiung Yeh The key success factors of micro-enterprises in Taiwan _ a coffee ice cream shop in Kaohsiung as an example Business Management 2010-08-16
Fang-Tse Chan The influence of low-cost carriers for airline industry Business Management 2010-08-18
Ai-Lin Lee On Tourist Satisfaction with Cultural Heritage Site- A Case study of the Malacca State Business Management 2010-08-16
Jo-Ting Wei Mandatory Restatements, Family Involvement and Replacement Decisions for Related Parties of Financial Statements Business Management 2010-08-19
Dramane Thiombiano Female Entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso: Characteristics, Motivations, Goals and Difficulties. Business Management 2010-08-23
Chih-ming Chu Does corporate governance influence company performance in the financial tsunami. Business Management 2010-08-24
Chih-hung Yuan Social Responsibility of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Taiwan through ISO 26000 Business Management 2010-08-24
Lu-mei Pan The Relationship among Organizational Commitment, Professional Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Job Involvement in Cross Selling of the Life Insurance Agents Business Management 2010-08-25
Pei-li Lin The entrepreneurial essence of characteristic B&B in Kenting Business Management 2010-08-28
Yan-Siao Lai The research of Self-organizing maps combined with backpropagation neural network applied to financial distress prediction model. Business Management 2010-08-30
Hsiao-ching Fu The Strategies of Hemodialysis Service Providers From the Perspective of the Resource-Based Theory Business Management 2010-09-01
Yi-chuan Chuang Do Placement Characteristics and Advertising Position Matter in Magazine Product Placement? Business Management 2010-09-01
Mei-O Huang A Study of Improving Service Quality of Life Insurance Agents – Base on F Company Business Management 2010-08-31
Pei-Han Hsin Optimal Order Submission Strategies in an Order-driven Market Business Management 2010-09-01
Yen-min Chen The motivation to use and social presence affect the frequency of media use of Facebook users in Taiwan for a variety of the internet community media. Business Management 2010-09-02
Chien-hui Yu The relationships of interpersonal communication, sales people's expertise, relationship benefit and purchase intension Business Management 2010-09-06
Ching-Ting Yen Impacts of Types of Product and Need For Cognition on Metaphor Advertising Business Management 2010-09-07
Leng-chuan Chiu An Investigation of Organizations Trust Assessment- A Case Study in Business of Taiwan Business Management 2010-09-08
YI-Chun Chen The Research of the Business Strategies of Group-Buying Websites Business Management 2010-09-08
Tzu-yuan Liao The comparison between specialty illness and common illness-by marketing mix 7Ps Business Management 2010-09-06
Nguyen Le The Financial Solutions for Vietnam's Small and Medium Enterprises after Globalization Business Management 2010-09-13
Ji-Jheng Fu The Effect of Personality on Ethical Attitude Toward Negotiation tactic : The Case of The Degree of Machiavellianism and self-monitoring Business Management 2010-09-18
Kai-chun Chang The Failure Analysis of eBay in Asia Business Management 2010-09-27
Jia-shiang Liou The Disposition Effect of Taiwan Stock Market in Financial Tsunami Business Management 2010-09-30
Guang-yi Pan The influence of purchase intention and the willingness-to-pay on the fashion brand -- The moderation of product type. Business Management 2010-10-01
Ming-Han Hsu A study of consumer’s cognition-intention of healthy food and behavior of purchasing using the Theory of Planned Behavior Business Management 2010-10-21
Winarto Tan The Study of Indonesian Buying intention on Laptop ─ A case study of Asus Business Management 2010-10-21
Sian-Yi Lai The online game industry development and international strategy in Taiwan Business Management 2010-10-27
Tai-Shing He none Business Management 2010-10-27
Chia-Chun Luo A Study on the Dynamic Competitive-Using the North America TV game console industry as an example Business Management 2010-11-02
Cheng-Yu Yang Social media research for user behavior and advertisement reaction about Facebook and Plurk Business Management 2010-11-29
Ching-hui Yang Representation of women entrepreneurs in Taiwan business magazines Business Management 2010-07-12
Yu-Wen Shiu A Consumer-oriented and Empirical Study in Taiwan Spa Hotel Industry Business Management 2011-01-06
Shian-Yang Tzeng A Study on Construction of Joint Preventative Sustainable Indicators: A Case Study of the European Union Business Management 2011-01-13
Tien-jung Hsiao Taiwan imported micro car of the competitive analysis - the smart for two example Business Management 2011-01-17
Yu-Chin Chuang The study of construction supervising knowledge management on engineering consultants -a case study of company C Business Management 2011-01-21
Guan-jhou Lin The life story of the plumbing retailer Business Management 2011-01-22
Mei-Rong Xue Study on Taiwan free trade port district---using Kaohsiung harbor as a case study Business Management 2011-01-28
Huang-Chih Huang The Influence of Entrepreneur's Personal Resources and Social Capital on Start-up Resources - A Case Study of Kaohsiung Small and Medium Steel Companies Business Management 2011-02-11
Shang-jen Li Narrating the entrepreneuring organization-the case of BS Cultural and Educational Enterprise Group Business Management 2011-02-15
Tun-chun Chuang The study of Taiwan, Japan and Korea drama production and marketing strategies Business Management 2011-02-14
Heng-chin Chen The Study in entrepreneurial process to influence of the entrepreneurial team :A case of Taiwan cultural and creative industry Business Management 2011-02-14
Wen-bo Tseng The Analysis of Staff's Job Satisfication And Turnover Intention in Financial Industry Business Management 2011-02-16
Shin-Hao Chang The Study on the Effects of Carriers Performance Under the Proportion of Owned Containership Business Management 2011-02-17
Ya-chi Wang A Study of Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction of F&B Industry, Base on Grand Hi-Lai Hotel Business Management 2011-02-14
Hsiao-Hui Ho Crossing the borders: A resource-based examination of transnational media corporations’ patterns of alliances in the marketplace of China Business Management 2011-02-18
Chia-Chi Hsu A Study of Professional Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction on MIS of Electronic Manufacturing Industry Business Management 2011-02-15
Shu-li Yang Study on consumption value of luxury-bag consumption pattern Business Management 2011-02-16
Ching-yi Tsai Consumers’ purchase intention toward 7-11 private label Business Management 2011-02-17
Cejkova Andrea Czech Funding Reform of Tertiary Education System: its Drawbacks and Opportunities Business Management 2011-02-21
Ko-chieh Chen Government Discourses on Female Entrepreneurship Business Management 2011-02-21
Kai-hsiang Wen The analysis of strategies firms choose under the financial crisis-Evidence form stock exchange and OTC companies Business Management 2011-02-22
Yi-Lin Lin Measure the Effects of Sponsorship of Different Sport Events from Consumers' Perspective Business Management 2011-03-07
Chien-Hun Tseng Does Sex Kill or Heal ? Influences of Types of Sexual Appeals, Product Type and Sensation Seeking in Advertising Business Management 2011-03-10
Ying-shih Kuo A Study of Developing Marine Engines and Parts Market in Taiwan Business Management 2011-03-24
Kuo-chung Wu Relationship between the Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: Example of KNOX Class Frigate Officers. Business Management 2011-04-11
Ching-Hui Yeh From the Viewpoint of Self-Determination Theory to Discuss the Effect of Ear Points Pressing on the Change of Body Weight Business Management 2011-05-16
Lien-Yi, Hong The technology authorization department of academic organization about the marketing strategy of the patents- take case school as an example Business Management 2011-05-09
Hsin-Hsin Lee From “To Be” toward “To Act”: An Opportunity-Based “Entrepreneurial Intention-Action Model” Business Management 2011-05-24
Wen-Huang Yu The career development of senior manager in entrepreneurial organization. Business Management 2011-06-16
Yu-hsuan Peng A Study on Intention of Using Tablet Computer Business Management 2011-06-17
Jui-wen Yang The Analysis and Study of competition strategy of Taiwan’s FPCB Material Industry -Taiflex company Business Management 2011-06-15
Szu-Yun Chen The Influence of Store Image on Purchase Intention of Private Label Brand Products -A Case of 7-Eleven Business Management 2011-06-19
Chi-Chang Huang A Case Study on the Business Strategies of A Taiwanese Engineering Service Company in esponse to the Energy-Climate Era Business Management 2011-06-20
Ching Ma The Effects of Product Design on Brand Image,Perceived Value and Purchase Intention- An Empirical Study of Convenience Goods Business Management 2011-06-19
Tzu-Yi Yang Factors in the Performance of Enterprises after Mergers and Acquisitions - A Case Study of the Financial Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-20
Yu-Ting Liu The Relation between Management Control System and Management Information System –A Case of Securities Investment Trust Company in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-22
Yunn-Ru Huang The Research on Competitive Strategies for Mobile Communications Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-22
Hui-Hsueh Lu MDA: A Methodology of User Interface Transformation for Microsoft .NET Framework Platform Business Management 2011-06-22
Fang-yu Kung The Effects of Ambient Scent on purchase behavior under Different Product Attribute and Consumer Characteristic Business Management 2011-06-23
Chih-Chiang Hsiao The Relationships of Brand Association、Consumer Characteristics and Consumer Purchase Intention -Evidence from Smartphone Brand Business Management 2011-06-22
Chin-Chung Shih Discursive Practice in Entrepreneurship of Culture Industry:The Case of Pottery Entrepreneur’s Narration in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-23
Ming-Hsuan Tung Intergenerational Appeal in Luxury Product Advertising: Impacts of Brand-Gender Extension and Brand Duration Business Management 2011-06-24
Yen-Chang Huang The Impact of Spokes-Character in Internet Marketing:A Case of BOOKS.COM.Co.,Ltd Business Management 2011-06-24
Mei-Han Liang A Study on Key Factor of New Luxury Brand-Example from Apparel Industry Business Management 2011-06-27
I-Chih Yu The Effects of Celebrity Effects on Consumer’s Purchase Intention - Case of Minute Maid Business Management 2011-06-27
Cong-Mao Fu Relationship among Experience marketing, brand image and purchase intention- ASUS exhibition as an example Business Management 2011-06-27
Yen-Chien Chen A Study of Key Successful Factors of Promoting Food Traceability System in Taiwan Business Management 2011-06-23
Thatchaporn Phongboonchoo Factor affecting work stress of overseas expatriates in Thailand Business Management 2011-06-29
Yi-Ling Tsai A Study of E-book Reader Adoption Based on the Technology Acceptance Model Business Management 2011-06-28
Chi-hao Kao A Study on X, Y Generation Consumers’ Selection and Purchase of New Generation Game Consoles Business Management 2011-06-27
Han-Yu Wu Entrepreneurial Experiences in Loneliness Industry: A Case Study on New Pet-Related Businesses Business Management 2011-07-04
Pei-chun Chou A Study on the Relationship between the Characteristics of Board Composition and Earnings Management - A Case Study of Steel Industry and Telecommunications Industry Business Management 2011-07-01
Chiu-Huang Lee A Study on OBM Strategies of Taiwanese corporate in European markets based on resource-based view perspective Business Management 2011-06-27
Kuen-Jyi Hshieh A Study of mechanical maintenance Key Performance Index by AHP Method-A Case Study of CSC U-Plant Business Management 2011-07-06
Shou-Jie Chiang A Study On Motivation, Attitude, Behavior And Advertising Effectiveness Of Internet Video Advertising Audiences Business Management 2011-07-05
Erh-jou Hsu The Effect of Smartphone’s Brand Equity on Purchase Intention Business Management 2011-07-08
Yi-Jhen Tsao A Study of the Effects of Personality Traits and Cultural Exposure of Job on Cultural Intelligence: A Case Study of R & D Employee in B Technology Company Business Management 2011-07-09
Ying-Tzu Liu The study on the competitiveness indices of terminal department stores Business Management 2011-07-01
Hui-Hsin Lee The Agency Implication of Professional Manager’s Position: An Empirical Study of Family Business in Taiwan’s Personal Computer Industry Business Management 2011-07-11
Wei-Tsung Chang The Antecedents of Corporate Foundations in Large Family Business Groups in Taiwan: An Analysis from Resource Dependence Viewpoint Business Management 2011-07-13
Shih-hsin Yu Analysis of Non-profit Organization Management Strategy Based on Resource-Based Theory – Took Police stations of Siaogang Precinct of Kaohsiung City Police Department for Instance. Business Management 2011-07-13
Yu-chun Chiu The media channel strategy of mobile application store Business Management 2011-07-14
Wei-Chun Kao The Research of Brand Image and Involvement Affect Brand Royalty in Smart Phone Market Business Management 2011-07-15
Yueh Ling Performance Implications of Patent Status and Patent Similarity in Micro-fluidic Biochips Industry: Network Theory Analysis. Business Management 2011-07-16
Wan-chi Hsiao The Effect of Underwriting Regulation on IPO Market Valuation and Underwriters’ Profits Business Management 2011-07-20
Shih-Feng Hung A study of lean production influences manufacturing performance Business Management 2011-07-21
Christopher Paul Social Influence, Future Time Perspective, and Financial Literacy as Predictors of Retirement Planning Business Management 2011-07-18
Yi-Hui Peng The development experience of Cultural and Creative Districts-the Case of The Pier-2 Art Center Business Management 2011-07-25
Trent Prestegar The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Implications for Asset Management for Pension Funds: Evidence from Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong Business Management 2011-07-21
Hung-sen Chang The research on the demand and investment willingness of energy-saving products and services for medium and small enterprises Business Management 2011-07-25
Shu-Ching Chuang A Study on Restaurant Repositioning: A Case of Canton Court of Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung Business Management 2011-07-29
Le Thi Quynh Anh The impact of economic freedom on banking performance: Evidence from Asian Emerging market countries Business Management 2011-07-26
Jun-Hong Chen The Marketing Strategy and Perceived Value Research for The Tea Drink in China Business Management 2011-08-09
Chih-lung Chang “SME-MIT”:An inquiry of knowing process from phenomenological perspectives Business Management 2011-08-15
Wu-chung Chung A Study on the Relationships between training, organizational commitment, professional commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior-The Moderating Effect of attitude for the supervisor Business Management 2011-08-15
Chun-an Hsiao The Critical Success Factors for Taiwanese Company in China Feed Industry- A Case Study of The Uni-President Co., Ltd. Business Management 2011-08-17
Chun-Hsiu Chang Quality Management and Supplier Integration-A Study of Aerospace Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2011-08-17
Kai-heng Kung An Institutional View to Cognitive Factors Affecting Attitude toward Counterfeit Boutique Purchasing Behavior Business Management 2011-08-15
Nai-Jen HSU Influences of Between-Partner Congruity, Ad Focus and Consumer Hedonic Shopping Motivation on Evaluation of Co-branded Product Business Management 2011-08-15
