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Numerical simulation for natural convection on a vertical plate with equally spaced heating block
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channel flow, Numerical, Natural convection, spaced heating source, Rayleigh number
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The cooling problem has become a serious subject in order to keep away from malfunctioning for a high performance and miniaturized electronic component. For instance, the monitor backlight LED must be cooled adequately. In this thesis, a natural convection cooling problem for the vertical channel with equally spaced heating blocks on one wall is studied by a numerical modeling to simulate a monitor backlight LED cooling. A control volume method is employed for the numerical modeling. The results of heat transfer coefficients and hot spots for various channel gap, LED spacing and Rayleigh number are presented. This study can provide design reference for related cooling problems.
目次 Table of Contents
目錄 i
圖目錄 iii
表目錄 v
摘要 vi
Abstract vii
符號說明 viii
第一章 緒論 1
1.1 前言 1
1.2 研究背景與動機 1
1.3 文獻回顧 3
第二章 基礎理論 8
2.1 物理模型 8
2.2 基本假設 8
2.3 統御方程式 (Governing Equation) 8
2.4 邊界條件 10
2.5 無因次化 10
2.6 邊界條件無因次化 12
2.7 分析處理的無因次化 12
第三章 數值方法 14
3.1 流體區域的離散 14
3.2 SIMPLEC演算法 17
第四章 結果與討論 21
4.1 流場模型分析 21
4.2 網格劃分分析 22
4.3 RGB LED模型之結果 23
4.4 3014 LED模型之結果 23
4.5 5630 LED模型之結果 24
4.6 綜合結果與討論 25
第五章 結論與未來展望 65
5.1 結論 65
5.2 未來展望 66
參考文獻 67
參考文獻 References
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