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Core Capabilities for Globalization of Passive Component Industry
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Iuan-Yuan Lu
Advisory Committee
Tzyh-Lih Hisa
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IT architecture, Innovation, Globalization, Global logistics management, Core capabilities
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Raw material resources in Taiwan are limited; moreover, Taiwan has a small market scale, so Taiwan’s enterprises must develop toward globalization. This research regards passive component industry of Taiwan as research object and examines how the requirements of the global supply chain are when the local industries transform into the global ones through the secondary data. This research also utilizes an innovation model to analyze the change in business model and the core component of IT architecture. What information technology and core capability should the enterprises possess to overcome the challenges of globalization? This research has found that the enterprise has significant changes both in core capability of the IT architecture and business model while it transforms the local business into the global business. Globalization for the Corporation is a radical innovation. This research finally concludes that the passive component industry for global supply chain has to possess 5 capabilities of business model management and 5 IT abilities to promote the competitiveness of globalization.
目次 Table of Contents
第一章 緒論 1
第一節 研究背景與動機 1
第二節 研究目的與範圍 3
第三節 論文架構 4
第四節 研究方法與研究步驟 5
第二章 文獻回顧 7
第一節 全球化企業 7
第二節 全球運籌管理 9
第三節 核心能力 12
第四節 資訊科技架構 16
第五節 創新模式 24
第三章 被動元件產業介紹 28
第一節 被動元件介紹及應用 28
第二節 被動元件產業特性 30
第三節 被動元件產業競爭力 31
第四章 個案分析 33
第一節 個案選擇 33
第二節 個案分析 33
第五章 結論與建議 61
第一節 結論 61
第二節 研究貢獻 63
第三節 後續研究建議 64
參考文獻 65
中文部份 65
英文部份 65
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