Ya-Ting Yu Guilt or Not?Influences of Advertising Sponsor-Charity Fit and Type of Advertising Sponsor on Guilt Appeals in Charity Advertising Business Management 2011-08-20
I-Pin Juan The Influence of Business-to-Business Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Assembly and Testing Manufacturing as a case study Business Management 2011-08-23
Pei-wen Fu The Behavior of Word of Mouth on Facebook Business Management 2011-08-25
Suksom Charoendeesawat The explanatory power of accounting measures, EVA and MVA on stock returns: Evidence from Thailand stock market Business Management 2011-08-29
Xin-Shu Hou A Study of Subculture of Using Trendy Brand by Teenagers Business Management 2011-08-23
Si-kei Leong Is Slim Model Effective? Influences of Model’s Body Size, Race and Product Type in Advertising Business Management 2011-08-30
Sheng-chin Lee The impact of learning system dynamics by learning group Business Management 2011-08-30
Sin-Yu Lee Line Extension of Service Product Business Management 2011-08-30
Thuy Quynh - Nguyen Thi A Case Study on the Competitive Advantages of Taiwan SMEs in Vietnam – An example of A Textile Company Business Management 2011-08-31
James Taylor Institutions, Agglomeration Economies and Interstate Migration in the United States Business Management 2011-08-25
Kuo-Liang Liu A Study on Quality management and Customization of Automotive Parts and Accessories Business Management 2011-09-01
Yi-Ling Wang Research of the relationship between management control systems with different strategies and business performance- An example of Taiwan Synthetic Resin Industry Business Management 2011-09-02
I-Ching Wang The operation Key Success Factors of customs broker industry- A case study for customs broker industry in Kaohsiung city Business Management 2011-09-07
I-Chen Wu The Study of Traditional Bakery’s Marketing Strategy –The Case of Wu Chi Bakery Business Management 2011-09-07
Chi-Jung Weng An Investigation of the Relationship between the Form of the Management Control System , Financial Performance and Business Performance on Non-life Insurance Industry under Financial and Non-financial Holding Company Business Management 2011-09-08
Fu-Yuan Chen The Research of Organizational Climate,Management Control System and Performance-A Case Study of A and B Companies Business Management 2011-09-08
Kang-Te Huang Measurement of Green Lifestyle and Market Segmentation in the Promotion Strategy for Environmental Protection: An Empirical Analysis of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Business Management 2011-09-08
Sheng-pei Hou Impacts of Consumer Attitudes toward Mobile Advertising on Advertising effect Business Management 2011-10-13
Jia-le Hsu The Relationship Between Organizational Culture, Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Innovation -A Case Study of Securities Investment Trust Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2011-10-17
Yung-Wei Chan The Effects of Parent brand and Product information on Brand Extension Business Management 2011-10-24
Chia-Chen Teng Catering to the Whole Spectrum of Dividends: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2011-11-08
Yi-shuo Hung Exploring Core Values Moderating Perceived Leader Behavioral Integrity and Trust: A Contractarian Perspective Business Management 2011-12-14
Mark Gosling Integrity as Part of a Manager’s Professional Image Construct. A Mixed Methods Study Business Management 2011-12-19
Jie-Yu Chen The Research of Involvement and Purchase Decision in Facial Care Products Market Business Management 2011-12-29
Chih-Ting Fang The Study of Value Net Analysis of iPhone Business Management 2012-01-05
Jing-Yah Lu Quality Management and Supplier Integration—A Study of Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2012-01-05
Kevin Hoeltschi Freedom, Creativity, and Institutional Selection via Migration in the 50 United States of America Business Management 2012-01-09
Liang-kun Hung Comparing The Business Models Of Chain Coffee Stores:The Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2012-01-09
Yung-Sung Chiang Comparison Research of Taiwan Adolescent Subculture Consumer Groups: Empirical Studies of Otaku and Pop Music Fans Business Management 2012-01-11
Wei-Je Tsai The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Enterprise Value in Information Service Industry Business Management 2012-01-13
Chi-Ling Wu The Exploration of the Target Costing Set by the Top-Down Method: Examples in the Real Estate Development Industry Business Management 2012-01-16
Yu-ting Huang Corporate governance in Taiwan: The nonmonotonic relationship between family ownership and dividend policy Business Management 2012-01-13
Ju-Hsuan Cheng The Effect of Market Concentration on Corporate Governance and Firm Performance-Evidence from Listed Firms of Taiwan Business Management 2012-01-16
Yi-Chun Luh Influences of Visual and Haptic Cues on Product Image Location Effects Business Management 2012-01-17
Yi Jiang The Research of Anticipation to Purchase Likelihood-A Case of Watsons's Promotion Activities. Business Management 2012-01-13
Chun-chia Chang The Influence of Informational and Normative Determinants of On-line Consumer Recommendations on Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Business Management 2012-01-19
Chia-hui Hsu A Study of the Multinational Corporation Organization and Management Control System - Taiwan PCB House as an example Business Management 2012-01-31
Hui-fang Su The Relations of New SFAS No.10 and Accrual-Based Earnings Management Business Management 2012-01-30
Jui-Han Chung The Key Success Factors of Business Transformation in Heat Treatment Processing Industry Business Management 2012-01-17
Shih-Chao Lin A study on the key success factors of international market management for machine tool industry in Taiwan Business Management 2012-01-18
CHIA-CHIEH CHANG How Simple Product Design Affects Consumer Responses Business Management 2012-01-31
Nai-Jen Chang The Influence of Green Learning-Orientation, Capability, and Image on Performance Business Management 2012-02-03
Kuan-hung Lai The Exploratory Study of Chain Convenience Store’s Management Control System─ Using President Chain Stores in Kaohsiung Area as an Example Business Management 2012-02-05
Jyung-Yau Chen A Study of Innovative Green Energy Technology Diffusion -- Taking the Evolution of Taiwan’s Photovoltaic as Example Business Management 2012-02-01
Chien-chi Chu Study on Globalizing Minority Shareholder Protection in Corporate Law : Legal indices and Comparative Analysis Business Management 2012-02-13
Ying-Chih Hu The Research of Key Success Factors of Oversea Chain Convenience Store- A case study of Family ¬Mart Convenience Stores in Shanghai Business Management 2012-02-15
Yu-Hua Liu The Effect of Point of Purchase on Impulse Buying Behavior-The Case Study of Western-Style Fastfood Industry Business Management 2012-02-29
Chia-en Hsieh Shopping Mall and Department Store Consumers’ Life Style and Consumer Behavior in Kaohsiung Business Management 2012-03-07
Chun-chieh Hung The Influence Of Endorser Credibility on Advertising Effectiveness-Exemplified By P&G Inc. Business Management 2012-03-13
Yen-Ting Wu The Impacts on Impulsive Buying Behavior and the Degree of Customers’ Satisfaction toward Different Promotional Activities Business Management 2012-04-02
Chia-fang Lu The Study on How A Company's Brand Evaluation Change After Crossover with Trendy Brand Business Management 2012-04-24
Mansour Amjadi Becoming Expatriate Entrepreneurs: A Phenomenological Exploration of Entrepreneuring in Taiwan Business Management 2012-05-10
Chun-chi Sun A Study of Key Successful Factors to Lead Lean Production for Power Plant Operating Management Business Management 2012-05-18
Shu-Chin Wu Research on Customer’s Environment Strategy and Supplier’s Environmental commitment in automobile industry. Business Management 2012-05-31
Cheng-Hsiung Hung Key Ingredients for the Implementation of Six Sigma - A Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2012-06-05
Chih-Yen Tai A Study on the Relationship among Management Control Systems, Organizational Climate and Organizational Performance Business Management 2012-06-09
Uyanga Purevjav A Study on the Credit Guarantee System (Scheme) for SMEs in Mongolia Business Management 2012-06-14
Lian-An Shao The relationship between audit committee and CEO compensation and equity incentives of employees-take technological firms in Taiwan as example Business Management 2012-06-15
Jian-Cheng Lin Familiness and Marketing Capabilities: A Resource-based View Business Management 2012-06-19
Jiun-Jie Wu The Study of How LG Electronics Established its Strong Brand in Taiwan Business Management 2012-06-21
SIH YING CHEN The Research of Motel cluster Business Management 2012-06-22
Yu-Ting Peng The Influence of Service Quality and Customer Value on Customer Satisfaction─ An Empirical Study of Korean Cosmetic Stores in Taiwan Business Management 2012-06-26
Yichen Liao The Influence of Fashion Involvement and Product Involvement on Buying Decision of Urban Women in Taiwan─A Case Study of Consumer Electronics Business Management 2012-06-26
Ying-Ju Chen A Study on International Branding Strategy of Taiwanese Firms Business Management 2012-06-26
Yu-sheng Lin A Study of Service Innovation and Consumer Purchase Intention- A Case of Certified Used Car Business Management 2012-06-22
Chia-Chen Wang The Exploration of The way to Manage Strategic Alliances in The Hotel Industry: A Case of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Business Management 2012-06-29
Shin-fu Wang Late-mover Advantages:A Study of Sporting-goods Industry Business Management 2012-06-29
Chia-Chuan Lu A Study on Motivations of Merger and Acquisition by Developed-Country and Emerging-Market Acquirers Business Management 2012-06-30
Wan-jung Cheng Catering service quality and customer satisfaction Business Management 2012-06-21
Yi-Jyuan Lin The Influence of Management Control System on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Using Non-Profit Organizations as an Example Business Management 2012-07-02
Wei-yuan Teng The relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty affects on NoteBook Business Management 2012-06-26
Ya-Hui Hou B2B Information Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Business Management 2012-07-01
Ya-fen Lin The Influences of the Green Advertisement Appeal and Cause-Related Marketing on Advertisement Effects -A Study of Bottled Water Business Management 2012-07-02
Yuan-Run Li A Study on Venture Capitalists’ Investment Criteria of Taiwan’s Movie Industry Business Management 2012-07-03
Ming-hua Lin The Study of Earnings Management and Financial Performance of Financial holding companies which Before and After the implementation of SFAS No. 34 Business Management 2012-07-05
Yung-sheng Chen A Research of Earnings Management in Taiwan’s Business Groups Business Management 2012-07-05
Hsien-Chang Chen The feasibility study of teleworking Business Management 2012-06-24
YEN-HSIN HUANG The Impact of Personality Traits on Compromise and Attraction Effects Business Management 2012-07-09
Ming-Huang Chiang Trust in E-commerce community and it's effect of customer loyalty and purchase intention-an empirical case of yahoo shopping Business Management 2012-07-09
Gemmell Chad Hedonic Price Effects of Walkability, Public Transit, and Transportation in the Toronto CMA Business Management 2012-07-03
Pi-Chuan Ou The Research about the operation for Qualities of Leadership, Management Control Systems and Operating Performance - T Bank branch in Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2012-07-06
Po-Wei Huang Business Model Analyses for Electronic Commerce Company in Taiwan Business Management 2012-07-03
Nai-Chung Chang Political linkages, diversification strategy, and performance in large financial family business groups Business Management 2012-07-11
Chun-Yu Lei An Exploration of Diversification of Large Conglomerates from Resource-Based View - A Case of Far Eastern Group and Yuen Foong Yu Group Business Management 2012-07-15
Shih-hsiung Lwo A study of risk index and measurement uncertainty for food surveillance – A case of melamine incident Business Management 2012-07-17
Hsiu-ling Tseng The Role of Internal Audit Independence on Performance in Public Family Business Business Management 2012-07-18
Peng-jen Cheng Location moving decision of Taiwan's multinational companies in China: An observation from institutional theory Business Management 2012-07-24
Ching-Yao Lin The Effect of Country of Origin and Brand Awareness on Consumer's Perceived Quality – A Case of Lativ Business Management 2012-07-21
Marcia Fadzai Kwaramba The Role of Human Resources Professionals in Corporate Social Responsibility: An Exploratory Study of Taiwanese Firms Business Management 2012-07-29
Chien-chun Hsu The Relationship Between Firm Characteristics and Competitive Responding Speed: A Study of Smartphone Industry Business Management 2012-07-30
Jiri Vrsecky Optimizing Performance of Internet Advertising Campaigns Business Management 2012-07-27
Chih-te Wang The Impact of Earnings Management on Medium-Sized Business Groups' Diversification Business Management 2012-07-30
Hao-Wei Hsu “Time” is Different! Effects of Mental Simulation and Product Type in Different Time Perspectives Business Management 2012-08-01
Yi-Chieh Lin The research on the operation pattern of virtual community: Using Facebook page as an example Business Management 2012-07-07
Chun-Hsiang Ke Influences of Celebrity Endorser-Service Type Fit on Service Advertising Business Management 2012-08-06
Pei-Chi Chen Self-Focused or Other-Focused Appeal? Impacts of Non-Profit Organization Type and Cultural Differences on Cause-Related Marketing Business Management 2012-08-06
Wei-chen Ho A Narrative Inquiry Concerning the Knowledge-Creating Mechanism of Organization: Leadership Practice and Ba Business Management 2012-08-06
Lee Wan Fat A Grounded Study of Conflict Resolution in Everyday Setting Business Management 2012-08-06
Yuan-Ciao Wu Influences of Type of Metaphor, Product Type, and Gender Differences on Metaphor Advertising Business Management 2012-08-10
Pei-Yu Lin Attractive Face Works? Influences of Service Type and Sex Congruence between Service Provider and Consumer in Service Advertising Business Management 2012-08-13
Pei-Ying Lai The Impact of Cause-Related Promotion on Consumer`s Purchase Intention and Brand Attitudes Business Management 2012-08-13
Ching-Chiao Feng Influences of Product Type and Self-Construal on Type of Nostalgia in Advertising Business Management 2012-08-14
Chun-shian Lin Perceived Organizational Support and Organization Citizenship Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Voluntary Workers Motivations –A Case of Revenue Service Bureau, Kaohsiung City Business Management 2012-08-16
Chin-Tai Lee A case study of the Resource-Based View to Acer group's Reengineering Business Management 2012-08-31
Shao-Yi Lin Exploring Embodied Knowledge in Taiwan B&Bs Entrepreneuring: The Creation Process of Stylized Knowledge Business Management 2012-09-05
Ching-Chieh Tsai Corporate Governance and Cash Holdings of Business Group-Affiliated Firms Business Management 2012-09-06
Samuel Dickson Investment Strategy Utilizing the Volatility Index Business Management 2012-09-10
Shih-hui Huang The Standardized Contract for Online Game and the Business Risk Management-Case of the Game Operating Agents Business Management 2012-09-10
Hung-chih Pan Board networks and M&A performance--an empirical study of U.S. Fortune 500 companies Business Management 2012-09-12
Ssu-chi Lai A Study of Exploring the Identification Relationships between Consumers and Companies Business Management 2012-09-13
