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Welcome to NSYSU eThesys thesis system

    本系統之服務項目 | ervices of this system:
  • 論文登入:初次登入系統者將進行填寫論文資料。
    Thesis submission: Submit thesis information on first time login.
  • 論文維護:論文資料填寫完成後,將上傳論文PDF檔案,檢視審查狀況、下載相關表單和修改已登入的資訊。
    Thesis maintenance: Upload the thesis PDF file after the thesis information has been submitted, will be available to check on approval inspection status, acquire related forms and documents, and modify submitted information.
  • 論文檢視:審核通過之後的論文將可以檢視論文記錄和下載相關表單。
    Thesis review: Approved thesis will be available for reviewing submission history, and acquire related forms and documents.

注意事項 | Reminder

  • 請務必取得口試委員中指導教授的e-mail資料,作為稍候在核准完成後通知您的指導教授之用。
    Please acquire the email of the advisor of interviewing committee for later notifying your advisor when the thesis has been approved.
  • 依102年7月3日教育部臺教高(二)字第1020096745號函:為促進學術傳播,博、碩士論文應以公開利用為原則,若作者欲延後公開則需訂定合理期限,其期限至多為5年,且應避免永不公開之情況。
    According to Taiwan Higher-education Notice, Letter no. 1020096745 by Ministry of Education of 3rd July 2013: To promote scholarly communication, Doctorate and Master thesis should based on the principle of public usage, the author should apply a reasonable period if one is planning on withholding the thesis for public access, the period should be less than 5 years, and should avoid permanently restricting for public access.
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