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博碩士論文 etd-0726115-220033 詳細資訊
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Utilizing Quality Function Deployment Technique for Marketing Canadian Residential Property to High-Net-Worth Chinese InvestorsChinese Investors
Year, semester
Number of pages
William S. Chao
Advisory Committee
Tai-hwa Chow
Date of Exam
Date of Submission
Canada, China, QFD, Real Estate, High-Net-Worth, Marketing Plan, Immigrant Investor
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This study intends to explore the real-time process of marketing a Canadian residential property to the emerging market of immigrant-investors in China. The literature review examines, uncovers, and reflects upon the status of the Canadian real estate market, specifically Vancouver and Toronto, with respect to the recent influx of homebuyers from China (P.R.C). Competitive market research is then done to categorize and evaluate the methods currently being used to market Canadian property within China. Then, a Toronto based property is used as a case study to test the viability of one realty portal, Interviews are conducted to highlight benefits and faults of the site, and then a QFD is compiled to reflect these results. The results from the case can then be used for the benefit of Juwai, or to highlight Juwai’s weaknesses that can be expended by competitors.
目次 Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Thesis Approval Sheet i
Acknowledgement ii
摘要 iii
Abstract iv
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations v
Table of Contents vi
List of Figures ix
List of Tables x
Chapter 1: Introduction 1
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Research Objectives 1
1.3 Structure of Research Process 2
Chapter 2: Literature Review 4
2.1 Acknowledgement of Literature Review 4
2.2 Historical Chinese Immigration to Canada 7
2.2.1 Hong Kong Immigration to Canada 7
2.2.2 Taiwanese Immigration to Canada 9
2.2.3 P.R.C. Immigration to Canada 11
2.3 Motivations for P.R.C Immigration to Canada 13
2.3.1 Government F.D.I & “Going Out” 13
2.3.2 Investor Immigrants 14
2.3.3 The Rise of High Net-Worth Individuals 16
2.3.4 Real Estate Market: China 17
2.4 Motivation to Invest in Canadian Properties 18
2.4.1 Falling Canadian Dollar 18
2.4.2 The Canadian Yuan Hub 20
2.4.3 Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) 20
2.4.4 Cancellation of the IIP (Bill C-31) 22
2.4.5 Criticism of the Program 23
2.4.6 The New Plan 26
2.4.7 Home Ownership in Canada for Foreigners 26
2.4.8 No Reliable Canadian Database of Foreigners and Investors 28
2.5 Canadian Reaction to Chinese Investors 29
2.5.1 Real Estate Market: Vancouver 35
2.5.2 Real Estate Market: Toronto 37
2.6 Investment & Immigration Objectives 38
2.6.1 Wealth Preservation 40
2.6.2 Children’s Education 44
2.6.3 Immigration for Retirement 49
2.7 Marketing to Chinese Investor Immigrants 50
2.7.1 Key Issues for Marketing 50
2.8 Major Channels to Reach Chinese Buyers 52
2.8.1 Introduction of Selected Market Channels. 53
2.9 Quality Function Deployment Analysis 66
Chapter 3: Research Methodology 68
3.1 Overview 68
3.2 Problem 68
3.3 Preparation Stage 69
3.4 The House of Quality 70
3.5 Action Generated 71
Chapter 4: Case Study 73
4.1 Introduction & Case Selection 73
4.1.1 Property & Regional Data 73
4.1.2 Activity Statistics Analysis 74
4.2 Data Collecting Phase 77
4.3 QFD Findings 79
Chapter 5: Conclusion & Further Research 83
5.1 Suggestions and Further Contribution 83
5.2 Further Research 84
Bibliography 86
Appendices 102
Case #1: Ward Seymour 102
Case #2: Margie Liu 107
Case #3: Kelven C. 110

List of Figures

Figure 2-1: Accrued Chinese Immigrants to Canada (2001 v. 2011) 12
Figure 2-2: PR Statuses Issued to Chinese Immigrants (2004 – 2013) 13
Figure 2-3: High Net Worth Individuals residing in China 17
Figure 2-4: Chinese Renminbi (1RMB) v. CAD – USD – EUR 20
Figure 2-5: Vancouver average residential sale price 36
Figure 2-6: Condominium & Apartments to Dominate Housing Starts 38
Figure 2-7: Hurun Luxury Consumer Survey (2014) 40
Figure 2-8: Chinese Nationals Studying in Canada (2004-2013) 46
Figure 2-9: Juwai Web-Advertisement 47
Figure 2-10: The Great Firewall of China, Juwai Web-Advertisement 52
Figure 2-11: Oculus Rift in use 62
Figure 2-12: Property Developments VRUI 63
Figure 4-1: 16 Alm Court, area map 74
Figure 4-2: October 2014, month-end 75
Figure 4-3: January 2015, month-end 76
Figure 4-4: April 2015, month-end 76
Figure 4-5: Investor Budgets & Appropriate Marketing Options 82
Figure A1: Quality Deployment Function 115

List of Tables
Table 2-1: Hurun Report on Preferred Education Destinations………………………..48
Table 2-2: International Students (in Canada), Country of Citizenship (2004-2013)….49
Table 4-1: Demanded services of Juwai………………………………………………..78
Table 4-2: QFD Service demands vs. Service provided…………...…………………...80

Table 4-3 Service / Expectations Ratio……………….………………………………...80
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