Hsin-chang Tu An enquiry to the introduction process of new appraisal system with action research Business Management 2012-10-18
Jhih-Syuan Jhu The Influence of Qualia Space Design and Experienced Value on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: A Case of IKEA Business Management 2012-11-12
Shu-mei Hsu The research of service quality of wholesale – based on the A sales place in C wholesale Abstract Business Management 2012-11-19
Teng-chu Chiu Establishing the Conceptualization of Humility on Chinese-Western Viewpoint, and Examining the Moderating Effect of Humility on Authority, Trust and Compliance Business Management 2012-12-03
Chuan-Hsuan Teng An Investigation of the Key Success Factors of the Strategic Philanthropy Conducted by Corporate Foundations-A Case of Advantech Foundation and Chinatrust Charity Foundation Business Management 2012-07-24
Chang-Yu Huang Family, beyond Family, and Institution: Case Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Taiwan and Germany Business Management 2012-12-25
Wen-Pin Lee A Study of Adopting New Technology in Corporations from Individual and Organization Perspectives Business Management 2013-01-05
Chin-Han Wu A Study on Consumers' Repurchase Intention for Bulk Food Business Management 2013-01-06
Shu-chuan Su The Research on Development Strategy of the A Software Company︰The Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2013-01-13
Che-Pei Hsu The Exploration of Phronesis- in Five Cases Business Management 2013-01-10
Cheng-Yu Li The investment strategy for firms of Taiwan 50 exchange traded fund and listed companies based on discounted cash flow model. Business Management 2013-01-11
Jia-yu Yeh Studying the relationship among the quality of customer experience, shopping value and satisfaction, word of mouth, re-patronage intention: An empirical study of MUJI Business Management 2013-01-17
Jyun-Han Lin The Influence of Price Promotion formats on Consumer’s Purchase Intention - A Case Study of Chain Stores in Taiwan Business Management 2013-01-24
Yu-Chen Lee How Do Late-Movers Create Their Own Competitive Advantages: A Resource-Based View, The Case of 7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart in Taiwan. Business Management 2013-01-24
Chun-Ying Chen The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Identification and Corporate Image in Theme Park Industry - A Case of E-DA Theme Park Business Management 2013-01-28
Jui-Hsin Chu The Effects of Employees’ Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Identification – Supervisors’ Support as a Moderator Business Management 2013-01-28
Chia-Hung Lin Research on business strategy in Shipping-related industries : An investigation of container ,bulk carrier and Nautical Charts & Publications sectors Business Management 2013-01-24
Che-Nan Lin The study of online game user’s experience and virtual sense of community affect their behavioral intentions Business Management 2013-01-31
Ya-Hui Yang Research about Kaohsiung City Digital Content Industry’s actual dilemma and strategy Business Management 2013-01-31
Ji-Ying Jhuang A Study of Consumer's Motivation and Behavior of Purchasing Health Food Permit Tea Beverage Business Management 2013-01-31
Chien-Chung Hung A study of the influence of relationship marketing on perceived risk and repurchase intension for online shopping stores Business Management 2013-01-31
Yu-Hsueh Lee e-Brand Loyalty and Expansion Strategy of On-Line stores:A Multi-Case Study Business Management 2013-02-04
Chiu-chiu Yin Effect of limited time, limited quantity and hot sales messages on consumer’s choice Business Management 2013-02-18
Phakjira Jitharnpol Discovering Marketing Strategy for Highly Competitive Thai Spa Business: Case Study of “Just Spa” Business Management 2013-02-18
Yu-ping Wu Influences of Self Construal, Construal Level and Message Framing in Charitable Advertising Business Management 2013-03-18
Shih-chieh Hsu Food Contagion Caused by Source's Body Size:Influences of Perceiver's Need for Touch and Type of Food Business Management 2013-03-25
Magdala Wing-Yee Service Gap in E-coupon Business Model Business Management 2013-03-26
Ya-Hsuan Tseng The Influence of Website Quality on Consumer Purchase Intention-A Case of Business Management 2013-06-08
Chih-Yen Huang Implementation of the Lean Production System in Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Manufacturing Business Management 2013-06-07
Hsueh-Fung Wu How Firms Create Value in a Dual Technological Regime: The Case of Global Integrated Circuit Design Industry Business Management 2013-06-11
Pei-yun Chang The effect of product placement attitude on brand attitude and purchase intention─using product involvement and product category as moderators. Business Management 2013-06-14
Yi-Chun Cheng The Influence of Social Network Advertisement on Advertising Effect, Purchase Intention and Attitude of Consumer : A Case Study of 7-ELEVEN Facebook Fan Page Business Management 2013-06-14
Xinwei Gu A Study on Market Competitiveness of Cross-Strait Independent Music Business Management 2013-06-14
Yen-Chang Liu E-commerce of TAM Model—a study of seafood Business Management 2013-06-18
Sheng-tzu Cheng The Effect of B2B Social Media Management Strategy on Advertising & Communicating Effect and Fan Page Preference– A Case Study Of Intel Taiwan Fan Page Business Management 2013-06-15
YA FEN LIU A Study on Employees’ Acceptance of a Enterprise Resource Planning System- A Case of a Power Company Business Management 2013-06-19
Chu-Ya Hsu Competitive Strategy of FMCG Industry in Taiwan:A Case Study of P&G Business Management 2013-06-18
Nai-Wen Chang The competitive Advantage of Boutique Hotel based on Resource-Based View :A Case Study of Taipei W Hotel Business Management 2013-06-19
SIJIA Wang The Research of Corporate Multi-brand Strategy Business Management 2013-06-23
PO-HAN CHEN Investigating The Effect of Ambidextrous Strategy on Firm Performance in Retailing Industry Business Management 2013-06-24
Violet Tinotenda Simbi A gender analysis of university students’ perceptions of entrepreneurship: A Zimbabwean survey. Business Management 2013-06-19
Yi-Chun Lu The Practices and Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility in Taiwan’s Financial Industry: An Institutional Theory Perspective Business Management 2013-06-25
Chun-Zhong Liu Performance Investigation and Analysis of Value Chain by Executing Collaborative Lean Management in Yacht Industry Business Management 2013-06-27
Yuan-Kun Lan A study of middle-aged and older consumers’ purchase intentions for innovation products. A case of smart phone. Business Management 2013-06-27
Chao-Jen Tseng Competitive Outsourcing Analysis of Electrogalvanizy and Pickle Processes for H Steel Conpany Business Management 2013-06-25
Tai-wen Yen A study of the Social Marketing Strategy of Retailer Industry-A case study of 7-ELEVEN Business Management 2013-06-28
Shih-i Chiu A study of watching behavior on YouTube TrueView Ads Business Management 2013-07-01
You-yan Chien The Impact of Innovation Strategy on Business Performance - A Study of Internet Entrepreneurial Stores Business Management 2013-07-02
Yu-Fen Wang A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of Dynamics Interactice Process of Roles among Local Culture Museums Business Management 2013-07-02
Li-Ting Wen A Study of Mainland Tourists’ Satisfaction toward Liouhe Tourist Night Market Business Management 2013-07-02
Hsiang-ping Hu The Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Incubators’s Intention-A Case Study of Southern Alliance of Innovation and Incubator Centers Business Management 2013-07-03
Hao Chen The Agglomeration Effect of Cultural and Creative Industrial District Business Management 2013-07-10
Yu-Tse Ko Business model of Fast Fashion Industry-A Case Study on ZARA and H&M Business Management 2013-07-09
Chun-liang Cheng The Entry Model Of Mega International Commercial Bank into Mainland China: Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2013-07-11
Wen-Yang Wang Assessing the Service Quality of Open University of Kaohsiung Library from the perspective of readers Business Management 2013-07-14
An-Ni Wang Using Systems Approaches to Investigate the Tourism Policy of Mainland Tourists in Taiwan Business Management 2013-07-15
Lu-chen Lin The Establishment and Extension of the Value Chain of Media Industry: A Case Study of GO! DuLaLa Business Management 2013-07-15
Yen-chu Lin Personality Traits of the Job Descriptions of the Human Resource Management Employees -Job Ads on the 104 Job Bank Business Management 2013-07-15
Chen-Chuan Wu Imitation or Innovation? The Analysis of Market Followers' Strategy. Business Management 2013-07-16
Pei-Hsian Chen The Exploration of the Organizing in Entrepreneurial Space Business Management 2013-07-21
Hsiu-Hua Chang IPO Price Discovery Efficiency under Alternative Regulatory Constraints: Taiwan, Hong Kong and the U.S. Business Management 2013-07-22
Yi-Hsiang Cheng The Characteristics of Work in the 5-Star Hotel Lobby and its Staff's Learning from the Perspective of Situated Learning Business Management 2013-07-23
Tsai-Hsin Yen The Inquiry of Experiential Space, Sense of Place and Entrepreneurial Identity of Art Café Business Management 2013-07-24
Ying-Chao Yeh The Influence of Dividend Policy on Corporate Growth Business Management 2013-07-22
Chyn-yi Liu The Relatioship between Corporate Governance and Operating Performance-The Case of Listed Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2013-07-24
Ju-Peng Shen A Study of Social Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum on Sustainability Issues based on Asian Higher Education Business Management 2013-07-17
Ya-Hsiuan Lin A Study on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Response to the New Version of Personal Information Act Business Management 2013-07-25
Yen-ling Tseng The Effects of Brand Posts on Word of Mouth : An Investigation of Facebook Brand Fan Page Business Management 2013-07-25
Hang-Chang Kung A Study on the re-construction and transformation of subcontracting company – A case study of subcontracting company from the steel industry in Taiwan Business Management 2013-06-21
Chin-Yu Chen A study of the effectiveness of the male endorsers on feminine products Business Management 2013-07-24
Po-jen Chiu A Preliminary Study of the Dispute between Pitfalls and Side Effects of Goal Setting Theory: A Systems Thinking Perspective-A Case Study of a Hypermarket Business Management 2013-07-26
Guo-Ying Hung The Learning Process of Chain Restaurants Entrepreneurer Business Management 2013-07-22
Yu-hsien Yen A Study on the Relationship among Corporate Vision and Organizational Performance Business Management 2013-07-28
Kai-ning Shen The Research on Strategic Management of the A Pharmaceutical Company : Resource-Building Mechanism Perspective Business Management 2013-07-25
Hsiao-Ting Weng The Study of the Factors Affecting Coupon Redemption─A Case Study of Carrefour Hypermarket Business Management 2013-07-30
Yuh-jiin Chen A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of the Effect of University Evaluation Systems on University Education Business Management 2013-07-31
Sukkasem Suratanakavikul A Systems Thinking Approach to the Study of Side Effect of Performance System in Insurance Company Business Management 2013-07-31
Ching-Yu Liu Learning in Practice Curriculum:An Inquiry into the Curriculum Experience of the Course ‘Entrepreneurship Management’ Business Management 2013-08-05
Chao-hui Chen Corporate Governance of Venture-backed IPOs Business Management 2013-08-17
Chunchieh Yang A study on the Effect of Team Diversity, Team Leader Innovative Characteristics on Team Innovation Business Management 2013-08-03
Ling-Yu Wu A Study on Succession of Taiwan’s Family Business—A Comparative Analysis for Two Food Manufacturers Business Management 2013-08-09
Chen-wen Chen A Signaling Game between a Manager and Investors for Financial Disclosure Business Management 2013-08-09
Yi-fan Tesng Product or Brand? Influences of Ad Focus and Thinking Style on Type of Nostalgia in Advertising Effects Business Management 2013-08-10
Chung-lin Chuang Impacts of Verbal Metaphor and Creative Mind-Set on Different Types of Visual Metaphor Advertising Business Management 2013-08-13
Hsing-chun Huang The Analysis of Merger and Acqusition on Financial Performance of TFT-LCD in Taiwan-Based on ROE Business Management 2013-08-09
Yu-Shan Hung A Study of the Effects of Knowledge Characteristic, Self-Efficacy, and Industrial Environmental uncertainty on Innovation Capability Business Management 2013-08-11
Po-Kai Tsai The Effects of Knowledge Characteristics on Self-Efficacy and Innovativeness–A Case of Revenue Service Bureau Business Management 2013-08-16
Shih Kan Chiu On the expected and actual return of Taiwan listed companies based on CAPM Business Management 2013-08-15
Chen-ni Wang The Business Benefits and the Benefit of Parents' Expectation of High Tuition Kindergartens Business Management 2013-08-19
Chih-Hsuan Wu Long-Term and Short-Term Performance of IPOs in Taiwan Business Management 2013-08-23
Yueqi Cai An Empirical Study on the Returns of Venture Capital: the Case of ChiNext Stock Market in Mainland China Business Management 2013-08-26
Shih-yun Kung The Effect of City Placement—A Case of Taiwan Movies. Business Management 2013-08-13
Hao Chu Cultural and Creative Industrial District as City Marketing Strategy-A Study of Pier-2 in Kaohsiung Business Management 2013-08-28
Jen-chiu Wang Social Corporation's Practice and Application— The Project of MuDan Township Business Management 2013-08-23
Yu-Hsuan Chang Bonus Pack or Price Discount? Influences of Product Type and Regulatory Focus on Preference of Promotion Type Business Management 2013-09-03
Pao I A Study of Factors Affecting Purchasing Intention of Private Brand: An Empirical Study of Carrefour Business Management 2013-09-09
Chia-wen Lo The Effects of Organizational Trust on Professional Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior-A Case of Kaohsiung City Government Business Management 2013-09-10
pei-yi wu The study of satisfaction-Tokyo Disneyland Business Management 2013-09-09
Tse-Han Mo The Location Strategy for Taiwanes Cultural and Creative Industry Entering into Chinese Market- A Case of Eslite Business Management 2013-09-04
Chiu Su-mei A Study of the Innovation in Architecture Industry- A Case of Builders Business Management 2013-09-11
Shu-Min Ho The relationship between characteristics and innovation of the museums in Taiwan Business Management 2013-09-11
YEN-CHIANG CHANG The Apply of Wavelet Analysis to Improve the Return by the Simple Moving Average of Technical Analysis - Based on Taiwan’s Security Market Business Management 2013-11-19
Chun-Ling Lee Country-of-origin, consumer animosity, and foreign entry-mode choice: A cross-country study Business Management 2013-11-22
Wei-Ting Hsu Becoming and Entrepreneuring: A Life Narrative of Musical Entrepreneur Business Management 2013-11-25
Benazir Quadir The Effects of Reading and Writing Habits on Blog Adoption and Learning Performance Business Management 2013-11-26
Sheng-jhe Lin The Effects of Sports sponsorship on Brand Equity Business Management 2013-12-15
Hui-ya Hsu A Systems Thinking Approach to the Influence in Education System of Taiwan with Open Admission in 12-year Compulsory Education Business Management 2014-01-14
Hsiu-Chen Fong Research on the Satisfaction of Parents and Children with the Service Quality of Public Kindergarten ---- An Empirical Study of a Public Kindergarten in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2014-01-22
Chi-Ying Tang A Study of the Enterprise Risk Management for the Paper-Making Industry in Taiwan Business Management 2014-01-21
