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My Dearest Baby Business Plan: Brand New Product for Baby’s Memento
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baby birth memento, baby gift, birthday gift, baby market, baby accessory
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The business was inspired by keeping abreast of the demand of newborn babies’ parents who want something to celebrate or memorize an unforgettable moment of baby’s birth. To enhance the convenience, the company has developed and launched practical functions to help the parents take care of babies easily, not just for decoration. The business is positive to start by developing baby birth mementos in Taiwan as an entry to the market. According to the customer survey, there are the two types of products for the company to provide in the market and the price is also acceptable and affordable for the potential customers. The business plan also provides the marketing strategy to approach the potential customers from different market segments. The financial projections present the expectation of investment return. With the current operational status and long-term aim of the company, the business optimism is soaring with confidence.
目次 Table of Contents
Approval Sheet-------------------------------------------i
Abstract – (Chinese Version)-------------------------ii
Abstract – (English version)--------------------------iii
Table of Contents---------------------------------------iv
Table of Tables------------------------------------------vi
Table of Figures----------------------------------------vii
Chapter I Executive Summary----------------------1
Chapter II Market Analysis-----------------------3
2.1 Market Scale Evaluation------------------------3
2.2 SWOT and TOWS Analysis--------------------9
2.3 Target Market-------------------------------------18
2.4 Competitor Analysis-----------------------------23
Chapter III Market Strategy----------------------27
3.1 Position Strategy---------------------------------27
3.2 Market Place Strategy--------------------------30
3.3 Price Strategy-------------------------------------32
3.4 Promotion and Communication Strategy---35
Chapter IV Current Operational Status-------40
4.1 Business Model-----------------------------------40
4.2 Income Sources----------------------------------42
4.3 Management Organization Charts-----------43
Chapter V Long Term Aim of Business------47
5.1 Product Development Plan--------------------47
5.2 Market Expansion Plan-------------------------49
5.3 Human Capital Recruiting Plan---------------50
Chapter VI Financial Projections---------------52
6.1 Breakeven Point Projection--------------------52
6.2 Income Statement Projections----------------54
Chapter VII Self-assessment---------------------57
Appendix --------------------------------------------------61
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