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Creation of an International Kindergarten in France
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Bih-Shiaw Jaw
Advisory Committee
余明助, 王喻平
Ming-Chu Yu; Yu-ping Wang
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France, private education, learning english, International Kindergarten
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這個論文的想法是來自於大多數的法國人或是法國學生在學習英文的時候會遇到的挑戰. “The International Kindergarten” 的主要目標是提供一個給住在Dijon的父母進入法國的私人教育市場的機會。這個論文呈現一位來自中山大學學生史安湍的研究。
“The International Kindergarten” 計畫由幾個部分組成,像是:
• 企業描述和法國企業環境的分析
• 各種狀況的內部與外部深入分析 (3C 和 PEST 分析)
• 進入市場的策略 (SWOT 分析 和 TOWS Matrix)
• 公司跟經營環境的管理
• 市場行銷計畫
• 依法營運和財務計畫
The idea of our project roots from the challenges that many students and French people face while learning English. The main goal of “The International Kindergarten” is to enter in the private education market in France by creating a non-existing opportunity to parents living in the city of Dijon. This report presents the research of Antoine SYLVESTRE, a student from the IBMBA program of the National Sun-Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
“The International Kindergarten” projects consist in different parts, such as:
• A Business description and an analysis of the business environment in France, The Burgundy and Dijon.
• A deep internal and external analysis of the situation (3C and PEST analysis)
• The creation of an entry strategy (SWOT and TOWS Matrix)
• A summary of the management of the company and its premises
• A marketing plan to promote our products
• The juridical organization of the school and its financial plan
The full project consists in analyzing the possibility of implementing a private kindergarten in France with a higher focus on English learning. After the completion of this business plan, we believe that Dijon would be the optimal location to start a business like “The International Kindergarten”. The return on investment should be really fast, even if it will need a high level of promotion and a precise communication to reach our future customers. Supports for this assertion are in this report, the parts developed prove that such a business idea is realizable and the concrete strategy would help the creation of “The International Kindergarten”
目次 Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Business environment analysis 2
3C Analysis 9
PEST Analysis 25
SWOT Analysis and TOWS Matrix 31
Management summary 35
Operations plan 42
Marketing plan 45
Legal organization 52
Financial plan 56
Conclusion 63
References 64
Appendix 66
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