Jai-Tsung Hong An Empirical Study on Consumers' Acceptance Model for Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System Business Management 2014-01-16
Ya-Ting Yang The Influence of Shopping Values on Continuance Intention in Online Shopping Business Management 2014-01-29
Ching-Ya Weng A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Microfilm and Television Advertising on Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2014-01-27
Zi-Bin He The Strategic Analysis of Taiwan’s Technology Enterprises Attracting Taiwanese Staff to Expatriate in Pearl River Delta Region:A Study of Foxconn Business Management 2014-01-28
Sheng-ting Huang Is Humor Effective? Influences of Type of Sex Appeals, Product Type and Thinking Style in Advertising Effectivenes Business Management 2014-02-10
Chin-Ping Huang The study of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intention - a case of TIPC Business Management 2014-02-10
YA-FANG CHEN A Study on Male Customer Loyalty for Purchasing Male Care Products and Cosmetics Business Management 2014-02-08
Ting-han Chang A Study of Facebook Fan-Page Business Management 2014-02-11
Chung-Ping Pan The Analysis of Motivation and Satisfaction of Taiwanese Viewers for Hayao Miyazaki’s Animated Film Business Management 2014-02-10
Hsun-Yu Huang An Exploratory Study of University Students' Entrepreneuring Business Management 2014-02-11
Chun-yu Chen A Study of Passengers' Technology Acceptance of Airlines Check-in KIOSK Business Management 2014-02-11
Ting-Cheng Wu The Impact of Inter-industrial Association on Family Business Successors- A Social Capital Perspective Business Management 2014-03-10
Pei-Hsun Tsai The Relationship among Perceived Price, Brand Image, Store Image and Perceived Value to Purchase Intention─The Case Study on a Spanish Clothing Brand ZARA Business Management 2014-04-25
Pei-yu Chen The Impact of Social Network Websites' Atmospherics on Purchasing Intention - A Case of Parenting websites Business Management 2014-05-05
Yu-Chan Lin A Research on Lean Safety Management for Campus Buildings — the case of elementary schools in Kaohsiung Business Management 2014-05-24
Chun-lan Chang The investment strategies of Taiwan mutual funds: An application of factor models Business Management 2014-05-31
Pei-Yun Wang A Study on Internet Business Model and International Market Entry Strategy of Xiaomi Business Management 2014-06-03
Ting-wun You A Study on Business Model of Crowdfunding Company - A Case of FlyingV Business Management 2014-05-31
Tung-Ju Wu A Study of Guanxi Type and Leadership Behaviors in Taiwan Family Business Manager Business Management 2014-06-11
WAN-TIN LIN A Study on Experiential Marketing and Revisit Intention at Pier-2 Art Centre Business Management 2014-06-12
Jui-Hung Huang A Study of Competitive Advantage: Cases of TSMC and UMC Business Management 2014-06-13
Ya-wei Huang The Study of Consumer’s Awareness and Purchase Intention on Locally Produced and Marketed Vegetables and Fruits Business Management 2014-06-15
Chih-Kai Lien Factors on IPO Delisting in Taiwan: IPO Characteristics, Financial Variables and Corporate Governance Variables in the Aftermarket Business Management 2014-06-08
Min-Chun Ke The Influence of Career Plateau on Job Involvement: The Moderating Effects of Social Support Business Management 2014-06-16
Chan-fu Chuang Exploring the Relationships among Career Needs, Commitments, and Health for Survivors in Downsizing -Using Career Adaptability as a Moderator Business Management 2014-06-17
Sih-Ying Lin The Influence of Sales Promotion on Consumers' Perceived Value and Purchasing Intention- A Case study of Annual Sales of Department Stores and Shopping Malls Business Management 2014-06-15
Yu-Ting Lin Does Product-Cause Fit Matter? Influences of Execution Style and Consumer Self-accountability on Advertising for Cause-Related Marketing Business Management 2014-06-18
YU-MING LO The Case Study on The Strategic Management of Tesla’s Electric Automobile Business Management 2014-06-17
Jhih-fong Chen A Study on Consumer Behavior Influencing Factors of 12hotpot Business Management 2014-06-18
Cheng Hong A Study of media information influence on eating out decision making under food safety events Business Management 2014-06-18
Chien-Yu Wu An Analysis for Firms Profiting Ability in Business Ecosystem: A Case Study of iPhone Suppliers Business Management 2014-06-20
Ming-Ching Wu The Study of Food Safety Issues and Consumer in Online Food Shopping Behavior– Golmart as an Example Business Management 2014-06-17
Chien-chung Ting The Influence of Sales Promotion on Purchasing Intension and Buying Behavior: A Case Study of Unilever Personal Product Business Management 2014-06-16
Chen-Chi Lin A Study on Strategic positioning of the culturally creative restaurant in Kaohsiung City Business Management 2014-06-19
Che-hao Chang An Analysis of key success factors on Facebook business fan pages Business Management 2014-06-13
Jung-chang Chang The Influence of Credit Card Reward Programs on the Usage Behaviors of Credit Card Holders Business Management 2014-06-15
Chang-ming Lee A Systems Thinking Investigation of Organizational System Problems - In the Case of a Company Business Management 2014-06-23
Wan-Chin Liaw Key Successful Factors of the Top Ten Global Retailers Business Management 2014-06-13
Yi-Ting Tsai A Study of Students’ Motivation and Decision Factors of Smartphone - Samsung, Apple and HTC as examples Business Management 2014-06-17
Hung-Yi Yeh Liu The Influence of Cause-Related Marketing and Brand Image on Purchase Intention: A Case Study of Taishin Holdings Business Management 2014-06-17
Wen-Yuan Li A study on Brand Image and Purchase Intension of 86 SHOP Fan Page Business Management 2014-06-17
Wei-hsiang Wang A Study on Customer Value Creation in B2B Context -A Case of T Company Business Management 2014-06-24
Yi-rong Hsieh The Advertising Effects of Green Advertisement - Green Detergent as the Example Business Management 2014-06-16
Yu-Chih Chen A Study on the Words of Mouth Effect of Internet Check-in Towards Consumer’s Purchasing Decision-a Case of Hairdressing Industry Business Management 2014-06-26
Sheng-Chan Chiu A Study of Food Consumption Attitude and Intention toward Food Miles Business Management 2014-06-28
Pei-huan Chou The Impact of Information Disclosure and Transparence Ranking System on Earnings Management:Before and After IFRS Adoption Business Management 2014-06-24
Su-Yun Chen A Study on the Small Business Entities Taxing System Business Management 2014-06-30
Chia-Chun Wu A Study on Nursing Shortage in Taiwan: From Organizational-Climate Perspective Business Management 2014-07-03
Chia-yin Kung The Development of E-Commerce Platform for Animal Medicine and Related Instruments in Taiwan Business Management 2014-06-25
Liang-jhe Lin A Case Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Lenovo Business Management 2014-07-07
Chih-Chuan Chiu A Study on Customer Repurchase Intention in Online Fast Fashion Industry Business Management 2014-07-08
Hung-ying Chien Social Enterprise as an Approach to Disaster Rehabilitation:NEWAYS 2021 as an Example Business Management 2014-07-10
Po-Chuan Chien The Reflection on Process of Promoting an Organization Generating Transformed Awareness- A Case of a Company study Business Management 2014-07-09
I-HSIU LEE The Impact of Marketing Strategies on Building Brand Equity-A Case of Nike Business Management 2014-07-10
Yi-Hsuan Fu Analysis of Company Operation and Obstacles in System Thinking Perspective-A Case Study of a Textile Company Business Management 2014-07-11
Ting-yu Chang A Study of the Purchasing Intention of Online Group-Buying Customers in Taiwan Business Management 2014-07-11
Yu-Cheng Liu The Role of Internal Audit Department in Green Supply Chain: The Perspective of Stakeholder Theory Business Management 2014-07-14
Chao-yi Lee An Inquiry into the Learning Experience of the Business Intern-The case study of Bayer Outstanding Pathfinder Program Business Management 2014-07-16
Ka Seng Ng A Study on Online brand Community Participation’s Antecedents and Consequences: Using the 3C page in Taiwan's Mobile 01 forum as example Business Management 2014-07-14
Michael Chen A study on management graduate students’ sleep quality and its consequences Business Management 2014-07-17
Nien-Ju Wu A Study of Corporate Sustainable Development: from the Stakeholders’ Viewpoint Business Management 2014-07-17
Hsing-Lin Chen A Study on High-Tech Innovation by Real Options Approach Business Management 2014-07-20
Pei-Ru Chen A Study On Key Success Factors in FCCL Industry –A Case of T Company Business Management 2014-07-17
Hui Kiong Yek The Effects of Macroenvironment and Sociocultural Factors on the Marketing Strategy of Retailers- A Case Study on A. S. Watson Pharmaceutical Stores in Malaysia and Taiwan. Business Management 2014-06-17
Yu-Wen Fang A study on the effect of special exhibitions on revisit intention in Taiwan museums. Business Management 2014-07-21
Pin-shuo Hsu A study of Fans’ Segmentation and Participation Intention for Chinese Professional Baseball League Business Management 2014-07-21
Yueh-Hsiang Wang The Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty of Low Cost Carriers Business Management 2014-07-18
Chao-Cheng Chung The Effects of Size, Employee Efficiency and Bilateral Relationship on Post-acquisition Performance – Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2014-07-21
Kuan-i Wu The Effects of Medical Seeking Consideration, Perceived Value, Perceived Risk on Medical Seeking Intention– A Case of Musculoskeletal Disorder. Business Management 2014-07-23
Chih-Hsiung Tien The research in elements of enterprise collaboration trust. Business Management 2014-07-22
Yun-Hsiung Liu The Industrial Impacts of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone on Kaohsiung City Business Management 2014-07-21
Yu-tzu Lu Learning in the Experience of Identity Formation-Using NSYSU Guitar Association as an Example Business Management 2014-07-27
Yu-Chih Lee Snap before bon appitite: Exploring Motivations for Gourmet Photo Sharing in Social Media Business Management 2014-07-30
Yi-yun Liu The Relationship between Corporate Governance, Internal Contrrol Weaknesses and Performance -The Case of Taiwan’s Listed Companies Business Management 2014-07-14
Chen-yuan Chang An Inquiry into the Learning Process of Rural Entrepreneur Business Management 2014-07-30
Tzu-jui Lin An exploration of the formation of organizational identity process of Taiwan independent band. Business Management 2014-07-30
Kai-Meng Liu Cross-Boundary Learning of Professional Planner Business Management 2014-07-31
Yi-ling Lin Strategic Development of Manufacturers –The Case of Cooling Fan Company Business Management 2014-07-30
Ying-Jyun Yang Does YouTube click-through rate affect physical album sales of music artists? Business Management 2014-08-06
Yi Feng Huang Is Monetary Donation Good? Influences of Product-Cause Fit and Product Type on Selection of Donation Type Business Management 2014-08-06
Han-Je Lin A Study on Business Management of Real Estate Appraiser in Taiwan Business Management 2014-08-03
Wei-Cheng Yeh Babyface Effects in Product Design? Influences of Green Appeals and Babyface Schema in Automobile Market Business Management 2014-08-04
Yi-hom Kuo Does Facebook popularity affect sale? The impact of Facebook popularity on the physical album sales of music artists Business Management 2014-08-10
Mei-ling He Is It Good for a Salesperson to Have a Babyface? Moderating Influences of Message Framing and Crowding on Product Evaluation Business Management 2014-08-08
Yen-Li Chou A Study of the Relationship between the Human Resource Organizational Climate and Job Involvement: E Company as an Example Business Management 2014-08-14
Tomas Juricek Business Plan - Hugo Adventures Ltd. Business Management 2014-08-14
Chun-wei Hu Analysis of Pricing Decisions of Public Transports -The Case of THSR Business Management 2014-08-18
Fei-yun Lee Competitive Advantages of Smartphone Industry in 4G Era - A case study of SAMSUNG and SONY Business Management 2014-08-18
I- Jou Su A Study of Key Success Factors of Internet Marketing in Furniture Industry - a case Study of Furniture Company in Tainan Business Management 2014-08-12
Camille Tauzin Which are the Factors that Influence the Use of Platform of E-Purchasing by Professional Buyers? Business Management 2014-08-20
Ya-Hsun Lin The New Entrepreneurial Model of Combinative Clinic-A Case Study of Homu Health Utilities Company Business Management 2014-08-15
Olivia Cohen What are the Effects of the Online Stealth Marketing on the Consumer’s Behavior? Business Management 2014-08-25
Yu-Ting Chiang With Women’s Hands:Effects of Mental Simulation and Social Comparison Mechanisms in Print Advertising Business Management 2014-08-26
Meei-Shouan Her A Study on Integration and Renewal of Tax Information Systems and Work Performance Business Management 2014-08-24
Cian-yi Li The Impact of Branded App Characteristics on Brand Attitude. Business Management 2014-08-27
Chieh-hao Wu A study on the relationship among role conflicts,job stress,and job burnout: With the moderating effect of social support and personal recreation Business Management 2014-08-27
I-Ting Fu Balancing of Public Welfare and Profit – The Case Study of Social Enterprise Business Management 2015-03-18
Chiung-wen Yen Development Strategies for Medical Devices Industry: An Empirical Study of the Digital Dentistry Industry Business Management 2014-09-01
TsungYu Hsieh A Study of Commercial Spot Hijacking in Taiwan Business Management 2014-09-04
Jen-Wei Hsieh The Innovation of Internet Business Model of Four Treasures of Study – A Case Study of W company in Managing Online Community Business Management 2014-09-04
Jang-li Chang Managing Value Chain Relationships in Cross-Level Organizations- The Industry of the Four Level Smart Phone and Sport Shoemaking Value Chain Business Management 2014-08-31
Quang Vinh Nguyen A Study of Influence of Attitude towards Confucian’s Cardinal Virtues on Ethical Behavior in Business of Vietnamese Managers at State-owned Enterprises Business Management 2014-09-10
Sheng-hsien Lee A study on attractive quality and experiential marketing of restaurants-An empirical case of 85°C Bakery Café Business Management 2014-09-11
Shu-Fen Tsai A study of Diabolo Sport industry Business Model:A Case of Diabolo Association at Kaohsiung Business Management 2014-09-15
Yi-Yu Su The New Weapon for Marketing Communication:Ad Effects of Product Types and Promotion Types in App Advertising and Enbedded App Types Business Management 2014-10-11
Ts'ui-Ting Chang Exploring the process of entrepreneurial learning:Organic entrepreneurs’ narrative inquiry Business Management 2014-10-30
Wen-Fang Chen The key success factors of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries -A Case Study of Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Business Management 2014-12-08
Chia-Yu Lee An Exploration of User Intention for Third-Party Payment in Taiwan Business Management 2014-12-31
Tik Xyan Phang Creative Value of The Pier-2 Art Center Business Management 2015-01-23
Wen-Hsuan Lee A Study on the Customer Behavior of Using Retail Industry Application Business Management 2015-01-23
Yung-Jan Cho Adapted Hotelling Model for Differentiation Strategies in Marketing Campaigns Business Management 2015-02-09
I-Lan Hsu The Impacts of Social Commerce Design Model on Purchase Intention-A Case of Facebook President Starbucks Fan Page Business Management 2015-02-09
Chih-Hao Tsai Value Co-creation in Public-Private Partnerships with Value-Based Strategy: Empirical Evidence of Culture Creative Industry from Pier 2 Art Center Business Management 2015-02-13
Yi-Lung Chen A study of the Relationship Among Experiential Marketing, Customer’s Loyalty , Perceived Risk on Purchase Intention-A Case Study of NIKE Running Activity Business Management 2015-02-17
Chao-ching Wei The Research of System Dynamic Model of Disruptive Innovation Strategy Influence Enterprise Value Business Management 2015-03-08
Jun-Chia Wu A Research on The Factors Affecting User Acceptance of Mobile Instant Messaging Application:An Example of LINE Business Management 2015-03-06
Teng-Yu Wang A Resource-Based Theory of Quality Agriculture Development Strategy based on The Family Farm in Fangshan Mango Farm. Business Management 2015-03-20
Ye-sing Li A Study on the Relationship among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention in Catering Industry - The Moderating Effect of Catering Type Business Management 2015-05-18
Ruei-Lin Shen A Study of Harbor Asset Management Using Geographic Information Systems Business Management 2015-06-12
Li-chen Lin An Empirical Study of Reengineering of Local Tax Information Systems Business Management 2015-06-11
Chih-ching Chen The Relationship between Participation and Satisfaction for online career community - a Case of LinkedIn Business Management 2015-06-15
Yu-jung Lo The Effect of Information Disclosure to Consumers' Trust on Food Safety and Brand Equity - A Case of Chih Wei Peanut Business Management 2015-05-27
Hung-pei Chen Consumers’ Behavioral Intention for Tainan Hayashi Department Store - Theory of Consumption Values Business Management 2015-05-27
Kai-yen Hsu Influence of Brand Image and Cause-brand Alliance Fit on Brand Equity - A Case of Uniqlo Business Management 2015-05-27
Hsin-yu Chen The Purchase Intention of Pop Musical Concert:The Perspective from Elaboration Likelihood Model Business Management 2015-05-25
Chao-yuan Lu A Study on Consumer’s Word-of-mouth Motive for Food and Beverage Industry - A Case of WowPrime. Business Management 2015-05-27
Chi-Yang Li The Influence of Match-up Degree and Brand Image on Advertising Effect Business Management 2015-07-09
Tse-yu Lin Research of the Manager Achieving Organizational Performance through Leadership Style, Management Control Systems, and Organizational Climate - Case Study on China Steel Corporation Business Management 2015-07-04
Chen-yun Su A Preliminary Study of Key Success Factors of Sharing Service Business Management 2015-06-24
Kuang-yu Chu Impacts of Experiential Value of Hedonic Products on Brand Equity Business Management 2015-06-25
Chun-hao Hung CEO-TMT Exchange Differentiation and Firm Performance: Examining the Mediating Role of TMT Trust and the Moderating Effect of Competitive Tension Business Management 2015-07-08
Min-feng Hsieh Type Of Succession and Innovation Investment Performance- A Study of Family Business Business Management 2015-06-24
Wei-ling Kao Factors to Affect Students on Choosing a Breakfast Store Business Management 2015-07-16
Yi-te Chung The Relation among Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility, Role Stress, and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study of the Service Industry Business Management 2015-07-27
Kuo-tung Liao A Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantages of Hidden Champion Companies in Taiwan – The Case of Taiwan Golden Bee Business Management 2015-06-25
Chun-ting Huang A Study on the Relationships among Hospital Managers’ Positive Leadership, Optimism and Self-Efficacy : Examples of Kaohsiung and Pingtung Areas Business Management 2015-07-17
Su-Chen Wu The Correlation with Continuity Of Care and Diabetes Foot in Taiwan Business Management 2015-07-29
Wen-Jui Feng The research of the relationship among Safety Climate Perception, Professional Commitment, Task-technology Fit, Self-esteem, Knowledge Innovation and Outcome Business Management 2015-08-01
Ying-Ju Cheng The Effect of Organizational Climate on Employee Engagement and the Mediation Effect of Job Satisfaction in Taiwanese Manufacturing Industry Business Management 2015-07-19
Hui-chen Yeh Discussion of Importing Forensic Accounting into Public Authorities Business Management 2015-08-05
Wei-Ju Chen The Influence of Virtual Community on Marketing Mix Business Management 2015-08-06
Ning Hsu An Investigation of the Effect of Affective Advertising Types on Advertising Effect and Brand Attitude –Product Involvements and Celebrity Endorser as Moderators Business Management 2015-07-02
Yi-chia Hsieh The Impact of Employees’ Participation in Decision Making on their Job Involvement and Job Satisfaction -Taiwanese Financial Industry as an Example Business Management 2015-07-19
Chung-li Lin Research of Financial Holding Companies Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions of Banks-Case Studies of the Taiwanese Financial Holding Companies Business Management 2015-08-16
YI-HUA LIN The Research of Constructing Financial Service Business Model Innovation By Quality Function Deployment Business Management 2015-08-16
Jui-Fang Tu A Study of the Management Strategies for Dental Digitization:the Case of Dental Laboratories Business Management 2015-08-19
Chao Chan Kuo Prognosis in Bipolar Disorder Patients Received Surgical Intervention for Stroke: A Five-year Follow-up Study Business Management 2015-08-21
Ching-ting Chiu The Impact of Introducing Free Economic Pilot Zone on Port Development – The Case of Kaohsiung Port Business Management 2015-08-21
Jung-Chan Su A Study on the Supply Chain Strategy – A case on A Medical Equipment Manufacturer Business Management 2015-08-20
Ying-Tsung Lin A Study of User Acceptance on Foldable Displays Business Management 2015-06-15
Chih-Hua Wu Three Cases of Organizational Change from the Dimension of Organizational Communication Business Management 2015-08-19
Yu-Hsueh Liu The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Commitment - with Corporate Motivation as a Moderator Business Management 2015-08-10
Chen-ge Sung A Study on Internet Marketing Strategy of an Online Women’s Apparel Brand ‘INMAN’ Business Management 2015-08-26
Pin-Han Chen Key Success Factors of Merger and Acquisition Strategy −A Case Study on Lenovo Business Management 2015-08-24
Ming-Han Li Christian Church as an Entrepreneurial Space Business Management 2015-08-28
Shao-Ting Hsu A Study of Value Nets of Bloggers Business Management 2015-08-30
Shih-Yuan Chen To Move or Not To Move? Impacts of Dynamic Imagery, Product Type and Perceived Risk toward Product Attitudes Business Management 2015-09-02
Shr-Chi Wang Does Sex Increase Indulgence?Influences of Sexual Stimulus, Consumer Gender and Self-Construal in Indulgent Consumption Business Management 2015-09-04
Tsung-Yen Yu Key Successful Factors of Wealth Management from Perspectives of Balanced Scorecard-take Global Banks in Taiwan as Examples Business Management 2015-09-08
Wei-Ling Chen 'Bad News Travel Fast' or 'Rumor End with Sage?' Effects of Negative Word of Mouth Type, Service Type and Temporal Distance Business Management 2015-09-09
Sheng-Hsing Lan Influence of Different Hypnotics to Fracture: A Nationwide, population based study Business Management 2015-09-08
Shih-Ting Kao Kawaii Works? Impacts of Brand-Customer Relationship and Message Tone on Advertising Effects of Spokes-Character Business Management 2015-09-10
Tung-Lin Tsai A Study of Brand Revitalization and Business Model : A Case Study Business Management 2015-09-14
Kuan-ying He A Case Study on the Competitive Strategy of IC Design Company Business Management 2015-06-25
SHAN NIU The Prospect and Current Status of the Corporate Social Responsibility in China’s Family Businesses: Reflection from Stakeholder Theory Business Management 2015-10-08
Shi-Wei Zhuang Value Co-creation Approach to Stakeholders Interaction of Taiwan Electric Scooter Industry Business Management 2015-11-11
Chien-jung Tien The Effect of Brand Rejuvenation on Brand Equity – Consumer Involvement as Moderator Business Management 2016-01-02
Hsiu-Ju Chen A Study of Bank Performance Evaluation Model in Taiwan's Financial Institutions Business Management 2016-01-03
Shih-Hsing Wu The Study on End User Satisfaction Toward Enterprise Information Portal (EIP):Moderating Effect of Task-Technology Fit Business Management 2016-01-07
Chia-Fen Chang A Study of Business Strategies of APPs Business Management 2016-01-05
Wei-da Chen A Study on the Strategy of e-Sports Companies in Taiwan―The Case of Garena Business Management 2015-06-25
HSIN HUAN WU The Relationship between Over Service and Customer Satisfaction Business Management 2016-01-12
Shang-rung Yang A Study on Product Portfolio Decisions of Start-up Biotechnology Companies-A Case of InnoPharmax Biotechnology Company Business Management 2015-07-10
Jung-chu Ho The Relationship Among Quality Control Circle Activities,Mentoring and Knowledge Management and Technical Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness:The Empirical Study of China Steel Corporation Business Management 2016-01-13
Ming-tsung Liu The research on the execution and the effectiveness of customer relationship management in the original development pharmaceutical company-A case study of atypical antipsychotic medicine “SEROQUEL” of AstraZeneca corporation Taiwan branch Business Management 2016-01-12
Yu-Sheng Liu How do board attributes affect firm performance? The roles of competitive aggressiveness in munificent environments Business Management 2016-01-19
Chih-Hsiang Chen Pre-market Trading and IPO Underpricing Business Management 2016-01-21
Wei-Hsiu Wu Risk Model Assessment Mobile Payment Systems:Apple Pay Business Management 2016-01-08
Ying-Chih Hung A Study of Explosion Disaster in Kaohsiung Affecting LPG Transit And Job Satisfaction: An Example of CPC Corporation ,Taiwan Business Management 2016-01-14
CHUN-JU YEN Case Study of Service Quality – The Case of A Company Business Management 2016-01-22
Wen-Chun Wu TMT Risk Propensity and Firm Performance: The Roles of Competitive Interactions Business Management 2016-01-22
Hsin-Jui Chang Exploring the regeneration of industrial landscape of Liverpool with the social innovation and cultural meaning of space approaches Business Management 2016-01-15
Zhao-Hong Cheng A Dynamic Examination of Customer Relationship Business Management 2016-01-28
Hui-yin Lin Entrepreneurship and Community Development – Exploring Returning Youth Entrepreneurial Process in the Concept of Entrepreneuring Business Management 2016-01-28
Chun Li Application of customer lifetime value model in water filtration industry Business Management 2016-02-01
I-Yu Chen An Exploration Process of Students’ Entrepreneurial Team Formation Business Management 2016-02-02
Po-Wen Chen From Practice towards Entrepreneurship -The Story of 3 Film Studio Entrepreneurs Business Management 2016-02-13
Chih-ying Wu A Study of the Impact of Instant Messaging on Job Performance Business Management 2016-02-12
Huai-zhi Sheu A Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Business Sector: Case Study of Taiwan Business Management 2016-02-02
Chieh-Ju Wu Co-creation, Experiential Value and Brand Resonance Pyramid Business Management 2016-02-15
Shu-hui Yang CEO-TMT Exchange and Decision Quality:Examining the Mediating Role of Decision Consensus and Moderating Effect of Competitive Tension Business Management 2016-02-16
Yi-tien Chen A Study on Strategic Positioning and Sustainable Competitive Advantages of the Old-House-Reborn Bed & Breakfast Cases Business Management 2015-06-25
Yen-shao Lin Managerialism and Organization of Business Student Association Business Management 2016-02-18
Mei-Nian Yin Green or Not? Influence of Organization Type and Consumer Participation on Green Product Evaluation Business Management 2016-03-14
Tsu-Cheng Chuang The Effects of Personality Traits, Work Values and Mobile instant messaging on Job Satisfaction Business Management 2016-03-21
KO-LI LEE A Study of Self-Congruence and Emotional Brand Attachment for Consumers' Purchase Behavior of Apple Business Management 2016-04-12
Shu-Lin Chen Applying Healthcare Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the Improvement of Central Venous Catheter Bundle Care Business Management 2016-05-16
Kuei-Nian Lin The Relationships among Service Quality,Perceived Value and Customers Satisfaction: a Study of National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium Business Management 2016-05-30
Shi-Zheng Huang An Empirical Study on Triangle Innovation Model of Innovation Policy, Organizational Innovation and Technological Innovation Capability- A Case of Pearl River Delta Enterprises in China Business Management 2016-06-02
Chun-yen Liao Empirical Research on Service Quality of Long-term Care Facilities under the Aged Society. Business Management 2016-05-30
Kuang-Tsan Su Relationship between Employee Involvement and Performance on Lean Production Business Management 2016-06-01
Yong-Ji Fang Studies of Professional Sports Branding Business Management 2016-06-13
Cheng-Yuan Chen Interactive Learning of Strategic Perspective: The Transition of Kaohsiung Industry through DAKUO Business Management 2016-06-12
Yi-Chun Chen A Study on Factors Affecting Word of Mouth of Blog Business Management 2016-06-16
Chiung-Wen Hu Advertising Effectiveness on TV Commercials versus Sponsorship in Taiwanese TV Program – A Case Study of Cotton USA Business Management 2016-06-16
Graeme Ross Hepworth The Effects of Institutions and Agglomerations on Interstate Income Flows within the US from 2004 to 2007 Business Management 2016-06-21
Chiao-Jou Liu Research on the Competitive Strategy of Drug Store Industry in Japan:The Cases of Cosmos Drug and Matsumotokiyosi Business Management 2016-06-23
Tai-wei Lin Research on Responding Strategies for Popular Music Industry in the Digital Music Age in Taiwan Business Management 2016-06-24
Jia-yan Tzeng A Study of Customer Relationship Management in Mega Securities Business Management 2016-06-17
Po-hsun Liang Discussion on the Management of the Alcohol Tax Collection Business Management 2016-06-26
Guei-siang Chen A Study on Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Brands in Chinese Home Appliance Market. Business Management 2016-06-23
Shu-Ting Chan Impact of Institutional Logics and Social Capital of Private Universities on Academia-industry Collaborations Business Management 2016-06-27
Chih-wei Chen Relationship between Each Financial Indicators of Commercial Banks Operating Performance Business Management 2016-06-25
FU YANG HSU Research on Earnings Management of the Construction Industry Business Management 2016-06-27
Yi-Ching Kuo An Empirical Study of Two-Factor CAPM on Banks under Taiwan’s Financial Holding Companies – Application of Three-State Markov Regime Switching Model Business Management 2016-06-24
Kuei-Jung Hsu A Study on Responding Strategies of Traditional Bookstores for E-Books and Internet Bookstores Business Management 2016-06-25
Yu-Hsing Chen The Study of Brand Building Model in Direct Selling Industry – A Case of Company M Business Management 2016-07-11
Ming-yen Chiang The Big Data of Diabetes Healthcare Management - A Case of D Clinic Business Management 2016-07-02
Jen-yu Lin Paradoxical Leadership Behaviors and Goal Orientations: The Mediating Role of Team-Member Exchange Business Management 2016-07-11
Hsuan-wei Hung A Study of Applying Big Data Analysis in Customer Retention in Cable Communication Industry - A case of Company C Business Management 2016-07-12
Ting-Chang Sun The Study of Competence and Job Classification in Data Science Industry Business Management 2016-07-14
Yi-chia Chuang The effects of paradoxical leader behaviors on subordinates' trust in leader in the financial industry: Exploring the mediating roles of leader-member exchange Business Management 2016-07-11
Hsiang-ling Cheng A Study of Experiential Marketing in Cultural and Creative Hotel –A Case of HotelDay+ Business Management 2016-07-18
Pin-han Hsu The Study of Multi-level Marketing Industry’s Channel Conflict and Management – A case of Company M Business Management 2016-07-12
Chung-hsiang Hsu The Study on Brand Management of E-commerce Startup: The Case Study of Company A Business Management 2016-06-23
Sze-ting Chen The Effects of Institutional Legitimacy, Social Capital, and Government Relationship on Clustered Firms’ Performance in Emerging Economies Business Management 2016-07-19
Chi-jung Lu Can Government-Sponsored Museum Exhibitions Influence Art Market? An Empirical Investigation in Art Auction Market Business Management 2016-09-29
Hsin-lung Chen The Study of Key Success Factor of the Construction Company after Implementing New Regulation of Housing and Land Tax Unity-A Case Study of Kaohsiung Area Business Management 2016-07-27
Ze-tian Zhang A Study on Business Model of Sharing Economy Business Management 2016-07-28
Chieh-yun Wu Patent Analysis and Research of NAND Flash memory industry Business Management 2016-08-06
Chia-chieh Su Investigate the Developing Strategy of SMEs in Resin Industry with Resource-Base Theory - A Case of D Company Business Management 2016-07-28
TSAO FANG CHIN Innovation of Business Model-Tracing by NIDL & Taiwan sustaining OEM enterprises. Business Management 2016-08-08
Yi-Fei Chen Guilt or Shame? The Influences of Self/Other-Benefit Appeals and Power on Advertising Effectiveness of Social Marketing Business Management 2016-08-17
Chih-Hung Yuan National Logistics Competitiveness in APEC Business Management 2016-08-23
De-Yang Chen A Case Study on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Hidden Champion Companies in Taiwan Business Management 2016-06-25
Ming-kai Cheng Exploration of Health, Safety, Living Model with Home Safety Checklist Design Business Management 2016-08-26
Hsiao-Ting Liu The Inquiry of Entrepreneurial Becoming Business Management 2016-08-29
Kuo-shu Yuan The Effects of Positive Organizational Climate on the Relationship of Psychological Capital with Job-Related Outcomes among Hospital Professionals Business Management 2016-08-31
Ting-Syuan Lin Coopetition and Remuneration between Suppliers and Retailers in a Duopoly Energy Market Business Management 2016-08-30
Yu-fang Chou The Effects of Death Anxiety and Health-Related Factors on Health Prevention of Communicable Diseases Business Management 2016-08-31
Wei-Han Wang Discussion on Enterprise Resource Base View of Micro Business Entrepreneurship Model-A Case Study of Bistro Business Management 2016-08-31
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Hsin-yi Wang The Bigger the Picture, the Better? Impacts of Product and Model Ratio and Brand-Consumer Relationship on Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2016-09-09
Pei-chi Liu Happy Face or Sad Face? Facial Emotion Through Anthropomorphism and Message Framing Effects on Green Advertising Business Management 2016-09-06
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Wen-Chuan Liao An Application of the Systems Thinking Approach to Explore the Key Success Loops of a Conglomerate's Diversification Strategy - The Case of Far Eastern Group Business Management 2016-12-09
Chung-Cheng Tu A Study on Crisis Management Strategy: A case of food industry Business Management 2016-12-13
Hsiao-chu Chiu Different impact of Health Consciousness and Nutraceuticals on Purchase Intention in health care professional Business Management 2016-12-26
Yu-chi Lee Study of Impact Factors on Mobile Commerce -An Empirical study on Line commerce Business Management 2016-12-23
Xun Zhou Strategic Analysis of Hot Pot Industry-The Case of Xiabu Business Management 2015-06-25
Yi-fei Lee What Drives Successful Social Media Service? An Analysis of User Acceptance of Facebook and Instagram Business Management 2016-12-23
Chun-ting Shao The Impact of Promotion Chance on Counterproductive Work Behavior-The Analysis of Mediation and Moderation Business Management 2016-12-29
Wei-shiun Huang Ethical Leadership and Counterproductive Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment Business Management 2016-12-30
Chun-hsiu Liu A Study on the Relationships among Ethical Leadership, Global Self-Esteem and Counterproductive Work Behavior Business Management 2016-12-29
Tsai-yi Chou Investigating the Conditions of Ideal Family Business Successor: A Stakeholder Perspective Business Management 2017-01-05
Ching Ying Chung Customer satisfaction, complain, Loyalty, and Churn of Mobile user Business Management 2016-12-23
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Chia Chun Ko The Case study Analysis of International Steel Producers Developing Blue-Ocean Market Competitive Strategies Business Management 2017-01-09
Li-Chia Wong The Moderating Effects of Organizational Tenure and Position on Employees’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Commitment Business Management 2017-01-17
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Bo-Cheng Hu Research on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of Professional Electromechanical Engineering Company Business Management 2016-12-23
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Cheng-Wei Yang A Study on Failed Start-ups from Perspective of Strategic Positioning-The Cases of Homejoy and Airizu Business Management 2017-02-06
Guan-Yu Lin Analyses of Business Strategy and Competitive Dynamics in the FMCG Industry Business Management 2017-02-09
Hsing-Chu Yu Can firework festivals bring more tourists ? Business Management 2017-02-07
Guo-Kai Yen The Study of Business Fan Page Management Business Management 2017-02-10
Ching jui Chou Strategic Orientations and Firm Performance:Examining the Moderating Effects of Internal and External Contextual Forces Business Management 2017-02-10
Yu-han Chiang Strategically Name the Colors: The Influence of Color-Naming on Consumers’ Attitude and Responses Business Management 2017-02-13
Hao-yu Chung The Study of Marketing Strategy and Customer Management in the Age of Data-A Case of Company O Business Management 2017-02-10
Shu-Fang Cheng A Preliminary Exploration of the Dynamic Competition and Cooperation Relationships within and between the IoT Ecosystems Business Management 2017-02-16
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Xingyu Chu Does Distance Enhance Beauty? How Spatial Distance Between Model and Product Influence Price Premium Business Management 2017-06-20
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GU CHEN A Study on Internationalization Strategies of Chinese Traditional Catering Business-The Cases of DinTaiFung and Hidilao Hot Pot Business Management 2017-06-26
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Hsin-ming Hsieh A Study of Employee’s Role Perception, Job Involvement, and Career Commitment in Shipping Industry Business Management 2017-07-02
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Ya-Chi Huang The Influence of Electronic Commerce on Wealth Management of Securities Industry Business Management 2017-06-06
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Yi-hsuan Lee Can popularity be transformed into revenue? The economic impact of visitors on tourist attractions in Taiwan Business Management 2017-07-06
Kuan-Ting Tseng The Effect of Team Psychological Safety on Team Learning: The Mediating Role of Networking Behaviors Business Management 2017-07-10
Min-hsun Wu The effect of the Dark Triad of personality on affective commitment: The mediating role of person-environment fit Business Management 2017-07-10
Yun Kao Research on International Competitive of Strategy of Taiwanese Fastener Industry-A Perspective of Diamond Model Business Management 2017-07-10
Bei-Shan Lin A Study on Internationalization Strategy of Small and Medium Size B to B Entrepreneur in Taiwan Business Management 2017-07-13
Ting-Wei Shih A Study on Operational Strategies of Container Liners under the Trend of Ultra Large Container Vessel. Business Management 2017-07-14
Shu-Kung Chen Using UTAUT2 Model To Explore Consumer Adoption Of Mobile Trading APP Provided By Securities Firm Business Management 2017-07-12
Wei-Che Yeh China Steel Corporation’s Strategic Posture Analysis Business Management 2017-07-18
Fen-sheng Chang Do grateful customers really repay the company?The influence of customer indebtedness Business Management 2017-07-20
Ming-chu Chen The Business Administration Management of Taiwan Temples Business Management 2017-07-21
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Po-wen Ku Marketing Strategy of Stainless Steel Products – A Case of Y Company Business Management 2017-07-25
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Gwo Yang Tsai Employees Perceived Organizational Culture, Education and Training, Quality Management Practices, and Performance: the Moderating Effect of Management Maturity Business Management 2017-08-08
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Wei-Lun Jian Can Restaurants and Beverage Shops Located in Commercial Districts Established by the Government Have a Better Chance to Survive? An Empirical Study on Food and Beverage Industry in Tainan Business Management 2017-08-13
Kai-Hsi Liu Using QCC methods to improve radiation protection in the cardiac catheterization laboratory Business Management 2017-08-17
Shin-Yi Lin How do the attributes of apps in the App store affect their market performance? Business Management 2017-08-16
Ai-chi Chen A study on Marketing Strategy - Taking Houseleek Juice Cup as an Example Business Management 2017-08-20
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PI-YU KUO An Attempt to Investigate the Risk of Supply Chain Finance Business Management 2017-09-12
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Yu-jhen Yu The Impact of One Fixed Day Off and One Flexible Rest Day on Nurse Staffing among emergency units Business Management 2017-10-20
Cheng-Hao Hu An Examination of the Associations among Top Management Team Characteristics and Organizational Credit Risk Business Management 2017-11-15
Yi-Chun Lai Research on B2B Service Strategy- By Value Chain and Resource Based View Business Management 2017-11-21
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Lin Yi-Hsiang Feeling from the Shape! Influences of Food Shape, Food Perception, Food Type and Restraint Dieting on Consumption Behavior Business Management 2017-12-29
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MAO-TUNG LIN The effect of team conflict on team learning: The mediating role of person-team fit Business Management 2018-01-04
Chih-Yu Lee Entrepreneuring Learning in Entrepreneurship Education: Class Ethnonarrative as the Clue Business Management 2018-01-18
Ching-Hung Liao The Study on Business Strategy and Revenue Management of Taiwanese Small and Medium Hotels: A Case Study of L Hotel Business Management 2018-01-14
Ying-ying Lee A Study of Applying Gamification on Social Platform Design Business Management 2018-01-30
Yi-Chien Ke A Study on the Factors Affecting Entry Mode Decisions and Business Strategies of Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland Business Management 2018-01-30
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Yu-Chu Lin Research of Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty of Fitness Club Business Management 2018-02-02
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Chien-Yu Lai An empirical analysis on determinants of demand for best sellers: “Books” online book store Business Management 2018-01-23
Tsung-Pin Wang Anthropomorphism Reduces Efficacy?How Regulatory Focus and Health Locus of Control Affect Willingness to Pay For Anthropomorphized Healthcare Products Business Management 2018-02-06
Yuan-Yuan Liu An Investigation on Medical Resource Utilization and Futile Care of Severe Head Injury Patients - The Example of One Trauma Center in South Taiwan Business Management 2018-01-25
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I-Ming Wang Internationalization Strategy of NBA - A Study on China Market Business Management 2018-02-08
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SHENG-HUNG WANG Lifestyles of Health and Safety Target-Date Fund: Risk-Weighting Portfolio Design Business Management 2018-02-20
Xin-Yu Weng Inquiring The Process of Entrepreneuring Learning in Practice-based Entrepreneurship Education Business Management 2018-01-18
Hui-wen Chang Is a Smile Worth A Million? Influences of Model’s Smile Intensity, Brand-Consumer Relationship and Consumer Self-Construal on Advertising Effectiveness Business Management 2018-02-26
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Chih-Ta Chen Perceived Benefits affect Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Longitudinal Study Business Management 2018-05-31
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Hoi-Hung Chan Study of the outcomes and costs of endoscopic treatment for acute biliary pancreatitis Business Management 2018-06-09
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Wan-jung Chung Correlation Between Income and Happiness Business Management 2018-06-15
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Sz-Jie Wang Research on the Impact of Discount Combination, Product Type and Customer Involvement on the Sales of Group Buying-A Case of Group Buying Company P Business Management 2018-06-16
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Jia-Huei Lin A Study of Simple Investment Strategy in Taiwan Stock Market Business Management 2018-07-02
Yin-Ting Wu An empirical analysis on how concert promoters influence concert demands Business Management 2018-07-05
To Shia Price Elasticity Prediction by Cloud Machine learning technique – the Case of Tiny E-commerce Company in Taiwan Business Management 2018-07-05
Yu-Kai Chou A Study on Strategic Positioning and Competitive Advantage of Fitness Equipment Manufacturer Business Management 2018-06-29
Yen-Ju Wang The relationship between hotel catering service quality and customer revisit intention. The Example of Kindness-Hotel. Business Management 2018-07-07
Pin-chun Lin Paradoxical Leadership and Work Meaningfulness:Moderating Role of Affective Trust in Supervisor and Mediating Effect of Procedural Justice Business Management 2018-07-12
Liu I-Fen The Effect of Eco-labelling on Consumer Preferences Business Management 2018-06-13
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LE-RONG WONG Research on Consumer Attitude toward the Extension of Luxury Brands Business Management 2018-07-10
Yu-Ping Chiu The Business Strategy of Industrial Personal Computer Brands-A Case Study of Advantech Business Management 2018-07-03
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Yu-hsuan Wu The Hero's Journey of Four Professionals in Traditional Industries Business Management 2018-07-18
Wan-Ting Huang A Study in Strategic Management on Roller Skating Manufacturing Industry with Resource Based Theory – A Case of A Company in China Business Management 2018-07-20
Chun-Yi Wu A Study on the Transformation Strategy of OEMs to Self-Brands - A Case of Pacific Cycles Inc. Business Management 2018-07-24
Li-Wen Wang The Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Textile Garment Brands — The Case of LICHEN Company in Chinese Market Business Management 2018-07-19
Yi-Chun Chang Discussion on the Evaluation of Taiwanese Non-listed Companies-Taking non-public Taiwanese companies as example Business Management 2018-07-16
Hsiu-han Yang Pushing You On or Holding You Back? How does Career Capital and Job Satisfaction Shape The Career Orientations of Working Holiday Makers Business Management 2018-08-07
Feng-Sheng Chien The Impact of Capital Requirement on Bank Operating Efficiency Business Management 2018-07-31
Yi-ying Peng A preliminary investigation on genre preferences of popular music in different states in the U.S.: A application of Pollstar box office data Business Management 2018-08-07
Yao-Zong Xu Do fans care about game outcome - A study of stadium attendance in CPBL Business Management 2018-08-01
Teng-Yang Liu Research on the business model of Chinese O2O tutoring platforms Business Management 2018-08-10
Dickson Tok Is Scientific or Common Name Better for Food Promotion? Ingredient Name Decision Depends on Food Type and Regulatory Focus Business Management 2018-08-01
Kai-Chu Chang A Study of Consumers’ Switching Intention between General Skin Care Products and Cosmeceuticals Business Management 2018-06-10
Hsiu-Hui Chuang Explore the Impacts of Information Disclosure and Health Consciousness on Purchase Intentions through Food Tourism Factories Business Management 2018-07-18
Yi-Li Yen Entrepreneurship Research from the Perspective of Tao Te Ching:The Case of the B Company of Food Oil Business Management 2018-08-20
Shu-Han Chen Independent media professional’s business model on subscription platforms in Taiwan- Based on case study of “SOS reader” Business Management 2018-08-18
Yu-Chieh Chin A Study on Taiwanese Steel Company's Investments in Indonesia Market Business Management 2018-08-23
Chao-Tao Kao The study on Adults' Hospice Palliative Care Knowledge, Attitude and Willingness to Sign an DNR Business Management 2018-08-25
Tzu-chia Huang A Study of Awakening and Advertising Effect of Coupons-A Case Study of a Foreign Retailer Business Management 2018-08-29
Chia-Yu Hsu A Study of Applying Transaction Data on the Category Management of Retailers - A Case of Company M Business Management 2018-08-23
Sung-Chuan Wu Will Airline Safety Ranking Affect to Equilibrium Load Factor and Equilibrium Price of U.S Domestic Airline Market? Business Management 2018-08-23
Jann-Jiun Wang A Study on Business Strategy of Textile Industry in Taiwan-A Case of Singtex Corporation Business Management 2018-09-25
Yue Han Shen An Analysis on Effectiveness of Internal Control to Government Agencies - An Empirical Study on A Agency Business Management 2018-08-28
Ting-Yi Chen Narratives and Entrepreneurial Learning of Young Farmers’: Life Story Approach Business Management 2018-09-07
Yu-Shu Tsai Inquiring Entrepreneuring Subject Construction of the freelancer Business Management 2018-09-08
Yi-Peng Liu the managerial action of middle managers in professional organization chain -the case of M Chinese medicine clinic chain Business Management 2018-11-01
Chang-Sian Shen An Empirical Analysis on Artwork Auction Market: Impacts of Historical Trading Records on Art Auction Prices Business Management 2018-11-23
Po-Cheng Lin The Effect of Product Placement in CPBL-A Case of the Uniform of Uni-Lions Business Management 2018-12-07
Jia-Lin Syu The Effect of Green Product Cues on Purchase Intention- A Case Study of the Hair Shampoo Business Management 2018-12-10
Sung-Yu Hung The Influence of Endorser Characteristics on Advertising Effectiveness - A Case of Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade Business Management 2018-12-27
Mei-Chun Mou A Study on the influence of the relationship between Partners in the supply chain on operating effectiveness - A case of automobile industry Business Management 2018-12-21
Kuan-Chen Ho Competitive Strategy of FMCG Industry:The Cases of P&G and Unilever Business Management 2019-01-07
Ting-Ying Chen User Satisfaction of Mobile Payment- In the View of Service Quality Business Management 2018-12-27
Pei-Yuan Du Social Exclusion Enhances Self-Improvement Consumption? Influences of Implicit Self-Theory and Self-Construal Business Management 2019-01-03
Guo-Ting Laio A Study on E-Learning System in Using Satisfaction and Use Intention, the case of Chinese Petroleum Corporation. Business Management 2019-01-02
I-Hsiang Wang Exploring the Relationship between Game Players’ Type and Continuance Intentions Business Management 2019-01-23
Guei-Hua Huang Impacts of Emoticons, Review Valence, and Format on Review Persuasiveness Business Management 2019-01-27
Chi Wang A Study on Internationalization Strategy and Competitive Advantages of Taiwanese Beverage Chain Stores - The Case of Dayungs' Entry into Indonesia Market Business Management 2019-01-21
Chen Su Research on Managerial Strategy for Restaurant Brand Entering Taiwan Hospital Market A Case of Wowprime Group Business Management 2019-01-28
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Hsiu-Jung Hsu Determine the high MW polymer and Dendric polyether imide by MALDI-TOF MS Chemistry 2001-07-31
Ya-Mei Lin 1.Pyrolytic Study of 3-Furylmethylazide 2.Synthesis and Chemistry of 5,6-Dimethylene-5,6-dihydrobenzofuran Chemistry 2001-07-31
Shu-Chin Chang Reaction of Diphenylacetylene with Chromium Group Metals Chemistry 2001-08-01
Der-chang Chen none Chemistry 2001-08-03
Ching-Jung Wu Studies of Single-Molecule Spectroscopy by a Pulsed Tunable Dye Laser Source Chemistry 2001-08-09
Hung Hsiu-Chen Flow Injection Analysis of uric acid by luminol-peroxidase chemiluminenscent system Chemistry 2001-08-20
YUNG-LI CHEN Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of LiMn2-xNixO4 Cathode Material for Lithium Battery Chemistry 2001-08-27
Hsiu-Min Yeh Determinnation of L-glutamate by Polyaniline-Enzyme Electrode Chemistry 2001-08-27
Tun-Yuang Yung The Substituent effect of B-diketonato Metal Complexes containing DMF Chemistry 2001-08-27
Zhi-Hong Bai Determination of Triorganotin by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection Using Au/Hg film Microelectrode Chemistry 2001-08-29
Hsiang-Chao Kung Study the coordination of 5,5'-bi(2-chloropyrimidine-4-yl)-[2,2']bithiohpenbe with metal ion Chemistry 2001-09-11
Ching-Hung Cheng Synthesis and Physical Property Studies in Bis(crown ether)biferrocene and Polyalkylbiferrocene Chemistry 2001-12-28
Wei-Ju Chia Synthetic Studies Toward Pyrrolizidine and Indolizidine Carbon Skeleton Chemistry 2002-06-17
Chang-Gin Huang An Efficient Synthesis of γ-Substituted α,β-Unsaturated δ-Lactams. Formal Synthesis of (±)-Protoemetinol. Chemistry 2002-06-18
Sheng-Peng Hong none Chemistry 2002-06-27
I-Min Tseng Studies of Self-Assembled Biferrocenyl Alkanethiol Monolayers on Au (111) Surface and on Gold Clusters. Chemistry 2002-06-27
Chung-chen Chu 1. Pyrolytic Study of (5-Methyl-2-selenophenyl)methyl Benzoate 2. Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidomethylselenophene Chemistry 2002-06-27
Tsung-Te Lin Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidoacetophenone and 2-Azido-1-(2-thienyl)ethanone Chemistry 2002-07-02
Chen-Hui Yu Effect of Copper on Nickel catalyst for carbon dioxide reforming of methane reaction. Chemistry 2002-07-02
Yi-Ling Lee Determination of V,Cr,Cu,Zn,Cd,Tl and Pb in soil and sediment samples by Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2002-07-03
Chiao-Yu Ho Determination of metal in milk powder and soil by slurry sampling electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2002-07-02
Zhuan-Zheng Xu Determination of Arsenic and It`s Species in Envirmental Water Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasms Mass Spectrometry with Dynamic Reaction Cell Chemistry 2002-07-02
Ya-Ting Yang Detection trace compound from human serum by matrix-assited laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry and second dimensional gel ectrophoresis Chemistry 2002-07-03
Li-Hui Chen Ptrolytic Study of 2-(azidoethyl)pyridine and 1-methyl-2- (2-azidoethyl) pyrrole Chemistry 2002-07-04
Ya-Yao Huang none Chemistry 2002-07-04
Ying-Shin Tao Part I: Application of Electrooxidation Reaction Toward the Synthesis of Atropine Alkaloids. PartII: Application of Electroreduction Reaction Toward the Synthesis of Carboline and Isoquinoline Alkaloids. Chemistry 2002-07-05
Shih-Chang Yang Mass analyzed threshold ionization of p-bromoaniline:Heavy atom effect on electronic transition, ionization, and molecular vibration Chemistry 2002-07-13
Ke-Cheng Chen Characterization of Carbon Black Surface Energy by IGC/TPD Method. Chemistry 2002-07-16
Ming-Fong Chen Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Combined with Pyrolysis for Polymers Analysis Chemistry 2002-07-17
Chi-Jen Fong Synthesis And Biological Activity of Bithiophene Derivatives Chemistry 2002-07-19
Bor-Ruey Huang Synthesis of Functionalized Pyridinyl Ligand Containing Binuclear Biferrocenes and Counterion Effects on Intramolecular Electron Transfer of Mixed-valence Naphthylmethyl Biferrocenes Chemistry 2002-07-23
Pei-Hua Ho 1. Pronounced Effects of Crystal Structures on Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Mixed-Valence Biferrocenium Cations: Structural, EPR, and 57Fe Mössbauer Characteristics 2. Ferrocene Amine Derivative as Chiral Auxiliary in Regioselective Synthesis of Amino Acid Chemistry 2002-07-23
Wen-Yi Chiu Surface Chemistry of CF3I on Cu(111): C-F Activation, Carbene Insertion, β-Elimination, and Copper Etching Reactions Chemistry 2002-07-24
Wen-Chieh Kuo Investigation of Ligand Surface Chemistry: Implications for the Use of β-Diketonate Copper(I) Complexes as Precursors for Copper Thin-film Growth Chemistry 2002-07-24
Jih-Hao Yang Adsorption and Reactions of Diiodoalkanes on Cu(111) Chemistry 2002-07-24
Tzu-Tsang Huang Studies of rare earth oxidation reactions by laser ablation techniques and emission spectroscopy. Chemistry 2002-07-29
Chih-Shian Yu Construction of an Ion Imaging Apparatus Chemistry 2002-07-29
YOU-LI CHEN Studies of Excited Iodine Atoms from Photodissociations of CH3I Chemistry 2002-07-29
Su-Min Kao Chemical Reation of I2 + O2 under discharge or photolysis condition Chemistry 2002-07-30
Guang-Cheng Xue Synthesis of Triosmium Clusters Containing 1,8-Cyclotetradecadiyne Ligand Chemistry 2002-08-13
Yi-Yen Yeh The Luminescence Properties of Diketonato-Europium Complexes Chemistry 2002-08-09
Pin-Hsiu Liu Application of Weakly Oriented Non-ion Liquid Crystal Solvents in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemistry 2002-08-15
Yu-Wen Hong Unambiguous Evidence of Hydrogen Bonds from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemistry 2002-08-19
Cheng-Fa Huang none Chemistry 2002-09-09
Wei-Ming Chang Electrodeposition of gold nanoelectrode ensemble and discussion it's property in electrochemistry Chemistry 2002-09-10
Chi-Chun Yin Metal Complexes Containing Chelating Amidophosphine Ligands Chemistry 2002-09-11
Jun-Yan Liang Fabrication of Gold Nanoelectrode Array with Template Membrane and It's Application on Electroanalysis Chemistry 2002-09-11
Po-Hsing Huang none Chemistry 2002-09-12
Chih-Wei Yang Coordination Chemistry of a 5-tert-Butyl-2-[(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)aldimino]- pyrrolate Ligand Chemistry 2002-09-13
Bo-Rui Chang Regioselective Reduction of N-Alkyl-3-sulfonyl Glutarimides and the Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Natural Product Synthesis Chemistry 2002-12-19
Ling-Shao Chang  Studies of Molecular Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkanethiols and Biferrocenylalkanethiols on Au(111) and Au Clusters Chemistry 2003-02-11
Ching-Han Lin 1.The Applications of Glutarimides in Mappicine Ketone Synthesis 2. Formal Synthesis of Udoteatrial Chemistry 2003-05-25
Yi-Fan Shieh Eliminating Interference of Organic salt and Surfactant in Protein Analysis by Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2003-06-22
Ming-Wei Huang Millisecond H/D Exchange Combined with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Study Three Dimensional Structure of Protein Chemistry 2003-06-23
Chia-Chi Tsao Development of Temperature-Controlled Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization MassSpectrometry and Its Application in the Analysis of Biomolecular Chemistry 2003-06-23
Li-Hua Lo Proteins as Biomarkers to Characterize Bacteria and Distinguish Cancer Cell Chemistry 2003-06-23
Li-De Tzeng Coking Characteristics on Cu/Ni Catalysts Chemistry 2003-06-26
Hsiao-Yu Lin Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azido-1-(1-methyl-2-pyrryl)ethanone and 2-Azido-1-(2-benzo[b]thienyl)ethanone Chemistry 2003-06-26
I Yu-Chen Synthesis of chiral 2, 2’-bipyridine derivatives and theirs application Chemistry 2003-07-01
Yung-Sheng Wang (一)Synthesis of 3,4-Disubstituted α,β-Unsaturatedδ-Lactams (二)Formal Synthesis of Hydrocinchonine and Hydrocinchonidine Chemistry 2003-07-03
Jing-Yun Wu A Study on Chelation Modes of Hemilabile Ligands Containing Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Atoms toward Late Transition Metal Ions Chemistry 2003-07-02
Chang-Chou Hong New Series of Photoluminescent Polymers Containing 3,4-diphenylthiophene and 1,4-di(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)phenylene Chemistry 2003-07-03
Ya-Ting Chang The Physical Properties of Mixed-Valence 1',1'"-bis(2,2':6',2"-terpyridin-4'-yl)-1,1"-biferrocenium Complexes : Mössbauer and EPR Characteristics. Chemistry 2003-07-03
Pei-Pei Sun Synthetic Studies of Polysubstituted Pyroglutamates and Its Applications in Natural Products Synthesis Chemistry 2003-07-03
Chi-Ta Tsai Characterization of Carbon Black Surface by TPD Method Chemistry 2003-07-06
Ming-Chi Lai Synthesis of new DNA-Binding Agents with polyamide moiety Chemistry 2003-07-05
Ming-Der Wu Studies on the Bioactive Constituents of Taiwanese Schisandraceous Plants and Synthesis of Thiophene Derivatives of Echinops grijsii Chemistry 2003-07-08
Chung-Chang Liu Determination of Ge,As and Se in soil and sediment by dynamic reaction cell inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2003-07-08
Po-Chien Li Determination of metal in rice flour and plastic by slurrysampling electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasmamass spectrometry Chemistry 2003-07-07
Yung-Sing Lin The Studies of Self-Assembled Pyridyl Alkanethiol Derivates Monolayer on Gold Clusters Chemistry 2003-07-10
Cheng-Hui Chen Application of Radical Cyclization toward The Synthesis of Alkaloids Chemistry 2003-07-10
Mei-Ching Lin 1. Pronounced Effects of Grinding on Rates of Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Tetranaphthylmethyl Substituted Mixed- Valence Biferrocenium Triiodide. 2. The Application of Terpyridinyl Substituted Biferrocene Complexes in the Development of Molecular Wires: Preparations and Characterization. Chemistry 2003-07-11
CHENG-FEI YU Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azido-1-(2-furanyl)ethanone and 2-Azido-1-(2-pyridinyl)ethanone Chemistry 2003-07-16
Min-Chuan Wu Determination of trace metal in milk and steel by DRC ICP-MS Chemistry 2003-07-11
Yu-Tuan Tsai none Chemistry 2003-07-11
Ta-Chao Hung A New Approach to 3,4-Dihydrobenz[g]isoquinoline Skeleton Chemistry 2003-07-22
Ko-an Chao Computer Simulation of Atoms and Small Molecules Adsorbed in Zeolites Chemistry 2003-07-25
Jia-Tze Huang Reaction Pathways and Intermediates of Perfluoroethyl Groups Adsorbed on Cu(111) Chemistry 2003-07-24
Shang-Wei Chou Adsorption of 1H, 1H, 2H, 2H-perfluorodecanethiol monolayer on Cu(111): phase transformation, self-assembly and thermal stability Chemistry 2003-07-30
Chia-Shi Lin Synthesis and Reactivities of Chromium Group Complexes containing 2-(Diphenylphosphino)benzaldehyde Ligand Chemistry 2003-07-31
Ching-I Lee Synthesis of Decaphenylmetallocenes of Mo and W Atoms and Transition Metal Complexes Containing Phosphine Ligands Chemistry 2003-08-02
Tsung-Huang Hsia Enzyme Modified Gold Nanoelectrode Array and It's Application in Electroanalysis Chemistry 2003-08-12
Su-Chin Liu One and Two Dimensional NMR Studies of the Dependence of Chemical Shift and Dynamics of ADP and AMP on pH Value and Temperature Chemistry 2003-08-12
Shih-Wen Tseng Flow Injection Chemiluminescence determination of sucrose based on the luminol-ferricyanide/ferrocyanide reaction system Chemistry 2003-08-12
Shin-Yi Chen The Study of CO2 Fixation on The Magnesium-Lithium Mixed Metal Complexes Chemistry 2003-08-18
Shuen-liang Tseng Relative Orientation of EFG Tensors of Half-integer Quadupolar Nuclei Studied by 3D MQMAS Spin Diffusion Spectroscopy Chemistry 2003-08-25
Chih-Yau Ko Studies of the Reactions of Magnesium Complex and Aluminum Complex Emulate with CO2 Chemistry 2003-08-25
Chi-Hui Chang Synthesis and Structural Study of Tri(2-thiophenyl)phosphino- Germanium and Tin Complexes Chemistry 2003-08-27
Hsuan-Sheng Huang Applying 27Al MQMAS NMR method to distinguish aluminum sites in ZSM-5 and establish the relation between 27Al, 29Si, and 1H NMR data Chemistry 2003-08-28
Jen-Ching Shih none Chemistry 2003-09-01
Hui-Chun Wang Hydration of Amino Acids Investigated by NMR Spectroscopy Chemistry 2003-08-25
Li-Cheng Hwang Structure and Dynamics of a Novel Cobra Cardiotoxin CTXn as Derived from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemistry 2003-08-29
Duo-Feng Huang Structural Study on Metal Complexes (M=Zn, Ag, Pd) with Multidentate Ligands Containing Phosphorus, Sulfur and Nitrogen Atom Chemistry 2003-09-03
Tzu-Yu Weng Controlling Factors of Cis/Trans Geometry in Ni and Co Diketonato Complexes Chemistry 2003-09-03
Yen-Chun Liu Synthesis of [CpFeCO]4 Clusters Bridged by Phenyl Group Chemistry 2003-09-03
Hui-Ming Sung A Study on the Structures of Copper Thioaminophosphine Complexes and Their Reactivity toward Alkynes Chemistry 2003-09-03
Jianming Chen Determination of relative orientation between quadrupolar tensors with solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Chemistry 2004-02-02
Xian-Yao Cai Synthesis of Terpyridine Ligand Containing Triferrocene moiety Chemistry 2004-02-04
Kun-ta Li Multi-nuclear One and Two Dimensional Solid State NMR Studies of Bis(2-Methyl-8-Quinolinolato)-(2,6-Dimethylphenolate)Aluminum Chemistry 2004-02-09
Hao-Wei Shih Studies of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Biferrocenyl Terpyridine Derivatives on Gold Clusters Chemistry 2004-05-26
Jen-Ya Wang Application of Sol-Gel Derived Silica Particulates as Enzyme and Reagent Immobilization Support in Electrochemiluminescence-Based Flow Injection Analysis Chemistry 2004-06-24
Ruey-Lin Ueng Microwave-assisted volatilization of matrix for the determination of trace impurities in high purity Se、Ge、Si and quartz by ICP-MS Chemistry 2004-06-27
Yu-Hui Tai Characterization of the Properties of Carbon Species by TPD Method Chemistry 2004-06-28
Sheng-pei Chang Synthetic Studies toward Onychine and Cleistopholine Chemistry 2004-07-06
Jing-shun Chang Application of porous gold enzyme electrode in electrochemical Flow injection analysis. Chemistry 2004-07-13
Hui-Chuan Yang Structure and Reactivity Study of Bipyridylamino Copper and Nickel Complexes Chemistry 2004-07-13
Tai-ran HsieH Synthetic studies toward 3,4,5-trisubstituted-piperidine and cis-4-substituted-5-amino-δ-lactam Chemistry 2004-06-24
Chen-yu Yang Synthetic Studies Toward Pumiliotoxin 251D and Homopumiliotoxin 223G Chemistry 2004-07-20
Chiao-Hui Yang Determination of Ca and P in foods and B, Si, P and S in steels by dynamic reaction cell inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2004-07-12
Jia-ming Lin Bis(2-diphenylphosphinophenyl)amide Complexes of Ni(II) and Pt(II) Chemistry 2004-07-20
Pei-shan Lai Determination of arsenic and selenium compounds in water samples and organotin compounds in fish samples by LC-ICP-MS Chemistry 2004-07-12
Jun-Long Ni Determination of Ga,Ge,As,Se and Sb in coal fly ash and S and Pb in gasoline by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2004-07-12
Pei-ying Lee Coordination Chemistry of Multidentate Pyrrolylaldiminate Ligands Chemistry 2004-07-21
Hsiao-ching Yang Application of Computer Simulation in the Investigation of Photoelectric Materials Chemistry 2004-07-25
Che-ming Kuo Studies on fluorescence anisotropies of conjugated polyenes with two phenyl groups: excitation wavelength and solvent viscosity dependences Chemistry 2004-07-23
Wei-yin Lee Amido Phosphine Complexes of Zinc, Nickel, and Aluminum: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity Chemistry 2004-07-22
Yu-Shan Chiou Molecular-Scale Imaging of Surface-Bound DNAs Using Atomic Force Microscopy in Air and Liquids Chemistry 2004-07-28
Jung-chung Liu Amperomotric detection of sulfur-containing amino acids by capillary electrophoresis using boron-doped diamond microelectrode Chemistry 2004-08-02
Ping-Hao Liu DNA Sequence Selective Recognition: Synthesis of Azo- and Diimine Compounds Chemistry 2004-08-01
Chen-wei Huang Discotic Liquid Crystal-Synthesis of Unsymmertrical HAT Chemistry 2004-08-01
Hsuan-Chung Lin Millisecond H/D Exchange Combined with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Study Protein’s Structure Chemistry 2004-08-03
Shu-Ching Hsiao Syntheses and Complexation of {(o-PPh2C6H4)CH=NCH2CH2}3N with Chromium Group Metal Carbonyls Chemistry 2004-08-04
Yu-Ching Chen Detection trace C reactive protein from human serum by mass technology Chemistry 2004-07-30
Jingyueh Jeng Developing a Sample Ionization Technology in Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics Chemistry 2004-08-05
Wei-zhen Chou Pyrolytic study of 2-(2-Azidoethyl)-1H-indole and 2-Azido-1-(1H-indol-2-yl)ethanone Chemistry 2004-08-05
Yuen-lin Chiang PartⅠ:Total Synthesis of Rutaecarpine and Related Quinazolinocarboline Alkaloids PartⅡ:Application of electrooxidation Reaction Toward the Synthesis of Atropine Alkaloids Chemistry 2004-08-06
Ming-Zong Haung Micro-Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoresis Coupled with Capillary HPLC / MS to Analyze Trace Amount of Proteins in Human Serum Chemistry 2004-08-06
I-ying Chen Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidocyclopentanone and 2-Azido-1-cyclohexylethanone Chemistry 2004-08-06
Kuang-Feng Li Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Combined with Pyrolysis for Polarity and Organic Composition of Soil, Tobacco,and Humic Acid Chemistry 2004-08-09
Min-Chun Liao Studies of Carbon Dioxide Fixation on Mg(N(SiMe3)2)2 and Aluminum Complexes in One Pot Chemistry 2004-08-10
Hung-wen Wang Amperometric dectection of heparin and glucosamine in flow injection analysis Chemistry 2004-08-12
Mei-ting Chen Long Time Tails of Proton Spin Relaxation in Amino Acids in Solution Chemistry 2004-08-23
Yen-tien Wu Studies of Excited Iodine Atoms from Photodissociations of CH3I Chemistry 2004-08-28
Yan-chi Chen Stray field magnetic resonance imaging:system construction, sensitivity enhancement and applications Chemistry 2004-09-02
Li-Chiang Chen Construction and test of single coil double-resonance microprobes Chemistry 2004-09-02
Jing-Wei Lin Characterization of Thiophenylphosphino Germanium and Tin Complexes Chemistry 2004-08-30
Ching-hsia Fang The Dynamics of Protein CTXn from NMR Relaxation Studies Chemistry 2004-09-05
Yi-cheng Huang Electrochemical detection of electroactive anion by capillary electrochromatagraphy using open tubular column modified by cationic polymer (PDADMAC) Chemistry 2004-09-05
Zhen Wu Design, manufacture and optimization of microcoil-based RF probes for high resolution magnetic resonance imaging. Chemistry 2004-09-07
Chiong-chi Lin Hydration of Amino Acid Studied with One-and Two- Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy Chemistry 2004-09-04
Wen-yen Liang Manufacture and test of a micro-coil based strong gradient field system for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging Chemistry 2004-09-08
Po-Chih Chang Synthesis and Reactivity Study of Tris(1-pyrazolyl)methane Copper(I) Complexes Relating to the Copper Protein Active Site Modeling Complexes Chemistry 2004-10-01
Min-Ruei Tsai 1.The Application of Glutarimides in the Synthesis of Piperidine and Isoquinolone Derivatives 2.Regioselective Nucleophilic Addition of Glutarimides and the Applications to the Synthesis of Alkaloids 3.A New Approach to (E)-3-Substituted-N-Alkylacryl-amides and 3,4-Disubstituted Succinimides Chemistry 2004-10-07
Bo-Fong Chen 1. A Versatile Approach to 6-Substituted-5-methoxy-d-lactam Framework and Application to the Synthesis of Natural Products and Pharmaceuticals 2. A New Approach to Isoindolone Skeleton Chemistry 2004-10-07
Chi-Tsung Huang 1.Synthesis,Pyrolytic and Photolytic Study of Furo[3,2-c] Pyran-4-one 2.Pyrolytic Study of Benzoic 1,2-Dimethyl-3-Indoly Anhydride Chemistry 2004-12-07
Chung-Yi Chen (I) Synthetic Studies Toward Polysubstituted Pyridin-2-ones (II) Total Synthesis of Deplancheine Chemistry 2005-01-12
Ru-Ting Hsu 1. Synthetic Study of Pyrrolizidine Skeleton 2. Synthetic Study Toward Tylophorine and Cryptopleurine 3. Synthetic Study of Fused Bicyclic Glutarimides Chemistry 2005-01-18
Bo-Jian Wu Pyrolytic Study of 2-Azidocycloheptanone and 2-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyl)vinyl]benzofuran Chemistry 2005-06-18
Tsung-Hsiu Tsai 1. Synthesis of Nonlinear Optical Chromophores 2. New Approaches to Quinolone Skeleton Chemistry 2005-06-27
Chih-hung Tu The Studies of Self-Assembled Pyridyl Alkanethiolate Derivative Monolayer on Gold Clusters Chemistry 2005-07-07
Meng-chi Liu DNA Sequence Selective Recognition:Synthesis of Urea Compounds Chemistry 2005-07-11
Jeng-liang Han Approaches toward Spirocompounds Using Tricarbonyliron Complexes Chemistry 2005-07-11
Fang-Ying Lin Pyrolytic Study of 6-Phenylfulvene and Its Derivatives Chemistry 2005-07-11
Yan-Shi Lin Investigation of Protein Dynamics with the Relaxation of Mixed Zero- and Double-Quantum Coherences of Cα-H Systems Chemistry 2005-07-14
Ching-fen Yeh Determination of monophosphate nucleotides, sulfur-containing amino acids, arsenic species and various oxidation states of iron, vanadium and chromium by capillary electrophoresis inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2005-07-15
Kellen Chen Toward the Development of Molecular Wires: Ruthenium(II)Terpyridine Complexes Containing Polyferrocenyl as Spacer Chemistry 2005-07-15
Tzung-hui Lee Determination of lead and iodine species by capillary electrophoresis inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Chemistry 2005-07-15
Shen-ching-chi Juan Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations Study on Organic Thiol Molecule-Au Nano-particles Aggregation and Protein Folding in Aqueous Solution Chemistry 2005-07-19
Chi-Chun Li Preparation and Characterization of Alkanethiolate 1',1'"-Bisterpyridylbiferrocene Compound Chemistry 2005-07-08
Su-Chih Liao Design and Synthesis of HAT-core as New Materials Chemistry 2005-07-19
Li-Tse Chu Pyrolytic study of para-methoxystyrylarenes, 2-azidocyclohexanone and 6-arylfulvenes Chemistry 2005-07-22
Wen-tang Kwoung Investigation of ICN Photodissociation Employing the Method of Fluorescence Imaging by Sliced Microscopy Chemistry 2005-07-22
Hsiu-chuan Wu Natural and 13C Labeled Biomolecules Studied with Rotational Resonance Recoupling Approach and Two-Dimensional Chemical Shift Correlation Experiments Chemistry 2005-07-24
Wen-ying Huang Rapidly obtain the ratio of Lysozyme / Tear lipocalin by MALDI/TOF in tear and build up the trend in the age of distribution Chemistry 2005-07-27
Zong-Chih Haung Analysis of biological fluids proteins by high-performance liquid chromatography / electrospray ionization mass spectrometry(HPLC/ESI/MS) Chemistry 2005-07-26
Wen-shius Chen Analysis of E.coli protein by LC/ESI and LC/MALDI Chemistry 2005-07-28
Chun-Hung Chou Syntheses and structures of copper(I) dinuclear and polynuclear complexes containing phosphorous- and nitrogen- donor ligands Chemistry 2005-07-25
Chia-Chin Cho Fluorine Substitution Effects on the Reactions of Ethyl Groups on Cu(100):alpha-Elimination vs. beta-Elimination Chemistry 2005-07-30
Huan-Ting Kuo Study of the Interaction between Graphite and Various Adsorbates by Temperature-programmed Desorption Method Chemistry 2005-07-27
Tsung-Shing Wang Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of DNA Deposited on Mica Surfaces:Conformation Study and Interaction with Type I Topoisomerase Chemistry 2005-08-02
Hui Wen Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoresis Coupled with Multidimensional HPLC/MS to Analyze Trace Amount of Proteins in Human Serum. Chemistry 2005-08-01
Zih-Chiang Chen Determination of biological and nickle-base alloy sample by hydride generation-dynamic reaction cell-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Chemistry 2005-08-02
Chao-hung Lin Synthetic Studies of Phenanthridines Chemistry 2005-08-03
Bo-sen Wang High performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry analysis difference teas Chemistry 2005-08-04
Jing-Hung Lin Syntheses and Characterization of 4-(Di(2-pyridymethyl)-aminomethyl)imidazolyl Metal (Zn, Cu, Ni, Fe) Complexes Chemistry 2005-08-11
Yu-Chiao Liu Activation of Small Organic Molecules by Triosmium Clusters and Synthesis of Binuclear Copper(I) Bis(diphenylphosphino)acetylene Macromolecules Chemistry 2005-08-12
Jhih-Guang Guo S-Alkylation on Tristhiophenylphosphino Tin Complexes Chemistry 2005-08-15
Shern-long Lee Fabrication and characterization of gold ultramicro-nanoelectrode ensembles. Chemistry 2005-08-17
Wen-hsuan Chung Synthetic Studies Toward Polysubstituted Pyridin-2-ones and Vitamin B6 Derivatives Chemistry 2005-08-19
Tze-Wei Tseng Synthesis of Isoguvacine, Paroxetine and Pseudoheliotridane Chemistry 2005-08-19
Jung-Kai Chang Synthetic Studies Toward Xylopinine Chemistry 2005-08-18
Hung-Hua Hsieh none Chemistry 2005-08-19
Tzu-Chieh Weng Complexation of {(o-PPh2C6H4)CH=NCH2CH2}3N with transition metal compounds Chemistry 2005-08-23
Kai-Chih Hsu Simultaneous Determination of Sulfhydryl and Disulfide Containing Amino Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection at Au/Hg Microelectrode Chemistry 2005-08-31
Tsun-Wei Shiue Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structures of Organometallic Compounds Containing Cyclotetradeca-1,8-diyne and Bis(diphenylphosphino)nonadiyne Ligands Chemistry 2005-09-03
Cheng-chih Lin Oxidation of the ruthenium complexes containing the diphosphonic acid substituted 2,2’-bipyridine ligand Chemistry 2005-09-05
Wen-li Shih Crown ether Linked Aza-Triphenylene Derivatives As New Materials Chemistry 2005-09-05
Yu-tan Hsueh Pyrolytic Study of 1-Azidoindene and 3-(4-Methoxystyryl)thiophene Chemistry 2005-08-30
Pin-Shu Chien Amido Phosphine Complexes of Zirconium, Hafnium, Nickel, and Palladium : Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity Chemistry 2005-09-06
Kuo-Tang Liao The applications of gold-nanoparticles in immunoassay, DNA assay and microchip analysis Chemistry 2005-10-08
Ming-De Lin Synthesis and Characterization of Ru(II)- Bisterpyridyltriferrocene Complex of 8-(2,2′: 6′,2′′- Terpyridin-4′-yloxy) octane-1-thiol Chemistry 2005-11-29
Xie-ying Chen Synthetic Studies of Pyrrolophenanthridines Chemistry 2006-06-12
Hung-Wei Chen Synthetic Studies Toward Alloyohimbane and Louisianin D Chemistry 2006-06-09
Chun-Li Pai (1) Synthetic Application of 4-Hydroxypiperidine (2) Synthetic Application of 4-Hydroxyproline Chemistry 2006-06-08
Chia-chen Huang Controllable Luminescent Molecular Wire Comprising Redox-Active Biferrocencyl Spacer and Ruthenium(II) Terpyridine Chromophore Chemistry 2006-06-23
Yao-Teng Hsu 1. Pyrolytic Study of Arylmethylazides 2. Pyrolytic Study of Benzoic 3-(1-Propenyl)-2-thiophenecarboxylic Anhydride 3. Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of Arylimine Chemistry 2006-06-26
Yu-Xiang Lin Study of Mechanism in Desorption Electrospray and To Improve the Process of Droplet Electrospray Ionization Chemistry 2006-06-26
Meng-Fang Lin Fast Protein Digestion with the Assistance of Magnetic Nanoparticle Coated with Trypsin and Detection of Trace Protein with Assistance of Liposome encapsulated signal material and MALDI-TOF Chemistry 2006-06-26
Ching-Wen Chang Detection of Occult Blood and Trace Albumin in Urine by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2006-06-26
Ying-Chi Liao Pyrolytic Study of 2-(2-Vinylstyryl)furan derivatives and 2-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyl)vinyl]benzo[b]thiophene Chemistry 2006-06-26
Pei-Fen Liou 1. Pyrolytic and Photolytic Study of 2-[2-(2-Vinylphe